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Cloudways Offers 40% OFF for 3 Months on All Plans

Cloudways is a managed WordPress hosting platform for individuals and businesses. It lets you host or migrate your websites to the industry-leading IaaS providers such as DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Linode. Your websites hosted on Cloudways Platform get platform-level firewalls, real-time monitoring, advanced security, staging URLs, automated backups,...


#235: Black Friday, Jony Ive, Tim Berners Lee, Jack Dorsey,…

Dernier épisode du mois de novembre 2019: le 235ème enregistré ce jeudi 28 avec Benoit et Sébastien B. Il y est question du Black Friday, du développement du Bitcoin en Afrique, de Xerox qui veut HP, de Tim Berners-Lee qui propose un contrat pour le Web ou encore de réalité virtuelle bovine. Bonne écoute ! A comme Amazon (00:03:36) Amazon, le roi des accidents de travail? . (source) A comme Apple (00:10:44) Jony Ive a quitté Apple. (source) B comme Black Friday (00:13:55) Bientôt interdit ? (source, source) B comme Bitcoin (00:24:13) L'Afrique, terre du succès pour la crypto. (source) G comme Google (00:29:00) Google Cloud Print, c'est fini. (source) H comme HP (00:37:50) Xerox prêt à lancer une OPA. (source) L comme Légo (00:46:54) Légo se paie une tranche de Tesla. (source) S comme Spelfie (00:51:58) Le selfie venu de l'espace. (source) T comme Tim Berners Lee (00:56:50) Le contrat pour le web. (source, source) W comme Wéménon (01:01:40) La VR est la nouvelle vache à lait . (source) En audio ici (Soundcloud) Le 'off'   

Comment Kapten double la concurrence grâce à Google Cloud


Afin de poursuivre son extension à l’internationale, le géant français du ride-sharing, Kapten, a fait le choix de se tourner …

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El Programa Órbita ofrece más ventajas a sus startups a través de un acuerdo con Google

"Aceptado como socio para el programa Google Cloud for Startups"

「TensorFlow Enterprise」の実力とは? Googleが企業のAI活用を支援

Googleの新しい「TensorFlow Enterprise」(β版)は、「Google Cloud Platform」に最適化された「TensorFlow」ディストリビューションを長期サポートと共に企業に提供する。

Google and Facebook Are Adjuncts of the National Security Agency


Google and Facebook Are Adjuncts of the National Security Agency 1.2 BILLION people’s data – including social media profiles and contact info – found on unsecured Google Cloud server

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Amazon Wants More Power, Designs Faster ARM-Based Server Chip


A big share of Amazon’s success is contributed by its cloud services, known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). But the e-commerce giant has to make constant efforts to stay in the game when there are robust competitors like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Moving along the similar lines, Amazon is working on a new server processor based on the ARM architecture we find on almost every smartphone chip out there.

However, this is not Amazon’s first ARM chip. The company launched its first ARM server chip last year, which goes by the name Gravition.

According to a Reuters report citing sources, the upcoming server chip will be around 20% faster than its first ARM chip. It’s likely to be based on ARM’s Neoverse N1 technology and offer up to 32 cores in comparison to 16 cores on Gravition.

Designing the server chip under its own roof will let Amazon reduce production costs as won’t have to depend on Intel and AMD anymore. However, we shouldn’t expect the chip to be more powerful than Intel’s Cascade Lake or AMD’s Rome, said the sources.

Unable to keep up with the market’s innovation, Intel has already lost the smartphone chip market, and Microsoft has also started exploring possibilities for ARM-based Windows 10 PCs.

Various tech companies are choosing ARM-based chips as it helps them cut down on power consumption while maintaining the desired performance levels.

When talking about data centers running thousands for servers, the overall goal is to reduce the “total cost of ownership.” It includes different things like chip size, speed, cooling costs, etc. That’s the area Arm might want to target.

One of the sources said that the improved speed is a sign from Amazon that its serious about ARM chip investment. But here we should note that Amazon’s last year’s chip couldn’t make a dent in Intel’s business which only grew over the year.

Anyway, the chip is yet to be officially announced. Let’s see what it brings to the plate.

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Trend Micro debuts world’s broadest security services platform


Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704;TSE: 4704), the global leader in cloud security, announced during the World AI Show, the launch of Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for organizations building applications in the cloud. Cloud One allows developers to rapidly build applications using the cloud services they want, while managing their organization’s risk.

Cloud One delivers the industry’s broadest range of security capabilities in a single platform. Designed to help organizations meet their most strategic cloud priorities, it allows customers to migrate existing applications to the cloud, deliver new cloud-native applications and achieve cloud operational excellence. The first-of-its-kind platform has the flexibility to solve immediate customer challenges and the innovation to rapidly evolve with cloud services.

At its heart, Cloud One includes the world’s leading workload security service that is already in use by thousands of organizations. It is complemented by enhanced container security and brand-new offerings for application security, network security, file storage security and cloud security posture management to ensure cloud infrastructure is optimally configured. Many cloud security solutions are often hard to manage and deploy, inflexible and fail to provide the level of visibility IT teams need to manage fast-emerging risks.

Trend Micro’s all-in-one platform approach is designed to deliver simplified, automated and flexible protection, regardless of where an organization is on the journey to the cloud. Customers using the platform will benefit from a single-sign-on to all services, common user and cloud-service enrolment, visibility from a single console and a common pricing and billing model. “We have been helping our Qatar customers with secure cloud transformation since the birth of the cloud, over a decade ago,” said Assad Arabi, Country Manager – Qatar, Trend Micro. “Qatar customers have a mix of legacy servers, virtualized data centers and newer services such as containers and serverless applications, and all of which can be protected using Cloud One.”

Trend Micro’s new cloud security platform supports the leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

“As more companies move their infrastructure and applications to the cloud, and adopt a shared responsibility model, we want our customers to have the option of the broadest choice from the best products in the market,” said Dave McCann, Vice President, AWS Migration, Marketplace and Control Services at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Trend Micro’s new cloud security platform represents another example of new innovation, that is available via AWS Marketplace. By leveraging AWS Marketplace features like SaaS Contract API, Private Offers, and Consulting Partner Private Offers, customers can contract directly from Trend Micro, or their consulting partners around the world. We are committed to empowering our shared customers with easy and fast procurement and provisioning.”

Organizations like Armor in Dallas, Texas, are relying on Trend Micro for strategic cloud security. 

“As a security-as-a-service provider, we need to deliver on the security and compliance outcomes our customers demand of Armor. We need powerful, scalable security tools which easily integrate into Armor’s cloud security product, Armor Anywhere, to protect our customers’ constantly evolving multi-cloud and virtual environments,” said Josh Bosquez, CTO for Armor. “Our company’s primary goal is to provide security in a dynamic multi-cloud world. We leverage Trend Micro to help us deliver that vision and promise to our customers.”

By considering cloud projects and objectives holistically, Trend Micro Cloud One is able to provide enterprise grade security, while leveraging the benefits and efficiencies of the cloud. The Cloud One platform will be available in Q1 2020 with three services fully integrated: workload security, network security and application security. The other components will be available as stand-alone solutions in Q1 2020 and integrated into Cloud One by the end of 2020.

  • Trend Micro Cloud One – Workload Security
  • Trend Micro Cloud One – Container Image Security
  • Trend Micro Cloud One – File Storage Security
  • Trend Micro Cloud One – Network Security
  • Trend Micro Cloud One – Cloud Posture Management
  • Trend Micro Cloud One – Application Security

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Four Leading Providers Join Change #Healthcare and #Google Cloud in Next-Generation Enterprise Imaging Initiative


Partnerships will deliver innovative “cloud-native” Change Healthcare Enterprise Imaging Network™ to providers CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RSNA 2019, Booth 6713—Change Healthcare (Nasdaq: CHNG) today ...

Isaac Hernández, responsable de Google Cloud en España y Portugal


Isaac Hernández defiende que las organizaciones primen la disrupción, el trabajo en equipo y la capacidad de reaprender.   Compartimos un pequeño fragmento del artículo publicado por El Periódico donde resumen la intervención de Isaac en una de sus recientes conferencias:   “El máximo responsable de Google Cloud en España y Portugal, Isaac Hernández, ha sido el elegido... Read more »

La entrada Isaac Hernández, responsable de Google Cloud en España y Portugal se publicó primero en BCC Speakers.


Four Leading Providers Join Change Healthcare and Google Cloud in Next-Generation Enterprise Imaging Initiative


AS HEARD ON - The Jim Polito Show - WTAG 580 AM: No more plastic bags in Mass and Google grabs your medical records



Good morning, everybody. I was on with Mr. Jim Polito this morning and he'd been talking a lot about recycling and recycled bags and stuff because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is right now considering legislation that would black ban all plastic bags throughout the state. And of course, they're not really considering implications. But we got into Google and they are now using a vacuum truck to grab all of our medical records and our personal information along with it. So, here we go with Mr. Polito.

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Big Tech Has Your Private Medical Records -- Through Hospital Partnerships   


Automated Machine Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson 0:00
Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I don't know if you've seen them yet. But I've got a couple of Facebook Lives up on my page. You can go there just from my website, Craig Peterson dot com slash Facebook. But you can find me if you poke around a little bit. And I have been kind of explaining some of the technology that business people small business people need to know and be aware of and understand. So check those out if you haven't already. And shout out to everybody. I had a few people comment. Basically, they listened to all of my podcasts from last week, which amounted to more than two hours uninterrupted. And that was a lot of Craig. Hey, I appreciate you guys listening and subscribing. It does get the word out which is really good. We are building momentum again on the podcast over 100,000 here recently sold that's all downloads. That's all really really good and I appreciate you guys, buddy. up with me and asking questions too. That's how I get a lot of the source materials as I kind of explain the latest in technology, and more particularly some of the latest in the security realm as well. This morning I was on with Mr. Polito. He'd been talking a lot about recycling and recycled bags and stuff because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is right now considering legislation that would black ban all plastic bags throughout the state. And of course, they're not really considering implications. But we got into Google and they are now using a vacuum truck to grab all of our medical records and our personal information along with it. So that's what we chatted about this morning.

Jim Polito 1:52
Here we go. This man is incredible. Incredible. Hey, who was A guy who said the next frontier of cyber hacking and everything else you have to worry about is your record your healthcare record, Craig Peterson said in our tech talk crew, and he joins us now. Good morning, Craig.

Craig Peterson 2:16
Hey, good morning, Jim. You know, if people are worried about recycling plastic bags, when you walk into any Target, WalMart, almost any of these big-box retailers right inside, there is a recycle box that you can put your plastic bags into. Yeah, problem solved. 

Jim Polito 2:37
Yeah. It's everybody being responsible. And it's not our fault that the oceans are filled with that stuff. But anyway, let's get on to the Google monster and something that you are the first really to sound the alarm on quite a while ago. It was Hey, the new frontier is not going to be your financial record. It's going to be your healthcare record. We find out that the folks, the good folks at Google are swallowing up our, our information. Should I be worried, Craig Peterson?

Craig Peterson 3:16
Yeah, here's the thing that you know, we talked about it in January 2018. I remember it well, years ago for the Wayback Machine. It is it is. And it was because our medical records are so valuable. And I was saying back then actually kind of late 2017 that really our medical records are going to be the next frontier of the bad guy stealing them you remember, of course, these HIPAA regulations went in place 30 years ago now. And the main idea behind them was that hey, your records gonna be portable gym when you do your Snowbird emulation and end up in Florida for two weeks. middle of winter and you have to see a doctor, the doctor down there would be able to look at your electronic medical records from up here in Worcester, right. That's the whole idea. Listen,

Jim Polito 4:12
I think that's great portability of a medical record, controls, costs, improves quality of healthcare, all of that. I'm on board for that.

Craig Peterson 4:23
But, the other side of this was before HIPAA regulations went into place if someone was to share your medical records with someone else, did not have a direct interest, like another doctor. It was illegal, they could get into trouble you could sue them for privacy violations. But HIPAA made it possible for medical companies, doctors, everybody else, to share your records in an unfettered way. While it's all For instance, if I wanted to look at every record that UMass has every medical record or you know, you name a hospital, and I'm in collusion with that hospital, I could just easily say, Hey, listen, I'm thinking about buying you guys. I want to see the medical records of every patient you've had. And they could give them to me. Yeah. Now, here's what's happening. With our friends at Google. We've got something called Project Nightingale. You might remember that woman from a little while back, I think was her first name was Florence.

Jim Polito5:34
A wonderful lady.

Unknown Speaker 5:37
Exactly. She helped so many men and women and just saved lives. So, Google has Project Nightingale underway now. And Google has partnered with and this is the part I'm having a little bit of a hard time swallowing. They're partnering with a group called Ascension which is a big health care conglomerate really but company here in the United States. And this is the part that I just don't understand here, Ascension is a Catholic nonprofit health system includes  34,000 providers 2600 hospitals, doctors' offices, other facilities. 21 states plus the District of Columbia. Google and Ascension have partnered and Ascension has apparently without even notification to the patient, has apparently shared these medical records that they have with our friends at Google. The Wall Street Journal has a report out there saying that this information contains patient names birth dates, a complete medical records, as well and according to the Wall Street Journal, what's been happening here is that Ascension has not only fed them data that they already had about all of these patients. But when you go in and you're checking in all of that information, when you are sitting there upfront is being fed directly into Google. When the doctors are evaluating their case, it's being sent directly to Google, as well. It's all under the HIPAA regulations, which many people think somehow provides them with more privacy. But certainly, in this case, and in many others, has taken away not only your privacy, but you're rights, and the need to even notify you. So, this is very concerning. And Google is saying, Hey, listen, it's only 150 of our employees that get to see this. Show me your diagnosis, laboratory test results and hospitalization records. You know, don't worry about it. What could go wrong here?

Jim Polito 8:02
I'd love that. That's always the line. I think they said that on the Hindenburg. What could go wrong here? It's just hydrogen.

Craig Peterson 8:09
What could go wrong? It's just a small, small coal fire in the hold of our Titanic ship.

Jim Polito 8:18
Big deal, knock it off. Don't be such a worrier.

Craig Peterson 8:22
Right? Exactly. So this is 10s of millions of Americans that are affected by this. And what they're trying to do. What this project is trying to do is to make it so that they get better diagnoses, better outcomes, ultimately, because all those information is being sucked up by Google's been analyzed and apparently. The doctors are unaware of this happening in these Catholic and other hospitals. But Google is providing them these doctors with some recommendations about treatments and diagnoses as well.

Jim Polito 9:00
Okay, well wait a minute. We're talking with our good friend Craig Peterson. And you probably heard in the news about Google and this foray into medical records. All right. Look, I know someone whose son is working on a research project, and it's in relation to breast cancer. And it involves a giant cloud calculation of putting in data of all of these different people who had breast cancer diagnosed with breast cancer. And, and the mission is to find out something that was common at the time of diagnosis and what was different prior to diagnosis. Basically, what they're looking for is what was the switch that was thrown that started this cancer, okay, so then massive amounts of data, and I get that. But that data is all protected from matching it up with an individual. I mean, many of these individuals could be dead. This is a massive amount of data. I get that, Craig, but I'm worried about. And I don't have a problem with Google and other big, big firms working on this. What I do have a problem with is, how do I know this is protected? How do I know this isn't going to be used against me?

Craig Peterson 10:35
Well, one only needs to look at the NIH to get an answer to that question. Of course, you know what that is?

Jim Polito 10:43
Yeah, is that in Canada.

Craig Peterson 10:44 
No. That's The National Health Service over in the United Kingdom, okay. Yeah, and this is socialized medicine. And in all of these countries, they have death panels, and they're trying to Figure out, is it worth spending any money on this patient? Basically, if you're under 10 years old or over 50 years old, the answer to that question is no. But here's what they've done over in the UK. They have taken this type of data now. And they're using computers to determine whether or not they should just let you die. Literally, let you die. Yeah, if they should treat you at all. That's where this ultimately leads. I love the idea of, you know, having this robust data set, improving outcomes, reducing costs, saving lives, that's what they really want to do. That's why the Catholic Church and ascension got into this. Ultimately, this is for the good. But Jim, this is another example of the government telling us that HIPAA is going to make our information more private, safer, and is done the exact opposite. None of these things People had to opt-in. None of these people were even notified that it was happening, let alone a chance to opt-out of it. Okay. And that's where some of the problems come in. And when you're talking about this massive amount of data, you talked about the anonymizing that happened, yeah. So you can identify an individual in this case, obviously they could, because thinking the names and addresses, but even with anonymized data, where all they have is a number associated with the record and no other information like your name or address, it's been proven again and again, that it can be D anonymize very, very easily in most cases. So we'll see what happens. But the President of Google Cloud came out with a statement and, and you know, bless these guys, they're trying to do the right thing. But Google just you know, this whole deal to buy bit fit. We're now giving our instant cardiac readings on Exercise readings are sleep readings, everything else to Google Now. And it is starting to show up in our employment records and in and in the socialized medicine component countries. It's helping to decide whether or not they're going to treat you. Not just how to treat you.

Jim Polito 13:19
All right, Craig, this is great information. I know you have a lot of other stuff, but I wanted to focus on this. I know that if folks text My name to this number, they can get that information.

Craig Peterson 13:34
855-385-5553 I'll send a link out to this article today. But txt to 855-385-5553

Jim Polito 13:19
Standard data and text rates apply. And Craig Peterson will not annoy you. He'll get you this information. And other great stuff. Craig, thank you so much. It was very helpful and we will talk to you next week.

Craig Peterson 13:58
Thanks again, Jim.

Jim Polito 13:19
Right. When we return something incredible.

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Building Blocks of a Digital Transformation Culture

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Google has taken its partnership with CloudSimple to the next level by acquiring the VMware-as-a-Service provider for an undisclosed sum. CloudSimple’s software lets enterprises more easily move VMware workloads from on-premise computers to the Google Cloud. Google has been using the service to offer customers an easy way to run VMware on its cloud offering... Read more »

Facebook announces new tool for transferring images and videos to Google Photos


Facebook announced today plans to launch a new tool next year that will let Facebook users migrate their Facebook photos and videos to a Google Photos account.

The tool is currently being rolled out in Ireland, but will be made available worldwide in early 2020, the company said today in a blog post.

Facebook said it plans "to expand this [exporting feature] to other services in the near future."

Built on the DTP standard

Facebook's upcoming Google Photos export tool is the company's first tool built on the Data Transfer Project (DTP) framework.

The Data Transfer Project is open standard for arranging data in a common format so users could easily move their information from one platform to another.

The project was established in 2017 and was formally announced in July 2018. Founding members included Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter. Apple joined the project after a few months.

The DTP standard is comprised of three main components:

  • A set of shared data models to represent each vertical (i.e., photos, contacts, playlists)
  • Adapters, which handle the authentication of a user to a service (normally OAuth) and the transformation of data to and from the shared data models (importers and exporters)
  • A task management framework, which puts all the pieces together and handles the life cycle of a transfer job, including job creation and running the transfer

The DTP code for exporting and importing DTP-formatted content (text, settings, photos, videos) has been open-source and hosted on GitHub in the hopes that other platforms adopt it as well. To help companies get started, the DTP founding members have created extensions for hosting a DTP import/export API on common hosting platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Data Transfer Platform

Image: DTP


Android 11 pode impedir apps do acesso ao armazenamento nos dispositivos


armazenamento smartphone android

A Google tem vindo a implementar novas restrições sobre cada lançamento do Android, a grande maioria com o objetivo de garantir mais segurança para os utilizadores finais. No entanto, algo que a empresa pode estar a planear para o futuro certamente que terá impacto na forma como as apps podem aceder aos conteúdos no sistema.

A Google parece estar a puxar uma nova tendência para o Android, com vista a que mais conteúdos venham a utilizar sistemas de armazenamento cloud da empresa, invés de o armazenamento local do dispositivo – tanto a memoria interna como cartões SD.

Num recente vídeo disponibilizado pela Google no YouTube, a empresa citou algumas mudanças que estão previstas para o futuro, e uma delas passa pelo acesso ao armazenamento dos dispositivos, que iria agora passar a ser feito sobre “permissões adicionais”.

Ou seja, nos planos da Google para o futuro, uma app apenas irá ter permissões de acesso ao armazenamento interno de um dispositivo se for especificamente colocada numa “lista branca” para ter esse aceso.

Apenas ficheiros multimédia iriam poder continuar a ser acedidos na normalidade, como fotos e vídeos. Todos os restantes iriam ficar “invisíveis” para as apps e apenas poderiam ser acedidos se os criadores das mesmas informarem a Google que possuem essas intenções e qual o objetivo das mesmas.

funcionalidade armazenamento android 11

As apps ainda iriam poder armazenar conteúdos no dispositivo, mas estes ficariam num local especifico e dedicado para cada app, sem acesso direto aos restantes conteúdos do sistema operativo em geral. Ou seja, uma espécie de “sandbox” para o armazenamento, onde apenas os ficheiros criados por essa app iriam ser acessíveis pela mesma.

Existem certamente implicações de segurança nestas alterações, já que deixar de permitir acesso das apps ao armazenamento dos dispositivos iria garantir mais segurança contra roubo de dados ou instalação de malware. Porém, a medida também pode causar graves prejuízos aos criadores de apps no sistema, que passariam agora a necessitar de serviços cloud para armazenar os conteúdos – com as plataformas da Google Cloud a serem uma das opções indicadas, obviamente.

A medida ainda se encontra a ser estudada, embora a Google tenha intenções de tornar a mesma algo permanente já com o Android 11, que deve chegar ao longo do próximo ano.


Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print

Intro to Google Cloud | For Student Developers


Podcast: AT&T and Verizon 5G, Google Cloud Next, HPE Container Platform, Earbuds, Apple, Tesla

This week’s Techpinions podcast features Carolina Milanesi and Bob O’Donnell discussing the new 5G offerings from AT&T and Verizon, announcements from Google’s latest event covering GCP, GSuite and more, the launch of HPE’s Open Container Platform, and commenting on earbud news from Microsoft and Apple, the Tim Cook Austin factory visit, and the launch of…

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Apple ❤️ Trump ? • Porno VR à la carte • Tesla Cybertruck !

Tim Cook est-il devenu le meilleur ami de Donald Trump ? Quoi de neuf côté régulation des publicités en ligne des plateformes ? Et si on vous proposait une nuit à l'hôtel pour 1 € à condition de diffuser votre séjour en live sur YouTube ? On vous parle aussi du pickup de Tesla, le Cybertruck ! À chaud Le contrat de Tim Berners Lee pour sauver le Web 👍🏻 Déviances, problèmes de société et régulation L’Opinion du baron : Sacha Baron Cohen n’est pas tendre avec Facebook.La Section Restriction : ça régule doux chez Facebook et Google.Tim Cook n’est pas contre un démantèlement de Facebook tant qu’à faire…Youtube recherche pubs matures pour contenus matures. Pour revenus matures.Loft Story : la chambre d'hôtel à 1$ au Japon. Et il y a une piscine ?#jécoutepastechcafé : la France veut son propre AgeID.On arrête pas le progrès : porno VR à la carte et Matrix pour les vaches Russes.Uber voudrait enregistrer les conversations par souci de sécurité.Déception : la turbo fuite à 1,2 milliards de gens pourrait être légale.Leak++ chez Oneplus.Monero : la monnaie des pirates se fait pirater. Mobilité Tesla model whY ? Cybertruck et Cyberquad, la vie en lowpoly. Des précommandes impressionnantes, probablement par les fans de pétanque...Le Starship de SpaceX craque sous la pression. Apple Fake factory : Tim et Donald copains comme cochons.Comparing Apple to apples : réparer les produits, c’est un pognon de dingue ! Tech international : Chine, France, Russie République peu populaire de Chine : 90 jours de mieux pour Huawei mais pas de 5G.La 5G en France en mai 2020 pour 2,17 milliards minimum.La Russie, bientôt boudée par les constructeurs de smartphones ? Google Google Cloud Print est mortMails dynamiques chez GmailSmart compose pour Google Docs.Parenting 2.0 : Assistant pourra réserver le cinéma, et lire des histoires aux enfants.  Jeux vidéo Cité 16 … ans après  : Half Life Alyx. Le changement (de PC) c’est maintenant ?Quelques mots d’Asobo : Flight Simulator sera à la fois Cloud et local.Lancement de Stadia : c’est chaud...Chez Sony l’IA, c’est pas (que) pour les chiens. Les colons de Catane en AR et Minecraft Earth dispo !  En vrac Smartphones & appareils du quotidien NVIDIA accélère aussi le ray tracing en temps pas réel.Bientôt le microscope de smartphones. Web 21% des visites des sites de news se font sur un article avec un paywallSauvez le .org ! Bonus GPP : Who is America?Guillaume : le podcast Washignton d’ici (merci Ermanno Di Micelli pour la recommandation) Participants :  Guillaume PoggiaspallaPrésenté par Guillaume Vendé

Junior Software Engineer


Job Title: Junior Software Engineer

Salary: £25,000 - £29,187

Location: Manchester

  • Would you thrive in a dynamic and creative start-up environment, but also enjoy the security, resources and influence of an established and successful organisation?
  • Would you excel within a world-class and passionate team that loves what they do?
  • Are you a recent graduate, in a Junior/grad role currently or a graduate of a coding bootcamp and looking for an exciting new role?

What to expect:

You will form part of a collaborative, iterative and agile process within a multi-disciplined team helping deliver best in class digital solutions. This role provides a unique opportunity to help support and grow an entirely new software development capability.

Reporting to the Principal Software Engineer and working closely with other multi-disciplined engineers, you will be a valued member of the Digital Delivery Centre team. You will work on real projects alongside experienced engineers and will be provided with opportunities to learn and build your new software development career.

We have long pushed the boundaries of technology. Now digital innovation lies at the heart of our business – because it is central to our future strategy. We are focused on the development of electric, connected and driverless cars that will reshape the whole industry. Joining us is your chance to help redefine who we are and where we’re going. Your talents in software development could take your career in many directions. Get ready to dream for tomorrow.

What you’ll need

  • Some experience with Java, Spring Boot, C#, .Net or another OO language
  • OR ... some experience with JavaScript (ES6/7/8) and common front-end libraries such as React
  • OR ... some experience building mobile apps, especially in React Native
  • OR ... some experience in a QA role working with automated testing using tools like Robot, Cypress, Selenium or Puppeteer

We are keen to speak to people who also have the following skills:

  • Some experience with relational database technologies such as MySQL or similar
  • Some experience with practices such as Test Driven Development and Pair Programming
  • Some experience with modern web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS
  • Some experience with source code management and version control (Git/GitHub/GitLab)
  • Some experience or knowledge of modern CI/CD tools and techniques
  • Knowledge of key stages of the software delivery lifecycle

The following skills and experience are nice to have:

  • Experience or knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Experience or knowledge of API integration and development practices (REST, GraphQL)
  • Experience with Kubernetes or other cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure)
  • Familiarity with polyglot persistence and experience with a NoSQL database engine (Mongo, Neo4j, etc)

So why us?

This role is based in our brand new hi-tech Digital Delivery Centre in the heart of Manchester, where you will be working alongside some of the best Engineers in the world. We have the top two floors in the Neo Building which has undergone a £8m refurbishment, neighbours in the building amongst others including Microsoft. We have a roof terrace with weatherproof desk pods as well as showers, bike racks and a discounted gym next door. We run a regular events/social program and the building is dog friendly!


  • Bonus (Individual Performance Payment) as well as a separate annual pay review
  • Flexible Working arrangements (Possible remote working also)
  • Pluralsight account - unlimited online courses
  • 26 days holiday + 8 days statutory
  • 50% off local gym memberships
  • Employee Learning Scheme - £250 per year towards any self-development activity of your choice
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Occupational Health services
  • Discounts i.e. 5% at Sainsbury’s, 10% at Boots and 20% at EE
  • Privilege Discount Purchase/Lease Vehicle Scheme for yourself and family

Location: Manchester
Salary: Competitive
Hours: Full-time
Type: Permanent
Starting: Starting 01/02/2020
Duration: Permanent


Senior Software Engineer


What to expect:

You will form part of a collaborative, iterative and agile process in a multi-disciplined team helping deliver best in class digital solutions. This role provides a unique opportunity to help support and grow an entirely new software development capability.

Reporting to the Principal Software Engineer and working closely with other multi-disciplined Engineers, you will be a valued member of the Digital Delivery Centre team, consistently delivering to challenging business objectives, with a focus on testability, robustness, and performance for exciting new projects. You will work on real projects alongside experienced engineers and will be expected to take on some mentoring and coaching of less experienced engineers.

We have long pushed the boundaries of technology. Now digital innovation lies at the heart of our business – because it is central to our future strategy. We are focused on the development of electric, connected and driverless cars that will reshape the whole industry. Joining us is your chance to help redefine who we are and where we’re going. Your talents in software development could take your career in many directions. Get ready to dream for tomorrow.

What you’ll need

Java experience or similar past or present is the first and foremost requirement, we are looking for great engineers who have a passion for innovative problem solving and quality-first coding. We are keen to speak to people who have experience developing bespoke built enterprise scale cloud-native applications and have strong experience with relational database technologies such as MySQL or similar. You should have a good knowledge of Service Oriented Architectures as well as experience of practices such as Test Driven Development and Pair Programming.

We are looking for those who have experience with Service Oriented Architectures: ReSTful APIs and Microservices as well as experience with modern web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS. Strong Object Oriented programming skills are valued as is experience with source code management and version control (Git/GitHub/GitLab). Experience with modern CI/CD tools and techniques are advantageous as is previous involvement in all stages of the software delivery lifecycle

It’s desirable for you to have experience with Kubernetes or other cloud infrastructures (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure) as well as experience building mobile apps using frameworks such as React Native. Familiarity with polyglot persistence and experience with a NoSQL database engine (Mongo, Neo4j, etc) is also desirable. The successful candidate will thrive in our exciting and dynamic environment and will have excellent mentoring skills to develop others around them.

So why us?

This role is based in our brand new hi-tech Digital Delivery Centre in the heart of Manchester, where you will be working alongside the best engineers in the world. We have the top two floors in the Neo Building which has undergone a £8m refurbishment, neighbours in the building amongst others including Microsoft.

You'll benefit from an annual salary review & bonus scheme performance dependent on performance. Additionally to the below, you will receive flexible working hours and case by case remote working.

  • Bonus (Individual Performance Payment) & annual pay review
  • Privilege Discount Hire Scheme – For a limited time benefit from up to 35% discount on some vehicles
  • 26 days holiday + 8 days statutory
  • Discounts i.e. 5% at Sainsbury’s, 10% at Boots and 20% at EE
  • Employee Learning Scheme - £250 per year towards any self-development activity of your choice
  • Pluralsight account - unlimited online courses
  • 50% gym discount
  • Occupational Health services

Location: Manchester
Salary: Competitive
Hours: Full-time
Type: Permanent
Starting: Starting 01/01/2020
Duration: Permanent


DevOps Engineer Gaydon


Job Title: DevOps Engineer

Posting End Date: 02/12/2019

Location: Gaydon

£45,800 - £60,000

What to expect:

Our team is in place to improve the user experience across a range of features within the company product offerings. This involves expanding the supply base to work with consumer electronics, apps and web concepts. An essential part of delivering an interconnected experience for vehicles is the efficient and robustness of build, and release strategy including continuous integration created by DevOps Engineers.

You’ll design and implement software systems to meet desired user experience, functional, and security requirements and rapidly iterate and develop concepts on mobile platforms. You’ll handle cross company Proof of Concept delivery for interconnected mobile infotainment features whilst working with open source communities, collaborating partner companies and external suppliers to create new concepts.

Delivering the latest concepts require a robust and efficient continuous integration and validation system. This includes managing automated build/release, automated deployment, and automated testing. The agile DevOps Engineer strives to automate most of the software development life cycle process in order to proactively identify gaps that exist in the path to production. Help us write software that helps others write better software.

What you’ll need

We need someone who can determine if the infrastructure is balanced or unbalanced and where improvements can be made, how the system works but also how it’s structured and developed. Experience with either Terraform, Ansible and Docker is essential as is AWS cloud management or Google Cloud Platform. You should have a proven ability in creating cloud based system using Infrastructure as Code. Other essential experience would include GIT/CI Pipelines, Workflows and Bash as well as the ability to write scripts in Python or Perl to automate SW build activities. Any work with HashiCorp is good to see, same for kubernetes.

You’ll establish and maintain an automated path to production from code committing to vehicle. Day to day you’ll develop and debug build, deploy, and test related issues. You’ll need to develop automated software tools and utilities to improve the developer ramp up process and support a rapid release strategy across all dependencies. You’ll create and maintain software which allows developers to focus more on developing rather than infrastructure activities. We want to build capability within our team so some scrum style management would be a plus.

You should have worked with outside suppliers/vendors and have experience in developing and integrating large scale software systems. You’ll deliver technical products through a team, utilising strong people management skills. You’ll work as part of a global company interacting with colleagues around the world from Portland US, Shannon and India.

You’ll have a proven ability to manage senior stakeholders, to communicate complex ideas and engage at all levels with the ability to challenge existing thinking in a positive way whilst building credibility and trust through experience and personal style. Experience of technical leadership is desirable and you should be able to combine a short term, pragmatic focus with medium term planning.

So why us?

Bring all this to the home of premium innovation, and you’ll find the opportunities to further your career with a world-class team, a discounted car purchase and lease scheme for you and your family, membership of a competitive pension plan and performance related bonus scheme. All this and more makes the perfect place to continue your journey.

  • Flexible Working arrangements
  • Bonus (Individual Performance Payment)
  • Yearly pay review
  • Privilege Discount Scheme – up to 20% discount on for employee and family
  • 26 days holiday + 8 days statutory
  • Occupational Health services
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Employee Discount offers for family and leisure activities

Location: UK Wide
Salary: Competitive
Hours: Full-time
Type: Permanent
Starting: Starting 01/02/2020
Duration: Permanent


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Engineering: Backend Engineer - Hull, Massachusetts

Join Hired and find your dream job as a Backend Engineer at one of 10,000+ companies looking for candidates just like you. Companies on Hired apply to you, not the other way around. You'll receive salary and compensation details upfront -- -- -- -- --- - before the interview - and be able to choose from a variety of industries you're interested in, to find a job You'll love in less than 2 weeks. Being a backend engineer means that you are responsible for the construction and the efficiency of all the backend functionality for our website. You are crucial in getting a project off and running. As a backend developer, you can integrate user-facing elements created by frontend developers with server-side logic, as well as build libraries and reusable code for future use. Our engineers are ambitious, multifaceted and can work independently and in a team environment to get the job done. Responsibilities Using frameworks to build service-side software and integrate APIs and cloud computing Analyzing and compiling data, codes and processes to identify areas of improvement and resolve issues Work jointly with frontend developers along with other team members to set up objectives, as well as design cohesive, functional script Think strategically, creatively and innovatively using sound judgment and technical skills Strong understanding of programming techniques and tools, as well as the web development cycle Record data and report findings to the appropriate parties Proficiency in writing and optimizing SQL queries Create security settings, restore and back up technologies for databases and websites Work in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment while managing and prioritizing multiple responsibilities What Skills 2+ years experience with backend web development 2+ years of experience building well tested high volume, large-scale, distributed systems Experience with programming languages like HTML, Ruby, PHP, Python, C# or Java Experience with creating REST APIs and version control like Git Experience with modern MVC frameworks such as Django, Rails, Pyramid, Flask, Sails and Laravel Experience application architecture stacks, including API layer, business logic, data modeling, hosting, network and UI/UX Superb communication, time management, analytical, mathematical and problem-solving skills Keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology B.S. in computer engineering, web development, computer science or equivalent experience These Would Also Be Nice Experience creating mobile applications using Objective-C, Swift or Android Experience with cloud development (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) Experience doing unit testing with Virtual Machines Experience with Webpack ()

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