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I ditched Google for DuckDuckGo. Here’s why you should too

Via Wired What was the last thing you searched for online? For me, it was ‘$120 in pounds’. Before that, I wanted to know the capital of Albania (Tirana), the ... Read more

Standing by our neighbors


A natural disaster rescue team from Greece searches for survivors in the rubble of a building after the earthquake in Thumane, Albania on Wednesday. At a time of need, they say, you can only count on God or your neighbor. The saying was confirmed this week after Albania was hit...

The post Standing by our neighbors appeared first on The Greek Times .


Terremoto Albania, gaffe del sindaco di Durazzo dimissionaria


Gaffe in conferenza stampa, costretta a dimettersi il sindaco di Durazzo. Minimizza le vittime e osanna la sistemazione degli sfollati.

L'articolo Terremoto Albania, gaffe del sindaco di Durazzo dimissionaria sembra essere il primo su Il Capoluogo.


MLS Innovation enters into market of North Macedonia

(Telecompaper) MLS Innovation announced its entry into the market of North Macedonia, the fifth largest foreign market it enters after Cyprus, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania...

Terremoto in Albania: tra i vigili in aiuto dall'Italia l'atleta olimpico Marconcini


Yate foster dad's emotional plea as son faces deportation from UK

A FOSTER dad is begging officials to allow an Albanian teenager to stay living with him in Yate.

The EU mobilises additional emergency support following deadly earthquakes



BE mobilizon mbështetje shtesë për emergjencën e krijuar pas tërmeteve vdekjeprurëse



Anche per Ernest Airlines è tempo di Black friday

A partire dalla mezzanotte del 28 novembre è scattato il Black friday griffato Ernest Airlines. La promozione prevede riduzioni fino al 25%, sulle tariffe della compagnia, dedicate a diverse tratte che interessano città dell’Albania e dell’Ucraina servite dai maggiori aeroporti italiani. Basta inserire il codice “BLACKFRIDAY” al momento della prenotazione. Un’occasione per visitare, per esempio, [...]→

Bilanțul seismului din Albania: 51 de persoane au decedat, alte două mii au fost rănite

Operaţiunile de salvare şi recuperare a supravieţuitorilor cutremurului din Albania s-au încheiat, a anunţat, ieri, premierul Edi Rama. Bilanţul seismului este de 51 de morţi, iar autorităţile cred că printre ruine nu mai este niciun cadavru, relatează AP, scrie  Rama a precizat că, potrivit cifrelor preliminare, peste 1.465 de clădiri din Tirana şi aproximativ […]

52nd ordinary session of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

The government has defined the text of the draft Act amending the Intellectual Property Act and adopted a decision to send material aid to Albania following a bilateral request.

Government nominates two experts to EU civil protection team following earthquake in Albania

As part of the response of the EU civil protection mechanism, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has agreed to send two experts to help coordinate international assistance in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Albania.

Ascienden a 30 los muertos en el terremoto de Albania


Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 4.6M, Depth:10km) in Albania 28/11/2019 23:00 UTC, 2640000 people within 100km.

On 11/28/2019 11:00:43 PM, an earthquake occurred in Albania potentially affecting 2640000 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 4.6M, Depth:10km.

Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 4.9M, Depth:10km) in Albania 28/11/2019 10:52 UTC, 2550000 people within 100km.

On 11/28/2019 10:52:42 AM, an earthquake occurred in Albania potentially affecting 2550000 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 4.9M, Depth:10km.

Green earthquake alert (Magnitude 4.5M, Depth:10km) in Albania 28/11/2019 10:25 UTC, 2480000 people within 100km.

On 11/28/2019 10:25:05 AM, an earthquake occurred in Albania potentially affecting 2480000 people within 100km. The earthquake had Magnitude 4.5M, Depth:10km.

Albania: ADRA Responds to Five Earthquakes that Rattle the Cities of Durres and Krujë

28 November 2019 | A 6.3-magnitude earthquake recently struck Albania, mostly affecting the cities of Durres and Krujë and the village of Thumana, Kruje. Reportedly, the death toll stands at 31, with at least 650 people injured. Rescue efforts are currently underway as bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. “Specific areas in Durres […]

Albania: 9,000 children in need following earthquake

As strong quakes and aftershocks continue in Albania, thousands of children and their families – some of whom saw their homes destroyed in Tuesday’s earthquake – need vital support, Save the Children warned today.

A devastating earthquake struck Albania

A devastating earthquake struck Albania on Tuesday November 26. Rescuers continue to look for survivors as subsequent aftershocks add to the damage. The official figures are twenty-six people have been killed and 650 injured in Albania’s worst earthquake ...

14 horas - La vida en Durrës, Albania, tras el terremoto


En Albania sigue la búsqueda de supervivientes del terremoto del martes, que ha causado alrededor de cuarenta muertes. Informa Lorenzo Milá, enviado especial de RTVE a la ciudad de Durrës, la más perjudicada.


Albania Independence Day

Albania Independence Day

The Albanian people proclaimed their independence from the Turks on this day in 1912. The Turks first invaded this part of Europe around 1400, and they ruled the country for more than 400 years. It wasn't until the end of the Balkan War that Turkish rule was abolished and a proclamation of independence issued on November 28, 1912. Independence Day is a public holiday observed throughout Albania and is marked by a festive parade in Tirana, the capital. It is followed by Liberation Day on November 29, the day on which the invasions of German and Italian troops during World War II were ended in 1944. More...

Earthquake in Albania: families no longer have homes…

Letter from the Redemptorist Mission of Kamëz, Albania Dear friends: In Albania, there were several earthquakes on the night of November 26th. The number of victims rises to 35 (there are likely to be more) and more than 600 injured. Families affected by the collapse of homes are being treated in Durres and Thumanë, the two most […]

Earthquake in Albania

(Kamëz, Albania) On November 26 Albania was struck by a strong earthquake with the strength of 6.4 Richter scale. The epicenter was located 30 km from the capital city Tirana. The most damaged are the towns located in the neighboring deaneries of our mission, Durrës and Thumanë. According to recent data there are 28 dead […]

Sismo de magnitud 6.4 sacude Albania: varias personas muertas y cientos de heridos

Las víctimas halladas hasta ahora por los equipos de salvamento fueron encontradas en Dürres, una ciudad costera situada a 40 kilómetros de la capital y la más cercana al epicentro del terremoto Albania, 26 de noviembre de 2019.- Un sismo de magnitud 6.4 sacudió Albania este lunes, según reportes del Servicio Geológico de Estados Unidos (USGS, por ...

The Palazzo quickly finds receptive home on Cleveland’s West Side

Certain entities give a neighborhood that, well, neighborhood feel. A corner bar with well worn floor. A small, family-owned store. A small park, a library, an old church. And an Italian restaurant. Palazzo has been serving this West Side Cleveland neighborhood just a few blocks south of Edgewater Park for several months under the tutelage of owner-chef Rafael Zaloshnja. Zaloshnja, originally from Albania but a veteran of the Cleveland restaurant scene, took a longtime vacant building and converted it into a thriving restaurant with flavorful dishes. After opening, he said he believed quality,...


Terremoto en Albania: Francisco envía 100.000 euros a la población en emergencia


Más de 600 heridos

La entrada Terremoto en Albania: Francisco envía 100.000 euros a la población en emergencia se publicó primero en ZENIT - Espanol.


Rescuers Race To Find Albania Earthquake Survivors

The death toll rose to 25, with more than 600 injured, in the magnitude-6.4 quake that struck Albania.

Albania Rocked By Most Powerful Quake In Decades

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake killed at least 13 people and injured dozens more in the capital of Tirana and surrounding areas on Tuesday.

La “Jihad dei coltelli” che allarma l’Europa


Prima Londra, poi l’Aja. È la “Jihad dei coltelli” che allarma l’Europa. Una “Jihad” condotta da “lupi solitari” senza supporto operativo, almeno così sembra, da parte delle centinaia di “cellule dormienti” messe in piedi dall’Isis e da al-Qaeda nel Vecchio Continente. Non hanno l’addestramento dei foreign fighters, formatisi nei campi di battaglia di Siria e Iraq, non hanno i mezzi o le capacità per costruire un ordigno da uomo-bomba,.  ma non per questo sono meno pericolosi. Perché i lupi della “Jihad dei coltelli” sono più imprevedibili, meno tracciabili da parte dei servizi d’intelligence, anche se qualcuno di loro era già stato individuato e arrestato in passato. È il caso di Usman Khan, l’attentatore ventottenne, che ieri sul London Bridge ha accoltellato i passanti, uccidendone due e ferendone altri tre, prima di essere a sua volta ucciso dalla polizia. Khan era stato rilasciato in libertà vigilata l’anno scorso, dopo aver scontato sei anni per reati di terrorismo. Khan era stato condannato nel 2012 e rilasciato a dicembre 2018 “su licenza”, il che significa che avrebbe dovuto soddisfare determinate condizioni o sarebbe tornato in carcere. Diversi media britannici hanno riferito che indossava un braccialetto elettronico alla caviglia.

Prima dell’attacco Khan stava partecipando a un evento a Londra ospitato da Learning Together, un’organizzazione con sede a Cambridge che lavora nell’istruzione dei carcerati. L’antiterrorismo britannica afferma che la polizia non sta attivamente cercando altri sospetti. Trascorrono poche ore, è il terrore ghermisce l’Aja, dove tre minorenni sono stati feriti a coltellate in una via dello shopping della città olandese. La polizia ha reso noto che un sospetto è in fuga. L’uomo, di carnagione scura e di circa 45-50 anni, indossa una maglia nera, sciarpa e pantaloni da jogging grigi.  Un attacco che ha fatto ripiombare l’Aja nella paura, riportando alla mente l’attentato del maggio del 2018, quando al grido di “Allah Akbar” un uomo ha accoltellato tre passanti. In quell’occasione si parlò di uno squilibrato.


I lupi della “Jihad dei coltelli” sono solo una parte dell’allarme rosso scattato in Europa subito dopo l’uccisione del “califfo” dell’Isis, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I suoi seguaci hanno voglia di vendicarne la morte. Gli ideologi del Califfato li hanno esortati a usare metodi inusuali per ammazzare. Persino una pietra, un coltello da cucina, un’ascia, la vettura sono sufficienti, hanno ribadito con gli appelli sul web. La creatività del terrorista fai-da-te. Ma la preoccupazione più forte riguarda i foreign fighters di ritorno. In Europa, il Paese che ha più foreign fighters in rapporto alla popolazione è il Belgio, con 440 combattenti su 11.4 milioni di abitanti. Segue la Francia, con 1.200 combattenti espatriati. La Gran Bretagna si attesta ufficialmente a quota 600, anche se MI6, l’intelligence esterno britannico sostiene che il numero potrebbe essere molto più elevato e arrivare fino alle 2.000 unità. Dall’Irlanda sono partiti in 30. La Germani ne annovera  tra i 500 e i 600 e di questi molti ricoprono il ruolo di comandanti all’interno della gerarchia jihadista. In Svezia fonti d’intelligence ne indicano tra i 250 e i 300. In Olanda se ne calcolano tra i 200 e i 250, in Danimarca 100-150, in Norvegia 60 e in Finlandia tra i 50 e i 70. E ancora. Da un recente rapporto Onu, sempre per restare all’Europa, si indica tra i 50 e 100 jihadisti provenienti dalla Spagna, dall’Italia 80. I foreign fighters provengono anche dall’Austria (150 e si ritiene che circa 60 abbiano già fatto ritorno nel Paese), dalla Svizzera (40) e dall’Albania (90, dalla Serbia (70)). A questi vanno aggiunti circa 340 combattenti provenienti dalla Bosnia Erzegovina e 150 dal Kosovo. I macedoni sono 12.  Non si tratta solo di “lupi solitari” reclutati attraverso i social, indottrinati e preparati all’azione sulle “moschee” e campi di addestramento “mediatici” (sono oltre 1700 i siti che fanno riferimento alla galassia dell’Islam radicale). L’Isis ha cellule terroristiche clandestine in Gran Bretagna e Germania, analoghe ai gruppi che hanno condotto gli attentati di Parigi e Bruxelles. A lanciare l’allarme, è stato il direttore della National Intelligence americana, James R. Clapper. Alla domanda se l’Isis sia impegnato in attività clandestine in quei Paesi, Clapper ha risposto affermativamente, sottolineando come questo sia oggetto di preoccupazione “per noi e per i nostri alleati europei”. Stando ad un rapporto di Europol, intitolato ‘Cambiamenti nel Modus Operandi dell’Isis rivisitato’, “squadre assemblate in Siria” sarebbero state inviate in Europa via Ucraina e Paesi Baltici, dove avrebbero già acquistato armi sul mercato nero. Ma anche la Libia è considerata uno dei trampolini di lancio, forse per compiere azioni parallele in Nord Africa. Squadre composte da “diverse decine di persone e dirette dall’Isis” potrebbero già essere presenti in Europa per commettere attacchi terroristici”. Dodicimila foreign fighters che tornano in libertà, non più “custoditi” dalle milizie curde impegnate nel respingere l’invasione turca, per scatenare una nuova, sanguinosa Jihad globale.

Dodicimila combattenti di Daesh (Isis) a cui si aggiungono i 70mila loro famigliari prigionieri dei curdi nel nord della Siria, tra i quali vi sono molti adolescenti indottrinati alla causa del Califfato e della Jihad e potenzialmente addestrati a compiere attacchi e attentati suicidi. Una potente arma di ricatto all’Europa in mano al i presidente turco Recep Tayyp Erdogan. Il “Sultano di Ankara”, ha mandato avanti il suo ministro degli Interni, il falco Suleiman Soylu, a minacciare di nuovo l’Europa: “Rimanderemo i membri dell’Isis nei loro Paesi, anche se gli è stata revocata la cittadinanza”. Si parlerebbe, secondo Ankara di circa 1.200 foreign fighters dello Stato Islamico detenuti nelle prigioni turche, di cui 287 (45 turchi e 242 di 19 diverse nazionalità) catturati durante l’operazione “Fonte di pace” con cui la Turchia ha invaso il nord est della Siria il 9 ottobre scorso. Dopo la sconfitta militare imposta all’Isis in Siria e Iraq, l’allerta è soprattutto in relazione al concreto rischio del cosiddetto “effetto blowback”, vale a dire alla possibilità che, una volta rientrati nei Paesi d’origine, i foreign fighters decidano di passare all’azione.


Nel rapporto dell’Europol di fine giugno si evidenziava proprio come i foreign fighters stiano tornando in massa in Europa. Il Regno Unito è in testa ai Paesi europei con la più alta percentuale di combattenti di ritorno con il 45% di sospetti jihadisti rientrati da Siria e Iraq. A seguire c’è la Germania, mentre l’Italia ha visto finora un ritorno di jihadisti “approssimativamente tra il 20 ed il 30%”, si legge nel rapporto. Secondo l’Europol, i foreign fighter di ritorno continuano ad utilizzare sia le rotte balcaniche che quelle mediterranee per tornare in Europa. Lupi solitari più foreign fighter di ritorno. Una miscela esplosiva per l’Isis 2.0. I comandi militari del Daesh hanno rivisto i propri piani, cambiando strategia e puntando ad una Jihad globale che abbia l’Occidente, e in esso in particolare l’Europa come teatro di battaglia. Ecco allora l’attivazione di cellule “dormienti”, l’indicazione ai “mujahiddin” con passaporto europeo di rientrare a casa per seminare morte e terrore nel Vecchio continente. Martin Chulov, giornalista del Guardian, esperto di terrorismo jihadista, aveva rivelato che prima degli attentati di Parigi i leader dello Stato islamico si erano riuniti vicino a Raqqa, a quei tempi la “capitale” del Califfato in Siria, e in quell’occasione avevano deciso di mettere in piedi una nuova strategia che prevede grandi attentati nelle capitali europee. Guy van Vlierden è un reporter belga specializzato nel seguire i foreign fighters partiti da Francia e Belgio per la Siria e poi tornati. “E’ perfettamente possibile – annota - che esista un grande network e che ci siano decine di attentatori, perché sappiamo che hanno gestito un viavai di volontari a Leros e nei centri per rifugiati in tutta Europa – in Germania, in Austria e forse anche in Ungheria”. I servizi segreti tedeschi valutano che in Germania vi siano circa 600 veterani della guerra in Siria, cioè addestrati ad azioni di guerra e terrorismo, e ben 43 mila estremisti salafiti ideologizzati ma non addestrati militarmente. Numeri che potrebbero moltiplicarsi se i 12mila foreign fighters torneranno liberi. Liberi di colpire. Anche da noi.


Papa Francisc se roagă pentru poporul albanez lovit de puternicul seim

«Aş dori să transmit un salut şi apropierea mea dragului popor albanez care suferă atât de mult în aceste zile. Albania a fost prima ţară din Europa pe care am voit s-o vizitez. Sunt aproape de victime, mă rog pentru cei morţi, pentru răniţi şi pentru familiile lor. Fie ca Dumnezeu să binecuvânteze acest popor la care ţin atât de mult.» Cu aceste cuvinte s-a adresat papa Francisc în cadrul saluturilor de la audienţa generală de miercuri 27 noiembrie a.c.

Balkan dil birliği ve türkçe

Balkan dil birliği ve türkçe Boyacıoğlu, Aycan 19. yüzyılda Ferdinand de Saussere’nin yazılarına dayanarak Avrupa’da yapısal dilbilim ortaya çıktı. 20.yy.da bu akım, çağdaş dilbilimin gelişiminde belirleyici bir rol oynayarak 20li ve 30lu yıllarda Prag dilbilim ekollü yapısal dilbilimin esas olarak alındığı “dil birliği” teorisini ortaya attı (Trubetskoy). Bu teori; çeşitli dil gruplarının veya ailelerinin tarih boyunca çok fazla temasta bulunmasıyla ilkel yapısının değişerek ortak yapısal benzerlikler oluşturabileceği görüşündeydi. Dil birlikleri de bu şekilde oluştu. Bu teorinin en önemli örneklerinden biri de Balkan Dil Birliği’dir. İçerdiği diller Bulgarca/Makedonca, Rumence, Arumence, Arnavutça ve Yunancadır. Bu diller yapısal bakımdan birçok benzerliği paylaşmaktadır. Bu tezde Balkan Dil Birliği’ni inceleyen Balkanolojinin bölgesel dilbilimin ayrı bir kolu olarak ortaya çıkmasını ve gelişimini inceleyeceğiz. Balkan coğrafyası içerisinde yer alan Türkiye’nin dili Türkçe Balkanoloji’den dışlanmıştır. Dışlanma sebepleri ise yapısal dilbilime göre zengin ekleşme ve oldukça gelişmiş hal sistemine sahip olan Türkçe, yapısı bakımından bükümlü ve analitik diller olduğundan Balkan dillerine taban tabana zıt bir dildir. Bu sebeple Balkan Dil Birliği ile uğraşan dilbilimciler Türkçeyi Balkan dili olarak görmemişler ve fiilen dilbilimsel Balkanoloji’den dışlamışlardır. Yani Türkçe yalnızca coğrafi açıdan Balkan dilleri arasında yerini alırken dilbilim açısından Balkan dili olarak kabul edilmemiştir. Türkçenin Balkan dilleri üzerine etkisi, yalnızca leksikoloji alanında sınırlanmıştır, oysa ki Türk dili yapısal dilbilimde de karşımıza çıkmaktadır.; In the 19th century, a structural linguistics emerged in Europe based on the writings of Ferdinand de Saussere. In the twentieth century, this movement played a decisive role in the development of contemporary linguistics and introduced the theory of ğı language unity bir (Trubetskoy), in which, in the 20s and 30s, Prague linguistics was based on structural linguistics. This theory; The fact that various language groups or their families had too much contact throughout history, could change their primitive structure and create common structural similarities. This is the way the language associations. One of the most important examples of this theory is the Balkan Language Association. The languages included are Bulgarian / Macedonian, Romanian, Arumence, Albanian and Greek. These languages share many similarities in structural terms. In this thesis, we will examine the emergence and development of Balkanology as a separate branch of regional linguistics. Located language of Turkey in the Balkans were excluded from the Turkish Balkanology. The reasons for exclusion are Turkish language, which is rich in terms of structural linguistics and has a highly developed state system, and is diametrically opposed to Balkan languages because it is twisted and analytical languages in terms of structure. For this reason, the linguists dealing with the Balkan Language Association did not consider Turkish as Balkan language and de facto excluded it from linguistic Balkanology. In other words, Turkish is not only accepted as a Balkan language in terms of linguistics while it is one of the Balkan languages. The influence of Turkish on Balkan languages is limited not only in lexicology but also in structural linguistics.

Turkey Burger with Fries, by Adam Kluger

Melvin Mudlicker sipped his coffee slowly as he worked the numbers on a napkin at his fifth favorite diner."Are you ready to order sir?"On this afternoon, Melvin's luck wasn't getting any better. Instead of the sublime and comforting waitress Anastasia, the dark-haired beauty from Albania, waking him from his numbers-crunching despair, Melvin was suddenly jostled out of his work-mare by a ruddy-faced older woman with frizzy red hair and a plump, sweaty face eager to get this transaction over wit [...]

2019 Albania earthquake epicenter

2019 Albania earthquake epicenter
View in Google Maps
11/26/19. At least 26 dead.

Quake-Hit Albania Appeals for International Help


Albania: Save the Children, i bisogni dei bambini devono essere affrontati con urgenza dopo il terremoto

Il numero dei morti continua a salire e oltre 157 edifici sono crollati. Servono tende, coperte e letti per i bambini in previsione dell’arrivo dell’inverno Save the Children, l’Organizzazione internazionale

Priten me duartrokitje, anëtarët e familjes Lala zhvendosen në Tiranë pas tragjedisë

#TiNukDoJeshKurrëVetëmTiranë – Ka një kohë për atë që iku dhe ka një kohë për atë që vjenTë mbijetuarit nisin të kapërcejnë pragun e shtëpive të rejaDeri maksimumi në 15 dhjetor të gjithë do të jenë në shtëpi të re me: • 1 milionë lekē të reja në dorë• Trajtim të posaçëm shtetëror 100 mijë lekë të reja në muaj, për gjithë jetën atyre që kanë mbetur fillikat• Pension të posaçëm shtetëror të moshuarve 60 mijë lekë të reja në muaj• Bursë 15 mijë lekë në muaj nxënësve e studentëve deri në fund të studimeve• Aty ku humbën jetën ata që ikën dhe prej ku iku kush mbeti i gjallë do të ndërtojmë një çerdheZoti na ndihmoftë t’u lehtësojmë peshën e paimagjinueshme të humbjeve të tyre dhe na faltë për çka pa dashjen tonë mund u kemi lënë mangut Publiée par Edi Rama sur Dimanche 1 décembre 2019 Apartamentet te banesat sociale në Shkozë janë vendosur në dispozicion për të akomoduar të prekurit nga tërmeti në Thumanë dhe Durrës që humbën familjarët e tyre. Mbrëmjen e sotme..

UN says drastic action needed over carbon emissions

BBC — Warnings that current targets fall far short of what's required to avert disastrous climate change. UN says if strategies don't change then global temperatures could rise to more than double the limit agreed under the Paris climate deal. Also: Albania is struck by a powerful earthquake, and why bad dreams could be good for you.

Amazon Translate Now Adds Support for Twenty-two More Languages and Variants - Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Estonian, Canadian French, Georgian, Hausa, Latvian, Pashto, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, and Tamil


Amazon Translate is a fully managed neural machine translation service that delivers real-time, high-quality, and affordable language translation. Today, we are announcing that Amazon Translate now supports the following more languages and dialects - Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Dari, Estonian, Canadian French, Georgian, Hausa, Latvian, Pashto, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Swahili, Tagalog, and Tamil.


Photos of the Week: Glowing Skate Park, Maori Welcome, Fighting Cholitas (35 photos)


An earthquake in Albania, Krampus in Slovenia, a military dog at the White House, protests in Iraq and Chile, bubbles over Rome, wildfires in California, the All Africa Music Awards in Lagos, a Christmas market in Germany, and much more

"Butter" the turkey waits for President Donald Trump's pardon of the turkey during the National Thanksgiving Turkey ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, D.C., on November 26, 2019. ( Jim Watson / AFP / Getty)


Terremoto in Albania video ed immagini: del bimbo estratto vivo


Terribile terremoto in Albania Oggi: le immagini di un bimbo estratto vivo da un palazzo di 5 piani crollato. Oggi, 26 novembre 2019, alle ore 2:54 ora locale (le 3:54 in Italia) un forte terremoto ha colpito Durazzo in Albania.  Le immagini dei danni fanno paura. Moltissime persone sotto le macerie anche un albero a Durazzo …

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L'articolo Terremoto in Albania video ed immagini: del bimbo estratto vivo proviene da


Fortissimo terremoto in Albania oggi ultime notizie: 5 morti, 200 feriti , 2 bimbi estratti vivi


Forte scossa di terremoto in Albana vicino a Durazzo: scossa sentita anche in Puglia e Basilicata. Il bilancio è incerto al momento si parla di 200 feriti, 5 morti e fortunatamente 2 bambini estratti vivi dalle macerie. Questa notte, 26 novembre 2019, una forte scossa di terremoto di magnitudo 6.5 ha colpito alle 2:54 ora locale …

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L'articolo Fortissimo terremoto in Albania oggi ultime notizie: 5 morti, 200 feriti , 2 bimbi estratti vivi proviene da


At least 21 people dead after earthquake hits Albania

Artur Katuçi, Secretary General of the Albanian Red Cross, gives us an update on the recovery operation underway in Albania, following deadly 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

Albania: Balcani uniti per soccorrere le vittime del sisma

Nelle zone colpite dal sisma sono giunte squadre di soccorso da tutti i Balcani, anche dal Kosovo e dalla Serbia. Il bilancio delle vittime sale a 47 morti e 750 feriti. Questa notte una nuova scossa di magnitudo 4.8 che si è avvertita distintamente anche nella capitale Tirana

Il sostegno del Papa per i terremotati dell’Albania

Papa Francesco ha stabilito di inviare un primo contributo di 100.000 euro per il soccorso alla popolazione colpita dal sisma in questa immediata fase di emergenza. La somma sarà impiegata nelle diocesi coinvolte dal terremoto, in opere di soccorso e assistenza. Il presidente di Caritas Albania monsignor Massafra: “La Chiesa in prima linea per soccorrere”

Floriana hit Melita for six


FLORIANA6 Caceres 20, 34 Fonesca 39 Venancio 45 pen Paiber 73 Borg 75 MELITA            1 Attard 46 High flying Floriana cruised into the fourth round of the FA Trophy when ousting Second Division side Melita 6-1. Despite the absence of their prolific Albanian striker Kristian Keqi, Floriana were superior to their young opponents, scoring four goals inside the first half to secure an easy passage and a significant morale-booster with tricky ties against Sta Lucia, Sliema and Birkirkara coming up in the new few weeks. The difference between the two sides was so wide that Floriana coach Vincenzo Potenza opted to give reserve goalkeeper Justin Spiteri some competitive action as he replaced Ini Akpan between the goalposts as Keqi, Matia Garcia, Alex Cini and Ryan Camenzuli were relegated to the bench. The Greens eased their nerves with a goal within the first 20 minutes. Augusto Caceres caught the Melita rearguard napping to poke the ball behind the Melita goalkeeper Lawrence Cauchi. This early Floriana goal set the tone for the rest of the match and Melita coach Saviour Debono Grech must have feared the worst when Floriana doubled their lead on 34 minutes. Jurgen Pisani chipped a...

Operaţiunile de salvare după cutremurul din Albania s-au încheiat. Bilanţ: 51 de morţi, 2.000 răniţi

Operaţiunile de salvare şi recuperare a supravieţuitorilor cutremurului din Albania…

Terremoto in Bosnia. Nuova scossa di magnitudo 4.5 a Durazzo

Un terremoto di magnitudo 4.1 è stato registrato nel Sud della Bosnia-Erzegovina, con epicentro a Nevesigne. Nuova scossa a Durazzo in Albania

PHOTOS: Deadly earthquake rocks Albania


PHOTOS: Deadly earthquake rocks AlbaniaAt least 21 people were killed when the most powerful earthquake to hit Albania in decades shook the capital Tirana and the country's west and north on Tuesday, tearing down buildings and burying residents under rubble.


Rescuers Comb Building Rubble After Albanian Quake Kills 18

THUMANE, Albania — Rescue crews with excavators searched for survivors trapped in toppled apartment buildings and hotels Tuesday after a powerful pre-dawn earthquake in Albania killed at least 18 people and injured more than 600. The magnitude-6.4 quake was felt …

Terremoto Albania: la Caritas si attiva

Terremoto Albania: la Caritas si attiva
Una forte scossa di terremoto di magnitudo 6.2 ha colpito alle 3,54 del 26 novembre l’Albania, con epicentro vicino a Durazzo. Altre due scosse di 5.3 e 5.4 si sono verificate nelle ore successive. Le città più colpite sono Durazzo e Thumane, dove diversi edifici sono crollati, numerosissimi sono stati danneggiati. Durazzo è senza luce […]



Source: Orthodox Christianity [Tirana, Albania, November 25, 2019] Time does not heal schisms, but only sets them in stone, His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Albania believes. Therefore, in the spirit of the coming great feast of the Nativity of Christ, all the Local Orthodox Churches must agree to come together to find a pan-Orthodox resolution [...]



Search ends for survivors of Albanian quake as death toll reaches 51

Albania ended its search on Saturday for survivors of a powerful earthquake that killed 51 people, and buried more victims of the disaster including toddler twins and their mother.


Statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, following his meeting with his Dutch counterpart, Stef Blok (Athens, 28 November 2019)

N. DENDIAS: Good morning. It is a great pleasure to welcome the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Stef Blok, to Athens today. As you know, Greece and the Netherlands have close relations, which was confirmed by the recent visit of Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Our bilateral relations are developing positively on the political and economic levels, but of course, as always, there is room for improvement. Greece’s economic recovery and the new institutional framework the Hellenic Parliament has passed have rendered Greece a major investment destination. So, we can achieve much more by capitalising on our comparative advantages and on Dutch good practices in the sector of economic diplomacy, on which we will continue to work together. At this point, allow me to make special mention of the Dutch initiative, the “Orange Grove” platform, which benefits Greek start-ups in particular. And I also warmly thank Mr. Blok for providing know-how on economic diplomacy, which is now fully based at our Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and on which we are following the Dutch example of good practices. Mr. Blok and I today discussed the European perspective of the Western Balkans. I had the opportunity to brief him on my trip to North Macedonia and my extraordinary visit to Albania, due to the disastrous earthquake. These are two countries waiting on the threshold of our common family, the European Union. Their European perspective, like the European perspective of the other countries in the region, must be encouraged. It is the only way to consolidate the security, stability and prosperity of our neighbourhood. I listened closely to my colleague’s views, exploring ways to shape the conditions within the European Union so that these two countries can move ahead to the next step, on the strict condition, of course, that they comply with the criteria regarding their progress with reforms. It is a lively debate that we will continue. We also talked about the developments in the Cyprus issue and in Greek-Turkish relations. The trilateral meeting in Berlin, which confirmed the commitment to a solution based on the resolutions of the UN Security Council, was certainly a positive step. We look forward to the continuation of the UN Secretary-General’s efforts. Of course, Turkey’s role is always crucial. I am referring to the illegal actions in the maritime zones of the Republic of Cyprus – actions that the European Union has condemned – and to Turkey’s broader stance on the efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue. I also highlighted Turkey’s violations of international legality in the Aegean. Moreover, I underscored to my colleague Turkey’s exploitation of the migration issue – in other words, its use of a humanitarian and pan-European challenge – to serve its own ends. Greece and the Netherlands recognise the need to support Turkey so that it can meet the great challenge of the migration crisis, but we want to see similar responsibility on the part of Turkey in implementing the agreements and in its conduct towards refugees and migrants. Today I had the opportunity to convey to my colleague what has been stressed by Mr. Mitsotakis to all of our interlocutors: just as Greece is exhausting its every capability to protect the European Union’s borders, our partners – allow me to underscore this, all of our partners – need to share this burden and meet their obligations. This is why Greece supports the revision of the common European asylum system in the direction of solidarity and fair burden-sharing. Concluding, I would like to express my warm thanks to Mr. Blok for visiting Athens today and for the constructive talks and his stance. Thank you very much. […] MFA SPOKESPERSON: We will take a limited number of questions. Please state the name of the media outlet you represent and your name. JOURNALIST: I’m from Greek Radio, ERT. My name is Katerina Fryssa. The question is for both Ministers. Whether you have agreed to cooperate more closely on the refugee/migration issue. N. DENDIAS: Thank you for the question. As you can understand, and I think this was obvious from Mr. Blok’s statement, it was an important part of our talks. We talked, first of all, about how we can improve our reception system – not just the Greek system, but the European system. We talked about what we can do to achieve fairer burden-sharing – and beyond that, how we can directly get the Turkish side to meet its responsibilities. Acknowledging, of course, that Turkey is carrying a burden, with which the European Union has assisted in the past and is willing to continue to assist, but at the same time making it clear to Turkey that it cannot violate the agreements or use the migration issue as leverage. In other words, it cannot use the flows of migrants to exert pressure on the European Union or Greece. I think this is the view of Greece, Holland and the European Union. Of course, with regard to Holland, the Minister himself will express his views. […] JOURNALIST: Giorgos Vlavianos, from STAR. A question for Mr. Dendias. Minister, I would like to ask if you are concerned about the Turkish letter to the UN. How we intend to respond and whether our sending a Greek ambassador to Tripoli is being moved forward due to the contents of this letter. Thank you. N. DENDIAS: First of all, the Turkish letter to the United Nations didn’t say anything that was new to us. These are claims Turkey has also made in the past. Of course, if you ask me whether I was pleased by the letter, the answer is no, I was not at all pleased. We believe Turkey made a mistake. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already issued a relevant statement. I think that, in the clearest and sternest language, it completely rejected the Turkish claims, which are totally groundless. If one can use the term “groundless” in reference to something that concerns the sea. But in any event, it is completely unacceptable. Greece will respond to these claims in the appropriate manner, in a detailed response that we will send to the United Nations, to all of the states of the General Assembly and to all the members of the Security Council. We believe, and I repeat, that Turkey needs to realise that it is in its own interest to have good neighbourly relations with Greece and to encourage the settlement of the Cyprus problem. Anything else it does is, I think, damaging to its own interests and the interests of Turkish society. With regard to the Libyan issues, I assume that behind this is the question that has to do with what I think was an ill-advised, not to say completely irrational, attempt to start a discussion – we assume, we don’t know for sure, even though the Libyan Foreign Minister, when I met with him in New York, did not deny there were Turkish proposals in this direction – on delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone between Turkey and Libya. I must say that an attempt such as this betrays an ignorance of geography, because it ignores something that I think everyone has observed: that between the two countries there is the large geographical mass of Crete. So I think an effort such as this, borders on the ridiculous, and I would like to say that Greece is prepared to send an Ambassador to Libya when the conditions allow for his or her residence there. MFA SPOKESPERSON: Thank you very much.

Statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, on ANT1 TV’s evening news, from Albania, to journalist Nikos Hatzinikolaou (Tirana, 26 November 2019)

JOURNALIST: We will now speak with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, who made an urgent visit to Tirana immediately after his visit to Skopje. Good evening, Minister. N. DENDIAS: Good evening, Mr. Hatzinikolaou. Good evening to your viewers. JOURNALIST: We want you to describe the climate in Tirana and tell us how Greece is helping our neighbouring country. N. DENDIAS: Mr. Hatzinikolaou, first of all I went to Durrës with Mr. Rama and our Ambassador here, Ms. Filippidou. And we went to where the buildings had collapsed and watched the efforts to rescue trapped victims. Our country, on the orders of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, had sent two Disaster Management Units (EMAK), which are already operating. Greece is among the first countries, if not the first, to offer assistance and expertise, because we unfortunately have experience with earthquakes, as you well know. We are also doing everything we can to assist with the Albanian government’s communication with the European Union, the European Civil Protection Mechanism, through the Cypriot Commissioner, Mr. Stylianides, to help the Albanian government meet the great needs of this very difficult time. There has been extensive destruction, many people are outside their homes in outdoor camps, in a stadium prepared by the Albanian government. But as you are well aware from our experience, this is a very difficult situation that is not at all easy to handle. The earthquake was very strong. Ten miles from the coast, with a shallow epicentre – I was told this by the Albanian Prime Minister, with whom I visited the disaster site. In general there is very extensive damage from the earthquake in Albania. JOURNALIST: Thank you very much, Minister. N. DENDIAS: Thank you, Mr. Hatzinikolaou.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias’ statement following his meeting with the President of Albania I. Meta (Tirana, 26.11.2019)

“Mr. President, thank you for receiving me at this very difficult hour for you and the people of Albania. I am here under the instruction of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in order to offer the condolences of the Greek people to the Albanian people and yourself and to offer our assistance in any way we can, in this hour of need. Unfortunately, Greece has a long experience of earthquakes.   Already two squads of the Greek Civil Protection are here trying to assist. We are also ready to help you in any way, regarding any assistance you might need from the European Union and generally we are here to help in any way we can. Again, Mr. President allow me to offer our condolences to the people of Albania and also allow me to express the wish to be able to come back to Tirana in better circumstances. Thank you very much.

Sismo en Albania deja más de 50 muertos y miles de heridos

Las autoridades suspendieron las labores de salvamento porque se llegó a la conclusión de que no hay más cuerpos bajo los escombros

Albania’s search for quake victims ends; death toll up to 51

TIRANA, Albania – The search and rescue operation for earthquake survivors in Albania has ended, the prime minister said Saturday, with the death toll at 51 and no more bodies believed to be in the ruins.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said preliminary figures showed more than 1,465 buildings in the capital, Tirana, and about 900 in nearby Durres were seriously damaged in Tuesday’s 6.4-magnitude pre-dawn quake.

About 2,000 people were injured.

A woman in Tirana who had been in a coma died, the health ministry said Saturday. Local media reported the 20-year old was injured by a falling brick while leaving her apartment.

In Durres, hundreds of residents as well as Rama and President Ilir Meta attended the funeral of nine members of a single extended family who were killed when a four-story villa collapsed. One young man survived and has been sent to Italy for medical treatment.

Preliminary figures estimate at least 4,000 people are homeless. About 2,500 people from damaged homes have been sheltered in hotels. Others have been taken to neighboring Kosovo or have moved to eastern areas of Albania.

The prime minister has pledged all homeless will be in “stronger homes” in 2020.

The first seriously damaged building has been demolished, and a dozen others are expected to follow. Assessment experts from Greece, France, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia are involved.

A new draft law will sentence all investors, architects and supervisors to seven to 15 years in prison for violating construction norms. That and corruption in Albania’s burgeoning building industry have been blamed for much of the quake’s effects.

The government has set up financial compensations for families of the dead, including 1 million Lek ($9,000) per family, special pensions for elders and scholarships for children.

Government and private calls for donations have collected about 15 million euros ($16 million) in three days.

Global pop stars of Albanian origin Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and Bebe Rexha also have made appeals via their social media sites.

Ora said she would help build a home for a homeless family and “myself directly help these families as much as I can!”


Antwoord op een schriftelijke vraag - Intensiveer de maatregelen ter voorkoming van irreguliere immigratie uit Albanië - E-002737/2019(ASW)

Zie vraag (vragen) : E-002737/2019

Bron : © Europese Unie, 2019 - EP

Oggi memoria liturgica dei Beati Martiri Albanesi (Vincenzo Prennushi e 37 compagni)

Secondo alcune stime, in Albania, sotto il regime comunista negli anni 1944-1991, sono stati uccisi...

Pope Francis sends 100,000 euros to help victims of earthquake in Albania



Albania pide ayuda internacional tras sismo

El terremoto del martes que sacudió la costa adriática de Albania dejó más de 3,000 heridos y dejó a miles de personas sin hogar.

Albania trabaja sin descanso para rescatar sobrevivientes del terremoto

El sismo de 6.4 grados que se registró durante la madrugada del martes ha dejado 30 muertos.

Oxford taxi driver Klement Cupi dies in Albania earthquake

AN OXFORD taxi driver was among those killed in a 6.4 Richter magnitude earthquake that hit Albania on Tuesday.

I dha mësimin e jetës në “Air Albania”, Mihaj: Varane mori dhe fanellën time, suksesi kërkon përulësi

Enea Mihaj ka qenë i grumbulluar me Shqipërinë përgjatë këtyre kualifikuese të Europianit 2020 dhe ftesa nuk i ka munguar as në ndeshjet e fundit, ku kuqezinjtë u përballën edhe me Francën në inagurimin e stadiumit “Air Albania”. Në përfundim të ndeshjes me kampionët në fuqi të botës, mbrojtësi shqiptar ka shkëmbyer fanellën me kapitenin […]

Në Greqi hedhin tezën: Shqipëria është shembull, të marrim me ta Botërorin ose Europianin

Në vitet e fundit ka pasur një rritje të madhe sa i përket investimeve në terrenet sportive kur flitet për futbollin shqiptar. Sigurisht që pika kulmore arriti me “Air Albania” e inaguruar në ndeshjen ndaj Francës. Për të folur për krahasimet e bëra nga mediat e huaja dhe ngjashmërinë me arenat e njohura europiane, është […]

Problemi i përfolur te “Air Albania”, FSHF sqaron opinionin për personat para dhe tetraplegjik

Në mbrëmjen e djeshme është inaguruar edhe stadiumi “Air Albania” atje ku Shqipëria është ndeshur ndaj Francës. Me shumë kërshëri dhe vëmendje të madhe është pritur ky moment, ndërsa atmosfera ishte e jashtëzakonshme. Por në media është përfolur edhe për një problem sa i përket personave para dhe tetraplegjik që u panë jashtë stadiumit. FSHF […]

Effetto giorno del giorno 29/11/2019: Green Friday contro il consumismo

Dopo una settimana di attesa, in cui i colossi dell'e-commerce hanno anticipato il tradizionale appuntamento con gli extra sconti, è il giorno del Black Friday. Ma c'è chi non ci sta e propone un'alternativa: la Rete delle Botteghe Sfuse Indipendenti, con i suoi associati, oggi verserà il 10% degli incassi a Legambiente, come segnale di vicinanza alla lotta al consumismo e allo sfruttamento delle risorse ambientali. Parliamo del Green Friday con il portavoce Pier Paolo Corradini.
Intanto in Albania i cittadini di Durazzo continuano a fare i conti con potenti scosse di terremoto. Molte le difficoltà di questi giorni, come spiega Giuseppe Francone, responsabile della produzione a Durazzo per una ditta italiana.

Miss Universe 2019 Top 20 - Admin Edition

Morning guys.....
This my top 20 for Miss Universe 2019 november edition.
Here they are...

From Africa and Asia Pacific region

1. Indonesia Indonesia - Frederika Alexis Cull
2. Philippines Philippines - Gazini Ganados
3. Malaysia Malaysia - Shweta Sekhon
4. Thailand Thailand - Paweensuda Drouin
5. Namibia Namibia - Nadja Breytenbach

From Europe Region

1. Albania Albania - Cindy Marina
2. Germany Germany - Miriam Rautert
3. Kosovo Kosovo - Fatbardha Hoxha
4. Spain Spain - Natalie Ortega
5. Ukraine Ukraine - Anastasia Subbota

From Americas Region

1. United States United States - Cheslie Kryst 
2. Venezuela Venezuela - Thalía Olvino 
3. Mexico Mexico - Sofía Aragón 
4. Canada Canada - Alyssa Boston
5. Brazil Brazil - Julia Horta


1. Vietnam Vietnam - Hoang Thuy
2. Sweden Sweden - Lina Ljungberg
3. New Zealand New Zealand - Diamond Langi
4. Colombia Colombia - Gabriela Tafur
5.. Argentina Argentina - Mariana Varela

Final Night: 8 December 2019


Jan 01, Albania: New Year's Day

New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

Raccolta beni per l’Albania: il Salento si mobilità dopo il terremoto

Diversi i punti di raccolta in Provincia di Lecce: centri attivi a Lecce e Maglie. Beni di prima necessità per gli albanesi: le raccolte nel Salento non si fermano dopo il sisma devastante che ha colpito in particolare Durazzo. A Lecce sarà, possibile donare per tutta la settimana in Piazzale Cuneo. A Maglie si sono mossi il Gruppo di acquisto solidale, e la Biblioteca di Sarajevo, presso la cui sede si potrà donare: martedì 3 dalle 18.30 alle 20.00 venerdì 6 dalle 19.00 alle 20.30 martedì 10 dalle 18.30 alle 20.00 Servono prodotti per bambini: latte, biscotti, succhi di frutta, omogeneizzati, coperte e vestiti (anche usati ma in buone condizioni), pannolini, salviette, biberon. I beni saranno consegnati al Centro di Integrazione Culturale Dunya a Lecce.

Una mano tesa verso l'Albania colpita dal terremoto: gara di solidarietà dal Salento

Mobilitazione in tutto il Salento per aiutare la popolazione colpita dal sisma di martedì scorso.   Dall'impegno concreto e professionale sul campo di vigili del fuoco e protezione civile alle tante donazioni dei semplici cittadini: l' “amicizia” tra Salento e Albania ha trovato nuovo vigore dopo il devastante terremoto di martedì scorso che ha causato oltre 45 vittime e centinaia di sfollati. Nelle ore immediatamente successive al sisma una squadra di vigili del fuoco è partita dal comando provinciale di Lecce per aiutare nelle ricerche dei superstiti e un corposo gruppo di volontari del Coordinamento provinciale della Protezione Civile di Lecce è stato impegnato fino a ieri nel fornire assistenza e allestire una tendopoli di emergenza per gli sfollati a Durazzo. Ma la macchina della solidarietà ha coinvolto anche tanti cittadini leccesi e non che hanno voluto mandare aiuti e beni di prima necessità al di là dell'Adriatico. Fra questi quelli che hanno risposto all'appello del bar Baldieri di Lecce: da mercoledì ad oggi sono stati raccolti centinaia di abiti (oltre 200 scatoloni), cibo non deperibile, giocattoli e altri beni di prima necessità: nella giornata di oggi l'appello è alla raccolta di cuscini, materassini gonfiabili, tende, sacchi a pelo,materassi sottili che partiranno domani alla volta dell'Albania sui mezzi messi a disposizione dalla famiglia proprietaria di Quarta Caffè. Una mano tesa di fratellanza che non cancella il dolore di questi giorni per le tante vite spezzate: “Non posso che ringraziare la mia squadra con la quale abbiamo lavorato quarantotto ore no stop sperando sino all’ultimo istante di vincere questa battaglia contro la morte- scrive il caposquadra dei vigili del fuoco Giancarlo Capoccia - Speranza che ti aiuta a superare la stanchezza, la fame, il sonno, la paura delle continue scosse ma che ti aiuta a restare concentrati. Speranza che ti crolla addosso quando ti rendi conto che i bambini sono diventati frammenti di polvere di stelle soffiati dalla mano di Dio"

Jan 02, Albania: Day after New Year's Day

Some countries observes a second public holiday for New Year's celebration. For more information on this holiday, visit the link.

Terremoto Albania: concluse le ricerche dei dispersi, 51 le vittime


A Durazzo sono morte 24 persone, 26 a Thumana. La 51esima vittima è di Tirana: una ragazza di 20 anni, deceduta oggi in ospedale. Oltre 40 i ricoverati


Terremoto Albania: Marjeta, la donna morta con i tre figli in braccio e Rami, unico superstite della sua famiglia


L'unico sopravvissuto della famiglia Lala ha commosso tutto il Paese. Rami è stato salvato dopo 14 ore


Albania quake toll hits 50 as search for survivors ends

Tirana (AFP) Nov 30, 2019
The death toll from a powerful Albanian earthquake rose to 50 as the search for survivors was called off, Prime Minister Edi Rama said Saturday. The 6.4 magnitude quake that hit the Balkan country before dawn on Tuesday was the most deadly and destructive in decades, and left about 5,000 people homeless. "The number of the earthquake victims reached 50 and rescue operations have ended,"

Cerignola, avvertito terremoto nella notte. L’epicentro del sisma, 6.5 di magnitudo, è l’Albania


Forte scossa di Terremoto avvertita anche in Puglia e a Cerignola. Il sisma, di magnitudo 6.5, ha colpito alle 2,54 ora locale (le 3,54 in Italia) la costa settentrionale dell’Albania, vicino Durazzo. Secondo i dati dell’Istituto nazionale di geofisica e vulcanologia (Ingv) italiano, il sisma ha avuto ipocentro a circa 10 km di profondità ed […]

L'articolo Cerignola, avvertito terremoto nella notte. L’epicentro del sisma, 6.5 di magnitudo, è l’Albania proviene da


Albania: join forces

The local Focolare community and Emergency Coordination of the Movement, together with Caritas and other religious families, are working to help those affected by the earthquake. ... Read More

Comment on Seditious Jews Orchestrating Trump Impeachment Lynching by DAVID SINGER

Joe: To help you try and get over your Jew-hatred - might I draw the following to your attention: While you are celebrating thanksgiving, many millions globally can be thankful for the Israeli innovations and activities announced during the past week. They include medical treatments and diagnoses for cancer, Alzheimer's, aneurysms and strokes. They include life-saving aid to Albania and Chad, increasing food supplies, combating bacteria infections and turning trash into building materials. A sonic water device that allows deaf children and adults to enjoy feeling music was demonstrated at Jerusalem's Zero One digital arts festival. Hope this helps to purge your Jew-hatred and start thinking positive thoughts.

Earthquake hits Albania leaving at least 6 dead and many trapped by rubble

Earthquake hits Albania leaving at least 6 dead and many trapped by rubble Kanako Itamae and Chika Mori Modern Tokyo Times A powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania earlier today with the result being fatalities and several people trapped. It is known that at least 6 people have perished. Thus, with people being trapped by…

Condolences to Albanian President Ilir Meta

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has sent condolences to Albanian President Ilir Meta over the victims and damage caused by a powerful earthquake.

Albania: Festivali i Këngës coraz bliżej! Kto powalczy o wygraną?

Rozpoczynają się przygotowania do 65. Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji w Rotterdamie. Uwagę fanów przyciągnie na pewno albański festiwal Festivali i Këngës, który jednocześnie pełni rolę preselekcji narodowych. Znana jest już lista artystów, którzy powalczą o bilet do Holandii! Na kogo warto zwrócić uwagę? Tegoroczny Festivali i Këngës rozpocznie się 19 grudnia. Jest to data pierwszego półfinału, […]

Papa Francisko asikitikishwa na maafa yaliyotokea nchini Albania

Papa Francisko amewakumbuka na kuwaombea watu wa Mungu nchini Albania ambao wameathirika kutokana na tetemeko la ardhi ambalo limeukumba mji wa Durazzo na hivyo kusababisha maafa makubwa kwa watu na mali zao. Itakumbukwa kuwa Albania ni nchi ya kwanza kuitembelea Barani Ulaya baada ya kuchaguliwa kuliongoza Kanisa Katoliki kama Khalifa wa Mtakatifu Petro.

Comentario en Francisco envía 100.000 euros para ayudar a las víctimas del terremoto de Albania por rsanzcarrera

Gracias Rosa

Comentario en Francisco envía 100.000 euros para ayudar a las víctimas del terremoto de Albania por rosamagarcia

FRANCISCO Estoy cerca de las víctimas, rezo por los fallecidos, por los heridos, por las familias. Que el Señor bendiga a este pueblo que tanto quiero. … El Papa ha querido tener con ellos un gesto tangible. Enviará 100.000 euros para socorrer a los damnificados por esta tragedia. Se trata de una primera ayuda que Francisco hará llegar a través del Dicasterio para el Servicio al Desarrollo Humano Integral. La noche del 25 al 26 de noviembre la tierra tembló especialmente en el norte de Albania, en la ciudad de Durres. El terremoto, de mangnitud 6,4 , dejó a su paso más de 40 muertos y al menos 600 heridos. Los equipos de rescate siguen buscando vida bajo los escombros y la están encontrando... Francisco siente un especial afecto por Albania. Fue el primer país europeo que visitó en su pontificado, en el año 2014. Quedó profundamente impactado por la historia de persecución que padecieron los albaneses bajo los más de 40 años de dictadura comunista. Ángeles Conde.

Comentario en Francisco envía 100.000 euros para ayudar a las víctimas del terremoto de Albania por rosamagarcia

No he conseguido poder verlo.

Video: Bebe Rexha announces support for Albanian earthquake victims

Moment Popstar Bebe Rexha announces her support for Albanian earthquake victims and pleads for people to support her 'Go Fund Me' page in Instagram message.

Động đất tại Albania khiến 21 người thiệt mạng

Vào chiều thứ Ba, lực lượng cứu nạn Albania đang nỗ lực tìm kiếm người sống sót trong các tòa nhà đổ sụp, sau khi trận động đất trước lúc bình minh khiến ít nhất 21 người chết

Terremoto in Albania, la comunità albanese di Prato chiede aiuto al comitato pro Emergenze

Si appella al comitato “Città di Prato – pro Emergenze” la comunità albanese di Prato, affinché coordini gli aiuti da destinare alla città di Durazzo, [...]

Full Episode: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Wildfire In California, Trump Speaks Out About Rudy Giuliani; Deadly Earthquake in Albania; Three Men Released From Jail 36 Years After Being Wrongly Convicted

Le immagini del terremoto in Albania

Il terremoto che questa notte ha colpito l'Albania, ha provocato almeno 21 morti e oltre 600 feriti. Ma con il passare delle ore continua a salire il bilancio. Una scossa di magnitudo 6,2 ha colpito la costa settentrionale, vicino Durazzo, la città con più vittime e dove due hotel sono crollati. Il


C'è stato un forte terremoto in Albania, vicino a Durazzo

Intorno alle 4 di stanotte in Albania c’è stato un forte terremoto di intensità 6.5 della scala Richter. L'epicentro è stato registrato vicino a Durazzo, la seconda città del paese situata a una trentina di chilometri a nord ovest della capitale Tirana.       [DATI #RIVISTI] #terremoto Mw 6.5 ore 03




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Tempo di lettura: < 1 minuto TERREMOTO ALBANIA: 50 VITTIME SALE A 50 VITTIME IL NUMERO DEI DECEDUTI A CAUSA DEL FORTE TERREMOTO IN ALBANIA DELO SCORSOMARTEDì AGGIORNAMENTO IN “MONDO” DELLE 10:43 DI SABATO 30NOVEMBRE 2019 TERREMOTO ALBANIA: 50 VITTIME TIRANA – E’ aumentato a 50 il numero delle vittime del terremoto di martedì in Albania, mentre sono terminate le ricerche… Continue reading TERREMOTO ALBANIA: 50 VITTIME

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Albanian Prime Minister Rama thanks Greek people for support after tremor

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed on Saturday his endless gratitude to the Greek people and his friends, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his predecessor, Alexis Tsipras, for the support they are offering to the Albanian people, ANA reports. "I admired the Greek rescuers," he noted,

Saronikos municipality near Athens collects essentials for earthquake-stricken Albania

The Saronikos municipality in East Attica is the latest to take a humanitarian aid initiative for earthquake-stricken Albania, as on Friday it announced the daily collection of goods at the town of Kalyvia, the municipality's seat, ANA reports. Long-shelf-life foods, bottled water, pharmaceuticals, and any other

Bodybuilder, 44, who was once crowned Britain‘s Strongest Man is jailed for almost three years!

This is crazy! Ex-Britain‘s Strongest Man jailed after smuggling 17 Albanian migrants into the UK on a catamaran by Denton Staff Contributor — November 29, 2019 ...

Top Shop – Orët e fundit me ulje deri në -80%

Për info telefon: 044514421 Shtëpia ● Kuzhina ● Sport ● Bukuria ● Ofertat Dita e fundit me Ulje Black Friday Nxitoni për të përfituar nga ofertat marramëndese. Ofertat mbarojnë pas: Zbulo të gjitha ofertat për Black Friday >> Na ndiqni në rrjetet Sociale dhe në dyqanet tona: Studio Moderna Albania sh.p.k, Rr: Sami Frashëri, Kulla [...]

Terremoto, vicinanza di Oliverio al popolo albanese

Il Presidente della Regione Mario Oliverio nel pomeriggio di oggi ha telefonato al presidente dell'Albania, Ilir Meta, per informarsi personalmente dei danni subiti e per manifestare la piena e sentita vicinanza di tutti i calabresi al popolo albanes ...

Italiaanse technologieën toegepast in Albanese kassen

In Kucove, in het district Berat (Albanië), wordt de kasteelt van tomaten, courgettes, komkommers en paprika's mogelijk gemaakt door de toepassing van Italiaanse technologieën. Tuinder en ondernemer Kuqo Paulin beschikt over een kassencomplex van 2,5 hectare voor de teelt van bovengenoemde gewassen, waarvan…

Effetto notte del giorno 26/11/2019: Il silenzio degli scomparsi. 60mila invisibili da rintracciare

L'Università Telematica UniTELMA ha chiamato a raccolta le istituzioni e le principali forze di polizia per accendere i riflettori su sessantamila persone, letteralmente scomparse nel nulla. Nei primi 6 mesi del 2019 sono state 6.761 le denunce per scomparsa di persona: Dati forse sconosciuti e che fanno riflettere, quelli forniti dal Rettore Antonello Biagini.

Una colonna mobile di volontari ed operatori del soccorso sta raggiungendo i luoghi colpiti dal terremoto che ha devastato Durazzo, in Albania. Conosciamo le misure messe in campo con Luigi d’Angelo, Direttore operativo per il coordinamento delle emergenze del Dipartimento Nazionale della Protezione Civile.

Mentre Meuccio Berselli dell'Autorità di bacino del Po ci aggiorna sullo stato del fiume che sta destando preoccupazione nei pressi di Cremona, a Firenze ci sono nuovi sviluppi nell'inchiesta sulla Fondazione Open. Sentiamo Sara MonaciIl Sole 24 Ore.

Ed infine il calcio. In campo Atalanta-Dinamo Zagabria e Juventus-Real Madrid per la Champsion League. Da Torino l'inviato Dario Ricci.

Remarks of EU Ambassador to Albania, Luigi Soreca – Press conference on EU response to 26 November 2019 earthquake


Dear Minister,

Dear colleagues,

Dear Albanian friends,


8,4 εκατοστά ανέβηκε το έδαφος στην περιοχή της Αλβανίας!! Κατι μου θυμιζει!

Σε ύψος 8,4 εκατοστών ανέβηκε το έδαφος στην περιοχή της Αλβανίας, όπου σημειώθηκε ο φονικός σεισμός των 6,4 βαθμών της κλίμακας Ρίχτερ τα ξημερώματα της Τρίτης.
Η δόνηση ήταν καταλυτική για τα γεωλογικά δεδομένα της περιοχής, καθώς προκάλεσε τη σοβαρή εδαφική αλλαγή, όπως δείχνουν τα στοιχεία του Γεωδυναμικού Ινστιτούτου του Αστεροσκοπείου Αθηνών.
Ο γεωλόγος Αθανάσιος Γκανάς μίλησε για το θέμα στην ΕΡΤ, δηλώνοντας χαρακτηριστικά:
«Σας δείχνω έναν κύκλο όπου είναι το όριο της παραμόρφωσης. Από τον κύκλο αυτό και προς τα μέσα, η περιοχή έχει ανυψωθεί τουλάχιστον 3 εκατοστά. Στον δεύτερο κύκλο έχουμε φτάσει τα 6 εκατοστά».
«Στο κέντρο του κύκλου» είπε ο κ. Γκανάς, δείχνοντας έναν γεωλογικό χάρτη, «που είναι χωριό 15 χιλιόμετρα βορειοανατολικά του Δυρραχίου, έχουμε τη μεγαλύτερη ανύψωση που είναι 8,4 εκατοστά. Αυτή συντελέστηκε μέσα σε 20 δευτερόλεπτα μετά τον σεισμό. Αμέσως μετά».
Μέχρι στιγμής ο τραγικός απολογισμός από τον σεισμό είναι τουλάχιστον 40 νεκροί και αρκετοί αγνοούμενοι στα χαλάσματα κτιρίων.

Ο Πορος  ενημερωτικα  ανεβηκε τοτε (το  1953) σε  60 εκατοστα.


Umutingito Ukaze Wahitanye 6 Ukomeretsa Amagana muri Albaniya

Umutingito ukaze wibasiye akarere k’umurwa mukuru wa Albaniya mu gitondo cyo kuri uyu wa kabiri utwara ubuzima bw’abantu batandatu ukomeretsa abandi amagana.  Ikigo gishinzwe ibyerekeye imitingito cy’Amerika cyavuze ko uwo mutingito wari ku gipimo cya 6.4. Wibanze i Tirana mu majyaruguru ashyira uburengerazuba bw’umurwa mukuru wa Albania.  Abashinzwe ubutabazi babashije kubona abantu babakura mu mazu yasenyutse.  Umuvugizi wa minisitiri w’intebe w’Albania, yavuze ko imirambo y’abantu batatu yakuwe mu bisigazwa by’amazu mu mujyi wa Durres. Abatabazi babonye imirambo y’abandi bantu babiri mu mazu yasenyutse mu mudugudu wa Thumane, mu gihe undi muntu yapfuye nyuma yo gusimbuka inzu ahitwa Kurbin. 

ADRA Albanien leistet Nothilfe nach dem Erdbeben


Am 26. November wurde die Region um Tirana, im Nordwesten Albaniens, morgens um 4 Uhr durch ein Erdbeben der Stärke 6.4 erschüttert. Laut ADRA Albanien starben 27 Personen und weitere 650 wurden verletzt. Die Landesregierung hat den Notstand ausgerufen. Krankenhäuser behandeln Verletzte kostenlos und Schulen stellen ihre Turnhallen als Notunterkünfte zur Verfügung. Die Adventistische Entwicklungs- und Katastrophenhilfe ADRA Albanien hat erste Nothilfemaßnahmen eingeleitet. Da Hilfsorganisationen noch keinen Zugang zu den derzeit vom Militär abgeriegelten Gebieten haben, ist die direkte Hilfe nur sehr eingeschränkt möglich. So hat ADRA vor Ort bisher 70 Personen mit Matratzen, Decken sowie Nahrungsmitteln versorgen können.

Koordination mit Behörden vor Ort
ADRA Deutschland ist seit Jahren in Albanien aktiv und betreibt u.a. seit 2017 in der Region Fushe Kruja, unweit des Epizentrums des Erdbebens, ein Bildungs- und Integrationsprojekt für Roma-Familien. Elf Familien aus dem Projekt wurden obdachlos und mussten die erste Nacht im Freien verbringen. Insgesamt 43 Familien sind auf Unterstützung angewiesen. ADRA Albanien ist seit 1993 im Land tätig.

Die Koordination der Hilfsmaßnahmen sei auch bereits angelaufen, heißt es in einer Medienmitteilung von ADRA Deutschland. Eine Lageeinschätzung soll Klarheit schaffen, was am notwendigsten gebraucht wird. Anschließend wird unter den Hilfswerken aufgeteilt, wer für Lebensmittel, Wasserversorgung, Kleidung, Zelte und Decken zuständig ist.


Unterstützung bei der Nothilfe in Albanien werde dringend benötigt, so Christian Molke, Geschäftsführer von ADRA Deutschland e.V.. Mit einer Spende unter dem Stichwort "Erdbeben Albanien" könne den Familien geholfen werden, die Krise zu überwinden. Dabei würden für ein Lebensmittelpaket für eine Person 56 Euro/Woche und für die Erstausstattung Nothilfe (Kleidung, Decken, Zelt) 10 Euro/Person aufgewendet.

Mehr zu ADRA Albanien: -


Lorna's Silence

An Albanian woman living in Belgium finds her dreams of opening a snack bar with her boyfriend leading to tragedy after she agrees to marry a Russian Mafioso in order to gain citizenship.

EERI responds to M6.4 earthquake near Mamurras, Albania

Early in the morning of November 26, 2019, a M6.4 earthquake struck the western coast of Albania near the capital of Tirana. The EERI community extends its sympathy to the victims as rescue and relief work continues. EERI is currently monitoring the situation from media reports and notes from colleagues in the impacted region as
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Per 3 giorni la Cupola ha adottato i colori della bandiera dell’Albania


leggi tutto


Twinning: Suomi vahvistamaan Albanian turvallisuusakatemiaa

Suomi ja Viro ryhtyvät kehittämään Albanian turvallisuusakatemiaa kaksivuotisella Twinning-hankkeella. Hankkeella tuetaan turvallisuusakatemian edellytyksiä tarjota laadukasta turvallisuusalan koulutusta sekä toteuttaa tutkimustoimintaa. Suomen ja Viron yhteinen tarjous voitti hankkeesta järjestetyn tarjouskilpailun.

46 dead in Albania earthquake as hope of finding any more survivors fades


Hopes were fading Thursday of finding anyone else alive beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings in Albania, two days after a deadly quake struck the country's Adriatic coast killing at least 46 people and injuring more than 2,000.

By Thursday afternoon, search operations were winding down, and...


Death toll rises to 26 in Albania earthquake as rescuers search for survivors


Stopping at intervals to listen for the sounds of survivors, local and international rescue crews searched through the rubble of collapsed buildings Wednesday, a day after a deadly earthquake in Albania killed at least 26 people and injured more than 650.

Among those desperate for news was police...


Rescuers hunt for survivors after apartment buildings collapse in pre-dawn Albania earthquake; at least 18 dead and hundreds injured


Rescue crews with excavators searched for survivors trapped in toppled apartment buildings and hotels Tuesday after a powerful pre-dawn earthquake in Albania killed at least 18 people and injured more than 600.

The magnitude-6.4 quake was felt across the southern Balkans and was followed by multiple...


Albania earthquake toll hits 50 as search for survivors ends

The 6.4 magnitude quake that hit the Balkan country before dawn on Tuesday was the most deadly and destructive in decades, and left about 5,000 people homeless.

Taking on fabrication work that no one else will


Leonardo Rapaj first started working with stone in his home country of Albania. He made his way through Greece, Italy, Switzerland and France, working with stone before finding his way to the U.S. In 2001, Leonardo’s Marble & Granite opened its doors in Farmington Hills, MI.


Спасиоци из Србије извукли два тела у Туману

Спасилачки тим из Србије извукао је два беживотна тела из рушевина у албанском граду Туману, који је најтеже погођен јучерашњим земљотресом. Спасиоци из Србије извукли два тела у Туману

"Дан националне солидарности" уместо празника у Албанији

Влада Албаније прогласила је ванредну ситуацију на подручју Драча и Тиране, областима које су највише погoћене разорним земљотресом, који је у уторак погодио Албанију и у којем је страдало 27 особа, висе од 40 је извучено из рушевина, док је више од 650 повређено. "Дан националне солидарности" уместо празника у Албанији

Costituzione Meiji, Chirac, Jugoslavia, Palestina all’Onu: gli anniversari geopolitici del 29 novembre

Festa della Liberazione in Albania, in commemorazione della vittoria dei partigiani contro le forze d’occupazione tedesche nel 1944. Giornata internazionale di solidarietà per il popolo palestinese, indetta dall’Onu in memoria dell’approvazione nel 1947 della risoluzione 181 dell’Assemblea generale delle Nazioni Unite, che prevedeva la partizione della Palestina in due Stati. 1394 – Il sovrano coreano Yi Sŏnggye, taejo di Chosŏn (nome […]

Albania earthquake emergency: Italian Armed Forces in support of the Albanian population


​​In seguito alla forte scossa di terremoto verificatasi questa notte a Durazzo, la Difesa, rispondendo alle richieste della presidenza del...

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La gaffe della sindaca di Durazzo Valbona Sako: «Contenti di avere avuto solo 50 morti». Costretta alle dimissioni


La gaffe della sindaca di Durazzo Valbona Sako: «Contenti di avere avuto solo 50 morti». Costretta alle dimissioni

Un breve estratto dell’intervista che è costato il posto alla prima cittadina della cittadina albanese gravemente colpita dal terremoto


Search ends for survivors of Albanian quake as death toll reaches 51

Search ends for survivors of Albanian quake as death toll reaches 51

Plea to help Albanian earthquake survivors as Durres search resumes


Korpsbevegelsens kandidat til Frivillighetsprisen


Falk Bakke (75) er en av seks nasjonale finalister til Frivillighetsprisen 2019. Han har tatt initiativ til å utvikle tilbud og tiltak som har gitt funksjonshemmede bedre livskvalitet, bedre rettigheter og høyere status i samfunnet, blant annet ved opprettelsen av flere spesialkorps i Norge, på Færøyane og i Albania.


Violence and peace


By Lyndsey Medford

The wars

Last spring, my husband, Nate, and I traveled to Croatia for vacation. One afternoon during our trip we ventured to a family farm and spent the day tasting the fruits of the family’s labors. As our host, who was in his late twenties, drove us back into the city, Nate asked him about the country’s history. He replied that his earliest memories included watching the news of the war ravaging the country and “wondering where my father was.” He continued, “At the end of the war, he came back from the fighting; I was afraid of him because he had a beard and I didn’t recognize him. He returned to work on the farm and got his life back. Some of the other soldiers never have.”

It’s been 24 years since the official end of the Yugoslav wars that eventually led to the formation of the countries of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The wars were sparked by several rival ethnic groups who clashed over various nationalist independence movements after living as neighbors for centuries. These struggles were spurred on by more recent political resentments, religious differences and quests for vengeance over generations-old wrongs.

These ethnic differences had been suppressed under the Yugoslavian Communist regime, whose power and cohesion slowly began to erode after the death of Josip Broz Tito, the man who ruled as a dictator for more than 35 years until his death in 1980. Following his death, opportunistic politicians began to exaggerate nationalist sentiments as a strategy to grab power. With these rifts emerging, economic crises led to declarations of independence by both Croatia and Slovenia, who were then followed by other ethnic nationalist groups.

Soldiers from each ethnic group formed armies, but the Croats, Serbs and Bosnians were the largest and most powerful groups. In contrast, ethnic Albanians and Muslim Bosniaks were relatively small minorities and therefore constituted the bulk of the 2.3 million international refugees created by the wars that followed.

These wars were marked by immense civilian casualties, genocidal massacres, mass rape and other war crimes. Over 130,000 people died as a result of these conflicts. In fact, the term “ethnic cleansing” was invented by Serbs who attempted to kill, rape or deport all Croats and Muslim Bosniaks living in Bosnia. Unsurprisingly, these acts of violence further inflamed hatreds on all sides. In several of the conflicts, the United States, the United Nations, or NATO intervened with either diplomatic strategies or military might in order to force cease-fires and peace agreements.

As a result of the conflicts, millions of people were displaced from their homes, and the entire region suffered severe economic losses from the costs of the fighting, destruction of property, years of destabilization and ongoing trauma.

Exclusion & Embrace

In 2000, Christianity Today named Exclusion & Embrace by theologian Miroslav Volf one of the most influential books of the 20th century. Volf, a Croatian living in the United States, wrote the book only a few years after the end of the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Volf had presented a paper comparing God’s love to an “embrace,” but found himself caught when he asked the question, “But could you embrace a Chetnik (a Serbian fighter)?” His search for an answer in light of Christ’s life and death led him to write Exclusion & Embrace.

After witnessing massacres of his own people, Volf’s advocacy of nonviolence is profound. Yet at the same time, he reminds us:

Jesus’s mission certainly did not consist merely in passively receiving violence. . . . The pure negativity of nonviolence is barren. . . . At best, oppressors can safely disregard it; at worst, they can see themselves indirectly justified by it. To be significant, nonviolence must be part of a larger strategy of combating the system of terror.

(from Exclusion & Embrace, Revised and Updated, page 288)

In other words, the opposite of war is not nonviolence; the opposite of war is peacemaking. This includes pursuing both justice and restoration for the oppressed and repentance by oppressors. Beyond this, peacemaking means crafting a new way forward for everyone with the desire to live together in love. In the United States, our schools, our media, and even our politicians often present us with idealized philosophies of nonviolence, but without effective strategies for fighting injustice and the willingness to make immense sacrifices, nonviolence isn’t really a tool for change, only an endorsement of the status quo.

Those who lived through the suffering and hatred might still struggle to endorse a theology of nonviolence as completely as Volf does. International trials for the war crimes committed during the Yugoslav wars ended only two years ago. Young men who fought in the wars are now middle-aged. Both the Serbians and Croatians who fought against each other considered themselves Christians and believed God was on their side. Volf admits that following Jesus’ way is costly. For those who have endured atrocities, only the promise of God’s judgment can offer hope that true justice will be done and that true love of the enemy is possible. During Advent, we may be tempted to domesticate the idea of peace. Those of us who live fairly comfortable lives can forget that peace is often hard won by those who oppose injustice, those who stand in the gap in conflict, and those who forgive for the sake of the future. We can also forget that many people — even some in our own country — long for peace but do not currently experience it. For us, a commitment to peacemaking is a commitment to the hard work of justice and healing. 

Be sure to check out FaithLink, a weekly downloadable discussion guide for classes and small groups.


Italian News 28 November - Giornale radio giovedì 28 novembre


Our news bulletin (in Italian).


Sale il bilancio delle vittime del terremoto in Albania; in Italia, scontro fra governo e opposizioni sulle concessioni alla Benetton; Hobart è la capitale statale australiana con l'indice più basso di accessibilità agli affitti; Champions League: pareggio 1 a 1 fra Liverpool e Napoli, e l'Inter in trasferta batte lo Slavia Praga 3 a 1.


Event Update For 2019-11-28


The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2019-11-28 - We may have already crossed the threshold for a cascade of interrelated climate tipping points:

Quote: "The world may already have crossed a series of climate tipping points, according to a stark warning from scientists. This risk is 'an existential threat to civilisation', they say, meaning 'we are in a state of planetary emergency'."

Note: We have definitely passed plenty enough tipping points to bring an end to civilization...

2019-11-28 - Chemical plant burns into second day after massive explosion in coastal Port Neches (Texas), 50,000 people remain evacuated:

Quote: "Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick confirmed that thousands of his county's residents remain evacuated on Thursday following a fire and explosion at an industrial plant Port Neches, Texas. The fire remained active on Thursday, one day after a pair of explosions at the plant rocked the town of Port Neches. The explosions could be felt from up to 30 miles away, and blew out windows near the plant."

Quote: "The disaster at the TPC Group-owned facility roughly 94 miles west of Houston took place a week after the Trump administration rolled back safety rules meant to protect workers and people who live near chemical plants."

2019-11-28 - Metal recycling center hit by fire, scrap metal and 3 cars burn, on Anne Road in Smethwick (Britain):

Quote: "The incident occurred at a scrap recycling centre in the industrial street and involved two large shipping containers filled with scrap, as well as three cars located nearby."

2019-11-28 - Recycling center erupts in flame near I-55 in St. Louis County (Missouri):

2019-11-28 - Recycling center fire breaks out on North Lincoln Avenue in Urbana (Illinois):

2019-11-28 - RV goes up in flames and kills person while parked at property in Middletown (California):

Quote: "Dispatch had received multiple reports of the fire, and when firefighters got on scene they reported finding a fully involved RV."

Note: This is the 424th RV to burn in 2019, and this is the 12th deadly RV fire in 2019...

2019-11-28 - Transformer bursts into flame and causes blackouts in Dubuque (Iowa):

2019-11-28 - Experts say current drought is the worst ever experienced in Australia:

2019-11-28 - Death toll rises to 46 after magnitude 6.4 earthquake shakes the Adriatic coast in Albania:

Quote: "Hopes were fading Thursday of finding anyone else alive beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings in Albania, two days after a deadly quake struck the country’s Adriatic coast killing at least 46 people and injuring more than 2,000."

2019-11-28 - Wildfire breaks out and burns hundreds of acres in and around Smoke Hole (West Virginia):

2019-11-28 - Fishing trawler 'Schneivins' bursts into flame near coastal Ouistreham (France):

Quote: "On Nov 27, 2019 at 1:44 p.m. the CROSS Jobourg was alerted by several shellfish vessels that a fire broke out in the engine room of the trawler 'Schneivins' which was 8,5 nautical miles northwest of Ouistreham with a crew of five on board."

2019-11-28 - Boat and garage destroyed by fire just before midnight at home on Woodbine Street in Uniondale on coastal Long Island (New York), another fire too:

Quote: "Another fire started just before midnight on Woodbine Street. Sources at the scene told News 12 that a boat and a garage were destroyed."

2019-11-28 - Boat bursts into flame while drydocked at the Grimsby Docks in coastal Grimsby (Britain):

Note: These are the 956th, 957th and 958th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-28 - Transit bus bursts into flame at Electronics City area in Banglaore (India):

Note: This is the 571st bus to burn in 2019...

2019-11-28 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at 12:19 AM on the A5 near Wellington (Britain):

Note: This is the 2049th tractor/tanker/semi to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-28 - Truck bursts into flame on the N52 in Tullamore (Ireland):

2019-11-28 - Truck bursts into flame at 5:52 AM on the M40 near Handy Cross (Britain):

Quote: "Thursday 28 November, 5.52am Lorry fire, M40 northbound between junctions 4 (Handy Cross) and 5 (Stokenchurch). Two appliances and crews from High Wycombe, one from Beaconsfield and an officer attended. Firefighters used one hose reel and a thermal imaging camera."

2019-11-28 - Ferrari bursts into flame at airport in coastal Miami (Florida):

2019-11-28 - Two cars go up in flames while parked at dealership on Rockingham Road in Davenport (Iowa):

2019-11-28 - Car bursts into flame on I-95 in coastal Bridgeport (Connecticut):

2019-11-28 - Car bursts into flame on Route 7 in Brookfield (Connecticut):

2019-11-28 - Car bursts into flame on the QEW in Oakville (Canada):

2019-11-28 - Car bursts into flame on the M20 near Ashford (Britain):

2019-11-28 - Car bursts into flame at 2:54 AM on New Park Road in Castlefields, Shrewsbury (Britain):

2019-11-28 - Car bursts into flame near Wem (Britain):

2019-11-28 - Car and garage go up in flames in the wee hours, home damaged too, on Mill Springs Road in Smyrna (Tennessee):

2019-11-28 - Barn destroyed by fire at African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton (Ohio), 10 animals killed:

2019-11-28 - Barn destroyed by fire in Moore County (North Carolina), 19,000 chickens killed:

2019-11-28 - Barn destroyed by fire on Chippewa Drive in Oswego (Illinois):

2019-11-28 - Restaurant heavily damaged by fire at 4:30 AM on South 25th Street in Fort Dodge (Iowa):

2019-11-28 - Mobile home destroyed by fire in coastal San Leandro (California):

2019-11-28 - Home heavily damaged by carport fire on North Clearfield Avenue in coastal Tampa (Florida), cat killed:

Quote: "Darville is visiting family from out of town. He said he heard loud pops and came outside to see the carport on fire. 'There's a car over there, so you don't know if it's going to explode or if that's what exploded,' Darville said."

2019-11-28 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire and explosion just after 5 AM on West Hanover Circle in Orchard Mesa (Colorado):

2019-11-28 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire on Haverhill Drive in Piqua (Ohio):

2019-11-28 - Home heavily damaged by garage fire on Lincoln Avenue in Dighton (Massachusetts):

2019-11-28 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 12:30 AM on Chestnut Street in Noblesville (Indiana), 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - Home destroyed by fire at 3:40 AM on Montclaire Drive in Olathe (Kansas):

2019-11-28 - Two homes damaged by garage fire just after 4 AM on Pacelot Street in the Lakes of Summerville area in Summerville (South Carolina):

2019-11-28 - Apartment building damaged by fire in Sanford (Florida):

2019-11-28 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Gregory Lane in Fairfield (California):

2019-11-28 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire in Bradford (Britain):

2019-11-28 - Apartment building devastated by huge fire on North Canyon Road in Provo (Utah):

2019-11-28 - Apartment building destroyed by huge blaze on Forest Lane in Dallas (Texas):

2019-11-28 - Apartment building destroyed by fire on Cotton Creek Circle in Arlington (Texas):

2019-11-28 - Deadly fire burns mobile home at 6:46 AM in Mount Vernon (Washington), 1 killed, 2 injured:

2019-11-28 - Deadly fire burns home on Belltown Road near Oxford (North Carolina), 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - Deadly fire burns home in Beaver Dam (Wisconsin), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - Deadly fire burns home on Lehman Street in Osceola (Indiana), 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - Deadly fire burns home at 6:30 AM on West Steadman Road in Somerset (Canada), near the coast, 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - Vacant mobile home burns in Hall County (Georgia):

2019-11-28 - Vacant home burns on West Georgia Street in Tallahassee (Florida):

2019-11-28 - Two infant twin girls die after being found unresponsive at home in coastal Brisbane (Australia):

Quote: "The twin sister of a baby girl who died at a Brisbane home has also died in hospital. Police and paramedics were called to the home at Sunnybank Hills on Wednesday where one of the six-week-old pair was confirmed dead. Her twin was transported to hospital in a critical condition, but police say she died on Thursday. Their deaths are not being treated as suspicious. Preliminary investigations suggest the babies were sleeping together throughout the night and were discovered unresponsive in the morning."

2019-11-28 - Man, 46, found dead in marshy area in coastal Crisfield (Maryland):

2019-11-28 - Man, 53, found dead along the Napa Valley Vine Trail in Napa (California):

2019-11-28 - Person found dead on top of theater in Ripley (Mississippi):

2019-11-28 - Man found dead in gangway between buildings in Skokie (Illinois):

2019-11-28 - Man, 67, falls into the water and dies in Lake Wyaralong (Australia):

2019-11-28 - Man, around 30, found dead in drain in Delhi (India):

2019-11-28 - Man, around 70, dies after being found unconscious on beach in coastal Mandrem (India):

2019-11-28 - Man dies while snorkeling at the island of Barbuda:

2019-11-28 - Man found dead in Florida Lake (South Africa):

2019-11-28 - Man found dead along Park Road in Narahenpita on the island of Sri Lanka:

2019-11-28 - Man, 32, drops dead at prison in coastal Liverpool (Britain):

Quote: "A 32-year-old inmate at HMP Liverpool has died suddenly."

2019-11-28 - Man, 49, has heart attack and dies at home in Helston (Britain), 2 miles from the coast:

2019-11-28 - Man, 41, found dead at home on Bridge Street in Newhaven (Britain), near the River Ouse:

2019-11-28 - Driver has 'medical emergency', pickup truck overturns into gully, in Austintown (Ohio), 1 injured:

Quote: "Investigators say the driver suffered some type of medical emergency, lost control and the truck flipped over."

2019-11-28 - Passenger plane makes emergency landing in Kelowna (Canada), landing gear problem:

2019-11-28 - SUV veers off road and overturns at 3:40 AM on Garners Ferry Road near Crossing Creek Road in Columbia (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - SUV crashes, bursts into flame, on I-91 in Rocky Hill (Connecticut), 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - SUV veers off road, crashes into tree, in Oakwood Hills (Illinois), 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road just before 12:30 AM, crashes into tow truck, bursts into flame, near Seffner (Florida), 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road, plunges into pond, in Republic County (Kansas), 4 killed, 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road, crashes into pole, in White Marsh (Maryland), 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road, crashes into two trees, on State Road 26 in Newberry (Florida), 2 killed:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road at 7 AM and crashes next to the Naugatuck River in Naugatuck (Connecticut), 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road before 5 AM, crashes down embankment, near Vernonia (Oregon), 1 injured:

2019-11-28 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree, in De Peyster (New York), 1 killed:

2019-11-28 - Sinkhole closes street in Whittier (California):

2019-11-28 - Sinkhole opens on the shoulder of the 10 Freeway in Redlands (California):

2019-11-28 - Steel suspension bridge under construction collapses near Balemu (India), 4 injured:

2019-11-28 - Three small earthquakes shake the New Madrid Seismic Zone:

2019-11-28 - Storm Ezekiel with the strength of a hurricane, Winter Storm Dorothy and the East Coast Cyclone wallop most of the US:

2019-11-28 - Typhoon Kammuri (Tisoy) intensifies and heads toward the Philippine Islands:

2019-11-28 - Storm dumps 7 inches of rain in 3 hours on Salvador (Brazil):

2019-11-28 - Meteor streaks across the sky over Camarillo (California):

2019-11-28 - Measles epidemic death toll rises to 39 in Samoa:


Event Update For 2019-11-26


The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2019-11-26 - Passenger plane hit by smoke, plane makes emergency landing in the Cayman Islands:

Quote: "Pilots reported hearing a loud noise coming from the outside of the aircraft, according to a source close to the situation. Emergency responders at the airport reported seeing what appeared to be smoke coming from one of the plane’s engines, the source said."

Note: This is the 148th aircraft to smoke/burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-26 - Underground explosions and fire cause blackouts in Asheville (North Carolina):

2019-11-26 - Recycling center fire breaks out in Melton (Britain):

2019-11-26 - Wildfire grows to 4,000+ acres outside coastal Santa Barbara (California):

Quote: "A wind-driven brush fire that erupted in the Southern California mountains Monday quickly burned more than 4,000 acres by early Tuesday, fire officials said. The 'Cave Fire' jumped a highway near the Santa Barbara city limits, CBS Los Angeles reports, in an area that hasn’t burned in 29 years."

Quote: "The Associated Press said the blaze was threatening homes near the town of Goleta, north of Santa Barbara. A fire in the coastal city destroyed 13 homes last year."

2019-11-26 - Wildfires break out and threaten Mooreland and Fargo (Oklahoma):

2019-11-26 - Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes near Tirana (Albania), buildings collapse, 20+ killed, hundreds injured:

Quote: "Albanian rescuers searched rubble through the night looking for survivors trapped in buildings that toppled Tuesday in the strongest earthquake to hit the country in decades, with more than 20 dead and hundreds injured."

2019-11-26 - Oil well site rocked by explosion and fire in Missaukee County (Michigan), 2 injured:

2019-11-26 - Boat bursts into flame while docked at marina in coastal Alameda (California):

2019-11-26 - Two boats go up in flames while docked in the Maldive Islands:

Quote: "Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) on Tuesday night revealed that a fire occurred aboard an oil boat docked at Vilimale'. MNDF stated that the fire, reported at 22:40, went on to spread onboard a second vessel also docked at the island's harbour."

Note: These are the 950th, 951st and 952nd boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-26 - Passenger bus bursts into flame at midnight on street in Kanigiri (India):

Note: This is the 570th bus to burn in 2019...

2019-11-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-85 in Granville County (North Carolina):

2019-11-26 - Semi tractor, many other vehicles and machine shed destroyed by fire near Beatrice (Nebraska):

Quote: "Many vehicles....many vintage vehicles...there's also a semi tractor located in the building. Everything's a total loss, at this point..."

2019-11-26 - Tractors, machinery and barn destroyed by fire near Stratford (Canada):

Quote: "There were no injuries, but the damage estimate is about $450,000 as machinery, including tractors, and tools were lost."

2019-11-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on the Pacific Highway near Maclean (Australia):

2019-11-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame at 6:15 AM on the Hume Freeway in Beveridge (Australia):

2019-11-26 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on road in Jalan Sungai Sebatang (Malaysia):

Note: These are the 2040th, 2041st, 2042nd, 2043rd, 2044th, 2045th and 2046th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-11-26 - Three U-Haul trucks go up in flames while parked at facility in Victorville (California):

2019-11-26 - Box truck bursts into flame on street in Hudson (New York):

2019-11-26 - Van bursts into flame on street in Southwell (Britain):

2019-11-26 - SUV bursts into flame while parked at home on East State Road 44 in Wildwood (Florida):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame at restaurant on Ball Pond Road in Danbury (Connecticut):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame at 12:26 AM on street in Huntington Station on coastal Long Island (New York):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame outside Starbucks on Springwood Road in York (Pennsylvania):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame on Estero Parkway in coastal Estero (Florida):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame on street in coastal Chennai (India):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame on the N40 near coastal Cork (Ireland):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame at 11:30 PM on Crossland Road Park in coastal Blackpool (Britain):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame near recreation center on High Street in Winsford (Britain):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame on the A1301 near Sawston (Britain):

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame at 2:32 AM on Stolford Rise in Tattenhoe (Britain):

Quote: "Tuesday 26 November, 2.32am Car fire, Stolford Rise, Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes. One appliance and crew from Bletchley attended. Firefighters used one hose reel, one set of breathing apparatus and a thermal imaging camera."

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame in layby along the A41 in Aston Clinton (Britain):

Quote: "Tuesday 26 November, 9.37pm Car on fire in layby, A41 southbound, Aston Clinton. Two appliances and crews from Aylesbury attended. Firefighters used one hose reel, one set of breathing apparatus and a thermal imaging camera."

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame at 1:29 AM on the A1(M) near Harrogate (Britain):

Quote: "Time: 01:29 Location: A1M North Junctions 46-47 Crews from Harrogate and Knaresborough attended to reports of a car fire on the hard shoulder. On arrival crews found a small fire confined to the engine compartment of a Peugeot 207. Crews extinguished the fire using 1 hose reel jet and a thermal imaging camera. The cause of the fire is unknown."

2019-11-26 - Car bursts into flame in Kirk Smeaton (Britain):

Quote: "Time: 18:48 Location: Kirk Smeaton Crews from Selby and neighbouring brigade Pontefract responded to reports of a car fire. Crews extinguished the car using breathing apparatus, 1 hose reel jet and lighting."

2019-11-26 - Vehicle bursts into flame on I-95 near Christiana (Delaware):

2019-11-26 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at home in Sunnyside (Washington):

2019-11-26 - RV trailer bursts into flame while parked at Hide-A-Way Lakes campground in Oswego Township (Illinois):

2019-11-26 - Cars and garage destroyed by fire at home on Glendale Road in Marietta (Ohio):

2019-11-26 - Machine shop damaged by fire in Marathon City (Wisconsin):

2019-11-26 - Barn destroyed by fire in Churubusco (Indiana):

2019-11-26 - Sawmill destroyed by fire on Campagna Road in Highgate (Vermont):

2019-11-26 - Restaurant heavily damaged by fire on Grand Island Boulevard on Grand Island in the Niagara River (New York):

2019-11-26 - Historic church heavily damaged by fire in Milton (Pennsylvania):

2019-11-26 - Mobile home destroyed by fire on East Elaine Circle in coastal West Palm Beach (Florida):

2019-11-26 - Home damaged by fire on Luxemburg Drive in Hermitage (Tennessee), 2 injured:

2019-11-26 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 11:30 PM on Sharmain Place in San Antonio (Texas), nobody there:

2019-11-26 - Home heavily damaged by fire in the wee hours in Tulsa (Oklahoma), 2 injured:

2019-11-26 - Deadly fire burns vehicle and mobile home in Whitewater (California), 1 killed:

Quote: "Riverside county sheriff's and fire officials are investigating a blaze that ripped through a Whitewater trailer, a vehicle and acres of vegetation on Tuesday morning, killing one person."

2019-11-26 - Deadly fire burns home just before 2 AM on Ridge Park Avenue in Cheektowaga (New York), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Deadly fire burns home at 6:30 AM on East Dewart Street in Shamokin (Pennsylvania), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Deadly fire burns apartment building in coastal Bacolod City (Philippine Islands), 6 killed:

2019-11-26 - Deadly fire burns restaurant on New Falls Road in Levittown (Pennsylvania), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Deadly fire burns home at 12:20 AM on West Paxton Avenue in coastal Tampa (Florida), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Vacant home burns on  South Pinta Avenue in Tucson (Arizona):

2019-11-26 - College student, woman, 20, found dead in dorm room at university in Greenville (North Carolina):

Quote: "This marks the sixth student death this semester."

2019-11-26 - Man in his 60s found dead in lake in MacArthur Park in coastal Los Angeles (California):

2019-11-26 - Man found dead near the Whippany River in Morris Township (New Jersey):

2019-11-26 - Man, 58, found dead in South Fork Rivanna Reservoir in Albemarle County (Virginia):

2019-11-26 - Man, 43, slumps over dead in car at Sam's Club in Canton (Michigan):

2019-11-26 - Man, 49, found dead in his pickup truck in Union County (Mississippi):

2019-11-26 - Person found dead in Joes Creek about a mile north of Bachman Lake in Dallas (Texas):

2019-11-26 - Man found dead in water channel in Minneapolis (Minnesota):

2019-11-26 - Person found dead in the Grand River in Waterloo (Canada):

2019-11-26 - Champion surfer, man, 40, has heart attack while surfing and dies, at beach in coastal Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

Quote: "The incident took place at the Itauna beach in Rio de Janeiro. According to Brazilian news outlet Waves, Neves had just finished riding a wave before he suffered a heart attack. They claim that he eventually drowned and was unable to be resuscitated."

2019-11-26 - Celebrity chef, man, 59, suddenly sickens and dies in coastal Dubai (UAE):

Quote: "Rhodes was filming a new series in Dubai for Rock Oyster Media and Goldfinch TV, the production companies said in a joint statement Wednesday. 'Gary was taken ill very suddenly at home during a break in filming and died a short time afterwards,' the joint statement reads."

2019-11-26 - Boy, 9, dies in Kleinmond Lagoon in the Western Cape (South Africa):

2019-11-26 - Small plane crashes and explodes into flame near Gass Peak (Nevada), 3 killed:

2019-11-26 - Small plane crashes near Desert Center (California), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Passenger bus and truck crash near Higuey (Dominican Republic), 22+ injured:

2019-11-26 - Tanker truck overturns on Budds Creek Road in Chaptico (Maryland):

2019-11-26 - Tractor trailer crashes 80 feet off Conowingo Dam before 2 AM in Cecil County (Maryland), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Van veers over centerline at 6 AM, hits car head-on, fire erupts, near Sierra Vista (Arizona), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2019-11-26 - SUV veers off road at 1:19 AM, crashes into home, on Kent Lane in Pasco (Washington):

2019-11-26 - Pickup truck and car-hauler crash on I-95 near coastal Titusville (Florida), 2 killed:

2019-11-26 - Car veers off road and overturns on I-95 in Colleton County (South Carolina), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Car veers off road, crashes into tree then creek, in Galax (Virginia), 1 injured:

2019-11-26 - Car overturns, bursts into flame, in coastal Dubai (UAE), 1 killed:

2019-11-26 - Man, 26, strips naked in the Russell Senate Office Building in coastal Washington DC:

Quote: "WTOP’s news partner NBC Washington reported that the man is a 26-year-old Capitol Hill resident, according to police records. He had allegedly told the officer who confronted him, 'I am on my way to see God.'"

2019-11-26 - Sinkhole closes road in Herefordshire (Britain):

2019-11-26 - Water main breaks, sinkhole opens, in Swatara Township (Pennsylvania):

2019-11-26 - Magnitude 5.4 earthquake shakes Bosnia:

2019-11-26 - Hail, lightning, wild wind as monster storm smashes through Sydney (Australia), 76,000 lose power:

2019-11-26 - Five more signs that the global economy is careening toward a recession:

2019-11-26 - Russian cows fitted with VR headsets show 'reduced anxiety and improved emotional mood':

2019-11-26 - Police test 'terrifying' robot dogs, prompting questions:


WHO working to save lives following powerful earthquake in Albania

This article is brought to you in association with the United Nations. Staff from the World Health Organization (WHO) are assisting authorities in Albania following an earthquake which killed at least 25 people and left more than 650 injured. The 6.4 magnitude quake struck coastal areas early on Tuesday, with a state of emergency declared for […]

70 Años de la OTAN: historia de la cooperación transatlántica


Rosa Jiménez

Bruselas, 2 dic (EFE).- El Tratado del Atlántico Norte, firmado en Washington hace 70 años, impulsó la OTAN, la organización política con brazo militar que ha servido de plataforma para la cooperación entre países de Europa y Norteamérica con la defensa colectiva frente a la Unión Soviética como piedra angular.

Para conmemorar el 70 aniversario de su fundación se celebrará este martes y miércoles una cumbre de sus líderes en Londres.


1949: Estados Unidos, Canadá, el Reino Unido, Francia, Italia, Dinamarca, Islandia, Bélgica, Luxemburgo, Holanda, Portugal y Noruega firman el 6 de abril el Tratado de Washington y se convierten en los doce miembros fundacionales de la OTAN.

Ese mismo año se proclaman la República Popular de China y la República Democrática Alemana y, un año después, la guerra en Corea incrementa el temor internacional a la expansión comunista.

1951: Abre el cuartel general de la Alianza cerca de París.

1952: Grecia y Turquía se unen a la OTAN.

1955: La República Federal de Alemania entra en la OTAN.

Ese año la Unión Soviética, Albania, Bulgaria, Checoslovaquia, Hungría, Polonia, Rumanía y la República Democrática Alemana firman el Pacto de Varsovia, como se conoció al Tratado de Amistad, Colaboración y Asistencia Mutua del bloque del Este para contrarrestar a la OTAN.


1956: La crisis a raíz de la nacionalización del canal de Suez enfrenta a dos aliados, Francia y el Reino Unido, que envían tropas a la zona contra la opinión de EEUU, lo que aboca a la OTAN a desarrollar más su papel como plataforma política.

1957-1958: Los aliados observan cómo la Unión Soviética pone en órbita el Sputnik, el primer satélite artificial, lo que a sus ojos demuestra su capacidad de desarrollar misiles balísticos intercontinentales.

También se firma el Tratado de Roma por el que se creó la Comunidad Económica Europea.

1961-1964: El mundo experimenta años convulsos con el levantamiento del muro de Berlín, la crisis de los misiles soviéticos en Cuba marca el punto de mayor tensión nuclear de la Guerra Fría, el presidente estadounidense John F. Kennedy es asesinado y EEUU inicia su intervención militar en Vietnam.

1966: La OTAN sufre un revés al decidir el presidente francés, Charles de Gaulle, retirar a su país del mando militar integrado de la organización para ganar autonomía, lo que conlleva el desmantelamiento de las bases estadounidenses en su territorio pero manteniendo el compromiso con la defensa colectiva.

1967: Como consecuencia de la salida de Francia del órgano de toma de decisiones de la OTAN, su cuartel general se traslada de París a Bruselas y, el cuartel general militar (SHAPE), se instala también en Bélgica, en Casteau (sur).

Además, la Alianza adopta una estrategia de 'respuesta flexible' que integra las armas atómicas en su estructura de fuerzas.


1970-1972: Los síntomas de la distensión entre Este y Oeste van cristalizando con la firma del Tratado de No Proliferación Nuclear, Estados Unidos inicia una política de deshielo con la URSS y China y se firman también los acuerdos entre EEUU y el bloque soviético sobre limitaciones de armas estratégicas (SALT I) y sistemas antimisiles balísticos.

1973: La OTAN y el Pacto de Varsovia negocian la reducción de fuerzas convencionales.

1974: La crisis del petróleo provoca una recesión mundial y la OTAN, por primera vez, incluye factores económicos en su concepto de seguridad.

Grecia abandona el brazo militar de la OTAN en protesta por la invasión turca de Chipre, para volver en 1980.

1979: Se firma el tratado SALT II pero no se ratifica por el despliegue de misiles balísticos Saber SS-20 y la invasión de Afganistán por parte de la URSS, mientras que la OTAN despliega misiles Pershing con capacidad nuclear y de crucero en Europa occidental al tiempo que continúa negociando con los soviéticos.

1981: EEUU y la URSS empiezan a negociar el tratado de reducción de misiles nucleares de corto y medio alcance (INF).

1982: España entra en la OTAN.

En los siguientes años EEUU y la URSS comienzan a negociar el tratado para la reducción de armas estratégicas (START) pero los soviéticos acaban abandonando todas las conversaciones sobre control armamentístico.

1985-1988: El presidente de la URSS, Mijaíl Gorbachov, inicia el proceso de reforma de la Unión Soviética. A continuación se firma el tratado INF, los países del Pacto de Varsovia anuncian grandes reducciones de fuerzas convencionales y las tropas soviéticas empiezan a retirarse de Afganistán.

1989: Cae el muro de Berlín.

1990: La OTAN adopta un plan para desarrollar la cooperación entre el Este y el Oeste, mientras Alemania es reunificada y la parte oriental del país entra en la Alianza.

1991: Se disuelve la Unión Soviética y también el Pacto de Varsovia, en tanto que la OTAN adapta su doctrina militar (concepto estratégico) y estructura de mando.


1992: La OTAN ofrece apoyo a la ONU en el conflicto de la antigua Yugoslavia mientras que la Unión Europea aprueba el Tratado de Maastricht, que contempla por primera vez una Política Común de Exteriores y Seguridad.

1994-1995: La OTAN bombardea a las fuerzas serbo-bosnias bajo mandato de la ONU y despliega fuerzas de mantenimiento de la paz en Bosnia-Herzegovina, donde los Acuerdos de Dayton ponen fin a la guerra tras cuatro años.

1996-1998: Países socios, entre ellos Rusia, empiezan a contribuir a las fuerzas de paz que lidera la OTAN en Bosnia-Herzegovina.

La Alianza firma un acuerdo especial con Rusia y firma la carta OTAN-Ucrania. Los talibanes inician su régimen en Afganistán.

1999: La República Checa, Hungría y Polonia entran en la OTAN, que lleva a cabo bombardeos para poner fin a la limpieza étnica en Kosovo, donde despliega y lidera una fuerza de mantenimiento de la paz (KFOR).

2000: Rusia ratifica el Tratado Integral de Prohibición de Pruebas y el SALT II.


2001: Estados Unidos invoca por primera vez en la historia de la OTAN el artículo 5 del Tratado de Washington, que indica que si un aliado es atacado todos los demás responderán en su defensa, tras los atentados yihadistas del 11 de septiembre, con unos 3.000 muertos.

Ello motiva el despliegue de aviones de vigilancia AWACS de la alianza en territorio estadounidense inmediatamente después del 11S y el inicio de la Operación Active Endeavour en el Mediterráneo.

La Alianza inicia operaciones antiterroristas en Afganistán y despliega fuerzas en la Antigua República Yugoslava de Macedonia (ARYM).

2002: La creación del Consejo OTAN-Rusia inaugura una nueva era de colaboración entre las dos partes. La Alianza también acuerda que operará cuando y donde sea necesario contra el terrorismo.

2003: La Alianza lidera la Fuerza Internacional de Asistencia a la Seguridad (ISAF) en Afganistán a instancias de la ONU contra los talibanes, mientras EEUU inicia una campaña militar contra el régimen de Sadam Husein en Irak.

La UE toma el relevo de la misión de la OTAN en ARYM.

2004: Madrid sufre los peores ataques terroristas en suelo europeo, mientras la OTAN se compromete a adiestrar a las fuerzas de seguridad iraquíes y a colaborar más con los países de Oriente Medio por medio de la Iniciativa de Cooperación de Estambul.

Bulgaria, Estonia, Letonia, Lituania, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia y Rumanía entran en la OTAN, que completa su misión en Bosnia-Herzegovina.

2005-2008: Londres también es escenario de atentados terroristas y Rusia ocupa Georgia.

2009: Francia regresa al mando integrado de la OTAN, en la que ingresan Albania y Croacia.

La Alianza comienza su operación Ocean Shield contra la piratería en el Cuerno de África y el golfo de Adén.


2011: Comienza la Primavera Árabe y la OTAN inicia y completa la operación Unified Protector bajo mandato de la ONU para imponer una zona de exención aérea en Libia, contra el régimen de Muamar el Gadafi.

La Alianza despliega baterías de misiles antiaéreos Patriot en Turquía ante la amenaza del conflicto en Siria.

2012: Concluye la misión de adiestramiento de la OTAN en Irak.

2014: Ante la anexión ilegal de la península ucraniana de Crimea por parte de Rusia, la OTAN decide suspender su cooperación práctica con Moscú.

Mientras, los terroristas del Estado Islámico aterrorizan a la población en Irak y Siria, donde empeora la crisis.

Este panorama impulsa nuevas medidas de seguridad de la Alianza para sus miembros y se firma en la cumbre de Gales un plan de acción de Preparación Aliada para actuar contra nuevas amenazas, además del compromiso de todos los aliados de invertir el 2 % de su PIB en Defensa para 2024.

2014-2015: La misión de combate ISAF da el relevo a la misión aliada Apoyo Decidido en Afganistán, centrada en la formación, asesoramiento y apoyo de las fuerzas de seguridad de ese país.

París, Copenhague, Bruselas y Ankara se ven sacudidas por brutales atentados terroristas perpetrados por el Estado Islámico, mientras que la crisis migratoria en Europa lleva a la OTAN a cooperar con la UE en el Mediterráneo.

2016: En la cumbre de Varsovia, la OTAN completa su 'mayor refuerzo desde la Guerra Fría' con la aprobación del envío de unos 4.000 efectivos en cuatro batallones en Polonia, Estonia, Letonia y Lituania, además de una brigada internacional en Rumanía. También acuerda medidas para estabilizar el flanco sur ante el auge de movimientos terroristas.

La Alianza también impulsa sus primeras medidas concretas de cooperación con la Unión Europea.

2017: Montenegro entra en la OTAN.

El presidente de EEUU, Donald Trump, escenifica su respaldo a la OTAN tras las críticas a la organización durante su campaña electoral en una cumbre en Bruselas, en la que hace ratificar a los aliados su compromiso con incrementar el gasto militar.

2019: Los aliados apoyan la decisión de EEUU de dejar el tratado INF tras constatar que Rusia llevaba un tiempo incumpliéndolo por el emplazamiento de nuevos misiles con capacidad nuclear en Europa.

Los aliados acuerdan que Macedonia del Norte se convierta en el trigésimo país de la OTAN.



Cutremur puternic în Albania, în urmă cu puțin timp. Este al patrulea, în doar câteva ore

De o săptămână Albania nu mai are liniște. Țara este zguduită puternic, iar în doar 7 zile se ajung aproape la o sută de cutremure. Oamenii sunt disperați, iar în urmă cu doar câteva ore a avut loc un alt cutremur. 

Residents of quake-hit Alabanian city fearful of returning to unsafe homes

Residents of damaged buildings in Albania's second-biggest city of Durres are reluctant to return to their apartments until the government can tell them they are safe following last week's deadly earthquake.


WHO working to save lives following powerful earthquake in Albania

Story 353017580

The 6.4 magnitude quake struck coastal areas early on Tuesday the 26th of November 2019, with a state of emergency declared for the city of Durres and the capital, Tirana.“We have been on the ground from the first moment of this disaster, working with health authorities to save lives”, Dr Piroska Östlin, WHO interim Regional Director for Europe, said on Wednesday.

WHO staff have been deployed, and the country team travelled to Durres to assess health needs alongside local and national health authorities. Hundreds of people are receiving medical assistance at hospitals in the affected area, which reportedly has not suffered significant damage.

Dr. Raul Gonzalez-Montero, WHO Representative in Albania, commended the Medical Emergencies Coordination Centre for its response.“I personally went to visit affected areas and health facilities where health personnel are working around the clock to treat trauma and other injuries, and they are coping well”, he said.WHO explained that in the aftermath of an earthquake, priority is on saving lives from trauma and injuries from building collapse.

Following this phase, it is critical to monitor the potential risk of communicable diseases, particularly in areas affected by overcrowding. There is also a need to address post-traumatic mental disorders and continue the provision of care for chronic conditions, with the focus eventually turning to recovery and rehabilitation.

Source: UN


Σεισμός 6,4 ρίχτερ στην Αλβανία – Κατέρρευσαν πολυκατοικίες


Σεισμός 6,4 Ρίχτερ σημειώθηκε τα ξημερώματα στην Αλβανία! 10 χιλιόμετρα από το Δυρράχιο και 35 χλμ από τα Τίρανα το επίκεντρο.

Τρομοκρατημένοι πολίτες με παιδιά στα χέρια βγήκαν από τα σπίτια τους. Μεγάλες υλικές ζημιές σε Τίρανα, Δυρράχιο, Φίερι και Λέζια. Αναφορές για τουλάχιστον 150 τραυματίες. Δείτε τις πρώτες εικόνες.

Νέος μεγάλος σεισμός τρομοκράτησε τα ξημερώματα της Τρίτης (26.11.2019) την Αλβανία. Ο σεισμός ήταν μεγέθους 6,4 βαθμών της κλίμακας Ρίχτερ και σημειώθηκε στις 03:54 (04:54 ώρα Ελλάδας), με το επίκεντρό του να εντοπίζεται σε περιοχή 10 χιλιόμετρα βορειοδυτικά της πόλης Σιγιάκ, ανάμεσα στο Δυρράχιο και τα Τίρανα, σύμφωνα με το αμερικανικό γεωδυναμικό ινστιτούτο (USGS), ενώ το εστιακό βάθος ήταν μικρό, 10 χιλιόμετρα.

Οι τελευταίες πληροφορίες από τα αλβανικά ΜΜΕ αναφέρουν πως τουλάχιστον ένας άνθρωπος έχασε τη ζωή του και άλλοι 150 έχουν τραυματιστεί. Ο σεισμός προκάλεσε μεγάλες υλικές ζημιές σε Τίρανα, Δυρράχιο, Φίερι και Λέζια. Στο Δυρράχιο, ολόκληρες πολυκατοικίες έχουν καταρρεύσει.



Εκπρόσωποι της κυβέρνησης δήλωσαν στο πρακτορείο Reuters ότι οι μεγαλύτερες ζημιές σε κτίρια έχουν καταγραφεί στο Δυρράχιο. Πολλοί τραυματίες διακομίστηκαν σε νοσοκομείο των Τιράνων. Οι περισσότεροι έχουν υποστεί κατάγματα, καθώς στην προσπάθειά τους να βγουν από κτίρια τη στιγμή του σεισμού, πήδηξαν από μπαλκόνια.

Νωρίτερα, ερωτηθείς εάν υπάρχουν πληροφορίες για νεκρούς, εκπρόσωπος του υπουργείου Εσωτερικών είπε πως «δεν έχει ενημερωθεί» για θανάτους.

Πολλά τμήματα στις περιοχές που επλήγησαν από τον νέο μεγάλο σεισμό στην Αλβανία έχουν βυθιστεί στο σκοτάδι.



Στα Τίρανα, ο σεισμός τρομοκράτησε τους κατοίκους, πολλοί από τους οποίους βγήκαν στους δρόμους με μικρά παιδιά στα χέρια.


Είναι ο δεύτερος μεγάλος σεισμός που γίνεται στην Αλβανία. Στις 21 Σεπτεμβρίου, σεισμός 5,6 Ρίχτερ είχε προκαλέσει ζημιές σε περίπου 500 σπίτια και καταστρέφοντας ολοσχερώς κάποια από αυτά.

Το υπουργείο Άμυνας της χώρας είχε ανακοινώσει τότε πως επρόκειτο για τον ισχυρότερο σεισμό της τελευταίας τριακονταετίας στη χώρα.


The Albanian language!

*Everything about the Albanian language. Its sound, dialects, grammar, etc. * Albanian is a language of the extensive Indo-European family and is thus related to a certain degree to almost all other languages of Europe. At the same time, Albanian shows no particularly close historical affinity...

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Best Online Drugstore SAFE AND SECURE ORDERING! Enter Here! Kristi Reci (pictured), 25, died in the 6.4-magnitude earthquake along with her father Eduard, mother Dolora and brother Klaus. Her fiance is Gregor Rama, son of Albanian PM Edi Rama. A minor geomagnetic storm will spark aurora borealis activity in parts of Canada and the US starting around 4PM ET Wednesday night, with peak viewing hours from 10PM to 1AM ET (stock). He is no stranger cephalexin delivery to scandal, and has had serious allegations made against him on repeated occasions, including as recently as this month. A new approach, developed in Bristol, means surgeons can straighten complex cases in theatre. The procedure uses a special cage, which can be immediately removed. Boris Johnson last night denounced dismal MPs for refusing to project giant images of British Olympic and Paralympic heroes on to the Houses of Parliament. The Swedish actress starred in The Man With The Golden Gun in 1974. She recently dismissed the argument for a female 007 because she claims that is 'not what Bond author Ian Fleming wanted'. The Premier League's bottom two sides battle it out on Saturday evening when Southampton host Watford at St Mary's. Join Sportsmail's Danny Gallagher for all the live action throughout. Boris Johnson today committed to being interviewed by Andrew Neil before the general election after a fiery showdown with the plendil usa online info BBC's Andrew Marr. Anthony Garcia admitted adding a sample of the bodily fluid to a sample of yoghurt while working at a grocery story in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The consumer-direct company Material now sells sturdy stainless-steel shears. Years before Usman Khan was shot and killed by police after London Bridge stabbing, symbicort order mastercard canada authorities said he planned to start a "terrorist military training facility." As rents for studios and lofts rise, many young artists find themselves working from home and adjusting buy original evorel their art to fit into smaller spaces. Antibiotics are lifesavers but theres another side to the story. Colombia international James Rodriguez is in the second of a two-year loan deal with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and his future will once again be up in the air this summer. Gary Woodland outlasts Brooks Koepka to win his first major championship Yoga. Such a small word. But it can wreak enormous havoc. I'm exhausted from the pain in my shoulders due to RSI. Chile's Congress has reached an agreement to reform the country's constitution in an effort to restore peace after weeks of violent protests that have led to the deaths of at least 20 people. The 2008 clip sees the killer (pictured), who is believed to be 15 at the time, interviewed by the BBC outside his house in Stoke-On-Trent. French President Emmanuel Macron, asked about possible security risks posed by China's Huawei HWT.UL, said on Thursday that he would never look to stigmatize any particular telecoms operator or any particular country. Colombia has closed its borders in preparation for a national strike supported by a broad coalition of social movements on Thursday. Labor unions, teachers, students and indigenous activists are among those set to take to the streets. Researchers in Germany have been working on the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae since the 1890s. They hope to finish in 2050, cheapest norlevo purchase visa uk but that might be optimistic. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union on Saturday announced a tentative agreement for a four-year labor contract, a boost for the automaker purchase moduretic in mexico as it works to merge with France's Groupe PSA. The Australian state of New South Wales, home to the country's largest city Sydney, rolled out mobile phone detection cameras on Sunday, hoping to cut the number of fatalities on its roads by a third over two years, transport authorities said. The asinine convict escaped from its owner in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. Reports say the donkey damaged properties and was subsequently thrown in a police cell. Activists staged protests against online retailer Amazon around France on Friday and tried to blockade a shopping mall in Paris, denouncing as rampant consumerism the U.S. Black Friday shopping frenzy that has spread to European shores. DANIEL MATTHEWS AT ST MARY'S Ismaila Sarr's first-half goal looked to have condemned the Saints to club-record fifth straight home defeat and given Flores' Watford a second win in three. The days of plugging in an iPhone to charge won't last forever. Arsenal Fan TV is a YouTube sensation. But what makes it a success is not the same thing as what makes Arsenal a success in fact, its often the opposite. British police on Friday shot dead a man wearing a fake suicide vest who stabbed two people to death in London and injured three more before being wrestled to the ground by bystanders, in what the authorities called a terrorist attack. All aquiver for the holidays, festive molds and gelatin salads are a Thanksgiving staple with deep origins. A study finds sexting is not always about sex. Experts confirmed three main motivations to send erotic text messages - and some people do it with the expectation of receive a non-sexual favor later. Sir David Attenborough's Seven Worlds One Planet episode in North America looks at the animals' remarkable survival strategyin Hudson Bay, Canada. The programme will air on Sunday. 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A powerful winter storm pounded parts of the United States on Thursday, bringing heavy snowfall that forced the closure of a major Southern California highway during the busy Thanksgiving holiday. At least three out of four diabetics do not adequately control the four major factors that increase the risk of serious complications blood glucose, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and smoking. Osman, 49, co-host of the UK quiz show Pointless (pictured), wrote 'The Tories do want to sell off the NHS. Not in one go, just bit by bit until it's unrecognisable.' DANNY MURPHY England have nothing to fear. The players in that dressing room, with the talent they have, should look around and not feel that any country in the group will be a threat. The Canadian hockey legend on Monday will become the seventh woman to join the Hockey Hall of Fame, but she has stayed busy as a Maple Leafs executive and medical student. The unnamed teenager, who lives in Brazil, had alopecia for five years. 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And that has carmakers like Renault getting very serious about virtual racing. Julian Satterthwaite reports. Usman Khan (pictured), 28, was released from jail on condition that he obey 20 strict conditions, including not going to London, but he got an exemption to attend an ex-prisoners' conference. Tegan Martin cut a glamorous figure when she stepped buy ivermectin online shop usa out for theNGV Gala 2019 in Melbourneon Saturday night. EU antitrust regulators are investigating Google's collection of data, the European Commission told Reuters on Saturday, suggesting the world's most popular internet search engine remains in its sights despite record fines in recent years. The unnamed man, from Japan, had worsening pain on his back for four days. Doctors said repeated medical procedures for his cancer had caused air to escape into the tissue under the skin. 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The shift in London house price momentum is due to a decrease in the number of new properties for sale, which has restricted supply, property website Zoopla said. Fiat was the last of the three Detroit automakers at the bargaining table. Eric Tucker, whose paintings were rejected by the art establishment while he was alive - is finally to have his talent celebrated after the discovery led critics to laud him as 'the hidden Lowry'. A University of Cambridge graduate has been identified as one of the victims killed in a terror attack near London Bridge, British media reported. Former British Army officer Ben Wallace today says the Leader of the Opposition 'is not a man capable of making the decisions we need to defend this nation'. Despite being owned by three Irishmen, and having a menu packed with Ireland's bounteous bounty, it steers admirably clear of hoary-handed clich New details are emerging about 28-year-old Usman Khan, the man allegedly behind a stabbing spree in London. He was released from jail in 2018 on terror-related offenses. NBCs Erin McLaughlin reports for Weekend TODAY. You know when that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing. A man snuffs out his aristocratic relatives one by one in the 1949 British film Kind Hearts and Coronets, now showing at Film Forum. Casual investors looking to invest in peer-to-peer lending platforms will be banned from putting more than 10% of their assets into the sector from December A pro-government broadcaster said Eurovision was 'a buy aprovel cream online homosexual flotilla' and that Hungary's mental health would be better off if it was out of the singing competition. British pharmaceutical firm ImmuPharma said on Thursday it had signed a licensing and development agreement for Lupuzor, a first-in-class treatment for auto-immune disease Lupus, with U.S. company Avion Pharmaceuticals. The loss of a loved one can complicate family math. 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But that's the tragic situation I find myself in Award-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has topped off a stellar music year with a Grammy nomination and cemented his place as this year's breakaway music star. British police shot a man dead after several people were stabbed at London Bridge, in an incident police confirmed was terror-related. Lucy Fielder reports. NHS bosses have been accused of throwing away taxpayers' cash after scrapping thousands of the 350 fans. They were installed at 113 trusts in England and Wales between 2013 and 2017. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BY JORDAN SEWARD As soon as Anthony Crolla ended the call, he had his mind order cheapest prednisolone shop made up; there was no need for deliberation. The operation, which was said to have run for more than a decade, has led to the arrest of 11 people on drug and money laundering charges. A order progynon shop california festival In Kazanlak, Bulgaria, in June will celebrate the Damask rose grown in the country. 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Jung Joon-young (pictured) and Choi Jong-hoon, both 30, broke down in tears after a court in Seoul found them guilty of gang-raping two different victims on two occasions in 2016. A schoolgirl has been celebrated online for running up to an elderly woman in Bondi and helping her buy accutane for sale carry her bags after she spotted the woman struggling as she walked down the road. Donald Trump and his supporters want the rest of buy vidalta uae us to stay asleep. Our top photos from the last 24 hours. He enjoyed a stellar playing career, but former Welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas has told Prince Harry he wants his 'everlasting legacy' to be greater awareness of HIV. Mohibur Rahman, 35, purchase generic spirotone legally was one of nine terrorists, also including Khan, who were handed long sentences in 2012 for a plan to blow up famous sights in the capital including the London Eye. Speaking at an event on AI technology in Moscow, Russia, on Saturday, president Putin called for safeguards, setting out rules for how humans should interact with the robots. Rafael Nadal helped the Spaniards defeat Canada, 2-0, to win the cup in its much-discussed new format. How the industry that ruled the city plans to rebound after a rough year. Sunbathers soaking up the rays in the Canary Islands joined forces with emergency workers on Friday after a rickety boat carrying two dozen migrants landed unexpectedly on a beach in the Spanish archipelago. There would be no herbs, or diffusers, or mysticism. There would be Oxycodone or Vicodin, and I would need to take it. Only one American has been among the 24 players in singles or doubles at the elite year-end tennis price pentrexyl high tournament. Wrangler Matt Wright posed bentyl price publix for a grinning photo next to the restrained crocodile. The croc had been preying on a Northern Territory farmer's cattle. Jeffrey buy indianapolis Epsteins foundation looked like a charitable powerhouse. But it wasnt officially a charity for much of its existence, allowing it to exaggerate its giving. Chester boasts broad ancient streets, city walls and cobbled paths. The Daily Mail's Ian McGibbon visited and says the city has the edge on Bath and York for Roman ruins. With some 49 feet of snow a year, Niseko in provigil without prescription australia northern Japan has become a ski playground for East Asians and Australians. Holly, 23 - full name Holly Horne (pictured), from West Sussex - is probably the biggest global star you've never heard of. The U.S. discount retailer is struggling despite extending a partnership with Amazon to all its almost 1,200 stores. Meanwhile, larger rival TJX is prospering. Amanda Gomez explains why and how an inventory backlog means thats unlikely to change for some time. The US State Department and Pentagon are sending teams to the UAE and Saudi Arabia to investigate CNN's findings that American-made weaponry has been transferred to rebel fighters and separatist militia in Yemen. The tiny Gulf country will host the worlds biggest soccer tournament in 2022. But three years before the first match, organizers have concerns about where fans will sit and where they will sleep. The royal photographer behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding photos has spoken about the new picture released by the couple last week. The creative midfielder has enjoyed an incredibly fruitful attacking partnership with Old Trafford legend Wayne Rooney and has impressed of late. The Oscar-winning screenwriter and first-time Broadway librettist shares what she watched, read and listened to in a week. MailOnline Travel ventured to theremote island of Uummannaq off west Greenland. Marti Suulutsun, 33, moved to the spot three years ago and he says he loves it. A major fire at a Texas petrochemical plant continued to burn for a second day on Thursday, with the 60,000 people forced to evacuate still uncertain as to whether they could return home in time to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Also this week, better weather forecasts for the masses London-born Mr Terera (pictured), 42, who won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor In A Musical last year for his portrayal of Aaron purchase serophene miami Burr in the hit show, made his complaint on Twitter.

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