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WORLD ANIMAL DAY QUOTES AND SLOGANS World Animal Day is celebrated on 4th October every year. This day was first celebrated in 24 March 1925 at The Sport Palace in Berlin, Germany and was supported by 5000+ attendants. In 1929 , World Animal Day was moved to 4 October, which is the feast day of… Read More »

Rejection rejected: Over 28,000 asylum seekers in Germany applied AGAIN after leaving or being deported

Preview Thousands of foreigners who sought asylum in Germany before leaving the country subsequently returned to apply again, government data shows. Hundreds tried five times of more.
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German special forces discover HOAX BOMB after hostage standoff with ax-wielding man & his dog at slots hall (VIDEO)

Preview Special operations unit has tackled an ax-wielding man with a hoax bomb who triggered panic and a hostage situation at a slot machine hall in Lower Saxony. So far, authorities see no signs of "political or religious motivation."
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EURO 2020: France, Germany and Portugal drawn together in 'group of death'

Preview World Cup winners France have been placed in a ‘group of death’ for next year’s European Championships after they were drawn with Portugal and Germany.
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Schoolyard humor or ‘Nazi’ sexism? PC police come for German YouTuber

Preview A German YouTuber and critic of Angela Merkel has been deemed a sexist Nazi and accused of trivializing violence against women, all over a game of ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ with his pals.
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Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants. Now it has a problem with deadly waste


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Man Dies After Being Licked By His Dog And Contracting Rare Infection

A 63-year-old man has died after contracting a rare infection when he was licked by his dog, doctors in Germany said.

Compounds commonly used in equine medicine inhibits the voltage-gated potassium channel K v 11.1


Compounds commonly used in equine medicine inhibits the voltage-gated potassium channel K v 11.1

Calloe, K., Rognant, S., Friis, S., Shaughnessy, C., Klaerke, D. A. & Trachsel, D., 2019, In : Research in Veterinary Science. 123, p. 239-246 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

Background: The voltage-gated K + -channel K v 11.1 has a central role in cardiac repolarization. Blockage of K v 11.1 has been linked to severe cardiovascular side effects, such as acquired long QT syndrome (aLQTS), torsade de pointes arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death (SCD). K v 11.1 is susceptible to unspecific drug interactions due to the presence of two aromatic amino acids residing in the inner vestibule of the pore. These aromatic residues are also present in the equine orthologue of K v 11.1. This suggests that equine K v 11.1 may also be prone to high-affinity block by a range of different chemical entities, which potentially could cause severe cardiac side effects and SCD in horses. Aim: To screen a series of commonly used drugs in equine medicine for interaction with K v 11.1. Methods: High-throughput screening of selected compounds on human K v 11.1 expressed in a mammalian cell line was performed using an automated patch clamp system, the SyncroPatch 384PE (Nanion Technologies, Munich, Germany). Results were validated on equine K v 11.1 expressed in CHO-K1 cells by manual patch clamp. Results: Acepromazine maleat (IC 50 = 0.5 μM) trimethoprim (IC 50 = 100 μM), diphenhydramine hydrochloride (IC 50 = 2 μM) and cyproheptadine hydrochloride (IC 50 = 1.84 μM) inhibited equine K v 11.1 current at clinically relevant drug concentrations. Conclusion: The results suggest that drug interaction with K v 11.1 can occur in horses and that some drugs potentially may induce repolarization disorders in horses.

Original languageEnglish
JournalResearch in Veterinary Science
Pages (from-to)239-246
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2019


‘Platonism in Germany’


‘Platonism in Germany’

Catana, L., 2019, (Accepted/In press) Brill's Companion to Medieval and Early Modern Platonism. Giglioni, G. (ed.). Leiden: Brill, 45 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapterResearchpeer-review

Original languageDanish
Title of host publicationBrill's Companion to Medieval and Early Modern Platonism
EditorsGuido Giglioni
Number of pages45
Place of PublicationLeiden
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2019


Leftwingers win Germany’s SPD, casting doubt over Merkel coalition

Sharp critics of the coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives won a vote for the leadership of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) on Saturday, raising big questions over the future of the government.

Football: Euro 2020 draw puts Portugal, France and Germany in same group

Reigning European champions Portugal will come up against recent World Cup winners France and Germany in the standout group at Euro 2020 following Saturday’s draw for the tournament in Bucharest, Romania, as England came out alongside Croatia.

Germany denies visas for Kurdish band previously banned in Turkey | Ahval

German officials have denied visas for members of a Kurdish musical group scheduled to perform at a…

European Economics Preview: France Consumer Confidence Data Due

Consumer confidence from France is due on Wednesday, headlining a light day for the European economic news. At 1.00 am ET, consumer and manufacturing confidence survey results are due from Finland. At 2.00 am ET, Germany's Destatis is scheduled to issue import prices for October. Import prices are forecast to fall 3.5 percent on year, following a 2.5 percent decrease in September.

European Economics Preview: German Consumer Confidence Data Due

Consumer confidence survey data from Germany is due on Tuesday, headlining a light day for the European economic news. At 1.00 am ET, Statistics Finland releases October unemployment data. The jobless rate had declined to 5.9 percent in September from 6.1 percent in August.

European Economics Preview: Eurozone Economic Confidence Data Due

Economic confidence from euro area and consumer prices from Germany are due on Thursday, headlining a busy day for the European economic news. At 1.45 am ET, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs is scheduled to issue Swiss GDP data. The economy is forecast to grow 0.2 percent sequentially in the third quarter, following a 0.3 percent rise in the previous quarter.

European Economics Preview: Germany Unemployment Data Due

Unemployment from Germany and euro area are due on Friday, headlining a busy day for the European economic news. At 2.00 am ET, Destatis is scheduled to issue Germany retail sales and unemployment data for October. Economists forecast sales to grow 0.2 percent on month, following a 0.1 percent rise in September.

How Novoplast became one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany

Kathrain Graubaum explains why the company were named one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany for the second time since 2016.

What Happened in the Halle Synagogue Attack?, by Esther Dischereit

Current Events
Esther Dischereit
Numerous uniformly cube shaped objects serving as memorials in a field bathed in the colors of sunset
Photo by mini_malist / Flickr

After every right-wing act of violence we hear once more that it was a “lone wolf” attack. Esther Dischereit argues that this is an implausible cover-up of attitudes sympathetic to Nazism.

On October 9, 2019, an assassin in Halle, Germany, shot two people and killed them, and he also shot several others, wounding them. He wanted to kill those who had come together in the synagogue on Yom Kippur, the highest Jewish Holy Day, and he put an incendiary device in the Jewish cemetery nearby. He didn’t succeed. When he realized he had failed to kill Jews, he killed Kevin S., who was in a snack bar for döner, a Turkish fast food. For the perpetrator, Kevin S. was, as it were, someone who associated with Turks, migrants, presumably also Muslims. He was shot for and instead of someone else. Jana L., a non-Jewish resident of Halle whom the perpetrator shot when he meant to kill the people inside the synagogue, also certainly died instead of Jewish people.

Katrina Turner, a representative of the African-American community in Charlottesville, broke out in tears when in 2017—after the Ku Klux Klan invaded her city—she recounted her memories of Heather Heyer, a counterdemonstrator who was killed, and of the many more were injured. Turner repeated this sentence twice: “. . . that a white woman died for us.” As the Ku Klux Klan supporters marched into town, they chanted this slogan: “The Jew will not replace us.” In this context, the figure of the “Jew” signifies that white domination of the world is under threat. In this sense, being Jewish is elevated to being simply “the other” and becomes a shorthand for all efforts and aspirations that could disturb the image of a healthy, pure “Aryan” people.

In such milieus the “Jew” also represents left-wing political positions and queer, feminist, and diverse worldviews, including ways of being human that supposedly bring decay, including taking in refugees and wanting to live as peaceful neighbors to Muslims. Each of these concepts is well known. Historically, this has not stopped these people from seeing Jews as a “red danger” while at the same time denouncing them as “capitalist bloodsuckers.”


“Happy about Every Synagogue”

The attack in Halle is different from what happened in Pittsburgh, Christchurch, and France not because of the ideological fanaticism, not because of the cold-bloodedness, but because the attack took place in a country where the “Final Solution” happened under Nazi rule. The image of people trapped in a synagogue is superimposed upon the image of people driven into a synagogue. The exits were blocked, and German Einsatzkommandos set the synagogue on fire. After millions of Jewish people had been killed or driven out, every political establishment after 1945 at first had to tolerate the few who remained and later on court them from time to time. After the October attack, Germany’s federal chancellor, Angela Merkel, declared that “we are happy about every synagogue, every Jewish community, and all Jewish life in our country.”

Up to now the Islamic community, with its roughly 4.5 million members in Germany, has not experienced such a public validation. Such attentiveness to mosques that have been set on fire or headscarves that have been spat on is still waiting to appear on the political stage. A few days ago at the event celebrating the ten-year existence of the only existing Jewish scholarship, the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Scholarship Fund (ELES), it was Hakan Tosuner, director of Avicenna, the Islamic Scholarship Foundation established five years ago, who said: “Precisely in light of yesterday’s tragic incident, Jewish-Muslim solidarity is more important than ever. . . . Whether synagogues or mosques are attacked, we must be united in solidarity.”

Perhaps it is inappropriate to express these thoughts publicly at this time. But it remains a fact that this threat has not just become evident now for the first time and that other citizens are also affected. The Roma and the Sinti peoples are continually exposed to an endless stream of threats that has made it necessary for this minority, too, to erect a special protective wall at the entrance to their center in Baden-Württemberg. Four days after Halle, Daniel Strauß, chairman of their association, received this threat of an attack on his cell phone: “After Halle, your cultural center is up next.” In Germany, Austria, and the Balkans, this minority was also a victim of Nazi racial fanaticism.

“Try to speak: I am glad you exist, that you exist here, among us.” It may strike one that perhaps this sentence sounds untruthful. It hardly seems right, and I must confess that I personally don’t demand such a statement. Absolutely no one has to be happy or not happy that I exist. I am here, all the same, whether someone else is happy about that or not. Is it the responsibility of government representatives to welcome me as a ward? Is this attitude legitimate simply because someone is a member of the majority?


“A Foreign Race”

It is basically a question of reversing an attitude of being unhappy about someone and wanting to send her or him “back home.” Donald Trump exemplifies this when he denies that the Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are “real Americans.” The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) politician Alexander Gauland recommended that the former German minister for integration Aydan Özoğuz should be “disposed of like waste material.” With reference to the same person, a party member said that she should care about “over there, where she belonged.” The opponent is said to be base, branded as “another race,” stigmatized as “the other” and foreign.

This use of the language by the legal political arm of the right-wing terrorist milieu continues in the struggle over public space, the struggle for the political opinion of others. Antifascist projects and initiatives on the left, booksellers, and others are overrun with incendiary devices and death threats. But it was only in June 2019 after the Christian Democratic Union district president of the city of Kassel, Walter Lübke, was murdered by the neo-Nazi Stephan Ernst that an outcry broke out in the political establishment.

Lübke fulfilled his obligation to take care of people who entered the country seeking protection as they fled dictatorship and civil war. He clearly injured the feelings of the right-wing extremists when he said that whoever did not agree with such values was at liberty to leave Germany. This murder followed a series of murders by the National Socialist Underground (NSU). Preceding this one, nine people, all of them migrants, were killed as well as a female German police officer, and a bomb attack injured more than twenty people in Cologne. The existence of the NSU was discovered in 2011. In the trial in Munich, which ended in 2018, Beate Zschäpe was sentenced to life in prison. In the eyes of those who were family members of the victims, the sentence exonerated the other accomplices who were accused. It was evident that the court had wanted to limit the group of culprits to a core of three and to the most immediate environment. Additional investigations were not done (e.g., in connection with a list of the right-wing extremists’ targets that was discovered). Two hundred and thirty-three goals referring to Jewish life were identified on this list. A greater number of targets referred to migrant communities, and others specified politicians and parties.


Ideological Incendiary Devices

Crimes motivated by anti-Semitism have taken place since 1980, with the murder of the rabbi and publisher Shlomo Lewin and his partner, Frida Poeschke, since the arson attack on the synagogue in Erfurt, those injured in Düsseldorf-Wehrhahn and in other places: 1980, 1992, 2000, 2003. . . . Nevertheless, after every right-wing terrorist act of violence we hear, repeated like a mantra, that this was an attack by a single individual. At first the danger from these networks assembled by neo-Nazis ready to do violence was perceived little by little. In August, the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation counted those who posed a threat to public safety at forty-one, although the number of right-wing extremists ready to engage in violence has been identified as over twelve thousand. Their sympathizers are said to be as many as twice that. More than five hundred arrest warrants for neo-Nazis have not been served. Where were they sought?

After every right-wing terrorist act of violence we hear, repeated like a mantra, that this was an attack by a single individual.

It is about time that independent commissions investigate the security forces that not only refrain from proceeding against right-wing extremism but may themselves be involved. Many incidents involving police in Hesse, Thuringia, and in the army suggest this possibility.

The criminals of the National Socialist regime were largely left unpunished. This culture of immunity from punishment has continued and spread with regard to right-wing extremism in our democratic system. This is the real problem. The antifascist initiatives and archives have an extensive amount of research material at their disposal. It is thanks to them that not everything can be swept under the rug.

This culture of immunity from punishment has continued and spread with regard to right-wing extremism in our democratic system.

As the political arm of the culprits, the AfD denies that it had anything to do with these crimes. But they are the ones who for a long time have been planting ideological fire accelerants. Remarks against Jews are heard again and again from members of the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria); denial that an ideological system is at work here follows close on the heels of such statements. These are implausible cover-ups of an attitude sympathetic to Nazism.

Initiatives like “Indivisible” or “We are the many” make clear that they oppose the ethnically tinged “You are the stranger” with a “we.” In August of this year thirty-five thousand people demonstrated in Dresden in favor of this stance; thousands are once more in the streets. Citizens can demand that the right-wing extremists who commit arson, their spiritual mentors, and networks be investigated. Flirtation with such a body of thought is not only tasteless but, given the brutality of the milieu, it is the beginning of the end.

Translation from the German


Scientists find new violations that pass through the prefrontal and parietal cortex

Scientists find new violations that pass through the prefrontal and parietal cortex

A team of scientists from Germany have found that the violation of sensitivity to sensory stimuli occurs not only in damage to the somatosensory cortex but also in the dysfunction of parts of the prefrontal and posterior parietal cortex. To do this, they studied the brain injuries of stroke survivors who had lost their sensitivity. […]

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The DeanBeat: How Germany does gaming events right with Game


PGA Awards 2019: Wahl der besten Professionals


 Am Saisonende sind die Mitglieder der PGA of Germany traditionell aufgerufen, die „PGA Golfprofessionals des Jahres“ zu wählen. Die PGA Awards 2019 werden in den Kategorien „Player of the Year“ getrennt für Damen und Herren vergeben, außerdem wird ein „PGA Teacher of the Year“ ausgezeichnet.


SecAF, CSAF end overseas tour with visit to Ramstein

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force escorted the 25th Secretary of the Air Force on an overseas tour of military installations, where she immersed herself with the scope of missions supporting real-world contingency, humanitarian and NATO alliance operations.
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Sean Scott, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing, radar air and weather systems NCO, explains the equipment and procedures of the deployable air traffic control and landing systems to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein and Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett during briefing on Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Nov. 22. 2019.


Lt. Gen. Basham visits Blue Flag 2019

U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Steven Basham, U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa Deputy Commander,
U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Steven Basham, U.S. Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa Deputy Commander, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, left, speaks with members of the 52nd Fighter Wing during Blue Flag 2019 at Uvda Air Base, Israel, November 12, 2019. Approximately 250 service members from the 52nd FW deployed to Israel to participate in the training exercise. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope)


Blue Flag 2019 builds strategic partnerships, provides tactical training

Twelve F-16C Fighting Falcons and approximately 250 Airmen from the 52nd Fighter Wing, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, deployed to build strategic partnerships and complete aerial tactical training exercises through participation in exercise Blue Flag 2019 in Uvda Air Base, Israel starting on November 3, 2019.
U.S. Air Force Capt. Ariel Brown, 480th Fighter Squadron F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, left, Capt. Andrew Burns, middle, and Capt. Robert Kouwe, right, pose for a photograph during exercise Blue Flag 2019 at Uvda Air Base, Israel, November 11, 2019. Blue Flag is an opportunity to train like we fight so that we are ready to work together if called upon to do so in the future.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope)


Pilots of Blue Flag 2019: Multinational knights of the air

U.S. Air Force Capt. Kaleb Jenkins, 480th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot
U.S. Air Force Capt. Kaleb Jenkins, 480th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot and 52nd Fighter Wing Blue Flag project officer, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, poses for a photograph in front of an F-16C Fighting Falcon during Blue Flag 2019 at Uvda Air Base, Israel, November 7, 2019. Approximately 250 Airmen from Spangdahlem AB participated in Blue Flag alongside service members from other allied nations to build partnership capacity, strengthen capability and increase interoperability. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Kyle Cope)


Gen. Jeff Harrigian visits Patriot Missile Battery

Gen. Jeff Harrigian, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa commander, discusses the
Gen. Jeff Harrigian, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa commander, discusses the Patriot Missile System with Soldiers from the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Baumholder, Germany, at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Nov. 6, 2019. Soldiers from the 5-7 ADA are completing their Table VIII certification and demonstrating their ability to deploy this defensive capability anytime, anywhere. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt Stephen Ocenosak)


Si Voce Pensa/Birimbao



a propos: 
Matasuna Records is thrilled to reissue another musical jewel from Peru on vinyl for the first time. The songs were recorded by the band Bossa 70 and released on a 7inch EP and the self-titled album in 1970. Both are much sought-after collector's items and impossible to find. The songs were transferred from the original master tapes and got a new mastering.Nilo Espinoza Vascones or better known under his artist name Nilo Espinosa is without doubt a Peruvian saxophone and flute legend. After a classical musical education he entered the music scene in the early 1960s. In 1966 he founded the band Los Hilton's with some of the best Peruvian musicians including the gifted piano player Otto de Rojas. In 1967 they recorded the first and only LP of the group, which was released in a small edition in Peru.Their concerts were more and more influenced by Jazz and Bossa Nova, so in 1968 they changed the band's name to Bossa 70. In the record label's office Nilo met the Afro-Peruvian Carmen Rosa Basurco, who also loved Bossa Nova and could sing in Portuguese and English. From then on she was the main singer of the band.Bossa 70 recorded four songs for a 7-inch EP in an edition of only 100 copies, which was given away for promotional purposes at concerts and to friends & family. In 1970 they recorded their self-titled LP which reflected a mixture of Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz and Funk. The label pressed only 300 copies, which were sold out very quickly. This LP was the band's only album and is a rare piece of Peruvian music history.Si Voce Pensa on the A-side is a great cover version of the same named song by famous Brazilian musician Roberto Carlos from 1968. Bossa 70 adapted the song for the dancefloor, which is driven by an uplifting rhythm and the expressive voice of the singer. Of course, the great interplay of the other musicians must not go unmentioned. A fantastic track that will heat up everywhere!Birimbao on the flipside is another fantastic Brazilian cover version. The song was written in the 1960s by Baden Powell, one of the most important Brazilian guitarists and one of the pioneers of Bossa Nova. Bossa 70 set their own stamp with a new instrumentation with brass, wah wah guitars, piano, flute parts and trumpet solos. The percussion section is also a brilliant backup for this one. Another winner!




référence du label: 
MSR 014


état disque:

état pochette:

Prix panier: 

Side 1
1. Si Voce Pensa
Side 2
1. Birimbao






a propos: 
Koralle is the new moniker of Lorenzo Nada, a musician, beatmaker and producer from Bologna, Italy. Nada is best known for his project Godblesscomputers, which kicked off a couple of years ago while he was living in Berlin. After releasing four albums / EPs and touring Europe with a four piece band Nada is heading into a new direction as Koralle. Firmly rooted in hip-hop Koralle is taking his jazz crates and field recordings to the studio. Equipped with an array of synths, rhodes and bass he creates deeply textures tracks that touch mind, body and soul. Early 2019 Koralle signed with Melting Pot Music where he released his first first project “Collecting Vol.1”. The 6-track EP was an instant success amongst beatlovers worldwide and has accumulated more than 2 million streams to date. “Collecting Vol.2” Koralle is a seamless continuation of Vol.1 only better! “Collecting Vol.2” will be available on all digital platforms. We are also releasing a limited edition LP, simply titled “Collecting” which summarizes both EP's on one record.„Collecting it’s an eyes closed journey throughout memories, a collection of some everyday little stories, still paying a tribute to my hip hop musical background. Every beat is like an object found at the bottom of the sea, every sample emerges from my record collection, turning into something new, like corals of the Ocean.“ as Koralle writes in the linernotes.




référence du label: 


état disque:

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Side 1
1. Lost
2. Smoke
3. Everyday (I Miss U)
4. Friends
5. We Lose
6. Pijama
7. River
8. Gettin' Mine
Side 2
1. In My Room
2. Metro
3. Night Train
4. Birds
5. Escape
6. Weed
7. When We First Met






a propos: 
Louisville’s finest, Beatmaker Dr. Dundiff presents his very first band project called SGJAZZ… After last year’s very successful collaboration “Cool” with Otis Jr. and his standalone project “Muneybeats”, Dr. Dundiff and Jakarta Records team up once more for the beatmaker’s next project called SGJAZZ, a supergroup formed and crafted by Louisville’s finest musicians.Dr. Dundiff (done different) is a Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul producer based out of Louisville, KY. Producing music since 2010, Dundiff has released a lot of music. Most known for his ongoing collaboration with Otis Junior and their their debut EP “1moment2another” on Jakarta Records receiving wide daytime airplay and recognition from French tastemaker Radio NOVA, as well as 1.500.000 Mio. Streams via Spotify.SGJAZZ however is a Neo-Soul/Jazz project: All single members and particpants play together as well as they have their own projects. The group spent off days at Dr. Dundiff’s studio in Louisville, KY, playing around and creating the first foundations of the record. Idris Frederick laid down multiple chord progressions over a course of a few days. Dundiff then chopped and arranged these progressions and played drums over them. From there on everyone else wrote their parts to rest of the music. This process was quite quick and efficient and the album was recorded within a few months already. Dundiff then reached out to up and coming vocalists J.Lamotta and longtime collaborator K.Raydio to each write to a song. Though this album is primarily instrumental, these two features further establish the vibe SGJAZZ effortlessly creates.




référence du label: 


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Prix panier: 

Side 1
1. Make Me Feel (feat J Lamotta)
2. Monday
3. Hide N' Seek
4. The Forest Fire
5. Like Glue
Side 2
1. Summerlude 1
2. On My Mind (feat K Rayd)
3. Wishing Well
4. Summerlude 2
5. Last Sunset



AMD Decimates Intel With 82% Share At Germany’s Largest Retailer,


AMD has been breaking records left, right and center and if you thought this the highest the company can go then I have news for you. The company just achieved a new record for its sales at Germany's largest retailer: Clawing even more market share from Intel, the company clocked in at 82% of […]

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Galaxy Note 10 Receives Third One UI 2.0 Beta Update


Samsung's Android 10 roadmap indicates that the Galaxy Note 10 won't receive the software until next year, despite some users in Germany receiving stable Android 10. Usually, it takes Samsung a week after a beta's conclusion to roll out a stable version. We should see some regions get Android 10 in December, but a large […]

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Weekly Roundup: Italian anti-adulteration body seizes 12,000 supplements, Probi Defendum can boost kids’ immunity


29 Nov 2019 --- In nutrition news this week, Italian regulatory body Nucleo Antisofisticazioni Sanità (NAS) revealed rising inconsistencies in supplement notification procedures after a confiscation of thousands of supplements from an undisclosed express delivery firm. In research, Probi Defendum, a mix of two bacterial strains, helped young Swedish children fight off winter colds, while a high intake of nuts proved beneficial to preventing cognitive function in the elderly. Canopy Growth Corporation launched its Cannabis 2.0 products and a K+S event brought industry players together to discuss climate change challenges and inaugurate a new company innovations park in Hanover, Germany.


Nestlé to use Nutri-Score to “motivate and track” healthy option progress


27 Nov 2019 --- Nestlé will roll out Nutri-Score nutrition labeling on its products in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland, starting in the first half of 2020. The voluntary front-of-pack scheme classifies foods and beverages according to their nutritional profile. Cereal Partners Worldwide, the international breakfast venture between Nestlé and General Mills, will also implement Nutri-Score on its product packaging in the same countries. Nestlé hopes that Nutri-Score will support its goals of having one of the healthiest options in every product category it offers.


Technical Architect

Technical Architect - Telekomunikācijas Technical Architect - Telekomunikācijas Technical Architect - Telekomunikācijas

The Program Architect plays a critical role within Salesforce Services, serving as a strategic advisor and Salesforce product and platform expert to the company’s largest, most complex enterprise customers.


Become a highly certified and recognized Salesforce expert.
Serve as a Trusted Advisor, drive conversations with our customer’s Enterprise Architects and Business Stakeholders armed with best practices for enterprise architecture functions such as Security, Performance, Development Process, and Application Governance.
Advise and mentor diverse teams, which include customer and partner resources in technical and functional delivery aspects at a program level, using influence and adaptive communication strategies in scenarios where Senior Architect does not have direct authority over all resources.
Contribute to a program vision while advising and articulating program/project strategies on enabling technologies including the Salesforce Platform.
Provide guidance on application and integration development best practices, Enterprise Architecture standards, functional and technical solution architecture & design, environment management, testing, and Salesforce Platform education.
Drive the creation of application and technical design documents which leverage Salesforce best practices and effectively integrate Salesforce into the customer’s infrastructure.
Troubleshoot key customer implementation issues and demonstrate ability to drive to successful resolution. Lead the evaluation of business and technical requirements from a senior level.
Review and correcting project/program direction, approach and key artifacts to keep programs on track and solutions extendable and maintainable going forward.
Identification and pro-active management of risk areas and commitment to seeing an issue through to complete resolution.
Manage customer expectations; negotiate solutions to complex problems with both the customer and third-party partners.
Build relationships with business partners, internal and external, and contributing to broader goals and growth beyond the scope of a single customer engagement.
Contribute to the growth of the Services Practice by identifying and leading internal strategic initiatives to grow the consulting practice, leveraging junior teammates to achieve individual as well as team growth; serving as an active contributor to the practice knowledge and resource base; mentor, educate, and enrich technical and non-technical Salesforce customer and partner colleagues.
Experience/Skills Required:

8+ years of enterprise consulting experience, including implementation experience with one or more common enterprise software solutions (e.g. CRM, ERP), filling positions of increasing responsibility and management of more junior technical resources.
5+ years experience as a Senior Architect and/or CTO in a mid to large sized organization with demonstrated leadership driving an organizational transformation in a matrixed organization.
Experience with key areas of enterprise architecture, including integration technologies, single sign on, and master data management.
Experience with Waterfall and/or Agile implementation methodologies.
Ability to work independently and be a self-starter. Proven results leading and overseeing customer and/or partner success stories in the following domains: front- and back-end solution architecture, development and release management strategies, change management, and direct leadership in designing solutions that meet or exceed customer needs.
Proven ability to analyze, design, and optimize business processes via technology and integration.
Guiding customers and colleagues in rationalizing and deploying emerging technologies that drive increased business value.
Polished speaker with the ability to evangelize best practices at various levels within a large organization.
A particular desire to continually study new technologies and functionality, as well as be involved in projects that push the capabilities of existing technologies.
Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Able to effectively develop materials that are appropriate for the audience.
Strong presentation skills. Able to effectively present and defend point of view to a variety of audiences.
Travel to client site (average of 75%), but may be higher or lower based on the client engagement.
Bachelor's degree required in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Business, or in a related field.
Highly beneficial to have any  product certifications prior to joining. It is expected that you will gain the following certifications as part of the role requirement and onboarding process in the first 3 months:

SFDC Certified Administrator
Sales Cloud Consultant
Service Cloud Consultant
SFDC Certified Advanced Administrator
SFDC Marketing Cloud Certification

Leadership Qualities:

PASSION: Passionate about Customer Success
BEGINNERS MIND: Always learning, approaches each interaction with open mind, great listener and hands-on
THOUGHT LEADER: Strong point of view and executive presence. Confident, but not arrogant, great storyteller
LEADERSHIP: Self-aware and strategic thinker; proficient at building strong relationships
COMMUNICATOR: Speaks and writes with clarity, brevity, and purpose; explains area of expertise clearly and confidently to others; influences and engages C-Level with authority and confidence
STORYTELLER: Confidently and effectively facilitates and presents; ably defends point-of-view; keeps audiences engaged and delivers a clear and memorable message
TEAM PLAYER: Proficient at collaboration and working with members of a team
URGENCY: Ability to move fast and drive business value and results
OHANA: Embodies Aloha culture: A team player that everyone enjoys working with and has a generous heart
TRUST: Trust the company’s core values
ADAPTABLE: Excels in high levels of uncertainty and change
COMMUNITY CHAMPION: Leads internal initiatives; actively contributes to the Community’s knowledge and resource base

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IT associate recruiter m/w/d

IT associate recruiter m/w/d - Cilvēkresursi/cilvēku pieņemšana darbā

At Korn Ferry, we grasp every opportunity to surprise others and ourselves by going beyond expectations to deliver a bit extra. We call it exceeding potential. To inspire and excite people, teams, even entire organizations. To bring companies' strategies to life. To unite boardrooms and workforces. To unlock potential, realize ambitions, and change lives. Together, we are smarter. Together we are stronger. Together, we are more than.

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We help clients synchronize strategy and talent to drive superior performance. We work with organizations to design their structures, roles, and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people to bring their strategy to life. And we advise them on how to reward, develop, and motivate their people.
Our 7,500 colleagues serve clients in more than 50 countries. We offer five core solutions.

·         Organizational Strategy

·         Assessment and Succession

·         Talent Acquisition

·         Leadership Development

·         Rewards and Benefits

Visit for more information.

 The Role:

We are looking for an Associate Recruiter to join our global RPO with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of the biggest global brands in the technology space. 

In this role, you will work as part of a global, international recruitment team to manage the end to end recruitment for HPE, in a dynamic and fast paced environment. You will work with your recruitment colleagues to help guide our client through hiring the best talent for their business, while ensuring your candidates also have a market leading recruitment experience. 

In this role you will help to identify talent and map talent pools in the market, to support both ongoing and niche recruitment for multiple EMEA locations. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your skills working for an industry leading client, alongside working with the best tools and expertise in the industry.

You will:

·         Have experience in directly sourcing and engaging both active and passive talent in the market

·         Have experience in supporting the recruitment for professionals, from entry level to mid senior, across multiple EMEA markets

·         Be fluent to a business proficiency level (both written and oral) in English and German

·         Be a problem solver who likes to get results, find new solutions or opportunities for improvement and like to keep learning

·         Have solid communication skills, and the ability to build quality relationships with clients, candidates and your team

·         Ideally have experience working in an RPO environment, and/or experience of working within an international team

 What we can offer you in return

At Korn Ferry we take great pride in attracting exceptional people, so we encourage a culture of ongoing career development and recognise performance and commitment (think competitive salaries, bonus scheme and incentives!) You will have the opportunity to work in an interesting and challenging role, make an impact and build relationships across our growing business and client business. If you want a role working for an industry leader in technology, with work/life balance and a friendly, collaborative team – join us.


Further information is available at  

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    Industrija: Informāciju tehnoloģijas


Sales Recruiter in Berlin m/w/d

Sales Recruiter in Berlin m/w/d - Cilvēkresursi/cilvēku pieņemšana darbā

At Korn Ferry, we grasp every opportunity to surprise others and ourselves by going beyond expectations to deliver a bit extra. We call it exceeding potential. To inspire and excite people, teams, even entire organizations. To bring companies' strategies to life. To unite boardrooms and workforces. To unlock potential, realize ambitions, and change lives. Together, we are smarter. Together we are stronger. Together, we are more than.

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We help clients synchronize strategy and talent to drive superior performance. We work with organizations to design their structures, roles, and responsibilities. We help them hire the right people to bring their strategy to life. And we advise them on how to reward, develop, and motivate their people.
Our 7,500 colleagues serve clients in more than 50 countries. We offer five core solutions.

·         Organizational Strategy

·         Assessment and Succession

·         Talent Acquisition

·         Leadership Development

·         Rewards and Benefits

Visit for more information.

The Role

We are looking for a Recruiter with fluent German to join our new RPO with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of the biggest global brands in the technology space.

In this role, you will work as part of a global, international recruitment team to manage the end to end recruitment for HPE, in a dynamic and fast paced environment. You will work with our client to guide them through hiring the best talent for their business, while ensuring your candidates also have a market leading recruitment experience.

This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your skills working for an industry leading client, alongside working with the best tools and expertise in the industry.

A little bit more about you:

·         Have experience in a full cycle recruitment role, from direct sourcing, screening, assessing/ interviewing, and offering candidates, either in an in-house, agency or RPO environment

·         Ideally have experience recruiting for Sales professionals, from entry to mid-Senior level

·         Be fluent to a business proficiency level (both written and oral) in German and English. Proficiency is an additional European language is highly desirable but not essential

·         Be a problem solver who likes to get results, find new solutions or opportunities for improvement and like to keep learning

·         Have solid communication skills, and the ability to build quality relationships with clients, candidates and your team

·         Ideally have experience working in an RPO environment, and/or experience of working within an international team


What we can offer you in return:

At Korn Ferry we take great pride in attracting exceptional people, so we encourage a culture of ongoing career development and recognise performance and commitment (think competitive salaries, bonus scheme and incentives!) You will have the opportunity to work in an interesting and challenging role, make an impact and build relationships across our growing business and client business. If you want a role working for an industry leader in technology, with work/life balance and a friendly, collaborative team – join us.

Connect with us! Why not also join our talent community so you can be the first to hear about all our opportunities and hey I’m sure you know some great people so spread the word so they can join too. We’d love to hear from you

Further information is available at  

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    Industrija: Informāciju tehnoloģijas


Cyber Security Architect

Cyber Security Architect - Citi Cyber Security Architect - Citi Cyber Security Architect - Citi


Are you a highly talented CYBER SECURITY ARCHITECT? Are you looking for the PERFECT work/life balance? Do you have experience in the Automation Industry? Want a highly rewarding salary package AND work from home?
Then look no further.....

Due to my clients continuous success and growth, they are looking to expand their Cyber Department and hire a highly Talented CYBER SECURITY ARCHITECT, whose duties will include:

- The development of security solutions for existing key clients.
- Implementation of security controls along side some of Germany's Top engineers from leading car manufacturer
- Review penetrations testes and risk analysis
- Ensure the successful development of end-to-end security standards and best practices.
- Research and investigate relevant technological innovations for connected cars.

What YOU must bring to the table:

- University degree in computer sciences, electrical engineering or related technical discipline
- Knowledgeable in the field of programming
- Profound experience in the field of software or hardware system architect design
- Experienced in cyber security with specific focus on secure design
- Exposure in the automotive industry is a plus
- Fluent in German and English
- Willingness to travel within Germany and abroad

What we OFFER you in return:

- Attractive salary, bonus and benefit packages
- flat hierarchies and creative leeway
- Remote home work
- Family like working atmosphere with an international and dynamic team
- Flexible working hours and working under your own initiative
- Very Unique career development opportunities
- Close cooperation with the R&D department of the world's leading car manufacturer

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    EUR 59.700 - EUR 76.700 / Katru gadu


Cyber Security Risk Analyst

Cyber Security Risk Analyst - Citi Cyber Security Risk Analyst - Citi Cyber Security Risk Analyst - Citi


Are you a highly talented CYBER SECURITY RISK ANALYST? Are you looking for the PERFECT work/life balance? Do you have experience in the Automation Industry? Want a highly rewarding salary package AND work from home?
Then look no further.....

Due to my clients continuous success and growth, they are looking to expand their Cyber Department and hire a highly Talented CYBER SECURITY RISK ANALYST, whose duties will include:

- Maintenance of threat catalogues
- Carry out risk assessment of entire systems starting from concept phase as well as specified modules.
- Review penetrations testes and risk analysis
- Ensure the successful development of end-to-end security standards and best practices.
- Research and investigate relevant technological innovations for connected cars.

What YOU must bring to the table:

- University degree in computer sciences, electrical engineering or related technical discipline
- Knowledgeable in the field of programming
- Develop high-profile security requirements and mitigations
- Ensure the development and implementation of security concepts in accordance to the requested risk assessment
- Ensure the implementation of security concepts in the general architecture

Bonus Points if you HAVE:

- Experience in cryptography, identity management, application development/security, pen testing and code analysis.
- Automotive industry/IoT/ Application Providing
- Consulting and solution design

Personal Skills:

- Motivated, Independent, creative and result-driven individual
- Strong verbal and written interpersonal communication skills
- Fluent in German and English
- Willingness to travel within Germany and abroad

What we OFFER you in return:

- Attractive salary, bonus and benefit packages
- flat hierarchies and creative leeway
- Remote home work
- Family like working atmosphere with an international and dynamic team
- Flexible work

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    EUR 59.700 - EUR 76.700 / Katru gadu


Security Owner

Security Owner - Citi Security Owner - Citi Security Owner - Citi


Are you a highly talented SECURITY OWNER? Are you looking for the PERFECT work/life balance? Do you have experience in the Automation Industry? Want a highly rewarding salary package AND work from home?
Then look no further.....

Due to my client¿s continuous success and growth, they are looking to expand their Cyber Department and hire a highly Talented SECURITY OWNER.
Whose duties will include:

- Work alongside customers project management to gain an understanding of the cyber security requirements of the whole development process for security relevant functions and manage cyber security topics of the projects
- Work alongside customer engineers, as well as the cyber security professionals to enable you to gain enough coverage of the cyber security managements in all aspects of the projects
- You will be responsible for the creating of the cyber security project plans, timeline and service management.
- Provide support for the project management decisions based on the results of the cyber security services.
- Managing the review, testing and implementations of the cyber security specifications by enterprise level companies performing the development.
- Ensuring that all relevant functions are reviewed and tested
- Keeping up-to-date record of all cyber security topics in the projects, and present the status to customer management

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    EUR 59.700 - EUR 76.700 / Katru gadu


Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Citi Senior Software Engineer - Citi Senior Software Engineer - Citi


Are you a highly talented SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Are you looking for the PERFECT work/life balance? Do you have experience in the Automation Industry? Want a highly rewarding salary package AND work from home?
Then look no further.....

Due to my clients continuous success and growth, they are looking to expand their Cyber Department and hire a highly Talented SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER, whose duties will include:

- Build a software team in the Germany office, and work alongside remotely with the software group in Israel as the technical function in front of VW.

What YOU must bring to the table:

- University degree in computer sciences, electrical engineering or related technical discipline
- Minimum of 5 years hands-on experience in writing C++ codes
- Experience using Linux development and environment
- Strong leaderships and interpersonal skills
- Must be able to work in a customer-oriented, matrixed and collaborated environment
- Fluent in German and English
- Willingness to travel within Germany and abroad

Bonus Points if you HAVE:

- Experience in cybersecurity
- Experience within the automotive industry

What we OFFER you in return:

- Attractive salary, bonus and benefit packages
- flat hierarchies and creative leeway
- Remote home work
- Family like working atmosphere with an international and dynamic team
- Flexible working hours and working under your own initiative
- Very Unique career development opportunities
- Close cooperation with the R&D department of the world¿s leading car manufacturer

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    EUR 59.700 - EUR 76.700 / Katru gadu


Embedded Security Specialist

Embedded Security Specialist - Citi Embedded Security Specialist - Citi Embedded Security Specialist - Citi


Are you a highly talented EMBEDDED SECURITY SPECIALIST ? Are you looking for the PERFECT work/life balance? Do you have experience in the Automation Industry? Want a highly rewarding salary package AND work from home?

Then look no further.....

Due to my clients continuous success and growth, they are looking to expand their Cyber Department and hire a highly Talented EMBEDDED SECURITY SPECIALIST.

whose duties will include:

- Reviewing automotive cybersecurity technical design documents and requirement specifications

- Work alongside other security experts to discuss testing of the security requirements for topics you’re not familiar with yourself.

- Create test procedures and test cases for testing automotive cybersecurity requirements.

- Contribute and share your own security knowledge and findings within the interdisciplinary team to allow team members with different backgrounds to produce a faster progress when working on security related topics.

- Diagnose and coordinate pre-conditions for functional tests with the customer

- Provide reliable status reports and forecasts

-Reinforce the test automation experts during test implementations and execution

What YOU must bring to the table:

- University degree in computer sciences, electrical engineering or related technical discipline

- Knowledgeable in the field of IT-Security technologies.

- Great analytical and programming skills

- High interest into new innovative technologies with an ability to pick up new skills and knowledge

- Ability to work in a intercultural (German/Israeli) environment

- Fluent in German and English

What we OFFER you in return:

- Attractive salary, bonus and benefit packages

- flat hierarchies and creative leeway

- Remote home work

- Family like working atmosphere with an international and dynamic team

- Flexible working hours and working under your own initiative

- Very Unique career development opportunities

- Close cooperation with the R&D department of the world’s leading car manufacturer

Bonus points if you HAVE:

* Exposure and knowledge with automotive technologies (Components network, AutoSAR, HSMs, OSes and protocols etc)

* Embedded security experience (especially automotive security)

* Automotive testing experience ( Volkswagen experience is an advantage)

* Experience in planning, designing and managing tests for embedded software

* ISTQB Certification, Certifies tester/advanced level test manager

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    Darba veids: Pilna laika
    EUR 59.700 - EUR 76.700 / Katru gadu


Price Drop: RVG-PRO (Finance)



Device: iOS Universal
Category: Finance
Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.5 (iTunes)


Calculate German Fees for Attorneys and Court.

How expensive is a German civil Lawsuit? How much may a German Attorney charge? What are the costs for the court. RVG-PRO calculates Court fees and Lawyer fees on the basis of the German RVG (Federal Act on Lawyer Remuneration ("RVG")). These fees depend on the amount in dispute which is the value of the procedure. RVG-PRO calculates these costs.

RVG-PRO has been created for professional use by lawyers, attorneys, judges in Germany. If you know the value of dispute and that court fees has to be paid factor 3 and lawyer fees occur (minimum) factor 2.5 you get the idea how much the whole procedure may cost.



- Current Fee table of 2019.
- Layout for iPhone and iPad.
- Apple Watch App inclusive
- RVG-PRO calculates with procedure values up to 10 Mio EUR.
- Fees on the basis of Legal Aid ("PKH") can be chosen.
- It is possible to compare normal fees with PKH fees.
- Expenses may be charged in the amount of 20% of the net fees as a lump sum.
- Minimum fees according to § 13 Abs. 2 RVG considered.
- 44 factors for lawyer fees available.
- Factors for lawyer fees editable
- 18 factors for court fees up to 12x according to § 34 GKG.
- It is possible to calculate the procedural risks.
- Export of the calculations by e-mail, text, WhatsApp ect.
- On iPad 2 Memory-Spaces and additional Calculator.
- Memory remains if app is closed.


- calculations are supplied without any guarantee -

What's New

- Apple Watch App included.
- Factors for lawyer fees free editable.
- Memory remains if app is closed.



The Latin Dictionary That’s Been Underway For 125 Years And Isn’t Finished Yet

German researchers started working on this new dictionary in the 1890s, thinking it would take 10-15 years of work. But “the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (T.L.L.) has seen the fall of an empire, two world wars and the division and reunification of Germany. In the meantime, they are up to the letter R. This is not […]

Tesla move will draw further companies into Germany: state premier

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Tesla’s (TSLA.O) announcement earlier this month that it will build its first European factory near Berlin will draw further companies from the electric mobility and energy storage sectors into Germany, a state premier told newspaper Die Welt. “They are already on their way. I’m hearing there are further inquiries with the communities [...]

Thousands of asylum seekers re-entering Germany to reapply

Thousands of asylum seekers re-entering Germany to reapply

Donald W. Lajeunesse, 89

Colonel Donald W. Lajeunesse USAF, Ret. passed away on Saturday, November 16, 2019.Born in New Bedford, Mass, he entered the service in 1950 and retired in 1979. His last assignment was the commander of all USAF forces in Berlin, Germany from 1975-1979.He is survived by a son Douglas of Little Rock, Arkansas; a daughter Nicole of Port Charlottle, Fla.; six grandchildren; and eleven great-grandchildren. He will rest with his wife Joan at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Mims, [...]

Paul Announces #FreshenUpTour Dates in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany!


Following confirmation of his headline slot at the 2020 Glastonbury Festival next June, today Paul announces new shows in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany to take place next year.
Pre-sale tickets for the France shows will be available to purchase from 10am local time on Tuesday 26th November. To purchase pre-sale tickets on Tuesday, click the link below and enter the password: FRESHENUPFRANCE

23rd May @ Pierre Mauroy Stadium, Lille, France
26th May @ Paris La Défense Arena, Paris, France
31st May @ Stadium Matmut, Bordeaux, France
7th June @ Groupama Stadium, Lyon, France

Pre-sale tickets for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium shows will be available to purchase from 10am local time on Wednesday 27th November. To purchase pre-sale tickets on Wednesday, click the links below and enter the password:

29th May @ Goffert Park, Nijmegen, Netherlands
4th June @ TW HDI Arena, Hannover, Germany
21st June @ TW Classic Festival, Werchter, Belgium
All the best!


Calling All Blues


For a cheese with such a stinky reputation, blues are incredibly accommodating when it comes to drinks. This realization came to me this summer as I was travelling to Northern Germany, where the average grocery store shelf holds a wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices. As an American, I went somewhat bananas, thrilled with […]

The post Calling All Blues appeared first on culture: the word on cheese.


Garthus-Niegel S., Ayers S., Martini J., von Soest T., Eberhard-Gran M. Institute and Policlinic of Occupational and Social Medicine,TU Dresden,Faculty of Medicine,Fetscherstr. Centre for Maternal and Child Health,School of Health Sciences,City University London,London,UK. Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,TU Dresden,Faculty of Medicine,Schubertstr. Dresden,Germany. Department of Psychology,University of Oslo,Oslo,Norway. Department of Child Health,Norwegian Institute of Public Healt

Nossos resultados sugerem que meninos e crianças com um temperamento difícil precoce podem ser particularmente suscetíveis ao impacto adverso dos sintomas de estresse pós-traumático no pós-parto. Estudos adicionais são necessários para investigar melhor os mecanismos no trabalho.

Peabody farmer shares love of agriculture in virtual outlet

PEABODY — Last week, Derek Klingenberg, with the help of his cousin Ivan, a computer coder in California, connected eight schoolchildren with real, live cows waiting to be fed at his farm in Peabody. The students could get up close and personal, even though the children are 60 miles away in Sterling and as far as Nebraska, California and Germany.The 8- through 12-year-olds saw the cows through their computer screens, and fed them by controlling a robot.“I [...]

Germany to make anti-Semitism a specific hate crime as Jews 'no longer feel safe'


The Sinister Scientist Behind the CIA’s Mind-Control Mayhem


The Sinister Scientist Behind the CIA’s Mind-Control MayhemPhoto Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/APStephen Kinzer has written books about civil wars, terror attacks, and bloody coups, but his latest might be his most alarming. “I’m still in shock,” Kinzer says of what he learned about the appalling experiments conducted by a government scientist most Americans have never heard of. “I can’t believe that this happened.”These aren’t the words of an author trying to fire up the hype machine. Though the events recounted in Kinzer’s Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control took place a half-century ago, they’re scandalous in a way that transcends time.For much of his 22-year CIA career, Gottlieb ran mind-control projects designed to help America defeat Communism. In the ’50s and ’60s, Kinzer writes, Gottlieb “directed the application of unknowable quantities and varieties of drugs into” countless people, searching for the narcotic recipe that might allow him to mold his human test subjects’ thoughts and actions.Gottlieb and a network of medical professionals gave LSD and other drugs to prisoners, hospital patients, government employees, and others—many of whom had no idea they were being dosed. A CIA staffer died in highly suspicious fashion after Gottlieb had his drink spiked with LSD. Meanwhile, when his bosses considered killing a foreign leader, Gottlieb developed custom-made poisons. Numerous people were harmed by Gottlieb’s work, but because he destroyed his files on the eve of his 1973 retirement, it’s hard to quantify the carnage he wrought.Perilous Discoveries: The Unintended Consequences of Scientific SecrecyThe broad outlines of Gottlieb’s story have been public for years. Major newspapers ran obituaries when he died in 1999. In 2017, he was portrayed by actor Tim Blake Nelson in Errol Morris’ Wormwood. But Kinzer’s book, the first proper Gottlieb biography, includes fascinating new facts about the end of his career and fresh details about disturbing episodes he orchestrated. Poisoner in Chief describes Gottlieb’s little-known participation in torture sessions at U.S. military sites in foreign countries and reports that in at least one case a doctor who worked with Gottlieb gave LSD to children. Gottlieb was “the Josef Mengele of the United States,” Kinzer, a former New York Times reporter and the author of many books, told me in a recent interview.How did Gottlieb, the Bronx-born son of Hungarian Jews, become a man who would earn comparisons to a ghoulish Nazi doctor?After getting a doctorate in biochemistry from the California Institute of Technology, Gottlieb joined the CIA in 1951, a time of fear and uncertainty. Just six years after the end of World War II, American troops were fighting in Korea. Washington was increasingly worried about what many believed was the existential threat posed by the Soviet Union. Gottlieb was on the job for a few weeks, Kinzer writes, when he was tapped “to invigorate” what would be known as the Artichoke project.Artichoke—the name was essentially meaningless; it might’ve been a CIA boss’ favorite vegetable—gave Gottlieb broad license to carry out mind control projects. Kinzer cites a CIA memo that describes the mission: “the investigation of drug effects on ego control and volitional activities, i.e., can willfully suppressed information be elicited through drugs affecting higher nervous systems? If so, which agents are better for this purpose?”The CIA aimed to create truth serum to use on prisoners and other compounds that would help wipe away memories of events that would cause trouble for the agency. If all went as planned, intelligence officers would have the ability to program people to carry out missions like those later seen in Richard Condon’s novel The Manchurian Candidate and the subsequent movie.Artichoke projects often amounted to “medical torture,” Kinzer writes. Inspired in part by brutal experiments conducted by the Japanese military and the Nazis in the ’40s, Artichoke included the “dosing (of) unwilling patients with potent drugs, subjecting them to extremes of temperature and sound (and) strapping them to electroshock machines.” Artichoke squads worked with impunity at American military sites in Europe and Asia. Such projects were closely guarded secrets, but Poisoner in Chief contains details that will be new to most readers.For instance, Kinzer notes that when “Artichoke scientists came up with a new drug or other technique they wished to test… they asked the CIA station in South Korea to supply a batch [of] ‘expendable’ subjects.” A related CIA memo said the subjects were needed for the testing of an unnamed but “important new technique,” adding, “Technique does not, not require disposal problems after application.” This is ambiguous language, but it suggests that the CIA knew that in some cases, human test subjects might be killed in the process.Gottlieb oversaw a scientific unit at Maryland’s Camp Detrick (since renamed Fort Detrick), where chemists researched the effects of LSD, heroin, and other drugs, sometimes trying the substances themselves. But he was not just a creature of the lab. “We know that he participated in torture sessions in East Asia,” Kinzer says, speaking from his home in Massachusetts. “We know that he made repeated visits to Germany, which, like Japan, was under U.S. occupation, so he didn’t have to obey any laws. And he was also active in other parts of Europe.”In time, Gottlieb became intimately familiar with LSD’s mind-altering effects. He admitted that he’d used the drug more than 200 times. “When I look at the variety of the projects that he was involved in,” Kinzer says, “from hypnotism to electroshock to parapsychology to handwriting analysis, I begin to think that maybe it was while he was on LSD that he was thinking, ‘I got another idea.’”By 1953, Kinzer writes, “Artichoke had become one of the most violently abusive projects ever sponsored by an agency of the United States government.” That year, Allen Dulles, one of Gottlieb’s ardent backers, got the CIA’s top job. The new boss, Kinzer writes, was among Washington’s leading mind control proponents: “Dulles never recoiled from the most extreme implications of ‘brain warfare.’” Dulles wanted “to intensify and systematize” the work done under Artichoke, Kinzer adds, and he tapped Gottlieb to head a new program: MK-ULTRA, named for the “ultra-sensitive” activities it was expected to carry out.With a generous budget and an “effectively unlimited supply” of LSD—the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly manufactured the hallucinogenic drug for the CIA—Gottlieb became perhaps “the most powerful unknown American of the 20th century,” Kinzer says.A key MK-ULTRA initiative involved medical professionals who agreed to administer drugs to their patients—often without the patients’ knowledge or consent. For instance, when Gottlieb wanted to know how much LSD a body could withstand, he got in touch with Harris Isbell, a researcher at a Lexington, Kentucky addiction center who had made his curiosity about LSD known in a letter to the CIA.Working with a group of men who “were not told what sort of drug they would be fed or what its effects might be,” Kinzer writes, Isbell administered large doses of LSD. He reported that the men experienced anxiety, hallucinations, and “choking.” As always with CIA projects of this kind, it’s tough to say how much damage was done. But Kinzer writes that at least one patient did speak out, saying that “for the rest of his life he suffered from delusions, paranoia, panic attacks, and suicidal impulses.”Another keen CIA collaborator chaired the pharmacology department at Emory University. “As subjects,” Kinzer writes, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer “used inmates at the federal prison in Atlanta and at a juvenile detention center in Bordentown, New Jersey,” administering depressants and hallucinogens in volumes that resulted in seizures and hallucinations that lasted for days. One of Pfeiffer’s subjects was James “Whitey” Bulger, who later became a notorious Boston gangland killer. Bulger said that as a young inmate, he was given LSD daily for more than a year.Another doctor—a New York allergist named Harold Abramson, who got an $85,000 MK-ULTRA stipend—“developed a special curiosity about the impact of mind-altering drugs on children,” Kinzer writes. “He closely monitored experiments, including one in which 12 ‘pre-puberty’ boys were fed psilocybin, and another in which 14 children between the ages of six and 11, diagnosed as schizophrenic, were given 100 micrograms of LSD each day for six weeks.”In Manhattan, meanwhile, Gottlieb helped set up a CIA safe house, where, with the hands-on help of a local narcotics cop, “unsuspecting citizens would be lured and surreptitiously drugged,” their behavior monitored via surveillance equipment in an adjoining apartment.It was around this time that Gottlieb attended a retreat with some other CIA men. The colleagues began drinking, and a few minutes later, Kinzer writes, “Gottlieb asked if anyone was feeling odd. Several said they were. Gottlieb then told them that their drinks had been spiked with LSD.” The incident triggered an emotional crisis in one of the men, a scientist named Frank Olson. Days later, Olson plunged to his death from the window of a Manhattan hotel. As seen in Morris’ film Wormwood, there’s compelling circumstantial evidence that Olson was murdered because the CIA feared he would divulge one of the secret projects he’d worked on.One of Gottlieb’s most remarkable duties involved adversarial foreign heads of state. According to colleagues, he prepared “a pre-poisoned tube of toothpaste” meant for Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba (it went unused) and ran a scientific team that considered a bizarre plot to disgrace Fidel Castro. Believing that the Cuban leader’s charisma was linked to his facial hair, Gottlieb wanted to have thallium salts sprinkled in his boots. “His beard would then fall out,” Kinzer writes, “leaving him open to ridicule and overthrow.” This, of course, never came to pass.By 1963, MK-ULTRA’s final year, Gottlieb and his colleagues “were forced to face their cosmic failure,” Kinzer writes. “Their research had shown them that mind control is a myth—that seizing another person’s mind and reprogramming it is impossible.”Nonetheless, Kinzer believes that Gottlieb left a deeply lamentable imprint on the modern CIA. He says there’s “a direct line between Sidney Gottlieb’s work and techniques that U.S. agents taught to Latin American security services in the 1960s and ’70s—these techniques were also used in Vietnam—and then later on to the techniques of torture and so-called extreme interrogation that were used at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.”Though Gottlieb’s decision to destroy his files means that there’s much we’ll never know, Kinzer appears to be the first journalist to directly tie his departure from the CIA to the scandal that ended Richard Nixon’s presidency. Gottlieb’s team, he reports, “prepared false identity papers for two of” the men who broke into the Democratic National Committee’s offices in the Watergate complex. The break-in set off a chain of events that result in the ouster of CIA Director Richard Helms. “Helms,” Kinzer explains, “was Gottlieb’s number one promoter and enabler and sponsor for 20 years.” Nixon fired Helms in February 1973. Gottlieb retired four months later.After the CIA, Gottlieb took steps to reinvent himself. The long-married father of four joined an arts council in his Virginia town, acted in local holiday plays and worked with children who had speech problems. “It definitely seems from the recollections of people that knew him in his last 20 years that he was a very gentle soul, kind of an eco-hippy,” Kinzer says. “Nobody had any idea of what he had done in the past, but he was tormented by it.”Gottlieb died in March 1999, and when a cause of death wasn’t announced, at least two observers came to believe that he killed himself to derail intensifying legal inquiries into his actions. Eric Olson—Frank’s son—and Sidney Bender, a lawyer for a man who says his life was ruined by a Gottlieb dosing, had both tried to hold Gottlieb to account while he was alive. Instead, Kinzer writes, “they drank a toast to the death of a man they considered a monster.” Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.


Lake Placid: German gold in doubles, #Women’s luge World Cup


LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (AP) — Germany’s Julia Taubitz held off Emily Sweeney of the United States for the win in a World Cup women’s luge race on Saturday at Mount Van Hoevenberg. Taubitz finished her two ...

P.E.A.C.E.=Shalom-Episode Five-If Kristallnacht Took Place In Your Country – What Would You Do? Where Would You Go?

BS”D Of course, the above lines are from the 1939 movie – Gone With The Wind – to which Clark Gable responded to Vivien Leigh that he really did not care what happened to her. On November 9 and 10th the previous year in Germany, ...

right_way - male - Bayern, Germany

I will write more a bit later. During the first year of my gcse’s (year 10), I decided to take part in ramadan, and completed it. So I had my first experience of actualy doing something physically for my creator, and it felt amazing. So I studied more and more, during lunch breaks, after school etc. I had a thirst for knowledge that I never had before, I mean I had never even finnished a book in my life, but all of a sudden was able to read about Islam, and quotes from the Qur’an whenever I could. So it carried on this way for about 2 years. I really wanted to revert pretty much a year after I had been introduced to Islam, but my family did not agree at all, in fact, they hated it. So there way of (dealing) with me, was to say your not 18 yet so until t

Jackoub - male - Niedersachsen , Germany

I don't know what i have to write here now 😅 I will tell you more about myself. Ask me

Zarif2019 - male - Neuss , Germany

اسلام علیکم من انسان ارام و کم هرف هستم. I am very decent and have a normal life. I'm here to marry Inschallah, with someone like me who does not have that much expectation. And if Allah wants me to meet someone here.

Cheap Business Class: Europe to Australia from $2,400 return


Australian Frequent Flyer
Australian Frequent Flyer - Tips, Tricks and Chat for the Australian Frequent Flyer

It’s that time of year again for Black Friday sales, and there are currently some outstanding flight deals available. For example, a Star Alliance airline is currently offering lie-flat Business Class flights from Europe to Australia for as little as $2,400 round-trip! That’s less than a third of the usual price, and significantly cheaper than […]

Cheap Business Class: Europe to Australia from $2,400 return
Matt Graham


GEFA Exportservice GmbH führt durch: Gemeinschaftsschau zur FIE in Frankfurt am Main 2020


die Food Ingredients Europe ist die weltweite Leitveranstaltung für Unternehmen aller Food Ingredients-Erzeugnisse. Aktuelle Messedaten finden Sie hier.
Seit 2011 organisieren die drei Partner German Sweets, GEFA und WTSH Schleswig-Holstein erfolgreich die deutsche Gemeinschaftsbeteiligung auf jeweils gut 200-300 m². Dabei stellen wir eine beste Platzierung zu vorteilhaften Konditionen in Verbindung mit einem Rund-um-Sorglos-Paket sicher. Das moderne Standbaupaket unter dominanter Herausstellung des Absenders "Food Ingredients from Germany" mit der Deutschlandkennung hat sich inzwischen als Anlaufstelle für Fachbesucher aus aller Welt etabliert.
Während die aktuelle Beteiligung zur Food Ingredients Europe 2019 vom 03.-05.12.2019 unmittelbar bevorsteht, ist bei einem Beteiligungswunsch für die Folgeveranstaltungen der FIE in Frankfurt am Main 2020 sowie für Paris 2021 eine Neuanmeldung bis spätestens zum letzten Messetag, dem 05.12.2019, erforderlich. Der Messeveranstalter wird die FIE künftig jährlich umsetzen.
Deshalb müssen wir Unternehmen, die im Deutschen Gemeinschaftsstand für 2020 und / oder für 2021 ausstellen wollen, um ihre Entscheidung bis 05.12.2019, 11:00 Uhr, bitten, da wir noch auf der Messe die Buchungen für die kommenden zwei Ausgaben an den Messeveranstalter übergeben müssen. Ab 06.12.2019 steigen die Beteiligungspreise für beide Messen sofort an, ab 19.12.2019 ist eine Teilnahme im Deutschen Pavillon in Frankfurt 2020 nicht mehr möglich.
Durch den Gemeinschaftsstand stellen wir folgende Vorteile sicher:
- Für die nächsten Beteiligungen in Frankfurt am Main und in Paris haben wir für alle Aussteller eine herausragende Platzierung in jeweils bester Lage nahe des US amerikanischen und des französischen Pavillons reserviert.
- Aussteller erhalten ein attraktives Standbaupaket und alle Organisation aus einer Hand.
- Als Selbstbucher (Buchung, Standbau, Organisation) von mindestens 12 m² und dem preiswertesten Standard-Standbaupaket müssen Unternehmen bereits mit höheren Kosten kalkulieren als ihnen bei einer Buchung von 9 m² im Gemeinschaftsstand mit dem bereits enthaltenen Service, in bester Lage und der bekannten Deutschland-Kennung entstehen.
Die Buchungsunterlagen sind in der GEFA Geschäftsstelle erhältlich.


GEFA Exportservice GmbH führt durch: German Pavillon zur FIE Paris 2021


die Food Ingredients Europe ist die weltweite Leitveranstaltung für Unternehmen aller Food Ingredients-Erzeugnisse. Aktuelle Messedaten finden Sie hier.
Seit 2011 organisieren die drei Partner German Sweets, GEFA und WTSH Schleswig-Holstein erfolgreich die deutsche Gemeinschaftsbeteiligung auf jeweils gut 200-300 m². Dabei stellen wir eine beste Platzierung zu vorteilhaften Konditionen in Verbindung mit einem Rund-um-Sorglos-Paket sicher. Das moderne Standbaupaket unter dominanter Herausstellung des Absenders "Food Ingredients from Germany" mit der Deutschlandkennung hat sich inzwischen als Anlaufstelle für Fachbesucher aus aller Welt etabliert.
Während die aktuelle Beteiligung zur Food Ingredients Europe 2019 vom 03.-05.12.2019 unmittelbar bevorsteht, ist bei einem Beteiligungswunsch für die Folgeveranstaltungen der FIE in Frankfurt am Main 2020 sowie für Paris 2021 eine Neuanmeldung bis spätestens zum letzten Messetag, dem 05.12.2019, erforderlich. Der Messeveranstalter wird die FIE künftig jährlich umsetzen.
Deshalb müssen wir Unternehmen, die im Deutschen Gemeinschaftsstand für 2020 und / oder für 2021 ausstellen wollen, um ihre Entscheidung bis 05.12.2019, 11:00 Uhr, bitten, da wir noch auf der Messe die Buchungen für die kommenden zwei Ausgaben an den Messeveranstalter übergeben müssen. Ab 06.12.2019 steigen die Beteiligungspreise für beide Messen sofort an, ab 19.12.2019 ist eine Teilnahme im Deutschen Pavillon in Frankfurt 2020 nicht mehr möglich.
Durch den Gemeinschaftsstand stellen wir folgende Vorteile sicher:
- Für die nächsten Beteiligungen in Frankfurt am Main und in Paris haben wir für alle Aussteller eine herausragende Platzierung in jeweils bester Lage nahe des US amerikanischen und des französischen Pavillons reserviert.
- Aussteller erhalten ein attraktives Standbaupaket und alle Organisation aus einer Hand.
- Als Selbstbucher (Buchung, Standbau, Organisation) von mindestens 12 m² und dem preiswertesten Standard-Standbaupaket müssen Unternehmen bereits mit höheren Kosten kalkulieren als ihnen bei einer Buchung von 9 m² im Gemeinschaftsstand mit dem bereits enthaltenen Service, in bester Lage und der bekannten Deutschland-Kennung entstehen.
Die Buchungsunterlagen sind in der GEFA Geschäftsstelle erhältlich.


Added and Updated Record Collections at - Week of 24 to 30 November 2019

I am trying to keep up with the new and updated record collections at FamilySearch   ( every week.

As of 30 November 2019, there were 2,673 historical record collections on FamilySearch (an increase of 7 from last week):

The added or updated collections this week are (as Marshall provided them):

--- Collections Added   --

*  Texas, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1947  (; 1,794,395 indexed records with 1,794,395 record images, ADDED 28 Nov 2019

*  Italy, Trieste, Civil Registration (State Archive), 1924-1944   (; 38 indexed records with 38 record images, ADDED 30 Nov 2019

*  Montana, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1945        (; 144,392 indexed records with 144,392 record images, ADDED 27 Nov 2019

*  Kansas, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1945 (; 429,561 indexed records with 429,561 record images, ADDED 27 Nov 2019

*  Australia, Convict Tickets of Leave, 1824-1874  (; Index only, no images, ADDED 26 Nov 2019

*  Oregon, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1945 (; 295,077 indexed records with 295,077 record images, ADDED 27 Nov 2019

*  California, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1945     (; 2,083,701 indexed records with 2,083,701 record images, ADDED 27 Nov 2019

--- Collections Updated ---

South Carolina, Charleston County, Charleston, Birth Registers, 1901-1926       (; 30,445 indexed records with 1,965 record images (was 23,191 records with 1,490 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Peru, Catholic Church Records, 1603-1992        (; 1,261,468 indexed records with 4,192,353 record images (was 1,261,434 records with 4,192,353 images), Updated 25 Nov 2019

England, Yorkshire Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1613-1887    (; 4,035 indexed records with 4,019 record images (was 3,395 records with 3,390 images), Updated 29 Nov 2019

Georgia, Chatham, Savannah, Laurel Grove Cemetery Record Keeper's Book (colored), 1852-1942     (; 18,181 indexed records with 473 record images (was 12,874 records with 345 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

France, Vienne, Census, 1896    (; Index only (4,915 records), no images (was 4,740 records with 0 images), Updated 27 Nov 2019

American Samoa, Vital Records, 1850-1972        (; 9,693 indexed records with 3,762 record images (was 8,024 records with 2,240 images), Updated 29 Nov 2019

Alabama, County Birth Registers, 1881-1930      (; 292,738 indexed records with 48,396 record images (was 291,849 records with 48,371 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Chile, Catholic Church Records, 1710-1928       (; 19,776 indexed records with 2,081 record images (was 18,036 records with 1,889 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Hawaii, Board of Health, Marriage Record Indexes, 1909-1989     (; 154,259 indexed records with 26,814 record images (was 129,358 records with 26,315 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014      (; 34,153,310 indexed records with 46,885,712 record images (was 34,153,310 records with 46,885,712 images), Updated 29 Nov 2019

Sweden, Stockholm City Archives, Index to Church Records, 1546-1927     (; 781,447 indexed records with 53,295 record images (was 682,667 records with 45,624 images), Updated 27 Nov 2019

Georgia, Columbus, Linwood and Porterdale Colored Cemeteries, Interment Records, 1866-2000      (; 22,286 indexed records with 1,026 record images (was 7,962 records with 375 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

England, Oxfordshire Parish Registers 1538-1904 (; 67,492 indexed records with 4,736 record images (was 54,319 records with 4,115 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

United States, GenealogyBank Historical Newspaper Obituaries, 1815-2011 (; 9,377,986 indexed records with 1,398,490 record images (was 9,277,839 records with 1,393,994 images), Updated 27 Nov 2019

French Polynesia, Civil Registration, 1780-1999 (; 60,777 indexed records with 62,712 record images (was 60,777 records with 9,903 images), Updated 26 Nov 2019

England, Lincolnshire, Parish Registers, 1538-1990      (; 3,913,885 indexed records with 394,372 record images (was 1,364,635 records with 181,487 images), Updated 25 Nov 2019

Tennessee, Davidson County, Nashville City Cemetery Records, 1843-1962  (; 15,333 indexed records with 488 record images (was 4,394 records with 138 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

United States Public Records, 1970-2009 (; Index only (875,610,625 records), no images (was 875,610,625 records with 0 images), Updated 29 Nov 2019

Puerto Rico, Civil Registration, 1805-2001      (; 4,945,578 indexed records with 4,581,756 record images (was 4,945,342 records with 4,581,756 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Peru, Prelature of Yauyos-Cañete-Huarochirí, Catholic Church Records, 1665-2018(; 3,182 indexed records with 982 record images (was 2,846 records with 850 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Louisiana, New Orleans, Interment Registers, 1836-1972  (; 206,461 indexed records with 5,177 record images (was 171,276 records with 4,137 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

England, Herefordshire Bishop's Transcripts, 1583-1898  (; 1,048,386 indexed records with 87,632 record images (was 1,048,370 records with 87,631 images), Updated 25 Nov 2019

*  Brazil, Santa Catarina, Civil Registration, 1850-1999   (; 22,469 indexed records with 1,038,133 record images (was 20,610 records with 1,038,133 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Finland, Tax Lists, 1809-1915   (; 110,375 indexed records with 2,520 record images (was 85,850 records with 2,049 images), Updated 25 Nov 2019

Louisiana, Orleans Parish, Birth Records, 1819-1906     (; 269,349 indexed records with 126,972 record images (was 265,387 records with 126,031 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Poland, Lublin Roman Catholic Church Books, 1784-1964   (; 331,917 indexed records with 395,682 record images (was 325,395 records with 395,682 images), Updated 25 Nov 2019

Colombia, Bogotá, Burial Permits, 1960-1991     (; 137,590 indexed records with 78,384 record images (was 112,736 records with 67,546 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Peru, Ayacucho, Civil Registration, 1903-1999   (; 1,693 indexed records with 1,179 record images (was 670 records with 669 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Vital Records    (; 37,242,588 indexed records with 37,242,588 record images (was 37,235,904 records with 37,235,904 images), Updated 26 Nov 2019

Hawaii, Grantor and Grantee Index, 1845-1909    (; 428,648 indexed records with 21,480 record images (was 198,815 records with 10,526 images), Updated 26 Nov 2019

Peru, Huánuco, Civil Registration, 1889-1997    (; 66,004 indexed records with 708,628 record images (was 59,409 records with 708,628 images), Updated 30 Nov 2019

--- Collections with new images ---

Tennessee, Shelby County, Memphis, Board of Health Death Records, 1848-1913     (; 44,835 indexed records with 44,810 record images (was 44,825 records with 44,800 images),  23 Nov 2019

Kentucky Death Records, 1911-1965   (; 1,681,924 indexed records with 1,680,470 record images (was 1,681,924 records with 1,680,430 images),  4 Nov 2019

Germany, Rhineland, Diocese of Trier, Catholic Church Records, 1704-1957        (; 2,043,205 indexed records with 194,249 record images (was 2,043,205 records with 194,010 images),  12 Sep 2019

Utah, Cemetery Abstracts    (; 125,183 indexed records with 4,698 record images (was 125,183 records with 4,695 images),  29 Aug 2019

--- Collections with images removed ---

Florida Deaths, 1877-1939       (; 471,799 indexed records with 471,266 record images (was 471,799 records with 471,267 images),  8 Aug 2019

France, Dordogne, Church and Civil Registration, 1540-1896      (; 7,882,907 indexed records with 3,097,791 record images (was 7,882,907 records with 3,099,653 images),  28 Mar 2018

United States, Native American, Census Rolls, 1885-1940 (; 5,620,882 indexed records with 278,776 record images (was 5,620,882 records with 288,893 images),  8 Nov 2019


In order to select a specific record collection on FamilySearch, go to and use the "Filter by collection name" feature in the upper left-hand corner and use keywords (e.g. "church england") to find collections with those keywords.

My friend, Marshall, has come up with a program to determine which collections are ADDED, DELETED or UPDATED.  Thanks to Marshall for helping me out here!
Each one of the collections listed above has a Research Wiki page (use the "Learn more" link).  It would be very useful if the Wiki page for each collection listed the dates for when the collection was added as a new collection and the dates for major updates also.


The URL for this post is:  

Copyright (c) 2019, Randall J. Seaver

Please comment on this post on the website by clicking the URL above and then the "Comments" link at the bottom of each post.  Share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest using the icons below.  Or contact me by email at


Science Slam on November 29, 2019 and Collider Cafe: Art. Science. Analogies. on December 4, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada

Starting in date order: Science Slam in Vancouver on November 29, 2019 I first featured science slams in a July 17, 2013 posting when they popped up in the UK although I think they originated in Germany. As for Science Slam Canada, I think they started in 2016, (t least, that’s when they started their […]

Germany-Eschborn: Foreign economic-aid-related services


The objective of the project ‘Employment Promotion for Marginalised People in Timor-Leste/Partnership for Sustainable Agroforestry (PSAF)’ is that ‘marginalised groups benefit from better employment opportunities in the agroforestry systems of Timor-Leste

The post Germany-Eschborn: Foreign economic-aid-related services appeared first on DCI : Defence Contacts International.


Germany: Muslim migrant rapes woman in car with police close by

BY ROBERT SPENCER JIHADWATCH.ORG DEC 1, 2019 Why does this keep happening? One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for […]

Raytec’s Vario IR tracks insect flight patterns


Raytec’s IR illuminators have been installed across a number of universities in and around Germany, providing the perfect solution for a research project which monitors the flight patterns of insects, according to David Lambert, Managing Director of Raytec.


Liberation Square - Gareth Rubin - Альтернативная история


‘This richly imagined thriller is set in an alternate past… Tightly plotted, tense and set in a chillingly plausible world’ Sunday Mirror

‘A gripping story, with heart’ Best thrillers of 2019, Daily Telegraph

It’s 1952 and Soviet troops control British streets after winning the Second World War.
After the disastrous failure of D-Day, Britain is occupied by Nazi Germany, and only rescued by Russian soldiers arriving from the east and Americans from the west. The two superpowers divide the nation between them, a wall running through London like a scar.
On the Soviet side of the wall, Jane Cawson calls into her husband’s medical practice, hoping to surprise him. But instead she detects the perfume worn by his former wife, Lorelei, star of propaganda films for the new Marxist regime.
Jane rushes to confront them, but soon finds herself caught up in the glamorous actress’s death.
Her husband Nick is arrested for murder. Desperate to clear his name, Jane must risk the attention of the brutal secret police as she follows a trail of corruption right to the highest levels of the state.
And she might find she never really knew her husband at all.


Remains of Ohio WWII pilot coming home 75 years later

The remains of a World War II pilot from Ohio were identified 75 years after his plane was shot down over Germany, the Defense Department said Wednesday.

Remains of B-17 pilot killed during World War II coming home 75 years later

Remains of B-17 pilot killed during World War II coming home 75 years later

LORAIN, Ohio — The remains of a World War II pilot from Ohio were identified 75 years after his plane was shot down over Germany, the Defense Department said Wednesday. The remains of Army Air Forces 1st Lt. Steve Nagy will be buried in his hometown of Lorain at a date yet to be determined, […]

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Acturis continues international expansion with French buy

Software house's deal to buy Add Value Assurances follows purchases in Canada, Germany and Denmark.

"We need to understand society's needs while at the same time helping businesses be profitable"

Marc Aupetitgendre is 42 years old and has been the CEO of Bayer Crop Science Italia since July 2019 after working for 4 years at the company headquarters in Germany and in France before that.  Freshplaza (FP): Consumers are increasingly aware of residues and respect for the environment: how are you dealing with…

Portugal, France, Germany drawn together at Euro 2020 as England get Croatia

Reigning European champions Portugal will come up against World Cup winners France and Germany in the standout group at Euro 2020 following Saturday\'s (Nov 30) draw for the tournament in Bucharest, as England came out alongside Croatia.

ANTIC Interview 374 - Wolfgang Burger, President of Atari Bit Byter User Club


Wolfgang Burger, President of Atari Bit Byter User Club

Wolfgang Burger is the president and a founding member of the Atari Bit Byter User Club, the world's largest user group dedicated to the Atari 8-bit computer. The group was founded in 1985 in Herten, Germany. Today, the group has about 500 members from around the world. The group's quarterly magazine — still produced on an Atari computer — is almost certainly the longest continually published computer magazine anywhere.

This interview took place on August 28, 2019, during the Fujiama Atari conference in Lengenfeld, Germany. Wolfgang doesn't speak much English, and I don't speak any German, so Roland Wassenberg provided real-time language translation.

ABBUC web site


Electronic Engineer (TROJAN/PROPHET) (TESA) - Germany (Secret Clearance Required with ability to obtain TS/SCI) - General Dynamics Information Technology - Chantilly, VA

Perform all aspects of troubleshooting and repair to service TROJAN V1, TROJAN T-LITE, TROJAN SPIRIT, PROPHET, PROPHET ENCHANCED, iDIRECT SAT MODEM and 5650 SAT…
From General Dynamics Information Technology - Wed, 11 Sep 2019 19:40:19 GMT - View all Chantilly, VA jobs

US Envoy to Germany Fumes as More States Opt for INSTEX in Defiance of American Anti-Iran Sanctions

Previously, Tehran, suffering under unilateral American sanctions, threatened to withdraw from the nuclear deal signed in 2015 if European countries don't get their INSTEX trading mechanism working and thereby re-enable trade with Iran.

ஜேர்மனியிலுள்ள நூதனசாலையில் விலைமதிக்கமுடியாத ஆபரணங்கள் திருடப்பட்டன!

ஜேர்­ம­னி­யி­லுள்ள நூத­ன­சா­லை­யொன்றில் வைக்­கப்­பட்­டி­ருந்த விலை மதிக்­க­மு­டி­யாத 3 வைர ஆப­ர­ணங்கள் நேற்­று­முன்­தினம் திரு­டப்­பட்­டுள்­ள­தாக அதி­கா­ரிகள் அறி­வித்­துள்­ளனர். ஜேர்­ம­னியின் ட்ரெஸ்டன் நக­ரிலுள்ள கிறீன் வோல்ட் அருங்­காட்­சி­ய­கத்தில் மேற்­படி ஆப­ர­ணங்கள் வைக்­கப்­பட்­டி­ருந்­தன. இந்­நி­லையில், திங்­கட்­கி­ழமை காலை ஒரு குழு­வினர் அங்­கி­ருந்த 3 ஆப­ரணத் தொகு­தி­களை திருடிச் சென்­றுள்­ளனர் என அதி­கா­ரிகள் தெரி­வித்­துள்­ளனர். 18 ஆம் நூற்­றாண்டைச் சேர்ந்த 10 வைர ஆப­ரணத் தொகு­திகள் அந்த நூத­ன­சா­லையில் வைக்­கப்­பட்­டி­ருந்த நிலையில், அவற்றில் 3 ஆப­ரணத் தொகு­திகள் திரு­டப்­பட்­டுள்­ளன. 3 பெரிய வைரங்கள், […]

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Germany Did Not Start World War II


Germany Did Not Start World War II Paul Craig Roberts This is the second installment of Ron Unz’s long report on the emergent truth about World War II. ( Unz has a facility for summarizing vast works of scholarship into their essentials. Unz is also intellectually honest and has massive intellectual courage. He saves the…

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German murderer wins ‘right to be forgotten’ on Google after killing two people on a yacht

A GERMAN murderer who shot and killed two people in 1982 has won the right to be forgotten from online search results. Tech giants like Google will now be forced to remove the killer’s name from search engine listings under EU law. Germany’s highest court found that the man deserves to have the right to […]

First merger of THREE black holes in a single galaxy caught on camera by astronomers

A TRIO of monster black holes have been spotted crashing into each other. The galactic fracas is taking place 300million light years from Earth and will lead to the birth of a single, mega black hole. Scientists in Germany discovered the rare event within NGC 6240, a well-studied nearby galaxy. The black holes are close […]

GDMS' GPS Source Provides US Army Forces in Germany with Improved Secure Positioning, Navigation and Timing Data

General Dynamics Mission Systems announced today that it has installed a new and improved GPS system onto U.S. military vehicles in Germany that allows U.S. forces to operate in an environment when GPS signals are degraded or denied.  Known as Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing Data (PNT) System (MAPS) Gen 1, the system began fielding in September on select Stryker armored fighting vehicles and could eventually extend to thousands of vehicles across Europe. General Dynamics

Enteral Feeding Devices Market – Trends Estimates High Demand by 2024

Prominent players in the Enteral Feeding Devices Market include Fresenius Kabi AG (Germany), Avanos Medical, Inc. (US), Cardinal Health, Inc. (US), B. Braun Melsungen AG (Germany), Abbott Laboratories (US), Becton,

Cell Culture Market Worth $29.2 Billion by 2024

The prominent players operating in this market include Becton, Dickinson and Company (US), Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Merck KGaA (Germany), HiMedia Laboratories (India), GE Healthcare (US), Lonza (Switzerland), Corning Incorporated

Written question - Trade in fake pesticides in the EU / Germany - E-003790/2019

Question for written answer E-003790/2019
to the Commission
Rule 138
Christine Schneider, Peter Jahr, Lena Düpont, Norbert Lins, Marlene Mortler

Source : © European Union, 2019 - EP

Riege Booking API connects BGL to Air France KLM Martinair Cargo


Dusseldorf/Meerbusch – Riege Software announces the Go-Live of Dutch customer Best Global Logistics (BGL) with the newly developed Direct Airline Booking API. In the first step, the API is available for Air France KLM Martinair Cargo bookings, enabling seamless operations in conjunction with Riege's forwarding software Scope as an integrated solution. Providing the benefits of direct booking while at the same time avoiding the disadvantage of system changes, the Direct Airline Booking API marks another milestone in Riege's “One System. One Record.” approach to push Scope as the Digital Standard in logistics.

BGL was the first Riege customer who requested this integration and they will be the first ones to use it. After the pilot period, Fast Forward Freight (FFF) will follow. Both BGL and FFF have invested in the development of the API together with Riege which allowed the completion in the shortest period of time possible. “It was our intention to benefit from this solution, the sooner the better, but we also had the ambition to be the first ones owning this API as an early adopter as well as a driver of future-oriented technology,” said Michel Loots, CEO at BGL.

With the new API Scope users can directly send a booking request to Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, they will receive flights and prices in real time and then can book the required flight. All directly from within Scope without separate booking via webportals or phone and always with the latest dynamic prices at hand. “Technically, it is all about a real-time match between capacity and demand. In practice, it is about saving time and money by avoiding phone calls and system changes. Literally a significant win for us and our customers which simultaneously makes us stronger in a very competitive market. The money we invested together with FFF is well spent, and the ROI is calculated for within one year,” said Michel focussing the economic aspect.

“You rarely find companies co-investing in technological progress these days. With partners like BGL and FFF, Riege is blessed in the best meaning of the word. Together we set the foundation for a ground-breaking solution that will later be available for all Scope users worldwide. And of course, it is not limited to Air France KLM Martinair Cargo. All airlines are most welcome to join this community, gaining new customers with impressive volumes of freight,” said Henk Boorsma, Managing Director and co-owner of Riege Software in the Netherlands. 65.995 unique AWBs created by Scope users within the last 12 months only for Air France KLM Martinair Cargo speak for themselves.

“I am glad and honoured to represent a company which not only can trust in the capabilities and loyalty of its employees, but also in the allegiance of its customers many of whom have proven more than once that real partnership goes beyond purely factual business relationships. That's priceless. I wish to express my thankfulness specifically to Michel Loots of BGL and Marc Terpstra of FFF. When we say that Scope is the future of digital logistics, guys like them are the driving force,” said Dr. Tobias Riege, CEO of Riege Software.

About Best Global Logistics

Best Global Logistics is a Dutch independent third-party logistics service provider (3PL) offering relatively complex logistics solutions on a global scale. The company operates two bonded and free-zone warehouses located in Lijnden (Amsterdam airport) and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. BGL has a strong foothold in the maritime industry, while also serving a range of other industries.

About Riege Software

Riege Software is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for the logistics industry. Established in 1985, the privately-owned and managed company provides products and services to more than 550 customers worldwide with over 6,000 users in 41 countries. Headquartered in Germany, Riege maintains 6 branches in Europe, Asia and North America.

The company's brand is Scope, the Digital Standard for freight forwarding and Customs, which accelerates all processes and procedures in logistics. By integrating external ERP/WMS and intelligent applications, Scope enables cross-system collaboration and network building, with focus on quality enhancement and productivity increase, cost reduction and revenue improvement, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Press Contacts

Michel J. Loots

+ 31 20 4108800

Benjamin Riege

+49 2159 9148 0


Recycling creates more pollution than it’s supposed to alleviate (Incinerator Solution: But what about the fly-ash?)


Trouble is, people are being sidetracked by impossible monsters to slay (like ‘global climate change’). Recycling creates more pollution than it’s supposed to alleviate Baron Ash I lived in Germany in the early 90’s. A newspaper article at the time stated that the German govt had conducted a long, large, thorough study about the benefits […]

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Nuclear News Roundup Nov 30, 2019



Airbus sacks 16 workers over ‘spying’

European aviation giant Airbus has fired 16 employees over a case that had prompted Germany to open a probe into suspected industrial espionage, German media reported yesterday.

Join the last day of Ajyal Film Festival celebrations this Saturday


Experience magical performances and compelling feature films on the last day (23 November) of Ajyal Film Festival 2019, the annual cinema event hosted by the Doha Film Institute (DFI) at Katara Cultural Village.

As the festival curtains draws to a close, Ajyal’s Wonder & Under the Moonlight Cine-Concert will offer a unique musical show, presented by the Forum des Images, to delight young and old. A feast for all the senses, a thrilling selection of shorts about tales of the stars, sun and moon will be held at 11.30 AM at Katara Building 16 and is free to the public. Live musicians will accompany: Get the Moon by Jutta Schünemann, Sooner or Later by Jadwiga Kowalska, Lunette by Phoebe Warries, A Little Star by Svetlana Andrianova, and Little Wolf by An Vrombaut.

Ajyal Tunes got off to a rocking start yesterday with electrifying performances from Doha’s underground music scene, featuring talented youth artists Sana Zharandi, Amjad Essam, Savanna Rose, Varun, Omar Abdulaziz, Ayman Shukur, Jerin Jose, Jueun, Mothanna, and Omar Alyafai among others, curated by Qatari artist Dana Almeer. Qatar-based singer/songwriter and rapper Mvrs rounded off the show with a stirring rap performance. An exciting celebration of musical talents from every discipline, Ajyal Tunes is part of the festival’s growing artistic scope – showcasing and celebrating arts and culture from every discipline.

Don’t miss out on the last day of the Ajyal Creativity Hub and its bustling activities at Geekdom, Qatar’s largest pop-culture event presented in partnership with Qatar National Tourism Council, and ARC, Ajyal’s interactive multimedia exhibition featuring artworks by 19 of Qatar’s most promising artists and creative talents. Located in Katara Buildings 18 and 19, all performances and exhibits will remain open to the public until 10 PM.

Join the last day of Ajyal Film 2 [].jpg

The Feel short film programme will explore the power of intuition in shaping our sense of the world with a curated selection of ten short films screening at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City, at 12.30 PM, including Belles étoiles (France/2017) by Naïma Di Piero and Elhadj Sidib; Like an Elephant in a China Shop (France/2017) by Louise Chevrier, Luka Fischer, Rodolphe Groshens, Marie Guillon, Estelle Martinez, Benoit Paillard, Lisa Rasasombat; Hedgehog (France/2018) by Vaibhav Keswani, Jeanne Laureau, Colombine Majou, Morgane Mattard, Kaisa Pirttinen, and Jong-ha Yoon; Maha’mel (Ships) (Qatar/2018) by Dhabya AlMuhannadi; The Stained Club (France/2018) by Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier; Beit Byoot (Jordan, Qatar/2019) by Mayar Hamdan; The Unlucky Hamster (Qatar, Indonesia/2019) by Abdulaziz Mohammed Khashabi; Child of the Earth (Switzerland, USA/2018) by Claudio Fäh; The Kite (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland/2019) by Martin Smatana; and Nada Bedair’s Paper Kite (Qatar/2019).

The Overcome short film selection, screening at 3 PM at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City, is a testament to the ability of people to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. The programme includes: Layla (UK/2019) by Celine Cotran; Jolanta Bańkowska’s Story (Poland/2019); Youth (Egypt, USA/2019) by Farida Zahran; Thermostat 6 (France/2018) by Maya Av-ron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert,  Sixtine Dano; Maradona’s Legs (Germany, Palestine/2019) by Firas Khoury; Esperança (France/2019) by Cécile Rousset, Jeanne Paturle, Benjamin Serero; Fault Line (Iran/2018) by Soheil Amirsharifi; Baptiste Drapeau’s Half and Half (France/2018); The Helmet (Yemen/2019) by Osama Khaled; Memo (France/2017) by Julien Becquer, Éléna Dupressoir, Jules Durand, Viviane Guimarães, Ines Scheiber; Refuge (Qatar/2019) by Maha Essid; and Fragile (Qatar/2019) by Kholood Al-Ali.

Join the last day of Ajyal Film 3 [].jpg

Today is your last opportunity to watch an exciting selection of feature films:

  • For Sama (Syria, UK/2019) by Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts screening at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City at 5.30 PM. Please note that the screening is rated PG-18.
  • Ailo’s Journey (France, Finland/2018) by Guillaume Maidatchevsky will screen at Novo Cinemas, the Pearl, at 5.30 PM.
  • DFI-supported feature Bombay Rose (India, France, UK, Qatar/2019) by Gitanjali Rao screeening at 8.30 PM at Novo Cinemas, the Pearl. Please note that the screening is rated PG-18.
  • DFI-supported film You Will Die at Twenty (Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Qatar/2019) by Amjad Abu Alala will screen at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City at 8.30 PM and is rated PG-15.
  • Honeyland (North Macedonia/2019) by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska will screen at 6 PM at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City.

Tickets for the 7th Ajyal Film Festival are available for purchase at the Ajyal Main Box Office located in Katara Building 10; at the Ajyal Box Office at VOX Cinemas Doha Festival City for screenings taking place at VOX Cinemas; and from the Novo Cinemas Box Office for screenings at Novo Cinemas, the Pearl. For ticket purchase and up-to-date information on the Ajyal Film Festival, please visit:

2019 Ajyal Film Festival’s Official Partners include: Katara Cultural Village – Cultural Partner; Qatar National Tourism Council – Principal Partner; Novo Cinemas, Ooredoo – Strategic Partner, St. Regis Doha - Signature Partner.



The October uprising in Iraq

November 28, 2019

Since early October, there has been a spontaneous wave of demonstrations in Iraq’s capital Baghdad and other cities against widespread corruption, unemployment and poor public services.

Green Left Weekly’s Susan Price spoke to Sydney-based Iraqi human rights activist Abeer Hasan Abdulazeez about the significance of this movement.

* * *

What has caused the protest movement in Iraq and how significant is it?

I nicknamed it the October Revolution and in Arabic language it is called intifada.

The protests started on October 1, a date which was set by civil activists on social media, spreading over the central and southern provinces of Iraq, to protest 16 years of corruption, unemployment and inefficient public services.

The protests lasted for a whole week, continuously, then stopped on October 8 and resumed on the 25th. After this day, the demands escalated into calls to overthrow the administration and stop Iranian interference in Iraq’s affairs

The Iraqi government used excessive force to suppress these demonstrations, using live bullets, snipers, hot water and tear gas against protesters. This resulted in 327 dead and over 6427 wounded, according to the latest statistics we have received.

The significance of this Intifada and what distinguishes these demonstrations, is that they did not come at the invitation of a party or political or religious groups, but were spontaneous, by young people who are not politically affiliated and from various regions of Baghdad and other provinces.

What are the people's demands?

As I explained earlier, corruption, unemployment and poor public services such as electricity, water, medical services and the absence of social security made Iraqi people struggle and suffer.

These were the primary factors that led to the intifada in its first phase. In the second phase, other demands were added for a radical change of government, including all members of parliament, as well as to change all the principles on which the Iraqi government was formed after 2003. They also added the demand for the removal of Iranian interference in Iraq's internal and external affairs and independence of the Iraqi political decision-making, to serve the interests of the Iraqi people and the region.

The Iraqi government tried to obscure the facts, distort the truth and the goal of the uprising, by accusing the demonstrators of not having clear and specific demands as well as not having leaders to represent them — so the Iraqi government could sit with them to negotiate the demands of the protesters..

The advanced political awareness among protesting youth and others made them reorganise themselves to form a group of leaders, representing the demonstrators and by states and provinces. They also reviewed all the demands of the demonstrators to make them clear, specific and uniform.

How has the United States invasion of Iraq contributed to the conditions for this uprising?

I do not think so there is a relation between these two events. Some may find that there is a strong link between the entry of US troops to Iraq in 2003 and the uprising that is occurring at present. But that is at least from my point of view.

That is because this big military operation carried out by the US in 2003 in Iraq was the reason for the removal of the former dictatorship and helped to adopt a new political system.

Unfortunately, the government that took power after 2003 with the support of the US was not able to meet the government promised to the Iraqi people, because it was occupied with political and partisan conflicts to obtain sources of power in Parliament as well as money.

On the other hand, I agree with those who say that the entry of the US into Iraq in 2003 also had negative aspects. The severe destruction that accompanied these military operations is one of them, which led to the destruction of 95% of Iraq's infrastructure, as well as the destruction of the army and its equipment in almost complete form.

Iraqis are still suffering from the effects of the destruction of its infrastructure, which not all governments since 2003 have been able to repair. The Iraqi people are still suffering from the lack of electricity, water and sewage services as well as in the areas of health and education.

The most important negative factors that emerged after the occupation of the US in Iraq is the security vacuum in the region as well as Iraq. The Iraqi border became unprotected during US military operations, which resulted in the entry by many militias who work with regional or external forces. This is what we saw through the invasion of ISIS militias into northern Iraq and the occupation of Mosul and some other areas, which required a lot of effort and money as well as sacrifice of lives to liberate these areas from ISIS by the Iraqi army.

What has been the response of the traditional parties of the left to this movement?

The reaction and response of the traditional Iraqi opposition parties were supportive of the uprising and the demands of the demonstrators, despite the difference of emphasis. Where some appeared to be trying to exploit the uprising to promote a party through the assertion and support for the demands of the demonstrators, others showed double attitudes and lack of clarity and frankness.

The general response was in favour of this uprising, supportive of its demands and belief in political reform as the radical solution to the crisis in Iraq.

All Iraqi opposition parties, as well as many parties in Arab countries, Europe, Latin America, all human rights organisations and other international parties have supported the demands of the demonstrators and condemned the use of excessive force by the Iraqi authorities, which have included the killing of many people and injuring of thousands.

The Iraqi community and other communities in a number of countries, including Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden and the US are also standing in support of the rightful demands of the demonstrators and condemning the practices of power against the protesters.

What new political forces are emerging?

At the moment, there is no indication of the emergence of new political forces or ideologies.

On the contrary, all political forces in Iraq and parties are now considering and monitoring the results that will follow the intifada, to determine their stance.

Some parties have claimed support for the demonstrators and their demands, but the support by those parties is nothing but political deceit to ensure their survival in power and in the political scene.

In addition, some political forces and parties involved in the current Iraqi government think that support for the demonstrators will give them the opportunity in the future to change stances and ensure the support of the Iraqi people.

Swinging positions by some political forces, as I mentioned earlier, was a strategy to ensure they stay in the political game, whatever the outcome of this crisis.

Dual positions are only a temporary political tactic, in the event of the victory of the intifada and the fulfillment of the demands of the demonstrators — which will certainly be achieved and won.

Where do you see this movement going? Will it succeed? What are the next steps needed?

This revolution is going in the right direction, as long as the demonstrators stick to the demands and particularly, the demand for the overall change of government, parliament and the non-participation of the current parties in the upcoming elections.

The intifada will succeed, but will need more time than everybody expected, due to overlapping political interests, as well as the intervention of foreign forces that have the desire to retain the current Iraqi government in power. 

The next and important step is to mobilise more international support to pressure the Iraqi government to sit at the negotiating table and discuss the demands of the demonstrators, which represent the demands of the entire Iraqi people.

As part of the process to increase international support, we are in constant contact with most of the Iraqi community living in Australia and abroad.

Also, we are encouraging them to ask the governments of the countries in which they live to raise the issue in all international forums and to pressure the Iraqi government internationally, which will accelerate the process of political changes in Iraq.

In line with the requirements of supporting the uprising in Iraq, The Dream association is working hard with Iraqi community members to raise the issue of Iraq and explain the reasons that caused the intifada. We are succeeding in getting solidarity from other organisations and communities living in Australia, such as the Chilean community and their organisations as well as Australian organisations, including the Greens, other human rights organisations and a few members of  parliament.

The October uprising will succeed eventually, the people of Iraq will get their rights, no matter how long it takes.

How united are the forces in this movement? How important is unity?

What attracts attention about the October uprising and makes it distinctive and different from the previous uprisings in the past, is that the demonstrators are spontaneously united in all their categories and that is something that encourages optimism.

The goals of the October uprising unite the protesters and brings them together as one against the Iraqi government. Moreover, the October uprising was born from 16 years of suffering of the Iraqi people. This suffering affected all categories of the Iraqi people, except the ruling class and the rich.

The protesters' strong belief in the issues and in changing the government and its underlying principles has united them all. These principles led to sectarian division and have divided Iraqi society. It is now known to everyone that these principles and ideologies were marketed by Iran to serve Iran’s interests in Iraq and in the region, through its affiliates in the Iraqi government.

The young intellectuals, who form the largest volume in the uprising, have a great awareness of the reality of the political situation in Iraq and the changes needed to the government.

They will maintain the momentum that will push the uprising to continue until the changes are achieved and for the fulfillment of all demands.

The people of Iran are once again mobilising against the regime. Do you see this struggle as related to the struggle in Iraq? Does the Iraqi movement see itself as part of the struggles emerging in the Middle East, Chile and elsewhere?

Certainly, there is a relationship between the struggle of the Iraqi people and the Iranian people, but it is an indirect relationship and there is no cooperation between the two movements.

The two movements in Iraq and Iran suffered corrupt regimes that seized the wealth of the people.

Most of the Iranian people, especially intellectuals and youth, reject the expansionist policies of the Iranian government in the region and its interventions in the affairs of neighboring countries — such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen — to attempt to control them completely.

The struggle against corrupt government, unemployment and poverty of public services and for freedom, equality and justice has become the demand of all peoples who struggle across the world. Therefore, the Iraqi movement is part of struggles that are emerging in the Middle East, Chile and elsewhere — and vice versa.

The protests in Iraq, Lebanon, Chile and elsewhere are complementary, because they represent the right of all humankind to live in freedom, with dignity and justice.

[Abeer Hasan Abdulazeez is the founder of The Dream association, an organisation that supports human rights and assists refugees. She has worked in international diplomacy, publishing and broadcasting.]

Protest in solidarity with Iraq in Sydney on November 24.


New leaders take over at European Union

Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen and Belgium’s Charles Michel have taken senior jobs.

Commander - FNM Hiveworld @ Cologne (Germany)

1st - Aminatou, The Fateshifter2nd - Tymna Ravos

Legacy - FSW Series #19 @ Würzburg (Germany)

1st - Enchantress2nd - Grixis DelverTop4 - No Good Bant DeckTop4 - Ur Delver

Initiative Gewerkschafterinnen und Gewerkschafter für Klimaschutz



Gewerkschafterinnen und Gewerkschafter für KlimaschutzSelbstverständnis: "Nirgendwo wird der Widerspruch zwischen wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis und politischem Handeln deutlicher als bei der Klimaerwärmung. (...) Die größte Quelle des Treibhausgases CO² in Deutschland ist die Braunkohle. Als wichtigstes Argument gegen den Ausstieg führen Gewerkschaften den Erhalt der Arbeitsplätze an. Die Sorge um die Existenz von zehntausenden Familien ist dabei mehr als gerechtfertigt. Deswegen gilt es eben jetzt schon, genauso wie es im Steinkohlebergbau praktiziert wurde, sich Gedanken über die Zukunft der Menschen in den Braunkohlerevieren zu machen und sinnvolle Alternativen zu erarbeiten. Dies ist zuallererst Aufgabe der Beschäftigten, Gewerkschaften, der Betriebsräte, der ortsansässigen Bevölkerung, der Politik, aber auch von Wissenschaft und der Zivilgesellschaft - und nicht zuletzt von Unternehmen. (...) Klimagerechtigkeit bedeutet, sowohl die Interessen der Beschäftigten, der Anwohner als auch die der globalen Umwelt zu berücksichtigen. Der Weg zu einer Gesellschaft ohne massiven Ressourcenverbrauch, ist nur mit einer Umgestaltung der Gesellschaft zu erreichen. Die Macht der großen Öl-, Kohle und anderer Energiekonzerne muss beendet werden. Das gesellschaftliche Leben muss ausgehend von menschlichen Bedürfnissen gestaltet werden und nicht von den Profiterwartungen einer globalen Minderheit. Neue Arbeitsplätze entstehen z.B. beim Rückbau der Fördergebiete, bei der Ansiedlung zukunftsfähiger Betriebe oder auch von Anlagen erneuerbarer Energien. Aber das kann nur ein erster Schritt sein. Ein weiterer wäre die Umsetzung einer alten Gewerkschaftsforderung: Die nach radikaler Arbeitszeitverkürzung – 30 Stunden Woche bei vollem Lohn und Personalausgleich." Aus dem Selbstverständnis der Gruppe, beschlossen im März 2017. Siehe weitere Infos zur Initiative. Neu: Vom Klimawandel zum Gesellschaftswandel - Klimakonferenz der Klimagewerkschafter*innen am 25.1.2020 in Köln

Der Beitrag Initiative Gewerkschafterinnen und Gewerkschafter für Klimaschutz erschien zuerst auf LabourNet Germany.


Alle Jahre wieder: Adventskalender zur digitalen Selbstverteidigung von Digitalcourage


Adventskalender Digitalcourage (2016)"Sie wissen nicht, wie sie Ihren Browser datenschutzfreundlich konfigurieren oder eine freie Alternative zu Windows installieren? Sie befürchten, ohne Google Maps nicht den richtigen Weg zu finden? Sie überblicken nicht mehr, welche Dienste zu Großkonzernen wie Google gehören und wo Sie im Alltag Datenspuren hinterlassen? Dann ist der Adventskalender von Digitalcourage mit Tipps zur digitalen Selbstverteidigung genau das Richtige für Sie. Das Ganze funktioniert wie ein gewöhnlicher Schokoladen-Adventskalender, mit einem Unterschied: Der Adventskalender ist virtuell. Jeden Tag öffnet Digitalcourage ein neues Türchen: Dahinter verbergen sich effektive Tipps und Tricks gegen Tracking, Datensammelwut und Überwachung im digitalen Alltag. Dabei haben wir nicht nur unsere eigene Privatsphäre im Blick sondern auch die unserer Kinder – Zuhause und in der Schule. Auch hier hat Digitalcourage Tipps für Eltern und Lehrkräfte parat. Ohne zu viel zu verraten: Freuen Sie sich auf folgende Themen: Sichere Passwörter, Messenger, Digitale Selbstverteidigung für Eilige, Geschenkideen für Weihnachten, vernetzte Kinderzimmer, Suchmaschinen, das Fediverse, Digitale Mündigkeit, befreite Smartphones, GNU/Linux, Datenschutz an Schulen, sichere Browser, Anti-Zensur-DNS, ein Linsengericht und viele weitere spannende Themen und Denkanstöße!" Adventskalender mit 24 Tipps zur digitalen Selbstverteidigung

Der Beitrag Alle Jahre wieder: Adventskalender zur digitalen Selbstverteidigung von Digitalcourage erschien zuerst auf LabourNet Germany.


“Befristung macht krank”: Großer Unmut der Beschäftigten der Universität Kassel über herrschende Befristungssituation



Initiative Uni Kassel Unbefristet “Der Hörsaal war bis auf den letzten Platz gefüllt. Viele saßen auf den Treppen, als am gestrigen Morgen die außerordentliche Personalversammlung zum Thema Befristung an der Universität Kassel stattfand. (...) Den Einstieg gestaltete Uni Kassel Unbefristet mit einem Vortrag, in dem sie Zahlen zur Befristungssituation an den Hochschulen präsentierten, über Auswirkungen von Kettenverträgen sprachen und die „organisierte Verantwortungslosigkeit“ klar herausstellten: Die Universität verweist aufs Land, das Land auf die Universität, beide zusammen an den Bund und keiner fühlt sich zuständig. „Das Argument der gebundenen Hände, das auch von den Vertretern des Präsidiums wiederholt wurde, ließen die Beschäftigten richtigerweise nicht gelten: Eindrücklich stellten Kolleg*innen in zahlreichen persönlichen Berichten die Absurdität des Befristungsunwesens heraus. (...) Wir können das nicht akzeptieren und fordern eine verbindliche Vereinbarung zwischen der Dienststelle und dem Personalrat mit konkreten, nachprüfbaren Maßnahmen im Sinne einer umfassenden Entfristung für alle Beschäftigtengruppen. Auf Worte müssen Taten folgen und das heißt: Schluss mit der organisierten Verantwortungslosigkeit!“ Pressemitteilung von UniKassel Unbefristet vom 13.12.2018. Siehe neu: Befristeter Adventskalender

Der Beitrag “Befristung macht krank”: Großer Unmut der Beschäftigten der Universität Kassel über herrschende Befristungssituation erschien zuerst auf LabourNet Germany.


Klimastreik als die Möglichkeit eines Einstiegs in die “große ökologische Transformation” unserer Gesellschaft…


... wenn uns nicht wegen der Trägheit der Politik die Kipppunkte noch einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen. Kommentierte Presseschau von Volker Bahl vom 1.12.2019 - wir danken!

Der Beitrag Klimastreik als die Möglichkeit eines Einstiegs in die “große ökologische Transformation” unserer Gesellschaft… erschien zuerst auf LabourNet Germany.


Post - Tknika and the Basque VET System in the Formnext Fair

The leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing Formnext took place last week in Frankfurt (Germany). All the most important technology and machine manufacturers, service-providers, distributors, software developers and research centers attended the faire, making it the most important event about additive manufacturing of the year. A group of teachers from the Basque Vocational […]

Relocating to Germany as an expat professional

Relocating to Germany can be far easier if it’s carefully planned.

One obvious issue for all expat reassignments is that it’s impossible to settle in your new country until you’ve settled into a new home and dealt with the bureaucratic necessities. In this respect, Germany is no different than any other expat destination, excepting...
Emigrate UK - News


New leaders take over at European Union

Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen and Belgium’s Charles Michel have taken senior jobs.

Wirecard’s boon and SwatchPAY! launch in Germany and Austria

<ul><li>Now available in Germany and Austria: Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch presents six new SwatchPAY! watches that consumers can pay with</li><li>

Advent (Germany)

Advent (Germany)

Many German households observe Advent with an Advent wreath. Traditionally fashioned from a fir branch entwined with gold and silver ribbons or bits of red thread, the wreaths also contain holders for four candles. German families display the wreath on a tabletop or suspend it from the ceiling. One candle is lit on each of the Sundays in Advent. Many German households light a "Star of Seven," a seven-branched candelabrum, on Christmas Eve, and at midnight carry the lit "star" though the dark to the village church for the Christmas Eve service. More...

Ikon - Hallowed Ground (Limited Edition) (CD)

Another super limited edition LIVE-album, that testimonies one of IKON’s biggest shows EVER, in front of thousands of fans at one of the World’s biggest Indie festivals: Recorded live on 24 tracks at M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim Germany on 11.8.2002

Esplendor Geometrico - Cinetica (Limited Edition) (LP)

Limited and numbered edition of 600 copies! Esplendor Geométrico, the influential "industrial" pioneers of the pulsating, hypnotic and mechanical rhythms, returns with a new album “CINETICA”, after their previous "Fluida Mekaniko" (2016). Based now in Shanghai and Rome, they have not stopped their live performances all over the world in the last two years (Germany, Spain, Russia, UK, France, Italy, and recently Chile) with great success. The LP includes 8 tracks [10 on the CD version], recorded between 2018 & 2019. CINETICA gives a twist to the line that the group has followed in their last albums, highlighted by a more elaborate sound. A sound less raw, but without losing the essence of E.G.: hypnotic rhythms and innovative industrial music, danceable and tribal sometimes. Certain songs like “Acoplamiento internacional” and “Modulaciones”, with eastern and African voices, remember the classic LP Mekano Turbo (1988) that is considered as one of the best albums of E.G. In CINETICA there are filtered and natural voices, broken ,mechanical and industrial rhythms, synthesizers layers, percussion, noise, distortion, mongolian chants… ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and prepares special editions for that year! They have developed a unique style since 1980 that influenced many “industrial” musicians around the world, including the new trends of industrial techno.

Esplendor Geometrico - Cinetica (Limited Edition) (CD)

Also the CD version is a Limited Edition [500], comes in Digipak and features two additional, EXCLUSIVE Tracks! ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO: ARTURO LANZ & SAVERIO EVANGELISTARecorded in Shanghai and Roma 2018-2019Design: Alonso Urbanos. Cover photo: Arturo Lanz - First new album of Esplendor Geométrico after Fluida Mekaniko (2016)! - pioneers and international cult band of rhythmic industrial music - Recommended both for “old school” industrial fans and followers of new ‘industrial techno’ - Limited Editions (vinyl: 600 copies – CD digipak: 500 copies) Esplendor Geométrico, the influential "industrial" pioneers of the pulsating, hypnotic and mechanical rhythms, returns with a new album “CINETICA”, after their previous "Fluida Mekaniko" (2016). Based now in Shanghai and Rome, they have not stopped their live performances all over the world in the last two years (Germany, Spain, Russia, UK, France, Italy, and recently Chile) with great success. The LP includes 8 tracks [10 on the CD version], recorded between 2018 & 2019. CINETICA gives a twist to the line that the group has followed in their last albums, highlighted by a more elaborate sound. A sound less raw, but without losing the essence of E.G.: hypnotic rhythms and innovative industrial music, danceable and tribal sometimes. Certain songs like “Acoplamiento internacional” and “Modulaciones”, with eastern and African voices, remember the classic LP Mekano Turbo (1988) that is considered as one of the best albums of E.G. In CINETICA there are filtered and natural voices, broken ,mechanical and industrial rhythms, synthesizers layers, percussion, noise, distortion, mongolian chants… ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 and prepares special editions for that year! They have developed a unique style since 1980 that influenced many “industrial” musicians around the world, including the new trends of industrial techno.

Dritter dm-Markt eröffnet in Bad Kreuznach


Zeit: 28.11.2019 08:00 CET - 07.12.2019 21:00 CET
Ort: dm-drogerie markt, Rüdesheimer Straße 92, 55545 Bad Kreuznach

In Bad Kreuznach eröffnet ein weiterer dm-Markt. Der neue Markt an der der dritte in der Kurstadt. Am 28. November 2019 wird es eine Eröffnungsfeier Leckereien, wie beispielsweise frischen Waffeln, geben.

Am Donnerstag, 28. November 2019, eröffnet in der Rüdesheimer Straße 92 ein neuer dm-Markt. Filialleiter Dennis Suchan kommt aus der Region und arbeitet bereits seit sechs Jahren bei dm. „Ich bin schon seit drei Jahren Filialleiter in Bad Kreuznach. Meine Ausbildung zum Drogisten habe ich auch bei dm gemacht“, erzählt er. „Ich freue mich sehr auf meine zukünftigen Kollegen und darauf, meine bisherigen Erfahrungen mit ihnen zu teilen.“ Alle acht Stellen des dm-Teams wurden neu geschaffen. Außerdem bereichern zwei Lehrlinge die dm-Kolleginnen und Kollegen. Zum 1. August 2020 sucht der dm-Markt in Bad Kreuznach einen weiteren Lehrling, der das Team tatkräftig unterstützen möchte. Wer Interesse an einer Ausbildung bei dm hat, kann sich über bewerben.

Der neue dm-Markt in Bad Kreuznach bietet seinen Kunden ein reichhaltiges Sortiment. Babybreie, Windeln oder Schnuller – in der dm-Kinderwelt gibt es Pflegeprodukte, Nahrungsmittel und entwicklungsfördernde Spielsachen ebenso wie Säuglings- und Kinderkleidung bis Größe 104 der dm-Marke ALANA, die bereits zum vierten Mal von einer unabhängigen Jury zur „GREEN BRAND Germany“ gewählt und für den Einsatz in den Bereichen Nachhaltigkeit und Klimaschutz ausgezeichnet wurde. Ein Wickeltisch mit kostenfreien Pflegeprodukten steht ebenso wie eine Stillecke für alle Mamas bereit. Ein Spielwürfel und ein Schaukelpferd für die Kleinen bringt besonders viel Spaß beim Einkauf.

Neben dem großen Baby-/Kind-Sortiment finden die Kunden im neuen Kreuznacher dm-Markt zukünftig an der 16 Meter langen Schönheitstheke auch eine große Auswahl an dekorativer Kosmetik. An der Fotobedientheke gibt es zudem die Möglichkeit, die schönsten Familienfotos auszudrucken.

Kundenaktionen im Überblick

Bis Samstag, 7. Dezember, zehn Prozent Willkommens-Rabatt auf alle Einkäufe

Donnerstag, 28. November, Eröffnungstag
9 bis 18 Uhr: frische Waffeln mit Produkten von dmBio
10 bis 17 Uhr: Glitzertattoos für Kinder

Freitag, 29. November
9 bis 18 Uhr: frische Crêpes

Samstag, 30. November
9 bis 18 Uhr: gebrannte Mandeln


Fast Lane nach ISO / IEC 27001 : 2013 zertifiziert


Hamburg, 27. November 2019 – Fast Lane Germany wurde erfolgreich nach ISO / IEC 27001 : 2013 zertifiziert. Das eingeführte, angewendete und auditierte Informationssicherheits-Managementsystem (ISMS) umfasst den Geltungsbereich: Dienstleistungen und Lösungen für die Bereiche Training, Consulting, Digitale Transformation, Cloud Services, Talent Programme, Managed Training Services (MTS), Digitale Lernlösungen (LaaS, PaaS) und Event Lösungen (EaaS) einschließlich der Prozesse und Daten, Mitarbeiter und Systeme sowie Bereiche IT, Verwaltung, Personal, Buchhaltung und Vertrieb.


Germany is closing all its nuclear power plants. Now it has a problem with deadly waste

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NP Interviews: the AGU 2019 Turcotte awardee Vera Melinda Galfi

Before pursuing a scientific career, Melinda studied economics and worked in the field for several years. Her scientific career took place until now in Hamburg, Germany, where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies in meteorology. Melinda finished her PhD in 2018 under the supervision of Valerio Lucarini, studying extreme events in chaotic atmospheric models. She received the 2019 Donald L. Turcotte Award from the Nonliniear Geophysics section of the AGU for her PhD thesis. Her research focuses on understanding high dimensional chaotic dynamical systems, like the atmosphere, and includes the study of extreme values, large deviations, and instabilities in these systems. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Hamburg working on instabilities in chaotic systems by using covariant Lyapunov vectors. So, Melinda congratulations for the award. Did you expect it? I knew that my PhD supervisor, Valerio Lucarini, nominated me for the award, but I did not expect to actually receive it… Well, to be honest, there was of course a tiny little hope deep inside me, but I was still very surprised and very happy when the notification came from the AGU. The award is assigned to an early-career or postdoctoral scientist in recognition of outstanding dissertation research that contributes directly to nonlinear geophysics. How important is nonlinear geophysics in your professional life? I am a person who always seeks to answer the “why” question when studying something, and I think that nonlinear geophysics helps a lot to answer this question if the object to be studied is a geophysical system. Nonlinearity is a basic property of complex geophysical systems like the atmosphere or the climate. Thus nonlinear geophysics is indispensable for studying and understanding these systems, and I am driven by the need to understand them. So, nonlinear geophysics is essential in my professional life. Why is your work important for the nonlinear geophysics? My PhD work is a contribution to the study of extreme events in nonlinear, chaotic atmospheric systems. I study these events and the related systems not only from a geophysical point of view, but based on methods of dynamical systems theory and statistical mechanics. Thus I obtain valuable information about both, the extremes and the dynamical properties of the system producing these extremes. An important part of my study is the applicability of basic limit laws of Extreme Value Theory and Large Deviation Theory in chaotic dynamical systems. In my thesis I point out the advantages of using these powerful methods, but I also specify their drawbacks in case of applications to geophysical data. These limit laws have a certain predictive power in a statistical sense, and they reveal universal properties of extreme events and large deviations that help us understand the system itself. However, to apply them in a rigorous way one has to reach asymptotic levels, involving that one looses information related to persistence, which is of course counterproductive if one is interested in studying persistent extreme events, for example. Nonetheless, I also show that we can still analyze persistent events based on these limit laws by constructing adequate observables. Which benefits will you receive from the AGU? In addition to the award certificate I will receive a monetary price of 200 $. I am also invited to present a talk on my dissertation topic at the AGU Fall Meeting in December 2019 in San Francisco. Are there key people you would like to thank? Yes, of course. I would like to thank to my PhD supervisor, Valerio Lucarini, not only for nominating me for the award, but also for his support during and after my PhD. This dissertation would not have been possible without him. I am also thankful to my co-supervisor Christian Franzke and to my co-authors, Tamas Bodai and Jeroen Wouters, for sharing their expert knowledge with me and for their guidance in the world of scientific research. What do you wish for the future of this field? A basic characteristic of nonlinear geophysics/geosciences is multidisciplinarity, and the interaction between its subfields plays a crucial role for its future development. Furthermore this field offers essential contributions to fundamental geoscience research, making the interaction between nonlinear geophysics and other geoscience fields also extremely important. I wish that in the future there is an intensification of co-operations between subfields of nonlinear geophysics, and I also hope for a strengthening and spreading of the connections with other geoscience fields. So that nonlinear geophysics continues to develop new methodologies, new modelling and data analysis techniques, but also distributes its groundbreaking findings, and makes them available for relevant applications.

Let’s start with the appearance of that mysterious letter r


are naughty gifts appropriate for the holidays

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Adult Toys The Presidents of the General Assembly and of the Security Council will jointly circulate to all Member States, on an ongoing basis, and publish on this webpage, the names of individuals that have been submitted for consideration. The second round of dialogues with two additional candidates tookplace on 7 June. A Global Townhall with ten candidates took place on 12 July in UN General Assembly Hall, broadcast live on UN WebTV by Al Jazeera media. Adult Toys

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animal dildo Any materially different terms from those described in these Terms of Sale will be disclosed at the time of purchase or in other communications made available to you. You can find specific details regarding your subscription by logging in to your account on our website and clicking on the "My Subscriptions" tab. We reserve the right to change or terminate any offered subscriptions or promotions at any time. animal dildo

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People who have physical and mental disabilities in our society are very rarely viewed as sexual beings. After paralyzing accidents in which patients lose the use of their lower body, they have been told by doctors, "Why are you concerned about sex? You should be glad to just be alive!" Up until somewhat recently, eugenics movements in the United States sterilized handicapped patients to avoid having to deal with their sexuality. This was not only an unethical practice, but one that also did not contribute an actual solution to the problem at hand; all people, including those who are differently abled, are sexual beings.

g spot vibrator ''The best directors I've worked with always adjusted to what was happening with the actor,'' he says. For Phoenix, a great performance is in the director's hands it's ultimately the director's world he's entering. ''On set I've seen things when actors have given great performances and once it's cut together you don't feel it, you don't care. g spot vibrator

Why not give my encounter tracker a try (it on DMs Guild but don worry, it free). Input your player and monster stats and it tell you the difficulty of the encounter. With my players I tend to aim for "hard" because the gits have crazily OP builds (damn those YouTube guides).

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Just as we said before that many things shouldn't be seen by the public, they were all private. But now the society is developing more and more transparent and open, so there will be a problem that which is private which is not. For example, making the transactions public cannot be imagined in the past, especially for the banking system.

wholesale vibrators We are 87% of stalkers. Nearly 9 times as many men (5,037,000) as women (581 dildos,000) had ever at one time been incarcerated in a State or Federal prison at year end 2001. In 2004, men were almost 10 times more likely than women to commit murder. There a huge 50 foot + tower of skulls smashed and scarred with machete marks. And while you are walking through it, there are ghoulish landmine victims that live in the woods and pop out asking you for money. I pretty jaded to spooky stuff but this place was the most disturbing place I ever visited and stuck with me. wholesale vibrators

dildos However, I've always been attracted to people of all sorts of body types, often without really consciously realizing that I find things hot in other people that I reject about myself. Becoming aware of that and kind of making it a point to remind myself of this is helping me appreciate myself more, too. I really actually adore little quirks, things that set people apart, things that others might view as "flaws", and there's really no reason that others might not appreciate things that I consider "flaws" in myself."The question is not who will let me, but who is going to stop me." Ayn Rand. dildos

wholesale vibrators Ms. Lenk fared better in "Spider Man" and then in "Once," where she played the violin wielding Rza for a year and a half. (Around that time, she also settled in the tellingly down home neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens.) "Indecent," which she joined for its 2015 premiere at Yale Repertory Theater dildos, allowed her to draw on her many skills: Ms. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys Bam. Put those eight extra in the junk drawer for when the DVD remote diesor you can build a fort. Like a mini fort for Lego guys or something. Coquette's products from the Signature Collection are cheaper in price and usually one size fits most. They sometimes run smaller than the measurements but are decent one size. While this might fit a lot of people, the damn back of the skirt isn't going to sit right Adult Toys.


Van der Zwaan’s defense lawyer argued that a fine was


cruz kills campaign ad featuring former softcore porn star

g spot vibrator Neko Case's voice sounds like it originates from the belly of Mother Earth herself. In her music, you can hear the roots of trees, the wisdom of ancient warrior bones, the shift of tectonic plates, molten lava and placid water. "Have mercy on the natural world vibrators," she sings on the title track to her latest album Hell On. g spot vibrator

g spot vibrator And again, everyone came out for it. It was mostly a great time, if you were able to ignore the fact that my dad looked like he had aged 20 years, his sallow skin was even more yellow, and the bald look did NOT work for him at all. Once we hit NYE Greenwich Mean Time, we knew nothing would happen and I honestly think he was kind of let down. g spot vibrator

dildos People become addicted to the Oasis, lying and stealing in real life to satisfy their virtual obsession. Mr. Spielberg said that with the next generation, "after five minutes of conversation, there is 20 minutes of prayer.". Sex toys were always part of our love live she always use a vibrator during sex on her clit. We bought her first one and all the others together. Never bothered me and we talked about it openly before we first used one. dildos

dildos He lay on my queen size bed and took up the entire space. He left black lint on the sheet. He laid his head in my lap and looked up at me. The vibrations, on the highest power level, are only moderate. The highest level of vibration is a 3 out of 5 vroom level. The noise level isn't whisper quiet, but it should not be heard from beneath the blankets through a closed door.. dildos

When running HUE Disco the strip is producing very jerky transitions in comparison to my HUE bulbs. I can set the dimming all the way down on the strip though. But is the low level dimming issue that the low level is not really "low" or that the LED strips start to flicker when you low level dim?.

Adult Toys Meanwhile, the slight decrease in rates was enough to boost mortgage applications, according to the latest data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The market composite index a measure of total loan application volume increased 4.8 percent from a week earlier. The refinance index jumped 7 percent, while the purchase index rose 3 percent.. Adult Toys

g spot vibrator Enjoy what you have and let her go firstWe incorporated dildos is some of our love making sessions. Normally its always foreplay with some type of clit stimulation. Then sometimes a dildo or vibe like the Jopen VR 7. The conversation between Hall, who is also a massage therapist, and Margaret Capehart, a retired nurse, reveals that things have changed and so much remains the same. Racism, low expectations and fear for the safety of their sons remain omnipresent. But my mother told me she thought it was easier to raise me when she did compared to what she would have to deal with today. g spot vibrator

Adult Toys This article has all the information about footwear. Not only do you have to keep up with grades and sports, but injuries are an unfortunate reality to contend with as well. Wear it to a party vibrators, an evening out with friends, to the office, for an errand and you will find yourself feeling comfortable and completely at ease. Adult Toys

Adult Toys Kilimnik, long Mr. Manafort's right hand man in Kiev, where he worked for years before joining the Trump campaign.In an hourlong hearing, Mr. Van der Zwaan's defense lawyer argued that a fine was sufficient punishment because his client revealed what he knew in a subsequent interview.She also noted that the prosecutors who interviewed Mr. Adult Toys

The door opens with a whisper of cold air, and I see her gather my work clothes from the floor where I'd tossed them. "I set your things on the bed," she calls, and shuts the door again. I picture pajamas on the bedspread, the pillows plump and cozy, and her vibrators, lying there with her robe untied.

It's not just that college graduates make more money, it's that the gap in earnings between those who complete college and those who don't is widening strongly suggesting that the supply of graduates is not sufficient to meet the existing jobs demand. With the need for college graduates growing, this reflects a serious long term problem for the nation. We now need to act aggressively to ramp up the supply of college graduates.

gay sex toys I'll never betray him." So in my head, the answer was 1000 times yes. Yes of course I'll marry him! This is everything I ever wanted. But what did I actually say? "Can I see it??" That's how I responded. In the bookcase I have my Vixen Creations on display in their tubes. I keep my porn and sex books on there too. On the bottom shelf I have small bins on top of larger bins. gay sex toys

g spot vibrator Gave me a CT scan, Morphine, blood/urine test and said to go home because there is nothing to do but pass it. $12,000 bill. My insurance sucks, I'm responsible for about $6,000.. Mr. Jones sat behind his desk, clutching the remains of his hair, contemplating if there was room under his desk for him to hide. Paper airplanes and spitballs filled the air. g spot vibrator

Adult Toys The best thing about this costume is hands down the amount of items included with it. It's a built in garter costume which comes with black pantyhose, a lacy leg garter, and a ribbon tie removable apron. I'm a little up in the air on the apron; I think the costume can go with or without it, but I think I favor with it really ties in the whole maid theme. Adult Toys

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dildo Walters also brought up David Letterman vibrators, who apologized over the summer for telling a joke on his show about one of Palin's daughters getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez. Now, de Moraes writes vibrators, "Dave's running a 'Late Show' segment called 'Things More Fun Than Reading the Sarah Palin Memoir.' No. 14: driving a jeep into a tree.". dildo

wholesale vibrators Cleaning it is a very simple process. It's Spandex and Nylon, so just soak it down with some soapy water, rinse it off, and hang it to dry. Straight out of the package there isn't any odor or taste to the material, and everything seems to wash off it just fine to date. wholesale vibrators

Adult Toys If I'm angry or sad, it helps work out some of the frustrations and tensions. I do it because I know it's good for my body, and I like to keep myself in good shape so I can concentrate on other things I enjoy, like writing, or reading, or going out with my friends. I have to admit that sometimes I when I'm exercising, I'm hoping it'll have some magical trimming effect on my pouchy tummy, but if I focus on the other, more beneficial aspects of what I'm doing, having a smaller stomach seems pretty silly. Adult Toys

gay sex toys One of the upsides of this product is that cleanup is super easy. Since it is a water based lube, we just jumped in the shower. Interestingly vibrators, the water seemed to reactivate the lube, so things were fairly slick all over again the addition of soap into the mix took care of that though.. gay sex toys

dildo The primary allergenic component in cats is actually in their saliva and dander, rather than in fur; you will occasionally see (especially) breeders of various "rexed" (curly haired kitties) or hairless cat breeds claiming their cats are hypoallergenic, but this isn the case. (In fact, it actually arguable that most cats sold as "low allergen" are actually more allergenic than the standard mixed breed housecat.) Even bathing the cat will not make it less allergenic. Your best bet is to, well, get thee to an allergist and get allergy shots.. dildo

dildo (I helped her survive April Fool's Day, it exists in Japan but isn't a big thing.)Roommate 3 tried to kill me. She was a German student who spoke EXCELLENT English. She came over to my house and spent New Years 2000 with me. This type is more mobile and one can offer much more possibilities for love plays with or without partner(s). The latest technological achievement is totally new kind of strapless strap on. The most popular sex toy material that is convenient for designing any shape and texture of the shaft. dildo

dildos And as for air pollution, France has some of the cleanest air in the EU due to its use of nuclear power, and it carbon emissions are less than 10% that of Germany, and even lower than that of Denmark. Nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide has been reduced by over 70% in 20 years, while power output tripled. Seriously if any other industry was under the same level of scrutiny that nuclear is the news would be flooded by reports of accidents and deaths. dildos

wholesale vibrators Organizers claim not to be concerned about the Darwinian party dynamic. A rep for the American Music balls predicts people will buy multiple tickets, planning to party hop. Jenifer Sarver, a Black Tie Boots spokeswoman, said huge demand in '05 prompted a move to a bigger space. wholesale vibrators

sex toys The Flexihead Rippled is definitely something that is a different addition to my toy box. It is meant for anal play, but I am sure that it could also be used in vaginal play as well. I mean, it does vibrate vibrators, so the possibilities are all in the user and where they want to feel those vibrations.. sex toys

dildo The only con, which may be a big deal to some, is that it doesn't shape your body. I think most people buy corsets to get that shapely body that we're all begging to have. I have no natural curves, even when I gain or lose weight, so I'm always looking for something to get me that hourglass shape. dildo

g spot vibrator It was kind of thin so it was to be expected. Corian is not that strong when it isHa, forgot all about this. Yes, I made a total of three toys, but only one of them is still around. After all, if he did decode it, he might decide you can reach orgasm by hanging from your toes from the ceiling fan, which unless you're really into danger, or have a secret fantasy about circus acts, probably isn't going to do it for you. (For the record, this is not an activity I recommend.)So, the first place I would suggest you start is to talk to your boyfriend. Yes, it might be awkward. g spot vibrator

g spot vibrator I'd like to add to the other comments here that Switches are a thing? My partner is super dominant but is also a switch who loves it when I top him and become his Domme for a while. I'm also primarily a submissive but am also a switch. He's totally fine without that as he had always been in BDSM relationships where he was the Dom.. g spot vibrator

Realistic Dildo Religious wars continued to be fought in Europe, until the 1648 Peace of Westphalia. The Spanish crown maintained its hegemony in Europe and was the leading power on the continent until the signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees, which ended a conflict between Spain and France that had begun during the Thirty Years' War. An unprecedented series of major wars and political revolutions took place around Europe and the world in the period between 1610 and 1700. Realistic Dildo

Not sure if this counts as kind. My now husband quit drugs, went back to school for his GED, upgraded his high school courses, and went to college. He did all this right when we started dating, and didn tell me about the process until a few months in (we were dating long distance at the time).

sex toys But I have a feeliong that if there was video or witnesses in the officer's favor you would still cry conspiracy. You're just anti police so just admit it. Thats why your bringing up irrelevant incidents and blindly accusing this officer of other misconduct.. sex toys

This is a lipstick type lip moisturizer. It is used effectively to prevent chapping and if your lips are chapped, the moisturizer will make them feel better. There is no healing properties to this product. On another occasion I wanted to see what things would be like with some other play things thrown in the mix. I was wearing my Gear Essentials Imperial cock ring. I also inserted my LELO Bob.

Realistic Dildo Just then, GQ correspondent Ana Marie Cox bounded up. "We just had a shot of tequila," a breathless Cox told him. "Would you like to come meet my date?" Fallon politely demurred. They will absolutely realize your problems regarding your printing products, and almost immediately they will provide you the best solution regarding your printing items. In next to no time vibrators, they will forward your requests towards the designing department. We are proposing discounted car stickers printing to our valued clients. Realistic Dildo

vibrators But most times, if I like a toy, I continue to like it unless and until I simply get bored. Even then, if I pull it out a few months later, I enjoy it again. Usually, if I dislike something, I know it from the get go cuz it just didn work for me.. If "my anecdote" doesn change facts, neither does your smugness. The fact is, who you know matters more than what you do. People get into positions because they family, or friends of family, or golfing buddies. vibrators

wholesale dildos What bothered him most, he said, was the district's tortured shape, designed to make it easier for a minority candidate to win the seat. He filed a case claiming racial gerrymandering and nursed it to the Supreme Court, which ruled in his favor in 1996. He began to file similar suits in other states. wholesale dildos

dog dildo I don't have a solid email list in general. It slowly grows through collecting info during calls. After that, I don't know good channels other than FB leads to get emails. Where the silicone, insertable portion of the toy meets up with the plastic base is my first complaint. There is a deep crack/divot that lube and liquids settle down into. Being that this is for anal use, I tend to go heavy with the lubricants, so it ends up have a little lube moat at the base of the toy, and it takes some extra effort in the cleaning department.. dog dildo

Realistic Dildo The gas industry has spent almost $50 million to lobby state lawmakers, and try to influence elections since 2007. That according to a report out Thursday by Common Cause of Pennsylvania. Money tracks campaign and lobbying dollars that must be reported to Pennsylvania Department of State. Realistic Dildo

wholesale dildos The findings of Mr. Stringer's audit were shared with Nycha months ago to allow the agency time to fix the problems before the report's public release. But additional letters from the agency indicated that corrective action could mean a work order was created or caution tape posted, not that the equipment has been fixed.. wholesale dildos

Given that our mind ultimately determines the quality of our reality not to mention, directs, stars in and produces our erotic adventures keeping it fit seems an obvious imperative. Ricard may be addressing general happiness, but as Epstein points out, the spiritual and the sexual entwine in the pursuit of the same end. A robust erotic life nourishes our well being, while well being fuels and shapes our erotic vitality..

wholesale vibrators This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. This kit promises luxurious hot pink pubes, and it sort of delivers. The bleach does lighten the pubic hair on natural brunettes and even on natural redheads without turning orange or doing a half assed job. The dye looks promising while it's on, but when you rinse away the excess the results are less than spectacular, leaving you with more of a pastel pink than a hot pink. wholesale vibrators

wholesale vibrators I am 6 feet tall but I'm not stronger than a man. A man can take a knife or a gun out of my hand if I don't use it quickly enough or correctly in the moment of pressure. They all said that if they were pepper sprayed their plans are over it doesn't matter how big they are or how strong they are, if you can't see, you're done. wholesale vibrators

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dog dildo I used to think that people that chose to get breast augmentation surgery or other cosmetic surgery (nose jobs, etc) are "fake", but I definitely changed my mind on that. I don't think there's anything wrong with such surgeries if they're done safely and it's truly what the person wants. I mean lots of people wear makeup vibrators, pierce their ears, etc. dog dildo

The G gel comes in a berry colored box that has text on all 4 sides. Ingredients, use, company info are clearly listed on the box and on the bottle. There is also an instruction sheet int he box to accompany the bottle. I ordered the size XL Undercover Lover Bodysuit but ended up receiving the medium. The company put a cardboard tag stating that the outfit was XL but the care tag stated otherwise. The review provides information on the quality of the outfit, details of the appearance, and measurements of the size medium..

dildos This frozen continent at the end of the Earth has never been permanently occupied by man. Accessible only from November to March, it has no towns or villages, no habitation bar the odd research station or expedition hut; just grand, icy, unpredictable wilderness. Even if you're travelling there on a cruise ship, as most people do, the solitude and the emptiness will envelop you and bring you down to scale.. dildos

A pacifier and a knife: These two images open The Graveyard Book, P. Craig Russell's graphic adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 2009 novel. They're oddly complementary devices, the tool of infancy and the weapon of grownups, expressing the quixotic innocence of a kids' book (well, young adult book) set in a place of death..

I could definitely tell her I have more than one question for her, and see how that goes. Thank you so much for your compassion! I'm going to bring a list of everything I want to discuss, and I'll definitely have a priority if she doesn't have time to address all of them."I do the best that I can. I'm just what I am." Rush (Best I Can)Before I get into everything, please know that I am not trying to bump this post or anything like that.

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horse dildo I decided to combat their misuse of 'gay' by trying out 'straight' as a derogatory term. It confused the hell out of a lot of people for a while, but it's started to get the message across. Give it a go, I reckon.. But that's crazy, Simonsohn says. Egotism analysis without proper name selection are just fun coincidences that merit no further consideration. Kept critiquing the work and saying it crazy, he said of the nominative determinism backlash.. horse dildo

Within the week, we were talking quite a bit and going on drives, etc. I found him really attractive and he seemed pretty interested in me as well. We were able to have really solid, enjoyable conversations and got along easily. In the event that it does break, pyrex will come apart in big chunks rather than a trillion tiny pieces. Also, always check for fractures and scratches before each use, and don use the toy if you find anyMost glass toys are made of pyrex glass, which is very strong and won break during use, if that what you worried about. That said, it still glass, and may break if dropped on a hard surface.

sex toys You dont need to rattle off a laundry list of everything you have done sexually. Those things just come up if they need to. I am sure she isnt bothered by it, and if she is then she isnt worth it ya know?Anyway. People betray. When people I love do these things, and are unable to hold themselves accountable, I must let our relationship go. I've gone through this loss many times in my adult life, and it is incredibly painful sex toys.


UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination training

At the end of October, two MapAction volunteers participated in a UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) refresher training course in Neuhausen, Germany. As well as presenting to participants on humanitarian mapping, they supported the simulation exercise with mapping. These regular training courses enable all involved to enhance and update their skills and knowledge and […]

Turin, Italy, an inspiration for Detroit's recovery, facing new setbacks

At the dawn of this century, Detroit looked for inspiration to other cities that had managed dramatic comebacks after years or decades of decline. Berlin, Germany, was one. Bombed to ashes by the Allies during World War II, Berlin had re-emerged as one of the great capitals of Europe. And another inspiration was Turin, Italy, or Torino as the Italians say. Turin, the home of Fiat, lost tens of thousands of jobs in the early 1990s when Fiat almost failed. Factories stood vacant and a sense of despair settled on the city, much as the domestic automotive collapse had devastated Detroit. But under...


More Italians Are Buying Food Online, Study Finds

Online food purchasing in Italy has increased by 42% in the past 12 months, with nine million consumers opting to buy groceries through e-commerce channels, a study published by Netcomm consultancy has revealed. Growth in the sector was mainly driven by home delivery services, the report said. The global food e-commerce market is worth €58 billion, of which Europe's share amounts to €14.9 billion.  In Europe, over 167 million people buy food online – 19 million in the UK, 18 million in Germany, 13.5 million in France, and 10 million in Spain.


Dipak Gogoi Wins Silver in Mr. Universe C’ship


Dipak Gogoi, who is a renowned figure in the bodybuilding world, has clinched a Silver medal in the Mr. Universe Championship 2019, held in Hamburg of Germany. Gogoi has already brought laurels to the state by bagging the titles of Mr. Asia and Mr. India, in previously held events.

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NENT Group recruits `Huss' as next original drama production


- - • `Huss' co-produced by Germany's ZDF, ZDF Enterprises and Sweden's Kanal 5 - • Series stars Karin Franz Körlof and Kajsa Ernst - • NENT Group to premiere at least 20 original productions every year - - - Swedish police drama `Huss' will be the next original production from Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), the Nordic region's leading streaming company. The series is co-produced by Germany's ZDF, ZDF Enterprises and Sweden's Kanal 5, and brings together some of Swed...

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Gazprom and Wintershall Dea discuss current issues of cooperation


A working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, and Mario Mehren, Chairman of the Board of Wintershall Dea, took place in St. Petersburg today. The meeting was focused on the current issues of cooperation between the companies. Particular attention was paid to natural gas deliveries. The parties noted the contribution of the  Nord Stream  gas pipeline to the reliability and safety of gas supplies to consumers in Germany and Europe. Special emphasis...

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Telefónica approves a 5-point plan that will mark a new era for the company


- - • The company will implement an action plan, approved today, which will serve as a catalyst for the company's transformation. This plan consists of five strategic decisions: A focus on key markets of Spain, Brazil, the UK and Germany; the creation of Telefónica Tech; the creation of Telefónica Infra; operational spin-off of Hispanoamérica; and the redefinition of the corporate centre. - • “I'm talking about a new Telefónica. A company prepared for our next 100 years. A Telefónica com...

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Qualcomm Technologies and Siemens set up the first 5G private standalone network in an industrial environment using the 3.7-3.8GHz band


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Siemens have setup a joint proof-of-concept project at the Siemens Automotive Test Center in Nuremberg, Germany, demonstrating the first private 5G standalone (SA) network in a real industrial environment using the 3.7-3.8GHz band. Qualcomm Technologies is providing the 5G test network and 5G industrial test devices that run on our foundational 5G technologies, and Siemens is supplying industrial end-devices like automated guided vehicles (AGV). The 5G priv...

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Philips wins IP infringement disputes with power toothbrush and brush head manufacturers and sellers


  Royal Philips  (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the successful outcome of several intellectual property (IP) infringement disputes with power toothbrush and brush head manufacturers and sellers following targeted legal actions in Europe. Financial details will not be disclosed. In the interest of consumers and to safeguard Philips' innovation efforts, the company took legal actions in Germany and Poland against several companies for infringin...

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Nikon Black Friday deals at Calumet Germany (+UK Black Friday deals)


The Calumet Germany Black Friday deals are now live: Nikon D500: €200 off Nikon D610 lens kit: €1,409 off Nikon D7500 lens kit: €70 off Check also the UK Black Friday Deals at Amazon UK, Park Camera and WEX Photo. The latest US Black Friday deals can be found at Adorama, B&H Photo and Amazon.

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La Spd rinnova la leadership. Ma è un partito spaccato

BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 26: Norbert Walter-Borjans (L) and Saskia Esken (R) of the of Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), react after counting ballots of SPD members who voted for a new party leadership at the headquarter of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) on October 26, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Six pairs of candidates, one man and one woman each, have vied for the position following a nationwide tour after several others bowed out. The SPD, traditionally one of Germany's strongest, mainstream parties, has suffered a significant loss in its base over recent years, including an erosion of working class support to the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD). The new leadership pair is to put the party back on a clear policy course and win back voters. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

I socialdemocratici tedeschi hanno una nuova leadership. Saskia Esken e Norbert Walter-Borjans sono stati eletti dalla base del partito con il 53 per cento dei voti. Una vittoria sorprendente solo per chi non avesse seguito la campagna elettorale interna al partito. I nuovi leader hanno vinto contro Olaf Scholz, Vice-Cancelliere e Ministro delle Finanze, e Klara Geywitz.

Il risultato dovrà essere confermato dal congresso della Spd (6-8 dicembre) a cui partecipano però soltanto i delegati. La novità sostanziale della vittoria di Walter-Borjans ed Esken è rappresentata dalle loro posizioni molto più a sinistra rispetto alla storia recente della Spd (più o meno da Schröder in poi) e nel voler, di conseguenza, rinegoziare l’accordo di Grande Coalizione con cui attualmente i socialdemocratici governano con i cristiano democratici e sociali (CDU-CSU) oppure, eventualmente, uscire dal governo ponendo fine al quarto governo Merkel. La nuova coppia di leader (è la prima volta nella sua storia che la Spd verrà guidata da un cosiddetto ‘duo’) ha chiesto anche un miglioramento sostanziale del pacchetto sul clima e un aumento del salario minimo a 12 euro l’ora. Tutte proposte che lasciano presagire una crisi di governo.

In quest’ultimo caso ci sarebbero due scenari: governo di minoranza dei cristiano democratici e sociali oppure elezioni anticipate nel 2020 a cui la Spd si presenterebbe con un programma che potrebbe prevedere una coalizione rosso-rosso-verde con Sinistra tedesca (Die Linke) e Verdi.

L’incognita di questo scenario è rappresentata dai Verdi che nel frattempo sono diventati un partito ben più forte della Spd e con più opzioni di governo a disposizione.

Il risultato di ieri è stato accolto con grande entusiasmo da una parte dell’opinione pubblica che auspicava da tempo un ritorno alle origini della Spd. Tuttavia, l’elezione ha confermato un problema strutturale del partito fino ad ora sottaciuto o sottovalutato. Da anni la Spd è un partito spaccato a metà. L’elezione di Martin Schulz del 2017 con il 100 per cento dei voti che alcuni commentatori Interpretarono come segno di unità era solo il gesto disperato di un partito senza anima e senza prospettive. La storia degli ultimi tre anni conferma questa chiave di lettura. La Spd è diventato il terzo, il quarto in alcuni casi il quinto partito tedesco. Il 53 per cento di Walter-Borjans e Esken è, ancora una volta, misero per una leadership politica. Aggravato ancora di più dal dato dell’affluenza che si è fermata al 54 per cento. È indubbio che alla Spd serva una classe dirigente diversa da quella che l’ha guidata fino ad ora, ma è altresì chiaro che all’interno dei socialdemocratici ci sono due anime e due correnti forse inconciliabili tra loro.


my v4 blog: Back me or …


A couple of days ago, the Guardian brought to my attention that a major political candidate for Prime Minister gave a Conference speech, where they demanded their party back them or sack them. They got a standing ovation, I assume for their courage and clarity. The Leader is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the Leader of Germany’s CDU, the major party in the country’s coalition government. Can you imagine how the press would report such an event in the Labour Party?


Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015088 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015088 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015088 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015088 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red Style: ZERMATT Made In Germany Classic Clog Design  Soft Upper For Total Comfort Footbed Contoured To Foot For Maximum Support Robust EVA Sole  Approx: 450g/Pair Available Colours: Red, Light Grey & Anthracite Upper: SyntheticLining: TextileSole: Synthetic


Birkenstock ZERMATT 1014934 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Light Grey

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1014934 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Light Grey

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1014934 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Light Grey

ZERMATT 1014934 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Light Grey by Birkenstock Style: ZERMATT Made in Germany Cosy Clog Style Slippers Easy Slip-On Fastening Soft Felt Upper for Maximum Comfort Warm Shearling Lining  Footbed Contours for Extra Support Narrow Fit Robust EVA Sole Approx 0.45kg/Pair Available in Other Colours: Anthracite, Red Upper: SyntheticLining: Textile/ShearlingSole: Synthetic


Birkenstock ZERMATT 1014936 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1014936 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1014936 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red

ZERMATT 1014932 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Red by BirkenstockStyle: ZERMATTMade in GermanyCosy Clog Style SlippersEasy Slip-On FasteningSoft Felt Upper for Maximum ComfortWarm Shearling Lining Footbed Contours for Extra SupportNarrow FitRobust EVA SoleApprox 0.45kg/PairAvailable in Other Colours: Light Grey, AnthraciteUpper: SyntheticLining: Textile/ShearlingSole: Synthetic


Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015084 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Anthracite

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015084 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Anthracite

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015084 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Anthracite

Birkenstock ZERMATT 1015084 (Nar) Ladies Felt Clog Slippers Anthracite Style: ZERMATT Made In Germany Classic Clog Design  Soft Upper For Total Comfort Footbed Contoured To Foot For Maximum Support Robust EVA Sole  Approx: 450g/Pair Available Colours: Red, Light Grey & Anthracite Upper: SyntheticLining: TextileSole: Synthetic


Schott invests €30M to open new glass-ceramic facility in Germany

Mainz hosts state-of-the-art CNC competence center focused on glass-ceramic Zerodur.

Post-Merkel syndrome

Germany is becoming consumed by the battle to succeed the chancellor

Holz-Her FESTOOL FESTO IPARI Gyalugép Akár 1ft! Nincs minimálár! KIÁRUSÍTÁS! GERMANY - Jelenlegi ára: 631 Ft

Eladó Holz-Her kézi gyalugép
Típus: 2286
Bekapcsoláskor forog, viszont eléggé szikrázik, szorul. Videót mellékeltem a képek között. A késtartót kézzel nem tudtam átforgatni, valószínűleg csapágy hibája van. Szét nem szedtem, szervízben sem volt, a hibáját nem tudom pontosan, ezért garanciát nem vállalok. Külsőre rendben van, újszerű gyalukésekkel.  Megjavításra vagy alkatrésznek ajánlom. Állítható gyalulási mélység, falcgyalulásra és éllehúzásra is használható. Oldalsó vezetővel ahogy a képeken látható. A forgácskivetőnél beállítható, hogy balra vagy jobbra szórja ki a forgácsot. Ipari kategória, a népszerű Festo, Festool gépekkel megegyező minőség, ugyanott készült. Aki ismeri, annak nem kell bemutatni.
Hálózati feszültség: 230 V
Teljesítmény: 680 W
Gyalulási szélesség: 75 mm
Fordulatszám: 13000 f/min
Állítható gyalulási mélység
Falcgyalulásra is használható
Forgácskivetés bármelyik oldalon
Made in GERMANY.
Gyalukések, késrögzítők vannak a gépben, így adom, ahogyan a képeken látható, más nincs hozzá. A képek az eladó termékről készültek, retusálás nélkül.
Minimálár nincs, a legmagasabb licit nyeri az aukciót. Lejárati idő előtt nem zárok és licitet sem törlök. A termék állapotára való tekintettel garancia, visszavét nincs. Kérem, hogy ezeket vegye figyelembe, amikor licitál.
Házhozszállítás Postával. MPL PostaPont, Foxpost vagy MPL csomagautomata egyaránt megoldható. Amennyiben 25 ezer forint összérték felett vásárol nálam, ingyenes szállítást biztosítok!
Nézze meg a többi aukciómat is, 1 Ft-ról, minimálár nélkül!
IDE kattintva feliratkozhat, hogy időben értesüljön, amikor új terméket töltök fel, ugyanígy 1 Ft-ról!
Holz-Her FESTOOL FESTO IPARI Gyalugép Akár 1ft! Nincs minimálár! KIÁRUSÍTÁS! GERMANY
Jelenlegi ára: 631 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-12-08 19:05

Celltrion Lays Out Europe Launch Plans, Strategy Following Remsima SC Approval

Celltrion plans to launch its new subcutaneous formulation of Remsima in Europe next year beginning with Germany and then to...


기계 종류별 주요 수입국 현황 제품명 제품별 주요 수입국 Equipment for scrubbing-and-drying of bottles and other vessels Germany, Italy, Austria, Israel, Sweden Equipment for filling, closing... 판지상자장비, 종이컵, 밀봉라벨기계, 포장기계를작성견장을다는수축 여섯, 플라스틱... 설명했다...파우치로 교체하는 경우가 많아졌고, 파우치 포장의 종류와 쓰임새도 날이 갈수록 다양해지고 있어... 제품번호730021 기본사양 성능우수, 상세정보 참조 모델명 판매금액 가격협의 거래방식 제품분류식품·포장기계/물류·운반 > 파렛트/랙/앵글/사다리 상세분류 제조년 제조사홍진시스템 거래가능지역전체 가격... 입금 확인후 배송해 드립니다. 다만, 상품종류에 따라서 상품의 배송이 다소 지연될... 제품번호106393 기본사양고형류 모델명필로포장기, 사탕,빵종류 판매금액7,000,000원 제품분류식품.화학.포장.물류운반 > 포장기계 기타 년식 및 상태 2011년/상태양호 제조사대환포장기계 판매사 동일기계... > 식품관련포장기계 제조년월2011년00월 제조사대환포장기계 업체명동일기계 전화번호031-682-9537 담당자현진환... : 장비의 냉동 보존, 냉장 냉동고, 식품 안전성 테스트 장비, 냉장 운송 및 물류 장비의 종류 등... 시장 : 기계 종류별 시장 세분화 세계의 FFS(성형·충전·밀봉) 포장 기계 시장 세계의 라벨링 및 코딩... 인류에 기여하고 있다. 엔터팩 자동/수동 식품포장기계 특징 포장 크기에 따른 기기 선택 (EHQ-200, EHQ...모양에 맞게 필름절단, Punch 동시 작동 용기 종류에 따라 간편한 Heater Unit 교환방식 Tray구동의 2... 유럽과 미국 등 서구권은 버티컬 포장 방식이 각각 식품 포장기계 분야의 대세를 이루고 있다”고 설명했다...파우치로 교체하는 경우가 많아졌고, 파우치 포장의 종류와 쓰임새도 날이 갈수록 다양해지고 있어... 1 ~ 15 t, 사용자 정의<. 자동 스핀 테이블, 3-6 작업 역 선택할 수, 효율적으로 작업<. 유럽... nano200-평면 제품분류식품.화학.포장.물류운반 > 식품기계 기타 / 식품 관련자재 년식 및 상태 새제품...주문하신 상품은 입금 확인후 배송해 드립니다. 다만, 상품종류에 따라서 상품의 배송이 다소 지연될... [문의번호:13469] 삼면포장기 삽니다. : 식품.포장.물류.운반 - 식품관련포장기계 중고제품 피자빵종류 포장 구매문의 구매문의시 판매기업에 빠른 구매상담과 견적을 받을 수 있습니다. 삼면포장기 삽니다. 문의... 년식 및 상태 2011년/상태양호 제조사대환포장기계 판매사 동일기계... Development Council 방문객수 410,000여명 방문 입장권 전세계 1,200여 업체 참가... 가공기계 2012년 상하이 국제식품기계설비 전시회 참가비 부스종류 가격(달러/㎡) 비고... 되며, 건조시의 가스 투과성이 낮다 - 단점 : 방습성이 좋지 않고, 내산성, 내알칼리성이 낮고, 열접착성이... 모델명P00000ZF 제품분류식품.화학.포장.물류운반 > 자동포장기계 제조사삼무식품기계 판매사 삼무식품기계...포장기 입니다.- 제품의 종류가 무게에 따라 다양하게 포장가능합니다.- 팩을 강제로 벌린 상태에서... 형성, 기계적성, 투명성 등에 결점 (4) 셀로판 주성분 : 재생섬유소 - 장점 : 광택이 있고, 인쇄가 잘 되며, 건조시의 가스 투과성이 낮다 - 단점 : 방습성이 좋지 않고, 내산성, 내알칼리성이 낮고, 열접착성이... 1.0 12 벨기에 0.0 0.0 0.6 13 한국 0.8 1.5 0.6 자료 : 태국 상무부 ○ 식품포장기계는 종류에 따라 용기포장(HS Code 8422.30)과 기타포장(HS Code 8422.40)으로 나누어져 있음. 태국의 2010년 식품용기포장... > 파렛트/랙/앵글/사다리 상세분류 제조년 제조사홍진시스템 거래가능지역전체 가격... 고주파 식품 물집 자동 포장 기계 자동 포장 기계 특징: <. 고주파 용접 기계 기능 동기 녹는<. 절단 압력 제어 1 ~ 15 t, 사용자 정의<. 자동 스핀 테이블, 3-6 작업 역 선택할 수, 효율적으로 작업<. 유럽... 기타식품기계 제조사화신 기계(주방) 업체명책임공구기계장터 전화번호053-359-0945 담당자임진영 휴대폰***-****-**** 대구... 다양한 종류찜 약제찜 등 판매금액4,800,000원(가격협의) ( ) 제품분류식품 · 포장 > 기타식품기계 제조사화신 기계(주방) 업체명책임공구기계장터 전화번호053-359-0945 담당자임진영 휴대폰***-****-**** 대구... and other vessels Germany, Italy, Austria, Israel, Sweden Equipment for filling, closing... 제품(서비스) 경제지표 주요 시장 개요 Five Force 분석 제6장 기계 종류별 시장 구분 아시아태평양 지역의 식품 포장 기계 시장 : 기계 종류별 충전기 라벨링 및 코딩기 래핑기 제7장 용도별 시장 구분 아시아... 보통상점에서의 포장기계 수요가 급증할 것으로 예상되며 중소형 가금가축 도살... 영아식품 가공포장설비의 시장도 확대 추세이다. <도살 및 육류 가공포장기계> 가금가축도살기계, 육류가공...특히 대중도시의 보통상점에서의 포장기계 수요가 급증할 것으로 예상되며 중소형 가금가축 도살... 수입이 23%, 기타 2%임. ㅇ 이 중에서 특히 식품 포장 기계의 수요는 1억 5000만 달러 정도이며 약 90%를...있음. ㅇ 우크라이나의 국내 생산은 크게 두 종류로 구분될 수 있는데 종전 국영기업이었던 대규모... 6장 시장 기회 평가 다양한 종류의 식품 포장 기계에 관한 시장 기회 평가 제7장 세계의 식품 포장 기계 시장 : 기계 종류별 시장 세분화 세계의 FFS(성형·충전·밀봉) 포장 기계 시장 세계의 라벨링 및 코딩... 2 종류의 기계가 셋트로 구성되어있습니다. 1. 엘실러(L-sealer... 기계 시장 : 기계 종류별 충전기 라벨링 및 코딩기 래핑기 제7장 용도별 시장 구분 아시아... 생산업체는 2700개 이상임. 해당 품목의 종류도 3000개에 달함. ○ 완전경쟁시장에서... 기계, 환경 보호 기계, 실험실 장비 등 무게 4.포장 재료 및 제품 : 플라스틱 재료, 복합 재료, 종이 재료...장비 : 장비의 냉동 보존, 냉장 냉동고, 식품 안전성 테스트 장비, 냉장 운송 및 물류 장비의 종류 등... 그 중 가장 높은 비중을 차지하는, 연포장재를 사용하여 식품을 포장하는 포장기계를 중심으로 알아보도록 한다. 2. 포장기계의 분류 포장기계의 종류를 구분하는 것은 분류하는 방법에 따라 많은 차이가 있을 수... 어떤 종류의 당신이. B. 크기 제품의( 길이가, 폭과 높이). 2:엔지니어입니다 해외 제공 할 수? 예, 하지만...우리는 보내당신은 비디오를 자세한 내용 기계 설치 및 끝까지 당신을 돕기. 3. 당신은 공장 또는... 판매기업에 빠른 구매상담과 견적을 받을 수 있습니다. 삼면포장기 삽니다. 문의... 방식 제품분류식품·포장기계/물류·운반 > 식품관련포장기계 제조년 제조사삼원포장기계 거래가능지역전체...포장기를 판매합니다. 수축포장기는 2 종류의 기계가 셋트로 구성되어있습니다. 1. 엘실러(L-sealer... 식품포장기계는 종류에 따라 용기포장(HS Code 8422.30)과 기타포장(HS Code 8422.40)으로 나누어져 있음. 태국의 2010년 식품용기포장... 90%를...있음. ㅇ 우크라이나의 국내 생산은 크게 두 종류로 구분될 수 있는데 종전 국영기업이었던 대규모... 탐지장비, 진공프라이팬장비 4, 베이커리장비, 편의식품, 향신료, 가공장비, 문케이크건빵빵과자생산설비...펄프조형장비, 판지상자장비, 종이컵, 밀봉라벨기계, 포장기계를작성견장을다는수축 여섯, 플라스틱... 사양고형류 모델명필로포장기, 사탕,빵종류 판매금액7,000,000원 ( ) 제품분류식품 · 포장 > 식품관련포장기계 제조년월2011년00월 제조사대환포장기계 업체명동일기계 전화번호031-682-9537 담당자현진환... 보내당신은 비디오를 자세한 내용 기계 설치 및 끝까지 당신을 돕기. 3. 당신은 공장 또는... 무게에 따라 다양하게 포장가능합니다.- 팩을 강제로 벌린 상태에서... 포장, 액체포장, 약품포장기계 · 금속포장, 화장품포장, 플라스틱포장기계, 식품 포장재료 · 플라스틱...설비, 유제품 가공기계 2012년 상하이 국제식품기계설비 전시회 참가비 부스종류 가격(달러/㎡) 비고... 중국 식품포장기계시장은 완전경쟁시장 - 중국 OFweek닷컴에 의하면 현재 식품 및 포장기계산업 종사자는...넘어섰고, 생산업체는 2700개 이상임. 해당 품목의 종류도 3000개에 달함. ○ 완전경쟁시장에서... 필름절단, Punch 동시 작동 용기 종류에 따라 간편한 Heater Unit 교환방식 Tray구동의 2... 식품기계/주방/포장 전시기간 지명도 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hong Kong Trade Development Council 방문객수 410,000여명 방문 입장권 전세계 1,200여 업체 참가... 포장기계의 분류 포장기계의 종류를 구분하는 것은 분류하는 방법에 따라 많은 차이가 있을 수...

Nuclear News Roundup Nov 30, 2019



Die Mo´Roots-Session im Mai: Topmodels & Topvoices am Start

Wenn man sich eine gelungene Symbiose zwischen „Germany’s next Topmodel“ und „Voice of Germany“ vorstellen kann, dann war die Mai-Session von Susan Horns Mo`Roots in Fody`s Fährhaus Ladenburg eine gelungene Interpretation dieses Traumes. Mit Vanessa Iraci und Dominik Dlask traten zwei Special Guests auf, die wechselseitig das gesamte anwesende männliche und weibliche Publikum zum dahinschmelzen […]

Integrated photovoltaics: power coming from the facade


Next generation solar cells are conquering the building industry. In the future, not only roofs but also facades are to convert sunlight into electricity. LOPEC, the International Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry taking place in Munich, Germany, from March 24th to 26th, 2020, will provide information about the current state of the art, practical examples and promising applications.

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Some Innovations in Gaming

Some Innovations in Gaming

While it is true that the main purpose of video games is entertainment, they have grown to be so much more. The advancement in technology that has occurred because people wanted to make more immersive and enjoyable games has opened many productive pathways for human-machine interaction. As of right now, the budget of the video game industry is on par and sometimes even more than the TV or film industry, despite being not so mainstream as the latter. Now, let us take a look at some of the examples of how some developments or events in video games aided the advancement in the real world.

Cognitive and Social Benefits

Despite people calling video games a waste of time, there has been credible research on how video games improve the social skills, and memory for people; this effect is even more beneficial for those who have some sort of limitation. Examples of this can be games improving the memory for the elderly who have Alzheimer’s disease, gaming can enable children with autism to make new friends and if you want to find the most effective way to relieve stress then games will help you in that regard. More research has found out that playing online video games improves how people work together in groups to achieve a single objective, it increases their leadership skills and how dedicated they should be to their respective roles. It helps with young adults with their everyday stress, depression and increases their empathy. Also, young girls who are fond of gaming are three times more likely to pursue a degree in the STEM fields.

Microsoft’s Adaptive Controllers

This innovative device was developed by the company with the help of an idea by a veteran gamer who had mobility problems. The development of the controller started out as a part project of two hackathons organized by Microsoft with the central focus for being something that will help gamers with disabilities. The design of the controller includes two large programmable buttons and 19 jacks that offer connectivity to various devices for gaming on either your Xbox or gaming PC. Microsoft is planning to use these adaptive controllers in rehab centers so that the elderly who have limited mobility are able to play video games again, this helps in activities that will focus on therapeutic aid and improve things like hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and social interaction.

Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease

Sea Hero Quest is a VR game that has been designed in a way that could detect signs of Alzheimer’s Disease in players. The game has the players navigating and controlling a boat where they would have to pass it through a series of checkpoints before they could reach the final destinations. However, the memory comes into play here as the checkpoints are shown on a map that is only revealed to the player at the starting of their journey. After they have observed the points, they will have to rely on their memory of where the checkpoints could be to get through. The game was developed by people from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, Glitchers (a game studio) and several universities across Europe. It allowed identification of early symptoms of diseases or conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s that the conventional medical tests weren’t able to detect.

Training with Virtual Reality

A major development of how training and meetings could be conducted for a business is the implementation of Virtual Reality (VR). The Oculus for Business is part of a major update designed for this purpose, it comes with a new suite that will help the employees learn and make use of VR at work. Businesses, startups, and various organizations have been keen to make use of this interactive technology because of the major advantages it offers, these include the convenience of travel, meaning that you would need to go out and drive to the office if you could just conduct a meeting from your home and another advantage is how the workers could be trained in various skills. An example of this could be with the surgeons, where VR would speed up their ability to learn procedures without taking up so many resources, other companies that use VR to train skills are Walmart and NFL.


Wirecast Socializes American Football in Germany!


Westwood, Massachusetts, November 26, 2019 –– “Without Wirecast, we can’t do our job. We took a long time in selecting our live streaming platform – we evaluated multiple options – but Wirecast’s flexible license model, its multi-user operating system and the inherent stability of the platform on both Mac and Windows made the decision straightforward,” ...

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Powering stereo vision with FPGAs


Depth map from the SceneScan. Credit: Nerian Vision

Dr Konstantin Schauwecker, CEO of Nerian Vision, describes the firm’s stereo vision sensor for fast depth perception with FPGAs

Fast and accurate three-dimensional perception is a common requirement for many applications in robotics, industrial automation, quality assurance, logistics and many other fields. Today, active 3D camera systems, which rely on emitting light in the visible or invisible spectral range, are widely used for realising such applications.

Under controlled conditions, these systems can provide very accurate measurements. In difficult lighting situations, however, they reach their limits. Depth perception using active camera systems is only possible if the emitted light can clearly outshine the ambient light. However, this is difficult to achieve in bright environments, like bright daylight. For applications such as automated logistics and mobile service robotics, where the prevailing lighting conditions often cannot be controlled, other sensors must be used. Another problem for active sensors is measuring over distance: the greater the distance, the larger the area to be illuminated.

A possible alternative is passive stereo vision. The environment is captured by two or more cameras with different observation positions. Intelligent image processing can then reconstruct the spatial depth and thus the three-dimensional structure of the imaged environment. Since no light is emitted during stereo vision, the brightness of the environment is of no importance, and there is no fixed upper limit for the maximum measurable distance. Furthermore, only one image per camera is required, making stereo vision particularly suitable for dynamic applications.

Despite these advantages, stereo vision is currently rarely used in industrial applications. One of the main reasons for this is the enormous computing power required for image processing. Take two cameras with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels and a frame rate of 30Hz. If the maximum difference between the pixel positions of two matching pixels from both camera images is limited to 100 pixels, more than one billion pixels per second have to be compared with each other.

To make things worse, if high-quality results are to be achieved, pure image comparison is not enough. Modern methods of stereo image processing rely on optimisation methods that try to find an optimal assignment of matching pixels from both camera images. This allows a drastic increase in quality to be achieved, but which also increases the computing load many times over.

If one leaves the image processing to ordinary software, then one must inevitably decide between fast processing and exact results. This can be remedied by offloading image processing to particularly powerful high-end graphics cards. However, these have a high-power consumption, which prevents them from being used in mobile systems in particular.

Nerian Vision has developed a special hardware solution for stereo image processing based on an FPGA. Mapping the image processing algorithms directly into hardware allows a massive parallelisation to be achieved, which leads to a large increase in performance compared to a purely software-based solution. FPGAs are also energy-efficient, which allows them to be used on mobile systems.

Nerian’s SceneScan 3D sensor can calculate depth data for 30 million pixels per second using the FPGA. This corresponds to a resolution of 2 megapixels at 15fps, 0.5 megapixels at 65fps, or 0.3 megapixels at 100fps. Power consumption remains less than 10W. This makes SceneScan particularly suitable for battery powered mobile systems such as mobile service or logistics robots.

Nerian hopes that with this technology, passive stereo vision will become more widely used in industrial applications. It makes stereo vision a very promising sensor technology for applications that require fast and robust 3D measurements.

Dr Konstantin Schauwecker spoke at the Embedded Vision Europe event in Stuttgart, Germany in October.

Write for us

Want to write about your experience developing and deploying an imaging system using FPGAs? Please get in touch:

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CHRISTMAS MARKETS: Discover Europe’s secret gems


WONDERFUL, lesser known Christmas markets across the continent are setting out their stalls, and there is a treat in store for those ready for some Yuletide adventures.

MUSIC: Chizo Germany Ft Yungvim – Sabada


The Nigerian Musicians, Comedian, Popular Known As “Chizo_1_Germany” an Germany Citizen Drop Another Hot Banger Titled “Sabada” Feature Yungvim. Download & Enjoy It!!!

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Agriculture For Food Energy And Industry Proceedings Of The International Conference Held In Braunschweig Germany

Agriculture For Food Energy And Industry Proceedings Of The International Conference Held In Braunschweig Germany

Крыло переднее SKS-10370 Grand D.A.D. 26" пластик, быстросъемное 0-10370

Крыло специально для тех, кто часто катается по грязи и слякоти. Двойная регулировка крыла. Подходит почти для всех типов вилки, легко устанавливается, предназначено для колес диаметром 26-27,5 дюймов. Разъемный контур и умный механизм позволяет регулировать крыло как горизонтально, так и вертикально на вилке. Оптимальная защита от грязи благодаря высококачественному двойному пластику (задняя часть крыла двухкомпонентная). В экстремальных условиях контакт с колесом не создаст проблем. Общие характеристики: Артикул:10370 Брэнды:SKS Germany Категория:Крылья

Design Hostel P182 Berlin Germany

Design Hostel P182 Berlin Germany

Ghotel Hotel Living Hamburg Hamburg Germany

Ghotel Hotel Living Hamburg Hamburg Germany

Komfortable Wohnung In Koeln Deutz Cologne Germany

Komfortable Wohnung In Koeln Deutz Cologne Germany

Living in the Same Spiritual World: C.S. Lewis & Charles Williams

Charles Williams joined the Inklings immediately after Oxford University Press moved its offices from London to Oxford because of the war with Germany. Though C.S. Lewis found Williams’ work compelling, even life-changing, the other members expressed doubts. “I had a pleasant evening on Thursday with Williams, Tolkien, and Wrenn, during which Wrenn expressed ALMOST [...]

230: Weimar Germany Pt. 3

The Germans did not do a good job of keeping up with their reparation obligations, and so the French decided to take action. Do you want to chat with other History of the Great War listeners, and yours truly, come hang out in Discord: Support the podcast on where you can get access to special supporter only episodes. For a no strings attached donation: Sources: The Anti-Russian Tide in German Socialism, 1918-1920 by William Maehl The "Black Horror on the Rhine": Race as a Factor in Post-World War I Diplomacy by Keith L. Nelson Weimar Germany as Seen by an Englishwoman: British Women Writers and the Weimar Republic by Colin Storer Lord Hardinge As Ambassador to France, and the Anglo-French Dilemma over Germany and the Near East, 1920-1922 by J. Douglas Goold Mussolini and the Ruhr Crisis by Sally Marks Politics of Illusion: Tirpitz and Right-Wing Putschism, 1922-1924 by Raffael Scheck Rapallo Reexamined: A New Look at Germany's Secret Military Collaboration with Russia in 1922 by Gordon H. Mueller The Reich Government versus Saxony, 1923: The Decision to Intervene by Donald B. Pryce The Ruhr Authority and the German Problem by Amos Yoder Russo-German Military Collaboration During the Weimar Republic by Hans W. Gatzke The Ruhr Crisis, 1923-1924 by Conan Fischer The Struggle for Upper Silesia, 1919-1922 by F. Gregory Campbell Civil War in Europe, 1905-1945 by Stanley G. Payne Britain and the Ruhr Crisis by Elspeth Y. O'Riordan The Weimar Republic by Eberhard Kolb Perspectives on modern German economic history and policy by Knut Borchardt (Translated by Peter Lambert) Founding Weimar: Violence and the German Revolution of 1918-1919 by Mark Jones The German Revolution 1917-1923 by Pierre Broue Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Technical revolution in automatic turning


After only two years of development time, DMG MORI ushers in a new era of automatic turning machines with multiple spindles. The current MULTISPRINT series represents a technological revolution in automatic turning. The efficient turning machine itself and the fast, precise and diverse production processes that are enabled, make the MULTISPRINT into a machine with almost unlimited possibilities. Outstanding performance and quality developed and manufactured in Italy, with support and professional back-up from Germany: igus offers a special energy supply solution for both rotational and linear motion.

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Maifeld Sport Und Tagungshotel Werl Germany

Maifeld Sport Und Tagungshotel Werl Germany

Electrical Outlet Wiring Diagram In Germany

Electrical Outlet Wiring Diagram In Germany

U.S. Has Passed Far More Trade Restrictions Than Its Peers



-- this post authored by Katharina Buchholz

A recent report by Euler Hermes shows just how far the number of U.S trade restrictions has surged past those of other advanced economies. Since 2008, the U.S. has passed almost 800 protectionist measures, compared to 357 passed in the UK and 390 passed in Germany. Other advanced economies, like Canada (199) and Australia (174) passed even less of these restrictions.

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Насос ручной мини SKS Bandit Black, пластик, телескоп, давление до 6 bar, под нипель AV, 10365

Ультра легкий пластиковый насос SKS BANDIT с телескопическим принципом накачивания и защитой от пыли. Двойная головка подходит для всех типов нипелей. Крепление на раму в комплете.  Характеристики: Клапан: AV, SV, DV Длина: 225 мм Макс. выпуск: 6 bar / 87 PSI Вес: 83 грамма Общие характеристики: Артикул:10365 Брэнды:SKS Germany Категория:Насосы

Dutch Business model attracts UAE companies


The Netherlands is becoming an attractive investment destination for UAE companies.

The Netherlands is considered one of the strongest European Union member country. Through its huge investment in building business infrastructure and strong policy framework, Netherlands has become the epicenter economic activates of the global world. With proximity to almost all major EU countries by road such as Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark and many more, setting up your European base in the Netherlands simply makes good business sense. Apart from its attractive location and infrastructure, Netherlands hosts an amazing business environment as well. Dutch corporate tax rates are extremely low as compared to other EU countries with straightforward compliance pre-requisites.

EU still remains a major trading partner of Emirates goods and services. As UAE economy is currently going through a down-turn, more and more businesses are looking to incorporate a local company in Europe to sell to their clients locally. Netherlands is a preferred destination for Emirate businesses as they can now own 100% company in the Netherlands. You can now register a BV (private limited) company in the Netherlands with only 1 Euro capital. Chose from On Demand International low-cost Netherlands Company Incorporation plans and get started in 15 days or less. This is a great opportunity for you to build a European credibility and reputation for your company and most importantly service your key clients locally by providing local shipping, Euro currency invoicing and much more.

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Working in the Netherlands - For residents for Saudi Arabia


Do you currently live in Saudi Arabia? Are you considering working in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is considered one of the strongest member states of the European Union. With its huge investment in building business infrastructure and a strong policy framework, the Netherlands has become the epicenter of the global economy. Highways cover almost all major EU countries, such as Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, etc. It makes sense to build your European base in the Netherlands. In addition to its charming location and infrastructure, the Netherlands also has a stunning business environment. Compared to other EU countries with direct compliance prerequisites, Dutch corporate tax rates are extremely low.


The European Union continues to be Saudi Arabia's main trading partner for goods and services. As the KSA economy is currently in a downturn, more and more companies want to set up a local company in Europe to sell it to local customers. The Netherlands is the preferred destination for Saudi Arabian companies because they can now own 100% of the company in the Netherlands. Now you can register a BV (private limited company) company in the Netherlands with only 1 Euro of capital. Choose On Demand International's low-cost Dutch company registration plan and start using it in 15 days or less. This is an excellent opportunity for you to build European credibility and reputation for your company, and most importantly, it can provide services such as local shipping, euro currency invoices, etc. to serve local major customers.

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Nuclear News Roundup Nov 30, 2019



Portugal, France,Germany in Euro 2020 Super Group


October/November in KDE Itinerary


Time for another bi-monthy status update around KDE Itinerary! Since the last report plenty of things have happened again, ranging from multi-ticket support to integration with the Plasma Browser Integration plug-in, most of which you’ll find in the upcoming 19.12 release.

New Features

The biggest new feature this time is clearly the integration into the Plasma Browser Integration plug-in for Firefox and Chromium. That has been in the works since the Nürnberg sprint, and required a number of changes throughout the infrastructure and in the browser plug-in.

Plasma Browser Integration pop-up showing details of an event mentioned on the current website. Plasma Browser Integration offering to add an event to KDE Itinerary.

More work is still needed on this so that KDE Itinerary can also consume “timeless” elements properly, such as hotel or restaurant information without an associated booking. For that we need Kirigami date/time controls first though.

Another new feature is support for multi-ticket reservations. That’s for cases where a single traveler has multiple relevant tickets for a single journey section, such as a separate seat reservation or a first class upgrade next to a regular train ticket. Those cannot be merged, and the UI needs to be able to alternatively show both tickets. This is done by leveraging existing infrastructure for multi-traveler reservations. In the course of this, we also added support for decoding RCT2 upgrade tickets.

KDE Itinerary offering to select between the main and upgrade ticket of a train trip. Multi-ticket selector in KDE Itinerary.

The built-in weather forecast in the KDE Itinerary app can now also indicate expected high wind speeds, thanks to the Breeze icon theme gaining support for that in its weather icon set.

KDE Itinerary timeline showing a weather forecast with windy weather. Weather forecast in KDE Itinerary indicating windy weather.

Infrastructure Work

As usual a lot of things happened behind the scenes as well:

  • The custom extractor API as well as the generic extractors became more flexible and powerful, there’s a separate post covering most of this. Since then we also added access to UIC 918.3 vendor blocks for the custom extractor API, and content-based extractor selection.

  • KPublicTransport received API to explicitly control which backend services to query, and the UI for this has been integrated into KDE Itinerary’s settings page. There’s also a dedicated post about this.

KDE Itinerary showing a configuration page to select which public transport services to use. Detailed public transport information service selection in KDE Itinerary.
  • The generic PDF extractor now also considers the creation and modification time in the PDF meta-data as context information, which allows us to get the date right in more cases for PDF boarding passes (which in their barcode annoyingly only contain the day, not the date).

  • The train station database of the extractor engine now also supports Indian Railways station codes, and contains all stations with such a code from Wikidata. Together with the content-based extractor selection this should pave the way for supporting Indian Railways SMS tickets.

Fixes & Improvements

Besides these larger changes, there are of course also plenty of small improvements worth noting:

  • The KMail plug-in got a UI revamp. It now no longer looks like what was initially just supposed to be debug output, and its actions are now regular buttons rather than hidden in the not obvious to spot context menu.
KItinerary KMail plug-in with new UI visuals. New KMail plug-in UI.
  • Timezones on Android so far were usually displayed as GMT offsets only. This is due to QTimeZone being limited to use older Android API for this. We now call newer Android API for this ourselves if available (API level >= 24), to get closer to the human readable timezone names we have on Linux.

  • Custom extractors for IndiGo, Flixbus, Lufthansa, RegioJet and ÖBB were added or improved, and the generic extractor for annotations in Microdata format can now handle nested objects correctly.

  • Calendar entries for restaurant reservations without an end time no longer span the entire day.

  • The trip group naming heuristic was improved to also consider the longest gap between location changes as the possible destination of a trip.

  • The KMail itinerary plug-in can now also show train classes, and can correctly display multiple ticket tokens now.

  • The KDE Itinerary app now shows inline feedback when importing data.

KDE Itinerary showing an inline notification about two successfully imported reservations. KDE Itinerary providing feedback about imported reservations.

KPublicTransport, the framework that provides us with real-time transport data, also got a number of noteworthy improvements:

  • Backend services can now be configured with a static timezone. That’s used for backends that ignore timezones entirely due to being regionally restricted to just one anyway.

  • Backends can now indicate if they are able to query arrival times at a station, so the framework can avoid querying those on such requests.

  • The parser for responses from EFA backends now also supports an alternate compact response format that some services use.

  • The Hafas parser now resolves master location references, which should improve location query result quality a bit. Product selection in journey queries for Hafas-based backends was also fixed, which resulted in missing tram lines in certain locations.

  • A number of new backend services were added, covering Luxembourg as well as various regions in Austria, Germany and the US.


All the development happening is of course of limited use if this isn’t distributed to our users. So I’d also like to highlight a few things supporting that:

  • As the KItinerary extractor engine depends on inofficial Poppler API, we need to regularly adapt that code to new Poppler releases. Besides doing that up to the upcoming 0.83 release of Poppler we hopefully also made the supporting infrastructure for this a bit more scalable and future proof, reducing the future maintenance effort there.

  • For deployment scenarios far away from our usual environments, such as old server systems, we have added the infrastructure to do full static builds of the command line extractor tool. That’s not necessarily a good alternative to proper distribution packages, but those aren’t easily available on say a Debian 9 server.


This work continues to rely on donated data samples, thanks to everyone who has helped with this so far! And a special thank to the donator of the large set of multi-ticket samples that were essential in some of the above, there’s still much more work to be done based on that :)

If you want to help in other ways than donating test samples too, see our Phabricator workboard for what’s on the todo list, for coordinating work and for collecting ideas. For questions and suggestions, please feel free to join us on the KDE PIM mailing list or in the #kontact channel on Matrix or Freenode.


Germany: Our 7 favorite Christmas markets in Bavaria


Germany lights up the holiday season every year with 140 different Christmas markets across the country. And Bavaria gets into the spirit with dozens of markets from Munich to Nuremberg. These community celebrations, known as Christkindlmärkte in German, transform center cities into holiday wonderlands. Locals and visitors come out to shop for gifts at open-air booths, enjoy » Read more

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भारतीय कोच ने वर्ल्ड कप क्वॉलिफाइंग मुकाबले में इस टीम को बताया प्रबल दावेदार


मस्कट (ओमान)। मुख्य कोच इगोर स्टिमक ने कहा कि अब तक टूर्नामेंट में जीत दर्ज करने में नाकाम रहा भारत मंगलवार को यहां ओमान के खिलाफ विश्व कप क्वालीफाइंग दौर के मुकाबले में कमजोर टीम के रूप में शुरुआत करेगा। कोच स्टिमक को साथ ही मलाल है कि उनके खिलाड़ी मौके तो बना रहे हैं लेकिन उन्हें भुना नहीं पा रहे हैं। फीफा विश्व कप क्वालीफायर में पहली जीत की तलाश में जुटी भारतीय टीम दूसरे चरण के मुकाबले में सुल्तान काबूस खेल परिसर में ओमान से भिड़ेगी। स्टिमक की टीम को सितंबर में गुवाहाटी में ओमान के खिलाफ पहले चरण के मैच में 1-2 से हार झेलनी पड़ी थी।

इसे भी पढ़ें: नीदरलैंड, जर्मनी और क्रोएशिया ने यूरो 2020 के लिए किया क्वालीफाई

स्टिमक ने कहा कि कतर और ओमान हमारे ग्रुप में दो प्रबल दावेदार हैं। बाकी तीन टीमों (अफगानिस्तान, बांग्लादेश और भारत) के बीच अंतर काफी कम है। अफगानिस्तान के खिलाफ हमारी टीम ने दूसरे हाफ में अच्छा प्रदर्शन किया। भारतीय टीम ने अपने चार में से तीन मैच ड्रा खेले हैं और ग्रुप ई में तीन अंक के साथ चौथे स्थान पर है। रविवार को टीम के यहां पहुंचने के बाद स्टिमक ने कहा कि यह भविष्य की टीम है और हम ऐसी टीम बनने की प्रक्रिया में हैं जिसका सामना करना मुश्किल हो। हमने अब तक प्रत्येक मैच को जीतने के लिए मौके बनाए हैं। कतर के खिलाफ भी अंतिम लम्हों में हमने मौके बनाए। हमारे अंदर धीरे धीरे सुधार हो रहा है और हमें इस पर गर्व है।

इसे भी पढ़ें: लियोनेल मेस्सी के गोल से अर्जेंटीना ने ब्राजील को हराया

टीम के सबसे अनुभवी खिलाड़ी सुनील छेत्री ने ओमान के खिलाफ आगामी मैच को बड़ा मुकाबला करार दिया। उन्होंने कहा कि हमें सुनिश्चित करना होगा कि हम अनुशासित रहें और ऐसी मजबूत टीम बने जिसके खिलाफ खेलने से सब बचना चाहें। विश्व कप क्वालीफायर में यह बड़ा मुकाबला है जिससे हमें अंक जुटाने हैं।


Apple Podcasts HammondCast Show 15


#LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: Apple Podcasts HammondCast Show 15

Jon's archive

HammondCast 15

HammondCast 15 for KYOU Radio, this show just before Jon blasts over to Hamburg Germany to record a new album at NDR Radio. Special guest recordings of Jon with radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins telling the story of Jon's composition "Train Song" and with Chuy Varela talking about the meaning of Jon's song "Get Back In The Groove" played 2 different ways: from "Hammond's Bolero" CD 2003 release (instrumental) and a 1981 version from DTI Records label with Frank Biner on vocals and Jon Hammond Last song: "Czechoslovakian Salsa Song"-JON HAMMOND Trio.

HammondCast is the music of Organist/Accordionist Jon Hammond *Member American Federation of Musicians Union Local 802/Local 6/ASCAP Publishing-JON HAMMOND International, Inc. "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
Music, Travel & "Soft-News"

2,864 Views Reviewer: Bobby Kimball - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 29, 2012 Subject: Jon Hammond is pure genius.... I love Jon's music, and he's also one of the nicest, most talented guys I've ever met. God Bless you Jon. Keep that "Best Music" coming....Bobby Remembering my first brand-new car, the Blue 1976 Honda Civic CVCC hatchback - I bought it from Martin Volvo Honda on 11th Avenue in Manhattan for $3,650 off the showroom floor. I should never have gotten rid of it, I could've popped a new engine in there easily. It was fun to drive and economical, great revolutionary car! - Jon Hammond Manufacturer Honda Production July 1972–June 1979 Assembly Suzuka, Mie, Japan Petone, New Zealand North Jakarta, Indonesia (from 1975) Johor Bahru, Malaysia The first generation Honda Civic is an automobile that was produced by Honda in Japan from July 1972 to 1979. #HondaCivicCVCC #MartinVolvoHondaManhattan The CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine debuted in 1975 and was offered alongside the standard Civic engine. The optional 53 hp (39 kW) CVCC engine displaced 1488 cc and had a head design that promoted cleaner, more efficient combustion. The CVCC design eliminated the need for catalytic converters or unleaded fuel to meet changing emissions standards, unlike nearly every other U.S. market car. Due to California's stricter emissions standards, only the CVCC powered Civic was available in that state. This created a sales advantage in Honda's favor in that CVCC equipped Honda products afforded the buyer the ability to choose any type of fuel the buyer wanted, and due to emissions equipment not being damaged by using leaded fuel, the buyer could use any gasoline products available. This was also an advantage due to some regions of North America having to ration available gasoline supplies due to periodic shortages at the time. A five-speed manual transmission became available in 1974, as did a Civic station wagon (only with the 1500 CVCC engine), which had a wheelbase of 89.9 inches (228 cm) and an overall length of 160 inches (406 cm). Power for this version is 75 PS (55 kW) in the Japanese domestic market. Civic sales also increased and topped 100,000 units for this year. This is how the mature working musicians move their gear - Kart-A-Bag Super 600! - Marc Baum & Jon Hammond   #KartABag #Super600 #MusiciansOnGig The Best Photo Bombers Always Fun Marc Joseph Salon & Spa Wellness Team, every time excellent haircut from my friend Yosef The Barber! - Jon Hammond    #MarcJosephSalon #AvedaConcept HammondCast, Apple Podcasts, Funky Blues Jazz, Accordion, Hammond Organ, KYOU Radio, Organist


IGF2019 Observation: Compare Chancellor Merkel's Digital Sovereignty with Chinese and U.S. Version


The 2019 UN IGF is right now being held in Berlin and entering the last day. There has been a wide range of exciting discussions. It is a huge step forward that this year's IGF has been able to bring a plethora of topics together under a framework of thinking after the efforts done by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres' High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation (The Age of Digital Interdependence) and by German scholars' engagement with all the stakeholders (Towards a Global Framework for Cyber Peace and Digital Cooperation: An Agenda for the 2020s).

A central underlying topic of this year's IGF is about the conceptions about digital sovereignty. It is totally predictable that Chancellor Merkel would use Berlin Wall metaphor to enshrine the value of free speech. It is rare, however, to hear that she emphasizes digital sovereignty, which is said to be neither censorship nor protectionism, but a way through which individuals are capable of determining their own digital development.

Sovereignty in cyberspace has long been labeled by Western mainstream literature as a "monopoly" by China. But this is no longer the case, perhaps has never been. This column piece wants to share a different narrative: Washington DC is, in reality, the strongest supporter of the notion of cyber sovereignty in the military domain; China pays more attention to the content category; EU is more concerned about big tech giants.

Or, an easier way to put it might be this. All nations and every individual like nice words and they all support freedom and free flow. The important thing is how they make exceptions. China has social stability exceptions. U.S. has national security exceptions. Germany has privacy exceptions. All the three nations, however, attach great importance to political stability, who is the core for a society to function.

I shared my ideas in the IGF 2019 Digital Sovereignty & Internet Fragmentation session. ( Below is a rewriting of what I said about how national sovereignty has made its extensions into cyberspace — with different degrees, in different categories, by different stakeholders — which shapes the complexities and contradictions in the articulation of digital sovereignty by different nations and stakeholders. There are five contexts.

Category No. 1 Military or legitimacy of cyberspace as military domain and the rules for it if it is legitimate. We see in this category the most hardcore extension of traditional national sovereignty into cyberspace by some nation-states. You will be given a Nobel Peace prize if you can find a multi-stakeholder solution to this unilateral or multilateral issue. If we can reduce the tensions in this category, all the rest of the challenges will become irrelevant and evaporate. China remains reluctant to admit that cyberspace has become a military zone but still eagerly promotes national sovereignty for defensive purpose against the possibility that the same two words — national sovereignty — might be used for offensive purposes by some other countries. That is a rather paradoxical situation.

Category No. 2 Crime or cybercrime governance. This is also a sovereignty story, but there are some transnational initiatives and mechanisms installed. EU has the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. Russia has submitted a UN Convention on the Fight against Information Crimes. U.S. and UK have signed the first bilateral data-sharing agreement under CLOUD. China follows a practical approach and is busy taking back suspects committing telecommunication fraud from abroad. Cybercrime is now No.1 type of crime in China, which is also good news because the crimes in the streets have significantly reduced.

Category No. 3 Trade or digital economy and digital trade rules. The most recent update is Osaka Track. It is another challenging field that brings together a lot of elements that call for multi-ministry and multi-stakeholder coordination. This is where free flow is upheld and may lead to the removal of many practices of data localization. The word trust in the principle of "data free flow with trust" is problematic and subjective. A plain use of free flow is much clearer.

Category No. 4 Code or technical communities and management of core Internet resources. This is where institutional innovation really happens and should be more widely exported to inform other categories. China is happy about the current situation. Multi-stakeholder is firmly supported. The words have been spread and repeated by Chinese President for quite some years at the World Internet Conference WuZhen Summit. All the WuZhen gatherings have carried a theme of "Digital Commons." The values nurtured by the technical communities are highly appreciated and resonate with some universal values deeply rooted in Chinese culture. The Chinese philosopher Zhao Ting-yang captures this Chinese worldview in his books about global governance. He concluded his dialogue with his French counterpart Régis Debray that the Internet changed the world more than revolutionaries like Marx, Lenin, and Mao Zedong.

Category No. 5 Content or social media governance. China so far prefers a sovereignty approach in this category. But domestically, It is important to pay attention to the diversity of media ownerships in China. There are state media like People's Daily. There are commercial media such as Tick-Tok. There are grassroots media like half a billion users' Microblog or WeChat accounts. The rise of private media ownership is quite reassuring.

Therefore, there are different extensions and projections of national sovereignty in different cyber contexts. A U.S. military version of hardcore cyber sovereignty assumes certain enemies, bases itself basically purely on imaginations, and makes China and perhaps many other developing parts of the world feel extremely uneasy. However, the Chinese way of protecting cyber sovereignty in the content domain makes the U.S. cry foul over human rights principles.

German Chancellor Merkel and her more outspoken French counterpart President Macron share the same U.S. worries about Chinese domestic practices in the content domain, but are more urgently concerned about the big U.S. Internet platforms, and this is perhaps the direction of a European version of digital sovereignty is pointing to. All of these are further enhanced by the uncertainties and competition for huge opportunities brought by emerging technologies.

Solution: return to the insights and values of the Founding Fathers of the Internet and flexibly combine multistakeholderism and multilateralism in global digital policy-making.

Written by Peixi (Patrick) Xu, Professor, Communication University of China


Nuclear News Roundup Nov 30, 2019




Emplazamiento Weissenhaus (Germany, Germany)



Emplazamiento Weissenhaus (Germany, Germany)



Emplazamiento Weissenhaus (Germany, Germany)


1/9 Zundapp KS 750 with Sidecar


Price: R 1,060.00


The motorcycle and sidecar Zundapp KS 750 was widely used during the Second World War by the German army on numerous battlefronts. The development, based on a specific OKH need, was set up in 1937 and rnade by Zundapp and BMW. Thanks to the 751 cc boxer twin-cylinder engine capable of delivering 26 HP, the KS 750 could reach the top speed of 95 km/h.

For the gearbox was adopted a ''four speed'' lay-out with the reverse gear. Together with the BMW R75, with which the KS750 shared many technical components to improve the easiness of maintenance and availability of spare parts, it was used to perform a wide variety of duties from transport to reconnaissance. For several duties it was substituted very soon by the Kubelwagen, more practical and easy to produce and maintain. It could be armed with a MG34 machine gun installed in the sidecars boot.

Type: Military motorcycles
Period: Second World War
Country: Germany
Skill: 5
Model Dim.: 26,5 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm


1/35 Sd.Kfz. 173 Jagdpanther with winter crew


Price: R 592.00


In first months of 1944, started the production of the heavy tank destroyer Sd.Kfz.173 "Jagdpanther". It was built on the excellent chassis of the Panther medium tank on which was installed, in a fixed casemate, the lethal anti-tank long-barreled gun 8.8 cm Pak 43/3 able to penetrate the armour of every type of Allied and Soviet tank and armoured vehicle.

The Jagdpanther offered a good level of protection thanks to the angled frontal armour to better resist to the direct enemy hits. Despite the few number of units produced, it was used in Normandy, in the Ardennes and in the Eastern Front until the end of the war. The crew was formed by five men and, inside the combat room of the casemate, there was enough space to load 57 rounds for the 8.8 cm cannon. Due to its operational features it was extremely effective and was much feared by the enemy tank crews.

Type: Tanks
Period: Second World War
Country: Germany
Skill: 3
Model Dim.: 28,2 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 60 mm


1/48 Bf 110 C/D - Super Decal Sheet Included


Price: R 592.00


Together with the fighter Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the dive bomber Junkers Ju-87 Stuka the Messerschmitt Bf 110 Zerst?rer is considered one of the symbols of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. The Bf 110 was a twin-engine heavy fighter and fighter-bomber and was widely used by the German Air Force during the war in various versions to perform different operative tasks: fighter-bomber, interceptor, night-fighter, reconnaissance and anti-ship aircraft.

Thanks to its two Daimler-Benz DB 601 engines, the Messerschmitt Bf 110 was able to reach the max speed of 560 Km/h. In detail the C and D versions were used on all fronts since the early stages of the war.

They were heavily armed with two 20 mm cannons, four 7.92 MG 17 machine guns and one MG 15 as
rear defensive armament. Further more under the wings the Bf 110 could carry bombs or additional
fuel tanks to increase the operating range.

Type: Bombers and reconnaissance aircrafts
Period: Second World War
Country: Germany
Skill: 3
Model Dim.: 25,1 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 48 mm


Auf in Sommerurlaub! Weshalb es sich lohnt, jetzt schon zuzuschlagen


Das Bild zeigt eine Familie auf den in den Sommerurlaub.

Wenn sich das Jahr dem Ende entgegen neigt und das neue Jahr noch in den Startlöchern steht, ist der beste Zeitpunkt, um Urlaub zu buchen. Denn: Früh buchen lohnt sich richtig! Jetzt finden Familien nicht nur die besten Urlaubsdeals zu den günstigsten Preisen, sondern können auch noch die beste Auswahl an Ferienwohnungen, Hotels, Apartment oder Spots in Ferienparks genießen.

Plane jetzt Deinen perfekten Urlaub - und sichere Dir eines der schönsten Ferienhäuser auf Novasol. Buche den Urlaub, der der gesamten Familie gefällt und bei dem auch die Kids auf ihre Kosten kommen.

>> Jetzt Ferienhaus buchen


Egal, ob auf großer Entdeckungstour im Freien, beim Ziehen der Bahnen im Badesee oder beim Faulenzen im Ferienressort: Die Zeit mit der Familie ist kostbar - und bereits ein wenig Abstand vom Alltag kann in Bezug auf Entspannung und Erholung wahre Wunder wirken. Ein Apartment oder ein Ferienhaus in einem Ferienpark sind dabei insbesondere im Sommer gelungene Alternativen zum altbekannten Hotelurlaub.

Ferienparks: Entspannung, Abenteuer und vieles mehr

Ausgesprochen beliebt sind bei Familien mit Kindern Ferienhäuser in sogenannten Ferienparks. In einem Ferienpark hast Du alles direkt vor der Haustür: Neben der eigenen Unterkunft, meist ein schickes Apartment oder ein gemütliches Ferienhäuschen, gibt es dort häufig auch Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, wie beispielsweise Supermärkte, kleine Boutiquen oder Läden für den täglichen Bedarf, sowie Restaurants, in denen Du Dich und Deine Familie verwöhnen lassen kannst. Auch Unterhaltungsangebote, wie Spielplätze oder Schwimmbäder sind in Ferienparks keine Seltenheit.

Entspannung, Erholung und Abenteuer: So sieht Sommerurlaub mit Kindern aus.

Darüber hinaus sind Ferienparks für Familien eine wunderbare Gelegenheit, um neue Bekanntschaften zu knüpfen. Während die Kinder gemeinsam spielen und sich selbst beschäftigen, können Mamas und Papas ruhigen Gewissens die Füße hochlegen - und die Seele baumeln lassen. Vielen Familien gefällt die Zeit in einem Ferienpark übrigens so gut, dass sie Jahr für Jahr wiederkommen - oder den nächsten Urlaub gleich zusammen mit den neuen Freunden planen.

Ferienparks in Deutschland: Beliebte Reiseziele

Für einen schönen Urlaub mit der Familie muss es jedoch nicht weit weggehen: Deutschland als Reiseland bietet einige wunderschöne Gegenden, in denen Groß und Klein viel erleben können. Gemeinsam mit unserem Partner Novasol möchten wir daher ein paar tolle Ziele für Ferienparks in Deutschland vorstellen.

Ferienparks am Meer

Ob Nordsee oder Ostsee: Nichts weckt in Kindern (und Erwachsenen) so viel Sehnsucht wie das Meer. Besonders in einem schönen, warmen Sommer ist das Meer ein wenig aufgeheizt, sodass dem Bade- und Planschvergnügen nichts im Weg steht. Doch darüber hinaus gibt es am Meer noch viel, viel mehr zu erleben. Ferienparks auf Rügen oder Usedom, in Travemünde oder entlang der Ostseeküste sind hier beliebte Reiseziele.

Hast Du schon einmal eine Wattwanderung gemacht? Nein? Dann ist es höchste Zeit! Dieser außergewöhnliche Ausflug zeigt den Strand von einer völlig neuen Perspektive: Erst jetzt wird sichtbar, was sich unter dem Meeresspiegel abspielt - und welche Tiere sich, außer Fischen natürlich, noch im Meer und im Sand tummeln.

Darüber hinaus ist auch das Sammeln von Muscheln ein beliebter Zeitvertreib unter Kindern. Die gesammelten Gegenstände können wie Schätze gehortet und auch nach dem Urlaub immer wieder angesehen und bestaunt werden. Darüber hinaus eignet sich die steife Brise am Meer außerdem hervorragend, um Drachen steigen zu lassen.

[nm-button text="Zu den Angeboten auf Novasol" path="" color="pink" align="aligncenter" target="_blank" /]

Ferienparks am See

Das Bild zeigt ein Ferienhaus am See.Auch Gegenden mit Seen halten für Familien herrliche und abwechslungsreiche Urlaubstage bereit: Ferienhäuser an der Müritz, am Müggelsee und am Scharmützelsee, um nur einige wunderschöne Seen in Deutschland zu nennen, schaffen dabei den Rahmen für einen traumhaften, erholsamen und perfekten Urlaub. Die besonders abwechslungsreiche Landschaft ist hier nur einer der Vorzüge, mit denen Ferienparks an diesen Orten hervorstechen.

Verträumte Orte und kleine, malerische Städtchen wollen besucht werden: Lange Spaziergänge am See laden außerdem dazu ein, den Geist abzuschalten und die Seele baumeln zu lassen. Wie wäre es obendrein mit einem Picknick am Ufer?

Falls bei den Kids mal keine Lust herrschen sollte, um schwimmen zu gehen, lässt sich am Wasser selbst doch einiges erleben: Manche Seen bieten die Möglichkeit an, Tretboote zu leihen und damit zu fahren. Ein toller Freizeitspaß für aktive Kids, die sich auf dem Boot wie kleine Kapitäne fühlen wollen.

[nm-button text="Hier gibt es tolle Ferienhaus-Angebote am See" path="" color="pink" align="aligncenter" target="_blank" /]

Ferienparks in den Bergen

Das Bild zeigt ein Ferienhaus in den Bergen.Urlaub in den Bergen zu machen, ist immer ein bisschen Abenteuerurlaub: Wanderpfade, ob anspruchsvoll oder eher für gemächliche Wanderer, laden dazu ein, erkundet zu werden und fordern auf, die Natur in ihrer ganzen Pracht zu genießen. Besonders spannend wird es für Kinder, wenn zu einer Schnitzeljagd aufgerufen oder um die Wanderung herum eine Geschichte erzählt wird. Auf diese Weise werden kleine Füße nicht so schnell müde und der Drang, etwas Neues und Spannendes zu entdecken, scheint plötzlich schier unermesslich.

Besonders märchenhafte Gegenden warten im Harz oder im hessischen Bergland nur darauf, erschlossen zu werden. Während der aufregenden Entdeckungstouren lohnt es sich, Tannenzapfen einzustecken. Diese können später für fantastische Basteleien verwendet oder als nettes Mitbringsel an Freunde oder Oma und Opa weitergegeben werden.

[nm-button text="Zu den Angeboten auf Novasol" path="" color="pink" align="aligncenter" target="_blank" /]

Warum ein Ferienhaus buchen?

Ferienhäuser haben gegenüber Hotels den entscheidenden Vorteil, dass Du Deinen Urlaub sehr viel unabhängiger planen kannst. Es gibt beispielsweise keinen festen Frühstücksplan. Du kannst Dir Deine ganze Zeit also flexibel und spontan einteilen. So kann die ganze Familie die Pläne verfolgen, die sie sich im Vorfeld überlegt hat - oder auch nicht. Ein spätes Frühstück, vielleicht auch einfach nur ein erholsamer Tag auf der Couch: Ihr macht einfach das, wonach Euch der Sinn steht.

Darüber hinaus verfügen manche Ferienhäuser über einen gewissen Komfort, sodass es an manchen trüben Tagen gar nicht so schlecht ist, ein paar Stunden im Haus verbringen zu "müssen". Ein großer Fernseher, ein Innenpool, eine Sauna, ein Dampfbad oder gar ein Whirlpool machen mieses Wetter nicht nur erträglich, sondern sorgen auch für viel Spaß, Erholung und Gemütlichkeit - fernab vom Alltagstrott.

Ein weiterer Pluspunkt: In den meisten Ferienhäuser sind auch Haustiere überhaupt kein Problem. So kann der Hund mit in den Urlaub und es entstehen keine zusätzlichen Kosten für eine Tierpension. Der Nachwuchs kann nach Herzenslust mit dem Tier herumtoben und sich voll und ganz auspowern - damit auch Mama und Papa ein wenig die Füße hochlegen und den stressigen Alltag vergessen können.

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Der Beitrag Auf in Sommerurlaub! Weshalb es sich lohnt, jetzt schon zuzuschlagen erschien zuerst auf


Consultant Product Compliance (m/w/d)


Munich, Frankfurt, Essen, GermanyWir laden Sie ein, bei Ramboll innovative Lösungen zu entwickeln und dabei Ihr fundiertes Fachwissen im Bereich Product Compliance einzubringen. Um in dieser Position erfolgreich zu sein, sollten Sie über erste E

Oncothermia related articel on website "Frontiers in Oncology"

Oncothermia related articel on website "Frontiers in Oncology" admin Wed, 11/27/2019 - 11:13
Congratulations to the authors for this exciting article!


Review of the Clinical Evidences of Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia (mEHT) Method: An Update for the Practicing Oncologist

Attila M. Szasz1*†, Carrie Anne Minnaar2†, Gyongyver Szentmártoni1, Gyula P. Szigeti3 and Magdolna Dank1



Background: Modulated electro-hyperthermia (mEHT) is a variation of the conventional hyperthermia which selectively targets the malignant cell membranes in order to heat the malignant tissue and sensitize the tissue to oncology treatments. Although widely applied, the formulation of guidelines for the use thereof is still in progress for many tumors.

Aim: In this paper we review the literature on the effects of mEHT in cancer patients on local disease control and survival.

Methodology: Our review on data presents the collected experience with capacitive hyperthermia treatments with the EHY-2000+ device (OncoTherm Ltd., Germany). A literature search was conducted in Pubmed and articles were grouped and discussed according to: trial type, animal studies, in vitro studies, and reviews. Search results from Conference Abstracts; Trial Registries; Thesis and Dissertations and the Oncothermia Journal were included in the discussions.

Results: Modulated electro-hyperthermia is a safe form of hyperthermia which has shown to effectively sensitizes deep tumors, regardless of the thickness of the adipose layers. The technology has demonstrated equal benefits compared to other forms of hyperthermia for a variety of tumors. Given the effective heating ability to moderate temperatures, the improved tumor perfusion, and ability to increase drug absorption, mEHT is a safe and effective heating technology which can be easily applied to sensitize tumors which have demonstrated benefits with the addition of hyperthermia. Modulated electro-hyperthermia also appears to improve local control and survival rates and appears to induce an abscopal (systemic) response to ionizing radiation.

Conclusion: Based on clinical studies, the method mEHT is a feasible hyperthermia technology for oncological applications. Concomitant utilization of mEHT is supported by the preclinical and clinical data.

1Cancer Center, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
2Radiobiology, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
3Institute of Human Physiology and Clinical Experimental Research, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
*Correspondence: Attila M. Szasz, szaszam [kukac] gmail [pont] com
Equal first authors

Science External News

What Does That ‘Man in the High Castle’ Ending Mean?


(Spoilers ahead for, you know, the ending of “The Man in the High Castle.” Like the headline says.)

For so much of its four-season run, “The Man in the High Castle” tended to have a pretty messy narrative. It’s a thing that’s bound to happen when a show gets a new showrunner every season. Fortunately it never got nearly so messy that the show fell apart, and that messiness felt pretty fitting anyway given the source material — the Philip K. Dick book of the same name barely even had a plot, really. Given all that, it’s no surprise that the creatives in charge of season 4 would wrap things up in an ambiguous and confusing way.

So as we arrive at that final scene, things are looking up in the, ah, Prime Earth of this story. The Japanese have abandoned North America, and the Black Communist Rebellion is setting up a new, presumably much better government. The east coast has autonomy from Germany, and is now being run by a guy who clearly wants the Nazis gone. John Smith (Rufus Sewell), perpetrator of so many crimes against humanity, is finally dead and gone. These are all good things.

But after all that happened, there was still one last scene for “The Man in the High Castle.” The final scene takes us to the portal the Nazis built so they could travel to alternate universes. Something weird has been going on there all season, with the portal turning itself on a couple times and giving Juliana (Alexa Davalos) weird feelings that something is about to happen with it.

So in this scene, the American resistance has taken the facility where the portal is located from the Nazis, and we’ve got Juliana, Hawthorne (Stephen Root), Wyatt (Jason O’Mara) and a bunch of others hanging out in the portal room as it fires itself up. And once the portal stabilizes, out walks a whole bunch of people. These folks just stroll right through the room, not really acknowledging the people who were already present. And Hawthorne, the Man in the High Castle himself, walks through the crown and into the portal.

It was a very moving moment for me to watch, even though I honestly do not understand what it means. Juliani says these people are coming from “everywhere” but that’s obviously very vague. Was this some kind of metaphor, with the souls of those killed in the past two decades of atrocities around the world returning? Or was it really, literally happening?

“The Man in the High Castle” doesn’t really provide anything in the way of setup for this turn of events, either way. It never established firm details about the travelers who had been bringing those alternate universe films to this version of Earth, and those films came from many more Earths than just the one the Nazis had been using the portal to travel to.

Was there some kind of parallel universe organization affecting events in this world the way the Nazis had been interfering in that other world they kept visiting? And they decided that now was the time to pay it a visit? Or maybe these were refugees who had fled this reality and were now returning?

Over at Entertainment Weekly, showrunner David Scarpa said the scene was intentionally ambiguous. “Part of the intention was to invite the audience to have their own interpretation of what they’re seeing on screen.” Though he does offer a tantalizing detail. “The portal is, essentially, open and it is going to remain open. In effect, what that means is two worlds have become one. There’s a doorway from one world into the next, and now people can move freely between them.”

Since the show is over now, that might be a detail I didn’t need confirmed, because it might keep me up at night as I try to figure out what that means. But since the show is over now, we’re probably never going to get a more real or informative answer than that. But even though I don’t get it, I like the scene a lot anyway. I like the vibe of it.

It feels like victory.

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Louis C.K. Tells Israeli Audience He’d ‘Rather Be In Auschwitz Than New York City’


Disgraced comedian Louis C.K. inserted his foot in his mouth again, telling an audience in Israel that he’d prefer to be in the concentration camp where millions of Jewish people were massacred than be in New York City.

“I’d rather be in Auschwitz than New York City,” C.K. said during a Thanksgiving night performance in Holon, a city south of Tel Aviv, according to multiple reports.

“I mean now, not when it was open,” he added.

Auschwitz was a concentration camp built and operated by Nazi Germany where 1.1 million men, women and children were exterminated during World War II, including 865,000 Jews who were gassed on arrival. Many who were not gassed died of starvation, beatings and disease.

Although many on social media got a belly laugh out of the joke – one Twitter user said they bought tickets to his show because of it – and the Daily News reported that “the audience burst into applause” for the comedian, others on Twitter went berserk:

C.K., who is of Jewish descent, is in the middle of an international comedy tour that includes sold-out shows in Slovakia, along with performances in Hungary and a series of U.S. shows in Detroit, Akron, Reading, Mobile, New Orleans and Houston.

During his Holon set, C.K. also addressed his behavior as being wrong, according to the New York Daily News.

“If they say ‘yes,’ then still don’t do it, because it’s not popular,” he said in apparent reference to the growing #MeToo movement.

But this isn’t the first time C.K. has referenced masturbating in front of women during a comedy set. Earlier this year in a San Jose comedy club, C.K. told the audience, “I like to jerk off, and I don’t like being alone.”

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Tesla move will draw further companies into Germany -state premierTesla's announcement earlier this month that it will build its first European factory near Berlin will draw further companies from the electric mobility and energy storage sectors into Germany, a state premier told newspaper Die Welt. "I expect that we can announce it before Christmas," Woidke said.


Untempted by the Consequences


“The women are up to something in Convocation,” the dons of St. John’s College, Oxford, were warned. “We have to go and vote them down.”

The women at issue were led by a young philosopher named G.E.M. (Elizabeth) Anscombe, who was then a tutor at Somerville, one of the oldest women’s colleges at the University of Oxford. Anscombe had come to Somerville in 1946 on a research fellowship. At that time she was a student of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who entrusted her with the translation of his Philosophical Investigations, which appeared in 1953, two years after his death. Now, in 1956, Anscombe was opposing the university’s decision to grant an honorary degree to former U.S. President Harry Truman.

Speaking on the floor of Convocation to her colleagues on May 1, 1956, Anscombe said that her opposition to granting Truman’s degree was based on his responsibility for dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. “If you do give this honor,” she asked, “what Nero, what Genghis Khan, what Hitler, or what Stalin will not be honored in the future?” In response, a representative of the Hebdomadal Council, then the university’s chief executive body, argued that Anscombe had overstated Truman’s responsibility. “A great many people were involved in the responsibility of the manufacture and delivery of the bomb,” he told the faculty, “and we cannot select one man as being solely responsible, even if his was the signature at the bottom of the order for the bomb to be dropped.”

Anscombe’s cause was doomed to fail. Reports in the Manchester Guardian and the Times of London claimed that no other faculty echoed her dissenting vote, though subsequent reports indicate that three or four had joined her—and Anscombe later dedicated the pamphlet “Mr. Truman’s Degree,” in which she explained the rationale for her opposition, “with respect, but without permission, to the others who said ‘Non placet.’” In the speech she gave to her colleagues on the day of the vote, she acknowledged that these voices were not going to prevail, saying that she had “no ambition or hope to carry the House with me in this, but my hope is that this honorary degree will not be offered without opposition being expressed.”

Truman received his degree at the university’s Encaenia ceremony on June 20, 1956. In a speech awarding the degree, the Chancellor praised him as “most staunch of allies, direct in your speech and in your writings, and ever a pattern of simple courage.” Anscombe, who had concluded her pamphlet with the warning that she herself “should fear to go” to Encaenia “in case God’s patience suddenly ends,” had kept away from the ceremony, telling the Guardian that she “would spend the day working as usual.”


The influence of Wittgenstein on Anscombe’s philosophical writing is immense, in both substance and style.

The protest against Truman was hardly Elizabeth Anscombe’s first foray into public controversy. As an undergraduate in 1939, just a year after entering the Catholic Church under the tutelage of the Dominican friars at Oxford, Anscombe and her friend Norman Daniel published a pamphlet titled “The Justice of the Present War Examined: A criticism based on traditional Catholic principles and on natural reason.” It presented “the results achieved in a series of open discussions held at Oxford both before and after” Britain’s declaration of war against Nazi Germany in September of that year. Anscombe and Daniel concluded that the war against Germany was unjust, partly because it would involve the deliberate massacre of civilian populations.

“We have it,” they wrote, following Thomas Aquinas, “that no one may be deliberately attacked in war, unless his actions constitute an attack on the rights which are being defended or restored. To deny this will be to assert that we may attack any one anywhere, whose life in any way hinders the prosecution of the war, or in any way assists our enemies; and such a conclusion is as immoral as to be a reductio ad absurdum in itself.”

Anscombe and Daniel’s pamphlet did not receive anything like the attention of her protest against Truman seventeen years later, which was picked up by the Associated Press and covered in newspapers across the United States and other parts of the world. (A report from Reuters, under the headline “WOMAN DON FAILS TO HALT TRUMAN DEGREE TO OXFORD,” mistakenly gave her first name as “Gladys” rather than “Gertrude.”) The pamphlet did, however, make enough of an impact that in 1940 the Archbishop of Birmingham wrote to a priest at Oxford complaining that Anscombe and Daniel had it “printed and brought out without submitting it to ecclesiastical authority,” and inquiring as to whether they were “deliberately taking a line opposed to that of the hierarchy of this country.”

Despite the need for some sort of military action against Nazi Germany, Anscombe and Daniel were clearly right on two very important points. First, the war that Britain actually waged against the Axis Powers did involve attacks that were targeted directly at civilian populations and, second, a war carried out by such means does violate a central principle of the church’s just-war teaching. It is possible that the war could have been fought without deploying these tactics, and it might have been just if it had been. But Anscombe and Daniel were correct in predicting that it would not be waged in that way. Acknowledging that “to some their arguments may seem temerarious,” they aimed in their pamphlet “to make the Christian tradition clear, to examine the mind of the Church in a rational and scientific manner.”

While Anscombe and Daniel’s 1939 pamphlet was addressed exclusively to fellow Catholics and Christians, Anscombe’s protest of 1956 had a quite different audience. Indeed, in writing her pamphlet “Mr. Truman’s Degree,” Anscombe saw that many of her Oxford colleagues were prepared to accept a conclusion that she and Daniel had presented as a reductio ad absurdum. These philosophers endorsed a doctrine that Anscombe came to call consequentialism, according to which there are no kinds of action—such as murder, rape, torture, and adultery, for example—that any person is prohibited from doing regardless of the situation he or she is in. According to this doctrine it can be right to “attack any one anywhere,” as long as the balance of the consequences speaks strongly enough in favor of it. Faced with a group that found this conclusion acceptable, Anscombe needed to try a different tack.


It was as an Oxford undergraduate that Anscombe met her husband, a fellow Catholic convert named Peter Geach, at a Corpus Christi procession in 1938. They married three years later, and during the first few years of marriage they lived apart from one another. Geach worked in a pine forest as a conscientious objector to World War II while Anscombe studied at Oxford and Cambridge. During this time they had two children—the first of seven they would have together, despite often working at universities in separate cities.

Anscombe became a student of Ludwig Wittgenstein shortly after arriving at Cambridge on a research fellowship in 1942, during which time Geach was engaged in forestry work. Wittgenstein was by then a major figure in the world of philosophy, having published his influential Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus two decades earlier. Many students at Cambridge were extremely devoted to him. The Oxford philosopher Gilbert Ryle would later describe the reverential atmosphere at Wittgenstein’s lectures as “pedagogically disastrous for the students and unhealthy for Wittgenstein himself.” But Anscombe’s own view of this dynamic was quite different. In her remembrances of Wittgenstein, she described the attention he would pay to his students as he helped them work through philosophical questions. “Wittgenstein very often seemed to understand one’s philosophical thought and problems better than one did oneself,” she wrote. “One would say what one thought—then he would amplify it, make it seem more convincing, carry it deeper—and then undo it.”

As a teacher Wittgenstein was notoriously unaccommodating for female students, but he quickly took a liking to Anscombe and would refer to her, affectionately, as “old man.” In his biography of Wittgenstein, The Duty of Genius, Ray Monk writes that on one occasion, when Wittgenstein found that there were no other women students remaining at his lecture, he turned to Anscombe and said, “Thank God we’ve got rid of the women!” A letter that he wrote in 1945 in support of Anscombe’s application for a research fellowship characterized her as “undoubtedly, the most talented female student I have had since 1930, when I began to lecture; and among my male students only eight, or ten have surpassed her.” It was not long before Anscombe would surpass those eight or ten as well.

The influence of Wittgenstein on Anscombe’s philosophical writing is immense, in both substance and style. Both of them attend closely to ordinary speech and other forms of human expression and interaction, and reject the demand that philosophy deliver a theory to resolve the questions that we face. While Anscombe presented arguments for straightforward conclusions in many of her philosophical writings, this was always in a way that gave intense consideration to conceptual difficulties and counterarguments. Meanwhile, others of her writings are like Wittgenstein’s in that they deliver no thesis at all but rather take up a question and simply attack it from all sides. In her remembrances of Wittgenstein, Anscombe wrote that he once reproached her for the tendency they both shared to get stuck in philosophical problems. “You know,” he told her, “you strike me as like a person who is walking along a road and comes to a lamp post which is in his way. And [this person] says: ‘There’s a lamp post. I can’t go on.’ It doesn’t occur to you to walk around the lamp post—I have a prejudice, which is that problems are insoluble.”

Wittgenstein could be critical of Anscombe’s written work to a degree that most academics today could barely imagine. Her notebooks recall how, of some of her writing, “he said, ‘Bought for a farthing’ and ‘Shit on the floor’—though the way he put this latter to me was ‘Not house-trained.’” Her husband Peter Geach once told her that having Wittgenstein come to stay with them “was like having a young atom bomb in the house.” Yet Anscombe also wrote of how “kind and considerate” Wittgenstein was, always prepared to help and advise even when this meant interrupting his work, and of how he “hated meanness” and was not “carelessly amiable or carelessly generous.” (Upon discovering once that Anscombe had no wastepaper basket at her lodging in Oxford, Wittgenstein said “You are a writer, you have to have a wastepaper basket”—and he took her out to buy one.) And she also expressed a wish to capture better in her remembrances of her teacher “how funny he could be—but it is possible that the jokes which came often in his lectures and his talks were just for the moment.”

Anscombe’s attitude toward religious topics stood in stark contrast to Wittgenstein’s. While she was a convert to Catholicism whose earliest encounter with philosophy came in an attempt to formalize a proof of God’s existence, Wittgenstein was raised in a Catholic household but had decided around the age of nine that, as Anscombe put it, “the Christian religion (that Catholic one which they were taught) was all a rubble.” Though some of Wittgenstein’s unpublished remarks from the 1930s show him expressing an openness to Christianity, he is reported to have said, in reference to Anscombe and another Catholic student of his, Yorick Smythies, that “I could not possibly bring myself to believe all the things they believe.” In his posthumous work On Certainty, Wittgenstein described this kind of clash between irreconcilable attitudes as one in which two worldviews are so totally opposed that there is no way to give reasons that can be engaged by the other side. The discovery of having been wrong to such an extent would be such that “the foundation of all judging would be taken away from me.”

Despite all this, at one point in 1950 Wittgenstein asked Anscombe to put him in touch with a “non-philosophical” priest, wishing as Ray Monk puts it “to talk to [the] priest as a priest” rather than “to discuss philosophical problems.” While the priest took this as part of an attempt by Wittgenstein to return to his childhood Catholicism, Anscombe herself reportedly doubted this. There were, however, arrangements made by this priest for Wittgenstein to live the life of a brother in a Dominican priory—a plan that had to be abandoned due to his bad health. When Wittgenstein died in 1951 Anscombe was one of a small group at his side that included Yorick Smythies, who brought with him the priest Wittgenstein had met. It was agreed that, since Wittgenstein had expressed hope that his Catholic friends would pray for him, this priest should be allowed to administer last rites.

Wittgenstein was given a Catholic burial the next morning—a decision that was, as Monk argues, surely improper given his professed lack of faith, even as it reflected the religious intensity with which Wittgenstein had lived.


Anscombe’s Intention is an extraordinarily dense and difficult book, even by the standards of contemporary philosophy.

After her contribution to the pamphlet with Norman Daniel, the earliest of Anscombe’s published writings is from 1948, based on a debate she had with C. S. Lewis, who was then a fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford. The debate took place in Oxford’s Socratic Club, and concerned the third chapter of Lewis’s book Miracles, which argues that human thought cannot be relied on “if it can be fully explained as the result of irrational causes.” This argument was supposed to show that the only way to have a reasonable belief in the reliability of human reason is to believe in a supernatural God.

Anscombe criticized Lewis’s argument, claiming that it was based “on a confusion between the concepts of cause and reason.” In evaluating, for example, the quality of the argument in a piece of writing, our concern with whether it expresses good reasoning is not about “the circumstances of its production,” but rather about whether the evidence it offers is sufficient to prove its conclusion. She also argued that the term “explanation” can encompass many different things, and that a causal explanation of human thought and behavior in terms of regular patterns in the universe would not preclude there also being explanations in terms of the reasons why people act and believe as they do. Both of these arguments likely had their roots in Anscombe’s interactions with Wittgenstein, as they mirrored ideas that were central to his Philosophical Investigations, and that Anscombe would develop in her own work of the following decade.

There was for some time a lot of controversy over how Lewis was affected by this episode. Anscombe wrote to Wittgenstein the day after the debate that Lewis had been “much more decent in discussion than I expected, though he was glib and played all sorts of tricks to obscure the issue.” She did add, however, that during the discussion the secretary of the club “started going for Lewis, who had said something about having written the book ‘at a fairly popular level’—he [the secretary] reproached him almost in moral terms, that one should not, for the sake of popularizing, put up a bad argument.” While several of Lewis’s biographers claimed that the debate humiliated him and was the end of his career as a public intellectual, Anscombe later wrote that those who knew Lewis reported no such thing at the time, and noted that Lewis revised the argument of that chapter for the second edition of Miracles, presenting it in a way that she found more appropriate “to the actual depth and difficulty of the question being discussed.”


The closing paragraphs of Anscombe’s pamphlet “Mr. Truman’s Degree” raised the question of “why so many Oxford people are willing to flatter” a man who had approved the massacre of entire cities. “I get some small light on this subject,” Anscombe wrote, “when I consider the productions of Oxford moral philosophy since the First World War, which I have lately had occasion to read.” (While her early research interests had been in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind, it was when her Somerville colleague Philippa Foot spent a year visiting in America that Anscombe began reading modern ethicists in order to take over Foot’s course in moral philosophy.) One important strand that Anscombe identified in these philosophers was “a doctrine that it is impossible to have any quite general moral laws.” According to this doctrine:

[S]uch laws as “It is wrong to lie” or “Never commit sodomy” are rules of thumb which an experienced person knows when to break. Further, both his selection of these as the rules on which to proceed, and his tactful adjustments of them in particular cases, are based on their fitting together with the “way of life” which is his preference.… These philosophies, then, contain a repudiation of the idea that any class of actions, such as murder, may be absolutely excluded.

This, again, is what Anscombe would call the consequentialist doctrine that any type of action can in principle be justified by considering its likely consequences. According to this logic, it was because his action ended up saving lives, by bringing an earlier end to the war, that Truman was justified in massacring the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In “Modern Moral Philosophy,” the influential 1958 paper in which she introduced the term “consequentialism,” Anscombe went to greater length in identifying the error that her Oxford colleagues had committed. This followed a BBC radio address given about a year earlier, in which Anscombe had posed the question “Does Oxford moral philosophy corrupt youth?” and answered it in the negative: the youth were not corrupted, she said, since these philosophers only taught the bad moral views that young people held anyway. Anscombe’s 1958 paper began with a whirlwind history in which she dismissed a series of moral philosophers from David Hume (“sophistical”) to Immanuel Kant (“useless”) to John Stuart Mill (“stupid”) to Henry Sidgwick (“dull” and “vulgar”), and then took aim at the “shallow,” “provincial,” and “corrupt” work of her contemporaries. The latter criticism centered on a conception of intentional action that Anscombe located in the work of Sidgwick, according to which a person “must be said to intend any foreseen consequences of [their] voluntary action.” On Anscombe’s reading, Sidgwick used this definition “to put forward an ethical thesis which would now be accepted by many people: the thesis that it does not make any difference to a man’s responsibility for something that he foresaw, that he felt no desire for it, either as an end or as a means to an end.”

Anscombe illustrated the upshot of this thesis with a simple example. According to a view like Sidgwick’s, there is no difference between the responsibility a man has for withdrawing material support from his children if he does this in order to achieve some further end, and the responsibility the same man would have if he was imprisoned for refusing to commit a disgraceful act. In both cases the man foresees that his choice will have the consequence of withdrawing material support from his children. Therefore, according to Sidgwick’s view, in each case the man is responsible in the same way for this outcome.

It is straightforward to extend this analysis to Truman’s decision to bomb the Japanese cities. Truman could foresee that his decision would lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. Yet, his defenders claim, a similar or greater number of civilians would have been killed had he chosen not to drop the bombs. On this analysis, Truman would have been equally responsible for the civilian deaths in either case. So the only thing that matters is whether he made the choice that led to better consequences overall—that is, to fewer total deaths.

Anscombe noted in “Modern Moral Philosophy” how surprising it was that none of the philosophers who accepted this position displayed any awareness of how their conclusions were “quite incompatible with the Hebrew–Christian ethic.” According to this ethic, she wrote, “there are certain things forbidden whatever consequences threaten,” and faced with the possibility of doing these things “you are not to be tempted by fear or hope of consequences.” But she saw that in her context she could not respond to this situation simply by defending traditional moral absolutes. Instead, the way forward was to begin “by banishing ethics totally from our minds,” in order to consider “simply as part of the philosophy of psychology” the concepts that ethical thinking presupposes. Among these she listed “action,” “intention,” and “wanting”—all of which are explored at length in the short book she had published a year earlier under the simple title Intention.


Anscombe’s Intention is an extraordinarily dense and difficult book, even by the standards of contemporary philosophy. It is just ninety-four pages long, comprising fifty-two numbered sections that range in length from a single paragraph to four or five pages. In this space the book treats an exhausting range of topics—and yet it has no obvious structure, no theses introduced at the beginning or stated clearly at the end, and barely any reference to the authors whose work it engages. It baffled several reviewers when it first appeared, and for a while went out of print. Yet when Harvard University Press reissued Anscombe’s book in 2001, the following quotation from the philosopher Donald Davidson appeared on the cover: “Anscombe’s Intention is the most important treatment of action since Aristotle.”

Anscombe would likely have objected that such praise overlooked at least the importance of Thomas Aquinas, whose influence is everywhere in Intention, even though his name appears only in one stray footnote. Anscombe’s daughter, Mary Geach, wrote in 2011 that her mother “drew on [Aquinas’s] thought to an unknowable extent: she said to me that it aroused prejudice in people to tell them that a thought came from him: to my sister she said that to ascribe a thought to him made people boringly ignore the philosophical interest of it, whether they were for Aquinas or against him.” Because of this, rather than repeating Aquinas’s theses and rehearsing his arguments for them—an approach entirely out of keeping with the way Aquinas himself built on the work of philosophers like Aristotle and St. Augustine—Anscombe’s writing appropriates Aquinas’s ideas in a fresh and novel guise, free of scholastic terminology and ready to be engaged by the contemporary reader.

Because of its scope and style, Intention resists easy summary. Anscombe is opposed throughout the book to thinking of intention primarily as a matter of one’s internal psychology—as the objective one has in doing a certain thing, or the willingness to do a thing on a certain occasion. At one point she identifies Wittgenstein as having advanced such a view in his Tractatus: “The world is independent of my will,” Wittgenstein wrote, and so action depends on a “presumed physical connexion” between one’s will and one’s bodily movements. In a notebook that likely dates from the 1950s, Anscombe cited this passage and wrote of feeling “more certain that there is a mistake here than about anything else in the Tractatus.” She continued: “I wish to say that ‘I do what happens’ when I act. The extraordinary thing is that this assumes an air of paradox.” This quoted remark reappeared in the text of Intention, where Anscombe wrote that though “everyone who heard this formula found it extremely paradoxical,” in fact it can be shown to make good sense.

In order to save this remark from paradox, Anscombe argued in her book that we use the concept of intention to describe what happens in most of our ordinary ways of describing human life. Imagine, for example, that you come into Anscombe’s study and find her sitting at her desk, with a pen in her hand that she is moving across the page. What is she doing? Writing, you will answer—and in describing her movements in this way you have already gone beyond a description in terms of physical bodies and forces. Mere physical objects can shatter, rise, and roll down hills, but they cannot write, jump, or walk. To describe a movement with words like these is to describe it as the execution of an intention.

How does this account apply to the case of Truman? The analysis of intention that Anscombe rejected holds that since Truman did not want the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to die—since their deaths were not part of his ultimate objective—they therefore fall outside the scope of his intention. By contrast, Anscombe argues that any sensible description of what Truman did must include the fact that he used these civilian deaths as a means to his end. These deaths were not merely incidental, since it was by killing the civilians that Truman brought the war to a close. Truman had innocent people killed in order to achieve his aims—and to do such a thing is to commit an act of murder.


To do the truth is not merely to grasp or to speak it; it also entails the kind of activism and advocacy that were such a part of Anscombe’s life.

Apart from her scholarly work, Anscombe also wrote and lectured extensively for wider audiences, usually of Catholics, on matters of popular concern. A frequent topic of this popular work is the Catholic teaching on contraception—a topic Anscombe wrote about as early as 1963, in an exchange with the Dominican friar Herbert McCabe in the pages of New Blackfriars. Later on, in an essay from 1972 published in The Human World under the title “Contraception and Chastity,” Anscombe defended what she called the Christian “ideal of chastity” and argued that the use of contraceptives is in conflict with it.

For Anscombe, what made the Christian teaching on sexuality so important was precisely that this teaching was not “traditional”: the teaching put Christians “at odds with the heathen world,” not only in the life of monastics but “as part of the ordinary calling of a Christian.” And, she argued, it is this view of marriage and family life that provides the rationale for the Christian ideal of chastity:

[T]he ground of [Christian] objection to fornication and adultery was that sexual intercourse is only right in the sort of set-up that typically provides children with a father and mother to care for them. If it’s all right to exclude children, if you can turn intercourse into something other than the reproductive type of act (I don’t mean of course that every act is reproductive any more than every acorn leads to an oak-tree but it’s a reproductive type of act) then why, if you can change it, should it be restricted to the married? Restricted, that is, to partners bound in a formal, legal, union whose fundamental purpose is the bringing up of children?

Anscombe’s argument here is supposed to be a reductio ad absurdum of the claim that contraceptive intercourse is permissible: if this is allowed, she says, then all other restrictions on sexual behavior go with it. It seems possible to resist this conclusion by holding that using contraceptives only sometimes would not sever entirely the link between sex and reproduction. Just as a writer lands most of her words in the wastepaper basket, so most of a married couple’s sexual acts won’t result in any children. And what is the difference between using contraceptives and refraining from intercourse during fertile periods in order not to become pregnant?

Questions like these were the focus of two replies to Anscombe’s article that were published in a subsequent issue of The Human World, one by Peter Winch and the other by Bernard Williams and Michael Tanner—all three professional philosophers, the latter two colleagues of Anscombe’s at Cambridge, where in 1970 she had taken up the chair previously held by Wittgenstein. Winch’s reply was short and substantive, arguing that the method of avoiding procreative intercourse does seem to change the character of “an act of intercourse considered as intentional,” in just the same way as taking a contraceptive pill. Williams and Tanner made a similar argument at greater length, and also voiced displeasure with what they called Anscombe’s “offensive” conclusions and spoke of how hard it was “to suppress feelings of outrage at some of her attacks on the spirit of the age, and the relish with which she launches them.”

Anscombe’s reply to these substantive arguments appealed to some simple analogies. In replying to Winch she asked the reader to imagine a man who operates some machinery in the course of doing his job, compared with another who deliberately sabotages this machinery and then manipulates it, perhaps by turning a crank, in a way that is superficially the same as the first man. The “wider context” between the two men’s actions means that there is a difference in what each of them does—since the fact that the second man has sabotaged the machine means that he is not doing his job, or even “operating” the machine in a strict sense at all. So have the contracepting couple “sabotaged” the sex act by preventing it from achieving its natural end. In replying to Williams and Tanner (whom she addressed as “my friendly neighborhood philosophers”) she pointed to the difference between arranging a meeting at a time when one knows a certain person will not be able to come, in order thereby to exclude that person, and physically barring an unwanted person from a meeting. The former, she wrote, “may be correctly describable as doing my organiser’s duties, namely to arrange the meeting.” But in physically barring an unwanted person, “I would be transgressing [those duties] by arranging to refuse him admission.”

This argument raises the question of whether a married couple has any duty toward their would-be children corresponding to the one that Anscombe’s organizer has to his potential guests. That is a question about the end or aim of married life, and such a question cannot be reduced to the casuistic application of moral principles. Here is how Anscombe addressed that wider question in the 1972 essay:

What people are for is to home in on God, God who is the one truth that is infinitely worth knowing, the possession of which you could never get tired of, like the water which if you have you can never thirst again, because your thirst is slaked forever and always. It’s this potentiality, this incredible possibility, of the knowledge of God and of sharing in His nature which Christianity holds out to people and because of this potentiality every life, right up to the last, is infinitely precious. Its potentialities in all things the world cares about may be slight; but there is always the possibility of what it’s for.

In this context, Williams and Tanner’s complaints on behalf of “the spirit of the age,” and their charge that Anscombe was “preaching impoverishment of life,” come into a different light, as she noted in her reply to them: “That one must be prepared to lose one’s life to save it, that ‘being poor in spirit’ is blessed, that what looks like deprivation and mutilation may be the path of life, the alternative death: all this Christianity has indeed taught.” She then added how strange it is “that ordinary chaste and faithful marriage should seem to exemplify” this spiritual poverty: “But that’s what our age is like.”


It is hard to imagine a phrase less descriptive of the life of Elizabeth Anscombe than Williams and Tanner’s charge of “impoverishment.” She was, by all accounts, an astoundingly rich personality, not at all mediocre or ordinary. Her house was filled with children as well as all sorts of visitors. She joked and swore, was famous for smoking cigars and drinking champagne, and loved to eat good food and cook it with her children. One great Oxford philosopher, Sir Anthony Kenny, recalls how in his days as a graduate student it was possible to drop into Anscombe’s house “at any hour of day or night and start discussion of a philosophical problem.” Sir Michael Dummett—who also converted to Catholicism, and who disagreed with Anscombe about contraception—recalls that tutorial meetings with her would last up to three hours rather than the usual one hour.

While not a feminist in any usual sense, Anscombe did keep her maiden name (on aesthetic grounds, apparently—“G.E.M. Anscombe” sounded better, she thought, than “G.E.M. Geach”), and she wore pants exclusively, often under a tunic. This made for some good stories. In one, Anscombe entered a restaurant in Boston where she was told that ladies were not permitted to wear pants, and so she took her pants off. In another, someone at the university told her that ladies had to wear skirts when they were lecturing, and so she began carrying a plastic bag with a skirt in it and then putting it on, over her trousers, just outside the lecture room.

The characteristics that made Anscombe one of the most exhilarating and intellectually formidable philosophers of her time also make most of her scholarly work quite inaccessible to non-specialists. Her popular writings, many of which are collected in Faith in a Hard Ground (2008), are a different story, though these too are not the sort of thing one is used to finding in a popular magazine. Her writing is focused, incisive, uncompromising in its commitment to what she called “doing the truth.” To do the truth is not merely to grasp or to speak it; it also entails the kind of activism and advocacy that were such a part of Anscombe’s life. A remark in one of her notebooks glosses this phrase as equivalent to “acting truthfully”—acting, that is, in such a way that this truth that we long for fills us up entirely as its vessel, animating our life and shining forth through our deeds.

In the final hours before her death, Anscombe was attended by her husband and four of her children, and she died as they finished reciting the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. Anthony Kenny, who had been a student of Anscombe’s and then carried on with her an extensive correspondence via postcard after confessing to her that he was losing his Catholic faith, recently told the story of her burial. Following a funeral Mass in Blackfriars, Cambridge, the mourners processed to the grounds in Ascension Parish where Wittgenstein had been buried some fifty years earlier. Anscombe had secured special permission to be buried next to her teacher, and the grave was dug at double the usual depth, so her husband could be laid to rest above her. Peter Geach followed her there in 2013.



German social democrats elect new leaders

BERLIN. KAZINFORM - Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD) on Saturday elected its party leaders, Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken, both critical of Germany's current ruling political coalition, Kazinform reports citing Xinhua.

Germans end up with France, Portugal in Euro group stage

After seeing Germany drawn at Euro 2020 with France and Portugal, Oliver Bierhoff was frustrated and fearful about his country’s prospects.“Another nightmare,” the Germany team ...

Am promises 'open mind' after election

BBC — It's thought 17 of the 18 district councils are now controlled by pro-democracy councillors. Thieves have stolen three priceless sets of jewellery from one of Europe's largest treasure collections - the Dresden Green Vault in eastern Germany. Uber loses licence to operate in London.

Agfa Silette L fotoaparát - 32

Agfa Silette L fotoaparát Color-Agnar 1:2.8/45mm Optik.Fotoaparát je veľmi pekný funkčný a v org. púzdre. Made in Germany. Cena 32eur + 3 eur poštovné. ...

This video shows a band pausing their performance for a call to prayer in Turkey

A video has been viewed more than one million times in multiple posts on Facebook and YouTube alongside a claim that it shows musicians in Germany pausing a performance in order to listen to an Islamic call to prayer. The video has been circulated in a misleading context; it shows a French band pausing its performance in the Turkish city of Istanbul after hearing a call to prayer from a nearby mosque.



Authored by: 


Fichier attachéTaille
PDF icon gisw2019_itlay_Challenges_for_activists673.45 KB

Challenges for activists pushing for an ethical approach to AI in Italy


Italy is the second biggest manufacturing country after Germany in the European Union (EU), and one of the main university and research centres. Because of this, the use and application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the country has advanced and spread. While this is most notable in robotics applied to the industrial sector, there are a number of experimental projects using AI in the country, including in the media sector. Recently, another area that has been developing fast has to do with building so-called “smart cities”, with a vast number of start-ups specialised in making services more accessible to citizens in various fields (health, education, social assistance, unemployment benefits, etc.). There is also strong and lively research activity on the ethical consequences of AI, including decision-making processes assisted by AI, and on related issues such as the regulation and self-regulation of media and social media, especially in the context of elections, hate speech, fake news, and child protection online.

Governments in the country, over the years, have had different approaches to and interest in AI. The centre-left government that was in power from 2013 until the beginning of 2018 was pushing hard (both in the country and in international forums such as the G7) to develop common policies on AI. In 2017, the Ministry of Economic Development launched a special fund (called “Industria 4.0”) to finance the introduction of AI and digital innovation in the traditional industrial sectors.[2] The plan was a huge success, and increased investment, especially in the automotive industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors.[3]

Outlining some AI initiatives in the media sector in Italy, this report argues that the current political climate in the country and a fragmented civil society are making the ethical regulation of AI very difficult. It nevertheless identifies two potential policy windows for activists to push for a human-rights approach to AI implementation.

Laboratories for innovation in the media sector

In Italy, AI applications in general (and particularly in the media sector) have been mainly developed in areas where there are a lot of repetitive tasks and where using a human for a task adds little value to the job at hand. The two AI-based services of particular social relevance in the media sector have been developed in the areas of increasing accessibility for people with disabilities and the automatic archiving of digital multimedia files.[4]

For example, Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI, the national public service media), through its research centre based in Turin (CRITS), is working on numerous AI applications aimed at making accessible radio and TV programmes for the elderly and people with disabilities. This work is the result of a new 2018-2027 framework agreement between the government and RAI, which aims to increase the percentage of programmes for people who are hard of hearing and those with reduced vision, and even deaf and blind people.[5]

RAI has developed three prototypes for new services based on AI that are now in the testing phase: Virtual LIS (short for Lingua dei Segni Italiana, Italian Sign Language), a virtual weather forecast using LIS, and Stretch TV.

Virtual LIS is a system that automatically converts voice audio into sign language using a 3D virtual interpreter. The first tests using LIS have been for weather forecasts.

Stretch TV is a system that can slow down the speed of TV programmes – both images and audio – by 10% to 20%, so that even the hard-of-hearing can easily follow dialogue. As part of EU-funded projects, RAI has also developed an archiving system for video and film using AI.[6]

There are many of these kinds of activities in the country, often implemented as part of EU research consortia.

One particularly interesting project involving media research is called “Femicide Storytelling”, run by the University of Turin (within the PRIN project).[7] Using AI, the project gathers data on cases of femicide and violence against women that are reported in newspapers and on radio and TV. These are then categorised and mapped against existing socio-demographic data in order to create a framework for predicting crimes against women. This is one of the most advanced experiments in big data in the country. While preventing crimes against women, it can be used to raise public awareness, and produce meaningful stories with a social impact.[8]

The most important EU project currently ongoing in the country is SoBigData, of which the Istituto Superiore Sant’Anna, based in Pisa, is one of the major actors and coordinators.[9] This project also has applications in the field of media research, particularly online.

The idea behind the project is very simple: according to the dominant narrative, big data is the oil of future growth. According to the research project, this narrative is true, but is currently being undermined by the misappropriation of personal data by some big companies that use personal data to make profits.

SoBigData proposes to create the “Social Mining and Big Data Ecosystem”, a research infrastructure that would allow the use of data in a protected environment, and on a collaborative basis, aiming to create a totally new approach to the use of big data. The aim of the project is to create a research community that could use the research infrastructure as a “secure digital wind-tunnel” for large-scale “social data analysis and simulation experiments.” Establishing common ethical principles on the use of algorithms, AI and big data is the pre-condition of making such an ecosystem workable, reliable and sustainable.

The areas of potential applications are enormous. The project has identified some of them: from smart cities to health, from media and understanding the influence of social media, to migration, to sports. For instance, the consortium has produced an analysis of mobility within a metropolitan area and even a map of accessibility for people in wheelchairs for a town, based on the data collected through an app for mobile phones. Another ongoing test involves the correlation between the use of social media and the polarisation of political and societal debates (analysed through algorithms checking and monitoring social media debates). The consortium publishes a newsletter presenting some of its experiments and achievements.[10]

The context for policy advocacy on AI

Italy is a country where the debate about social media and its misuse (hate speech, discrimination, sexual harassment and so on) has been widespread in media and society for many years. The proliferation of local media (radio and TV) in the last decades of the 20th century has raised awareness of media-related issues and led to the establishment of specific jurisprudence, as well as a media-related authority set up in 1987. The Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (AGCOM, the Authority for the Control of Media) is a multisectoral authority, now with a very broad mandate: it is in charge of regulating printed media, electronic media, telecoms and (by extension) social media.

In an already highly regulated media ecosystem, the arrival of social media was nevertheless a shock, because some of the protections previously ensured by the traditional media regulations proved to be inefficient when it came to the new online forms of communication. As a result, calls to regulate social media came from various sectors (the judiciary, human rights activists, the media, etc.) – calls that the two parties governing the country in a coalition since June 2018 have not supported at all.

On the contrary, the Five Star Movement, led by comedian Beppe Grillo, and the League, led by Matteo Salvini – the two political parties forming the government that collapsed at the end of August 2019 – have based a lot of their success on the use of social media. For example, Salvini, whose Facebook page has more than 3.75 million fans, prefers to talk to his supporters live on Facebook instead of going into Parliament, holding press conferences or being interviewed on TV.[11]

The Five Star Movement makes most of its decisions using a voting platform called Rousseau,[12] where registered members are called to vote on the selection of candidates for elections, on main legislative proposals and even on internal reform of the party’s bylaws.[13]

Consequently, both parties had no great interest to intervene on the matter of the regulation of the internet, because they position themselves as anti-establishment forces, and consider traditional media to be controlled by the main economic and political interest groups in the country. This refusal, however, creates a growing tension between government, civil society, opposition parties and traditional media, but also within civil society, and the same two ruling parties.

This also makes pushing for the ethical regulation of AI difficult in the country. Nevertheless, two potential policy windows remain.

Policy windows to advocate for the ethical regulation of AI

The push for regulating social media

Despite the government's reluctance to regulate social media, civil society pressured AGCOM to approve a proposed regulation against online hate speech on 15 May 2019. The proposed regulation is called the “Regolamento recante disposizioni in materia di rispetto della dignità umana e del principio di non discriminazione e di contrasto all’hate speech” (Regulation containing provisions regarding respect for human dignity and the principle of non-discrimination and combatting hate speech).[14]

In Article 9 of the Regulation, AGCOM requires that internet platforms distributing video content:

  • Adopt, publish and respect formal codes of self-regulation in which they commit themselves to remove hate speech content and other content violating human rights online.
  • Provide quarterly monitoring reports on content identified, removed and penalised.
  • Launch awareness campaigns among their users to promote diversity and to fight any kind of online discrimination.

The regulation was submitted for public consultation before it was adopted. Some of the consulted entities have argued that the media and telecom authority has no mandate to regulate (or even co-regulate) social media and the internet. AGCOM has submitted the proposed regulation officially to the Italian Parliament, which will now have to decide whether to enshrine the regulation as law and formally confirm AGCOM's de facto mandate on social media.[15]

This proposal potentially opens up the door for further public discussion on ethical principles with respect to the use and implementation of AI online.

The multistakeholder roundtable

Another potential avenue where activists could push for the regulation of AI is in a multistakeholder roundtable set up by AGCOM, which contributed to the development of the regulation approved in May. In November 2017, AGCOM created the roundtable in an attempt to guarantee pluralism and to ensure reliable news on digital platforms.[16] This informal, voluntary group has grown over the years, and today gathers around 30 companies, including Google, Facebook and Wikipedia (Twitter has not joined the roundtable yet), institutions and civil society organisations. The job of the roundtable is to come up with solutions to problems that are raised, based on in-depth research and knowledge of the Italian media market.[17]

Since January 2019, it has produced a regular newsletter (called the Observatory on Online Disinformation) and all relevant communication between the authority and the parties involved, such as an internet platform, are discussed publicly and published on its website. For instance, in March 2018 the secretariat of the roundtable addressed a detailed request for explanations from Facebook on the impact of the Cambridge Analytica case in Italy. Another area of concern is the impact of fake news and hate speech on the online world.

During the campaigns for the Italian national elections in March 2018 and for European elections in May 2019, the roundtable agreed on a special strategy to counter possible cyber interference,[18] while some guidelines to guarantee equal access for all candidates to the online platforms were issued.[19]


In the current political turmoil through which Italy is passing, civil society organisations are in a trap. On the one hand they are very involved with institutions in the debate about AI and algorithms, on their implications for society (as seen in some of the projects discussed here) and in the development of regulations. On the other hand, they are paralysed in their advocacy because criticism of how internet platforms operate is considered as an attack on both of the ruling parties (the Five Star Movement and the League), both of which use the internet as a bedrock for their campaigns, including in their attacks on traditional media.

Civil society in Italy is also currently fragmented, with different groups concentrating on their own problems: political parties are worried about trolls and elections; feminist movements are worried about femicide; the child protection movement is worried about the risks of social media for children; minorities and refugee organisations are worried about hate speech and its consequences for their constituencies.

Nevertheless, two avenues for pushing for regulations on AI remain: the current advocacy for the regulation of hate speech online, and the multistakeholder roundtable set up by AGCOM.

A further policy window has presented itself with the sudden and unexpected collapse in August 2019 of the populist and right-wing parties that make up the current government. This has ushered in a change of alliances (now populist and left-wing parties), and opened up new perspectives for civil society activism, and for the Parliament. However, what exactly these advocacy opportunities will be is still too early to predict.

Action steps

If the fragmented civil society movement is able to free itself from its current paralysis, then a lot could be achieved with respect to AI. They need to collectively start to push for ethical principles to be incorporated into AI, such as privacy by design in the algorithms that are developed. This could be a successful way to unify movements that at the moment are not cooperating and are working separately, focused on their own battles. In this sense, the Italian tradition of fighting for civil liberties – which resulted in a very detailed and in-depth juridical framework and a modern constitution – could contribute significantly to the European and global debate on AI.


[1] The author thanks Andrea Cairola, Roberto Masotti and Francesco Sciacchitano for their support in this work.


[3] The media and cultural sectors were not allowed to access these incentives, which were reserved for the industrial sector, but nevertheless many research initiatives have been launched since then with private and EU funding.


[5] Obligations are mentioned in the new service’s contract with RAI for 2018-2022, published in January 2018. The services to increase accessibility are covered in Article 25 of the contract.

[6] CRITS and RAI Teche presented the archiving system at the FIAT/IFTA World Conference in Venice on 9 October 2018.



[9] The project receives funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. See for more information; a complete description of the project can be found here:


[11] According to the last available statistics on 4 August:


[13] The platform has around 150,000 registered participants, but data is not certified. The Italian authority on privacy has recently (4 April 2019) criticised the platform for not being protected against piracy and third-party manipulation. See:


[15] In particular, Article 1.31 of the law that instituted AGCOM (Legge 31 luglio 1997, n. 249 – Istituzione dell'Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni e norme sui sistemi delle telecomunicazioni e radiotelevisivo) grants it the authority to impose penalties on those who do not comply with its regulations, ranging from fines to revoking their licence to operate in Italy.

[16] AGCOM. (2017). Tavolo tecnico per la garanzia del pluralismo e della correttezza dell’informazione sulle piattaforme digitali.


[18] AGCOM. (2019). Osservatorio sulla disinformazione online n. 4/2019.

[19] AGCOM. (2018). Linee guida per la parità di accesso alle piattaforme online durante la campagna elettorale per le elezioni politiche 2018.

This report was originally published as part of a larger compilation: “Global Information Society Watch 2019: Artificial intelligence: Human rights, social justice and development"
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) - Some rights reserved.
ISBN 978-92-95113-12-1
APC Serial: APC-201910-CIPP-R-EN-P-301




100 Years of Bauhaus on Google Arts & Culture


Even if you’ve never heard of the Bauhaus movement, you’ve probably seen its influence all around you. From traffic signs to office furniture, the legendary design school changed the way our world looks and functions.  

One hundred years after the movement began in Germany, we’re still surrounded by Bauhaus ideas about art, technology and craftsmanship, which are reflected in Google Arts & Culture's newest collection—"Bauhaus Everywhere". The collection came together in partnership with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Germany—as part of our multi-year digitization collaboration—and six other partners including the IIT Institute of Design or the Guggenheim Museum.

Bauhaus design aimed to improve people's lives through functional design. Well-known members of the school, such as its founder Walter Gropius, the controversial Hannes Meyer or Gunta Stölzl, as one of many female designers and artists, have a lasting influence on architecture, furniture design and even typefaces

This project digitizes over 10,000 objects, offers virtual tours of iconic buildings and exhibits over 400 artworks captured with our Art Camera. The result is over 45 online exhibitions curated by our seven partners featuring icons like the world known tubular steel armchair or imagery of “Africa's Finest Campus” and the (perhaps unexpectedly) best selling bauhaus design, wallpaper

There are also unique insights into the everyday student life of Bauhaus including the renowned Bauhaus parties and the forward thinking empowerment of women. And, because the school’s design principles spread far beyond Germany and Europe, we’ve created a Google Earth Voyager Tour to show how people as far away as Japan, India or Brazil were inspired by Bauhaus. 

New shapes, materials and approaches to construction made Bauhaus proposals stand out. Its architectural designs  were especially known for their avantgarde approach. But many of these bold building plans stayed just that, and were never actually constructed. In collaboration with experts from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the collection contains buildings that had only ever existed on paper and in the minds of their creators. 

Together we assembled archival sketches, scribbles and vague descriptions to create augmented reality models of three visionary structures. In the Google Arts & Culture app anyone can now explore “Round House” by Carl Fieger, “BAMBOS” by Marcel Breuer and “Court House” by Eduard Ludwig from inside and outside. 

László Moholy-Nagy, a teacher at the Bauhaus, put it this way: "Design is not a profession, design is an attitude." We hope you’ll see that the Bauhaus attitude is not just everywhere but, through this exhibit, also for everyone. 



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Photos of the Week: Glowing Skate Park, Maori Welcome, Fighting Cholitas (35 photos)


An earthquake in Albania, Krampus in Slovenia, a military dog at the White House, protests in Iraq and Chile, bubbles over Rome, wildfires in California, the All Africa Music Awards in Lagos, a Christmas market in Germany, and much more

"Butter" the turkey waits for President Donald Trump's pardon of the turkey during the National Thanksgiving Turkey ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., on November 26, 2019. ( Jim Watson / AFP / Getty)


Ph.D. Student in Regensburg/Germany

Project: “Impact of brain neuropeptides on partner loss-induced depressive-like behaviour in prairie voles” Positive social relationships are vital for mental and physical health. Conversely, sudden disruption of such relationships is often followed by emotional distress, triggering severe physical and psychological sequelae, including depression. Therefore, elucidating the neural systems underlying social loss-induced depression is essential to understand and, consequently, develop…

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Post-doctoral position in Göttingen/Germany

The Löwel-lab investigates sensory processing and neuronal plasticity in the visual cortex of mice raised in varying environments and/or with modified synaptic proteins. Techniques include 2-photon calcium and spine imaging, optical imaging of intrinsic signals, multielectrode electrophysiology, virus injections and diverse behavioural tests to analyze visual plasticity and learning. We offer a stimulating scientific environment in a dynamic, young and interdisciplinary and international team…

Ph.D. Student in Berlin/Germany

We are looking for a doctoral student with experience in cellular and molecular neurobiology to join our DFG-funded project on Arpp21 and the miRNA miR-128. We recently described regulatory interactions between these two molecules (Rehfeld et al., Nature Communications 2018; Franzoni et al., eLife 2017) that are important for the functional maturation of cortical neurons. Mutations in Arpp21 have recently been identified as a significant contributor to ALS. The successful candidate will use…

2020 Munich Brain Course Award, Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences – LMU Munich in Munich/Germany

Neuroanatomy is the foundation of all neuroscience. Yet, the application of neuroanatomical knowledge in everyday clinical or scientific practice can be difficult. The brain course at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München aims at illustrating and teaching anatomical issues as viewed from various neuroscientific disciplines. The Munich Brain Course is a yearly event held every spring. Each course has several main topics, with additional presentations and hands-on dissections. The…

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Post-doctoral position in Mainz/Germany

Neuroscience Postdoc position (molecular biology) The Institute of Pathophysiology of the University Medical Center Mainz is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher (100% TVL13). We investigate the physiology and molecular basis of neuronal communication. A major research focus is the analysis of the role of glutamate receptors in synaptic transmission and network activity (von Engelhardt et al., Science 2010, Khodosevich et al., Neuron 2014, Farrow et al., eLife 2015, Chen et al., Nature…

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YOUR task: • work on innovative and demanding scientific project (see below). YOUR qualifications: • a MSc degree in biology or physics or related subjects, with grade ≥ 2.5 • broad interests, mathematical/analytical thinking, independent problem-solving • interest in method development/refinement; ideally, prior experience in electrophysiology • very good skills in English (both in speaking and writing). WE offer: • an interdisciplinary environment within a motivated team • access to modern…

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The Institute of Cognitive Neurology at the University Medical School in Goettingen (Prof. Melanie Wilke, and the Decision and Awareness group at the German Primate Center (Dr. Igor Kagan, are seeking a doctoral student to investigate thalamo-cortical circuits supporting eye-hand coordination and spatial decision-making. Our research program involves a multi-modal approach that combines causal brain perturbation…

admission in Germany Universities

what is the eligibility criteria for admission in...

StLJN Saturday Video Showcase: Spotlight on Fred Frith


This week, let's have a look at some videos featuring guitarist Fred Frith, who's coming to St. Louis to perform in a concert presented by New Music Circle on Saturday, December 14 at Joe's Cafe. While he's in town, he also will present a free master class on Sunday, December 15 at the 14th St. Artists Collective in north St. Louis.

Fred Frith, who turned 70 this year, was born in Sussex, England and first came to wide attention in the late 1960s and early 70s as a member of the art-rock band Henry Cow. His 1974 album Guitar Solos made a splash showcasing his unusual approach to improvising, using lots of effects and deploying various found objects, including ball bearings, egg beaters, drumsticks and many more, both to strike the guitar and sometimes to "prepare" it in a manner recalling John Cage's prepared pianos.

In 1979, Frith moved to New York City, where he became part of the then-burgeoning downtown experimental music scene, which led to him forming groups such as Massacre and Skeleton Crew and eventually, collaborating with Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Syd Barrett, Mike Oldfield, The Residents, John Zorn, Bill Laswell, and many others.

Frith in the 1980s also began writing music for dance, film, and theater. After spending a couple of years living in Germany, he moved in 1997 to Oakland, CA to join faculty at Mills College, where he taught composition until retiring last year, all the while maintaining an active performing and recording schedule.

For his St. Louis show - his first since a duo performance with John Zorn many years ago at The Sheldon - Frith will be playing solo, and so today, we've collected some performance videos including four solo shows, starting up above with a full performance recorded in April of this year at the Torino Jazz Festival in Turin, Italy.

After the jump, there are two more solo concerts, from February 2019 in Ottensheim, Austria and June 2016 in Paris, France.

Next is a combination solo performance and Q&A session recorded in January 2013 in New York City, in which Frith plays and also talks about five of his favorite songs, followed by another older solo show from March 2007 in Mexico City.

The final video shows Frith and his West Coast trio with bassist Jason Hoopes and drummer Jordan Glenn in December 2018 at Starline Social Club in Oakland, CA.

For more about Fred Frith and his distinctive approach to guitar, check out his interview from 2013 with the website Prepared Guitar, his 2014 interview with Chicago Reader, conducted by experimental filmmaker Lori Felker, and his 2016 Q&A with

You can see the rest of today's videos after the jump...


Second Conclave of The Anglocatholic Church in Germany

By the decree of The Presiding Patriarch, His Eminence, The Most Reverend Dr. David Smith, DD, The Second Conclave of The College of Bishops of The Anglocatholic Church is planned to be in Kloster Tiefenthal in Eltville am Rhein, near … Continue reading

Second Conclave of The Anglocatholic Church 2021

There are plans to have The Second Convocation of The College of Bishops of The Anglocatholic Church in Frankfurt, Germany in 2021. This is meeting of ALL BISHOPS OF THE ANGLOCATHOLIC CHURCH! Active and retired! During the Conclave there will … Continue reading

Red-hot Giovanni Reyna scores again for Borussia Dortmund U-19s


Alphonso Davies isn’t the only former Major League Soccer academy product impressing at a young age in Germany. Gio Reyna, the 17-year-old US youth international who is one of the stars of New York ...

Can Germany's Angela Merkel save her grand coalition?

Social Democrats elect new leaders, putting at risk the chancellor's coalition government.

Germany’s Green Vault Museum Finds It’s Uninsured for $1 Billion Theft of Jewels

A day after burglars made off with priceless jewels from a German museum, pressure is growing on police to find the culprits. One big reason: The diamond-encrusted dagger, pearl necklace, and dozens of other glittering artifacts—estimated to be worth more …

Expat Hong Kongers rally on 'keyboard frontline'

Video messages featuring young Hong Kongers reciting what could be their last words before joining a protest are filling up the inbox of Glacier Kwong, a digital rights activist based in Germany.

Horrizon - World of Pain (2019)



With many Melodic Death Metal bands getting a bit too melancholic for our taste, today we stumbled upon Germany’s Horrizon and their third full-length release “World of Pain”. Unleashing 11 tracks and nearly 50 minutes of old-school Melodic DM reminding us of the early days of Dark Tranquility and Be'lakor. As one of the most recommended releases for catchy riffing enthusiasts, this album has plenty of epic headbanging passages and a few surprises.

The band wastes no time in asserting their dominance with the superbly executed “Once In A While”, a track filled with crushing vocals and super melodic guitars. As the riffing onslaught continues with tracks like “Sentenced to Death”, the band changes up the pace with the more melancholic “Where Am I?”, nicely showcasing more dramatic atmospheric arrangements and guitar leads. However, the mellowness does not take over the release as the album title track and “Haunted By the Past” get back into the furious pace of tight drums, crafty riffs and brilliant tempo changes.

Further experimenting with clean vocals, “Ancient Wisdom” has a very ethereal vibe to it, while still unleashing excellent guitar leads and some crafty shifts in intensity. Keeping the crushing melodic vibe going, we are quite impressed with tracks like “Dying God”, “Lost” and “Why?”, which further elevate the band’s guitar wizardry while keeping the tracks grounded in Melodic Death Metal roots. Our favorite piece has to be the dramatic “Reborn” and its lush atmospherics.

Closing with the high-octane “Endless Rain”, Horrizon has managed to deliver a very cohesive and yet diverse and exciting release. With “World of Pain”, this German band throws their hat in the ring for best Melodic Death Metal release of 2019. If you are a fan of early Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, Dark Lunacy, and Dark Tranquility, you will certainly love this release.

Band: Horrizon Album: World of Pain

Label: Massacre Records

Release: November 29th, 2019

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 92/100


German coalition party selects new leaders


Members of Germany’s junior governing party have chosen a left-leaning duo as their new leaders, a decision that could endanger the future of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s troubled coalition. Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken beat the rival team of vice-chancellor Olaf Scholz and Klara Geywitz in a run-off ballot of Social Democrat members, according to results announced on Saturday. Mr Walter-Borjans and Ms Esken won the support of 53% of members who voted, with just over 45% backing their rivals. Their appointment still needs the formal approval of a party congress next week, which is also expected to consider whether the party should stay in the “grand coalition” of Germany’s traditional big parties led by the centre-right Ms Merkel. While Mr Scholz and Ms Geywitz strongly favoured staying in the coalition, Mr Walter-Borjans and Ms Esken have sounded much more sceptical and advocate changes to the coalition agreement. The Social Democrats have been without an elected leader since Andrea Nahles quit in frustration nearly six months ago. The party decided to ask its 426,000-strong membership who should take on the task of pulling it out of a lengthy poll slump. The new leaders are not household names to many Germans. Mr Walter-Borjans is best-known for a 2010-2017 stint as finance minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, during which regional authorities purchased data on potential tax cheats with money hidden in Swiss bank accounts. Ms Esken is a federal politician. After the results were announced, she said none of the would-be leaders had been “great friends” of the coalition and she noted that all had said they did not want to extend it beyond the end of the current parliamentary term, due in 2021. But she and Mr Walter-Borjans – who unlike some contenders eliminated in the first round of voting have not clearly advocated a fast exit – left open what exactly their position will be on the coalition’s future. “We didn’t let ourselves be nailed down to the question of everything coming down to the question of fleeing (the coalition) or staying in permanently,” Mr Walter-Borjans said. “We have said clearly that this is about substance; we have said that we must do more on climate, we have said that there must be massive investment. “We will once again name the points that are important to us and then have the party congress decide what can wait, and what must be implemented so urgently that we raise the question of the coalition because of it.” Paul Ziemiak, general secretary of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said he looks forward to “trusting co-operation for the good of our country”. He added: “We want to govern Germany well, we created a basis for that and this internal decision by the Social Democrats has changed nothing about the basis of the ‘grand coalition’.”

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Climate protesters target east German coal mines


Thousands of climate activists have staged a protest at open-pit coal mines in eastern Germany, pouring on to the premises to urge the government to immediately halt the use of coal to produce electricity. Police estimate more than 2,000 people took part on Saturday at sites near Cottbus and Leipzig, and that some of the demonstrators scuffled with officers. The dpa news agency reports three officers were slightly injured at the Janschwaelde mine near Cottbus. The mine operators, Leag und Mibrag, filed police reports asking for an investigation and possible charges. Burning coal releases carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas blamed by scientists for global warming. The German government plans to end the use of coal by 2038 and spend 40 billion euro (£34 billion) on assistance for the affected mining regions.

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Mueller, Hans George "Hanno"

Mueller, Hans George (Hanno) March 17, 1948 - October 28, 2019 Born in Dresden, Germany to Otto Mueller & Eleanore Giese Survived by Grandson:...

Nervy Leipzig go top, Klinsmann loses at new club Hertha


RB Leipzig returned to the top of the Bundesliga Saturday with a nervous 3-2 win at bottom side Paderborn, but both Bayern Munich and Borussia Moenchengladbach could yet replace them in first place this weekend. Leipzig regained top spot for the first time since September by winning at Paderborn, capping a fine week for the club after reaching the knockout stages of the Champions League for the first time in midweek. Defending champions Bayern can draw level on 27 points by beating Bayer Leverkusen at the Allianz Arena later Saturday. Moenchengladbach, who Leipzig knocked down into second, can reclaim top spot if they beat Freiburg on Sunday.  In the capital, ex-Germany and USA head coach Jurgen Klinsmann started his tenure as Hertha Berlin's interim boss with a 2-1 home defeat to 10-man Borussia Dortmund at the Olympic Stadium, packed with 74,667 supporters. In Paderborn, Leipzig were 2-0 up inside four minutes with early goals by Patrik Schick and Marcel Sabitzer before Germany striker Timo Werner made it 3-0 at half-time with his 13th league goal this season. However, it was a completely different story after the break as Paderborn, who earned a 3-3 draw at Dortmund last...

Portugal, France, Germany drawn together at Euro 2020 as England get Croatia


Reigning European champions Portugal will come up against World Cup winners France and Germany in the standout group at Euro 2020 following Saturday's draw for the tournament in Bucharest, as England came out alongside Croatia. Neither France nor Portugal were in Pot One for the 24-team competition being held in 12 cities across Europe, making them the dangerous teams to avoid for the top seeds. In the event, they came out together in an incredibly tough Group F alongside Germany, who will play group games at home in Munich. That is where Joachim Loew's team will face France in their first match on June 16. Group F will be completed by one of the winners of the play-offs to be played next March, leaving open several possibilities including Hungary, who will play at home in Budapest should they make it. France beat Germany in the semi-finals of Euro 2016 on home soil, before losing in the final to a Portugal side who claimed the title for the first time. Meanwhile, England were drawn with Croatia and the Czech Republic in Group D, with Gareth Southgate's team to play home group games at Wembley, which will also be the venue for the semi-finals and final. That section will be...

Bailey double sinks Bayern as Leipzig go top in Germany


Bayer Leverkusen's Leon Bailey (No. 9) gets past Bayern Munich's Serge Gnabry.

Leon Bailey scored twice as Bayern Munich crashed 2-1 at home to 10-man Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday, while RB Leipzig top the Bundesliga after a nervous 3-2 win at bottom side Paderborn. Hansi Flick lost for the first time in five games as Bayern's interim coach after Jamaica winger Bailey scored first-half goals for Leverkusen. Mid-table Leverkusen finished with 10 men after defender Jonathan Tah saw a late red card for fouling Philippe Coutinho. Leipzig's win over Paderborn allowed them to open a two-point lead over Borussia Moenchenglabach. Elsewhere, Jurgen Klinsmann started his tenure as Hertha Berlin's interim boss with a 2-1 home defeat to 10-man Borussia Dortmund at the sold-out Olympic Stadium. Flick, put in charge until at least January, had won his first four games with 16 goals scored and zero conceded -- the best start by a coach in Bayern's proud history. However, little went right at the Allianz Arena for Bayern, who are fourth and trail Leipzig by three points. "I didn't flip out after winning four games and I won't now," said Flick. "We knew Leverkusen were good on the counter and they took their chances mercilessly; we didn't take ours." Bayern hit the...

Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic Gold Medal Could Fetch More Than $1 Million at Online Auction

One of four gold medals won by American Jesse Owens during the 1936 Olympic Games in Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany is up for grabs at an online auction taking place now through December 7. The opening bid at is $250,000, but recent history tells us this very special piece of sports memorabilia could sell for $1 million or more.

Back in 2013, billionaire Ron Burkle plunked down $1.46 million for an Owens gold medal from the same Berlin Olympics. It was the highest price ever paid for a piece of Olympic memorabilia.

Owens’ performance in Berlin was one of the most significant in Olympic history because Hitler was convinced the Games would showcase what he believed was the superiority of the Aryan race. Instead, the 23-year-old son of an Alabama share cropper embarrassed the German dictator by dominating his athletes with decisive wins in the 100- and 200-meter dash, the long jump and as a member of the 4×100 meter relay team.

Of the four gold medals captured by Owens, the whereabouts of two are unknown. The one purchased by Burkle in 2013 had been gifted by Owens to his good friend, entertainer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. The medal came to SCP Auctions via the estate of Robinson’s wife, Elaine Plaines-Robinson.

The Owens medal being offered by Goldin Auctions was most recently owned by the family of John Terpak, Sr., a weightlifter who met Owens during the 1936 Games. Owens apparently gifted the medal to Terpak in appreciation of his generosity and kindness.

Even though Owens was the first athlete in Olympic history to win four gold medals, his hero status was short-lived. According to Goldin Auctions, racial laws and cultural norms kept Owens from capitalizing on his Olympic triumphs. Because of the color of his skin, there were no corporate endorsements, high paying speaking engagements or coaching offers. Friends, such as Terpak, stepped in to ensure Owens would be financially stable.

As early as 1954, Terpak arranged for Owens to appear at speaking events in his native Pennsylvania, and the legendary Olympian was invited back many times over the next decade. Owens passed away in 1980 and Terpak passed away in 1993.

Owens' 55mm medal features Giuseppe Cassioli’s famous “Trionfo” design, which was showcased on the Summer Olympic medals from 1928 through 1968. The obverse depicts Nike, the Greek Winged Goddess of Victory, holding a palm in her left hand and a winner’s crown in her right, with the Colosseum in the background. The reverse shows a jubilant crowd carrying a triumphant athlete.

"No athletic award carries the same historical weight and value as Jesse Owens' gold medal-winning performance at the 1936 Olympics, for no athlete ever achieved nor proved as much as Owens did during those Games," said Ken Goldin, Founder of Goldin Auctions. "Even though we have offered at auction some of the most iconic sports collectibles, it is the highest honor to share this museum-worthy item with the world."

Interestingly, the last Olympic gold medal made of pure gold was awarded in 1912. Starting in 1916, the gold medals were made from gilded silver (92.5% silver, plated with six grams of gold).

Owens’ 1936 gold medal weighed 71 grams. So, at today’s valuations, the precious metal content would be worth less then $40 in silver and about $309 in gold.

Credits: Gold medals courtesy of Goldin Auctions. Long jump photo by Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R96374 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons. Photo of U.S. Olympic team sprinters (from left) Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe and Frank Wykoff on the deck of the S.S. Manhattan before they sailed for Germany to compete in the 1936 Olympics by the Associated Press [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.


SPD leadership choice threatens Germany's ruling coalition

The future of Germany's ruling coalition looked shaky after the election of new leaders of the Social Democrats (SPD) who are demanding a shift in policies, and several senior conservatives on Sunday ruled out talks to renegotiate a governing agreement.


SPD leadership choice puts Germany at a political crossroads

The future of Germany's ruling coalition looks shaky after the weekend election of new leaders of the Social Democrats (SPD) who are demanding a shift in policies, which Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have rebuffed.


«США нас обманули»: в Германии усомнились в необходимости санкций против РФ


Немцы начали сомневаться в правдивости предлога, под которым США приняли «закон Магницкого», позволяющий им вводить санкции против России «за нарушение гражданских прав».

На сайте авторитетного и самого массового немецкого издания Der Spiegel появился материал, авторы которого указывают на множество лжи и нестыковок в деле о гибели Сергея Магницкого, выполнявшего поручения американского бизнесмена Билла Браудера.

По мнению авторов материала, единственным выгодополучателем от смерти Магницкого был его работодатель Браудер, который благодаря гибели юриста получил входной билет в большую политику, где его версия событий оказалась «в нужное время и в нужном месте».

Кроме того немецкие журналисты высказывают убедительные сомнения по поводу самостоятельности бывшего юриста фонда Hermitage Capital Management.

Они считают, что все «разоблачения» Магницкого делались исключительно по указанию Браудера и в качестве доказательства приводят найденное недавно электронное сообщение.

В своем материале немцы приводят еще ряд фактов, свидетельствующих о том, что американская версия не соответствует действительности и была нужна для оказания давления на Россию и обмана стран Западной Европы.

Появление такого материала в издании калибра Der Spiegel свидетельствует о том, что немецкая общественность настроена разобраться в том, насколько мнение, которое США навязывают Германии, соответствует действительности.

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Impeachment Has Always Been a Purely Political Process



What exactly is impeachment? A common view is that the House of Representatives judges that the president has committed a crime, then the Senate tries him. But the Constitution’s criterion of “high crimes and misdemeanors” does not correspond to anything specific in the U.S. criminal code. Even if it did, legal precedent has already established that a sitting President cannot be indicted. Hence, when special prosecutor Leon Jaworski presented indictments over the Watergate break-in, he listed President Nixon as an “unindicted” co- conspirator. Even if a prosecutor did manage to indict a sitting president, he would not face a trial. Only after being impeached, convicted in the Senate and expelled from office would he be liable to legal prosecution like other citizens.


Impeachability is therefore very much in the eye of the beholder. The Mueller probe was sometimes likened to a prosecutor returning his findings to a grand jury made up of Congress. But that was a false analogy. The Constitution is silent about what process is to be followed before articles of impeachment are voted on. No investigation is explicitly mandated. Strictly speaking, a newly elected House of Representatives could vote articles of impeachment on its first day, without any investigation. The reason this does not happen is because those favoring impeachment naturally prefer to be supported in the court of public opinion. But they needn’t rely on the outcome of an investigation if they are willing to gamble on the public’s support regardless. The Mueller probe disappointed House Democrats because it found no evidence of collusion with Russia and no evidence of obstruction of justice that could stand up in court. But it made no difference to Trump’s opponents. Adam Schiff and Erick Swalwell maintained that Trump was guilty of both before the Mueller probe was completed, and they maintain it now that it has come and gone. At the end of the day, they are banking on public opinion sharing their conviction that the president has committed a crime. Even if impeachment articles are voted in, however, the prospect of the Republican majority in the Senate convicting Trump are virtually zero.


Why doesn’t the Constitution make a president’s impeachment synonymous with a prosecution for breaking the law? In Germany, for example, the President can be impeached by either of the two legislative chambers. At that point, the case goes to a federal court, which decides if he is guilty and whether to remove him from office. To clarify why the American process is so complicated and indirect, we have to ask ourselves what the Founders meant impeachment for in the first place.


As I wrote in TYRANTS: POWER, INJUSTICE AND TERROR, one of the Constitution’s fundamental aims, according to Alexander Hamilton, was to forestall the emergence an American tyrant — a “Catiline or Caesar.” Tyranny in the 18th century context need not connote full-blown monsters like Hitler. If a ruler violated Americans’ rights, like King George III taxing them without granting them representation in Parliament, that was tyranny. Ancient democracies like Athens, according to Hamilton, veered between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy. They could only rely on a virtuous statesman like Pericles to break this cycle. Such statesmen are very rare, and could prove to be tyrants in disguise — it’s too chancy. The “new” political science of the Enlightenment, Hamilton says, relies instead on the institutional division of powers, preventing one branch of government from tyrannizing over the others. Just as the president having the power of the purse would violate Congress’s jurisdiction, Congress’s ability to try a president like a law court would violate that of both the Executive and the Judicial branches. Rooted in Machiavelli’s analysis of the Roman Republic, the American constitution was designed to promote a peaceable political warfare among the three branches of government that would forestall the actual violence of civil strife resulting from one branch reigning supreme. As James Madison put it, the causes of vice are sewn into the human soul. We can’t remove those causes, but through the correct institutional mechanisms, we can impede their harmful effects.


In sum, the removal of a President from office through impeachment was designed as a purely political process. It is value neutral with respect to legal guilt or innocence. The Founders stacked the deck against it happening so that it would not be trivially invoked, which is why it’s happened only three times. In the case of Donald Trump, at the end of the day, all that matters is how the House and Senate vote. This may not be as morally satisfying to either side as outright condemnation or exoneration. But the Founders were wary of the power of moral outrage to spark the extremes of tyranny and anarchy characteristic of democracy in the past. Whatever the verdict regarding President Trump’s impeachment, the reaction will be confined to screaming pundits, not armed mobs. Or so we hope.


Neville Chamberlain, Sir Horace Wilson, & Britain's Plight of Appeasement



Adapted from Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler by Adrian Phillips, published by Pegasus Books. Reprinted with permission. All other rights reserved.


In 1941, as his time in office drew to a close, the head of the British Civil Service, Sir Horace Wilson, sat down to write an account of the government policy with which he had been most closely associated. It was also the defining policy of Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister whom Wilson had served as his closest adviser throughout his time in office. It had brought Chamberlain immense prestige, but this had been followed very shortly afterwards by near-universal criticism. Under the title ‘Munich, 1938’, Wilson gave his version of the events leading up to the Munich conference of 30 September 1938, which had prevented – or, as proved to be the case, delayed – the outbreak of another world war at the cost of the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. By then the word ‘appeasement’ had acquired a thoroughly derogatory meaning. Chamberlain had died in 1940, leaving Wilson to defend their joint reputation. Both men had been driven by the highest of motivations: the desire to prevent war. Both had been completely convinced that their policy was the correct one at the time and neither ever admitted afterwards that they might have been wrong.


After he had completed his draft, Wilson spotted that he could lay the blame for appeasement on someone else’s shoulders. Better still, it was someone who now passed as an opponent of appeasement. In an amendment to the typescript, he pointed out that in 1936, well before Chamberlain became Prime Minister, Anthony Eden, the then Foreign Secretary, had stated publicly that appeasement was the government’s policy. The point seemed all the more telling as Eden had been edged out of government by Chamberlain and Wilson in early 1938 after a disagreement over foreign policy. Eden had gone on to become a poster-boy for the opponents of appeasement, reaping his reward in 1940 when Chamberlain fell. Chamberlain’s successor, Winston Churchill, had appointed Eden once again as Foreign Secretary. Wilson was so pleased to have found reason to blame appeasement on Eden that he pointed it out a few years later to the first of Chamberlain’s Cabinet colleagues to write his memoirs.


Wilson’s statement was perfectly accurate, but it entirely distorted the truth, because it ignored how rapidly and completely the mean­ing of the word ‘appeasement’ had changed. When Eden first used the word, it had no hostile sense. It meant simply bringing peace and was in common use this way. ‘Appease’ also meant to calm someone who was angry, again as a positive act, but Eden never said that Britain’s policy was to ‘appease’ Hitler, Nazi Germany, Mussolini or Fascist Italy. Nor, for that matter, did Chamberlain use the word in that way. The hostile sense of the word only developed in late 1938 or 1939, blend­ing these two uses of the word to create the modern sense of making shameful concessions to someone who is behaving unacceptably. The word ‘appeasement’ has also become a shorthand for any aspect of Brit­ish foreign policy of the 1930s that did not amount to resistance to the dictator states. This is a very broad definition, and it should not mask the fact that the word is being used here in its modern and not its con­temporary sense. The foreign policy that gave the term a bad name was a distinct and clearly identifiable strategy that was consciously pursued by Chamberlain and Wilson. 


When Chamberlain became Prime Minister in May 1937, he was confronted by a dilemma. The peace of Europe was threatened by the ambitions of the two aggressive fascist dictators, Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy. Britain did not have the military strength to face Germany down; it had only just begun to rearm after cutting its armed forces to the bone in the wake of the First World War and was at the last gasp of strategic over-reach with its vast global empire. Chamberlain chose to solve the problem by setting out to develop a constructive dialogue with Hitler and Mussolini. He hoped to build a relationship of trust which would allow the grievances of the dictator states to be settled by negotiation and to avoid the nightmare of another war. In other words, Chamberlain sought to appease Europe through discus­sion and engagement. In Chamberlain’s eyes this was a positive policy and quite distinct from what he castigated as the policy of ‘drift’ that his predecessors in office, Ramsay MacDonald and Stanley Baldwin, had pursued. Under their control, progressive stages in aggression by the dictators had been met with nothing more than ineffectual protests, which had antagonised them without deterring them. 


Chamberlain’s positive approach to policy was the hallmark of his diplomacy. He wanted to take the initiative at every turn, most famously in his decision to fly to see Hitler at the height of the Sudeten crisis. Often his initiatives rested on quite false analyses; quite often the dictators pre-empted him. But Chamberlain was determined that no oppor­tunity for him to do good should be allowed to escape. The gravest sin possible was the sin of omission. At first his moves were overwhelming­ly aimed at satisfying the dictators. Only after Hitler’s seizure of Prague in March 1938 did deterring them from further aggression become a major policy goal. Here, external pressures drove him to make moves that ran counter to his instincts, but they were still usually his active choices. Moreover, the deterrent moves were balanced in a dual policy in which Hitler was repeatedly given fresh opportunities to negotiate a settlement of his claims, implicitly on generous terms. 


Appeasement reached its apogee in the Czech crisis of 1938. Chamberlain was the driving force behind the peaceful settlement of German claims on the Sudetenland. He was rewarded with great, albeit short-lived, kudos for having prevented a war that had seemed almost inev­itable. He also secured an entirely illusory reward, when he tried to transform the pragmatic and unattractive diplomatic achievement of buying peace with the independence of the Sudetenland into something far more idealistic. Chamberlain bounced Hitler into signing a bilateral Anglo-German declaration that the two countries would never go to war. Chamberlain saw this as the first building block in creating a lasting relationship of trust between the two countries. It was this declaration, rather than the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia under the four-power treaty signed by Britain, France, Germany and Italy, that Chamberlain believed would bring ‘peace for our time’, the true appeasement of Europe. At the start of his premiership, Chamberlain had yearned to get ‘onto terms with the Germans’; he thought that he had done just that. 


Appeasing Europe through friendship with the dictators also required the rejection of anything that threatened this friendship. One of the most conspicuous threats was a single individual: Winston Church­ill. Almost from the beginning of Hitler’s dictatorship Churchill had argued that it was vital to Britain’s interests to oppose Nazi Germany by force, chiefly by rearming. Unlike most other British statesmen, Churchill recognised in Hitler an implacable enemy and he deployed the formidable power of his rhetoric to bring this home in Parliament and in the press. But Churchill was a lone voice. When he had opposed granting India a small measure of autonomy in the early 1930s, he had moved into internal opposition to the Conservative Party. Only a handful of MPs remained loyal to him. Churchill was also handicapped by a widespread bad reputation that sprang from numerous examples of his poor judgement and political opportunism. 

Chamberlain was determined on a policy utterly opposed to Churchill’s view of the world. He enjoyed a very large majority in Parliament and faced no serious challenge in his own Cabinet. Chamberlain and Wilson were so convinced that their policy was correct that they saw opposition as dangerously irresponsible and had no hesitation in using the full powers at their disposal to crush it. Churchill never had a real chance of altering this policy. It would have sent a signal of resolve to Hitler to bring him back into the Cabinet, but this was precisely the kind of gesture that Chamberlain was desperate to avoid. Moreover, Chamberlain and Wilson each had personal reasons to be suspicious of Churchill as well as sharing the prevalent hostile view of him that dominated the political classes. Wilson and Churchill had clashed at a very early stage in their careers and Chamberlain had had a miserable time as Churchill’s Cabinet colleague under Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin. Chamberlain and Wilson had worked closely to fight a – largely imaginary and wildly exaggerated – threat from Churchill’s support for Edward VIII in the abdication crisis of 1936. 


Churchill was right about Hitler and Chamberlain was wrong. The history of appeasement is intertwined with the history of Churchill. According to legend Churchill said, ‘Alas, poor Chamberlain. History will not be kind to him. And I shall make sure of that, for I shall write that history.’ Whatever Churchill might actually have said on the point barely matters; the witticism expresses a mindset that some subsequent historians have striven to reverse. The low opinion of Chamberlain is the mirror image of the near idolatry of Churchill. In some cases, his­torians appear to have been motivated as much by dislike of Churchill – and he had many flaws – as by positive enthusiasm for Chamberlain. Steering the historical debate away from contemporary polemic and later hagiography has sometimes had the perverse effect of polarising the discussion rather than shifting it onto emotionally neutral territory. Defending appeasement provides perfect material for the ebb and flow of academic debate, often focused on narrow aspects of the question. At the last count, the school of ‘counter-revisionism’ was being challenged by a more sympathetic view of Chamberlain. 


Chamberlain’s policy failed from the start. The dictators were happy to take what was on offer, but gave as good as nothing in return. Chamberlain entirely failed to build worthwhile relationships. Chamberlain’s advocates face the challenge that his policy failed entirely. Chamberlain’s defenders advance variants of the thesis that Wilson embodied in ‘MUNICH, 1941’: that there was no realistic alternative to appeasement given British military weakness. This argument masks the fact that it is practically impossible to imagine a worse situation than the one that confronted Churchill, when he succeeded Chamberlain as Prime Minister in May 1940. The German land attack in the west was poised to destroy France, exposing Britain to a German invasion. It also ducks the fact that securing peace by seeking friendship with the dictators was an active policy, pursued as a conscious choice and not imposed by circumstances. 

Chamberlain’s foreign policy is by far the most important aspect of his premiership and the attention that it demands has rather crowded out the examination of other aspects of his time at Downing Street. Discussion of his style of government has focused on the accusation that he imposed his view of appeasement on a reluctant Cabinet, which has been debated with nearly the same vigour as the merits or otherwise of the policy itself. In the midst of this, little attention has been paid to Wilson, even though Chamberlain’s latest major biographer – who is broadly favourable to his subject – concedes he was ‘the éminence grise of the Chamberlain regime … gatekeeper, fixer and trusted sounding board’.Martin Gilbert, one of Chamberlain’s most trenchant critics, made a start on uncovering Wilson’s full role in 1982 with an article in History Today, but few have followed him. There have been an academic examination of his Civil Service career and an academic defence of his involvement in appeasement.Otherwise, writers across the spec­trum of opinions on appeasement have contented themselves with the unsupported assertion that Wilson was no more than a civil servant.Wilson does, though, appear as a prominent villain along with Chamberlain’s shadowy political adviser, Sir Joseph Ball, in Michael Dobbs’s novel about appeasement,Winston’s War. 


Dismissing Wilson as merely a civil servant begs a number of questions. The British Civil Service has a proud tradition and ethos of political neutrality, but it strains credulity to expect that this has invariably been fully respected. Moreover, at the period when Wilson was active, the top level of the Civil Service was still evolving, with many of its tasks and responsibilities being fixed by accident of personality or initiative from the Civil Service side. Wilson’s own position as adviser to the Prime Minister with no formal job title or remit was unprecedented and has never been repeated. Chamberlain valued his political sense highly and Wilson did not believe that his position as a civil servant should restrict what he advised on political tactics or appointments. Even leaving the debate over appeasement aside, Wilson deserves attention. 


Wilson was so close to Chamberlain that it is impossible to understand Chamberlain’s premiership fully without looking at what Wilson did. The two men functioned a partnership, practically as a unit. Even under the extreme analysis of the ‘mere civil servant’ school whereby Wilson was never more than an obedient, unreflecting executor of Chamberlain’s wishes, his acts should be treated as Chamberlain’s own acts and thus as part of the story of his premiership. It is practically impossible to measure Wilson’s own autonomous and distinctive input compared to Chamberlain’s, but there can be no argument that he represented the topmost level of government. 


Wilson’s hand is visible in every major aspect of Chamberlain’s premiership and examining what he did throws new light almost everywhere. Wilson’s influence on preparations for war – in rearming the Royal Air Force and developing a propaganda machine – makes plain that neither he nor Chamberlain truly expected war to break out. One of the most shameful aspects of appeasement were the measures willingly undertaken to avoid offending the dictators, either by government action or by comment in the media; Wilson carries a heavy responsibility here. 


Above all it was Wilson’s role in foreign policy that defined his partnership with Chamberlain and the Chamberlain premiership as a whole. He was also the key figure in the back-channel diplomacy pursued with Germany that showed the true face of appeasement. Wilson carries much of the responsibility for the estrangement between Chamberlain and the Foreign Office, which was only temporarily checked when its political and professional leaderships were changed. Chamberlain and Wilson shared almost to the end a golden vision of an appeased Europe, anchored on friendship between Britain and Germany, which was increasingly at odds with the brutal reality of conducting diplomacy with Hitler. The shift to a two-man foreign policy machine culminated in the back-channel attempts in the summer of 1939 intended to keep the door open to a negotiated settlement of the Polish crisis with Hitler, but which served merely to convince him that the British feared war so much that they would not stand by Poland. Chamberlain and Wilson had aimed to prevent war entirely; instead they made it almost inevitable.


How Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day Can Help Us Understand Our Political Moment


Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day, which opened at the Public Theater in New York on October 29 is a rare bird—a revival (with a substantial re-write) that proves to be more timely and incisive than the original was. In my opinion, the play does not work terribly well theatrically—I was not moved by any of the characters—but it is a good play to think about. 


The main question that the play poses isone askedby the nineteenth-century Russian thinker Nikolai Chernyshevsky and later Lenin: “What Is to be Done?” More specifically, in this case, “How should we respond to kleptocratic authoritarianism?” 


The success of the play as a thought experiment depends on one’s willingness to conceive of the parallels between historical periods. In its first avatar, performed in 1985, the play focuses on a group of friends in Berlin in 1932-33, and draws parallels between that time and the early years of Reagan’s second term, in order to register what it regarded as the incipient fascism of mid-1980s US. Breaking the realistic framework, a woman from Reagan’s time unaccountably appears, urging the young Berliners to flee, or at least to do something. The play was panned by critics like Frank Rich who, writing in the New York Times in 1991, found it “fatuous” and “infuriating.” He felt that Kushner had gone too far in making a simplistic and reductive comparison of Reagan’s America to Hitler’s Germany. 


In 2019, however, after a revision in which what is new makes up about 40% of the play, the comparison of the thirties with the later period appears more firmly based and even prescient. In the revised and expanded version, Kushner includes a second character from the future of the Berlin characters—the author, who speaks in our present with the emissary from the eighties. Uncertain about the value of what he is doing and has done—writing plays—the author asks, “Can theater make any [political] difference?” His willingness to examine his own choices and to ask meta-theatrical questions in the theater makes him an appealing figure. 


In defense of the parallels he draws between the 30s, the 80s, and the late 2010s, he argues that if one set of events (such as the Holocaust or Shoah) is established as the standard against which all others are to be judged, and yet no others are allowed to be comparable to it, then it is not useful as a point of reference. One cannot, he maintains, exempt one period from the realm of historical comparisons, although, I would add, one must be careful and responsible when drawing them.


If one allows this argument, then Kushner’s central political insight in the play is strong: Trumpism was not a sudden anomaly; rather, decades under recent Republican presidents prepared the way for the current embrace of unconstitutional reactionary authoritarianism by eight or nine of every ten Republicans. Having been proudly anti-intellectual, Presidents Reagan and G. W. Bush denied, as Trump denies, that reason should play a role in the conduct of the country’s affairs. This elevation of irrationality, of going with the gut, is linked with a dangerous animus against the federal government that threatens the Enlightenment basis of the American republic, as John Meacham has recently argued. 


Reagan and Trump made blatant appeals to the racial resentments of whites, the first by inveighing against “welfare queens and cheats” and by declaring for “states’ rights” in Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three young civil rights workers were murdered two decades earlier. Trump similarly found “very fine people” both among neo-Nazis and anti-fascist demonstrators. Presidents Reagan and G. W. Bush, like Trump, routinely made statements contrary to the truth. Reagan told so many falsehoods, mistaking what happened in movies with what happened outside of films, that the press and media stopped reporting them. George W. Bush deceived the country about warrantless, illegal surveillance of millions of Americans, about the grounds for an unjustified war of aggression against Iraq, and about his authorization of the use of torture by the US. Both helped prepare a major party to accept the barrage of falsehoods that Donald Trump launches every day.  


To return to the central question Kushner’s play raises—how we can respond to kleptocratic authoritarianism—it is worth remembering the maxim that the first casualty in war is truth, and, as Thucydides observes, this is especially in the case of civil war. As Masha Gessen writes, language means something until it doesn’t. Take the use under G.W. Bush of “regime change” instead of “invasion,” or the replacement of “torture” with “enhanced interrogation techniques”—as though prohibiting the word makes the thing go away.    


One of the prime examples of the deformation of language in the current moment comes from the language used to describe the fractious state of the polity itself—the language of “polarization,” and the supposed diagnosis that we are being “tribal” when we occupy one side or the other of an issue. In fact, however, the allowed spectrum of opinions—the Overton window—has moved far to the right in the last forty years. Ethnic nationalism can now be overtly advocated by a nominee for one of the second-highest courts in the land, while Democrats have been moving toward more centrist, not more extreme positions during the same decades.  


I do not know how to move the public discourse back toward the old center in, say, the late 70s, but writers can raise the question of what should be done, as Tony Kushner does in A Bright Room Called Day, and they can point out and bear witness to the corruption of language in their own time, as George Orwell did in his 1947 essay “Politics and the English Language.”  


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Germany's difficult choice could be whether to alienate the US or China

The alliance between Berlin and Washington has been historically important and secure but has waned in recent years, even before Trump's arrival in the White House.

Targeted: Counterterrorism Measures Take Aim at Environmental Activists


On November 29, 2019, young people will gather at locations around the world for a Fridays for Future Global Climate Strike. On December 2, United Nations delegates, world leaders, business executives, and activists will meet at the 25th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid to discuss ways to protect the environment. Participants in these events should also discuss ways to protect the protectors: the individuals and groups targeted around the world for their efforts on behalf of the planet.

The dangers facing environmental defenders do not stop at accusations that they are national security risks. From the Amazon rainforest to South African mining communities, activists seeking to preserve ecosystems and ancestral lands are being threatened, attacked, and even killed with near total impunity, Human Rights Watch has found. But in contrast to many of these illegal acts, the unjust labeling of environmentalists as security threats is often more insidious, as it is generally carried out under the color of law.

And while not all environmental activism is peaceful, only in exceptional cases would the actions of environmental activists meet a generally recognized definition of terrorism – actions aimed at terrorizing populations by causing or threatening death or serious physical harm to others to advance an ideological or political agenda. Nor, in nearly all cases, do their actions aim to undermine the rule of law. Typically, these individuals and groups are peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of speech, association, and assembly. When they engage in civil disobedience, their aim is usually to strengthen – and improve the enforcement of – existing environmental protection measures. Here are a few examples where environmental activists have been smeared as terrorists or other national security threats:

  • In Poland, the authorities denied entry in December 2018 to at least 13 foreign climate activists who were registered to attend COP24 in the southern city of Katowice, contending they posed a threat to public order and national security. Along with other individuals and groups, the activists had planned to press COP24 participants for rapid action to address climate change.

    Protesters march during the United Nations COP24 climate change summit in Katowice, Poland, on December 8, 2018.

    © 2018 SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/Damian Klamka)

    The authorities had previously passed a special law empowering the police to collect data about conference participants without judicial oversight or the participants’ knowledge and consent and ban spontaneous protests during COP24. They also issued a terrorism alert that authorized increased vehicle checks and other security controls for Katowice and surrounding areas for the duration of the summit. Border officials detained and questioned several activists for hours, in some cases without allowing them to communicate their location or contact a lawyer.

  • In November 2015, French police used a sweeping counterterrorism emergency law enacted in response to the deadly Paris attacks earlier that month to place at least 24 climate activists under house arrest without judicial warrant, raid activists’ homes, and seize computers and personal belongings.

    Police raid a building suspected of housing climate activists in Paris on November 27, 2015, prior to the UN COP21 climate change summit. 

    © 2015 AFP/Laurent Emmanuel
    The activists were accused of flouting a ban on organizing protests related to COP21, which was being held in France the following week to sign the Paris Agreement on reducing emissions that contribute to global warming.

  • In Iran, six members of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF), imprisoned since early 2018, were handed prison terms of up to 10 years in November for allegedly spying for the United States. During a deeply flawed trial, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards said the environmentalists used their work to protect the Asiatic cheetah – one of the world’s most endangered species – as a cover. A charge against four of the accused of “spreading corruption on Earth,” a crime that can carry the death penalty, was reportedly dropped in October. Two other PWHF members also detained in early 2018 were awaiting judgment. A ninth environmentalist, PWHF founder Kavous Seyed Emami, died a few weeks after his arrest under suspicious circumstances in what the Iranian authorities alleged to be a suicide.

    A campaign poster showing environmental activists Taher Ghadirian, Niloufar Bayani, Amirhossein Khaleghi, Houman Jokar, Sam Rajabi, Sepideh Kashani, Morad Tahbaz and Abdolreza Kouhpayeh, who have been detained since early 2018 in Iran. An Iranian court in November 2019 sentenced Bayani, Tahbaz, Jokar, Ghadirian, Khaleghi and Kashani to prison terms of 6 to 10 years. 

    © 2018 #anyhopefornature Campaign

    Issa Kalantari, the head of Iran’s Department of Environment, said there was no evidence that the detained environmentalists were spies. He said the arrests have had a chilling effect on environmental groups in the country.

    The arrests appear to be motivated both by Iran’s “paranoia” about foreign countries using environmentalists as cover and its recognition that anger over environmental degradation can unite populations against government policies, said Kaveh Madani, the country’s former deputy environmental director. Madani returned to his native Iran from London in 2017 to take up the post, but said he was immediately detained and questioned by Revolutionary Guards, who broke into his phone, computer, emails, and social media accounts, and called him a “bioterrorist,” a “water terrorist,” and a spy. He left Iran after seven months, alleging repeated harassment including for his criticism of dam projects, which are constructed by the Revolutionary Guards.

  • In Kenya, the police and military have frequently labeled environmental activists opposing a mega-infrastructure project in the Lamu coastal region, including a coal-fired power plant, as “terrorists” while subjecting them to threats, beatings, and arbitrary arrests and detentions. In 15 cases documented by Human Rights Watch between 2013 and 2016, the authorities accused environmental defenders of membership in, or links to, the extremist armed group al-Shabab but provided no compelling evidence.

    Residents and environmental activists on Lamu island, Kenya, protest the proposed Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia (LAPSSET) project on March 1, 2012.

    © 2012 Reuters/Joseph Okanga

    The activists are protesting construction of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor, the biggest infrastructure project in Central and East Africa, which is to include a 32-berth seaport, three international airports, a road and railway network, and three resort cities. They contend that LAPSSET will pollute the air and water, destroy mangrove forests and breeding grounds for fish, and take farmland without just compensation, displacing communities and destroying their livelihoods.

    In July, Kenya’s environmental tribunal blocked approval of the power plant absent a new environmental impact study, finding the China-backed developers’ original assessment and public consultation process inadequate. The rest of the LAPSSET project continues. So does the intimidation campaign, activists protesting LAPSSET told Human Rights Watch.

  • In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte in 2018 placed 600 civil society members, including environmentalists and indigenous rights defenders, on a list of alleged members of the country’s communist party and its armed wing, which he declared to be a terrorist organization. Duterte’s “terrorist list” included Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, an indigenous Filipina who is the UN special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples and a climate change activist.

    Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, the United Nations special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, at UN headquarters in New York in April 2018. 

    © 2018 New York Times/Annie Ling
    In late 2017, Tauli-Corpuz had criticized the government for attacks and other abuses against indigenous communities that opposed coal and diamond mining on ancestral lands. Although a Manila court months later ordered the government to remove Tauli-Corpuz from the list, a Philippines military official in 2019 renewed the campaign against her, accusing her of “infiltrating” the UN for the communist insurgents. Several UN human rights experts condemned Tauli-Corpuz’s listing.

  • In Ecuador, eight years passed before the prominent environmental activist José “Pepe” Acacho, a Shuar indigenous leader, was able to clear himself of “terrorism” charges for his activities opposing mining and oil exploration in the Amazon. Acacho was charged with terrorism in 2010 for allegedly inciting violence during Shuar protests against a mining law.

    Pepe Acacho, second from left, leaves a courtroom in Quito, Ecuador, on February 8, 2011, after a judge granted his habeas corpus petition.

    © 2011 AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa
    He was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Human Rights Watch reviewed the trial documents and found no credible evidence of terrorism-related crimes. In 2018, Ecuador’s highest court threw out the terrorism conviction but instead sentenced him to eight months in prison for “public services obstruction” – a charge for which he was never tried and hence never had the opportunity to contest. Acacho spent 17 days in jail before receiving a presidential pardon in October 2018.

  • In the US in August 2018, then-US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke blamed “environmental terrorist groups” that opposed logging for wildfires on the West Coast – a proposition immediately attacked by leading environmental organizations including the Sierra Club. In 2017, 84 members of the US Congress, most of them Republicans, asked the Justice Department if activists mobilizing against the construction of oil pipelines could be prosecuted as terrorists. (The department’s response was that in some cases, yes.)

    Native Americans protest construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline in North Dakota on September 4, 2019. 

    © 2019 AFP via Getty Images/Robyn Peck

    That same year, a major pipeline operator, Energy Transfer Partners LP, filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace and other environmental groups, accusing them of launching a “rogue eco-terrorist” campaign against the Dakota Access crude oil pipeline. Environmental activists and Native American tribes had tried to block construction of the 1,172-mile-long, underground pipeline through North Dakota during a protracted standoff with the authorities in 2016, saying it threatened sacred sites and drinking water. A federal court dismissed the lawsuit earlier this year.

    Although the protesters were largely peaceful, some resorted to violence and were convicted of protest-related crimes, but none for offenses that even remotely approximated terrorism. UN experts condemned security force responses to the protests as “excessive,” including their use of rubber bullets, teargas, compression grenades, mace, and “inhuman and degrading” detention conditions.

  • In Russia, at least 14 environmental groups have stopped work in recent years, and the head of the prominent group Ekozaschita! (Ecodefense!), Alexandra Koroleva, fled the country in June to avoid prosecution under the draconian Law on Foreign Agents. The 2012 law requires any Russian group accepting foreign funding and carrying out activities deemed to be “political” to register as a “foreign agent,” a term that in Russia implies “spy” or “traitor.” Authorities have used the law to silence groups that opposed state-sanctioned development projects and petitioned authorities for the release of imprisoned environmental activists, a Human Rights Watch investigation found.

    Alexandra Koroleva, the head of the Russian nongovernmental organization Ecodefense, fled to Germany in June 2019 to avoid being targeted under the abusive Russian “foreign agents” law. 

    © 2019 Ecodefense

    Russian officials including the special envoy for environmental protection, Sergey Ivanov, have applied the “extremist” label to Greenpeace Russia. An activist with Stop GOK, a Russian group seeking to block mining and enrichment plants, was fined in April 2019 for “mass distribution of extremist materials” because he published a poem on the organization’s social media page that the government had banned as extremist in 2012. The Russian nongovernmental organization SOVA Center, which analyzes counter-extremism trends, found that the poem, “Last Wish to the Ivans,” is a satirical address to destitute, alcohol and drug-addicted Russians from oligarchs and authorities profiting from extracting natural resources.

    Stop GOK and Greenpeace Russia were among groups named in a 2018 report by pro-government technologists as “environmental extremists” working for “influential forces in the West” bent on sabotaging strategic industries. The report was widely covered by state-controlled media.

Civil society participation will be crucial to ambitious outcomes at COP25. Parties to the summit, which include all UN member countries and the European Union, should allow activists ample opportunity to air their concerns about the climate crisis and use their combined expertise to help identify solutions. They should also provide activists with a safe space to speak out about the threats they face for carrying out their work.

In addition, parties should publicly commit to robustly carrying out international and regional treaties that protect environmental defenders. One of these treaties is the Escazu Agreement (the Regional Agreement on Access to Information, Public Participation and Justice in Environmental Matters in Latin America and the Caribbean), the world’s first covenant to include specific provisions promoting and protecting environmental defenders. Twenty-one countries have signed the 2018 agreement. But only six countries have ratified it – five shy of the ratifications needed to enter it into force. Chile, which stepped down as COP25 host because of protests stemming from economic grievances, but will still preside over the negotiations in Madrid, should lead by example and ratify the agreement.

COP25 participants should also commit to upholding the Aarhus Convention (the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters), to which Spain is a signatory. The convention – an environmental pact for Europe, the European Union, and Central Asia – grants the public, including environmental groups, an array of rights including public participation and access to information and justice in governmental decisions on the environment, without harassment or persecution. Parties to the treaty, including the EU, and Poland for its crackdown at COP24, have been criticized – including in some cases by the Aarhus Convention’s own oversight body – for flouting these provisions.

COP25 delegates should recognize that to genuinely protect the environment, they also need to protect its defenders – including those unjustly targeted in the name of security.


Study Compares Resource Consumption of Additive and Conventional Manufacturing

In a study called Ecological and Economic Assessment of Resource Expenditure: Additive Manufacturing Processes in Industrial Production, the VDI Centre for Resource Efficiency (VDI ZRE) in Berlin, Germany, used a damper fork for a passenger car to compare the resource consumption of an additive manufacturing process with a conventional manufacturing process, examining a medium-sized series production. Conventionally, this consists of a dropforged aluminum-casting alloy and weighs 1.3 kg. Production includes the casting production steps of drop forging, deburring, heat treatment and milling. For the additive manufacturing process, laser beam melting (LBM) was chosen. For this process, two different aluminum powders were melted locally and applied layer by layer on a base plate. The result 3D printing consumed more energy, more raw materials, more water and more space and produced more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional production. The report goes on to say that expected technical improvements to the LBM plant in the future will greatly reduce the environmental impact and costs and that the gap between conventional and additive manufacturing will narrow in the medium term in terms of economic efficiency and resource efficiency.The study shows that it is necessary to evaluate carefully additive and conventional manufacturing processes. In the case of the damper fork, the mass reduction achieved by additive manufacturing is negligible and has no effect on the fuel consumption of the car. However, the situation is different in aerospace, medical technology and bionic product concepts. In these cases, lighter components can achieve greater savings during the utilization phase.

[Read more]

Nuclear News Roundup Nov 30, 2019



The Origin of the Christmas Tree


Image result for victoria albert christmas tree 1848You are probably about to buy a dead tree and put it up in your living room. This is, if you ponder it, odd behaviour on your part. What's odder is that the tree you're buying is the Tree of Knowledge that was planted in the Garden of Eden and brought sin into the world, and the baubles you'll hang on it are the forbidden fruit. But the explanation is pretty simple.

Adam and Eve were a lot more popular in Medieval Christianity than they are today. There were even quite a lot of continuation stories - The Further Adventures of Adam and Eve, as it were - which was pretty common practice before the Reformation. The First Couple were even treated as semi-saints. They had a name-day like proper saints do, and that name day was December 24th.

This made a lot of sense theologically. Adam (via Eve) brought sin into the world, and Jesus (via Mary) brought salvation from sin. So the fall of man and the birth of Christ were a natural pairing, like blue cheese and sherry.

What Medieval people liked to do to celebrate religious events was to put on plays. Am-dram is fun, and it was a good way to tell a Bible story to a population that mostly couldn't read. Bible plays got so popular that in 1210 the Pope had to actually issue and edict banning priests from acting on stage as it was starting to look undignified.

Adam and Eve were a popular subject, so popular that "Paradise Plays" about the Garden of Eden was a whole sub-genre of the religious theatre. And very often they would be acted on Adam and Eve's name day: December 24th.

The set would be pretty minimalist, but if you're going to put on a play about people picking an apple from a tree and eating it, you do absolutely need to have a tree.

And they did. There's even a description of one in the script of a paradise play called Le Jeu d'Adam performed in Arras in Northern France (this is very lucky for historians as usually medieval play-scripts don't have stage directions).

Then shall a serpent, cunningly contrived, climb up the trunk of the forbidden tree; Eve shall put her ear up to it as if listening to its advice. Then Eve shall take the apple and offer it to Adam.

But, of course, trees are hard to come by in late December, and fruit trees are all leafless and bare. So the only solution was to cut down an evergreen, bring it indoors on Christmas Eve and hang it with fake fruit. This may sound familiar. That's what you're about to do. That's what your Christmas tree is: it's the Tree of Knowledge hung with the forbidden fruit.

There are records of paradise plays still being performed on Christmas Eve right into the 19th century, though they were very rare. There are even some parts of Germany where the Christmas tree is still called the paradeisbaum, though tannenbaum is now much more common.

All that remained was for Prince Albert and the royal family to make the Tree of Knowledge popular in Britain, which they did via a famous illustration in the Illustrated London News in 1848.

But this leaves two questions:

1) Who played the snake? It seems that somebody must have stood behind the tree with a long sock of something over their arm, tempting dear old Eve. It must have looked a little like the muppets.

2) At the beginning of the play, were Adam and Eve naked? And how can we obtain tickets? The disappointing answer is No. That same play, the Jeu d'Adam, has also has this stage direction:

Adam shall wear a red tunic, but Eve a woman's garment in white with a white silk scarf.

Thus making the plays utterly historically inaccurate.

All of the above (with some extra facts) and many many more explanations of Christmas traditions can be found in my book A Christmas Cornucopia: the hidden stories behind our Yuletide traditions, published by Penguin. It's filled with stories that allow you to be insufferably know-it-all about everything from now until the end of December.

It can be bought in all good bookshops or from Amazon here.

Also, Raymond Briggs said it was "Blooming brilliant!", which made me very proud.


Call for Papers - 'Globalization in the Modern Era'

<p class="MsoTitle" style="text-align:center">&nbsp;</p> <img alt="IT&amp;FA logo 1" data-align="center" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="eaf56795-b8f0-4bb4-953e-42597eb9f5d9" src="" /> <p class="MsoTitle" style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:36pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Palatino Linotype&quot;,serif"><span style="color:red"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:22.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif">Call for Papers</span></span></b></span></span></span></p> <p align="center" style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:16.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif">30<sup>th</sup> International Conference</span></span></b></span></span></p> <p align="center" style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:16.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif">The International Trade and Finance Association</span></span></b></span></span></p> <p align="center" style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:14.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span style="color:red">Abstract Submission Deadline January 31, 2020</span></span></span></span></span></p> <p align="center" style="text-align:center"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:14.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span style="color:black">Theme:&nbsp; Globalization in the Modern Era<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; May 27 – 30, 2020</span></span></span></b><br /> <b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:14.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span style="color:black">University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, USA</span></span></span></b></span></span></p> <p><br /> <span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black"><b>Graduate Student Mentoring Event Included!</b> There will be a <b>special mentoring event this year for graduate students</b> on <b>Wednesday, May 27</b>. Members of ITFA will hold a day-long mentoring session to help students understand what is required of them as they progress through their academic or other professional careers. Please indicate your intention to attend this important, helpful event. </span></span></span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><strong style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">BACKGROUND</span></span></strong></span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black"><span style="letter-spacing:-.25pt">IT&amp;FA was founded in 1990 by a prestigious group of academics and professionals who believed that the study of "international" issues had not received the emphasis and attention that it should. The Association has professional members in over 30 countries. These include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. Thirty years later, there are still some of the original founding members and many others who attend year after year. ITFA members welcome others to join our helpful, open group to further intellectual literature and discussions concerning the international realm.&nbsp;&nbsp; </span></span></span></span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><strong style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">CONFERENCE INFORMATION</span></span></strong> </span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">IT&amp;FA is a multi-disciplinary association, and welcomes scholars and professionals from economics and finance, as well as all other areas of business, law, communications and other disciplines with an interest in globalization and the global economy.&nbsp; The conference will consist of regular competitive sessions, as well as plenary sessions dealing with high-profile issues.</span></span></span></span></p> <p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">We invite theoretical, conceptual and empirical proposals and completed papers on all aspects of international trade and finance, including such emerging issues as cyber security and economic warfare, digital free trade and e-commerce, intellectual property protections, and trade in various services. IT&amp;FA also seeks papers on trade policy, exchange rates, investments and capital flows, banking, migration, tourism, communications, transportation, governance and law, and management and marketing.&nbsp; Industry-specific studies are welcome (such as agriculture, retail, textiles, and entertainment), as are proposals dealing with multilateral, regional, and national issues impacting international trade and finance are also invited.&nbsp; </span></span></span></span></p> <ul> <li><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="color:black"><span style="tab-stops:list 36.0pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif">Program</span></span></b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif">: Offers discussions of economic topics across many disciplines via speakers and panels.</span></span></span></span></span></span></span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="color:black"><span style="tab-stops:list 36.0pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif">Special Events</span></span></b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif">: The Presidential Address, award presentations, paper/panel presentations, gala dinner, and networking opportunities.</span></span></span></span></span></span></span></li> <li><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="color:black"><span style="tab-stops:list 36.0pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif">Paper Awards</span></span></b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif">: We offer US$500 for the best faculty paper submitted to the conference and US$250 for the best student paper (no faculty authors included), along with certificates confirming each. These must be uploaded to the Awards section of the website. </span></span></span></span></span></span></span></li> </ul> <p><span style="font-size:12pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">REGISTRATION</span></span></b><br /> <br /> <span lang="EN-US" style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">IT&amp;FA’s registration fee is US$300 for <u>all</u> participants/US$125 for students who submit abstracts by January 31, 2020. This fee will cover registration, associated conference expenses, and one year’s membership in IT&amp;FA, with access to the <i>Global Economy Journal</i>. </span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">Cancellations: Before March 31, 2019, 100% of the registration fee is refundable. After March 31, 50% of the fee is refundable.</span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">The conference will open with a reception on Wednesday, May 27, hold sessions on Thursday and Friday, including a banquet on Friday evening, and conclude with final sessions or a group event on Saturday, May 30. Those planning to depart on Sunday, May 31, will have time to investigate the unique circumstances that connect Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding Washington, DC, area to the evolving global economy. These include important history, world-class cultural beautiful parks, and shopping. </span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">IT&amp;FA seeks both proposals for individual papers and for complete sessions. Complete sessions should have three to four papers. In the case of multiple authors for a paper, at least one author must register for the conference. All attending must pay the registration fees. No participant will be permitted to present more than two papers. </span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="line-height:107%"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="line-height:107%"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">DEADLINES: </span></span></span></span></b></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">November 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020 – Registration Materials and Abstracts submitted for Peer Review</span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">February 23, 2020 – Notification of Acceptance by this date. </span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">March 15, 2020 – Payment of Registration Fee Due. <u>Visa documentation requests due along with payment, if not requested earlier.</u> Cancellation for 100% returned fees, 50% return fees hereafter.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">March 15, 2020 – <u>Deadline for Hotel Registrations</u>. </span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">May 10, 2020 - Conference schedule posted online.</span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">May 27 to May 30, 2020 – Conference convenes in Richmond, Virginia.</span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">For additional registration information and updates, please see the association website:&nbsp; </span></span></span></b><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black"><a href="" style="font-family:&quot;Times New Roman&quot;,serif; color:#0563c1; text-decoration:underline"><b><span style="color:black"></span></b></a><b> &nbsp;&nbsp;</b></span></span></span><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">If you have any questions, please contact </span></span></span></span></span></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px"><span style="font-size:10pt"><span style="text-autospace:ideograph-numeric ideograph-other"><span style="font-family:&quot;Courier 10cpi&quot;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black">Prof. Sarah K. Bryant, Executive Vice President, at </span></span></span><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size:12.0pt"><span style="font-family:&quot;Arial&quot;,sans-serif"><span style="color:black"></span></span></span></span></span></span></p>

Botswana: Khupe Advises Athletes

[Botswana Daily News] Francistown -Executive director of Khupe Group of Companies, Abel Khupe has advised Special Olympic athletes to start preparing now in order to excel at the 2023 Special Olympic Games penciled for Germany.

Reader Question: More EVs . . . Fewer Jobs?


Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! Bernard asks: Audi just announced that they will let go 7,500 employees in Germany. So much about the success of EV cars and the bashing of their great diesels. And they still have the nerve to talk about developing more EVs. Some learn it, some never […]

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wpShopGermany DemoProdukt WordPress Artikel

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Midnight Sun rifle Challenge pt6


Most stages begin with the instruction 
“Shooter will start with magazine in, bolt back and all gear on person” 

‘All gear’ relates to the rule, you can bring as much as you’re prepared to carry, everyone other than us has a bag rider and at least a butt bag, one of the Viking’s has a massive pillow rest which means he always has somewhere comfortable to sit when waiting to shoot. Some of the guys on on other  squads have shooting slings of various designs. The Polska Drużyna have their own tripod.

There’s a Milling Stage where you use your True Miller to calculate your known target size and distance into Milliradians. To Your Limit, where you shoot at targets of ever decreasing sizes, where a miss wipes your score. We shoot across steep sided valleys with varying degrees of success myself and OMR settle into the steady rhythm of bewilderment and frustration. Go Team GB.
During one of the hikes we’re surprised to see we’re not bringing up the rear. Once we’re stopped at the next shooting position the lad who wore wellies draws alongside his first question is 
Why are you watching us? 
I’m wondering why you choose wellies?  
These are very good wellies. 
How’s your foot? 
Fucking hurts. 
Your lucky day, I’ve got some Compeed, learned my lesson in the Highlands I’ll never travel without it again.

i manage to rustle up a lift back to the base and gift him a packet. I’ll freely admit I did consider sending the driver back with the Compeed and going back to bed. Go Team GB.

As the first ten hour session reaches its longed for end. We’re too far up the valley to walk back, too far down to seek shelter at other firing points. Some barbecue chairs have been abandoned  by the marshals who have long since vamoosed. The cloud level drops to encompass the taller members of the squad, for me it’s just above head height. A life-affirming drizzle starts to fall, the Viking’s take their Jerven bags out and we sit and wait. 
Every moment is being subtracted from the four hour sleep we could have had between valley stages.  The Vikings are able to switch seamlessly between stoicism and good cheer, they seem completely unaffected. They all speak almost perfect english, often that’s a lot better than the mud people of the Spoons,  and many of them have an english expression they favour over its direct translation. The cloud is now so low that people sitting 30 feet away have disappeared,  little snatches of english appear from the mist. Norwegen Norwegen Norwegen Learning By Doing, Norwegen Norwegen Norwegen, ha ha ha Learning By Doing!

The Vikings all have the Extreme edition, my Jerven is the Hunter, but I was really glad of it. The Jerven is a poncho liner, designed like your life depends on it. Camo that perfectly matches the lichen covered rocks on the outside, with layers of insulation, and aluminium coated cloth, Its got arm holes, sturdy zips and reinforced eyelets. Its at once a blanket; a pop up hunting blind, a tent and a coat. From the Arctic to the Sahara they’ve kept adventures alive for xx years.   

Wrapped in my Jerven, slumped in the barbecue chair,  I’m too deep into my happy place to do more than mutter ‘you’re representing your country’ as my eyes start to involuntarily close. Overcome by impatience OMR makes a run for it, more of a waddle actually. I’m just too battered to follow him or talk him out of it. An age later a minibus appears to take us back to the camp. 

During the sunlit night I dream of the walking in the highlands around Badenoch where Kompani Linge trained with Special Operations Executive for their guerrilla warfare against nazi Germany and their monument stands. There are loads of amazing tales of their daring and indefatigability  

During WW2 there were more decorated members of SOE drawn from the Norwegen resistance unit named after actor and hero Martin Linge than any other unit. If anyone has a claim to “if it wasn’t for us you’d all be speaking german’ its Einar Skinnarland and his compatriots. 

File:Kompani Linge Memorial.JPG

"Dere åpnet deres hjem og deres hjerter for oss og gav oss håp." "You opened your homes and your hearts to us and gave us hope." This stone was erected by the people of Badenoch in honour of the gallant company of Norwegian patriots who lived among them and trained in these mountains 1941-1945 to prepare for operations in occupied Norway. By skilful and daring raids on military and industrial targets they harassed the enemy and denied him vital supplies. These dangerous missions were not carried out without losses; 57 brave men of Kompani Linge gave their lives in our common cause.

I’d like to tell you that i channelled their skill, endurance and spirit, but sadly it was still the divorced walrus. 

Eventually we are picked up and dropped off at the base camp. After the all too brief sleep there’s a gathering of people making coffee and heating dehydrated meals. Most people look haggard. a few jolts of espresso and fried pork and I’m not exactly ready to do it all again but certainly fortified for what the day may bring, It all ends up being a pleasant surprise. 

These are the green and pleasant stages. Not quite Bisley no cucumber sandwiches or pints of old gobshite, or heaving plates of Mum-food, but at least this is where we shoot from barricades instead of lying on needle sharp rocks. 

Thomas turns up, talkative as ever. 
He conducts an interview with OMR who is huddled around  a camping stove shivering with tiredness, and cooking another dehydrated meal. Sadly Thomas later loses the data on his SD card so you’ll just have to imagine the sight of ‘Disgruntled - the grumpiest gnome’ wrapped in my Jerven bag, cooking his dinner with only his balaclava’d head poking out.  Of all the loses and indignities suffered the loss of that picture is the one that hurts me the most.   

At day two’s shorter ranges the big chunk data table is less noticeable, but my woes weren’t over yet . Considering the exorbitant price they ask for them Tika really could have done a bit better with shipping magazines worthy of the name. First the magazine doesn’t seat properly into the mag well, then the plate that the rounds sit on binds rather than sliding up and down smoothly and sometimes the spring doesn’t seem strong enough to push rounds nine to one up to the lips. Failing to chamber a round. So working the bolt produces click and not bang. For £120 each I think Tika could have made more of an effort. At Bisley if you get click when you were expecting bang, you leave the bolt closed for 30 seconds + and signal to the range officer, at Midnight Sun if Vikings get click they work the bolt at a speed to have your next bullet on target before the ejected round hits the ground. Several times I’m habitually hand-in-the-air awaiting instruction when BEEP  I time out.

After the fact. 
There are plenty of Youtube videos dedicated to getting them to work, the simplest tweak with a pair of needle-nosed pilers means that now, after the event obviously, the magazine sits squarely in its well and doesn’t rattle about, my rifle can almost be guaranteed to scoop a round off the stack every time you work the bolt. I’m now getting bang more than click. Bah!

My favourite stage was one overlooking what looks like a quarry surrounded by reactive targets at all kinds of ranges, and the BlinkTroll target.

BlinkTroll is a completely awesome system where you hook a little motor onto a pice of 550 paracord, it will tow a target back and forth.  At MSRC back and forth is across the quarry, the motor is controlled from your smartphone, and its powerful enough to tow a delta archery target. Even the base model can run for about 1000m. If you could afford the ammo, and had the space, a BlinkTroll would be a great time sink. And cash. Last time I enquired it was about four grand. Ouch.   

Without changes in day light the session trundles on and on. Its actually more disorientating than I expected. After a while we’re beyond caring and each new disaster becomes just another painful lesson to mull over with the squad.

“When a Norwegian hears, ‘stop’ to him that’s a signal to take a last shot, you two actually stop shooting. you are very safe, and thats to your credit but its acted against you on nearly every stage.”

The shooting positions for day two are used much more often, its an army range, and there’s mountains of brass on the ground, Norwegians all seem to live with walking distance of a range where they can collect as much once fired Norma 6.5 as they could ever need, so half the squad don't even bother picking it up.  Welly boot man and I are both using Lapua cases that cost north of a pound [or ten krona] each, so us and the .260 boys search the firing points like Gollum looking for a ring after each session. 

With the second 10 hours completed and my eyelids drooping we go to the dinner, or what was billed as the dinner, its turns out to be two trays of lasagne of the kind you’d get in an english motorway service station. The aperitif is a stern lecture about not serving yourself too much, so there’s some for the next person. As last year there wasn’t enough to go around. Its a bit of a low point in the much heralded renaissance in Baltic cuisine.   OMR announces he’s allergic to all forms of cheese. Garlic bread is the only garnish, and OMR’s dinner. 

A jovial Swedish chap gives us a ride back to the camp and tells us of the 18 hour drive his crew endured as the airline wouldn’t confirm wether they could fly with hand loaded ammunition. 

A bit of a sleep later and the Tall Fella reappears to take us back to the site of the first stage
The drive up though the mountains is stunning, the cloud has lifted and in bright sunshine the cliff faces and scree runs are straight out of the observer book of Northern wilderness’.

At the prize giving, after the top three get their plaques, the table of things donated by various makers with varying degrees of generosity from Wow! right down to Really? is raffled off and the people standing on either side of me both win prizes.  Clearly all I’m getting here is practice.

We buy our commemorative T Shirts and hang out with some of the the other competitors, and we run into the chap who marshalled the first stage 24 hours before.

“The Plumber! So you survived? When you arrived at my stage I thought you were having a heart attack and we’d be getting the helicopter out, but you ate that sandwich and came back to life. Don't be too hard on yourself everyone has a terrible first year. Your rig is fine, you just need to develop your load and data.  We all noticed you and your mate are really safe shooters, we hope we’ll see you again next year”
“Thanks man that’s actually quite encouraging, I never asked you what do you do for a job ? 
“I’m a paramedic”

We slouch back in to the hotel and find they’re not serving food, the only option is a kebab shop opposite which must survive by being the only place you can go to eat for miles in any direction, its staggeringly bad. Even though its broad day light its defiantly feels like time for beddybyes, we stop off to chat with he kids on night porter duty at the front desk and get them to book us a cab for the morning’s first flight. I give my used cases a cursory rinse in the hand basin, mainly to check for unaccounted for strays and fade into a deep sleep. I’m a bit regretful that we leave too early to re visit the breakfast buffet, and even more regretful the we have to give norway’s surest cab driver a couple of hundred krona to run us ten minutes down the road, he passes the time berating us for not being outside waiting for him before his expected time of arrival and the fat fuck has the temerity to sulk when its pointed out to him that if he’s busy the common courtesy of announcing his arrival by telephone, instead of hiding out of sight, would have speeded up proceedings for both of us. Its clear that the cafe in the airport also holds its customers in contempt, I don't know if they call the young soldiers the mud people, but mud was defiantly the main ingredient in what they were selling as coffee. We check our toy boxes and packs, no mention is made of any further payment so it seems rude to ask. The dude even says ‘you collect these again at Gatwick’. Bardufoss to Oslo, Oslo to Gatwick, you don't need an EU firearms permit to return, just your regular firearms certificate. We shamble up to the the Border Farce desk to collect our guns, the woman in charge checks our papers and serial numbers match. Do you get much of this? Oh yes guns pass though the airport every day, you guys are always flying with them.  

Next the autopsy 

your pal 


Wunder Mobility is hiring a Product Designer (M/F/D) in Dortmund, Germany



Ampolon Ventures is hiring an UX/UI Designer (m/f/d) in Berlin, Germany



Trivago is hiring an UX/UI Designer in Dusseldorf, Germany



Back From Beyond: A Soldier's Near-Death Experience

When veteran Glenn Brymer was stationed in West Germany, he was nearly killed in an accident during a military drill. On the clock to save his life, Glenn describes how he reached out to God during the moment he needed him most. Check out this graphic novel that depicts the near-death experience Glenn would never forget.

Enteral Feeding Devices Market – Trends Estimates High Demand by 2024

Prominent players in the Enteral Feeding Devices Market include Fresenius Kabi AG (Germany), Avanos Medical, Inc. (US), Cardinal Health, Inc. (US), B. Braun Melsungen AG (Germany), Abbott Laboratories (US), Becton,

Cell Culture Market Worth $29.2 Billion by 2024

The prominent players operating in this market include Becton, Dickinson and Company (US), Thermo Fisher Scientific (US), Merck KGaA (Germany), HiMedia Laboratories (India), GE Healthcare (US), Lonza (Switzerland), Corning Incorporated

Archives of Migration, Dec 10

This evening with cultural activists Mervete Bobaj (Berlin) and Dan Thy Nguyen (Hamburg) is part of two-day symposium. The event is structured around the theme of archives of migration and the role of knowledge transmission. This focus seems extremely relevant in light of recent developments that urgently require innovative approaches, yet tend to replicate failed models. The European refugee crisis for example, provoked a cycle of reactions in Germany, from Willkommenskultur to the rapid success of anti-immigrant movements and parties, that played out in strikingly similar patterns as in the early 1990s, shortly after the German unification and the end of the Cold War. Similarly, the realization that marginalized knowledge needs to be included in policy decisions, education models, and outreach efforts seems to laboriously be arrived at and then forgotten again in predictable generational cycles. Through their work, cultural activists Mervete Bobaj and Dan Thy Nguyen facilitate different approaches to the topic of migration and enable a critical reflection of the current discourse.

Mervete Bobaj (Berlin) is founder of MPower e.V., an NGO empowering young migrant women through documentary film making. She brings a collection of short films that document the young directors’ take on urban life in Berlin as well as transcultural forms of artistic expression they found to do so. The following short films will be screened: Raum (experimental film, 3 Min., 2015), Herbst bis Herbst (documentary, 12 Min., 2015), Ernte (Poetry Film, 2 Min., 2018), Leyla(fictional short film, 5 Min., 2019), Schwester und Freundin (documentary, 9 Min., 2017).

Author and producer Dan Thy Nguyen (Hamburg) reads from his plays: "Sonnenblumenhaus" (Sunflower house) and "Yesterday never died". He wrote the plays between 2014 and 2017 and performed them on different stages all over Germany. In the plays, Nguyen goes back to 1992 when in Rostock Lichtenhagen, Germany, right-wing extremists attacked a refugee shelter while about 3000 onlookers were standing by applauding. The "Sonnenblumenhaus"was awarded with the "Hörnixe" as the best German noncommercial audioplay 2015.

Sustainable Language Data Sharing to Support Language Equality in Multilingual Europe - Why Language Data Matters: ELRC White Paper


Sustainable Language Data Sharing to Support Language Equality in Multilingual Europe - Why Language Data Matters: ELRC White Paper

Berzins, A., Choukri, K., Giagkou, M., Lösch, A., Mazo, H., Piperidis, S., Rigault, M., Schnur, E., Small, L., Genabith, J. V., Vasiljevs, A., Adamson, A., Anastasiou, D., Avraamides-Haratsi, N., Bel, N., Bódi, Z., Branco, A., Budin, G., Dadurkevicius, V., Smeytere, S. D., Dobreva, H., Domeij, R., Dunne, J., Eide, K., Foti, C., Gavriilidou, M., Grouas, T., Kirchmeier, S. & Pedersen, B. S., 2019, Germany. 184 s.

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportRapportFormidling

Udgivelses stedGermany
Antal sider184
StatusUdgivet - 2019


Euro 2020 draw: Will Germany, France or Portugal be the odd ones out? England, Croatia meet again

Jon Champion and Taylor Twellman react to Germany, France and Portugal being grouped together at Euro 2020. The FC crew feel Joachim Low and Germany are under the microscope at Euro 2020. Jon Champion is cautiously optimistic about England's chances at Euro 2020. Now the Euro 2020 draw has been made, the previews and predictions can begin! The tournament can be viewed LIVE in the U.S. on ESPN networks, from June 12 to July 12. Jump to: Group A&nbsp;| Group B&nbsp;| Group C&nbsp;| Group D&nbsp;| Group E&nbsp;| Group F Group A Prediction: 1. Italy 2. Wales 3. Turkey 4. Switzerland Overview:&nbsp;Italy were one of two teams (Belgium) to finish qualifying with a perfect record, but avoiding France and Portugal must come as a relief. Turkey took four points...

Euro 2020 draw: Germany, France, Portugal drawn in same group

Jon Champion and Taylor Twellman react to Germany, France and Portugal being grouped together at Euro 2020. Craig Burley says the plethora of host nations won't take away from what should be a stellar Euro 2020. Jon Champion is cautiously optimistic about England's chances at Euro 2020. European champions Portugal have been drawn in the same group as the last two World Cup winners, Germany and France. Germany will meet France in their opening fixture in Group F,&nbsp;which will be broadcast live across ESPN networks from June 12-July 12. England will kick off their campaign against Croatia at Wembley Stadium, and they have also been paired&nbsp;with Czech Republic. Gareth Southgate's side were knocked out by Croatia at last year's World Cup semifinals. Euro 2016 semifinalists...

AMD Radeon RX 5500 graphics cards set for 12 Dec availability


Meanwhile AMD CPUs top the popularity charts for Amazon sales in UK, US and Germany.

BuiltOnAir S03:E12 – Tobi Troendle, Strategy Consultant

Today, we travel to Germany to chat with Tobi Troendle; a strategy consultant and business developer. After discovering Airtable, Tobi wanted to spread the word across Europe and help others to harness the power that it can provide. So, he set to work and created The Airtable Academy.

Gallery: Insomnium - Dresden 2019

Insomnium 76Reithalle Straße E, Dresden, Germany
24th November 2019
Insomnium - “Tour Like A Grave 2019” - Support: The Black Dahlia Murder, Stam1na

Last Sunday INSOMNIUM from Finland visited the Reithalle Strasse E in Dresden. Currently they are traveling around with their “Tour Like a Grave 20019”. The evening was opened by STAM1NA from Finland who already received some awards in their homeland. Right at the beginning the band gave 150% on stage. A great opener!


Live Review: 69 Eyes, The - Oberhausen 2019

69 eyesKulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
23rd November 2019
The 69 Eyes - “West End” Tour 2019 - Support: Lacrimas Profundere

After an amazing Halloween gig in Helsinki, THE 69 EYES set off to haunt Europe, selling out many shows. Time for show no. 8 on my personal “West End Tour 2019”. The show in Oberhausen was sold out but with a lot of help from my friends I made it to the show (Thank You! You know who you are!). I arrived early for I know you have to arrive early to get a parking space near the venue and a good spot in the front rows. There was not trench for the photographers tonight, so it was quite a challenge to capture everyone.


Live Review: MajorVoice - Hamburg 2019

MajorVoiceLogo, Hamburg, Germany
22nd November 2019
MajorVoice - “Lonely Ark” Tour 2019 - Special guest: Scarlet Dorn

MAJORVOICE on tour with his second album ‘This Lonely Ark’ - on this Friday night with a stop in Hamburg at the legendary Logo. The venue was not sold-out, but well packed and warm, while outside everything was screaming “it’s almost December”. MAJORVOICE is - together with the special guests SCARLET DORN - right now on a mission conquering the German Dark music scene with Opera & Dark Rock.


Product For Sale: Merlin


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€9.00 for Board Game: CONEX
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Product For Sale: Car Wars Supplement, The AADA Vehicle Guide: Volume 3


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Product For Sale: Dragonology: The Game


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€16.50 for Board Game: Dragonology: The Game
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Researching aircraft crash Grumman OV-1, 28 July 1964


Searching document and photos about the aircraft crash Grumman OV-1, 28 July 1964 in Gerstofen/Germany. Pilot was Lt. Waller, radio-operator Doson. Both was killed.  Which government office is responsible? Who can help in this case. Thank you.


Ostalgie The Berlin Wall Aftermath v1 6 5 RIP-SiMPLEX


SiMPLEX – TORRENT – FREE DOWNLOAD – CRACKED Ostalgie: The Berlin Wall – The confrontation between the East and the West is coming to an end, but not between East and West Germany. The old party leaders are still sitting in… Game Overview   Ostalgie : The Berlin Wall The confrontation between the socialist and […]

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UPDATE 2-#Germany's E.ON to break up UK's Npower in 500 mln stg overhaul


* Talks with unions over restructuring have started-E.ON CEO (Adds details, shares) FRANKFURT/DUESSELDORF, Germany, Nov 29 (Reuters) - German energy group E.ON plans a 500-million-pound ($642 million) ...

Books for Kids – The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr


Having enjoyed reading a bunch of kid's books written by Kiwis, I have now branched out to the UK.  The BookTrust has a list of books it has chosen as best for kids aged 0-5.  The Tiger Who Came to Tea is at the top of that list.

The author (and illustrator), Judith Kerr, sadly died earlier this year at the age of 95.  She was a refugee from Nazi Germany and became a British citizen.

The book was published in 1968.  Today, the book would have been written a little less stereotypically but it is still fabulous – in every sense of the word.

It is a pop up book which will delight any child.  And the story is so quirky – the tiger turns up at the door, has tea and then proceeds to eat everything.

Der Weihnachtspäckchenkonvoi 2019 ist unterwegs / Zahlreiche Helfer und Unterstützer feierten am Samstag das tolle Ergebnis von über 170.000 Weihnachtsüberraschungen

Raben Trans European Germany GmbH: Mannheim (ots) - Deutschland packt Päckchen, die Freude schenken! Über 170.000 Geschenke auf dem Weg zu Kindern in Osteuropa 30.11.2019, Hanau, Es ist soweit: der Weihnachtspäckchenkonvoi 2019 ist erfolgreich gestartet: 173.161 Päckchen und 293 ...

Germany to sell up to €10bn of green bonds in 2020

GlobalCapital understands that Germany is finalising plans for the issuance of its debut green bond, which will be sold in the first half of next year alongside an ordinary Bund with the same maturity and coupon.

Re: Wind Skeptics

The wind industry is always in a rush because once you know what you're getting you'll vote no:Industrial Wind Turbines…………………………………………………!topic/ma………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………!topic/ma…………………………………………………………………………………………………… ://…… ://……………………………………
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Multi-national medical surgical training conference promotes readiness

Regional Health Command Europe conducted its bi-annual Fall Medical Surgical Training conference Nov 20-22 in Garmisch, Germany.

Six Monsanto Roundup Cancer Trials Set for January

November 26, 2019
U.S. Right to Know
Carey Gillam

After several months out of the headlines, lawyers for both sides of the nationwide Roundup cancer litigation are gearing up for overlapping trials in the new year as several more cancer patients seek to blame Monsanto for their diseases.

Six trials are currently set to take place starting in January, with one in February, two in March and additional trials scheduled almost every month from April through October 2021. Thousands of additional plaintiffs still are working to get trial dates set for their claims.

The plaintiffs in the upcoming January trials include two children who were stricken by non-Hodgkin lymphoma allegedly after being repeatedly exposed to Monsanto herbicides at very young ages. Also set for January is the trial for a woman named Sharlean Gordon who has suffered several debilitating recurrences of her cancer. Another trial will present the claims of five plaintiffs who claim Monsanto’s herbicides caused their cancers.

Notably, two of the trials in January will take place in the St. Louis, Missouri area – where Monsanto was headquartered for decades before its acquisition in June 2018 by Germany’s Bayer AG. Those two trials will be the first to go before jurors in Monsanto’s home town. Gordon’s case was supposed to go to trial in the area last August but was postponed, as were others set for the second half of 2019, as Bayer and plaintiffs’ attorneys initiated settlement talks.

It is still possible that some sort of settlement – individual case-specific, or larger – could happen before January, but the lawyers on both sides are preparing for a schedule that presents numerous logistical challenges. Each trial is expected to last several weeks, and not only are some lawyers involved in trying cases with overlapping trial schedules, but a small group of expert witnesses will be testifying in multiple cases taking place at the same time.

Three trials have taken place so far  in the sprawling mass tort litigation, which began in 2015 after the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified a chemical called glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen with a particular association to non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Since the 1970s, glyphosate has been the active ingredient in Monsanto branded herbicides, and is currently considered the most widely used herbicide in the world.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys say that the current line-up of cases represent even stronger claims for damages than the prior three trials.  “These are very strong cases,” said lawyer Aimee Wagstaff, who represents Gordon. In March, Wagstaff client Edwin Hardeman won an $80 million jury verdict from a San Francisco jury in his lawsuit against Monsanto.

For the Gordon case, Wagstaff has subpoenaed former Monsanto chairman Hugh Grant to testify live at the trial. Grant has thus far only testified through deposition and not had to testify in front of a jury; nor have other high-level Monsanto executives because the trials were held in California. But with the trial in St. Louis, plaintiffs’ lawyers are hoping to get some Monsanto scientists and executives on the stand for questioning. Grant’s attorneys have objected the making him appear in person, and both sides are awaiting a ruling on that matter.

In the most recent trial to take place, a jury in Oakland, California ordered Monsanto to pay more than $2 billion in damages to Alberta and Alva Pilliod, a married couple who both suffer from NHL they blame on exposure to Roundup.  The first trial ended in August 2018 when jurors in state court in San Francisco ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million  in damages to school groundskeeper Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, who has been diagnosed with a terminal type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  The judges in all three of those cases ruled that the awards were excessive and reduced the damage amounts, though the verdicts are currently under appeal.

More than 42,000 people  in the United States are now suing Monsanto claiming that Roundup and other Monsanto’s herbicides cause non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The lawsuits allege that the company was well aware of the dangers for many years but did nothing to warn consumers, working instead to manipulate the scientific record to protect company sales.

Posted with permission from U.S. Right to Know.


Grohe Is One of Germany’s Top Three Most Sustainable Big Companies


At the German Sustainability Award ceremony on 22 November 2019 in Düsseldorf, GROHE secured a placement among the top 3 in the category "Germany's Most Sustainable Big Companies 2020” thanks to its 360-degree sustainability approach and, above all, its progress in saving resources. “We are proud that our holistic sustainability approach, which we integrate into all of GROHE's areas of activity, has enabled us to achieve a top ranking at the German Sustainability Award,” says Thomas Fuhr, CEO of Grohe AG. “Our daily experience shows that economic success and sustainable business practice do not have to be mutually exclusive. This award confirms our consistent pursuit of our sustainability goals and at the same time motivates us to further increase our commitment.”

For the twelfth time the German Sustainability Award Foundation awarded companies that combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection in an exemplary manner last Friday. The jury particularly praised GROHE's commitment to saving resources. A successful example is the recycling rate of above 96 percent. Moreover, GROHE is also the first leading sanitary brand to offer the possibility of manufacturing material-saving fittings with the aid of innovative solutions, such as the manufacture of products with a 3D metal printer, which allows for weight savings of up to 55 percent.

GROHE's greatest lever for sustainability, however, is in the product’s use: a person's daily water consumption can thus be reduced by up to 50 percent with the help of products equipped with GROHE EcoJoy flow-limiting technology. The result: a family of four can save up to 31,400 litres of water per year this way.

GROHE’s Production Plants to become CO2-Neutral Worldwide by 2020

GROHE does not want to rest on its laurels and is setting new standards in the industry with yet another important step, which was positively acknowledged by the jury: as the first leading manufacturer in the sanitary industry, GROHE has set itself the goal of achieving CO2-neutral production at all production sites worldwide as part of the "GROHE goes ZERO" project. In July, all five global production sites and the logistics centres in Germany were therefore converted to green electricity. With the start of the new fiscal year in April 2020, the sanitary manufacturer will offset unavoidable CO2 emissions by means of two compensation projects.

“The award has shown us that we have already taken important steps to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals. At the same time, manufacturers such as GROHE are more than ever asked to assume responsibility, which is why we want to use measures such as “GROHE goes ZERO” to provide further impetus within the industry and thus actively promote greater sustainability,” says Thomas Fuhr.

In recent years, GROHE has repeatedly achieved top placements at the German Sustainability Award. Furthermore, the sanitary brand was presented with the CSR Award of the German Federal Government in 2017 and GROHE CEO Thomas Fuhr was honoured with the B.A.U.M Environment and Sustainability Award by the B.A.U.M. corporate network in September 2019.

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Swiss Licensed Crypto Bank Expanding Into 9 Markets

A fully operational crypto-focused bank based in Switzerland is expanding into nine other markets. With a banking and securities dealer license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, its services include crypto custody, trading, and asset management. The bank has launched its investment business including a cryptocurrency index. Also read: Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Launches With Range of Services International Expansions SEBA Bank AG, formerly SEBA Crypto AG, is a crypto-focused bank headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The bank recently became fully operational and started onboarding Swiss clients after obtaining a banking and securities dealer license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The bank has announced that it is extending service to “clients from selected foreign jurisdictions” in December. A spokesperson for the bank told that the selected jurisdictions are the U.K., Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Singapore, and Hong Kong. SEBA Bank aims to build a bridge between the traditional banking world and the crypto world. Its services include custody storage, trading and liquidity management, asset and wealth management, transaction banking, and tokenization. They are aimed at professional investors, family offices, banks, asset managers, and blockchain companies. The spokesperson further clarified to that the bank accepts BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XLM and NEO for its custody service. As for trading, it accepts BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, and XLM. Investment Solutions and Crypto Index The bank launched its investment business on Tuesday along with its index for crypto assets called the SEBA Crypto Asset Select Index (SEBAX). The bank has selected MV Index Solutions Gmbh (MVIS) to maintain the index and act as its administrator. Gentwo Digital was also brought on board to implement the specific restructuring requirements of the first investment solution, SEBA noted. SEBA Crypto Asset Select Price Index as of Nov. 28. Source: MVIS SEBAX “is a dynamic, risk-optimized index with a broad market exposure of the crypto asset market,” the bank described. Its objective “is to provide an investable index for the most secure, reliable and tradable crypto assets,” MVIS detailed. “The selection of the constituents is monitored on an ongoing basis. The index applies advanced techniques to reduce concentration into single constituents and to deliver enhanced diversification.” SEBAX’s November components. Source: MVIS According to its fact sheet, the index was established on July 2 and currently has five components that are rebalanced monthly. It is calculated daily with the constituent prices converted to USD. A maximum of eight crypto assets ranked by market capitalization are selected for inclusion in the index. MVIS has contracted with Cryptocompare Data Ltd. to maintain and calculate the index. In November, the index components are 48.46% BTC, 26.70% ETH, 18.28% LTC, 3.43% XLM, and 3.13% ETC. Crypto assets have to meet specific criteria to be eligible for the index and must rank within the top 30 coins by market capitalization. “Stable coins and privacy coins are excluded,” MVIS explained. Also excluded are crypto assets with less 90 days of pricing history, those that are not listed on any of the eligible exchanges, and those that fail the index’s technical maturity and safety criteria. What do you think of SEBA Bank expanding internationally? Let us know in the comments section below. Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship of any products, services, or companies. does not provide investment, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Neither the company nor the author is responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in this article. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, SEBA Bank, and MVIS. Did you know you can buy and sell BCH privately using our noncustodial, peer-to-peer Local Bitcoin Cash trading platform? The marketplace has thousands of participants from all around the world trading BCH right now. And if you need a bitcoin wallet to securely store your coins, you can download one from us here. The post Swiss Licensed Crypto Bank Expanding Into 9 Markets appeared first on Bitcoin News.

Nuclear News Roundup Nov 30, 2019



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College sweethearts Brad and Ashley venture into the heartland of Germany. Their romantic holiday ta

United Arab Emirates wins IMO Council Category B membership for the second time around


LONDON: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has marked another remarkable global achievement as it has once again won Category B Membership into the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council–besting the competition that was composed of 10 leading countries in the field of international maritime trade, including Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, France and Australia. The UAE was …

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Understanding the REPO crisis

Martin Armstrong writes in his blog “The raid on Deutsche Bank in Germany back in September over the money laundering probe of Danske Bank, which is the biggest lender in Denmark, contributed to the sudden collapse in confidence. The governments are desperate for money and they are hunting it on a global scale. Deutsche Bank … Continue reading "Understanding the REPO crisis"

Trump Administration to Cut US Financial Contribution to NATO: Report

Unnamed officials with the US Department of Defence told CNN that the White House wants to cut payments to NATO to about 16% of total contributions to the alliance, which almost puts the country on par with Germany (14.8%). According to the media outlet, the share of direct US funding was about 22%, which covered ...

Science warnings, U.S. retreat add urgency to U.N. climate talks

MADRID – Mass protests, a last-minute venue change and talk of climate tipping points are adding some unplanned drama to this year’s international talks on tackling global warming.

Delegates from almost 200 countries had hoped to put the finishing touches to the rules governing the 2015 Paris accord, ironing out a few wrinkles left over from last year’s conference in Katowice, Poland, and setting the scene for a major review of their efforts in 2020.

But then Brazil pulled its offer of hosting the talks and stand-in Chile, rattled by anti-government protests, canceled five weeks before the meeting. Next, President Donald Trump served formal notice that the U.S. was quitting the Paris accord, delivering a symbolic blow to one of his predecessor’s signature achievements.

And scientists? Well, they didn’t have any good news either. Study after study published in recent months has underscored the rapid pace of global warming and the need to urgently cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

Against that backdrop, the Dec. 2 to 13 meeting in Madrid has gained fresh impetus.

“We have to do more in less time,” said Spanish environment minister Teresa Ribera, whose country stepped in at short notice to host the talks, saying it wanted to support “constructive multilateralism” in the wake of Chile’s announcement and the U.S. withdrawal.

U.N. climate chief Patricia Espinosa said Saturday that “science tells us we are still in time” to tackle the climate crisis.

“That doesn’t mean changing the world by tomorrow, but we must make decisions today,” she said during a visit to the meeting venue.

Organizers expect about 25,000 visitors, including heads of state, scientists, seasoned negotiators and activists to attend the two-week meeting.

The main items on the agenda include finalizing rules on global carbon markets and agreeing how poor countries should be compensated for destruction largely caused by emissions from rich nations.

Proposals to create a worldwide market for emissions permits have been around for decades. The idea is that putting a price on carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas – and gradually reducing the available permits will encourage countries and companies to cut their emissions, notably by shifting away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy sources.

The European Union and some other jurisdictions already operate limited emissions trading systems, but efforts to roll these out worldwide have been hampered by fears that the lack of robust and transparent rules could corrupt the market.

“It would be great news to finalize this issue,” Ribera said. But she warned that the “solvency and integrity of the system” was a concern.

“If we cannot complete it correctly, it’s better to lay the ground for later completion,” Ribera said.

That view was echoed by Yamide Dagnet, a former EU climate negotiator now with the Washington-based environmental think tank World Resources Institute.

“Without proper oversight and robustness, these mechanisms could severely undercut climate action by creating loopholes, letting countries off the hook for making meaningful emission cuts, resulting in double counting and jeopardizing environmental integrity,” she said.

The question of compensating poor countries for environmental destruction – technically referred to as loss and damage – also is likely to be sensitive, said Dagnet. Attributing specific weather disasters such as hurricanes and floods, or slow but irreversible changes like sea level rise and desertification, to climate change remains a delicate issue given the potential sums involved.

Concerns about the cost of climate change are growing on all fronts. Trump cited financial demands on the U.S. as one of the reasons for quitting the Paris accord; European countries have hesitated to raise fuel prices for fear of sparking yellow vest-style protests like those seen in France; meanwhile, businesses are beginning to consider the price not just of reducing emissions but also of failing to do so.

Scientists say the time to act is now if the world wants to meet the goal set in Paris of keeping global warming well below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. By some measures average temperatures have already increased by 1 degree Celsius since pre-industrial times, with the sharpest rise occurring in the last few decades.

“Global warming is going faster,” said Johan Rockström, co-director of Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. “Climate impacts are occurring earlier and we are approaching potentially irreversible thresholds earlier than we previously thought.”

Rockström and several colleagues recently warned that the world is heading for several “ tipping points ” that could sharply accelerate the pace of climate change. They include deforestation in the Amazon and the decline of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.

Such messages resonate with environmental activists like Laura Laguna, a member of the Madrid chapter of Fridays for Future, one of the groups planning to protest during the climate talks, known as the 25th Conference of the Parties, or COP25.

“We are close to the point of no return on global warming,” Laguna said. “Our generation’s future depends on what we do now.”

Ribera, whose formal title is interim minister for ecological transition, indicated that European Union leaders may try to send a strong signal during the meeting that the bloc is prepared to make sharper cuts to its emissions than previously pledged. A recent proposal to aim for “climate neutrality” by 2050 failed to win support from all of the EU’s 28 member states – including the host of last year’s talks, Poland.


Head start on holiday deals tempers Black Friday frenzy

NEW YORK – Black Friday enthusiasts woke up before dawn and traveled cross-state to their favorite malls in search of hot deals, kicking off a shortened shopping season that intensified the scramble between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But the ever-growing popularity of online shopping and holiday discounts that started weeks earlier dampened the frenzy.

This year, more people got a head start on gift-hunting, lured by deals from retailers trying to compensate for the shorter season.

The shopping season is the shortest since 2013 because Thanksgiving fell on the last Thursday in November – the latest possible date it could be.

Shoppers up since the wee hours slept in chairs at Nashville’s Opry Mills mall, known for its outlet stores.

Outside, deal-seekers still were fighting for parking spots by midmorning.

Haley Wright left Alabama at 4 a.m. to arrive at the Tennessee mall by 7 a.m. She makes the annual trip because she said the stores offer better deals and a more fun environment than the shops back home.

“I let my husband do the online shopping; I do Black Friday,” she said.

The National Retail Federation, the nation’s largest retail trade group, baked the shorter season into its forecast, but it said the real drivers will be the job market.

It forecasts that holiday sales will rise between 3.8% and 4.2%, an increase from the disappointing 2.1% growth in the November and December 2018 period that came well short of the group’s prediction.

NRF expects online and catalog sales, which are included in the total, to increase between 11% and 14% for the holiday period.

Last year’s holiday sales were hurt by turmoil over the White House trade policy with China and a delay of nearly a month in data collection because of a government shutdown.

Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at market research firm NPD Group Inc., said he doesn’t believe a shorter season will affect overall sales, but early discounts will likely diminish Black Friday’s impact. In terms of the busiest day of the year, it will be a toss-up between Black Friday and the last Saturday before Christmas.

“We still have the same amount of money to spend regardless of whether the season is longer or shorter,” he said.

More than half of consumers started their holiday shopping early this year, and nearly a quarter of purchases have already been made, according to the annual survey released by the NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Kara Lopez and Jeremy Samora arrived at Denver’s Cherry Creek Shopping Center as soon as it opened Friday to snag deals on candles and lotions at Bath & Body Works.

A half-hour later, they sat with their purchases sharing a thermos of hot chocolate, a tradition Lopez started years ago when she had to wait in line for the store to open and the first shoppers inside got gifts like stuffed animals. It’s more relaxed these days, but Lopez likes it that way.

“I like the mall but not when it’s full of people,” she said.

Adobe Analytics predicts a loss of $1 billion in online revenue from a shortened season. Still, it expects online sales will reach $143.7 billion, up 14.1% from last year’s holiday season.

Adobe Analytics said Thanksgiving Day set records for online shopping. Consumers spent $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving, a 14.5% increase from the holiday a year ago. Black Friday was on track to hit $7.4 billion.

As online sales surged, some retailers including and H&M grappled with brief outages, according to technology company Catchpoint.

Target reported Friday that 1 million more customers used its app to shop Black Friday deals compared with last year. The discounter said customers bought big ticket items like TVs, Apple iPads and Apple Watches.

Walmart worked to ease long lines with technology allowing shoppers to check out with sales associates in the aisles. The retail giant said its most popular deals included TVs, Apple AirPods and “Frozen” toys.

In Europe, however, Black Friday drew a backlash from activists, politicians and even consumers who criticized the U.S. shopping phenomenon as capitalism run amok. Climate demonstrators blocked a shopping mall near Paris and gathered in front of Amazon’s headquarters. Workers at Amazon in Germany went on strike for better pay. Some French lawmakers called for banning Black Friday altogether.

In the U.S., attention Friday turned to malls, which are fighting for traffic as online shopping grows.

At Mall of America, the country’s largest shopping mall, crowds were expected to exceed the 240,000 count on Black Friday from a year ago, said Jill Renslow, senior vice president at the Bloomington, Minnesota-based mall.

Maria Mainville, a spokesman at Taubman Centers, which operates a little over 20 malls in the U.S., says that its centers reported strong customer traffic since earlier this week. That’s different from last year when Black Friday and Thanksgiving drew the majority of the crowds for the period.

At some malls, some shoppers were surprised at the relatively thin crowds.

Two Bath & Body Works saleswomen wearing reindeer antler headbands shouted about promotions at a trickle of shoppers walking through Newport Centre in Jersey City, New Jersey.

“It looks empty for Black Friday,” said Latoya Robinson, a student who lives in New York and planned to stop by Forever 21 and Macy’s to shop for herself.

In Kansas, Kassi Adams and her husband drove 50 miles to Town East Mall in Wichita, even though the couple were nearly done with their holiday shopping. They were surprised to see how few people were there and even boasted about getting a choice parking spot.

“There is really not much of a crowd to fight,” she said.


Raymond Benza, MD - phaware® interview 303


Dr. Raymond Benza is a cardiologist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Alle-Kiski Medical Center and Allegheny General Hospital. He has been in practice for more than 20 years. In this episode, Dr. Benza discusses the importance of clinical trials in patients with pulmonary hypertension including a new molecule that's on the forefront of treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension called PB1046.

My name is Dr. Raymond Benza. I'm a cardiologist who works at the Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Allegheny Health Network is one of the largest health care centers in Pittsburgh and includes facilities throughout Central and Western Pennsylvania. I have a lot of responsibilities here, but the most important role I have is serving as the director for the system for advanced heart failure, which includes cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support, as well as run the pulmonary hypertension programs for the system.

Today, I'm going to talk a little bit about some unmet needs in pulmonary arterial hypertension including giving a brief description about the disease and some of the current limitations of the current drugs that we have to treat the disease. Then, go into a little bit about a new molecule that's on the forefront of treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension called VIP. Also, I'll talk a little bit about the PhaseBio clinical trial utilizing this new therapeutic. Then, tell a little bit about what we're doing in the trials and what variables we're measuring. Then, I will talk a little bit more about the long-term extension trial for this particular molecule.

As many people are familiar, pulmonary arterial hypertension is a rare disease. We see it in about 50 per million people. It involves a variety of different types of subsets. The main one that we're interested in is called Group I pulmonary hypertension. This form of pulmonary hypertension is where the disease modifications are directly related to changes in the arterials and capillary structures within the lung, so that there's not a secondary etiological cause for a problem with the left heart or problem with the lungs or blood clots obstructing these. These are intrinsic abnormalities with the pulmonary vessels themselves.

This disease affects a number of people, including those who have heritable components. So, patients can inherit certain mutations in genes that affect the way blood vessels remodel themselves. The most infamous are the defects in the bone morphogenetic protein receptor type II. There are also other disease entities like connective tissue diseases; patients with cirrhosis; those who have HIV; and very importantly in an ever-expanding a number of therapeutics, other drugs that can actually damage these arteries and cause a very life-threatening condition.

Now the problem with pulmonary hypertension is not only the remodeling that we see in the pulmonary vessels, it's what that remodeling does to the right side of the heart. That is essential in really trying to understand the prognosis in patients who have this disease. The right side of the heart as opposed to the left side of the heart is not built to be a very muscular chamber. So, it's not used to pumping against very high pressures. When these high pressures develop as a cause of the disease, the right ventricle starts to enlarge to try to counteract this pressure that it sees coming back at it from the lungs. Unfortunately, when the right heart expands and dilates, it loses its ability to contract. So, right heart failure is really the main leading cause of death in patients with this very terrible disease.

I am old enough to really have experienced the full spectrum of the treatments for this disease. When I started learning about pulmonary hypertension and treating patients with this disease, when I was a trainee many years ago, there was no treatment for pulmonary hypertension. [Patients] were all coming to the heart and lung transplant list. That's really where I first met these type of patients, because transplantation was really the only cure treatment for this terrible disease. Then luckily in the late 1990s, a drug started evolving and coming to the market. The first [drug] was intravenous epoprostenol, and that became a life-saving drug. Because now we had a treatment for the disease, there was intense interest from both the PH community and the pharmaceutical community to develop other drugs that can treat the disease.

So, learning a lot about the pathways and how the disease propagates, we were able to develop really now a full armamentarium of therapeutics that have really changed the course of this disease from a rapidly progressive, deadly disease to a more chronic and progressive disease. We've doubled the life expectancy of these patients. So, these therapeutics have really helped, but we have not found the magic bullet. We don't have the Holy Grail yet, and patients will continue to progress, and they will continue to die from this disease, because we have not found the right combination of molecules to really put the disease at bay.

The type of patients that we see with pulmonary arterial hypertension, I think, has also evolved over the last several decades. Typically, when I was a trainee and early faculty, the patients we were seeing were young women, and that was the classic phenotype that we would see. As we know, pulmonary arterial hypertension occurs in women five times as frequently as it does in men. When we started learning more about this disease, we recognize that other disease subsets could also develop this disease. We began seeing in patients with scleroderma, lupus, HIV and cirrhosis. We were seeing a whole mix of different clinical phenotypes now coming to us with this same deadly disease.

So now we're seeing, typically, people present in their 40s or 50s. The mean age of patients that we see has moved from the 20s and 30s to now the 40s and 50s, and in some cases in the 60s. So, it really has been an evolving landscape. As people present with the disease at an older age, we're seeing a whole mix of other comorbidities that come along with the disease; hypertension, diabetes, renal insufficiency. It really has been a dynamically changing landscape. That's very important, because that has helped us grow the drug therapies to tailor to this growing and changing population of patient.

There are very good guidelines that we've developed to teach clinicians how to both diagnose the disease, and once it's diagnosed, how to treat it. One of the most important things that we do in contemporary algorithms to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension is we risk stratify people. So, when someone is newly diagnosed with the disease, we want to know where they are in the spectrum of the disease. Are they in the early portion, the mid portion, or these very late presenters who are almost in the terminal portion of the disease? That initial risk stratification enables us to use the right combination medicines upfront to battle the disease as aggressively as we can.

There are a lot of contemporary tools now that we use to risk stratify people. One of the most well used and probably the one with the best discrimination is the REVEAL score. But there have also been very good scores developed in Europe, including from our colleagues in France, Germany and Sweden, that have also enabled us to profile these patients to match [a] patient with individual drugs such that a low-risk patient may be good with an oral drug - one, maybe two. But a high-risk patient should always be started on upfront combinational therapy including parenteral prostacyclin. Then the intermediate risk [patient], somewhere in between those. So, risk stratification and then marrying the appropriate risk with the appropriate drug or combinations of drugs including a parenteral drug is ultimately the most important thing that we do now.

Many of the medications we have now are not truly disease-modifying drugs. They mitigate the course of disease primarily by ensuing changes in their regulatory and vasodilatory status of the blood vessels. By doing so, they allow the right side of the heart to operate more efficiently, but they do not cure the disease. They don't stop the smooth muscle proliferation; they don't stop the unchecked endothelial proliferation or the adventitial remodeling in the blood vessels. So, the disease is still there. That's why new drugs that actually modify the disease, that actually can stop the pathological processes, that are causing the arteries to remodel, those are drugs that we're looking for now.

We have great Band-Aids, and these drugs do great things to patients. As I mentioned earlier, we have improved mortality with this disease, but it will continue to progress. So, we need disease-modifying drugs, and we need drugs that can push people back from the high-risk profiles to the low-risk profiles consistently and steadily. That's where the explosion in these new molecules come into a very important role.

Clinical trials really run at the heart of what we do in medicine. We can't use drugs on people until we prove that they are safe and effective. That's what clinical trials do for us. Enrolling patients in clinical trials, particularly those who have unmet needs - they're not cured from the disease, they're continuing to suffer from the ramifications of the disease, they're still short of breath. These are the patients that we need to enroll in clinical trials to test these new therapeutics to make sure that they drive this disease down, and they make people have a better quality of life. We want people to function and feel better about the way they carry on their daily activities of living.

Obviously, being a clinical trial investigator, I get to work on the forefront of seeing new molecules coming through the clinical trial arena. PB1046 is one of those molecules. It's interesting. This is a molecule that we have tested before, not in this specific chemical composition, but in other forms. We found that it was a very potent dilator [of] the pulmonary vasculature.  Here's a new substance and a very unique molecule that we can give once a week, that can have long-lasting effects for the entirety of that week, and it will help with clinical efficacy in that manner.  That affords the patient a lot of free time - [to] not carry pills with them, to set timers or take their drugs.

The important thing to remember is that it's a new kind of treatment for PH that targets the disease process itself rather than just opening blood vessels like some of the older drugs. The hope is that it can be a more effective drug than these older therapies that focus mainly on dilating the blood vessels. The real name for PB1046 is a vasoactive intestinal peptide analog or VIP analog. Even though it's called vasoactive intestinal peptide, it does work directly in the lungs and heart, but it was first discovered in the intestines of some animals, and that's why they call it that.

I think I was the first clinician to actually try this therapeutic, and I had three patients try it. In two of them, it made them feel better, but sometimes the patients want to feel better, so it's not really clear whether it worked or not. That's a very strong placebo effect. However, when I measured the pressure in their lungs during treatment, it seemed to have helped that. It's interesting, because we utilized this new compound in patients who had an indwelling hemodynamic monitor, and we saw very impressive changes in the pulmonary artery resistances and the way their right heart reacted to that drop in resistance by improving its stroke volume.

Now, the injection causes some redness on the skin. Patients need to be aware of that and not be startled by it. I think the company says that it's due to the blood vessels that are expanding in the skin that's caused by VIP and [it] doesn't usually bother the patients too much. My patients got used to it, and they were able to stay on the drug for six to 12 months. There definitely needs to be more research to test it in more patients.

The company that makes PB1046 is called PhaseBio. I work with the company as a paid member of their scientific advisory board, and they're currently conducting a larger clinical trial, to test whether PB1046 is safe and effective in slowing down or reversing the pulmonary arterial hypertension disease process. They need to test the drug in about 60 patients to see whether it works or not.

It's a randomized double-blind trial, which means that patients will either get a high dose of PB1046 or a low dose. The high dose is what the company thinks may be more effective. Patients won't know which dose they're getting, obviously, until the trial is over. The treatment periods are about 16 weeks long, so patients will get 16 doses, once a week. After the 16-week study period is finished, patients will get to join the extension trial, which means that the patients can all get the high dose until the overall study results are known. Patients will have their lung pressures checked during the study, they do multiple six-minute walk tests, and have a variety of other assessments that are basic in many of our clinical trials that we do now in this disease process.

We're involved in this study, and the company is opening study sites at multiple clinics around the United States and in Europe, also. They seem very committed to bring this new treatment to PAH patients around the world. To learn more about this study, you can visit, or, or even better, I would use the phaware global association® clinical trial matching tool at

I really thank you for letting me be part of this today. My name is Dr. Raymond Benza, and I'm aware that I'm rare.

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Infographic – Manufacturing Declines Worldwide

The chart shows declines in manufacturing as a percentage of GDP taking place in China, Germany, Japan, the U.K., India. and the U.S. . . . → Read More: Infographic – Manufacturing Declines Worldwide

A Family of Leaders [Image 3 of 3]

Capt. Richard Neal, commander of the 493rd Petroleum Support Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade (Front Left) and Capt. Emma Neal, commander of the 355th Movement Control Team, 39th Transportation Battalion (MC), 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sust. Bde. (Front Right), stand together after both assumed command of their respective unit in back to back Change of Command ceremonies, at Tower Barracks, Grafenwoehr, Germany, Nov. 21, 2019. Both Richard and Emma are a married couple within the Knights Brigade. (Courtesy Photo)
A Family of Leaders [Image 3 of 3]

A Family of Leaders [Image 2 of 3]

Lt. Col. Charles V. Jaquillard, commander of the 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, passes the unit colors to Capt. Richard Neal, incoming commander of the 493rd Petroleum Support Company, during a Change of Command ceremony at Tower Barracks, Grafenwoehr, Germany, Nov. 21, 2019. During the ceremony, Capt. Sara Raxter, outgoing commander, formally relinquished her authority, responsibility and accountability of the 493rd PSC to Neal. (Courtesy Photo)
A Family of Leaders [Image 2 of 3]

A Family of Leaders [Image 1 of 3]

Lt. Col. Brandon H. Ungetheim, commander of the 39th Transportation Battalion (MC), 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, passes the unit colors to Capt. Emma Neal, incoming commander of the 355th Movement Control Team, during a Change of Command ceremony at Tower Barracks, Grafenwoehr, Germany, Nov. 21, 2019. During the ceremony, Capt. Rashida Housen, outgoing commander, formally relinquished her authority, responsibility and accountability of the 355th MCT to Neal. (Courtesy Photo)
A Family of Leaders [Image 1 of 3]

NetTV Plus teams up with DAZN

NetTV Plus teams up with DAZN November 29, 2019 20.58 Europe/London By Jörn Krieger NetTV Plus and DAZN have formed a partnership to make DAZN’s sports offering available on the OTT platform targeting viewers from ex-Yugoslavian countries. The customers of NetTV Plus’ subscription packages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland can now access DAZN’s sports content as part of NetTV Plus’ multiple offerings and promotional campaigns. “NetTV Plus is continuously working on improving its services, so that we can always offer users the opportunity to watch the best content and to have the best experience. Our cooperation with DAZN is another step in this direction, and we are convinced that this unique offering will thrill all existing NetTV Plus users, as well as new ones, who now have one reason more to choose NetTV Plus,” said Nikola Francetic, CEO of NetTV Plus. Thomas de Buhr, executive vice-president of DAZN, added: “The partnership with NetTV Plus is a perfect opportunity to present the fantastic sports portfolio of DAZN to a very sport-enthusiastic target group. DAZN content enables these fans access to their favourite teams and many athletes from their home countries.”

Live Livescore Today Results From Around the World


An intense race for the championship title has unfolded this season in Germany. Here, from each livescore today result, the place of the leading teams in the standings depends directly. So far, below the expectations of the fans, this season stands Dortmund Borussia. The team of Lucien Favre strengthened quite well in the summer, and only […]

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Telefonica restructures its operations in Latin America and bets on Brazil and other markets outside the region

Telefónica announced a new action plan, which includes decoupling its operations in Latin America (not including Brazil) and focusing its business in Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany. The announcement was made by José María Álvarez-Pallete, Executive Chairman of the Telefónica Group through a letter to the entire community of the company, entitled ‘The [...]

Starz launches direct to consumer Starzplay app in Mexico and Brazil

Starz (Lionsgate) announced it has launched of the all-new international Starzplay app in Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico and the UK with plans to launch an additional 20 countries in 2020. ‘Expanding our D2C product into the global arena with the launch of the Starzplay app gives subscribers seamless entry to our platform and premium content [...]

Pamela Reif’s Journey From Influencer To Entrepreneur

Pamela Reif is one of Germany's most famous influencers but the health and fitness star has a new path - entrepreneur.

Enter Daily: Win Trip to New York, Gift Cards, Frozen 2 Castle & More in Claire’s Ultimate Broadway Instant Wins


Enter the Claire’s Ultimate Broadway Instant Wins daily for a chance to win a grand prize trip for up to 4 people to New York to see Frozen on Broadway! The all-inclusive 5-day / 4-night trip covers airfare, accommodation, tickets to the show and spending money. Instant win prizes include Claire’s gift cards worth $5 to $225, Frozen Goody Bags, limited edition Frozen 2 mega surprise blind bags, Frozen 2 Arendelle Castles, and 50% discounts! How to enter: Visit the company’s website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”. Enter your email address and hit “Get Code”. Copy/ write down the code and hit “Take Me To The Entry Page”. Add your code as well as your name, contact information, country and date of birth. Hit “Enter Sweepstakes” and good luck! * US/ DC, Puerto Rico, Canada (excluding Quebec), France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Spain and Switzerland only. Ages 13 and older. Limit 1 entry per person/ email daily. Ends at 11:59 pm EST on December 24, 2019/ 4:59 am 25 December 2019 GMT/ 5:59 am 25 December 2019 CET.

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12/17/2019 - Presents Meet the Author: Christel Jonge Vos/Scenes from a Life: WWII

You’re invited to join us for an entertaining and informative presentation, Scenes from a Life: WWII, by Keizer author and musician, Christel Jonge Vos, as she shares readings of her poems and stories, followed by Q & A, and book signing with books available for purchase.

Author Bio: Christel Jonge Vos was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, where she experienced WWII, the Berlin Air Lift and the Wall first-hand. She holds a Master of Music degree, earned from Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, Oregon; she’s played in numerous concerts in the Portland area and has authored 4 books, with a 5th one on the way. In 1981 Christel founded The German Language Center, offering individually designed German language instruction and translation to companies conducting business in Germany. She’s also taught total-immersion German to graduate students at Portland State University, Lewis & Clark College, and at the University of Albuquerque.

Christel lives in Keizer where she is now semi-retired, enjoys going to the gym, teaching German, and writing. About Keizer Community Library: Keizer Community Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of the Library is to be a dynamic organization that enhances the lives of patrons by connecting them to the world’s wisdom, knowledge, and culture through open access to information and creative expression in many formats.

Tesla move will draw further companies into Germany: state premier

Tesla's announcement earlier this month that it will build its first European factory near Berlin will draw further companies from the electric mobility and energy storage sectors into Germany, a state premier told newspaper Die Welt.


EUR/USD. Preview of the week. Lagarde in the European Parliament, the "vendetta" of China and Nonfarm


Bears of the euro-dollar pair again tested the ninth figure on Friday in spite of fairly strong data on the growth of European inflation. The last trading day of the week and month was indicated by abnormal price movements: the strong downward impulse faded before it started. In the last hours of the trading week, many market participants took profits without risking leaving open positions for the weekend. Therefore, EUR/USD traders closed November within the 10th figure. The pair began trading on the first day of December at the same positions. The fundamental background for the dollar is still controversial - the dollar is keenly reacting to news from the front of US-Chinese negotiations, and the euro is torn between good macroeconomic reports and the dovish intentions of ECB members.

Not many important macroeconomic statistics are expected for the EUR/USD pair during this trading week (with the exception of the ISM and Nonfarm manufacturing index). The main focus of the market will be focused on the dynamics of the development of US-Chinese trade relations and on the comments of Federal Reserve and ECB officials. Geopolitics will also play a role in determining the growth or decline of anti-risk sentiment in the foreign exchange market.


First of all, we are talking about the situation in Hong Kong, where the confrontation between anti-Chinese protesters and the city administration continues. Yesterday, police dispersed several thousand anti-government protesters, ending a brief lull after local elections. Last week, Trump signed bills in support of protesters, and this fact provoked a negative reaction from Beijing. Chinese officials promised Washington to retaliate, but so far these threats have not been translated into reality. Traders had the hope that the political conflict would not affect the negotiation process between the United States and China - all the same, the effects of the trade war are felt both by the United States and China. This intrigue may be resolved this week, especially in light of the approaching December 15, when next duties should come into force over Chinese imports.

If we talk about the planned speeches of the "top officials" of the central bank, which are important for EUR/USD traders, then we should highlight today's speech by the head of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde. At 12:00 (London time), she will announce a report to members of the Committee