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Field Trips Through Use of Virtual Reality

Eastern Suffolk BOCES technology integration specialist Nikki Fink visited fourth-and fifth-grade students at Frank P. Long Intermediate School, taking them on virtual reality field trips through the use of Google Expedition Virtual Reality. Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability Marlon Small explained that the district is exploring the possibility of integrating Google Expedition technology into classrooms in the near future. The technology, which looks like the old-fashioned View Master, is equipped with applications which transport students into various three-dimensional worlds. Use of this technology is paralleled with specific curriculum, such as the study of outer space, animal adaptations and the human respiratory system. “The students are more engaged when they use virtual reality, helping them to recall more information,” Ms. Fink said. “The information is more tangible to the student.” Fourth-grade students visited outer space, where they identified all of the planets and various asteroids. The 360-degree view allowed the students to study identifying factors of each planet and some of their moons, as well as to gain perspective of the planets’ positions to the Sun and Earth. In Camilla Ciervo’s fifth-grade classroom, students gained perspective of the respiratory system using the technology to identify features of the mouth, nose and lungs. The technology even revealed what smoker’s lung looked like.

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3 Theories for What Revelation's 'Wormwood' Judgment Could Really Be


Many Christians—and even churches—avoid studying the book of Revelation, often believing it to be too confusing, inapplicable or metaphorical. However, the individual who avoids this book unknowingly shortchanges themselves: Readers are told in the first few verses that those who read and truly hear this revelation will be blessed. Furthermore, believers are challenged in 1 Thessalonians 5 not to be found ignorant regarding these end-times events because we do not belong to the night or in darkness. Today, we will try to dissect one of the most mysterious judgments in Revelation: Wormwood.

In the final book of the Bible, the apostle John is well into a lengthy, colorful description of coming events. Elderly and exiled, John is an eyewitness as a series of seven seals on a vellum scroll are peeled back, one by one. Only the Lamb of God who was slain was deemed worthy to open these seals from what is obviously a very important document. Seal one through six have already been opened with dramatic and effective results. Revelation 8 starts by telling of a period of time—one half-hour—when heaven will be completely silent after the breaking of the seventh seal. Then, seven angels, appointed for this specific moment in time, prepare themselves to sound.

The third trumpet is accompanied by an ominous series of events in John's vision: "The third angel sounded, and a great star from heaven, burning like a torch, fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. The name of this star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter" (Rev. 8:10-11).

While not everyone asserts that prophecy will be dealt specifically via an incoming comet or asteroid, admittedly, a casual English reading of the entire chapter of Revelation 8 certainly lends itself to such an interpretation. That said, there are other options regarding the meaning of this Wormwood and what its arrival may portend in this prophetic "trumpet" discussion.

Often, in our corporate church imagination, the prevailing narrative regarding the blowing of the trumpet spawns visions of a spiritual entity (angel) perched peacefully on a cloud awaiting his cue. When the time has arrived, he blows the third trumpet and watches, disengaged, from his cushy seat in the heavens while a giant rock splashes into the earth's most important freshwater source.

But maybe, just maybe, there is an angel who is more involved than this cartoon version—and perhaps we're not looking at an impact/collision event at all.

It would be easy to keep our collective sights only on "natural space activity" (however erratic) and forget another theory about Wormwood that may, according to some scholars like Michael S. Heiser, be the most obvious conclusion regarding these poisonous waters. Could Wormwood be a fallen angel?

The notion that trumpet three, Wormwood, would be an entity—especially with how many spiritual and demonic beings these judgments are increasingly producing around this time—will probably appear in that day to both Christ's devoted ones and the Antichrist's followers as a real possibility.

In this article, we will explore possible alternate explanations for Wormwood in order to prepare you for the end-times reality that could begin at any moment. But first, I should explain how to approach serious interpretation of Revelation and its mysterious prophecies.

Biblical Literalism

When interpreting the Wormwood judgment, scholars arrive at many different conclusions—some easier to grasp than others. Some believe the "falling star" could actually mean a "falling angel," and others suggest that the "bitterness" (poisoning) of wormwood actually means "famine" and has nothing to do with water. We'll get to both of those theories in the next section. Nevertheless, both concepts demand that the question of literality in the interpretation of Revelation is at least visited briefly so readers can understand: 1) why the interpretations—even among scholars—vary so widely, and 2) why many of these theories are equally plausible.

There is a popular (and respectable) principle of biblical interpretation that many instructional books will teach as one of the first rules to follow when studying the Bible: "If a verse can be interpreted literally, it should be. The only occasion when a Scripture should not be taken literally is when doing so creates an absurdity."

For instance, 2 Timothy 4:13 contains a clear, non-allegorical order for Timothy to bring Paul's cloak and documents. To take 2 Timothy 4:13 as literal does not create an absurdity, because it's not illogical or unreasonable in any way to assume Paul wanted Timothy to swing by with some supplies next time he was headed Paul's way. However, John 3:3, taken to the fullest application of literality, means that a man must crawl through his mother's womb again (be "born again") before he can go to heaven. But as we know, even Nicodemus realized that a literal interpretation would create an absurdity, so he sought clarification, and Jesus further explained that this rebirth was "of ... the Spirit" (John 3:4-6), leading us today to understand that this was a metaphor.

Therefore, to follow one of the most fundamental principles of biblical interpretation, "wormwood" would be a poisoning of fresh waters (not "famine") and "Wormwood" would be a space-body mass object of some kind (not an "angel" or "fallen angel"). Assuming we're dealing with asteroids and a poisoning, we have been able to conclude a literal interpretation that "does not create an absurdity." This is perhaps why many scholars of the Word resist the allegorical or metaphorical approach to the book of Revelation any time we can see a logical, literal explanation for what's coming.

Yet the very first rule of biblical interpretation, which must be acknowledged before any and all others in any serious approach to Scripture, is this: "There can only be one, true meaning of the verse in question, and that is the meaning that the author of that book intended for his original readers. No interpretation that disagrees with the author of the book (and, by extension, the Holy Spirit who led such a composition) can ever be the right one."

The real issue lies in getting to the bottom of what that author meant, and not in deciding what we think makes the most sense to us today. That faulty approach is called eisegesis—"putting into Scripture what was never there"—which is the opposite of exegesis—"pulling out of Scripture what has been there from the beginning." It's also to commit the error of placing hermeneutics (what it means to us, today) ahead of exegesis (what it meant to them back then).

Yet this conundrum has never been bigger than when we get to Revelation, for the following reasons:

Unlike a didactic work or a historical narrative, John was documenting a future reality, not a past one, and the language of his vision often demands allowance for the same kind of prophetic imagery we have seen elsewhere in the Word, ripe with symbolism and metaphor, much like some of the messages given by the major prophets of the Old Testament.

Parts of Revelation can be interpreted literally without creating an absurdity, whereas other areas absolutely cannot.

As will be shown shortly, the original audience can and did recognize a language and imagery ("star" as "angel") from first-century authors that is lost from mainstream Bible studies today. This unfortunately tends to leave the interpretation of a difficult book like Revelation only to those supremely educated scholars whose field of specialty (like Heiser and Gregory K. Beale) lies in comprehending the full and complete culture at the time of the original author's penning. Since this is a minority, that means that an extreme minority of the church is sorting it all out, and the responsibility of comprehending "literal" versus "nonliteral" appears insurmountable for many.

Based on those points, we may be tempted to say all these trumpet judgments are symbols, and none of them are literal. If John intended to share his already overwhelming prophetic vision in language his contemporaries would understand—perhaps because what he saw was already so hard to put into words of any language—then we, too, should be willing to visit that possibility. It all boils down to context.

Rethinking Wormwood

Well-known among Bible scholars, but largely undiscussed in lay-Christianity, is the fact that the word "star" is frequently a personification of either a saint or angel in the Word, as well as classic and ancient extrabiblical Jewish writings or apocryphal accounts. One major, scriptural point of comparison scholars also make is the link between Michael as guardian angel in Daniel 12:1, and his relation to the intelligent and personified "stars" two verses later. This association was so well known by the New Testament writers that it felt like a natural extension of terms by the time John of Patmos wrote that "The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches" in Revelation 1:20b.

And elsewhere, in The New Bible Commentary, the close proximity of the other stars of the trumpet judgments as angelic messengers of death appears obvious enough to immediately consider Wormwood an angel as well: "Since the star that falls at the sounding of the fifth trumpet (9:1) is an angelic being, it is possible that Wormwood is also an angel."

But another question is now presented: If the "star" is really an "angel" and not an asteroid that might set off eruptive phenomena or some equivalent, then what, exactly, are the "bitter waters" that result in death?

When we trace "wormwood" back to its Hebrew root, la'anah, it represents extreme suffering and destruction—the opposite of righteousness and justice. That could mean just about anything in an eschatological trumpet judgment creating mass death. Beale postulates that Wormwood may not be referring to a literal poisoning of fresh waters, but a pouring out of bitter suffering, a curse, that results in death by famine.

Though Wormwood is described as "burning," fire isn't remotely limited to literality. Even on some occasions when fire has meant a literal flame, it has also indicated a personification or theophany (Ex. 3:2-6, 13:21, 19:18). Most pertinent to our study, however, are moments when "fire" represents a symbol of the wrath of God or a judgment:

God's wrath is fire. Psalm 89:46 says, "How long, O Lord? Will You hide Yourself forever? How long shall Your wrath burn like fire?" (See also Ezek. 21:31, 22:31, 38:19).

God's rebuke is fire. Isaiah 66:15 says, "For the Lord shall come with fire and with His chariots like a whirlwind, to render His anger with fury and His rebuke with flames of fire."

God's fury is fire. Lamentations 2:4 says, "He has bent His bow like an enemy, with his right hand set like an adversary; He has killed all who were pleasant to His eye; in the tabernacle of the daughter of Zion, He has poured out His fury like fire."

God's jealousy is fire. Zephaniah 3:8 says, "Therefore wait for Me, declares the Lord, until the day when I rise up to seize the plunder; for My decision is to gather nations, to assemble kingdoms, to pour on them My indignation, all My fierce anger; for all the earth will be devoured with the fire of My jealousy."

There are more examples, but you get the idea. Fire is used throughout the Word to represent a judgment of God upon the earth. With this in mind, one of the most powerful arguments for "fire" as a judgment of God in the form of famine is Ezekiel 5.

The prophecy regarding the "thirds" begins with friction between Israel and the Babylonian armies, during the symbolic act of cutting Ezekiel's hair:

"As for you, son of man, take a sharp sword. Take and cause it to pass upon your head and upon your beard as a barber's razor. Then take balances to weigh and divide the hair. You shall burn with fire a third part in the midst of the city when the days of the siege are fulfilled. Then you shall take a third part and strike it with the sword all around the city. And a third part you shall scatter in the wind. And I will draw out a sword after them. You shall also take a few in number from them and bind them in the edges of your robes. Then take some of them again and cast them into the midst of the fire and burn them in the fire. For a fire shall come out into all the house of Israel" (Ezek. 5:1-4).

It seems pretty clear by this point that fire is judgment, but obviously not a literal flame that engulfs and kills "all" the house of Israel. Looking a little way down the road in the same narrative, we read what this "fire" actually refers to:

"I will do in you what I have not done, and the like of which I will not do anymore, because of all your abominations. Therefore the fathers shall eat their sons in your midst, and the sons shall eat their fathers. ... A third part of you shall die by pestilence or by famine; they shall be consumed in your midst. ... When I send upon them the deadly arrows of famine which shall be for their destruction and which I will send to destroy you, then I will also increase the famine upon you and break your staff of bread. So I will send upon you famine and wild beasts, and they shall bereave you of children. And pestilence and bloodshed shall pass through you. And I will bring the sword upon you. I the Lord have spoken it" (Ezek. 5:9-17).

This passage is a clear and present indicator that "fire" as a judgment can mean "famine." (For a fuller explanation of this topic—and how the first two trumpets fit this pattern as well—read The Wormwood Prophecy.)

Battle of the Ages

Scripture makes no small point about it: The third trumpet will be devastating and terrifying. It may be delivered via a meteor collision. It could come as a sweeping famine. A nuclear event is not entirely out of the question. Perhaps an asteroid will strike a nuclear power plant, and the ensuing desolation will launch a dearth unlike any the world has yet seen.

Or perhaps the event will have a different, darker undertone.

Maybe the third trumpet—or all the trumpets—will be a byproduct of spiritual warfare taking place in heavenly realms, between which our planet—along with many other unsuspecting cosmic bodies—will become caught in the crossfire.

Some may think that this possibility is surely an exaggeration, but consider this: we often make the assumption that since angels can appear in a fleshly, human form (Heb. 13:2), and since Jesus walked the earth as a man, in the flesh (1 Tim. 3:16), that entities within the spiritual realm are of similar size and capability as human beings. But nothing could be further from the truth. We know from Scripture that God's strength is unending (Job 9:4), His knowledge is infinite (Ps. 147:5) and all victory is His (Col. 2:15).

Furthermore, Revelation 10:1-3 gives us insight as to what one particular angel appearing during this time will look like: "Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, clothed with a cloud and a rainbow on his head. His face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire. He had a little scroll open in his hand. He set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, and cried out with a loud voice, like a lion roaring. When he cried out, seven thunders sounded their voices."

This one holy entity is so large that the Bible tells us he literally stands over the land and sea. His voice—as a roar of a lion—is enough to call forth the response of seven thunders. Thus, this being has the strength to provoke natural elements upon the earth.

Revelation is filled with accountings of holy angels interacting with natural elements in the earthly realm out of obedience to God, but what of the fallen ones? What about those entities who were once similar to the angels of heaven, but rebelled alongside Lucifer so long ago? Will these agents of evil attempt to manipulate created fixtures as well?

We know in that day, Satan will be rallying his forces to wreak havoc upon the earth because he is aware that his time is short (Rev. 12:12). It stands to reason that during these last days, the battle between good and evil, which has raged on since the beginning of the world, would culminate into a climax: the battle of the ages.

To some, this may seem far-fetched, especially since some people interpret the trumpets to represent more subtle means of judgement, such as famine or pestilence. To jump to the conclusion that these instruments of judgment could really mean that bodies within the universe are being knocked around like ping-pong balls seems to some individuals to be quite a jump.

But the next trumpets clearly illustrate that cosmic disturbance will be completely unlike anything our solar system has experienced: "The fourth angel sounded, and a third of the sun was struck, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them were darkened. A third of the day had no light, and likewise a third of the night" (Rev. 8:12).

This upheaval will permanently change things on earth. There is no reparation that can be made for the type of damage that will occur for our planet and its surrounding orbital bodies during this catastrophic event.

When the trumpets begin to sound, a dark day has indeed arrived for planet Earth and all those who inhabit it. Death, disease, warfare, pain, torment and dread will run rampant across all who dwell therein on that terrifying day. The only hope for mankind in that moment will be found in whether or not they are one of God's own. For those who reject Him, the nightmare will be just beginning.

But for God's children, Revelation 21:4 tells us a beautiful and joyous reunion with their Maker awaits them: "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. There shall be no more death. Neither shall there be any more sorrow nor crying nor pain, for the former things have passed away."

Thomas Horn is the CEO of SkyWatchTV and the founder of Defender Films and Defender Publishing.

CHARISMA is the only magazine dedicated to reporting on what the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of believers around the world. If you are thirsty for more of God's presence and His Holy Spirit, subscribe to CHARISMA and join a family of believers who choose to live life in the Spirit. CLICK HERE for a special offer.


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NASA's plans for the 2020s include landing humans on the Moon, detecting quakes on Mars, and defending Earth from deadly asteroidsOne year ago, NASA announced it would send astronauts back to the moon. Since then, new spacecraft and telescopes have filled its plans for the 2020s.


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Los meteoritos son una cápsula del tiempo a los primeros días del sistema solar. Su preservada estructura interna contiene «fósiles» de los inicios de nuestro vecindario cósmico. Ahora, un equipo de científicos han encontrado algo realmente sorprendente dentro de un meteorito que se estrelló en el desierto del Sahara. El asteroide ha sido denominado «Acfer...

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Analysis of the impact craters on Ryugu using the spacecraft Hayabusa 2's remote sensing image data has illuminated the geological history of the Near-Earth asteroid. Individual images of each identified crater on Ryugu [Credit: Kobe University]A research group led by Assistant Professor Naoyuki Hirata of the Department of Planetology at Kobe University's Graduate School of Science revealed 77 craters on Ryugu. Through analyzing the...

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Jagoa - The First Steps

Artist: Jagoa Title: The First Steps Label: Self Release Date: November 28, 2019 1. Het Fractale Elfje 2. Simon Says 3. Lunar Fractals 4. Tot Aan De Maan En Terug 5. Heel Ver Weg 6. Roots 7. Astral Flower Power 8. Intergalactic Hippy 9. Geometrical Vibration If Cronomi Hadn't thrown this release up on Facebook I may have never known about it. It's like Jago Boermans didn't want us to know about it. Maybe it's his little secret. Maybe he isn't happy enough with the results to be promoting it like it's better than a Late Late talk show. I don't know why any one wouldn't be happy with this production, it fucking rocks but if that is the reason then that's great, because some new works are going to be even better by his standard! That is all conjecture of course. Maybe Jago is just super chill and thinks that the universe will just do it's thing. Maybe he just wants to sit back and bask in his relevance to the cosmos. Either way, i'm happy with this release, full of warm low ends that wrap you up like the warmest safety blankets, Ominous acid that sits around the background and barking leads that shoot at you from the depths. ~ Het Fractale Elfje, The Jagoa tracks I do know handle samples and long intro’s really well. This is instantly the most industrial and raw of them all so far though. Dark, Moody, Metallic and still spacious. A great album intro and great track that has growling, grimy melodies. Simon Says Jago just wants people to dance a little more and worry a little less. Simon Says that the world is a complicated place and you can complicate it more by attaching yourselves to small parts of it to grasp for some sort of meaning because the prospect of allowing yourself to live in freedom is so horribly terrifying. Clap your hands and dance to this terrific track, fuck Simon, do it anyway. Lunar Fractals Comes in hot with some deep moods of forbearance. The disco baselines comes in and sweeps the track into ever deeper regions. The track grows and grows into a proper trance track that takes you away once again. Tot Aan De Maan En Terug smooths it way above your head with ease. The melody never grows old and cruises in, out & around the place for the rest of the track. Heel Ver Weg like all previous tracks builds into a monster. This time I didn’t even notice until I was swept up into the final crescendos of the final acts melodies and then released into the soft outro. Roots is another moody synth heavy track that carries you off into a world of floaty melodies. The track just gets cooler and cooler as it goes on. Connecting each emotion that it has created together into an uplifting sense of fulfilled joy. Astral Flower Power is a fully sparkled uplifting bit of enjoyment. Each break brings something new, like melodies of light force, interweaved spanglements of psychedelia and a dose of vitamin D so big you can forget the sun. Intergalactic Hippy might be one of the best tracks here for its atmospheres and breakdown after breakdown that releases in sweet insanity. Goametrical Vibration is a more tribal feeling track that has shed its moody club atmosphere for a more galactic experience. A slow burn as we spin through the Asteroid Belt only to find ourselves in the chaotic nothing beyond. A uplifting and cruisy closing track that floats you away out from the album with a sense of calm satisfaction. ~ If there is a proper release album coming out in the future then this album should be all you need to get prepped for it. Jago has a real talent for building tracks higher and higher. Each track is like a little journey that grows in intensity as it meanders through our minds. I really enjoyed this sneaky little release and will be purchasing it and all future works.

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What If the Sun Was Twice Smaller


You've probably never thought how much the way you live on Earth depends on the size of the Sun! The Sun is a yellow dwarf: a perfect sphere of scorching plasma, generating a magnetic field 24/7. Despite being called a dwarf, its mass is 330,000 times bigger than that of the Earth! And the diameter of this giant is more than 864,000 miles!

But what if it became a red dwarf? First of all, red dwarf stars are much colder than yellow dwarfs. So the climate all over the planet would be getting colder and colder, and it would become impossible to live too close to the North and the South poles. And quite soon, half of the planet would turn into an icy desert...

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- It happened many centuries ago: something went wrong, and our star started to lose its mass.
- When our Sun turned into a red dwarf, it meant the end of life on our native planet, Earth.
- Sadly, Earth turned out to be out of the Sun's habitable zone. The climate all over the planet was getting colder and colder, and astronomers' forecasts were getting grimmer.
- Quite soon, half of the planet turned into an icy desert. People had huge problems with food and other resources.
- Every next day was darker than the previous one. Dimmer sun meant that plants didn't have enough light to convert it into energy.
- Since the Sun was becoming smaller, its gravitational pull on our planet was getting weaker.
- Finally, our beautiful Earth turned into a lifeless chunk of rock covered with a thick layer of ice.
- With the Sun turned into a red dwarf, the Solar System we had known disappeared.
- Saturn and especially Jupiter used to partially protect smaller planets, including Earth, from asteroids!
- Plus, thanks to gas giants, small space objects that still managed to sneak past them got ejected out of the Solar System faster.
- And talking about the planet humans inhabit these days... it's Mercury. This planet is the closest to the Sun and the smallest in the Solar System.
- The ice-covered polar regions of the planet are in permanent darkness. It makes these areas incredibly cold.
- Don't think that our new home was overjoyed to see us. We had tons of different, often unpredictable problems and obstacles.
- Mercury still doesn't have any breathable atmosphere. That's why I can't take a relaxed stroll outside with my pooch.
- We live in towns covered with protective domes and go outside only after putting on a special suit.
- We also have to be very careful with the Sun's radiation. Yes, the star isn't as big or as bright as before, but it still emits enough radiation to end your life should you step outside without special protection.

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Gateway and the Protectorate - An Equinox Sourcebook

Gateway and the Protectorate - An Equinox SourcebookPublisher: Vagrant Workshop

The gargantuan ring structure known as Gateway Station is a shining beacon in the night, a marvel of human engineering, and a symbol of the Protectorate’s dominance over the Sol system. Gateway threads the vast expanse of the Earth Belt and houses more than three billion people, countless industrial facilities, space ports, docks, warehouses, and military areas, as well as the Protectorate headquarters.

To some, Gateway is a shining bulwark against the forces of evil.
To others, the legacy of Earth has become the eye of darkness.

Gateway Station and the Protectorate is a sourcebook adding further detail to the Equinox Universe. In this book, you learn more about how the Protectorate government is organized, its movers and shakers, and its long history. Explore Gateway‘s open-sky habitation areas, its industrial sectors filled with production facilities, habitation hubs, warehouses, and automated systems. Take a journey from its abandoned and rotten bowels to its spaceward-facing outer shell and find out what lies here and beyond: space traffic control, ports, the big asteroids held close for mining, and the vast military power of the Protectorate Fleet.

For use with the Equinox Setting and Match System Guides.

Price: $9.95

Į Žemę įsirėžusiuose meteorituose mokslininkai aptiko… cukraus!

Prieš milijardus metų į Žemę besirėžusiuose meteorituose būta cukraus, teigia mokslininkai, taip papildydami idėją, kad asteroiduose gali būti tam tikrų gyvybei reikalingų ingredientų. Tarptautinė mokslininkų komanda gyvybei būtinų cukrų aptiko meteorituose, kuriuose buvo ir kitokių biologiškai svarbių junginių, skelbiama NASA pranešime. Asteroidai – uolingi, arti Žemės orbitoje aplink Saulę skriejantys objektai, yra tėviniai daugelio meteoritų […]

Presupuesto récord de la ESA para impulsar nuevas misiones espaciales


El detector espacial LISA de ondas gravitacionales, el telescopio Athena para astrofísica de altas energías, la misión Hera para desviar asteroides, la estación espacial Gateway que orbitará la Luna, una iniciativa para traer muestras de Marte, nuevos satélites de la red 5G… En la próxima década la Agencia Espacial Europea participará en todos estos proyectos gracias al presupuesto de 14.400 millones de euros aprobado esta semana en Sevilla.


INCOMING! Deadly ‘God of Chaos’ space rock capable of killing millions could hit Earth on 10 different dates

“A POTENTIALLY deadly asteroid has ten chances to collide with Earth over the next 84 years, according to Nasa. The space rock Apophis could wipe out millions if it careens into our planet.” Sounds imminent, right? Nah! The earliest of those dates is 41 years in the future, so you have plenty of time to […]

Asteroidea, Estrela do mar


Possible Ancient Alien Technology on Asteroid Eros


This is, in my view and my personal opinion that this marvelous artifact, damning evidence as it is though - I believe that this is of ancient Alien origin.

I say that because and here's the key detail for me and this assertion "it's not human technology".

There's lot's of strange and bizarre "plus weird" anomalies in space and if you probe just a little bit (no pun intended) you'll surprise yourself.


The link to the NASA image in their official archive is at the bottom of this page.

It's amazing to have the official image for you and not just a second hand copy from the Internet.

If you look through the right NASA image gallery and the right archival video footage, taken by any of the space missions or by the astronauts themselves you'll find something that makes you think what was that?

You'll at least come away thinking: that should not be there or is that real?

I can guarantee you that it's real - as NASA or the ESA, JAXA, Roscosmos "Rosaviakosmos" etc aren't in the game of hoaxes (depending on whom you ask) and they definitely aren't in the business of staging fake events or incidents (again depending on whom you ask)?


Here is a short piece from Bending Reality about this:
Eros is a peanut - shaped asteroid and the first discovered and second largest near - Earth object with a mean-diameter of approximately 16.8 kilometers and named after the Greek God of Love, Eros.

Eros was one of the first asteroids visited by a spacecraft, the first one orbited, and the first one soft-landed on.

NASA spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker visited Eros first with a 1998 flyby and entered orbit around 2000, and on February 12, 2001, at the end of its mission, it landed on the asteroid’s surface using its maneuvering jets.

The main headline image of Eros, taken from the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft on May 1, 2000, at an orbital altitude of 53 kilometers (33 miles), shows, according to NASA, a large rectangular boulder which is 45 meters across. But is it really a boulder or could it be a sort of ancient mining machine?


All image credits NASA.

So, do we have to take these things in to account as we receive them... you bet we do!

What doe's taking these things as we receive in to account, actually mean?

It means that we have to ask the obvious question(s):

Why do we have access to this obviously otherworldly material and is that deliberate?

Why are NASA and their cohorts taking no measures to prevent us from seeing these (in my view) obvious Alien anomalies?

  • Is this an ulterior motive at play?
  • Are they placed there to disclose that Aliens are real?
  • Is it a hint at the ultimate answer that Aliens exist?

Is there a different reason other than letting the public know that Aliens exist by way of artifacts, spacecrafts plus actual UFO footage and definite cover up's over the years?

There's lot's of questions but this one post is about the strange artifact on Eros.

It is looking like a gun?

It looks to me like a Alien artifact which suggests that it is a sort of defense tool?

It could be one of many things as who knows how to Identify Alien machines, tools and equipment?

It might be a oddly shaped drone or a craft to carry out surveillance of this valuable asteroid?

It might be a security device to ward off anyone trying to claim this asteroid?

Like an Alien version of planting the colony flag which was all the rage in yesteryear on Earth?

Touch this asteroid minions and you will be having difficult questions asked by your superior overlords.

That would be NASA.

Many, things come to mind about this artifact and the reason for that is because there is no way that it is a normal or natural formation on asteroid Eros!

It is intelligently looking and it looks to have a purpose.

What we humans would call a "object of concern" and probably declared "Top Secret" so that's why I say, is this a deliberate disclosure of an Alien artifact?

Give us your comments and leave us your thoughts, cheers.

Who owns this asteroid?

If Aliens exist, have they claimed it by putting an artifact on it - I ask this because just in case it turns out in the future that the asteroid is very valuable indeed... like gold for instance then who owns it.

Source NASA Official Image.
Source NASA.Source Bending Reality.


The Jim Bell System

As I write this article on July 3, 2002, I am already hearing out my window the occasional pops of micro-explosives enthusiasts getting a head start on their annual excuse to play with things that go bang and supposedly celebrate their freedom. Tomorrow, libertarians across the country will use the holiday as an opportunity to grouse to disinterested relatives around the barbecue grill about how little freedom we actually have left, or really ever had. LP lifers often say there is no magic bullet to get the kind of society we want, and it will take decades of hard work in the political trenches, and of course, many many donations to the party, before we ever see progress. Conversely, I propose that a nutty guy named Jim Bell has already designed the magic bullet; it just needs to be forged and we will start seeing dramatic positive change immediately. **The following article is an opinion piece written in 2002 by the libertarian author Robert Vroman. This is the first part of the Jim Bell System debate series and the revisited version written by Vroman can be read here. Vroman is well known for his editorial work writing for ‘The Jim Bell System’ first published on on July 3, 2002, in response to the assassination politics (AP) debate. is not responsible for or liable for any opinions, content, accuracy or quality within the Op-ed article.** Since this is a fairly controversial topic, I will start with a psychological self-analysis as a disclaimer. My primary long-term goal is to live forever. I’m convinced that the exponential improvements in medical technology will curve upwards to infinity within the next century. This means surviving the relatively primitive period between then and now is the major stumbling block. As an atheist, I am faced with the conclusion that this is the only life I have. Therefore I have an enormous incentive to minimize risks to my health and well being, just as a Christian has incentive not to sin; we both would be gambling our presumed eternal life, an unacceptable wager. One such risk I will choose to decline is taking up arms against the United States government. Thus the powers that be who may read this article can rest assured that I will be exhibiting more or less cowardly behavior for the next 75 years or so, and present no security threat whatsoever. I am simply predicting what will happen and am no more responsible for the outcome than an astronomer who reveals that an asteroid is on course to wipe out DC. Hopefully, the destruction of this particular doomsday rock will be localized around the tyrants. With that said, I present the following dangerous idea. My secondary long-term goal is to live free. By that I mean living in a stable, secure, anarcho-capitalist society. The obvious obstacle to this goal is the existence of the State. The problems I face generally in eradicating this persistent pest are that: The State is actively retarding the progress of science, thus making my immortality timetable more and more dicey. There aren’t a whole lot of capital resources or individuals enlightened enough to be on my side. If I die in the process, either from fighting a revolution or from allowing the state to last too long, stalling out science, it will all be for naught (from my perspective anyway) The challenge then is to devise a plan to remove this obstacle, balancing the considerations of speed, cost, and safety. In a recent article John T. Kennedy made the excellent point, using the example of a porcupine, that in order to avoid being eaten, one need not necessarily be anywhere near as powerful as the predator, only become an overpriced meal. The historical example of Switzerland in WWII comes to mind. Clearly, with a concentrated effort, the Nazi war machine could have decimated the small neutral country. In fact, Hitler boasted early on in the war that he would “be the butcher of the Swiss.” However, the Swiss militia system was able to mobilize a half million trained riflemen within 48 hours of that pronouncement. Once entrenched in foreboding Alpine terrain, they were ordered to defend the border “to the last cartridge.” The Fuhrer decided to pass on that challenge and instead waltzed through Denmark and France, countries with little to no civilian gun culture. For our purposes, the State is the predator, and we are the prey. Kennedy mentioned (with appropriate caveats) that Assassination Politics would be one possible method to grow some quills, and raise our price beyond the power monger’s ability to pay. Briefly, the AP system, as I envision its probable implementation, would operate something like this. You come across, say, “” and see a long list of names next to dollar amounts. You are then invited to select a name and then submit a guess as to the exact date this person will expire, in exchange for some standard betting fee, like $1, via some as yet undeveloped digital cash scheme. Your dollar is then added to the total on the master list. You can repeat this process as many times, on as many names as you like, or even submit a new name. Strong cryptography protects your anonymity in all cases. ‘The Jim Bell System’ first published on on July 3, 2002. Then when someone on the list inevitably is reaped, the site operator examines all the winning bets (if any) and divides the prize evenly among them, after taking a small percentage as commission. The prize money is then forwarded to anonymous digital cash accounts that the winning bettors indicated when they submitted their entries. In other words, it’s just a standard betting pool system except with paranoid security, and a rather macabre theme. However, the catch is that once a particular name gets some serious cash associated with it, say $1M+, there will be a strong motivation for an unscrupulous bettor to tip the odds...

Hot Topics: Love, Hate, Singles, Queen, Color, Nodes, Mars, Asteroid Kassandra & Death

Today in the forum: Is the Queen in danger? Black Death – The Plague: Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn Who Tries To Buy Love? Why do people hate themselves? Uranus crossing the Desc for Singles … Venus in Aquarians – What Color Do You Rock? Mars into Scorpio Practical tips for each North …

Los nombres de los elementos de la Tabla Periódica

Los nombres de los elementos de la Tabla Periódica

Se podría pensar que en algo tan científico como es la Tabla Periódica habría un criterio para establecer la nomenclatura de los elementos químicos, pero no es así. Lo que sí es cierto es que casi siempre prevalece el nombre otorgado por su descubridor y esto ha llevado a una variedad de los mismos con una procedencia, en ocasiones, muy curiosa.

Existen elementos químicos bautizados con nombres relacionados con los lugares en donde se descubrieron o los países de procedencia de sus descubridores:

16 elementos de la Tabla Periódica hacen referencia a 17 científicos que han hecho un gran aporte a la ciencia. Son 17, porque el Curio es en honor al matrimonio formado por Pierre y Marie Curie. Estos elementos son:


Hay elementos químicos nombrados en honor de planetas y asteroides. Es interesante que éstos también estén relacionados con dioses y personajes de la mitología griega y romana:













No obstante, no sólo en estos elementos aparecen referencias a la mitología de varias culturas sino que también se pueden encontrar en los siguientes elementos:




















Hay elementos cuyos nombres derivan simplemente del mineral o compuesto en el que se descubrieron:















Por otro lado, hay otros nombres de elementos cuya etimología es difícil de entender y hay que buscar más su origen en el descubridor en sí, en su percepción del elemento o en la forma en que les descubrieron.













Sin embargo, en la mayoría de los casos, los descubridores de los elementos químicos les han puesto su nombre basándose en alguna propiedad de los mismos:


Idioma - Buscador: 


An Illustrated Map of Every Known Object in Space: Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Black Holes & Much More


Name all the things in space in 20 minutes. Impossible, you say? Well, if there’s anyone who might come close to summarizing the contents of the universe in less than half an hour, with the aid of a handy infographic map also available as a poster, it's physicist Dominic Walliman, who has explored other vast […]

An Illustrated Map of Every Known Object in Space: Asteroids, Dwarf Planets, Black Holes & Much More is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And don't miss our big collections of Free Online Courses, Free Online Movies, Free eBooksFree Audio Books, Free Foreign Language Lessons, and MOOCs.


Вейдер всемогущий (СИ) - (Redasteroid) - Юмористическая фантастика


Очень раздолбайский, циничный, но по своему добрый соотечественник в мире ДДГ. Он не рвется спасать Галактику, не хочет мирного и спокойно бытия на тихой планетке. Он прибыл сюда тролить, издеваться и развлекаться. Попал по своему желанию... но случайно.


VA - Armada Music 2020 / 2019 / МР3


Категория: Музыка
Размер: 453.37 MB
Траффик: Раздают (отдают): 35, Скачивают (качают): 5
Добавлен: 2019-11-30 13:44:01
Описание: Исполнитель: VA
Название альбома: Armada Music 2020
Год выпуска: 2019
Жанр: Dance, House, Trance

01. Armin van Buuren feat. Ne-Yo - Unlove You 2:30
02. Lost Frequencies feat. Flynn - Recognise 3:06
03. ARTY - Save Me Tonight 2:50
04. Armin van Buuren vs. W&W x Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Repeat After Me 3:14
05. MistaJam feat. Scott Quinn - Trust You 3:42
06. Harry Romero & Danny Howard feat. George Morel - The Game 2:55
07. Cedric Gervais - Take You In 3:30
08. Afrojack & DubVision - Back To Life 3:21
09. Damon Sharpe & GATTUSO - When In Rome 3:15
10. Zack Martino & Dyson - Mood 2:49
11. Sultan + Shepard feat. Mougleta - All Of Your Weapons 3:34
12. Zonderling & Josh Cumbee feat. Damon Sharpe - Lifetime 2:16
13. Lost Frequencies - Sun Is Shining 3:09
14. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - PONYPACK 2:54
15. Fedde Le Grand - Like We Do 2:42
16. GoldFish & Cat Dealers - Colours & Lights 3:09
17. Harry Romero - Tania (Honey Dijon Remix) 3:27
18. Phil Fuldner - Take Me 2:34
19. GotSome - Pump It Up 2:37
20. OFFAIAH & BACATME - What I Grew Up On 3:03
21. Erick Morillo - Fifth Element 3:48
22. Marco Lys & Plaster Hands - Who Dares To Believe In Me 3:51
23. Inner City feat. Steffanie Christi'an - Believe 2:45
24. Low Steppa feat. Amy Douglas - Burn Me Up (The System) 3:01
25. Todd Terry feat. Ami Carmine - Love Is Gone (CJ Jeff Remix) 3:20
26. Jansons feat. Dope Earth Alien - Switch (Follow The Drum) 2:23
27. ATFC & Mercer - Twisted (Illyus & Barrientos Remix) 3:03
28. Infinity Ink feat. Yasmin - Rushing Back 3:45
29. Joe Smooth - Promised Land (Gerd Janson Remix) 3:43
30. Maxim Lany - Renaissance 3:54
31. Eelke Kleijn feat. OST - Lost Souls (Nora En Pure Remix) 3:42
32. Kidnap feat. Leo Stannard - Grow 3:37
33. Estiva - Eclipse 3:10
34. Gundamea feat. Andy Ruddy - Sweet Disposition 3:59
35. Morgan Page feat. HALIENE - Footprints 3:10
36. Pablo Nouvelle - Curiosity 2:47
37. Mokita - More Than Friends 2:39
38. Sebastian Davidson feat. Nathan Nicholson - Late Night Obsession 3:14
39. YOUNGr - Superman 3:17
40. Kokiri - Adolescence 3:10
41. Felon - Crazy 3:00
42. Sevenn - Loco Papi 2:59
43. Dave Winnel - Smoke Machine 2:45
44. Rodg - 9th Ave 3:22
45. Maor Levi - Asteroids 3:53
46. Orjan Nilsen & Damon Sharpe - Ghost Ship 3:15
47. Phats & Small - Turn Around (Hey What's Wrong With You) (Main Circus Remix) 2:59
48. MaRLo & Feenixpawl - Lighter Than Air 3:22
49. Super8 & Tab - Iron 3:03
50. Alexander Popov & Chris Jones - Another Life (Club Mix) 3:53
51. Omnia & Whiteout - U 3:05
52. Armin van Buuren with Above & Beyond - Show Me Love 3:32
53. Gareth Emery feat. Ashley Wallbridge - Kingdom United 5:27
54. Ben Gold - The City Sleeps Tonight 3:27
55. Luke Bond feat. Tyler Graves - Left Of Us 3:31
56. Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman - Look Away (Super8 & Tab Remix) 2:14
57. Mark Sixma - Million Miles 3:23
58. Andrew Rayel & NWYR - The Melody 3:14
59. Ran-D & Psyko Punkz feat. K's Choice - Not An Addict 3:50
60. Armin van Buuren - Turn

Аудио: MP3, 320 Кбит/с
Продолжительность: 03:15:34

Europe's space agency approves the Hera anti-asteroid mission


European ministers in charge of the ESA space agency have approved Hera, a mission that will test whether deflection could save humanity from a rogue asteroid. During the $320 million mission, ESA and partner NASA will send a pair of spacecraft to a double-asteroid system called Didymos. NASA will first crash its DART probe into the smaller asteroid (Didymoon) at a speed of around 13,320 MPH, with the event recorded by an Italian cubesat called LICIACube. Hera will arrive later to map the impact crater and measure the asteroid's mass.

Source: ESA


[BLOG] Some Friday links

(A day late, I know; I crashed after work yesterday.)

  • Antipope's Charlie Stross has a thought experiment: If you were superwealthy and guaranteed to live a long health life, how would you try to deal with the consequence of economic inequality?

  • Vikas Charma at Architectuul takes a look at the different factors that go into height in buildings.

  • Bad Astronomy notes S5-HVS1, a star flung out of the Milky Way Galaxy by Sagittarius A* at 1755 kilometres per second.

  • The Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly shares photos from two Manhattan walks of hers, taken in non-famous areas.

  • Centauri Dreams looks at habitability for red dwarf exoplanets. Stellar activity matters.

  • Maria Farrell at Crooked Timber shares words from a manifesto about data protection in the EU.

  • Dangerous Minds shares photos from Los Angeles punks and mods and others in the 1980s.

  • Bruce Dorminey notes a ESA report suggesting crew hibernation could make trips to Mars easier.

  • Gizmodo notes that the Hayabusa2 probe of Japan is returning from asteroid Ryugu with a sample.

  • Imageo shares photos of the disastrous fires in Australia from space.

  • Information is Beautiful reports on winners of the Information is Beautiful Awards for 2019, for good infographics.

  • JSTOR Daily explains how local television stations made the ironic viewing of bad movies a thing.

  • Kotaku reports on the last days of Kawasaki Warehouse, an arcade in Japan patterned on the demolished Walled City of Kowloon.

  • Language Hat notes how translation mistakes led to the star Beta Cygni gaining the Arabic name Albireo.

  • Language Log reports on a unique Cantonese name of a restaurant in Hong Kong.

  • Robert Farley at Lawyers, Guns and Money links to an analysis of his suggesting the military of India is increasingly hard-pressed to counterbalance China.

  • The LRB Blog notes the catastrophe of Venice.

  • Marginal Revolution notes a paper suggesting states would do well not to place their capitals too far away from major population centres.

  • Justin Petrone at North! remarks on a set of old apple preserves.

  • The NYR Daily looks at how the west and the east of the European Union are divided by different conceptions of national identity.

  • Jim Belshaw at Personal Reflections reports from his town of Armidale as the smoke from the Australian wildfires surrounds all. The photos are shocking.

  • Emily Lakdawalla at the Planetary Society Blog lists some books about space suitable for children.

  • Drew Rowsome reviews the Canadian film music stand, inspired by the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike.

  • The Russian Demographics Blog shares a paper noting that, in Switzerland, parenthood does not make people happy.

  • The Signal notes that 1.7 million phone book pages have been scanned into the records of the Library of Congress.

  • Starts With A Bang's Ethan Siegel explains the concept of multi-messenger astronomy and why it points the way forward for studies of astrophysics.

  • Strange Maps looks at how a majority of students in the United States attend diverse schools, and where.

  • Strange Company explores the mysterious death of Marc-Antoine Calas, whose death triggered the persecution of Huguenots and resulted in the mobilization of Enlightenment figures like Voltaire against the state. What happened?

  • Towleroad hosts a critical, perhaps disappointed, review of the major gay play The Inheritance.

  • Understanding Society's Daniel Little looks at the power of individual people in political hierarchies.

  • Window on Eurasia shares an opinion piece noting how many threats to the Russian language have come from its association with unpopular actions by Russia.

  • Arnold Zwicky explores queens as various as Elizabeth I and Adore Delano.

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Europe's space agency approves the Hera anti-asteroid mission

European ministers in charge of the ESA space agency have approved Hera, a mission that will test whether deflection could save humanity from a rogue asteroid. During the $320 million mission, ESA and partner NASA will send a pair of spacecraft to a...

Fireball Spotted Over Australian Desert May Have Been Super-Rare 'Minimoon' - ScienceAlert

  1. Fireball Spotted Over Australian Desert May Have Been Super-Rare 'Minimoon'  ScienceAlert
  2. Asteroid explosion: Huge fireball over Earth could have been SECOND MOON
  3. View full coverage on Google News


Mothership: The Haunting of Ypsilon 14

A squad of space marines is sent to a remote mining station on an asteroid to investigate the disappearance of a worker. When they arrive, the marines realize something else is on the station. Something inhuman. Something hungry. Find out who lives and who dies! Bridget as First Lieutenant Claire Morin Birk as Cpl Lawrence Saint Maddy as Cpl Emma Cameron

The High-Probability Asteroid



HeLa planet scenario


@natacha wrote:

Durant l’atelier du 16 et 17 novembre, nous avons réfléchi à quelques scénario pour réaliser un premier jeu vide-a complet.

Il est inspiré de l’histoire des cellules de Henrietta Lacks qui ont donné naissance à la “ligne de cellules immortelles” HeLa qui proviennent des cellules souches cancereuse prélevées dans le pelvis d’Henrietta Lacks à son insue en 1957 et à été utilisée à travers le monde c’est la ligne de cellules la plus communément utilisée, elle a permis de trouver des succès de recherche sur de nombreuses maladies. Si Henrietta Lacks n’a pas elle été soignée et est décédée, ses cellules ont pris une vie autonome, elles ont été clonées de façon massive, même transformées pour l’étude de cancers d’autres Organes. Les cellules HeLa sont connues pour avoir contaminé d’autres cellules dans les laboratoires c’est ce qui a finalement mis au courant la famille de la défunte Henrietta Lacks de l’existence de HeLa, amenant une forme de reconaissance posthume. Plusieurs formes d’hommages ont été rendus, dont un astéroide qui porte son nom 359426Lacks, la nomination s’est faite sur une proposition de Carrie Nugent qui a également proposé de nommer un astéroide au nom de Rosa Parks. C’est sur cet Astéroide que se déroule le scénario de notre jeu, il aborde l’histoire merveilleuse de cette ligne de cellule immortelle provenant d’une femme noire qui n’a pas été soignée mais à contribuer à soigner de nombreux blancs.


Fonds dynamiques composé de cellules HeLa comme dans les exemples de @Amelie_Dumont il s’agira d’un environnement dynamique qui sont composés au début du jeu.
La trame peut être composée d’images de cellules ou d’image plus abstraite évocatrice mais qui conserve lun mystère.


Plein d’images des cellules HeLa
By National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Institutes of Health (NIH), Public Domain,

Mode Narratif

A la recherche d’Henrietta Lacks, elle est disséminée un petit peu partout dans l’environnement on peut en retrouver des morceaux ou des bénéficiaires… sur sa pierre tombale nouvellement posée, (avant il n’y en avait pas) l’épitaphe est:
Henrietta Lacks, August 1, 1920 - October 4, 1951
In loving memory of a phenomenal woman,
wife and mother who touched the lives of many.
Here lies Henrietta Lacks (HeLa). Her immortal
cells will continue to help mankind forever.
Eternal Love and Admiration, From Your Family

  • Il s’agit d’une histoire qui se dévoile, on peut utiliser des shaders pour faire se remplacer plusieurs couches visuelles en dessous des shaders on peut trouver d’autres éléments qui viennnet composer un portrait de Henrietta Lacks, ce pourrait être des éléments de l’histoire HeLa ou bien des informations concernant certains projets médicaux qui s’appuient sur HeLa ou des personnes soignées, des potions.

  • Question: Est-ce que HeLa à conscience qu’elle est utilisée,

  • Dans le jeu HeLa pourrait être un demi Dieu à qui permet d’obtenir des clefs pour obtenir des informations par exemple.

  • C’est à cause de la surexploitation des cellules que la famille a finalement été au courant, de leur capacité à se reproduire et à s’acclimater à d’autres espaces, cela pose de nombreuses pistes mátaphoriques utilisables.

Game Play

Tu est sur l’astéroîde HeLa et tu dois prendre un morceau de l’environnement un bout de la texture même, et tu découvre peu à peu l’histoire de HeLa grâce à des textes, des indices des images etc…


Cinématique qui présente rapidement l’origine de l’astéroîde HeLa et sa nature

Premier Niveau (à compléter)

Henrietta Lacks Rosa Parks et les autres
Sur l’astéroïde premières découvertes quelques éléments d’histoire qui assemblés ensemble commencent à faire sens, fin du niveau on arrive à l’apparition de HeLa immortelle.

Deuxième Niveau (à compléter)

Le Bien de l’humanité

Ce niveau fonctionne sur le même principe que le premier on trouve des éléments d’information mais cette fois ci concernant l’histoire des recherches des découvertes des soins des personnes soignées de la médecine occidentale.
Qyuestion peut on sacrifier une partie pour le bien de tous, réponse non, le bien de tous passe par le bien de chacun c’est un partage énergétique.

issue du niveau à déterminer

Troisième Niveau (à compléter)

Si à partir d’HeLa on à réussi à former des exemples de cellules d’autres parties du corps, peut être peut on recomposer un corps complet avec des trouvailles, mais quel type de corps, tatoué brodé lumineuse dansante etc…

HUD (Head Over Display)

Est ce que le personnage ballade son HUD au-dessus de la tête, est-ce qu’il est connecté à HeLa, par exemple il change de couleur en fonction de l’état de HeLa.

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Solskjaer told Jack Grealish is ‘needed’ to replace ‘ordinary’ Manchester United players

Grealish was in inspired form at Old Trafford (Picture: Getty) Jack Grealish is ‘precisely the sort of player Manchester United need’ to return them to their former glories and he should replace some of the ‘ordinary’ players Red Devils fans are being forced to watch. That’s the view of Tottenham Hotspur hero Garth Crooks, the striker who spent a brief spell on loan at Old Trafford, who was seriously impressed by the Aston Villa captain during his side’s 2-2 draw away in Manchester. Grealish was fouled repeatedly by United players, who struggled to get to grips with him, and he scored a sumptuous curled strike from a tight angle. Grealish was on the receiving end of some gruelling treatment (Picture: Getty) Comfortably the best player on the pitch, Crooks believes Grealish is someone Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the Manchester United hierarchy should be targeting in order to return to club to their former glories. He wrote in his BBC Sport column: ‘After the attention paid to Jack Grealish by Manchester United, I think he is entitled to danger money! ‘I can’t remember when a team have inflicted so many tackles on a single player. I suppose Grealish should take that as a compliment. {"@context":"https:\/\/","@type":"VideoObject","name":"","duration":"T7M56S","thumbnailUrl":"https:\/\/\/1s\/2019\/12\/02\/06\/21698002-0-image-a-4_1575269919290.jpg","uploadDate":"2019-12-02T06:52:19+0000","description":"Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reacts to his side's 2-2 draw against Premier League side Aston Villa.","contentUrl":"https:\/\/\/video\/met\/2019\/12\/02\/5782500013514377610\/640x360_MP4_5782500013514377610.mp4","height":360,"width":640} To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video ‘The Aston Villa captain scored a wonderful goal, had a fabulous game at Old Trafford and is precisely the sort of player United need to bolster their prospects. ‘United fans are having to watch too many ordinary players while they are being asked to pay Champions League prices.’ Solskjaer was coy on United’s interest in Grealish after the match. More: UKTeacher found dead week after pupil 'threw chair at him'Earth was hit by a mysterious 'mini-moon' fireball asteroid, scientists revealThe Witcher praised for fight scenes that trump even Game Of Thrones ‘I can’t talk too much about other teams’ players, if they’re Man United calibre or targets,’ Solskjaer said. ‘But fantastic goal, I think he hit one of them corners I hit a couple of times. ‘It was a great finish, but we should defend better, show him down the left. But what a goal and he played a good game.’ MORE: Jack Grealish urged to join Chelsea in £80m deal after stunning Manchester United display MORE: Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay nearing returns from injury confirms Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Tydzień z anime: Przegląd informacji z dni 25 listopada - 1 grudnia 2019

1. W 57. numerze tygodnika Weekly Shonen Jump pojawiło się ogłoszenie adaptacji anime mrocznej mangi z gatunku fantasy - Jujutsu Kaisen.
Yuuji Itadori może się poszczycić bardzo dobrą sylwetką i wrodzonym talentem do sportu. Mimo atletycznej budowy, zamiast zająć się sportem, woli spędzać czas w klubie okultystycznym. Z czasem chłopak przekonuje się, że to co dotychczas pozostawało dla niego w sferze pseudonauki, jest realnym zagrożeniem.

2. Bandai Namco wypuściło nowy zwiastun oryginalnego anime Obsolete, które zadebiutuje w ramach YouTube Originals w dniu 3 grudnia tego roku. W anime zobaczymy jak technologia obcych - pod postacią robota ogólnego zastosowania "Exoframe" - wpłynęła na ludzkość.

3. Anime Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi otrzymało oficjalną datę premiery - 7 stycznia 2020 o godzinie 23:00 - oraz nowy zwiastun, widoczny poniżej. Serial opowie o młodym magu, poszukującym sposobu na przywrócenie przyjaciółce ludzkiej postaci, po tym jak ta przemieniła się w smoka.

4. Już 3 stycznia w japońskiej TV pojawi się anime Darwin's Game. Producenci serialu poinformowali, że pierwszy odcinek anime będzie trwać jedną godzinę.

Plakat anime Darwin's Game

5. W tym tygodniu otrzymaliśmy dwa raporty dotyczące najlepiej sprzedających się mang za ostatnie 12 miesięcy. W pierwszej kolejności wydawnictwo Shueisha poinformowało, że najlepiej sprzedającą się mangą 2019 roku jest One Piece - z liczbą 12,7 miliona sprzedanych egzemplarzy w dniach 19 listopada 2018 - 17 listopada 2019. Na drugiej pozycji uplasowała się manga Kimetsu no Yaiba, która rozeszła się w liczbie 10,8 miliona kopii.

Następnie otrzymaliśmy raport firmy badawczej Oricon, który również przedstawia dane sprzedażowe za ten sam okres: 19 listopada 2018 - 17 listopada 2019. Według danych Oricon najlepiej sprzedającą się mangą 2019 roku jest Kimetsu no Yaiba, która to sprzedała się w liczbie 12 057 628 egzemplarzy. Druga pozycja przypadła mandze One Piece, dla której licznik za ostatnie 12 miesięcy miał się zatrzymać na liczbie 10 134 232 kopii.

6. Wreszcie otrzymaliśmy informację dotyczącą premiery anime Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. - to ukaże się w styczniu 2020 roku. Na dokładną datę musimy jeszcze poczekać.

7. Kolejnym anime, które pojawi się w TV w styczniu jest Koisuru Asteroid, które to zadebiutuje dokładnie w dniu 3 stycznia na AT-X, TOKYO MX, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, oraz BS11.

8. Kończący się tydzień przyniósł także oficjalną datę premiery Haikyuu!!: To the Top, wraz z nowym zwiastunem. Serial ukaże się w dniu 10 stycznia 2020, zaś nowy zwiastun obejrzycie poniżej.

9. Nowy zwiastun anime Nekopara prezentuje nam wszystkie urocze kotki, które zobaczymy w nadchodzącym serialu. Anime bazuje na serii gier dla dorosłych, rozgrywającej się w świecie, w którym ludzie żyją obok kotów, znanych jako "Nekos". Premiera serialu odbędzie się w japońskiej telewizji w dniu 9 stycznia 2020.

10. Szykuje się kolejne anime z gatunku isekai fantasy - adaptację anime otrzyma gra RPG na smartfony "Shachou, Battle no Jikan Desu!", znana również jako Shachibato. We wspomnianym tytule gracze zajmują się rekrutacją bohaterów, których następnie wysyła się do lochów w celu podniesienia poziomów i zdobycia skarbów.

11. Anime Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden otrzymało drugi zwiastun oraz oficjalną datę premiery. Na start nowego serialu będziemy musieli poczekać do 4 stycznia 2020.

12. Najnowszy zwiastun trzeciego sezonu BanG Dream! zabiera nas w sentymentalną podróż po wydarzeniach poprzednich sezonów, jednocześnie zapowiadając start nowego sezonu w dniu 23 stycznia 2020.


A basin-free spherical shape as an outcome of a giant impact on asteroid Hygiea


A basin-free spherical shape as an outcome of a giant impact on asteroid Hygiea

Vernazza, P., Jorda, L., Ševeček, P., Brož, M., Viikinkoski, M., Hanuš, J., Carry, B., Drouard, A., Ferrais, M., Marsset, M., Marchis, F., Birlan, M., Podlewska-Gaca, E., Jehin, E., Bartczak, P., Dudzinski, G., Berthier, J., Castillo-Rogez, J., Cipriani, F., Colas, F., DeMeo, F., Dumas, C., Durech, J., Fetick, R., Fusco, T., Grice, J., Kaasalainen, M., Kryszczynska, A., Lamy, P., Le Coroller, H., Marciniak, A., Michalowski, T., Michel, P., Rambaux, N., Santana-Ros, T., Tanga, P., Vachier, F., Vigan, A., Witasse, O., Yang, B., Gillon, M., Benkhaldoun, Z., Szakats, R., Hirsch, R., Duffard, R., Chapman, A. & Maestre, J. L., 2019, julkaisussa : Nature Astronomy.


JulkaisuNature Astronomy
DOI - pysyväislinkit
TilaE-pub ahead of print - 2019
OKM-julkaisutyyppiA1 Alkuperäisartikkeli


A basin-free spherical shape as an outcome of a giant impact on asteroid Hygiea


A basin-free spherical shape as an outcome of a giant impact on asteroid Hygiea

Vernazza, P., Jorda, L., Ševeček, P., Brož, M., Viikinkoski, M., Hanuš, J., Carry, B., Drouard, A., Ferrais, M., Marsset, M., Marchis, F., Birlan, M., Podlewska-Gaca, E., Jehin, E., Bartczak, P., Dudzinski, G., Berthier, J., Castillo-Rogez, J., Cipriani, F., Colas, F., DeMeo, F., Dumas, C., Durech, J., Fetick, R., Fusco, T., Grice, J., Kaasalainen, M., Kryszczynska, A., Lamy, P., Le Coroller, H., Marciniak, A., Michalowski, T., Michel, P., Rambaux, N., Santana-Ros, T., Tanga, P., Vachier, F., Vigan, A., Witasse, O., Yang, B., Gillon, M., Benkhaldoun, Z., Szakats, R., Hirsch, R., Duffard, R., Chapman, A. & Maestre, J. L., 2019, In : Nature Astronomy.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetterScientificpeer-review

Original languageEnglish
JournalNature Astronomy
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 2019
Publication typeA1 Journal article-refereed


Mondmission und Asteroiden-Abwehr: Europa investiert 14 Milliarden Euro in die Raumfahrt

In den 1980er und 1990er Jahren konzentrierte sich die Europäische Weltraumbehörde vor allem darauf, Missionen der NASA zu unterstützen. Inzwischen gehen die Ambitionen aber deutlich darüber hinaus: Immer mehr Projekte werden in Eigenregie oder in weltweiten Kooperationen verfolgt. Dies hat allerdings auch zur Folge, dass mehr Geld benötigt wird als in der Vergangenheit. Im spanischen …

Wie kann Asteroidenabwehr gelingen?

In Sevilla tagen die Mitgliedsländer der Europäischen Weltraumorganisation (ESA). Eine Thema ist die Frage, wie man die Erde vor Asteroiden schützen kann.

Что будет, если столкнуть космический аппарат с астероидом. Первая миссия планетарной обороны получила второй этап


В начале года мы писали о космической миссии DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test), в рамках которой учёные намереваются впервые опробовать одну из концепций планетарной обороны.

Если точнее, космический аппарат массой около 500 кг на полной скорости врежется в астероид Didymoon диаметром 150 км. Цель миссии — понять, имеют ли смысл подобные попытки воздействия на астероиды с целью корректировки их курса.

Теперь же стало известно, что Европейское космическое агентство (ESA) одобрило миссию Hera, которая фактически будет продолжением миссии DART. В рамках этой миссии к тому же астероиду будет направлен аппарат, несущий в себе пару модулей CubeSats. Их задачей будет нанесение на карту ударного кратера и измерение массы астероида, что позволит определить его состав.

В итоге учёные должны получить максимально информативную картину, которая поможет в развитии одного из направлений планетарной обороны.

Миссия DART стартует в июле 2021 года, а до астероида аппарат доберётся в сентябре 2022 года.




ESA's Hera Asteroid Deflection Mission Gets Green Light

 Cache - The European Space Agency's asteroid deflection mission is a go. Hera?"humanity's first-ever spacecraft to visit a double asteroid"?has been greenlit for construction and launch as part of the organization's broader planetary defense initiatives. ?

Asteroid as big as the pyramids on its way and could zoom past Earth on Friday -

  1. Asteroid as big as the pyramids on its way and could zoom past Earth on Friday
  2. Asteroid warning: Expert predicts 'serious impact' is coming and we need better defences
  3. Europe's space agency approves the Hera anti-asteroid mission  Engadget
  4. Impending doomsday? Experts asks amateur astronomers to 'help save earth' from asteroid impact  International Business Times UK
  5. Asteroid alert: A space rock taller than Pyramids is barreling towards Earth at 16,800mph
  6. View full coverage on Google News


Professor of Physics Asks Amateur Astronomers to Help Space Agencies Save Earth From Asteroids

There are only two ways humanity can escape collision with an asteroid - by striking the celestial body with nuclear weapons or by changing its trajectory, sending a probe that would fly alongside it. The first measure is considered only as a nuclear option, pun intended, the second one has been calculated only on paper…

Polvos seriam animais com origem alienígena, segundo pesquisa


Os polvos são animais bem peculiares, tanto fisicamente quando pela inteligência que possuem. Muita gente acha que eles são alienígenas e um estudo sobre isso foi conduzido. Segundo essa pesquisa, os polvos não teriam uma origem totalmente terrestre, surgindo a partir da influência de algum tipo de bactéria que veio de outro planeta ou asteroide. [...]

O post Polvos seriam animais com origem alienígena, segundo pesquisa apareceu primeiro em Acredite ou Não.


Aly & Fila - Future Sound of Egypt 626

Aly & Fila - Future Sound of Egypt 626

- Aly & Fila - It’s All About The Melody (Album Intro Mix) [FSOE] (00:00:43)
- Solarstone & Activa - Spirit (Club Mix) [Black Hole] (00:05:57)
- Joint Operations Centre - Fugitive (Original Mix) [Afterdark] (00:10:58)
- Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (Daxson Remix) [Pure Trance Neon] (00:15:46)
- Etasonic - Bittersweet Hope (Original Mix) [Abora] (00:19:43)
- Aly & Fila - Remember When (Original Mix) [FSOE] (00:24:44)
- Aly & Fila - The Walk (Original Mix) [FSOE] (00:29:05)
- Aly & Fila - Plucked (Original Mix) [FSOE] (00:34:34)
- Cold Blue - Colors (Original Mix) [Blackhole] (00:40:58)
- Aimoon & Eugenio Tokarev - Autumn Rain (Extended Mix) [In Trance We Trust] (00:46:55)
- Aly & Fila - Te Espero Aqui (Original Mix) [FSOE] (00:51:15)
- Aly & Fila - Mesca Beach (Original Mix) [FSOE] (00:54:58)
- Aly & Fila with Jes - I won’t Let You Fall (Uplifting Mix) [FSOE] (01:01:22)
- Darren Porter & Jak Aggas - Transonic (Extended Mix) [WAO138?!] (01:07:18)
- Aly & Fila vs The Noble Six - Moonlit (Original Mix) [FSOE] (01:12:00)
- Aly & Fila with Sue McLaren - So Protected (Original Mix) [FSOE] (01:17:43)
- Asteroid - Koh Phangan (Extended Mix) [Fables] (01:22:59)
- Aly & Fila with James Dymond - Wasteland (Original Mix) [FSOE] (01:26:38)
- Ciro Visone & Semper T. - Emotional Fluid (Original Mix) [Trance All Stars] (01:31:39)
- Sean Tyas feat. Shelby Merry - Someday (Original Mix) [Deep In Thought] (01:36:00)
- Ciro Visone & AP - Messengers (Original Mix) [Abora] (01:41:10)
- Paul Denton & Paul Skelton - The Great Beyond (Extended Mix) [FSOE] (01:45:15)
- Cold Blue - Winter Gates (Original Mix) [Blackhole] (01:49:49)
- Aly & Fila - Finally (Album Outro Mix) [FSOE] (01:53:32)

Aus Politik und Prominenz (Kurzberichte)

Klaus Pfund bedroht die sichere Beate. Er dauert. Bestraft er einen Asteroid, so glaubt der Rest. Carina Quark tangiert donnerstags einen jovialen Graben. Nochmal sabotiert sie die Leonie oder leimt eine Kanzlei. Rutscht sie geschwind? Brigitte Dracula behandelt seitlich die Franziska. Heiratet sie ein provokantes Vokabular, dann lacht die kindliche Angela. Stereo raubt sie eine Lanze und respektiert den symbolischen Nicolas. Monika Mensch ist nicht blutig. Jeff Vampir juckt den Willy. Sonntags tadelt er die Katharina. Freddy Gerber ist kein erkennbarer Film. Freitags kneift er die taktische Antonia. Hier vergleicht er den gepflegten Ludwig oder korrigiert den Ferdinand. Janine Remmler ist keine freie Rache. Leider genehmigt sie den elektronischen Urban oder schockiert den quadratischen Alexander. In Gevelsberg adressiert sie eine bargeldlose Zwei.

Episode 596: Open Space 54: Dr. Casey Handmer On How Starship Changes Everything

Today I was joined by Dr. Casey Handmer, an accomplished theoretical physicist who currently works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Casey has a fascinating blog where he considers current trends in space exploration and what the future holds. Learn more about Casey here: We talked about the implications of SpaceX Starship, Starlink, why power beamed from space or asteroid mining will never turn a profit down here on Earth, and why he's not that scared about space radiation. Our Book is out! Audio Podcast version: ITunes: RSS: What Fraser's Watching Playlist: Weekly email newsletter: Weekly Space Hangout: Astronomy Cast: Support us at: More stories at: Twitch: Follow us on Twitter: @universetoday Like us on Facebook: Instagram - Team: Fraser Cain - @fcain / Karla Thompson - @karlaii / Chad Weber -

Missão para alterar rota de asteroides foi aprovada pela ESA


Autor: vippy

Missão para alterar rota de asteroides foi aprovada pela ESA

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ESA, approvata la missione anti-asteroide Hera


L'ESA ha approvato la missione Hera, utile per testare il piano di deflessione degli asteroidi diretti verso la Terra.

The post ESA, approvata la missione anti-asteroide Hera appeared first on Webnews.


Navštivte observatoř v poušti Atacama, kde pozorují asteroidy i astronomové z Oddělení meziplanetární hmoty

Poslouchejte Vědecké dobrodružství Českého rozhlasu Plus ode dneška (2. 12. 2019) do středy, vždy v čase 7:25 a 13:25.

[02/12] «La Fuerza» - Estrena d'«¡Abajo las armas!» - Langfritz - Guasco - Bartolini - Diana - Monforte - Moragrega - Nuño - Baigorria - Nicolet - Baracchi - Comas - Manetti - Ristori - Amenós - Lagant - Valdenebro - Illich - Gallego

[02/12] «La Fuerza» - Estrena d'«¡Abajo las armas!» - Langfritz - Guasco - Bartolini - Diana - Monforte - Moragrega - Nuño - Baigorria - Nicolet - Baracchi - Comas - Manetti - Ristori - Amenós - Lagant - Valdenebro - Illich - Gallego

Anarcoefemèrides del 2 de desembre


Capçalera del primer número de "La Fuerza"

Capçalera del primer número de La Fuerza

- Surt La Fuerza: El 2 de desembre de 1916 surt a Alcoi (Alcoià, País Valencià) el primer número de la publicació quinzenal anarcosindicalista La Fuerza. Periódico defensor de las sociedades obreras. Editada a iniciativa d'un grup de companys de la Federació d'Art Tèxtil. Hi van col·laborar Germina Alba, M. Gimeno, J. Gisbert, Cursivo Guasa, Manuel Lloret, Juan Pastor, Jorge Quiles, Ismael Rico, José Sánchez Rosa, Rafael Soler i Antonio Tuy, entre d'altres. Entre el número 2 (16 de desembre de 1916) i el 3 (3 de març de 1917) interrompí la publicació a causa de la vaga general de 24 hores. En sortiren quatre números, l'últim el 17 de març de 1917, i hagué  de tancar a causa de la repressió. Va ser substituït per La Horda.


Propaganda de l'estrena de l'obra de teatre apareguda en el diari barceloní "La Vanguardia" del 2 de desembre de 1932

Propaganda de l'estrena de l'obra de teatre apareguda en el diari barceloní La Vanguardia del 2 de desembre de 1932

- Estrena d'¡Abajo las armas!: El 2 de desembre de 1932 s'estrena al Teatre Apolo de Barcelona (Catalunya) el drama antimilitarista, pacifista i llibertari en tres actes i cinc quadres ¡Abajo las armes!, escrit pel dramaturg anarquista Eduard Borràs López i per Emilio Gómez de Miguel. L'obra, interpretada per la Companyia d'Art Dramàtic i dirigida per Joaquim Torrents, comptà amb les interpretacions d'Emilia Baró i de María Callejas, entre d'altres. L'obra va ser publicada l'any següent per la reputada Casa Editorial Maucci, fet que li donà una repercussió important i una distribució als quioscos barcelonins.



Notícia de l'expulsió de Johann Langfritz publicada en el periòdic parisenc "Le XIXe Siègle" de l'1 d'abril de 1892

Notícia de l'expulsió de Johann Langfritz publicada en el periòdic parisenc Le XIXe Siègle de l'1 d'abril de 1892

- Johann Langfritz: El 2 de desembre de 1855 neix a Beerbrach (Alemanya) l'anarquista Johann Langfritz. Establert a París (França), regentà una sabateria al núm. 27 del carrer Saussure on donà feina a dos compatriotes sense papers. El 29 de març de 1892 va ser expulsat de França i retornà a Alemanya. En 1894 el seu nom figurava en una llista d'anarquistes a vigilar establerta per la policia ferroviària de fronteres francesa. Desconeixem la data i el lloc de la seva defunció.


Michele Guasco

Michele Guasco

- Michele Guasco: El 2 de desembre de 1888 neix a Pietra Marazzi (Piemont, Itàlia) l'anarquista i anarcosindicalista Michele Guasco. Sos pares es deien Giuseppe Guasco i Adelaide Cauccia. Quan encara era una adolescent s'establí amb sa família a Alessandria (Piemont, Itàlia), on visqué fins l'hivern de 1916. Es traslladà a Torí (Piemont, Itàlia), trobà feina com a obrer a la Fàbrica Italiana d'Automòbils de Torí (FIAT) i passà a viure al barri obrer torinès de la Barriera di Nizza. L'ambient proletari de la barriada va fer que setmanes després comences a freqüentar els locals llibertaris, especialment el Cercle Anarquista «Scuola Moderna» i el «Fascio Libertario» de Torí. Després de participar en la protesta obrera contra la carestia de la vida i contra la guerra, que culminà en el sagnant motí esdevingut entre el 22 i el 26 d'agost de 1917, destacà com a un dels anarcosindicalistes més actius del moviment dels consells obrers que es desenvoluparen en els principals centres industrials torinesos de la postguerra. Acomiadat de la fàbrica on treballava arran de l'arribada del feixisme, es va veure obligat a guanyar-se la vida com a venedor ambulant de quincalla. En aquests anys de crisi econòmica, la Prefectura de Policia de Torí el qualificà d'«individu políticament perillós» que aprofitava la seva feina arreu dels mercats per a fer propaganda anarquista, alhora que fomentava l'expatriació il·legal dels seus companys. Membre del grup anarquista clandestí «Barriera di Nizza», és considerat per la policia com a un dels creadors d'un comitè de coordinació dels diversos nuclis de la ciutat. El febrer de 1931 va ser detingut, però continuà en els anys successius en la lluita, fent costat les víctimes polítiques i mantenint contactes amb el Comitè de Propaganda de la Unió Anarquista Italiana (UAI), amb seu a París (França). Entre 1932 i 1936 mantingué estretes relacions amb els nuclis liberal socialistes de «Giustizia e Libertà» (GL, Justícia i Llibertat) que operaven a Torí, col·laborant amb el seu periòdic d'informació Voci d'Officina i actuant com a enllaç entre Carlo Rosselli, aleshores exiliat a París, i alguns dels seus membres que operaven a Itàlia. També establí contactes amb Giulio Bacconi que, l'abril de 1936, fou un dels promotors a Marsella (Provença, Occitània) d'una Federació Anarquista. Quan l'esclat de la Guerra Civil a Espanya, es dedicà a reclutar voluntaris per lluitar als fronts de la Península, fer costat les organitzacions d'exiliats cap a Espanya i difondre premsa antifeixista que rebia de Chambéry (Savoia, Arpitània). El 9 d'octubre de 1936 va ser detingut i processat pel Tribunal Especial sota l'acusació de «delictes de conspiració política mitjançant associació per atemptar contra la constitució de l'Estat, per adhesió a la banda GL i per enrolament de ciutadans al servei de potències estrangeres». El 20 de març de 1937 va ser condemnat a vuit anys de reclusió i tancat a la penitenciaria de Civitavecchia (Laci, Itàlia). En 1942, arran d'un indult, va ser alliberat i retornà a Torí, adherint-se a la conflictivitat obrera que es desencadenà després de la caiguda del feixisme. El març de 1944 formà part, en qualitat de representant dels anarcosindicalistes, del Comitè d'Agitació Provincial i mantenint directa relació amb el grup editor del periòdic anarquista Era Nuova, que es distribuí a les fàbriques i entre les formacions partisanes. A partir d'aquí es va perdre el seu rastre.


Guglielmo Bartolini fotografiat per Pietro Bezzi (Ravenna, febrer de 1950)

Guglielmo Bartolini fotografiat per Pietro Bezzi (Ravenna, febrer de 1950)

- Guglielmo Bartolini: El 2 de desembre de 1889 neix a Cervia (Emília-Romanya, Itàlia) l'anarquista i resistent antifeixista Pietro Guglielmo Bartolini. Sos pares es deien Domenico Bartolini i Eugenia Medea Soprani. El 19 de novembre de 1898 es traslladà amb sa família a Ravenna, on, encara adolescent, començà a treballar de jornaler i de fuster. El 29 de desembre de 1909, després de ser cridat a files, va ser enrolat en la Marina, on va rebre diversos càstigs per professar idees subversives i per fer-hi propaganda. Un cop llicenciat, va ser posat sota vigilància per part dels carrabiners, però no sabem res de concret sobre les seves activitats polítiques. Formà part de la Cambra del Treball de Ravenna i la representà en diversos congressos. En aquesta època treballava de fogoner de vaixells mercants i va fer alguns viatges a Kotor (Montenegro). Quan esclatà la Gran Guerra es declarà neutral, però el 10 de juliol de 1915 va ser novament cridat a files i destinat com a fogoner de vaixells de guerra a Venècia (Vèneto, Itàlia) i després a Bríndisi (Pulla, Itàlia). Jutjat per un delicte militar, va ser condemnat a un any de reclusió. Quan estava empresonat a Venècia, tot esperant ser traslladat a Gaeta (Laci, Itàlia), conegué dos militars detinguts, el mariner electricista Achille Moschini i el caporal de cavalleria desertor Giorgio Carpi, que van explicar que estaven en contacte amb agents secrets austríacs disposats a pagar importants sumes de diners a qualsevol que fes esclatar pels aires vaixells de guerra italians i decidí unir-se amb ells en aquesta empresa. Quan encara era a la presó, el 27 de setembre de 1915 el cuirassat Benedetto Brin, ancorat al port de Bríndisi, patí un sabotatge, que tingué com a resultat 456 morts, entre oficials, sotsoficials i mariners. El 15 d'octubre de 1915 va ser traslladat a la presó militar de Gaeta i probablement va perdre el contacte amb Moschini i Carpi. Després de l'enfonsament del vaixell de guerra Leonardo da Vinci, el 2 d'agost de 1916, decidí confessar a les autoritats el que sabia. Les seves revelacions ajudaren en la investigació del cas, però va ser acusat d'alta traïció i intel·ligència amb l'enemic. L'1 d'agost de 1918 va ser jutjat per un tribunal militar romà pel cas de la Benetto Brin i condemnat, prèvia degradació, a cadena perpètua. Moschini i Carpi va ser condemnats a la pena de mort mitjançant afusellament d'esquena, encara que la pena va ser commutada el 20 de març de 1919 per la de cadena perpètua; un altre implicat, Michele Azzoni, que s'autodefinia com a actor cinematogràfic, va ser absolt. Durant tota la seva vida va declarar la seva innocència, encara que sembla que va pecar d'ingenuïtat. Va estar empresonat durant 25 anys, sobretot a Porto Longone, a l'illa d'Elba. El més curiós del cas és que Moschini va ser alliberat el març de 1937 i Carpi en 1940. Per insistència de la seva família, va demanar la gràcia i passà gairebé un any de confinament a Ventotene. El 8 de setembre de 1943, amb la caiguda del feixisme, recuperà la llibertat i prengué part activa en la Resistència com a partisà combatent, amb el nom de batalla de Vecchio, enquadrat en la 28 Brigada «Garibaldi», que operava als Apenins de Forlì (Emília-Romanya, Itàlia). El 20 d'abril de 1944 va ser capturat pels alemanys durant una «neteja» a les muntanyes i empresonat a Forlì a l'espera del seu afusellament. Quan els companys se n'adonaren de la seva agafada, organitzaren una evasió muntada amb una estratagema en la qual intervingueren Manilla Guadani, companya de l'anarquista Attilio Bazzocchi, i la partisana Ginetta Ghirardini. Un cop lliure, entre el 12 de juny de 1944 i el 4 de desembre d'aquell any, formà part de l'«Squadre d'Azione Partigiane» (SAP, Esquadra d'Acció Partisana) «Ravenna» i representà el moviment anarquista en el Comitato di Liberazione Nazionale (CLN, Comitè d'Alliberament Nacional) de Ravenna. Després de la II Guerra Mundial, va ser un destacat militant de la Federació Comunista Llibertària (FCL) i després de la Federació Anarquista de Romanya (FAR) de Ravenna. Com a secretari de la Federació Anarquista de Ravenna (FAR), signà l'expulsió de Domenico Zavattero del moviment anarquista. Amb Pirro Bartolazzi i Digione Bosi col·laborà en la refundació del periòdic L'Aurora. Guglielmo Bartolini va morir el 27 de novembre de 1958 d'un atac cardíac a Ravenna (Emília-Romanya, Itàlia).


Foto antropomètrica de Vittorio Diana

Foto antropomètrica de Vittorio Diana

- Vittorio Diana: El 2 de desembre de 1897 neix a Corpolò (Emília-Romanya, Itàlia) l'anarquista Vittorio Diana, també conegut com Victor Diana. Sos pares es deien Eugenio Diana i Barberina Pozzi. En 1921 va ser imputat, amb son amic Mario Buda i altres companys, de l'assassinat d'un mariscal dels carrabiners a Savignano sul Rubicone (Emília-Romanya, Itàlia). Fugint de la repressió, en 1922 s'instal·là amb sa mare a França i treballà de paleta estucador a Niça (País Niçard, Occitània). En aquesta època vivia en un restaurant del número 5 del carrer Scaliéro de Niça. En 1923 son germà Ermanno Diana, també anarquista, s'establí amb ells a Niça. El 29 d'abril de 1924 va ser condemnat, juntament amb Cesare Bernacchione, pel Tribunal Correccional de Niça a quatre mesos de presó amb llibertat provisional per «possessió d'arma prohibida» en uns enfrontaments durant la benedicció d'una bandera del grup feixista local, amb presència del cònsol general d'Itàlia, celebrada el 21 d'abril d'aquell any a l'església de Saint-Jaume. En aquesta època s'encarregava de la distribució a Niça de la revista anarquista italiana Pensiero e Volontà i formà part del «Comitè Mario Castagna». El 17 de setembre de 1925, amb 38 companys, entre ells Ugo Boccardi, Umberto Marzocchi i Carlo Pergoli, fou un dels creadors a Niça d'un Comitè de Defensa, que el novembre d'aquell any va ser processat per l'Audiència de Gènova (Ligúria, Itàlia). En aquesta època mantingué correspondència amb Mario Buda. Durant els anys trenta va ser fitxat per la policia de Niça com a «anarquista extremadament actiu ocupat en la propaganda entre els italians de la població» i com a «element perillós, susceptible d'amagar i d'arreplegar els anarquistes de la zona i de prestar-los en tot moment ajuda i assistència». Vittorio Diana va ser assassinat per gelosia el 6 de gener de 1930 al seu domicili del barri del Vallon-Obscur de Niça (País Niçard, Occitània) de cinc trets per Silvio Ubaldi, empresari de la construcció, que vivia amb sa companya i sos quatre infants en una altre part del mateix immoble. Algunes fonts diuen, de manera totalment errònia, que l'assassí era un excarrabiner i que aquest actuà per motius polítics.

Vittorio Diana (1897-1930)


Necrològica de Juan Monforte Galbe apareguda en el periòdic tolosà "Espoir" del 6 de març de 1977

Necrològica de Juan Monforte Galbe apareguda en el periòdic tolosà Espoir del 6 de març de 1977

- Juan Monforte Galbe: El 2 de desembre de 1902 neix a Andorra (Terol, Aragó, Espanya) l'anarcosindicalista Juan Monforte Galbe –el segon llinatge a vegades citat Galve o Gálvez. Quan tenia 18 anys emigrà a Catalunya, on treballà de miner i s'afilià a la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT). Va mostrar-se especialment actiu sindicalment a les localitats bagenques de Súria i Sallent i a Olesa de Montserrat (Baix Llobregat, Catalunya), fet pel va ser empresonat a la Presó Model de Barcelona (Catalunya). En 1939, amb el triomf franquista, passà a França i va ser internat a diversos camps de concentració. Posteriorment va ser enviat a treballar a les mines de Champclausson, a la zona de La Grand Comba (Llenguadoc, Occitània). Després de la II Guerra Mundial milità en la Federació Local de Champclausson de la CNT, de la qual va ser secretari. Juan Monforte Galbe va morir el 13 de gener de 1977 a Champclausson (Llenguadoc, Occitània).


Necrològica de Florencio Moragrega Adell apareguda en el periòdic tolosà "Cenit" del 25 de novembre de 1984

Necrològica de Florencio Moragrega Adell apareguda en el periòdic tolosà Cenit del 25 de novembre de 1984

- Florencio Moragrega Adell: El 2 de desembre de 1907 neix Beseit (Matarranya, Franja de Ponent) l'anarcosindicalista Florencio Moragrega Adell –el primer llinatge citat erròniament de diferents maneres (Moragrera, Moragoaga, etc.). Sos pares es deien Manuel Moragrega i Joaquina Adell. Militant de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT), quan la insurrecció de 1933 va ser detingut i empresonat a Beseit i a Vall-de-roures (Matarranya, Franja de Ponent), on l'abril de 1934 encara hi romania. Durant la Revolució fou un dels organitzadors de les col·lectivitats agrícoles de Beseit i el febrer de 1937 va ser nomenat regidor municipal. En 1939, amb el triomf franquista, passà a França i va ser internat al camp de concentració Argelers. Durant la II Guerra Mundial s'establí a Llemotges (Llemosí, Occitània), on serví d'agent d'enllaç entre la zona «lliure» i la zona ocupada. Va ser enviat a fer feina a Orador de Glana (Llemosí, Occitània), enquadrat en el Grup de Treballadors Estrangers Núm. 643 on també es trobava son cosí Manuel Tejedor Della. Apressat pels alemanys, va ser enviat a un camp de concentració, però aconseguí fugir-ne i sumar-se a la Resistència. Després de la II Guerra Mundial acollí la família de son cosí Manuel Tejedor Della, que havia mort durant en una acció del maquis, al seu domicili d'Aissa (Llemosí, Occitània) i treballà de gelater. Cap al 1952 s'establí a Perpinyà, on regentà una confiteria al número 41 del carrer Quinze Degrés, i milità en la Federació Local de la CNT d'aquesta població. Sa companya fou Encarnació Agut. Florencio Moragrega Adell va morir el 30 de setembre de 1984 al seu domilici de Perpinyà (Rosselló, Catalunya Nord).


Amor Nuño

Amor Nuño

- Amor Nuño: El 2 de desembre de 1913 neix a Piñera (Cudillero, Astúries, Espanya) l'anarquista i anarcosindicalista Ricardo Amor Nuño Pérez. Son pare, Ricardo Nuño Huergo, era un militant de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT) i sa mare es deia Carolina Pérez, i ambdós regentaven una botiga d'ultramarins i de begudes a Cudillero. Quan tenia 18 anys fou detingut a Madrid per portar una pistola. Xofer i mecànic de professió, en maig de 1934 s'afilià al Sindicat del Transport de la CNT de Madrid i fou secretari de les Joventuts Llibertàries madrilenyes que es constituïren en aquella època. En 1936 fou nomenat secretari de la Federació Local de Sindicats de la CNT de Madrid, càrrec confirmat a començaments de 1937. Durant el mes de setembre de 1936 formà part com a jurat dels Tribunals Populars que es constituïren a la Presó Model madrilenya a instàncies del president interí del Tribunal Suprem, Mariano Gómez. El 7 de novembre de 1936 va ser nomenat representant de la CNT en la primera Junta de Defensa de Madrid, presidida pel general José Miaja Menant, i on ocupà la Conselleria d'Indústries de Guerra --anomenada d'antuvi de Producció--, al principi, i la de Transports, després, fins al 23 de desembre d'aquell any quan dimití per pressions de Cipriano Mera, amb el suport de Amor Buitrago i d'Eduardo Val. Creà la «Columna Amor y Libertad», que comandà amb Isidro Albert al front madrileny (Toledo, Bargas, Olías, etc.) en 1936. El febrer de 1937 fou nomenat secretari del Sindicat del Transport madrileny. L'abril de 1937 la Regional Centre de la CNT l'elegí per a la secretaria de la Federació Nacional d'Indústria del Transport (FNIT), per la qual cosa es traslladà a Barcelona. El març de 1937 va fer mítings a la capital catalana, on fou detingut el 2 de juny per la policia comunista acusat de possessió d'armes, després de trobar-li una pistola, i restà tancat gairebé tres setmanes --només sortí gràcies a les gestions de Miaja. L'abril de 1938 fou comissari de Transports, alhora que militava en la Federació Anarquista Ibèrica (FAI), i també exercí de comissari de l'Escola d'Aplicació d'Oficials de l'STE. El març de 1939 fou detingut per l'Exèrcit franquista a Alacant i tancat als camps de Los Almendros i Albatera. Poc després fou portat a Madrid, on fou torturat, jutjat en consell de guerra, condemnat a mort i tancat en espera d'execució. Amor Nuño fou afusellat el 17 de juliol de 1940 al Cementiri de l'Est de Madrid (Espanya) i el seu cos llançat en una fossa comuna. En 2004 l'escriptor Jorge Martínez Reverte, en el seu llibre La batalla de Madrid, acusà directament i sense molt de fonament Amor Nuño, com a representant de la Federació Local de Sindicats de la CNT en la Junta de Defensa de Madrid, i a les comunistes Joventuts Socialistes Unificades (JSU) en la Conselleria d'Ordre Públic de la Junta de Defensa de Madrid, els responsables de la qual eren Santiago Carrillo i José Cazorla, de les saques de detinguts de les presons madrilenyes el novembre de 1936, entre elles les de la matança de Paracuellos del Jarama, i tot amb la possible aquiescència del ministre de Justícia Joan García Oliver. Altres autors, com ara Antonio Elorza, acusen directament Vittorio Codovilla (Camarada Medina), representant del Komintern a Espanya, de les execucions en massa de Paracuellos. La responsabilitat d'Amor Nuño, i de la CNT, en les saques madrilenyes és un tema obert i que ha fet córrer molta tinta.

Amor Nuño (1913-1940)


Osvaldo Baigorria fotografiat per Patrick-Haar

Osvaldo Baigorria fotografiat per Patrick-Haar

- Osvaldo Baigorria: El 2 de desembre de 1948 neix a Mataderos (Buenos Aires, Argentina) l'escriptor, periodista i professor anarquista Osvaldo Germán Baigorria. Entre 1974 i 1993 residí a Perú, Costa Rica, Mèxic, Estats Units, Espanya, Itàlia i Canadà, guanyant-se la vida en diferents treballs (artesà, sembrador d'arbres, bomber en incendis forestals, etc.). A Canadà va ser traductor i assistent en programes d'ajuda a refugiats llatinoamericans de la institució quàquera Argenta Society of Friends (ASF) i membre fundador d'una comunitat rural llibertària a Argenta, als boscos de les Muntanyes Rocalloses (Colúmbia Britànica, Canadà). També rebé beques d'estudis canadenques per a desenvolupar projectes d'investigació sobre narratives aborígens, minories i mitjans de comunicació. Començà a exercir el periodisme en 1973 en la revista 2001 de Buenos Aires. Des de 1993 és professor titular del Taller Anual de l'Orientació Periodisme a la Facultat de Ciències Socials de la Universitat de Buenos Aires, del Taller de Primer Any al Taller Escola Agència (TEA) i dicta cursos de redacció en el Centre Cultural Rector Ricardo Rojas, institucions totes de Buenos Aires (Argentina). Entre el 29 i el 30 d'agost de 2013 participà en la XI Conferència Nacional sobre Polítiques de Drogues, celebrada a Buenos Aires. Els seus temes d'interès se centren en les contracultures, els moviments llibertaris, els vagabunds, les microsocietats, les tribus urbanes, etc. Trobem articles seus en nombrosos diaris (Clarín, El Independiente, El Mundo, Página/12, Tiempo Argentino, etc.) i publicacions periòdiques (2001, Avatares, Ajoblanco, La Caja, Cerdos y Peces, Crisis, La Lletra A, Lote, Mancilla, La Mano, Mutantia, Ñ, El Ojo Mocho, Página/30, El Periodista, El Porteño, Radar, Uno Mismo, XYZ, etc.). Ha conreat la novel·la –Llévatela, amigo, por el bien de los tres (1989 i 2015) i Correrías de un infiel (2005)– i l'assaig –En pampa y la vía (1998), Georges Bataille y el erotismo (2002), Buda y las religiones sin Dios (2003), Anarquismo trashumante. Crónicas de crotos y linyeras (2008, edició corregida d'En pampa y la vía) i Sobre Sánchez (2012). També és autor de les compilacions Prosa plebeya. Ensayos (1980-1992) (1997, amb Christian Ferrer), de Néstor Perlongher, i Un barroco de trinchera. Cartas a Baigorria de Néstor Perlongher (2006); i de les antologies Con el sudor de tu frente. Argumentos para la sociedad del ocio (1995, amb altres), Contra la prensa. Antología de diatribas y apostillas (2001, amb altres), El amor libre. Eros y anarquía (2006), Cerdos & Porteños (1984-1987) (2014) i Zona de cuentos (2015, amb altres). Actualment viu entre Islas de Tigre i els barris Once i Palermo de Buenos Aires.



Notícia del judici contra Albert Nicolet publicada en el periòdic parisenc "Le XIXe Siègle" del 22 de desembre de 1889

Notícia del judici contra Albert Nicolet publicada en el periòdic parisenc Le XIXe Siègle del 22 de desembre de 1889

- Albert Nicolet: El 2 de desembre de 1905 mor a La Chaux-de-Fonds (Neuchâtel, Suïssa) l'anarquista Albert Nicolet, també conegut com Metternich. Havia nascut el 23 de març de 1850 a La Ferrière (Berna, Suïssa). Després d'aprendre l'ofici de gravador a Ginebra (Ginebra, Suïssa), es posà a treballà en la indústria rellotgera a La Chaux-de-Fonds (Neuchâtel, Suïssa). Membre de la secció local de la Federació del Jura de l'Associació Internacional dels Treballadors, l'agost de 1875 va ser elegit membre del seu Comitè Federal. Cap al 1877, amb altres dos gravadors, Frédéric Graisier i Jacob Spichiger, i el joier torner Auguste Spichiger, reconstituí la Cooperativa Obrera de Le Locle (Neuchâtel, Suïssa). En aquests anys col·laborà en el periòdic Le Révolté de Ginebra. Entre el 17 i el 18 d'agost de 1889 participà en l'aferrada del cartell, a les principals poblacions suïsses (Ginebra, Lausana, Bienne, Thun, Basilea, Olten, etc.), del Manifest dels anarquistes suïssos, del qual Jean Grave imprimí a París (França) 10.000 exemplars. Aquest manifest bilingüe reivindicava la «propaganda pel fet», denunciava les expulsions per part de les autoritats de nombrosos anarquistes estrangers, s'oposava a la creació del càrrec permanent de procurador general de la Confederació Suïssa i al reforçament de la policia política. Els presumptes responsables van ser processats per la Cambra Criminal del Tribunal Federal, reunida a Neuchâtel: ell fou acusat de ser l'autor del text, que havia estat redactat a petició del grup anarquista de La Chaux-de-Fonds; Félicien Derbellay, de Lausana, i Ferdinand Hänzi, de Basilea, van ser acusat de difondre'l. Nombrosos testimonis (Charles Froidelance, Paul Janner, Marc l’Eplattenier, Arthur Monnin, Jules Coullery, Alcide Dubois, Rieser, Meyrat, Marthe Wirz, Emile Allemand) s'autoinculparen d'haver participat en la difusió del cartell. El 20 de desembre de 1889 els tres acusats van ser absolts ja que el Codi penal no preveia la sancion d'amenaces generales contra l'ordre social i polític. A partir de 1890 s'encarregà d'administrar a Suïssa les vendes i subscripcions del periòdic parisenc de Jean Grave La Révolte. En 1892, amb Alcide Dubois i Jules Coullery de Saint-Imier, redactà el fullet Les anarchistes et ce qu'ils veulent, publicat anònimament a Ginebra. Formà part dels obrers, especialment amb Aimé Bovet, que lluità contra el socialisme reformista. El Primer de Maig de 1893 ambdós distribuïren un manifest, signat pels «Anarquistes del Jura», on encoratjaven els obrers a distanciar-se d'allò que havia esdevingut el Dia del Treball, una «processó pacífica que porta al fang parlamentari». En 1895 envià breus corresponsalies de Suïssa per a Le Temps Nouveaux de París i aquest mateix any, amb Aimé Bovet i Auguste von Gunten, fou expulsat per anarquista del Cercle Obrer de La Chaux-de-Fonds. En 1904 militava en el Grup Llibertari de La Chaux-de-Fonds.


Giovanni Baracchi

Giovanni Baracchi

- Giovanni Baracchi: El 2 de desembre de 1936 mor a Paterson (Nova Jersey, EUA) el propagandista anarquista Giovanni Matteo Baracchi. Havia nascut el 6 de juliol de 1871 a Mazzoleni (Llombardia, Itàlia). Sos pares es deien Francesco Baracchi i Clarina Viganò. En 1881 es traslladà amb sa família a Milà (Llombardia, Itàlia). Es guanyava la vida com a tipògraf i enquadernador i era membre de la Societat d'Ajuda Mútua d'Enquadernadors. Considerat per les autoritats com a «rufià de la pitjor espècie», milità en el grup anarquista milanès «Avanguardia». Entre 1889 i 1893 va ser detingut i denunciat nombroses vegades per diferents motius, dos d'elles per «associació criminal» i una per «fabricació de moneda falsa», però sempre va ser absolt per manca de proves. En aquests anys es relacionà amb Pietro Gori, Carlo Crivelli i Carlo Chignola (Ghignola), entre altres destacats anarquistes. El març de 1894 va ser detingut amb Pietro Gori, Francesco Cafassi i altres membres del cercle «Il Risveglio», però aquesta vegada no va ser processat. L'agost de 1894, arran de l'assassinat del president de la República francesa Sadi Carnot a mans de Sante Caserio i fugint de les lleis d'excepció antianarquistes, emigrà a Lugano (Ticino, Suïssa), seguint l'exemple de Pietro Gori. El febrer de 1895 va ser expulsat (decret del 29 de gener), amb Gori, de Suïssa i ambdós, a més d'Ettori Bonometti i Luigi Redaelli, arribaren dies després a Londres (Anglaterra) després de passar per Alemanya i Brussel·les (Bèlgica). En 1901 ja el trobem als Estats Units, on hi romandrà la resta de sa vida, viatjant i vivint en diverses ciutats nord-americanes: Washington (Districte de Colúmbia), Phillipsburg (Nova York), Filadèlfia (Pennsilvània), Norfolk (Virginia), Allentown (Pensilvània), South Bethlehem (Pennsilvània), Union City (Pennsilvània), etc. Considerat per les autoritats com un dels implicats en l'assassinat del rei Humbert I d'Itàlia, va ser posat en estreta vigilància. Dedicat sempre a la propaganda llibertària, envià correspondència a diferents publicacions anarquistes, com ara Cronaca Sovversiva, La Protesta Umana o L'Adunata dei Reffrattari. El novembre del 1912 son fill Lucifero morí a Filadèlfia i en 1916 participà en les activitats de la Universitat Popular d'Allentown, ciutat des d'on recaptà fons per a la defensa de Luigi Galleani. Els familiars, interrogats en 1926 per la policia milanesa, digueren que l'última notícia seva l'havia rebut 25 anys abans des de Nova York (Nova York, EUA).


Josep Comas Solà

Josep Comas Solà

- Josep Comas Solà: El 2 de desembre de 1937 mor a Barcelona (Catalunya) l'astrònom, divulgador científic i simpatitzant llibertari Josep Comas Solà. Havia nascut el 19 de desembre de 1868 a Barcelona (Catalunya). Fill d'un comerciant progressista, de jove s'apassionà per l'astronomia i quan només tenia 15 anys publicà un assaig en la revista francesa L'Astronomie sobre un meteorit que havia caigut a Tarragona. En 1889 es llicencià en Física i Matemàtiques a la Universitat de Barcelona. A partir de 1896, i fins a 1900, treballà a l'Observatori Català de Sant Feliu de Guíxols, estació astronòmica privada acabada de fundar l'industrial del suro Rafael Patxot Jubert, on descobrí aspectes importants del planeta Mart. Després realitzà un viatge d'estudis a Itàlia i a Sicília, visitant els principals observatoris i els volcans Vesuvi i Etna En 1901 ingressà en la Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona, on impulsà la fotografia i el cinema aplicats a l'astronomia, i durant els anys següents es lliurà a aconseguir la creació d'un observatori al Tibidabo. Un cop creat aquest en 1904, dirigí l'Observatori Fabra a la muntanya barcelonina, ajudat un temps per Albert Carsí, fins a la seva mort. En aquest observatori realitzà nombrosos descobriments (dos cometes, dues estrelles variables, 11 asteroides, etc.) i estudià sistemàticament planetes, satèl·lits, asteroides i altres astres (Júpiter, Saturn, Mercuri, Tità,  etc.). En 1910 col·laborà en els primers vols d'avió a tot l'Estat espanyol. En 1911 fundà i presidí, també fins a la seva mort, la Societat Astronòmica d'Espanya --posteriorment s'afegí Amèrica. A més, va ser membre de diverses societats astronòmiques europees i de l'organització internacional Acadèmica de les Nacions. En 1917 participà en el Congrés de Sevilla de l'Associació Espanyola per al Progrés de les Ciències. En 1920 participà en la fundació de la primera emissora de ràdio de l'Estat espanyol (EAJ-1), on portà un programa de divulgació científica. Cofundador del Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC), disposà d'un dels primers cotxes a motor d'explosió que van circular per Barcelona. En 1923, amb la visita d'Albert Einstein a Barcelona i el debat suscitat, es mostrà partidari de la teoria de la relativitat, però amb el temps canvià de bàndol. En 1930 fou membre del Comitè Executiu de la Difusió Luminotècnica de Barcelona i de la seva «Exposició de Llum». Durant els anys bèl·lics, dirigí el Servei d'Astronomia de la Generalitat de Catalunya al socialitzat Observatori Fabra. Afiliat al Sindicat de Professions Liberals de la Confederació Nacional del Treball (CNT), destacà com a divulgador científic a ateneus llibertaris, escoles racionalistes, sindicats i centres populars i en publicacions llibertàries (Tiempos Nuevos, etc.) i de tota casta (La Vanguardia, Última Hora, La Actualidad, Revista de la Sociedad Astronómica de España y América, Urania, Boletín del Observatorio Fabra. Sección Astronómica, etc.). Amb Albert Carsí Lacasa, col·laborà amb l'anarquista Escola Natura, popularment anomenada «La Farigola». En 1936 dirigí la instal·lació climatològica i meteorològica del Laboratori Confederal d'Experimentacions ubicat a Masnou. Va ser autor de nombrosos llibres i publicacions científiques, especialment sobre astronomia i sismologia, entre les quals podem citar Determinaciones del diámetro de Venus (1902), Distribución de los astros en el espacio (1902), El eclipse de sol de treinta de agosto de 1905) (1905), Astronomía y ciencia general (1907), El espiritismo ante la ciencia. Estudio crítico sobre la mediumnidad (1907 i 1986), El cometa Halley (1910), Album fotográfico de la zona eclíptica (1915), Abstracción y realidad (1925), Astronomía (1925), El Cielo (1927), Estereocopia astronómica (1929), etc. Josep Comas Solà va morir el 2 de desembre de 1937 a Barcelona (Catalunya) a causa d'una broncopneumònia i el seu funeral constituí una gran manifestació de dol on intervingueren, a més de entitats populars i representacions governamentals, una delegació confederal i nombrosos militants --el seu enterrament va ser presidit per Lluís Companys i Frederica Montseny. Llegà la seva casa-observatori (Villa Urania), terrenys i els seus valuosos aparells astronòmics a la ciutat de Barcelona. El mateix 1937 l'Oficina de Propaganda de la CNT, de la Federació Anarquista Ibèrica (FAI) i de de la Federació Ibèrica de Joventuts Llibertàries (FIJL) editaren el llibre José Comas Solà. El hombre por Alberto Carsí. El científico por Joaquín Febrer, amb un pòrtic del mallorquí Bernat Pou. En 2004 l'Ajuntament de Barcelona publicà la biografia Josep Comas i Solà, astrònom i divulgador, coordinat per Antoni Roca Rosell.

Josep Comas Solà (1868-1937)


Gino Manetti (ca. 1925)

Gino Manetti (ca. 1925)

- Gino Manetti: El 2 de desembre de 1943 és afusellat a Florència (Toscana, Itàlia) l'anarquista il·legalista Luigi Manetti, més conegut com Gino Manetti, que va fer servir el pseudònim d'Antonio Padovani. Havia nascut el 17 de juliol de 1898 a Impruneta (Toscana, Itàlia) –algunes fonts citen el 8 o el 10 de juliol de 1898 a Galluzzo (Florència, Toscana, Itàlia). Sos pares es deien Raffaello Manetti i Marianna Bellini. Amb 19 anys lluità en la Gran Guerra i va caure presoner dels alemanys, però aconseguí fugir del camp i arribar a les línies italianes després de passar les muntanyes. Durant la postguerra fou considerat per la policia com a «irreductible i extremadament perillós» per les seves accions «criminals», les seves competències propagandístiques anarquistes i la influència que aconseguí a la seva zona. Després de la «Marxa sobre Roma» es va veure obligat a fugir d'Impruneta. El gener de 1923, juntament amb sa companya i sos dos infants, passà clandestinament a Marsella (Provença, Occitània), però uns mesos després hagueren de separar-se, ell a París (França) i sa família hagué de retornar a Itàlia, on no en pogué sortir malgrat els esforços seus durant els anys 1927 i 1928. A París treballà de pintor en la construcció i freqüentà el cercle anarquista il·legalista al voltant de Sante Pollastro. El novembre de 1925 va ser condemnat per l'Audiència del Sena a un mes de presó per possessió d'«arma prohibida».  El desembre de 1925 va ser detingut en l'agafada que desarticulà la banda de Pollastro. Després d'un any i mig empresonat, va ser jutjat el 9 de maig de 1927 per l'Audiència del Sena, juntament amb altres companys (Marcel Casteu, Thomas Ciapellioni, Marino Desgens, Angelo Garribo, Lazare Limonier i Jules Vuillaume), per l'atracament de la joieria Rubel de París; absolt, va ser alliberat i immediatament expulsat de França. Refugiat amb altres companys a Marsella sota el nom d'Antonio Padovani, va ser identificat pels serveis d'intel·ligència del consolat feixista italià i denunciat. En 1928 passà a Bèlgica i l'agost de 1931 va ser detingut per robatori i també expulsat. Des d'aquest moment sa vida fou un continu sortir d'una presó belga per entrar-hi en una de francesa i viceversa, sota l'acusació de furt o per violació del decret d'expulsió. El 23 de maig de 1935 va ser condemnat per l'Audiència del Sena, juntament amb els anarquistes Dario Fabiani i Dominique Morisi, per robatori a cinc anys de presó i a 10 anys de domicili obligat. El maig de 1940, amb l'ocupació nazi de Bèlgica, va ser alliberat de la presó on romania i, donada la situació, demanà la repatriació. A Itàlia va ser confinat a l'illa d'Ustica per dos anys. De bell nou a Florència, el juliol de 1943 va ser detingut preventivament, com a molts d'altres subversius. Després de l'armistici del 8 de setembre de 1943 i la instauració de la República Social Italiana, mentre molts van ser excarcerats, ell va romandre tancat juntament amb el prestigiós anarquista Oreste Ristori i dos subversius sense filiació excombatents de la guerra d'Espanya, Armando Gualtieri i Orlando Starai, i Francesco Luigi Pugi, comunista condemnat en diverses ocasions per delictes comuns. L'1 de desembre de 1943 els partisans del Gruppi d'Azione Patriottica (GAP, Grup d'Acció Patriòtica) eliminaren el tinent coronel Gino Gobbi, comandant del districte militar de Florència, i com a represàlia els feixistes demanaren ajusticiar 10 detinguts polítics a les autoritats nazis, però el comandant alemany es negà a lliurar els seus presoners. La matinada del 2 de desembre de 1943 Gino Manetti fou agafat de la presó florentina de Le Murate per un escamot feixista de la banda Carità i portat al camp de tir de Le Cascine (Florència, Toscana, Itàlia), on, juntament amb altres quatre companys (Armando Gualtieri, Luigi Francesco Pugi, Oreste Ristori i Orlando Storai), fou afusellat. Els condemnats van ser asseguts en cadires d'esquena a l'escamot d'execució com a signe de traïció a la pàtria. L'octubre de 1944 un dels primers grups anarquistes del barri d'Oltrarno de Florència es batejà amb el seu nom.

Gino Manetti (1898-1943)






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Book 2 – 31: Breaking In


Third Quadrant

Asteroid Tethari

Ollo Base.


As Ubik exited the ship, a bubble of light appeared around his head, quickly becoming transparent. He breathed in the air seeping in through the collar of the suit. The air was very cold and made his nose itch. As he looked around the landing area, the bubble-helmet created a slight distortion at the edges of his vision. He had expected the suit to keep him alive, but not quite like this.

There was a wall of rock on one side of the landing pad and a ramp that sloped down on the other. About two-hundred metres from them was a structure that looked like it had been carved out of a cliff face. It was angular and spiky, a series of towers linked together.

In front of it, there were a number of ships lined up in an orderly fashion, all of them with no obvious markings.

Ubik took a deep breath and smiled. He had made it. His whole life, he had wanted to get off-world and see the universe as it really was. Not travelling between places, not visiting planets that were just a variation of his own, not going over old ground others had already thoroughly explored and inspected, leaving nothing new to be discovered.

Something truly adventurous was what he had been looking for. And here it was.

Above him was the wormhole, which took up most of the sky. It had a foreboding appearance from here, as though it was about to swallow the asteroid. The longer he stared, the more certain he was he could see it moving closer.

He twisted his head, able to move inside the bubble freely, and looked back at the ship. Enaya was a large orange and green half-circle cresting over it. He raised a gloved hand and tried poking a finger through the barrier now surrounding his head. The finger went through, allowing him to scratch his nose.

“Interesting,” he said to himself.

“It’s an adaptive force field,” said Fig’s voice through a speaker also in the collar of the suit. “Forms a seal around anything covered in flaxen.”

Ubik pulled his finger away so only the tip was inside the bubble. The force field clung to the material, allowing him to move his finger up and down without breaking the seal. As he pulled his finger out, the force field reformed like it had never been breached.

“If it lets light in,” said PT, his head also on a bubble of bluish light, “won’t it let in laser fire?” He was standing over by the ship that had been destroyed by its own blasters. It was impossible to tell who it belonged to or if there had been anyone on board. What was clear to them all though was that they had managed to evade the defence matrix, they had access to advanced stealth tech, and they had got here first.

“Like I said, it’s adaptive.” Fig pressed buttons on the control panel that covered his left forearm. He grimaced, his face visible through the visor of his more ordinary helmet. “I’m not getting any response from the base. The network seems to be offline. Or ignoring me.”

PT came bounding across, moving in large steps that kept him in the air for seconds at a time. “I think we can assume someone got here before us. And got past your defences, too.”

“That… doesn’t seem possible,” said Fig, his frown expanding.

Ubik jumped up and down. He didn’t stay in the air (not that there was any) for as long as PT had. Gravity was less than on the planet, but not so great that you might float away. “What’s the gravitational pull here?”

“I’d guess around 0.85,” said PT.

“It’s 0.86G, standard,” said Fig.

“Not a bad guess,” said Ubik. “Might want to fine-tune your internal sensors.”

“I was point-zero-one out.”

“Have you any idea the damage I would cause if I was point-zero-one out in any of my calculations.”

PT looked at him with a deadpan stare that suggested he had a very good idea. “Isn’t 0.85 kind of high for a small rock like this?”

“Yes,” said Fig. “The asteroid has a very dense core but it’s shielded, so we have no idea what it’s made of. It’s one of the asteroid’s many unsolved mysteries.”

They began walking down the ramp towards the base. Ubik took long, easy steps, bouncing as high as he could go. PT floated above him, doing tumbles and landing cleanly. He wasn’t showing off, he was getting used to the gravity so he would have better control over his movements and better range of motion.

Fig moved the most smoothly of them. His steps were almost the same as if he’d been on Enaya, he just moved quicker and with less effort. His eyes were glued to the panel on his arm.

There were eight ships lined up outside the base. There were no signs of life, not even drones.

“Are these all your ships?” asked PT.

Fig glanced up. “Yes.”

“Anyone else get the feeling we’re being watched?” asked Ubik. He had the odd sensation on the back of his neck he only got when someone was keeping tabs on him. He’d learned to ignore it most of the time — in a city, everyone was keeping tabs on everyone else — but it was definitely sending him a small FYI at the moment.

“They probably have cameras all over this place,” said PT.

“Not right now,” said Fig, looking down. “I can’t access anything.”

“Not from the base,” said Ubik. “One of these ships.”

They stopped, four ships on either side of them, and looked around.

“Which one?” said PT.

The eight ships looked more or less identical; basic shuttles, probably able to transport a dozen people each. They had minimal weapons on the exterior — two cannons at the front, a turret on top — more useful for clearing debris and small objects that might wander into a flight path than posing any kind of serious threat to another vessel.

“I think it’s the last one on the left,” said Ubik out of the side of his mouth. “Don’t look, don’t look. Act normal.” He walked towards it, hands behind his back, twirling around and around like he was enjoying an evening stroll.

“Acting like a normal lunatic isn’t acting normal,” said PT.

“I’ll use the sensors on the ship,” said Fig. “Yes, you’re right. General sweep reveals nothing but a targeted probe of that one ship shows two life signs. And it isn’t one of ours. It’s a Holover. A good one — dispersal field, mirrored sensor array, wide bandwidth absorption.”

Ubik stopped. “Oh. Is that all. Forget it then.” He started walking towards the base.

“What do you mean, forget it?” said PT. “There’s obviously another ship under the Holover.”

“Yeah, but only two people. Must be the lookouts. They’ll be ready for us if we try anything. As long as they think they can see us and we can’t see them, they’ll just watch and report our position to the rest of their team.”

“And that’s fine with you?” said PT.

“They’ve already seen us, not like we can reverse that. You have to accept what you can’t change, and use it later to show people they can’t even win with a head start. It really annoys them.”

“I think I have to agree with him,” said Fig. “When it comes to annoying people, he is the master.”

“Thank you,” said Ubik.

“That makes two ships that shouldn’t be here,” said PT. “Security is pretty lax.”

“Yes,” said Fig. “My father would have everyone flayed alive. Figuratively speaking.”

The entrance to the base was through a hooded alcove leading to an inset blast door that was ten metres high. It looked very solid and thick. Hard to get through if it hadn’t been raised above the ground by about half a metre.

It was stuck in that position, the control panel on the wall, smashed and releasing showers of sparks.

“At least there’s a way in,” said PT.

“It’s a trap,” said Ubik. “My many years of experience entering places I’m not supposed to have given me an acute awareness of when someone has left an obvious entry point in the hope of catching a would-be burglar and then holding them in a cell in the basement to torment them at their leisure.”

“That’s very specific,” said Fig. “Is there something you want to tell us?”

“Don’t say that,” said PT. “He might take you up on it.”

Ubik got on his knees and looked under the door. He could see a tunnel that stretched into the distance, strip lighting on either side. There was no movement and no feet, which he’d been hoping to see. These people were playing it smart. He would have to up his game.

He stood up and looked back at the ships they had walked past. Then he set off towards the last one on the left.

“He’s going to somehow break into a disguised ship, origin unknown, without any weapons,” said PT, watching Ubik depart. “How do you think he’ll do it?”

“I don’t have the slightest idea,” said Fig. “I’m sure it will be educational to observe.” The two of them stood at the opening of the alcove, waiting to see the Ubik method at work, from a safe distance.

The Holover was good. It wasn’t up to the standard of the one of Mackus — that was remarkable — but this one could pass, if you didn’t examine it from up close. He could see the slight imperfections, the odd way it didn’t quite sit with the background correctly. But it was designed to fool sensors more than actual people. Who even used the naked eye to see anymore?

Ubik raised his hand and reached out. It passed through the projection. He felt around until he found something solid. Then he pulled back his hand and began pounding with his fist.

“Hello? Anyone home?”

“Are you sure you don’t need a screwdriver or something, oh master of the tronics world?” said PT through comms.

“Wait, he is using an ancient technique we aren’t aware of,” said Fig.

“Open up. Special delivery.” Ubik ignored the doubters and kept banging.

There was a shimmer as the image of the ship vanished, revealing not a ship at all but what looked like a shed. A very simple, prefab hut made of sheets of metal.

A door hissed open on the side and a long gun barrel appeared, followed by a man in a battlesuit that had seen better days. Behind him was another similarly dressed man, also carrying a rifle. They pointed their weapons at Ubik, who tried to look past them into the shed.

“Stick your hands up,” said the first man, jerking his weapon at Ubik. The voice was coming over the comms even though Ubik hadn’t activated anything. Did the suit do it automatically or had Fig patched him into an open channel?

“Stick my hands up what?” asked Ubik.

“In the air, stick them in the air.”

“Strictly speaking, there is no air. We’re in the vacuum of space.” Ubik looked at the suits the men were wearing. “Who are you guys? You’re not VendX. I thought you’d be here with Chukka, but your gear, it’s not VendX, is it? No. And you aren’t Central Authority. Is the Seneca Corps having recruitment issues?”

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“We’re here for the base commander’s birthday,” said Ubik. “We’ve brought a special guest for the party. Over there, maybe you know her? The lovely Janeane Ingwe.”

The two men looked at each other, guns still pointing at Ubik.

“Never heard of her.”

“Don’t say that. You’ll hurt her feelings. She’s a star of the Battle Arenod.”

“Oh, yes,” said the man standing in the rear. “I think I might have heard of her.”

“There you go. You can meet her if you like. Just remember she looks a lot better once she’s got her makeup and costume on.” Ubik half-turned and raised a hand. “Janeane, over here.”

PT remained where he was and shook his head.

“Sorry, she’s very shy off-stage. Which is surprising considering what she’s willing to do for a glass of white wine and fifty scurs, if you know what I mean. You boys been up here on this rock for a while, have you? Must get lonely. Janeane could cheer you up a bit. I know she’s a big girl, but some men like to be put in their place. The base commander’s that way, apparently. Maybe your commander is, too?”

The one in the rear lowered the tip of his rifle. “Actually, I think he might b—”

“Shut up,” said the one in front. “He’s lying. They’re here for the loot. They’re scavs.”

“Scavs?” The one in back raised his gun hurriedly. “What do you want to do? There’s three of them and two of us.”

“Then let’s even the odds.” The one in front brought his gun up to his shoulder and fired it at Ubik.

The shot didn’t hurt as much as tingle. Ubik looked down and put a hand on his chest, which was warm. “I think you made my heart skip a beat.”

The man shot again, twice. The charge hit Ubik both times, and then dissipated through the suit.

“Try shooting me in the head,” said Ubik. “I’m curious to see what that will do.”

Both men aimed their weapons higher and blasted Ubik point-blank in the face.

He saw the light from the muzzles, but the bubble around his head absorbed the blasts and expanded. They kept firing, looks of confusion on their faces, as the bubble grew and grew.

It was a very unusual way to disperse energy.

“Look at my giant head,” said Ubik. His voice sounded loud and echoed inside the helmet. “Did you hear that? Do I sound weird?”

The two men had stopped shooting. They looked at their guns. The one on the right turned to his colleague, raised his gun, and fired it. He seemed to have concluded the gun wasn’t working properly, and the best way to test it was on a second target. His colleague didn’t agree, judging by the scream he made when he was knocked to the ground.

“Sorry, sorry. I thought…”

“Doesn’t look good,” boomed Ubik. The man on the ground wasn’t moving. “Hold on. I don’t think he’s dead. I know what to do.”

Ubik bent down and grabbed the body by the right foot.

“Hey, let him go,” said the shooter.

“It’s fine, don’t worry. My friends can help. Come on.” Ubik began running back towards the others, the giant bowl on his head making him feel like he was about to tip over, even though it didn’t feel any heavier. He dragged the body behind him, the reduced gravity making it quite easy.

The other man followed, his gun still in his hands, his face showing a lot of conflicting emotions.

Fig and PT also displayed conflicting emotions on their faces as giant-headed Ubik came bounding towards them, dragging a body and followed by a man with a rifle. They did the sensible thing and got out of his way.

Ubik loped past them, got to the blast door and swung his arm forward, sending the body sliding along the ground, through the gap.

A scream came through the comms, modulating in the manner of someone getting hit fast and hard. The pattern suggested to Ubik the man was taking blaster shots to the chest, rapid-fire, at least a thousand kilojoules per shot. The screaming ended abruptly.

“See,” said Ubik, “I told you he wasn’t dead.”


Book 2 – 30: Lawful Entry


Third Quadrant.

Planet Enaya.

The White Palace.

Green Room.


Figaro took the other two to the green room, the large changing area next to the landing pad at the back of the compound. This was where his father’s employees prepped for space flight, either to go up to the asteroid or to make various other journeys to the many Ollo facilities in the system.

Usually, the place would be full of people coming and going, but today it was just the three of them. Figaro went to the storeroom and brought out Ollo flight suits for the two latest members of the Ollo research team. It was only right that they be dressed appropriately. The suits were white, very plain, and extremely light.

“What’s this made of?” said PT, as he put it on. “It’s even lighter than my greys.”

“It’s a material my father developed. He calls it flaxen, but I’m not sure what it’s really made of. Some chemical compound no one’s ever heard of before, probably. We only have six of them and they each cost a large fortune to manufacture.”

“Ah, yes,” said Ubik, stroking the suit, “I’ve seen this before.”

“I don’t see how,” said Figaro. “It isn’t commercially available.”

“I once broke into the rich guy’s house,” said Ubik, “during my wild youth — don’t worry, I’m a reformed character these days — and the toilet paper in his bathroom felt just like this.” Ubik sighed. “Best dump of my life.” He sighed again, a fond memory playing in his mind.

“We also have a range of weapons,” said Figaro. “I wasn’t sure what you’d want to take, though. They do have some up there, but I don’t know what kind of—”

“No weapons,” said Ubik. “We are men of science.” He lifted up his head and jutted out his chin.

“Aren’t you going to wear one?” asked PT, ignoring Ubik’s posing.

Figaro was wearing his regular flight suit. “No, I prefer this one. I’m used to it and it’s not quite as snug as those ones.”

Figaro pressed the pad on Ubik’s shoulder and the suit tightened, making Ubik gasp. Once it had shrunk to fit his body, the ribbing expanded and formed a black mesh.

“Environmental controls are self-regulated,” said Figaro. “It will adapt to whatever environment we find ourselves in. It can withstand a blast of up to 118 gigajoules. Anything more than that will cause a breach.”

“It can take a direct hit from a mounted laser cannon?” said PT.

“Yes,” said Figaro. “A ship’s cannon is the upper limit, although the impact would probably shatter your skeleton and crush your internal organs. Sustained rapid-fire of less intensity may also kill you. We are going into an unexplored Antecessor site, we most likely will encounter some hostility. These suits will provide you with some protection but it would still be better if you try to avoid being hit.”

“I’ll do my best,” said PT. He hit his own shoulder and the suit conformed to his body.

“Couldn’t work out a shock absorption system to disperse the impact?” said Ubik. He checked himself over, twisting and turning to get a look at himself. Then he put his boots on over the top of the integrated footwear the suit provided.

Figaro considered telling him the boots weren’t necessary, but he was sure his words would be met with derision and an unabridged recital of the Delgado company manifesto.

“These suits will protect you better than anything else, under the circumstances,” said Figaro. The Ollo brand deserved some recognition, even if it would never meet Ubik’s high standards — that would require a D symbol embossed somewhere. “They still have to obey the laws of physics, though.”

Ubik stood up and stamped his feet so the boots fit better over his already padded extremities. He crouched down and began making adjustments to the boots. “You have to obey the current laws of physics. Once you change them, then it’s a lot easier to get things done the way you want.”

“How can you change the laws of physics?” said PT. “Are you a cosmic being, Ubik. Did you come down from the stars to show us mortals how to rewire our tronics on a budget?”

“No,” said Ubik. “You’re looking at it back-to-front. There are no laws of physics. There are only natural laws that operate on a universal scale that we can’t use. In natural units, all units are constant. At the birth of the universe, the amount of energy present was one unit. Now, the amount of energy present is also one unit. What we do to calculate changes and rise and fall of energy is meaningless.”

“While I agree that’s true on a universal scale,” said Figaro, “we only need to worry about what applies to us. Isn’t that what you do? Take what you’ve got in front of you and put it to the best use you can?”

“It’s what I do now,” said Ubik. “Tomorrow, maybe it won’t work.”

“As long as it works today,” said PT. “That’s all that really matters.”

“You’ll never progress beyond your limitations thinking like that,” said Ubik. “It works for now, in our limited space. Once we enter a larger space, or if we manage to make it into universal space, then it will stop working. Our laws are like if you went into someone’s house and they had blue paint on the walls, and when you chipped it off you found there was older, yellow paint underneath. What would people say?”

“They’d say, ‘How did you get in my house’,” said PT. “‘Get out you vandal.’”

“They’d say, Ah, behind every blue wall, there is a yellow wall. And then they’d go next door, where they also had blue walls, and try to scrape the paint off, but the homeowners wouldn’t let them—”

“I’m surprised they even let them in the door,” said PT.

“Don’t need a door if you have windows,” said Ubik. “But even if they can’t check, they’d say it was true for now and make it the universal law of painting and decorating and win awards and, you know, that’s science.”

“This is very specific,” said PT. “Is this also when you were breaking into people’s houses?”

“He’s right,” said Figaro. “Except that when they did eventually manage to find a way to strip the paint, they would find there actually was yellow paint underneath there, too. It’s not like there isn’t evidence for our theories to be true.”

“That isn’t science,” said PT. “That’s people living unimaginative lives. Eventually, they’ll find a home with blue walls without a yellow undercoat. Then what? It all falls apart?”

“No,” said Ubik. “Then we discover the science of quantum decorating.”

Ubik pulled what looked like a loose thread from his sleeve and the black mesh changed colour to red. “I think this colour goes better with my boots.”

PT carefully examined his own sleeve and found no thread to pull. “Did you know the suit could do that?”

“No,” said Figaro. “I’m pretty sure it can’t. My father has no interest in meaningless customisation. We only have white paint on the exterior of our house, to protect against the weather.”

“Let’s go,” said Ubik. “I can’t wait to see this ship. It’s going to be something special, I can feel it. A ship so advanced, Ramon Ollo hasn’t even tested it yet, because of the inherent danger.”

“Wait,” said PT. “What inherent danger? What kind of ship is this? Ubik, hold on, don’t you think we should take a normal shuttle or something?”

They left the green room through large metal doors that slid aside to let in a stiff breeze, and stepped out onto the landing pad. The three of them strode across the open area.

The ship waiting for them wasn’t very big — about the size of a regular shuttle — and gave no indication it was anything else. It was a grey box with no features, no armaments (not visible ones) and a noticeable lack of cosmetic modification. One thing did stand out, however. On the side of the ship, across the door that was halfway between front and back, was the ship’s name: POV Ubik.

“Bit of a coincidence,” said PT, “your father naming his new ship after Ubik.”

Figaro looked at the name with a slight frown. “He only ever gives his creations numerical designation for cataloguing purposes. If my mother hadn’t intervened, I would have been Ollo-37689.”

“Why not Ollo-1?” asked PT.

“Already in use,” said Figaro. “A self-replicating microchip. We don’t get on.”

“I put the name on it when I pulled it up,” said Ubik. “Give it a bit of character.” He walked up to the ship and patted it. “It’s not that your dad doesn’t do fashion, he just doesn’t have the time to jazz stuff up. If we had longer, I would have requisitioned a whole new look. Right, maiden voyage of the Private Ollo Vessel Ubik, ready for launch.”

The three of them stood there.

“Aren’t you going to open the door?” asked PT.

“I can’t,” said Ubik. “It’ll only open for Fig.”

“Ah,” said PT, “so you can’t override this system without permission. And only for a limited time. Interesting. I think I’ll make Ollo my brand of choice.”

“Obviously.” Ubik rolled his eyes. “Ollo systems are the most advanced in the galaxy. I’d need at least a couple of hours to crack them.”

Figaro walked up to the ship and the door opened, half flipping up and the other half forming a gangplank.

The interior lit up, starting at the doorway and spreading into the cabin in either direction. The interior was barebones, as Figaro had expected, with two seats and a control panel that was all knobs and wires.

Figaro took one of the seats. PT looked at Ubik.

“You might as well sit,” said PT.

“I’m fine.” Ubik tapped his heels and remained standing. “Delgados.”

“Okay,” said PT, sitting down and strapping himself in. “So what’s so special about this thing? Super-fast, is it?”

Figaro looked at the panel. There was no onboard AI and no assisted controls, but he was familiar enough with his father’s methods and practices to have a rough idea of what the knobs did. Most of them, anyway.

A screen turned on, showing the exterior, and a HUD lit up to provide readings and telemetry.

“From what I can tell,” said Figaro, performing the flight check, “seems to have a modified core. Hasn’t been tested, so this could also be the Ubik’s last journey.”

“How often do your father’s inventions explode on ignition?” asked PT.

“About half and half,” said Figaro.

“It’ll be fine,” said Ubik. “I checked the diagnostic logs. This ship, under controlled conditions, sixteen percent chance of exploding.”

“Good odds,” said Figaro. He activated the engine and fired the thrusters. The ship rose very quickly but there was no change in gravity or pressure inside the cabin.

“This is the smoothest acceleration I’ve ever experienced,” said PT. “I hardly felt us move at all.”

Within seconds, they were in the upper atmosphere. The HUD started to flash and blink, then stabilised once Figaro had twisted some knobs. He wasn’t sure what the telemetry meant, he just levelled it out and kept it within an acceptable range. It wasn’t a very long trip and the ship had all the basic systems in place. He wasn’t sure why Ubik had wanted to use this particular ship — it didn’t seem to be anything more than an advanced engine design that required very little fuel — but he was willing to be guided by Ubik’s instincts.

“We’ve got an incoming message,” said Ubik, pointing at the screen. He had a panel open and was doing something to the internal wiring Figaro was certain his father wouldn’t approve of.

“I don’t see anything,” said Figaro. Then the symbol appeared where Ubik had pointed.

“How did you know that?” said PT. “Are you psychic now?”

“No, just felt the vibrations in the air.” Ubik smiled in the way he did whenever he lied and knew you knew he was lying.

Figaro opened a channel.

“This is the Central Authority. This a restricted area. Return to your point of origin.”

“This is POV…” Figaro hesitated. “This is an official Ollo research vessel heading for the Tethari wormhole control centre. If you have queries, please contact Mackus.”

There was a pause.

“They’re scanning us,” said Figaro.

“Good thing we’re unarmed,” said PT.

“Understood. Proceed.”

The journey took eight minutes. There was no sensation of movement other than the change in size of the asteroid as they approached.

Then the screen went green and the interior flashed red.

“This doesn’t seem good,” said PT.

“We’re being targeted by the asteroid’s defence matrix,” said Figaro. “Don’t worry about it. My father’s systems all have two protocols in common. One is to never fire on me, no matter who’s in control of them. And the other is to use their full power against me without reservation, if I happen to have lost control of my organic. Since I’m currently in full command of my senses…”

The lights returned to normal.

No one contacted them as they came in across the rocky barren terrain. Either the comms were down or there was no one left to operate them.

“I’m going to bring us down on the secondary landing pad,” said Figaro. “It’s a short walk to the base from there but we’ll have a better chance to see what the situation is.”

“You think the site’s been compromised?” asked PT.

“I’m not sure,” said Figaro. “Better to be cautious.”

“Interesting concept,” said Ubik.

Figaro brought the ship down on a flat piece of tarmac with landing markings. It was a soft landing with no issues. He had made it to the asteroid after years of asking his father and being told not yet.

“The gravity here,” said PT, “it’s—”

The ship shook and the console lit up.

“We’re being shot,” said Figaro.

“From where? Are we damaged?”

“No, we took no damage,” said Figaro. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing. “And it’s from next to us. It’s stopped.”

The screen switched to a side view. There was a large molten lump on the pad that hadn’t been there when they came in to land.

“It’s a ship,” said Ubik. “Or was. Must have been cloaked.”

“What happened to it?” said PT.

“It opened fire on us. This ship is fitted with a reflector shield. If anyone fires on us it’ll send back the fire to the point of origin with roughly a one-thousand-fold increase in power. Their offence is our best defence. Not bad for a prototype. Let’s go have a look.” The ship door opened.

“Did you just open the door?” asked PT.

“Had a little time to work on it.” Ubik exited the ship.


Book 2 – 28: Assuming Control


Third Quadrant.

Planet Enaya.

The White Palace.

Control Room.


Figaro looked at Mackus’ corpse and tried to separate what he was feeling from what he needed to do.

The snapped neck put the head at an unsettling angle; the open mouth with hanging tongue created a foolish appearance; the glazed, unseeing eyes managed to accuse Figaro from beyond the veil. A poor ending for a proud man.

Figaro pushed the thought aside. Things were still far from resolved and a clear head was a necessity.

Standing over the body was a duplicate Mackus, feet straddling his own progenitor.

Figaro scanned the screen to the left of the Holover. There was a sonogram of a human heart beating. Blood vessels attached to it were filled with flowing blood. The nervous system, the lymphatic system, the organs and tissues were all held in the network, but the readings were operating independently, or so it appeared. Figaro had never seen a Holover this detailed. He wondered if his father had made one of these of him. Or of himself.

The copy was perfectly identical and showed all the obvious signs of life. Chest falling and rising, nostrils flaring slightly, eyes wet with moisture, pupils reacting to light. It could probably walk around if necessary.

According to the network’s parameters printed on the screen, the Holover would last indefinitely, responding to any and all attempts to verify Mackus’ status. A scan with a handheld medical device or a long-range probe from orbit, the result would be the same. Mackus was alive and in robust health, as far as the universe was concerned. Figaro looked down at the sorry-looking crumpled heap on the floor and frowned.

“He took the risk,” said Ganesh. “He would be the last one to complain about the result.”

“I know,” said Figaro. “He was family, though. I would like to give him a decent farewell, but I don’t have the time. It feels… disrespectful.”

Ganesh snorted air out of his nose in a dismissive manner. “Respect is earned, Figaro. And lost. He went too far.”

“Yes, but he was right,” said Figaro. “I don’t have the obligatory ruthlessness to do what’s necessary. To lead. There will be people far more vicious than him I will have to face. I can’t afford to hesitate, or to be merciful. Father would never have. Nor my mother.”

“Your parents aren’t the best people to use as examples.”

“And neither did you.”

“I am not the best example, either. We are the product of our experiences, not all of them laudable. You have yet to have yours. They will shape you in ways you can not yet imagine. Perhaps you will fall short of your potential, but now is not the time to consider such matters that you have no control over. You did well, Figaro. I can’t say for certain your father would be proud of you, and I have even less idea how the mind of your mother works, but I can tell you I am proud of you. And immensely grateful. To you and to your friends.”

They looked over at the other two. Ubik was stuffing sandwiches into his mouth from a tray carried by a drone Figaro had sent for. At the same time, he was taking apart the two drones Mackus had used, putting some pieces in his pockets and tossing others aside.

PT was eating at a slower rate but he was carefully moving some sandwiches to one side of the tray, and slapping Ubik’s grasping hand away if they came too close.

Figaro returned his attention to the board and switched the main screen to Dr Yune’s laboratory. The doctor was lying on the table as before.

“What will you do with him?” asked Ganesh. “Kill him? He wouldn’t be aware of it.”

“No, I need him to remove this.” Figaro held up his wrist. The bracelet was half-buried in his flesh, the skin around it inflamed. “But it will have to wait until I return with Father.” He turned some dials and changed the numbers on the screen around the doctor’s body. He couldn’t remove the drugs already in the doctor’s blood, but he could add to them. “Until then, the doctor’s trip will be extended by another seventy-two hours. That should be long enough.”

“Will he survive that long?”

“I’m not sure, but if anyone can, it would be him.” Figaro confirmed the settings and activated the network’s acquisition of the doctor’s medical systems. The doctor would be under for five days now. If they weren’t back by then, he would wake up, theoretically. He might not be quite the same man he once was, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“You will go up to the asteroid now?” said Ganesh.


“With them?”


“You gave him complete control of your father’s network. You trust him that much?” The curve of one eyebrow suggested Ganesh questioned the soundness of the idea.

“No,” said Figaro. “It isn’t about trust. It’s about… need. He is the best person to rely on for now. Later… we’ll see. There’s a balance between the three of us. I can’t really explain it.”

“I would come with you, but…”

“Your family.”

Ganesh looked at the Holover simulacrum of Mackus. “Even if they aren’t in immediate danger, who knows for how long? I have to find them.”

“I know,” said Figaro. “Do you have any idea where Mackus would hide them?”

Ganesh shook his head. “He knows me too well, and his thinking was always too elaborate for me to follow. I’m sure your friend would find me painfully simple.”

Ubik was distracting PT with tronic parts while surreptitiously switching sandwiches whose fillings he had eaten with the ones PT had reserved for later.

“Probably,” said Figaro. “But he relies on people’s confusion to get things past them. You would be able to choke him out before he got the chance.”

The image brought a smile to Ganesh’s lips, as Figaro had known it would.

“Mackus, respond,” said a voice over the speaker. “Six-hour check-in. Respond, please.”

“I’ll get it,” said Ubik through a mouthful of food, running to the nearest console. “I linked up all of Mackus’s implants to the network. I’ll get them to reveal their location.”

Ubik pressed down on a round button and it popped out of its fitting. He pulled it up, extending a rod from underneath. He brought it up to mouth-height and spoke into it.

“Hello, there. Where you be?” The words came out of the Holover’s mouth, in Mackus’ voice, if he was in the middle of eating.

“Mackus? Is that you?”

Figaro pushed Ubik aside and spoke into the microphone. “Here. Verify. Password sequence, begin.”

This time, the Holover spoke crisply, with the same unequivocal tone as the original.

A stream of numbers and symbols appeared across the screen above the console, some changing colours, others rotating. Figaro’s hands moved quickly, instructing the network to analyse the sequence, cross-reference it with all of Mackus’ previous codes, factoring in any messages within his private database, which was now accessible, thanks to Ubik.

The network sent back a response code. Probability of success was 97.3%, which was decent.

“Confirmed,” said the voice. “Moving targets to secondary location.”

“Wait,” said Figaro. “There’s been a change from the cardinal configuration. The boy has brought in a hacker. He’s an idiot but he’s lucky.” Ubik looked like he was about to protest, but then reconsidered as though accepting the description as fair. “If you see any unusual activity on the board, assume it’s him. Do not engage. I repeat — do not engage.”

“Confirmed. We’ll switch to Contingency A.”

“No,” said Figaro. “They have the network running analysis. Consider all safe locations compromised. Take them to an off-site.”

“Yes, sir. We’ll take them to—”

“No. Don’t confirm.” Figaro had interrupted angrily. “Move. Active-silence.”

The signal broke off.

“You stopped him before he told us where he was going,” said PT.

“I know where they’re going,” said Figaro. “I know how Mackus trained them to think. He trained me the same way. Behind enemy lines to an area already cleared. They’ll return to Ganesh’s home and replace the security detail already there. They’ll become their own hunters. Makes it a lot easier to evade capture. Of course, there won’t be a detail there.” He turned to Ganesh. “Just you.”

“Thank you,” said Ganesh. “All of you. I will see you when you return.” He didn’t wait for a response and hurried towards the doors. They didn’t open.

“Let him out,” shouted Ubik. The doors slid aside and Ganesh left with a small wave.

“How many of them will he be up against?” asked PT.

“Six. Ganesh won’t have any trouble. Not even if there were sixty.”

“I don’t see why you had to take over,” said Ubik. “My impersonation of Mackus was flawless.”

“You sounded nothing like him,” said PT.

“Were you not paying attention? That was exactly how he spoke.” He leaned over the microphone. “‘I’m in charge, I am. Everyone do as I say.’”

The Holover put one hand on its hip and pointed at PT.

“See?” said Ubik. He took a sandwich off the tray the drone had brought over and bit into it. Then he frowned and opened the sandwich to find it had no filling. He looked over at PT, who now had his personal supply of sandwiches sitting on the console next to him.

“I wonder if Ramon Ollo protected the network from crumbs,” mused Ubik.

“I doubt it,” said Figaro. “He never allowed anyone to eat in here. I’ll probably be grounded once he finds out. If you’ve both finished, perhaps we can go find him.”

The screen flickered, showing a stream of data, but this time it was all words and identification protocols.

“This is the Central Authority. Security certification is available for review. Ollo compound, respond.

“This is Mackus D’Livia,” said Figaro, brusque and off-hand. “What do you want?”

“Request access to—”

“Denied. Where were you when the Seneca Corps were threatening to extinguish our world?”

“The Central Authority followed Treaty 7 guidelines, as required by—”

“Are you fully automated? Is there a Guardian on-site?”

“There is currently no—”

“Then I don’t want to hear from you again until there is, as agreed in Treaty 19.”

“Treaty 19 also states that in the event of no Guardian being available within a range of—”

“What about the Guardian on the Nirvana? Are they dead?”

“Guardian Tezla has been recovered. She is in stasis.”

“Then thaw her out, and then you can request access.” Figaro cut off the communication.

“Nice,” said Ubik. “Kid’s got a way with drones. Could probably teach me a thing or two.”

PT rolled his eyes.

Figaro looked at the Holover of Mackus, which was staring resolutely forward. “Thanks. It’s only slightly worrying that I can get more done when I’m pretending to be him than when I’m myself.”

“Don’t let it bother you,” said PT. “We’re all going to wind up dead long before we can develop our own methods for dealing with these kinds of situations. Borrowing his methods is perfectly acceptable.”

“Feel free to borrow mine,” said Ubik.

“That will only see us dead a lot sooner,” said PT.

“The evidence suggests otherwise,” said Ubik. “Having said that, this prototype ship of your dad’s hasn’t been tested yet, and has never been in space. But don’t worry, I’ve read a lot of books on flying. Shouldn’t be too hard to pick up.”

“Wait,” said PT, gathering up his sandwiches and keeping them out of Ubik’s reach. “You don’t know how to fly this thing?”

“Strictly speaking, I’ve never flown a ship of this type. Or any ship. But how hard can it be?”

“I’ll fly it,” said Figaro.

“But—” said Ubik.

“Shut up and do what you’re told,” snapped Mackus’ Holover.

“Alright, alright,” said Ubik. As they left the control room, Ubik leaned closer to PT. “Those two are more alike than he thinks.”

“We’ll see,” said PT. “Now give me back the sandwich you just lifted.” He held out his hand.

Ubik looked hurt by the accusation. Then he gave back the sandwich.


Book 2 – 27: Main Event


Third Quadrant.

Planet Enaya.

The White Palace.

Control Room.


The metal band Ubik had placed on his head like a crown tingled. There was no direct neural connection, but Ubik could feel the pulses of electricity firing through his temples into his brain. It allowed him to see the room as it was meant to be seen.

An overlay indicated what every button, switch and readout was for, how to use it and what its current status was, updated in real-time.

Blue text filled up Ubik’s vision, and then faded when he shifted his focus. Red text flashed to call his attention to something. Green text informed him of active systems. Orange text warned him of operations coming to an end. Purple text alerted him to countermeasures that were ready to deploy.

All this hand-holding probably wasn’t necessary once you were familiar with the network, but it made it a lot easier for a first time user. There was still a lot to take in. But unlike the Central Authority infodump he had endured, this was designed to be mastered over time. The metal band was a training tool. The network had been built so a child could learn it.

The Seneca ship on the screen was impressively outfitted. It was heavily armed and shielded. It would take a serious amount of firepower to put even a small dent in its side, unless you happened to have a detailed breakdown of every onboard system and component.

As it happened, Ubik had exactly such a breakdown. Just by looking at a part of the ship, the network gave him exact data on what it did, its current condition, and its weaknesses to attack.

“I love this,” said Ubik. “I am so going to make one of these.”

“You faked the destruction of a Seneca warship,” said Fig. “You put the whole world under a death sentence. You misled the Seneca High Command… or were they part of this?”

Mackus said nothing. His face was a blank slate, calculating his options. Ubik found it very funny. He had already calculated the available options, he knew Mackus was seeing one dead end after another.

“It’s a good thing I’m here,” said Ubik, grinning. “You two would have strung this out for days. You set up the Seneca explosion to trick Fig. But Fig’s known you since he was born, he knows how you think. No way would he believe you were going to hand over control to him, no matter what the threat. But you knew Fig would be suspicious, so obviously you would take that into account and give him something to latch onto. But Fig would be expecting you to—”

“Alright, alright,” said PT, “we get the idea. You’re giving me a headache.”

“Your problem,” said Ubik to Mackus, “is you think too simple. You’re one of those ‘shortest distance between two points’ kind of guys.”

“You think the problem was his plan was too simple?” said PT. “What am I saying? Compared to one of your plans, it’s completely transparent.”

“Who are you people?” said Mackus, his voice quiet and controlled.

The main screen changed from a view of the Seneca ship to a view of a very grim-looking Seneca officer.

“What have you done, Mackus?” she said. She didn’t seem very happy.

“Hello,” said Ubik brightly. “I wouldn’t prime those forward artillery placements if I were you. If I hit them between the third and fourth segment breaks, your whole front section will detach. We should talk later, I can fix most of the issues for a very reasonable price.”

The woman’s face became grimmer, which Ubik hadn’t thought possible.

“General Sway,” said Mackus, “this is unfortunate, but not irreparable.”

“Indeed,” said General Sway. Her gaze switched to Fig. “Unfortunate.”

“You have broken several Seneca statutes,” said Fig. “Even if they gave consent for this mission, they’ll never admit it. There is no fixing this for you, Devora.”

There was a slight twitch in the general’s left eye. “You are correct, Figaro. But I can clean up this mess. For the Corps.”

“No,” said Mackus. “This is salvageable!”

The consensus seemed to be that General Sway intended to wipe the slate clean. No one would know what happened here, no one would know who was to blame. A noble sacrifice by the Corps, for the Corps.

Ubik started giggling. “I like your confidence, Devora. You really think you can still achieve some kind of victory.”

General Sway scowled. “Has he gone mad?”

“It’s hard to tell,” said PT.

“It’s under consideration,” said Fig.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m the loony one,” said Ubik. “Could a crazy person do this, though?”

Everyone stopped and waited. Nothing happened, or at least didn’t appear to.

“What did you do?” said PT.

“Really? Do you even have eyes? Look around you.”

Everyone looked at their surroundings, apart from the bald, bearded man. He was staring intently at Ubik.

“Oh,” said Fig. “There’s a forcefield.”

They looked closer and saw the slight refraction of light. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, they were covered in a gloss that hadn’t been there a moment before.

“Exactly,” said Ubik, looking back at the bearded man and giving him a thumbs up. “This is what your dad called the Figaro Protocol, specially designed to counter the Seneca Protocol. There are sixteen billion executables in the network with one common factor — in each of them, Figaro Carmen Ollo is prevented from dying.” He turned his head to look at Fig. “Carmen, huh? Bet your mother came up with that. Anyway, this room is now sealed inside an impenetrable bubble. Nothing gets in or out. The universe could end and we’d still be here.” He turned his attention to the screen. “Open fire on us and the network on the asteroid will destroy you. Attack the asteroid first, and the planetary defence grid will destroy you. Attack both at the same time, and the nearest moon will open fire on you. And that’s just three of the sixteen billion options. I really, really love this. I’m gonna build two of them. Two feels like the minimum you need.”

“You seriously underestimate what the Seneca Corps is capable of,” said General Sway.

“You seriously underestimate what I’m capable of,” said Fig. “The person who trained you also trained me, Devora. Except, she didn’t go easy on me. You will take your ship and leave. Call off the fleet and make up whatever explanation you want — I won’t contradict it. But refuse my offer, and I will release data on your ships and installations. Everyone will know your weaknesses. You will personally be responsible for the end of the Corps.”

“I don’t think so,” said General Sway. “There is no way for you to send out a signal. When we collapse this region of space, nothing will escape. I will be proud to give my life and the life of my crew for the glory—”

She was interrupted by Ubik’s laughter. “There she goes again. Lady, you can’t stop us sending out a galaxy-wide signal, even if you collapse the wormhole and every star in this cluster. You know why? Sixteen billion solutions. Yes, Ramon saw this one coming, too. You know what he did? He set up a corporation. It’s called Node PLC.”

“My father owns Node?” said Fig.

“Founder and sole owner.”

“How did you find that in sixteen billion lines of code?” said PT.

“Oh, it’s more than sixteen billion lines. Anyway, he used it to create a huge broadcasting franchise across the quadrant, built around wrestling, among other things. Didn’t even bother to supervise its growth. Just gave it a mission statement — maximise the pay-per-view revenue stream. That was enough to create the most sophisticated subspace communication array every built. Doesn’t need space to exist to work. I can reach any point in the quadrant in under 0.1 milliseconds. Actually faster than the speed of light, although not really. Mostly shortcuts.” Ubik looked up at the screen and saluted. “Ramon Ollo sends his greetings.”

There was a fury in her eyes that could have laid waste to entire worlds, and probably had. “You have made an enemy of the Corps today.”

“Wait till you see what I’ve got planned for tomorrow,” said Ubik.

“Leave now, Devora,” said Fig. “You were always my mother’s favourite. I don’t want to upset her.”

The screen went blank, then showed the ship again. It turned around, thrusters firing on one side, and then it blasted off.

“You did well, Figaro,” said Mackus. “But you had her completely at your mercy and let her go. She won’t be as forgiving. This is the reason why you aren’t fit to take your father’s place.”

“Mackus, no one is fit to take my father’s place. But the position still belongs to me. Your attempted coup has failed.”

“Unlike you,” said Mackus, “I am not afraid to cross the line when necessary. Ganesh. You know what will happen if anything happens to me...”

Eyes turned to Ganesh, who had been watching quietly. His looked like he was in pain. He took a step towards Fig. Then stopped. He grunted but couldn’t move his feet.

“I apologise,” said Ubik. “Your Delgados are now part of the network.” It was an underhanded thing to do. No man should have control of his Delgados taken away from him.

Ganesh looked down at his feet. Then he pulled his feet out of the boots. He stood there in his socks.

“Didn’t you consider he might do that?” said PT.

“He voluntarily took off his Delgados,” said Ubik. “Why would anyone… Can you beat him?”

“No,” said Fig, backing away. “Mackus is the only one who ever could”

“What about you?”

“Not even close,” said PT.

“Guys, come on, have a little faith in yourselves.”

“Isn’t he in the sixteen billion?” said PT.

“He is,” said Ubik. “But I think I have a better idea.”

“Better than Ramon Ollo?” said PT. “Are you—”

The lights on the boards flashed once. Everyone floated into the air.

“Okay,” said PT. “I like this plan. Can you switch the gravity between zero and point six. Make it a three-second interval.”

Gravity returned, gently bringing everyone down, and then cut out again, sending them bobbing up.

PT tucked in his legs and rotated in mid-air. As gravity returned, he kicked off the floor and ended up standing on the ceiling just as weightlessness returned.

“Nice moves,” said Ganesh.

“Born on a colony ship,” said PT. Gravity kicked in again and PT used it to launch himself at Ganesh.

Ganesh fell backwards, tucked into a somersault, kicked off the wall and flew over PT. “So was I.”

“What?” said Ubik. “That wasn’t in the database?”

Ganesh hit the ceiling with his stockinged feet and pushed off, throwing a small strip of metal ahead of him. He wasn’t aiming at PT or Fig. He was aiming for Ubik.

Ubik was distracted. What distracted him was the metal projectile coming towards him. It was the Delgado logo, taken from the side of Ganesh’s boot. He was about to be killed by the Delgado insignia. The idea of it was just too traumatic for Ubik to react.

The insignia struck him on the head, sending the headband flying off. Ganesh came hurtling in behind it.

“No, no, no,” shouted Ubik. “This isn’t one of the sixteen billion.” He tried to get out of the way but he had fixed his own Delgados to the floor for stability and couldn’t move.

Point-Two struck Ganesh from the side, sending him spinning away before he could reach Ubik.

“Nice moves,” said PT. “A little outdated, though. I don’t think you’ve been keeping up with developments in zero-G tag.” He put a foot on Ubik’s chest and hurled himself upward. He hit the ceiling, bounced off and came down heading away from Ganesh.

As Ganesh repositioned to try for Ubik again, PT twisted so his trajectory curved. He came at Ganesh from behind.

Ganesh tried to shift his weight but he was out of position and could only push PT away, shoving both hands at him.

But PT was expecting the move. Rather than try to block or evade, he grabbed Ganesh’s wrists and pulled him in. He rolled backwards, threw Ganesh over him, and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying across the room.

Mackus was trying to get hold of the metal band. Fig kicked off a wall but the variable gravity was hard for him to manage with any accuracy, and Ganesh was coming directly towards him. Fig held his position above the integration station and waited for Ganesh.

Gravity kicked in, Fig dropped, Ganesh’s momentum kept him flying. Fig planted one foot on the top of the console and sent a sweeping kick at Ganesh. It struck him on the shoulder.

Ganesh twisted in mid-air, copying the move PT had made earlier, and curved through the air, slamming into Mackus who had the metal band in his hand.

Ganesh grabbed Mackus by the waist, spun around him and closed his arms around him from behind, his arm around his neck. There was a sharp snap and Mackus’ head went limp.

Ganesh let him go and Mackus’s body floated in the air for a couple of seconds, and then fell to the ground in a heap.

Everyone else also returned to the ground as Ubik’s hand darted across the main board.

“Good,” said Ubik. “That went very well.” He looked at PT. “You were a bit slow to get it”

“I was acting,” said PT.

“Very convincing,” said Ubik.

“Are you sure the room is sealed?” said Ganesh, looking anxious.

“No signal in or out,” said Ubik.

PT had picked up the metal band and offered it to Ubik.

“Don’t need it anymore,” said Ubik.

“Took me twelve years to get to that point,” said Fig with a sigh. “What now? As soon as you unseal the room, Mackus’ death will trigger whatever failsafe he set up. Ganesh’s family will be killed.”

“Nah,” said Ubik. There was a glimmer across the walls as the forcefield came down. “Out of sixteen billion possibilities, this was actually number nine.”

An image of Mackus appeared in the middle of the room. It solidified so it looked entirely real. The screen showed life signs, all healthy.

“Fake Mackus,” said Ubik. “In case he went rogue and used a dead man switch. This Mackus will live forever.”

“He suspected Mackus all along?” said Ganesh.

“Just a precaution, I think,” said Ubik. “You’re down as number eight.”

“What about my father?” said Fig. “Can you locate him now?”

“No,” said Ubik. “It wasn’t just the warship blocking me, the asteroid isn’t accessible from here. We have to use the network up there.”

“Can’t you use the Node communication array?” said PT.

“Hmm? Oh, I made that up.”

“My father doesn’t own Node?” said Fig.

“No idea,” said Ubik. “Maybe. Sounds possible, doesn’t it?”

Ganesh shook his head. “How does anyone fight him? I can’t tell what he’s going to do next. He’s unreadable.”

“I know,” said Fig.

“Just remember, it’s safest near him, as crazy as that sounds,” said PT. “Although, it still isn’t very safe.”

“Right,” said Ubik, flicking switches across the board. “I’ve called up a ship. A Ramon Ollo prototype — should be fun. Should be waiting on the pad for us.” He stepped over Mackus’ body. “Now, who do I have to kill around here for a sandwich?”


O que a descoberta de açúcar em meteoritos revela sobre a origem da vida


Descoberta reforça a tese de que reações químicas em asteroides, dos quais muitos meteoritos se originam, são capazes de produzir um dos principais 'ingredientes' para nossa existência. "É extraordinário que uma molécula tão frágil quanto a ribose possa ter sido encontrada em uma matéria tão antiga". A declaração é de Jason Dworkin, pesquisador do Centro Goddard da Nasa, agência espacial americana, um dos autores do novo estudo que confirma algo sem precedentes: a descoberta de açúcares essenciais para a vida em meteoritos. Um artista da Nasa ilustra como teria sido o bombardeio de meteoritos na Terra Nasa's Goddard Conceptual Image Lab/BBC A descoberta reforça a tese de que reações químicas em asteroides, dos quais muitos meteoritos se originam, são capazes de produzir um dos principais "ingredientes" para nossa existência. Se a hipótese estiver correta, o bombardeio de meteoritos nos primórdios da Terra pode ter contribuído para a origem da vida a partir do fornecimento de elementos básicos. Açúcares Os cientistas descobriram a ribose e outros açúcares essenciais, incluindo a arabinose e xilose, em dois meteoritos ricos em carbono chamados NWA 801 (encontrado em 2001 no Marrocos) e Murchison (que caiu em 1969 na Austrália). A ribose é um componente essencial do ácido ribonucleico (ARN). O ARN tem a função de uma molécula mensageira, que leva as informações genéticas do DNA (ácido desoxirribonucleico) até os ribossomos, as "fábricas" das células, que vão ler as instruções do ARN para produzir proteínas. "Outros componentes importantes da vida já foram encontrados em meteoritos, incluindo aminoácidos (componentes das proteínas) e nucleobases (componentes do DNA e do ARN)", afirmou Yoshihiro Furukawa, pesquisador da Universidade de Tohoku, no Japão, e principal autor do estudo. "Mas o açúcar era a peça que faltava entre os principais componentes básicos da vida." "A pesquisa oferece a primeira evidência direta de ribose no espaço e da chegada desse açúcar na Terra. O açúcar extraterrestre poderia ter contribuído para a formação do ARN na Terra prebiótica que possivelmente levou à origem da vida", acrescentou a Nasa em comunicado. Os cientistas esperam analisar amostras do asteroide Bennu no futuro Nasa/Goddard/University of Arizona/BBC Os pesquisadores descobriram os açúcares ao analisar amostras de pó dos meteoritos usando a técnica de espectrometria de massa por cromatografia gasosa, que identifica moléculas pela sua massa e carga elétrica. A abundância de ribose e outros açúcares variou de 2,3 a 11 partes por bilhão no NWA 801, e entre 6,7 e 180 partes por bilhão no Murchison. Os cientistas também consideraram a possibilidade de que os açúcares nos meteoritos sejam simplesmente produto da contaminação da vida na Terra. Mas argumentam que a variedade de carbono no açúcar extraterrestre é diferente da encontrada na biologia terrestre. Antes do DNA? O estudo, publicado na revista científica americana Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, respalda a teoria de que o ARN coordenava a engrenagem da vida antes do DNA. De acordo com a Nasa, um dos grandes mistérios sobre a origem da vida é como a biologia emergiu de processos químicos não biológicos. O DNA é o "modelo" da vida, que carrega instruções sobre como construir e operar um organismo vivo. Mas o ARN também contém informações, e muitos cientistas acreditam que ele se desenvolveu antes e foi substituído posteriormente pelo DNA. Isso se deve, de acordo com a Nasa, ao fato de que as moléculas de ARN têm capacidades que o DNA não possui. Um pedaço do meteorito Murchison ao lado do que seria a estrutura molecular da ribose, um dos açúcares encontrados em sua poeira Yoshihiro Furukawa/BBC O ARN pode fazer cópias de si mesmo sem a ajuda de outras moléculas e também é capaz de iniciar ou acelerar reações químicas como catalisador. "O açúcar do DNA (2-desoxirribose) não foi encontrado em nenhum dos meteoritos analisados ​​neste estudo", declarou Danny Glavin, do Centro Goddard da Nasa. Os cientistas planejam agora analisar mais meteoritos para obter informações sobre a abundância de açúcar extraterrestre. "Os resultados deste estudo vão guiar nossa análise de amostras primitivas dos asteroides Ryugu e Bennu, que serão trazidas para a Terra pela missão Hayabusa2 da Agência Japonesa de Exploração Aeroespacial (Jaxa) e pela espaçonave OSIRIS-REx da Nasa", disse Dworkin. A expectativa é de que a sonda Hayabusa 2 retorne à Terra no fim de 2020, e a OSIRIS-REx em 2023.

Meteoros 'carregados' com açúcar podem ter sido fundamentais para o surgimento da vida na Terra


Ilustração artística de como teria sido a Terra na época do 'Grande Bombardeio' Nasa Mas como é? Sim, é mais ou menos isso, de acordo com pesquisadores da Universidade Tohoku no Japão e da Nasa. No fim da semana passada, pesquisadores das duas instituições publicaram os resultados de um estudo que afirma ter encontrado um tipo de açúcar essencial para a criação de vida em fragmentos de meteoritos. Os meteoritos foram recolhidos em diversos lugares da Terra e o açúcar em questão é a ribose, um constituinte essencial do ácido ribonucleico, ou RNA. O RNA é um tipo de ácido nucleico formado por unidades menores chamadas nucleotídeos. Mas o mais importante é que o RNA participa de várias funções biológicas, como a codificação genética e a o reconhecimento de proteínas. O RNA é uma das macromoléculas essenciais à vida, como é o ácido desoxirribonucleico (DNA), as proteínas, os lipídeos e os carboidratos. O RNA “informa” ao DNA como os organismos devem produzir as proteínas, por exemplo. Estrutura de uma molécula de ribose e um meteorito estudado Yoshihiro Furukawa/Arquivo Pessoal De acordo com Yoshihiro Furukawa, o líder desse estudo, o RNA deve ter sido o responsável pelo surgimento e desenvolvimento inicial da vida na Terra: ele tem uma molécula muito mais simples e que tem a capacidade de se replicar sem a ajuda de outras moléculas, ao contrário do DNA. Além disso, os açúcares que compõem o DNA ainda não foram encontrados em meteoritos. Ou seja, muito antes da formação da molécula de DNA, já havia condições para a formação da molécula de RNA. Uma das consequências deste estudo é que a química essencial à vida tem condições de ser processada em asteroides e meteoros ao longo de bilhões de anos. Os asteroides e meteoros, assim como cometas também, poderiam transportar esses ingredientes pelo espaço e ao atingir um planeta com condições favoráveis, fazer com que a vida surja, ou se desenvolva mais rápido. No início do Sistema Solar, havia muitos objetos como meteoros e asteroides vagando por entre os planetas ainda em formação. Nessa época a Terra passou por um período de intenso bombardeio sendo alvo desses asteroides de diversos tamanhos. Concepção artística de um asteroide no cinturão de Kuiper, no limite do nosso Sistema Solar NASA Por essa época a vida pode ter surgido na Terra, ou mesmo ter sido trazida de fora, mas a frequência e a violência desses impactos impediram que ela florescesse. A isso soma-se o fato de não haver, ainda, uma substância essencial à vida: a água. A própria água deve ter sido trazida de carona em cometas na época do ‘Grande Bombardeio’, de acordo com as teorias mais aceitas. Assim que a frequência e a violência dos impactos se reduziram, a água pode se condensar formando lagos e oceanos. Com a entrega da ribose através de asteroides, teria sido possível formar RNA numa época pré biótica na Terra e a partir disso a vida pode surgir e evoluir. Essa é uma questão fundamental da astrobiologia, se a vida surgiu na Terra a partir de elementos disponíveis, digamos, naturalmente, ou surgiu com a contaminação de substâncias vindas de fora. Ainda vai demorar muito tempo até que se tenha certeza de qual situação deve ter prevalecido, mas ao que tudo indica, tivemos uma ajudinha de um açúcar extraterrestre! Cientistas anunciam descoberta de água na atmosfera de um planeta fora do sistema solar

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frustration builds in harlem over the closing of st

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horse dildo Hi! Nina this is a comment in regards to the discussion about over cumming the side effects of meds, I to have had this problem when I was on anti depression meds and I can tell you first hand the sexual side effects can be rough. I gained a lot of weight and I did not want to have sex even though the meds helped me and made me feel better I stopped taking them on my own, and I do not suggest doing that but I did. Now I deal with my depression with herbal vitamins, rest and exercise when there's time in my busy schedule. horse dildo

I worked for comcast and this would happen all the time. There is at least a few weeks before they will disconnect completely from the pole and calls can still be made to 911 until then even though there isn actually a dial tone(i think). People would always call when they were shut off outraged that if they left their kids at home the kids couldn call 911, which of course they actually could..

gay sex toys Sexual shame hinders women in far too many ways. It a difficult beast to tackle, as it assumes so many nuanced, subtle forms in our daily lives. To be sure, some forms of sexual shame are blatant, but many of them are so deeply engrained that we scarcely even notice them. gay sex toys

gay sex toys I could play with this thing all day if I were already used to its size. Alas, I am not, but maybe one day. It's really an amazing toy, despite its few faults.. If you should happen to see him, thoughts might enter your mind, and you will acknowledge that you have history, but it doesn't have to be miserable and painful. Its perfectly normal and it will pass. One day you wont even notice, i thought i would never get over him, i would cry everynight, i even had break downs in school seeing him. gay sex toys

g spot vibrator "We think it's a male reproductive display," she said, adding that humpback whales sing for similar reasons. "This can work one of two ways. Either it's male male it's a James Corden (rap) battle, to see who is the most dominant. "People like me are not good for big business, like for animal business, medicine business and for many other businesses. That's why they are discriminating and censoring us," she said in a video posted online last year criticizing YouTube. "This is what they are doing to vegan activists and many other people who try to promote healthy, humane and smart living.". g spot vibrator

Realistic Dildo In the US only a few states provide large contributions to the GNP. As a whole, each state regulates their own economic policies and industries. States with access to ports have a large economic advantage over others and State wealth for the most part benefits that state individually. Realistic Dildo

wholesale vibrators Choose a time when you're both relaxed, like on a weekend or a date, and be as frank as possible. Make sure to have all your facts straight before that crucial conversation; you can even look over this guide together. A great ice breaker is to mention new sexual techniques you've heard about. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys Researchers in Denmarkanalyzed the effect of tensesocial situations on mortality in a large group of middle aged men and women. They found people who frequently worried about or felt pressured by their partner or children, and those who had frequent conflicts in their relationships had a higher risk of dying in middle age. And the findings held true even ifthe study participants fights were mostly with neighbors, not friends or family. Adult Toys

Sounds like you have good friend. Well, at least from those few sentences. As for the counselor, I used to be the same way. This is not a product that I can personally use for masturbation purposes. I need my boyfriend to get the full effect of this product. I recommend it for couples use because it adds excitement to the relationship and for me I can have a more intense orgasm from the thought of my boyfriend being in control of the vibrations in public.

wholesale sex toys I know my in laws don have much money, and the holidays are when it the tightest for them. But they insist on spending a lot of money for gifts, because it not Christmas without gifts. We get them Amazon gift cards to help them tide over the season, but I don know what a polite way to say all just get each other less gifts. wholesale sex toys

dildo So far most of my fun and optimization has come in the first half of the game. I do spoiler taurus, bell boys, spider tiddies, capra, sens, smo then the lord souls. It has been fun to play thru, and then rethink small things like do i hit this bonfire or skip it i need to fuck with these dudes here or can i sprint thru i go out of my way for that one soul/item/etc? My milestones have been, spider tiddies sub 20 and slam jam bros sub 1 hour. dildo

dog dildo It not a misprint. The Browns are a 10 point favourite today when they host the Bengals. 30, 2007 to find the last time Cleveland was a double digit favourite. Hello and how refreshing in this increasingly puritanical society we live in to see that someone still has an open mind. I don't know if you've noticed but it now seems unacceptable to show a naked pair of breasts on telly. It is acceptable, however, to show someone on the autopsy table partially disected (with breasts blanked out) dog dildo.

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