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Help Pass National Animal Cruelty Bill!


10.29.19On Tuesday, October 22, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act. A companion bill has now been introduced in the Senate for consideration.


Anträge gegen Dieselfahrverbot nicht zur Entscheidung angenommen

Die 1. Kammer des Ersten Senats des Bundesverfassungsgerichts hat mit Beschlüssen vom 1. Oktober 2019 insgesamt neun Verfassungsbeschwerden gegen Beschlüsse des Verwaltungsgerichtshofs Baden-Württemberg und des Verwaltungsgerichts Stuttgart nicht zur E...

Graham: If Trump’s Offense Is Impeachable, ‘You Won’t Have Any Presidents Left’

( – In the Senate, “there’s not one vote for impeachment, removal from office” based on President Trump’s July 25 phone call with the newly elected Ukraine president, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told Fox News Monday night. “I don’t believe Mitt Romney would vote to remove the president over the phone call.” “If that’s an […]

ABD’de Demokratların iki kritik eyalet Kentucky ve Virginia’da kazandığı zafer Trump’ı neden endişelendirmeli?

Demokrat Andy Beshear, Kentucky’nin yeni valisi seçildi. Demokratlar, Virginia eyaletinde de hem Senato hem de Temsilciler Meclisi’nin çoğunluğunu ele geçirdi. BBC Kuzey Amerika Muhabiri Anthony Zurcher bu seçimlerin 2020’de ABD başkanlık seçiminde yarışacak Trump’ı nasıl etkileyebileceğini inceledi. Orijinal haber kaynağı için; BBC Turkish – Haberler, Son Dakika Haberleri, Haber-Analiz, Video İlgili haberler:18 Ekim 2019 Türkiye-ABD […]

Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Make Animal Cruelty a Felony, Now Awaits President’s Signature


Following an October U.S. House of Representatives vote, the U.S. Senate has unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (known as the PACT Act) to make certain instances of animal cruelty a federal felony. Now, the bill moves to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law. Representative Ted Deutch (D) of Palm […]

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Latina, Cittadinanza onoraria a Liliana Segre e a Sami Modiano

LATINA – Il sindaco di Latina accoglie con favore l’iniziativa del PD di Latina, sostenuta dai due consiglieri comunali Forte e Zuliani, di conferire la cittadinanza alla senatrice a vita Liliana Segre. “Trovo che sia un modo costruttivo per riaffermare i valori su cui la nostra Repubblica si fonda. Come Comune abbiamo deciso di accompagnare gli […]

"Ulubienica" Borusewicza szefową Kancelarii Senatu? W tle zawrotne sumy

Trwa walka o Senat. Wciąż nie wiadomo, czy partia rządząca czy jednak opozycja, będą miały większość w izbie wyższej. W tle rozgrywa o stanowisko szefa Kancelarii Senatu.

Onet: Jest mocny kandydat na stanowisko marszałka Senatu. To były prezydent

Według ustaleń portalu Onet, Zygmunt Frankiewicz ma duże szanse na to, aby być kandydatem opozycji na marszałka Senatu. Frankiewicz to były prezydent Gliwic.

McCaskill's a moderate, even after the election

In a display true to Claire McCaskill’s career-long rallying call for moderation, the three-time Missouri senator was introduced by longtime friend, Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, at a lunchtime speech at the State Historical Society of Missouri on Saturday.Blunt, a trustee and second vice president of the society, said he offered to introduce McCaskill, who has been working as a political analyst for MSNBC since she lost a Senate reelection bid last November to Josh Hawley, [...]

Senate Bill 904 Printer's Number 1362

An Act amending Titles 40 (Insurance) and 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for vehicles; and, in financial responsibility, providing for group insurance for private vehicle rental programs....

Senate Bill 350 Printer's Number 1361

An Act amending Titles 3 (Agriculture), 18 (Crimes and Offenses) and 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for adult-use cannabis and establishing the Adult-Use Cannabis Grant Program and the Adult-Use Cannabis Fund; in criminal history record information, further providing for expungement; in sentencing, providing for commutation and dismissal of cannabis-related offenses; and imposing penalties....

Senate Bill 905 Printer's Number 1336

An Act providing for the capital budget for fiscal year 2019-2020; itemizing public improvement projects, furniture and equipment projects, transportation assistance, redevelopment assistance projects, flood control projects, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission projects and Manufacturing Fund projects leased or assisted by the Department of General Services and other State agencies, together with their estimated financial costs; authorizing the incurring of debt without the approval of the electors for the purpose of financing the projects to be constructed, acquired or assisted by the Department of General Services and other State agencies; authorizing the use of current revenue for the purpose of financing the projects to be constructed, acquired or assisted of by the Department of General Services and other State agencies stating the estimated useful life of the projects; restricting use of funds on certain projects; and making appropriations....

Senate Bill 857 Printer's Number 1347

An Act relating to telemedicine; authorizing the regulation of telemedicine by professional licensing boards; and providing for insurance coverage of telemedicine....

Senate Bill 841 Printer's Number 1338

An Act amending Title 35 (Health and Safety) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, providing for the Health Care Cost Containment Council, for its powers and duties, for health care cost containment through the collection and dissemination of data, for public accountability of health care costs and for health care for the indigent....

Senate Resolution 261 Printer's Number 1360

A Resolution condemning the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes, rebuking any organization that knowingly allows or encourages athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs and urging all high school and college coaches and athletic directors in this Commonwealth to educate themselves and their athletes about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs....

Senate Bill 938 Printer's Number 1359

An Act amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known as the Public School Code of 1949, in terms and courses of study, further providing for dating violence education; and, in sexual violence education at institutions of higher education, further providing for definitions and for education program....

Senate Bill 932 Printer's Number 1358

An Act amending Title 35 (Health and Safety) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in volunteer firefighters, further providing for definitions.

Senate Bill 930 Printer's Number 1357

An Act amending the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election Code, in election districts and polling places, providing for residence of incarcerated individuals....

Senate Bill 929 Printer's Number 1356

An Act providing for the establishment of local solar programs.

Senate Bill 923 Printer's Number 1355

An Act amending Title 53 (Municipalities Generally) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in assessments of persons and property, providing for senior citizens property tax elimination....

Senate Bill 147 Printer's Number 1354

An Act amending Title 34 (Game) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in Pennsylvania Game Commission, further providing for accountability; and, in hunting and furtaking, further providing for hunting on Sunday prohibited and for trespass on private property while hunting and providing for hunting on Sunday without written permission....

Senate Bill 421 Printer's Number 1330

An Act amending the act of June 3, 1937 (P.L.1333, No.320), known as the Pennsylvania Election Code, in preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions; in the Secretary of the Commonwealth, providing for requirements for disapproval or decertification of voting apparatuses and for census outreach; in district election officers, further providing for compensation of district election officers; in election districts and polling places, further providing for restrictions on alteration; in nomination of candidates, further providing for petition may consist of several sheets and affidavit of circulator, for manner of signing nomination petitions and time of circulating and for nominations by political bodies; in ballots, further providing for form of official primary ballot, for form of official election ballot, for number of ballots to be printed and specimen ballots and for forms of ballots on file and open to public inspection and ballots and diagrams to be furnished to candidates and parties; in voting machines, further providing for requirements of voting machines and for form of ballot labels on voting machines; in electronic voting systems, further providing for requirements of electronic voting systems, for forms, for election day procedures and the process of voting and for post election procedures; providing for voting apparatus bonds; in preparation for and conduct of primaries and elections, further providing for manner of applying to vote and persons entitled to vote and voter's certificates and entries to be made in district register and numbered lists of voters and challenges, for method of marking ballots and depositing same in districts in which ballots are used, for instructions of voters and manner of voting in districts in which voting machines are used, for count and return of votes in districts in which ballots are used, for what ballots shall be counted, manner of counting and defective ballots and for canvass and return of votes in districts in which voting machines are used and providing for deadline for receipt of valid voter registration application, for appeals and for appeals to court of common pleas; in voting by qualified absentee electors, further providing for applications for official absentee ballots, for date of application for absentee ballot, for approval of application for absentee ballot, for absentee electors files and lists, for official absentee voters ballots, for delivering or mailing ballots, for voting by absentee electors, for canvassing of official absentee ballots and for public records; providing for voting by qualified mail-in electors; in returns of primaries and elections, further providing for manner of computing irregular ballots; providing for dissemination of information and for jurisdiction; removing references to the Traffic Court of Philadelphia; and making related repeals....

Senate Resolution 271 Printer's Number 1353

A Resolution recognizing the month of November 2019 as "Military Family Month" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Resolution 270 Printer's Number 1352

A Resolution designating the week of November 10 through 16, 2019, as "Nurse Practitioner Week" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Resolution 269 Printer's Number 1351

A Resolution recognizing November 10, 2019, as "Marine Corps Day" in Pennsylvania in honor of the United States Marine Corps' 244th anniversary of its founding....

Senate Resolution 268 Printer's Number 1350

A Resolution designating the month of November 2019 as "Slinky Toy Month" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Resolution 170 Printer's Number 1349

A Resolution establishing a task force on services for veterans, including the coordination of services in this Commonwealth among Federal, State, local and nonprofit programs aimed at serving veterans, and directing the Joint State Government Commission to establish an advisory committee to the task force and conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of services for veterans....

Senate Bill 530 Printer's Number 1331

An Act amending the act of March 10, 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), known as the Public School Code of 1949, in pupils and attendance, providing for students convicted or adjudicated delinquent of sexual assault; and, in safe schools, further providing for safe schools advocate in school districts of the first class....

Senate Bill 489 Printer's Number 1332

An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in fees, further providing for exemption of persons, entities and vehicles from fees....

Senate Bill 931 Printer's Number 1334

An Act amending Title 71 (State Government) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in membership, credited service, classes of service, and eligibility for benefits, further providing for credited State service; in contributions, further providing for shared-risk member contributions and shared-gain adjustments to regular member contributions, for contributions to the system by the Commonwealth and other employers and for actuarial cost method and providing for advance payment of accrued liability contributions; in administration, funds, accounts and general provisions, further providing for administrative duties of the board, for duties of heads of departments and for State accumulation account; and providing for obligations of the board, for exercise of legislative power and for liability....

Senate Bill 733 Printer's Number 1324

An Act providing for the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development and Tourism Fund Capital Budget for 2019; itemizing projects to be assisted by the Department of Community and Economic Development, together with their estimated financial costs; authorizing recurring payments for certain projects; and making appropriations....

Senate Bill 784 Printer's Number 1348

An Act amending the act of December 19, 1988 (P.L.1262, No.156), known as the Local Option Small Games of Chance Act, in preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions; in games of chance, further providing for prize limits, providing for pull-tab deal and further providing for regulations of department; and, in tavern gaming, further providing for definitions, for licenses, for application, for approval, for enforcement and for prohibitions....

Senate Bill 937 Printer's Number 1346

An Act designating the portion of State Route 2012 South beginning at the intersection of South Courtland Street and Day Street and ending at its intersection with Brown Street in East Stroudsburg Borough, Monroe County, as the Samuel Newman Way....

Senate Bill 640 Printer's Number 1345

An Act authorizing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to join the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact; and providing for the form of the compact....

Senate Bill 637 Printer's Number 1344

An Act amending Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in criminal history record information, further providing for use of records by licensing agencies; and making related appeals....

Senate Bill 596 Printer's Number 1343

An Act amending Title 66 (Public Utilities) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in restructuring of electric utility industry, providing for transportation fueling infrastructure development....

Senate Resolution 267 Printer's Number 1342

A Resolution recognizing November 11, 2019, as "Veterans Day" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Resolution 266 Printer's Number 1341

A Resolution designating the month of November 2019 as "Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Resolution 265 Printer's Number 1340

A Resolution recognizing the month of November 2019 as "Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Resolution 264 Printer's Number 1339

A Resolution recognizing October 29, 2019, as "International Data Center Day" in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 924 Printer's Number 1337

An Act amending Title 20 (Decedents, Estates and Fiduciaries) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in incapacitated persons, providing for guardianship for medically disabled adult children....

Senate Bill 74 Printer's Number 1335

An Act amending the act of March 4, 1971 (P.L.6, No.2), known as the Tax Reform Code of 1971, providing for pediatric cancer research tax credit....

Senate Bill 906 Printer's Number 1327

An Act amending the act of October 20, 1966 (3rd Sp.Sess., P.L.96, No.6), known as the Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Act of 1966, in preliminary provisions, further providing for definitions; and, in responsibilities of the State, providing for State center closure moratorium....

Senate Resolution 263 Printer's Number 1333

A Resolution commending Korean and Korean-American Vietnam War veterans for their service to the United States during the Vietnam War.

Senate Resolution 262 Printer's Number 1322

A Resolution amending the Rules of the Senate, further providing for duties of the President, for the President pro tempore and for voting....

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Georgia plans to cancel over 300,000 voter registrations

It seems that voter suppression is alive and well in Georgia (and possibly elsewhere). MA Dartunorro Clark 13 hrs ago The move comes ahead of the 2020 presidential election. The state will also have an unusual “double-barreled” Senate contest, with both of its seats up for grabs at the same time. Secretary of State Brad […]

Liberal Activist and Kamala Harris Relative Gets Glowing Profile on NBC

Launching a new interview series called Brunch With, on Wednesday’s 3rd Hour Today show, co-host Sheinelle Jones sat down for a meal with liberal activist Meena Harris, who just so happens to be the niece of California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Jones gushed that “activism is practically genetic” for her brunch pal.

McConnell Doesn't Expect Senate to Remove Trump From Office


Senator Simcha Felder To Mayor DeBlasio: STOP LYING!

Senator Simcha Felder To Mayor DeBlasio: STOP LYING!

Senator Felder is calling on Mayor de Blasio to keep his promise to parents of special needs children.

“In 2014, the Mayor held a press conference where he laid out his commitment to ‘reduce litigation, streamline paperwork, and ensure parents have a responsive and efficient process to meet their child’s special education needs,’ “these are the Mayor’s words and we are holding him to them,” Senator Felder told YWN.

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GOP Senators face their comeuppance as Donald Trump goes down in flames



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by Carl Golden A president teetering on the brink of impeachment…whose public approval is as much as 15 points underwater…who trails the leading opposition candidates… who may cost his party its majority in the Senate…who burns through top level staff at an unprecedented rate…who publicly belittles members of his cabinet. Given the totality of these […]

The post DEMOCRATS SEE TROUBLE AT THE TOP OF THEIR TICKET appeared first on The Moderate Voice.


Quote of the Day on Trump Leaving New York


Our quote of the day refers to Donald Trump leaving New York to take up residence in Florida. A tweet by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: New York, New York. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere… Trump can’t. — Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) November 2, 2019

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Democrats’ Impeachment Plan Formally Endorsed by Divided House


Republicans have been demanding Democrats hold a vote on the impeachment plan, and now the Democrats have. No Republicans voted for it.Two Democrats voted against it. But the machinery into probing and possibly removing President Donald Trump (unlikely to happen due to the GOP-dominated Senate) is now more-than-ever in motion. The Washington Post: A divided […]

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Sorry fate of Indian Techie on Green Card Waitlist Leaves Pregnant Wife out of H4 Status


Last week, the Indian Green Card Backlog community hit Twitter giving vent to their mounting outrage at Illinois Senator Dick Durbin who blocked the passage of S.386 or Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act 2019 to the Senate and dashed all hopes for elimination of the country-wise Green Card cap for Indians. The hashtags – […]

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Report: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid for old seat

The former attorney general whose relationship with Trump soured over his recusal from Mueller's Russia probe is expected to challenge Democratic Sen. Doug Jones.


Sunday deer hunting likely coming, but it won’t happen in 2019


Senate Bill 147 has not been passed in final form yet, and even if it passes the state Senate a second time and is signed into law, it will not take effect until 90 days after passage – not in time for 2019 hunts.

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New Bill Would Require Schools to Monitor Social Media


newly introduced federal bill seeks to heighten security at American schools by encouraging districts to adopt social media monitoring programs.

The controversial practice, which uses algorithms to crawl and index public profiles of popular sites like Twitter and Facebook, has grown in popularity over the last several years, as administrators look to new and emergent technologies to heighten school safety — and potentially head off the next mass shooting.  

Now the Restoring, Enhancing, Securing, and Promoting Our Nation's Safety Efforts Act or RESPONSE Act, introduced by Texas Sen. John Cornyn, advocates for numerous policies aimed at increasing school security, including a "Children's Internet Protection" amendment that encourages districts to invest in programs that detect "online activities of minors who are at risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others." Under the bill, almost all federally funded schools would be required to install software of this kind.

The bill comes at a time when schools are already investing more heavily in this technology. Earlier this year, a review by the Brennan Center for Justice of self-reported procurement orders from schools across the country showed that the number of school districts purchasing such software rose from just 6 in 2013 to 63 in 2018. 

Companies like Geo Listening, Varsity Monitor and Snaptrends have all made a name for themselves by offering school administrators the ability to monitor and potentially police signs of violent thoughts and behavior, as well as offensive behavior and language. The net cast can often be wide, like one recently deployed in Juneau, Alaska, that scans for all "mentions of violence, self-harm, drug use, sexual content and cyberbullying" in students' school email accounts. 

The relative affordability of these programs — with a median annual expense of $8,417 — makes them appealing additions to district security systems. 

These businesses take slightly different approaches, depending on their specific security focus. Geo Listening, for instance, is marketed as a straightforward monitoring system that sends administrators daily reports with screenshots of flagged content from the monitored sites. These reports will include the poster's name, the time and location of the posting, and a short commentary of why the post was flagged. Posts are typically "flagged for negative content ... counter to the school code of conduct, evidencing violent threats to other students or the school, cyberbullying, or self-harm," according to a recent study in which the company was profiled.  

Varsity Monitor, meanwhile, is geared specifically toward surveilling student athletes at major universities, for the purposes of making sure the students are compliant with ethics codes. Schools pay upward of $7,000 a year to track "obscenities, offensive commentary or words like 'free,' which could indicate that a player has accepted a gift in violation of N.C.A.A. rules," according to the New York Times

However, while there is a growing demand for these services, researchers are largely split on whether these programs actually prevent violence.  

"Aside from anecdotes promoted by the companies that sell this software, there is no proof that these surveillance tools work," the Brennan Center report concludes, also critiquing the software's propensity for error, and the kinds of misinterpretation that can take place when machines sift through the slang-saturated conversations of teenagers. 

When paired with other forms of surveillance, the software has concerned critics for its broad reach and lack of public oversight.

The Aspen Institute, for instance, recently released a brief report on data collection at school systems in Florida, where the state's Department of Education recently launched a controversial Schools Safety Portal (FSSP). The portal mandates that state schools collect large amounts of student data — a process that is augmented by the deployment of social media monitoring programs.  

The report argues that "preventing school shootings through data is fraught with ethical and technical risks, including a lack of data quality and the potential for biases across multiple levels of predictive algorithms." The report doesn't outright indict the practice itself, arguing instead that policies should be developed to increase process transparency and accountability, while deploying experts to ensure data quality.

The RESPONSE Act has seen significant support among a constellation of mental health and law enforcement organizations. In October, the bill was referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary where it is awaiting further review. 


RFS Power Coalition applauds electric pathway passage for eRINs

In Washington, the RFS Power Coalition applauded the passage of H.R. 3055 (116), the Senate’s Interior Appropriations bill. The Interior-EPA portion of the spending package includes a provision led by Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) requiring the EPA to take swift action on existing eRIN applications: Electric Pathway. The Committee notes the backlog of applications under […]

McConnell, Trump joined for 2020, despite Kentucky setback

Their man in Kentucky may be losing, but President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aren't letting Gov. Matt Bevin's election fortunes alter their own pact to win the state together in 2020.

Trump i pełzający zamach stanu...

Obserwując dzisiejsze zmagania wśród elit politycznych US można powiedzieć, że Trump jest granatem rzuconym w dotychczasowy wypracowany porządek globalnych  sił i układów, dlatego wiele dłoni chciałoby go jak najszybciej pochwycić i odrzucić tak szybko i daleko jak tylko się da!Trybun Trump wykazując niesmak wobec upachnionego politycznego szamba, zdecydował się naruszyć interesy elit globalnego supermocarstwa, dlatego dziś jest pod stałym ogniem globalistów dzień i noc. Zachciało mu się odbudowania suwerenności Ameryki, powrotu do respektowania jej tradycyjnych wartości, granic, wolności, praw, rodziny i szacunku do swoistego patriotyzmu. Przez to narusza dotychczasowy międzynarodowy biznesowy i polityczny układ sił stworzony przez swoich poprzedników (np. polityka wobec Chin), jak również nie dążąc do wojny (Iran, Rosja, Korea Płn.) zagraża również dobrze prosperujacemu amerykańskiemu sektorowi zbrojeniowemu. Zagraża lukratywnym amerykańskim  interesom wzbogacającym potężne korporacje, narażając się rozpasanym lobbystom jak i powiązanej z nimi wynarodowionej biurokracji.  Trump zapragnął wyprząc Amerykę z już rozpędzonego na podbój świata globalistycznego zaprzęgu, dlatego naraził się biurokracji Deep State i siłom globalnego socjalizmu. Nikt nie wie jak skończy się ten nierówny pojedynek Dawida Trumpa z Sorosem Goliatem. Na naszych oczach globalistyczni lewacy przygotowują stos (impeachment) na którym z uśmiechem i satysfakcją chcieliby spalić szanse Trumpa na drugą prezydencką kadencję. Jednak dla zamachowców Trump (nawet bez własnego politycznego zaplecza) opierający się na pragnieniach zwykłych Amerykanów, nie jest i nie będzie łatwym orzechem do zgryzienia. Czas pokaże, że niejeden polityk w tym procesie straci własne zęby…     Speaker Nancy Pelosi, dziewczynka z zapałkami...W Ameryce wrze, magnateria i mandarini starego imperium skupieni w tłustym i skostniałym Deep State, wspomagani przez kompleks militarno-przemysłowy, przed którym przyszłe pokolenia już w latach 50-tych ubiegłego wieku ostrzegał prezydent Dwight Eisenhower dzielnie stawia opór trybunowi Trumpowi, który wchodzi w rolę Kemala Ataturka i poniekąd Putina. Ci panowie również podjęli się trudnego zadania odbudowy zagrożonego imperium w nowych niesprzyjających warunkach. Jest zrozumiałym, że dzisiejsi bankowi włodarze świata chcą przemienić zastany, stary świat państw narodowych, lokalnych systemów wartości, religii i kultur w ociekający słodką nadzieją i krwawą praktyką totalitarny Nowy Wspaniały Świat. Staremu rozkwitającemu  od tysięcy lat światu grozi już rozpędzony Nowy Światowy Porządek, który montuje swoje uderzeniowe sotnie z rozmaitych mniejszości posługując się socjalizmem, rasizmem, ateizmem, genderyzmem i anarchizmem.Jedną z głównych zasad i praw tego świata obok cykliczności zjawisk jest przemijanie. Słowem “nic nie może wiecznie trwać” jak śpiewała wspaniała Anna Jantar, co również odnosi się do kolejnych historycznych imperiów. Według popularnego w Polsce amerykańskiego politologa (George Friedman, “Następne 100 lat”) każdy naród wyposażony jest jakby w swoje geny, swój blue print, zapis kodu szkieletu swoich charakterystycznych tendencji i historycznych predyspozycji. Pochód Ameryki na drodze do osiągnięcia statusu światowego hegemona związany jest z pomaganiem mocarstwom będącym w potrzebie, co jest dość intratnym biznesem. Tak było w I jak i w II wojnie światowej, kiedy wchodzącej w ostatnim stadium rozgrywającej się wojny  Ameryce pozwalało zdobyć niekwestionowaną pozycję lidera, szczególnie po wygraniu “zimnej” wojny z Sowietami. Amerykańskie korporacje wykorzystywały żołnierskie buty do wchodzenia na najbardziej zyskowne rynki tego świata, w ten sposób jednak nabijając sobie kiesę rozprzestrzeniały nowoczesne technologie co pozytywnie wpływało na wydobycie setek milionów ludzi z ubóstwa (Chiny, Indie). Jednak w ten sposób chodowały sobie konkurencję z którą dziś muszą walczyć o utrzymanie swojej dominującej pozycji. Jednocześnie poprzez silne związki elit biznesowych z obsługującymi je biurokratami z Deep State, powoli zapomniano o interesach Państwa i obywateli, którym powinno przecież  służyć. Kupieni przez globalistycznych bankierów biurokraci zaczęli reprezentować ideologię Nowego Porządku Światowego, często ze szkodą dla interesu swoich wyborców. Od czasu do czasu używając siły militarnej Ameryki, nie dlatego aby bronić jej żywotnych interesów, ale żeby przyspieszać kolejne etapy w urzeczywistnianiu nowej wizji świata, czasem wprost ze szkodą dla Ameryki. Z historii wiemy, że rewolucja jest ladacznicą, rozhuśtaną emocjonalnie dziwką, gotową na radykalne zmiany, zupełnie nie zainteresowaną w utrzymaniu starego porządku rzeczy.  Witamy wśród dylematów i zmagań dzisiejszej Ameryki...Panując w sferze politycznej, władając wypasem medialnym  wobec wyborców, używając tłustych kotów z wielkich korporacji i wpływając na nie przez antagonizowanie sponsorowanej anarchizującej lewicy, panując i rewolucyjnie uzbrajając system edukacji, ośrodki kierownicze NWO były na kursie i na ścieżce. Wtedy jak z kapelusza magika pojawił się Trump. Biznesmen, showman, gwiazda telewizyjna ze skomplikowanym i urozmaiconym życiem osobistym i rodzinnym, były członek Partii Demokratycznej, Partii Reform (Ross Perot) i wreszcie Republikanin. Biznesmen od dawna zaprzyjaźniony z nowojorskimi Żydami dziś zbliżony (córka Ivanka przeszła na judaizm) z sektą Chabad Lubawicz (o wielkich wpływach w Rosji, na Ukrainie i w Polsce). Trump uchodzi za najbardziej pro żydowskiego prezydenta US, w Izraelu nazywany nawet  “królem żydowskim”. Człowiek dobrze znający polityków, ich skorumpowany świat, człowiek odważny, owładnięty potrzebą sukcesu i wyposażony w mega ego. Po niespodziewanym znokautowaniu tradycyjnych pretendentów do prezydentury z ramienia Partii Republikańskiej, praktycznie wszystkich zaskoczył wygrywając z mocno osadzoną w systemie Hillary Clinton. Przypomnijmy, że zwycięstwo Trumpa oznaczało początek rozgałęzionych wariantów spisku elit gdyż pokonane w procesie wyborczym nigdy nie uznały jego zwycięstwa i natychmiast przystąpiły do kreowania kolejnych pułapek, mających na celu skompromitowanie Trumpa i pozbawienia go prezydentury. Co interesujące wśród “never-Trumpers” znaleźli się też związani z klanem Bushów neocons (byli trockiści zwolennicy ciągłych interwencji na Bliskim Wschodzie na rzecz Izraela), obawiali się oni Trumpa gdyż krytykował generalnie te niepotrzebne wojny (kasa, krew) i zapowiadał ich zakończenie.  Jednak atakowany Trump szybko znalazł sojuszników wśród amerykańskich syjonistów (tak Żydów, jak i wpływowych protestantów) co przełożyło się na kontrowersyjne przeniesienie ambasady US z Tel Awiwu do Jerozolimy, oraz uznania suwerenności Izraela nad okupowanymi syryjskimi Wzgórzami Golan. Przypomnijmy, że amerykańscy Żydzi w swojej większości (ok.70%) głosowali na Hillary Clinton (rywalkę Trumpa), są wyznania lewicowego i nie popierają dyskryminacyjnej polityki Izraela wobec Palestyńczyków. Trump próbuje zakończyć całe lata trwające wojny, chce zabezpieczenia południowej granicy z Meksykiem (integralność, suwerenność państwa), próbuje zachęcić amerykański kapitał do powrotu z Chin i innych krajów i produkcji w US, obcina jak może biurokratyczne regulacje dławiące biznes, właśnie dlatego naraża się globalistom. Oni tak ciężko pracowali nad osiągnięciem swoich celów, nie to , aby jakiś zwariowany spadochroniarz broniący idei państwa narodowego im to wszystko teraz zepsuł! Dlatego bolszewicka czujność i przekonanie o wdrażaniu jedynej sprawiedliwej, nowoczesnej i najlepszej wizji nowego świata nie pozwala im tolerować takie próby zawracania kursu historii przez jakiegoś amatora ciemnogrodu.Mamy pewne podobieństwo do sytuacji polskiej, kiedy jakiekolwiek patriotyczne reformy nawet nieśmiałe próby “polonizacji” sądów, próba przywrócenia prawd historycznych i pozamiatania po zdechłym imperium sowieckim, którego cuchnące aktywa przejęli amerykańscy globaliści (Soros plus) z ich młodszymi braćmi z Berlina i Brukseli powoduje inspirowanie anarchizującej tłuszczy i jej “zeuropeizowanych” liderów poupychanych przez brukselko-berlińskich globalistów w rozmaitych lewackich partyjkach i biznesach aborcyjnych,  gender, czy innych sotniach postępu.Naturalnie, że w związku z powyższym Trump jest w poważnych kłopotach i walczy w ciągłym okrążeniu jednak pod ręką ma też poważne atuty. W ciągu jego prawie 3 letniej kadencji gospodarka ma się naprawdę dobrze mimo, że Trump podejmuje się dość ryzykownych reform na kierunku chińskim, aby liderów chińskiej dyktatury komunistycznej zmusić do proporcjonalnej wymiany, na równych warunkach. Problem w tym, że Trump tu naraża się ważnym rodzinom i korporacjom amerykańskim przez całe dekady czerpiącym ogromne dochody z aktywności na kierunku chińskim. Jednak dla Trumpa najważniejszym tu jest przyszłość amerykańskiej mocarstwowej pozycji, stąd jego prośba do amerykańskich biznesów i korporacji o opuszczenie Chin i przeniesienie produkcji i technologii do US, bądź innych państw. Jak wiemy dotychczasowy oszałamiający roczny wzrost chińskiej gospodarki ulega już spowolnieniu, choć jest ciągle wysoki. Ciągle atakowany i dekoncentrowany Trump ma się czym pochwalić. W ciągu niespełna 3 lat przybyło ok. 6,5 mln nowych miejsc pracy (w tym 500 tys. w wytwórczości), przeciętnie 161 tys. nowych miejsc pracy miesięcznie w 2019 r! Stopa bezrobocia jest najniższa od 50 lat i wynosi 3,5%, wzrost płac przeciętnie ok. 3%. Giełda; DOW poszedł w górę 15,6% (w tym roku), NASDAQ 24%, S&P500 20,6%. Od początku kadencji Trumpa DOW poszybował 47,1%, NASDAQ 58,7%, S&P500 41,3%. Więc wszyscy powinni bić mu brawo, a jednak pamiętajmy, że co unosi się w górę, będzie również spadać…Oczywiście nie wszystkie drogi Trumpa wyściełane są różami, szczególnie od kiedy w Kongresie (zatwierdzającym budżet i wydatki) większość zdobyli Demokraci. Wiadomo, że polityka to scena brudnej przepychanki. Kiedy więc Trump chciał więcej pieniędzy na modernizację armii, Demokraci zażądali podobnej podwyżki na swoje postępowe cele. W konsekwencji federalny deficyt budżetowy  na rok 2019 osiągnął $984 mld, czyli był aż 26% wyższy od poprzedniego z 2018 r. Co prawda rząd z tytułu ceł uzyskał $71 mld, aż 70% więcej niż w 2018 r. jednak ogromnie wzrosły wydatki na obronność i opiekę medyczną. Wpływy z podatków osiągnęły o 4% więcej (w porównaniu do roku ubiegłego) i wyniosły $3,4 bln (po miejscowemu 3,4 trylion), jednak deficyt skoczył aż 8% do $4,4 bln.  Dla ciekawych podam, że podatki od korporacji wynosiły $230 mld (wzrosły o 12%), a podatki od indywidualnych podatników wynosiły $1,7 bln (wzrost o 2%). Zwykle w okresie prosperity deficyt zmniejsza się, ale zaproponowane przez Trumpa cięcia w wydatkach nie znalazły zrozumienia w demokratycznym Kongresie. Trzeba przypomnieć, że Trump dwa lata temu przeprowadził reformę upraszczającą strukturę podatkową, w konsekwencji zmniejszającą podatki o $1,5 bln  argumentując, że pobudzi w ten sposób ekonomię, ograniczy bezrobocie i wydatki na pomoc społeczną i zwiększy wpływy właśnie z podatków...  Cały czas Demokraci są w ataku, totalnej opozycji przyświeca idea impeachmentu. Wielki Inkwizytor demokrata z Kalifornii Adam Schiff (ustosunkowany, jego siostra była żoną syna Sorosa) łżąc jak bura suka przy pomocy speaker Nancy Pelosi (demokratka z San Francisco, jedna z najbogatszych kobiet w Kongresie) usiłują uwikłać Trumpa w “mataczenie” i utrudnianie prac kilku komisji kongresowych, które pilnie poszukują materiałów, dowodów obciążających Prezydenta. Pierwszy atak nie wypalił, po dwuletnim poszukiwaniu przez specjalnego prokuratora Muellera  dowodów na “Russian collusion”, czyli rzekomą współpracę Trumpa z Putinem przeciwko Hillary Clinton w ostatniej kampanii prezydenckiej, choć to przecież sztab Hillary współpracował z Brytyjczykami i Rosjanami przeciwko Trumpowi (słynne “Steele dossier”). Wymyślono następne “mataczenie” tym razem zarzuca się Trumpowi, że naciskał nowo wybranego prezydenta Ukrainy  Żeleńskiego (podczas rozmowy gratulacyjnej) na wszczęcie antykorupcyjnego postępowania wobec przeciwnika Trumpa w nadchodzących prezydenckich wyborach, literalnie Joe Bidena i jego syna Huntera.  W 2014 r. wiceprezydent Joe Biden odpowiadał w administracji Obamy za ukraiński odcinek. Wtedy jego syn Hunter otrzymał lukratywną posadę w ukraińskiej firmie gazowej Burisma Holdings od biznesmena o imieniu Mykola Zlochevsky (były minister zasobów naturalnych). Zatrudnienie Huntera miało dać firmie osłonę przed antykorupcyjnymi podejrzeniami ukraińskiej prokuratury. Każdego miesiąca młody Biden  nie mający zielonego pojęcia o ukraińskim gazie otrzymywał od $60,000 do $80,000. Na światło dzienne wyszło nagranie Joe Bidena w którym chwalił się, że kiedy firmie Burisma zagrażał prokurator , Joe zadzwonił do prezydenta Ukrainy i poinformował go, że jeśli w ciągu 6 godzin (klasyczne ultimatum!) nie wyrzuci tego prokuratora to Biden wstrzyma amerykańską pomoc dla Ukrainy w wysokości $1 mld ! Oczywiście naiwny prokurator wylądował na bruku! Właśnie teraz Demokraci próbują wkręcić Trumpa w grzechy Bidena, oskarżając go o wykorzystywanie urzędu do wywierania nacisku na prezydenta Ukrainy, w celu wznowienia śledztwa przeciwko konkurentowi do prezydentury. Trump przed rozmową wiedząc o szalejącej tam korupcji wstrzymał również ok. $400 mln pomocy dla Ukrainy, ale rzekomo Ukraińcy o tym nawet nie wiedzieli. W Kongresie Demokraci wreszcie zdecydowali się przegłosować rozpoczęcie prac nad impeachmentem (dotąd robili to pół oficjalnie) czego dokonali posiadając większość, bez udziału Republikanów. Trzeba przypomnieć, że cała rozróba zaczęła się od doniesienia 33 letniego “whistleblower” (Eric Ciaramella), zaniepokojonego i oburzonego postępowaniem Trumpa w czasie rozmowy z prezydentem Żeleńskim. Okazuje się, że 33 latek jest stronniczym demokratą i nie miał dostępu do toczącej się rozmowy prezydentów, a jedynie poznał relację, jednego z przysłuchujących się członków National Security Council. Ten sam “donosiciel” jakiś czas temu stracił pracę w NSC przy prezydencie z powodu podejrzenia, że dokonywał nielegalnych przecieków do mediów i obecnie pracuje w centrali CIA. Również okazało się, że wcześniej pracował jako analityk CIA na odcinku ukraińskim dla Bidena i zagożałego przeciwnika Trumpa, byłego szefa CIA (za Obamy) Johna Brennana. Jego informatorem odnośnie rozmowy prezydentów był ppłk Alexander Vindman (kiedy miał 3 lata przybył do US z rodzicami z sowieckiej Ukrainy), dekorowany weteran i członek NSC w Białym Domu, który było nie było doniósł na prezydenta totalnej opozycji. Sprawa może mieć drugie dno, gdyż Vindman  wcześniej odbywał rozmowy z politykami z Ukrainy podobno radząc im jak mają postępować z Trumpem. Na każdą próbę krytyki Vindmana Demokraci stają za nim murem wyliczając jego kombatanckie zasługi, co stoi w sprzeczności z ich dotychczasowym stosunkiem do służby wojskowej i braku szacunku do weteranów (np. sprawa gen. Michaela Flynna). Mając potrzebną większość w izbie niższej (Reprezentantów) Kongresu Demokraci mogą na podstawie nawet mało przekonywujących dowodów przegłosować impeachment Prezydenta i przesłać dalej do Senatu, który mając republikańską większość (do skazania prezydenta potrzebne jest ⅔ Senatu, czyli przynajmniej 67 głosów) może kongresowe artykuły impeachmentu po prostu odrzucić. Więc cała gra Demokratów raczej obliczona jest na obniżenie popularności Trumpa i osłabienie jego wizerunku w nadchodzących prezydenckich wyborach. Przy stałym nagłaśnianiu w posiadanych mainstreamowych mediach rozmaitych oskarżeń, ustawicznym rzucaniu błotem w Trumpa, Demokraci liczą na wywołanie złych skojarzeń i zwiększaniu szans  ich kandydata w wyborach prezydenckich. Aż 93% Demokratów popiera dalsze prace nad impeachmentem, wśród niezależnych wyborców poparcie wynosi 58% i wśród Republikanów ok 10%. Na dziś 46% ankietowanych pozytywnie ocenia prezydenta Trumpa, a 56% negatywnie (Rasmussen Reports), czyli mimo ciągłej negatywnej kampanii nie ma tu większych zmian.  Pewien problem jest z kobietami, 56% popiera impeachment, wobec tylko 42% mężczyzn. Trzeba przypomnieć, że już w dniu inauguracji Trumpa 20 stycznia 2016 r. “The New York Times” zamieścił tekst: “The Campaign to impeach President Trump Has Begun”. Do akcji przystąpił establishment imperium aktywizując Demokratów, media,  FBI, CIA i republikańskich Never Trumpers, wtedy na scenę wszedł Trump zewsząd otoczony ludźmi czyhającymi na każde jego potknięcie.Nie chcę cytować politycznych prognostyków od procentów, wszak oni byli w błędzie aż do ostatniej godziny przed zwycięstwem Trumpa w 2016 r. Uogólniając, w ogólnokrajowych sondażach Trump przegrywa z wszystkimi liderami demokratów, którzy kandydują na prezydenta, weźmy tylko jednego: Biden 51%, Trump 39%. Jednak jest to ocena na rok przed wyborami i jeszcze wiele może się wydarzyć, coś co może podnieść, lub zniszczyć szanse Trumpa. Ta grupa liderów peletonu u Demokratów (Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren (słynna Pocahontas, ulubienica Sorosa), Bernie Sanders (komuch, wnuczek Ziemi Beskidzkiej, nawet okazało się, że ma serce, ostatnio miał zawał), czy Kamala Harris, nie będą w stanie zwyciężyć z Trumpem, nie mają charyzmy, czy porywającego tłumy magnetyzmu. Dlatego wśród Demokratów pojawiają się nawet propozycje, aby jednak wystawić sprawdzoną 71 letnią Hillary Clinton, czy nawet miliardera, byłego burmistrza NYC Michaela Bloomberga. Czy szanse utrzymania prezydentury przez Trumpa rzeczywiście maleją? Tak jak w poprzednich wyborach Hillary Clinton nokautowała Trumpa w krajowych sondażach i rzeczywiście wygrała “popular vote”. Jednak w amerykańskim republikańskim  systemie o wyborze prezydenta nie decyduje (jak w demokracji) ogólna ilość głosów w kraju, ale głosowanie stanowych elektorów. Dlatego podobnie jak w ostatnich wyborach, podobnie i 2020 r. trzeba obserwować tak zwane wahające się stany, których elektorzy  zdecydowali o zwycięstwie Trumpa. Są to stany: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. Na dzień dzisiejszy 43% wyborców w tych stanach chce impeachmentu Trumpa, ale aż 53% tego sobie nie życzy. Więc na razie Trump jest jeszcze bezpieczny, możemy tak powiedzieć szczególnie jak oglądamy nieprzebrane tłumy entuzjastycznych zwolenników Trumpa na jego wiecach.Przewodniczący Kongresowego Republikańskiego Komitetu Narodowego Tom Emmer wysłał list do swoich członków w którym ostrzega przed trudną walką wydaną zwolennikom Trumpa przez 3-ch miliarderów i zarazem radykalnych lewaków, którymi są: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg i  Tom Steyer (wszyscy są Żydami, ostatni po ojcu, obecnie episcopalian). Ci globalistyczni lewacy zarzucają wyborców setkami milionów dolarów tworząc ostrą anty republikańską propagandę.W sumie w tej toczącej się na naszych oczach walce wszyscy jesteśmy na ringu, albowiem walka toczy się między totalitarnym socjalistycznym globalizmem przed którym ostrzegał nas już George Orwell, a szansą Narodów na utrzymanie swoich tradycji, kultur, religii i wolności. Prawda jest taka, że ta walka wchodzi w krytyczną fazę, jeśli prześpimy, nie zachowamy się odpowiedzialnie  i nie staniemy w obronie naszych ideałów to wkrótce pozostaną nam już tylko walki odwrotowe... Jacek K. Matysiak                                                                                                                                                  Kalifornia, 2019/11/06 
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After a December 2018 phone call between the two presidents, Trump announced that U.S. troops would withdraw from Syria. The move was soon reversed, but it shocked Washington’s foreign policy establishment and led to the resignations of two key U.S. officials, Defense Secretary James Mattis and counter-Islamic State (ISIS) envoy Brett McGurk. 

After the two met during the June G-20 summit in Japan, Trump told reporters that he appreciated Turkey’s position on its purchase of Russian S-400 air defence missiles. In the months since he has refrained from applying the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act against Turkey, which its deal with Russia should have triggered. 

Last month, following another phone talk with Erdoğan, Trump again announced U.S. troops would be leaving Syria, allowing Turkey to go forward with its long-planned offensive against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its affiliate People’s Protection Units (YPG). Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has led an insurgency in Turkey since 1984 and is labelled a terrorist group by the United States and European Union, as well as Turkey. 

“Erdoğan has learned to manipulate Trump and Erdoğan has been able to influence Donald Trump’s personal talking points,” said Aaron Stein, director of the Middle East programme at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. 

Stein said Turkish officials identified Trump as their preferred U.S. presidential candidate back in October 2016. “I thought Donald Trump would be an Islamophobe that would work against Turkish interests,” he said. 

“But the Turks rightly concluded that Trump was corruptible and not very smart, and therefore he was manipulable - he could be a transactional partner that would work toward Turkey’s interests,” Stein added. “It took three years, but they ultimately got it.”

The two leaders are set to meet in Washington on Nov. 13, and observers expect Erdoğan to seek to reverse or neutralise two House resolutions passed this week, which the New York Times described as a rebuke to Trump and one analyst described as a “double whammy” against Turkey.  

The first resolution marks an official recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The House move, which came on the anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Turkey, is not unprecedented. In 1975 and in 1984, the House also adopted resolutions acknowledging the Armenian Genocide. And in April 1981, President Ronald Reagan issued a Presidential Proclamation on the matter. 

The second House resolution, which like the first must be approved by the Senate to become binding, calls for sanctioning Erdoğan and other Turkish officials involved in the Syria offensive, as well as Turkish banks linked to the defence sector, and penalising Turkey for its purchase of Russian S-400 missiles.

Russian officials told Turkey on Tuesday that Syrian and Russian forces had successfully cleared the YPG from a strip of land along Turkey’s border, as per last week’s agreement between Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that joint Russian-Turkish patrols could begin.

Stein said he expected Russia would soon integrate the YPG into the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which would raise security issues for Turkey and give Assad and Putin some leverage over Erdoğan. 

Turkey’s offensive in northeast Syria has thus far displaced some 180,000 people, and many, including former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power, have described Turkish actions there as ethnic cleansing, in part because Erdoğan has repeatedly expressed his desire to settle mostly Syrian Arab refugees in the area, much of which has had a Kurdish majority in recent decades. 

“Erdoğan has said he wants to move 2 million people into these areas. I think that would be tantamount to ethnic re-engineering,” said Stein.

Stein does not foresee Ankara being able to implement that plan, nor does he see a coherent Turkish approach in northeast Syria, but rather the significant influence of Russia. Reports this week have said Turkey is also considering buying Russian Su-35 fighter jets. Also this week, Pentagon officials said Turkey’s S-400s are expected to be operational by the end of the year. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has cautioned U.S. officials to think carefully before sanctioning Turkey and pushing Ankara further toward Russia. In the Washington Post last week, Ilhan Omar, a member of the House of Representatives, also argued against sanctioning Turkey, saying that while Turkey’s Syria offensive had been a disaster, sanctions tend to be incoherent and counter-productive. 

“I don’t understand the point of collapsing Turkey’s economy or even threatening to do it for an invasion of Syria,” said Stein, though he did understand punishing Turkey for its S-400 purchase. 

“Turkey has met the threshold for CAATSA sanctions,” said Stein, pointing out that Ankara even aired live video of the arrival of the S-400s, “rubbing the nose of the Americans in the faeces of this deal”.

There have been reports that Trump is negotiating with Turkish officials behind the scenes in an effort to secure the purchase of U.S.-made Patriot missiles to replace the S-400s. Still, most U.S. officials would prefer not to sanction Turkey. 

“People don’t want to alienate a NATO ally,” said Stein, who said it was possible Turkey would buy Patriots at next month’s summit. 

“But a negotiation entails a give and take on both sides, and Turkey never gives, it only takes,” said Stein, who thinks Turkish officials do not realise how few defenders they have left in the White House. 

“Erdoğan played his cards right,” Stein added. “He got another face-to-face meeting with Trump where he can present his case, and when he gets a meeting with Trump, Trump usually capitulates to his point of view.”


Turkey says Armenian genocide bill 'an insult', summons U.S. envoy


Turkey says Armenian genocide bill 'an insult', summons U.S. envoy


(Updates with Erdoğan comments in third paragraph, foreign minister in sixth.)

Turkey slammed a U.S. decision recognising the mass killing of Armenians early last century as genocide and summoned the country's ambassador.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan  said the resolution, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives by 405 votes to 11 on Tuesday, was devoid of any truth. It was approved on the anniversary of the formation of the Turkish republic.

“We see such an accusation as the greatest insult made to our nation," Erdoğan said in a speech to his party deputies in parliament. “A country whose history is filled with stains of genocide, slavery and exploitation has no right to say something or to lecture Turkey.”

Turkey and the United States have been embroiled in a political dispute over a Turkish military incursion into northern Syria that began in early October. U.S. President Donald Trump paved the way for the operation by withdrawing troops from the border region, sparking criticism in Congress that he had abandoned the Kurds. Ankara says Kurdish forces that it has been battling in Syria are terrorists allied with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), an autonomy-seeking armed group in Turkey.

Most scholars recognise that genocide was committed by the Ottoman Empire from 1915. An estimated 1.5 million Armenians died. Turkey denies that such a slaughter took place and has lobbied governments and parliaments around the world to refrain from recognising the events as genocide.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry demanded an explanation from Ambassador David Satterfield during a meeting on Wednesday. Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said the resolution amounted to "revenge" for Turkey's military operation.

Earlier on Tuesday, the U.S. House also voted 403 to 16 to impose economic sanctions on Turkey for the Syria incursion. Kurdish People's Protection Unit (YPG) militants there have been staunch allies of the United States in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS).

“If we ignore history, then we are destined to witness the mistakes of the past be repeated,” Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, said before Tuesday’s vote. “Recent attacks by the Turkish military against the Kurdish people are a stark reminder of the danger in our own time.”

“If only Turkey had taken the lead to address sadness that haunts Armenians to this day over 1915. If only Turkey had taken the lead to address Kurdish grievances and abuses they suffered regardless of the militants of the mountains. If only Turkey had stayed out of Syria,” Ziya Meral, senior resident fellow at the U.K.-based Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research, said in comments on Twitter.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry also criticised the House resolution envisaging economic sanctions on the country.

The bill “is incompatible with the spirit of our NATO Alliance,” the ministry said in a separate statement. “It also contradicts with the agreement reached on Syria with the U.S. Administration on 17 October,” it said in reference to an agreement on a cessation of hostilities in northern Syria reached with the White House two weeks ago.

U.S. officials have failed to discern the difference between a NATO ally and terrorists and “should understand that they cannot achieve anything with the threats of unilateral sanctions”, it said.

The sanctions bill envisages freezing the assets of senior Turkish political and military leaders and blocking their travel to the United States. It would prohibit arms transfers to Turkey if the weapons could be used in Syria, mandates an investigation of Erdoğan’s personal wealth and would impose punishment on state-run Turkish bank Halkbank.

Erdoğan said the resolution was aimed at targeting him, his family and his ministers directly, adding that he strongly rejected it.

The bill faces potential obstacles in the Senate, where leading Republicans have called for a delay in order to give time for the Trump administration to find a diplomatic solution with Turkey.


Islanders získali desátou výhru v řadě, Montreal zastavil série Bostonu

V noci na středu 6. listopadu bylo na programu National Hockey League celkem jedenáct zápasů. New York Islanders se podařilo získat už desátou výhru v řadě, když doma porazili Ottawa Senators. Montreal Canadiens zase zastavili vítěznou a bodovou sérii Boston Bruins.

Comment on U.S. senator blasts Apple for ‘risking compromise to authoritarianism’ in China by solomé

should be noted that chairman mao is highly revered amongst the chinese people. hmm, wonder where they get their world view ..surely, not soley from their own dictatorial government, those beloved officials who brought peace to tiananmen square. and, mao, friend of tibet, bringer of cultural revolution and the great leap forward. the truth is homo sapiens are wild animals with a brain and require a legal, guiding set of principles like the US constitution that can continually force them into a court of law to be righted when they get wrong. and, they get wrong a lot. al least, we have that. it's abhorrent that we humans have done horrible things over the millenia. i'm not making excuses for america but, at least we have access to a broader view of the world and ourselves. reminds of the this slavery issue. it's atrocious but, it didn't start in america but it did end in america. bottom line, china is a thief and has been burglarizing america for too long. sorry, i tend to ramble, at times, unfocused.

Comment on U.S. senator blasts Apple for ‘risking compromise to authoritarianism’ in China by CitizenX

Polite applause.

Comment on U.S. senator blasts Apple for ‘risking compromise to authoritarianism’ in China by Kent

Have you been to the Gulag Archipelago?

Comment on U.S. senator blasts Apple for ‘risking compromise to authoritarianism’ in China by Kent

Did Apple do business in South Africa during Apartheid?

Comment on U.S. senator blasts Apple for ‘risking compromise to authoritarianism’ in China by North American Wanderer

one starring me won’t change the truth of what i have seen or heard. To the down voters have you been to Hong Kong? i didn’t go this trip but i’ve been there twice and also been to Taiwan. writing this in singapore which is 90% overseas Chinese. been to Malaysia, cambodia and Thailand. ‘ i bet many of the people downing Apples actions don’t give a rats ass about helping oppressed Chinese, they just don’t like China. Most i doubt have even spoken to Chinese person or visited Asia. BTW some local news reports show arrested Hong Kong ‘protestors’ as former triad (mafia) members who were looting shops etc (just as Apple hinted at in their statement) Blogs say some of those arrested claim they were paid and armed by USA agents Also imagine this, try Changing USA to China in headlines for the last 20 years and see how you feel like: “China invades Iraq on pretext of WMD. Chinese kills hundreds of iraqis (that did not attack China) and begins decades long war that kills, maims hundreds of thousands. Chinese invasion causes rise of ISIS and destabilizes region all the way to Syria causing millions of refugees to flee. Hundreds of Chinese drone strikes kills thousands including women and children. etc: Many believe China did this to control middle East oil. China did not attack Saudi arabia although most of the 9/11 attackers hitting beijing came from Saudi Arabia. “ see when you put china instead of USA it looks different huh? That’s how the world sees USA like it or not. Americans live in a world of their own media and politicians illusion

Drew Doughty doesn’t want the Kings using their rebuild as an excuse

The Ottawa Senators and Los Angeles Kings are in a similar place as they prepare to face off Thursday night at the Canadian Tire Centre. Both teams have decided the best bet is to go the rebuild route to return to having long-term success. And, as a result, they’re both going through growing pains with […]

Gameday: Los Angeles Kings at Ottawa Senators

Los Angeles (5-10-0) at Ottawa (4-9-1) Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Canadian Tire Centre, TSN5, TSN 1200 AM, Unique 94.5 FM SPECIAL TEAMS OTT: PP 7.7% (31st); PK 79.7% (21st) LAK: PP 10.3% (29th); PK 69.8% (29th) THE BIG MATCHUP Jean-Gabriel Pageau vs. Anze Kopitar Playing the No. 1 centre role with an injury to Colin White, […]

PATIENT APPROACH: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again

NEW YORK – When the losses start piling up, how do you adequately measure the effectiveness of a rebuilding effort? After dropping two of three on the most recent venture away from home, including being suffocated in a 4-1 loss to the New York Islanders in Brooklyn Tuesday, the Senators now have 10 losses in […]

Islanders hit a perfect 10 in knocking off the Senators

Islanders 4, Senators 1 BROOKLYN, N.Y. — The New York, New York sweep wasn’t to be for the Ottawa Senators Tuesday. One night after their offensive explosion against the New York Rangers, the Senators ran smack dab into National Hockey League’s hottest squad, dropping a 4-1 decision. In the process, the Islanders ran their winning […]

Warrenspiece: Paul adds to his game, Goloubef finally plays, Capuano remembers and Quinn credits Senators

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A couple of short weeks ago, life in the National Hockey League was a black and white equation for Nick Paul. Playing with fourth liners Scott Sabourin and fellow Belleville call-up Jordan Szwarz, Paul’s marching orders went something like this: Get pucks deep. Hit people hard. Make every high-percentage play possible. Don’t […]

Sources: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two Republicans with ...

The View: Tulsi Gabbard, Hot Topics, Impeachapalooza

Sunny is out today, back tomorrow

Tulsi Gabbard

Two more clips behind the cut

Tulsi Gabbard wants you to know that she is a patriot but watch for Joy 😲 😃

Summary of conversation
[Omg @ Joy loooool who is pleasant but has less than zero f.cks to give]
Whoopi asks about Hawaii telescope on sacred land. Reminds about Sondland changing testimony, wonders if Tulsi was surprised. Tulsi ignores the question, goes right in to Hillary complaints, the accusations of being a Russian asset, trojan horse, a useful idiot. Gives imapatriot! speech, she’s intelligent woman of color. More speech. Joy says well Franklin Graham finds her refreshing, Richard Spencer white nationalist says he’d vote for her, says Tulsi goes on Tucker Carlson 16x. Joy pokes more about Hillary. Abby plays audio of Hillary remarks. Tulsi says it’s outrageous she would be accused of being a Russian asset. Lists her resume. Whoopi asks if she is surprised when everyone sees the bots propping her up, for people to think that. Tulsi says it’s offensive to be accused [but doesn’t answer question]. Joy wants to know what her evidence is that Hillary is a warmonger. Tulsi says Iraq war. Joy says, did Tulsi believe in it. Tulsi said she believed the lies. Joy says, well so did Hillary. Tulsi continues to talk about smear campaigns.

Abby says Tulsi’s not afraid to go against her own party. Tulsi said she won’t run as third party, she wants to do xyz. Talks her campaign. Meghan says she evokes really strong reactions, seems to be a threat to both sides. Tulsi says she can’t be controlled, everyone sees her as a threat.

Joy repeats that there is a difference from being used (unwitting) vs being complicit. Asks why does Tulsi go on Fox with Tucker Carlson who is a liar, instead of other Fox reporters who are more balanced. Tulsi says she’s offended by being called a witting or unwitting asset [but doesn’t answer the question]. Whoopi brings up quote again. Tulsi says she’s going to speak to everyone, not just those who agree with her [but still doesn’t answer the question]. Meghan says Tulsi cares about the audience and doesn’t negate everyone. Joy says she’s not talking about all of Fox, she names Tucker and Sean Hannity who are repeated liars. Abby brings up Kamala saying her race and gender (speaking about herself) are the elephant in the room, wonders if Tulsi feels the same way. Tulsi talks about that topic. Whoopi asks Day 1 as Potus will Tulsi reverse tax laws. Tulsi talks healthcare and not having big insurance and big pharma at the table at the same time. Whoopi wants to know if she’s going to give money back. Tulsi talks tax generalities. Meghan is glad that Tulsi won’t take her guns.

I’m still lol @ Joy

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Sondland remembered he did know about quid pro quo, changed his testimony prior to his transcript release. He changed his testimony in lieu of perjury, after the transcripts released Monday revealed that he lied. Meghan goes in to detail. Abby says it wasn’t that long ago, so how silly it was that he forgot, then suddenly remembered. Joy mocks Lindsey Graham. Plays clip. The GOP is such a joke. It’s your job to read and stay on top of these things. Meghan still loves LG, says he’s doing what he thinks is best. But what he’s saying isn’t productive. Whoopi says there are certain jobs you have, you can’t say as an elected official that you’re refusing to read testimony paramount to your job. Abby says the goalposts keep moving. Says we have everything for impeachment.

Hot Topic Election Night Big Blue Wins

[There is an audience lady from KY who is asked some comments]
Tuesday Election Day results woo hoo. Virginia flipped state level House and Senate, they now have a state blue trifecta. KY Dem Governor beat incumbent even tho T45 warned voters at Mon Klan rally. Plays clip. The greatest defeat in the history of the world… You can’t let that happen to meeeee. Incumbent hasn’t conceded. Most politics are local, so stumping doesn’t matter. Joy says woman who flipped bird as T45 caravan was passing, she got fired over that incident but then she sued her company and won severance. Last night she won a seat on Board of Supervisors, beating incumbent GOP by 52%. Abby says KY Gov was really unpopular. Meghan lists reasons he was hated. Calls out woman in audience from KY. Audience lady says they’re not surprised but very happy. Joy says Moscow Mitch is next, how’s he taking it. Audience lady says she hopes he’s taking it very, very bad. Meghan talks tea leaves since T45 never takes accountability, normally if he stumps for candidate in super red state, the candidate is helped.

Whoopi has word salad some more about whatever. Thinks it’s a mistake to assume the party in power has a stranglehold on local race. Talks about what’s in your wallet. Show me the money. [Her obsession with bank accounts like she lives in poverty is really tiresome]. Joy lists more reasons Bevin was very unpopular. Abby supports states rights, thinks Dem won because he talked about local needs not T45. Mitch is most unpopular Senator, he should be worried. Brings up Amy who is running against Mitch. Meghan says she’s running a bad campaign. Audience lady talks about Bevin, doesn’t think Amy has run that kind of campaign.

Hot Topic Spicer on DWTS Youtried.gif

Sean Spicer has more job security on DWTS but that may be ending soon, Whoopi wonders if judges are over him. Plays clip. Meghan says he’s the only part that she watches, he’s terrible, she loves it. Joy wonders when Rudy Colludy will be on the show. Abby says it’s like The Bachelor where even if you don’t like them, you don’t want them to leave, because it’s more fun for them to stay on. Whoopi is happy because she doesn’t watch tv, wonders about T45 tweeting for followers to vote for Spicer. How does someone in the WH have time to do this, but if she was getting impeached, then she’d have time, too. Abby says when there are important things, you don’t hear from T45, but he has time for DWTS. Meghan says Spicer is so bad. Whoopi wants Spicer to be dressed as a bush (looooooool omg that would be glorious).

Ontd do you want Spicey to be dressed on DWTS as that funny bush meme?

Source links are below each video or section

Comment on Trump’s Ambassador and donor confirms quid pro quo by All_on_Red

This whole idea that Trump can’t ask for an investigation is flawed. He is the Head of the Executive. That means he’s Head of the Dept of Justice. There’s an Anti Corruption Treaty between US and Ukraine WHICH WAS PASSED BY CONGRESS. It’s already Law. He already has the right to do it. Besides Biden was an add on. ( they started investigating Biden five months before he announced his candidacy anyway) He really wants to know about Crowdstrike and Ukrainian collusion with the DNC and the Clintons- don’t we all! Btw the Whistleblowers Lawyer tweeted in Jan 2017 that there will be a Coup and they will go for impeachment.. All this drama is moot anyway as McConnell has said the Senate will vote it down. No Republican voted for this ‘inquiry’ and they were joined by two Democrats in voting no. Still, it’s good click bait for DPF Lol

Comment on Trump’s Ambassador and donor confirms quid pro quo by theoldbloke

So Trump gets impeached and fired. Bingo, new world recession.!!!!! New guy lets China walk all over USA to stop trade war. North Korea, goes back to its old habits. AND US Troops start going on overseas duty The borders are opened for anyone to go to America. Has anyone really thought thru the impact of what might happen if Trump is impeached. So my guess is that the Senate will huff and puff but not impeach. The House will drag out the impeachment thing in an attempt to smear Trump (ie a PR exercise) to help whoever the democratic candidate is.

Comment on Trump’s Ambassador and donor confirms quid pro quo by SGA

Sure, as I said above, a certain amount of quid pro quo is inherent in politics. What you neglect to mention, however, is that even then there are limits. I cannot give Senator X a yacht or a luxury car or a house for supporting legislation - while it is quid pro quo, it can be construed as bribery or corruption. So let's not confuse quid pro quo with carte blanche.

Senator Biden Went to Bat for Son Hunter’s Lobbying Clients


Alana Goodman in the Washington Examiner details today how Joe Biden, while a member of the U.S. Senate, twice intervened with government officials in a way that benefited clients of his son Hunter’s lobbying firm. The information contradicts Joe Biden’s repeated assertions that his son’s business activities have always been separate from his official duties.

From the article:

The National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, said Biden should have avoided involvement with issues that his son’s firm was also lobbying on because of the appearance of conflict.

“It’s implausible Sen. Biden did not know his son’s firm was lobbying on this arcane issue,” said Tom Anderson, the director of NLPC’s Government Integrity Project.

“Sometimes appearances are exactly what they are,” he said. “This is a recurring problem we’ve seen on the Hill, where family members are enriched because of their relationship with a member.”

Click here to Read More ➡

The post Senator Biden Went to Bat for Son Hunter’s Lobbying Clients appeared first on National Legal & Policy Center.


TABEL NOMINAL cu politicienii SEMNULUI FIAREI: In 2011, deputatii PDL (actualul PNL si PMP) au votat impotriva LEGII ANTI CIP

Am primit pe e-mail de la fratele discerne: Am petrecut azi mare parte din zi ca sa aflu cum au votat candidatii la presedentie in pozitiile de deputati, senatori sau europarlamentari la legi care sunt importante. Am descoperit cu aceasta ocazie ca a existat o initiativa legislativa care prevedea in mod expres interzicerea folosirii datelor […]

Gaining and Holding Power: A Profile of Mitch McConnell.


In the latest Special Report from NPR's Embedded team, we hear a profile of one of the most powerful people in the country: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. How did he get where he is today? This hour-long special takes listeners on a journey, tracing McConnell’s career: from some of his earliest election races, to the huge - but largely unknown - influence he’s had in blocking campaign finance reform, to his relationship with a most unlikely ally, President Donald Trump.

Airs Friday, November 8 at 8 pm on 93.9 FM and AM 820.

Also airs Saturday, November 9 at 10 pm on AM 820.


Jeff Sessions Expected To Announce A Comeback Bid For Alabama Senate Seat

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Voters Cast Ballots On Affirmative Action, Sanctuary Cities, In Off-Year Elections


Election Night 2019 is in the books. And while much of the focus is on the winning candidates in Kentucky, Mississippi and Virginia and what that might mean for the 2020 presidential election, millions of voters also decided on a range of ballot measures. Here's a short list of results from around the U.S.

Tucson, Ariz.

Proposition 205: Making Tucson a Sanctuary City fails

While Arizona remains a conservative-leaning state, Democrats control the state's second largest city. Six years after the City Council designated Tucson an "immigrant welcoming city," some sought to push that mandate even further by allowing residents to decide on whether it should become a "sanctuary city."

Given the chance on Tuesday, Tucson residents roundly rejected the measure, with initial results showing more than 70% of voters disapproving. If approved, Prop 205 would have put in place more restrictions on how law enforcement officials there impose immigration laws.

As member station Arizona Public Media reports, if Proposition 205 had been OK'd, "it would likely have faced legal challenges based on potential conflicts with SB 1070."

That's the controversial Arizona law that allows law enforcement officials to check immigration documents if they suspect someone is in the country illegally.

Even Tucson's newly elected Democratic mayor, Regina Romero opposed the measure, according to Arizona Public Media. Romero made history Tuesday by becoming the first Latina and first woman to win that post — even got a shout out by Democratic presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


Proposition CC Fails. Proposition DD too close to call

Both these propositions have to do with taxes. Proposition CC would allow the state to take money intended for tax refunds and put it toward education and transportation costs. Proposition DD sought to legalize sports gambling and then use the tax dollars casinos would pay to the state to fund the Colorado Water Plan, a range of projects related to conservation and the environment.

As Colorado Public Radio explains, Proposition CC "would have allowed the state to keep money that would normally be returned to taxpayers because it exceeds revenue caps set in the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights." However, voters rejected the measure, according to initial returns tallied by The Associated Press.

Backers of Proposition CC had pledged that future tax refunds from the state "would have gone to transportation, K-12 and higher education," as the member station reported.

Proposition DD would legalize sports betting and impose a 10% tax on a gambling establishment's house winnings. As of Wednesday afternoon, the margin between those for and against the measure was separated by about 1 percentage point, with a slight edge in favor.

Jersey City, N.J.

Question 1 [restrictions for short-term rental properties] passes

In what was called "the most expensive municipal referendum" in New Jersey history, Jersey City residents overwhelmingly approved increasing regulations on short-term rentals. The move was widely seen as a blow to Airbnb and VRBO.

Voters said "yes" to limits on what units and properties are eligible for the part-time rentals, as well as capping the number of nights a property can be used as a rental at 60 per year, among other provisions.

According to, Airbnb spent more than $3 million to defeat the measure, but the company failed to make much of an impact, as more than 69% of voters said "yes" to Question 1.

San Francisco

Proposition C [on ban of e-cigarettes sales] is rejected

In June, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a ban on the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes in the city until the Food and Drug Administration completes a product safety review. Proposition C, which was supported by e-cigarette maker Juul Labs, sought to overturn the board's decision before the ban goes into effect at the start of the new year.

The ballot measure failed.

As member station KQED reports, "voters overwhelmingly rejected the referendum, with the 'no' side pulling into a strong position just after polls closed Tuesday night and only strengthening its margin of victory as the evening progressed."

The Board of Supervisors' ban prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes in brick and mortar stores, and also bars vaping devices bought online from being delivered to addresses in San Francisco. KQED adds that Juul spent more than $18 million to defeat this ban.


Proposition 4 [state income tax ban] passes

Residents of Texas don't pay state income tax. On Tuesday night, Texans made sure it stays that way by approving a measure that make it even more difficult to impose such a tax.

As the Dallas Morning News reports, Texas typically promotes the lack of a state income tax as "a conservative bona fide and part of a key attraction for businesses."

With the passage of Proposition 4, the newspaper notes, "two-thirds of the Texas House and Senate will be required to vote to repeal the amendment."

If that weren't enough, lawmakers now also have to schedule a statewide election to implement any state income tax.

Washington state

Referendum 88 [restricting affirmative action] too close to call

People in Washington state appear poised to send a message to lawmakers: Race, sex and ethnicity should not be factors when selecting a qualified applicant.

Voters banned affirmative action in 1998. Earlier this year, however, lawmakers passed a measure called Initiative 1000 that essentially reimposed affirmative action and allowed the state to weigh certain characteristics when making considerations on employment, contracting and acceptance in schools.

Referendum 88 put I-1000 to a vote — enough "no" votes would keep the initiative from going into effect. As of Wednesday afternoon, the referendum was failing by a narrow margin. Assistant Secretary of State Mark Neary says Washington state is still counting roughly 365,000 mail-in ballots.

As Seattle's KUOW notes:

"After majority Democrats passed [I-1000] in the final hours of the Legislative session this April, opponents gathered enough signatures over the summer to put the new law to a public vote.

"The opposition effort was led by a group of Asian Americans who said they feared their children would be passed over for university admissions in favor of other racial minorities. ...

"A mostly African American coalition delivered Initiative 1000 to the Legislature in January. This fall, a diverse coalition of business, labor and advocacy organizations, known as the Washington Fairness coalition, campaigned to protect the law from repeal."

The affirmative action vote more than 20 years ago was "emotional and highly charged," The Seattle Times notes, adding that Tuesday's vote in essence served as a new "barometer for feelings about the state of equity and discrimination."

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit


The Man Who Popularized The 'Deep State' Doesn't Like The Way It's Used


Mike Lofgren is the very definition of a civil servant. He was a congressional staffer for 28 years, with most of that time spent crunching numbers on the Senate and House budget committees.

He's moderate and mild-mannered, saying, "I was on the Republican side my whole career. I wasn't a culture wars Republican, basically a fiscal conservative in the manner of say, [President Dwight] Eisenhower."

Lofgren was turned off by the Tea Party Republicans who came into Congress in 2011, and decided it was time to quit. Three years later, Lofgren wrote an essay called, "Anatomy of the Deep State."

The essay is not partisan. Lofgren criticizes both parties, along with the national security community, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. And he takes pains to point out that he's not a conspiracy theorist.

His basic point is that big institutions, inside and outside of government, are so entrenched it's hard to bring any real change. Political options are limited.

"This is not to say it's the worst of all worlds," Lofgren said. "You sort of get a choice between Coke and New Coke."

His idea first gained traction among progressives who felt Republicans were pursuing a scorched-earth policy to thwart President Barack Obama.

In fact, Lofgren wrote his essay for the website of liberal commentator Bill Moyers, and also appeared on the PBS program he hosted.

The state of 'deep state'

Lofgren expanded his essay into a 2016 book called: The Deep State: The Fall Of The Constitution And The Rise Of A Shadow Government. The book got some favorable reviews, but didn't set the publishing world on fire.

Then President Trump took office.

"Unelected, deep state operatives who defy the voters, to push their own secret agendas, are truly a threat to democracy itself," Trump said at a rally last year, one of the many times he's invoked the term.

For the president and his supporters, deep state is shorthand for Democratic-leaning bureaucrats who want to undermine Trump.

Breitbart began extensive coverage to "deep state" stories around the time Trump entered office, and others have followed. In a search of TV transcripts, the term "deep state" appeared only 64 times in 2016, the year Lofgren published his book.

In 2017, it shot up to nearly 2,300 mentions, and surged to nearly 5,000 hits last year, many of them on Fox News.

And it's rarely, if ever, used the way Mike Lofgren intended.

"It's like I released this species into the wild and what it did, or maybe it's a Frankenstein, and what it does is not within my control," he said.

The idea of a conspiratorial deep state goes back centuries. Some trace it to ancient Rome. In recent decades, it has been used to describe countries such as Turkey and Pakistan, where the security forces were seen as dictating orders to elected governments.

Le Carre novel

Lofgren says he first encountered the term in a spy novel A Delicate Truth by John le Carre, who describes the hidden power brokers at work in Great Britain.

Now it pops up everywhere.

"Thank God for the deep state," said John McLaughlin, the former deputy director of the CIA. He spoke ironically, drawing laughs when he made the remark at a recent panel discussion at George Mason University.

But he was making a serious point as he spoke about government officials testifying before congressional committees at the impeachment inquiry.

"Everyone here has seen this progression of diplomats, and intelligence officers and White House people trooping up to Capitol Hill right now, and saying, 'These are people who are doing their duty,'" McLaughlin said.

When we caught up with McLaughlin a few days later, he said he had received some blowback for those comments. Then he went on to say:

"I think it's a silly idea. There is no 'deep state.' What people think of as the 'deep state' is just the American civil service, social security, the people who fix the roads, health and human services, Medicare."

Mike Lofgren, now retired at age 66, used to be one of those people when he was a Republican congressional staffer. Today, he says he's turned his back on the Republican Party.

"I am an independent who will not vote Republican until they demonstrate to me that they've purged Trumpism and that they're a sane party," he said.

Rachel Treisman is an intern on NPR's National Desk.

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit


Court Of Appeal Sacks Ekiti APC Senator


The Kaduna Division of the Court of Appeal on Wednesday nullified the election of Senator Dayo Adeyeye. Adeyeye, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), is chairman of the Senate committee on Media and Publicity. The Court subsequently upheld the tribunal judgment which declared Senator (Mrs) Biodun Olujimi and the candidate of the ...

The post Court Of Appeal Sacks Ekiti APC Senator appeared first on The State Online.


US HB2423

Women's Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act (Sec. 3) This bill directs the Department of the Treasury to mint and issue up to 400,000 $1 silver coins that are emblematic of the women who played a vital role in rallying support for the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. (Sec. 5) Such coins may be issued during the period beginning on January 1, 2020, and ending on December 31, 2020. (Sec. 7) All surcharges received from the sales of such coins shall be paid to the American Women's History Initiative of the Smithsonian Institution.

2019/11/04 Message on Senate action sent to the House.

Szymanski memorial highway bill soon heading to governor

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate on Tuesday approved House legislation to permanently honor Marine Lance Cpl. Steven Szymanski, who was killed while on duty during a training exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 2014. “I proudly supported this measure to show our deep appreciation for the service and sacrifice of Lance Corporal Steven […]

WI Republicans belittle democracy, 'lead' through arrogance

Maybe a better headline would be WI GOP rolls out longer-lasting chokehold.

Because Wisconsin Republican legislators have amped up their sore-losing campaign against Democratic victors and the democratic process by moving to weaken Wisconsin's gubernatorial veto authority which they had protected for the ousted Gov. Walker.

This obviously partisan and belittling slap, cloaked in faux concerns over the separation of powers, is like a jilted boyfriend slashing a rival's tires, then claiming his only concern that public safety be enhanced because now the victim had a new set of tires.

And the GOP claim is as phony as its justification for firing Evers' ag secretary nominee, which had nothing to do with his qualifications or state policy, but was driven by thin-skinned legislators irked when the nominee, Brad Pfaff, said they should be appropriating rural mental health treatment dollars with greater speed.

All this maneuvering by insecure GOP legislators interested only in preserving their careerist titles, perks and eventual insignificance is only the warm-up for Thursday's major act of arrogant, short-sighted defiance: their pledged quick dismissal of Gov. Evers' requested special session consideration of gun safety measures which enjoy 80% polling support in Wisconsin and have been implemented in other states. 

And, by the way - - returning to the separation of powers canard hauled out by Republicans this week - - does anyone remember that after Walker was elected in 2011, his partisan enablers in the legislature gave away to him some of their oversight authority, which thus removed one check on the chief executive and added to an imbalance in Walker's favor.

Wisconsin Governor Walker Signs Regulatory Reform Bill into Law
  1. Governor Must Approve Rules Before Promulgation, Including Emergency Rules, and Has Authority to Prescribe Guidelines: Act 21 requires the Governor's approval before an agency proposes an administrative rule for Legislative review.  In addition, the Governor must approve the issuance of emergency administrative rules by a State agency.  Further, the Governor "by executive order, may prescribe guidelines to insure that rules are promulgated in compliance" with the law. 
Of course, GOP legislators decided after Evers was elected that they needed on phony 'principled' grounds to take back that authority, including it in their power-grab grab bag which the right-tilted, GOP-friendly State Supreme Court predictably upheld, and which Walker signed without any changes. 
Among the power-curbing effects of the legislature’s measures, which were signed by outgoing Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker, are limits on the governor’s ability to put administrative rules in place...
And when GOP legislators trash Evers' special session gun legislation on Thursday, please remember that it was in a special session Republicans launched mere days after Walker's 2011 inauguration when they began working to strengthen his autocratic status by giving away those rule-making powers which, on 'principle,' they have already stripped from Evers, as I noted here. 

In other words, some special sessions are more special than others.

The hypocrisies and double-standards which now define Wisconsin politics through GOP behaviors are nauseating.


Enabled by $$ & gerrymandering, Bucky's little dictators get bolder

3:40 p.n. update: GOP State Sen. fires Ag secretary, because it can.

A year ago Thursday I called Wisconsin's GOP legislative leaders "little dictators" as they put their secretly-crafted power-grabbing bills on a fast-track to the defeated Walker's veto-free signature.

Their Machiavellian, rule-changing mission? 

Stripping traditional authority from the duly-elected Democratic Gov, Tony Evers and AG Josh Kaul - - and keeping Wisconsin a one-party safe haven for:

Big business and the corporate donor class;

Special interests;

Fecal pollution;

Self-serving and unsustainable Foxconning;

* GOP 'principles' like voter suppression, rock-bottom minimum wages, dangerous, road-builder-friendly highway expansion instead of transit ;

* And, above all, Donald Trump's re-election.

Scott Walker says he will chair Trump's Wisconsin re-election campaign
Fitzgerald aligns with Trump when announcing Congressional bid
The Journal Sentinel today updates this out-in-this-open putrid partisanship: 
Wisconsin Senate to reject Gov. Tony Evers' ag secretary and try to limit his vetoes
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
WI GOP Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald can ride his hostility towards Democratic office-holders to a Congressional win and closer proximity to a) key funders, and b) Congressional and lobbying power-brokers like Mitch McConnell who spent years boxing-in Barack Obama with a repetitive strategy of "no" and related partisan hackery.


Tre intense giornate a Roma - Delegazione dei Ragazzi Sindaci della provincia di Catania

La delegazione dei Ragazzi Sindaci della provincia di Catania, guidata dal coordinatore preside Giuseppe Adernò, ha vistato il Senato, il Quirinale, ed il terzo giorno ha incontrato Papa Francesco. Tre intense giornate che hanno coinvolto 40 ragazzi degli istituti comprensivi di Santa Venerina, Piano Tavola e dell’Istituto “S. Maria della Mercede di Padre Giuliano” di S Agata Li Battiati. Il programma delle tre giornate, articolato in “Roma istituzionale, Roma imperiale e Roma cristiana”, ha offerto una preziosa occasione di studio e di conoscenze storiche e culturali che nel corso dell’anno gli insegnanti svilupperanno svolgendo il programma delle lezioni. Tutti i momenti del viaggio hanno avuto la caratteristica della sorpresa, della meraviglia e della scoperta: dal volo in aereo, all’Aula di Palazzo Madama; dal Pantheon, all’Ara Pacis; dalla fontana di Trevi, alle splendide sale del Quirinale; dall’omaggio al Milite Ignoto all’Altare della Patria, al Colosseo e dopo l’emozionante partecipazione all’Udienza con Papa Francesco la visita al Castel Sant’Angelo, osservando dall’alto il panorama di Roma. Tanti nuovi spunti e notazioni storiche e culturali sono stati offerti ai ragazzi dai docenti accompagnatori nei tre giorni intensi di visite e di positiva socializzazione tra realtà di scuole diverse. Non sono mancati il Mcdonald e lo shopping per i regali e i ricordi del viaggio a Roma.

Senate OKs bill making it a felony to trespass on pipeline projects

A bill that would make it a felony to trespass on the site of a pipeline project earned the state Senate's approval on Tuesday.

GOP-controlled Senate fires agriculture secretary

The Republican-controlled Senate fired the state agriculture secretary on Tuesday, and the Democratic governor who appointed him watched quietly a row behind lawmakers before using profanity to blast the process.

Senate approves bill that would end Miller Park tax

The state Senate has approved a bill to end by next summer the sales tax that paid for the construction of Miller Park.

Senate approves putting $100K toward apprenticeship grants (UPDATE)

The Wisconsin Senate was moving on Tuesday to approve a bill that would provide apprentices with grants to help pay for gear needed on the job.

Breakfast links: Hot ideas


HOT on I-66?

Virginia officials are considering changing the HOV lanes on I-66 to tolled HOT lanes outside the Beltway.  But the evidence that these lanes ease traffic and/or raise enough money is mixed at best. (Post)

Transportation showdown

The House and Senate have not yet agreed on how to keep federal transportation money flowing. The Senate plan funds the system to December, while the House plan uses controversial accounting tricks to fund through next May. (Streetsblog)

Save the Hoover?

With the FBI gone, is the Hoover Building worth saving? Maybe it’s ugly and street-deadening. Or, Kriston Capps argues, maybe it’s beautiful and downtown is doing fine without life on that block. (CityLab)

Consensus on the water

Previous Alexandria waterfront redevelopment plans have been battles, but one developer’s plan is receiving widespread support, even from opponents of plans for other areas. (Alexandria Times)

Springfield gets its mall back

The old Springfield Mall, now Springfield Town Center, will reopen this fall. The first phase of development mostly consisted of mall rehabilitation, with the town center project still to come. (Fairfax Times)

Buffered bike lanes are better

A narrower but buffered bike lane is better at keeping cyclists outside the door zone than a wider lane without a buffer. (Streetsblog)

Driver at fault

A driver who hit and killed a cyclist outside Annapolis, on a sunny day with no visibility problems, appealed the four tickets and $2,000 fine she received (after a grand jury rejected more serious charges). A judge found her guilty. (Post)

Background checks discriminate?

WMATA policy bars hiring anyone with two drug possession convictions or one conviction for a “crime of violence.” Civil rights groups brought a lawsuit, saying it is “overly broad and unnecessarily punitive.” (City Paper)

Top image: Photo by AlbinoFlea on Flickr.

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Breakfast links: Improvements


Fares will increase less

Thanks to an improving economy and cost-cutting measures, Metro riders will likely have to shoulder a smaller fare increase than initially thought. (Examiner)

Now you see Silver, now you don’t

Governor Bob McDonnell had offered $300 million to help pay for the Silver Line but now he refuses to pay a dime. Phase II might not get built, and if it does, tolls will have to rise substantially. (Post)

From parking to high rises

Once dominated by parking lots, the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood has seen nine high rises built, with a dozen more on the way.  New restaurants have attracted more people to an area that now feels safer. (Post)

See ideas for the Mall

The Mall redesign competition has chosen its finalists.  You can see the designs this week at the Smithsonian Castle and Museum of American History but they aren’t online

or on the competition website. (Post)

Modify the Ike memorial?

The Eisenhower Memorial commission should ask Gehry to modify the design, and scale down the memorial to become part of a park instead of dominating, says Roger Lewis. But a Post editorial says full speed ahead. (Post)

Hard to grab lunch in Anacostia

By highlighting race, Marion Barry distracted from an otherwise valid point that it’s tough to find a decent lunch in Anacostia. The low density of the surrounding neighborhood hampers retail development. (R. U. Seriousing Me?)  (Tip: @ruSERIOUSINGme)

A city that still sleeps

2 restaurants recently opened in the U Street corridor with late night hours, but have now scaled back. They hoped the influx of new residents is turning DC into a 24-hour city, but it appears that time hasn’t quite yet come. (Post)

Brutal preservation

Washington’s Third Church historic preservation debate has echoes in a New York suburb whose Brutalist county office building suffers from leaks, mold, and bad ventilation. (NYT, Ben Ross)  (Tip: Ben Ross)


Metro wants members for its Accessibility Advisory Committee. (Post) … DDOT is now caught up on bike lane installation, or is it really? (d.ish) … A PA bus driver blocked a road to stop a driver who was fleeing after hitting a cyclist. (Post via WashCycle)

Top image: Photo by thisisbossi on Flickr.

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SB 1533

Alzheimer's disease research special plates
Latest Action: senate first reading 2019-05-27
   “Russian World” adherent running for ‘senator’ in Rahachou

Editor of Rahachou district newspaper Svobodnoye Slovo Andrei Shyshkin is full of hatred against Belarusians in social media, appeals for murder and insults

U.S. senators press for sanctions on Turkey if it is violating Syria ceasefire

Republican and Democratic U.S. senators asked President Donald Trump's administration on Wednesday to let them know - and to respond with touch sanctions - if reports are true that Turkey is violating a ceasefire agreement in Syria.


NSA to Congress: Our spy programs don’t work, aren’t used, or have gone wrong – now can you permanently reauthorize them?


Senators: Um, no.

The NSA was unable to give a single example of how one of its most controversial spying programs has been useful in the fight against terrorism in a Congressional hearing on Wednesday morning.…


Donald Trump's son tweets alleged name of whistleblower who triggered impeachment inquiry


Donald Trump's son tweets alleged name of whistleblower who triggered impeachment inquiryDonald Trump’s son has tweeted the name of the alleged whistleblower whose complaint about the US president’s behaviour towards Ukraine kick-started the impeachment inquiry. For days now conservative websites have been publishing stories claiming to have discovered the identity of the CIA officer who filed a complaint about Mr Trump’s behaviour.  Amid a backdrop of growing partisan attacks on the whistleblower’s credibility, the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, posted one such story that named the individual and questioned their motives. After an immediate backlash, Donald Jr doubled down on his action, writing on Twitter: “I love the outrage about me tweeting an article about the ‘alleged’ whistleblower.” The Telegraph has not independently verified the identity of the whistleblower, who has asked to remain anonymous, and is not publishing the name. The move comes on the back of a chorus of vitriol from Mr Trump and his supporters directed at the whistleblower, including demands for the person to be named and allegations about their links to Democrats.   The whistleblower, who comes from the intelligence community, filed a detailed complaint alleging that Mr Trump had pressured Ukraine to launch an investigation into Joe Biden, the former US vice president who could be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election. Many of the details in the complaint, which has since been made public, have been corroborated by other witnesses in the impeachment inquiry that followed, including that Mr Trump requested a Biden investigation while on the phone to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy.  Whistleblowers are granted protections in America through a number of overlapping laws, some of which attempt to protect the individual from retribution for coming forward with information. The Inspector General Act of 1978, for example, bars a government watchdog who receives a complaint from disclosing the identity of that person without consent, unless it is deemed "unavoidable". The law appears not to bind others, such as the US president or his allies, from outing the whistleblower if the identity is discovered. In a statement issued after Mr Trump Jr's tweet, the whistleblower's attorneys warned that "identifying any suspected name for the whistleblower will place that individual and their family at risk of serious harm". The statement by Andrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid said that "publication or promotion of a name shows the desperation to deflect from the substance of the whistleblower complaint. It will not relieve the President of the need to address the substantive allegations, all of which have been substantially proven to be true." Profile | Donald Trump Jr The article that Donald Jr tweeted was published by Breitbart, the Right-wing news website. Donald Jr tweeted the headline, which included the name of the alleged whistleblower, as well as a link. Attacks on the whistleblower have been led by the President himself, who has demanded the right to know who his accuser is and repeatedly questioned the individual’s motives. Mr Trump tweeted on Monday: "There is no whistleblower. There is someone with an agenda against Donald Trump.” Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky, went a step further on Monday as he stood alongside Mr Trump on stage at a rally and threatened to expose the individual. "We also now know the name of the whistleblower... I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name,” Mr Paul said to cheering Trump supporters. Side by side: Donald Trump and Rand Paul Credit: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg Numerous Republican senators distanced themselves from Mr Paul's call, arguing that the whistleblower’s request to remain anonymous should be respected. It came as the impeachment inquiry – only the fourth to ever be launched against a US president – approached a new phase as public hearings were announced. Next Wednesday testimony will be given by William Taylor, the chargé d'affaires at America’s Ukraine embassy who said that US aid was held back to secure a Biden investigation, and George Kent, a senior State Department official. The following Friday Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was ousted after a push to get rid of her from Trump allies, will give her account of what happened. About | Impeachment All three figures have given evidence behind closed doors that is unhelpful to Mr Trump’s attempt to wave away the scandal by insisting nothing untoward took place. The inquiry, which was launched in September, entering into a public phase provides a political challenge for Mr Trump’s Republican defenders. Thus far they have largely rallied around criticising the process which the Democrats have followed in pushing their inquiry rather than defending the president’s behaviour. With the facts laid out on live television before an audience of US voters it will be harder for Republican congressmen not to address what they think about how Mr Trump acted. Mr Trump has admitting that he pushed for an investigation into Mr Biden, but argued that it was important to have alleged corruption looked into. Mr Biden has always denied any wrongdoing.


Berlin to open secondhand department stores

The Berlin Senate wants to make secondhand clothing and products the norm, rather than seen as items only for people in need. To do this, it plans on opening several secondhand department stores.

FINACT Activities & Approach

Dear FINACT Members Thanks to FINACT members who attended the General Council Meeting on 31 October 2019 which was hosted by Senator Zed Seselja at the Parliament House. In his address to the General Council, Senator mentioned that charities that meet eligibility criteria should consider applying for funding. Senator also expressed interest in learning about
-> Continue reading FINACT Activities & Approach


Conservative group denied registered student status

Conservative group denied registered student status Drake University student senate votes to deny Turning Point USA chapter On Oct. 31, Drake University’s student senate voted to deny a conservative group as a registered student organization.  The group was Turning Point USA, which according to their website “has embarked on a mission to build the most […]

Klobuchar and Bennet push heartland roots during NH campaign swing


CONCORD — Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said her success winning tough elections in America's heartland sets her apart from the crowded 2020 field. The two-term Minnesota senator ...

Klobuchar pushes heartland roots


CONCORD — Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said her success winning tough elections in America's heartland sets her apart from this crowded 2020 field. The two-term, Minnesota senator ...

Senate panel OKs heartbeat bill without exception for rape, incest

Attendees await Senators Kevin Johnson and Marlon Kimpson, who spoke at a press conference hosted by the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood in the State House after the meeting.

Hayden Blakeney
Carolina News & Reporter

The S.C. Senate Medical Affairs subcommittee has passed a controversial fetal-heartbeat bill, criminalizing abortion once a heartbeat is detected even if the mother is a victim of rape or incest.
The committee endorsed the amendment concerning rape and incest offered by Sen. Richard Cash (R-Anderson) who argued that a baby is innocent even if conceived in violence.


SinglePoint (OTCQB: $SING): Direct Solar Signs MOU with SchollyME an International Sports Recruiting App Linked to High Schools Across the Nation

SinglePoint (OTCQB: $SING): Direct Solar Signs MOU with SchollyME an International Sports Recruiting App Linked to High Schools Across the Nation

PHOENIX - November 4, 2019 ( Newswire) Direct Solar of America, a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING) is pleased to announce it has signed a MOU with SchollyME. Direct Solar and SchollyME will collaborate on marketing Direct Solar through the schools that SchollyME is currently working with. The collaboration will put Direct Solar into the high school programs as a partner with SchollyME. This marketing strategy has already seen major success in driving new business for both companies.

SchollyME is based in California and is the fastest growing sports recruiting app for all 32 NCAA sports. SchollyME is a social media network, sports recruiting application for high school students to showcase their talents. The platform is the first social media network to be adopted in China. Learn more at SchollyME Sports Recruiting App Lands Billion Dollar Partnership in China From the release – "Kenneth Chang of the CECC and Ascent Sports is requiring all Esports gamers and athletes to pay an annual subscription fee to the use of SchollyME. The deal is estimated to be worth $1.4 billion within 24 months, thus making SchollyME the largest recruiting app in the country."

"We have seen major success in working with local high schools. We are currently working with 47 schools throughout Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin and are seeing amazing returns. We had our largest sales day to date Thursday closing seven deals for approximately $250,000. This partnership will give us access to high schools across the nation," states Pablo Diaz Founder, CEO Direct Solar.

This partnership will assist schools and their athletic programs through giving back a percentage of sales to help support and fund the local high school programs.

"We wanted to partner with the best solar company that can service all the schools we are currently involved with. SchollyME felt that we were more than just athletes. Our athletic community should care about the environment and give our younger generation a chance at a much longer life. Direct Solar and SchollyME is just a great partnership. We are both interested in the kid's futures!" states Mel Nunnery Founder of SchollyME.

Direct Solar and SchollyME are currently working to define which markets to launch and in what capacity to do so. Supporting the local communities and high schools' programs will be the driver for this successful partnership. Working with the school to establish a presence for education on solar and renewable energy and what it means for future generations of kids' is elemental in building longevity for both companies.

Direct Solar America via its Direct Solar Capital Division currently finances commercial solar projects for multiple private equity funds throughout North America. With the SchollyME and Direct Solar America partnership we will be collectively raising capital to continue funding projects throughout North America.

The solar market has been growing at its fastest pace in recent history. According to Solar Energy Industries Association, "The U.S. solar industry now has the largest pipeline of utility-scale solar projects in history, signaling promising future prospects for solar energy development." And with new legislation being presented the American Energy Opportunity Act which aims to make the process easier to obtain solar we expect to see continued growth in the sector.

Furthering the growth in the solar market, California has Incorporated solar into state codes & standards, including implementation of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) for solar on new homes, developing BEES for commercial buildings with solar and storage, and preventing problematic siting & permitting requirements for utility-scale solar. The state continues to invest and grow the solar footprint. Which SchollyME being based in California this puts Direct Solar instantly in the largest solar market in the United States.

SchollyME has been working with thousands of students securing over 300 scholarships. The interactive app continues to develop and grow. SchollyME Inc. is an incredible sports social network which gives fans a front row seat in the lives of their favorite athletes and coaches while connecting with fans across the globe. For high school and jr. college athletes, SchollyME encourages you to market and promote yourself to college coaches across the globe. SchollyME empowers you to go from discovered to offered with one click.

Beyond just high schools there are numerous opportunities through partnering with SchollyME. Intros to international markets such as China where Pablo Diaz and Mel Nunnery recently traveled on an "invite only" trip to attend the Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce conference. Being one of the world's most prestigious conferences, there were many attendees that are highly interested in seeing the collaboration of Direct Solar and SchollyME succeed as there is much business to do outside of the U.S. and expanding into international markets.

Direct Solar and SchollyME determine the best-case scenario to develop and bring to market the first application to buy solar online or through a mobile device from inception to financing and closing. The future of residential solar will follow the path of other large purchases such as cars through Tesla and Carvana. Consumers are becoming comfortable making these large purchases online with the right education and trusted partner. Direct Solar of America will guide consumers through the entire process providing any assistance needed along the way through implementation of AI and customer service agents available to answer any questions. Overall the company looks to create and launch an industry changing way to purchase solar.

About Direct Solar of America
Direct Solar of America is a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc., a technology and acquisition company. (OTCQB:SING). Direct Solar America is America's Solar Energy Brokerage with more than 3,500 home installations, which has enabled residential solar customers to shop for options in order to find the best option for the home. Like Rocket Mortgage or Lending Tree, Direct Solar representatives provide homeowners with a variety of financing and service providers; this has made the process of buying solar much easier for homeowners. Direct Solar is operational in eight states and continues to expand its residential solar footprint. Direct Solar Commercial serves customers that own and/or manage commercial properties. Along with Direct Solar Capital, an alternative energy financing solution, commercial projects have access to $50,000 to $3 million in funding for solar installations.

About SchollyME
SchollyME is hip for Scholarship Me and born out of the need to allow athletes to be discovered by coaches all over the country in one click.
Each year there are 7.6 million high school athletes playing sports and only 142,000 athletic scholarships available. On SchollyME, athletes can use the app much like other social networks. The difference is athletes can upload full game film, official transcripts and receive a talent evaluation from current athletes for college coaches.

Connect with Direct Solar of America:

For more information visit:

Corporate Communication
Direct Solar of America

About SinglePoint, Inc.
SinglePoint, Inc (SING) is a technology and investment company with a focus on acquiring companies that will benefit from the injection of growth capital and technology integration. The company portfolio includes mobile payments, ancillary cannabis services and blockchain solutions. Through acquisitions into horizontal markets, SinglePoint is building its portfolio by acquiring an interest in undervalued companies, thereby providing a rich, diversified holding base. Through SingleSeed, the company is providing products and services to the cannabis industry.
Connect on social media at:
For more information visit:

Forward-Looking Statements
Certain statements in this news release may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of Rule 175 under the Securities Act of 1933 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and are subject to the safe harbor created by those rules. All statements, other than statements of fact, included in this release, including, without limitation, statements regarding potential future plans and objectives of the Company, are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.
Technical complications, which may arise, could prevent the prompt implementation of any strategically significant plan(s) outlined above. The Company undertakes no duty to revise or update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this release.

SinglePoint (SING) is a featured stock on

More info on SING at Visit:

Disclaimer/Disclosure: is a digital publisher of third party sourced news, articles and equity research as well as creates original content, including video, interviews and articles. Original content created by investorideas is protected by copyright laws other than syndication rights. Our site does not make recommendations for purchases or sale of stocks, services or products. Nothing on our sites should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell products or securities. All investing involves risk and possible losses. This site is currently compensated for news publication and distribution, social media and marketing, content creation and more. Disclosure is posted for each compensated news release, content published /created if required but otherwise the news was not compensated for and was published for the sole interest of our readers and followers. For Disclosure purposes SinglePoint Inc (OTCQB: SING) is a paid  annual news and social media company on  More disclaimer info: and . Learn more about our prices for publishing your news release and our other news services on the newswire and
Global investors must adhere to regulations of each country. Please read privacy policy:
Investor Ideas does not condone the use of cannabis except where permissible by law. Our site does not possess, distribute, or sell cannabis products. investing ideas in renewable energy stocks

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Senator 1987 1993 Service Repair

Senator 1987 1993 Service Repair

FG orders data cost slice


The Federal government has ordered the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to work out modalities with other stakeholders to reduce the price of data in the interest of Nigerians. The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Pantami gave the directive on Tuesday when the NCC led by its Board Chairman, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, […]

The post FG orders data cost slice appeared first on Orijo Reporter.


Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce Thursday a campaign for his old US Senate seat, according to a GOP official familiar with the plan, a decision that could roil the Republican primary and provide the ultimate test of President Donald Trump's sway over his supporters.


Senate Republicans have mixed views of Election Day losses

Republican senators differed Wednesday on what lessons to take from Tuesday's election results that saw Democrats make gains in Kentucky and Virginia while making a strong showing in Mississippi.


Oklahoma lawmakers want to designate a portion of Route 66 as 'President Donald J. Trump Highway'

Two state senators in Oklahoma introduced a bill Tuesday calling for a section of Route 66 to be designated as "President Donald J. Trump Highway."


Rand Paul thwarts Senate Democrats' attempt at unanimous resolution on whistleblower

Senate Democrats unsuccessfully attempted to pass a unanimous resolution Wednesday to recognize the role of Congress and the executive branch in protecting whistleblowers, days after Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky called for the whistleblower who sparked the impeachment inquiry to be named publicly.


Ayanna Pressley Breaks With the “Squad” to Endorse Warren for President

In a break from the rest of the progressive freshmen congresswomen known as “the Squad,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) has endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president. Calling the election “a fight for the very soul of our nation,” Pressley announced her support for the Massachusetts senator in a video Wednesday. Big structural change can’t wait. […]

Brasilien: Neues Paket von Wirtschaftsreformen vorgelegt

Artikel-ThumbnailBrasiliens Präsident Jair Messias Bolsonaro hat dem Nationalkongress am Dienstag (5.) ein neuen Paket wirtschaftlicher Reformen vorgelegt. Die planvolle Umgestaltung vervollständigt die bereits im Oktober dieses Jahres verabschiedete Rentenreform und bildet den Schwerpunkt der parlamentarischen Tagesordnung. Bolsonaro übergab das Reformpaket persönlich an den Präsidenten des Senats, Davi Alcolumbre, der den Kongress leitet. Der "Plano mais […]

Saint-Martin : le Sénat adopte un texte pour sanctionner les constructions illégales

Saint-Martin : le Sénat adopte un texte pour sanctionner les constructions illégales
Saint-Martin : le Sénat adopte un texte pour sanctionner les constructions illégalesLe Sénat a adopté un projet de loi permettant à la collectivité de Saint-Martin de constater et sanctionner les infractions en la matière, notamment pour les constructions illégales sans permis.

Senator Aceh Minta Pergub 28/2019 tentang Beasiswa Direvisi

KBRN, Jakarta : Sehubungan dengan program satu desa satu hafidz, senator Aceh HM Fadhil Rahmi mengapresiasi bupati simeulue. “Kita harus mendorong seluruh desa di Aceh…

Senate Wrap-Up

Last week, the Senate passed H.R. 3055, Commerce, Justice, Science, Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, Interior, Environment, Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development [...]

3.3 Perspectives

In addition to the examples of the cashier and the girlfriend, we can also recall that of the novel: also a novel is written with a practical purpose; its author does not write it so that the grammatical analysis is done on it, or so that the reader wonders if that novel exists or not; the author wrote it to produce in the reader’s intelligence an experience of reading, aimed at involving him in a global manner, thus also affecting his feelings, his emotions. Cashier, girlfriend and novel belong to the same third language, because all three of them aim directly at the experience, rather than at formulating definitions or criticisms. The three languages ​​I referred to, metaphysical, anti-metaphysical and practical, are three perspectives, three points of view on reality, three ways of dealing with reflection or life itself; within them they can further subdivide into other perspectives, for example into perspectives of believers and perspectives of non-believers or atheists. We can notice that practical language can also be expressed in terms identical to metaphysics, with the sole difference that it does not intend to establish universal laws, but recognizes that it is a perspective. In practical language, for example, we can easily say that a chair exists, but who makes this statement from a practical point of view does not intend to establish a universal truth, a philosophical principle; he means that that chair exists only to the extent that this statement serves him for practical purposes; for the rest, he is ready to admit doubt. Since therefore it is easy to confuse those who make statements for practical use with those who instead intend to place them as absolute truths, when we listen to a person we must refer to the context of the whole discourse that that person does, it is not enough to hear a single affirmation. The prospects are like rooms; there is no being outside all the rooms, in a universal perspective. Every statement that is pronounced in this world is interpreted within a perspective. There are no statements that can be put out of any perspective, that is absolute or superior to the others. Each of us represents a different perspective. Instead, the dictator considers his own perspective as universal. A deadly defect of journalists is to say first the sentence pronounced and then the author of the sentence: this way they weaken the critical capacity of the listener preventing him from immediately placing the sentence in its context. Different perspectives also coexist in the same person, based on different moments, moods, health, and even at the same time. In each of us different perspectives coexist in continual evolution, which uninterruptedly dialogue or contradict each other. In order for making possible dialogue with another person it is necessary trying to welcome into us, at least temporarily, his own perspective. I cannot understand the thoughts of a thief if I never felt the desire to take possession of something. A husband cannot appreciate the beauty of another woman except by placing himself, at least to some extent, in the view of those who look at that woman with appreciation of her beauty; this way, however, we could say that, at least to some extent, that husband is cheating on his wife. Actually we can say that it is not betrayal, because in practice we all know that life is like this, feeling emotions and interests of all kinds within us; a different thing is then cultivating them specifically. Therefore, a boyfriend, at the height of his falling in love with his girlfriend, could say that all the other girls are nothing compared to his one; then he could come to his senses, look at things while considering other’s points of view, and he will be able to tell others: excuse me, I spoke for a moment from the intimacy of my falling in love, but I realize that for each of you as well his one is the most beautiful. At this point the girlfriend could also say to him: I suspect that you, by welcoming in yourself the understanding for the sympathy of others towards their girls, host this sympathy towards the others a little too much in you; that is, the girl could also begin to feel a little cheated on. The same situation is created with regard to the relationship between a believer and his religion, compared to other religions. In this case, religion takes the place of his own girl, other religions take the place of other girls. God could complain to the believer that he, out of a desire for openness, a desire to put himself in others’ shoes, is hosting the attachment to other religions a little too much in himself. God could complain about feeling cheated on by those who try to understand other religions. Actually things are not like this, because this contamination with the desire of the other woman or of the other religion already takes place without us realizing it; it is practical experience that makes us understand that such contamination has nothing to worry about. If instead it is considered from a theoretical point of view, it can also be interpreted as a betrayal of one's religion. This kind of exclusively theoretical consideration, without paying attention to what actually happens in practice, led Pope Ratzinger to conclude that dialogue with religions, strictly speaking, is impossible; he wrote it in 2008, on the occasion of a review of a book by Marcello Pera: Dear Senator Pera, recently I was able to read your new book Why We Must Call Ourselves Christians. It was for me a fascinating experience. With a stupendous knowledge of the sources and a cogent logic, you analyze the essence of liberalism beginning with its foundations, demonstrating its roots in the Christian image of God that belongs to the essence of liberalism: the relationship with God of which man is the image, and from which we have received the gift of liberty. With incontestable logic, you show that liberalism loses its basis and destroys itself if it abandons this foundation. No less impressive are your analyses of liberty and of multi-culturalism, in which you illustrate the self-contradictory nature of this concept and hence its political and cultural impossibility. Of fundamental importance is your analysis of what Europe can be, and of a European constitution in which Europe does not transform itself into a cosmopolitan reality, but rather finds its identity in its Christian-liberal foundation. Particularly meaningful for me too is your analysis of interreligious and intercultural dialogue. You explain with great clarity that an interreligious dialogue in the strict sense of the term is not possible, while you urge intercultural dialogue that develops the cultural consequences of the religious option which lies beneath. While a true dialogue is not possible about this basic option without putting one’s own faith into parentheses, it’s important in public exchange to explore the cultural consequences of these religious options. Here, dialogue and mutual correction and enrichment are both possible and necessary. With regard to the importance of all this for the contemporary crisis in ethics, I find what you say about the trajectory of liberal ethics important. You demonstrate that liberalism, without ceasing to be liberalism, but, on the contrary, in order to be faithful to itself, can link itself to a doctrine of the good, in particular that of Christianity, which is in fact genetically linked to liberalism. You thereby offer a true contribution to overcoming the crisis. With its sober rationality, its ample philosophical information and the force of its argument, the present book, in my opinion, is of fundamental importance in this hour for Europe and for the world. I hope that it finds a large audience, and that it can give to political debate, beyond the most urgent problems, that depth without which we cannot overcome the challenge of our historical moment. With gratitude for your work, I heartily offer God’s blessings. Benedict XVI, 23 November 2008 Along the same lines the Pope had already expressed himself in 2000, in the Dominus Iesus declaration. After what we have said, we can realize that Christianity, despite making use of absolute languages, cannot help but confront itself with other perspectives, which are also able to relativize it. Each prospect is in contact with all the others and cannot avoid being influenced by them; in other words, the whole world is connected. If we don’t accept to host extraneous perspectives in ourselves, we only make dialogue between deaf, in which everyone tries only to incorporate the other’s perspective into his own. For example, one can tell me: in order to speak you use the principle of non-contradiction, which is objective; and I answer him: but the principle of non-contradiction is conditioned by our brain; and he tells me: you, to be able to answer, have right now used the principle of non-contradiction ... and so on endlessly. Or if I said to a Muslim: you are a quasi-Christian; and he to me: you are a quasi-Muslim. In other words, there is no perspective able to impose itself and convince dialectically all the others who think differently.

Sessions to Announce Run for His Old Senate Seat

Jeff Sessions held the seat for 20 years, then became President Trump’s first attorney general

Astronaut cast vote from the International Space Station

• Republicans reel from elections: Senate GOP has mixed views of recent losses • Bevin stays defiant: GOP candidate wants a recanvass of Kentucky votes • Analysis: Why is Mitch McConnell smiling?


The Common Law History of Section 230 with Brent Skorup (Ep. 208)



The Common Law History of Section 230 with Brent Skorup (Ep. 208)



Brent Skorup (@bskorup) is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His research areas include transportation technology, telecommunications, aviation, and wireless policy.

He serves on the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee and on the Texas DOT’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Task Force. He is also a member of the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project.

The White House, the FCC, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and a dissenting opinion at the Illinois Supreme Court have cited his research. In addition to economics and law journal publication, he has authored pieces for National Affairs, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wired, Air Traffic Management magazine, Regulation magazine, and elsewhere. He’s appeared as a TV and radio interview guest for news outlets like C-SPAN, NPR, CBS News, ABC News, and CNBC Asia.

Brent has a BA in economics from Wheaton College and a law degree from the George Mason University School of Law, where he was articles editor for the Civil Rights Law Journal. He was a legal clerk at the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and at the Energy and Commerce Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Before joining Mercatus, he was the Director of Research at the Information Economy Project, a law and economics university research center.



Mercatus Center


The Erosion of Publisher Liability in American Law by Brent Skorup and Jennifer Huddleston (Mercatus Center, 2019)


News Roundup


Zuckerberg, Facebook under mounting pressure over political ads


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to meet with civil rights leaders this week after his company has maintained its policy to leave up political ads containing false statements by politicians. The company has applied the policy unevenly, first allowing Donald Trump to maliciously post an ad with false information about Joe Biden; then leaving up an Elizabeth Warren ad containing false information designed to illustrate the absurdity of Facebook’s ad policy.  During a hearing, Zuckerberg also admitted to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that if she were to place a false political ad, that the company would probably leave it up. 


But Facebook is inexplicably removing false ads placed by Political  Action Committees. One notable example is an ad placed the Really Online Lefty League – ROLL – a Political Action Committee co-founded by Adriel Hampton – which falsely claimed that Lindsey Graham supports the New Green Deal. Hampton, an experienced marketing and political strategist, responded by filing to run for governor of California. Then gubernatorial candidate Hampton posted a false political ad and Facebook took it down, saying his campaign wasn’t legit—that it was just a ploy to place a false ad to see what Facebook would do. Even though Hampton says he fully expects to win the governorship, Facebook hasn’t reinstated the ad.


It’s a mess.


Top officials from the NAACP, National Urban League, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights are scheduled to meet with Zuckerberg this week to express their concerns with Facebook’s political ad policy, which the company now says has been extended to the UK.


Facebook sued for age, gender bias in financial services ads


A plaintiff in San Francisco filed a potential class action federal lawsuit last week claiming that Facebook discriminates against users based on age and gender in determining who can see financial services ads.  The lawsuit comes 7-months after Facebook agreed to tailor its platform to avoid discrimination on the basis of age, gender and zip code for job, credit, and housing ads.


US launches Tik Tok investigation


The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has launched a national security investigation into Tik Tok, which is owned by the Chinese firm Bytedance. A bipartisan cohort of lawmakers including Democrat Chuck Schumer, Republican Marco Rubio, and Tennessee Democratic Congressman Bart Gordon have all expressed concern about how the Chinese government uses TikTok’s data. TikTok’s growth has been outpacing the growth of incumbent social media companies in the U.S.



Snowden: Facebook as untrustworthy as the NSA


Whistleblower Edward Snowden, who is exiled in Russia for blowing the lid off the National Security Agency’s mass data collection practices six years ago, told ReCode’s Kara Swisher last week that Facebook is as untrustworthy as the NSA when it comes to privacy. But he didn’t limit his remarks to Facebook. He said that all tech companies are looking to exploit our personal data no matter the consequences. He also said that, on the surface, users may appear not to be concerned about how big tech companies handle their data but that, in reality, users are very concerned but feel powerless.


Five people shot and killed at Airbnb rental


Five people were shot and killed at an Airbnb rental Northern California during a Halloween party on Thursday. The rental listing on Airbnb prohibited parties and the renter claimed it was renting the space for family members who were suffering from smoke inhalation from the fires in the Los Angeles area. A witness reported to Buzzfeed that the shooting occurred with apparently no provocation. Airbnb has banned the renter from the platform.


China launches 5G network


Chinese officials announced last week that it would roll out 5G to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou 2 months ahead of schedule. The country also announced plans to roll out 5G to over 50 cities by the end of this year. While U.S. telecom companies have begun their 5G roll-out, it’s largely been rolled out on higher frequency bands than the 5G service that’s being rolled out in China. The lower frequency bands that China’s using cover a larger surface area, while the higher frequency bands U.S. companies are using are more powerful but cover less ground.


Corey Booker introduces bill to ban facial recognition in public housing


Senator Corey Booker has introduced a bill to ban facial recognition in public housing. The Senator cites the disproportionate impact that facial recognition technology threatens to have on the nation’s most vulnerable communities. The No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act targets public housing that receives funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Apple pledges $2.5 billion for California affordable housing


Apple announced that it will invest $2.5 billion to address California’s affordable housing shortage. Some of those funds will be applied statewide. Others will be allocated for projects in the Bay Area. Three hundred million dollars will go towards affordable housing on Apple-owned property.


Following Katie Hill’s resignation, Democrats push for revenge porn law


Thirty-five democrats in Congress sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee to pass a federal revenge porn law that would criminalize the nonconsensual posting of sexually explicit images online. The letter followed Congresswoman Katie Hill’s resignation from Congress after someone posted nude images depicting her and others as well as accusations that she was having inappropriate relations with campaign and congressional staffers. Hill blames her husband, whom she is in the process of divorcing, for posting the photos.



MIT president acknowledges discrimination against minorities and women on campus


Finally, Massachusetts Institute of Technology president Rafael Reif acknowledged last week that women and people of color often face exclusion and belittlement on campus and that it’s something the university is trying to improve. The development follows revelations of Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the university.


Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate - CNN

  1. Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate  CNN
  2. Jeff Sessions to announce campaign for Alabama Senate seat, sources say  Fox News
  3. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions running for Senate  CBS News
  4. Sessions expected to announce plans to run for Senate | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Jeff Sessions rips protests during Northwestern University speech: 'This is stupid'  Washington Times
  6. View full coverage on Google News


A bipartisan group of Senators wants to extend the space station to 2030 - Ars Technica

A bipartisan group of Senators wants to extend the space station to 2030  Ars Technica

Is The Game Just The Game


Lindsey's relatively young for the Senate. 64. Not like he's entering the winter of life and career necessarily. But I imagine he could've cashed out - even cashed out for a position which gave him lots of attention such as the apparent dream job of CABLE NEWS REGULAR - and not have to spend his life being lickspittle to America's worst human, Donald Trump. What is really in it? I just don't understand any of these people.

Opinion: Democrats Once Again Sic the Deep State on Trump


The Deep State continues its march to undermine President Donald Trump. On Oct. 21, 2019, fourteen Democrat senators urged the Justice Department, FBI, SEC and Commodity Futures Trading Commission to investigate the Trump administration. The senators allege “suspicious trading in our futures and equities markets” by White House officials. Their source for those allegations? The…

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Senator Guillotine Service

Senator Guillotine Service

Bill to make animal cruelty a federal felony passes unanimously in Senate, heads to Trump’s desk


Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing: Do not be cruel to animals.

On Tuesday, the Senate unanimously passed a bill known as the PACT Act that would make cruelty to animals a federal felony. It had passed the House of Representatives last month.

Now it goes to President Trump’s desk...


Jeff Sessions to announce bid for his old Senate seat despite likely Trump backlash


Jeff Sessions is saddling up for a rocky congressional race.

The former attorney general will announce a bid for his old Senate seat on Thursday despite knowing he will likely come under renewed fire from President Trump and his congressional allies, according to several Republican sources.



The latest Chinese tech threat to US security? Lawmakers take aim at TikTok

TikTok, the popular short-video app owned by China’s ByteDance – as well as Apple, the American technology giant – came under heavy fire in Washington on Tuesday as lawmakers and experts called to testify at a US Senate hearing dismissed assurances by both companies that the data of their American users is secure from hacking by Beijing.“TikTok claims they don’t store American user data in China,” Senator Josh Hawley, chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, said in opening…

TikTok declined to testify at a US congressional hearing on risks to American consumers

TikTok, the short-video app owned by China’s ByteDance, declined to testify at a congressional hearing slated for Tuesday scheduled by Republican Senator Josh Hawley to discuss its business and risks to American consumers.Hawley had invited TikTok and Apple to testify at the hearing. Apple, too, declined to participate, leading Hawley to question in a tweet whether the two companies have “something to hide”. Hawley didn’t immediately respond to a comment inquiry sent via his website.“We…

Kentucky Republicans blasted for using FEC to boot Mitch McConnell critic off his sports talk show

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has long regarded the Federal Election Commission’s every attempt to police corrupt campaign finance as an assault on billionaires’ right to freedom of speech. But this week, McConnell’s allies in the Kentucky GOP turned to the FEC to actually silence the political speech of an opponent. On Wednesday, the […]

As Matt Bevin refuses to concede, critics warn Kentucky GOP ‘totally gearing up to steal’ gubernatorial election

“Pay attention. They’re going to try to steal the Kentucky election right out in the open, in front of everyone.” Kentucky’s Senate President Robert Stivers suggested Tuesday night that the close race between Gov. Matt Bevin and Democratic challenger Andy Beshear could ultimately be decided by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature, sparking warnings that the GOP could attempt to “steal” […]

Jeff Sessions expected to announce he’s running for the Alabama Senate again

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny is reporting that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is expected to announce that he’s running for the U.S. Senate Thursday. Sessions resigned from the Senate to join President Donald Trump’s team. He and Trump ultimately had a very public falling out as Sessions recused himself from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Sessions […]

NASCIO Endorses DOTGOV Act of 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C., Monday, November 2, 2019 —The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) today endorsed S. 2749, the DOTGOV Act of 2019. Introduced by U.S. Senators Gary ...

Ayade commences comprehensive rehabilitation of Obudu Ranch Resort


Cross River State Governor, Sir Ben Ayade has begun a massive renovation of the Obudu  Ranch Resort. The facility which is one of Nigeria’s premier tourism destinations and a key revenue earner for Cross River is located in the Northern part of the state.   Speaking on the development, the Senior Special Assistant to the […]

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Rubio reviews Kanye's new album, and talks about dignity of work

U.S. senator and noted hip-hop enthusiast Marco Rubio shared his thoughts on rapper Kanye West's new gospel album in a recent interview with CNA.

Republican Senate candidate: ‘The 10 Commandments are the only gun control laws that work’

Among the many races in Virginia’s elections today, there’s the State Senate race between Democrat Janet Howell and her Republican challenger Arthur Purves. Last week, local news outlet Arlington Now asked the two candidates to write a 750-word essay on “why our readers should vote for them in the Nov. 5 general election.” Purves took […]

Report: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid for old seat

The former attorney general whose relationship with Trump soured over his recusal from Mueller's Russia probe is expected to challenge Democratic Sen. Doug Jones.


Universitatea Danubius: Conferinta nationala Comunitati virtuale in epoca Regulamentului General privind Protectia Datelor, 13 noiembrie 2019

Universitatea Danubius: Conferinta nationala Comunitati virtuale in epoca Regulamentului General privind Protectia Datelor UNIVERSITATEA DANUBIUS organizează Conferința națională Comunitati virtuale in epoca Regulamentului General privind Protectia Datelor (CVGDPR) Editia a III-a, 2019 Partener media: 13 noiembrie 2019, ora 12, Sala Senatului, Universitatea Danubius, Galaţi A trecut un an de la punerea în aplicare a […]

“The Republicans have lost the right to govern.” — Art of Quotation

“It really begins at the top, then it flows into the Senate, then it flows into the House, and then — yes — to issues at a more local level. The Republicans have lost the right to govern.” David Shonka, … Continue reading

11/6/19 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment, and General Government


The post 11/6/19 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture, Environment, and General Government appeared first on The Florida Channel.


11/6/19 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice


The post 11/6/19 Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice appeared first on The Florida Channel.


Dr. Stephen Hahn formally nominated to be next FDA commissioner

The Trump administration on Tuesday formally nominated Dr. Stephen Hahn to be the next commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, sending his nomination to the US Senate.

While the Senate considers Hahn's nomination, Dr. Brett Giroir, the assistant secretary for health at the US Department of Health and Human Services, is to lead the FDA.

The previous acting commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Ned Sharpless, will return to his role as the director of the National Cancer Institute, HHS said last week. By law, Sharpless was only allowed to serve a total of 210 days under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. His tenure ended at 5 p.m. ET Friday. Sharpless took the role of acting commissioner after former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb resigned from the agency in March.

Hahn is a well-known radiation oncology expert and is the current chief medical executive of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where he has been a professor of radiation oncology since January 2015.

Asked to describe himself when he was appointed to the leadership position at MD Anderson, Hahn used one word: "Energetic."

If confirmed by the Senate, the 59-year-old will run an agency that employs more than 17,000 people and has a $5.7 billion budget.

The agency protects public health by regulating much more than the food and drugs mentioned in the department's name. The FDA regulates medical devices, tobacco, alcohol, veterinary products, vaccines, blood, microwave ovens, nail polish and much more.

The American Association for Cancer Research on Friday applauded the nomination of Hahn in a news release.

"I have seen firsthand Dr. Hahn's extraordinary dedication and commitment to cancer patients, and the AACR is extremely confident that he will be an outstanding leader for the FDA," Dr. Margaret Foti, chief executive officer of the AACR, said in a statement Friday.

"Dr. Hahn, who is board certified in both radiation and medical oncology, is esteemed for the breadth and depth of his scientific knowledge and expertise, and he has consistently advocated for a drug review process at the FDA that is both science-directed and patient-focused," Foti said.

Hahn has been a member of the AACR since 1999.

At MD Anderson, Hahn manages a $5.2 billion operating budget, 20,300 employees, 7,000 trainees and more than 3,000 volunteers, according to the hospital.

MD Anderson is one of the world's largest cancer centers. It is ranked No. 1 in the United States for cancer care, according to the U.S. News & World Report "Best Hospitals" survey. It cared for more than 141,000 patients in 2018.

CNN's Matt Hoye contributed to this report.


Sanders criticizes Warren's health care plan

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized his 2020 presidential rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren's funding plan for "Medicare For All," calling his plan "more progressive" and squaring up the two most progressive candidates in the race for the Democratic nomination to do what neither of them have wanted to do: draw distinctions between each other.

Sanders, who has centered his candidacy around the fight for his single-payer Medicare for All legislation, told ABC News in an interview published Sunday that although he and Warren believe everyone should have health care, they differ on how to fund it. Her plan, he also said, would "have a very negative impact on creating jobs."

"We do disagree on how you fund it," Sanders told ABC News. "I think the approach that (I) have, in fact, will be much more progressive in terms of protecting the financial well being of middle income families."

Sanders specifically criticized the Massachusetts senator's nearly $9 trillion tax on employers.

"I think that that would probably have a very negative impact on creating those jobs," Sanders said of the tax Warren's plan calls an "employer Medicare contribution." "Or providing wages, increased wages and benefits for those workers."

"I think we have a better way, which is a 7.5% payroll tax, which is far more I think progressive, because it'll not impact employers of low wage workers but hit significantly employers of upper income people," Sanders said in the interview.

Up until the release of her plan, Warren had consistently said she is "with Bernie" on Medicare for All, and the pair have consistently refused to go after each other, but Sanders' comments demonstrate that there is now clear disagreement over the best way to pay for it.

While Sanders' plan would raise taxes on the middle class and is estimated to cost upward of $30 trillion over 10 years, Warren's plan promises no raise on middle class taxes and would cost approximately $20.5 trillion over 10 years.

Sanders comments on Warren's health care plan is the starkest contrast either candidate has drawn since Sanders told ABC in one of his first interviews after his heart attack at his home in Burlington, Vermont, that "there are differences between Elizabeth and myself."

"Elizabeth I think, as you know, has said that she is a capitalist through her bones. I'm not," Sanders said in early October.

Leading up to the release of Warren's proposal, Sanders pushed back on the notion that he had to give details on how he was going to pay for Medicare for All. Sanders previously only outlined possible funding options for the legislation -- one of his flagship policy proposals. One includes a 4% tax on employees, which he calls an "income-based premium."

"You're asking me to come up with an exact detailed plan of how every American -- how much you're going to pay more in taxes, how much I'm going to pay. I don't think I have to do that right now," Sanders told CNBC in an interview published Tuesday.

But since Warren's plan has been released, Sanders has started to get more specific.

"I'm not going to say that it is free, nothing is free, health care is expensive," Sanders said at a town hall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday.

"The average American will pay substantially less for health care than he or she is paying right now. Yes you will pay more, depending on your income, we exempt the first 29,000 dollars from taxation," he said, wading into specific details on his taxation plan he usually doesn't mention.

When asked by reporters Saturday night about Sanders comments to ABC News, which had not yet published, Warren said she hadn't heard his comments and reiterated her stance that the funding plan will have employers pay the same as they are currently paying insurers for job-based coverage.

"All I can say is that employers will pay the same as they're paying currently under Obamacare, in fact they'll pay a little less," she said following a town hall in Dubuque, Iowa. "We stabilize it at 98% of what they're playing right now, and they won't have HR departments that are wrestling with companies. The cost of having employers pay for insurance has been in the law since Obamacare was enacted. It's in the law."

Warren also plans to release her own transition plan for Medicare For All, that will likely differ from Sanders. When asked by CNN at the Saturday town hall when she would unveil it, Warren said, "soon."

Warren told reporters that she spoke with Sanders about her funding plan, and the Sanders campaign confirmed the call to CNN. Neither camp elaborated on details of the call.

CNN's Tami Luhby contributed to this story.


Yang supports 'Medicare for All' label, would keep private insurance

Businessman Andrew Yang said he supports "Medicare for All" but would keep the option of private insurance, in stark contrast to Sen. Bernie Sanders' original "Medicare for All" plan that essentially eliminates private insurers.

The Democratic presidential candidate said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that his version of Medicare for All could "exist to complement the current existing private insurance market," and that his campaign would unveil a "more detailed roll-out of the full plan in the days to come."

Yang's campaign website currently lists Medicare for All as one of his three main policies, but does not outline in detail how he would implement his health care plan if elected president.

Medicare for All, which has been spearheaded by Sanders, has emerged as a key fault line for 2020 Democratic candidates. Though it has become a catchphrase among Democrats — several candidates who are senators signed on to the bill as cosponsors — there is no universal agreement on how best to overhaul the American health care system.

"If you look at it, what does it say? Medicare for All, which means that you have a Medicare program that everyone can be enrolled in. It does not say Medicare for All, and all private insurance is hereby illegal," Yang said.

Sanders' Medicare for All bill, in contrast to Yang's vision, would essentially eliminate private insurers.

"So you're adopting the label, but not the bill," Bash said.

"That's correct," Yang responded.

Sanders' Medicare for All plan does not ban private insurers, but it leaves them only a tiny slice of the market to cover. Under Medicare for All, insurers could not cover services that would be included in the government-run plan, which would offer very comprehensive benefits, including doctors' visits, emergency care, hospitalization, mental health, maternity, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, vision, dental and hearing aids. Carriers could still sell policies that covered non-medically necessary procedures, such as cosmetic surgery.

Yang's goal, he said, is to "demonstrate to the American people that private insurance is not what you need" and that the Medicare plan is "superior to your current insurance." He would do that, he said, "without pulling the rug out from under you and saying that the insurance no longer exists."

He condemned the private insurance business model, saying it is "ratcheting up prices, year after year" and hurting families and businesses. But, he said, a majority of Americans are content with many aspects of their current coverage. "You can't completely upend an existing system that tens of millions of Americans rely upon, in my view," he said.

Proponents of Medicare for All want to create a single, government-run health insurance program. Yang echoed other Democratic candidates and said he regards health care as a basic human right, and that under his plan every American would have coverage.

Yang also delved into the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump that is dividing Washington and the country.

He said it was discouraging that no Republicans voted in support of the resolution formalizing proceedings last week. He said the lack of Republican support in the House suggested the Republican-controlled Senate would not vote to convict Trump.

Yang said there is a chance impeachment hurts the Democratic nominee for president. He noted senators who are 2020 candidates would have to return to Washington, DC, if there was a trial in the Senate, and that it would take the focus away from the campaign.

"Wouldn't be bad for you though," Bash said.

"I would be right here in Iowa, or New Hampshire, or South Carolina, or Nevada, or someplace else campaigning. It's true," Yang said, with a laugh.

CNN's Tami Luhby contributed to this report.


Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid, sources say


Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two Republicans with direct knowledge of his plans said Wednesday.

Sessions, 72, will be making a return to the political stage a year after stepping down as President Donald...


President Trump nominates Stephen Hahn as new FDA commissioner

President Donald Trump is expected to nominate Dr. Stephen Hahn to be the next head of the US Food and Drug Administration.

The acting commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Ned Sharpless, will return to his role as the director of the National Cancer Institute, according to a press release from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

By law, Sharpless was only allowed to serve a total of 210 days under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act. His tenure ended Friday at 5 p.m. ET.

Hahn is a well-known radiation oncology expert and is the current chief medical executive of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where has been a professor of radiation oncology since January 2015.

Asked to describe himself when he was appointed to the leadership position at MD Anderson, Hahn used one word: "Energetic."

The 59-year-old will need that energy to run an agency that employs more than 17,000 people and has a $5.7 billion budget.

The agency protects public health by regulating much more than the food and drugs mentioned in the department's name. The FDA regulates medical devices, tobacco, alcohol, veterinary products, vaccines, blood, microwave ovens, nail polish and much more.

Helping run the daily operations of MD Anderson, Hahn currently manages a $5.2 billion operating budget, 20,300 employees, 7,000 trainees and more than 3,000 volunteers, according to the hospital.

MD Anderson is one of the world's largest cancer centers. It is ranked No. 1 in the United States for cancer care, according to the U.S. News & World Report "Best Hospitals" survey.

It cares for more than 141,000 patients in 2018. It is known as a leading cancer research center, earning the most number of grants from the National Cancer Institute, according to the center. Its staff even includes a 2018 Nobel Prize winner.

At MD Anderson, Hahn had a good reputation for turning its budget around. The center faced serious financial losses in 2016, according to the Houston Chronicle. The paper said when Hahn noticed the problem, he "laid out a slide presentation to top officials that showed the elite Houston hospital was on track to lose up to $450 million in the new fiscal year without swift and decisive action."

"We were in a financial crisis, if you will, and that we had to move in a certain direction," Hahn told the Cancer Letter in 2017 in an extensive interview about that time in his work. He oversaw the largest layoffs in the cancer center history, but the center moved back into solid financial territory.

Money challenges weren't the only test of Hahn's leadership. This year, when MD Anderson received notification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that it could become ineligible for reimbursements after investigations found violations with its labs, Hahn publicly promised to fix the problems and took responsibility. MD Anderson explained that corrective action is ongoing, according to a letter MD Anderson sent CMS.

Hahn was first brought to MD Anderson in 2015 to run its radiation oncology division and was appointed chief medical executive in June 2018.

Before his work in Texas, Hahn was chairman of radiation oncology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine from 2005 to 2014. As vice chairman for research, he led the expansion of the department's research base, which regularly ranked first or second for NIH funding, according to the school.

In 2009, Hahn testified on Capitol Hill, taking responsibility for a doctor who worked for him who had botched the prostate cancer care of dozens of military veterans, according to Hahn's testimony. He asked the doctor to resign and created a new system to prevent future mistakes.

As a clinician, Hahn specialized in treating lung and genitourinary cancers. He is listed as an author on more than 200 peer-reviewed journal articles and other publications that focus on topics including proton therapy, radiotherapy and cost-effective treatments.

In the early 1990s, Hahn worked in Santa Rosa, California, as a medical and radiation oncologist, and took a leadership role early in his career as chief resident of internal medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He worked from 1993-1995 in Bethesda, Maryland, as chief of the National Cancer Institute's prostate cancer clinic.

Hahn graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology from Rice University in 1980. He went to medical school in Philadelphia at Temple University, graduating in 1984.

The same year he graduated, Hahn married Lota Leigh Morning at the First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, according to the local paper at the time. Hahn told MD Anderson that the worst advice he was ever given was to "never get married."

"If I'd listened to that advice, I'd have missed spending my life with my best friend," he told MD Anderson.

The couple have four children and a rescue dog.

Their online presence shows a love of wine and travel to Italy. He told MD Anderson that he gets up at 4 a.m. every day to read and work out, and if he wasn't a doctor, he'd be running a vineyard.

Hahn has been a Republican donor, according to Federal Election Commission records. Unlike some other FDA leaders, Hahn has received very little money from the medical device and drug industries. According to CMS' Open Payments database, Hahn received $1,021.40 in lodging and travel money from a radiation oncology device company in 2017 — much less than others in his field, according to the report.

To get the top FDA job, Hahn will have to be approved by the Senate. He would inherit an agency that since March has been going through an agency-wide reorganization.

Sharpless has been the acting FDA commissioner since April and had the backing to become the agency's permanent head by dozens of medical associations and past FDA commissioners who sent letters to the White House advocating on his behalf in September.

The agency is managing a vaping crisis that has killed at least 37 people nationwide and has raised real concerns about the safety and regulation of e-cigarettes. The country's opioid crisis has 1.7 million Americans struggling with addiction and there were more than 70,200 overdose deaths in 2017, according to the CDC. There are also challenges involving delays in drug approvals, as well as problems with the manufacturing safety of drugs.

On Friday, medical associations praised Hahn for his work.

"For several years, I served with Dr. Hahn on a National Cancer Institute study section, and I always found him to be an extremely thoughtful and science-oriented grant reviewer," said American Association for Cancer Research President-elect Dr. Antoni Ribas, in a statement. Ribas is a professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. "He has always put the interests of patients first, by embracing the importance of regulatory science to truly inform and improve the way new cancer medicines are evaluated for safety and efficacy."

"We welcome the nomination of a permanent FDA commissioner at a time when the agency's role to protect and promote public health is only growing in importance," said American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown in a statement. "Should Dr. Hahn be confirmed, we look forward to working with him to aggressively advance public health priorities in areas including tobacco control, nutrition, drug and device development and review and more."

Correction: This story has been updated to reflect that President Donald Trump has not yet nominated Dr. Stephen Hahn. It has also been updated to include the correct U.S. News & World Report ranking.

CNN's Amanda Sealy contributed to this report.


Congress has passed a bill expanding the animal cruelty law, making certain types a federal crime


Congress has passed a bill making certain types of animal cruelty a federal felony.

The bill would expand a 2010 law that made creation or distribution of so-called "animal crushing" videos illegal. The new bill would make the underlying acts of cruelty a federal crime.

The Senate unanimously passed...


Jeff Sessions Will Run to Reclaim Alabama Senate Seat

The former attorney general and four-term senator risks reigniting attacks from President Trump, who could undermine his standing in the primary race.

Senate leader McConnell backs bill to protect coal miner pensions

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell joined a bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday in introducing a bill to secure the pensions for nearly 90,000 retired coal miners as a recent wave of coal company bankruptcies threatens the solvency of the federal pension fund.


Recollecting 1990 Clean Air Act amid deadly Delhi pollution

The Clean Air Act, which was passed by the US Senate in 1990, was a strategically engineered law that actually got people excited about minimizing pollution. The act was preceded by the Clean Air Act of 1977, which had been largely unsuccessful in limiting sulphur dioxide emission – even though compliance to the Act was […]

Valentův Synot spojil vinné sklepy bez povolení, hrozí mu milionové tresty

Nový sklepní komplex ve známé Vinohradské ulici v Uherském Hradišti, který spadá pod holding Synot senátora a podnikatele Iva Valenty, má problém. Stavební úpravy neměly povolení a navíc poškodily památkově chráněné sklepení. Investorovi hrozí několikamilionové pokuty a odstranění stavby.

Colau: "El resultat d’En Comú Podem serà més decisiu pel futur de Catalunya que el d'ERC"


El Centre Cívic Santa Eugènia, Can Ninetes, de Girona, s’ha quedat petit aquest vespre per acollir la conversa entre l’alcaldessa de Barcelona, Ada Colau, i la candidata d’En Comú Podem al Senat, Rosa Lluch. Colau ha aprofitat la seva intervenció per lamentar que “al debat d’ahir vam veure quatre homes que reproduïen el mateix discurs de trinxera, d’amenaça, utilitzant Catalunya com a arma llancívola". Hi havia, però, "una excepció: Pablo Iglesias".


Italia përsëri vë në rend të ditës çështjen e zgjerimit të BE-së | Flaka

Flaka - 22:30 06/11
Presidenti italian Sergio Matarella ka mbështetur qëllimet evropiane të Maqedonisë së Veriut dhe ka njoftuar se Roma do të kërkojë të hapë çështjen e zgjerimit midis ministrave të jashtëm të BE-së në ...
Portalb: Pendarovski mbajti takim me anëtarët e Senatit të Italisë
Medial: Pendarovski u takua me Roberto Fiko, kryetar i Dhomës së Poshtme të Parlamentit të Italisë
Portalb: Pendarovski-Matarela: Maqedonia e Veriut nuk ka alternativë tjetër përveç integrimit në BE
44 artikuj të ndërlidhur »


The Best Movies & TV Shows to Watch in Portland: Fri Nov 8-Thurs Nov 21

Like all good things, this piece involves both Bushwick Bill and Queen Elizabeth. by Erik Henriksen

An Autumn Afternoon & Grave of the Fireflies
Are you sad right now? Do you want to be more sad, but inside a theater? Boy howdy, do we have a double feature for you! (Fri Nov 8-Sun Nov 10, Fifth Avenue Cinema)

Charlie’s Angels
The latest reboot of the old TV show, this time directed by Elizabeth Banks and starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. (Opens Wed Nov 13, various theaters)

The Crown
I don’t know how they did it, but somehow The Crown—a slow, fusty, grandma-friendly show about a bunch of super-rich inbred British people sitting in armchairs and fiddling with silverware—ended up being one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen. It got me through those awful days after the 2016 election. It introduced me to Vanessa Kirby, which was life-changing. And it’s the only thing my family can talk about at holidays that we all agree on. For The Crown’s long-awaited third season, the world’s only perfect person, Olivia Colman, has joined the cast. We don’t deserve a thing this good. (Streams Sun Nov 17, Netflix) NED LANNAMANN

Dammed to Extinction
With its tinkling piano score, it’s hard to shake the feel-good hippie bullshit vibe, but Dammed to Extinction provides a unique, wide-angle take on the eternal debate over dams in the Pacific Northwest: As dams lead to the deaths of salmon, the deaths of salmon lead to shrinking orca populations. Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and Columbia Riverkeeper’s Brett VandenHeuvel. (Tues Nov 12, OMSI’s Empirical Theater) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Doctor Sleep
In adapting Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, director Mike Flanagan looks to be channelling Stanley Kubrick as much as King. That’s either brilliant or some Jack Torrance-level madness. (Opens Thurs Nov 7, Overlook Hotel)


Ford v Ferrari
Review forthcoming at (Opens Thurs Nov 14, various theaters)

Review forthcoming at (Opens Fri Nov 15, Regal Fox Tower 10)

The Good Liar
I’ve been screaming about The Good Liar since August, when I found out that Bill Condon directed an AUSTERE SEXY ENGLISH THRILLER WITH A SEPTUAGENARIAN TWIST starring Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen. I can’t wait to watch the two greatest actors of the Silent Generation eye-fuck one another over a dining room table and double-cross all the way to the bank. (Opens Fri Nov 15, various theaters) SUZETTE SMITH

A live-action reimagining of Harriet Tubman’s journey to self-liberation. Harriet doesn’t subject the sensitive viewer to excessive gore or violence (though there is one particularly unsettling scene), because for once, this is a story in the “slave movie” genre about triumph, leadership, and Tubman’s unwavering faith. (Now playing, various theaters) JENNI MOORE

The Irishman
Review forthcoming at (Opens Fri Nov 15, Hollywood Theatre; streams Wed Nov 27, Netflix)

Jojo Rabbit
There’s more to the complicated Jojo Rabbit—set in the waning days of WWII, it focuses on fanatical young Nazi Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) and his imaginary BFF, Adolph Hitler (Taika Waititi)—than first appears, and only a director as committed, inventive, and life-affirmingly good-hearted as Waititi would even have a chance of pulling it off. He does, to unforgettable effect. (Opens Fri Nov 1, various theaters) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass’ experimental examination of humankind’s relationship with what remains of the natural world. (Fri Nov 15-Thurs Nov 21, Academy Theater; Sun Nov 17, Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium)

Kung Fu Theater: Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow
When action master Yuen Woo-ping decided to cast some kid calling himself “Jackie Chan” in this 1978 kung fu flick, Earth became a better place. Screens on 35mm. (Tues Nov 12, Hollywood Theatre)

The Lighthouse
The second film from Robert Eggers, the director of the excellent, wildly disconcerting The Witch, is... funnier than expected? Sure, it’s also fucked-up and intense and distressing, but there are significantly more fart jokes than one might expect. (Now playing, various theaters) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Jingoistic disaster porn from Roland Emmerich. (Opens Thurs Nov 7, various theaters)

Motherless Brooklyn
Director/star Edward Norton’s decision to turn Jonathan Lethem’s postmodern neo-noir novel into a literal 1950s-set noir is both an asset and a liability. Motherless Brooklyn is easy on the eyes, but the movie’s overlong and unfocused. (Now playing, various theaters) NED LANNAMANN

My Summer as a Goth
The John Hughes-inspired My Summer as a Goth, from Portland filmmakers Tara Johnson-Medinger and Brandon Lee Roberts, is a likable film, despite awkward pacing and its teen characters’ extremely... teenagery performances. Screens as part of Oregon Film’s “Portland Circuit” program, which screens locally produced films in theaters across the city. (Mon Nov 18, Hollywood Theatre; Tues Nov 19, Clinton Street Theater; Wed Nov 20, Cinema 21; Thurs Nov 21, Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium) SUZETTE SMITH

Last Christmas
Review forthcoming at (Opens Thurs Nov 7, various theaters)

Pain & Glory
Pedro Almodóvar has long warmed his filmography with flickers of details from his personal life, but Pain & Glory brings us closer to the flame. In it, we look in on Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas), a filmmaker in self-imposed exile due to a creative decline and a variety of physical ailments. Banderas stifles his melodramatic tendencies to subtly and powerfully reveal Mallo’s agonies and evolution. (Opens Fri Oct 25, Cinema 21) ROBERT HAM

Parasite is director Bong Joon-ho at his very best, a hilarious and deeply unsettling look at class and survival with a gleeful and terrifying twist. (Now playing, Cinema 21, Hollywood Theatre) JASMYNE KEIMIG

Playing with Fire
Remember that early period of the Rock’s acting career, where he was only allowed to make silly-ass kids’ movies or be the Scorpion King? Well, this is like that, but with John Cena. Who sucks. Co-starring Keegan Michael Key, John Leguizamo, and a big dog wearing a fireman’s hat! (Opens Thurs Nov 7, various theaters)


Portland Book Festival—Film to Page: Drop Dead Gorgeous & Rushmore
Two exceedingly solid screenings presented by the Portland Book Festival: Rushmore, with a post-film discussion between author Morgan Parker and screenwriter Jon Raymond, and Drop Dead Gorgeous, with a post-film discussion between author Kristen Arnett and the Portland Monthly’sFiona McCann. (Fri Nov 8 & Sat Nov 9, Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium)

Queer Commons: By Hook or by Crook
The Hollywood’s ongoing mission to make going to the movies a little more queer continues with a buddy comedy about petty criminals. (Wed Nov 13, Hollywood Theatre)

Repo Man
“I don’t want no commies in my car. No Christians either.” (Fri Nov 8-Thurs Nov 14, Academy Theater)

The Report
The Report is short for “The Torture Report,” which is short for “The Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program,” which is short for the 6,700-page account of one of America’s most horrifying and shameful stretches of history. Expertly distilling an infinitely complicated, infinitely disturbing chain of events, writer/director Scott Z. Burns follows the efforts of increasingly troubled Senate staffer Daniel Jones (Adam Driver, excellent as ever), who, under the oversight of Senator Dianne Feinstein (Annette Bening), works to discover and document the CIA’s continued use of barbaric and ineffective “enhanced interrogation techniques” on prisoners captured after 9/11. Burns spends just as much time studying the failed, Republican-led efforts to cover up America’s war crimes as he does examining both the ways they were justified (“You have to make this work. It’s only legal if it works,” says one CIA official, played by Maura Tierney) and rewarded, with a coda that not-so-subtly alludes to the fact that Gina Haspel, the current director of the CIA, oversaw a black site in Thailand where some of the atrocities documented in the report were committed. (Opens Fri Nov 15, various theaters) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Repressed Cinema: The Criminal Element
16mm shorts focusing on crime, including 1903’s The Great Train Robbery and Vandalism: Fun or Dumb?, “a look at vandalism with 1960s youth.” DAMN YOUTHS! (Tues Nov 19, Hollywood Theatre)

Sonic Cinema: Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy
This documentary about the life and exploits of the Geto Boys’ most famous member dares ask the question: But does it feel good to be a gangsta? Really, though? Director in attendance. (Sat Nov 9, Hollywood Theatre)

The Spanish Prisoner
David Mamet’s 1997 neo-noir starring a very sinister... STEVE MARTIN?? Screens on 35mm. (Sun Nov 10, Hollywood Theatre)


Terminator: Dark Fate
The Terminator series’ latest reboot has one thing going for it: Linda Hamilton has returned to play Sarah Connor, which means there’s a Terminator movie worth watching again. Well, it’s worth watching, I guess, if you, like me, have devoted entirely too much of your ever-shrinking lifespan to thinking about terminators. For everyone else, Dark Fate’s appeal—which largely hinges on seeing Hamilton, Arnold, and various bloodthirsty murderbots back in action—might be limited. (Now playing, various theaters) ERIK HENRIKSEN

Underscan: Cult & Genre Reframed: Silent Running
Special effects legend Roger Trumbull’s earnest, silly, eco-conscious sci-fi from 1972 features environmental lecturing, poker-playing robots, and a MarioKart race. (Sun Nov 10, Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium)

Watchmen is based on the legendary comics, but it’s not a direct adaptation; rather, the HBO series uses it as background material to tell an entirely new tale set (mostly) in 2019, a story devised by series creator Damon Lindelof, the mastermind behind Lost and The Leftovers. This Watchmen is about racism in America—its history, its evolution, and its implications in daily life. It makes the provocations of Joker look like a bowl of wet noodles. (Sundays, HBO) NED LANNAMANN

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Good Morning, News: Supremes to Rule on Trump's Criminality, Sondland Flips on Trump, and Dems Win Big!

by Wm. Steven Humphrey

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Democrat Andy Beshear of Kentucky upsets crybaby Republican Matt Bevin. WAHHH! WAHHH! WAHHHH!
Democrat Andy Beshear of Kentucky upsets crybaby Republican Matt Bevin. WAHHH! WAHHH! WAHHHH! John Sommers II / Getty

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Your smile, your style is so fly. I can't deny I got a crush on you. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Let's start with some good news for Democrats and BAD NEWS for Trump: For the first time in decades Virginia's state government flipped blue in last night's election, paving the way for minimum wage raises and tightening gun laws. Meanwhile in Kentucky, Democrat Andy Beshear squeaked out a victory in the gubernatorial race, beating Gov. Matt Bevin who is such a fucking Republican crybaby, he's refusing to concede. YA LOST, SON! Go cry in Trump's lap.

In other good election news: "Woman who gave Trump the finger elected in Virginia."

In case you missed it, yesterday Portland hotelier/Trump crony Gordon Sondland, sensing that he was going to get caught in his lies, reversed his position and now says that there was a "quid pro quo" deal (read: bribery and extortion) between Trump and Ukraine. This blows a huge hole in the GOP's defense that everyone who has testified against the president is a "never Trumper"—hey, the dude gave Trump millions! (Be sure to watch the video below of Sondland returning home to Portland late last night and receiving an "unwelcome home" party from protesters. SO GOOD. Boycott his hotels.)

House impeachment investigators have called on White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to testify on Trump's quid pro quo—since... you know... Mulvaney was most likely involved and publicly called it a quid pro quo. He's not gonna testify—we all know this, right?

Here's your "desperate, panicky Republicans" headline of the day: "Senate Republicans consider including Bidens in Trump impeachment trial."

I can't believe it's come to this, but here we are: In a few days Trump will be asking the Supreme Court to rule on whether or not he's completely immune to criminal investigation while in office. In normal times it would be a laughable question, but with this Supreme Court? The shit could hit the fan with this one. And the aftermath will not be pretty.

Meanwhile, in DRAKE news:

A 25-year-old member of the New Zealand Parliament got off a great "OK Boomer" retort when a boomer tried to heckle her climate change speech.

IN LOCAL NEWS: Portland's own Trump conspirator Gordon Sondland arrived back in town last night, and received quite the welcome from protesters. (This is great—needed more "boos.")

Apparently Mayor Ted Wheeler has finally heard enough and is donating $16,000 of Gordon Sondland's past campaign contributions to charity. I guess because he couldn't tell Sondland was clearly lying the first time around?

In Portland election news, you voted "yes" on ballots that will continue to pay our teachers,
as well as protect the environment, our drinking water, and parks. See more from our Alex Zielinski.

The city is planning on hosting public information meetings to brief Portlanders on their negotiation process with the Portland Police union, because they neglected to last time AND IT DID NOT GO SO WELL. Our Alex Zielinski has the details.

Hey! Who wants to watch some great DIY porn seated next to strangers? YOU DO. Tickets for HUMP! 2019 are right here and it kicks off this Friday, November 8! Trust me, you won't regret it.

Now let's gaze skyward at the WEATHER: Expect a sunnier, less foggy day with a high of 58.

And finally, MOOD.

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Physician: Urologist Needed in Duluth, Minnesota - JOB-25319

A busy urology practice in Minnesota is looking to hire another urologist. You will join a collegial group of three urologists and one physician assistant in a newly renovated department. You will have the option to work Monday through Friday, or four days a week with a 1:4 call schedule. This is a multi-specialty organization with over 60 referring physicians. You will see an average of 20 clinic patients per day. Physicians that can see pediatric patients would be a plus, but this is not required. This great opportunity also comes with the potential for ownership of an ambulatory surgery center.

A sign-on bonus and residency stipend is included in a highly competitive compensation package. You will also receive relocation assistance, health benefits, loan repayment, and a 401(K).

Come live and practice in a pleasant Minnesota city. It is located on the coast of Lake Superior, and the waterfront downtown is clean, interesting, and attractive. Outdoor recreational opportunities abound at the forests and lakes to the north of the city. This is an excellent place to call home.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with a great organization where you can share your skills and expertise. With access to the largest bank of temporary and permanent positions nationwide, CompHealth will help you find a practice opportunity that truly matches your criteria. For more information on this or any urology jobs, contact CompHealth today.

If you are interested in hearing more about this central Minnesota urology practice, please call Trevor Jensen at 800-365-8901 and send your CV to CompHealth Quick Facts: Newly renovated department with a collegial group Join three other urologists and a PA Monday to Friday or four-days a week 1:4 call schedule See 20 plus clinic patients a day Potential ownership of ambulatory surgery center Highly competitive compsenation package Sign-on bonus and residency stipend included Benefits: Our services are free for you We help negotiate your salary and contract We coordinate interviews and help with licenses Specialized recruiters match your career preferences Experienced support teams take care of every detail

We Should Track Phone Conversations Between Kidnappers And Victims’ Families – Lawan

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has asked security agents to come up with a plan on how to monitor conversations between kidnappers and families of victims. During plenary on Wednesday, Senator Lawan decried the increasing rate of Kidnappings in Nigeria, noting that security agencies must find a way to track phone conversations between kidnappers …


PROTOCOL 1. I am quite happy to be here today. I also feel honoured to chair this august occasion, being the 2nd Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Memorial Lecture in honour of a great son of Igbo land and Africa. 2. Let me also appreciate the Government and people of Anambra State for immortalising this icon …

Appeal Court Sacks Senate Spokesman, Adeyeye

The Kaduna Division of the Court of Appeal has nullified the election of spokesman of the Senate, Senator Dayo Adeyeye. The Appellate Court subsequently upheld the tribunal judgment which declared Senator Biodun Olujimi and the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party as winner of the Ekiti South Senatorial election held on February 23. The Independent …

Keep Your Promise: Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

AWC > Military Life > Keep Your Promise:  Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

It's like it was yesterday when I became an engaged to a Soldier.  We had the discussion almost immediately.  Does he reenlist or does he get out?  He had been in 8 years at that time.  I said, "I could stay in Illinois, you'll deploy in a year and when you get back you can get out.  I'll keep my 70K a year job and you can get out and go to school on your GI Bill."  He reminded me of the other option.  I give up my career, he stays in and get his 20 year retirement.   I said, "If I give up my high paying job, you better be in for 20 because I make more than you in pay and can make more than your retirement if I stay where I am."  He loved his country and his job.  We decided to live the military life.

Why am I am talking about all this?  Although what I share with you is our personal finances, it is crucial to understand that the recent retirement budget cuts suggested and promoted by Paul Ryan are interfering with my families financial future.  One ,that for the past 6 years, we have been planning for.  We aren't looking for a handout as Paul Ryan has implied.

Paul Ryan says after 20 years go out and get another job.  My husband MOS/Job is not transferable to the civilian world.  Most Servicemembers do not have a job that translate to the civilian world.  He will be going back to college.  He will be starting over.  He will be jumping back into the workforce at 45.   So while others his age have hit their stride, he will be starting new with all the other 22-24 year old freshly out of college.

In 2009 my husband reenlisted for 6 years.  With 14 years, this year he reenlisted Indefinitely.  He promised his country he would serve 20 years.  Just yesterday Congress voted to change that contract.  What he thought he'd be getting when he signed, will be reduced.  Congress has asked that every Servicemember, that serves 20 years or more,to give 88k+ to help with the budget crisis.

"I live on Fort Bragg.   As I sit on my couch and look out at my circle, there are 4 military families living in it that, with this suggested budget, will be losing over $352,000.  I ask every civilian to look out their windows.  How much our your neighbors losing over these budget cuts? Money they planned to be in their future."

Paul Ryan, would have you think the everyone who enlists just magically gets this retirement.  He forgets it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.   These families have endured multiple deployments.  Their spouses have moved multiple times sacrificing jobs they love.  I myself will be moving next year to San Antonio, Texas.  When we move, I will have to leave a job I love at American Airlines.

If your thought is, it's your choice, you signed up for this, you are right.  When my husband reenlisted indefinitely this year, he signed thinking he would get his retirement benefits and so did I.  Now Congress just voted to take 88K+ of it away.

This budget will get voted on by Senators next week.  Please write them and tell them not to pass this budget until the military retirement cuts are removed.


I leave you with a video of his reenlistment.  Listen to the promise he makes his country.  I'm just asking our country keep their promise to him.

If it doesn't appear below, click this link to watch -->

  • Army Life:  Reenlisting Indef
  • Let's Stop Sleepy Driving: Give Soldiers A Safe Ride Home
  • Blended Families:  Making the Miles Just Another Number - Part 1
  • Treat Us Normal During Deployment
  • Don't Post Dates
  • Blended Families - The Attitude of Missed Opportunities
  • Blended Families - Mommy/Daddy Game


    Jeff Sessions Seeks Senate Comeback - NPR

    1. Jeff Sessions Seeks Senate Comeback  NPR
    2. Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate  CNN
    3. Jeff Sessions to announce campaign for Alabama Senate seat, sources say  Fox News
    4. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions running for Senate  CBS News
    5. Sessions expected to announce plans to run for Senate | TheHill  The Hill
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    A bipartisan group of Senators wants to extend the space station to 2030 - Ars Technica

    1. A bipartisan group of Senators wants to extend the space station to 2030  Ars Technica
    2. Boeing Just Sent NASA Its Moon Lander Idea for Artemis Astronauts. Here It Is.
    3. NASA just cracked open a pristine Apollo moon rock sample CNET  msnNOW
    4. Boeing aims for Moon landing in 'fewer steps'  BBC News
    5. Senators introduce new NASA authorization bill  SpaceNews
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    Generic estreva online cost forming, estreva buy now florida

    Best Drugs Order Medications Without A Doctor Prescription Online - Click Here Robert Baker, the studio head for Millennium Dance Studios, shared that he had known the kemadrin 200mg cheap iconic singer since 1998 and had experienced her highs and lows, but advocated for her father's support. Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, 55, announced he's back together with his wife Laura, three months after they reached a $10million divorce agreement in July. Winds pristiq online italia that have fanned California's wildfires have calmed, helping firefighters contain blazes that have destroyed homes and forced mass power outages since late last month. It has been more than a decade in the making, but Waymo's self-driving buy melbourne australia taxis are officially picking up passengers without a human operator at the wheel, but it is available only in Phoenix, Arizona. Novartis scientists learnt months ago about safety concerns surrounding its gene therapy Zolgensma but delayed telling the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ursodiol buy shop otc (FDA) due to what the Swiss drugmaker said was a "mistake". Piloting one of the breed of light aircraft is overnight truvada delivery said to be as easy as driving a car Frederick Law Olmsteds tours of English parks shaped his vision of landscape design. You can see his inspiration in three dimensions by touring five where to purchase prometrium visa of them. A disability commission hearing in Townsville has heard how a 10-year-old girl with Asperger's syndrome was relentlessly bullied so badly she was forced to leave her private school. Why Anna Deavere Smith handed Michael Benjamin Washington a revival of her breakthrough 1992 documentary solo show about the Crown Heights race riot. COPA90 takes a look at the 97th All-Japan High School Football Tournament, where nearly 10,000,000 people watch the final. The Massachusetts senator told reporters that her plan to pay for Medicare for all would raise taxes only on billionaires, but that differs from the proposal she unveiled on Friday. Get out your Ouija boards, pilgrims, for the return of a mysterious 60s spirit. But the patient records system, called Epic, has a few shortcomings of its own, including order podophyllotoxin no prescription a voice that amplifies the insecurities that come with being a doctor. The first Bundesliga Berlin derby for 42 years had it all - a last-gasp penalty winner settled the score but angrier scenes overshadowed the clash between Union and Hertha. Teams and drivers arrived in So Paulo for the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix. Here is a wish list for the most exciting and interesting end to the season. Danny Kay had his conviction quashed in 2017 when the Court of Appeal ruled police had relied on an 'edited cheap fast epivir and misleading' account of online conversations. 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High winds and heavy rains dislodged the remains of a barge in the rapids above Niagara Falls that had been there 101 years. Czechs bid a final farewell on Friday to singer Karel Gott, standing in line for hours to pay their respects to the man whose popularity in former communist Europe earned him the nickname the "Sinatra of the East". On this dance team at a Queens community center, being a grandma is a plus. The pop sensation, 25, was in high spirits as she won two coveted gongs at the ceremony and took to the stage to put on a dazzling performance Mexican Senator Armando Rios Piter told CNN that he plans to introduce a bill this week that would stop Mexican purchases of American corn. Thomas Chambers walked up to the Labour leader during an event at Gloucester University on Saturday and asked him to sign a folded up piece of paper. As he prepares to unveil lowest price generic truvada 600 would-be Brexit Party MPs, Nigel Farage predicted the poll will result in another hung parliament. Train users can beat rising fares by buying separate tickets for a single journey, often cutting the cost of travel by a third. Experts estimate that the average saving is 20 per cent. The body of Bernard 'Butch' Gore, 71, was found inSydney's Westfield Bondi Junction in January 2017, three weeks after he walked into a stairwell and disappeared. We invite you to take a look price diltiazem comp at this years winners. NASA released an image from the Hubble Telescope that highlights two galaxies colliding into each other some 704 million light years way. The event has created a 'ghoulish' face order lybrel store just in time for Halloween. 'Go/no-go' teaches a person to push a button in response to healthy food. The technique has been proven to help people eat less junk and lose weight, researchers at Cardiff University argue, The U.S. official whose whistleblower complaint led to the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump offered to communicate directly with Republicans on the intelligence committee leading the inquiry, his lawyers said on Sunday. In a new biography of Thomas Edison, Edmund Morris tells the story in reverse starting at the end and going backward to his birth. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who have a deal with Netflix to create TV shows and feature films, reportedly said they felt they could not do justice to both buy mesalamine omaha their Netflix projects and the Star Wars films they had previously signed on for. There was a time lumigan without prescription prices when the possibilities of air travel seemed limitless. Boeing's 747 "Jumbo Jet" supersized commerical aviation, then Concorde took it supersonic. 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One person died and at least 34 were injured on Monday in a grenade attack in Indian-administered Kashmir's main city of Srinagar, Indian officials said, in the bloodiest incident since New Delhi stripped the region order noroclav pills online shopping of special status on Aug. 5. Ral Esparza faces the realities of the restaurant business in Theresa Rebecks energetic but online samples uk formulaic art-versus-commerce comedy. Ecuador's military has extended curfews and transit restrictions throughout apetamin-p sales france the country following more than a week of violent protests. How Japan's Naomi Osaka has taken tennis by storm with back-to-back grand slam singles titles. What could be more undignified than donning unflatteringly tight gym wear and cycling in a frenzy on an eskazole online visa exercise bike? Answer doing the same, but wearing a virtual reality headset Many of Asia's biggest cities owe their skylines to long bamboo poles that allow construction workers to climb to great heights. Democrats in the U.S. Congress took a major step toward impeaching President Donald Trump this week when they agreed on the rules for publicly televised hearings after weeks of testimony behind closed doors. But it is also a step onto more politically perilous terrain for a party seeking to persuade Americans that their cause to remove Republican Trump, who they accuse of abusing his power, is just. A man convicted of the rape and murder of British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes in Lebanon has been sentenced to death, according to Lebanon's state-owned National News Agency. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the modern day internet and although designed to connect the world, its creators fear it has given hate, abuse and misinformation a platform. The measure, which would have applied only to football and buy clavaseptin 3mg bars mens and womens basketball, could have severely restricted graduate transfers. The photo, taken in the same week 39 migrants from China and Vietnam died in the back of a lorry entering the UK, appears to show the extent of the crisis facing British border officials. In Britains Brexit-scrambled politics, four parties are competing and the winning margins will be narrow. Nothing in this campaign is likely to go as the experts predict. Documents from the special counsels inquiry show that President Trumps former campaign chairman can i order rifadin visa shared the theory shortly after stolen Democratic emails were published that June. Pregnant Rachel Riley, 33, reveals she andhusband Pasha Kovalev, 39, are 'scared' to have a baby as she grows desvenlafaxine purchase visa usa ever closer to her due date. As he prepares to unveil 600 would-be Brexit Party MPs, Nigel Farage predicted the poll will result in another hung parliament. Gender indoctrination for the pre-K set. Health service bosses have told Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn not to india online weaponise the NHS during the general election campaign and warned them against making 'undeliverable promises'. Team enalapril buy uk 50mg executives have fined Osemele for sitting out with a shoulder injury. Norville, who has been on Inside Edition since 1995, said she will make a speedy recovery and will not need chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but she will be off the show for some time. Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan (inset) pose before the Breakthrough Prize ceremony in Mountain View, California, on Sunday. Zuckerberg is seen above with Lenny Kravitz. Seven Worlds, One Planet had arguably the most shocking, sickening, piece of footage any David Attenborough show has ever featured. Google will be replacing all units of the Google Home and Google Home Mini smart home devices regardless of whether they are covered under warranty. The Bachelorette front-runnerCarlin Sterritt has all but confirmed he makes it to the final two after he was spotted catching a flight at Sydney Airport shortly before the last rose ceremony was filmed. Researchers from Saint Louis University in Missouri, who are studying what happens when people are infected with the flu, are paying $3,310 to those willing to be deliberately infected. Sir Dragonet has been drawn widest of all in stall 13 but a trickier inside berth has been handed to Hughie Morrison-trained Telecaster who must start from stall two. The sale is a key plank of chief executive Mark Reads turnaround plan to simplify the business that he inherited travoprost available usa cost last year from founder Sir Martin Sorrell. 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    Trump Tries Bribing the Jury … And No Republican Seems Bothered By It


    Senators, Who Will Be Sitting in Judgment if  Trump Goes on Trial, Line Up for Campaign Cash

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    Jeff Sessions To Seek Senate Comeback

    The former attorney general who previously served as U.S. senator is expected to run despite facing a crowded GOP primary field and possible opposition from President Trump.

    Jeff Sessions Expected To Announce A Comeback Bid For Alabama Senate Seat

    Two GOP sources say they expect former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce a comeback Senate bid in Alabama before Friday's deadline. Sessions was one of President Trump's earliest supporters.

    Aviation Team Leader

    Aviation Team Leader

    Application Close Date: December 2, 2019

    The Aviation Team Leader is responsible for the delegated supervision of non-tenured flight trainers. Upon becoming Assistant Chief Instructor qualified, the Team Leader will work directly with the Chief Pilot/Director to supervise the flight instructors and their students and maintain standardization in training. The Team Leader will teach flight and/or ground classes, act as a check pilot for flight courses, and undertake other duties as assigned. This position is intended for career aviation educators and not for flight trainers planning on commercial aviation careers.

    Essential Job Functions:

    • Provide individual flight instruction to students enrolled in Aviation Flight courses, including preflight/post flight briefings and maintaining the training records of assigned students.
    • Teach aeronautical and aircraft systems classes leading to FAA Pilot certificates and ratings.
    • Inform students of course regulations, evaluation procedures, and other information pertinent to the course; prepare a course syllabus for each course taught and distribute it at the beginning of each term.
    • Perform professional duties in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the college.
    • Provide classroom instruction in accordance with the stated philosophy, objectives, and established course outlines of the college.
    • Inform students of course regulations, evaluation procedures, and other information pertinent to the course; prepares a course syllabus for each course and distributes it early in each term.
    • Available for student advising/mentoring.
    • Maintain regular office hours to ensure availability for student consultation; provide assistance to students in a timely manner.
    • Maintain accurate scholastic records of students; submit required reports on student progress according to published deadlines.
    • Work toward and achieve FAA approval as Assistant Chief and take on duties including:

      • Oversee the flight program in the Chief Pilot's absence.
      • Manage the non-tenured trainers and their students.
      • Perform check ride duties as needed.
      • Perform flight reviews, instrument competency checks, and oral exam review sessions.
      • As needed, serve as faculty advisor for student organizations relating to aviation.
      • Participate in departmental governance, including curriculum development, instructional materials selection, and academic assessment.
      • Participate in college-wide shared governance, including Parkland College Association (PCA) Senate, its committees, administrative committees, and accreditation committees.
      • Participate in student recruitment and retention efforts.
      • Participate in professional development activities related to discipline knowledge and/or teaching skills.
      • Perform other duties as assigned by Institute of Aviation Director/Chief Pilot.

        Minimum Requirements:

        • Bachelor's degree
        • Hold a current FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating and FAA Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane Certificate.
        • Hold a current FAA Flight Instructor Certificate with Instrument Rating (CFII) or obtain CFII during 1st year of employment.
        • Hold a 2nd class FAA medical certificate.
        • Maintain all professional credentials required for this position.
        • Two years of experience as an active

          certified flight instructor and two years or more of post-secondary higher


          experience; or five years of professional work experience in aviation industry.
        • Ability to work a flexible schedule that occasionally includes evening and weekend assignments.
        • Ability to learn the Parkland information system and new programs as technology changes.
        • Perform other duties as assigned by Institute of Aviation Director/Chief Pilot.

          Preferred Qualifications:

          • Master's degree.
          • Hold a current FAA Flight Instructor Certificate with instrument and multiengine rating.
          • Part 141 pilot school experience within a college/university flight program.
          • Four years of experience as an educator in a post-secondary institution or a collegiate Part 141 pilot school.
          • Supervisory experience in the area of pilot training or three years total supervisory experience in other technical fields.


    Prezydent Międzynarodowego Komitetu Olimpijskiego dr Thomas Bach doktorem honoris causa Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego

    Doktorat Honoris Causa Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego otrzymał dr Thomas Bach, prezydent Międzynarodowego Komitetu Olimpijskiego. Senat UG nadał to najwyższe akademickie za działanie na rzecz praw człowieka i pokoju na świecie oraz wkład w rozwój międzynarodowego ruchu olimpijskiego. Dołączył do zaszczytnego grona 65 innych osób wyróżnionych w ten sposób przez gdańską uczelnię.

    Paducah to Receive a $10.4M 'BUILD' Grant

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced that Paducah will receive a Grant from the US. Department of Transportation. According to a press release sent out Wednesday, McConnell's office announced that Paducah would receive a $10.4 million "Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development" (BUILD) grant. Paducah will put the funding towards supporting the Paducah Riverfront Infrastructure Project to develop numerous transportation assets to ensure the safety of visitors and commerce within the city. According to officials involved in the project, the project will include expansion of the shipping container transfer yard, riverfront excursion pier and plaza to provide a safe landing and pathway for riverboat guests, bikers, and pedestrians from downtown to the riverfront. McConnell stated that he was proud to be able to work with Mayor Brandi Harless, Judge-Executive Craig Clymer, and other local leaders towards the development of the riverfront, saying that he was constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for the region. Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless spoke with West Kentucky Star about the funding, saying, "This is a big deal for the city of Paducah. We worked really hard for this funding and we're very thankful to Senator McConnell and all of our federal delegation for helping us get this funding." Harless continued, "We're excited to see a new developed riverfront to finish out what's already been started down there. We will have a new excursion peer and plaza for all of the steam boats that come and visit us every year, we'll have a new kind of park-like environment down by the transient boat dock, we'll see bike rentals, and more accessibility for our disabled residents. There's a lot that's going to come from this award for sure." Senator McConnell continues to answer our call for federal assistance in developing and beautifying Paducah and McCracken County. He deserves our thanks and support, said McCracken County Judge Executive Craig Clymer. McConnell had previously assisted Paducah in receiving over $9 million for the Paducah Waterfront Development Project, as well as funding for the Paducah flood-wall project.

    Smith To Introduce Legislation To Improve Access For Veterans To Receive Hearing Loss Treatment


    Minnesota Senator Tina Smith has introduced a measure to attempt to make it easier for veterans to receive hearing loss treatment. Smith says the bill is in response to a series of roundtable discussions held with veterans around the state. Smith says taking care of our nation veterans should be a fundamental value for everyone.

    The post Smith To Introduce Legislation To Improve Access For Veterans To Receive Hearing Loss Treatment appeared first on KTOE.


    Vorbereitung auf Dieselfahrverbote: Berliner Verkehrsverwaltung scannt Autokennzeichen

    Frankfurter Allee in Berlin bei NachtAuf der Frankfurter Allee im Osten Berlins werden Kennzeichen gescannt. (Symbolbild) CC-BY-NC 2.0 Ludwig TröllerDie Dieselfahrverbote in Berlin gelten zwar noch nicht, doch der Senat will für drei Tage Kennzeichen scannen. Die Verwaltung will wissen, was auf Berlins Straßen rollt. Verstöße gegen die Umweltzone sollen damit nicht verfolgt werden.

    Thursday, Nov. 14: Rent Regulations Town Hall

    Rent Regulations Town Hall: Senator Roxanne J. Persaud presents a discussion of changing rent laws. Free. 6:30–9 pm. PS 13 Roberto Clemente School, @@557 Pennsylvania Ave. at Riverdale Avenue@@@@@@, BP_ADS_BOX_CODE

    Liberia: Meet CBL's New Officer in Charge

    [New Dawn] The President George Manneh Weah, on 18 June 2019, nominated Dr. Musa Dukuly as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia for Economic Policy. He was successfully confirmed by the Senate in July 2019 and officially appointed to commence duty at the Bank, where he has so far exhibited exuberance, full commitment and professionalism in the handling of responsibilities.

    The Impeachment Follies

    For your edification, a few thoughts about the impeachment process from emeritus Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. As you know, Dershowitz is one of the few liberals and progressives who have not lost their minds over Trump. He has consistently demonstrated integrity, in calling them as he see them… and as the law requires.

    In a recent essay he remarks that the founders of the American republic did not want impeachment to become a partisan political event, a way for one party to punish or to hobble a president from another party. 

    Hamilton warned of the “greatest danger” that the decision to move forward with impeachment will “be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties than the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.” He worried that the tools of impeachment would be wielded by the “most cunning or most numerous factions” and lack the “requisite neutrality toward those whose conduct would be the subject of scrutiny.”

    He continues:

    Impeachment is an extraordinary tool to be used only when the constitutional criteria are met. These criteria are limited and include only “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Hamilton described these as being “of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself.”

    Hamilton distinctly distinguished between the nature of the constitutional crimes, denoting them as political, while insisting that the process for impeachment and removal must remain scrupulously neutral and nonpartisan among members of Congress.

    And yet, Congressional Democrats do not care about anything but their fanatical will to destroy Trump. They are conducting a dishonest secretive probe, one that will lead to a partisan vote to impeach. They must know that the senate will never vote to remove... so they are engaging in a grand theatrical performance, largely because the idiots in their caucus do not know how to do anything but to create drama:

    It is far more likely that, no matter how extensive the investigation is and regardless of what it uncovers, nearly all House Democrats will vote for impeachment and nearly all House Republicans will vote against it. Such a partisan vote would deny constitutional legitimacy to impeachment. 

    Strangely, the Democratic Party wants to remove the duly elected president in the name of democracy. The House of Representatives is the only body that truly reflects the will of the majority. And yet, James Madison did not want the nation to be a democracy. He specifically argued that the nation should be a republic, where the will of the majority of the people should be checked and balanced by other branches of government. 

    After all, the Framers explicitly rejected maladministration as a ground for impeachment and removal. James Madison, the father of our Constitution, argued that such open criteria would give Congress far too much power to remove a duly elected president. It would, he feared, turn our republic into a democracy in which the chief executive served at the pleasure of the parliament and could be removed by a simple vote of no confidence.

    Of course, if Democrats say that no one is above the law, they should, Dershowitz argued, apply the same rule to themselves.

    How many times have we heard from Democrats that “no one is above the law” in reference to President Trump? That is true, but neither is Congress above the law. It cannot substitute its own criteria for those mandated by the Constitution. The House vote may have been necessary to establish procedures. But the partisanship strongly suggests that what Hamilton regarded as the greatest danger may be on the horizon, namely a vote to impeach a duly elected president based not on “real demonstrations of innocence or guilt” but rather on “comparative strength of parties.”

    And yet, it’s about more than the comparative strength of parties. When you start hearing Democrats talk about patriotism and their love for the constitution, you have to ask yourself when they started caring about patriotism and the constitution.

    In truth, the impeachment follies continues an effort begun at the FBI and the Justice Department, continued by National Security Council holdovers, first, to ensure that Trump not be elected, and second to overthrow the president. In the past it would have been called sedition. They are not just motivated by their hatred of Trump. They are pushing their case because they love Obama more than they care about the constitution or the rule of law. 

    Their idolatrous worship of the last president, their horror at seeing his legacy discarded, has caused them to lose all perspective. They and their satraps in the media declared Obama to be the Messiah. Anyone who refuses to accept him as the Messiah belongs to what medieval inquisitors called the unconverted.

    They refused to believe that Obama had done anything wrong, that his policies might not have been very good. So deep is their love for Obama that they will do anything, defy any precedent, ignore any tradition, in order to get Trump. And to restore the Obama legacy, what with its dismissal of patriotism and its disregard for of America’s political tradition.


    Journalists as Storm Troopers

    Once upon a time real Nazis roamed through Europe. When they first took power they were supported by a group called the SA, the Storm Troopers led by Ernst Rohm. Among the tactics practiced by the SA was public harassment of Jewish citizens. They added to that, beatings on the street, boycotts of Jewish businesses, efforts to ensure that Jews could not find employment. And that was just for a start.

    Doesn’t that sound familiar? Today’s Democratic Party and their enablers in the mainstream media treat Trump supporters and other Republicans the way the SA treated Jews. Rep. Maxine Waters led the parade of Democrats calling for systematic harassment of Trump cabinet members. And the hapless and hopeless Jennifer Rubin, blogging for the Washington Post, called for all Republicans to be incinerated. Perhaps Rubin is not smart enough to know that the other word for such a bonfire is Holocaust, meaning burnt sacrifice, but she has still showered herself with ignominy.

    Now, we read that two of the main honchos on CNN, in their effort to promote their brand by stoking the impeachment narrative, are encouraging their reporters to harass Republican senators… the better to see the impeached president convicted.

    CNN’s political director urged the news team to get “in their faces” of all Republican senators on a daily basis, both at work and at home, about President Trump’s Ukraine phone call, according to undercover audio.

    Project Veritas posted an audio snippet last week as part of its #ExposeCNN investigation on the network’s morning “rundown call” featuring CNN Worldwide CEO Jeffrey Zucker and political director David Chalian discussing how to “brand” Republicans.

    “I think we have to be in their faces of all 53 Republican senators on as much of a daily basis as possible, whether they’re at home or on the hill, asking each one of them, is it okay for the President of the United States to apply pressure to a foreign country in hopes of getting a domestic political opponent investigated?” said Mr. Chalian on the audio.

    Don’t give them any peace. Harass them at work. Harass them at home. These people have turned into the fascists they think they are fighting. It’s a sad commentary on the current state of the media. It is not going to end well.


    California Is Burning

    This story does not come from a satirical website-- see previous post. It’s from the New York Times. It reports on California’s current dilemma. Fires raging out of control. No electricity:

    HEALDSBURG, Calif. — Popular downtown boutiques and farm-to-table restaurants were deserted in Healdsburg, Calif., by Saturday afternoon. Traffic ground to a halt in downtown Windsor, where lines for gas stations spilled into gridlocked roadways. The county fairgrounds in Santa Rosa once again morphed into a disaster base camp.
    Even an evacuation center in Sonoma County had to be evacuated.

    Two years after the devastating Tubbs fire killed 22 people in the region, officials were taking no chances with the menacing Kincade fire and the threat of high winds that could spread the flames overnight. County officials ordered the mandatory evacuations of nearly 90,000 people on Saturday, and Pacific Gas and Electric announced it would shut off power for almost a million customers in Northern California.

    “The next 72 hours are going to be challenging,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said at a news conference on Saturday afternoon. “I could sugarcoat it but I’m not. We’re in an anticipatory stage that is rather anxiety inducing.”

    State fire officials hoped that by preparing for the worst-case scenario, they could avoid major destruction from the Kincade fire, which has already consumed nearly 26,000 acres and was 10 percent contained as of 6:30 p.m. local time, according to Cal Fire, the state’s fire agency. The fire has so far destroyed 77 structures, including 31 homes, and damaged another 14 structures, the authorities said….

    PG&E said it would begin cutting power to 940,000 homes and businesses — which could affect as many as 2.7 million people — on Saturday afternoon and that residents should plan to spend at least two days without electricity. Emergency responders warned residents of Marin County — which includes Sausalito, San Rafael, Tiburon and Novato — that power restoration could take up to five days.

    The problem seems to have to do with the electric utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, a company that values diversity:

    “PG&E is a failure at every level,” said State Senator Jerry Hill, a Bay Area Democrat who said the courts should take control of the company. “PG&E should no longer be allowed to do business in California.”

    Mr. Hill, who is the chair of the State Senate’s energy subcommittee, said that roughly 2.5 million to 2.7 million people will lose power when accounting for families and others who share addresses.

    At a news conference, Mr. Newsom said PG&E made improvements to some of its operations since a botched power shut-off two weeks ago, when the utility’s website crashed twice and information technology experts from the state were required to help fix the problems. But he said that the utility continued to fail in its communication, and that some customers did not receive notification of the weekend’s blackouts until four hours before they were about to lose power.

    The governor also reiterated his frustration with PG&E’s decision to shut off power for hundreds of thousands of customers, rather than the more surgical approach taken by the state’s other two investor-owned utilities, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric.


    FC Cesenatico Dimensione 73.000 metri quadri

    Cesenatico (FC) viaBaldini35 Altro Vendita

    Oskar Matute: «PSOEk Franco desobiratu du eta orain Aznar berpiztu nahi du»


    Durangon izan dira gaur Oskar Matute, EH Bilduren Bizkaiako zerrendaburua, eta Idurre Bideguren senataria. Gobernua desblokeatzeko subiranistak «ezinbestekoak» izango direla adierazi du hautagaiak. Agurainen, berriz, Iñaki Ruiz de Pinedok lehia PP eta bere artean kokatu du.


    GOP Runs Mississippi Gamut, But Signs of Hope for Dems, Medicaid Expansion

    Mississippi Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves delivers his victory speech after winning the Mississippi governor's seat.

    JACKSON—With his Southern Baptist pastor standing beside him at the King Edward Hotel in Jackson, Democrat Jim Hood conceded defeat in the race for Mississippi governor, reiterating his religiously inspired campaign theme of fighting for “the least of these” in policy areas like health care and education.

    Nearby at the Westin, though, Republican Gov.-elect Tate Reeves seemed to soften his position on expanding Medicaid—which he has long opposed—as he celebrated his win on Tuesday night alongside a slate of fellow GOP victors.

    “We’re going to work with the lieutenant governor and the speaker of the House on every issue that’s out there. We have every intention of working with them to ensure that we get good things done for the people of Mississippi,” said the the governor-elect, when Jackson Free Press reporter Seyma Bayram asked him if he would work with Lt. Gov.-elect Delbert Hosemann on expansion.

    Expansion would open the program up to around 300,000 more Mississippians in working households that make too much for traditional Medicaid but not enough for federal subsidies or to pay for private insurance. On the campaign trail and during his time as lieutenant governor, Reeves outright rejected the idea, saying he was “against Obamacare expansion,” as he called it, referring to the fact that it is part of the former president’s signature health care law, the Affordable Care Act.

    Lt. Gov.-elect Hosemann Supports Medicaid Expansion

    In January, Hosemann, a more moderate Republican, will replace Reeves as lieutenant governor, a position that includes executive powers and whose holder also serves as president of the Mississippi Senate. In that role, Hosemann will have the power to appoint committee chairs and to decide which legislation is prioritized—and which legislation dies.

    Hosemann, who is currently the secretary of state, cruised to victory on Tuesday night with 60% of the vote against Democratic opponent Jay Hughes, an Oxford-area state representative. In his race, Reeves beat Hood by a narrower 52-to-47 percent margin.

    On the campaign trail, Hosemann called for Medicaid expansion, saying the State should accept over $1 billion from the federal government each year that would pay for it. Declaring victory Tuesday night, Hosemann vowed to go to work on an agenda that includes not only addressing the state’s rural health-care crisis, but public education, roads and bridges.

    “I am proud of the positive, issue-driven campaign we ran, and I am so grateful to voters for instilling their confidence in me. We have real challenges in Mississippi, and our team has concrete plans to address them,” Hosemann said.

    “We will not let our foot off the gas and we will not let you down. Now, the real work to make Mississippi an even better place for our children and grandchildren begins.”

    Watson Wins, Wants Citizenship Checks for Voting

    Mississippi Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, will take over for Hosemann as secretary of state when the men assume their new roles in January. Among other things, the secretary of state oversees the state’s campaign-finance system, election processes, and trains local-level poll workers.

    Watson, who rose in Mississippi politics as a Tea Party conservative, has vowed to implement a system to check Mississippians’ citizenship status when they register to vote, though he has not provided evidence that non-citizen voting or voter registration is a problem in the State.

    Watson also told the Jackson Free Press in August that he wants to make it easier for residents to search campaign-finance filings. He also said he would like to see more frequent filings during the legislative session so that Mississippians can see if donors might be influencing lawmakers’ votes.

    Reeves Sent Email to Mississippi Teachers, Promising Raise

    In a press release Tuesday night, the Republican Governors Association congratulated Reeves, praising him as an “innovative, vibrant leader with an unparalleled understanding of the issues that are important to Mississippians and a bold agenda to move the state forward.”

    But during the 10-month course of his campaign, Reeves only unveiled two policy proposals: A plan to spend $100 million on technical and career programs in high schools and community colleges and a plan for a $4,300 teacher-pay raise.

    Reeves hastily announced the teacher-pay raise plan in October, as his campaign feared he was losing public-education supporters to Democrat Jim Hood, whom the Mississippi Association of Educators had endorsed. During the legislative session in the spring, Reeves killed a $4,000 teacher-pay raise, arguing that the State could afford no more than $1,500.

    On Monday, teachers around the State received an email from Reeves, though, promising to support them.

    “Over the past several years, Mississippi has made incredible strides in education. … During my tenure as Lieutenant Governor, we were able to increase pay for teachers several times, but never as often or as much as I would have liked,” he wrote in an email sent to teachers’ public email addresses.

    “In fact, I believe no teacher in Mississippi makes what he or she is worth. We had to make tough decisions, but those decisions have put Mississippi in a financial position to pay our teachers significantly more than what they are receiving today.”

    Hosemann has already committed to raising teacher pay as a candidate. At the Neshoba County Fair, he also called for universal pre-K to ensure that all children across the state start off on the same foot.

    Fitch is First Woman to be Attorney General

    Tuesday night was the first time since 1876 that Republicans swept all eight statewide offices in Mississippi.

    Republican State Treasurer Lynn Fitch will become the new attorney general, taking over from Democrat Hood, who had held the office since 2003 until he decided to run for governor this year. Fitch is the first woman to hold the position.

    She will have to decide whether or not to further investigate and possibly bring charges against Reeves, who prompted an investigation after his office pressured the Mississippi Department of Transportation to pursue a frontage-road project that would connect his private community to a nearby shopping mall. Because he was Reeves' opponent, Hood left charging decisions up to the next attorney general.

    Fitch beat former ACLU Executive Director Jennifer Riley Collins, an African American woman who, despite running on a progressive slate of issues contrary to the conventional wisdom in Mississippi, managed the second best showing of the night among statewide Democrats, drawing more votes than any Democratic candidate not named Jim Hood.

    African Americans make up 38% of the population in Mississippi, the highest percentage in any state in the U.S., but all eight of those new leaders are white. Mississippi has not elected a black statewide official since Reconstruction. Democrats nominated black candidates in the races for attorney general, secretary of state, insurance commissioner, and treasurer.

    Conceding to Reeves, Hood said he was grateful for the time he had been able to serve the State.

    “The Lord has allowed me to serve people in the state of Mississippi for 24 years, and it’s been a good run. I guess it was not his will that we continue on as governor,” said Hood, the last Democrat still holding statewide office.

    Hood blamed the loss on “partisanship,” WCBI reported.

    “The people in my area up there that I’ve known for years, they decided that partisanship was more important than friendship,” Hood said. “I don’t know what the results of it are, I just know we had an opportunity to really do some things with the kids, our young people, and hopefully Governor Reeves will do some of those things.”

    Republican House Speaker Philip Gunn retained his seat, beating Democrat Vicki Slater 2-to-1 in the House District 56 race.

    Pockets of Hope for Democrats

    There were pockets of hope for Democrats, though.

    In House District 68, which is part of Hinds, Democrat Zakiya Summers will be the new representative after winning 75% of the vote. Her party already controls that seat.

    Democrats also flipped the Republican-held Mississippi Senate District 22, which had to be redrawn after a federal judge ruled earlier this year that it amounted to a racial gerrymander that disenfranchised black voters. Joseph, who is African American, previously held the seat before redistricting. He defeated Republican Hayes Dent 52-to-48.

    With 100% of precincts reporting, millennial Democrat Shanda Yates beat Republican incumbent Bill Denny in the Mississippi House 64 election, which includes parts of Hinds County.

    The Trump Factor, More or Less

    On Tuesday night, the head of the national Republican Party, Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, attempted to give President Donald Trump credit for Reeves’ victory.

    “Reeves was down double-digit, but @realDonaldTrump came in big with his endorsement and rally, putting him over the top. A huge win for the President and our Party,” McDaniel tweeted.

    True enough, Reeves spent much of the campaign focused, not on issues, but on getting out the message that he is a supporter of the Republican president, and that his opponents—Republican Bill Waller in the Republican runoff and Hood in the general—were not. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence did pay last-minute visits to the State to help pull Reeves over the finish line.

    But no public or known private polls ever showed Reeves down by more than single digits. Throughout the year, polls showed a tight race. During his rally with Reeves in Tupelo, Trump said it was “embarrassing” that the race was so close.

    Last year, Trump also paid visits to Mississippi to help Republican U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith win a tough race against Democrat Mike Espy. Like Reeves, Hyde-Smith narrowly won, but Espy outperformed Democrats in other recent U.S. Senate races, netting 46% of the vote—about what Hood won on Tuesday night.

    Espy, who was at Hood's watch party on Tuesday night, is preparing for a rematch against Hyde-Smith when her seat is up again in 2020.

    Follow State Reporter Ashton Pittman on Twitter @ashtonpittman. Send tips to City Reporter Seyma Bayram and Investigative Fellow Nick Judin contributed to this report. Read more election coverage at


    Election Day Hijinks, Obama Robocalls, Who's on Ballot, Election Watch Parties

    Jim Hood is the Democratic candidate for Mississippi governor; Delbert Hosemann is the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor; Jennifer Riley Collins is the Democratic nominee for attorney general; Lynn Fitch is the Republican nominee for attorney general. Photos by Ashton Pittman and Imani Khayyam

    Mississippi voters headed to the polls starting at 7 a.m. Tuesday to vote for top State and regional offices, including the election for governor. Polls will remain open until 7 p.m., when election workers will begin tallying up the vote. Mississippians must bring a State-approved form of photo ID to vote, such as a driver's license or student ID.

    More information on voter ID is available on the secretary of state's website. A sample ballot for Hinds County voters is available here.

    The secretary of state's office spent much of the morning correcting misinformation. Some voters received letters from an organization called the Center for Voter Information, which gave "neighborhoods a 'grade' based upon voters' alleged previous vote history according to party affiliation."

    Mississippi does not register by party, though.

    "Correspondence like this is intimidating and misleading and ultimately deters voters from going to the polls to cast a ballot," Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, who is running as the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, said in a statement Tuesday morning.

    Also on Tuesday morning, the Hinds County Facebook page initially sent out a message encouraging voters to "VOTE IN THE MISSISSIPPI GENERAL ELECTION TODAY, NOVEMBER 11TH." That message was up for over an hour before Hinds County replaced it with today's correct date: Nov. 5.

    The cover of the current Jackson Free Press also gave the wrong election date due to a typo no one caught before the issue went to print. We have sent out notices in social media correcting the error. A small graphic on the cover said, "Vote on Tuesday, November 8," rather than Nov. 5, although a full-page add on page 5 listed the correct date. We apologize for missing the mistake.

    Last-Minute Endorsements, Last-Minute Fearmongering

    In the Mississippi governor's race, Republicans last night began circulating a recording of a robocall former President Barack Obama made, urging Democrats to vote for their nominee, Jim Hood, even as others claimed on social media that it was fake.

    "At the 11th hour Jim Hood had Barack Obama endorse him for Governor of Mississippi," current Republican Gov. Phil Bryant tweeted Monday night. "Now we finally know what he really believes. Vote Republican tomorrow and end this once and for all."

    While Bryant and other Republicans sought to portray the Obama endorsement as a scandal, they have openly touted President Donald J. Trump's support for Reeves—despite the fact that Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry, is implicated in multiple federal and state criminal investigations, and that numerous of his former aides from his time on the campaign trail and in the White House are under investigation, in prison, or awaiting sentencing.

    Democratic sources confirmed to Jackson Free Press editor Donna Ladd last night that the robocall was real. On Tuesday morning, Barack Obama Communications Director Katie Hill also confirmed to the Jackson Free Press that the voice on the robocall is indeed the former president's.

    Going after Democrats by emphasizing their ties to people of color is not a new tactic in Mississippi politics—or in this election. During both his Republican primary against Republican opponent Bill Waller and the general election against Hood, Reeves sent out mailers showing his opponents near images of national figures like U.S. House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and U.S. House Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.

    During Reeves' first race for Mississippi treasurer in 2003, Democrats accused the GOP of helping him beat a more qualified opponent by sending mailers out to white voters that included a photo of the Democratic candidate, Gary Anderson, who is African American.

    On Tuesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris tweeted out a last-minute endorsement for Democratic nominee for Mississippi Attorney General Jennifer Riley Collins.

    "@JenniferforAG is a proven public servant and civil rights lawyer; she has the lived experience Mississippi families desperately need to move the state forward. Mississippians, you have a chance to make history today," Harris tweeted.

    Concerns About Jim Crow-Era Election System

    If she won, Collins would be not only the first African American elected to statewide office since the late 1800s, but the first African American woman ever elected to a statewide office in Mississippi.

    Mississippi's Jim Crow-era election system for statewide offices could prove troublesome for Democrats, though. Under it, Democrats must win not only a majority of the vote, but a majority of Mississippi House Districts. If they do not, the GOP-dominated Mississippi House would select the next governor.

    A federal judge declined to block the law ahead of the election. While some polls show Hood with a narrow lead over Reeves in the governor's race, plaintiffs in that court case told the judge that a Democratic candidate might have to win 55% of the vote in order to win the election under the current system because of the way House districts are distributed.

    When Mississippi first adopted the 1890 Constitution that implemented this system, one of its framers, then House Rep. James K. Vardamn, explicitly said that the purpose of the new constitution was to curtail black voting power.

    "There is no use to equivocate or lie about the matter. Mississippi's constitutional convention was held for no other purpose than to eliminate the n——r from politics; not the ignorant—but the n-——," admitted Vardaman, who later became governor and then a U.S. senator.

    That provision last came into play in 1999, when Democrat Ronnie Musgrove won a majority of votes but not a majority of House districts. The Democratic majority House voted to make him governor. If a Democrat in a statewide race but not a majority of House districts, that could potentially throw the issue back to the federal courts, who would then have to decide whether or not the system is constitutional.

    Aside from Collins, Democrats are running three other African Americans at the top of statewide tickets, with former Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree running for secretary of state; former Bolton, Miss., Alderwoman Addie Lee Green running for treasurer; and businessman Robert Amos running for insurance commissioner.

    Watch Parties

    In the race for governor, Hood is holding an election night watch party in Jackson at The King Edward Hotel's 2nd floor ballroom at 235 W. Capitol St. starting at 7 p.m.

    The Mississippi Republican Party is holding an election-night watch party for Reeves and all other GOP statewide candidates beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Jackson at The Westin Hotel on 407 South Congress St.

    A full list of candidates for statewide and regional office is below.


    Jim Hood (D)

    "Putting Mississippi families first."

    Age: 57

    Hometown: Houston, Miss.

    Occupation: Current attorney general


    FB/Twitter: @Hoodforgovernor

    Tate Reeves (R)

    "Keep Mississippi strong."

    Age: 45

    Hometown: Florence, Miss.

    Occupation: Current lieutenant governor


    FB/Twitter: @tatereeves

    Lieutenant Governor

    Delbert Hosemann (R)

    "Streamlining state government to operate from the citizen up, not bureaucracy down."

    Age: 72

    Hometown: Vicksburg, Miss.

    Occupation: Current Secretary of State


    FB/Twitter: @DelbertHosemann

    Jay Hughes (D)

    "It's all about education."

    Age: 56

    Hometown: Houston, Texas

    Occupation: Representative, Mississippi House


    FB/Twitter: @Jay4Mississippi

    Attorney General

    Jennifer Riley Collins (D)

    "I support smart reforms that ensure we prioritize people over prison." (JFP questionnaire)

    Age: 53

    Hometown: Meridian, Miss.

    Occupation: Army colonel; civil rights attorney; former ACLU-Mississippi director


    FB/Twitter: @jenniferforag

    Lynn Fitch (R)

    "A solution-driven conservative with a unique skill set in law, finance, administration and policy" (website)

    Age: 57

    Occupation: Current Mississippi Treasurer


    FB/Twitter: @LynnFitchforMS

    Secretary of State

    Michael Watson (R)

    "I look forward to bringing my conservative record of consistent success in the Legislature to the Secretary of State's office." (website)

    Age: 41

    Hometown: Pascagoula

    Occupation: Mississippi senator


    FB/Twitter: @MichaelWatsonMS

    Johnny DuPree (D)

    "It's not enough to dream of a better tomorrow. One must also work towards that better tomorrow." (website)

    Age: 65

    Hometown: Hattiesburg, Miss.

    Occupation: Former Hattiesburg mayor


    FB/Twitter: @johnnyldupree


    Addie Lee Green (D)

    Hometown: Raymond, Miss.

    Occupation: Former Bolton 


    FB/Twitter: @AddieGreenJMS

    Dave McRae (R)

    "Outsider. Conservative. Businessman." (Twitter)

    Age: 38

    Hometown: Ridgeland

    Occupation: Attorney; managing partner at McRae Investments


    FB/Twitter: @DavidMcRaeMS

    Insurance Commissioner

    Robert Amos (D)

    "I am running for insurance commissioner for all families in Mississippi regardless of political affiliation, race, sexual affiliation or religion." (Meridian Star)

    Age: 46

    Hometown: Jackson

    Occupation: College professor; business owner

    Mike Chaney (R)

    "Government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got." (Neshoba County Fair)

    "The aim is to create the highest degree of economic security, quality of life and public safety for citizens at the lowest possible cost." (website)

    Age: 75

    Hometown: Tupelo, Miss.

    Occupation: Current insurance commissioner

    FB/Twitter: @electmikechaney

    Agriculture Commissioner

    Andy Gipson (R)

    "We will make sure the future of Mississippi agriculture will remain strong."

    Age: 42

    Hometown: Brandon, Miss.

    Occupation: Current agriculture commissioner; pastor


    FB/Twitter: @CommAndyGipson

    Rickey Cole (D)

    "Change our food system for the better."

    Age: 53

    Hometown: Laurel, Miss.

    Occupation: Former Mississippi Democratic Party chairman; farmer


    FB/Twitter: @RickeyCole

    Jackson Metro

    Public Service Commission (Central District)

    Brent Bailey (R)

    De'Keither Stamps (D)

    Transportation Commissioner (Central District)

    Butch Lee (R)

    Willie Simmons (D)

    Mississippi Senate District 22

    Hayes Dent (R)

    Joseph Thomas (D)

    House District 56

    Philip Gunn (R)

    Vicki Slater (D)

    House District 64

    Bill Denny (R)

    Shanda Yates (D)

    House District 68

    Jon Pond (R)

    Zakiya Summers (D)

    House District 73

    Jill Ford (R)

    Gale Walsh Massey (D)

    Follow State Reporter Ashton Pittman on Twitter @ashtonpittman. Send tips to Read more about statewide elections at


    Meet the Candidates

    Photos by Ashton Pittman and Imani Khayyam


    Jim Hood (D)

    "Putting Mississippi families first." (website)

    Age: 57

    Hometown: Houston, Miss.

    Occupation: Current attorney general


    FB/Twitter: @Hoodforgovernor

    Tate Reeves (R)

    "Keep Mississippi strong." (website)

    Age: 45

    Hometown: Florence, Miss.

    Occupation: Current lieutenant governor


    FB/Twitter: @tatereeves

    Lieutenant Governor

    Delbert Hosemann (R)

    "Streamlining state government to operate from the citizen up, not bureaucracy down."

    Age: 72

    Hometown: Vicksburg, Miss.

    Occupation: Current Secretary of State


    FB/Twitter: @DelbertHosemann

    Jay Hughes (D)

    "It's all about education."

    Age: 56

    Hometown: Houston, Texas

    Occupation: Representative, Mississippi House


    FB/Twitter: @Jay4Mississippi

    Attorney General

    Jennifer Riley Collins (D)

    "I support smart reforms that ensure we prioritize people over prison." (JFP questionnaire)

    Age: 53

    Hometown: Meridian, Miss.

    Occupation: Army colonel; civil rights attorney; former ACLU-Mississippi director


    FB/Twitter: @jenniferforag

    Lynn Fitch (R)

    "A solution-driven conservative with a unique skill set in law, finance, administration and policy" (website)

    Age: 57

    Occupation: Current Mississippi Treasurer


    FB/Twitter: @LynnFitchforMS

    Secretary of State

    Michael Watson (R)

    "I look forward to bringing my conservative record of consistent success in the Legislature to the Secretary of State's office." (website)

    Age: 41

    Hometown: Pascagoula

    Occupation: Mississippi senator


    FB/Twitter: @MichaelWatsonMS

    Johnny DuPree (D)

    "It's not enough to dream of a better tomorrow. One must also work towards that better tomorrow." (website)

    Age: 65

    Hometown: Hattiesburg, Miss.

    Occupation: Former Hattiesburg mayor


    FB/Twitter: @johnnyldupree


    Addie Lee Green (D)

    Hometown: Raymond, Miss.

    Occupation: Former Bolton 


    FB/Twitter: @AddieGreenJMS

    Dave McRae (R)

    "Outsider. Conservative. Businessman." (Twitter)

    Age: 38

    Hometown: Ridgeland

    Occupation: Attorney; managing partner at McRae Investments


    FB/Twitter: @DavidMcRaeMS

    Insurance Commissioner

    Robert Amos (D)

    "I am running for insurance commissioner for all families in Mississippi regardless of political affiliation, race, sexual affiliation or religion." (Meridian Star)

    Age: 46

    Hometown: Jackson

    Occupation: College professor; business owner

    Mike Chaney (R)

    "Government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got." (Neshoba County Fair)

    "The aim is to create the highest degree of economic security, quality of life and public safety for citizens at the lowest possible cost." (website)

    Age: 75

    Hometown: Tupelo, Miss.

    Occupation: Current insurance commissioner

    FB/Twitter: @electmikechaney

    Agriculture Commissioner

    Andy Gipson (R)

    "We will make sure the future of Mississippi agriculture will remain strong."

    Age: 42

    Hometown: Brandon, Miss.

    Occupation: Current agriculture commissioner; pastor


    FB/Twitter: @CommAndyGipson

    Rickey Cole (D)

    "Change our food system for the better."

    Age: 53

    Hometown: Laurel, Miss.

    Occupation: Former Mississippi Democratic Party chairman; farmer


    FB/Twitter: @RickeyCole

    Jackson Metro

    Public Service Commission (Central District)

    Brent Bailey (R)

    De'Keither Stamps (D)

    Trasnportation Commissioner (Central District)

    Butch Lee (R)

    Willie Simmons (D)

    Mississippi Senate District 22

    Hayes Dent (R)

    Joseph Thomas (D)

    House District 56

    Philip Gunn (R)

    Vicki Slater (D)

    House District 64

    Bill Denny (R)

    Shanda Yates (D)

    House District 68

    Jon Pond (R)

    Zakiya Summers (D)

    House District 73

    Jill Ford (R)

    Gale Walsh Massey (D)


    Voter ID Stays Under Both Secretary of State Hopefuls, But One Wants Citizenship Check

    Mississippi Sen. Michael Watson (left), R-Pascagoula, is running against former Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree (right), a Democrat, for secretary of state. Both would keep voter identification in Mississippi, while Watson would implement an immigration citizenship check. Photos by Ashton Pittman

    Voting rights take center stage in tomorrow's election for secretary of state between Mississippi Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, and former Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, the Democratic nominee. Among other duties, the job entails overseeing State election processes and the State campaign finance system.

    DuPree wants to take steps to not only increase access and participation at the voting booth, but to expand voter education. Still, in an interview with the Jackson Free Press in August, he said he would keep the current procedures in place for the state's voter-identification system that current Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, shepherded into place.

    "Well, like I told everybody else, voter ID is the law," DuPree told the Jackson Free Press at the Neshoba County Fair in August. "I like to drive 85 miles-per-hour, but you can't in Mississippi, because that's not the law."

    DuPree opposed the 2011 voter ID referendum that led to the current law when he ran for governor that year.

    The law requires voters to show a photo ID when going to cast a ballot. Under Hosemann, voters are able to obtain IDs for free if they do not have another acceptable form of ID, such as a driver's license or college ID, at their local circuit clerk's office.

    Watson helped draft the 2012 legislation that enacted the referendum's results.

    "So being on the front end and understanding why we put those things in there and why we drafted it like we did so the federal government did not sue us, so that we had a good voter ID system in Mississippi—I think it's invaluable to have that experience to take that into the office with you," Watson said.

    The Jackson Free Press reported at the time that fraud is more prevalent with mail-in absentee ballots than at the polls, which voter ID does not affect.

    'I Think It's a Great System'

    Voter ID was a very controversial political wedge issue during the time it passed in Mississippi. It was an open secret that many Republicans believed it was a way for that party to get more votes, and not just as a way to ensure voting legitimacy, which a number of GOP members have admitted openly. Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai said a 2012 speech then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney would carry that state due to voter ID.

    "Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania: done," Turzai said when talking on camera about GOP wins in his legislature.

    Critics believe it is an intimidation tactic for black voters, who historically faced so many barriers to voting, especially in states like Mississippi. In the earlier part of the decade, the federal government sued several states for voter ID laws that have disenfranchising effects. Watson said Mississippi took steps, like offering free IDs, to lessen the chance that the law would fall under federal scrutiny.

    At the time, the Civil Rights Act of 1964's preclearance provision required U.S. Justice Department approval for any changes to voting laws in states like Mississippi with a history of Jim Crow laws meant to disenfranchise African Americans. In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down that provision of the Civil Rights Act, though, with Chief Justice John Roberts making the dubious assertion that states like Alabama and Mississippi are no more likely to implement discriminatory laws than northern states like Massachusetts.

    At the Neshoba County Fair, Watson told the Jackson Free Press that he has no plans to change the law's current implementation.

    "No changes as is. Obviously if something comes up later down the road and we need to study other issues that's fine. But as it is right now, I think it's a great system," he said.

    More Transparency in Campaign Donations, 'Dark Money'

    Both men said they want to make the campaign- finance system more accountable and easier to search.

    "I think it's important that people understand who supports who. And we've actually talked about even more frequent campaign- finance reports," Watson said. "Because if you're in the session or if you're in something else where money could play a factor, people need to see, who is contributing to this person? And could that have an impact on how they vote or not? People deserve that, Mississippians deserve that."

    DuPree wants the Legislature to do more to fight dark money in politics.

    "That's why voter confidence is down on elections, because of all this dark money and all of these things that people have questions about," he said.

    Checking Citizenship of Immigrants Before Voting

    Watson does want to make one big change to voting in Mississippi, though. As the Jackson Free Press reported in August, Watson wants to implement a system that requires a citizenship check anytime someone registers to vote.

    "What we've said is, listen, you apply the same thing to voting, so when someone comes in to register to vote, you pull that information, you run it through a security database, a flag pops up that says the person may not be a legal immigrant, and you can ask them to come to the office," Watson said.

    That is different, he said, from a system Kansas enacted that requires people to show proof of citizenship the moment they register "on the front end." Instead, the secretary of state's office would run a voter's information through a federal database after they submitted their voter application. Mississippi would not be the first to enact a system like that, he said.

    "So what Tennessee and other states have done is say, listen, OK, we will not do it on the front end," he said. "But if we do run a security check and something shows they may not be a citizen, then you can request they come in the office."

    Watson said his team have studied the idea to ensure it is "constitutional."

    "Every vote matters. We want to make sure we get every vote in Mississippi that's legal," he said.

    DuPree declined to comment on Watson's citizenship proposal. He did say, though, that losing the 2011 governor's race while running in support of the anti-abortion Personhood Amendment—which Mississippi voters resoundingly defeated year—is part of a valuable lesson he has learned about listening to voters over the years.

    "That's a lesson it takes you a long while to learn sometimes," DuPress said, while stressing that abortion issues have "nothing to do" with the secretary of state's job.. "As politicians we all have our thoughts, but you realize over these many years that our goal is to re-present people. Not represent, re-present. To represent their thoughts and desires. And you can't do that if you don't talk to them."

    Election on Nov. 5

    The election for secretary of state and other statewide offices in Mississippi, including governor, is on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Anyone who registered to vote by Oct. 7 is eligible. To cast a ballot, voters must bring a state-accepted form of photo ID.

    Voters will also choose new leaders in the race for attorney general, lieutenant governor, treasurer, secretary of state, and other statewide offices on that day. All Mississippi House and Senate races will also be on the ballot.

    More information on voting, voter registration and voter ID is available on the secretary of state's website at

    Follow State Reporter Ashton Pittman on Twitter @ashtonpittman. Send tips to Read more about statewide elections at


    Nov 9, 2019: MV Dems Monthly Meeting at Howes House/Up-Island Council on Aging


    State Senator Julian Cyr and State Rep Dylan Fernandes will fill us in on what's happening in the state legislature, and look ahead toward the momentous election year of 2020.

    View on site | Email this event


    Patente, due ruote e seggiolini: cosa cambia nel CdS


    Le novità del Codice della Strada saranno in vigore solo verso fine anno. Allo stato attuale (inizio Novembre), il testo è stato approvato in prima lettura in Commissione Trasporti alla Camera, ma deve ancora andare al vaglio di Montecitorio e in Senato. Dispositivo antiabbandono L’obbligo di dispositivo antiabbandono sarebbe in vigore: la Legge n° 117/2018 […]

    L'articolo Patente, due ruote e seggiolini: cosa cambia nel CdS proviene da Strade & Autostrade Online.


    Obsolescence logicielle - Débat au Sénat - Septembre 2019


    Logo du Sénat

    Titre : Obsolescence logicielle - Projet de loi Économie circulaire
    Intervenant·e·s : Brune Poirson, ministre - Marta de Cidrac, rapporteure - Guillaume Gontard, sénateur - Pierre Ouzoulias, sénateur - Alain Duran, sénateur - Frédéric Marchand, sénateur - Joël Labbé, sénateur - Bernard Jomier, sénateur - Olivier Cigolotti, sénateur - Éric Gold, sénateur - Jean-François Longeot, sénateur - Jean-Michel Houllegatte, sénateur - David Assouline, président de séance
    Lieu : Sénat - Séance publique
    Date : 25 septembre 2019 (après-midi)
    Durée : 30 min 40
    Visionner la vidéo de 17 h 14 min 02 s à 17 h 44 min 43 s
    Licence de la transcription : Verbatim
    Illustration : Logo du Sénat (France) - Image non libre de logo, utilisation tolérée au regard du droit des marques français
    NB : transcription réalisée par nos soins, fidèle aux propos des intervenant·e·s mais rendant le discours fluide.
    Les positions exprimées sont celles des personnes qui interviennent et ne rejoignent pas nécessairement celles de l'April, qui ne sera en aucun cas tenue responsable de leurs propos.


    David Assouline, président : Après l’article 4 ter, il y a le 170 rectifié présenté par monsieur Gontard.

    Guillaume Gontard, sénateur : Merci Monsieur le président. Nous examinons maintenant une série d’amendements importants relatifs à l’obsolescence logicielle. Pour la clarté de nos débats, je me permets juste de préciser qu’il s’agit des méthodes par lesquelles un fabricant électronique rend inutilisable un appareil en imposant une solution logicielle, et particulièrement son système d’exploitation, inadaptée à ses capacités techniques – puissance, stockage, mémoire vive. Pour exemple les vieux ordinateurs PC ne sont pas suffisamment puissants pour faire tourner les nouvelles versions de Windows. De la même manière, les vieux téléphones portables ne tolèrent pas toujours les mises à jour récentes de leur système d’exploitation. Du coup l’appareil périclite, notamment à cause des failles de sécurité qui ne sont plus corrigées. Une autre variante : la mise à jour est trop lourde pour la puissance de l’appareil qui, du coup, fonctionne mal, voire plus du tout.
    Notre amendement 169 relatif à l’obsolescence logicielle des ordinateurs a été jugé cavalier. En revanche, nos amendements sur l’obsolescence logicielle des téléphones portables ont été reçus. J’avoue ne pas bien saisir la distinction !
    Je reviens cependant quelques instants sur le 169 parce qu’il était important et parce que j’aurais aimé proposer son pendant pour les téléphones. Je souhaite au moins attirer l’attention du Sénat et de la ministre sur cette problématique.
    Pour lutter contre l’obsolescence logicielle il y a deux solutions : imposer des contraintes aux fabricants de systèmes d’exploitation, c’est l’objet des amendements 170 et 172 et d’autres de mes collègues, sur lesquels on reviendra dans quelques instants, et il y a une autre option qui consiste à installer un autre système d’exploitation sur la machine et tout particulièrement un logiciel tiers ou logiciel libre1.
    Ces logiciels gratuits et en libre accès sont en général peu gourmands en mémoire ou en puissance. Pour les ordinateurs, le plus connu d’entre eux est Linux [GNU/Linux, NdT]. Pour les téléphones portables le phénomène est plus jeune mais se développe. Or certains appareils sont construits de sorte à ne pas autoriser d’autres systèmes d’exploitation que celui prévu par le fabricant. C’est le cas de certains ordinateurs et d’à peu près tous les modèles de téléphone portable.
    Il faut donc interdire toute obstruction à l’installation de logiciels tiers sur les ordinateurs et les téléphones. Cette pratique est honteuse. C’est un vaste combat que j’invite la ministre à porter notamment à Bruxelles.


    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Avis de la commission, Madame la rapporteure.

    Marta de Cidrac, rapporteure : Déjà vu en commission, cet amendement vise à imposer des conditions vraiment spécifiques d’information du consommateur sur les mises à jour du système d’exploitation des appareils. En fait, définir un régime spécifique à ce sujet dans la législation française semble avoir une portée limitée. Intervenir sur ces questions nécessiterait de mener un travail d’expertise spécifique pour établir un état des lieux clair des pratiques existantes et des facultés offertes par le droit en vigueur pour y répondre.
    Donc la commission émet un avis défavorable.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Madame la ministre, votre avis ?

    Brune Poirson, ministre : Ce qui se pose là c’est vraiment la complexité, la complexité concrète de la mise en œuvre. Pourquoi ? Eh bien tout simplement parce qu’en fait votre amendement reviendrait à figer plusieurs étapes de la vie d’un logiciel, une par mise à jour évolutive, et ensuite, ensuite, à délivrer des mises à jour correctives pour chacune des étapes évolutives. Ça complexifierait énormément la gestion de ces logiciels et quand bien même on la renverrait au décret, eh bien la définition de ces deux types de mises à jour et leur séparation par le droit seraient extrêmement complexes. Tout cela est une question de mécanisme juridique qui rend les choses très complexes. Je crois qu’il faut qu’on travaille encore plus, en amont, avec les fabricants. À ce stade c’est extrêmement complexe, je l’ai déjà dit cinq ou six fois, à peu près, donc mon avis est défavorable.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Monsieur Gontard.

    Guillaume Gontard, sénateur : Je comprends bien que le sujet n’est pas forcément simple, mais c’est vrai que c’est encore une fois quelque chose qui me semble au cœur de ce texte et on nous propose un texte important. C’est vrai que je suis un petit peu surpris que toutes ces questions-là n’aient pas été, je dirais, réfléchies en amont. Cet amendement ne paraît pas si compliqué que ça puisqu’en fait on donne juste la possibilité au consommateur de choisir entre des mises à jour correctives et des mises à jour évolutives ; donc ça ne me paraît pas très compliqué, c’est juste de pouvoir garder un appareil un petit peu plus longtemps.

    David Assouline, président : Bien. Pas d’autre explication de vote ? Qui est pour ? Qui est contre ? On va compter. On va compter de façon plus précise je veux dire, donc on recommence. Qui est pour ? [Le président compte jusqu’à 23 et demande à son voisin : « Vous en avez combien vous ? » — 23.] Qui est contre ? Il est rejeté.

    Après l’article 4 ter, quatre amendements identiques. Le 115 rectifié pour commencer. Monsieur Ouzoulias vous avez la parole.

    Pierre Ouzoulias, sénateur : Merci Monsieur le président. Madame la ministre. Mes chers collègues, mon collègue Guillaume Gontard vous a déjà présenté une partie de la problématique, je ne vais pas la répéter. Je voudrais simplement vous rappeler qu’il y a deux causes fondamentales qui empêchent la réutilisation, le recyclage, la réparation de certains biens dont notamment les ordinateurs dont il est question ici, ce sont des problèmes techniques : les composants sont soudés et on ne peut pas les changer, je ne développe pas, et ensuite les problèmes logiciels. Là c’est un peu plus compliqué et vous me permettrez de vous présenter un exemple simple et concret que j’ai recueilli dans une communauté Emmaüs dans laquelle il arrive de nombreux ordinateurs qui sont en parfait état de marche, qui pourraient continuer une existence paisible ailleurs, mais il se trouve que dans la carte mère elle-même il y a un dispositif2 qui ne permet pas à l’ordinateur de redémarrer sur un autre système d’exploitation que celui avec lequel vous l’avez acheté. Et, bien évidemment, les personnes qui reçoivent ce don ne sont pas en mesure d’acheter les licences de la société qui commence par un « M » et vous aurez compris de qui il s’agit. Ce qui fait que ces ordinateurs, qui sont donnés, vont finalement à la poubelle parce qu’ils ne peuvent pas être réutilisés.
    Par le passé, ces dispositifs, qui portent des noms anglais que je vous épargne, n’existaient pas. Ce sont des choses relativement récentes. Le but de notre amendement c’est éviter justement ce couplage entre l’ordinateur et le système d’exploitation pour permettre la réutilisation de l’ordinateur avec des systèmes d’exploitation tiers, comme vous l’a très justement expliqué mon collègue Gontard.
    Voilà en quelques mots. Vous me permettrez d’appeler cet amendement l’amendement Emmaüs. Merci.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Monsieur Duran va présenter cet amendement 348 rectifié bis. Vous avez la parole cher collègue.

    Alain Duran, sénateur : Merci Monsieur le président. Madame la ministre. Mes chers collègues. Cet amendement vise à lutter contre l’obsolescence programmée et renforcer la durée de vie des produits en interdisant tout simplement tout procédé technique visant à rendre irréparable ou non reconditionnable un produit ; notre collègue vient de l’illustrer brillamment. Par cette interdiction d’une pierre deux coups : il s’agit également de soutenir non pas seulement les bricoleurs du dimanche mais le secteur de la réparation et du réemploi qui sont des piliers de l’économie circulaire, Madame la ministre, en luttant contre ces pratiques industrielles en totale opposition avec l’économie circulaire.
    Entre 2014 et 2017, le volume des produits ménagers réemployés ou réutilisés a augmenté de 30 % et, selon certains sondages, trois quarts des Européens indiquent préférer réparer leurs appareils que les changer.
    Ce marché en pleine extension, générateur d’emplois, doit être soutenu. Il apparaît donc nécessaire de lutter contre toute technique industrielle visant à rendre un produit ou un bien irréparable ou non reconditionnable. C’est l’objet du présent amendement.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Et puis l’amendement 565 rectifié. Monsieur Marchand vous avez la parole.

    Frédéric Marchand, sénateur : Oui. Monsieur le président. Madame la ministre. Petite démonstration par l’exemple avec ce téléphone portable [le sénateur brandit son téléphone portable, NdT] dont je ne citerai pas la marque. Si demain il m’échappe malencontreusement des mains et que l’écran se fissure ou s’il tombe en panne, je pourrai découvrir en tentant de le faire réparer que ses composants sont collés, soudés, empêchant de fait toute réparation, même par des professionnels. Pourtant, au cœur de l’économie circulaire, le conditionnement et la réparation apparaissent comme des piliers, il est donc problématique de ne pas pouvoir changer un composant qui devrait pourtant pouvoir se réparer aisément.
    L’amendement vise donc à sanctuariser le droit à la réparation en interdisant toute pratique visant à rendre impossible la réparation hors des circuits agréés.

    David Assouline, président : Voilà. Ce sont donc quatre amendements identiques. Monsieur Labbé pour le quatrième.

    Joël Labbé, sénateur : Monsieur le président. Madame la ministre. Mes chers collègues. Comme les précédents, cet amendement vise à interdire les techniques employées par certains fabricants pour programmer l’obsolescence des biens qu’ils fournissent. Nous le savons, c’est devenu un sport international, certains fabricants mettent en œuvre des procédés qui rendent les biens qu’ils produisent absolument irréparables. C’est ce phénomène, d’ailleurs, qui a amené à la naissance de l’association HOP3, Halte à l’obsolescence programmée, à l’origine de cet amendement. Et à l’origine de l’association HOP, il y avait quelqu’un qui s’appelle Laetitia Vasseur, qui était collaboratrice parlementaire du sénateur Jean-Vincent Placé qui avait porté la première proposition de loi concernant l’obsolescence programmée dans cette assemblée.
    Par exemple les smartphones, ordinateurs ou tablettes sont parfois conçus avec des composants collés ou soudés qui empêchent toute réparation même par des professionnels. Comment peut-on encore autoriser ce genre de pratique à l’heure des enjeux environnementaux auxquels nous faisons face ? Il est essentiel d’inscrire dans la loi un droit à la réparation en considérant, comme le propose l’amendement, la notion de réparabilité du produit comme une des caractéristiques essentielles d’un bien. Ce n’est qu’en rendant possible la réparation que nous pourrons en finir avec la culture de l’usage unique, du jetable, créer des emplois locaux dans ces filières et développer une véritable économie circulaire à la fois durable et pourvoyeuse de proximité. Et puis, j’insiste encore, et donner de bons signes à nos lycéennes et lycéens qui marchent dans la rue pour nous interpeller.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Sur ces amendements identiques, l’avis de la commission Madame la rapporteure ?

    Marta de Cidrac, rapporteure : Ces amendements identiques portent sur un sujet connexe à l’obsolescence programmée puisqu’ils visent à interdire les techniques notamment logicielles qui visent à rendre la réparation ou le reconditionnement d’un appareil impossibles hors de circuits agréés. Les techniques qui sont déployées par certains fabricants pour entraver ou empêcher la réparation de leurs produits, en particulier évidemment électroniques, sont inacceptables, on est bien d’accord avec vous, en particulier lorsqu’elles visent à assurer que le produit ne pourra être pris en charge que par un marché restreint et contrôlé de réparateurs. Nous sommes toujours d’accord avec vous jusqu’à cette étape. Néanmoins, l’infraction d’obsolescence programmée permet potentiellement d’intégrer ces pratiques sans qu’il paraisse nécessaire d’insérer une disposition spécifique à ce sujet.
    En outre, je souhaitais quand même partager avec vous qu’il faut avoir à l’esprit, et notamment par rapport à l’observation de notre collègue Marchand, que certaines des pratiques parfois mises en cause visent à assurer certaines qualités attendues du consommateur comme l’étanchéité ou la solidité des appareils, d’où parfois l’inaccessibilité à certains composants.
    Donc l’avis de la commission est défavorable pour les deux amendements.

    David Assouline, président : C’est plus que deux ! C’est quatre amendements !

    Marta de Cidrac, rapporteure : Pardon. Excusez-moi. Pour les quatre amendements, bien sûr.

    David Assouline, président : Madame la ministre, votre avis ?

    Brune Poirson, ministre : Là encore on se heurte à d’importantes difficultés. D’abord il est difficile de démontrer qu’une technique, et surtout une technique logicielle, vise spécifiquement à empêcher la réparation hors des circuits agréés. Comment prouver aussi, par exemple, qu’un fabricant l’a fait de façon intentionnelle ? Je crois que c’est très difficile de démontrer, de façon irréfutable, qu’un fabricant a intentionnellement rendu son produit irréparable. D’une part. D’autre part, l’obsolescence programmée est déjà considérée comme un délit dans la loi française. Donc si on a du mal à le démontrer, à ce moment-là le fabricant ne pourra pas être tenu pour responsable.
    En plus de ça, pour ce qui est de faire de la réparabilité une caractéristique principale du produit, le droit communautaire liste limitativement les caractéristiques essentielles des produits et la réparabilité n’y figure pas. La réintroduire en droit français serait fragile juridiquement. Donc c’est compliqué et en amont et ensuite pour le démontrer juridiquement, sachant déjà que la notion d’intentionnalité est difficile, sachant qu’on a déjà, en droit français, le fait que l’obsolescence programmée soit considérée comme un délit.
    Donc à ce titre-là, et je rebondis aussi sur une grande partie de l’argumentaire de Madame la rapporteure, eh bien j’émets un avis défavorable.

    David Assouline, président : Nous allons passer aux votes. Monsieur Ouzoulias.

    Pierre Ouzoulias, sénateur : Je trouve que le débat est décevant Madame la ministre. Je pense que ce qui était intéressant c’était de réfléchir à un horizon d’attente et, par rapport aux ordinateurs et aux portables, ici nous portons tous un objectif lointain, on est d’accord, qui est celui de la neutralité des terminaux. C’est-à-dire que vous achetez du matériel qui est distinguable de son système d’exploitation, ce qui vous permet ensuite de pouvoir utiliser ce même matériel avec d’autres logiciels, d’autres systèmes d’exploitation. Là on est modestes, on ne va pas aussi loin. On est modestes ! Là, ce qu’on vise simplement, c’est revenir à une situation ante diem où, en effet, il y avait une distinction entre l’ordinateur que vous achetiez et le système d’exploitation. Aujourd’hui les deux ont été fusionnés. Donc nous avons reculé par rapport à un recyclage qui était facile il y a quelque temps.
    Je ne comprends pas votre position et là vous me permettrez de ne pas défendre le lobby de Microsoft en vous disant que des entreprises solidaires, comme Emmaüs, ont besoin aujourd’hui de pouvoir reconditionner ces ordinateurs pour leur donner une nouvelle vie et aujourd’hui elles ne peuvent pas. C’est un pur scandale ! C’est un pur scandale notamment au moment où on essaye de régler la fracture numérique ! Il y a des gens qui ont besoin de ces ordinateurs pour pouvoir entreprendre des démarches administratives. Ils pourraient le faire, les ordinateurs existent, et aujourd’hui ils ne le peuvent pas parce que vous protégez les intérêts de Microsoft !


    David Assouline, président : Nous allons passer au vote. Qui est pour ? [en off, ça passe, ça passe !] Quand les votes sont comme ça serrés, comme vous le constatez, essayez de laisser la main levée. C’est bon. Qui est contre ? [en off, il passe !] Ils sont adoptés.


    David Assouline, président : Nous passons après l’article 4 ter à quatre amendements identiques à nouveau, dont le 172 rectifié pour commencer. Monsieur Ouzoulias vous avez la parole.

    Pierre Ouzoulias, sénateur : Merci Monsieur le président. Merci Madame la ministre. Merci chers collègues pour votre vote. Là il s’agit de l’amendement qui est finalement consécutif à la demande de rapport que vous avez adoptée à la suite de l’excellente présentation de mes collègues Bigot et Longeot et l’objectif vise à empêcher l’obsolescence des logiciels et nous, Madame la ministre, nous avons travaillé et nous vous proposons un système intéressant qui, finalement, renverse la charge de la preuve. C’est-à-dire que ce qu’on vous propose c’est de ne pas identifier l’obsolescence programmée, mais c’est d’imposer aux constructeurs de logiciels la permanence du système d’exploitation pour assurer une durée de vie supérieure aux portables et aux ordinateurs. Là on a mis une date de dix ans ; aujourd’hui, malheureusement, les machines n’ont pas cette durée de vie, mais c’est au moins pour permettre aux personnes de pouvoir utiliser leur portable alors que vous savez comme moi qu’on est submergés par des mises à niveau qui, tout doucement, les rendent obsolètes.
    Voilà l’objectif de l’amendement.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Monsieur Jomier pour l’amendement 268 rectifié.

    Bernard Jomier, sénateur : Merci Monsieur le président. Qui est le même que celui que mon collègue Ouzoulias a brillamment présenté. Je voudrais ajouter deux points sur cette thématique. Madame la ministre vous nous avez dit, et c’est juste, « nous avons de grandes difficultés à déterminer les infractions, à déterminer la volonté de mettre en place une obsolescence programmée par des fabricants, qui est effectivement illégale ». C’est bien que le cadre législatif est insuffisant et le travail qu’on est en train d’essayer de faire c’est de poser de nouvelles bornes justement en analysant la situation que nous constatons tous, je pense de façon unanime, qui est que l’interdiction de l’obsolescence programmée n’est pas respectée par un certain nombre de fabricants. Donc en posant ces différents amendements, nous voulons apporter des réponses concrètes pour que ce que vous regrettez avec nous, la difficulté à la prouver, puisse plus facilement être établie.
    Le deuxième point, c’est que je pense qu’on a beaucoup trop longtemps accepté que des fabricants, à l’occasion du développement de l’informatique et de la présence des logiciels dans les matériels, dissocient le matériel de la fonctionnalité. Pour reprendre l’exemple que vous avez pris tout à l’heure des lave-linge, quand les lave-linge ont été mis sur le marché par la suite, est-ce qu’on imagine qu’il aurait été possible qu’au bout de deux ou trois ans on dise « ma machine lave, elle essore, mais elle ne rince plus ! — Oui, eh bien il faut changer la machine. » Non ! Or là c’est exactement ce qui se passe avec un certain nombre de matériaux électroniques, en l’occurrence les smartphones, où on dit au bout de peu de temps, eh bien oui, ça ne fonctionne plus et il faut procéder à des changements.
    Tout ce travail qu’on essaye de faire vise à répondre concrètement à cette problématique et j’espère que vous donnerez un avis favorable à cet amendement qui est un amendement tout à fait simple, mais qui portera une borne efficace, un arrêt efficace aux pratiques d’obsolescence programmée.
    Je vous remercie.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. L’amendement suivant 291 rectifié ter présenté par monsieur Cigolotti.

    Olivier Cigolotti, sénateur : Monsieur le président, Madame la ministre, mes chers collègues, je crois que l’amendement a été très bien défendu donc il n’y a rien à rajouter sur ce point.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Toujours identique, 419 rectifié bis. Monsieur Gold.

    Éric Gold, sénateur : Oui. Merci Monsieur le président. Je vais insister à nouveau sur cet amendement, notamment sur l’obsolescence logicielle. Aujourd’hui les mises à jour des systèmes d’exploitation des téléphones mobiles et des tablettes provoquent de lourds dysfonctionnements des appareils qui pourraient être encore longtemps utilisés. Elles déclenchent ainsi l’obsolescence prématurée des équipements dès lors que le fabricant ou l’éditeur de logiciel le décident en forçant l’utilisateur à les installer. Il convient donc de distinguer les mises à jour évolutives des mises à jour correctives. Les premières ne sont pas indispensables, ce qui n’est pas le cas des secondes qui améliorent le fonctionnement et la sécurité des appareils. Le présent amendement vise donc à garantir que les consommateurs bénéficieront de mises à jour correctives, quel que soit le modèle détenu et ce, pendant dix ans.

    David Assouline, président : Merci. Madame la rapporteure, à vous sur ces quatre amendements identiques.

    Marta de Cidrac, rapporteure : Tous ces amendements visent à imposer aux fabricants de téléphones portables et de tablettes tactiles de proposer des mises à jour logicielles qui restent compatibles pendant dix ans avec tout modèle. Le non-respect de cette obligation serait passible d’une peine de deux ans d’emprisonnement et de 300 000 euros. Je rappelle que la problématique de l‘obsolescence logicielle avait bien été identifiée par l’excellent rapport de la mission d’information sur le recyclage des téléphones portables4 de septembre 2016 – je vois que monsieur Jean-François Longeot nous rejoint pour entendre ces belles paroles qui le concernent – et notre ancienne collègue Marie-Christine Blandin la rapporteure de l’époque.
    Autant nous comprenons l’enjeu de l’obsolescence logicielle, autant il paraît peut-être excessif de proposer une obligation d’une durée de dix ans au vu de l’évolution des technologies, a fortiori en sanctionnant les manquements à une telle obligation à une peine analogue à l’obsolescence programmée.
    Donc je vais demande Madame la ministre l’avis du gouvernement sur des amendements et nous voterons après.

    David Assouline, président : Bien. Je le devine, Madame la ministre.

    Brune Poirson, ministre : L’amendement que vous proposez va au-delà de la lutte contre l’obsolescence programmée parce qu’il impose aux constructeurs des solutions techniques de compatibilité des systèmes d’exploitation dans le temps. Donc il me semble que le niveau de contrainte que ça imposerait aux metteurs sur le marché est particulièrement drastique. Je rappelle que le délit d’obsolescence programmée se caractérise par une volonté du producteur de tromperie dont le but serait de raccourcir sciemment et de façon anormale la durée de vie des produits.
    La mesure que vous proposez ici va au-delà de cette définition. Au surplus, une durée de dix ans serait en toute hypothèse très longue par rapport à la durée de vie de ce type d’équipement. Il ne faut pas oublier de ce dont on parle ; on parle parfois d’appareils électroniques et même électroménagers. Bien sûr, il faudrait que ça soit dix ans, mais parfois rappelons-nous de ce dont on parle. On a du mal à atteindre cette durée-là et il faut changer en profondeur notre rapport à ces appareils et à ces outils.

    Donc en l’état, eh bien j’émets un avis défavorable.

    David Assouline, président : Monsieur Ouzoulias, maintenant pour les explications de vote.

    Pierre Ouzoulias, sénateur : Oui. Merci Monsieur le président. Madame la ministre, là il s’agit uniquement de la garantie logicielle. L’amendement porte exclusivement sur la garantie logicielle, pas du tout sur l’électroménager.
    J’ai eu tout jeune, il y a quelque temps donc, un ordinateur dont je tairai la marque, que j’ai gardé 12/13 ans. Il y avait de temps en temps, de temps en temps ! Rarement, tous les deux/trois ans, une remise à niveau logicielle. C’est très peu de chose ! Pour un fabricant de logiciels, entretenir des vieux systèmes comme ça ce n’est pas un problème. L’objectif du fabricant, justement, c’est que vous abandonniez votre machine pour la changer pour une autre. Je ne vois pas où est le surcoût pour les entreprises en question. En revanche, pour les consommateurs qui n’ont pas besoin de se lancer dans une course effrénée à la performance toujours renouvelée, garder sa vieille machine et avoir l’assurance qu’elle est encore compatible avec un certain nombre de normes informatiques, ça c’est tout à fait essentiel.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Monsieur Gontard pour explication de vote.

    Guillaume Gontard, sénateur : Oui. Merci Monsieur le président. Il s’agit bien ici de trouver une solution pour les vieux appareils et une précision par rapport à ce qui a été dit : l’obligation s’applique bien aux constructeurs de téléphones et pas aux fournisseurs du système d’exploitation. En effet, je rappelle par exemple que le système d’exploitation Android, produit par Google, équipe de nombreux téléphones de différentes marques, mais chacun des constructeurs adapte le logiciel Android à son appareil notamment en appliquant une surcouche sur la carte mère du téléphone.
    Précisons aussi que le système Android de Google est disponible en libre accès pour tous ses clients avec une mise à jour corrective de chacune de ses versions durant une période de six à sept ans. L’obligation va donc s’appliquer au constructeur qui est le dépositaire final du système d’exploitation. Charge à lui ensuite, dans sa relation contractuelle avec Google, de lui demander d’allonger de sept à dix ans les mises à jour des vieilles versions d’Android.
    Il est particulièrement insupportable qu’un appareil parfaitement fonctionnel soit rendu inutilisable par une simple mise à jour de logicielle. Les pratiques des constructeurs téléphoniques en la matière sont particulièrement déloyales et honteuses et elles ont d’ailleurs valu à Apple et Samsung des amendes respectives de dix et cinq millions d’euros en Italie ; en France, une enquête similaire est en cours. Il me semble qu’on a là l’occasion d’agir.

    David Assouline, président : Monsieur Longeot pour explication de vote.

    Jean-François Longeot, sénateur : Oui. Merci Monsieur le président. Madame la ministre. Comme vient de le dire monsieur Gontard, effectivement on a là l’occasion d’agir. Ça me parait important. Il se commercialise aujourd’hui environ 25 millions de téléphones portables par an et ces téléphones sont effectivement régulièrement changés ; il n’y a pas que le fait de l’obsolescence programmée, il y a aussi la mode qui fait qu’on les change. Je pense que cet amendement est important parce que si on n’attire pas l’attention et je le disais tout à l’heure, vous le savez c’est fait avec des terres rares, c’est fait avec des matériaux précieux et si on ne donne pas un délai de vie à ces appareils, ça posera véritablement un problème. Je suis effectivement très défenseur de cet amendement non pas parce que c’est moi qui l’ai fait, mais simplement parce que je me suis bien rendu compte dans le rapport que l’on a établi avec ma collègue Blandin, que ces appareils coûtent quand même relativement cher et qui, d’un seul coup, ne fonctionnent plus, je trouve qu’il y a quand même quelque chose ! Peut-être que dix ans c’est trop, je ne sais pas, mais je pense qu’il faut au moins montrer déjà un, qu’on a bien analysé les choses et qu’on n’est quand même pas complètement stupides dans cette affaire-là et puis deux, qu’il faut que nos constructeurs s’adaptent et adaptent un petit peu les appareils pour qu’ils puissent durer. Merci.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Pour explication de vote enfin Monsieur Houllegatte.

    Jean-Michel Houllegatte, sénateur : Oui. Monsieur le président, Madame la ministre. Je voudrais insister sur la nécessité de l’urgence d’agir et d’envoyer des messages. Nous sommes maintenant, la société, dans l’ère du numérique. On parlait d’électroménager tout à l’heure, même en termes d’électroménager, il n’y a pas une interface homme-machine qui ne soit désormais assurée par un système numérique et notamment l’importance du portable qui fait qu’à partir de notre portable on pourra, et on commence déjà à le faire, piloter tout un tas de systèmes domestiques dans la maison. Donc à l’ère des objets connectés, l’importance d’insister sur l’obsolescence ou le risque d’obsolescence programmée de ces différents appareils me semble déterminant.

    David Assouline, président : Très bien. Nous allons passer au vote sur ces quatre amendements identiques, avec les avis négatifs de la commission et du gouvernement, comme depuis le début. Qui est pour ? Qui est contre ? Ils sont adoptés.



    Africa: UN Turns to Global Investors for Billions Needed for Its 2030 Development Agenda

    [IPS] United Nations -A Republican US Senator of a bygone era was once quoted as saying "a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money."

    Last-Minute Donations


    Candidates who ran in yesterday's election were required to report certain large donations by the close of the next business day. Election Day was the final day of the the enhanced disclosure period.

    Here are two ways VPAP has to view the latest large-donations.

    Donations by District

    List of transactions (below) reported since midnight Tuesday:

    STATE SENATE (Donations of $1,000 or more)

    $5,000 Locke for Senate - Mamie
    $4,000 Saslaw for Senate - Richard
    $1,000 Ebbin for Senate - Adam

    HOUSE OF DELEGATES (Donations of $1,000 or more)

    $10,000 Ayala for Delegate - Hala
    $5,000 Aird for Delegate - Lashrecse
    $3,938 Bynum-Coleman for Delegate - Sheila

    Note: Excluded are in-kind donations from the state party for direct mail. These often are not donations, but pass-through for money candidates provided to the party.

    The following state PACs reported since Tuesday receiving donations of $10,000 or more:

    $23,254   Republican Party of Virginia*

    * Includes donations reported by a 527 Group.


    Napoli, senatori in disaccordo sul ritiro. Il momento per Ancelotti...

    Come riportato da Sky Sport, ​i senatori di casa...

    Jeff Sessions To Seek Senate Comeback

    The former attorney general who previously served as U.S. senator is expected to run despite facing a crowded GOP primary field and possible opposition from President Trump.

    How Elizabeth Warren’s Vow to Bring Back Fiduciary Rule Affects You

    In a 14-page labor manifesto released earlier this month, Senator Elizabeth Warren pledges to restore the Department of Labor’s vacated fiduciary rule if she is elected president.

    Background check bill facing uphill battle in Ohio Senate

    The bill calls for promoters of gun shows to jump through some additional hoops, securing insurance, and other things or face criminal prosecution for misdemeanor crimes.​

    Ohio Senate considers 2 abortion-related proposals

    One of two abortion-related measures being considered by Ohio lawmakers would require abortion providers to offer lifesaving care if an infant is born alive during an attempted abortion.

    Ohio Senate considers 2 abortion-related proposals

    Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio board member Anita Somani testified the proposal would force doctors like her to give patients medically unfounded information.

    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 1 of 4]

    Wing Commander Col. David Johnson and State Senator Andrew Brenner pose for a photo at the 121st Air Refueling Wing on October 30th, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Brenner visited the 121ARW and hosted representatives from an International Legislative Fellowship Program that included delegates from Nepal, India, and Pakistan. (U. S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Christi A. Richter).
    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 1 of 4]

    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 2 of 4]

    Members of the 121ARW pose for a portrait alongside State Senator Andrew Brenner and representatives from an International Legislative Fellowship Program at the 121st Air Refueling Wing on October 30th, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. The group toured the base to learn more about the mission at Rickenbacker and the Air National Guard as a whole. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Christi A. Richter).
    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 2 of 4]

    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 3 of 4]

    State Senator Andrew Brenner visited 121st Air Refueling Wing on October 30th, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Brenner hosted representatives from an International Legislative Fellowship Program that included delegates from Nepal, India, and Pakistan. (U. S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Christi A. Richter).
    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 3 of 4]

    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 4 of 4]

    Wing Commander Col. David Johnson poses for a photo with representatives from an International Legislative Fellowship Program at the 121st Air Refueling Wing on October 30th, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. The group toured the base to learn more about the mission at Rickenbacker and the Air National Guard as a whole. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Christi A. Richter).
    State Senator Andrew Brenner visits 121ARW [Image 4 of 4]

    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 42: Holmes sponsored measure to cap insulin costs passes Senate


    The Illinois Senate passed a measure today to cap the cost of insulin for people with diabetes. Read more..


    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 35: Senate Republicans introduce legislation to ensure independent investigations of ethics violations


    The Senate Republican Caucus took action this week to restore public trust in an honest and ethical state government by introducing a legislative proposal to ensure independent investigations of members of the General Assembly. Read more..


    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 33: Sen. DeWitte calls for ethics reform in Springfield


    On Wednesday, Oct. 30, State Senator Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles), along with several of his Senate colleagues, signed onto legislation aimed at creating an honest and ethical state government. Read more..


    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 25: Senate Republican bill ensures independent investigations of ethics violations


    The Senate Republican Caucus took action during the week to restore public trust in an honest and ethical state government by introducing legislation to ensure independent investigations of members of the General Assembly. Read more..


    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 22: Castro, Senate guarantee low-cost insulin


    The Illinois Senate passed a measure to cap the cost of insulin for diabetes patients. Read more..


    In an Attempted Bashing of the Trump Administration, the “Washington Post” Inadvertently Reaffirms the Jewish History of Jerusalem

    Last Friday, the Washington Post published a column by Ishaan Tharoor—a dedicated Israel hater—titled “The Trump Administration’s Obsession with an Ancient Persian Emperor.” The column took as its prime example a tweet sent by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo marking the day in 539 BCE when “Cyrus the Great entered Babylon and freed the Jewish people from captivity” and declaring that the U.S. “stands with the Iranian people who are blocked by the [current] regime from celebrating [Cyrus’s] legacy.” While admitting that this “famous event in history” is documented by “sources including biblical Scripture,” Tharoor made sure to point out that Cyrus “presided over massacres and pillage.” He then went on connect the Trump administration’s invocations of the Persian monarch to its affection for lawless despots as well as the eschatology of a radical fringe of evangelical Christianity. Rivkah Fishman-Duker responds:
    Pompeo’s tweet was [in part] aimed at the tremendous popular response that the ancient king of Persia still evokes among Iranians, which stands diametrically opposed to the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. [Tharoor’s] reference to excesses in battle is an attempt to discredit his standing as “proto-national hero.” Evangelicals, [for their part], have their own ways of interpreting the Bible. They are not “obsessed” with anyone except for Jesus of Nazareth. All leaders like to compare themselves to previous significant figures whom they admire. There are countless examples. Didn’t Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey declare at the anti-Brett Kavanaugh hearings last year, “I am Spartacus!”? If Harry Truman, [of whom Tharoor makes no mention], and Donald Trump choose to think of themselves as Cyrus, the comparison is historically flawed but well-intentioned, and I would not pay too much attention to it. For those who wish to vilify Israel, anything that can be invoked against Israel is useful for the cause. . . . Oddly enough, [though, Tharoor’s column] reminds the world that the Temple was in Jerusalem, the capital of Judah, and acknowledges the Jewish presence there long before Islam and the Palestinians. This runs counter to the mendacious Palestinian narrative that claims that the Jews are not the indigenous people but usurpers who lack a historical claim to the land.


    Oklahoma lawmakers file bill to create Donald Trump highway

    Two Republican state senators have written a bill to rename a portion of the world-renowned Route 66 highway in northeastern Oklahoma the President Donald J. Trump Highway.

    Sens. Nathan Dahm of Broken Arrow and Marty Quinn of Claremore announced Tuesday their plans to introduce the bill.

    The bill would rename a roughly 13-mile stretch of Route 66 from the town of Miami extending north and east through the town of Commerce to Industrial Parkway in Ottawa County.

    The lawmakers say the bill will direct that no taxpayer money be used to pay for signage. Instead, they say the Senate and House authors and co-authors will be required to provide the money needed for the cost of the signs.


    Responding to the Hong Kong protests


    By Mike Poteet

    A controversial tweet

    In early October, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted a simple image that read “Fight for Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong.” This tweet, which would seem innocuous to many in the United States, drew immediate and sustained backlash from both Chinese officials and businesses due to the complicated, contentious relationship between China and Hong Kong, a semiautonomous territory that, unlike mainland China, operates as a limited democracy with a capitalist economy.

    According to the Associated Press, the Chinese consulate in Houston expressed “strong dissatisfaction” with the team following Morey’s tweet; and both Chinese state television and Tencent, a streaming media company with whom the NBA recently signed a $1.5 billion deal, announced they wouldn’t show Rockets games.

    Yet the protests that have taken place in Hong Kong this summer and fall hold far more significance than the relationship between the NBA and China. That they should have any impact at all on something as far afield as pro sports only underscores their significance and the serious political crisis they represent. 

    Months of protest

    According to a New York Times article from last June, the protests initially arose in opposition to a bill considered by Hong Kong’s legislative body, the Legislative Council. The bill would have allowed the territory to extradite criminal suspects to jurisdictions with which it has no formal extradition treaty, including mainland China.

    Observers warned that the Chinese government could use the bill to exert increased pressure on Hong Kong. “If enacted, this law would extend the ability of the Mainland authorities to target critics, human rights activists, journalist[s], NGO workers and anyone else in Hong Kong, much in the same way they do at home,” stated Man-Kei Tam, director of Amnesty International Hong Kong.

    On June 9, more than a million people marched in opposition to the bill — nearly one of every seven Hong Kongers and the biggest public protest Hong Kong had seen since the pro-democracy Umbrella Movement of 2014. A New York Times video shows that police used tear gas against protesters on June 12, along with pepper spray, rubber bullets and batons, after a small number of protesters threw objects at them. Anger over the police response inspired even larger protests on June 16, when as many as two million people came together in the largest protest in Hong Kong’s history.

    Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Beijing-appointed chief executive, withdrew the extradition bill in early September, but the withdrawal wasn’t enough to bring protests to an end. One commonly heard chant — “Five demands, not one less” — refers to the protesters’ aims. The first was the withdrawal of the extradition bill; the others include (1) no more descriptions of the protests as “riots,” (2) unconditional release and amnesty for arrested protesters, (3) independent inquiry into police behavior, and (4) full and genuine democracy.

    Throughout the summer and into autumn, protests continued and were increasingly marked by violent confrontations between demonstrators and police. On October 1 — a holiday that marked the 70th anniversary of the Communist state founded in 1949 — police shot a protester with live ammunition for the first time.

    CNBC reported that on October 4, Lam invoked emergency powers and banned face masks at all public gatherings, claiming the move would deter violence because demonstrators cannot conceal their identities. (Many protesters wear masks and respirators to guard against tear gas.) The ban provoked a fresh wave of fiery protests. Lam’s critics worry what further actions might follow and how those actions might weaken Hong Kong’s special status, which they believe China has been steadily eroding. 

    Mixed U.S. responses

    In mid-October, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. It would require the State Department to certify every year “whether Hong Kong remains sufficiently autonomous from Beijing [China] to justify its unique treatment,” as quoted in The Washington Post. This unique treatment includes exemptions from tariffs and other U.S. laws that apply to all other Chinese exports. If the bill clears the Senate, where it has bipartisan support, it would need President Trump’s signature to become law.

    Publicly, Trump hasn’t spoken much about the protests, but the Financial Times reports that he promised Chinese president Xi Jinping that the United States would “tone down criticism of Beijing’s approach” in order to revive trade talks. However, at the United Nations in September, Trump called on China to honor its commitment to “protect Hong Kong’s freedom, legal system and democratic ways of life,” adding, “We are all counting on President Xi as a great leader,” as quoted in Vox.

    Some American businesses find themselves caught between democratic ideals and the pursuit of profit. The NBA, for instance, forced Daryl Morey to apologize for his tweet, then issued its own apology while simultaneously trying to defend free speech, a response that pleased neither Chinese officials nor many US observers. Meanwhile, Apple pulled a map app from its digital store that protesters had been using to track police movement, and shoe company Vans pulled the top vote-getter in a sneaker design competition because the design depicted the protests. 

    Christian response

    “The Chinese Communist Party may be the greatest existential threat to the Hong Kong church,” notes Christianity Today. Nevertheless, about 900,000 Hong Kongers (almost 12%) are Christian, and Christians enjoy more freedom in Hong Kong than believers in mainland China.

    Several church organizations in Hong Kong expressed concern about the extradition bill while calling for restraint and peace from protesters. According to a United Methodist News Service article, the ecumenical Hong Kong Christian Council issued a statement urging the reopening of now-closed public spaces for peaceful demonstration, restraint from using force on the part of police, and dialogue and “rational discussion” between the government and protesters.

    Many Christians in Hong Kong have joined the protests themselves. In late August, the first large-scale rally specifically for Christians drew thousands. Its motto was “Salt and light, for justice we walk together.” Attendees formed part of a human chain stretching for more than 21 miles and sang the hymn “Sing Alleluia to the Lord,” which quickly became an unofficial “anthem” for the Hong Kong protests — partly because religious gatherings are exempt from Hong Kong legislation regulating public assemblies.

    For believers who choose to participate in the protests, taking to the streets to defend their civil liberties and advocate for greater freedom is an expression of how they understand the gospel. Andrea Wong, an 18-year-old protester, told The New York Times, “I am very certain that Jesus would not have stayed home enjoying the air-conditioning. He would have been out here helping people and marching.”

    Be sure to check out FaithLink, a weekly downloadable discussion guide for classes and small groups.


    “Shocked. Shocked!” (meme)

    "Shocked. Shocked!“ is a popular meme for when something is not shocking. The popular film Casablanca (1942) featured actor Claude Rains as Captain Louis Renault, who was forced by the Nazis to close down Rick’s cafe (where he had been gambling). Rick asked him why it was being shut down: Renault: Everybody is to leave here immediately! This cafe is closed until further notice. Clear the room, at once! Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds? Renault: I am shocked- shocked- to find that gambling is going on in here! Croupier: [hands Renault money] Your winnings, sir. Renault: [to croupier] Oh, thank you very much. [announcing to the room] Everybody out at once! The “shocked, shocked” expression began to be used in popular culture in the 1970s and 1980s. It was printed in the Boston (MA) Evening Globe in 1971 and the New York (NY) Times in 1974. “Shocked, shocked” has been used in politics, such as after finding that a politician is corrupt. Wikiquote: Casablanca (film) Casablanca is a 1942 film about an American expatriate owner of an upscale club and gambling den in the Moroccan city of Casablanca who meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications. Directed by Michael Curtiz.  Written by Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, and Howard Koch, based on the play Everybody Comes to Rick’s by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison. (...) Strasser: [after Laszlo leads the band in playing the French national anthem] You see what I mean? If Laszlo’s presence in a cafe can inspire this unfortunate demonstration, what more will his presence in Casablanca bring on? I advise that this place be shut up at once. Renault: But everybody’s having such a good time. Strasser: Yes, much too good a time. The place is to be closed. Renault: But I’ve no excuse to close it! Strasser: Find one. [Strasser leaves, ending the conversation; Renault walks into the middle of the room and blows his whistle] Renault: Everybody is to leave here immediately! This cafe is closed until further notice. Clear the room, at once! Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds? Renault: I am shocked- shocked- to find that gambling is going on in here! Croupier: [hands Renault money] Your winnings, sir. Renault: [to croupier] Oh, thank you very much. [announcing to the room] Everybody out at once! 4 May 1971, Boston (MA) Evening Globe, “The Nation: D.C. police play it cool” by Martin Nolan, pg. 20, col. 6: The scene was reminiscent of “Casablanca” wherein Claude Rains, the corrupt Vichy prefect of police, suddenly closes down Humphrey Bogart’s American cafe. “I’m shocked, shocked to find out that there’s gambling going on here,” he says as he pockets his evening’s winnings. 2 January 1974, Lowell (MA) Sun, “Hollywood-on-the-Potomac” by Russell Baker (New York Times), pg. 11, col. 2: It was a scene in “Casablanca”. The Nazi colonel (Conrad Veidt) is in a fury about the un-Nazi way of life in Rick’s (Humphrey Bogart’s) saloon. Summoning the police chief (Claude Rains) from Bogart’s illicit gambling table, where Rains is always allowed to win, Veidt orders Rains to shut the place. On what grounds? asks Bogart. Rains replies that he is shocked—shocked!—to learn that there is gambling going on. 10 February 1974, Sunday Call-Chronicle (Allentown, PA), pg. B-14, col. 1: Observer: You’ll Be Shocked—Shocked!—by Washington By RUSSELL BAKER 29 March 1974, Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer, “Same old morality: Watergate hasn’t changed politics” by Saul Friedman, pg. 15-A, col. 2: Some political declarations these days remind one of that scene in “Casablanca” when the inspector is looking for an excuse to close down Nick’s place. As he pockets his roulette winnings he exclaims: “I’m shocked, shocked to learn that gambling is permitted here.” 29 April 1983, Daily News (New York, NY), “Let ‘em teach school” by Harrison Rainie, pg. 32, col. 1: Bok wins this year’s Inspector Louis Renault Prize. Renault, it will be remembered, is the slick French prefect in “Casablanca” who, on the command of his German overseers, orders Rick’s speakeasy closed because he is “shocked, shocked to find there is gambling going on here.” At that moment, a croupier sidles up to him and hands him his winnings. 23 October 1985, The Record (Hackensack, NJ), “What did we expect?” (editorial), pg. A-14, col. 1: It also beings to mind the famous scene in “Casablanca,” in which Inspector Renault, played by Claude Rains, orders Rick’s place closed because he is “shocked—shocked!—to find that gambling is going on in here.” Whereupon the croupier hands him his winnings and the good inspector walks out. 20 January 1987, Statesman-Journal (Salem, OR), “Life resembles vintage films” by Ron Blankenbaker, pg. 7A, col. 1: It was like a scene out of the 1940s classic, Casablanca, the one in which the Vichy police inspector, played by Claude Raines, walks into Humphrey Bogart’s casino and, as he collects his winnings, says: “I’m shocked. Shocked to find there’s gambling going on here.” 11 January 1988, The Record (Hackensack, NJ), “You talk poor and hide your money” by Peter Yerkes, pg. B-11, col. 2-3: You remember the scene. Claude Rains, the French police inspector who likes to wager a few francs at Rick’s cafe, is ordered by the Germans to close the place down. he’s got no choice, so he stages a magnificent display of outrage. “Rick, I’m shocked. There’s gambling going on here,” he declares. Then he pockets the proceeds of his latest round at the roulette table. YouTube Casablanca gambling? I’m shocked! Mar 18, 2010 lesatseaside Classic Casablanca scene Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds? Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money] Croupier: Your winnings, sir. Captain Renault:  Oh, thank you very much. Captain Renault: Everybody out at once! Observer (New York, NY) Captain Renault in Casablanca: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! By Politicker Staff • 09/28/05 1:05pm Jon Corzine’s latest problem is published reports that he has made more than $5 million in donations or loans to black churches in New Jersey since he became a candidate for the United States Senate in 1999. Twitter Jim Parsons @JPWP Like Captain Renault in Casablanca, Congress is “shocked, shocked to discover this is going on” in the back room 2:23 PM · Aug 12, 2008·Twitter Web Client Urban Dictionary Shocked-shocked A sarcastic way to express shock at a revelation that is actually not shocking because everybody knew it already. Used with a healthy dose of irony, the phrase was first uttered in the film Casablanca. Wall street was shocked-shocked to learn that Goldman Sachs was scamming investors on a massive scale. #not shocked#no kidding?#seriously#dude?#fake shock#fake surprise by tvsteve April 29, 2010 HuffPost Victoria Saker Woeste, Contributor Research Professor ‘I’m Shocked, SHOCKED, to Find That Gambling Is Going on Here’ 04/02/2015 01:18 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2015 Amid the uproar over Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), its supporters declare that they never anticipated the critical outcry that has greeted the law’s passage.  In statements that echo the incredulity of the French prefect of police in the movie Casablanca, they have professed themselves shocked to discover that anyone could object to the idea of giving religious believers added protection from an overbearing government that is apparently dangerously oppressive and hostile to religious practitioners. Deadspin Sepp Blatter Shocked, Shocked To Find That Bribery Is Going On In Here Barry Petchesky 5/27/15 2:35PM In a statement released just now, FIFA president Sepp Blatter wants you to know that he’s just as concerned as you are about corruption in his organization. Twitter Andrew Elliott McBurney @aemcburney Everyone: The “I’m shocked, shocked! to find that gambling is going on in here” meme is actually the most used meme in reaction to revelations of wrongdoing from the Trump campaign. Me:(Casablanca GIF is shown.—ed.) 11:03 PM · Jan 17, 2019 from San Antonio, TX·Twitter for Android

    Rand Paul calls on media to unmask Ukraine whistleblower

    Senator Rand Paul on Monday night called on the media to unmask the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the impeachment probe against President Trump.

    Comment on Column: A field trip to the LA Central Library, ‘Library Book’ in hand by SAWZ

    David, keep making those trips. I wondered why you never mentioned Cafe Pinot which was a lovely adjunct to the outdoor area, and I now see it is permanently closed--as recently as last spring. That is too bad. They had a walk-up window where one could order their own take-out. I used to do that and now can't even remember what I had. I used to have Friday's off and would take my Metrolink expedition to LA and the Library by myself and it was fun!. I first headed along the same route you used and stopped at the DWP cafeteria for my made-to-order french toast. Then I would head up on Hope, stopping at the YMCA to see the pool. I was into fitness at that time and I thought I wanted to join--never happened. Then I would go to the library and check out a fitness or health book--they were never returned over-due. I still have my card--it is probably expired. I wonder if the Library still gives a guided tour every day at 12:30. It so, everyone attending for their first time should take that tour. There is an auditorium where programs are held and there is a fast food hall near the entrance to the gardens--there is a Panda Express--my favorite fast-food place. I never visited the Library without going to the rotunda just to stand there--a must. In 2010, I attended a rally at the Library for governor-candidate, Jerry Brown. It was in the garden and he spoke at the foot of the first fountain at the entrance facing Flower St.. I sat on the low wall about 15 feet away, next to a couple who were sitting by Tom Hayden; he brought almost every CA constitutional officer or candidate with him including Kamella Harris and Gavin Newsom; and national Senate candidate Barbara Boxer was there too. Those were the days.

    President Trump Nominates Stephen Hahn as FDA Commissioner


    According to Politico, President Donald Trump announced last week that he will nominate Stephen Hahn, MD, FASTRO, a cancer specialist and hospital administrator, to lead the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Trump had been rumored to make this selection for several months. If confirmed by the Senate, the top FDA post would mark Hahn’s first foray into public service in a quarter of a century. He was chairman of the radiation oncology department at the University of Pennsylvania medical school for nine years until 2015, when he joined MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas and rose to chief medical executive last year. The Natural Products Association (NPA) said it is hoping that with the potential shift in leadership, a variety of concerns that have impacted the dietary supplement industry can be addressed. “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has neglected a series of its enforcement obligations over the past several years, meaning unsafe and untested dietary supplement ingredients are being imported to the U.S. and reaching store shelves,” stated Daniel Fabricant, PhD, the association’s president and CEO. “Adulterated ingredients that have not completed the New Dietary Ingredient notification process are entering our country at an alarming rate, and it’s been [...]

    The post President Trump Nominates Stephen Hahn as FDA Commissioner appeared first on Natural Practitioner Magazine.


    Senators concerned about proposed progressive approval pathway

    Sens.  -More


    A top cancer expert in line to be next FDA commissioner

    Dr. Stephen Hahn, a chief medical executive at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, likely will be the next Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Commissioner. President Donald J. Trump has nominated Dr. Hahn to be the next FDA Commissioner, and U.S.Senate will likely, eventually, confirm the nomination. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-TN,... Continue Reading

    Senators Drill Limetree Bay on Environment and Payments

    Government House image the Limetree Bay.Brian Lever, president of Limetree Bay, told the V.I. Legislature’s Committee on Government Operations, Consumer Affairs and Energy Wednesday that air and water emissions from the restarted refinery will be significantly lower than the previous refinery.

    „Der Kampf um das Geld“: IUZB erwartet Absetzung der VV am 25.11.2019

    Ging heute an die Vorsitzenden der Vertreterversammlung: Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Schleithoff, sehr geehrte Frau Fotiadis-Wentker, angesichts des Beschlusses der Vertreterversammlung vom 09.09.2019, dass die Beschwerde gegen die Nichtzulassung der Revision gegen das Urteil des Landessozialgerichts Berlin-Brandenburg beim Bundessozialgericht nicht zurückgenommen werden soll und des eindeutigen Inhalts des Schreibens der Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit, Pflege [...]

    „Der Kampf umd das Geld“: Eindeutiges Schreiben der Senatsverwaltung

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, in der VV am 09.09.2019 sind auf Beschluss der VV die Tagesordungspunkte 9, 10 und 11 vertagt worden. Am 17.09.2019 haben wir Sie per E-Mail bzw. per Post darüber informiert, dass diese vertagten Punkte in der zusätzlich anberaumten VV am 25.11.2019 behandelt werden. Im Anhang finden Sie die Einladung [...]

    Gotham City Digest: Der Gropenführer edition

    (Where we vow to never grope your pecs from behind.)

         Donnie Dumbo wants to pull firefighting funding from California. Then again, this is a fucking moron who thinks that windmills cause cancer.

         I just sent a nice long email to the right wing shyster who wrote this, in which he claimed that Omar was wrong in quoting Trump as saying Neonazis are "very fine people." He most certainly did and I made sure to let this clown know that and a lot more. I'll post the results later in a full post. This fucking guy's unreal.

         "Aiming to win back public confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX, major US airliners are reportedly planning to hold demonstration flights with senior company officials, but not real passengers, on board to prove the model is safe. "
          I bet they'll be buying a shitload of life insurance.

          Since I move exclusively in adult circles, I have to say I haven't seen behavior like this on a daily basis since grade school.

          #somuchwinning #somuchborrowing

          Another Trump scam. Shocking, I know. Or maybe, no one wants to eat with him.

          The trouble with this, besides the obvious, is that you can't drag a pig into the mud when it's already in it. Trump is already up to his bizarre comb over in the mire. He is to sleaze what Bill Gates is to software. Seriously, Trump threatening to launch a smear campaign against Vindman, a Jewish officer, is like the Dreyfus Affair 2.0. And, speaking of whom...

           That's right. Some right winger called up CSPAN and compared Lt. Col. Vindman to the Nazi propagandist. This is what happens when you get 100% of your news from Trump's Twitter feed.

            Jay Sekulow's already vowed they would fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. The right wingers on the court will probably rule forcing Trump to turn over his tax returns would amount to a violation of his 4th Amendment rights or some silly shit like that.

            California? Fuck 'em. They're Commie pinkos out to hurt America! Russia First!

            Kurt Suzuki will never live down this moment as long as he lives, not with his wife, his kids, grandkids or the nursing home orderlies.

            At this point, I look at Never Trumper Republicans like useful idiots and, yes, I count George Will in that number. People such as Will are acting shocked as if Trump is the first bad Republican "president" to come down the pike. These fireflies of clarity that occasionally go off in Will's brain, as well as other idiots such as Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and George Conway also gave Bush full-throated praise even as he stole the presidency twice and got us into two wars in which we're STILL engaged, bankrupting the Treasury and borrowing trillions from the Chinese to pay off those and his ruinous tax cuts. They each stood by and did nothing even as we tortured human beings for useless information. So, no, I will not listen to these right wingers as if they're the new voices of moral clarity. We got war criminals like Bush in the White House because of their right wing snuffling about how evil Socialism and liberalism is. Fuck 'em all. So, please, keep doing damage to Donnie Dumbo's "presidential" legacy. The next time a more moderate Republican gets in the WH, they'll sneak back into the party and start preaching the usual right wing orthodoxy. You just wait and see. Then remember what I said here in 2019.

           Remember when Nixon called Walter Cronkite before deciding to fire Archibald Cox? Yeah, me neither.
           But this is how clueless our government is.The morons running Foggy Bottom are so stupid, they're leaving personnel decisions with grave geopolitical implications to Sean Hannity, a guy who once ran a failed dating site.

           This is the REAL Richard Spenser when he's not getting free air time from CNN. This is one of the assholes Trump calls "very fine people."

           Hey, if Donnie Dumbo wants to bankrupt someone else besides the American taxpayer for his sporting outings, it might as well be the RNC.

            Meme intermission.

         Among the many disturbing revelations in the full testimonies and depositions of Marie Yovanoviych and Michael McKinley that were released by the House Intelligence Committee today was Marie Yovanovitch fearing for her life if she didn't get out of Ukraine as a colleague warned her to do. Another was Gordon Sondland telling her to "get big or get out" and to go on Twitter and support the "president."

           Speaking of which, for anyone that cares to read them in full, here are the links to the released testimonies of Michael McKinley and Masha Yovanovitch.

            It's Tuesday afternoon so have lunch with Volbeat, some of the best Dad rock on the planet.

            Anti-choice pregnancy centers are sometimes the worst choice a mother can make.

           When you don't have the guts to break the law, go the Rand Paul route and demand others do it for you.

            Make ISIS Great Again.

           "Went there, bitch."

          This is how toxic the Republican brand is: They're so ashamed of running as Republicans, they try to deceive voters into thinking they're Democrats.

         More right wing rat-fuckery. Note these Republican scumbags aren't defending Trump so they resort to sophomoric horseshit like this to slow the impeachment process.

          If Trump isn't a good racist, it isn't for lack of relentless trying.

          Wouldn't it be something if South Carolina, of all states, had two black senators?

          I always hate seeing those lying right wing losers at Project Veritas made artificially relevant but this hot mic moment that O'Keefe caught shows another major tv network actively suppressing a sex scandal story. NBC did the same thing with Ronan Farrow and his story about Harvey Weinstein. And it appears Amy Robach ran into stiff resistance from ABC brass in getting her interview with Virginia Roberts about Jeffrey Epstein on the air. By way of mollifying her, they're doing a six part podcast next year that virtually no one will watch, over six months after Epstein's death. And the MSM wonder why they're no longer trusted. And finally...

          Now you know why the Tory scumbags want to privatize the NHS. Imagine how much these leeches would rake in for executive bonuses if THAT were to happen.


    Cowboy's Juke Joint (Halloween Edition) Episode 85

    itunes pic
    Garage Gritty Blues with some newer Southern Rock. Searching for new Emerging Artists and Music around the world for you. (The Harder Side Of Blues) Live Sunday's 8:00 -11:00 PM EST on 1. The Electric Grub - (On A Bad Day) 2. Swamp Moth - (Evil) 3. Stoner Train - (Dancing On the Grave) 4. Dux n Downtown - (DEAD MAN SHUFFLE) 5. Bag Of Nails - (THERE'S A DEVIL AFTER ME) 6. Steve Hill - (Walking Grave) 7. 42 Decibel - (Road Killer) 8. Rob Tognoni Power Blues Rock - (Dark Angel) 9. Stone Senate - (Cemetery Song) 10. Southbound Snake Charmers - (Snake Oil) 11. Bones Shake - (Privilege) 12. Left Lane Cruiser - (Zombie Blocked (2016 Remaster)) 13. 100 Watt Vipers - (Hellbound Train Rollin') 14. Moreland & Arbuckle - (The Devil And Me) 15. The Black Furs - (Black Limousine Blues) 16. Muddy Ruckus - (From The Floor) 17. Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men - (Whiskey Days) 18. The Blackwater Fever - (Bat Outta Hell) 19. Chicken Diamond - (Skeleton Coast) 20. Paralyzed - (Graveyard) 21. Samantha Fish - (Down In The Swamp) 22. Mark Porkchop Holder - (Coffin Lid) 23. Howling Black Soul - (Another Dawn) 24. Long John & the Killer Blues Collective- (Cold Blood Blues) 25. Handsome Jack - (Creepin') 26. JACOB WILD - (wild nightmares) 27. Thee Rag N Bone Man-one man band - (The Royal Blood Bath Blues) 28. Walking Papers - (Death On The Lips) 29. Cedric Burnside - (Death Bell Blues) 30. Ghost Town Blues Band - (Dust the Dust) 31. Sunn Raga - (Swamp Thing) 32. Soul Butchers - (Cemetary Waltz) 33. Indighost - (Satan's Texas Vacation) 34. Hobo Hoedown - (Boogie From Hell) 35. Black Cat Bone - (if i could) 36. The BluesBones - (The Witchdoctor) 37. King Howl - (Screaming) 38. Out Demons Out - (Demonslave) 39. GravelRoad - (Bleeding Well) 40. All Them Witches - (Guns) 41. J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls - (Woman)

    Open Mutation Miner (OMM)


    Mutations as sources of evolution have long been the focus of attention in the biomedical literature. Accessing the mutational information and their impacts on protein properties facilitates research in various domains, such as enzymology and pharmacology. However, manually reading through the rich and fast growing repository of biomedical literature is expensive and time-consuming. Text mining methods can help by automatically analysing the literature and extracting mutation-related knowledge into a structured represenation.

    Our Open Mutation Miner (OMM) system provides a number of advanced text mining components for mutation mining from full-text research papers, including the detection of various forms of mutation mentions, protein properties, organisms, impact mentions, and the relations between them. OMM provides output options in various formats, including populating an OWL ontology, Web service access, structured queries, and interactive use embedded in desktop clients. It is described and evaluated in detail in our paper, Naderi, N., and R. Witte, "Automated extraction and semantic analysis of mutation impacts from the biomedical literature", BMC Genomics, vol. 13, no. Suppl 4, pp. S10, 06/2012.

    read more


    The Fight to Ratify the ERA is in the Homestretch

    Feminists won big in the Virginia state legislative races yesterday—and the Equal Rights Amendment, which was stopped from coming to the floor for a vote in 2019 and for more than two decades by Republican leadership, will now have both a strong Democratic majority in the House and Senate, with ERA supporters in the majority of both houses.

    Sources: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two...

    Comment on Public-Private Partnerships Proposed For 5G Rollout by MorningStar

    Since the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) is a invention of the U.N. and an essential part of the Agenda 21 coup, does this mean we can never get rid of PPPs? Especially since the implementations of U.N. proclamations through the years. Proclamations are not U.S. law however have been enforced as such: 'U.S. Senate Recognizes the United Nations as a Sovereign Nation:

    Celebrating Victory With Our Clients

    Congratulations to 4 of our clients who celebrated victories on Tuesday - Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator Pat Roberts, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann and Congressman-elect John Moolenaar!

    How campaigns are losing the mobile war

    A POLITICO analysis of mobile sites for about 40 competitive House and Senate races found that a majority were plagued with missed opportunities for campaigns trying to find volunteers, donors and voters. The no-nos range from clunky pages that frequently crashed or weren’t formatted properly to content that was just too tiny to read.

    Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on his 16 Trillion Climate Change Plan For Iowa

    Aerial view of farm

    Senator Bernie Sanders is pushing his climate strategy, as candidates move toward to Iowa caucuses in February.

    The post Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on his 16 Trillion Climate Change Plan For Iowa appeared first on One Green Planet.


    Gary Perinar nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    Gary Perinar was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Scott Paddock nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    Scott Paddock was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    James Sweeney nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    James Sweeney was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Beverly Potts nominated to Capital Development Board


    Beverly Potts was nominated in the Senate to be member of the Capital Development Board on Monday, Oct. 28, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 28: Dr. John Kaminski to offer free dental work for veterans


    Dr. John Kaminski will offer free dental care to veterans from 2-6 p.m. on Veteran's Day, Monday, November 11. Read more..


    ILLINOIS STATE SENATE DISTRICT 21: Ellman votes in favor of lowering out-of-pocket insulin cost


    State Senator Laura Ellman (D-Naperville) voted today in favor of legislation that would cap the skyrocketing cost of insulin. Read more..


    James Connolly nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    James Connolly was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Karen McConnaughay nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    Karen McConnaughay was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Willard Evans nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    Willard Evans was nominated in the Senate to be a director and chairman with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Alice Gallagher nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    Alice Gallagher was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Stephen Davis nominated to Illinois State Toll Highway Authority


    Stephen Davis was nominated in the Senate to be a director with the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on Tuesday, Mar. 5, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Donna Simpson Leak nominated to Illinois State Board of Education


    Donna Simpson Leak was nominated in the Senate to be member of the Illinois State Board of Education on Wednesday, Feb. 27, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Daniel Dyslin nominated to Illinois Department of Human Services


    Daniel Dyslin was nominated in the Senate to be inspector general of the Illinois Department of Human Services on Monday, Oct. 28, according to the official Illinois General Assembly website. Read more..


    Political Fallout In Virginia, Kentucky & New York! Democrats Regain ALL The Power In VA + NY Adopts New Voting Method


     photo politicalpost.png

    It's a political shake up! Virginia Democrats take full control of state government while New York adopts a new voting system.

    Republicans in Virginia woke up to a BLUE state this morning and we’re sure they aren’t happy about it.

    Democrats won complete control of the Virginia government for the first time since 1993. Folks flocked to the polls and were able to flip both the state Senate and the House of Delegates, giving them power they haven’t had in more than two decades. Dems are also the top dogs at the governor's office.

    "I'm here to officially declare today, Nov. 5, 2019, that Virginia is officially blue," Gov. Ralph Northam said to supporters in Richmond.

    Why should this matter to you?  With Virginia going blue, it now allows for more liberal policies to be passed for its citizens (and possibly helping to set precedent throughout the country), including gun control measures, increases to the minimum wage and ratification the Equal Rights Amendment.  It also allows for more fair redistricting practices to be established as Republicans are often accused of illegally re-drawing districts to benefit themselves and hurt minority communities.

    Local & state elections have a huge impact on our everyday lives, which is why non-Presidential year elections are equally, if not more, important.



    "We did it," former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe tweeted. "We got them both. Hard work pays off. VA is ALL BLUE!"

    “The Republican Party is toast in Virginia for the next 10 years,” said Corey Stewart, the outgoing Prince William County chair of the Board of Supervisors who was the Virginia GOP’s nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2018. “Republicans will cease to be a serious political power.”

     photo politcalpost1.png

    Remember the cyclist who flipped off President Donald Trump’s motorcade in a viral 2017 photo? Her name is Juli Briskman and she just won her race for a seat at the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in Virginia. Juli – a former marketing executive and local Democratic activist – unseated eight-year incumbent Republican Suzanne Volpe.



    "Looking forward to representing my friends & neighbors in #Algonkian District who backed me up today! So proud that we were able to #FlipLoudpun #FlipVA #LOCO219 Thank you Loudoun!," Juli tweeted.

    Turning off the cuff activism into a legit job.  Sweet. 

    In New York...





    According to the polls, New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams won re-election, scooping up 73% of the vote, beating Republican challenger Joe Borelli. Queens has a new district attorney after borough president Melinda Katz defeated Republican Joe Murray.



    "Congratulations to @JumaaneWilliams and @MelindaKatz on their victories tonight. I look forward to working with both of them to keep New Yorkers safe and make this the fairest big city in America,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted.

    Melinda won by the skin of her teeth as she and Joe were on each other’s heels in the polls.

    “We are facing here an opportunity to make a national model for criminal justice reform, and if we don’t do it right here, it’s going to have massive effects all throughout this country,” she told supporters at her headquarters last night.

    Also, Democrat Shawyn Patterson-Howard reportedly became the first African-American woman to be a mayor in the history of Westchester County. She scooped up the victory with more than 50% of the vote counted, unseating acting Mayor Andre Wallace. #BlackGirlMagic.

    New York City also adopted a new voting system, a major milestone for voting reform efforts. NYC voters approved Ballot Question 1, which enables voters to begin using ranked-choice voting in local primary and special elections beginning in 2021. Ranked-choice voting will allow voters to rank their top five in order of preference instead of just picking one candidate on the ballot. The city joins 20 other cities – as well as multiple states – that have already started using this voting method.


    In Kentucky...



    Issa flip!  Attorney General Andy Beshear narrowly beat out Republican Gov. Matt Bevin in the Kentucky election. Gov. Bevin refused to concede the election to his Democratic challenger, however, after all of the votes were counted, Beshear was ahead by 5,100 votes.



    “Tonight, voters in Kentucky sent a message loud and clear for everyone to hear,” Mr. Beshear said. “It’s a message that says our elections don’t have to be about right versus left, they are still about right versus wrong.”

    While, yes, Bevin was an extremely unpopular governor, the fact Trump's rally in the state the day before still didn't help him - in a blood red state - speaks volumes.  Senate Majority Leader (R-KY) Mitch McConnell needs to start sprucing up his resumé since his approval rate is the same as Bevin's was, and he's up for re-election next year.  Bloop.

    No candidate and no situation is perfect. Every single issue we have as citizens will not always be catered to, but that doesn't mean we simply don't care and don't vote.  We do what we can and make strategic moves.  This includes electing attorney generals who PROPERLY enforce and push for more fair laws and better governors and local legislators who don't create or approve local laws that directly hurt us disproportionately.  These things have a larger effect on our daily lives than electing the President of the United States.  So, salute to everyone who turned out on election day!

    P.S.  Louisiana, you're up next on November 16th (early voting ends Nov. 9th) for a very important gubernatorial election.

    The tide is changing...



    What happens if we reduce drug prices by 70%?

    Senator Warren's proposed policy fails a benefit-cost test:

    Between 1982 and 2015, for example, the US saw the launch of 719 new drugs, the most of any country in the sample; Israel had about half as many launches. By looking at the resultant change in each country between mortality and disease, Lichtenberg calculated that the years of life lost before the age of 85 in 2013 would have been 2.16 times as high if no new drugs had been launched after 1981. For a subset of 22 countries with more full data, the number of life-years gained in 2013 from drugs launched after 1981 was 148.7 million.


    Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need. Not to mention what I don’t need.


    A few years back, when I was reno-ing my condo, I pretty much haunted Wayfair, and ended up getting a mirror, a mirrored medicine cabinet, and any number of bathroom and kitchen thingies. A few months ago, I had a kitchen shelf collapse and ended up losing three of my favorite bowls. I wasn’t able to exactly replicate them – which was too bad, because I really liked all these bowls – but I was able to find replacements on Wayfair.

    Really, they do have pretty much just what you need.

    Why, just now, I was looking for a pillow for one of my LR chairs, and found myself grazing.

    There is one problem with Wayfair, and that there are too damned many things to choose from out there. I mean, I did try to limit my pillow search to blue or orange lumbar, and there were still 200 pages x 48 items per page serve up to me.

    Did I really want to look at 9,600 pillows? Especially when I wanted a lumbar pillow that was shorter than the standard size (and sorting by size wasn’t one of the options). Fortunately, I was able to find something that fit my bill on page 11. Unfortunately, I had to buy two, so if anyone wants a blue and white patterned 16.5” long lumbar pillow, just let me know.

    Anyway, I do like Wayfair, even though it can be overwhelming. (9,000 blue and/or orange lumbar pillows to choose from?????)

    While I was virtually traipsing around Wayfair, what I did not get was a phone call from Wayfair.  But that has been known to happen.

    On Halloween night, the comedy writer Ariel Dumas received a hair-raising phone call. Dumas had been browsing Wayfair online when her phone rang with an unfamiliar number. It was a Massachusetts area code, so she picked it up, on the longshot chance it might be Senator Elizabeth Warren, who often calls her supporters at random.


    “It was a Wayfair employee saying they noticed I was browsing their website,” she later told her 56,000 followers, in a tweet that quickly took off online. “[S]o happy creepy Halloween I guess.” (Source: Boston Globe)

    Well, I probably wouldn’t have picked up the call to begin with – even if it might have been Elizabeth Warren giving me a holler. Too many spam calls already coming from the 617 area code, many using the first three digits of my phone number as well. Since Wayfair HQ is about a 10 minute walk from where I live, they may well have presented a familiar number to me. Still, I’m pretty much at the point where unless the number’s in my contact list, I’m not picking it up.

    If it’s important, they can leave a voice mail. (Even if it’s not, they can leave a voice mail. And I get plenty of voice mails in Chinese. So I definitely know which calls to block.)

    As it happened, I didn’t get a call from Wayfair offering help with my pillow purchase.

    Wayfair spokeswoman Susan Frechette said the company recently introduced a new customer service team that monitors shoppers’ online browsing habits and then steps in to offer assistance as a way to close a sale.

    “To best serve our customers and help them find what they are looking for, Wayfair has a team of specialists that follows up by phone with customers who have already made a purchase,” Frechette wrote via e-mail. That team “follows up on previous orders and past site activity that indicates strong interest in a particular product category.”

    Maybe the size of the purchase was too low-end to merit a call. Which makes me just as happy. I’ll have to be on the lookout when I start looking for a rug for my den that’s not as cheeseball as the flokati that’s in there now.

    Frechette said the calls were not based on real-time browsing and noted that customers get an e-mail from Wayfair offering assistance before anyone places a call.

    This didn’t seem to be the experience that Ariel Dumas reported. But she is, after all, a comedian, and it’s certainly a lot funnier (peculiar, not haha) getting a weirdo call based on your real-time browsing than it is getting a weirdo call that’s part of a multi-channel support chain (email, phone).

    Of course the process outlined by Frechette doesn’t say that they don’t follow an e-mail up with an unsolicited call. And Dumas may well have gotten (and ignored) an email, as she may not have been checking email while she was absorbed by her meander through the virtual (and virtually unlimited) aisles of Wayfair.

    Meanwhile, a suggestion for Wayfair: why not have pop up a chat – human or chatbot – asking if someone looking around would like to chat virtually or on phone? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

    Anyway, Dumas got a lot comments on her tweet, one from “a former Wayfair employee [who] said that the practice ‘happens a lot’.”

    “Many customers find this helpful especially when shopping categories that include mattresses, flooring, plumbing, upholstery and other high consideration products where specialized expertise is particularly helpful,” [Wayfair spokeswoman Susan Frechette] wrote.

    I guess a lumbar pillow isn’t one of them thar “high consideration products”, even though Wayfair offers 9,600 of them. Which takes an awful lot of consideration on the shopper’s part. Just sayin’.

    And, of course, now Wayfair knows just which lumbar pillows I was considering, even if I didn’t buy them. Just what are they going to do with that?

    Even if I don’t get a phone call, should I now look forward to Wayfair pillow ads popping up for the next month or so. And then there’s Amazon, because while I was roaming around Wayfair, Amazon popped up with a suggested purchase of a couple of lumbar pillows that looked identical, but were a different brand and size than the ones I wanted. But which were half the price.

    Spies sure are everywhere.

    My bottom line is that I’m mostly in agreement with the jingle “Wayfair, you’ve got just what I need.” But if you’re thinking about calling me up at any point, well, include me out.


    FG orders NCC to reduce data cost

    The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have been directed by the Federal Government to work out modalities to reduce the price of data. Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr Isa Ali Pantami who gave the directive during a courtesy visit by the management NCC led by its Board Chairman Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, said it came […]

    From the Land of OZ: House Legislation Would Establish OZ Reporting Framework and Penalties; Senate Bill Would Limit Application of OZs – Brad A. Molotsky, Esq, Duane Morris LLP

    While impeachment discussions continue to garnering most of the headlines, Representatives Ron Kind, D-Wis., Mike Kelly, R-Pa., and Terri Sewell, D-Ala., introduced legislation in the House to establish a reporting framework, disclosure requirements and a penalty structure for qualified opportunity funds (QOFs). Their Bill, the “Opportunity Zone Accountability and Transparency Act”, would mandate that QOFs … Continue reading From the Land of OZ: House Legislation Would Establish OZ Reporting Framework and Penalties; Senate Bill Would Limit Application of OZs – Brad A. Molotsky, Esq, Duane Morris LLP

    Senator Collins & MaineHealth’s Chief Pharmacy Officer Shine National Spotlight on Growing Crisis of Drug Shortages



    Senate Committee Advances Bill to Support the Health and Wellbeing of Family Caregivers Authored by Collins, Baldwin


    Washington, D.C. — This morning, the Senate Health Committee voted to advance legislation introduced by U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) to support the health and wellbeing of family caregivers.  The Lifespan Respite Care Reauthorization Act of 2019 now heads to the floor for consideration by the full Senate.  Senators Collins and Baldwin are members of the Health Committee.


    This bipartisan bill would authorize $10 million annually for the Lifespan Respite Care program from fiscal year 2020 through fiscal year 2024.


    Legislation Introduced by Senators Collins, Smith to Combat Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases Clears Senate Hurdle



    Bill to Help Prevent Drug Shortages Introduced by Senators Collins, Smith


    Washington, D.C.—U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), the Chairman of the Aging Committee, and Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) introduced the Mitigating Emergency Drug Shortages (MEDS) Act, legislation that would help increase the supplies of vital drugs needed to treat or prevent a wide variety of diseases, illnesses, and conditions. 



    Senator Collins’ Statement on Vote to Reverse Administration’s Changes to 1332 Waiver Policy


    Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Susan Collins released this statement following her vote in favor of a resolution to reverse the Administration’s policy on 1332 waivers:


    “While I support giving states more flexibility to help increase coverage and improve affordability, the Administration’s guidance that allows states to use 1332 waivers to expand Short-Term Limited Duration plans is not the solution.  I am concerned that doing so could potentially jeopardize protections for some enrollees who have pre-existing conditions. 



    GOP-controlled #Ohio Senate approves two more abortion restrictions


    Sen. Stephanie Kunze of Hilliard was the only Republican to vote no. The Democratic opposition to the bill focused on whether this kind of treatment works. "This medication is not FDA approved," Sen.

    "ACA 2.0 Jr.": Senator Baldwin reintroduces bill to enhance subsidies for young enrollees


    About a year and a half ago, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced a bill which would cut down on ACA premiums considerably for younger enrollees by beefing up the subsidy formula for the so-called "Young Invincible" population: Adults between 18 - 34 years old. Last week, she re-introduced the bill along with U.S. Representative Don McEachin (D-VA).

    While the bill, titled the "Advancing Youth Enrollment Act", wouldn't have nearly as much impact on premiums or enrollment as the more expansive ACA 2.0 bills I've been promoting (H.R. 1868 & 1884 in the House; S.1213 in the Senate), anything which reduces premiums for more people without reducing patient protections or coverage standards is always a good thing in my book, so I'm happy to give Baldwin's bill another shout-out:

    The Advancing Youth Enrollment Act lowers health care costs while maintaining critical ACA protections

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Representative A. Donald McEachin (D-VA) today reintroduced legislation that provides a better deal for young Americans by improving health coverage affordability while maintaining Affordable Care Act protections and access to essential services. With the Advancing Youth Enrollment Act, nearly 5 million uninsured young adults could be eligible to receive additional financial support to help reduce their monthly health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

    ...The Advancing Youth Enrollment Act would increase the value of premium tax credits for young adults ages 18 to 35 years old, which would result in more financial support to help them afford quality health coverage. Importantly, this protects older adults and those with pre-existing conditions from facing higher costs or seeing their current tax credits reduced. Under the Advancing Youth Enrollment Act, a young person enrolled through the marketplace would see their cost for a silver plan go down by about $55 a month, or about $650 a year. They’d pay $98 a month for a silver plan instead of about $153 a month. In addition, no one would lose coverage for having a pre-existing condition, nor would they have to forfeit essential health benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act to make their policies more affordable.

    Here's the details on the bill:

    Introduced in the Senate by Senator Tammy Baldwin and in the House of Representatives by Congressman Donald McEachin, the Advancing Youth Enrollment Act (AYE) is that solution. The AYE Act would enhance tax credits for people ages 18-34, bringing costs down for the average young marketplace shopper in an effort to close the affordability gap, get more young people covered, and by doing so, create a healthier and more sustainable risk pool in the individual market.

    Advancing Youth Enrollment Act The AYE Act would reduce the maximum percent of income that young people would have to pay toward premiums by 2.5 percentage points up to age 30, followed by a .5 percentage point less reduction each year for ages 31- 34. This change would make coverage more affordable for young people, by:

    • Creating real affordability by increasing premium tax credits for the young adult population
    • Tying tax credit increases to local insurance market premiums to ensure that financial assistance reflects the true cost of coverage in their area
    • Allowing young people to afford plans that meet their health care needs, rather than pushing them into “catastrophic” or junk insurance plans that don't cover essential benefits, such as mental health care, that young people use most often or protections for people with pre-existing conditions
    • Protecting all consumers from junk plans that often target “young and healthy” consumers
    • Improving the individual market’s risk pool, bringing down costs for everyone

    Remember, under the ACA, subsidies for enrollees earning 100-400% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) are based on comparing the unsubsidized monthly premium for the benchmark Silver plan against their household income. If the benchmark premium is higher than a certain percent of their income, anything over that income threshold is the amount of their subsidy.

    As a simple example, let's suppose the benchmark premium for a single 30-year old is $600/month. That's $7,200/year. Let's further say that they earn $30,000/year, or 240% FPL.

    $7,200/year is 24% of their income. Based on the current ACA subsidy formula, at 240% FPL, they're limited to around 7.93% of their income having to be paid, or $2,379/year. Right now, this young adult would pay $198/month for a Silver plan after receiving $402/month in subsidies.

    Under Baldwin's proposed bill, a 30-year old would have thier premium cap reduced by 2.5 percentage points, to 5.43% of income. That's just $1,69/year or $136/month, boosting their subsidies by $62/month. From 31 - 34 years old that 2.5 point reduction would drop off a half a point at a time, like so:

    There's a bit more to it than this--It's my understanding that the reduction would also apply to the rest of the household to some degree in cases where there are older members as well--but you get the idea.

    The other benefit, of course, besides reducing costs for younger enrollees, is that this would draw in more sorely-needed "Young Invincible" enrollees into the ACA individual market risk pool, improving it substantially and thus reducing the unsubsidized premium levels accordingly as well. This, in turn, would also reduce premiums for unsubsidized enrollees while simultaneously also reducing the amount of subsidies which need to be paid out.

    In other words, while this reduction might appear to cost, say, another $5 billion per year in federal spending, the ripple effect on the risk pool would drop that down significantly to, say, $3 billion/year or whatever.

    Anyway, this bill obviously has zero chance of passing the Senate as long as Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader, but it's a great idea whether combined with the more robust ACA 2.0 bills or not, so I fully endorse it.

    Speaking of which, this is a first: At the very end of the press release you might notice a familiar "organization" listed as formally endorsing the bill!

    ...Support for the legislation includes Young Invincibles, Shriver Center on Poverty Law, MomsRising, Community Catalyst, ACA Consumer Advocacy, Out2Enroll, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Texas, the Hemophilia Federation of America, Black Women's Health Imperative, National Council of Jewish Women, Center for Public Policy Priorities, and

    The legislation is cosponsored by Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Angus King (I-ME).


    Credit Due: Sen. Warren did her homework. Doesn't make M4All any more likely to happen, but she showed her work.


    A few weeks ago, I said the following about Sen. Elizabeth Warren regarding healthcare policy:

    • I'm generally supporting Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic Primary (not a full endorsement, but I've been strongly leaning her way for awhile now)...

    HOWEVER, for the time being at least, that seems to be where she's decided to lay her marker, so it is what it is.

    (Note: Since then, I've publicly stated that I'm now leaning more towards Sen. Kamala Harris who was always my strong #2 choice. This doesn't mean I no longer like Warren--the two have simply swapped places in my #1 and #2 column.)

    I noted at the time that Warren's insistence on sticking with Bernie's "pure" Medicare for All bill had been causing her a lot of headaches of late, especially given the How Will You Pay For It / Will You Raise Taxes On The Middle Class mantra.

    Bernie Sanders has, to his credit or detriment, stated it plainly: Yes, his plan would indeed raise taxes on households earning more than $29,000/year, via a 4% payroll. He didn't actually bake it into the legislative text of his bill, but he included it on a list of "proposed" funding mechanisms and has repeated it many times since then, so that seems to be one source that he's locked in on.

    As I noted:

    The thing is, $29K/year for a family of four is just 112% FPL, barely out of poverty.

    Warren has been far more circumspect on this question, for an obvious reason: She doesn't want to give the Trump campaign the sound bite they're looking for, a sharply-edited clip of her uttering the words "Yes, I would raise taxes on the middle class to pay for Medicare for All".

    Instead, every time she gets asked this question, she refuses to accept the framing at all, repeatedly pointing out that what's most important is the overall cost impact of making the move: Any tax increases would be offset by savings on premiums, deductibles, co-pays and so forth.

    Having said that, the fact remains that yes, taxes would have to increase on some group or groups of people and/or corporations in order to provide the massive increase in federal spending which such a program would require...and most people, even those who fully understand the trade-off, would still like to know what the trade-off would be. If you say "you'll save money" overall, it's not unreasonable to want to have at least some idea of how much better off you, specifically, would be. At least a ballpark, anyway.

    After being hammered on either her refusal to answer the question (or her reframing of it, depending on your POV) throughout the debate and afterwards, Warren stated this:

    "My commitment is: I will not sign a bill into law that raises costs on middle class families," Warren said.

    I went on to note that "middle class families" is a slippery term, since there's no legal definition of the phrase...but I went on to note that the generally-accepted range seems to be households earning somewhere between $40K - $140K/year, give or take.

    I went on to recommend that:

    So, if Warren wants to be absolutely certain that her statement about "the middle class" is true, it seems to me that the key would be to structure her proposed payment mechanism to be something along the lines of: No payroll tax up to around 200% FPL (perhaps $40,000/year per household); 2% from $40K - $80K; 4% from $80K - $120K; 6% from $120K - $160K and 8% from $160K and beyond. Basically, whatever it takes to make certain that no one below the $140,000 threshold would see higher overall costs than what they'd otherwise be paying...five to ten years from today.

    ...In any event, assuming she's able to come up with the Magic Formula, while I'd still prefer that she break away from Bernie's "pure" M4All bill altogether in favor of something more along the lines of Medicare for America, if Warren does insist on sticking it out, I'd recommend she change her response to something more like this:

    "There'd be a trade-off. Most people would NOT see their taxes go up, but for those who do, the trade-off would be the elimination of premiums, deductibles, co-pays, surprise bills and virtually all other medical bills. The majority of people would pay less overall."

    By wording it this way, Warren finally answers the burning question (yes, taxes would go up for some people) while doing so in a way which avoids an easy sound bite attack even with clever editing...and by squeezing nearly all of the tax hikes over the 50% median income threshold, she can also honestly say that costs would not go up for "most" people, which avoids trapping herself the way President Obama did when he stated unequivocally that "If You Like It You Can Keep It" without any caveats, which led to a massive backlash when millions of people discovered that no, they couldn't in fact "keep it".

    Well, Warren put her wonkishness into overdrive, put her head together with a bunch of other respected economic wonks, and last Friday she did indeed roll out her official Medicare for All funding plan as promised...and, as I suggested, she made sure that her plan, at least on the surface, would indeed not increase taxes on households earning less than $140,000/year. In fact, she pushed things way up the income and wealth ladder. Like...a whole lot.

    The first thing Warren's plan does is to chop down the total amount of increased federal spending needed by a third.

    While there are several different estimates which have come out estimating how much a "pure" 100% universal, 100% comprehensive, 100% mandatory single payer healthcare system would cost from different think tanks and economists over the past few years, the range seems to generally fall somewhere in the ~$30 trillion range. The most commonly cited estimate over the past year or so was from the (right-wing/anti-M4All) Mercatus Center, which pegged it at around $32 trillion in increased federal spending. Mercatus may be a right-wing think tank and obviously anti-M4All, but even Bernie himself openly stated that $30 - $40 trillion over a decade is a reasonable range.

    Assuming you rely on the estimates below (which come from Warren's own study), they average around $27 trillion...although if you dismiss the ones starting before 2019 they average $29.3 trillion. Note that Mercatus ("Blahous") appropriately starts their estimate in 2022 since that's the earliest year that a Bernie/Warren M4All bill could even theoretically be implemented, assuming a Sanders/Warren administration took office on January 20, 2021. I'm pretty sure you'd have to nudge the others up a bit to account for normal inflation as well as medical trend to at least an even $30 trillion.

    Warren insists she can do it for "only" $20.5 trillion over a decade...supposedly lopping down the tally by a good $10 trillion or so.

    I'm not going to get into a detailed analysis of how she eliminates the extra $10 trillion; that's all laid out in her plan and supporting documentation. A lot of it assumes significant reductions in the amount actually paid to healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and so forth). Some of it comes, of course, from eliminating private health insurance companies. Some comes from other major changes to the system.

    Needless to say, the AHA (hospital lobby), AMA, PHRAMA, AHIP, BCBSA and other massive healthcare industry lobbying forces will spend an absolute fortune and call in every favor they have to fight back against most of these things. They've already started, actually...but this is just a tiny taste of what's to come.

    Still, this is about her how does she propose coming up with the $20.5 trillion she does admit would have to be raised?

    It breaks out pretty much as follows (in addition to repurposing all existing federal Medicare/Medicaid/CHIP/ACA spending, that is:

    • Employer Healthcare Spending: Warren says employers, who provide healthcare coverage for nearly 50% of the total U.S. population, are expected to pay $9 trillion over the next decade. She's proposing having them instead basically pay 98% of that amount into a new Employer Medicare Tax based on a simple per-enrollee average spending formula, generating $8.8 trillion.
    • Automatic Increases in Take-Home Pay: Warren figures that the employee's portion of their employer-sponsored health insurance would be added to their take-home pay. If you assume that employees are currently paying around 30% of their premiums, that means they'd be taxed on around $4 trillion in additional income, which in turn would generate around $1.15 trillion in her view (the math is more complicated than that, but you get the idea). She figures she can squeeze another $250 billion out of the tax break for medical expenses over 10% of AGI becoming moot, for total additional revenue of $1.4 trillion.

    Warren figures that gets you to $10.2 trillion, or around half of the amount she estimates would be needed.

    Here's where she comes up with the other half:

    • Cracking down on Tax Evasion and Fraud: Warren thinks that with restoring funding and authority to the IRS, redirecting tax law enforcement from low-income to high-income violators, toughening up on enforcement in genearl and anti-fraud measures, she can reduce the amount of taxes underpaid by 30% (she says 1/3, but it's 30%), from $7.7 trillion in lost taxes to $5.4 trillion....generating an extra $2.3 trillion over a decade.

    Let’s start with the financial sector. It’s been more than ten years since the 2008 financial crisis, and while a lot of families are still dealing with the aftereffects, the financial sector is making record, eye-popping profits. Meanwhile, the risk of another financial crisis remains unacceptably high. By imposing targeted taxes and fees on financial firms, we can generate needed revenue and also make our financial system safer and more secure.

    For example, a small tax on financial transactions – one-tenth of one percent on the sale of bonds, stocks, or derivatives – would generate about $800 billion in revenue over the next ten years.

    ...We can also impose a fee on big banks that encourages them to take on fewer liabilities and reduce the risk they pose to the financial system. A small fee that applies only to the forty or so largest banks in the country would generate an additional $100 billion over the next ten years...

    Next, we can make some basic changes to ensure that large corporations pay their fair share and to fix some fundamental problems with our current approach that actually encourage companies to shift jobs and investment overseas. These changes will generate an estimated $2.9 trillion over the next ten years.

    ...Under my plan, businesses will still write off the depreciation of their assets – they’ll just do it in a way that more accurately reflects the actual loss in value. This would generate $1.25 trillion over ten years.

    ...Currently, a U.S. multinational corporation can make billions in profits and attribute it to a company it set up in a tax haven like the Cayman Islands, which has no corporate taxes...That’s why I’m proposing to institute a country-by-country minimum tax on foreign earnings of 35% – equal to a restored top corporate tax rate for U.S. firms – without permitting corporations to defer those payments...Together, the country-by-country minimum tax and the taxation of foreign firms based on their domestic sales would result in an additional $1.65 trillion in revenue.

    Finally, we can raise another $3 trillion over ten years by asking the top 1% of households in America to pay a little more.

    ...By asking billionaires to pitch in six cents on each dollar of net worth above $1 billion, we can raise an additional $1 trillion in revenue and further close the gap between what middle-class families pay as a percentage of their wealth and what the top one-tenth of one percent pay.

    ...We can also change the way the government taxes investment income for the top 1%. Today, taxes are only assessed on capital gains when securities are sold. That means wealthy investors can put their money in the stock market, see it grow, and not pay a dime in taxes on those earnings unless or until it is taken out of the market. Under the current system, they can then pass along those shares to their heirs when they die and their heirs will be able to pay even less when they choose to sell.

    I’ve already proposed closing that loophole for how capital gains are treated when shares are passed on to heirs. But we can go a step further. Under a “mark-to-market” system for the wealthiest 1% of households, we will tax capital gains income (excluding retirement accounts) annually, rather than at the time of sale, and raise the rates on capital gains to match the tax rates for labor income. Individuals would still only pay taxes on gains and could use current losses to offset future taxes.

    Under this system, investment income will no longer be treated differently than labor income for the top 1% of households. Ultra-millionaires and billionaires won’t be able to earn income on giant fortunes year after year without paying a penny in taxes. And we can raise another $2 trillion over ten years to pay for my Medicare for All plan.

    I'm obviously still cutting out a ton of details here; Warren goes into great detail about each of these. But at the end of the day, she claims to be able to not only achieve the necessary funding without raising taxes on the middle class, she supposedly has done so without raising them on most of the upper class either (depending on where your cut-off definition is...I'm not sure at what income threshold capital gains really becomes a significant source of income for most households).

    She's not done yet, however:

    • Immigration Reform: Warren assumes that a complete immigration policy overhaul would generate another $400 billion in federal revenue via additional documented immigrants paying taxes over the table.
    • Cuts in Defense Spending: She's proposing eliminating something called the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund, which she refers to as a "slush fund", from the overall military budget...supposedly providing an additional $800 billion over a decade:

    Since the attacks of 9/11, the United States has appropriated $2 trillion to fund combat and counterterrorism operations around the world via the Overseas Contingency Operations fund, or OCO. On average this spending has amounted to $116 billion per year – and in total, an amount equivalent to nearly 10 percent of all federal discretionary spending over that same time period.

    Republicans – including the President’s current Chief of Staff – and Democrats alike agree that OCO is a budget gimmick that masks the true impact of war spending. The emergency supplemental funding mechanism was never intended to fund the costs of long-scale, long-term operations outside of the normal appropriations process. And in recent years, OCO has also been used to fund so-called “base” requirements unrelated to the wars, outside of the Budget Control Act caps – in effect acting as a slush fund for increased Pentagon spending. And as everything from more F-35s to massive bombs never used in combat have migrated into the OCO account, the Department of Defense has been spared from having to prioritize or live within its means. It’s not just bad budgetary practice – it’s wasteful spending.

    ...We can start by shutting down this slush fund and balancing with our overall defense priorities in the context of the actual defense budget. And as we end these wars, eliminating the Overseas Contingency Operations fund and forcing the Pentagon to fund any such priorities through its regular budgetary process will provide $798 billion over the ten-year period relative to current spending levels.

    Add it all up and she does indeed get to a grand total of $10.2 trillion + $10.3 trillion = $20.5 trillion. PENCILS DOWN!

    I'm not going to argue with her math...first because I'm not an economist, second because she's had some respected economists run the numbers. A ton of this stuff goes way beyond my knowledge base, and that's fine with me...I'd be kind of disturbed if I knew everything about the revenue sources she's referring to.

    What I am going to say is that there's going to be massive pushback on just about all of these proposed changes from all of the above-mentioned industries and institutions, the likes of which will make what happened to Bill and Hillary Clinton in the early 1990's seem like a walk in the park.

    The question isn't whether Democrats should fight for what they's whether they're prepared to fight every one of those forces simultaneously, or whether they should pick their battles. Warren proposal requires doing just that: Fighting not just the Republican Party, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart, etc etc, but also entrenched interests in pretty much every part of both the government and the economy...all at the same time.

    Honestly, I'm most reminded of this classic Steve Martin clip from over 40 years ago:

    "You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes! First...get a million dollars. Then..."

    The thing is, all of this would be an incredible lift even if there weren't 100 other major crises going on which would need to be dealt with the moment she took office as well...but there will be. Climate change. Defending democracy itself. Voter/election security. Criminal justice reform. Immigration reform (which she even shoehorns into her M4All funding plan). Repairing our tattered foreign policy relationships as well as dealing with foreign policy crises themselves. The list goes on and on.

    In addition, of course, Warren wouldn't be able to sign such a bill unless and until it actually passed both the House and Senate...assuming the Democrats keep the former and flip the latter.

    The House itself would be a heavy lift (the House M4All bill has 119 cosponsors, which is pretty impressive...but getting the other 99 would be difficult to say the least), and Bernie's Senate version only has of whom is Warren herself, who would no longer have a vote (conversely, Bernie wouldn't have a vote if he were to win either). Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema would be no-go on it from the start, as would at least a dozen other Democratic Senators.

    How in God's name either of them expects to push those numbers to 218 and 51 I have no clue...and even that assumes that the Senate Democrats were to eliminate the Filibuster upon taking congrol of the Senate, which is also extremely unlikely.

    However, at the moment, none of these issues are what I proposed that she do three weeks ago. I simply said that if she's dead set on her "pure" Medicare for All vision, she should show her math in such a way that the numbers don't formally hit the middle class.

    She's done that, so as a wonk, I tip my hat to her.


    It's this simple: ALL the Dems' plans EXPAND healthcare coverage for millions; Trump's strips it away from millions.


    Back in late June, right after the first Democratic Primary Candidate Presidential Debate, I posted an analysis & table to break out exactly where each of the then-20 (!) candidates stood when it comes to the Next Big Thing in U.S. healthcare policy. I posted a couple of updates as the summer and early fall progressed.

    At the time, my main point was that regardless of their official campaign rhetoric, the truth was that nearly all of the candidates were open to multiple paths towards expanding healthcare coverage...both in terms of the number of people covered, the scope of that coverage and the cost of coverage to the enrollees, with a greater portion of the total cost being borne by the federal government.

    This, of course, is a vast contrast to what the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans have been pushing for, which amounts to the exact opposite: Fewer people being covered, by less comprehensive care, with fewer protections, and with less (or ideally none) of the costs being borne by the federal (or state) government.

    It's now early November, a few more have dropped out, and while there's still officially over a dozen candidates running, the likely field has now been narrowed (in my view) down to six:

    • Former VP Joe Biden
    • Sen. Elizabeth Warren
    • Sen. Bernie Sanders
    • Mayor Pete Buttigieg
    • Sen. Kamala Harris
    • Sen. Amy Klobuchar

    I suppose you could also throw in Sen. Cory Booker and former HUD Secretary Julian Castro if you were really pushing it, and if either of them has an amazing last-minute comeback I'll be happy to update this post again (I like both of them). And no, I'm not including Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang or Tom Steyer. Again, if one of them manages to surge, fine; I'll eat crow and deal with it at that time.

    With this in mind, I've decided to repost a "clean" version of this analysis instead of adding another messy update to the old one, so here goes:


    With all the fuss & bother being made over whether Democratic Presidential candidates support or don't support eliminating private insurance in favor of a universal, fully-mandatory "Medicare for All" single-payer healthcare system, I decided to attempt to put together a comprehensive table listing which healthcare expansion/overhaul bills each of the candidates actually support or oppose.

    This may sound like a simple question: Senators Sanders (obviously), Warren and Harris are all cosponsors of Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" bill, S.1129, right?

    Well, it's more complicated than that. Most of the Senators (and some of the House members) running have actually cosponsored other significant healthcare expansion bills as well as "pure" Medicare for All...and many have made public statements indicating that they'd likely also be open to some of the other bills on the table (or some variant thereof). Harris has formally split from her prior support of Bernie's bill and is now proposing a hybrid variant which would allow for a "Private Option" in the form of beefed-up Medicare Advantage plans with much tighter regulations (similar to my preferred bill, "Medicare for America")...but she still calls her plan "Medicare for All", confusing the issue further.

    Meanwhile, Biden & Buttigieg can't officially "cosponsor" any bills since they aren't in the House or Senate, so I had to go with their official plans as laid out on their campaign websites. Klobuchar has cosponsored several bills; her campaign site doesn't specify any one particular bill but the description of it is very similar to several of them as well as being similar to Biden & Buttigieg's proposals.

    Since my earlier version of this analysis, I've simplified not only the list of candidates but also the types of plans--I've cut them down from eight specific bills/plans on the table down to four types of plans, each of which may include more than one specific bill. I've done my best to clarify which candidates either officially support, officially oppose or are open to supporting each. I've also thrown in my own preferred route forward for the heck of it.

    There are technically fourteen different specific bills referenced, although in several cases they're basically just the House and Senate versions of essentially the same bill. These break out into four main categories:

    ACA 2.0:

    ACA 2.0 with a Public Option:

    Universal Coverage WITH a Private Option:

    Universal Coverage with NO Private Option:

    Here's my methodology:

    • The blue fields are the candidates' officially-declared healthcare policy proposals, regardless of any other bills or plans they might be co-sponsors of/etc.
    • The green fields are bills/plans each candidate is a formal co-sponsor of or which they've indicated that they generally support.
    • The yellow fields are bills/plans each candidate might grudgingly support if it becomes clear that this is the bill which is going to come across their desk to sign.
    • The red fields are bills/plans which the candidate has either expressly rejected or now says they oppose (even as a stop-gap) if they used to support it.

    For instance:

    • Elizabeth Warren is also a cosponsor of Sen. Schatz's "State Public Option Act" as well as being the lead sponsor of CHIPA which she just re-introduced this spring...yet she's avoided talkinga about either of them for a good six months now.
    • Sen. Harris also cosponsored both of those bills as well as Sen. Sanders' Medicare for All bill...but she recently split with him on his bill, introducing her own variant which would include a longer transition period and allow for privately-administered Medicare Advantage plans to continue, and so on.

    My larger point is that all of the bills listed below are good, and they'd all represent a significant improvement to existing law.

    The irony of this is that WHATEVER the Big Healthcare Overhaul Bill ends up being (and remember, all of this assumes a blue trifecta, with Democrats retaking the White House and Senate while retaining control of the House), it’s NOT going to end up looking exactly like ANY of the current plans on the table anyway.

    Again, I may be a strong proponent of Medicare for America, but I still recognize that even if that becomes the basis for the final bill, there would no doubt be some changes made before it gets passed by the House, Senate and signed into law by whichever candidate below ends up winning...and that's fine.

    Meanwhile, here's Donald Trump's "healthcare plan":

    • That's it. That's his plan.

    (Yes, technically speaking, the House GOP's "Republican Study Committee" recently came out with their own "replacement plan" for the ACA if it's struck down...but it's basically just the same warmed-over glop they tried to push a couple of years ago in the form of the "Graham-Cassidy" bill, which amounts to a mish-mash of terrible ideas like "block grants", "high risk pools" and the like. Otherwise, that's it.)


    Corruzione, Morra all’attacco: “Quando la politica diventa interesse e mercimonio decade ad attività turpe. E facilmente si fa corrompere”


    La notizia della chiusura indagini a carico dell’ex tesoriere dem, Francesco Bonifazi, e del cassiere della Lega, Giulio Centemero, è stata subito rilanciata dal presidente della Commissione antimafia, Nicola Morra (nella foto). Anzi il senatore grillino, commentando questi fatti che sembrano puntare il dito ancora una volta su rapporti opachi tra imprenditoria e politica, ha…


    L'articolo Corruzione, Morra all’attacco: “Quando la politica diventa interesse e mercimonio decade ad attività turpe. E facilmente si fa corrompere” sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


    Vitalizi, duemila ricorsi che valgono 69 milioni all’anno. Ex deputati ed ex senatori alla carica contro la sforbiciata alle pensioni voluta dai 5 Stelle


    Qualcosa come duemila ricorsi si sono riversati nelle aule degli organi giurisdizionali interni di Camera e Senato. Una valanga di carte bollate firmate dai legali degli ex parlamentari che di vedersi tagliare il vitalizio proprio non vogliono saperne. E così hanno impugnato le delibere approvate dagli Uffici di presidenza di Montecitorio e Palazzo Madama che,…


    L'articolo Vitalizi, duemila ricorsi che valgono 69 milioni all’anno. Ex deputati ed ex senatori alla carica contro la sforbiciata alle pensioni voluta dai 5 Stelle sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


    Il detenuto Formigoni è indigente. E il Senato gli ridà un po’ di vitalizio. Il Celeste sta scontando 5 anni e 10 mesi ai domiciliari. Ma ha riavuto circa 700 euro dell’assegno sospeso


    Mentre la senatrice M5S Elvira Evangelista si dimetteva dalla Commissione contenziosa di Palazzo Madama, dopo la denuncia de La Notizia sul conflitto d’interessi su due giudici della Commissione stessa e Nitto Palma, capo di gabinetto della presidente del Senato Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, bloccando la decisione sul ricorso di 771 ex senatori contro il taglio…


    L'articolo Il detenuto Formigoni è indigente. E il Senato gli ridà un po’ di vitalizio. Il Celeste sta scontando 5 anni e 10 mesi ai domiciliari. Ma ha riavuto circa 700 euro dell’assegno sospeso sembra essere il primo su LA NOTIZIA.


    Sex For Grades: Bill Prohibiting Sexual Harassment Passes Second Reading In Senate

    The Nigerian Senate, on Wednesday, debated on a Bill for an Act to prevent, prohibit and redress sexual harassment of students in tertiary educational institutions and for other matters conn...

    For the first time since 1993, Democrats gain control of the Virginia General Assembly in historic win


    Democrats won decisive majorities in the House of Delegates and state Senate in a historic election that sets Virginia on a new course.

    The wins put Democrats in control of the General Assembly and governor’s office for the first time since 1993.

    And the Democrats of today are a new breed, far more united than in the 1990s on gun control and abortion. They have rallied around the idea of making voting easier and ratifying the Equal Rights amendment.

    Democratic victories in two Senate districts in suburban Richmond and one in Loudoun County gave them at least 21 of the chamber’s 40 seats, while the GOP held narrow leads in two Virginia Beach districts targeted by by million-dollar-plus efforts to flip to blue.

    A new 54-or-more-seat Democratic majority in the House came in part from gains in two House districts on the Peninsula, including the Newport News one where a tie vote and a drawing of a lot gave the GOP a 51-49 majority in 2017. Republicans held slight leads in two Beach seats Democrats had targeted with the final precincts still to count.

    One of Virginia’s top Republicans hung onto his seat, while another lost Tuesday night.

    While Speaker of the House Kirk Cox retained his Richmond suburban seat, the GOP’s lost majority leaves him without the critically important power to name people to committee to direct the course of legislation.

    Meanwhile, House Appropriations Committee chairman Chris Jones, R-Suffolk, was defeated by Democrat Clinton Jenkins in a district federal judges drastically changed to undo the General Assembly’s illegal 2011 gerrymandering.

    Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment Jr., R-James City, was re-elected. But like Cox, he will lose most of his power to steer or block legislation with the new Democratic majority.

    Throughout the election, Democrats sought to tie Republican candidates to President Donald Trump, warning them that a vote for Republicans would mean siding with the gun lobby and reducing access to affordable health care, including birth control.

    After Republicans ended the July special session on gun control called by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam by pushing all the bills to the state Crime Commission, Democrats ran on a promise of passing more strict gun control such as universal background checks, extreme risk protective orders, or “red flag” laws, and bans on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons.

    They also vowed to safeguard Medicaid expansion, pass a higher minimum wage and make Virginia the 38th and final state to ratify the ERA.

    Controlling both bodes means Democrats will also be in control of redistricting for the next decade. An effort this spring to form an independent redistricting commission and take some of the map redrawing power out of legislators’ hands needs the lawmakers’ approval next session and has to pass a ballot referendum next November to become law.

    Stakes were especially high in those districts that earlier this year were deemed racially gerrymandered. The new court-ordered maps made several districts, including a handful in Hampton Roads, more competitive — and often more Democratic.

    In South Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach Republican delegates Barry Knight, Chris Stolle and Glenn Davis were holding onto to narrow leads in their seats. State Sen. Bill DeSteph, R-Virginia Beach, fended off Democratic challenger Missy Cotter Smasal, while Republican Jennifer Kiggans held a modest lead in her bid to succeed retiring state Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach.

    On the Peninsula, Democrat Martha Mugler flipped a reconfigured Hampton and Poquoson 91st House district, after the retirement of one of the most loved General Assembly members, Del. Gordon Helsel, R-Poquoson.

    Democrat Shelly Simonds defeated Del. David Yancey, R-Newport News. He was returned to Richmond after a tie vote in 2017 after he won a lot drawing.

    Democratic victories in the last GOP-held seat in Fairfax County and a race in the Frederickburg suburbs also helped secure the House majority.

    Democrats held on to the 15 House seats they won in the 2017 blue wave election.

    Turnout was higher than expected in the usually sleepy off-off year elections.

    Both parties had help in the last few days of the race from political leaders. Vice President Mike Pence took the stage in Virginia Beach Saturday with several GOP statehouse candidates; Northam criss-crossed Hampton Roads over the weekend.

    Other presidential hopefuls, including former Vice President Joe Biden, stumped in Northern Virginia for candidates.

    House Democrats outraised Republicans by nearly $10 million this election cycle, according to the Virginia Public Access project. On the Senate side, Democrats outraised Republicans by $5 million.

    Results are unofficial until canvassed.


    Watch Live: President Trump Delivers Comments on Federal Judicial Confirmation Milestones


    By R. Mitchell -

    President Donald Trump delivers remarks on the number and quality of Federal Justices his administration and the Republican-led Senate have confirmed during his term. The president is scheduled to speak at 3:00 PM EST. Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without ...

    Watch Live: President Trump Delivers Comments on Federal Judicial Confirmation Milestones is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


    CESENATICO: Operazione antimafia, arrestato un foggiano residente in città

    CESENATICO: Operazione antimafia, arrestato un foggiano residente in città C’è anche un cesenaticense d’adozione tra i 71 arresti disposti dalla direzione distrettuale antimafia in tutta Italia per stanare appartenenti o persone vicine alle cosche di ‘ndrangheta di Volpiano e San Giuliano Canavese. Come riporta il Corriere di Romagna, il 41enne è originario del foggiano ed è stato prelevato da una centralissima piazza della città. È accusato di detenzione illegale di armi, trasferimento fraudolento di valori, impiego di denaro proveniente da delitti e traffico di droga. L’indagine è stata avviata nel 2016 dal nucleo investigativo del comando provinciale dei carabinieri di Torino per ricostruire l’organigramma dell’organizzazione criminale trapiantata nella città metropolitana.

    CESENA: Maltempo, San Piero sott'acqua, allagata anche la E45 | VIDEO

    CESENA: Maltempo, San Piero sott'acqua, allagata anche la E45 | VIDEO La pioggia insistente sta creando diversi problemi in tutto il territorio. In particolare a San Piero in Bagno, nel Cesenate, dove è in corso un vero e proprio allagamento. Queste le immagini che ci sono state mandate da alcuni cittadini che documentano una via del centro della città sommersa dall’acqua e l’uscita dell’E45 trasformata in un'enorme pozzanghera. Il Sindaco Baccini chi ha confermato al telefono la sua preoccupazione e che, in questo momento, è al lavoro con la protezione civile per prendere provvedimenti. Diverse tracimazioni e smottamenti sono avvenuti lungo la statale 71 tra San Piero e Bagno di Romagna  anche se il traffico, pur con qualche difficoltà, non è stato interrotto . Difficoltà per allagamenti in diverse abitazioni causa otturazione delle fognature. SEGUIRANNO AGGIORNAMENTI

    Rep. Tim Whelan Testifies in Support of Highway Litter Act

    Littering fines would increase from $200 to $1,000...
    Hub Category: 
    Main Image: 
    Main Image Credit: 
    Rep. Tim Whelan testifying before the Joint Committee on Transportation Wednesday at the State House. (Courtesy of Rep. Whelan)
    Thumbnail Image: 

    From State Rep. Tim Whelan (R-Brewster):

    I started off this morning testifying in front of the Joint Committee on Transportation in favor of a bill I jointly filed with my friends, Reps. Randy Hunt and Sarah Peake. H.3917 - An act to reduce litter on the highways of the Commonwealth, aims to increase the fine for spillage of trash or a manifested load into the roadway from the current $200 to $1,000 in an effort to gain compliance and keep rubbish where it belongs- on-board the truck.

    This bill has been co-sponsored by 23 colleagues from around the state and has wide support in both major political parties in both the House and Senate. Although it is a brief one sentence in length, click on the link below to read the bill:


    Angry Governor Rips Republicans For Firing His Ag Secretary, Marklein Responds with Statement  

    Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called former Agriculture Secretary Brad Pfaff a man who has dedicated his life to serving and advocating for the state’s farmers.  The Wisconsin Senate voted to fire the member of Evers cabinet Tuesday, making Evers angry.  He called the move “the same political B-S people are sick and tired of.”  Pfaff More >

    Wisconsin Senate Approves 2 Bills To Stiffen Drunken Driving Penalties

    The Wisconsin Senate has approved a pair of bills which will make drunken driving penalties much tougher.  The first would establish a mandatory minimum five-year sentence for homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.  That legislation moves on to Governor Tony Evers’ desk for signing.  The second would triple to minimum prison time for a More >



    1. La notizia è all'attenzione di tutti; anche perché i vari telegiornali ce ne fanno una cronaca quotidiana praticamente no-stop.
    Riassumiamo la vicenda traendo dal sito di Sky-tg24 (che pare, a sua volta, riprendere una scheda compiuta dall'AGI e come tale riportata da Huffington Post):
    "ArcelorMittal vuole lasciare la ex Ilva. La multinazionale anglo-indiana dell’acciaio ha comunicato ai commissari dell'azienda che intende rescindere i contratti. E le cause sono due: i provvedimenti emessi dai giudici di Taranto e soprattutto l'eliminazione della "protezione legale" dal 3 novembre "necessaria alla società per attuare il suo piano ambientale senza il rischio di responsabilità penale, giustificando la comunicazione di recesso". Ma cosa è lo scudo legale, l’immunità penale tolta, indicata da ArcelorMittal tra i "gravi eventi" che hanno contribuito a causare una situazione di "incertezza giuridica e operativa" alla base della sua decisione?

    Cosa è l’immunità penale

    Quella dell'immunità penale è una questione che va avanti da tempo. L'immunità penale concessa a Ilva in amministrazione straordinaria prima e ad ArcelorMittal poi, nasce da una norma del 2015: il decreto legge n.1. L'azienda era entrata da gennaio in amministrazione straordinaria, si era in una fase critica perché erano aperte tutte le conseguenze del sequestro giudiziario dell'area a caldo del 2012. Con questa norma si era voluto di fatto assicurare una protezione legale sia ai gestori dell'azienda (i commissari), che ai futuri acquirenti (l'offerta di gara di ArcelorMittal doveva ancora palesarsi), relativamente all'attuazione del piano ambientale della fabbrica. Evitare, in pratica, che attuando il piano ambientale, normato da un Dpcm del settembre 2017, i commissari o i futuri acquirenti del siderurgico restassero coinvolti in vicissitudini giudiziarie derivanti dal passato, essendo l'inquinamento Ilva un problema di lunga data.

    Il primo stop all’immunità

    Nella primavera del 2019, ad un anno circa dell'insediamento del primo governo Conte, il M5s aveva dichiarato che questa norma sullo scudo era illegittima e andava abrogata perché si sarebbe trattato di un privilegio concesso ad ArcelorMittal. Nei mesi successivi, con il decreto legge Crescita, viene quindi deciso uno stop all’immunità. "L'ipotizzato intervento abrogativo - si legge nella relazione tecnica che accompagnava il dl - mira a riconsiderare la natura delle prescrizioni poste dal piano ambientale, che vengono ora qualificate come le migliori regole preventive in materia esclusivamente ambientale e non, anche, in materia di tutela della salute e dell'incolumità pubblica e di sicurezza sul lavoro. In aggiunta, si specifica che le condotte connesse all'attuazione del piano ambientale, perché non diano luogo a responsabilità, è necessario siano poste in essere nel rispetto di termini e modalità previsti dal piano ambientale medesimo, nella versione risultante a seguito del Dpcm 29 settembre 2017".  "L'intento - si spiega ancora - è quello di delimitare temporalmente l'applicabilità della disciplina per quanto attiene all'affittuario o acquirente e ai soggetti funzionalmente da questi delegati".

    La reazione di ArcelorMittal

    ArcelorMittal ha accolto negativamente l'abrogazione della norma. Luigi Di Maio, allora ministro dello Sviluppo economico, cercò di assicurare l'azienda e disse che se ve avesse rispettato gli accordi e attuato il piano ambientale nei modi e nei tempi stabiliti, non avrebbe dovuto temere nulla. ArcelorMittal però rilanciò: senza immunità, andiamo via da Taranto il 6 settembre. A sostegno di ArcelorMittal, anche sindacati, Confindustria e Federmeccanica, per i quali non si possono mutare in corsa le regole. Con il successivo decreto legge Imprese c’è stata una correzione di rotta. Di Maio ha incontrato l'azienda per un confronto di merito e in estate l'immunità, col nuovo provvedimento, viene ripristinata con una diversa formulazione ed un perimetro applicativo più circoscritto. Vale sempre per il piano ambientale ma è a scadenza progressiva. In sostanza, "copre" gli impianti da mettere a norma per il periodo di tempo strettamente necessario ai lavori come da crono-programma.

    Il nuovo stop allo scudo penale

    ArcelorMittal sembra rassicurata dalla nuova disposizione e annuncia che resterà a Taranto. Nel mentre però, ad ottobre è arrivata alla Corte Costituzionale l'impugnazione di costituzionalità fatta sul decreto del 2015 dal gip di Taranto. Secondo il giudice quella norma è anticostituzionale. I giudici della Consulta gli rinviano gli atti chiedendogli di rivalutare, alla luce del modificato quadro legislativo, d.l. "Crescita" e d.l. "Imprese", se il nodo di costituzionalità sussiste ancora. Il gip si era infatti appellato alla Consulta a febbraio scorso, prima dei due dl. 
    Il decreto legge Imprese trova intanto uno scoglio in Senato, dove approda in primo esame. Alcuni senatori M5S, tra cui l'ex ministro Lezzi, bloccano la reintroduzione dell’immunità, anche se modificata, e ottengono con un emendamento l'abrogazione dell'articolo specifico. Il testo del dl passa quindi senza immunità penale sia in commissione al Senato, che in aula al Senato e infine alla Camera.

    La situazione precipita

    ArcelorMittal fa filtrare al governo che senza immunità la situazione si fa insostenibile. L’esecutivo allora, prima richiama l'articolo 51 del Codice penale, che stabilisce la non perseguibilità per chiunque adempia un dovere o un obbligo stabilito dalla legge (e col Dpcm del 2017 il piano ambientale dell'acciaieria lo è), dicendo che già questa è una garanzia sufficiente. 
    In seguito, il governo, incontrando il nuovo Ad di ArcelorMittal, Lucia Morselli, non esclude una nuova norma di carattere generale e non specifica per l'ex Ilva, che chiarisca e rafforzi i contenuti dell'articolo 51 del Codice penale a ulteriori garanzia e rassicurazione per l'investitore. Ma questa promessa non è bastata e si è così arrivati all’annuncio di ArcelorMittal della rescissione del contratto, con la restituzione dell’azienda all'amministrazione straordinaria, perché l'aver tolto l'immunità ha modificato il complessivo quadro di regole all'interno del quale l'azienda è stata acquisita.

    2. Va aggiunta un'ulteriore argomentazione che il governo si appresterebbe ad usare nel negoziato con ArcelorMittal. Come riporta Il Messaggero:
    "...l'allarme arriva a Palazzo Chigi, dove il premier Giuseppe Conte passa al contrattacco, mettendo in campo una duplice strategia: una battaglia senza esclusione di colpi a ArcelorMittal e, parallelamente, la ricerca di una via alternativa per salvare lo stabilimento. "Il problema è che l'azienda vuole andarsene perché perde 2,5 milioni di euro al giorno".
    «Vuole almeno 5mila esuberi», sbottano fonti del governo vicine al dossier a tarda sera, inquadrando quello che, a loro parere, è il reale pomo della discordia: «ArcelorMittal non ce la fa a mantenere la produzione richiesta e, approfittando di un quadro politico incerto ha preso l'assenza dello scudo penale come alibi per andar via». 

    A torto o a ragione, tuttavia, la situazione di incertezza giuridica e operativa, richiamata dalla lettera dell'acquirente (per ora affittuario in attesa del problematico completamento delle operazioni di bonifica quantomeno sugli altiforni), sussiste, così come, in effetti, la clausola contrattuale inter partes che prevede che "nel caso un provvedimento legislativo sopravvenuto incida sul piano ambientale in modo da rendere impossibile la sua gestione e l'attuazione del piano industriale, la Società ha diritto contrattuale di recedere dallo stesso Contratto".
    Una questione di tale portata economico-industriale è certamente contendibile, anche di fronte a una clausola  come quella ora richiamata (di "nominale" recesso - unilaterale ad nutum, art.1373 c.c., che pare qualificabile, più esattamente, una "clausola risolutiva espressa" per inadempimento attribuibile, in senso lato, alla controparte pubblica; cfr; art.1456 c.c.).
    Ma un lungo contenzioso civile, esperibile (ove non via siano clausole arbitrali che coprano tale ipotesi di reciproca contestazione) davanti al giudice ordinario (si deve supporre), avrebbe tempi, anzitutto, e sviluppi potenzialmente esiziali per la prosecuzione dell'attività, la sorte dell'acciaio in Italia e, più in generale, dell'intero ampio settore industriale direttamente o indirettamente coinvolto.

    3. La crisi ILVA è ormai un "simbolo" riassuntivo, e per la verità protrattosi da fin troppi anni, di una congiuntura di de-industrializzazione che è stata gestita senza avere un disegno e una visione del sistema-Paese, cioè circa le realistiche prospettive, industriali e occupazionali, che possano ancora rendere vitale un'economia a consolidata e forte vocazione manifatturiera. 
    La piena liceità di un bilanciamento di valori costituzionali in gioco, - cioè da una parte, quello alla prosecuzione di un'attività di impresa a carattere "strategico" e alla tutela dei livelli occupazionali (artt. 41 e 4 Cost.), e dall'altra, "le esigenze di tutela della salute, sicurezza e incolumità dei lavoratori, a fronte di situazioni che espongono questi ultimi a rischio della stessa vita", è stata affermata dalla Corte costituzionale nella sentenza n.85 del 2013 e ribadita nella sentenza, sempre in tema "ILVA", n.58 del 2018 (pronunciata su una rimessione risalente al 14 luglio 2015, ma "registrata" come n.67 del 2017).

    4. A questo quadro, aggiungeremmo alcune osservazioni aggiuntive su profili che appaiono non ben (o non "ancora") emersi nell'ampio dibattito politico-mediatico.
    Premettiamo il testo dell'art.51 del codice penale:
    Articolo 51.
    Esercizio di un diritto o adempimento di un dovere. L’esercizio di un diritto o l’adempimento di un dovere imposto da una norma giuridica o da un ordine legittimo della pubblica Autorità, esclude la punibilità.
    Se un fatto costituente reato è commesso per ordine dell’Autorità, del reato risponde il pubblico ufficiale che ha dato l’ordine.
    Risponde del reato altresì chi ha eseguito l’ordine, salvo che, per errore di fatto, abbia ritenuto di obbedire a un ordine legittimo.

    Non è punibile chi esegue l’ordine illegittimo, quando la legge non gli consente alcun sindacato sulla legittimità dell’ordine.

    a) una soluzione riveniente da una modifica "mirata" dell'art.51 c.p. può risultare corretta e stabilmente adeguata;
    b) e può esserlo, - ferma l'attesa di una nuova pronuncia chiarificatrice della Corte in seguito alla "ulteriore" ordinanza di rimessione del febbraio 2019 -, come opportuna soluzione sistemica; cioè non limitata alla sola situazione dell'ILVA. 
    Ma ciò presuppone un'accettazione dell'idea stessa di una piena legittimità del bilanciamento dei suddetti valori costituzionali in gioco (ove, ovviamente, quello della salute dei lavoratori non è sacrificabile, e va garantito in un quadro di certezze, su modalità e tempi, specificate da una disciplina positiva speciale, in sé proporzionata e ragionevole, rispetto all'obiettivo di consentire la prosecuzione dell'attività di impresa). 
    Ma, per converso, un'idea trascendente della tutela ambientale che, cioè, prevalga incondizionatamente su ogni altro valore costituzionale, e non "tolleri" alcun contemperamento, non è conforme alla concezione organica dei principi fondamentali di una Repubblica fondata sul lavoro (art.1). E per motivi del tutto ovvi e palesi. 
    c) E conforme ai principi costituzionali inderogabili, non lo sarebbe, questa idea trascendente, neppure se si modificasse la Costituzione introducendo una simile concezione irriducibile dell'autonoma tutela ambientale: questo perché la Costituzione primigenia è fonte superiore e intangibile, in quanto derivante dall'originario Potere Costituente, e perciò prevale sul potere costituente derivato che non è abilitato a intaccare il novero dei principi fondamentali (qui, p.4)
    Specialmente se la formulazione della modifica costituzionale fosse enfatica, e quindi priva di precettività in senso tecnico-giuridico, in quanto si ponesse obiettivi di tutela che trascendono la stessa disponibilità degli interessi da parte del legislatore costituente nazionale; questi, esercita un potere sovrano statuale e può disporre solo degli interessi sociali e comunitari rientranti nella sua "giurisdizione territoriale" e non può ovviamente né vincolare cittadini di altri ordinamenti, soggetti ad altrui sovranità territoriali, né vincolare i cittadini italiani ad obiettivi che dipendano, essenzialmente, da comportamenti di soggetti appartenenti ad altri Stati sovrani.
    5. Tornando alla soluzione "scriminante" di una modifica dell'art.51 c.p., vanno quindi svolte alcune considerazioni realistiche, perché è il principio di "realtà" - possibilmente misurata mediante indicatori univoci e attendibili -, circa le esigenze sociali concorrenti, che dovrebbe guidare il legislatore; e non la realtà immaginata in base a un senso comune creato mediaticamente, da fonti non rigorosamente scientifiche e che non siano sotto il controllo imparziale di autorità pubbliche legittimate dalla investitura democratica.
    Preliminarmente, occorre dunque considerare che, oggi in Italia, l'investimento greenfield risulta un caso eccezionale, quasi "limite". Prevalentemente, l'ipotesi che si dà (nella realtà misurabile in modo imparziale sotto la responsabilità dell'autorità pubblica democraticamente preposta), è quella di riconversione o "rilancio" di impianti o di siti già esistenti, e attualmente o potenzialmente già operativi (c.d. investimento brownfield);
    Questa realtà ha una ragione ben precisa, storico-economica: il raggiungimento di un'alta congestione, nella dimensione territoriale, in un Paese che si è sviluppato (per necessità funzionale) attraverso una spiccata vocazione manifatturiera e trasformativa, ma che dispone di un'estensione territoriale insediativa "utile" oggettivamente limitata: ciò per notoria conformazione geografica ma anche per via degli standard ambientali e paesaggistici che si sono progressivamente elevati a livelli di leadership (positivo-normativa) nella stessa sede Ue (v. qui, pag.65);
    La incertezza giuridica, di cui si visto sopra, - legata alla diversa sensibilità, tra giudici di merito e la Corte costituzionale, circa la fattibilità di un "bilanciamento" degli interessi in gioco -, ha un riflesso profondo, in una situazione economico-industriale quale quella instauratasi in Italia a seguito del vincolo esterno monetario, cioè della costrizione deflazionista e iper-competitiva che, in forza di un'accentuazione della gerarchizzazione e specializzazione per "vantaggi comparati", (qui, p.2) ha disattivato e ristretto buona parte della base industriale nazionale preesistente.  
    In sostanza, tale incertezza, conseguendo a un propensione privilegiata, (allo stato stricto jure), alla "presunzione di pericolo" (principio legale di precauzione, certamente importante e lodevole), asseverata tuttavia attraverso una forte discrezionalità tecnica, tende a ridurre e, in proiezione, ad azzerare i valori economici del complesso di impianti e "siti" produttivi da riconvertire e recuperare all'efficienza, rendendo, di fatto, irrealizzabile tale obiettivo
    Un obiettivo che, allo stato, ha una funzione di "ultima istanza", nel preservare un certo livello ormai divenuto "minimo" di capacità industriale e di livelli occupazionali. Nel caso dell'ILVA basta constatare i dati, relativi al PIL e all'occupazione forniti da questo articolo di Gianfranco Viestie, più ancora, l'importanza dell'acciaio sull'intera filiera e sui costi del rimanente settore della meccanica, così come della cantieristica
    6. Fornito questo quadro, certamente composito, di criticità sistemiche, ipotizziamo alcune condizioni di successo legate ad una potenziale modifica dell'art.51 del codice penale. 
    E ciò supponendo che i criteri della parallela, e cumulativa, responsabilità civile per danno ambientale, siano incisi anch'essi dalla prefigurazione di un'assenza dell'elemento soggettivo che, in una tale scriminante, si estenderebbe anche alla colpa e, più in generale, anche alla imputabilità in senso "oggettivo", di comportamenti che, per tempi e modalità legali concretamente rispettati, fossero conformi alle prescrizioni della pubblica autorità.
    La prima condizione di successo è di sistematica costituzionale: il bilanciamento dell'interesse ambientale, nella sua prima accezione legittimante che è la tutela della salute umana, con quello sociale-occupazionale, dovrebbe trovare un chiarimento definitivo nella giurisprudenza della Corte costituzionale.
    Ma la stessa Corte costituzionale si trova in una duplice condizione; una attuale: cioè il dover esaminare legislazioni speciali che si succedono a distanza di pochi anni e, ormai, di pochi mesi, non perfettamente coerenti tra loro; l'altra potenziale e conseguente alla prima: il prevedibile doversi comunque pronunciare sulla stessa (auspicabile) modifica mirata dell'art.51 c.p
    Ciò induce a ritenere, ancora una volta, opportuno che la stessa Corte sia investibile in tempi rapidi e con immediatezza, su questioni della massima importanza per la vita sociale ed economica di un Paese "allo stremo", prevedendo un accesso diretto da parte di una serie di pubbliche istituzioni, quali, abbiamo visto, una componente qualificata del parlamento (non maggioritaria) e lo stesso Presidente della Repubblica, ovvero, da parte di una regione principalmente interessatae non per la via del conflitto tra Poteri dello Stato o Stato-Regioni, ma per ricercare preventivamente un equilibrio razionale nel governo della rispettiva comunità sociale.
    Questa esigenza di accesso immediato alla Corte da parte di legittimati individuati nelle istituzioni costituzionali, si conferma come uno degli elementi decisivi per la preservazione della legalità costituzionale, di fronte ad ogni tipo di decisione politica e di interessi confliggenti che emergono, praticamente ogni giorno, dalle fonti di diritto europeo, quand'anche, siano manifestazioni di soft law non esattamente circoscrivibile nei suoi effetti, molto concreti, sulla vita dei cittadini e dei lavoratori italiani.


    Nie będzie powtórnego liczenia głosów. Stanisław Gawłowski senatorem z naszego okręgu

    Znamy już wyrok Sądu Najwyższego dotyczący sygnalizowanej wcześniej, ewentualnej powtórki liczenia głosów w okręgu nr 100, czyli obejmującego nasz region (Powiaty Koszaliński, Sławieński i Szczecinecki oraz miasto Koszalin). Decyzją sędziów, podjętą na posiedzeniu niejawnym, wniosek złożony przez Prawo i Sprawiedliwość został uznany za bezzasadny. Tym samym potwierdzono, że uzyskany w naszym okręgu wyborczym mandat senatora należy do Stanisława Gawłowskiego.

    FiercePharmaPolitics⁠—Lawmakers, Americans weigh merits of House and Senate pricing bills

    While Democrats debate House speaker Nancy Pelosi's pricing plan, the White House is focused elsewhere, a spokesman said. The president previously said he supported negotiations and that it was "great to see" Pelosi's plan, but now the administration is focused on a rival bill in the Senate.

    Lindsey Graham's latest defense of Trump is that his policy is too 'incoherent' to do a quid pro quo with Ukraine


    Lindsey Graham

    • GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham on Wednesday suggested that President Donald Trump's policy toward Ukraine is so "incoherent" that he's "incapable" of engaging in a quid pro quo in his dealings with the country. 
    • "What I can tell you about the Trump policy toward Ukraine: It was incoherent. It depends on who you talk to; they seem to be incapable of forming a quid pro quo," Graham told reporters on Wednesday.
    • Graham has shifted in his defense of the president several times as the impeachment inquiry has ramped up. 
    • In September, Graham said evidence of a quid pro quo involving the president and Ukraine did "not exist."
    • After evidence emerged that a quid pro quo did occur in Trump's relations with Ukraine, Graham on Tuesday refused to look at it.
    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham continues to find novel ways of defending President Donald Trump as the impeachment inquiry ramps up.

    Graham's latest defense of Trump is that his policy toward Ukraine is so "incoherent" that he's "incapable" of orchestrating a quid pro quo in his relations with the country.

    "What I can tell you about the Trump policy toward Ukraine: It was incoherent. It depends on who you talk to; they seem to be incapable of forming a quid pro quo," Graham told reporters on Wednesday.

    The South Carolina senator on Tuesday said he refused to read transcripts from the testimony of current and former diplomats that were released by House investigators.

    One of the diplomats — US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland — in revised testimony corroborated the existence of an explicit quid pro quo involving frozen US military aid to Ukraine and Trump's desire for certain investigations, including an inquiry into former Vice President Joe Biden.  

    Graham on Tuesday dismissed Sondland's reversal, telling a CBS News reporter: "I've written this whole process off ... I think this is a bunch of BS."

    The senator had previously said there was no evidence of a quid pro quo involving the president. 

    On Wednesday, Graham continued to criticize the impeachment-inquiry process, which is being led by House Democrats, as he offered his new defense of Trump. 


    "I find the whole process to be a sham, and I'm not going to legitimize it," Graham said on Wednesday, going on to call the whole process a "crock."

    Graham added: "This whole theory of impeachment, the process is illegitimate, is outside the norm, this substance I find unpersuasive."

    The Republican senator, who's the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also echoed controversial calls from Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and his colleague Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky for the name of the whistleblower who filed the complaint that sparked the inquiry to be publicly released. 

    "Yes, it should be made public," Graham said, according to CNN. "The whistleblower's claims cannot be used as a basis for criminal accusations, cannot be used the basis for impeachment based on anonymity."

    Graham, who was one of Trump's sharpest critics during the 2016 campaign season, has developed a reputation as one of the president's closest allies in Congress. He rarely goes against Trump, though he did briefly break from this trend last month to excoriate the president's decision to abandon US-allied Kurdish forces in Syria.

    Lindsey Graham said a month ago there was no evidence of a quid pro quo. Now he's refusing to look at the evidence that shows there was.

    SEE ALSO: Lindsey Graham said a month ago there was no evidence of a quid pro quo. Now he's refusing to look at the evidence that shows there was.

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    NOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hope


    Trump-world is still determined to out the Ukraine whistleblower, but it’s too late for it to matter


    Donald Trump Rand Paul

    • President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress continue to focus on outing the whistleblower who filed a complaint that led to the impeachment inquiry.
    • Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the alleged name of the whistleblower on Wednesday, and Sen. Rand Paul has said he will "probably" say the name publicly.
    • But the whistleblower's identity is not relevant. The impeachment inquiry has gathered evidence that corroborates the whistleblower complaint and goes well beyond it.
    • If Trump and other Republicans' hope is that they'll discredit the allegations against the president by revealing the whistleblower as a partisan actor, of which there's no evidence, they're too late.
    • "The whistleblower is not the story and the whistleblower's background is no longer relevant. All that matters is the full and complete record outlining the president's actions," a legal expert told Insider.
    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    President Donald Trump and his GOP allies have relentlessly sought to unmask the anonymous US intelligence official behind the whistleblower complaint that sparked the impeachment inquiry, despite the fact that it's irrelevant at this point.

    Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the alleged name of the whistleblower on Wednesday, and was excoriated by the whistleblower's legal representation as a consequence.

    GOP Sen. Rand Paul last Thursday shared an article via Twitter with unconfirmed details about who the whistleblower is and called for the whistleblower to be subpoenaed to testify under oath about "Hunter Biden and corruption."

    Paul hasn't stopped in these efforts in the days since, and alongside Trump at a campaign rally in Kentucky on Monday called on the media to print the alleged name of the anonymous whistleblower. On Tuesday, Paul told reporters he would "probably" out the whistleblower himself.

    "I'm more than willing to and I probably will at some point," Paul said. "There is no law preventing anybody from saying the name."

    But naming anyone as the whistleblower, whether true or not, could place that person in serious danger. And the public disclosure of the whistleblower's identity would not undermine the mounting slew of damning evidence against the president.

    The whistleblower complaint has been corroborated by multiple witnesses in testimony to House lawmakers, and some of its details have been publicly confirmed by the president even as he's referred to the complaint as "fictitious." 

    The House took a historic step last Thursday in passing a resolution that formalized the impeachment inquiry and signaled the process will begin to transition into a more public phase. Republicans have for weeks complained about the process and the closed-door interviews with witnesses, and they're now gradually shifting into focusing more on the whistleblower's identity as they struggle to defend the president against the substance of the inquiry

    But if Trump and other Republicans' hope is that they'll discredit the allegations against the president by revealing the whistleblower as a partisan actor — they're too late.

    'The reality is that the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant'

    President Donald Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Oct. 21, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

    With the trove of information that's been gathered as the Ukraine scandal has gained speed, the impeachment inquiry has gone well beyond the complaint that catalyzed it. At this point, the whistleblower's part in this escalating political drama has largely been played out. 

    As the whistleblower's lawyers — Andrew P. Bakaj and Mark S. Zaid — put it in an op-ed for The Washington Post last week: "As each allegation in the complaint is substantiated by new witnesses, the president and his supporters remain fanatically devoted to bringing our client into the spotlight. But the reality is that the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant."

    Bakaj and Zaid added that much of what's been disclosed since the complaint was released in late September "actually exceeds the whistleblower's knowledge of what transpired at the time the complaint was submitted." The attorneys said their client has "no additional information" and therefore there's "no justification for exposing their identity and all the risks that would follow."

    Bakaj and Zaid reiterated they've notified both the House and Senate intelligence committees that the whistleblower is willing to answer questions in writing and under oath.

    The evidence against Trump is damning, but Republicans aren't done defending him

    The whistleblower complaint centers around a July 25 phone call in which Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, in relation to the latter's work for a Ukrainian natural gas company. There's no evidence of illegal activity on the part of either Biden.

    Trump and his allies have dismissed the complaint as hearsay, given it was based off second-hand information. But a memo willingly released by the White House confirms that Trump pressured Zelensky in this way, and Trump has publicly admitted it. And a top national security aide who was on the July 25 call, Iraq War veteran Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, testified to House lawmakers that he was so alarmed by what transpired he repeatedly expressed concern with his superiors.

    Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a military officer at the National Security Council, center, arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019, to appear before a House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Committee on Oversight and Reform joint interview with the transcript to be part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

    Additionally, multiple witnesses have provided testimony to House lawmakers that's corroborated the existence of some form of a quid pro quo involving roughly $400 million in military aid in Trump's efforts to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. These witnesses include current and former members of the Trump administration, as well as decorated US military veterans and career diplomats.

    Evidence of a quid pro quo has also come via a trove of text messages provided to the House by Trump's former special envoy for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, and public statements from acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney (though he later walked back on those remarks). 

    But none of these factors have stopped Republicans from speculating about the identity of the whistleblower and pushing for public testimony.

    Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, a close ally of Trump, last Tuesday indicated that he has questions about the whistleblower's motives. Jordan told reporters: "It's tough to determine someone's credibility if you can't put them under oath and ask them questions."

    The same day, Trump once again tweeted: "Where's The Whistleblower?" The president has repeatedly tweeted about this, and on Monday demanded that the the whistleblower be "brought forward to testify."

    Trump, who never did an in-person interview as part of the Russia investigation and only submitted written answers, also rejected the offer for written testimony from the whistleblower. 

    'The whistleblower is not the story'

    Bradley P. Moss, a national security lawyer and partner at Zaid's law firm, on Friday told Insider these efforts from Republicans are an "irresponsible political deflection" and "beneath the dignity of the offices these lawmakers hold."

    Moss added: "The whistleblower is not the story and the whistleblower's background is no longer relevant. All that matters is the full and complete record outlining the president's actions, and specifically whether that conduct merits invocation of the constitutional remedy of impeachment or not."

    Congressional Democrats have also raised alarm and slammed Republicans for seeking to out the whistleblower. 

    Last week, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell told reporters: "We have a long-standing concern that the president and his allies in Congress aren't interested in the underlying act but are interested in risking the life of the whistleblower."

    SEE ALSO: These are the key players you need to know to make sense of the Trump impeachment inquiry

    DON'T MISS: Transcript of Bill Taylor’s testimony underscores extreme lengths Trump went to in urging Ukraine to investigate Bidens

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    NOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hope


    Muslim women and refugees won historic victories across the US in Tuesday's elections


    Ghazala Hashmi

    The 2018 midterm elections saw voters elect a record number of women to the House of Representatives, with a number of individual candidates achieving historic firsts with their victories.

    That trend continued in many ways on Tuesday, as women and minorities — including Muslim women and refugees — won historic victories in state and local elections across the country. 

    These victories come after a summer in which President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked women of color serving in Congress, including those who won historic victories last year. Trump's rhetoric toward Muslims and on racial issues has long been controversial and even ventured into outright racism.

    • Democrat Ghazala Hashmi became the first Muslim woman elected to the Virginia state Senate. She unseated Virginia state Sen. Glen Sturtevant. 
    • Democrat Abrar Omeish, 24, joined Hashmi as one of the first Muslim women to hold elected office in Virginia's history by winning her race for one of three vacant seats on the Fairfax County School Board. She's also the youngest woman in the state's history to hold elected office. 
    • Virginia's General Assembly also now has the highest number of women in the history of the state. Women will hold 41 out of 140 seats in Virginia's state legislature. 
    • Nadia Mohamad, 23, became the first Muslim woman and first Somali-American elected to the city council in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. She fled conflict in Somalia as a young girl. 
    • Democrat Safiya Khalid, 23, who came to the US as a refugee from Somalia, became the first Somali-American elected to the Lewiston City Council in Lewistown, Maine. 
    • Democrat Chol Majok became the first refugee elected to public office in Syracuse, New York. Majok, 34, ran unchallenged to win Syracuse's 3rd District Common Council seat.
    • Voters in Boston ushered in a historic level of diversity on Tuesday. Boston's city council will have a female majority for the first time in its history (eight out of 13 members), and more minorities than ever (seven out of thirteen members). 
    • Monique Owens became the first black person ever to be elected mayor of Eastpointe, Michigan.
    • Republican Daniel Cameron became the first black person to be elected as attorney general of Kentucky. He's a former legal counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  

    SEE ALSO: Diversity wins: All the people who made history in the 2018 midterm elections

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    NOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hope


    Wall Street billionaires have been attacking Elizabeth Warren. Here's a roundup of the finance titans who have called out the senator in recent weeks.


    Elizabeth Warren

    • From Wall Street CEOs to hedge fund billionaires, titans of the finance industry have been calling out Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. 
    • Warren's critics have mostly taken issue with her wealth tax policy and regulatory proposals.
    • Here's a list of what Wall Street big shots have said, from calling out the senator over her characterization of the wealthy, to warning of a sell-off in the stock market if she were elected.
    • Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories.

    Some of the finance industry's most influential figures have taken issue with Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's proposal to tax the ultra-rich.

    Several of Warren's critics on Wall Street have said they have no problem with paying more in taxes, but that it's a flawed approach to structure it based on net worth.

    The senator's policy would include a 2% tax on families with a net worth of $50 million to $1 billion and a 3% tax on households worth north of that. Taxes are typically deducted from net income, as opposed to net worth, which includes the total value of a person's assets. 

    Warren has consistently called for the wealthy to contribute more in taxes to help fund government programs for health care and education. She's also called out several of her Wall Street critics on Twitter suggesting they should chip in more to help others. 

    Analysts are also growing more concerned about how certain industries such as insurance and energy would fare under a Warren administration's regulatory policies. The presidential hopeful has called for greater advancements in federal health insurance and a ban on fracking. 

    Here are the finance industry titans that are sounding the alarm on a Warren presidency: 

    Leon Cooperman: "I feel she's taking the country down a very wrong path."

    Omega Advisors Leon Cooperman has been engaged in an ongoing quarrel with Warren over her proposed wealth tax. Cooperman has called the policy "baloney" and a "bankrupt concept."

    The spat culminated last week when Cooperman sent a five-page letter to the senator debating her policy positions. 

    "I feel she's taking the country down a very wrong path," Cooperman said during an interview on CNBC Monday.  

    Marc Lasry: 'If Warren is president, I think you are going to see a real slowdown.'

    Marc Lasry, the founder of Avenue Capital and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, said at the Greenwich Economic Forum that if Warren becomes the nominee the best bet would be to short the market. 

    "If Warren is president, I think you are going to see a real slowdown," Lasry said. "I think consumer spending will slowdown."


    Paul Tudor Jones: "Our polls said if Elizabeth Warren was elected the S&P would trade around 2,250."

    Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones reiterated his earlier call on Tuesday at the Greenwich Economic Forum that he expects the S&P 500 would fall 25% if Warren wins the election. 

    "Our polls said if Elizabeth was elected the S&P would trade around 2,250. Her policies would, assuming they were implemented, probably give you something like that," Jones said at the conference, according to CNBC.

    The S&P 500 is currently trading at about 3,075, around a 26% premium from Jones's projection under a Warren presidency. 

    Jamie Dimon: "Some would say she vilifies successful people. I don't like vilifying anybody."

    JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon addressed Warren's characterization of the wealthy in an interview with CNBC Tuesday.

    "She uses some pretty harsh words," Dimon said. "Some would say she vilifies successful people. I don't like vilifying anybody. I think we should applaud successful people."


    A Trump Judicial Nominee Was Moved To Tears After A Liberal Interest Group Accused Him Of Bigotry


    By Kevin Daley -

    Lawrence VanDyke, one of President Donald Trump’s nominees for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, was overcome with emotion before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday as he defended himself against charges that he would treat LGBT litigants unfairly. The American Bar Association (ABA) issued a scathing review of ...

    A Trump Judicial Nominee Was Moved To Tears After A Liberal Interest Group Accused Him Of Bigotry is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


    This Trump Appeals Court Nominee Is Under Attack From The Right And The Left


    By Kevin Daley -

    A coalition of civil rights groups is urging senators to oppose the confirmation of U.S. District Judge Halil Suleyman “Sul” Ozerden to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, adding further complications for an embattled nominee. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR) sent a letter to lawmakers ...

    This Trump Appeals Court Nominee Is Under Attack From The Right And The Left is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


    Grassley Seeks Update After Referring Avenatti, Swetnick To Justice Department For Kavanaugh Claims


    By Kevin Daley -

    GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa asked the Department of Justice and the FBI Tuesday for an update on the criminal referrals he submitted against witnesses who made potentially false accusations of sexual misconduct against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The Senate Judiciary Committee asked the Justice Department to pursue criminal investigations ...

    Grassley Seeks Update After Referring Avenatti, Swetnick To Justice Department For Kavanaugh Claims is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


    Democrats Want To Tie One Of Trump’s Judicial Picks To The Impeachment Inquiry


    By Kevin Daley -

    Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are pressing a judicial nominee about his possible connection to President Donald Trump’s July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, which is now at the center of an impeachment inquiry. The nominee, Steven Menashi, is a White House lawyer and nominee for the ...

    Democrats Want To Tie One Of Trump’s Judicial Picks To The Impeachment Inquiry is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


    The Next Generation: Eugene Scalia Confirmed As Labor Secretary


    By Kevin Daley -

    The Senate confirmed Eugene Scalia, a corporate litigator and son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, as labor secretary Thursday afternoon. Scalia will succeed former Secretary Alex Acosta, who resigned on July 12 amid renewed criticism of a non-prosecution agreement he negotiated with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. ...

    The Next Generation: Eugene Scalia Confirmed As Labor Secretary is original content from Conservative Daily News - Where Americans go for news, current events and commentary they can trust - Conservative News Website for U.S. News, Political Cartoons and more.


    Sessions, ex-attorney general forced out by Trump, plans to run for former Senate seat in Alabama

    mitchellrepublic - The wild card in the race will be Trump and whether he will weigh in against his former attorney general and in favor of other Republicans who have already announced their candidacies.

    'A disaster': Impeachment could sideline senators in 2020 presidential campaign

    An impeachment trial could keep Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other senators running for president stuck in Washington in the final weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

    Colbert Taunts Lindsey Graham With '3 Little Words' About Donald Trump

    The "Late Show" host hits the South Carolina senator with the evidence he's trying to avoid.

    Graham on 'BS' impeachment inquiry: Testimony won't change my mind, because I won't read it


    Graham on 'BS' impeachment inquiry: Testimony won't change my mind, because I won't read itTwo weeks ago, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said he was open to hearing evidence of a quid pro quo in the Trump impeachment inquiry. Now he is refusing to consider the mounting evidence against the president.


    Trump Boasts of GOP Success Confirming His Judicial Nominees


    Trump Boasts of GOP Success Confirming His Judicial Nominees(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump celebrated Republicans’ record on confirming federal judges on Wednesday, saying his administration has done better than any other in terms of “quality and quantity” of judges appointed to the bench.“We have a lot of great warriors in our party,” Trump said during an event at the White House, calling out Republican senators who have helped move the nominations through.The president’s comments came as the U.S. Senate is set to confirm Trump’s 45th circuit judge this week. With that vote, he will have appointed about a quarter of all appeals court judges.Trump has won confirmation of a total of 158 federal judicial nominees, including Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. The president, who on Wednesday named 10 additional judges he intends to nominate, is likely to see more win approval this year than during the first two years of his presidency combined.The pace of confirmation far exceeds those of his immediate predecessors, a fact that Trump routinely notes in public comments. The GOP’s Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has leveraged his party’s control of the chamber to flood the federal courts with Trump’s picks.The appointments have led to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals -- which hears cases from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware -- flipping from a majority of judges appointed by Democratic presidents to a majority appointed by Republicans. By the end of the year, similar changes are likely in the Second Circuit, which includes New York, Connecticut and Vermont, and the Eleventh Circuit, which covers Alabama, Florida and Georgia.During President Barack Obama’s second term, McConnell held up nominees -- including a Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia death in 2016 -- leaving 86 district court vacancies and 17 circuit court vacancies for Trump to fill. Trump has repeatedly mocked Obama for leaving the positions unfilled.McConnell has tweaked Senate rules to expedite the confirmation of conservative jurists. In 2017, the GOP lowered the threshold for Supreme Court nominees to 51 votes from 60, and in April the GOP cut debate time for district court judges from 30 hours to just two.The majority leader has also benefited from a rule change under former Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid, who unilaterally reduced the number of votes needed to advance appellate and district court nominees to 51 votes instead of 60.“Nobody has done more to change the court system in the history of our country than Donald Trump,” McConnell said Monday at a rally in his home state of Kentucky with the president. “And Mr. President, we’re going to keep on doing it. My motto is: Leave no vacancy behind.”Democrats have complained that the rule changes have given the courts a far-right tilt, and some of the party’s presidential candidates have proposed expanding the number of justices on the Supreme Court if elected president.Senator Jeff Merkley, an Oregon Democrat, called efforts by McConnell and Trump to reshape the federal judiciary an “evisceration” of the Constitution.“It’s not for ordinary Americans, it’s for the rich and powerful, and we have to find a way to stop them,” Merkley told MSNBC on Monday. “And that’s going to be the elections next year.”\--With assistance from Laura Litvan.To contact the reporters on this story: Justin Sink in Washington at;Josh Wingrove in Washington at jwingrove4@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Alex Wayne at, Justin Blum, Joshua GalluFor more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.


    AKCIJA Šachmatai šaškės nardai Senator Lux 3in1 41x41cm

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    AKCIJA Šachmatai šaškės nardai Senator Lux 3in1 41x41cm

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    GOP complaint takes sports radio host and potential Mitch McConnell challenger Matt Jones off air


    Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones, who's toyed with the idea of running for Senate next year against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020, announced Wednesday he won't be on iHeart Radio ...

    Only ‘What Matters’ to Dems: NBC Pushes for Strengthening Unions

    As part of their new “What Matters” series, the segment they admitted was only meant to gauge the interests of Democratic voters, Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News sat down with Senator and 2020 hopeful Amy Klobuchar (MN) and asked her how she would help to strengthen unions in America.

    23 Senators Demand Investigation Into Mismanagement Of Student Loan Program

    The senators are calling on the nation's top consumer protection agency to investigate a loan servicer for the troubled student loan forgiveness program for public service workers.

    Colombia’s defense minister resigns ahead of no confidence vote


    Colombia’s defense minister resigned on Wednesday days ahead of a no confidence vote supported by the majority of parties in the senate. Controversial Defense Minister Guillermo Botero resigned a day…

    The post Colombia’s defense minister resigns ahead of no confidence vote appeared first on Colombia News | Colombia Reports.


    Colombia’s prosecution corrects senator: 8 minors killed in Duque’s ‘impeccable operation’


    Colombia’s prosecution said Wednesday that not seven, but eight minors were killed in a bombardment on an alleged FARC dissident camp praised as an “impeccable operation” by president Ivan Duque.…

    The post Colombia’s prosecution corrects senator: 8 minors killed in Duque’s ‘impeccable operation’ appeared first on Colombia News | Colombia Reports.


    Will Guillermo Botero make history and become Colombia’s first-ever minister sacked by Congress?


    Unless President Ivan Duque fires him first, Defense Minister Guillermo Botero may become Colombia’s first ever minister to be removed from office. Following Tuesday’s shocking debate in which center-right Senator…

    The post Will Guillermo Botero make history and become Colombia’s first-ever minister sacked by Congress? appeared first on Colombia News | Colombia Reports.


    McConnell, Trump joined for 2020, despite Kentucky setback

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Their man in Kentucky may be losing, but President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aren't letting Gov. Matt Bevin's election fortunes alter their own pact to win the state together in 2020.

    GOP files complaint against KSR's Matt Jones

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- The Republican Party of Kentucky has filed a complaint against a radio host who is considering a run to unseat U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    FBI Files: American Politicians, Aides, and Appointees


    It comes as no surprise, as celebrities and gangsters were being watched — so were the politicians.  The following is a list of released records. Document Archive Acheson, Dean [587 Pages, 143MB] – Dean Gooderham Acheson (April 11, 1893 – October 12, 1971) was an American statesman and lawyer. As United States Secretary of State in the administration of President Harry S. Truman from 1949 to 1953, he played a central role in defining American foreign policy during the Cold War. Acheson helped design the Marshall Plan and was a key player in the development of the Truman Doctrine and creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Agnew, Spiro [1,454 Pages, 65.05MB] – Spiro Theodore Agnew (1918-1996) was a Maryland politician and U.S. vice president from 1968 to 1973. He resigned as vice president and later pleaded no contest to tax evasion charges pursued by the IRS; the FBI investigated him for bribery, but he was not prosecuted on that charge. This release consists of FBI records concerning the bribery investigation as well as threats made against Agnew. It ranges between 1969 and 1986 (mostly between 1969 and 1973). Anderson, Wendell [13 Pages, 1.8MB] – Wendell Richard “Wendy” Anderson (February 1, 1933 – July 17, 2016) was an American politician and the 33rd governor of Minnesota, serving from January 4, 1971, to December 29, 1976. In late 1976, he resigned as governor in order to be appointed to the U.S. Senate after Senator Walter Mondale was elected Vice President of the United States. Anderson served in the Senate from December 30, 1976, to December 29, 1978 (after losing the 1978 Senate election to Rudy Boschwitz, he resigned a few days before the end of his term to give Boschwitz seniority). Although the FBI said that files were destroyed relating to Anderson, I did dig up some that were at the National Archives. Bell, George Tillson [115 Pages, 56.5MB] – George T. Bell (January 21, 1913 – March 4, 1973) was a former special assistant to President Richard Nixon. He wrote the Nixon’s Enemies List compiled by Charles Colson. Before joining the President’s staff, Bell worked for General Electric and was later President of Geonautics, Inc., an engineering research company. When questioned about Nixon’s infamous “enemies list,” Colson told the House Subcommittee Investigating the Watergate scandal that the “late George Bell” was responsible for the master list of Nixon political opponents. Bell died in Washington, D.C. following a long illness. Black, Hugo – [ File #1 | File #2 ] – Hugo Black was a U. S. Senator from 1927 until 1937. He was appointed an Associate Supreme Court Justice in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Shortly before his death in 1971, he resigned from the Supreme Court. The FBI records reflect several threats against Justice Black, as well as cordial correspondence between him and FBI Director Hoover and numerous newspaper articles. Bodman, Samuel [399 Pages, 14MB] – Samuel Wright Bodman III (November 26, 1938 – September 7, 2018) was an American politician, who was the 11th United States Secretary of Energy serving during the George W. Bush administration from 2005 to 2009. He was also at different times the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and the Deputy Secretary of Commerce. In December 2004, Bodman was nominated to replace Spencer Abraham as the Energy Secretary and was confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate on January 31, 2005. During his tenure, he oversaw the security problems at Los Alamos National Laboratory and a budget in excess of $23 billion and over 100,000 federal and contractor employees. Boggs, Sr., Thomas Hale [399 Pages, 23.9MB] – Thomas Hale Boggs Sr. (February 15, 1914 – presumably October 16, 1972 but not declared dead until January 3, 1973) was an American Democratic politician and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the House majority leader and a member of the Warren Commission. In 1972, while he was still majority leader, the twin engine airplane in which Boggs was traveling disappeared over a remote section of Alaska. The airplane presumably crashed and was never found. Congressman Nick Begich, of Alaska, was also presumed killed in the same accident. Brady, James [19 Pages, 9.5MB] – James Scott “Jim” Brady (August 29, 1940 – August 4, 2014) was an assistant to the U.S. President and White House Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan. After nearly being killed and becoming permanently disabled as a result of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981, Brady became an ardent supporter of gun control. On August 8, 2014, Brady’s death was ruled a homicide, 33 years after the gunshot wound he received in 1981. The FBI does admit Brady has a file, but it was either lost or destroyed, and they could not come up with material. The documents listed here is the entire FOIA Case File to show the behind the scenes communications at the FBI attempting to locate the records. Brown, Pat [495 Pages, 33.5MB] FBI Vault Release – Note: PDF File has bookmarks that differentiate the different releases by the FBI. Brown, Pat [74 Pages, 33.5MB] FBI Release #2 (Not on The Vault) – Edmund Gerald “Pat” Brown Sr. (April 21, 1905 – February 16, 1996) was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 32nd Governor of California from 1959 to 1967. Born in San Francisco, Brown had an early interest in speaking and politics; he earned a law degree in 1927, and subsequently began legal practice. As district attorney for San Francisco, he was elected Attorney General of California in 1950 before becoming the state’s governor in 1959. As governor, Brown embarked on massive projects building important infrastructure and redefined the state’s higher education system. While running twice for President in 1960 and 1964, finishing second and first in the primaries, respectively, he was never a serious contender in the national conventions. While losing his bid for a third term in 1966 to future President Ronald Reagan, his legacy earns him regard as the builder of modern California. His son Edmund G. “Jerry”...

    The post FBI Files: American Politicians, Aides, and Appointees appeared first on The Black Vault.


    Appeal Court Nullifies Senator Adeyeye’s Election, Declares PDP Winner.


    The Court of Appeal has sacked spokesman of the Nigerian Senate, Adedayo Adeyeye, as the lawmaker representing Ekiti South senatorial district in the upper chamber of legislature. Adeyeye, a former spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Details later Whatsapp

    The post Appeal Court Nullifies Senator Adeyeye’s Election, Declares PDP Winner. appeared first on thenewnarrativeonline.


    Steve Gruber, Mitch McConnell says the President would not be removed from office is the impeachment matter were sent to the Senate today


    Its time to get to it—we are burning daylight—and we have plenty to work with now that the clocks fell backwards—lets get to work—I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


    And here are 3 BIG things you need to know—


    Three— Project Veritas—is rolling roughshod over the major networks—catching them day after day for the bias we all know exists—but cannot rarely see—Project Veritas is putting a big fat spotlight on all of it!


    Two— We can solve the climate crisis we just need to get rid of a couple of billion people—so say some radical leftists—who masquerade as scientists—the new study says the only way to save us all from sure disaster is to make sure a whole lot of us aren’t here at all—


    And Number One— Mitch McConnell says the President would not be removed from office is the impeachment matter were sent to the Senate today—in fact he says it would not even be close— So far not a single Republican has signed on to support the idea


    Steve Gruber, ABC News is caught with its pants down on the Jeffrey Epstein story


    Welcome to the 6TH OF NOVEMBER — HAVE WE GOT SOME OTHER NEWS FOR YOU! AS THE IMPEACHMENT PALOOZA CONTINUES I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


    Impeachment Palooza— Impeachment Parody— Impeachment Follies— Charade—Fantasy—Extravaganza—


    Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know—


    Three—  President Trump says he is ready to offer US military assistance to the Mexican government after a grisly attack on Americans—leaving 9 dead and many others injured—in what may have been a mistaken ID by drug cartels—


    Two— The battle of the career diplomats in the ongoing—never ending—we will get Trump if it’s the last thing we do—impeachment inquiry—one says its one thing and one says something else—The Senate says so what?


    And Number One— ABC News is caught with its pants down on the Jeffrey Epstein story— Project Veritas turned hot mic has into one really hot mess for the Network—one of its big talents is caught talking about ABC killing her story on Epstein all the way back in 2015—BUT it actually gets worse!


    GOP complaint takes sports radio host and potential Mitch McConnell challenger Matt Jones off air


    Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones, who’s toyed with the idea of running for Senate next year against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2020, announced Wednesday he won’t be on iHeart Radio in the near future.  “Due to the Mitch McConnell complaint filed this morning with the FEC against me, iHeart Radio has asked that I not […]

    The post GOP complaint takes sports radio host and potential Mitch McConnell challenger Matt Jones off air appeared first on RocketNews | Top News Stories From Around the Globe.


    Eiron, The Goddess Of Irony, Take The Night Off, Please

    Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III is going to run for his old Senate Seat, which means Prznint Stupid is going to have to choose between endorsing him or endorsing Judge Roy Moore. I swear to Dawg, Sen. Doug Jones is … Continue reading

    Junior Mints: Dumber Than He Looks

    Hey guys, remember the other day when Schrödinger’s Senator threatened to reveal the so-called blower of whistles? It seems someone Stupid was listening to him! Junior Mints! (Spoiler Alert: I refuse to name this person, as I do not want … Continue reading

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    Senate Committee Passes Langerholc’s Legislation To Return Johnstown Flood Tax Dollars to Area


    A Senate committee today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) that would increase funding for grants and loans for distressed municipalities through an existing state funding source.

    The post Senate Committee Passes Langerholc’s Legislation To Return Johnstown Flood Tax Dollars to Area appeared first on Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr..


    Gara Tpl, interrogazione urgente del senatore La Pietra (FdI) al Ministero del Trasporti

    Il senatore di Fratelli d’Italia Patrizio La Pietra presenta un’interrogazione urgente al Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti per “capire il senso dell’atto di imperio [...]

    AP sources: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two Republicans with direct knowledge of his plans said Wednesday.

    Media Buzz Host Howard Kurtz On Releasing Name Of Whistle Blower: Media Should Not Take Rand Paul’s Bait

    Host Of Media Buzz Howard Kurtz Talks To Guy About The Hot Mic Clip Of ABC News Anchor Amy Robach That Leaked This Week. Kurtz Also Discussed The Media's Role In Not Releasing The Name Of The Whistle Blower, Saying The Media Shouldn't Take The Bait From Senator Rand Paul To Release The Name. Watch Below:

    Meltdown on ‘The View’ After Rand Paul Tries to Out the Trump Whistleblower


    The women on ‘The View’ had what can only be described as a complete meltdown as they responded to Senator Rand Paul trying to out the Trump whistleblower. The co-hosts were discussing Paul’s comments at a Donald Trump rally, where he demanding the media report the identity of the Ukraine scandal whistleblower. Meghan McCain began […]

    The post Meltdown on ‘The View’ After Rand Paul Tries to Out the Trump Whistleblower appeared first on Objectivist.


    FBI arrests Puerto Rico senator, 7 more in corruption probe


    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — FBI agents arrested Puerto Rico Sen. Abel Nazario and seven other people early Wednesday as part of an investigation into corruption in the U.S. territory.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office said the suspects include former municipal employees who were indicted on one count of alleged theft or bribery involving programs that receive federal funds.

    Some suspects are accused of using more than $5,000 worth of municipal funds to in part pay other suspects to work on Nazario's senatorial campaign. Authorities said some suspects also helped the campaigns of other politicians whose support was sought by Nazario when he was mayor of the southwest town of Yauco.

    Among the suspects is the town's former director of human resources and the mayor's special assistant.

    Puerto Rico Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz asked for Nazario's resignation shortly after his arrest and filed an ethical complaint against him.

    "It is unfortunate for him and his family, but even more so for the people of Puerto Rico who watch with anguish events that lacerate the trust in government institutions," Rivera said in a statement.

    Nazario told reporters he would not step down and said he was innocent.

    "If the New Progressive Party thinks Abel Nazario is an obstacle, let them expel me. But I am not leaving. This is my home," he said from his office in the seaside capitol.

    The arrests come as Puerto Rico recovers from recent political turmoil that saw the resignation of the island's previous governor following massive protests spurred in part by anger over corruption.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office said Puerto Rico's Comptroller's Office uncovered the alleged scheme during a routine audit of Yauco's financial records.

    Federal authorities previously arrested Nazario in September...


    Pracuje z betonem, a serce ma ze złota. Marek Małecki z zaszczytnym tytułem UTP


    Za to, że nie koncentruje się wyłącznie na biznesie, za to, że dostrzega cierpienie drugiego człowieka i wyciąga do niego rękę - tak między innymi, władze Uniwersytetu Technologiczno-Przyrodniczego w Bydgoszczy uzasadniają nadanie tytułu doktora honoris causa Markowi Małeckiemu, szefowi Solbetu.

    Uroczystość nadania zaszczytnego tytułu odbyła się w środę (06.11.), podczas posiedzenia uczelnianego senatu. Jak czuje się świeżo upieczony doktor?

    - Czuję się z tym tytułem tak, jak przedtem - powiedział Marek Małecki, szef Solbetu, naszemu reporterowi. - Dla dobra ludzi, społeczeństwa, pracowników oraz grupy kapitałowej będę jeszcze lepiej służyć.

    Recepta na biznes jest taka, że gdy już się ma wiedzę, warto znać dużo fachowców i mieć wielu przyjaciół. A później, żeby wszyscy grali w jednej drużynie, i żeby nie był żadnego wymyślania. Najlepiej byłoby, gdyby wszyscy awansowali poprzez poszerzanie obszaru przedsiębiorstwa. Ci pierwsi założyciele, porządni, powinni awansować, a następni, powinni wchodzić w ich miejsce, żeby wszyscy byli zadowoleni.

    Na tej gałęzi biznesu znałem się najwięcej - wspomina doktor Marek Małecki. - Miałem doświadczenie energetyczne, technologiczne, pracowałem na budowach zagranicz ...

    Oklahoma lawmakers file bill to create Donald Trump highway

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Two Republican state senators have written a bill to rename a portion of the world-renowned Route 66 highway in northeastern Oklahoma the President Donald J. Trump Highway.

    Victorias para Iberostar Tenerife y Andorra en Europa y derrota del Burgos en casa; turno hoy para Joventut, Unicaja, Zaragoza y Manresa

    En la sexta jornada de la Eurocup, el Andorra arrolló al Mónaco: 95 – Andorra (19+19+26+31): Clevin Hannah (16), Massenat (9), Dejan Todorovic (10), Bandja Sy (9) y Moussa Diagne (8) -quinteto titular-, David Walker (9), Senglin (16), Nacho Llovet (4), ‘Tyson’ Pérez (12), Guille Colom (-), Dejan Musli (2) y Alexis Bartolomé (-). 68 […]

    Lawmakers increase criticism of ‘opportunity zone’ tax break


    Lawmakers are voicing mounting concerns about a federal tax incentive, known as an “opportunity zone,” that is supposed to encourage investors to pump money into the nation’s poorest neighborhoods. Leading Democrats in the House and Senate have sent a flurry of letters demanding answers and action by federal agencies after recent New York Times articles […]

    US HB724

    PACT Act Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act This bill revises and expands criminal provisions with respect to animal crushing. It retains existing criminal offenses that prohibit knowingly creating or distributing an animal crush video using interstate commerce. The bill also adds a new provision to criminalize an intentional act of animal crushing. A violator is subject to criminal penalties—a fine, a prison term of up to seven years, or both. It provides additional exceptions for conduct, or a video of conduct, including conduct that is (1) medical or scientific research, (2) necessary to protect the life or property of a person, (3) performed as part of euthanizing an animal, or (4) unintentional.

    2019/11/05 Passed Senate without amendment by Unanimous Consent.

    US HB2181

    Chaco Cultural Heritage Area Protection Act of 2019 This bill withdraws any federal lands and interests that are within the boundaries of the Chaco Cultural Heritage Withdrawal Area and any land or interest located in such area which is acquired by the United States after enactment of this bill from entry, appropriation, and disposal under the public land laws; location, entry, and patent under the mining laws; and operation of the mineral leasing, mineral materials, and geothermal leasing laws. The Department of the Interior may convey the federal lands to, or exchange such lands with, an Indian tribe in accordance with an approved resource management plan. Certain oil and gas leases for federal lands on which drilling options have not started before the end of the primary term of the applicable lease and that are not producing oil or gas in paying quantities must terminate by operation of law pursuant to the Mineral Leasing Act and federal regulations, and may not be extended by Interior. Any portion of federal land subject to such a lease that has been terminated, relinquished, or acquired by the United States shall also be withdrawn as described above.

    2019/10/31 Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

    FBI arrests Puerto Rico senator, 7 more in corruption probe

    FBI agents in Puerto Rico have arrested Senator Abel Nazario and seven other people as part of an investigation into corruption

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    ABD'li senatörlerden Dışişleri Bakanı Pompeo'ya yeni 'Türkiye'ye yaptırım' mektubu: İddialar doğruysa harekete geçin


    Voice of a villain: Roslindale's David McFerrin portrays Sen. Joseph McCarthy in BLO's 'Fellow Travelers'

    Meet Senator Joseph McCarthy, the bigoted lawmaker who blazed his own personal trail to the wrong side of history. It turns out McCarthy also has leading-man good looks and a baritone voice that won’t quit. At least that’s the case when he’s played by David McFerrin, the lauded opera singer and Roslindale resdient who’s carving out an impressive classical music career for himself.

    Sober Western thought


    Politics Insider for Nov. 4: A new Western senate caucus reportedly takes shape, rethinking Bill C-69 and is Scheer unsure of a leadership fight?

    The post Sober Western thought appeared first on


    Wielki powrót Hutnika. Bielany będą mieć stadion (5)

    Dzień z życia PiS. Siostra Morawieckiego zostanie starostą. Fuchę załatwi jej brat na otarcie łez po przegranych wyborach. Braterska miłość na koszt państwa. Senator PiS Bierecki chce zastraszyć wszystkich, którzy mówią prawdę na jego temat. Jeszcze wyda te 70 mln zł na prawników

    Editorial: Julia Lynn should be transparent, or re-evaluate serving in Senate

    It is possible state Sen. Julia Lynn did nothing improper while simultaneously leading the Senate Commerce Committee and working for Allied Global Services, which held substantial state contracts.But Lynn’s response when asked about the subject doesn’t reassure. She called the work by The Topeka Capital-Journal’s veteran political reporter, Tim [...]

    Will the Kentucky GOP simply steal the governorship back?

    Apparently Kentucky law gives the legislature all sorts of discretion in this regard: Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers threw another wrench into the state’s razor-thin gubernatorial outcome late Tuesday night, saying that the legislature could decide the race. Stivers’ comments came shortly after Gov. Matt Bevin refused to concede to Attorney General Andy Beshear, who […]

    Righter: Bill would address ethics probes

    The Senate Republican Caucus introduced a proposal they say will ensure independent investigations of members of the General Assembly. And Crawford County's state senator said it would stop an "unchecked culture" of government wrongdoing.

    The Launching of Impeachment 1,2,3 – “Sunday Political Brunch” -- November 3, 2019


    CHARLESTON, W. Va. – For the fourth time in U.S. history, the nation finds itself on the road to a presidential impeachment. It’s a checkered history. In two cases, impeachment was approved, but removal from office was rejected by the Senate. In another instance, the president resigned. What will happen this time around? All bets are off! Let’s “brunch” on that this week.

    “By the Numbers” – The final vote total in the House on Thursday came as no surprise. It was 232 in favor of going ahead with the impeachment inquiry, to 196 against. The vote was pretty much along party lines, with all but two Democrats voting yes, and all Republicans voting no. Just to be clear, this was simply a vote to go ahead with the impeachment process, it was not a vote to impeach.

    “What Happened Last Time?” – You keep hearing people say impeachment is a political process and not a legal one. That is more cliché than truth, because it is both. After all, the impeachment process is spelled out on the U.S. Constitution. But, yes, the engagement is highly politicized. In the final House impeachment vote in 1998 against President Clinton, only five Democrats voted to impeach. In the Senate trial, not one Democrat voted to remove President Clinton from office on either of the two counts. So, the politics matters.

    “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” – That’s the Constitutional guideline for impeachment. Yet, it is not precisely defined. The president is not really charged with a crime. For example, President Clinton was impeached on a count of perjury. It short, that was because he lied under oath to a federal judge. Yes, it’s very serious, but he was never charged criminally with that offense. In Trump’s case, he potentially faces a charge of “abuse of power.” It’s not a necessarily a criminal offense, but more a reflection that he abused his authority by suggesting Ukraine investigate a domestic political opponent. Foreign policy and politics are supposed to “stop at the water’s edge,” as the old saying goes, and the issue is whether he used poor judgment, or even violated the law, on that standard.

    “Why the Math Matters” – I don’t want to get ahead of the House proceedings, but the endgame is in the U.S. Senate, after all. The Constitution says you need a two-thirds vote, or 67 yay, to remove a president from office. With the Senate margin currently 53 Republicans to 47 Democrats, it’s an optimistic reach to say the least. The Democrats need 20 Republicans to bolt, and that’s going to be nearly impossible. I predict they might get seven or eight, but 20? No.

    “Will the Defense Ever Rest?” – This is going to be a fascinating public relations game as the inquiry moves forward. In 1998 President Clinton chose to have certain surrogates such as attorney Lanny Davis speak on his behalf. The theory then was the impeachment was a political stunt, and President Clinton wanted to stay above the fray and show people he was too busy running the country. This won’t go that way. President Trump was fast to tweet his thoughts, and I am sure will be the “defender-in-chief” for his own case. I predict he will tweet relentlessly. His combative nature is probably the number one thing his supporters like about him.

    “The Political Impeachment Potholes” – This week’s vote was more of a “rubber stamp” as the House impeachment inquiry has already been underway for weeks at the instruction of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) California, which is her right. But in the impeachment proceedings against President Nixon and President Clinton, there was a full House vote (albeit symbolic) to start the impeachment inquiry right from the get-go. Why was this time different? Well there are 31 Democrat House members who were elected in 2018, in districts that President Trump won in 2016. By putting those members “on the record,” as Trump and many Republicans wished, that put them on the reelection bubble in 2020. It’s a real dilemma as Republicans need to win 20 seats to take back the House.

    “Who Cuts and Runs?” -- In October, 1973, 21 Democrats and 17 Republicans voted strictly along party lines in the House Judiciary Committee, to begin impeachment proceedings against President Nixon. But by July of 1974, the very same House Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment against Nixon. On Article I of impeachment six Republicans voted yes; on Article II seven members of the GOP said, “yay”; and on Article III, two Republicans in committee voted yes. Yes, you expect a political party to “circle the wagons” at first to support the boss, but in the end all these folks are on the ballot next year and have their own political futures to think about. So, watch Trump, but more importantly watch Republican members of the House and Senate.

    Do you favor impeachment or oppose, and why? Just click the comment button and let us know!

    Mark Curtis, Ed. D., is Chief Political Reporter for the five Nexstar Media TV stations serving West Virginia and its five neighboring states. He is a National Contributing Political Writer for the White House Patch at

    © 2019, Mark Curtis Media, LLC.

    Photo courtesy: Getty Images


    Stanisław Karczewski w "Rz": Pawłowicz i Piotrowicz przestaną być politykami


    Stanisław Karczewski w "Rz": Pawłowicz i Piotrowicz przestaną być politykami Krystyna Pawłowicz i Stanisław Piotrowicz swoje przekonania polityczne zostawią za drzwiami Trybunału Konstytucyjnego - zapewnia w rozmowie z "Rzeczpospolitą" marszałek Senatu Stanisław Karczewski.


    "Gazeta Wyborcza": Z kim Marian Banaś chce pracować w NIK


    "Gazeta Wyborcza": Z kim Marian Banaś chce pracować w NIKNa biurku marszałek Sejmu Elżbiety Witek leżą wnioski o powołanie na wiceprezesów Najwyższej Izby Kontroli senatora PiS Artura Warzochy i posła PiS Marka Opioły - informuje nieoficjalnie środowa "Gazeta Wyborcza".


    Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid

    Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce that he is entering the race for his old U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, two Republicans with direct knowledge of his plans said Wednesday.

    Senate unanimously passes a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony

    The Senate has unanimously passed a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony. The PACT Act — which stands for Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture — was approved on Tuesday.

    Battle for small donors forces 2020 Democrats to get creative with merchandise

    Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters can be spotted wearing black shirts that read “Medicare for All.” At house parties in Iowa, you’ll sometimes see “Harris for President” hats. And on airplanes bound for Des Moines, you might see travelers with “Team Pete” pins and colorful “Mayor Pete” T-shirts.

    APC crisis: ‘I was accused of conniving with Vice President to kill Buhari’ – Senator Abe drags Eze, others to court


    The former immediat” representative of the Southeast Rivers Senate District in the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, has given reasons why he went to court against some people who wrote defamatory stories against him in the media. Abe, in a statement entitled “APC Crisis in Rivers: Nobody Can Rewrite History,” personally signed and made […]

    The post APC crisis: ‘I was accused of conniving with Vice President to kill Buhari’ – Senator Abe drags Eze, others to court appeared first on Gist Ok - Nigeria News, Nigerian Newspapers.


    Oyo Gov. Makinde has not fulfilled promises he made to me – Lanlehin cries out


    The candidate for g”vernor of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the 2019 general elections in the state of Oyo, Senator Olufemi Lanlehin, has said that Governor Seyi Makinde has not yet fulfilled any of the promises made to him in the agreement of the gentleman they reached. Latest Nigeria newspaper report that Lanlehin of ADC, […]

    The post Oyo Gov. Makinde has not fulfilled promises he made to me – Lanlehin cries out appeared first on Gist Ok - Nigeria News, Nigerian Newspapers.


    Senate pushes for end to gas flaring, says Nigeria lost $197 billion in two years


    The Nigerian Se” ate on Wednesday urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to intensify efforts to diversify crude oil towards natural gas production to end the burning of gas by 2020. Latest Nigeria newspaper report that In a motion passed in the plenary session on the need to monitor the Nigerian Bengal Marketing Program toward […]

    The post Senate pushes for end to gas flaring, says Nigeria lost $197 billion in two years appeared first on Gist Ok - Nigeria News, Nigerian Newspapers.


    Coral Springs High School Student Heads to Washington, D.C.

    Friday, January 19, 2018
    Coral Springs High School student Stephen Marante is headed to Washington, D.C., where he joins Florida’s two U.S. senators, Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio for the 56th annual United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP) Washington Week. The weeklong event takes place March 3 – 10, 2018. Stephen, selected from among the state’s top student leaders to be part of the 104-national student delegation, will also receive a $10,000 college scholarship for undergraduate study.

    Wednesday News: Durham bullish on affordable housing


    MAYOR STEVE SCHEWEL AND $95 MILLION HOUSING BOND FAVORED BY SUPERMAJORITY: Durham Mayor Steve Schewel easily won election to a second term Tuesday, and voters also overwhelmingly approved the city issuing $95 million in bonds to help create more affordable housing. With all precincts reporting, Schewel outdistanced Sylvester Williams, a minister making his fourth run for Durham mayor, by an 83 to 16 percent margin, according to unofficial results. Affordable housing was one of Schewel's top priorities in the campaign, and the bond referendum was approved by a 76 to 24 percent margin. City Council members Jillian Johnson, Charlie Reece and Javiera Caballero all won re-election in a six-person race for three at-large council seats.

    SHERIFFS' ASSOCIATION DOESN'T WANT GRANT PUSHED BY FORMER MOORE AIDE: State lawmakers gave the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association $500,000 last year to help find ways to keep better tabs on sex offenders, such as tracking their cars and where they work. It was money neither the association nor the State Bureau of Investigation, which manages the statewide sex offender registry, had asked for. The money’s inclusion in the state budget was driven by an influential lobbyist for a software company seeking the state’s sex offender tracking business. The state gave the money as a one-time expense, but the bidders for the business gave proposals that would require a recurring stream of money. Those bidders included Permitium, whose parent company ScribSoft Holdings hired lobbyist Andy Munn, a former top aide to House Speaker Tim Moore. Munn persuaded Rep. Allen McNeill, a former chief deputy for Randolph County’s sheriff’s office, to add the $500,000 allotment to the budget.

    CHAR-MECK ARTS BOND VOTED DOWN AT THE POLLS: The Charlotte Arts and Sciences Council President said it was obvious early on that the tax hike was in trouble. "When we saw the early voting results come in we were hopeful that when we saw some precincts come in we'd see stronger results," said R. Jeep Bryant. By 10 p.m., advocates for the tax referendum conceded defeat after the gap grew to more than 10,000 votes. If passed the sales tax would have jumped from its current 7.25% to 7.5%. The Mecklenburg County government website said the proposed tax hike would have been divided between cultural and educational programs: 45% for arts and culture, 34% for county parks and greenways, 16% for education and 5% for arts and culture/parks for the towns. Those who opposed the tax hike said too much money would go to teachers and the arts while taking away from other needs, such as affordable housing.

    DEMOCRATS FLIP BOTH HOUSES OF VIRGINIA LEGISLATURE: Republicans awoke Wednesday to a stark new political reality in Virginia after losing majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, a sweeping defeat that solidifies Democratic control over the state capital for the first time in a generation. Depleted by President Trump’s floundering approval rating in Virginia, the Republicans’ defeat was a new low for a party that has not won a statewide race since Bob McDonnell became governor in 2009. “If you didn’t see this coming, you’ve been living under a rock,” said Dan Scandling, who was chief of staff to former congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia). “Virginia has been trending this way for years. Being so close to Washington — and add in the anti-Trump phenomenon — it was only a matter of time.” With Democrats already controlling the governor's mansion, the state’s two U.S. Senate seats, and a majority of its congressional seats, Republicans are bracing for policy changes in Richmond and the specter of Democrats redrawing legislative districts after the 2020 Census that could undermine GOP incumbents from the state house to Congress.

    SONDLAND FESSES UP ON EARLIER TESTIMONY; UKRAINE QUID-PRO-QUO DID HAPPEN: A crucial witness in the impeachment inquiry reversed himself this week and acknowledged to investigators that he had told a top Ukrainian official that the country would most likely have to give President Trump what he wanted — a public pledge for investigations — in order to unlock military aid. The disclosure from Gordon D. Sondland, an ally of Mr. Trump who is the United States ambassador to the European Union, confirmed his role in laying out a quid pro quo to Ukraine that conditioned the release of security assistance from the United States on the country’s willingness to say it was investigating former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and other Democrats. That admission, included in a four-page sworn statement released on Tuesday, directly contradicted his testimony to investigators last month, when he said he “never” thought there was any precondition on the aid. Mr. Sondland’s disclosure appeared intended to insulate him from accusations that he intentionally misled Congress during his earlier testimony, in which he frequently said he could not recall key details and events under scrutiny by impeachment investigators.



    Slog PM: Happy Birthday, Alexa; T.I. Needs to Back off His Daughter's Hymen; "I'm Always Happy to Meet with People"

    by Chase Burns
    Wish me Happy Birthday or Im releasing the kompromat, daddy.
    "Wish me Happy Birthday or I'm releasing the kompromat, daddy." KARNEG/GETTY IMAGES

    Today is Alexa's birthday: She's five. But everyone only wants to talk about how much money her dad spent in Seattle's election. Rude.

    Tim Eyman is a sub for lawsuits: And lucky him, more are coming.

    Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, told impeachment investigators there was direct quid pro quo: He made the statement during private testimony last month, but his words became public today. Taylor said Rudy Giuliani was the "originator" of the quid pro quo plan. Giuliani tweeted that this new testimony was "a frame-up and hoax." Read the full transcript here.

    After the first round of ballot drops, infamous KIRO Radio host Dori Monson had "mixed feelings" about Sawant seemingly losing: "As you know, very few people have generated the kinds of soundbites that fuel a talk show host like Kshama Sawant. It was fun listening to her screeching for the past six years. And now her reign could be coming to an end in Seattle," he joked. Reminds me of something Rich Smith wrote:

    If these Republicans were good at politics, they would be pumping as much money as possible into Sawant's campaign. Republicans have been blaming Sawant for problems in Spokane since she first took office, and now they're just going to let her go? Who will they use to scare away centrists in Kirkland if she loses? Who are they going to use as an excuse not to catch up to California and Oregon on statewide rent control legislation? Oh wait, that's not the Republicans. That's Sen. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle.

    Speaking of ballot drops: Here are today's returns. Many races won't be settled until at least Friday. Counting votes takes time, people!

    A good amount of Seattle votes have yet to be counted: So hold onto your butts.

    Bill Gates suggests Warren isn't "open-minded": because she probably wouldn't "be willing to sit down with somebody who has large amounts of money." He made the comments today at the New York Times DealBook conference. He also said he made a "mistake in judgement" by meeting Jeffrey Epstein and disagrees "with people who think a corporation should sit there and do fact-checking against that thing," in reference to political advertising on Facebook. He also said "Jeff [Bezos] likes artificial planets." LOL.

    Op! A clapback:

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper never dated: They're actors. Breaking news.

    Trouble in the Twitter kingdom: Two former Twitter employees have been charged by the Justice Department for "exploiting their access to the company’s internal systems to help Saudi Arabia," writes the New York Times. This is the "first time federal prosecutors have publicly accused the kingdom of running agents in the United States," writes the Washington Post.

    Jeff Sessions is expected to run for the Alabama Senate: I'm sure the KKK is thrilled.

    Rep. Ayanna Pressley endorses Elizabeth Warren: which is expected, because they're both from the same state, Massachusetts. Other members of "the Squad," AOC and Ilhan Omar, have backed Bernie.

    T.I., the rapper of "Whatever You Like" and actor best known for starring in ATL, checks his daughter's hymen on the reg: Well, a gynecologist does, but that gynecologist reports back to T.I., which is... something else. He said in a podcast interview that aired yesterday that he makes sure his daughter's hymen is in tact... yikes. What about butt stuff? The passage:

    "Not only have we had the conversation — we have yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen," T.I. said. "Yes, I go with her."

    He then mentioned that after her 16th birthday party, he "put a sticky note on the door: 'Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30.'"

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    Is Turkey-Qatar alliance in danger?


    Is Turkey-Qatar alliance in danger?


    Pro-government Turkish news outlets have begun attacking Qatar-owned Al Jazeera’s coverage of Turkey’s Syria offensive, pointing toward potential trouble in the supposedly cosy Turkey-Qatar alliance. 

    Turkey and Qatar have in recent years become close allies and strategic partners. When the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and their allies placed a blockade on Qatar in mid-2017, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan dispatched emergency food supplies and troops to Qatar and committed to expanding Turkey’s military presence there. 

    When the Turkish lira tumbled in August 2018, Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani promised $15 billion in Qatari investment for Turkey. 

    “Today, that seemingly unshakable alliance is now under threat – from within,” Turkish pro-government Daily Sabah said in an editorial on Monday, expanding on a similar complaint made in a lengthy analysis by state-run broadcaster TRT World at the weekend. 

    “Al Jazeera English, Qatar's flagship news channel, has been spreading anti-Turkey propaganda,” said Daily Sabah. “Under the pretext of independent and objective journalism, the network has succumbed to bias and fake news to mis-portray known terrorists and fugitives from law as oppressed activists. Jumping on the Western media's Turkey-bashing bandwagon, the network smeared last month's Turkish operation into northeastern Syria.”

    Turkey’s position is that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its affiliate the People’s Protection Units (YPG) are extensions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has led an insurgency in Turkey for 35 years and is labelled a terrorist group by the United States and the European Union, as well as Turkey. 

    This, Ankara argues, made the Kurdish entity along the Syrian border an existential threat and necessitated Turkey’s incursion, despite the fact that the SDF played a crucial role in the U.S.-led effort to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS). 

    The TRT World analysis detailed anti-Turkey reporting in both Al Jazeera and Saudi-owned Al Arabiya, pinning the former’s as worse. 

    “Al Jazeera English goes a step further and even describes the PKK parent organisation as simply ‘Kurdish fighters’- completely whitewashing it of its bloody history,” said the report

    “By labelling the YPG as ‘Kurds’ or ‘Kurdish forces’, they are de-facto elevated to the role of representatives of the Kurdish people as a whole.”

    Since its Oct. 9 launch, Turkey’s offensive in northeast Syria has led to hundreds of deaths and displaced some 300,000 people. International media and Western news outlets have in recent weeks charged Ankara with ethnic cleansing, war crimes and worse.

    The SDF has used the word genocide to describe Turkey’s actions, as have a number of British newspapers and at least one U.S. senator. 

    Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives appeared to doubly punish Turkey for its offensive, voting for sanctions against Erdoğan and other officials for the Syria offensive and passing a resolution to officially acknowledge the Armenian genocide, which Turkey officially denies. 

    All of this appears to have put Turkey’s NATO allies in an uncomfortable position. The Times reported on Monday that the UN had decided against looking for traces of white phosphorous in a recent attack by Turkey-backed rebels, which it said suggests NATO members seem reluctant to investigate possible war crimes committed by Turkey and its partners in Syria. 

    Daily Sabah went on to say that Al Jazeera had charged Turkey with deporting Syrian refugees, “without a shred of evidence”. Last week, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said Turkey had been deporting Syrians and warned against any future returns to a conflict zone. 

    The editorial said that while Al Jazeera Arabic continued to provide the necessary nuance on Syria, Al Jazeera English sought to reshape regional geopolitics. 

    “A small group of people within Al Jazeera English are deliberately dismantling the network's own legacy and undermining the Turkey-Qatar partnership in an attempt to dictate the Gulf nation's foreign policy,” said Daily Sabah. 

    Dr. Ali Bakeer, an Ankara-based political analyst, pointed out that he wrote an article for Al Jazeera English last month defending Turkey’s Syria offensive, so the site appears not to have taken a fully anti-Turkey position on the issue. 

    Yet Bakeer did view Daily Sabah as a poor choice of medium for airing grievances between allies. “I think that whatever the problem regarding the coverage of Al Jazeera English, the Qataris would have certainly preferred that such an issue should have been conveyed through the appropriate channels,” he told Ahval. 

    David Roberts, lecturer at King’s College London and non-resident fellow at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, sees Ankara being overly sensitive in this case, as about 90 percent of the time Al Jazeera staffers make their own editorial decisions.   

    “I tend not to get excited about ‘Al Jazeera slanders x or y,’ kind of stories,” said Roberts, author of Qatar: Securing the Global Ambitions of a City State. 

    “They are a bureaucracy and all bureaucracies are punchy and resilient in their own ways,” he explained. “I rarely believe that the Qatar government has forced Al Jazeera to do anything. I think it's more likely that Al Jazeera people decided by themselves, to curry favour with Qatari bosses, or they just thought their story was right.”

    Either way, Turkey’s pro-government media is not taking any chances, perhaps because Turkey expects to open a new military base in Qatar by the end of the year. 

    “The Turkey-Qatar partnership's future is at stake,” said Daily Sabah. “Before it is too late, Al Jazeera needs to weed out all individuals seeking to poison that alliance behind the smokescreen of independent journalism.”


    Turkey’s green light in Syria now flashing yellow


    Turkey’s green light in Syria now flashing yellow


    The initial rise in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s popularity that greeted Turkey’s success in securing a green light from Donald Trump to attack the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria quickly transformed into cautious negotiations with other actors in Syria. 

    Faced with economic sanctions that Turkey, and his political position, could not endure, Erdoğan agreed to a pause in the assault on the People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces to allow them to withdraw from the 32 km safety zone along the Syrian border with Turkey.

    Subsequently, Erdoğan had to accommodate his ambitions to the agenda of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and by extension, Syrian President Bashar Assad’s goal to re-establish his control of the entire country.   And we can expect Iran to assist Assad in that and encourage a reconciliation of the YPG/SDF with Assad’s regime.  And though promised to depart, U.S. forces remains in northeast Syria with a mandate to secure potentially lucrative oil fields.

    Military operations are expensive, and though the use of irregular militias reduces the casualties Turkey might face, the financial burden is not eased much by their use.  At the same time, foreign investors are still holding back on investing in Turkey, seen by many as less financially stable following the incursion into northern Syria than before.  The Turkish people overwhelmingly support Erdoğan’s efforts against the YPG, but the political gains may be fleeting if the economy does not show signs of improvement soon.  Also, by claiming success against the YPG, Erdoğan opens himself to a call from his opponents to focus on domestic economic issues now that he’s handled the terrorist abroad.

    Economic growth will be hard to come by, in part due to the threat of sanctions.  Even if the U.S. Congress does not proceed with sanctions, either because the Senate under Mitch McConnell’s leadership won’t vote on sanctions or because President Trump blocks their implementation, the potential for sanctions will make foreign investors and domestic business hesitant to undertake new projects.  Business investors like predictability, and in U.S.-Turkey relations, that is in short supply.

    There are other concerns as well.  The lopsided vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on an Armenian Genocide resolution, 405-11, shows that Turkey, or at least Erdoğan, has few friends remaining in the U.S. Congress.  The apparent lack of coordination with Turkey in tracking down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, even though he was only 5 kilometres from the Turkish border, raises doubts about the degree to which the U.S. and Turkish militaries trust each other.  Among policy makers, some suspect, without evidence, that Turkey was at least aware of Baghdadi’s location, if not actively protecting him, much like suspicions some U.S. officials had about Pakistani military intelligence personnel protecting Osama bin Laden given his location near Pakistan’s military academy.  Such suspicions, speculation without evidence or merit, are corrosive in the relations between two nations. 

    In response to the Baghdadi raid, Erdoğan recently hinted that Turkey could pursue terrorists in foreign countries and assassinate them, as the Americans did.  This ignores the fact that Erdoğan alone names those opponents as terrorists while Baghdadi was labelled a terrorist by every nation in the world.  To suggest that hunting down a vile murderer is akin to sending assassination squads after political opponents living abroad may play well with his most ardent supporters, but no reasonable person sees them as comparable in any way.  Any such, action undertaken in the U.S. would be destructive to what remains of positive U.S.-Turkish relations.

    Turkey’s burgeoning partnership with Russia also calls for caution.  Turkey may engage in joint patrols with Russian forces in some border areas, but the anti-Assad militia fighters it uses as ground forces have already clashed with regime forces. 

    Assad’s forces would certainly like to eliminate the opposition fighters that Turkey is using, and they for their part would like to re-ignite their actions against the Syrian regime. So Turkey now finds itself depending on Russia to work with it to secure its southern border as it had previously worked with the U.S. to restrain the SDF/YPG.  For how long the various sides can be held back from avenging themselves on others remains to be seen.

    The YPG/PYD has already reached an accommodation of sorts with Assad’s regime. They know that plans for a semi-autonomous Kurdish enclave within northern Syria are dead, for now.  However, they to for Assad to use them as a counterweight against the anti-regime militias now supported by Turkey.  How they will operate against Turkish forces and its allied militias, as the U.S. would not allow, remains an open question.

    Overhanging all of this is President Erdoğan’s commitment to return one million or more Syrian refugees from Turkey to Syria.  But to do so, he will need the agreement or at least acquiescence of the different factions and actors in northern Syria, as well as that of the refugees themselves.  Of course, he could try to force them back into Syria, but that would only intensify the denunciations of his policies by European, Arab (excepting Qatar), and North American politicians, and further reduce willingness for their nationals to invest in Turkey.

    In sum, just as the death of Baghdadi does not solve the problem of ISIS, the green light from Trump to Erdoğan (better seen as the removal of multiple stop signs) does not signal an easy path forward for Turkey in Syria.  Without the U.S. as its partner, Turkey will increasingly enjoy the gentle and warm embrace of a partnership with Putin’s Russia.  Given all the curves in the road and the competing vehicles on the road, Erdoğan must proceed with caution to avoid a crash. 


    Assistant Professor in Human Neuroscience (Two Open Position...

    SunIRef:it Assistant Professor in Human Neuroscience (Two Open Positions) University of Arkansas 424 reviews - Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas 424 reviews Read what people are saying about working here. Posting Number F545P Quick Link for Posting *********************************** Working Title Assistant Professor in Human Neuroscience (Two Open Positions) Department Psychological Science About the University Founded in 1871, the University of Arkansas is a land grant institution, classified by the Carnegie Foundation among the nation's top 2 percent of universities with the highest level of research activity. The University of Arkansas works to advance Arkansas and build a better world through education, research and outreach by providing transformational opportunities and skills, promoting an inclusive and diverse culture and climate, and nurturing creativity, discovery and the spread of new ideas and innovations. Ten colleges and schools serve more than 27,600 students with 200+ academic programs. U of A students earn nationally competitive awards at an impressive rate and represent all 50 states and 120 countries. The University of Arkansas campus is located in Fayetteville, a welcoming community ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S. The growing region surrounding Fayetteville is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and one of the nation's strongest economies. Northwest Arkansas is also quickly gaining a national reputation for its focus on the arts and overall quality of life. Arkansas is a natural wonder of forests, mountains and lakes framed by picturesque rivers and streams. Some of the best outdoor amenities and most spectacular hiking trails are a short drive from campus. As an employer, the University of Arkansas offers a vibrant work environment and a workplace culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance. The benefits package includes university contributions to health, dental, life and disability insurance, tuition waivers for employees and their families, 12 official holidays, immediate leave accrual, and a choice of retirement programs with university contributions ranging from 5 to 10% of employee salary. About the College/Department About the College: The J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most academically diverse unit on campus with 3 schools, 16 departments, and 43 academic programs and research centers. The college provides the core curriculum for all University of Arkansas students and is named for J. William Fulbright, former university president, and longtime U.S. senator. The mission of the College comes from the writings of Senator Fulbright: .the highest function of higher education is the teaching of things in perspective, toward the purposes of enriching the life of the individual, cultivating the free and inquiring mind, and advancing the effort to bring reason, justice, and humanity. The University of Arkansas is committed to providing an educational and work environment in which thought, creativity, and growth are stimulated, and in which individuals are free to realize their full potential. The J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences promotes these ideals and welcomes applicants who foster an inclusive environment through an open exchange of voices and ideas from populations of diverse backgrounds. About the Department: The Department of Psychological Science seeks to generate and disseminate psychological knowledge and to promote students and the profession through research, teaching and service. The undergraduate curriculum equips students to join the workforce immediately or pursue graduate study in psychology, business, law or medicine. Doctoral programs prepare students for careers in academia or clinical practice in professional and applied settings. Department Home Page ************* Job Type Faculty Faculty Status Tenure Track Appointment Percent 100 Benefits Eligible Yes Salary Commensurate with experience and education Campus, Office Location Fayetteville Campus - Department of Psychological Science Summary of Job Duties The Department of Psychological Science in the J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Arkansas invites applications for two tenure-track appointments at the rank of Assistant Professor in human neuroscience. These positions reflect the University of Arkansas's strategic plan to increase neuroscience research at the University of Arkansas as part of the university's commitment to its signature area of enriching human health and community vibrancy (************************************************************** This plan includes major hires in neuroscience along with major investments in infrastructure needed to conduct next-generation research in neuroscience. The Department of Psychological Science is a leader in the campus neuroscience initiative. Candidates should have outstanding records of research utilizing neuroscientific methods (e.g., fMRI, EEG, TMS, NIRS, etc.) to investigate psychological phenomena in cognitive, developmental, and/or social psychology. Appointment is set to begin August 2020. We are interested in an inclusive and diverse pool of applicants. The successful candidates will contribute via research, teaching, and/or service to the Department's commitment to diversity and the University's stated mission of enhancing the learning of our students and better preparing them to engage in an increasingly diverse and global community. Competitive startup packages are available for both positions. Regular, reliable, and non-disruptive attendance is an essential job duty, as is the ability to create and maintain collegial, harmonious working relationships with others. Minimum Qualifications: Please ensure that all relevant application materials include details addressing the minimum qualifications. Applicants not meeting the minimum qualifications will be disqualified from consideration. Ph.D. conferred by the start of employment A record of, or demonstrated potential for, outstanding research achievement in human neuroscience A record of or demonstrated potential for, the acquisition of external funding The ability to contribute to the Department's teaching mission in both graduate-level training and undergraduate instruction Research and teaching interests that complement existing department strengths; Demonstrated effective interpersonal skills and collegiality Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, including the ability to mentor students from underrepresented backgrounds, consistent with our Department's Diversity Mission Statement (********************************************************************************* and our campus-wide strategic plan (*************************** Preferred Qualifications Preference will be given to candidates with strong quantitative and/or statistical skills that complement current departmental strengths, including potential for teaching graduate and/or undergraduate statistical/quantitative courses Physical activities associated with this position The following physical activities are associated with the position and will be performed with or without an accommodation. All individuals are encouraged to apply. Occasionally: Feeling Grasping Reaching Walking Frequently: Manipulate items with fingers, including keyboarding Hearing Repetitive motion Sitting Standing Talking Employee is required to have close visual acuity to perform an activity such as: preparing and analyzing data and figures; transcribing; viewing a computer terminal; extensive reading; and/or visual inspection at distances close to the eyes. Types of Background Checks Required National criminal background and registered sex offender check Pre-employment Screening Requirements The University of Arkansas is committed to providing a safe campus community. We conduct background checks for applicants being considered for employment. Background checks include a criminal background check and a sex offender registry check. For certain positions, there may also be a financial (credit) background check, a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) check, and/or drug screening. Required checks are identified in the position listing. A criminal conviction or arrest pending adjudication or adverse financial history information alone shall not disqualify an applicant in the absence of a relationship to the requirements of the position. Background check information will be used in a confidential, non-discriminatory manner consistent with state and federal law. Posting Detail Information Future Open Date Close Date Open Until Filled Yes Anticipated Start Date 08/17/2020 Anticipated End Date Recruitment Contact Information University of Arkansas Human Resources ADMN 222 ************** ************** All application materials must be uploaded to the U of A's employment system at *************. Please do not send to listed recruitment contact. Special Instructions Summary Completed applications received by November 1st, 2019, will be assured full consideration. Late applications will be reviewed as necessary to fill the position. Applicants must submit (1) a cover letter/letter of application; (2) a curriculum vitae; (3) a listing of publications; (4) a statement of research plans; (5) a statement of teaching interests; and (6) a one-page statement of how you would contribute to the department's commitment to diversity uploaded to the Other Document link. We encourage applicants to address in their statements and/or cover letter how they have pursued or plan to pursue the goals of open and reproducible science. A list of three professional references willing to provide letters of reference will be requested during the application process. Hiring Location 222 Administration Building Fayetteville, AR 72701. EEO Statement The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The university welcomes applications without regard to race/color, sex, gender, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability, religion, marital or parental status, protected veteran or military status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. Persons must have proof of legal authority to work in the United States on the first day of employment. All applicant information is subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. Internal Posting No Work Location Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas - Just posted report job - original job

    Senate Gives Visit Florida A Boost With Reauthorization Bill, But Real Challenge Lies With House

    Florida’s tourism and marketing agency has powerful supporters the state senate Now one of its committee has backed a bill keeping the agency around for the next eight years. But Visit Florida’s survival largely depends on the house.


    Another wrap up of touch news from around Australia… · Senator Kate Lundy has accepted the position of patron of Australian Touch, following a meeting with Chairman Michael Sparks, Chief Executive Bill Ker and National Technical Manager Peter Topp, following last week’s meeting at Parliament House. Senator Lundy is the Shadow Minister for the Arts, Sport and Information Technology. See for more information. · ATA would like to thank Megan Currie for all her time and effort as National Technical Assistant and wish her all the best as she moves to Melbourne to take a job with Victorian Gymnastics. · Congratulations to the referees selected to attend the 2004 State of Origin (in alphabetical order): Brendon Antribus, Dave Baggio, Willi Barnes, Dave Bonser, Rick Borg, Jason Charlton, Peter Cominos, Scott Dews, Kerry Disney, Col Farlow, Dave Field, Adam Foley, Sharon Foster, Lawre Gafa, Grant Hill, Ken Hillman, Nick Hollingworth, Rina Jansen, Larry Kent, Dale Lawrence, Richard Lawry, Joe Logrande, Steve Lyons, Jenny Madders, Michael McGrath, Luke McKenzie, Barry McNamara, Mike Medlin, Gary Mournehis, Greg Myers, Richard O’Connor, Dave Perry, Kim Perry, Brad Smith, Gordon Smith, Keith Steel, John Taylor, Paul Thomas, Gavin West. · ACT has recently announced their junior coaches: U12 girls- Gabe Hodges U12 boys- Glenn Ridley, John Samin U14 girls- Kelly Goodwin U14 boys- Steve Hughes U16 girls- Peter Topp U16 boys- Ash Chandra U18 girls- Danny Goodwin U18 boys- Gavin Dovey, Paul Farrah · The Australia Cup competition is going from strength to strength, with[...]

    Senator Rand Paul BLASTS The Press At Kentucky MAGA Rally… ‘Do Your Job!’


    Trump called Rand Paul up to address his crowd during Monday's rally. Paul did NOT disappoint.

    The post Senator Rand Paul BLASTS The Press At Kentucky MAGA Rally… ‘Do Your Job!’ appeared first on Clash Daily.


    “Noul totalitarism e progresist și eco”


    FUMIGENE DE WEEKEND (111) O treime din generaţia millennials, născuţi între 1981 - 1996, “ar vota în 2020 cu candidaţii de extremă stângă”, relevă un sondaj comandat de Fundația americană pentru memoria victimelor comunismului. Potrivit acestuia, “capitalismul a pierdut din popularitate”, fiind sprijinit de doar jumătate dintre  aceștia. 36% aprobă comunismul, iar 70% ar vota cu socialiștii STOP Probabil că respectivii habar n-au care e diferența dintre ele. "Dacă nu educăm generaţia tânără despre adevărul istoric al celor 100 de milioane de victime ucise de regimurile comuniste în ultimul secol, să nu ne surprindă disponibilitatea ei pentru ideile marxiste", declară realizatorul studiului. De altfel, peste 20% dintre milennials cred că "societatea ar fi mai bună dacă s-ar elimina ideea proprietăţii private" STOP Interesante comentariile la un interviu al Hotnews pe această temă, cu un istoric din aceeași generație: “o bună parte din mileniali sunt confuzi din cauza unui amestec de ignoranța și conformism. Ignoranța e întreținută de un sistem educațional deficitar... Avem în Romania, în USA sau în Franța, generații de analfabeți funcționali care pot silabisi, dar nu înteleg sensul și logica unei fraze (nu mai vorbim de lexic)” STOP Iar mai departe: “Obama a criticat dur...agresivitatea celor care tind să arate imediat cu degetul orice nu e "corect politic". Fostul președinte democrat s-a arătat îngrijorat de tendința de a bloca dezbaterea în campusurile universitare și de a interzice opiniile diferite (de cele progresiste)” STOP Un alt cititor concluzionează: “noul totalitarism e progresist și eco".  De genul Greta, 2035fărătutun, USR, Arafat și alții/altele. La “și alții” intră și Cioloș, care a îndrăznit să-și critice fostul subaltern pentru prestația de la Colectiv și “ascunderea” filmului în care șeful DSU, aidoma “bărbatului în alb din 10 august”, vorbește la telefon netulburat în mijlocul nebuniei STOP Atât de tare l-a supărat pe Arafat critica asta, încât a început să vorbească moldovenește, nemaiscoțându-l pe Cioloș din “dânsul”  STOP „Am văzut pe dânsul (Dacian Cioloş – n.r.) spune că un departament nu trebuie să ţină de un om şi sunt total de acord cu dânsul (...) Mai mult decât atât, dânsul comentează că un astfel de departament atunci când funcţionează doar sub comanda omului suprem are o problemă. Departamentul nu funcţionează doar sub comanda omului suprem” STOP În paranteză fie spus, Arafat a încercat o mică diversiune cu o teorie a conspirației, potrivit căreia cineva a încercat să îi ia jucăriile (elicoptere și avioane SMURD, înmatriculate militar). Dar declarația nu prea a avut ecou, fiind preluată sporadic. Asta în comparație cu marea  lovitură de presă despre “aparatele morții”, pe vremea când Arafat dădea verdicte despre vapat. “O tempora...” STOP Noul ministru de Interne a fost întâmpinat de protestatari cu cererea: “Capul lui Arafat vrem” STOP “Bătrânii sunt otrăviţi de medicamente, pentru că testările clinice se fac pe tineri. Mulţi pensionari iau câte 10-20 de  pastile pentru bolile pe care le au, ceea ce îi expune multiplelor reacţii adverse şi mai ales interacţiunilor dintre ele”, consideră Serviciului Naţional pentru Sănătate din Anglia. “Studii anterioare au scos în evidenţă că o persoană din 15 se află în spital din cauza reacţiilor adverse ale medicamentelor prescrise” STOP Dacă ar fi să jucăm Monopoly...Pe hârtie stăm bine, pe teren e jale. “La nivel de proiectare, suntem campioni, dar în ceea ce priveşte km de autostradă, 828, suntem pe locul 128 în lume, după Zimbabwe şi Gabon” STOP “Prima regulă a pieței unice din Uniunea Europeană este să ai o autostrada către Germania”, a transmis autorităților române un economist-șef al Băncii Mondiale, coordonator al politicii economice pentru statele UE. O autostradă catre Germania nu avem, dar avem un Președinte. Se pune? STOP Și totuși, “România alături de Germania”. Potrivit Eurostat, aproape două treimi dintre orașele europene cu cei mai puțini tineri se află în  cele două țări STOP “Industria sănătății”, ca și “industria morții”, tot industrie se cheamă că este, vulnerabilă la procese în masă declanșate de avocați orientați financiar. Nu doar “big tobacco”, dar și “big farma” plătește înțelegeri (settlements) ca să fie lăsată în pace. “Cinci producători şi distribuitori de medicamente oferă 50 de miliarde de dolari în numerar, servicii și medicamente, pentru închiderea investigaţiilor în care industria farmaceutică este acuzată că a provocat criza opioidelor din SUA”. În instanțe sunt 2.600 de procese, arată Cursdeguvernare STOP Procesomania, faza pe budă. După ce fosta șefă a ASSMB, o anume Coțofană, a afirmat că „în mandatul doamnei Firea, s-au plătit WC-uri de 230 de lei cu 3.500 de lei plus TVA”, Primărița a declarat că nu se lasă și merge cu ea “de gât, la cremenal”, adică îi face plângere la DNA STOP Guardian scrie că Guvernul chinez a lansat un Cod de conduită menit să „amplifice atitudinea pozitivă a cetăţenilor faţă de partid şi ţară şi să creeze un simţ al identităţii colective”. Documentul, emis de CC al PCC, este “un instrument nou de propagandă și de consolidare a cultului personalității, centrat pe liderul Xi Jinping și are rolul de a-i crește legitimitatea într-o perioadă în care Beijingul se confruntă cu provocări serioase - protestele din Hong Kong, încetinirea economiei și războiul comercial cu SUA. Cetățenii sunt îndemnați să trateze gândirea Xi Jinping ca fiind nucleul busolei lor morale civice, fiind omise multe referințe la alți lideri din istoria țării, precum Mao”. Aviz simpatizanților americani ai comunismului! STOP “Facebook a acceptat să plătească o amendă de 500.000 de lire sterline pentru încălcarea legislaţiei privind protecţia datelor, în cazul Cambridge Analytica”, a anunţat autoritatea britanică de reglementare. Aceasta pentru că “date despre cel puţin un milion de utilizatori britanici s-au aflat printre informaţiile strânse de Cambridge Analytica şi folosite în scopuri politice” STOP CA a fost angajată de Trump pentru campania din 2016 și ar fi fost “implicată în peste 200 de campanii electorale, inclusiv în Nigeria, Kenya, Cehia, India şi Argentina”, lucrând împreună cu “companii specializate în strângerea de informaţii”. La momentul scandalului, Cambridge Analytica România era condusă de ginerele Ministrului de externe (în prezent Președinte al Senatului), având sediul chiar la domiciliul acestuia. Peter Imre a lucrat cândva pentru o mare companie americană de tutun STOP “Camera Reprezentanţilor SUA a recunoscut în mod oficial genocidul armean, într-un vot simbolic fără precedent...o majoritate zdrobitoare de 405 din 435 de voturi, într-o rară unitate între democraţi şi republicani”. Ministerul turc de Externe a ”condamnat ferm” acest act politic și l-a convocat pe ambasadorul american. La rândul lor, bulgarii au convocat-o la Externe pe ambasadoarea Franței, după declarațiile ofensatoare ale lui Macron, care îi preferă bulgarilor pe cei din Coasta de Fildeș. Numai oficialii noștri au stat în poziția ghiocel cănd ambasadorii SUA ne-a dat lecții și indicații STOP “Orban de la Budapesta l-a felicitat pe Orban de la București. Presa maghiară face glume cu Ardealul”. Iar unii au postat pe FB: “să vezi de acum încolo ce de Hello Budapest!” STOP Înainte de predarea mandatului, fostul ministru al Agriculturii a avut parte de o aniversare unică. “PSD-iștii din Arad i-au făcut cadou lui Petre Daea, de ziua lui, un tort în formă de oaie”. Oaia aia e a lui STOP Contrabanda cu țigări a ajuns la un minim istoric apropiat de nivelul european: 10,5%. Evident, lobiștii antitutun, pregătiți să împingă tare proiectul de vânzare a țigărilor pe sub tejghea, au sărit de fund în sus că ar fi manipulare, de genul celei pe care o practică ei când clamează așa-zisele “pierderi cauzate de tutun: 4,2% din PIB”. Râd și curcile STOP Țigări de contrabandă în magazine, la Ploiești. Șase magazine au fost descoperite practicând acest “sport” bănos, alegându-se cu marfa confiscată și amenzi. Poliția nu i-a crezut pe împricinații care s-au declarat simpli vizionari, care anticipează legea Emanuel Ungureanu/Ramona Brad STOP BAT a ajuns pe locul 27 în topul exportatorilor. În același timp, a extins campania cu scrumiere stradale din Sectorul 3 București, dăruind 200 de bucăți Primăriei Iași. Pe pariu că, iar, fac activiștii scandal? Deocamdată, fac doar bube roșii și nu pot dormi pentru că, la Parament, se lanseză “Coaliția pentru libertatea comerțului și a comunicării” STOP A căzut ultima redută: “fumătorii din Austria nu-şi mai pot aprinde o ţigară în cafenele şi restaurante”, relatează AFP. Să vedem cât va afecta interdicția locul Vienei în topul celor mai bune orașe în care merită să trăiești STOP Deși cocktailurile de medicamente fac ravagii, “specialiștii în sănătate publică” au alt azimut: țigările electronice. Pentru că SUA nu se grăbește cu interdicțiile, dat fiind că majoritatea cazurilor semnalate sunt de la extract ilegal de canabis, “experții lu’ Bloomberg” s-au orientat către alte meleaguri, mai înfometate. După Brazilia, Thailanda şi India, “China a decretat închiderea temporară a magazinelor specializate în vânzarea de ţigări electronice, până când efectele acestora asupra stării de sănătate vor fi lămurite” STOP “Aprozăreasa candidează la Primaria Cluj”. Aurelia Cristea, mama legii antifumat de acum trei ani, vrea să îi ia fața lui Boc. Dar, Clujul e un oraș orientat, cu nas politic fin și buzunare larg deschise către investitori. Ca dovadă, “eșecul electoral” al lui Barna. Evenimentul Zilei relatează că, la adunarea simpatizanţilor acestuia, s-ar fi ocupat doar jumătate dintr-o sală de Cinema. A se compara cu prezența la filmele de dans de la TIFF, sponsorizate de JTI STOP Viorica Dăncilă între sabie și macetă. După ce candidata PSD a primit în dar o sabie de Samurai, ca să “taie ce trebuie”, simpatizanții ei, care împărțeau pliante la Brăila, au fost fugăriți de un bărbat înarmat cu o macetă STOP Istoria romanțată e, uneori, pasională. “John F. Kennedy a fost refuzat de actriţa Sophia Loren, dar vedete precum Audrey Hepburn şi Angie Dickinson au avut relaţii intime cu preşedintele american”, relatează Daily Mail. La noi, istoria rescrisă în funcție de “politicile corecte cacofonice” e năucitoare, scrie Marius Oprea despre Hodor și așa-zișii istorici de la CNSAS, influențați în impietarea lor de ideologii “Fenomenului Pitești”, adică de torționari și securiști STOP Dna Ludwig, noul Comisarul german pe droguri (echivalentul ANA, de la noi), a declarat mai întâi că dorește interzicerea reclamelor la țigari clasice și electronice pe panourile publicitare (că astfel s-ar putea vedea sau nu s-ar mai putea vedea ce face sau ar trebui să facă ea), după care a revenit “la castravete”: 19% dintre adolescenți au recunoscut că folosesc canabis, procent care urcă vertiginos la grupa de vârsta 18-25 de ani: 42,5% STOP Heroina și opioidele (produse farma) reprezintă, însă, principala cauză de deces asociat consumului de droguri, cu 1275 cazuri anual. Ludwig a concluzionat că oamenii trebuie ajutați sa scape de dependențe, iar “dezbaterile bazate pe ideologie” trebuie înlocuite cu dialogul STOP Socialiștii din PE dau pe dinafară de “corectitudine politică”. Nu l-au vrut pe albul hetero Sigfrid Mureșan Comisar european, pentru că nu era nici măcar femeie. Noroc că Adina Vălean e ok și nu ne va face de râs,  deși e straight STOP Cancerul corectitudinii politice ucide conștiințe și talente. Regizorul Andrei Șerban a declarat la TVR că a demisionat de la Universitatea Columbia când i s-a cerut să angajeze un nou profesor, "de preferință o femeie de culoare, care dacă este gay e foarte bine", și nu a fost de acord ca rolul Julietei să fie jucat de un transsexual STOP "În epoca Trump, dreapta e foarte radicală, stânga e foarte radicală...Universitățile în America sunt de obicei de stânga...” iar “Columbia e un fel de socialism care merge spre comunism, e o nouă formă de comunism", a spus  regizorul (HEXAVALENT)



    Anti-Fracking Bill Emerges In The Florida House

    Fracking (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)A proposal backed by environmentalists to ban fracking in Florida was introduced Wednesday in the House, two days after a similar measure cleared its first Senate committee.

    Delta budgets N389bn for 2020; gives priority to Road, Physical Infrastructure, Education

    By Ovasa Ogaga

    Delta Governor, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, on Wednesday presented 2020 Appropriation Bill of N389.19 billion with Road and Physical Infrastructure sector getting the highest allocation of N84.54 billion, and was followed by Education with N31.6 billion in the 2020 fiscal year.

    [caption id="attachment_1194254" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Delta Governor, Senator (Dr) Ifeanyi Okowa, presenting the 2020 Appropriation Bill to the State House of Assembly at the Chambers in Asaba.[/caption]

    The 2020 budget proposal christened "Budget of Sustainable Development” which was presented to the House of Assembly, has N217.64 billion representing 55.92 percent as the Capital Expenditure while N171.55 billion or 44.08 percent was earmarked for Recurrent Expenditure.

    The budget is a little less than 2019’s N390.38 billion comprised of N157.10 billion for recurrent expenditure and N233.28 billion for capital expenditure.

    The governor gave priority to Road and Physical Infrastructure sector which was allocated N84.54 billion, the highest amount of the budget and was followed by Education with N31.6 billion.

    Okowa said that the 2020 budget would help his administration to achieve fiscal stability and promote accountability as imperatives for sustained economic growth.


    He said that he would prioritize efficiency in expenditure through stringent control on non-productive expenditure, judicious allocation of resources and cost effectiveness of project delivery.

    The governor also stated that the budget would accelerate rural-urban integration and urban renewal through roads and flood control infrastructure, markets development, housing and sanitation.

    He said it was targeted at growing the non-oil sectors to produce an economy that was truly diversified, self-reliant, resilient and could withstand external shocks.

    “During the fiscal year, we will continue to pursue Health for all Deltans (HeFAD) in line with the Universal Health Coverage mandate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    “Through the budget, we will increase investment in youth entrepreneurship development programmes as well as technical/vocational education designed to foster a new generation of wealth creators, business leaders and managers.” It will deepen and strengthen our social investment programmes for improved protection of the poor and vulnerable segments of the society, and escalate our peace-building initiatives to secure our oil and gas installations.

    “It will ensure public safety and engender an investor-friendly climate, boost revenue through widening of the tax base and administration of a functional tax regime that is fair, just and equitable and engender a more responsive and efficient public sector," he said.

    Antitrust Attorney Opposes Proposed Licensing Board Immunity Bill, The Restoring Board Immunity Act of 2017

    Bona Law attorney Aaron Gott criticized a proposal in the U.S. Senate to give immunity to professional licensing boards in a blog post Tuesday, August 23, arguing that the bill would do little to reform overburdensome state occupational licensing laws while taking away the most effective tool for curbing anticompetitive abuses by boards. La Jolla, CA (Law Firm Newswire) August 30, 2017 - The Restoring Board Immunity Act of 2017, proposed earlier this month by Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Benjamin Sasse, would give antitrust immunity to all boards of a state if the state (1) commissions a study […]

    Voice of a villain: Roslindale's David McFerrin portrays Sen. Joseph McCarthy in BLO's 'Fellow Travelers'

    Meet Senator Joseph McCarthy, the bigoted lawmaker who blazed his own personal trail to the wrong side of history. It turns out McCarthy also has leading-man good looks and a baritone voice that won’t quit. At least that’s the case when he’s played by David McFerrin, the lauded opera singer and Roslindale resdient who’s carving out an impressive classical music career for himself.

    Jeff Sessions Siap Bertarung untuk  Kursi Senat di Alabama

    Mantan Jaksa Agung Jeff Sessions, Kamis (7/11), diperkirakan akan mengumumkan kesiapannya mencalonkan diri untuk kursi Senat di negara bagian Alabama. Sessions menguasai kursi di Senat itu pada 1997-2017 ketika ia akhirnya dipilih Presiden Donald Trump sebagai jaksa agung yang pertama. Ia mengundurkan diri dari jabatannya November lalu setelah berulang kali berbeda pandangan pandangan dengan Trump.  Setelah mengundurkan diri dari penyelidikan jaksa penyidik khusus Robert Mueller tentang campur tangan Rusia dalam pemilu presiden Amerika pada 2016, Sessions kerap diejek Trump. Jika Sessions memenangkan pemilihan pendahuluan yang dijadwalkan berlangsung pada 3 Maret mendatang, ia akan berhadapan dengan calon Partai Demokrat Jones Jones, yang telah memenangkan pemilihan khusus pada 2017 untuk mengisi kursi Sessions. [em/pp]

    Presiden Meksiko Tolak Seruan Trump untuk Tumpas Kartel dengan Kekuatan Senjata

    Presiden Meksiko, Andres Obrador telah menolak seruan Presiden Amerika Donald Trump untuk melancarkan perang melawan kartel-kartel kejahatan di Meksiko. Trump sebelumnya menawarkan bantuan Amerika untuk menumpas kartel-kartel narkoba itu menyusul pembunuhan atas sembilan warga Amerika di sebuah jalan di Meksiko Utara. Obrador mengatakan, Meksiko akan bertindak sesuai dengan kedaulatan dan kebebasannya sendiri untuk mengejar para penjahat yang bertanggung jawab, tapi menolak usul untuk menumpas mereka dengan kekuatan senjata. Sebuah bangkai mobil yang hangus terbakar ditemukan di pinggir jalan dengan sisa-sisa jenazah sebagian korban. Tiga orang perempuan dan 14 anak-anak sedang bepergian dalam sebuah konvoi antara negara bagian Sonora dan Chihuahua, ketika mereka diserang oleh orang-orang bersenjata yang diperkirakan anggota kartel narkoba. Trump mengatakan kepada Obrador bahwa kartel-kartel itu telah menjadi terlalu kuat dan sudah tiba saatnya pemerintah Meksiko melancarkan perang untuk menumpas mereka dengan bantuan Amerika. Namun, Obrador menjawab bahwa membunuhi anggota geng bersenjata itu tidak akan menyelesaikan masalahnya. “Tentu saja kami tidak menghendaki hal ini terjadi, tapi kami berpendapat menembaki dan membantai mereka, dan menggunakan kekerasan tidak akan menyelesaikan masalahnya,” kata Obrador. Meksiko sejak lama telah berusaha menumpas kelompok-kelompok penjahat yang terorganisasi, dan ketika geng-geng bersenjata itu menjadi lebih kuat dari polisi, pemerintah menggunakan tentara untuk melawan mereka. Kendati begitu, jumlah korban pembunuhan oleh kartel-kartel narkoba itu terus meningkat. Dalam waktu 12 tahun terakhir, di Meksiko tercatat hampir seperempat juta korban pembunuhan, yang kebanyakan terkait dengan perang antara kelompok narkoba yang bersaing. Kementerian Dalam Negeri Meksiko mengatakan, keluarga Mormon yang terbunuh itu kemungkinan menjadi korban perebutan kawasan antara dua geng yang bersaing. Cukong-cukong narkoba yang kuat diperkirakan telah membagi-bagi kawasan Meksiko menjadi daerah kekuasaan mereka, dan bahkan ada tuduhan terjadinya kolusi antara polisi dan kelompok penjahat itu. Pemerintah pusat Meksiko tampaknya tidak berdaya melawan kelompok-kelompok bersenjata yang semakin kuat itu. Senator Mitt Romney, seorang warga Mormon dan pengecam Trump mengatakan hari Selasa (6/11) bahwa Presiden berhak menuntut diambilnya tindakan atas kelompok penjahat yang beroperasi dekat pembatasan Amerika. (ii/jm)

    Pemilu AS di Beberapa Negara Bagian Berikan Hasil Beragam

    Dalam pemilihan di beberapa negara bagian, sekutu Partai Republik Presiden Trump memenangkan pemilihan gubernur di negara bagian Mississippi, namun kalah dalam pemilihan lain di Kentucky dan kehilangan kendali legislatif di negara bagian Virginia yang direbut oleh pihak Demokrat, untuk pertama kalinya dalam 25 tahun. Trump berkampanye pekan lalu untuk wakil gubernur Mississippi, Tate Reeves, seorang pendukung setianya, yang menang atas Jim Hood, jaksa agung negara bagian itu dari partai Demokrat. Tetapi favorit Trump lainnya, Gubernur Kentucky Matt Bevin, kalah tipis dari Demokrat lawannya, Andy Beshear, juga seorang jaksa agung negara bagian, meskipun Trump berkampanye untuk Bevin dalam rapat umum pemilu yang ramai. Setelah hampir semua suara dihitung di Kentucky, calon gubernur dari Partai Demokrat Andy Beshear unggul dengan perolehan suara 49,2 persen dari Bevin, yang meraih 48,8 persen. Beshear mengklaim kemenangan, sementara Bevin menolak untuk mengakui kekalahannya. "Pemilih malam ini di Kentucky mengirim pesan lantang dan jelas bagi semua orang. Pesan yang mengatakan bahwa pemilihan kita tidak harus mengenai paham kanan versus kiri, namun terkait dengan benar versus salah," kata Beshear. Sementara lawannya, Matt Bevin mengatakan, "Kita ingin prosesnya dipatuhi dan ada proses. Kita mengetahui fakta bahwa ada lebih dari sekedar sedikit penyimpangan. Penyimpangan ini didukung bukti kuat. Tidak masalah. Apa penyimpangan itu, berapa banyak, yang mana dan apa dampaknya jika ada, akan ditentukan oleh hukum." Analis politik mengatakan persaingan Gubernur Kentucky bisa menjadi petunjuk mengenai prospek peluang Presiden Trump pada pemilihan tahun depan. Trump secara pribadi pergi ke Kentucky pada hari Senin (5/11) untuk ikut berkampanye guna meningkatkan peluang pemilihan kembali Bevin, dan untuk mendukung peluangnya sendiri pada tahun 2020. Sementara itu, kandidat gubernur Partai Republik lainnya yang didukung oleh Trump, memenangkan pemilihan hari Selasa. Tate Reeves dari Mississippi dengan mudah mengalahkan penantangnya dari Partai Demokrat, Jim Hood, memenangkan 52 persen suara dibandingkan dengan Hood yang memperoleh 47 persen. Di negara bagian Virginia, Trump melalui Twitter, mendesak para pemilih untuk memastikan Partai Republik terus menguasai Majelis Umum negara bagian. Tetapi Gubernur Ralph Northam dari partai Demokrat, yang masih akan menjabat dua tahun lagi, mendapat cukup kursi untuk menguasai Senat negara bagian dan DPR. Partai Demokrat di negara bagian Virginia merebut kendali pada kedua majelis legislatif negara bagian untuk pertama kalinya dalam lebih dari 20 tahun. Trump pada hari Rabu (7/11) akan kembali berkampanye di negara bagian Louisiana, dimana kandidat dari Partai Republik Eddie Rispone berusaha mengalahkan Gubernur dari Partai Demokrat John Bel Edwards dalam pemilihan putaran kedua minggu depan. (ps/my)

    Even Facebook’s Libra can’t escape the fintech establishment


    Despite Facebook’s reach, IMD professor Howard Yu and research fellow Jialu Shan break down how its Libra digital currency is no match for legacy financial institutions.

    It’s hard to believe regulators can learn faster than entrepreneurs, but they do. Back when Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress in April 2018, Senator Orrin Hatch (a Republican from Utah) interrogated Facebook’s business model by asking him “why users don’t pay for your service,” to which a smiling Zuckerberg replied, “Senator, we run ads.” Eighteen months later, on October 23, 2019, Zuckerberg faced another congressional grilling, this time over his proposed digital currency, Libra.

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    Sen. Kamala Harris proposes bill extending school day to 6 p.m.

    WTHR NBC Indianapolis - Senator Kamala Harris has proposed legislation that would better align the school and work day for working parents.

    Adrian Ţuţuianu (Pro România) anunţă momente dificile pentru viitorul guvern

    Senatorul Adrian Ţuţuianu a apreciat că noul guvern, implicit premierul Ludovic Orban au în faţă provocări majore. Vicepreşedintele Pro România spune că un moment dificil va veni chiar după învestire, pentru că Guvernul Orban nu se va putea baza pe o majoritate parlamentară solidă, ceea ce va face dificilă trecerea prin parlament a unor acte […]

    [Napa County] City responds to county grand jury report on Napa Pipe, disputes claims of past obstruction


    As preparations inch ahead on the Costco store, business space and hundreds of homes that will comprise the Napa Pipe development, city leaders are swatting away a grand jury report’s assertion that its resistance to the project years ago has added delays and costs now.

    Replying to the report “Where’s my Costco?” published by the Napa County Grand Jury June 28, Napa city officials denied getting in the way of Napa Pipe since its proposal in 2007. Instead, staff argued their oversight of the planned mixed-use development – which would create a new community on 154 acres of the former Kaiser industrial site in south Napa – helped shape it into a form that will not put crushing traffic or environmental strains on the city.

    Questions posed by the city’s planners and elected leaders helped reshape Napa Pipe’s scope from the originally proposed 3,200 housing units – more than in the whole of St. Helena – to a more manageable 945 dwellings, according to the reply letter, which the City Council approved last week.

    “The City of Napa takes exception to the many opinions expressed in the report about the City’s involvement throughout the project evaluation process as a delay tactic,” city officials said in their response letter, which is required to be sent within 90 days after the release of a grand jury report.

    “The City had legitimate land use policy and environmental concerns about the Napa Pipe project and as such, registered those comments through the normal course of the California Environmental Quality Act requirements and normal development review activities. Specifically, until a project alternative could be supported that addressed the City’s concerns, the significant scope of the project required the City to register its ongoing concerns about impacts to traffic and transportation, water supply, and police/fire services.”

    Napa city officials called the grand jury’s assertion of longstanding resistance misleading, saying their concerns centered on the sheer size of the development as proposed more than a decade ago. Early versions of Napa Pipe would have included housing for about 6,500 people, many of them living in apartment buildings six to eight floors tall – a density level that triggered hard questions about the impacts on water use, the school system and housing costs, officials said in their reply letter.

    “Everyone had a different perception of how it was working and what was happening,” Mayor Jill Techel, the last remaining council member from the time of Napa Pipe’s unveiling, said Tuesday. “For us, it was: ‘They’re going to build a city on the edge of the city of Napa that’s twice as big as Yountville,’ and there was a lot of concern: Was that smart growth? Was that the right way to grow?”

    Negotiations involving the city, county and developer resulted in Napa County’s 2014 approval of a scaled-down housing development, along a retirement home, warehouse store, a 150-room hotel, retail and office space, and a park-and-trail system.

    City leaders also pushed back on the grand jury’s finding that only popular support for a Costco store induced city leaders to work more closely with the county to advance Napa Pipe. More important to the city, according to officials, was the chance to boost a scarce housing supply and reuse a dormant industrial property, and to prevent the sprawl of development into surrounding farmlands.

    City-county partnership is on the verge of going a step further, as the two governments are seeking to move up the annexation of Napa Pipe’s remaining 43 acres of county-held land into the city by year’s end rather than the original 2022 date. The city of Napa previously absorbed 111 acres of unincorporated land in 2016.

    The early-annexation move awaits Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signing of Senate Bill 235, which has cleared both houses of the California Legislature and will let Napa County claim credit for meeting its regional housing requirements with new construction at Napa Pipe even after all of its lands pass to city control.

    Annexation could then take place in the late fall or winter, with the first city building permits issued as soon as the spring or summer of 2020, according to Vin Smith, community development director.

    September 23, 2019

    Napa Valley Register

    By Howard Yune



    Editorial: Julia Lynn should be transparent, or re-evaluate serving in Senate

    It is possible state Sen. Julia Lynn did nothing improper while simultaneously leading the Senate Commerce Committee and working for Allied Global Services, which held substantial state contracts.But Lynn’s response when asked about the subject doesn’t reassure. She called the work by The Topeka Capital-Journal’s veteran political reporter, Tim [...]

    Stop all'odio, la Regione dà l'ok, il Comune rimanda


    Il consiglio regionale approva all'unanimità l'istituzione dell’Osservatorio contro l'intolleranza e l'antisemitismo, collegato alla "commissione Segre", con i voti di Lega, Fratelli d'Italia e Forza Italia, che in Senato si erano astenuti. Gli stessi partiti però a Palazzo...


    Segre sotto scorta, dopo le minacce assegnata tutela a senatrice a vita


    Due carabinieri l'accompagneranno negli spostamenti


    Democrats Take Virginia State Legislature for the First Time in Decades


    Shelby Talcott

    Politics, Americas

    Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden takes selfies with supporters at a

    Can they hold it?

    Democrats took control of the Virginia state legislature Tuesday for the first time in decades, flipping both the state Senate and House.

    All 140 seats were on the ballot for Tuesday’s election, and the Virginia vote was one of a few under scrutiny. Democrats fought to flip the state Senate and House, ultimately flipping both. This is the first time they have controlled the state government since 1994. A Democratic win in both chambers allows the party to control redistricting right before the 2020 census, CNN reported.

    Prior to this vote, Republicans had control of the House of Delegates with 51 seats. The Democrats had 48 seats. Republicans also had control of the state Senate with 20 seats to Democrats’ 19 seats, and there was one vacancy in each chamber, according to CNN.

    Republicans have been unable to win a statewide race since 2009, but previously had control of the Senate since 2014 and the House since 1999. In 2017, Democrats nabbed a win in the Virginia House of Delegates, but Republicans ended up gaining control after a controversial recount resulted in a lottery.

    Virginia was one of the states to keep an eye on during the 2019 election because Republicans only had control of the Senate and House by small margins. Democrats had been hoping that a deep dislike for President Donald Trump in Virginia suburbs would allow them to flip the state, The New York Times reported. Virginia is the only southern state that Trump lost during his 2016 presidential election.

    Read full article

    Buhari And Osinbajo Are Intact – Presidency

    There is no misunderstanding between the Office of the President and the Vice President. The Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters Senator Babajide Omowurare made this clarification while briefing journalists at the National Assembly. Responding to critics who have questioned President Buhari’s decision to sign the amended deep offshore Act in …

    Gulak Should Have Been In Jail Now- Okorocha

    The immediate past governor of Imo State , Senator Rochas Okorocha, has denied the allegation levelled against him by Ahmed Gulak that he ( Okorocha) offered him $2 m bribe when he came to Imo State in 2018 to organise the All Progressives Congress governorship primary . Okorocha in a statement on Monday by his …

    La senatrice Fattori lascia i Cinquestelle e accusa Di Maio e Casaleggio

    La lettera ai probiviri del Movimento e la richiesta di chiarimenti sui conti intestati al leader politico e sulle spese, e il regime fiscale della piattaforma Rousseau   ( – Una lettera per un lungo addio. Il Movimento cinque stelle vede assottigliarsi il suo gruppo parlamentare. Oggi la senatrice Elena Fattori esce dal partito di Luigi Di … Continua a leggere

    GOP-controlled Ohio Senate approves two more abortion restrictions

    COLUMBUS — Doctors who perform abortions in Ohio are one step closer to having to tell women about the possibility of reversing a pill-induced abortion or face criminal penalties.That's because the Ohio Senate voted 22 to 10 Wednesday to pass a bill that would make not telling women about this experimental treatment a misdemeanor for the first offense and a felony for all subsequent offenses. Sen. Stephanie Kunzie of Hilliard was the only Republican to vote no.The [...]

    Jeff Sessions Expected to Run for Alabama Senate

    A Sessions' Senate victory would cause major math problems for Democrats who are working to take over the Senate. 

    Mit hessenWARN beginnt für Hessen eine neue Zeitrechnung in der präventiven Sicherheitskommunikation


    Der Hessische Innenminister Peter Beuth hat heute in Wiesbaden die neue Warn-App hessenWARN vorgestellt. Die Weiterentwicklung der von mehr als 600.000 Hessinnen und Hessen genutzten KatWarn-App bietet neben den bewährten Alarmierungen zahlreiche neue und individuell auswählbare Meldekategorien. So informiert hessenWARN künftig etwa auch über Cyberangriffe, Erdbeben, Produktrückrufe und beinhaltet auch einen Notruf mit automatischer Positionsübermittlung. Die kostenlos erhältliche Applikation ist ab sofort in den App-Stores verfügbar.

    Mit hessenWARN beginnt für Hessen eine neue Zeitrechnung in der präventiven Sicherheitskommunikation. Unsere Sicherheitsbehörden und die Bürgerinnen und Bürger profitieren ganz konkret vom digitalen Fortschritt. Hessen hat mit der Entwicklung der neuen Sicherheits-App Pionierarbeit geleistet. Die Bürgerinnen und Bürger können sich künftig über hessenWARN noch umfangreicher, besser und individueller über mögliche Gefahrenlagen informieren lassen. Insbesondere der Notruf mit automatischer Positionsübermittlung bietet ein echtes Sicherheitsplus, da hierüber Hilfe noch schneller geleistet werden kann“, so Innenminister Peter Beuth.

    Grundsätzlich werden die Bürgerinnen und Bürger über Gefahrenlagen durch die Kommunen mittels Sirenen und Rundfunkdurchsagen informiert. Als weiterer Baustein zu dieser Basisalarmierung wurde in Hessen 2014 KatWarn eingeführt. Die inzwischen 20 Landkreise und mehr als 600.000 App-Nutzer in Hessen haben den Grundstock für eine flächendeckende Nutzung und Fortentwicklung des Systems hin zu hessenWARN gelegt. Alle KatWarn-Landkreise in Hessen können künftig durch den bereits erfolgten Erwerb des Nutzungsrechts hessenWARN vollumfänglich nutzen.

    hessenWARN: Individuell mit neuen Warnkategorien

    Auch künftig werden alle Nutzerinnen und Nutzer vor terroristischen Anschlägen, Bombenfunden, Großbränden sowie weiteren unerwarteten Gefahrensituationen gewarnt. Zusätzlich bietet hessenWARN die Möglichkeit, Warnungen individuell nach persönlichem Bedürfnis zu aktivieren. So kann jeder Nutzer über die Benachrichtigungsfunktion in der App selbst auswählen, über welche Gefahrenlagen er unmittelbar, d.h. durch Push-Notification, benachrichtigt werden möchte.

    Hierfür wird hessenWARN künftig ein erweitertes Angebot von Meldungskategorien beinhalten. Zur Einführung des Systems werden beispielsweise Cybersicherheitswarnungen des Hessen CyberCompetenceCenter (H3C) oder Erdbebeninformationen des Hessischen Landesamts für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie (HLNUG) zur Verfügung gestellt. Weiterhin werden Warnungen in lebensbedrohlichen Fällen auch künftig an alle Nutzerinnen und Nutzer der neuen App übermittelt werden.

    Notruf mit Positionsübermittlung

    Neu ist auch ein Notruf (110/112) mit automatischer Positionsübermittlung. Dieser ermöglicht bei Anruf über die App die unmittelbare Übermittlung des genauen Notfall-Standorts an die nächstliegende zuständige Polizei- oder Rettungsdienststelle. „Hierdurch können Feuerwehr und Polizei auch demjenigen schnellstmöglich helfen, dem eine Standortangabe oder -übermittlung nicht mehr möglich ist oder der schlicht nicht weiß, wo er sich gerade befindet. Bei Unfällen kann die direkte Standortübermittlung über hessenWARN somit eine schnellere Aufnahme von Daten herbeiführen und damit Einsatzzeiten beschleunigen“, so Peter Beuth.

    Notruf-Widget und Wildwechsel-Warner 2020

    hessenWARN soll in den kommenden Jahren fortwährend um weitere Funktionalitäten erweitert werden. Neben der Implementierung des Notrufs mit Positionsübermittlung als Widget auf dem Sperrbildschirm wird die Smartphone App bereits im kommenden Jahr Wildwechsel-Warnungen aufnehmen. Autofahrer können dann hessenWARN via Bluetooth mit ihrem Fahrzeug verbinden und erhalten so eine Warnung über die Freisprecheinrichtung, wenn Wildwechsel auf einer bestimmten Strecke sehr wahrscheinlich sind.

    „Für den Schutz der Bevölkerung zu sorgen ist Aufgabe des Staates. Ich finde es sehr wichtig, dass die Menschen in Hessen ohne Umwege gut und umfassend über Gefahren in ihrer Nähe und konkrete Verhaltensweisen informiert werden. Vor allem ist es in Zeiten sogenannter Fake News von zentraler Bedeutung, dass wir im Falle einer konkreten Bedrohung schnelle und verlässliche Informationen bieten. Daher rufe ich auch die Bürgerinnen und Bürger in Hessen auf, die neue App auf ihren Smartphones zu installieren“, so der Innenminister.

    Hessens Innenminister Peter Beuth wird die innovative hessische Sicherheits-App hessenWARN im Rahmen der Ständigen Konferenz der Innenminister und -senatoren (IMK) seinen Amtskollegen vorstellen. Hessen wird das System auch anderen Bundesländern und dem Bund für mögliche Kooperationen anbieten.

    Anmeldung zur hessenWARN-App

    Die hessenWARN-App steht ab sofort kostenlos zur Verfügung für:

    iPhone im App Store
    Android Phone im Google Play Store
    Weitere Informationen zu hessenWARN


    Talking past each other with parallel versions of the jobs economy. @LizPeek @TheHill @FoxNews

    Photo: After Woodrow Wilson’s election in November 1912, La Follette supported several of the Democratic president’s domestic reforms. However, he opposed America’s entry into World War I, the military draft, wartime restrictions on personal liberties, and U.S. membership in the postwar League of Nations. In 1922, he persuaded his Senate colleagues to investigate charges of corruption concerning the oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming. In 1924, La Follette was the presidential nominee of the Progressive Party (unconnected with the party of 1912). He stood for government ownership of railroads and utilities, labor rights, federal aid to farmers, and the recall of federal judges. He received 17% of the popular vote, but won only the 13 electoral votes of his home state of Wisconsin. He died on June 18, 1925. Date | 6 January 1912 Source | Author | Harper's Weekly Twitter: @BatchelorShow Talking past each other with parallel versions of the jobs economy. @LizPeek @TheHill @FoxNews