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Fruit of ‘US-backed colonization’: Israel to DOUBLE Jewish population in West Bank’s Hebron

Preview Two weeks after the US announced that it did not consider illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories to be in breach of international law, Israel announced a plan to double the Jewish population of Hebron.
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Israel deports Human Rights Watch director over his support of BDS

Human Rights Watch has condemned the decision by Israel to deport Omar Shakir, HRW’s director for Israel and Palestinian territories. Israel revoked his visa over activism on behalf of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Shakir, a US citizen, was placed on a flight out of Ben Gurion International Airport on Monday, after the Israeli Supreme […]


Human Rights and the Palestinian Territories

Elizabeth Anderson discusses a new briefing note published by the Parliament Street think tank on Human Rights and the Palestinian Territories.

Anarchists Against the Wall-Fall 2010 Fund Raising Tour call for support.


This coming fall, members of Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) will be touring the US and possibly – thanks to your help – arriving at your closest university hall, info-shop, bookstore or festival. AATW is a direct action group that was established in 2003 to resist the construction of the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. The group works in cooperation with Palestinians in a joint popular struggle against the occupation. Since its formation, the group has participated in thousands of demonstrations and direct actions against the wall specifically, and the occupation generally, all over the West Bank.

This speaking and fund raising tour is meant to inform communities, activists, students and the wider public about the current situation in Israel/Palestine and raise funds to cover AATW's legal expenses which grow thanks to relentless state repression.


We are looking for activists in the XXXXXX (TB defined) area, to help organize, publicize and host the tours' events. The main purpose of the tour is to raise legal defense money but we are open to creative suggestions regarding the content and format of events. They could be huge hall lectures, house parties or workshops in activists centers/festivals.

We have a poster design which can be used to promote the event as well as a lot of video materials of various lengths and types which can be used in the fund raising event or a preceding event.

In addition we will have T Shirts and Zines in English and Spanish that could be sold to raise money,If you're willing to give a hand in this collective effort please contact:
We're looking forward to hearing from you!


In April 2003, three years into the Second Intifada, a small group of Israeli activists, already doing various political work in the Occupied Territories formed Anarchists Against the Wall. The group was established to organize and more efficiently support Palestinian civilian resistance to large scale confiscation of lands and denial of the freedom of movement, caused by the construction of Israel's wall in the West Bank specifically as well as the occupation in general.

Since 2004 AATW activists joined thousands of demonstrations in dozens of villages throughout the West Bank. Starting in Jayyous, which was the first village to rise up against the construction of the wall in September 2002 AATW continued on to many other villages. Those included Budrus, Biddu, Beit Liqqiya, and Bil'in, which became a symbol of the popular resistance to the wall for its relentless, already five year old and still ongoing, weekly demonstrations. Lately AATW has joined the struggle in Ni'ilin, Maasara, Nabi Saleh, and also Sheik Jarah in east Jerusalem.

Standing side by side with Palestinians, the group has also suffered from a sample of what Israeli repression in the occupied Palestinian territories looks like. Clearly, Palestinians are the ones that suffer most from repression, including 19 killed at demonstrations against the wall. but members of the AATW have also suffered several severe injuries and over a hundred indictments were filed against them. Dozens of others suffer slighter wounds such as brain hemorrhages, fractured limbs etc. Despite the physical danger and mental stress involved, AATW activists continue to put themselves on the line in support of the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

AATW cooperates with local popular committees established in villages resisting the wall. These are autonomous non-partisan committees that initiate and coordinate the demonstrations. In addition, the group works with Israeli and international organizations, Such as the International Solidarity Movement, the Coalition of Women for Peace, Gush Shalom and others. While financially AATW is amongst the poorest in the Israeli left, it does the majority of the mobilizing of Israelis to demonstrations in the Occupied Territories.

AATW is structured as a non-hierarchical group, composed of several dozens of dedicated activists and a larger support circle of a few hundreds. AATW does not receive funding from any state or government. For this reason, expenses such as transportation, phone bills, first aid etc. are mainly covered by the activists themselves.

For more information about the ongoing activities of AATW please see their website
or contact

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