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Third Grade Community Service Projects

As part of our Character Education program, all of the 3rd graders in Mrs. Giustino, Mrs. DeRosa, Mrs. Cannone, Mr. Pettit, and Mrs. Satterley classes participated in a variety of community service projects for the holidays. One of the projects included making friendship bracelets to send to children in Uganda, Africa. We also collected donations of "Gently Used" paperback books to send along with the bracelets and $1 from each child to help with shipping. These donations support "Ja Ja Kids" an organization created by 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Siegmund's sister, Diane Reiner. Her group sponsors a house for 'street' kids in Uganda, and volunteers there annually. Their work provides the rent and supplies for the house, bed nets, creating and stocking a library in the house, food, tuition and supplies for school, as well as many other basic needs. We were fortunate to have Diane visit with the 3rd grade to explain her work and show photographs from Uganda. It was fulfilling for them to see where their donations were going. In addition, the children were amazed at the different quality of life, as well as the environmental differences between here and Uganda. This program provided enriching experiences for our children. By giving back to other children around the world, we hope that each child can learn the importance of being thankful for what we have - no matter how much or how little - and to be responsible citizens who think of others.

Who Killed Captain Alex?

Who Killed Captain Alex?

Le premier film d'action ougandais !!

Captain Alex, un super soldat, est envoyé pour détruire la mafia du Tigre qui contrôle la ville. La mafia est contrôlée par un homme nommé Richard.


High school volleyball players assist Phoenix children, build school in Uganda

Gilbert Highland and Northwest Christian girls volleyball players take time to give back to their communities and to others around the world.


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Uganda Embassy Land in Addis Ababa Grabbed

[Observer] The Uganda Embassy land in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been encroached on, according to an internal audit by the ministry of Finance.

Bobi Wine: The people of Uganda will rise up if Museveni rigs vote | Talk to Al Jazeera


Calvary Chapel Emmett Welcomes Wes Bentley of Far Reaching Ministries


Calvary Chapel Emmett is blessed to host special guest Wes Bentley, founder and director of Far Reaching Ministries. A missionary ministry organization heavily involved in South Sudan and Uganda. Enjoy.


Kiwi generosity stuns Ugandan student detained in Thailand

A Ugandan student who thought his life had "come to an end" says he can't find words to describe his how grateful he is to Kiwis whose donations helped free him from a Thai airport detention centre. In a bittersweet series of events,...

Essays on economics of inequality :: early childhood development and ethnic favoritism /

En esta disertación, investigo las causas y consecuencias de la desigualdad económica a lo largo de dos dimensiones: desarrollo infantil temprano para la desigualdad entre individuos y favoritismo étnico por la desigualdad entre los grupos sociales. En tres ensayos separados, estudio específicamente las consecuencias sobre el desarrollo infantil de las conmociones experimentadas en una etapa temprana de la vida, y la prevalencia y los determinantes del favoritismo étnico en todo el mundo, por otra. El Capítulo 1 estudia el impacto del riesgo de conflicto en la salud infantil y muestra que la inseguridad en áreas propensas a conflictos puede afectar la salud infantil incluso en ausencia de violencia inmediata. Más allá del daño causado a las víctimas directas de la violencia, las respuestas de comportamiento a la inseguridad pueden llevar a grandes contratiempos de salud para los niños pequeños. El temor a la exposición a los eventos de conflicto a menudo desencadena tales respuestas incluso antes / sin ninguna manifestación de violencia en un área determinada. Esto genera un estado de tratamiento (exposición al riesgo de conflicto) que va más allá de la incidencia de violencia. En este capítulo, investigo el impacto del conflicto en la salud infantil utilizando una nueva métrica que captura la inseguridad percibida a nivel local a través de un modelo estadístico de violencia. En este modelo, la violencia es un proceso espacio-temporal con un desconocido. Distribución subyacente que impulsa las expectativas de los agentes en el terreno. Cada observado evento se interpreta como una realización aleatoria de este proceso, y su distribución subyacente Se estima utilizando métodos de estimación de densidad de kernel adaptativos. La nueva medida del riesgo de violencia se utiliza para evaluar el impacto del conflicto en la salud infantil utilizando datos de Costa de Marfil y Uganda. La evidencia empírica sugiere que el conflicto es un mal público local, con cohortes de los niños expuestos a un alto riesgo de violencia que sufren igualmente importantes contratiempos de salud incluso cuando El riesgo no se materializa en eventos violentos a su alrededor. El capítulo 2 de la tesis es un trabajo conjunto con Bruno Conte Leite y Lavinia Piemontese. Investiga el impacto en la salud infantil de la invasión de la plaga de langosta de 2004 en la región del Sahel de África. Argumenta que las invasiones de langostas en estas economías agrícolas generan primero un efecto de precio especulativo / anticipatorio durante la plaga en sí, seguido de un efecto de falla en los cultivos locales que podría constituir un shock de suministro de alimentos para los mercados locales y un shock de ingresos para los agricultores. Usando una estrategia de identificación de Diferencias en diferencias, mostramos que los niños expuestos en el útero a los efectos adversos de las plagas de langostas sufren un importante revés para la salud. Los niños expuestos tienen, en promedio, una puntuación Z de 0. 25 puntos y 0. 48 puntos más bajos que los niños no expuestos en Mali y Senegal, respectivamente. Los niños expuestos al efecto del precio especulativo sufren tanto como los expuestos al efecto de fracaso de la cosecha. Finalmente, el capítulo 3 de esta tesis es un trabajo conjunto con Hannes Mueller y estudia la prevalencia y los determinantes del favoritismo étnico en todo el mundo. Utiliza un conjunto de datos que codifica el poder ejecutivo de 564 grupos étnicos en 130 países en una escala de siete puntos para mostrar que los grupos étnicos que obtienen el poder político se benefician económicamente. Este efecto se mantiene para los grupos que ingresan al gobierno, el amplio margen, y para los grupos que concentran más poder en ellos mismos, el margen intensivo. Ambos efectos desaparecen en presencia de fuertes restricciones políticas sobre el poder ejecutivo. ; In this dissertation, I investigate the causes and consequences of economic inequality along two dimensions: early childhood development for inequality among individuals and ethnic favoritism for inequality among social groups. In three separate essays, I specifically study the consequences on child development of shocks experienced early in life on one hand, and the prevalence and determinants of ethnic favoritism around the world on the other. Chapter 1 studies the impact of conflict risk on child health and it shows that insecurity in conflict-prone areas can affect child health even in absence of immediate violence. Beyond the damage caused to direct victims of violence, behavioral responses to insecurity can lead to major health setbacks for young children. The fear of exposure to conflict events often triggers such responses even before/without any manifestation of violence in a given area. This generates a treatment status (exposure to conflict risk) that goes beyond violence incidence. In this chapter, I investigate the impact of conflict on child health using a new metric that captures perceived insecurity at the local level through a statistical model of violence. In this model, violence is a space-time process with an unknown underlying distribution that drives the expectations of agents on the ground. Each observed event is interpreted as a random realization of this process, and its underlying distribution is estimated using adaptive kernel density estimation methods. The new measure of violence risk is then used to evaluate the impact of conflict on child health using data from Ivory Coast and Uganda. The empirical evidence suggests that conflict is a local public bad, with cohorts of children exposed to high risk of violence equally suffering major health setbacks even when the risk does not materialize in violent events around them. Chapter 2 of the thesis is joint work with Bruno Conte Leite and Lavinia Piemontese. It investigates the impact on child health of the 2004 locust plague invasion in the Sahel region of Africa. It argues that locust invasions in these agricultural economies generate first a speculative/ anticipatory price effect during the plague itself followed by a local crop failure effect that could constitute a food supply shock for local markets and an income shock for farmers. Using a Difference-in-Differences identification strategy, we show that children exposed in utero to the adverse effects of locust plagues suffer major health setback. Exposed children have, on average, a Z-score 0. 25 points and 0. 48 points lower than non-exposed children in Mali and Senegal respectively. Children exposed to the speculative price effect suffer as much as those exposed to the crop failure effect. Finally, chapter 3 of this thesis is joint work with Hannes Mueller and studies the prevalence and determinants of ethnic favoritism around the world. It uses a dataset which codes executive power for 564 ethnic groups in 130 countries on a seven-point scale to show that ethnic groups that gain political power benefit economically. This effect holds for groups that enter government, the extensive margin, and for groups that concentrate more power onto themselves, the intensive margin. Both these effects disappear in the presence of strong political constraints on executive power. Institutional constraints are even effective in preventing favoritism when groups concentrate all power in the executive onto themselves.

Over 300 children and adolescents die every day from AIDS-related causes


The government of Uganda have implemented a number of interventions for children exposed to HIV including point of care for early infant diagnosis of HIV and oral pellets for children living with HIV. Kansiime Ruth (25 years) ensures that both her children (aged 1 and 4 years) receive their pediatric HIV medicine at the same time every day. Her 1 year old daughter is now taking the oral pellets in place of the bitter syrup. This has helped her to take her medication and suppress her viral...

Read the full story at


Uganda allows study of power project in Murchison Falls national park

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Drone firm in talks in Uganda on medical supply delivery deal

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God's America - Merge With The Infinite - Worthless In Death - LP colour vinyl USA. - £9.99

Beautiful purple marbled vinyl. GOD'S AMERICA from Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. they have obviously been influenced by the best bands of the genre Crossed Out, Infest, and Spazz. This is the first full length as follow up on the raging 10 song 7" on Baltimore’s awesome A389 Records and split 7" A1 Apathetic Leash II A2 Nothing At All A3 Throes A4 Pallation Of Life Abuse A5 Sinkhole A6 Keep Waiting A7 A Minced Oath A8 Pete Rose A9 Famine In Uganda A10 No A11 Recent Studies A12 Worthless In Deth A13 4.2/1.8 B1 Extinction B2 Trapped In The Gears B3 Repeating B4 Decomposition B5 Charred Remains B6 Wilderness Of Shitheads B7 Perpetrate/Regurgitate B8 Das Heilige B9 Regression B10 Japan Name Song B11 Acceptance B12 Quietus

Trauma and True Justice


The level of mischief, grievances and conflicts are increasing in many communities. Trust levels and honest relationships are questionable.  One critical way to combat these rising tensions is how justice is by administering justice to achieve maximum respect for all involved. The modern court systems leave a lot to be desired. 

Later, Elly joined as a fighter in the South Sudan People Liberation Movement.

Take the story of 62-year Elly Dada Solomon for example. He is a refugee from Equatorial State of South Sudan. Elly has diverse experience in leadership from South Sudan. He served in General Court Martial, South Sudan Development Organization and South Sudan Immigration office at the Uganda border at Kaya. Later, Elly joined as a fighter in the South Sudan People Liberation Movement and moved on to oppose the government. 

Due to his position and history, Elly was arrested by the Nuer soldiers and sentenced to imprisonment for one year. After he was released he was under strict observation of his movements that gave him no peace and liberty. When the opportunity availed he escaped into Uganda via Congo (Senama) border to save his life that was being threatened. Today, Elly has been at the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement for eight months.  

Elly’s psychological state was affected. 

While in prison, under the hands of the Nuer Soldiers Elly’s psychological state was affected.  He was subjected to ill treatment that affected his life. He was traumatized by living in sad conditions with anxiety, frustration and became confused over the next steps of his life. Elly acknowledges his escape into Uganda as God’s desire and plan after encountering with the team of World Renew and staff of our partner organization – Here is Life

We are able to provide trauma healing and peace building, which is often an answered prayer. To many that are affected by trauma, healing and reconciliation is a necessary prerequisite. The affected need this more than ever. 

For Elly the process of healing motivated him to share his story of getting involved in the war. Elly’s testimony is an encouragement of God’s faithfulness even when he did not know him as Lord and friend. He narrates that he participated in reckless war activities with no benefit but instead ruined lives, property and families. There are many young people who escaped into Uganda but still engaged into the rebel activities in South Sudan, who now benefit from hearing Elly’s story.  

Elly’s testimony is an encouragement of God’s faithfulness

Elly is a source of reference and encouragement to the young people to avoid such atrocities.  He encourages forgiveness and love for one another regardless of ethnic differences and pains experienced. As Elly offers trauma healing support to the affected refugees in Bidibidi settlement he gets relieved of past hurt as well.  Elly’s story offers a great learning about how true justice means bringing healing from trauma for the present and the future.  


Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash


MTN Pulse Rap Battles to premiere on NBS TV tonight


By Staff Writer

The long-awaited MTN Pulse rap battles will premiere on NBS TV tonight at exactly 7.30pm.

MTN Uganda launched the Pulse Rap Battles back in September. The three months rap competition also acts as a lead up to the MTN Hip Hop awards in February 2020.

The telecom giant has sponsored the MTN Hip Hop Awards for the last 3 years. The MTN Pulse Rap Battles, however, offer the rap community a sustained opportunity to express their talent and are a fitting lead up to the awards.

Tonight, the journey to crowing the king of rap begins. Tune in.

The winner will be an MTN Pulse ambassador for a year and his/her music will be uploaded on to Tidal, a top music streaming app that is available to MTN customers and is owned by renowned American rapper, Jay-Z. This potentially means, that the winner can, with time start earning income from the revenue earned by artistes whose work features on the app.

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VIDEO: Museveni to feature international artiste in new campaign song


By Staff Writer

Remember the Tubonga nawe song that Ugandan artistes did for President Yoweri Museveni during the 2016 campaigns? Well, come 2021, the President is ready to take it a notch higher by working with international artistes who resonate with the biggest percentage of Ugandans that is made up of the youth.

This was unveiled by his right-hand man when it comes to entertainment and mobilization issues, tycoon, Balaam Barugahara. The Radio 4 owner said that several artistes have approached him to work with President Museveni on the upcoming elections but he has turned them down.

Balaam revealed that the President is international and it is only right that he works with people in his calibre.

“We are working with Lionel Richie, Kanye West and Chris Brown. We actually wanted him to work with Chris Brown but Mzee didn’t like his music and style. He may also consider working with Kanda Bongoman.” Balaam noted.

Video by Muks Steven.

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2019 Consumers Choice Award winners announced, top brands shine again


By Reporter

To honour companies and individuals who go that extra distance for their customers and also make sure they get the recognition they so richly deserve. The Consumers Choice Awards (CCA) for 2019 were held last evening (29th November, 2019) at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel Conference Hall and here is the complete list of all winners.

Consumers Choice Award is the only organization in Uganda that recognizes business excellence by conducting statistically a comprehensive and objective independent market research survey, to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence for the quality of their service.

Each year, the Consumers Guide Magazine recognizes the best companies for their earnest efforts in business excellence and keeping the customer’s best interests in mind and the exciting selection process and the announcement of finalists culminates in the Consumers Choice Awards Dinner.

Below is the List of Consumers Choice Awards Winners 2019:


Freight Forwarding & Logistics Handling Services Company -– Spedag Interfreight UG ltd

Distributors & Dealers of Tyres & Tubes – Tyre Express

Microfinance institution – FINCA

Real Estate Consultants – Begeine and Company

Private University – Cavendish University

Manufacturers of paints and varnishes – Sadolin

Providers of Security Solutions and services – KK Security Company

Private Health Care Service Provider – Paragon Hospital Kampala

Provider of Quality Optical & Eye Care Services – Dr Agawals Eye Hospital

Dealers in Furniture, Fitting & General Furnishing – Footsteps Furniture Co. Ltd

Cooking Gas Distributer – Imperial Gas

Bottled Water – Hill Water

Tile Manufacturers – Mirage Trading Company Ltd

Online Store – Ugakart

Dental Treatment and Solution Center – Cure o City

Cooking Oil – Fortune

Producer of Milks and Dairy Products – JESA Farm Diary Ltd

Washing Detergent Powder – NOMI White Washing Pwder

Energy Drinks – Sting

Women and Fertility Hospital – Bethany Women’s hospital


Freight Forwarding & Logistics Handling Services Company- Ballore Transport and Logistics

Distributors & Dealers of Tyres & Tubes – City Tyres

Microfinance Institution – Pride Microfinance

Courier Services Company – DHL

Real Estate Consultants – Knight Frank

Private University – International University of East Africa

Kindergarten, Daycare, Nursery & Play School – Victorious Kindergarten Services

Manufacturers of Paints &Varnishes – PLASCON

Providers of Security Solutions & Services – SGA Security

Private Health Care Service Provider – Case Hospital

Provider of Cleaning services – A&M Execuive Cleaning Services

Provider of Garbage Collector Company – BIN IT Services Ltd

Provider of Quality Optical & Eye Care Services – Eye Care Center

Dealers in Furniture, Fitting & General Furnishing – DANUBE Home

Providers of Solar Energy, Equipment’s & Accessories – Solar Now

Cooking Gas Distributor – TOTAL Gas and Power

Dealers of Electrical Appliances, Accessories & Fittings – CHNT Kampala Electric mart

Bottled Water – Rwenzori Pure Natural Mineral Water

Tile Manufacturers – Kampala Tile Market

Snack Manufacturers & Brand – Gorillos

Online Store – JUMIA

Dental Treatment & Solution Center – PAN Dental Surgery

Poultry & Animal Feeds – Conversion Feeds Ltd

Cooking Oil – SUNSEED

Producer of Milk & Dairy Products – Fresh Diary

Washing Detergent Powder – Magic

Energy Drinks – Rock Boom

Women & Fertility Hospital – Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Center

Shopping Supermarket – Mega Standard Supermarket

Meat Processor Company – Fresh Cuts

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Világcsúcsot futottak 10 kilométeren

Az ugandai Joshua Cheptegei 26:38 perccel világrekordot állított fel 10 kilométeres utcai futásban Valenciában.


Újabb magyar agrár-szaktanácsadó képzés fejeződött be Ugandában


Sikerrel zárult a magyar kormányzati segítséggel megvalósuló agrár-szaktanácsadó képzés idei szakasza a kelet-afrikai Ugandai Köztársaságban. A magyar és az ugandai fél megállapodtak abban, hogy a közvetve több mint húszezer gazdálkodót érintő kezdeményezést továbbfejlesztik, hatókörét lehetőség szerint növelik, amelynek köszönhetően még több emberhez juthat el a magyar segítség.


Diarrhea, dehydration, and the associated mortality in children with complicated severe acute malnutrition: A prospective cohort study in Uganda


Diarrhea, dehydration, and the associated mortality in children with complicated severe acute malnutrition: A prospective cohort study in Uganda

Grenov, B., Lanyero, B., Nabukeera-Barungi, N., Namusoke, H., Ritz, C., Friis, H., Michaelsen, K. F. & Mølgaard, C., 2019, In : Journal of Pediatrics. 210, p. 26-33(e1-e3) 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

Objective: To assess predictors of diarrhea and dehydration and to investigate the role of diarrhea in mortality among children with complicated severe acute malnutrition.

Study design: A prospective cohort study, nested in a probiotic trial, was conducted in children with complicated severe acute malnutrition. Children were treated according to World Health Organization and national guidelines, and diarrhea and dehydration were assessed daily. Multiple linear and log-linear Poisson regression models were used to identify predictors of days with diarrhea and dehydration, respectively, and multiple logistic regression was used to assess their role in mortality.

Results: Among 400 children enrolled, the median (IQR) age was 15.0 months (11.2-19.2 months), 58% were boys, and 61% had caregiver-reported diarrhea at admission. During hospitalization, the median (range) number of days with diarrhea was 5 (0-31), the median duration of hospitalization was 17 days (1-69 days), and 39 (10%) died. Of 592 diarrhea episodes monitored, 237 were admission episodes and 355 were hospital acquired. During hospitalization, young age was associated with days with diarrhea, and young age and HIV infection were associated with dehydration. Both days with diarrhea and dehydration predicted duration of hospitalization as well as mortality. The odds of mortality increased by a factor of 1.4 (95% CI, 1.2-1.6) per day of diarrhea and 3.5 (95% CI, 2.2-6.0) per unit increase in dehydration score.

Conclusions: Diarrhea is a strong predictor of mortality among children with complicated severe acute malnutrition. Improved management of diarrhea and prevention of hospital-acquired diarrhea may be critical to decreasing mortality.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Pediatrics
Pages (from-to)26-33(e1-e3)
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2019


Der Fußball-Bundesligist TSG Hoffenheim startet eine eigene Textilmarke.

TSG Hoffenheim startet die Textilmarke Umoja. Die Produkte stellt der Fußball-Bundesligist in Uganda her, wo er mit einheimischer Baumwolle und fairen Produktionsbedingungen die Chance für nachhaltige Entwicklung schaffen will. Ein Teil der Erlöse fließe zudem in Infrastruktur-Maßnahmen und Bildung.

TSG Hoffenheim startet die Textilmarke Umoja. Die Produkte stellt der Fußball-Bundesligist in Uganda her, wo er mit einheimischer Baumwolle und fairen Produktionsbedingungen die Chance für nachhaltige Entwicklung schaffen will. Ein Teil der Erlöse fließe zudem in Infrastruktur-Maßnahmen und Bildung.


Uganda: Neumann Gruppe's subsidiary's appeal against 2013 court ruling that faulted company for unlawful forceful eviction to resume


Top 100 Starz For The Red Carpet Showcase Named As ASFAs Draw Closer


Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA’s) which is an annual red carpet event held in Kampala, Uganda to celebrate Uganda and Africa’s leading players in the fashion, style and beauty space is now days away. The lovers of pomp and glamour must be in preparation for this event that attracts fashion and beauty enthusiasts, who […]

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Nile Breweries Unveils New Beer ‘Nile Special Stout’ Made Of Uganda 


The strategy of claiming that their official website was hacked really worked out for Nile Breweries which is one of the leading beer brewers in Uganda. It really created hype for the their new beer, Nile Special Stout which was officially launched on Wednesday at their main depot in Luzira, Kampala at a press briefing […]

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“I Love Gutujja” American Singer Mya Now Prefers Rema To Eddy Kenzo


American R&B star Mya real name Mya Marie Harrison who is in the country for the All Music Safari concert while speaking to journalists in October said she loves Eddy Kenzo’s music and also mentioned Iryn Ntale and David Lutalo among Ugandan artistes she knows. Although it was a big surprise that Lutalo’s name featured […]

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Mya Excited To Perform At All Music Safari Concert As Tshaka Celebrates 30 Years In Entertainment


American R&B star Mya (real name Mya Marie Harrison) has for over two decades charmed music lovers etching her mark as a true princess of R&B all over the world. The superstar who arrived in the country on Wednesday night was ecstatic about being in Uganda for the very first time as she addressed fans […]

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Cocktails In the Wild Party At Lake Mburo National Park Pushed To Next Year


Smirnoff Uganda and Universal Music Group have postponed Cocktails in the Wild that was slated to be held on Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Lake Mburo National Park, to next year. The postponement is due to the unavailability of the party’s headlining acts. A new date will be announced in due […]

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The Legacy of Uganda’s Kasese Massacre


Uganda: No Justice for Children, Civilians Killed in 2016 Massacre

Ugandan authorities have failed to investigate the police and military responsible for killing more than 100 people in western Uganda in 2016.

Three years ago, the Ugandan army attacked the Rwenzururu royal palace in the town of Kasese, resulting in the deaths of over 100 people. But the families of those killed are still waiting for answers, amid fears of reprisals for pressing for justice.

On November 26, 2016, after years of tension between the Ugandan government and the Rwenzururu kingdom, government forces attacked the kingdom’s office of the prime minister, killing at least eight people. Later that day, community members clashed with police, and at least 14 police and 32 civilians died.

The army responded the next day by raiding the palace of King Charles Mumbere. During the attack, they arrested him and over 180 others present in the palace compound. Human Rights Watch research in 2017 found that at least 153 people, including children, died during these clashes, and that official government statistics have given inconsistent casualty figures.

Since the massacre, the environment in Kasese has remained tense. Government authorities have repeatedly cracked down on critics and those perceived as being loyal to Mumbere. Victims in Kasese have reported beatings and arrests by security forces, who frequently accuse local residents of being involved in the November 2016 events. Police have recently blocked opposition rallies in Kasese and on November 20, reportedly raided and seized documents from the offices of opposition party Forum for Democratic Change.

Families of those who died in 2016 have been reluctant to publicly call for justice, fearing arrest and retaliation, and have not been able to commemorate the massacre.

“We fear to ask the government, ‘Why did you shoot our child who was an innocent person, who does not carry a panga [machete], who knows nothing of a gun?’”  the uncle of one victim told us in 2018. “We hear rumors that if you ask, you could be jailed.”

The government has charged Mumbere and 159 others with crimes including murder, treason, and terrorism. It is not clear when their trials will take place.

In 2017, Human Rights Watch called for the Ugandan government to ensure independent investigations to establish the number of deaths, but no such investigation has taken place. The Ugandan authorities should carry out an independent investigation and appropriately prosecute those responsible for abuses. They should also provide Mumbere and the others prompt and fair trials. Only then can there be justice for the many victims and their families who continue to wait for answers. 


The TECNO Camon 12 Review: AI everything Camera

Camon 12 Triple AI Camera

The TECNO Camon 12 recently launched in Uganda and we have had our time with it, that we first delivered our first impressions, promised you a review and here we are! The Camon 12 has seen a big push not only from TECNO itself but MTN Uganda too and we can only hope the reception […]

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Safeboda finally launches in Nigeria

safeboda female driver

Africa’s number one motor cycle hailing company — Safeboda has finally launched in Nigeria. The motorbike-hailing startup started in Uganda. Early this year the company announced it was expanding to Kenya and now making Nigeria its third country of operation. The company joins the likes of MAX, Gokada and ORide that are operating in the […]

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Safeboda Food delivery service set to launch next week

Safeboda Food mobile app 1

Uganda’s most popular boda-boda hailing company is set to go into business territories soon. After weeks of planning and preparation, SafeBoda Food is set to be launched next week just in time for BlackFriday and the holiday season adding this new option to its app. After the death of HelloFood which was latter re-branded to […]

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This morning, as I crept out of bed in the pre-dawn dark, I saw the little green light of the voltage surge protector where the fridge plugs into the wall, and I thought, wow, we have had electricity most of the week, and it's so helpful. Later I stood in our shower under a stream of warm water, and thought, it's so NICE to have a morning cool enough to want warm water, and the warm water supplied by the solar hot water system Scott fixed a few days ago. Power and water are two things we lived without (well, we had a small solar panel at first to run a couple lights, and collected rain water off the roof) when we moved here in 1993. Bundibugyo has come a long way, but the vagaries of the systems mean that those two luxuries are far from certain and never consistent. So as I was thinking about how much I appreciated them this morning, it led me to ponder the connection between fasting and feasting, between lacking and appreciating.

Scott on the roof fixing the system . . .

Myths and distortions notwithstanding, the concept of a harvest festival as enshrined in our American Thanksgiving holiday is rooted in the hungry time of waiting.  It is rooted in the harshness of survival in uncertain places, the reality of dependence upon others, the humility of living at the mercy of weather and sickness. The more strenuous the labor, the more grateful the celebration. Ask any mom.
This is what the post-labor joy looks like. Teacher Desmond and wife Harriet with son born on Thanksgiving!

Our team celebrated Thanksgiving together on Thursday. Our turkey was far from a butterball, but the fact that we had to work to find and buy one, to butcher and pluck one, to cook and stuff one, made us savor it. Likewise the homemade pies and rolls, or the fresh vegetables arranged from afar. We read Psalm 126, which was the lectionary Psalm for the day as well as being a true Thanksgiving. Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.  There is more than just a contrast there, there is an organic connection. Tears water the crop, labor produces the fruit, longing accentuates the fulfillment.

Giving leads to thanks. And we give, and we give, and we give ourselves away. Paradoxically, that emptying, that neediness, that powerlessness can be the path to greater joy and thanks.

Tuesday celebrations at the neighboring Church of Uganda

This week gave us a glimpse of the thankful part of the giving equation, which is more of a circle. Thanks, giving, giving, thanks. On Tuesday, we witnessed a wedding of a neighbor here, a glimpse of pure joy that was forged in years of poverty, work, survival.

Yes, that's a hemoglobin of 2.5 (less than a quarter of one's blood supply left). Transfused and saved.

A starving five-month-old who weighs less than many newborns

On Wednesday, I found myself alone on the hospital ward, and it took me five and a half hours just to plow through all the patients one by one, but in that grueling process I found a handful for whom a careful physical exam or an insistent push for a lab or a medicine or a procedure led to a life-extending outcome, which made me thankful. That afternoon, in our cell group Bible studies at CSB, the students listed their own thanks and own challenges and I was struck by how concretely connected they were to the marginal assurances of their lives. They were thankful for sicknesses survived, for family members healed, for classes passed, for fees paid. Life is fragile, money is scarce, so coming through a year means a lot.

Lindsey is our newly arrived teacher, helping the parents at RMS this year, for which we all give much THANKS. 

On Thursday, at the team Thanksgiving dinner, I was just struck by the spirit of community and ease, of progress and comfort, that I think came from going through a challenging year together. As we ate pie and played charades, the kids engaged and eager, or went around the circle sharing our thanks, I felt very thankful for the giving of 2019 that brought us here.

CSB staff at the PTA

Parents listening intently

Scott may be a doctor not a school administrator, but he knows how to preach and how to serve, and his steady presence has turned this year around.

Showing the Bibles they all received this year. Scott challenged them to read them every day during break, to improve their English and reading skills, and to feed their hearts.

Boarding school waiting to empty on last day of the year!

Pinching ourselves to say, was that the best parent meeting ever or what happened?

Then Friday, after a hurried morning to see some patients and get to the CSB end-of-term all-day Parent Meeting, we once again had reason to rejoice. The first and second term parent meetings were contentious near disasters, with divisive arguing, poor turnouts, rumors, student discipline issues. This meeting was an amazing feast of thankfulness for the peace that now characterizes the place, for the good performance, for the long list of improvements. We heard the PTA chairman affirm that "this is not a school for any one tribe or race, it is for all the people of Uganda . . . you are here to work with us to expand God's Kingdom." Our District Education Officer, the highest official for all schools in the area, came and spoke and affirmed that CSB is the best in the district and addresses "the head and the heart" with quality education. Where we usually have an hour or two of parents complaining or demanding, we had a brief request about getting more security guards and setting aside some of the need-based scholarships for merit-based. Only two parents stood up to speak, and both said, we are satisfied. It was pretty incredible, but again, if we had not been through this tough year we might not have felt the depth of relief of having such a good day.

(stolen from Julia's instagram) my miracle brother-in-law Steve with Micah, Caleb, my mom Judy, my sister Janie, and Julia

Today my brother-in-law wrote a long post about his year, about his thanks heightened by the experience of nearly dying in August. His time of need was dire, his heart had stopped beating effectively, and he was unconscious and helpless. My sister and niece acted quickly, the excellent and ready EMT services acted quickly, the hospital ICU care was effective, his family, friends, and community came to support, and while all of those things existed prior to his near demise, he can sense the thankfulness for them more deeply now.

So, while 2019 has been a year of struggle, this has been a week of thanks, and I know in my heart that it was the going forth weeping with our seeds for planting that let us come again rejoicing with the sheaves. And that this moment of rejoicing needs to propel us outward again into more giving, more sweat and tears and even some blood. 

Click here to go to this page at Serge
This year you have an opportunity to join this cycle of Thanks and Giving. Serge has devoted #givingtuesday, on Dec 3, this coming week, to support Christ School. Link to this page to sponsor a student and transform a community. We have been giving our literal lives to this idea for a couple of decades but most intensely, this entire year. Scott is at an end-of-year school staff meeting as I write this. Much of the thanksgiving of yesterday was directed to the unseen could of witnesses, the mercy of God through the supporters who subsidize school fees and improve the infrastructure for learning. As an example of how that pays forward, a former missionary here Rick Gray once helped a young man who had struggled his way to University but had no money to live on while in school. That man is now our District Education Officer, a believer who is working to serve children and families in schools all over Bundibugyo. You never know who today's teenager will become in ten or twenty years, and the impact of a place like Christ School reverberates through the far reaches of our roads and the far stretch of our years.

Giving thanks for those who give, thanking God in the words of Psalm 126: The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.


Uganda: Ugandans Sweep All At MTN Marathon

[Observer] Ugandan runners won the 42km, 21km and 10km races as hundreds of runners turned up Sunday morning to participate in the MTN Kampala Marathon focused on fundraising cash to improve maternal health in the country.

Uganda: Ugandans Scoop Titles in Netherlands, Spain and Japan

[East African] Three Ugandans made their countrymen proud at the weekend when they won their races in three countries.

Válasz erre: Kiegészítő jegy helyett pótdíj lett a megoldás

@Tehetséges ugandai buzi: Buzival. Akarom mondani, uzival.

Válasz erre: Kiegészítő jegy helyett pótdíj lett a megoldás

@Tehetséges ugandai buzi: tankkal.

Commentaires sur Congo-Kinshasa: S.O.S pour le colonel John Tshibangu par Combattant Résistant de l'Ombre©

La RDC (République à démocratiser) occupée par les Envahisseurs Sanguinaires Rwando-Burundo-Ougandais est devenue semblable à une PS4 Pro avec des manetettes tenues par 2 dangereux amateurs utilisant l'application "Guerre à outrance de basse intensité", qui jouent ouvertement avec les nerfs tendus des 80 millions des Kongolais indolents, matés, emprisonnés à ciel ouvert ! Le Président Fondateur de la "Tshibilie" son Excellence Généralissime Hitler en miniature "Hippolyte Kanambe" alias Joseph Kabila est bizarrement omniprésent, malgré son éviction imaginaire, son pseudo successeur est par contre lui totalement effacé malgré les apparences trompeuses, incapable d'imposer ses propres décisions qui passent pour des pétards mouillés... Une soi-disant grâce présidentielle boudée par les magistrats et juges au service de Kingakati-Kigali-Rwanda, c'est une nouvelle jurisprudence instituée en République Bannanière de la Tshibillie... Un vrai cas d'école qui vient s'ajouter à celui de la nomination de la SNCC (Sieur Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza) [par le président protocolaire, président figurant] que l'ancienne ministre du portefeuille pro Rwanda Wivine Mumba Matipa a tourné en bourrique... Ce qui est extrêmement vrai, le Colonel John Tshibangu est totalement innocent comme le sont plusieurs de nos sœurs et frères vrais Kongolais de sang, pure souche détenus illégalement pour des raisons purement politiques dans les geôles souterraines et cachots infectés de la désormais Tshibilie [experte en méthodes d'extermination de la "SHOAH" au KONGO-Zaïre], un régime offensant, immonde, honni qui détruit les vies humaines sans avoir égard à la valeur inestimable des âmes créées par le Véritable Dieu Tout-Puissant Redoutable NZAMBI ya Mpungu... La Justice du Véritable Dieu et la justice des êtres humains devraient être une seule chose si l'on tient compte de la Vérité. Malheureusement, elles sont deux à cause du Mensonge... Puisse la "Providence" exaucer le vœu, la prière pour libérer le Colonel qui combat pour notre pays.... Puisse-t-Elle statuer Elle-même sur le cas devenu presqu'inextricable du Colonel John Tshibangu et des autres prisonniers RDCongolais injustement détenus dans des conditions inhumaines par la Tshibilie et ses hordes satano-occulto-nécromanciennes.... Vive les Maï Mai ANPK (Armée Nationale du Peuple Kongo) sans lesquels le KONGO RDC serait déjà démembré, balkanisé, disparu... Ainsi soit-il... INGETA

Blaqbonez x Ckay – “Traffic After Traffic” (Parte After Parte Cover)


Blaqbone and Ckay comes through with “Traffic After Traffic” a cover to Uganda artiste, BigTril’s viral song ‘Parte After Parte’....

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Eritrean Investors Provided South Sudan Capital With First-Ever Electricity

Eritrean businessmen are aiding in the development of African countries

Eritrean investors are continuing to pour millions of dollars in investments in South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Angola.

By Eritrean Press

South Sudan has received electricity for the first time marking a new era.

The Ezra Group from Eritrea has invested as much as US$289 million in a power plant that will provide 100 megawatts for Juba when completed, according to Managing Director of the company Mr Ghebrengus Ezra told reporters during the launch.

Yesterday, the grid and power distribution system was launched in the country’s capital Juba.

The government and other private institutions have been using their own generators.

Speaking at the launch (pictured), President Salva Kiir said war is over and the focus will now be on development to deliver services to people.

He said electricity will eradicate pollution that comes with large scale use of diesel in the environment, and assured the country that the government will focus on developing hydroelectric power and the renewable energy sector.

The Government Spokesman for the Republic of South Sudan has applauded the Eritrean business community in his country for the vast investment they have made and described it as exemplary in fostering the already existing excellent ties between the two people and governments.

The first phase of the 30 megawatts shall be complete in four phases over the next two years.

Eritrean investors are continuing to pour millions of dollars in investments in South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and Angola.

According to Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), from financial year 2011/12 up to 2017/18, Eritrea has appeared among Uganda's Top 10 investment source countries, beating many traditional as well as developed source countries for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Interestingly, prior to 2011/12 financial year, Eritrea never featured in the Top 10 FDI source countries, raising eyebrows why the sudden jump.

The assurance was given to the Eritrean investors in 2011 after Uganda invited Eritrea's leader, President Isaias Afwerki, to a state visit.


Los etíopes Alayew y Dereje reinan en un veloz Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP

Los etíopes Kinde Alayew y Roza Dereje se han impuesto este domingo en el Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP 2019, ambos estableciendo nuevas plusmarcas de la cita, mientras que el ugandés Joshua C ... - Fuente:

Lunch arrivedsquawkingon a boda boda - Charlotte Beauvoisin (Uganda)

Being hungry in Kasese can be a bit of a challenge. Part I Ordering dinner after 9 pm upcountry usually means little in the way ...

10 fascinating facts (I bet you didnt know) about flamingos - Charlotte Beauvoisin (Uganda)

Flamingo-watching, horse riding through zebras, a game drive in search of elands 8211; what more can a girl ask for? Sigh823...

Schools teach refugee, migrant kids skills to succeed in U.S.

PHOENIX – International flags flutter from the ceilings of the outdoor hallways at Valencia Newcomer School, where more than 200 children from around the world are learning English skills and American classroom customs they need to succeed.

When the school year begins, the refugee and immigrant children often don’t know the rules. A kid might be fascinated with a light switch they excitedly turn off and on. Another is startled by a whistle or a helicopter buzzing overhead that recalls conflict back home.

But fears melt away as the kids adjust, said Valencia Principal Lynette Faulkner, who calls the school their “safe place.” Soon, they stand in line, raise their hand, keep their feet on floor. As they learn English, students make friends across cultures.

Since fall 2018, the public school has welcomed students from countries including Myanmar, Eritrea, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Cuba for an extra year of attention before transferring to mainstream schools. This year’s kindergarten through eighth grade students come from 21 countries and speak 15 languages.

Valencia is among a handful of U.S. public schools dedicated to helping some of the thousands of children who arrive in the country each year, even as the Trump administration has proposed pushing down the annual cap for refugees to a historic low of 18,000. No refugees were settled in the U.S. last month.

The schools aren’t necessarily in cities with more refugees, but where local education officials took the initiative to create them.

Similar schools are in Indianapolis; Houston; Fort Worth, Texas; Greensboro, North Carolina; and Providence, Rhode Island.

Arizona ranks eighth among states for refugee resettlement.

The number plunged from 4,110 people in fiscal 2016 to 998 in 2018, then rose slightly to 1,216 for the 12-month period that ended Sept. 30. About half are kids.

Gov. Doug Ducey hasn’t weighed in yet on President Donald Trump’s executive order allowing states and cities to reject refugees. At least five states have signaled they will accept refugees, and no governor has said they plan to keep them out.

Several agencies sued last week seeking to halt the order.

“There may be less, but they’re still coming,” Valencia teacher Kristine Jones said. “And we have to be there for them, whether it’s academically or getting them services like immunizations.”

It’s unclear if the lower cap on refugees will affect already limited funding for school districts from the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s Refugee School Impact Program.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security last year distributed about $635,000 to help 1,026 school-age refugees statewide with things like interpretation, tutoring and school supplies.

Immigrants and other children newly arrived from abroad can attend newcomer schools if they need help with basic English, including those born in the U.S., taken out of the country and returned.

“As long as you have kids struggling with English, there will always be a place for these kinds of programs,” said Deborah Short, a Washington-based English learning specialist who has written about newcomer education. She noted some mainstream schools have newcomer classrooms.

Rebecca Kawa, 10, didn’t learn English at the refugee camp in Uganda where she was born and spent most of her life, studying in a classroom with up to 200 students. But she needed no interpreter after only two months at Valencia.

“I like this school because they teach you English, and you learn it fast,” said the daughter of Congolese refugees.

There are often huge challenges for children who trudged across several countries, lived in camps or witnessed extreme violence.

Refugee and other immigrant children who lose a home or parent can suffer from toxic stress, a term used by child development experts for the body’s response to long-term adversity, said Sarah Smith, senior director of education for the nonprofit International Rescue Committee.

“Infants might cry for long periods of time,” Smith said. “Children in school might have a hard time concentrating.”

Newcomer school teachers and social workers strive to ensure children get the social and emotional time they need to talk through feelings and make new friends. Valencia social worker Michelle Frias said that over the last year, she’s referred about 10 kids to psychologists for extra care.

At Valencia, the day starts with teachers greeting students as they step off the buses. Samuel Lavi, a teaching assistant from Congo who speaks seven languages, is the first to give each kid a hug or high-five.

“My most important role is to make sure the students get what they’re supposed to get,” he said.

Inside the classrooms, brightly colored letters adorn the walls. Small groups of children face each other at round tables as they listen to an instructor trained to teach English to non-native speakers. They also have math, art, music and physical education.

Outside, kindergartners with plastic jugs water the flower and vegetable gardens built with materials donated by the Arizona Cardinals football team. The Diamondbacks baseball club paid to spruce up the school before it opened and donated trees.

Faulkner, the Valencia principal, said the Alhambra School District looked into newcomer programs after seeing new arrivals struggle to meet state English language standards. She visited Las Americas newcomer school in Houston.

Las Americas has some 400 students in fourth through eighth grades who come from up to 32 countries and speak 29 languages, Principal Marie Moreno said.

“We wanted to provide them a space where they can get grounded, whenever they feel traumatized or whenever they remember something from the past,” Moreno said as she showed off the school’s “peace garden.”

“We try to support them by helping them understand where they came from and where we want them to go,” she said.


Missions Sunday: Uganda


Special thanks to Damali Mirembe Manyindo, Founder/Director of Sonrise Baby Home, for joining us at Northside Bible Church today to share her personal testimony, mission update, and heart for orphans. We were blessed by her message and inspired by her work as always!


Miss International 2019 - Final Result

Salam guys..... adlau ini pitca 12 november 2019 nag live in final sin Miss International 2019 amun piya aun ha Tokyo, Japan. Ini in result niya. Aun 83 in contestants niya kataan.

Thailand Thailand - Sireethorn Leearamwat

Mexico Mexico - Andrea Toscano
1st Runner Up

Uganda Uganda - Evelyn Namatovu Karonde
2nd Runner Up

3rd Runner Up

United Kingdom United Kingdom - Harriotte Lane
4th Runner Up

Vietnam Vietnam - Nguyen Tuong San

Philippines Philippines - Bea Patricia Magtanong

TOP 15
Venezuela Venezuela - Melissa Jiménez

Hong Kong Hong Kong - Kaye Cheung

Netherlands Netherlands - Elize Joanne de Hong

Finland Finland - Jutta Kyllönen

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico - Ivana Carolina Irizarry

Belarus Belarus - Maria Perviy

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka - Pawani Vithanage

Continental Queens
Liberia Liberia - Naomi Nucia Glay
Miss International Africa

 Peru Peru - Maria Jose Barbis
Miss International America 

Thailand Thailand - Sireethorn Leearamwat
Miss International Asia

Netherlands Netherlands - Elize Joanne de Hong
  Miss International Europe
Hawaii Hawaii - Eunice Raquel Basco
Miss International Oceania 


Special Awards
Uganda Uganda - Evelyn Namatovu Karonde
Best In Swimsuit

Venezuela Venezuela - Melissa Jiménez
 Bes In Evening Gown

Guadeloupe Guadeloupe - Noemie Kribo Milne
Miss Photogenic

Vietnam Vietnam - Nguyen Tuong San
Best National Costume

Miss People's Choice Award – Missosology

Indonesia Indonesia - Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu
Panasonic Beauty Ambassador
Tunisia Tunisia - Sarra Brahmi
Miss Visit Japan Tourism  


Miss Tourism International 2019 - Final Result

Hello ma kabagayan.... Yari ku piyos in result sin Miss Tourism International 2019 amun piya aun kabieh sin pitca 8 november 2019 ha Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ini in result niya.

Philippines Philippines - Cyrille Payumo

Indonesia Indonesia - Gabriella Patricia Mandolang
1st Runner Up 

Ukraine Ukraine - Katernya Kachashvili
2nd Runner Up

Poland Poland - Joanna Babynko
3rd Runner Up

Cambodia Cambodia - Chan Sotima 
4th Runner Up 

TOP 10
Thailand Thailand - Chompoonut Phungphon

India India -  Rhythm Singh Randhawa

Malaysia Malaysia - Cheryl Loo

Uganda Uganda - Kyeru Phiona
Estonia Estonia - Karolin Kippasto

Thailand Thailand - Chompoonut Phungphon
Miss South East Asia Tourism Ambassadress 2019/2020

Thailand Thailand - Chompoonut Phungphon

Thailand Thailand - Chompoonut Phungphon
Miss SOGO Trendsetter  

Indonesia Indonesia - Gabriella Patricia Mandolang
Miss AGAPE Wellness Beauty

Indonesia Indonesia - Gabriella Patricia Mandolang
Miss Popularity

Indonesia Indonesia - Gabriella Patricia Mandolang
Perak Tourism Ambassadress

Malaysia Malaysia - Cheryl Loo
Miss GINTELL Wellness

Malaysia Malaysia - Cheryl Loo
Miss Glamorous Carlo Rino

Malaysia Malaysia - Cheryl Loo
Miss Glorious Beautyful 

India India -  Rhythm Singh Randhawa
Best In Social Media 

India India -  Rhythm Singh Randhawa
Miss Legend Age Fascinating Lips 

Japan Japan - Kana Matsumura
Miss XMA Charm    

Philippines Philippines - Cyrille Payumo
Best National Costume

Bulgaria Bulgaria - Dzhenifar Ohanes Koyunian
Best In Talent

Australia Australia - Charli Kiarra Wookey
Miss Photogenic

Finland Finland - Daneila Kalvilainen
Miss Friendship

Ukraine Ukraine - Katernya Kachashvili
Miss Focus Point Dazzling


Dec 26, Uganda: Boxing Day

The second day of Christmas is known as Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day. St Stephen was the first Christian martyr.. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

Jan 01, Uganda: New Year's Day

New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Undergraduate Scholarships 2020/2021 for Ugandan & Belize Students


The London School of Economics and Political Science is delighted to announce the Firoz and Najma Foundation scholarship for bright Belize and Ugandan students applying to the Bachelors programmes for the upcoming academic year. Application Deadline: 27th April, 2020 Eligible Countries: Uganda, Belize  To be taken at (country): UK About the Award: The mission of the Firoz and Najma Foundation is […]

After School Africa


University of Strathclyde Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2020 for Students from African/Developing Countries – UK


Now open: University of Strathclyde Commonwealth Shared Scholarships 2020 for Students from African/Developing Countries. Apply now. Application Deadline: 18th December 2019 Eligible Countries: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Gambia, The, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Samoa, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Eswatini, Tanzania, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Zambia To be […]

After School Africa


How a bus ticket scam led Ronald Hakiza to build Ugabus, an online bus booking platform in Uganda


After falling for a bus ticket scam while travelling for a burial, Ronald Hakiza started Ugabus to enable travellers within East Africa buy authentic tickets online Techpoint.Africa

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Inspirational: Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka saves gorillas and the community as she breaks new ground and inspires others


Article by Ceri Wheeldon

gladys Kalema-Zikusoka image

Every now and again you meet somebody, who is so inspirational you know that the encounter will leave a lasting impression.   I had the opportunity to meet and interview Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka on her visit to the UK when she was a finalist in the TUSK awards due to her incredible work with gorillas and a guest speaker at Media Hub.

Gladys has dedicated her life to preserving the gorilla population in Uganda. Her 50th birthday is just weeks away.

Always passionate about animals ( Gladys set up a wildlife club at school), she trained to be a vet, becoming Uganda’s first  ever dedicated wildlife vet – an achievement she is incredibly proud of – to do as woman – and before any man had achieved this before her….breaking new ground!

Gladys pioneered the translocation of giraffes from Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya to Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda. Although the parks accommodate many animals – it was gorillas ( who share 98% of their DNA with humans) in Gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that fascinated her.  In 2003, Gladys noticed that the gorillas were starting to lose their hair. Initially it was thought that this was  due to old  age or natural selection – but Gladys saw that it was affecting four generations of gorillas. One infant gorilla died. Gladys  made the association with a parasitic infection experienced by cheetahs – who also experienced hair loss. The source was traced to humans living in the area , who, as Gladys put diplomatically, had ‘unhealthy habits’.

gorillas Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species – at the time of the outbreak there were only 650 living in the wild. In 2003 Gladys co-founded   Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), recognising that in order to save the gorillas , they needed to support the local community/ Healthcare and sanitation and hygiene were improved.  The gorillas were coming into contact with humans when they foraged in gardens for bananas.  Through education they were able to help improve the lives of the human community – and  reduce the threat of disease to the gorilla community. They also had to find a way to have humans and gorillas better co-exist and enable the living conditions of the community to improve.

The gorilla population has grown to 1000

Gorilla tourism was one way- another was in setting up a scheme to buy the locals coffee beans at a fixed and above average price – the sale of the resulting ‘gorilla coffee’ helps to fund the centre. Knowing that their coffee ventures are well supported – the community is more forgiving of banana theft by gorillas!

The model has worked well – and today there are 1000 mountain gorillas living in the park.

The CTPH model is one that is seen as best practice, and is being duplicated by other countries.

When Gladys talks of her achievements she does so with passion and humour. When recalling the time she and a park ranger were following an elephant ,  due to concerns about its limp, it turned to charge them. As Gladys said ‘the limp didn’t seem to bother him when it came running after us’!!

But what next for Gladys? As she approaches her 50th birthday having achieved so much, she is still passionate about doing more.  Apart from writing a book, Gladys wants to encourage young women to study science and make a difference with the confidence of knowing that they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

Gladys herself had a great role model in her own mother – who was the first woman in Uganda’s parliament. Gladys was encouraged to set her own goals and achieve her own dreams – even if those dreams had not been achieved before. She now wants to encourage others to do the same.

An inspirational woman , and an inspirational role model.


I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet her.

To find out more about Gladys’ work, and ways to support it, visit and watch out for Gorilla Conservation Coffee which will hopefully be on sale in the UK soon.






Cheptegei sets new 10km road record for 2019 treble

Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei set a new 10km road world record in Valencia on Sunday, closing out his season in style by eclipsing the previous benchmark ...

Video: Woman taken out on a stretcher during Uganda's Black Friday

Alarming footage shows the moment a woman is taken out on a stretcher during Uganda's Black Friday.

Akron Church Increases Refugee Awareness

Terri Saelee, North American Division coordinator for Adventist Refugee and Immigrant Ministries, shares a "Loss Simulation' exercise with the Junior/Earliteen class.

Story by Heidi Shoemaker

For several years, Ohio Conference's Akron First church has actively served refugees from Burma, Thailand, Rwanda, the Congo, Uganda and Kenya who have settled in the community.

Members help these families obtain household furnishings, assist them in filling out forms and provide driving lessons. Many refugees have become a part of church life, enrolling their children in the Mayfair Christian School in Uniontown and participating in Adventurer and Pathfinder programs. The congregation hosts social gatherings, baby and wedding showers and conducts hospital visits and baptisms. This year they financially supported two refugee students attending Great Lakes Adventist Academy (Mich.).

Bill Levin, pastor of Akron First, shared details about this growing ministry with Terri Saelee, North American Division coordinator for Adventist Refugee and Immigrant Ministries. “She suggested a ‘Refugee Awareness Sabbath’ to help more of our church family become aware of the unique challenges and needs refugees have as they transition into a new land and culture. Utilizing her idea, we extended an invitation for our refugee brothers and sisters to help us get to know them and their plight a little better,” Levin says.

During Sabbath School, refugee children told young people what life was like in a refugee camp and the changes that took place upon arriving to the U.S. Saelee went to the Junior/Earliteen class and shared a “Loss Simulation” exercise to help young people wrestle with the idea of the very real loss most refugees face—the loss of family members, possessions and homes.

“[Saelee] had my students pretend that war broke out and bombs were falling. She gave them three minutes to write down four people they would take with them, four documents they would take, four favorite things and four favorite places [each on a separate piece of paper],” shares Sabbath School teacher Susan Kirschbaum. “After the three minutes, she asked them to delete one item from each category, and while they were doing that, she quietly asked me to go around and randomly remove a few papers from each kid’s stacks.”

She continues, “They were really upset—‘You took my mom!’ or ‘You took my grandma!’” and added, “I was the ‘government,’ and though they had done their best at making decisions with what they had, they had now lost control. That’s what a refugee’s life is like. It was an eye opener for everyone.”

Worship was filled with refugee friends sharing music from their native homeland, while three adults gave personal testimonies about families being detained in refugee camps. As they shared stories, the congregation was visibly moved and heartbroken for them and their struggle.

After the service, church members completed commitment sheets addressing specific things each person could do to assist and bless refugees in the community.


Cheptegei breaks 10km road world record

Ugandas Joshua Cheptegei set a new 10km road world record in Valencia on Sunday, closing out his season in style by eclipsing the previous benchmark set by Kenyan Leonard Komon. The current 10,000m world champion, [...]

Kabras Stay Unbeaten with Maiden Victory Over KCBAPO Group - Africa-Newsroom: latest news releases related to Africa

Download logoKabras Sugar finally got one over KCB, defeating the defending champions 19-6 in a match stopped amidst a heavy downpour that rendered the match unplayable amidst concerns over player welfare and safety.This was the sugarmens first ever win over KCB since their promotion to the top tier in 2014 and sees them remain as the only unbeaten team after six rounds of play.It was Kabras Sugar who went ahead through Ugandan international Asuman Mugerwa who barged over with Jone Kubu converti

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Onyango reacts to CAF Awards nomination

Uganda international Denis Onyango has opened up on his nomination for two Confederations of African Football (CAF) awards.

Rugby Africa Cup: Senegal clearly beats Mauritius 63-0APO Group - Africa-Newsroom: latest news releases related to Africa

The Senegal rugby team fulfilled on Saturday their mission to book a spot in the group stage of the Rugby Africa Cup 2020. In front of a supportive home crowd the lions dominated mercilessly Mauritius 63-0.In the group phase of the Rugby Africa Cup 2020 Senegal will now play in Group C playing against Algeria and Uganda.Senegal set the tone with a penalty goal scored by Mansour Sall in the 5th minute. The host teams early 3-0 lead gave then place to a battle of attrition with the two teams commi

Ezabatsha: Sixoxa lo Fikezweni Nyoni

Ezabatsha: UMike Hove uxoxa lo Fikezweni Nyoni, okewangena umhlangano weYoung African Leaders Summit owenzelwe kwele Uganda.

Intersections of Intimate Partner Violence and Violence against Children: Expert Perspectives on Improving Service Coordination in Kampala, Uganda

Mara Steinhaus
Maureen Nakirunda
Kristina Vlahovicova
Ruti Levtov
Deborah Nakisuyi
Cleopatra Mugyenyi
Publication Date

International Center for Research on Women, or ICRW (Steinhaus, Nakirunda, Nakisuyi, Mugyenyi); Promundo-US (Vlahovicova, Levtov)

Evidence from International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) Central Uganda and other studies show that intimate partner violence (IPV) and violence against children (VAC) frequently co-occur. Conducted in Kampala, Uganda, this qualitative study explores the intersection of IPV and VAC from the perspective of service providers, as opposed to the lay community, in order to understand perceptions about shared risk factors, common consequences, cycles of violence, and barriers and opportunities for collaboration.

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IFLA at IGF 2019


Between 25 and 29 November 2019, IFLA participated in the 14th annual Internet Governance Forum meeting in Berlin. The key messages IFLA emphasised were the importance of policy support for public access in libraries, the role of libraries in enabling meaningful connectivity, and in generating meaningful internet content through digitisation efforts.

The Internet Governance Forum is a multistakeholder space for debate and cooperation towards an open, secure and free internet. The theme of the 2019 meeting was “One world. One net. One vision”, and over 5000 participants from public, private and civil society sectors participated.

From public internet access…

Within the framework of the Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DC-PAL), IFLA organised an open session alongside Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL). The session examined how public access in libraries contributes to broadband and connectivity policy success, and how governments integrate libraries into planning.

The speakers highlighted the role of libraries in access, development, and affordability strategies, and presented a draft report which compares how libraries are included in broadband plans and policies in different countries.

Presentations and interventions by speakers from Uganda, Kenya, Germany and Ghana illustrated how including libraries in such policies works in practice, and the impact it delivers. In several cases, Universal Service Funds were highlighted as an effective mechanism to support public access and library connectivity.

… to other areas important for libraries

IFLA also joined the panel of a session organised by the Best Practice Forum on Local Content. IFLA shared how library heritage digitisation initiatives can help create online content that is most meaningful and/or relevant for a given community.

IFLA drew special attention to digitisation efforts carried out by libraries jointly with indigenous communities, and digital preservation of heritage materials at risk.

Other issues and questions relevant for libraries were discussed throughout the week, for example:

  • Meaningful connectivity and meaningful access: many participants agreed that access to connectivity services and infrastructure alone do not bring the full benefits of connectivity. We need rather to think about making meaningful connectivity and access meaningful, for which can entail different elements: from affordability, appropriate access devices, and sufficient speed (e.g. as included in A4AI’s Meaningful Connectivity Standard) to digital skills, literacy, and availability of online content and services relevant for the user (which libraries offer).
  • The issues of reconciling freedom of expression and intellectual freedom online with government and private companies’ efforts to address such concerns as disinformation or harmful content.
  • On several occasions, it was pointed out that traditional connectivity models may not be effective in bringing the remaining billions online as fast as possible. Community networks were proposed as an alternative solution in several sessions – libraries can learn more about this connectivity model and see what roles they can play in community network projects.

You can watch a recording of the DC-PAL session and read the draft report. If you would like to get involved in IGF events and initiatives, the IFLA Get Into IGF Guide can offer an explanation of how the Forum works and how you can take part.


Apr 17, 2020: World Catholicism Week 2020 at Student Center (Lincoln Park)


The Catholic Church is perhaps the largest provider of health care in the world. From sophisticated Catholic hospital systems to small rural clinics, the Church continues the legacy of healing begun by Jesus. Today, however, the gap between technologically advanced medicine and the needs of the desperately poor continues to widen.

This conference will address some of the most pressing issues facing Catholic health care​ providers around the globe and brings together speakers from Uganda, India, Ecuador, South Korea, the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Zambia. Panels will discuss

Catholic health care services and strategies biblical and theological narratives of health and healingthe relationship between Western and non-Western traditions of medicinehealing trauma and invisible woundsCatholic partnerships between the global South and global North

Keynote Speakers

Sr. Carol Keehan, DC

Immediate Past President/CEO of the Catholic Health AssociationMember of the National Academy of Medicine

David Cayley

Award-winning journalist & host of CBC Radio One's "Ideas" (Toronto)Author of Ideas on the Nature of ScienceView full speaker list at

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Ada Health Launches World's First AI-Powered Health App In Swahili

Ada, a free, symptom-checking app created by Berlin-based healthtech company, Ada Health, has become the first health app to be launched in Swahili, a language spoken by over 100 million people across East Africa in countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Uganda is now taxing its citizens for access to social media (no replies)

Uganda is now taxing its citizens for access to social media
As of July 1, Ugandans no longer have free access to social media platforms, having to pay a daily tax to maintain access to 58 sites and apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Signal, and Youtube.

The imposed levy has garnered intense criticism both in Uganda and around the world, calling the move an attempt by the government to censor online speech.

What is Uganda’s social media tax?
The tax, approved as part of Uganda’s national budget on June 1, requires all users who wish to access voice and messaging services deemed by the government as “Over The Top” like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to pay 200 Ugandan shillings or five cents “per user per day of access.”

To be able to use these apps, Ugandans have to pay the equivalent of five cents a day, or 18.25 dollars a year to connect to any of their preferred social networking sites—no small sum when the country’s GDP per capita is at 604 dollars.

Most Ugandans access the internet through their mobile phones and will pay the tax through mobile phone operators via individual SIM cards. The number associated with the SIM card is already verified with the owner’s national ID, inextricably linking the phone to the personal details of the owner.

Why is Uganda taxing social media use?
The Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has labeled such voice and messaging services as “over the top (OTT)” arguing that these sites and apps are used for “gossip” and that such social media use is a “luxury item” and should be taxed.

A more likely reason behind this tax has come from critics, who have called the tax an attempt to rob Ugandans of their freedom of speech online, while virtually blocking online access to some of the country’s most impoverished.

This isn’t the first time Uganda has tried blocking access to social media—during their 2016 elections, the government blocked social media for several days, preventing voices opposing incumbent Museveni’s re-election. Museveni has been Uganda’s president since 1986.

How is this affecting Ugandans?
Worryingly, the tax’s intended effect on limiting social media use is already visible. According to a report by a Kampala-based communications firm, total social media usage dropped by 11%, and 71% reported extreme inconvenience since the taxes came into effect. 57% of respondents now use a VPN.

So far, there are no apparent plans to exempt social media use that isn’t deemed “gossip.” Whether this is intended or just plain ineptitude is unclear, but the tax nonetheless stops educators, small businesses, and researchers, and anyone involved in non-”gossip” from accessing platforms that are crucial to their work.

Ugandans are fighting back for net neutrality
While the tax has restricted online criticism of the government, several users are suing the Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda Revenue Authority, and the country’s Attorney General for limiting the fundamental right to freedom of speech, as well as harming businesses that rely on social media platforms.

The petition, filed by the Kampala-based Cyber Law Initiative non-profit is unlikely to be heard any time soon, with Uganda’s courts full to the brim, making a verdict on this case unlikely within the next year.

A VPN and a court case are, however, not enough to plaster over the accelerating corrosion of online free speech in Uganda.

A worrying sign of what the internet might become?
For countries that do not have net neutrality, there is room for similar legislation to be put in place to prevent access to sites and apps that give people the freedom to speak out.

Uganda may be the first to impose a social media tax, but several countries have already imposed restrictions on social platforms. Earlier this year Tanzania introduced regulations that require bloggers to pay $930 a year for a blog license—prohibitively expensive for a country whose GDP per capita is at $936.

With governments and corporations keen to control what the public sees and does in their favor, our fundamental right to the freedom of speech and expression will diminish with what was once a neutral online space. Needless to say, the fight for net neutrality has never been more important.
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I find myself having to ask this question; are there a lot of Jose's in Uganda? Seems kind of odd to me lol

Kenya woos oil importers in bid to reclaim business lost to Tanzania


Kenya hopes to regain its petroleum export market after cutting pipeline tariffs by 50 per cent, a development that sets up stiff competition with Tanzania. Nairobi, which had lost about 30 per cent of its petroleum export market to Dar es Salaam, is also stepping up its crackdown on fuel adulteration and smuggling, a growing menace costing the government $340 million annually in lost taxes. Last week, the Kenya Revenue Authority in collaboration with a multi-agency team formed to strengthen co-ordination among different agencies in curbing illicit trade intercepted a consignment of 7,000 litres of diesel fuel smuggled from Ethiopia. This comes at a time when the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development estimates that the East African Community loses over $500 million in tax revenue annually due to counterfeiting. “KRA has enhanced vigilance at the country’s border points as part of key measures geared towards stepping up the fight against illicit trade and counterfeits,” Kevin Safari, KRA commissioner for Customs and Border Control said in a statement. Kenya hopes the intensified surveillance and crackdown on fuel adulteration and dumping will help the country recapture the petroleum export market from Tanzania. TARIFFS More critically, Nairobi hopes the lower pipeline tariffs will encourage petroleum and petroleum products importers to use the Mombasa port for products destined for neighbouring landlocked countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In the new tariffs imposed by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, oil marketing companies will pay $30.89 per 1,000 litres down from $60 to transport fuel using Kenya Pipeline Company facilities. The rates, which will apply for the next three years, will further be lowered to $30.65 in 2020 and $29.07 in 2021. “Kenya had lost about 30 per cent of its petroleum export market to Tanzania mainly due to the   high tariffs charged for pipeline transport,” EPRA director general Pavel Oimeke told The EastAfrican. He added that in the past 10 days after the implementation of the revised pipeline tariffs, the export volumes have doubled, a trend that is ultimately expected to regain the lost market share. KPC, which was pushing for an upward review of the tariffs that include the domestic market, has however protested the reduction ostensibly on the basis that it will have a negative impact on its bottom line. The company wanted an increase to raise funds to service massive debts procured to finance infrastructure investments including the new Mombasa-Nairobi pipeline constructed at a cost of $473.4 million, and the four new oil storage tanks in Nairobi that cost $50 million. The company has also invested $16 million in the Kisumu Oil Jetty. Mr Oimeke said that KPC has submitted a protest letter to EPRA, which does not amount to an appeal against the new tariffs. “They are yet to submit a detailed appeal to us. What we received is a protest letter. We have written to them and advised on how to structure the appeal accompanied with justification for each item. We will objectively review once we receive the detailed appeal,” he added. According to the Economic Survey 2019, Kenya’s volume of petroleum exports declined to 739.800 tonnes in 2018, from 842.400 tonnes in 2017. Although the value of total exports rose by 7.5 per cent to $374.2 million in 2018 on account of a growth in the value of re-exports, the value of domestic exports of petroleum products dropped by 15.2 per cent to $40.5 million in 2018. DOMESTIC EXPORTS In the first half of 2019, the value of domestic exports stood at $11.5 million from $20.2 million in same period in 2018, a 43 per cent decline. While the volumes of transit petroleum products imports in Kenya have been on the decline, Tanzania has recorded a significant rise in imports entering through the ports of Dar es Salaam and Tanga. Data by the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority of Tanzania shows that in the financial year ending June 2018, the volume of transit products stood at 2.6 million litres compared with two million litres for 2017, a 35 per cent rise. Ewura, in its 2018 annual report reckons that importers prefer Tanzania due to the authority’s efforts in ensuring compliance to laws and standards in the downstream petroleum subsector. According to Mr Oimeke, the level of petroleum fuels adulteration in Kenya has significantly reduced since September 2018 when the anti-adulteration of $0.173 per litre was introduced for Kerosene. In addition, dumping has significantly reduced due to improvements implemented to the petroleum fuels marking and monitoring programme since January this year. The improvements include increased frequency of monitoring and stiffer penalties for culprits, which has seen compliance levels for both dumping and adulteration hit 100 per cent as at the end of last quarter. “EPRA has increased surveillance and also enlisted the help of the National Police Service to ensure that the problem is dealt with,” he said. He added that EPRA is working with regional energy regulators under the auspices of the Energy Regulators Association of East Africa to improve compliance across the region. ***   TARIFFS The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has allowed oil marketing companies to pay $30.89 per 1,000 litres in tariffs, down from $60 to transport fuel using Kenya Pipeline Company facilities. The rates will apply for the next three years and will be further lowered to $30.65 in 2020 and $29.07 in 2021. Oil marketers pay on average $80 to ferry oil from Dar es Salaam on trucks but pay $60 tariff on pipeline to Kisumu and a further $35 to truck the product to Uganda, Rwanda and northern Tanzania buying countries. Tanzania has also stepped up competition by increasing efficiencies at the port. According to the Economic Survey 2019, Kenya’s volume of petroleum exports declined to 739.800 tonnes in 2018, from 842.400 tonnes in 2017. But KPC has protested the cut in tariffs. By The Eastafrica

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Kenya retains seat at global maritime council


Kenya has retained its seat on the Council of the International Maritime Organisation, giving it a chance to continue playing a role in global shipping rule making. The vote on Friday evening in London saw 174 member states take part with Kenya retaining its seat under Category C of 20 countries usually reserved for those with special interest in maritime transport or navigation. In Africa, Morocco, South Africa, Liberia and Egypt are the other members of Category C. Kenya holds special interests in maritime transport and navigation as the coastal, port and flag state “whose strategic location along the Eastern Africa coast makes it a most important cog in the wheel of steering global shipping,” according to Maritime Principal Secretary Nancy Karigithu who led the delegation to the polls. “Our re-election to Council will ensure continued representation of a major geographic area in Eastern Africa and the Great Lakes region consisting of the countries Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda,” she said on Saturday. Kenya’s High Commissioner to the UK Manoah Esipisu, also the Permanent Representative to the IMO, said he was delighted by the vote result. “It confirms the world’s confidence on our leadership around maritime transport and safety, and our commitment to the Blue Economy,” he said. Kenya joined the IMO in 1973 and was first elected to the Council under Category “C” in 2001 and has been re-elected in subsequent elections to date, the last being in 2017. It is one seat at a UN agency where Kenya has dominated lately. But this election saw heavy lobbying. Some marine and shipping giants like Sweden, Nigeria and Liberia lost their bids. Qatar, a wealthy oil producer as well as Saudi Arabia also lost out. The IMO is the specialised agency that determines rules on shipping safety and environment. With more than 80 per cent of global trade running on seas, the IMO’s regulatory framework determines how shipping lines and ports operate. By The Eastafrica 

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Abiy Ahmed fanning instability in Somalia, S. Sudan: UN reports


Just months after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia’s reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting accusations of his interfering with the affairs of neighbouring countries. In November, two United Nations reports accused him of being lukewarm in South Sudan peace process and fuelling fires of instability in Somalia; two of the countries he has been closely involved in as the chairman of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development. In South Sudan, where Igad midwifed a revitalised peace agreement in September last year, Abiy’s government, Uganda and Kenya were accused of being inconsistent in ensuring the deal is implemented. PEACE PROCESS “Over the past year, the Igad and member states neighbouring South Sudan – specifically Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda – have not demonstrated full and consistent engagement in the peace process,” a UN report said. “The government of Salva Kiir, in particular, has benefited from the inconsistent approach of the region.” Ethiopia, which chaired Igad until last Friday, and Kenya have only given piecemeal support, with occasional visits or bilateral meetings, the report by the UN Panel of Experts says. Both countries refute the charge, separately saying that they have in fact borne the brunt of violence in South Sudan by hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees and losing business. On Friday, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Kenya Meles Alem told the Nation that the allegations do not hold water. “One of the pillars of Ethiopian foreign policy is non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. That is our track record,” Meles said. “As a good neighbour, we have only played constructive roles.” REFUGEES Kenya on the other hand accused the UN team of passing the buck, arguing that Kenya suffers whenever South Sudan is at war as its businesses close and it hosts refugees. This past week, a number of Somali politicians have been vocal, accusing Ethiopia of helping the federal government interfere with the states. The Forum for National Parties (FNP), the coalition which brings together six parties, wrote to Abiy telling him to stop “the unfortunate renewal of Ethiopia’s involvement in Somalia’s domestic politics”. The politicians said Ethiopia is deploying non-Amisom forces in the country, referring to the African Union Mission in Somalia. “The Ethiopian National Defence Forces have been repeatedly involved in illegal activities whose outcome could at best undermine the fragile state-building and nascent democratic processes in Somalia,” they wrote on Friday. The FNP letter came on the backdrop of complaints by the Jubbaland administration following two incidents in Gedo. Jubbaland, whose president is Ahmed Madobe, said Ethiopian soldiers forced administrators in Buala Hawa, Dolow and Luuq towns in Gedo region to renounce their allegiance to Jubbaland. In another incident, Jubbaland Vice President Mohamud Sayyid reportedly sought refuge in Mandera, Kenya after escaping a kidnapping attempt by Ethiopian forces. MALTREATMENT Pressed, Jubbaland and FNP did not provide proof of the maltreatment. Meles told the Sunday Nation that his country’s role in South Sudan and Somalia have been limited to the peace process. He said Ethiopia deploys peacekeepers who follow available regulations. “We have played a constructive role under the auspices of Igad to bring peace and stability in the two countries. In fact, Ethiopia hosts a million refugees and we treat them as our citizens,” the diplomat said. Accusations against Ethiopia began in Somalia last year. A UN Panel of Experts on Somalia in its 2019 report said Ethiopia had interfered with the vote in South West where Mukhtar Rubow – a former al-Shabaab deputy head – was barred from running. When South West residents protested, forces loyal to Rubow fought Ethiopian soldiers, resulting in several deaths, the UN experts said. “The role of the Ethiopian forces in the arrest of Rubow has the potential to inflame anti-Ethiopian sentiment among communities in the region, who were previously known to share information on al-Shabaab movements with them,” the panel said. Ethiopia, at the time dismissed the report as a fabrication. As Somalia’s Galmudug state gears for its elections, politicians accuse Addis Ababa of playing a role again. By The Eastafrica

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Uganda and Rwanda lead East Africa in switch to electric cars


Uganda and Rwanda are racing ahead of their East African neighbours in the global switch to electric motoring, even as infrastructure shortcomings limit investments in the emerging sector. Both Kampala and Kigali have unveiled electric vehicle assembly plants in the past two months, blazing the regional trail with Kenya and Tanzania only making baby steps toward embracing the new technology. Uganda’s state-owned Kiira Motors Corporation has so far shown the biggest ambition in the region by building two battery-powered cars and a solar electric bus. The electric bus, called the Kayoola Electric Vehicle Series (EVS), has been built using Kiira Motors home-grown green mobility technologies while partnering with Chinese Equipment Manufacturer, Motor Co. Ltd. The buses can cover a distance of 300km under a single charge and have a capacity of 90 passengers (49 sitting and 41 standing), compared with the diesel engine ones which have a capacity of 65 passengers. Last year Uganda committed nearly Ush24 billion ($6.4 million) to put the first fully home-made car on the road. The amount is part of a planned Ush145 billion ($39 million) spending over four years, 2018 to 2022. In Rwanda, German automaker Volkswagen started assembling electric vehicles in Kigali in October this year, with the German power equipment firm Siemens planning to set up 15 charging stations in the Rwandan capital. This comes after a local Rwandan firm, Ampersand, started selling electric bikes powered by batteries that can last for about 75km of riding. East Africa’s uptake of electrical vehicles however remains extremely low compared to global leaders, according to Global EV Outlook report 2019. Lack of investment in charging infrastructure and absence of fiscal incentives such as subsidies and rebates on vehicle acquisition taxes, and lower toll or parking fees are to blame, the report launched by the International Energy Agency states. Measure It notes that scaling up of EV adoption in the region requires measures that provide incentives to increase the availability of vehicles with zero and low tailpipe emissions including massive investments in charging infrastructure installations on highways and in buildings. “We must address the issues of infrastructure and energy because these vehicles need energy and space for charging. The government should also consider tax incentives to attract investors and even buyers of electric vehicles,” said the Group chief executive of Nairobi-based motor dealer Simba Colt, Dinesh Kotecha, in an interview. In Kenya, Finnish firm EkoRent introduced a fully electric taxi dubbed Nopia Ride last year. The firm has installed five charging stations in three locations, including the Two Rivers Mall, the Hub Karen and Thika Road Mall. The Tanzanian government last year approved an initial roll-out of electric Safari vehicle at its flagship national park of Serengeti in an effort to reduce gas emissions. The Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club became the first tour company in Tanzania to release a 100 per cent electric Safari cars in the region. Tanzania is reportedly seeking to power its electric cell driven vehicles through mass production of graphite minerals, with plans to build four of such factories in the country. In Ethiopia plans are underway for a local electric vehicle assembler—Tom Renewable Electric Bike Assembly & Sales—to start production in the country. The electric vehicles can go up to 40Km/h and are charged using standard 220v electric outlets. The vehicles take between four and six hours to get fully charged and can travel up to 60km on one charge. It is estimated that Ethiopia spends $3 billion annually to import fuel, pushing its annual spending up by 10 per cent. Japanese Firm Mitsui and Co. The company in April made a successful trial for a three-wheels electric car in Addis Ababa. The electric car called ‘E-trike ‘has five dedicated batteries, each with a capacity to go 80 kms with a single charge. The company has plans to establish an assembly plant in Ethiopia. Two decades ago, the world decided it was going electric and in 2009 a multi-governmental policy forum was established under the Clean Energy Ministerial to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. The CEM consists of 24 nations and the EU, who together account for 90 per cent of all investment in clean energy in the world and 75 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. So far 13 countries are participating in the EVI including Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and UK. Electric mobility is expanding at a rapid pace globally, with the total electric car fleet exceeding 5.1 million last year, compared with 3.1 million in 2017. China remains the world’s largest electric car market, followed by Europe and the US, while Norway is the global leader in terms of electric car market share. By  The Eastafrica 

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Juba angered by US’ lack of confidence in Kiir and recall of envoy to South Sudan


The US government’s withdrawal of its envoy to South Sudan has stoked anger among President Salva Kiir’s close associates, even as the Opposition appeared to back Washington’s hard-line stance on Juba. The US on Monday recalled its ambassador in South Sudan, Thomas Hushek, sending a strong signal that it did not support the decision to allow more time for the country’s political protagonists to form a unity government. But as Juba screamed victim this week, the Opposition said it did not feel the negotiations with President Kiir’s government were progressing at the right pace even as the clock ticks towards the 100 days deadline. Ceasefire violation Details also emerged that the government in Juba was recruiting new soldiers in what could have violated ceasefire agreements and potentially damaged the possibility of merging forces into one national army, under the planned unity government. Washington said it was withdrawing Mr Hushek as Ambassador to South Sudan for “consultations,” having become frustrated with the failure by President Salva Kiir and former VP and Opposition Leader Riek Machar, to start an administration. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had torn into President Kiir, questioning his political will and said they were calling back their envoy to “re-evaluate” their relationship with Juba. “We will work with the region to support efforts to achieve peace and a successful political transition in South Sudan,” Mr Pompeo said. Perpetual deadlines But the decision by the US, one of the group of donor countries behind mediation efforts known as the Troika to recall their envoy was seen in Juba as a bid to force the hand of Mr Kiir to give in to some unspecified demands. Mr Kiir’s diplomats were this week fighting back claims that he is a stumbling block to formation of a transitional government. Instead, they asserted that their principal was being ‘victimised’ for compromising. “The President has never asked for an extension of the pre-transitional period,” argued South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Awut Deng Achuil, referring to the time allowed to form the transitional government of national unity. Kiir, Machar and several other parties signed the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) on September 12, 2018. They were to form the unity government six months later. They failed and extended by another six months. As the deadline approached on November 12, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni brokered another deal to extend the period by another 100 days. “His excellency welcomed the decision of the regional guarantors for extension as a compromise measure to avert a return to conflict and maintain peace in the country,” Ms Achuil said this week. Every other party, including mediators at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) endorsed the extension with a caveat: That the parties must now list down specific actions to ensure the 100 days lead to a new unity government. Dr Machar’s group, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In Opposition, in an interview said Juba had not given specific guarantees to the international community on implementation of the agreement required for formation of a unity government even after signing of the deal to extend the pre-transition by 100 days. Dwarfed by giant “Washington is unhappy with the way things are happening in South Sudan,” said James Oryema, Dr Machar’s Spokesman in Kenya. “There was consensus in Entebbe but Washington is worried we cannot work together (with President Kiir) as things stand.” With the US decision, Juba says it means Washington is not keen on a peace deal but paves the way for external aggressors. “The US has never been a friend of South Sudan. There are big politics in play and South Sudan is just a victim of a giant,” said James P. Morgan, South Sudan’s envoy to the African Union, without elaborating. “Two guarantors (Uganda and Sudan) came up with a middle ground which was to provide 100 days. But the US was not happy with that. “The US acted dubiously by supporting the formation of a revitalised transitional government and yet it also supported the position of Dr Machar,” he added, referring to the initial demand by the opposition groups for six more months. A UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan this week charged that Juba had recruited about 10,000 new soldiers during the transitional period, despite the R-ARCSS requiring that certain measures be taken to retrain, canton and merge forces first. The forces, the Panel claimed, were being hosted in the former Warrap State. The US, which had warned before of re-evaluating relations with South Sudan, has also imposed sanctions on certain South Sudanese warlords, seen to have violated ceasefire agreements. Some of the individuals were still working for President Kiir and had even travelled abroad on assignments despite various US and UN sanctions. New rebel group In a UN report, South Sudan Army chief Gabriel Jok Riak, who was sanctioned and banned from travelling abroad, had in fact attended a military sports event in Nairobi in August, without a formal request for exemption. Another former military chief, Gen Paul Malong, who has been banned from travelling, was also spotted in Johannesburg in July, travelling on a Ugandan diplomatic passport. He travelled back to Nairobi using the same document, according to the Panel. Gen Malong, once Kiir’s Chief of General Staff, formed his own rebel group and refused to sign the peace deal. The US warned that it will impose more sanctions on others like Gen Malong and another rebel called Thomas Cirillo, who also runs a different group that refuses to join the peace deal. But South Sudan’s neighbours came in for criticism for aiding the flop in sanctions. The Panel says in its interim report that there is lack of political will among key protagonists to implement the peace agreement known as R-ARCSS. Dangerous stalemate But they charge that President Kiir is specifically profiting from the region’s reluctance to enforce sanctions imposed on warlords. Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are particularly seen as partial players in the conflict. “The selective...

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Kenya takes up Nile Basin leadership


Kenya is now chair of the Nile Council of Ministers and will be led by Water Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui. Mr Chelugui takes over from Burundi’s Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Dr Deo-Guide Rurema. The handover was done at a pre-conference in Nairobi on Wednesday, where the Council outlined an ambitious plan for the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI). Regional system On Friday, the Council of Ministers led by NBI Secretariat under the executive director of NBI Prof Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla launched the $5.5 million Nile Basin Regional Hydro-Met System that will enable NBI member states to share reliable data for monitoring of the Nile Basin resources as well as collect data to inform planning to prevent potential conflicts over the use of the Nile waters, said Mr Chelugui. The launch was attended by Water ministers from NBI member states, the Nile Technical Advisory Committee, stakeholders and civil society organisations. The Hydro-Met System project funded by the European Union and the government of Government, will include 79 hydrological monitoring stations, 322 meteorological monitoring stations and upgraded water quality laboratories. To-do list As the chair, Kenya will lead the initiative for a period of one year and is seeking to transform it into a co-operation like other basins around the world. “We want to transform it to a co-operation where equitable use of water resources is practised,” said Mr Chelugui. Top of the to-do list for Mr Chelugui is bringing back Egypt to the Initiative. Egypt left in 2010 to protest the signing of the Co-operative Framework Agreement (CFA) by some member countries, a pact that it was opposed to. Currently, six countries have signed the CFA—Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi—of which only four—Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda — have ratified while Kenya is in the process of ratifying after signing it on May 19, this year. Ethiopia has already deposited the CFA with the African Union, while Sudan reviewed its position in 2010. “We intend to employ persuasion and diplomacy to bring back Egypt. We want to reach consensus and reconciliation on the issues which made the state leave,” Mr Chelugui added. Egypt, on the other hand, wants an alternative agreement which will allow other Nile Basin countries to do projects along the River Nile. The country still stands by the 1929 Nile Waters Agreement and the 1959 agreement between itself and Sudan. Other members of the NBI are South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea as an observer state. River Nile upstream countries have been pushing joint projects, and there is an interconnection and power generation project between Kenya and Uganda (Lessos-Tororo- Bujagali), which is expected to increase cross-border power trade and access to reliable and affordable energy and reduce operational costs, said Mr Chelugui. By The Eastafrica

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Museveni: I won’t spare whoever attacks Uganda


President Museveni has said he will not spare anyone who tries to attack or mistreat Ugandans and Africans. Speaking at the commissioning the CCTV National Command and Control Centre in Kampala yesterday, the President said he considers all Ugandans and Africans part of his family and will even put his life on the line for them. “If you have love for the fatherland, it means all Ugandans are our family members. If you have got this in your head, you will not neglect your duties because you know that any attack any Ugandans is like attacking your child, sister and brother,” Mr Museveni said. “Some people don’t have that feeling. They feel that family members are those from the same woman. But to me, all Ugandans, all Africans are my family; that is why I will cause you a lot of problems. If you are near me and you kill, mistreat or rape an African woman, who is my muzukulu (grandchild), ofudde (you are dead). I can’t spare you,” he added. The President’s remarks left those in attendance puzzled on whether he was referring to the current high crime rate in Uganda or sending a message to external threats. Mr Museveni said defending Africans from oppression is what took him to Mozambique to join freedom fighters in 1968. “What was I looking for? There were no Banyankole. I was not going to greet agandi (a Runyankole greeting meaning how you are?); It is because Mozambicans are Africans and they were being oppressed,” he added. Mr Museveni has previously sent troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire), Sudan before the formation of South Sudan as an independent state and now Somalia. Uganda also helped rebels backed by Mr Paul Kagame to capture power in Rwanda following the 1994 genocide. The President said some people have attempted to discredit his National Resistance Movement party by killing high profile people in urban areas. “Yet security is my area, my constituency. That is my battle ground. If you want to challenge Uganda, you should look for another constituency. We are going to defeat these criminals. This is just the beginning,” he said. The Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, said CCTV cameras have improved policing in the country. “We have been able to improve of our 999 emergency system and we are now able to identify the location of distress calls in time. With camera and DNA profiling, the institution has registered tremendous success in tracing wanted persons and vehicles,” Mr Ochola said. The function was attended by, among others, Internal Affairs minister Obiga Kania, Security minister Elly Tumwine and Chief of Defence Forces David Muhoozi. By Daily Monitor 

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Disparos de advertencia para dispersar manifestantes anti-ONU en RDC

Las fuerzas de seguridad congoleñas efectuaron disparos de advertencia con balas reales este lunes por la mañana para dispersar a los manifestantes anti-ONU en Beni, en el este de la república Democrática del Congo (RDC), constató un periodista de la AFP. Tras algunos disparos esporádicos, la policía y el ejército dispararon al aire y en ráfagas durante más de 30 minutos ante decenas de jóvenes que se dirigían hacia las instalaciones de la ONU. Siguiendo las consignas, los manifestantes caminaban descalzos y armados con palos. Los militares también usaron palos para dispersar a la muchedumbre. La base civil de la Misión de Naciones Unidas en Congo (Monusco) de Beni fue atacada el lunes pasado por un grupo de manifestantes para denunciar su "inacción" tras la matanza de casi 80 civiles en un mes, supuestamente a manos de un grupo armado. Secundando la llamada de organizaciones de la sociedad civil, se observa una huelga general en Beni, donde no hay ninguna tienda abierta y todas las actividades han sido interrumpidas. Los manifestantes denuncian desde hace varios días la inacción del ejército y de los Cascos Azules presentes en la región, ante las matanzas de las Fuerzas Democráticas Armadas (ADF), de origen ugandés. El domingo un hombre murió en la dispersión de una reunión ante un hotel en Oicha, 30 km al norte de Beni, indicó una fuente de la sociedad civil a la AFP. Tres personas fueron linchadas en 48 horas entre el jueves y el sábado por civiles sospechosos de ser de las ADF, y más de 100 personas han sido masacradas en un mes en la región de Beni.

Family poisons Christian convert from Islam, Democratic Governor vetoes ban of Down Syndrome baby abortions, 12-year-old boy fed 9,000 homeless


It’s Wednesday, November 27th, A.D. 2019. This is The Worldview in 5 Minutes heard at  I’m Adam McManus.

By Adam McManus (

Family poisons Christian convert from Islam

If a Muslim converts to Christianity in Uganda it can be dangerous.   That alleged “apostasy” is seen as a capital offense against the false god Allah and is often met with anger, hatred and violence.

Ronald Nayekuliza, a Ugandan father of four, was recently poisoned by his extended family because of his newfound Christian faith.  Ronald was attending a memorial service for his father in Kokola village in eastern Uganda on November 10th when he was poisoned with pesticides in his food, reports International Christian Concern.

According to Morning Star News, while Ronald survived, the poisoning has created a lot of fear for Christians in the community, prompting them to stay home from attending church on Sunday, Nov. 18.

This is the prayer request from one of them. “We need prayers so that God may guide us as we face uncertainty of tomorrow within a hostile environment of Muslim relatives.”

Louisville: Christian photographers must take pics of homosexual wedding

A Christian wedding photographer filed a suit last week against the City of Louisville, Kentucky for an ordinance that would force her to photograph homosexual weddings and prevents her from posting her religious beliefs on her website, reports

Alliance Defending Freedom filed the suit in federal court on behalf of Chelsey Nelson, who owns a studio, Chelsey Nelson Photography.

The lawsuit says, “Chelsey believes that God designed marriage as a gift to people of all faiths, races, and backgrounds and that God ordained marriage to be a covenant between one man and one woman. Chelsey’s views on marriage come from her personal interpretation of the Bible and the denominational teachings of the Southern Baptist Convention and her church.

Ephesians 5:11 declares, “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

Democratic Governor vetoes ban of Down Syndrome baby abortions

Last Thursday, Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a bill that would have banned abortions over a diagnosis that an unborn baby has Down syndrome.  He did so just a day after it passed the GOP-controlled Pennsylvania legislature, reports

The state allows women to get abortions for any reason, except to select a gender, up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Sadly, in America, 90 percent of the unborn children who are diagnosed as having Down Syndrome are aborted.

Secret documents reveal Chinese detention camps for 1.5 million Muslims

Documents leaked on Sunday expose new details about how the Chinese government is using a network of detention centers to brainwash 1.5 million Muslims in Western China, reports the Christian Post.

The documents, called “The China Cables”, contradict the Chinese Communists’ claim that the network of detention centers constructed across Xinjiang in recent years only exist as places of voluntary re-education to help Muslims with extremist tendencies get on the right path.

Compassionate 12-year-old boy has fed 9,000 homeless

And finally, Symond Boschett is no ordinary middle schooler. Indeed, while many of his classmates are caught up in video games and sports, he is devoting himself to feeding the homeless, reports

Symond, who is just 12 years of age, has even set up his own non-profit to help him carry out his charitable mission — he was just eight when he launched “Share Hope USA.”

Symond’s dream was birthed when his father drove past a homeless man on the freeway who was holding up a sign with the plea, “Need money to eat, please help.”

Immediately, the inspirational young man knew he had to act. “I had $5 in my pocket, and I wanted to give it to him, but we had already passed him, and so I told my dad, ‘I want to help them,’” he recalled. “And he said, ‘Well, I can turn around and we can go give him the $5.’ I said, ‘You don’t understand, I want to help them all.’”

Following this exchange, and with the support of his dad, Symond set up “Share Hope USA” almost immediately. He said, “We bring [food] out to wherever the homeless are, under the overpasses, behind the freeways. We bring them hot meals.”

The group has since fed some 9,000 needy people.

Isaiah 58:10 says : “If you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday”


And that's The Worldview in 5 Minutes on this Wednesday, November 27th in the year of our Lord 2019. Subscribe by iTunes or email to our unique Christian newscast at Or get the Generations app through Google Play or The App Store. I’m Adam McManus ( Seize the day for Jesus Christ.


U.S.-Funded HIV Prevention Effort Reaps Rewards in Uganda

Title: U.S.-Funded HIV Prevention Effort Reaps Rewards in Uganda
Category: Health News
Created: 11/30/2017 12:00:00 AM
Last Editorial Review: 11/30/2017 12:00:00 AM

Hans Podlipnik luce su obra social en Uganda


Colgó la raqueta la semana pasada tras disputar la Copa Davis, pero lejos de volver a Chile a descansar tras 14 años de carrera tenística, Hans Podlipnik viajó rápidamente a África para cumplir uno de sus sueños. ¿Su nueva faceta? El ex doblista nacional ha hecho noticia durante toda la semana con sus publicaciones desde […]

La entrada Hans Podlipnik luce su obra social en Uganda aparece primero en La Hora.


Ouganda : un pasteur américain soigne ses fidèles avec l’eau de javel


Un pasteur américain guérit ses fidèles au moyen d’une méthode particulière. Il utilise l’eau de javel pour traiter les maux dont ils souffrent. Robert Baldwin, 52 ans, est un pasteur américain exerçant en Ouganda. Cet homme de Dieu soutenu par un ancien voyant britannique offre à 50.000 Ougandais un remède miracle à base de dioxyde […]

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Rwanda: arrestation de la fille d’un pasteur proche de l’opposition

Des forces de sécurité au Rwanda annoncent avoir interpellé la fille d’un pasteur considéré comme un proche de l’opposition rwandaise. Jackie Umuhoza est désormais inculpée pour trahison. Les autorités affirment que son père, le pasteur Deo Nyirigira, qui vit en Ouganda, est favorable au Congrès national rwandais, le RNC, que Kigali considère comme une organisation terroriste.

Uganda says it has reached deal on tax dispute, paves way for Tullow stake sale

Uganda said on Monday it had reached a deal with international oil firms on a tax dispute, clearing the way for Britain's Tullow Oil to revive plans to sell a stake in its assets and allow the firms to move to a final investment decision.


Growth in Africa Freight Forwarding Market driven by Infrastructural Development and New Logistic Hubs in countries: Ken Research

Africa Logistics and Warehousing Market Cover PageBuy Now “On the back of the new Intra-regional trade and improving foreign trade ties, the logistics sector in Africa experienced a growth in 2018.” Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Africa Logistics and Warehousing Outlook to 2023- By Countries (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia and Botswana), Freight Forwarding (Mode of [...]

Africa Logistics and Warehousing Outlook to 2023: Ken Research

Africa Logistics and Warehousing MarketBuy Now The report titled “Africa Logistics and Warehousing Outlook to 2023- By Countries (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia and Botswana), Mode of Freight (Road, Rail, Air, Sea and Pipeline), By End Users and by 3PL, By Type of Warehouses” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Logistics market of Africa. The report covers [...]

Besök från Makerere universitetet för att planera slutfas av IKT-projekt

Den 25-29 november får institutionen för tillämpad IT (ITIT) besök från Makerere University i Uganda. Bakgrunden till besöket är att sedan 2016 är ITIT en del av Bright-projektet med syftet att bidra till en hållbar socio-ekonomisk tillväxt i Uganda genom kapacitetsuppbyggnad inom informations- och kommunikationsteknologi (IKT) i forskning och utbildning.

Midwife Educator (Uganda / Malawi) | Seed Global Health

Multiple Locations, Uganda, Eligibility Requirements To be eligible to serve with Seed Global Health as a Midwife Educator, you must at minimum, have: • An active RN license in the United States • An advanced degree in nu

CAFCC: Big Spender And Debutants Pyramids FC Hope To Add To Rangers Woefulness In Enugu


After a dream start to their maiden continental campaign with the highlight being a place at the lucrative group stage, Egyptian debutants Pyramids will kick off their group stage campaign away to Nigeria’s Rangers in Enugu.

Last year’s revamp saw Pyramids, founded in 2008 under the name “Al Assiouty Sports” metamorphosing from Egyptian Premier League minnows to big spenders, after Emirati businessman Salem Al Shamsi acquired ownership of the prominent Egyptian football club. 

Al Shamsi, who was previously the club’s vice president, takes over from Saudi General Entertainment Authority chairman Turki Al Sheikh.
Their first season under the new name “Pyramids FC” ended in a third place finish in the Egyptian top flight, that earned them a place in this season’s Total CAF Confederation Cup.
With the help of experienced players, led by former Al Ahly playmaker Abdullah Elsaid, Ghanaian hitman John Antwi and Burkinabe Eric Traore, Pyramids entered their first ever continental adventure by recruiting ex- Uganda coach Sebastien Desabre to guide them banking on his knowledge of the African game.
The Frenchman guided the debutants to overcome the hurdles at Congo’s Etoile du Congo, Algeria’s CR Belouizdad and Tanzanian giants Young Africans to reach the group stage, with an impressive record of five wins and a draw in six matches, including three away victories.
And they are inspired by their impressive away record as they visit the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu this Sunday, as Group A of the CAF Confederation cup group stage kicks off, with fellow Egyptian outfit Al Masry and fellow debutants Nouadhibou of Mauritania completing the group.

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  Sport Flames img

Rangers enjoyed a preliminary round bye, before defeating Gabon’s AS Pelican and Togo’s ASC Kara on their way to the group stage, where they are looking to do better than last season when they failed to qualify for the quarterfinals.
Having won their previous two home games, Rangers will hope this form carries on to start the group stage on a positive note after appointing former Nigeria coach Salisu Yusuf days ahead of the clash as directed by the football federation for technical support.
Yusuf, who guided Nigeria to a runner-up spot at the Total African Nations Championship in Morocco in 2018 replaces Benedict Ugwu, who was shown the exit door after a 2-0 loss to newly promoted Akwa Starlets in the Nigerian top flight at the weekend.
Full Fixtures
Group A
  • Nouakchott Nouadhibou (Mauritania) vs Al Masry (Egypt)
  • Enugu Rangers (Nigeria) vs Pyramids (Egypt)
Group B
  • Johannesburg Bidvest (South Africa) vs Horoya (Guinea)
  • Cairo El Nasr (Libya) vs Djoliba (Mali)
Group C
  • Berkane RS Berkane (Morocco) vs ESAE (Benin)
  • Kinshasa Motema Pembe (DR Congo) vs Zanaco (Zambia)
Group D
  • Abidjan San Pedro (Cote d’Ivoire) vs Paradou (Algeria)
  • Agadir HUSA (Morocco) vs Enyimba (Nigeria)

  Sport Flames img


El ugandés Joshua Cheptegei batió el récord del mundo en 10 km

En Valencia, el atleta de 23 años corrió la prueba en 26 minutos y 38 segundos.

Can Kenya protect its citizens from extreme weather?

Devastating floods are continuing to spread havoc across parts of East Africa. Somalia and South Sudan had been heavily affected and in Kenya more than 56 people have lost their lives. We look at Kenya's state of preparedness with the deputy director of Kenya Meteorological Department, Samwel Mwangi. On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, World Health Organisation's Technical Officer Avni Amin tells us why framing violence against women as a matter of public health may help saving lives. We also hear from Leah Eryenyu, an activist with the Uganda Feminist Forum. A company partly owned by the British Government has been accused of a series of environmental and human rights abuses – in a damning report published today. Human Rights Watch says palm oil producer Feronia, which has plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been dumping untreated waste directly into the rivers used for drinking water, paying some of its workers under 2 dollars a day – and making them work in dangerous conditions.

10-year-old Chichester boy’s inspirational Uganda trip

A 10-year-old boy from Chichester is hoping to inspire his fellow pupils after returning from a trip to Uganda.

Trending Video: Pastor flogs church members for not attending church service


A viral video has emerged online showing popular Ugandan Pastor Paul Muwanguzi flogging his church members for allegedly failing to attend church service which held recently. In the video, the congregants were seen lying down while he passed around with a whip and as he flogs them, they would get to take up their seat. […]

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Cheptegei sets new 10km road record for 2019 treble

Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei set a new 10km road world record in Valencia on Sunday, closing out his season in style by eclipsing the previous benchmark set by Kenyan Leonard Komon.


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animal dildo Morse and her colleagues Nancy Wallace and Richard Stanton at Haas and Robert Bartlett at Berkeley Law focused on 30 year, fixed rate, single family home loans issued between 2008 and 2015. They were able to link data on interest rates, loan terms, property location, income and credit scores with borrowers' race for the first time. All the loans were guaranteed by the government sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, allowing researchers to remove credit risk as a factor in pricing differences.. animal dildo

gay sex toys There was no pulling or folding on the straps over the booty. The waist also fit well. The lace did fold up under clothing and while sitting but it did not affect the look or feel. Ultimately, you might be surprised by the results of being outed: sometimes, people brace for the worst and end up getting thoughtful, supportive, friendly questions and comments from the people around them. You may also be startled by who reacts positively and who doesn't. Transphobia often stems from a lack of knowledge: people don't know anyone who's transgender, or at least they think they don't. gay sex toys

Adult Toys Anyways, Kevin walks up to me with his hands in the air and says "whats up!" and I punched him and I could tell by his reaction he was not expecting that. He was literally saying whats up. I pushed him to the ground and looked at the other two guys who were supposed to tell him and they looked shocked.. Adult Toys

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Chimp Attacks Chimpanzees have begun attacking children in western Uganda during recent years in a shocking trend that has resulted in serious injuries and deaths. A highly publicized and gruesome attack in 2014 saw a chimp savage a 2-year-old child after snatching it from its mother. At least three more fatal attacks on infants have […]

Uganda clears 3 experimental Ebola Txs, watches for spread


NORCAP is searching for electrical engineers

Organization: Norwegian Capacity
Closing date: 18 Dec 2019

Are you an electrical engineer with passion for and experience with renewable energy?

There are over 2 million refugees hosted in Uganda, South Sudan, Cameroon and Chad, primarily in rural settlements with limited access to sustainable power. The power demand for UNHCR, government and partners in the field are often met by diesel generators for primary or backup power where grid power is available but unreliable. Such field facilities that are powered by generators may have loads installed or expanded such that their energy efficiency is sub-optimal or insufficient. This amounts to significant operational costs and a large carbon footprint that can be reduced through appropriate optimization and renewable energy solutions. At institutional level, access to sustainable energy is often insufficient including adequate outdoor lighting and basic services in health centres and educational facilities.

While access to grid power is expanding, UNHCR needs to work with local authorities and development partners to plan and cater for the demand in refugee settlements in a systematic way through either on or off-grid sustainable electrical power solutions. Energy efficiency also needs to be optimized through site-specific audits and improvements as well as ongoing power monitoring and management. Therefore there is a need for specialized electrical engineering capacity to support determination of power needs across UNHCR's operations and manage projects to increase access to sustainable power in the humanitarian context.

Duties and responsibilities

Selected experts will be based in one of UNHCR's Branch Offices in either Uganda, South Sudan, Cameroon or Chad. Based on the local context, the experrt will develop an action plan for the electricity needs, usages and options for transitioning to clean energy. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Conduct a needs assessment related to the overall power demand study.
  • Support the development of and report on progress on the power demand study and costed electrification response plan for each refugee settlement, basecamp and UNHCR office and staff accommodation.
  • Coordinate and undertake field visits and data collection activities to support the plan.
  • Maintain an in-house dataset of all details emerging from the assessment and identify.
  • Establish the baseline fuel consumption and power consumption.
  • Carry out participatory evaluations of the current power and lighting energy situation and needs, interviewing refugees, host communities, UNHCR’s implementing and operational partners, key Government stakeholders and UNHCR’s own relevant staff.
  • Identify new and improved electrical energy solutions.
  • Review the locally and globally available clean energy solutions that could address the needs for each refugee settlement.
  • Undertake cost-benefit analyses to identify and make recommendations for the most practical and effective viable energy solutions.
  • Develop an implementation plan and prioritized project list for upgrades to UNHCR and partner offices/compounds to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint through appropriate measures.
  • Design and lead the process to implement sustainable power and lighting solutions.
  • Provide technical review, support and coordination for all operational and development partner sustainable power projects in refugee and host communities.
  • Collaborate and coordinate closely with protection, programme, supply, shelter, WASH, livelihoods, and others to ensure that new proposed solutions are beneficial across sectors.
  • Collaborate with operations and donor partners to secure resources needed to implement the sustainable power and lighting solutions. Collaboration with innovative companies and private sector entities should be explored where possible.
  • Prepare drawings and specifications, call for proposals, terms of reference and similar bidding documents, for companies/entities that will bid for installing the new energy systems.
  • Coordinate operation and maintenance planning to ensure optimum utilization of electrical system facilities.
  • Stay informed of all governmental/national regulations in relation to energy systems to ensure energy activities are legal and sustainable, through active contacts with Governmental counterparts and local authorities.


  • An advanced university degree in electrical engineering or renewaable energy
  • At least 6 years work experience
  • Demonstrated experience of planning, design and implementation and audits of electrical power systems and electrical energy solutions, especially renewable solutions and including power monitoring systems
  • Experience and knowledge of relevant standards in the planning, design, budgeting and management of electrical power systems.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of power generation, transmission and distribution systems.Experience designing and producing drawings of electrical systems using computer-assisted design software.
  • Have a good understanding of testing equipment and the process of test, inspection, verification and commissioning, as well as the procurement cycle.
  • Knowledge of financial, regulatory and/or policy frameworks, renewable energy financial management
  • Experience with managing budgets and required reporting
  • Familiarity with renewable energy business development is an asset.
  • Good knowledge of GIS.
  • Ability to write performance requirements, instructions, and reports and developing maintenance schedules.
  • Excellent command of spoken and written French or English.

Personal qualities

  • Excellent verbal and written communication and listening skills;
  • Sound mathematical and technical skills
  • Ability to think methodically, to design, plan and manage projects.
  • Ability to maintain an overview of entire projects while continuing to attend to detailed technicalities
  • Ability to deal with the different partners involved
  • Good team-working, negotiating and leadership skills combined with the ability to delegate.
  • Ability to think creatively, solve problems, to explore, harness and translate innovative concepts into practice.
  • Ability to apply knowledge from contemporary research in the field of electrical energy, and translate this into humanitarian settings.
  • Strong interest and exposure to development and humanitarian issues, especially in the area of energy and sustainability.

Being deployed through NORCAP gives you:

  • A great opportunity to work in an international setting for a world recognized organization
  • Significant life experiences through challenges and self-development
  • Access to a unique network of humanitarian and development professionals
  • A meaningful job working with the world’s challenges on location

How to apply:

To learn more about the role and to apply, please follow this link


Autentisk Herre Marc OPolo Strikpullover/Striktrøjer grey melange MA322Q02T-C11 69 uld 31 polyamid normal længde meleret

Autentisk Herre Marc OPolo Strikpullover/Striktrøjer grey melange MA322Q02T-C11 69 uld 31 polyamid normal længde meleretLængde:normal længde
Modellens størrelse:Modellen er 186 cm høj og bruger størrelse M
Samlet længde:70 cm
Ærmelængde:72 cm
Ærmelængde:med lange ærmer
Materiale:69% uld, 31% polyamid
Plejeanvisning:vaskes i hånden

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Uganda_Stärkung der ländlichen Entwicklung in Norduganda - Wasser für landwirtschaftliche Produktion


Uganda hat in den letzten Jahren aufgrund des wirtschaftlichen Wachstums große Fortschritte bei der Armutsreduzierung erzielt. Die durchschnittliche absolute Armutsrate ist von 54 Prozent im Jahr 2001 auf knapp 20 Prozent (2013) gefallen. 95 Prozent der Armen leben im ländlichen Raum. Die Mehrheit (76 Prozent) der Bevölkerung erwirtschaftet ihr Einkommen primär in kleinbäuerlicher Produktion in der Landwirtschaft. Der Agrarsektor ist somit zentral für die Entwicklung der ugandischen Wirtschaft und des ländlichen Raums, ist aber gleichzeitig in besonderer Weise den Auswirkungen des Klimawandels ausgesetzt.

Die landwirtschaftliche Produktion, Produktivität und Wertschöpfung durch Verarbeitung sind im regionalen Vergleich jedoch niedrig und weit unter den ugandischen Potenzialen.

Um die agrarbasierte Entwicklung der ländlichen Wirtschaft in ausgewählten Regionen Nordugandas zu verbessern, verfolgt die TZ-Maßnahme einen Mehrebenen- und Multiakteurs-Ansatz in fünf komplementären Handlungsfeld öffentlicher Institutionen, der Zivilgesellschaft und des Privatsektors für die Förderung einer agrarbasierten lokalen Wirtschaftsentwicklungs  und unternehmerische sowie klimaintelligente Orientierung von Landwirten/-innen sowie der der Landwirtschaft vor- und nachgelagerten Kleinst-, kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen (KKMU) u. a. mittels der Stärkung bäuerlicher komplementär zu den beiden ersten Handlungsfelder (HF) darauf, den Zugang zu nachfrageorientierten Finanzdienstleistungen für landwirtschaftliche Betriebe bzw. der Landwirtschaft vor- und nachgelagerte KKMU in ausgewählten Distrikten zu verbessern. Im HF 4 wird der Aufbau eines Monitoringsystems zur Messung des Treibhausgas-Minderungspotenzials in den Kapazitäten aufgebaut, um die Voraussetzungen für Wasserressourcenmanagement in landwirtschaftlichen Kleinst- und Kleinbewässerungssystemen zu verbessern.

Das Vorhaben fokussiert auf die sechs Distrikte Kitgum, Agago, Lira, Oyam, Dokolo und Amolatar.

Aufgaben der Teamleitung

  • Gesamtverantwortung für die Beratungspakete des AN;
  • Sicherstellung der Kohärenz und Komplementarität der Leistungen des AN mit weiteren Leistungen des Programms auf lokaler und nationaler Ebene;
  • Kommunikation und enge Abstimmung mit der/dem Auftragsverantwortlichen (AV) der GIZ und Verantwortlichen der anderen Outputs der GIZ und Consulting (Output 1);
  • Konzeption, Durchführung und Monitoring und Auswertung von Maßnahmen zum Capacity Development der lokalen Partner;
  • Berücksichtigung von Querschnittthemen (bspw. Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter, Konfliktsensitivität);
  • Personalsteuerung, insbesondere Identifizierung des Bedarfs an Kurzzeiteinsätzen innerhalb des verfügbaren Budgets sowie Planung und Steuerung der Einsätze und Betreuung der lokalen und internationalen Kurzzeitfachkräfte;
  • Wirkungsmonitoring sicherstellen regelmäßige und fristgerechte Berichterstattung;
  • Verantwortung bei der Kontrolle der Mittelverwendung und der Finanzplanung in Absprache mit der/dem Auftragsverantwortlichen (AV) der GIZ;
  • Unterstützung des/der AV bei der Fortschreibung und/oder Anpassung der Konzeption des Vorhabens, bei Evaluierungen und ggf. bei der Vorbereitung einer Folgephase
  • Universitätsabschluss (Diplom/Master) in Agrarwissenschaften oder Wasserressourcenmanagement oder vergleichbarer Fachrichtung;
  • Fachkundige Sprachkenntnisse in Deutsch und Englisch (C1 des gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen);
  • 8 Jahre Berufserfahrung im Sektor Ländliche Entwicklung, Landwirtschaft;
  • 4 Jahre Berufserfahrung in Bewässerungslandwirtschaft, Wasserressourcenmanagement;
  • 2 Jahre Führungserfahrung als Teamleitung in Projekten;
  • 3 Jahre Berufserfahrung in Projekten in der Region Ostafrika;
  • 5 Jahre Berufserfahrung in EZ-Projekten
Start / Duration: 

Die vorgesehene Laufzeit beträgt 48 Monate (03/2020 bis 07/2023).

Bitte senden Sie ihren aktuellen CV an:


Agriculture & Agribusiness


Contentious Uganda hydro project back on the table

Kampala (AFP) Nov 29, 2019
Uganda will approve a feasibility study into building a hydro power station near the awe-inspiring Murchison Falls, the tourism ministry said Friday, three months after vowing to scrap the project. The about-turn has infuriated tourism operators who fear the 360-megawatt project on the Victoria Nile in Murchison Falls National Park could irreversibly scar one of East Africa's natural wonders

36 évesen 44 saját gyermekét neveli egyedül Mariam Nabatanzi

23 éves korára már 25 gyermeke volt az ugandai Mariam Nabatanzinek. Orvosa szerint talán ő a világ legtermékenyebb asszonya. Ma 36 éves, és 44 gyermeket nevel. A férje 3 évvel ezelőtt elhagyta, most egyedül tartja el a népes családot. 

Gender equality: Cameroon among medium countries in Africa with global score of 0.59 out of 1 (McKinsey)


On November 26, 2019, on the sidelines of the Global Gender Summit 2019 (November 25-27) in Kigali, Rwanda, the McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey's independent research institute, presented its 2019 report on gender equality in Africa entitled “The Power of Parity.”

According to the presentation, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, and Zambia are the countries with medium inequality between genders. Their scores are improving towards parity at work and in society, compared to other African countries.

Cameroon’s scores according to the McKinsey Global Institute are 0.53 out of 1 on parity at work; 0.71 on opening up the formal and informal economy to women; 0.35 on legal protection of women's rights in politics; 0.78 on protecting the integrity of women; 0.62 on gender inequalities in society; 0.52 on access to professional and technical occupations, etc. Cameroon's final score for gender parity is 0.59 to 1.

The continent's leading countries are South Africa (0.76), Namibia (0.72), Rwanda (0.69), Zimbabwe (0.66) and Lesotho (0.64).

Sylvain Andzongo, reporting from Kigali


Bebe Cool’s ambassadorial role starts paying off

A few days ago, Bebe Cool flew to Vietnam after being invited to discuss how best Uganda can be funded through him as the TB Ambassador. Well, that meeting went as expected as the musician has been able to receive a grant of $398,344 from Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH initiative at a ceremony that […]

President Museveni to meet artistes in 3-day retreat

President Museveni will mid this month meet several Ugandan artistes in a three days retreat whose venue details are yet to be announced. The meeting will happen due to the efforts of singer Daniel Kazibwe known as Ragga Dee and Emma Carlos Mulondo a renowned artiste manager. For many months, the two have been having […]

Richard Mulindwa once again racks up Uganda Film Festival awards

  He was one of the front runners even before the award show had started. His new film, Leilah is yet to be released but it is highly anticipated, in fact, he only released the trailer only hours after the film had picked up nominations at this year’s seventh edition of the Uganda Film Festival […]

Fun Factory leaves revellers yearning for more madness

        It was pure comedy last evening as Fun Factory attempted to prove they are the biggest comedy franchise in Uganda when it comes to the entertainment industry.     The comedy group put up an exhilarating performance at Serena Hotel Victoria Hall that left revellers asking for more. The one-month preparation […]

Film could be the game-changer in promoting tourism

Stories through film. Besides watching movies for fun and entertainment, stakeholders in the tourism industry are investing resources in telling Uganda’s tourism stories through films and documentaries. Gabriel Buule explores some of the remarkable films, features and documentaries made to promote tourism destinations in Uganda aimed at rallying people to conserve wildlife gazetted areas.   […]

Europa/middag: Råvareaktier troner efter stærke kinesiske PMI-tal


Der hersker positiv stemning på de europæiske aktiemarkeder mandag over middag, hvor afsmitningen fra stærke kinesiske PMI-tal er tydelig.

De er med til at sikre et positivt fokus på særligt cykliske aktier, og generelt trækkes samtlige af de største ledende indeks på det europæiske kontinent med op.

FTSE 100-indekset i London stiger med 0,4 pct., DAX-indekset i Frankfurt løftes 0,7 pct., og i Paris stiger CAC 40-indekset med 0,3 pct.

Samtidig går det paneuropæiske Stoxx 600-indeks op med 0,4 pct. Under sidstnævnte indeks er det gruppen af råvareaktier, som overordnet set er cykliske, der stiger mest efter de positive kinesiske tal. Sektoren løftes med 1,1 pct.

- Tallene var en smule bedre end ventet, så det er gode nyheder. Det giver også mening i forhold til den seneste udvikling i forhold til en fase 1-aftale mellem USA og Kina. Stemningen er løftet en smule, fordi det synes plausibelt, at de vil nå denne fase 1-aftale, siger Teeuwe Mevissen, der er seniormarkedsøkonom hos Rabobank, til Reuters.

Blandt enkeltaktierne er der positiv afsmitning til blandt andet det britiske olieselskab Tullow Oil, der løftes med 4,4 pct. til 136,75 pence.

Selskabet trækkes både op af de bedre end ventede PMI-tal, der udløser en pæn stigning i oliepriserne, og af udsigten til et salg af selskabets andel af et oliefelt i Uganda.

Finske Huhtamäki, der producerer emballage og konkurrerer med blandt andet danske Hartmann, stiger desuden 3,7 pct. til 41,31 euro, efter at Exane BNP Paribas har løftet sin anbefaling af aktien til "outperform" fra "neutral".


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Pastor Flogs Church Members Because They Missed Church Service...

In this Twitter video, this Ugandan pastor is seen flogging his church members..

She was the Pretty Girl Next Door! Sharon & Seuns Ugandan -Nigerian Wedding

Nigeria meets Uganda! Theres just something special about love. It has a way of bringing two people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds together! The Ugandan queen, Sharon and her Nigerian prince charming, Seun are giving us a reason to love the African culture. It is just a burst of colours, love, culture and beauty. []The post She was the Pretty Girl Next Door! Sharon & Seuns Ugandan -Nigerian Wedding appeared first on BellaNaija - Showcasing Africa to the world. Read today!

Re: Qualified technician SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK POUND AND Activation Powder +27613119008 SouthAfrica,Namibia,Botswana

professional black money cleaning( black/white/green-dollars,euros,pounds) acquired through united nations,lottery award winning,security companies,loans,investment funds and next of kin with ssd solution, activation powder, mercury powder and other ssd chemical. We are the major ssd solution suppliers in gHANA,South Africa,Uganda,Kenya,Botswana,Angola etc for black dollar cleaning, black money cleaning chemicals.
Posted by afrochemical

Lake Nakuwa Wetland System

Lake Nakuwa Wetland System. 15/09/06; Kamuli, Pallisa, Soroti; 91,150 ha; 01°15'N 033°31'E. Important Bird Area. A permanent wetland associated with a number of satellite lakes and a swamp system dominated by dense papyrus, broken in parts by pools of water-forming sudds (clumps of floating papyrus). In addition to supporting the Sitatunga and the Nile Crocodile, the system and its satellite lakes contain the most diverse cichlid species assemblage and are a haven for a number of non-cichlid species no longer found in the large lakes of Kyoga and Victoria. The system provides refuge to fish taxa that have been reported extinct in the main lakes, thanks to the protection accorded by the aquatic vegetation around the lakes, which prevented the Nile perch from spreading there. The wetland also plays an important role in flood prevention, water purification and groundwater recharge. It is probably one of the remaining pristine wetland areas in Uganda due to its remoteness and sparse population in the immediate catchment, and it offers employment to a number of fishermen. The papyrus is used for making mats, thatching, and crafts. The potential threats to fish species diversity include human exploitation, collection of ornamental fish for export, degradation of the fish habitat, spread of the Nile Perch, and water hyacinth. Papyrus over-harvesting and land reclamation for agriculture also constitute a threat. Ramsar site no. 1635. Most recent RIS information: 2006.

Putting Children at the Center of Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Cooperation Agenda

Story 353257795

Investing in children is the fundamental solution to end child poverty and inequality and set the foundation for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, UNICEF said today, as the Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference at the 10th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) concluded in Kampala, Uganda.

“In the past three years, the number of people living in poverty in rural areas of China has decreased drastically from 55 million to 16 million. China’s contribution to global poverty-reduction efforts is significant,” said Ms. Cynthia McCaffrey, UNICEF Representative to China. “While we are supporting China in their ‘last mile’ to eradicate extreme poverty and to build the human capital it needs for the decades ahead, we are also facilitating the sharing of knowledge and practices on ending child poverty between China and other developing countries through South-South cooperation.”

The 10th FOCAC Africa-China Poverty Reduction and Development Conference, co-hosted by China’s State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP) and the Uganda Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, has the theme of “Partnership for Transformation in Africa”.

The thematic session – National Pathways to Child Poverty Reduction – is co-organized by UNICEF and the International Poverty Reduction in China (IPRCC). The meeting was attended by the LGOP and senior government officials from African countries and China, international experts and representatives from international organizations and development agencies.

Delegates expressed the urgent need to invest in social policies and infrastructures which combat child poverty in Africa, where around three out of every four children are affected by multi-dimensional poverty.

Between today and 2050, almost 1.6 billion babies will be born in Africa. By 2058, Africa will be home to one billion children and more than 40 per cent of the world’s children. Nowhere are children more central to a continent’s future than in Africa. Africa’s burgeoning population presents an unprecedented opportunity and several challenges. The opportunity lies in the potential for a so-called demographic dividend of sustained rapid economic growth in the coming decades.

“Investment in children is Africa’s best hope to set the right pre-conditions for this potentially massive and transformative demographic dividend,” said Mohamed M. Fall, UNICEF’s Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa. “Protection from violence, conflict, abuse and exploitation are imperative if children are to reach their full potential. This Forum provides an opportunity to share practical experiences and insights on tackling child poverty.”

Along with its ambitious plan to eradicate absolute poverty by 2020, China will be on-track to meet Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1 ten years ahead of schedule. The investment from the Government of China contributes to the achievement of SDG targets on health – reducing maternal mortality, under-five mortality and neonatal mortality and on education – achieving nine years of compulsory education, with universal access and gender parity.

“Reducing child poverty, and promoting their healthy growth and all-round development, is an important way not only to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, but also to implement the long-term poverty alleviation strategy, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and promote social development and social equity,” said Ms Zhang Guangping, Deputy Director-General from the International Poverty Reduction Center in China.

Delegates at the session discussed the importance of understanding, measuring and monitoring both income and the multi-dimensional deprivation faced by children. By doing so, it will help to identify cost-effective solutions – that focus on the child, and to ensure that governments and development partners are on the right track, delivering on national priorities and the SDGs. Delegates also expressed the critical needs to increase the investment in children. According to UNICEF’s recent study, the continent of Africa needs to hire an additional 4.2 million health workers, to meet minimum WHO standards for frontline skilled health personnel by 2030. And it needs to recruit 4.5 million more primary school teachers by 2030.

“Prioritizing funding to sectors that matter most for children and their future development is fundamental,” said UNICEF’s Mohamed M. Fall. “We have a joint responsibility to understand the structural transformation taking place on the continent, and to acknowledge that a partnership which can transform Africa should be built on sincerity and an understanding of the economic and demographic changes that are sweeping the continent. Such partnerships must therefore reflect on and position children at the centre.”

Reference on Africa-UNICEF-China cooperation:

UNICEF and the Government of China have been cooperated under the South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund (SSCAF) framework by providing humanitarian assistance to African countries, including life-saving nutrition treatment for Somali children and children and families affected by Cyclone Idai in Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe. In addition, programmes on maternal, newborn and child health in eight African countries have been formulated and about to be launched.


Albums Of The Month: November 2019

A selection of the best albums from the penultimate month of the year...

Festive season is almost upon us, but before we start cranking up the Christmas mega-mix at the Clash office, and obsessing over 'end of year' lists (and this year, 'end of decade' lists), we've taken a look at the last month's album output. 

November has been a brilliant musical month, with represntation from the old guard as well as the avant garde, from guitars to rap and electronic. 

For Clash's verdict on the albums of the year, watch this space. For now, enjoy some of the best records November had to offer... 

- - - 

Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka // Review

‘Kiwanuka’ is an inspired, groundbreaking piece of work, seeing British-Ugandan artist Michael Kiwanuka exploring and embracing who he is – a journey of both self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Narzra Ahmed

- - - 

Sudan Archives - Athena // Review

The album opens with the sound of strings being plucked before Sudan Archives' sleek vocals swoop in with:“When I was a little girl, I thought I could rule the world". When Sudan was a little girl she thought she could rule the world. Given the strength of ‘Athena’ it probably won’t be long before she is.

Nick Roseblade

- - - 

FKA twigs – Magdalene // Review

Almost every track on ‘Magdalene’ is built upwards from a simple piano line, hammering home the impression of someone delicately yet decisively knitting themselves back together after coming undone. After being trapped in a cocoon state depicted on the album’s cover, FKA twigs does not want to go back to being the avant-garde oddity she was before. Instead she has knitted her own wings, tentatively fluttering into a future of infinite possibilities. 

Josh Gray

- - - 

Underworld - DRIFT Series 1 // Review

'DRIFT' is a testament to the possibilities opened up by the digital landscape: direct-to-fan engagement, exclusive downloads and ticket pre-sales, the works. By taking all these ideas and running with them, Underworld has rushed in where most artists fear to tread. “Did any of us ever seriously think there wouldn’t be a DRIFT Series 2…?” Karl Hyde asked online last year. We are ready to go. Just say the word.

Eero Holi

- - - 

Giant Swan - Giant Swan // Review

This is an album for anyone who thought that Blanck Mass had gone soft and poppy. For anyone who thinks that Lightning Bolt has lost their touch and anyone who has ever wanted a group to push things as far as they logically can. Giant Swan have done this, without the music being jeopardised.

Nick Roseblade

- - - 

Moor Mother - Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes // Review

“We’re here protesting and sharing stories, but when everything else is so loud, how do you penetrate through?” This is how Philadelphia artist Camae Ayewa - or Moor Mother as you’ll most likely know her - broke down the title of her new record earlier this year, as well as the context from which it arises. It's one of terror, suffocation, and the sense of screaming in a liquid vacuum. Above all, however, the record is the most realised and singularly minded vision yet from the Moor Mother project, a documentation of venomous rage, yes, but also one in search of a means of escape, one found through the redemptive power of community.

Eden Tizard 

- - - 

Lil Peep - Everybody's Everything // Review

Just two years since his death, 'Everybody’s Everything' is a well-rounded tribute showcasing every aspect of Lil Peep. Not only highlighting an upsetting loss in the music industry but setting the bar for emo-trap; a sound that can often come across as gimmicky, this album exceeds our expectations and is a righteous example of Lil Peep’s art.  ]

Laviea Thomas

- - - 

Leonard Cohen - Thanks For The Dance // Review

For this project Ben Cohen has taken the vocal outtakes and sketches and has crafted wonderfully rich and vibrant music around them. Is it what Leonard would have wanted? We’ll never know, but it doesn’t sound out of place in his rich canon of work, and fans will revel in another chance to lap up his wisdom. The album closes with the words: “Listen to the hummingbird, Whose wings you cannot see. Listen to the hummingbird, Don't listen to me”. I’m afraid this once we should ignore Cohen’s advice and soak in the resonance of his thick husky vocals just a few more times.

Nick Roseblade

- - - 

Girl Ray - Girl // Review

On their sophomore record 'Girl', Girl Ray sound like a keyboard is flowing in their veins instead of blood. Dripping synth notes and belting electronic tones paint the album with a rainbow glitterball brush, and it’s a sound that works with the trio’s evolution perfectly.

Erin Bashford

- - - 

Beck – Hyperspace // Review

A glittering, multi-sensory synth-pop record that compels you to let yourself be transported through cosmic dimensions and the rich, textured under-layers of Beck’s creative psyche.

Sarah Bradbury

- - - 

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Her mother's influence and untimely death at an early age have been a pervading theme in this pop superstar's music for decades. The accomplished doubles teams retirement announcement was the third high-profile one this week, as Tomas Berdych and Dominika Cibulkova also ended their careers. Among the highlights are a commission for Bill T. Jones, a buy prometrium low prices staging of Monteverdi by Pierre Audi, and Alex Lawther in Hamlet. A 'mega' skyscraper is set to make combigan order store florida history as the tallest building in the South Hemisphere. Habla espaol? Visit CNN en Espaol lmx-4 buy us for all the latest news and updates in Spanish. Abril Prez Sagan was shot in the head and neck by a man on a motorcycle who opened fire through the passenger-side window where she was seated in a car driving through Mexico City. Ecosia is an internet search engine that uses its profits to plant millions of trees. WILL KELLEHER AT THE RECREATION GROUND Only minus 18 now. Saracens' win at Bath in sub-zero temperatures set them on the path to avoid being frozen out of the Premiership. RHOC alum Meghan King Edmonds took care of three sick kids during during her first Thanksgiving holiday since split with ex-Jim Edmonds. Less than a day after firing Mauricio Pochettino, Spurs named the former Chelsea and United manager as its coach. The art lover bought the original piece - a self-portrait by Robert Lenkiewicz depicting the artist in a nude pose with a female model - at auction for 8,500. A teacher at nursery in China has been caught on camera savagely slapping a two-year-old autistic boy in the face after he allegedly soiled himself. The educator has been jailed. TSA is where can you buy delestrogen from testing a series of technology at a Las Vegas airport that aims to speed up check-in lines. There is a 3D scanner that can 'see' through the clutter in a suitcase and a 'digital nose' that finds bombs. 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Beachgrove Hall in Lincolnshire, which was the officers' mess and single officers' quarters when it opened in 1938 as part of RAF Manby, is now a charred, battered and graffiti-strewn shell. Life in India's crowded and chaotic cities can be tough. An app backed by Google is promising to help with everyday tasks by asking "what would you like to Dunzo today?" Mauricio Pochettino is ready to quit Tottenham if he does not believe the club is serious about building on this season's glorious run to the Champions League final. Ronan Farrow was an up-and-coming reporter at US TV station NBC when, in late 2016, he told his boss he wanted to order amoxiclav 350mg tablets research a story about the Hollywood casting couch.

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