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CDC: U.S. birth rate hit 'record low' in 2018

The birth rate in the U.S. has dropped for the fourth year in a row, according to the CDC.


Bon Jovi's third 'pay if you can' restaurant will help hungry college students

At the JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurant, patrons make a donation to cover someone else's meal. If you can't pay, you can volunteer to cover the cost of your food.


Help ??


So I came to the US when I was 7 both my parents are citizens, everyone is except for me because they never filed for green card when i under age. They told that they would help me and now I’m 23 and I know they won’t . I have my I 94, can I renew it ? I came as a refugee. I’m so mad at myself for believing they would help me. And will my green card take that long ? I can get my citizen through them but they won’t talk to me

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What are the benefits of using an immigration attorney/service when applying for a visa/green card?


My fiancé and I are going to be starting the K-1 process soon and I figured I would just do it myself but I’ve seen a lot of posts from people who have been using lawyers or services and it got me wondering.

I’m Canadian, he’s a US citizen, and I feel our case is pretty straight forward but can’t help wondering if I’m getting in over my head. I’m pretty organized and I research the heck out of everything if that helps.

Looking for some thoughts and opinions from others who have been through the process. If you used a lawyer, was it worth it? If you didn’t, would you have if you could do it again?

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Address Change Upon Entry


I was approved at my visa interview for CR1. Once I enter the US, we will be moving. Would it be best to get a contract/lease before I enter or to wait until after I arrive? Our current address would still be reliable for mail, in case the green card got mailed there

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I-485 (Green Card) application processed on Integrated Operating Env


Hi all! I’m just wondering if anyone who recently submitted their adjustment of status (I-485) application is in the same situation as me. I paper-filed my I-485 application and mailed it to the USCIS Chicago Lockbox. The application was selected to be processed on their Integrative Operation Env “Online-filing”. A USCIS agent told me that they’re trying to transition to online filing. They sent me a letter with instructions on setting up a USCIS account. Is this gonna be a challenging transition that could slow my application process down? Has anyone had a similar situation? Any info will appreciated

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Does having a book that generates passive revenue count as working? (AOS)


In the US on a b1/b2 - filing for AOS for spousal visa. I understand I cannot work until work authorization, however if I was to publish a book on Amazon (that I wrote before entering the US), could this get me in trouble since it would be generating a passive income?

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Any African immigrants to the U.S. available for a short interview?


This is kind of an awkward question and I'm not even sure if this is the right place to ask it. I'm in an African Immigration Experience class at my college, and for one of the assignments, I have to interview an African immigrant to the U.S. Unfortunately I don't know any African immigrants in real life. Is there anyone out there who'd be willing to help me out here?

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Investment question. Can someone on a visitor visa in the USA invest and buy a business?


A family member wants to start a trucking company here and have their name on it. Is that allowed on an visitor visa?

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Hearing on “Fostering a Healthier Internet to Protect Consumers”

Remarks As Prepared for Delivery by Reddit CEO Steve Huffman for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittees on Communications & Technology and Consumer Protection & Commerce 1. Introduction Chairpersons, Ranking Members, Members of the Committee: Thank you…

New Snapchat Integration Enables Direct Sharing of Reddit Content

Every day, millions of people visit Reddit to learn, be entertained, seek advice, share experiences and participate in the conversations driving culture and content online. And today, we’re excited to announce our upcoming integration with Snapchat, which enables Reddit users to seamlessly…

Introducing Benjamin Lee, Reddit’s VP and General Counsel in Executive

Today, we’re excited to welcome the newest member of our executive leadership team: Benjamin Lee, VP and General Counsel in Executive. Bringing more than 20 years of experience at technology brands including Twitter, AirBnB and Google, Lee will be an asset to…

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Diablo IV: Leak – The Summoner’s Identity Has Been Revealed SPOILERS


On reddit user TeKo posted a video about his findings on who this summoner is in the Diablo IV announcement cinematic By Three They Come. He breaks down his findings in the video to reveal the info in question. If you don’t want spoilers don’t look below. If you do please enjoy. Don’t worry I also made sure the video was also in a spoiler so you didn’t accidentally click the link to come here. On reddit Rhykker confirmed the steps that TeKo did to reveal everything. He also posted a video about this. The editorial notes were still in […]

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Even Big Law Takes Some Time Off for Thanksgiving


The American Lawyer caught up with some high-profile attorneys to see if they would be working...

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Attorney Overcomes Client's Delayed Medical Care in Personal Injury Case


A Hartford attorney helped secure a nearly $200,000 settlement recently for a Meriden woman injured...

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Connecticut Movers: Warm Welcomes and a Fond Farewell


Attorneys Anthony Loney and Nancy Valentino have joined Hartford firm Halloran Sage, and the...

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DOJ Wants McGahn Testimony Fight to Play Out. Democrats Say Their Fast-Moving Impeachment Can't Wait.


DOJ argued that requiring McGahn to comply with the subpoena would cause them "irreparable injury,"...

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Lindemann 'Knebel' dir ZORAN Bihac

 Cache - uncensor


The first week of December will be cool and mainly quiet

Tuesday morning will be the coldest with a light freeze north of the lake; rain chances return on Friday


Saint Augustine restoration effort needs community support

Years of wear and tear are threatening the building. But local residents are hoping to restore it with a $2.5 million restoration campaign.


Man shot in Seventh Ward is the 15th New Orleans shooting victim Sunday

The man was not identified by police, and no information was provided about the extent of his injuries.


Hurricane season has ended

There were more named storms than average this year


2 dead, 2 more wounded in Seventh Ward after Canal Street mass shooting, NOPD says

The shooting comes hours after a mass shooting on Canal Street wounded 10 people


Mayor: 'New Orleans will not allow incidents like this to derail the progress we have made'

Police thought they were targets in the Canal Street mass shooting that injured 10, chief says


$5,000 reward for information on Canal Street mass shooting, NOPD says

10 people were shot in between Royal and Bourbon streets early Sunday morning.


новость: Голосуем кошельком [28.11.2019]


Что можно поддержать кошельком на краудфандинговых площадках? Отвечаем.


В этом выпуске:

  • «Мачи Коро: Наследие», «#Прорисунки» и «Карманный детектив».
  • Galactic Era — игра про развитие космических империй.
  • Три версии игры Medici — обычная, на картах и на игральных костях.
  • Ski Tour: Biathlon — настольный биатлон.
  • Magnate: The First City — игра про магнатов, которые зарабатывают на строительном буме.
  • Подарочное издание игры Museum.
  • Great Wall Board Game — новый проект издательства Awaken Realms.
  • Карточная адаптация видеоигры Hogs Of War.
  • 5-Minute Mystery — кооперативный детектив.
  • А также многое другое.


[Набравшие нужную сумму и не упомянутые в прошлых выпусках активные настольно-игровые проекты «Кикстартера» (или те, что не «доживут» до следующего выпуска, не набрали минимум, но имеют шансы сделать это). Дополнительный критерий отбора: проект поддержали 150+ спонсоров и / или сборы составляют 15 000+ долларов. Все подходящие и не упомянутые ранее проекты площадок «Бумстартер»,,, CrowdRepublic,,, и


Есть вопросы, предложения или интересные новости? Пишите на Новости без ссылок на источники буду вынужден оставить без внимания. Не забудьте написать, кого поблагодарить (имя или ник) за предоставленные сведения.]




Bewere Cardgame: Bewere. Карточная настолка, участники которой — оборотни; они раунд за раундом пополняют свои стаи, кусая бедных односельчан. Для партии требуется 2–5 участников 8+ лет и 15–30 минут свободного времени.



Brian Sowers: Hey Cutie: The Tabletop Dating Sim. Карточный симулятор свиданий: собираем карты флирта и применяем их на свиданиях, чтобы впечатлить пару, а попутно мешаем соперникам в их попытках завоевать чьё-нибудь сердце. Для партии требуется 2–5 участников 14+ лет и 30–45 минут свободного времени.





Heresy Lab: HeresyLab — Redeemers Fantasy / Scifi Resin Miniatures & STL. Миниатюры постапокалиптических персонажей, а также их макеты для 3D-печати.



Kozz: Balk — New Release. Новый тираж карточной настолки на ставки вслепую. Для партии требуется 2–4 участника 7+ лет и 15–20 минут свободного времени.





John Wrot!: Christmas Dice 2019 — Limited Edition. Рождественская серия игральных костей.





Channing Jones (Seajay Games): Galactic Era. Настолка про развитие космических империй, каждый участник которой выбирает сторону — примкнуть ему к свету или ко тьме: исследование космоса, колонизация планет, изучение новых технологий, торговля и сражения. Для партии требуется 2–6 участников 14+ лет и 180 минут свободного времени.



Waddling Panda: PARTY TAILS — The Party Animal Card Game. Компанейская карточная настолка для пьяных вечеринок про пьяную вечеринку тех ещё животных (но употреблять алкоголь совсем не обязательно): побеждает тот, кому (игроку и его персонажу) удалось устоять на ногах.



Siggy: DOCE™ CLASSIC — Gaming on a whole new level™. Дуэльная абстрактная логическая стратегия, задача игрока в которой — раньше соперника получить ряд из игральных костей, сумма чисел с которых равна 12. Для партии требуется 2 участника 9+ лет и 20–40 минут свободного времени.



Grail Games: Medici: The Dice Game — Knizia's Medici Family Expands!. Настолка Райнера Книции Medici сначала получила карточную версию, а теперь хочет превратиться в игру на игральных костях. Все три доступны в виде спонсорских вознаграждений этого проекта. Для партии в Medici: The Dice Game требуется 2–4 участника 10+ лет и 20 минут свободного времени.





Anthony Gibbins: Bellum Sacrum Card Game. Дуэльная карточная настолка, игроки в которой стравливают друг с другом древнеримских богов. Для партии требуется 2 участника 14+ лет и 20–40 минут свободного времени.



Ryan Wolfe: Nightingale Trio: Starship Miniatures & Maps. Миниатюры космических кораблей и постеры с их планами.



Gio Lasar Design: Constellation Dice: Apollo 50th Anniversary Edition. Тематические игральные кости к 50-летию лунной экспедиции «Аполлон-11».





Tea Time Productions: Ski Tour: Biathlon. Настольная версия биатлона — зимнего олимпийского вида спорта, сочетающего лыжные гонки со стрельбой из винтовки. Для партии требуется 2–5 участников и 30–60 минут свободного времени.



Naylor Games LLC: Magnate: The First City. Настолка про бизнесменов, желающих нажиться на строительном буме в городе: приобретаем участки земли, а затем строим на них разные здания (под жильё, офисы, магазины или промышленность), чтобы когда придёт время — продать недвижимость и получить прибыль. Для партии требуется 1–5 участников и 60–120 минут свободного времени.





Ÿøssef Fårhi: Way of the samurai. Карточная настолка для одного игрока, посвящена легендарному самураю и мастеру меча и его дуэлям. Для партии требуется 1 участник 10+ лет и 20 минут свободного времени. (Есть режим и для двух игроков.)





Necromolds LLC: Necromolds: Monster Battles. Necromolds — серия коллекционных игрушек, которая позволяет создавать монстров из скульптурной глины для лепки и уничтожать их. А Necromolds Monster Battles — это настольная заруба (скирмиш-варгейм) с участием этих монстриков. Для партии требуется 2+ участника 7+ лет и 30–45 минут свободного времени.





Holy Grail Games: Museum: Deluxe Edition. Подарочное издание настолки на сбор сетов про кураторов музеев, задача любого из которых — собрать самую большую и наиболее цельную коллекцию экспонатов; а также несколько дополнений к игре, в том числе новое. Для партии требуется 2–4 участника.



Awaken Realms: Great Wall Board Game. Евронастолка со свежим взглядом на распределение работников, посвящена защите Великой Китайской стены от полчищ врагов. Изюминка: производство в любой локации начинается только при полном её заполнении работниками; но если все работники в локации принадлежат одному и тому же игроку, он получает штраф. Для партии требуется 1–4 участника 14+ лет и 120–180 минут свободного времени.





Archangel Design: Forsaken Lands: 3D Printable Fantasy Tabletop Terrain. Макеты для 3D-печати элементов местности (террейна) для фэнтезийных настолок с миниатюрами.





Stone Sword Games: Hogs Of War The Card Game. Дуэльная карточная адаптация видеоигры, изначально вышедшей на приставке Sony PlayStation: перед боем выкладываем карты бойцов на стол, ход за ходом активируем по бойцу, чтобы переместиться или спрятаться им, либо применить эффект с сыгранной карты — и так до победного конца, то есть до полного уничтожения сил противника. Для партии требуется 2 участника 8+ лет и 30–60 минут свободного времени.



Wiggles 3D: 5-Minute Mystery — A Real-Time, Co-op, Mystery Game!. Ещё одна кооперативная настолка из серии 5-Minute..., участники которой пытаются за пять минут сложить улики воедино, чтобы найти и арестовать преступника. Для партии требуется 1–6 участников 8+ лет и 5+ минут свободного времени.





Reality Check: Reality Check: The Game of Privilege. Настолка про обстоятельства и самоопределение. По словам авторов, современный взгляд на игры наподобие Life или Monopoly. Для партии требуется 2–6 участников 18+ лет и 90 минут свободного времени.





spielbox: spielbox — Game Magazine since 2010. Немецкий журнал про настольные игры Spielbox, который c 2010 года издаётся и на английском языке. Собранные средства пойдут на улучшение журнала, а также станут гарантом того, что его англоязычная версия будет выходить ещё долгие годы.





Powerplant Games: Cthulhu Playmat 2nd Ed. — compatible with Arkham Horror LCG. Игровой коврик для 1–2 игроков, совместим с живой карточной настолкой Arkham Horror: The Card Game (издательства Fantasy Flight Games).





The Commander's Quarters: «Porcine Stand» Limited Edition Commander's Quarters Playmat. Игровой коврик.



Oliver McNeil: The StoryMaster's Tales «Deeper into the Woods» Hybrid RPG. Вторая коробка серии The StoryMaster’s Tales — приключения в мрачном сказочном мире, гибрид из карточной настолки, ролевой игры и книги-игры.





Severed Books: Fuck D6s — Six-Sided Dice. Шестигранные игральные кости с особой разметкой граней (если точнее — с «Fuck» вместо единицы).


Игровая редакция: «Мачи Коро: Наследие»


Сбор предзаказов завершится через 28 дней. Доставка предзаказанных копий игры пройдёт в апреле 2020.


«Самая свежая версия бестселлера «Мачи Коро» + механика «наследия»!»


«По следам «Граникона 2019». Часть первая»


Сбор предзаказов завершится через 11 дней. Доставка предзаказанных копий назначена на март 2020.


«#Прорисунки» предлагают вам стать художником-сюрреалистом. А «Карманный детектив» — это полноценное расследование в маленькой коробке».



Что почитать


«Вечные» ссылки:


[Нужно что-то добавить? Пишите на]




Автор: oranged (Александр Булгаков)


Kein Frühstück, keine E-Mails: Der verrückte Tagesablauf von Elon Musk


Elon Musk wäre nicht so erfolgreich, wenn er nicht so viel arbeiten würde. Um alle Aufgaben unter einen Hut zu bekommen, verfolgt der 45-jährige Unternehmen einen strengen Tagesplan: 


Das könnte euch auch interessieren:

 Elon Musk sagt: Dieses Buch hat mein Leben verändert

 Elon Musk erklärt in nur einem Satz, wie Erfolg funktioniert

 Elon Musk enthüllt, wie viele Stunden er nachts schläft

Elon Musks Tag ist komplett durchgeplant.

Elon Musk gilt als Workaholic, der noch mitten in der Nacht Twitter-Anfragen von Tesla-Kunden beantwortet.

Der 45-Jährige verbringt seine kompletten Arbeitswochen bei seinen beiden Unternehmen Tesla und SpaceX, schlingt sein Mittagessen dabei in fünf Minuten herunter und nimmt keine unangemeldeten Anrufe entgegen, um keine Sekunde seiner Zeit einzubüßen. 

Es ist also nicht verwunderlich, dass sein Alltag vollkommen durchgetaktet ist. 

Basierend auf früheren Interviews, hat der Business Insider einmal aufgeschrieben, wie ein durchschnittlicher Tag für die Silicon-Valley-Berühmtheit aussehen könnte:

Elon Musk beginnt seinen Tag bereits um 7 Uhr. Auf der Online-Plattform „Reddit“ erwähnte er, dass er etwa sechs Stunden in der Nacht schläft.

Quellen: EntrepreneurBusiness Insider 

Musk überspringt das Frühstück normalerweise. Gelegentlich nimmt er sich aber die Zeit, eine Tasse Kaffee und ein Omelette zu sich zu nehmen.

Quelle: Auto Bild

Den Rest der Story gibt es auf Business Insider Deutschland

новость: Голосуем кошельком [21.11.2019]


Что можно поддержать кошельком на краудфандинговых площадках? Отвечаем.


В этом выпуске:

  • «Вальхалла», «Остров кошек» и «Побег из психушки».
  • Stronghold: Undead — осада замка, дополнение превратилось в игру.
  • Hour of Need — кооперативные приключения супергероев.
  • Blood Feud — командная «кабинетная» игра по «Миру тьмы».
  • Namiji — сиквел Tokaido.
  • 1941: Race to Moscow — военно-историческая игра.
  • Venice — евроигра про торговцев Венеции 16 века.
  • Dawn of Madness — сюжетная мрачная кооперативная игра.
  • Настолка по Divinity: Original Sin.
  • А также многое другое.


[Набравшие нужную сумму и не упомянутые в прошлых выпусках активные настольно-игровые проекты «Кикстартера» (или те, что не «доживут» до следующего выпуска, не набрали минимум, но имеют шансы сделать это). Дополнительный критерий отбора: проект поддержали 150+ спонсоров и / или сборы составляют 15 000+ долларов. Все подходящие и не упомянутые ранее проекты площадок «Бумстартер»,,, CrowdRepublic,,, и


Есть вопросы, предложения или интересные новости? Пишите на Новости без ссылок на источники буду вынужден оставить без внимания. Не забудьте написать, кого поблагодарить (имя или ник) за предоставленные сведения.]




laboitedejeu: Clash of Rage, 2nd printing. Второй тираж настолки Clash of Rage, а это борьба за контроль над сказочными землями (детализированные миниатюры прилагаются), а также несколько дополнительных кланов. Для партии требуется 1–5 участников 14+ лет и 90 минут свободного времени.





Flying Carpets Games: The Girl and the Robot — The Card Game. Карточная настолка, построенная на принципе русской рулетки: добираем карты, используем способности персонажа и разыгрываем карты действий и оружия, чтобы защититься от появления из колоды демона (нашей погибели). Для партии требуется 2–4 участника 10+ лет и 30–45 минут свободного времени.





KafArt Studio: Spartan. Миниатюры масштаба 35 мм — спартанские гоплиты.



Portal Games: Stronghold: Undead. В 2009 году Игнаций Тшевичек выпустил свою первую большую настолку — Stronghold. Затем эта настольная осада замка обзавелась дополнением Undead. Потом игра получила 2-е издание. И вот наконец настало время дополнению Undead вернуться, причём в переработанном виде и превратившись в самодостаточный продукт. Для партии требуется 2 участника 10+ лет и 90 минут свободного времени.





Blacklist Games: Hour of Need. Кооперативная настолка в духе комиксов про супергероев. Авторы игры — Адам и Брэди Сэдлеры — в числе прочего приложили руки к Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, Star Wars: X-Wing и Heroes of Terrinoth. Для партии требуется 1–6 участников 14+ лет и 30–120 минут свободного времени. Подробности — в карточке игры.





Everything Epic: Vampire: the Masquerade — Blood Feud a Mega Board Game. Командная настолка по миру ролевой игры Vampire: The Masquerade Role Playing Game. Чтобы сыграть в Blood Feud, потребуется 2–4 стола в одной большой или двух маленьких комнатах. Игроки перевоплощаются в кланы вампиров и организации смертных, чтобы отстаивать свои интересы в глобальном конфликте. За одним из столов игроки раздают приказы бойцам — перемещают их по городу и устраивают бои за территории. Другой стол играет роль Совета и рынка; тут игроки используют свои навыки дипломатии и кризисного менеджмента, чтобы добывать улучшения и принимать важные политические решения, влияющие на судьбы всех фракций. Для победы нужно набрать больше всех очков, набирая их за выполнение секретных целей. Для партии требуется 4–32 участника 14+ лет и 120 минут свободного времени.





Marzo Projects: Runes of Mayhem — The Tactical Viking Game: Relaunch. Дуэльная тактическая карточная настолка про битву викингов возвращается с 4 дополнениями в одной коробке. Для партии требуется 2 участника 16+ лет и 20–40 минут свободного времени.





Jo Smedley: Burglar — a game so fun it's criminal. Настолка про домушников, которых угораздило одновременно забраться в один и тот же дом. Задача вора — найти нужный ему предмет и выбраться из дома, а попутно мешать сделать то же самое конкурентам. Для партии требуется 3–7 участников 6+ лет и 30 минут свободного времени.



Funforge SARL: NAMIJI — The next chapter in the TOKAIDO universe!. Cамодостаточный сиквел настолки Tokaido. Автор новинки прежний — Антуан Боза (Antoine Bauza), — а вот иллюстрации к ней нарисовал Naïade. Для партии требуется 2–5 участников 8+ лет и 30–45 минут свободного времени. (Tokaido вышла в 2012 году, с тех пор обзавелась локальными версиями на 18 языках мира, включая русский, и разошлась общим тиражом 400 000+ копий.)





Jason Tagmire: Button Shy Wallet Games — Reprint Campaign. Дополнительные тиражи карманных настолок издательства Wallet Games.


Mint Julep — настолка про лошадиные скачки: набираем карты посредством драфта, делаем ставки, а затем вносим коррективы в гонку, чтобы разбогатеть (для партии требуется 2–4 участника 8+ лет и 30 минут свободного времени).


Pentaquark — минималистичная карточная настолка для того, кто хочет попробовать получить стабильный кварк (для партии требуется 1 участник 12+ лет и 15–20 минут свободного времени).


Pickpockets — настолка про воришек, тягающих доллары из одного кошелька, и полицейского под прикрытием, который очень хочет увидеть в их руках меченые купюры (для партии требуется 3–4 участника 8+ лет и 20 минут свободного времени).


Avignon: A Clash of Popes — дуэльная настолка про кандидатов на место Папы Римского: взываем к представленным картами персонажам (кардиналы, рыцари, знать...) и применяем их свойства, чтобы переманить троих из них на свою сторону (для партии требуется 2 участника 8+ лет и 20 минут свободного времени).


Достижение сверхцелей открывает дополнительные игры.





Crooked Dice Game Design Studio: Pulp Sci-Fi Heroes and Villains — 28mm Miniatures. Миниатюры масштаба 28 мм для настольной зарубы (скирмиш-варгейма) 7TV: Pulp.





Rocky Heckman: Rare Roses. Настолка про конкурирующих флористов. Для партии требуется 1–6 участников 14+ лет и 45–60 минут свободного времени.





PYE Games: Spin Dice and Gaming Gizmos: An RPG Player's Dream. Замена обычным игральным костям.



Txarli Factory: BATTLE BUILDER TECH: The Last Temples. Конструктор элементов местности (террейна) для настолок с миниатюрами; поставляется в виде макетов для 3D-печати.





Dan Verssen Games: Thunderbolt-Apache Leader, Fleet Cmdr Nimitz, Tiger Leader. Военно-исторические настолки для одного участника и дополнения к ним.





Strategos Games: Glory: A Game of Knights. Настолка про спорстменов 12 века — европейских рыцарей, которые участвуют в турнирах, чтобы прославиться. Правилами предусмотрены одиночный, соревновательный и кооперативный режимы. Для партии требуется 1–4 участника 14+ лет и 30 минут свободного времени.



Goblivion Games: Dinoblivion — Conquer the Land of the Dinosaurs!. Настолка на колодо- и табло-строение с менеджментом ресурсов и мультифункциональными картами: возглавив примитивное племя, охотимся, возводим тотемы, улучшаем клан и сражаемся с динозаврами. Для партии требуется 1–2 участника 12+ лет и 30–45 минут свободного времени.





studio trojan: DOUBLEHEAD KIDS. Традиционная карточная игра Doppelkopf, популярная в Германии (где в неё играют с 1895 года), в доступной форме. Для партии требуется 4 участника (6 при наличии дополнения) 6+ лет и 30–60 минут свободного времени.





PHALANX: 1941: Race to Moscow. Военно-историческая настолка (варгейм), посвящена операции «Барбаросса» (Восточный фронт Второй мировой войны). Для партии требуется 1–4 участника 14+ лет и 60+ минут свободного времени.





Jesser & Kris London: Dare To Play. Компанейская игра-викторина, неправильные ответы в которой требуют дела («Напиши 10-му человеку в своих контактах, что любишь его», «Наполни свой башмак водой и выпей её» и всё в том же духе).





Lewis Shaw: VENICE — Beautiful, Groundbreaking Eurogame for 1–5 Players. Евронастолка на распределение работников про влиятельных торговцев Венеции 16 века, которые используют гондролы, чтобы перемещаться по каналам и выполнять контракты, а попутно мечтают о власти. Для партии требуется 1–5 участников и 20–100 минут свободного времени (по 20 минут на игрока). Подробности — в карточке игры.





Diemension Games: Dawn of Madness. Сюжетная кооперативная хоррор-настолка с миром Deep Madness в качестве декораций. Для партии требуется 1–4 участника. Подробности — в карточке игры.





Crafty Games: Mistborn Metal Dice. Тематические игральные кости.



Larian Studios LLC: Divinity Original Sin the Board Game. Официальная настолка по второй части компьютерной ролевой игры Divinity: Original Sin. Для партии требуется 1–4 участника 14+ лет и 60+ минут свободного времени. Подробности — в карточке игры, а также на сайтах и





Moonmares Games: TURRIM Dice — It's How Wizards Roll. Тематические игральные кости, из которых можно построить башню.





GoCube: GoDice | Your Favorite Dice Games Reimagined. Замена обычным игральным костям — игральные кости, связанные с мобильным приложением, что позволяет автоматически считывать и учитывать выпавшие грани. Приложение поддерживает классические настолки на игральных костях. Окрытый интерфейс программирования приложений (API) позволяет сторонним разработчикам пополнять список поддерживаемых игр.


God's Hand Games:

«Сыграть в ящик» — авторская настольная игра»


Сбор средств завершится 16 декабря 2019. Доставка спонсорских вознаграждений назначена на февраль 2020.


«1920-е. Задумывались вы об этих тяжёлых временах сухого закона в США? Не находите ли вы в этом суровом времени что-то прекрасное, но уже далёкое и невозвратное? Классические костюмы, фетровые шляпы, погони и перестрелки, а также прекрасные вечера в клубах, где на сцене выступает блюзовый оркестр, танцы чарльстон до упада всю ночь и, конечно же, немое кино с Чарли Чаплином в главной роли.


Наша игра предоставляет вам возможность погрузиться в атмосферу того времени и понять, что значит перейти дорогу не тем людям.


Из-за Акта Волстеда, 18-й поправки к Конституции США, в 1920 году вся алкогольная продукция стала незаконной на территории Штатов. В конце XIX века прибывшие выходцы из Ирландии, Италии, а также люди еврейского происхождения из стран Европы обосновываются в Америке. И как раз эти люди первые организовывают преступные мафиозные группировки после введения сухого закона.




Попробуйте себя в роли босса мафии, цель которого — достичь наивысшей репутации среди прочих преступных организаций путём бутлегерства, устранения конкурентов и выполнения других делишек, а ещё найма новых членов своей банды. Но помните, вы не один, кто хочет достигнуть верхушки преступного мира, поэтому подставляйте других боссов, устраивайте им разборки, выходите победителем из них, а также создавайте хрупкий и шаткий мир с другими мафиями, если вам так выгоднее, но выиграть в этой игре может лишь один. Ты либо побеждаешь, либо играешь в ящик».




Сбор предзаказов завершится 14 декабря 2019. Доставка предзаказанных копий пройдёт в феврале 2020.


«Добро пожаловать в мир игры «Вальхалла», основанный на древних скандинавских легендах, пропитанный кровью бесчисленных битв и живущий лишь одним — стремлением снискать вечную славу.


В этом мире битв попасть в Вальхаллу достоин лишь тот, кто доказал свою доблесть в бою. Возьмите на себя роль одного из ярлов, борющихся за место в Вальхалле. Соберите отряд из отважных рубак и ведите их в атаку! Завоёвывайте щиты врагов и отправляйте своих воинов в Вальхаллу, но помните, что право пировать с богами есть лишь у победителей.


Сочетайте способности своих воинов, используйте способности ярлов и не забывайте о боевых тактиках, которые позволят вам выйти победителем из самого отчаянного сражения. Самый доблестный из ярлов будет воспет в легендах!


Игрок, набравший больше всех очков доблести, побеждает. Вы получаете очки доблести за каждый щит вашего клана, оставшийся на вашем планшете, за каждый щит врага, захваченный вами, и за воинов, отправленных в Вальхаллу».


«Мир фантастики»:

«Мир фантастики»: подписка на 2020 год»


Сбор средств завершится через 29 дней. Доставка ожидается в феврале 2020.


«Благодаря читателям журнал «Мир фантастики» год назад возродился в новом издательстве. Кампания по подписке на 2019 год установила рекорд по сборам на краудфандинговых площадках для российских печатных СМИ. Спасибо вам, что поверили в нас и дали силы двигаться дальше!


До конца года осталось всего ничего — а значит, пришло время подписываться на «Мир фантастики» на 2020 год! Если вы хотите поддержать журнал напрямую и получить эксклюзивные бонусы, то лучший способ подписки — кампания на CrowdRepublic. А ещё здесь вы сможете посоветовать, в каком направлении нам стоит развивать журнал и весь проект.




Вы можете выбрать два варианта подписки: на полгода или на год.


В этом случае вы получите 6 или 12 ежемесячных номеров «Мира фантастики» — таких, к каким вы привыкли за долгие годы: 112 страниц о книгах, фильмах, играх, фэнтези и фантастике во всех проявлениях. В отличие от прошлогодней кампании, где подписчики получали 9 обычных номеров и 3 спецвыпуска, в 2020 году вас ждут уже 12 журналов и 3 толстых номера!»


«Остров кошек»


Сбор предзаказов завершится через 27 дней. Доставка предзаказанных копий пройдёт ориентировочно в июне 2020.


«Очаровательная стратегия про спасение кошек, которая совсем недавно стала хитом на Kickstarter.


И, хотя кошки здесь деревянные, разных мастей и цветов, прелесть игры вовсе не в них. Дело в потрясающем сочетании механик — тут вам и драфт карт, и выкладывание полимино-тайлов (как в тетрисе), и управление ресурсами, и персональные задачи. Всё это очень здорово работает друг с другом, заставляет «поскрипеть мозгами», привносит в игру море разнообразия и вызывает желание сыграть ещё.


«Остров кошек» — это тот удивительный случай, когда игра, предназначенная в первую очередь для искушённых игроков, настолько понятна по правилам, что от нее получают удовольствие и дети 10 лет. Плюс, есть упрощённый режим для детей от 8 лет и даже правила для соло-игры».


«Настольная игра «Побег из психушки»


Сбор предзаказов завершится 16 декабря 2019. Доставка предзаказанных копий назначена на конец декабря 2019.


«Квест — это игра, в которой, решая задачи и загадки, вы движетесь к одной большой цели, например, выбраться из комнаты. Не секрет, что популярность подобного развлечения сильно возросла за последние пять лет. Поэтому неудивительно, что в мире настольных игр «квестов в коробке» тоже становится всё больше.


«Игровед» с радостью представляет вам новое детище издательства «Настольные игры — стиль жизни» — настольную игру «Побег из психушки» (Escape from the Asylum), которая разрабатывалась с особой тщательностью более полутора лет.


Если вы любите захватывающие игры, в которые погружаешься с головой... Если вам нравятся ролевые игры, в которых персонажи живут своей собственной жизнью... Если вы любите решать задачки и головоломки... То настольная игра «Побег из психушки» — это та самая новинка, которую вы давно ждали!»


В. и Н. Свирилины: «Пьенот и Выжра» — игра настольная-застольная»


Сбор средств завершится 17 января 2020. Примерная дата доставки спонсорских вознаграждений —1 февраля 2020.


«Пьенот и Выжра» — это карточная игра с механиками взаимодействия и избегания наказаний.


Но было бы скучно, если люди доставали карточки с заданиями и просто выполняли их.


Или не выполняли и получали за это штрафные очки, а по их количеству определяли проигравшего.


Поэтому, помимо заданий, игрокам предстоит примерить на себя образы/роли/амплуа.


Станьте на время игры, например, пиратом, байкером или библиотекарем.


Надо станцевать? — Станцуйте так, чтоб не упасть с мотоцикла.


Нужно спеть? — Так сделайте это как настоящий морской волк!


Заставьте всех вести себя тихо, ведь вы — хранитель тишины в библиотеке...»



demidows: «Настольная игра «Лабиринт мумии»


Сбор средств завершится 11 января 2020. Примерная дата доставки спонсорских вознаграждений — 30 декабря 2019 [это как так?].


«На игровом поле раскладываются вниз изображением пластиковые фишки в два ряда, и выкладывается третьим рядом фишки изображением вверх.


Игроки с помощью жеребьёвки определяют с какого угла поля начнут игру.


У фишек есть разные типы изображений: с одной стенкой, с двумя, тремя или без стенок, а также различные изображения ловушек, потайных ходов и выхода из лабиринта. При этом у фишек со стенами есть ещё разные цвета.


Игроки ходят по очереди (очередь так же определяется жеребьёвкой).


Цели игры: первым найти и добраться до выхода из лабиринта или остаться одному в игре, не угодившему в ловушку. За свой ход игрок либо перемещает фишку своего цвета на одну соседнюю клетку (при этом через стену проходить нельзя), либо поворачивает поле, на котором находится, на 90 градусов по или против часовой стрелке, при этом если стоишь на цветном поле, то можно повернуть ещё одно поле в том же направлении такого же цвета (главное, чтобы на этом поле не было другого игрока).


Таким образом прокладываешь себе путь на несколько ходов вперёд или же блокируешь путь другому игроку. Ещё один нюанс — когда перемещаешь свою фишку с одного поля на другое, то пол за вами как будто рушится, то есть убирается фишка поля, с которого ушли, и переворачивается та, которая была под ней. Таким образом может открыться позади вас либо выход из лабиринта, либо ловушка, либо обычное поле со стенами, которые могут заблокировать вам путь назад. Если вы на одном поле остаётесь три хода подряд, то пол под вами так же проваливается (убирается одно поле и переворачивается, которое было под ним, а если под ним нет больше поля, то вы проигрываете). Также существуют карты удачи, которые раздаются всем поровну в начале игры и которые могут изменить ход игры (например, сделать два хода вместо одного, или защита от паутины и т. д.). Командная игра отличается тем, что игроки могут помогать друг другу прокладывать путь или освобождать их из тупиковых ситуаций».



Что почитать


«Вечные» ссылки:


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Snow Showers Possible Sunday Night

Monday is going to be cloudy and very chilly.


Mt. Washington police warn residents of scam targeting LG&E customers

Police say a man has been claiming to represent the energy company, trying to get customers to pay amounts in prepaid Green Dot cards or have service turned off.


Indiana teen killed after passenger's rifle discharges in car

Police said 19-year-old Annalysa McMillan was shot in the back after a backseat passenger's rifle was discharged.


LMPD investigating fatal shooting in Dixie Highway establishment

There are no suspects or arrests.


Owners benefit from Small Business Saturday

One day after Black Friday, small business owners are hoping local communities show their support this holiday season.


4 rescued after truck swept away by high water in Elizabethtown

According to the Elizabethtown Fire Department, they responded to a water rescue incident not too far from I-65 around 5 p.m. Saturday


Pensioni, RED in scadenza: comunicazione INPS online


Campagna Red 2019, comunicazione all'INPS entro il 2 dicembre per i pensionati con altri redditi da lavoro autonomo che devono effettuarla: regole e istruzioni.

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Got access to Still a little frustrated that they get so much press for what is another silo, like a more-editable Reddit. And the good parts — we do need more smaller social networks — is offset by the founder saying he wants to grow to 50 million users.


Reddito di cittadinanza, 9 mila messinesi pronti per la "fase due"

Reddito di cittadinanza, 9 mila messinesi pronti per la "fase due"Sono 9.156 le domande accolte. Poco meno di diecimila messinesi dovrebbero essere chiamati a svolgere attività di pubblica utilità collegate alla concessione del Reddito di cittadinanza da parte del...







Leafs fans vandalizing Wikipedia keep editors hopping


It didn’t take long for the vandals to force their way in.

Hannah was eating a bowl of Mini-Wheats in the kitchen when she got the breaking-news alert on her phone. The words made her jump from her chair.

She shouted at her dad and darted upstairs to her bedroom. Then she opened her laptop, found her Wikipedia watchlist and clicked on one of her most frequented pages: Mike Babcock.

“Honestly, it’s kind of like a race,” said the criminology student who had logged on as her alter ego, HickoryOughtShirt?4. “It’s not supposed to be but that’s how I view it. It’s a race to be the first one to edit it.”

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ decision to fire their head coach in the middle of an ugly road trip sent shockwaves through the hockey world. It’s the type of news that picks up steam quickly. Most hockey fans go online to sites like Twitter or Reddit to share their thoughts, opinions and GIFs.

But a few have their fun another way — by anonymously falsifying information on Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia.

“I already saw a ton of vandalism that I immediately reverted, it happens so quickly,” Hannah said about that Wednesday afternoon.

The first unwanted article edit came in at 4:48 p.m., when an unregistered user changed Babcock’s occupation to “Unemployed Loser” just 18 minutes after the Leafs announced his ousting on Twitter. Vandalizing Wikipedia articles has become common in the sports world, where a screenshot of even a short-lived edit to an article can go viral on social media.

According to hockey fans who used Wikipedia to vent, Babcock coached a joke of a team and loves to sit his star players so he can play fourth liners; he served fries as the head coach of the McDonald’s Morons; his current team is Robidas Island; he’s a dictator, eats a lot and is the worst coach in Leafs history.

Those are just the PG-13 comments.

Hannah, who chose to hide her identity because “women are perceived differently” in the hockey community, has seen it first hand. She has been overseeing Wikipedia hockey pages in an administrator’s capacity for two years and has amassed over 61,000 edits. She’s part of a small team of volunteers who dedicate countless hours to protecting facts on a site that sees 18 billion views per month and lets anyone edit articles without even logging in. That makes watching out for “vandals” — how the Wiki community describes the falsehood-spreaders — a top priority.

When it comes to anything about the Maple Leafs, the vandals come in waves. “I try not to take it too personally, but it is really frustrating,” she said.

The night before the firing, shortly after the Leafs lost to the Golden Knights, someone vented his or her frustrations with the team’s six-game losing skid by changing Babcock’s page to read “formerly served as head coach of the Leafs.”

It turned out to be an accurate prediction, but HickoryOughtShirt?4 was on the spot to clean it up in the wee hours of the morning. She usually is.

“Mike Babcock was one of the first pages I edited when I added that he was very passionate about depression and mental health issues in November 2017. So ever since I’ve been following that page because there’s been a lot of vandalism,” Hannah said, adding former Leafs defenceman Jake Gardiner and Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara to that list.

She was there when the Leafs lost to the Bruins in Game 7 back in April and multiple users mocked Babcock’s coaching strategy, while another listed his job status as vacant and his previous employer as the Bruins. She was there when someone called Gardiner a “Game 7 choker” after he signed with the Carolina Hurricanes in September. And she was certainly there last week, when Babcock’s profile was barraged with edits from unregistered users, known as IPs because their username defaults to their IP address.

In the span of two and a half hours following his dismissal, 73 edits were made on Babcock’s Wikipedia page, including 26 by IPs. At 7:02 p.m., an administrator made the page semi-protected, meaning only registered users could edit the page for three days. The same thing happened to Gardiner’s article after a different Game 7 loss last year.

Cleaning up the mess can be frustrating for admins like Hannah, especially on those relentless nights when major news breaks. “Some of them are funny, honestly,” she admitted, though it’s unclear how she felt about the person who subtly changed the word “duties” to “doodies” near the bottom of Babcock’s article.

“No matter how you look at it, no matter how frustrating it may be to deal with the vandalism, it can be funny,” said Anne, an administrator from Southern Ontario known as ‘Risker’ who has been editing on Wikipedia for 15 years and like Hannah prefers to conceal her identity. “The first time it happens it’s funny. The subsequent times though? No, no, no.”

Every day, the 500 or so active Wikipedia administrators like HickoryOughtShirt?4 and Risker spend free time fact checking, adding missing information, writing new articles and combating vandalism for Wikipedia. However, the site has nearly 6 million articles in the English-language edition alone, and maintaining them would be impossible for the admins without the help of other visitors lending the odd helping hand when they see something that needs an edit.

Hannah, who spends about five hours a day editing, is grateful to those users. That was how she started when she signed up for a Wikipedia event in her first year at York University.

“I think I liked it from the very first moment. I’m a nerd,” Hannah said. “The idea of verifying information to Wikipedia, I just think that’s so much fun. And it really bothers me when people question its validity.”

She’s a corrector in real life, too. If someone had the story wrong at a dinner party, Hannah might chime in. Or when her professor told the class that Wikipedia wasn’t reliable, she raised her hand to inform him that everything gets verified under strict guidelines. He called her ‘Wikipedia’ for the rest of the semester.

Hannah takes pride in her growing edit total and has recently found an interest in creating new articles for historical women, who she feels are underrepresented on Wikipedia. Even the never-ending quest to fight vandals brings her a sense of gratification.

“I feel like if I was in that person’s shoes being vandalized, I would be very upset,” she said. “I don’t really have a responsibility to do it, but I feel like it’s my duty to protect people.”

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, Babcock needed Hannah’s protection; Gardiner needed it before him. With the way the Leafs are playing now, it might be a while before Hannah takes on a swarm of vandals again.

But when the time comes, you can bet HickoryOughtShirt?4 will be logged on and ready to go.

Braydon Holmyard is a digital producer based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter: @braydonholmyard


Boat explosion throws 21-year-old woman into water

The owner of the boat tried to crank it several times after fueling up and that's when it exploded.


Police want to know who shot and killed a man in Tampa

Officers said they responded to a shooting near the corner of Deleuil Avenue and North 43rd Street.


Police searching for missing man with dementia

Tampa police said Jacinto Ramirez walked away from his home in the Sulphur Springs area Saturday morning.


Doors are open again: Congregation returns to church destroyed by tornado

Five weeks after an EF-2 tornado ripped up Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, worshipers returned to their sanctuary for the first time.


Power outage reported near Downtown St. Petersburg

DUKE Energy Says a piece of their equipment went offline.


Troopers looking for driver they say hit and killed a woman on US 41 before taking off

Troopers are looking for a white 2003 to 2009 Chevy Trailblazer.


How to get Web traffic using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linked in, Redit etc

Social Media and Networks have exploded in the past decade. From MySpace to FaceBook and Pinterest to Reddit and Stumbleupon, the choices are endless. For this post though, we won’t talk about the general tips and tricks that people provide. ‘Post on Facebook’ or ‘Get thousands of Likes’ or ‘You need to Tweet’. And why? […]







『ブレードランナー』にインスパイアされたCybertruckの人気に乗じてひと儲けしようとしているのは、マスクだけではない。すでにAmazonや「Etsy」などのネット通販サイトでは、Cybertruckのスマートフォングリップから「I want a Cybertruck(サイバートラックが欲しい)」と書かれたTシャツまで、さまざまな関連グッズが溢れている。自分の店舗をシンプルに「Cybertruck」と名付けたアマゾンのセラーもいる。


CNBCが11月になって報じたように、TikTokを漁って利益になりそうな最新のミームを探すセラーもいる。「OK Boomer」でやり過ごすスタイルの世代間の争いだろうが、ジェフリー・エプスタイン関連の陰謀だろうが構わない。ニュースのサイクルが短くなり、売り手間の競争も激しくなっているため、セラーは商品を売りに出すタイミングを早める必要があるのだ。


多くの売り手はデザインのプリントや発送にオンデマンドで対応するため、「TeeSpring」や「Spreadshirt」「Redbubble」「Zazzle」「CafePress」といった企業に依存している。アマゾンにも独自のサーヴィス「Merch by Amazon」があるが、セラーは申請を行い、利用承認を待たねばならない。






Cybertruckは80年代のSFの夢からそのまま飛び出してきたようなルックスをしている。「Google Glass」のクルマ版といったところだろう。だからこそミームになったし、ミームで儲けようという人々はそれを利用したいと考えたのだ。




FAUSTI “APHRODITE” Made 4 Women - The Essence Of A Woman

FAUSTI “APHRODITE” Made 4 Women - The Essence Of A Woman randyg Fri, 11/29/2019 - 07:00
Fausti shotgun

The number of women joining the hunting and shooting communities has been constantly increasing as well as their requests for dedicated products. Who can better understand their needs than three ladies sharing the same passions who are also gunmakers?

The number of lady shooters of all ages has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Women no longer go to shooting clubs just to be with their husbands, fathers, sons or brothers like they used to do a few years ago. Now they go shooting and they want to do it well. And so, while men may be at home on Saturday mornings, their significant others may go shooting targets or chasing pheasants and woodcock up and down hillsides and mountains.

The relationship between women and gear has also changed: women no longer want to adapt to apparel and accessories designed for men, but they expect to find gear designed for them and their bodies. And of course, shotguns have not been exempt from this new trend.

Gunmakers have not entirely neglected these new requests, but they have often approached them in a very superficial and oversimplified way by changing colors or adding minor and insignificant details. The result has often been more offensive to that femininity they were trying to gratify.

Thankfully, there are exceptions.

fausti aphrodite left

Just like we did with small bore guns, we at Fausti - one of the most dynamic gunmakers in Italy - were ahead of the curve when we successfully introduced a lady version of the DEA model, called the DEA Lady, a few years ago.

The FAUSTI range was studied, designed and engineered from the very first strokes of a pencil to meet the specific needs of lady shooters and hunters. It has just become more comprehensive and targeted with the addition of the “APHRODITE” model. The “APHRODITE” is not a standard over/under shotgun adapted to women by reducing weight here and there or adding engraving or finishing women are believed to like. The APHRODITE is a brand new and totally dedicated project.

As a matter of fact, who could better get the secrets of a product totally meant for ladies than three ladies who run a gun company by trade and who hunt for passion? The result is called “APHRODITE,” an over/under shotgun dedicated to the Goddess of beauty, love, procreation and spring. The archetype of women of all ages and all classes. This is a lady shotgun with no compromise and offered in all traditional bores from the 12 to the .410, including the 20 and the 28, in either a traditional hunting configuration or a sporting one, chambered standard or magnum.

With barrels from 63.5 cm to 76 cm long, with either fixed chokes or interchangeable choke tubes, the APHRODITE is ideal for all hunting applications and styles as well as competition. Long forcing cones and new bore geometries help reduce perceived recoil, which makes shooting and pointing easier, improves ballistic performance and yields perfect shot patterns.

All FAUSTI guns are famous for their perfect balance and ease of carrying. However, these qualities are extremely enhanced in the “APHRODITE” model, thanks to its custom stock dimensions, LOP, “Montecarlo” style stock with drop dimensions that allow women to mount the gun very naturally.

The proverbial attention to details FAUSTI Gun Maker pays at all times is very evident in this model where century-old hand skills and the benefits of industrialization are harmoniously combined.

At FAUSTI hand files go hand-in-hand with CNC machines to produce top quality work and levels of customization unthinkable anywhere else. As a result, shooters can choose between extractors and ejectors, single trigger or double triggers, pistol grip, POW or English stocks, wooden butts or rubber recoil pads as well as schnable or splinter forends. The APHRODITE is a truly bespoke gun just like a tailored dress.

The laser engraving lends itself to the round lines of the action and the scene combines ornamental and English scroll with the classical portrait of the Goddess the gun is named after. The Aphrodite scene on the action back is framed by a gold wreath with the name of the Goddess next to the model and gunmaker names.

Fausti Aphrodite right

A cameo image of Aphrodite is pierced by hand in the top lever and is a unique touch of class that tells the “APHRODITE” apart from all other guns.

Another level of customization is offered with the action that comes with either coin finish or color case hardening.

A custom air travel approved case in ABS comes standard with the APHRODITE over/under shotgun, which is destined to become a new “must” for women who want to shoot competitively and hunt in style with a sober elegance which defines true femininity.--Barbara Fausti

Hunt Forever


Hunt Doctors - Frostbite! What You Should Know

Hunt Doctors - Frostbite! What You Should Know randyg Wed, 11/27/2019 - 07:00

Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and ice fishing are a few of the many outdoor activities Global Rescue members enjoy throughout the year. Common to all of these pursuits is exposure to cold temperatures, which can be dangerous for a number of reasons, with frostbite topping the list.

cold personWhat is frostbite?
Simply put, frostbite is any injury to body tissues caused by exposure to extreme cold. It will most often affect extremities (fingers, nose, toes and ears) first, due to a bodily process known as vasoconstriction.

When exposed to cold, the body will draw warm, oxygenated, blood away from less-essential parts like the extremities and concentrate it into the body’s core. This allows key systems such as the heart, lungs and brain to stay warm and oxygenated for as long as possible, helping you survive. The effect of this process, however, is that extremities now lack warm, oxygenated blood. 

This leaves them vulnerable to freezing. The situation can be exacerbated by alcohol and drug consumption, caffeine, dehydration, constricting clothing, cotton clothing and certain medications.

How do I know if I have frostbite?
Similar to heat burns, frostbite is divided into three levels of severity. These include: frostnip, also called superficial frostbite, partial thickness, or second degree frostbite and full thickness, or third degree frostbite.

Frostnip is the first stage of frostbite.
It affects the outermost layers of skin and tissue. Most people who have
spent a significant amount of time outdoors in the cold have experienced it. 

Characterized by pale or red skin in the affected area, frostnip can also be identified by a prickly or numb feeling with skin pliable to the touch.

Partial thickness frostbite is the second stage of frostbite.

This stage is more difficult to identify. It affects tissue deeper into the dermis and may present in a variety of ways. 

Reddened skin can turn white, greyish blue, or appear wax-like. Some ice crystals may form on the skin as well. 

Oddly enough, the skin may start to feel warm to the victim during this stage. After thawing, small blisters and localized swelling may form with associated mild pain.

Severe, or full thickness frostbite

This is the final and most serious stage -- when frostbite has penetrated into the tissues, muscle and even the bone in the affected area. Numbness and a loss of all sensation characterize this stage. Large blisters (and swelling) will form on the skin after rewarming and be very painful and sensitive. Later the affected area may turn black. Serious cases may require amputation of the affected extremity.

I have frostbite. Now what?
For frostnip, relatively little treatment is needed. Gentle re-warming of the affected area will be satisfactory. 

hunter in snowFor partial or full thickness frostbite, further intervention is needed. First, the victim should shelter or be sheltered from the cold. Medical help should be sought immediately. 

Treatment includes soaking the area in water not exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If the area is hard to the touch, do not press hard on it. If blisters form, do not pop them. 

If you are in the field and no hot water or active rewarming is available, skin to skin contact is the best way to rewarm an area. Place bare hands or feet in an armpit, groin or against the abdomen. For hands, you can do this yourself. For feet, you will need a partner. Then gently wrap the area in sterile gauze to prevent infection and gangrene.

Be very careful using a campfire, chemical or fuel powered hot packs/hand warmers, or camp stoves to rewarm areas. The ability to perceive temperature and pain will be severely diminished and burns (and worsening cellular tissue damage) can easily occur even with cheap hand warmers. A burn on top of frostbite will severely complicate recovery.

Be warned: the re-warming of frostbitten areas will be extremely painful, even incapacitating. High grade analgesics would be needed to control it. 

Any frostbitten body part should be handled with extreme care to avoid further tissue damage. If the frostbite is on the foot and the person must walk to safety/rescue, the foot should not be re-warmed before reaching safety as the individual will no longer be able to walk once it is thawed. 

Regardless, the most important thing is to get medical assistance as soon as possible. Do not expose the affected area to cold again after re-heating. It is critical that the frostbitten are not allowed to refreeze. This could cause serious tissue damage.

Monitoring for signs of hypothermia is also crucial during a frostbite incident because the two often go hand in hand. Signs of hypothermia include drowsiness, severe shivering, surges of warmth and slurred speech. Any altered mental status encountered in a cold or wet environment should instantly arouse suspicion of hypothermia.

Also remember, if someone is wet, due to immersion in water or sweat from overexertion, hypothermia can occur even in relatively warm temperatures (60 degrees Fahrenheit or less). If you or someone in your group is immersed in water, or is beginning to show the first signs and symptoms of hypothermia, it is time to self-evacuate and/or call for help.  

Remember that some of the initial signs and symptoms of hypothermia include a marked change in personality and attitude and a loss of judgment. The brain loses its ability to coordinate and balance the body, speech is interrupted and finally, fine-motor skills are lost.

How can I prevent frostbite?
Contrary to popular belief, the temperature does not need to be extreme to present a risk of frostbite. Any temperature below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), or exposure of skin to intense wind and moisture, can result in frostbite. 

That being said, staying warm, dry, hydrated and prepared is the best way to prevent frostbite.

Wearing the right clothing is also essential. Know the weather and be prepared with extra layers and proper outerwear. The best way to stay warm when out in the cold is to wear light, non-constricting, layered clothing that will allow for easy blood flow to your extremities while also providing the insulation that your body requires.

If your hands or feet become cold while you are outside, stop and fix it by adding or changing layers before you develop frostbite.


Safari Club International highly recommends that you purchase a Global Rescue membership prior to your next trip. Single trip, annual and family options are available. For more information visit, or call 617-459-4200 and tell them you’re a Safari Club International member. 

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Saturday Stories: Labour's Shameful Supporters, Notre Dame, and Supermassive Black Holes

Stephen Daisley, in The Spectator, on the shame Britain's liberal Labour supporters should feel.

Pauline Bock, in Wired, on how Notre Dame is being reconstructed by way of 50 billion scraps of data.

Phil Plaitt, in ScFy Wire, on the star-making winds emanating from supermassive black holes.

And finally, today is the last day of #Movember, thanks to those who have already donated, and if you haven't, you still can by clicking here. You can give anonymously, and of course, your donation will come with a charitable receipt.

Toronto's SickKids Hospital New Oreos Fundraising Campaign

Because of course they are.

SickKids hospital has never shied away from junk food fundraising and their latest campaign sees them working with food giant Mondelez to promote the sale of Oreo cookies.

Mondelez of course is thrilled and sees this partnership as,
"a first step in a long-term partnership that will “allow for even more collaborative opportunities across portfolios and brands"
The partnership also benefits Dairy Farmers of Canada who are likely running damage control following the release of a Food Guide that rightly de-emphasized milk's unique importance in our diets and removed  our prior Guide's explicit recommendations around its consumption and instead simply included dairy in the protein foods grouping.

Dairy Farmers are likely worried about the impact the Food Guide's changes will have on their lucrative school milk programs and perhaps that's what underlying their stated campaign rationale of "helping kids reach their full potential”, which no doubt will have more weight with SickKids' push.

Apparently the campaign will include, "TV, cinema, digital, social media and public relations", and there's zero doubt that industry's expectations are despite the campaigns likely huge costs, they'll enjoy a return on their investment, either by way of direct sales, or by protecting current initiatives (like school milk programs).

As to what's in it for Sick Kids, of course it's just money. No doubt too that the amount of money SickKids is likely to get by way of fundraising with cookies, will be a fraction of what will be spent on the campaign to which they're lending their name and integrity to market them.

No doubt too, if this were about altruism for the Mondelez and Dairy Farmers, they'd just cut cheques.

Saturday Stories: Sacha Baron Cohen, Hiding Judaism, And Tianna Bartoletta

Matt Wilstein, in The Daily Beast, on comedian Sascha Baron Cohen's must see/read (really, watch it, the video's in the link) award acceptance speech where he explains why he thinks Facebook is the greatest propaganda machine in history (and he isn't complementing them).

From the Forward Staff, in The Forward, with 27 Jews very briefly sharing their fears of being Jewish - fears I can honestly say I have at times felt myself. It's a short read. And it's heartbreaking to me.

Tianna Bee, on her own blog, on Mary Cain, Nike, abuse, abusers, and elite sport. Do read this. It's great.

By Agência Brasil Fotografias - Provas de Atletismo nas Olimpíadas Rio 2016, CC BY 2.0, Link

Thanksgiving: Behind the Pilgrim Myth


The driving force behind making Thanksgiving a national holiday was Sarah Josepha Hale, who was born in 1788 in Newport, New Hampshire. After her husband’s death, Hale turned to writing to generate money. Her novel Northwood: A Tale of New England (1827) included an entire chapter devoted to a Thanksgiving dinner. Its publication brought Hale […]

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New Study Says Atheists are Smarter Than Christians, but What Does That Mean?

This post contains a video, which you can also view here. To support more videos like this, head to! Transcript: I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Redditors suddenly cried out in ecstasy and then came in their pants. So I checked and yep, it’s a study saying that …

Height map issue

Hi Community, I am having trouble displaying the height map information. After applying the height map to my mesh, nothing has really changed. The normal map is able to simulate its details, but the height map doesn't seem to be doing its job. Does anyone have experience in this? I've changed the texture type for the normal map to (normal map), and left the height map as a default texture type. Does anyone have experience in this? Thank you so much for your time! I've been battling w this issue for a long time images: I've tested the height map inside maya, and it works fine.

DDL di bilancio 2020. Avvio dell’esame al Senato. Norme fiscali di interesse per il settore.


E’ all’esame, in prima lettura, in sede referente, della Commissione Bilancio del Senato, il Disegno di Legge recante “Bilancio di previsione dello Stato per l'anno finanziario 2020 e bilancio pluriennale per il triennio 2020-2022” (DDL 1586/S - Relatori Sen. Rossella Accoto (M5S) e Sen. Dario Stefano (PD).

Il provvedimento contiene le misure necessarie a conseguire gli obiettivi programmatici di finanza pubblica indicati, per il 2020 e per i due anni successivi, nella Nota di aggiornamento al Documento di economia e finanza 2019.

La “sessione di bilancio” si è aperta al Senato con l’assegnazione del provvedimento e lo svolgimento di un ciclo di audizioni preliminari all’esame a cui ha partecipato anche ANCE. In seguito all’acquisizione dei pareri delle altre Commissioni parlamentari la Commissione Bilancio ha, quindi, avviato l’esame, in sede referente, martedì 12 u.s.

Tra le norme fiscali del testo di maggior interesse, in particolare, si evidenziano le seguenti:

  • viene stabilita la sterilizzazione dell’aumento previsto per il 2020 dell’aliquota IVA ordinaria dal 22% al 24,2% e di quella ridotta dal 10% all’11,5% e sono rimodulati gli aumenti dell’IVA previsti dalla Legge di bilancio 2019 per il 2021 e 2022 (IVA ridotta all’11,5 % per 2020 e 2021; IVA ordinaria al 24,1% per il 2020 e al 24,5% per il 2021) (art.2);
  • viene disposta, per il periodo d’imposta successivo a quello in corso al 31 dicembre 2018, la deducibilità dell’IMU relativa agli immobili strumentali nella misura del 50% ai fini della determinazione del reddito di impresa e del reddito derivante dall’esercizio di arte e professioni (art.3);
  • viene messa a regime la riduzione al 10% dell’aliquota della cedolare secca da applicare ai contratti di locazione a canone concordato di immobili ad uso abitativo, ai sensi dell’art. 3 del DLgs 23/2011 (art. 4);
  • vengono prorogate per l’anno 2020 le detrazioni spettanti per le spese sostenute per interventi di efficienza energetica, di ristrutturazione edilizia (65% e 50%) e per l’acquisto di mobili e di grandi elettrodomestici (art.19);
  • vengono prorogati al 2020 il cd. superammortamento, che consente di maggiorare a fini fiscali (del trenta per cento) il costo degli investimenti beni materiali strumentali nuovi e il cd. iperammortamento, che consente di maggiorare ai fini fiscali (dal 50 al 170 per cento a seconda dell’investimento) il costo di acquisizione di beni materiali strumentali nuovi funzionali alla trasformazione tecnologica e/o digitale. Viene, altresì, riconosciuto un credito d’imposta, per gli anni dal 2020 al 2022, alle imprese che realizzano progetti ambientali che includono beni strumentali nuovi, pari al 10 per cento delle spese (art.22);
  • viene prorogato al 2020 l’applicazione della disciplina del credito d’imposta per le spese di formazione del personale dipendente nel settore delle tecnologie previste dal Piano nazionale Industria 4.0 (art.23);
  • viene prorogato al 31 dicembre 2020 il credito d'imposta per l'acquisto di beni strumentali nuovi per i comuni delle regioni Lazio, Umbria, Marche e Abruzzo colpiti dagli eventi sismici succedutisi dal 24 agosto 2016 (art.24);
  • viene introdotto un “bonus facciate” , ovvero viene prevista la detraibilità ai fini IRPEF del 90 per cento delle spese documentate, sostenute nell’anno 2020, relative agli interventi edilizi, ivi inclusi quelli di manutenzione ordinaria, finalizzati al recupero o restauro della facciata degli edifici (art.25);
  • viene previsto un rifinanziamento di 105 milioni di euro per l’anno 2020, di 97 milioni di euro per ciascuno degli anni dal 2021 al 2024 e di 47 milioni di euro per l’anno 2025 della cd. Nuova Sabatini, misura volta alla concessione – alle micro, piccole e medie imprese - di finanziamenti agevolati per investimenti in nuovi macchinari, impianti e attrezzature, compresi i cd. investimenti in beni strumentali “Industria 4.0” e di un contributo statale (30%) in conto impianti rapportato agli interessi calcolati sui finanziamenti stessi.

La maggiorazione del contributo statale per investimenti “Industria 4.0” è del 100% per gli investimenti realizzati dalle micro e piccole imprese nelle regioni Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardegna e Sicilia, nel limite complessivo di 60 milioni di euro a valere sulle risorse autorizzate. Una ulteriore riserva pari al 25% delle risorse autorizzate è destinata alle micro, piccole e medie imprese a fronte dell’acquisto, anche mediante leasing finanziario, di macchinari, impianti e attrezzature nuovi di fabbrica ad uso produttivo, a basso impatto ambientale (art.26);

  • viene ripristinata l'applicazione del trattamento fiscale agevolato istituito dall’articolo 1 del DL n. 201/2011, denominato aiuto alla crescita economica (ACE), che spetta alle imprese il cui capitale proprio viene incrementato mediante conferimenti in denaro e accantonamenti di utili a riserva (art.30);
  • vengono stanziati 3 miliardi di euro per gli anni 2021 e 2022 per l'attribuzione di rimborsi in denaro a favore di soggetti che fanno uso di strumenti di pagamento elettronici. Le modalità attuative saranno stabilite con apposito decreto del Ministero dell'Economia, sentito il Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, entro il 30 aprile 2020 (art.31);
  • viene disposto che la funzione di Presidente del Comitato di indirizzo delle Zone Economiche Speciali (ZES), sia regionali che interregionali, sia attribuita ad un Commissario straordinario del Governo. Viene, inoltre, esteso ai beni acquisiti entro il 31 dicembre 2022, il credito d’imposta concesso per gli investimenti nelle ZES (art.36);
  • viene modificato l’art.15 del DPR 917/1986-TUIR con l’introduzione, a decorrere dal periodo di imposta 2020, di una soglia di reddito oltre la quale le detrazioni Irpef relative a oneri di spesa, riconosciute nella misura del 19% si azzera con gradualità.

Nello specifico, la suddetta detrazione spetta:

  1. a) al 100%, qualora il reddito complessivo non ecceda 120.000 euro;
  1. b) per la parte corrispondente al rapporto tra l’importo di 240.000 euro, diminuito del reddito complessivo, e 120.000 euro, qualora il reddito complessivo sia superiore a 120.000 euro.

Il reddito complessivo è assunto al netto del reddito dell’unità immobiliare adibita ad abitazione principale e di quello delle relative pertinenze.

Per gli oneri relativi a interessi passivi e oneri accessori relativi a mutui contratti per l’acquisto e per la costruzione dell’abitazione principale, la detrazione compete nell’intero importo a prescindere dall’ammontare del reddito complessivo.

Viene previsto, inoltre, che, per fruire delle detrazioni IRPEF pari al 19% gli oneri devono essere pagati con versamento bancario o postale, oltre al bonifico bancario o postale, oppure attraverso carte di debito, di credito e prepagate, assegni bancari e circolari (artt. 75 e 85);

  • viene prorogata la facoltà di rideterminare i valori delle partecipazioni in società non quotate e dei terreni sia agricoli sia edificabili, posseduti da privati non esercenti attività commerciale alla data del 1° gennaio 2020, sulla base di una perizia giurata di stima e a condizione che il valore così rideterminato sia assoggettato a un'imposta sostitutiva pari all’11% dell’intero valore rivalutato delle aree. Tale imposta sostitutiva deve essere versata (o la prima rata nel caso di pagamento rateale) entro il 30 giugno 2020 (art. 89);
  • viene prevista, a decorrere dal 2020, l’abolizione dell'imposta unica comunale (IUC), ad eccezione della tassa sui rifiuti (TARI), e viene ridisciplinata l’imposta municipale propria (IMU). Il presupposto dell’imposta è il possesso di immobili, ad eccezione del possesso dell’abitazione principale o assimilata.

Fino al 2021, l’aliquota di base per i fabbricati costruiti e destinati dall'impresa costruttrice alla vendita (c.d. beni merce) è pari allo 0,1%. I comuni possono aumentarla fino allo 0,25% o diminuirla fino all’azzeramento. A decorrere dal 1° gennaio 2022, i predetti fabbricati costruiti e destinati dall’impresa costruttrice alla vendita sono esenti dall’IMU.

L’aliquota di base è fissata allo 0,86% e i comuni, a decorrere dall’anno 2021, possono diversificare le aliquote esclusivamente nell’ambito di una griglia individuata con decreto del MEF(art. 95);

  • viene introdotta una riforma della riscossione degli enti locali. In particolare, viene disposto che tutte le somme a qualsiasi titolo riscosse appartenenti agli enti locali affluiscano direttamente alla tesoreria dell’ente; viene introdotto, anche per gli enti locali l’istituto dell’accertamento esecutivo che consente di emettere un unico atto di accertamento avente i requisiti del titolo esecutivo; viene prevista la gratuità delle trascrizioni, iscrizioni e cancellazioni di pignoramenti e ipoteche richiesti dal soggetto che ha emesso l'ingiunzione o l’atto esecutivo (art. 96).

Nel fare riserva di mantenerVi informati sull’iter di approvazione del DDL in questione, cogliamo l’occasione per porgere i migliori saluti.


I grillini accelerano. Subito la legge sul salario minimo. La priorità è assicurare diritti, tutele e condizioni di lavoro più eque e dignitose


“Per il Movimento cinque stelle assicurare diritti, tutele e condizioni di lavoro più eque e dignitose è una priorità”, dice il senatore pentastellato Iunio Valerio Romano (leggi l’intervista). Lo dimostrano, d’altronde, i tanti provvedimenti approvati in questi mesi, dal Decreto Dignità al Reddito di Cittadinanza a quelli in cantiere come il Salario minimo o le…


L'articolo I grillini accelerano. Subito la legge sul salario minimo. La priorità è assicurare diritti, tutele e condizioni di lavoro più eque e dignitose sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


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   (1 svar)

Black Label X I remember the first time I opened one of those bodybuilding magazines that are all over the convenience store magazine racks. I was looking for a lean Muscle Building workout program for myself. It was pretty exciting to think that with a little effort I could look like the guys in the magazine. I'm sure that many people have first considered becoming bodybuilders after having seen pictures in one of these magazines, but the reality is a lot more difficult to realize than the dream.

San Francisco 49ers on Sunday."Can't (ingen svar)

Everything you need for the Rams’ preseason Week 2 game in Honolulu." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesTurf Show Times homepageHorizontal - WhiteTurf Show Timesa Los Angeles Rams communityFollow Turf Show Times online:Follow Turf Show Times on TwitterFollow Turf Show Times on FacebookFollow Turf Show Times on InstagramLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchTurf Show Times main menuSectionsLibraryMastheadCommunity GuidelinesNFL OddsStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteSections 2019 offseason2019 free agency2019 NFL DraftFull ArchiveLibrary 2019-20 NFL calendar2019 Rams regular season sched2019 Rams preseason schedMasthead Community Guidelines NFL Odds StubHub ✕Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys preseason 2019: Game time Dante Fowler Jersey , TV schedule, online streaming, channel and moreEverything you need for the Rams’ preseason Week 2 game in Honolulu.CDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys preseason 2019: Game time, TV schedule, online streaming, channel and moreTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailPhoto by: David Moir/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesAloha!The Los Angeles Rams are in Honolulu, Hawaii, to take on the Dallas Cowboys tonight in Week 2 of the 2019 preseason.After Week 1’s limp showing, there’s much to improve upon especially up front. The offensive line interrupted the flow of the offense last week leaving the Rams with very little opportunity to operate their scheduled offense among the depth. None of the Rams’ five expected starters on the offensive line played last week, so it was an extremely young and inexperienced line. In terms of rotation, there wasn’t a ton on the line last week with rookie RT Bobby Evans playing every snap while rookie LT David Edwards C.J. Anderson Jersey , LG Jamil Demby and C Aaron Neary played all but the final few series. Demby slid into center for a bit, but a bad snap might have erased that from game situations and relegated it to more practice.Defensively, the Rams looked fine last week though there needs to be more pressure on the quarterback. The run defense was strong and coverage was a plus. We’ll see if we can get more coming off the edge in obvious passing situations.TV/Radio ScheduleDate: Saturday, August 17, 2019Time: 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PTLocation: Aloha Stadium | Honolulu, HawaiiNFL Network replay: Sunday, August 18, 4:00pm ET/1:00pm PTNational Channel: NFL NetworkLocal Channel: CBS 2/KCBSAnnouncers: Andrew Siciliano (play-by-play), Maurice Jones-Drew, Mina Kimes (analysts), Jaime Maggio (sideline reporter)Radio (English): ESPN 710 AMAnnouncers: J.B. Long (play-by-play) Eric Weddle Jersey , D’Marco Farr (analyst)Radio (Spanish): ESPN Deportes 1330Announcers: Troy Santiago (play-by-play), Ricardo Lopez (analyst)Online StreamingRams’ team site (for viewers in available markets)NFL Game Pass (Free 7-Day Trial)OddsRams +3.5Social MediaTST Facebook: Click here to like our pageTST Twitter: Follow @TurfShowTimesTST Instagram: Follow @turfshowtimes2019 Los Angeles Rams Preseason ScheduleOpponentDateTime (ET/PT)TVFinalOpponentDateTime (ET/PT)TVFinal The Los Angeles Rams are the last undefeated team in the NFL. That doesn't mean there are no issues to address.For coach Sean McVay, it starts with himself.McVay was again critical of his own play calling, this time in the Rams' 23-20 win at the Denver Broncos on Sunday, believing it to be responsible for continued struggles by the offense in the red zone and a season-high five sacks of quarterback Jared Goff."To be 6-0 in this league is really hard, but we want to focus on our process, our standard of performance, and that's focusing on getting better and getting better as the season progresses," McVay said Monday night. "Nobody stops the season after six weeks. If they did and they said this is when everything is finalized, then, hey Austin Blythe Jersey , maybe we could enjoy it and appreciate that, but there is a lot of football left."The Rams scored just two touchdowns in five trips into the red zone. Despite averaging 32.7 points per game, the third-highest total in the league, they have scored touchdowns on just 56.7 percent of red-zone possessions.McVay blamed his failure to stick with the flow of the game for those issues. He pointed to the fourth play of the game when he called a first-down pass from the Denver 12. Goff's throw to running back Todd Gurley was incomplete, and it led to the Rams settling for a 26-yard field goal by Cairo Santos."Anytime that you're in the role that I am, our job is to put the players in the best spots," McVay said. "You don't want to waste plays. My gut told me to take a timeout in that instance, and I didn't do it and it led to us not executing the way we are accustomed to. That's a result of the operation that starts with me, and that's an instance right there."McVay also said his approach was responsible for the pressure Goff faced, with Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb taking advantage. One call McVay cited had a tight end as the primary blocker on the fifth overall selection in the 2018 draft, while another at the start of a two-minute drill was too slow developing to keep Chubb at bay.The Rams had allowed a total of six sacks in their first five games Sean Mannion Jersey , but Chubb had three of Denver's five."I do think it's unfair to the linemen to think that those were a result of their actual production when, in fact, most of those to me are pegged on some of the plays and spots I put our guys in," McVay said.McVay said the onus is on himself to continue to improve, looking for the same high standard he asks of his players."Those plays didn't work out in our favor, but they didn't really go in alignment with some of the flow and the feel of the game with the way we were running the football, and those are things you hopefully get better with and learn from experience," McVay said.Still, McVay is pleased the Rams continue to find ways to overcome adversity. It is a trend he hopes continues at the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday."Can't say enough about how resilient and what a great job guys have done finishing out games, finding a way to get wins, but our focus and concentration is on now getting ready for a tough division opponent Jamon Brown Jersey ," McVay said.But as the wins keep piling up for the Rams, so do the injuries.Wide receiver Cooper Kupp sustained a sprained knee when he his left leg bent back awkwardly on a horse-collar tackle by Broncos safety Darian Stewart.Kupp, who leads the team with five touchdown receptions, is not likely to play at the 49ers on Sunday and is week to week."Unfortunate for Cooper that he probably will miss this week, but thank goodness that it wasn't something that looked like it could be season-ending," McVay said.Left guard Rodger Saffold also sustained a sprained knee. Outside linebacker Matt Longacre was limited because of back spasms, and defensive end Michael Brockers sustained a sprained AC joint in his shoulder. However, McVay does not believe any of those injuries are serious.

Contributi per gli allarmi, da lunedì le domande a Capannori


menesiniallarmiDa lunedì (2 dicembre) e fino al prossimo 15 gennaio sarà possibile presentare domanda per richiedere contributi per l'installazione di un allarme domestico. I contributi fino al 50 per cento del costo del dispositivo (Iva inclusa), per un massimo di 1500 euro, saranno erogati alle famiglie dall’amministrazione Menesini grazie al bando del progetto Casa al sicuro. Un progetto con il quale si intende sostenere concretamente i nuclei familiari che vogliono una maggiore sicurezza nella propria abitazione.

Vi potranno partecipare tutti i cittadini che hanno un Isee fino a 45 mila euro, un valore che permette di raggiungere la “fascia media” della popolazione, oltre che quelle più deboli.
Potranno accedere alla richiesta di contributo tutti i residenti nel comune di Capannori e titolari di diritto di proprietà, o locatari, comodatari, titolari di usufrutto o diritto di abitazione, con autorizzazione scritta del proprietario, in possesso di Isee valido fino a 45mila euro. Alla richiesta di contributo devono essere allegati copia del documento di identità, il preventivo di spesa per l’allarme e l'autorizzazione del proprietario dell'immobile qualora si tratti di persona diversa dal richiedente.
Per ricevere il contributo servirà copia della fattura dell’intervento debitamente quietanzata, copia del bonifico bancario e copia del certificato di conformità a regola d’arte dell’impianto. Tali documenti dovranno essere consegnati entro il 31 maggio, altrimenti non si avrà più diritto al contributo.
Una volta ricevute tutte le domande, il contributo sarà erogato sulla base di una graduatoria. Costituiscono elementi di punteggio: la presenza in famiglia, alla data del 31 dicembre 2020, di almeno un minore di 12 anni o di una persona di almeno 70 anni. Altri elementi sono anche la presenza di persone che vivono da sole e la presenza in famiglia di una persona con disabilità pari o superiore al 75 per cento. Ci sarà anche una priorità in base al reddito Isee secondo le seguenti fasce: tra 0 e 15mila euro; tra 15.000,01 euro e 30mila euro e tra 30.000,01 euro e 45mila euro.
La domanda di accesso al contributo dovrà essere presentata al Comune di Capannori, Comando polizia municipale entro le 12 del 15 gennaio, utilizzando esclusivamente il modello allegato al bando, secondo le seguenti modalità:consegna al protocollo del Comune di Capannori, Piazza Aldo Moro n. 1, nei giorni di apertura al pubblico (lunedì, mercoledì e venerdì dalle 8,45 alle 12,30, martedì e giovedì dalle 8,45 alle 17); mediante consegna diretta al Comando di polizia municipale in piazza Aldo Moro 6, nei giorni di apertura al pubblico (dal lunedì al sabato dalle 8,15 alle 18,45); mediante invio a mezzo Pec (posta elettronica certificata) all’indirizzo:
Per informazioni è possibile rivolgersi al Comando di polizia municipale telefono 0583.429060;
Il bando è pubblicato sul sito internet del Comune nella sezione Polizia municipale e protezione civile.


Since OpenMarketCap has been down for a really long time, I created a website for the exact same purpose, excluding wash trading

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 6:27 pm
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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 10:49 pm
I am involved in a bitcoin scam on Instagram and I really need to talk to someone who can tell me what to do. submitted by /u/KeShon2018 [link] [comments]
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Crypto New Media Press Subway, Expedia, and Microsoft have all decided to accept cryptocurrency recently. But what about the average small- or medium-sized business? Almost 90% of Americans have…
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Crypto New Media Press Although many of us are tied to the success of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and tangentially de-centralised finance, the necessity of De-Centralised Finance and the…
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Crypto New Media Press Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC/USD) appreciated early in today’s Asian session as the pair gained ground to the 7448.00 level after trading as low as the 7237.16 level during…


bite the dip

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 10:16 pm
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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 2, 2019, 12:38 am
Why would anyone spend there bitcoin to buy anything? I feel Bitcoin cannot be a mainstream currency and a investment. I plan on keep buying little by little and holding on. What are your thoughts?? …
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Crypto New Media Press The Giving Block has launched the world’s largest cryptocurrency fundraising platform to coincide with Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019), where the platform will co-promote…


Pngme and ReadyCash Mobile Money Agent Lending Partnership

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 11:44 pm
Crypto New Media Press Pngme is excited to announce our partnership with Parkway Projects mobile payment application ReadyCash. We will be working together to offer e-float loans to ReadyCash’s…
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Crypto New Media Press BlockFi is a cryptocurrency based wealth management firm that enables you to earn interest, borrow money, and grow wealth by using your cryptoassets. Founded in June 2017,…     •     December 2, 2019, 12:37 am
NFL Officials have been under fire a lot this season and are under fire again for how Ryan Anderson and DeAndrew White were handled Sunday. The post Terrible NFL Officiating Gets Even Worse With…
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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 12:03 pm
Hello, it is me just updating the situation here in Venezuela. You can check my post history if this is the first time you read about me. These volumes are only measured using localbitcoin, the…


Why are you bullish on Bitcoin? Why do you HODL?

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 11:29 pm
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Anyone have any experience taking their income in Bitcoin? I've done a bit of research on potentially using BitWage but would be curious to hear from anyone that's done this. Are there other,… News     •     December 1, 2019, 3:36 pm
The top performers of the past seven days indicate buying at lower levels. At what levels will they signal a trend change? Let’s analyze the charts News     •     December 1, 2019, 9:29 pm
Several key metrics like the RSI, MACD, and CME Futures gap point toward a bullish rally for Bitcoin price over the coming week
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 9:26 pm
Crypto New Media Press Ripple’s XRP saw its value soar parabolically to an all-time high of almost $ 3.5. This happened during the massive bull run of 2017. Since then the token has lost 92% of its…


Next Time Somebody Tells You Crypto Is a Bubble, Show Them This

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 10:08 pm
Crypto New Media Press Travel We spent billions to get from A to B. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates net profits in 2019 at $35.5 billion. I don’t even want to look into…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 10:18 pm
Crypto New Media Press Ethereum’s price action has been strikingly similar to Bitcoin’s over the past several days and weeks, with ETH’s correlation to BTC growing stronger as the volatility seen…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 10:04 pm
Crypto New Media Press Whilst the Bitcoin price (BTC) action may seem bearish to some, the leading digital asset has several bullish indicators that hint towards an imminent recovery. As Bitcoin…
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 7:50 pm
So my bircoinqt app has been downloading and syncing the chain for 2 weeks now (I'm only 60% through ...yeah wtf?) My question is should I update to the recently released version now or should I…


Strong NYSE Composite, Dow Jones May Give Bitcoin a Boost Into 2020

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 9:07 pm
Crypto New Media Press As Bitcoin (BTC) has floundered over the past few months, falling by 50% from $14,000 to $7,300, American equities have been performing rather well. Earlier this week, the S&P…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 8:52 pm
Crypto New Media Press When rumors began two years ago that the People’s Republic of China was thinking of shutting down crypto exchanges, we argued the image of this government handcuffing some of…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 9:12 pm
Crypto New Media Press Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is signing a petition to free recently arrested developer Virgil Griffith. Buterin argues that Griffith’s North Korean speech was basically…
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 3:46 pm
submitted by /u/Decentralized-Jesus [link] [comments]     •     December 1, 2019, 8:44 pm
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is signing a petition to free estranged Virgil Griffith who was arrested by the FBI on thanksgiving. The post Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin to Sign ‘Free Virgil…


What is a good flow to actually spend/use Bitcoin in everyday life?

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 7:33 pm
I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on best way to take profits from Bitcoin and transfer it into a currency so I can pay bills and buy things? Currently I have been transferring to Coinbase…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 6:44 pm
Crypto New Media Press When you think of trading, what comes to mind is that you need to be looking at charts and your computer constantly, manually buying and selling when you think the time is…     •     December 1, 2019, 8:44 pm
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is signing a petition to free estranged Virgil Griffith who was arrested by the FBI on thanksgiving. The post Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Signs ‘Free Virgil…     •     December 1, 2019, 5:49 pm
Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields proved against Michigan that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, but is he the best? The post Is Justin Fields the Best Quarterback in the Country?… News     •     December 1, 2019, 7:44 pm
In this week’s Hodler’s Digest, Upbit targeted in devastating hack, cryptojacking malware found on YouTube, and Bitcoin’s “rare opportunity” for December

   & Strategic Partnership - now you can pay with Bitcoin any item

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:35 pm
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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 5:50 pm
submitted by /u/pathtoknowhere [link] [comments]
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 5:13 pm
Crypto New Media Press Dec 01, 2019 at 11:45 // News Blockchain technology, a real revolution that is already happening in all parts of the world, is not just a pure technological issue, but rather…


BitcoinSV #6 OP_RETURN data – Jungsoo Nam

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 4:39 pm
Crypto New Media Press OP_RETURN은 Bitcoin Script의 OP code중의 하나이며, transaction에 데이터를 추가하기 위해서 사용한다. BitcoinSV에서는 현재(Genesis upgrade 이전) 100KB 크기의 데이터를 OP_RETURN에 포함시킬 수 있다. OP_RETURN의 장소는…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 4:32 pm
Crypto New Media Press This unique game was designed using years of experience from well known experts in the gaming industry, designed as a battle- racing game it shares some similarities with…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 5:44 pm
Crypto New Media Press One of the big four accounting firm has revealed the smart contract addresses running on ethereum’s public blockchain to tokenize assets. The asset in question is wine…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 5:38 pm
Crypto New Media Press A fully operational crypto-focused bank based in Switzerland is expanding into nine other markets. With a banking and securities dealer license from the Swiss Financial Market…
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 3:56 pm
I am so tired of coinbase screwing me over, making me wait to use the bitcoin I have purchased. I use my debit card to get them instantly usually, and I had the debit card option selected during…


Decentralised voting and trustless autonomous hard forking

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 3:49 pm
Crypto New Media Press Back in 2012/3 when I first became obsessed with bitcoin it was obvious to me there were many more applications than value transfer for bitcoin-like systems to improve the…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 4:10 pm
Crypto New Media Press Litecoin’s hashrate has fallen by some 70% from 520 terahashes in July to now just 150 terahashes. The currency saw a halvening during summer when its price reached around…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 4:58 pm
Crypto New Media Press Real money is subjective no matter how you look at it. Whether you are a crypto nut or a gold bug there’s always someone who’s going to disagree with you on what the best form…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 4:11 pm
Crypto New Media Press Dec 01, 2019 at 13:47 // News Recently, Monero, DASH, and NEO were making impressive moves. These cryptocurrencies made bullish adventures that resulted in stiff resistance…
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 5:16 pm
Status of the Bitcoin network as of Sunday, December 01, 2019 at 12:00:01 EST: Total bitcoins: 18,077,258.544972 Height: 606,187 Difficulty: 12,973,235,968,799.779297 Statistics for the past 24…


JoinMarket 0.6.0: Important bugfix for Qt and several functional improvements for all users

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 11:57 am
submitted by /u/neonzzzzz [link] [comments]
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:18 pm
Amazing! Solid growth over the past 2 years . submitted by /u/kozmos_vp [link] [comments]
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 11:56 am
Hi All, I'm the author of that post:, and wanna give some important advises and explain what happened. In…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 4:07 pm
Crypto New Media Press Good news: we’ve launched 2Ether wallet! It’s a simple wallet that supports our coin ET2, plus ETH and ERC20 tokens. You can use it to receive your free ET2 during the…


Coinbase owns 966.23k Bitcoin, and BitMEX owns 265.14k Bitcoin

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:56 pm
submitted by /u/webb32503 [link] [comments]
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:22 pm
I am trying to find out all the addresses I have used so I am able to claim my free hex tokens today. Any ideas? Thanks! submitted by /u/BdayEvryDay [link] [comments]
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 2:32 pm
Crypto New Media Press Careful not to rush too much with stimulus, the Chinese government nevertheless realizes that its behemoth economy is invariably slowing down. New loan interest rate cuts have…     •     December 1, 2019, 3:30 pm
The average consumer will spend $1,000 this holiday season. Don't be average, consider making your money work for you with these stocks. The post Spend Your $1,000 Wisely on Cyber Monday. Consider…


My recovery seed exposed, where do I go from here?

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:14 pm
Hello bitcoin community! Longtime follower, first time caller... I just got the Coldcard Mk3. I filled out the wallet backup card with my pin, anti-phishing code words, and seed mnemonics. I left my…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 1:30 pm
Crypto New Media Press The Top Bitcoin, IOTA and Ripple News of the Week Bitcoin between bears and bulls, IOTA builds bridges and Ripple invests in the future: the BTC ECHO weekly review. Welcome to…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 1:56 pm
Crypto New Media Press Kita tau bahwa Harga Bitcoin Hari Ini mencapai angka 11.501 dollar. Namun, ia gagal menahan kenaikan dan memulai pergerakan turun. RSI saat ini berada di dekat level jenuh…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 1:36 pm
Crypto New Media Press 初めてAirBnBのアイデアを聞いたとき、興奮したのを覚えています。使っていないスペースを旅行者に貸すことで、自分も幾らか儲けることができる。win-winで、かつ資源を有効利用する素晴らしい仕組みだと思いました。…     •     December 1, 2019, 2:00 pm
Freddie Kitchens wore a t-shirt while seeing the Mr. Rogers movie with his family Friday night that he had to know would get some attention. The post Cleveland Browns Coach Trolls Steelers With Epic…


Georgia Senate seat for Bakkt CEO Kelly Loefller |

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 12:13 pm
Crypto New Media Press A Senate seat for Bakkt CEO? Well, some years this would have been surprising news but not these days. Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler could become a senate in the state of Georgia… News     •     December 1, 2019, 1:33 pm
Will Libra be able to operate in the U.S. if Congress classifies stablecoins as securities?
CoinDesk     •     December 1, 2019, 1:05 pm
The hosts are talking network effects, ad-hoc audits and more with early Bitcoin developer and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 9:06 am
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Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 6:33 am
submitted by /u/ansach [link] [comments]


This Guy Beat Halo 3 on Legendary Difficulty Using a Guitar Hero Controller

 Cache     •     December 1, 2019, 11:59 am
SuperLouis64 beats Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty – using a Guitar Hero… The post This Guy Beat Halo 3 on Legendary Difficulty Using a Guitar Hero Controller appeared first on
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 12:06 pm
I came to realize this problem now over the last few months taking payments via the LN at our bar ROOM77 in Berlin. The amount of people from outside of the community who have by now asked me what… News     •     December 1, 2019, 10:18 am
Bitcoin could be preparing to fill $7.8K futures “gap”


Bitcoin Crashing. Before You Do Anything Watch This Video. [Stephen Colbert Video 2013]

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 10:39 am
submitted by /u/accounttopay [link] [comments]
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 10:37 am
Crypto New Media Press At present, the presence of various kinds of technological sophistication can facilitate a little more amount of community activity, of course slowly — slowly begin to change…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 11:04 am
Crypto New Media Press Alex Mashinsky recently sat down with CryptoSlate in a new interview. In the interview with Mashinsky, the subject moved onto why he built Celsius, the risks of using crypto…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 11:12 am
Crypto New Media Press The stock market employs some of the most sophisticated financial technologies to ensure accuracy and timeliness. But even with this, it can take many days to complete a… News     •     December 1, 2019, 9:42 am
A new blockchain card game based on an 80s best-selling gamebook is being developed with help from Microsoft


BTC Exchange is breaking the data protection law from the most countries


The joke of the century is that is hiding their domain registration behind a privacy protection service, but they like to collect as much data as possible from their customers.

Apparently, their greed for data also hinders their thinking. A company that offers its services to customers around the world, breaking the local data privacy laws of most countries, is untrustworthy. Such companies are not suitable for an international business.

Such companies believe in their megalomania to be above the local laws. How else would it be necessary for customers to turn to the local authorities for conflict resolution?

Actually are listed 17 complaints at the Better Business Bureau against

Customer Complaints Summary
17 total complaints in the last 3 years
of those, 10 complaints were closed in last 12 months

The most of the available complaints are about unauthorized access to banking accounts. In my opinion are the responsible people from a case for the prosecutor.

As the above problems are not enough is getting found an entry at the Forex Blacklist:

Feb 23, 2018: The CSSF in Luxembourg issues a public warning against Uphold - - physical address not available

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) issues a warning to the public concerning the website where an entity named Uphold pretends to act “with regulatory coverage with CSSF in Luxembourg”. The CSSF informs the public that the entity Uphold is not regulated by the CSSF and that it has not been granted any authorisation to provide financial or payment services in or from Luxembourg.

If you have read the complaints from the official authorities, then the complaints from private parties are very credible too.

Among many others you will find the following complaints against on

Additional negative reviews about can get found at:

Basically, for me, all complaints are looking like someone wants to enrich themselves at the expense of others. I can not imagine that you can trust such commercial dilettantes. Who will be so stupid and order from them a cryptocoin wallet?

Yesterday I have tried it by myself to get a wallet from I have stopped as soon I have seen that this data collector likes to get copies from real world documents. So more than a verified gmail address they did not get from me. Afterwards I tried to get the already entered data according the European data protection law deleted. Since already more than 14 hours I did not get any confirmation that my data got deleted. You can see that you don't have any anonymity by using cryptocurrencies! Anyway, I have used one address, which I have not used and will not use at any other place. I'll get informed as soon as this address is getting used and will make the illegal data collector in front of the law court responsible any illegal use according the European Data Protection Law. There is no difference found in this law if the data got stolen or simple misused. In both cases the company gets prosecuted.

Domain registration from

Domain Name: UPHOLD.COM
Registry Domain ID: 3233198_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2018-10-23T15:50:30Z
Creation Date: 1998-02-07T05:00:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2023-02-06T05:00:00Z
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street:
Registrant Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
Registrant City: Scottsdale
Registrant State/Province: Arizona
Registrant Postal Code: 85260
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4806242599
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.4806242598
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email:
Registry Admin ID: Not Available From Registry
Admin Name: Registration Private
Admin Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Admin Street:
Admin Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
Admin City: Scottsdale
Admin State/Province: Arizona
Admin Postal Code: 85260
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.4806242599
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.4806242598
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email:
Registry Tech ID: Not Available From Registry
Tech Name: Registration Private
Tech Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Tech Street:
Tech Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
Tech City: Scottsdale
Tech State/Province: Arizona
Tech Postal Code: 85260
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.4806242599
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +1.4806242598
Tech Fax Ext:
Tech Email:
DNSSEC: signedDelegation
URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
>>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2019-11-14T13:00:00Z <<<



Sono disponibili all'Albo Pretorio On -Line la Determinazione del Responsabile del Servizio Socio Assistenziale n° 200 del 28.11.2019, il bando e la modulistica per l'accesso al contributo in oggetto.

Sono destinatari dei contributi i titolari di contratti di locazione di unità immobiliare ad uso abitativo,  soggetti ad un atto di intimazione di sfratto per morosità incolpevole, con citazione in giudizio per la convalida.
Per morosità incolpevole si intende la situazione di sopravvenuta impossibilità a provvedere al pagamento del canone di locazione in ragione della perdita o consistente riduzione della capacità reddituale del nucleo familiare.
Il richiedente, al momento della presentazione della domanda deve:
- avere un reddito I.S.E. non superiore ad euro 35.000,00 o un reddito derivante da regolare attività lavorativa con un valore I.S.E.E. non superiore ad euro 26.000,00;
- essere titolare di un contratto di locazione di unità immobiliare ad uso abitativo regolarmente registrato (sono esclusi gli immobili appartenenti alle categorie catastali A1, A8 e A9) e risiedere nell'alloggio oggetto della procedura di rilascio da almeno un anno;
- avere cittadinanza italiana, di un Paese dell’UE, ovvero, nei casi di cittadini non appartenenti all’UE, possedere un regolare titolo di soggiorno.

O LA BORSA O LA VITA di Vicki ROBIN e Joe Dominguez 9 passi per trasformare il tuo rapporto con il denaro e ottenere l'indipendenza finanziaria

O LA BORSA O LA VITA 9 passi per trasformare il tuo rapporto con il denaro e ottenere l'indipendenza finanziaria di Vicki ROBIN e Joe Dominguez (GRIBAUDI edizioni è un bestseller per imparare a riprendersi in mano la vita cambiando il modo in cui ci si rapporta ai soldi.
"Il miglior libro sul denaro. Punto." Grant Sabatier, fondatore di Millennial Money CNC - Make it
Prendi il controllo del tuo denaro e inizia a crearti una nuova vita!
Rispondi a queste domande: hai abbastanza denaro? Trascorri il tempo giusto con la famiglia e gli amici? Torni a casa dal lavoro pieno di vitalità?

Hai tempo per partecipare alle cose che credi importanti? Se dovessi perdere il tuo lavoro, lo vedresti come un'opportunità? Sei soddisfatto del contributo che stai dando al mondo? Sei tranquillo sul tuo denaro?
Il tuo lavoro riflette i tuoi valori? I tuoi risparmi sarebbero sufficienti a coprire 6 mesi di spese ordinarie? La tua vita è completa?
Tutti i suoi tasselli (lavoro, spese, rapporti umani, valori) combaciano? Se hai risposto no a una sola di queste domande, questo è il libro che fa per te!

Premessa del blogger finanziario Mr. Money Mustache (Peter Adeney)
"Un libro magnifico. Che cambierà la tua vita." Oprah Winfrey
"La guida fondamentale per una nuova modalità di gestione personale dei soldi."
Los Angeles Times

Vicki Robin è una famosa e prolifica innovatrice sociale, scrittrice e conferenziere. E' da sempre impegnata in prima linea nel movimento che promuove un modo di vivere sostenibile attraverso numerosi progetti.
Di Robin hanno parlato centinaia di articoli e programmi sul New York Times, Money, The Oprah Winfrey Show e molti altri.
Joe Dominguez (1938-1997) è stato un affermato analista finanziario a Wall Street prima di andare in pensione all'età di 31 anni grazie all'ideazione e alla pratica del programma del libro O la borsa o la vita.

Da oltre 25 anni O la borsa o la vita è considerato il libro di riferimento per cambiare il modo in cui rapportarsi ai soldi e per riprendersi in mano la propria vita.
Centinaia di migliaia di persone hanno seguito il programma in 9 fasi di Vicki Robin e hanno imparato a vivere con più consapevolezza.
Questa nuovissima edizione completamente aggiornata è già un bestseller come le precedenti. Un classico che ha dato prova nel tempo di poter essere applicato da chiunque in momenti di incertezza economica.

Che tu sia agli inizi della tua vita finanziaria o ti stia avvicinando alla pensione questo libro ti mostrerà come: eliminare i debiti e sviluppare risparmi;
risparmiare consapevolmente attraverso sane abitudini e non un rigido budget;
investire i tuoi risparmi e cominciare a produrre ricchezza; salvare il pianeta mentre risparmi denaro... e moltissimo altro!
Una volta che avrai preso il controllo dei tuoi soldi potrai smetterla di tirare avanti e iniziare a vivere davvero.

Gli autori non danno consigli da guru finanziari ma sagge indicazioni per aiutarti a creare una tua propria strategia di investimento a lungo termine.
Per diversificare il portafoglio ti conviene investire in obbligazioni o titoli di stato (la "base sicura" che garantisce il reddito per vivere).
Il resto si può investire in modo un po' più rischioso ma potenzialmente più redditizio grazie agli Index Fund: sono fondi comuni di investimento che replicano passivamente l'andamento di un indice di mercato (Dow Jones, Nasdaq ecc.) e hanno commissioni bassissime.
Ma per raggiungere la vera indipendenza finanziaria devi avere almeno 6 mesi di spese coperte in liquidità disponibile più una riserva extra.

L'obiettivo di O la borsa o la vita è limitare le perdite e le spese, massimizzare i guadagni e non perdere mai un centesimo in più di quello che hai prestabilito.
Impara a gestire te stesso, controlla l'ansia, la paura e l'avidità, l'eccesso di sicurezza e l'euforia: raggiungi un equilibrio emotivo e soprattutto semplifica le azioni.
Conoscere le giuste nozioni teoriche non basta: è importante saperle mettere in pratica e fare esperienza su di esse giorno dopo giorno.
Se c'è poi una persona che ti può aiutare in questo senso ed ha già ottenuto buoni risultati (es. un gestore di fondi o un promotore finanziario), questo può accelerare il tuo percorso. Il denaro va gestito e creato in un modo totalmente diverso da ciò che viene insegnato a scuola.

Un caro saluto. Raffaele Ciruolo


This adorable video of a 4-month-old baby girl laughing for the first time is absolutely addictive


The post This adorable video of a 4-month-old baby girl laughing for the first time is absolutely addictive appeared first on I Heart

This adorable video of a 4-month-old baby girl laughing for the first time is absolutely addictive

For many parents, there is nothing more heartwarming in the world than hearing their child laugh for the first time, and that is precisely how Andy and Melissa Fischer from Minnesota felt when their 4-month-old baby daughter Veda let out her first laughter. In a two-week-old Reddit post, Andy shared a clip showing the exact […]

The post This adorable video of a 4-month-old baby girl laughing for the first time is absolutely addictive appeared first on I Heart


For some reason, I can feel it shortly after I get up in the


alleged oysters poachers arrested in md

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Sure. And I agree, most are misinformed as it seems to be foss as far as I can see. It does allow for better efficiency but that won translate into greater utility for the average person dildos, just utility for them at large. Fleshlight Girls the hottest adult stars in realistic flesh tone color with the popular Lotus texture or the all new unique signature line of textures. Each custom molded Fleshlight Girls masturbation sleeve is an exact mold of each star's most intimate parts. Lotus the most realistic vaginal sensation possible.

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Adult Toys All in all ESO is far more casual in the sense you don't have to log on everyday to remain current in the current "tier". All trials (raids) are still being run by guilds (which you can be apart of 5 at a time). You are able to transfer gear from character to character, so it isn't character bound (some items are, but those are tied to cosmetic things for the most part.). Adult Toys

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There was a guy who did Sunday 5K in a walking boot after breaking his ankle five weeks ago while training for the Vistas Run. There was a girl from Abbotsford who told me about her training run with wild animals on Sumas Mountain. There was a man who started running in April Sun Run, and has raced every weekend since and admits he now hooked on the sport..

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In ether case a dab of lube will make thingsThe only time I have had pain from one was a leather one, but with something that does not stretch it is easier to put it on to tight. The more flexible/stretchy ones are the more comfortable. In ether case a dab of lube will make things betterI have had some pain from bruising a time or two from wearing the ring to long, say like an hour or so, but as long as I keep the time down there is no problem.

sex toys A healthy mix of long term older owners, diverse mid term families, and young families just getting started. Library. Pool and large park at Balcones District Park. And most of the family leftSome of us have been wandering back in, trying to see if anything had changed. It doesn bode well when forum moderators publicly call out a member for flagging something, making a point to let everyone know that you can see the names. THAT is the sort of thing that tore the Eden family apart. sex toys

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dog dildo Not likely have data? Large houses are not good as rentals. Too much upkeep, square footage of carpet, larger and more expensive applicanes (like two AC units for two stories), more property taxes, higher insurance, and less people looking to rent large places. The sweet spot for rentals is 2 or 3 bedroom houses; basically houses that are a bit larger than the bigger apartments but offer more privacy, two car garage dildos, backyard and good schools.. dog dildo

wholesale sex toys He maneuvered his F 18 lower to get a better look. As he was descending through about 20K he was startled by the sight of a white object that was moving about just over the frothing water. Imagine the reddit threads filling with comments about the sounds of missiles being launched and air raid sirens, only to then see some national subs will never be posted in again, and the live update threads stop being updated and the only threads you sometimes see are "Any survivors in my location?", "Picture of nuclear missiles flying overhead", "picture of mushroom cloud near new york". wholesale sex toys

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I like to think that aspect of my resume served me well


how houses themselves become fuel for wildfires

Thanks for the advice! I will definitely need to take a close look at our finances, and this will probably have to cut into our budget for her gift. I would have liked to gift them something a bit splurgy, but we can only she out so much for what is essentially a party. Hopefully she be more understanding, especially considering she had to skip my shower and bachelorette when she was my bridesmaid.

gay sex toys "Yes, news and opinion should stay in their respective places," said Lord, who spoke in behalf of candidate Donald Trump as a CNN contributor during the 2016 campaign. "I used to believe this. Now? I am not convinced that they ever did and that news consumers like my younger self were not hornswoggled in some fashion to think that was true." He calls the panel format "the 21st century way of hashing out issues.". gay sex toys

dildos I came to the last item I ever wore for him. I found a mental tag attached to it that read "Maybe you should find someone who is into that sort of thing. I just don't really care about it." Right after he had uttered those words his attention drifted back to his computer and I was silenced. dildos

animal dildo Regular soap will shorten the life of your leather. Saddle soap is specifically formulated for leather and contains no free alkali that will damage it. Saddle soap is available at tack stores, where shoes are sold, and you should be able to find Kiwi brand saddle soap at any Walmart or CVS.. animal dildo

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Take note, I don't sanction either sides of this stupid squabble; dumb, repetitive shitposting is unhealthy for a subreddit unless it's 100% dedicated to said shitposting, be it in the comments or actual posts themselves. I really love gungeon, and that's why I always come here. But when Casey or blasphemy is even remotely mentioned in this subreddit, it's just sparks a stupid comment chain of magjag being a jackass to people who meme about Casey Vs.

dildo Hon, he is not worth it. He could just have not seen you so if you want to, call him and clarify things. See how things go from there. Back in the 70s, a circus was visiting and set up in the mall parking lot. One of the the older elephants ended up dying while there and no one knew how to handle it. They didn have the right machinery to carry away the body, and the city was getting complaints from people about this giant corpse, so they decided the elephant would be buried right there.. dildo

sex toys Now I don't know what this compares to any national figures (which the accuracy of a "national average" is still rather inaccurate I believe unless they ask every single teenager out there). I went through high school and college without ever really knowing what sex was. Education is the best method though regarding sex or anything else. sex toys

dog dildo As you know that up to 30K worshippers can accomplish a tawaf or circumambulation of the Holy Kaaba per hour, which is an upsurge of over 20K per hour compared to preceding periods. There is a year in Islamic calendar every single one of it has its very own significance. The Islamic calendar is otherwise called the lunar timetable.. dog dildo

sex toys The downside of social networking. Williams High School are investigating the person or persons behind a page that recently popped up on Facebook, which included vulgar descriptions of female students. The page has since been taken down as was a second page that popped up, which featured a picture of school principal Suzanne Maxey.. sex toys

dog dildo This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. Riley Reid Vagina StrokerLifelike stroker of adult superstar Riley Reid. supple vaginal entry for fantasy sex with Riley Reid. Code for free 4 hour movie downloads ft. dog dildo

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Adult Toys The reason I chose this set was because I'm a sucker for sexy bra and panty duos. Had the Midnight Oasis been a strapless set I could have handled the slightly prickly bra cups, but the straps given took away from the overall quality of the bra as they were itchy and tacky.What I lovedWhile this isn't a set I would wear every day, and the cincher will probably be given away to someone who can give it a better home, I'm not completely dissatisfied. At the end of the day while this product holds some disappointment it still serves its job. Adult Toys

Producing each design requires its own kind of sleight of hand. The 33 year old Shah splits her time between her studio in Mumbai and New York dildos, where Aditiany has a showroom in the garment district, a storehouse filled with thousands of embroidery swatches: There are yards of gold bullion fringe and Chantilly lace, a rainbow of Murano glass beads and a vast library of brilliant crystals and semiprecious stones. She also makes about four trips a year to Europe to discuss upcoming collections with various houses.

wholesale dildos Occasionally something bad will happen, like an illness outbreak or algae, but stuff like that happens with dogs too and a vet is way more expensive than a bottle of chemicals.It a lot more complicated than people think dildos, but it pretty simple to understand once you get started. Saltwater is a bit intimidating though. For fishless cycling it a lot of water testing and changing and adding ammonia for about 4 6 weeks, but once you get your tank going, it not too hard. wholesale dildos

Hm, I can say that I do get insulted a bit but more worried than anything. The last two times I've given my boyfriend oral sex, he hasn't ejaculated. And he doesn't make noise or any facial movements so I think I suck in bed or something, lol. Breadth of my international experience is something we talked about at length with the board of directors at the COC. I like to think that aspect of my resume served me well. Replaced interim CEO Robin Brudner, who stepped in for Chris Overholt when he departed for the Overwatch esports league in September.

The famed constitutional law professor and his girlfriend spent a miserable 13 minutes trapped in a hot elevator at the posh Georgetown grocery mecca, a situation they fear could put others at risk. It happened late Sunday morning, when Tribe and Elizabeth Westling headed into the store. They walked into the elevator at ground level, hit the button to go up, and nothing..

Nota: El sistema incluye 1 ayudante de pene Pro, 2 tiras de confort, 2 cojines confort, pedazo principal de la cinta de 1 confort y 2 barras estndar que se extienden hasta 5 pulgadas. El producto en esta pgina web pretende ser una novedad adultos juguete producto solamente.

g spot vibrator This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. That description may make these songs sound like contradictions, but that isn't quite right they're more like blueprints for emotional processing. And on Honey, Robyn's new album, she hints at what the fruits of that processing might be. Honey is, at its core, about moving your body and your heart towards something freer, softer, more honest. g spot vibrator

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dog dildo In some way, it does have this. Non sequitur quality to it that Marlon Brando speech also had. Mind you, genocide and all that comes with it are nothing to be laughed at, but I also think that us natives today probably would have not made it to this day in age without a little dark humor. dog dildo

dildos I get it dildos, Orville is supposed to be funny, but it really set up how little the Union puts into FC, doesn it? No cultural analysis, no preparing for what may happen, it all comes down to "hey, my name Jim. Hah. Oh no wait, it really Mike." and taking it from there with speeches copied from a mishmash of sources. dildos

Adult Toys My family moved in to our current house in January 2007. It's situated within church grounds (opposite a graveyard) and used to be a school for around 30 children around the neighbouring area, we have a picture of them all somewhere (I'd have to find it). The house was built in the 1860s and my dad did a lot of renovating.. Adult Toys

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wholesale sex toys It became clear that he liked Reddit because at the time this subreddit was mostly memes and there was very little talk of strategy, gameplay, or creative suggestions, which meant he could do very little and still come across as active in the community.Now it seems the team is tuning out Reddit, too. They getting better at communication, but most of the time they not listening to the community when they make key decisions. At least they trying to appear receptive, but their reassurances to the community and praise for fan projects seems pretty empty imo. wholesale sex toys

dog dildo Philadelphia Energy Solutions is meeting more resistance to its plan to reorganize while in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but is expected to resolve its differences with creditors including the federal government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Bankruptcy court in Delaware to withhold its approval for the company's bankruptcy plan, according to court documents. Department of Justice, which described the plan as a "confusing and contradictory" document that deprives creditors of the opportunity to understand or participate in the process.. dog dildo

sex toys In order to crystallize the moral courage of King's nonviolence, however, all three films share an antipathy toward the Black Power movement that will fully blossom in 1968. "I think there are real debates going on in the mid 1960s in the black freedom struggle about black power," she said. "Clearly not everyone is on the same page. sex toys

wholesale vibrators It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition.. wholesale vibrators

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Adult Toys Researchers also mapped locations of gas well sites. Of the 1,385 wells examined, only seven drilling sites showed well water contamination where the geologic formations would not account for high methane levels. We understand where natural emission occurs, we might be able to help locate new gas wells in ways that lessens the chance of contamination of water. Adult Toys

vibrators An EPA study found that Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors dildos, where the concentrations of some air pollutants can be 2 times to 5 times higher than outdoors. Essentially, we spend our lives in cages breathing bad air. Too much grey, black, and white and not enough immersion in greens and blues.. vibrators

sex toys I started off with my period coming on the 7th then after a few months it always came on 14th ish. I started the pill earlier this year becuse i had enetred a relationship and had bad period pains (should have mention that) then stopped in may (i think) because i was no longer in a relationship and indoors mostly also i have very bad memory due to mental disabilities it was one less thing to worry about, it was fine for a month or two and my periods were normal and painful then BOOM cant keep up with them. The feel like period pains sometimes then other times like stomak pains and cramps and im always out of energy. sex toys

Even with lube it would not have gone around me while erect. Putting it on semi erect worked to get it on but it was way to tight and felt like it was completely restricting blood flow. I was kept at that state of semi erection, never fully hard or fully soft.

wholesale dildos Decided to stop loving my mother when I was a child so I did that but I'm still afraid to let her see my real emotions about things. I had to choose to stop loving my mother as a child. My father used to yell at me a lot and seems to care more about what I do than me and will sometimes forcibly do something to "help" me and then demand that I be grateful, though he's getting better. wholesale dildos

dildo Do not use "BREAKING" or ALL CAPS in titles. A person who values public service and their position therein, who used to manipulate the system is perfect for fixing the system. Black Panthers marching and waving their weapons around shows the stupidity of the open carry even though they support a candidate who wants to impose gun regulations. dildo

wholesale vibrators Oh man I did this once, but not quite a loop. Had this company that kept sending fax spam to my land line at random times, even late at night, so I hooked it up to my printer that has a fax function and received the spam so I can see what it is. Was some construction supply company in Toronto dildos, and their fax number was on it. wholesale vibrators

I'm just in love with this vibrator dildos, and have gotten so much use out of it. I'm still on the same set of batteries too. From shower to bedroom, foreplay to getting the job done, this toy has done it all for me.. Featuring a vinyl massage sheet and Nuru gel, this kit gives you what you need to enjoy a massage session with your partner. Whether used as foreplay dildos, fun play, wrestling time, or sploshing, this kit is ideal. Place the inflatable vinyl sheet wherever you want the fun to take place.

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sex toys Even on the highest vibration setting, this bullet cannot be heard through a door unless it is laying against something hard. When used in the bath, I could hear the vibrations more if my ears were under water, but above water while the toy was submerged there wasn't a lot of noise. You would not be able to hear the vibrations over a running shower.. sex toys

wholesale dildos Additionally dildos, there is more than one type of ceramic mixture on the market. Just because talc is used to formulate the ceramic in tiles does not mean that talc is used to formulate the ceramic in plates or sex toys. But even if it was, the amount used may be negligible (not to mention being present in a different form that poses a much, much lower risk of inhalation or absorption).. wholesale dildos

Realistic Dildo It's not overwhelming or incredibly heavy, but that's the smell you're going to have on your fingertips when you pick it up. The musky smell goes away after washing it a few times, but you're stuck with the vanilla. It comes coated in a light powder, so I'm pretty sure that's where the musky smell is coming from. Realistic Dildo

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gay sex toys Also, you a Christian. That totally fine and valid. But there is no such thing as ""messianic Jews". It allows the neck to be firmly secured along with both wrists, if desired. A sturdy, comfortable Heavy Duty Collar wraps the neck, while two Heavy Duty Cuffs wrap each wrist with thick, durable industrial strength nylon straps that feature fully adjustable stainless steel lock rings, allowing for a controlled dildos, custom fit every time. Who is in Command? Sir Richard TMs Command Collection is for serious BDSM connoisseurs who demand the best. gay sex toys

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The Air & Space Museum really does describe itself remarkably well


If you go along to the Air & Space Museum expecting anything else, it turns out you are in for a disappointment. Source Reddit

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‘I thought nobody would notice I lost my paddle if I just pretended it was still there’


READ MORE Something Is Wrong With These Photos Source Reddit u/CoSponC

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These football fans spellchecked their rival supporters’ banner


These Moroccan football fans spellchecked their rivals’ banner by doing this and it’s very nicely done. Here’s the original team’s banner. And the rival’s response. READ MORE You won’t see a worse (or more comical) 19 seconds of football all season Source Reddit u/MohamedsMorocco

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This kid took his parents’ cover story super seriously and it’s today’s sweetest thing


In a world that’s not exactly full of sweet things right now, this is definitely one of them, a little Reddit post about some parents and their surprise Disneyland trip for their 6 y/o son. ‘Well, it’s better than being asked “are we there yet?”‘ said bradley163. And just in case that’s a bit TOO […]

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‘An old insult but with a twist’


Another dispatch from the frontline of Tinder, courtesy of Redditor PORT3RPOTTY who says: ‘An old insult but with a twist.’ BelligerentDan: ‘Christ I’ve had sand blown into my food with more moisture and spice than this person.’ READ MORE Tinder takedown of the week Source Reddit u/PORT3RPOTTY

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Tinder takedown of the week


It’s not easy making a connection on Tinder. But it’s surely not always as difficult as this. Payoff made it all worthwhile. READ MORE This guy’s Tinder profile is very honest but totally cringeworthy Source Reddit u/Zinderhaven

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The clever comeback to this ‘I’m not a taxi’ grouch deserves a big tip


This person – we’re guessing it’s a parent – who complained about being treated like a taxi service really didn’t think it through. While we’re talking clever comebacks, here’s another one. (via) Oh, go on then. (via) READ MORE Clever comeback of the week Source Reddit u/themask859

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Scott County Sheriff's deputy, reserve officer out on bond after alleged illegal steroid possession

Just days after being arrested for allegedly possessing and distributing an illegal steroid, a Scott County deputy and reserve officer are out on bond.


Victim identified in fatal Portland crash

Police say 24-year-old Kenneth Brooks III died from multiple blunt force trauma suffered in the accident at 25th and West Main Street.


Center for Women and Families holding gift card drive for violence survivors

The Center wants survivors to be able to shop for their families for the holidays or for any essentials they might need.


Louisville football helps children in need with community service project

The Cards participated in Operation Christmas Child which helps needy children overseas.


Woman demands answers after bullets hit home on Thanksgiving Day

Diane Helm says she's never had issues with crime in the four decades she's lived at her home. She wants to know why someone would fire a weapon at her front door.


Right lane closures on I-65S on Kennedy Bridge to begin Tuesday

The right lanes from mile marker 136 to 137 will close at 10 a.m. Tuesday for the work and will remain closed until Dec. 9.


Snow Showers Possible Sunday Night

Monday is going to be cloudy and very chilly.


Mt. Washington police warn residents of scam targeting LG&E customers

Police say a man has been claiming to represent the energy company, trying to get customers to pay amounts in prepaid Green Dot cards or have service turned off.


Indiana teen killed after passenger's rifle discharges in car

Police said 19-year-old Annalysa McMillan was shot in the back after a backseat passenger's rifle was discharged.


The Best Sex Toys of 2019 - Ep 112


Episode 112 contains everything you need to know about buying and gifting sex toys this holiday season. Sunny & Ken walk you through the sexytime gift-giving process from start to finish-- the do’s and don’ts of gifting vibrators, how to solicit toy feedback from your partner without ruining the surprise, the things you need to know about preferences before selecting the right pleasure device, and how to make sure you’re giving a ‘we’ gift instead of just a ‘me’ gift. Find out which are the best sex toys of 2019--the top Bluetooth app toys, the best penis toys, budget picks, the most cost-effective fucking machines, kinky gift ideas, and more. They also share Black Friday and unlimited year-round discounts from the top online retailers. This episode is your ultimate 2109 sex toy gift guide.  

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Episode 112  Links

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Why Businesses Must Be Aware of Brexit Supply Chain Risks

The fact that the U.K.’s economy is quite closely linked with the EU only means that a deal or no-deal Brexit will have huge ramifications. It could lead to a supply chain crisis for which businesses need to prepare for unforeseen post-Brexit scenarios. 
Jill Beadle at Gartner suggested that businesses should establish “committees for specific activities, such as IT and supply chain responses.” She emphasises the importance of delivering risk assessments and impact analyses, including mapping the supply chain to become aware of unknown risks.  

Supply chain, no-deal strategies

I believe that businesses must review their important procurement drivers to assess the effects of Brexit across the supply chain. Businesses should review existing sourcing strategies, supplier contracts and their relationships with existing suppliers to assess the impact of a no-deal Brexit on demand, costs, the ongoing risks to logistics and the continued supply of materials and labour.  
Check out our key recommendations to de-risk supply chain functions across sourcing, contracts and suppliers. 
1.) Evaluate your sourcing strategies
Revisit your category management strategies to understand your category objectives, sourcing strategies and to assess the quantity of work required to source goods in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Businesses must look at aspects of their business that will be grossly impacted by the U.K.’s exit from the EU. For those categories where the impact is expected to be significant, businesses must account for the EU exit activity whilst planning these categories. 
2.) Review contracts and compliance
You must identify your contract risk profile in line with a range of needs. For example, there could be risks involved where businesses rely on EU funding, as well as limitations on freedom of movement. All this puts an enormous pressure on costs, which affects the availability of labour – resulting in the need to increase wages, forex and tariffs. Therefore, examining specific contract clauses linked to EU exit readiness such as those related to termination, cost pressures and continuity as a result of legal change will help determine future risk potential. 
3.) Support supplier partnering
Work with suppliers to assess the wider market and identify cost and risk drivers in key categories. Create scenario forecasts to identify the most probable outcomes as a result of Brexit. Understand the mitigation plans they have in place, as well as the areas that pose a high risk to their business. Learn how they will support you in a no-deal scenario through their recommendations on robust business continuity plans. 
Businesses that do not have a contingency plan in place and fail to review their procurement functions will end up having to deal with disruptions in a post-Brexit world. 

Reap the benefits of being prepared

Business that have prepared their supply chain functions to face a no-deal eventuality should not consider their efforts wasted if a no-deal situation is avoided. Regardless, executing a comprehensive risk assessment will:  
  • Cover alternative Brexit outcomes
  • Serve as a health check for the supply chain function through identification of risks that may be unrelated to Brexit
  • Enforce the application of supplier management best practices
Deal or no-deal, businesses that risk-proof their procurement functions will stand themselves in good stead overall, simultaneously enabling ample competitive business advantages as well as strengthening the function as a whole.



Wizards of the Coast retconea una popular caminaplanos bisexual de Magic:The Gathering y despierta las iras de les aficionades (ACTUALIZADA)

Wizards of the Coast lleva unos años intentando crear una imagen de ser una empresa amigable con el colectivo LGTBQ+. Pero no hay que olvidar que se trata de una empresa y, como tal, no busca más que el beneficio que puede suponerle un mercado tan amplico como dicha comunidad. En los últimos días, es posible que todo el trabajo que WotC ha hecho para mantener esa apariencia haya saltado por los aire. La causa: la publicación de Magic: The Gathering - Forsaken.

Magic: The Gathering - Forsaken es la segunda novela de la serie War of the Spark. En ella, se describe a la popular Chandra Nalaar, una caminaplanos pansexual con la también caminaplanos Nissa Revane como una mujer heterosexual a la que le interesan solo «los hombres viriles muy musculados».

Las quejas de les aficionades no se han hecho esperar e incluso se ha montado una petición a Wizards of the Coast para que rectificara. Les fans culpan a Nic Kelman, encargado de la historia y la continuidad de esta saga, de ser el responsable de estos cambios, bien por decisión propia o por alguna orden «de los de arriba», algo no tan descabellado si se considera la dinámica corporativa americana.

El resultado ha sido que, tras un par de días, WotC ha emitido un comunicado más bien vacío en el que se lamentan de «no haber estado a la altura de las expectativas de les fans»... y poco más. Vamos, que van a hacer lo que les dé la gana.

Lo peor es que WotC había consultado con un empleado gay sobre cuestiones queer en lo relativo al personaje de Chandra, tal y como revela él mismo en su cuanta de Twitter.

Entre la debacle de ZS (por la que WotC todavía no se ha disculpado en condiciones) y ahora con cisgenderización de Chandra, Wizards of the COast ha mostrado que no deja de ser otra corporación más, y que todo acercamiento a los movimientos de derechos sociales solo tienen una intención: conseguir público.

-Wizards of the Coast.

ACTUALIZACIÓN: El amigo Seidr me informa Greg Weisman, autor de la novela, ha publicado una respuesta que sigue la línea de la de Wizards of the Coast, pero que además añade que la compañía «no planeaba seguir adelante» con la relación entre las dos caminaplanos. Como bien apunta Seidr, esto huele a movimiento para poder desembarcar en mercados reaccionarios. Vamos, que no quieren problemas con las autoridades chinas. WotC no es la primera ni va a ser la última corporación que haga esta clase de retconeo con tal de entrar en un mercado tan inmenso como el chino. Si para ello tienen que borrar la representación y la identidad que tanto importan a muches de sus seguidores, lo harán sin pensarlo. Y lo peor es que a muchas personas les va a dar igual porque no se va a sentir afectadas. Deleznable se queda corto.

Podéis leer la respuesta de Greg Weisman aquí.

ADVERTENCIA: Play It Again, Sam es un blog que defiende los derechos de la comunidad LGTBQ+. Esto no es un debate. Los discursos homófobos y los comentarios del tipo «no estoy de acuerdo» serán considerados directos a spam. Las largas misivas de los que les encanta justificar su pensamiento retrógrado también irán a spam sin que ni siquiera me las lea, así que os las podéis ahorrar. Los comentarios maleducados, los que exijan pruebas, el tone policing, las incitaciones a flame wars, el whataboutism y demás trucos para desviar la atención serán ignorados.


C'è l'accordo sul carcere agli evasori: per i reati meno gravi ridotto l'aumento delle pene

Camera dei deputati

Ridotto l’aumento delle pene per i reati non fraudolenti e rivista la disciplina delle confische per i casi meno gravi. La maggioranza ha trovato l’accordo sull’inasprimento del carcere per i grandi evasori. La nuova intesa è stata immediatamente criticata da Confidustria, che parla di “approccio iper repressivo”

Con l’emendamento, spiegano i relatori, “anche al fine di non colpire con rigore eccessivo l’occasionale colpevole di delitti non caratterizzati da condotte fraudolente, si è attenuato l’aumento delle pene per i delitti di dichiarazione infedele e di omessa dichiarazione”. Inoltre, sono state lasciate immutate
le soglie di punibilità per i delitti di omesso versamento ed è stata limitata l’applicabilità della confisca per sproporzione ai soli delitti tributari aventi caratteristiche -in termini di connotazione fraudolenta della condotta e gravità del fatto (per imposta evasa o entità di importi sottratti all’imposizione fiscale) - da rivestire un maggior spessore indiziante di accumulazione illecita di ricchezze.

In particolare, per quanto riguarda la confisca di sproporzione, l’intervento mira a selezionare le fattispecie delittuose più gravi in rapporto a due criteri alternativi, a seconda della struttura del reato: - per i reati che necessariamente richiedono, ai fini della punibilità, il superamento di una soglia di evasione d’imposta, la confisca per sproporzione viene limitata ai casi in cui sia stata accertata una evasione di imposta superiore a euro centomila; - per i reati che, invece, non richiedono, ai fini della punibilità (e, quindi, non implicano in giudizio) l’accertamento di una soglia minima di evasione, la confisca per sproporzione viene limitata ai casi emissione di fatture per operazioni inesistenti o di indicazione di elementi attivi inferiori a quelli effettivi o di elementi passivi fittizi per importi superiori a euro duecentomila. Ciò al fine di limitare la misura a condotte che, in ogni caso, “siano idonee a produrre un’evasione fiscale di entità rilevante, variabile a seconda dell’aliquota applicabile e comunque prossima, nella maggior parte delle fattispecie, a quella di centomila euro”. Sempre in tema di confisca di sproporzione, trattandosi di misura penale, la misura è limitata alle persone fisiche condannate.

La “sproporzione” riguarda i beni o le altre utilità di cui il condannato non può giustificare la provenienza e di cui, anche per interposta persona fisica o giuridica, risulta essere titolare o avere la disponibilità a qualsiasi titolo in valore sproporzionato al proprio reddito, dichiarato ai fini delle imposte sul reddito, o alla propria attività economica. In applicazione della disciplina generale dettata per l’istituto dal codice penale, il condannato potrà giustificare la provenienza dei beni sul presupposto che il denaro utilizzato per acquistarli è provento o reimpiego dell’evasione fiscale a condizione che l’obbligazione tributaria venga estinta mediante adempimento nelle forme di legge.

Confindustria ribadisce la “profonda preoccupazione per il continuo ampliamento della sfera penale ai fatti economici”. In particolare, gli industriali fanno riferimento all’emendamento che riscrive l’art. 39 del DL fiscale depositato ieri sera dal Governo che “se da un lato affronta alcune delle criticità che avevamo evidenziato in audizione, dall’altro vanifica questi miglioramenti, estendendo ulteriormente l’ambito applicativo del decreto 231 ai reati tributari”. “E’ un approccio iper repressivo, che moltiplica le sanzioni sulle stesse fattispecie. La confisca allargata resta comunque una anomalia, perchè estende misure eccezionali pensate per la criminalità mafiosa a reati di natura completamente diversa e i correttivi apportati vengono completamente annullati dall’intervento in tema di responsabilità 231” sostiene l’associazione di viale dell’Astronomia che aggiunge: “Non è certamente questo proliferare di interventi penali, volti a criminalizzare il mondo dell’impresa, il modo corretto per combattere l’evasione e far crescere l’economia del Paese”.


Mes: spinge al default. Il Governo non ha mandato a firmare, riconosca la funzione del Parlamento

FILE PHOTO: European Flags flutter outside the European Commission's headquarters ahead of the European Union leaders summit, in Brussels

Il Meccanismo europeo di stabilità (Mes) non è nel programma sul quale il Governo Conte ha avuto la fiducia di Camera e Senato. Il Pd eviti forzature. Sul Mes, il Parlamento italiano non “si è svegliato tardi”. Al contrario, il 19 Giugno scorso, ha impegnato in modo molto chiaro il governo a “render note alle Camere le proposte di modifica al trattato ESM, elaborate in sede europea, al fine di consentire al Parlamento di esprimersi con un atto di indirizzo e, conseguentemente, a sospendere ogni determinazione definitiva finché il Parlamento non si sia pronunciato.” Come noto, il Parlamento non è stato chiamato a pronunciarsi nel merito. Non vi può essere stata, quindi, nessuna determinazione definitiva, né può esservi il 13 Dicembre. Senza ulteriori drammatizzazioni, il governo riconosca che non ha avuto e non ha il mandato per firmare il Trattato. Si impegni per riaprire il negoziato, in stretto rapporto con gli altri due capitoli del “pacchetto”: l’Unione bancaria e lo strumento di bilancio per l’euro-zona. Poi, si metta il Parlamento nelle condizioni di fare un’approfondita valutazione complessiva.

Nella discussione del Mes, è autolesionistica la rappresentazione alimentata da parte dell’intellighenzia progressista e dal Pd come scontro tra europeisti responsabili, da una parte, e irresponsabili sovranisti o inaffidabili populasti dall’altra; tra chi vuole salvaguardare la continuità dell’Italia nella Ue e nell’eurozona e chi vuole rompere. Va, invece, valutato il testo del Trattato e il contesto politico e macroeconomico nel quale opererà, nel tentativo di stare nel gorgo europeo con un minimo di autonomia culturale e politica e attenzione alle fasce sociali più deboli.

In estrema sintesi, il testo, per Paesi in condizioni di finanza pubblica come l’Italia, elimina le possibilità di sostegno finanziario senza dover ristrutturare il debito pubblico, quindi determina un enorme rischio di default che si auto-avvera. La ristrutturazione del debito pubblico non è più un evento possibile, ma improbabile, estremo, da scongiurare con ogni mezzo (dal “whatever it takes”, all’Omt e relativo programma di aggiustamenti strutturali): diventa, invece, uno strumento ordinario, previsto e disciplinato con tanto di clausole (le single limb Cacs) per evitare anche a larghe maggioranze di risparmiatori al dettaglio di bloccare l’offerta di tagli al capitale investito.

Gli articoli più pericolosi sono il 13 e il 14, integrati dall’Annex III, del testo ridefinito: rispetto alla versione in vigore, l’Italia è esclusa anche formalmente dalla linea di credito precauzionale (Precautionary Conditioned Credit Line), ma è di fatto esclusa anche dalla seconda linea di credito (Enhanced Conditions Credit Line), poiché per l’attivazione di quest’ultima è previsto un debito sostenibile e la capacità di ripagamento dei prestiti, la cui valutazione è affidata esclusivamente al board del Mes.

Gli articoli 13 e 14 sono diretta conseguenza di alcuni punti della premessa: il punto 12), dove è scritto che “il Mes può facilitare il dialogo tra un Paese membro e i suoi creditori privati, su basi volontarie, informali, non vincolanti, temporanee e riservate”; il punto 12A) dove, come ricordato sopra, è affermata la responsabilità esclusiva del Mes stesso a valutare la capacità di un Paese di ripagare il prestito ricevuto (in altri termini, la Commissione europea ha l’ultima parola sulla sostenibilità del debito pubblico di chi è in difficoltà, ma è il Mes, in realtà, a decidere se il malcapitato può ricevere aiuto senza ristrutturare il suo debito pubblico); il punto 12B), dove è prevista “in casi eccezionali, un’adeguata e proporzionata forma di coinvolgimento del settore privato quando è concesso il supporto finanziario per la stabilità”. Insomma, come è stato efficacemente sottolineato da Vladimiro Giacchè, Presidente del CER, in audizione in Commissione Bilancio alla Camera, viene definito un quadro da “Comma 22”: si predispone un efficace meccanismo di sostegno finanziario per i Paesi in difficoltà di finanza pubblica per evitar la ristrutturazione del debito; ma se sei un Paese in difficoltà di finanza pubblica, non puoi accedere al meccanismo finanziario a causa delle condizionalità ex ante. Allora, qual è il senso di policy del revisionato Trattato: innalzare la funzione disciplinante dei mercati finanziari in aiuto alle normative del Fiscal Compact aggirate nella loro efficacia dalla cosiddette clausole di flessibilità.

Ma c’è il backstop per le banche in difficoltà, insistono dal Mef. Vero. Ma per l’Italia, è una “protezione” virtuale, a parte il fatto che, più che una generosa concessione a noi, è una potenziale garanzia alle banche tedesche già salvate una volta dai contribuenti nazionali ed europei prima dell’avvio del bail-in. Come ha descritto qualche giorno fa il noto bocconiano anti-europeista prof Alessandro Penati, il backstop scatterebbe soltanto dopo aver azzerato azionisti, obbligazionisti subordinati e senior e i depositi bancari per la porzione superiore ai 100.000 euro: in sostanza, dopo un cataclisma che per noi implicherebbe, comunque, inesorabilmente, la ristrutturazione del debito pubblico.

Oltre al testo, rileva il contesto. Il testo è un fiammifero acceso vicino a un lago di benzina: ossia, la prospettiva di stagnazione economica, l’innalzamento dei tassi di interesse e inflazione zero. È pessimismo esagerato? Purtroppo, no. Perché? Primo elemento di contesto: siamo prigionieri di un’agenda di cronica anemia di domanda aggregata, determinata dalla resistenza a invertire la rotta di politica economica di fronte agli impedimenti strutturali alle esportazioni. Il mercantilismo praticato da un quarto di secolo in forma estrema dalla Ue e dall’eurozona determina, inevitabilmente, i dazi del Presidente Trump. Sarebbe necessaria e urgente una svolta keynesiana per alimentare la domanda interna attraverso investimenti pubblici per la riconversione ecologica dell’economia, ma la neo-Presidente della Commissione europea ha ribadito, subito dopo la “fiducia” data dal Parlamento di Strasburgo alla sua Commissione, il no senza se e senza ma all’esclusione dal calcolo del deficit della spesa green in conto capitale.

Secondo elemento di contesto: le pressioni tedesche e della cosiddetta “Lega anseatica” per invertire il segno della politica monetaria della Bce. La scorsa settimana, Moody’s ha rivisto da stabili a negative le valutazioni prospettiche per le banche tedesche in relazione alla loro scarsa redditività causata, in primo luogo, dai previsti tassi di interesse negativi. Insomma, il dopo Draghi, nonostante la resistenza di Ms Lagarde, va verso la fine del Quantitative easing e il ripristino della “normalità”.

Terzo elemento di contesto, la restrizione, più o meno accentuata, delle possibilità acquisto di titoli sovrani da parte delle banche, condizione posta da Berlino per il completamento dell’Unione bancaria. Qui, siamo di fronte al concreto esempio della definizione di stupidità di Carlo Maria Cipolla: una siffatta Unione bancaria sarebbe meglio perderla che trovarla, perché determinerebbe non soltanto un innalzamento dei tassi di interesse su titoli di debito pubblico, in particolare per noi, ma aumenti di capitale per l’intero mondo bancario, incluse le malmesse banche tedesche.

In conclusione, è vero quanto sostiene il Ministro Gualtieri: aspetti negativi erano inclusi anche nella versione del Mes ancora in vigore. È vero anche che, le proposte iniziali di Germania e Paesi nordici erano ancora più pericolose in quanto prevedevano ufficialmente un’automatismo per la ristrutturazione del debito. Ma sono argomenti deboli. “Poteva andare peggio, accontentiamoci”, è un principio-guida perdente e deleterio per l’interesse nazionale, come hanno dovuto riconoscere, ex-post, per il bail-in tanti sedicenti europeisti responsabili. Nella fase storica in corso e alla luce degli evidenti fallimenti dell’agenda mercantilista europea, sia sul versante dell’economia reale che di finanza pubblica, sarebbe necessaria un’inversione di rotta. O, almeno, non peggiorare il terreno di gioco. Invece, il Trattato revisionato conferma e aggrava un impianto insostenibile per l’Italia, ma anche per i paesi core, a partire dalle banche della virtuosa Germania.


Solo con l'economia circolare si può fare una politica industriale innovativa e inclusiva


Economia circolare, innovazione sociale, occupazione: questo è il circuito virtuoso, tra economia della conoscenza e sviluppo territoriale partecipato (Community-led Local Development), verso cui la Cgil ha, da diverso tempo, impegnato tutte le sue strutture.

Abbiamo iniziato a occuparci di economia circolare ben ventidue anni fa. Era il 23 aprile 1999 e nella Sala Santi avevamo invitato i principali centri di ricerca tra cui il Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung (ISI) di Karlsruhe e gli studiosi che si occupavano di ciò che allora definivamo “economia dei cicli chiusi”. La chiusura dei cicli produttivi, di energia e dei rifiuti, fin da allora, la consideravamo strumento e strategia verso la coesione sociale e territoriale, la qualità della vita e del lavoro in Italia e in Europa.

Nel corso di quella conferenza internazionale, ci ponevamo le seguenti domande, a cui ancora oggi stiamo cercando di dare risposta attraverso tutta la nostra attività negoziale, sia a livello nazionale che decentrato: è possibile coniugare la competitività e l’occupazione con la necessità di far fronte alle sfide ambientali? Quale modello di sviluppo adottare da opporre a quello di mera crescita economica? Quali sono le condizioni che permettono l’implementazione di questi modelli e di questi processi? Quali sono le implicazioni? Quali sistemi regolativi adottare a sfondo di questi processi?

Fin da allora, mettevamo in discussione i tradizionali modelli di crescita economica basati su processi di produzione lineari, dissipativi di risorse materiali e immateriali, ragionando sulla necessità di nuovi modelli di sviluppo basati sulla chiusura dei cicli dei materiali e delle risorse. Nell’economia circolare, quindi, identificavamo i principi per ridefinire la crescita e, quindi, un nuovo modello di sviluppo che implicasse il graduale disaccoppiamento dell’attività economica dal consumo di risorse non-rinnovabili e dalla produzione di rifiuti favorendo una transizione verso fonti di energia rinnovabile e la valorizzazione e rigenerazione del capitale economico, naturale e sociale.

Passare da modelli produttivi basati sulla “produzione-consumo-eliminazione” rapida e lineare dei beni, a delle strategie tecno-economiche fondate su cicli di “riutilizzo-riparazione-ripristino” dei prodotti e delle risorse, significava, per noi, passare da innovazioni di “bassa via” - che fanno leva principalmente sui costi di produzione, tra cui il lavoro - a un’“alta” via dell’innovazione che facesse perno sulla qualità dei prodotti e dei processi.

La sfida era notevole: strategie di politica industriale volte all’economia circolare implicano orientare gli attori socio-economici a ridefinire le regole dell’organizzazione del lavoro, del sistema tecnologico e della produzione, dei rapporti a monte e a valle l’impresa e tra le aziende delle diverse filiere industriali.

È passato molto tempo da allora, e la crisi economica e sociale prodotta dai cambiamenti climatico, richiede da parte dei governi - e di corpi intermedi come il sindacato - analisi lucide e una decisa assunzione di responsabilità di fronte a una situazione mondiale sempre più complessa.

Durante anni in cui la discussione di politica economica e monetaria si è polarizzata sulle alternative tra Stato (dirigismo) e Mercato (concorrenza), avvertiamo la necessità di passare da una logica industriale dell’efficienza, del dirigismo e della competitività sfrenata, a una logica post-industriale volta ai benefici per gli utilizzatori, all’innovazione economica e sociale e a un cambiamento strutturale e istituzionale che faccia perno sulla collaborazione interistituzionale e la partecipazione sociale.

In questa prospettiva, intendiamo l’innovazione come cambiamento strutturale e come processo di apprendimento interattivo o collettivo, all’interno delle imprese, nei cluster territoriali, nelle reti/filiere produttive e, in generale, a livello sociale/istituzionale per creare nuove produzioni in una cornice strategica di “alta via all’innovazione”.

L’economia circolare si inquadra quindi, per noi, in una più generale strategia di politica economica orientata ai cittadini, al territorio, alle persone. Al modello della politica Ue centrata sulla politica monetaria e dei bilanci pubblici, riteniamo indispensabile, su scala europea e nazionale, far leva su un terzo strumento di politica economica che è la politica “industriale”.

Nel tempo, le strategie e gli strumenti della politica industriale sono mutati al variare delle diverse fasi di sviluppo (fordismo, specializzazione flessibile, coproduzione, co-creazione) e degli approcci di tipo politico (dirigismo o competizione). La strategia di politica industriale che, per noi, può far da cornice allo sviluppo dell’economia circolare nei nostri territori fa contestualmente leva sulle reti di centri di competenza, sui milieu locali di innovazione, sulle smart specializations, sull’infrastrutturazione smart delle nostre filiere produttive.

Da Nord a Sud d’Italia, possiamo contare su svariati esempi, in cui le nostre strutture confederali tra modelli di produzione lineare di beni e servizi hanno sostenuto l’importanza di quella circolare: a La Spezia e a Livorno, ad esempio, le Camere del Lavoro locali hanno sostenuto la realizzazione di un biodigestore anaerobico volto a migliorare il recupero di risorse dai rifiuti, fino ad arrivare da ultimo alla distribuzione (gratis, o a tariffe molto agevolate a seconda dei casi) dell’energia prodotta dal recupero del biogas ai cittadini e alle imprese locali.

A Ravenna abbiamo proposto, alla discussione pubblica, la realizzazione di un impianto di captazione nell’area industriale del petrolchimico di Ravenna per “catturare” l’anidride carbonica prodotta dai siti industriali. Così come, a livello nazionale, nell’audizione parlamentare sul decreto cosiddetto “Crescita” (Decreto-legge n. 34 del 30 aprile 2019 - Misure urgenti di crescita economica e per la risoluzione di specifiche situazioni di crisi) il 9 maggio 2019, abbiamo presentato una Piattaforma unitaria in cui esprimevamo l’esigenza di prevedere maggiori investimenti pubblici e una nuova politica industriale che sostenesse la domanda interna e non l’offerta, orientata al sostegno delle nuove filiere strategiche – soprattutto legate alla green economy, all’economia circolare e allo sviluppo sostenibile – per incrementare anche gli investimenti privati, le competenze e le professionalità, l’occupazione e i salari.

Qui, tuttavia, vorrei inquadrare queste iniziative in una cornice più generale: quella della negozialità della politica industriale e dell’innovazione a livello territoriale. Come noto, l’obiettivo generale delle politiche industriali è quello di orientare l’economia verso direzioni “condivise” dal punto di vista economico (favorendone l’efficienza), sociale (dando risposta a bisogni sociali incoraggiando eguaglianza equità e inclusione), ambientale (assicurando la sostenibilità), politico (proteggendo particolari interessi nazionali) di contesto (istruzione, conoscenze, infrastrutture, materie prime, indispensabili per lo sviluppo di nuovi settori.

Posto che tali obiettivi non possano essere raggiunti dai comportamenti privati degli operatori sui mercati e, soprattutto perché la loro complessità implica la possibilità che essi siano in conflitto tra loro, le politiche industriali presuppongono una condivisione multiattoriale tra Stato, Mercato e Società dello sviluppo socio-territoriale e richiedono la presenza di istituzioni che abbiano le competenze e gli strumenti per realizzarle.

Mai come oggi, gli orientamenti e l’implementazione delle politiche industriali sono caratterizzate da alti livelli di complessità e capziosità, in quanto coinvolgono diversi attori sociali e comunità con valori, interessi, significati e prospettive spesso divergenti. La loro caratterizzazione value-driven mette quindi in discussione l’applicazione dei tradizionali approcci problem solving che, ai vari livelli istituzionali, dal macro al micro, tendono alla centralità delle decisioni.

Quando, come Cgil, parliamo di politiche industriali volte ai cittadini, ai territori e alle persone, facendo perno sulla collaborazione interistituzionale e sulla partecipazione sociale, ci riferiamo a un modello di governance multilivello della politica industriale che promuova un’economia inclusiva e circolare a partire dai nostri territori. Il nostro modello di intervento è dunque implementabile a partire dalla negozialità territoriale dell’innovazione.

Soprattutto negli ultimi 35 anni, il modello di sviluppo mainstream conta su modalità di accumulazione estrattive e tarate sul breve periodo. Le sue principali leve - liberalizzazione dei mercati di beni e servizi e dei mercati finanziari, la liberalizzazione del mercato del lavoro, i processi di privatizzazione – hanno acuito la disconnessione dell’azione economica dalle esigenze della riproduzione sociale: innanzitutto dal lavoro, strumento identitario ma anche medium fondamentale della distribuzione del reddito e della cittadinanza sociale; dai tempi lunghi della riproduzione sociale, a beneficio di dinamiche di massimizzazione del rendimento del capitale nel breve periodo; una disconnessione, infine, dallo spazio (dai luoghi, dai territori) della riproduzione sociale, rincorrendo la continua ricomposizione delle catene del valore su scala globale al fine del dumping sociale (riduzione dei costi del lavoro e di elusione dei vincoli regolativi nazionali e regionali).

In Italia, ad esempio, in un contesto cioè tradizionalmente connotato dalla diffusione della piccola e media impresa, la regolazione dei processi è definita in ragione di esigenze di accumulazione “estrattiva” e finance-based, poste dalle imprese-guida a fornitori e sub-fornitori attraverso dinamiche di estrazione di valore sul piano della regolazione e dell’organizzazione del lavoro.

Sotto questo profilo, soprattutto a partire dagli anni Novanta, la riorganizzazione delle catene di valore globale ha prodotto posizioni di comodo nel trattamento del lavoro: i processi di disintegrazione verticale sono infatti avvenuti frammentando i processi di produzione in una miriade di soggettività giuridiche diverse attraverso forme di elusione istituzionale con la quale i datori di lavoro potessero estrarre valore aggiunto aggirando vincoli e sottraendosi alle proprie responsabilità.

Questa transizione neo-liberista, breve-periodista e di natura “estrattiva”, offre un contesto che sta potenzialmente dequalificando le persone a praticare scambi simmetrici win win in cui le parti che collaborano, possano - tutte - trarne vantaggio. Nella misura in cui la disuguaglianza materiale isola le persone, la frammentazione del lavoro rende più superficiali i contatti con l’altro, l’insicurezza sociale e la complessità della crisi climatica ed economica sta innescando l’angoscia per il cambiamento e, in generale, le differenze tra le persone sono ridotte e omologate al pensiero unico del profitto e della profittabilità.

A questo modello “estrattivo” di risorse, consci delle sfide economiche e sociali derivanti dalla crisi climatica e ambientale globale, a livello territoriale, dalla più piccola Camera del Lavoro del sud d’Italia alla Camera del Lavoro Metropolitana di Milano, la Cgil sta opponendo un modello di politica industriale inclusivo e circolare attraverso processi di negozialità “generativa e capacitante”: attraverso alleanze strategiche, specie con università e centri di ricerca, attraverso la contrattazione formale e informale, iniziative e progetti, stiamo avviando sul territorio procedure e pratiche in cui negoziamo e condividiamo, in primis, una visione di futuro.

Nei territori in cui il nostro Sindacato sta sostenendo strumenti e pratiche di economia circolare e di innovazione sociale, sono stati, innanzitutto, attivati processi e progetti che stanno “riconoscendo”, connettendo e gradualmente portando “a sintesi” innanzitutto i valori e gli interessi in gioco diversamente attribuiti dagli attori sociali alle risorse e alle vocazioni del proprio territorio.

In questa cornice, le nuove tecnologie digitali diventano “abilitanti” di nuove relazioni territoriali e di empowerment sociale, specie laddove il sindacato riesce a ripensarsi e a riconoscersi il nuovo ruolo che è chiamato a svolgere per far fronte alle sfide socioeconomiche.

In materia di politica industriale e di innovazione, in molti territori, il ruolo che giochiamo travalica il perimetro tradizionale sindacale di rappresentanza e rappresentatività: l’uso intelligente e generativo delle reti digitali, infatti, sta creando nuovi spazi di azione negoziale confederale, in cui stanno prendendo forma relazioni sociali multiattoriali di condivisione delle risorse, delle conoscenze e dei problemi da affrontare per creare (e propagare) significati, progetti e percorsi condivisi.

Nel modello di relazioni industriali di rappresentazione diffusa degli interessi a livello territoriale, l’utilizzo sindacale delle nuove tecnologie digitali, in molti casi, allarga la rete di relazioni della confederalità territoriale aprendola anche a nuovi attori, a nuove figure di rappresentati a livello urbano e a una nuova rappresentanza di bisogni, configurando modalità comunicative partecipate, con lo scopo di condividere, e poi, di assumere di volta in volta, decisioni e strategie, creando nuovi spazi di interlocuzione, di condivisione e di progettualità con gli altri stakeholders locali.  

Laddove si stanno restringendo gli spazi di governance locale delle politiche del lavoro e dello sviluppo, queste iniziative sembrano sostituire con efficacia i tradizionali strumenti dei contratti d’area e i patti territoriali di una stagione concertativa ormai al tramonto.

Ormai da decenni può dirsi conclusa la fase propulsiva del fordismo, capace di combinare alta occupazione e crescita del Prodotto Interno Lordo dei nostri Paesi grazie all’aumento della produzione e degli investimenti mirati solo su l’offerta e perseguita ad alti costi ambientali. Così come è cresciuta la percezione sociale degli effetti di questa crescita sfrenata, che ha portato al superamento dei limiti invalicabili delle risorse del nostro pianeta e alla perdita di diversità biologica, della stabilità climatica di cui non si possono più negare gli effetti retroattivi sui sistemi economici e sociali a tutte le latitudini del globo.

Un modello di politica industriale volto ai cittadini, ai territori e alle persone richiede, dunque, da parte di un corpo intermedio come il Sindacato, di perseguire l’innovazione socio-territoriale uscendo dai tradizionali spazi di rappresentanza e rappresentatività sindacale che facevano perno strettamente sulla fabbrica infra muros e sui settori produttivi.

Si tratta, da parte nostra, di aprirsi a tutta la filiera dei diritti di cittadinanza e del lavoro negoziando circuiti virtuosi di economia circolare, innovazione sociale e occupazione affinché le capacità immaginative e progettuali dei nostri territori, verso un futuro inclusivo e solidale, possano esprimere il loro potenziale.


La filiera della birra italiana vale oltre 9 miliardi. E cresce ogni anno

Glass of fresh and cold beer on dark background. Copy space.

È di oltre 9 miliardi il valore della filiera della birra italiana. La sua crescita (valore condiviso) negli ultimi tre anni ha superato il miliardo di euro (+17%) passando da 7.834 mila milioni di euro a 9.169 mila milioni di euro. Il risultato economico permette di “doppiare” la performance dell’economia italiana nel suo complesso (+7% dal 2015 al 2018). Il contributo fiscale della filiera, in tre anni, cresce invece del +19,4% portando nel 2018 nelle casse dello Stato 4,3 miliardi di euro, mentre le accise sono passate da 609 milioni di euro a 711 milioni (+16,7%).

Il trend, elaborato dall’Osservatorio Birra di Fondazione Birra Moretti, è emerso oggi con la presentazione a Roma, a Palazzo Ferrajoli, del terzo Rapporto “La creazione di valore condiviso del settore della birra in Italia”, realizzato da Althesys per conto della Fondazione Birra Moretti. Lo studio, concentrato sul triennio 2015-2018 coincidente con il picco della “primavera della birra” e cioè con il fenomeno gastronomico connesso alla nuova curiosità degli italiani verso il mondo della birra, ha analizzato tutte le fasi della filiera (approvvigionamento materie prime, produzione, logistica, distribuzione e vendita), considerando gli effetti diretti (valore aggiunto, contribuzione fiscale, occupazione) delle attività dell’industria birraria italiana, quelli indiretti e indotti, le ricadute degli investimenti pubblici. La ricerca offre infine il dato che, se irrealisticamente in Italia scomparisse tutto ciò che contribuisce alla produzione, distribuzione e consumo della birra, si creerebbe un “vuoto” in termini di ricchezza generata, per tutti gli attori della filiera, pari allo allo 0.52% del Pil italiano.

Sono aumentati di 4.400 unità (+5%) gli occupati del comparto dell’industria della birra dal 2015 al 2017. Il dato occupazionale, in controtendenza a quello medio del Paese, doppia l’andamento nazionale: nello stesso arco di tempo, in Italia, l’occupazione è cresciuta (dati Istat) di circa il +2%. Dal report emerge inoltre che ogni giorno nel settore trovano lavoro almeno 6 persone. E’ registrato che il comparto da lavoro a 92.190 dipendenti distribuiti proporzionalmente lungo l’intera filiera, distribuendo salari lordi di oltre 2,5 miliardi di euro (2.525
milioni di euro). In termini di occupazione, la birra permette a quasi 100.000 famiglie di avere una fonte di reddito. Infine è segnalato che lavorare nella birra garantisce stabilità: il 50% dei dipendenti ha più di 10 anni di anzianità, mentre il 33% è in azienda da almeno 5 anni.

Roma e Milano, assieme alla loro provincia, rappresentano quasi il 20% delle vendite totali di birra nel canale moderno (Super+Iper) per un valore condiviso di 1.347 milioni di euro nel 2018. Dalla fotografia scattata risulta nel dettaglio che Roma (dati Iri 2018) rappresenta i tre quarti, a volume e valore, della birra venduta nel Lazio, con una crescita del +25% rispetto al 2015. Gli oltre 500 mila ettolitri di birra venduta in iper e supermercati nel Lazio, rappresentano il 9% del totale nazionale in questo canale, per un valore di quasi 100 milioni di euro (98,8 mln), pari allo 0,1% del Pil regionale. La provincia di Milano copre invece quasi la metà (47%) della birra venduta nei supermercati e ipermercati della Lombardia (+12% rispetto al 2015) e rappresenta, in valori assoluti, la prima città d’Italia in questa speciale classifica, forte anche della presenza- spiegano gli analisti- di importanti aziende birrarie e del maggior numero di birrifici artigianali del Paese (137).



Megvan, hogy mikor frissülnek Android 10-re a Samsung mobiljai


Forrás: PCWorld | Harangi László | 2019.11.29.

Nem elég, hogy előkerült a hivatalos lista, Németországban a Galaxy S10 modellekre már meg is érkezett a stabil Android 10.

A Samsung továbbra sem tartozik a rendszerfrissítések kapcsán a leggyorsabb gyártók közé, pedig a OnePlus, a Xiaomi, a Huawei és az ASUS már több készülékére is kiadta az Android 10-et.

Időközben azonban Italiani e Black Friday: cosa ne pensano e cosa cercano online

SEMrush ha analizzato le ricerche online correlate all'evento, individuando i prodotti che suscitano maggior interesse, ma anche le keywords più redditizie



Nato negli Stati Uniti, il Black Friday è ormai un'usanza diffusissima anche in Italia, anche se il periodo degli sconti spesso non coincide con quello statunitense. Prezzi ribassati per un intero weekend, una settimana o, addirittura 10 giorni, tutti aspettano con impazienza questo periodo.


Ma quanto ne sanno a riguardo gli Italiani e cosa cercano di acquistare online? Le risposte arrivano da SEMrush, che ha analizzato le parole chiave correlate a questo evento digitate sui motori di ricerca nell'ultimo anno e dell'item esatto "black Friday" negli ultimi 4.


In Italia fu introdotto per la prima volta nel 2011 dalla americana Apple e, nel giro di pochi anni, hanno iniziato a aderire tutti i negozi e i vari brand. Come c'era da aspettarsi, nei mesi di ottobre e novembre c'è un intensificarsi di ricerche sul tema. Stando a quanto emerge dalla rete, il boom ha avuto inizio nel novembre 2016, che registrò 2.240.000 ricerche, a fronte di una media di 16.345 mensili nel resto dell'anno. Un trend che si è, poi, confermato negli anni successivi, e il 2019 non fa eccezione. Per il mese di novembre, si stima che saranno 5.006.793 le ricerche, mentre negli altri mesi la media è stata di 83.870. Un interesse che è iniziato a manifestarsi già da ottobre, in cui "black Friday" è stato digitato 550.000 volte.


Sebbene sia un'usanza ormai ampiamente diffusa, non tutti ne conoscono il significato o le date. Nell'ultimo anno, la domanda "quando è il black friday" è stata posta ai motori di ricerca con una media di 58.300 volte al mese, così come "quando inizia il black friday" (25.680 ricerche al mese in media). Gli utenti che si sono interrogati su "cosa significa black friday" sono stati in media 6.940 al mese. Altro aspetto che gli italiani sembrano aver poco chiaro è la durata, con la query "quanto dura il black friday" digitata in media 15.200 volte al mese, e "quando finisce il black Friday" in media 5.570 volte ogni mese nell'ultimo anno.


Sciolto ogni dubbio su significato e durata, gli utenti quali prodotti hanno cercato in rete, nel tentativo di accalappiare lo sconto migliore? Nella top ten troviamo quasi tutti prodotti di elettronica o di gaming, con la PS4 al primo posto (media ricerche mese 91.810), seguita da Apple Airpods (43.520) e iPhone X (34.180). L'unico prodotto appartenete ad un'altra categoria è Dyson, in sesta posizione con una media di 24.520 digitazioni ogni mese. Che si tratti di strumenti per la pulizia, phon o purificatori d'aria, il brand sembra riscuotere enorme interesse sul web.


In ultimo, la ricerca condotta da SEMrush passa ad analizzare le diverse keyword utilizzate nelle sponsorizzazioni su Google, individuando quali siano le parole chiavi più costose. Sul gradino più alto del podio, troviamo "canon black Friday" la parola chiave più cara in assoluto, con un Costo Per Click (CPC) medio di 24,65 $, seguito da "benetton black Friday" (CPC 4,37 $) e "ovs black Friday" (CPC 3,90 $).



S4E47 - Q&A - “I’m going to tangent about the weather”


In This Episode:

You have questions, we have answers.  Let’s do this! Oh… and… Happy Thanksgiving!

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S4E46 - The Mandalorian & Disney Plus - “He’s a death tornado”


In This Episode:

We geek out about The Mandalorian and Disney Plus… but mostly The Mandalorian.  Star Wars has finally come to live action TV and we’re here for it! For Weekly Geekery, BJ has mostly been watching Disney Plus and playing Jedi Fallen Order while Void beat Jedi Fallen Order, tried out Gloomhaven Digital Edition, and gave Minecraft Earth a shot.

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'Vote Your Way' overwhelmingly popular after Nov. 5 election

KHOU 11 political analyst Bob Stein said 26,000 people voted outside their precinct on Election Day.


Trump tweets image of himself as Rocky

The photo was tweeted early Wednesday without a caption or any context.


House Judiciary Committee sets Dec. 4 impeachment hearing

The hearing will feature legal experts who will examine the constitutional grounds for impeachment.


Federal judge: McGahn must comply with House subpoena

The White House has argued that McGahn and other witnesses have "absolute immunity" from testifying.


Schumer: Airlines must let kids sit with their parents

Sen. Charles Schumer says airlines lack policies assuring children can sit with their parents.


Trump signs bill into law making animal cruelty a federal felony

President Trump signed the bill, Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, into law Monday evening, calling the bill a "very important piece of legislation."


Council approves $100,000 to bus homeless out of King County

King County’s supplemental budget included funding to hand out bus tickets to the homeless. It's nearly triple the amount the county spends on family reunification.


Amid LGBTQ protests, Chick-fil-A changes donation policy

The company acknowledged it had fulfilled commitments to Christian charities that oppose same-sex marriage.


Proof of a new Chrome OS tablet from Lenovo is just the tip of the iceberg

We’ve been saying the same thing for months at this point: Google may have stopped making in-house tablets, but plenty of Chrome OS tablets are on the way and in large number. It could be pretty easy to look at the current Chromebook landscape with Google’s grand tablet exit and conclude that Chrome OS is […]

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When returning to the rest of the game


old baby awaits sentencing for criminal negligence causing death

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sex toys In "Blockers," Leslie Mann plays Lisa, the single mom of a high school senior named Julie (Kathryn Newton), a vivacious teenager who, as the movie opens, announces a newfound goal of losing her virginity on prom night. Julie's best friends Kayla (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Sam (Gideon Adlon) quickly warm to the plan, agreeing that, as with everything else in their lives, they'll take the leap together or at least at the same time. When Lisa spies the trio's texts on Julie's laptop, she and the other girls' dads played by John Cena and Ike Barinholtz embark on an anxiety fueled, hysterically pitched mission to scuttle the young women's plans, invading the kids' prom night like a battalion of helicopter parents humming "Ride of the Valkyries.". sex toys

vibrators So 1980. Looks like folks will soon have to find something else to use as a doorstop. Phone books were once an essential and handy source of information. Overall I really enjoyed this. Thought it was a lot more hard hitting and interesting than the first one. It not perfect but I hope it doesn drop too hard at the BO because of the reviews. vibrators

sex toys And then you go somewhere else, power up, and return to defeat those same goons. It just so satisfying. Or maybe you go back to the starting areas of the game and just roll over all enemies, making you realise how far you come in terms of power.. Cam girls name is "Niki Skyler", A friend sent me a video (3rd one) of her dildoing and I thought it was my ex gf. Since I still miss/love my ex, I got obsessed with her videos and wanted to find out what toys she was using. Since I still miss/love my ex, I got obsessed with her videos and wanted to find out what toys she was using. sex toys

wholesale vibrators After a stint with software program Cubase, Collier got his hands on a copy of Apple's Logic for his eleventh birthday, and soon the young prodigy morphed into an ever curious sound connoisseur, tapping on surfaces and rolling marbles across the floor to incorporate domestic found sounds into early demo recordings. "That's what makes the homemade bedroom [recording] thing so 'characterful,' that you're feeding off your environment," he explained to me. "That this is your world vibrators, you're in the world in which you're creating things and you essentially end up describing the things around you. wholesale vibrators

wholesale vibrators I drive in the city a lot. I can't tell you how many times I've manually checked both blind spots vibrators, by turning my head, only to have someone run out from behind a car and run across the intersection. It happens all the time around bus stops. Fabio is dense and firm enough to enter either orifice but still very pliable to work with the shape of your anatomy. He has very lightly raised veins on a smooth skin feel shaft. There is some drag on the skin which requires lube or a reasonable amount of natural lubricant. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys Which may as well be pointless because that just divides the nation harder.Politically speaking Trump is dead in the water. The midterms really highlighted that. He won recover from it. It's much more open, and has always been so since the beginning. We talk much more, and have more open, frank discussions about everything, including sexual health, what we like, what might not feel so good, that we should get tested again.I am thinking condoms, used with a more mature outlook (I can't keep hating myself for one mistake for the rest of my life, even if I do regret it!) and buying EC to keep at home incase the condom splits, might be the best option vibrators, due to my concerns about infections and hormonal interferance? I also worry about the build up of hormones in my body can it really be good to take the pill for years on end? etc.He gets tested regularly due to the nature of his work (laboratory based), and I was tested in my last relationship (clear) and am going to be tested again soon. He's also going to be tested again to be sure.I'm sorry this is such a mammoth post, but I think it's important I consider the options. Adult Toys

sex toys Virginity isn't physical or medical: it's a cultural or personal idea. Different people who subscribe to the idea of virginity will tend to define it in different ways, and with any of those definitions, there may or may not be anything physically different between a person who does or does not consider themselves to be a virgin. A good doctor whose job is to be the advocate for their patient, not their patient's parent should make that clear, and also make clear that what your mother has going on is a family issue, not a doctor's.. sex toys

dildo The president replaced Ms. Yates with Dana J. Boente, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, saying that he would serve as attorney general until Congress acts to confirm Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Love is to win a contest and share the pleasure with your partner or have a well deserved amazing solo play!St. Valentine is a meaningful day for those who love and those who are loved, even if you love affair is currently with yourself. Whether you are happily single or happy in a relationship, join us to have some fun. dildo

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wholesale dildos Former Gov. Tom Corbett signed the new law back in February, 2012, and it was soon challenged by local towns wanting to maintain control over where fracking for natural gas could take place. In December, 2013, the Supreme Court ruled in a plurality decision that portions of the law, including one that restricted local zoning rights, was unconstitutional. wholesale dildos

vibrators Starting with a rural Iowa location, Wal Mart plans a pilot operation for this new sales effort over the summer. The new store within the store, referred to as the "Home Pleasure" department, will feature vibrators and dildoes at reduced prices. The store reportedly will offer the wildly popular Martha Stewart "Prison" line of vibrators in addition to its regular offerings.. vibrators

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wholesale vibrators In this list, we'll hear from some of the great stride players. Of course, in a five song list, we can't include all the greats, though we do manage to squeeze six pianists into five songs. So if you're a stride fan, be sure to leave a comment about some of your favorites so that we can all dig a little deeper into this delightful music.. wholesale vibrators

horse dildo It hard as hell to meet people these days, especially if you not into bars. And anyone who tells you to join a class or a group in order to meet people fails to realize that if your ulterior motive is romance or fucking, you bring with you the creep line into what supposed to be a casual setting. Nobody likes that.. horse dildo

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vibrators This is the United States, and people have the freedom of speech, press and expression to justly slam a stupid show when it appears on the air and is an embarrassment to an entire region. Bravo should cancel this stupid show, and all of its stupid "housewife" shows today, effective immediately, for the good and betterment of intelligence and society. It's one thing to be a legitimate critic and quite another to attack someone personally and with malice and damage their business by mischaracterizing it. vibrators

Realistic Dildo All things considered, while I don't feel like this sounds like a healthy relationship to be in, if you are going to choose to stay in it vibrators, I feel his getting therapy of his own and both of you having it together, as well, needs to be an absolute requirement. I also think his acknowledging these behaviors ARE abusive and need to be changes ASAP is, too. If both those things don't happen, at best I see things continuing like this, and at worst vibrators, escalating to more or other kinds of abuse.. Realistic Dildo

dildo My problem is, my mom seems to think I her angelic, virginal teenager. (I one of five kids) She doesn know I dating or that I not a virgin. Before I go away to college, I like to come clean to her. These threats now come after we will not respond to your threats of suicide and needing me to stop your seizures, which I never saw physical documented proof you even had or took medication for. So these new claims that I'm harboring your stuff is bull. They are sex toys. dildo

dildos If you are not well, it does not mean you have to rush to the doctor immediately. A lot of information regarding minor illnesses and ailments can be found on the web. But one should not wait for things to get out of hands before consulting a doctor, as he is the one with the best advice and a proper prescription for your infirmity.. dildos

wholesale sex toys The only way I could see this working is if they introduced a whole new continent to the game were these high levels exclusively applied. So for example, the bosses and mobs would be much stronger here and you could only use high end combat equipment/potions while on this continent. When returning to the rest of the game, your 120s would have similar combat stats to 99s and the equipment/potions couldn be used (or would be set to tier 92 stats). wholesale sex toys

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sex toys Why? Are we just a society full of vow breakers, who don put much integrity into our words? The statistics say one in two people will break their vows because of issues like infidelity, abuse, sex and money, however, if you look deeper, you see that those are just symptoms of a cause that was present way before the marriage, engagement, and even the dating. The real problem starts when we are single, and continues to wreak havoc as we create relationships. The real culprit? You. sex toys

gay sex toys What is the difference between war games and board games?The main difference of war gaming and board games is in the miniatures and complex conflicts able to be created. While regular board games contain a handful of pieces, war games use a literal host of miniatures and scenery to create massive battles and danger zones. Board games have only a few players but the only limit on games of this scale is how big of a table you use.. gay sex toys

wholesale vibrators I love the whole mini dress type of look it has. The red piece in the center adds to the slimming appearance. This item WAS available at Eden Fantasys in: Small, Medium, Large, 1x/2x and 3x/4x. As the intensity is increased, the vibe starts rotating in different patterns and increasing/decreasing with interesting patterns. I am much more used to vibes that simply go up and down on the intensity scale, and not with different patterns and intensity. I found it very difficult to narrow down the specific settings I enjoyed.. wholesale vibrators

vibrators Don tell him off for growling, just stop what you doing. But if he does snap at someone he has to know it is wrong (tone of voice works best for mine). The thing that seemed to work for me was just redirecting and rewarding good behaviour and eventually he got there.. vibrators

dildo Niagara on the Lake is perhaps best known for the Shaw Festival, a live theater festival that runs from April through December; and if you go during that time, you have a selection of 13 plays to choose from. But even if you not into theater (or wine), there still plenty more to do. McLaren recommended visiting the Fort George Historic Site to be right back to the War of 1812, tasting some world famous fudge at Maple Leaf Fudge and the senses at the Neob Niagara lavender festival. dildo

Adult Toys Government system for detaining migrants crossing the border is severely overtaxed. Customs and Border Protection is now holding. But the country is seeing a sharp rise in families with children.. About that, I think the only way he will want to be with me now is if I completely cut off all contact with my guy friends and pretty much kill my social life. And I don't want to do that, because I don't think it's fair and I won't give up my friends just so he is happy. I'm so confused right now, I just don't know what to do. Adult Toys

animal dildo Sometimes they can have problems getting it up at all just age related things. So a cock ring allows the process to be much easier and much more fulfilling. Like low cut clothing or high heels, a cock ring allows a guy to feel more confident in bed. animal dildo

wholesale sex toys Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead(And I really am so very excited for you. There is also plenty going on during the holidays on Long Island. kicks off the fall season with haunted hay rides, spook walks, and jack o lantern carving then reminds us to show our thanks and gratitude. Christmas brings about twinkling holiday light displays and big Christmas tree lightings while New Year brings lots of lively parties and end of year celebrations. wholesale sex toys

animal dildo Realistically speaking it not like it something that can be stopped. Subs like r/bonehurtingjuice are still mostly true to their original intent, despite a huge number of users. I imagine it a combination of moderation tactics and just how specific a sub is. animal dildo

g spot vibrator Cylinder capacity displacement exceeding 3000ml, but not exceeding 4000ml for 9 passenger cars and belowOff road vehicles with discharge capacity of 2L to 2.5LOther vehicles equipped with an ignited reciprocating piston internal combustion engine and a drive motor that can be charged by plugging in an external power source. Cylinder capacity displacement exceeding 2000ml vibrators, but not exceeding 2500ml for off road vehiclesPassenger cars with discharge capacity of 2L to 2.5L, 9 seats or lessOther vehicles equipped with an ignited reciprocating piston internal combustion engine and a drive motor that can be charged by plugging in an external power source. Cylinder capacity displacement exceeding 2000ml, but not exceeding 2500ml for 9 passenger cars and belowOff road vehicles with discharge capacity of 3L to 4LOther vehicles equipped with an ignited reciprocating piston internal combustion engine and a drive motor that can be charged by plugging in an external power source. g spot vibrator

wholesale dildos Why is this happening now?The states in question, whose legislatures are dominated by the Republican Party, have pursued years of tax cuts and cuts to public services. Teachers, parents and students have noticed the impact of budget cuts on the classroom, whether it is a four day school week in rural Oklahoma or canceled drama classes in Tulsa. When educators saw West Virginia teachers win a raise last month after a daring strike, they realized more radical tactics might work in their states vibrators, too.. wholesale dildos

dildo Just renewed for another 6. Being specialist, and working to e publication timelines, they can crack bigger stories faster (eg they were first to report Triple 8 moving to Holden, A1GP for Gold Coast Indy etc) and have content noone else has. And it costs less than any of my old school magazine subs. dildo

animal dildo This set is really adorable. I own the pink/yellow set and the colors are cute as hell together. They're not quite as vibrant as shown in the promo picture vibrators, but they're still pretty bright and work well together. In /r/clashroyale the person(s) responsible for the /u/clashroyale account make like a couple of comments each month, half of them being "we are working on it" while the other half consists of compliments for users artworks.Like, wtf? Supercell creates a "Dear Community, We Do Care" post, in which hundreds of people ask questions regarding the update and they simply abandoned their own post the second they published it? Like vibrators, hundreds of these questions remain unanswered while the next day "Drew" congratulates another user for his artwork.As I said, this is not supposed to be a rant in any way, but I really curious on why the "Community Manager" actually isn managing the community and why content creators such as CWA deliver more answers to open questions than Supercell does.This is especially weird considering that they closed their official Supercell forum for Clash Royale, so they can "focus" on Reddit. Can really spot the focus here thoughThe Clash Royale team has a bad habit of shutting the community out. The official Clash Royale forums were shut down about a year ago (none of the other Supercell game forums were) because one of the previous community managers preferred Reddit and never looked at the forums animal dildo.


What is a Smart TV?Smart TVs receive a picture from an outside


a smokers bedroom after they moved out

gay sex toys These non piercing nipple rings are partial circles of metal with balls on the ends. To attach the rings, I first pinch my nipples until they stiffen. Once the nipples are hard, it is easier to attach the jewelry. This gel is certainly a great product. I tried it not expecting too much since for me gels don't usually work that well. Well was I wrong! First off you don't need a lot of it to get yourself going. gay sex toys

For that reason dildos, the emergence of PrEP marks an exciting time for Toronto gay community, says Len dildos, and not for the reasons you might think. He sees the medication as spurring a new kind of activism to improve access to the drug:"It a great cultural moment. For so long it was have condoms, just use them and deal with it.

wholesale sex toys Broad City Silicone Vibrating Dual Cock Ring Ball Prolong Erection Sex Dick JokeIn smooth stretchy silicone, Respect Your Dick cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water based lube like Mind My Vagina. Includes exclusive Fifty Shades Darker storage bag and removable engraved Fifty Shades Darker charm. wholesale sex toys

wholesale dildos But during my showing, I just keep hand sanitizer handy and cleanse the dildo in between shows. This does not change the feel or the look of the product and this will keep any health concerns out of question. I must say I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys the feeling of a partner without the fuss.. wholesale dildos

Adult Toys Thanx for all the help though guys i really appreciate it once again. This is a great board. Also i dont mean anything bad towards women who are or were prostitutes. Richard Gephardt of Missouri, and later Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and Sen. Al Gore of Tennessee. Adult Toys

horse dildo In 1993, Donald Trump testified before a House subcommittee that the mafia was running rampant on Native American gaming casinos. Here, he bickers with members of Congress about taxes, the FBI and if certain tribes Indian. He secretly paid for more than $1 million in ads that portrayed members of a tribe in Upstate New York as cocaine traffickers and career criminals. horse dildo

wholesale dildos And Smokedawg, don't worry so much. She hasn't found "the gene" and I doubt she ever will. Her logic (that there is a genetic factor passed from mothers to gay sons) is based on a small sample size and extremely subjective data which, if held to any scrutiny, would be called out for what it is: incomplete case histories subjected to the not so impartial views of one researcher hoping to prove her theory.. wholesale dildos

Realistic Dildo Directions: Remove seal from the tube opening before initial use. Apply small amount to genital area. Vary amount to achieve desired lubrication. No dildos, you aren wrong. Silicone should not retain a smell. It non porous so anything that gets on it should come off and not hide in the material. Realistic Dildo

wholesale dildos When I used it on Di's pussy I ran into a problem. When I tried some hard deep thrusting, my fingers kept bumping the switch and Di said it was very distracting with the vibe patterns changing all the time. The multiple vibe functions are great, but when you find one you like and bump the switch accidentally you have to run through all ten patterns to get back to where you want to be. wholesale dildos

There is no actual necessity for them, you understand. The federal and provincial governments are quite able to function within their respective jurisdictions without their leaders dashing off across the country at regular intervals to quiver their jowls at each other. The first such meeting was not held until 1906.

wholesale vibrators The Winston Salem based company that owns hospitals in North Carolina, including Brunswick Community Hospital, has filed a lawsuit against the insurer. Novant is claiming Aetna misused confidential information during their contract negotiations, according to the Charlotte Business Journal. The company accused Aetna officials of publically misrepresenting financial facts. wholesale vibrators

wholesale dildos Champ Lex Luger during a match with Hiro Matsuda's "Yamazaki Corporation" and joined them. The stable included Ric Flair, Barry and Kendall Windham, and Butch Reed. Title from him after Terry Gordy surprised everybody and interfered in the match. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. wholesale dildos

dildos Tbh it hasn't helped me much. Most of the time my teachers ignore it and get annoyed when I ask to use what it offers me (step into the hallway for a minute if I get overwhelmed dildos dildos, come back later and finish assignments if I can't in the time in class, etc.). I guess because they're only used to kids with 504s / IEPs being sped and not having to deal with them or going to do small group which I don't, so they ignore mine and I get lost in the cracks. dildos

sex toys Vaulted ceilings, acoustic ceilings, and false ceilings are not recommended. Always check the durability of both the floor and the ceiling prior to installation to ensure sturdiness and safety. If you are not sure about installing the pole yourself, contact a qualified handyman to ensure proper installation.. sex toys

Adult Toys It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition.. Adult Toys

animal dildo Remove the tubing from the pump mechanism and the cylinder. Wash the cylinder and tubing thoroughly in warm, soapy water and rinse well. Go back over each item with a quality toy cleaner for added safety after they are dry. The profit makers have incentive to hide and spread those costs but that where good regulation comes in. It a big, big problem to be sure but I think we can still do the right thing. As those costs rise, people will shift their consumption to more sustainable things.. animal dildo

sex toys Common causes of erectile dysfunction include heart disease, clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Prescription drugs, alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, treatment for prostate cancer, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders such as hypogonadism (low testosterone), Peyronie's disease, and surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord can also be to blame. In addition, psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and poor communication or conflict with one's partner can contribute to erectile dysfunction. sex toys

vibrators Some people have sexual expectations and ideals that are clearly unrealistic dildos, but they still have a very big, sometimes even religious, emotional attachment to those ideals, so being shown the realities can feel devastating. Being unpleasantly surprised by our emotional reactions to certain things like having post breakup sex you thought you were cool with, only to find out that you are in no way cool with it can also be something we may need to cry out rather than laugh off. Some bummers are more challenging or emotionally rough than others.. vibrators

Realistic Dildo Artists in modern and contemporary art eras created realistic, impressionistic and abstract work, and the primary difference in the two eras is simply the date the artist created the canvas. Canvases or boards smaller than 12 inches in height or width are considered small while those smaller than 6 inches are mini canvases. Mid sized canvases up to 36 inches in height or width may fit many interior spaces while large work over 60 inches in width or height usually adorns living room walls or entertainment areas.. Realistic Dildo

dildo [score hidden] submitted 49 minutes agoThe only time he had an offense as good as Dak was 2014, but even then Zeke>>Murray. Our run game ranged from mediocre to non existent before 2014. The OL was above average at first but by his 4th year starting it was one of the worst units in the league. dildo

horse dildo I wear 34 in pants usually, and normally wear large underwear. My thighs aren't massive anymore, but they are still a decent size due to bicycle riding on and off for over a decade.They are made out of 95% polyester and 5% spandex according to the box. The box has a front and rear photo of the shorts on, and they are made in China. horse dildo

gay sex toys Yet if this thing can be documented and witnessed and cataloged, then it an attempt. The fact so many people deny it vehemently sort of proves how important it is.If someone interrupts you while being male, all they did was interrupt you.That not really it. Again dildos, I don think you understand the term. gay sex toys

wholesale dildos The most gradually tapered toy is the purple one, and it looks like a giant elongated candle flame. The progression to the beginning of the bulge is so smooth that it's hard to believe you have already reached that point. Even if the pink toy looks larger with its three bumps, it has a maximum diameter of 1" as well as does the purple one. wholesale dildos

My first exposure to the concept of sex education for adults came from a 1981 episode of Three Company called Jack. If you never seen a re run of Three Company, it about Jack a single man and his two female roommates. In this episode, Jack agrees to give Chinese cooking classes to a woman.

dildo "We are still in a rescue/recovery. Probably a 25% rescue; 75% recovery," said Maj. Roy Williams, the incident commander for the Salvation Army's response team in Texas' Golden Triangle made up of hard hit Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange. Okay, lets talk size now. The Vibrating Hollow Strap on is not little at all. The dildo has 7 1/2 inches of insertable length and is a big 2 inches in diameter and that two inches starts right at the head. dildo

gay sex toys Small pan. Simmer butter on medium. Stir occasionally until butter browns a bit. My main thing is that I cannot get my vagina to stretch with toys very well. Maybe it's some weird unconscious psychological thing or maybe I have some disease. I don't really know and it is incredibly frustrating. gay sex toys

gay sex toys For other inquiries, Contact Us. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). 4. Keep your cash accessible, but concealed. One night I thought I was being cute when I stuffed three $20 bills in my bra and left the corners just barely exposed. gay sex toys

wholesale sex toys Came out of bedroom and he was moving out and had a bunch of his highschool friends there. They were moving him out but also taking all our shit. Laundry soap, food etc. Built with a dual ring design, Charged Monarch TMs motor is positioned perfectly thanks to two separate stretchy rings. The front ring fits around the penis and the back ring fits around the penis and testicles to provide an isolation fit that feels pleasantly snug while keeping the butterfly in place. Featuring a simple push button control, this body safe True Silicone vibrating cock ring boasts 10 powerful functions, is fully USB rechargeable. wholesale sex toys

wholesale vibrators Laser tag games are fun. They offer a kid what he or she dreams out of those computer games. As a matter of fact, kids do reckon to have a more livened and practical experience of the game they explore in the digital platform. I think the lack of give (such as soft, squishy toys have) made it hard for me to get past the intensity of this and actually enjoy it. The wavy textured anal portion (and bunny ears) are totally flexible while the rest is extremely firm. It feels a lot like a hard plastic with a thin silicone coating. wholesale vibrators

vibrators Some findings estimate that for each pound of muscle you add to your body, you burn an additional 35 calories to 50 calories per day. So, an extra 5 pounds of muscle will burn approximately 175 calories 250 calories a day. That's an extra pound of fat every 14 20 days. vibrators

sex toys A certain kind of relationship might feel just right for one person who's 13, and so wrong for another person who is 13. You might find that dating one person feels like it's not right for you at all, but dating someone else feels like the most perfect thing of ever, because who we're in a relationship with, how we feel about them and ourselves within that relationship and the whole context of our lives, and what that particular relationship is like is most of what determines, at any age, if a romantic or sexual (or any!) relationship feels right. When I say feels right, I mean that emotionally, we feel good about our relationships, our choices and actions in them; good about ourselves within the relationship, and what goes on in that relationship is what we truly want and also know we're capable of dealing with and managing.. sex toys

Adult Toys Well, there are a couple of possibilities. The most likely thing is that it's just skin irritation caused by friction. Are you using condoms with water based lubricant? Not only is that extremely important to help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections, it makes things a "smoother" experience, for lack of a better word. Adult Toys

sex toys Being the Director of Product Development I am very hands on from beginning to end. I must see a project through completion and even then I must follow it to see the market reaction. A lot of time we know a good item when we see it. What is a Smart TV?Smart TVs receive a picture from an outside source, just like standard TVs. However, smart TVs also include some sort of operating system on the TV itself, similar to an operating system on a computer. That operating system provides you with the ability to install streaming apps and access the internet without an external box. sex toys

All so she can party and have sex. Those baby had full dipers and were hungry. Do you have kids? Do you know what it like to have a 1 2 year old for a single day? They need you or someone almost every minute of the day! They suffered unimaginably as their body shut down.

g spot vibrator The first time I went to wear this, the top confused the hell out of me. I tried pulling it on over my head and I remember standing there, frustrated as hell wondering how in the heck was somebody bigger than me supposed to get this thing on if I couldn't even do it. Then I saw right in front of me, a clip, like a front clasp bra. g spot vibrator

horse dildo "We're still tracing down 7,859 leads," a Whatcom County sheriff's detective told the local press. They drove ahead as the years piled up into a decade, then two decades. According to a news conference held after Bass's arrest by Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo, eventually his investigators tried to shake loose names from the community in the 2010s.. horse dildo

Realistic Dildo What is there I can suggest to him that doesn't involve hand to vagina contact, mouth to vagina contact or sex toys? I just can't think of anything right now, probably because I'm wrapped up in all the feelings about this, so I'm reaching out to you for some ideas about what we could try together.Is there anything else to try? Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any way I can salvage this, or am I doomed to grow more and more frustrated and resentful until I end up breaking this off over this? I really don't want to break up with the greatest dude I've ever met just because of this.Welcome to the boards, Shorty. (As a short person, I just had to double check myself because that felt like I was insulting you. )This is perhaps going to sound like a stupid question, but since you didn't say this explicitly in here, I want to ask it so I can know how to best help you: in your sexual life, with anyone, do you WANT a sexual partner who WANTS to have quite a lot to do with your vagina? Do you want a sexual partnership where a partner wants to, and enjoys doing and feels comfortable with things like oral sex for you, as you've brought up?Also, has your boyfriend ever felt differently, or has it been like this with him per him not liking, feeling comfortable with, or wanting to engage with your genitals in any way other than the intercourse that he enjoys that area of your body for (and from what I can tell, pretty exclusively, and maybe even in a way where he's kind of tuning out that that IS that body part and it is attached to a person)? Has he ever seemed to be sexual with you in ways that seem to be about both of you, not just himself? In other words, is this new, or has this always been like this, you just have only now, two years in, hit the wall with your patience for it and with not having a sexual life with this person you yourself enjoy?Has your sexual life together ever been something you have really likes, felt was a good fit for you, and one where you have felt your partner has been as attentive and responsive to you and your body on the whole dildos, and your enjoyment on the whole (or at all!), as his own?Thank you, Heather, I'm glad I found this place.Heather wrote:This is perhaps going to sound like a stupid question, but since you didn't say this explicitly in here, I want to ask it so I can know how to best help you: in your sexual life, with anyone, do you WANT a sexual partner who WANTS to have quite a lot to do with your vagina? Do you want a sexual partnership where a partner wants to, and enjoys doing and feels comfortable with things like oral sex for you, as you've brought up?Haha, that might have been a good point to bring up. Realistic Dildo

Adult Toys The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is a set of dedicated luxury shapes for the bedroom; both pieces nest together to form an angled pedestal upon which to perform extraordinary lovemaking. Greater stamina, longer sessions, and incredibly intense orgasms enhance your sex and play scenarios. More effective than ordinary pillows, this combo is the perfect complement to more foreplay, hotter positions, and unlimited creativity. Adult Toys

wholesale dildos Made in the USA.">Nice shape, terrible, toxic materialThis was my first ever sex toy and I used it a lot over the years. Since then I purchased medical grade silicone dildos and realized the difference it makes to have a high quality material inside you. I had to use a condom with this dildo every single time, otherwise I start itching inside immediately and it won subside for a good 20 minutes. wholesale dildos

dildos I've got a few deformed toys now. So proper storage is something to think about. But other than that, storage was easy. When I turned over on to my back, I had a chance to really watch his face. He has thick, beautiful eyelashes and had a small sweet smile on his face. I'm very ticklish, so it was hard not to giggle. dildos

dildo Nothing major happened between me and them. But from there to now, my social life has gotten worse, I had several friends. Now I just can't bring myself to talk to them, I'm constantly a third wheel, or even the frickin spare tire, of the group. For as long as I can remember, I have fantasized about double penetration (DP). I get soaking wet just imagining two hard cocks thrusting into me, filling my ass and pussy with flesh and ecstasy. I had never told my husband about my desire to be taken in this way, for fear he might find the whole thing gross, licentious, or immoral. dildo

dog dildo I prob went on too long of a rant but I hope this helps.bellapippin 16 points submitted 13 days agoIt been a year and a half for me and I sometimes still have doubts. That why you gotta keep going to therapy. You will not be healed in a few months, trust me.Keep at hand any nasty texts, emails, memories and remind yourself why you left. dog dildo

dog dildo Get on top. When you're on top, you can sandwich your clitoris between your pelvic bone and his, leading to that all important clitoral stimulation. The exact angle will depend on how your bodies fit together. If you did dildos, Pakistan would have nuked you, hell even the chinese would have joined. Goes to show what type of fuckers lurk on reddit. You can bring the arabs to their knees but not Pakistanis. dog dildo

wholesale dildos One ball of each weight/color contains a retraction leash for easy removal. This leash seems to made of nylon, and is held sturdily in place from inside of the plastic ball. There is no stretch provided by this leash, so removal should be relatively easy wholesale dildos.


I was going to toss out everything else


pigslam comments on russia begins testing underwater nuclear weapon and

wholesale vibrators But I still find him attractive, obviously or we wouldn't be in a relationship. The problem is, I can't figure out why I am not sexually excited by a perfect guy who I find physically appealing. He is a bit submissive in bed which may also contribute to my lack of excitement becasue I feel like I'm the dominating one. wholesale vibrators

dildos I don't know what I am. I don't know if I am or not. How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.". Hot new summer fashion trend: labial concealment. Who wants to be caught on the beach or by the pool with their ladyparts showing? Well, thanks to the makers of the Cuchini, that'll never be a problem again. And how does this new miracle product work, you ask? Simple you shove a foam bicycle seat down your bikini. dildos

horse dildo It was something that she hadn't gotten over. She was fine with masturbation now, as long as it was done with some other implement and not herself. She was never comfortable with touching herself, exploring her body and feeling not only the sensations her body felt when touched by her hands and fingers, but the sensations her hands and fingers felt as well. horse dildo

dog dildo There are various non linear switching behaviors like the potential phase changes in the CuS device I mentioned. These could be used for efficient computation of nonlinear activation functions used in NNs. In systems where high precision isn necessary, this could beat digital computation of a similar function. dog dildo

wholesale vibrators "I would claim that symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in," writes physicist Alan Lightman in "The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew." "The search for symmetry, and the emotional pleasure we derive when we find it, must help us make sense of the world around us, just as we find satisfaction in the repetition of the seasons and the reliability of friendships. Symmetry is also economy. Symmetry is simplicity. wholesale vibrators

wholesale vibrators Los Angeles County Sheriffs responded to a fight in progress call in the primarily homosexual enclave of West Hollywood, CA a few months back. They arrived onscene to four men beating up another. The four intoxicated individuals just happened to be homosexual, and just happened to feel like attacking a lone heterosexual male on the sidewalk of a quiet street. wholesale vibrators

When Kevin Willmottstepped into a University of Kansas classroom wearing a bulletproof vest, his students immediately fellsilent.Willmott said that when students and staff members returnedto University of Kansas campus in Lawrence last month, he wanted to let them know exactly where he stands on the gun issue.As he walked into the room on the first day of class, he said that there was"an audible hush.""One of the things I told them was, 'Youtry to ignore that I'm wearing a bulletproof vest, and I'll try to ignore that you could be packing a.44 Magnum,' " he said.Willmott,59, a professorof film and media studies, said in an interview that hedoes not fear his students but is convinced that concealed carry on campuses is "a crazy idea.""We've seen what happened in these horrible incidents at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech and a bunch of places around the country," Willmott told The Washington Post. "And I don't think it's the students' job to turn into Rambo to try to take on somebody that might be out to do us harm.""The whole idea is just insane, and it can only lead to bad things," he added.[ Guns go to college: Everything you need to know about campus carry ]Campus carry has been a contentious issue at colleges and universities in multiple states, where students and faculty have protested similar gun policies. Students at the University of Texas at Austin, for example, attended a demonstration last year armed with sex toys instead of firearms, to fight "absurdity." At that same school, an economics professor emeritus quit, telling university officials: "Out of self protection, I have chosen to spend part of next Fall at the University of Sydney, where, among other things, this risk seems lower."People were also debating the issue in Kansas last year ahead of the law's implementation at state colleges and universities."When a gun is in a school and harm is meant, there is only one thing that is going to stop that and that is another gun," state Sen.

horse dildo The swirls on the g spot end definitely feel pleasurable during use, though. They aren't too noticable but are noticable enough that you'll feel them really well during use. If you enjoy a slight bit of texture on your sex toys, this works out fantastically and adds a bit more of an experience when you use the toy. horse dildo

wholesale sex toys Looking for a gift for the woman with dark tastes? This dome ring is a great gift for the woman who loves to dress in all black. Hematite was a popular jewelry choice during the Victorian period, making this ring a nice option for women who love unusual or vintage inspired pieces. The addition of colorful Labradorite adds a little flair to the piece. wholesale sex toys

dildo I think part of the reason I felt so safe there was I belonged there. I grew up there and it was a given that I had a right to be there, no matter what. Even people who were homophobic seemed to value minding their own business far more than hassling me, or any of the (very few) other queers in town. dildo

dog dildo Max Satisfaction Masturbation Cream starts out as a slightly thick white cream that, as you begin to masturbate, changes into a clear, slick substance. This product has a creamy texture that can take a minute or two of stroking for it to warm up and become slicker and easier for your hand to glide up and down. I experienced no greasy feeling, but in it's cream form it can seem a bit sticky. dog dildo

wholesale vibrators See the forum for more information about how to get involved.As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, is launching a video contest to help spread awareness of breast cancer. We're giving away $650 in prizes with the 1st place prize being a $500 gift basket full of luxury toys! You can submit a 30 45 second video about breast cancer, and you'll be entered to win! You can see the full guidelines on the Breast Cancer Awareness page, and you can vote for your favorites.If you want to get involved in another way, both EdenCafe and SexIs Magazine will be running articles about breast cancer all month. EdenCafe is currently accepting articles about a variety of aspects concerning breast cancer as well.Get involved this month at to help us spread the word of awareness and support for breast cancer!You know we won the "O" Award for "Outstanding Online Retailer", but did you know that recently received another award? We were recently named the "Online Retailer of the Year" in the StorErotica awards for soft goods. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys The Japan Family Planning Association interviewed 3,000 subjects about their sex lives (both men and women). The study revealed that nearly 50 per cent of those quizzed didn have sex in the month previous to the interview. 48.3 per cent of men had not had sex for a month (an increase in 5 per cent from 2012).. Adult Toys

dildo Republicans are losing the public relations battle on their tax cut bills. While a tax bill cleared the House last week, several Senate Republicans appear skeptical of their chamber's version. And polls show that Americans are much more opposed to the GOP's tax effortthan supportive a fact that has to be weighing on those same wavering Senate Republicans.. dildo

dog dildo Guests included Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Joe Manchin, Peter Navarro, Andrew Pollack, Susan Page dildos, Jeffrey Goldberg, Margaret Talev, Ed O'Keefe, and Seth DoaneGuests included Rep. It's cut in the demi style with deep V plunge neck line, and has a decent amount of push up power due to the shape. It comes in four colors: black, white, leopard, and zebra. I chose the white. dog dildo

wholesale sex toys The material on this plug is smooth but has a matte feel to it. When you run your finger on it, you will feel a drag. It also has two ultra thin polar plates glued on the sides. There was an amateurish feel to the entire production, which was surprising to me considering the production values of some of the other Hartley films I have seen. This struck me as something that could be shot in someone's basement with a hand held camera. Take away the fancy sex swings, and this is something that any amateur could produce. wholesale sex toys

wholesale dildos My Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping came to me in a clear plastic bag with the bottle clearly visible. The front of the bottle is pretty straight forward dildos, it states the product name dildos, that it is the Chocolate Strawberry version and that the bottle contains 8 fl. Oz. wholesale dildos

Adult Toys Only once have I been able to do that with something other than that which we colonials usually hear this side of the pond. Years ago, at work, I had been discussing details of product availability with a customer. My back to the shop's open door when a magnificent growl passed. Adult Toys

horse dildo A National Cancer Institute study found that those with implants had increases in cancers of the brain, respiratory tract, cervix and vulva. According to the FDA, 43% of all implant patients have complications within just three years of surgery. Considering the cost of breast implants, that breast implants are not one time surgeries but require upkeep every few years, even removal or replacement, and all the risks they pose, they pretty iffy business.. horse dildo

sex toys OK, we all love John Hughes (don't try to deny it), but even die hard Ducky fans like me have to admit that Hughes movies are populated with cardboard cutouts, traced in nuance free black and white. Rainbow Rowell's latest novel takes some familiar elements and pops them into glorious 3 D. Eleanor and Park meet on the school bus she's a defiantly weird poor girl (a redhead, no less!) from a broken family, he's a solidly middle class son of a veteran and his Korean wife (no Long Duk Dong here). sex toys

vibrators "I get to have casual sex with a variety of people, and I get to do things that I never would have been able to do in my personal life. You can't print some of the things I do. Well, maybe you can say gangbangs. Good morning. Region dildos, commuters are bracing for a messy commute and there are signs that last week's epic bad commute is on the minds of many officials. On Monday, the federal government announced that employees could take unscheduled leave or telecommute. vibrators

Adult Toys The thong that comes with the slip is your standard kit thong that comes with many DreamGirl items. It is also mesh, like parts of the slip, and is a bit large for someone of my size. The attached garters are ribbon with plastic attachments, which aren't very difficult to use if you've used something similar before.. Adult Toys

dildos "I thought back to a lot of kids in my high school who I think of as more socially awkward dildos, or anxious, or worried about how they're being perceived," Mr. Platt said over mint tea after wrapping up his recent voice lesson. "They are similar to Evan in the way that they would carry themselves, or sit at lunch tables, and walk around school with their heads down looking at their feet and blinking.". dildos

g spot vibrator So I really liked the footage. However for the content. It seems a little dense. If you are a first timer dildos, and plump for Tuscany, be sure to look beyond Chianti, between Florence and Siena, which is often densely wooded. There are few towns, and long journeys on twisting roads to key historic centres. Rather, it is the Val d'Orcia, south ofSiena, that has the best of the region's classic landscapes.. g spot vibrator

wholesale dildos It actually not unreasonable to claim a dose that low would have some sort of an effect, maybe not with LSD but certainly with other drugs that act on HT2a. Look at Charles Nichols (yup, David Nichols son) studies on the anti inflammatory effects of DOI in vivo. They have demonstrated potent anti TNF effects in rats at far below the cognitive/CNS effects that recreational users associate with the drugs. wholesale dildos

gay sex toys I also think as a follower of dharmic religions we are only hurting us when we don't speak about our identity. How many Sikhs and Hindus have been killed because people think they are Muslims? How many Muslims have been killed because of islamaphobic incidents in the west? It's 2 different numbers. When people think of Muslims they think of dark skinned brown people which most Indians are. gay sex toys

vibrators Citizens. When you buy a burger at McDonald's, you help educate an Mexican illegal alien who will then take your job. Citizens and their kids.. Butt Plug Anal Kit Adam Eve Couple's Backdoor Pleasure + Guide to Anal Sex DVD$Couples here's the complete kit that has your back door covered for out of this word anal experiences! Start with an E Z Douche for clean comfort and peace of mind. Slowly open up to the Booty Popper Bead Stick, one bead at a time, at your own pace. Once in, pull them out at climax for an even bigger orgasm! Wear your Cheeky Anal Plug proudly during other sexual activities and feel your pelvic floor come alive with new thrills. vibrators

horse dildo We allowed to block and redirect punches, we can restrain if there is likely to be genuine injury to a person. Wearing protection like face masks or whatever seems awful to me. The people we worked with were still people, struggling to understand the world around them. horse dildo

gay sex toys Expect them to treat you no better than they treat their partisan enemies.i have never seen a trumper freak out about someone voting libertarian. But a berniebot?as much as some people say TD is a hate subreddit, none of them know anything about the sub. You dont get a mass of downvotes if you said you voted 3rd party. gay sex toys

animal dildo The includes a bra, garter belt with attached skirt, g string, and black hose. I had purchased this set just for the bra because like I said earlier, I did not expect anything but the bra and hose to fit me. I was going to toss out everything else. I had a Tantus Small silk since mid December and it seems to already be damaged (or worn out?). I have stored it with a dildo from a different company (Vixen Creations); however because both are high quality silicone, I assumed thereI had a Tantus Small silk since mid December and it seems to already be damaged (or worn out?). I have stored it with a dildo from a different company (Vixen Creations); however because both are high quality silicone, I assumed there wouldn be an issue.. animal dildo

horse dildo (Ok, with mental health, maybe not halved, but at least a bit reduced ) Another issue with this is that due to my very close exams (ugh) we're not seeing each other nearly as often as we'd like so when we do see each other at the moment we're trying to keep discussion somewhat limited unless he's feeling particularly down so that we can enjoy the time we have. He says this is sometimes one of the most helpful things, to just forget it and enjoy himself for a bit, and it does contribute to a healthier relationship. Neither of us wants to spend all our time sitting down having serious discussions as it just wouldn't be healthy for our (or any) relationship but we give them their place.. horse dildo

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Put our best efforts and resources where it really counts. Expulsion? Not enough. Once we start dealing with these children and their parents in a no nonsense way (criminal charges) maybe we'll get better results. When she had woken up again, it was a lot darker. She had checked the watch her father had given her for her birthday, pressing the little button on the side that made the face of the watch light up. The watch had made her feel like a grownup, and she had worn it everywhere..

g spot vibrator Well, hello! We thought Alec Baldwin's doe eyed date to the Kennedy Center Honors looked familiar. Cox just moved back here to start work with a PR firm after deciding to leave the magazine world. "This was my first Honors. The trajectory of where we want to put this team and how they can sustain success, so yeah we gonna learn from this one. Going three plays and out on their first drive of the day, the Patriots went to the run game to score the game first touchdown. New England ran six straight times, capped by a 4 yard TD run by Michel. g spot vibrator

gay sex toys I cut my hair short because I don't like girly hair styles on me. I like to look at and wear men's clothes because I think they look great and that girl clothes are gross. I've thought about binding my chest and being a guy for a while, but my voice is too high. gay sex toys

wholesale sex toys I seemed a bit down to my mum once and she had a go at me for feeling sorry for myself and went on about people living on medication like it was a really bad thing. Thats why i dont wanna go there, incase i do need them and she gets mad that i cant deal with my own problems myself. I wish i could tell her how bad i feel, but i cant work out what i could say anyway. wholesale sex toys

wholesale vibrators I still find it amusing that my brother and I, who thought of ourselves as tough boys and atheists to boot, would each year just love decorating the Christmas tree with tinsel, ornaments and red, yellow and green lights. Mom would laugh at the sight of her two boys dildos, even as teenagers, spacing out the decorations to obtain the full Christmas esthetic. I guess she found it unexpectedly sweet.. wholesale vibrators

vibrators People did the work on their house and upkeep themselves. People did not buy a fancy new car as often. Most people would just be straight up honest and say they couldn afford it and live without it. Director Atom Egoyan, who wrote the screenplay, first conceived of the story in the fall of 1992, intrigued by the ritualistic nature of table dances and the rule that clients can not touch the dancers, envisioning a story of a dancer having a main customer. He believed a strip club could be an important setting for a film because of society's sexual obsessions, and the roles of such clubs as "a collective sexual outlet". While wanting to portray the clubs accurately dildos, he also believed he could bring a skeptical perspective. vibrators

dog dildo Of course, it is harder when it comes to the Pill because girls do use it for period cramps and endometreosis and such. But then, it isn't advisable for young girls to be on the Pill if I'm not wrong. On the other hand, if we are talking about condoms which can be readily bought, I honestly can't find a way to make parental consent work. dog dildo

animal dildo Summer means outdoor fun riding bikes, playing catch and jumping into the closest pool. Every year there are new toys and gadgets designed for summertime play. Some are terrific. The Nature report characterizes surveillance generally as ad hoc and reactive, responding to outbreaks or temporary projects rather than being consistent. That a problem because global threats can emerge from a flu virus at any moment. National Center for Biotechnology Information Influenza Virus Sequence Database between 2003 and 2011. animal dildo

wholesale dildos The cuffs have also proven themselves surprisingly durable. We've used them a couple dozen times, and they don't show that much wear. The black rose came off, which didn't bother either of us in the slightest, and the fine lace has frayed here and there (but not much). wholesale dildos

Adult Toys OSA is defined as a collapse of the upper airway that occurs when the tissues in the throat relax with sleep. When the soft tissue in the back of the throat is relaxed dildos, it can block the flow of air. This leads toadrop in oxygen, a rise in carbon dioxide, an increase in adrenalin, an increase in blood pressure and an increase in arousals from sleep that can be so brief that the patient is unaware of them.. Adult Toys

g spot vibrator Many men have a slight curvature to the penis to the left or right. If you're worried that any curvature you have seems to be a sympton of Peyronie's Disease because it is bending at an unusual angle or you have other symptoms as well (hard lump on the penis that resembles tough scar tissue), you should seek the advice of your physician. S/he can give you the correct diagnosis g spot vibrator.


Supplier Collaboration: Sharing Influence for Shared Success

Success is not about procurement getting the upper hand; in fact, it might be about giving it up! Such a statement could raise the eyebrows of people pursuing success. It’s true that all corporate functions want more influence — but the secret lies in how they go about pursuing and leveraging that influence. 
For instance, for procurement managers to maximize the value from every contract, they must work with the best and most influential suppliers of every product and service — even if it means they can’t always maintain the upper hand. 
Maybe it’s time to tweak our thinking about procurement influence. The real-life experiences described in the following case study — and the ones you’ll read in Part 2 — show that procurement teams need to learn three key lessons about influence before they can reach peak effectiveness and before strategic suppliers can exercise their own influence on behalf of buyers. 

Case study 1 — Influence does not equal control.

Sometimes procurement teams must give up control to increase the influence of their supply chain. As they move away from reacting to transactional business needs and toward building strategic influence, procurement needs to stop emphasizing control in supplier relationships. Traditionally, procurement has been most comfortable when they have near-total control over suppliers. If they work to maintain that condition, however, they artificially cap supplier value creation. To make sure procurement has control over the relationship, they believe they must select suppliers that are not too influential, not too successful or not able to challenge their customers directly. 

But contracts do not exist for procurement’s benefit. If the best, most qualified supplier ends up having leverage over procurement, but they are able to create measurable value for the enterprise, then that is the right way to go. 
For example, consider the case of expanded insight that played out at  Brunswick, a world-leading provider of marine engines, pleasure boats, and fitness, bowling and billiards equipment. They implemented a centralized spend analysis solution to increase both visibility and control. They understood that if they limited the increase in visibility to internal eyes only, they would be shutting the door on half of the value they could potentially gain from their investment. 
With all of their business units’ demand and purchasing history combined into one cleansed data set, Brunswick’s suppliers understood more clearly their diverse business requirements and aligned more accurately with future business strategy and direction. If the Brunswick procurement team had decided to block their suppliers from this visibility, procurement certainly would have monopolized the upper hand during discussions, but suppliers would have been blindly trying to offer additional value. By allowing the suppliers to become well informed about Brunswick’s needs, suppliers became more influential, but they were also better positioned to deliver on the company’s behalf – increasing procurement’s influence internally and externally. 

Case Study 2 — Shows that supplier influence and value go hand in hand.

Supplier influence has grown with the realization that supply chains are critical to competitive advantage. Smart suppliers capitalize on this realization and expect to wield as much influence as their potential value can allow and their ability to manage their own supply chain can tolerate. 
Suppliers that recognize the connection between value and influence will work to build both in parallel and will be driven to grow their market share through innovation, not straight leverage. These suppliers present key collaboration opportunities – and foster conditions where both procurement and suppliers can grow their influence at the same time. 
RCI Banque was willing to put their words into action when it came to empowering supplier influence. When they automated their purchasing activity via the procure-to-pay platform (P2P), they reduced the time spent paying supplier invoices and sped up supplier compensation. By paying their suppliers sooner, and making the whole process more transparent and predictable, they vastly improved their supplier relationships. Although giving up cash sooner might have seemed like it reduced RCI Banque’s influence over their suppliers, it actually created an opportunity for them to become a customer of choice, receiving greater value-oriented investment from critical supply partners simply by leveraging automation to increase efficiency. People who hold the money may hold the power, but they are unlikely to have collaborative relationships with any of their suppliers – at least not for long. 

Case Study 3 — Demonstrates why you cannot automate collaboration.

Technology can be your procurement team’s best friend, but only if you use it to convert strategy into action – or collaboration into value – by freeing up the right resources to engage with the right suppliers on carefully selected opportunities. 
Most supplier relationships involve flexible, give-and-take of influence over the terms of the contract. As a result, procurement needs to increase their engagement to realize the total value of each agreement. This engagement must be direct, driven by an understanding of big picture enterprise objectives and be mutually beneficial. 
The role of technology in such cases is twofold: 
1.) Procurement must carefully decide which supplier relationships merit a collaborative level of attention (based on market intelligence, spend data and related risk). 
2.) The majority of supplier relationships will need to be automated if procurement is to have the time to go strategically hands-on without increasing headcount. 
Value of influence is limited if it is not lasting! That is the lesson your procurement team will need to bring into supplier relationship management strategies. If your influence is sustainable, it will flex enough to survive the ups and downs that are inevitable over the life of a contract. 
Your willingness to be “down” in one situation creates the potential to be back “up” when circumstances change. Fighting for dominant influence shortens its tenure and does as much damage as good to procurement’s results and relationships. 
Maintaining a big picture perspective increases the number of teams working in parallel to create unified value – procurement, stakeholders and suppliers – absolutely expanding the value, not dividing it.




Telegram Bot Shutdown


I dislike a lot of people who are in my contact list. There is nothing personal about anything, but it makes me feel extremely anxious when I spot them being a hypocrite. It happens a lot, so I decided to build a simple Telegram bot which can send reminders to these people, daily. Of course, I gave them the option to unsubscribe. I didn’t want to harass them with my messages. I did it for fun. That’s it.

Here are the messages -

  "wisdom" : [
        {"message" : "Lose it all and hit yourself in the head with a hammer to make the voices stop."},
        {"message" : "One day, life will lose meaning. Until then, keep working in an office building."},
        {"message" : "Why do your best when you can just kill yourself? "}
        {"message" : "Someone has to be a pathetic piece of shit. You can do it."}
        {"message" : "The fact that you are sexy, doesn't mean that you are talented."}
        {"message" : "Marriage is just another word for a nuclear test site."}
        {"message" : "You are a lonely normie."}
        {"message" : "Someone should feel pain. You can be that someone."}
        {"message" : "Let people know that your life is incredibly loaded with diseases."}

Thanks to the lovely Inspirbot for all the quotes!

The messages are getting sent in the following format -

Today’s wisdom -

“One day, life will lose meaning. Until then, keep working in an office building.”

To stop getting these quotes, reply “/myasshurts”

Thank You.

  • The Loyal Bot.

The subscribe again, the user needs to message - `/iamafuckfacehypocrite`

I’m going to shut the bot down. It’s been a couple of days, and the people in my contact list must have already received some messages, and I think that’s enough. I know it was a dick move, but I enjoyed doing it. No hard feelings for anyone, it’s just that those people are remarkably irritating.

On a lighter note, I just found out that we can schedule messages on Telegram. Not bad!


La sfida di Meloni: basta tasse e sprechi

La leader di FdI a Bologna per misurare la propria forza (anche rispetto alla Lega) e lanciare le sue controproposte sulla manovra: fisco più equo e no al reddito di cittadinanza

W Kanadzie spotyka się dziwne małe humanoidy, którym przypisuje się magiczne moce


Plemie indian Kri mieszkających obecnie we wschodniej Kanadzie, posiada w swojej mitologii wiele opowieści i legend, w których znajdują się odniesienia do bardzo interesujących istot zwanych przez nich Mannegishi. Mitycznych małych ludziach o niemal magicznych mocach. Czy jednak za historiami o tych legendarnych stworzeniach kryje się coś nie z tej Ziemi?


Zgodnie z rzeczonymi wcześniej podaniami, Mannegishi nie noszą ubrań, mają biało-szarą szorstką skórę, cienkie i długie kończyny oraz 12 długich palców. Ich głowy są duże i wypukłe z góry, a ich oczy są duże i świecą w ciemności. Istoty z tego gatunku nie mają włosów na głowie i ciele. Dodatkowo, nie mają one również nosa, a mimo iż chodzą całkowicie nago, nie zarejestrowano u nich jakichkolwiek narządów płciowych. Wzrost Mannegishi zazwyczaj przypomina wzrostem 5 letnie dziecko, a większość spotkań z nimi, kończy się w niefortunny sposób.

Mannegishi najczęściej żyły wzdłuż brzegów rzek i jezior. Czasami można je rzekomo zobaczyć pod łodziami rybackimi, które są przez nie wywracane do góry nogami. Co jednak ciekawe, istoty te nie są elementem symbolicznym dla tego ludu. A gdy Indianie Kri opowiadają o Mannegishi, zawsze jest to opowieść o całkowicie prawdziwych stworzeniach z krwi i kości, bez wspomnienia o konceptach takich jak złe duchy, czy też inne duchowe byty.

Indianin Cree z północnego Quebecu

Opowieści na temat tych istot wywołały swego czasu wiele kontrowersji wśród badaczy zjawiska, które miało miejsce jeszcze w 1977 r. Mowa tu o wydarzeniach z miasta Dover w stanie Massachusetts. Wówczas pojawiło się wiele zgłoszeń dotyczących stworzenia które otrzymało przydomek „Demona z Dover”. Jak się okazało, to stworzenie w swoim wyglądzie było dokładną kopią Mannegishi.

„Demona” po raz pierwszy ujrzano 21 kwietnia 1977 roku. Trzej nastolatkowie Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzock i Andy Brody jechali późnym wieczorem, ciemną drogą na przedmieściach. W pewnym momencie minęli oni stary kamienny płot i dostrzegli ruch na jego szczycie. Początkowo uznali, że jest to poprostu kot, ale kiedy po kilku sekundach podjechali bliżej, a reflektory samochodu oświetliły tę część ściany, Bartlett zobaczył, że nie było to zwierzę, ale człowiek lub coś co przypomina człowieka. 


Humanoid siedział w dziwacznej pozycji, i był wyraźnie zgarbiony. Jego oczy były duże i jaskrawo pomarańczowe bez powiek, rzęs i błyszczące jak szkło. Ręce stworzenia były chude jak patyki i bardzo długie, a na ich końcach znajdowały się wręcz szponiaste cienkie palce. Skóra stwora była szaro-różowa i szorstka z wyglądu. 

Nastolatek widział to stworzenie tylko przez kilka sekund, ponieważ niedługo potem szybko uciekło i zniknęło w ciemności. Bartlet czym prędzej wysiadł z samochodu i podbiegł do płotu aby upewnić się, że dziwna istota którą widział nie była przywidzeniem. Podczas gdy nie znalazł on tam niczego co mogłoby być pomylone z humanoidalną sylwetką nie widział już śladu po tym stworzeniu. Nastolatek wykonał jednak jego szkic i jak się później okazało  rysunek ten stał się najbardziej kultowym obrazem „Demona z Dover”.


Bartlett przysięgał miejscowym reporterom, że naprawdę widział to stworzenie. Jego słowa uzyskały potwierdzenie gdy wkrótce potem pojawił się inny świadek, który widział to samo stworzenie tego samego wieczoru. 15-letni John Baxter szedł do domu wzdłuż Millers High Road, wracając od swojej dziewczyny, gdy nagle zobaczył dziwnego, małego mężczyznę. Początkowo Baxter wziął go za małe dziecko, a nawet starał się mu pomóc, ponieważ uznał, że chodziło ono samotnie w tym niezamieszkałym miejscu.

Miejsce rzekomego spotkania z Demonem z Dover

Dopiero po zbliżeniu się do niego zdał sobie sprawę, że to nie był człowiek. Postać miała mniej niż metr wysokości i wyjątkowo chude ręce i nogi. Mężczyźnie wydawało się to niewiarygodne, że te kończyny mogły utrzymać jego dużą owalną głowę. Okrągłe świecące oczy stwora były widoczne na jego głowie, a ciało przypominało Baxterowi niewielką małpkę. Próbując przyjrzeć się bliżej stworzeniu, Baxter zaczął się do niego zbliżać, ale humanoid nagle skoczył na bok, a potem szybko zniknął na poboczu drogi.


Następnego dnia, Will Tyntor i jego dziewczyna Abby Brabham dostrzegli podobne stworzenie podczas jazdy samochodem w Springdale Avenue. Zgodnie z ich relacją, widzieli oni tego samego stwora z owalną głową i patykowatymi kończynami, który pojawił się w świetle reflektorów. Zgodnie z opowieścią pary, humanoid czołgał się szybko na czworakach obok drogi. Jego oczy płonęły zielonkawym światłem, natomiast jego nos i uszy nie były widoczne. Stwór nie miał też ubrania, podobnie jak włosów. Z zewnątrz wyglądał on jak brzydka, ogolona i do tego chuda małpa.

W trakcie następnych dziesięcioleci nie dochodziło już do żadnych spotkań z tym stworzeniem a sam "Demon" stał się zaledwie postacią legendarną. Ten stan rzeczy zmienił się w 2004 r, kiedy kolejny mieszkaniec Dover zetknął się z bardzo podobnym humanoidem. Podobnie jak większość świadków, jechał on samochodem, bardzo późnym wieczorem na podmiejskiej drodze. Zgodnie z jego relacją:

„Nagle zobaczyłem coś ciemnego i głośnego, co szybko przesuwało się od strony lasu do drogi. Kiedy się zatrzymało i można było je zobaczyć, zobaczyłem dużą zaokrągloną głowę o wielkich okrągłych oczach. Stworzenie stało na czworakach i nie miało ubrania. Nie miało też ogona i na pierwszy rzut oka wydawało mi się nawet, że jest dużym psem. Potem stworzenie znowu zniknęło i szybko przeczołgało się z powrotem do lasu. Nie wiem, co to jest, ale jak na psa było to zbyt dziwne ”.

To jednak nadal nie wszystko, a przeszukując zasoby internetowe, można trafić na jeszcze dwie historie spotkań z tym stworem pochodzące z Reddita. Również opowiadają one o obserwacji w pobliżu Dover niezwykle małych humanoidów z dużą głową i chudymi kończynami. Czy to możliwe, że „Demon Dover” to w rzeczywistości opisywany w indiańskich legendach Mannegishi? Wiele osób zainteresowanych tym zagadnieniem uważa iż jest to prawdopodobne.

Zreszą to nie wszystko! Słuchając o istotach przedstawianych w tak konkretny sposób, na myśl przychodzą popularne w popkulturze obrazy Obcych, czyli tak zwanych szaraków. Zarówno ich niezwykły wygląd jak i tajemnicze spotkania z nimi w odludnych miejscach powinny budzić pewien poziom konsternacji. Teoretyzowanie że "Demon z Dover" to w rzeczywistości przedstawiciel obcej cywilizacji z którą w interakcje wchodzili przodkowie Indian Kri brzmi oczywiście jak ogromny przeskok myślowy. Prawda jest taka, iż istota z Dover może być wszystkim a może wogóle nie istnieć o ile nie uda się wykonać jej fotografii lub może nawet złapać żywy egzemplarz. A biorąc pod uwagę częstotliwość z jaką pojawiała się ona w przeszłości, możliwe że nie dojdzie do tego za naszego życia.


How Much Money JKrew Makes On YouTube – Net Worth


JKrew Net Worth – $200,000


JKrew is a popular YouTube channel that features three sibling from the United States named Priscilla, Maddy and Anthony. They have generated an estimated net worth of $200,000. Their content is mainly composed of fun challenges, DIY videos, vlogs, crafts and fun games. They started out in 2017 but their channel started experiencing exponential growth in late 2018. Currently they upload an average of four videos a month. The channel is managed by their parents Josh and Sandy.

How Much Money Does JKrew Earn On YouTube?

The channel has over 300,000 subscribers as of 2019 and has accumulated over 100 million views so far. It is able to get an average of 300,000 views per day from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of $1,200 per day ($440,000 a year) from the ads that appear on the videos.

YouTubers get paid $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Monetized views range from 40% – 80% of the total views. All these are influenced by several factors like device played on, the location of the viewer, ad inventory, how many ads there are on a video, how many people skip the ads, type of advertisement, ad engagement, type of content etc. The cost of an ad view is based on an auction between advertisers based on views. Advertisers have to bid a minimum of $0.01 per view.

There is also a program known as Google Preferred where deep-pocketed companies can target ads on the top 5% most popular content. The ad rates here are higher than normal. Apart from ads, YouTubers also generate extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus watch videos without ads. Here they get paid based on watch time on their videos. The longer the viewers watch their videos, the more money they earn.

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How Much Money AJ Lapray Makes On YouTube – Net Worth


AJ Lapray Net Worth – $250,000


AJ Lapray is a popular basketball player and YouTuber from Oregon, United States. He has an estimated net worth of $250,000. He played Division 1 basketball at the University of Oregon, Pepperdine University and Rice University. He also led Sprague High School to the state playoffs while averaging 17 ppg during his senior year. His content is compromised of vlogs, challenges, basketball and anything else he loves. He uploads an average of 2 – 3 videos a week. His most popular video “Nerds Dunk On Hoopers At Venice Beach” has over 16 million views within a year.

How Much Money Does AJ Lapray Earn On YouTube?

The channel has over 600,000 subscribers as of 2019 and has accumulated over 100 million views so far. It is able to get an average of 300,000 views per day from different sources. This should generate an estimated revenue of $1,200 per day ($450,000 a year) from the ads that appear on the videos.

YouTubers get paid $2 – $7 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Monetized views range from 40% – 80% of the total views. All these are influenced by several factors like device played on, the location of the viewer, ad inventory, how many ads there are on a video, how many people skip the ads, type of advertisement, ad engagement, type of content etc. The cost of an ad view is based on an auction between advertisers based on views. Advertisers have to bid a minimum of $0.01 per view.

There is also a program known as Google Preferred where deep-pocketed companies can target ads on the top 5% most popular content. The ad rates here are higher than normal. Apart from ads, YouTubers also generate extra from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube plus watch videos without ads. Here they get paid based on watch time on their videos. The longer the viewers watch their videos, the more money they earn.

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Remote controlled miniature surfer annoys a surfer


At first I thought this video used special effects to make it look like a tiny surfer was bugging a normal size surfer. It's actually a remote control scale model of a surfer.

How to annoy a surfer 101 from funny

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Remote controlled miniature surfer annoys a surfer


At first I thought this video used special effects to make it look like a tiny surfer was bugging a normal size surfer. It's actually a remote control scale model of a surfer.

How to annoy a surfer 101 from funny

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Secret Sale Success


@LouCap wrote:

I’ve been aware of the Eve V since the crowdfunding campaign. At the time, I had just bought a Surface Pro 4 (for a lot more $$$), so it wasn’t practical to buy another 2-in-1 device at the time. Flash forward a few years, and I’m getting tired of the short battery life and constant fan noise of my i7 Surface Pro 4. A few weeks ago I get an email for an Eve Secret Sale. I check out the pricing, and it’s over 50% off of what I paid for the SP4. No fan…better display…longer battery life…keyboard and pen included. I’m in. And then things got a little weird…

Now, when I say things got weird, it wasn’t really anything to do with Eve Devices. Nope, it had everything to do with all of the bad press Eve was getting online and in the forums. After reading them, I instantly had buyer’s remorse. The things I was reading were disturbing…backers waiting years for their V’s…backers waiting for refunds… and nothing happening. I felt like I had just thrown $850 down the drain. After all, it had been 5 days since I ordered and they said it would ship in 2-4 days, so I reached out to Eve customer service. To my surprise, I got a response in under 24 hours. I inquired if it would still be possible to cancel my order, and they told me they would check. Within a few hours, they told me that it was scheduled to ship the next day, but they could stop the shipment if that’s what I wanted. I responded that if it didn’t ship as scheduled the next day, then I would cancel.

The next morning I awoke to an email from Eve. The customer service agent regretfully had to inform me that my shipment did not go out, BUT it was because we tried to stop it the day before, and the warehouse took it to heart. I was skeptical, so I asked to cancel my order and get a refund. Being a Saturday, the agent told me that the order would be canceled on Monday and the refund processed. I thought we were done, and I resigned myself to the fact that I was not getting a V.

About an hour later, I got another email from the same agent. He asked me if I wanted to wait till Monday to see if it shipped. He promised me he would make sure it went out, and if not I could get my refund, no problem. Again, I was skeptical, but I had come this far, and I was still within the window for a credit card chargeback, so I thought “why not?”

Lo and behold, the V shipped on Monday. I followed its progress from China to the USA anxious to see if it was everything that Eve promised, or was it what the forums said, or somewhere in between. Unfortunately, my V missed a flight in Alaska and was delayed one more day, so my wait continued. The next day though, it arrived! As I opened the box, all of the negative comments from Reddit and the Eve community filled my head. Would it be poorly made? Would the pen suck? What software issues would I encounter? Well, it turns out, the V was in pristine condition, it fired right up, there were NO software issues and the V Pen seemed to perform like the pen for my SP4. In short, for me, the hype was real, and thanks to the Secret Sale pricing, I felt like I had gotten a great deal.

Flash forward a few days, and I have been using the V exclusively for work and play without any issues. Granted, all I’m doing is surfing the web, copywriting, and doing budgets, but I can do it ALL day without needing to recharge the battery and without the constant drone of a cooling fan.

Random Observations

  • The V is built really well. It feels very premium in the hand and is very solid.

  • The display is really good, on par with (or better) than the Surface Pro.

  • The Pen works just fine for taking notes. I’m not an artist, but it does what I need. The magnet could be a little stronger for storing on the side of the display. My pen shipped without a battery, but owning an SP4, I had an extra AAAA battery handy, so no issue for me there.

  • The battery is WAY better than the i7 Surface Pro 4.

  • I haven’t noticed any slow down going from an i7U chip to an i7Y chip.

  • The V keyboard is as good, if not better, than the SP4.

  • The backlight on the keyboard is just fine. The colors are cool, and I can read the letters in the dark.

  • The speakers are good, not great, but good. Certainly good enough for YouTube videos or Netflix.

  • The kickstand is not “razor-sharp” as I had read. It is thinner than the kickstand on the Surface, so the edge is a bit more narrow, but as I type this with the V resting on my knees, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with my purchase, especially considering the sale price. I know SO many buyers had problems before, and I really do feel for them. But, it seems like something has changed with Eve. From what I’ve read, they have a new distribution partner, and it really shows. The customer service folks have been nothing but nice to me, very responsive and helpful. I hope they can figure out a way to take care of all of the disgruntled backers and buyers who paid and got nothing, but for now, it seems like they’ve figured out how to take care of new customers and fulfill their orders in a timely manner.

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UFOs, RUFOs, and UAPs

Since 1947 when the “flying saucer” craze first impacted public awareness in a significant way, many books and articles have been published, numerous radio and television specials have been produced, and much interpersonal discussion has been generated. Waves of sightings have occurred periodically. Almost everyone has been a party to these discussions at some point during their life. People are asked, “What is your opinion on flying saucers?” The first reports of these phenomena were popularly described as flying saucers after a famous 1947 sighting in Washington State. Historically, many unidentified phenomena throughout history were described as “saucer-like.”

What do we mean by saucer-like? This is only one description of UFOs. Their shape may be saucer or disc-like. But UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) is a term from a more modern perspective. The phenomena have appeared in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some hover; others maneuver at impossible speeds. They have also acquired a wide variety of explanations—inspection and/or invasions by extraterrestrial beings, intrusions from foreign military powers, or evidence of clandestine military research technology from our own military. Errant human perception, faulty description, or hallucination rate as possibilities. Personal opinions regarding UAPs vary widely. The spectrum of belief is wide, indeed.  

Some people do not believe in UFOs for a variety of reasons. Even residual UFOs (RUFOs—those UFOs left over after doubtful sightings are explained away) are subject to question by skeptics who are still in denial concerning these mysterious occurrences. Statistics concerning public belief in UFOs can be confusing. For example, 56% of Americans think UFOs are real. 60% of Americans think human activity or natural phenomena are responsible. About two-thirds of Americans believe the US government is hiding information from the public. Half of those believe alien spacecraft are responsible for the hiding.

In the US 16% of the population has “personally witnessed what they thought was a UFO. 84% have not. 20% of the population in the western US make this claim, while only 12% of easterners have claimed to witness an unidentified flying object. Regionality, therefore, is significant. UAPs seem to gravitate toward population or military centers. We offer a preliminary caveat to our discussion: Apparent surveillance by UFOs so far does not equate to “foreign” conquest. To date, our planetary societies have NOT been threatened or attacked.

An internet search reveals multiple articles on UFOs and their history. Many accounts of UFOs are credible, still unexplained, and occurring throughout human history. Since the modern flying saucer craze began in 1947, many more credible reports have occurred, sometimes in clusters. Among many famous figures who have offered their opinions have been Allen Hynek (1910-1986) and Jaques Vallée (b. 1939). Hynek became convinced of an IDH, an “interdimensional overlap” with our familiar dimensions. Vallée has spoken of “other dimensions beyond space/time.” Early UFO researchers were more convinced of the ETH, the extra-terrestrial hypothesis which proposed that visitors from other planets or locations beyond our solar system have discovered methods of traversing enormous distances from outside Planet Earth using advanced space travel technology. 

With passing time it now appears that the IDH (interdimensional hypothesis) holds more promise from a scientific perspective. Another term for the IDH is supernature, or the supernatural. In future posts we will address further IDH and supernatural hypotheses. In the past several years even government agencies have publicly admitted that RUFOs are real—a vastly more explicit admission than at any time in the past. Our blog will deal with these revelations in future posts.

There are multiple explanatory hypotheses for UAPs. There exists an abundance of opinion to match the hypotheses. Skeptics may insist that UFOs are manifestations of natural phenomena such as reflections, unusual temperature inversions, cloud formations, or even flocks of birds. A reasonable or logical explanation for an unusual UFO sighting commands support from a variety of interested  parties.

Let us conclude with two accounts from Northern New Jersey where I lived and worked for nearly fifty years. The first account is reported to provide comic relief from concern over the serious subject of UAPs. A famous hoax was perpetrated in 2009 in Morris County which fooled thousands of local residents and was reported widely on local and national television. The hoax was even reported on a program produced by History Channel—“UFO Hunters.”

Two young men assembled, ignited, and launched highway flares at night on fishing line attached to large helium balloons. On five occasions over several weeks in January and February 2009 they launched from five to nine red flares. The sightings, visible over a wide area, astonished people in Morris County and around the country. Many local and national mainstream media reported it. It has been described as “the biggest hoax ever covered by the mainstream media” by Reddit. “UFO Hunters” deleted their program soon after the hoaxers confessed and documented their activity in detail. Wikipedia has a lengthy article on the “Morristown UFO Hoax.” Curiously, the 2002 volume by Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Mark Clark—A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials described in some detail that “…less than 1% (of UFOs) have been shown to be hoaxes…..The most common type of UFO hoax is a prank balloon, which involves tying a flare or candle to a helium-filled balloon. On rare occasions elaborate hoaxes have been perpetrated, necessitating a more extensive investigation.” Did the hoaxers use the Ross book, published seven years before their prank, as a source for their ideas? We do not know.

The young men were fined $250 and sentenced to fifty hours of community service. They later noted “If a respected UFO investigator can easily be manipulated and dead wrong on one UFO case, is it possible he’s wrong on most (or all) of them?” The hoaxers passed off their prank as a “social experiment” but stated they would do it all over again. 

The other event took place in 1952 a few miles west of the Morristown during the height of a number of eastern US sightings, many around Washington, DC. I was a teenager who had digested many UFO reports. After dark I spotted a very bright light near the southeast horizon, barely moving. After observing the slowly ascending light it disappeared behind a row of trees. When it reappeared it was barely visible much higher in the sky moving very rapidly. At no time was any noise generated. My next door adult neighbor also reported seeing the phenomenon the next day, his description matching mine almost exactly. Had I observed a UFO? Perhaps. 

Dr. Hugh Ross states in his closing chapter that, “If one takes the extradimensional hypotheses to mean that entities could come into the universe from a spiritual realm, one can see a remarkable coincidence between science and Scripture.” We strongly recommend reading the Ross volume for its thoroughgoing treatment of the RUFO/UAP phenomenon from a sound Christian perspective. 





Пользователи cети поделились фактами, которые заставят спросить: «Как вы вообще об этом узнали?»


Согласитесь, чем необычнее факт, тем легче он запечатлевается в памяти. Пользователи Reddit в треде поделились странными, иногда жуткими, но однозначно интересными знаниями, в ответ на которые остается только сказать: «Как и, главное, зачем вы об этом узнали?»


Люди в сети рассказали о 19 случайных фактах, которые раз и навсегда изменили их картину мира


Мы открываем что-то новое каждый день, так почему бы не рассказать о своих находках другим? Для этого на сайте Reddit в отдельном сообществе пользователи публикуют случайные факты, узнав которые, они увидели что-то знакомое в новом свете. Например, вы когда-нибудь слышали о том, зачем рыбе делают массаж, почему чай и пиво считают природными ГМО и для чего в Исландии по четвергам отключали телевизионное вещание вплоть до 1987 года?


Эксперты рассказали о признаках психических расстройств, которые мы принимаем за норму


Множество людей живет в уверенности, что психические расстройства — это то, что случается с кем-то другим, но не с ними и их близкими. Пользователи Reddit задали вопрос авторизованным на сайте психологам, какие действия и привычки, с их профессиональной точки зрения, могут быть поводом, чтобы обратиться за консультацией к специалисту. Не смогли промолчать и те, кто сам когда-то оказался в сложной ситуации.


‘Anonymous’ Author of White House Book Promises to Reveal Identity

In a Reddit AMA, the former senior White House official says they will reveal themselves before the election.

Re: XPS 15 9560 144 hz monitor


Hi. Thank you for such a detailed explanation.I'm not very hardware savvy, maybe you answer already explains what I'm trying to understand.
I've got dell xps 15 9560 with nvidia 1050 ti. After going over multiple forums and reddit threads I've found that there might be only one option to run g-sync that you haven't mentioned in your response.
As far as I understood, there might be an option in BIOS (on some machines) to turn integrated GPU off and make the nvidia GPU to work all the time.
Can you please tell is this a case for dell xps 15 9560? Is there a way to configure those things via BIOS, or maybe to make only usb-c port to be directly processed by nvidia GPU?


CDC: U.S. birth rate hit 'record low' in 2018

The birth rate in the U.S. has dropped for the fourth year in a row, according to the CDC.


Bon Jovi's third 'pay if you can' restaurant will help hungry college students

At the JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurant, patrons make a donation to cover someone else's meal. If you can't pay, you can volunteer to cover the cost of your food.


Burn off Thanksgiving with 'Planksgiving'

A lot of these moves can be done quickly and on the fly without equipment - even while you're still visiting family.


9-year-old's cancer journey is colored Maroon and Gold

Megan Wagner beat osteosarcoma, but the chemo that helped her do it came with a heavy cost.


'CBD has the potential to harm you' FDA warns in new report

The Food and Drug Administration also issued warnings to 15 retailers for selling CBD products illegally.


Former Vikings & Gophers player Ben Williams gives thanks after kidney transplant

“I woke up the next day and felt like I could go back and play again," Williams said.


Brave like Gabe: Foundation named for Gopher runner funds cancer research

Gabe Grunewald's husband Justin awarded $100,000 to a U of M researcher doing cutting-edge work on an alternative treatment to chemotherapy.


First hepatitis A case linked to blackberries in Minnesota

The patient was hospitalized and has since recovered.


Health Care Hacks: Save on prescription drugs

If you're paying more than $30 per month on medication, stop right there.


Scott County Sheriff's deputy, reserve officer out on bond after alleged illegal steroid possession

Just days after being arrested for allegedly possessing and distributing an illegal steroid, a Scott County deputy and reserve officer are out on bond.


Indiana teen killed after passenger's rifle discharges in car

Police said 19-year-old Annalysa McMillan was shot in the back after a backseat passenger's rifle was discharged.


Owners benefit from Small Business Saturday

One day after Black Friday, small business owners are hoping local communities show their support this holiday season.


Beloved West Washington football coach laid to rest

Family, friends and school officials gather Saturday to say goodbye to football coach and athletic director, Phillip Bowsman.


What to do around Louisville this holiday season

Louisville is known for many traditional holiday season events, however, there are some new additions we wanted to make sure you were aware of.


ISP: Fatal Thanksgiving morning crash in Washington Co.

Scottburg's Victor Colon was pronounced dead on the scene and others injured were transported to Louisville hospitals.


Scott County sheriff's deputy charged with dealing steroids

ISP charged Scott County Deputy Joe Baker with possession and dealing controlled substances.


Indiana State Police boost patrols over Thanksgiving weekend

Last year during the Thanksgiving weekend, there were more than 2,500 crashes, including 12 fatalities, in Indiana.


Why the 'Trucker Salute' is a tradition worth saving

Children signaling truck drivers to blow their horns is a tradition that’s dying, according to truckers. But the salute means more to them than you might think.


Students gather to honor Coach Bowsman as he gives the gift of life

Players, coaches, family and friends from West Washington High School gathered for an "honor walk" for Coach Phillip Bowsman.


The grocery business is in the midst of a radical disruption


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It still didn't go away, although it got better. Got treated for that, but it hasn't changed a thing. I'm actually quite hesitant to go back to the doctor and get another prescription for who knows what this time, because I have a feeling that back to back treatments for various issues might just be part of the problem.

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sex toys Nah man. Everyone's got a bloodlust for Trump. No way he's not tied into every lie or scandal going on. The back to back filings have fanned fears that some chains won't make it through the industry's current turmoil,replicating the "retail apocalypse" that has already hit American malls. The grocery business is in the midst of a radical disruption, squeezed by a range of new competitors from Dollar General to Amazon. (Amazon chief executive Jeffrey P. sex toys

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animal dildo She met Ernie, four years her junior, at a senior social. "He had a big, loud laugh and was a wonderful dancer, and when he put his arms around me I just melted right into them. I wasn't sure if this guy was looking for something meaningful, but if all he wanted was a roll in the hay I was going to give him one.". animal dildo

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g spot vibrator It was masterfully carved. The robes on the statue body hung loose, and had shown every curve imaginable. If it had not been carved out of stone, he imagined it hair would been like golden silk. Funny enough, for all its storybook beauty, Welcome to Marwen does the opposite of going "beyond" the story. The tone of the film winds up trivializing the art, since the dolls make jokes about the fact that they're dolls, and Zemeckis gets to sneak a Back to the Future reference in there. It also lets the role of Deja Thoris (Diane Kruger), a blue haired Marwen witch with the power to resurrect the Nazis, serve as a convenient shorthand for Mark's lingering trauma. g spot vibrator

He been there for me through all of these mental health problems and is definitely there for me during this rough sexual patch but I want that old spark back. What should I do?Really, truly, the longer we're in relationships, the more we're going to go through times when for one partner or the other sometimes both libidos are low or sex just isn't a high priority. That's okay.To expect our sex lives as time goes on to resemble how they were when we were brand new to each other isn't very realistic.

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g spot vibrator One was getting irritated because I did not plan things out more, did not make the 'decisions' did not take the main responsibility for our plans together. Another gently complained that in socialising I was too 'hesitant' and 'cautious'. The most recent one eventually got fed up and told me I was too submissive and that she saw me as a plaything eventually who she could completely control, and so she had started looking for new guys while we were still together. g spot vibrator

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The anti microbial property of this toy will no longer work if you put it in the dishwasher or boil it. You would not want to anyways because of the motor. Clean it under warm water and soap or with a wipe. The black studs are plastic but do look okay. They do not extend to the back and are merely along the bust line. Due to the 3 D pyramid shape of the beads, they reflect light as if they are shimmery even though they are a solid black.

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Adult Toys Ginty includes a lot of things that are especially relevant to Americans at the moment such as home foreclosure, job loss, or (on the flip side) overwork; and her experts come through with excellent advice to remember for when these things happen or sometimes even if lesser crises arise. Dr. Carol Queen, for example, advises that if you're in a new living situation with roommates or relatives, make sure you have a place literally for intimacy. Adult Toys

Now I don't know what this compares to any national figures (which the accuracy of a "national average" is still rather inaccurate I believe unless they ask every single teenager out there). I went through high school and college without ever really knowing what sex was. Education is the best method though regarding sex or anything else.

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wholesale dildos I credit redditors for helping me realize that I needed to make changes in my life. I watched "Dominion" after someone posted it a few months ago and I stopped eating meat immediately because of it. I don even miss meat. I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. No cramps, no discomfort during or after sex. Nothing.. wholesale dildos

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For storage, it really couldn't get much simpler. It comes with a satiny storage pouch to protect from dirt/lint etc. One of the best features about vibrators that these don't turn off or on easily so they can be tucked away in a drawer or toy box without worries of it turning on accidentally and buzzing away.

vibrators Does RescueRXx work on all types of nail concerns?. No dog dildo, RESCUERXXTM will not work on all nail concerns. It will only work on thin, weak, splitting peeling nails or nails with white patches.. You don seem to know what does mujahideen mean. It means people who do jihad. When they are organised they give themselves a name such as alqaeda or taleban. vibrators

vibrators As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. As Beppie said, she may know someone you know. (If that makes any sense). Side note, having my immediate family and my bff being super accommodating with it is wild. I feel awful sometimes, but it also wonderful being able to exist more comfortably around them and not having to give weird, half assed explanations or constantly run to the bathroom to calm down. Hubby a bit less willing to alter his own habits, but he got me a wireless pair of headphones he fine with me wearing whenever, so it works lol.. vibrators

wholesale vibrators Several school systems dismissed or canceled classes. Yet some people found themselves sitting in traffic jams that lasted five hours or more. So what happened? Here's one explanation from The Post's Ashley Halsey III: Road crews in both states and the District prepared for snow as they normally do, pretreating streets with salt and, in some cases, a calcium chloride mix, intended to melt the initial snow or ice. wholesale vibrators

wholesale dildos A mom in an upscale Atlanta suburb won't let her daughter walk out to the mailbox: 'There's just too much that could happen.' Another mom was actually on the lawn with her kids, reading as they played, when a passerby yelled, 'Put down that book! Your kids could be snatched at any time!' And on a visit to Ikea dog dildo, a grandmother waved at a cute four year old holding her daddy's hand. 'That lady SMILED at me!' shrieked the girl. 'Is she going to kidnap me?'. wholesale dildos

You can mess with ratios too. The fun never ends. 1 point submitted 4 days ago. Even if it's soon for you, go to a free clinic (PP or public health) anyway. If he doesn't go, again, think of this in terms of how much he cares about YOU.1 in 3 sexually active people will be exposed to a STD by the time they turn 24.First off, sorry you've been put in such a spot, hon, it is never a good feeling when someone we want to trust and care deeply about let you down in a big way by not respecting your wishes or concerns. Honestly? It might be time to set some really serious boundaries here if you aren't comfortable having sex without him receiving proper screenings, or without washing his hand/trimming his nails before manual sex, etc.

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winnie and nelson mandela's marriage survived three decades of prison

wholesale vibrators My anxiety disorder was really out of control due to the stress of finishing my thesis in a really awful lab, and he had bad depression that he wasn't telling anyone about. The breakup actually led to him opening up to me about his depression and getting help for it, and it led to me finding a better way to manage my anxiety (ACT and mindfulness have helped me so much more than just Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which I had tried for five years at that point). He also realized while we were apart that I put in all the effort in our relationship, and he felt as though he took me for granted (in his words). wholesale vibrators

In an unsigned statement emailed to Postmedia Friday, the school district continued to speak about supervision only in the broadest terms saying all schools in the district put supervision plans in place for students based on needs of students/school community, the complexity of the school site (and) the location of the site. Recess and lunch, students are supervised by school administrators, supervision aides and school and student support workers. Before and after school, students are supervised by teachers, administrators, and school and student support workers, said the statement..

vibrators I have found the best way to use them is to practice Kegel exercises while they are inserted. Which is to squeeze the muscles and hold for a count of ten and then release. I do these for 30 minutes and have really noticed a difference.. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your body and your sexuality in ways you yourself want, like and feel good about, ways that don't hurt you or anyone else, and there are also real benefits to exploring aspects of your own body and sexuality that way. Feeling shame about good things or neutral things doesn't benefit us: it only tends to make us more unhappy, more unhealthy, and make things that could be positive negative. Life is hard enough, and full of enough bad stuff we can't make good: no one needs to be making good stuff, or benign stuff, things that help get us through hard times and can help us manage stress, into something bad or icky.. vibrators

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horse dildo Look man, you can't claim logical fallacy when your entire argument is an appeal to the masses ("vast majority of journalists"). The point being made is that traits within a genre can be found outside that genre and we can still acknowledge that it's of a different genre. 5FDP have many metal traits and some metal songs but they more often write hard rock and that's how I'll label them as a result (same with Avenged Sevenfold). horse dildo

vibrators There also aren't any distracting botched boob jobs, actors trying to carry their dialogue, or fake over played orgasms. What you do get is very real sex between people genuinely interested in bringing each other intense pleasure. Sound boringwell, it could be, but this is alt/queer porn filled with kink, lust, toys, floggers, and a bit of fisting; it is anything BUT boring. vibrators

animal dildo For more information or references, please email Heather. You can also view a (very much in need of an update) online version of Heather's CV here. Sam found Scarleteen via Tumblr in 2013, and knew instantly she wanted to be a part of the organization. animal dildo

wholesale sex toys I was landscaping my backyard and neighbour blew up seeing the underlay grading. I had shown him complete plans including the low separation I was installing along the property line right to the back. His concern was similar as OP, we live on a hill, his backyard is naturally lower than me, as I am from my neighbour.. wholesale sex toys

Adult Toys Hickenlooper is against Medicare for All. That probably settles the "moderate" question. But what does it mean? You may remember where Barack Obama started in his primary race against Hillary Clinton and where we ended up.. Antipova! I was an Air Force brat (my dad was the airman), but spent over 14 years in the Army myself. I didn't really intend to stay that long. I told myself that when I stopped having fun, I'd resign. Adult Toys

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dildos Part of the emotional sleight of hand of platforms like Instagram and Facebook is that, as Katherine points out, we look at the pictures of others we can help but think that what we seeing is their reality. In fact it just the best 1% of someone Christmas. I don want to say that it all fiction, but the pictures are a heavily stylised version of reality. dildos

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vibrators Yeah, it seems super stretchy until you start to put it on. Then all the stretch just gives out. So ladies, if you have an hourglass figure, look elsewhere.. The mutual friend from the Education Committee has stated that the bill that will cut a bunch of teachers and put kids online is, essentially, dead. Right now vibrators, we're hoping that the other bills that were introduced with it are killed as well, because they're only useful if this dead bill were passed. They were introduced to enable the other bill.. vibrators

Everyone knows that a perfect romantic experience includes a soft room with candles vibrators, and sensual massage oils to add some very intimate moments. Who knew you could get all of this in just one candle? At first, when I saw Sex kitten wicked wax Candle, I was very inquisitive. Could a candle just melt into edible massage oil? I could not wait to find out..

dog dildo He sounds pretty oblivious to it at least. She sounds like she made a friend but when problems at home started, she got emotionally clingy to your husband. Maybe at the time SHE didn realize it, but it seems like it definitely became a thing. Vaughan is a genius. He's what made Seasons 3 through 5 of Lost so terrific. Vaughan left the final year (haunted by an aspirational ghost: It wasn't his own show), and the comedy got lost with him. dog dildo

Realistic Dildo I found that a water based lubricant worked best and was the least sticky. It does have a rubbery smell to it once you open it but nothing that is too overwhelming. I only noticed it immediately after opening it and after that, I noticed the smell on my hands after using the toy for masturbation. Realistic Dildo

wholesale vibrators Even if you want to use the current Administration as a guide (ostensibly under the belief that it is run by men of the Judeo Christian faith), they'd probably believe that sleeping around is wrong no matter who does it, male or female. Which, of course, is far removed from the belief of this board which is that if you are ready for it and safe about it, more power to you. What is good for you is good for you, and that which you are ready for and ready to assume responsibility for is all well and good. wholesale vibrators

dog dildo Before youblindfoldyour partner show them thepaddle. Explain how you're going to use it, just as you discussed when you read the book together. Stick to the plan. This causes a vibration sensation. The weights are 3.4 ounces making them a modest amount to be held in the vaginal canal. The size and weight are suitable for beginners to advanced. dog dildo

vibrators Much of the inspiration for creating the modern sex doll came from mannequin based art created by Man Ray and Salvador Dali. Man Ray claimed that surrealists, including himself and Dali, infused their work with eroticism and personally "violated" their mannequins. For example, Dali's Rainy Taxi centered on a female mannequin whose half undressed body was crawling with live snails. vibrators

wholesale sex toys As with most Wicked features, the Rocki Whore Picture Show has high production values and a giant orgy at the end. The costumes, make up and sets all contribute to creating the world of Rocki Whore. And if you've watched the original Rocky Horror, you know that it's all about over the top glitz and glam. wholesale sex toys

gay sex toys Yet, some people want to vilify him on here because it makes their choice to support Tua easier. This decision is tough. Its tough for the players. I currently do not have a dildo that fits well in it, but I had the same problems with other harnesses I have used. I do love that there are no straps to worry with. It helps to simplify things. gay sex toys

g spot vibrator She has some issues from growing up in an abusive household and being molested as a child (from what my ex girlfriend told me). I don know the extent of them though. Good to know this guy is still around being a scumbag though.. Mr. Comey rejected her claim. Had confirmed the existence of the investigation into Mrs. g spot vibrator

In June of this year, the Planned Parenthood in my area shut down. And now the nearest one is 2 hours away (all the records from our local one were moved there BTW). I now have insurance coverage again BUT here is the dilemma.. Spider Man 3 is the best movie that Spider Man made. Since its release in 2007, critics have spent countless hours analyzing every frame, every scene, every line of dialogue in search of its many subdued themes and messages. Like Garfield, Spider Man 3 is a film about layers; on the surface, it your typical thrill a minute Blockbuster with cutting edge special effects, but upon further viewing your start to understand this is merely a faade a false attempt to placate a broader audience.

I do this as often as possible however it reached the point where I am so severely desperate for some affection or even acknowledgement that doesn ever come. I surrounded by people who have friendships/relationships or they are alone but are high functioning enough to where they are not bothered by chronic isolation. I need to find a way to cope with being ignored by people.

horse dildo Just like many other adult toys, silicone toys go well with water based lubricants, nevertheless, it is recommended to avoid using them together with oil based lubes vibrators, as their surface may be deteriorated. Thus their lifespan might become shorter. Another great advantage of silicone toys is their compatibility with your body temperature. horse dildo

wholesale sex toys 1) Entanglement or as bycatch when fishing. 300,000 cetaceans die every year this way. That is 800 a day, or if you like, much more than an entire year worth of Norwegian whaling. My journey with them has been an interesting one. Once I discovered them, I thought of them as merely a masturbatory tool, and mostly for when I felt like I wanted to get the job done quickly. Then I started to explore them with partners, and what I discovered was mind blowing.. wholesale sex toys

Adult Toys Air Canada, on the other hand, gave people a $10 coupon for their plane being mechanically at fault that lost all the passengers a ton of vacation time. A full refund would be my minimum expectation at that point. This is not typical, I hope. You have no idea of the shit that life will bring you, and you better believe you gonna need her. Appreciate her, and indulge with her in the things that make her happy. It will make you happy too!. Adult Toys

wholesale dildos Prolonged and frequent use is not advised or recommended as this toy is sold for novelty purposes only. This viborator should be used with discretion. This is only meant to stimulate your ass, vagina and clitoris.. And he was very, very secretive with others about that being his first sexual relationship. VERY. I'm fairly certain he told absolutely none of his friends, most of whom were female.. wholesale dildos

animal dildo I do wish these vibrations were a little softer sounding. They were muffled a bit once inserted, which I expected but it would have been nice for this toy to be a little quieter. I also did not see a decline in performance whether it was used in the shower or underwater. animal dildo

wholesale sex toys The bra is the main reason I bought this vibrators, to be honest. I didn't really care about the thong or the garter belt, as long as the bra worked out for me. I don't really care for thongs anyhow, but I will sometimes make exceptions. I love it so much I almost cried. I've been looking for a long time. Reviewer. wholesale sex toys

dildos I was sad that the Eleven was sold out though. That was my goal item. I still have a bunch of points left over that I am saving forI did an order earlier in the week for a bunch of buyouts, and I just ordered two pure plugs and my Share XL!. After I seen it, I HAD to have it. The review was a video review (not saying that it wasn a great review, because it was.) but it led me to believe that these holders were very pliable and I could "squeeze" the edges to get more of a cone shaped "exit ramp", if you will, for the oil LOL. I was pretty disappointed that it was a rather hard, and almost plastic sounding material.. dildos

Realistic Dildo B Vibe Rimming Petite is an innovative and elegant butt plug that will give you intense sensations. This small sized butt plug has been specially designed for those who are new to anal pleasure. It is splashproof, which means that it can be easily cleaned. Realistic Dildo

I am overjoyed to announce that I'm officially a cougar. It happened on a Sunday a few weeks back, in a hotel room in Boston, when I woke up to the knowledge that I'd just turned 40. It didn't leave me feeling like my life was over in fact, I'd been looking forward to it for almost a year, like a child who, the day after their 7th birthday, tells people that they're "Almost 8!" To me, 40 meant fabulous, a fresh start, a chance to put the bullshit of my 30s behind me and step into a decade that would be a transitioning point to full maturity..

wholesale dildos A TV station shouldn't be able to define good and bad things about people. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. wholesale dildos

g spot vibrator Today's discussion on Facebook is part of a series of "Hard Questions" from the social media network. Another recent post questions vibrators, "Is spending time on social media bad for us?" It stated that active interactions on social media are good for well being. However, Facebook said that "when people spend a lot of time passively consuming information reading but not interacting with people they report feeling worse afterward.". g spot vibrator

Adult Toys The G spot. If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, Moka is the two in one answer to your prayers. A tried and true shape, Moka's dynamic curve offers thrilling external stimulation, while its flattened tip delivers powerful vibrations directly to the G spot. Adult Toys

dog dildo The problem is these theories can seem plausible when you hear them, particularly to drug users who really want to believe them. But, while the rumour mill works its magic, deaths from some drugs in the UK are on the rise, the latest government statistics showing that cocaine related deaths in England and Wales rose to their highest level since comparable records began in 1993. Decided to cut through the online rumours and Reddit threads to debunk a few of the most prevalent myths.. dog dildo

dildos At eleven minutes in, the first nudity appears as she receives oral. Then she reciprocates. I was momentarily turned off by the weird spotted member that this fellow had, but it was easy to get over. The bullet itself takes batteries and the tapered end unscrews and slides out to insert them (3 N sized, included). There is a thin O ring to make this toy water resistant. Beware that the O ring is loose and can be manually removed; however, I wouldn't expect it to ever come off accidentally.. dildos

sex toys Online, women have noticed the gender inequalities regarding who will end up not getting surgery. On the forum mumsnetthere is a discussion running, entitled 'NHS stopping 17 routine operations is it sexist/unfair?' which offers insight into how NHS statements about the intentions behind the cuts impact patients lives. "They aren stopping as many ops as women in my view," says contributor Sarahjconnor. sex toys

Mrs. Lehnardt acknowledges that due to recent alcohol abuse she engaged in several acts of inappropriate conduct. Although, many of the allegations are exaggerated vibrators, she is extremely remorseful for what she allowed to occur in her presence and is obtaining professional and pastoral counselling to ensure that this conduct is never repeated.

vibrators Where skin catches your finger ever so slightly as you run over it, you have to put effort in to run your finger down the length of this toy with any more than a light touch. That being said, it's surprisingly not a magnet for lint and other debris, even if it shows a lot of fingermarks. Well vibrators, not so much individual finger marks, but more of a dullness where you've been holding it and it's been exposed to the natural oils of your fingers.. vibrators

Adult Toys Stop wasting so much money uselessly OP. Sure dont get me wrong, there are immature and childish people who will look down on you. But I found people have far more respect for me when I own up to my mistakes, than my coworkers who try to cover up their own. Adult Toys

And anyways, everything is already radically different than it was 50 years ago. The radical change predicted in the 60 has already happened to an even larger degree than even they imagined it. We just don have flying cars. At this point, I knew I had to call each and every one of the partners I had that I could get a hold of to inform them that they needed to get tested. That was the most humiliating thing that I ever had to do. Not only did I have to admit to many, many men that I had an STI, but I also had to face the fact that I had slept with many, many men! Each and every one, at some point, had sex with me without protection.

wholesale vibrators Again, you can tie this with mat work I did this with a previous foster. My husband and I would low key fight and then reward the shit out of the dog staying on the mat, or returning to the mat after we stopped. We do a cookie toss into the snuffle mat and let her self soothe and then go again. wholesale vibrators

horse dildo As far as most sex toys go, from an engineering standpoint, carbon fiber is very impractical. It is extremely expensive and I am not sure it would have the properties people are looking for in dildos, vibrators vibrators, etc. Who knows though, the future may hold a niche for this horse dildo.


II think one of my FAVE scenes is when she ends up tied to her


the first thing you look for when shopping for a realistic dildo

animal dildo Spend thrift University of California campus Chancellors put University of California Berkeley into financial crisis. Just how widespread is the budget crisis at University of California Berkeley? University of California Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau's ($500,000 salary) eight year fiscal track record is dismal indeed. He would like to blame the politicians, since they stopped giving him every dollar he has asked for, and the state legislators do share some responsibility for the financial crisis. animal dildo

horse dildo On a basic level, "one size fits all/most" is true. I am a size 10/11 in jeans and had absolutely no trouble with these fitting around (what I shall affectionately refer to as) 'dat ass'. The ties make it easy to fit a wide range of sizes, but the material rationing from ass to crotch appears to be scarce, especially if you're a lady with a little more to love. horse dildo

vibrators So, my recommendation is, if the material that glows is non porous, I wouldn worry about it unless you are extremely sensitive, and by that I mean, pretty much anything causes you to break out or get yeast infections (most people don have this problem). If the material that glows is porous dildos, be a bit more cautious with insertion, but it still shouldn be a problem. Perhaps use a condom if it worries you.. vibrators

horse dildo She has been a tireless, outspoken advocate for sexual freedom and considers herself a sex positive feminist who seeks to "educate others from a place of practice and not just theory."Nina has been a visible industry spokesperson who seeks to change negative perceptions of adult entertainment and sex itself. In 1993, she and ten other adult film stars were arrested in Las Vegas for "having a lesbian performance in the front of an audience." She actively supports the Woodhull Foundations whose goal is to promotes sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. She challenges the radical feminist view that the porn industry, by definition dildos, victimizes women instead dildos, she points out that in her lengthy career, she seen few examples of coercion of performers on set, and none of a physical nature. horse dildo

wholesale dildos The bottom located right above the on/off button will rotate through the 7 different functions that are listed above. While the vibe is waterproof, the remote is not! The two push buttons illuminate blue when turned on. The ring fits very well and can be stretched for that perfect fit. wholesale dildos

g spot vibrator "Here's what these visiting 'educators' were telling those kids: Condoms fail. They fail so often, they are pointless. There is no birth control except condoms. Why do I have negative feelings about this stuff in the first place? We often been brought up to feel embarrassed about women bodies and some of their functions, from menstruation to vaginal or general body smell to our genital "cleanliness." We taught that basically all of our sexual functions should be hidden or removed to the best of our ability. We been conditioned to believe that when we actually have sex, we should be as clean, neat, pretty, and perfect as possible. There also been a lot of money to be made in making women feel they must buy products to mask menses or vaginal smells. g spot vibrator

horse dildo But yeah. Kids are where I can drop any decorum and play dildos, chasing them, coming up with foolishness. I guess it where I out of the younger awkward INTJ state and more comfortable. After getting past the smell of the product and decided to try it anyways I massaged the suggested pea sized amount onto my clit and found that I had enough to massage down the labia and external vaginal opening as well, I was pleased by this since it comes in such a small tube. I felt it beginning to warm up within the first minute or so and it tepidly went from warm to OMG that's starting to get hot! This was not the tingling sensation that the product claimed, I was actually starting to become alarmed at how hot it was until i laid a cool cloth against my burning skin for just a second and suddenly everywhere that had been burning turned fiercely cool and slightly tingly. Maybe this was what they originally planned? I don't know if this was how it is meant to work. horse dildo

horse dildo I was with my boyfriend for a year and a half. This was my first true relationship and the boy i lost my virginity to. I fell in love with him i would do anything at all for him. I planning on seeing a gyno soon for similar reasons, I just need to find a good one before I settle. My periods are very heavy, somewhat similar to yours. I don use tampons, but I have to wear these just for casual use and I changing that every hour. horse dildo

vibrators Ms. Narvez Varela went on to explore Mexican and American identities using Spanglish, the mixing of languages in the same sentences. In her poem "Real Mexican," she describes, in raw and troubling language, a Mexican American ex convict so confused about his Hispanic identity he doesn't know what name to call himself. vibrators

wholesale sex toys My grades dropped, I started cutting myself, drinking and doing drugs every day. I became a walking cliche a poster girl for teenage angst. My anorexia started not too long after and things deteriorated until I landed myself in hospital. At any time, regardless of the current function, just press this button again to turn off the toy. There are a total of 10 different functions, featuring vibrations, pulsations, and escalations. To cycle through each of these, just press the F button. wholesale sex toys

wholesale vibrators When cooled, the candle feels like a mixture of body butter and soy wax. It feels rich, but not greasy. When lighted, the oil is pretty liquid, and pours easily. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. wholesale vibrators

dildo Jenny is a tall, slender, blond, tanned and toned slut with a serious case of jungle fever. She's come to us with her reluctant husband in tow to watch her fulfill her craving for ginormous black cock with Mike, our resident burly black stud. After a brief intro, as soon as Mike joins them she dives down onto his big black dinosaur dick with the salacious hunger of a ribald gourmet as she seems to truly savor sucking his massive manhood as if it were the most delectable delicacy ever tasted. dildo

Adult Toys She would also need to demonstrate her knowledge of the task outside of the bedroom before we entered the bedroom2. She would have to trim her nails3. She would have to prepare me the same way I prepare her for anal play4. When I first took them out of the clear plastic packaging, I was confused. The product picture had the bow in the back, but if you go by where the tag is, the bow will be in the front. This can be fixed by cutting out the tag and wearing them backwards.. Adult Toys

wholesale sex toys Shop By CategoryCarreg lo e atire o para fora, to simples quanto isso! O lanador de lubrificante XL um tiro projetado para facilitar o uso com uma mo. Com os dedo conveniente loops, voc pode preencher o lanador com qualquer lquido que voc quer e injeta com um simples impulso. A um lanador de tiro tem um tampo para impedir que o lquido derrame at o momento certo para aplicao. wholesale sex toys

dildos AdvancedHi ( to bid or buy) Daily Deals Gift Cards Help Contact Sell My eBayExpand My eBay Summary Recently Viewed Bids/Offers Watch List Purchase History Selling Saved Searches Saved Sellers Messages1988 International case combine 1680 partsParting out a 19881680 case International combine. Instead of spending hours working the fields and hiring farmhands to gather all the crops at the right moment, farmers can use combines. Harvesters are used on small and large farms to gather crops quickly at a much faster pace.What is a heavy equipment combine? A heavy duty combine is used by farmers to collect their bounty. dildos

horse dildo Sometimes we also need to accept what our body does totally out of our control, whether we like it or not. That might be ejaculating before we'd like, farting during sex, making certain noises or things like muscle spasms, urinating during some kinds of sex or having certain body parts just stop working when we're not done using them yet. Some people with some kinds of disabilities need to accept that it might take them longer to connect with their own bodies sexually or with someone else's in some ways, or take longer to learn to be sexual with others: this is a flexibility a lot of people, especially young people, could benefit from nurturing with sex and sexuality.. horse dildo

g spot vibrator The tubing could really have been made with a more flexible material. It's very thin and stiff, and really fragile. It gets bent very easily (in fact it already comes bent in strange ways straight from the package) and every time it does it blocks the air flow and so you lose suction power.. g spot vibrator

g spot vibrator "god babygirl, EVERYTHING about you is beautiful." thats how i started loving MY body. I just kept repeating that to myself until i loved myself. U should do the same thing. View our online Press Pack. For other inquiries, Contact Us. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. g spot vibrator

wholesale sex toys It has only one piece to keep track of in our tiny apartment. We see how well the flip ramp works for us. Thanks for all the input everyone!. The Arizona Cardinals will trade the first overall pick in the draft Teams with established quarterbacks have traded away early selections to QB needy teams in recent seasons. Tennessee sent the No. 1 pick to the Rams in 2016. wholesale sex toys

wholesale dildos I would tell him take it to the LR where he can watch porn and NOT wake me up. Lol. But not upset cause he wanted a quickie. "I respect the mayor and his plan, but I would say that we have a lot of work to do statewide first," State Assemblyman Kenneth P. Zebrowski, a Democrat from Rockland County, said in an interview. He noted that Rockland County had enough prekindergarten seats to serve only about half of its 4 year olds.. wholesale dildos

dildos Take a page from the book and read it. Share it with your partner and discuss it. Sure, it may feel a little weird at first but not for long. The best position for this is squatting or lying on your stomach. Be sure to massage with lots of pressure in a continuous motion at first we're sure you'll have your own favorite method before long. You may experience discomfort or a desire to urinate during the first couple of minutes; this feeling is absolutely normal and should quickly change into a highly pleasurable one. dildos

wholesale vibrators New ListingSeaLife DC1400 Camera with Underwater HousingGood underwater diving camera for sale. We dove with this camera on half a dozen dive trips and it worked flawlessly every time. We are selling this because we upgraded to a newer camera. I also like the fact that it is tiny and discreet and can travel well. I personally use it in travel as I drive a lot, and after a long day, I can find a nice little spot in the woods and give myself a quick little clit orgasm to pull my energy up before I head home. It also gets me in the mood to play more when I get home to the hubby.. wholesale vibrators

g spot vibrator I was wondering if anyone had seen it too, many years ago,when I was still a kid, I saw a very obscure short on TV, it was somekind of PSA about two beavers, one was moaning the lawn, the other was relaxing in a hamak and threw a glass bottle on the ground, a few seconds later the bottle came in contact with the lawn mower and blew up, the beaver was horribly disfigured and mangeled, The art style was very simplistic, looking something like peppa pig, but i could swear that you could see the beaver exposed brain, wich looked pretty gory to me at the time. Of course this disturbed me and as it was more than 10 years ago, i not sure how much of this description is accurate or if i could have even made it up entirely as a kid. I am sure it real, maybe not as gruesome as i remember but i sure it out there dildos, somewhere, I wish I had more info but I doubt anyone knows about it or could even remember it. g spot vibrator

wholesale vibrators Once we had finalized the Known v. Unknown agreement, we devised a simple formula that is very easy for us to follow and have actually placed it in writing on our personal website. We've found that when forming relationships, it's a valid tool for sharing our agreements. wholesale vibrators

gay sex toys "Coconut oil is an organic, plant based lubricant that is anti bacterial, anti viral, and anti fungal. Use this lubricant liberally because organic, unrefined coconut oil is a healing and energizing food for the colon. Unrefined organic coconut oil contains lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids. gay sex toys

Adult Toys To have the knowledge is good. I might be a distiller moving forward, he says. I created a whole bitters line for Central City that we are launching soon. It's easy to overlook such things when you're born and raised to them over the course of 20+ years, but lately, I've been noticing the natural rhythms of the island's "seasons" more and relishing in the changes that come with it. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. Adult Toys

g spot vibrator Hairy Japanese Pussy on Mobile DevicesYou're no longer tethered to your home computer when you want to have some fun with a hairy Japanese girl. Instead, you can pull out your mobile device, pull up HairyAV and immediately start having fun. The site has been optimized to work with any mobile operating system, so no matter what phone or tablet you're using you'll be able to watch hairy Asian pussy videos or browse through the sexy picture galleries our hirsute models pose for. g spot vibrator

dog dildo Ferrentino and Mr. Ellis decided that Mr. Barbanell should occasionally be given his own performance dates and when he played the lead, the play would be "Andy and the Orphans," with some scenes rewritten for a male lead.. By Michael Signer by Michael Signer May 24, 2017 Michael Signer is mayor of Charlottesville, Va. Robert E. Lee statue in the background, demonstratorsgather at Lee Park on May 13 in Charlottesville, Va. dildos, to protest plans to remove the monument. dog dildo

dildos Getting there wasn easy: A small plane took him to a landing strip that was so short and sharply inclined that he started praying and telling himself that if he survived he would buy Guzman a helicopter so he fly in a more civilized way. Another meeting in 2009, Cifuentes said he shared a joint with Guzman dildos, who asked how strong it was before he took a smoke. He wasn impressed. dildos

dildos Why have the Saints been so good on defense? The entire unit has improved, but the coverage over that time has been especially exceptional. Per Pro Football Focus,, New Orleans cornerbacks allowed 12 touchdowns and picked off just two passes.? Just two touchdowns allowed, and four picks, and no touchdowns allowed at all in the last three games.. dildos

dildos So after the wife and I started using toys, I noticed how quickly she climaxes and how much more intense it is. Her favorite toys are two dildos one of which is above average and one is big. She always says size doesnt matter, however after pointing out how much she likes her toys, she now embarrassing admits that it does and she likes bigger. dildos

Realistic Dildo In one instance, we had one of these condoms break on us. That was a scary experience because it just happened to occur when we were temporarily out of pills. We aren't ready for kids, so we double up on protection out of paranoia. Do you get it on the same site? If so try uBlock origin as an alternative adblock. I had much better luck with uBlock. If it still shows up with uBlock you can actually right click on anywhere on the site and there will be a new option called uBlock. Realistic Dildo

dildo Two time Oscar nominee. 23, 2018" > >Laurie Metcalf on her first Oscar nomination and the power of a fears and regrets >Mark OlsenLaurie Metcalf, already a three time Emmy winner and recent Tony winner, on Tuesday earned her first nomination for an Oscar a supporting actress nod for "Lady Bird." The mother daughter comedy is up for five Academy Awards, including best director (Greta Gerwig) and leading actress (Saoirse. 19, 2018" > >Architecture is facing its own award season controversyChristopher HawthorneArchitects, like journalists, are fond of giving themselves awards. dildo

sex toys Graduating from college at the top of his class, studied law at Union Law College (which later became Northwestern University School of Law) in Chicago. While attending law school, worked for attorney Lyman Trumbull, a former senator and friend of Silas 's who would serve as an important political ally to the younger until his death in 1896. After graduating from law school, returned to ville to take a position with a local law firm. sex toys

wholesale vibrators It is important to note that Nymph's vibrations also diffuse in its spinning fingers, which allows to combine massages and vibrations, or to enjoy only vibrating stimulation, using the three fingers. Note that according to the first tests of this sex toy, the "vibrating fingers" part is recommended more for women with a large clitoris. This stimulating part can also be used to stimulate other parts of the body, such as the nipples, glans or testicles.. wholesale vibrators

dog dildo She's slapped with a harsh sentence. Five years behind bars for having sex with five of her students and staging what prosecutors would call a sex toy filled orgy. Does it matter whether or not they were having sex toys and they had videotape going? That's not the thing that sentenced the trial but that is certainly relevant evidence that the jury got to hear about. dog dildo

I doubt that very much. Regular users can sell their subreddits or their accounts so I doubt admins would take kindly to selling "access" to your subreddit/account by accepting payment in return for posting native advertising. Making a reddit account itself your "business" is something that reddit probably (and rightly) reserves the rights to..

wholesale vibrators Angel Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper 48 Double Bath Tissue Pack of 4 with 12 rolls each toilet paper with a balance of both. 48 Double Rolls = 96 Regular Rolls. Being a parent takes softness and strength which is why we make Angel Soft. There is a choice to buy or rent it. Maybe someone could read that over and tell me if the d/l can be burnt orThere is a choice to buy or rent it. Maybe someone could read that over and tell me if the d/l can be burnt or watched elsewhere besides the computer. Even to my iPad would be slightly betterI d/l free not so clean books from Amazon right to my iPadI think one of my FAVE scenes is when she ends up tied to her own bed. Because dildos, that what I talkin about lol. II think one of my FAVE scenes is when she ends up tied to her own bed. wholesale vibrators

g spot vibrator It's drugged out, depressing and borderline suicidal. The catch is how he delivers this dark matter over the brightest, shiniest melodics. If you're looking for a sense of what 2018 was about, "Lean Wit Me" is a painfully perfect summation. The tractor is a single seated vehicle with only the driver cab and a body designed for hauling.What are the different types of tractors? Tractors are differentiated according to their applications. The type of drive is further broken down to wheel type and track type. Nonetheless, proper research and foresight before purchasing a tractor are essential dildos, and it helps with the final purchasing decision. g spot vibrator

wholesale vibrators As a general rule, food should pretty much stay in the kitchen and away from penetrative sexual activities. I know that certain genres of porn and erotica may discuss the use of various food items on or in the genitals, it's just not realistic to think things work that way without consequences. The vagina is a very delicately balanced environment and introducing something into that which cannot be cleaned into that can very easily upset the balance. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys So I just recently got checked for STD/STI's as well as had my yearly pap. I also told the doctor that I thought I might have a yeast infection. Well I was right, she said I had a mild yeast infection so she prescribed to me a single pill that you take orally to get rid of it Adult Toys.


Mulsanne 11 points submitted 1 day agoIt not, really


low dose pills for light people

Realistic Dildo Coming home, a party of excursionists from Chertsey or Isleworth passed us singing and playing music. There were lights in the upper windows of the houses as the people went to bed. From the railway station in the distance came the sound of shunting trains, ringing and rumbling, softened almost into melody by the distance. Realistic Dildo

wholesale dildos For other inquiries, Contact Us. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Now here are my problems, as much as I want a successful relationship, I want to also succeed in other areas of my life. I am studying a degree at almost a full time rate (which I have been doing for a while), and also working full time. I am also an avid musician. wholesale dildos

wholesale vibrators If you were to argue with the poster about this first he will act surprised "But how can that be true if my sources are true?" in an attempt to legitimize his claim (he knows well veganism is feasible, that not the point). They will not budge from this and the conversation will not go further. For them it between taking supplements and eating meat.. wholesale vibrators

dildo Johnson is a fraud. Always has been. Who believe that it is their right to 'rule' the county and steal from the cookie jar at will. PLEASE do not start with a penis, first off it most likely won even go in unless he using a lot of force and then if it does go in it will hurt worse than anything you have had sexually. Trust me on this I had had a finger up there plenty of times and even small toys but when my partner was using force and finally got in, I felt like I was literally going to be sick. I had to had to lay on the bed for a while before I could even make myself stand up.. dildo

animal dildo There's plenty of burrowing to do in the case of Daphna, whose outsize personality has both its deeply amusing and deeply irritating aspects. Brainy and aggressive and savagely funny, she's also downright hostile and at times cruel, particularly when Liam and Melody (Molly Ranson) arrive from Aspen. She feels it's hers by right: she's the only true believer among the three grandchildren, the lone good Jew of the three. animal dildo

I been posting my practice visualizations on my blog (learning django was a lot of fun!), hence the reckless analysis reference at the bottom of the image. And if you lost the case it wasn a divorce but it just legalized/legitimized adultery for your wife. So you were legally sentenced to be a Cuck I guess.The one case they used as an example, the guy performed but at the end the court determined he didn have a substantial enough "emission" and lost the case.Talk about getting straight fucked by the law.TophShit 16 points submitted 1 day agoThat sounds kinda fair.

animal dildo 7. Pumping: Clit pumping can make your clit more sensitive, and bigger, which can make it easier to stimulate. It can also make you a little less sensitive, so I wouldn't try this unless you are pretty sure you are not so sensitive. As with most vibes of this style, I don't really see how this could be used during intercourse/couple's play. It should definitely not be used anally because of the non boilable material and because of the lack of curve in its shape. I was really looking forward to trying out the Wild G and was impressed by all its functions, but it proved to be just too much for me! More on that later.. animal dildo

dog dildo I'm never going back. It was just me and my parents. Let take a look at your situation:. Because it's expensive here and I usually can't find diet (and don't feel great drinking sugary drinks all day) I've been experimenting with making my own drinks that mimic the taste. I've found that soda water with some grated ginger, fresh lemon, and Splenda is really nice. My sodastream has been working overtime since I quit drinking. dog dildo

dog dildo Paul does sometimes. That fact may leave you feeling asshurt, but that not my concern. I care about hungry people. This toy was great as our first couple's toy. It was fun to use and inexpensive. Although we made the mistake of letting it sit in the sun during a move vibrators, it was easy to store and use on a whim. dog dildo

animal dildo This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. "We" are just flooding this sub with bullshit. "I haven played since X, and blah blah blah." "I finally Master Prestige." "My first Blackout win after X games." "Check out my Dark Matter." "Watch me get a Combat Axe kill." "Add this map." "Nerf this thing that just killed me." "Buff my personal exclusive unwilling to change play style." "I don like Specialist." "Black Market sucks." And of course the memes on top of memes and countless complaint posts about the same stupid things. I surely wouldn want to weed through all that if I was them.. animal dildo

wholesale sex toys But alas it is summer, and I no longer spend 30 minutes (and I am not exageratting, I timed it once) to get him ready to go out. Now, since I get him dressed when he wakes up, I pop on his shoes and we go out in the stroller. About 45 minutes later, we are walking through the daycare doors. wholesale sex toys

dog dildo I think this harness and dildo are great for beginners. Advanced users may find the elastic will stretch with time and not be snug enough. Also you are limited to the size of dildo you can use it with. This series of Real Used Panties is inspired by the same idea: Japanese adult industry researchers have been scouring Japan for local girls willing to sell their own sullied underwear. In each pack you will find a pair of panties with the sexy smell of the young Japanese girl's pussy vibrators, plus photographs of the lady taken while she was wearing the underwear. This set includes panties from Hitomi, no.9 in the series.. dog dildo

animal dildo Another place where honesty is important is discussions of whether treatments and approaches are working. We talk to many users who are in the midst of therapy and finding that the techniques their therapist has them use aren't working. But they don't tell their therapist that it isn't working, but instead, often just ditch therapy or stop participating. animal dildo

horse dildo It much more like dancing with someone. You need to focus on not only your own steps but your partners. If you step on her foot, you mess up the dance and cause some damage. All the speeds sound different, but they are at about the same level of loudness. I think anyone in the same room with you would hear the Saturn, even if you hid under a bunch of covers, but I think that most people would not hear it through a closed door. To be sure, you might want to play music or run an air conditioner.. horse dildo

This way you're able to approach a new partner with a clean slate. And if you do have an infection, you're able to pinpoint when you got it and find out how to not pass it along to your next partner. If you have multiple partners or you're switching partners more frequently than you can be tested, make sure to practice safer sex practices by using a barrier method every single time.

dog dildo Packaging is a thin cardboard box, with a matching tray inside that holds the charging base, Bliss egg, and remote. Underneath the tray is where the power cord, N size battery for the controller, and instructions are housed. I'm keeping the tray for storage, as it holds everything together nicely, but I'm recycling the outer box.. dog dildo

wholesale dildos If this, or any other issues in your relationship, is about that experience vibrators, was that experience any kind of abuse, assault or strong shaming around his body or sex? If so, has he sought out any qualified counseling or other sound support to help him deal with that? If not, that'd be a great thing for you to gently suggest. Sometimes when suggesting that it can also be good to make clear you're not saying someone is broken or in need of fixing, but that it's clear that they could probably benefit from some help dealing and learning some skills and tools to help them best process their experience and manage its impact. You might also add that you could benefit from what they learn in getting help, too.. wholesale dildos

wholesale vibrators Now. I wonder whatever happened to the biodegradable plastic I heard about few years ago. Could they not be used for food product and utensils? I guessing it wasn cheap enough for companies to make the switch when normal plastic are still cheaper to use. wholesale vibrators

The style is great. They are sporty looking and sexy in a sporty sort of way. They are not at all sheer. Amongst my friends, there doesn't seem to be any sex after prom pressure. Actually, I totally forgot about it until recently when I was talking to a friend about our upcoming prom. I was more aware of it when I was in 6th grade watching Beverly Hills 90210 than I am now.

Adult Toys Even if you don't live on campus and eat in dining halls, it is difficult to eat healthy in college. A lot of it has to do with how erratic a college person's schedule can be. Waking up early some days to go to class, going out late, and sleeping late on other days. Adult Toys

dog dildo However, as a self proclaimed kinkster, I personally found the sex to be a bit vanilla and boring for my tastes. Most of the sex scenes are pretty similar, with the focus on oral and vaginal intercourse. There are a few moments where a teeny bit of kink creeps in, but it's so brief that it would almost be better if it wasn't included.. dog dildo

animal dildo Jerking off shouldn't be reserved just for alone time, though. Most people have a well developed set of sensitivities and sexual triggers. Watching your partner pull those triggers for him/herself can provide a valuable framework for how you should proceed. animal dildo

Most Filipino women tend to be well educated but if they are not, these women have the drive to go get educated. People in Philippines place a lot importance towards a college education. Pride in accomplishment at school is instilled in Filipina women from a very young age and female college enrollment is much higher than that that of the men.

There isn't any such substance that can "clean" sperm out of the vagina after the fact. If you're asking about douching, not only is that not such a great thing for vaginal health, it doesn't have the capacity to act as birth control after the fact. As a guy, what you can bring to the table as birth control is a condom..

g spot vibrator Mr. Batali discusses changes to the menu every week with Frank Langello, Babbo's executive chef since 2003. Mr. Although Evan tries to stutter out the truth, ultimately he cannot bear to tell them the real provenance of the letter, for reasons both compassionate he can sense how dearly they want to believe Connor was not just the alienated kid he seemed to be and self serving. Evan has long had a crush on Connor's sister, Zoe (Laura Dreyfuss). His growing closeness to Connor's parents Larry (Michael Park) and Cynthia (Jennifer Laura Thompson) naturally draws Zoe nearer to him.. g spot vibrator

dildos Edit: So many very smart people replying. Every word ever written is a literal statement, clearly I was directly implying that this women death was less important, and of course I violated the cardinal rule of reddit: never comment about anything except the matter directly at hand. Talking about police brutality in my city wasn remotely germane or appropriate and clearly "changing the subject" on an internet forum is disrespectful to the dead. dildos

gay sex toys Enhance your performance and enjoyment with this "OptiMALE" vibrating double penis ring from Doc Johnson. Equipped with two powerful vibrating stimulators, it simultaneously stimulates your partner's clitoris and your testicles, by intense vibrations. In addition to stimulating your partner, this sex toy will make you enjoy firmer and longer lasting erections vibrators, as well as incredibly intense orgasms.. gay sex toys

It leaves microscopic gaps that the PTFE fill to make it sharper and have less drag. Way overkill for a knife to be that sharp, but it demonstrates it. I throw them out when they still the sharper than a new box cutter blade. I also agree that a Christian who does not love someone for any reason is not acting or loving as Jesus instructed them to love. Loving however does not always mean agreeing. Many loving Christians lovingly adhere the texts in the Bible in regards to homosexuality and other sins.

vibrators With the Hitachi massaging away at the clitoris and your partner unable to do anything about it they could find themselves in ecstasy and pleasure. Unable to control their own stimulation, they could end up having a stimulating orgasm (hence the name of the belt). Singles can use the belt too, by just placing themselves in the belt and letting the Hitachi Magic Wand go to work on them while they use their hands for other stimulation. vibrators

dildo Any opinion that is not thought out well or posts that clearly have very little effort put into them will be removed. This also includes commonly posted opinions to the subreddit. That doesn't mean they aren't coping tools for some people. I using 3M sticky mount thingies (technical term, I swear) for all of it on the wall. Then I just used basic ornament hooks to attach the lights and ornaments to the garland. The glue gun may or may not have been used in some more troublesome areas. dildo

vibrators "I think it's a real fine line," he said. "The cancellation of this can't be regarded as the end of anything. If you kick the can down the road and don't do anything it will exacerbated. When your existence suddenly has meaning and purpose where it didn before, well, you can just backpedal from that. I got very very lucky. At this point I am very grateful for what happened and for the friends that didn stand by, because that would have been impossible to a large extent, but welcomed me back with open arms when I, and they, were ready. vibrators

dog dildo Its biggest flaw was the villain. Even though they approached him from a unique angle, his motivations were still almost identical to Nero and Khan Revenge against Starfleet.But everything else was spot on as far as a "five year mission" story. It was definitely a film trying to celebrate 50 years of Trek (including the new Trek films) even though it wasn marketed as such. dog dildo

sex toys Most of the queries were like Stephen Merrill's: they had to do with money. "What the limitations are on what we can use the money for," the Litchfield Township, Bradford County Supervisor, said he wanted to learn. "How [the money is] going to be dispersed to the municipalities, and what are the predictions on, after this year vibrators, how much the townships can expect to get.. sex toys

g spot vibrator 46. Baln Prisma Tropical What turned my head when I first heard this album was how the rhythms feel organic yet are produced by digital instruments, paired with clever songwriting and lush sonic landscapes. Baln has refined its innovative take on Puerto Rican music on this album by deftly fusing traditional acoustic stringed instrument with an electronic sensibility to produce a sound that is familiar but also completely new. g spot vibrator

g spot vibrator My girlfriend and I have used these condoms a lot. The best thing that I can say about them is that they fit me extremely well. I hate when guys say they are above average, or average, so to give an exact idea, my penis is about 7.5 inches long and at least 4 inches in circumference when I am erect. g spot vibrator

Adam Eve Clit Boppin Bunny, Adult Female G spot Vibrator Sex Toy, NewClit Boppin Bunny style vibrator from Adam and Eve Toys. Show your clitoris twice the love with this clever rabbit's smooth silicone bunny ears. Each flexible ear contains its own motor to surround your hot button with orgasmic vibrating power.

Writing from the perspectives of two teens on their last day alive for his latest vibrators vibrators, Silvera found himself pressured to take chance into his own hands. "For the first time in my life, I made the first move on a guy last summer, and we dated for 14 months. That was not something I would do," he remembered.

horse dildo The Bob Pleasure Object is, like all of Lelo's toys which I have tried, gorgeously made (manufactured from silicone so do be careful not to use silicone lubes with it in order to avoid degrading the material) and well designed with nice clean lines. The curve of the Bob plug is just right to hit the prostate in many people. I'd be cautious of saying all, because obviously anatomy plays a part in how individuals will find they enjoy a toy. horse dildo

animal dildo Out. Of. A. After all, during some stages of her transition, since she's the one directly impacted and this is ultimately (and needs to be) about her, she just may not be able to be fully there for you. So it's also vital that you have other means of support outside this relationship, just like it is in any relationship vibrators, especially when big changes are afoot.Considering being with someone through a transition is a pretty big deal. Partners of trans people sometimes need support, too, as they're supporting their transitioning partner. animal dildo

wholesale sex toys It's a way to relax at the end of a day, or to start a day happily, and in those cases, is often accompanied by pillow talk about just about anything you can think of. It also occasionally turns into a tickle war, which is oh so fun, even though I lose every single time. CSandSourpatch, Scarleteen community member. wholesale sex toys

gay sex toys I frequently get the sense that what I want is irrelevant to her. She likes to sleep in the same bed as me, but I find it uncomfortable, since they are small single beds, and there really isn't that much room. I assert myself, and she yells about how I don't love or care about her at all.. gay sex toys

dog dildo In a departure from what has become normal practice for SpaceX vibrators, the first stage did not attempt to fly itself back to Cape Canaveral or to an off shore drone ship. The GPS satellite was loaded with more fuel than usual, increasing the load on the Falcon 9 and requiring more first stage performance. The rocket did not have enough propellant left over to attempt a landing.. dog dildo

dog dildo Of course I did have after prom sex, but I didn't have to do it, I wanted to. You shouldn't feel pressured to do anything with your boyfriend you're not ready for. I don't think sex should be something that happens when you're supposed to do it, but rather something you do when you're ready. dog dildo

wholesale sex toys Trying to play some Tool too but a lot of that is way too hard for me right now. Highly recommended anyway. I turned my lifelong video game addiction into a real musical skill.Mulsanne 11 points submitted 1 day agoIt not, really. The horse is a more complex example because we intuitively would like to think we could understand how it is to be a horse, but we must settle with knowing about it (rather than knowing it). The lack of immediacy is crucial here, because it denotes the experiencer itself. Without it, there is only the interpretation. wholesale sex toys

wholesale dildos Mixed relationships are not something to normalize. The importance of relational ties and ethnic bonds are not something to so willy nilly ignore. It's completely imprudent to do, and this is perfectly demonstrated when the practical problems show themselves. wholesale dildos

vibrators The device is not unlike the flexible balloon tipped tubes that are used in angioplasty procedures by interventional cardiologists to open up blocked coronary arteries. But in this case, the balloon is used to close up the artery. It is ideally suited to patients whose bleeding cannot be controlled through compression techniques because of their extensive injuries.. vibrators

g spot vibrator I think some couples counseling is in order. He obviously doesn trust you and you need to know why. If he isn willing to listen there really isn anything you can do. By 1896, free silver forces were ascendant within the party. Though many Democratic leaders were not as enthusiastic about free silver as was, most recognized the need to distance the party from the unpopular policies of the Cleveland administration. By the start of the 1896 Democratic National, man Richard P. g spot vibrator

sex toys I enjoy every match. I gotten 100 hours out of it and I play constructed in casual modes. I bought the game and spent about $30 more bucks on a bunch of cards that made up 2 cool decks I found online. On console I don't have to worry about being at a disadvantage in game due to how much money I spend on my rig. My whole year on PC I have made ONE friend. Console is way easier to socialize and make friends sex toys.


Batchley First School: Teacher with SEN point

Salary negotiable: Batchley First School: Salary negotiable Start date:  As soon as possible This is an unique opportunity to manage a specialist Nursery Setting, Batchley  Nursery Plus.  B... Redditch, Worcestershire

Las primeras opiniones de la serie de The Witcher en Netflix la colocan como un auténtico bombazo


Las primeras opiniones de la serie de The Witcher en Netflix la colocan como un auténtico bombazo

Antes de que acabe el año, está previsto que se estrene en Netflix la serie de The Witcher, sobre la que llevamos bastante tiempo esperando a que se estrene de una vez por todas. No obstante, algunos afortunados han tenido la ocasión de presenciar en primicia los cinco primeros capítulos que formarán parte de esta primera temporada.

Varios de ellos han querido compartir un adelanto de las sensaciones que les han transmitido estos episodios y la verdad es que la mayoría han otorgado un veredicto muy favorable, lo que hace presagiar que se avecina una adaptación formidable de las novelas de Andrzej Sapkowski.

Una buena cantidad de ellas se han publicado a través de Reddit y sin spoilers, así que podéis leerlas libremente. Aun así, nosotros os dejamos a continuación con algunas de ellas, entre las que se destaca el buen trabajo de Henry Cavill como Geralt de Rivia, lo bien narrada que está la historia y hasta ha aparecido alguna comparación con Juego de Tronos.

Nunca he tenido ganas de Henry Cavill. Quiero decir, entiendo que es muy guapo, pero nunca lo he tenido. He visto un screener del primero episodio de The Witcher y, um, creo que estoy embarazada.
He visto los screeners iniciales de The Witcher en Netflix y tengo que decir: ¡me está gustando mucho! Tendré más que decir al respecto cuando finalice el embargo, pero el casting es bueno, está estructurada de manera inteligente y con un buen ritmo.
La coreografía de peleas es una locura. La primera batalla en la que participa Geralt es bellamente salvaje. La combinación de lucha de espadas y los movimientos de Geralt es la perfección.
No tengo permitido hablar mucho de The Witcher hasta el mes que viene... pero aquí está mi reacción del primer episodio en un GIF.
Estoy viendo los screeners de The Witcher. Admito que, como fan de los libros, estaba un poco preocupado, pero Lauren S. Hissrich ha realizado una obra maestra contando esta historia. También ayuda que ¡el casting es asombroso! Y Henry Cavill, simplemente... wow.
Las escenas de combate en The Witcher hacen que las de Juego de Tronos parezcan horribles - Viendo la primera temporada de The Witcher este fin de semana.

A nosotros nos tocará esperar hasta el 20 de diciembre para comprobar si efectivamente todas estas afirmaciones están en lo cierto, pero lo que está claro es que nuestras ganas de ver The Witcher en Netflix han aumentado más todavía. Para seguir alimentando el hype, os dejamos con el último tráiler que se ha mostrado hasta el momento.


Sono disponibili all'Albo Pretorio On -Line la Determinazione del Responsabile del Servizio Socio Assistenziale n° 200 del 28.11.2019, il bando e la modulistica per l'accesso al contributo in oggetto.

Sono destinatari dei contributi i titolari di contratti di locazione di unità immobiliare ad uso abitativo,  soggetti ad un atto di intimazione di sfratto per morosità incolpevole, con citazione in giudizio per la convalida.
Per morosità incolpevole si intende la situazione di sopravvenuta impossibilità a provvedere al pagamento del canone di locazione in ragione della perdita o consistente riduzione della capacità reddituale del nucleo familiare.
Il richiedente, al momento della presentazione della domanda deve:
- avere un reddito I.S.E. non superiore ad euro 35.000,00 o un reddito derivante da regolare attività lavorativa con un valore I.S.E.E. non superiore ad euro 26.000,00;
- essere titolare di un contratto di locazione di unità immobiliare ad uso abitativo regolarmente registrato (sono esclusi gli immobili appartenenti alle categorie catastali A1, A8 e A9) e risiedere nell'alloggio oggetto della procedura di rilascio da almeno un anno;
- avere cittadinanza italiana, di un Paese dell’UE, ovvero, nei casi di cittadini non appartenenti all’UE, possedere un regolare titolo di soggiorno.

8 нешкідливих звичок, які видають людину, що виросла в бідності

8 нешкідливих звичок, які видають людину, що виросла в бідності

Вчені з Нью-Йорка вивчили головний мозок більше 100 дітей, які народилися в сім'ях з різним рівнем доходу. Вони з'ясували, що діти з не дуже забезпечених сімей мають мозок на 6% менший за об'ємом, ніж у нащадків багатих. Втім, бідність змінює не тільки нашу фізіологію, але і поведінку.

Дізнайтеся, які звички відрізняють людей, які виросли в бідних сім'ях:

1. Витрачають гроші на ті речі, які могли б не купувати

Прагнення батьків зберігати кожну копійку, щоб вистачило грошей до наступної зарплати, мимоволі накладає відбиток на їхню дитину. Будучи дорослим, вона, швидше за все, почне тринькати гроші, купуючи ті речі, які їй абсолютно не потрібні. Але ці речі відомі, їх купують всі; також, за тенденцією, вони повинні бути у будь-якої людини, яка вважає, що її справи йдуть вгору.

Сюди можна сміливо віднести ситуацію з айфонами, що вже набила всім оскому. А також з Apple Watch і Airpods, заради яких люди залазять в борги і беруть кредити. Зате в суспільстві власники цих гаджетів виглядають досить презентабельно.

2. Парадоксально, але їм шкода витрачати гроші на себе

Цим же людям шкода витрачати гроші на те, що їм дійсно хочеться мати. Вони заходять в магазин, бачать річ, яка їм подобається, ловлять себе на думці, що це «занадто дорого» і виходять з магазину з порожніми руками та відчуттям тотальної безпорадності. Схожа ситуація складається і з предметами першої необхідності, починаючи від їжі і закінчуючи ремонтом квартири.
Коли доводиться викидати їжу або якісь інші речі, мені стає страшенно соромно. Я намагаюся з'їсти все, що є в холодильнику, аби воно не зіпсувалося. Витрушую останню краплю з пляшки шампуню. Я навіть діряві шкарпетки і порваний одяг не викидаю, хоч і намагаюся боротися з цим.
© unknown author / reddit

Я жила без дивана цілий рік в новому будинку. Просто тому, що не могла змусити себе заплатити за нього. У мене не виникає проблем з придбанням чого-небудь недорогого. Але якщо ціна вища певної межі, то я впадаю в ступор і ніяк не можу зважитися на покупку.
© OtillyAdelia / reddit

Відмовляюся платити комусь за те, що можу зробити сам. Або якщо можу навчитися робити це. Наприклад, ремонт машини, меблів і навіть будинку.
© dyk3j3sus / reddit

Абсолютно протилежна ситуація спостерігається, коли потрібно купити подарунок комусь із близьких. Люди, які росли в бідності, готові в прямому сенсі слова витратити останню гривню, аби придбати дорогий презент, за який не буде соромно.

3. Вони схильні до ризику і в цілому поводяться більш імпульсивно

Вважається, що люди, які виросли в бідності, частіше ризикують, бо їм немає чого втрачати. За рахунок досить азартної поведінки іноді їм вдається примножити свої статки, оскільки вони інвестують в нерозкручені підприємства і проекти, в які бояться інвестувати інші.

4. Такі люди люблять поїсти і соромляться викидати їжу

Ті, що виросли в малозабезпечених сім'ях, як правило, не мали в дитинстві доступу до високоякісної їжі, а часто і до звичайних шоколадок. Через це в дорослому віці може з'явитися бажання їсти все, що знаходиться в зоні доступу.

Таку теорію висунули вчені і успішно довели її за допомогою експерименту. У ньому було задіяно кілька десятків жінок. Половина з них мала небагатих батьків, а решті половині пощастило народитися в забезпечених сім'ях. Всім жінкам запропонували випити по пляшці калорійної газованої води, після чого їм дали обід. З'ясувалося, що, незважаючи на відсутність почуття голоду, з'їли все дочиста саме ті випробовувані, які були народжені в небагатих сім'ях.

Я з'їдаю всю їжу в холодильнику, щоб вона не зіпсувалася, бо мені страшно її викидати. Коли я була дитиною, мені рідко вдавалося поїсти досхочу.
© tc88 / reddit

Не можу дозволити їжі зіпсуватися. Якщо бачу, що овочі та фрукти вже на останньому подиху, то я обов'язково засушу їх, щоб з'їсти пізніше.
© auamethys / reddit

Відчуваю себе жахливо, коли бачу, як сім'я мого хлопця викидає соуси в пакетах, які закінчилися. Чорт забирай, віддайте мені цей пакетик - я видавлю з нього ще пару ложок!
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5. Прагнуть переплачувати, аби почуватися комфортно

Якщо батьки були занадто ощадливими й в прямому сенсі слова підраховували кожну витрачену копійку, то в майбутньому у їхньої дитини, ймовірно, виникне відраза до фінансового планування. Вона буде готова сильно переплачувати, аби не відчувати дискомфорту. Найбільш стресова ситуація для неї - необхідність думати про те, що потрібно економити.

У мене хороша зарплата, і я можу дозволити собі витрачати стільки, скільки витрачається. Скажімо, у мене немає готівки на автобус. Та я й ненавиджу автобуси. Я викличу таксі, тому що можу це зробити. Тому що я не хочу витрачати ні секунди мого життя на роздуми про те, як би заощадити зайву копійку, як це робила моя мама.
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6. Витрачають гроші відразу ж, як тільки вони прийшли на рахунок

Велика сума грошей на руках людини, що виросла в бідності, - це нонсенс. Якщо їй приходять гроші, вона рефлекторно витрачає їх відразу ж, тому що боїться, що вони якимось чином зникнуть. Чимало курйозних випадків відбувається з такими людьми, якщо вони виграють, наприклад, в лотерею. Ви напевно хоч раз в житті бачили статті в ЗМІ про те, як якийсь «механік виграв пару мільйонів і змарнував їх за пару місяців».

Коли я почала сама заробляти гроші, я не могла планувати бюджет. Зовсім. Я отримувала зарплату і відразу ж спускала її на щось. Просто тому, що могла собі це дозволити. У перші роки своєї самостійності я майже не економила. На щастя, зараз я відкрила ощадний рахунок і щомісяця кладу на нього якийсь відсоток від зарплати. Але все ще відчуваю бажання купувати непотрібні речі час від часу. В основному всякі косметичні штучки.
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7. Якщо таким людям запропонувати щось безкоштовно, то вони згорять від сорому

Будь-яка тема грошей може викликати сором, але особливо в тих випадках, коли мова заходить про щось безкоштовне. Або суттєві знижки. Скажімо, корпоративні обіди чи корпоративний абонемент в спортзал будуть або неприйнятні взагалі, або прийняті з почуттям дикого сорому.

Якщо людина росла в сім'ї з низьким доходом, їй соромно отримувати щось на халяву. Вона віддасть перевагу заплатити за товар або послугу, тому що може це зробити. Навіть якщо вона абсолютно не потрібна, скажімо, якусь дрібницю на касі, яку вам намагається продати касир.

Я жертвую гроші на благодійність, навіть якщо не маю цього робити. Наприклад, якщо касир в магазині запитає мене, чи хочу я пожертвувати трохи грошей комусь, то я віддам йому гроші, нехай в моєму гаманці залишилося не більше кількох сотень. Я працюю над тим, щоб позбутися цієї звички, але поки що марно.
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8. Вони бояться підключати автоматичний платіж, а кредити платять в останній день

В майбутньому у цих людей з'являється страх автоматичних платежів. На жаль, наукових доказів цьому немає. Однак на Reddit був тред, де користувачі просили людей, які виросли в бідних сім'ях, розповісти про свої звички, з якими вони хочуть, але не можуть боротися. Багато відзначили, що автоматичні платежі вводять їх в стан стресу.

Я не можу оформити автоматичну оплату за що-небудь. Хоча це було б дуже комфортно, оскільки мені не доводилося б щомісяця знімати частину зарплати. Але в моїй голові буквально звучить голос: «А що, якщо ці гроші знадобляться для чогось більш важливого? Зрештою, ти можеш оплатити квитанцію за електрику протягом 60 днів, так навіщо робити це раніше?» Цей страх залишається зі мною до цього дня.
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Також: Люди, які вважають себе бідними, старіють завчасно

У 2010 році вчені провели експеримент: вони тестували розумові здібності молодих людей. Виявилося, що чим довше людина жила в умовах фінансової скрути, тим повільніше вона метикувала. При цьому цікаво, що випробовувані, у яких грошей було достатньо, але вони вважали, що їх мало, також показували погані результати на тестах. Дослідники вважають, що це веде до передчасного старіння.

Крім того, старіння в цьому випадку пов'язано з нестачею коштів на якісне лікування і їжу, що не може не відбитися на здоров'ї і зовнішньому вигляді.

Son of former Cowboy Terry Glenn died from apparent overdose on Thanksgiving, family says

His father, Terry Glenn, had been a well-known player for the Cowboys. He was killed in a car crash days before Thanksgiving in 2017.


From memes to shirts to hashtags, lots of people want Jason Garrett gone

Owner Jerry Jones is standing by Jason Garrett despite the fiery criticism that emerged following Thursday's Thanksgiving loss.


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Cardinals' Josh Shaw suspended for betting on NFL games

The Cardinals didn't comment on the suspension, referring to the NFL's statement.


Patrick’s POV: Will it take a dream ending to the Cowboys' season for Jason Garrett to keep his job?

The Dallas Cowboys played perhaps their worst game of the season at the worst time for Jason Garrett. Is the coach’s demise now a foregone conclusion?


Fans shout 'Fire Jason Garrett!' as they walk away from Cowboys' Thanksgiving loss

The Cowboys, despite their lackluster showing Thursday, still have a shot at the playoffs.


Jerry Jones emotional after Cowboys loss, stands by Garrett

"This is not the time,” Jerry Jones said when asked about the possibility of firing Jason Garrett.


Trick TD sparks Bills in 26-15 Thanksgiving win over Cowboys

A lackluster showing for Dallas’ sixth loss in nine games came four days after owner Jerry Jones blasted the coaching staff following a loss to New England.


The myth of the Jason Garrett hot seat in Dallas

Fans and media are quick to say that Jason Garrett is on the hot seat with the Dallas Cowboys but his contract status and lack of progress speak louder than words.


Cowboys are on the clock to save their season and star receiver Amari Cooper must play his part

For Dallas to get where they need to be, Cooper must rebound quickly.


Trasferire un immobile in mediazione. Ecco i benefici fiscali

Il credito d'imposta per la mediazione civile e commerciale rappresenta un incentivo di natura fiscale, che potrà essere portato dal contribuente in dichiarazione dei redditi...

Baby Yoda

So I went to someones house with this Disney + thing.  To see the Mandalorian.  And the Babe Yoda thing everyone is talking about.

I didn't think I'd get a chance to see it so soon.

Best Star Wars show since 1986.  People were telling me this would save the franchise.  I couldn't believe that, it is too far gone.  But... maybe...

This show all happened after the second Death Star was blown up.  Plus five years or so?  Luke is starting a Jedi school, Han and Leia are decorating a nursery for little Ben.  But we don't see that part.  We see Apollo Creed and Werner Herzog.

And I saw the Mandalorian's blaster.  I've seen this model before.  In Star Wars and in the real world, because they usually make an unusual firearm as the base of the special effect blaster.  It looks like a Bergman.  Yup.

Shoulda remembered that from the last time I saw a Bergman as a blaster.  If your goal is to make future laser guns look exotic to make your sci fi fiction guns, you go obscure or exotic or you kluge on a buncha doohickeys.  Or do all 3.  And Star Wars practically invented that convention.  You can't use something everyone knows, it takes them out of the story.  "Hey, that's a Colt!" or "Those are obviously AKs and not even Space-AKs."  But a Bergman fits the bill, easy.

Dunno about his rifle.  I have the feeling MG42, but only because they always use MG42 for the long guns.  Could be a Remington shotgun receiver base?


Nov 17-Nov 23 2019 Community Roundup

19 Airtable Community updates | 1 GAP video | 9 Airtable Groups on Facebook | 4 Reddit threads | 6 BuiltOnAir Community items

Nov 10-Nov 16 2019 Community Roundup

15 Airtable Community updates | 1 GAP video | 6 Airtable Groups on Facebook | 2 Reddit threads | 4 BuiltOnAir Community items

Washington lawmakers honor Sounders FC

A resolution has been introduced by Washington representatives to honor the soccer team after 2019 MLS cup win.




don't use the restroom in public enough for me to make use of this. color is S09. i might not check this site much (i also posted on reddit) but just email me for pictures and other questions

retail sells for over $450. I'm selling for $300 but YOU pay for shipping (shouldn't be too much more than $10 in the US). i use paypal. 

it's still in perfect condition- no rips/tears, no defects.


Hapless bridesmaids mocked for epic photo fail that sees them hold up a sign saying ‘see should you her!’


A GROUP of hapless bridesmaids have been mocked online after they held up a sign saying ‘see should you her!’ in a photo blunder. Taking to Reddit, user thr0wawayshowaway shared the awkward snap that ...

North Idaho DUI task force gives gift card to sober driver

Not only was the task force catching drunk drivers, they were giving sober drivers a pat on the back.


4 dead, including 2 children and a gunman after Minneapolis shooting

Police spokesman John Elder said an 'adult male' ran into a house where more gunfire was heard.


Nampa Police search for Idaho Central Credit Union robbery suspect

Police say the man is in his early 20's, wearing a jacket and hoodie, and blue jeans.


Idaho cold case trial suspended, defendant in poor health

A cold case trial was suspended after concerns about the mental and physical health of the 86-year-old defendant, a judge ruled.


FBI investigating threatening letter sent to Portland activist and sexual assault survivor

Brenda Tracy tweeted about the incident, saying someone sent a letter to her home claiming to have anthrax inside.


Sister identifies woman killed in Vancouver domestic violence shooting outside elementary school

There was an active restraining order between the suspect and the deceased victim, police said. The suspect had recently been released from jail.


Driver faces charges after Texas road rage incident caught on video

Armando Montes is facing multiple charges in connection with the incident.


ACSO: Man who sexually abused girls then moved to Mexico arrested

Deputies nabbed Danny Ray Stoddard after he returned to the Boise area for Thanksgiving.


Spokane officer accused of rape turned off body camera, tracking software: Docs

Nathan R. Nash, 36, is charged with second-degree rape, third-degree rape and official misconduct after he allegedly violated a woman during an investigation.


$15,000 reward offered for information on 12 Washington haystack arsons

The reward started at $5,000, but an anti-arson group added $10,000 on Wednesday. The arsons took place at 12 locations.


The truth about ‘Latinx’ [a revision]


In recent years, the term Latinx has become popular in academic settings in English to designate a group of people without reference to gender, which is designated by -o and -a endings in some Romance languages. While academics and Twitter users have begun to use the term, only 2% of the U.S. population actually identifies with this word. Latinx has become so widely used that Elizabeth Warren has taken to using it on the campaign trail.

The post The truth about ‘Latinx’ [a revision] appeared first on OUPblog.


Locals, visitors react to mass shooting on Canal Street

People who were in the area Saturday night told us it was almost too crowded to walk.



Must-Follow keara.dowd_bClp Wed, 11/27/2019 - 10:53
Nov 27 2019


2019 Small Business IT Influencer List

2019 Small Business IT Influencer List keara.dowd_bClp Wed, 11/27/2019 - 10:49
Nov 27 2019


Usufruiva del reddito di cittadinanza e nel frattempo spacciava droga

Percepiva il reddito di cittadinanza, e nel contempo spacciava droga. In manette è finito Vito Sciuto 28 anni di Mazara del Vallo arrestato dalla Squadra Pegaso della Sezione Investigativa del Commissariato di P.S. di Mazara del Vallo, nel corso di un controllo. Il giovane è stato trovato con 20 grammi di marijuana, 3 di cocaina ed una banconota di piccolo taglio. Tutti elementi che hanno fatto considerare il giovane, Sciuto, attivo nel commercio della droga.

Da successivi accertamenti gli agenti hanno scoperto che Sciuto non solo vendeva droga, ma percepiva anche il reddito di cittadinanza, la misura di sostegno a chi non ha un lavoro e che dovrebbe essere d'aiuto alle classi disagiate. Per Sciuto è scattata la denuncia per indebita percezione del beneficio. Sciuto ora si trova agli arresti domiciliari


Lawsuit: Selena's image used to sell air fresheners without permission

The late Tejano singer's father filed the lawsuit, claiming he was not contacted by the company about using Selena's likeness.


Instant Pot releases special edition Star Wars Collection

May the electric pressure cooker force be with you.


Watch Dwayne Johnson and Danny DeVito crash a wedding

The plan was simple: "Crash the wedding. Grab a mic. Sing a special song. Say adios."


Hoda Kotb announces engagement to longtime boyfriend

Hoda Kotb shared all the details about the beach proposal and her TODAY colleagues had some amazing reactions.


Taylor Swift wins top honor at AMAs, breaks MJ record

The night was practically hers from the start, winning favorite pop/rock album for 'Lover' then performing hits before accepting the artist of the decade award.


‘Frozen 2’ heats up box office with $127M opening weekend

The sequel to Elsa, Anna and Olaf’s adventures is the highest-grossing debut ever for any animated film globally, but how's it doing critically?


Don't worry, reports say 'Days of our Lives' renewed for 56th season

Fans were concerned the iconic soap was done after reports of a hiatus and contract cuts. But the cast's cleared that up and now there are reports of another season.


Michael J. Pollard, Oscar-nominated 'Bonnie and Clyde' actor, dies at 80

Pollard earned an Academy Award nomination for his breakout role as C.W. Moss, the gas station attendant turned accomplice, in the 1967 film 'Bonnie and Clyde.'


Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti report Atlanta burglary of jewelry worth several thousand dollars

The couple reported the burglary on Sunday but said it happened two days earlier. Iggy Azalea said she was home when it happened.


Princess Diana's gown from White House dance with John Travolta up for auction

There's an especially sweet story behind what led up to that dance, which became an iconic moment.


Games of the Decade: Destiny was at its best when we cheesed it


To mark the end of the 2010s, we're celebrating 30 games that defined the last 10 years. You can find all the articles as they're published in the Games of the Decade archive, and read about the thinking behind it in an editor's blog.

When I think back to my time playing Destiny, I remember the ways I exploited it, cheesed it, or sometimes even broke it before I remember the times I played it as Bungie intended. I remember the loot cave, a simple hole in a rock that spat out endless waves of Hive - and, as a result, endless waves of shiny engrams - before I remember one of the Strikes. I remember turning off the internet to try to get big bad Dark Below boss Crota stuck in the kneeling position so someone could slice up the sitting duck with a sword before I recall one of the public events. And I remember spending hours and hours and even more hours running into a boss room, blasting the boss to bits with a rocket launcher, nabbing the exotic engram he dropped, then blasting myself to death in order to reset the encounter, before I remember what I had to do to hit the light level cap. The cheeses were many, the rewards delicious, the memories eternal. Were we cowards? Or just bad at the game? A bit of both. And we didn't care.

Playing Destiny in the two years after it came out back in September 2014 was a punishing experience, but it was always a memorable one. And Destiny was at its most memorable when people came together to play in unintended ways. Things like the loot cave told the story Destiny so sorely missed. Bungie's plot was torn to shreds in the run up to the Destiny's release, but memes meant we cared about the empty vase characters like Commander "the Fallen are crafty" Zavala. The Mysterious Stranger had no time to explain why she didn't have time to explain, so players explained how to cheese Destiny in her place, posting guides on YouTube and on reddit for the entire community to gobble up with a ferocious hunger I hadn't seen since the early days of World of Warcraft. Destiny ended up being the water-cooler video game Bungie and then-publisher Activision so sorely craved, but we weren't talking about the Traveller's fate or the Speaker's motivation. We were talking about Dinklebot telling us that wizard came from the moon, and excitedly recounting how we were up all night cheesing the Summoning Pits from the safety of the room outside of the boss room, using the Ice Breaker sniper rifle and its self-replenishing ammo to slowly but surely wear that big ugly ogre down.

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Único crime do Irã é que decidimos não desistir'


'Único crime do Irã é que decidimos não desistir'


Pepe Escobar relata um relato abrasador do ministro das Relações Exteriores do Irã sobre as relações de seu país com os EUA
Por Pepe Escobar
em ur-Sultan, CazaquistãoThe Asia Times 
A tempo de esclarecer o que está por trás  das últimas sanções de Washington , o ministro das Relações Exteriores do Irã, Mohammad Javad Zarif, em um discurso na reunião anual do  Astana Club em Nur-Sultan, Cazaquistão, fez um relato abrasador das relações Irã-EUA a um público selecionado de diplomatas de alto escalão, ex-presidentes e analistas.
Zarif foi o orador principal de um painel intitulado "O Novo Conceito de Desarmamento Nuclear". Mantendo um cronograma frenético, ele entrou e saiu da mesa redonda para espremer uma conversa privada com o Primeiro Presidente do Cazaquistão Nursultan Nazarbayev.