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Rika teases mature sounds with new single, 'Open'

Rika teases mature sounds with new single, 'Open'

Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) Singer Rika, who is half-Indian and half-Serbian, says her latest single "Open" is an ode to "hopelessly romantic side" of her, adding that the sounds sets base for the music she will be coming out next year.


Tiger Shroff is giving out `The Matrix` vibes as he trains for action sequences in Serbia!

Tiger Shroff is undoubtedly one of the most successful stars of his generation, the actor is currently shooting for Baaghi 3...

Tiger Shroff opts for hyperbaric therapy to test his new powers! 

Tiger Shroff is currently packing some punches as he is shooting for Baaghi 3 in Serbia, the star has kept his fans up to date...

MLS Innovation enters into market of North Macedonia

(Telecompaper) MLS Innovation announced its entry into the market of North Macedonia, the fifth largest foreign market it enters after Cyprus, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania...

Russia tops Serbia in Davis Cup quarters

Russia defeated Serbia for a place in the Davis Cup semi-finals after a thrilling doubles match win 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (8).

Davis Cup Finals 2019: Serbia beat France to reach last eight

Novak beat Benoit Paire 6-3, 6-3 to clinch the win after Filip Krajinovic beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 7-5, 7-6. Viktor Troicki/Janko Tipsarevic face Pierre-Hugues Herbert/Nicolas Mahut in the remaining doubles dead rubber.

Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals: Serbia-Japan 3:0

Serbia comfortably got past Japan in Group A. Filip Krajinovic beat Yuichi Sugita 6-2, 6-4, then Novak cruised past Yoshihito Nishioka 6-1, 6-2. Tipsarevic/Troicki duo defeated McLachlan/Uchiyama pairing to complete a 3-0 win.

Davis Cup Finals to kickstart in Madrid on Monday

The Davis Cup by Rakuten Madrid Finals will be held at the facilities of La Caja Mágica, located in the Parque Lineal del Manzanares, from 18 to 24 November. Novak will lead 2010 champion Serbia, which is in Group A with France and Japan.

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Scotland Now Know Who Will Be In Their Euro 2020 Group if They Qualify


Scotland now know who will be in their Euro 2020 group if they manage to qualify for the tournament next summer. Steve Clarke’s men have an opportunity to make the competition proper if they can overcome a playoff semi-final against Israel and a final against either Norway or Serbia. It’s a tough ask for Scotland […]

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Skräckpasset i P3, Anna Rosling Rönnlund och Prins Andrews dåliga ursäkter

Victor, Hanna och Kodjo sätter igång veckan med ett långt snack om skräckfilmer. Vilken är det läskigaste någonsin? Varför är nya It-filmerna superdåliga enligt Victor och vem såg A Serbian Film under en dejt? Gäst är Anna Rosling Rönnlund som pratar om hur man vet vilken fakta som egentligen är korrekt när man alltid kan hitta information som bara gynnar ens egna åsikter? Vi hinner även titta in i det brittiska kungahuset och alla skandaler just nu gällande Prins Andrew.




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SHARE Foundation

Living under the watchful eye: Implications of facial recognition surveillance in Serbia


In early 2019, the minister of interior and the police director of Serbia announced[1] that 1,000 cutting-edge security cameras with facial recognition capabilities will be installed in 800 locations in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, in partnership with Chinese tech giant Huawei. However, despite the flaws of facial recognition and the intrusiveness for citizens’ privacy when it is used for surveillance,[2] there is no transparency about the cameras and the partnership between the Ministry of Interior and Huawei, which is part of a broader cooperation between the Serbian and Chinese governments.

In November 2018, Serbia adopted a new Law on Personal Data Protection[3] based on the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).[4] The application of the law starts on 21 August 2019, after a nine-month adaptation period provided for compliance with the new rules. SHARE Foundation,[5] a Serbian non-profit organisation established in 2012 to advance human rights and freedoms online, submitted freedom of information requests to the Ministry of Interior asking for information about the cameras and supporting documents (e.g. memorandums, contracts, letters of intent). The Ministry withheld this information, meaning that the public in Serbia was left in the dark about a very problematic technology which can greatly impact the privacy of all citizens.

Legislative context

Similar to other countries with a history of repressive regimes and a broad state surveillance apparatus, there is little of a culture of privacy in Serbia. For example, the first data protection law in Serbia was adopted in 2008. After nearly 10 years of application, it turned out that the law was not good enough to provide an adequate level of protection, especially in a world of expanding technologies such as targeted advertising and a whole new digital economy based on personal data. Also, the law did not regulate video surveillance, which opened space for numerous abuses when it comes to data processing through CCTV systems, both state and privately owned. Introducing a new law was an opportunity to regulate this area of personal data processing, but the provisions on video surveillance were not included in the final text of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

In its annual report for 2018, the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, Serbia’s independent authority for both freedom of information and protection of citizens’ personal data, highlighted the fact that the Ministry of Justice argued to keep the regulation of video surveillance out of the new Law on Personal Data Protection. The Ministry’s view was that this area of personal data processing should be regulated by a special law and that the GDPR does not contain provisions on video surveillance.[6] However, more than six months after the new Law on Personal Data Protection had been adopted in the National Parliament of Serbia and just two months before it is scheduled to start being applied, no specific law regulating video surveillance has been drafted or even proposed.

Over the past six months, at the time of writing, Serbia has been in a state of political turmoil. There have been anti-government protests across the country after an opposition politician was assaulted by a group of men in December 2018.[7] It is in contexts such as these where facial recognition surveillance systems, which store large amounts of biometric data, could potentially be used for pressuring citizens who are protesting, as well as their families, because of their political views. Beyond political protest, the everyday use of the cameras comes with the risk of data breaches, which includes records of the daily routines and movements of citizens, and which could potentially result in harm to those unwittingly surveilled.

An opaque Panopticon: Citizens in the dark

As soon as Huawei’s facial recognition cameras were announced in the media by the highly ranked officials in Serbia’s internal affairs, SHARE Foundation decided to find out more about Huawei’s cameras in terms of their location, public procurement and other relevant procedures by submitting freedom of information requests to the Ministry of Interior.

In their responses to our requests, the Ministry stated that all information about the procurement of Huawei cameras is “confidential” and therefore not for public access. Also, in an interview for Radio Television of Serbia, Police Director Vladimir Rebić said that the locations of stationary cameras were already determined based on “a broad examination and analysis of events, referring primarily to the criminal offences in Belgrade.” We also requested a copy of this analysis, but the Ministry responded that the information, as well as the location of the cameras, were not contained in any document or other medium, meaning they cannot be provided upon a freedom of information request.[8]

According to Article 54 of the new Law on Personal Data Protection, if it is likely that certain data processing will present a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the data controller is obligated to conduct a data protection impact assessment before the beginning of data processing.[9] When SHARE Foundation requested a copy of this impact analysis, the Ministry simply stated that the provisions of the new law are not yet being applied. Having read the official responses of the Ministry of Interior, which suggest that this information does exist, it seemed strange that information provided by a freedom of information officer about such a sensitive topic for citizens’ privacy was contradictory to the statements made by the minister and the police director in the media.

While the Ministry was reluctant to provide any official information about the cutting-edge cameras and their procurement, Huawei on the other hand was more transparent about its cooperation with the Serbian authorities. A case study titled “Huawei Safe City Solution: Safeguards Serbia” was available on Huawei’s official website and it provided detailed information about the cameras and related video surveillance solutions, claiming the cameras were already installed in Belgrade. SHARE Foundation published an article about Huawei’s case study,[10] which strangely disappeared from the company’s website shortly after the publication of our article. Having in mind the sensitivity of this content, we saved an archived copy[11] of the page so the case study can still be accessed online.

Huawei stated that for the test phase, nine cameras in five locations were deployed, with the locations being the Ministry of Interior headquarters, a sports arena, a commercial centre and a police station. After this test deployment, it is stated in the case study that Huawei and the Ministry achieved a Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2017 and that in the first phase of the project 100 high-definition video cameras were installed in more than 60 key locations, with the command and data centre in Belgrade being remodelled.[12]

It is very worrying that such advanced technology, which has great implications for privacy, is being deployed without citizens knowing about this digital “watchful eye” collecting and storing large amounts of their biometric data, even if they have done nothing wrong. Saša Đorđević, a researcher at the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy,[13] a Serbian think tank dedicated to advancing the security of citizens and society, said that although video surveillance can improve security and safety, primarily in road traffic safety, the list of unknown things about Huawei’s video surveillance in Belgrade is long. “The situation can still be corrected if and when it is determined which video surveillance equipment is being purchased, how much it costs the citizens of Serbia, where it is placed and how the personal data will be processed and protected,” he added.[14]

Another problematic aspect of facial recognition technology when used for video surveillance is that it is prone to mistakes, which is especially important for law enforcement and legal proceedings. Research by Big Brother Watch has shown that in the United Kingdom the overwhelming majority of the police’s “matches” using automated facial recognition have been inaccurate and that on average, 95% of “matches” made by facial recognition technology wrongly identified innocent people as crime suspects.[15]

In addition, Big Brother Watch found that the police stored photos of all people incorrectly matched by automated facial recognition systems, meaning that biometric photos of thousands of innocent people have been stored.[16] Storing such sensitive biometric data of citizens is also a privacy and security risk, which is even greater taking into account information leaks during police investigations, which are common in Serbia. “The media in Serbia frequently publish information relating to investigations conducted by the police and the prosecution, quoting mostly unknown sources allegedly ‘close to the investigation’ and sometimes with photos,” explained Đorđević. He mentioned an example when information from the investigation of the murder of a Serbian singer was constantly published on the front pages of tabloid newspapers. Another case Đorđević highlighted occurred in February 2017, when one daily newspaper covered the arrest of a member of a football club supporters’ group on its front page the evening before the police informed the public about his arrest.[17]

In other parts of the world there are similar concerns. With all the recent controversy surrounding facial recognition, two cities in the United States have so far banned the use of facial recognition by the city administration – the first was San Francisco, California, followed by Sommerville, Massachusetts.[18] It is highly likely that more cities will join them, particularly since there is more and more awareness of the negative impacts of facial recognition surveillance.


SHARE Foundation will again approach the Ministry of Interior for information, especially relating to the data protection impact assessment of data processing using Huawei’s cameras, after the application of the new Law on Personal Data Protection starts. Of course, data processing through video surveillance systems should be regulated without delay, either though amendments to the Law on Personal Data Protection or through a separate law. It is also important to introduce citizens to the risks of such invasive technologies and call them to action, as it will provide momentum to further pressurise the authorities and demand more transparency. People feel more secure when they see a camera, as Đorđević noted,[19] but there is also a general lack of understanding of who may collect their personal data, the purposes for which it will be collected, and their rights as data subjects.

Moreover, it is also necessary that the new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection is appointed as soon as possible and in a transparent manner,[20] as the second and final term of Rodoljub Šabić, the previous Commissioner, expired in December 2018. As head of an independent institution, the Commissioner plays a key role in protecting citizens’ personal data and freedom of information and it is of utmost importance that the position is given to a person who has personal integrity, expertise and political independence. Otherwise, affairs such as the one with Huawei’s facial recognition cameras may never be resolved, which would leave citizens exposed to huge risks to their privacy and without appropriate safeguards in cases of data breaches and abuse of personal data. There will also be many doubts around how to apply the new Law on Personal Data Protection, which could prove to be quite a challenge if the Commissioner is not up to the task or is easily influenced by other state institutions and political actors.

Action steps

Having taken into account the lack of transparency surrounding Huawei’s surveillance cameras in Belgrade, we propose the following action steps:

  • Insisting on the proper application of the new Law on Personal Data Protection and conducting the necessary data protection impact assessment.
  • Advocating for the regulation of video surveillance by law in order to provide legal certainty.
  • Engaging the wider community (e.g. civil society organisations, human rights defenders, tech experts, journalists) to help raise awareness among citizens about the impact of video surveillance.
  • Pressuring the Ministry of Interior and other relevant state institutions to provide information about video surveillance and facial recognition in a transparent way.


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This report was originally published as part of a larger compilation: “Global Information Society Watch 2019: Artificial intelligence: Human rights, social justice and development"
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) - Some rights reserved.
ISBN 978-92-95113-12-1
APC Serial: APC-201910-CIPP-R-EN-P-301




The Yield Growth Corp. Keeps Growing Like a Weed or a Mushroom -- CFN Media

Seattle, WA - (NewMediaWire) - November 26, 2019 - CFN Media (OTCQB: CNFN), the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to the North American cannabis industry announces publication of an article discussing The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTCQB: BOSQF), its new products, and new distribution agreements to add to its already impressive global reach.While some companies are scratching their heads about what to make of the brutal treatment cannabis stocks have felt this year,The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTCQB: BOSQF) seems undaunted, expanding its cannabis business while rapidly emerging as a leading public company in the mushroom space. The upstart has assembled a management team rich with branding experience earned at companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Skechers, Best Buy and M·A·C Cosmetics to build new brands employing old world therapeutics for modern-day ailments.Click here to receive an investor deck and corporate updatesA Global Hemp BrandYield Growth owns the cannabis wellness brands Urban Juve, Wright & Well and Jack n Jane. As hemp-based CBD-based beauty products make their way into the mainstream, Urban Juve, has been featured in popular publications globally, including UK Vogue, Vanity Fair UK and Elle Canada. The timing of the media exposure couldn't be better with Urban Juve products spreading across more than 8,000 retail locations in Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Greece and Cyprus.To the point of Greece, a distribution agreement with Melorganics kicked off this month, sending about 2,500 Urban Juve products to the cradle of Western civilization. Melorganics is responsible for distribution in Greece and Cyprus and with the pact freshly amended, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have been added to the list.Urban Juve and Melorganics have moved swiftly to now have 11 Urban Juve products registered in the European Union. With the addition of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, Melorganics has committed to place the first purchase order for Urban Juve products for these territories by the end of the year.Click here to receive an investor deck and corporate updatesAt this time, Urban Juve is the primary revenue driver for Yield Growth, so these new sales regions will be important to continue the steep growth trajectory the company is on. During the third quarter, revenue was $1.9 million, a big leap from about $400,000 a year earlier.Trendy Mushrooms, Magic and NotMushrooms are being called by some "the new cannabis," evoking memories of where the cannabis space was a decade ago before the so-called pot stock boom. Yield Growth has moved with a purpose in this field lately, establishing Flourish Mushroom Labs as a subsidiary and making acquisitions that stockpiled the new company with over 130 mushroom recipes for a variety of consumer goods, such as teas, soups and coffees.Flourish Labs intends to initially focus on mushroom coffee, with intentions for the first coffee mix product to be launched in the coming months. It's important to recognize that while "magic" mushrooms, those that contain the psychedelic psilocybin, are certainly part of the equation, they are a smaller part of the strategy right now. Many experts have opined that psilocybin has great potential to treat a number of difficult diseases and conditions, such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, but being a Schedule I drug at the federal level has severely limited clinical research to validate the anecdotal evidence.Recently, Denver and Oakland decriminalized magic mushrooms and reports are that Santa Cruz and Chicago are strongly considering changing their laws as well, perhaps signaling the start of the shift towards legal magic mushrooms much in the same way cannabis and its derivatives have been steadily legalized. Flourish will explore the psychedelic mushroom opportunity as it goes headlong into the functional mushroom space, as many of the product formulas could simply replace one type of functional mushroom with one containing psilocybin as a therapeutic.Click here to receive an investor ...

Serbia Insurance 2020 Trends, Market Size, Share, Status, SWOT Analysis and Forecast to 2026

(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 26, 2019 ) Strong demand for insurance of vehicles, property, health and other insurances across Serbia are driving the revenues of insurance companies in the country. Growing life expectancy, tax incentives on insurance products, favourable savings associated with insurance...

Europei 2020, l'Italia nel girone con Galles, Svizzera e Turchia. Mancini: "Non ci sentiamo favoriti"


Il sorteggio dei gironi delle fasi finali degli Europei 2020 sorride all’Italia di Roberto Mancini. Gli Azzurri scenderanno in campo all’Olimpico di Roma contro la Turchia per poi sfidare anche la Svizzera e il Galles. “Le squadre sono tutte competitive. siamo comunque alla fase finale. Certo poteva capitare anche la Francia, ma il nostro è un gruppo equilibrato. Noi stiamo facendo le cose per bene ma c’è da lavorare tanto e migliorare molto da qui all’inizio del torneo, ha detto il ct. Quanto alle previsioni non si sbilancia: “Siamo favoriti? Le partite sono da giocare, e le squadre che affrontiamo sono tutte competitive. Ci aiuta il fatto di giocare in Italia”.

 Le 12 città che ospiteranno la manifestazione sono: Copenaghen, Bucarest, Amsterdam, Dublino, Bilbao, Budapest, Glasgow, Baku, Roma, Monaco di Baviera, San Pietroburgo e Londra. La competizione si concluderà allo stadio Wembley di Londra con le 2 semifinali (in programma 7-8 luglio) e la finalissima il 12 luglio.

Ecco l’elenco completo dei gironi:

- Gruppo A (città ospitanti, Roma e Baku): Italia, Svizzera, Turchia, Galles;

- Gruppo B (San Pietroburgo e Copenaghen), Belgio, Russia, Danimarca, Finlandia;

- Gruppo C (Amsterdam e Bucarest): Ucraina, Olanda, Austria e la vincente degli spareggi del percorso ‘A’ (solo se Romania) o ‘D’ (Georgia, Macedonia del Nord, Kosovo, Bielorussia);

- Gruppo D (Londra e Glasgow): Inghilterra, Croazia, Repubblica Ceca e una proveniente dagli spareggi di marzo (Scozia, Norvegia, Serbia, Israele);

- Gruppo E (Bilbao e Dublino): Spagna, Polonia, Svezia, e una proveniente dagli spareggi di marzo (Bosnia, Slovacchia, Irlanda, Irlanda del Nord);

- Gruppo F (Monaco e Budapest): Germania, Francia, Portogallo e la vincente degli spareggi del percorso ‘A’ (Islanda, Bulgaria, Ungheria) o ‘D’ (Georgia, Macedonia del Nord, Kosovo, Bielorussia).


La “Jihad dei coltelli” che allarma l’Europa


Prima Londra, poi l’Aja. È la “Jihad dei coltelli” che allarma l’Europa. Una “Jihad” condotta da “lupi solitari” senza supporto operativo, almeno così sembra, da parte delle centinaia di “cellule dormienti” messe in piedi dall’Isis e da al-Qaeda nel Vecchio Continente. Non hanno l’addestramento dei foreign fighters, formatisi nei campi di battaglia di Siria e Iraq, non hanno i mezzi o le capacità per costruire un ordigno da uomo-bomba,.  ma non per questo sono meno pericolosi. Perché i lupi della “Jihad dei coltelli” sono più imprevedibili, meno tracciabili da parte dei servizi d’intelligence, anche se qualcuno di loro era già stato individuato e arrestato in passato. È il caso di Usman Khan, l’attentatore ventottenne, che ieri sul London Bridge ha accoltellato i passanti, uccidendone due e ferendone altri tre, prima di essere a sua volta ucciso dalla polizia. Khan era stato rilasciato in libertà vigilata l’anno scorso, dopo aver scontato sei anni per reati di terrorismo. Khan era stato condannato nel 2012 e rilasciato a dicembre 2018 “su licenza”, il che significa che avrebbe dovuto soddisfare determinate condizioni o sarebbe tornato in carcere. Diversi media britannici hanno riferito che indossava un braccialetto elettronico alla caviglia.

Prima dell’attacco Khan stava partecipando a un evento a Londra ospitato da Learning Together, un’organizzazione con sede a Cambridge che lavora nell’istruzione dei carcerati. L’antiterrorismo britannica afferma che la polizia non sta attivamente cercando altri sospetti. Trascorrono poche ore, è il terrore ghermisce l’Aja, dove tre minorenni sono stati feriti a coltellate in una via dello shopping della città olandese. La polizia ha reso noto che un sospetto è in fuga. L’uomo, di carnagione scura e di circa 45-50 anni, indossa una maglia nera, sciarpa e pantaloni da jogging grigi.  Un attacco che ha fatto ripiombare l’Aja nella paura, riportando alla mente l’attentato del maggio del 2018, quando al grido di “Allah Akbar” un uomo ha accoltellato tre passanti. In quell’occasione si parlò di uno squilibrato.


I lupi della “Jihad dei coltelli” sono solo una parte dell’allarme rosso scattato in Europa subito dopo l’uccisione del “califfo” dell’Isis, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I suoi seguaci hanno voglia di vendicarne la morte. Gli ideologi del Califfato li hanno esortati a usare metodi inusuali per ammazzare. Persino una pietra, un coltello da cucina, un’ascia, la vettura sono sufficienti, hanno ribadito con gli appelli sul web. La creatività del terrorista fai-da-te. Ma la preoccupazione più forte riguarda i foreign fighters di ritorno. In Europa, il Paese che ha più foreign fighters in rapporto alla popolazione è il Belgio, con 440 combattenti su 11.4 milioni di abitanti. Segue la Francia, con 1.200 combattenti espatriati. La Gran Bretagna si attesta ufficialmente a quota 600, anche se MI6, l’intelligence esterno britannico sostiene che il numero potrebbe essere molto più elevato e arrivare fino alle 2.000 unità. Dall’Irlanda sono partiti in 30. La Germani ne annovera  tra i 500 e i 600 e di questi molti ricoprono il ruolo di comandanti all’interno della gerarchia jihadista. In Svezia fonti d’intelligence ne indicano tra i 250 e i 300. In Olanda se ne calcolano tra i 200 e i 250, in Danimarca 100-150, in Norvegia 60 e in Finlandia tra i 50 e i 70. E ancora. Da un recente rapporto Onu, sempre per restare all’Europa, si indica tra i 50 e 100 jihadisti provenienti dalla Spagna, dall’Italia 80. I foreign fighters provengono anche dall’Austria (150 e si ritiene che circa 60 abbiano già fatto ritorno nel Paese), dalla Svizzera (40) e dall’Albania (90, dalla Serbia (70)). A questi vanno aggiunti circa 340 combattenti provenienti dalla Bosnia Erzegovina e 150 dal Kosovo. I macedoni sono 12.  Non si tratta solo di “lupi solitari” reclutati attraverso i social, indottrinati e preparati all’azione sulle “moschee” e campi di addestramento “mediatici” (sono oltre 1700 i siti che fanno riferimento alla galassia dell’Islam radicale). L’Isis ha cellule terroristiche clandestine in Gran Bretagna e Germania, analoghe ai gruppi che hanno condotto gli attentati di Parigi e Bruxelles. A lanciare l’allarme, è stato il direttore della National Intelligence americana, James R. Clapper. Alla domanda se l’Isis sia impegnato in attività clandestine in quei Paesi, Clapper ha risposto affermativamente, sottolineando come questo sia oggetto di preoccupazione “per noi e per i nostri alleati europei”. Stando ad un rapporto di Europol, intitolato ‘Cambiamenti nel Modus Operandi dell’Isis rivisitato’, “squadre assemblate in Siria” sarebbero state inviate in Europa via Ucraina e Paesi Baltici, dove avrebbero già acquistato armi sul mercato nero. Ma anche la Libia è considerata uno dei trampolini di lancio, forse per compiere azioni parallele in Nord Africa. Squadre composte da “diverse decine di persone e dirette dall’Isis” potrebbero già essere presenti in Europa per commettere attacchi terroristici”. Dodicimila foreign fighters che tornano in libertà, non più “custoditi” dalle milizie curde impegnate nel respingere l’invasione turca, per scatenare una nuova, sanguinosa Jihad globale.

Dodicimila combattenti di Daesh (Isis) a cui si aggiungono i 70mila loro famigliari prigionieri dei curdi nel nord della Siria, tra i quali vi sono molti adolescenti indottrinati alla causa del Califfato e della Jihad e potenzialmente addestrati a compiere attacchi e attentati suicidi. Una potente arma di ricatto all’Europa in mano al i presidente turco Recep Tayyp Erdogan. Il “Sultano di Ankara”, ha mandato avanti il suo ministro degli Interni, il falco Suleiman Soylu, a minacciare di nuovo l’Europa: “Rimanderemo i membri dell’Isis nei loro Paesi, anche se gli è stata revocata la cittadinanza”. Si parlerebbe, secondo Ankara di circa 1.200 foreign fighters dello Stato Islamico detenuti nelle prigioni turche, di cui 287 (45 turchi e 242 di 19 diverse nazionalità) catturati durante l’operazione “Fonte di pace” con cui la Turchia ha invaso il nord est della Siria il 9 ottobre scorso. Dopo la sconfitta militare imposta all’Isis in Siria e Iraq, l’allerta è soprattutto in relazione al concreto rischio del cosiddetto “effetto blowback”, vale a dire alla possibilità che, una volta rientrati nei Paesi d’origine, i foreign fighters decidano di passare all’azione.


Nel rapporto dell’Europol di fine giugno si evidenziava proprio come i foreign fighters stiano tornando in massa in Europa. Il Regno Unito è in testa ai Paesi europei con la più alta percentuale di combattenti di ritorno con il 45% di sospetti jihadisti rientrati da Siria e Iraq. A seguire c’è la Germania, mentre l’Italia ha visto finora un ritorno di jihadisti “approssimativamente tra il 20 ed il 30%”, si legge nel rapporto. Secondo l’Europol, i foreign fighter di ritorno continuano ad utilizzare sia le rotte balcaniche che quelle mediterranee per tornare in Europa. Lupi solitari più foreign fighter di ritorno. Una miscela esplosiva per l’Isis 2.0. I comandi militari del Daesh hanno rivisto i propri piani, cambiando strategia e puntando ad una Jihad globale che abbia l’Occidente, e in esso in particolare l’Europa come teatro di battaglia. Ecco allora l’attivazione di cellule “dormienti”, l’indicazione ai “mujahiddin” con passaporto europeo di rientrare a casa per seminare morte e terrore nel Vecchio continente. Martin Chulov, giornalista del Guardian, esperto di terrorismo jihadista, aveva rivelato che prima degli attentati di Parigi i leader dello Stato islamico si erano riuniti vicino a Raqqa, a quei tempi la “capitale” del Califfato in Siria, e in quell’occasione avevano deciso di mettere in piedi una nuova strategia che prevede grandi attentati nelle capitali europee. Guy van Vlierden è un reporter belga specializzato nel seguire i foreign fighters partiti da Francia e Belgio per la Siria e poi tornati. “E’ perfettamente possibile – annota - che esista un grande network e che ci siano decine di attentatori, perché sappiamo che hanno gestito un viavai di volontari a Leros e nei centri per rifugiati in tutta Europa – in Germania, in Austria e forse anche in Ungheria”. I servizi segreti tedeschi valutano che in Germania vi siano circa 600 veterani della guerra in Siria, cioè addestrati ad azioni di guerra e terrorismo, e ben 43 mila estremisti salafiti ideologizzati ma non addestrati militarmente. Numeri che potrebbero moltiplicarsi se i 12mila foreign fighters torneranno liberi. Liberi di colpire. Anche da noi.


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Reviewer Acknowledgements for Journal of Food Research, Vol. 8 No. 6


Journal of Food Research wishes to acknowledge the following individuals for their assistance with peer review of manuscripts for this issue. Their help and contributions in maintaining the quality of the journal are greatly appreciated.

Journal of Food Research is recruiting reviewers for the journal. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer, we welcome you to join us. Please find the application form and details at and e-mail the completed application form to

Reviewers for Volume 8, Number 6


Antonello Santini, University of Napoli "Federico II", Italy

Bojana Filipcev, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Cheryl Rosita Rock, California State University, United States

Corina-aurelia Zugravu, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Romania

Diego A. Moreno-Fernández, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain

Emma Chiavaro, University of Parma, Italy

Jose Maria Zubeldia, Gestión Sanitaria de Canarias – Gobierno de Canarias, Spain

Juliano De Dea Lindner, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil

Winny Routray, McGill University, Canada


Dirige un refugio en el que alberga y cuida a 750 perros que han sido abandonados

Afortunadamente existen personas que son ángeles en la tierra que tienen un amor incondicional para los animales que han sido dejados a su suerte por otros seres humanos insensibles a su sufrimiento. Esta es una emotiva historia que comenzó en el 2008 cuando después de un largo día, Sasha Pesic iba de regreso a su casa en la ciudad de Serbia, y se encontró con cuatro cachorros abandonados en el camino. Desde ese día el corazón de Sasha quedó marcado e inmediatamente supo que debía hacer algo para ayudar a esos cachorros aún sin tener los medios económicos, y finalmente se convirtió


Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine attended the celebration of the centenary of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS), at the Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”. On this occasion, at the decision of the Board of Directors of ULUS, Their Royal Highnesses were presented with a plaque in gratitude for […]

Paesaggi balcanici: Prizren, la «città d'arte» del Kosovo, un ponte che guarda al futuro

«Una città romana a 76 km a sud-ovest di Prishtina, sul fiume Bistrica, nella regione del Kosovo. Si trovava sulla rotta da Lissos in Macedonia a Naissus nella Moesia Superiore. La città continuò ad esistere tra il IV e il VI secolo, ma ebbe risonanza di gran lunga maggiore nel periodo medievale e fu anche capitale della Serbia, per un breve periodo, nel XIV secolo». di Gianmarco Pisa Questa è l'origine della bellissima Prizren, in Kosovo, secondo l'Enciclopedia Princeton dei luoghi della (...) - Mondo / , , ,

Tiger Shroff Adds The Matrix Twist to Baaghi 3 Action

Tiger Shroff is currently shooting for 'Baaghi 3' in Serbia, and he shared a video where he can be seen practicing for an action scene that is a throwback of a trademark stunt filmed on Reeves in 'The Matrix'.

Air Serbia naar Istanbul door wegvallen AtlasGlobal


BELGRADO - Air Serbia hervat in december, na een afwezigheid van tweeënhalf jaar, de lijndienst tussen Belgrado en Istanbul. De Servische luchtvaartmaatschappij ziet daar kansen, nu partner AtlasGlobal alle vluchten heeft gestaakt.


Amazon Translate Now Adds Support for Twenty-two More Languages and Variants - Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Estonian, Canadian French, Georgian, Hausa, Latvian, Pashto, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, and Tamil


Amazon Translate is a fully managed neural machine translation service that delivers real-time, high-quality, and affordable language translation. Today, we are announcing that Amazon Translate now supports the following more languages and dialects - Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Estonian, Canadian French, Georgian, Hausa, Latvian, Pashto, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, and Tamil.


Albania: Balcani uniti per soccorrere le vittime del sisma

Nelle zone colpite dal sisma sono giunte squadre di soccorso da tutti i Balcani, anche dal Kosovo e dalla Serbia. Il bilancio delle vittime sale a 47 morti e 750 feriti. Questa notte una nuova scossa di magnitudo 4.8 che si è avvertita distintamente anche nella capitale Tirana

Istoria scrisului pe teritoriul României


„Istoria începe la Sumer” – aceasta era până nu demult ideea general acceptată. Și totuși pe teritoriul României s-au găsit urme de scriere poate și mai vechi, încă din neolitic: tăblițele de la Tărtăria. Sunt trei tăblițe de lut înscrise cu diferite simboluri, găsite în județul Alba. Inscripții asemănătoare, aparținând unei civilizații neolitice comune, au mai fost găsite și în Ungaria, Serbia și Bulgaria, dar cele de la Tărtăria par să fie cele mai vechi, datând de prin 5300 î.e.n., deci ar fi cea mai veche scriere a omenirii, cu 1000 de ani înaintea celei sumeriene! Toate aceste inscripții sunt foarte scurte și datorită numărului redus de semne, ele încă nu au putut fi descifrate. Nici măcar nu se știe dacă este scriere propriu-zisă sau proto-scriere. Din păcate atât autenticitatea cât și datarea tăblițelor de la Tărtăria au fost contestate. Nefiind specialistă în domeniu, nu pot să-mi dau cu părerea. În orice caz dacă primele tăblițe sumeriene au marcat începutul unei civilizații care s-a dezvoltat timp de milenii, lăsând nenumărate mărturii scrise, aici este vorba doar de câteva inscripții izolate. Societatea locală a cunoscut cu adevărat scrisul abia în epoca romană.Read more...

The post Istoria scrisului pe teritoriul României appeared first on BAABEL .


Sacramento Kings star Bogdan Bogdanovic confident can take Denver Nuggets scalp in crucial Western Conference clash

SACRAMENTO KINGS star Bogdan Bogdanovic is excited about how his young team is developing this season. The Serbian, 27, is one of the more experienced players on a young squad looking to make noise in the Western Conference. The Kings started the season with five straight defeats but have since won seven of 12 games […]

El guardameta Brais Rodríguez debutó en Juvenil División de Honor con el RC Celta

El guardameta Brais Rodríguez disputó sus primeros minutos en División de Honor con el Juvenil A
El Juvenil A rompió una racha de seis victorias consecutivas tras empatar el pasado domingo a un gol ante el Atlético Perines a domicilio en el encuentro correspondiente a la duodécima jornada de División de Honor. Los celestes, que permanecen líderes en solitario con 32 puntos en su haber, aventajan en cuatro puntos al Sporting de Gijón, que es su inmediato perseguidor.

Además del empate, el encuentro ante el Atlético Perines significó el debut de Brais Rodríguez con el Juvenil A. El guardameta del Juvenil B fue titular debido a la ausencia de los dos cancerberos del equipo dirigido por Jorge Cuesta, pues Iago Domínguez viajó con el primer equipo para medirse ante el Villarreal CF, mientras que Brais Vázquez se sentó en el banquillo de Barreiro en la victoria del pasado domingo ante la UD Ibiza.

Brais Rodríguez Blanco (Val do Ubra, 09/04/2003) está viviendo su primer año en categoría juvenil formando parte del Juvenil B que milita en Liga Nacional. Una categoría en la que ya participó el año pasado siendo todavía cadete, levantando el título de liga tras ser titular en doce partidos. Además, fue convocado en dos ocasiones por la Selección Española sub-16, participando en el Torneo de Desarrollo que tuvo lugar en Serbia en el mes de abril. Esto le valió para formar parte del 'Once de Plata' en los Premios 2019 tras ser nominado en la posición de 'Guardameta', quedando tan solo por detrás de Ruly García

Esta temporada, ya con ficha con el Juvenil B a todos los efectos, ha disputado siete partidos en Liga Nacional hasta la fecha, además de sentarse en el banquillo del Juvenil A en varias ocasiones. Las lesiones de Rubén Blanco e Iván Villar han generado un 'efecto dominó' de guardametas que ha desembocado en el debut de Brais Rodríguez en la máxima categoría juvenil.

Publicado por Redacción


#USA to Face Mozambique, Nigeria and Host Serbia in 2020 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Nov. 27, 2019)- FIBA today conducted the 2020 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments draw to determine the four-team pools for the next window of FIBA competition, and the USA ...

Serbia Consumer Electronics Market Trend, Key Players Analysis 2020 – 2026

(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 25, 2019 ) Serbia consumer electronics market size is increasing rapidly driven by the growing adoption of wireless connectivity of several electronic devices. Increasing investments in R&D in consumer electronics and technological advancements, coupled with the growing popularity...

Beogradsko udruženje pčelara i ove godine učestvuje na Serbian Visions

Beogradsko udruženje pčelara i ove godine učestvuje na Serbian Visions. Ukazaćemo na važnost pčela u očuvanju ekosistema. Dođite 23.novembra u Hotel Radisson Blu od 10 do 12h na drugom spratu sala M6. Ulaz je slobodan za sve posetioce.

“Kosova është Serbi”?/ UEFA mendon ndryshe, hapet hetimi disiplinor për Serbinë

Tifozët serb nuk ka ngurruar që të provokojnë edhe një herë tjetër, duke shpalosur një baner me përmbajtjen: “Kosova është Serbi”. Gjithçka ka ndodhur në ndeshjen kundër Ukrainës të luajtur në Beograd, që ishte edhe e fundit për fazën e kualifikueseve të Europianit 2020. Por kjo gjë nuk ka kaluar pa u vënë re nga […]

Ciampi: History and International Law: An Intertwined Relationship

Annalisa Ciampi (Univ. of Verona - Law) has published History and International Law: An Intertwined Relationship (Edward Elgar Publishing 2019). Contents include:
  • Giorgio Gaja, Forward
  • Rolf Einar Fife, Creative Forces and Institution Building in International Law
  • Stefan Troebst, Eastern Europe’s Imprint on Modern International Law
  • Annalisa Ciampi, History, Isolation and Effectiveness of International Human Rights Law
  • Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, EU Human Rights Law and History: A Tale of Three Narratives
  • Gilad Ben-Nun, ‘Treaty after Trauma’: ‘Protection for All’ in the Fourth Geneva Convention
  • Olympia Bekou, History and Core International Crimes: Friends or Foes?
  • Katarina Ristic, ‘Imaginary Trials’: The Legacy of the ICTY in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia
  • Erika de Wet, Gilad Ben-Nun, Olympia Bekou, Annalisa Ciampi, Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Rolf Einar Fife, Katarina Ristic, Stefan Troebst, & Erika de Wet, The Rise and Demise of the ICC Relationship with African States and the AU


Portugal, France and Germany in Euro 2020 super group

Germany coach Joachim Loew, Portugal coach Fernando Santos and France coach Didier Deschamps pose with the trophy after being drawn in group E.
Germany coach Joachim Loew, Portugal coach Fernando Santos and France coach Didier Deschamps pose with the trophy after being drawn in group E.

BUCHAREST, Saturday - Defending champions Portugal and the last two world champions, France and Germany, were thrown together in what German coach Joachim Loew described as the group of death following a lop-sided and complicated Euro 2020 draw on Saturday.

England were drawn against Croatia in a repeat of last year’s World Cup semi-final while other favourites were given a much easier ride in the 24-team tournament which will be played in 12 different countries across the region.

The clear pick of the six first round pools was Group F, to be played in Munich and Budapest, which pitted France, Portugal and Germany, plus the winners of either playoff A or D. However, the sting was slightly taken away by the format which allows four of the six third-placed teams to qualify for the round of 16, UEFA’s decision to rank the teams according to their result in the qualifiers, combined with Portugal’s performance in their group, meant they ended up among the third seeds while France were one of the second seeds.

“This is a group of death,” said Loew whose side will play all three games at home under competition rules. “The expectations will be quite high. For our young team, this will be huge challenge but also a big motivation.”

England and Croatia, who have met in the Nations League since Croatia’s 2-1 win in Moscow last year, will be joined in Group D by the Czech Republic and the winners of playoff C - either Scotland, Norway, Serbia or Israel.

The Group D winners will face the runners-up from Germany’s group in the round of 16 while the second-placed team will travel to Copenhagen to meet the Group E runners-up - potentially an easier match.

The Group will be played in London - host for the semi-finals and final - and Glasgow.

Other favourites were given a much easier-looking ride.

Italy, who won all 10 qualifying games as they bounced back from failing to make the last World Cup, will face Turkey, Wales and Switzerland in Group A, in Rome and Baku.

“We have a slight advantage by playing at home. Maybe some will think we are favourites but we need to confirm everything on the pitch, as always,” Italy coach Roberto Mancini said.

Euro 2008 and 2012 champions Spain, who will jointly host Group E in Bilbao with Dublin, play Sweden, Poland and playoff winner B - either Bosnia, Slovakia, Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Belgium’s opponents in Group B will be Denmark and Russia -who are both host nations - and Finland, who will be making their first appearance in a European Championship or World Cup. The Netherlands, who like Italy missed out on the last World Cup, were pitted against Ukraine, Austria and playoff winner A or D in Group C, which will be played in Amsterdam and Bucharest.

Under the complex rules, all host nations will play their group games at home, meaning a number of teams had been allocated their groups before the draw

“The rules are clear, they were accepted by everybody,” said UEFA deputy general secretary Giorgio Marchetti. “Portugal are in pot three because they didn’t win their group, and the winner of their group was Ukraine. And Ukraine, thanks to their results, are in pot one, and everybody accepts it because once again we have clear rules.” – Agencies 

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 01:00


Discover foodie delights and cultural treats in the Balkans

WITH an emphasis on fresh, organic, high-quality ingredients, Serbia champions a farm-to-fork culture. No matter where you go, you are sure to come across exceptional flavours - and always in epic quantities.

Jan 01, Serbia: New Year's Day

New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

Jan 02, Serbia: New Year's Holiday

Some countries observes a second public holiday for New Year's celebration. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

Field gun in the snow


Balkan (Serbia-Croatia) .- C-gun of a light field howitzer battery (10.5 cm light field howitzer 18 M) in firing position, version with hard rubber-tired wooden spoked wheels, in snow-covered landscape

In album German Forces

Official visit to Serbia

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko is set to pay an official visit to Serbia on 2-3 December.

Preolimpico Italia, Sacchetti "Cerchiamo di arrivare a giocarci la chance contro la Serbia"

Gli Azzurri sono stati inseriti dalla FIBA in Fascia 2 nel Torneo Pre Olimpico di Belgrado (23/28 giugno, qui). Dalle urne è risultato che dovranno vedersela, nel primo round (Girone B), con Portorico e Senegal.

Șase medalii: palmaresul echipelor României la Turneul Internaţional de Informatică Shumen 2019

27 Noi 2019

Echipele României (juniori și seniori) au obținut șase premii la a XI-a ediție a Turneului Internaţional de Informatică Shumendouă medalii de argint și patru medalii de bronz.

Medaliile de argint au fost cucerite de Cezar Trişcă - Vicol (clasa a XI-a/Colegiul Naţional Mihai Eminescu” din Botoşani) - seniori, respectiv Andrei Moldovan (clasa a VIII-a/Şcoala Gimnaziala nr. 79 din Bucureşti) - juniori.

Medaliile de bronz, la seniori, au intrat în posesia elevilor Maria-Alexa Tudose (clasa a XI-a/Colegiul Național „Ion Luca Caragiale” din Ploieşti) și Şerban-Ion Cercelescu (clasa a XI-a/Liceul Teoretic Internaţional de Informatică din Bucureşti). La juniori, au obţinut medalii de bronz Alexandru Dobleagă (clasa a VII-a/Colegiul Naţional „I.L. Caragiale” din Ploiești) și Ştefan Ţaga (clasa a VIII-a/Colegiul Naţional „Mihai Viteazul” din Ploiești).

Cele două loturi au fost coordonate de profesorii Marcel Drăgan (Colegiul Naţional „Samuel von Brukenthal” din Sibiu) și Dan-Octavian Dumitrașcu (Colegiul  Naţional „Dinicu Golescu” din Câmpulung, jud. Argeş) și de studenții Livia Măgureanu (Universitatea din București și Denis-Andrei Banu (Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iaşi).

Competiţia s-a desfăşurat în Bulgaria (Shumen), în perioada 20-24 noiembrie, cu participarea a peste 60 de concurenți (seniori și juniori) din Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazahstan, Moldova, România, Rusia, Ucraina şi Serbia.



Tokyo 2020 qualifier: Bad draws for D'Tigress

To play USA, Serbia and Mozambique As Kida calls for early preparation President of Nigeria Basketball Federation NBBF, Mr. Musa Kida has called for early preparation as the D Tigress are drawn in a tough group which includes former world number one USA and seven seeded Serbia and Mozambique in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics qualifiers. []The post Tokyo 2020 qualifier: Bad draws for D'Tigress appeared first on Nigerian Pilot News.

Badminton | Serbian U17 International | LAT badmintonistu rezultāti


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Domani sera, palla a due alle ore 20:30 alla Virtus Segafredo Arena, nel nuovo impianto da quasi 9mila posti delle “Vu Nere” situato nel Padiglione 30 della Fiera di Bologna, l’Acqua S.Bernardo guidata in panchina da coach Cesare Pancotto è chiamata a compiere un vero e proprio miracolo sportivo, ovvero battere l’attuale capolista del campionato, quella corazzata chiamata Virtus Bologna ancora imbattuta in LBA dopo nove vittorie in altrettante partite disputate. La compagine allenata da coach Aleksandar Djordjevic – che da giocatore vinse due Europei e un Mondiale con la maglia della Jugoslavia – ha iniziato in estate un ciclo tutto nuovo e un progetto ambizioso, supportato da una proprietà forte e con le idee ben chiare, che come scopo principale ha quello di riportare la gloriosa Virtus nella massima competizione europea: l’EuroLega, kermesse da cui la squadra bianconera di Bologna manca da quasi un ventennio e che, tra la fine degli anni ’90 e l’inizio del nuovo secolo, regalò ai tifosi due titoli internazionali nel giro di tre anni, trascinata da due stelle assolute del calibro di “Sasha” Danilovic e “Manu” Ginobili. La nuova Virtus targata Segafredo sta cercando di ripercorrere quegli anni, affidandosi alle sapienti mani dell’ennesimo campione passato da “Basket City”, il play serbo Milos Teodosic, chiamato a condurre un popolo intero – quello virtussino – verso i fasti di un tempo. A guidare un gruppo di grande talento, in cui figura anche l’ex “bomber” canturino Frank Gaines (miglior marcatore dello scorso campionato con la canotta della S.Bernardo), c’è coach Djordjevic, che in carriera ha già allenato squadre ambiziose come Olimpia Milano, Benetton Treviso, Panathinaikos e Bayern Monaco, oltre alla Nazionale del suo Paese, la Serbia, con cui ha collezionato tre medaglie d’argento, una ottenuta alle ultime Olimpiadi di Rio de Janeiro. Il tecnico serbo, arrivato verso la fine della passata stagione, è partito con il piede giusto, vincendo lo scorso maggio la Basketball Champions League.


Wild card a parte, per tornare subito in EuroLega la Virtus ha bisogno di vincere l’EuroCup e, in questo primo anno dal passaggio da FIBA a Euroleague, la compagine bianconera è già partita forte conquistando la qualificazione alle Top 16 con ben tre giornate di anticipo. Bene in campo internazionale, benissimo in LBA, dove la Segafredo ha vinto tutte e nove le partite giocate, grazie ad alcuni numeri di squadra davvero importanti: la Virtus, infatti, è per distacco prima in Serie A nei rimbalzi (43.1 di media), negli assist (20.8), nei recuperi (8.7) e nei tiri segnati da due (57.3%), oltre a disporre del secondo miglior attacco di tutto il campionato (83.6 punti), dietro alla sola Brindisi (85.8) ma davanti alle altre big Milano e Sassari. Con 18 punti, i bolognesi sono primi in classifica a +4 dall’inseguitrice Happy Casa Brindisi. Il tutto avendo già osservato un turno di riposo. La Virtus, infine, può contare su due tra i migliori assist man dell’intera lega: al già citato Teodosic, quinto in LBA con 5.1 assist di media, si aggiunge anche l’altro fenomeno serbo, Stefan Markovic, al terzo posto con 6.3 assist a partita. 


Dopo la convincente quanto sorprendente vittoria esterna sul campo della Vanoli Cremona, messa al tappeto alla settima giornata di campionato con 24 punti di scarto, l’Acqua S.Bernardo è poi incappata in tre sconfitte consecutive, di cui due particolarmente brucianti perché arrivate entrambe tra le mura amiche ed entrambe di due soli punti, nei secondi finali di gara. L’ultima battuta d’arresto contro la Fortitudo nel turno precedente – partita ed esito quasi identici al ko interno con la Virtus Roma – è arrivata dopo un overtime e dopo che, nel corso del primo tempo, la formazione di coach Pancotto si era portata avanti anche di quattordici lunghezze. Nonostante le ultime sfortunate settimane, in casa S.Bernardo è rimasta intatta la fiducia e la compattezza di un gruppo che, dopo due partite da 24 punti di media, pare essersi affidato nelle mani di Jason Burnell, giocatore rivelazione di questo mese di novembre e autore, contro la “Effe”, di 29 punti con 12 su 14 al tiro, per 32 di valutazione. Il rookie classe ’97 sembra aver trovato la sua dimensione nel campionato italiano, dopo aver faticato non poco nelle prime gare. Pancotto incomincia a vederlo più da “tre” che da “quattro”, ruolo in cui – grazie a un fisico e un atletismo fuori dal comune – può fare la differenza. 


In campionato coach Djordjevic parte quasi sempre con i soliti cinque: in cabina di regia Stefan Markovic, play alto quasi due metri, 31 anni, di Belgrado. Con la Nazionale serba ha vinto 3 medaglie d’argento, una agli Europei del 2009, una ai Mondiali del 2014 e una alle Olimpiadi del 2016, oltre a una medaglia d’oro ai Mondiali U19. È un giocatore di grandissima esperienza, che per quattro stagioni ha calcato i parquet di EuroLega con le canotte di Malaga e Khimki. In quest’ultima squadra ha disputato l’ultimo biennio, prima di fare ritorno in Italia dove era già stato quasi dieci anni fa, quando vestiva la gloriosa maglia dell’allora Benetton, sfiorandosi soltanto con Djordjevic, arrivato poi a Treviso l’anno seguente quando Markovic era già volato in Spagna per firmare al Valencia. Nelle coppe europee ha superato da poco le 200 partite giocate, traguardo staccato questa stagione con la Virtus. Mettendo insieme i numeri di EuroCup ed EuroLega, il serbo ha totalizzato quasi 1300 punti e quasi 1000 assist in carriera. In campionato sinora viaggia a 8 punti, 6.3 assist e 5.1 rimbalzi di media; mentre in campo internazionale, nel suo habitat preferito, i punti aumentano: 10.6 di media. Nello spot di guardia figura Frank Gaines, tiratore americano di 29 anni, dalla Florida, alla quarta maglia in Italia dopo le esperienze poco fortunate a Caserta e Pesaro, seguite però dal clamoroso exploit della scorsa stagione in quel di Cantù, dove Gaines è stato uno dei giocatori rivelazione con oltre 20 punti a partita, ribaltando totalmente i giudizi su di lui dopo i deludenti trascorsi in Serie A nella stagione 2014-’15. A Bologna gioca nel suo ruolo naturale, quello di guardia, anche se può ricoprire indistintamente i panni del playmaker, cosa fatta a Cantù prima dell’arrivo in Brianza di Tony Carr. In sostanza è una combo guard, che predilige più le azioni personali agli assist ai compagni. A parte le prime tre giornate di LBA, nelle successive sei gare di campionato è sempre partito titolare, producendo 12.6 punti di media in appena 24’. Dopo aver saltato l’ultima partita contro Trieste per fare ritorno negli Stati Uniti per la perdita del padre, nel ruolo di ala piccola dovrebbe trovare spazio il 30enne Kyle Weems, di Kansas. L’intenzione delle “Vu Nere” sarà sicuramente quella di volerlo recuperare mentalmente il prima possibile, dopo che tutti - dalla tifoseria al club – gli hanno mostrato grandissima vicinanza. Uscito dal college di Missouri State, dove ha sempre segnato tantissimo, negli ultimi tre anni ha giocato in Turchia tra Besiktas e Tofas Bursa. Nella stagione 2015-’16 ha fatto il suo esordio anche in EuroLega, con i francesi di Strasburgo. Prima del lutto che lo ha colpito ha giocato otto partite da titolare a oltre 9 punti, 6 rimbalzi e 3.5 assist di media. L’ala grande è l’abruzzese Giampaolo Ricci, 28 anni, di Chieti. È arrivato alla Virtus dopo una scalata iniziata dalle Minors, partendo dalla Stella Azzurra Roma e da Casalpusterlengo, passando poi per Verona, Tortona e Cremona, dove ha disputato due stagioni strepitose in Serie A, che gli sono valse la prestigiosa chiamata in estate dalla corazzata Segafredo. Per un pelo non ha partecipato anche ai Mondiali in Cina con la maglia della Nazionale italiana, venendo escluso all’ultimo dai 12 convocati da coach Romeo Sacchetti, che lo aveva fatto “esplodere” alla Vanoli. Insieme a Markovic è il giocatore della Virtus con il plus minus più alto in campionato, dove peraltro finora sta tirando molto bene da tre (44.1%). In 26’ sul parquet segna in media 9.8 punti a partita, a cui aggiunge 4.3 rimbalzi. A completare il quintetto iniziale c’è Julian Gamble, 30 anni, americano della Carolina del Nord. Lo scorso anno ha incontrato la Virtus da avversario ai quarti di finale in BCL, dando ai bianconeri del filo da torcere e sfiorando con Nanterre l’accesso alla Final Four di Anversa. Dopo dieci giornate è il miglior rimbalzista in LBA delle “Vu Nere”, il lungo ne cattura infatti 7.4 di media in meno di 23’, a cui si sommano gli oltre 11 punti a partita. Doppia cifra per lui anche in Europa, dove segna pressoché gli stessi punti (10.8).


Dalla panchina, strano ma vero, spicca la superstar del campionato, quel Teodosic che per dieci lunghi anni ha deliziato il pubblico di tutta Europa, vestendo le maglie di Olympiacos e CSKA Mosca, giocando 237 partite in EuroLega e totalizzando oltre 2800 punti e oltre 1100 assist. Per un anno e mezzo in NBA con i Clippers di Los Angeles, nel curriculum Teodosic può vantare anche un titolo di MVP di EuroLega e tre nomine nel miglior quintetto della competizione, oltre ad averla vinta nel 2016 con i russi del CSKA. Con la maglia della Nazionale serba è stato inserito per due volte anche nel miglior quintetto dei Mondiali. In EuroCup quest’anno segna ben 17 punti di media, più o meno fa lo stesso anche in campionato, dove in 23’ scarsi aggiunge anche 5.1 assist di media. In LBA sfiora il 40% da oltre l’arco. Nell’ultimo successo ha incantato il pubblico di Trieste mettendo a segno tre canestri consecutivi nel finale, che hanno permesso alla Virtus non solo di battere all’overtime i padroni di casa ma anche di mantenere l’imbattibilità. Il cambio naturale di Gaines è, ironia della sorte un altro ex biancoblù, David Cournooh, esterno veronese classe ’90 di origini ghanesi. È alla seconda stagione in maglia Segafredo e, insieme agli altri italiani Filippo Baldi Rossi e Alessandro Pajola, è uno dei reduci della passata stagione, conclusasi senza playoff ma con la Champions League in bacheca. A Cantù ha giocato un anno e mezzo, entrando nella storia del club per aver fatto parte di quella squadra in grado di battere Milano alla Final Eight di Coppa Italia contro ogni avversità, oltre a raggiungere un impronosticabile settimo posto e i playoff con coach Marco Sodini in panchina. Con la Virtus gioca circa 14’ a partita in campionato, dove è a partito quattro volte titolare, mentre in EuroCup trova più spazio, giocando 17’ di media e partendo spesso titolare. Dopo Teodosic, Djordjevic può contare su un altro giocatore di enorme talento a partire dalla panchina: Vince Hunter, ala forte americana classe ’94, uscito dall’università di UTEP, la stessa dell’ex canturino Randy Culpepper. In passato ha giocato, seppur per brevi periodi, sia in NBA (con Memphis) che in EuroLega (con il Panathinaikos). In carriera ha vinto una Champions Legaue e una Coppa Intercontinentale con i greci dell’AEK Atene. In Serie A è partito fortissimo con quasi 14 punti di media in soli 19’ di impiego. Chiudono le rotazioni i già citati Pajola, Baldi Rossi e l’ala serba ma di formazione italiana Stefan Nikolic, classe ’97, lo scorso anno a Udine in A2, dove ha disputato un buon campionato. Mentre Nikolic trova pochissimo spazio, diverso è il discorso per Pajola e Baldi Rossi. Entrambi, infatti, giocano non meno di dieci-undici minuti di media. Pajola è un playmaker di soli 20 anni ma già con esperienza, alla Virtus dal 2015. La proprietà punta molto su di lui, anche se con Markovic e Teodosic ha ridotto non poco il minutaggio dello scorso anno. Avrà comunque da imparare dai due campioni serbi, la loro presenza male non gli farà. Baldi Rossi, invece, ala/centro modenese di 29 anni è alla terza stagione in bianconero e alla terza stagione in EuroCup, dopo le precedenti apparizioni quando vestiva la canotta di Trento. Ad arricchire un roster già completo c’è il centro argentino Marcos Delia, firmato dalla proprietà più per l’EuroCup che per il campionato, dove infatti ha giocato una sola partita, in sostituzione a Weems. Essendo il settimo straniero nel roster, Djordjevic è costretto a lasciarlo sempre in tribuna. A Trieste, però, all’esordio in Italia, ha giocato bene e contro Cantù potrebbe anche avere una seconda chance. Membro fisso della Nazionale albiceleste, con cui ha vinto una clamorosa medaglia d’argento ai recenti Mondiali cinesi, in EuroCup trova più spazio, venendo utilizzato da Djordjevic circa 9’ a partita. In passato ha giocato perlopiù in Sudamerica e Spagna, facendo esperienza al Murcia, prima di passare alla Joventut Badalona.


Pallacanestro Cantù e Virtus Bologna si sono sfidate in passato in ben 164 occasioni. Precedenti favorevoli alla squadra felsinea avanti con 92 successi contro i 72 dei brianzoli, che però in casa hanno vinto 54 sfide e perse solo 30. Domani sera scenderanno in campo la bellezza di 46 trofei: 29 da una parte, per i padroni di casa, e 17 dall’altra. Diciassette sono anche le coppe internazionali vinte dalle due squadre, 5 conquistate dalla Virtus e 12 da Cantù.


Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù e Virtus Segafredo Bologna si sfideranno domani per l’undicesima giornata del campionato di Legabasket Serie A 2019-‘2020, in campo alla “Virtus Segafredo Arena” alle ore 20:30. Ad arbitrare l’incontro saranno i signori Michele Rossi, Lorenzo Baldini e Marco Vita. La partita sarà trasmessa su Eurosport Player, radiocronaca su Radio Cantù 89.600 FM e streaming su Per la gara di domani le autorità competenti hanno disposto il divieto di vendita dei tagliandi ai residenti nella provincia di Como.


ESUG 2020 Novisad 31.8. – 4.9


We are happy to confirm that ESUG will happen in Novisad/Serbia from 31.8.2020 to 4.9.2020


ПРОТЕСТ ПРОТИВ МИГРАНТСКОГ НАСИЉА У СОМБОРУ: Захтевамо извињење од Н1, због увреда!


Након увредљивих репортажа у којима се демонстранти против мигрантског насиља, називају ксенофобима то јест чиме им се лепи етикета психичког поремећаја фобије, као и навођења да су напади на наше грађане „наводни“, грађани Сомбора траже извињење од Н1 (ЦНН). Поред тога сам термин ксенофобије је псеудо-психјатријски и научно је доказано да је немогуће имати ксенфобију …

Чланак ПРОТЕСТ ПРОТИВ МИГРАНТСКОГ НАСИЉА У СОМБОРУ: Захтевамо извињење од Н1, због увреда! се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


„Загонетка подунавске цивилизације“ која је старија и од грчке и од месопотамске


У ПРОДАЈИ СРПСКО ИЗДАЊЕ ЗНАЧАЈНЕ КЊИГЕ НЕМАЧКОГ НАУЧНИКА ХАРАЛДА ХАРМАНА * Немачки научник, пре свега лингвиста и културолог, али и археомитолог, Харалд ХАРМАН доказује да је Подунавска цивилизација, у којој значајно место припада нашој Винчанској кулури чији су почеци у неолиту и која је у петом миленијуму и раном чертвртом достигла свој врхунац, била подлога из које се развија ахајска грчка култура _________________________________________________________________________ МИ, савремени Европљани, …

Чланак „Загонетка подунавске цивилизације“ која је старија и од грчке и од месопотамске се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Лутовац: Вучић упорно покушава да разбије Демократску странку


Председник Демократске странке Зоран Лутовац изјавио је да ДС има велику одговорност у „борби против режима председника Србије Александра Вучића који безуспешно покушава да је разбије и дестабилизује“. „ДС је на правом путу, на путу повратка некадашње снаге и зато не чуди што је Вучић последњих дана активирао све ресурсе у безуспешном покушају да разбије …

Чланак Лутовац: Вучић упорно покушава да разбије Демократску странку се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Протест у организацији иницијативе Маме су закон: Породиљама да буде гарантована бар минимална зарада


Неколико десетина грађана, међу којима жене с бебама у колицима, протестовало је данас испред Скупштине Србије у Београду, а потом и испред Владе. На позив Удружења „Маме су закон“ захтевали су промену Закона о финансијској подршци породицама с децом, односно брисање одредаба на основу којих се током породиљског одсуства смањују примања жена које раде у …

Чланак Протест у организацији иницијативе Маме су закон: Породиљама да буде гарантована бар минимална зарада се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


У Русији донет закон о „физичким лицима страним агентима“


ОБА дома руског парламента – и Државна Дума и Савет Федерације – усвојила су закон о „физичким лицима страним агентима“. У законском тексту, који ће ступити на снагу чим га потпише шеф државе Владимир Путин, прецизира се да је `страни агент` онај ко дистрибуира „материјале медија или НВО које је Министарство правде РФ прогласило за …

Чланак У Русији донет закон о „физичким лицима страним агентима“ се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Ко бре дозвољава овим ИДИОТИМА да пишу уџбенике за историју?


На крају лекције у уџбенику Историје за седми разред основне школе (БИГЗ, школство, 2019) стоји: „Наведите позитивне и негативне стране Данка у крви“ „ДАНАК У КРВИ је омогућавао дечацима да напредују на друштвеној лествици, а они су заузврат били потпуно одани султану. Тако су многи од њих постали чланови важне и утицајне елите (повлашћених слојева у друштву) …

Чланак Ко бре дозвољава овим ИДИОТИМА да пишу уџбенике за историју? се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Нарко дилер Тоцило који је ухваћен са 77 кг хероина био под заштитом високог функционера МУП-а


Младен Новаковић (37) звани Тоцило из Амерића, код Младеновца, код кога је недавно пронађено 77 килограма хероина, био је под заштитом једног од високих функционера МУП-а, који га је обавештавао о тајним мерама пратње које је према њему предузимала екипа из београдске полиције. Тако је, како ексклузивно сазнаје “Експрес”, Тоцилу дојављено да су у околини …

Чланак Нарко дилер Тоцило који је ухваћен са 77 кг хероина био под заштитом високог функционера МУП-а се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Погледајте како су јеменски Хути оборили ударни хеликоптер AH-64 Apache (видео)


Јеменски Хути објавили најновији видео на коме се види обарање ударног хеликопера AH-64 Apache који се налазио у саставу саудијске армије. Том приликом су погинула оба пилота. Поред тога, информативна служба „Ансар Алах“ је саопштила да је јутрос оборена и једна бесилотна летелица саудијске војске. За сада нису познате појединости о овом случају. Борбени Ефективи

Чланак Погледајте како су јеменски Хути оборили ударни хеликоптер AH-64 Apache (видео) се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Немачки медији: Пада влада Ангеле Меркел?


Чланови Социјалдемократске партије Немачке изабрали су за будуће лидере аутсајдере који се залажу за крај коалиције са демохришћанима канцеларке Ангеле Меркел, а зашто би то могло бити лоше за Немачку, пита Дојче веле. Ко би рекао? Социјалдемократска партија Немачке (СПД) је одабрала револуцију, пише у анализи новинарка ДW Сабине Кинкарц. Чланови странке су изгласали да …

Чланак Немачки медији: Пада влада Ангеле Меркел? се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Мигранти масовно надиру у Србију, ушло их више од 27.000, очекује се да ће их бити још више


Број миграната двапут је већи ове него прошле године, а до средине новембра у Србији је регистровано око 27.000 улазака миграната и избеглица, док се очекује да до краја године буде више од 30.000, изјавио је шеф београдске Kанцеларије УНХЦР-а Ханс Фридрих Шодер. Kако преносе „Вечерње новости“, према његовим проценама, за сада, ипак, није на …

Чланак Мигранти масовно надиру у Србију, ушло их више од 27.000, очекује се да ће их бити још више се појављује прво на Србија Данас.


Are You Letting Society or the Spirit Shape Your Story?


Kanye West, Beth Moore, John MacArthur, President Donald Trump and Adam Schiff—what do all of these people have in common? Certainly controversy—lots and lots of controversy. But what else? They all have purpose that should be revealed in their life story. Regardless of the circumstances and choices that have landed them in the news and on the lips of people across the country and around the world, God has a purpose for each one of them. The Holy Spirit wants to shape their life story even though we may see the world trying to define and write their life story, and our life story, for us.

God is transforming lives and filling people with the power of the Holy Spirit, and woe to those who try to prevent that holy work. That's why 2 Corinthians 5:16 (NIV) reminds us of this important truth: "So from now on we [should] regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer." While the world and our flesh tempt us to view others through judgmental eyes and shape people's stories for them, the Holy Spirit is constantly working in people's lives to inspire their story. His presence always invites freedom and brings real change.

This past week I watched an extraordinary moment of God's grace when Kanye West was not only recognized, but received by one of my favorite preachers, Joel Osteen. The backlash was deeply disheartening. If our society will not even accept that a rapper proclaiming "Jesus is King" has been truly saved, imagine how we would have treated Paul. He persecuted and murdered Christians, and God still shaped his story into something that glorified Him! After his conversion he immediately went to get baptized by Ananias and ended up writing several books in our New Testament Bible, not to mention the way God used him to work multiple life-changing miracles. Imagine how different all of our lives would be today if Paul had listened to everyone's opinions about his relationship with God and allowed himself to become discouraged about following the Lord's leading.

What about Peter? He denied Jesus before the crucifixion but then repented of his mistake, and God was able to use him in miraculous ways.

Or what about Abraham? He lied not once but twice about his relationship with his wife to save his own skin, among other indiscretions, and he is still counted as one of the fathers of our faith.

Moses was far from perfect, yet God chose him and used him mightily for the saving of His people anyway. Like Abraham, he appears alongside other giants of our faith in Hebrews 11.

When the power of the Holy Spirit came in Acts 2, all that Jesus had done for His followers came to supernatural life. Just like Peter and Paul were drastically changed, we are too when we receive the Holy Spirit. Since the Holy Spirit changes, restores and radically renews people to Him, who are we to decide if their salvation is authentic? Even if it happens not to be, God is the author of that person's story, and our judgment is like an ugly, black smear on the pages of their lives.

Who are you letting shape your story? And how are you shaping others? Are you letting the Holy Spirit do His work, or are you tuning in to—or even joining—the chorus of voices shouting their opinions? It is clear that Kanye West is not letting the voices of the media define his story. He is unapologetically sharing his faith with the entire world, and the Holy Spirit is working, in Kanye's life and others'. Wow! What a thought—unapologetically sharing your faith with the entire world while the Holy Spirit works in your life. That sounds like a follower of Christ.

You are beautiful! I see Jesus in you.

Have a great week! {eoa}

Mikel French has challenged spiritual awakening all across America, where many celebrations extended into multiple weeks, and has conducted celebrations in France, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Germany, South Africa, Malawi, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Haiti, Japan, Singapore, India and Thailand. He conducted an outreach celebration in Manila, Philippines, reaching 200,000 teenagers with the book of hope. Through the generous support of partners, he has presented the message of Jesus Christ to millions of people in the nation of Russia through televised citywide soul-winning celebrations. Mikel considers it an honor to assist in conducting the annual pastor's conference, where thousands of pastors from Russia's 11 time zones come for training, teaching and equipping. Mikel and his wife, Marsha, reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Charity Begins at BSG


The whole school community at Bruton School for Girls has been enthusiastically involved in a series of charitable events throughout November raising over £500 for good causes.

The children in the Nursery and Prep kicked-off with a marvellous day of fun for Children in Need including a highly competitive teacher’s duck race, a teddy bear hunt, a cake sale and of course some dressing-up.  They raised a splendid total of £110.

Almost £150 was raised through the sale of Poppies, badges and other branded items for the annual Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, contributing to the £5000+ raised in the Bruton area.

Girls in the senior school have enjoyed wearing their own clothes instead of uniform, with mufti-days for charities specifically chosen by the students – the environmental charity, Just One Tree* and mental health charity, Young Minds** raising in excess of £250.

A special mention must go to Charlotte B, in Lower Sixth, who has packed her 1000th box of goodies for children experiencing poverty in Bulgaria and Serbia.  Charlotte began organising shoe boxes of gifts for the charity Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion back in 2013 and her amazing achievement has made the national press.

To round off this month of giving, Head of the student’s charity committee, Eloise N, masterminded a collection of food and toiletry items for a local food bank and turned it into a competition between the four school Halls.    Each Hall was keen to out-do the other with the amount donated leading to an amazing 1143 items which will now go to families who need some extra help over the Christmas period.

Headmistress, Nicky Botterill, says: “The girls here have a wonderful generosity of spirit, and are keen to help those less fortunate than themselves and support organisations which represent issues that are particularly important to young people.”


Boxerii moldoveni au câștigat patru medalii la turneul „Golden Glove” din Serbia

Boxerii moldoveni au câștigat patru medalii la turneul „Golden Glove” din Serbia

Sportivii moldoveni au cucerit patru medalii la turneul „Golden Glove” din Serbia. La ediția a 62-a a turneului „Golden Glove” au concurat sportivi din 16 țări.

Articolul Boxerii moldoveni au câștigat patru medalii la turneul „Golden Glove” din Serbia apare prima dată în #diez.


24 de migranți, depistați la frontiera cu Serbia

Polițiștii de frontiera din cadrul Sectorului PF Oravita - judetul Caras-Severin au oprit, in localitatea de frontiera Forotic, un microbuz inmatriculat in Romania, condus de un cetațean sarb, in varsta de 51 ani. The post 24 de migranți, depistați la frontiera cu Serbia appeared first on Renasterea banateana .

Serbia’s deal with the Eurasian Economic Union: A triumph of foreign policy over economics

Serbia recently signed a free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Vuk Vuksanovic writes that although the deal was praised by some politicians for opening up new economic opportunities, the economic impact is likely to be minimal for both Serbia and the EAEU. He argues the real aim of the agreement from Serbia’s perspective was to use the […]

Antibiotice Iaşi îşi extinde gama de produse vândute în Serbia

Producătorul de medicamente controlat de stat Antibiotice Iași va înregistra, în vederea exportului, 12 noi produse pe piața din Serbia, potrivit unui comunicat.
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Quat-trick Lewandowski Antar Bayern Gilas Red Star 6-0


Belgrade – Bayern Munich menggilas Red Star Belgrade 6-0 di matchday kelima Grup B Liga Champions. Pesta kemenangan Die Roten diwarnai aksi quat-trick Robert Lewandowski. Bermain di Stadion Rajko Mitic, Belgrade, Serbia, Rabu (27/11/2019) dini hari WIB, Bayern lebih dulu memimpin 1-0 lewat gol Leon Goretzka di babak pertama. Di babak kedua, lima gol berhasil […]

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Prediksi Crvena Zvezda vs Bayern Munchen: Laga Penentuan Tuan Rumah


Pertandingan antara Crvena Zvezda vs Bayern Munchen dalam laga Grup B Liga Champions 2019 akan digelar di Stadion Rajko Mitic, Beograd, Serbia, pada Rabu (27/11/2019) pukul 03.00 WIB. Menang menjadi sesuatu yang harus diraih tuan rumah jika masih ingin menjaga kans lolos ke babak 16 besar. Situasi tidak bagus memang sedang didapati oleh tim asal […]

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Vučić na zajedničkoj akciji srpske i kineske policije u Smederevu

Vučić na zajedničkoj akciji srpske i kineske policije u Smederevu

Predsednik Republike Srbije Aleksandar Vučić prisustvovao je zajedničkoj pokaznoj vežbi pripadnika Ministarstva unutrašnjih poslova Republike Srbije i specijalnih jedinica policije Ministarstva javne bezbednosti Narodne Republike Kine u smederevskoj železari HBIS GROUP SERBIA.

 FB IMG 1574953478858

FB IMG 1574953435844


EXCLUSIVE! Tiger Shroff Is ‘Killing It’ In Serbia After War, Brings Next Level Action With Baaghi 3


With Baaghi 2 going far ahead of Baaghi, and then War breaking the ceiling, expectations are huge for Tiger Shroff starrer Baaghi 3

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Baaghi 3: Tiger Shroff Gives A Sneak Peek Of An Action Scene He Shot With Director Ahmed Khan & Producer Sajid Nadiadwala


A few days ago, the actor even shared his look from the shoot in Serbia, in which he is sporting a sleeveless jacket and a rugged look.

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11/30/2019: OPINION: Extending light show appreciated

On behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Community in Windsor, we would like to thank the City of Windsor for extending the Bright Lights Windsor celebration at Jackson Park until Jan. 7, which happens to be Christmas Day for many in our community. Most...

Iraq: Project Manager - Iraq

Organization: Un Ponte per
Country: Iraq
Closing date: 22 Dec 2019

Vacancy Project Manager – Iraq

Position: Project Manager

Duration: 12 months

Starting date: January 2020

Average Gross Salary Range: 1.650-2.600 euros according to seniority

Period: 12 months

Deadline: 22/12/2019

General Context

Un Ponte Per (UPP) is a voluntary association founded in 1991, immediately after the bombing of Iraq, which promotes solidarity initiatives for Iraqis who suffered during the war. Originally called Un Ponte Per Baghdad (a bridge to Baghdad), the association later became simply Un Ponte Per, after expanding its work into Serbia and Kosovo, as well as other countries in the Middle East and Mediterranean. The aim of UPP is the prevention of new conflicts, particularly in the Middle East. This is achieved through advocacy campaigns, programs which educate and encourage cultural exchange, collaborative projects and peaceful civil interventions. UPP, which strongly rejects war as a solution to international conflicts, exerts relentless efforts to attain peace and solidarity among people via encouraging encounters between different cultures, languages, religions and traditions with the ultimate objective of developing a more equal and peaceful coexistence. UPP works in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Serbia and Kosovo alongside civil society organisations. In Italy, it promotes peace and disarmament, defends the common goods, and welcomes refugees and migrants.

The current UPP fields of work/programme in Iraq are the following: Mental Health and Psycho-social support for Syrian refugees and Iraqi IDPs residing in camps and in the hosting communities - Protection and Valorisation of tangible and intangible cultural Heritage - Formal and non-formal educational programmes - Peace building and Social Cohesion among the communities affected by military struggle with Daesh (ISIS) - Advocacy initiative working to build concrete links of solidarity between international civil society organizations and the growing Iraqi civil society.


The intervention aims at strengthening the provision of MHPSS services in Erbil Governorate refugee camps and urban areas.

Terms of references

Un Ponte Per is looking for one Project Manager that will be responsible for the following major tasks:

· Setting up, planning, and supervising the implementation of project activities in close co-operation with the key project staff;

· Monitoring the activities and the results achieved against the project indicators;

· Ensuring that all project reporting (internal and external) is completed in a timely and accurate manner;

· Planning the project expenditure and ensuring the compliance of expenditure of budgets with donor requirements;

· Ensuring the overall management, control and oversight of financial and administrative procedures, in compliance with UPP organizational systems and instructions;

· Liaising with local partners, the other INGO and with all relevant stakeholders;

· Participating to all the relevant humanitarian coordination working groups and meetings;

· Identifing new project opportunities in coordination with the Line Management.

Competencies and assets required

· Relevant university degree (Political or social science, international development, community development)

· 3 years professional experience in project management in international NGOs

· Good command of programme and project management life cycle including strategic planning, development, management, monitoring and evaluation

· Good working knowledge of UN procedures

· Proven ability to cooperate and negotiate with local and institutional partners as well as government representatives

· Experience in administrative, financial and logistics management

· Excellent communication skills ability to adapt to a diverse multicultural environment

· Excellent command of English (oral and written)

· Excellent computer literacy skills

Competencies and assets desired

· Experience in the management of integrated multisector projects

· Background in Protection

· Experience in MHPSS related interventions

· Previous work experience in Iraq/Middle East

· Knowledge of Arabic and Italian.

How to apply:

HOW TO APPLY: Interested candidates are invited to submit a detailed CV, a brief cover letter to address the requirements above and contact information for two professional references to: . Please reference; “Project Manager - Iraq” in the subject line of your email application. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Tiger Shroff adds 'The Matrix' twist to 'Baaghi 3' action

The actor is currently shooting for quot;Baaghi 3 quot; in Serbia, and he shared a video where he can be seen practicing for an action scene.

World War 1 Map?

I am trying to figure out if this map is a military map. Actually there are 8 of them. Kiev, Odessa, Serbia, and other central Europe, etc. Some of them say "Prepared in the Geography Department of the General Staff of the Army" if I am translating right. They all are titled...

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Direct round-trip flights from Belgrade to New York, USA for 370 €

Airline : Air Serbia Baggage : 2 x 23 kg New York City is a center for media, culture, food, fashion, art, finance, and trade. It has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building.Walk along the busy streets of Manhattan, relax in the city's green lung Central Park, visit world-class museums and historic sites. New York is also a shopaholic paradise, from chic boutiques to hipster flea markets to world-famous department stores, this [...]

Shqipëria dërrmohet nga tërmetet

Tërmeti me magnitudë 6.3 që goditi Shqipërinë pesë ditë më parë ku humbën jetën së paku 51 persona dhe mijëra u lënduan, la vendin të dërrmuar me pasoja të rënda. Shqipëria duket se nuk po gjen qetësi nga lëkundjet e njëpasnjëshme të tokës. Natën e së shtunës, një tjetër tërmet me magnitudë 4.3 goditi vendin. Megjithatë, vende nga e gjithë bota i dolën në ndihmë familjeve të prekura, duke dërguar ndihma dhe duke mbledhur fonde për rindërtimin e shtëpive të atyre qe mbetën të pastrehë. Në ditën e diel, në qytetin e Durrësit, i cili është më i dëmtuari nga tërmetet, filluan shembjet e qëllimshme të godinave që konsiderohen të rrezikshme. Bëhet e ditur se 40 është numri total i atyre që përbëjnë rrezik dhe se duhet të shemben. Qeveria e Shqipërisë ka kërkuar mbështetjen e Bashkimit Evropian dhe shteteve të ndryshme me ekspertë për vlerësimin e dëmeve. Këtë çështje kryeministri Edi Rama e ngriti dhe në një takim me ambasadorët e shteteve të ndryshme dhe përfaqësuesit e organizatave ndërkombëtare që ndodhen në Tiranë. “Ajo me të cilën po përballemi tani është një problem mjaft i mprehtë tensioni dhe ç'ekulibiri psikologjik. Njerëzit janë të pasigurt, kanë frikë, kanë nevojë të shohin që gjërat po përmirësohen. Do të kenë durim nëse shohin se nuk jemi vetëm”, u shpreh kryeministri. Ai tha se qytetarët që kanë përjetuar tërmetin duhet të sigurohen që mund të kthehen në shtëpitë e tyre nëse ato janë të sigurta dhe se vlerësimi i dëmeve duhet të bëhet “me katër sy”. “Ka ndërtesa që nuk kanë dëme strukturore, por kush ka besim të hyjë në një ndërtesë me fëmijët dhe të vjetrit, kur ka kaluar këtë lloj ankthi”, tha kryeministri. Video: Jeta në garazhë e tri familjeve nga Laçi Edhe presidenti i vendit Ilir Meta, përmes një postimi në rrjete sociale tha se 7 ekspertë nga Amerika do të inspektojnë të gjitha shkollat e zonës së prekur nga tërmeti. Në anën tjetër, Ambasada e Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës në Shqipëri ka njoftuar se një ekip ekspertësh nga USAID dhe Ndihma Humanitare e Bashkimit Evropian kanë vizituar komunitetet e prekura nga tërmeti për të vlerësuar dëmet dhe për të diskutuar nevojat humanitare me autoritetet vendore. “Qeveria e Shteteve të Bashkuara vijon të punojë në mbështetje të përpjekjeve humanitare pas tërmetit”, thuhet në njoftimin e Ambasadës. Edhe presidentja e zgjedhur e Komisionit Evropian Ursula von der Leyen tha se Bashkimi Evropian është përkrah Shqipërisë dhe qytetarëve të saj. "Sapo fola me kryeministrin shqiptar Edi Rama i cili më tregoi për situatën e vështirë pas tërmetit. Kam shumë respekt për qytetarët shqiptarë që kanë qëndruar të qetë pavarësisht rrethanave. Dua që ata të dinë që BE është përkrah tyre me dhembshuri dhe me veprim”, shkruan ajo. Ministrja e Arsimit e Shqipërisë Besa Shahini ka bërë të ditur se shkollat do të fillojnë mësim në 9 qarqe, ndërsa mësimi është pezulluar në qarkun e Durrësit deri më datë 9 dhjetor dhe në qarkun Tiranë dhe Lezhë deri më 5 dhjetor. “Në qarkun Durrës, bashkitë Krujë, Durrës dhe Shijak mësimi mbetet i pezulluar deri më datë 9 dhjetor, e hënë. Në qarqet Tiranë që përfshin bashkitë, Tiranë, Vorë, Kavajë dhe Rrogozhinë. Në qarkun Lezhë që përfshin bashkitë, Lezhë, Kurbin dhe Mirditë, mësimi do të jetë i pezulluar deri më datë 5 dhjetor që është e enjte, por ruajmë mundësi që ta shtyjmë edhe për disa ditë në rast se sigurohemi që jo të gjitha shkollat janë në gjendje të mirë. Njoftimi nëse do shtyjmë mësimin e bëjmë një ditë para, pra me datë 4 dhjetor. Në të gjitha qarqet e tjera mësimi rifillon normalisht”, tha Shahini. Sipas bilancit zyrtar përfundimtar nga Ministria e Mbrojtjes, qyteza e Thumanës, ku u shembën dy pallate, është më e goditura me 26 të vdekur. Në Durrës, ku nga tërmeti u shembën dy hotele në zonën e Plazhit, një vilë tre katëshe në zonën e ish Kënetës, dhe dy pallate në qytet, janë 24 persona që humbën jetën. *Video nga arkivi: Dyzetetetë orët e tërmetit Në mesin e viktimave të tërmetit janë 6 fëmijë dhe 22 gra. Në operacionet ë kërkimit nëpër rrënoja, morën pjesë rreth 250 efektivë nga Shqipëria, Kosova, Italia, Greqia, Mali i zi, Serbia, Kroacia, Franca, Turqia, Zvicra, Rumania, Maqedonia e Veriut, BE-je dhe Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës. Në total janë së paku 900 të plagosur, nga të cilët 41 janë ende të shtruar në spital. Mes tyre, një vajzë është në gjendje të rëndë, dhe sipas vlerësimit të mjekëve transferimi i saj jashtë vendit është i pamundur. Tre të tjerë që gjithashtu kanë qenë në gjendje të rëndë, janë dërguar për trajtim të specializuar jashtë vendit. Sipas Ministrisë së Shëndetësisë, “përpos qytetarëve që po marrin trajtim në spitale, janë rreth 1500 vizita mjekësore të kryera për banorët e prekur nga tërmeti në qendrat shëndetësore 24/7 të hapura pranë zonave të prekura. Video: Varrosen 11 viktima nga tërmeti në Thumanë Ndërsa mbi 700 persona kanë marrë shërbimin mjekësor pranë kampit të emergjencës në Thumanë dhe pikave të ngritura në Durrës”. Tërmeti i 26 nëntorit me magnitudë 6,4 ballësh të Rihterit njëherësh ishte më i fuqishmi në dekada që ka goditur Shqipërinë. Epiqendra e tij ishte në Detin Adriatik, rreth 30 kilometra në veriperëndim të Tiranës. Ai u pasua nga dhjetëra tërmete me magnitudë më të ulët, dhe qindra lëkundje tjera sizmike.

Dhjetëra të vdekur dhe mijëra të pastrehë nga tërmeti në Shqipëri

Së paku 51 persona kanë vdekur dhe mijëra të tjerë janë plagosur nga tërmetet që goditën Shqipërinë në mëngjesin e 26 nëntorit. Një vajzë 20 vjeçare, e cila kishte mbetur e plagosur, ka ndërruar jetë paraditen e së shtunës në spital, duke e çuar në 51 numrin e viktimave nga tërmeti. Mbi 5 mijë persona kanë mbetur të pastrehë si pasojë e shembjeve, dëmtimeve serioze dhe rrezikshmërisë që paraqesin vendbanimet e tyre. *Video: Çifti nga Thumana mbetet pa shtëpi Kryeministri Edi Rama, gjatë mbledhjes së qeverisë të shtunën, konfirmoi humbjen e jetës së 50 personave nga tërmeti. Ai theksoi se tashmë operacionet e kërkim-shpëtimit kanë përfunduar. Më tej, kryeministri bëri të ditur se aktualisht janë duke marrë ndihmë mjekësore në spitale 41 persona, 34 në spitalin e Traumës, 4 në Durrës dhe 3 jashtë vendit. “Numri i qytetarëve që janë ndarë nga jeta si pasojë e tërmetit ka mbërritur në 50 dhe operacionet e kërkim-shpëtimit janë përfunduar. Duke përsëritur edhe njëherë shprehjen më të fuqishme të mirënjohjes të gjithë atyre që u përfshinë në këto operacione dhe duke i shprehur edhe njëherë mirënjohjen më të thellë miqve dhe partnerëve që në një kohë shumë të shpejtë mobilizuan trupa të super-specializuar të kërkim-shpëtimit, më lejoni të përsëris sepse më duket shumë e rëndësishme që trupat tona, forcat e përfshira në momentin më akut të krizës, meritojnë vlerësimin më të lartë”, u shpreh kryeministri në mëngjesin e së shtunës. Ai ka bërë të ditur që së shpejti do të bëhet raporti i qëndrueshmërisë së banesave dhe inspektimi i godinave, përfshi qendrat shëndetësore, shkollat, kopshtet dhe çerdhet. Sipas bilancit zyrtar përfundimtar nga Ministria e Mbrojtjes, qyteza e Thumanës, ku u shembën dy pallate, është më e goditura me 26 të vdekur. Në Durrës, ku nga tërmeti u shembën dy hotele në zonën e Plazhit, një vilë tre katëshe në zonën e ish Kënetës, dhe dy pallate në qytet, janë 24 persona që humbën jetën. Në mesin e viktimave të tërmetit janë 6 fëmijë dhe 22 gra. Në operacionet ë kërkimit nëpër rrënoja, morën pjesë rreth 250 efektivë nga Shqipëria, Kosova, Italia, Greqia, Mali i zi, Serbia, Kroacia, Franca, Turqia, Zvicra, Rumania, Maqedonia e Veriut, BE-je dhe Shtetet e Bashkuara të Amerikës. Në total janë së paku 900 të plagosur, nga të cilët 41 janë ende të shtruar në spital. Mes tyre, një vajzë është në gjendje të rëndë, dhe sipas vlerësimit të mjekëve transferimi i saj jashtë vendit është i pamundur. Tre të tjerë që gjithashtu kanë qenë në gjendje të rëndë, janë dërguar për trajtim të specializuar jashtë vendit. Sipas Ministrisë së Shëndetësisë, “përpos qytetarëve që po marrin trajtim në spitale, janë rreth 1500 vizita mjekësore të kryera për banorët e prekur nga tërmeti në qendrat shëndetësore 24/7 të hapura pranë zonave të prekura. Ndërsa mbi 700 persona kanë marrë shërbimin mjekësor pranë kampit të emergjencës në Thumanë dhe pikave të ngritura në Durrës”. Ambasada Amerikane në Tiranë ka bërë të ditur se USAID ka nisur për në Shqipëri ekipe emergjencash nga Departamenti Zjarrfikës dhe Shpëtues i kontesë Fairfax dhe Departamenti Zjarrfikës i kontesë së Los Angeles. Këta ekspertë do të ndihmojnë në koordinimin e ekipeve ndërkombëtare në vlerësimin e dëmeve, për të përcaktuar nëse ndërtesat dhe infrastruktura kritike në zonat e prekura janë të sigurta. Shqipëria ka aktivizuar për herë të dytë, Mekanizmin e Mbrojtjes Civile të Bashkimit Evropian. Pas kërkesës së parë, menjëherë pas tërmetit, e cila bëri të mundur mobilizimin e tre ekipeve nga Greqia, Italia dhe Rumania për të ndihmuar operacionet e kërkim-shpëtimit, Qeveria e Shqipërisë kërkon tani dhe ekspertë për të bërë vlerësimin e dëmeve në ndërtesa. Sipas një deklarate të Delegacionit të Bashkimit Evropian në Tiranë, “Italia dhe Greqia janë ofruar për të ndihmuar Shqipërinë në këtë drejtim”. Njoftimi bën të ditur se “ekipi i Mekanizmit për Mbrojtjen Civile të BE-së po punon ngushtë me autoritetet vendore dhe donatorët për një vlerësim të konsoliduar të nevojave, me përparësi dhënien e ndihmës në materiale. Mbrëmjen e djeshme, Delegacioni i BE-së kryesoi një takim me shtetet anëtare të BE-së, vendet joanëtarë të BE që marrin pjesë në Mekanizmin e Mbrojtjes Civile të BE-së, si dhe partnerët e organizatat ndërkombëtare (agjencitë e OKB, USAID etj.), mbi reagimin ndaj emergjencës”. Ambasadori i BE-së në Shqipëri Luigi Soreca ka thënë se "Bashkimi Evropian dhe shtetet anëtare të tij janë duke qëndruar përkrah Shqipërisë dhe po punojnë pa ndalim për të ofruar ndihmë në këtë moment shumë të vështirë. Ekspertët e Mekanizmit të Mbrojtjes Civile të BE dhe dhjetë Shteteve Anëtare të BE -së, janë aktualisht në terren për të ndihmuar autoritetet qendrore dhe vendore. Tërmeti i 26 nëntorit me magnitudë 6,4 ballësh të Rihterit njëherësh ishte më i fuqishmi në dekada që ka goditur Shqipërinë. Epiqendra e tij ishte në Detin Adriatik, rreth 30 kilometra në veriperëndim të Tiranës. *Video nga arkivi: Dyzetetetë orët e tërmetit Ai u pasua nga dhjetëra tërmete me magnitudë më të ulët, dhe qindra lekundjë tjera sizmike.  

Rafailo Momčilović


Rafailo Momčilović (svetovno ime Georgije; 23. april 1875—3. septembar 1941) bio je srpski sveštenik i slikar. Za sobom je ostavio najviše ikona, ali i veći broj portreta i pejzaža. Kao igumana manastira Šišatovca uhapsile su ga ustaše 25. avgusta 1941. godine. Ubijen je u Slavonskoj Požegi devet dana kasnije. Srpska pravoslavna crkva proglasila ga je sveštenomučenikom 1999. godine. Georgije Momčilović rođen je 23. aprila 1875. godine u bačkom selu Deronje, tada u Austrougarskoj, od oca Velimira i majke Perside. U rodnom mestu završio je osnovnu školu. U desetoj godini roditelji ga šalju kao đaka u manastir Kovilj. Odatle je prešao u manastir Manasiju, gde je 1896. godine od igumana Mirona (Đorđevića) primio monaški čin i dobio ime Rafailo. Iste godine ga je mitropolit Mihailo rukopoložio za jerođakona. Kasnije je prešao u manastir Bođane. Uporedo sa monaškim životom, Rafailo se usavršavao u slikarstvu. Likovno obrazovanje sticao je u Moskvi (gde je živeo je u podvorju Srpske Patrijaršije), Rimu, Veneciji i Beogradu. Bio je student Prve srpske crtačke škole Kirila Kutlika, čiji je polaznik bila i Nadežda Petrović. Monah Rafailo je bio vlasnik prvog automobila u selu Deronjama. Rafailo Momčilović uradio je, po želji kraljice Drage Obrenović, ikonostas u crkvi u Velikoj Krsni (1902). Kasnije je oslikao ikonostase i u manastiru Rakovici (1905/1906), u Pačiru i Gornjem Kovilju (1908—1910), kao i u crkvi Ružici u Beogradu (1925/1926), što je njegovo poslednje delo. Pored ikonostasa, Rafailo je naslikao i veliki broj pojedinačnih ikona, kao i portreta crkvenih velikodostojnika. Među njegova dela ubrajaju se i impresionistički pejzaži, sa kojima je učestvovao na nekoliko predratnih izložbi u Jugoslaviji. Svojim savremenicima je ostavio tri fijakera prepuna slika. Oslikao je crkvu u Deronjama. Drugi svetski rat Rafailo Momčilović je dočekao kao iguman manastira Šišatovca. Dana 25. avgusta 1941. pripadnici ustaškog pokreta su ga uhapsili, i, zajedno sa trojicom šišatovačkih monaha, vozom uputili za Slavonsku Požegu. Iguman Rafailo je tokom puta mučen na razne načine. Bio je primoran da samom sebi služi opelo. Mučen i zlostavljan, preminuo je 3. septembra iste godine u Slavonskoj Požegi, a ni danas se ne zna gde je sahranjen. Istoričar umetnosti i književnik Uglješa Rajčević je 1998. godine objavio monografiju pod nazivom „Rafailo Georgije Momčilović - monah, slikar i mučenik“. Naredne godine je održana prva likovna kolonija posvećena Rafailu Momčiloviću u njegovom rodnom selu Deronjama. Od tada se bez prekida održava svake godine, od 25. avgusta do 3. septembra, što su datumi hapšenja i smrti igumana Rafaila. Kolonija okuplja umetnike, ikonopisce i pejzažiste, a njihovi radovi se, zajedno sa delima igumana Rafaila, čuvaju u velikoj galeriji u Deronjama. Uglješa Rajčević, organizator kolonije, navodi pismo Milana Kašanina, tadašnjeg direktora Muzeja kneza Pavla, upućeno Momčiloviću, kao inspiraciju za istraživački rad, a potom i organizaciju likovne kolonije posvećene liku i delu sveštenika i slikara. Na redovnom zasedanju Svetog arhijerejskog sabora Srpske pravoslavne crkve 1999. godine iguman Rafailo proglašen je za svetog i unet u Imenoslov srpske crkve kao sveštenomučenik. Datum njegovog spomena je 3. septembar. Maja 2000. godine je kanonizovan na liturgiji u Hramu Svetog Save na Vračaru, koji je vodio patrijarh srpski Pavle.



Lične informacije: 
(Svetovno ime Georgije; 23. april 1875—3. septembar 1941)
Datum rođenja: 
Friday, April 23, 1875
Mesto rođenja i lokacija: 
45° 27' 19.08" N, 19° 13' 10.3836" E
Datum smrti: 
Wednesday, September 3, 1941
Mesto smrti i lokacija: 
Славонска Пожега
45° 20' 7.6092" N, 17° 40' 31.6452" E
Bitne lokacije: 
45° 23' 46.5432" N, 19° 6' 9.4248" E
Godina rođenja: 
Država rođenja: 
Rafailo Momčilović


Episkop bački Irinej Ćirić

Lične informacije: 
Irinej Ćirić rođen je u Sremskim Karlovcima 1. maja 1884. od oca Isidora, srpskog narodnog crkvenog tajnika, i majke Eveline rođ. Krečarević. Osnovnu školu je završio u rodnom mestu, gimnaziju sa ispitom zrelosti u Novom Sadu, Duhovnu akademiju u Moskvi, Filozofski fakultet u Beču, gde je odbranio i doktorat filozofije iz grupe semitskih jezika. Pred Božić 1908. zamonašen je po činu male shime u manastiru Hopovu od arhimandrita dr Avgustina (Bošnjakovića). Na Božić iste godine rukopoložen je od patrijarha srpskog Lukijana za đakona. Za protođakona proizveden je 1910, a za arhiđakona 1912. Aprila 1909. jerođakon Irinej postavljen je za bibliotekara Patrijaršijske biblioteke u Sremskim Karlovcima, a u septembru iste godine za docenta za Stari zavet sa arheologijom i jevrejskim jezikom, pošto je prethodno uspešno održao probno predavanje na temu datu od saveta Bogoslovije „Današnji naučni rezultati o postanku Petoknjižja“. Kasnije je, na osnovu objavljenih naučnih radova, izabran za vanrednog i redovnog profesora. Izvesno vreme je predavao i liturgiku. Školske 1911/12. predavao je i veronauku u Karlovačkoj gimnaziji. Kada je Sveti arhijerejski sinod Srpske pravoslavne crkve obrazovao komisiju za prevod Svetog pisma na srpski jezik, postao je njen član. Kao profesor prevodio je starozavetne tekstove sa jevrejskog jezika i propratio ih svojim napomenama. Za episkopa timočkog izabrao ga je Sveti arhijerejski sabor bivše Kraljevine Srbije 5. juna 1919. U čin prezvitera rukopoložio ga je i proizveo u čin arhimandrita episkop temišvarski dr Georgije (Letić), administrator Karlovačke mitropolije. Hirotonisan je u beogradskoj Sabornoj crkvi 15. juna iste godine od arhiepiskopa beogradskog i mitropolita Srbije Dimitrija, episkopa veleško–debarskog Varnave, niškog Dositeja, žičkog Nikolaja i vikarnog Ilariona. Na ovoj eparhiji je episkop Irinej ostao do kraja 1921. godine, a tada je, po svojoj želji, prešao u Bačku eparhiju. Kao delegat Srpske pravoslavne crkve, proveo je 1927. godinu u prikarpatskoj Rusiji gde mu je bila poverena misija uređenja pravoslavne crkve. Administrirao je eparhijama Vršačkom, Banatskom (u dva maha) i Temišvarskom. Predstavljao je Srpsku crkvu u Pokretu za ujedinjenje crkava („Vera i uređenje“), u Sveopštem savezu za praktično hrišćanstvo, Svetskom savezu za međunarodno prijateljstvo pomoću crkava (današnji Ekumenski savet crkava), koji ga je dva puta birao za predsednika upravnog odbora, a 1939. izabrao ga je za predsednika čitave organizacije. Godine 1930. bio je predstavnik srpske crkve u Londonu u komisiji Lambetske konferencije za ujedinjenje Anglikanske i Pravoslavne crkve, a isto tako i u zajedničkoj anglikansko-pravoslavnoj naučnoj komisiji 1931. godine. Kada se 1928. godine osnovao pokret „Mir putem religija“ izabran je u odbor. Bio je član počasnog odbora prvog međunarodnog religijsko-psihološkog kongresa u Beču 1930. godine. Organizovao je 1936. u Novom Sadu predspremnu konferenciju pravoslavnih crkava za izradu predmeta namenjenih konferenciji stokholmskog vaseljenskog pokreta za praktično hrišćanstvo, koja se sastala 1937. u Oksfordu. Zaslugom episkopa Irineja iz mađarskog logora Šarvara razmešteno je po Bačkoj eparhiji oko 2.800 dece i 180 majki sa odojčadima, a u Novom Sadu je osnovana Eparhijska dečja bolnica za lečenje dece koja su u ovom logoru obolela od tuberkuloze. Kasnije je poradio na spasavanju odraslih iz logora i na njihovom respoređivanju po domovima njegovih eparhiota. Odmah posle završetka Drugog svetskog rata stavljen je u kućni pritvor, u kome je držan sedamnaest meseci, a posle puštanja na slobodu pretučen je. Posle duže bolesti preminuo je u Novom Sadu 5. aprila 1955. godine i sahranjen u kripti Saborne novosadske crkve. Retko je koji profesor stare Karlovačke bogoslovije dolazio za njenog učitelja sa toliko nada i očekivanja kao što je bio slučaj sa njegovim dolaskom. On je u Srpskoj pravoslavnoj crkvi prvi počeo naučno obrađivati probleme iz Staroga zaveta, a ti radovi zauzimaju i danas vidno mesto u bogoslovskoj nauci crkve. Episkop Irinej se vrlo rano počeo baviti pesništvom, ikonografijom i beletristikom. Dugo godina bavio se izučavanjem crkvenog pojanja ne samo našeg, nego i vizantijskog, ruskog i rumunskog. Spremio je udžebnik crkvenog pojanja za Bogoslovski fakultet koji nije ugledao sveta. Celog života bavio se i prevodilačkim radom, a prevodio je sa jevrejskog, latinskog, grčkog, francuskog, ruskog, nemačkog i mađarskog jezika. Vrlo rano je uvideo potrebu prevođenja bogoslužbenih tekstova sa grčkog na srpski jezik i preveo je, između ostalog, Službu mesopusne nedelje, Večernje molitve, službu Nedelje svete Pedesetnice i Osmoglasnik (vaskrsne nedeljne službe).
Datum rođenja: 
Thursday, May 1, 1884
Mesto rođenja i lokacija: 
Сремски Карловци
45° 12' 15.6312" N, 19° 56' 7.9836" E
Datum smrti: 
Saturday, March 5, 1955
Mesto smrti i lokacija: 
Нови Сад
45° 15' 8.8632" N, 19° 50' 21.2964" E
Bitne lokacije: 
45° 14' 58.794" N, 19° 50' 12.642" E
Godina rođenja: 
Episkop bački Irinej Ćirić


Andrea Andreani

Lične informacije: 
Andrea Andreani (1540–1623) je bio italijanski graver koji se služio tehnikom snažnog tamno-svetlog kontrasta (chiaroscuro), što je zahtevalo upotrebu više boja. Rođen je u Mantovi oko 1540. g. i umro je u Rimu 1623. Njegovi radovi su uglavnom kopije Direra, Mantenja, Parmeđana i Titana. Bio je aktivan 1584-1610 u Firenci.
Mesto rođenja i lokacija: 
45° 9' 23.1012" N, 10° 47' 28.95" E
Mesto smrti i lokacija: 
41° 52' 58.458" N, 12° 30' 1.3716" E
Bitne lokacije: 
43° 46' 10.416" N, 11° 15' 20.9304" E
Godina rođenja: 
Andrea Andreani


Archbishop Peter Meets with Serbian Hierarchs



Archbishop Peter Presides at the Divine Liturgy for the feast of the Great Martyr Demetrius at the Serbian Podvoriye in Moscow



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Violence and peace


By Lyndsey Medford

The wars

Last spring, my husband, Nate, and I traveled to Croatia for vacation. One afternoon during our trip we ventured to a family farm and spent the day tasting the fruits of the family’s labors. As our host, who was in his late twenties, drove us back into the city, Nate asked him about the country’s history. He replied that his earliest memories included watching the news of the war ravaging the country and “wondering where my father was.” He continued, “At the end of the war, he came back from the fighting; I was afraid of him because he had a beard and I didn’t recognize him. He returned to work on the farm and got his life back. Some of the other soldiers never have.”

It’s been 24 years since the official end of the Yugoslav wars that eventually led to the formation of the countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The wars were sparked by several rival ethnic groups who clashed over various nationalist independence movements after living as neighbors for centuries. These struggles were spurred on by more recent political resentments, religious differences and quests for vengeance over generations-old wrongs.

These ethnic differences had been suppressed under the Yugoslavian Communist regime, whose power and cohesion slowly began to erode after the death of Josip Broz Tito, the man who ruled as a dictator for more than 35 years until his death in 1980. Following his death, opportunistic politicians began to exaggerate nationalist sentiments as a strategy to grab power. With these rifts emerging, economic crises led to declarations of independence by both Croatia and Slovenia, who were then followed by other ethnic nationalist groups.

Soldiers from each ethnic group formed armies, but the Croats, Serbs and Bosnians were the largest and most powerful groups. In contrast, ethnic Albanians and Muslim Bosniaks were relatively small minorities and therefore constituted the bulk of the 2.3 million international refugees created by the wars that followed.

These wars were marked by immense civilian casualties, genocidal massacres, mass rape and other war crimes. Over 130,000 people died as a result of these conflicts. In fact, the term “ethnic cleansing” was invented by Serbs who attempted to kill, rape or deport all Croats and Muslim Bosniaks living in Bosnia. Unsurprisingly, these acts of violence further inflamed hatreds on all sides. In several of the conflicts, the United States, the United Nations, or NATO intervened with either diplomatic strategies or military might in order to force cease-fires and peace agreements.

As a result of the conflicts, millions of people were displaced from their homes, and the entire region suffered severe economic losses from the costs of the fighting, destruction of property, years of destabilization and ongoing trauma.

Exclusion & Embrace

In 2000, Christianity Today named Exclusion & Embrace by theologian Miroslav Volf one of the most influential books of the 20th century. Volf, a Croatian living in the United States, wrote the book only a few years after the end of the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Volf had presented a paper comparing God’s love to an “embrace,” but found himself caught when he asked the question, “But could you embrace a Chetnik (a Serbian fighter)?” His search for an answer in light of Christ’s life and death led him to write Exclusion & Embrace.

After witnessing massacres of his own people, Volf’s advocacy of nonviolence is profound. Yet at the same time, he reminds us:

Jesus’s mission certainly did not consist merely in passively receiving violence. . . . The pure negativity of nonviolence is barren. . . . At best, oppressors can safely disregard it; at worst, they can see themselves indirectly justified by it. To be significant, nonviolence must be part of a larger strategy of combating the system of terror.

(from Exclusion & Embrace, Revised and Updated, page 288)

In other words, the opposite of war is not nonviolence; the opposite of war is peacemaking. This includes pursuing both justice and restoration for the oppressed and repentance by oppressors. Beyond this, peacemaking means crafting a new way forward for everyone with the desire to live together in love. In the United States, our schools, our media, and even our politicians often present us with idealized philosophies of nonviolence, but without effective strategies for fighting injustice and the willingness to make immense sacrifices, nonviolence isn’t really a tool for change, only an endorsement of the status quo.

Those who lived through the suffering and hatred might still struggle to endorse a theology of nonviolence as completely as Volf does. International trials for the war crimes committed during the Yugoslav wars ended only two years ago. Young men who fought in the wars are now middle-aged. Both the Serbians and Croatians who fought against each other considered themselves Christians and believed God was on their side. Volf admits that following Jesus’ way is costly. For those who have endured atrocities, only the promise of God’s judgment can offer hope that true justice will be done and that true love of the enemy is possible. During Advent, we may be tempted to domesticate the idea of peace. Those of us who live fairly comfortable lives can forget that peace is often hard won by those who oppose injustice, those who stand in the gap in conflict, and those who forgive for the sake of the future. We can also forget that many people — even some in our own country — long for peace but do not currently experience it. For us, a commitment to peacemaking is a commitment to the hard work of justice and healing. 

Be sure to check out FaithLink, a weekly downloadable discussion guide for classes and small groups.


T.E.D. KLAJN priča sa Gulom za novi VASTARIEN


            Kao što znate, pre malo više od mesec dana po prvi put ste dobili priliku da na srpskom jeziku čitate jednog od najboljih živih pisaca strave, Teda Klajna, u zbirci njegovih vrhunskih novela MRAČNI BOGOVI, koju je, naravno, objavio Orfelin a koju je preveo urednik edicije „Poetika strave“, Dejan Ognjanović.
            S velikim uživanjem sam radio na tom prevodu, a sudeći po prvim komentarima čitalaca, izgleda da se to uživanje prenosi i na njih. Klajn je zaista veliki majstor strave, i veoma mi imponuje što sam s tim divnim, srdačnim čovekom, baš kao i sa Tomom Ligotijem pre njega, ostvario komunikaciju (e-mail dopisivanje) koja je odavno prevazišla onu mehaničko-poslovnu.
            Kada sam mu svojevremno poslao dizajn i ilustraciju korice, koju je uradio Nikola Vitković, Klajn mi je napisao:
Thank you, Dejan. It is really very impressive, and quite a departure from conventional horror-genre covers. And I’m fascinated to see “Klein” transformed into Serbian.

            Nedavno sam mu poslao primerak srpskog izdanja MRAČNIH BOGOVA, i njegova reakcija vredi da se navede u celosti:

Wow, you guys do gorgeous books! I had no idea that MRACNI BOGOVI (gotta love the way that title looks to an English reader!) was going to be such an elegantly produced hardcover.  It arrived today, properly done up with string, and I’m delighted.  Even the torn-out galley pages you wrapped it in (I assume it was you), with cyrillic type and that blurry old black-and-white group photo, seemed wonderfully mysterious and exotic.  Thank you!  I wish we made such handsome books in this country. 

            Ako vam je ova predivna knjiga do sada promakla, možete je za 1.100 din poručiti od Orfelina, na mejl – a ko tako više voli, može i od mene lično, dok ima – na dogstar666 at yahoo dot com.

            Ali to nije sve!
            Ovih dana je u Americi izašla izuzetna knjižurina PROVIDENCE AFTER DARK – masivni izbor, na oko 600 strana, koji sadrži sve Klajnove eseje o hororu, o Lavkraftu i drugim piscima, njegove prikaze horor knjiga, kolumne i intervjue: pravo blago za svakoga ko zna šta valja. Knjigu je izdao pregenijalni izdavač, Hippocampus iz Njujorka, za kojeg sam jedno kratko vreme i ja radio kao copy editor (dok sam bio u USA); sa njima sam ostao u kontaktu jer zaista izdaju vrhunske stvari po pristupačnim cenama, bez iživljavanja sa „special edition“ mamiparama sa zlatotiskom i kožnim povezom, na masnoj artiji, numerisano i potpisano, u tiražu od 300 primeraka po ceni od 100$ komad, kao što to NEKI rade!
            Cena ove knjige, istina, nije baš mala – na Bukdepozitoriju je 32 evra – ali, za tako obimnu knjigu (ponavljam – 600 strana velikog formata!), prepunu lucidnih, pametnih, duhovitih, prodornih opservacija o hororu, to nije mnogo. Koga horor zanima, a može si priuštiti ovaj „trošak“ – nek ne okleva. Ova knjiga ima moj snažan Pečat Preporuke, a ozbiljan je kandidat da za koji mesec dobije i Zlatnog Gula za non-fiction knjigu godine!
            Mali savet: ako kao brauzer koristite Operu, i ako u njoj promenite svoj VPN tako da kao lokaciju navedete „Americas“ – ova knjiga će vas, umesto evropskih 32, koštati 28 eu!

            Zatim: za samo mesec dana, u januarskom broju vodećeg svetskog horor magazina RUE MORGUE, moći ćete da čitate moj članak o ovoj knjizi, na celoj jednoj strani, a u njemu i nekoliko Klajnovih zabavnih izjava.

"Mračni bogovi" slika Maksa Ernsta

            Ali ako ste se baš zainteresovali za ovog pisca, onda vas pravo blago očekuje u najnovijem broju mračno-nihil-egzist-ligotijevskog horor časopisa Vastarien. Podsećam: već sam vam preporučivao ovaj magazin na blogu, i to čim je izašao (i usput sam se hvalio činjenicom da su dva moja crteža uvrštena kao ilustracije unutra) – imate o tome OVDE.
Naime, u najnovijem broju, koji je upravo izašao iz štampe pre par dana, možete da čitate moj poveliki, detaljan intervju sa Klajnom, koji u časopisu zauzima celih 20 strana! Vi znate kakav sam ja kad se poduhvatim nekoga koga poštujem i volim...
            Pošto sam još letos pročitao (u pdf-u, dobijenom od izdavača) knjigu PROVIDENCE AFTER DARK, u kojoj je nekoliko intervjua s Klajnom koji se ne mogu naći onlajn, u ovom razgovoru sam se trudio da ga pitam stvari koje ga niko do sad nije pitao – i to je sve ispalo predivno. Klajn je bio prezadovoljan pitanjima (i kaže žao mu je što i ovaj intervju nije mogao biti uvršten u knjigu!), a verujem da ćete i vi biti njegovim odgovorima, ako vam ovo ikada padne šaka, što snažno preporučujem!
            Vastarien u Americi košta 20$, sa uračunatim ptt-om. Oni tvrde da pokrivaju ptt za bilo koju adresu, ali da li to važi i za Srbiju, ipak prvo proverite. Najnoviji broj još nije dostupan preko Bukdepozitorija, ali biće verovatno u narednim danima.  
A evo kakvih sve divota ima u upravo izašlom broju. Napomena: magazin sadrži i horor pričei eseje o hororu. Ja sam eseje izdvojio italikom.

Vol. 2, Issue 3 
– Contents

Ascending Phases of First Contact
Matt Thompson

How to Make a Marionette
Patricia Lillie

H. P. Lovecraft and H. R. Giger: The Maestros and Their Muses
John A. DeLaughter

Recuerdos de patay (Images of the Dead)
Zeny May Dy Recidoro

The Flooded Cellar
Daniel Stintzi

Over the Black Bridge: Expansion, Psychogeography, and the Living City in Andrei Bely’s Petersburg
Farah Rose Smith

Every Nowhere
Matthew B. Hare

Interview with T. E. D. Klein
Dejan Ognjanović

Maddening Manikins: The Atmospheric Machines of Poe and Ligotti
Sean Moreland

Radix Malorum
Sean Patrick Hazlett

Polanski’s Apartment Trilogy: Perceptual Crisis, Identity, and the Rented Flat
Jubel Brosseau

We Are Not Ourselves
Joanna Parypinski

Mapping Catharsis
P. A. Glazier

Robert S. Wilson

How to watch a horror movie about grief when you’re grieving
Daryl Sznyter

The Filling
Annie Neugebauer

After I devoured the Beast
Charlotte Begg

David. F. Shultz

art by Carl Lavoie and Derek Pegritz (including cover art)

            Šta ima u prethodnim brojevima – i kako da ih naručite, sve vam to piše ako kliknete OVDE.
            Eto... Jednom kad probate ovog pisca, videćete da Klajna nikad dosta! Dakle, probajte...


L'ex ministro degli Esteri della Jugoslavia, Z. Jovanovic accusa gli Stati Uniti di cercare di distruggere l'ordine mondiale


Secondo Jovanovic, si tratta di un ordine mondiale stabilito dai risultati della seconda guerra mondiale e gli Stati Uniti cercano di distruggere questo assetto mondiale.

zzz"In questi giorni, il rappresentante speciale del Dipartimento di Stato USA Thomas Zarzetski è a Belgrado per verificare e controllare se la Serbia rispetta o viola le leggi sulle sanzioni americane verso la Russia, acquistando armi russe. Cercando di presentare la missione di Zarzetskiy come qualcosa di normale all’opinione pubblica serba, i media gli ricordano che ha viaggiato in altri 60 paesi con lo stesso compito. Numerosi fatti dimostrano che gli Stati Uniti, indicata come la più grande democrazia del mondo, cercano di rivedere l'ordine mondiale stabilito dai risultati della seconda guerra mondiale e cercare di imporre un ordine mondiale basato sul dominio e gli interessi americani. Al contrario, la Russia e la Cina, che gli Stati Uniti chiamano autoritari e totalitari, stanno cercando di costruire un ordine mondiale fondato sul Diritto internazionale e sulla dichiarazione della Carta delle Nazioni Unite ", ha dichiarato Jovanovic.

Minaccia di sanzioni

L'ex ministro degli Esteri jugoslavo ritiene che le minacce alla Serbia per imporre le sanzioni statunitensi siano un paradosso. A questo proposito ha ricordato che anche al vertice NATO del 2000 a Bratislava, gli Stati Uniti hanno sostenuto che ai fini della NATO, le leggi americane sono molto migliori di quelle europee.

In precedenza, un rappresentante speciale del Dipartimento di Stato per i Balcani occidentali, Matthew Palmer, durante una visita a Skopje in un'intervista al canale televisivo macedone, aveva avvertito che l'acquisto degli S-400 russi, che era stato considerato da Belgrado possibile, avrebbe comportato sanzioni statunitensi. In seguito Zarzetski è arrivato in Serbia con l'obiettivo di "far comprendere bene alle autorità serbe l'articolo 231 della legge sulla lotta, mediante sanzioni,  contro gli avversari statunitensi, il quale  implica l'introduzione di sanzioni statunitensi contro individui e entità legali o statali che cooperano con il settore russo della sicurezza e dell'intelligence".

In precedenza il presidente della Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, aveva visitato le esercitazioni militari congiunte tra Serbia e Russia, Slavic Shield-2019, dove ha esaminato personalmente il complesso missilistico antiaereo dei sistemi S-400 e la batteria dei sistemi Pantsir-S delle forze armate russe. Successivamente, ha espresso la speranza che un giorno la Serbia possa permettersi un simile complesso, ma al momento il paese non ha 500 milioni di euro per acquistarlo. Allo stesso tempo, Vucic ha dichiarato di essere pronto ad accettare il complesso come dono dalla Russia

Il giornale Vecernie Novosti ha riferito che le autorità serbe stanno valutando la possibilità di acquistare con un credito a lungo termine i sistemi missilistici antiaerei S-400 russi.
Il giornale ha sottolineato che durante gli esercizi, 14 aerei serbi , che rappresentavano un nemico simulato, sono stati tutti  abbattuti in meno di tre minuti dal complesso S-400, che aveva usato 26 missili per raggiungere l’obiettivo. Il giornale ha inoltre ricordato che un gruppo di ufficiali serbi ha già completato l'addestramento in Russia per il funzionamento degli S-400.

Esercitazioni di difesa aerea

Le esercitazioni di difesa aerea russo-serba "Slavic Shield - 2019" si sono svolti per la prima volta e sono  consistite in due fasi. La prima tappa si è svolta a settembre di quest'anno nella regione di Astrakhan in Russia, nella base del Centro di addestramento al combattimento e dell'uso del combattimento delle forze aerospaziali russe. Nella seconda fase, nel territorio della Serbia e per la prima volta manovre congiunte al di fuori dei confini russi, hanno visto la presenza di sistemi missilistici antiaerei S-400. L'addestramento ha coinvolto i missili antiaerei e i sistemi di armamento Pantsir-S delle forze aerospaziali russe, nonché i sistemi di missili antiaerei Neva-M1T e Cub-M dell'Aeronautica e della difesa aerea della Serbia.

Nel corso degli esercizi Slavic Shield-2019, sono stati sperimentati i problemi di interazione tra le unità di difesa aerea delle forze aerospaziali della Federazione Russa e dell'aeronautica e la difesa aerea della Repubblica di Serbia.

Secondo il Ministero della Difesa della Serbia, in futuro si terranno regolarmente esercitazioni di difesa aerea.

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Serbia in the Great War 1914 – 1918 - Lj. Dimic/M. Radojevic



This publication is a special edition of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equal Rights. The book is available in four languages, Serbian, Russian, English, German. The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals is a non-governmental organization, the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia, Živadin Jovanović, presides. This group, which consists mainly of intellectuals, dedicates its main activity to the publication of publications with a focus on the Balkans and its history, maintains a homepage with current topics such. An award ceremony to Peter Handke, for example, regularly organizes conferences that are very well attended and supported by the participants' commitment. So z. For example, when all the events surrounding the 1999 war were documented, sharp statements against the war were published. B. also from the US side of Michel Chossudovsky.

The fact that the question of "war guilt", in this case the First World War, is again served with open audacity, has contributed to the topicality of this book. Especially loud is the drum of war guilt operated in Germany. It has also recently been reflected in an unspeakably manipulated European Parliament opinion aimed at Russia. But not only Russia, but also England are the focus. The ethnic wing of the AfD around Höcke operates the warm-up, probably for domestic political reasons and to collect voters.

Urgently enough, most urgently, that is, the votes of the Serbian historians from Belgrade. Mira Radojević and Ljubodrag Dimić devoted themselves with dedication to the presentation of the war background of the Great War of 1914-1918 against the Serbs. They hope that they will flow into the public, including those of the EU. However, Mira Radojević and Ljubodrag Dimić are aware that these voices are all too easily overwhelmed by the centers of political power that want to change the historiographical image of the First World War. The authors assume that recent history has been under attack for some time by a revisionist historiography. The revisionist "attack" denies facts and its attack on the scientific methodology makes the collective memory meaningless. How right they are ...
A look back: In 1999, when the hyenas had attacked Peter Handke with their tattered teeth, there were very few upright publicists in Germany. It was the time of mental-psychological preparation for the war. The 1999 war against Yugoslavia was short. After that the hyenas "calmed down", the prey was made, the stomach filled, the carcass lay in the burning sun, which lay mercilessly over Yugoslavia.
It was later too easily forgotten that even with this war the entire Balkans and its now fragmented territories became a defenseless victim of great power politics, which could now materially and institutionally dominate and order, as was fitting. And that's how it is today. On the agenda is the subjugation to allow self-determination is not up for debate. Who should "bind Serbia" to itself, Germany or France? If Austria does not want to play the role of a "primus inter pares" for the Balk Historical parallels are on the rise. The authors went deep into the history of the First World War, as revealed by numerous sources. Anyone who wants to subject his deeply rooted prejudices about the "Serbs" to revision will read the book. Anyone who does not consider this and wants to spit on the "Serbian nationalists" in the future - unfortunately will go down in history as ignorant. But there are many.

The presentation of the events begins with Serbia around the turn of the century - from the Berlin Congress to the assassination of Sarajevo. The Berlin Congress was the first open blow that directed German imperialism in its march to world power against the Balkan peoples, such. B. đorđe Stanković. (P. 11f.) But even the Habsburg monarchy was considered the "most dangerous enemy of the Serbian people and enemy of all Slavs". (15) In general, according to the authors, the presence of major powers not belonging to the Balkans resulted in a deepening of the conflicts, which were therefore more tragic. The love of depiction in detail proves to be beneficial, as the reader first gains an impression of which internal and external tears the Serbian people had to deal with. The strong intention of the Serbs was to establish a Serbian state, to unite the people of the Serbs. In order to prepare the Serbian people, as a state, for the twentieth century, the establishment of schools was seen as a suitable measure. A university was founded in 1867 in Belgrade, they wanted to educate an intellectual elite. The then Serbia was neither willing nor able to lead a war in 1914. However, the army's weakness and inadequate equipment provided an incentive for the enemies of Serbia. And so disaster took its course.
"The combination of the aristocratic-agrarian and industrial-bourgeois elites with the military and their efforts to preserve their position in German society struck also settled on the foreign policy level in the formulation of offensive goals and an orientation towards militarism. The Alliance "Manor" and "Blast Furnace" ... was the hard reactionary core that should play a key role in the events that led to the First World War ... ". (46f.) One could not better describe German militarism at the time when Fritz Fischer did it in 1979.
 The Austrian nobility was also alarmed. He saw the "Slavic tidal wave" rise, they feared the "end of the Germans in Austria," said the German ambassador on the eve of the war. (53)
It would not do it justice, they tried to summarize the detailed and fact-rich presentation, the density of information in this book again. It becomes clear that the destruction of Serbia was of "vital interest" to the Habsburg monarchy. The fear of a convergence of the Serbian subregions was huge. A unified state, one nation was the genuine and unconcealed interest of the Serbs. They wanted to form a nation, with everything that belonged to it during that historical era.
About the assassination of Sarajevo, which represented the beginning of the Great War, there are probably countless variants. The core, however, is that the charges were directed against "... the Serbs ...". "The Serbs" it should have been until today. Until 1999, politics was against them and will probably continue to do so - secret service, military, economic, geostrategic.

To date, the Serbian government has no evidence of the assassination or its preparation. (84f.) The lies that Scharping, Fischer, Schroeder, and the Kohl government presented in the preliminary phase of the 1999 war come to mind. To the extent that the realities of the dismemberment of Yugoslavia are worked up and the masterminds named, in this measure can be a bit Show righteousness through the knick-hole. However, we do not have to wait for the current German government to acknowledge the breach of international law from 1999 - it will not do so, because as the "peace force" it wants to get a seat on the UN Security Council, and as the "peace power" new economic dependencies to participate in negotiations under a false sign, and in reality to earn more lush fillets / resources. China is in the door ...

A complicated interaction, also on diplomatic level carried out - there were also voices against the war - could not stop the declaration of war against Serbia by Emperor Franz Joseph. Serbia must die, behind this propaganda wave was the clear support of Berlin that Serbia must be eliminated as soon as possible as a political fact of the Balkans. (119) Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg declared in the Reichstag on 4.8.1914 that the war was not wanted. The German government had drawn up a white paper in August 1914, in which the documents were collected to prove the innocence of the Germans at the outbreak of the war. As early as the mid-20s, this work was regarded by some of the critical German public as the most hypocritical book on the outbreak of war. (121)
The never-ending massacre of hundreds of thousands of young men, starving and mutilated civilians was followed by the years following the entry into the war in 1914. A war such as the world had never seen before had begun. Germany was looking for a way to move east across the Balkans and Turkey. The Serbian people were slaughtered. Executions by the Austro-Hungarian army were the order of the day. Grace was harmful to such a population and severely punished. This ferocious cruelty called for a group of criminologists, including the Swiss physician and forensic scientist Archibald Reiss. In a report he collects the facts. The death style chosen by the executioners is very diverse
had been mutilated before or after her death; they were often stabbed, burned alive, stoned, their fingers or toes cut off, their breasts cut off, and babies thrown to the pigs for food. The report of Prof. Reiss caused horror in the civilized world. Henry Barbusse tried to express solidarity with the innocent victims by pointing out a series of individual crimes. The population, according to Barbusse, was driven mad by terror and fear. Even John Reed, who had come to Serbia several months later, came across the evidence and traces of these crimes. He confirmed the truthfulness of the findings of the Swiss doctors around Prof. Reiss: All of them were old men, women and children, against whom the Habsburg punitive expedition was organized. (149)
Serbia's state program in 1914 was to achieve a general consolidation of political and economic conditions. It would have taken decades of peace after the exhausting Balkan wars. A strong southwest Slavic state should emerge and Serbs, Croats and Slovenes should participate. Montenegro was also considered by Nikola Pašić as belonging to Serbia. But the war continued, and the book shows which fronts existed. For military historians interesting and novel insights into the war events of the First World War arise.
The war ended in 1918. The Serbs, Croats and Slovenes achieved the goals of the Kingdom of Serbia. The creation of the common state filled people with a pride that inevitably became mourning for human and material sacrifices. Serbia had lost 370,000 soldiers between 1914 and 1918. There were 114,000 war invalids recorded, another 630,000 people had died of hunger and disease and in the prison camps. More than half a million children were now orphans.
Photographs of the execution of Serbs by the Habsburgs ...
A soldier at the grave of his fallen son

The Balkans was and is due to its geographical location predestined to be victims of the great power interests. The breakthrough to the east earlier, a wall against Russia and China today. The Mediterranean must also be controlled, whether picturesque port cities hide NATO warships? New port extensions of NATO are planned. Camp Bondsteel had to be built as a strategic center. You do not have to know the intentions of the EU and the US in detail to guess that evil is again in action. In the name of a perverted morality, the next war should not be conducted. You will try it anyway. The book is an outstanding contribution against the historically, politically motivated revisionism, excellently written, with sources that leave nothing to be desired. Our respect!
 Barbara Hug


La Peste Suina Africana è arrivata in Serbia


Elevato il rischio di contagio per il Friuli Venezia Giulia e la Slovenia

L'articolo La Peste Suina Africana è arrivata in Serbia è un contenuto originale di Rivista di Suinicoltura.



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Gestionarea deșeurilor solide în atenția Rețelei Asociațiilor APL din sud-estul Europei NALAS! // Comunicate

În perioada 19-21 noiembrie 2019, la Belgrad, Serbia a avut loc întrevederea între membrii grupului de lucru al Rețelei Asociațiilor de Autorități Locale din sud-estul Europei (NALAS) în cadrul căreia a fost abordat subiectul privind Gestionarea Deșeurilor Solide.

Turkey-Serbia security deal may lead to extradition of Gülenists - report


Turkey-Serbia security deal may lead to extradition of Gülenists - report


Rights activists are concerned over a pending agreement between Turkey and Serbia which might make it easier for Belgrade to deport members of the Gülen movement, a religious group Ankara accuses of orchestrating a coup attempt in 2016, Balkan Insight reported on Thursday. 

The agreement, which was reached on Oct. 7 during a meeting of Serbian and Turkish interior ministers in Belgrade, obliges the two countries to “prevent the activities of member and supporters of terrorist organisations which, on the report of any of the sides [countries], are presenting a threat to national security”. 

The Serbian parliament has yet to ratify the agreement, according to which Serbia and Turkey will also work closely and exchange data on the fight against human trafficking, organised crime, and drug smuggling, Balkan Insight said. 

“Right activists are worried that it may encourage Serbia to deport without trial so-called Gülenists – supporters of the exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen – to Turkey,” Balkan Insight said. Gülen has been living in self-exile in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania since 1999.

Following the failed putsch, the Turkish government launched a crackdown against Gülen devotees both in Turkey and abroad. Thousands of civil servants, legal professionals, teachers and academics have been purged or arrested over links to the group. Gülen denies any involvement in the coup attempt, in which more than 250 people were killed.

“The Serbian authorities must be aware that the implementation and effects of these agreements [may undermine] the human rights of Turkish political activists caught in the hands of the Serbian authorities,” said Nikola Kovacevic, a teaching associate at the Law Faculty of Union University in Belgrade and an expert on refugee and migrant rights.

Kovacevic was part of the team of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights representing the Kurdish activist Cevdet Ayaz before the UN Committee for Torture, according to Balkan Insight. Ayaz, who was extradited from Serbia to Turkey in 2017, is currently serving a 15-year sentence in Silivri prison in Istanbul.


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