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Where does the impeachment inquiry go now?

The U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry hearings picked up steam this week, as nine current and former U.S. officials testified on President Donald Trump's controversial dealings with the Ukrainian government. With three full days of testimony this week, and two the previous, International Edition’s Steve Miller speaks with Dr. Craig Albert, a political science professor at Augusta University, to unpack as to what the testimony meant to the Democrats and Republicans. Plus, a former CIA officer who pleaded guilty to an espionage conspiracy with China faces sentencing. The AP's Matt Small reports. In a major policy reversal, South Korea said Friday it has decided to continue a 2016 military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan that it previously said it would terminate amid ongoing tensions over wartime history and trade. The decision comes at a time when the United States has requested substantial increases to what it wants South Korea and Japan to pay for hosting US forces in their respective countries. International Edition’s Steve Miller speaks with John Grover Korean Studies Fellow at the Institute for the National Interest. Later in the program... after three years of investigation, Israel's Attorney General has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate cases. The most serious charge is bribery, and it is the first time in Israel's history that a sitting prime minister has been indicted. Linda Gradstein reports Netanyahu accused the attorney general of trying to stage a coup. Turning to world news... British police say they have arrested a 23-year-old man from Northern Ireland over the deaths of 39 people from Vietnam who were found in a refrigerated container truck last month. The top U.S. representative in Taiwan says Washington is working with it to combat efforts by Beijing to influence upcoming elections on the island. Police will be out in force at polling stations in Hong Kong this weekend as keenly contested local elections take place amid ongoing anti-government protests. A rare near-mint condition copy of the first Marvel Comics comic book has sold at auction in Dallas for $1.26 million. A jury in New Zealand found a man guilty on Friday of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane, almost a year after the incident took place. Reuters' Jayson Albano has the details. Finally, a new report finds most adolescents around the world do not get enough physical activity on a daily basis to be healthy and to stay healthy as adults. Lisa Schlein reports this World Health Organization study presents the first-ever global estimates of insufficient physical activity among adolescents aged 11 to 17.  

Kevin Nealon, Steve Hofstetter & lots more Tucson comedy 😂



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Featured Shows

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Rodney Carrington

at Desert Diamond Casino

Friday, November 22 @ 8:00 pm

Rodney Carrington starred in the TV sitcom "Rodney," which ran for two seasons on ABC, and co-starred with Toby Keith in the feature film "Beer for My Horses."

Tickets on sale now. 
$30+ (25% off w/ code RDNYSOCIAL)




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Randy Rainbow

at The Fox Theatre

Friday, November 22 @ 7:30 pm

Randy Rainbow (and yes, that is his real name) is an American comedian, actor, singer, writer and satirist best known for his popular series of musical parodies and political spoofs, which have garnered him international acclaim.





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Trevor Noah

at Tucson Music Hall

Saturday, November 23 @ 7:00 pm & 9:30pm

Trevor Noah is the most successful comedian in Africa and the host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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Pre-Thanksgiving Comedy Extravaganza

at The O

Wednesday, November 27 @ 7:30 pm

Have nothing to do the night before Thanksgiving? Of course you don't! Come out to "The O" for a night of stand up comedy with local comics Ali Musa, Stephanie Lyonga, Tony Bruhn, & more.

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Last Friday, Last Laugh

at Hotel McCoy

Friday, November 29 @ 8:00 pm

Hotel McCoy's popular monthly comedy night continues with a post-Thanksgiving Standup Showcase. This month's lineup includes Pauly Casillas (Netflix), Savannah Hernandez (Tempe Improv) & more.

FREE show! 




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Cristela Alonzo

at The Rialto Theatre

December 7 @ 8:00 pm

Cristela Alonzo made history in 2014 when she became the first Latina to create, produce and star in her own network sitcom, "Cristela" for ABC. Her first stand-up special, Lower Classy, is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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Ian Harris, Jamie Kilstein & Ron Swallow

at 191 Toole

December 15 @ 8:00 pm

Three comedians known for their smart, irreverent, sometimes nerdy, sometimes edgy and always hilarious and thought-provoking comedy come to 191 Toole.

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New Years Eve w/ Ron Feingold

at Laffs Comedy Caffe

December 31 @ 7pm & 10:30pm

Ron Feingold started performing at the tender age of 10. He combines a very funny standup comedy act with an incredible singing voice to bring you great song parodies and an evening full of laughs. 

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Neil Hamburger

at 191 Toole

January 17, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

For over 20 years, 'America's Funnyman' has worked every imaginable stage, from Madison Square Garden and the UK's Reading Festival, to a Hollywood cemetery, Tasmanian pubs, and an abandoned monkey cage in a decrepit Catskills zoo.

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$20, All Ages




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Steve Hofstetter

at The Rock

January 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

One of YouTube's most popular comics with over 100 million views, Steve Hofstetter has been seen on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, E! True Hollywood Story, and Comics Unleashed.

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$20 (Discount tix are available while supplies last.)




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Hasan Minhaj

at Centennial Hall

April 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Hasan Minhaj is the host and creator of the weekly comedy show Patriot Act on Netflix. His one-hour comedy special Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King earned him a 2018 Peabody Award. 

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Kevin Nealon

at The Rialto Theatre

April 26, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

Actor, comedian, and author Kevin Nealon is best known for his nine-year stint as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, and has received critical acclaim for his role in the Showtime series Weeds

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Paula Poundstone

at The Fox Theatre

May 8, 2020 @ 7:30 pm

Paula Poundstone is one of our country's preeminent comedians, known for her smart, observational humor and legendary spontaneous wit.

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Ron White

at Desert Diamond Casino

June 19, 2020 @ 8pm

Ron "Tater Salad" White first rose to fame as the cigar-smoking, scotch-drinking funnyman from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour phenomenon.

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November 21, 2019

Casa De Comedy at Casa Marana

Laffs Open Mic Night

November 22, 2019

Randy Rainbow at Fox Theatre
$41.50 – $87.50

Comedy Showcase at BlackRock Brewers

Rodney Carrington at Desert Diamond Casino
$30 – $45

Greg Wilson at Laffs
$12.50 – $17.50

Rod Wayne Housley at The O
$7 – $11

November 23, 2019

Trevor Noah at Tucson Music Hall
$47 – $93

Retro Game Show Night at Club Congress

Greg Wilson at Laffs
$12.50 – $17.50

Rod Wayne Housley at The O
$7 – $11

November 24, 2019

Cats After Dark at Gallagher Theatre

November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving Comedy Showcase at Surly Wench

November 26, 2019

Open Mic at The Music Box

November 27, 2019

Pre-Thanksgiving Comedy Extravaganza

November 29, 2019

Zane Helberg at The O

Jason Resler and Cory Michaelis at Laffs
$12.50 – $17.50

Last Friday, Last Laugh at Hotel McCoy

November 30, 2019

Keep Tucson Sketchy at The Screening Room

Jason Resler and Cory Michaelis at Laffs
$12.50 – $17.50

The Game Show Show at TIM

December 6, 2019

Jay and Silent Bob at The Loft Cinema

Geoff Asmus at Laffs
$12.50 – $17.50

Michael Carbonaro at Desert Diamond Casino
$27.50 – $47.50

December 7, 2019

Arroyo Cafe Holiday Radio Show

Cristela Alonzo at The Rialto Theatre
$24 – $38

Geoff Asmus at Laffs
$12.50 – $17.50

CBCTAC Presents: Anna Valenzuela at The O

December 8, 2019

Still Standing Up at Laffs

December 9, 2019

John Waters at The Rialto
$33 – $110

December 12, 2019

You're Doing A Great Job Podcast Live at Hotel McCoy

December 13, 2019

Applause for Paws at The O

The Manly Manlesque Show
$10 – $20

December 15, 2019

Ian Harris, Jamie Kilstein & Ron Swallow at 191 Toole

December 20, 2019

Brew Haha Comedy 4 Year Anniversary at Borderlands

December 31, 2019

Ron Feingold at Laffs

January 11, 2020

Mo Urban: "Get to the Point" at The O

January 17, 2020

Neil Hamburger at 191 Toole

January 18, 2020

Paul Green at The O
$5 – $10

January 22, 2020

Tom Briscoe at DVPAC

January 28, 2020

Steve Hofstetter at The Rock

February 8, 2020

Graham Elwood & Ron Placone: The Progressive Comedy Tour

February 15, 2020

Ali Musa & Matt Ziemak present "Comedy from A-Z"

February 25, 2020

R-Rated Magic w/ Grant Freeman
$20 – $36

February 28, 2020

Andrew Rivers at The O
$15 – $30

March 21, 2020

Martin Moreno at The O
$5 – $10

March 22, 2020

Smile! – Candid Camera and Host Peter Funt
$24.50 – $29.50

April 18, 2020

Hasan Minhaj at Centennial Hall
$40 – $120

April 26, 2020

Kevin Nealon at The Rialto Theatre
$35 – $42

May 8, 2020

Paula Poundstone at The Fox Theatre
$25.50 – $45.50

June 19, 2020

Ron White at Desert Diamond Casino
$49.50 – $69.50



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Anno Team Slackjaw


Happy Thanksgiving! A new-to-some-of-you comic story will begin on Monday (well, technically the eleventh hour of Sunday, but you get it). Sadly, two of Team Slackjaw’s contributions to Guilded Age were coded in Flash, and those aren’t really worth annotating […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

Anno Chris Baird


Chris and I were old friends, as Phil was old friends with a couple of other guest contributors. Several times on 24-Hour Comic Book Day, we’d be working side-by-side and seeing what a ridiculous deadline and sleep deprivation could do […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry...

Regrets, he had a few

Jonathan Miller was famous as a comic actor, satirist, medical man, highbrow television presenter, theatre and opera director, and all-round intellectual. And yet he regretted having failed to concentrate on his medical career, telling many interviewers that he felt he had been a ‘flop’.

Comic duo to present the smallest ballet ever performed (probably)

SEE a funny 'micro ballet' in a west Dorset village.

A Nigger Un-Reconstructed: The Legacy of Richard Pryor

A Nigger Un-Reconstructed: The Legacy of Richard Pryor
by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile)

"Unreconstructed black men don't have the manners of their reconstructed 'Negro' brethren, who are always trying to put a 'civilized' face on their blackness, especially in the company of white folks." — -- Quincy Troupe

"I think that niggers are the best of people who were slaves, and that's how they got to be niggers 'cause they stole the cream-of-the-crop from Africa and brought them over here. And God, as they say, works in mysterious ways, so he made everybody a nigger…he brought us all over here — the best — the kings and queens, the princesses, the princes, put us all together and called us one tribe: Niggers."  --— Richard Pryor, Wattstax (1973)
When Richard Pryor walked off the stage for the last time on December 10, 2005 he did so quietly, with little of the verve and brashness that defined so many of his groundbreaking moments as a storyteller, comedian, recording artist, and actor. For all the direct links made between the late Pryor and post-Civil Rights comedic icons like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock, "Hip-Hop generation jr." has had little connection with Richard Pryor and his art. Pryor was a product of another era, but it was in the midst of that era that he redefined how America confronted the issue of race (and Black masculinity), thereby paving the way for mainstream acceptance of Hip-Hop's own irreverence and provocative nature.
Born in 1940 and raised in Peoria, IL, Pryor regularly discussed his early years growing up under the watchful eye of his grandmother, who owned a brothel in the city. Pryor's parents, in fact, worked at the same brothel. Those days opened Pryor's eyes to a world that was largely hidden from White America; a world premised on the realities of Jim Crow segregation and a world that had to remain behind the soiled veil of racism, if Black America was ever to achieve full participation in the so-called American Dream.
When Pryor began to work the chitlin' circuit in the early 1960s and later the clubs of New York City's Greenwich Village, he worked amongst a generation of Black entertainers, who took seriously the charge of putting the "best face of the race" forward, as Black political activists in the South sought to directly challenge the legalities of racial segregation. For many Black performers, the point was to use their talents to appeal to the common humanity shared between blacks and their white audiences.
As Michael Eric Dyson suggests in his book Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind?, no Black entertainer did this more effectively during that era than Bill Cosby. For Pryor, Cosby became the template for his early success as a comedian. It was just the first example of Pryor's ability to follow the money trail -- a trait that would undermine him throughout his career -- as he became little more than "Cosby, Jr." when booked on television shows like The Tonight Show and The Merv Griffin Show (Griffin takes great credit for helping to launch Pryor's career).
But for all of those Black performers who sought to make themselves palatable to whites, there were other examples of folk, who poet and Miles Davis biographer Quincy Troupe describes as "unreconstructed"; folk who never sought to remix Blackness for White comfort or consumption. While such "unreconstructed-ness" is largely a myth -- we all capitulate at one time or another to the so-called "White gaze" in one form of another to gain access to institutions we deem important to our well being -- it helped create mythic icons, which became synonymous with not dancing the dance of racial ingratiation. Miles Davis is the most visible example of this.
But what Pryor understood perhaps better than anyone as the Civil Right Movement waned, was that the "unreconstructed" Black was as much an insincere performance of Blackness as the "ready for integration players" (to turn a phrase from that other Black trickster from the era). When Pryor put "little Cosby" to rest in the late 1960s -- dramatically walking off stage muttering "what am I doing here?" -- he did so because of those memories of the black underground in Peoria.
Pryor re-emerged in 1971 from a self-imposed period of isolation; hanging out in Berkeley, reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, listening to Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, and reflecting on his youth in Peoria. He did so as a social commentator, using his talents to speak to the realities of race in America and class within Black America. In his autobiography, Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentences (Pantheon, 1997), Pryor says "There was a world of junkies and winos, pool hustlers and prostitutes, women and family screaming inside my head, trying to be heard."
The voices that Pryor heard in his head -- the "niggers" in his head -- were the same "niggers" that both the Civil Rights guard and the Black Power elite had a vested interest in killing-off (think about the Last Poets' "Niggers Are Scared of Revolution"). Pryor knew better; he had long known better. Those "niggers" were the salt of the earth and he suggested as much during the 1973 concert documentary Wattstax, where he describes "niggers" as the "best of people who were slaves." In a collection of ground-breaking and award winning albums throughout the 1970s, including That Nigger's Crazy (1974) and Bicentennial Nigger (1976), Pryor brought his "niggers" to life -- and these were "niggers" unreconstructed with no allegiance to looking good for the race or for the cause.
There's little doubt though, that Pryor also saw "niggers" through the lens of a society that freely denied Blacks humanity and forced them to the margins of civil society to scuffle and hustle for whatever semblance of a life they could create. Indeed, his own life as a child bore witness to that reality. His suggestion that niggers function as a "tribe" (Wattstax) points to Pryor's ultimate belief that there was potential power in those tightly-knit, spatially-challenged, and sparsely-resourced "nigger" enclaves.
Though many cite Richard Pryor Live in Concert, his 1979 film, as the apex of his creative powers, I'd like to highlight an earlier moment in Pryor's career that speaks to his genius as a comic and social critic, and the very limits placed on that genius. Pryor was asked to host an episode of Saturday Night Live in the show's debut season. In what has become one of the show's most classic moments, Pryor and Chevy Chase did a parody of a job interview. As the interviewer, Chase engages Pryor in a name association exercise, which quickly devolves into a name-calling exchange where Pryor responds to Chase's invocation of the word "nigger!" with the threat "Deeeeeead honkey!"
The sketch could easily be viewed as evidence of the new found freedoms experienced by Blacks in the post-Civil Rights era -- racial epithets against Blacks forcibly challenged by violent threats -- but the end-game of the exchange was that Pryor's character was offered a job and salary that made him the "highest paid janitor" in America. Here the writers at Saturday Night Live tap into the burgeoning anxieties about Affirmative Action -- anxieties premised, in part, on the belief that Blacks were being unfairly rewarded because of the bully-pulpit that charges of racism afforded them.
As the Reagan era dawned and Pryor desired a wider audience, his brilliant Bicentennial Nigger (1976) becomes one of that last examples of Pryor pursuing the kinds of social justice concerns in his comedy that had marked his transformation earlier in the decade of the 1970s. The biting commentary of his albums would never translate to his film roles (Blue Collar might be the exception) or his television appearances. Indeed when Pryor aborted The Richard Pryor Show (1977) after only shooting four episodes (he was contracted to do 10) he told the show's writing staff, "You know something? I don't want to be on TV. I'm in a trap. I can't do this -- there ain't no art." (reported in Newsweek  October 3, 1977).
In truth Pryor was dealing with an on-going drug addiction that would have near tragic implications in 1980, when the comic was burned in an "accident" while freebasing. (Pryor referred to the accident as an attempt at suicide). Pryor's social commentary allowed him to assuage the pain of his upbringing in Peoria and when that avenue was no longer available to him he chose the rewards of mainstream success. Unfortunately for Pryor the fame and wealth that his cross-over status afforded him did not bring the peace that he so desired.
Bicentennial Nigger was released he same year that Pryor appeared in Silver Streak with Gene Wilder (one of their many cinematic collaborations). Though Pryor had earned critical acclaim for his role as "Piano Man" in Lady Sings the Blues (1972) and had star turns in black-themed films like Car Wash, The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings ( a film about the Negro leagues which also starred Billy Dee Williams), and Uptown Saturday Night (his Sharp Eye Washington steals the movie), and would later star in a film about Black stock car driver Wendell Scott (Greased Lighting), Silver Streak marked his first major attempt to cross-over to the White mainstream. By the time Pryor starred in the film version of Neil Simon's California Suite (garnering a higher salary than his mentor Cosby, who was also in the film), he had become the Black-face of cross-over possibilities.
His status as the quintessential Black cross-over star was cemented with the Sidney Poitier-directed Stir Crazy (1980), also starring Wilder, which grossed more than $100 million. But Pryor's willingness to submit himself to the paper chase had notable impact on the cutting-edge personas that he crafted on his albums and stand-up performances. As Ed Guerrero notes in his classic  Framing Blackness: The African American Image in Film, "The usual consumer-spectator refused to accept Pryor on his own self-defined cinematic terms, which always involved an exploration and sharp articulation of the bittersweet ironies of racial injustice and black life in America. The market audience supported only Pryor's roles as a comic foil or scene stealer, cast in films with a white lead."
In the aftermath of his accident in 1980 and needing to meet medical expenses and the like, Pryor often sought roles on the basis of the payday. For example, when asked about why he chose his brief role in Superman III, Pryor responded "It really was the $4 million". Pryor's salary for the film was unprecedented for a Black actor and highlighted the value that Hollywood placed on his cross-over power. This would be one of Pryor's last great paydays as the very Black crossover strategy that he took advantage of was very quickly being used to push a 20-something Eddie Murphy as the "new Richard Pryor". One of the measurements of how fast Pryor was descending was his experience with his production company, Indigo. Columbia pictures gave Pryor's company $40 million and the ability to greenlight films, but after a year of internal struggles with the company's staff (including actor and former NFL great Jim Brown, who helped nurse Pryor back to health after his near fatal "accident"), Pryor returned the money.
Excepting those who were fortunate enough to hear Pryor's albums on their parents' record players in the 1970s, many within the Hip-Hop generation were unfortunately introduced to Pryor via dismal vehicles such as Brewster's Millions (1985) and Critical Condition (1987). When Pryor and Redd Foxx paired opposite Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights (1989), one could already see the early ravages of multiple sclerosis on Pryor -- he was a shell of himself. Pryor's semi-autobiographical Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling (arguably one of his better films) was lost on a generation of folk who were not privy to the context that made Pryor's earlier work so compelling.
And yet Pryor was one of the critical forces that allowed for the mainstreaming of Hip-Hop in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Pryor made explicitly public the dark, funky, bittersweet, and beautiful realities of Black life behind the color line, and offended a great many Black folk who wanted those realities to remain out-of-sight from the White gaze. Pryor wasn't simply airing the proverbial "dirty laundry",  but like Langston Hughes before him -- The Weary Blues (1926) and Fine Clothes to the Jew (1927) being fine examples -- he celebrated the full, diverse and vibrant humanity of Black folk, particularly the "niggers".
Much has been made in recent years about Pryor's very public censure of himself, for his long time use of the world "nigger". As Pryor recalled in his concert film Here and Now (1983) and later shared with audiences of Essence Magazine in 1984, he was traveling throughout the continent of Africa and a voice inside him asked "Do you see any niggers?" and he had to come to terms with the fact that he didn't see any. Pryor's repudiation of the word "nigger" has been invoked numerous times to sanction Hip-Hop culture's liberal use of the word. As award-winning journalist Leonard Pitts wrote a few years ago, "we've become entirely too casual, too gratuitous, with this instrument of disparagement" (Denver Post 26 March, 1998).
When Pryor made his claim about the word's use (and we have no knowledge about whether he used the word in his private life) he was paying penance for a wide range of behaviors and trying to get back in the good graces of the American public. But I'd like to also suggest that Pryor's rejection of "nigger" was also about finally putting to bed a particular paradigm of American race relations that no longer functioned in the post-Civil Rights/Reagan-era. Indeed, he was paying penance for the 'sin' of making White America uncomfortable with the issue of race (much like we saw with Muhammad Ali over the last decade of his life).
The "niggas" that found their redemption via 808 machines of the 1980s had nothing to do with the world that Pryor had navigated and eventually lost part of his soul to. In truth, Richard Pryor had little to offer the Hip-hop generation -- his peers were men who pitched Jello and created Bahamian diets, and this is not to disparage any of them or their cultural impact, but simply a reminder that the world had changed and it would be the Chris Rocks, Robin Harrises (really a transitional figure) and Dave Chappelles of the world who would best capture the sad, tragicomic realities of the Hip-Hop generation.
Richard Pryor was much more complex than the profanity that garnered him an audience and a devoted following. For Pryor a word like "nigger" was not profane -- it was born out of the realities of race in America and he always acknowledged the humanity of those "niggers" by allowing them to speak freely back to the world via his stand-up comedy. The lives "niggers" were forced to live were profane -- not the word used to describe them.
If there's a lesson to be learned by the Hip-hop generation, it's not that we should put our "niggas" away in the closet, but that we should be clear that with each invocation of the "niggas" that we are shedding light on the humanity of those folks who still live a reality defined by the dirty, nasty business of race, gender, and poverty in the United States. Richard Pryor was a "nigger" unreconstructed, and for that we are thankful.
*an earlier version was published at Popmatters.
* * *
A long-time contributor to PopMatters, Mark Anthony Neal is the author of several books. He teaches African-American Studies at Duke University. His next book, Black Ephemera: The Crisis and the Challenge of the Musical Archive will be published by New York University Press.


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Irak se adentra en la crisis política tras la dimisión del primer ministro Mahdi

Adel Abdul Mahdi cumplió su palabra y después de dos meses de protestas y más de 400 muertos presentó su dimisión al Parlamento de Irak. La cámara aceptó la renuncia del primer ministro, que conlleva la salida de todo su equipo de gobierno, cuya formación había completado hace tan solo un mes, y ahora, según la Constitución, la fuerza política con más escaños debería nominar a un candidato al que el presidente de la República, Barham Saleh, encargará la formación del nuevo Ejecutivo. Todas las miradas apuntan a Sairún, coalición ganadora en los últimos comicios que tiene 54 escaños, el problema es que esta fuerza política está bajo el control del imprevisible Muqtada Al Sader. El clérigo chií dio instrucciones de “poner fin a la cuota partidista y sectaria” y decidió “renunciar al derecho” de formar gobierno para “entregárselo a los manifestantes porque el pueblo es el dueño de esa decisión”, declaró en rueda de prensa el presidente de la alianza, Nabil al Tarfi. Irak se adentra en una nueva fase de incertidumbre política a la espera de conocer ese “candidato del pueblo” al que se refirió Sairún. Los manifestantes recibieron con alegría esta dimisión, que supone una primera victoria de una lucha con la que arremeten contra la corrupción, el desempleo, la falta de servicios y la injerencia del vecino Irán, omnipresente en Irak desde la caída de Sadam Husein. Abdul Mahdi llegó al poder hace un año en un contexto de optimismo generalizado tras el final de la guerra contra el grupo yihadista Estado Islámico (EI). Economista de formación y con una dilatada trayectoria en las instituciones, se perfilaba como el candidato adecuado para el momento de posguerra, pero no ha sido capaz de cumplir las expectativas y desde hace dos meses se enfrentaba a las protestas más importantes desde la caída del antiguo régimen. La respuesta de las fuerzas de seguridad ha sido brutal y el uso de fuego real para contener las movilizaciones provocó más de 40 muertos el jueves en Nasiriya y Bagdad, un baño de sangre que llevó al primer ministro a arrojar la toalla. Para tomar la decisión de dimitir también fue decisivo el sermón pronunciado el viernes por el Gran Ayatolá Sistani en el calificó al Gobierno de “incompetente” e instó a los parlamentarios a reconsiderar su apoyo para evitar el "caos" y más muertos. El clérigo, de 89 años, llamó además a acelerar las reformas necesarias en el sistema para celebrar unas nuevas elecciones en el país. Abdul Mahdi declaró que escuchó “con mucha atención” este sermón y señaló que "en respuesta" a su llamamiento "y para facilitarlo lo antes posible" presentó su renuncia.

The GLAAD Wrap: Jacob Tobia's new Showtime series; trailers for 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay,' 'Schitt's Creek,' and more; music from Kesha, Big Freedia, Chika; and more!


Every week, The GLAAD Wrap brings you LGBTQ-related entertainment news highlights, fresh stuff to watch out for, and fun diversions to help you kick off the weekend.

1) Out producer and director Greg Berlanti will be producing an adaption of popular novel The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue for HBO Max. The book follows Henry “Monty” Montegue, a bisexual British Lord who embarks on an adventure with his best friend and crush Percy, but several things run afoul. The book and its sequel The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy are available for purchase and the third in the series will be released next year. 

2) A release date has been announced for festival favorite French film A Portrait of a Lady on Fire. From out filmmaker Celine Sciamma, the film follows a woman commissioned to secretly paint another woman for her husband-to-be, but the two develop a romance. A Portrait of a Lady on Fire will have a special one-week showing in New York in Los Angeles starting December 6, and will be released in theaters everywhere on Valentines Day 2020.

3) The Criterion Collection announced their next set of releases, which include infamous documentary Paris is Burning. In addition to the original documentary, which follows the ballroom scene, and introduced audiences to the queer and trans people making strides in that community, the Criterion Collection edition will include a full new hour of footage. The film will be available on February 25, 2020. In more documentary news, MTV Documentary Films has announced a film with out producers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbota, Going to Pot: The Highs and Lows of It.

4) Adam became available for purchase on digital platforms on Tuesday. The film follows the titular teen boy Adam who becomes immersed in the queer and trans culture of New York in 2006. The DVD will be released on December 3, where it will have an exclusive audio commentary from the film’s director and trans man Rhys Ersnt. Check out the trailer below!

5) Showtime announced on Thursday that they will be developing non-binary actor and author Jacob Tobia’s book Sissy: A Coming of Gender Story as a dramedy. The show will follow non-binary college grand Tobi Gibran as they move from North Carolina to Ney York City in search of queer utopia but find the city to be less than what they hoped for. Tobia will co-write and co-executive produce the show.

6) A trailer has been released for Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, Freeform’s new comedy from out creator and star Josh Thomas. The show follows Thomas’ character Nicholas, a gay man who ends up being the guardian of his two teenage half-sisters. The show premieres January 16, watch the trailer below. Queer Black writers Julian Breece and Ira Madison III have announced a new dark comedy Canceled for Warner Bros. Television, produced by out producer Greg Berlanti. The show will follow Black social media personalities who get famous overnight for taking down a racist celebrity

7) The first teaser for Netflix’s AJ and the Queen was released on Tuesday. The show stars RuPaul as Ruby Red, a drag queen who has dreams of opening up his own drag club, and ends up on a cross-country road trip with 10-year-old girl AJ. The show will be released on Netflix on January 10, watch the trailer below! Jamie Clayton has been cast in the upcoming second season of Roswell, New Mexico. The trans Sense8 star will play Agent Grace Powell, who was sent to Roswell to investigate disappearances.

8) A teaser has been released for the final season of Schitt’s Creek, showing the Rose family, including newly engaged couple David and Patrick. Watch the teaser here and catch season six of Schitt’s Creek January 7 on Pop TV.  On Monday, Marvel’s Runaways released a new trailer for their third season, but also announced that this will be their final season. The show, featuring superhero teens including queer characters Nico and Karolina will premiere their third and final season on December 13. Watch the trailer below.  

9) Kesha has a new song and video out this week, single “My Own Dance,” off her upcoming High Road, which will come out January 10. Watch the video here, and pre-order the album here. Out artist Big Freedia, who was recently featured on Kesha’s “Raising Hell” has released “Louder,” a new song with an accompanying video. Stream and download the dance song, featuring Icona Pop here, want watch the video below! Singer and trans woman Mila Jam has released a new song "Call It Love," which can be listened to here!

10) Dream machine, lead by queer vocalist May-Kline released their new song “Rich Boys,” which May-Kline says “is about being frustrated with capitalist queer culture while also being envious of those who benefit from it.” Listen to the song here. Sleater-Kinney released a new music video on Thursday for their song “LOVE” off their most recent album The Center Won’t Hold. Watch the music video here and stream and download the album here.  Out queer rapper Chika released a new single on Friday, “Cant Explain it” featuring Charlie Wilson. She released a music video as well that features a queer romance. Stream the song here and watch the video below!

11) The nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards were announced on Thursday. LGBTQ nominees include Tarell Alvin McCraney for his screenplay of High Flying Bird as well as queer-centered films Booksmart in First Feature, Portrait of A Lady on Fire in Best International Film, and Wild Nights with Emily for the John Cassavetes Award. The awards will be handed out on February 8; see the full list of nominees here.

12) Out creator Ingrid Nilsen and Tastemade have teamed up for Cooking with Pride, a weekly series that features Nilsen with LGBTQ chefs where they create food and talk about their LGBTQ experiences. Watch today’s episode with Chef Mac Elliot, a trans man who makes shakshuka on the show, below.

13) Be Gay, Do Comics is an upcoming queer comics anthology that is currently funding from The Nib. The 250-page hardcover book will feature several LGBGTQ cartoonists, writing an drawing on queer history, memoir, and satire. Click here to contribute to the project!

November 22, 2019


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Humorous Robotic Litter Box Commercial Educates And Entertains


The comical Litter-Robot video for cat parents has gained more than 2 million views across Facebook and YouTube in less than a week.

(PRWeb November 27, 2019)

Read the full story at


Poética de Pilar Quirosa-Cheyrouze, entre sus imágenes y el cómic


Poética de Pilar Quirosa-Cheyrouze, entre sus imágenes y el cómic La poesía y el cómic. Cuál es el camino que recorren para explicar la presencia de Pilar Quirosa-Cheyrouze (Tetuán, Marruecos, 1956, Almería 2019). Su ausencia es aparente. Su presencia es real y reaparece también en los momentos de las Jornadas del Cómic con su poética. […]

La entrada Poética de Pilar Quirosa-Cheyrouze, entre sus imágenes y el cómic se publicó primero en secretOlivo. secretOlivo | Cultura Andaluza contemporánea


19 películas de Netflix, HBO, Movistar + y Amazon Prime perfectas para alimentar tu espíritu navideño


19 películas de Netflix, HBO, Movistar + y Amazon Prime perfectas para alimentar tu espíritu navideño

La Navidad calienta motores en las plataformas de streaming, y somos muchos los que ya hemos puesto el árbol, comprado nuestro vestido con brilli brilli para Nochevieja y colocado los calcetines para que ni Papá Noel ni los Reyes se pierdan. Por eso ya va siendo hora de que comience también la maratón de películas navideñas en la televisión, tanto las clásicas como las novedades que nos traen las plataformas de streaming. Te enseñamos las mejores películas de Navidad de 2018 de Netflix, HBO, Movistar+ y Amazon Prime Video para que el espíritu navideño te posea por completo.

Cambio de princesa

Las protagonistas, una panadera de Chicago y una futura princesa, se parecen tanto que podrían pasar por la misma persona. Por eso la princesa planea hacerse pasar la una por la otra durante las Navidades. Las dos aceptan, pero pronto descubrirán que no va a ser tan sencillo como esperaban.

Al estilo del Tú a Londres y yo a California de Lindsay Lohan, Cambio de princesa, lo nuevo de Netflix que se estrena el 16 de noviembre, tiene como protagonista absoluta a Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), y ha venido para sorprendernos estas Navidades.

Algo para recordar

Sam Baldwin, un arquitecto viudo, es engañado por su hijo de ocho años para contar su historia en un programa de radio. Una de las miles de mujeres que lo escuchan y quedan prendadas de su encanto es Annie Reed, una joven periodista que está a punto de casarse. Él decide volver a salir con mujeres, y ella duda sobre lo que es el amor.

Algo Para Recordar Las Mejores Peliculas De Navidad En Netflix Hbo Movistar Amazon Prime Video Y Flixole 2018

Tom Hanks y Meg Ryan protagonizan Algo para recordar, una emblemática comedia romántica de los 90 ambientada en la época navideña y que tiene mucho amor.

Crónicas de Navidad

Crónicas de Navidad se estrenará el próximo 22 de noviembre, y cuenta la historia de Kate y Teddy, dos hermanos que acaban colándose en el trineo de Santa Claus para grabarle con su cámara. Están a punto de cargarse las Navidades, pero pronto formarán una alianza con él para que todo siga el cauce previsto.

¿Kurt Russell haciendo de Papá Noel? Si creías haberlo visto todo, es que aún no habías descubierto la Navidad en Netflix.

Polar express

Tom Hanks es el maquinista del Polar Express, un tren que llega a casa de un niño en Navidad para que haga realidad sus sueños. Polar Express es una película de Robert Zemeckis, nominada a tres Oscar, y fue la primera en rodarse por completo en performance capture, un sistema de animación que captura los movimientos del actor y los transforma en imágenes animadas en tres dimensiones. Mucha nieve y magia en esta adaptación del libro "El expreso polar", de Chris Van Allsburg.

El grinch

En el pueblo de Villaquién todos celebran la Navidad menos el Grinch, un ser gruñón y peludo que vive en lo alto de la montaña y cuya única compañía es un perro. Una dulce niña intentará averiguar por qué el Grinch detesta las fiestas navideñas.

El Grinch Las Mejores Peliculas De Navidad En Netflix Hbo Movistar Amazon Prime Video Y Flixole 2018

Tanto si odias la Navidad como si la adoras, El Grinch es una de las elecciones más divertidas para esta época del año. Esta comedia, donde Jim Carrey brilla con su peculiar humor, fue ganadora de un Oscar en 2001 y tiene una nueva versión animada en los cines.

El calendario de Navidad

La nueva película de Bradley Walsh es una producción original de Netflix y cuenta la historia de una fotógrafa en una mala racha (Kat Graham) que hereda un antiguo calendario de adviento cuyo contenido parece tener la habilidad de predecir el futuro.

Los gremlins

Es Navidad y Ram Pelzer (Hoyt Axton), se adentra en el barrio chino de una ciudad en busca del regalo perfecto para su hijo Billy (Zach Galligan). Allí encuentra a Gizmo, un encantador Mogwai cuyo cuidado exige mucha responsabilidad: no debe darle la luz brillante, no debe estar en contacto con agua y, por mucho que llore, nunca, nunca, puede comer después de medianoche. El problema es que no será tan fácil cumplirlas como parece.

Por mi parte, no imagino una Navidad sin Gizmo, la ternura personificada. Mucho humor, acción y toque navideño que hacen de Los Gremlins un clásico del cine fantástico perfecto para disfrutar en estas fechas.

Herencia navideña

Ellen (Eliza Taylor), es la irresponsable heredera de un gran emporio de la industria del regalo. Para darle una lección, su padre decide que a cambio de recibir su regalo navideño, Ellen deberá viajar de incógnito a entregar la tradicional carta de Navidad a su tío Zeke, el extraño socio de su padre. Herencia Navideña es un “drama ligero romántico” y fue una de las apuestas de Netflix para las pasadas Navidades. Este año también está disponible para los rezagados que no la vieron, o para los que sí lo hicieron y quieren repetir.

Solo en casa

Cuando los McCallister se marchan a París para pasar las vacaciones de Navidad, se olvidan de un pequeño detalle: su hijo Kevin no está con ellos en el avión. Para el pequeño es una maravillosa noticia, al fin podrá hacer todo lo que sus padres le prohíben, hasta que una pareja de ladrones intenta robar en su casa. Solo en casa es la comedia americana que transformó en estrella a su protagonista Macaulay Culkin y es ideal para que el espíritu navideño por fin entre en ti.

Un príncipe de Navidad

Amber (Rose McIver) es una joven periodista que debe cubrir en Navidad la sucesión del trono del polémico príncipe Richard (Ben Lamb) en el pequeño reino de Aldovia. Tras una desastrosa rueda de prensa, Amber decide colarse en el palacio real para intentar sacar algo en exclusiva. Allí será confundida con Martha, la nueva maestra de la princesa Emily (Honor Kneafsey). Amber irá conociendo mejor al príncipe durante los días que pasan hasta la ceremonia de sucesión, disputada por el conde Simon (Theo Devaney), primo del heredero y segundo en la línea de sucesión.

Un príncipe para Navidad fue de lo más sonado en las pasadas Navidades de Netflix. Esta producción original del gigante del streaming es según Espinof, un placer culpable. ¿Te vas a resistir a este romance navideño? Y si te enamoras, Netflix también tiene la segunda parte, Un príncipe de Navidad: La boda real.


En una pequeña ciudad española se inventan una campaña caritativa de Navidad destinada a familias ricas con el lema "Cene con un pobre". Para participar en la cabalgata que organizan contratan a Plácido (Cassen), un honrado trabajador, y a su motocarro. Él acepta, pero justo ese día le vence una letra para pagar el vehículo y empieza a luchar con bancos, notarios y ricos que no harán nada para impedir el embargo de su único medio de vida.

Placido Luis Garcia Berlanga Las Mejores Peliculas De Navidad En Netflix Hbo Movistar Amazon Prime Video Y Flixole 2018

Un clásico entre los clásicos. Luis García Berlanga nos sumerge en la España más tradicional con una comedia de 1961 que llegó a estar nominada al Óscar a la Mejor película de habla no inglesa.

Bad Santa 2

Impulsado por el whisky barato y la codicia, Willie Stokes (Billy Bob Thornton) de nuevo hace equipo con su compañero Marcus (Tony Cox), para planear un robo en la víspera de Navidad. La entidad elegida esta vez es una organización benéfica de Chicago dirigida por Diane (Christina Hendricks), una mujer con un corazón de oro y una líbido de acero. A la banda se les une Sunny Soke (Kathy Bates), que eleva el nivel de ambición de la banda, al tiempo que baja los estándares de comportamiento criminal.

Tras el éxito de Bad Santa, Billy Bob Thornton repite en su papel de Willie Soke, el Santa Claus más irreverente del cine. Esta comedia navideña, es ácida, satírica y muy divertida, y la elección más gamberra de esta lista.

Pesadilla antes de Navidad

Jack es el rey de la Ciudad de Halloween. Supervisa las delicias macabras, los escalofríos y las sorpresas que se exportan al mundo real, pero está aburrido de esa rutina. Un día, por accidente, Jack tropieza con una entrada a la Ciudad de la Navidad y se queda extasiado con los colores, los juguetes y la alegría que ve. Obsesionado con la idea de hacerse con el control de la Navidad, convence a sus súbditos para que lo ayuden a suplantar a Santa.

Recuerdo como si fuera ayer cuando fui al cine siendo una niña a ver esta película de animación de Tim Burton. Flipe tanto con Jack y con este gótico cuento navideño, que aún hoy tengo un muñeco suyo disfrazado de Santa Claus en la estantería de mi salón. La mezcla perfecta entre la Navidad y Halloween tiene nombre y es Pesadilla antes de Navidad.

Solo amigos

Chris (Ryan Reynolds) es un buen chico, aunque un poco pardillo. El día de la graduación del Instituto decide armarse de valor y confesarle su amor a Jamie (Amy Smart), pero ella le quiere... solo como amigo. Diez años más tarde, Chris se ha convertido en un atractivo y prometedor productor musical. Su éxito con las mujeres le ha hecho olvidar su fracaso con Jamie. O al menos, eso es lo que él cree. La gira con la estrella del pop Samantha James (Anna Faris), le obliga a hacer escala en su antiguo pueblo en Navidad. Muy a su pesar, va a reencontrarse con su familia, sus amigos... y con Jamie.

Solo Amigos Las Mejores Peliculas De Navidad En Netflix Hbo Movistar Amazon Prime Video Y Flixole 2018

Si has visto Deadpool sabrás que Ryan Reynolds tiene una maravillosa vis cómica. Y esta comedia romántica tan navideña es una demostración más de ese talento humorístico. Desenfadada y con mucha nieve, Solo amigos es perfecta para ver después de un atracón de polvorones y bajar esas calorías de más con carcajadas.

Jungla de cristal

El detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) decide viajar a Los Ángeles en Navidad, cargado de regalos, para intentar rehacer su vida familiar. Al llegar a la oficina de su mujer Holly ignora lo que Gruber y una docena de terroristas planean: sellar el edificio y tomar como rehenes a los empleados. Pero McClane no ha sido visto, y ahora, solo con un arma y su valor y astucia, deberá desbaratar el plan de los asaltantes.

Jungla de cristal es la película navideña con más acción (y la mejor según algunos) que encontrarás para estas fechas. Porque en Navidad también pueden gustarte las balas, los puñetazos y los héroes americanos.

Que bello es vivir

George Bailey (James Stewart) es un honrado ciudadano que siempre se ha sacrificado por los demás. Dirige un pequeño banco familiar, a pesar de los intentos de un poderoso banquero por arruinarlo y abrumado por la desaparición de una importante suma de dinero, decide suicidarse. Pero entonces aparece Clarence (Henry Travers), un ángel de segunda clase que es enviado a la Tierra con la misión de disuadirle, y ganarse así sus alas. Para ello, le muestra cuál habría sido la vida de aquellos que le rodean si él no hubiera existido.

Este clásico de Frank Capra, basado en el cuento de The Greatest Gift de Philip Van Doren Stern, es la típica película para ver abrazado a los tuyos mientras una lagrimita te recorre la mejilla. Todos influimos en la vida de los demás, aunque a veces pensemos que no, y Qué bello es vivir es perfecta para recordarnos que somos importantes.

El día de la bestia

Un sacerdote (Álex Angulo) cree haber descifrado el mensaje secreto del Apocalipsis según San Juan: el Anticristo nacerá el 25 de diciembre de 1995 en Madrid. Para impedir el nacimiento del hijo de Satanás, el cura se alía con José María (Santiago Segura), un joven aficionado al death metal. Ambos intentan averiguar en qué parte de Madrid tendrá lugar el apocalíptico acontecimiento. Con la ayuda del profesor Cavan (Armando de Razza), presentador de un programa de televisión de carácter esotérico y sobrenatural, el cura y José María invocan al diablo en una extraña ceremonia.

El Dia De La Bestia Las Mejores Peliculas De Navidad En Netflix Hbo Movistar Amazon Prime Video Y Flixole 2018

Alex de la Iglesia firma este film, el más satánico y siniestro de nuestra navideña lista, que es una mezcla de comedia, terror y thriller. El día de la bestia se llevó seis premios Goya, incluyendo el de Mejor director, y aporta el toque más grunge a tu Navidad cinéfila.

En FlixOlé

Un padre en apuros

Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) es uno de esos padres que suele pasar poco tiempo en casa con su familia. Cuando se acercan las navidades, le promete a su hijo que tendrá el mejor regalo del mundo, el muñeco del superhéroe de moda, Turboman. Cuando Howard se quiere dar cuenta, el día de Navidad está a la vuelta de la esquina y no se ha preocupado en absoluto de comprar el deseado juguete. Ahora está agotado en todos los centros comerciales y su única esperanza es el sorteo de una radio local.

No podíamos dejar fuera a Arnold Schwarzenegger y su odisea buscando el regalo de su hijo, Jake Lloyd (Anakin en la saga de Star Wars). Esta vez Terminator no tirará de fuerza ni de armas, sino de humor en una comedia clásica de Navidad.

Love actually

¿De verdad pensabas que no incluiríamos Love Actually en una lista de películas navideñas? Desde hace 15 años no imaginamos una Navidad sin ella. Es todo lo que debería ser el espíritu navideño: está cargada de amor, de ternura, de regalos, de nieve, de amistad y de familia. Es realmente divertida, dulce y se ha convertido en una tradición navideña tan importante como comerse las uvas de fin de año.

Ocho historias que se cruzan en un reparto de esos que enamoran. Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Liam Neeson o Bill Nighy son algunas de las caras conocidas de esta comedia romántica británica que nos enamoró desde el primer día. Love Actually es Navidad, ni más ni menos.

Love Actually Las Mejores Peliculas De Navidad En Netflix Hbo Movistar Amazon Prime Video Y Flixole 2018

Foto| Netflix

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Todas las series, películas y documentales que llegan a Netflix, HBO, Amazon y Movistar+ en el mes de noviembre

De ‘Castle Rock’ a ‘La Purga’: 23 series de terror, suspense y miedo para disfrutar en Halloween (y dónde encontrarlas)

La noticia 19 películas de Netflix, HBO, Movistar + y Amazon Prime perfectas para alimentar tu espíritu navideño fue publicada originalmente en Trendencias por Anabel Palomares .


Cinema - Il Primo Natale (2019) - Full Trailer della commedia di Ficarra e Picone - VIDEO (miguel)

miguel scrive nella categoria Cinema che: IL PRIMO NATALE (2019) - FULL TRAILER DELLA COMMEDIA DI FICARRA E PICONE: diretto da Ficarra e Picone. Cast: Salvo Ficarra e Valentino Picone. Data d'uscita: 12 dicembre 2019. Dopo un primo teaser che ci aveva dato un piccolo assaggio della nuova commedia firmata dal duo comico siciliano arriva finalmente il full trailer de Il primo Natale in cui Salvo Ficarra e Valentino Picone vestono rispet
vai agli ultimi aggiornamenti su: film cinema video trailer natale
1 Voti

Vai all'articolo completo » .Il Primo Natale (2019) - Full Trailer della commedia di Ficarra e Picone - VIDEO.
Il Primo Natale (2019) - Full Trailer della commedia di Ficarra e Picone - VIDEO

Trop de mots?

 J'ai déjà eu l'occasion de dire que Brian M Bendis n'est pas de mes scénaristes favoris, en partie du fait d'une narration décompressée, et bien trop bavarde à mon goût (l'exemple ci dessus n'étant pas le pire)
Mais ce qui m'a amusé est de lire une intervention récente de l'ex grand Chef Marvel Joe Quesada, parlant de ses Daredevil relancés au siècle dernier
Il rappelle que la "méthode Marvel" (popularisée par Stan lee : synopsis puis dessins puis dialogues) a bien évolué avec les décennies
Quand il a demandé à Kevin Smith de travailler de cette manière, le scénariste star du petit (et grand) écran a mis près de 5 épisodes à s'y faire. Quesada parle des excès de Smith dès le premier numéro. Smith a blindé les pages de textes, après les dessins donc, et refusé que Quesada en coupe.
Au début, parce qu'ensuite il a été obligé de reconnaitre l'excès.
Rappelons que l'un des scénaristes les plus bavards est Chris Claremont
Bavard par nature, par goût, mais aussi pour, de temps en temps, faire en sorte que le comics final soit plus de lui que du dessinateur, surtout quand Byrne n'allait pas toujours dans le même sens.
La nostalgie me fait regarder ces séquences avec le sourire, tout en me disant que parler autant en embrassant ne doit pas être facile
 Ici il marque clairement la scène de son empreinte
 Ceci vient de Stan Lee qui avait un style très marqué, qui transparaissait davantage aux dialogues qu'au synopsis. Il faisait siennes les pages en mettant ses mots.
Les longs dialogues pendant les bastons furent une marque de fabrique désuète aujourd'hui, mais bien fun
 Il y allait fort par endroit quand même le Stan!
 Pour rester, et conclure, dans ce qui ne se fait plus, les bulles de pensées me manquent en peu
Elles avaient le charme de la redondance


Pepper page 20


If you love Fritz, and want to help support it, please share it with your friends. You can also buy Volume 1, check out my mini comics or join my Patreon! 

#85 The Call of the Beet IPA


Issue 85 of Massive Potions | A Weekly Beer Comic by Ken Weaver

Chuggin’ through that last mound of work before the holiday. Homestretch! May you have a great Thanksgiving free of beet beer. 😽🍺 —Ken  

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#84 Our IPA’s Cursed


Issue 84 of Massive Potions | A Weekly Beer Comic by Ken Weaver

Still scarred from beet frescos in Nicaragua… Actual news: The 16oz. Canvas invited me to be on an episode of their Art of Craft Beer podcast, and that hour-long chat is now live! AJ & I talk shop about Massive[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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#83 Talk Me Up


Issue 83 of Massive Potions | A Weekly Beer Comic by Ken Weaver

Jean’s first visit to the brewery! 🧙‍♀️ Hitting the studio hard after some patchy weeks of vacay alternated w/ work crunches. Been working on some merch mockups for SS 2020. Hmu w/ ideas. 🍻 —Ken

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Chapter 7, page 29


Hoorah!  But also oh no, someone’s got explaining to do…

Check out the magical awesome movie, anime, comic & pulp art at Pop Art Land

I&#39;ve been a huge fan of art since I was a teenager collecting McFarlane comic books in my parents garage. I used to love picking up my weekly comics every Tuesday, running home and going through those pages like a man on coke. Years later, I founded in that very same garage and now here we are, over 20 years later and art is still a huge part of my life as I continue to… Read More...

Fanfics BETTER than the original movie, comic, tv show (etc.)...

I"m reading some "interesting" fan fics about Dani and Grace from Terminator : Dark Fate . Grace goes back A WEEK EARLIER and spends more time scoping out the place and time instead of showing up at the last second before the REV-9 tries to kill her (duh!). Dani spots her working at the factory and...

ندوة حوكمة شركات صناديق الاستثمار_2020

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كورس السكرتارية و القيادة الإدارية_2020

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Ist das Universum eine Simulation? Wissen von Astro-Comics TV


Ist das Universum eine Simulation? – Weltraum-Wissen von Astro-Comics TV | | …

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            An Israeli journalist once asked a ba’al teshuva who he felt was greater, the little Yerushalmi children in Me’ah Shearim who have never had exposure to contemporary society, or he, who had reformed his entire life? The journalist assumed that the ba’al teshuva would reply that he is greater because he had left behind surroundings and familiarity of his youth in order to adopt a Torah lifestyle. However, the ba’al teshuva replied that in his opinion the Yerushalmi children are greater: “I experienced the trappings and pleasures of the outside world, and I am starkly aware that it’s ultimately empty and meaningless. To me, it’s clear that Torah provides true meaning and a life of direction and purpose. But those Yerushalmi children have no way of knowing that. To them the allure of the outside world still seems exciting and tempting. The fact that they maintain their beliefs anyway requires faith and dedication that are beyond me.”   

          The prophet Yeshaya conveyed to the nation that G-d was displeased with their Service to Him: “G-d said: Since this people has drawn close, with its mouth and with its lips it has honored Me, yet it has distanced its heart from me; their fear of me is כמצות אנשים מלומדה - like rote of human commands.”[1]
          One of the greatest challenges we face is to maintain a level of excitement and passion when doing mitzvos and serving Hashem, particularly regarding those mitzvos we perform on a daily basis. When a young man dons his tefillin for the first time shortly prior to his bar mitzvah, he is extremely excited and proud. But with time that excitement wanes and becomes a matter of rote, especially during those mornings when he is tired. 
          When Yitzchak and Rivka davened for a child the Torah states, “And Hashem heeded hiscries, and his wife Rivka conceived.”[2] Rashi explains that Hashem listened to the prayers of Yitzchak more than to the prayers of Rivka, because the prayers of a righteous person who is the child of a wicked person[3], cannot compare to the prayers of a righteous person who is the child of a righteous person[4].
          The words of Rashi are surprising. One would think that one born and raised among heretics who pulled himself up by the bootstraps to become a devout believer is greater than one born into a reputable upstanding home. In addition, the gemara[5]states, “In the place where one who has repented stands, the most perfectly righteous cannot stand.” If so, why was Rivka’s prayers not as poignant, if not more poignant, than those of Yitzchak?
          Rabbi Sholom Schwadron zt’l related that one day a man was standing next to the marketplace minding his own business watching people busily shopping. Suddenly, he felt two hard jabs at his chest. As he looked up angrily to see who had punched him, he realized that he was in the middle of saying Shemone Esrei and had just recited the beracha, Selach Lanu.[6]
          Rabbi Simcha Wasserman zt’l explained that a person who decides to revolutionize his life by adopting a Torah lifestyle that was completely unfamiliar to him, reaches spiritual levels that even surpasses the most righteous individuals, who did not have to undergo such struggle to achieve that connection. Still, one who repents generally does so because he felt internal strife and emptiness. He was searching and yearning for meaning and knew that something had to change in his life. It was that journey and self-discovery that led him to a path of Torah and mitzvah observance.
          One born into a home of Torah values however, never knew of anything different. For that person, it is a greater challenge to appreciate the privilege he was been born into, as a Torah observant Jew. One who has been davening three times a day, repeating the same words all his life, inevitably has a more difficult time finding meaning in his prayers. That is why the sincere prayers of one born into a home of righteousness, are greater than the prayers of one raised in a home that does not practice Torah values. One who developed an appreciation for prayer looks forward to the thrice daily opportunity for connection, and therefore it is not as great of a challenge for him to daven. One who was trained in it from youth, can maintain his callow understanding of prayer throughout his life, and never develop that appreciation for the greatness and opportunity of prayer. For him to do so, requires overcoming habit and rote, which is always a formidable challenge.[7]   

          In the daily Shema we recite: “And these matters that I command you today shall be upon your heart.”[8]The Medrash comments that each day a person should feel as if that day G-d commanded him to perform the mitzvos.[9]
          Shema is the mantra of every Jew. The custom is to recite Shema in the presence of an infant boy the night before his b’ris milah. Just before a person leaves this world, if he has the ability, he recites Shema. Twice a day, every day, morning and evening, a Jew recites Shema, and then repeats it again just before he retires for the night. 
          It is therefore particularly in the Shema recitation that we are commanded to maintain a sense of freshness and excitement for Avodas Hashem. We should never take for granted the message of Shema. Just as the world does not run on automatic pilot, but is renewed by G-d each day, so must our Service to Him be performed with renewed vigor and excitement each day.
          In days of old, a watchman was stationed at all railroad crossings. He would sit at the top of a tower next to the crossing. If he would see a horse and buggy traveling toward the crossing as a train was speeding down the track, he would wave a flaming torch in all directions to warn the conductor.
          One cloudy day, the watchman saw an oncoming train rapidly approaching the crossing just as a horse and wagon slowly made its way across the tracks. The watchman grabbed his wooden stick, raced to the top of the tower, and began waving it in all directions. But no matter how vigorously he waved the stick the train would not slow down. Moments later, the train crashed into the horse and buggy causing significant devastation and loss of life.
          The watchman was forced to stand trial in court with serious allegations leveled against him, which included involuntary manslaughter. When the charges were announced the watchman was indignant. “I did my job. I waved that torch as hard as I could. It was the conductor who should be charged for not adhering to the warning!” The prosecution sharply replied, “It doesn’t matter how much you waved the stick. You neglected to fulfill your primary duty, which is to light the stick before you start waving it. If there is no fire atop the stick, the conductor won’t see it, so how can he understand its message?!”
          Prayer is incredibly powerful, and its words are incredibly poignant. But words recited without emotion cannot compare with those recited passionately. The concentration and fervor we have while praying is the fire that propels those words to far greater heights.[10]
          The Sages explain that “G-d desires heart”[11]. It’s not merely about what we do, but also how we do it. That is true all of our actions, especially prayer.
          The prophet Yechezkel informed the nation:  “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”[12]Our task is to seek that sense of freshness and excitement in the mundane and not allow what we do to become a matter of rote.
          The sad truth of life is that we often don’t appreciate our greatest gifts. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of reflection, we can elevate every day and savor the blessings we are granted.

          “Hashem heeded his cries”
          “These matters that I command you today shall be upon your heart.”

Rabbi Dani Staum LMSW
Rebbe, Heichal HaTorah, Teaneck, NJ
Principal, Ohr Naftali, New Windsor NY

[1] Yeshaya 29:13
[2]Bereishis 25:22
[3] The righteous Rivka was the daughter of the wicked Besuel
[4] The righteous Yitzchok was the son of the righteous Avrohom
[5]Berachos 34a
[6] The custom is that we strike our chests twice when reciting that beracha. Rabbi Schwadron was humorously depicting how we often pray as if on autopilot, allowing our mouths to recite the familiar words out of habit, while our minds are completely elsewhere.  
[7]It is truly inspiring to watch the manner in which ba’alei teshuva daven with intense concentration.
[8] Devorim 6:6
[9] Sifrei, Devorim 31
[10]Rabbi Aharon Lopianski notes that it is not always as important to understand the meaning of every single word as it to understand the general gist of what one is saying. When one has a general understanding of the words it is far easier to relate to them and to maintain concentration.
[11]  זוהר, רעיא מהימנא ג', כי תצא רפא, סנהדרין קו:
[12]Yecheskel 32:26


Mit "Game Of Thrones"-Star: So hätte "Watchmen" ursprünglich aussehen sollen!

Eine Verfilmung des kultigen „Watchmen“-Comics war vor Zack Snyders Version aus dem Jahr 2009 fast 25 Jahre lang in Planung. 2003 drehte David Hayter Testaufnahmen für sein "Watchmen"-Drehbuch – mit Ray Stevenson und „Game Of Thrones“-Star Iain Glen.

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"Gorillaz: Reject False Icons": Trailer zur Tour-Doku der virtuellen Kultband

Die britische Band „Gorillaz“ besteht aus vier Comicfiguren, deren Musik in der Realität von „Blur“-Frontmann Damon Albarn stammt. Zur Doku „Gorillaz: Reject False Icons“ gibt es den ersten Teaser:

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Comment on New York Comic Con 2019 – Thursday and Friday. by Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett | Stephanie

[…] New York Comic Con 2… on Star Wars Celebration Chicago… […]



不请自来,划水划了好久了,这回就像小亮那样整个狠活,让别人无活可整吧。其实思考这个问题很长时间了,将藤子老师所有的作品,至少是主要作品整合到一部作品中,不得不说是一个非常有意思、非常吸引人的“思想实验”。我不知道藤子老师生前是否有过如此宏大的设想,即使没有,也不妨碍我们这些藤子迷畅想一番。下面就允许我来YY一把“群英荟萃”版本的藤子宇宙是什么样子,为了方便起见,下文我就把她称作1293号宇宙。好了,现在就开始这场Deep♂ Doraemon♂ Fantasy之旅吧。




或者是“杨基集英社”侦探漫画(DC Comics)的正义联盟:











1. “哆啦队长”之哆啦A梦







2. “怂版鹰眼”——野比大雄











3. 淑女版“黑寡妇”之源静香







4. 我是土豪我怕谁之“练马区钢铁侠”——骨川小夫











5“. 无敌虎克”之巨人胖虎






6. “神奇女侠”之超能力魔美










7. “像我这么牛叉的还有四个”,超人战队之小超人帕门+中年超人左江内氏









8. “练马区绿灯侠”之春日惠理








9. 藤子神盾局之时光巡逻队



比如在哆啦A梦超长篇《大雄与日本的诞生》中逮捕大反派巨尊比的正是 Time Patrol 时光巡逻队:




10. 百变星君之须方渡








超级英雄可以没有超能力,但是绝对不能没有作为对手的超级反派,要不然就会陷入“我 打 我 自 己”的闹剧。俗话说,“三只蓝狸猫,敢把天宫闹”,在各种作品里被暴锤的反派们相信也悟出了单打独斗是干不成“大事”的道理。面对被“哆啦联盟”击败的危机,反派们站了出来,他们决定成为偶像......不,是组成联盟,对抗正义,让邪恶之光照耀全宇宙!




1. “黑暗超人”之鸟爪超人




2. 邪恶大法师之大魔王



3. 高科技时空罪犯之巨尊比



4. “邪恶精华”之默阿






虽然超级英雄题材的作品现在很受欢迎,不过就像文章一开始提到的,我始终认为这并不是藤子老师的首要选项,因为他的核心创作理念就是“一点点的不可思议”(Sukoshi Fushigi),它需要根植于日常生活,日常生活中引入一点点非日常的元素,推动故事的发展,再进一步引发读者和作者的深入思考。而超级英雄题材与之相比显然“格局过大”了,一言不合就要拯救地球甚至宇宙,过于超脱日常生活,“幻想当然很有趣,但是不进行限制的话,就无聊了”,或许就是因为这样,你很少能在藤子老师的作品中看到“救世”主题的内容。


不过毕竟日常篇版的1293号宇宙藤子老师没有画出来,因此很多地方我们肯定是非常的不确定,不过在这一大堆不确定之中我有一点是非常确定的,那就是故事发生的地点——东京练马区,因为藤子老师大部分角色居住地就是练马区,或者至少离练马区很近,果然,homo......抱歉,“不正常人类”们是会互相吸引的,因此彼此相遇,出发新的故事线也是大概率的事件吧。关于藤子老师作品里的角色相互关联这一点, @Shimmer 已经回答得非常出色了,大家可以参考本文题下他的答案,我就不献丑了。





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Menage a 3 - Nice top


New comic!

Today's News:

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Menage a 3 - Kinda makes me look bad


New comic!

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The Funny Papers

This is the craziest time of the year for the solo cleaner as EVERYBODY wants their house cleaned after Thanksgiving and before Christmas! Please allow me to help you declutter your scattered brains with one of the best remedies... HUMOR! Do you remember the "Funny Papers" in the Sunday newspaper? I remember my grandfather reading his comics after church every Sunday. I didn't get it. I didn't think they were funny. But he would read & laugh as he sipped his coffee in his Sunday best. That's [...]

Ep 93: Millions

Tony Millionaire, of Maakies and Sock Monkey, joins Doktor Faux for a rare one-on-one cage-style conversation about aesthetics, old-world inspiration and Popeye cartoons. Tony explains the story of Marion's Bicycle as well as an interesting tale of how to get your underground comic it's own late-night television show (PROTIP: it's hard). The two also geek-out over classic cartoons and the death of creator-driven content!

#100 Bruce Wayne


100 Bruce Wayne

Today we revisit Bruce Wayne for our 100th episode!! He's a very rich, very traumatized man who dresses up as a bat, and has done so since 1939 (although he has... changed a lot since then).

Media specifically mentioned in today's episode:
-Okay, we didn't mention this, but here's a trailer for a documentary about Bill Finger and Batman
-Detective Comics (1937) #27
-Detective Comics (1937) #38
-The Dark Knight Returns
-Batman: Hush
-Batman: The Long Halloween
-Batman: Dark Victory
-Batman (2016)
-Superman/Batman (2003)
-Arkham Asylum: Serious House on Serious Earth
-Batman (2016) #83
-Folklords #1

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6 Underground: Ryan Reynolds a caccia di criminali

6 Underground film Netflix: Michal Bay mischia sapientemente azione, comicità e un cast ben strutturato, capitanato da Ryan Reynolds. Sarà disponibile sulla piattaforma streaming a partire dal 13 dice ... - Fonte:


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Entrevistas SWCP: Michael Schramm/Project X1


Michael Schramm é o atual CEO da Project X1,um grupo de fãs alemães de Star Wars que constrói modelos de naves/veículos da saga á escala real.

SWCP: Como surgiu a ideia de formarem um grupo que recreasse modelos de veículos de Star Wars?

M.S: Quando finalmente houve um evento na Legoland,uma jovem (com seis ou mais anos) vestida com um manto Jedi correu para mim (Vader fantasiado no palco para fotos com os fãs) ela tinha perdido o seu pai, que era um fã de Star Wars. E ela pensou, eu sou o pai dela... É claro. A mãe dela estava com medo. Eu chorei. O resto é história.Foi um evento muito emocional.Durante quase uma hora,discuti com o Stefan em 2007, em Londres, na Celebration desse ano, sobre a construção de adereços. Levou mais quatro anos para me decidir a começar com isso. E eu nunca pensei ou mesmo poderia imaginar, onde e quantas experiências iríamos fazer devido ao meu amor por este conto de fadas excepcional. Trabalhar com a Lucasfilm e a Disney é uma possibilidade tão incrível e excepcional. Somos um grupo com cerca de vinte fãs. E o meu melhor amigo ainda não era fã - finalmente ...

SWCP: Qual foi o modelo mais difícil de construír até agora?

M.S: Cada adereço tem as suas próprias soluções complicadas. E sempre a última é a melhor e ao mesmo tempo,a pior experiência... Eu só mudaria agora o primeiro adereço,o Vader X1.

SWCP: Apresentaram na Comic Con Portugal/2015 um modelo á escala real do Tie Fighter X4 e em 2019,duas recriações de outros veículos imperiais: Speeder Bike e AS / ST.Podes falar um pouco sobre a logística para trazer estes modelos para Portugal? São montados cá?

M.S: Todos os modelos / Adereços - são desenhados em primeiro lugar e montados num camião ou contentor. Um caminhão /contentor - um adereço.A montagem e desmontagem são sempre efetuadas no local do evento.

SWCP: A propósito,o que achas-te deste evento e do nosso país em geral?

M.S: Portugal é um lugar muito querido por nós.O Valter Santos foi a pessoa que serviu de conexão em 2015. Nós gostamos de vinho do Porto e mais importante,a bondade e simpatia das pessoas. Isso também deve responder já á tua pergunta.

SWCP: Entre inúmeros eventos internacionais em que participaram,conviveram com algumas celebridades como a Carrie Fisher ou Steve Sansweet,entre outros.Recordas-te de alguma situação engraçada ou incomum que se tenha passado convosco e alguma dessas celebridades?

M.S: Puhhh... Sim... mas o que acontece nos bastidores - fica nos bastidores ... Lol

SWCP: Que próximos projetos estão a pensar realizar?

M.S: Alguns, mas por agora,não posso falar sobre isso.   


Michael Schramm is the current CEO of Project X1, a group of German Star Wars fans who builds real-scale ship/vehicle models.

SWCP: How did come up the idea of forming a group that recreat Star Wars vehicle models?

M.S: At last – there was an Event in Legoland. A young girl (6 or so) dressed in a Jedi robe just ran into me (Vader Costumed on stage for photos with fans) – lost her father who was a SW Fan. Gone into the force. And she thought, I am her father… Of course. Her mother was afraid. I cried. Rest is history. A very emotional event. After all. I discussed with Stefan back in 2007 in London at the celebration almost an hour about building props. It took me another 4 years do decide to start up with it. Rest is history. And I never thought or even could imagine, where and how many experiences we will make because my love to this outstanding fairy tale.Working with Lucasfilm and Disney is such an amazing and outstanding possibility.
We are a group with almost 20 FANS. And my best friend even was no Fan – finally…

SWCP: What was the hardest model to construct so far?

M.S: Every prop got his own tricky solutions. And always the last one is the coolest and worst experience… I only would change the first prop – Vader X1 now.

SWCP: Your group presented at Comic Con Portugal/2015 a real-scale model of Tie Fighter X4 and in 2019, two recreations of other imperial vehicles: Speeder Bike and AS/ST. Could you talk a little more about the logistics to bring these models to Portugal? Are they assembled here?

M.S: All models / Props – are draw at first fitting in a Truck or Container. One Truck/Container – one Prop. Assembling and dismantling always on site at the show.

SWCP: By the way, what do you think of this event and our country in general? 

M.S: Portugal is a very be liked place from us. Valter Santos was the connection person back in 2015.
We like Port wine – cousin – and most important – the peoples kindness. This should also answer already your question.

SWCP: Among numerous international events in which you attended and lived with some celebrities such as Carrie Fisher or Steve Sansweet, among others,do you remember any funny or unusual situation that happened with you/your group and any of those celebrities? 

M.S: Puhhh… yes… but what happens backstage – stays there… lol

SWCP: What upcoming projects are you planning to accomplish? 

M.S: Some,but I`m not allowed to talk about.   


Ewan McGregor revela mais alguns detalhes sobre a série do Obi- Wan Kenobi


Durante uma recente entrevista que o ator Ewan McGregor concedeu á revista Men's Journal,revelou mais alguns pormenores acerca da série televisiva ` Obi-Wan Kenobi ´que será emitida no canal Disney+. 

Esta série que ainda não tem título oficial,será composta por seis episódios,cada um com uma hora de duração cuja linha temporal se situará seis anos após os eventos do episódio III,seguindo as aventuras seguintes de Obi-Wan.Com argumento de Hossein Amini e realização de Deborah Chow,esta será uma das séries de Star Wars mais aguardadas pelos fãs!


10 Most Important DC Stories Of The Decade

From CBR. Your thoughts on the list? And remember, there's not a lot of quality stories to choose from in this decade. 10. Convergence 9. Action Comics #1 8. Heroes In Crisis 7. Man Of Steel 6. Court Of Owls 5. Multiversity

McFarlane Toys to do DC Superhero Action Figures

So this year McFarlane Toys got the license to start making DC Comics action figures. ( That news broke this past spring. Two questions: 1. any news since, i.e. when are they going on sale??? 2. which...

Young Justice (COMIC) taking the Young Justice Anime way (SEASON 3)

Hello, I must say I am not the biggest fan of the YJ Anime, because I didnt like that the young characters got depowered. Like Conner,Wally.... BUT! I really like the idea of Season 3 and this is also something which I would REALLY love to see also in the Comics:...

Your top 5 (or 10) favorite DC villains

And not because DC Comics tells you these should be your favorites. They could be recently ignored, underdeveloped, or forgotten about villains but because their backstory, special powers, or history interests you, they remain favorites of yours.

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Bendis Action Comics Discussion and Spoilers

Got tired of making new threads all the time so I figured let’s just make one and keep using it! Also feels like a good time to start since this week’s issue kicks off Bendis’ big Invisible War arc. Action #1017 was still enjoyable for me. Bendis is picking up from where Event Leviathan left off...



"IN SEARCH OF WHY"...a Stoney Lonesome Production.
Join Stoney Lonesome "In Search of Why" as he explores the mysteries of the Universe and arrives at a strikingly simple conclusion. As always, Lonesome actually has NOTHING to say ... it's a silent film with an excellent original musical score by Smokey Hormel.
short, comic, reel, WATCH !
on this Vimeo link:


Transición: juraron los nuevos senadores electos el 27 de octubre, en medio de cortes de luz


Jura de los 24 senadores nacionales electos el 27 de octubreJura de los 24 senadores electos el 27 de octubre en el Senado

Los 24 senadores nacionales electos en los comicios del 27 de octubre pasado prestaron juramento por el período legislativo 2019-2025 este miércoles en una sesión en la que además se definieron las autoridades de la Cámara Alta que asumirán el 10 de diciembre.


El evento debía comenzar a las 14, pero un corte de luz afectó el normal desarrollo de la jornada que, cerca de las 15, comenzó encabezada por la vicepresidenta Gabriela Michetti.


En el recinto estuvieron presentes los actuales senadores, que tienen mandato hasta 2021, y los próximos a asumir. También se aprobaron las renuncias de los legisladores que dejan sus bancas para asumir en otros cargos, como los casos de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, vicepresidente electa de la Nación; Inés Brizuela, designada como intendenta de La Rioja; y Omar Perotti, que fue electo gobernador de Santa Fe. En ese marco, el ex Canciller Jorge Taiana será quien ocupe el cargo de la vicepresidente electa y ocupará esa banca hasta 2023.

Jura de los nuevos legisladores en la cámara alta, NA	Jura de los nuevos legisladores en la cámara alta, NA 

Con la presencia de Rogelio Frigerio como principal representante del saliente oficialismo, por parte del Frente de Todos estuvieron el gobernador de Formosa, Gildo Insfrán, el de Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora, y el diputado y presidente del PJ nacional José Luis Gioja.

Jura de los nuevos legisladores en la cámara alta, NA

Posteriormente, los legisladores respaldaron los diplomas de los electos, que prestaron juramento por orden alfabético de las ochos provincias que eligieron a sus representantes en esta categoría: Chaco, Entre Ríos, Neuquén, Río Negro, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego y la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. 

Los 24 legisladores que prestaron juramento fueron: Martín Lousteau, Guadalupe Taglaferri y Mariano Recalde por CABA; María Pilatti de Vergara y Antonio Rodas (FDT) y Víctor Zimmernmann (Cambiemos), por Chaco; Alfredo De Angeli y Stella Maris Olalla (Cambiemos) y Edgardo Kueider (FDT) por Entre Ríos. Por Neuquén, juraron Lucila Crexell, que renueva su banca por el Movimiento Popular Nuequino aunque aliada a Cambiemos, y Oscar Parrilli y Blanca Sapag por el kirchnerismo; por Salta, Sergio Leavy y Nora Giménez (FDT) y Juan Carlos Romero por Cambiemos. Por Santiago del Estero Claudia Ledesma Abdala y José Neder (Frente Cívico) y Gerardo Montenegro, mientras que por Tierra del Fuego María Eugenia Duré y Matías Rodríguez, por el FDT y Pablo Blanco de Juntos por el Cambio. Por Río Negro, Alberto Weretilnek (Juntos Somos Río Negro), Silvina García Larraburu y Martín Doñate (Frente de Todos).

Los senadores Martin Lousteau y Esteban Bullrich durante la jura de los nuevos legisladores en la camara alta. NALos senadores Martin Lousteau y Esteban Bullrich durante la jura de los nuevos legisladores en la camara alta. NA 

El martes, el peronismo terminó de definir la unidad en el Senado, donde funcionará como un único bloque conducido por José Mayans (Formosa). En tanto, la ex gobernadora de Santiago de Estero, Claudia Ledesma Abdala, será la presidente provisional, mientras que Maurice Closs será vicepresidente primero. Por otra parte, se acordó que la legisladora de La Cámpora, Anabel Fernández Sagasti sea la próxima vicepresidenta del espacio legislativo del Frente de Todos. El nuevo bloque tendrá 41 senadores, lo que le permitirá al peronismo superar los 37 que hacen falta para sesionar. 


Poco antes de la jura, el Senado se quedó sin luz


Código Penal - Presentación en el SenadoSenado

A pocos minutos de que comience la jura de los 24 senadores que resultaron electos en las últimas elecciones, un importante corte de luz en el edificio ubicado sobre la calle Hipólito Yrigoyen dificulta el normal desarrollo de las actividades de la Cámara Alta.


Si bien el recinto no sufrió el corte, el suministro eléctrico se encuentra cortado en gran parte del Senado.


A partir de las 14:00, los 24 senadores nacionales electos en los comicios generales de octubre deberán prestar juramento para el período legislativo 2019-2023.


El acto de jura es presidido por la vicepresidenta Gabriela Michetti en el recinto de la Cámara de Senadores.


Los pliegos de los 24 legisladores electos en los comicios generales de octubre fueron aprobados la semana pasada por la comisión de Asuntos Constitucionales.


Luna est surnommée “bébé Batman” en raison d’une maladie rare de la peau


Luna Fenner a huit mois et déjà un sobriquet. Mais celui-ci n’a rien d’amusant: la petite fille est surnommée “bébé Batman” en raison des taches qui lui cernent le visage et donnent l’illusion qu’elle porte un masque du superhéros de DC Comics. Il s’agit en réalité d’une maladie très difficile à soigner. La petite Luna […]

L’article Luna est surnommée “bébé Batman” en raison d’une maladie rare de la peau est apparu en premier sur Actualité Ivoire - Infos.


Statistics and the gamma

As bad as the comments here can be, they can never hope to devolve to the level of gamma lunacy one encounters on YouTube. One DM offers us the usual Gamma Wall of Text in the customary attempt to demonstrate that he is a Smart Boy:
I was really interested in this topic and the first 10 minutes of the stream - preparing for our reaction to stress is extremely important. However, you spent the rest of the stream dealing with one comment from the chat and about that person's banning. You didn't end up getting into the topic. I was/am genuinely interested in your thoughts on the matter.

Messaging/The Chat is a terrible form of communication - you can't tell the person's tone of voice and there is a massive space for misinterpretation. I do agree that banning is not a sign of weakness nor strength. I do agree that you do need to be banning people. However, I completely disagree that you know that your level of banning is "absolutely worth the risk". You do not know that for certain. People can have an off day, be in a bad mood, forget for a moment the context of the chat, write something in a way that doesn't exactly reflect their thoughts, they could be responding to another comment in the chat and not you, and sometimes they might have a point that is true but you just don't want to hear it. Conversely, you could be having an off day, an off week, misinterpret a comment, or who knows whatever else.

More importantly, if there were 10 other Vox Day's out there in the world (yes there are other very intelligent people in the world) and they found themselves in your chat I would be willing to bet that you would have likely banned some or all of them over time. If that's true then how would that benefit your community? My hypothesis is - your bannings gets rid of a portion of the very top and very bottom IQ/Value members of the chat/community. Yes you get rid of the bottom feeders but Im quite confident that you are also getting rid of a good portion of your highest value members. Now, before you call me a gamma I want you to know that the reason I am saying this is not because I've been banned, or Im worried about being banned, or that Im trying to take a shot at you. The reason I say it is because I genuinely want you to do well and thrive, just as I want Owen to do well and thrive.

Conversely, what would the other 10 Vox Day's think (assuming you hadn't banned them) if they are taking a piece of their evening to listen to your channel only to hear you say to them "you are not my equal, you are nobody, you are totally irrelevant, there are tens of thousands of you, there is one of me, Im the only one who truly matters here". How many times would you listen to someone saying that to you?

I get that you are speaking to a broad audience that you can't see and hardly know so that must be very difficult to navigate. I also get that it is very easy for me to come in and run my mouth at you. I am certain that I couldn't do anywhere near as good a job as you and Owen do and I appreciate what both of you are doing. My suggestion is to re-listen to this episode and imagine the high IQ/ high value viewers point of view - one who is busy doing their own projects and want to stop in and hear your thoughts about preparing for our reactions to stress - hoping to learn something or hear another point of view from someone they respect.
My response: The other 10 Vox Days would never pay any attention to these videos. I don't watch videos. Your entire argument is based on a false foundation. 

As you would expect, this highly informed and relevant observation immediately caused him to understand and admit that he was wrong. I jest, of course. It did nothing of the sort.
When I made my comment I thought you might use this out but I assumed you wouldn't take that backdoor exit. I meant someone of similar intellect level. You can't possibly be implying that not a single person in your community is at your level. If you don't want high level people in your community then yes I take it back, you might be banning appropriately. Also, that was only one part of my argument - take away 10 Vox Days and my point still stands.

Also, of the 10 other manifestations of Vox Day Im sure some of them would watch videos.
My second response: First, you're absolutely wrong. Zero manifestations of Vox Day would watch videos. Second, from the statistical perspective, given that there are less than one thousand people watching live, precisely none of them are at my IQ level. 

I invite you to join me in anticipating the next Wall of Text which will call into question everything from my integrity to statistics to the legitimacy of the Stanford-Binet test.

UPDATE: The anticipated Wall of Text:
First, you definitely watch videos sometimes and so would many if not all manifestations of you - everyone knows this is a silly claim. In order to have any sense of the social/political climate you need to be watching some videos sometimes - there is no way around that. Second, you said we were one of tens of thousands in the stream, what happened to that figure? Third, based statistics claiming there are "precisely zero" people at your level is dead wrong. Maybe there are very few at your level, maybe it's unlikely there are any - but "precisely zero" is statistically repugnant - unless you believe you are literally the smartest person alive - in which case we need to have another conversation.

You should not be talking down to your audience. This is a major mistake. For example: the reason Norm MacDonald is so beloved and respected is because not only is he brilliant but he never assumes his audience is dumber than he is. He has said this in several interviews. Even though he is very often the smartest person in the room he never talks to his audience as though he is smarter than they are. There isn't a comic on the planet who doesn't universally respect Norm's talent. Yes he is brilliant but there are other brilliant comics. Norm is the top dog because he is the one who never ever talks down to his audience - and because of this every other brilliant person out there listening to Norm is attracted to this trait. The top end minds do not like being talked down to - for obvious reasons but also because they also have bigger egos just the same.

The Vox Day algorithm has a flaw and it is repelling high IQ individuals. Deal with this or lose high IQ members of your community. Hate me, insult me, ignore me, this is constructive criticism and nothing else. As A Christian I want to see good Christian leaders thrive, grow, and have their communities increase in quantity AND quality.

If there really are no people at the same IQ level (or close) as yourself among the tens of thousands, perhaps it's because you have driven them away.
Followed in rapid succession by a second after I utilized this exhibit as an example of typical gamma behavior in last night's Darkstream.
If I respond in detail then Im a doing a wall of text. Dig my heels in and Im an SJW doubling down. And it seems like no matter what I say Im a low IQ gamma. Here goes. I never said I am right and you are wrong. I might be completely wrong here. I was simply stating my case and in doing so pointed out one detail that I knew you were wrong about - the math. You are definitely wrong about the math. It's you who didn't do your homework. You don't understand random distributions. Just because 1 in 850 is at your IQ level, and you are there, that doesn't necessarily mean that nobody in the chat is higher than you. It means that there is an average of 1 in 850 each time. Some times 0 , some times 1, some times 2, some times even 3. If you had any mathematical inclination you would never use the term "precisely zero" when describing the number of people in the chat at your IQ level. Precisely zero means precisely zero. The number of people in the chat and in the community on a given day is NOT precisely zero. Do YOUR homework. I was making a YT comment and I made sure to get it right. You did a public stream (which to me is a wall of text to the N) about my comment and you didn't bother to do the work. Also, as you conveniently avoided mentioning, I was doing these numbers based on your claim that the community was "tens of thousand" large - meaning your community likely has many people with a higher IQ than you - some of which show up to the chat randomly (assuming you haven't banned them already of course).

More importantly, the IQ thing isn't even the main point I was making. I was saying that being super trigger happy with bannings was possibly cutting out both the gammas and potentially some of the top IQ folk. It's just a theory I had. I wasn't telling you not to ban gammas.

You have now wasted 2 streams reacting to comments from people you believe are gammas while simultaneously claiming that you aren't bothered by the comments. If you weren't bothered by my comments then why do a stream about them the very next day? You say you caught me in a trap? You've been trapped by what you believe are gammas 2 days in a row!

If you want me to be a low IQ wall of text gamma and explain in further detail why I am right about the math in an email I'd be happy to do so.

Standing up for yourself isn't gamma. Pushing back isn't low IQ.

Holy crap dude. I'm on your side. I like you. I genuinely respect you and Owen greatly. My intention wasn't to get into an argument. Like, can nobody ever push back about anything without being attacked and called a low IQ gamma? "Gamma" is turning into the new "Anti-semitism" - you can't just use it every time someone calls you out or makes a point you don't like.
This is why there is no need to pay any attention to anything Gammas say, much less respond to it. Just let them do their thing once they've been triggered. There is no more effective way to demonstrate how hopelessly wrong they are than their own desperate flopping around as they repeatedly double down on their initial errors.

The last interview

I initially declined the interview request, but since I read the Unz Review myself and the interviewer only had a few substantive questions tangential to his very positive review of Alt-Hero, I took a few minutes to email him back. It's not his fault, but in retrospect, I should have stuck with my instinctive reaction and declined to answer them, as a commenter here noted.
The comments on the UNZ article are a testament to moderating comments as they do here. It's like a gamma bomb went off under the article.
Precisely. The way the anklebiters who stalk this place and the Darkstream in vain will immediately rush to any media mention of any kind is yet another good reason not to talk to anyone, media or not. Even when the interview is friendly, positive, and substantive, there's always at least some degree of nonsense and negativity that results from it.

This little gamma bomb is orders of magnitude smaller than the fallout from my previous interview with Bleeding Cool, but nevertheless underlines the point that there is zero net benefit to me from bothering to talk to anyone who isn't on Unauthorized. So, this little Kersey interview will likely be the last one I give to anyone for the time being. I have my own channels of communication; I have no need for anyone else's. Anyone who wants to know what I think has dozens of books, hundreds of columns, hundreds of videos, and thousands of blog posts available to them that are more than capable of satisfying their curiosity.

And for those who believe my decision has anything to do with being thin-skinned or unable to take criticism, all I can say is you're far too short for this ride. What I've learned over the years is that all answering questions does is to raise more questions, and that talking to anyone in any form of media, no matter how friendly, places you into an endless cycle of feeding various false narratives even as you attempt to counteract them. There is simply no reason to devote even a modicum of time to activities that are neither productive nor enjoyable.

So, the answer to "will you talk to X?" is an unambiguous NO. It doesn't matter who it is, whether I like them or not, that you sincerely believe our views are harmonious, or what the purported subject is. While I may interview the occasional author on the Darkstream, I do not plan to publicly speak to anyone who is not on Unauthorized.

Alt-Hero on Unz

Paul Kersey reviewed Alt-Hero and Alt-Hero:Q and asked me a few questions concerning them. As I am a big fan of the Unz Review, I made an exception to my usual policy concerning interviews and media:
My advice: if you want a good actioner, forget pozzed Hollywood and the New York publishing houses. Instead, try Vox Day’s Alt-Hero comic book series—an effective antidote to the modern entertainment industry’s anti-white, anti-male egalitarian poison.

Day, whose excellent website is a daily must-read, has just released Alt★Hero Volume One. Give it a read to see what Day and his collaborators are producing. One of them, by the way, is Chuck Dixon, the country’s top comic book writer and the co-creator of Bane. Dixon is writing Alt★Hero: Q.

Even a glance at Alt★Hero Volume One suggests that Marvel President Kevin Fiege won’t consider it for the big screen. Here’s why:

The Global Justice Initiative, led by Captain Europa, is a group of superheroes dedicated to preserving the European Union and stamping out any European patriot or member of Génération Identitaire who attempts to light a fire for sovereignty from this tyrannical regime.

In the best of Volume One’s six issues, The War In Paris, the Global Justice Initiative employs Antifa, the shock troops of the state and ruling-class establishment, in a massive fight against French nationalists near the Eiffel Tower.

During the climactic battle, Captain Europa tells the resistance leader Durand: “You defend what does not exist! They [the refugees] have the same right to be here as you. They are the new France!”

As the battle rages, Durand reminds Captain Europa that France has been occupied before, that the Germans thought they’d won too.

Captain Europa replies: “What is German? Now we are all Europeans and we are the future of all humanity!”

Day, who is a devout Christian, even worked in Lord of the Rings.

“I never sought this,” a resistance leader says to a woman member of the nationalist cause. “I never wanted this” he says while perusing her library … then stopping at LOTR.

“They neither request nor require your assent,” she replies. “And those who have not swords can still die upon them.”

Alt-Hero impressed me so much I asked Vox Day to answer a few questions about the series and his leadership role in the Dissident Right.
Read the whole thing there. I very much doubt my answers to his questions will be a surprise to any of the readers here, but they may help you understand why the mainstream media never ran the various interviews it did with me back when I was still willing to speak to them.

And, as always, I underline the fact that I am not a leader of anything or anyone except the VFM, the Dread Ilk, and the ELoE. And, of course, GamerGate. But then, who isn't?

fila boots beige (aucune réponse)

ÿþMike Tyson ist ein Beispiel für fila arbeitsschuhe jemanden, der eine enorme Menge an Macht hat. Das Beste, was Sie tun können, ist das Gleichgewicht sowohl durch Krafttraining als auch durch Ausdauertraining. . Makiwara - Ein Makiwara ist nichts anderes als ein halbhartes Brett, das leicht gepolstert ist. Es besteht aus flexiblem Holz, so dass es sich beim Anschlagen nur ein wenig biegt. Anhand dieser Tafel lernen Sie, wie Sie Ihr Ziel anvisieren und fokussieren. Wenn Sie dies mindestens ein paar Mal pro Woche üben, werden Sie mit der Zeit schneller und stärker. Sie werden auch feststellen, dass Ihre Schläge viel fokussierter werden und dass Sie das Brett viel mehr bewegen können, nachdem Sie dies einige Male getan haben. . Balance - Konzentrieren Sie sich auf Ihren Schwerpunkt.

Wenn Sie jemals irgendeine Form von Kampfkunst praktiziert haben, haben sie alle eines gemeinsam. Und dies soll Ihnen das Gleichgewicht beibringen. Sie lernen dies durch das Üben von Katas, durch Sparring und durch bestimmte Übungen. Sie können einen Knockout-Schlag einfacher und effektiver ausführen, wenn Sie das Balancieren und die richtige Positionierung Ihres Körpers beherrschen. Diese Technik ist eher eine Reise als ein Ziel, da Sie im fila badeschuhe Verlauf der Kampfkunst-Ränge mehr Katas lernen und lernen, wie Sie mehr Waffen einsetzen, um das Gleichgewicht zu verbessern. . Nutze das Überraschungselement - Das Überraschungselement war schon immer ein gewaltiger Vorteil im Kampf. Wenn Sie Ihren Gegner kalt erwischen, wenn er es nicht erwartet, haben Sie eine viel bessere Chance, auf diese Weise einen Knockout-Schlag zu erzielen. Natürlich hoffe ich, dass Sie diese fila ballerina damen Taktik nicht für böse Zwecke einsetzen. . Bewahren Sie eine gute Gesundheit - halten Sie sich von Tabak- und Freizeitdrogen fern.

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Auf der Suche nach Online-Quellen für billige Billardtische finden Sie diese möglicherweise auf den Websites von Pool-Enthusiasten und auch in den Online-Kleinanzeigen. Sie können auch nach Bewertungen dieser Billardtische im Internet suchen, um sich bei Ihrer endgültigen Auswahl zu orientieren. Denken Sie daran, die Qualität und den Zustand des Artikels zu überprüfen, bevor Sie angeben, dass Sie sich für den Kauf des Billardtisches entschieden haben. Das erste, was Ihnen auffällt, ist natürlich der Tischfilz. Möglicherweise finden Sie einige Unregelmäßigkeiten, Beschädigungen oder abgenutzte Bereiche. In diesen abgenutzten und beschädigten Bereichen besteht die Möglichkeit, dass der darunter liegende Schiefer einige Chips und Risse aufweist. Sie können den Eigentümer um Erlaubnis bitten, den Filz zu entfernen, damit Sie einen Blick darunter werfen können.

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Yoshi Rhul left a comment for James Stephens

Yoshi Rhul left a comment for James Stephens


NNN015.2 CLASSIC: Comic Allerei und Filme (Teil 2)



Im überlangen 2. Teil unseres September Doppelfeatures widmen sich Max und Steffen zunächst noch ein paar Comics, die noch so herumlagen. Danach wird sich groß auf mehrere Filme gestürzt. Steffen regt sich zu recht über Zombies auf, Max gibt ein Schweinegeld für Kuchen zwischen Buchdeckeln aus und Tobi mag komischerweise den Green Lantern-Film. Max ist überraschend doch noch zur „Guardians of the Galaxy“-Review erschienen und so schauen wir uns zu dritt — Tobi ist ja auch noch da — den neuesten Marvel-Kinokracher an. Ach ja, wir sind jetzt auch bei iTunes!

Da die Sendung nachträglich bearbeit wurden, stimmen die Timecodes nicht mehr hunderprozentig, dienen aber noch als Orientierung.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:53 Comic-Reviews
00:03:16 Bit-Zombie-Reihe (Antarctic Press)
00:08:07 Superman Unchainded #2 + #3 (Panini/DC)
00:13:42 Roswell TPB (Dino/Bongo)
00:23:17 Batman – Alan Davis Collection HC (Panini/DC)
00:32:04 Kinosommer 2014
00:32:50 Godzilla (2014)
00:44:11 X-Men – Days of Future Past (2014)
01:09:45 Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
01:51:34 Outro

Active Knowledge – You Are Halfway There – ACTIVE KNOWLEDGE
Dj CUTMAN – GreenCat
Kill Caustic – Delbino Plaza – 1,000 GET
AnimatedJames – Marvel Musical

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We are mindful that the darkness of greed, exploitation, and hatred
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As our ancestors feared death and evil and all the dark powers of winter,
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May we find hope in the lights we have kindled on this sacred night,
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In the heart of every person on this Earth
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1 oz. chia seeds
2 oz. coconut sugar
Juice from 1/2 lemon
To make the pudding, whisk the chia seeds, sugar, and lemon zest together in a bowl. Add the milk and vanilla extract and stir until fully mixed. Chill in the fridge overnight.
To make the jam, thaw the frozen blueberries and then strain out the excess liquid. Place the berries in a small food processor with the lemon juice, sugar, and chia seeds and process briefly to create your delightful jam!
Once the pudding is ready (the chia seeds will absorb the liquid and it will become like tapioca), put in smaller bowls and top with the blueberry jam.
Chia seeds give you lots of energy! Besides being nice for dessert, try this recipe for an energizing and fun breakfast!
website to check for class schedules, etc.,
engShui/sacred space consultations:
#1<For psychotherapy services:
(Next HSP class will be held on Dec. 4)
Service Opportunity
Mata Shakti Ashram welcomes your support! How can you help?
Time and Talent: help with yard and garden maintenance, upkeep of classroom and workshop/training spaces, vegetarian raw food prep, help with social media and technology. Talk to your friends and personal community about Mata Shakti Ashram, for we are truly "grass roots"!
Finance/Funds: Donations of money to assist Mata Shakti Ashram pay the overhead cost for the current space, pay guest teachers, and provide some scholarships to those in need. Let us know how much you are willing to pledge monthly or yearly over the next year to 5 years, as we prepare the non-profit status. Every donation will receive a class pass to share with a friend to acquaint them with the ashram.
Thanks to Kevin Millar, Lisa Brown, Sahej Anand Kaur, Jennifer Pittman, Lindy Hoeft, Joni Liebel, Michelle Hill, Sat Inder Kaur and Karta Purkh Singh of Kansas City's Param Tirath Ashram, Elke/Keval McCalla, Ranpreet Kaur, Shirin Negmodjanova, Connie Boston, Mary Radulescu, Barbara Lynn Freed, Updesh Kaur, Florence, Wasalisa Davison, Harbhajan Khalsa, Param Terath Kaur and Ashley Jackson, who have already given their support!
Stay tuned for an open house, and contact HarDarshan for more information: 919-257-7814 or
Sacred Listener, Transpersonal Counseling and Kundalini Yoga, Chapel Hill, NC




Remember when you read THE BLACK HAWKS comics, which was sort of a free lance vigilante international Air Force that took the law in their own hands?  This is a mockery of them.

Art by Wallace Wood and story by editor Harvey Kurrtzman 


SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Graham Wilson (1930-2019) RIP


Macabre and gruesome  Cartoonist GrahamWilson died  this past Thursday.  His cartoons for the NATIONAL LAMPOON, PLAYBOY, NEW YORKER, THE REALIST, and others changed the course in cartooning.  His wife Nancy died in March, just months before.  He lived 89 years.

click on cartoon for better reading.


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Erzählungen | Kein Wort ist zu viel

Jonathan Lethem zeigt, was er am besten kann: sich kurz fassen
Kein Wort ist zu viel

Jonathan Lethem war zuletzt schriftstellerisch nicht mit Glück gesegnet. Sein vergangenes Jahr erschienener Krimi Der wilde Detektiv konnte die Kritiker nicht wirklich überzeugen. Und sein vorletzter Roman wurde gar nicht erst ins Deutsche übersetzt. Dabei wird Lethem vor allem nach seinem erfolgreichen Roman über die amerikanische Linke, Garten der Dissidenten – einem thematisch zwar großartigen, literarisch aber zweitrangigen Buch –, noch immer gerne durchs hiesige Feuilleton gereicht.

Überhaupt scheint der 1964 geborene und in New York lebende Autor den großen literarischen Würfen seiner frühen Karriere (Festung der Einsamkeit, 2003, und Chronic City, 2009) immer noch hinterherzulaufen. Dass sein neuer Band nun ausgerechnet Alan, der Glückspilz heißt, wirkt da fast wie eine Beschwörung. Und die funktioniert dann auch, denn die in diesem Buch versammelten Erzählungen sind allesamt schlicht genial. In neun stilistisch, sprachlich und dramaturgisch radikal unterschiedlichen Geschichten kommt das ganze künstlerische Können Jonathan Lethems zum Einsatz.

Die an der politischen Alltagsrealität wie Occupy (Garten der Dissidenten) und dem Phänomen Trump (Der wilde Detektiv) entlanggeschrieben Bücher setzen nicht wirklich das literarische Potenzial dieses Schriftstellers frei, der ebenso die Psychosen des Großstadtamerikaners in Szene zu setzen weiß, wie den Kampf des künstlerischen Subjekts im Spätkapitalismus, und dafür Fantasy, Science-Fiction und popkulturellen Realismus in gewagten Dosen miteinander mischt.

Richtig krachen tut das in der Erzählung Veganer in der Schwebe über einen Familienvater, der gerade seine Psychopharmaka abgesetzt hat und mit seiner Frau und den vierjährigen Zwillingen in einem Wasserpark unterwegs ist, um sich Orcas anzusehen: „Sie wirkten wie von Albert Speer modifizierte Pandabären.“ Während er in Gedanken Zwiesprache mit seinem latent rassistischen Psychiater hält, läuft dieser Vater im Familientross durch einen Park, dessen Bauweise „etwas von einem Verdauungssystem hatte. Man wurde verschlungen, verdaut und wieder ausgeschissen.“ Im Stakkato entwirft Lethem auf 20 Seiten das psychologische und soziale Universum einer ganzen Familie. Kein Wort ist zu viel.

In Alan, der Glückspilz gibt es aber auch eine comicartige Erzählung mit dem Titel Die Schattenseiten. In dieser Story geht es um eine Gruppe von Menschen und anderen Wesen (unter anderem ein Monster und einer Art Kegelfigur), die nach einem Flugzeugabsturz auf einer einsamen Insel stranden. Das liest sich so, als hätten Robert Crumb und David Foster Wallace mit viel Punkmusik im Hintergrund ein Treatment für eine Neuverfilmung der Serie Lost geschrieben.

Ganz realistisch und normal dagegen fängt die Geschichte Verfahren unter freiem Himmel an. Ein Mann sitzt vor einem Café mit seinem Latte und stiert in den Tag hinein. Doch plötzlich tauchen zwei Bauarbeiter auf und fangen an, ein Loch auszuheben, in das sie einen Gefangenen hineinsetzen. Der Mann wird so zum Bewacher, eher aus Solidarität und Pflichtgefühl heraus.

Die in diesem Band versammelten Erzählungen sind im englischen Original schon 2015 erschienen und waren damals auch schon eine Zweitverwertung, weil sie zuvor zumeist in Literaturzeitschriften veröffentlicht worden waren. Das sollte dem Lesevergnügen aber keinen Abbruch tun. Denn dieses Buch macht scharf auf mehr solcher Pop-Fantastik. Insofern gilt es einfach weiter abzuwarten, was von dem Schriftsteller aus dem New Yorker Stadtteil Brooklyn als Nächstes kommt. Mal sehen, ob er ein Glückspilz bleibt und an die Qualität dieser Texte anknüpfen kann.


Alan, der Glückspilz: Stories Jonathan Lethem Johann Christoph Maass (Übers.), Tropen 2019, 172 S., 20 €

Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.


Saturday, November 30, 2019, Joe Deeney


The trend continues. My Saturday time is the fastest of the turn this week. Strange but true! Today's time might have been even faster, but I got hung up on two squares that I eventually made (correct!) guesses for. As a casual viewer of the Marvel Comics, the actual name of Thor's hammer never struck home, so I was left to wonder if the first letter for the answer to 45D: "Went over," was d, l, or, R as in READ. My other problem was the cross between 42A: "'Abyssinia'" and 26D: "Compensate for something?" I had _ATA and REMI_. I wanted the correct REMIT, but at first I couldn't figure out why TATA was right. But then I did. :)

But I'm getting ahead of myself. My first pass through the puzzle evoked only STROP, LAERTES, BENE, BETTY, and TRACY. Thanks to the concentration of known items in the northeast, I focused on that section first. A few educated guesses later, plus a small assist from recently selling a Bruce Springsteen concert t-shirt on eBay, helped me make short work of that section. DABAT sure is odd-looking

The sections of the grid are compartmentalized today so it's almost like four separate little puzzles. That meant that completing the northeast didn't give me much of a leg up on other nearby sections, so I headed to the southwest. Adding DAWN and ICING to the already-in-place BETTY provided the ENERGY I needed to put the hammer most of the way down on that section. ADAMSRIB for "Biblical starting material" is humorous.

From there, it was on to the southeast. I was able to put in BANTAMS off the B in BENE, and after I filled in EWERS for "Some still-life fixtures" I was able to get the amusing ESTATELAW for "Subject of passing interest?"

Next stop: the northwest passage. I tried "wonka" for "Eponymous candy man," which fortunately was 100% incorrect, so it came out quickly. Once I paired REESE with TRACY, I could see the clever ESCAPEKEY ("It gets pushed in a corner"), and the enjoyably weird-looking ZEROESOUTARTCLASS for "Where one might be graded on a curve?"  is also nice.

Then, as discussed above, I had to address those two blanks in the center before I could finally CEYLON to the "Congratulations!" message.

Well, we've come to the end of another fine week of puzzles. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. As I pass the review baton to our esteemed co-blogger Colum Amory, I have only one thing to say, TATA, TTYL, and Our feet are stained!


Fat Penguin Presents: Kate Lucas, Adam Staunton, Ali Woods, 4 Dec 2019


4 Dec 2019 - Comedy at Patrick Kavanagh Bar





‘Comedy perfection’ TO DO LIST

Award winning musical comedian Kate Lucas is known for her razor sharp and deliciously dark songs. She combines catchy melodies with original lyrics to showcase her playfully bitter musings on life. Audiences have come to expect examples of what not to say and how not to behave from this gloriously talented young comic.

‘A true musical genius’ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

In 2014 she took home the title for the prestigious Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the Year and her performances since have been met with huge critical acclaim.

‘Wickedly naughty and deliciously dark’ Broadway Baby

Lucas since gone on to build a seriously impressive reputation on the circuit, storming it every weekend to packed out crowds at the country’s most famous comedy venues including The Glee Clubs, The Comedy Café and Up the Creek.

‘Belly laughs and wide-eyed did-she-really-say-that horror’ Fest Magazine

In 2016 her debut show Whatever Happened to Kate Lucas? was met with huge critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

With this kind of phenomenal track record, this very special rising star is most definitely one to watch.


Adam Staunton is young, small, scaly and more than capable of bringing the house down. He’s funny enough to have more than held his own on comedy bill with likes of Sarah Millican and John Bishop.

A sharp mixture of eagle-eyed observation and simmering self-deprecation has so far endeared to growing audiences far and wide. Always hilarious, Staunton’s is a sure-fire bet for the next big thing.

“What he lacks in height he certainly makes up for in talent and laughs” Three Weeks

“The writing is sharp, the observations sparkle” Fringe Review


BBC New Comedian of the Year 2018 Nominee Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2017 Runner Up Yellow Comedy Young Comedian of the Year 2017 Finalist

"wins over the crowd with his vigour... a club-ready comic" Chortle

"More show than bro, Ali is a new and original voice in comedy, and a much needed one given the current climate; check him out!" Dane Baptiste



Jay Leno's 'AGT' Joke Wasn't Racist, Says Alonzo Bodden as Ellen Pompeo Backs Gabrielle Union


We got comedian Alonzo Bodden-- himself a "Last Comic Standing" champ -- at the Laugh Factory and he stood up for Jay, explaining why he feels it was NOT a racist joke. In a nutshell, he says there's ...

Archie and Me Comics Digest #23


Marvel Play Time #1

Review of "Marvel Play Time #1" (Comics, SM Core Title).

Spider-Man in Amazing Adventures

Review of "Spider-Man in Amazing Adventures" (Comics, SM Core Title).

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Activity Annual 2010

Review of "Marvel Super Hero Squad: Activity Annual 2010" (Comics, SM Guest).

Marvel Tales #17

Review of "Marvel Tales #17" (Comics, SM Reprint).

1st December, 2019



30th November, 2019



29th November, 2019



28th November, 2019



27th November, 2019



26th November, 2019



Anyone Can Benefit With Homeschooling When They Have The Right Information


We learn new every day of our lives. Homeschooling is a tough task, but the information presented below should provide you with the guidance you need to make the experience very rewarding for all involved. TIP! Textbooks, schmextbooks! Newspapers and fun things like comic books can provide a great way for children to learn. Current […]

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Tres cómics sinvergüenzas


Reseñamos tres fantásticas novelas gráficas que destacan por pasarse las convenciones del cómic por el mismísimo forro.

La noticia Tres cómics sinvergüenzas es de


Programmer/developer position 50% at the University of Basel


Programmer/developer position 50% at the University of Basel

The French Studies Seminar at the University of Basel is looking for a self-sufficient and motivated IT technician (50%) to join the group « Le Rire des vers – Mining the Comic Verse » led by Anne-Sophie Bories and funded for 5 years by a PRIMA grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) .


Essential :

  • Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in IT,

  • Thorough knowledge of XML and related technologies (XSL, XPATH, XQUERY), as well as web development, both backend (e.g. SQL, eXist-db) and frontend (HTML, CSS, javascript),

  • Excellent ability to find practical and creative solutions,

  • Ability to learn new programming languages to fit needs,

  • Genuine curiosity for social sciences, literature or linguistics,

  • highly self-sufficient,

  • team worker with an inclination for initiative.


  • basic knowledge of python and of NLP,

  • interest for machine-learning, machine-reasoning, RDF, web ontologies,

  • ability to share their knowledge.

Language skills:

  • EITHER excellent mastery of English as working language and some knowledge of French,

  • OR excellent mastery of French as working language and some knowledge of English.


  • assist team members in developing and maintaining tailored processes for efficient text- mining,

  • maintain the team’s databases and guarantee their remote access,

  • interact with other scientific teams in the context of collaborations,

  • guide team members in the acquisition of new IT skills,

  • create and maintain the project’s website.


One-year contract, renewable for 4 years,
part-time: 50% (21 hours/week, flexible work hours),
5 weeks of paid holiday per year,
Salary in the region of 42’000 Swiss francs per year.


The research project “Le Rire des vers – Mining the Comic Verse” is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation through a 5 year PRIMA grant awarded to Anne-Sophie Bories. Beside the latter leader, the team will count 2 doctoral candidates and 1 IT technician (50%), and will form part of the French Studies Seminar at the University of Basel. The group will focus on the mapping, analysis and interpretation of both humour and versification in a corpus of modern texts, combining literary analyses with digital humanities methods.


Complete applications should be sent as one single pdf file to Anne-Sophie Bories ( and should include:

  • - cover letter,
  • -  cv,

  • -  copy of Master’s Degree,

  • -  1-2 samples of code, or link to a realisation (mention precisely which part or parts of the code were written by the candidate),

  • -  identity document,

  • -  recommendation letter, or certificate from previous employer.

Applications can be submitted in French or English. Candidates still in the final stages of their studies may apply if they can present their official degree by the end of 2019.

Start of contract: as soon as possible
Contact : Dr. Anne-Sophie Bories (


Memory: The Origins of Alien

In 2019, Ridley Scott&8217;s Alien celebrates the 40th Anniversary of its theatrical release. Memory reveals the chilling, untold origins of Ridley Scott&8217;s cinematic masterpiece Alien, rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythology, underground comics, parasitology, H.P. Lovecraft&8217;s weird fiction, the art of Francis Bacon, and the symbiotic genius of Dan O&8217;Bannon (writer), H.R. Giger (designer), and, of course, Ridley Scott. Uncovering a treasure trove of unreleased materials from the O&8217;Bannon and Giger estates, MEMORY boldly goes where no film essay has gone before, to deliver an entrancingly cinematic and wholly original take on one of Hollywood&8217;s most beloved and iconic shockers.

Release date: 04 Dec, 2019

Country of origin: United States
Languages: English
Runtime: 95.0 mins
Format: DVD,

Catalogue: MMA6423

page 413


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Touched by an Angel


when i was younger, and just ‘needed the money’, i wasn’t above turning the odd (art) trick to get by. One of these gigs was making purchasable textures for an online second life style game, that focused on erotica. the[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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page 412


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Disco, baby.


Playing a new game lately, Disco Elysium… reminds me of what happens when a game does world building right. I was thinking about it, and trying to think back to the hundreds of shooters i’ve played, disposable narratives and paper[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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page 411


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back to the future


i like to go on youtube, find old comments on videos from 4 years ago, and comment on them. i tell them i’m from the future, and they’re about to elect donald trump, and in my head, it sounds like[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

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Nov. 30 Stan Sakai & Kevin Eastman in Las Vegas

This coming Saturday, November 30 at Torpedo Comics in Las Vegas 11 – 6pm What better way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of both the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Usagi Yojimbo than by joining Kevin and Stan for a joint signing.

Drawing Blood and the Ronin Ragdolls are now available on Comixology

COOL BEANS!!! We are thrilled to announce that Drawing Blood Comic issues 1 – 4 and the Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls are now available digitally on ComiXology. ComiXology, an, Inc. subsidiary, is a revolutionary, cloud-based digital comics service. With content from over 125 publishers as well as thousands of independent creators from around the
+ Read More

Casting #provini #comici uomini e donne 18/90 anni per programma tv

Casting comici da tutta Italia, per il ruolo di Protagonisti di Puntata in nota trasmissione televisiva su rete nazionale.Nello specifico si selezionano...

The Best Christmas Markets in Calgary

The time has come for Christmas celebrations, gatherings, and parties for all Calgary is filled with plenty to do throughout the winter season, whether you are a fan of the outdoors or prefer to stay huddled close to the fire. It is a time for family and friends, cheer and joy. But aren't you forgetting something? The gifts With only a few weeks left until Christmas, it is time to get busy on that last-minute Christmas shopping Thankfully, there is an abundance of Calgary Christmas markets filled with handmade local goods, delicious treats, and other amazing gifts for you to explore. Take a look at these Calgary Christmas markets and find the perfect gift for that special someone Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market Dates: November 22nd-24th & November 29th-December 1st One of the most anticipated Christmas markets in Calgary is the extravagant Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market Featuring over 300 vendors and shops that carry goods from across the globe, here you will be able to find all that you need Don't forget to wander around the Spruce Meadows grounds, grab a warm drink, and see the beautiful Christmas lights, crackling fire pits, and even some of Santa's reindeer Tickets are available online or at the grounds. North Haven Christmas Makers Market Dates: November 30th Taking place at the North Haven Community Centre is the Christmas Makers Market on November 30th. This free event is open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to come down and support local artists and check out the many YYC products This Calgary Christmas market will feature over 15 local shops and is open from 10am until 4pm — come and complete your shopping and grab a hot apple cider Calgary Christmas Market Dates: November 21st-24th, 28th-30th, December 1st, 5th-8th, 12th-15th, 19th-23rd The Calgary Farmer's Market has undergone a transformation this season and has become a wonderful destination for Christmas gifts, goodies, and treats of all kinds Here you can shop the many permanent vendors found at the Farmer's Market selling regular and seasonal goods, as well as 16 season-specific vendors visiting for the holidays. Get every wish list item while enjoying local entertainment, Christmas cocktail samples, and holiday cheer Calgary Expo 2019 Holiday Market Dates: November 30th For the geek, nerd, or ultra-fan in your life, you can find beyond-perfect gifts at the Calgary Expo 2019 Holiday Market Featuring an abundance of local vendors at the BMO Centre, you can get everything from art prints, figurines, comic books, fan-specific clothing, geeky home décor, and more This Calgary Christmas Market will begin at 10am and end at 6pm. Purchase your tickets ahead of time, and don't forget to dress up in your favourite cosplay Etsy's Calgary One-Stop Christmas Shop Dates: November 30th Are you, or someone you love, a fan of the amazing handmade gifts found on Etsy? Then you will not want to miss the Etsy's Calgary One-Stop Christmas Shop this November located at Golden Acre Home & Garden Centre From 10am until 4pm, find great items, holiday décor, and crafts that will inspire and delight. Admission to the event is $3 per person, kids under the age of 12 are free. Christmas Market 2019 Dates: November 30th Get the family together and head to the Calgary Christmas Market 2019 hosted at the Skyview Community Church in the northwest. It is at this local market that you can search through gifts such as baked goods, jewellery, art, woodwork, candles, and more Additionally, there will be cotton candy, visits with Santa, colouring stations, free hot chocolate and candy canes, and an origami station for the kids to enjoy This event is free for all; free parking can be found on site. Noël Christmas Festival — Indoor Light Park and Christmas Market Dates: November 28th-30th, December 1st, 4th-8th, 10th-24th, 26th-30th The Calgary Christmas event, the Noël Christmas Festival is one of the shopping experiences you will want to participate in It is here that you can search for presents in the market, or you can enjoy the live festive entertainment and music, as well as take in the millions of Christmas lights, say hi to Santa, and taste delicious food and drinks. This event will be held at the Nutrien Centre on the Stampede grounds and will be an indoor winter wonderland for Calgarians to explore Downtown Christmas Market Dates: December 10th Celebrating its second year, the Downtown Christmas Market is welcoming everyone to come down and discover a wonderful array of gifts Search the many pre-made gift baskets for the person or client on your list, or find local producers offering everything from meats to health and wellness products. The event will be held on the main floor of the Gulf Canada Square building located on 9th Avenue, and will be open from 10am until 2pm. Market Collective Christmas Market Dates: December 6th-8th, 13th-15th, 20th-22nd Hosted at the BMO Centre, Hall C in downtown Calgary is the Market Collective Christmas Market This event will be taking place various weekends throughout December, open Fridays from 4-9pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-6pm. Whether you are looking for music, interactive workshops, or a special present for under the tree, you will find everything you need here. Browse through over 150 vendors and keep your eyes open for some special surprises Only $6 admission for the weekend. Whoever you are shopping for (or if you are looking for something special for yourself), there is plenty to find at these numerous Calgary Christmas markets this winter May you find the perfect gift, and may your holiday be merry and bright

For some reason, I can feel it shortly after I get up in the


alleged oysters poachers arrested in md

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Adult Toys Okay, so something I've had going on since about the beginning of the year and got old fast is that my period comes around roughly every 21 days. I then bleed for two days and spot for three more. I've read your article on menstruation, and done some research, but I think I would like to just talk to someone in the know. Adult Toys

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There was a guy who did Sunday 5K in a walking boot after breaking his ankle five weeks ago while training for the Vistas Run. There was a girl from Abbotsford who told me about her training run with wild animals on Sumas Mountain. There was a man who started running in April Sun Run, and has raced every weekend since and admits he now hooked on the sport..

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Monopoly DC Comics Original German Deutsch DAS BERÜHMT SPIEL UM DEN GROSSEN DEAL

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These football fans spellchecked their rival supporters’ banner


These Moroccan football fans spellchecked their rivals’ banner by doing this and it’s very nicely done. Here’s the original team’s banner. And the rival’s response. READ MORE You won’t see a worse (or more comical) 19 seconds of football all season Source Reddit u/MohamedsMorocco

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MGTOW comics ideas

So I've been thinking for sometime now to try my hand drawing some comics. Its been around 4.5 years since I learnt how to draw and paint (digital...

Action Comics #1017 [eng]

Superman gegen die verstärkte Red Cloud. Autor: Brian Michael BendisZeichner: John Romita Jr.Tusche: Klaus JansonFarben: Brad AndersonLetterer: Dave SharpeKaufen: ComiXologyErscheinungsdatum: 27.11.2019Bewertung: 2/5 Das Anfang dient als Schockeffekt und um das nochmal mit Gewalt vorzubereiten was Bendis schon länger geplant hat. Dann gibt’s einen Zeitsprung zurück um zu zeigen wie es zu dem Schockmoment gekommen ist. weiterlesen...

Land of Giants 1 [deu]

Kann man Götter töten? Autor: Jan Cronauer, Mark Wachholz, Krystof ZlatnikZeichner: Timo WürzKaufen: Panini ShopErscheinungsdatum: 15.10.2019Bewertung: 4/5 Die Aussage das Comics keine Kunst sein könnten hält sich bei einigen Kritikern ja immer noch beharrlich. Wie man das allerdings nach der Lektüre diesen Bandes noch behaupten kann entzieht sich jeder Logik. Selbst wenn man die Geschichte die weiterlesen...

[ごさいじ] 初顔 (COMIC アンスリウム 2019年6月号) 中文翻譯.zip

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[Fujimaru] Hachigatsu no Hi (Ryo) (COMIC Kairakuten 2020-01) [Chinese] [CE家族社] [Digital].zip

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Size: 25.04MB
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11/30/2019: The Week: Innocent until proved guilty? Not for court of #MeToo culture


THE Al Porter who walked out of court on Wednesday afternoon was almost unrecognisable to the confident comic who burst into our lives just five years ago. Gone were the boyish looks, the open-mouthed smile, the mischievous twinkle in the eyes....

Hablando PoP 32

  Esta semana nos vamos de casino y el PoP se grabo en El Sun Lounge Bar en El Tropical Hotel & Casino en Bayamón. Hablamos de las películas Navideñas , Disney+, comics, series y en Vinilo Digital nos visita Abraham Dorta y nos canta en vivo. Ven y acompaña a Sly y Gabriel en… Sigue leyendo Hablando PoP 32

Hablando PoP 31

  Esta semana en Hablando PoP discutimos el salario mínimo , The Mask, series de tv y apple+. En Vinilo hablamos de lo nuevo de Residente y Natalia Lugo. En Podcast hablamos del Comic Book Club de esto y un montón de cosas más hablan como solo lo saben hacer los HP de la cultura… Sigue leyendo Hablando PoP 31

Cult Classic: Creature Feature #1-2 – Rahal and Bivens Pay Homage to B-Movie Horror in a Fast-Paced, Gruesome Thriller from Vault Comics


Not every comic we feature here at Broken Frontier has to experimental, alternative or boundary-pushing. After all, there are times when all of us will just want to pick up...

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Olympia #1 – A Notably Different Meta Take on the World of Super-Heroes with a Very Human Heart


Olympia’s extra-sized opener marks the first chapter of a series that was conceived by comics writer Curt Pires and his father Tony during the latter’s cancer treatment. It’s a book...

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Заходи до Дня пам'яті жертв голодоморів пройшли в Старонекрасівській школі




Staff Picks for November 27, 2019 – The House, Witchfinder: Reign of Darkness, John Constantine: Hellblazer, Second Coming and More!


It’s nearly Wednesday, and you know what that means: a fresh load of comics and graphic novels! With so many publications hitting your local comics store, comics event or digital...

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V17 – Pg19


Owed Debt It’s a shame that this page lands on a Friday, as the ‘jump cut’ to the next page is, if I do say so myself, a masterstroke 😉 Takedown275 – you are in the right ball park, but[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

V17 – Pg18


Painful Memories The Quirin is haunted by past events, reliving them in painful detail. I alluded to this incident on the previous page. You’ll have to know your Vanguard to get what’s happening. If you don’t have an idea what[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

Comic demands fans sign a 1m secrecy contract to see his shows

Pete Davidson insists on an NDA for his stand-up


Comic loses appeal over 'fine' for joke about disabled child

...but Mike Ward won't have to compensate the mother of the victim of his gags


Schol winner pranked by family



Five years ago, Anique Gray stood in her class at Bishop's High School and vowed to become a natural science scholarship winner.

In 2019, this goal became a reality when Gray was the lone Tobago student to receive an additional scholarship in natural sciences, a feat she found out about in a very comical way.

“I had just reached home late from work, which had been extremely busy, so I didn’t really have much time to receive calls or read my text messages.

"When I opened the door, I saw my mum, Beryl Samuel-Gray, my little sister, Xhane Gray, and my brother, Dmytrii Fraser all sitting in the living room with looks of disappointment all over their faces. The first thing my mom said to me was, ‘Anique did you know that scholarships come out?’

"My heart dropped and my brother continued her sentence: ‘We know that you worked very hard. However, you did not rec.....’"

Before Dmytrii could finish the sentence, Gray said she collapsed.

“My knees gave out with the grief and shock. I swear I was on the verge of fainting

"Then I heard an uproar in laughter and someone tugging at my hand for me to stand up. ‘Anique, Anique... we joking, we joking...You get one, don’t die on we, yuh get one,’ shouted my brother."

It took them a few minutes to convince her otherwise, but Gray said once the news sank in, the entire family jumped and danced with joy.

In an interview with Newsday on Wednesday, Gray said she is proud of her accomplishment but felt Tobago needs to work harder to win more scholarships.

“I feel tremendously honoured and overjoyed to be given one of these prestigious scholarships.

"However, I also feel slightly disappointed that I was one of only two students in Tobago to achieve a national scholarship.”

She added: “Based on my reaction to my family pulling a prank on me, I was actually anticipating the scholarship but suffered a lot of anxiety, especially with the results coming out so much later than usual. I actually had it set as a long-term goal from second form that I wanted to be a natural science scholarship winner and worked very hard toward my goal. So, once the news soaked in, I thought, ‘Wow, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and know that my hard work paid off.'"

She says she didn't win the scholarship all by herself, and many people must share the credit.

The first is her mother, who "motivated me straight throughout this journey, ensuring that I would never overstress myself, and pitch in wherever she can to help me with studying.

"I would also like to thank all the teachers of Bishop's High school and all my class teachers who would have worked hard with me to make sure that I would understand the topics to come, answering the many questions I had about the topics and never losing faith in me.

"Last, and definitely not least, I would like to thank God for answering my continuous prayer for strength and determination to achieve my ultimate high school goal.”

A former pupil of Signal Hill Government Primary School, she believes in well-rounded students, not focusing on school work alone.

“I take part in local community groups such as being a member of the Carib Dixieland Steel Orchestra for seven years.

"I also would have focused on taking part in a lot of co-curricular activities; a youth ambassador for TT with the US Embassy in 2018, a mentor at my school for four years, a prefect and student council (member) at Bishop's, an assistant math teacher at Math House in Tranquility Heights – and the list goes on.” She currently works as a balancing teller at Scotiabank, having decided to take a gap year. Gray plans to enter the medical field, like her mother.

“I would like to pursue the field of medicine and become a medical practitioner because my mum, Beryl Samuel-Gray, is a district health visitor and I love to see how she helped a lot of people in Tobago and contribute to the health of entire communities. I would also like to have that impact on the people around me,” she said.

She hasn't yet singled out a medical specialisation.

“Maybe neurology, cardiology, dermatology or oncology.

"However, I believe I have a calling for oncology since my father died from liver cancer five years ago and I would love to try my best to help families avoid the grief of losing a loved one to terrible cancers.”

To date, she has been accepted at the University of the West Indies, Mona, to begin medical studies in 2020, and has started reviewing the syllabus to know what to expect.

Asked what advice she would give to those still at school, Gray said: “In anything that you do, always do it to the best of your ability.

"This is my main mantra and it was engraved in me by my mum. She explained to me that once you do anything to the best of your ability, no one can stop you.

"Whether it is in school work, in co-curricular activities or even in chores, do it to the best of your ability. This can create a domino effect on the way how you approach anything in life and once God knows you worked hard for it, he will gift it to you in one form or the other.

She also urged schoolchildren to try to develop themselves in different areas.

“I personally believe that an all-rounded student can emerge higher than a strictly academic student any day. This is because in our day and age, a lot of employers are looking for persons with experience in their field, and being all-rounded can help a student begin to develop the qualities that employers need at a very young age – not only in the sense of what the employer needs, but also what the student would need, if they plan to be self-employed.”

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Jane [comics]

Jane Eyre de Charlotte Brontë représente tout ce que je fuis dans la littérature, je ne peux par dire ce…

Barry Keoghan Two Times

As far as I can tell there haven't been any updates on the TV adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's most beloved by me comic series Y: The Last Man since August, when Vaughn himself reported that things were going well in the writing room with the show's new showrunner. Its not like Yorick-to-be Barry Keoghan doesn't have other stuff on his plate -- he's co-starring in both The Eternals for Marvel and David Lowery's Green Knight, an adaptation of the Gawain story of yore, alongside Dev Patel. But I'm still gonna check back in on this project every couple of months, other projects be damned -- it at least gives me an excuse to root through Barry's Instagram for recent thirst traps.


Amadeus e l’invidia per il genio che sfidò l’eternità dell’arte


È la storia di una feroce gelosia, di un’invidia senza requiem. Ma anche un concentrato di forza drammatica, il paradigma di un intrigo teatrale che ha pochissimi confronti, un best seller internazionale. Tutto questo è “Amadeus”, il dramma scritto dal britannico Peter Shaffer (1926-2016), rappresentato a Londra nel 1978 con la regia di Peter Hall, ripreso poi nel 1981 e giunto al successo planetario con il film omonimo di Milos Forman, vincitore di ben otto Premi Oscar nel 1985. E che si replica in questi giorni, in prima nazionale al Teatro Quirino di Roma (per poi partire in tournée), in una nuova messa in scena che celebra anche un’altra eccezionale circostanza: i due protagonisti sono rispettivamente un attore di lunga esperienza come Geppy Gleijeses nei panni del compositore Antonio Salieri, e suo figlio Lorenzo Gleijeses (Premio Ubu 2006), che interpreta invece il giovane Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

La vicenda è tutta fra questi due musicisti, che lavorano e litigano nella Vienna della fine del ’700, con il presunto tentativo dell’italiano Salieri - storicamente senza fondamenta - di distruggere la fama geniale di Mozart. Un’offensiva fatta di manovre occulte e chiacchiere dietro le spalle di un imperatore amante della musica, ma del tutto stonato. Secondo la ricostruzione del drammaturgo Peter Shaffer, Mozart, nella sua breve vita, non fa a tempo a conoscere la vera fama, quella che crescerà attorno ai suoi capolavori di teatro musicale e ai concerti. Solo il perfido Salieri, venuto in possesso delle sue partiture originali, eccezionalmente “senza nemmeno una correzione”, capisce di avere di fronte un vero genio. Un talento però immeritato, secondo il compositore l’italiano, che trova inconcepibile che un uomo volgare come quello possa essere degno dell’ispirazione divina sulla musica. Tanto da arrivare, lui così devoto, a lanciare una bestemmia con un dialogo blasfemo contro Dio stesso, che avrebbe permesso a un animo tanto dissoluto di sfidare l’eternità dell’arte.

Ricco di colpi di scena, di notazioni comiche e di spunti di storia della musica, il dramma è di grande presa sugli spettatori. Occorre per questo la collaborazione di attori di qualità come i due Gleijeses, che mettono in scena le loro diverse maturità: Gleijeses senior introducendo una nota di malinconia nel suo personaggio; Gleijeses jr con l’impeto giovanile di chi, come Mozart, cerca i contorni della propria esistenza.

Nè può mancare un allestimento ricco ed elegante come quello di Roberto Crea e Luigi Perego (scenografia e costumi), sotto la regia di uno specialista come il russo Andrei Konchalovsky, eccellente regista di cinema e di teatro, versatile e puntuale nella lettura del testo, già applaudito poche settimane fa per la versione italiana di “Scene di un matrimonio” di Ingmar Bergman. Nel cast, anche Roberta Lucca (Costanze Weber), Giulio Farnese (l’Imperatore Giuseppe II), Giuseppe Bisogno e Gianluca Ferrato (rispettivamente, il Conte Johann Von Strack e il Conte Franz Orsini-Rosenberg).


Veronica Pivetti: "La fluidità è una conquista. La scelta è più vasta di quella che ci hanno fatto credere”


Cosa fa un gruppo di cinque amiche con un’età che avanza giorno dopo giorno, che spaventa e disorienta? Lavorano, si incontrano, stanno con i loro uomini o donne (a seconda dei gusti), si ascoltano e si capiscono, si aiutano e si fanno assistenza tutte insieme – nel loro ristorante cinese preferito o a telefono, poco importa – quando tutto sembra esser perduto o in procinto di perdersi, ma – soprattutto – si raccontano quello che fanno sopra e sotto le lenzuola. L’antiquaria Adelaide e le altre “girls” – Benedetta, Tonia, Rosaria e Martina – fanno sesso e ne parlano tantissimo, usando nomi, aggettivi e vocaboli di ogni genere e senza alcuna censura, perché anche se della vita si può avere una visione disincantata, è assolutamente indispensabile viverla appieno. “È chiaro che la mia è una provocazione benefica e benevola”, spiega all’HuffPostVeronica Pivetti che alle cinque eroine ha dato vita con il suo libro, Per sole donne (Mondadori). “Sono una donna di 54 anni, mi rivolgo alle donne a cavallo di quell’età – mi sembra fisiologico quel pubblico – anche se ho riscontrato che ci sono molte giovani tra le mie lettrici, ma, tengo a ribadirlo, non ho voluto escludere nessuno, uomini compresi”. “Le storie che racconto sono tutte vere, poi, certo, le ho messe in un romanzo e le ho – come si dice – romanzate. Alcuni di quei racconti sono entrati diversi anni fa nella mia testa e poi li ho rielaborati, ma anche i fatti più incredibili sono veri. Volevo un fondamento di verità, impossibile da non avere quando si parla di sesso e di donne”. “Ci sono ancora troppe parole da sdoganare – continua l’attrice, la doppiatrice, la conduttrice televisiva e radiofonica amatissima dal grande pubblico - ma ricordiamoci che nella nostra cameretta ci chiudiamo tutti e che tutti facciamo cose spinte”. Il libro – che segue ai due autobiografici Ho smesso di piangere (2012) e Mai all’altezza (2019) – è il suo primo romanzo – esilarante e pieno di vita - quello con cui ha deciso di dar voce a quel malumore che hanno le donne, a un malumore che hanno in comune. “Lo definisco erotico/comico – ci dice; c’è molto sesso, perché è il fulcro delle loro storie, è il filo conduttore delle loro vite. “Per una donna dell’età come la mia, la parola magica non è affatto solo e soltanto ‘menopausa’. La vita alla nostra età non è finita, ma può ricominciare anche a cinquant’anni che non sono la fine di nulla, sono piuttosto un giro di boa, per me almeno lo sono stati. Sono un girare l’angolo e scoprire altre cose, sono un dare un nuovo passo alla propria vita”. 

“Era stata una scopata noiosissima. Adelaide si era addormentata a metà, mentre Andrea gliela leccava.” Un inizio fulminante e senza alcun tabù. Finalmente un libro in cui le donne parlano come sono davvero dimostrando che la parità parte proprio dalla libertà d’espressione.

“Si pensa che le donne abbiano riservata “l’ora d’aria”, ma non è così. Devono poter parlare come vogliono, devono avere una libertà d’espressione, come dice giustamente lei. Permettetemi di parlare come parlo io, permettiamo a ciascuna donna di farlo. Detesto le convenzioni e i recinti in cui siamo state messe, anche perché le stesse convenzioni sono recinti. Scrivendo questo libro sono stata diretta e spudorata. Si parla molto esplicitamente, si usa il turpiloquio, ma questo si può fare e non c’è nulla di male. Perché agli uomini è permesso tutto e a noi no? Venite a cena con me o con altre donne e uscirete in mutande, o forse anche senza (ride, ndr). Non possiamo inibirci nel linguaggio. La mia è stata un’operazione ardita, uno sdoganamento per tutte. Basta restare nei ranghi! Ci siamo da sempre…”. 

L’epoca che stiamo vivendo, di certo non aiuta…

“Viviamo nel Medioevo senza averne i vantaggi. Ad esempio, oggi non c’è l’aria pura che c’era all’epoca, pestilenze a parte… (ride, ndr). Se c’è poi una cosa che non sopporto, è questa assurda e sproporzionata celebrazione del corpo perfetto, è una follia. Sono felicissima, ci mancherebbe, quando vedo immagini di donne ben fatte, ma che l’immagine della donna sia solo e soltanto quella di una tentatrice e di una “bellissima”, oppure - al contrario - di un ferro vecchio, non lo accetto. Ho 54 anni e ho sulle mani due o tre macchioline. Guardandole, mi son detta: “che meraviglia, mi ricordano mia nonna!”. Anche io a 80 anni spero di essere come lei, è la bellezza del tempo che passa. I disagi sul corpo ci sono, ma dove sta scritto che esteticamente non hanno valore?”. 

Contro cosa lotta la Pivetti?

“Ad esempio, contro l’ingabbiamento del corpo che deve rispondere a dei canoni “plastificati”. Noi donne abbiamo ancora tante frecce da lanciare e tanti argomenti. La nostra vita non si deve valutare solo in base al nostro corpo e alle nostre facce. Bisogna smetterla sperare che il tempo non passi: il tempo passa, lascia segni, ma va bene così. Dobbiamo esserne tutti orgogliosi”. 

Detto questo, nessun amore da parte sua per un chirurgo plastico…

“Non mi interessa. Ho i miei segni e – come dice uno dei miei personaggi del libro – mi tengo le mie tette, anche se adesso sono più basse” (ride di nuovo, ndr) 

Di queste cinque donne, due sono omosessuali: quella femminile non ha la stessa visibilità di quella maschile. Perché secondo lei? 

“Ne parlo perché anche nell’ambito dell’omosessualità, le donne sono svantaggiate. Rispetto a quella maschile, quella femminile è ignorata che è una cosa ancora più grave dell’essere ostacolata. Non se ne parla, perché il nostro è un popolo pieno di tabù e quello dell’omosessualità femminile è gigantesco. Le donne lesbiche hanno ancora meno voce delle donne etero. Tutto questo è assurdo”. 

Sempre restando tra le sue magnifiche ed imperfette protagoniste, nessuna di loro è madre. Anche qui, i più associano le donne alla parola ‘madre’, un altro stereotipo…

“Non ho assolutamente nulla contro le mamme, però mi sono anche abbastanza rotta di sentir parlare solo di donne legando il tutto alla maternità. Non sono una mamma e non lo sono per scelta; vivo del mio lavoro e delle poche relazioni che coltivo, di amici molto stretti; ho cani - che adoro – e se non ho figli non me ne si deve fare una colpa. Non sono qualificabile come “status”? E invece sì: sono semplicemente una donna senza figli e, come me, lì fuori ce ne sono molte altre che vogliono e che devono essere tenute in considerazione. Quel che occorre, poi, è una mentalità per i single e non bastano le confezioni mini di cibo al supermercato. Esisto, sono una donna realizzata e non ho senso di colpa. Quello, semmai, dovrebbero averlo quelle madri che hanno i figli maleducati. Le dirò di più…”. 

Prego, mi dica pure. 

“Per alcune donne, fare figli rientra in un disegno sociale. Ci sono quelle che hanno deciso di farli e sono felicissime ed hanno tutta la mia stima, perché fare i figli oggi è un grande impegno, una grande responsabilità. Ci sono però anche donne che hanno fatto figli e pensano che non era quella la strada che avrebbero dovuto e voluto percorrere. Vorrei che si pensasse anche a questo. Siamo tante e tanti mentre le “categorie” sono poche”. 

In tutto questo, nel libro – come nella vita, è ovvio – ci sono anche gli uomini. Quelli che incontrano, hanno frequentato o frequentano le cinque donne del libro sono però così goffi da suscitare quasi tenerezza.

“Suscitano tenerezza se sono distanti, come l’uomo di Adelaide (ride di nuovo, ndr). Non ho scritto un libro contro qualcuno, ma a favore di qualcuno, a favore delle donne principalmente, come ricorda il titolo. Gli uomini sono figure esistenti o esistite, non mi sono inventata nulla. Sono spesso figure inadatte che arrancano dietro le mie cinque donne che sono mediamente evolute ed emancipate. I compagni sono venti metri indietro e quando arrivano a conclusione del percorso, le loro donne sono già venti metri avanti: non si incontrano mai ed è un peccato. Sono complicati, sono delle figure che non si sa dove mettere, manca il dialogo. Tra loro, c’è chi si tiene il suo uomo nonostante tutto, quella che ha il marito “zainetto”, quella che oramai ha un “coinquilino” e un’altra che ha solo il “trivella”, un uomo che pensa solo al sesso. In ogni caso, e questo vale in generale, ognuno può fare ciò che vuole, ma è davvero molto difficile mantenere un rapporto d’amore vivo. L’altra sera ero a cena in un ristorante dopo un mio spettacolo. C’era una coppia davanti a me: lui al cellulare che guardava la partita e lei che lo fissava. Nessuna comunicazione. Tutto questo a tavola: un’immagine infernale! Bisogna comunicare, discutere, accalorarsi, ovviamente senza mai arrivare alla violenza, neanche a quella verbale, sia chiaro, che è l’anticamera della violenza fisica. Ci sono uomini non hanno neanche voglia di comunicare. Ma sono certa che ci sono uomini meravigliosi là fuori: io sono in attesa, sbrigatevi!”. 

L’altro giorno c’è stata la Giornata contro la violenza sulle donne: nel suo discorso, il presidente Mattarella ha parlato di “emergenza pubblica”: è d’accordo con lui?

“Sono sempre d’accordo con il Presidente, in questo caso ancora di più. È davvero un’emergenza pubblica, è un’emergenza mondiale, una tragedia che sta travolgendo un’epoca. Lo ribadisco sempre, ci faccio addirittura una trasmissione (Amore Criminale, ndr) che va avanti da dodici anni e non finisce perché, purtroppo, c’è sempre del materiale. Tutti questa violenza esiste in parte perché gli uomini non reggono l’emancipazione femminile, non sopportano una donna che possa dir loro ‘no’ per i motivi più vari. Una donna che dice di ‘no’, non è concepita dall’uomo stesso. E la molla della violenza è la rabbia per esserselo sentito dire. Sono uomini non cresciuti”. 

Stando ai dati Onu, la maggior parte delle violenze subite da una donna sono nell’ambiente domestico, per non parlare di tutta un’altra e molteplice serie di discriminazioni… 

“Sono dati sconcertanti. Non c’è un paragone di efferatezza e mostruosità. Possiamo solo tenere gli occhi sempre più aperti su questa problematica, ma lo dobbiamo fare tutti, non solo noi donne che lo facciamo ogni giorno, anche e soprattutto gli uomini”. 

Prima accennava al suo spettacolo, Viktor und Viktoria, che sta portando da tre anni in giro per l’Italia con grande successo di pubblico e critica: di cosa parla?

“È una commedia con musiche liberamente ispirata all’omonimo film del 1933 di Reinhold Schünzel, non a quello di Blake Edwards. La versione originale è di Giovanna Gra, la regia di Emanuele Gamba. In una Berlino degli anni Trenta, Susanne Weber, talentuosa cantante disoccupata, si finge Viktor e conquista le platee, ma il suo fascino androgino scatenerà presto curiosità e sospetti. Tra battute di spirito ed equivoci si legge la critica ad una società bigotta e superficiale, sempre pronta a giudicare dalle apparenze. In scena c’è un continuo entrare ed uscire da qualsiasi identità sessuale”. 

La giornalista Natalia Aspesi e lo scrittore André Aciman ci hanno detto che oggi siamo tutti fluidi: è così?

“Ne sono convita anche io. Anche questa è una conquista. Prima eravamo tutti messi in una specie di alveare, al chiuso della nostra celletta. Oggi no: ci possono essere anche più cellette e se si ha voglia si può finalmente uscire anche da quell’alveare. C’è un mondo là fuori. La scelta è molto più vasta di quella che ci hanno fatto credere. Una raccomandazione? Prendere a pedate il senso di colpa, perché se c’è, fa male e inibisce. Una realizzazione sessuale è la prima forma di libertà che dobbiamo assecondare. Ci renderà felici e pronti ad andare nel mondo”. 



Rhode Island Comic-Con Review


For the smallest state, RICC was a massive convention. From the hall itself to the guest list, there was no shortage of a little something for everybody. Every flavor of nerddom was represented in some fashion. From handcrafted to corporate creations, Spider man to Supernatural, you couldn’t have said you were bored. Seeing all the […]

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Wicomico School Board Vacancy Process Talks Stall


SALISBURY – After months of discussion on the process for filling a vacant seat on the school board, officials in Wicomico County last week agreed to hold off on any possible changes.Last week, the Wicomico County Council met with members of the Wicomico County School Board Nominating Commission in a work session to continue a... Read more »

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Cirque Musica To Perform Dec. 12


SALISBURY – Cirque Musica will presents Holiday Wishes at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on Thursday, Dec. 12. The show begins at 7 p.m.Holiday Wishes brings a holiday story to life in a full theatrical cirque event featuring a world-renowned cast and favorite holiday hits performed live by a full symphony orchestra.Audiences will be... Read more »

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$700K Awarded To Local Agencies


BERLIN – Nearly $700,000 in neighborhood revitalization grants will benefit agencies in Worcester and Wicomico counties.Last week, Gov. Larry Hogan announced more than $30 million in fiscal year 2020 neighborhood revitalization program awards.Grants from the Community Legacy program, the Strategic Demolition Fund, the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative, the National Capital Strategic Economic Development Fund, and... Read more »

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Boardwalk Funds A Key Piece To Pier Deal


Dedicated funding for future Boardwalk reconstruction efforts is one of the key aspects of the Wicomico Street Pier franchise extension.In talking individually about the 25-year extension of the pier franchise agreement, which will come before the council next week, both Mayor Rick Meehan and franchise holder Charles “Buddy” Jenkins were proud the deal established a... Read more »

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Slam Dunk Anime

Slam Dunk was one of my favorites comic and anime

ESBT Will Present Nutcracker Dec. 6-8 In Salisbury


SALISBURY — The Eastern Shore Ballet Theatre (ESBT) will present its 29th annual full-length Nutcracker on Dec. 6-8 at the Wicomico High School Auditorium in Salisbury.In this two-act ballet set on Christmas Eve, the young girl Clara is given a magical doll, which transforms into the Nutcracker Prince. He takes her to an enchanted forest... Read more »

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#26 Ett överlägset kvantdatoravsnitt


Kvantöverlägsenhet innebär slutet för kryptovalutor och kvantdatorer kommer att för ändra vår värld till oigenkännlighet! Eller är det verkligen så enkelt? Nu efter Googles artikel om kvantöverlägsenhet (quantum supremacy) har kvantdatorer hamnat i fokus men vad innebär egentligen denna milstolpe? Vi försöker reda ut detta, vad kvantdatorer kan användas till och hur deras framtid ser ut.

Dagens spaning

Daniels spaning:
Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything av Kelly & Zach Weinersmith

Hennings spaning:
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information av Nielsen och Chuang.

Länkar & kommentarer

"If you take just one piece of information from this blog: Quantum computers would not solve hard search problems instantaneously by simply trying all the possible solutions at once."
- Scott Aaronson

Googles artikel i Nature

Qubit - N qubits innebär 2^n tillstånd

Personen bakom uttrycket "kvantöverlägsenhet" (John Preskill) kommenterar artikeln

Aaronson kommenterar IBM:s "motartikel"

Hur en kvantdator fungerar - webcomic

Kvantmekaniska system för kvantdatorer, bl.a.:
• Atomiskt spin.
• Jonfälla.
• Kvantprick.
• Optisk hålighet.
• Diamanter.
• Supraledare / Josephson junctions.
Dvs inget man kan ha i sin telefon framöver. Googles dator hade en temperatur på 20 mK exempelvis.


Superposition mellan 0 och 1, man kan endast mäta 0 eller 1 (Kollapsar tillståndet).

Universal gates: Hadamard, phase, CNOT and pi/8.

Kvantbrus/dekoherens - Tiden informationen sparas i systemet.


Shor's algorithm

Artikel om kvantattacker mot bitcoin - Bitcoin kör SHA256. 256 bitar innebär ca 256 qubits (tänk 2^256 tillstånd i qubitarna, sen plussa på för extra operationer). Tar däremot tid att utföra operationerna, uppskattning 7-8 h för RSA. Blockkedjan uppdateras var 10:e minut med Bitcoin, Ethereum 15 sekunder. Beräkningar sker på ns skala, men sen klassiska delen kan vara långsamare. Googles tog 200 s.

Video med övergripande förklaring kring publika nycklar

Finns kryptografiska koder som är quantum resistant

Post-quantum_cryptography - använda en klassisk dator för kryptering som ska vara säker mot en kvantdator

Grover's algorithm - Går från N till sqrt(N). Ex: 1 miljon blir 1 tusen. Kan användas för att optimera olika algoritmer.

Intro kring komplexitetsteori (quanta magazine)

Quanta magazine om kvantdatorers problem och potential

NISQ: Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum

Quantum cryptography - använda en kvantdator för kryptering.


Extra förtydlinganden till avsnittet

  • Kvantbitar använder enskilda tillstånd och partiklar för att få till kvantifisering. Mätningar på flera partiklar sker för att få fram statistik på distributionen av kvanttillstånd.
  • Joner behöver inte helt sakna elektroner utan kan sakna enstaka.
  • Quantum cryptography är kryptografi med kvantdatorer. Post-quantum cryptografi är klassisk kryptografi som är säker mot kvantdatorer.

Mer läsning

Disclaimer: Vi har för närvarande inga externa samarbeten och alla åsikter är våra egna. Inget vi pratar om är någon typ av investeringsrekommendationer och alla investeringar är förenade med risk.

Medverkande i avsnittet:
- Henning Hammar, driver tjänsten Börslabbet, doktor i fysik, @investerarfys
- Daniel Constanda, IT-konsult i finansbranchen på Clara Financial Consulting, @DanielConstanda
- Martin Nordgren, ingenjör på Tobii, tidigare på Dirac, @martinjnordgren

Kontakta oss:
@dataspaning @ Twitter


12/05/2019 - December Mixer

Come to Olney Antique Village

Join Us For A Visit From
Thursday, December 5th
5:30 - 7:30

Enjoy light refreshments while browsing
thousands of unique gift ideas
Share holiday cheer and business leads.

Antiques  <>  Vintage Finds
Furniture  <>  New Home Décor
Vintage Jewelry  <>  Fine Jewelry
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Mattresses  <>   Much, much, more
Unlock the doors to your past,

stroll down memory lane.

Find timeless, quality pieces that will last forever. 

Shop local, Shop smart. Shop green!

Antiquing is recycling!


Olney Antique Village

16650 Georgia Ave Olney, MD 20832 US


Presidenta de Bolivia promulga la ley de convocatoria a nuevas elecciones

La presidenta de Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, ha promulgado la Ley de Régimen Excepcional y Transitorio para la realización de elecciones generales, que anula los resultados de los comicios del 20 de octubre, que ganó el depuesto Evo Morales. Áñez dijo que «el objetivo» de su Gobierno es realizar «nuevas elecciones en el menor tiempo posible». …


Today was a calm day.
After Church, I visited with a friend.
Started activities at home with hot chocolate and oatmeal with raisins.
Began making list for Christmas gifts. (We get little presents for nieces and nephew until they become teenagers.)
Daughter came over and we spruced up the place before decorating next weekend.
Enjoyed reading some comics and doing a Sudoku.

Serpieri – Obsession (1996)

 Cache ~

Year : 1996 | Size : 12 MB

Serpieri - Obsession (1996)

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Heroes Reborn (One-Shot Collection) (2000)

 Cache ~

Year : 2000 | Size : 360 MB

Heroes Reborn (One-Shot Collection) (2000)

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House of Night #1 – 5 (2011)

 Cache ~

Year : 2011 | Size : 138 MB

Until recently, Zoey Redbird was an average high-school student worrying about grades, boys, and breakouts. But priorities have a way of changing when you're Marked as a vampyre, enroll in the vampyre academy House of Night, and have to figure out a whole new social hierarchy, affinities for elemental magic, and physiological changes that make you crave blood! Follow Zoey, and her group of devoted friends, as they turn to The Fledgling Handbook, a historical vampyre tome, in hopes of better understanding this big, new world of vampyrism. The magical world of New York Times best-selling authors P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast comes to comics!

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Hit-Girl #1 – 12 + TPBs (2018-2019)

 Cache ~

Year : 2018-2019 | Size : 1.3 GB

The pint-sized Punisher-meets-Polly-Pocket has left America behind and set off to serve justice around the world. First stop: Colombia. A mother seeking vengeance for the murder of her child enlists Hit-Girl to destroy his killer, but Mindy has bigger plans for Colombia's most feared hitman. MARK MILLAR and RICARDO LOPEZ ORTIZ join forces for the first chapter of Hit-Girl's world tour in this new, ongoing monthly series.

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Helheim #1 – 6 (2013)

 Cache ~

Year : 2013 | Size : 271 MB

A NEW SERIES FROM SIXTH GUN WRITER CULLEN BUNN AND FAN FAVORITE ARTIST JOELLE JONES! "Once the threshold of Helheim is crossed, not even gods can escape." During the age of the Vikings, savage wild men and dark creatures beset a small settlement. A brave war party stands as guardians of the helpless villagers, but they are no match for the horrors rising up around them. One of the warriors, a young hero named Rikard, will pay the ultimate price in battle... but his fight is far from over. A gothic horror story of witchcraft, night creatures, and the undead.

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Brides of Helheim #1 – 6 (2014)

 Cache ~

Year : 2014 | Size : 261 MB

Years have passed since Rikard's victory over Bera and Groa. In defeating the witches, Rikard saved his people. And yet he cannot rest. He is still denied the promise of Valhalla. The warrior is condemned to wander the living world as an undead draugr. Now, a new challenge lies before Rikard: to face the demon beast Mórðvíg in a brutal conflict.

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Journey To Star Wars – The Rise Of Skywalker – Allegiance (TPB) (2019)

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Year : 2019 | Size : 230 MB

THE DECADES-SPANNING SKYWALKER SAGA NEARS ITS CLIMACTIC CONCLUSION! Before the exciting events of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker! Hounded by the FIRST ORDER across the galaxy, the RESISTANCE is in dire need of ships, weapons and recruits to make a final stand against KYLO REN’S forces. Desperation drives a delegation led by GENERAL LEIA ORGANA and REY to entreat the Rebel veteran’s one-time allies, THE MON CALAMARI, to join the fight — but decades after Imperial occupation enslaved their planet, there are those willing to stop at nothing to prevent another war from bloodying the waters of Mon Cala. A system away, POE DAMERON and FINN have their own mission: to hunt down a weapons cache on the remote moon of Avedot, unaware that they are being hunted by the most notorious criminal gang in the galaxy. Collects Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Allegiance (2019) #1-4.

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X-Men – X-Club (TPB) (2012)

 Cache ~

Year : 2012 | Size : 147 MB

WE DO SCIENCE! In the wake of SCHISM, the X-Club's state-of-the-art space elevator nears completion, chaos erupts! And it appears to the world that mutants are to blame. Can Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao and Danger clear the X-Men's name before their experiment backfires? Collects X-Club #1-5.

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Wolverine – The Long Night Adaptation (TPB) (2019)

 Cache ~

Year : 2019 | Size : 161 MB

Marvel’s hit scripted podcast comes to life on the printed page! Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall investigate — but soon find more going on than meets the eye! A rundown cabin in the middle of nowhere. Feral children lurking in the trees. A sinister cult worshiping in a cathedral of night. And a serial killer on the loose. Everyone has their own suspicions about the culprit, but the evidence keeps pointing investigators back to a certain clawed loner. As the body count climbs and the small town spirals further into chaos, one man — one monster — sits at the center of it all! It’s a Logan story like no other! Collects Wolverine: The Long Night #1-5.

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Wolverine – Infinity Watch (TPB) (2019)

 Cache ~

Year : 2019 | Size : 207 MB

Logan goes cosmic! Wolverine has returned, alive and well. But hang on — didn’t he have an Infinity Stone? How did that happen?! And wasn’t he popping up all over the place for a little while? The answers are finally revealed as Logan joined forces with everyone’s favorite god of mischief, Loki Laufeyson! Wolverine is the best there is at what he does. But how good is he at protecting the universe from cosmic disaster? Will he be better or worse than Loki, the admitted lord of lies? We’re about to learn! But one thing’s for sure: Logan’s claws will come in handy against the notorious, unstoppable killing machines known as the Fraternity of Raptors! Collects Wolverine: Infinity Watch #1-5.

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Wolverine – Dark Wolverine Vol. 2 – My Hero (TPB) (2016)

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The costume may fit, but Wolverine's son is far from a hero. And when Daken slaughters a pair of masked assailants in front of witnesses, the world starts to wonder what happened to the Wolverine they knew. Norman Osborn, desperate to spin the attack, decides to stage another assault to prove once and for all that the Wolverine he handpicked for his team of Avengers is on the level, enlisting a gang of C-list villains to serve as punching bags for Daken. But when the villains learn Osborn's plan, they devise a plan of their own - for revenge. Soon, Daken finds himself the hunted instead of the hunter. Does he have the raw survival instincts to muscle through? He'd better hope so. Because even if he fights his way out of this mess, he still has to answer to Osborn. And his father. Collects Dark Wolverine #78-81.

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Wolverine – Dark Wolverine Vol. 1 – The Prince (TPB) (2015)

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He's got the costume. But not the character. He's got the claws. But not the compassion. He's got the healing factor. But not the heart. He's everything his dad feared himself capable of being, but never wanted to be — the inverse of the real Wolverine: Cold. Ruthless. Clinically savage. And now he's Norman Osborn's shiny new toy in the Dark Avengers, with unbelievable power at his command — all the way to the tips of his razor-sharp claws. Collects Wolverine (2003) #75-77, back-up stories from Wolverine (2003) #73-74.

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HBO's Watchmen Episode 7: All The Big References To The Original Comic Book


After its flashback-filled sixth episode, Watchmen returned to the present for even more comic-related magnificence.


The Secret Life of a Naturist Weekly, Special 100th Episode


As the 100th episode was fast approaching, I knew I needed a special story to commemorate the event. Immediately, I thought about going back to Dan and Johnny’s lives just before leaving for university and meeting for the first time. So, the idea of presenting it as a comic book was the best way to […]

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Youth Book & Media Club

We're a tween/teen book and media club that meets once a month to discuss our favorite books, comics, games, youtubers, anime, and more! Join us and get ready to geek out!


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Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:00pm


Youth Book & Media Club

We're a tween/teen book and media club that meets once a month to discuss our favorite books, comics, games, youtubers, anime, and more! Join us and get ready to geek out!


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Age Group: 
Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 3:30pm to 4:00pm


Verkauf Billig L190 Männer Herren Premium T-Shirt Comic Shirts I stole all your money! - T-Shirts

Verkauf Billig L190 Männer Herren Premium T-Shirt Comic Shirts I stole all your money! - T-Shirts
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The Future of DC Movies, The Rise of Skywalker, The Banker, Harrison Ford, The Batman, and More


On the November 26, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman and writer Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest film and TV news, including the future of DC superhero movies, The Batman’s growing cast, some updates about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Apple delaying the release of The Banker, Godzilla vs. Kong getting a delay of its own, and Harrison Ford heading back to television. 


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Spoiler Discussion of 'Watchmen' Episode 5, "Little Fear of Lightning"


On the November 18, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and writer Chris Evangelista to have a spoiler discussion about the fifth episode of HBO’s Watchmen, entitled “Little Fear of Lightning.”


Opening Banter


In Our Feature Presentation

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  • Looking Glass’s origin story
    • Hoboken, 1985
    • Squid
  • Adrian Veidt
    • Video message to Robert Redford reveals truth behind his squid plan
    • What do you think about the way information from the comic has been doled out so far?
    • Is definitely in space
    • “Save Me D”
    • Warden - “Our god has left us, and it’s unlikely he’ll return.”
  • Modern Day Looking Glass
    • Job giving feedback on focus groups
    • Reflective lining in his hat
    • Extra Dimensional Security drills
    • Ex works at Forever Pets, destroys puppy, reveals the pills are Nostalgia
    • Recovery group, meets Renee
    • Follows her, learns that the Seventh Kavalry used a set to film their video, are developing their own teleportation technology (to what end?)
  • Random Additional Thoughts
    • The music in this episode
    • Spielberg’s Pale Horse
    • Theory about potential time travel


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I don’t think people with skinnier asses would have a problem


stress and fear at being judged

sex toys Take a moment to think before you decide on your Discussion Topic. Obviously you want to get the communities attention, and to have people comment on your discussion. Because it is easy to think a post is spam due to blatant misspellings, incomplete titles, bad grammar, or text speak as the title your thread may be passed over when you had a legitimate topic of conversation for the group.If you create a discussion titled "Anal" vibrators, you are not really asking the community anything. sex toys

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animal dildo Similarly, Trump apparently no longer thinks that climate change is a Chinese hoax and has "an open mind to" future discussions. When retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, Trump's apparent choice for defense secretary, told the president elect that he could get more information from a prisoner with a couple of beers and a pack of cigarettes than by waterboarding, Trump said vibrators, fine, he will rethink waterboarding.. animal dildo

animal dildo It was a whole different world in Chicago, a separate self contained world in which the middle class mingled with the lowest down, in which black doctors and lawyers and preachers and schoolteachers strove to establish standards and set realistic expectations for a community that included every type of individual engaged in every type of human endeavor, from numbers kings to domestics, from street players to steel workers, from race heroes to self made millionaires. It was a society which, despite a form of segregation as cruel and pernicious as the Southern kind, could not be confined or defined, a society of which almost all of its variegated members, nearly every one of them an immigrant from what was commonly referred to as South America, felt an integral part. It was a society into which the Cook family immediately fit.. animal dildo

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wholesale sex toys Some contested catches that Kupp may have pulled down, and there was that one play where he could have converted a 3rd down but he didn't have the vision to see that there was no one between him and the sticks so he ran laterally and gave us a chance to close on him. Oh and btw that is another thing that we did incredibly well on defense that those teams probably can't replicate closing in on tackles for no big plays.In any case I do like what you're saying, and I'm also rooting for home field in the divisional round. I guess I'm just a lot more pessimistic on the likelihood of that happening I see it as a miracle scenario.. wholesale sex toys

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sex toys Tiger Woods breaking arm on tree with incredible shot at Valspar ChampionshipNews Group Newspapers Limited in England No. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. sex toys

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Adult Toys Soldier's Girl is a TV movie about a man who joins the US army, and falls in love with a transgender nightclub performer. The acting is amazing (Lee Pace is a genius), and it deals with some really heavy themes while still being beautiful, tender, and unexpectedly touching. I watched it simply because it had one of my favourite actors in a unique role, and came away a bit rattled and incredibly grateful I watched it. Adult Toys

wholesale dildos A lot of Canadian landlords really love to play feudal lord with their tenants though. Because they own the property they think it gives them rights to control how the tenant lives their lives and conducts themselves on their properties. It doesn at all and it is because of people like this who do sketchy things to their tenants that the laws are as strict as they are. wholesale dildos

wholesale sex toys The other guy was supportive. Sort of, but I didn't really feel like he was very supportive of my sexuality and what I needed to have good sex he didn't like that I masturbated in order to orgasm and become aroused enough to have comfortable intercourse first, he said that it was like I was off in my own little world. Well, it's pretty hard to feel turned on when I can tell that someone views my needs as an inconvenience and a distraction and when they LICKED MY FACE without asking even though I have very complicated feelings about saliva being somewhat OCDish and that's just an unusual thing to do that you don't just go in for without asking. wholesale sex toys

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wholesale dildos I think knowing your local market wants/needs is important and something that can easily be lost with centralization of a lot of the processes. Supermarkets have local buyers to avoid this but you definitely run the risk of alienating customers if you try to make the experience too "corporate" or generic/centralized. Local laws/taxes can also be a nightmare that manufacturers can let dealers handle.. wholesale dildos

wholesale sex toys An example of a good (terrible) anti joke would be: "why didn the skeleton go to the Halloween party? Because the skeleton was an asshole." The skeleton being an asshole doesn really mean anything in the context of the joke. Another good (terrible) example is: "what did the fish say to the other fish in the tank? Glub glub." In this one, you expect the joke teller to say something about them being in a war tank. As a hindu, it not that deep for most of us. wholesale sex toys

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g spot vibrator In an interview, Stelter said the intense scrutiny of Fox is justified by Fox's relationship with Trump and the network's impact on the "ecosystem" of conservative media outlets. "Fox influences the president of the United States in a way not seen by any other network," he said. "Fox affects society in more ways than it did even three years ago. g spot vibrator

If I do, they'll send me to the quiet room. I'm SOO scared, I just want somebody to hug now. I almost feel like crying or somethign. In the councils of government vibrators, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

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dog dildo Editor note:In the Human Factor, we profile survivors who have overcome the odds. Confronting a life obstacle injury, illness or other hardship they tapped their inner strength and found resilience they didn know they possessed. This week we introduce you to Chelsea Roff, who had a stroke at 15 brought on by her severe anorexia. dog dildo

wholesale vibrators As other people have pointed out, abusers do not just hurt feelings or escalate to physical harm; most abuse is stemmed from the abuser wanting absolute control over the abused. Financial abuse is very common. You absolutely must assist Jenny in keeping this money secret from her abuser, because he can and will take it vibrators, especially if he suspects the money would be enough to give her independence or the opportunity to leave. wholesale vibrators

dildo Instigated it. He dropped the gloves first. Obviously they (IIHF) going to probably look at it and they got to do what they got to do; but, for me, I not really focused on that right now. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. You should always consult your own healthcare provider if you have a health problem or medical condition.. dildo

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Once you've created a conclusion, you get to act it out. (Ex. You're working late at the office. Some of the vitriol vibrators, as I understand it, against Uncle Ike comes from the owners setting up their first shop smack dab in the middle of Seattle rapidly gentrifying historically black Central District. And then aggressively ignoring any concerns of the existing community. Considering the fact that there are a lot of black folk imprisoned for weed, I think that relevant..

Realistic Dildo For Detroit Free Press, it Tresa Baldas, federal courts and corruption reporter. Both outlets have sports reporters who cover the NFL (and the Lions specifically). They don see this as a sports story. We did part of the coastal walk from Porthleven to Kennack the next day (taking in the Lizard) and would strongly recommend walking along the coast down here if you can manage it with transport.Reviewed September 4, 2013 Its all about the views, the breakfasts, Sam and Stuart and not forgetting Diesel the dog!This was the most stunning B location on our Devon and Cornwall road trip. Booked only weeks before and was perhaps there smallest room (no 4) though in fairness Sam did tell me that before I agreed to book, so fair play. It still had a great view, but through a much smaller window!It was really a little too small for us, and we were very envious of the guests that had the bigger rooms facing the front. Realistic Dildo

V. UCF is tougher; clearly played the tougher schedule, but lost three of their games and that has to be taken into account. Once you discount the games in which lost, it considerably less clear cut. We know they are there. And now, finally, most others who have not experienced this personally (largely men) seem to be acknowledging this too.So that's not what this essay is going to be about. This is, instead, a story of the other times.

horse dildo The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has now recruited solid candidates to run in 100 of the 101 districts that it targets as in play this year. All but a handful of Republican incumbents even in very red districts have Democratic challengers. And Democratic fundraisingduring this electoral cycle is setting all manner of records, with no signs of letting up.. horse dildo

animal dildo Seven years into our marriage, I started having memory and fatigue issues. Strange things would happen to me and I couldn remember how. One night, I woke up with a dissolving pill in my mouth. Add BBC Breaking News alerts to your News appPush notifications are available to users of smartphones and tablets who download the BBC News App, allowing you to receive breaking news alerts. When a push notification is received it will pop up on your screen similar to a text message, regardless of whether or not the app is open at the time. Depending on your settings the alert may also be accompanied by a sound. animal dildo

vibrators I am glad you got away. Your parents need to open their eyes. If my daughters boyfriend held a loaded guy to her head like you described happened to you, there would be big problems. He called to her and grabbed her when she made no response, police said.They said the woman required no medical treatment. Police searched for the attacker, but they said he fled before they arrived.The attacker was described as black and male, with short dreadlocks, possibly braids, with some orange in them. He was about 6 feet tall and wore a black shirt, light gray zip up hoodie and dark gray sweatpants.He was driving an older pickup truck, possibly a 1990s or early 2000s model. vibrators

dog dildo The only thing this ring has going for it is it's bullets. The bullets have a wide variety of functions with decent vibrations. Otherwise this ring just is poorly designed, in my opinion.. The playwright's comic opportunism doesn't help. When Derek, speaking of the documentary, wonders whether it might get "nominated for an Oscar like 'Lord of the Rings'," he is plainly being painted as an idiot. And when the survivors band together to produce a series of "Milton's Got Talent" fund raising shows that we are roundly invited to mock, the play's more serious concerns are contaminated with a farcical off taste dog dildo.


My roommate got a really really horrible infection inside her


anger after chicago school district removes 'persepolis'

wholesale sex toys Amy, like the actress playing her, has Down syndrome. So did the woman, also named Amy, on which this character is based. She was Ms. Tongueprinting isn't the new fingerprinting. Planet Fitness doesn't have a new line of treadmills that are. Honda isn't launching a "sixth sense". wholesale sex toys

wholesale vibrators Mr. Netanyahu announced the deal to great fanfare on Monday, only to suspend it a few hours later. On Tuesday, he canceled it completely and defended his abrupt reversal, saying he was responding to an outcry from members of his conservative Likud party as well as partners in his governing coalition who routinely refer to the migrants as "infiltrators" and want all of them expelled.. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys I got sick just so that I could have sex, because I assumed that I had to choose between the two. I didn't know that other options existed because sexual dysfunction was more embarrassing than admitting that I needed help with my mood disorder. It was easy to walk into a doctor's office and say, "Hey. Adult Toys

dog dildo The way I see it, I do understand the Ministry's stand on this issue. Being from a country known for its diverse culture and races, it is important to make sure no special treatment is given to anyone and as school is an essential part of Singaporeans' lives and where they first pick up essential life lessons, certain boundaries have to be set in school. There are Muslim schools in Singapore but for some reason, these parents aren't satisfied with them. dog dildo

dildo It has about 20, 1 second bursts. My only complaint is that this does not come with a holster. I am not crazy about putting it in my pocket. Set the required revolutions per minute, RPMs, for the tool using the speed control wheel. Slot in the collet and retighten the bar to keep the tool secure. Clear off debris from the table and attach a vise to ensure that it is flat for accurate cuts. dildo

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dildo One such woman is Contributor 329. She is 26. "I thought it was conceptually the most exciting erotica I had seen and was immediately drawn to the idea of being a part of it. Yes, as a strong free speech advocate in an industry that regularly leanson the First Amendment, Nick Orlandino wants the Redskins to enjoy continued trademark protection. And yes, as a longtime NFL fan, he also thinks they should keep their name. But he would prefer they leave his Anal Fantasy line out of it.. dildo

gay sex toys To guide you further on your selection, here are some of the features you can consider when choosing for the best online dating service:some of your personal details will not be divulged to other members of a particular online dating service for security purposes. You may check their privacy terms for additional information about this feature. Messaging and chat service: this feature enables you to send instant messages to individuals of the same interests as yours without divulging your email address and other important personal details.. gay sex toys

horse dildo Edward Furlong, who played John in 2: Judgment Day, was reportedly not asked to reprise his role in T3 because of a substance abuse problem. Furlong stated "I don't know [what happened]. It just wasn't the time. People with mechanical expertise who know what they doing can easily make their own sex machines at home. The FetLife discussion group, and other sources, have instructions for safe, low powered DIY machines. Commercial products like the Fucksall and Drilldo are simple, modified power tools. horse dildo

wholesale vibrators The logo on the side of the handle is made of stainless steel alloy and has 'KEY' embossed in it. There is a slight line of demarcation where the glass meets the silicone. On mine it can not be lifted and does not separate easily. These stockings are cheap. They are worth way more than they are charging so consider yourself lucky. These babies really are one size fits most. wholesale vibrators

wholesale dildos For most people, however, sex doesn't last as long as those other activities, which means it burns fewer calories overall. In the aforementioned study, when sexual activity was compared to a 30 minute, moderately intense workout on a treadmill, the treadmill burned about three times more calories. But sexual activity did come out ahead in one measure: Nearly 100%of participants rated it as more enjoyable.. wholesale dildos

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Gov. Tom Wolf also recently signed a law to enable aCommercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C PACE) program,which is among the recommendations in the new solar report. It aimed at helping commercial property owners finance the costs of clean energy upgrades, like adding rooftop solar.

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Bude z Channinga Tatuma houmlesácký superhrdina?...

Channing Tatum se už hodně let snaží zahrát si v nějaké comicsovce, respektive pokouší se dostat na plátna x-menovského Gambita. Jenže má nejspíš utrum. Kolem projektu se motala spousta herců a režisérů, točit ho měli Gore Verbinski nebo Rupert Wyatt, jeho parťačku mohla hrát Lizzy Caplan nebo Lé...

Nintendo Switch w/ Gray Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Full Game Download) - Switch $299.99

Nintendo Switch w/ Gray Joy-Con + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Full Game Download) - Switch $299.99 with free shipping
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  • Esrb rating: everyone with comic Mischief


Kindle Oasis E-reader (Previous Generation - 9th) - Graphite, 7" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Waterproof, Built-In Audible, 32 GB, Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity (Closeout) $149.99

Kindle Oasis E-reader (Previous Generation - 9th) - Graphite, 7" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Waterproof, Built-In Audible, 32 GB, Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity (Closeout) $149.99 with free shipping
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Donald Trump’s B-Team

The incompetence and shamelessness the Republicans displayed during this week’s testimony makes a great case for expanding the scope of the inquiry to the cornucopia of other crimes this administration has openly committed. Read the comic on Patreon.

Polygons and Pixels Anthony Petrie Interview

One of TTDILA's favorite artists, Anthony Petrie, is back with a duo art show and it's about video games at Gallery 1988. Polygons and Pixels has Anthony teaming up with Dan Mumford another well-known from G1988'S catalog of artists. That's a great way to kick off the holiday season and some convenient gift buying for those who need to get something for the gamer in their lives.

We did not sit down with Anthony at DCon, but still managed to ask him some questions about his upcoming show.

Opening Reception Dec 6, 7pm
Gallery 1988
7308 Melrose Ave
TTDILA: Polygons and Pixels, a duo show, how'd it come about? How did the video game theme come down? Was Jensen (gallery owner) like, "I need video game, so do it now, now, now!”

Anthony Petrie: Basically yea. I had all but sworn off gallery shows, but I liked the focused theme as well the idea of teaming up with another person. Dan [Mumford] came up with the theme and video games are an area that I rarely explore, so I thought it would be good to hop a little outside my comfort zone.

Can you tell us what games your covering? Anything new like a Death Stranding piece or more older stuff? Are you playing new games? Current system?

Death Stranding is a little too new to have been in this one; I finished my posters about 2 months ago before the game was released. I stuck with some all-time favorites and a couple of classics. My rundown is:

Red Dead Redemption 2
The Last of Us
Gears of War
Super Mario Bros.
Legend of Zelda
Street Fighter II

What are some of your favorite video games and why? Will any be in the show?

There’s a few but the one that sticks out to me the most is Red Dead Redemption 2. I spent a lot of time with that game over the past year. After I completed it, there was an empty space where playing that game used to be. I did make a poster for it for the show, and I think it’s the best piece overall.

What piece took you the longest and why?

I like to have some over-the-top one-off pieces for my gallery shows, something that makes it worth showing up for, so I made an enormous stained-glass window for one of the classic games. I won’t spoil it before the show, but I spent about a month cutting tiny pieces of glass, soldering metal, and hand-making a frame. I may have lead poisoning from it now.

Last of Us Anthony Petrie
Will anything be like your amazing map work, the world of gaming is rife with what you could do there. 

I had considered it originally, but it felt too apropos in relation to the technical aspect of video games. The my central concept for [my part of] the show is adding elements of realism to video game imagery. Unexpected materials, textures, realistic rendering, etc. Bringing them to life.

From the only preview image I've seen so far it looks like you're gonna be doing some horror games. Your past work relating to horror films has been just hauntingly clever with a nice gore chaser. How does horror relate to you and your work?

My first love is horror, and though I don’t get to work on that genre a lot, I try to infuse it where I can. As for this show, I think the only horror title I chose was The Last of Us. That game is terrifying, and it really lends itself to realism in my art. There’s a lot of horror video games out there, but I feel like a lot of them skew really over-the-top or slightly campy.

Current Immortal Hulk comic

Follow-up question have you by chance been reading Immortal Hulk? It's very popular in comics right now as the direction has moved Hulk into a horror figure. Banner turns into Hulk at night and there's some good ol' fashion body horror. I'd love it if you could do an incentive/variant cover.

I have it downloaded in my Comixology app but I haven’t gotten to it yet! 

How was DCon? Why do you go to DCon.? We know we got to see work from artists like you and get cool stuff the will make friends jealous.

Metal Gear Solid Dan Mumford
DesignerCon was great this year. There were some growing pains last year, but it looks like the
trajectory for that show is rising quickly. There’s definitely a lot of high quality art and artists that show there, kind of like all of the best parts of comic conventions plus folks that you don’t normally get to see at the regular shows. I spend more money than I make there on all the cool stuff.

Any funny stories from DCon on any art show openings for yourself. Like a fan looks at you work and gets the wrong movie or reference? Any fond moments?

It’s usually the opposite. A fan will endlessly wax poetic on a property that I worked on, and I only watched it once for research. Case in point, at a recent signing I did in NYC for a Yu-Gi-Oh poster there were some pretty hardcore YGO fans there who wanted to talk about the characters they loved SO much, and I don’t really know what it even is aside from limited Googling. I was commissioned for a piece in that show, but somehow ended up being a part of Yu-Gi-Oh lore, which I know literally nothing about. 

I see you're Player 2 on the poster for the show; are you gonna challenge Dan Mumford to a video game at the event to becoming NUMBAH 1!?

I may stand a better chance arm-wrestling, but if I can get an arcade machine in there, I will do my best to establish dominance.

Check out Anthony's online print store here.


Thy Kingdom Come: Crisis on Infinite Earths


We gotta wait until December to see Alex Ross' live version of Kingdom Come taking place in the massive crossover for CW super hereo shows dubbed Crisis on Infinite Earths. Brandon Routh is playing Superman again, though a much worse for wear one and Kevin Conroy, the greatest voice actor for the caped crusader is playing Batman. If you've ever read the comic, hot d@mn, that captures them pretty well. Can't wait!

Things To Get: Kidrobot X Godzilla, Teen Titan Blu-Ray & More

Here's some cool stuff we saw floating around the net and no it's not at DCon...probably.

-Kidrobot X Godzilla 65th Anniversary Collection
We think we love the overpriced sweater the most.


-Teen Titans: The Complete Series Blu-ray Out Dec 3
Teen Titans: The Complete Series ran for five seasons (2003-2006), and all 65 episodes are contained in this 6-disc collection. The Special Features include:
  • "Finding Their Voices" (featurette)
  • “Comic Creations: From Comic Book to Cartoon” (featurette)
  • Puffy AmiYumi (featurette)
  • “Catching Up With ... Teen Titans” (featurette)
  • “Teen Titans: Know Your Foes” (featurette)
  • Teen Titans: Friends and Foes” (featurette)
  • Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo (feature film)
  • The Lost Episode (bonus episode)

    Man, they couldn't commission some cool new art work for the blu-ray cover? Whatever.

    -Lightsaber Cup $10 at Regal Chain Theaters
     I can't wait to be drinking one of these cups while watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood , because no one cares about the new Star Wars movie.


Ewolucja uniwersum DC. Batman v Superman Joker i drugie życie

Dawno, dawno temu, za górami za lasami był sobie dziwny twór imieniem DCEU. Co prawda istniał jedynie w głowach kilku warnerowskich oficjeli i rzeszy fanów komiksów ze stajni Detective Comics, ale zdążył narobić niezłego bałaganu w branży rozrywkowej. Wróćmy na chwilę do tych wspaniałych czasów, gdy naszą świadomością rządził blockbuster pod tytułem Batman v Superman: Świt sprawiedliwości.Królujący właśnie na ekranach kin udowadnia, jak wielki potencjał ma świat znany z kart komiksów Detective Comics. O zbawiennym wpływie filmu na kino napisano już praktycznie wszystko. Dodajmy jedynie, że to nowy początek dla stajni, która wreszcie ma szansę pokazać szerokiej publiczności wszystko...

Zobacz pełną treść wpisu w serwisie



引用元: 316: 以下、ジャンプまとめ速報がお送りします 加齢臭ワロタwww 320: 以下、ジャンプまとめ...



C'est bientôt Noël !
Retrouvez cinq récits illustrés par la superstar Gabriele Dell'Otto et scénarisés par les plus grands auteurs Marvel, dans un très grand format qui sublime les peintures du dessinateur italien. Au programme : Secret War avec les Avengers, X-Force : Sex & Violence avec Wolverine ou encore Family Business avec Spider-Man et le Caïd. (Contient les épisodes US Amazing Spider-Man Family Busine...




Nouvelle édition
Désormais en solo, Wolverine voyage jusqu'à Madripoor. Il y rencontre Joe Fixit (qui n'est autre que Hulk) et Dents-de-Sabre puis doit résoudre la mystérieuse affaire de la Pierre de Géhenne… Auteurs : Claremont, David, Buscema, Byrne
320 pages, 35,00 € Déjà disponible




Dernier tome d'Iron Man par Brian M. Bendis
Les héros sont à la recherche d'Iron Man. Riri Williams fait équipe avec Arno Stark, Toni Ho et Madison Jeffries pour retrouver la piste de Tony. Pendant ce temps, Fatalis voit sa destinée changer à jamais. (Contient les épisodes US Invincible Iron Man 598-600, publiés précédemment dans les softcovers MARVEL LEGACY : AVENGERS 4-5 et 7) Auteurs : Bendis, Caselli, Maleev
104 pages, 16,00 &e...




Iron Man doit se défendre alors que les attaques s'accumulent et qu'il risque de tout perdre. Happy Hogan est blessé, Tony kidnappé par le Fantôme Rouge tandis qu’un détective de New York cherche à inculper notre héros… (Contient les épisodes US Iron Man (1968) 82-93 et Annual 3, publiés précédemment dans les revues Strange 84-95 et 1 inédit) Auteurs : Wein, Conway, Tuska, Tri...




Les Poisons chassent les symbiotes à travers le multivers. Transporté dans un monde qu'il ne connaît pas, avec une troupe de super-héros vénomisés, Venom va lutter pour sa survie, celle de son espèce et de tout le multivers ! Retrouvez le récit complet et son prologue Edge of Venomverse. (Contient les épisodes US Edge of Venomverse 1-5, Venomverse 1-5 et Venomverse War Stories 1, publiés préc...


Best Cosplay at NYWC 2019

The National Youth Workers Convention is definitely a convention, rather than a conference. They each have their place, but they are different. For example, conventions have a lot more venders, it has a more relaxed feeling, and there is a lot more focus on networking. I have been to several video game and comic book … Continue reading Best Cosplay at NYWC 2019

Los Monólogos de Iñaqui Urrutia llegan a Sepúlveda


El próximo sábado 7 de diciembre a las 10 de la noche sepulvedanos y visitantes podrán disfrutar en el Teatro Bretón de Sepúlveda de uno de los monologuistas cómicos más reconocidos del panorama nacional, el popular humorista Iñaqui Urrutia.

            Conocido por sus monólogos en El Club de la Comedia, Paramount Comedy, Sopa de Gansos, entre otros… Iñaqui es colaborador habitual y especial de numerosos programas de televisión, ha sido presentador, ha participado en programas de radio como “Carrusel Deportivo”, “Protagonistas”, “El Pirata y su banda”, “Yu, no te pierdas nada”, y finalmente, en lo que a giras teatrales y trabajo encima de las tablas se refiere, podemos destacar las giras de “El Club de la Comedia”, y espectáculos propios y colaboraciones esporádicas en diversos montajes como “Maldito Naranjito”, “Comicazes”, “El bueno, el feo y el malo”…


Why Ana de Armas almost turned down the comic whodunit 'Knives Out'


Ana de Armas saw the 'Knives Out' role description of 'pretty Latina' and thought twice about auditioning. But then she read more of the mystery's script.


Ch.4, Pg.3: “David’s Blue Angel”


Ch.4, Pg.3: “David’s Blue Angel”

Happy Turkey Day! No pin-up but a full-on strip! Yeah! And… Here’s David!

Running The Numbers - The Podcast Report #54


Big Idea - Not looking at Podcast numbers IS not taking your Podcast seriously (Tweet This

In prepping for his presentation at Podcast Movement 2015, Paul Colligan has been thinking a lot about “running the numbers” on a Podcast and offers a few thoughts on why you should and why you just might not be running your Podcast numbers. 


The Book

The Patreon Experiment

Paul At Podcast Movement 2015 -

Comic book Girl 19 - 

Content Marketing Institute -


Top 10 comical moments in Rockies history


Nouveaux produits con?us par des professionnels en 2019 Chaussures pour garçon BOYS CLARKS DOODLES COMIC ZONE RIPTAPE SUMMER PUMPS PLIMSOLL CASUAL CANVAS SHOES Baskets décontractées pour garçon de 2 à 16 ans

Nouveaux produits con?us par des professionnels en 2019 Chaussures pour garçon BOYS CLARKS DOODLES COMIC ZONE RIPTAPE SUMMER PUMPS PLIMSOLL CASUAL CANVAS SHOES Baskets décontractées pour garçon de 2 à 16 ans

Caractéristiques de l'objet

État :
Neuf avec emballage: Objet neuf, jamais porté, vendu dans l'emballage d'origine (comme la boîte ou la pochette ... En savoir plussur l'état
Character: Boy
Features & Fastening: Hook & Loop Fasteners Style: Casual Trainers
Upper Material: Canvas Boot Type: Casual
Brand: Clarks


MyPublicInbox: Un proyecto para acercarte a perfiles públicos relevantes #MyPublicInbox

Cuando comenzamos a trabajar en la idea de MyPublicInbox lo veíamos como una forma de que una personas que deseara contactar con alguien que tuviera un perfil público para contarle una idea, ofrecerle un proyecto, querer contratarle, o solicitarle consejo profesional lo pudiera hacer de forma rápida y respetuosa. Desde el principio lo vimos como una forma de acortar la distancia entre las personas que quieren comunicarse y que culpa de los que no hacen un uso responsable de los canales de comunicación se había deteriorado.

Figura 1: MyPublicInbox: Un proyecto para acercarte a perfiles públicos relevantes

Cada vez que un perfil público se abre una cuenta en MyPublicInbox está abriendo una puerta hasta su buzón personal a todo aquel que necesite o quiera contactar con él. Una forma muy cómoda de poder tener acceso a personas relevantes, importantes, que admiras, que te pueden aconsejar o ayudar. Una forma, de tener disponible a alguien del nivel de estas personas cuando los necesitas. Y eso es, para los que hemos tenido que montar nuestro futuro profesional viniendo desde un barrio, o lanzar una StartUP solitos, una auténtica pasada
A día de hoy está funcionando muy bien, y cada día más perfiles públicos están en la plataforma. Hoy os he seleccionado 15 de los últimos que tienen buzón abierto a Internet en MyPublicInbox para que cualquiera pueda localizarlos fácilmente. Os he seleccionado solo quince, porque si no el post quedaba muy largo, pero podéis ver muchos más en la zona de Perfiles Relevantes, y en los posts que os dejo al final con las referencias.

Figura 3:Perfiles destacados en MyPublicInbox por categorías

La verdad es que no es fácil hablar de Rebeca Khamlichi si no conoces lo que hace, así que si la conoces, aquí está, y si no, léete esta entrevista que le hicieron en el El País el año pasado con motivo de la publicación de su libro "Las hijas de Antonio López".

Figura 4: Contacto de Rebeca Khamlichi

Periodista, amante del misterio, televisión, podcasts, cenas de asesinato. Si quieres una persona que organice un misterio en una cena y acaben todos muertos. Esa es Elena Merino. Conduce el podcasts de Elena en el País de los Horrores.

Figura 5: Contacto con Elena Merino

Si tienes una StartUP que quieres llevar a ScaleUP, o una empresa que necesita un empujón en comunicación para ser noticia. Si estás lanzando una carrera profesional y necesitas darte a conocer. Carolina Bonilla se ocupa de ello. De ayudar a que los profesionales independientes, las bandas de música, las startups y las pymes también sean noticia en los medios de comunicación.

Figura 6: Contactar con Carolina Bonilla

También está David Aldave, que está llenando de ruido armónico las salas de conciertos donde le dejan a él y a su grupo The Flamingos Bite, tocar los temas de rock que componen ellos mismos. Puedes escuchar su trabajo en Spotify y contratarlos directamente hablando con ellos.

Figura 7: Contactar con David Aldave cantante de "The Flamingos Bite"

Emprendedor, informático, hacker, dinamizador del cambio en la cultura de la empresa, mago, animador, presentador de eventos. No es fácil encontrar un mago que sepa programar. Sin duda el Mago More es un ejemplo de lo que es ser un profesional total para revolucionar una empresa. Su trabajo como dinamizador de grupos de trabajo, presentación de eventos, y agitador de compañías es diferencial. Y encima es divertido como él solo. Si tienes un evento, un programa de compañía que transmitir, o que empujar transformaciones tecnológicas en tu compañía debes contactar con el Mago More.

Figura 8: Contactar con el Mago More

La nueva hornada de divulgadores científicos, que son responsables de la educación a través del Big Brain ese que defiendo yo, tienen a Santi García Cremades entre ellos. Haciendo uso de las nuevas tecnologías, de las nuevas formas de comunicar, de los nuevos lenguajes para explicar conceptos, lleva la ciencia, las matemáticas hasta las pantallas de todo el mundo. Un ejemplo de cómo se educan las nuevas generaciones hoy en día.

Figura 9: Contactar con Santi García Cremades

Poco se puede decir de Ignacio Cirac sin dejarse mucho por contar. Un científico e investigador total de los pocos que tenemos en este país. Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain es un físico español reconocido por sus investigaciones en computación cuántica y óptica cuántica, enmarcadas en la teoría cuántica y en la física teórica. Desde 2001 es director de la División Teórica del Instituto Max-Planck de Óptica Cuántica en Garching, Alemania. Tiene siete reconocimientos como Doctor Honoris Causa, y ha sido galardonado con un sin fin de premios que puedes ver en su Wikipedia. Entre ellos, el Principe de Asturias de de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Y encima es una persona impresionate.

Figura 10: Contactar con Ignacio Cirac

Otra de los perfiles totales. Alvaro Benito, fue jugador del Real Madrid, y hoy en día sigue ligado al mundo del deporte. Entrenador de fútbol profesional de éxito, comentarista de partidos de fútbol de Primera División, Champions y periodista deportivo. Y encima, compositor de canciones, cantante y rockero que tiene en su haber haber lanzado uno de los grupos más populares de rock nacional: Pignoise. Es incansable en su creatividad.

Figura 11: Contactar con Álvaro Benito

No muchos actores pueden decir que han trabajado en una película que ha ganado un Oscar de Hollywood como lo hizo Todo sobre mi madre de Pedro Almodovar. Eloy Azorín sí puede. Actor internacional, mente inquieta y trabajador. Ahora puedes verle en la serie Apaches de Netflix, en el teatro representando - acaba de terminar temporada de 7 años en Madrid y está de gira -, o mil y una de sus giras. Nosotros le liamos para la campaña de Todos Somos Despistaos que presentamos en la Fundación Telefónica este viernes.

Figura 12: Contactar con Eloy Azorín

Entrenador,  conferenciante, consultor y manager de jugadores profesionales de tenis. Ese es Juanma Espacia. También es profesor de la Real Federación Española de Tenis y co-fundador de Sported (Sport & Education) junto con Feliciano López, que es una empresa dedicada a la gestión deportiva y a la formación de profesionales del deporte y los negocios que emplea el deporte como plataforma de aprendizaje, responsable de desarrollo de proyectos en el área de tenis.

Figura 13: Contactar con Juanma Esparcia

Marita Zafra es actriz, poeta y bailarina contemporánea profesional formada en el Real Conservatorio de Madrid. Comenzó como actriz en el Centro Dramático Nacional y de ahí paso a formar parte del reparto de la popular serie "Cuéntame". Actualmente da vida al personaje de Casilda, una criada tragicómica en la serie "Acacias 38" en RTVE.

Figura 14: Contactar con Marita Zafra

El siguiente perfil público seguramente sea más conocido para todos vosotros. Es el del gran Wardog, que es el BOFH ("Bastard Operator Form Hell") más conocido y querido (no por los usuarios) de nuestro país. Le convencí para que escribiera el libro de  "Wardog y el Mundo" en 0xWord, y ahora le he convencido para que se vuelva más accesible a través de MyPublicInbox.

Figura 15: Contactar con Wardog

Con más de 20 años estudiando el campo del envejecimiento Catalina Hoffmann es una de las más destacadas terapeutas especializadas en estimulación cognitiva. Se ha focalizado en estudiar el cerebro de los 40 a los 100 años y es creadora del Método Hoffmann. Emprendedora nata, fundadora de Vitalia centros de día, la primera red de franquicias de centros de día en España, Hoffmann world y la plataforma wellness siempre joven. Una emprendedora de pura cepa.

Figura 16: Contactar con Catalina Hoffmann

Debería haber estado en el artículo que dediqué a los Dibujantes y Artistas en MyPublicInbox, pero Mike Bonales se sacó el buzón después. Así que aquí lo traigo. Dibuja como los ángeles, y le liamos hace tiempo para participar en el cómic de "El fin de Cálico", pero su trabajo en el Conejo Frustrado es digna de conocer. Un artista único para que lo tengas a tiro de menaje en su buzón público.

Figura 17: Contactar con Mike Bonales

Y por último El País de los Horrores (Podcast). Es el buzón para que contactes con el equipo del podcast que dedica su emisión a tratar asesinatos, casos de misterios, leyendas, historia negra, etcétera. Si quieres contar una historia, conocer más detalles de algún hecho, o proponer un tema, puedes contactar con ellos por aquí.

Figura 18: Contactar con El País de los Horrores (Podcast)

Si quieres contactar con ellos, ya sabes que solo tienes que abrirte una cuenta en MyPublicInbox y contactar con ellos de forma respetuosa y valorando su tiempo en el proceso de comunicación. Y si quieres tener un buzón de MyPublicInbox, mira las opciones para tener un perfil público.

Saludos Malignos!

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È impossibile definire Watchmen come un comune prodotto di intrattenimento televisivo senza trascurarne gli elementi che lo rendono unico nel sempre più vasto firmamento delle serie TV e con il sesto episodio si è andati oltre i canoni proposti finora (come se questa serie avesse dei veri e propri canoni). "This Extraordinary Being" ci riporta indietro nel tempo sotto tutti i punti di vista, toccando con mano moltissime sfumature e tematiche in ogni singola scena e portando, udite udite, qualche risposta ai misteri della serie. Diretto da Stephen Williams (già regista del terzo episodio) e scritto da Damon Lindelof e Cord Jefferson (The Good Place), questo episodio vedrà Angela ripercorrere il passato di suo nonno Will Reeves, un viaggio che porterà rivelazioni importanti.

-Finzione televisiva: In un episodio della serie fittizia American Hero Story, due agenti di polizia stanno interrogando il vigilante Hooded Justice circa tutti i criminali arrestati dal suo gruppo, i New Minutemen, per poi fargli domande più personali, come il significato del cappio che porta intorno al collo, la sua relazione con Captain Metropolis, che è il vero motivo della sua presenza. Infatti i due agenti vogliono che Justice porti loro un filmato scomodo posseduto da Metropolis e poi gli chiedono di togliersi il cappuccio per permettergli di fare una foto al suo volto, minaccandolo che la pubblicheranno se non porterà il nastro, che Metropolis vorrebbe usare per ricattare J.Edgar Hoover (trattasi del famoso agente FBI, che ha un certo ruolo anche nel fumetto). Così Justice si toglie la maschera e uno degli agenti inizia a fotografarlo, ma a un tratto Justice li colpisce, fino ad ucciderli, per poi riflettere sul fatto che Metropolis lo abbia tradito con Hoover, una cosa che lo fa' arrabbiare.

-Promozione: Laurie entra nelle celle e notando uno degli agenti guardare American Hero Story, gli dice di spegnere il televisore. Un' altro agente le dice che Angela ha bisogno di assistenza medica, oppure rischia di andare in coma. Laurie resta sola con Angela e le chiede dove sia suo nonno, ma lei non risponde, essendo sotto gli effetti della Nostalgia. Laurie le spiega che questo farmaco non è altro che ricordi raccolti e messi in pillole, attraverso dei chip inseriti nel cervello del soggetto, un trattamento riservato per le persone anziane e per chi soffre di demenza, che però aveva limitato l'economia, visto che le persone cercavano di vivere lontano dalla realtà e moltissimi morirono per averne abusato. Così la Nostalgia divenne illegale, ma allo stesso tempo Lady Trieu detiene la compagnia che la produce. Angela cerca di lottare per restare sveglia e Laurie la avverte del pericolo che sta correndo, chiedendole di firmare per il rilascio al fine di operarla e rimuovere le pillole. Angela inizia a vedere un poliziotto che suona un tamburo, per poi svenire. Viene mostrato un ricordo remoto di Will, nello specifico il giorno della sua promozione ad agente di polizia nel 1938. Tutti gli agenti ricevono la medaglia dal comandante, ma Will la riceve invece dal suo collega nero, il tenente Battle, il quale gli dice di stare attento ai Ciclopi e gli stringe la mano. In seguito Will beve un drink con una giornalista di nome June, con cui parla del fatto che i poliziotti prendono di mira i neri e che lo hanno arruolato solo per farsi pubblicità. Lei è consapevole che lui è un uomo arrabbiato, come molti di loro, a causa del trauma avuto per la morte dei suoi genitori. Will le dice di non voler vivere nel passato e June afferma che è questo che lo rende arrabbiato.


-Il proprio dovere: Will passeggia nel cuore della notte, mentre sua madre suona il piano come sfondo ai suoi ricordi. Mentre cammina nota un uomo bianco, Fred, che lancia una bomba Molotov in un negozio ebreo. Così lo segue e lo affronta, e Fred gli dice che l'incendio lo ha causato un ratto. Will lo arresta e lo porta in centrale, dove Fred nega di aver appiccato l'incendio e chiede al sergente se deve credere a lui o a un poliziotto nero. All fine, dopo aver offeso Will, viene portato in cella.

-Tutta un'altra storia: Will va in un edicola, dove il giornalaio gli mostra il primo volume della collana Action Comics, incentrato su Superman, con cui Will si identifica decisamente, perchè anche lui è stato fatto scappare dalla sua famiglia dal suo pianeta natale, nella speranza di avere una vita migliore. A un tratto Fred si trova a passare e fa' un sorriso malizioso a Will. Così lui torna in centrale e scopre che Fred è stato rilasciato e in merito a questo il sergente lo avverte sui pericoli che potrebbe correre se insiste su questa faccenda. Mentre Will sta tornando a casa, due suoi colleghi gli offrono un passaggio con la macchina, invitandolo a bere una birra con loro. Will dice di no e i due ripartono con l'inquadratura che mostra due corpi legati con una corda sul retro del veicolo, una che scena riporta la mente di Will al massacro di Tulsa. A un tratto l'auto torna indietro e i due agenti picchiano Will per poi portarlo in un bosco, per impiccarlo. Una volta incappucciato e messo con la corda sull'albero, uno dei due la taglia, facendo cadere Will a terra, invitandolo a restare fuori da affari che non lo riguardano, per poi lasciarlo lì. Will osserva il cappuccio che gli hanno messo, con la corda ancora avvolta nel suo collo e si appresta a tornare a casa, quando nota una giovane coppia che viene aggredita da dei malviventi. Così fa dei fori sul cappuccio e lo indossa, per poi attaccare gli aggressori, salvando la coppia, che lo ringrazia prima di andare via.


-Fare giustizia: Il mattino seguente June, che sembra essere diventata la fidanzata di Will, gli legge un articolo di giornale dove si parla di un eroe mascherato che ha salvato una coppia, consapevole che si tratta di lui. Così lei gli domanda perchè mai ha deciso di mettere il cappuccio e la corda dei suoi aggressori, facendolo riflettere sul suo nuovo scopo come vigilante:

"J: Why'd you put it on? The hood. 


W: I already told you. The cops put it on... 


J: Yeah, but then you put it back on. Why? 


W: I don't know. 


J: What's the name of that picture? [...] The movie, the one you watched over and over when you were a boy. You used to tell me about it all the time. 


W: Oh. Trust in the Law. 


J: Trust in the Law, that's the one. Tell me how it ends. 


W: There's a sheriff on a horse. He's shooting at somebody riding after him. It's a man all in black, a man in a hood. And he's got a lasso, and he throws it at the sheriff. Pulls the sheriff right off his horse. And they're in front of the church now, and doors burst open and all the townsfolk come running out to see what's going on. The man in black tells them the sheriff's no good. Cattle thief. He's stealing from the town. And now they ask the man who he is. He throws his hood back, and it's Bass Reeves, the black marshal of Oklahoma. He shows his badge. The townsfolk cheer. 


J: They cheer for him, huh? 


W: Yeah. And they start shouting for him to string up the sheriff, but Bass Reeves won't have it. << There will be no mob justice today. Trust in the law. >>


J: What color were those townsfolk? 


W: White. 


J: Tell me, what happened to the Dreamland Theatre, where you watched that picture, over and over, while your mama played the piano? What'd the Klan and the fine white citizens of Tulsa do?


W: They burned it down. 


J: You ain't gonna get justice with a badge, Will Reeves. You gonna get it with that hood. And if you wanna stay a hero, townsfolk gonna need to think one of their own's under it. You sure you wanna do this? 


W: I'm sure."

Così indossa di nuovo il cappuccio e la corda, truccandosi di bianco intorno agli occhi e scopre che Fred fa' parte del gruppo dei Ciclopi, decidendo di inseguirlo fin dentro una drogheria, dove nel retro vi è uno dei loro covi. Will entra e affronta i membri del Klan e una volta sopraffatti, trova uno strano libro sul tema del mesmerismo, ma viene attaccato alle spalle. I due finiscono nel negozio, dove si trova Fred, il quale gli spara con un fucile. Alla fine Will si getta dalla finestra e la scena si blocca improvisamente.

-Ritorno alla realtà: Nel presente Laurie controlla Angela, ormai priva di sensi, e le dice che data la dose elevata di Nostalgia da lei assunta, le hanno dovuto somminstrare dell'adrenalina per risvegliarla e che suo marito Cal è venuto a leggerle una cosa al fine di riportarla indietro. Cal legge la storia di Angela e le ricorda che è nel 2019, chiedendole di svegliarsi e di tornare con lui a casa, ma lei sceglie di proseguire nel rivivere il passato di suo nonno.


-I nuovi Minutemen: In un altro ricordo Will e June stanno mangiando quando ricevono la visita di un uomo di nome Nelson Gardner. June chiede di restare ad ascoltare quello che lui vuole dire a Will e Nelson dice di essere venuto per conto di un vigilante di nome Captain Metropolis, il quale vorrebbe fermare un team di supereroi chiamato New Minutemen. Will gli domanda cosa abbia a che fare questo con lui e Nelson gli dice che nel gruppo serve uno come Hooded Justice, affermando che un poliziotto gli fornisce informazioni sui criminali a cui da' la caccia e che questo sia proprio Will. Proseguendo nel ragionamento June ritiene che Nelson sia in realtà Metropolis dato che entrambi hanno la stessa capigliatura e corporatura. Will gli chiede se conosce il gruppo dei Ciclopi e Nelson risponde che il Klan e i Ciclopi sono la stessa cosa e che è un lavoro adatto al suo team. June pensa che Justice non dovrebbe unirsi ai Minutemen, ma Nelson convince Will del fatto che lui potrà avere dei veri compagni, con scopi simili ai suoi, e se ne va lasciandogli il biglietto da visita. June dice a Will di rifiutare, ma alla fine lui accetta. In seguito Will e Nelson iniziano una relazione segreta, consapevoli l'uno dell'identità da vigilante dell'altro, col secondo che sembra ammirare Will come persona.

-Lavaggio del cervello: Will e June sono a letto e il primo ammette di aver bisogno di un team per fermare i Ciclopi e le ricorda quando l'ha trovata da neonata nel bosco dopo essere fuggito da Tulsa. June gli chiede di non farla più piangere e gli svela di essere incinta. Will si trucca e si mette il costume per presenziare a una conferenza stampa insieme agli altri Minutemen, dove lui interviene su un complotto segreto, che Metropolis dice essere ordito dal criminale Moloch (se osservate bene la scena, sullo sfondo si vedono, anche se leggermente sfocati, la prima Spettro di Seta, il Comico e Silhouette e altri personaggi del primo gruppo di vigilanti presenti nel fumetto) e Will torna nel camerino decisamente deluso. Il tempo passa e il figlio di Will e June, Marcus, cresce e inizia a notare suo padre mentre si trucca da Hooded Justice. Un giorno Will viene chiamato dai suoi colleghi in un cinema, dove c'è stata una specie di rissa. Will entra all'interno e vi trova una donna, di nome Lorna, che racconta a Will che durante la proiezione del film c'è stato uno strano sfarfallio e poi dice di non ricordare nulla, ma gli altri presenti le hanno detto che ha fatto del male a delle persone. Will capisce che i Ciclopi sono coinvolti nella faccenda, realizzando il perchè ci fosse un libro sul mesmerismo nel loro covo, e mentre esce dal cinema, nota dell'equipaggiamento per proiezioni che viene trasportato in un magazzino. Così Will chiama Nelson per informarlo delle sue scoperte, ma lui non lo prende seriamente, dicendo che il fatto che il Klan usi il controllo mentale è una sciocchezza e che queste cose non sono da Minutemen, invitando Will a discuterne di persona. Will attacca il telefono arrabbiato e incontra Fred, che scopre essere il proprietario del magazzino. Will gli spara un colpo in testa per poi entrare e uccidere i poliziotti e i membri del Klan che lavoravano al proiettore, dove veniva riprodotto un film in cui si incitava i neri ad attaccarsi a vicenda. Dopo aver strangolato l'ultimo di loro rimasto in vita, raduna i corpi e li brucia con la benzina, per poi uscire.


-Frattura: Tornato a casa col proiettore, Will vede suo figlio Marcus truccarsi come lui e lo sgrida, cercando di pulirlo. June accorre e prende il bambino con se, dicendo a Will che non potrà mai privarsi della sua maschera, perchè ha paura di ciò che ha diventato. Lei sperava che questo suo impegno lo avrebbe aiutato a combattere la sua rabbia interiore, ma invece l'ha solo alimentata, pertanto decide di andare a Tulsa con Marcus, dicendo a Will di stare lontano da loro.

-Le armi del nemico: In un altro ricordo Angela rivede Will anziano sulla sedia a rotelle, il quale tiene una corda in mano, mentre attende sul lato della strada. Viene riproposta la scena in cui la macchina di Judd viene fatta sbandare sulla strada e quando lui scende dall'auto, nota Will che gli punta una torcia in viso, per controllargli la mente al fine di farlo avvicinare a un albero. Facendolo tornare normale, Will si presenta a Judd come la giustizia e gli dice di sapere che ha una tunica del Klan nel suo armadio. Judd gli spiega che era di suo nonno e che Will non lo conosce, ma l'uomo fa' con la mano il segno dei Ciclopi, confermando di sapere come stanno le cose e con la luce, spinge Judd ad impiccarsi all'albero. Angela ripercorre tutti i ricordi velocemente e vede un anziana signora, presumibilmente sua nonna June che le dice che la riporterà a casa. Poi Angela si risveglia su un lettino con una flebo nel braccio, con Lady Trieu che la riaccoglie nella realtà, chiudendo l'episodio.



Ancora una volta Watchmen decide di mettere alla prova lo spettatore, in un episodio visivamente intenso e fondamentale, colmando anche dei gap che erano stati lasciati (forse volutamente) nel fumetto di Alan Moore. Il tema centrale è un viaggio nel passato, alla scoperta delle proprie radici ed è questo che Angela riesce a fare, a rischio della sua vita, attraverso le pillole di Nostalgia appartenute a suo nonno Will. Grazie a questo excursus si capisce come mai Will sia un personaggio così avvolto nel mistero, la cui storia sembrava essere terminata nel famigerato massacro di Tulsa, il tutto mostrato in sequenze interamente girate in bianco e nero, con un atmosfera nostalgica e una colonna sonora azzeccatissima per ogni scena (gli esempi migliori sono sicuramente "I Don't Want To Set The World on Fire" e "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)" degli Ink Spots, "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" nella versione di Eartha Kitt e su tutto, il brano tratto dalla colonna sonora della serie "Nostalgia Blues", composto da Trent Reznor e Atticus Ross). Attraverso le esperienze di Will, vediamo il suo lavoro come agente di polizia, emarginato e maltrattato perchè nero e la sua trasformazione in Hooded Justice, uno dei famosi vigilanti dei New Minutemen, e in merito a questo bisogna fare una precisazione; nel fumetto Hooded Justice viene mostrato solo in costume, e le uniche cose che si sanno sono la sua relazione con Captain Metropolis, presentata nell'episodio in chiave estremamente negativa e critica nei confronti di Nelson Gardner e di quello che rappresenta, e che nel 1955 scompare misteriosamente, facendo presumere che il Comico lo avesse ucciso. A quanto pare Lindelof ha pensato bene di basarsi su questa scarsità di informazioni per mettere in scena l'origin story che non avevamo previsto, ma che tutti, nel nostro piccolo, speravamo di vedere. Una storia di rabbia repressa, di traumi infantili, di una lotta condotta contro un sistema corrotto e che sceglie di non vedere le atrocità compiute al suo interno, quella condotta da Hooded Justice, il quale scopre che il Klan non si è fermato nella sua violenza di razza, ma che piuttosto la compie con metodi ancora più drastici e brutali di quanto si potesse immaginare. Il tutto ricollega, in una ringkomposition, alla morte di Judd Crawford, confermando che è stato proprio Will ad ucciderlo, ripagando il suo nemico di egual moneta, e alla presenza del Settimo Reggimento a Tulsa, facendo presumere che vogliano attuare un piano simile per sconvolgere la città. Insomma, ora che Angela ha compiuto quest'esperienza, fondamentale sia per lei che per noi spettatori, non ci resta che scoprire come userà le informazioni che ha appreso e se riuscirà a porre fine alle macchinazioni del Settimo, perchè tutto ha una fine, prima o poi.

Nel settimo episodio, dal titolo "An Almost Religious Awe", Angela dovrà sottoporsi a un trattamento non convenzionale da parte di Lady Trieu, Laurie insegue una possibile pista e Ozymandias dovrà difendersi per le sue azioni.

Ci vediamo con la recensione del prossimo episodio! Continuate a seguirci!

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Laz Jones - We Live in a Warehouse - Title Page


November 30, 2019:

Most of what will be here are mini stories about Laz's life at Mayfield Industries, and this is a story about how much he hates it.

In other news, I did start Winter's Light! You can read that on its own website:

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Laz Jones Introduction - Page 12


November 23, 2019:

This is the end of "The Great Laz Jones" part one! I'll get back to this story at a later date, but next up will be a SPECIAL guest comic, and after that I'll be running the next story called "We Live in a Warehouse". As a reminder, this series is going to be a collection of short slice of life comics. It gets these random events out of my head that have no place in the novel.

If you have questions, please view the FAQ page or Contact me. If you want to support my comic, website development, and novel efforts please consider supporting me on Patreon or through Ko-fi.

12/10/2019 - Breakfast at Doublegate

The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business and Membership Committee will hold a quarterly breakfast for, new, existing and prospective members of the Chamber. This event provides a platform for local business to network, share information, hear presentations and discover valuable resources in our community.

Comics Studies Reading Group, Fall 2019

After an interval this summer and a couple of postponements due to scheduling conflicts, the Comics Studies Reading Group started back up in November with a discussion of Diary of a Teenage Girl by Phoebe Gloeckner.Our conversation was pretty wide-ranging, but touched on issues of teenage sexuality, sexual abuse, diaries & confessional writing, the interplay between text... Read more »




バットマン オリジナル・ムービー』(1966)

バットマン オリジナル・ムービー









バットマン リターンズ』(1992)

バットマン リターンズ




バットマン フォーエヴァー』(1995)

バットマン フォーエヴァー









バットマン ビギンズ』(2005)

バットマン ビギンズ

『バットマン & ロビン Mr.フリーズの逆襲』の不評によりシリーズ第5弾の企画が中止されたものの、新たにクリストファー・ノーラン監督が起用され「ダークナイト・トリロジー」としてリブートが決まった。バットマンを演じるのは、『マシニスト』(2004)での役作りのための劇的な減量が話題を集めたクリスチャン・ベイル。










ダークナイト ライジング』(2012)

ダークナイト ライジング

クリストファー・ノーラン監督とクリスチャン・ベイルによる「ダークナイト トリロジー」完結編。シリーズ史上最高の製作費をかけ実現した迫真の映像表現で、3部作の壮大なフィナーレを飾った。



ダークナイト ライジング

バットマン vs スーパーマン ジャスティスの誕生』(2016)

バットマン vs スーパーマン ジャスティスの誕生

スーパーマンの活躍を描く『マン・オブ・スティール』(2013)にはじまるDCコミックスのクロスオーバー作品である「DCエクステンデッド・ユニバース」の第2弾として製作されたのが本作。監督は『ウォッチメン 』(2009)のザック・スナイダーが務め、スーパーマンとバットマンの2大ヒーローによる映画史上初の死闘が描かれる。



バットマン vs スーパーマン ジャスティスの誕生



『バットマン vs スーパーマン ジャスティスの誕生』の続編であり、DCエクステンデッド・ユニバースの作品としては第5弾にあたる作品。


『アイアンマン』(2008)にはじまり瞬く間に世界的人気を獲得した「マーベル・シネマティック・ユニバース」に対抗するように、DCコミックスも単発作品の枠を超え、スーパーヒーローたちが集結し強大な敵に挑む物語が遂に映像化。前作『バットマン vs スーパーマン ジャスティスの誕生』のザック・スナイダー監督が続投し、マーベル作品とはまた一味違う独特の高揚感を生み出した。



2021年6月には、最新作『The Batman(原題)』の米国公開が報じられており、期待が高まる。




Helden, Götter und Mutanten : die Stan Lee Anthologie

Helden, Götter und Mutanten : die Stan Lee Anthologie

Mediengruppe: Sachbuch
Verfasser: "Lee, Stan"

DER VATER DER MARVEL-HELDENStan Lee revolutionierte die Welt der Comics. Er erfand Figuren wie Spider-Man, die Avengers, Black Panther oder die X-Men und schenkte der Popkultur eine reichhaltige neue Mythologie. Während er die Welt seiner berühmten Charaktere mit Leben und Wundern füllte, wurde der Vater der Marvel-Superhelden selbst eine Ikone und ein Publikumsliebling. Dieser einmalige Band feiert das Leben und Werk von Stan Lee mit ausgewählten Geschichten über seine größten Helden sowie zahlreichen Artikeln, die Einblick in sein Leben, Schaffen und Vermächtnis geben. - 1953 MENACE 3 WERWOLF! - 1962 AMAZING ADULT FANTASY 11 WO GEISTER WANDELN - 1961 LIFE WITH MILLIE 10 TYPISCH TEENAGER! - 1961 FANTASTIC FOUR 1 DIE FANTASTISCHEN VIER! - 1962 AMAZING FANTASY 15 SPIDER-MAN! - 1963 X-MEN 1 X-MEN - 1964 AVENGERS 4 DIE WIEDERGEBURT DES... CAPTAIN AMERICA - 1967 THOR 141 DER ZORN VON REPLICUS - 1968 FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL 6 UND ES WERDE... LEBEN! - 1968 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL 5 DAS IST DER JACKP(L)OT! - 1968 DAREDEVIL 47 NIMM MEINE HAND, BRUDER! - 1969 SILVER SURFER 5 ... UND WER WIRD UM IHN TRAUERN? - 1971 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 96-98 ER IST WIEDER DA! DER KOBOLD! IM GRIFF VOM KOBOLD! DES SCHURKEN LETZTER SCHNAUFER! - 2006 STAN LEE MEETS SPIDER-MAN 1 STAN LEE TRIFFT SPIDER-MAN - 2014 MARVEL 75th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION CAPTAIN AMERICA VEREITELT DIE RACHE DES VERRÄTERS


Jim Curious : Streifzug durch den Dschungel

Jim Curious : Streifzug durch den Dschungel

Mediengruppe: Kinderbuch
Verfasser: "Picard, Matthias"

Endlich bricht Jim Curious auf in ein neues Abenteuer: Diesmal begibt er sich in die Tiefen des Dschungels. Eine Libelle führt ihn durch einen magischen Spiegel in einen dicht bewachsenen Urwald. In seinem antiquierten Taucheranzug bestaunt er riesige Bäume, knorrige Schlingpflanzen, eindrucksvolle Blüten und wilde Tiere, bis er schließlich in unbekannte, sumpfige Gewässer hinabtaucht... Matthias Picard erweckt in seinem einzigartigen 3-D-Abenteuer auf Papier den Dschungel zum Leben. Seite an Seite mit Jim Curious gibt es in dieser spektakulären Mischung aus 3-D-Comic und -Bilderbuch überall etwas zu entdecken. Für große wie für kleine AbenteurerInnen.


Sue and Kathryn 736


Some people just have no patience.

Sue and Kathryn 735


I’m sure they’re good boys.

Christmas Cuties


Price: $7.00


10 Designs in 3 sizes

180x180mm hoop
130x130mm hoop
 100x100mm hoop


новости пермь – 01.12.2019


На Украине оценили в 2,3 миллиона долларов ущерб, причиненный Россией кораблям, которые были задержаны в результате конфликта в Керченском проливе. Об этом сообщил заместитель постоянного представителя Украины при международных организация в Вене Игорь Лоссовский, передает “Укринформ”.

Лоссовский уточнил, что на кораблях полностью или частично снято вооружение, также отсутствует навигационное оборудование, средства связи, боеприпасы и другое имущество. Поэтому корабли нельзя использовать по назначению.

Член Совета Федерации Сергей Цеков заявил “Российской газете”, что названная предварительная сумма ущерба не может являться адекватной и превышает стоимость кораблей. Вице-спикер крымского парламента Владимир Бобков также заявил РИА “Новости”, что оценка ущерба, проведенная украинскими властями, ничего кроме иронии, не вызывает.

“Украина из морской державы превратилась в морского карлика, поэтому теперь свои проблемы перекладывает на чужие плечи”, – подчеркнул вице-спикер. Депутат Верховной рады от фракции “Оппозиционная платформа – За жизнь” Илья Кива сравнил вернувшиеся на Украину корабли с “консервными банками”. По мнению депутата, эти суда ничего особенного из себя не представляют.

“Нам отдали консервные банки, построенные на заводе Порошенко, которые простреливались даже учебными снарядами, не говоря уже о боевом оружии. Но нам их не вернули, а отдали за ненадобностью”, – сказал политик в эфире телеканала >NewsOne.

18 ноября Москва вернула Киеву корабли, задержанные почти год назад в Керченском проливе по обвинению в нарушении российской границы. После этого командующий ВМС Украины заявил, что Россия их “угробила”, так как там “сняли даже плафоны, розетки и унитазы”. Украинский президент Владимир Зеленский заявил, что попросит Россию вернуть пропавшее оборудование. После этого ФСБ опубликовала видеокадры состояния судов “Никополь” и “Бердянск” в момент их передачи украинской стороне, заявив, что передали их в нормальном состоянии.

Наши спонсоры на 1 декабря 2019 года:


Superman fehér pamut póló, New Era Marvel comics - XS méret, 152-164 - Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft

Superman póló elöl domborbnyomott mintával, az ujján hímzett New era logóval. 100% pamut, használt, de jó állapotban.
New Era Marvel comics - XS kb. 152-164 közötti méretnek felel meg. Mért hossz 67 cm, mellbőség 47 cm.  
Posta, foxpost megoldható, de az 1 Ft-ért megnyert termékeket kizárólag az otthoni címemen adom át.
Superman fehér pamut póló, New Era Marvel comics - XS méret, 152-164
Jelenlegi ára: 1 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-12-22 18:02

García Linera: "Los responsables del actual gobierno golpista tendrán que responder por sus actos" en Bolivia

García Linera: "Los responsables del actual gobierno golpista tendrán que responder por sus actos" en Bolivia
Álvaro García Linera
Zamora Jue, 28/11/2019 - 08:47
Actualidad RT

El exvicepresidente criticó que no hay ni una "sola causa judicial abierta para encontrar a los responsables de los 32 muertos".

El exvicepresidente de Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera, ahora exiliado en México, destacó que "los responsables del actual gobierno golpista", en referencia a la Administración de la autoproclamada mandataria, Jeanine Áñez, "tendrán que responder por sus actos".

"Ni una sola causa judicial abierta para encontrar a los responsables de 32 muertos", recordó García Linera en una entrevista al 'El Zoom', al aludir a los fallecidos en Bolivia desde que estalló el conflicto.

El Gobierno de facto ha sido señalado por la represión contra simpatizantes de Evo Morales —también exiliado en México—, que se oponen al golpe de Estado y piden el regreso del mandatario depuesto mediante masivas concentraciones y movilizaciones de calle.

García Linera ha afirmado que tanto Luis Fernando Camacho, el hombre que encabezó el golpe de Estado en Bolivia, como Carlos Mesa, el candidato de derecha que perdió en los comicios de octubre, y Jeanine Áñez, la autoproclamada presidenta interina, "se han manchado de sangre".

De Camacho, el exvicepresidente dijo que "tiene una lista, al igual que Pablo Escobar, el conocido narcotraficante que ensangrentó a Colombia, donde anota a las personas que hablan mal de él".

"Ellos son los responsables y, más pronto que tarde, en un mes, en un año, o en cinco años, van a tener que asumir su responsabilidad ante los tribunales nacionales e internacionales por asesinato, muerte y genocidio", subrayó.

Respecto, al anuncio por parte del operador Cotas de cesar la emisión de RT en Español en Bolivia, a partir del 2 de diciembre, García Linera se preguntó: "¿De qué tipo de régimen y libertad constitucional habla si se está impidiendo a un periodista que pueda informar lo que corresponde, lo que sea verdad?".

Respaldo militar

Asimismo, el exvicepresidente recordó que fue William Kalimán, el mismo militar que instó a Morales a renunciar, quien colocó a Áñez la banda presidencial durante su autoproclamación. "Su autoridad [la de Áñez] se basa en eso, en el respaldo de las Fuerzas Armadas y de la Policía", subrayó.

"Al día siguiente [de su autoproclamación] sacó a policías y militares para generar 32 muertos, más de 400 heridos a bala, más de 1200 detenidos. Una persecución de líderes sindicales y parlamentarios. Tanquetas en la plaza y tanquetas en las calles. Es un estado policial y militar el que ahora se impone", afirmó.

Nuevas elecciones

El pasado 23 de noviembre, ambas Cámaras de la Asamblea Legislativa Plurinacional (ALP) aprobaron por unanimidad el Proyecto de Ley de Régimen Excepcional y Transitorio para la realización de elecciones generales, que anula los resultados de los comicios del 20 de octubre, que dieron por ganador a Morales.

Tras sellar el Gobierno de facto Áñez un acuerdo legislativo con el Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS), la nueva normativa establece que "las y los ciudadanos que hubieran sido reelectos de forma continua, a un cargo electivo, durante los dos periodos constitucionales anteriores, no podrán postularse como candidatos al mismo cargo electivo", lo que significa que ni Morales, ni García Linera podrán presentarse en la nueva contienda electoral.

"Lo que ha hecho la Asamblea es fijar una convocatoria de elecciones lo más pronto posible para que se vaya este régimen golpista al que, por supuesto, solamente le da ahorita poder y fuerza el apoyo de la Policía y las Fuerzas Armadas y, seguramente, algún conglomerado de medios de comunicación", aseveró.

Además, el exfuncionario recordó que tanto Morales como él estuvieron dispuestos a ir unas nuevas elecciones. "Dijimos: que se convoquen, se organice un nuevo órgano electoral y Evo y Álvaro no van a ser candidatos. Lo dijimos el día 9 de noviembre. Han pasado casi 15 días: 32 muertos, 400 heridos y el resultado es el mismo", puntualizó.

Bajo su punto de vista, se deseaba llevar a cabo "una campaña de venganza e intimidación hacia las fuerzas populares". "Querían incluso a Evo muerto si fuera posible, mínimo Evo detenido. No lo lograron con Evo pero, lamentablemente, está su campaña de venganza y de agresión hacia los sectores populares, que ha dejado este saldo terrible y junto a ello una economía destrozada" argumentó.

Elecciones transparentes

En referencia a la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), que publicó un informe preliminar con supuestas "irregularidades" en los comicios del 20 de octubre, el exvicepresidente criticó la manera en que se realizó y aseguró que ellos nunca tuvieron "nada que esconder" y que su victoria fue "contundente".

Por otro lado, reprobó que hasta la fecha la organización no haya emitido un informe final de la auditoría hecha a los comicios del 20 de octubre.

"El informe final que tenían que entregar hace 15 días no aparece. ¿Qué estarán cocinando? ¿qué tipo de barbaridades estarán haciendo?", preguntó.

De cara a los nuevos comicios, dejó claro que "si va a estar la presencia de la OEA" y si sigue "la persecución a líderes y políticos", no podrán celebrarse en Bolivia "elecciones libres y transparentes".

"Nuestro objetivo es regresar"

El exvicepresidente explicó que junto a Morales han dedicado su vida en defender a los sectores humildes de Bolivia. "Lo vamos a seguir haciendo. Solamente matándonos van a detener nuestra decisión de regresar y estar junto a los trabajadores, campesinos, indígenas, obreros, vecinos, jóvenes y mujeres", enfatizó.

"Tarde o temprano vamos a estar en Bolivia. No sabemos cuándo, pero nuestro objetivo es nuevamente regresar a Bolivia y estar al lado del pueblo en esta lucha democrática", concluyó.



Feira Franca


Diversão e compras ao ar livre

feira franca2.jpg

                                                                                             ALBUFEIRAsempre (arquivo)


Para alegria dos mais pequenitos, que disporão de diversões a que não podem aceder no resto do ano, e utilidade das famílias, que sempre fazem umas compras mais em conta - começa esta sexta-feira à tarde a tradicional Feira Franca de Albufeira, que se prolongará até domingo.

Franca e fraca, em relação às congéneres algarvias.

Por vários motivos fraca, destacando-se entre eles o facto de ocorrer em final de época de feiras, sujeita a chuva e lama, por vezes intensas.

O Instituto do mar e da atmosfera até prevê para estes dias pluviosidade reduzida, embora em claro clima outonal. Convidando, por isso, a uma deslocaçãozinha até ao Parque Municipal de Feiras e Exposições, a funcionar em casa emprestada.


‘The Irishman’ Re-Review: Does Martin Scorsese’s Epic Feature Play Better on the Small Screen?


Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” debuted on Netflix on Thanksgiving Eve 2019, and #FilmTwitter was immediately in agreement: The movie was clearly designed to be seen at home (except it should really be seen on the big screen), the digital de-aging effects look much better on TV (except that now they’re more jarring) and it’s absolutely OK to pause the film and watch it in chapters (except that you are spitting on the filmmakers by doing so).

No one’s having this conversation about, say, how or whether to watch “Avengers Endgame” on Disney+, because of course Scorsese produced “The Irishman” with Netflix’s backing, and certainly kept in mind that an overwhelming majority of viewers would indeed be watching the film on their home theaters. (He did not, apparently, think anyone would watch it on a phone, and he wishes you wouldn’t.)

The “How to Watch ‘The Irishman'” debate is just the latest incarnation of an ongoing rhubarb among moviegoers. No doubt film nerds in the 1950s had passionate discussions about whether “House of Wax” should be watched flat and not in 3D. And Scorsese himself was, in the 1980s and ’90s, a passionate advocate that “letterboxing” movies — maintaining an anamorphic aspect ratio on the old square TVs — should be common practice for TV channels and VHS tapes and not just limited to laserdiscs.

Creating a cinematic work of art with one eye cocked at the home theater isn’t anything new, either. Back when “Titanic” first hit VHS in 1998 (in both the letterboxed and standard versions), articles would illustrate how director James Cameron intentionally framed shots so they would look good in their wider, big-screen iterations and with the sides chopped off for TV. Now that standard televisions are all rectangular, and that viewers have gotten accustomed to black bars at the top and bottom of the screen when they are necessary to maintain a film’s original look, it’s a moot conversation, but this was a hard-won victory. (The combatants have now moved on to the “motion smoothing” setting on most new TVs.)

And in discussing “The Irishman” on Netflix versus seeing it on the big screen, we have to keep in mind that any second look is going to make viewers notice previously missed details or appreciate script or performance aspects that might have slipped by on a first watch. In his book “Cult Movies 3,” Danny Peary notes that critics who were lukewarm on Scorsese’s “New York, New York” in 1977 came around to loving the film when it was reissued four years later. And while those critics cited the inclusion of the climactic “Happy Endings” number — which comes far too late in the movie to drastically alter anyone’s perception of it — Peary quite rightly points out that it was a second viewing, with different expectations, that changed their minds.

Having watched “The Irishman” once, projected (in a screening room at Netflix’s Los Angeles headquarters), I had a second viewing on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. With the luxury of it not being a work day, I could have powered through all three and a half hours at one go. It’s a little baffling to hear the same people who will happily binge four to six hours of a Netflix TV show gripe about the running time of this epic Netflix movie.

I did, however, take a lunch break, and I took advice from #FilmTwitter and paused the movie right after Al Pacino’s Jimmy Hoffa orders that the flags at Teamsters headquarters be flown at full mast following the death of JFK in 1963. It’s close to the middle, and it’s around where an intermission would probably have occurred had this movie been released in the era when intermissions were common. Can you pause more frequently? It’s not ideal, obviously, but bathroom breaks and dashes to the refrigerator have always been part of the home viewing experience. Just, you know, show some respect when you can.

My home screen is fairly average — about 44 inches — and for me, Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography didn’t suffer in the slightest. And while I never had a problem with the digital effects on the actors’ faces, my husband observed that said effects looked more seamless on a smaller screen. That certainly makes sense; the first time I ever saw an HD television, it was showing clips from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” and what had looked jarringly awkward in a movie theater (and in 3D, no less) appeared to be much more cohesive on the monitor.

I’m glad I put my phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode, since at any size, “The Irishman” is a movie that requires (and rewards) your full attention. But otherwise, this film absolutely holds up in either format. The second viewing allowed me to more fully appreciate the structure and snap of Steven Zaillian’s screenplay, as well as all the emotion, judgment and realization that Anna Paquin and Lucy Gallina pack into the character of Peggy, even without that much dialogue.

Should you see “The Irishman” on the big screen if it’s available near you? Absolutely. Will the artistry and impact be diminished if you watch the movie on Netflix instead? Not if you turn off your phone and your laptop and allow yourself to be transported by it.

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‘Shazam’ Mid-Credits Scene Explained


In the past couple years, Warner Bros has caved to the Marvel trend and begun including bonus scenes during and after the credits of a lot of its movies based on DC Comics. These things tend to exist to tease future movies in a franchise, and that’s exactly what DC is doing with them as Geoff Johns and co. try to rebuild the DC Extended Universe after the “Justice League” disaster. And the latest film in that filmic universe, “Shazam,” definitely has an eye toward the future of the DCEU.

That said, the mid-credits teaser on “Shazam” can be quite a head-scratcher if you don’t know what’s going on, because it gets a little bit obscure with the character it brings out for this extra scene. So let’s take a look at what exactly that bonus scene means.

(This is where the spoilers start for the mid-credits tease at the end of “Shazam.”)

The mid-credits scene catches us up with Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong), now in prison after being defeated by Shazam-powered Billy Batson and his foster siblings. He’s gone a little loopy, covering the walls of his cell with the symbols that played such a prominent role in the movie, and absolutely freaking out when his writing utensil breaks.

But we then hear a strange robotic voice wafting into the scene offering Sivana some reassurance that he still has a part to play. “The seven realms are about to be ours,” the voice says as the camera pans over to a weird looking little worm or caterpillar guy sitting on the window of his cell. The end.

That talking caterpillar was one of Shazam’s oldest archenemies — Mister Mind.

Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck, Mister Mind was introduced in 1943 in issue #26 of Fawcett Comics’ “Captain Marvel Adventures.” (Back then Shazam was called Captain Marvel, absolutely no relation to the Captain Marvel of Marvel Comics. Read more about that here.) And just like in the movie, he’s a superintelligent, evil-to-the-core, talking caterpillar.

In his original Fawcett Comics appearances, Mister Mind was a mutant worm from another planet whose powers include telepathy and the ability to spin nearly-indestructible silk cocoons at incredible speeds — which he uses to encase his enemies. Because he’s so tiny, he uses a machine called a “talk box” to communicate with larger beings — that was the thing hanging around his neck in the “Shazam” mid-credits scene — and he wears glasses because he’s nearsighted.

His main superpower is his incredible intelligence, which gives him superior strategic and organizing abilities and makes him a natural leader. Those abilities were front and center in his original appearances during a two-year storyline in “Captain Marvel Adventures” revolving around a group called The Monster Society of Evil.

See, being extremely evil, Mister Mind first came to earth basically to stir up trouble during World War II — really, he’s basically a Nazi from outer space — and to do so he assembled a team — the Monster Society — made up of Captain Marvel’s (AKA Shazam’s) wartime villains.

The Monster Society of Evil is notable as one of the earliest supervillain team-ups in the history of comics — and possibly the very first one made up of villains who were previously defeated by a comic book hero. It has had dozens of lineup changes over the years — more on that below — but the original membership included Captain Marvel enemies like Captain Nazi (a Nazi warrior created by Hitler), and yes, Dr. Sivana.

The society battled Captain Marvel over the next few years until they were finally defeated in 1945’s “Captain Marvel Adventures” #46. Mister Mind was arrested and put on trial, Captain Marvel/Shazam served as the prosecutor, and after it came out that MM had murdered hundreds of thousands of people, his own defense attorney quit. Mister Mind was subsequently executed via electric chair, and his body was stuffed and put into a museum. Damn, the 1940s were hardcore.

That was the end of Mister Mind during the original Fawcett Comics run of “Captain Marvel” titles. However, after DC Comics revived Shazam in the early 1970s, Mister Mind was brought back too, and since then he’s been a frequent thorn in Shazam’s side — and occasionally one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe.

As for that “Seven Realms” thing Mister Mind mentioned in the mid-credits scene? That’s a reference to a very recent concept from the comics called the Seven Magiclands.

Basically, the idea is that the Rock of Eternity — the lair Billy Batson and his family get to access when they’re powered up with Shazam abilities — is a nexus point linking together all the worlds where powerful magic thrives. These include “Earthlands,” the main Earth of the DC Universe, as well as some weirdly-named places like “Funlands,” “Darklands,” and “Wildlands” where, in current DC Continuity, Mister Mind is rumored to come from.

This is where all those doors that we saw earlier — you know, when the kids opened that one door and saw some alligators playing cards. “Shazam” was already setting up this Seven Realms idea, and this Mister Mind tease for the next movie tells us they’re planning to go full speed ahead into that whole madness. We can’t wait.


Crisis On Infinite Earths Gets First True Trailer

Crisis On Infinite Earths Smallville

The CW has been teasing Crisis On Infinite Earths, their epic crossover with the entire DC Comics lineup on their network, for some time now. Including little mini-trailers focusing on the five shows that’ll headline the crossover. But now, a first true trailer has come. The first trailer for Crisis on Infinite Earths shows just […]

The post Crisis On Infinite Earths Gets First True Trailer appeared first on Anime Superhero News.






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The Darkest Timeline


The Darkest Timeline


DC Comics kills Batman image because China insisted it was supporting the Hong Kong protests


The poster for "The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child" features Batman hurling a molotov cocktail in front of the words "The Future is Young," after DC Comics posted it to Instagram and Twitter, the image was copied into Chinese social media, where they sparked outrage among Chinese users who claimed that the subtext of the image was support for the Hong Kong protests.

After the outcry spread, DC deleted the image. DC is highly dependent on China for movie revenues (Aquaman grossed $292m in China, and Shazam grossed $43.8m). At the time of the Chinese social media outrage storm, DC parent company Time Warner/AT&T was promoting its upcoming film "Birds of Prey," which stars Cathy Yan, who is Chinese-American.

In the meantime, DC Comics’ Instagram has been flooded with criticism from people who support the Hong Kong protests or are angry that the company appears to have given in to Chinese political pressure.

“So now Batman loves money more than justice?” asked one commenter.

Another wrote: “Apparently China rules the world now. The future is young? No, the future is censorship.”

DC Comics Comes Under Fire for Deleting Batman Poster That Sparked Chinese Backlash [Rebecca Davis/Variety] Read the rest


2019 Noël Commercial Madness!

This post contains info and the link to purchase the 2019 Noël Commercial Madness. Here is the 2019 edition of the Noël Commercial Madness! This is the full version that contains 8 commercials with activities to make each commercial comprehensible such as readings, image sequence, graphic novels (comic strips), transcripts, matching, teacher notes, MovieTalks, lesson […]

Sacha Baron Cohen: «Se fosse esistito negli Anni 30, Facebook avrebbe permesso a Hitler di postare spot»

Il comico britannico, creatore di Borat e Ali G, punta il dito contro i giganti della Rete. Soprattutto contro Facebook. La risposta del social: «Odio e incitazione alla violenza sono vietati sulla nostra piattaforma»

Comment on First Look – “Action Comics #1018” and Beyond… by MattComics

Neither is a good fit for Superman or the Justice League IMO.

Comment on Casting Call for Roles in “Superman and Lois” TV Series (Updated) by MattComics

I think a show in the vein of Superman Rebirth/Reborn is probably what they are going for.

Comment on “Crisis” Cast React to Brandon Routh as Superman by MattComics

Agree. It’s always bugged the hell out of me that for all of Hollywood’s much vaunted advancements in effects over these many years they still used the “that only works in 2D” cop out when it comes to superhero costumes.

[Fri]Nicole and Derek - TBA (2 of ??)


TBA (2 of ??)


Marvel President Kevin Feige to Reveal More Details About Future of MCU, Deets Inside

The Marvel Cinematic Universe recently revealed a number of unnamed films lined up to release in 2022 and 2023. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will be speaking more about them at the Comic-Con Experience in Brazil.

The 20 Best Free Fonts for Comic Books & Cartoons


Comic fonts are a natural choice for comic books and cartoons. However, thanks to their bold design, they can also be used in any design project that requires an edgy...

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NuWho Reviews: The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver, The Name of the Doctor

The Crimson Horror


Madame Vastra and her crew are investigating strange deaths in which the victims' skin turns red. To their surprise, they discover that their eyes do indeed show the last thing they saw-and the last thing one of them saw was the Doctor.


Mrs. Gillyflower has a weird little cult thing going on, showing off her scarred daughter as proof that society is terrible (because Mr. Gillyflower abused the girl). Also, she's predicting the end of the world. Big deal, lady! The Earth has an apocalypse every week or so in this universe! Ada, the scarred, blind girl, has a pet, a monster chained up within the Sweetville mill. Jenny discovers that it is the Doctor, suffering from the Crimson Horror. Once he's restored via a super magic wizard chamber, he gives us some backstory. But not before kissing Jenny in gratitude, who doesn't swing that way and slaps him.

He and Clara joined the mill; the Crimson Horror was a way of preserving people for a post-apocalyptic YA novel. It didn't work on the Doctor, but Ada became attached to him. Now that he's free, they rescue Clara (confusing everyone, since last time they saw her she was dead), and Madame Vastra discovers what is causing the "Crimson Horror". Mrs. Gillyflower is harvesting venom from a red leech. She plans on spreading the poison over the world (via a steampunk rocket, because everyone loves steampunk rockets). Only her "perfect" people, preserved in houses, will survive.

Mr. Sweet of Sweetville is a red leech that has attached himself to Mrs. Gillyflower, because Doctor Who loves having bugs attached to people. The Doctor also reveals that Ada wasn't blinded by her abusive father; she was blinded by her mother's experiments on her. The crazy woman tries to take her daughter hostage, but Madame Vastra and Jenny already nicked the vat of poison, and Strax is an angry potato with a gun. He misses, but Mrs. Gillyflower falls to her death. Ada smashes the leech with her cane, as everyone except the Doctor would do.

Behold our villain. Tiny, and infinitely smooshable.

Clara returns home, only to find the kids she babysits have discovered pictures of her past selves. When Clara gets confused, and says she was in Yorkshire, not London...the game is up. They use this to blackmail her into letting them take a time travel trip. She didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition!

I loved the focus on the Paternoster gang in this episode. From what I understand, this was supposed to be testing the waters for a spin-off, but nothing came of it. Alas. Strax apparently gets sugar rushes from eating sherbet. He also obtains a GPS named Thomas Thomas. Those waifish street urchins were all the rage back then.

It was also straight up creepy: it's basically a Victorian temperance/morality campaign dropped into the middle of a penny dreadful, and it works so well. Mrs. Gillyflower is appropriately horrible, and Ada was a very engaging character.

Also, the Doctor remembers spending too much time trying to get a "gobby Australian" to Heath Row.

Look, the joke payoff finally made it!

Nightmare in Silver

Last time on Doctor Who, Clara's delightful charges were blackmailing her for eventually will have scattered herself throughout space and time. Children are jerks. So the Doctor takes them all to a famous theme park.


But it doesn't matter, because the theme park is under...military occupation. That's gotta be a fun assignment, right? Anyways, the Doctor uses his psychic paper to convince the captain that he is an ambassador from the emperor. They get a tour from the theme park operator, meet a dwarf named Porridge who sometimes teaches Charms, discover that the Cybermen were TOTALLY AND COMPLETE DEFEATED A THOUSAND YEARS AGO AND THESE CYBERMEN CANNOT BE ACTIVATED AT ALL, FOR REALZ YOU GUYZ

Oh, let's just cut to the chase. The Doctor finds Cybermites, which are kind of like tiny Cybermats, which are adorable. The Cybermen reactivate, because we all saw that coming a mile away, and the theme park operator Webley, along with the kids, are partially upgraded. Cybermen do only partial upgrades now? What a bunch of slackers. At least they've gotten an Iron Man aesthetic going on. They're Marvel fans! Good on them. The military is no help; they're actually on punishment duty, because they're basically the worst of the worst. Why are they even allowed in the military then...?

Apparently the Cybermen were defeated by blowing up an entire galaxy. Blowing things up is the go-to solution.

There's a reason he's nicknamed "John Nukem Sheridan".

The Doctor puts Clara in charge of the army and asks her to make sure they don't blow anything up.

I...have something to say about a later episode in which Clara is in a similar situation, but let's just wait till we get there, shall we?

The Doctor gets himself partially upgraded too. He is now Locutus of Borg the Cyberplanner, Mr. Clever. Yes, an upgraded Doctor still has his ego and sense of humor fully intact.


So the Doctor and Mr. Clever play a chess game, and yes everyone made Pixar chess game jokes. Luckily the Cybermen are still bizarrely vulnerable to gold. You'd think they would have fixed that by now?

Meanwhile, Clara takes away the bomb detonator, and the Cybermen kill the captain before she can use voice command. The army struggles, but unfortunately the Cybermen's foray into the Star Trek universe allowed them to have tea with the Borg, and now they're actually effective. Their collective consciousness allows them to upgrade and adapt very quickly. So the Doctor saves the straggling army by using his own ego against him. I bet you I can win in three moves! Mr. Clever promptly diverts his entire army to figuring out a chess game. This gives the Doctor enough time to activate a pulse which gets rid of Mr. Clever.

I love the power glove. It's so bad.

They fetch the TARDIS, and Porridge, who is actually the emperor, voice activates the bomb and teleports everyone away to his ship. He then proposes to Clara, who finds the idea of ruling a galaxy to be a bit overwhelming.

So this was awesome. We always wondered what would happen if the Doctor were ever upgraded, and here it is. With all the logic of the Cybermen he is...even more ridiculous than before. And I loved every minute of it.

The Name of the Doctor

We open on a very confusing montage of Claras. Clara on Gallifrey, redirecting the First Doctor to the TARDIS. Clara trying to chase down Bessie. (As we all would.) Seeing the Second Doctor on an adventure with the Eighth Doctor (a reference to the first Eight Doctor novel, in which he met his previous incarnations?) Clara watching the Seventh Doctor climb over a railing for literally no reason at all.

Meanwhile, Strax is hanging out in Glasgow, because he loves the Scottish. This makes complete sense. Madame Vastra arranges for a psychic meeting-everyone has to be unconscious for this, so Clara gets a letter covered in a soporific substance, which isn't creepy at all, Madame Vastra.


"Don't mind me, I'm just being better than all of you right now."

The point of this meeting? Something is trying to alter the Doctor's reality, and to stop it, he has to go to Trenzalore. Before they can get much further, Jenny remembers that she forgot to shut the front door...and is nearly killed by the Great Intelligence, and his HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THINGS HE CALLS WHISPERMEN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOG-SOTHOTH, GET BACK TO YER NEW ENGLAND PLOTS


Clara pulls herself out of the meeting, and finds that the Doctor is playing Blindman's Bluff with the kids. Except they left to see a movie, and he's been wandering the house blindfolded for a while. When Clara tells him what's going on, our poor 11 actually starts crying. See, Trenzalore is where his grave will be-he will die there in battle. It's also the grave for the TARDIS, and when they go there, the Doctor has to shut her off so they can land.

There, they find the future TARDIS, whose dimensional field is breaking down, and she has become enormous. She has actually merged with the ground, and her memories show up as gravestones. River, still in psychic connection with Clara, follows her and the Doctor into the tunnels under the fields.

There, at the entrance to the tomb, is the Great Intelligence, with the Paternoster gang held hostage by his Whispermen, WHO ARE STILL HORRIBLE MIGHT I REMIND YOU. He demands that the Doctor open the grave, which can only be done by saying his name. He refuses, but River does.

The Doctor's corpse is essentially his impact on the time-space continuum, which is really cool.

Everyone gets to become shiny in science fiction.

The Great Intelligence enters it and begins changing everything about the Doctor's life. Jenny disappears, since it was the Doctor who saved her; Strax reverts to being a typical Sontaran, and has to be killed by Vastra. The stars start going out. Is this like the stars being right? I'm not sure if Yog-Sothoth is even focusing on that right now.

That's when Clara realizes what her various incarnations mean. She has to enter the Doctor's timeline too, and fight the Great Intelligence every step of the way. She does so, and we get a call-back to the montage at the beginning.

Everything is restored. The Doctor reveals he was aware of River the whole time, and finally gets a chance to say goodbye properly. Then he jumps into his timeline after Clara to bring her back out.

And there they find another Doctor in amongst the ones we already know. He is in shadow, and the Doctor is terrified of him. But Clara already knows-this one isn't called the Doctor. He did something so horrible that he dropped that title...


I loved this for the explanation about Clara and the Great Intelligence, and for the introduction to the War Doctor. The Whispermen were incredibly creepy. No eyes! Too many sharp teeth! What is wrong with Steven Moffat? Everything, that is what. Also, the Great Intelligence name drops the Valeyard, just to tease the fans some more with the plot line that will never be.

"Sure is a nice series you have there Moffat. Be a shame if something...happened to it."

Also, Strax doesn't understand hair, so he assumes that River's hair just means that she has a very large head.

Strax is best Sontaran.

DC Comics kills Batman image because China insisted it was supporting the Hong Kong protests


The poster for "The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child" features Batman hurling a molotov cocktail in front of the words "The Future is Young," after DC Comics posted it to Instagram and Twitter, the image was copied into Chinese social media, where they sparked outrage among Chinese users who claimed that the subtext of the image was support for the Hong Kong protests.

After the outcry spread, DC deleted the image. DC is highly dependent on China for movie revenues (Aquaman grossed $292m in China, and Shazam grossed $43.8m). At the time of the Chinese social media outrage storm, DC parent company Time Warner/AT&T was promoting its upcoming film "Birds of Prey," which stars Cathy Yan, who is Chinese-American.

In the meantime, DC Comics’ Instagram has been flooded with criticism from people who support the Hong Kong protests or are angry that the company appears to have given in to Chinese political pressure.

“So now Batman loves money more than justice?” asked one commenter.

Another wrote: “Apparently China rules the world now. The future is young? No, the future is censorship.”

DC Comics Comes Under Fire for Deleting Batman Poster That Sparked Chinese Backlash [Rebecca Davis/Variety] Read the rest


Holiday Geek Gift Guide 2019: Comic Books and Graphic Novels


Holiday Comics Gift Guide 2019

2019 was an amazing year for comic books and graphic novels, as well as the franchises they spawned. Sequential art is a medium unlike any other and it appeals to a certain type of person. If you happen to be shopping for just such a person, then this list is sure to help you find the perfect gift this holiday season! There are so many choices to be had, though. We have Batman, John Wick, Hulk, Conan, Stranger Things, and even Lucifer from which to pick. Whatever your decision may be, just know that these were lovingly hand picked to be the best we found this past year. Sure, there are a few reissues, but many folks are discovering these titles for the first time anyway. Why should you not be the one to introduce your friends and relatives to some spectacular content?

So please dig into our Holiday Geek Gift Guide 2019: Comic Books and Graphic Novels below for our favorites from this year. We did all the hard work so you don't have to! [...]

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Comic-themed stamps to be issued


Hongkong Post will issue a set of special stamps themed on classic comic Old Master Q.


The comic series has been immensely popular with the Chinese community since the 1960s and has entertained generations in Hong Kong.


This is the first set of stamps themed on Old Master Q together with motifs imprinted on the gummed back of each stamp sheet as a special feature.


The set of eight $2 stamps features the comic’s characters with iconic spots and landmarks in the background that retain a local sense of humour.


The stamps and associated products will go on sale on December 5.


Stamp collectors can place additional orders online until December 4.


Click here for more information.


Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #158 - Hanging Out


Well, we originally were going to record one of our comic book "critique" shows but just weren't feeling it when we got on the mic.  So Billy Z and Steve decided to hang out for an hour and 15 and talk about a lot of topics. Our first exposure to comics. What would  the JLA and Avengers line ups look like if we were writing the books? What are we looking forward to in 2020? What cartoons from our youth have stood the test of time? What are our current cartoon favorites? The West Coast Avengers! The New Teen Titans! Infinity Inc. and the JSA! Battle of the Planets! Rick and Morty! Outer Darkness! White Trees! Event Leviathan! There is a lot in this one! (Steve even curses at one point!) As this episode is being released on Thanksgiving Eve, you might need something to play during your car ride or to distract you from your conspiracy theory spouting uncle or a soundtrack for your tryptophan crash! We might fit the bill just fine with this offbeat episode!


Comic Bakery

Comic Bakery



"Cassandra Darke" von Posy Simmonds

Bücher von Posy Simmonds sind anders als andere Comics oder Graphic Novels. Teilweise wirken sie eher wie eine illustrierte Erzählung, neben Textblöcken ein Panel. Dann gibt es aber auch Seiten nur mit Panels. wer Textlastigkeit scheut, der ist hier nicht gut bedient, versäumt aber eine intelligente Story mit einer Heldin, die so gar keine Heldin ist und schließlich doch zu einer wird. Es gibt schon einige Besprechungen: Mediathek Beitrag bis 22.11.2010: und ein Wortbeitrag:

UFOs, RUFOs, and UAPs

Since 1947 when the “flying saucer” craze first impacted public awareness in a significant way, many books and articles have been published, numerous radio and television specials have been produced, and much interpersonal discussion has been generated. Waves of sightings have occurred periodically. Almost everyone has been a party to these discussions at some point during their life. People are asked, “What is your opinion on flying saucers?” The first reports of these phenomena were popularly described as flying saucers after a famous 1947 sighting in Washington State. Historically, many unidentified phenomena throughout history were described as “saucer-like.”

What do we mean by saucer-like? This is only one description of UFOs. Their shape may be saucer or disc-like. But UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) is a term from a more modern perspective. The phenomena have appeared in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some hover; others maneuver at impossible speeds. They have also acquired a wide variety of explanations—inspection and/or invasions by extraterrestrial beings, intrusions from foreign military powers, or evidence of clandestine military research technology from our own military. Errant human perception, faulty description, or hallucination rate as possibilities. Personal opinions regarding UAPs vary widely. The spectrum of belief is wide, indeed.  

Some people do not believe in UFOs for a variety of reasons. Even residual UFOs (RUFOs—those UFOs left over after doubtful sightings are explained away) are subject to question by skeptics who are still in denial concerning these mysterious occurrences. Statistics concerning public belief in UFOs can be confusing. For example, 56% of Americans think UFOs are real. 60% of Americans think human activity or natural phenomena are responsible. About two-thirds of Americans believe the US government is hiding information from the public. Half of those believe alien spacecraft are responsible for the hiding.

In the US 16% of the population has “personally witnessed what they thought was a UFO. 84% have not. 20% of the population in the western US make this claim, while only 12% of easterners have claimed to witness an unidentified flying object. Regionality, therefore, is significant. UAPs seem to gravitate toward population or military centers. We offer a preliminary caveat to our discussion: Apparent surveillance by UFOs so far does not equate to “foreign” conquest. To date, our planetary societies have NOT been threatened or attacked.

An internet search reveals multiple articles on UFOs and their history. Many accounts of UFOs are credible, still unexplained, and occurring throughout human history. Since the modern flying saucer craze began in 1947, many more credible reports have occurred, sometimes in clusters. Among many famous figures who have offered their opinions have been Allen Hynek (1910-1986) and Jaques Vallée (b. 1939). Hynek became convinced of an IDH, an “interdimensional overlap” with our familiar dimensions. Vallée has spoken of “other dimensions beyond space/time.” Early UFO researchers were more convinced of the ETH, the extra-terrestrial hypothesis which proposed that visitors from other planets or locations beyond our solar system have discovered methods of traversing enormous distances from outside Planet Earth using advanced space travel technology. 

With passing time it now appears that the IDH (interdimensional hypothesis) holds more promise from a scientific perspective. Another term for the IDH is supernature, or the supernatural. In future posts we will address further IDH and supernatural hypotheses. In the past several years even government agencies have publicly admitted that RUFOs are real—a vastly more explicit admission than at any time in the past. Our blog will deal with these revelations in future posts.

There are multiple explanatory hypotheses for UAPs. There exists an abundance of opinion to match the hypotheses. Skeptics may insist that UFOs are manifestations of natural phenomena such as reflections, unusual temperature inversions, cloud formations, or even flocks of birds. A reasonable or logical explanation for an unusual UFO sighting commands support from a variety of interested  parties.

Let us conclude with two accounts from Northern New Jersey where I lived and worked for nearly fifty years. The first account is reported to provide comic relief from concern over the serious subject of UAPs. A famous hoax was perpetrated in 2009 in Morris County which fooled thousands of local residents and was reported widely on local and national television. The hoax was even reported on a program produced by History Channel—“UFO Hunters.”

Two young men assembled, ignited, and launched highway flares at night on fishing line attached to large helium balloons. On five occasions over several weeks in January and February 2009 they launched from five to nine red flares. The sightings, visible over a wide area, astonished people in Morris County and around the country. Many local and national mainstream media reported it. It has been described as “the biggest hoax ever covered by the mainstream media” by Reddit. “UFO Hunters” deleted their program soon after the hoaxers confessed and documented their activity in detail. Wikipedia has a lengthy article on the “Morristown UFO Hoax.” Curiously, the 2002 volume by Hugh Ross, Kenneth Samples, and Mark Clark—A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials described in some detail that “…less than 1% (of UFOs) have been shown to be hoaxes…..The most common type of UFO hoax is a prank balloon, which involves tying a flare or candle to a helium-filled balloon. On rare occasions elaborate hoaxes have been perpetrated, necessitating a more extensive investigation.” Did the hoaxers use the Ross book, published seven years before their prank, as a source for their ideas? We do not know.

The young men were fined $250 and sentenced to fifty hours of community service. They later noted “If a respected UFO investigator can easily be manipulated and dead wrong on one UFO case, is it possible he’s wrong on most (or all) of them?” The hoaxers passed off their prank as a “social experiment” but stated they would do it all over again. 

The other event took place in 1952 a few miles west of the Morristown during the height of a number of eastern US sightings, many around Washington, DC. I was a teenager who had digested many UFO reports. After dark I spotted a very bright light near the southeast horizon, barely moving. After observing the slowly ascending light it disappeared behind a row of trees. When it reappeared it was barely visible much higher in the sky moving very rapidly. At no time was any noise generated. My next door adult neighbor also reported seeing the phenomenon the next day, his description matching mine almost exactly. Had I observed a UFO? Perhaps. 

Dr. Hugh Ross states in his closing chapter that, “If one takes the extradimensional hypotheses to mean that entities could come into the universe from a spiritual realm, one can see a remarkable coincidence between science and Scripture.” We strongly recommend reading the Ross volume for its thoroughgoing treatment of the RUFO/UAP phenomenon from a sound Christian perspective. 





Thanks, Norman Rockwell


Norman Rockwell, ‘Freedom from Want,’ 1943 (Wikipedia)

Continue reading "Jules Feiffer's American Follies: Thanks, Norman Rockwell" at...


Un mar de primavera, en Dciembre.

Hay toda una evolución en los dibujos de la artista y diseñadora gráfica ハルミチヒロ ~ Harumi Chihiro aunque no en su temática, cuando no es claramente hentai, es ecchi generalmente de público adulto tanto masculino seinen, como femenino josei. Relatos cortos de caracter yuri también se le conocen por sus colaboraciones con magazines del género tales Yuri Hime Wildrose o Eclair - Anata ni Hibiku Yuri Anthology.

Algo que sí comprobamos es que sus dibujos más recientes son más maduros. Bastante más desenfadados sus doujinshi del círculo COA casi todos dedicados a la serie One Piece.

Todo un mar de primavera en pleno diciembre, estas obras, muchas de ellas muy subidas de tono, espero que os gusten:

キューティ・リップス ~ Kyūti Rippusu (2006): Cutie Lips es un desenfadado conjunto de relatos gráficos hentai en tono de comedia romántica. Editado por Takeshobo en su línea Vitaman en tomo único.

Género: Comedia, hentai, romance, seinen, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Soba-scans

Parte 01    Parte 02

恋をするのが仕事です。~ Koi o suru no ga Shigoto desu (2008): Divertida comedia romántica hentai igualmente publicada por Takeshobo en su línea Vitaman, en tres volúmenes.

Género: Comedia, hentai, romance, seien, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Solaris

Dos tortolitos, Hatsuhi Ryou y Sawamura Minori, finalmente consiguen ambos un trabajo en su propia empresa deseada. Sin embargo, rápidamente descubren que trabajan para compañías rivales. Y cada compañía prohíbe a sus empleados asociarse con los trabajadores de sus rivales. ¿Perderán sus trabajos o pueden mantener su relación en secreto?

Parte 01    Parte 02    Parte 03

Parte 04    Parte 05

かむかむバニラ! ~ Kamu Kamu Banira! (2010): Come come Vanilla! es un divertido manga seinen ecchi harem con tonos de comedia romántica y elementos sobrenaturales. Publicado por Aplix IP Holdings en su línea comic Meteor, por las editoras Flex Comix en su línea Flex Comix Next y SoftBank Creative en un total de tres volúmenes.

Género: Comedia, drama, ecchi, harem, romance, seinen, sobrenatural, vida académica, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Extras

La vida de Kaji Rikuo, un estudiante regular de secundaria, se ve repentinamente interrumpida por una linda chica con orejas de gato llamada Vanilla. Según Vanilla, ella fue creada a partir de diferentes mezclas de animales como una quimera por su maestro, Ibu Kiriko, quien aparentemente se la tiene jurada a Rikuo. Confundido en cuanto a por qué alguien querría vengarse de él, Rikuo se hace amigo de la desvergonzada y linda Vanilla. Sin embargo, Vanilla puede convertirse en un animal feroz capaz de herir a Rikuo a una simple orden de Kiriko.

ベルベット・キス ~ Berubettu Kisu (2010): Velvet Kiss es un drama hentai costumbrista publicado por Vitaman para Takeshobo co.,ltd. en 4 volúmenes.

Género: Drama, hentai, himedere, netorare, NTR, romance, seinen, vida cotidiana, tsundere.

Fansub: inglés, Soba-scans

Nitta Shin se encuentra cargado con una deuda repentina y aplastante. Su agente de préstamos le dice que puede escapar del pago si entabla compañía con una mujer en particular. Poco a poco se da cuenta de que este arreglo podría no ser tan fácil como alguna vez pensó.

Parte 01    Parte 02    Parte 03

Parte 04    Parte 05    parte 06

Parte 07    Parte 08

あまい声 ~ Amai Koe (2014): Breves relatos hentai de tipo costumbrista, con diferentes temáticas, publicado para Takeshobo por su línea Vitaman en tomo único.

Género: Comedia, drama, hentai, romance, seinen, vida académica, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: RAW japonesa.


夜をとめないで ~ Yoru o tomenaide (2014): manga josei recopilatorio de varios relatos gráficos de carácter normalmente romántico, no exento de algunos elementos psicológicos y sociales. 

Publicado por Hakusensha en Rakuen Le Paradise en tomo único.

Género: Drama, ecchi, josei, psicológico, romance, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Blue Flor&The End

スロースターター ~ Surō Sutātā (2016): Slow Starter entretenido y maduro manga seinen ecchi (casi rayando el H) y ciertos elementos psicológicos y sociales, poco desarrollado por desgracia por la editora Houbunsha en su línea Shuukan Manga Times, en tomo único.

Género: Drama, netorare, NTR, psicológico, romance, seinen, vida cotidiana.

fansub: inglés, YoManga 

Midori es un chico que está satisfecho con su esposa 2D, el anime y los juegos. Una noche de fiesta no deseada (fue forzado a ir) acaba cuidando de una chica, y manteniendo relaciones con ella. Inesperadamente, la pareja de la chica es otra chica. Con esto, ¿qué le va a pasar a Yamaura Midori?


女の子の勉強 ~ On'nanoko no benkyo (2007): Publicado por Ichijinsha en su magazine Comic Yuri Hime.

Género: Drama, romance, vida académica, yuri.

Fansub: inglés, Lililicious 

Mami es la típica estudiante adolescente con sus preocupaciones, los exámenes, y sobre todo su amiga Yumi, lo que más le preocupa es no poder estar nunca más al lado de ella...

仮初めの花 ~ Karihajime no hana (2013): Publicado para Hakusensha en el magazine Rakuen Le Paradise, aparece también en el recopilatorio Yoru o tomenaide.

Género: Drama, ecchi, josei, psicológico, romance, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Blue Flor

Saya se sometió a cirugía plástica por un motivo determinado por su pasado, a pesar de ser popular entre los hombres no está satisfecha consigo misma en algún modo.

Pass: @posta_N3W

Lo más completo que se puede sonseguir de momento de esta carismática mangaka japonesa, espero lo disfrutéis.


En el fondo son las relaciones con las personas lo que da sentido a la vida. Karl Wilhelm Von Humboldt


Un arte peculiar.

五十嵐藍 ~ Igarashi Ran: Crítica, cínica, cáustica y en cierto modo peculiar en su arte de líneas firmes y cuidadas.

La ironía a veces se pasea por sus viñetas ya en paneles, ya en páginas completas, donde a veces encontramos colores difusos, en los primeros compases de sus obras.

Temática muy variada, no exenta de cierta sensualidad soterrada, moe que intenta alejar al lector de esa vía precisamente mostrando un lado poco convencional y crítico.

En definitiva una artista que de no pasar desapercibida estaría entre las primeras, aunque seguro que sus fans no la dejan de lado, sobre todo sabiendo que sus doujinshi saldrán en los Comiket que sea necesario, siempre apoyada por su círculo こたう ~ Kotau. donde se la conoce como イガッツ ~ IGATZ.

鬼灯さん家のアネキ ~ Hoozuli-san chi no Aneki (2009): Divertido shounen yonkoma costumbrista donde la autora trata de forma jocosa el moe hermanastra mayor.

Editado en 4 volúmenes por Kadokawa Shoten en sus líneas 4-Koma Nano A y Young Ace.

Género: Comedia, drama, ecchi, romance, shounen, vida académica, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, 4chan, Akito, Animexis, StubbornOne, Type it Up Scanlations, Vexed Scans y kyonkundenwa

Gorou está enamorado de su hermanastra mayor, Haru. Desafortunadamente para Gorou, a Haru le encanta burlarse sádicamente de todas las formas posibles.

Parte 01    Parte 02

Parte 03    Parte 04

ローファイ・アフタースクール ~五十嵐藍短編集~ Rō Fai Afutā Sukūru (2012): LO-FI After School es un conjunto de ocho relatos gráficos cargados de simbolismo, shounen psicológico no exento de humor editado para Mag Garden en su línea Comic Blade n tomo único.

Género: Comedia, psicológico, romance, shounen, vida académica, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Shoujo Sense

ワールドゲイズ クリップス ~ Wārudo Geizu Kurippusu (2012): World Gaze Clips es un drama seinen de gran simbolismo y momentos filosóficos, compuesto de varias historias repartidas en cuatro volúmenes editados por Kadokawa Shoten en su línea Young Ace.

Género: Drama, seinen, vida académica, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Animexis, Extra Ordinary Scans y Shoujo Sense

Parte 01    Parte 02    Parte 03    Parte 04

Parte 05    Parte 06    Parte 07

鬼灯さん家のアネキ(+妹) ~ Hoozuki-san-ka no aneki (+ imōto) (2014): Continuación de la tira de paneles 4-koma anterior, shounen ecchi - casi rayando el H - costumbrista que hila más si cabe la madeja del moe de hermanas. Publicado en 8 volúmenes por Kadokawa Shoten en su línea young Ace.

Género: Comedia, ecchi, harem, romance, shounen, vida académica, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, Animexis, Heizz, Jaimini's Box y Oni-Scans

Esta vez, el enamoramiento de Gorou por su sádica hermanastra mayor Haru ha llegado al escenario donde las insinuaciones abiertamente sexuales se han convertido en parte de su vida cotidiana.

Los días "pacíficos" de la pareja habrían continuado si no fuera por la prima de Haru, Aoi-chan, y su forma de ser tipo hermana menor.

Parte 01    Parte 02    Parte 03

Parte 04    Parte 05


殺し屋赤頭巾 ~ Koroshiya Akazukin (2011): Publicado en Zero-Sum Ward para Ichijinsha.

Género: Comedia, josei.

Fansub: inglés, Omari's Sister 

El asesino de capucha roja Red Wolf se propone matar a la abuela.

白雪姫の秘密 ~ Shirayukihime no Himitsu (2011): Publicado por Ichijinsha.

Género: Comedia, josei.

Fansub: inglés, Rayns&Lele Scans

Red Wolf de repente recibe una solicitud para matar a Blancanieves. ¡Qué puñetas ... pero espera! ¡¿Quién es la verdadera Blancanieves ?! 

神様ごっこ ~ Kamisama Gokko (2013): Publicado para Mag Garden en su línea Comic Blade, sirve de colofón a LO-FI After School.

Género: Drama, shounen, vida cotidiana.

Fansub: inglés, The Zero Alliance 

Una chica vigila la ciudad en la que vive, creyendo que el mundo va a terminar. Pronto se le une un chico que no tiene a dónde ir, y vigilan juntos los "últimos días" del mundo. 

Pass: @posta_N3W

Otra buena autora a la que se presta poquísima atención a pesar de su extensa carrera.


Nada se sabe bien sino por medio de la experiencia. Sir Francis Bacon 



CambiScena Improvvisazione Teatrale presenta:
C'E' UNA VOLTA - Rassegna di Improvvisazione Teatrale 2019

inizio spettacolo ore 21:00 - 
TEATRO AI COLLI (Via Monte Lozzo, 16 – Padova)

della Compagnia Teatrale GIANTEATRO

Due strampalati conferenzieri conducono un convegno scientifico sull’amore davanti ad un pubblico di presunti esperti, cercando di avvalorare ognuno la sua tesi attraverso la messa in scena di spezzoni di film, pezzi teatrali, poesie e molto altro. Uno spettacolo prettamente comico e completamente improvvisato.
Con Andrea Mitri e Gila Manetti
Musiche dal vivo di Laura Ascione


12€ interi (riduzione di 2€ se prenoti QUI
10€ ridotto studenti universitari (riduzione di 2€ se prenoti QUI
6€ ridotto minori di 14 anni (compresi).
6€ ridotto soci CambiScena, Improteatro, Teatro a Molla, Rabbit Hole, Eiteam.
Omaggio disabili e accompagnatori, minori di 3 anni (se non occupano il posto).

Le prenotazioni si accettano solo online.
Sono valide solo le prenotazioni che riceveranno conferma.
Le prenotazioni online vanno effettuate entro le ore 24 del venerdì precedente al sabato di spettacolo. I biglietti prenotati vanno ritirati entro le ore 20:30 del sabato di spettacolo presso la biglietteria del Teatro ai Colli.
La sera stessa dello spettacolo presso la biglietteria del Teatro ai Colli. Apertura biglietteria il sabato alle ore 19:30.


Per molti "improvvisazione" è approssimazione e impreparazione. Per noi è ispirazione estemporanea,
un mondo di storie e personaggi creati dal nulla, un imprevedibile gioco delle parti che sorprende e risveglia
la voglia di inventare. I meccanismi dell’improvvisazione teatrale sono un ottimo metodo per imparare
a “giocare bene” sul palco come nella vita: l’ascolto, il divertimento, la spontaneità, il gruppo, il rischio,
l’attenzione, la fantasia... 
C'È UNA VOLTA - Rassegna di Improvvisazione Teatrale 2019
Ogni anno CambiScena chiama sul palco del Teatro ai Colli attori e improvvisatori da tutta Italia
e mette in scena, assieme al pubblico, la magia del teatro irripetibile.

La Rassegna con la direzione artistica della stessa Associazione Culturale CambiScena
è organizzata in collaborazione con TEATRO FUORI ROTTA
e con il patrocinio dell'associazione nazionale di improvvisazione teatrale IMPROTEATRO
e della U.I.L.T. - Unione Italiana Libero Teatro.


3490683830 - - -–


Neu im Comicforum: Mentions

Hallo zusammen, wie Ihr vielleicht schon bemerkt habt, haben wir eine neue Funktion im Comicforum integriert, nämlich sogenannte Mentions. *Mentions? Was ist das denn?* Wenn Ihr den Benutzernamen eines Benutzers in einem Beitrag erwähnt, bekommt dieser Benutzer eine Benachrichtigung. Eine solche Erwähnung wird auch "Mention" (englisch "to mention", "erwähnen") genannt. Mit einer Mention könnt Ihr einen anderen Benutzer auf Euren Beitrag aufmerksam machen, wenn Ihr denkt, dass der- oder diejenige den Beitrag lesen sollte. Wenn zum Beispiel jemand eine knifflige Frage zu Batman stellt, könntet Ihr einen unserer Batman-Spezialisten auf diese Art erwähnen. Der wird dann informiert und weiß vielleicht die Antwort. *Und wie genau geht das mit den Mentions?* Ihr schreibt einfach den Namen des gewünschten Benutzers mit einem @ am Anfang. Das kann dann zum Beispiel so aussehen: ---Zitat--- Ich glaube, Du meinst die Geschichte im Lustigen Taschenbuch Nummer XYZ, aber dazu kann @scribble bestimmt mehr sagen. ---Zitatende--- *Da steht auch was von "Thread Tags" oder "User Tags", was ist das?* Mentions, wie ich sie gerade beschrieben habe, beziehen sich auf den einzelnen Beitrag. Mittels Tagging könnt Ihr andere Benutzer auf Themen (Threads) aufmerksam machen. Dazu gibt es in jedem Thread oberhalb der Beiträge eine "User Tag List". Dort könnt Ihr Benutzer eintragen, die Ihr auf diesen Thread aufmerksam machen wollt. Wie bisher könnt Ihr zusätzlich für jeden Thread Stichworte eintragen. Diese Stichworte werden gelegentlich auch "Tags" genannt. Die haben aber mit dem User Tagging, von dem wir hier reden, nichts zu tun. Das sind zwei getrennte Funktionen. *Gibt es irgendwo eine Übersicht über meine Mentions und Tags?* In Euren Profil gibt es jetzt neben den bisher bekannten Bereichen einen Reiter "Mentions" und einen Reiter "Thread Tags". Dort findet Ihr eine Übersicht über die an Euch gerichteten Mentions bzw. Thread Tags. Zusätzlich gibt es einen weiteren neuen Reiter mit einer Übersicht, wo andere Benutzer Euch in ihren Beiträgen zitiert haben. Außerdem steht unter Eurem Avatar, zusätzlich zu den bekannten Angaben wie dem Registrierungsdatum und der Zahl der Beiträge, wie viele Mentions und Thread Tags Ihr geschickt bekommen habt. *Ich brauche diesen ganzen Kram nicht. Kann ich das für mein Benutzerkonto abschalten?* Die neuen Funktionen werden mit einem AddOn realisiert, von dem wir im Moment die Lite-Version installiert haben. In der Lite-Version kann man leider die verschiedenen Funktionen nur global, also für das gesamte Forum und für alle Benutzer, ein- oder ausschalten. Es gibt noch eine Pro-Version, bei der man zumindest einige Funktionen (allerdings auch nicht alle) pro Benutzerkonto ein- oder ausschalten kann. Diese Pro-Version ist allerdings kostenpflichtig. Und bevor wir dort investieren, möchten wir zunächst sehen wie die neuen Funktionen bei Euch ankommen. Vielleicht reicht für das Comicforum die Lite-Version aus, vielleicht werden wir die Pro-Version kaufen, vielleicht schalten wir die neuen Funktionen teilweise oder komplett wieder ab. Das hängt davon ab, wie Mentions und Co. sich in den nächsten Wochen bewähren. *Das ist ja alles auf Englisch?* Richtig, im Moment sind die neuen Funktionen noch nicht auf Deutsch lokalisiert, wie es so schön heißt. Das bringt das AddOn nicht mit (meines Wissens in keiner Version), daher müssten wir da selbst Hand anlegen. Und auch hier möchten wir zunächst sehen, wie die neuen Funktionen bei Euch ankommen. *Das heißt, ich erwähne und tagge jetzt bei meinen Beiträgen immer das halbe Comicforum, damit auch viele Leute meine Weisheiten lesen?* Bitte nicht. Sollte jemand mit den neuen Funktionen Schindluder treiben, behalten wir uns vor, die entsprechenden Benutzer zu sanktionieren. Das kann im Extremfall bis zum Rauswurf aus dem Comicforum gehen. Das handhaben wir genauso wie Benutzer, die beispielsweise über die PN-Funktion Spam versenden (hatten wir die Tage erst wieder). *Bleibt das jetzt so?* Wir bieten Euch mit Mentions, User Tagging und Co. neue Möglichkeiten an, im Comicforum miteinander zu kommunizieren und diskutieren. Ob wir die neuen Funktionen dauerhaft beibehalten und wenn ja in welcher Form genau, hängt davon ab, wie sie sich bei der Community des Comicforums (sprich, bei Euch ;) ) bewähren. Bis dann, scribble

James Wan Teases a Pic From ‘Malignant’

WanJames Wan took to Instagram to give us a peek at his upcoming film titled Malignant. When Malignant was first announced, we immediately assumed that this was going to be an adaptation of Wan and Michael Alan Nelson’s comic, The Malignant Man. But, since has since been said to have no relation to that comic […]

Gorillaz Documentary Hits Theaters This December

GorillazA deep-dive, three-year documentary is headed to theaters for one night only on December 16. The doc will explore a large portion of the Gorillaz’ career. The virtual band was a brainchild of comic book artist Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl) and Blur front man Damon Albarn. The result following their video for their hit song […]

Luigi's Mansion 3 - US

Thông tin game
Thể loại Action Adventure
Hệ máyNintendo Switch
Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases
Ngày phát hành31/10/2019
Nhà sản xuất & phát hànhNintendo


464 – A gentle concession


Hey Readers, Looks like Jessi made it just a bit on her own. Now we’ll get to see a rare occurrence of the wild Cheetah peen in it’s non aggressive, almost caring state. Not that he isn’t taking this opportunity[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

463 – Mysterious Reports


Hey All, 3rd week of Iron Potato’s roll out onto cnc, I hope you’re all enjoying it. if so please consider supporting us at it’s with your help that we can continue to bring you the strip.. Now on[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry...

DC Comics pacify angry Chinese after image of Batwoman mirrors Hong Kong protesters


American comic book publisher DC Comics has removed an image that was part of its promotion of Frank Miller and Rafael Grampá’s upcoming Batman title Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child after an angry backlash in China.

The image showed Batwoman throwing a molotov cocktail against a backdrop of pink lettering reading: “The future is young”.

After it was shared on DC’s social media, the image was slammed by Chinese Internet users, who claimed the image is a gesture of support for the protests in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has been rocked over the last couple of months by citizens protesting over a controversial extradition bill and expressing their unhappiness with how China is governing the island.

The bill, if enacted, would allow local authorities to detain and extradite people who are wanted in territories that Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements with, including mainland China and Taiwan.

The protests have turned violent in nature. The country's chief executive Carrie Lam has fully withdrawn the bill, but that has not stopped police and protesters from engaging in street battles almost every week as protesters want their four other demands, including independence, be met.

Upset Chinese Internet users point to the flaming bottle as mirroring the tactics used by predominantly young protesters in Hong Kong, Batman’s black outfit to the black clothes of the demonstrators, and the titular golden child to the colour yellow, which pro-democracy activists adopted for protests held in Hong Kong five years ago.

“The black clothes represent Hong Kong, the mask represents Hong Kong, the Molotov cocktail represents Hong Kong, what else here doesn’t represent Hong Kong???” wrote one reader on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Another Weibo user wrote: “Is Hong Kong really becoming Gotham City? But Hong Kong rioters are not Batman. Instead, they are the criminals of Gotham City.”


Or when I land and am first engaging an enemy


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dog dildo The samples were collected between 2012 and 2013. In Wayne County, Sloto examined 34 private water wells and found 65 percent had some level of detectable methane. Ten percent of the wells had relatively elevated levels of methane. Being someone who doesn't live alone dildos, I can confirm that without loud music to drown out the noise, everyone in the house is going to know what you're up to. Maybe even the neighbors too. Okay, it's not that loud dildos, but it feels that way to me.. dog dildo

dildo The reality is that slavery was a huge part of mainstream life in the South. In some states, slave ownership by household was close to 50%. Imagine living in a neighborhood in which every other house enslaved at least one person, and everyone on the block directly benefitted from slave labor. dildo

vibrators This isn overweight. Being that heavy over the long term will adversely affect someone quality of life significantly. Many physical activities become out of the question. 2 points submitted 8 months agoIt literally the worst year of my life, I not exaggerating. I strangely, feeling very peaceful about it. I feel. vibrators

Adult Toys Then you would also need to know what it taste like. Sadly I did not find out for you, and the taste will remain a mystery until you get your Bella Il Fiore St. Tropaz Roller eye shadow set and find out yourself.. I don own one, however, I am as interested in these products as you are Toy GuyI think the draw from this toy is that it can "Fuck you" or your partner in a realistic of sort way hands free, instead of the other way around. This could leave your hands or your partners hands to do and explore other areas. As you mentioned, it is much more affordable and discreet than getting a full fledged penetration machine. Adult Toys

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wholesale dildos There really isn't any treatment for being mentally health though. The other reason I'm scared of her saying that there's nothing wrong is that I don't want to feel stupid, or like I was appropriating mental illness because I was feeling a bit down. I really just don't want to feel like I'm stupid because I can't even tell if I'm mentally healthy.. wholesale dildos

animal dildo He allows them to safely decide on something that was right for them. The legal system still pushed, raiding his offices and charging him with illegal abortions, but he continued on. Today, abortions are legal, and Mr. Now for the downer dildos, but a fixable downer. The G string. It is just plain, well, terrible. animal dildo

dildo She was talking to him constantly, every minute she did no see him she talked to him. Which left me NO time to talk to mine, cuz she was talking to hers. She then mentioned to me that he would be staying almost every night in our room. They have one of the worst defenses ever, and they have the worst rim protection in the NBA. This is just the game THJ could go off in, and it his birthday. I feel like the x factor is going to be stopping Jordan Clarkson. dildo

wholesale vibrators Gosh all fishhooks! Fire up your flivvers and tea carts, birds, because Drawn Quarterly is at it again. The publisher continues its release of Gasoline Alley comics compilations with Walt Before Skeezix, a collection of some of creator Frank King's very first strips. Gasoline Alley later became known for its long running stories and minute eye for domestic life. wholesale vibrators

The work out plan for the PC muscles is known as Kegel exercises.P Spot and G Spot:Both the P Spot and the G Spot refer to the locations where we can actually stimulate the tissue around the glands which produce ejaculatory fluid in men and women. Many people use these terms in reference to the prostate and paraurethral glands themselves; this is technically incorrect but widely accepted.The prostate is the most ignored source of sexual pleasure in men and what a shame this is because the sensations created by the P Spot are potentially mind blowing and very different from penile pleasure. This walnut sized gland is found in men only; in women it is referred to as the Skene's or paraurethral gland located in the urethral sponge.

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Upon opening the Jack Rabbit's packaging, you will find there are no included instructions or storage case. The box is very simple with no frills or added booklets. This did bother me as I like to have detailed instructions regarding charging etc. Sex and sexuality are "normal" in that they are, in all their diversity, as well as in their absence, one common part of most people's lives, and one common part of who nearly all of us are. But we can never say any one given thing is normal or abnormal because to do so would also be to say that there is one kind of sexuality or sex life, one kind of sexual experience or desire, which is "approximately average" for all people. That's something any of us who have worked in sex for a while, and who considers all the information we take in about it with as little bias and projection as possible, knows just isn't true or real..

animal dildo My SO lost his mother to brain cancer when he was 21 and I watched how it was very very hard on him at the time and for a while after. We actually first became very close friends over him needing someone to talk to about it and feeling VERY alone and depressed. I was at a complete loss as to how to help him because I still have both parents but I just tried to just listen and offer love and support and let him feel whatever he needed to feel and he said it helped just to have someone to talk to about it all. animal dildo

dog dildo I just started on the pill, for the second time. It's 30 micrograms of estradiol rather than 20 like alesse. It's now day 9 after i started it, and i seem to be having the same problem.. Incensed at the silliness of that, I looked online for feminist criticism of science, and discovered that most of it is very reasonable, and not at all like the stupidity quoted in the Dawkins book. Most of it doesn't question the existence of objective reality or scientific logic, it just points out very reasonably that everyone brings biases into their work, and understanding the inherent biases of traditionally male dominated science can help us find a truer, more objective picture of the world. Johnson. dog dildo

wholesale sex toys Be clear about the role they will play. Frequently external relationships are fostered to satisfy areas where there is an unfulfilled niche. It is this way with us. Mistress Marg was different. She was kind, understanding, interested in what I had to say. And she really was a woman. wholesale sex toys

vibrators Admittedly, a day trip to the state capitol isn't the same as 23 days following a rural doctor, but it was still pretty fun. The challenge of course is to try and tell a story that provides enough interest as well as a specific point of view. I asked Dr. vibrators

sex toys Married: Ed and Tatiana Lozansky in Moscow Thursday for the third time. Ed came to the United States, Tatiana stayed in the Soviet Union, and the two were symbolically "remarried" in a 1982 Capitol Hill ceremony with Sen. Bob Dole and Rep. In bringing this youthful dynamism to the screen, Davies and Birtwistle had some invaluable collaborators. Simon Langton, the series director, keeps the action flowing so elegantly that it astonishing, in retrospect, that he wasn snapped up by Hollywood. Carl Davis sprightly theme music whisks the listener along like a leaf in a breeze, immediately assuring us that Pride and Prejudice won be dusty and educational: it will be fun. sex toys

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"There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. When she was good, she was very good indeed, but when she was bad she was horrid." A vibe should not leave you with children's rhymes stuck in your head after each use. The Dolphin Duo is a great concept dildos, but could use a good redesign to iron out numerous kinks.

sex toys At the same time though I think it really is important to know that feeling like all of this is too painful or raw or stressful to weigh in on? That that's ok. We get to choose to opt out of those conversations, and that doesn't make us bad people or apologists or whatever else. It means we know our own limits and there's nothing shameful about that.. sex toys

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Adult Toys Wrong., and if schools taught abstinence more often, they wouldn't be necessary. Thankfully, despite the conservativeness of my city, there was really a much smaller outcry than I anticipated, and once the hoo ha had died down, a few letters congratulating me on tackling tough issues with sensitivity also showed up, and that meant more to me than anything. As far as I know, that particular group left soon after my article, and didn't come back. Adult Toys

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sex toys I eat whatever I want and I am halfway into my second season of ballet. My life has been extra hard and unrewarding for a very long time now, but even so, I find reasons to want to be healthy. I figure, I may be poor, I may be in pain, I may not be happy with how I look, things in life may not be the way I want them to be, BUT, I have an awesome boyfriend, an amazing dad dildos, I graduated college, and I have 3 adorable doggies that I love being with, and oh yeah, I actually made the ballet thing happen! You have to find those things in your life that make you want to get better too. sex toys

animal dildo The wrist strap is very short, which makes it easier to control, especially during solo use. The user can lay on his/her back with the wrist strap around the wrist, holding the handle. From this position, it is very easy to control. My daughter (age 3) knows and says that I work for "Bitch Magazine." I hesitated about telling her the name, but after hearing her say too many times that she was going to work with her dad at the hospital, I decided she needed to know more about what I do. One day she proudly wore a "Bitch" sticker on shirt when we went out to dinner, but I decided against letting her wear a "Bitch" pin to school. She's never asked what the word means, but it's only a matter of time. animal dildo

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animal dildo It not relaxing like watching TV. It hard work. Would you be willing to change the kind of sex we have so it less of a stressful and difficult performance for me? I like it to be more natural and not feel like I have to act like a pornstar in order for you to be satisfied.". animal dildo

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g spot vibrator The question is why are we leaving now. A man with a lifetime of service to his country (Mattis) including Joint Forces Command and Central Command saw it not as a carefully considered decision taken after gathering contrasting opinions of analysts and soldiers who spent their lives studying these matters, so much as an ill considered temper tantrum. Mattis was so appalled by Trump's decision making that he resigned immediately with a scorching letter explaining the importance of alliances and the messages we send to enemies with our decisions. g spot vibrator

wholesale sex toys That why I had to look for partners who are mature and confident enough to understand it and be there for me. I don have the time, patience, or strength to date anyone who can give me what I need. I was single from my late twenties to my late thirties, just when everyone else was settling down. wholesale sex toys

g spot vibrator Yet hardly any snow ultimately fell. That's why The Weather Channel has zero credibility. Understandably, the discrepancy led to confusion. In addition, oral sex is trickier with women they tend to teeth scrape. Men with extremely thick penises tend to be very wary of oral sex and tend to be attracted to women who have had experience. (They also tend to be experienced at giving oral sex they're aware of the fact many women like reciprocation in that area.). g spot vibrator

dildos His mom defended him because some "fans" are too fickle. Yesterday they were praising him because of his class and poise to stay and finish his degree regardless of playing time, Today they throw him in the stocks because they believe is somehow turned into this whiny kid who worried about playing time. Jalen Hurts has always been a good person dildos, great teammate, and a remarkable football player. dildos

sex toys The Pure Wand is made of stainless steel, which allows it to be completely smooth, and after searching and feeling over the toy I was unable to find a single imperfection. Anyone who has ever used a glass toy will know exactly what I am talking about, except there is something about the metal that almost seems to out do glass. That being said, it is the one attribute of the Pure Wand that my girlfriend was completely enamored with, the feel of the toy as it was inserted and removed and how smooth it felt inside her. sex toys

My partner and I are having beginning conversations about using harnesses and strap ons as part of our sex life. Any information orMy partner and I are having be