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Americans Paying for Trump’s Tariffs on China

Trump loves to claim that the tariffs he has imposed on China and other countries are bringing in billions of dollars in revenue from those countries, which is either a lie or total ignorance. A new study by the Federal Reserve Board concludes what any economist knows, that the cost of those tariffs is paid […]

Where does the impeachment inquiry go now?

The U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry hearings picked up steam this week, as nine current and former U.S. officials testified on President Donald Trump's controversial dealings with the Ukrainian government. With three full days of testimony this week, and two the previous, International Edition’s Steve Miller speaks with Dr. Craig Albert, a political science professor at Augusta University, to unpack as to what the testimony meant to the Democrats and Republicans. Plus, a former CIA officer who pleaded guilty to an espionage conspiracy with China faces sentencing. The AP's Matt Small reports. In a major policy reversal, South Korea said Friday it has decided to continue a 2016 military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan that it previously said it would terminate amid ongoing tensions over wartime history and trade. The decision comes at a time when the United States has requested substantial increases to what it wants South Korea and Japan to pay for hosting US forces in their respective countries. International Edition’s Steve Miller speaks with John Grover Korean Studies Fellow at the Institute for the National Interest. Later in the program... after three years of investigation, Israel's Attorney General has decided to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate cases. The most serious charge is bribery, and it is the first time in Israel's history that a sitting prime minister has been indicted. Linda Gradstein reports Netanyahu accused the attorney general of trying to stage a coup. Turning to world news... British police say they have arrested a 23-year-old man from Northern Ireland over the deaths of 39 people from Vietnam who were found in a refrigerated container truck last month. The top U.S. representative in Taiwan says Washington is working with it to combat efforts by Beijing to influence upcoming elections on the island. Police will be out in force at polling stations in Hong Kong this weekend as keenly contested local elections take place amid ongoing anti-government protests. A rare near-mint condition copy of the first Marvel Comics comic book has sold at auction in Dallas for $1.26 million. A jury in New Zealand found a man guilty on Friday of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane, almost a year after the incident took place. Reuters' Jayson Albano has the details. Finally, a new report finds most adolescents around the world do not get enough physical activity on a daily basis to be healthy and to stay healthy as adults. Lisa Schlein reports this World Health Organization study presents the first-ever global estimates of insufficient physical activity among adolescents aged 11 to 17.  

Mike Bloomberg says China is a democracy and Xi Jinping answers to his ‘constituents’


Michael ‘Mike’ Bloomberg didn’t get to be billionaire by being a dufus and doing no research. So why doe he tell Margret Hoover that China’s President Xi Jinping asnwer to his “constituents” and leader through the will of the people. Jinpins is, says Bloomberg, not a dictator.

in 2012, Xi walked at the front of the Politburo Standing Committee onto the stage at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In 2017, “Xi Jinping thought” – an articulation of his political philosophy – was “enshrined in the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party”.

Bloomberg created the news organisation Bloomberg

Bloomberg China
Bloomberg v Bloomberg

In October 2019, it reported:

But the unrest underscored growing uneasiness with Xi’s style of rule, with U.S. lawmakers threatening sanctions over the government’s handling of Hong Kong and China’s mass detention of ethnic Uighurs. Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council — controlled by the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party — issued a statement condemning China’s “one party dictatorship.”

China: the dictatorship without a dictator nearly all the Chinese never voted for.


Xingkong-2: China’s new missile threat?


Gen. John Hyten: ‘We don’t have any defense that could deny the employment of such a weapon against us’


Will Tesla’s big gamble in China pay off?


After the company starts delivering China-built Model 3s soon, the made-in-US Model 3s will no longer be sold in the country


Vision 2020: China bond supply to grow 18%


The growth will be led by central and local government borrowing to fund a rise in the deficit


Nayib Bukele comienza visita oficial en China

El presidente de El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, concluyó su visita a Japón y arribó a Beijing, en la República de China Popular, para iniciar su primera visita de Estado. Días atrás, Bukele se reunió en Tokyo con el gobernante japonés, Shinzō Abe, y tras dicho encuentro Japón reafirmó la cooperación para infraestructura en El Salvador, reseñó

Cornell China Center fosters collaboration at Beijing events

On Nov. 18, Cornell leaders, faculty, alumni, collaborators and friends celebrated the university’s long history of collaboration with China with two events in Beijing: an academic symposium and a Cornell-China forum.

Analyse unseres Partner-Portals "Economist" - Trump wird nervös: China schlägt in der Atompolitik einen gefährlichen Weg ein

"Vor einem Nuklearkrieg habe ich keine Angst", polterte der chinesische Revolutionsführer Mao Zedong einst auf einem Moskaubesuch im Jahre 1957. Mao wies seine Gesprächspartner darauf hin, dass selbst wenn die Hälfte seiner Bevölkerung einem radioaktiven Inferno zum Opfer fallen würde, noch immer 300 Millionen weitere Chinesen am Leben bleiben würden.

Nach Protesten in Hongkong - Gesetz zur Stärkung der Demokratie unterzeichnet: Trump widersetzt sich China

Trotz heftiger Proteste aus China hat der US-Kongress Gesetze beschlossen, die Menschenrechte und Demokratie in Hongkong stärken sollen. China forderte Präsident Trump auf, sein Veto einzulegen - ohne Erfolg. Ärger mit Peking ist nun programmiert.

"China Cables" - Maos Lager waren abgeschafft: China missachtet bei Uiguren gleich 3 Mal eigene Gesetze

China sieht sich nach den jüngsten Enthüllungen über seine Repression gegen die Uiguren international auf der Anklagebank. Eine Verteidigung: Alles sei gesetzeskonform. Dem ist nicht so, wie Experten klarstellen.

China, Replica personalizada Diseño Blanco LC2 Sillón Fabricantes, Proveedores - Venta al por mayor directa de fábrica - Muebles ricos

Como uno de los principales fabricantes y proveedores de sillones LC2 blancos con diseño de réplica en China, le damos una calurosa bienvenida al sillón LC2 blanco con diseño de réplica al por mayor en existencia aquí desde nuestra fábrica. Todos los muebles personalizados son de alta calidad y bajo precio.

Союз России и Китая: предсказания Бжезинского начинают сбываться


Мы живём в эпоху, когда риск конфликта между державами продолжает нарастать. В число наиболее вероятных претендентов обычно входят Китай, восходящая держава, и США, бывшая доминирующая...

The post Союз России и Китая: предсказания Бжезинского начинают сбываться appeared first on АгитПРО.


Kopfhörer: Apple verdoppelt monatliche Produktion der Airpods Pro

Die Nachfrage nach Apples neuen ANC-Kopfhörern ist offenbar so groß, dass Apple die Produktion in China hochfahren muss: Berichten zufolge sollen künftig zwei Millionen statt einer Million Hörstöpsel im Monat produziert werden. Auch von den normalen Airpods sollen mehr hergestellt werden. (Apple, Bluetooth)

DC retira póster de Batman que causó indignación en China

La imagen daban a entender que se apoyaban las protestas en favor de la democracia en Hong Kong.

চীনে মুসলিমদের মগজ ধোলাইয়ের তথ্য ফাঁস


দি ঢাকা টাইমস্ ডেস্ক ॥ কয়েক লাখ উইঘুর মুসলিমকে চীনে গোপন বন্দিশালায় আটকে রেখে কীভাবে তাদেরকে মগজ ধোলাই করা হচ্ছে, তার কিছু দলিলপত্র সম্প্রতি ফাঁস করা হয়েছে। আরও জানতে পড়ুন বিস্তারিত -

এই লেখাটি চীনে মুসলিমদের মগজ ধোলাইয়ের তথ্য ফাঁস সর্ব প্রথম প্রকাশিত হয়েছে The Dhaka Times এ।


Hong Kong unmasked: The real reasons & instigators behind anti-Beijing riots

Preview As Hong Kong’s anti-government movement continues to rage, RT looks into what sparked the unrest, the dire social inequality problems that fuel it, and how forces in Washington exploited this public discontent for their own ends.
Read Full Article at

China arrests Belizean citizen accused of meddling in Hong Kong protests

Preview China has arrested a citizen of Belize in its southern city of Guangzhou for allegedly interfering in the internal affairs of Hong Kong.
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New leak reveals how China runs Xinjiang camps


Leaked government documents outlining the need to prevent escape, double lock doors and constantly monitor detainees in China's network of internment camps in Xinjiang refute Beijing's defence of "vocational education centres" in the region, experts say.

The post New leak reveals how China runs Xinjiang camps appeared first on Asian Correspondent.


Sensex falls by 336 points ahead of GDP data, metal stocks dip

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Equity markets witnessed profit booking on Friday amid expectations of slower GDP numbers for the September quarter (Q2 FY20) and weak global cues.

Investors also tracked trends after the passage of the Hong Kong pro-democracy bill in Washington that could derail trade talks between the United States and China.

At the closing bell, the BSE S&P Sensex was down by 336 points or 0.82 per cent to 40,704. The Nifty 50 tumbled down by 95 points or 0.78 per cent at 12,056.

All sectoral indices at the National Stock Exchange were in the red except for Nifty realty which was up by 0.98 per cent. But Nifty media was down by 2.4 per cent, PSU bank by 1.7 per cent metal by 1.2 per cent, auto by 1.1 per cent and FMCG by 0.9 per cent.

Among stocks, Zee Entertainment was the top loser with a dip of 7.8 per cent at Rs 286.50 per share. Metal majors Hindalco and Vedanta lost by 2.1 per cent each while Tata Motors dived by 2.3 per cent.

The other prominent losers were Mahindra & Mahindra, Hindustan Lever, Dr Reddy's, Yes Bank and State Bank of India.

However, Bharti Infratel continued to climb up and added gains of 6.7 per cent at Rs 273.80 per share while Bharti Airtel was up by 1.1 per cent. Adani Ports, utility major NTPC and HDFC Bank were also in the green.

Meanwhile, Asian markets slipped as investors turned cautious, fearing a new US law backing Hong Kong protesters could put hurdles in efforts to end the US-China trade conflict.

Hong Kong led the losses, dropping by 2 per cent while South Korean shares lost by 1.4 per cent and Japan's Nikkei eased by 0.5 per cent.


Sensex falls by over 400 points, metal and auto stocks lose shine

Mumbai: Equity markets witnessed profit booking and extended morning losses ahead of the country's second-quarter GDP data which is likely to come lower than 5 per cent. 

Investors also tracked weak global cues after passage of the Hong Kong pro-democracy bill in Washington that could derail trade talks between the United States and China.

At 12 noon, the BSE S&P Sensex was down by 417 points or 1.01 per cent to 40,713 while the Nifty 50 tumbled down by 121 points at 12,030.

All sectoral indices at the National Stock Exchange were in the red with Nifty metal down by 1.6 per cent, auto by 1.2 per cent, FMCG by 1 per cent and PSU bank by 0.9 per cent.

Among stocks, Hindalco lost by 3.3 per cent, Tata Steel by 2.2 per cent, Vedanta by 1.9 per cent and Maruti Suzuki by 1.5 per cent. Index heavyweight Reliance Industries slipped by 1.5 per cent to Rs 1,556.25 per share.

The other prominent losers were Hindustan Lever, Britannia, Asian Paints, State Bank of India and Dr Reddy's.

However, Bharti Infratel continued to climb up and added gains of 5.9 per cent at Rs 271.95 per share while Bharti Airtel was up by 1.3 per cent. Adani Ports, utility major NTPC and Bharat Petroleum Corporation were also in the green.

Meanwhile, Asian markets slipped as investors turned cautious, fearing a new US law backing Hong Kong protesters could put hurdles in efforts to end the US-China trade conflict.

MSCI's broadest index of Asia Pacific shares outside Japan fell by 0.9 per cent. Hong Kong led the losses, dropping by 2 per cent while South Korean shares lost by 1.2 per cent and Japan's Nikkei eased by 0.1 per cent.


Stocks tumble due to weak global trends, Dr Reddy's down by 1.9 pct

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Equity benchmark indices tumbled into the negative terrain during early hours on Friday following weak global cues as investors feared that passage of the Hong Kong pro-democracy bill in Washington could derail trade talks between the United States and China.

At 10:15 am, the BSE S&P Sensex was down by 243 points to 40,888 while the Nifty 50 rolled down by 57 points at 12,094. Sectoral indices at the National Stock Exchange were mixed with Nifty auto, financial services, FMCG and IT in the red.

Among stocks, the prominent losers were Dr Reddy's, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Lever, HDFC and Mahindra & Mahindra.

However, Bharti Infratel continued to climb up and added gains of 5.6 per cent at Rs 271.05 per share while Bharti Airtel was up by 1.8 per cent. Yes Bank gained by 4.3 per cent, Zee Entertainment by 2 per cent and GAIL by 1.7 per cent.

Meanwhile, Asian markets slipped as investors turned cautious, fearing a new US law backing Hong Kong protesters could put hurdles in efforts to end the US-China trade conflict.

MSCI's broadest index of Asia Pacific shares outside Japan fell by 0.9 per cent. Hong Kong led the losses, dropping by 2 per cent while South Korean shares lost by 1.2 per cent and Japan's Nikkei eased by 0.1 per cent.


Sensex ends 200 points higher, Nifty settles at 12,101


Mumbai: The Sensex advanced nearly 200 points on Wednesday but further gains were capped as investors held their bets ahead of the release of GDP numbers later in the day. The Sensex closed at 41,021 while the Nifty settled at 12,101.

The Bank Nifty index hit life-time high earlier and sharp gains were also seen in auto and financial service stocks.

Shrikant Chouhan of Kotak Securities said that the Nifty PSU banks space, mainly the SBI, gained momentum in the last hour of trade, after SBI Cards filed its IPO papers with the Sebi.

The gains came despite a surprising turn of political events in Maharashtra and concerns about India's economic growth, said Deepak Jasani of HDFC Securities.

Yes Bank rose 8 per cent on reports that the board of directors of Yes Bank will

meet on Friday to consider fund raising through issue of fresh equity.

Shares of RBL Bank hit a two-month high of Rs 371, up 6.7 per cent in intra-day trade, on report that the bank is looking to raise up to Rs 2,000 crore through a qualified institutional placement (QIP) offering.

World shares made another push for an elusive record high on Wednesday after US President Donald Trump said Washington and Beijing were in the final throes of inking an an initial trade deal. European shares hit a 4 year high.

Emerging market stocks nudged higher on Wednesday after comments from Trump spurred hopes of a resolution to the trade dispute between the United States and China.


Sensex closes 199 points higher, auto and pharma stocks gain

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Equity benchmark indices scaled fresh new highs on Wednesday and ended half a per cent higher due to heavy buying in auto, metal and pharma stocks.

The bull run continued amid positive underlying sentiment and optimism surrounding the signing of US-China trade deal's first phase.

The BSE S&P Sensex closed 199 points higher at 41,021 while the Nifty 50 edged up by 63 points to 12,101. Most sectoral indices at the National Stock Exchange were in the green except for Nifty media and realty.

Nifty auto ticked up by 1.27 per cent, PSU bank by 1.77 per cent and pharma by 0.83 per cent. But Nifty realty and media closed 0.65 per cent and 0.39 per cent lower respectively.

Among stocks, Yes Bank added intraday gain of 8.31 per cent to close at Rs 68.40 per share after the private lender offloaded shares of Reliance Capital for the third consecutive session on Tuesday through an open market transaction. Besides, the bank's board of directors will meet on Friday to consider raising of funds.

Maruti Suzuki gained by 2.4 per cent while Eicher Motors, Hero MotoCorp, TVS Motor Company and Bajaj Auto were up in the range of 1 to 2 per cent each.

State Bank of India was up by 2.8 per cent, Hindalco by 2.2 per cent and Sun Pharma by 1.9 per cent. UltraTech Cement, UPL, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, ONGC and Coal India also witnessed gains of over 1.7 per cent.

However, the prominent losers were Bharti Infratel, Cipla, Larsen & Toubro, ITC and ICICI Bank.

Meanwhile, Asian shares rose as upbeat signals from US-China trade talks generated hopes of an easing of tariff hostilities. At the same time, investors hoped that the US Federal Reserve will keep interest rates low.

Japan's Nikkei rose by 0.28 per cent, Hong Kong's Hang Seng by 0.15 per cent and South Korea's Kospi by 0.31 per cent.

But Shanghai Composite dropped by 0.13 per cent after official data showed profits at China's industrial firms declining in annual terms for the third consecutive month during October.

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the United States and China are close to agreement on the first phase of a trade deal. Top negotiators from the two countries spoke on phone and agreed to keep working on the remaining issues.


Sensex opens 150 points up, Nifty above 12,100

Mumbai: The Indian markets on Wednesday opened over 150 points higher led by gains in banks and financial service stocks.

Analysts said market sentiment have turned positive after latest indications of some encouraging progress in US-China trade deal.

The Sensex was up 235.44 points at 41,056.74, while the Nifty jumped 66.45 points at 12,104.15.

Among the Nifty50 stock, 42 scrips advanced while eight traded lower during the early trade.

Yes Bank, Tata Motors, JSW Steel and Mahindra and Mahindra were the top gainers, advancing in the range of 1 to 5 per cent.

Bharti Airtel, BPCL, ICICI Bank, Cipla andA Larsen & Toubro were the top losers.

The GDP data is also likely to be released by the end of this week which is expected to go below 5 per cent.

Sensex falls by 216 points, IT and banking stocks drag

Mumbai: Equity benchmark indices drifted lower by half per cent on Friday, dragged by IT and banking stocks amid continuing global concerns over the US-China trade deal.

The BSE S&P Sensex closed 216 points or 0.53 per cent lower at 40,359 while the Nifty 50 slipped by 54 points to 11,914. Sectoral indices at the National Stock Exchange were mixed with Nifty IT dropping by 1.9 per cent and bank by 0.7 per cent.

Among stocks, Infosys lost by 2.8 per cent to close at Rs 692.95 per share. Tata Consultancy Services ticked down by 2.4 per cent, Wipro by 1.8 per cent, HCL Technologies by 1.6 per cent and Tech Mahindra by 1.5 per cent.

Bharti Infratel lost by over 4 per cent while Bharti Airtel showed a loss of 1.8 per cent. Even Kotak Mahindra Bank closed 1.6 per cent lower.

However, metal majors showed handsome gains with Tata Steel moving up by 4.2 per cent, JSW Steel by 2.4 per cent and Vedanta by 2.2 per cent.

Meanwhile, Asian equities posted mild gains amid persistent worries over the status of trade negotiations between China and the United States.

Japan's Nikkei was up by 0.33 per cent, Hong Kong's Hang Seng by 0.48 per cent and South Korea's Kospi by 0.26 per cent.


BMW and Great Wall Motor to build all-electric Mini cars in China

China's electric car market is the biggest in the world.

Did TikTok Censor a Teenager to Protect China?

Howie Kurtz on people tuning out on 'impeachment', Mayor Pete Buttigieg being criticized for education comments and is TikTok appeasing China by censoring teen? Follow Howie on Twitter: @HowardKurtz For more #MediaBuzz click here

How smart ideas are helping to accommodate China's renewable energy drive

China is aiming to lay down a marker on the renewable energy sector.

Oil falls as US rights bill fuels tensions with China

Oil prices fell for a second day on Thursday after official data showed U.S. crude and gasoline stocks rose and President Donald Trump signed into law a bill backing protesters in Hong Kong, fueling tensions with China.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) Congress Will Override President Trump If He Vetoes Legislation Supporting Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the latest on impeachment and why it is not good for democrats running for reelection. Senator Scott also weighed in on China violating the human rights of citizens in Hong Kong as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling on China to end their draconian policies that have terrorized their own citizens. Scott is adamant that President Trump sign the Hong Kong Rights and Human Democracy Act that was passed in Congress, warning if he does not, Congress will override the President. Watch here:

Oil snaps 2-day win streak on surprise US inventory build

Oil fell on Wednesday after a report showing US crude inventories grew unexpectedly last week and gasoline stocks surged, but optimism that a US-China trade deal would be reached soon limited losses.


La risorsa si occuperà, in totale autonomia, della manutenzione e riparazione elettrica di macchinari destinati alla produzione.
Da Indeed - Thu, 28 Nov 2019 16:32:32 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Tortona, Piemonte

Xinhua Silk Road: Dongfeng Motor de China avanza en su globalización


PEKÍN, 29 de noviembre de 2019 /PRNewswire/ — El fabricante chino de automóviles Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) celebró recientemente la Noche de la Marca Dongfeng y la Ceremonia de Lanzamiento del AX4, el AX7 y el SX6 en Lima,


Xinhua Silk Road: Dongfeng Motor de China da un paso adelante en la globalización


BEIJING, 29 de noviembre de 2019 /PRNewswire/ — El fabricante de automóviles chino Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) ha celebrado recientemente el acto de la Noche de la Marca Dongfeng y la Ceremonia de Lanzamiento de los modelos AX4, AX7


Zoomlion revela su más reciente mezcladora de mortero Duo-mix especializada en impresión para construcción 3D


SHANGHÁI, 28 de noviembre de 2019 /PRNewswire/ — m-tec, la subsidiaria de completa propiedad de Zoomlion, presentó su más reciente mezcladora de mortero Duo-mix en Shanghái, China, por primera vez el 5 de noviembre. La nueva solución, que puede


Xinhua Silk Road: los autos de MG brillan en la edición 2019 de la Exposición Automovilística Internacional de Guangzhou


GUANGZHOU, China, 28 de noviembre de 2019 /PRNewswire/ — La centenaria marca automotriz MG colocó en el mercado su SUV MG eHS híbrido enchufable durante la 17ª edición de la Exposición Automovilística Internacional de Guangzhou, inaugurada el viernes


Xinhua Silk Road: Los modelos SF5 de SERES hacen su debut en la Exposición Internacional del Automóvil de Guangzhou 2019


BEIJING, 28 de noviembre de 2019 /PRNewswire/ — La startup china de vehículos eléctricos SERES llevó dos modelos de su nuevo SUV eléctrico con desempeño de automóvil deportivo, SF5, a la 17ma. Exposición Internacional del Automóvil de Guangzhou el


Morality and Monastic Revival in Post-Mao Tibet


Morality and Monastic Revival in Post-Mao Tibet

Caple, J. E., Mar 2019, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 232 p. (Contemporary Buddhism).

Research output: Book/ReportBookResearchpeer-review

The speed and extent of the Tibetan Buddhist monastic revival make it one of the most extraordinary stories of religious resurgence in post-Mao China. At the end of the 1970s, there were no working monasteries; within a decade, thousands had been reconstructed and repopulated. Most studies have focused on the political challenges facing Tibetan monasteries, emphasizing their relationship to the Chinese state. Yet, in their efforts to revive and develop their institutions, monks have also had to negotiate a rapidly changing society, playing a delicate balancing act fraught with moral dilemma as well as political danger. Drawing on the recent “moral turn” in anthropology, this volume, the first full-length ethnographic study of the subject, explores the social and moral dimensions of monastic revival and reform across a range of Geluk monasteries in northeast Tibet (Amdo/Qinghai Province) from the 1980s on.

Author Jane Caple’s analysis shows that ideas and debates about how best to maintain the mundane bases of monastic Buddhism—economy and population—are intermeshed with those concerning the proper role and conduct of monks and the ethics of monastic-lay relations. Facing a shrinking monastic population, monks are grappling with the impacts of secular education, demographic transition, rising living standards, urbanization, and marketization, all of which have driven debates within Buddhism elsewhere and fueled perceptions of monastic decline. Some Tibetans—including monks—are even questioning the “good” of the mass form of monasticism that has been a distinctive feature of Tibetan society for hundreds of years. Given monastic Buddhism’s integral position in Tibetan community life and association with Tibetan identity, Caple argues that its precarity in relation to Tibetan society raises questions about its future that go well beyond the issue of religious freedom.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationHonolulu
PublisherUniversity of Hawaii Press
Number of pages232
ISBN (Print)9780824869847
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2019
SeriesContemporary Buddhism



Mr. Xi may play the long game of ping pong, but when it comes to checkers, no so great. He has met an equal in President Trump. Hong Kong citizen protest has ignited a bomb in Beijing. This has created an opportunity for Trump. Xi is in a tough spot because America holds the chips. … Continue reading CHINA’S SYNDROME

Ventas de marca MUJER GAFAS DE SOL CUADRADAS Lente Transparente Metal Diamante Gema Retro UV400 Negro/ Plata/Lente Transparente Kq9mSXM6

Ventas de marca MUJER GAFAS DE SOL CUADRADAS Lente Transparente Metal Diamante Gema Retro UV400 Negro/ Plata/Lente Transparente Kq9mSXM6

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Executive: Air & Ocean - Operations Manager - Houston, Texas

Sorry, Visa / sponsorship not available. Operations Manager, Air & Ocean Houston, TX Who We Are: As a global logistics provider, Mainfreight offers managed warehousing and international and domestic freight forwarding. With team and branches across Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand and the United States, Mainfreight continues to expand its global footprint. Our business is made up of three core areas: Air and Ocean; Transport (road and in some regions, rail); and Logistics. These divisions pull together to deliver the best solutions for customers. As a part of Mainfreight, you can expect to be helping some of the world s biggest, most innovative companies become more efficient, responsive and competitive in their marketplaces. We're in the transport and logistics business; one of the fastest-growth industries in the world. Mainfreight where customer service is an attitude, not a department. Opportunity Overview: An exciting career opportunity has opened up in Houston, TX within our Mainfreight Air & Ocean team. We are looking for the right person to both maintain and build upon the successes to date; someone who wants to lead a team working in a fast paced and positive environment. The successful candidate will have proven leadership and customer service skills, a good understanding of international trade and solid problem-solving skills. The role is both challenging and rewarding, and is a great opportunity to begin a long term career with the Mainfreight Group. To be successful you will need: to have a passion for moving freight and solving problems import and export experience the ability to work with the Team to strategically develop and grow existing accounts Cargowise experience (preferred) to be able to lead a team toward a common goal (this is a must ). Your focus, and the focus of the team, will be on service excellence, team efficiency and productivity, KPI management, and profitability in our business. Qualifications: 5 - 10 years' industry experience Strong work ethic Total focus on quality and customer service Good communication skills Be a team player Willingness to quickly learn our Mainfreight Air & Ocean product and Global Supply Chain Network Ability to multitask Able to think outside the box Energy to build on our existing success Ability to motivate and energize team members A proactive nature with foresight (see problems before they are visible and solve them on the spot) Professional conduct and presentation Ability to develop and maximize value for our customers, your team, and your branch Life at Mainfreight: The moment you become a member of the Mainfreight family, your career hits overdrive - if you want it to. Anything is possible here because you get to work right alongside the best people and make real-life decisions. We promote from within our own global pool of talent and give you the freedom to go as far as you dare. If that freedom means travelling and living in other parts of the world, if a new area of the business gets you excited or you re fired up about running this global business one day, we say go for it ! Leadership at Mainfreight is a way of doing things. It's a mindset rather than a role and it's accessible to everybody who's willing to step-up. We are a team that's fiercely ambitious, proud and compassionate. We look for that in our people and in return, offer them the world. At Mainfreight, "how far", "how soon" and "where" is up to you. If a career in global logistics is right for you, please apply online below! ()

12 Reasons Climate Action Is Good for the United States Economy


12 Reasons Climate Action Is Good for the United States Economy

The United States is the only nation that doesn't show up in the list of countries currently committed to the Paris Agreement. But that doesn't mean most Americans aren't trying to do their part. In fact, U.S. states, cities and counties that support the Paris Agreement make up about two-thirds of the American population and economy. If these climate-forward actors were a country, they'd have the second largest economy in the word – larger than China and behind only the full United States. American businesses and banks are also broadly supportive of the Paris Agreement, and are preparing—with or without federal action—for a low-carbon economic transition. Why do they all support climate action? Because it makes both economic and environmental sense.

1. The U.S. can lower emissions while growing the economy.

Since 2005, U.S. real GDP has increased 25% while energy-related CO2 emissions have fallen 12%. Technological advancements and energy efficiency improvements are allowing the economy to grow even as energy consumption remains flat, which means that the energy consumed per dollar of GDP is falling. While much more is needed, this is proof that the U.S. can decouple growth and emissions.

2. It's now cheaper to generate electricity from renewables than fossil fuels in most cases.

The costs of solar panels, wind turbines and lithium batteries have fallen precipitously in recent years as their role in the U.S. energy mix has grown. Today, it would be cheaper to replace three-quarters of existing U.S. coal plants with wind and solar power than to keep them operating with coal. Natural gas plants, previously the cheapest option to replace retiring coal plants, are now being undercut by renewables in many locations. New research finds that 90% of proposed gas-fired power plants are more costly to build and operate than a clean energy portfolio of solar, wind, battery technology and demand management.

3. Electric vehicles, electric heat pumps and other climate-friendly consumer technologies are becoming cheaper and cleaner too.

As of today, gasoline costs $2.62 on average in the United States, while charging an electric vehicle for the equivalent amount of energy costs only $1.21. If current trends continue, electric vehicles are expected to be cost-competitive on an upfront basis with gasoline vehicles by 2024-2028 in the United States. The lifetime fuel and maintenance costs for an electric bus are about $400,000 less than a diesel bus, which is why many transit systems and schools are switching over. Electric heat pumps, which are better for the climate than traditional gas furnaces, are cost-effective for most new homes. The environmental advantage of electric vehicles and heat pumps will only increase as coal-fired power plants continue to be replaced by cleaner alternatives.

4. Clean energy jobs already employ about 3.5 million Americans and are poised to grow.

There are already 2.3 million Americans employed in energy efficiency, 600,000 in clean electricity and fuels, 255,000 in electric and alternative fuel vehicles, 485,000 in fuel-efficient vehicles, and 65,000 in battery storage. Clean energy is generally more labor-intensive and less capital-intensive than fossil fuels, so switching from fossil fuels to clean energy can create net jobs. A 2017 study found that $1 million spent on fossil fuels in the U.S. will generate 2-3 full-time equivalent jobs, while $1 million spent on renewable energy or energy efficiency will create 7-8 jobs. Furthermore, workers in the clean energy sector can earn higher and more equitable wages when compared to all workers nationally.

5. By innovating, engineering and manufacturing clean technologies, the U.S. can increase its competitiveness.

As domestic and international demand for clean products and technologies rises, focusing on low-carbon manufacturing instead of doubling down on the industries of yesterday will give the U.S. an advantage in a growing market. As uptake of electric vehicles and energy storage systems increases, the battery market represents a significant opportunity for American manufacturing. The global lithium-ion battery market is projected to be $105 billion by 2025. Increasing low-carbon manufacturing would also create new employment: low-carbon jobs are particularly manufacturing intensive, with 17% to 26% of all clean jobs being in manufacturing.

6. Energy efficiency standards save consumers money and boost the economy.

Investments in energy efficiency in buildings, transportation and industry all pay off several times over in energy cost savings. For example, the average American family saves $500 a year on utility bills due to federal efficiency standards for appliances, lighting, and plumbing – with the benefits outweighing the costs by 5 to 1. Existing energy standards are estimated to be responsible for about 300,000 jobs, which are expected to rise to 500,000 by 2030. Strengthening these standards would lead to even more consumer savings, economic benefits and jobs.

7. Climate action presents unique economic opportunities for rural America.

<p>Wind turbines in rural Missouri. Photo by Carol Highsmith/Library of Congress.</p>

Wind turbines in rural Missouri. Photo by Carol Highsmith/Library of Congress.

Energy efficiency can play an important role in lifting the high energy burden of rural households who often pay higher energy prices than urban areas. In rural communities, which have witnessed a roughly 40% net decline in farm incomes since 2011, wind energy taxes and royalties have introduced new revenue streams into the local economy; wind farms paid $761 million in 2018 state and local taxes, plus $289 million in lease payments to farmers and landowners who host wind turbines on their land. Policymakers and industry are also interested in the idea of paying farmers based on their adoption of regenerative agricultural practices that foster carbon sequestration. If widely adopted, this could further support rural economies. To date, there have been more than $320 billion in U.S. investments that focus on sustainable food and agriculture, with $47.5 billion explicitly targeting regenerative agriculture.

8. Better planned, low-carbon cities are more productive.

American commuters lose 7 billion hours and 3 billion gallons of fuel while stuck in traffic each year. By planning our cities so that people have options to live closer to where they work and play, with ready access to public transit for all, we can increase both economic and energy efficiency. A 10% increase in population density in US cities is associated with about a 5% increase in medium- and high-skilled wages as well as 2% lower carbon emissions per capita.

9. Carbon pricing has been an economic boon for the 10 states that have it in place.

After California implemented the nation's first cap-and-trade system in 2006, it's economy grew faster than the nation as a whole, and it met its 2020 emissions reduction target four years early in 2016. More than half of the revenue from the carbon price is being used to benefit disadvantaged communities. Nine northeastern states are part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a power sector cap-and-trade system launched in 2009, and three more plan to join. The proceeds from the initiative have used for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, electricity consumer bill assistance, and education and job training programs. The initiative has been a net economic benefit for the participating states and has reduced deaths and illnesses from air pollution.

10. Without action, the US will face increasing costs of climate damages.

Extreme weather and climate disasters have already caused about $150 billion in damage per year over the past three years, a drastic increase from historical trends. The National Climate Assessment, a report by top U.S. experts from 13 federal agencies released in late 2018, shows that climate change is already affecting American communities now, and it will only get worse. It found that in a high emissions future, economic damages from extreme temperatures, rising seas, and other impacts of climate change would reach $500 billion per year in 2090. Reducing emissions, on the other hand, could cut those costs approximately in half to $280 billion per year.

11. Reducing greenhouse gases also reduces other harmful air pollution, creating dramatic health improvements and reducing health costs.

In 2017, about 109,000 Americans died prematurely due to fine particulate matter and ozone pollution, and more than 40% of Americans live in counties that have experienced unhealthy pollution in recent years. If the U.S. reduced emissions in a way consistent with the Paris Agreement, it could reduce premature deaths from air pollution by about 30% in the next decade.

12. Smart and properly designed climate policies can build a more inclusive and prosperous economy for all.

Inequality is one of the greatest challenges facing America, and is very likely to be exacerbated by climate change.The impacts of climate change will be disproportionately felt by poor and marginalized communities. Choosing low-carbon options would not only improve public health, create jobs and cut energy bills, but many of the gains would be mostly enjoyed by low-income communities. Those most vulnerable to climate change are therefore also those who would benefit most from climate action. In addition, supportive policies can ensure that the low-carbon transition is equitable for communities formerly dependent on fossil fuels. For example, congressional investments in coal communities in 13 Appalachian states through the POWER initiative are projected to create or retain more than 23,000 jobs and leverage more than $811 million in additional private investment into Appalachia's economy.

These 12 reasons are a compelling argument for the Congress and the Executive Branch to put in place strong new federal policies in support of climate action. The federal government needs to catch up with the leading U.S. states and other countries around the world to take advantage of the benefits of the low-carbon economy.


Portofel MARIO FERRETTI negru, 2011292, din piele naturala


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Articolul Portofel MARIO FERRETTI negru, 2011292, din piele naturala apare prima dată în Vitrina cu produse.


Trump advierte que si no hay pacto con China subirá los aranceles "aún más"

El mandatario estadounidense vuelve a apretar las tuercas en su enfrentamiento con el gigante asiático. Leer

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Invallen bij webshops wegens verdenking btw-fraude


De FIOD heeft twee bedrijfspanden en vier woningen in het oosten van het land doorzocht. Dit gebeurde in een strafrechtelijk onderzoek naar fraude met omzetbelasting en valsheid in geschrift bij de invoer van goederen uit China. Er zou voor minimaal 2,5 miljoen euro btw niet zijn afgedragen. Het ging om de webshop, die tegen […]

Het bericht Invallen bij webshops wegens verdenking btw-fraude verscheen eerst op BeveiligingNieuws.


Vostokcement installs new belt in Spasskcement plant

Vostokcement installs new belt in Spasskcement plant

Russia: Vostokcement subsidiary Spasskcement received a ninth belt to serve as a back-up for conveying materials into one of its two kilns at its Spasskcement plant. The belt is 7.65m wide and was manufactured in Louyang, China.




A prominent Chinese scientist is facing questions about possibly doctored images in up to 60 publications. The handling of an investigation, by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, could be a test of China's pledges to crack down on research misconduct. The scientist, immunologist Cao Xuetao, is president of Nankai University in Tianjin and has headed and in some cases still heads a number of China's leading biomedical laboratories. The questions first surfaced on PubPeer, the publications review website, on 14 November. Cao posted a response on 17 November, promising to re-examine manuscripts, data, and lab records, and to notify journals if there is any risk to the published record. He also apologized for any oversight on his part.




Protests in Hong Kong over the city's autonomy within China and delays in expected democratic reforms started peacefully in early June, but activists progressively escalated tactics that last week led to pitched battles with police on several university campuses. Aside from extensive destruction at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the site of a prolonged standoff between a small band of holdouts and riot police, universities reported varying degrees of damage to campus infrastructure but that research facilities remained largely intact. Academics are more worried that the images of campuses drenched in Molotov cocktails and tear gas will make it difficult to recruit graduate students and faculty from around the world. There are also concerns about the potential erosion of academic freedoms as China exerts increasing control over the territory.


Chinese Recipes Of India


Indo-Chinese food is by far the most favorite comfort food of India. Although, the Chinese food in India is a variation that you will find only in India. There is a certain authenticity that the cuisine has grown to gain. But China did come with its cuisine to Calcutta, a city in India.


Deepin, el Linux que acudió al rescate de Huawei cuando no pudo usar Windows y que ahora prepara su propio asistente de voz


Deepin, el Linux que acudió al rescate de Huawei cuando no pudo usar Windows y que ahora prepara su propio asistente de voz

Existen muchas distribuciones GNU/Linux enfocadas al usuario medio, aunque no tantas que ofrezcan lo que éste, acostumbrado a la facilidad de uso de los últimos Windows o a la refinada estética de los Mac, exige. Pero entre las pocas elegidas de esta breve lista encabezada por Ubuntu, en los últimos años ha empezado a destacar una pequeña distribución 'made in China' llamada Deepin.

Su ascenso se inició, irónicamente, cuando en 2015 dejó de estar basada en Ubuntu para pasar a estarlo, como esta última, en Debian, mejorando en el proceso el rendimiento y la experiencia de usuario. Si sumamos a eso su escritorio, posiblemente uno de los más bonitos del mundillo linuxero (desarrollado específicamente para esta distribución y llamado igual que ella) y su sencillo proceso de instalación, se explica el crecimiento exponencial de su base de usuarios.

Colaboración con Huawei y viejas acusaciones de 'spyware'

Pero ha sido este 2019 el año en que ha empezado a estar en boca de muchos que nunca se habrían preocupado de una pequeña distribución Linux, aunque en gran parte ha sido por un hecho ajeno a sus capacidades como sistema operativo: cuando la guerra comercial entre EE.UU. y China afectó de lleno a Huawei, limitando su acceso al software estadounidense, todos los ojos se volvieron hacia su departamento de smartphones y las repercusiones que eso tendría sobre su uso de Android.

Pero Huawei también es fabricante de portátiles, y ante la imposibilidad de acceder a licencias de Microsoft Windows, el pasado mes de septiembre las unidades de su gama Matebook salieron al mercado equipadas con Linux. Concretamente con la última versión de Deepin:

Huawei Linux 3

Ahora, en una entrevista realizada en Forbes esta misma semana a dos altos cargos de Wuhan Deepin Technology, la compañía desarrolladora de Deepin. Su responsable de desarrollo (Hualet Wang) y su director de tecnología (Raphael Zhang) han aprovechado para hablar de las repercusiones de esta colaboración con Huawei, y del futuro cercano de su distribución.

"Huawei es un socio de Deepin [...] y estamos colaborando estrechamente. [...] Estamos desarrollando sistemas operativos para dispositivos Huawei".

Ante la pregunta de que si eso supondrá que veremos más dispositivos Huawei con Deepin pre-instalado, la respuesta de Raphael Zhang se limita a "Es un secreto y no puedo decir nada todavía ;)". Oficialmente, los planes de Huawei pasaban por migrar sus portátiles y tablets a su propio sistema operativo HarmonyOS, aún en proceso de desarrollo, a lo largo de 2020.

Sin embargo, su vinculación con Huawei (acusada por el gobierno estadounidense de espionaje en favor del gobierno chino) ha reavivado viejas polémicas en torno a Wuhan Deepin Technology y su distribución. Tal como plantea Forbes, "parece que Deepin no puede escapar de las acusaciones de ser 'espía', y que genera un poco de desconfianza entre la gente debido a sus orígenes chinos".

A comienzos de 2018, un desarrollador anónimo afirmó, desde su página de GitHub, que la tienda de aplicaciones de Deepin 15.5 contenía un spyware que estaría realizando conexiones no cifradas con el rastreador chino CNZZ. Deepin aclaró al poco tiempo que el backend de su centro de software es una aplicación web y que CNZZ (básicamente, un equivalente chino de Google Analytics) sólo recogía datos referentes a la navegación, que se usaban con fines de mejora del servicio, como ocurre en cualquier web empresarial.

Sin embargo, las acusaciones de ser un 'software espía' han ido retornando periódicamente desde entonces, y su reciente vinculación a Huawei no ha ayudado, precisamente.

"Vamos a tratar de hacer nuestro software tan 'open source' como sea posible [...] pero algunos de nuestros programas tendrán que seguir siendo de código privativo, como los drivers de Nvidia y algunos programas populares de terceros".

"Animaremos a la gente a participar en el proceso de desarrollo de Deepin. Sobre los pocos que se nieguen a ver los hechos, tendremos que dejarles estar".

¿Qué novedades aportarán las próximas versiones de Deepin?

La comunidad global de usuarios de Deepin podrá experimentar en los próximos meses dos nuevas funcionalidades que marcarán la diferencia entre su distribución y otros 'sabores' de Linux.

Por un lado está Deepin Cloud Sync, un servicio que permite sincronizar autómaticamente toda clase de ajustes del sistema con la nube: desde la configuración del Wi-Fi o el ratón, a los ajustes de las actualizaciones, el tema y el fondo de escritorio, etc. Esta característica ya está disponible para los usurios chinos de Deepin, pero desde la compañía señalan que quieren hacerlo disponible a nivel internacional.

"Vamos a experimentar primero aquí en China antes de ponerlo disponible a una audiencia más amplia. También necesitamos tiempo para estudiar las leyes sobre privacidad de los diferentes países. No hemos decidido aún si estaría disponible sin [una cuenta] Deepin ID".

Por otro lado, una de las grandes novedades de la próxima versión (la 20) es que saldrá al mercado con su propio asistente de voz dotado de inteligencia artificial, al estilo de Cortana en Windows o de Siri en MacOS.

Lo sabemos exclusivamente por un vídeo íntegramente en chino difundido en el grupo Telegram de Deepin, en el que se muestra a un usuario preguntando a su sistema operativo y recibiendo respuestas tanto mediante texto (en una ventana emergente) como mediante voz. Pero este nuevo asistente (aún sin nombre, que sepamos) no se limita a solventar dudas con cierta solvencia: también abre páginas web o pantallas de configuración del sistema a petición del usuario, incluso parece redactar e-mails al dictado.

Imagen | Cristoph Michels

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El veto de EEUU a Huawei nos enseña las consecuencias de un mundo del software oligopólico, y eso no es bueno para los usuarios

La noticia Deepin, el Linux que acudió al rescate de Huawei cuando no pudo usar Windows y que ahora prepara su propio asistente de voz fue publicada originalmente en Genbeta por Marcos Merino .


Gwen Preston: Gold’s fundamentals are stronger than they’ve been in years … Max Keiser: The economy died in 2009 and no amount of money will reanimate the corpse …

BY JOHN RUBINO Kyle Bass: China is the most reckless financial experiment in history … Gwen Preston: Gold’s fundamentals are stronger than they’ve been in years … Max Keiser: The economy ... Read more

Ominous Clouds Forming in China’s Economic Data (w/ Leland Miller)

China’s recent economic numbers are the second worst in its history?! Leland Miller, CEO of China Beige Book, argues this using his firm’s proprietary data from the third quarter of ... Read more

MARK OF THE BEAST: China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users… Adopts malicious “cybersecurity” rules

I told Yall , cell phones were the mark of the beast! BEIJING — China will require telecom operators to collect face scans when registering new phone users at offline ... Read more

Pope Francis: Even Having Nuclear Weapons Is Immoral


Pope Francis' view on nuclear weapons can be summed up in a few simple words:

Just say no.

The use and possession of weapons should be made "immoral" under official Catholic teaching, Francis told reporters aboard the papal plane Tuesday (Nov. 26), taking a new step in terms of the Vatican's position on this issue.

He also expressed reservation concerning the use of nuclear energy.

"An accident (through the) possession or the folly of some leader could destroy humanity," Francis said. "I have a personal opinion: I wouldn't use nuclear energy until it is totally safe to use it."

Francis made the comments during a news conference on his way back from a weeklong apostolic visit to Thailand and Japan.

The pope answered eight questions from journalists traveling with him on the papal flight. The questions ranged in topic from the financial scandals that have been hitting the Catholic Church in recent months to the death penalty being used in so-called Christian nations.

He also commented on the political unrest in his native South America, which he admitted to be "in flames," and the ongoing protests in Hong Kong against the extradition of its nationals to China.

During his trip to Japan, Pope Francis visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two cities hit by atomic bombs a few days apart in early August 1945.

"Hiroshima was a true human catechesis on cruelty," Francis said.

Francis also addressed the financial scandals that have been plaguing the Vatican in recent months, for the first time since Vatican police raided the offices of the Vatican Secretariat of State in October.

The pope said Tommaso Di Ruzza, who directed the Vatican's anti-money laundering entity, was arrested Tuesday along with four other Vatican employees, including one clergyman. All are being interrogated by Vatican police.

According to reports by Italian media, the new wave of financial scandals is tied to risky investments by the Vatican Secretariat of State into underperforming prime real estate in London. Some of the funds for those investments came from Peter's Pence, which collects funds from around the world to be used for charitable work. Several middlemen who helped arrange the investment have profited millions for the deal, according to reports by the Financial Times.

Francis said the arrests are a sign the Vatican is making progress in fighting corruption.

"The denunciation did not come from outside the Vatican; it came from the inside," Francis said, spinning the scandals as a victory in the Vatican's ongoing efforts to clean up its financial arm.

The pope said there is nothing wrong in investing Peter's Pence, the money that is collected across the world for the church, in what he called "widow's investments," meaning small and safe ventures.

But things change, he added, if there are signs of corruption.

Francis said that the auditor general at the Vatican informed him that some aspects of the London deal were questionable. Francis said he instructed the auditor to file a report to the Vatican prosecutor, which eventually led to the October raid.

"It is a very bad thing. It is not good that these things happen inside the Vatican, but everything has been clarified by internal mechanisms which are starting to work," he said.

Francis gave credit to his predecessor, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, for taking steps to reform the Vatican's finances in the past.

"Pope Benedict was very wise," said Francis. "He started a process that matured and matured."

Francis also criticized the "hypocrisy" displayed by several Christian nations that claim to be in favor of promoting peace while profiting from the global arms trade.

"A country should have the courage to say I cannot speak about weapons because my economy grows a lot thanks to the production of weapons," he said, observing that today "peace is really, really weak."

Francis also referred to the uprisings and demonstrations in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia as a situation "in flames." He added that the growing unrest in Chile "frightens" him.

The pope said that Venezuela and Bolivia have reached out to the Holy See to mediate the profound divisions that risk tearing the countries apart. He also briefly mentioned the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, asking for peace and dialogue so that problems may be solved.

He also said he would love to visit Beijing.

"I love China!" he said. {eoa}

© 2019 Religion News Service. All rights reserved.


Leaked Documents Confirm China's Massive Communist Re-education Concentration Camps


Hundreds of leaked documents are providing evidence that confirms China's communist government is repressing Muslims and other religious minorities on a massive scale.

It's happening in Xinjiang Province in western China where authorities have imprisoned an estimated 1 million people in detention camps.

Beijing claims the camps are for voluntary job training. But the leaked cache of classified documents shows their true purpose is to re-educate and re-train people to obey China's communist system.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters, "Our best analysis that the number of a million is a reasonable number to think about the number of persons that have been over the extended period of time held or detained or wrongfully denied their fundamental human rights."

The leaked documents also show that China is using high-tech surveillance methods to monitor and target people for arrest. They're even being used to predict who would commit a crime in the future.

Click here to read the rest of this story from our content partners at CBN News.


WATCH: Rick Perry Told Trump He Is the 'Chosen One' Like King David


Energy Secretary Rick Perry says he told U.S. President Donald Trump that he is "the chosen one," like kings David, Saul and Solomon.

In August, while discussing a trade war with China, Trump said, "Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one." His comments received significant backlash at the time from both believers and nonbelievers. Following this controversy, Perry told Fox & Friends he affirmed to Trump that he is "the chosen one."

"God's used imperfect people all throughout history," Perry says. "King David wasn't perfect. Saul wasn't perfect. Solomon wasn't perfect. I actually gave the president a little one-pager on those Old Testament kings about a month ago, and I shared it with him. I said, 'Mr. President, I know there are people that say you said you were the chosen one,' and I said, 'You were.' If you're a believing Christian, you understand God's plan for the people who rule and judge over us on this planet in our government."

The video later clarifies that Perry also believes Barack Obama was sent by God as well.

Following the clip, Fox and Friends Host Pete Hegseth added, "God has used imperfect people forever, because we're all imperfect, but what he has withstood is unlike what really any other mortal could understand."


The Real Reason Rome Persecuted the Early Church


Glenn Packiam, associate senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, says the early church was persecuted by Rome not because Rome was anti-religion, but because the church represented an existential threat to society as a whole. In a sermon video clip, Packiam posits the church as a community is one of the few forces capable of "undoing" society as we know it.

Packiam begins the video by describing his process of becoming an American citizen in 2009 and how much he loves the country's principles. But he notes that America—for all of its uniqueness as a nation—is not the "most revolutionary community in human history." That distinction goes to the church.

"How is the church the most revolutionary community in human history?" Packiam asks. "It's because of what the church did. Prior to Christianity, human societies organized by families. Ancestry. They organized by geography and region: 'This is our corner of the land.' They organized by ethnicity. They were organized by certain patterns of living: 'There are the nomadics, these are the settlers.' But when the church arrived, it was revolutionary in the ancient world because it began to transcend other ways of defining communal identity. It was absolutely stunning."

He says Romans of the time struggled to understand this new Christian community—and we know this because we have access to their letters.

"Last year I read a book that compiled the opinions of the Romans as they wrote letters to one another trying to figure out who these Christians were," Packiam says. "... They're looking at this new community and scratching their heads and saying, 'How do men and women eat together and it [doesn't] turn into an orgy?' Literally, they were writing letters saying surely something scandalous is going on. And [the believers] were like, 'No, it's not, actually. Because we know how to treat one another with respect.' That was revolutionary. They said, 'How is it that in these gatherings there are masters and slaves that worship together as equals, that pray together as equals before God, as if Jesus is the only master over all? How is it that that can happen? How is it that rich and poor can gather in the same household at the same table? Who are these people?'"

It was too much for Roman society to handle, as Packiam explains it.

"We tend to think that Rome persecuted Christians because Rome was a secular state," Packiam says. "We sort of imagine it like the Communist Soviet Union or Communist China. We're like, 'Oh, Rome was sort of like that. They were anti-religion.' That was the exact opposite of the truth. Rome was pro-religion. They wanted all religions, all gods, all forms of worship. They wanted all the idols except for one name: the name of Jesus. Why? Because the name of Jesus was the only name that threatened to undo society as they knew it. Every other idol left the status quo. Every other idol let you keep your prejudices. ... But one name came to disrupt it all: the name of Jesus."

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


Mondiali Beach Soccer, Italia da (Z)urlo: stesa 5-4 la Svizzera all'ultimo respiro. In semifinale c'è la Russia


di Claudio Tanteri
76710799 724648021391744 8600766791578288128 oItalia – Svizzera 5-4 (1-2; 1-1; 3-1)

ITALIA: Del Mestre, Gentillin, Percia Montani, Chiavaro, Frainetti, Marinai, Ramacciotti, Corosiniti, Zurlo, Gori, Palmacci, Carpita. All. Del Duca
SVIZZERA: Eliott, Picchieri, Wuest, Borer, Ostegen, Steinemann, Spacca, Mo, Stankovic, Ott, Hodel, Valentin. All. Schirinzi
ARBITRO: Romo (Gonzalez e Gomolko)
RETI: 4’ pt Ott, 7’ pt Gentilin, 10’ pt Ott, 8’ st Mo, 12’ st Zurlo, 1’ tt Ramacciotti, 7’ tt Zurlo, 7’ tt Borer, 12’ tt Zurlo
NOTE: Ammoniti: 12’ st Borer, 12’ st Chiavaro, 12' tt Zurlo

Un gol clamoroso di Zurlo a tempo quasi scaduto regala la semifinale mondiale all’Italia. Un quarto di finale a dir poco pazzesco quello andato in scena a Los Pynandi World Cup Stadium di Asuncion, in cui gli azzurri hanno messo ko la Svizzera 5-4 rimontando un passivo di 3-1. Una partita vietata ai deboli di cuore: con un Gori in ombra (con un rigore sbagliato) e fermato da un infortunio, a risolvere la partita è stata la tripletta di uno straordinario Emmanuele Zurlo (clicca qui per vedere tutti i gol della partita). Per lui sono 112 i gol in maglia azzurra, otto in questa competizione (vicecapocannoniere). Da sottolineare anche la prova del viareggino Dario Ramacciotti, al primo gol in questo mondiale e decisivo nella vittoria dell’Italia di Del Duca. Alla Svizzera non è bastato un grande Ott, onnipresente e autore di una doppietta. In ombra anche l'altro atteso bomber, l'ex vicecapocannoniere Dejan Stankovic, a secco di gol e sprecone in divesre occasioni. Nel monento peggiore, l'Italia ha dimostrato ancora una volta di avere tanto carattere e un cuore immenso. Prosegue così il sogno degli azzurri: venerdì (30 novembre) alle 20,15 l’Italia si giocherà l'accesso alla finale contro la Russia, che ha clamorosamente eliminato i campioni in carica del Brasile. Da valutare Gori: il suo rientro al top della forma sarà fondamentale. 
78208080 724598188063394 2819637207961174016 oLa cronaca della partita. L’Italia (in maglia bianca come nell’ultima partita contro il Messico) parte con il solito quintetto formato da Del Mestre, Chiavaro, Gentilin, Ramacciotti e Gori. La Svizzera di Schirinzi risponde con Eliott, Borer, Spaccarotella, Stankovic e Ott. Parte forte la Svizzera, con il tiro di Borer che sfiora il palo. Al 3’ il primo squillo dell’Italia: il tiro di Chiavaro arriva sui piedi di Ramacciotti, che sotto porta non riesce a deviare in rete. La Svizzera mantiene il possesso palla, soffrono gli azzurri. Al 4’ si sblocca la partita: Spacca cambia gioco per Ott, che al volo mette la palla all’angolino lontano per il gol del vantaggio degli svizzeri. Gran gol del Messi del beach soccer. Gli azzurri non ci stanno: al 6’ la punizione di Palmacci viene deviata in angolo da un bell’intervento di Eliott. Al minuto numero 7 Stankovic spreca il gol dl 2-0 calciando debole e centrale da buonissima posizione. Gol sbagliato, gol subito: passano pochi istanti e Gentilin fa impazzire gli azzurri firmando il gol del pareggio. Gol pesantissimo per il Talentin classe 2000, che ha scelto il momento migliore per segnare il suo primo gol in un mondiale. L’inerzia passa dalla parte degli azzurri: all’8’ Gabriele Gori cade in area a seguito di un contatto con Ott. L’arbitro non ha dubbi: è calcio di rigore. Dal dischetto Tin Tin spedisce clamorosamente alle stelle: si resta sull’1-1. Al 10’ la Svizzera passa in vantaggio con un gol fotocopia dell’1-0: Borer cambia gioco per Ott, che al volo centra l’incrocio per un altro gran gol che vale il 2-1. Si va all’intervallo con gli uomini di Schirinzi in vantaggio: male gli azzurri, che hanno sofferto lo schema degli elvetici e un Gori poco brillante. Parte meglio la Svizzera nel secondo periodo: Del Mestre salva la porta azzurra sulle conclusioni di Stankovic e Borer. Al 3’ Gori si divora il 2-2 tutto solo a tu per tu contro Eliott. Noel Ott letteralmente dominante, decisivo in tutte e due le parti del terreno di gioco. All’8’ il capitano Mo segna il gol pesantissimo del 3-1 74403652 724648204725059 49777021693198336 ocon una meravigliosa girata volante. Piove sul bagnato: all’8’ Gori è costretto ad uscire dolorante in barella. A 3' dallo scadere Stankovic grazia gli azzurri calciando fuori una rovesciata ravvicinata. A 26 secondi dal termine Zurlo riapre la partita con un gol mostruoso in rovesciata: l’Italia gioca male ma non molla mai. A 8 secondi dal termine Corosiniti sfiora il pareggio. Segnali di vita per la squadra di Del Duca: si va al secondo intervallo con la Svizzera in vantaggio 3-2. Il terzo tempo si apre con il primo squillo di Marinai: la rovesciata del viareggino termina fuori. A trovare il gol del pareggio azzurro è l’altro fenomeno viareggino, Dario Ramacciotti: il numero 7 agguanta il 3-3 con un tiro che trova impreparato Eliott. Ramacciotti show: passano pochi istanti e il viareggino colpisce una traversa clamorosa. Dario so è preso in mano l’Italia priva del marziano Gori. Si infiamma la partita, con azioni pericolose da una parte e dall’altra. Senza Gori, ci pensa bomber Emmanuele Zurlo: l’attaccante del Catania trova un clamoroso gol del vantaggio in rovesciata. L’urlo di gioia azzurro dura pochissimo: dalla battuta al centro arriva l’immediato gol del pareggio svizzero con Borer. Brutta botta per l’Italbeach, che subisce un gol ingenuo con la barriera che si è aperta sul tiro avversario (ennesima rete subita in questo modo nell'annata degli azzurri). La partita sembra stregata: Zurlo serve al centro Ramacciotti, che in spaccata colpisce una traversa clamorosa da due passi. Al 10’ del terzo tempo, dopo il colpo subito, rientra Gabriele Gori con i tifosi dell'Italia che tirano un sospiro di sollievo. A 1 minuto dal termine la punizione di Marinai termina a lato di un nulla. Finale di partita indeminticabile. A tempo praticamente scaduto, dopo il brivido sulla conclusione di Eliott, Emmanuele Zurlo raccoglie l’assist di Del Mestre e insacca in spaccata il gol del clamoroso 5-4. Delirio azzurro, con Del Duca che esplode di gioia dalla panchina insieme a tutta la squadra. L’Italia vola in semifinale grazie ad una strepitosa tripletta di Zurlo. È la quarta volta in assoluto che l’Italia conquista una semifinale nella massima competizione del globo dopo quelle del 2017, 2015 e 2008, e lo fa nel modo più bello. Beffata la Svizzera, che vede sfumare l'impresa sul più bello. Grande gioia per il ct: “Per la prima metà della gara ho preferito giocare con un 2-1-1 per bloccare la profondità della Svizzera sempre molto brava nel palleggio grazie anche al portiere – ha dichiarato a fine partita il Ct Emiliano Del Duca -. Ho concesso qualcosa sugli esterni, ma quando ho visto che erano stanchi ho chiesto ai ragazzi di ruotare con più intensità e abbiamo ripreso la partita. Il resto l’ha fatto il grande cuore di questi uomini, la voglia di vincere di un gruppo che ha un’anima e lo sta dimostrando sulla sabbia”. Dopo la meritata festa, la testa andrà alla semifinale di venerdì con la Russia. La partita sarà trasmessa in diretta su Sky Sport1, Sky Collection e RaiSport Hd. L'Italia adesso ci deve credere: con la favorita Brasile eliminata proprio dalla doppietta del russo Romanov, gli azzurri adesso non devono temere nessuno. Con la Russia sarà un derby europeo difficile, ma l'Italbeach ha dimostrato che può arrivare fino in fondo e alzare una storica coppa.
I risultati delle altre partite: Brasile-Russia 3-4 (Rodrigo, Zemskov, Mao, Rodrigo, Shishin, Romanov, Romanov); Senegal-Portogallo 2-4 (Sylla, Jordan, aut. Diassy, Leo Martins, Be Martins); Giappone-Uruguay 3-2 (Oba, Okuyama, Tabata, Laduche, Capurro).
Le semifinali: Italia-Russia, Giappone-Portogallo

Foto Fútbol Playa APF


Mondiali Beach Soccer, show di Gori: l'Italia stende il Messico 6-2 e vola ai quarti di finale contro la Svizzera


di Claudio Tanteri
78185726 720379205151959 4456520158671798272 oMessico – Italia 2-6 (0-2; 0-4, 2-0)
MESSICO: Villasenor, Rodriguez, Hernandez, Portilla, Mosco, Martinez, Maldonado, Samano, Pineda, Villa, Vizcarra, Macias. All. Raya
ITALIA: Del Mestre, Gentilin, Percia Montani, Chiavaro, Frainetti, Marinai, Ramacciotti, Corosiniti, Zurlo, Gori, Palmacci, Carpita. All. Del Duca
ARBITRO: Hachim (Angeles e Romo)
RETI: 3’ pt Gori, 9’ pt Gori, 1’ st Gor; 2’ st Gori, 10’ st Gori, 11’ st Zurlo; 2’ tt Samano, 5’ tt Maldonado
NOTE: al 9’ tt ammonito Gentilin

75627458 2591832510907123 7495517104674701312 oMissione compiuta. Una grande Italia spazza via la paura e conquista il pass per i quarti di finali dei mondiali grazie alla vittoria per 6-2 sul Messico. A Los Pynandi World Cup Stadium di Asuncion gli azzurri vengono letteralmente trascinati dal fenomeno con la maglia numero 10: Gabriele Gori. Tin Tin spazza via il Messico con un’altra cinquina sotto i 36 gradi del Paraguay. Gori is on fire: quello del viareggino è il miglior inizio di sempre in un mondiale. Con la bellezza di 13 gol in sole 3 partite (attuale capocannoniere), il numero 10 migliora il suo score dello scorso mondiale alle Bahamas (concluso con 17 gol e il titolo di capocannoniere) in cui segnò 11 reti nella fase a gironi. Un marziano ad Asuncion: 38esimo gol in un mondiale per Gori, 172 gol nel solo 2019, 289 in nazionale (80 nel 2019) e 721 all-time. Il Messico porta bene all'Italbeach: anche nel 2017 gli azzurri chiusero il girone vincendo 8-1 contro i messicani, eliminati anche alle Bahamas con 0 punti. Terza vittoria del 2019 per l'Italia sul Messico. Le due nazionali, infatti, si erano già affrontate due volte in questa stagione, con gli azzurri che sono usciti vincitori da entrambe le gare: la prima 5-3 nel girone dei World Beach Games, la seconda 3-2 nell’Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup per il settimo posto (9 novembre). Adesso la vittoria più importante per strappare il pass e continuare il sogno mondiale. Con un Gori così sognare in grande è d’obbligo: adesso testa ai quarti di finale contro la Svizzera.
78242023 721995754990304 6344262060263604224 oLa cronaca della partita. L’Italia (in maglia bianca come contro l’Uruguay) parte con il solito quintetto formato da Del Mestre, Chiavaro, Gentilin, Ramacciotti e Gori. Il Messico di Raya risponde con Macias, Hernandez, Portilla, Maldonado e Villa. Pronti-via e subito primo brivido per gli azzurri: dopo 1’ di gioco Del Mestre compie una gran parata sulla girata di testa di Villa. Gli azzurri rispondono con la rovesciata di Gabriele Gori: la conclusione del numero 10 termina a lato. Dopo una fase di confusione, Gabriele Gori tutto solo non sbaglia in rovesciata per il gol del vantaggio dell’Italia. Gol importante per gli azzurri, che si tolgono di dosso la pressione di inizio match. Al 4’ gran giocata di Zurlo che si libera in area e va al tiro: sul più bello il portiere messicano Macias compie un miracolo ed evita il 2-0. Al 7’ Del Mestre sfiora il raddoppio con una gran botta da lontano che esce di un soffio. Il 2-0 arriva 3 minuti dopo: Ramacciotti ruba palla e serve bomber Gori in contropiede che di sinistro non perdona la difesa messicana. La prima frazione di gioco termina con il risultato di 2-0 per l’Italbeach. Buoni i primi 12 minuti della squadra di Del Duca, avanti grazie alla doppietta di un inarrestabile Gabriele Gori. Il secondo periodo si apre con un gol fantascientifico di Gabriele Gori: il numero 10 insacca in rete su assist di Del Mestre con una rovesciata defilata che finisce all’incrocio.
Il gran gol del 3-0 di Gori (video Sky Sport)

Passa appena 1 minuto e Gori firma il 4-0 in rovesciata: poker per il bomber viareggino, troppo forte per la distratta difesa messicana. Al 4’ Del Mestre compie un’altra gran parata sulla conclusione di Vizcarra. 77136929 722022734987606 3728515415224090624 oL’Italia preme: prima Corosiniti e poi Chiavaro vanno vicini al 5-0 azzurro. One-man show: al 10’ Gori, lasciato completamente solo, raccoglie l’assist su rimessa laterale di Ramacciotti e sigla di testa il 5-0. All’11’ c’è gioia anche per Zurlo che da calcio da fermo la piazza per il gol del 6-0. C’è solo l’Italia in campo, malissimo il Messico. La seconda frazione di gioco termina con la squadra di Del Duca in pieno controllo e avanti di 6 reti. Nel terzo periodo il Messico dà segni di vita: Samano, con un gran tiro al volo, perfora Carpita per il gol del 6-1. Al 3’ Chiavaro si divora il gol dopo una bella azione personale in contropiede calciando fuori. L’Italia, con Gori in panchina, abbassa troppo la guardia e al 5’ Maldonado la punisce con il gol del 6-2. Dopo i miracoli di Ramacciotti per salvare la porta azzurra, l’arbitro fischia la fine: l’Italia vince 6-2 e vola ai quarti di finale (Clicca qui per vedere tutti i gol della partita). Primo obiettivo centrato, comprensibilmente soddisfatto il ct Emiliano Del Duca: “Siamo tra le otto migliori nazionali al mondo, è già un bel risultato, ringrazio i ragazzi per quello che hanno dato. Niente è scontato ad un mondiale, se guardiamo gli altri gironi qualche big ha avuto seri problemi a testimonianza dell’alto coefficiente di difficoltà di questa competizione dove non ci sono avversari facili”. Grande determinazione da parte del veterano Simone Del Mestre: ”E’ il mio quinto mondiale ma lo vivo come fosse il primo. Siamo qui per migliorare il quarto posto della scorsa edizione. Sappiamo che non è facile ma abbiamo tutte le carte in regola per puntare in alto. Con il Messico siamo entrati in campo per vincere e non abbiamo lasciato scampo all’avversario”. Gabriele Gori ancora una volta è stato il man of the match: ”Abbiamo dimostrato che la gara con l’Uruguay è stata solo una partita sfortunata. Come con Tahiti anche con il Messico siamo stati concentrati dall’inizio alla fine dominando in lungo e largo”.
Il tabellone della seconda fase: il sogno della finale parte dalla Svizzera. Dopo il primo posto del Girone B, l’Italia va nella seconda parte del tabellone dove sfiderà giovedì (28 novembre) alle 23,25 la Svizzera di Ott e dell’attaccante del Viareggio Stankovic (vicecapocannoniere del mondiale). In un'eventuale semifinale, gli azzurri affronterebbero la vincente tra la prima del Girone D (con ogni probabilità il Brasile) e la seconda del Girone C (Russia, Senegal, Emirati Arabi o Bielorussia). A passare seconda nel gruppo degli azzurri è l'Uruguay: ai vicecampioni del mondo di Tahiti non basta la vittoria per 6-4 con la Celeste, i Tiki Toa sono clamorosamente fuori per differenza reti. L'Uruguay se la vedrà con il Giappone del fenomeno Ozu. Domani (27 novembre) le ultime gare dei gironi, poi il mondiale entrerà nella fase calda.
Classifica finale Girone A: Giappone 9, Svizzera 5, Paraguay 3, Usa 0
Classifica finale Girone B
: Italia 6 (+11), Uruguay 6 (0), Tahiti 6 (-1), Messico 0
Classifica marcatori: Gori 13, Stankovic 7, Diagne 6*
*1 partita in meno
Quarti di finale: Giappone-Uruguay, Italia-Svizzera

Foto Fútbol Playa APF


John Benanti


BENANTI, John, age 92 , of Saddle Brook, died on November 24, 2019. Born and raised in Garfield for 66 years, he settled in Saddle Brook 26 years ago. John joined the Navy going to boot camp in New York State, then Little Creek, VA, then to San Diego, CA. Missing his high school graduation, he requested his mother receive his high school diploma. He began his service on June 11, 1945, before the end of World War II. He was shipped to Okinawa by transport ship. From Okinawa, he went to Shanghai, China for three months. He was aboard a repair ship that serviced boilers on the main carriers. His trip back to the U.S. across the Pacific and through the Panama Canal brought him to Charleston SC, where he served out the rest of his tour. He re-enlisted for a SECOND tour of duty following the same path of travel, which took him to Korea prior to the beginning of the Korean War. He was in the service of our country until 1951. He returned to Garfield and became a mortgage officer at Garfield Trust Company. He served on the Garfield City Council for 6 years, and was active in the Garfield VFW, Garfield Jaycees, Garfield AARP, and a Cub Scout Master and a Boy Scout Master in Troop 25. He was also an active parishioner, Lector, Eucharistic Minister and Parish Council member of Our Lady of Sorrows RC Church, Garfield. He is predeceased by his wife, Phyllis (nee Cuccia) in 2013, two sisters, Sarah and Rose, and four brothers, Frank, Dominick, Anthony and Salvatore. He is survived by a son, Vincent Benanti (Cathy), a daughter, Barbara Cassella (Carl), four grandchildren, Joseph, Nicholas (Martha), John (Katie), and Meredith, and three great-grandchildren, Grace, Evelyn, and Gemma. Visiting is Tuesday 4 to 8 pm. The funeral is Wednesday, November 27, 2019, arriving at the Aloia Funeral Home at 10 am followed by a 11 am mass at Our Lady of Mount Virgin R.C. Church, Garfield. Interment St. Mary’s Cemetery, Saddle Brook. In lieu of flowers the family is accepting donations for the Garfield VFW. The Benanti family is in the care of the Aloia Funeral Home, 180 Harrison Ave., Garfield (973-340-7077). Condolences/Directions visit


China introduces mandatory face scans for new mobile users, raising surveillance fears

China will require telecom operators to collect face scans when registering new phone users at offline outlets starting Sunday, according to the country's information technology authority, as Beijing continues to tighten cyberspace controls.

News im Darknet angekommen

Die Webseiten der Deutschen Welle sind in Ländern wie China oder dem Iran gesperrt: Die Deutsche Welle geht ins Darknet. Wenn die Medien schon ins Darknet gehen, wann folgt der Rest? Deshalb sollte man aufpassen das „normale“ Internet nicht kaputt zu regulieren und vor allem zu überwachen.

China Global Television Network (CGTN): CGTN, Digital Product Specialist

£DoE: China Global Television Network (CGTN): We are now seeking a Digital Product Manager to join the new digital team in London. London

New guy here , questions on Fiber laser

Hello , I am thinking of purchasing a 30w fiber laser one of the china branded ones . I have a few questions about the machines . First of all a kinda crazy one , Do you have to wear eye protection when using a fiber laser? What are the thoughts on engraving titanium tubes used for...

Moody's highlights 2020 non-motor growth areas

Non-motor premiums in China will continue their strong growth of recent years from a broad range of business lines in the next 12-18 months, predicts Moody's Investors Service in a report on the P&C insurance sector.

Financial stability report outlines measures for transforming life insurance sector

As China's population structure changes, social wealth increases, and the public's demand for healthy living is increasing, the life insurance industry has huge room for development, says the 2019 Financial Stability Report issued by the People's Bank of China

Life insurance interest-rate evaluation panel established

The Insurance Association of China (IAC) has formally established an expert advisory committee which will focus on evaluating interest rates on liability reserves in life insurance.

Regulator expected to release C-ROSS Phase II rules in mid-2020

The CBIRC is likely to publish the full rules for C-ROSS (China Risk Oriented Solvency System) Phase II in mid-2020 with full implementation in 2021, in the view of Moody's Investors Service.

Spread loss risk re-emerging in life insurance sector, warns central bank

Some insurance companies are still launching products with a predetermined interest rates of 4.025%, notes the People's Bank of China in its latest annual financial stability report.

P&C insurers' profit boosted by tax refund, lower acquisition expenses, higher investment income

The profitability of the P&C insurance sector in China is expected to stay stable, supported by stable underwriting results and steady investment income, says Moody's Investors Service.

CALC buys two Boeing 787s; commits to remaining MAX orders

Hong Kong-based China Aircraft Leasing Co. (CALC) announced in a stock announcement on Nov. 26 that it will be acquiring two Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

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CO2 Stripper Postmortem Thoughts

Published on November 30, 2019 9:20 PM UTC

[EDIT: A crucial consideration was pointed out in the comments. For all the designs I've looked at, it's cheaper to just get a heat exchanger and ventilation fans, and blow the air outside/pull it inside and eat the extra heating costs/throw on an extra layer of clothing, than it is to buy a CO2 stripper. There's still an application niche for poorly ventilated rooms without windows, but that describes a lot fewer occasions than my previous dreams of commercial use.]

So, I have finally completed building a CO2 stripper that removes CO2 from the air to (hopefully) improve cognition in environments with high CO2 levels. In California, the weather is pretty good so it's easy to just crack a window at any point during the year, but other areas get quite cold during the winter or quite warm during summer and it's infeasible to open a window unless you want to spend an awful lot of money on heating or cooling bills. It didn't work quite as well as the math indicated at first, but the whole thing is built, and basically functional. The rest of this post will be a reflection on the lessons learned while doing so.

1: In hardware, ideas are cheap, execution is expensive

So, the fundamental idea is extremely simple once you have some basic knowledge of chemistry. The goal is to get CO2 into some form that isn't the gas form, via some sort of chemical reaction.

Submarines and CO2 capture from flue gas use a reversible reaction with ethanolamines, where they absorb CO2 at high temperatures and release it at low temperatures. Reversible reactions are good for making waste, but heating up and cooling down large quantities of liquid takes an awful lot of energy. Submarines have nuclear reactors onboard, and flue gas is hot, but we don't necessarily have the energy required. Also ethanolamines are toxic and hard to get a hold of for a civilian and really stinky, being the major component of "submarine smell".

Adsorption onto zeolites is also plausible, but the issue is that it requires alternately exposing the zeolites to high air pressure and low air pressure, and high airflow is required. The combination of high pressure and high airflow means that again, you're using a lot of energy. The basic math is as follows: One human produces about 1 kg of CO2 in 24 hours. We can idealize a perfect CO2 stripper as a magic box that inhales air and spits it out at 0 ppm. If you want a steady-state concentration of 500 ppm for 2 people, then we can see how much air-flow is required to lock up 2 kg of CO2 in 24 hours. This comes out to about 100 cubic feet per minute. This is the bare minimum air flow for any CO2 stripper, but in this particular case, it corresponds to a 25 horsepower air compressor, which is 18 kilowatts. This is equivalent to running 5 electric dryers at once. So that one is out too, especially since we were assuming 100% efficiency at eliminating CO2.

What about irreversible reactions? Just lock the CO2 up as a solid waste? Well, to begin with, this is going to produce quite a waste stream, and consume quite a bit of chemicals, you'd better hope it's safe and that the feed chemical is cheap. The reaction used on space missions used lithium hydroxide. The basic idea is that lithium hydroxide makes a very basic solution. Carbon dioxide is slightly acidic, so it dissolves very fast into basic solutions. Then you get precipitation of lithium carbonate which is safe.

The problem is that lithium hydroxide is quite expensive. It was used on space missions because it's the most mass-efficient way of doing that sort of reaction and every gram counts in space missions, but we want the cheapest way of doing that reaction.

And then we hit upon the perfect solution. Calcium hydroxide. It's an extremely cheap bulk chemical, 15 bucks for a 50-pound sack of it at a hardware store. It's fairly mild as far as hydroxides go, being pH 12.4. So instead of giving you horrible chemical burns, it's safe to handle unless you're exposed to it for over an hour at a time without washing it off. It's the alkaline analogue of the difference between 1 M hydrochloric acid, and lemon juice. And when it reacts with CO2, it makes CaCO3, aka limestone, which is totally harmless. In fact, it's a common laboratory demonstration that breathing onto a solution of this stuff produces a white film/crust on the top, which is the CO2 in the breath locked up as solid limestone. It's the obvious choice if you're trying to remove CO2 via chemical means.

And in fact, in the SSC comment section, someone else independently had the exact same idea! Just lock up CO2 with calcium hydroxide!

The simplicity of an idea in the field of atoms instead of bits doesn't necessarily mean that anyone on earth has ever done it before, though, or will ever do it, and I'm not worried about anyone scooping the idea, because building novel hardware is hard enough to provide a natural barrier to entry unless it's a large company that's interested in the idea. Ideas are cheap, execution is expensive, in both time and money.

2: Only polymaths need apply

If you're trying to build a novel machine in your garage, and aren't working as part of an engineering team, you will either need an improbably wide range of knowledge, or the general ability to pick up whatever you need to learn. There's the basic knowledge of chemistry to spot that this is the obvious reaction to go for, but the full design requires:

Familiarity with wastewater aerators to know what to buy to prevent clogging with solids, knowledge on which materials won't react with your chemicals, the math of air flow in pipes, the ability to read fan pressure/airflow curves, the ability to go from "I want a circuit that does this" to building a novel electronic circuit on a breadboard without frying anything important, enough programming knowledge to write some basic arduino code, familiarity with hazardous waste disposal regulations in your state, familiarity with waste dewatering techniques, familiarity with which sort of pumps can pump sludge instead of pure water, some electrical engineering knowledge to work safely with 220V power without frying yourself or anyone else, knowledge of soundproofing, and especially the familiarity with everything at Home Depot that lets you home in on the most efficient and foolproof way of building a thing that does what you want. Probably some other stuff too that I consider obvious but others might not.

Now, most of this is pretty easy to pick up given enough starting mental firepower, and the sense of what to google for. Or just having lots of experience with building material things.

Having one of the relevant fields of knowledge manifests itself as knowing ahead of time which approaches will work and which will fail and what solutions past work in the area has already found.

For some of these, missing it will manifest as not knowing that there's an incoming bullet in a particular area, like not knowing that fine bubble aerators will promptly clog if there's lots of particulates in the water, or not suspecting that high air flow rates are incompatible with small pipe (I knew the latter one and it still almost got me until I idly decided to work out airflow velocity in the pipe and realized it was around 200 mph)

3: The planning fallacy is huge here.

So, it wound up costing a lot more than I thought and taking a lot longer than I thought. The mechanism of why the planning fallacy hits so hard here is tied in with the design process. What happens is that you start out with a sketchy outline of all the component parts (like, "I need something that automatically dispenses chemical powder"), and as it becomes time to build a part, you drill down further and further in fleshing out the details until eventually you've drilled down far enough for your design to Actually Work in reality. While you do this, you will inevitably come across parts that are a lot harder to do than you expected, which you were glossing over on the first pass. The shiny black box of "build a chemical dispenser" looks more tractable than "how the fuck do I build a motor mounting plate with my inadequate tools", which you didn't initially suspect you had to do because you weren't thinking at that level of detail. And also as you address the parts that are easy to do, all that is left is the parts that are hard or annoying or time-consuming to do, which can be somewhat demoralizing.

Same sort of thing goes with cost. You start out with "so here's the cost for the big parts and everything else that's left shouldn't cost that much" (black-box warning on "everything else"!), and then you go to Home Depot and pick up a bunch of 4-inch ABS pipe and black glue and all the 90 degree and T pieces you need for the aeration pipes and look at the cost and it's 100 bucks. Home Depot trips add up shockingly fast. There's also all the stuff you buy that you don't eventually end up using because the design evolves as you actually try to build it, like buying gears when you don't actually need gears, and all the stuff you didn't think you had to buy but it turns out that you do need it.

And sometimes you just get hit with some problem you didn't expect at all and now have to fix, like "my fan is making a screaming noise, what do"

4. Why is there a valley of death?

Universities and the government funds basic research. Then there's the private sector of business. The gap between the two, where you have to go from basic research to a business selling the new exciting thing is called the "valley of death". Now, you'd think this is what R&D is for. But a lot of R&D from a business seems to be focused on marginal improvements to existing things that already fall under the scope of what the existing business does, and not so much on building a novel thing that can be the seed of a new business. Building a novel thing requires a wide knowledge base, as discussed before, and inevitably takes a lot more money and time than expected. It's the sort of thing done by inventors in a garage as a project of love, not the sort of thing you get paid to do.

Further, crossing the valley of death requires both the technical capacity to build the thing, and the business skills to make a new business from scratch. If you have several people with different skills joined together, it can be bridged, but one flaw of doing it alone is that there are a lot more inventors with the ability to build the thing, than inventors with the ability to build the thing and also the ability or willingness to start a business that sells the thing. I'm in the former category. I can build it, but I hate building it and if I have to build all the machines myself to sell, I'd flatly reject it, and I really don't want to be responsible for running a business selling it, I'd have no idea how to run a business, and it'd eat too much time. My dream is to get a design good enough to sell, patent it, find someone willing to make a business out of it, and just receive a cut of profits without having to be involved in anything more regarding the production or selling of the machines, besides helping out with technical design work. Further, someone with just the business skills won't necessarily have the technical ability to come up with the machine in the first place, let alone build it. And there's also the lemon market problem of businesspeople identifying competent non-scam technical people with a viable design, and technical people finding competent non-scam businesspeople.

There are further issues such as designing the new invention such that it is robust and keeps working for a while (not a property that prototypes generally have), and designing it such that it is easy to build and maintain (also not usually a property associated with garage prototypes).

I've heard that there's a company in the UK that takes garage prototypes and updates the design for robustness, easy constructibility, and cost, which seems like an important part of closing the valley.

5. Building alone vs building as part of a team.

In a certain sense, I was blessed on this project, because I had complete control over the entire design. I had to contend with no meetings, and no unexpected changes to parts of the design that were already locked in, and no team decisions that were dumb and couldn't possibly work. It's the dream for anyone who dislikes group projects in engineering. All failures are attributable to me alone, as well as all successes. Then again, having someone else to work on the project with me definitely would have sped it up and I could rely on their knowledge of things I was ignorant of, relaxing the polymath requirement. Maybe there's an optimal design team size? I guess it'd depend on how parallelizable the work is, as well as how decision-making-quality scales with group size.

6. Final diagnosis and where to go from here.

So, it was over-time and over-budget and didn't work as well as I had hoped, but it does indeed work. Planning fallacy is a huge obstacle here, and I now certainly see why there's a valley of death for this sort of work.

In order to make a version that's practical for domestic use, I'd have to redo the design to be a rain-column design, primarily because it only requires high airflow, instead of the combination of high airflow and high pressure, which requires buying an expensive fan from China and the expensive electronic components which provide the appropriate power to operate the fan. A rain column design could use a much cheaper and simpler fan that operates from a wall outlet.

Further, in order for others interested in CO2 reduction to have one of their own, I'd have to team up with someone who could make a small business in assembling and selling these things, preferably involving someone who is not me building the relevant thing. PM me if interested.


Nikkei down, investors still wary over US-China trade

The benchmark Nikkei average dropped 0.5 per cent to 23,293.91 but were up 1.6 per cent for the month. Reuters | Nov 29, 2019, 02.19 PM IST AP Slides ...

15 lugares de la Tierra con paisajes tan increíbles que parecen de otro planeta


15 lugares de la Tierra con paisajes tan increíbles que parecen de otro planeta

Vacaciones que merecen la pena hay muchas, ya prefieras recorrer ciudades, descubrir nuevas culturas o visitar monumentos. Pero en la Tierra también hay lugares fascinantes cuyos paisajes parecen de otro planeta. La naturaleza es caprichosa y ha creado estas maravillas que nos invitan a coger nuestra mochila, salirnos de las rutas habituales y a marcharnos para hacer un viaje que jamás olvidaremos.

The Wave, en Arizona

El desierto tiene un encanto único. Esta formación rocosa de arenisca tiene unas caprichosas formas que lo hacen parecer una ola. Solamente hay 20 permisos al día para visitarla, porque es la única manera de preservarla tal y como está. Más información: The Wave.

Ayacucho, en Perú

Olvídate de las infinity pools de los hoteles, estas piscinas naturales en Ayacucho demuestran que la naturaleza también sabe hacer joyas de aguas turquesa. Más información: Millpu, Ayacucho.

Montaña Arco Iris, en Perú

Perú tiene muchos otros lugares mágicos, como la montaña de siete colores en Vinicunca, formada por siete estratos de diferentes colores. Sin embargo, es un lugar que está perdiendo su encanto debido a la hordas de turista que van a hacer trekking por la zona. La maldición de ser demasiado instagrameable. Más información: montaña de siete colores.

Uyuni, Bolivia

En bolivia se encuentra un gran lago salado en el que hacer fotografías únicas. Se trata del salar más grande del mundo y fue formado por un lago hace 40.000 años junto a los Andes. Más información: Salar de Uyuni.


Esta isla tiene tantos paisajes increíbles que cualquiera de las fotografías que nos invitan a conocerlo nos deja sin palabras: las cascadas, los acantilados, las carreteras que parece que llevan ninguna parte, los géiseres, etc. Más información: Islandia.

Nueva Zelanda

Al igual que Isladia, Nueva Zelanda está repleto de Parques Naturales donde relajarte como nunca contemplando las montañas nevadas. los miniglaciares y los lagos de leche glaciar. Más información: Aoraki/ Mount Cook National Park.

Islas Lofoten, en Noruega

Esta zona que se encuentra por encima del Círculo Polar Ártico tiene un paisaje espectacular, y si además tienes la suerte de disfrutar de las auroras boreales, el resultado es así de increíble. Más información: Lofoten.

Montañas de Zhangjiajie, en China

Aunque parezca un paisaje de Avatar, las montañas de Zhangjiajie tienen forma de torres y existen realmente en China. Se pueden visitar a través de puentes con el suelo de cristal y de caminos al borde del precipicio no aptos para gente con vértigo. Más información: Zhangjiajie.

Montañas Hornocal en Argentina

Estos paisajes tan inmensos y tan maravillosos te hacen sentir realmente insignificante. En la zona de Jujuy podemos encontrar estas montañas de formas sinuosas e increíbles colores. Más información: Welcome Argentina.

Kauai, en Hawaii

Un lugar para visitar desde el mar, los acantilados de la costa Na'Pali han sido el lugar elegido para rodar infinitas películas y series, como Jurassic Park o Perdidos y no nos extraña. Más información: Kauai.

Volcán Bromo, en Indonesia

Entre las nubes surgen la cresta de estos volcanes activos en el Este de Java en Indonesia. Dicen que los amaneceres aquí son inolvidables. Más información: Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

Lago Moraine en Canadá

Altas montañas, lagos infinitos, bosques extensos... Canadá es destino que maravilla a los amantes de la naturaleza. Ideal para recargar las pilas y huir del estrés. Más información: Moraine Lake en el Parque Nacional Banff.

Sa Pa, en Vietnam

En estas afiladas montañas de Vietnam sí se ve la mano del hombre, aún así, el paisaje es increíblemente hermoso debido a las terrazas en las que se cultiva arroz. Más información: Sa Pa Tourism.

Los doce apóstoles, en Australia

Unas costas escarpadas de grandes acantilados con 12 rocas que se alzan luchando contra las olas como si fueran los doce apóstoles, este paisaje es solo una de las maravillas que Australia tiene que ofrecer al viajero. Más información: Twelve Apostles.


Si hay un lugar que me ha hecho sentir como si estuviera en otro planeta dentro de nuestras fronteras es Lanzarote. Sus paisajes de lava negra son alucinantes, y más si contrastan con el verde del Charco Verde. Más información: Turismo Lanzarote.

Todos estos lugares tienen algo mágico que nos hacen soñar con otros mundos, pero está más cerca de lo que parece, y unas horas de vuelo podemos llegar hasta ellos.

Foto | Instagram @followtiffsjourney

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La noticia 15 lugares de la Tierra con paisajes tan increíbles que parecen de otro planeta fue publicada originalmente en Trendencias por Chloe .


Banggood Cyber Monday Sale 2019: Crazy Discounts Never End


Black Friday has just passed by, and now the following event will be Cyber Monday. All the online shopping providers are ready to continue offering you another big shopping carnival, with another wave of big discounts. Banggood is one of the most important International e-commerce retailers of China and is going to launch a big promotion for Cyber Monday 2019. They will be offering you […]

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Sending Smoke Signals: Electronic Cigarettes, The Next Mass Tort

Whether you know them as e-cigarettes, vape pens, or “Juuls,” electronic cigarettes have grabbed the nation’s attention. As research about the short- and long-term health effects of e-cigarettes develop, alleged predatory advertising to youths captured the government’s attention amidst a recent “vaping-related” illness that is dominating the news. Predictably, this is all leading to a launch of lawsuits, and the next mass tort is on the horizon. E-cigarettes, developed for commercial use in China in 2003 and first sold in the United States in 2007, deliver nicotine (and often flavoring) to their users in vapor instead of smoke. Composed of an internal cartridge called a cartomizer (which holds a liquid solution containing varying amounts of nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals) and a vaporizer (which heats the solution), e-cigarettes are activated when its user puffs or inhales the device, at which point the liquid is vaporized. The user then breathes in this vapor, hence the term “vaping.” E-cigarettes are commonly used to inhale nicotine, but are also used to deliver tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and butane hash oils.

An Escalating Threat: Hacking By A New Generation Of Nations

As if digital threats from the main U.S. cyberspace adversaries weren’t enough, U.S. officials and researchers are increasingly worried about hacking dangers posed by a slew of other nations including Vietnam, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The fears are upending a half decade during which U.S. cybersecurity worries focused on four main adversaries — Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. And they’re signaling that cyberspace is about to get far more complicated and dangerous. “The threshold for entry to have a cyber program has dropped so low because you don’t need to figure out how to build your own program. You can just buy it as a service and that worries me,” a senior FBI cybersecurity official told reporters during a roundtable discussion. In some cases the nations are developing hacking capabilities in-house, such as in Vietnam, where government-backed hackers are reportedly stealing information from rival governments and companies in key sectors including the auto industry to gain a competitive advantage.

Mobile Fix - November 29



In a world where content gets more and more important Sports has a special role. Live sports remain an anchor for broadcasters, although we are seeing highlights (especially goals) grow in importance as social content. Axos report on the new players gaining ground, with DAZN doubling subscribers and ESPN+ seems to be doing well too. The Athletic has hoovered up talent in the UK and this interview with the founder is good insight into building modern media brands.

Evidence of the rising value of sports comes from PE firm Silver Lake investing $500m into Man City owners - and the deal was brokered by Talent Agent Ari Emanuel

The logic behind these high valuations is the belief that more viewers will watch the games online and it’s no surprise that UEFA are exploring a move into Champions League streaming. Just as Netflix and Disney have gone DTC, the football model of selling to broadcasters looks to be reaching a ceiling. And the ultimate prize is pay to view games; My Sky subscription is good value in December with 3 Leeds games but big clubs - like Leeds - know they would profit from going direct.


I am convinced that Live Selling is going to be huge for DTC. QVC is an amazing business and in China we are seeing this take off - although sometimes there are problems. With discovery for DTC a huge issue, could this be a solution? Is anyone doing this in the UK or US?

Transition...Read More


China Has Lost Taiwan, and It Knows It

So it is attacking democracy on the island from within.

Ready, Set, Ski! In China, Snow Sports are the Next Big Thing

By the time the 2022 Olympics roll around, China hopes it will have 300 million new skiers. Can they do it? If the packed slopes near Beijing are any indication, the outlook is promising.

Powder Apricot Nectar Body Powder Talc Free by Toadstool Soaps by toadstoolsoaps


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Powder Apricot Nectar Body Powder Talc Free by Toadstool Soaps

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Chinal Ka 1973-1995





référence du label: 
HS 200VL


état disque:

état pochette:

Prix panier: 

Side 1
1. Guadeloupe Ile De Mes Amour
2. Joue Zizipan
3. Decere Nou De Maye
4. Kominike
Side 2
1. Lheureux Noir
2. Jean Line La Clere
3. Donatien
Side 3
1. Lundi Bon Matin
2. De Ti Mo Pawol Cweol
3. De Chate Cole
4. Roger A Di Wha Wha
Side 4
1. Embawgo
2. Jan Pol Rabal Koto
3. A Koz Don Biye
4. Zombie Dance
5. Wolemin Oupwi



Offer - Kindergarten from Hangzhou is looking for native ESL teachers - CHINA

To Apply visit this link: ? Benefits: Salary: From 20000-23000 RMB per month ($2800-3300) Legal Z visa and residence permit Apartment provided Health Insurance A teaching assistant? Qualifications: Native English speaker - Must be from a native speaking country (USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, South Africa) Non-natives with Early Childhood Education degree can apply. 2 years of kindergarten experience is a must. Bachelor's degree or higher TEFL/Tesol or 2 years of teaching experience in the kindergarten Clean non-criminal record's date: November 2019 Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Class Size: up to 26 students Students' age: 3-6 years outworking schedule: Monday to Friday Morning 9: 00 - 11: 00 AM - Lessons Afternoon 3: 00 - 4: 30 PM - Activity3: 00 - 3: 20 PM - Awakening3: 20 - 4: 00 PM - Activity 4: 00 - 4: 30 PM - Chat with parents Tea

Offer - English teacher for Primary and middle school in Kunming - CHINA

To Apply visit this link: Positions: 3 More Full Time Primary and middle school English Teachers Needed Qualifications: An American teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Education is preferred. Other candidates will be considered on an individual basis. Teaching experience is preferred, but not mandatory. The teacher must demonstrate responsibility and an enjoyment of working with children. The teacher must demonstrate good classroom management skills. Teachers should be between 21 and 40 years of age. Native speakers Education Background: Bachelor degree Job Description: a. Location: Panzhou, Guizhoub. New semester starts: March 1, 2020c. Monday to Friday, weekdays' scheduled. Classes are 45 minutes long. e. Students: age from 6 to 15 years old. Small class size. Provide work Visa. Teaching Experience: 2 years teaching experience or have teaching certificate (TEFL

Offer - Native Teacher needed in Training Center in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Up to 22000RMB per month, start immediately! - CHINA

To Apply visit this link: A new training centre located in Longgang, Shenzhen is seeking a skilled English teacher, we welcome to see your application Job Description: * Teach English * You are required to teach Training Centre * You are required to teach 3-12 years old students Benefits: * The salary range is 16, 000-22?000 RMB before tax, including three parts: basic salary, class fees, and bonuses * Work Visa is provided * Up to 2000 RMB ACH bonus depending on the certain

Offer - Coastal City Training Center Position Available in Dalian, Liaoning Province, Up to 17000RMB per month, start in Novembe - CHINA

To Apply visit this link: We are currently recruiting native English teachers for our language center in Dalian City, Liaoning province to start in November 2019. Dalian is a coastal city which you can enjoy your life here. We invite all dedicated professionals, who share our will and vision, to join our dynamic team. Job Description: * Teaching English; * You are required to teach students in a training center;

Offer - Guiyang international school is looking for 2 English Native teachers - CHINA

To Apply visit this link: Guiyang international school is looking for native English teacher(Salary and Benefits): Monthly salary: 16000-18000 RMB after tax

Offer - Foreign ESL Teachers in Shenzhen Public Schools - CHINA

To Apply visit this link: Responsibilities I'd Prepare and deliver English lessons and student club activities; I'd Prepare and submit appropriate teaching plans; I'd Assess students work and provides feedback; I'd Attend staff activities in order to be up to date with educational policies and special procedures; I'd Maximum lessons: 20 per week(40/45mins) I'd Office hours: According to schools arrangements; I'd Studentsage: 3-6/ 6-12/ 12-15/ 15-17 year-old; I'd Class size: 40+; I'd Must be willing to be involved with school life. Selection Criteria: I'd Bachelors degree or above; I'd Over two years of teaching experience or Possess an English teaching qualification such as TESOL, TEFL, ESOL, CELTA or PGCE etc; I'd Non-crimina

‘Serious Interference, a ‘Violation of International Law.’ China Responds After Trump Signs Bills Supporting Hong Kong’s Autonomy, Protestors’ Human Rights

The clash could upset already thorny trade negotiations between the two nations

China Business Development | WuXi AppTec

SHANGHAI, China, -5-10 years of relevant industry experience in pharmaceutical development (API and/or formulation). Experience in CRO, CMO is preferred, but not required.  -5+ years of sales, project management or

Доктрина - стратегия - корабль.

Доктрина - стратегия - корабль. в форуме Аналитика.
[QUOTE]Игорь Сѣверянинъ пишет: [QUOTE]Денис. пишет: единственный реальный вариант боевой ничьи - это ядерный Апокалипсис. Поэтому и выступаю за союз, в том числе за военно-морской союз, России с Китаем. Пусть даже ценою превращения нашей страны в младшую союзницу восходящей сверхдержавы.[/QUOTE] Есть варианты. Вариант военно-морского союза с вероятным против восходящей и т. д.[/QUOTE] В конце прошлого века у нас было наверное самое прозападное правительство в истории. Россию приняли в НАТО? Ответ известен. Более того, власти США с редким идиотизмом толкают Россию в объятия КНР. Так какая американцам разница где проходит фактическая граница России по Кальмиусу, Днепру или Днестру? Это для нас важно, а для американцев где-то на уровне нашего интереса к их запутанным отношениям с Пуэрто-Рико и планам по присоединению Гренландии. Вот свежий материал на тему США против России с Китаем
30.11.2019 22:06:02, Денис..

Responsabile Reparto Macchine Utensili

Seltis - Chieti - Descrizione azienda La nostra azienda cliente è un' importante multinazionale del settore macchinari industriali. Posizione La risorsa, riportando al Responsabile di Stabilime...

Update Themendepot Basis- und Edelmetalle

  Unser Themendepot Basis- und Edelmetalle konnte trotz deutlicher Bewegungen von Einzelwerten auch in dieser Handelswoche wieder zulegen. Damit beläuft sich die Depotperformance auf Euro-Basis seit Auflegung am 01.11.2019 nunmehr auf 4,56 %. Der Zugewinn in der Berichtswoche betrug auf Euro-Basis 0,18 % und auf Frankenbasis 0,46 %, wobei der Euro im Wochenvergleich gegenüber dem Franken um 0,849 % zulegte, gegenüber dem US-Dollar aber fast unverändert notierte.   Auch in dieser Woche litt das Sentiment im Sektor Basismetalle erneut durch eine Verhärtung der Tonlage im Handelskonflikt zwischen China und den USA. Hinzu kamen die andauernden Turbulenzen in Lateinamerika. 3,17 % schwächer notierten Norilsk Nickel (US55315J1025), die in der Vorwoche hohe Investitionen in ihren Kapazitätsausbau und die Erschließung von Lagerstätten in Aussicht gestellt hatten. Von einem Rückgang der Nickel-, Zink- und Kupferpreise waren auch die Aktien von Boliden AB (SE00124556735) betroffen, die 4,74 % abgaben. ...

Equipa Portugal - Maria Martins segunda classificada no concurso olímpico de omnium




Maria Martins continua a dar alegrias a Portugal na etapa de Hong Kong, China, da Taça do Mundo de Pista. Depois do terceiro lugar em scratch, ontem, a corredora da Equipa Portugal foi hoje a segunda classificada na disciplina olímpica de omnium, estando cada vez mais perto de qualificar Portugal para os Jogos Tóquio, em 2020.


A ribatejana chegou à decisiva corrida por pontos no comando da classificação geral, graças a um concurso de qualidade, materializado no terceiro lugar em scratch e no segundo na corrida tempo e em eliminação. Maria Martins conseguiu um ponto na corrida por pontos e terminou o concurso com 113 pontos, os mesmos da vencedora, a japonesa Yumi Kajihara. A terceira classificada foi a belga Jolien D’Hoore, com 106 pontos.


Este resultado deixa Portugal mais perto da qualificação para os Jogos Olímpicos de Tóquio no setor feminino de omnium e coloca Maria Martins no segundo posto da classificação geral da Taça do Mundo nesta importante disciplina olímpica.


A participação no setor masculino foi mais acidentada. Iuri Leitão e João Matias formaram equipa em Madison, outra disciplina em que Portugal tem ambições de qualificação para Tóquio. A queda de Iuri Leitão marcou a prestação nacional, com a dupla portuguesa a quedar-se pelo 15.º posto, com três pontos. Foi um resultado que atrasou a Equipa Portugal no ranking de apuramento olímpico.


Os alemães Roger Kluge e Thoe Reinhardt venceram, com 52 pontos, mais 14 do que os neozelandeses Tom Sexton e Campbell Stewart, e mais 19 do que os britânicos Mark Stewart e Fred Wright, que completaram o pódio.


João Matias competiu também na disciplina de scratch. Foi um dos corredores mais ativos durante a prova de 15 quilómetros. As movimentações em que se envolveu o barcelense não resultaram e o corredor português pagaria, no final, as despesas da ambição, cortando a meta como 22.º classificado. A medalha de ouro foi para o holandês Roy Eefting, que esteve acompanhado no pódio pelo grego Christos Volikakis, segundo, e pelo neozelandês Corbin Strong, terceiro.




Equipa Portugal - Pódio para Maria Martins em Hong Kong



A portuguesa Maria Martins foi hoje a terceira classificada na corrida de scratch da etapa da Taça do Mundo de Pista, que decorre em Hong Kong, China, até amanhã. Iuri Leitão foi o décimo classificado no concurso olímpico de omnium.



Maria Martins começou o dia apurando-se para a final de scratch. Na corrida decisiva, 10 quilómetros resultantes de 40 voltas, a ribatejana foi a terceira classificada. A prova foi dominada pela norueguesa Anita Yvonne Stenberg, que conquistou a medalha de ouro por ser a única a dobrar o pelotão.


Na luta pelas restantes posições de pódio, Maria Martins foi apenas batida pela austríaca Verena Eberhardt, que ficou com a medalha de prata, deixando o bronze para a corredor portuguesa.



Iuri Leitão teve a importante tarefa de somar o maior número possível de pontos na disciplina olímpica de omnium, cumprindo o objetivo, pois o décimo lugar significa que Portugal ganhou posições à esmagadora maioria dos países concorrentes pelas vagas de omnium em Tóquio 2020.


O vianense iniciou o concurso com o décimo posto em scratch, sendo 13.º na corrida tempo e 12.º na eliminação. Os 18 pontos somados na corrida por pontos permitiram-lhe terminar a competição com 86, no décimo posto. O neozelandês Campbell Stewart impôs-se, com 142 pontos, seguido pelo alemão Roger Kluge, com 133, e pelo suíço Thery Schir, com 125.


Amanhã João Matias irá entrar em ação no apuramento de scratch, às 6h15 e, qualificando-se, corre a final às 11h30. Maria Martins irá defender as cores nacionais na disciplina olímpica de omnium. O concurso começa às 8h00, estendendo-se até cerca das 11h00. Iuri Leitão e João Matias irão fazer dupla em madison, às 9h00.




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Mountain China Resorts Reports 2019 Third Quarter Financial and Operational Results

BEIJING, Nov. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mountain China Resorts (Holding) Limited (TSXV: MCG) (“MCR” or the “Company”), today reported its financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2019. MCR reports its results in Canadian Dollars. Financial Results Total revenue and the net results were from resort operations sales revenue during the Reporting Period.... [Read More]

MÄRKTE USA/Leichte Verluste am "Black Friday"

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Am letzten Handelstag der Woche verzeichnet die Wall Street leichte Abgaben. Zur Begründung verweisen Marktteilnehmer auf moderate Gewinnmitnahmen, aus Sorge vor möglicherweise negativen Meldungen zum Handelsstreit zwischen den USA und China, die über das Wochenende aufschlagen könnten. Zudem nutzen viele...

MÄRKTE USA/Bei verkürztem Handel am "Black Friday" etwas leichter

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Die US-Börsen zeigen sich zum Wochenausklang zurückhaltend. Teilnehmer verweisen auf Gewinnmitnahmen, aus Sorge vor möglicherweise negativen Meldungen zum Handelsstreit zwischen den USA und China, die über das Wochenende aufschlagen könnten. Zudem nutzen viele Anleger nach dem Thanksgiving-Feiertag am...

MÄRKTE USA/US-Börsen bei verkürztem Handel etwas leichter erwartet

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Die US-Börsen dürften am Freitag etwas leichter starten. Marktteilnehmer erwarten leichte Gewinnmitnahmen, aus Sorge davor, dass über das Wochenende negative Meldungen zum Handelsstreit zwischen den USA und China aufschlagen könnten. Zudem dürften viele Anleger nach dem Thanksgiving-Feiertag am Donnerstag...

VIDEO: Chinese spy spills secrets to expose Communist espionage

A Chinese spy defects to Australia. His shocking revelations are guaranteed to infuriate Beijing. How China conducts questionable activities around the world, including its attempts to infiltrate the Australian government.

Foreign-Born Researchers At US Agencies Were Secretly Working For China And Recruiting Others,

Foreign-born researchers working for U.S. agencies were secretly on China’s payroll, signing side agreements to send sensitive research to that country as part of a recruitment operation called the Thousand Talents Plan, a Senate report found. 10,000 Chinese nationals in 2018 conducted research in the Department of Energy’s National Labs, and one even had colleagues write him letters of recommendation to the Communist Party-run recruitment program, the bipartisan report stated. Agencies like NIH do not even track attempted foreign influence, the Department of State denies only 5% of suspicious visas, and the FBI shut down a key program, according to...

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Смартфон относится к среднему уровню и имеет соответствующие характеристики. Он оснащен дисплеем OLED диагональю 6,3 дюйма с каплевидным вырезом для 16-мегапиксельной фронтальной камеры, разрешением 2400 х 1080 пикселей и встроенным под него сканером отпечатков пальцев, основной камерой с датчиками на 48 Мп, 8 Мп и 2 Мп, однокристальной системой Kirin 710F, 6 ГБ оперативной и 64 ГБ флэш-памяти. Емкость аккумуляторной батареи составила 4000 мА•ч, есть поддержка 20-ваттной быстрой зарядки. На смартфон установлена операционная система Android 9 Pie с фирменной оболочкой EMUI 9.1.1.




A private survey shows China's manufacturing activity expanded more than expected in November

A private survey showed China's manufacturing activity expanded more than expected in November as the Caixin/Markit manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) came in at 51.8

Comment on Lend Me Your Ears by Gregory M. Bruce

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Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale Once Wanted To Be Mayor Of Portland, But Rally Music ‘Really Sucked’

Because of the music, Lauderdale “had become the de facto social director of Portland’s underground political scene, staging rallies, parties and functions at coffeehouses, private homes and auditoriums citywide. In 1994, he called a vocalist he had met at Harvard named China Forbes and the die was cast to improve the quality of political rally […]

The New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Dalian will be fully implemented in our city


According to the Municipal Bureau of Human and Social Affairs, the Work Plan for Implementing the New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Dalian has been officially issued. The new apprenticeship system of enterprises will be carried out in our city, with the main content of "recruiting workers is enrollment, entering enterprises is enrollment, and joint training of enterprises and schools", to encourage enterprises to carry out large-scale training of skilled personnel and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the training of skilled personnel.

The full implementation of the new apprenticeship system in enterprises is an important measure to implement the national vocational skills upgrading. According to the Work Plan for Implementing the New Apprenticeship System in Dalian Municipality jointly issued by the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and the Municipal Department of Finance, the apprentices are newly recruited and transferred personnel for skill positions with labor contracts signed with enterprises for more than one year, mainly to train medium and high-level skilled workers who meet the needs of the posts of enterprises, and the training period is 1 to 2 years. During the period of apprenticeship and training, the enterprise shall pay wages in accordance with regulations, and the wages shall not be lower than the minimum wage in the place where the enterprise is located.

The new apprenticeship training in enterprises adopts the training mode of "enterprise-school dual system, work-study integration", and the apprenticeship training in enterprises and technical colleges, vocational colleges, vocational training institutions, enterprise training centers and other educational and training institutions adopts the methods of "enterprise-school dual-qualified apprenticeship" and "work-study alternation" to jointly train apprentices. Upon the expiration of the apprenticeship training period, the apprentice may participate in the appraisal of vocational skills or the examination of graduation, and obtain the corresponding vocational qualification certificate,vocational skill grade certificate, special vocational ability certificate, training qualification certificate or graduation certificate.

Our city provides vocational training subsidy to the enterprises carrying out apprenticeship training according to regulations. If an apprentice obtains a vocational qualification certificate or a vocational skill grade certificate at the expiration of his apprenticeship period, he shall be subsidized according to RMB 5,000 yuan for intermediate workers and RMB 6,000 yuan for senior workers each year; Those who obtain one of the special vocational ability certificates, training qualification certificates and graduation certificates shall be subsidized according to the standard of RMB 4,000 yuan per person per year. The new apprenticeship training subsidy for enterprises shall be paid first and then supplemented. Upon the commitment of the enterprise, each district may advance 30 per cent of the subsidy funds to the enterprise included in the apprenticeship scheme in accordance with the regulations. Upon completion of the training tasks, the remaining subsidy funds shall be allocated in accordance with the principle of "more refunds and less compensation".


DALIAN, CHINA (Dalian Municipal People's Government Website), Dated 12 Nov 2019
The New Apprenticeship System in Enterprises in Dalian will be fully implemented in our city
Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 09:00


Fish out of water: life in Beijing without Alipay and WeChat Pay - South China Morning Post

Fish out of water: life in Beijing without Alipay and WeChat Pay...

Beggars in China Now Accept Online Transfer So You Can't Say "No Change lah" - WORLD OF BUZZ

Beggars in China Now Accept Online Transfer So You Can't Say "No Change lah"...

Your Monday Briefing

Hong Kong, fentanyl in China, Julian Assange: Here’s what you need to know.

Il cammino sinodale verso una Chiesa nazionale tedesca (6): la reazione di Ratzinger


Prima di intervenire nel dibattito sulle basi del cammino sinodale come lo interpretano la DBK e lo ZdK, Benedetto XVI aveva sottolineato le debolezze del cattolicesimo tedesco contemporaneo, e specialmente dello ZdK, in un discorso che ha tenuto davanti al suo comitato generale,  il 24 settembre 2011, in occasione di un viaggio apostolico nel suo paese natale (22-25 settembre 2011).


L'incontro con il laicato cattolico tedesco

In questo discorso, che era ancora papa, ha usato come guida l'idea del "viaggio di immersione". Questo concetto significa, per coloro che sono coinvolti nello sviluppo in vari campi, condividere la vita dei poveri, spesso in Africa, Asia o persino in Europa. Questa esperienza fornisce lezioni che sono più difficili da imparare nei paesi sviluppati.


Ma, ha continuato il pontefice, se questo programma fosse stato realizzato in Germania, i partecipanti avrebbero potuto certamente ammirare molte cose: «il benessere, l'ordine e l'efficienza»; ma vedrebbero anche molta povertà nell'ordine umano e religioso. Questa povertà è il frutto di un relativismo diffuso, che genera un individualismo esacerbato.


L'ex papa, fine conoscitore della realtà cattolica nel suo paese, ha aggiunto con rilevanza: «In Germania, la Chiesa è organizzata in modo eccellente. Ma dietro le strutture si trova anche la forza spirituale che è loro relativa, la forza della fede al Dio vivente? Sinceramente dobbiamo purtroppo dire che esiste un eccesso di struttura rispetto allo Spirito. Aggiungo: la vera crisi della Chiesa nel mondo occidentale è una crisi di fede. Se non otteniamo un vero rinnovamento della fede, tutte le riforme strutturali rimarranno inefficaci».


Queste linee descrivono lo ZdK: una macchina imponente - che produce un budget di 2,5 milioni di euro - e un'importante rappresentanza,  grazie alle personalità che lo compongono e ai loro legami con i partiti politici. Ma la fede sembra inesistente, come mostrano le esigenze dello ZdK per partecipare al cammino sinodale (vedi il nostro articolo).


La reazione del papa emerito alla crisi degli abusi

L'11 aprile 2019, l'ex papa tedesco ha pubblicato un testo in cui parlava della crisi degli abusi sui minori, che è all'origine della decisione della DBK di avviare il cammino sinodale. L'analisi della genesi di questo evento aiuta a comprendere meglio le motivazioni di Benedetto XVI. Il contenuto di questo testo  deve essere ricordato.


Un'identificazione delle cause

Questo documento inizia indagando sulle cause della crisi degli abusi, come il cardinale Joseph Ratzinger è stato in grado di analizzarli come prefetto della Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede, un posto di osservazione privilegiato. La sua analisi contrasta nettamente con il rapporto MHG commissionato dalla Conferenza episcopale tedesca, nonché con le altre presentazioni che sono state fatte, in particolare in occasione del vertice convocato a Roma da Papa Francesco nel febbraio 2019.


La prima causa risiede nel contesto sociale di liberazione dalla morale: «negli anni '60, si è verificato un evento di una grandezza senza precedenti nella storia. Si può dire che in vent'anni, dal 1960 al 1980, le norme della sessualità sono completamente crollate». E ricorda a questo soggetto le rivendicazioni pansessuali e la promozione della pedofilia.


Una seconda causa è legata alla rivoluzione della teologia morale e all'insegnamento della Chiesa in materia di moralità. Benedetto XVI scrive: «Fino al Concilio Vaticano II, la teologia morale cattolica si basava in gran parte sulla legge naturale, mentre le Sacre Scritture venivano citate solo come contesto o fondamento. Nella lotta del Concilio per una nuova comprensione della Rivelazione, l'opzione della legge naturale fu largamente abbandonata e fu rivendicata una teologia morale basata interamente sulla Bibbia». Un'ammissione di un certo peso: il Concilio è responsabile dell'abbandono della legge naturale. Da qui le innumerevoli derive del relativismo morale.


Una terza causa, infine, è il rifiuto del magistero della Chiesa, che non è più riconosciuto come infallibile in materia di moralità. Questo porta alla convinzione che «la Chiesa non ha e non può avere la propria moralità». Da allora in poi, tutto - o quasi tutto - è possibile.


Gli effetti di queste cause: interruzioni catastrofiche


Per l'ex papa, le cause che ha messo in luce hanno portato a tre rotture essenziali.

Una rottura nella formazione dei seminari: «Per quanto riguarda il problema della preparazione al ministero sacerdotale nei seminari, c'è in effetti una profonda rottura con la forma precedente di questa preparazione». Questa rottura della formazione ha permesso che, «in diversi seminari, fossero costituiti gruppi omosessuali, che agivano più o meno apertamente e cambiavano in modo significativo il clima dei seminari».


Una rottura nel reclutamento di vescovi: in questo clima di collasso morale, Joseph Ratzinger riconosce che l'applicazione del Concilio ha avuto l'effetto di promuovere nella gerarchia dei pastori della Chiesa insufficientemente formati nei loro compiti. Di fatto, «un criterio per la nomina di nuovi vescovi era ora la loro "conciliarità", che potrebbe essere intesa come cose piuttosto diverse tra loro. In molte parti della Chiesa, gli atteggiamenti conciliari sono stati intesi come un atteggiamento critico o negativo nei confronti della tradizione esistente».


Una rottura con la legge canonica: è qui che Benedetto XVI affronta direttamente la questione della pedofilia e l'inadeguatezza dei mezzi di repressione previsti dal nuovo Codice di Diritto Canonico, promulgato nel 1983. Questo passaggio è particolarmente istruttivo:  «Il problema della pedofilia (...) è emerso solo nella seconda metà degli anni '80». I vescovi «chiesero aiuto, perché la legge canonica, registrata nel nuovo Codice (1983), non sembrava sufficiente per adottare le misure necessarie».


Alla base di questa debolezza, «c'era un problema fondamentale nella percezione del diritto penale. Solo il garantismo era considerato "conciliare". Soprattutto, i diritti degli imputati dovevano essere garantiti, in misura tale da escludere qualsiasi condanna. (...) Il diritto alla difesa a titolo di garanzia è stato esteso a tal punto che le condanne erano quasi impossibili». Questa lesione della giustizia, inserita nella legge e deliberatamente voluta, ha condotto di fatto, come dalla propria causa, la protezione degli autori di abusi.


In una terza parte, propone soluzioni.


Una diagnosi coraggiosa

Il testo è coraggioso e fornisce alla crisi degli abusi una diagnosi molto migliore rispetto al rapporto MHG. Rimane insufficiente perché si lega più ai sintomi del male che alla loro origine avvelenata: il Concilio Vaticano II e il suo adattamento al mondo. Tuttavia, ha il merito di suggerire tre aspetti raramente menzionati:


- La questione degli abusi, anche se non è nuova, è chiaramente aumentata nel periodo postconciliare. Il Concilio è colpevole in due modi: abbattendo le barriere che proteggevano la dottrina e la morale; e provocando lassismo colpevole nel reclutamento, formazione e protezione delle vocazioni sacerdotali e del clero, mentre la società diventava sempre più permissiva.


- Lo spirito del Concilio e la riforma del diritto canonico hanno reso più difficile punire i colpevoli infliggendo loro solo sanzioni. Delle leggi esistevano prima, più o meno applicate, ma sono state sostituite da leggi insufficienti che l'autorità stessa doveva eludere.


- Gli errori sulla Chiesa, sul suo magistero, sulla sua legge e sulla sua costituzione divina, provocano o consentono tutte le deviazioni che hanno invaso la Chiesa oggi.


L'arma diabolica del cammino sinodale

Questi risultati consentono di esprimere un giudizio sulla genesi e sugli obiettivi annunciati del percorso sinodale in Germania.


Le sue premesse sono falsate. Volere dimostrare, attraverso il rapporto MGH, che gli abusi sono una costante nella Chiesa e che sono quindi collegati alla struttura stessa del Corpo mistico che è la Chiesa, è un'impostura. Il problema è soprattutto la mancanza di santità nel clero. La Chiesa ha certamente vissuto altri periodi in cui questa santità era gravemente carente. Questi periodi di decadenza del clero terminarono generalmente a favore dei concili riformatori che ristabilirono dottrina, pietà e disciplina, mentre la Provvidenza suscitò santi vescovi e santi sacerdoti per mostrare la via del rinnovamento. Al contrario, lontano dalla primavera della Chiesa annunciata dal Concilio Vaticano II, la crisi del clero è peggiorata come non mai.


Il cammino sinodale usa mezzi rivoluzionari. Il triplice potere nella Chiesa risiede nel magistero (insegnamento), nell'ordine (santificazione) e nella giurisdizione (che stabilisce le leggi e giudica i reati). Per volontà divina, come insegna la rivelazione, sono uniti nel vescovo e, nel loro grado massimo, nel Papa. Sono quindi inseparabili, anche se alcuni superiori possono praticare solo l'uno o l'altro. Ecco perché non è per i laici giudicare e decidere in materia di fede e morale.


Infine, i suoi obiettivi, come espressi dalla ZdK come condizione della sua partecipazione, sono incompatibili con la fede cattolica. Volere separare il triplo potere o conferire il sacerdozio alle donne è assolutamente impossibile. Pretendere che queste domande siano aperte significa già cadere in errore.


Questo "cammino" deriva dall'eresia e porta all'eresia. Dimostra che la Chiesa di Germania è già in scisma e che le piacerebbe avere la prerogativa di restarvi, mentre cerca di dare l'esempio a coloro che sarebbero tentati di seguirla. Resta da vedere cosa farà Francesco, il Pastore supremo, per questi smarriti.


Continua ...

La Confederazione episcopale tedesca (DBK) e il Comitato centrale dei cattolici tedeschi (ZdK) inaugureranno un percorso sinodale domenica 1 dicembre 2019. Questa situazione è stata denunciata dall'ex-papa  Benedetto XVI ad aprile.


Stocks Set for Muted Start; Oil in Focus on OPEC+


(Dec 2): Stocks in Asia were set for a muted start to December as investors weighed data on China’s economy that showed a bright spot for manufacturing and the latest news on the trade front. The Australian dollar rose.

Futures pointed marginally higher in Tokyo and Hong Kong. The S&P 500 Index dipped on Friday. On U.S.-China trade: the Global Times reported that China’s government wants tariffs to be rolled back as part of the phase one trade deal with the U.S. Oil was in focus after Iraq said OPEC and its allies will consider deeper production cuts.



Why StanChart continues to run with Asia


KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 30): These are certainly disquieting times for Asia, not least because of protracted US-China trade tensions, slowing growth in China and prolonged unrest in Hong Kong.

Nevertheless, Bill Winters, chief executive of Standard Chartered Plc (StanChart), which derives over 70% of its profit from the Asia region, remains upbeat. He is buoyed by the fact that the bank is not just more resilient to ride out the gloom, having strengthened its foundations since 2015, but also uniquely positioned to tap identified opportunities.



L’uno per l’altra II


Il responso del test dice: "Rapporto
da tenersi stretto o allacciare subito".
Non avevo certo bisogno che
una macchina calcolasse i nostri
nomi e le nostre date e ne sputasse
la risposta come una chiromante.
Lo so dal giorno in cui ti ho incontrata
che noi siamo fatti l'uno per l'altra.




China says it has already hit 2020 carbon reduction goal

China says it has already achieved its 2020 carbon emissions reduction goal. The country's ecology and environment ministry said Wednesday that its carbon dioxide emissions per gross domestic product unit fell 4 percent from the previous...

SuperData Shows Fornite Reviving a Bit

SuperData has their digital revenue numbers out for October. On the PC side of the chart, League of Legends regained its top spot, returning the top four to their usual ordering, with the three big Asian titles behind. Right after that is World of Warcraft West (so no China) ringing in at number five, no […]

مبارزه ووشو مردان یوسف صبری در برابر فرانسه (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 75- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ایران (یوسف صبری) در برابر فرانسه &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -75 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Yousef Sabri] FAR

مبارزه ووشو مردان چین در برابر فرانسه (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 70- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; چین در برابر فرانسه &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -70 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ CHN FAR

مبارزه ووشو مردان محسن محمدسیفی در برابر اندونزی (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 70- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ایران (محسن محمدسیفی) در برابر اندونزی &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -70 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Mohsen MohammadSeyfi] INA

مبارزه ووشو مردان عرفان آهنگریان در برابر اندونزی (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 65- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ایران (عرفان آهنگریان) در برابر اندونزی &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -65 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Erfan Ahangariyan] INA

مبارزه ووشو زنان چین در برابر هند (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 56- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 - &rlm;شانگهای(چین) &ndash; چین در برابر هند &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W -56 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ CHN IND

ناک اوت در مسابقات ووشو قهرمانی جهان 2019 - شانگهای

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، ناک اوت در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو &rlm;&rlm;2019 - شانگهای(چین) &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ KO

مبارزه ووشو زنان فینال مریم هاشمی در برابر هند (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، فینال وزن 75- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو &rlm;&rlm;2019 - شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ایران (مریم هاشمی) در برابر هند &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W -75 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Maryam Hashemi] IND

مبارزه ووشو زنان فینال شهربانو منصوریان در برابر برزیل (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، فینال وزن 70- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 - &rlm;شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ایران (شهربانو منصوریان) در برابر برزیل &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W Final -70 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Shahrbanoo Mansouriyan] BRA

مبارزه ووشو زنان الهه منصوریان در برابر لبنان (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 65- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 - &rlm;شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ایران (الهه منصوریان) در برابر لبنان &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W -65 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Elahe Mansouriyan] LBN

مبارزه ووشو زنان چین در برابر اندونزی (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 52- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 - &rlm;شانگهای(چین) &ndash; چین در برابر اندونزی &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W -52 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ CHN INA

مبارزه ووشو مردان چین در برابر مالزی (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 56- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; چین در برابر مالزی &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -56 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ CHN MAS

مبارزه ووشو مردان علی خورشیدی در برابر لهستان (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 80- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; علی خورشیدی در برابر لهستان &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -80 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Ali Khorshidi] POL

مبارزه ووشو زنان مریم هاشمی در برابر مصر (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 75- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 - &rlm;شانگهای(چین) &ndash; مریم هاشمی در برابر روسیه &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W -75 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [Maryam Hashemi] EGY

مبارزه ووشو زنان شهربانو منصوریان در برابر روسیه (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 70- کیلوگرم زنان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 - &rlm;شانگهای(چین) &ndash; شهربانو منصوریان در برابر روسیه &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; W -70 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ IRI [ShahrBanoo Mansouriyan] RUS

مبارزه ووشو مردان چین در برابر افغانستان (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 70- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; چین در برابر افغانستان &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -70 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ CHN AFG

Ispra, perde il controllo dell’auto e si ribalta: feriti due anziani

Incidente a Ispra alle ore 15:30 di giovedì 28 novembre in via Fermi. Per cause ancora in fase di accertamento il conducente di un’autovettura ha perso il controllo del veicolo ribaltandosi sulla sede stradale. Secondo i primi rilievi da parte della polizia stradale, il conducente di un’auto ha perso il controllo della machina ribaltandosi sede stradale. Due […]

مبارزه ووشو مردان ترکیه در برابر آمریکا (شانگهای 2019)‏

مبارزه&zwnj; ووشو ساندا ، وزن 65- کیلوگرم مردان در پانزدهمین دوره رقابت های جهانی ووشو 2019 &rlm;&rlm;- شانگهای(چین) &ndash; ترکیه در برابر آمریکا &rlm;15&rlm;th World Wushu Championships 2019 &ndash; Sanda &ndash; M -65 kg &ndash; &lrm;Shanghai(China) _ TUR USA

China factory activity expands in November after 6-month losing streak

The closely watched Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI), a key gauge of activity in the country's factories, rose to 50.2 in November, up from 49.3 last ...

Giornata contro la violenza sulle donne, anche a Messina la "panchina rossa"

Giornata contro la violenza sulle donne, anche a Messina la "panchina rossa"Anche la Camera di Commercio di Messina, insieme a Unioncamere e al sistema camerale territoriale, ha aderito all’iniziativa promossa dal movimento “Stati generali delle donne”. Installata una panchina...

Rupee trades marginally higher at 71.78 per dollar

Rupee trades marginally higher at 71.78 per dollar The rupee ended 10 paise lower at 71.81 against the US dollar on November 20, on concerns about US-China trade deal progress.

Man in China Contracts Brain Parasite After Eating Hot Pot

The man was discovered to have tapeworm larvae in his brain.

China makes face scanning compulsory for mobile phone owners 


Iran, Russia, China To Hold Joint Naval Drills In The Indian Ocean


Iran, Russia and China will hold joint naval drills in the Indian Ocean from December 22, 2019 -to January 20, 2020, Iranian navy commander Rear Adm. Hossein Khanzadi confirmed. India And Saudi Arabia To Hold A Joint Naval Exercise In A Bid To Strengthen Ties Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi on November 30 said the manoeuvres […]

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Indian, Japanese Air Force To Hold Join Drills To Counter Chinese Assertiveness


Indian and Japanese air-force will participate in their first joint fighter aircraft exercise in Japan to strengthen bilateral defence cooperation and counter growing Chinese military assertiveness in the region.  After US, India Prepares To Hold Joint Military Exercise With China And Russia An inaugural “two-plus-two” security talks welcomed the significant progress in negotiations for a […]

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Why Both India And China Are Happy With Newly Elected Sri-Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa?


Gotabhaya Rajapaksa arrived in Delhi 29 November on a three-day visit after taking over the reins of Sri Lanka. Rajapaksa’s first overseas tour is a reflection of the importance he attaches to ties with India.  China Likely To Upset India For Influence In Sri Lanka; Rajapaksa Predicted To Be Next Lankan President Rajapaksa reached Delhi on […]

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Israeli Firm RADS Apologies To DRDO For Unintended Miscommunication


Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems apologised to the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), a day after taking a jibe at India’s Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile which is being developed by the DRDO. ISRO To Launch Military Imaging Satellite; Will Track All Defence Movements of Pakistan, China? In a late-night statement issued via its […]

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China's Yingde Gases to set up Indian subsidiary NovaAir

Backed by Asia's largest alternative investment fund PAG, Yingde plans to invest more than $1 billion in India over the next five years to pursue organic and inorganic opportunities, a senior official said. It will invest $3 billion in India and China during that period. In the shorter term, Yingde will invest another $100 million in India, officials said.

Scientists Created Fake Rhino Horn. But Should We Use It?


Scientists Created Fake Rhino Horn. But Should We Use It?In Africa, 892 rhinos were poached for their horns in 2018, down from a high of 1,349 killed in 2015. The decline in deaths is encouraging, but conservationists agree that poaching still poses a dire threat to Africa's rhino population, which hovers around 24,500 animals.Now, in the hopes of driving down the value of rhino horn and reducing poaching even more, scientists have created a convincing artificial rhino horn made from horsehair."We're not trying to supplant boots-on-the-ground, vigilant customs officials and protection of rhino habitat," said Fritz Vollrath, a biologist at the University of Oxford and senior author of the study, published in Scientific Reports. "But these measures alone so far have not been sufficient to save the rhino, so what we're doing here is bringing out a really good fake."The product that Vollrath and colleagues at Fudan University in China have produced looks identical to rhino horn under a microscope. It has a similar chemical signature and behaves like rhino horn when cut or shaved. It even smells the same when burned.With such properties, Vollrath believes his artificial horn could be used to covertly flood the market with a cheap, convincing replacement, reducing the demand that leads to rhinos being slaughtered.A number of experts pushed back, however, saying such a product is unnecessary and even dangerous.Some wealthy elites in China and Vietnam continue to give rhino horn as gifts and, in Vietnam, bring it to parties as a hangover preventive. In China, it's also carved into jewelry and ornate cups, and collected for speculation purposes."What we've seen is that most rhino horn is now being used for status symbols," said Olivia Swaak-Goldman, executive director of the Wildlife Justice Commission, a nonprofit organization that investigates wildlife trafficking networks.Status depends on rhino horn's exclusivity, high price and rarity, things that Vollrath believes his artificial horn could undermine.Rhino horn, as Vollrath puts it, is "nothing but a tuft of nose hair stuck together with glue that comes out of the animal's nose glands." He and his colleagues chose horsehair as a basis for their fake rhino horn because horses are a close relative of rhinos. They cleaned and tightly bundled the hair, then bound it together with a mixture of liquefied silk, which stood in for the collagen found in rhino horn, as well as cellulose, which represented the plant material that gets rubbed in as rhinos sharpen their horns.Pembient, a Seattle-based bioengineering company, is exploring the development of 3D-printed rhino horn. Matthew Markus, Pembient's chief executive, said he would be open to testing the new horsehair formula.But his company has also faced pushback from conservationists.Critics say that fake rhino horn risks stimulating demand for real horn and that it would complicate policing. "There's already scarce resources for wildlife crime, and we don't want to make it even more difficult for law enforcement," said Swaak-Goldman, who works with governments and law enforcement agencies.Peter Knights, chief executive of WildAid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending illegal wildlife trade, added that the market in Vietnam was already flooded with convincing fakes, like water buffalo horn, which accounts for up to 90% of what's sold as rhino horn.Frederick Chen, an economist at Wake Forest University, said that there was more than one way to flood a market, however. "Conservation groups tend to clump different strategies under one roof and have a knee-jerk reaction that they have to reject them all," he said. "But the dangers they point out don't apply to all strategies."Chen agreed that introducing a product marketed as an artificial alternative would risk driving up demand for real rhino horn. But covertly introducing a product that passes as real rhino horn but later reveals itself to have some undesirable defect -- horns that deteriorate after purchase, for example, or horns that, when consumed, trigger a stomachache -- could ultimately undermine demand. "If you introduce quality uncertainty into the market, you are trying to create confusion and essentially destroy the rhino horn market," he said.For now, these ideas remain in the realm of theory, and much of that theory goes against real-world evidence suggesting what might happen if the market was flooded with fake horn, said Solomon Hsiang, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley. Hsiang cautioned, for example, that experiments trying to undermine black markets in elephant ivory by selling legal ivory backfired and ultimately led to increased poaching.Engineering fake rhino horn "seems like an elaborate technological approach that is not without potentially serious risk," Hsiang said, when a much simpler strategy would be to focus on targeted demand reduction.According to Lynn Johnson, founder of Nature Needs More, a nonprofit organization that aims to reduce wildlife demand and supply, demand reduction campaigns should focus on top rhino horn users, who are usually wealthy, elite men.Johnson interviewed 20 such individuals in Vietnam and found that they did not fall for fakes: They take measures to ensure their purchase is genuine, including working with a trusted supply chain and requesting the rhino's tail as proof of provenance.They also told her that they view rhino horn as a luxury product that confers prestige. A 2018 study involving 30 Vietnamese rhino horn buyers found that most no longer believed it could cure cancer, a newfangled use that became popular around a decade ago, but they still sought it out as a symbolic final gesture to comfort terminally ill relatives.Belief in rhino horn's traditional medical properties also seems to be on the decline. A survey of 400 people in Vietnam carried out by WildAid in 2016 revealed that 23% thought rhino horn had medicinal value, down from 69% in 2014.But as long as influential people continue to hold rhino horn in high regard, Johnson says that younger and less successful people will also continue to see it as something desirable. "As soon as people can afford the real thing, they'll buy it," she said.Changing the minds of top users, something Johnson and her colleagues are trying to do, is therefore key to quashing demand, she said."I'm a scientist, but you have to know when science won't help," she said. "Calls for fake rhino horn just shows that there's a lack of understanding about the true commercial nature and consumer desire of current demand."This article originally appeared in The New York Times.(C) 2019 The New York Times Company


















蜘蛛丝+水珠=不打结的耳机线 1蜘蛛丝+水珠=不打结的耳机线 2没水有水蛛丝的区别如此之大


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Hong Kong Protests: Tens Of Thousands Return To Streets After Days Of Calm As Radicals Trash Shops With Mainland China Links



China Economy Sees First Manufacturing Growth Since April, But Trade War Still Hammering Exports














银杏门下只有1纲——银杏纲;该纲之下只有1目——银杏目;银杏目下也只有1科1属1种——银杏(Gingko biloba L.)。也就是说,现代的银杏没有任何现存于世的亲属物种。因为它所有的亲属都在两亿七千万年以来的无数场浩劫里,消失在地球舞台上了。

距今约三亿年前的二叠纪世界 ,大气二氧化碳含量比前工业时代高3倍,平均温度也因此比现在的地球高一些。大陆漂移使得地球上的大陆聚合在了一起,导致陆地内部变得更加干旱。因此,生殖过程离不开水的蕨类植物逐渐失去了优越性,取而代之的是更加耐旱的新贵——裸子植物。











































注1:在不同分类系统下,裸子植物的分类未能统一。按照最新版本的APG IV分类法,裸子植物门取消,其下以前与松柏纲并列的红豆杉纲被降为红豆杉目并移入松柏纲下。但在我国植物学传统上,仍倾向于认为现存裸子植物分为5纲:松柏纲、银杏纲、买麻藤纲、苏铁纲和红豆杉纲。





1.Shen, L; Chen, X-Y; Zhang, X; Li, Y-Y; Fu, C-X; Qiu, Y-X (2004). "Genetic variation of Ginkgo biloba L. (Ginkgoaceae) based on cpDNA PCR-RFLPs: inference of glacial refugia". Heredity. 94 (4): 396–401. doi:10.1038/sj.hdy.6800616. PMID 15536482.

2. Tang, CQ; al, et (2012). "Evidence for the persistence of wild Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgoaceae) populations in the Dalou Mountains, southwestern China". American Journal of Botany. 99 (8): 1408–1414. doi:10.3732/ajb.1200168. PMID 22847538.

3.Hohmann, N., Wolf, E.M., Rigault, P. et al. Ginkgo biloba’s footprint of dynamic Pleistocene history dates back only 390,000 years ago. BMC Genomics 19, 299 (2018) doi:10.1186/s12864-018-4673-2

4.Guan, R., Zhao, Y., Zhang, H. et al. Draft genome of the living fossil Ginkgo biloba. GigaSci 5, 49 (2016) doi:10.1186/s13742-016-0154-1

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我们不妨再参考设备制造商和移动运营商的视角,共同展望一下5G的可能应用场景。基于ITU对5G三大基础场景的定义【(1) eMBB(Enhance Mobile Broadband),增强型移动宽带。核心:Gbps级的传输速率,满足高清视频、AR/VR等大带宽需求。(2) uRLLC(Ultra Reliable & Low LatencyCommunication),低时延、高可靠通信。核心:1ms的空口间时延,满足车联网、无人驾驶、远程医疗等低时延、高可靠需求。(3) mMTC(Massive Machine Type Communication),海量物联网连接。核心:100万个/平方公里的连接密度,满足物联网、智慧城市等海量接入需求】,华为在《5G时代十大应用场景白皮书》中指出,云VR/AR,车联网、智能制造、智慧能源、无线医疗、无线家庭娱乐、联网无人机、社交网络、个人AI辅助、智慧城市是5G时代的应用场景。





事实上,卫星通信和地面移动通信在2G时代,就尝试过邂逅与融合,产生了卫星移动通信系统。1989年,国际海事卫星组织(Inmarsat)决定将业务范围从航海和航空卫星通信扩展到陆地卫星通信,并更名为国际移动卫星组织,1994年完成改制,变革为国际商业公司,成为最早的卫星移动通信系统服务商,大名鼎鼎的“海事卫星电话”就是它的服务产品。该公司目前通过4颗固定轨道卫星向全球提供移动通信服务【其固定轨道卫星分别为I-4 F1(25°E 服务于欧洲和非洲,2005年3月发射)、 I-4 F2(143.5°E服务于亚太地区,2005年11月发射)、 I-4 F3(98°W服务于美洲地区,2008年8月发射)、I-4A(Alphasat,2013年7月发射)】,是目前商业运营最成功的卫星移动通信系统。








ITU针对卫星与地面5G融合的问题,提出了星地5G融合的4种应用场景,包括中继到站、小区回传、动中通及混合多播场景,并提出支持这些场景的关键因素,包括多播、智能路由、动态缓存管理及自适应流、延时、一致的服务质量、NFV(NetworkFunction Virtualization,网络功能虚拟化)/SDN(SoftwareDefined Network,软件定义网络)兼容、商业模式的灵活性等。




SaT5G联盟:2017年6月,英国电信、空客防务及航天公司、萨里大学等16家企业与研究机构联合成立了SaT5G(Satelliteand Terrestrial Network for 5G)联盟,计划在30个月内完成卫星与5G的无缝集成方案,并进行试用。整个项目将完成以下5个方面的工作:1)定义和评估将星地5G融合的网络体系结构解决方案;2)研究星地5G融合的商业价值主张;3)定义和开发星地5G融合的相关关键技术;4)对星地5G融合的特性和用例进行演示;5)推进星地5G融合在3GPP和ETSI中的标准化工作。




我国《国家民用空间基础设施 中长期发展规划(2015-2025年)》中明确提出:“坚持天地一体化发展,空间系统与地面系统同步规划、同步研发、同步建设、同步使用,提升系统整体效能。”天地一体化网络背景下,用户能够在任意时间、地点透明地享受来自于地面网络/天基网络的融合服务。[融合服务的维度:覆盖融合、业务融合、体制融合、用户融合、芯片融合、终端融合、应用融合]



北京邮电大学吕廷杰教授在《5G与产业互联网》的主题演讲中提出了这样的观点:“移动通信的一代、三代、五代通常都是颠覆性技术的诞生,偶数代通常是对奇数代的优化和完善,并发展出创新业务,是可以改写游戏规则的技术” 。


NR Light:针对中档NR(新空口)设备(例如可穿戴设备)运作进行优化设计;小数据传输优化;Sidelink增强:sidelink是D2D直联通信采用的技术;52.6GHz以上频率:R15中定义的FR2毫米波频段上限为52.6GHz,R17中将对52.6GHz以上频段的波形进行研究。多SIM卡操作;NR多播/广播;覆盖增强;非陆地网络NR:NR支持卫星通信相关标准化;定位增强;RAN数据收集增强;NB-IoT和eMTC增强;IoT和URLLC增强;MIMO增强;综合接入与回传增强;非授权频谱;NR增强;节能增强。




作者 | 郭浩然 博士

编辑 | 游宗泽


【知乎日报】千万用户的选择,做朋友圈里的新鲜事分享大牛。 点击下载


Veterinary Medical Director in Hong Kong | Tai Wai Small Animal & Exotic Hospital

Tai Wai, Hong Kong, China, A kaleidoscope of life, a sophisticated fusion of East and West! The Hong Kong tourist board describes our wonderful city; ‘A city of diversity where new and old meet at every turn. With a large En

Climate change news: EU to challenge the U.S. and China


The European Union will challenge the U.S. and China on climate-change targets as the fight against global warming becomes a major international issue, according to new European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

India is still the fastest-growing major economy

While global issues like the US-China trade war and fears of a recession in Europe have cast a shadow over the bright prospects in India, the country is still the fastest-growing major economy in the world, Vineet Jain said at The Economic Times Awards. Jain said he expects the government to continue its reforms and clear any doubts people had on that front.

Huet d'Belt and Road Initiative d'Situatioun fir d'Uighuren an der Regioun Xinjiang verschlëmmert?

Belt and Road Initiative nennt di chinesesch Zentralregierung hier Pläng, fir d'Transport an Handelsstrecken no Westen auszebauen. Och di Lëtzebuerger Regierung huet dëst Joer mat Beijing Accorden am Kontext vun der Belt and Road Initiative en Accord ënnerschriwwen. Kuerz drop huet CFL Multimodal eng Gidderzuchverbindung mat China lancéiert, deen d'Regioun Xinjiang am Nordweste vu China passéiert. Do wou Beijing den China Cables vum Journalistekonsortium ICIJ no, déi muslimesch Minoritéit vun den Uighuren systematesch an prisongsähnlech Campen em erzéie léisst.

First Electric Bus From China To Chandigarh

In the wake of finishing the 15-day trial of a TATA Motors electrical transport, the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) will soon go in for a trial keep running of another transport.

Cheap Business Class: Europe to Australia from $2,400 return


Australian Frequent Flyer
Australian Frequent Flyer - Tips, Tricks and Chat for the Australian Frequent Flyer

It’s that time of year again for Black Friday sales, and there are currently some outstanding flight deals available. For example, a Star Alliance airline is currently offering lie-flat Business Class flights from Europe to Australia for as little as $2,400 round-trip! That’s less than a third of the usual price, and significantly cheaper than […]

Cheap Business Class: Europe to Australia from $2,400 return
Matt Graham


Memo to Trump: 'You're ruining Christmas'

Trump is setting the financial burden for his ridiculous conflict with China at the feet of American businesses and consumers, just in time for Christmas.

EarthLink – News


EarthLink – News China furious, Hong Kong celebrates after US move on bills By YANAN WANG | Thu, November 28, 2019 03:32 EST BEIJING (AP) — China reacted furiously Thursday to President Donald Trump’s signing two bills aimed at supporting human rights in Hong Kong, summoning the U.S. ambassador to protest and warning the move […]

The post EarthLink – News appeared first on Information Online.


Panchine rosse nella Giornata mondiale per l'eliminazione della violenza sulle donne

Tra le iniziative dell'ateneo Cattedra Unesco e corsi di formazione sul tema
Immagine principale

L’Università dell’Insubria ha partecipato il 25 novembre 2019 con un gesto simbolico alla Giornata per l'eliminazione della violenza sulle donne. In mattinata studenti, docenti e personale dell’ateneo hanno dipinto di rosso una panchina al Campus di Bizzozero, a Varese, e una al Chiostro di Sant’Abbondio, a Como.

leggi tutto



Do you know where I can find a version with English subtitles?

Mingguan Amanz – Honor V30 Pro, Apple AirPods Pro, Waze Harga Tol

Minggu ini menyaksikan sejumlah peranti baru dilancarkan, termasuk Huawei Y9s untuk pasaran Malaysia pada harga RM999, pelancaran Honor V30 dan Honor V30 Pro di China, dan pengenalan Apple AirPods Pro di Malaysia pada harga RM1099. Realme turut telah mula mengacah kehadiran Realme X2 Pro untuk pasaran Malaysia tidak lama lagi, bersama-sama Xiaomi yang akan memperkenalkan […]


Ricerchiamo, per importante azienda cliente sita nel territorio canavesano operante nel settore della progettazione e costruzione macchinari di marcatura laser,…
Da Indeed - Wed, 13 Nov 2019 15:13:29 GMT - Visualizza tutte le offerte di lavoro a Rivarolo Canavese, Piemonte

新刊『スノーデン 独白』とインタヴューでたどる、世界一有名な告発者の軌跡


Edward Snowden

「新刊『スノーデン 独白』とインタヴューでたどる、世界一有名な告発者の軌跡」の写真・リンク付きの記事はこちら




新たに刊行された回想録『スノーデン 独白 消せない記録』で、スノーデンは長く使われていなかったほかのハンドルネームについても触れている。










そんなデジタル時代が始まる前の世界とその消滅を記録するために、スノーデンは私生活をさらけ出してまで『スノーデン 独白』の執筆にあたったという。彼は本書を通して、世の中の人が以前よりも自分を理解してくれるようになるのではないかと語った。






















『スノーデン 独白』では、スノーデンの関心の的と人生を変えた「雇用主(NSA)をデジタルに骨抜きする」という決断の理由が、何か特定の権力濫用ではないことも明らかにされている(ただし、彼は本のなかで、組織内における「LOVEINT」の例を大量に挙げた。LOVEINTとは、スタッフが恋愛や過去の恋人関係に絡んだスパイ活動をすることだ)。







スノーデンの生い立ちや暴露に至る動機はさておき、『スノーデン 独白』の最終章では、リークに至る過程が詳細に述べられている。










スノーデンは、残りの人生をロシアで過ごさなければならないのなら、それでも仕方がないと話す。いまは、モスクワで結婚した妻のリンジィとアパートで暮らしている。ハワイやメリーランドでよく食べていた米国のファストフードも、モスクワで同じように食べられる。報道の自由財団(Freedom of the Press Foundation)の理事も務めている。


スノーデンが自らを「家猫」と呼ぶように、彼はどこで暮らすことになろうとオンラインの世界の存在として生き続ける。「わたしの人生はいつも、パソコンのモニターを媒介にしています。それをニューヨークやベルリン、モスクワで観ることに、何の違いがあるのでしょうか? どれも同じインターネットなのです」とスノーデンは語った。














アップルは2019年10月初旬、香港民主化のデモ隊が警察の動きを追跡するために使用していたアプリ「」を、「App Store」から削除した。これは中国共産党の機関紙『人民日報』に、同アプリを批判する論説が掲載されたあとのことだった。さらに、ビジネスニュースサイト「Quartz」が香港でのデモ活動を大々的に報道したあとには、中国のApp Storeから同サイトのアプリを削除している。







さらにニュースサイト「Buzzfeed News」が10月上旬に報じたところによると、アップルは2018年、一部の「Apple TV+」の番組制作者に対して、過去にほかのスタジオがしてきたような中国のネガティヴな描写は避けるようにとの指示を出したという。




アップルは2018年、中国の国内法に準拠して中国のiCloudアカウントのデータと暗号化キーを中国国内で保存するようになったことから、中国政府にとっては国民の情報が入手しやすくなった。また2017年、アップルは中国のApp Storeから『ニューヨーク・タイムズ』のアプリと、数百に及ぶVPN(仮想プライヴェートネットワーク)アプリを削除している。





グーグルもまた、そこに含まれる企業のひとつだ。同社は10月半ば、「Google Play ストア」から香港のデモ運動を支持するモバイルゲーム「The Revolution of Our Times」を削除したことで、社内の従業員から批判を浴びたと報じられた。






















Opinion | Why Technology is Forging China's Critical Path - Forkast News



Women's Club World Championship: The records waiting to fall

Lausanne, November 29, 2019 - With the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship just around the corner, starting next Tuesday in Shaoxing, China, the scoring, attacking, blocking and serving records are the numbers against which the superstars of the competition will be judged and compared as they strive for the top positions in the ultimate club competition in the world.

Zhu Ting at 25: 25 Things about China's Superstar

Lausanne, Switzerland, November 29, 2019 - Superstar Zhu Ting, who has returned to her native China after a three-year stint in Turkey and is ready to lead her new club, Tianjin Bohai Bank, in the 2019 FIVB Club World Championship next week, celebrates her 25th birthday today.

Mixed results in last test for European sides ahead of Club World Championships

Lausanne, Switzerland, November 27, 2019 - Just before heading off to China for the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship three of the four European entrants scored convincing wins in Round 2 of the European Champions League this week.

Kosheleva ready for new challenges in Women’s Club World Championship

Lausanne, Switzerland, November 26, 2019 – Guangdong Evergrande Volleyball Club of China are back again in the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship after a six-year hiatus, now being bannered by the tournament’s two-time Best Outside Spiker award winner Tatiana Kosheleva, who will lead the squad in Shaoxing, China from December 3-8.

Dentil Praia Clube to rely on well-balanced roster

Lausanne, Switzerland, November 21, 2019 – Dentil Praia Clube's impressive list of achievements include a Brazilian Super Cup title earlier this month and finishing runners-up in the league last season. A talented and well-balanced roster could now be the key to a strong showing at the 2019 FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship in Shaoxing, China from December 3-8.

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“Obsession” is an Entrancing Evolution for Exo

The tree of life is dead, the world is on fire and evil doppelgangers are out for blood — mythological Exo are back with a vengeance in their comeback MV for “Obsession.” With Lay indefinitely in China and Xiumin and D.O. enlisted in their mandatory two-year military service, the six remaining members of Exo have […]

Kang Daniel Shows his Potential in “Touchin'”

On November 25th, Kang Daniel released his new digital single “Touchin’”, the second solo release of Wanna One’s center after this summer’s mini-album Color on Me. The public has been familiar with Daniel for a couple years now, but he’s just starting to cement himself as a solo performer in the fast-paced K-Pop stardom. “Touchin’” […]

Flynn News Coming Soon [30], Bread & Butter, [DS] KO – Episode 2032

The patriot economy is going according to plan, jobless claims have plunged, housing prices picking up, GDP numbers revised for last quarter. This is all part of the plan. The [CB] tried to shut this down but they didn’t succeed. The trade deal with China is not just about trade,

Patriots Leading [DS] Down The Path, IG FISA Is The Primer, It’s Time – Episode 2031

The patriot plan is working, housing prices have moved up for the first time since 2018, cutting rates and starting stimulus does control the economy. Social security audit shows that the SS admin have been sending out payments to people with no SS numbers. The phase one of the China

China Steel сократит стальные цены в первом квартале 2020 года.

Как сообщает Taipei Times, тайваньская компания China Steel Corp объявила в воскресенье, что сократит цены на сталь в среднем Как сообщает Taipei Times, тайваньская компания China Steel Corp объявила в воскресенье, что сократит цены на сталь в среднем...

Appartamento in Vendita Roburent - Zona: San Giacomo Di Roburent

San Giacomo di Roburent, in zona centralissima e comoda ai servizi, nel complesso residenziale "Prinot" con accesso da viale Pianfei, vendesi appartamento libero da inquilini, parzialmente arredato, in piano primo (2o fuori terra) composto da ingresso in spaziosa cucina con balcone, camera letto con balcone, bagno. L'immobile in oggetto in conformita' al rogito notarile di acquisto, non partecipa alla comunione e alle relative spese del complesso "Prinot" salvo la sola comunione riguardante l'acquedotto (consumo acqua potabile) e collettore - fognario.La localita' turistica di San Giacomo di Roburent si estende tra i pendii del Monte Alpet (1600 m) e il Bric Colme' (1300 m) ed offre un ottima esposizione al sole, una splendida vista panoramica sulle vallate circostanti e nella stagione invernale 32 km di percorsi innevati, a disposizione di sciatori e snowboarder. Le piste da sci servite dagli impianti Colme' e Pineta, come quelle della zona del campo scuola, sono attrezzate con cannoni per l'innevamento artificiale che ne assicurano l'apertura anche in caso di scarse nevicate. Presso il Campo scuola si trova Babylandia, un'area dedicata ai piu' piccoli, con parco giochi e tapis roulant. Una pista di pattinaggio ed il noleggio di motoslitte moltiplicano le opportunita' per lo svago e la vacanza in montagna proposte da questo piccolo comprensorio, che rimane un eccellente punto di partenza per scoprire le bellezze naturali della Val Casotto e della Val Corsaglia a meno di un ora di macchina da Genova o da Torino.

Opnieuw indrukwekkende jury voor International VELUX Award


De International VELUX Award 2020 moedigt architectuurstudenten van over de hele wereld aan om met daglicht te werken. Het thema van de International VELUX Award 2020 is “Light of Tomorrow”. Zodra de registratieperiode is afgesloten, hebben de studenten(teams) tot 15 juni de tijd om hun project in te dienen in één van de twee categorieën: Daylight in Buildings, dat zich richt op projecten die laten zien hoe daglicht in gebouwen slimmer te benutten is. Of Daylight Investigations, dat zich focust op onderzoek naar cruciale factoren voor de gezondheid en het welzijn van de gebruikers van gebouwen. Denk aan de fysieke eigenschappen van daglicht en nieuwe constructiematerialen.

"We zijn zeer verheugd om onze geweldige jury voor IVA 2020 voor te stellen. Deze internationaal gerenommeerde architecten staan voor belangrijke en baanbrekende architectuur en zijn tegelijkertijd zeer betrokken docenten," zegt programmamanager van de International VELUX Award, Per Arnold Andersen.

De jury:

Odile Decq is een Franse architect en stedenbouwkundige die in 2017 de Architizer's Lifetime Achievement Award heeft ontvangen voor haar baanbrekende werk, maar ook voor haar betrokkenheid en bijdrage aan het debat over architectuur.

Sebastián Adamo uit Argentinië is medeoprichter van het architectenbureau Adamo-Faiden dat sinds 2005 gevestigd is in Buenos Aires. Hun internationale praktijk strekt zich uit tot onderwijs en onderzoek en hun werken worden op grote schaal tentoongesteld in Amerika en Europa.

Nóra Demeter is een architect gevestigd in Hongarije. Samen met Zoboki-Demeter en medewerkers heeft haar enorme internationale expertise haar in staat gesteld om complexe lokale en internationale projecten aan te pakken, zoals het Paleis van de Kunsten in Boedapest.

Juri Troy is een Oostenrijkse architect wiens projecten zich concentreren op duurzaamheid, energie-efficiëntie en holistische bouwconcepten. Daarom speelt het gebruik van hout altijd een belangrijke rol in zijn werk.

Martin Pors Jepsen uit Denemarken, is vicepresident Global Product Management bij VELUX. Hij heeft verschillende functies binnen de VELUX Groep bekleed, waaronder die van General Manager van VELUX China en Global Product Manager voor VELUX Solar.

Persoonlijke projectpresentatie tijdens WAF 2020

De internationale jury komt begin juli bijeen in Kopenhagen om alle ingezonden projecten te beoordelen. De jury kiest voor ieder van de twee categorieën een regionale winnaar uit de vijf regio's van de International Union of Architects (UIA); 1) West-Europa, 2) Oost-Europa en het Midden-Oosten, 3) Noord-, Zuid- en Midden-Amerika, 4) Azië en Oceanië en 5) Afrika.

Nederlandse studenten dingen in de twee categorieën mee in de regio West-Europa. De in totaal tien regionale winnaars mogen hun projecten persoonlijk aan de jury en een live publiek presenteren tijdens het World Architecture Festival in november 2020. Op basis van de presentaties selecteert de jury een wereldwijde winnaar voor ieder van de twee categorieën, ‘Daylight in Buildings’ en ‘Daylight Investigations’. Deze wereldwijde winnaars ontvangen ieder € 5.000, wat wordt verdeeld tussen de student(en) en de docent(en).

Inschrijvingen geopend

Inschrijvingen voor de International VELUX Award zijn sinds september geopend. Bouwkundestudenten van over de hele wereld worden aangemoedigd zich aan te melden voor de prijs en na te denken over hun slimme idee voor een daglichtproject. De registratiedeadline is 1 april 2020. Om zich in te schrijven voor de prijs, kunnen studenten terecht op:

Ga voor meer informatie over de jury naar:


Redmi Note 8 Pro: η έκδοση με 6GB+64GB στα 182€!! [Deal Alert!] - GizChina Greece

  1. Redmi Note 8 Pro: η έκδοση με 6GB+64GB στα 182€!! [Deal Alert!]  GizChina Greece
  2. [ΝΕΕΣ ΣΟΥΠΕΡ ΤΙΜΕΣ!] : ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΕΣ προσφορές απο το Gearbest για Xiaomi και Oneplus κινητά.
  3. Xiaomi Mi Note 10: Πέφτει στα 400 ευρώ στο Gearbest το πρώτο smartphone των 108MP  Techmaniacs
  4. Gearbest: Black Friday κουπόνια για Xiaomi/OnePlus smartphones!  GizChina Greece
  5. [#BlackFriday]Xiaomi Redmi 8 3/32GB με 5000mAh μπαταρία με μόλις 96€ και το 4/64GB με 110!!!
  6. Προβολή πλήρους κάλυψης στην εφαρμογή Ειδήσεις Google


Motorola RAZR:«σκοτώνει» τις τιμές του service για να τραβήξει πελάτες - GizChina Greece

Motorola RAZR:«σκοτώνει» τις τιμές του service για να τραβήξει πελάτες  GizChina Greece

Xiaomi: «σφαίρα» πάνε τα gadgets, έτος με ρεκόρ κερδών το 2019! - GizChina Greece

Xiaomi: «σφαίρα» πάνε τα gadgets, έτος με ρεκόρ κερδών το 2019!  GizChina Greece

Nonfiction November: 100+ Nonfiction Books I Want to Read


Nonfiction November is hosted this year by Julie (JulzReads), Sarah (Sarah’s Book Shelves), Katie (Doing Dewey), Rennie (What’s Nonfiction) — is a month-long celebration of everything nonfiction. Each week, they’ll be a different prompt and a different host looking at different ideas about reading and loving nonfiction.

Week 5 (Nov. 26 to Nov. 30)
New to my TBR (Hosted by Rennie at What’s Nonfiction?)
It’s been a month full of amazing nonfiction books! Which ones have made it onto your TBR? Be sure to link back to the original blogger who posted about that book!

What nonfiction have I added this month to my TBR?
Are you ready for this ridiculously long list of books I'm determined to track down and read? To simplify things, I'm sorting the nonfiction by themes. Thank you for sharing your favorites with me this month! 


The Point of Poetry: How Poetry Can Teach Us About the Things in Life Which Really Matter by Joe Nutt, recommended by Rather Too Fond of Books.

The Pursuit of Art: Travels, Encounters, Revelations by Martin Gayford, recommended by Adventures in Reading, Running, and Working from Home.


Books That Saved My Life: Reading For Wisdom, Solace and Pleasure by Michael McGirr, recommended by Brona's Books.

Packing My Library: An Elegy and Ten Digressions by Alberto Manguel, recommended by Words and Peace.


Buttermilk Graffiti: A Chef's Journey to Discover America's New Melting-Pot Cuisine by Edward Lee, recommended by Based on a True Story

Eight Flavors: The Untold Stories of American Cuisine by Sarah Lohman, recommended by What's Nonfiction.

Kitchen Yarns: Notes on Life, Love, and Food by Ann Hood, recommended by Unruly Reader and Gulfside Musing.

More Home Cooking: A Writer Returns to the Kitchen by Laurie Colwin, recommended by What's Nonfiction?

A Square Meal: A Culinary History of the Great Depression by Jane Ziegelman, recommended by Gulfside Musing.


Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire's Slaves by Adam Hochschild, recommended by Just One More Page.

The Children's Blizzard by David Laskin, recommended by Still Life, with Cracker Crumbs.

Dancing Bears: True Stories of People Nostalgic for Life Under Tyranny 
by Witold Szablowski, recommended by What's Nonfiction.

Escape from Paris: A True Story of Love and Resistance in Wartime France by Stephen Harding, recommended by JulzReads.

Expeditions Unpacked: What the Great Explorers Took Into the Unknown by Ed Stafford, recommended by JulzReads.

Forty Autumns: A Family’s Story of Courage and Survival on Both Sides of the Berlin Wall by Nina Willner, recommended by JulzReads and Novel Visits.

The Hidden Places of World War II: The Extraordinary Sites Where History Was Made During the War That Saved Civilization
 by Jerome M. O’Connor, recommended by JulzReads.

The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11 by Garrett M. Graff, recommended by Sarah's BookshelvesTina SaysTBR, Etc., and Novel Visits.

Les Parisiennes: How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved, and Died Under Nazi Occupation 
by Anne Sebba, recommended by The Paperback Princess.

Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets by Svetlana Alexievich, recommended by Maphead's Book Blog.

Singled Out: How Two Million Women Survived Without Men After the First World War by Victoria Nicholson, recommended by Books Please.

When Paris Went Dark: The City of Light Under German Occupation, 1940-1944 by Ronald Rossbottom, recommended by TBR, Etc.


Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, recommended by Bookishly BoisterousThe Lowrey Library, and Read All the Things.

Educated by Tara Westover, recommended by The Cozy Reading NookOrange County ReadersThe Lowrey Library, and An Adventure in Reading.

I Miss You When I Blink: Essays by Mary Laura Philpott, recommended by Mind JoggleTina Says, Reading Ladies' Book Club, and Sarah's Bookshelves.

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love by Dani Shapiro, recommended by Gulfside Musing and Reading Ladies' Book Club,

Kick: The True Story of JFK's Sister and the Heir to Chatsworth by Paula Byrne, recommended by The Paperback Princess.

Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan, recommended by Sincerely Stacie.

Wine Girl: The Obstacles, Humiliations, and Triumphs of America's Youngest Sommelier by Victoria James, recommended by TBR, Etc.


Everywhere I Look by Helen Garner, recommended by NancyElin.

Why You Should Read Children's Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise by Katherine Rundell, recommended by Reading With Jade.

21st Century Yokel by Tom Cox, recommended by Cracker Crumb Life.

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Franz de Waal, recommended by Maphead's Book Blog.

Around the World in 80 Trees by Jonathan Drori, recommended by Superfluous Reading.

The Armchair Birder: Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds 
by John Yow, recommended by Words and Peace.

City of Trees by Sophie Cunningham, recommended by Brona's Books.

Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer, recommended by An Adventure in Reading.

Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach, recommended by An Adventure in Reading.

The Hidden World of the Fox by Adele Brand, recommended by Book Dilettante.

How to Raise a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature by Scott D. Sampson, recommended by Still Life With Cracker Crumbs.

Life List: A Woman's Quest for the World's Most Amazing Birds by Olivia Gentile, recommended by Words and Peace.

Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs, and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are by Bill Sullivan, recommended by JulzReads and What's Nonfiction?

Rewild Yourself: 23 Spells for Making Hidden Things Visible by Simon Barnes, recommended by Still Life With Cracker Crumbs.

Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature by Rachel Corby, recommended by Still Life With Cracker Crumbs.

The Source: The Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain by Tara Swart, recommended by Orange County Readers.

Superlative: The Biology of Extremes by Matthew D. LaPlante, recommended by Superfluous Reading.

Tamed: Ten Species That Changed Our World by Alice Roberts, recommended by Kate Vane.

Twelve Patients: Life and Death in Bellevue Hospital
 by Eric Mannheimer, recommended by Hopewell's Public Library of Life.

Vitamin N: 500 Ways to Enrich the Health and Happiness of Your Family and Your Community by Richard Louv, recommended by Still Life With Cracker Crumbs.

Where the Hornbeam Grows: A Journey in Search of a Garden by Beth Lynch, recommended by What Cathy Read Next.

The Wild Remedy: How Nature Mends Us - A Diary by Emma Mitchell, recommended by Reading With Jade.

The World of the Salt Marsh: Appreciating and Protecting the Tidal Marshes of the Southeastern Atlantic Coast by Charles Seabrook, recommended by The Cozy Reading Nook.

Why Birds Sing: A Journey into the Mystery of Bird Song by David Rothenberg, recommended by Words and Peace.


The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker, recommended by Unruly Reader.

Any Ordinary Day: Blindsides, Resilience, and What Happens After the Worst Day of Your Life by Leigh Sales, recommended by Brona's Books.

Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness, recommended by Rather Too Fond of Books.

Create Calm by Kate James, recommended by Brona's Books.

The Dark Side of the Mind: True Stories from My Life as a Forensic Psychologist by Kerry Daynes, recommended by Rather Too Fond of Books.

The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves by Stephen Grosz, recommended by Books Are My Favourite and Best.

The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50 by Jonathan Rauch, recommended by Howling Frog Books.

Home Sweet Maison: The French Art of Making a Home by Danielle Postel-Vinay, recommended by Unruly Reader.

How to Eat Better: Simple Science to Supercharge Your Nutrition by James Wong, recommended by louloureads.

Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy by Irvin Yalom, recommended by Books Are My Favourite and Best.

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig, recommended by Beverley A Baird.

Small Wrongs: How We Really Say Sorry in Love, Life, and Law by Kate Rossmanith, recommended by Books Are My Favourite and Best.

The Talking Cure: Normal People, Their Hidden Struggles, and the Life-Changing Power of Therapy by Gillian Straker and Jacqui Winship, recommended by Books Are My Favourite and Best.

Welcoming the Unwelcomed by Pema Chödrön, recommended by Lovely Bookshelf 


Bohemian Living: Creative Homes Around the World by Robyn Lea, recommended by Brona's Books.

Chasing Slow: The Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path by Erin Loechner, recommended by Monica Baker.

Inconspicuous Consumption: The Environmental Impact You Don't Know You Have by Tatiana Schlossberg, recommended by Reading the End.

Mini-Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham, recommended by Based on a True Story

Social Issues

Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News by Kevin Young, recommended by Plucked From the Stacks.

Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, recommended by NancyElin.

Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy, recommended by BermudaOnion's Weblog.

Factfulness: Ten Reasons Why We're Wrong About the World---And Why Things Are Better Than You Think by Hans Rosling, recommended by Silver Button Books.

Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China by Leslie T. Chung, recommended by Hopewell's Public Library of Life.

Punishment Without Crime: How Our Massive Misdemeanor System Traps the Innocent and Makes America More Unequal
 by Alexandra Natapoff, recommended by Reading the End.

Teacher: One Woman's Struggle to Keep the Heart in Teaching by Gabbie Stroud, recommended by NancyElin.

The Years That Matter Most: How College Makes Us or Breaks Us by Paul Tough, recommended by Tina Says.


Church of the Small Things: The Million Little Pieces That Make Up a Life by Melanie Shankle, recommended by The Cozy Reading Nook.

Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, recommended by Lisa Notes.

Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again by Rachel Held Evans, recommended by The Lowrey Library

My Bright Abyss: A Spiritual Meditation by Christian Wiman, recommended by Words and Peace.

A Prayer Journal by Flannery O'Connor, recommended by The Lowrey Library

The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptic's Challenges to Christianity by Mark Clark, recommended by Never Enough Novels.

Searching For Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church by Rachel Held Evans, recommended by The Bookworm Chronicles

The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe by Richard Rohr, recommended by Monica Baker.


Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez, recommended by Reading With Jade.

Around the World in 80 Trains: A 45,000 Mile Adventure by Monisha Rajesh, recommended by Reading With Jade.

Bitter Lemons of Cyprus by Lawrence Durrell, recommended by Books Please.

Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found on the Mississippi Delta by Richard Grant, recommended by Adventures in Reading, Running, and Working from Home.

In Foreign Fields: How Not to Move to France by Susie Kelly, recommended by Superfluous Reading.

In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin, recommended by For Book Lovers and Random People.

Letters from Iceland by W. H. Auden and Louis MacNeice, recommended by

.- Todas las Historias extra-ordinarias.

.- Todos los capítulos de Tantos hombres y tan poco tiempo.




Semana 48. 333/33

Aunque ningún país está exento de tales dificultades, hay muchos que están inmersos en una crisis ambiental. Así pues, te presentamos los 10 países más sucios que, aunque seleccionados primordialmente por la contaminación del aire, no es el único factor que los ha traído a esta lista “sucia”:

- Nigeria: Uniendo a la mala calidad del aire y los desechos que en este país usualmente se depositan en las calles o vertederos no regulados, el 94% de la población está expuesta a niveles de contaminación que rebasan los parámetros establecidos por la Organización Mundial de Salud Algunos vertederos de este país pueden alcanzar las 2400 toneladas métricas de basura.

- Emiratos Árabes Unidos: La producción de petróleo y gas ha favorecido la contaminación del aire, además se han incrementado los vertederos de desechos y no existen normas que regulen esta situación. Frente a ello, la teocracia árabe del país se propuso la creación de una ciudad completamente limpia, es decir, libre de carbón. La hipotética ciudad tendría el nombre de Masdar, ‘Fuente’.

- Nepal. La suciedad de este país se debe a la contaminación del aire, la producción de petróleo y las insuficientes medidas sanitarias para producir alimentos y realizar la recolección de basura. En el 2015 la ciudad de Katmandú, capital de Nepal, sufrió un violento terremoto que afectó seriamente la infraestructura de la ciudad; derivado de ello, los trabajos de reconstrucción han generado un «coctel» perfecto de contaminantes.

- Kuwait. La industria petrolera y el consumo de dicho producto ha provocado la contaminación del agua, la muerte de diversas especies y altas emisiones de CO2. Hacia 1991 tuvo lugar un suceso que aún se comenta para contextualizar los perjuicios que causa la contaminación. Durante un día entero la ciudad se vio oscurecida por una nube ocre que redujo la visibilidad a menos de 500 metros e hizo bajar la temperatura 15 Cº.

- Mongolia. El uso de carbón en actividades cotidianas ha favorecido la mala calidad del aire, lo que provoca que miles de personas mueran al año debido a enfermedades respiratorias. Según los últimos registros, Mongolia ha aumentado el promedio de su temperatura hasta 2.2 Cº. En Ulán Bator, capital de Mongolia, durante algunos «malos días» el contador de pm 2.5 ha registrado un terrorífico 999, la cifra más elevada que puede consignar este aparato.

- Bahrein. Las industrias más populares del país —gas y petróleo— han elevado los niveles de contaminación del aire y agua, además este país ha desestimado el mantenimiento de áreas verdes y el manejo de residuos. De acuerdo con un estudio de la George Washington University, la incidencia del asma infantil está estrechamente vinculada con la polución ambiental; en Bahrein, la incidencia de ésta entre los menores de edad es de 26%.

- Afganistán. Aquí es común que los residuos -domésticos, industriales y médicos- sean tirados en las calles o en cloacas abiertas, contaminando así el río Kabul, principal proveedor de agua potable. Según el Ministerio de Salud de este país, un promedio de tres mil muertes anuales podrían ser adjudicadas a los altos niveles de contaminación; las enfermedades vinculadas a este fenómeno son principalmente respiratorias y cardiovasculares.

- India. Las grandes plantas industriales no sólo han provocado la mala calidad del aire si no la contaminación del río Ganges, uno de los más sucios en el mundo, pues carece de un sistema eficaz de recolección de basura. La contaminación en este país —considerado el más populoso, después de China— es ya legendaria. Los niveles de polución pueden llegar a producir fenómenos francamente patéticos, como en el caso de los «perros azules» de Gwalior, ciudad de la India. Los perros adquieren esta tonalidad por los residuos químicos que son desechados en el río Kasadi.

- Pakistán. Su aire es uno de los más dañinos para respirar, resultado de la actividad industrial. Además, la mayoría de su población no tiene acceso a agua potable segura o servicios sanitarios. Aquí las muertes atribuidas a la contaminación ascienden a 125 mil anualmente, según el Instituto de Métricas y Evaluación de la Salud de la Fundación Gates.

- Bangladesh. Este país se corona con el aire más tóxico del mundo. Así mismo, en algunas de sus ciudades se ha encontrado que el agua consumida contiene cantidades alarmantes de arsénico, lo cual ha incrementado enfermedades como el cáncer .

.- Todas las Historias extra-ordinarias.

.- Todos los capítulos de Tantos hombres y tan poco tiempo.


Trump is expected to discuss China, Russia challenges with NATO leaders next week

Trump administration officials stressed the ongoing challenges NATO faces from Russia and China.

China's latest tactic: Call America racist

It couldn't be much clearer that Beijing is hoping to dilute the impact of a rare bipartisan effort by Congress and the Trump administration to highlight China's human rights abuses, writes Jake Novak.

Trump signs bills backing Hong Kong protesters into law, in spite of Beijing's objections

He also says he hopes "Leaders and Representatives of China and Hong Kong will be able to amicably settle their differences."

Army Secretary expects briefing on TikTok vulnerabilities by year-end as US reviews China tech

A review of popular social-networking app TikTok is underway, and the Army Secretary said he expects a brief on the security of the service by Christmas.

Pas cher en ligne 2019 Nouveaux produits Chaussures pour fille Spot On H2R336 Girls Black Patent T-Bar Flat Shoes (R28B) Chaussures décontractées pour fille de 2 à 16 ans

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DDL di bilancio 2020. Avvio dell’esame al Senato. Norme fiscali di interesse per il settore.


E’ all’esame, in prima lettura, in sede referente, della Commissione Bilancio del Senato, il Disegno di Legge recante “Bilancio di previsione dello Stato per l'anno finanziario 2020 e bilancio pluriennale per il triennio 2020-2022” (DDL 1586/S - Relatori Sen. Rossella Accoto (M5S) e Sen. Dario Stefano (PD).

Il provvedimento contiene le misure necessarie a conseguire gli obiettivi programmatici di finanza pubblica indicati, per il 2020 e per i due anni successivi, nella Nota di aggiornamento al Documento di economia e finanza 2019.

La “sessione di bilancio” si è aperta al Senato con l’assegnazione del provvedimento e lo svolgimento di un ciclo di audizioni preliminari all’esame a cui ha partecipato anche ANCE. In seguito all’acquisizione dei pareri delle altre Commissioni parlamentari la Commissione Bilancio ha, quindi, avviato l’esame, in sede referente, martedì 12 u.s.

Tra le norme fiscali del testo di maggior interesse, in particolare, si evidenziano le seguenti:

  • viene stabilita la sterilizzazione dell’aumento previsto per il 2020 dell’aliquota IVA ordinaria dal 22% al 24,2% e di quella ridotta dal 10% all’11,5% e sono rimodulati gli aumenti dell’IVA previsti dalla Legge di bilancio 2019 per il 2021 e 2022 (IVA ridotta all’11,5 % per 2020 e 2021; IVA ordinaria al 24,1% per il 2020 e al 24,5% per il 2021) (art.2);
  • viene disposta, per il periodo d’imposta successivo a quello in corso al 31 dicembre 2018, la deducibilità dell’IMU relativa agli immobili strumentali nella misura del 50% ai fini della determinazione del reddito di impresa e del reddito derivante dall’esercizio di arte e professioni (art.3);
  • viene messa a regime la riduzione al 10% dell’aliquota della cedolare secca da applicare ai contratti di locazione a canone concordato di immobili ad uso abitativo, ai sensi dell’art. 3 del DLgs 23/2011 (art. 4);
  • vengono prorogate per l’anno 2020 le detrazioni spettanti per le spese sostenute per interventi di efficienza energetica, di ristrutturazione edilizia (65% e 50%) e per l’acquisto di mobili e di grandi elettrodomestici (art.19);
  • vengono prorogati al 2020 il cd. superammortamento, che consente di maggiorare a fini fiscali (del trenta per cento) il costo degli investimenti beni materiali strumentali nuovi e il cd. iperammortamento, che consente di maggiorare ai fini fiscali (dal 50 al 170 per cento a seconda dell’investimento) il costo di acquisizione di beni materiali strumentali nuovi funzionali alla trasformazione tecnologica e/o digitale. Viene, altresì, riconosciuto un credito d’imposta, per gli anni dal 2020 al 2022, alle imprese che realizzano progetti ambientali che includono beni strumentali nuovi, pari al 10 per cento delle spese (art.22);
  • viene prorogato al 2020 l’applicazione della disciplina del credito d’imposta per le spese di formazione del personale dipendente nel settore delle tecnologie previste dal Piano nazionale Industria 4.0 (art.23);
  • viene prorogato al 31 dicembre 2020 il credito d'imposta per l'acquisto di beni strumentali nuovi per i comuni delle regioni Lazio, Umbria, Marche e Abruzzo colpiti dagli eventi sismici succedutisi dal 24 agosto 2016 (art.24);
  • viene introdotto un “bonus facciate” , ovvero viene prevista la detraibilità ai fini IRPEF del 90 per cento delle spese documentate, sostenute nell’anno 2020, relative agli interventi edilizi, ivi inclusi quelli di manutenzione ordinaria, finalizzati al recupero o restauro della facciata degli edifici (art.25);
  • viene previsto un rifinanziamento di 105 milioni di euro per l’anno 2020, di 97 milioni di euro per ciascuno degli anni dal 2021 al 2024 e di 47 milioni di euro per l’anno 2025 della cd. Nuova Sabatini, misura volta alla concessione – alle micro, piccole e medie imprese - di finanziamenti agevolati per investimenti in nuovi macchinari, impianti e attrezzature, compresi i cd. investimenti in beni strumentali “Industria 4.0” e di un contributo statale (30%) in conto impianti rapportato agli interessi calcolati sui finanziamenti stessi.

La maggiorazione del contributo statale per investimenti “Industria 4.0” è del 100% per gli investimenti realizzati dalle micro e piccole imprese nelle regioni Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardegna e Sicilia, nel limite complessivo di 60 milioni di euro a valere sulle risorse autorizzate. Una ulteriore riserva pari al 25% delle risorse autorizzate è destinata alle micro, piccole e medie imprese a fronte dell’acquisto, anche mediante leasing finanziario, di macchinari, impianti e attrezzature nuovi di fabbrica ad uso produttivo, a basso impatto ambientale (art.26);

  • viene ripristinata l'applicazione del trattamento fiscale agevolato istituito dall’articolo 1 del DL n. 201/2011, denominato aiuto alla crescita economica (ACE), che spetta alle imprese il cui capitale proprio viene incrementato mediante conferimenti in denaro e accantonamenti di utili a riserva (art.30);
  • vengono stanziati 3 miliardi di euro per gli anni 2021 e 2022 per l'attribuzione di rimborsi in denaro a favore di soggetti che fanno uso di strumenti di pagamento elettronici. Le modalità attuative saranno stabilite con apposito decreto del Ministero dell'Economia, sentito il Garante per la protezione dei dati personali, entro il 30 aprile 2020 (art.31);
  • viene disposto che la funzione di Presidente del Comitato di indirizzo delle Zone Economiche Speciali (ZES), sia regionali che interregionali, sia attribuita ad un Commissario straordinario del Governo. Viene, inoltre, esteso ai beni acquisiti entro il 31 dicembre 2022, il credito d’imposta concesso per gli investimenti nelle ZES (art.36);
  • viene modificato l’art.15 del DPR 917/1986-TUIR con l’introduzione, a decorrere dal periodo di imposta 2020, di una soglia di reddito oltre la quale le detrazioni Irpef relative a oneri di spesa, riconosciute nella misura del 19% si azzera con gradualità.

Nello specifico, la suddetta detrazione spetta:

  1. a) al 100%, qualora il reddito complessivo non ecceda 120.000 euro;
  1. b) per la parte corrispondente al rapporto tra l’importo di 240.000 euro, diminuito del reddito complessivo, e 120.000 euro, qualora il reddito complessivo sia superiore a 120.000 euro.

Il reddito complessivo è assunto al netto del reddito dell’unità immobiliare adibita ad abitazione principale e di quello delle relative pertinenze.

Per gli oneri relativi a interessi passivi e oneri accessori relativi a mutui contratti per l’acquisto e per la costruzione dell’abitazione principale, la detrazione compete nell’intero importo a prescindere dall’ammontare del reddito complessivo.

Viene previsto, inoltre, che, per fruire delle detrazioni IRPEF pari al 19% gli oneri devono essere pagati con versamento bancario o postale, oltre al bonifico bancario o postale, oppure attraverso carte di debito, di credito e prepagate, assegni bancari e circolari (artt. 75 e 85);

  • viene prorogata la facoltà di rideterminare i valori delle partecipazioni in società non quotate e dei terreni sia agricoli sia edificabili, posseduti da privati non esercenti attività commerciale alla data del 1° gennaio 2020, sulla base di una perizia giurata di stima e a condizione che il valore così rideterminato sia assoggettato a un'imposta sostitutiva pari all’11% dell’intero valore rivalutato delle aree. Tale imposta sostitutiva deve essere versata (o la prima rata nel caso di pagamento rateale) entro il 30 giugno 2020 (art. 89);
  • viene prevista, a decorrere dal 2020, l’abolizione dell'imposta unica comunale (IUC), ad eccezione della tassa sui rifiuti (TARI), e viene ridisciplinata l’imposta municipale propria (IMU). Il presupposto dell’imposta è il possesso di immobili, ad eccezione del possesso dell’abitazione principale o assimilata.

Fino al 2021, l’aliquota di base per i fabbricati costruiti e destinati dall'impresa costruttrice alla vendita (c.d. beni merce) è pari allo 0,1%. I comuni possono aumentarla fino allo 0,25% o diminuirla fino all’azzeramento. A decorrere dal 1° gennaio 2022, i predetti fabbricati costruiti e destinati dall’impresa costruttrice alla vendita sono esenti dall’IMU.

L’aliquota di base è fissata allo 0,86% e i comuni, a decorrere dall’anno 2021, possono diversificare le aliquote esclusivamente nell’ambito di una griglia individuata con decreto del MEF(art. 95);

  • viene introdotta una riforma della riscossione degli enti locali. In particolare, viene disposto che tutte le somme a qualsiasi titolo riscosse appartenenti agli enti locali affluiscano direttamente alla tesoreria dell’ente; viene introdotto, anche per gli enti locali l’istituto dell’accertamento esecutivo che consente di emettere un unico atto di accertamento avente i requisiti del titolo esecutivo; viene prevista la gratuità delle trascrizioni, iscrizioni e cancellazioni di pignoramenti e ipoteche richiesti dal soggetto che ha emesso l'ingiunzione o l’atto esecutivo (art. 96).

Nel fare riserva di mantenerVi informati sull’iter di approvazione del DDL in questione, cogliamo l’occasione per porgere i migliori saluti.


焦点分析 | 摩拜状告滴滴,一把锁至于吗?







































Ceramic Carbide Rod

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[中文字幕]DASD-571-CN让唾液缠绕自己摆动腰部。素颜出镜一夜旅行。“拔出叔叔的微笑过于淫乱的豹变” 根尾あ

"影片名称:DASD-571-CN CHINASES SUB 唾液を絡ませ自ら腰を振る。素顔丸出し一泊旅行。「おじさんを撃ち抜くスマイルの淫乱すぎる豹変」 根尾あ "


" DASD-572-CN CHINASES SUB 近親寝取られ伯父相姦。娘を豹変させたモラルの無い巨根。 永瀬ゆい"

Chinas Technologiepolitik - Die Kunst des Ausführens

In Europa und zumal in der Schweiz wird viel über Digitalisierung geredet, diskutiert, analysiert. In China dagegen wird nach Diskussion und Analyse nach Massgabe der Partei auch gehandelt.

Handelskonflikt - China besteht auf Rücknahme von Zöllen

China macht einem Medienbericht zufolge die Beilegung des Handelsstreits mit den USA von der Rücknahme von Zöllen abhängig.

U.S. Backs Hong Kong Protesters After Pro-Democracy Candidates Win Election

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: How, if at all, could a new U.S. law change the fight for democracy in Hong Kong? China's government has summoned the U.S. ambassador for a conversation. It is safe to say that Chinese officials are telling Terry Branstad of their displeasure. President Trump signed a law passed by Congress. That law promises sanctions on Chinese officials who violate human rights in Hong Kong. David Rennie is with us this morning to talk about that and more. He is The Economist's Beijing bureau chief. Welcome back to the program, David. DAVID RENNIE: Hello. INSKEEP: First, I have to ask, as best you can tell, is Beijing symbolically upset or seriously upset by this law? RENNIE: No. They are seriously upset, and you can tell that because if you're based in Beijing and you have off-the-record conversations with pretty senior Chinese officials, as I have in the last few days, they are full of the idea that all of these protests are being whipped

China furious, Hong Kong celebrates after US move on bills

Hong Kong, a former British colony that was granted semi-autonomy when China took control in 1997, has been rocked by six months of sometimes violent pro-democracy demonstrations.

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Caractéristiques de l'objet

État :
Neuf avec étiquettes: Objet neuf, jamais porté, vendu dans l'emballage d'origine (comme la boîte ou la pochette ... En savoir plussur l'état
País de origen: China
Material: Leather Marca: - Sin marca/Genérico -
Talla: 44 Artículo modificado: No
Temporada: Todas


Contemporary Style Wooden Curio Cabinet With 5 Shelf Brown

Price : $529
    Description: Display your keepsakes and decorative items in this stately curio cabinet. Five glass shelves are set against a mirrored back with dramatic can lighting at the top. Sleek bracket feet lift the cabinet from the floor for an airy, weightless feel. The rich medium brown finish of the wood construction creates a classic, distinguished look offering an instant upgrade for your home.Includes: One curio cabinet onlyFeature: Design: StandardWood Species: WoodWood Finish: OakNumber of Shelves: 5Storage Cabinets Included: NoNumber of Doors: 0Locking Doors: NoGlass Doors: YesDrawers Included: NoSilverware Tray: YesMirrored Back: YesWine Storage: YesStemware Holder: NoDistressed: NoLighting Included: YesShelf Material: GlassAdjustable Shelves: NoWood Tone: Dark brown woodDrawers: NoShelving: Yes


Grobocopatel: “El peronismo es un elemento ordenador; esperemos que nos conduzca hacia el futuro y no hacia el pasado”


Gustavo GrobocopatelGustavo Grobocopatel

A poco del cambio de la transición, el empresario agroindustrial Gustavo Grobocopatel aseguró que no tiene relación con el presidente electo, Alberto Fernández, pero se apropió de un concepto del sociólogo español Manuel Castells para mostrar su optimismo de cara a la etapa que viene.


“El peronismo es un elemento ordenador de la sociedad. Hasta ahora, mucha gente pensaba que era algo que desordenaba, pero yo creo que ordena. Hay que pensar las soluciones con el peronismo incluido, con el peronismo ordenador, que es lo que vamos a tener de acá en adelante”, enfatizó el presidente del grupo Los Grobo. “Esperemos que sea ordenador y nos conduzca hacia el futuro y no hacia el pasado”, añadió.


En el marco de los tradicionales almuerzos que organiza el Rotary Club, Grobocopatel dijo que “los países que ganaron en épocas de turbulencia, como la actual, son aquellos que abrazaron las causas de la tecnología y el desarrollo con mayor capacidad de adaptación”.


En ese contexto, puso el ejemplo de China y remarcó que no se dio allí la Revolución Industrial porque la sociedad no estaba preparada para los cambios. Además hizo referencia a la necesidad de lograr consensos y también habló de la grieta: “La experiencia de este año para mí fue traumática. Estuvimos ocho meses siendo espectadores de un debate público insustancial mientras se destruían el empleo y las empresas”, se sinceró.


Sobre la suba de retenciones, el empresario afirmó que si bien no es un fundamentalista en contra de estos impuestos, dependiendo de cómo se haga, caerá la producción agrícola y las inversiones en un sector que tiene mucho más para dar de lo que dio: “Soy de los que creen que el trigo y maíz siempre tuvieron que tener 5% de derechos por el mercado interno, pero es un instrumento que si lo aplican mal, no funciona”, aseguró.


“Además, se cree que las retenciones impactan sólo en el productor agropecuario, cuando en realidad afectan a toda la cadena agroindustrial. Hasta a Toyota que fabrica la Hilux le va a impactar”, agregó.


Para Grobocopatel, si el nuevo gobierno subiera las retenciones como trascendió, parte de esa recaudación debería ser usada, por ejemplo, para tener “créditos abundantes y baratos, al menos a las mismas tasas internacionales, para que los productores hagan inversiones. Porque eso no te ahoga, sino que te da la posibilidad de crecer”.


"Hay que ser muy ingeniosos para que las medidas que se tomen no destruyan, sino construyan y potencien", culminó el empresario.


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#32653: Yesterday, in China, I tried to connect to Tor network through snowflake bridge for 10 times. But all of the connections failed


Yesterday, in China, I tried to connect to Tor network through snowflake bridge for 10 times. But all of the connections failed.

Below is Tor log message.

11/30/19, 05:31:12.347 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:31:18.328 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:31:18.328 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:31:18.328 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:31:18.328 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:31:18.328 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:31:19.237 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 1% (conn_pt): Connecting to pluggable transport 11/30/19, 05:31:19.239 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 2% (conn_done_pt): Connected to pluggable transport 11/30/19, 05:31:27.660 [NOTICE] Bootstrapped 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay 11/30/19, 05:31:57.600 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 1; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:31:57.610 [WARN] 1 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:31:57.610 [WARN] 1 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:31:57.760 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:31:57.760 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:31:57.770 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 05:35:38.791 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:35:38.791 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:35:38.791 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:35:38.791 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:35:38.791 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:36:16.809 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 2; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:36:16.809 [WARN] 2 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:36:16.809 [WARN] 2 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:36:16.814 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:36:16.814 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:36:16.814 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 05:38:04.197 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:38:04.197 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:38:04.197 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:38:04.197 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:38:04.197 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:38:37.581 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 3; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:38:37.581 [WARN] 3 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:38:37.581 [WARN] 3 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:38:37.604 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:38:37.604 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:38:37.604 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 05:44:27.113 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:44:27.113 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:44:27.113 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:44:27.113 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:44:27.113 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:44:59.460 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 4; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:44:59.460 [WARN] 4 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:44:59.470 [WARN] 4 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:44:59.660 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:44:59.660 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:44:59.670 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 05:47:08.573 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:47:08.573 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:47:08.573 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:47:08.573 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:47:08.573 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:47:40.509 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 5; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:47:40.509 [WARN] 5 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:47:40.510 [WARN] 5 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:47:40.530 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:47:40.530 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:47:40.530 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 05:49:45.670 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:49:45.670 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:49:45.670 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:49:45.670 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:49:45.671 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:50:18.695 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 6; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:50:18.695 [WARN] 6 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:50:18.696 [WARN] 6 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:50:18.701 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:50:18.701 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:50:18.701 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 05:59:05.577 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:59:05.577 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:59:05.577 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:59:05.577 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:59:05.577 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:59:38.487 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 7; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 05:59:38.488 [WARN] 7 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 05:59:38.488 [WARN] 7 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 05:59:38.508 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 05:59:38.508 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 05:59:38.509 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 06:02:14.800 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:02:14.800 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:02:14.800 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:02:14.800 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:02:14.800 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:03:07.717 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 8; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 06:03:07.717 [WARN] 8 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 06:03:07.718 [WARN] 8 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 06:03:07.729 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:03:07.730 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:03:07.730 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 06:07:10.810 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:07:10.810 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:07:10.810 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:07:10.810 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:07:10.810 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:07:42.794 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 9; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 06:07:42.794 [WARN] 9 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 06:07:42.794 [WARN] 9 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 06:07:42.808 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:07:42.808 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:07:42.808 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0 11/30/19, 06:12:30.361 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:12:30.361 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:12:30.361 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:12:30.361 [NOTICE] Opening Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:12:30.361 [NOTICE] Opened Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:13:03.539 [WARN] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 10% (conn_done): Connected to a relay. (DONE; DONE; count 10; recommendation warn; host 2B280B23E1107BB62ABFC40DDCC8824814F80A72 at 11/30/19, 06:13:03.539 [WARN] 10 connections have failed: 11/30/19, 06:13:03.539 [WARN] 10 connections died in state handshaking (TLS) with SSL state SSLv3/TLS write client hello in HANDSHAKE 11/30/19, 06:13:03.545 [NOTICE] Closing no-longer-configured Socks listener on 11/30/19, 06:13:03.545 [NOTICE] DisableNetwork is set. Tor will not make or accept non-control network connections. Shutting down all existing connections. 11/30/19, 06:13:03.545 [WARN] Pluggable Transport process terminated with status code 0

I upload my state file. Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.


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Commenti su L’uomo che era Roy Batty di The Butcher

Mi ha molto colpito il paragone che hai fatto con il Roy Betty originale e il mostro di Frankenstein. Ricordo bene che inizialmente per il film su Frankenstein volevano che la Creatura fosse un essere freddo e spietato, una macchina da guerra senza freni. E invece per fortuna (grazie mille James Whale) l'hanno reso quel personaggio complesso e drammatico che conosciamo tutti. La stessa cosa vale per il personaggio di Roy Betty. La cosa che più di tutte mi affascina è che, anche se commette azioni tremende, lo spettatore capisce molto bene le sue motivazioni e ha pure ragione. Però le sue azioni sono comunque sbagliate. E' un personaggio tragico, scirtto bene e interpretato alla grande dal compianto Hauer.

Southeast Asia and China might replace Ecuador as Russia's banana supplier

The Russian agricultural control agency, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor), stated on Wednesday, November 27 that it could temporarily suspend imports of bananas from Ecuador, which account for 96% of all bananas sold in Russia, due to the interception of…

Uruguayan citrus seduces Asian markets

The opening of Asian markets to Uruguayan citrus consolidates the continent as a new destination for these fruits. The country has been exporting its citrus fruits to China since 2017. In addition, it has conducted a pilot experience in India. With the authorization of the Philippines and Vietnam markets…

Chile's port stoppages hurt cherry shipments to China

At the beginning of Chile's fruit export season, 4,000 trucks that had to enter to load and unload products at the port of San Antonio were unable do so since November 25, due to the stoppages and blockades there have been within the framework of the National strike called by the Unitary Central of…

China consolidates itself as the main destination for Chilean cherries

Chile expects to beat its cherry export record this season, as it expects to export 210,000 tons, i.e. 16% more than in the previous season. China, a country that last season received 88% of all Chilean cherry exports, is the main destination market for this fruit, stated the president of the Association…

Australian citrus growers head to China

Ten citrus growers from Griffith, in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, are ready for their first citrus study tour to China, supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI). The Griffith and District Citrus Growers Association Inc (GDCGA) received a Free Trade Agreement Market Entry Grant…

South African rand slips due to effects US-China trade war

South Africa’s rand weakened in early trade on Thursday as risk demand globally was stalled by a lack fresh progress on a US-China trade deal. Early in the morning, the rand was 0.16% weaker at 14.7760 per dollar versus an overnight close of 14.7350. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed into law…

China to push global 5G smartphone growth 1.5% in 2020, IDC says

Some 5G smartphone growth in 2019 was much slower than expected in other Asian countries.

Chine : Les deepfakes et fake news sont désormais illégales

Le gouvernement chinois vient d’assumer une nouvelle politique supposée prévenir la propagation de fake news, ou encore de deepfakes, ces vidéos créées grâce à l’intelligence artificielle. Ainsi, comme l’a remarqué Reuters, ces nouvelles réglementations rendent ce genre de publications illégales, s’il n’est précisé nulle part qu’elles sont fabriquées …

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Raising arrows: 100th Missile Defense Brigade family blends family from near, far

The VanDorstens are raising a family with biological children and children they adopted from China.
100th Missile Defense Brigade family blends family from near, far

Ex-CIA Officer Sentenced for Conspiring to Commit Espionage for China

A former CIA officer is heading to prison for conspiracy to commit espionage for China.

Emydocephalus szczerbaki sp. n. (Serpentes, Elapidae, Hydrophiinae) ― новый вид морской змеи рода черепахоголов из Вьетнама

Emydocephalus szczerbaki sp. n. (Serpentes, Elapidae, Hydrophiinae) ― новый вид морской змеи рода черепахоголов из Вьетнама Доценко, И.Б. Приводятся диагноз и описание нового вида морской змеи-плоскохвоста ― черепахоголова, Emydocephalus szczerbaki Dotsenko sp. n., из Вьетнама и его отличия от близких видов. Это третий вид данного рода морских змей-стенофагов, питающихся исключительно икрой рыб; два известных ранее вида распространены в прибрежных водах северной части Австралии и Новой Каледонии, а также Восточно-Китайского, Желтого и южной части Японского морей. Анализируются имеющиеся в литературе данные о видах рода, их морфологии и распространении.; Наведено діагноз і опис нового виду морської змії-пласкохвоста ― черепахоголова Emydocephalus szczerbaki Dotsenko sp. n. з В’єтнаму та його відмінності від близьких видів. Це третій вид цього роду морських змій -стенофагiв, що живляться виключно ікрою риб; два відомих раніше види поширені у прибережних водах північної частини Австралії та Нової Каледонії, а також у Східно-Китайському, Жовтому морях та південній частині Японського моря. Аналізуються наявні в літературі дані про види роду, їх морфологію та розповсюдження.; The diagnosis and description of new sea snake species Emydocephalus szczerbaki Dotsenko sp. n. from Vietnam and its distinguishes from the similar species are given. This is the third species of the sea snake stenofagous genus which eating exclusively fish eggs; two previously known species are common in coastal waters of Northern Australia and New Caledonia, and also in the East China Sea, Yellow Sea and southern part of Japan Sea. The previously published data on the species of the genus, their morphology and distribution are analyzed.

Trump Pertimbangkan Hapus Tarif Impor China untuk Apple

Setelah meninjau pabrik perakitan komputer Apple Inc, Presiden AS Donald Trump, Rabu (20/11), mengatakan sedang mempertimbangkan apakah akan membebaskan perusahaan Amerika itu dari pengenaan tarif impor untuk barang-barang dari China. "Kami sedang mempelajari," ujar Trump menjawab pertanyaan wartawan tentang tarif itu, setelah berkeliling pabrik perakitan komputer meja Mac Pro di Austin, Texas, bersama CEO Apple Tim Cook.  Cook, yang memiliki hubungan yang kuat dengan Trump, telah meminta agar Apple dibebaskan dari tarif impor itu. AS menerapkan tarif impor atas barang-barang dari China sebagai bagian dari perang dagang selama berbulan-bulan antara kedua ekonomi terbesar di dunia. Apple mengumumkan September lalu akan membuat komputer Mac Pro baru di Austin. Pengumuman itu datang beberapa hari setelah regulator perdagangan Amerika menyetujui 10 dari 15 permintaan pembebasan tarif yang diajukan Apple. Awal bulan ini, Apple juga meminta pemerintah Trump menghapus tarif pada Apple Watches yang dibuat di China, komponen iPhone dan produk-produk konsumen lainnya. Trump menjadikan peningkatan sektor manufaktur salah satu kebijakannya. Di Twitter ia mendesak perusahaan-perusahaan Amerika agar membuka usahanya di dalam negeri.[ka/pp]  

Researchers discover stellar black hole too large for science to explain

A team of scientists based in China announced the discovery of a stellar black hole so large that science currently lacks an explanation for it.

Animal-like embryos came before animals

A new analysis of 609-million-year-old fossils recovered from China suggests animal-like embryological traits evolved before the emergence of the first animals.

Evergreen Signs Up for Four 23,000 TEU Boxships in China

The ships will be built by Hudong-Zhonghua and Jiangan Shipyard.

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Frontline Secures USD 544 Mn for Ten Trafigura Tankers

Frontline has secured funds from China's ICBCL that would enable the company to complete the acquisition of ten Trafigura ships.

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This guy gets it. The God-Emperor is beyond next level:
China just announced they would allow rice imports from the U.S. for the first time in their history.

Read that again.

Trump just sold rice to CHINA.

What a f*cking legend.
Great stuff. I can't wait until he gets around to Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

UPDATE: Fifty-three percent of Republicans said Trump was a better president than Lincoln, while 47 percent chose the Civil War-era leader.

The majority is not wrong. Trump is a MUCH better president than Lincoln.

A clear warning

The three primary anti-globalist powers are sending a very clear message to the prometheans of GloboSatan Inc: the planetary balance of power is shifting:
Iran, China, and Russia will hold in the coming weeks their first-ever joint war drills, which leaders say are meant to send a "message to the world" about increased military cooperation between the rogue countries.

The commander of Iran's navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, said Wednesday that the Islamic Republic will team up with Moscow and Beijing within the next month to hold the mass war drills.... The joint war drills will be aimed at sending a message to the world, particularly Western nations, like the United States, that have sought to constrain Iran's expanding military ambitions.
This gathering of resisting forces very likely accounts for the desperate sense of urgency that Dr. Charlton has observed among what he describes as the Ahrimanic evil of the global establishment:
The interesting aspect is the sheer urgency. There is a very obvious attempt to create a worldwide sense of emergency, of imminent cataclysm, of terrible things that are Just About To Happen... unless, we hand over complete power to the Establishment (preferably the-day-after-tomorrow, or quicker). And this handover - this Power Grab by the Global Establishment - is being aimed-at Very Soon; on a timescale of months, not years.
Like it or not, the reality is that the U.S. military has been the primary tool for global evil for the last 75 years, due to the invasion of the USA and the abandonment of the American principles of isolation, non-intervention, and the avoidance of entangling alliances. And now, having been converged and repurposed, the U.S. military is observably no longer able to perform its primary purpose, which is to defend the American people from enemies foreign and domestic.

The blessings of free trade

It's interesting to see that the West is suddenly discovering the intrinsic dangers of free trade when it is China providing services to other nations:
China could shut off the Philippines' power grid at will, a report has warned - highlighting fears about Beijing's role in infrastructure around the world. A report for Philippine lawmakers found that the country's national security 'is completely compromised' by China's access to the power grid.

Chinese engineers have exclusive access to parts of the system and could shut it down remotely, the report seen by CNN reveals. The findings will spark alarm in the West where China is helping to build a new nuclear power station in the UK and has already faced sanctions from the US.
But why would this cause any problems? Surely the New Filipinos who happen to be of Chinese descent love their new country and are just as Filipino as those whose great-great-grandparents were born in Manila are!

Paper nationalism is, and has always been, a shameless lie told by immigrants to advantage themselves vis-a-vis the native populations. 

And who cares if China can shut off the Philippines' power grid anyhow. The important thing is that the arrangement is more economically efficient, right? And nothing is more important than economic efficiency!

Mailvox: a nuanced take

Another perspective on Hong Kong in light of the electoral victory of the "pro-democracy" forces:
To say that the protests are not organic is not accurate. They are organic, it's just that they're being used and manipulated by US and UK forces for their own purposes. But Hong Kongers definitely have real grievances, some real and some suffering from a bit of over-active imagination. On the real side is the housing market. Regular people can't afford to buy a home anymore, and this is a bigger deal in Chinese society than it is in the West. The reason is two-fold: One, real estate is controlled by a handful of tycoons, and Two, Beijing has courted and collaborated with those tycoons. Everyone knows that part of the reason the prices have gone up is because of increased investment from wealthy mainlanders, with whom ordinary Hong Kongers can't compete.

On the imagined side, the Hong Kong protesters have a view of mainland China which might have come from Fox News, which is remarkable since they live right next to it, and many of them visit on a regular basis. But in talking to them, they talk about China the same way people in America who have never been there and only know what they see on the news talk about it. I don't quite know why this is. Perhaps because they're descended from people who fled during the Mao years and heard horror stories about those times. The unfortunate thing is that Beijing could help Hong Kong by intervening in the housing market the way they do in Shenzhen. But Beijing wouldn't do that, and Hong Kongers wouldn't accept it if they would. There is a general lack of trust and understanding between the two sides which hinders any solution to the problems.
This is actually very much in keeping with what I have heard from people living there. But while the votes for the "pro-democracy" forces and the protesters are certainly overlapping, they are not the same thing.

I am, of course, extremely skeptical of anything that purports to be "pro-democracy", as historically that tends to mean little more than "CIA-backed".

Escola Inovadora: Crianças visitam prefeito e contam sobre conquista na China

Desde que desembarcaram, na terça-feira (26), no Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos, o dia a dia das seis crianças jundiaienses medalhistas de bronze na 10° World Mathematics Team Championship (WMTC), realizada em Beijing, na China, estão de agenda cheia. Com entrevistas, gravações e visitas, como a de quinta-feira (28), ao Prefeito de Jundiaí, Luiz Fernando Machado […]


John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY VINCE BEISER IN CHECKPOINT ASIA   “China Is Terraforming the Gobi Desert “Each year area the size of Ireland is forested to push back against the once expanding desert”   As is the case with so many Chinese projects – Belt and Road Initiative, high-speed […]


John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY STEPHEN S ROACH IN CHECKPOINT ASIA   “How Will the World Look After the US-China Trade War? “Even a full decoupling from China would merely shift the trade deficit to other countries”   Quite an insightful little article. Trump must be hearing from many sources […]


John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY MICHAEL SNYDER IN CHECKPOINT ASIA   ‘US-China Relations Have Just Been Destroyed, and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again ‘The U.S. Senate just unanimously passed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019” and the Chinese are absolutely seething ‘”US and China are now […]

El aguacate dominicano está listo para comercializarse en China

El aguacate que se produce en territorio dominicano es el próximo rubro que entrará a la lista de productos dominicanos que se exportan a China. Así lo informó el embajador dominicano en la República Popular China, Briunny Garabito, quien dijo que todos los permisos requeridos ya han sido aprobados. “Ya se hizo la inspección por ...

US-China Trade Talks Stalled Due to Hong Kong Legislation - Reports

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States-China trade negotiations have stalled due to the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump, news website Axios cited sources close to the matter as saying.

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BAILE Y COCHINO.- Por Horacio Cárdenas.- La más antigua sabiduría china dice que no hay día perfecto. Aún cuando todo esté dispuesto para que las cosas salgan como uno lo desea, algo falla, y no como lo dice el optimismo mexicano con su prietito en el arroz, sino en proporción directamente proporcional a la felicidad…

Gold little changed

Gold prices were little changed on Friday as investors refrained from making big bets amid doubts whether the United States and China could seal a trade deal.

A teenager spoke about China's detention camps on TikTok - now her account is suspended

A Muslim teen's TikTok makeup tutorial called on viewers to look into China's detention camps. It went viral. Soon after, she was banned.

Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 4.6M, Depth:16.9km) in China 28/11/2019 01:40 UTC, About 17000 people within 100km.

On 11/28/2019 1:40:05 AM, an earthquake occurred in China potentially affecting About 17000 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 4.6M, Depth:16.9km.

Drought is on going in Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar

The Drought alert level is Green.

China, 2020 acreage decisions and a volatile market

This weekend's Ag View Pitch takes on a load of issues in this post-holiday edition.

Collagen And HA-based Biomaterials Market Analysis, Growth, Consumption, Production Cost, Key Players, Business Insights And Forecast From 2019 To 2023 | Radiant Insights, Inc.

Radiant Insights, Inc. Radiant Insights has announced the addition of “Global Collagen and HA-based Biomaterials Market Research Report 2019-2023″ Market Research report to their database. In the context of China-US

Beijing and Sri Lanka Buddha Tooth Relic Shadow Bones Consecrate WAKI Relic Musuem

The replica of Buddha Tooth from Beijing, China and Kandy, Sri Lanka Enshrined in the relic section of the WAKI Relic Musuem,Malaysia. On 17 November 2019 the Venerable Sayadaw U

Hey, the Latter's a Safe Bet — Something the French Do Best

Former French president Charles de Gaulle: China is a big country inhabited by many Chinese. Overheard by: goldfish cracka

Hablamos con Remedy sobre su esperado trabajo para CrossfireX


Parece una unión extraña. Remedy, los desarrolladores de esotéricas aventuras en tercera persona como Control, Quantum Break o Alan Wake, está haciendo la campaña del juego más grande del planeta, un shooter militar en primera persona. Remedy, que no ha hecho nunca un FPS. ¿Qué está pasando?

CrossfireX se anunció para Xbox en la conferencia de Microsoft del pasado E3 2019, pero nos nos extrañaría que te lo hubieses perdido o, incluso, que lo hubieses olvidado. En aquel entonces parecía una curiosidad, uno de esos juegos masivos en Asia que a los occidentales nos importan más bien poco. Pero el Crossfire original es, quizás, el juego más popular del mundo, con cerca de 650 millones de jugadores, mayoritariamente en Corea del Sur y China. Es una especie de Counter-Strike, con dos facciones que se disparan la una a la otra. Y lleva siendo así bastante tiempo; diez años, según explicó su desarrolladora, SmileGate. Es, por lo tanto, algo importante. Algo realmente importante, la verdad.

Pero, ¿cómo acabó Remedy metida en esto? En el X019 pude hablar con Jin Woo Jung, de SmileGate, quien me explicó que es un gran fan de Max Payne, y que por lo tanto Remedy fue su primera elección cuando empezó a pensar en quién podía hacer la campaña para la versión occidental de Crossfire. Luego entrevisté a Tuukka Taipalvesi y Thomas Puha, de Remedy, para saber más sobre cómo llegaron al proyecto, cómo va a ser la visión tipo Call of Duty de una campaña de Remedy, si tendrá tiempo bala y, ya que estamos, si habrá una secuela de Control.

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Análisis de Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts


Hay algo en la figura del francotirador que resulta fascinante. Es esa mezcla que contiene grandes dosis de lobo solitario, habilidad, disciplina, concentración y, por supuesto, un rifle de gran calibre. Siempre que visualizamos a un tirador de precisión, lo vemos camuflado en la maleza, esperando pacientemente a su objetivo y ejecutando la orden con una precisión milimétrica y sin dejar rastro. Como un fantasma. Obviamente, esta es la figura que poco a poco nos ha ido conformando la ficción, a la que le encanta tomarse sus licencias creativas para entregarnos obras tremendamente disfrutables.

Y, dentro de la ficción, el videojuego no iba a ser menos. Lo raro hubiera sido que este medio, tan amigo de la representación de lo militar, no hubiera sucumbido a reflejar las aventuras de ese operativo que es capaz de eliminar enemigos a distancias imposibles, entrar y salir de bases enemigas sin ser visto o asesinar VIPs como el que se prepara unos cereales. Y así llega este Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts de la mano de CI Games, para reinventarse dentro de una larga saga, probar nuevas fórmulas e intentar encontrar su propia forma de hacer las cosas dentro del género de volar almendras desde grandes distancias.

Ya desde el comienzo queda claro que este shooter en primera persona se desliga de los habituales contextos bélicos que suelen acompañar a este tipo de títulos. Su ambientación no podría ser más sugerente: Siberia, harta de ser la mayor proveedora de riqueza y recursos naturales de la Federación Rusa, decide independizarse a las bravas y, tras una breve pero intensa guerra independentista, proclama la República de Siberia. Al poco tiempo, plagada de nepotismo y corrupción, este joven estado lleno de viejos problemas se enfrenta a una fuerza insurgente dentro de su propio territorio, mientras brega con las tensiones de la Federación Rusa, China y Estados Unidos. Y ahí será cuando entremos nosotros, un mercenario dedicado a cumplir unos sangrientos encargos cuyo único propósito parece ser desestabilizar a una ya de por sí tambaleante República de Siberia. Solo responderemos al nombre en código "Seeker" y nuestros empleadores sólo contactaran con nosotros a través de un sujeto cuyo nombre en clave será "Handler". Con tan poca información, tiene que haber lugares dedicados a este tipo de trabajos. A uno le gusta soñar y espera que sea una web llamada "SniperJobs".

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Go World Champion Retires After Realizing He Can’t Beat AI


Go is one of the most complex abstract strategy games which involves surrounding more territory than your opponent to win the game. Lee Sedol is the world champion of the Go game and has bagged #2 position in international titles.

In March 2016, Lee Sedol competed against Google’s AI-based AlphaGo program and lost four out of five matches to the AI. Sedol was shocked after the defeat and said, “I don’t know how to start or what to say today, but I think I would have to express my apologies first. I do apologize for not being able to satisfy a lot of people’s expectations. I kind of felt powerless.

The defeat at the hands of Google’s AI impacted Sedol to the extent that he has now announced his retirement from the game as he believes that he cannot defeat AI.

This is just one example of Google’s AI beating humans. The list of AlphaGo’s opponents includes China’s Ke Jie who got defeated back in 2017.

As reported by Yonhap News Agency, Sedol has filed his resignation to Korea Baduk Association (KBA), the agency that regulates Go players in South Korea.

Speaking to Yonhap, Sedol said, “With the debut of AI in Go games, I’ve realized that I’m not at the top even if I become the number one through frantic efforts. Even if I become the number one, there is an entity that cannot be defeated.”

Another reason he cited for his resignation is his disagreement with KBA over how the organization uses membership fees.

To celebrate his 24-year long career, Sedol will play one last game of Go against HanDol, an AI-based Go-playing software developed by South Korean company NHN Entertainment.


Sri Lanka Tells Richer Nations to Step Up to Counter China FDI


Sri Lanka Tells Richer Nations to Step Up to Counter China FDI(Bloomberg) -- Terms of Trade is a daily newsletter that untangles a world embroiled in trade wars. Sign up here. Bigger and richer economies should invest in smaller Asian ones if they want to counter China’s expanding Belt and Road Initiative, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.“I want to tell India, Japan, Singapore and Australia and other countries to also come and invest in us,” Rajapaksa said in an interview with the Hindu newspaper. “They should tell their companies to invest in Sri Lanka and help us grow, because if they do not, then not only Sri Lanka, but countries all over Asia will have the same (problem).”China’s Belt and Road Initiative has resulted in an estimated $575 billion worth of energy plants, railways, roads, ports and other projects. But President Xi Jinping’s signature effort has also come in for criticism, including accusations that China is luring poor countries into debt traps for its own political and strategic gain.Sri Lanka’s new government led by Rajapaksa is trying to undo the previous regime’s move to lease the southern port of Hambantota to a Chinese venture, citing national interest. There were concerns in India about its geopolitical rival using a port close to its southern coastline for future military uses.The local government must have control of all strategically important projects like Hambantota, Rajapaksa told the Hindu paper. While Sri Lanka has come under scrutiny for its ties with China, its agreements were “purely commercial,” he said.A port deal similar to Hambantota under the Belt and Road program in Myanmar was drastically scaled back to $1.3 billion from $7.5 billion, while in Malaysia the government canceled $3 billion worth of pipelines and renegotiated a rail project in 2019, cutting that one’s cost by a third to $11 billion.“The main issues India could have with us would be on (our relations) with China or Pakistan, but if we don’t do anything that creates suspicions amongst Indian authorities, there will not be any problem,” Rajapaksa said. “The Chinese will take the Belt and Road Initiative all over unless other countries provide an alternative.”To contact the reporter on this story: Anurag Kotoky in New Delhi at akotoky@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Shamim Adam at, Sara MarleyFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.


Curbs likely on foreign cos in ‘strategic areas’

Government agencies are mulling to keep certain sectors like telecom infrastructure or construction projects in sensitive parts of the country out of bounds for foreign players. While the focus is on countries like China, the talks to put curbs, come at a time when Centre is weighing the option of allowing Chinese telecom major Huawei to participate in 5G trials.

Pubblicato: 2019-11-30
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Three Qatari students to represent nation in Huawei ICT Competition regional final


Huawei, a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, has announced the winners of the Qatar edition of the Huawei Middle East ICT Competition 2019, held recently in collaboration with the Ministry ofEducation and Higher Education.

The longstanding competition, which falls under Huawei’s strategy to develop the global ICT talent ecosystem, aims to nurture local talent in the ICT field with a vision to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully-connected and intelligent world.

This year’s winning team, comprising three students and their professor, was chosen from a field of 253 finalists, who competed following the preliminary round involving entries from 4 universities. This year’s finalists from Qatar represent Qatar University and Community College of Qatar. In addition to competing against other winners from the Middle East, the regional winners will be invited back to China to take part in a competition with global Huawei ICT Competition winners.

The competition promotes innovation and creativity while serving as a bridge between the classroom and the workplace. By nurturing university students’ talent in Qatar, it also contributes to increasing national ICT competitiveness while supporting Qatar National Vision 2030. Having already received certificates and prizes as Qatar’snational winners, the local teams havenowearned a trip to China this November, where they will compete with their fellow finalists from around the Middle Eastregion to win the ICT Competition’s grand prize – US$30,000.

Their visit will include the once-in-a-lifetime chance to work amongst some of the world’s most renowned technology pioneers in Huawei’s facilities. Participants will conduct field experiments at Huawei's specialized labs and research centers in its headquarters in Shenzhen, helping equip students with the tools needed to tackle complex challenges in areas such as cloud computing, IoT, and network security. The technical program will be complemented by anumber of cultural experiences and knowledge-exchangeopportunities while in China.

In addition, students and their mentors will have the opportunity to meet their country’s ambassador to China during the Huawei-organized Ambassadors Summit Discussions event. This will provide the participants with the chance to discuss with respected leaders and cultural envoys their future ambitions and anticipations for their national ICT sector.

Three Qatari students to represent [].jpg

Congratulating the winners, Frank Fan, CEO Huawei Technologies Qatar, said: “Huawei recognizes the importance of nurturing local talent so that they have the knowledge and expertise to lead tomorrow’s highly connected, intelligent world. By investing in future talent and building a more robust ICT talent ecosystem inQatar, we are investing in the future of the country. The winning teams are well deserved of the honor to represent their country in the Huawei ICT Competition global final in China. I offer them my congratulations and wish them the best of luck in the competition’s final stage.”

Farhan Khan, Vice President of Huawei Qatar, said: “Qatar has exceptional ICT talent, which we are proud to nurture through opportunities such as the Huawei ICT Competition. Huawei is committed to creating opportunities to empower youth with the skills needed to further digitalization on a national and global scale.”

Throughout the Huawei ICT Competition stages, contestants receive the latest updates onemerging technologies that are reshaping Lebanon’s digital economy. These include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and most importantly 5G broadband—seen as a crucial digital-service enabler. The competition is a unique opportunity for students to test their abilities in these cutting-edge fields, and helps colleges and universities to better understand the talent requirements of today’s top businesses and government leaders.

During the final, participants are equipped with an online guide and are supervised by university professors. University professors play the role of the student’s tutor, accompanying national winners to Huawei’s headquarters and discussing with Huawei the future development of the competition and Lebanon’s wider ICT talent ecosystem. The last edition of the Huawei ICT Competition 2018 saw 14,551 students participate from across the Middle East. From these, 4,113 students were selected to take part in the preliminary rounds. 310 students passed on to the final round, and 39 traveled to China to compete internationally. A total of 17ministries and 226universities took part in total across the region. 



Join the last day of Ajyal Film Festival celebrations this Saturday


Experience magical performances and compelling feature films on the last day (23 November) of Ajyal Film Festival 2019, the annual cinema event hosted by the Doha Film Institute (DFI) at Katara Cultural Village.

As the festival curtains draws to a close, Ajyal’s Wonder & Under the Moonlight Cine-Concert will offer a unique musical show, presented by the Forum des Images, to delight young and old. A feast for all the senses, a thrilling selection of shorts about tales of the stars, sun and moon will be held at 11.30 AM at Katara Building 16 and is free to the public. Live musicians will accompany: Get the Moon by Jutta Schünemann, Sooner or Later by Jadwiga Kowalska, Lunette by Phoebe Warries, A Little Star by Svetlana Andrianova, and Little Wolf by An Vrombaut.

Ajyal Tunes got off to a rocking start yesterday with electrifying performances from Doha’s underground music scene, featuring talented youth artists Sana Zharandi, Amjad Essam, Savanna Rose, Varun, Omar Abdulaziz, Ayman Shukur, Jerin Jose, Jueun, Mothanna, and Omar Alyafai among others, curated by Qatari artist Dana Almeer. Qatar-based singer/songwriter and rapper Mvrs rounded off the show with a stirring rap performance. An exciting celebration of musical talents from every discipline, Ajyal Tunes is part of the festival’s growing artistic scope – showcasing and celebrating arts and culture from every discipline.

Don’t miss out on the last day of the Ajyal Creativity Hub and its bustling activities at Geekdom, Qatar’s largest pop-culture event presented in partnership with Qatar National Tourism Council, and ARC, Ajyal’s interactive multimedia exhibition featuring artworks by 19 of Qatar’s most promising artists and creative talents. Located in Katara Buildings 18 and 19, all performances and exhibits will remain open to the public until 10 PM.

Join the last day of Ajyal Film 2 [].jpg

The Feel short film programme will explore the power of intuition in shaping our sense of the world with a curated selection of ten short films screening at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City, at 12.30 PM, including Belles étoiles (France/2017) by Naïma Di Piero and Elhadj Sidib; Like an Elephant in a China Shop (France/2017) by Louise Chevrier, Luka Fischer, Rodolphe Groshens, Marie Guillon, Estelle Martinez, Benoit Paillard, Lisa Rasasombat; Hedgehog (France/2018) by Vaibhav Keswani, Jeanne Laureau, Colombine Majou, Morgane Mattard, Kaisa Pirttinen, and Jong-ha Yoon; Maha’mel (Ships) (Qatar/2018) by Dhabya AlMuhannadi; The Stained Club (France/2018) by Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier; Beit Byoot (Jordan, Qatar/2019) by Mayar Hamdan; The Unlucky Hamster (Qatar, Indonesia/2019) by Abdulaziz Mohammed Khashabi; Child of the Earth (Switzerland, USA/2018) by Claudio Fäh; The Kite (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland/2019) by Martin Smatana; and Nada Bedair’s Paper Kite (Qatar/2019).

The Overcome short film selection, screening at 3 PM at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City, is a testament to the ability of people to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. The programme includes: Layla (UK/2019) by Celine Cotran; Jolanta Bańkowska’s Story (Poland/2019); Youth (Egypt, USA/2019) by Farida Zahran; Thermostat 6 (France/2018) by Maya Av-ron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert,  Sixtine Dano; Maradona’s Legs (Germany, Palestine/2019) by Firas Khoury; Esperança (France/2019) by Cécile Rousset, Jeanne Paturle, Benjamin Serero; Fault Line (Iran/2018) by Soheil Amirsharifi; Baptiste Drapeau’s Half and Half (France/2018); The Helmet (Yemen/2019) by Osama Khaled; Memo (France/2017) by Julien Becquer, Éléna Dupressoir, Jules Durand, Viviane Guimarães, Ines Scheiber; Refuge (Qatar/2019) by Maha Essid; and Fragile (Qatar/2019) by Kholood Al-Ali.

Join the last day of Ajyal Film 3 [].jpg

Today is your last opportunity to watch an exciting selection of feature films:

  • For Sama (Syria, UK/2019) by Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts screening at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City at 5.30 PM. Please note that the screening is rated PG-18.
  • Ailo’s Journey (France, Finland/2018) by Guillaume Maidatchevsky will screen at Novo Cinemas, the Pearl, at 5.30 PM.
  • DFI-supported feature Bombay Rose (India, France, UK, Qatar/2019) by Gitanjali Rao screeening at 8.30 PM at Novo Cinemas, the Pearl. Please note that the screening is rated PG-18.
  • DFI-supported film You Will Die at Twenty (Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Qatar/2019) by Amjad Abu Alala will screen at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City at 8.30 PM and is rated PG-15.
  • Honeyland (North Macedonia/2019) by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska will screen at 6 PM at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City.

Tickets for the 7th Ajyal Film Festival are available for purchase at the Ajyal Main Box Office located in Katara Building 10; at the Ajyal Box Office at VOX Cinemas Doha Festival City for screenings taking place at VOX Cinemas; and from the Novo Cinemas Box Office for screenings at Novo Cinemas, the Pearl. For ticket purchase and up-to-date information on the Ajyal Film Festival, please visit:

2019 Ajyal Film Festival’s Official Partners include: Katara Cultural Village – Cultural Partner; Qatar National Tourism Council – Principal Partner; Novo Cinemas, Ooredoo – Strategic Partner, St. Regis Doha - Signature Partner.



$50M of ETH Stolen, ‘Rare Opportunity’ for BTC: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 25–Dec. 1

Upbit confirms 342,000 ETH has been stolen, Russia considers a ban on crypto payments, and five crypto exchanges close in China. Coming every Sunday, Hodler&rsquo;s Digest

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‘In Small Steps’ China Cuts Benchmark Interest Rates

Careful not to rush too much with stimulus, the Chinese government nevertheless realizes that its behemoth economy is invariably slowing down. New loan interest rate cuts have been announced recently...

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COOEC wins Tangshan LNG contract

China's Offshore Oil Engineering, a CNOOC unit, has secured a contract worth 4.4 billion Chinese Yuan ($623 million), for the construction of facilities at the proposed Tangshan LNG terminal.

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China’s monthly LNG imports slip first time in three years

Imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) into China have dropped in October compared to the corresponding month last year.

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China’s contribution to climate change

November 28, 2019

China is the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO2). It surpassed the United States in 2006, according to the Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research (EDGAR) database created by the European Commission and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. On a per capita basis, China’s emission levels are less than half those of the US, according to EDGAR.

One contributing factor to the rise of China's emissions is the fact that transnational corporations (TNCs) based in the US and other rich countries have shifted much of their production to China. For example, Apple iPhones are produced in China. It could be argued that the emissions from such production should be included in the figures for the countries where the TNCs are based, rather than China.

But even allowing for this, China is a big contributor to CO2 emissions. China now has its own giant corporations such as Huawei and Great Wall. Chinese investment in other countries is expanding. Much of it is aimed at obtaining raw materials for China's industry, and is causing environmental destruction in the source countries.

A few years ago it looked as if China might be taking serious steps to rein in its emissions. Renewable energy was being rapidly expanded. Some coal-fired power stations were shut down (mainly those near big cities, where smoke was adding to the air pollution problem).

But new coal-fired power stations continue to be built. According to Global Energy Monitor, 148 gigawatts of coal-fired power stations are either being built or about to begin construction. This is equivalent to the entire current capacity of the European Union.

This new construction is occurring despite the fact that the Chinese electricity grid is oversupplied and power stations are working at only half their capacity. This irrational situation is a result of Chinese energy companies competing for market share with no overall plan.

Meanwhile, there has been a rapid growth in car production in China, which now has the biggest car sales in the world.

Military spending is also growing, resulting in increased consumption of oil by planes, warships, tanks and other military vehicles.

China today is a capitalist country. It is highly unequal. On the one hand, it has the second highest number of billionaires in the world, after the US, according to a survey by the Swiss bank UBS and accounting firm PWC. On the other, it has hundreds of millions of low-paid workers, many of them producing goods for transnational corporations.

However, China still has a relatively strong state-owned sector of the economy.

In the years following the 1949 revolution, existing privately-owned factories were nationalised and new state-owned enterprises (SOEs) were created. Many SOEs were privatised or shut down in the 1990s, but some key sectors of industry were kept under state ownership.

China's industrialisation was largely fuelled by coal, both during the period when all industry was state-owned and during the period of growing private ownership. The growth of production for the world market has led to a further expansion of coal use, as well as chemical pollution of land and water.

The growth of pollution led to numerous protests by affected people, resulting in pressure on the government to solve environmental problems. China was also under pressure in international forums to limit its CO2 emissions.

The government took steps to reduce the burning of coal in or near big cities. It promoted the rapid expansion of renewable energy. High speed rail was built as an alternative to car or plane travel between cities.

But it was not enough. CO2 emissions are still growing, even if more slowly than before. Capitalism cannot solve the climate crisis, and Chinese capitalism is no exception.

China is the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide.


Black Friday generuje większe obroty niż Boże Narodzenie i styczniowe wyprzedaże

Wartość sprzedaży elektroniki użytkowej, konsumenckiej i dóbr trwałych w tygodniu, w którym przypada Black Friday, przewyższa bożonarodzeniowe obroty sklepów na rynkach Wielkiej Brytanii, Francji, Niemiec, Włoch, Hiszpanii, Polski i Brazylii. W Chinach najważniejszą okazję do skorzystania z promocji stanowi Singles' Day, który generuje przychody trzykrotnie wyższe niż w przeciętnym tygodniu - wynika z analiz GfK.

Hongkong | Unterwegs mit Helm und Gasmaske

Für die Sieben-Millionen-Stadt ist das Unvorhersehbare zum Normalzustand geworden. Ein persönlicher Bericht
Unterwegs mit Helm und Gasmaske

Mir geht es seit Monaten wie vielen Menschen hier: Wir schauen zu, wie sich unsere Stadt von Tag zu Tag mehr in einen Kriegsschauplatz verwandelt. Ein Gefühl von Hilflosigkeit und Furcht nimmt überhand. Jedesmal, wenn ich die Wohnung verlasse, um als Reporterin zu arbeiten, mahnen mich meine Kinder zur Vorsicht: „Pass bloß auf dich auf!“ Wann immer ich Helm und Gasmaske einpacke, fühlt es sich an, als würde ich mich auf ein Schlachtfeld begeben.

Meine Gefühle fahren Achterbahn, noch nie konnte ich so viele Wochen hintereinander nachts nicht schlafen, war ich appetitlos und unfähig an etwas Anderes zu denken als an Straßen, von denen man ständig annehmen muss, dass sie zu Kampfzonen werden. Besonders spürbar war der seelische Ausnahmezustand im Oktober, als die Behörden den Betrieb der U-Bahnen tagelang einstellten. Mich überkam ein surreales Gefühl von Unbehagen. Es stand außer Frage, dass man die Wochenendaktivitäten der Kinder absagen musste, schließlich waren alle öffentlichen Freizeiteinrichtungen geschlossen.

Zugänge verriegelt

Also fuhr ich mit meiner Familie im Taxi ans Meer. Ins Wasser zu gehen, war nicht ohne Risiko, denn kein Rettungsschwimmer tat mehr Dienst. Auf dem Weg zurück hielten uns Straßenbarrikaden auf, die von Demonstranten errichtet waren. Die Kinder wurden unruhig und hatten Angst, dass gleich die Polizei aufkreuzen und Tränengas einsetzen würde. Daher stiegen wir aus dem Taxi und machten uns schnell wie möglich durch die Menge davon. Es blieb eine erste Ahnung, dass diese Art des Bedrohlichen und Unvorhersehbaren zum Normalzustand werden könnte. Als es zuletzt den Sturm auf das Universitätsgelände gab, um die Studenten dort zu vertreiben, war ein Großteil der Stadt wie gelähmt. Beide Seiten, Demonstranten wie Polizisten, blockierten Straßen. Wieder fuhr kein Bus, und die meisten U-Bahn-Zugänge blieben verriegelt.

Sobald die Auseinandersetzungen auch nur aufflackern, bedeutet das: Menschen sind zuhause gefangen und können nicht zur Arbeit erscheinen. Wer das trotzdem schafft, kann nie sicher sein, am gleichen Tag wieder nach Hause zu kommen. Von den Angestellten im Finanzdistrikt, wagt es kaum noch jemand, zum Lunch nach draußen zu gehen. Man ist auch dort vor Tränengas nicht mehr sicher. Wenn Restaurants deshalb schließen oder Konzerte und andere Veranstaltungen abgesagt oder früher beendet werden, erliegt jedes soziale Leben. Auch wenn sie gar nicht verhängt worden ist, man lebt wie unter einer Ausgangssperre. Sogar Hochzeiten werden durchkreuzt – Freunde von mir mussten sich eine andere Kirche suchen, um ihre Gäste nicht Straßen voller Tränengas auszusetzen.

Nur noch auswandern

Alle sind hochgradig erregt, sodass zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen notgedrungen belastet und Familien oder Freundeskreise gespalten werden. Eltern und Kinder reden nicht mehr miteinander. Es wird vermieden, beim Abendessen über Politik zu sprechen. Die Geister scheiden sich an der Frage, ob man sich zum gelben (pro Protest) oder blauen Lager (pro China) bekennt. Ich habe Bekannte, die zur Auswanderung entschlossen sind, eher heute als morgen. Sie fürchten, dass ihre Kinder in einer Gesellschaft aufwachsen, in der es keine Grundwerte mehr gibt. Als überall in der Stadt Schulen geschlossen waren, freuten sich Hongkongs normalerweise stark akademisch gedrillte Kinder über Tage des freien Spielens im Park. Ich wusste nicht, sollte ich lachen oder weinen, wenn ich sie „schwarze Polizisten“ gegen „Demonstranten“ spielen sah.

Meine eigenen Großeltern flohen 1949 mit ihren sieben Kindern in einem überfüllten Zug nach Hongkong, nur wenige Monate vor Ausrufung der Volksrepublik in China am 1. Oktober 1949. Wie mein Vater erzählte, musste seine Familie nach ihrer Ankunft auf Tischen und Stühlen in einer Schule übernachten. Man sollte nicht vergessen: Die internationale Metropole und Finanz-Drehscheibe, die Hongkong heute ist, wurde nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg innerhalb weniger Jahrzehnte durch die harte Arbeit meiner Vorfahren und anderer Geflüchteter geschaffen. Werden jetzt, nur eine oder zwei Generationen später, ihre Kinder oder Enkelkinder wieder fliehen müssen?

Die meisten Hongkonger – vor allem die jungen – können es sich nicht leisten zu emigrieren. Und sie wissen genau, dass China ein mächtiges Regime ist, das sie nicht besiegen können.

Was sollte ich sagen?

Ich habe viele Demonstranten gefragt, warum sie sich angesichts der geringen Hoffnung auf Zugeständnisse weiter in endlose Straßenkämpfe mit der Polizei einlassen, wenn es doch nur dazu führt, dass sie verletzt und verhaftet werden. Für Volksaufruhr drohen immerhin bis zu zehn Jahre Gefängnis. Auch wollte ich wissen, ob ihnen klar ist, dass der Regierung nach fünf Monaten Widerstand eskalierende Handlungen als Rechtfertigung dienen, drakonische Maßnahmen zu ergreifen. Sollte dies geschehen, könnten die Menschen in Hongkong mit weniger bürgerlichen Freiheiten dastehen als zuvor.

Regelmäßig erhielt ich die Antwort, friedliche Proteste hätten aber zu nichts geführt. Man habe keine Angst davor, das Leben in einem letzten Kampf für Hongkong zu lassen. „Wenn wir draufgehen, dann gehen wir gemeinsam drauf!“, sagen viele. „Hongkong stirbt sowieso; da können wir auch einen letzten Versuch machen.” Ihre Hoffnungslosigkeit tat mir in der Seele weh. Ich wandte warnend ein, dass ihr Opfer umsonst sein könnte. „Was ist dann Ihre Lösung?“, hielten mir die Demonstranten entgegen. Da wusste ich nichts zu sagen.

Verna Yu ist Reporterin

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Hongkong | Es ist kurz vor 2047

Das Konzept „Ein Land, zwei Systeme“ hat sich vorzeitig erschöpft
Es ist kurz vor 2047

Die Koexistenz zwischen der Sieben-Millionen-Stadt und Festland-China wirkt gestört, die noch von Deng Xiaoping geprägte Formel „Ein Land, zwei Systeme“ kaum mehr zeitgemäß. 2014 entluden sich die Konflikte in einer drei Monate dauernden „Regenschirm-Revolte“, 2019 hält eine Protestbewegung die Stadt seit mehr als fünf Monaten in Atem. Staatsrechtlich gehört Hongkong seit 1997 zur Volksrepublik China, deren Staatspräsident ist auch Hongkongs Staatsoberhaupt, vor dem jeder Hongkong-Premier (Chief Executive) den Amtseid ablegen muss. Ein Ritual, um Machtrealitäten zu spiegeln.

In Hongkongs Stadtregierung kommt in der Regel nicht zum Zuge, wer in Peking missfällt. Chinas Staatsführung hat das Ende der Hongkong-Autonomie im Jahr 2047 fest im Blick und ist schon jetzt um mehr Kontrolle bemüht. Was auch damit zu tun hat, dass sich die Vorteile des Musters „Ein Land, zwei Systeme“ schneller erschöpft haben als einst angenommen. 1997 galt als ausgemacht, dass Hongkong eine kapitalistische Ökonomie wie seine mehr oder minder demokratische Ordnung zunächst behält. Für dieses Modell gab es besonders einen Grund: Ende der 1990er war Hongkong als Welthandels- und Weltfinanzplatz willkommen.

Effektive Unterdrückung

Die Volksrepublik brauchte Auslandskapital und Zugang zu den Weltmärkten, Hongkong bot beides. Unternehmen und Banken zogen vom Festland in eine Sonderverwaltungszone, die jedoch mittlerweile für China an Relevanz eingebüßt hat. Allein mit dem Finanzzentrum Schanghai gibt es eine Domäne, die Hongkong überflügelt. Und es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis auch die boomende Metropole Shenzhen ein alternativer Handels- und Finanztopos sein wird, der dem unsicheren Hongkong den Rang abläuft. Spätestens 2025 dürfte es so weit sein. Statt eines ökonomischen Prestiges kann Hongkong heute eher politische Vorteile für sich reklamieren, etwa als Stadt weiterhin eigenständiges Mitglied der Welthandelsorganisation WTO, des Allgemeinen Zoll- und Handelsabkommens GATT oder der Asiatisch-Pazifischen Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft APEC zu sein.

Hongkonger sind zweisprachig, neben Englisch wird Kantonesisch gesprochen. Kulturell und national gehören sie zu China, ohne die Chinesen vom Festland je geliebt zu haben. Geschätzt wird eine soziokulturelle Authentizität, dazu eine vitale Medienlandschaft, in der sich auch eine politische Opposition Gehör verschaffen kann. In dieser Metropole finden regelmäßig Wahlen statt, wie am Wochenende die Abstimmung über die Bezirksparlamente. Nur können die etwa 4,1 Millionen registrierten Wähler nicht direkt über die Zusammensetzung ihrer Regierung entscheiden. Auch wenn momentan 18 Parteien im Legislative Council vertreten sind, gibt es doch kein gleiches Wahlrecht, wofür noch die britische Kolonialmacht gesorgt hat.

Chinas Regierung sah bisher keinen Grund, das überaus komplizierte, keineswegs demokratische Wahlrecht in der Sonderverwaltungszone zu reformieren. So wird nur die Hälfte der 70 Abgeordneten im Legislative Council von den Bürgern direkt gewählt, den Rest nominieren 28 Interessengruppen, darunter der Lehrerverband, Industrie- und Handelskonzerne, der Börsenverein und Bankkonsortien, deren Stimmen mehr Gewicht haben als die einfacher Wahlbürger. Da das Grundgesetz von Hongkong der Pekinger Regierung substanzielle Eingriffe zugesteht, kann nur sie das kuriose Wahlrecht ändern, falls ihr das opportun erscheint. Nach dem Basic Law lassen sich in Hongkong zudem geltende Gesetze für ungültig erklären oder nach Artikel 39 die Rechte der Bürger einschränken. Die Magna Charta legitimiert die Zentralregierung in Peking, bei Unruhen in der Stadt den Notstand auszurufen, gegebenenfalls militärisch einzugreifen.

Bisher konnte sich Peking auf die lokalen Autoritäten verlassen, verfügten doch die prochinesischen Parteien über einen Block, der im Parlament und in den Bezirksräten eine klare Mehrheit besaß. Dabei wurde Carrie Lam, die derzeitige Chefadministratorin (so der Titel offiziell) nicht vom Stadtparlament gewählt, das blieb einem Wahlkollegium vorbehalten, über das in Peking entschieden wird und an dem nur einige Gesandte aus Hongkong-Bezirken beteiligt sind. Carrie Lam, die 2017 ans Ruder kam, steht für den Kurs all ihrer Vorgänger: Vorkehrungen treffen, dass Hongkong 2047 möglichst schmerzlos in die Volksrepublik „heimkehren“ kann.

Dagegen kommt die Opposition, zersplittert in viele Parteien und Gruppierungen, kaum an. Nach der Protestwelle von 2014 hat sie zwar bescheidene Wahlerfolge erzielt, aber jeder Versuch, das Wahlrecht zu demokratisieren oder gar für eine Unabhängigkeit Hongkongs einzutreten, wird rasch und effektiv unterdrückt. Wer solche Ansinnen vertritt, wird entweder nicht zur Wahl zugelassen oder des Parlaments verwiesen. Oppositionelle haben daher kaum eine andere Wahl, als auf die Straße zu gehen und auf den Beistand einiger großer Zeitungen oder des öffentlich-rechtlichen Fernsehens zu hoffen. Bisher konnte sich Peking bei daraus resultierenden Konflikten zurückhalten – das eigene Lager in Hongkong war stark genug. Gerät es in Bedrängnis, wird direkter Einfluss als unerlässlich angesehen.

Wahlsieg der Opposition

Am Sonntag gab es nun Wahlen zu Hongkongs Bezirksparlamenten. Da diese Gremien kaum etwas zu sagen haben, galt das Votum als Stimmungstest, wurde von Anhängern der Protestbewegung gar zum Plebiszit erklärt: Steht die schweigende Mehrheit hinter uns oder nicht? Nur ein Viertel der 479 Sitze in den 18 Bezirksräten wurde bisher von pro-demokratischen Parteien gehalten. Auch wenn bekannte Gesichter der Opposition von den Kandidatenlisten gestrichen wurden, traten diesmal aus deren Reihen mehr Bewerber an als je zuvor, während sich zugleich 400.000 neue Wähler registrieren ließen und die Wahlbeteiligung mit 71,2 Prozent höher ausfiel als bei allen Urnengängen seit 1997. Unter diesen Umständen errang die Opposition einen Sieg, sodass die pro-chinesischen Parteien die Mehrheit in fast allen Bezirksräten verloren. Ihre Gegner holten 278 der nunmehr 452 Bezirksratsposten. Fazit, Carrie Lam und ihre Entourage der Peking-Getreuen haben bei den Hongkongern keinen Rückhalt mehr.

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EU | Warum nur?

Die neue Kommissionspräsidentin von der Leyen will das Nachzügler-Dasein der EU beenden, wenn es ums geopolitische Ranking geht, und eine „Sprache der Macht“ pflegen
Warum nur?

Ursula von der Leyen, ab 1. Dezember im Amt, will in Brüssel eine „wahrhaft geopolitische Kommission“ führen, war zuletzt mehrfach zu hören. Europa müsse „die Sprache der Macht“ lernen. Was in der Konsequenz nur heißen kann: Wird die beherrscht, ist davon Gebrauch zu machen. Zu welchem Zweck und wo überall? Und nicht zuletzt – wie? Durch die extensive Machtprojektion einer EU-Militärunion und unter der Voraussetzung, dass geopolitisches Großmachtdenken nun auch für die EU mehr denn je gilt? Ein wenig inspirierter – um nicht zu sagen: restaurativer Ansatz –, der auf Muster zurückgreift, von denen sich die USA im Nahen Osten gerade befreien. Sollte von der Leyen diesen Ansatz verfolgen, wäre weiter zu fragen: Kennt die neue Kommissionspräsidentin den Zustand der EU? Ist der geeignet, sie als Global Player über ihre Wirtschafts- und Handelsmacht hinaus in Szene zu setzen?

Dritter Weg, dritte Kraft?

Seit geraumer Zeit bereits ist der 27-Staaten-Bund alles andere als ein monolithischer Machtblock, mit dem geostrategische Ambitionen bedient werden könnten. Ein unerledigter Brexit ist nicht nur Dauerthema, sondern taugt zur Dauerkrise. Erst jüngst hat der Dissens über eine mögliche EU-Aufnahme Albaniens und Nordmazedoniens gegensätzliche Positionen zu einer fortgesetzten Osterweiterung offenbart. Schließlich setzen Frankreich und Deutschland als EU-Kernstaaten voneinander abweichende sicherheitspolitische Prioritäten, wenn es um die künftige Ausrichtung der EU geht. Präsident Macron will, dass Frankreich als europäische Macht geopolitisch wirksam wird, indem es sich auf europäische Militärmacht – vorrangig eine EU-Verteidigungsunion – stützt. Die soll sich von transatlantischen Zwängen emanzipieren und weitgehend unabhängig von der NATO agieren. Deutschland hingegen ist als europäische Führungsmacht auf geopolitische Relevanz bedacht, ohne sich von der NATO abzusetzen. Im Gegenteil, Kanzlerin Merkel betrachtet – wohl auch als Antwort an Macron – die transatlantische Verankerung mehr denn je als Geschäftsgrundlage deutscher Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik. Sie hat sich dazu am 27. November vor dem Bundestag absolut bekenntnishaft geäußert

Wo will sich von der Leyen bei solcher Polarisierung mit ihrer „Sprache der Macht“ einsortieren? Auf einem dritten Weg als dritte Kraft? Zweifel sind angebracht, dass die Kommission in Gänze ihren Ehrgeiz teilt.

Nach oben offene Eskalationsskala

Die neue Kommissionspräsidentin verfolgt offenkundig vor allem ein Ziel: das Nachzügler-Dasein der EU zu beenden. Sie soll fortan in der Lage sein, um Pfründe und Einflusssphären mitzubieten, im Nahen und Mittleren Osten ebenso wie in der Asiatisch-Pazifischen Region. Verteidigungsministerin Kramp-Karrenbauer hat bekanntlich im Blick auf Deutschland Ähnliches empfohlen. Man solle sich in die aufgeheizte Systemrivalität zwischen den USA und China einklinken. Bleibt zu hoffen – sollte von der Leyen mit ihrer „wahrhaft geopolitischen Kommission“ ebenfalls darauf aus sein –, dass in Brüssel darüber Klarheit herrscht, was das bedeutet – worauf man sich einlässt. Die EU würde nicht als neutraler Akteur in indopazifischen Raum Präsenz zeigen, sondern als Partner der USA, als Partei in einem Konflikt mit einer nach oben offenen Eskalationsskala.

Wieder einmal zeigt sich, was für von der Leyens Begriff von Geopolitik schon als Verteidigungsministerin prägend war. Sie gibt einer räumlichen Dimension den Vorzug, der Suche nach Eingreif- und Einsatzgebieten für ein vor allem militärisches Engagement weltweit. Man denke an ihren Auftritt vor der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz Ende Januar 2014, als es hieß, Deutschland müsse bereit sein, sich außen- und sicherheitspolitisch früher, entschiedener und substanzieller einzubringen als bisher. Augenscheinlich soll das nun auch für eine EU gelten, die der Maxime gehorcht: Mehr Geopolitik wagen, heißt machtpolitisch wirksam sein.

Nur ein Aufguss

Warum nicht nach all den Erfahrungen, die es mit Geopolitik im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert gegeben hat, einmal einen Ansatz vorziehen, der frei von Herrschaftswillen und machtpolitischem Kalkül ist? Warum nicht angesichts der gescheiterten Syrien-Politik des Westens als EU ein Wiederaufbauprogramm für Syrien auflegen, das keine Vorbedingungen kennt und allein den Menschen in diesem Land zugute kommt? Wo man doch sonst menschenrechtlich unschlagbar sein will.

Weshalb nicht eine Friedensinitiative für den Jemen anstoßen, die Saudi-Arabien in die Schranken weist und sich der Konfliktmoderation durch die Vereinten Nationen anschließt. Warum nicht EU-Aufnahmeverhandlungen mit Albanien und Nordmazedonien ausnahmsweise einmal nicht mit der machtpolitischen Begründung versehen, dass sich sonst Russland und China dieser Länder annehmen?

Statt von einer „Sprache der Macht“ zu schwadronieren, könnte von der Leyen einen anderen Ton anschlagen. Wie wäre es mit einem Bewusstsein dafür, was „geopolitischen Denken“ von Großmächten bis in die Gegenwart hinein alles angerichtet hat – in Indochina, im Irak, in Afghanistan, in Libyen, in Syrien, auf dem Balkan, in Korea, in der Ukraine.

Von Emmanuel Macrons Idee einer „Neugründung Europas“ ist von der Leyen weit entfernt. Was ihr vorschwebt, ist der (wievielte?) Aufguss geopolitischen Denkens. Eine Politik der westlichen Restauration, die von der Realitäten – auch denen innerhalb der EU – schon bald korrigiert werden dürfte.

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Interview | „Erst mal den Finanzsektor vergesellschaften“

Grace Blakeley weiß, warum für so viele Millennials der Sozialismus auf einmal alternativlos ist
„Erst mal den Finanzsektor vergesellschaften“

Grace Blakeley ist Ökonomin und erst 26, aber auf bestem Wege, in Großbritannien zur Stimme einer Generation zu werden: jener Millennials nämlich, die überzeugt sind, dass in einem der kapitalistischsten Länder der Erde die Zeit reif für den demokratischen Sozialismus ist.

der Freitag: Frau Blakeley, Sie werden als führende Vertreterin des „millennial socialism“ gehandelt. Wie kommt es, dass gerade so viele junge Leute den Sozialismus für sich entdecken? Und dass junge Frauen, man denke an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, diese Bewegung anführen?

Grace Blakeley: Nun, warum sollten wir jungen Leute den Kapitalismus unterstützen, wenn wir davon ausgehen können, dass wir in unserem Leben nie irgendeine Form von Kapital besitzen werden?

Nicht aus materiellem Interesse, okay. Aus ideologischen Gründen vielleicht?

Na klar! Vielleicht stehen deshalb vor allem Frauen an der Spitze dieser Bewegung, weil die Logik des Kapitalismus, das „Konkurriere oder stirb“, immer weniger junge Leute im Allgemeinen und junge Frauen im Besonderen überzeugt.

Warum ist die Renaissance des Sozialismus gerade in den USA und Großbritannien so stark?

Ein Grund sind die Hauspreise. Es ist für die jungen Leute in diesen Ländern klar, dass sie nie Wohnungseigentum besitzen werden. Dazu kommt, dass die meisten jungen Menschen nicht damit rechnen, dass es für sie eine Altersversorgung geben wird. Warum sollten wir ein System stützen, das uns keine Perspektive bietet?

Der Kapitalismus hat für Ihre Generation seine Aura der Alternativlosigkeit verloren.

In der Tat. Mark Fisher meinte ja, dass es in den 1990er und nuller Jahren einfacher gewesen sei, sich das Ende der Welt vorzustellen als das Ende des Kapitalismus. Für uns gilt das nicht mehr: Wenn wir uns ein Weiterleben auf diesem Planeten vorstellen wollen, dann ist klar, dass das mit diesem Wirtschaftssystem nicht gehen wird.

Hat Labour bei den Wahlen in Großbritannien eine Chance?

Ich bin überzeugt, dass Labour die Wahlen gewinnen wird. Es geht dieses Mal um sehr viel! Uns bleiben zehn Jahre, um eine Lösung für die Klimakrise zu finden. Wenn die nächste Regierung fünf Jahre hält, dann ist die Hälfte der Zeit um, die wir noch haben, um unsere Wirtschaft zu dekarbonisieren.

Und der Brexit?

Die Tories versuchen, die Wahl zu einem Votum über den Brexit zu machen, aber die Leute haben vom Brexit einfach die Schnauze voll. Deswegen fährt Labour einen Wahlkampf, in dem es um Ungleichheit geht, Umwelt, das staatliche Gesundheitssystem, den Wohlfahrtsstaat – all die Dinge, die den Menschen nach einem Jahrzehnt der Austeritätspolitik und Lohnstagnation am Herzen liegen.

In Deutschland gibt es viele, die sich mit Corbyns Brexit-Position schwertun: Warum kann er denn nicht einfach sagen, wir bleiben in der EU, und basta?

Nun, Corbyn ist doch mittlerweile ziemlich nahe an der „Remain“-Position, wenn er sagt, Labour wird ein zweites Referendum abhalten. Aber es gibt eine Tradition der EU-Skepsis in der britischen Linken, bei Leuten wie Tony Benn: Die hatten gute Gründe, gegen einen Beitritt zum Binnenmarkt zu sein. Diese Argumente gelten immer noch, ich würde sogar sagen, heute mehr als damals: Wenn man sich anguckt, wie die Eurozone auf die Krise reagiert hat, wie sie ihren Mitgliedern Austerität aufzwingt und Staatshilfen beschränkt.

Viele Linke sagen, die EU braucht es, um mit den USA oder China mithalten zu können.

Ich denke, wenn das Ziel die Machtprojektion Europas auf globaler Ebene ist, also eine Art linkes imperialistisches Projekt, dann bedient das die Interessen des Kapitals, aber nicht die arbeitender Menschen. Im Grunde ist es ja so: All die Institutionen, die die Globalisierung in den letzten Jahrzehnten gestützt haben, sind in der Krise: die WTO, die Weltbank, der IWF, und eben auch die EU.

Zur Person

Grace Blakeley, 26, hat in Oxford Philosophy, Politics, Economics sowie African Studies studiert, bevor sie für die Labour-nahe Denkfabrik IPPR zu arbeiten begann und Mitglied der Ideenwerkstatt Labour Policy Forum wurde. Für Labour macht die aktuell Wahlkampf, ist außerdem Wirtschaftskommentatorin der Wochenzeitung New Statesman . Ihr Buch Stolen. How to save the world from financialisation (dt. „Wie wir die Welt vor der Finanzialisierung retten“) erschien im September in Großbritannien

In Ihrem Buch „Stolen. How to save the world from financialisation“ schreiben Sie, dass 2008 ein ganzes System zusammengebrochen ist, ohne dass ein neues schon entstanden wäre.

Ja, die Krise im Jahr 2008 war ja nicht nur eine Bankenkrise, sondern ein Symptom dafür, dass ein Wachstumsmodell zu Ende geht, ein Akkumulationsregime, das ich „finanz-geleitetes Wachstum“ nenne. Wenn man sich die Geschichte des Kapitalismus in den letzten 100 Jahren ansieht, gibt es immer wieder Krisen, aus denen neue Wachstumsmodelle mit ihren jeweiligen Institutionen entstehen, deren eigene Widersprüche früher oder später zu neuen Krisen führen: Das war so mit dem Laissez-faire-Kapitalismus am Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts, der in der Großen Depression zusammenbricht, genauso mit der sozialdemokratischen „Goldenen Ära“ des Kapitalismus, die in den 1970ern mit dem System von Bretton Woods kollabiert. Aus einer Dekade der Krise ist damals das entstanden, was ich „finanz-geleitetes Wachstum“ nenne, dessen innere Widersprüche nun eben dazu geführt haben, dass es 2008 in die Krise geraten ist.

Können wir nicht einfach zum Goldenen Zeitalter des Kapitalismus zurückkehren?

Diese Art der keynesianischen Nostalgie war typisch für die Linke, bis, ja, eigentlich bis Jeremy Corbyn und Bernie Sanders auf den Plan traten. Aber ich denke nicht, dass das möglich ist. Ich bin überzeugt, dass wir die Herausforderungen, vor denen wir heute stehen – Klimakrise, Ungleichheit, Armut, Verschuldung – nur bewältigen können, indem wir die produktiven Ressourcen vergesellschaften, sodass jede und jeder einen Anteil an den Wirtschaftsressourcen besitzt, und ein Mitspracherecht.

Klingt nach Sozialismus.


Wie stellen Sie sich den Weg dorthin vor?

Ich habe in meinem Buch versucht, die Widersprüche der gegenwärtigen Wachstumsphase zu beschreiben und zu sehen, wie die Linke sie nutzen kann. Eine sozialistische Regierung müsste die Banken angreifen, wie Margaret Thatcher die Gewerkschaften attackiert hat. Natürlich kann der Sozialismus nicht per Dekret eingeführt werden, aber wer den Staat kontrolliert, kann den Faktor Arbeit ermächtigen, bis zu einem Punkt, an dem Sozialismus vorstellbar, wenn nicht unausweichlich wird.

Und dann?

Ein erster Schritt bestünde darin, den Finanzsektor zu vergesellschaften. Wir leben in einem finanz-geleiteten Wirtschaftssystem, also wäre der beste Weg dazu, Eigentum zu vergesellschaften, die Kontrolle über das Finanzsystem zu übernehmen: indem wir den privaten Finanzsektor stärker regulieren und einen öffentlichen Finanzsektor aufbauen, mit staatlichen Investitionsbanken, wie es sie in Deutschland gibt, und einem „People’s Asset Manager“, einem Volksvermögensverwalter, der unser Kollektivvermögen verwaltet. Im Grunde geht es um die Schwächung des Finanzkapitals auf der einen und um die Stärkung des Faktors Arbeit auf der anderen Seite, bis die Vergesellschaftung des größten Teils der Produktionsmittel vorstellbar wird.

Sie haben das Zitat getwittert: „Enviromentalism without class politics is just gardening.“

Ja, das ist von meinem Freund James Medway. Die Ökobewegung bestand in der Vergangenheit nun mal vor allem aus weißen Mittelschichtlern, die sich für mehr Recycling einsetzten. Heute gibt es eine Linke, die Umweltaktivismus mit Klassenanalyse verbindet: Wir wissen, dass die Klimakrise vor allem von den Reichen verursacht wurde, weil die am meisten CO₂ in die Atmosphäre blasen. Dass Konzerne mit fossilen Brennstoffen Milliarden verdient haben, obwohl sie seit den 1960ern wussten, was für Folgen das hat. Und dass die ärmeren Regionen der Erde am stärksten von den Folgen der Klimakrise betroffen sein werden. Aber all der Umweltaktivismus bleibt ein moralistisches Randphänomen, wenn er nicht auf einer Klassenkoalition aufbaut: einer sozialen Bewegung, die dadurch entsteht, dass die Leute davon überzeugt sind, dass Veränderung nötig ist, aber auch wissen, welche potenziellen positiven Auswirkungen die haben wird.

Dem Green New Deal?

Ja, der Green New Deal ist ein Weg, den Übergang zu einer emissionsfreien Gesellschaft mit der Schaffung von Arbeitsplätzen zu verbinden, mit öffentlichen Investitionen, Vergesellschaftungen, Investitionen in öffentliche Daseinsvorsorge und so weiter. Den Green New Deal werden die Reichen bezahlen, durch höhere Steuern, während alle, die nicht von Vermögen, sondern von ihrer Arbeit leben, davon profitieren.

Die deutsche Regierung hat gewarnt, in Sachen Klima sei nur Zaghaftes möglich, weil es sonst zu sozialen Verwerfungen kommen würde. Und dann hat sie ein Klimapaket geschnürt, das die Reichen schont und die Ärmsten am härtesten trifft.

Tja, die deutsche Regierung will die Steuern auf die Reichen nicht erhöhen und keine neuen Schulden machen. Die Schwarze Null ist eine Selbstverpflichtung, nichts grundlegend daran zu ändern, wie die Gesellschaft funktioniert.

Wegen der Schwarzen Null plant die Bundesregierung jetzt einen Klimafonds, in dem Private ihr Geld anlegen, aber der Staat die Zinsen garantiert.

Das macht doch keinen Sinn. Deutschland kann sich zu negativen Zinsen verschulden, das heißt, ihr könnt daran verdienen, dass ihr euch Geld borgt, das ist doch Wahnsinn! Im Ernst, der Privatsektor wird das nicht stemmen können. Private Anleger investieren, um über die nächsten ein oder zwei Jahre eine Rendite zu erzielen. In der Geschichte waren es nie private Anleger, die strukturelle Transformationen einer Volkswirtschaft oder Großprojekte geschultert haben, das waren immer schuldenfinanzierte staatliche Investitionen, sei es für einen Krieg oder den New Deal, für ein Konjunkturpaket oder die Mondlandung.

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Schule | Was soll die Gleichmacherei?

Markus Söders Entscheidung, nicht an der Vereinheitlichung der Bildungsstandards mitzuwirken, ist richtig
Was soll die Gleichmacherei?

Markus Söder, Bayerns Ministerpräsident von der CSU, liegt diesmal richtig. Sein Land will wie Baden-Württemberg nicht mehr beim Nationalen Bildungsrat mitmachen. Söder fürchtet, dass die Vereinheitlichung von Bildungsstandards zu einem „Berliner Abitur“ führen könnte. Recht hat er. Irgendwo in der Mitte müsste man sich ja treffen – heute Mittelmaß, bald Mittelmäßigkeit?

Umgekehrt haben wir Berliner eine Heidenangst, das Abitur nach bayrischem Standard könnte sich durchsetzen! Auch vor den schlauen Sachsen hat unsereins Respekt. Ostdeutsche Bundesländer absolvieren das Abitur in der Regel in 12 Jahren. Im Westen dagegen ist die G8-Einführung gehörig gescheitert. Neuerungen schlagen meist fehl, wenn sie nur aufgestülpt wurden, und nicht regional, kulturell oder historisch gewachsen sind.

Überhaupt: Warum sollten Schülerinnen und Schüler an der Ostsee das Gleiche lernen wie die im Alpenvorland? Gerade das Vertiefen des Spezifischen ist doch die Chance, dass individuell Erlerntes flexibel angewandt und produktiv ausgetauscht wird. Deutschland ist eine vielfältige Nation. Das ist erfreulich und eine Herausforderung. Die Gesellschaft ist typisch deutsch, mancherorts vor allem migrantisch geprägt, einige Gegenden sind strukturschwach oder immer noch traditionell verhaftet. Es gibt landauf, landab verschiedene Schulformen und Unterrichtskonzepte, keine Lehrerin ist wie die andere. Was soll die Gleichmacherei? Nur damit ein Kind aus Berlin-Kreuzberg nicht sitzenbleibt, wenn die Eltern nach Bamberg ziehen?

Übrigens: Man kriegt auch in Hamburg oder Hessen nichts geschenkt. Das Bildungswesen ist aber kein Konzern im globalen Wettbewerb. Weshalb auch internationale Vergleichstests wie Pisa keinen Sinn machen. Sind wir wie China? Nein.

Die „Süd-Länder“ fordern nun ihre Kompetenz zurück. Das ist gut so. Ob Schullaufbahn in der schwäbischen Provinz oder in einem sozialen Bremer Brennpunkt – zur Vorbereitung auf die Uni sind die Brückenkurse sowieso hilfreicher. Ein Staatsvertrag, wie jetzt vorgeschlagen, wird weiter nichts lösen, solange man die Probleme fehlinterpretiert.

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Interview | „Die EU ist an allem schuld“

Das britische Theaterkollektiv Gob Squad wird 25 und hat es kaum bemerkt, so sehr nervt der Brexit
„Die EU ist an allem schuld“

Die Feierlichkeiten zum Jubiläum fallen bescheiden aus für das siebenköpfige Team – der Brexit deprimiert, der Kampf um Fördergelder für ein neues Projekt ging leider nicht gut aus. Für manche heißt das: wieder bei Lieferando jobben.

Ein Treffen mit Sean Patten und Johanna Freiburg auf einen Tee, ein kurzes Innehalten inmitten des großen kapitalistischen Überlebenskampfs.

der Freitag: Rhetorische Frage. Haben Sie es auch so satt, das mit dem Brexit?

Sean Patten: Ja, es ist wie ein Horrorfilm, der nie endet. Ich glaube auch, die Leute in Großbritannien wollen es nur noch hinter sich bringen. Andererseits: Der Brexit könnte langfristig sogar gut sein, weil Großbritannien endlich feststellen wird, dass seine Zeit als Imperialmacht abgelaufen ist und dass es sich als kleines, unbedeutendes Land begreifen muss.

Johanna Freiburg: Ich finde es nicht langweilig. Ich habe mir lange vorgestellt, jetzt würde die Queen einschreiten und den Brexit canceln. Ich habe diese „Deus ex Machina“-Fantasie, wo der Austritt einfach nicht stattfindet.

Ihr Brexit-Abend „I Love You, Goodbye“ wirkt wie eine Revue dieser Gefühle ...

Freiburg: Der Brexit war unsere Inspiration, ja, aber es geht vielmehr um Herkunft und Zugehörigkeit. Wir inszenieren das Stück als eine Art „Britisches Parlament trifft Kochsendung“.

Dabei sind weder Deutschland noch Großbritannien besonders renommiert für ihre Küche ...

Patten: Trotzdem ist Essen Teil unseres Heimatgefühls. Keine*r von uns hat eine besondere Leidenschaft für Fußballteams und wir alle haben ein sehr ambivalentes Verhältnis zu einer Nationalfahne und Staatsangehörigkeit.

Freiburg: Gelinde ausgedrückt!

Der Titel klingt wie eine kulturelle Scheidung. Was würden Sie vermissen?

Freiburg: Was am meisten betroffen macht, ist der Verlust einer europäischen Idee. Als wir studierten, hatten wir das Gefühl, wir könnten überallhin. Genau das haben wir gemacht. Dass mein Sohn nicht im selben Geist aufwachsen wird, ist traurig.

Patten: Damals dachten wir, das europäische Projekt wäre eine fortschreitende Entwicklung. Heute sieht man, dass das Zusammenrücken nicht selbstverständlich ist. Man muss darum kämpfen und kann auch verlieren.

Wie „entfickt“ man den Brexit? Im August eröffneten Sie die Spielzeit des Frankfurter Mousonturms. Dort trug der Titel die Ergänzung „Unfuck My Brexit Edition“.

Freiburg: Es war Teil des Festivals „Unfuck My Future“. Die Idee ist: Wenn du bereit bist, mich richtig kennenzulernen, obwohl wir uns unterscheiden – dann erst wird Gemeinsamkeit möglich.

Patten: Um einen Brexit zu „entficken“, muss man verstehen, warum die Leute so gewählt haben. Ich war im Sommer bei Verwandten in Thanet in Kent zu Besuch – eine Brexit-Hochburg, wo Nigel Farage zur Wahl angetreten ist. Es gab einen starken Gestank von Meeresalgen, der über die Stadt wehte. Meine Tante meinte, früher hätten die Bauern die Algen als Dünger benutzt. Heute dürften sie das aber nicht mehr. Das ist das Problem: Jeder Missstand soll angeblich mit der EU zu tun haben.

Sind nur die Tanten für den Brexit oder auch alte Freunde?

Patten: Wenn wir Familie und Freund*innen besuchen, sehen wir, wie stark sich die Orte sowohl in Nord- als auch in Südengland verändert haben. Die meisten Läden sind geschlossen, erst wurden sie durch Charity-Shops ersetzt, jetzt schließen selbst die. Zurückgeblieben sind mit Brettern vernagelte Schaufenster oder kaputte Hüllen von verlassenen Einkaufspassagen. Wo einst das lebendige Zentrum eines Ortes war, ist jetzt eine Geisterstadt. Die Menschen dort – unsere Familien – machen für den Niedergang ihrer Heimatorte die EU verantwortlich. Wir streiten leidenschaftlich, wir verstehen aber auch den Wunsch nach Veränderung. Wir haben Freund*innen, die für „Leave“ gestimmt haben, motiviert aus einer Anti-Globalisierungs-Haltung heraus. Sie sagen, dass die EU im Interesse des Kapitals gegründet wurde. Im Zentrum hätten nie die kleinen Leute oder der Schutz der Verbraucher gestanden. Und wenn wir an Griechenland denken, ist das eine ziemlich überzeugende Argumentation.

Zu den Personen

Gob Squad, gegründet 1994, ist ein britisch-deutsches Performance-Kollektiv. Ständige Mitglieder: Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost und Simon Will (Freiburg und Stumpf gehören auch zu She She Pop). Bekannt wurden sie 1997 mit einem Live-Warte-Tanz auf der X. documenta in Kassel

Dieses Jahr wird Gob Squad 25 Jahre alt. Wie feiern Sie diesen Anlass?

Freiburg: Wissen Sie, als Sie nach diesem Interview gefragt haben, fiel es mir überhaupt erst wieder ein! Wir haben unser 20-jähriges Jubiläum groß gefeiert, dieses Jahr sollten wir wenigstens was essen gehen, Sean.

Patten: Ehrlich gesagt war es ein komisches Jahr für uns. Wir haben Fördermittel für ein Projekt nicht bekommen. Zum Jubiläum wurden wir daran erinnert, dass nichts selbstverständlich ist, dass das Leben als zeitgenössischer Künstler immer noch ein prekäres ist.

Es gab aber Höhepunkte: Inszenierungen an der Volksbühne und im Schauspiel Köln, eine Einladung zum Theatertreffen ...

Freiburg: Das Schauspiel Köln und die Volksbühne haben für uns gut funktioniert, weil wir unser eigenes Ding machen durften, aber mit einem größeren Budget und einem neuen Publikum. Wir sind allerdings auch in der freien Szene glücklich, das hat mit den Erwartungen des Publikums zu tun. Es ist häufig aufgeschlossener für ungewöhnliche Formate. Was es nicht braucht: ein Scheiß-Bühnenportal wie an den meisten Stadttheatern.

Patten: Ich wollte aber schon immer etwas im Friedrichstadt-Palast inszenieren. Es hat mich sehr geärgert, dass René Pollesch und Fabian Hinrichs schneller waren.

Haben Sie Nebenjobs, weil es so prekär läuft?

Freiburg: Einige Mitarbeiter*innen arbeiten zwischen Projekten bei Lieferando. Wir können es uns nicht leisten, sie ganzjährig zu beschäftigen, obwohl wir zum Teil seit 25 Jahren zusammenarbeiten. Fällt eine Förderung aus, trifft es sie besonders hart. Manche von uns unterrichten an Universitäten.

Patten: Aber wir reden hier darüber, wie es möglich ist, innerhalb des Systems zu überleben! Das ist problematisch, denn es funktioniert nicht! Es ist brutal und unmenschlich. Die Gesellschaft, wie sie ist, die EU in der bestehenden Form kann so nicht weitergehen. Es ist abgefuckt und wir müssen es „entficken“. Wir alle finden Wege, uns in der bestehenden Welt einzurichten, halten fest an Privilegien, wollen nichts von einer drastischen Veränderung hören. Die Angst ist verständlich, aber wir müssen anfangen, Alternativen zu denken und zu leben. Unser Weg war es, ein Kollektiv mitten im kapitalistischen System zu gründen.

Ist Berlin denn als Basislager überhaupt noch attraktiv?

Freiburg: Die Situation auf dem Wohnungsmarkt macht das Leben für Künstler*innen in Berlin zunehmend schwierig. Ein Mitglied unserer Gruppe ist aktuell von Entmietung bedroht. Gob Squad ist von den Gewerbemieten betroffen, diese unterliegen bislang besonders wenig Schutz. Wir haben Glück und können unser Büro in Kreuzberg zahlen, aber wie lange noch? Unser altes Büro an der Torstraße wird aktuell für 3.500 Euro neu vermietet!

Es ist erfrischend, wie Gob Squad mit Tiefpunkten umgeht ...

Patten: Es ist unmöglich, 25 Jahre einen Hit nach dem nächsten rauszuhauen. Klar, man will immer, dass das nächste Projekt großartig wird. Dazu kommt, dass 95 Prozent der öffentlichen Fördermittel nicht an freie Künstler*innen gehen, sondern an die Stadttheater.

Freiburg: Und dabei gehören wir zu den Erfolgreichsten in unserer Nische und bekommen den Löwenanteil der Gelder.

Kann sich jemand aus der Gruppe vorstellen, zurückzugehen?

Patten: Sharon (Smith, Anm. d. Red.) ist gerade zurückgekehrt. Sie unterrichtet an der Universität von Plymouth. Sarah Thom würde gerne mehr in Großbritannien arbeiten. Sie möchte vielleicht eines Tages ganz zurück. Der Brexit ist für uns ein Grund, die Zusammenarbeit mit der Kunstszene dort zu verstärken.


I Love You, Goodbye (The Brexit Edition) im HAU Berlin, auch zum neuen Brexit-Termin, am 31. Januar 2020

Nicholas Potter ist ein britisch-deutscher Journalist und Bühnenredakteur beim englischsprachigen Stadtmagazin Exberliner. Auch er findet den Brexit schmerzhaft

Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.


Unterdrückung der Uiguren: Lektion China lieben lernen

Chinas repressiver Umgang mit Minderheiten hat Tradition. Die Situation der Uiguren zeigt: Es ist höchste Zeit, dagegen etwas zu tun. mehr...

Hype | Schnurz rulez

TikTok ist aktuell die angesagteste App der Welt. Vielleicht auch die traurigste? Ein Selbstversuch
Schnurz rulez

Sollten Sie noch nie von TikTok gehört haben, dann kennen Sie höchstwahrscheinlich die süßen Zwillinge Lisa und Lena nicht, auch nicht dieses tanzende Frettchen, das alle so lieben, und Sie haben verpasst, was Will Smith mit kleinen Teigtaschen anstellen kann. Sie sind dann nicht einer von einer Milliarde Nutzer*innen. Vielleicht brauchen Sie sich darüber aber auch nicht weiter grämen, denn: „TikTok ist schon kein Trend mehr“, behauptet zumindest meine Tochter, zwölf Jahre alt. Sie weiß fast immer alles besser als ich. Stimmt ihre Einschätzung auch hier?

Ich selbst gehöre nicht mehr ganz zur Generation X und bin ein bisschen zu alt, um ein richtiger Millennial zu sein, aber TikTok soll doch die aufregendste App der Welt sein. In jedem Fall gehört sie zu den wertvollsten. Auf 75 Milliarden Dollar beläuft sich der Schätzwert der App, die vor allem von Teenies benutzt wird und deren Erfinder ByteDance eine Tech-Company aus Peking ist und somit das erste soziale Netzwerk, das global eine so immense Größe hat und nicht aus dem Silicon Valley gesteuert wird. Ist TikTok gefährlich? Die US-Regierung sieht sich jedenfalls bedroht und prüft gerade, ob China die Karaokeapp zu Spionagezwecken benutzt.

TikTok funktioniert so, dass Teenies weltweit 15-sekündige Clips von sich selbst online stellen. Oft wird einem Lied durch Lippensynchronisation die Ehre erwiesen, dazu getanzt oder ein Streich gespielt. Man kann kommentieren, teilen und natürlich liken. TikTok soll sehr, sehr süchtig machen.

An dem Tag, an dem ich das TikTok-Land zum ersten Mal betrete, stopfen zwei Jugendliche ungefähr fünfhundert Mentos in ein mit Cola gefülltes Aquarium, sodass eine Fontäne in einem riesigen Strahl gen Himmel schießt. Ich sehe, wie psychedelisch es aussieht, wenn man Rasierschaum in einen Croc-Schuh sprüht, dann hineintritt und der Schaum durch die Öffnungen nach außen quillt. Candy von Doja Cat ist gerade sehr beliebt, denn ganz viele junge Mädchen lassen ihn laufen und machen eine Mini-Playback-Show dazu. Jeder kennt hier die Geschichte des Rappers Lil Nas X, dessen Sommerhit Old Town Road zuerst nur ein TikTok-Meme war und danach länger als jedes andere Lied jemals zuvor auf Platz eins der US-Charts stand. Viele, das merkt man sofort, wollen auch selber gerne berühmt sein und bemühen sich um das entsprechende Following. Es gibt aber auch die, die nicht ganz so lustig, nicht ganz so dünn, aber dafür irgendwo am Arsch der Heide dieses eine Lied nachmachen, nachts, neben dem Kuhstall. Es wird auf TikTok Alltagskultur mit einer unverstellten Entspanntheit und Lässigkeit vorgetragen, die man so vielleicht noch nie gesehen hat: maximal sinnlos, langweilig, dann plötzlich wieder zum Schießen – und fast alles natürlich, total pubertär. Ich bin extrem gehyped, weil immer so viel passiert, aber wohl auch, weil man ganz allein steht vor diesem Meer aus Memes. Denn das ist wohl das Radikalste an der App, es geht hier nicht mehr um deine Freunde. Anders als bei allen anderen sozialen Netzwerken richtet sich jeglicher Inhalt immer potenziell an das komplette Publikum. Der Schritt zu TikTok bedeutet auch der Schritt raus aus der Filterblase, die alle Leute, die nicht deine Freunde sind und nicht deiner Meinung, tendenziell von dir fernhält.

„Facebook? Voll peinlich!“

Möchte man mit grobem Besteck durch die sogenannten Generationen wühlen und ihnen anhand ihrer bevorzugten sozialen Räume einen Charakter zuweisen, dann waren es wohl die Babyboomer, die sich noch im gemütlichen Sport- und Schützenverein trafen, die Generation X fand sich dann erstmals im damals noch viel utopischeren und weniger kommerziellen Internet zusammen, sie entdeckte alsbald Facebook für sich und dort ein neues Verhältnis zur eigenen Identität und dem, was sich da mit ihr machen ließ. Zusammen mit den nachfolgenden Millennials professionalisierten sie das Private und kuratieren sehr ernsthaft bis heute das auf Hochglanz polierte Selbst. Meine Tochter weiß: „Facebook? Voll peinlich!“

Ihre Generation interessiert sich jetzt wieder für Spaß. Den Eindruck gewinnt man sofort, wenn man sich mit scrollendem Daumen durch das TikTok bewegt. Singen, Tanzen, Witze, in oft sehr ausgefuchsten Lo-Fi-Filmproduktionen mit brachialen Schnitten und Effekten machen sie sich über sich selbst und andere lustig. Dass das wild und anarchisch wirkt, hat sicher auch damit zu tun, dass die Nutzer zwischen 14 und 20 Jahre alt sein sollen. Den Leuten scheint hier auf den ersten Blick vieles wohltuend schnurzegal.

Man wird aber auch nostalgisch. Erinnerungen werden wach an die ersten verrückten Tage von Youtube, das 2005 online ging und wo ständig Dinge passierten, die man nicht erwartet und sich nicht einmal vorgestellt hatte. Fremde Leute, die überall auf der Welt seltsame, kranke Sachen machten. Sowohl bei TikTok als auch bei Youtube sind Pranks, Fails und Erklärvideos sehr beliebt. Man sieht junge, unbekannte Handwerker, die mitten im Rohbau stehen und tanzen, Polizistinnen, die in Würzburg was singen, Getränkemarktmitarbeiter, die sich gemeinsam einen Sketch ausgedacht haben. Haufenweise normale Leute, die alberne Sachen machen. Denen, das ist immer am schönsten, man dabei zusehen darf, wie ihnen auf angenehme Art die Pointe verrutscht. Ein bisschen wie Privatfernsehen. Und ein bisschen ist das auch eine neue wilde Volkskunst.

Aber wie ungeregelt ist das eigentlich wirklich? Und was soll das ganze #deutschland im TikTok? Während ich mich hier rumtreibe, ist das beliebteste Hashtag #okboomer, unter dem man sich fast durchgehend völlig harmlos gegen die Alten positioniert. Als weitere „angesagte“ Hashtags werden direkt danach #60sekundendeutschland, dann #dreamsfordeutschland angeboten, erstaunliche 14,5 Millionen Mal wurde scheinbar #bestofdeutschland unter den Videos verzeichnet. Kommen die 14- bis 20-Jährigen alleine auf die Idee, ihre ganze Deutschlandliebe hier auszudrücken? Wer initiiert so was?

Der Guardian berichtete gerade, dass ByteDance seine Moderatoren anweist, Material zu zensieren, das der chinesischen Regierung nicht gefallen könnte. Homosexualität darf hier auch nicht ausgedrückt werden. In Deutschland folgen gefühlt auf ein Video aus Nordamerika fünf aus Deutschland, aus Indien eins, aus China kam keins. Dafür kommt dann der Youtuber Rezo um die Ecke, und auch längst zu Recht vergessene TV-Comedians wie Maddin Schneider oder Matze Knop.

Witze über Greta

Und mit ihnen und vielen anderen Sketchen und schrecklichem #comedy-Zeug auch ein Gefühl aus alter Zeit, das in einem Schwung die Generation Greta und ihre superkorrekten Fridays-for-Future-Genossen*innen, die ja alterstechnisch auch zur Generation TikTok gezählt werden, einfach vergessen macht. Denn hier verhalten sich alle ständig überhaupt nicht korrekt. Sie machen sich über Greta lustig, sie machen sich über Schwule lustig, Weiße appropriieren ständig schwarze Musikkultur. Auf TikTok zertrümmern eine ganze Menge Leute die ihnen zugewiesene Generationsidentität. Eine junge deutsche Mittelschicht gibt sich stattdessen selbst das Bild, das früher das Privatfernsehen genauso von Deutschland gemalt hat: Hier liebt man Comedy, schlechte Witze, bekloppte Wetten und Wettbewerbe.

Am Ende habe ich selbst zwei Videos hochgeladen, sie haben vier Likes bekommen und ich habe sie schnellstens wieder gelöscht, denn man möchte nicht der sein, von dem ein paar junge Leute, die ich im Museum anspreche, sagen: „TikTok, no way, das machen jetzt nur noch Dreißig- oder Vierzigjährige, die imitieren, was Kids früher gemacht haben – voll peinlich.“

Meine kleine Schwester war vor dreißig Jahren fünf Jahre alt und fragte mit großen Augen, wie anstrengend das für die Bands im Radio sein muss, dass sie permanent am anderen Ende des Radios ihre Musik reinspielen. Heute ist wirklich immer jemand da, der einer Milliarde Menschen fünfzehn Sekunden seiner Existenz fast live zur Verfügung stellt. Das Gefühl absoluter Authentizität und totaler Gegenwart bleibt natürlich magisch. Im New Yorker stand kürzlich, das Phänomen TikTok bedeute eine logische Reaktion auf und eine absurde Flucht aus den Massenmedien, denen wir jeden Tag ausgesetzt sind.

Umso verblüffender, dass sich die chinesische Superapp in Deutschland in ein Update von TV total verwandelt, in dem nun endlich jeder Stefan Raab sein darf.

Seit dieser Ausgabe ist Timo Feldhaus Redakteur im Feuilleton des Freitag

Lesen Sie mehr in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Freitag.


Strong NYSE Composite, Dow Jones May Give Bitcoin a Boost Into 2020

Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 9:07 pm
Crypto New Media Press As Bitcoin (BTC) has floundered over the past few months, falling by 50% from $14,000 to $7,300, American equities have been performing rather well. Earlier this week, the S&P…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 8:52 pm
Crypto New Media Press When rumors began two years ago that the People’s Republic of China was thinking of shutting down crypto exchanges, we argued the image of this government handcuffing some of…
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 9:12 pm
Crypto New Media Press Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is signing a petition to free recently arrested developer Virgil Griffith. Buterin argues that Griffith’s North Korean speech was basically…
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 3:46 pm
submitted by /u/Decentralized-Jesus [link] [comments]     •     December 1, 2019, 8:44 pm
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is signing a petition to free estranged Virgil Griffith who was arrested by the FBI on thanksgiving. The post Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin to Sign ‘Free Virgil…


‘In Small Steps’ China Cuts Benchmark Interest Rates


Coinbase owns 966.23k Bitcoin, and BitMEX owns 265.14k Bitcoin

Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:56 pm
submitted by /u/webb32503 [link] [comments]
Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet     •     December 1, 2019, 1:22 pm
I am trying to find out all the addresses I have used so I am able to claim my free hex tokens today. Any ideas? Thanks! submitted by /u/BdayEvryDay [link] [comments]
Crypto New Media     •     December 1, 2019, 2:32 pm
Crypto New Media Press Careful not to rush too much with stimulus, the Chinese government nevertheless realizes that its behemoth economy is invariably slowing down. New loan interest rate cuts have…     •     December 1, 2019, 3:30 pm
The average consumer will spend $1,000 this holiday season. Don't be average, consider making your money work for you with these stocks. The post Spend Your $1,000 Wisely on Cyber Monday. Consider…


Choose a Reliable China Valve Manufacturer to Enjoy a Positive Shopping Experience

... Manufacturer that welcomes customers with a wide range of products, a multitude of raw materials and fast and flexible delivery. By studying the market and comparing the offers of several China Valve manufacturers, customers can make smart shopping decisions. The good news is that customers can conduct a search on the Internet and find out all they need to know about leading manufacturers and suppliers of valve. Numerous customers place their order for valves with the supplier that has the smallest prices; by putting the price at the core of their shopping decision, they ignore numerous...

Shop Online for China Ball Valve

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Search Online for Globe Valve Manufacturer

... Gate Valve Manufacturer you should turn your attention towards China. China is the most important manufacturer of industrial valves and with a bit of research online you will find Globe Valve Manufacturer that has the products you need at a cost you can afford. The most difficult aspect when searching for a new manufacturer is to decide whom to work with. There are literally hundreds of valve manufacturers online and it is your job to narrow down your options and to find the best fit for your particular requirements. To do so, you have to establish what matters to you the most and...

As Taiwan's Election Race Heats Up, China Weighs On Voters' Minds

The tense China relationship and Hong Kong protests are big issues for Taiwan as it prepares to vote in January.

Artigo de Xi sobre estado socialista e sistemas jurídicos com caraterísticas chinesas é publicado


2019-12-01 18:37:31丨
As pessoas estão em uma festa noturna na Praça Tian'anmen para celebrar o 70º aniversário da fundação da República Popular da China (RPC), em Beijing, capital de China, em 1º de outubro de 2019. (Xinhua/Huang Jingwen)

Beijing, 1º dez (Xinhua) -- Um artigo do presidente chinês Xi Jinping sobre defesa, melhora e desenvolvimento do sistema do estado socialista e dos sistemas jurídicos com características chinesas foi publicado neste domingo na 23ª edição da Revista Qiushi deste ano.

No artigo, Xi, também secretário-geral do Comitê Central do Partido Comunista da China (PCC) e presidente da Comissão Militar Central, diz que o sistema do estado socialista e os sistemas jurídicos com características chinesas foram gradualmente formados nas últimas sete décadas desde a fundação da Nova China.

O Partido inteiro deve nutrir uma confiança mais forte no caminho, teoria, sistema e cultura do socialismo com características chinesas, e continuar avançando ao longo do caminho certo, aponta o texto.

A publicação indica que o estado socialista e os sistemas jurídicos com características chinesas foram formados por práticas e explorações de longo prazo.

O novo tipo de sistema de estado fundado pelo PCC permitiu à China criar um milagre do rápido crescimento econômico e estabilidade social de longo prazo, e ofereceu uma nova opção para os países em desenvolvimento alcançarem a modernização, ressalta o presidente.

O artigo salienta que o estado socialista e os sistemas jurídicos com características chinesas são sistemas científicos que foram comprovados pela prática e têm vantagens significativas.

Além de defender e implementar o estado socialista e os sistemas jurídicos com características chinesas, o texto também enfatiza a importância de melhorar e desenvolver os sistemas.

Xi Jinping pede no artigo, esforços constantes para fortalecer a inovação institucional na luz das condições nacionais da China.


Biometrics to drive airports security market growth as China invests and new deployments announced

Biometric systems are expected to lead the market for airport security systems in growth over the next five years, as...

SenseTime to lead Chinese working group setting facial biometrics standards

A national-level working group led by SenseTime has convened in China to set standards for biometric facial recognition, as privacy...

Kommentar zu Holger Strohm / Demokratie in Gefahr / Was ist aus Deutschland geworden? von muktananda13

@Drusius DIE WELT Älteste Schriftzeichen der Welt in China gefunden Veröffentlicht am 23.04.2003 Von wom 8600 Jahre alte Ritzungen in Schildkrötenpanzern Anzeige Forscher des Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York haben bei Ausgrabungen in Jiahu in der chinesischen Provinz Henan Grabbeigaben gefunden, die 8600 Jahre alte Schriftzeichen enthalten. Es handelt sich um Schildkrötenpanzer mit Einritzungen. Damit wären diese Zeichen mehr als 2000 Jahre älter als Schrifttafeln aus Mesopotamien (im heutigen Irak). Diese galten bislang als älteste Belege für schriftliche Dokumente. Die Archäologen fanden auf den Schildkrötenpanzern in 24 Gräbern insgesamt elf verschiedene Zeichen. Sie zeigen Symbole, die unter anderem sehr stark an die Darstellung von Augen und Fenstern erinnern. Die Forscher halten diese Symbole und andere Ritzungen für Schriftzeichen, weil sie auch jenen Zeichen stark ähneln, die Jahrtausende später während der Shang-Dynastie genutzt wurden und für "Augen" und "Fenster" standen sowie für die Zahlen acht und 20. Erstaunt und etwas verunsichert sind die Forscher allerdings durch die Tatsache, dass zwischen den jetzigen Funden und der Shang-Kultur 5000 Jahre ohne bekannte Schriftzeichen liegen. © Axel Springer SE. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. AUßERDEM: Tontafeln von Tărtăria Denkmal nahe der Fundstätte. Übersetzung der Inschrift: Tărtăria 5500 v.Chr.: Die erste schriftliche Nachricht in der Geschichte der Menschheit Die Tontafeln von Tărtăria sind drei kleine Tontafeln (möglicherweise Amulette), die im Jahre 1961 in der Ortschaft Tărtăria entdeckt wurden, die heute ein Teil der Gemeinde Săliștea (Kreis Alba) in Rumänien ist. Sie zeigen Vinča-Zeichen, die wichtigste regionale Variante des Donauschrift genannten Zeichensystems, das auch als alteuropäische Schrift bezeichnet wird (auch wenn die Einordnung des Zeichensystems als Schrift umstritten ist). Die Zeichen werden der prähistorischen Vinča-Kultur zugeordnet. Die Tontafeln werden auf etwa 5500–5300 v. Chr. datiert,[1] wurden jüngst allerdings als mögliche Fälschung bezeichnet.[2] Sie werden im Muzeul Național de Istorie a Transilvaniei (Nationalmuseum der Geschichte Siebenbürgens) in Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg) verwahrt.[3] Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Die Entdeckung 2 Literatur 3 Weblinks 4 Einzelnachweise Die Entdeckung 1875 entdeckten Archäologen bei Ausgrabungen in Turdaș viele Gegenstände mit bisher unbekannten Symbolen. 1961 entdeckte eine Forschergruppe des Nationalmuseums in Cluj unter der Leitung von Nicolae Vlassa die drei hier beschriebenen Tontafeln.[4] Einer 2013 veröffentlichten These zufolge könnten die Tontafeln von Tărtăria eine Fälschung sein.[2] Literatur A. Falkenstein: Zu den Tafeln aus Tartaria, in: Germania 43 (1965) 269–273. Harald Haarmann: Writing from Old Europe to Ancient Crete - A Case Study of Cultural Continuity, in: The Journal of Indo-European Studies 17 (1990) 251-277. Dominique Jongbloed: Civilisations antédiluviennes. Bilan de 2.500 ans de recherches, Alphée ed. 2011. Gheorghe Lazarovici, Fl. Drasovean & Z. Maxim 2000 The Eagle – the Bird of death, regeneration resurection and messenger of Gods. Archaeological and ethnological problems. Tibiscum, 57–68 Gheorghe Lazarovici, Fl. Drasovean & Z. Maxim 2000 The eye – symbol, gesture, expresion.Tibiscum, 115–128 Gheorghe Lazarovici, Marco Merlini: New archaeological data referring to Tărtăria tablets, in: Documenta Praehistorica XXXII, Department of Archeology Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana 2005, S. 205–219 (online, PDF). Marco Marlini: La scrittura è natta in Europa?, Roma 2004. Marco Merlini: The Sacred Cryptograms from Tărtăria. Unique or Widespread Signs? Putting the Asserted Literate Content of the Tablets under Scrutiny, in: Fifty Years of Tărtăria Excavations. Festschrift in Honor of Gheorghe Lazarovici, Sebastopol/Kalifornien 2014, S. 73–119. Janos Makkay: The Late Neolithic Tordos Group of Signs. Alba Regia 10 (1969) 9–50. Janos Makkay: Early Stamp Seals in South-East Europe. Budapest 1984. Emilia Masson: L' écriture dans les civilisations danubiennes néolithiques. Kadmos 23,2 (1984) 89-–123. Zoia Maxim: Neo-eneoliticul din Transilvania. Bibliotheca Musei Napocensis 19. Cluj-Napoca 1997. Marco Marlini, Gheorghe Lazarovici: Settling discovery circumstances, dating and utilization of the Tărtăria tablets (PDF; 10,8 MB). In: Acta Terrae Septemcastrensis. Band: VII. 2008. Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. Vladimir Milojčić: Die Tontafeln von Tartaria (Siebenbürgen), und die Absolute Chronologie des mitteleuropäischen Neolithikums, in: Germania 43 (1963) 266–268. Iuliu Paul: Vorgeschichtliche untersuchungen in Siebenburgen. Alba Iulia 1918 (Inhaltsverzeichnis online). Nicolae Vlassa: Contribuții la Problema racordării Neoliticul Transilvaniei, 1976, S. 28–43, fig. 7–8. Winn Milton McChesney: The signs of the Vinc̆a Culture, University Microfilms, 1973. Shan M. Stroemfeld Winn: Pre-writing in Southeast Europe: The Sign System of the Vinča culture. BAR 1981. Weblinks Commons: Tontafeln von Tărtăria – Sammlung von Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien Fundstücke der Vinča-Kultur (Memento vom 6. Juni 2009 im Internet Archive) Vinca symbols bei, inkl. Font ein weiterer Font (Vinča symbols) Eric Lewin Altschuler: The Number System of the Old European Script Einzelnachweise Harald Haarmann: "Geschichte der Schrift", C.H. Beck, 2002, ISBN 3-406-47998-7, S. 20. Erika Qasim: Die Tărtăria-Täfelchen – eine Neubewertung. In: Das Altertum, ISSN 0002-6646, Bd. 58, 4 (2013), S. 307–318. Photos from Romania – The Tartaria tablets., abgerufen am 29. März 2015 (englisch). Alasdair W. R. Whittle, Europe in the Neolithic: The Creation of New Worlds, Cambridge University Press, 1996, S. 101.

Kommentar zu ……………………….Postkasten 24 von webmax

Eine Stadt, so groß wie ganz Österreich - nur mit dreimal so vielen Bewohnern: 30 Mio. Im gesamten Stadtgebiet vor sieben Jahren. Und eine der zehn schmutzigsten der Welt. Chongqing,China Wikipedia: "Derzeit leben 55 Prozent der Weltbevölkerung in Städten. Und die Zahl nimmt immer weiter zu. Die Zahl der Stadtbewohner soll bis zum Jahr 2030 weltweit um rund eine Milliarde auf 5,2 Milliarden Menschen zunehmen. Zur Jahresmitte 2018 lebten 4,2 der insgesamt 7,6 Milliarden Menschen weltweit in Städten.10.07.2018" Aber die sind ja alle wiedergeboren, haha.

Agrar - Schwerin: Agrarminister reist mit Wirtschaftsdelegation nach China


Sterzo gira a vuoto , ruote ferme

Salve , sono rimasto impantanato con una Lancia Ypsilon come in foto . Immagine: ( Ho notato che era possibile sterzare normalmente , senza nessun impedimento , ma le ruote non si spostavano di un millesimo . Qualcuno saprebbe spiegarmi questo miracolo ? La macchina dopo essere stata tolta dal carro attrezzi è tornata ad essere vitale , senza problemi ... secondo voi si deve far controllare qualcosa? Grazie in anticipo a chi risponderà

Shanghai showing the world how to nurture expatriate talent

Shanghai is showing the world how to attract and keep top expat talent.

The expatriate population in Shanghai now numbers over 200,000 and is the largest in the whole of China. Services specifically aimed at serving expatriate professionals are comprehensive and are expected to provide a model example for other regions in the vast country,...
Emigrate UK - News


China has lost Taiwan, and it knows it


So it is attacking democracy on the island from within.

Orignally published in the New York Times.

Sunday, December 1, 2019


An address on China by Tony Abbott


On 28 November, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave an address on China at the Lowy Institute.

Thursday, November 28, 2019


12/03/2019 - LINKEDIN – Getting Started

Presented by: David O’Brien, CRC Advisor & Global Director of Human Resources, HydraForce

LinkedIn is an essential tool in today’s job market. It is used not only by job seekers but by recruiters and employers seeking candidates for positions as well. Learn how to get started using this powerful tool. This presentation will cover the important elements of building your profile, how to connect with others, and get noticed.

David O’Brien is the Global Director of Human Resources for HydraForce in Lincolnshire, IL where he responsible for leading the HR organization that supports about 1,500 employees across the business. HydraForce is a private, global manufacturer of hydraulic equipment with manufacturing locations in Lincolnshire, IL; Changzhou, China; Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Birmingham, England. David has accumulated over 25 year of experience in all aspects of Human Resources, with a deep specialty in Organizational Development, Talent Management, Recruiting, and Leadership Development. David received his BA in Economics from DePauw and MS in Human Resource Management from Purdue University – Krannert School of Management. 
Registration is required to attend.  Please call 847-295-5626

TikTok apologizes after teen's video criticizing China was removed, her account locked

The popular video app TikTok apologized to Feroza Aziz after it erroneously removed her video criticizing Chinese treatment of Uighur Muslims.


jailbreak Kindle OS: (643575320)

I have been purchased the Kindle 8 from Mainland China, it only can access the Amazon CN store. Please advise, How can I jailbreak the Kindle OS: (643575320). let me login the Amazon US or HK store? my Kindle Serial number: G000MR0*NNNNNN*71D [*edited to remove fully identifying number N == a digit.]*

Wirecard expands its global financial platform services with market entry into China, investing in licenses for digital payments

<ul><li><strong>Controlling stake in Beijing-based Payment Service Provider</strong></li><li><strong>Unique license portfolio including cross-border l

1 million isn’t a lot of money anymore’

1 million isn’t a lot of money anymore’ Cheap Jerseys china 4, 2013. The NBA says the game between the San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves has been postponed because of smoky conditions inside the Mexico City arena. The arena was evacuated about 45 minutes before the scheduled tipoff when a generator malfunction outside the

3,150 Friday – Finishing the Month Strong on the S&P 500



That's up 150 points (5%) from where we cashed out most of our Member Portfolios in September and, though we missed a 10% pullback right after that – we have now missed a 15% recovery. 

Of course, at the time, I said we COULD go to 3,300 – if there was a China deal and if Brexit didn't get worse and if Q3 Earnings Reports were not a disaster and, so far, the Earnings were NOT a disaster and we keep hearing that a China deal is close and Brexit continues to stumble along so – YAY!!! – I guess…

Wall Street has taken this year’s quarterly profit contractions in stride, largely because companies, for the most part, have managed to beat already low forecasts.  Analysts came into the third quarter expecting profits for the S&P 500 to fall 4%.  With 97% of companies in the index reporting, profits are expected to have declined by 2.3%, with three-quarters of the companies topping very low expectations.

Image result for corporate profitsThere’s no question earnings are challenged,” said David Kelly, chief global strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management. “The market is to some extent coasting off good stable job performance.”  Companies that beat analysts’ forecasts in the third quarter saw an average price increase of 2.2% within the four-day period surrounding their report, according to John Butters, senior earnings analyst at FactSet. That is well above the five-year average price increase of 1% during that same window.

Investors have also been taking it relatively easy on companies that fell short of the mark, according to Butters. Companies that fell short of expectations saw an average price decline of 1.7% during that four-day window. That’s smaller than the five-year average price decrease of 2.6% during that same window for companies falling short of expectations.

Image result for corporate profits"As you can see from the above chart, we began the year down 3.75% in Q1, then gained 3.75% in Q2 and now up 0.25% but those are Q/Q growth numbers coming off a weak Q4 2018 so, overall, we're left down 2.3% on the S&P for the year so far – another down
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Trade Talk Tuesday – USMCA (NAFTA), Not China


Image result for usmca cartoon"We might have another trade deal!

Yeah, that's right, I'm going to pretend to be excited about signing the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal and I'm going to pretend it's not just NAFTA with a different name and I'm going to pretend that deal wasn't supposedly all set 18 months ago and is only finally being ratified by Congress in a meaningless gesture that changes nothing.  Of course, it's not ACTUALLY being ratified but – PROGRESS IS BEING MADE – so the market is, of course higher.

Meanwhile, back in the real World, China's Ministry of Commerce says "external rumors" about the trade talks are not accurate and that the "so called" phase-one agreement may not be completed until next year as Beijing presses for greater reductions in tariffs and the Trump Administration pushes back with its own demands.  Trump has, so far, been sticking to his threat that tariffs will INCREASE on Dec 15th – it's very hard to imagine any deal getting done if that happens, as it would then look like China is breaking under Trump's tariff pressure and China would rather walk away than look weak.  

At least Alibaba (BABA) is having a good day, raising $11.2Bn in Hong Kong despite stores being shuttered and the streets smokey with tear gas.  BABA stock popped 6.5% this morning as they raised money on that exchange though that was already anticipated in a weeklong run on their Nasdaq proxy (BABA) – so don't expect the same over here as it came in right around their original HK target of $24, which they then lowered, so they could beat it.

Alibaba’s share sale was the largest offering of any kind in Hong Kong since 2010. The money raised by Alibaba will be added to the company’s cash pile, which is now $43 Billion – enough to buy M, JWN, KSS, BBY, BBBY, LB AND HBI – if they ever want to escape Hong Kong's Democracy and come to America…  

China’s banking sector grew riskier over the last year, with about 13% of the nation’s 4,379 banks and other financial firms considered “high risk” by the central bank.  Over in Japan, The IMF called on Japan’s government and central bank to …
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Manic Monday on a Short, Low-Volume Week


Image result for china protest"The Futures are up again – yawn! 

Progress was made on the Trade War – again – as China agreed to raise the penaties they never enforce on IP Theft over the weekend but keep in mind our expectations have been lowered so much that the market is now celbrating SOME progress on a PARTIAL trade deal – 2 years after the fact!  When did we all become such idiots?  Because of the trade progress, Trump has left the Hong Kong protesters out on a limb by refusing (so far) to sign Congresses bill sanctioning China for their brutal crackdown.

Fortunately, Hong Kong citizens weren't waiting for Trump and Putin's approval and they went to the polls this weekend and overhwelmingly voted for pro-Democracy (the thing Trump and Putin are against) candidates who won 90% of the seats up for grabs with a record 71.2% turnout at the polls despite China's voter intimidation tactics.  This is very worrying for Trump and the GOP, who are counting on their own voter intimidation tactics to keep potential Democratic supporters away next November.  

Hong Kong's embattled Government took a page out of Team Trump's playbook and attempted to spin reality with this statement:

"There are various analyses and interpretations in the community in relation to the results, and quite a few are of the view that the results reflect people's dissatisfaction with the current situation and the deep-seated problems in society, (The government) will listen to the opinions of members of the public humbly and seriously reflect."

Image result for china protest"Democratic candidates on Hong Kong ran on a central theme of "Five Key Demands" from the protests, which boil down to this:

  1. Withdraw the extradition bill that kicked off the entire crisis (since achieved)
  2. Launch an independent inquiry into allegations of police brutality
  3. Retract any categorization of a protest on June 12 as a "riot"
  4. Amnesty for arrested protesters
  5. Introducing universal suffrage for how the Chief Executive and Legislative Council are elected.

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Are dictatorships better than democracies at fighting climate change?

Climate issue: As in economic matters, the China model has its flaws

A Comprehensive Guide On How Singaporeans Can Make China Investments Successfully

This might be a cliché, but China is an economic miracle since the Open Door Policy of 1978. Interestingly, the world’s second-largest economy is still […]

Market wobbles on trade, China to have its largest IPO in 5 years | CMC Markets Daily Commentary

Being the last trading day of the month, investors continue to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach amid uncertainties surrounding the US-China phase-one deal. Here's what else CMC expert has to say about it.

China’s Industrial Profits Disappoint | Daily Market Commentary with Jeffrey Halley

China's Industrial Profits disappointed this morning, falling 2.90% YoY following an equally disappointing 2.10% fall last month. Here's what else Jeffrey Halley has to say about it.

Equities Boosted By The Little Blue Box | Daily Market Commentary with Jeffrey Halley

The S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones all closed at record highs overnight, boosted by China's weekend intellectual property olive branch and a frenzy of M&A activity on Wall Street. Here's what else Jeffrey Halley has to say about it.

Market rallies on trade optimism, gold sinks | CMC Markets Daily Commentary

‘Risk on’ rally is likely to take centre stage on Tuesday as US and China are still moving closer to agree on a phase one trade deal with broad consensus having been reached, according to the Global Times. Here's what else CMC expert has to say about it.

Gigantic mining botnet unmasked


Includes 500,000 infected machines used to mine cryptocoins (without user knowledge).

The hacker group "Stantinko" already attracted attention with one of the largest botnets in the world due to the theft of credentials, fraud and the manipulation of banners. Researchers at security researcher Eset have recently discovered a new business model for botnet operators: cryptomining on more than 500,000 computers. So that their machinations remain undetected, they camouflage their malicious program on the infected machines. If the person in question opens the Task Manager or if the affected device goes into battery mode, the coinminer from Stantinko shuts itself off and remains invisible.

To conceal the communication, the malicious program works with proxies whose IP address is determined from the description text of Youtube videos. This technique is very sophisticated, because visiting the video platform is not uncommon. Youtube got informed and deleted the videos.

Not surprisingly, the criminals behind Stantinko are looking for new ways to further increase their financial profits through the botnet. Cryptomining is more profitable and harder to track than its old core adware business. With more than half a million infected computers, the cybercriminals will be attracting lucrative revenue. However, the new scam has the disadvantage that the mining of cryptocurrencies consumes enormous system resources, It makes even the opening of the browser a game of patience. Here, the criminals try tricky ways to go to disguise the malicious program from ordinary Internet users. Where previously advertising was only intrusive, the new mesh interferes with even the simplest work.



Billion fraud with false cryptocurrency "Onecoin" flown


The Bulgarian "OneCoin" inventor Ruja Ignatova has probably brought investors around 4 billion US dollars. From the "crypto-queen", however, lacks any trace and the FBI determined.

The alleged cryptocurrency "Onecoin" is at the center of the largest crypto fraud case yet, but the machinations have been discovered. According to investigators hundreds of thousands of investors could have lost more than $ 4 billion through the alleged cryptocurrency, which promised investors quick riches. Where the money has remained is currently unknown.

The main offender is the Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova. In London and elsewhere, she promoted Onecoin as an elegant inventor and made great promises to investors. Onecoin was touted as a "Bitcoin killer". Media gave her the title of "crypto-queen". She allegedly brought hundreds of thousands of people for her money.

Entrepreneur with mafia relationships

Her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, has according to the investigative site Inner City Press at least confessed to American FBI investigators and admitted several offenses in New York, including money laundering and fraud. Many investors are coming from the UK. The BBC has released a major podcast series about the machinations of the alleged cryptocoin inventor, who also allegedly has connections to the Bulgarian mafia.

Despite all this, there is still a website on which Onecoin stirs the advertising drum. It is advertised with slogans like: "Be part of the financial revolution." and Onecoin is "the first transparent, global cryptocurrency for everyone". The advertised digital money promised high returns for investors. It also announced that millions of people in underdeveloped countries in Africa and Asia will have access to financial services.

Onecoin is a pyramid system

Onecoin was and still is not a cryptocurrency, based on the blockchain technology, but a rather simple pyramid scheme: The first investors could make high profits, as more and more investors put money in the system, but in the end are high losses. Although Onecoin denies any illegal activity on the site, such methods are fraudulent.

In 2017, Onecoin is said to have raised more than $ 4 billion from investors worldwide, including some £ 100 million from British citizens. In October 2017 Ruja Ignatova disappeared suddenly, since then she is wanted by the FBI.

Onecoin in the BBC news:



14 horas - China amenaza a Trump con represalias por apoyar las protestas en Hong Kong


El presidente estadounidense Donald Trump ha aprobado dos leyes que apoyan a los manifestantes de Hong Kong. Exigen el respeto a los Derechos Humanos y que el Departamento de Estado certifique al menos anualmente la autonomía de Hong Kong. China amenaza con represalias, en plena guerra comercial.




BORIS Johnson’s Conservative Party may have a strong lead in the polls, but a clear majority could still elude them. Brexit is not done yet. Us-china trade wars are dragging on, with US President Donaldtrump’s move to sign the pro-protester Hong Kong...

New Cretaceous mammal fossil sheds light on evolution of middle ear

Researchers from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) have reported a new species of multituberculate - a type of extinct Mesozoic rodent - with well-preserved middle ear bones from the Cretaceous Jehol Biota of China. The findings were published in Nature. Reconstruction of Jeholbaatar kielanae [Credit: XU Yong]The...

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ALZHEIMER L'EPIDEMIA SILENZIOSA di Marcello PAMIO Come prevenire e curare la demenza

ALZHEIMER L'EPIDEMIA SILENZIOSA Come prevenire e curare la demenza di Marcello PAMIO (UNO editori descrive una delle patologie più tremende che l'uomo abbia mai conosciuto: una malattia silente ma in grado di devastare non una persona ma l'intera famiglia!
Il cervello è l'organo più enigmatico e complesso dell'universo e forse proprio per questo è l'unico del corpo umano il cui funzionamento ancora sfugge alla nostra comprensione.
Le cifre che lo descrivono sono a dir poco astronomiche: in un volume di 1.500 centimetri cubi si racchiudono 100.000 milioni di neuroni che utilizzano fino a 19.000 dei 30.000 geni che compongono il genoma umano.

I neuroni si collegano tra loro formando un miliardo di connessioni per ogni millimetro cubo di corteccia cerebrale. Per non parlare delle cellule gliali di supporto che sono addirittura 10 volte tanto. Eppure questa splendida macchina può andare incontro a declino cognitivo e demenza tra cui il morbo di Alzheimer, la più diffusa patologia sopra una certa età.
I malati di Alzheimer al mondo sono 47 milioni e questa cifra è destinata a raddoppiare ogni 20 anni. Quali sono le cause di questa subdola malattia che lentamente cancella la coscienza? È possibile prevenirla e/o curarla?

A rispondere a queste domande una quindicina tra medici e ricercatori, che oltre a dare la loro interpretazione, propongono interessanti strumenti di intervento e percorsi terapeutici.
Con questo libro scopri: quali potrebbero essere le cause scatenanti della demenza; come poter intervenire preventivamente;
i più interessanti percorsi terapeutici naturali... e molto altro ancora.
Leggi anche altri post sullo stesso argomento:

Riduci il tuo rischio e mantieni sano il tuo cervello

UNA PALESTRA PER LA MENTE 2 di Donata GOLLIN, Arianna FERRARI e Anna PERUZZI Nuovi esercizi di stimolazione cognitiva per l'invecchiamento cerebrale e le demenze

Prevenire e curare con metodi naturali: sclerosi multipla, Parkinson, Alzheimer, miastenia gravis, SLA, fibromialgia, sindrome da fatica cronica

Marcello Pamio è uno scrittore e insegna nutrizione in diverse scuole di naturopatia. Dal 1999 gestisce il sito internet
È autore di diversi saggi di successo tra cui ricordo: Il lato oscuro del Nuovo Ordine Mondiale, Manifesto contro la televisione, Diabete, La vita inizia prima della nascita (scritto insieme a Marisa Bettio).
Con Uno editori ha già pubblicato: La fabbrica dei malati, Dietro le quinte, Cancro S.P.A., Il marketing della pazzia, Vaccinazioni.

Leggi 2 estratti da ALZHEIMER L'EPIDEMIA SILENZIOSA Come prevenire e curare la demenza di Marcello PAMIO:

ALZHEIMER: SINTOMI, DIAGNOSI E PREVENZIONE Scopri come si sviluppa e come si può limitare questa malattia neurodegenerativa


L'Alzheimer, più che una patologia, potrebbe essere interpretato come una sorta di "meccanismo di difesa". La malattia di Alzheimer può essere definita una "patologia neurologica che viene considerata la principale forma di "demenza" che esordisce, tendenzialmente, nella terza età.
Si manifesta con la perdita graduale e progressiva della memoria, delle facoltà intellettive e, nelle ultime fasi, anche del controllo delle funzioni fisiologiche."
Sembra esserci una predisposizione genetica e una frequente associazione con una forte depressione, non risolta, tra i 50 e i 65 anni. Il 7 aprile 2017 è stata resa nota la scoperta:
"l'origine dell'Alzheimer: non è nell'area del cervello associata alla memoria che va cercato il responsabile del morbo. All'origine della malattia ci sarebbe, invece, la morte dei neuroni nell'area collegata anche ai disturbi dell'umore." Prof. Marcello D'Amelio

Una persona malata di Alzheimer o di una patologia psichiatrica grave come la schizofrenia è pressoché immune dal tumore. Il libro strutturalmente è diviso in 2 parti.
Nella prima parte viene spiegato cos'è e cosa non è l'Alzheimer. La seconda parte risponde ad alcune domande come per esempio: "Qual è la causa o le cause dell'Alzheimer?"; "Esiste una cura?".
L'autore ha intervistato una quindicina di medici e ricercatori con lo scopo di inquadrare il fenomeno nella sua complessità e globalità: vuole condividere queste conoscenze non per dare false illusioni ma per mantenere accesa e viva la fiammella della speranza:
"Se infine teniamo conto che per la medicina ufficiale l'Alzheimer è una patologia neurodegenerativa assolutamente incurabile, per la quale non esiste nessuna cura... cosa rischiamo cambiando visione e prospettiva?" Marcello Pamio

Il cervello, esattamente come per un muscolo, va tenuto costantemente in allenamento con stimoli adeguati (letture, immaginazione, visualizzazione, musica, cruciverba, ecc.) alternati a profondo riposo e a una nutrizione corretta.
Il declino cognitivo è una delle maggiori preoccupazioni della popolazione anziana e il morbo di Alzheimer è la maggiore causa di declino cognitivo correlato all'età.
L'Italia è la prima al mondo per numero di casi. Secondo un nuovo studio la malattia potrebbe essere la terza causa di morte negli Stati Uniti. Inoltre le donne sono l'epicentro di questa epidemia: sono donne il 65% dei pazienti.

Il termine "demenza" viene usato per descrivere un declino delle facoltà mentali abbastanza grave da interferire con la vita quotidiana. La perdita di memoria è solo un esempio di tale declino.
Una persona anziana, anche molto vecchia, non per forza di cose deve conoscere la demenza: infatti in certe popolazioni ultracentenarie come gli Hunza la demenza è sconosciuta.
La malattia prende il nome dal dott. Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915), psichiatra e neuropatologo tedesco che per la prima volta ne 1907 ne descrisse i sintomi e gli aspetti neuropatologici.
La diagnosi precoce è molto importante, non esistono farmaci in grado di fermare e far regredire la malattia per cui tutti i trattamenti oggi disponibili puntano solo al contenimento della sintomatologia con risultati scarsi ma inducendo effetti collaterali.

Una perdita di memoria momentanea o dimenticare qualche fatto della vita non significa avere il morbo di Alzheimer o un altro tipo di demenza!
Una vera demenza interferisce negativamente con la memoria, la comunicazione e il linguaggio, la capacità di concentrarsi e di prestare attenzione, il ragionamento, il giudizio e la percezione visiva.
Se si vuole prevenire la demenza o migliorare la condizione mentale in caso di malattia conclamata, è obbligatorio limitare la fruizione da apparecchi televisivi e dalle varie "diavolerie" elettroniche in generale per far posto ad altre attività dinamiche.
La malattia non fa distinzioni e non risparmia neppure le persone ricche, intelligenti e molto famose tra cui: il filosofo Kant, Emil Cioran, attori come Robin Williams, Peter Falk, Rita Hayworth, Lauretta Masiero, Sean Connery; politici come Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher e molti altri.

Gli otto tipi di danni correlati alla frequenza del 5G (nuovo standard di comunicazione cioè la quinta generazione) sono i seguenti: 1) danni cellulari al DNA (rottura del filamento singolo del DNA, rottura del filamento doppio, ossidazione delle basi del DNA);
2) diminuzione della fertilità maschile e femminile, aumento di aborti spontanei, abbassamento di ormoni come estrogeni, progesterone e testosterone; 3) danni neurologici e neuropsichiatrici; 4) apoptosi e morte cellulare;
5) stress ossidativo e aumento dei radicali liberi (responsabili della maggior parte delle patologie croniche); 6) effetti ormonali; 7) aumento del calcio intracellulare; 8) effetto cancerogeno sul cervello, sulle ghiandole salivari e sul nervo acustico.

Oggi la dieta chetogenica (dr. Joseph Mercola) viene sempre più spesso applicata in patologie neurologiche come la depressione, l'Alzheimer, il Parkinson, ecc.: inoltre bere molta acqua è importante per mantenere in salute il cervello.
Una ricerca che studiava i composti attivi nel tè verde ha stabilito che le catechine contenute non solo sono antiossidanti e neuroprotettive ma addirittura stimolano il cervello a produrre più neuroni.
E' stato dimostrato che il tè verde ha implicazioni interessanti nel trattamento delle malattie neurodegenerative come il morbo di Alzheimer, il morbo di Parkinson e di Huntington.
Non esiste la panacea per tutti i mali dell'uomo e infatti per l'Alzheimer ufficialmente non c'è una cura. La cosa migliore da fare è la prevenzione: prima si interviene e migliori saranno i risultati ottenuti.

Se esiste un filo conduttore che lega tutti gli interventi del libro, sicuramente è il consiglio di CAMBIARE QUANTO PRIMA LO STILE DI VITA!
Per adottare uno stile di vita più salutare bisogna imparare a comprendere quali sono i grassi utili al cervello e quali sono dannosi. Secondo il dott. David Perlmutter l'Alzheimer è prevenibile attraverso una dieta appropriata.

Le diete ad alto contenuto di grassi sono associate a un rischio ridotto del 44%. Questa combinazione, pochi zuccheri e carboidrati e molti grassi salubri, è la chiave di lettura per affrontare non solo l'Alzheimer ma anche il diabete e le malattie cardiache!
Il libro di Neal Barnard Super Cibi per la mente ci indica che per gestire al meglio la salute del proprio cervello, oltre alla ginnastica mentale e una corretta alimentazione, bisogna praticare la ginnastica fisica che è importantissima.

Alcune delle mie citazioni preferite da ALZHEIMER L'EPIDEMIA SILENZIOSA Come prevenire e curare la demenza di Marcello PAMIO:

"Più esistenza, meno assistenza!" Dalla prefazione del prof. Ivano Spano
"Tu, i tuoi ricordi e le tue ambizioni non siete altro che il comportamento di un vasto insieme di neuroni e delle loro molecole." Francis Crick
"Un uomo può reputarsi felice se il suo cibo è anche la sua medicina." Henry David Thoreau
"Ogni uomo, se lo decide, può essere lo scultore del proprio cervello."
Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Premio Nobel per la Medicina 1906

Un caro saluto. Raffaele Ciruolo


LA SCELTA ANTITUMORE del dott. Giuseppe DI BELLA Prevenzione, terapia farmacologica e stile di vita

LA SCELTA ANTITUMORE Prevenzione, terapia farmacologica e stile di vita di Giuseppe DI BELLA (Macro edizioni UNO editori è un libro indispensabile per saperne di più sul Metodo Di Bella, un valido metodo scientifico osteggiato dal sistema.
Ti spiega in cosa consiste oggi la terapia e quali sono i risultati concreti supportati da una documentatissima letteratura scientifica.
La multiterapia ideata dal prof. Luigi Di Bella (padre di Giuseppe) riscuote ampi e autorevoli riconoscimenti internazionali con innumerevoli testimonianze dei miglioramenti dei malati.

Questo è un libro 4D: ovvero un libro che va oltre la carta. Oltre alle pagine da leggere trovi infatti una serie di contenuti multimediali extra di approfondimento.
All'interno del libro ci sono semplici istruzioni per accedere a questi contenuti da qualsiasi dispositivo: PC, tablet, smartphone e smart-TV.
Leggendo questo volume scoprirai: cos'è la multiterapia dei tumori; qual è realmente l'importanza dell'alimentazione e dell'ambiente per la prevenzione e la cura;
quali sono gli agenti cancerogeni interni all'organismo e quali quelli esterni, che possono essere pericolosi per la nostra salute; le possibilità concrete di abbattere l'incidenza, contrastare l'insorgenza e la progressione del tumore.

Lo scopo è aiutarti a districarti tra le informazioni frammentarie o ambigue e a riconoscere quelle utili a identificare le possibili cause, a prevenire o a guarire dalla malattia.
Nel 1996 (dopo gli esiti positivi del Metodo Di Bella) si arrivò alla nota sperimentazione e al suo falli­mento. Ma la falsificazione della sperimentazione (viziata da anomalie e irregolarità che qui vengono documentate) non ha però portato alla delegittimazione del metodo stesso, che è e rimarrà un documen­tato atto di accusa contro la dittatura terapeutica.
I benefici della multiterapia infatti sono avvalorati da un crescente numero di conferme sulle banche dati medico-scientifiche internazionali.

"Non ho il minimo merito nelle ricerche e nelle scoperte di mio padre, mia unica ambizione è diffondere il Suo Metodo, divulgarne la concezione terapeutica, proseguire nella realizzazione del Suo obiettivo primario:
sollevare dalla disperazione e dalla sofferenza, ridare fiducia, sorriso e speranza a tanti sofferenti disperati, riportando la medicina dall'attuale deriva commerciale e speculativa all'antica dignità di arte etica, ippocratica, spirituale, unica Via che attraverso la Verità porta alla Vita." Giuseppe Di Bella

Giuseppe Di Bella dopo la laurea in medicina presso l'Università di Modena nel 1965 ottiene il diploma di specializzazione in ORL (otorinolaringoiatra) nel luglio 1968 presso l'Università di Bologna. Dal marzo 1967 è iscritto all'Albo dei Medici Chirurghi.
È stato primario di chirurgia maxillofacciale e primario ORL nel 1975. Dal 1975 al 1984 è responsabile del servizio ORL presso l'ospedale di Budrio-Bologna. Poi svolge attività di libero professionista.

Dal 1968 ha svolto circa 15.000 interventi in anestesia generale nell'ambito della specialità ORL. È stato correlatore, col professor Luigi Di Bella, della monografia "Cancro, siamo sulla strada giusta?".
Ha partecipato a moltissimi congressi nazionali e internazionali ed ha all'attivo tantissime pubblicazioni tra cui il libro Il Metodo Di Bella.
È il Presidente della "Fondazione G. Di Bella - ONLUS" per lo studio e il trattamento delle patologie neoplastiche e degenerative.

Leggi l'introduzione del libro LA SCELTA ANTITUMORE di Giuseppe Di Bella e scopri un metodo tanto rivoluzionario quanto scomodo:


VIDEO-INTERVISTA AL DOTT. DI BELLA; perché ci furono manifestazioni di piazza che chiedevano che venisse approvato il Metodo Di Bella;
la scientificità della cura: le pubblicazioni sulle riviste internazionali; i retroscena della sperimentazione del Metodo Di Bella: le irregolarità e i criteri di arruolamento;
sperimentazione Di Bella: l'inchiesta di Guariniello; i risultati positivi della multiterapia nonostante il boicottaggio; la precocità della diagnosi e il fallimento della chemioterapia;
la carne: pro e contro; i risultati del Metodo Di Bella oggi: l'efficacia della melatonina... e tanto altro!

Secondo il prof. Carlo Ventura (autore della prefazione) "il cancro non è una singola entità ma un gruppo di patologie correlate.
La sua stessa complessità emerge dalle recenti acquisizioni che vedono in alterazioni della capacità differenziativa e proliferativa delle cellule staminali residenti in ogni tessuto del corpo umano una causa fondamentale nella disseminazione metastatica delle neoplasie, al punto di parlare di "cancer stem cells" per identificare una popolazione probabilmente eterogenea di elementi staminali che ha perso la capacità di garantire il potenziale di autoriparazione dei nostri tessuti trasformandosi addirittura in elementi che promuovono una strada spesso di non-ritorno come la diffusione metastatica...
La prevenzione resta sicuramente una strategia essenziale, un approccio così importante in ambito biomedico da essere considerato sempre attuale e necessario anche quando il progresso della terapia e della diagnosi dovesse arrivare a porre risoluzioni definitive, come si spera accada presto per il problema del cancro."

In questa grande opera di Giuseppe Di Bella vengono affrontati con estremo rigore, chiarezza e modernità i temi della prevenzione primaria e secondaria dei tumori.
L'autore si concentra in particolare sull'importanza e sulla possibilità di effettuare una prevenzione farmacologica dell'insorgenza tumorale.
Egli analizza a fondo le strategie introdotte negi ultimi anni, avendo come target molecolare percorsi specifici. Presenta il Metodo Di Bella spiegandone le basi razionali, i percorsi storici, l'iter travagliato a livello istituzionale, le applicazioni nell'oncologia, i risultati ottenuti.
La scelta antitumore è un libro davvero interessante non solo per gli "addetti ai lavori" ma anche per chi vuole approfondire un problema in crescita e drammatico.

Questo libro nasce dalla profonda e sentita esigenza di far risparmiare a tanti gravi sofferenze e/o sollevarli dal tragico calvario del cancro, assolutamente inimmaginabile per chi non lo ha vissuto.
Ha il dovere morale, l'esigenza etica e scientifica di trasmettere, diffondere e valorizzare un patrimonio unico di conoscenze mediche e acquisizioni scientifiche frutto dell'intera vita del padre di Di Bella, totalmente, appassionatamente dedicata alla ricerca, allo studio e al progresso terapeutico.
Citando Sant'Agostino: "Nessuno può essere veramente amico dell'uomo se non è innanzi tutto amico della verità."
Un eminente medico e ricercatore, Sergio Stagnaro, scienziato noto a livello internazionale, definì il prof. Luigi Di Bella "L'ultimo grande clinico, un gigante in un mondo di nani".

Questo "Metodo" creato oltre 40 anni fa dal prof. Di Bella fu così da lui definito: "Essere essenziale più che l'inattuabile e immaginaria uccisione di tutti gli elementi neoplastici, la realizzazione di tutte le condizioni, note, possibili e non dannose entro determinati limiti, atte a ostacolarne lo sviluppo, fino alla morte per apoptosi, sopratutto attraverso l'intergioco fra i numerosi fattori di crescita.
L'essenziale sta nell'attivare tutti gli inibitori dei noti fattori di crescita alle dosi e con tempestività e tempi opportuni. Il protocollo MDB (Metodo Di Bella) è nato in quest'atmosfera, quella della vita e non dall'intossicazione e morte delle cellule, metodo che asseconda ed esalta le reazioni vitali senza ricercare con precisione statistica le dosi più opportune per uccidere.
Il tumore (dagli stadi iniziali, pretumorali alle fasi avanzate, metastatiche) è deviazione dalla vita normale, per cui occorre riportare le reazioni deviate alla norma attraverso l'esaltazione di tutti quei mezzi che la Fisiologia considera essenziali per la vita...

non esiste né esisterà alcun trattamento chemioterapeutico citotossico (né monoterapia) in grado di prevenire o guarire un tumore ma unicamente un Metodo, una multiterapia razionale e biologica, un complesso di sostanze sinergiche e fattorialmente interattive, singolarmente dotate di attività antitumorale atossica, che sequenzialmente o contemporaneamente agiscano centripetamente sulla miriade di reazioni biologiche della vita tumorale riconducendo gradualmente alla normalità le reazioni vitali deviate dal cancro".

Quindi non c'è una sostanza ma un metodo per la prevenzione e cura del cancro. L'alimentazione è una parte fondamentale per la prevenzione.
Un'alimentazione può essere sbagliata per vari motivi: eccesso o carenza d'introduzione di alimenti (errore quantitativo), un errore qualitativo che altera l'equilibrio nell'apporto di una percentuale di una singola classe di alimenti come ad esempio un eccesso di glucidi (zuccheri) o di lipidi (grassi) o un difetto di proteine.
Oltre alla qualità e quantità dei cibi va considerato il modo di cucinarli. Per essere sana e fisiologica la dieta deve essere equilibrata, mai eccessiva, assolutamente non ripetitiva ma varia, diversificata. Mangia secondo l'insegnamento del prof. Di Bella: "Un po' di tutto e di tutto un po'".

La neoplasia non è una malattia acuta, è una malattia cronica. La neoplasia (dal greco nèos, "nuovo" e plàsis, "formazione" poichè è una nuova crescita) non arriva per distruggerti ma per spingerti a trovare nuovi equilibri di vita perché quelli attuali non ti stanno facendo vivere ma morire lentamente nel cuore, anche se non te ne accorgi.
La malattia non è una punizione, è il risultato di uno stile di vita, di un modo di pensare, di un modo di essere e di affrontare gli eventi della vita.
Il segreto è diventare consapevoli che la chiave del cambiamento, dell'evoluzione, della salute, della felicità è osservare continuamente e dolcemente come ci parliamo e cosa immaginiamo dentro di noi rispetto alle cose che viviamo e trasformarlo sempre in modo più luminoso e pacifico.

Un caro saluto. Raffaele Ciruolo


Safety Comparison of Two Enterovirus 71 (EV71) Inactivated Vaccines in Yiwu, China

The safety of two kinds of post-marketing enterovirus 71 (EV71) vaccine in China was evaluated in this study. Fourteen vaccination clinics were randomly assigned in a 1:1 ratio, and both children in two groups were administered according to a two-dose schedule (on a 0 and 28 day schedule). Written informed consent was obtained, and recipients in this study were observed for 30 min after inoculation in the clinic, and then followed via phone or on-site follow-up at day 3 and 30. No severe EV71-associated adverse event was reported. No significant difference was noticed between Group Sinovac and Group CAMS (χz= 0.346, p = 0.556). There was no significant difference in the occurrence of adverse events among recipients aged less than 24 months; however, the proportion of adverse events was higher in Group CAMS than in Group Sinovac among the subjects aged 24–35 months (5.3% vs. 2.5%, p < 0.001). The two kinds of EV71 vaccines showed satisfactory safety. Adverse events after vaccination were normal and acceptable.



yuirin25 / 星影里沙@介護芸人戦隊ビビンビーンThe latest 風の向くまま新聞! Thanks to @HMS29426142 @senyowa @tonkyo_Vc #china #iw2019jp at 11/28 12:35yuirin25 / 星影里沙@介護芸人戦隊ビビンビーン【ゆる募、だけど切実】九州の醤油について、詳しい方。甘口しょうゆで、どの醤油が色が濃いのかご存知の方 m(_∞_)m a..

Civic group seeks China green help to stymie dam


Local civic groups will seek help from Friends of Nature (FON), a renowned conservation group in China, for its campaign against dam projects on the Mekong River.

The post Civic group seeks China green help to stymie dam appeared first on Mekong Eye.


Need help finding a doctor to prescribe me xanax


Please give me a list of doctors that will prescribe me xanax? I have bad anxiety. ## You'll get better responses if you were a little more specific, since we do have users on our site from many different countries. Where are you located? There are also no guarantees that any doctor you go to will prescribe the medication you want them to. That is entirely up to them and dependent upon their diagnosis. ## Does anyone know any doctors in Las Vegas, NV that will prescribe me Xanax???? ## i desperately need a dr to presribe me xanax in new york city..ive recently moved here and am out of what i brought with me..i have insurance but dont need to use iit...i keep hearing anout chinatown but theres so many any help would be appreciated ## I live in the Philadelphia and Delaware County are...


Zimbabwe: Vice President Chiwenga Reveals Disease

[New Zimbabwe] Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has revealed he was suffering from a disease of the oesophagus which took him to China where he was hospitalised for four months.

Zimbabwe: Govt Turns to China and Cuba As Doctors Impasse Continues

[New Zimbabwe] HEALTH Minister Obadiah Moyo on Wednesday admitted government was hiring doctors from China and Cuba but denied this had anything to do with the sacking of 448 doctors over their participation in what the Labour Court has said was an illegal strike.

Living and dining rooms of Bethune House


A postcard depicting two rooms in the Bethune House. The image at the top of the postcard is in black and white, and it depicts the dining room. The table seats six people, and is elongated and covered in a white tablecloth. A centerpiece sits in the middle of the table. On the right side of the room is a china cabinet which has silverware on display on top. To the left of the cabinet is floor lamp. To the left of the floor lamp is a wall hutch with china displayed. The floor is covered in an overzied rug. The image at the bottom of the postcard is of the living room in Bethune House. At the right of the image, a display case, most likely holding memorabilia of Mary McLeod Bethune's life, sits in front of a staircase leading to the second floor. Across from the staircase along the front wall is a foyer table with a mirror hanging above it. To the left of the table is the front door, and to the left of the front door is a striped couch. Curtains can partially be seen. The floor is covered by a large rug. On the back of the image is written in pencil, ""Dining room (Bethune House),"" and ""Living Room, Bethune Foundation, early 1950s."" The postcard has been glued to another piece of paper, so the original print on the back of the postcard has been peeled away. The box for the stamp on the back is visible. Also visible is, ""May McLeod Bethune Foundation,"" as well as the publisher's information.


Living and dining rooms of Bethune House


A postcard depicting two rooms in the Bethune House. The image at the top of the postcard is in black and white, and it depicts the dining room. The table seats six people, and is elongated and covered in a white tablecloth. A centerpiece sits in the middle of the table. On the right side of the room is a china cabinet which has silverware on display on top. To the left of the cabinet is floor lamp. To the left of the floor lamp is a wall hutch with china displayed. The floor is covered in an overzied rug. The image at the bottom of the postcard is of the living room in Bethune House. At the right of the image, a display case, most likely holding memorabilia of Mary McLeod Bethune's life, sits in front of a staircase leading to the second floor. Across from the staircase along the front wall is a foyer table with a mirror hanging above it. To the left of the table is the front door, and to the left of the front door is a striped couch. Curtains can partially be seen. The floor is covered by a large rug. On the back of the image is written in pencil, ""Dining room (Bethune House),"" and ""Living Room, Bethune Foundation, early 1950s."" The postcard has been glued to another piece of paper, so the original print on the back of the postcard has been peeled away. The box for the stamp on the back is visible. Also visible is, ""May McLeod Bethune Foundation,"" as well as the publisher's information.


Zen - Faça o seu Jardim

Mesmo morando num apartamento poderá ter um pouco mais da natureza perto de si. Construa o seu próprio jardim e sinta as suas energias renovar!



Certamente já viu algum chamado “jardim zen”, ou jardim chinês. De dimensões maiores ou menores, é geralmente composto por um recipiente de porcelana escura, areia fina e diversos seixos ou cristais. Na verdade, esses pequenos jardins são réplicas dos jardins chineses originais, que foram criados segundo os mesmos princípios de harmonia e união cósmica que orientam o pensamento oriental. O jardim chinês está intimamente ligado à casa, e foi concebido para proporcionar boas oportunidades de descanso aos seus moradores, permitindo-lhes passear ou relaxar num banco de madeira. É por essa razão que os jardins chineses costumam ter pequenas pontes, bancos, lagos e árvores frondosas, por entre as quais se circula e, observando a paisagem, os sentidos recolhem toda a energia positiva emitida pela Natureza. Na Antiguidade, os chineses levavam para os seus jardins pedras grandes que representassem montanhas, água e árvores quando estas não existiam de forma natural. Assim sendo, é sempre deixado espaço no centro para que a energia circule sem bloqueios. Nas paredes são abertas janelas circulares, e mesmo as pedras maiores têm buracos e fendas que visam dar-lhes uma maior expressividade e dinamismo. O fundamental num jardim chinês é respeitar a Natureza, mantendo tudo no estado original.


Basta usar a criatividade!


Para criar um jardim zen em sua casa, utilize a sua sensibilidade e imaginação para aproveitar o espaço de que dispõe. Se vive num pequeno apartamento, lembre-se que pode arranjar um vaso largo e pouco fundo e dispor nele os elementos essenciais. Seja qual for o espaço disponível, conheça a disposição básica que deve adotar: a formação clássica dos 4 animais, de que já lhe falei anteriormente. Na parte de trás deve haver uma parede sólida, que pode ser uma pedra ou um conjunto de plantas maiores, que corresponde à posição da Tartaruga e visa dar estabilidade. À frente encontra-se a Fénix, um espaço de liberdade em que não deve haver bloqueios, devendo colocar uma pequena pedra ou outro objeto a marcar o fim do jardim sem obstruir à vista. À direita é conveniente ter plantas ou seixos mais baixos e planos, na posição onde se encontra a energia do Tigre, e à esquerda, que corresponde ao Dragão, deve haver uma proteção mais alta. Esta estrutura da Tartaruga, Fénix, Tigre e Dragão pode ser utilizada tanto no jardim como no seu escritório através da forma como dispõe os móveis. Ela garante segurança atrás, horizontes amplos à frente, ação à esquerda e força à direita.

Cuide do seu jardim com amor e assegure-se de que existe nele “vida”, movimento. No caso de se tratar de um vaso dentro de casa, pendure por cima sinos mensageiros de vento, disponhas pequenos seixos em zigue-zague como se de um caminho se tratasse. Reserve alguns momentos do dia para cuidar do seu jardim com sossego. A calma e a serenidade que ele lhe inspira encherá o seu espírito.


Solid China economic data helps Asian markets creep higher

Asian markets advanced Monday after a couple of economic reports showed some signs of promise for China's manufacturing sector. Powered by WPeMatico

For some reason, I can feel it shortly after I get up in the


alleged oysters poachers arrested in md

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We did a review and video demo on it 2 yrs ago. It is still in her rotation. She bent it to suit her anatomy. I release the lack of love to replace with love. I release my worries. I release the old me to embrace a new and improved me. Play Zone Kit 9 Xact Fit Rings with Sturdy Storage Cone. Imagine if a finger ring only came in three sizes equivalent to the circumference of a dime and a quarter and a dollar coin dildos, how would they fit? Well until now, cock rings were sized even farther apart than this! No wonder finding a good fitting cock ring is near impossible. Perfect Fit has developed the first cock ring sizing system designed to fit you without too much pull but with enough restriction to be truly effective.

dog dildo Not likely have data? Large houses are not good as rentals. Too much upkeep, square footage of carpet, larger and more expensive applicanes (like two AC units for two stories), more property taxes, higher insurance, and less people looking to rent large places. The sweet spot for rentals is 2 or 3 bedroom houses; basically houses that are a bit larger than the bigger apartments but offer more privacy, two car garage dildos, backyard and good schools.. dog dildo

wholesale sex toys He maneuvered his F 18 lower to get a better look. As he was descending through about 20K he was startled by the sight of a white object that was moving about just over the frothing water. Imagine the reddit threads filling with comments about the sounds of missiles being launched and air raid sirens, only to then see some national subs will never be posted in again, and the live update threads stop being updated and the only threads you sometimes see are "Any survivors in my location?", "Picture of nuclear missiles flying overhead", "picture of mushroom cloud near new york". wholesale sex toys

dog dildo While I do enjoy the scent of this perfume and it's longevity, I dislike is how easy it is to apply too much. When too much of this strong smell is applied dildos, it is very overbearing. All it takes is 3 sprays of this perfume to turn a great thing into a very bad thing.. dog dildo

horse dildo Is it less sad, only because it might be the same in another country? Second, the welfare state varies greatly between countries. You find less homeless people in most european countrys for instance, because social security is better here. I dont want to offend you, or say we are better people or anything. horse dildo

sex toys Results: so what can you expect to happen after usage? Some of our customers have reported increases between one and three inches. That amounts to a very significant growth of mass and size. Imagine the look on your lover's face, not to mention their shouts of joy, when you unveil your new sex machine. sex toys

g spot vibrator The straps are all incredibly adjustable to suit your needs. Spoon your pillow from the side or ride it at your perfect pace to bring you towards bliss. Let your fantasies take hold of you as you move your hips and enjoy hands free pleasure! Let your mind and your hands roam as you wrap your legs around your pillow and your pussy thrums!Measurements: Each strap expands up to 58 inches in circumference. g spot vibrator

horse dildo Protecting this pleasant core is a synthetic waterproof fabric (what excellent planning!), held shut by a zipper. This zipper lines up exactly with the zipper for the outer layer, a microfiber fabric that keeps the pillow from sliding all the way across the bed. The microfiber is a neat and trim version, nothing too plush so not much static is generated and not much lint is picked up. horse dildo

vibrators If it really isn't healthy for us, we can mistake bad feelings as being about secrecy when they're really about the sex or the relationship. And that's no good.I think one of the best ways to initiate conversations and disclosures like this with parents is to lead them by saying that you really don't want to have to be dishonest with them: you want to be able to be honest and open; you want to go about your sex life in a way that doesn't wind up messing up your relationship with your parent. That's a big deal, and it's also a choice that shows real value in your relationship with your parents. vibrators

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The world has cleaned up a bunch since the industrial


wager at your own risk

"The grave is burst, the spices shed dildos, the linen wrapped up"The image A Breach in a City served as the frontispiece for America and was originally shown on its own at the Royal Academy during April 1784. The work was probably based on the Gordon riots at Newgate Prison during June 1780. Implications of the work are taken up again in America with the King of England trembling as he sees Orc, the embodiment of the American colonies.

dog dildo The school constitution is straight forward. The town meeting is the highest/most powerful form of government. Issues are usually discussed by the interested part of the student body before elections. And slutty fine, as long as it genuinely slutty. I don pick up on subtlety very well, either. According to friends, I had guys trying to get in my pants all night at times, and I never had a clue. dog dildo

I love it when guys focus on my hands. Playing with the hands is also a great flirting tactic. After all, holding hands is a nice feeling. Highrise Belt Positioning Booster Car SeatThe Highrise Booster Car Seat gives children from 40 100 pounds a comfortable boost in the car that allows the adult seat belts to be better positioned for a safer ride. It features a flip down compartment with cup holder that's there when you need it and tucks away when you don't. It transfers easily between vehicles.

sex toys Don think the entity wants you to bind yourself to it. I think you being tricked by your desire to do it in the hopes that it make/give you something more than you are/have, but the truth is you already have all that you need within. You just need to discipline yourself and access it.. sex toys

Adult Toys So we should always love and respect. I was terrified I was gaining weight in this picture. I thought my arms were fat. If Tesla wants to succeed as a company, they need to be able to sell as many Model 3 because it the most competitive market for cars that initially can shoot a brand to success. The luxury segment like the model S and X is reserved to people that have a lot of money and perhaps like Tesla as a brand, which is a niche market. If you look at the german brands like Audi, Mercedes and BMW. Adult Toys

dildo I wash mine after every use, but I use them for buttplay most of the time. No antibacterial stuff (absolutely NOT NECESSARY if you in a situation where you should sanitize then use something that known to work bleach or boiling water. Antibacterial stuff breeds resistance in bacteria and sensitivities in people!), just ordinary soap (most often dishwashing detergent).. dildo

gay sex toys I was just going to say! Now they have little pockets on the front of undies perfectly condom sized. And you could probably stick a little one use flavored ID lube in there too Underwear gets weirder and weirder, the latest trend for thongs is to have ribbons to tie up the sides (you know, the part that connects the front to back). But then, on each hip, there's a little plastic clasp. gay sex toys

vibrators Blake is really athletic. I went to highschool with him, he wasn the smartest dude and he was usually skipping class to rip cigs with his boys, but MAN was he athletic. He was always picked 1st in gym class no matter what sport we were playing, i remember him ramming a girl into the bleachers playing kickball one day and telling her to get the "fuck out of his way" as he rounded to home and scored the game winner. vibrators

dildo Amy is right on at least one point,all it will take is one person becoming paralyzed or being killed and the fingerpointing will begin. People will ask why this wasn't stopped years ago? I agree. I am all for tradition, but stupid ones have a way of coming around to bite everyone involved.. dildo

Even if she's planning on using disposables, cloth diapers are excellent burping cloths! A Boppy pillow. They're crescent shaped and are used for a ton of things supports the baby during breastfeeding, props the baby up for sitting time, props the baby up for tummy time, and when the baby's older it can be used at bedtime as a safe pillow for when he or she has a headcold A big fluffy towel and matching washcloths. Baby washcloths tend to roll up in the wash, making them a huge annoyance to use.

dildo The end of the toy has a giant gaudy fake crystal thing. It reminds me of this silly game I used to play with my best friend called "Tales of the Crystals". I'm not really sure what the connection between animal, vibrator, and crystal is dildos, but it looks a little silly. dildo

horse dildo Over two years ago, my senior year of high school, I became close friends with my lab partner. We'll call him Gabe. Gabe was close friends with my best friend, Calla. You can choose to say something in the moment to your potential partner. For example, if they say: "Wow, did you sleep around a lot?" You can combat that with facts, "Actually, you can get herpes/HPV/HIV from having sex with one person." If you want to take this a step forward, and call the person out on their slut shaming, you could say: "Your comment is really judgmental and misinformed. If I contracted it from sleeping around, that's not any better or worse than contracting it from one person.". horse dildo

wholesale sex toys I'm in love with actual wilds: forests and swamps and mountains and all kinds of other (often) exquisite natural marriages of order and chaos. I dream of Tasmania and Nepal and parts of Louisiana or Mexico only locals know about. I'm also drawn to the wilds of the creative process, and to new or experimental ways of thinking or doing things. wholesale sex toys

sex toys Overall I felt the mini tongue and larger nub were the most useful. None of the attachments are large enough to have much internal stimulation. They are not large or long enough to reach most women's g spots.. I check out your technique. I saw the link in another reply. The learning process is one of the reasons I really like growing. sex toys

wholesale dildos Seek out information on your own. I don't just mean about sex either. Take with a grain of salt anything and everything that you're told that isn't backed up by what you've seen for yourself. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy Cookie Policy. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. View our online Press Pack. wholesale dildos

gay sex toys We got a great community here but there are enough social options out there for us to keep each other up to date if we chose to. Many of us read each others blogs and converse back and forth on Twitter. I think it would detract from the main purpose of EF and be time and money spent unwisely if they tried to set up and maintain in depth profiles for us.. gay sex toys

horse dildo In short, there almost nothing to react with other toys out there. As I understand it, the silicone lube problem is a result of the silicone in some lubricants finding bonding sites with the silicone in toys, but this should be extremely unlikely with the solid silicones used in toys. If there would be any problems dildos, it would likely show up with a soft silicone such as the one used in O2 or VixSkin toys (which seem to have the biggest problems with silicone lubes bonding to them) bonding with each other, but even this is highly unlikely.. horse dildo

Adult Toys Once they accepted a student, all other requests are immediately canceled by the system and is not a sign of rejection or dislike by the mentor. This will be a simple question and answer session about the site. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!That all for now, folks! Have a great weekend!. Adult Toys

sex toys You can also make awesome flatbread cups for filling with chicken salad, goat cheese dildos, or anything else you want to serve as finger food in a little shell. I recently served chicken salad this way at a picnic, and seasoned the shells with salt, thyme, and cracked pepper, but you could adjust the seasonings to fit any application. The basic method is super simple:. sex toys

dog dildo I hope to see the next release raise the clock speeds. Im not upgrading from a 4.8ghz 4790k for these over priced 9 series intels.I agree the value is there. Nothing wrong with the current ryzens. I was brought here when I was 6 years old. That was 21 years ago. That entire time. dog dildo

gay sex toys Eden was very prompt with sending out the new collar. About a week later, I got the second one in the mail. This time the holes are centered, but the buckle is still tilted. He says China. The world has cleaned up a bunch since the industrial revolution, but China still spews clouds of pollution that travel across the ocean and land on other continents. His evidence is his luminosity readings: snow was significantly brighter back when I was a kid and he was just starting. gay sex toys

wholesale dildos Super awesome and easy to work withI just wanted to post our story with working with Je Joue on a defective MiMi. We had our MiMi since last December and it started not vibrating nearly as well even when fully charged. We contacted Je Joue via email and provided them with ourI just wanted to post our story with working with Je Joue on a defective MiMi. wholesale dildos

vibrators As a result, they will have even less consideration of the young humans they have around them. And this is wrong. Kid mental health today is taking a beating. 1. Probably not the breast thing to get written on a tee2. A few sandwiches short of a picnic3. vibrators

dildo The set comes packaged in Leg Avenue box. The box does have a model pictured wearing the set. This is the front view with nipples photo shopped out. That will shorten the life of the toy and will not sterilize it anyway. One drawback of tpr is it is porous. However, they are hypo allergenic, latex free and phthalates free. dildo

g spot vibrator I use the leather holder for my handcuff key it holds it perfect!!. I used the practice can on a friend and scare the heck out him. Keep up the good work!!! I suggest every officer or patrolman have some sort of line of first defence and this stuff is non toxic dildos, sprays close to 2 feet away, and most importantly can save you or your partner from harm or danger.!!!! PLEASE REMEMBER!!!! This does affect them from 3 seconds after your spray makes contact and can remain affecting the area for hours or even days. g spot vibrator

But this stranger was under 2 years old and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I was waitressing and taking an order from a couple. Their baby was right beside me in her highchair while I was talking to them and she just ever so gingerly reached out and put her hands on my belly.

Though we DID get both into my vag at the same time, which was kind of cool in a "I'm taking two cocks in the same hole" sort of way. It was probably the only real pleasure we got from the toy. So if you've ever wanted two cocks in the same hole, try this toy because the feeling is pretty neat..

vibrators Specifically, the that the woman tries to hold in vaginally requires a lot of muscle control that detracts from the overall experience popping out at all the wrong times. As for the receiver dildos, it a geometry problem. Taking into account the locations of all the key anatomical openings the shaft just isn long enough again popping out at all the wrong times.. vibrators

I 'm pretty sure that she and her boyfriend may be trying to set me up with his friend, and it's making me really uncomfortable. I know for a fact that her boyfriend's friend expressed an interest in me to her, but I told her I was not interested in him because he's not in school and doesn't seem too interested in his future. Yet, she seems to be pushing us together..

wholesale dildos Select From a Stunning Range of Vigil Lamps in Traditional DesignsTraditional vigil lamps are one of the most widely used liturgical items in Orthodox Christian churches and homes. You can find them in numerous unique, beautiful designs at your favorite online store for Orthodox Christian goods. But, it also attracts a hefty amount of cost. wholesale dildos

Mean the world to me. I survived one of those 5 4 votes and they gave me the opportunity to do what had to be done. They asked me what needed to be done. This high quality pump comes with three cylinders of different sizes dildos, in order to get the perfect fit for each woman's body and to offer a range of sensations. Blood flow to the genital organs plays a key role in female arousal, and can increase natural lubrication and make it easier to reach orgasm. The pump's suction effect can make the clitoris much more sensitive to the slightest caress or stimulation..

Nichols, and then killed himself in their Loudoun County home. Edward Nichols Jr. Ran the family hardware store for years and also was a member of the Town Council. You basically rip it apart when you try to use it (I am average by the way). It also can be painful because it cut dose off the circulation in your dick. Once inside it feels inexpensive, much like a ten dollar toy it has a very plastic feel..

wholesale sex toys Thanks for the in depth reply and review, we always enjoy reading these, even when they may not be praise. It be hard for me to comment on everything in here, but first off it cool to see someone play this through the lens of never having played the first game on it own. I be pretty curious to see what you think of the original after playing through it, and if and how that impacts your view of SPV3.. wholesale sex toys

dildos In other words, whatever limits and boundaries you have need to be just as important as his limits and boundaries and need to be respected without question. Obviously, too, any additional partner would have to also be someone you knew you could trust, who conversations were also had with about limits, boundaries and sex safety. If a secondary partner is only being chosen by one partner for both, that's not at all okay. dildos

dildos I love the design of this ring. I love that it has two rings, attached together so you don't have to use two separate ones to get the same effect. It's compact, and although the rings may not look as thick as some others on the market, I can't see them snapping at all, even when stretched to the max. dildos

dildo So we in a dificult fight against a basilisk, and Ainz is all cocky, saying hes going to nuke him. He casts Inflict Wounds at the 5th level, and gets a crit fail. He casts it on himself, and is KO The fight ends, and as everyone is recovering, Violet murders Ainz with a dagger while he down. dildo

wholesale sex toys Simply put, jelly isn very body safe. Besides the pthalates it contains, which some women gain infections from, it very porous and can harbor bacterial. It also breaks down faster than some other materials, and shouldn be kept for more than a year. Girls can get away with a lot more (a friend of mine and I flirt sometimes just to freak people out in my homophobic school). I think the administration would like to just ignore that fact that lesbians exist. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. wholesale sex toys

Adult Toys I use this primarily as a clitoral vibrator, but I have used it vaginally and anally as well. I rarely turn it on when I use it anally and vaginally; I don't care for it that much. As I have grown accustomed to this at the strongest level, I'm now looking for a more intense vibrator for clitoral stimulation, but I still love using this. Adult Toys

animal dildo Well, overall, it would have been great if he'd known the technique of not being an ass. Specifically in bed, though, I wish he'd understood that "satisfying your partner" really isn't all there is to a good sex life. He thought that as long as I was having fabulous orgasms, we were all good and I definitely wasn't complaining about that part! But he was too tense to come most of the time, and didn't understand how troubling and unfulfilling that was for me. animal dildo

dildo However, don't worry too much as everyone is different for a start, and I find it unlikely that your partner would not reach orgasm if you were making love for a substancial amount of time. But as Logic_grrl said, it may well be best to talk to him. This is not meant as any kind of comment against women, but it's often difficult for a woman to do anything wrong during normal lovemaking. dildo

horse dildo It's called Trans Just For The Fun Of It it's either a comma or an exclamation point after "Trans," I'm not sure. A lot of it has to do with owning the queer and the straight within all of us we've shown that gender as a binary can be busted up. And we're now reaping the rewards of busting it up there is no small reason why Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have basically outlawed postmodern gender theory. horse dildo

wholesale vibrators Have to keep doing what we doing to keep the momentum going and the precision that it takes to keep sharp and all that, Carroll said. Sweezy suffered a sprained foot and not an ankle injury in Sunday victory. He did not have a prognosis whether Sweezy would play in Week 17 Rashaad Penny (knee) and RT Germain Ifedi (groin) both intend to play in Week 17 after missing the win over Kansas City. wholesale vibrators

dog dildo They can melt. The same hold true if silicone touches other materials such as rubber dildos, jellies and TPE/TPR. Silicone should not be stored with these toys because they could cause contamination (since those materials are porous). Right now i weigh about 120 and i'm 5 feet 2 and a half inches. So I think i did pretty well. The golden Muses. dog dildo

wholesale vibrators Anyway. The night ended and we all went home Oh the one big thing I haven't mentioned yet is that half way through this entire ordeal on the couch, I suddenly remembered that guy was the same guy who my roommate had slept with last year. The spiel behind that is that she had a drunken one night stand w/ him and then later on in the year her roommate at the time dated him. wholesale vibrators

gay sex toys Although a longtime law professor at Yale, Bork was a charter member of the "Chicago school" of law and economics, which argued that judges should use rigorous analysis of economic consequences in deciding antitrust cases. Previously, much of antitrust doctrine was based on somewhat vague political notions that big was bad that large corporations with large market shares inevitably used their power to drive rivals from the market, raise prices, buy favorable treatment from legislators and regulators. In 1963, the Supreme Court even went so far as to declare that any merger that achieved more than 30 percent share of any market should be considered unlawful.. gay sex toys

The only drawback was that all the little twitches made him kind of tense and jerky. He'd gotten used to it, but it still made him a little hinky on those skates, especially when he was doing a hundred clicks an hour through a crowded street. But few people hassled Bud, even when he knocked them down in the street, and after today no one would hassle him ever again..

dildos Sarah LizInformation on this site is provided for educational purposes. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease dildos, or for prescribing any medication. dildos

wholesale sex toys Power: 64WType: Professional SUN5 Led UV Nail Dryer Gel Polish Lamp Light Curing Machine 48W WHTNormal 0 false false false EN US ZH CN X NONE Tired of waiting for your nail to dry before going to an important event? Is your date or hubby getting impatient? Does your nail shop need quick turnover while your clients wait for their nails to dry? Or maybe your current nail light does not use the safest light technology? Or you like nail art but you're afraid of the mercury hazard of out dated UV lights? Whichever the case, worry no longer because Wellness Seer has your solution! This product is specially designed for nail art and it can be used to dry the UV and LED gel. SUN5 can provide you a great drying effect for both your fingernail as well as your toenail. Quick, efficient curing allows you to easily achieve a variety of designs, from elegantly simple to simply elegant.. wholesale sex toys

wholesale dildos But it does not end there. Each groove on the Sensuelle Impulse represents a different sensor region with varying intensities. As you glide along from the tip to the end of the Sensuelle Impulse, the vibrations will increase in intensity the further you move along the shaft wholesale dildos.


Partei Weich Kleine Münze Top-Griff Taschen Frauen Vintage Alligator Frau handtasche Aus Echtem Leder Tasche Weibliche Kupplung Bolsas Femininas Klappe sac Innenschlitz-Tasche,Innenfach genuine leather bags for women der Reißverschluss J66mHn

Partei Weich Kleine Münze Top-Griff Taschen Frauen Vintage Alligator Frau handtasche Aus Echtem Leder Tasche Weibliche Kupplung Bolsas Femininas Klappe sac Innenschlitz-Tasche,Innenfach genuine leather bags for women der Reißverschluss J66mHn
  • Hauptmaterial: Echtes Leder
  • Echtes Leder Typ: Krokodil
  • Handtaschentyp: Umhängetasche
  • Form: Flap
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Number of Handles/Straps: Einzeln
  • Dekoration: Blusen,Ketten
  • Art: Jahrgang
  • Mustertyp: Mit Blumen
  • Verschlusstyp: der Reißverschluss
  • Geschlecht: Frauen
  • Härte: Weich
  • Innen: Innenschlitz-Tasche,Innenfach
  • Außen: Keine
  • Modellnummer: Q1290
  • Gelegenheit: Partei
  • Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
  • Einzelteil-Art: Handtasche
  • bag female: bag women
  • bolsa feminina: woman bag 2019
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China (Festland) Innenschlitz-Tasche,Handy-Tasche,Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach,Computer Interlayer 20-35 Liter Herren Leinwand Rucksack Schulter Tasche Rucksack Satchel Mit Computer Zwischenschicht Mochilas Escolares Para Adolescentes Women Backpack Leather Sequin Backpack 623C78

China (Festland) Innenschlitz-Tasche,Handy-Tasche,Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach,Computer Interlayer 20-35 Liter Herren Leinwand Rucksack Schulter Tasche Rucksack Satchel Mit Computer Zwischenschicht Mochilas Escolares Para Adolescentes Women Backpack Leather Sequin Backpack 623C78
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Kapazität: 20-35 Liter
  • Regen-Abdeckung: Nein
  • Tragendes System: Bogenförmiger Schultergurt
  • Modellnummer: NBVJ
  • Außen: Fester Beutel
  • Art: Adrette Art
  • Handle/Strap Type: Soft Handle
  • Innen: Innenschlitz-Tasche,Handy-Tasche,Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach,Computer Interlayer
  • Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
  • Markenname: ISHOWTIENDA
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  • Geschlecht: Unisex
  • Mustertyp: Fest
  • Rucksacktyp: Außenrahmen
  • Verschlusstyp: der Reißverschluss
  • Einzelteil-Art: Rucksack
  • Techniken: WORKSHOP
  • A: Womens Backpack Bag
  • B: Women Backpack Leather
  • C: Waterproof Backpack
  • D: Bags For Women 2019 Back Pack
  • E: Smart Backpack
  • F: Small Backpack
  • G: School Backpack
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Goggle Unisex Brille 20 stücke kostenloser versand großhandel fahr sonnenbrille brille al-mg ag-cu polarisierte clip auf-7 optional farben D06Vot
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  • Einzelteil-Art: Brille
  • Abteilungsname: Erwachsener
  • Geschlecht: Männer
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  • Rahmen-Material: Aluminium
  • Linsenbreite: 5.8 cm
  • Linsenhöhe: 3.6 cm
  • Objektive materiell: Polaroid
  • Markenname: sinooptic
  • Item Name: Polarized Clip On
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  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Suitable: Unisex
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Genuine leather IVOTKOVA Große Kapazität Neue 2018 Mode Männer Brieftasche Kurze Geldbörsen Weibliche Kupplung PU Leder kreditkarte Halter Solide Zipper Tasche Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach,Coin Pocket,Passcard Pocket,Note Compartment,Photo Holder,Kartenhalter wallets and purse coin bags f969ua18

Genuine leather IVOTKOVA Große Kapazität Neue 2018 Mode Männer Brieftasche Kurze Geldbörsen Weibliche Kupplung PU Leder kreditkarte Halter Solide Zipper Tasche Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach,Coin Pocket,Passcard Pocket,Note Compartment,Photo Holder,Kartenhalter wallets and purse coin bags f969ua18
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  • Innen: Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach,Coin Pocket,Passcard Pocket,Note Compartment,Photo Holder,Kartenhalter
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  • Farbe:Schwarzes,Brown

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Casual Tote Frauen Taschen Handtaschen Frauen Berühmte Marken Leinwand Große Shopping Schulter Tasche Casual Designer Weiblichen Handtasche bolsa feminina Schultertaschen Fest Schulter& Handtaschen D36uZt

Casual Tote Frauen Taschen Handtaschen Frauen Berühmte Marken Leinwand Große Shopping Schulter Tasche Casual Designer Weiblichen Handtasche bolsa feminina Schultertaschen Fest Schulter& Handtaschen D36uZt
  • Markenname: berchirly
  • Form: Casual Tote
  • Hauptmaterial: Segeltuch
  • Handtaschentyp: Schultertaschen
  • arten von taschen: Schulter& Handtaschen
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Number of Handles/Straps: Zwei
  • Dekoration: Keine
  • Art: Art und Weise
  • Geschlecht: Frauen
  • Mustertyp: Fest
  • Verschlusstyp: Geöffnet
  • Härte: Weich
  • Innen: Innenschlitz-Tasche,Innenreißverschluss-Tasche,Innenfach
  • Außen: Feinkohle-Tasche
  • Modellnummer: MB01476
  • Gelegenheit: Mehrzweck
  • Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
  • Einzelteil-Art: Handtasche
  • Length: 43cm
  • Height: 34cm
  • Width: 8cm
  • Farbe:Beige,Schwarzes,Brown

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Innenfach,Computer Interlayer,Innenschlitz-Tasche Männer Rucksack Große Kapazität Business Casual Computer Tasche Schule Rucksäcke Reisetasche Schule Taschen Schulter Tasche Mochila 50*32*17CM Balck Softcover China (Festland) 149F40

Innenfach,Computer Interlayer,Innenschlitz-Tasche Männer Rucksack Große Kapazität Business Casual Computer Tasche Schule Rucksäcke Reisetasche Schule Taschen Schulter Tasche Mochila 50*32*17CM Balck Softcover China (Festland) 149F40
  • Einzelteil-Art: Rucksack
  • Außen: Fester Beutel
  • Rucksacktyp: Softcover
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Innen: Innenfach,Computer Interlayer,Innenschlitz-Tasche
  • Techniken: Prägung
  • Kapazität: 20-35 Liter
  • Verschlusstyp: der Reißverschluss
  • Regen-Abdeckung: Nein
  • Tragendes System: Luftpolster-Gurt
  • Geschlecht: Männer
  • Dekoration: gerüscht
  • Handle/Strap Type: Soft Handle
  • Modellnummer: 481
  • Markenname: SOULNOON
  • Hauptmaterial: Oxford
  • Mustertyp: Fest
  • Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
  • Art: Beiläufig
  • Color: Balck
  • Material: Oxford,Polyester
  • Size: 50*32*17CM
  • Function: Waterproof,Breathable,Wear-Resistant,Burden
  • Features: Multi Compartments, Anti-shock Laptop Pocket
  • Style: Fashion, Leisure, Sports, Classic, Casual
  • Fit Content: Books, Laptop, Tablet, Magazines, Umbrella, Water Bottle, Wallets
  • Suitable People: Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Teenagers
  • Occasion: School, Office, Work, Travel, Picnic, Camping
  • Package Included: Backpack * 1
  • Note: Bag size may have 1-3cm error

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Backpack * 1 Buchstabe Männer Rucksack Computer Tasche Große-Kapazität Schul Weibliche College Student Business Tasche Schule Rucksäcke Reisetasche Mochila Nein Waterproof,Breathable,Wear-Resistant,Burden Unisex 104Q88

Backpack * 1 Buchstabe Männer Rucksack Computer Tasche Große-Kapazität Schul Weibliche College Student Business Tasche Schule Rucksäcke Reisetasche Mochila Nein Waterproof,Breathable,Wear-Resistant,Burden Unisex 104Q88
  • Einzelteil-Art: Rucksack
  • Hauptmaterial: Nylon
  • Rucksacktyp: Softcover
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Geschlecht: Unisex
  • Modellnummer: 480
  • Innen: Innenfach,Computer Interlayer,Innenschlitz-Tasche
  • Techniken: Prägung
  • Kapazität: 20-35 Liter
  • Verschlusstyp: der Reißverschluss
  • Regen-Abdeckung: Nein
  • Art: Klassisch
  • Tragendes System: Bogenförmiger Schultergurt
  • Handle/Strap Type: Soft Handle
  • Markenname: SOULNOON
  • Mustertyp: Fest
  • Außen: Feinkohle-Tasche
  • Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
  • Dekoration: Buchstabe
  • Color: Balck/Blue/Gray/Army Green/Pink
  • Material: Nylon,Polyester
  • Size: 45*29*16CM
  • Function: Waterproof,Breathable,Wear-Resistant,Burden
  • Features: Multi Compartments, Anti-shock Laptop Pocket
  • Style: Fashion, Leisure, Sports, Classic, Casual
  • Fit Content: Books, Laptop, Tablet, Magazines, Umbrella, Water Bottle, Wallets
  • Suitable People: Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Teenagers
  • Occasion: School, Office, Work, Travel, Picnic, Camping
  • Package Included: Backpack * 1
  • Note: Bag size may have 1-3cm error
  • Farbe:Schwarzes,Blau,Grau,Armee-Grün

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Mode Retro Frauen Messenger Taschen Kleine Leder Weibliche Schulter Taschen Berühmte Marke Damen Taschen Kausalen Umhängetaschen Vintage Weich beallysy Pu W05333T

Mode Retro Frauen Messenger Taschen Kleine Leder Weibliche Schulter Taschen Berühmte Marke Damen Taschen Kausalen Umhängetaschen Vintage Weich beallysy Pu W05333T
  • Markenname: beallysy
  • Form: Boston
  • Hauptmaterial: Pu
  • Handtaschentyp: Umhängetasche
  • Futter-Material: Polyester
  • Number of Handles/Straps: Einzeln
  • Art: Felsen
  • Geschlecht: Frauen
  • Mustertyp: Line
  • Verschlusstyp: der Reißverschluss
  • Härte: Weich
  • Innen: Innenschlitz-Tasche,Handy-Tasche
  • Außen: Fester Beutel
  • Modellnummer: Polyester fiber
  • Gelegenheit: Mehrzweck
  • Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
  • Einzelteil-Art: Handtasche
  • Dekoration: black
  • Farbe:black,brown

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Hot Kaufen Nylon Oberschenkel Bein Drop Tasche Wasserdicht Mann Reise Oberschenkel Hüfte Gürtel Bum Fanny Pack Casual Männlichen Militär Taille packs Wallet, umbrella, notebook, clothes, magazines 600g approx Beiläufig Leg Bag x791XI

Hot Kaufen Nylon Oberschenkel Bein Drop Tasche Wasserdicht Mann Reise Oberschenkel Hüfte Gürtel Bum Fanny Pack Casual Männlichen Militär Taille packs Wallet, umbrella, notebook, clothes, magazines 600g approx Beiläufig Leg Bag x791XI
  • Einzelteil-Art: Taillen-Sätze
  • Geschlecht: Männer
  • Materilzusammensetzung: Nylon