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Fiji economy in good shape: Khaiyum reaches out to diaspora in New Zealand

Fiji economy in good shape, says Attorney-General on his New Zealand visit.

The Pacific Community launches new information tools on sustainable fishing practices

The Pacific Community launches new information tools on sustainable fishing practices camillem Thu, 11/28/2019 - 21:23

The Pacific Community (SPC) in partnership with the European Union (EU) is launching today a series of animated videos targeting the fishers, the schools and the general public with the objective of raising awareness on sustainable fishing practices.

The series, called “Fisher’s Tales” aims at disseminating informative and educational toolkits amongst coastal communities from the Pacific region and includes short animated videos compatible with mass media and social networks. The videos will provide information on the habitat, nutrition and behaviour of key marine species, including sea cucumber, as well as advice on how to use these resources in a sustainable way.

The series will be adapted into local languages and disseminated across the 15 beneficiary countries* that are part of the EU-Funded Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) Programme. Funded by the EU and the Government of Sweden, the EUR 45 million PEUMP programme promotes sustainable management and sound ocean governance for food security and economic growth, while addressing climate change resilience and conservation of marine biodiversity. It follows a comprehensive approach, integrating issues related to oceanic fisheries, coastal fisheries, community development, marine conservation and capacity building under one single regional action.

The Pacific Community has long been supporting its member countries in deploying Community-based Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management. This approach aims at equipping communities with technical information and advice on the fish species and habitats upon which they rely for food security and livelihoods. The overall objective is to see local communities taking a leading role in sustainable management of fisheries resources.

The Head of Cooperation at the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific, Christoph Wagner said, “In line with the regional strategy, the New Song for Coastal Fisheries – Pathway to Change, the EU has enhanced its focus and financial commitment to support coastal fisheries management. Raising awareness on sustainable fishing practices is a crucial step to promote productive and healthy ecosystems and fish stocks that ultimately contribute to improving wellbeing of coastal communities''.

 “The Pacific Community and its partners are putting emphasis on developing information tools specifically targeting communities, in line with guidelines and policies endorsed by the Pacific-African Caribbean Pacific (Pacific-ACP) countries.” said Neville Smith, Director of the Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division of the Pacific Community. 

*Pacific-ACP states that are part of the Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) Programme are the Cook Islands, Fiji, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste and Vanuatu.

Useful link:
To watch the first videos of the series.

Media contacts:
Toky Rasoloarimanana, Communications Officer, Fisheries Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Division, Pacific Community (SPC) | or Tel: +687  89 93 94
Céline Muron, Coastal and Community Fisheries Information and Outreach Officer, PEUMP Programme, Pacific Community (SPC) |

About the Pacific Community Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division:
The Regional Fisheries response have been part of SPC mandate for almost seventy years. The SPC Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems Division leads fisheries science and technical expertise in the Pacific region and supports the 22 Pacific Island countries and territories in oceanic fisheries, coastal fisheries and aquaculture. We are working in an area covering 28.2 million km² of ocean, with the support of over 35 international partners.

About the Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership Programme (PEUMP):
The Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership (PEUMP) Programme addresses some of the most serious challenges faced by Pacific countries. Among these are the increasing depletion of coastal fisheries resources; the threats to marine biodiversity, including negative impacts of climate change and disasters; the uneven contribution of oceanic fisheries to national economic development; the need for improved education and training; and the need to mainstream a rights-based approach and to promote greater recognition of gender issues to ensure inclusiveness and positive changes for Pacific island people.  The five-year PEUMP programme is funded by the European Union (EUR 35 million) and the government of Sweden (EUR 10 million). It is implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC), the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA), the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) and the University of the South Pacific (USP) in close collaboration with Non-Government Organisations and the national authorities.

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Delta 40-694 back up in price from $299 to $398: DeWalt DW-788 Down.

I knew it would not last long. Amazon raised the price of the Delta 40-694 back up to $398 from the low of $299. A few of you emailed me to say you were going to try and take advantage of the low price. I hope you got in there on time. I will keep an eye on the price and let you know if it drops again. 

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I am still making good progress on ornament patterns. I should be able to get caught up today. If you have orders in the queue, keep your eye on your email inbox.

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    Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 5.5M, Depth:607.76km) in South Of Fiji Islands 30/11/2019 19:52 UTC, No people within 100km.

    On 11/30/2019 7:52:39 PM, an earthquake occurred in South Of Fiji Islands potentially affecting No people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 5.5M, Depth:607.76km.

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    11/30/2019: Sport | Rugby: Ireland-eligible Sheedy riding high for Lam’s Bristol

    WHILE the signing of Fijian sensation Semi Radradra may represent how big-spending Bristol are widely perceived now, the tale of Ireland-eligible Callum Sheedy remains relevant to the narrative. A product of the club’s academy, he has risen from a...

    Victorian Country Hour

    The Victorian Farmers Federation wants the state's rating system to be completely overhauled so that rates revenue is redistributed from the city to the country. Authorities are investigating whether dozens of Fijian workers who picked fruit in north-west Victoria may be victims of human-trafficking.

    50 children killed by measles in Samoa as outbreak worsens - 95.7 News

    1. 50 children killed by measles in Samoa as outbreak worsens  95.7 News
    2. Fiji's Latest News and Sports website  Fijivillage
    3. Samoa measles outbreak: Death toll rises to 53, mostly children  Al Jazeera English
    4. Samoa govt to shut down this week for vaccination campaign  RNZ
    5. Samoa measles: Five more deaths over night brings tally to 53
    6. View full coverage on Google News


    Samoa measles outbreak: Death toll rises to 53, mostly children - Al Jazeera English

    1. Samoa measles outbreak: Death toll rises to 53, mostly children  Al Jazeera English
    2. Samoa measles epidemic: Three children in one family killed  RNZ
    3. Samoa measles death toll now 48  RNZ
    4. Measles Outbreak Claims Lives of More Than 50 Children in Samoa  KTLA Los Angeles
    5. Fiji's Latest News and Sports website  Fijivillage
    6. View full coverage on Google News


    Valentine Holmes secures NRL return with lucrative Cowboys deal

    • Holmes officially released by NFL franchise New York Jets
    • Former Cronulla Sharks player pens six-year deal

    Valentine Holmes will return to the NRL in 2020 after signing with North Queensland on a six-season deal. The Cowboys wasted no time snapping up the former Cronulla flyer, inking a deal until the end of the 2025 season barely 24 hours after Holmes was officially released by NFL franchise the New York Jets.

    Townsville-born Holmes, 24, is tipped to don the No 1 jersey for North Queensland after signing the lucrative long term deal, reportedly worth almost $1m a season. While known for his prowess on the wing, Holmes played the majority of games in his last NRL season in 2018 at fullback for the Sharks, scoring 22 tries in 26 games with a league leading 26 line-breaks.

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    Rugby league has become competitive – but only in the southern hemisphere


    While the rise of Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea is brilliant, the wealthiest investors are in Europe and North America

    By Gavin Willacy for No Helmets Required

    “You all need to have a good look at what’s happened with the international game over the last five or six years,” said Wayne Bennett after the Lions lost to Papua New Guinea. “You’ve seen the emergence of Tonga. You’ve seen how much Papua New Guinea and Samoa have improved. So, while we’ve got to swallow a bitter pill as Great Britain, on the other side of the ledger I see the game getting stronger.”

    Having more competitive teams at the top is undoubtedly fantastic for the world game. For the first time since the late 1970s, the best four sides in the world can – and do – beat each other. “We are seeking to have at least eight fully fledged contenders for every World Cup,” said IRL chairman Nigel Wood this week on the International Rugby League Podcast podcast. With the rise of Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, that is feasible.

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    Continue reading...

    Other: Operations Supervisor - Wonderful Citrus - Delano, California

    Overview: The Operations Supervisor is responsible for understanding all aspects of the Packing House operations from the time the fruit is received, processed, and finally shipped. This unique role will spend 12-18 months rotating through the core functions of our Delano operations -- learning our business from multiple angles and participating in cross-campus/departmental initiatives. This role will provide valuable development experience that will ultimately prepare the right candidate for a regular frontline supervisory position within one of our departments. This role is expected to develop individuals and teams to solve operational issues and motivate team members to achieve performance targets. The ideal candidate has experience within the agricultural industry, manufacturing operations, continuous improvement, and/or hands-on experience managing perishable products. Candidates must be hard-working with a strong work ethic and an unfaltering determination to excel in a fast-paced environment, and a desire to gain tremendous personal and professional growth. Here's what you'll do: Overall: Responsible for achieving, sustaining, and continuously improving personnel safety, food safety, quality, line effectiveness, equipment optimization, personnel development, and financial results Responsible to maximize departmental production efficiencies while sustaining the highest of quality Collaborates with upstream, downstream, and support departments in coordinating production activities to meet operational and business goals Make timely and appropriate operational decisions based on multiple and varying factors (safety, time, fruit, staffing, budget, equipment, etc.) Maintain an 80% floor presence and 20% administrative focus Production: Achieve production goals by maximizing Pack/Pre-Sort efficiency, fruit utilization and reducing product holds and customer claims Plan and manage the day-to-day head count and staffing requirements by considering operational requirements and labor costs Generate accurate production reports and analysis-based production rates and statistics Ensure team adherence and continuous improvement of all established operational procedures (i.e. shift start-up, production run, handoff, shutdown and cleaning) Manage the maintenance, cleaning, and operation of multiple types of manufacturing and packing equipment Identify, develop, and support continuous improvement opportunities Manage seamless transitions between one production shift to another as well as to the sanitation department Logistics: Ensure monitoring of, and adherence to, strategic FIFO and WMS inventory functionality across facility and within outside storage facilities Manage day-to-day inventory systems, processes, and procedures to ensure achievement of key business results Report daily inventories and FIFO position, exceptions, and outages; determine root causes and implement corrective actions Coordinate inventory movement and storage across facilities; including external storage, as necessary Here's what you'll bring to the table: Detail-oriented, highly organized, and committed to delivering superior results Ability to work in a team environment where honest communication, a positive attitude, engagement, and personal accountability is expected Operational knowledge of food safety standards, regulations and compliance, OSHA, technical certifications and training, along with food manufacturing experience Ability to empower the workforce and build strong teams through developing, evaluating, training, coaching and succession planning Proven ability to deliver performance measures directly related to the business and competence to hold people accountable to such Effective written and verbal communication; as well as interpersonal skills, to work in a collaborative team environment that includes shared responsibilities, establishing and maintaining good working relationships with others to support team and company objectives, and a willingness to work in all areas of the facility Excellent customer service focus and results oriented EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing, Business Management, or related field is desired, or equivalent managerial experience in a manufacturing environment Minimum 5 years of related experience and/or training in a high-volume production environment and 3 years of supervisory experience; fruit knowledge or an equivalent combination of education and experience Ability to communicate fluently in English; verbally and written. Conversational Spanish is highly desired Must be able to perform basic arithmetic and algebraic functions -- knowledge of statistical analysis methods desired Must be able to troubleshoot equipment/process problems, propose, and implement solutions. Experience with Oracle and Microsoft Office with advanced knowledge of Excel (pivot tables, formulas, charts, and graphs) is desired Ability to work on a day or night shift with a flexible schedule that often includes weekends and holidays Excellent organizational skills, ability to prioritize tasks and meet constant deadlines with strong attention to detail and quality control Here's what we'll bring to the table: Wonderful Giving -- a one-of-kind program that donates company money to charities close to our employees' hearts Employee college tuition reimbursement Employee referral program - $1,000 per exempt referral; $500 per non-exempt referral Full benefits package -- Medical, dental, vision, 401(k) retirement plan, company matching and annual catch-up, Employee Assistance Program, company-paid life insurance (spouse and dependents to age 26), life insurance, AD&D insurance, flexible spending accounts (FSAs) Wonderful Citrus is part of The Wonderful Company, a successful, fast-growing privately held $4 billion company with 9,000 employees worldwide. We've made Wonderful Pistachios one of America's top-selling salty snacks. We've turned pomegranates and POM Wonderful into a worldwide phenomenon. Wonderful Halos is the No. 1 mandarin orange in America. FIJI Water is the No. 1 premium bottled water in America. JUSTIN Wine produces California's top-selling, high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. And Teleflora is the world's largest flower delivery service. Wonderful Citrus is America's largest integrated grower, shipper and packer of fresh citrus, including clementine/mandarin, navel and Valencia oranges; lemons; limes; grapefruits; and other citrus varieties. Wonderful Citrus owns, cultivates and harvests more than 58,000 acres of fresh citrus and ships around the world each year to ensure a year-round supply. Our citrus can be found in all channels of distribution, with our consumer brands most visible in the produce department of grocery stores across America under the flagship consumer brands of Wonderful Halos mandarins and Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Red grapefruit. The Wonderful Company has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility, including more than $120 million invested in environmental technologies and sustainability research, $45 million in charitable giving and education initiatives every year, $30 million toward the construction of a new charter school campus in California's Central Valley, and innovative health and wellness programs, including two new, free primary care clinics for employees and their dependents. Wonderful Citrus is an Equal Opportunity Employer and with opportunities for advancement. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, protected veteran status, or other protected categories. #LI-SW1 #IND123 #WC456 Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled ()

    Bachelor in Paradise SPOILER: Abbie Chatfield 'lasted just two days in Fiji'

    Abbie Chatfield was pictured jetting home to Perth last month, presumably having been eliminated early from Bachelor in Paradise in Fiji.


    End Date: Tuesday Dec-17-2019 10:22:31 PST
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    Dec 26, Fiji: Boxing Day

    The second day of Christmas is known as Boxing Day or St. Stephens Day. St Stephen was the first Christian martyr.. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

    Jan 01, Fiji: New Year's Day

    New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

    Bachelor in Paradise SPOILER: Abbie Chatfield 'lasted just two days in Fiji

    Abbie Chatfield was pictured jetting home toPerth last month, presumably having been eliminated early from Bachelor in Paradise in Fiji.

    How a wrong injection helped cause Samoa's measles epidemic - BBC News

    1. How a wrong injection helped cause Samoa's measles epidemic  BBC News
    2. Death toll passes 50 from Samoan measles epidemic  ITV News
    3. Samoa shuts down entire government after measles outbreak kills 53 people  The Independent
    4. Fiji's Latest News and Sports website  Fijivillage
    5. Samoa measles epidemic: Three children in one family killed  RNZ
    6. View full coverage on Google News


    Investigators try to determine motive in New Orleans shooting - CBS Evening News

    1. Investigators try to determine motive in New Orleans shooting  CBS Evening News
    2. New Orleans French Quarter shooting leaves 10 wounded, police say  Fox News
    3. Shooting on the edge of New Orleans' French Quarter leaves 10 injured  CNN
    4. Mayor: 'New Orleans will not allow incidents like this to derail the progress we have made'
    5. Fiji's Latest News and Sports website  Fijivillage
    6. View full coverage on Google News


    Viti Levu: oro e rame nella Cintura di Fuoco del Pacifico


    Viti Levu è un'isola delle Fiji, che possiede molte risorse naturali e una lunga storia mineraria. Per questi motivi molte aziende sono pronte a investire in nuove esplorazioni minerarie.



    Goran Vojnović: (Avto)biomanija

    Dneve, tedne se naš majhen, introvertiran knjižni svet ukvarja z vprašanjem, kdo je luciferka v zgodbi o Luciferki, biografiji naše najbolj ljubljene in najbolj neljubljene Svetlane.

    Alternativni konec Igre prestolov

    Dean-Charles Chapman, igralec iz serije Igra prestolov, je povedal, da bo morda objavljen tudi alternativni konec serije. Da obstaja, je že pred njim razkril igralec Kristofer Hivju (na fotografiji). Ali ga bomo kdaj videli, sicer ni odvisno od...

    Q&A: Dec 2

    Q&A is in Fiji on Monday, for a special on Pacific matters.

    Dámska peňaženka s.Oliver 39.910.93.5597 9642 - 32,99 €


    Dámska peňaženka s.Oliver v sivej farbe. Peňaženka obsahuje niekoľko vnútorných priehradok na platobné karty a doklady. Peňaženka má samostatné vrecko na mince . Dámska peňaženka s.Oliver je  vyrobená zo syntetickej kože s odolnou podšívkou.

    Rozmer: (Š x V x H) 19 cm x 10 cm

    Materiál: 100% polyuretán ; Podšívka: 100% Polyester


    Dámska peňaženka s.Oliver 39.910.93.5596 5883 - 29,99 €


    Dámska peňaženka s.Oliver v tmavomodrej farbe. Peňaženka obsahuje niekoľko vnútorných priehradok na platobné karty a doklady. Peňaženka má samostatné vrecko na mince . Dámska peňaženka s.Oliver je  vyrobená zo syntetickej kože s odolnou podšívkou.

    Rozmer: (Š x V x H) 19 cm x 9 cm x 2,5 cm

    Materiál: 100% polyuretán ; Podšívka: 100% Polyester


    Relief for UK-based Fijians over passport process

    More than 5000 Fijians living in the United Kingdom will no longer have to travel to Suva to obtain or renew their passports.

    Claire Szabo elected new Labour Party president

    Auckland woman Claire Szabo has been elected the new president of the Labour Party after beating two other candidates in a contest at the party's conference in Whanganui.
    She is the chief executive of Habitat for Humanity, a charity which builds houses for people on low incomes.
    She beat Tane Phillip, the party's senior Māori vice-president, and Lorna Crane of the Westport branch.
    The vacancy was created after the resignation of Nigel Haworth in September.
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it clear publicly she was dissatisfied with his handling of sexual assault allegation against a Labour staffer and volunteer, which is the subject of two investigations, one into the complaint and another into the handling of it.
    Szabo's pitch in the conference programme says she would "deal capably with the upcoming investigation reports".

    The vacancy was created after the resignation of Nigel Haworth in September.
    She would also "ensure organisational performance with adequate finances, focused teams, a clear plan and accountability to each other".
    Szabo was Labour's candidate on the North Shore in 2014 and was No 38 on the list that year.
    She and her husband live in Maungakiekie and have two children, a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old.
    She grew up in Papakura and describes herself a Hungarian-Kiwi.
    "As the daughter of a refugee and a nurse, the wife of a teacher, and the working mum of two small children, I understand that everyday life can have its challenges," she said in her written statement to conference delegates.
    "Mum worked night shifts and dad worked for the council. We lived in a council-owned house which we eventually bought.
    "This not only helped my family but taught me about the difference housing and home ownership can make."
    She has a music degree from Auckland, an education degree from Trinity in Dublin, a degree in commerce and administration from Victoria, and a masters in public administration from Harvard.
    At Habitat for Humanity, she oversaw the operations of 11 charities that delivered housing to low-income people in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Nepal.

    A Bikini A Day Destinations Natasha Oakley And Devin Brugman In Fiji


    A Bikini A Day Destinations Natasha Oakley And Devin Brugman In Fiji

    A, Bikini, A, Day, Destinations, Natasha, Oakley, And, Devin, Brugman, In, Fiji


    Kematian Akibat Campak di Samoa Meningkat

    Korban tewas akibat wabah campak di Samoa naik menjadi 53 orang. Sementara korban yang terinfeksi penyakit tersebut mencapai lebih dari seratus orang per hari. Demikan diungkapkan pemerintah, Senin (2/12). Sebagian besar kematian menimpa anak-anak yang berusia di bawah empat tahun, menurut pemerintah. Lebih dari 3.700 kasus campak tercatat di negara berpenduduk sekitar 200.000 orang tersebut. Terdapat 198 kasus baru yang muncul pada  hari Minggu dan Senin. Kasus campak meningkat di seluruh dunia, bahkan di negara-negara kaya seperti Jerman dan Amerika Serikat. Hal tersebut terjadi seiring dengan penolakan orang tua untuk mengiimunisasi anaknya karena alasan filosofis atau agama. Selain itu juga adanya kekhawatiran imunisasi tersebut dapat menyebabkan autisme, meski hal ini telah dibantah dokter.  Organisasi Kesehatan Dunia (WHO) pada Oktober lalu memperingatkan tentang kembalinya epidemi campak yang menghancurkan seluruh dunia. Peringatan tersebut dikeluarkan karena jumlah kasus akibat wabah ini dilaporkan naik 300 persen dalam tiga bulan pertama tahun 2019. Kerentanan Samoa meningkat karena jumlah orang yang diimunisasi menurun. Menurut WHO, cakupan vaksin hanya sekitar 31%. Samoa telah berusaha untuk memberikan vaksin kepada anak-anak sejak adanya darurat campak pada 20 November. Samoa sejauh ini telah memvaksinasi 58.150 orang dengan dukungan dari donor internasional, termasuk Selandia Baru dan Australia Campak, virus yang sangat menular yang menyebar dengan mudah melalui batuk dan bersin. Wabah tersebut dilaporkan juga terjadi di negara-negara Pasifik lainnya, termasuk Tonga dan Fiji. Namun belum ada laporan kematian di negara-negara tersebut karena cakupan vaksinasi yang lebih besar. [ah]

    Nouveau style dété Samsøe & Samsøe Vêtements homme FIJI - Veste légère - dark sapphire Vestes Homme

    Nouveau style dété Samsøe & Samsøe Vêtements homme FIJI - Veste légère - dark sapphire Vestes Homme

    Matière et entretien

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Épaisseur de la doublure: Non doublé

    Conseils d'entretien: Ne pas mettre au sèche-linge, lavage en machine à 30°C, possibilité de rétrécissement limitée à 5%, lavage textiles délicats

    Détails du produit

    Col: Col officier

    Fermeture: Fermeture éclair

    Poches: Poches avec fermeture éclair

    Motif / Couleur: Couleur unie

    Référence: SA322T00F-K11

    Taille du mannequin: Notre mannequin mesure 185 cm et porte une taille M

    Coupe: Normale

    Longueur: Normale

    Longueur des manches: Manche extra longue

    Largeur de dos: 41 cm en taille M

    Longueur totale: 67 cm en taille M


    Sensational Semi Radradra's next move confirmed as he signs with Bristol Bears

    Bristol Bears today announced their latest signing, putting an end to the speculation about where the Fijian powerhouse will go. With rumours that Radradra will head back to the NRL in Australia, we now know that he has in fact signed to play in the Premiership.


    Remarks, Launch of Friends of our Pacific Family - Parliament House, ACT


    PRIME MINISTER: Well, thank you, David, can I first of all acknowledge the Ngunnawal people, elders past, present and future and acknowledge any veterans who are us today and thank them for their service.

    Can I also of course acknowledge you and Anthony Albanese, who is here I just saw him just a second ago. It’s great for us both to be here together with the many parliamentary colleagues who are also here today, and are an important part of this initiative. And members of the diplomatic community, the Fiji delegation led by the honourable Alexander O'Connor. Can I particularly give a fond greeting to all the Pacific church leaders who are here today. I think that's just absolutely tremendous. And of course, to Tim, who is here today thank you very much for your involvement in these initiatives.

    Can I say that people understand that I have a deep passion for our Pacific family. And it goes back a very long time. And I'm so thrilled about the way that we've been able to work together with our Pacific family to address so many of the challenges that they face in each of their own countries. And this is not a new thing, Australia has been a great friend and a close friend to the Pacific over a very long time.

    And I know that in my own extensive travels in the Pacific, not just as Prime Minister but well before then, that this is well understood and deeply valued. And this initiative that we're launching today, I’m pleased to launch is part of that step-up, that we're engaged in in the Pacific.

    We have already taken many steps in the Pacific. But this most recent one over these recent years and in stepping up again goes beyond just what the government does. And I think one of the most exciting things about this new initiative is it is engaging I think all Australians in this process. And the fact that it is now engaging the parliament in this process on a bipartisan basis, a multi-partisan basis indeed, and the relationships that can be formed directly between our parliamentarians and parliamentarians who operate under very similar systems throughout the Pacific. And the exchange that can take place there, I think is a very important part of that relationship building that takes place. We have a unique history with the Pacific. Not just in times during the Second World War, but over a long, long period of time. But it's very difficult, I think, for us as Australians to go beyond and I'm sure, I notice Ambassador Culvahouse here as well here today.

    It's very difficult for us to go beyond the great debt we owe to our friends in the Pacific for the way they stood with us, and by us and cared for us and particularly our serving men and women during those darkest of times. That is a debt that will never be repaid and that will be a debt that we carry with us, but we carry it with us gladly.

    Out of respect for our Pacific brothers and sisters, the other important part of the relationship, which is reflected here by the attendance of church leaders, is there's a great community of faith, which I know a lot about across the Pacific. It's one that I enjoyed from a very young age.

    And nothing stirs my heart more to hear a Pacific choir, whether it's in Samoa or whether it's in PNG or in Fiji or the Solomons. And I got to say, Prime Minister Mr Sogavare, has got a pretty good voice.

    And it's even better, as was an occasion I had many years ago, younger when Jenny and I were in Fiji and were attending a conference of Pacific Church leaders in a particular mission, and we had them all in the one place all singing at the one time.

    And I'll never forget that. But what it reminds me of, seeing you here today. Is that is another great point of connection in the Pacific community, of Faith, there exists a great point of connection. And then, of course, there’s sport and there’s rugby league and all of those things.

    I note that Fiji coming into the Metropolitan Cup I think is next year will actually be sitting under the Shark’s banner this year so there you go. I'm sure I'll get up to a few games and see them play. When they come into that competition.

    But these are the friendly links. There are a lot of strategic links where we're working together on security issues. There is the humanitarian links that we work on when we're dealing with health challenges, when we're working, one of my proudest is the Prime Minister's XIII when I go to PNG or Fiji or any of these places. The message they carried, both the men's and women's team carry a message about opposing domestic violence and raising these issues throughout the Pacific community.

    And so whether it's on disaster relief and preparedness for disaster relief, the work that we're doing in Fiji and establishing a base for disaster response, which I visited just recently, there is an engaged day to day relationship. And of course, on the defence side of things where we support those who engage in peacekeeping operations around the world.

    So it's a deep, it's a rich, it's a very faithful, it's a very loving relationship that exists amongst our vuvale, our family across the Pacific. And we are very, very pleased that you've both taken this step to form this group, which will ensure that those connections now speak to the relationships between our parliamentarians and you create a new community amongst our parliamentarians. So I'm very pleased to launch this initiative.

    And thank you very much for it being another important component of the Pacific Step up. Thank you.


    Indian Football PIX: Roy Krishna salvages thrilling draw for ATK

    IMAGE: ATK remained on the top of the table with 11 points from six matches. Photograph: ISL Media Fijian recruit Roy Krishna struck a last-gasp...

    Samoa measles deaths rise above 50, mostly small children - Malaysiakini

    1. Samoa measles deaths rise above 50, mostly small children  Malaysiakini
    2. How a wrong injection helped cause Samoa's measles epidemic  BBC News
    3. Fiji's Latest News and Sports website  Fijivillage
    4. Samoa measles epidemic: Three children in one family killed  RNZ
    5. Samoa measles outbreak: Death toll rises to 53, mostly children  Al Jazeera English
    6. View full coverage on Google News


    Rugby Sevens schedule 2019 - 20

    This is extremely encouraging as we enter a new era for rugby sevens which promises to bring fans even more excitement both on and off the field.”Please note that the USA event has been moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles,SA has already qualified for the Olympic games event,  Other than the USA, New Zealand, Fiji and South Africa all iher teams had to play qualification games.    ...

    1962 Beograd – Na gradbiščih po Jugoslaviji

    Na fotografiji sva z Alojzom – Slavkom Hrenom iz Cerknice, slikana pred našo kampanjolo, na gradbišču v Beogradu, na obali Donave, kjer smo gradili pristanišče za rečne ladje. Slikano okrog 1962. Naj nadaljujem svojo pripoved. Čez kakšen teden sva se s Francetom Hrvatinom odpravila v Beograd. V Beograd sva potovala z vlakom. Do Divače sva se […]


    Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global 5.6 earthquake hits offshore Guatemala. 5.5 earthquake hits south of Fiji. 5.4 earthquake hits the Banda Sea. 5.3 earthquake hits the Chagas Archipelago. 5.3 earthquake hits the Kermedec Islands. 5.1 earthquake hits the Molucca Sea.

    GHD helps students to embrace Indo-Pacific opportunities


    Global professional services company GHD has highlighted the importance of building cultural and professional experiences in the Indo-Pacific region at the New Colombo Plan awards presentation in Canberra on 25 November.

    The New Colombo Plan enables more than 120 Australian university students to live, study and work in the Indo-Pacific region each year with the aim of deepening Australia’s relationships in the region.

    In the 2020 intake announced by Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, GHD is proudly sponsoring two scholars and Fellows of the program – Shannon Shulz and Kit Muirhead, both from University of Melbourne. Shannon will spend time in GHD’s Fiji office next year while Kit will join GHD in Papua New Guinea. On their return to Australia these two scholars will be offered similar internships in one of GHD’s Australian offices.

    “We share the government’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific Region and we understand that personal ties, experiences and respectful partnerships create the strongest connections,” says Ben White, GHD’s Operations Manager for the Pacific. 

    “Across GHD’s regional offices – Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Guam, Saipan and China – and long-term project sites in Timor Leste and the Cook Islands, it is the partnership between our local employees and those based in Australia, New Zealand and the United States that makes us a strong part of the regional community,” said Ben.

    May Ngui, GHD’s Canberra Regional General Manager, says “We, like all the program’s business partners, are proud to be directly partnering with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to deliver the New Colombo Plan. These scholarships are building future leaders who will contribute to the Indo-Pacific region in which we have a footprint across a range of sectors and organisations. Together with these emerging leaders, we can create lasting community benefits.”

    To date, GHD has hosted a total of six New Colombo interns in its Fiji and Philippines offices, with Evie Packett and Joel Kennaway from the 2019 scholar group currently doing internships at GHD offices in Fiji and the Philippines respectively.



    A painted ship . . .

    Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean. The quote is from The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the ship is Ruby Princess. When I took the photograph, Ruby Princess was at anchor off Dravuni Island, Fiji. Launched in … Continue reading "A painted ship . . ."

    GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator – Seedstars Suva

    The second of three events in the Pacific region, hosted by Seedstars, in partnership with the GSMA and supported by the Australian Government, ran from 13 to 15 August in Suva, Fiji. There were two days of a bootcamp for local start-ups, followed by a pitching competition. What did the start-ups get out of it? […]

    Groups and Events at Malamala Beach Club


    Malamala Beach Club, the world’s first island beach club is located on its very own island, is surrounded by Fiji’s famous crystal-clear waters and is just 25 minutes from Port Denarau.

    Having just celebrated its second birthday, Malamala Beach Club has now hosted multiple full island charters for sales conferences, incentive groups, birthdays and weddings as well as numerous non-exclusive group bookings making it one of Fiji’s most popular ‘up and coming’ event locations.

    With custom made facilities that can cater for up to 400 guests, Malamala Beach Club has it all for those wanting a hugely memorable venue for their next event. The successful ‘Marry me at Malamala’ initiative has growing numbers of brides and grooms booking Malamala Beach Club for their nuptials, due to the one of a kind location, not only for their guests but also for stunning wedding photos.

    For smaller groups (8 or more), Malamala Beach Club offers discounted rates and various locations around the island for varying group sizes and requirements. The best part? There is no venue hire fee! Requiring only a minimum food and beverage spend for the various location options (including the island itself).

    So, be your group big or small, Malamala Beach Club can offer a superb location to make the most memorable day for you and your guests. For Fiji day trips, Fiji island group rates and best places to visit in Fiji please go to .



    پوستر نهمین کنفرانس الگوی اسلامی ایرانی پیشرفت


    Read more


    Solomon Islands improve police response to combat violence against women

    Story 353327200

    “I’ve had to rescue women very early in the morning, sometimes 3 a.m, to get them out of an abusive house,” says Solomon Sisimia, Provincial Police Commander in the Solomon Islands.

    As a fresh-faced 22-year-old recruit from the island of Malaita, Solomon was driven by his determination to curb family violence. “I grew up in a rural environment where I saw a lot of abuse of children and women surrounding me… My childhood experiences deeply impacted me and pushed me to become a police officer because I wanted to bring a stop to that abuse.”

    He soon received several awards for his outstanding work and was promoted to Constable at the National Criminal Investigation Department. But it was his position some 10 years later at the Crime Prevention Centre’s Family Violence Division—known as the Police Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Centre—that paved the way for fundamental changes in the way police assist survivors.

    At the Centre, he was a pioneer of the SAFENET approach for national service-providers to better support survivors of violence. The approach ensures that all front-line service-providers—from police to hospital and crisis centre staff—coordinate with one another to provide the best possible survivor-centred response and ongoing support to gender-based violence survivors, in a timely way. It provides: direct services and support; referrals to other service-providers through a coordinated process; prevention and advocacy programmes; and a governance and accountability framework.

    Sisimia also led the Police Force’s adoption of the Family Protection Act and efforts to make sure that police officers more respectfully assist domestic violence survivors.

    “Before, maybe 10 years ago, women coming to the station reporting a case of domestic violence would be turned away, with police officers telling her: ‘It’s not our police work, go back to your husband and reconcile with him or get the [Village] Chief to deal with the matter; it’s a family matter; it’s private, so you deal with it’,” explains Sisimia. “But after we went through SAFENET and the Family Protection Act came in, the domestic violence once called a ‘family matter’ has become a criminal matter. Police officers are trained to receive domestic violence complaints as criminal matters, and this is a big change within policing.”

    Sisimia notes that a police officer can be charged under the Family Protection Act if they fail to assist a domestic violence victim seeking police help.

    But while laws and processes are essential to driving change, he says the biggest barrier is people’s mindsets. He advocates reviving healthy traditional cultural practices.

    “A few generations ago, men in our culture had no right to give orders to women, and women had decision-making rights,” says Sisimia. “Until we change our mindsets and get our cultural balance back, violence against women, girls and boys will continue.”

    He says his mindset was changed thanks to SAFENET and gender training, but his journey continues to help Solomon Islands reduce its 64 percent gender-based violence rate – currently one of the highest in the world.

    The SAFENET network of government and non-government organizations is led by the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, in partnership with UN Women, with funding from the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls. The partnership is supported by the European Union and the Australian Government.

    “Since 2012, UN Women has been providing dedicated support to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls in Solomon Islands, by strengthening capacity within government and civil society to expand survivor services and stop violence before it starts,” said UN Women Fiji Multi-Country-Office Deputy Representative Sarah Boxall, at a national SAFENET inception workshop.

    “When SAFENET calls me back and says ‘she’s safe’ … I feel at least I saved somebody from dying,” says Registered Nurse Esther Nevenga, who has treated gender-based violence survivors’ injuries for years. “Now I have the knowledge and the skills to help women who suffer from violence. Before, survivors coming through the clinic were not prioritized. Now, we make sure that their safety is paramount, and we move them to somewhere more confidential. It’s all about the survivor. She’s the one who makes the decision, not like before, when we would say ‘you must take this and do that’.”

    Nevenga is now the Ministry of Health’s Gender-Based Violence Focal Point, supporting SAFENET and the current series of national consultations and training across all nine provinces to educate service-providers about the SAFENET Guidebook of Standard Operating Procedures for the Multisectoral Response, Referral, and Coordination of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, launched in late 2018.

    As for Sisimia, after 29 years of dedicated service in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, he has recently been promoted to Provincial Police Commander for Malaita, where he says he will continue to work to change mindsets, behaviours and improve police responses.

    Source: UN Women


    Fijian Superstar Semi Radradra Signs For Premiership Club On Three-Year Deal


    What a signing. After starring at the Rugby World Cup in Japan for Fiji, Semi Radradra will be lighting up the Premiership next season after signing a three-year deal with...

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    Meditacija: naredimo prostor za lažje misli


    Po vzhodni filozofiji je um opica, katere narava je, da nam vedno nagaja. Vodi nas skozi vsakdan, poln opravkov in interakcij, ob katerih zlahka pozabimo sami nase. Sčasoma postajamo izgoreli in nezadovoljni, v stresnem načinu življenja in hitrem tehnološkem razvoju pa hitro najdemo opravičilo, češ da je iztrošenost vsaj do neke mere naravna. Depresija kot …

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    Priyanka & Vishal


    When Vishal attended Priyanka’s 21st birthday party, he thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world. They had a lot in common and great chemistry and very quickly developed feelings for each other. They fell in love with each other’s personalities and soon realized they were the ones for each other. We catch …

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    Bree & Josh – Sofitel Resort & Spa Fiji


    Sydney-siders Bree and Josh wanted a wedding somewhere both not too far away and relaxed in nature, so it made sense Fiji was high on the list. After a pre-wedding trip to suss out the possibilities, they settled on a list of some of our favourite Fiji vendors to be part of their special day. …

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