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Media and Defamation Law – The Pupillage Podcast

‘The recent announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — aka Harry and Meghan — that they are planning to sue Associated Newspapers after the Mail on Sunday published a private letter from Meghan to her father, has put the spotlight on media and defamation law – the topic of this episode of the pupillage podcast. We hear about celebrities and super injunctions, but also learn that nothing is beyond the reach of this fascinating area of law, from anti-semitism, to medical research, to the parish newsletter. If you’re interested in the conflict between free speech and privacy, and in truth and opinion then this episode is for you.’ Full StoryThe Pupillage Podcast, October 2019Source:

Halindir: Audio Insurgency 78 – AAI 110619


Nine new tunes and a new host for tonight’s Audio Insurgency, with ramble-maestro Halindir at the controls for an hour of the very best music created by truth-seekers from around the globe.

Nachtreich begin with a sublime piano recital augmented by black metal guitar before Elessar counters with acoustic guitar and synth effects.

Tresalis are going for a movie soundtrack feel and Synthicide is back with a memory card full of NWO samples and a darksynth bassline for possibly his best release yet.

Holon builds the suspense with an expansive ambient piece leading into the Space Aryan jazz and cyber funk of FemaCampBandLeader.

Forerunnerx turns up the pace a notch to fit some slap bass in among the synth swirls, before Bolthorn kick start the rock section with a growl from beyond the grave and a death/viking metal crossover tune.

The sound of military pipe and drum herald the entrance of Bound for Glory and more time changes than you can shake a drum stick at, before Heiliger Krieg come blasting in with the anthemic ‘Until Victory’.

DST blend the spirits of Black Sabbath with the Fuhrer and come up with a delicious slice of Slayer-sounding thrash metal leading into Hungarica’s Celtic jig inspired offering.

Surturs Lohe begin the wind down with evocative flute melodies and classical soprano harmonising and Hiraeth sees us out with acoustic guitar, thoughtful lyrics and emotional voice. 

Elessar and Hiraeth are on Youtube
Tresalis, Synthicide, Holon, FemaCampBandLeader, Forerunnerx are at Soundcloud
DST and Hungarica are at 88.nsm

00:22 Nachtreich – Lights
06:53 Elessar – A New Perspective – NEW
10:01 Tresalis – Follow My Light – NEW
13:40 Synthicide - New Dark Ages – NEW
18:13 Holon – Anywhere But Here – NEW
22:46 FemaCampBandLeader – Replacement Rate – NEW
27:55 Forerunnerx – Silver Horizion – NEW
32:03 Bolthorn – Sentinel
37:33 Bound for Glory - Eugens' March
42:57 Heiliger Krieg - Until Victory
47:06 DST – Mein Kampf - NEW
54:13 Hungarica - Buszken szol – NEW
57:02 Surturs Lohe - Unter der Linden
03:00 Hiraeth – When the Lion Awakens – NEW

Presented by Halindir

Halindir: Audio Insurgency 78 – AAI 110619


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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 77 – AAI 103019


Ten new tunes tonight from all over the White world covering the whole spectrum of music from neo-classical to epic black metal, with synthwave, EBM, RAC, hardcore and identity rock in between.

Synthwave Redneck opens the show with a slow-tempo piano-led classical piece accompanied by strings, followed by the staccato drumming of Amalec and a harsher sound than we are used to from them.

Twenty One is surfing the dreamwave once again with his signature sounds and HeartBeat Hero is going for a darker feel than was apparent on his Matrix-themed album.

Iron Court is back with a techno-influenced industrial remix and Werksfront add guitars and vocals to the EBM beats for their offering.

Nezhegol take us back to the eighties for some Joy Division influenced new wave before we are back into the industrial genre with Brazil’s Guerreiros Paulistas.

Jack Hwite has guitars and drums added next for a ForNull remix which really compliments Jack’s cowpunk style.

Old favourites The Decency make their return with a cheerful cover version highlighting their pop influences, before the epic orchestral sweeps of Uberfolk take over showcasing their musical versatility.

Thrima step on the distortion pedal for an RAC supergroup blast with guest vocalists and Phonix add a funky undercurrent to the power chords in their number.

Russian band Krumkac blast through the aether with brutal guitars and female chanting over frantic riffing for an epic excursion into black metal territory, before we reach our final destination in Elessar’s laid back acoustic finger plucking.

Synthwave Redneck, Amalec, HeartBeatHero, Iron Court & The Decency are at Soundcloud
Twenty-One & ForNull are at Bandcamp
Uberfolk are on Youtube
Krumkac are at VK

00:23 Synthwave Redneck – Echoes - NEW
07:40 Amalec - Our Soil - NEW
10:14 Twenty-One – Astray - NEW
13:59 HeartBeatHero - The Hero of Neon City - NEW
17:37 Sydney Valette - Moya Cectra (Iron Court Remix) - NEW
22:10 Werksfront – Abfahn
26:09 Nezhegol - Искатели
29:22 Guerreiros Paulistas - Hino do PRP
32:27 ForNull & Jack Hwite - Western Apocalypse Now - NEW
35:47 The Decency - Real Hero - NEW
39:27 Uberfolk - While Rome Still Lives - NEW
43:39 Thrima - Pro Nation (Mit H8machine Und Old Firm)
48:18 Phonix -  Lionheart
52:17 Krumkac - Nas Sliach - NEW
04:28 Elessar - Time Reflection – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 77 – AAI 103019


Aryan Audio Insurgency will be back on Radio Aryan next Wednesday at 4pm EDT/9pm BST
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Artwork by Wambola

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Soundcloud Audio Post Format


Malorum temporibus vix ex. Ius ad iudico labores dissentiunt. In eruditi volumus nec, nibh blandit deseruisse ne nec, vocibus albucius maluisset ex usu. Ea mei nostrum imperdiet deterruisset, mei ludus […]

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Shaan Patel: A Perfect SAT Score Led To A Super-Successful SAT Prep Business And A Life-Changing Deal With Mark Cuban On Shark Tank


[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Spotify | Raw RSS ] Shaan Patel grew up as a son of Indian immigrants, who worked hard to save enough money for a deposit on a property in their hometown of Las Vegas. However, rather than buy a house, the Patels bought a small […]

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My Interview with Sir Lindsay Hoyle


The Bercow era is over and the Hoyle era has begun. Not before time, many would say. I genuinely believe Sir Lindsay Hoyle has it in him to become one of the greatest Speakers we have ever had. His no nonsense style is just what is needed and his transparent love of the House of Commons are clear for all to see. 

Last night, on the evening of his first day in the job, I interviewed him for LBC and we played it out at the top of the Newshour. He sets out his vision for his Speakership and how he felt during the Speaker election yesterday. At the end we both get a little emotional over what his daughter Natalie would have made of it all.


week307 - Deep Space Podcast


E ae!
Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Thanks for listening.

You can also listen to Deep Space Podcast every Fridays 9pm BRT (5pm Los Angeles / 2am South Africa) at Dublab Brasil. But I usually do something different there... Join me and check it out ;)

Today, you gonna listen an exclusive guestmix by Patrick BATeMAN (South Africa) in the 2nd hour.
Please check more detailed information about Patrick BATeMAN in the links below:

Enjoy the week307!


Artist - Track Name - [Label]

1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares
1) Jullian Gomes Feat. Samantha Thornhill - Darkness - [World Without End]
2) Lavoura - Ayizan
3) Deep Sentiments - Looming Spirits (Original Mix) - [AfroMove]
4) Chris Davis - Travelling Light - [Electronic Emergencies]
5) Latch - Frida - [Colour and Pitch]
6) Soul Central - Un Amore Supremo (West Loop Chicago Remix) - [Electric Mode]
7) John Gorbera - Ensemble (Original Mix) - [Merecumbe]
8) RNDT Feat. Kleophazz - Check One Two - [RNDT]
9) Chymamusique - Bass & Synth (Original Mix) - [Chymamusiq]
10) Basic Need - Song For Leti - [Culprit]
11) Panóptica - Ojala - [Fat!]

2nd hour mixed by Patrick BATeMAN (South Africa)
Playlist loading…


Why Crisis on Infinite Earths is so important


We’re about a month away from the Arrowverse shows annual crossover event. However, this year isn’t like previous years. This year, they’re adapting the DC Comics Classic, Crisis on Infinite Earths. What made this comic book story so important, and why is adapting it for television such a big deal?

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Does your Nintendo Switch have enough d-pads?


The 8bitdo Lite is a super thin, portable bluetooth controller with d-pads that replace the analog sticks. It's bizarre looking, but it's
fucntionality could come in handy in some situations (and be a detriment in others).

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A Return to Peronism?

Podcast here The Argentine presidential elections led to the victory of the Peronist Alberto Fernandez, who had on his ticket for vice president the former president Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner (2007-2015), who had followed her husband Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) to power … Continue reading

Book Review, “Crisis and Choice in European Social Democracy” by Fritz Scharpf (1987, Ithaca: Cornell University Press)

Podcast available here: I am thoroughly impressed by Frits Scharpf macro political economy framework and he fits in line with other German scholars like Wolfgang Streeck (both emeriti professors at the Cologne social research institute) or Claus Offe. Scharpf … Continue reading

The Contradiction between Social and Environmental Justice

Podcast available here: After attending a talk on overpopulation, the two concepts connected to it continued flashing through my mind: climate change and capitalism. I had meditated on these three connected issues back in August (Liu 2019). Right now … Continue reading

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Episode 26 - Swanky Tunes Interview

itunes pic

Swanky Tunes Interview

you can find me on: my new website:
love you xx Renée

Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez vs Madison Baby – Lollipop Baby (Renee Koo Edit) with Walter Fargi, Trasko – Its Not Right but Its OK (Altralune 2013 remix) Laidback Luke & Martin Solveig vs Gwen & Eve – Blow & Blow (Renee Koo Edit) Autoerotique – Asphyxiation (Uberjak'd Remix) + WTF (Renee Koo Edit) Je Doubleu vs Enur – Suckerfree Calabria (Renee Koo Edit) with DVBBS & Bourgeois – Tsunami Pryda vs Chic Flowerz - Miami to Atlanta is a Dancer with Robyn – Dancing on My Own (Disfunktion Bootleg) Antoine Claraman vs Kelis vs Rock the Funky Beats – It's My Funky Beat Bounce (Renee Koo Edit) Tom Piper, Daniel Farley, Snob Scrilla - The Jam (J-Trick Remix) with Martin Solveig & The Cataracs feat. Kyle - Hey Now (Tommie Sunshine & Live City Remix) Pakito vs Madeon – Living on Video in the City (Renee Koo Edit) Duke Dumont feat. AME - Need U 100_ (Dj Miller & Dj Haipa Remix) with Charles Feelgood, DJ Dan vs Kill Paris - Play That Funky Mood ( Renee Koo Edit) with Stars on 45 – Stars on 45 Sos band – Take Your Time (Solidisco remix) Solidisco - Never Let You Go with Lana del Ray vs Dirt Cheap vs Deorro - Turn that Summertime Sadness Down (Renee Koo Edit) with Nom De Strip & NEZZO - Devil's BBQ (Original Mix) Imagine Dragons vs John Martin vs dBerrie - Radioactive Reload (Renee Koo Edit) Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects feat. Erik Hecht - Walking Alone (Martin Volt & Quentin State Remix) Nicky Romero & Krewella vs Bassjackers - Legacy gets Crakin' (DJ Renee Koo Mash UP) with Sander Van Doorn vs Kraftwerk ft Busta Rhymes – Zombie Joyenergizer Nation (Renee Koo Edit) Knife Party - EDM Death Machine (Uberjakd Bootleg) with Run DMC vs Let me Clear my Throat (Renee Koo Edit) with Crookers, RVBRA vs. French Montana, Drake, Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne - Pop That (Clockwork Bootleg) with Hardwell & W&W - Jumper (Riggi & Piros Remix) Linkin Park, Project 46 vs Michael Woods - Platinum Shadow Of The Day (Renee Koo Edit) Rihanna vs Gwen vs Firebeatz - What Hollaback Now (Renee Koo Edit) with Icona Pop - All Night (Cash Cash Remix)/ (Renee Koo Thriller Edit) with Michael Jackson – Dirty (DLG Legacy Bootleg) Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes vs Bingo Players - Stop Out of My Mind (Renee Koo Edit) Many thanks to Swanky Tunes! Check them out at Join me on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Tumblr: Podomatic: YouTube: info, promo, bookings, and demo submissions shoot an email to"> u guys want feedback on your demos send me a PM or email with a zippyshare and I'll do my best... Special thanks & shouts to: all the listeners for ur ears and support..nothing but luv! many thanks and remember to keep it funky! -Renee x For Promo use only. Artist & amp, Producers retain all rights to their music. This recording is for the sole purpose of promoting DJ Renee Koo


Episode 25 - Tomorrowland Special Edition


you can find me on: my new website:
love you xx Renée

Imagination Intro Sick Individuals vs Never get high on your own supply (DJ Renee Koo Mash up) with Sending my love Acapella Norman Doray – Filtre (Chocolate Puma Remix) (DJ Renee Koo Hey Hey Hey Edit) with Robin Thick feat Pharell – Blurred Lines (Will Sparks Remix) KC& the sunshine band vs Kivi Kava vs Myers – Muzzaik Way (GlowintheDark Smash Up) Wild Cherry vs Simo & Paris, Merk , Kremont – Funky Tundra Boy (Makj Edit) (DJ Renee Koo Hands Up Edit) DMX– Up in Here (MightyFools Bootleg) with His Majesty Andre – Clubs (DJ Renee Koo Pussy Edit) Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco vs Tradelove – Street Player (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) Lipps Inc – Funky Town vs Rock the Funky Beats (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) with D-Jastic - Funky music saved my soul TJR – Whatz up Suckaz (Dj Renee Koo In the air Edit) Calvin Harris – Thinking about you (Laidback Luke remix) R3hab & Bassjackers – Raise those hands high (DJ Renee Koo Edit) Metallica – Enter Sandman (Kastenhold & Dee Bootleg) Showtek feat We are loud – Booyah Bassjackers vs Nicky Romero & Krewella– Legacy gets Crakin (Dj Renee Koo Mash Up) Linkin Park & Project 46 vs Tripoli – Project of the Double Cream Day (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) Savoy & Heaher Bright – We are the Sun (Sick Individuals remix) Cash Cash – Take me home (Alex Guesta & Yan Kings remix) Matisse & Sadko – Stars (Dj Renee Koo Edit) with Alesso – Years (Dj Renee Koo Edit) vs Firebeatz -Wonderful (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway vs Deorro – Rock the Error 404 Party (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Chattahoochee (Tomorrowland Anthem) Rune RK vs Sick Individuals – Burning Chase (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) with I could be the One Acapella Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan – Kangaroo Gregor Klosman & Wahlstedt vs U2 – Come On New Years Day (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) Junior Rodgers vs Shazalakazoo & Chernobyl – Vamos as Muhler (DJ Renee Koo Mash Up) Steff da Campo & Danny da Costa – Go Tommy Trash – Monkey in Love Join me on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Tumblr: Podomatic: YouTube: info, promo, bookings, and demo submissions shoot an email to"> u guys want feedback on your demos send me a PM or email with a zippyshare and I'll do my best... Special thanks & shouts to: all the listeners for ur ears and support..nothing but luv! many thanks and remember to keep it funky! -Renee x For Promo use only. Artist & amp, Producers retain all rights to their music. This recording is for the sole purpose of promoting DJ Renee Koo


The 27 Best Concerts in Portland: November 7-20

Cher! Brittany Howard! Summer Walker! Blitzen Trapper! by Mercury EverOut Staff


{{image:7, align:right, width:250}}

You don’t listen to the music of Seefeel—you submerge yourself in it. Each release by the UK quartet—four full-lengths and a bunch of EPs—is constructed from the usual rock-group elements: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocals. But from those pieces, the group bends and manipulates every sound with delicious indulgence, generating lush, balmy compositions that hang thickly in the air.

In Seefeel’s earliest incarnation, albums like 1993’s Quique and 1995’s Succour fell into an amorphous zone where shoegaze and the earliest blushes of EDM found common cause—the same place where groups like My Bloody Valentine and Curve were planting their flags. Led by core members Mark Clifford and Sarah Peacock, Seefeel were, by contrast, much softer and lighter. (Clifford also makes wonderful electronic rackets on his own and in the duo Oto Hiax; Peacock works with the more dance-oriented outfit Scala.) Their immersive, foggy material brought in the influence of dub reggae, Brian Eno’s ambient compositions, and the sleek futurism of Tokyo’s “environmental music” movement.

After a 1996 album, (CH-VOX), recorded for Aphex Twin’s label, tensions within the group split Seefeel apart for the better part of a decade. But an invite to play an anniversary party for Warp Records and a reissue of Quique in ’07 got Clifford and Peacock speaking and collaborating again, bringing in a new rhythm section comprised of former Boredoms members Iida Kazuhisa and bassist Shigeru Ishihara to complete the picture.

The subsequent years have hardened Seefeel’s sound, as evidenced by their 2008 self-titled album. The drum tracks are rigid and spare, and the music surrounding them is glitchy and agitated. It’s a reflection, perhaps, of our anxious modern age, but one that still slots in well with the evolution of their aesthetic as individuals and as a group. (Thurs Nov 7, 9 pm, Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, $25; w/Patricia Wolf, Wild Card) ROBERT HAM


Little Hurricane
With the weather growing colder and the sun going down earlier, now is the perfect time for discovering new music at home, especially when the artist in question—dirty blues band Little Hurricane—provides ideal background music for nocturnal snuggling on the couch. Their minimalist blues-rock has been the soundtrack of five Taco Bell commercials, which, as a cheap-burrito lover, almost makes me love the San Diego duo even more. The only thing better than a Friday night is one spent listening to Little Hurricane’s lo-fi sounds. Check out songs like “Haunted Heart,” “Sun Sets West,” and “Give ’Em Hell,” and prepare yourself for one mother of a staycation. (Fri Nov 8, 9 pm, Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside, $20-23) KATHERINE MORGAN

Mikal Cronin, Shannon Lay
Mikal Cronin possess the uncanny knack for penning effortless-sounding pop gems. On his fourth record, Seeker, he mines his self-introspection and the comeback from a bad case of writer’s block with convincing aplomb, conjuring Tom Petty melodies on the single “Show Me” with help from Ty Segall’s Freedom Band (of which he is a card-carrying member). There’s a lot of inferno-inspired writing coming out of California following last year’s devastating wildfires, and Seeker is no different, exploring ideas of rebirth from destruction. Cronin seems a gentle soul armed with the ability to pull wisdom from a chaotic world. (Fri Nov 8, 9 pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, $15-17) RYAN J. PRADO



Yung Bae, Birocratic
Read our story on Yung Bae. (Sat Nov 9, 9 pm & Sun Nov 10, 7 pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, Sat sold out, Sun $15-17)

Robert Forster
The last time Robert Forster was in the Northwest, it was as a member of the Go-Betweens, performing in Seattle in 2005 during what would become that venerable pop group’s final tour. (Forster’s longtime musical partner Grant McLennan suddenly passed away a year later.) Much has happened in Forster’s life since then, including a regular gig as a music critic, an impassioned memoir about his work with McLennan, and three fantastic solo albums. His most recent, Inferno, finds Forster in peak form, with a folk-pop backing band, ambling through his back pages and unblinkingly facing his waning years with grace. (Sat Nov 9, 8 pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, $22-25) ROBERT HAM


Blitzen Trapper, The Parson Red Heads
The experimental folk-country monster pairing of Blitzen Trapper and the Parson Red Heads alone would make for a formidable evening at Revolution Hall, but tonight’s all-ages, fully seated show has a more philanthropic bent. The concert will benefit Do Good Multnomah, a local nonprofit working to assist veterans with housing by way of “relationship-building, one-on-one engagement, supportive services, and direct community participation.” Both bands are staples of Portland’s psych-oriented roots-rock scene and have transcended the city’s confines with their last several albums. Check them out and help a good cause at the same time. (Sun Nov 10, 7 pm, Revolution Hall, 1300 SE Stark, all ages, $30) RYAN J. PRADO


June of 44, Belonging
June of 44 disbanded soon after perfecting their squirrelly amalgam of post-rock and post-hardcore on 1999’s Anahata. For listeners of a certain (suddenly somehow old) age, the band’s return will trigger flashbacks to a time when it was illegal to make a student film without at least one Tortoise song on its soundtrack, but June of 44’s unexpected reunion promises to be more than a nostalgia trip. They were always a little too restive and mercurial to settle into a groove, so even a pitch-perfect recreation of their glory days will be nervy enough to light up the now. (Mon Nov 11, 7:30 pm, Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, $22-25) CHRIS STAMM



Son Little
Son Little has been making musical alchemy ever since releasing his debut EP in 2014. But on his early work, including his 2015 self-titled debut, you can hear Little only beginning to refine his unique sound—a mix of soul, blues, and electronica—which he’d come close to perfecting on 2017’s brilliant sophomore album New Magic. For his new EP, Invisible, Little traveled to Paris’ famed Studios Ferber, and the six new songs show the multi-instrumentalist and singer still continuing to develop and experiment with his craft. Tonight’s show at the Old Church isn’t to be missed; this preacher’s son is sure to give a sanctified and transcendent performance. (Wed Nov 13, 8 pm, the Old Church, 1422 SW 11th, $20-25) SANTI ELIJAH HOLLEY

Bea Miller, Kah-Lo, Kennedi
Popping onto the scene as a 13-year-old X-Factor contestant with a jaw-dropping voice, Bea Miller is all grown up (at the age of 20) both physically and emotionally. Her voice has matured as well, with a full, husky, and soulful sound that drops into radio-ready dance club jams with little effort. But there’s depth in her lyrics as well, as exemplified by songs from her sophomore album Aurora, which showcase her deep moods about problematic relationships (“Burning Bridges”), slut-shaming (“S.L.U.T.”), and ultimately self-love (“Repercussions”). If you’re a complicated person with complicated feelings, Miller is on your team, stylishly and confidently pushing all the right emotional buttons. (Wed Nov 13, 8:30 pm, Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell, all ages, $18-75) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY


{{image:2, align:right, width:250}}

Summer Walker
Atlanta-born singer/songwriter Summer Walker has become R&B’s newest “It Girl” on the heels of her single “Girls Need Love” (along with a Drake remix), and her outstanding studio debut Over It. Vocally speaking, Walker’s appropriately titled project is basically flawless. There are obvious standouts, like “Playing Games” featuring Bryson Tiller, “Wasted,” and “Come Thru” which both samples and features Usher. Another notable release is an older cut, “Session 32,” which Walker sometimes likes to perform on acoustic guitar. And from the sounds of her live performances online, she tends to sound identical to the record. If you’re into the sex-positivity of Megan THEE Stallion and like well-seasoned R&B vocals riding on a trap beat (à la H.E.R. and Ella Mai), Summer Walker’s impeccable soul-singing is right up your alley. (Thurs Nov 14, 8:30 pm, Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, all ages, $35-39.50) JENNI MOORE

Hustle and Drone, Karma Rivera, Kileo
It’s been five years since Portland-based electro-pop band Hustle and Drone released its debut full-length album, Holyland. At one point, members Ryan Neighbors and Andy Black thought they’d made major progress on a follow-up effort, with 25 songs written over a two-year period. But when producer Sonny DiPerri heard them, his response—described by the band only as “tough love”—prompted the duo to scrap everything and start over from scratch. This time, their work turned into an actual album, What an Uproar, which finds Hustle and Drone exploring a very moody take on synth and beat-driven electro-pop. Upbeat but not cheerful, catchy but not effusive, What an Uproar is a collection of dark and danceable bummer-songs that befit our times. (Thurs Nov 14, 9 pm, Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water, $7) BEN SALMON

Rodney Crowell, Joe Robinson
Among a particular school of songwriters, Rodney Crowell is country music royalty. His place in the Nashville firmament was secured by not only the run of number one singles he scored in 1988-89 (all from his album Diamonds & Dirt), but also his work with Emmylou Harris and lesser known masterpieces like “Voilà, an American Dream” and “Stars on the Water.” With that pedigree, Crowell should be headlining a much bigger venue than the Alberta Rose Theatre. But rather than gripe about that, let’s instead revel in the fact that we’ll get to experience his intimate songs in an appropriately intimate setting. (Thurs Nov 14, 8 pm, Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta, all ages, $35-55) ROBERT HAM


Death Valley Girls, Crocodiles, Kate Clover
Death Valley Girls creates fuzzed-out, overdriven, guitar-heavy rock ’n’ roll that owes just as much to riot grrrl pioneers like Bikini Kill as to proto-punk icons like the Stooges and Dead Boys. Formed in 2013 by guitarist Larry Schemel and frontwoman Bonnie Bloomgarden, the LA band has released only a few albums, including their 2014 Burger Records debut, Street Venom, but their new single, “Dream Cleaver,” released this August on Suicide Squeeze, might be their catchiest work yet, proving that their best material is still ahead of them. For proof of their proto-punk credentials, check out their 2018 music video for “Disaster (Is What We’re After),” starring a very bemused-looking Iggy Pop eating a hamburger. (Thurs Nov 14, 9 pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, $13-15) SANTI ELIJAH HOLLEY



Brother Ali, Evidence
The beauty of hip-hop’s multifaceted evolution over the past couple of decades is that there’s something out there for everyone. If, for example, sing-song pop-hop or slurry Soundcloud rap isn’t your thing, you can dig into artists like Brother Ali and Evidence, two skilled MCs connected to respected indie hip-hop label Rhymesayers Entertainment. Ali is the better known of the two, thanks to a two-decade career built around his thoughtful, soft-spoken style and his social activism. His most recent album All the Beauty in This Whole Life is another banger in an incredibly consistent catalog. Evidence’s sound is more aggressive, both in its lyrical content and its beats. He came up with LA’s Dilated Peoples, one of the giants of the ’90s underground, but he ain’t falling off: His most recent album Weather or Not was one of the best releases of 2018, regardless of genre. (Fri Nov 15, 8 pm, Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE Cesar E Chavez, all ages, $22-26) BEN SALMON

Amy Rigby
In my dream Coachella-style music festival, Amy Rigby would be the big headliner. She’s certainly got the talent and the tunes to command an audience of thousands. Just give a spin to her spotless 1996 debut album Diary of a Mod Housewife or her equally perfect 2018 release The Old Guys, records that are brimming with chiming power-pop tunes and Rigby’s arch yet sensitive worldview. As it is, Rigby will be bringing her inestimable skills to the much smaller confines of Turn! Turn! Turn! to perform some tunes and read from her recently published memoir Girl to City. (Fri Nov 15, 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, 8 NE Killingsworth, $10-12) ROBERT HAM

Sallie Ford, Weezy Ford, Mike Coykendall
Read our record review of Sugarcane by Weezy Ford. (Fri Nov 15, 9 pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, $20-24)


Sea Caves, Lee and the Bees, Jame Doe
After being nearly finished writing and recording their latest record, founding Sea Caves member Shiloh Halsey fired himself as lead singer, and the group searched for someone new to front the band. Having recently reformed with singer Sydney Rohrs, at the helm, Portland dream-pop five-piece Sea Caves is set to release Across the Water, their follow-up to 2016’s easily likeable Bright Forest. Across the Water (out November 15) comes after two excellent singles, “Dart” and “Birds”—and the rest of the album is just as pleasant. The 10-track project embraces change in spite of the inevitable discomfort that typically accompanies it. (Sat Nov 16, 9 pm, Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water, $10) JENNI MOORE

Ulthar, Tithe, Hungers
Oakland’s Ulthar are the musical equivalent of some ethereal being from an H.P. Lovecraft story; a grotesque sin against nature, dripping goo from its unreasonable amount of appendages and eyeballs, handily exposing mankind’s flaws with its ancient knowledge and biological superiority. Ulthar is scathing, ever dissonant, and, depending on which side of the creature you’re hearing, straight death metal, black metal, or even crust. And wouldn’t you know it, upon further research, their lyrical themes are Lovecraft-inspired as well. Sound, meet context. The band formed in 2014, releasing their first full-length Cosmovore last year. Seeing as how this monster is in the early gestation period, you can expect Ulthar to get even stranger and more dangerous. (Sat Nov 16, 9 pm, High Water Mark Lounge, 6800 NE MLK, $12) ARIS HUNTER WALES



Devon Welsh, Sorry Girls
Devon Welsh’s voice is a little miracle, a consoling gift akin to dawn light streaming through a lover’s window or the smell of rain on hot concrete. It’s hard to describe how a voice like this echoes inside of the listener. It is a presence, not a force. And thank god. There is too much force in the world and not enough presence. There are too few subtle sharpenings of time and space, too few voices like Welsh’s, which seems more poured than pushed, something purified and released back into the world from which it came, where it will dirty itself once again. It is the sound of being alive inside a self that is inside something too huge to comprehend. (Sun Nov 17, 8 pm, Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, $12-14) CHRIS STAMM

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
The 56-year-old Preservation Hall Jazz Band embodies the best of New Orleans’ slightly sloshy French Quarter: the music. A cornerstone of the city’s jazz scene, Preservation Hall’s upbeat, brassy tunes sound plucked from a Frenchmen Street second line procession. So It Is (2017), the septet’s second album containing all-original melodies, infuses the band’s historic jazz tunes with Afro-Cuban beats, adding to Preservation Hall’s magical ability to transform melodies into a layered history of New Orleans. Now the prolific band is touring in support of their new record A Tuba to Cuba, out on November 29. Their recent main-stage set at Pickathon was worthy of all the standing ovations, and their upcoming show, while indoors, should be just as marvelous. (Sun Nov 17, 8 pm, Revolution Hall, 1300 SE Stark, all ages, $26-109) ALEX ZIELINSKI

Big Freedia, Low Cut Connie
New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia comes to Portland quite a bit. Most recently, Freedia played a wild, twerk-forward opening set at the Roseland while on her joint tour with fellow NOLA act Tank and the Bangas. Freedia is known for her high-energy live shows, and inviting a bunch of audience members on stage, where they can present their best twerking skills while Freedia hypes them up. Having toured with other contrasting acts like LCD Soundsystem and the Postal Service, Freedia’s current tour with roots rockers Low Cut Connie should come as no surprise. (Sun Nov 17, 8:30 pm, Wonder Ballroom, 128 N Russell, $25-28) JENNI MOORE


Cher, Nile Rogers and Chic
If you were wondering if Cher, now 73, is ever going to stop performing—she’s not. Cher is a goddamn juggernaut of energy, hits, and sass that will outlast the final cockroach crawling on Earth after climate change has burned the rest of us to a crisp. She will rise out of whatever ashes are left, surrounded by sequined flames, looking FABULOUS, and rocketing into the stratosphere singing, “Do you BELIEVE in life after love?” And as she and her gorgeous contralto voice soars, hurtling headlong into space, she’ll still be tweeting sweet shit-talk at Donald Trump, and plotting her fifth comeback (YES, FIFTH—LOOK IT THE FUCK UP) eventually landing in some galaxy far, far away, ready to entertain and delight every person, alien, or thing that is lucky enough to be in her glorious path—just as she has for the past 44 years. Nile Rogers and Chic (“Le Freak,” “Good Times”) are fortunate enough to be sharing this bill (those lucky sons of bitches). (Tues Nov 19, 7:30 pm, Moda Center, 1 N Winning Way, all ages, $27-647) WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY

Liturgy, Truck, U SCO
Like foie gras and Snickers and amusement parks, Liturgy songs are deeply satisfying until the second you’ve had enough, at which point you just want to bail and not think about having a body and brain anymore. This is not a knock on band mastermind Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s boundary-nudging black metal. His compositions mess with the cloistered world of extreme music in rewarding ways, but they can be kind of a lot. Take this not as a warning but as a promise: Liturgy will push you past the line between too much and way too much, and you’ll definitely feel it in the morning. (Tues Nov 19, 9 pm, Twilight Cafe & Bar, 1420 SE Powell, $12) CHRIS STAMM



Julia Jacklin, Christian Lee Hutson
Anyone present at either of Julia Jacklin’s Pickathon performances this past summer (but especially her Treeline Stage set) are keenly aware of the Australian artist’s hypnotic stranglehold on timeless folk songwriting. Her 2019 sophomore record, Crushing, catapulted her into the echelon of Aussies/Kiwis apparently plotting to take over the singer/songwriter world (along with Courtney Barnett, Aldous Harding, and Stella Donnelly, to name a few). “Crushing” is a great descriptor for Jacklin’s easy-breezy pop tunes, too, like the driving, heavy-lidded “Head Alone” or the more raucous “Pressure to Party.” Give her a great welcome back to Oregon tonight in the cozy Aladdin. (Wed Nov 20, 8 pm, Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie, all ages, $18-22) RYAN J PRADO

Alessandro Cortini
Best known as the keyboard player in Nine Inch Nails and the frontman for electronic-alternative band SONOIO, Alessandro Cortini is coming to shake things up at Holocene. Strangely, Cortini’s solo artistry is almost unheard of, which makes describing why you should see this show harder than normal. Cortini’s an artist who cares about his craft; every note is calculated, but only you can determine how they are deciphered. Attending a Cortini show almost feels intimate, but he is a master of tone and bass, so even when you feel alone, it will warm your soul to know that you aren’t. Get out on the dance floor and get ready to have your mind blown. (Wed Nov 20, 8 pm, Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, $18-20) KATHERINE MORGAN


CRITIC’S PICK: Brittany Howard
Brittany Howard has more than proven herself as a leader in the retro-soul movement. After two critically acclaimed albums with roots-rock band Alabama Shakes (2012’s Boys & Girls and 2015’s Grammy-winning Sound & Color), singer/songwriter Brittany Howard dropped her solo studio debut Jaime in September. On this new album, Howard has full artistic control and pushes the envelope of soul music with an authentic, modern angle that doesn’t shy away from the vulnerable or political. The stunning record is a testament to Howard’s expert vocal control, and its songs reveal that she’s done her fair share of soul-searching—where do I even start? Lead single “History Repeats” was already exceptional, but the vintage-sounding “Stay High” has become one of my favorite (and most applicable) love songs of 2019. (Howard also recently released a gorgeous video of her performing a stripped-down, acoustic version of the song in a rural New Mexico setting, and it’s a master class in musicianship.) Other highlights include... the entire fucking thing, but especially “He Loves Me,” “Goat Head,” the weary “13th Century Metal,” and “Georgia.” As Howard explained during her recent performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, “Georgia” was written from “the perspective of being a little young Black gay girl having a crush on an older Black girl, and not knowing how to tell her, or what to say or how I was feeling.” The song starts with a sweetly sung chorus that repeats “I just want Georgia to notice me,” and then Howard opens each verse as if she’s addressing a letter to the titular character, crooning the familiar melody of “Georgia on My Mind” for just a moment. Howard’s careful and tender vocalizations beautifully express her feelings of uncertainty during the song’s climax: (“Is it unnatural?/Georgia, is it cool?/I wanna tell you that I love you”); but it’s the exquisite, mounting sound of organ keys and a swelling guitar solo that make the love confession song a full-blown masterpiece. From watching all the videos of her recent live sessions, it’s hard to determine whether Howard and her band sounds better live or recorded, but her upcoming gig at the Roseland will give Portlanders a chance to decide for themselves. (Wed Nov 20, 8 pm, Roseland Theater, 8 NW 6th, all ages, $54.50-69.50, w/Georgia Anne Muldrow) JENNI MOORE

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The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop: Sir Nai’s Geek Tape, Wynne’s “Ego Check,” the Thesis, and More!

The latest in Portland hip-hop. by Jenni Moore

As I write this column, I’m still coming down from the for-once-not-weed-induced high of seeing Dodgr sell out an unrecognizable Roseland Theater last Saturday. With bill support from regional favorites Maarquii and Blimes & Gab, it was inspiring to see Dodgr set a glimmering precedent for other artists in the city who have hopes of doing the same. Now that we’ve bid Dodgr a fond farewell (for now), let’s dive into what else is new in the scene.

“Ego Check,” Wynne feat. JID 

On October 12, Lake Oswego’s Wynne released “Ego Check,” featuring Dreamville rapper JID, the latest track from Wynne’s forthcoming debut mixtape If I May... (out October 25). And if I may, I’d like to deem this song my new favorite from the blonde-haired MC. The song illustrates the experience of getting (ego) checked before entering a venue, with both rappers confidently talking their shit about where they’re at in their respective careers. Over a simple beat that brings back the classic, vinyl-scratch sound, Wynne delivers some of her best bars in the first verse, opening it up with “I don’t look backsothey ho assnever see my face, okay/Being passive-aggressiveis in my DNA, okay.” Wynne’s sung chorus (“You can’t even get past the fucking bouncer/Who do you know here?”) glides easily above the beat, and then JID’s featured verse is pure fire. One of the most ear-catching lines is when he says, “Tell me what the fuck you niggas talm’bout/I’m tired, might put a Tommy gun in Tomi Lahren’s mouth.” [AIRHORNS] “Ego Check” also includes a short cameo from DJ O.G. ONE, who closes out the song with a nod to Portland: “It’s official, you know what time it is/Rose City.” Wynne also recently revealed the track list and credits for her mixtape, and now I’m dying to hear the rest of it.

Portlandsterdam, Swiggle Mandela

Also on October 25, Portland rapper Swiggle Mandela is dropping Portlandsterdam, an absolute monster of an album (mixtape?)  with 29 tracks. Why so many songs? You might ask. Well, the project is meant to celebrate Swiggle Mandela’s 29 years of life. Opening track “Lit Tonight,” includes a verse from Seattle’s Raz Simone—the only listed feature on the project. There’s also Swiggle’s twerkable lead single “Adobo,” alt-weekly diss track “Dear Willamette Week,” as well as “Dear White Portland” and much, much more. Also on the day of the album’s release, Swiggle Mandela is throwing a release party at Bit House Saloon hosted by Shrista Tyree, with—I kid you not—19 rappers on the bill. (Fri Oct 25, 9 pm, Bit House Saloon, 727 SE Grand, $10-20)

Geek, Sir Nai

ICYMI back in August, Portland-based producer Sir Nai dropped a very cool tape of instrumentals called Geek, following it up with a beat set at the Thesis.  “I called this project Geek simply because I’m called one a lot, usually for the collection of things I own,” Sir Nai says in an email. With just five tracks clocking at under than 12 minutes, Sir Nai says there are no samples on the project; all are original, personal arrangements “meant to be chill, easy and bright.” This tape would work really well on one of those lo-fi YouTube playlists by ChilledCow that are great aids for chill/relax/study time. Now, manifest!

Ladies First! Hip-Hop/Soul Showcase: Karma Rivera, Amenta Abioto, Lisa Vazquez, KayelaJ

Set in the Jack London’s cozy basement bar, the first installment of the Ladies First series from Moss Media brings together some of the town’s stalwart music acts. From rapper/radio personality KayelaJ to MC/loop-pedal maestro Lisa Vazquez to a high-energy performance from Karma Rivera, there’s lots to see here. But perhaps the most moving part of the evening will be a partially improvised set from soul singer/multi-instrumentalist Amenta Abioto, who also uses looping techniques to create her music, weaving vocal sounds together with kalimba, synths, drum machine, and guitar. Originally from Nashville but residing in Portland, Abioto’s soothing Southern accent and joyful experimentalism are a breath of fresh air. (Fri Oct 25, 9:30 pm, Jack London Revue, 529 SW 4th, $12-15) 

The Thesis: [E]mpress, Harvee Bird, KisHerGoodnight, Verbz

The November 2019 installment of Portland’s most poppin’ hip-hop showcase—which, full disclosure, I help out with—is gearing up to be a fun, rock-tinged time. This month’s headliner is [E]mpress, an MC who makes an original blend of hip-hop with EDM and classic rock influences. In early 2019, the young rapper (finally) made her first live appearance at the Thesis, having been put on ice until she turned of age. Her headlining show should mark the beginning of a new era for the artist. The all-Portland lineup will also showcase the similar vibes of Harvee Bird and KisHerGoodnight. (Thurs Nov 7, 9 pm, Kelly’s Olympian, 426 SW Washington, $10)

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Dead Mine, 2012 - ★


watched for Episode 90 of PODFAST & PODFURIOUS. this is a dreadfully boring Indonesian ripoff of THE DESCENT starring Joe Taslim from FAST 6. i read a bunch of Japanese death poetry and we conjure up some conspiracy theories involving the legend of Yamashita's Gold.


Fasts & Furiouses, Ranked (By Podfast & Podfurious!)


every week my buddy Chance & I get together to crack some Coronas and talk all things FAST & FURIOUS. the result is a podcast about Fast & Furious called PODFAST & PODFURIOUS.

 Our SoundCloud is here and we can be found wherever podcasts are sold.

in Minisode 8.5 we decided to rank the villains of the series. here's how things shook out:

8. Reyes
7. Mose Jakande
6. Cipher
5. Carter Verone
4. Braga
3. Johnny Tran
2. Drift King
1. Owen Shaw

in Episode 9 we unsheathed our blades and went to battle over our rankings of the entire series. the battle ended up being entirely bloodless as we pretty much had the films in the same order. also at the end of the episode i describe what i imagine to be Vin Diesel's serene passing at the age of 110 in vivid detail.

anyway here's how things shook out:

  1. Fast Five
  2. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  3. Fast & Furious 6
  4. The Fast and the Furious
  5. 2 Fast 2 Furious
  6. The Fate of the Furious
  7. Fast & Furious
  8. Furious 7


Chicago Beer Pass: FOBAB Week


Welcome to the Chicago Beer Pass: Your ticket to all the great beer events happening in and around Chicago.

On this episode of Chicago Beer Pass, Brad Chmielewski and Nik White are fresh off their visit to Revolution Brewing where they chatted with Communications Manager, John Carruthers. John was kind enough to open up some cans of hazy Mosaic Hero for the guys and they crack those cans on this episode. As they knock back these cans, they chat about trips to Midwest Coast Brewing, Cruz Blanca and Pipeworks. 

Coming up this weekend is FoBAB! The Annual Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged  Beers is already here and is one of the last big festivals for Chicago of the year and one of the greatest events of the whole year. There are still tickets available and there are enough other events happening before and after FoBAB to get you drunk for the entire month.

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Chicago Beer Pass: Revolution Brewing



Welcome to the Chicago Beer Pass: Your ticket to all the great beer events happening in and around Chicago.

On this episode of Chicago Beer Pass, Brad Chmielewski and Nik White are on-location once again! This time the boys are at the Revolution Brewing Taproom chatting with John Carruthers who is Revolution’s
Communications Manager and the person behind all those tweets. The three of them talk about the Deep Wood Series, Hazy Heros and some great events coming up like their We Are Family event in December.

It’s also inspiring to hear how Revolution continues to support their staff and community here in Chicago.

Having issues listening to the audio? Try the MP3 (102.8 MB) or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!


The Importance of an End Game and Of Messaging

     Post mortems abound after any election and this one is no different. A combination of distractions and deviation from messaging certainly halted Ms. Crossman's trajectory indicated in mid-October private polling that everyone was talking about.  She ran hard and presented well time after time, but Facebook is a tar baby worth staying away from.
      There was also a surge in the Horbacz vote towards the end and when you see contributions to him from the most vocal member of the RHR, you begin to wonder what more showed up after the 11 day pre general filing.
       Mr. Smith stayed on message....14 years in government...institutional courthouse....but when the time came he zeroed in on his opponent and so did his surrogates.
        Couldn't have written the script better. 31+30 leaves 39 …..
        It all began with the improbable tie. "Wouldn't it be funny if there was a tie," it was said at the counting and VOILA , a tie is born along with the legal theory of certifying no one in hopes only one candidate would have the resources to get themselves on in court as the sole top vote getter.
        Then some more twists and turns as faced with one of the "tied" candidates armed with competent counsel to get herself on the ballot....That that would create a two way race so along comes a ZBA member and the City Attorney to file an Article 78 seeking a three way race.
         The race plodded on through the usual activities and it was obvious Ms. Crossman was in it to win it, something not envisioned months before. When she lined up a video crew to do TV, clearly she was game on.
          On October 16 , armed with distressing poll numbers, Mr. Smith took the fight to Ms. Crossman on the HOTLINE criticizing her watching the Council meetings on line instead of sitting in chambers and he had been apprised of her voting record, specifically a lack of voting in local elections.  That set in motion events that threw her off message and opened a direct line of attack for Team Smith.
           The information was formally FOIL'd six days later. After the radio attacks on the 16th I asked Ms. Crossman about her record. She conceded it was spotty but thought she had voted by affidavit in 2017, but it turns out it was 2018. I mentioned it on the air and then the date discrepancy was fed to the head of a local NFP who asked Ms. Crossman on Facebook if she voted for the candidates for city office in 2017. Very specific question for a reason. Ms. Crossman responded (another reason to stay off FB) with the recollection she had given to me. Now armed with records the ballot was a year later the race was on to charge she had lied on Facebook. A media outlet FOIL'd the same records three days later and the story became the elephant in the room for four or five days. That outlet has accused me of lying about them but I will stand by my position.
         Then there were reports of police at the Crossman home initiated by a complaint clearly politically motivated and that didn't make media but sure did make the whispering campaign. More on all that later.
          Mr. Horbacz meanwhile was the rooster taking credit for the sunrise but not touting the pool too often in the closing days....and he seemed to be firming up numbers for his ultimate  role.
          The ultimate winner dangled the notion of stopping the pool, adopted "transparency" as a mantra and worked the neighborhoods most skittish about a three million dollar pool that's "a want, not a need."
          It was a well run and disciplined effort and considering the range of constituencies Mr. Smith had the result was not a surprise. But the young lady, while trashed by a former First Lady of Watertown and others ran a bid that impressed many and at 27 certainly has more options ahead than the rest of us, and she performed with grace on TV last night in spite of it all.        
           In the meantime we wish the Mayor-elect and the new Council well, but given the promises made, the public will expect promises kept.

12 or 20 (second series) questions with Eric Sneathen


Eric Sneathen is a poet living in Oakland. His first collection, Snail Poems, was published by Krupskaya in 2016. New writing has been published by AMERARCANA, Mirage #5, baest, Bathhouse, and New Life Quarterly. With Daniel Benjamin, he organized Communal Presence: New Narrative Writing Today and edited The Bigness of Things: New Narrative and Visual Culture (Wolfman Books, 2017).

1 - How did your first book change your life? How does your most recent work compare to your previous? How does it feel different?

I wish I could go back in time and ask myself this question while I was writing and revising Snail Poems, part of which were written more than five years ago. What did I think I was doing? Was there a conceptual framework? I knew what I needed, at least: a writing project that I could pursue outside of the graduate student classrooms of UC Davis. The first reading of what became Snail Poems occurred at Woolsey Heights, a Occupy-inflected house reading series in Berkeley. It was a packed house. People were there for that night’s main event: a reading by Kevin Killian, who had invited me to read with him. I remember Brent Cunningham and Juliana Spahr in attendance, two writers I adored. Seeing them there, I had to leave the crowded room before the reading; I almost puked in the bushes out front, my nerves were so exclamatory. After I was done, and Kevin had finished reciting his gorgeous essay “Activism, Gay Poetry, and AIDS in the 1980s,” Amy Berkowitzcame up to me and asked if she might publish some of the poems as a chap (as a “chap”?) for her DIY press, Mondo Bummer. It was the magic of Kevin that made my entrance into poetry-land so consequential, but it was snails, too.

2 - How did you come to poetry first, as opposed to, say, fiction or non-fiction?

I didn’t much care about or for poetry until I read Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” in a survey class late in my undergraduate education. (This was years before I started writing anything.)  I knew “Howl” craved emobodiment, and I gave the poem mine by reading it aloud, unprompted. Did this poet just write about motorcyclists getting fucked and screaming with joy? Because I was studying at UC Davis, I moved to what was at hand: the poetry of Gary Snyder. No motorcyclists there, however, but I kept looking for them. In my last quarter, I took an “advanced poetry workshop” with Joshua Clover, who asked us to pick one poet in Claudia Rankine and Lisa Sewell’s American Poets in the 21st Century to devote ourselves to. Having read “Gentle Now, Don’t Add to Heartache,” I picked Juliana Spahr. I probably wrote an awful paper about her work that quarter (sorry!) because I was graduating that quarter and was working two or three jobs, but it was a decisive turn for my writing.

3 - How long does it take to start any particular writing project? Does your writing initially come quickly, or is it a slow process? Do first drafts appear looking close to their final shape, or does your work come out of copious notes?

It turns out that it takes me several years to write my books. Even though it’s a shorter book, Snail Poems took maybe five years (in addition to the lived experiences that I drew on and that prompted the book in the first place). I’m currently working on three other manuscripts: two books of poems and a novel/memoir. So it’s slow — I guess? I see that some people are able t produce a book every year or two, and that’s just not my pace. Maybe that means my work isn’t especially timely, but that’s snails for you. There’s an argument to be made for anachronism. One of the reasons to read writers who are further along in their careers is to see how they adapt their style to conditions — whether lexical or political — that did not exist when they were inventing or refining that style. 

4 - Where does a poem usually begin for you? Are you an author of short pieces that end up combining into a larger project, or are you working on a "book" from the very beginning?

Usually, a poem begins with language. Even when I’m doing more conceptual or procedural work, where else to begin but with language? I mean only that some line will occur to me, and it’s my pleasure (someone else might suggest “duty”), as a poet, to pursue where that line might go. As a student and a lover of books, I think in terms of “books.” But thinking in terms of books doesn’t help me write, and the question of whether or not this is a book (which seems like a question of quality, ultimately — is this good enough to be in book?) certainly doesn’t help at the very beginning, when there are still so many unknowns (e.g. will I care about this project next week? will someone else publish a book in this vein, freeing me from the obligation of doing so?).

5 - Are public readings part of or counter to your creative process? Are you the sort of writer who enjoys doing readings?

Readings were very helpful to the process of writing Snail Poems, which sought a perhaps ridiculous intimacy with those little creatures, snails. I’m 6’3” (6’4”?), and it’s something to see a tall guy address a tiny thing with compassion, interest, reverence, and whatever else these poems might offer. I’ve learned a lot from other poets’ readings — NourebeSe Philips, Brandon Brown, Lucas De Lima, among them — so maybe someone will learn something about my poems by hearing me read them as well. But also: Lauren Levin and I went on tour with our first books a couple days following the 2016 election. Reading our books at that time was its own experience, related to but distinct from our books circulating in the world as such. Lauren read parts of their book The Braid and pronounced the aftertaste of Reagan’s legacy as it exists in our mouths today (foul!). Often there were tears, quickening heartbeats, red faces during these readings. I didn’t enjoy these readings, but these reactions — as a index of what is possible for poetry — became part of the stakes of writing. I think about those nights when I sit down to do my poems, yes.

6 - Do you have any theoretical concerns behind your writing? What kinds of questions are you trying to answer with your work? What do you even think the current questions are?

Thank you for this very modest question. Oh my. Well, one of the questions I have for my own practice is what to do with the tension between the local and the not-local. What is the “not-local,” for example? Being a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I think about the tension between Oakland and SF, between Oakland and Berkeley, between the Oakland I experience and the Oakland I do not. Also, how has the internet made local concerns more or less important? How do current debates about poetry get reflected or manifested within local contexts? How does the local show up in my work and the work of my peers? The Bay Area has a long history of resplendent and/or avant-garde and/or socially-engaged writing. As the resources that supported the poets and poetry within those traditions change, how will it change how we relate to our writing and one another and the political horizons of our work? I have lamented, that with the closure of Oakland’s small press Timeless Infinite Light, the Bay Area no longer has a queer press. Presses that will publish queer writers, sure, but...

7 – What do you see the current role of the writer being in larger culture? Does s/he even have one? What do you think the role of the writer should be?

The medium of poetry is language. Poets use language as a tool. This tool can do many things. It does many things imperfectly. Language is one of the tools we have. Language is a tool we have. It is a tool we have had to have. Are there limits to what we can do with it? Does it matter that our enemies also use this tool? What is the price of language?

8 - Do you find the process of working with an outside editor difficult or essential (or both)?

For Snail Poems, I was lucky to work with fellow poets on revisions for the book, the editors of Krupskaya: Brandon Brown, Jocelyn Saidenberg, and Stephanie Young. We had some amazing conversations in the process of getting the book to print. I don’t remember any difficulties. The manuscript didn’t change all that much in the process of getting it to print. But transforming Snail Poems as a product of my singular endeavor to one of collaboration and mutual support — that was quite exciting and changed how I related to the book.

9 - What is the best piece of advice you've heard (not necessarily given to you directly)?

Revise while the poem is still fresh and the ink is still wet. I’m not a great editor of my own work once it’s been settled on the page for a while, so this one has been helpful for me.

10 - How easy has it been for you to move between genres (poetry to critical prose)? What do you see as the appeal?

It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary. As a graduate student who also writes poems (once a Master’s student, now a Ph.D. candidate), what choice does one have? I keep changing my approach to creative writing — and readers can see this across the different sections of Snail Poems — in part because of the difficulty involved. It’s attractive to me. I don’t think the different forms are necessarily this accumulating display of mastery so much as different turns of a kaleidoscope, magnifying and distorting different elements within the matrix of whatever I’m working on.

11 - What kind of writing routine do you tend to keep, or do you even have one? How does a typical day (for you) begin?

I wish.

12 - When your writing gets stalled, where do you turn or return for (for lack of a better word) inspiration?

I just keep reading and reading. I’ve got a hunger for finding new poets with deep catalogues. I don’t really get “writer’s block,” but that’s partially because I think the writing has to come with a genuine sense of urgency. By working on a few different writing projects at the same time, there’s almost always something I can turn to, given that I have the time to do so. I’ll also add that my most fledgling poetry project uses a voice and a form that I can turn to without much fuss. The casual voice, long lines, and more direct talk about my life afford me enough constraint and enough liberty to turn to that mode easily.

14 - David W. McFadden once said that books come from books, but are there any other forms that influence your work, whether nature, music, science or visual art?

Pop music, totally. I like to listen to one pop song for hours at a time and trance out a bit. Today I’ve been listening to Robyn’s “Honey.”

15 - What other writers or writings are important for your work, or simply your life outside of your work?

The work of my peers and my heroes. Not surprisingly, the work of New Narrative writers has been a great inspiration to me. Someone once said that Snail Poemsis a kind of New Narrative book, which tickled me. I didn’t know much about New Narrative when I wrote it, other than Kevin Killian is very generous, Dodie Bellamy is a great writer, and Robert Glück looks hot in these author photos. In general, as with pop music, I gravitate to the work of women and people who don’t identify as men. Maybe it has something to do with being gay. Maybe it has something to do with my family life. I also point to an interest in my “peers,” because, as I said, I’m interested in how other folks are reflecting on the conditions of the Bay Area in their writing.

20 - What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a few different manuscripts. One manuscript, currently titled Don’t Leave Me This Way, uses archival materials related to Gaétan Dugas and Randy Shilts to reanimate the AIDS epidemic in terms of the Shilts’s fraudulent story of “Patient Zero.” It’s sexy procedural poetry that’s informed by Dodie Bellamy’s Cunt-Ups, Wendy S. Walter’s Troy, Michigan, NourbeSe Philip’s Zong!, among many other women writers. (Here’s an excerpt, published by baest). There’s a second poetry manuscript, Minor Work, that’s been coming together as well, focused on cats and domesticity. (Here’s the title poem published by The Believer, and two more from New Life Quarterly.) Most recently I’ve taken up prose, writing what I’m calling a “shadow dissertation,” a novel/memoir called Glen Coco, after that most celebrated character from Tina Fey’s Mean Girls. My dissertation takes a scholarly long view on New Narrative writing, but what if I wrote a New Narrative “novel”? What would that look like? I was very lucky to have a couple of pieces published locally, including by Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian’s Mirage #5.


Rasha Omran. Jo soc vosaltres. Sis poetes de Síria. Edició a cura de Mohamad Bitari.


Traducció de Margarida Castells Criballés

 Compro una planta,
Li faig un lloc en un racó de l’habitació,
cada dos dies li canvio la terra,
m’assec a contemplar com creix, dia sí dia també,
lentament, en direcció al sostre,
porto el compte de les seves escasses fulles noves,
la canvio de racó,
encenc el llum perquè pugui respirar
i l’apago per posar a prova la seva resistència.
Li poso noms dels que he perdut
per no oblidar-me del seu nom,
li xiuxiuejo coses per atuir l’insomni,
li xiuxiuejo coses després dels malsons de matinada.
No, no cultivo
Cultivo la meva desolació.


到海外去 | S1E17 时光机理论有时会不灵吗?

「声动活泼」 到海外去 | S1E17 时光机理论有时会不灵吗?

主播丨徐涛     嘉宾丨戴雨森 秦天一


「到海外去」第 17期


本期节目,我们和真格基金的戴雨森、秦天一 ,来聊一聊出海策略的话题。戴雨森是真格基金合伙人,也是聚美优品的联合创始人之一;秦天一是真格基金投资经理,曾在腾讯集团担任MIG海外创新团队产品经理。


如果你想加入到海外去社群或成为到海外去VIP,都可以添加我们的小助手出海小助手,微信号是 gochuhai,你也可以写邮件到 对本期节目进行交流。

另外,「声动活泼」正在筹划新一档播客节目 ——「反潮流俱乐部」。


国内用户 「冲呀 」(




  • 投资人视角下的出海观察

  • 新兴市场出海方法论

  • 时光机理论的启发和误区

  • 以印尼和印度为例的出海本地化举例

  • 今日头条、腾讯、阿里等中国大厂的出海

  • 最近真格基金关注的出海方向

  • 真格对于出海人才的选择标准

The Takeaway

  • 如何在海外市场投资,有一个简单的二分法标准。第一是这个市场的收入水平(牌桌上有多少钱可以赚),第二是这市场创业者的竞争强度(打牌的水平有多高)。这样会得出一个 22 的矩阵,中国和美国所在的象限属于有很多钱可以赚,但是大家的这个竞争强度也很高;中东所在的象限竞争相对没那么激烈,也会有很多钱赚,但总的市场规模相对较小;

  • 不能教条地去照搬时光机理论,你要理清楚自己为什么要去做出海?在当地呆过多久,结交过多少当地朋友,深度访谈的用户有多少,而不是只从商学院的商业模式分析。

  • 从13年9月开始,国内第一批出海,到现在一共经历了好几代:第一代是以猎豹为代表的流量出海,做各种各样的工具;第二代是像做直播一样的内容新闻聚合出海;第三代是做宽带出海,以及跨境电商和物流工具,第四代是 Fintech  (互联网金融出海),而第五代出海就会非常本地化,如当地的物流和品牌的出海。


  • Club Factory印度排名前三的电商平台,在印度市场提供零门槛货到付款服务,配送范围覆盖印度70%以上地区,2019年初完成了1亿美元 D 轮融资。

  • Go-Jek,一家位于印尼的共享出行服务商。客户可以使用该公司的服务去付费购买咖啡、百货生鲜、各种门票车票,以及其它商品和服务。《财富》2019年发布的“改变世界的企业”榜单,Go-jek排名第11位。

  • Lazada,东南亚地区最大的在线购物网站之一。目标主要是印尼、马来西亚、菲律宾以及泰国用户。《2019胡润全球独角兽榜》,Lazada排名第50位。


  • Tinder,2012年推出的一款国外手机交友APP,Tinder在2019年第二季度末拥有520万付费用户。

  • DAU,日活跃用户数量。






片头片尾音乐 :MOSAIC by Lahar Creative Commons-Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library


Alarma v.103 + Ahadadream


V 103. epizodi Futon predstavlja sveže glasbene novosti iz sveta club in bass elektronike. V drugi polovici oddaje pa se bo primarno na Radiu Študent predstavil londonski producent in DJ, Ahadadream, ki konec meseca tudi prvič prihaja v Slovenijo.


Music Submission, No-Love Knight

Artist or Band Name: 
No-Love Knight

I am a female rapper from the Caribbean.  I was born on the 21st of July 1994, in Dominica.  However I was raised in Antigua & Barbuda, where I started writing at the age of 14.  My full name is D. Anique John, but a few of my friends and family calls me D, DenDen or Lil D.  My artist name is No-Love Knight (No-Love). 

I released my first Mixtape Nique's Heart in 2018.  I've then released a short EP on Youtube by the name of Vibe. Currently, I am working on my second EP & Mixtape, which I hope release before Christmas. 


SoundCloud – audio post

To set the audio, use an audio (or playlist) shortcode in the…


duhma - blutdurst

ist gestillt. :hut:

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SoundCloud is a popular audio sharing platform where one can share any audio, including podcasts...

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Ten Years Of Yk Records

Back in March of 2019, yk Records officially turned ten years old. Now, on Saturday, Nov 23rd we are finally getting around to celebrating that occasion. If you're in the Nashville area, come celebrate ten years of yk Records with our double venue takeover of Mercy Lounge and High Watt. Tickets are cheap and I promise it'll be a good time.

We'll have performances from Hotpipes, The Mute Group, The Robe, Tower Defense, New Man, Fetching Pails and Black Bra. I've not mentioned that last one before because it's the brand new outfit from Beth Cameron, aka Forget Cassettes.
I've embedded a little sampler of the event above but it's just a taste of what to expect (there's also a Spotify version if that's you're thing. There's no officially released Black Bra music and I've got some additional surprises in store I can't share quite yet.

TLDR: get yourself to Nashville on Sat, Nov 23rd and come party.

An introduction to monitoring with Prometheus

Wheel of a ship

Metrics are the primary way to represent both the overall health of your system and any other specific information you consider important for monitoring and alerting or observability. Prometheus is a leading open source metric instrumentation, collection, and storage toolkit built at SoundCloud beginning in 2012.

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The Insurance Bill with Billy Van Jura


Billy Vanjura on Insurance Guys Podcast

In this episode, Bradley and Scott sit down with independent insurance agent and thinker Billy Van Jura. Billy shares his forward-thinking and out of the box industry tactics and philosophies.

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מאת: עמר

ואם כבר בלורה עסקינן, היחידה שבאמת התחברתי אליה (וכשאני אומר התחברתי אני מתכוון כמעט ברמה מיסטית) היא הגברת מארלינג שבעוד חודש בערך מוציאה את אלבומה הרביעי וממש השבוע שוחרר עוד שיר (את Where can i go? המעולה כבר שמת פה אם אני לא טועה), אז Master Hunter זה השיר והנה לינק: אני באמת מרגיש שזה הולך להיות אלבום מעולה.. :-) ואגב, הלינק ששמתי זה Full Tank של צביקה פורס, מומלץ מאוד למי שלא מכיר.. חשבתי שזה יפתח את זה לתצוגה מקדימה.. :-)

Jasmine Mans | Being one of the first poets to go viral, New Jersey, and more

Jasmine Mans is a poet, performance artist & entrepreneur. We spoke about the hustle, Newark, New Jersey & being one of the first poets to go viral. Stay connected with The Cornerstore on Twitter, Instagram,and Soundcloud!

When Your Planner Disrupts

Noticing that the way I maintain my daily planner was causing me distraction, I recently realized that a major problem was that I was attempting to use the same document to simultaneously track what venture capitalist Paul Graham might call the maker's and the manager's aspects of my schedule, or Cal Newport (author of Deep Work) might call deep and shallow work, or Alex Epstein might call what-thinking and how-thinking. (These categories do not completely overlap, but they together indicate that different kinds of work require different kinds of planning.)
What is missing, here? (Image by Austin Distel, via Unsplash, license.)
My own terms for coming to grips with the time aspect of my problem are scaffolding and space. The former type of planner item includes things like phone calls, errands, small tasks, and scheduling constraints like appointments. The latter includes time for such deep work as research, mulling, and writing. I was finding the format of the planner, while ideal for helping me navigate the non-deep part of the day, was hindering me during times I wanted to do deeper work, and this was even after I had started planning that in advance in order to avoid decision fatigue. Here is my initial stab at what was going wrong, from a journal entry:
The document I have been calling my Planner is an unholy (and demoralizing) combination of scheduler and to-do list. I feel very limited when I look at it during creative/work time because of all the crap hanging over me AND (I just realized in words): Nothing creative or productive [in terms of deep work] is listed. [format edits]
The last sentence isn't completely accurate: I'd have things like "research "X or "work on a column for an hour," but these were jumbled in as bullet points of the same order as "Take kids to gymnastics," or "Call about hurricane deductible."

There are at least three things wrong with this: (1) I start out a deep work session with unnecessary reminders of things I am free to set aside; (2) I didn't necessarily have any kind of breakdown of the tasks on hand; and (3) The inflexible format of the planner wasn't conducive to note-taking or brain-storming -- unless I already had a dedicated place for that. The last two are related in the sense that sometimes there is no way to know exactly how to proceed. But that should be noted, if it is true, I think. (This both sets a standing order for the subconscious and serves as a reminder on the day.)

But the most glaring problem, I see in retrospect, is that the planner wasn't capturing creative, longer-term goals.

All that said, my planner wasn't worthless: That kind of planner helps me determine and remember the structure of my day, like scaffolding. But it was ill-suited to guiding me during my deep work during the spaces of time I allotted for it.

Recalling, possibly from Deep Work, that Newport would just sketch out a plan for his deep work in no specific format, I decided to try using two types of planners. The old planner is now strictly for "scaffolding" and the new for "space." The new planner does not have bullet points and more closely resembles a journal. The format for a given day varies, depending on what I want to do, with only the following usual formatting:
  1. Date: There is a date at the start of a day's entries.
  2. Goal Listing: There is link to the section of the other planner where I list goals and time blocks for the day.
  3. Block Header: At the start of a block of deep work, I briefly re-state my goal.
  4. Notes: If there is not a separate place for notes on whatever it I am working on, notes related to my work go next. This can be as much as a few short paragraphs or as little as a brief sentence summarizing my progress. (If I can't work on something, it's a scheduling problem and I make an entry in the scaffolding planner.) I usually note the time I start a block.
  5. Block Footer: I always put down the time a given block ends and make sure I have some form of notification.
This is a new habit and a work in progress, but I have already noticed I look forward to planning each day. I also feel freer than I did before since I don't look at the "scaffolding" quite so much.

In the interest of getting more ideas about planning deep/maker's work, I did a search on Cal Newport's productivity blog yesterday, and think the following three "deep habits" entries will be worth consulting as I get used to working this way: Plan Your Week in Advance, Three Recent Daily Plans, and How a Big City Lawyer Uses Weekly Planning to Accomplish More in 45 Hours Than Most Could Accomplish in 100. From the first:
On Monday mornings I plan the upcoming work week. I capture this plan in an e-mail and send it to myself so that I will be sure to see it and have access to it daily. (See the snapshot above of some recent plans in my inbox.)

This planning can take a long time; almost always longer than an hour. But the return on investment is phenomenal. To visualize your whole week at once allows you to spread out, batch, and prioritize work in a manner that significantly increases what you accomplish and goes a long way toward eliminating work pile-ups and late nights (the latter being crucial if you practice fixed-schedule productivity).

There is no best format for creating a weekly plan. In fact, I've found it's crucial to embrace flexibility. The style or format of your plan should match the challenges of the specific week ahead. (Indeed, attempting to force some format to your plan can reduce the probability you maintain the habit.) [links in original]
Newport's first sentence gave me an actionable idea regarding planning the week: That, too, requires distinguishing between the scaffolding and the space. I had been attempting to plan my next week each Friday afternoon, but often finding myself not feeling very energetic. So I'm splitting that up, too: I will lay out the scaffolding on Friday, and briefly consider what deep work I want to do the next week. But then, I will plan in more detail on Monday morning.

-- CAV

"Cocaine of the sea" — the illegal fish trade of the Mexican cartel and Chinese mafia


  • "Sea of Shadows" tells the story of an illegal fish trade between the Mexican cartel and Chinese mafia.
  • The fish bladders, bought for $5,000 from local fisherman, are sold in China for over $100,000 to make an unproven medicine.
  • Director Richard Ladkani talks about the intensity and danger of making this film, as well as the hopeful ending.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the totoaba bladder is believed to cure arthritis. As with much of TCM, the claim is unproven and inevitably creates more harm than good. An entire ecosystem is on the verge of collapse thanks to the illegal bladder trade between the Mexican cartel and Chinese businessmen.

While the totoaba are rapidly declining in numbers—their only home is in the Sea of Cortez, the body of water that separates Baja California with mainland Mexico—the illegal fishing nets local fishermen use are killing everything else: turtles, sharks, and the focus of "Sea of Shadows," the vaquita. There are only believed to be 15 or so of these small porpoises left in existence.

As director and cinematographer, Richard Ladkani, told me earlier this week, there is hope as six vaquitas (including babies) were recently spotted. Since he filmed "Jane's Journey," an intimate portrait of English primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, Ladkani has focused on environmentally relevant works. His last film, "The Ivory Game," helped make the ivory trade between Africa and China illegal. As you'll see while watching his incredible new National Geographic documentary, his film might help save an ecosystem "just five hours drive from Los Angeles."

But nothing is a given. At the end of our talk, Ladkani asked me to mention Earth League International and Sea Shepherd, the two organizations driving the activism in the Sea of Cortez. "Sea of Shadows" is heartbreaking and inspiring, frightening and ambitious. Most importantly, it's a reminder that people care about the fate of this planet and all the animals that reside here. In a time when most environmental news informs us that we're another step closer to a precipice, this film reminds us of the necessity of banding together and fighting for what's best for all of us.

Sea of Shadows Official Trailer | National Geographic

Derek: Congratulations on "Sea of Shadows." And thank you for keeping me up all night.

Richard: I tell people to buckle up before the movie starts.

Derek: I would love to know how you became interested in this topic.

Richard: In general, I'm interested in films with impact and a mission behind them. That started with Jane Goodall, who I was lucky enough to follow around the world about 10 years ago while shooting a film called "Jane's Journey." She inspired me to look at the natural world in a different way and understand that our world is in peril and is really falling apart.

"The Ivory Game" was the first result of her inspiration. Then came "Sea of Shadows," which was brought to us by Leonardo DiCaprio, who was our executive producer on my previous film. He thought "The Ivory Game" was super successful on how we collaborated and how a movie can have such a huge impact, because it changed the law in China and made dealing with ivory illegal.

Two months after the movie came out, they invited us to China to screen the film at the Beijing Film Festival. That was such a big impact, that you can change the government's way of thinking about the world, even a Chinese government on top of that. We were thinking about the next story and Leonardo suggested something on the vaquita because he deeply cared about a small whale that nobody has ever heard about, including myself. He had just met with a Mexican president and was deeply involved in this rescue effort of scientists to save the vaquita.

Derek: While the film is focused on the totoaba and vaquita, you also mention that fishing them can collapse an entire ecosystem. Is that whole area going to be infertile if they continue this trade?

Richard: Absolutely. If the vaquita goes extinct, which we are trying everything in our power to impact, we'll feel we had a little part for not allowing that to happen. But if it happens, it will mean that the cartel is going to completely take over the area. The attention, the focus, the spotlight that it has right now is because of the vaquita; it is such a symbolic animal and it's been highly exposed. If the vaquita goes extinct, the NGOs will be removed from the area. They will move onto a new war somewhere, maybe in Peru or South Africa.

Then what will happen is the cartel is going to 100% take over the Sea of Cortez. All the fishermen are going to be pressured to go out for the totoaba. You've seen how they do it. They dropped thousands of gill nets, walls of death that kill everything just to get to that final totoaba. They will kill everything and it's all tossed away. All the sharks, the turtles, everything will disappear just because they're going for that totoaba.


Derek: An ecosystem might collapse half a world away because of a fish bladder that supposedly cures arthritis, with no scientific proof whatsoever. Did you do any research on TCM for the film?

Richard: Yes, of course. We even filmed in China for a month. The reason we didn't include that in the film was because we realized that there was no demand; it is already illegal to trade totoaba there. Every scientist we talked to said it's not proven Western science. They couldn't find any proof that it has any power at all. But then we realized that it would take a whole generation or a campaign to change the minds of the Chinese. The vaquita maybe has 12 months to live.

It will never be solved in China. There is nothing we can do in China that will stop this trade in time. In other cases, like with the elephants, it was 10 years to extinction. We had the time to go there. But in this case, it just didn't make any sense. There was a whole half-hour worth of dramatic events in China, but we took it all out because we wanted people to focus on where the solution is, which is in Mexico.

Derek: Speaking of dramatic events, I love how you focus both on the media aspect of the trade and the race against the cartel. There were some failures too; I'm glad you highlighted them. How did your crew emotionally deal with making this film?

Richard: It was like a roller coaster ride. The dramatic scenes that happened with the vaquita were unthinkable. I was very close with the scientists, with Cynthia Smith; we became friends and she really trusted us. By the end they gave us full access. Living through that traumatic scenes as the moments unfold was just beyond belief. It was really tough for us to be there. I tried to be as invisible as possible and stay out of their way.

At the same time, this film became more and more dangerous every week that we were on location. It was a big responsibility to keep the team safe and to keep going and pushing. Our production company provided a full security budget for us. We had very professional bodyguards that know what they're doing, people that we can trust who are not bought by the cartel or corrupt police. It was like a big military operation to get this film made without anybody getting shot or kidnapped.

Derek: There was the scene when you were at the beach and the fisherman had taken over the Navy vessel. It reminded me a little bit of "Restrepo," from the camera crew perspective: You're in the middle of a war, you're getting rocks thrown at you, and you're getting shot at. Even though you had bodyguards, there was a lot of personal danger.

Richard: It was the most dangerous moment of the entire production. It was also the worst case scenario. In all the planning that went into the film, we always said this is what we need to avoid—a flash mob of people trying to come at us from all sides. We were just trying to get out of it alive and keep everyone safe, but at the same time it was also the challenge of actually capturing that moment and everything that came with it and not stop shooting. Even though I was running for my life, I kept the camera rolling on my shoulder and made sure that that red light was on. If you stop shooting, then you may also lose that one opportunity to really get the audience to understand what these people are going through.


Derek: You might not have been worried about framing, but when you see a rock fly by three feet from your feet, you know exactly what's happening.

Richard: Of course. We were hiding behind cars and everything, so I knew what was happening. There was fear, but there was also control in the way of staying focused. What scared me the most was when shots started to appear. We were hearing gunfire, and I didn't know who was shooting at who because we weren't able to see. Did the cartel open fire on us? Is it the Navy shooting at them or in the air? I heard bullets ricocheting off walls around us; that meant that they are firing not in the air but actually at us.

There's stuff that is not in the film, when we got threatened by the cartel right after because they had exposed our identities. They had photographed us, then they followed us home. Then we got direct threats from Oscar Parra. Actually, he requested a meeting with me the following night and said I had to come alone. And I was like, "No, I don't think so."

Derek: I wouldn't have taken that meeting either. There's also a moment where the drone gets shot down. I've known about Sea Shepherd for a long time; they do amazing work. When you see the crew members, they look like a bunch of young kids, but they have to be pretty tough to do that job.

Richard: They are amazing. The average age on ship was 22 and that was just insane, but they're all fired up. They're all activists and wanted to sign up for this battle of the Sea of Cortez. They're very inspiring people. It was always great to be on the ship. I really admire them.

Derek: One of the stories in the film involves the Mexican Navy and how they go from giving you platitudes, then later you're riding along with the Navy. Was it the media pressure that made them change?

Richard: It was actually Carlos Loret de Mola who kept pressuring them: "Show me how you're fighting this war, how you want to win." We were lucky because we were following Carlos; we were sort of his team so they didn't question who we are. We had access to all the operations. But as you see, you think there's something off here: There's all this presence but somehow they're always in the wrong place at the wrong time. They even release the prisoners in the end.

It was after the riots that I confronted the Vice Admiral and asked him, "What the hell is going on? How can you not get on top of that situation?" That's when he told me to stop filming. Then he told me, "Richard, they know where my daughter goes to school, they know where we live, they know the name of my wife, and they will first come for my daughter and kidnap her. Then they will kill her, my wife, and then they will come from me. That's why I'm not getting in their way."

Derek: Do you have any updates since the film has been completed?

Richard: Yes, we're constantly in touch with everybody. Earth League International has put together a new mission to go back in and monitor the situation. Because the totoaba season is just beginning, the cartel is moving in. They have sent out Mexican and Chinese investigators to monitor the trafficking. The good news is that they're dispatching an additional 600 troops to the area and they have committed 14 warships to protect the vaquita refuge.

The president visited the region and started talking about the vaquitas, that they need to save them and offer solutions for all the fishermen. So we are upbeat. Also, six vaquitas have been spotted in early October; some of them are babies, which is fantastic news. It shows us that they're still there and it's not too late.


Stay in touch with Derek on Twitter and Facebook.


Новый альбом: еще музыка для редактуры


Записал 16 инструментальных хип-хоп треков для редактуры. Двойная сатурация, пространство для мыслей, спокойный качающий бит. Работа по ночам вредит вашему здоровью.

Можно слушать в продолжение к первому альбому.

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Frozen's "Let it go" sung in Klingon


Ever wonder what the song "Let it go" from Disney's hit movie Frozen would sound like in Klingon? Me neither but then again, something like that would never even occur to me. But it did occur to Jen Usellis, who performs as the Klingon Pop Warrior.

Listen as she belts out her Klingonese version, called "yIbuSQo'":


After Reddit user staq16 posted the song to Reddit’s Star Trek subreddit earlier this month, the track quickly earned mad parmaq from the forum’s community. However, while most users thought the song was on point, some took issue with the fact that Klingons are known for not enjoying the cold—nor letting things go. They also apparently don’t do a lot of other things.

(Geekologie) Read the rest



今まで前回、次回の記事に手動でリンクを貼っていたが、記事を投稿するたびに複数のファイルを編集しなければならないのがめんどくさいのでやめる。 i


耶穌 萬名之上的名
耶穌 何等寶貴的名
天下人間 別無賜下拯救

耶穌 至善至美的名
耶穌 我最愛慕的名
神獨生子 降卑成為人子


耶穌 萬名之上的名
耶穌 何等寶貴的名
天下人間 別無賜下拯救

耶穌 至尊至聖的名
耶穌 超乎萬有的名
黑暗逃避 帶下自由安寧

是為祂而造 也靠祂而立

黑暗逃避 帶下自由安寧
願榮耀都歸耶穌 (2X)
願榮耀都歸耶穌聖名 (3X)

Jesus, The Name Above All Names

[Verse 1]
Jesus, the name above all names;
Jesus, the one most precious name!

CCLI No.: 
Author (words): 
Author (music): 

徒 4:12, 腓 2:6-11, 西 1:13-17, 來 1:3








唯獨祂是我的磐石,我的拯救 我的高臺


唯獨祂是我的磐石,我的拯救 我的高臺


唯獨祂是我的磐石,我的拯救 我的高臺


Author (words): 
Author (music): 

詩 59:16,62:5,92:2,130:6



詩篇二十三篇 (台語)









Author (words): 
Author (music): 




哈利路亞 哈利路亞
哈利路亞 哈利路 哈利路亞
哈利路亞 哈利路亞
哈利路亞 哈利路亞


A: 哈利路亞 哈利路亞
  哈利路亞 哈利路 哈利路亞
  哈利路亞 哈利路亞
  哈利路亞 哈利路亞

B: 頌讚歸祢 榮耀歸與祢
  智慧 感謝 尊貴 權柄 能力都歸祢
  直到永遠 直到永永遠遠 哈利路亞

Author (words): 
Author (music): 

啟示錄 7:11-12



Episode 153: We Sell Shit

Four close man friends gather around to discuss buying a woman's poop.  This is the Official Podcast. Every Thursday. At 7pm EST. Or Every Wednesday at 7pm on audio. Links below.  GET 20% OFF PREMIUM MEN'S UNDERWEAR AND CLOTHING: visit and use promo code: OFFICIAL at checkout PATREON:  MERCH:  Timestamps: 00:04:20 - Star Wars v. Star Trek 00:07:41 - Our Passions 00:18:21 - Dressing up on Halloween 00:20:50 - Mack Weldon *Ad*  00:24:26 - Used Underwear Tales and Poop Fetishes 00:47:53 - Poop Sniffing Prices 00:56:32 - Lets Talk About Gaming 00:59:55 - Lets Talk About Movies Hosts:  Jackson:  Andrew:  Charlie:  Kaya:  The Official Podcast:  SubReddit:  Google Play:  Google Podcasts:  Soundcloud:  Spotify:  iTunes:  Music by: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

AG Becerra Sues to get Info on Facebook Privacy

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is asking a court to order Facebook to give up information about how it uses Facebook users’ data, and how it protects users’ personal information. The subpoenas stem from Becerra’s investigation of how Facebook gave data on 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica, an organization that used the data for a disinformation campaign to help Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Lawyers Challenge Asylum Turnback Rule

Immigrant and civil rights lawyers are asking a federal judge to block a policy they say restricts access to the asylum process. The advocates say a policy called the “Turnback rule” leaves some asylum seekers waiting in Mexico, where they face violence and an overwhelmed Mexican asylum process, with dim prospects of ever getting an asylum hearing in the United States.
Christopher Martinez reports.


ICE Private Immigrant Detention Move Could Skirt New CA Law

The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is racing the clock to enter new contracts for private immigrant detention centers. ICE is soliciting bids for private detention centers with more than 5,000 beds in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, even as a new state law is set to ban private prisons and detention centers.
Christopher Martinez reports.


House Approves Resolution on Impeachment Process

The House of Representatives has passed a resolution affirming the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and setting up rules on how the House of Representatives will conduct hearings and votes. The resolution sets the stage for open hearings and a process that will allow in-depth questioning of witnesses, potentially leading up to a House vote to impeach President Donald Trump.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Fresno Residents Protest Police Killings, Call for Federal Investigation

Recently released video of a Fresno Police officer shooting an unarmed teenager running away from an arrest has angered Fresno residents, who rallied Monday night. The video has since gone viral and raises more questions about police conduct. Concerned Fresno residents are calling for a federal civil rights investigation of the incident, and for police accountability. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno.


Senators Blast Boeing at Hearing on Airliner Crashes

The head of Boeing testified before a Senate committee Tuesday, fielding sharp questions from senators about the company’s now-grounded new airliner, the 737 MAX. One senator called the planes “flying coffins,” while another said Boeing’s culture is to blame for the fatal crashes.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Asylum Hearing Draws Student Activists in SF

A mother and daughter seeking asylum from Venezuela have won their case, in an immigration hearing attended by college and high students from Berkeley, where the family lives. The activists say they want to set a precedent that no one will deported from Berkeley, where opposition to the Trump administration’s immigration policies runs high.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Fresno Police Embroiled in Another Shooting Controversy

The Fresno Police force is embroiled in another shooting controversy. This time it’s over the killing two years ago of an unarmed teenage suspect shot in the back of the head as he was running away from the officers. Sixteen-year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding was fatally wounded on April 15, 2017 with a single shot to the head as he fled after police stopped a car he was in along with his brother. New video footage of the incident was released last week by Stuart Chandler, the attorney representing the boy’s father, who is suing the city. The boy’s mother is also filing a lawsuit and is being represented by attorney Michael Haddad of Oakland. The family alleges that Police Sargent Ray Villalzavo used excessive and unlawful deadly force and committed assault and battery with negligence. Fresno police chief, Andy Hall, the Fresno County District Attorney and the City’s Office of Independent Review all determined that the shooting was justifiable. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno.


Feds Plan to Export More Delta Water a Recipe for Extinction

The Trump Administration plans to dramatically increase water diversions from the Bay Delta to San Joaquin Valley farmers. It’s part of a new plan to operate California’s federal waters known as the Central Valley Project. Under the guidance of a new set of biological opinions, Bay Delta water deliveries will be maximized while protection for endangered species, such as Delta Smelt and Chinook Salmon, will be relaxed. Environmental advocates and some Democratic politicians attacked the move as a plan for extinction. They’re waiting now to see how state officials will respond to the new measures. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno.


EFF Asks Court to Curb Access to License Plate Databases

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is asking a state appeals court to say that data collected from automated license plate readers is private, and police should get a warrant before using that data. The non-profit digital rights group says license plate data is often stored for years, giving police sensitive information about people’s lives, such as where they worship, who their friends are, and what meetings they attend.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Trump Sues California Over Cap & Trade Agreement with Quebec

The Trump administration is suing California over the state’s climate agreement with the Canadian province of Quebec. The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in California, says the Western Climate Agreement violates constitutional bars against states conducting foreign policy or signing treaties with other countries.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Court Hears Arguments on Indefinite Detention for Asylum Seekers

A federal appeals court in San Francisco had tough questions for Trump administration lawyers who want to hold asylum seekers in indefinite detention. The federal government is challenging a federal trial court order that requires bond hearings for asylum seekers who have shown a credible fear of persecution and are awaiting an immigration court hearing.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Fed Rule Aims to Collect DNA from Detained Immigrants

The Trump administration is proposing a rule to collect DNA from immigrants in federal custody. Immigrant rights and civil liberties advocates are blasting the move, but one bioethicist says the rule might not really mark a big change from current law.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Gov. Newsom Joins Homelessness Day of Action

Governor Gavin Newsom welcomed homeless people and volunteers at a one-day one-stop center to provide services to the homeless in San Francisco. Newsom says the Project Homeless Connect’s 75th “Day of Action” is a model for other cities that he hopes can be scaled up, even while the Federal government, in his words, is walking away from the issue of housing and homelessness.
Christopher Martinez reports.


State Regulator to Hold Emergency Meeting on PGE Blackouts

Governor Gavin Newsom is calling on PG&E to pay customers who were affected by the largest public safety power shutoff in California history. The California Public Utilities Commission will be holding a meeting Friday to hear from utility executives and the public, as controversy continues about how the blackouts were carried out.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Briceburg Fire Spreads Along Merced River

The Briceburg Fire in the Merced River Canyon has burned close to 5000 acres over the past three days. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno. Photo is the 2018 Ferguson Fire.


Proposed Regulations Aim to Protect Californians' Privacy

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has unveiled proposed regulations aimed at protecting people’s personal data that is collected and sold by businesses. The proposed regulations would require companies to include a “do not sell” link on their websites, along with other measures to protect personal data privacy.
Christopher Martinez reports.


PGE's Mass Blackouts Spark Outrage

Debate is raging over Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s massive rolling blackouts aimed at preventing wildfires. Some critics say the utility company is protecting its shareholders from wildfire costs, at the expense of communities left without electrical power.
Christopher Martinez reports.


California Could Miss Climate Goals by 100 Years

A new report says California could miss its climate targets on greenhouse gas reductions by decades. The group Next 10 has released its latest “California Green Innovation Index”, warning that the state could miss its greenhouse gas reduction goal for 2050 by more than 100 years if the current pace of emissions holds.
Christopher Martinez reports.


San Francisco Launching New Conservatorship for Mentally Ill, Substance Users

San Francisco is moving forward with a new conservatorship program that will provide court-ordered mental health and substance use treatment for people who refuse voluntary treatment. It’s a pilot program under the newly-signed Senate Bill 40 law.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Newsom Signs First Major Overhaul of Charter Schools Law

Governor Gavin Newsom has signed into law the first major overhaul of the charter school law since it was enacted 27 years ago. The new law is AB 1505, a measure that ramps up oversight and gives school districts more power to deny new charter school applications.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Court Hears Challenges to Trump's Public Charge Immigration Rule

Another Trump administration immigration proposal has come up for a court challenge. A federal court in Oakland has heard arguments over whether it should block a new rule that would expand limits on what kinds of health and welfare programs immigrants can use without jeopardizing their immigration status or applications for citizenship.
Christopher Martinez reports.


ACLU Challenges New Asylum Rules in Court

Lawyers for the ACLU and the Trump administration traded arguments in cases involving new Trump administration policies on asylum. Plaintiffs are asking the 9th Circuit Appeals Court in San Francisco to overturn the controversial rules.
Christopher Martinez reports.


Environmental Advocates Express Dismay in the Wake of SB 1 Veto

Environmental advocates are expressing dismay and a growing distrust toward governor Gavin Newsom in the wake of his vetoing Senate Bill 1. The legislation passed by large margins in both houses. It would have erected a legal shield against the Trump Administration’s attempts to weaken environmental protection of the California’s natural resources. Vic Bedoian reports from Fresno.


LL76 - Sly Cooper and The Cowboy Coins


This week on Last Lives...Jbone and Sam G are joined again by Evan Valentine of to talk about everyone's favorite wise-cracking racoon NOT named Rocket, SLY COOPER! The boys take it back to the PS2 era to talk Stealth Mascot Platforming and what made the Sly Cooper series a cut above the rest of the critters! Plus Past Due News and Checkpoint Chatter!

Music by @5am.atl on instagram...NEW ALBUM "NIGHT WERKS 4: The Late Shift" AVAILABLE NOW! 


E125: The SIN Of Anxiety, Worry & Fear


Worry refuses to know God. It refuses to trust God. It refuses to love God. Ergo, worry is a serious sin. Rich and Doug discuss how to tackle this demon in this epic podcast.


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Mopidy: Home Jukebox

I started using Mopidy recently, and found it to be quite useful. Mopidy is a music server, that plays music from local disk, or streams music from the cloud like Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. From your phone, tablet, or computer, you can control the playlist from your phone, tablet, or computer with […]

El 2020 tendrá menos escuelas de difícil acceso en Caldas




El año nuevo empezará en Caldas con 147 zonas menos de difícil acceso, es decir que a igual número de docentes les removerán la bonificación de 15% del salario que reciben por enseñar en estas áreas rurales.

La noticia fue publicada en una resolución del 31 de octubre de la Secretaría de Educación Departamental. Samaná fue de los municipios que más perdió zonas, pasó de 92 a 71, Pensilvania, también en el oriente, cierra este año con 85 y empezará el otro con 71. Viterbo de 9 pasó a 0.

El secretario de este despacho, Marcelo Gutiérrez, explicó que según el decreto 521 del 2010. Ver recuadro Condiciones. "Nos basamos en las certificaciones que mandaron las alcaldías y las empresas de transporte. El criterio que se venía manejando es que existiera una sola frecuencia de ida o vuelta o de horarios. Nos acogemos a la norma taxativamente". Invita a los docentes a reclamar si existe algún error, la Secretaría evaluará la información.

En el 2010 había 556 zonas de difícil acceso, y el mayor número que se alcanzó en los últimos 10 años fue el de este año, con 658. Algunos docentes consultados aseguraron que aunque hay ruta, no coincide con el horario de ingreso de los profes y el comienzo de la jornada académica.

Claudia Vélez

Sede: Quiebra de Roque

I.E. La Estrella

Vereda: Quiebra de Roque

Número de estudiantes: 140

Municipio: Norcasia

Trayecto: 25 kilómetros

Duración: hora y media, desde Norcasia.

"Estamos preocupados porque no sabemos qué va a pasar, además van a pagar un retroactivo y a nosotros no nos lo van a pagar. Pagamos una jaulita (camioneta) que nos trae los lunes y nos devuelve los viernes. Si salimos de afán o tenemos una cita nos toca pagar y vale unos 50 mil pesos trasportarse en una moto. Vivo en Norcasia los fines de semana y en Quiebra de Roque entre semana. Llevo tres años y tres meses. Los que trabajamos aquí somos unos berriondos, los que vienen no se quedan porque es muy duro".

John Jaime Giraldo

Sede: Jhon F. Kennedy

I.E.: Llanogrande

Vereda: La Esperanza

Número de estudiantes: 12

Municipio: Neira

Trayecto: 45 kilómetros.

Duración: hora y media, desde Villamaría.

"Es una medida muy arbitraria. Llevo seis años en la escuela de la vereda La Esperanza, siempre ha sido declarada zona de difícil acceso, como lo es realmente. Vivo en Villamaría. Viajo por la ruta Villa Pilar-Quiebra de Vélez-Lisboa-La Esperanza. La parte dura, carretera destapada, se hace como en 50 minutos, en invierno es más tiempo. La moto requiere reparación constante. En eso invertía la bonificación, ahora me va a tocar sacarla del sueldo".

El colegio Llanogrande, al cual pertenece la escuela Jhon F. Kennedy (Neira), tenía este año 11 sedes en zonas de difícil acceso. Para el 2020 bajó a 5.

Por años

La Secretaría de Educación de Caldas ha determinado en los últimos años el siguiente número de sedes en zonas de difícil acceso:

Año  y número de sedes educativas en zona de difícil acceso

2020: 511

2019: 658

2018: 649

2017: 597

2016: 606

2015: 619

2014: 593


El decreto 521 del 2010 establece que son zonas de difícil acceso:

1. Que sea necesaria la utilización habitual de dos o más medios de transporte para una desplazamiento hasta el perímetro urbano.

2. Que no existan vías de comunicación que permitan el tránsito motorizado durante la mayor parte del año lectivo.

3. Que la prestación del servicio público de transporte terrestre, fluvial o marítimo tenga una sola frecuencia, ida o vuelta diaria.


Curioso: grado del antiguo colegio de Cristo


LA PATRIA | Manizales

El Colegio de Cristo fue uno de los primeros emblemas de la educación en Manizales. La historia indica que en 1891 empezaron a llegar a la ciudad comunidades religiosas, las cuales abrieron centros de enseñanza. Los Hermanos Maristas, le dieron apertura al suyo en 1907.

A mediados de los años 70 del siglo XX esta comunidad decidió construir un colegio para personas de escasos recursos. Por tal motivo, cerró el de carácter privado, que funcionaba donde hoy es la sede del Liceo Isabel la Católica.

Aquí llega lo más curioso. Un grupo de exalumnos del viejo Colegio de Cristo que no alcanzó a graduarse allí, por el cambio, decidió tener una ceremonia simbólica en este 2019.

Ellos debieron terminar el bachillerato en otros colegios en los años 76, 77 y 78. El acto será el sábado próximo, a las 7:00 p.m. en el actual colegio de Cristo.


A partir de hoy una programación que será encabezada por el hermano marista Andrés Hurtado García, reconocido periodista, ecologista y fotógrafo, quien enseñó en el Cristo de aquella época.

Precisamente Hurtado García dictará hoy la conferencia Travesía por el páramo de Pisba, a propósito del Bicentenario de la Independencia, sellada con la Batalla de Boyacá.

La charla está prevista para las 7:00 p.m. en el salón Cumanday del Teatro Fundadores. Mañana será la misa a las 6:00 p.m. en el Cristo. El sábado, en el mismo lugar, disfrutarán la tarde cultural, que incluirá conversación con Hurtado García y el también hermano Raúl Echeverri.


Get Connected with Mladen Tomic – 057 – Guest Mix by Sinisa Tamamovic

Get Connected with Mladen Tomic – 057 – Guest Mix by Sinisa Tamamovic – Live at DKC Incel, 05.10.2019. Track list is not available. SOUNDCLOUD MIXCLOUD YOUTUBE DIFM DEEZER

Rachel Fox on Kundalini and Meditation - June 29, 2017


Rachel FoxThis started more as a personal stories type of show, but then turned more interview about Rachel's experiences and methods of meditation. We talk about what her Kundalini awakening did for her, and what types of meditation she uses, and why.

You can contact Rachel at

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I will personally be joining the August and September trips to Nicaragua as a facilitator and meditation instructor.

To meditate with Rachel:

From your home-

In person MWF 8-8:45am @ Mystic Journey in Venice, CA,
*beginning 6/26

To have an intention bracelet made by Rachel:
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Extra Media DIY Kickball


Check it out, one weekend, no budget, 3 videos, 1 podcast, countless photos, laughs, smiles and good times!

Photo Gallery As seen on DIG MAG!

More Photos can be seen on the Least Most!

Have fun everyday, and support your local bike shop!


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Multado por desnudarse en el altar de la Catedral Basílica de Manizales



Un video de alguien que cruza la carrera 22 con destino a la Catedral Basílica de Manizales portando abrigo, zapatos de tacón y cabeza y rostro cubiertos con plástico se volvió viral en redes sociales y desató reacciones por su final. Es un hombre que ingresó al templo y se desnudó en pleno altar como parte de un performance.

Esto ocurrió el sábado a la 1:30 p.m. El párroco de la Catedral y vicario general de la Arquidiócesis de Manizales, Efraín Castaño, cuenta que dentro de la iglesia no se celebraba a esa hora ninguna liturgia, pero que había gente orando.

“Cuenta el vigilante que de repente entró un grupo de jóvenes, uno levantó su sospecha por el atuendo y la cara tapada. Se vio que detrás de él venía el resto de jóvenes con cámaras. El del abrigo entró por todo el centro de la Catedral, y cuando menos se pensó subió al altar, se volteó hacia la gente, se quitó el abrigo y quedó totalmente desnudo. Tiró el abrigo a un lado y empezaron a tomarle fotos y a hacerle videos.

“El vigilante se abalanzó a cubrirlo. Las personas que oraban empezaron a gritarle: irrespetuoso, y los que iban con él le decían a la gente: ustedes son unos incultos, no saben de arte; ignorantes. De lado y lado ya estaban enardecidos. Se fue formando un rifirrafe no conveniente. El hombre no quería cubrirse de nuevo con el abrigo. El vigilante lo cogió de un brazo y lo fue sacando hacia la puerta. Se llamó a la Policía, que acudió de inmediato y ayudó a sacarlo en forma serena, porque casi lo linchan”.

No tenía permiso
El secretario de Gobierno Municipal, Hernando Peláez, explicó que el colectivo Tejiendo Tactos solicitó permiso para realizar el Cuarto Festival Internacional de Performance con actividades de tipo cultural en espacios públicos.

“Pero no desnudos, ni dentro de la Catedral que es un espacio privado de la Iglesia Católica; distinto a si lo hubieran hecho en el atrio o en las escaleras y sus entornos, que se pueden considerar públicos. Jamás íbamos a conceder un permiso para violar una norma del Código Nacional de Policía”.

El secretario agregó que la Policía le impuso al hombre un comparendo tipo 3, abogando el derecho a la tranquilidad y las relaciones respetuosas en espacios privados (artículos 31 y 32 del Código). Deberá pagar una multa de 16 salarios mínimos diarios legales vigentes ($441 mil 709).

“Fue tan adrede lo que hicieron, que empezaron a grabar desde la primera escala de la Catedral. Tenían la intención de hacer la demostración”, agregó Peláez.

En la tarde de ayer el arzobispo de Manizales, monseñor Gonzalo Restrepo, expidió un comunicado condenando y rechazando todo acto profano y de irrespeto a los templos y lugares sagrados de la Iglesia Católica. “Este hecho es ofensivo y se constituye en un atentado contra la fe y todos los católicos. La ciudad no se promueve culturalmente con actos irrespetuosos, más aún, cuando se trata no solo de un templo sagrado sino de un Monumento Nacional y Bien de Interés Cultural”.

El multado
Mateo Hoyos Restrepo, de 23 años, estudiante de 10 semestre de la Licenciatura en Artes Escénicas en la Universidad de Caldas, fue quien se desnudó en el altar de la Catedral. Dice que lo hizo como invitado al festival de performance el 1 y el 2 de noviembre, por los colectivos Tejiendo Tactos y Semillero de Performance.

“Participaron varias personas con actividades en parques, pero mi acción nace de un proyecto de investigación denominado: Límites. Experiencia de un cuerpo profano. Consistía en entrar a la Catedral con unos símbolos y ver cómo el espectador reacciona. Al momento de la acción la gente fue un poco violenta, me quería golpear. La Policía me brindó protección”.

Reconoció que no pidieron permiso y que tiene que responder pagando la multa. “Asumo lo que hice. Para mi acción pensé muchas veces en pedir el permiso, pero realmente quería transgredir, ver qué pasa con una persona que expone una posibilidad diferente de expresión. Si entraba desnudo no podía cumplir la acción, hubiese sido expulsado de inmediato. Haberlo hecho en una iglesia de otra religión no hubiera causado tanta euforia. Para la gente fue una inmoralidad inmensa, para mi no porque el arte debe ser amoral”.

Hoyos dijo que se le han acercado desde el martes muchos abogados buscando tomar su caso, pero él considera que como sería un trámite muy demorado, pagará la multa. “Si pido perdón sería abucheado por la misma sociedad. No me siento arrepentido. El día anterior a mi acción fui a la Catedral a hacer una súplica a Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro, me arrodillé y le supliqué que por favor no fuera tan grave el asunto. Si no hubiese hecho eso las cosas hubiesen sido peor”.

Espacio sagrado
El vicario general de la Arquidiócesis, Efraín Castaño, explica por qué es sagrado un altar.

- ¿Este hecho se considera una profanación?
Sí, porque es hacer lo indebido en un lugar que está consagrado. El altar es para una celebración eucarística, no para celebraciones teatrales, y mucho menos de este tipo.

- ¿Qué medidas toma la Iglesia Católica sobre una persona que comete un acto de profanación?
El arzobispo de Manizales ya determinará si hay excomunión o simplemente un llamado de atención.

- ¿En qué casos se determina una excomunión?
Es posible que no haya excomunión, que se produce cuando es un acto contra la eucaristía, por ejemplo cuando una persona se roba una hostia consagrada o el sagrario con hostias, que para nosotros los católicos es lo más sagrado.

- ¿Tomarán medidas, como cerrar los templos para el acceso de cualquier persona?
La Iglesia Católica seguirá con sus templos de puertas abiertas, claro que con la vigilancia requerida.




Permiso de la Secretaría de Gobierno 




"Madeleine” by Alexander Biggs - A Song Feature


       Alexander Biggs takes a Trojan Horse approach to his songwriting. His calming voice and the gentleness of the melody and instruments construct an inviting vehicle, and it is only after investigating the contents that the troubling core is revealed. That songwriting approach applies equally to "Madeleine” and Biggs’ preceding single "Miserable,” which reflects upon the impact that a person’s sadness can have on others, particularly loved ones.

     "Madeleine” begins with an uncomplicated yet remarkably alluring acoustic guitar and the peaceful vocals of Alexander Biggs. Atmospheric sounds swirl in the background without intruding into the beauty of the melody. The introduction of finger-picking electric guitar at the bridge (1:48) only enhances the attraction to “Madeleine.”

     Other than an “F bomb” that drops from seemingly nowhere (1:05), there isn’t even a tiny hint that the lyrics are unsettling, until attention is turned to the description of a person with anger issues and a potential drug problem (k-hole in the taxi). The song is a consequence of a few toxic relationships:
  “It’s almost a caricature, but what makes it so visceral is that we’ve all seen this in someone, maybe even ourselves. This person is violent and destructive, chaotic and thrashing about, but they’re also deeply despondent and in a lot of pain. It’s a reflection upon the awful ways in which we can express our pain, and hopefully one that can be helpful.”

     Alexander Biggs is based in Melbourne, Australia. Quoting a bio:
The 25-year-old songwriter has supported top tier talent including Julien Baker, Frightened Rabbit & Evan Dando (The Lemonheads), received tastemaker support from folks at triple j, BBC Radio 1 and KCRW, and independently amassed over 6 million streams on Spotify. His distinctly gentle vocals, stinging lyricism, melodic ingenuity and evocative acoustic arrangements so effectively encapsulate the ambiguous pain of early adulthood — loneliness, lostness and nostalgia for a more carefree time. 

"Madeleine” by Alexander Biggs

Lyrics of "Madeleine” by Alexander Biggs
I wanna see you fight for the hell of it
Pulling out your knife in the street light
Shining so dull on the glitter that flickers like lightning
Bouncing off the back of your blade

I wanna see some blood on your fingernails
Clawing at the club line’s vanity
There’s a pretty face in there too smart for her own good
You’re bound to put her in her place

And on the short ride home, we’ll k-hole in the taxi
I don’t wanna feel a thing at all
I’ve been losing all my lovers
Is this what you wanted, Madeleine?

I wanna get fucked up like a holiday
Spending half my night in the pouring rain
Oh I wanna numb my fingers and numb my brain
Til I can’t feel anything at all

I wanna stay this drunk, wanna celebrate
Moving bar to bar like a slow parade
Oh, I wanna ride like lightning and crash like thunder
Riding down the tracks in our brain

I got that sick, sick feeling to hurt somebody
Babe, I think there’s something wrong in my brain
I’ve been losing all my lovers
Is this what you wanted Madeleine?

And the sun has been out since I’ve been coming down
I don’t know how much more I can take
I’ve been lost I’ve been found asleep on the couch
Just waiting for the light to fade
And I’m trying to work out our wandering doubt
Oh loving you is hard somedays

I’ve been losing all my lovers is this what you wanted, Madeleine?
I’ve been losing all my lovers is this what you wanted, Madeleine?


“Caught In Doors” by The Golden Age of TV - A Song Feature


      It’s as though The Golden Age of TV held an “ideation meeting” in which the members individually lobbied for their personal favorite frenetic compositions, then compromised when someone suggested playing them simultaneously. Ingeniously, it worked! “Caught In Doors” is formidable during its fast-paced navigation through a song with intriguing eccentricities.

     “Caught In Doors” is a texture wonderland, as the vocals of Bea Fletcher often reside in a layer separated from those of the other instruments, while the bass and dual lead guitars are allowed to function seemingly independently in terms of riffs, tonality and even melody. The percussion dictates the rhythm, but with attention-grabbing fills and flurries.

     Lyrically, “Caught In Doors” is about being trapped in an unwelcome situation and how it can lead to frustration if left unattended. Bea Fletcher explains:
  “‘Caught In Doors’ is the feeling of being stuck in one place, struggling to move. Financially, socially, in a career - whatever it is; it's about the need to switch up your routine or change your image. In the chorus, ‘seeing my hair.., collecting in piles’ metaphors that build up of an itch for change.”

     The Golden Age of TV are Bea Fletcher (vocals), Ciaran Scanlon (bass), Sam Carty (guitar, keys), Ryan Bird (guitar), and Joshua Ketch (drums). They are a UK band based in Leeds. “Caught In Doors” is a single from their upcoming self-titled EP.

     “Caught In Doors” by The Golden Age of TV



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Jazz Music News, Press Releases : Singer John Allee melds jazz with Shakespeare

Author: js
Subject: Singer John Allee melds jazz with Shakespeare
Posted: 04 Nov 2019 at 8:28pm


(for your eyes/ears only... please don't share/post, except feel free to post VIDEO link!)

"Now entertain conjecture of a time - maybe it's 1958, maybe it's 1598, maybe it's today..." With those words, spoken slyly over a cool, hipster jazz groove, JOHN ALLEE draws us into BARDFLY, an otherworldly, super-literate and supremely swinging realm that finds the veteran stage and TV actor, singer-songwriter and all-around creative hyphenate fusing his dual lifelong passions for all things Shakespeare and jazz.

Showcasing his wide array of talents as a vocalist, composer, lyricist and dramatic performer, the eclectic 13-track set - in which he assumes the persona of Feste "The Bardfly" Johnson - mines compelling verses from a wide swath of the Bard's canon from Othello to Henry IV as a foundation for everything from blues, ballads and hymns to compelling spoken word and swingin' ditties. An award-winning author and composer of musical plays, the Los Angeles based Allee composed all the music for BARDFLY. While he set some of Shakespeare's lyrics directly to music, on seven pieces he added words and phrases to dazzling dramatic effect, essentially becoming a co-writer with his muse. Allee also wrote the clever "Bardfly Blues," the opening number which serves as an invitation into the overall experience.

The collection finds Allee ensembling with a quintet of some of the most storied jazz cats in L.A., including MAHESH BALASOORIYA (longtime touring pianist with Arturo Sandoval), drummer AARON MCLENDON (Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox, Taylor Eigsti), bassist DOMINIC THIROUX (Kamasi Washington, Renee Olstead), saxophonist JAVIER VERGARA (aka the "Mexican Coltrane," who has played extensively with Poncho Sanchez) and trumpeter MATT VON RODERICK (Brad Mehldau, John Medeski).

Allee's first professional "collaboration" with the Bard came via an LA Opera production of Benjamin Britten's musical adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream, directed by Gordon Davidson in which he played an airborne Puck. Among dozens of stage credits, Allee's career since has included performances in other Shakespeare plays. In fact, BARDFLY grew organically out of Allee's role as Twelfth Night's Feste the Clown in a theatrical mashup called Barfly Shakespeare, presented at a night club in North Hollywood. He was tasked by the director with coming up with a jazz club vibe for the tunes and first landed on "The Wind and the Rain," which he recast as an easy swinging, hepster strut. He would later choose that tune as the perfect closer to the album.
"People who are perhaps not so well-versed in Shakespeare may not know this," the singer says, "but all of his plays had music in them. And he included lyrics to many songs in his works. When I first started playing around with his lyrics, I realized that they are almost like beat poetry -- they sound so cool when you swing them. He was also a shameless adapter of songs. So taking his lead, I gave myself permission to adapt his songs, sometimes even grabbing little snippets of lyrics he references in a scene and developing them into full blown songs," as Allee did with the penultimate ballad "Never Come Again," based on Ophelia's scattered ramblings in her famous mad scene from Hamlet.

"Shakespeare was all about dichotomy," says Allee "light and dark, tragic and comic, lowly and exalted." And it's a blast to follow the highs, lows and dynamic rhythmic variations from track to track, scene by scene. Allee caps his opener by segueing soulfully into the torchy, jazzy blues of "Samingo," then eases into the gently reflective piano driven ballad "Until the Break of Day." It's not all gloomy for Ophelia, as Allee sends up another of her well-worn catches with dazzling original lyrics, turning "Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day" into a witty and playful romp as he duets with Von Roderick's snazzy trumpet over a marching, swinging New Orleans beat. Allee keeps the NOLA magic boppin' on the high octane "Philomel/Hold Thy Peace," a medley of weaving spiders and thorny hedgehogs.

Allee is all about romantic jazz with "Mistress Mine" (wistfully singing the famous line "present mirth hath present laughter") and "Sigh No More," sweet, reflective ballads that showcase the gentler side of his artistry. Taking its title to heart, the singer roars in witty talk-sing  conversation with the horns through the sexy, seductive prowling of "The Hungry Lion." "Green Willow," a hypnotic ballad based on Desdemona's famous prescient lament in Othello, finds Allee artfully bridging the worlds of jazz and musical theatre."Full Fathom Five" is a melancholy hymn of varying tempos with a whimsical 5/4 coda. One of BARDFLY's most buoyant numbers is the bold and brassy "Heigh Ho the Holly," a straight-ahead jazz tune that showcases the instrumental soloists' virtuosic chops over some tricky changes. True to the dichotomous nature of the project, he follows this with the solemn yet somehow life affirming ballad "Come Away Death" before taking us out on a high note.

About John Allee
John Allee is an American actor, singer and songwriter, best known for playing the role of Pasha on the Golden Globe-nominated Starz limited series Flesh and Bone (2015), and for his stage work in Los Angeles. His theatre career has included performances from Off-Broadway to Pre-Broadway to Europe, the Soviet Union and the West Coast, including such top venues as the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, The Wiltern Theatre, The Mark Taper Forum, Pasadena Playhouse, Arizona Theatre Company, San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House and Houston's Wortham Theatre Center. Allee is a recipient of the ASCAP/Sammy Cahn Award for excellence in lyric writing (past winners include John Mayer) and his music has been featured Off-Broadway, in regional theatre, and on TV. Recording under the "nom-de-pop" Johnnye Allee, he released his folk-pop/roots rock driven debut Unless It Isn't in 2007, which American Songwriter magazine called "a stunning suite of songs" and in 2016 dropped the piano and vocal album Expect Delays.

BARDFLY will be available in stores and online everywhere on October 11, 2019. A single from the album, "Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day," will be released on September 20th.


BEASTS & PRIESTS by Cassandra Swan


You can listen to this soundtrack on track 2. “BEASTS & PRIESTS ” by Cassandra Swan. For those who proclaim, wail and chant of God, and quote, unswerving, from his best-selling, iron rod -the contents of which are tampered text – adapted to suit the third and fourth sex. Will beasts soon be scribing


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Full Circle Magazine: Full Circle Weekly News #152


Project Trident Ditches BSD for Linux
Hyperbola GNU / Linux-libre releases “Milky Way” v0.3
Ubuntu “Complete” sound: Canonical

Theme Music: From The Dust – Stardust


PANNDORA: Assista ao videoclipe de “False Excuses” do recém lançado “Uranie”


O novo álbum da banda de Heavy Metal paranaense PANNDORA acaba de ser lançado oficialmente, pela gravadora francesa Infernö Records. “Uranie” marca uma nova fase da carreira da banda, que agora conta com Renata Paschoa (vocal), Luana Maran e Luana Bomb (guitarras), Taise Bijora (baixo) e Adrismith (bateria). Além do show eletrizante ocorrido no sábado passado em Curitiba, onde estreou a guitarrista Luana Maran, a PANNDORA divulga também o vídeo clipe para a música “False Excuses”, complementando assim a promoção do novo álbum.

Assista ao vídeo clipe:

Um dos destaques de “Uranie” é sua capa, criada pelo artista gráfico Leo Antunes, trazendo a ideia do que acontece em nosso mundo, desde os primórdios – a destruição física e moral, oriunda pelos humanos. Onde a terra está em chamas, sendo emanada da caixa de Pandora (representado pela mitologia grega, onde diz que Pandora, sendo a primeira mulher que existiu, abriu uma caixa inadvertidamente que havia recebido de presente, onde todos os males escaparam, exceto a esperança). Também é o nome de um planeta na constelação de Andrômeda, segundo um livro de mesmo nome, escrito pelo francês Camille Flamarion, onde diz que esse planeta, seria bem mais evoluído moralmente que a terra. Ao fundo da ilustração temos uma pintura do apocalipse, retratada na destruição de Pompéia, no ano 79, onde a cidade foi totalmente petrificada. Então a capa, num todo, retrata a destruição do planeta Terra pelos humanos, tendo como esperança para a humanidade o planeta Uranie.

A PANNDORA divulga também seu novo merchandising, com versões em CD e K7 de “Uranie”. Aos interessados, entrar em contato pelo e-mail

Abaixo, os itens disponíveis:

Fita K7 “Uranie” – R$ 15,00 + correio
Botton “Uranie” – R$ 5,00 + correio
CD “Uranie” – R$ 20,00 + correio
Patch – R$ 10,00 + correio

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Assessoria de Imprensa:


FRACTAL UNIVERSE disponibiliza o live vídeo de “Fundamental Dividing Principle”


A Metal Blade Records disponibilizou via Youtube, o live vídeo de “Fundamental Dividing Principle” uma das faixas do novo álbum intitulado “Rhizomes of Insanity”, da banda de Progressive/Technical Death Metal francesa FRACTAL UNIVERSE.

“Rhizomes of Insanity” foi gravado entre Maio e Julho de 2018, com bateria gravada no Ghost City Recordings com Nikita Kamprad, e mixagem e masterização feitas novamente pelo engenheiro de longa data da banda, Flavien Morel, do Boundless Productions Studios.

“Rhizomes of Insanity” foi lançado no dia 19 de Abril de 2019 via Metal Blade Records.

01. Oneiric Realisations
02. Flashes of Potentialities
03. Rising Oblivion
04. A Reality to Foreclose
05. Masterpiece's Parallelism
06. Parabola of Silence
07. Madness' Arabesques
08. Architectural Aberrations
09. Fundamental Dividing Principle
10. Chiasmus of the Damned
11. Collective Engram

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WAR-HEAD revela a capa e o tracklist do seu novo álbum


A banda croata de Thrash Metal WAR-HEAD, revelou a capa e o tracklist do seu novo álbum intitulado “Monuments Of Fallacy”, que será lançado no dia 29 de Novembro de 2019 via Inferno Records.

“Monuments Of Fallacy” foi gravado, mixado e masterizado no Armageddon Studio em Osijek na Croácia, entre Dezembro de 2016 e Setembro de 2017. A arte de capa ficou a cargo de Dejan Slavuljica.

Mais novidades serão reveladas em breve.

01 – Overture for Hell’s Orchestra
02 – Creatures from the Depth (Featuring Aleksandra Stamenković of Jenner)
03 – My Scars will Speak
04 – Apocalyptic Thunder (Featuring Jérôme Point-Canovas of Loudblast)
05 – Monuments of Fallacy
06 – Kings and Pawns (Featuring Max Mayhem of Evil Invaders)
07 – Hail to the Void (Featuring Arnd Klink of Darkness)
08 – Terror, War, Fear
09 – Detonation (Featuring Andy Gutjahr of Tankard)
10 – Deathrash Armageddon (Bonus Track

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Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (CTS, 2019) *****

By Martin Schray

The waiting has come to an end - Matana Roberts is back with the fourth chapter of her outstanding Coin Coin series, which has rightfully been praised as the most interesting long-term project in modern jazz. For those not familiar with the idea of the project: the first three Coin Coin albums, Gens de Couleurs Libres, Mississippi Moonchile, and River Run Thee, released between 2011 and 2015, were supposed to present history from a different perspective. Coin Coin has been planned as a 12-part magnum opus based on the life story of the former slave and later entrepreneur Marie Thérèse Coincoin, who lived in Louisiana at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century and was an ancestor of Roberts, whose parents moved from the South to Chicago and also used Coincoin as a nickname for their daughter. The project is therefore also a personal quest for one's own roots, but in the sense of an alternative historiography it’s much more than that. As a result, this album - like its predecessors - is both field research, political intervention, and sound event at the same time.

On Memphis, Roberts displays a vision of the past, the memories of a young woman whose parents were killed by the KKK, a story handed down to her by her Memphis-born grandmother. Roberts structures this story on the basis of a sequence of weekdays, at first the atmosphere seems idyllic and peaceful - from the child's point of view everything is rather jaunty, symbolised in the repeated phrase “I am a child of the wind / even daddy said so / we used to race and I would always win and he said / run baby run / run like the wind / that's it, the wind / the memory is the most unusual thing / peace be still“. However, in “All Things Beautiful“ this phrase gets a deeper, dramatic meaning, because the playful context is suddenly gone, everything becomes deadly serious: the little girl has to run for her life, because the family is hunted down by a racist mob. The girl manages to escape in the woods but is never to see her parents again.

Apart from the multidisciplinary aesthetics and narrative power Roberts has used on the previous Coin Coin albums, she has also presented different compositional approaches - she calls this “Panorama Sound Quilting“ -, the music arrangements ranged from big band to sextet to solo. Her music has mostly been categorized as free jazz but in reality it’s more like a cacophonous soundtrack consisting of a loud bouquet of horns, ouds, jaw harps, mouth organs, violins, guitars and vibraphones. That’s why Memphis is reminiscent of Gens de Couleurs Libres, like on the first part of the series, Roberts uses blues, Latin American music, and gospel motives, she even quotes jazz classics (here “St. Louis Blues“ in “Fit to be Tied“). In the longest piece (the album consists of 13 tracks but is rather one long suite), “Trail of the Smiling Sphinx“, Roberts layers bluegrass fiddles, freely improvising wind instruments and dark rhythms on top of each other, a fascinating mess of styles that points out that the blacks and whites in the South were clearly separated (“the house of god, they say, was no place for the mixing of races“, the child remembers someone say at the end of the track).

Moreover, Roberts uses different vocal and verbal techniques: folk song, recitation, cathartic throat screaming, opera voice, soft lullaby, choir music, call-and-response schemes - in general the revival of various American folk traditions and spirituals. Still, in the center there’s always Roberts and her instrument - the alto saxophone. For Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis, Roberts founded a new band with Hannah Marcus (guitars, violin, accordion), percussionist Ryan Sawyer, the Montréal bassist Nicolas Caloia, and Sam Shalabi on guitar and oud (she has worked with him on her Feldspar album), as well as the extraordinary New-York-based trombonist Steve Swell and the vibraphonist Ryan White as special guests. Surrounded by these excellent musicians, Roberts’s alto is at its most sublime place, at the same time integrated into their sounds and dominating them. This arrangement makes her sound radiating even more beautiful.

In a nutshell: Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis is the next element of Roberts’s contribution to 21st century liberation music, oscillating between meditative evocative explorations, jazz tradition and free improvisations. Without any doubt my album of the year.

Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis is available on vinyl (180g LP), CD and as a download. You can buy it from the label.

You can listen to parts of the album here:


Direct download problems continue.


Unfortunately for the last couple of weeks our Soundcloud account has been serving up incorrect filenames when trying to directly download from Soundcloud has yet to fix this issue and I haven't decided how much longer I want to wait for it. If you are a direct downloader, you can temporarily fix the problem by renaming the generic filename of "Soundcloud Download" to have a .mp3 after it. Our file naming system is FTLYYYY-MM-DD.mp3, but you can name the files whatever you want, so long as it ends in .mp3, it should play back just fine on your preferred listening device.

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Stalley – Glass Garages


Stalley – Glass Garages Official video for Glass Garages by Stalley Music from #TheLaughingIntrovert EP, get it here – Stay in contact – Website: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: , source

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314 - You win some, you lose some


00:00:00 - For this episode, we’re joined by Peter Brannen (@PeterBrannen1), author of the book The Ends of the World: Supervolcanoes, Lethal Oceans, and the Search for Past Apocalypses, which explains all the times when life has nearly been wiped out on our pale blue dot. Discussion ensues.

00:27:47 - In what may be the shortest drinks segment in the history of the show, we get right to it. Peter is having his favorite beer on planet earth, a Mexican Chocolate Stout from copper kettle brewing company in Aurora, CO. Ryan is also having a chocolatey beer from Off Color Brewing called Dino S’mores!

00:29:01 - Part 2 with Peter Brannen continues the chat about the worst days earth has ever had. No big deal. Probably not gonna happen again, except it probably will. Prepare.

01:03:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mass extinctions; few get out alive. Ryan goes first with an e-mail from Joel S., who gives us an update on Tasmanian eucalyptus and their invasion of California as discussed in episode 296 and other forgotten comments, and then Ryan and Joe talk about Australia and other nonsense for a while. Joe has some feedback about Chessie from episode 312, left as a comment on Soundcloud by Taylor H. Ryan looks forward to the day where he can just type the show into existence, maybe coming soon? And we wrap up with a Patreon thesis for Charles L., who wants a t-shirt. Based on that and our discussion with Peter, his thesis is: Keep your shirt on: could smaller carbon footprints due to reduced fabric needs of deep v t-shirts significantly alter textile-based climatic impacts? And we’re happy to send Patrons shirts if we have them.

More cool rewards await you if you decide to support us on our Patreon!


Apple TV+: Why it’s worth tuning in



GLL Episode 1369

CLL #1369 (feat. Best Of) 12/27/2000 – Wednesday Night Show SourceKNRK CD Recording (2000) with a Lost Tape (2019) Patch This episode is essentially 100% complete and features clips from the following episodes: CLL #1318, #1351, #1310, #1317, #1314

The Love Between The Two Hosts – CLL on Youtube, with Video for select episodes.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.



Bad Bunny Bringing Latin Trap, Reggaeton Sounds to Freeman Coliseum

While it might seem odd, to say the least, that one of the biggest stars in the world right now has chosen Freeman Coliseum as the venue for his San Anto tour stop, we like to think of it as proof that Bad Bunny is truly como la gente.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, the young Latin trap and reggaeton artist has seen his star rise quickly amid the surging popularity of Latin music over the past several years. Though he initially gained fame on SoundCloud, Bunny has been quick to parlay one success into yet another, larger success thanks to collabs with Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Becky G, Cardi B and J Balvin — they dropped an album together last summer.…

Avoid Involving Third Party In Your Marriage


Some couples make the mistake of involving third party in their marriage when having conflicts. Find out in today's message why couples should avoid it.


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Your Looks Matter In Marriage


Some couples make the mistake of not paying attention to their looks after marriage believing it does not matter. Does your appearance matter in your marriage? Find out in this message!


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Frozen's "Let it go" sung in Klingon


Ever wonder what the song "Let it go" from Disney's hit movie Frozen would sound like in Klingon? Me neither but then again, something like that would never even occur to me. But it did occur to Jen Usellis, who performs as the Klingon Pop Warrior.

Listen as she belts out her Klingonese version, called "yIbuSQo'":


After Reddit user staq16 posted the song to Reddit’s Star Trek subreddit earlier this month, the track quickly earned mad parmaq from the forum’s community. However, while most users thought the song was on point, some took issue with the fact that Klingons are known for not enjoying the cold—nor letting things go. They also apparently don’t do a lot of other things.

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The Next Best Picture Podcast: Episode 165 - Gotham Award Nominations, "Little Women" & The "Antlers" Trailer

By Matt Neglia For Episode 165, Michael Schwartz, Casey Lee Clark, Dan Bayer, Lauren LaMagna, Tom O'Brien & I discuss the nominations for the 2019 Gotham Awards, the IDA Nominations, the initial reactions to Greta Gerwig's "Little Women," the polls, the trailer for "Antlers" and we answer your fan questions as well.Thank you so much for listening. You can subscribe to the Next Best Picture Podcast on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Spot [...]

Toby Hay - New Music for the 12 String Guitar

Welsh guitarist Toby Hay goes back to his roots and recorded an album of just him and his custom 12-string guitar. For the last years, Hay was touring and recording with additional musicians, widening his musical spectrum and escaping from the limits of a single instrument. The concept for the new record was dreamt up by London label The state51 Conspiracy. The idea was to ask Roger Bucknall of Fylde guitars to build a new custom instrument specifically for a guitarist to write and record m

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Regular Expression - Kasuga Suite

Regular Expression is Isaac Vallentin from Canada, but also this string of characters. /([A-G](#|b)?)(\(?(M|maj|major|m|min|minor|dim|sus|dom|aug)?(\+|-|add)?\d*\)?)(\/([A-G](#|b)?))?/g 1/2 I like both. Since this isn't a programming blog I want to focus on the music by Regular Expression, especially the album Kasuga Suite which tell the story of Vallentin and the guitar he owns since he is six3. It's a very personal album and short. Very short. It's like you visit Vallentin, he tells you about

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Highly acclaimed author J.D. Allen on her Sin City series on Authors on the Air

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes mystery writer J.D. Allen to the studio. ABOUT J.D.:   JD Allen attended The Ohio State University and earned a degree in forensic anthropology with a creative writing minor.  Her Sin City Investigation Series debuts in February 2018 with 19 SOULS from Midnight Ink.   Her short story "Grasshoppers" was published in the Anthony Award-winning Bouchercon 2015 Anthology, MURDER UNDER THE OAKS. In 2016, She was nominated for the Killer Nashville Claymore Award and won the Mystery Writers of America Freddie Award. She's a member of the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention National Board as well as president of the Triangle Chapter of Sisters in Crime chapter.  ABOUT SKIN GAME:  Private investigator Jim Bean has worked hard to create his new identity in Vegas. He doesn't have a great life, but it's his. When his ex-fiancée Erica Floyd walks into one of his investigations looking for her missing sister, the tragic past he wanted to leave behind comes flooding back.  ? Despite serious reservations, Jim agrees to search for Erica's sister. Clues lead him to a human trafficking ring and one of Vegas's most influential mobsters. Unless Jim can face the ghosts of his past, the anger of his present, and a new enemy out for his blood, four women will suffer a fate worse than death. @Copyrighted by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.  Podcasts available on and your favorite podcast apps.

Agora author Tori Eldridge stops by to discuss THE NINJA DAUGHTER on AOTA

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes the newest member of the Polis / Agora house, TORI ELDRIDGE. After a wildly success debut at Bouchercon 2019, Tori takes a deep breath to stop by and discuss her highly acclaimed and starred new thriller THE NINJA DAUGHTER.   Tori Eldridge is a Honolulu-born writer who challenges perspective and empowers the spirit. Her debut novel, THE NINJA DAUGHTER, is the first book in the Lily Wong series and was inspired by her debut short story featured in Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2014. Other short stories have been published in several anthologies, and her screenplay The Gift earned a semi-finalist place for the prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowship. Tori is of Hawaiian, Chinese, Norwegian descent . She holds a fifth-degree black belt in To-Shin Do Ninjutsu and has traveled the USA teaching seminars on the ninja arts, weapons, and women’s self-protection. Tori has performed as an actress, singer, dancer on Broadway, television, and film. ABOUT THE NINJA DAUGHTER:  After her sister is raped and murdered, Lily Wong dedicates her life and ninja skills to the protection of women. But her mission is complicated. Not only does she live above the Chinese restaurant owned by her Norwegian father and inspired by the recipes of her Chinese mother, but she has to hide her true self from her Hong Kong tiger mom who is already disappointed in her daughter's less than feminine ways, and who would be horrified to know what she had become.   But when a woman and her son she escorted safely to an abused women’s shelter return home to dangerous consequences, Lily is forced to not only confront her family and her past, but team up with a mysterious—and very lethal—stranger to rescue them. @Copyrighted.  Listen to the podcast on or your favorite podcast app.

Nelson Demille and Alex DeMille discuss THE DESERTER on Authors on the Air

Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes best-selling author Nelson DeMille and award-winning film director and writer Alex DeMiller to the studio to discuss their book THE DESERTER. ABOUT NELSON:  Nelson DeMille  is an American author of action adventure and suspense novels. His novels include Plum Island, The Charm School, and The Gold Coast. DeMille has also written under the pen names Jack Cannon, Kurt Ladner, Ellen Kay and Brad Matthews. ABOUT ALEX: Alex DeMille is a writer, director, and film editor. He grew up on Long Island and received a BA from Yale University and an MFA in film directing from UCLA. His films and screenplays have won multiple awards and fellowships, including his film The Absence, which played at dozens of festivals around the country and was awarded Best Film at Comic-Con in 2012. ABOUT THE DESERTER:  When Captain Kyle Mercer of the Army’s elite Delta Force disappeared from his post in Afghanistan, a video released by his Taliban captors made international headlines. But circumstances were murky: Did Mercer desert before he was captured? Then a second video sent to Mercer’s Army commanders leaves no doubt: the trained assassin and keeper of classified Army intelligence has willfully disappeared.   When Mercer is spotted a year later in Caracas, Venezuela, by an old Army buddy, top military brass task Scott Brodie and Maggie Taylor of the Criminal Investigation Division to fly to Venezuela and bring Mercer back to America—preferably alive. Brodie knows this is a difficult mission, made more difficult by his new partner’s inexperience, by their undeniable chemistry, and by Brodie’s suspicion that Maggie Taylor is reporting to the CIA. @copyrighted.  Listen to the podcast on your favorite app or at

Rob Hart talks THE WAREHOUSE on Skid Row Chatter with host Tom Pitts

Skid Row Chatter with host Tim Pitts welcomes international best-selling author Rob Hart in a conversation from Bouchercon Dallas.   ABOUT ROB:   His first standalone novel, The Warehouse, is available now. The Warehouse has sold in 21 countries and has been optioned for film by Ron Howard. Rob is the former publisher for Mysterious Press and the current class director at LitReactor. He has also worked as a political reporter, the communications director for a politician, and a commissioner for the city of New York. ABOUT THE WAREHOUSE:  Check out this link  The Warehouse has been optioned by Ron Howard Films.  Congratulations Rob! ABOUT TOM PITTS, Host: Tom is an award-winning author and writer of crime fiction.  His books include Hustle, Piggyback, Knuckleball, American Static and 101.  tom has also contributed to anthologies and can be heard at multiple readings in and around the San Francisco area.   This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.  Find all of our podcasts on or your favorite podcast app.

Week 135: (Shazam! (2019), Penguins (2019), Lake Mungo (2008), Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019))


This Week in Film, Join Nick & Midwest Matt as they discuss Shazam! (2019), Penguins (2019), Lake Mungo (2008), & Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019).

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Week 134: (The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016), Cocktail (1988), Ravenous (Les affamés) (2017))


This Week in Film, Join Nick & Midwest Matt as they discuss The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016), Cocktail (1988), Ravenous (Les Affamés) (2017).

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News about our community network – Portal sem Porteiras



Image description: A lone body high on communications tower against view of sunrise and clouds

Image description: A lone body high on communications tower against view of sunrise and clouds. Image source: Portal sem Porteiras

Portal sem Porteiras: News about our community network by GenderIT


M: I am Marcela

L: and I am, Luisa

M: We are part of the Portal sem Porteiras or gateless portal


L: an association created to formalize our community network

L: Today our community network has an infrastructure of 12 nodes, omnidirectional and sectorial radios that connect to a mesh. These points were programmed to communicate with each other thanks to Libremesh, a software installed to replace the factory firmware, changing the way the router thinks.

With a server we have an infrastructure that allows us to circulate our own information creating a local network. In addition, a pair of directional radios with a 30dbi antenna make the long-distance link to the gateway, or the connection to the "Big Internet".


M: This idea started 3 years ago. Since then we went up, down and up the mountain again carrying the antenna on our back, connected and disconnected from the internet, hosted our local network in a Raspberry, changed it to a Tvbox and then to a 4TB server. We have limited access requesting coupons for connection, opened the network and established the association, learned to always keep contracts, and we are still in the process of regularization.

But despite all the technical problems we got involved in, I really wanted to talk about people, about the relationships with my neighbours, with my community. Because, in addition to the technique, which does present many difficulties, as a community network we propose to integrate this virtual network into the many other layers of relationships that already exist between people. And this is our biggest challenge.


L: We are not simply an internet provider, we want more than providing an internet service. We want to expand existing relationships using technology as a tool. So that the first cake recipe in my search is from Dona Nilda's cassava cake and not from a great YouTube chef. We would like a network where we won't have our information used to persuade us, where we do it our way, where we do not stay at the mercy of great producers of technology that shape our cultures and daily lives. A technique developed according to what we need here, where we live.

But that is us ...

Technology: a set of techniques, that is, methods and practical details essential for the execution of an art or science.

Here, art is life, and life is unique in every part of the world.

That is, it is impossible to "technify" in one single way.


M: My house, the headquarters of Portal sem Porteiras, has always been a place with good Internet connection.

We know that because we are testing the stability of this network daily. So before we installed more nodes, some people used to sit on the sidewalk in front of my house with their phones in hand. Even after setting up a user authentication system, this movement continued. That is because there is an application to circumvent the system that endangers our entire network.

The house is in a dangerous corner because it is not easy to see the cars making the curve to enter the neighborhood. In this corner, a lady used a cell phone every day.

It is common for people to limit themselves to using Facebook and WhatsApp as if it were the entire Internet, and providers encourage this practice while offering these services without cost. And with the lady it was not very different, she told me she always used these applications.

She stood almost in the middle of the street, where she thought the signal was better. The cars barely missed her and she didn't even care, she was very focused on the screen.

One day, my cat, meow, crossed the street. It couldn't wait for the car to swerve the way it did to avoid the lady, so the cat was hit and died.

Something wasn't working very well...

We started thinking about our responsibility.

"Will we be the ones who bring Facebook to the community ?" And what was the difficulty in communicating our purpose, that someone in the same community would need to ignore our attempts and risk all of our information and our cat

L: We started to focus more on the local network than on the internet connection itself. That way it would be easier to explain everything else, and we wouldn't be confused with a service provider. That's how we found a deeper sense purpose that pushed forward.

So, if we want more people involved, we also need to find what drives them. Aware of the gender gap in technology, we were concerned about taking the first step in that direction by sensitizing the women of our own community about the local network and the internet.

And so our journey begins.

We started to focus more on the local network than on the internet connection itself. That way it would be easier to explain everything else, and we wouldn't be confused with a service provider.

M: Tania, a feminist hacker, became the tutor of our group of women in this technological advance. Every month there is a meeting and a new topic. Finally, we managed to find a meaning that would connect our needs with our network: the need to recover narratives and put them back in the hands of women.

L: We created a project that seeks to prevent us from repeating this same pattern of technological creation, where the creator is the same heteronormative white man who reinforces narratives from his own point of view as truths. Because that breaks the democratic possibility of the internet.

L: The project is called Nós por Nós or us for us, this is because in Portuguese we use the same word NOS, for us and for nodes.The project was created to stimulate the role of women in the neighborhood since from the very beginning of the network creation. Talking about its operation, safe and healthy use of the Internet. From our local infrastructure microcosm, we show how the macrocosmic “Internet” works. That the cloud is actually a server and that it has owners. As we guide this use of the "Big Internet" we work together to create our local Internet: we are filling our server with our own content, with narratives and services directed by women.

At the end of the project we will have a website created by us that can be accessed from the neighborhood, through our own intranet. Showing that the Internet is not a mythological entity, but a tool used and fed by people. And why not us?

M: As the plans do not always happen as we would like, but as they should be, as soon as the project started, it triggered a lot of questions.We made an open call to women in the neighborhood, who would be responsible for creating consensual media content about other women in the territory - the researchers - finally creating a map.

L: But the people who came were women who somehow were already in our circle: women who arrived in the neighborhood in the last ten years, carrying children, dogs and a university degree, privileged women. Hum... .. it seems that the "us" is still a fragment of our community.

This women would be responsible for bringing technology to the neighborhood. The technique done by who already has access.

Are we being new colonizers and imposing our ideas as a supposed point of view of a whole community?

M: This question makes me think that there is much more to talk about during these interviews. We know that our reach within the community is limited. Calling an open meeting and spreading posters in the public square seems democratic, but ignores everything that implicitly separates us. Coexistence spaces imply power relations that are directly related to our privil

eges, it is a structured logic in our society, whether we like it or not.

L: That's why we choose the coffee with cake methodology. That is, go to the people's house and connect with them, and in this meeting, take our ideas about the local network, see where they agree and where they don't, what is in fact relevant to them.

M: We understand that the feminist look from one woman to another is a liberation from the patriarchal vision. But is it the last step? Certainly not ... When each being has the access, tools and support to create their own narrative, then we have reached a new stage in which projects like Us for Us will be superfluous.

We stopped trying to fix the world and started slowly, working with humility.

L: The word "Humildade" or humility has its origin in ancient Greek, which comes from HUMILIS, literally "he who is on the ground."

To walk the same terrain, find the common place between us, look for what is shared simply because it is human. A precious spark lights up at the time of that encounter and overcomes the abyss of separation.

That way we respect the rhythm already established and the way relationships are here in our neighborhood.

M: This virtual network adds up and comes to recover what the imposed technology dares to destroy: casual encounters, the exchange of recipes, home remedies, oral history, the fantastic as true.



Between one cup of coffee and another we make friends and seek to break the barriers between us.




Gối bàn tay êm- Sông Cửu

Gối bàn tay êm

(Tặng hoàng muội Đông Hương Tôn Nữ)

Nhìn tóc em bay, trên đài thành cổ
Nhớ đêm phố buồn gió cuốn trăng hoa
Tiếng sáo quê xa hòa cung tình tự
Dự khán dư đồ, đạn nổ sao sa…

Biển vỗ âm ba dòng sông đêm mộng
Lộng bóng hương nồng trong sóng mắt em
Ấn tích ái ân sang trang sử cũ
Ấp ủ bi hùng chung thủy sắt son

Thôi đừng tính toan bảo toàn di tích
Chỉ kim nào khâu hết được vết thương?...
Mái tóc điểm sương buồn vương lặng nín
Dĩ vãng quê hương ngọt đắng vô thường

Ngọn núi phủ sương mây đan man mác
Anh nằm suối Cát khao khát tình Em
Đêm cuối không tên bập bềnh cao thấp
Nước mắt tràn mi tưới ngập môi mềm!

Gối bàn tay êm trắng ngần nhân ngãi
Bên dòng suối chảy róc rách …ngàn sao
Chú Sóc rừng sâu nhìn trăng mơ trái
Mong có một ngày …hái mộng chiêm bao!

     (Nhớ đêm Bến Cát - Bình Dương)
                    Sông Cửu


Hương cuối mùa- Nhật Quang

Hương cuối mùa


Gió thầm thì
cuối Thu rồi anh nhỉ?
Em níu nhẹ đóa cúc thắm vàng tươi
Chiều Sài Gòn mênh mang hong niềm nhớ!
Câu ân tình vời vợi…thoảng trên môi

Hương cuối mùa
vẫn phảng phất đầy vơi
Giọt nắng nghiêng hàng me xanh ngan ngát
Sáng Thu nào đắm say lòng ấm áp?
Mơ ước hồng…lưu luyến phút hoài thương

Thu xuyến xao
rơi cánh lá vàng vương
Em muốn níu áng Thu hồng trở lại
Trong khoảnh khắc phút ban đầu êm ái
Hương tình nồng thoảng mãi tháng ngày xanh.

                      Nhật Quang


Tiếng xưa- Tuyền Linh

Tiếng xưa


tôi về lật bóng hoàng hôn
tìm em như thể tìm hồn tuổi hoa
qua sông nhớ tiếng gọi đò
mấy mươi năm vẫn cứ vờ vật đau

tôi về tìm lại Trân Châu
bới trong tiềm thức tình đầu đời trôi
Cổ Viện Chàm(*) đã ngã màu
về đâu em hỡi bể dâu đổi đời !

tôi về ôm lấy khoảng trời
hỏi mây hỏi gió, nhắn lời cố nhân
gốc già phượng vĩ trên sân
vẫn còn nhỏ giọt lệ thầm đơn phương

tôi về đứng giữa sân trường
nghe con ve nhỏ thân thương gọi hè
níu thời gian để lắng nghe
guốc ai gõ nhịp mà se sắt lòng

tôi về cõng phận long đong
hóa thân cỏ dại nằm hong sân trường
im nghe từng bước yêu thương
tiếng thời gian gọi nghe chừng xa xăm

tôi về tìm cuộc trăm năm
cây đa bến cũ khuất tầm nhân gian
câu thơ chừ đã lỡ làng
nghe trong tiền kiếp võ vàng tiếng xưa

tuyền linh
(*) Nhà lưu giữ các tượng cổ Chiêm Thành tại Đà Nẵng


How To Change SoundCloud Password


If you are among those artists who upload their own music to SoundCloud, then you would not want anyone to access your account without your permission. However, if you are using a weak password, then it is easy for anyone to guess it and hack your account. If you don’t want that to happen, then […]

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EU Confidential #125: Oettinger interview — Pompeo hits the Wall — Romania’s Commission pick

Listen to the podcast on Spotify | Apple | Google | Soundcloud | Stitcher In the new EU Confidential podcast, the EU’s outgoing budget...

'Ok Boomer:' Apathy, Anger And A Viral Meme

Here's how a Tik Tok meme has become rallying cry for Gen-Z. It does involve SoundCloud.

MUSIQ: UglyBoi – Casanova [Prod. by Ill-Konnect]


The Hottest tune “Casanova” released on SoundCloud by the Pro Boi Nation’s Singer UglyBoi a few months back which got massive streams is now released for download. The Pro Boi is no doubt a MASTERMIND of hits, with a distinct vocal and style. His music is way different from the norm of the industry. Download, […]

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Caldas, líder en gestión de regalías




Caldas encabeza la lista de los 33 departamentos de Colombia con el mejor Índice de Gestión de Regalías.

El Departamento Nacional de Planeación (DNP) destacó a la región en los resultados que se entregaron a junio, y en los que se midió tanto la gestión administrativa como el desempeño.

El estudio de 34 páginas, y en el que también se midieron municipios, universidades y hospitales, entre otros, le otorgó a Caldas un puntaje de 85,8, el indicador más alto del país, seguido por Risaralda, con 3,6 puntos menos. Quindío se ubicó en el puesto 10 (ver infográfico).

Adicional al puntaje, el DNP clasificó por colores la viabilidad de cada región. Esto puso a Caldas como el único departamento del país con clasificación verde o alta. Los demás tuvieron calificaciones medias o semáforo amarillo (5); clasificación baja, color ocre o mostaza (16) e insuficiente o rojo (11).


Lo que se mide

En el estudio se tuvo en cuenta la transparencia y los proyectos con problemas dentro del Monitoreo, Seguimiento, Control y Evaluación de las Regalías (SMSCE).

También se revisó la eficacia, para determinar si lo que se ha planeado se está ejecutando, y la eficiencia o oportunidad de cada uno de los proyectos que se está haciendo.

El secretario de Planeación, Juan Felipe Jaramillo Salazar, indicó que los resultados que ubican a Caldas de primero en esta medición fueron parte del trabajo riguroso en la gestión de proyectos de regalías.

"Esto demuestra que lo que planteamos lo estamos haciendo, cumplimos con el cronograma tal y como se estableció. Son los dos principales enfoques en los que nos hemos concentrado, además de lograr el cierre en muchos proyectos que se terminaron, pero no se liquidaron jurídicamente. Es decir, pasar de proyectos terminados a cerrados", explicó.


La gestión

Según el reporte, este año el Sistema General de Regalías aprobó para Caldas cerca de $100 mil millones. En el cuatrienio del Gobierno Departamental se gestionaron $332 mil millones, más los $84 mil millones de recursos provenientes de la venta de Isagén, vendida por el Gobierno en enero del 2016 (Ver: la venta).

De ese rubro, también reporta el menor número de saldos o de recursos por ejecutar. Entre los proyectos pendientes, en la fase final de estructuración se incluyen la segunda etapa del Malecón de La Dorada, y varios tramos viales, incluyendo la vía Salamina - La Merced, con un monto total por $19 mil millones.

"Eso demuestra que la política pública se puede hacer eficiente y tener mejores resultados", destacó.


La venta de Isagén


El Gobierno Nacional vendió el 57,66% de sus acciones en Isagén por cerca de $6,5 billones a la firma canadiense Brookfield Asset Management (BAM). La plata para Caldas se asignó, después de la solicitud que efectuó la región, ante el mandato legal que estima que el 10% de los recursos provenientes de privatizaciones nacionales se deberán distribuir en partes iguales entre el municipio, departamento y distrito, si fuera el caso, en el que esté ubicada la actividad principal de la empresa cuyas acciones se enajenan.

Lo que significa

Gestión administrativa

Mide el cumplimiento de las entidades frente a las obligaciones legales y acciones de apoyo en la gestión de proyectos. Cuenta dos aspectos:

* Transparencia (20%): Evalúa reporte, oportunidad y consistencia de la información.


* Intervenciones del Sistema de Monitoreo (20%): Reconoce las entidades sin suspensiones, proyectos críticos, procedimientos administrativos o planes de mejora.

Gestión del desempeño

Mide el rendimiento en la ejecución de los proyectos. Incluye:

* Eficiencia (40%): Evalúa la oportunidad en la contratación, el cumplimiento de la ejecución en plazo y en presupuesto programados.


* Eficacia (20%): Verifica el cumplimiento de las metas programadas, la terminación y cierre de los proyectos.

Las inversiones ejecutadas

$416.716.196.355: los que ejecutó Caldas del Sistema General de Regalías.



*Ciencia, Tecnología e innovación

- U. Caldas: $39.311.898.618


- Gobernación: $10.461.331.463,28





*Cultura (Mincultura)



*Gestión del riesgo (Corpocaldas)



*Desarrollo social en Viterbo





Relevan al gerente de Gensa, Orlando Micolta González



Después de un año y un mes de haberle renovado su contrato al frente de la compañía, el gerente de la empresa de Gestión Energética (Gensa), Orlando Micolta González, fue relevado de la entidad.

La decisión se tomó ayer, durante la reunión de junta que se efectuó en Bogotá.

El dirigente caldense, cumplió siete años al frente de esa empresa, el mayor tiempo de un gerente en esa compañía. El cambio es decisión del actual Gobierno, que tiene el control accionario. Micolta estará hasta el 22 de este mes.

Las movidas

Desde el año pasado se vieron movidas en la empresa, luego de que el presidente Iván Duque le pidió al Comité Intergremial que propusiera candidatos. El Intergremial le respondió el 14 de agosto del 2018 con un solo candidato: El exgerente de Aguas de Manizales Javier Germán Mejía Muñoz.

Sin embargo, en la baraja de aspirantes también figuró el exgerente de Aguas de Manizales Jorge Hernán Mesa, quien fue candidato a la Gobernación de Caldas en las elecciones del 2015 y a la Alcaldía de Manizales en 2019 por el Partido Liberal.

También hubo rumores de llevarse a la empresa de Manizales, ante el reclamo de una mayor participación de Boyacá.


Hoy, Gensa opera y administra los 174 megavatios que suministran Paipa I, II y III, y se terminó el contrato de comercialización de energía con Termopaipa IV, de 154 megavatios. Quedó en manos de la Compañía Eléctrica de Sochagota (CES), de las firmas alemanas Steag y Contour Global.

El reto de la compañía en Caldas era continuar con la generación de Pequeñas Centrales Hidroeléctricas (PCH), que produzcan entre 10 y 20 megavatios.

También se destaca la gestión financiera de Micolta González, quien logró catapultar la compañía, que el año pasado terminó con utilidad por $22 mil 560 millones, mientras que entre el 2006 y el 2012 reportó pérdidas de hasta $70 mil millones por año y acumuladas por $260 mil millones.

Socios de Gensa

Su principal accionista es el Gobierno a través del Ministerio de Hacienda (93%), luego de la capitalización en Gensa de la central térmica de carbón Termopaipa. El 6% es de la Empresa de Energía de Boyacá y el resto son participaciones pequeñas: Chec, Infimanizales y unos municipios.


Cuántos son y cómo viven los caldenses


Población total: 998.255

-Cabecera: 740.865

-Centros poblados y rural disperso: 257.390

- Unidades / predios censados: 397.330


¿Cuántos hombres son?

2005: 48,8%

2018: 48,5%

¿Cuántas mujeres son?

2005: 51,2%

2018: 51,5%

Total hombres: 447.499

Total mujeres: 475.973


Índice de envejecimiento

2005: 29,4

2018: 67,1

Índice de Friz (población de menos de 20 años)

2005: 134,6

2018: 99,9

La razón de masculinidad para 2018 es 94, es decir, por cada 100 mujeres que residen hay 94 hombres; mientras que para el 2005 fue de 95,3 hombres.


Población por edad

Entre 0 y 14 años: 18,5%

Entre 15 y 59 años: 63,5%

Mayor de 59 años: 18,0%



-Acumulados (entre el 2005 y el 2018): 155.525

-2005: 14.198

-2018: 8.731


-Acumulados (entre el 2005 y el 2018): 78.944

-2005: 5.823

-2018: 5.762


Principales destinos de los emigrantes desde Manizales hacia los demás municipios (últimos 12 meses)

Villamaría: 1.895

Riosucio: 210

Chinchiná: 204

Neira: 172

Palestina: 134

La Dorada: 120

Anserma: 105

Salamina: 90

Pensilvania: 89

Manzanares: 80


Principales orígenes de los inmigrantes en Manizales desde otros municipios de Caldas (últimos 12 meses)

Villamaría: 442

Chinchiná: 319

Neira: 186

La Dorada: 164

Salamina: 127

Manzanares: 122


Palestina: 110

Riosucio: 85

Marquetalia: 65



Hogares según tamaño

1: 19,3%

2: 23,9%

3: 24,4%

4: 18,1%

5: 8,1%

6 o más: 6,2%


Cobertura de servicios públicos


Energía eléctrica: 98,7%

Acueducto:  88,8%

Alcantarillado:  81,2%

Gas: 63,2%

Recolección de basura: 81,9%

Internet: 43,0%


Condición de ocupación de la vivienda

-Ocupada con personas presentes: 304.509

-Ocupada con todas las personas ausentes: 10.647

-Vivienda temporal: 20.710

-Desocupada: 37.095

Total viviendas: 372.961


Uso de vivienda

Residencial: 75,3%

No residencial: 23,2%

Mixto: 1,5%

Tipo de vivienda

Casa: 258.414

Apartamento: 103.943

Cuarto: 9.467

Étnica: 808

Otro: 329



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