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Linea 135, deviazione in corso


I bus della linea 135 stanno deviando da via Lanciani per viale XXI Aprile, via di Santa Costanza, viale Eritrea, viale Libia e viale Somalia, in seguito alla limitazione della circolazione su una parte della circonvallazione Nomentana. (red)


Hadiyah - female - Hargeisa/ Ethiopia, Somalia

I am Sunni muslimah, easy going, caring and understanding person, I don't take myself seriously unless I need to. I am grateful to Allah for everything he has blessed me with, I enjoy sightseeing, going for a stroll and hanging out with friends. I try to reflect on life and learn from its lessons. I am here for serious relationship (marriage) only

UN Accuses Ethiopia of Meddling in Somalia Affairs

[Dalsan Radio] Just months after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia's reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting accusations of is interfering with the affairs of neighbouring countries.

Ethiopia PM Abiy Fanning Instability in Somalia, S. Sudan - UN Reports

[Dalsan Radio] Just months after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia's reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting accusations of is interfering with the affairs of neighbouring countries.

Somalia resumes banana export - First shipment to Saudi Arabia

Somalia has announced the resumption of its banana export for the first time in decades. According to a source from the Ministry of Agriculture, the first shipment of the banana export -which consists of two containers- will be shipped to Saudi Arabia. Somalia’s Agriculture Minister, Hussein Said, told…

Somalia: What does the future hold for my country?

Somali journalist Jamal Osman has watched his country be torn apart by civil war for three decades.

Black Hawk down [Blu-ray] $9.99

Black Hawk down [Blu-ray] $9.99 free shipping with Amazon Prime
From acclaimed director Ridley Scott (The Martian) and renowned producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pearl Harbor) comes the gripping true story about bravery, camaradarie and the complex reality of war. BLACK HAWK DOWN stars an exceptional cast including Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor and Eric Bana. In 1993, an elite group of American Rangers and Delta Force soldiers are sent to Somalia on a critical mission to capture a violent warlord whose corrupt regime has led to the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Somalis. When the mission goes quickly and terribly wrong, the men find themselves outnumbered and literally fighting for their lives.

Kenya launches first county-level SGBV policy

26 Jun 2019

Meru County in Kenya became the first to adopt a county-level policy on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Approved in April 2019 and launched on June 26, 2019, the Meru County Policy on SGBV aims to close the gap between provisions in national legislation and the lived experience of SGBV survivors.

The adoption of the policy follows the Model Policy on SGBV for Counties, which provides guidance on minimum standards and critical elements needed to tailor the responses of local authorities to the specific SGBV challenges faced in different counties.

The county-level policy is particularly important for Meru given the high rates of SGBV, with surveys indicating that 66.7 per cent of women had experienced SGBV in the preceding 12 months.

The 2010 Kenyan Constitution provides that every person has the right to freedom and security and recognizes all international treaties ratified by Kenya – including the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. In 2014, Kenya also adopted the National Guidelines on the Management of Sexual Violence, providing a framework for the provision of services to SGBV survivors.

Notwithstanding these positive developments, SGBV remains prevalent. At the national level, 45 per cent of women in Kenya aged 15-49 have experienced either physical or sexual violence according to the 2014 Kenya Demographic Health Survey.

What’s more, the introduction of two levels of Government by the 2010 Constitution - national and county – created different operational structures in both policy and legal frameworks.

To mitigate possible disconnections, Kenya has made major strides in developing frameworks that ensure the effective response, prevention and management of SGBV.

“It is important to identify the factors that lead to gender inequality, unequal power relations and gender discrimination, since these are the main contributors of gender-based violence. This policy is adopted at an opportune time, since it will allow for the development of a baseline on the overarching causes of gender-based violence,” stated Shiro Mogeni, IDLO Gender Specialist at the Kenya Country Office.

“IDLO applauds Meru County for the adoption of this policy, which is trying to do something very ambitious: tackle a phenomenon that is not limited to specific regions, socioeconomic, religious or ethnic groups, but is instead happening everywhere and is potentially a risk for everyone,” Mogeni continued.

The Kenyan National Gender Equality Commission (NGEC) disseminated the Model Policy on SGBV for Counties to county governments, including the County of Meru. The newly adopted policies at the county level will create an enabling environment for the implementation of national and international measures meant to curb SGBV.

“This policy was developed on the principle that SGBV represents not only a human rights violation, but also a hidden obstacle to economic and social development. Domestic violence not only entails private costs for the victims and their families, but also wider social and economic costs, which in the end slow down the rate of development of a community,” commented Linner Nkirote Kailanya, Meru County Executive Committee Member for Education, Technology, Gender and Social Development.

“This policy will give effect to the various 2010 constitutional principles that prohibit SGBV and promote the rights to freedom and security. It will also empower women, transforming them from victims of gender-based violence into key drivers of the county’s structural transformation.”

IDLO’s technical support to eradicating SGBV in Kenya

IDLO provided technical support to develop both the Model Policy on SGBV for Counties and the Meru County Policy. In addition, IDLO supported the State Department for Gender Affairs to establish an Inter-Agency Committee to work on the creation of state-owned Gender-Based Violence Recovery Centres in 5 hospitals across all 47 counties. These centres will provide free medical services to SGBV survivors, including psycho-social support, temporary shelter for survivors of SGBV, linkage with the police to strengthen the chain of evidence, and a comprehensive database of SGBV survivors.

Beyond support to survivors, IDLO played a major role in supporting the training of 50 female judges from the International Association of Women Judges in December 2018. The training sought to discuss the role and contributions of women justice professionals in adjudicating cases of SGBV. Through this training, women judges from Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Somalia, Zambia and Liberia shared experiences on SGBV cases and began the development of a regional network, which will facilitate the equitable solution of these disputes through peer-to-peer learning.

Through these contributions – from the adoption of SGBV policies to the provision of adequate services to SGBV survivors – IDLO is directly contributing to the ambitious target set by Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5.2 of eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls worldwide.


Learn more about IDLO's work in Kenya



Twitter shuts down Republican's account for derogatory tweets


Washington: In an apparent warning to US President Donald Trump, Twitter has shut down Republican Danielle Stella's account after she tweeted twice about hanging her Democrat opponent Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota).

Stella, a candidate in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District, posted: "If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged."

According to a report in The Washington Post on Friday, Twitter permanently closed Stella's campaign and personal accounts for "repeated violations of the Twitter rules."

Omar has been a frequent target of smears and attacks by Trump and his supporters.

In an action unprecedented in modern times, the House of Representatives in July this year passed a resolution condemning Trump and denounced his "racist comments" against four leftist, non-white women Representatives after a chaotic debate.

Trump had tweeted that the "Progressive" Democrat Congresswomen should "go back and fix the totally broken and crime infested places they came from".

Of the four Congresswomen, Omar was born abroad in Somalia, but she is an American citizen.

The other three, Alexandra Ocasio Cortes, who is of Puerto Rican descent, Ayanna Presley, who is African American, and Palestinian American Rashid Tlaib were born in the US.

"In April, Omar said she experienced an increase in death threats after Trump tweeted about a speech she had given the month before," reports CNN.

Stella's account also tweeted a link to a blog post about her comment and added an image of a stick-figure being hanged.

Stella was quoted as saying in media reports that her suspension "for advocating for the enforcement of federal code proves Twitter will always side with and fight to protect terrorists, traitors, pedophiles and rapists".

Omar reacted, saying that "violent rhetoric" leads to "violent threats."

"This is the natural result of a political environment where anti-Muslim dog whistles and dehumanization are normalized by an entire political party and its media outlets," Omar said.

Twitter has come under attack for not taking action against world leaders including Trump for tweets that often violate its rules.

The company announced this year that it would not always remove tweets from world leaders which break its rules, but are in the "public interest".


Jan 01, Somalia: New Year's Day

New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

[FleurAgemaPVV] Daders het land uit. Punt. Speciale voorlichting aan Somaliërs moet genitale verminking voorkomen | NOS

[FleurAgemaPVV] Daders het land uit. Punt. Speciale voorlichting aan Somaliërs moet genitale verminking voorkomen | NOS

Somalia: What does the future hold for my country

Somali journalist Jamal Osman has watched his country be torn apart by civil war for three decades.

Xildhibaan Fiqi oo isku lifaaqay shaqadii Gen. Gabre ee Soomaaliya & Dowladda hada jirta-Akhriso

Muqdisho (HM) Xildhibaan Axmed Macalim FIQI oo kamid ah  Baarlmaaanka Somalia Islamarkaana Markasta Dhaliila Xukuumadda Soomaaliya, ayaa sheegay in Shaqadii Gen. Gabre uu ka qaban jiray Soomaaliya ay  hada socoto Isagoo aan joogin sida uu hadalka u dhigay, Wuxuuna yidhi. “Waxyaalaha madaxweyne Farmaajo uu ku faani jirey sanadkii 2017-kii waxaa ka mid aheyd in Gabre […]

Dowladda Soomaaliya oo hakisay howlihii doorashada maamulka Galmudug kadib xiisad culus.

Muqdisho (HM)-Dowlada Somalia ayaa bilowday dedaalkii ugu dambeeyey ee lagu qancinayo hogaanka Ahlu sunna, iyadoo wararka aan ka heleyno magaalada Dhuusamareeb ay sheegayaan in muddo todobaad ah la hakiyey howlihii dhismaha maamulka Galmudug. Talaabadan ayaa la sheegay in looga gol leeyahay in mudadaas todobaadka ah lagu soo afjaro khilaafka Ahlu-Sunna iyo dowladda federalka ee ka […]

Clima: Oxfam, nel mondo 1 sfollato ogni 2 secondi 


Le catastrofi naturali alimentate dall’impatto del cambiamento climatico sono la prima causa al mondo di migrazioni forzate all’interno di Paesi spesso già poverissimi o dilaniati da conflitti. Negli ultimi 10 anni sono aumentate di 5 volte e hanno costretto oltre 20 milioni di persone ogni anno, 1 persona ogni 2 secondi, a lasciare le proprie case per trovare salvezza altrove.  

E’ l’allarme lanciato da Oxfam, attraverso un nuovo rapporto, diffuso in occasione dell’apertura del vertice Onu sul clima in programma fino al 13 dicembre a Madrid. Un dossier che rivela come cicloni, inondazioni e incendi hanno 7 volte più probabilità di causare migrazioni forzate rispetto a terremoti o eruzioni vulcaniche e 3 volte di più rispetto a guerre e conflitti.  

Un trend che non risparmia nessun Paese, come dimostrano i recenti incendi in Australia o le inondazioni che nelle ultime settimane si sono riversate sull’Italia e su diversi Stati europei, ma colpisce soprattutto i Paesi più poveri, che non hanno praticamente responsabilità sul livello di emissioni globali di CO2 in atmosfera. 

Tra i 10 Paesi più colpiti al mondo, sette sono isole. Tra il 2008 e il 2018, il 5% della popolazione di Cuba, Dominica e isole Tuvalu (oltre 3 milioni di persone) ogni anno è stato sfollato a causa di eventi climatici estremi, anche se in media questi Paesi producono solo un terzo delle emissioni inquinanti rispetto ad un qualsiasi Stato ad alto reddito.  

È come se una volta all’anno tre quarti della popolazione di Roma fosse costretta a lasciare le proprie case, per trovare scampo da uragani, cicloni, inondazioni o siccità durissime. Secondo Oxfam, si tratta di una vera e propria 'disuguaglianza climatica': in Paesi a basso e medio-basso reddito come India, Nigeria e Bolivia, la popolazione ha una probabilità quattro volte maggiore di essere sfollata a causa di catastrofi climatiche rispetto alle persone che vivono in Paesi come gli Stati Uniti.  

Circa l'80% di tutte le persone sfollate nell'ultimo decennio vive in Asia, dove oltre un terzo delle persone vive in condizioni di povertà estrema. 

In Africa, l’emergenza climatica sta minacciando la sopravvivenza di decine milioni di persone che rischiano di morire di fame a causa di eventi climatici sempre più estremi e imprevedibili spesso aggravati dai conflitti che attraversano il continente.  

In Somalia, solo nell’ultimo anno, si contano oltre 1 milione di sfollati interni a causa della guerra civile in corso e dell’alternarsi di gravissime siccità e alluvioni; in Mozambico al momento 45 milioni di persone sono alla fame dopo il passaggio lo scorso marzo dei cicloni Idai e Kenneth, che hanno ucciso 648 persone, causato milioni di sfollati interni e distrutto case, infrastrutture e colture, causando danni per 3 miliardi di dollari. 

In Zimbabwe, Idai ha lasciato senza un tetto oltre 50mila persone; in Etiopia e Sudan, le comunità pastorali sono state costrette a lasciare case e terre a causa della siccità che negli ultimi anni ha decimato colture e bestiame e che adesso dipendono totalmente dagli aiuti umanitari per sopravvivere.  

Secondo Elisa Bacciotti, direttrice delle campagne di Oxfam Italia, “Ue e Stati Uniti, secondo un recente studio promosso da oltre 100 organizzazioni tra cui Oxfam, sono responsabili da sole del 54% del costo danni causati dalla crisi climatica nel Sud del mondo. La conseguenza è che negli ultimi 10 anni i Paesi poveri hanno subito perdite economiche equivalenti al 2% del proprio reddito nazionale a causa del caos climatico, percentuale che può arrivare al 20% nei Paesi più colpiti".  

Per invertire questa tendenza è "essenziale che, in occasione del summit di Madrid, i Governi si impegnino sul serio per fare la differenza, intervenendo in supporto dei Paesi poveri, attraverso l’istituzione di un nuovo fondo per l’adattamento al cambiamento climatico”.  

Oxfam dalla parte dei Fridays for Future 

Oxfam è al fianco del movimento Friday For Future, che chiede interventi immediati per contrastare gli effetti del cambiamento climatico. Un lavoro di sensibilizzazione sul tema, che Oxfam realizza in tante scuole italiane formando docenti e studenti perché si facciano interpreti a loro volta di azioni di cambiamento sui temi della sostenibilità ambientale e dello sviluppo sostenibile. Coinvolti migliaia di studenti che parteciperanno a dicembre al Meeting dei Diritti Umani 2019 a Firenze dedicato al tema e alla Marcia per il Clima che a maggio 2020 coinvolgerà gli studenti di 12 città italiane e 11 Paesi europei.  

“Milioni di persone in tutto il mondo nell’ultimo anno hanno manifestato per un’azione urgente di risoluzione della crisi climatica prima che sia troppo tardi, a partire da un radicale taglio delle emissioni inquinanti in atmosfera per giungere all’azzeramento delle emissioni di gas serra entro il 2030 – conclude Bacciotti - Un obiettivo che anche l’Italia può centrare, come stanno chiedendo a gran voce i ragazzi dei Fridays For Future. Per questo chiediamo al Governo italiano, che sta aumentando l’attenzione sul tema in ambito nazionale, di avere un maggior profilo anche in ambito internazionale. Il vertice in corso a Madrid è cruciale: se i Governi che parteciperanno al summit non agiranno subito, più persone moriranno, più persone avranno fame e più persone saranno costrette a lasciare le proprie case per poter sopravvivere”. 


Kenya retains seat at global maritime council


Kenya has retained its seat on the Council of the International Maritime Organisation, giving it a chance to continue playing a role in global shipping rule making. The vote on Friday evening in London saw 174 member states take part with Kenya retaining its seat under Category C of 20 countries usually reserved for those with special interest in maritime transport or navigation. In Africa, Morocco, South Africa, Liberia and Egypt are the other members of Category C. Kenya holds special interests in maritime transport and navigation as the coastal, port and flag state “whose strategic location along the Eastern Africa coast makes it a most important cog in the wheel of steering global shipping,” according to Maritime Principal Secretary Nancy Karigithu who led the delegation to the polls. “Our re-election to Council will ensure continued representation of a major geographic area in Eastern Africa and the Great Lakes region consisting of the countries Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda,” she said on Saturday. Kenya’s High Commissioner to the UK Manoah Esipisu, also the Permanent Representative to the IMO, said he was delighted by the vote result. “It confirms the world’s confidence on our leadership around maritime transport and safety, and our commitment to the Blue Economy,” he said. Kenya joined the IMO in 1973 and was first elected to the Council under Category “C” in 2001 and has been re-elected in subsequent elections to date, the last being in 2017. It is one seat at a UN agency where Kenya has dominated lately. But this election saw heavy lobbying. Some marine and shipping giants like Sweden, Nigeria and Liberia lost their bids. Qatar, a wealthy oil producer as well as Saudi Arabia also lost out. The IMO is the specialised agency that determines rules on shipping safety and environment. With more than 80 per cent of global trade running on seas, the IMO’s regulatory framework determines how shipping lines and ports operate. By The Eastafrica 

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Abiy Ahmed fanning instability in Somalia, S. Sudan: UN reports


Just months after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia’s reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting accusations of his interfering with the affairs of neighbouring countries. In November, two United Nations reports accused him of being lukewarm in South Sudan peace process and fuelling fires of instability in Somalia; two of the countries he has been closely involved in as the chairman of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development. In South Sudan, where Igad midwifed a revitalised peace agreement in September last year, Abiy’s government, Uganda and Kenya were accused of being inconsistent in ensuring the deal is implemented. PEACE PROCESS “Over the past year, the Igad and member states neighbouring South Sudan – specifically Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda – have not demonstrated full and consistent engagement in the peace process,” a UN report said. “The government of Salva Kiir, in particular, has benefited from the inconsistent approach of the region.” Ethiopia, which chaired Igad until last Friday, and Kenya have only given piecemeal support, with occasional visits or bilateral meetings, the report by the UN Panel of Experts says. Both countries refute the charge, separately saying that they have in fact borne the brunt of violence in South Sudan by hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees and losing business. On Friday, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Kenya Meles Alem told the Nation that the allegations do not hold water. “One of the pillars of Ethiopian foreign policy is non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. That is our track record,” Meles said. “As a good neighbour, we have only played constructive roles.” REFUGEES Kenya on the other hand accused the UN team of passing the buck, arguing that Kenya suffers whenever South Sudan is at war as its businesses close and it hosts refugees. This past week, a number of Somali politicians have been vocal, accusing Ethiopia of helping the federal government interfere with the states. The Forum for National Parties (FNP), the coalition which brings together six parties, wrote to Abiy telling him to stop “the unfortunate renewal of Ethiopia’s involvement in Somalia’s domestic politics”. The politicians said Ethiopia is deploying non-Amisom forces in the country, referring to the African Union Mission in Somalia. “The Ethiopian National Defence Forces have been repeatedly involved in illegal activities whose outcome could at best undermine the fragile state-building and nascent democratic processes in Somalia,” they wrote on Friday. The FNP letter came on the backdrop of complaints by the Jubbaland administration following two incidents in Gedo. Jubbaland, whose president is Ahmed Madobe, said Ethiopian soldiers forced administrators in Buala Hawa, Dolow and Luuq towns in Gedo region to renounce their allegiance to Jubbaland. In another incident, Jubbaland Vice President Mohamud Sayyid reportedly sought refuge in Mandera, Kenya after escaping a kidnapping attempt by Ethiopian forces. MALTREATMENT Pressed, Jubbaland and FNP did not provide proof of the maltreatment. Meles told the Sunday Nation that his country’s role in South Sudan and Somalia have been limited to the peace process. He said Ethiopia deploys peacekeepers who follow available regulations. “We have played a constructive role under the auspices of Igad to bring peace and stability in the two countries. In fact, Ethiopia hosts a million refugees and we treat them as our citizens,” the diplomat said. Accusations against Ethiopia began in Somalia last year. A UN Panel of Experts on Somalia in its 2019 report said Ethiopia had interfered with the vote in South West where Mukhtar Rubow – a former al-Shabaab deputy head – was barred from running. When South West residents protested, forces loyal to Rubow fought Ethiopian soldiers, resulting in several deaths, the UN experts said. “The role of the Ethiopian forces in the arrest of Rubow has the potential to inflame anti-Ethiopian sentiment among communities in the region, who were previously known to share information on al-Shabaab movements with them,” the panel said. Ethiopia, at the time dismissed the report as a fabrication. As Somalia’s Galmudug state gears for its elections, politicians accuse Addis Ababa of playing a role again. By The Eastafrica

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Museveni: I won’t spare whoever attacks Uganda


President Museveni has said he will not spare anyone who tries to attack or mistreat Ugandans and Africans. Speaking at the commissioning the CCTV National Command and Control Centre in Kampala yesterday, the President said he considers all Ugandans and Africans part of his family and will even put his life on the line for them. “If you have love for the fatherland, it means all Ugandans are our family members. If you have got this in your head, you will not neglect your duties because you know that any attack any Ugandans is like attacking your child, sister and brother,” Mr Museveni said. “Some people don’t have that feeling. They feel that family members are those from the same woman. But to me, all Ugandans, all Africans are my family; that is why I will cause you a lot of problems. If you are near me and you kill, mistreat or rape an African woman, who is my muzukulu (grandchild), ofudde (you are dead). I can’t spare you,” he added. The President’s remarks left those in attendance puzzled on whether he was referring to the current high crime rate in Uganda or sending a message to external threats. Mr Museveni said defending Africans from oppression is what took him to Mozambique to join freedom fighters in 1968. “What was I looking for? There were no Banyankole. I was not going to greet agandi (a Runyankole greeting meaning how you are?); It is because Mozambicans are Africans and they were being oppressed,” he added. Mr Museveni has previously sent troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire), Sudan before the formation of South Sudan as an independent state and now Somalia. Uganda also helped rebels backed by Mr Paul Kagame to capture power in Rwanda following the 1994 genocide. The President said some people have attempted to discredit his National Resistance Movement party by killing high profile people in urban areas. “Yet security is my area, my constituency. That is my battle ground. If you want to challenge Uganda, you should look for another constituency. We are going to defeat these criminals. This is just the beginning,” he said. The Inspector General of Police, Mr Martins Okoth-Ochola, said CCTV cameras have improved policing in the country. “We have been able to improve of our 999 emergency system and we are now able to identify the location of distress calls in time. With camera and DNA profiling, the institution has registered tremendous success in tracing wanted persons and vehicles,” Mr Ochola said. The function was attended by, among others, Internal Affairs minister Obiga Kania, Security minister Elly Tumwine and Chief of Defence Forces David Muhoozi. By Daily Monitor 

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OIC counter-extremist center reaches 54m people on social media

Mon, 2019-12-02 01:52

JEDDAH: The Sawt Al-Hikma Center (Voice of Wisdom) at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has reached 54 million people around the world through social media, distributing messages in three different languages: Arabic, English and French.

The center is considered the intellectual branch of the OIC in its fight against extremist speech. It was established in 2016 at the OIC’s headquarters to work on using media platforms to dismantle extremism, reveal its religious and intellectual concepts, call for tolerance and co-existence and reflect the true spirit of Islam. 

Since its establishment, the center has focused its efforts on cyberspace, as the internet has become fertile ground for violent ideas and an environment that helps extremists spread their poison. 

The center has launched 11 pages on social media, in three languages, publishing content prepared by specialists to deal with calls for extremism and violence in the name of religion and to challenge Islamophobia and those trying to distort Islam.

The center added that it has also worked on combatting extremist ideologies on the ground through conferences in Saudi Arabia, Somalia and the UAE. The symposiums have focused on examining and fighting terrorism, promoting intellectual security and spreading the values of tolerance and acceptance.

Now it has launched a new initiative: The “Samahet Din” (tolerance of religion) contest of short videos, to encourage young men and women to express themselves on camera.

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OIC chief demands international law to criminalize IslamophobiaSaudi Arabia to host OIC event on water

UNHCR: Nearly 5,000 Somali refugees in Yemen returned to Somalia since 2017

Al-Thawra Net The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Sunday said that 4,940 Somali refugees have left Yemen and returned to Somalia since 2017. UNHCR indicated, in a press release, that 131 Somali refugees have been evacuated from Yemen to Somalia as part of the “voluntary return” program for Somali refugees wishing to

Can Kenya protect its citizens from extreme weather?

Devastating floods are continuing to spread havoc across parts of East Africa. Somalia and South Sudan had been heavily affected and in Kenya more than 56 people have lost their lives. We look at Kenya's state of preparedness with the deputy director of Kenya Meteorological Department, Samwel Mwangi. On International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, World Health Organisation's Technical Officer Avni Amin tells us why framing violence against women as a matter of public health may help saving lives. We also hear from Leah Eryenyu, an activist with the Uganda Feminist Forum. A company partly owned by the British Government has been accused of a series of environmental and human rights abuses – in a damning report published today. Human Rights Watch says palm oil producer Feronia, which has plantations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been dumping untreated waste directly into the rivers used for drinking water, paying some of its workers under 2 dollars a day – and making them work in dangerous conditions.

Wijkbewoners helpen Somalië


In Somalië is veel waterschade door grote overstromingen. Hele dorpen zijn daardoor verdwenen.


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sex toys People change and indeed their desires can change. A single identity taken on in adolescence when we're prone to thinking in groups can become constricting. Many people are and have been plural in their sexual orientation, but the weight of the cultural sexual group may impose an identity that is difficult to escape.". sex toys

vibrators I'm not saying that what your parents are doing isn't that bad, but it sounds like it's coming from a place of love. In my opinion, the best thing to do is try talking to them first and see where it gets you. Let them know that you appreciate the concern and love them dearly, but that it's pushing you away from wanting to spend time as a family. vibrators

Realistic Dildo Mexican immigration officials on Wednesday handed out legal permits of up to a month to hundreds of migrants who spent their fourth day in a public park here in the southern state of Oaxaca, waiting for the caravan to continue. This spares them from immediate deportation but is not a long term solution. For Mujica, the organizer, that's as much as he expects.. Realistic Dildo

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wholesale dildos In an overall effort in making cultural protection a pillar of peace building, and in follow up to the recent UN Security Council resolution 2199, which condemns the destruction of cultural heritage and adopts legally binding measures to counter illicit trafficking of cultural objects from Iraq and Syria, UNESCO is launching a global coalition of partners to strengthen powerful system wide action for its implementation.UNESCO champions the promotion of human rights and related instruments by monitoring implementation; building and strengthening capacities and reporting mechanisms; assisting Member States in reviewing and developing their national legal frameworks; mobilizing broad partnerships to raise awareness on key issues relating to the effective realization of rights vibrators, including through human rights education; as well as through specialized policy research and analysis.UN Rule of Law NewsUN chief honours enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther KingRecalling the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated 50 years ago today, United Nations Secretary General Ant Guterres urged the world to build on the []Business leaders at UN forum challenged to invest in a more sustainable future for allThree years into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations continues brokering new partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society to achieve the []Security Council condemns terrorist attack against African Union mission in SomaliaThe United Nations Security Council on Wednesday strongly condemned the terrorist attack on 1 April perpetrated by the Al Shabaab group against the Ugandan contingent of the African Union mission in []. wholesale dildos

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Adult Toys Dinner on Marco Island was at the Snook Inn, a casual waterfront eatery on an inlet. The dining room, a refuge from the blaring live rock in the outdoor bar, featured picture windows with views of passing boats, some of which docked at adjacent piers. My Caesar salad with seasoned, blackened shrimp was superb. Adult Toys

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Somalia: UN Accuses Ethiopia of Meddling in Somalia Affairs


Just months after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia’s reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting accusations of is interfering with the affairs of neighbouring countries. In November, two United Nations reports accused him of being lukewarm in South Sudan peace process and fuelling fires of instability in Somalia; two of the countries he has […]

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Abiy Ahmed fanning instability in Somalia, S. Sudan: UN reports


Just months after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Ethiopia’s reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fighting accusations of his interfering with the affairs of neighbouring countries. In November, two United Nations reports accused him of being lukewarm in South Sudan peace process and fuelling fires of instability in Somalia; two of the countries he has […]

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Navistar to supply trucks to Somalia


Navistar Defence has been awarded a $26 million contract to supply 6×6 transport and recovery trucks to Somalia, which will receive the vehicles by the end of 2022. The US Department of Defence on 25 November announced that Navistar had been awarded a $26 748 087 firm-fixed-price Foreign Military Sales contract “for two commercial Medium […]

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In December, the Council is expected to adopt a resolution renewing counter-piracy measures off the coast of Somalia which expire on 6 December.

Somalia: The Hidden Cost of U.S. Airstrikes in Somalia

[Dalsan Radio] The US is an active participant in the war against Al-Shabaab in Somalia, efforts that have increased in the last few years under the Trump Administration.

Somalia: U.S. Airstrike Targets Al-Shabaab Stronghold in Somalia

[Shabelle] The United States claimed the responsibility for an air attack on al-Shabaab stronghold on Saturday. The strike was targeted at al-Shabaab held Lower Jubba town of Jilib.

Somalia: We Set Out to Uncover the Hidden Costs of U.S. Airstrikes

[The Conversation Africa] The US is an active participant in the war against Al-Shabaab in Somalia, efforts that have increased in the last few years under the Trump Administration.

Somalia: Nation Furious at Apple for Not Listing Their Country in the World List

[Dalsan Radio] Somalia nationals took to social media to express their disgust at the country's omission from among the world list of countries.


Organization: New Ways Organization
Country: Somalia
Closing date: 05 Dec 2019


New Ways has been operating in south-central zones of Somalia since 1993, delivering multi-sectorial programs in health, nutrition, education, protection, food security and livelihoods our health programs cover: Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal and child health. Our geographic focus covers Lower / Middle Shabelle, Bay, Galgaduud, and Banaadir regions.

New Ways in partnership with SHF is currently implementing health project under the title: Lifesaving integrated health for Women and children of IDP and vulnerable host community in El Bur district in Galgadud region.

IMCI is a core component of the GAPPD which consists of three key elements: 1) improving case management skills of health-care staff; 2) improving overall health systems and 3) improving family and community health practices.

New ways organization is seeking services of professionally qualified and experienced facilitators to conduct training on INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES (IMCI).


v Deliverable Integrated Management of childhood illnesses (IMCI) training for health workers in Elbur district in Galgaduud region.

v Coordinate the other facilitator counterpart to ensure roles and responsibilities around the agenda and the facilitation of the training sessions are clear. Where necessary, gather feedback from participants on the training process and contents.

v Conduct pre and post training evaluation of all trainees at the beginning of the training, and the end of training.

v Compile and share the session/training evaluation and feedback report with the New Ways health team. As the lead facilitator, compile a comprehensive training report in collaboration with the other facilitators for each training session and a final training report. Specific emphasis should be on the training content, process, and linkages to capacity building strategies.


v Participate in the pre-training planning meeting

v Facilitate training sessions of health workers staff on necessary skills using IMCI checklist and training manuals

v Specific emphasis should be on the training content, process, and linkages to capacity building strategies.

v A comprehensive training report with pre- and post-evaluation and pictures

v Methodology Training would entail the use of generic WHO IMCI Training Modules (8) in number.

v Post training supervision visits will involve the use of outpatient skills checklist.


· At least 2 years of proven experience in regard to IMCI program design and implementation, maternal and child health, pediatrics with strong training management skills.

· Proven ability to conceptualize, innovate, plan and execute ideas.

· Good writing and communication skills.

· Computer skills, including strong quantitative analysis and reporting tools.


· Fluency in written and spoken English required.


· Solid analytical, negotiating, communication and advocacy skills.

· Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships, both within and outside the work place.

· Resource fullness, judgment and maturity.

How to apply:

NB: Applicants from Guri El and Dhusamareb are encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants are asked to send their application no later than 5th Dec 2019 through


Marsa murder accused pleads not guilty


Forensic experts at the scene of the crime. Photo: Malta Police Force

A man accused of stabbing a man to death in Marsa on Friday night has pleaded not guilty to the crime.  Kinaan Abdinasir Noor, a 23-year old from Somalia, was arrested after an eyewitness allegedly identified him as the person who attacked the victim, a 25-year-old man from Eritrea.  The incident happened at around 11.30pm on Friday night. Police found a man lying on a pavement on Triq Dicembru 13, bleeding from stab wounds on his chest. Sources said the man had been stabbed with a pair of scissors.  Mr Noor explained in court on Monday that he was currently homeless after being thrown out by his former landlord when he failed to pay the rent. Inspectors James Grech and Wayne Camilleri said they had spoken to a person who said they had witnessed the crime and identified Mr Noor as the aggressor. There had even been a confrontation between the suspect and the eyewitness in the presence of the police, Inspector Grech added.  Mr Noor pleaded not guilty to having maliciously put the life of his victim in manifest jeopardy, causing his death, as well as having been armed with a weapon without a police licence at the time of commission of the offence. Legal aid lawyer Noel Bartolo...

Somalia’s ratification of the Kampala Convention welcomed


The Kampala Convention is the world’s first and only regional legally binding instrument for the protection and assistance of internally displaced people.

Somalia’s ratification of a key convention to protect internally displaced people in Africa is a landmark achievement for the country and the African continent, says UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

The African Union (AU) Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Africa, known as the Kampala Convention, was signed on 26 November 2019 by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, “Farmaajo”, after being passed with a near-unanimous vote by parliament last week. Somalia is the 30th African Union Member State to ratify the convention since 2009.

“The ratification of the Kampala Convention cements the Government’s commitment to the millions of highly vulnerable internally displaced people living in Somalia, and to finding solutions for the issue of displacement”, said UNHCR Somalia Representative, Johann Siffointe. “Today, Somalia serves as a regional model for others to follow, and UNHCR is eager to continue supporting the government in implementing its treaty obligations.”

The move is a significant milestone for Somalia, which has the fourth largest population of internally displaced people in the world, estimated at over 2.6 million individuals. In 2019 alone, over 665,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to floods, conflict and drought. Serious protection challenges faced by IDPs include inadequate shelter, poor sanitation, insecurity, threats of evictions and gender-based violence.

The Kampala Convention was adopted in 2009 by Africa’s 55 states. It is the world’s first and only regional legally binding instrument for the protection and assistance of IDPs, who often face heightened risks, violations and sexual violence because of their displacement, while they struggle to access their rights and basic protection. They often remain in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

* UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency



U.S. Citizenship Class 19, Fall 2019, Milpitas Adult School


  • Mix and Match Interviews C5 and Civics Quiz 
  • Citizenship Ready for the Interview by Lynn Weintraub, Quick Overview--Part 12 Additional Questions
  • n-400r-12i   Deportation
  • n-400r-12j   Military Service
    • Review the interview/civics worksheet
    • note family related info such as emergency contact
    • Pair up students to interview each other
    • Visit the pairs to help with meaning, pronunciation, etc
    • Citizenship Ready for the Interview: Ch 4: New United States
    • Star Spangled Banner Dictation 4


    Somalia: What does the future hold for my country?

    Somali journalist Jamal Osman has watched his country being torn apart by civil war for three decades.


    Somalia: President Farmaajo’s stacks the deck to secure a second term

    Somalia: President Farmaajo’s stacks the deck to secure a second term November 28, 2019| Arlaadi Online With full elections unlikely […]

    UN agencies ramp up Somalia measles and polio campaign

    This article is brought to you in association with the United Nations. A campaign to vaccinate some 1.7 million children in Somalia was launched on Sunday by the country’s government, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Children under the age of five are being targeted with polio vaccines, […]

    Violence Scared Off These Islands’ Doctors, Now Health Care Arrives By Boat


    LAMU ARCHIPELAGO, Kenya ― The motor sputters to life, kicking up saltwater and spitting a cloud of exhaust into the pre-dawn stillness. 

    The captain and his deputy help two doctors from Nairobi, three medical assistants and a nurse climb aboard. They cram themselves among the waterproof boxes packed with vaccines and sterile equipment. As daylight breaks, they’re speeding northeast along the Indian Ocean coast toward some of Kenya’s poorest and most isolated villages, where there are few doctors and locals have little access to health care. 

    The Safari Doctors team packs medicines in boats and travels to remote villages where health care is a luxury.

    The team is part of Safari Doctors, a nonprofit that makes monthly trips deep into the Lamu Archipelago on Kenya’s dazzlingly beautiful northern coast. The word “safari” means “to travel” in East Africa’s Swahili language ― and the dozen or so villages the team visits on each trip require a difficult journey. To reach their first destination, the mainland village of Kiangwe, they weave the boat through a maze of channels, mangrove forest and white sand beaches for two hours, then set up a makeshift clinic and treat as many people as they can before moving on, zigzagging across the sea and camping out under the stars for several nights.

    “Safari Doctors are the only doctors we see,” said Fatuma Ahmed, 24, a mother of a wailing baby girl, waiting to see the medics in Kiangwe. The nearest hospital is days away ― too far to reach on her own, she said. 

    Since 2015, the Safari Doctors group has served a population of subsistence farmers, fishers and herders in a region that borders war-torn Somalia. Regular attacks inside Kenya by the Somali-led militants known as al-Shabab frightened off many of the doctors in Lamu County. Clinics have closed, leaving villagers without the tools they need to avoid diseases such as leprosy and polio. For some of the locals who came to meet the team on their October trip, these free monthly pop-up clinics are the difference between life and death.

    Red outline shows approximate area of Safari Doctors' routes.

    “We could walk to Somalia from here,” Harrison Kalu, the team’s nurse, told HuffPost as he carefully put two drops of polio vaccine into the mouth of a crying toddler in Kiangwe. Somalia has struggled to contain a polio outbreak due to low vaccine coverage. The disease spreads quickly among unvaccinated children and can cross country borders with human travelers, warns the World Health Organization. Under these circumstances, the WHO recommends that health professionals in Kenya monitor vulnerable communities and keep distributing vaccines.

    “Without vaccinations, people would really suffer,” said Kalu, 67, a former member of the Kenyan navy who has worked as a nurse for almost 50 years. As a staffer for Safari Doctors, he directs the organization’s teams in the field.

    It is not only children they help. Everyone from the villages comes to the clinics when the doctors arrive.

    “My hands are too sore to work,” said fisherman and farmer Mohammed Adan, showing an infected wound from when he cut himself while hoeing his fields. “If I can’t work, my family will go hungry.”

    Harrison Kalu, the nurse for Safari Doctors, leads the group's teams in the field.

    Kalu and his team can see as many as 800 patients on each sailing trip. They stop for only a few hours in each village, setting up their gear inside crumbling community halls or thatch-roof buildings. Outside, families wait in snaking lines for a checkup. In Kiangwe, HuffPost observed that several of the patients who arrived at the clinic were soldiers from Kenya’s army, posted in bush forts to defend against the al Qaeda-aligned al-Shabab insurgents.

    Al-Shabab guerrillas, fighting to establish an Islamist state, made international headlines in 2013 for attacking the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, killing dozens. But the group had been active in Lamu County in years prior: In 2011, militants kidnapped a French vacationer on Manda Island ― a destination for wealthy foreign tourists. Numerous violent incidents rocked the county for the next several years.

    “It was terrifying for my family,” said Faisal Abdi, a farmer and patient at one of the clinics, talking of the times five years ago when al-Shabab was at its most dangerous. “We had to run and hide when the fighting came close.”

    Kenyan military forces havepushed much of the insurgent force out of the rural areas and across the border into Somalia.

    “These days, things are better, as the army has bases close by,” added Abdi. “But still they [the militants] hide in the forests close by.”

    Each trip by Safari Doctors takes several days. Before launching their boat, they pack waterproof boxes with medicines and supplies.

    The threat from al-Shabab is not completely gone, and the remaining militants know that teams from Safari Doctors visit this area, Kalu told HuffPost.

    In one raid on a village the doctors visit, when they stole equipment left by the team for its next trip, the militants asked the community where Kalu the nurse was. “They asked for me by name,” Kalu said.

    Still, he said he isn’t ready to stop coming because the need is so great. 

    When the violence was at its peak, the local government did what it could to keep medical clinics staffed ― but the Lamu region now has only 10 doctors serving about 150,000 people, according to Safari Doctors.

    “Due to the security situation, people did not feel safe to be in some of the areas, so some services closed,” said Dr. Victor Tole, chief officer for medical services in the Lamu government. “People had no other alternative for health care.”

    The dearth of rural doctors means that local health workers, who have some medical training (often informal) and a deep knowledge of the community’s needs, rely heavily on Safari Doctors.

    “Without Safari Doctors coming every month, I would have had to cope with all the medical problems,” said Omar Mohammed, a community health worker who runs a medicine dispensary serving Kiangwe’s scattered huts. The organization’s visits have “made a big difference to people’s health,” he added. 

    Most of the villagers who come to see the Safari Doctors arrive with common ailments ― coughs, colds, cuts and sores. The medical staff performs routine checkups, then screens for more insidious illnesses. 

    “I’ve come because my daughter has a high fever,” said Zainab Bakari, a 26-year-old mother of two who spoke to HuffPost. “The doctors here helped my son last year, so I’ve returned with my daughter because she is sick.”

    This time, the doctors say it is a stomach infection that will soon clear. But Bakari was right to worry: The area has seen outbreaks of dengue fever and chikungunya, mosquito-borne diseases that can be fatal. There is also the risk of elephantiasis, a painful and disfiguring parasitic disease that causes body parts to swell to unnatural sizes. Even the risk of leprosy remains. Last year, two patients who had the infection got the medicine and were cured, but doctors need to keep a constant eye out for others who may suffer.

    Safari Doctors carry supplies ashore at one of the stops on their route. The group sets up mobile clinics in each village for a few hours before moving on to the next stop. Each night, they camp out under the stars with people from the community.

    It’s important that people have consistent access to health care to have a chance of preventing outbreaks, Kalu said. “You can’t just come to give health care when there is a big outbreak. At that point, it is too late, and you are dealing with diseases as an emergency.”

    If one area does not have health care, diseases can spread unchecked to nearby areas.

    “Infections do not have boundaries,” saidDr. Monique Wasunna, Africa director of theDrugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative (DNDi), which develops treatments for patients who otherwise might get no help. 

    “Even in remote areas, there is movement in and out, so the communities around are at risk, too ― even if they have preventive measures and primary health care,” added Wasunna, a tropical medicine specialist who is not connected with Safari Doctors.

    Umra Omar, 36, who founded Safari Doctors in 2015, grew up on the Lamu Archipelago and returned after completing her studies in the United States. Even before the militant attacks, medical services were not reaching people in Lamu County who needed them most, she said. A majority of people here live in rural areas, while major health care facilities are in places where the population is denser, she said. The same is true across countries in the developing world. Conflict makes travel even riskier.

    On some trips, Safari Doctors travels by wooden dhow -- a traditional Indian Ocean ship with a triangle sail -- instead of a motorboat. The dhow is slower, meaning the team can't visit as many villages, but it's bigger, with room for more supplies and team members.

    For those living in the mainland village of Kiangwe, for example, the road to the nearest hospital frequently washes out in the rain. Getting emergency health care means riding on a motorbike for more than a day, an expensive prospect for the villagers. People who live on the islands must take a boat to the mainland first, an even more time-consuming and costly process.  

    “Safari Doctors works to fill the gap between the hospitals and health care on the ground,” Omar told HuffPost. 

    To get all this done, Omar raises funds for medicines and staff salaries from tourism operators, as well as international donors, including the Canadian government. Many of the professionals who work with Safari Doctors are volunteers. 

    The work they do has a ripple effect that spreads far beyond the Lamu region.

    “Prevention is better than cure,” Wasunna said, pointing out that the costs of emergency treatment ― in terms of medication, hospitalization and the effect on patients’ families ― are far higher than having teams like Safari Doctors working to stop diseases in the first place.

    “It might seem harder to do, but by putting in place preventive measures, you cover a large population,” Wasunna said. “Then people can lead better lives, and they can contribute to the economy. It helps the development of the country for all.”

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