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Showa Denko (SDK) Announces 2019 Third Quarter Financial Results


TOKYO, Nov 6, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Showa Denko K.K. (SDK; TSE:4004) today announced its 2019 third quarter financial results.

- 2019 Third Quarter Consolidated Financial Statements and summary

About Showa Denko K.K.

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK; TSE:4004, ADR:SHWDY), a major manufacturer of chemical products, serves a wide range of fields from heavy industry to electronics and computer industries. The Petrochemicals Sector provides cracker products such as ethylene and propylene, the Chemicals Sector provides industrial, high-performance and high-purity gases and chemicals for semicon and other industries, and the Inorganics Sector provides ceramic products, such as alumina, abrasives, refractory and graphite electrodes and fine carbon products. The Aluminum Sector provides aluminum materials and high-value-added fabricated aluminum, the Electronics Sector provides HD media, compound semiconductors such as ultra high-bright LEDs and rare earth magnetic alloys, and the Advanced Battery Materials Department (ABM) provides lithium-ion battery components. For more information, please visit

Copyright 2019 JCN Newswire. All rights reserved.

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Skid Steer Loader Sdk Sgk6 Sdk6 Sdk7 Sdk8

Monetizing with Mobile Ads: Key Ad Formats and Performance Insights


The mobile ad industry is growing day by day. For a long time ads have been associated with annoying pop-ups. Today mobile ads come in many shapes and forms to create positive user experiences. Advertisers and mobile app publishers strive to be matched well, often through ad networks, ad mediation or/and ad exchange, in order to have mutually beneficial outcomes.

Forecast says, that by 2021 the in-app advertising market will skyrocket to $201 billion. Compare this number to $72 billion in 2016. This triple surge is quite impressive given how just 10 years ago the mobile ad market share in the U.S. was estimated at just $320 million.

Why did mobile app advertising take off? Not a difficult question to answer—smartphones, mobile apps and instant access to information have become an integral part of our daily life. And users want apps to be free, which is made possible thanks to mobile advertising. Therefore, mobile advertising has naturally become a valid, fully functional monetization source for mobile app publishers.

Mobile app advertising is no longer associated with intrusive delivery and irrelevant low-quality ad traffic. Often, premium quality ads are present in top applications from companies like Playrix, Zeptolab, Supercell and others. Ads can even make a good companion to boost in-app purchases.

How Mobile Ads Are Selected

Placing in-app ads is usually arranged between three parties: app publisher, advertiser and ad network or another ad demand sources that serve as a connection point. Ad networks are one of the key players in the advertising market of mobile applications. Why do networks exist and how do mobile ads work? The key function of an ad network is to match ad space (Ad Supply) from publishers with the advertiser's request (Ad Demand). In other words, an ad network gives an advertiser an opportunity to display their ads in a number of applications that are connected to that ad network. Ad networks regulate the market and facilitate interactions between advertisers and publishers and are connected to apps via SDK or API.

Nowadays, instead of integrating each ad network’s SDK individually, mobile app publishers can just integrate one ad mediation SDK into their app and receive ads from numerous ad demand sources, including ad networks along with DSPs (demand-side platforms) and ad exchanges. The rise in popularity of ad mediation has simplified the process of getting started with monetizing your app with ads tremendously.

Another reason why mobile app ads have become such a popular monetization source now is the low maintenance required. Whereas before publishers needed to spend hours every week to manually optimize their ad setups in order to make sure they filled up their ad inventory to generate optimal revenue, ad mediation platforms can do that programmatically. With advances in how ad bids get placed and selected via real-time unified auctions through the industry’s latest in-app header bidding technology, the highest earning ads for each ad placements are now selected and delivered automatically.

With that in mind, some ad networks perform better in terms of revenue depending on the region and the ad format as well as the platform (iOS or Android). So if you are considering or are already monetizing your app with ads, understanding the disparity in performance can help you make more informed decisions, such as whether you should prioritize rewarded videos over banners in certain regions or not.

Best Mobile Ad Formats

If the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘ad’ is a banner, then you’re being realistic. However, banners now compete with multiple interactive ad formats that serve various purposes within an app. Apart from banners, the ad formats that have proven to be the most popular and the most profitable for app publishers are rewarded videos and interstitials.

Rewarded Videos

Rewarded videos are user-initiated ads from which users can earn in-app rewards in exchange for viewing a video ad. Rewarded videos have shown to be very popular with users, advertisers and publishers alike. Thanks to the high satisfaction of users and high CTRs of this format, publishers can earn the highest eCPMs (earnings per thousand ad impressions) with rewarded videos. Publishers also find using rewarded videos to be an effective way to introduce their users to the app’s in-app currency system, which can lead to higher rates of in-app purchases.


Interstitials are attention grabbing ads that cover the entire screen and can appear as a static image, a video, an interactive image or a playable sample of an app. Although this format can be more disruptive to the user experience than others, when placed at the right moments within an app, interstitials are a great choice for publishers to use. They offer high CTRs, high eCPMs and high availability of ads. Plus, newer variation of this format, like interactive and playable ads, continue to make this format more user-friendly and engaging.


Banner ad is the longest enduring mobile app ad format that neatly places a small rectangular ad at the top or bottom of the screen. Despite this format’s low CTR and low eCPM, it is still considered a high earning format for publishers. This is largely due to its ability to be shown with much higher frequency than other formats. Its low cost and easy production sustain the popularity of banners among advertisers, providing publishers with high supplies and varieties of banner ads.

Mobile Ad Earning Performances

To find out how well the ad formats perform among over 60 ad demand sources in 2019, let’s take some of the most recent insights from our Appodeal Mobile In-app Ad Monetization Performance Index. The three regions analyzed here are the U.S., Western Europe and Eastern Europe (including Russia).

Rewarded videos’ eCPMs continue to climb up but at a more modest pace than the previous year. For example, the U.S.’s rewarded videos on iOS and Android both saw their eCPM increased by 13% to a high average of $15.18 and $12.68 respectively from H2 2018 – H1 2019 compared to the same period the previous year. Some of the top earning ad networks from the three regions analyzed for rewarded videos were AdMob, Facebook, AppLovin, Unity Ads, BidMachine and MyTarget.

Interstitials’ eCPMs increases significantly on Android in U.S. and Western Europe. Interstitials, which includes static, video and playable variants, showed impressive eCPM growth on Android by 27% to an average of $6.35 in the U.S. and by 21% to an average of $2.38 in Western Europe from H2 2018 to H1 2019 compared to the same period the previous year. Some of the top earning ad networks for interstitials were AdMob, Facebook, AppLovin, Unity Ads, BidMachine, Ogury, and Yandex.

Banners are still important for revenue base but their eCPMs show signs of decline. Banners accounted for around a quarter of the ad revenue share. However, on Android in Western Europe, its eCPMs decreased by 27% to an average of $0.16 from H2 2018 to H1 2019 compared to the same period the previous year, and decreased by 15% on iOS. Interestingly, in the U.S. its eCPMs actually increased by 13% to an average of $0.62 on iOS. Some of the top earning ad networks for banners were AdMob, MoPub, BidMachine, Amazon Ads, AppLovin, Yandex and MyTarget.

The eCPM gaps between iOS and Android devices show significantly wider margins in developing markets than mature markets. In mature markets, such as the U.S., Japan and the U.K., the eCPMs of rewarded videos were 21-34% higher on iOS than on Android devices. However, in developing markets, such as Russia, Brazil and India, the eCPMs were 98-352% higher on iOS than on Android devices.

For more details and insights, check out the full version of the Appodeal Performance Index here. This third annual index focuses on in-app ad revenue and provides insights for mobile app publishers on the top earning mobile ad networks, ad exchanges and DSPs, along with their eCPMs, the average eCPM of each country globally and the eCPM trends of mobile ad formats on both iOS and Android devices.


IT / Software / Systems: Senior Android Applications Developer in Plantation, FL - Miami, Florida

This role is perfect for a collaborative self-starter with an endless curiosity and deep desire to innovate. Our ideal candidate will have extensive experience developing high-performance Android applications with rich visual interfaces. Strong experience with Kotlin or Java is a must, and additional knowledge of Flutter or React would be a bonus. Additionally, experience with Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, OpenCV, OpenGL, and iOS are beneficial. Responsibilities: Build, debug, and deploy world-class applications for Android Team player who can collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features Utilize native libraries to enable advanced application features Work on bug fixing and improving application performance Unit-test code for robustness and reliability Must have Skillsets: 8+ years of Android Development experience (Java, Kotlin) Experience programming for Android using the Android SDK / Android Studio Deep understanding of modern Android development best practices Experience working with third-party libraries Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle Have published at least one Android app to the Google Play Store Strong communication skills and ability to work in a fast-paced small team environment BA/BS or equivalent preferred Desirable Skillsets: Experience with AR/MR using ARCore Experience with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Experience with C++ Experience with OpenCV, OpenGL, and iOS Experience with React Native, Flutter Experience with rapid development and collaboration using wiki, chat, and Jira Location: Sunnyvale, CA or Plantation, FL Duration: 6-12+ months David Gutierrez OSI Engineering ext110 ()

Kp3520sdk Service

Kp3520sdk Service




Skin care routine for oily skin

Skin care routine for oily skin 

Hi Everyone

Today in this blog I want to talk about how a people with oily skin should take care of their skin,
As we also know a oily skin may leads to many skin problems 
Everyone has oil glands in skin that is sebaceous glands that produce sebum

And the problems occurs when sebum mixes with dead skin cells

  • And that get stuck in to skin , close your skin pores and thus leads to break outs 

And further is not taken care leads to
Oily skin issue like blemish , pimples ,black heads and white heads

Other reasons for oily skin can be genetic reason 
Environmental reason 
Due to lifestyle

But if taken regular cars than it may also looks great and flawless so few steps you have to taken for skin benefits can be the following

Skin care for oily skin
facepack and

A cleanser is a facial care product used for many reasons like to remove dead skin cells , for removing makeup,removes excess of oil and other environmental pollutant

It helps in making free your clog pores and prevent your skin from issue like Acne and dark spots

Cleanser for oily skin

A good cleanser for oil skin can be a cetaphil cleanser , dermafique is for Acne affected skin

As it name say it self it will tone your skin ,a thelp also helps to close pores and tighten cells gaps
It's essential after cleansing, as it liquid absorb very well in skin ,also mean to reduce the penetration of environment impurities and contaminants of the skin
It also help to protect your skin from that harmful chlorine and minerals comes from tap water when you wash your face or take bath
Humectant type of toner are also know to bind the moisture in to your skin

Oily skin toner

A good toner can be a one with ingredients like rose, cucumber or can be of green tea

Face pack

Face packs are right solution for both moisturing your skin and also removes excess of oil from skin and yet also helps to improve appearance of skin by closing open pores of the skin
It's an excellent way to removes impurities (effective way to pullout impurities of the skin)
Benefits : The packs are special source of pampering skin ,gives you a special experience of spa  right at your door steps.

A good face pack can be of multani mitti ( fullers earth) and rose or sandal
It can be home made or can be a ready made brand from market

Though your skin is oily you can't take a risk of avoiding a Moisturizer for oily skin…………
Moisturizer reduces the chance of aging and many skin problems
Selecting a right kind of moisturiser is very important as it helps to maintain a balance…
Moisturising in a right way can also  reduce the chance of blemishes appearance
Moisturising helps your skin stay young 
Moisturising also help fight that wrinkles and fine lines 

Facial Moisturizer

For more review on cleanser, toner u can plz check


IT / Software / Systems: Computer Vision Engineer - Las Vegas, Nevada

SunIRef:it Computer Vision Engineer PlayVIG - Las Vegas, NV Role: We are currently looking for an exceptionally skilled Computer Vision Engineer to join our visual recognition team. Requirements: BS Degree in Computer Science or closely related field or equivalent knowledge Experience in development on Windows environments and ideally other environments (Linux, OSX) Adept a programmatic Interactive with SQL databases (SQL Server) Experience with architecting, designing and implementing functionality for real-time systems and services Knowledge of design patterns Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms, object oriented design, software engineering principles and the software development process Desire to live the disruptive start-up life...rapid releases, quick decisions and lots of autonomy Must be legally authorized to work in the United States or Canada without an employer-sponsored petition for a visa. Preferred Skills: Knowledge of computer vision and machine learning technologies and libraries, especially OpenCV Experience with C and C++ Experience with other Windows platforms/technologies a plus (Win32 SDK, Matlab, Python) Personal Characteristics: You can work productively independently, as well as in a team setting You grasp high-level product requirements and translate these to runing software effectively You are able to use creative solution to solve seemingly difficult/impossible tasks You maintain a strong sense of ownership and will see a project throughout its lifecycle from development to deployment You are flexible, adaptable and ambitious. You can switch gears in various situations and will enthusiastically take on new assignments as needed to support the team You not only accept constructive criticism from team members, you encourage it You are a results-oriented team player who remains accoutable for your performance at all times If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to ****************. Applicants for employment have rights under Federal Employment Laws: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) PlayVIG - Today report job - original job If you require alternative methods of application or screening, you must approach the employer directly to request this as Indeed is not responsible for the employer's application process. ()

Senior Engineering Manager - APIs & SDKs - Sensibill - Toronto, ON

If we feel that you'll fit into the Sensibill family like you were born here, we'll bring you into the office for a few hours to meet our team, and give you a…
From Sensibill - Mon, 16 Sep 2019 23:35:20 GMT - View all Toronto, ON jobs

Software Developer - SDK - Mappedin - Waterloo, ON

Explore new ways to integrate with the Mappedin Platform on mobile. Builds Proof of Concepts to explore new use cases and integrations.
From Mappedin - Thu, 24 Oct 2019 23:32:40 GMT - View all Waterloo, ON jobs

Software Developer Evangelist - Mappedin - Waterloo, ON

Builds Proof of Concepts leveraging our iOS, Android and Web SDKs to explore new use cases and integrations. Who we are and what we do.
From Mappedin - Thu, 19 Sep 2019 17:33:26 GMT - View all Waterloo, ON jobs

Ke4000sdk Service

Ke4000sdk Service

2sgk6 2sdk6 2sdk7 2sdk8 Skid Steer Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual

2sgk6 2sdk6 2sdk7 2sdk8 Skid Steer Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual

Deh66sdk Service

Deh66sdk Service

【Morocco GaGa Oil】摩洛哥醫美級秀髮油100ml(1入)


價格: 990

商家: Yahoo奇摩超級商城 - 941 好東西







但谁知吉祥帝豪gl大宋小厨娘参与时装周的时分,肖战一身Gucci 2020早春系列套装,看着有点老气,调配也怪怪的。时髦达人gogoboi直言全赖肖战的脸撑马铃薯烧排骨着,还把肖战P盛冠森,肖战又被嘲,前脚私服被赞,后脚全身名牌被P成售票员,谁的锅?,美人漫画到风王TIP了公交车上,表明很像惠州巽寮湾售票员。




Mañana la vacunación se realizará en el Jardín 906


Se aplica de manera gratuita y está destinada a niños que ingresarán a la Escuela el próximo año.

La campaña de vacunación para los niños de ingreso escolar 2020 continúa desarrollándose en los distintos jardines de infantes de la ciudad.

Mañana martes y el jueves el staff del vacunatorio del Hospital arribará al Nº 906.

Hasta el momento ya se aplicó en el 901, 902, 903, 904 y 905 y para la próxima semana está programada la finalización en el Nº 908 del barrio Norte.

Es importante destacar que la vacuna que los niños deben recibir en esta etapa refuerza la dosis que se aplica en los primeros meses de vida.

Al vacunar a los niños/as contra esas enfermedades, disminuye su circulación, con lo que beneficiamos también a la familia, a los compañeros que tienen contraindicaciones para vacunarse y al resto de la comunidad.

Vacunas que deben darse a la edad de ingreso escolar (5 o 6 años)

-Sabín - Poliomielitis: segundo refuerzo. Se aplica por vía oral.

-Triple viral SRP: segunda dosis.

-Triple bacteriana celular: segundo refuerzo.


React Native End-to-end Testing and Automation with Detox

Introducing Detox, a React Native End-to-end Testing and Automation Framework

Detox is an end-to-end testing and automation framework that runs on a device or a simulator, just like an actual end user.

Software development demands fast responses to user and/or market needs. This fast development cycle can result (sooner or later) in parts of a project being broken, especially when the project grows so large. Developers get overwhelmed with all the technical complexities of the project, and even the business people start to find it hard to keep track of all scenarios the product caters for.

In this scenario, there’s a need for software to keep on top of the project and allow us to deploy with confidence. But why end-to-end testing? Aren’t unit testing and integration testing enough? And why bother with the complexity that comes with end-to-end testing?

First of all, the complexity issue has been tackled by most of the end-to-end frameworks, to the extent that some tools (whether free, paid or limited) allow us to record the test as a user, then replay it and generate the necessary code. Of course, that doesn’t cover the full range of scenarios that you’d be able to address programmatically, but it’s still a very handy feature.

Want to learn React Native from the ground up? This article is an extract from our Premium library. Get an entire collection of React Native books covering fundamentals, projects, tips and tools & more with SitePoint Premium. Join now for just $9/month.

End-to-end Integration and Unit Testing

End-to-end testing versus integration testing versus unit testing: I always find the word “versus” drives people to take camps — as if it’s a war between good and evil. That drives us to take camps instead of learning from each other and understanding the why instead of the how. The examples are countless: Angular versus React, React versus Angular versus Vue, and even more, React versus Angular versus Vue versus Svelte. Each camp trash talks the other.

jQuery made me a better developer by taking advantage of the facade pattern $('') to tame the wild DOM beast and keep my mind on the task at hand. Angular made me a better developer by taking advantage of componentizing the reusable parts into directives that can be composed (v1). React made me a better developer by taking advantage of functional programming, immutability, identity reference comparison, and the level of composability that I don’t find in other frameworks. Vue made me a better developer by taking advantage of reactive programming and the push model. I could go on and on, but I’m just trying to demonstrate the point that we need to concentrate more on the why: why this tool was created in the first place, what problems it solves, and whether there are other ways of solving the same problems.

As You Go Up, You Gain More Confidence

end-to-end testing graph that demonstrates the benefit of end-to-end testing and the confidence it brings

As you go more on the spectrum of simulating the user journey, you have to do more work to simulate the user interaction with the product. But on the other hand, you get the most confidence because you’re testing the real product that the user interacts with. So, you catch all the issues—whether it’s a styling issue that could cause a whole section or a whole interaction process to be invisible or non interactive, a content issue, a UI issue, an API issue, a server issue, or a database issue. You get all of this covered, which gives you the most confidence.

Why Detox?

We discussed the benefit of end-to-end testing to begin with and its value in providing the most confidence when deploying new features or fixing issues. But why Detox in particular? At the time of writing, it’s the most popular library for end-to-end testing in React Native and the one that has the most active community. On top of that, it’s the one React Native recommends in its documentation.

The Detox testing philosophy is “gray-box testing”. Gray-box testing is testing where the framework knows about the internals of the product it’s testing.In other words, it knows it’s in React Native and knows how to start up the application as a child of the Detox process and how to reload it if needed after each test. So each test result is independent of the others.


  1. macOS High Sierra 10.13 or above
  2. Xcode 10.1 or above
  3. Homebrew:

     /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  4. Node 8.3.0 or above:

     brew update && brew install node
  5. Apple Simulator Utilities: brew tap wix/brew and brew install applesimutils

  6. Detox CLI 10.0.7 or above:

     npm install -g detox-cli

See the Result in Action

First, let’s clone a very interesting open-source React Native project for the sake of learning, then add Detox to it:

git clone
cd movie-swiper-detox-testing
npm install
react-native run-ios

Create an account on The Movie DB website to be able to test all the application scenarios. Then add your username and password in .env file with usernamePlaceholder and passwordPlaceholder respectively:


After that, you can now run the tests:

detox test

Note that I had to fork this repo from the original one as there were a lot of breaking changes between detox-cli, detox, and the project libraries. Use the following steps as a basis for what to do:

  1. Migrate it completely to latest React Native project.
  2. Update all the libraries to fix issues faced by Detox when testing.
  3. Toggle animations and infinite timers if the environment is testing.
  4. Add the test suite package.

Setup for New Projects

Add Detox to Our Dependencies

Go to your project’s root directory and add Detox:

npm install detox --save-dev

Configure Detox

Open the package.json file and add the following right after the project name config. Be sure to replace movieSwiper in the iOS config with the name of your app. Here we’re telling Detox where to find the binary app and the command to build it. (This is optional. We can always execute react-native run-ios instead.) Also choose which type of simulator: ios.simulator, ios.none, android.emulator, or android.attached. And choose which device to test on:

  "name": "movie-swiper-detox-testing",

  // add these:
  "detox": {
    "configurations": {
      "ios.sim.debug": {
        "binaryPath": "ios/build/movieSwiper/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/",
        "build": "xcodebuild -project ios/movieSwiper.xcodeproj -scheme movieSwiper -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator -derivedDataPath ios/build",
        "type": "ios.simulator",
        "name": "iPhone 7 Plus"

Here’s a breakdown of what the config above does:

  • Execute react-native run-ios to create the binary app.
  • Search for the binary app at the root of the project: find . -name "*.app".
  • Put the result in the build directory.

Before firing up the test suite, make sure the device name you specified is available (for example, iPhone 7). You can do that from the terminal by executing the following:

xcrun simctl list

Here’s what it looks like:


Now that weve added Detox to our project and told it which simulator to start the application with, we need a test runner to manage the assertions and the reporting—whether it’s on the terminal or otherwise.

Detox supports both Jest and Mocha. We’ll go with Jest, as it has bigger community and bigger feature set. In addition to that, it supports parallel test execution, which could be handy to speed up the end-to-end tests as they grow in number.

Adding Jest to Dev Dependencies

Execute the following to install Jest:

npm install jest jest-cli --save-dev

The post React Native End-to-end Testing and Automation with Detox appeared first on SitePoint.







(function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(d.getElementById(id))return;js=d.createElement(s);;js.src='';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}(document,'script','playbuzz-sdk')); 'nbsp;

puroEGO se rinde ante los tonos neutros esta temporada con su nueva colección de otoño


puroEGO se rinde ante los tonos neutros esta temporada con su nueva colección de otoño

Ya lo habíamos previsto al ver la colección de transición de puroEGO en la que los uniformes escolares se perfilaban como la gran tendencia de la temporada, ahora confirmamos que el poder del traje será el total protagonista en nuestros atuendos gracias a su nueva entrega, en donde los tonos neutros como el camel y el beige transmutan en piezas con las texturas perfectas para dominar los looks de otoño e invierno.

Como era de esperarse, los elementos tejidos son la clave de esta nueva entrega en la que los abrigos de pata de gallo, los suéteres altos de diseño acanalado y las chaquetas de lana crean combinaciones asombrosas cuando de combinar texturas se trata.

Puroego Se Rinde Ante Los Tonos Neutros Esta Temporada Con Su Nueva Coleccion De Otono 04

Para las inesperadas lluvias de la temporada puroEGO nos ofrece trenches de colores claros para resguardar nuestros trajes al salir de la oficina, así como también tenemos la nueva visión del explorador urbano al sumar chaquetas de bolsillos múltiples sobre americanas a cuadros en una paleta cromática agreste.

Puroego Se Rinde Ante Los Tonos Neutros Esta Temporada Con Su Nueva Coleccion De Otono 01
Puroego Se Rinde Ante Los Tonos Neutros Esta Temporada Con Su Nueva Coleccion De Otono 07

La combinación de piezas de exterior con prendas inspiradas en el bespoke a la medida son la gran apuesta de puroEGO para el otoño , en looks formidables para combatir al clima.

Más información | FARAWAY, por puroEGO

También te recomendamos

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Bershka y sus chaquetas de borreguillo llegan para ofrecernos el mejor look de otoño

Las camisas de franela de H&M llegan para adoptar el perfecto look de leñador esta temporada

La noticia puroEGO se rinde ante los tonos neutros esta temporada con su nueva colección de otoño fue publicada originalmente en Trendencias Hombre por Joel Calata .


Keh1300sdk Service

Keh1300sdk Service

QUIZ: Premier League-klubbernes præstationer i Champions League


De engelske klubber har periodevis haft succes i det nuværende format af Champions League, selvom det (uden vi vil hjælpe dig for meget) er blevet til relativt få titler til de engelske klubber.

Tag kampen op mod dine venner og dyst i quizzen om de engelske klubbers præstationer i Champions League!

Spørgsmålene omhandler de engelske fodboldklubbers præstationer i Champions League. Vi tænker her på turneringen efter den blev rebrandet til UEFA Champions League i 1992/93. Dette var ligeledes året for den første Premier League-sæson.

God fornøjelse!



Real Python: Build a Mobile Application With the Kivy Python Framework


These days, developers are highly likely to be working on a mobile or web application. Python doesn’t have built-in mobile development capabilities, but there are packages you can use to create mobile applications, like Kivy, PyQt, or even Beeware’s Toga library.

These libraries are all major players in the Python mobile space. However, there are some benefits you’ll see if you choose to create mobile applications with Kivy. Not only will your application look the same on all platforms, but you also won’t need to compile your code after every change. What’s more, you’ll be able to use Python’s clear syntax to build your applications.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work with Kivy widgets
  • Lay out the UI
  • Add events
  • Use the KV language
  • Create a calculator application
  • Package your application for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS

This tutorial assumes you’re familiar with object-oriented programming. If you’re not, then check out Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python 3.

Let’s get started!

Free Bonus: Click here to get access to a chapter from Python Tricks: The Book that shows you Python's best practices with simple examples you can apply instantly to write more beautiful + Pythonic code.

Understanding the Kivy Framework

Kivy was first released in early 2011. This cross-platform Python framework can be deployed to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. It supports multitouch events in addition to regular keyboard and mouse inputs. Kivy even supports GPU acceleration of its graphics, since they’re built using OpenGL ES2. The project uses the MIT license, so you can use this library for free and commercial software.

When you create an application with Kivy, you’re creating a Natural User Interface or NUI. The idea behind a Natural User Interface is that the user can easily learn how to use your software with little to no instruction.

Kivy does not attempt to use native controls or widgets. All of its widgets are custom-drawn. This means that Kivy applications will look the same across all platforms. However, it also means that your app’s look and feel will differ from your user’s native applications. This could be a benefit or a drawback, depending on your audience.

Installing Kivy

Kivy has many dependencies, so it’s recommended that you install it into a Python virtual environment. You can use either Python’s built-in venv library or the virtualenv package. If you’ve never used a Python virtual environment before, then check out Python Virtual Environments: A Primer.

Here’s how you can create a Python virtual environment:

$ python3 -m venv my_kivy_project

This will copy your Python 3 executable into a folder called my_kivy_project and add a few other subfolders to that directory.

To use your virtual environment, you need to activate it. On Mac and Linux, you can do that by executing the following while inside the my_kivy_project folder:

$ source bin/activate

The command for Windows is similar, but the location of the activate script is inside of the Scripts folder instead of bin.

Now that you have an activated Python virtual environment, you can run pip to install Kivy. On Linux and Mac, you’ll run the following command:

$ python -m pip install kivy

On Windows, installation is a bit more complex. Check out the official documentation for how to install Kivy on Windows. (Mac users can also download a dmg file and install Kivy that way.)

If you run into any issues installing Kivy on your platform, then see the Kivy download page for additional instructions.

Working With Kivy Widgets

A widget is an onscreen control that the user will interact with. All graphical user interface toolkits come with a set of widgets. Some common widgets that you may have used include buttons, combo boxes, and tabs. Kivy has many widgets built into its framework.

Running a “Hello, Kivy!” Program

To see how Kivy works, take a look at the following “Hello, World!” application:

from import App
from kivy.uix.label import Label

class MainApp(App):
    def build(self):
        label = Label(text='Hello from Kivy',
                      size_hint=(.5, .5),
                      pos_hint={'center_x': .5, 'center_y': .5})

        return label

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = MainApp()

Every Kivy application needs to subclass App and override build(). This is where you’ll put your UI code or make calls to other functions that define your UI code. In this case, you create a Label widget and pass in its text, size_hint, and pos_hint. These last two arguments are not required.

size_hint tells Kivy the proportions to use when creating the widget. It takes two numbers:

  1. The first number is the x size hint and refers to the width of the control.
  2. The second number is the y size hint and refers to the height of the control.

Both of these numbers can be anywhere between 0 and 1. The default value for both hints is 1. You can also use pos_hint to position the widget. In the code block above, you tell Kivy to center the widget on the x and y axes.

To make the application run, you instantiate your MainApp class and then call run(). When you do so, you should see the following on your screen:

Hello World in Kivy

Kivy also outputs a lot of text to stdout:

[INFO   ] [Logger      ] Record log in /home/mdriscoll/.kivy/logs/kivy_19-06-07_2.txt
[INFO   ] [Kivy        ] v1.11.0
[INFO   ] [Kivy        ] Installed at "/home/mdriscoll/code/test/lib/python3.6/site-packages/kivy/"
[INFO   ] [Python      ] v3.6.7 (default, Oct 22 2018, 11:32:17)
[GCC 8.2.0]
[INFO   ] [Python      ] Interpreter at "/home/mdriscoll/code/test/bin/python"
[INFO   ] [Factory     ] 184 symbols loaded
[INFO   ] [Image       ] Providers: img_tex, img_dds, img_sdl2, img_gif (img_pil, img_ffpyplayer ignored)
[INFO   ] [Text        ] Provider: sdl2(['text_pango'] ignored)
[INFO   ] [Window      ] Provider: sdl2(['window_egl_rpi'] ignored)
[INFO   ] [GL          ] Using the "OpenGL" graphics system
[INFO   ] [GL          ] Backend used <sdl2>
[INFO   ] [GL          ] OpenGL version <b'4.6.0 NVIDIA 390.116'>
[INFO   ] [GL          ] OpenGL vendor <b'NVIDIA Corporation'>
[INFO   ] [GL          ] OpenGL renderer <b'NVS 310/PCIe/SSE2'>
[INFO   ] [GL          ] OpenGL parsed version: 4, 6
[INFO   ] [GL          ] Shading version <b'4.60 NVIDIA'>
[INFO   ] [GL          ] Texture max size <16384>
[INFO   ] [GL          ] Texture max units <32>
[INFO   ] [Window      ] auto add sdl2 input provider
[INFO   ] [Window      ] virtual keyboard not allowed, single mode, not docked
[INFO   ] [Base        ] Start application main loop
[INFO   ] [GL          ] NPOT texture support is available

This is useful for debugging your application.

Next, you’ll try adding an Image widget and see how that differs from a Label.

Displaying an Image

Kivy has a couple of different image-related widgets to choose from. You can use Image to load local images from your hard drive or AsyncImage to load an image from a URL. For this example, you’ll stick with the standard Image class:

from import App
from kivy.uix.image import Image

class MainApp(App):
    def build(self):
        img = Image(source='/path/to/real_python.png',
                    size_hint=(1, .5),
                    pos_hint={'center_x':.5, 'center_y':.5})

        return img

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = MainApp()

In this code, you import Image from the kivy.uix.image sub-package. The Image class takes a lot of different parameters, but the one that you want to use is source. This tells Kivy which image to load. Here, you pass a fully-qualified path to the image. The rest of the code is the same as what you saw in the previous example.

When you run this code, you’ll see something like the following:

Showing an image with Kivy

The text from the previous example has been replaced with an image.

Now you’ll learn how to add and arrange multiple widgets in your application.

Laying Out the UI

Each GUI framework that you use has its own method of arranging widgets. For example, in wxPython you’ll use sizers, while in Tkinter you use a layout or geometry manager. With Kivy, you’ll use Layouts. There are several different types of Layouts that you can use. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • BoxLayout
  • FloatLayout
  • GridLayout

You can search Kivy’s documentation for a full list of available Layouts. You can also look in kivy.uix for the actual source code.

Try out the BoxLayout with this code:

import kivy
import random

from import App
from kivy.uix.button import Button
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout

red = [1,0,0,1]
green = [0,1,0,1]
blue =  [0,0,1,1]
purple = [1,0,1,1]

class HBoxLayoutExample(App):
    def build(self):
        layout = BoxLayout(padding=10)
        colors = [red, green, blue, purple]

        for i in range(5):
            btn = Button(text="Button #%s" % (i+1),

        return layout

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = HBoxLayoutExample()

Here, you import BoxLayout from kivy.uix.boxlayout and instantiate it. Then you create a list of colors, which are themselves lists of Red-Blue-Green (RGB) colors. Finally, you loop over a range of 5, creating a button btn for each iteration. To make things a bit more fun, you set the background_color of the button to a random color. You then add the button to your layout with layout.add_widget(btn).

When you run this code, you’ll see something like this:

Using a Horizontal BoxLayout in Kivy

There are 5 randomly-colored buttons, one for each iteration of your for loop.

When you create a layout, there are a few arguments you should know:

  • padding: You can specify the padding in pixels between the layout and its children in one of three ways:
    1. A four-argument list: [padding_left, padding_top, padding_right, padding_bottom]
    2. A two-argument list: [padding_horizontal, padding_vertical]
    3. A singular argument: padding=10
  • spacing: You can add space between the children widgets with this argument.
  • orientation: You can change the default orientation of the BoxLayout from horizontal to vertical.

Adding Events

Like most GUI toolkits, Kivy is mostly event-based. The framework responds to user keypresses, mouse events, and touch events. Kivy has the concept of a Clock that you can use to schedule function calls for some time in the future.

Kivy also has the concept of Properties, which works with the EventDispatcher. Properties help you do validation checking. They also let you fire events whenever a widget changes its size or position.

Let’s add a button event to your button code from earlier:

from import App
from kivy.uix.button import Button

class MainApp(App):
    def build(self):
        button = Button(text='Hello from Kivy',
                        size_hint=(.5, .5),
                        pos_hint={'center_x': .5, 'center_y': .5})

        return button

    def on_press_button(self, instance):
        print('You pressed the button!')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = MainApp()

In this code, you call button.bind() and link the on_press event to MainApp.on_press_button(). This method implicitly takes in the widget instance, which is the button object itself. Finally, a message will print to stdout whenever the user presses your button.

Using the KV Language

Kivy also provides a design language called KV that you can use with your Kivy applications. The KV language lets you separate your interface design from the application’s logic. This follows the separation of concerns principle and is part of the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. You can update the previous example to use the KV language:

from import App
from kivy.uix.button import Button

class ButtonApp(App):
    def build(self):
        return Button()

    def on_press_button(self):
        print('You pressed the button!')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = ButtonApp()

This code might look a bit odd at first glance, as it creates a Button without setting any of its attributes or binding it to any events. What’s happening here is that Kivy will automatically look for a file that has the same name as the class in lowercase, without the App part of the class name.

In this case, the class name is ButtonApp, so Kivy will look for a file named button.kv. If that file exists and is properly formatted, then Kivy will use it to load up the UI. Go ahead and create this file and add the following code:

 1 <Button>:
 2     text: 'Press me'
 3     size_hint: (.5, .5)
 4     pos_hint: {'center_x': .5, 'center_y': .5}
 5     on_press: app.on_press_button()

Here’s what each line does:

  • Line 1 matches the Button call in your Python code. It tells Kivy to look into the instantiated object for a button definition.
  • Line 2 sets the button’s text.
  • Line 3 sets the width and height with size_hint.
  • Line 4 sets the button’s position with pos_hint.
  • Line 5 sets the on_press event handler. To tell Kivy where the event handler is, you use app.on_press_button(). Here, Kivy knows will look in the Application class for a method called .on_press_button().

You can set up all of your widgets and layouts inside one or more KV language files. The KV language also supports importing Python modules in KV, creating dynamic classes, and much more. For full details, check out Kivy’s guide to the KV Language.

Now you’re ready to create a real application!

Creating a Kivy Application

One of the best ways to learn a new skill is by creating something useful. With that in mind, you’ll use Kivy to build a calculator that supports the following operations:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

For this application, you’ll need a series of buttons in some kind of layout. You’ll also need a box along the top of your app to display the equations and their results. Here’s a sketch of your calculator:

Kivy Calculator Mockup

Now that you have a goal for the UI, you can go ahead and write the code:

 1 from import App
 2 from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
 3 from kivy.uix.button import Button
 4 from kivy.uix.textinput import TextInput
 6 class MainApp(App):
 7     def build(self):
 8         self.operators = ["/", "*", "+", "-"]
 9         self.last_was_operator = None
10         self.last_button = None
11         main_layout = BoxLayout(orientation="vertical")
12         self.solution = TextInput(
13             multiline=False, readonly=True, halign="right", font_size=55
14         )
15         main_layout.add_widget(self.solution)
16         buttons = [
17             ["7", "8", "9", "/"],
18             ["4", "5", "6", "*"],
19             ["1", "2", "3", "-"],
20             [".", "0", "C", "+"],
21         ]
22         for row in buttons:
23             h_layout = BoxLayout()
24             for label in row:
25                 button = Button(
26                     text=label,
27                     pos_hint={"center_x": 0.5, "center_y": 0.5},
28                 )
29                 button.bind(on_press=self.on_button_press)
30                 h_layout.add_widget(button)
31             main_layout.add_widget(h_layout)
33         equals_button = Button(
34             text="=", pos_hint={"center_x": 0.5, "center_y": 0.5}
35         )
36         equals_button.bind(on_press=self.on_solution)
37         main_layout.add_widget(equals_button)
39         return main_layout

Here’s how your calculator code works:

  • In lines 8 to 10, you create a list of operators and a couple of handy values, last_was_operator and last_button, that you’ll use later on.
  • In lines 11 to 15, you create a top-level layout main_layout and add a read-only TextInput widget to it.
  • In lines 16 to 21, you create a nested list of lists containing most of your buttons for the calculator.
  • In line 22, you start a for loop over those buttons. For each nested list you’ll do the following:
    • In line 23, you create a BoxLayout with a horizontal orientation.
    • In line 24, you start another for loop over the items in the nested list.
    • In lines 25 to 39, you create the buttons for the row, bind them to an event handler, and add the buttons to the horizontal BoxLayout from line 23.
    • In line 31, you add this layout to main_layout.
  • In lines 33 to 37, you create the equals button (=), bind it to an event handler, and add it to main_layout.

The next step is to create the .on_button_press() event handler. Here’s what that code looks like:

41 def on_button_press(self, instance):
42     current = self.solution.text
43     button_text = instance.text
45     if button_text == "C":
46         # Clear the solution widget
47         self.solution.text = ""
48     else:
49         if current and (
50             self.last_was_operator and button_text in self.operators):
51             # Don't add two operators right after each other
52             return
53         elif current == "" and button_text in self.operators:
54             # First character cannot be an operator
55             return
56         else:
57             new_text = current + button_text
58             self.solution.text = new_text
59     self.last_button = button_text
60     self.last_was_operator = self.last_button in self.operators

Most of the widgets in your application will call .on_button_press(). Here’s how it works:

  • Line 41 takes the instance argument so you can access which widget called the function.

  • Lines 42 and 43 extract and store the value of the solution and the button text.

  • Lines 45 to 47 check to see which button was pressed. If the user pressed C, then you’ll clear the solution. Otherwise, move on to the else statement.

  • Line 49 checks if the solution has any pre-existing value.

  • Line 50 to 52 check if the last button pressed was an operator button. If it was, then solution won’t be updated. This is to prevent the user from having two operators in a row. For example, 1 */ is not a valid statement.

  • Lines 53 to 55 check to see if the first character is an operator. If it is, then solution won’t be updated, since the first value can’t be an operator value.

  • Lines 56 to 58 drop to the else clause. If none of the previous conditions are met, then update solution.

  • Line 59 sets last_button to the label of the last button pressed.

  • Line 60 sets last_was_operator to True or False depending on whether or not it was an operator character.

The last bit of code to write is .on_solution():

62 def on_solution(self, instance):
63     text = self.solution.text
64     if text:
65         solution = str(eval(self.solution.text))
66         self.solution.text = solution

Once again, you grab the current text from solution and use Python’s built-in eval() to execute it. If the user created a formula like 1+2, then eval() will run your code and return the result. Finally, you set the result as the new value for the solution widget.

Note: eval() is somewhat dangerous because it can run arbitrary code. Most developers avoid using it because of that fact. However, since you’re only allowing integers, operators, and the period as input to eval(), it’s safe to use in this context.

When you run this code, your application will look like this on a desktop computer:

Kivy Calculator

To see the full code for this example, expand the code block below.

Here’s the full code for the calculator:

from import App
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
from kivy.uix.button import Button
from kivy.uix.textinput import TextInput

class MainApp(App):
    def build(self):
        self.operators = ["/", "*", "+", "-"]
        self.last_was_operator = None
        self.last_button = None
        main_layout = BoxLayout(orientation="vertical")
        self.solution = TextInput(
            multiline=False, readonly=True, halign="right", font_size=55
        buttons = [
            ["7", "8", "9", "/"],
            ["4", "5", "6", "*"],
            ["1", "2", "3", "-"],
            [".", "0", "C", "+"],
        for row in buttons:
            h_layout = BoxLayout()
            for label in row:
                button = Button(
                    pos_hint={"center_x": 0.5, "center_y": 0.5},

        equals_button = Button(
            text="=", pos_hint={"center_x": 0.5, "center_y": 0.5}

        return main_layout

    def on_button_press(self, instance):
        current = self.solution.text
        button_text = instance.text

        if button_text == "C":
            # Clear the solution widget
            self.solution.text = ""
            if current and (
                self.last_was_operator and button_text in self.operators):
                # Don't add two operators right after each other
            elif current == "" and button_text in self.operators:
                # First character cannot be an operator
                new_text = current + button_text
                self.solution.text = new_text
        self.last_button = button_text
        self.last_was_operator = self.last_button in self.operators

    def on_solution(self, instance):
        text = self.solution.text
        if text:
            solution = str(eval(self.solution.text))
            self.solution.text = solution

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = MainApp()

It’s time to deploy your application!

Packaging Your App for Android

Now that you’ve finished the code for your application, you can share it with others. One great way to do that is to turn your code into an application that can run on your Android phone. To accomplish this, first you’ll need to install a package called buildozer with pip:

$ pip install buildozer

Then, create a new folder and navigate to it in your terminal. Once you’re there, you’ll need to run the following command:

$ buildozer init

This will create a buildozer.spec file that you’ll use to configure your build. For this example, you can edit the first few lines of the spec file as follows:


# (str) Title of your application
title = KvCalc

# (str) Package name = kvcalc

# (str) Package domain (needed for android/ios packaging)
package.domain = org.kvcalc

Feel free to browse the rest of the file to see what else you can change.

At this point, you’re almost ready to build your application, but first, you’ll want to install the dependencies for buildozer. Once those are installed, copy your calculator application into your new folder and rename it to This is required by buildozer. If you don’t have the file named correctly, then the build will fail.

Now you can run the following command:

$ buildozer -v android debug

The build step takes a long time! On my machine, it took 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on your hardware, it may take even longer, so feel free to grab a cup of coffee or go for a run while you wait. Buildozer will download whatever Android SDK pieces it needs during the build process. If everything goes according to plan, then you’ll have a file named something like kvcalc-0.1-debug.apk in your bin folder.

The next step is to connect your Android phone to your computer and copy the apk file to it. Then you can open the file browser on your phone and click on the apk file. Android should ask you if you’d like to install the application. You may see a warning since the app was downloaded from outside Google Play, but you should still be able to install it.

Here’s the calculator running on my Samsung S9:

Kivy Calculator Running on Android Phone

The buildozer tool has several other commands you can use. Check out the documentation to see what else you can do.

You can also package the app using python-for-android if you need more fine-grained control. You won’t cover this here, but if you’re interested, check out the project’s quickstart.

Packaging Your App for iOS

The instructions for building an application for iOS are a bit more complex than Android. For the most up-to-date information, you should always use Kivy’s official packaging documentation. You’ll need to run the following commands before you can package your application for iOS on your Mac:

$ brew install autoconf automake libtool pkg-config
$ brew link libtool
$ sudo easy_install pip
$ sudo pip install Cython==0.29.10

Once those are all installed successfully, you’ll need to compile the distribution using the following commands:

$ git clone git://
$ cd kivy-ios
$ ./ build python3 kivy

If you get an error that says iphonesimulator can’t be found, then see this StackOverflow answer for ways to solve that issue. Then try running the above commands again.

If you run into SSL errors, then you probably don’t have Python’s OpenSSL setup. This command should fix that:

$ cd /Applications/Python\ 3.7/
$ ./Install\ Certificates.command

Now go back and try running the toolchain command again.

Once you’ve run all the previous commands successfully, you can create your Xcode project using the toolchain script. Your main application’s entry point must be named before you create the Xcode project. Here is the command you’ll run:

./ create <title> <app_directory>

There should be a directory named title with your Xcode project in it. Now you can open that project in Xcode and work on it from there. Note that if you want to submit your application to the App Store, then you’ll have to create a developer account at and pay their yearly fee.

Packaging Your App for Windows

You can package your Kivy application for Windows using PyInstaller. If you’ve never used it before, then check out Using PyInstaller to Easily Dist


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Sürgetik a forgalmi helyzet megoldását Érsekújvárban

Sürgetik a forgalmi helyzet megoldását Érsekújvárban Száz Ildikó 2019. 11. 06., sze - 10:29
Elviselhetetlenek a forgalmi dugók Érsekújvárban
Friss ikon

Folynak az egyeztetések

A legutóbbi önkormányzati ülésen az érsekújvári testület tagjai arra keresték a választ, hogy mikor válik ismét átjárhatóvá a Tatárik Emil Strandnál lévő híd, és megoldódnak-e valaha is a forgalmi dugók a városban. Akadnak napok, amikor harminc-negyven perces várakozási idővel jutnak át a gépkocsivezetők a bevásárlóközpontokhoz közeli kereszteződéstől a régi kórházig, ahol újabb torlódás és várakozás után jutnak fel a hídra. Érsekújvár önkormányzati lapjában arról tájékoztatták a lakosokat, hogy október első hetében a városi hivatal közügyi szolgáltatások osztályának a dolgozói részt vettek egy munkaértekezleten, amelyen az R7-es gyorsforgalmi út Pozsony–Dunaszerdahely–Érsekújvár–Losonc útvonalának tervezett építéséről volt szó. Az R7-es gyorsforgalmi út terveit Érsekújvár észrevételezése nélkül készítették el.

„A Nemzeti Autópálya Társaság (NDS) jövőbeni beruházóként kérte az önkormányzatot, hogy adjon adatokat az R7-es szintmagasságáról. Az általuk benyújtott útvonaltervben az R7-es a már meglévő érsekújvári úthálózatra csatlakozna rá Bánkeszi (Bánov) és Érsekújvár között. Igényeltük, hogy a tervbe sorolják be az R7-esről vezető kijáratot is a Pozsonyi útra, ám az ilyen típusú hozzászólásokat már 2013-ban, a projekt előkészítésekor kérték volna a helyi önkormányzatoktól. Érsekújvártól akkor állítólag semmilyen igénylések, észrevételek nem érkeztek” – tájékoztatta a sajtót Monika Kutenicsová, a városi hivatal dolgozója, a közügyi szolgáltatások osztályvezetője. Várhatóan 2021 és 2026 táján építenék meg az R7-es gyorsforgalmi utat.

Mikor készül el az érsekújvári híd?

Az októberi, Érsekújvárt is érintő tárgyalás másik témája az I/64-es első osztályú út áthelyezésének az előkészítése volt, amely Komáromot kötné össze Nyitrával, és Érsekújvár közelében vezetne.

Az önkormányzat feladata benyújtani a követelményeket a tervezett útvonal összehangolására a már meglévő városi úthálózattal, valamint a rácsatlakozást illetően. Érsekújvár önkormányzata kérte a Szlovák Útkezelő Vállalatot, hogy tájékoztassa a várost arról, hol tartanak a Tatárik Emil Strandnál lévő híd felújítási munkálatai. Hivatalosan december 27-ig fejeznék be a munkálatokat. Idén szeptembertől tart a híd felújítása, emiatt munkanapokon csaknem átjárhatatlanná vált a járási székhely a sűrű kamionforgalom miatt. Ráadásul a Szlovák Útkezelő Vállalat a komáromi híd felújítása miatt Gúta, Kamocsa és Érsekújvár irányába terelte el a tizenöt tonnánál nagyobb súlyú teherforgalmat, ami még nagyobb terhet rótt a városra. A Nyitra és Vágsellye felől érkező kamionok a Tesco körforgalmától a Nyitrai úton és a Gúg utcán át haladhatnak Komárom irányába, ugyancsak Kamocsa, Gúta és Keszegfalu érintésével. Klein Ottokár, Érsekújvár polgármestere elmondta, a Szlovák Útkezelő Vállalat tájékoztatta a várost a teherforgalom eltereléséről, de mivel állami utakról van szó, így nem volt beleszólásuk a döntésbe.

Vágsellyén van remény

Három évig tarthat a vágsellyei elkerülőút megépítése, holott a lakosok idestova tíz éve tiltakoznak az áldatlan állapotok miatt. Volt már példa arra, hogy petíciót írtak, majd péntekenként rendszeresen blokkolták a forgalmat Vágsellye és a Vágvecse városrész között, és transzparensekkel vonultak ki a veszélyes körforgalomhoz.

Jozef Belický, Vágsellye polgármestere biztatónak tartja, hogy már folyamatban van a közbeszerzési eljárás, és jövő évben megkezdhetik az építkezést. Vágsellyén, Érsekújvár jelenlegi helyzetéhez hasonlóan, rendkívül aggasztó, hogy csak egyetlen egy hídon lehet átkelni a városon. Az elkerülőút a tervek szerint 11,8 kilométer hosszú lesz és európai uniós támogatásból építik meg. A mintegy 60 millió eurós beruházás részét képezné egy új híd megépítése 2023-ig. A megannyi variáns közül végül azt választották a szakemberek, amellyel az északi oldalról kerülnék meg a járási székhelyet. Az út egyik szakasza Vágkirályfánál épülne meg a víztározónál, majd a Vág folyón, az új hídon folytatódna. Az északi oldalon Vághosszúfalu, Vágtornóc és Vágsellye közelében vezetne tovább az elkerülőút és Felsőjattónál érne véget.

Érsekújvár |

Kiadták az építkezési engedélyt a vágsellyei elkerülőútra, melynek a megépítését több mint egy évtizede kérik a régióbeli lakosok. Érsekújvárban hasonló problémával, mindennapos forgalmi dugókkal, hosszas várakozással küzdenek a gépkocsivezetők.

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Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár

Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár Ibos Emese 2019. 11. 05., k - 18:39
krasznahorkai vár
Friss ikon

Egyelőre tartanak a krasznahorkai vár felújítási munkálatait megelőző előkészítő munkálatok, az archeológiai vizsgálatok, a 2012-es tűzvészben megsérült várban a falak külső és belső rekonstrukcióját készítik elő.

20. századi állapot

Máté Tímea, a Betléri Andrássy Múzeum igazgatója elmondása szerin a várat nem a tűzeset előtti állapotában láthatja majd viszont a nyilvánosság. A munkálatok után ugyanis abban az állapotában nyitják meg, ahogyan a 20. század elején 1903–1905 között kinézett. „A vár körüli munkálatokat akkor Andrássy Dénes finanszírozta, abban az időszakban keletkezett a Franciska-múzeum is, de már a 19. század második felétől a vár magánmúzeumként működött. A múzeumba belépővel lehetett bejutni, ingyenesen a várat és az úgynevezett »Franciska szobát« Andrássy Dénes kívánsága szerint csak az intelligencia és az egyetemisták látogathattákˮ – magyarázza Máté Tímea azzal, hogy ebben az időszakban Czigler Győző építész tervei alapján végeztek munkálatokat a várban. A szlovák kulturális minisztérium állítása szerint 2023-ban megnyitandó várat tehát ebbe az állapotba szeretnék visszaállítani. Azért is, mert az 1964 és 1989 közötti várfelújítás alatt – ezt követően nyitották meg a várban azt a tárlatot, melyet a tűzvészig látogathatott a nyilvánosság – számos olyan anyagot használtak a munkálatok során, melyek nem tesznek jót a várnak. 

Hordalék eltávolítása

Ezeket az aktuális munkálatok során a vár külső és belső részeiből is eltávolítják, mint például a vasbeton szerkezeteket. „Rövidesen megkezdjük az építkezési törmelék eltávolítását, melyet az utolsó felújításkor a vár két oldalán egyszerűen kidobáltak az ablakon. Ezek a várfal külső részén halmozódtak fel, s nedvessé vált tőle a várfal. Ezt a nagy mennyiségű hordalékot archeológus felügyeletével fogjuk eltávolítani, feltételezzük ugyanis, hogy az építkezési törmelék között találhatunk olyan tárgyakat, melyek akár 18. századbeliek és régebbiek is lehetnek” – részletezte az igazgató. A munkálatokat az időjárástól függően már novemberben, legkésőbb tavasszal elkezdik. Bár a hozzá nem értő szemlélő egyenletes terepviszonyokat láthat a várfal mellett, a főútról is jól látható részen, illetve az Árkádfolyosó alatt komoly beavatkozásra kerül sor, rengeteg hordalékot szállítanak majd el.

Új információk a várról

Máté Tímea hangsúlyozta azt is, hogy a tűzvészt követő munkálatoknak és kutatásoknak „köszönhetően” rengeteg új információ birtokába jutottak a várral kapcsolatban. „Soha nem tudtunk ennyit a krasznahorkai várról, történetéről, működéséről, mint most. Zajlott egy levéltári kutatás is, melynek köszönhetően több tárgy eredetére is fény derült” – magyarázza az igazgató. Elmondta azt is, hogy a múlt század 80-as éveiben például kialakítottak a várban egy ágyúteraszt, melynek nem volt valós alapja. Az újabb archeológiai kutatásoknak köszönhetően kiderült, hogy ott korábban egy több helyiségből álló reneszánsz palota állt, melyet az Andrássyak később már nem használtak, hagyták összedőlni. Az Andrássyak ágyúterasza a vár kapuja előtt állt, s ugyanoda kerül vissza. A vár megnyitásáig újra kialakítják. krasznahorka

1000 műtárgy készen vár

Máté Tímea elmondta, hogy a 2012-ben leégett krasznahorkai vár műtárgyait 2012-től folyamatosan restaurálják. „Mára már mintegy ezer műtárgy van olyan állapotban, hogy ha most megnyitnánk az új tárlatot, ezek azonnal visszakerülhetnének a várba” – mondta. A restaurálás mellett konzerválják, és szakszerű tisztítást, karbantartást is végeznek a műtárgyakon. Időközben elkészült a vár kápolnájának a restaurálása is.

„Az egyik fallal gondok vannak, nagyon nedves, tavaly óta igyekszünk kiszárítani, csak ezt követően fejeződik be teljesen a kápolna falfestményeinek a restaurálása”

– magyarázza Máté Tímea.

A munka egy része helyben zajlik, ugyanakkor számos külső munkatársat is bevontak a munkába. Így például papír-, fa- és textilrestaurátorokat. Az óvárban kiállított fegyverek sérültek meg legnagyobb mértékben a tűzvészben, azokat a Brünni Műszaki Egyetem segítségével restaurálták és konzerválták.

„Három hete kerültek vissza a felújított tárgyak utolsó darabjai. Hihetetlen munkát végeztek a kollégák. Néhány felújított tárgyat ugyan már láthatott a nagyközönség, 2015-ben a Brünni Műszaki Múzeumban, illetve 2016-ban a pozsonyi várban, 2017-ben a Kelet-szlovákiai Múzeumban. Valamennyi tárgy már Betlérben van, készen az új tárlat kialakításához”

– mondta az igazgató.

krasznahorka, kapolna

var, kapolna

27 tárgy végleg elveszett

A tűzvész során 324 tárgy sérült meg súlyosan, ebből 27 tárgyat már nem lehet megmenteni. Jobbára olyan hideg fegyverekről van szó, melyek a tűzben gyakorlatilag elolvadtak. Megsérültek textíliák a Franciska-múzeumban is, a kárt itt csak később fedezték fel a múzeum munkatársai, mert a textíliák nem égtek el, hanem a hő hatására szétmállottak, szétestek. Elégtek a vár tornyának harangjai is. Sérültek tárgyak a tűzvész utáni napon is, amikor a középső várban beszakadt a tanácsterem mennyezete, és ott székek, asztalok, velencei tükrök voltak. Ezeket a tárgyakat a farestaurátorok decemberig állítják helyre.

Új tárlattal nyit a vár

A Franciska-múzeumba annak idején olyan tárgyak kerültek, melyeket Andrássy Dénes a felesége 1902. október 26-án bekövetkezett halálát követően Münchenből hozott magával. Felesége halála után kezdte foglalkoztatni az a gondolat, hogy múzeumot hoz létre neje emlékére, mely 1903-ban készült el. Csak olyan tárgyak kerültek ide, melyeket Franciska valóban használt. „Amikor a 20. században megváltozott a tárlat, számos műtárgy a szekrényekbe, raktárba került. Ezeket most szeretnénk ismét kiállítani. Ebben két könyvre támaszkodunk – a várban létesített Franciska ereklyemúzeum leíró lajstromára és a vár tárgyainak és felszereléseinek leltárára. Sajnos néhány tárgyat ma már nem tudunk beazonosítani. Eltűntek vagy elvesztek, de azt sem lehet kizárni, hogy valamelyiket épp Dénes vagy rokonai vitték el. Nagy részüket azonban láthatja majd a nyilvánosság, s ebben több korabeli fotó is a segítségünkre van.”

Több fejlesztést terveznek

A vár megnyitásáig felépül egy információs központ, itt a látogatók pontos tájékoztatást kapnak arról, hány látogató van a várban, de információt kapnak majd a környék egyéb látnivalóiról is. A központban mosdókat is kialakítanak. A tervek szerint a vár első és második udvara nyitva áll majd azon látogatók előtt is, akik nem váltanak belépőt a vár belső tereinek megtekintésére.

„Ingyenesen láthatják majd a látogatók a vár párkányrészét is”

– részletezte Máté Tímea.

A közelmúltban derült fény arra is, hogy a vár alatt a millennium alkalmából az Andrássyak különböző érdekes és értékes fák kiültetésével alakítottak ki egy kis erdőt. Ezt dendrológus bevonásával szeretnék felújítani, újra kialakítani, ezt és a várat gyalogos sétánnyal kötik össze. Az újra megnyitandó várban két, kis és nagy tárlatvezetést terveznek, utóbbi közel kétórás lesz.

A „legek“ tárlata

Az alsó és a középső várat is ugyanolyan állapotba állítják vissza, ahogyan az Andrássyak idejében a 20. század elején volt. A felső várban egy olyan tárlatot készítenek elő a látogatóknak, ahol a legjobbat, a legérdekesebbet, a legértékesebbet mutatják be. Ez azért is lesz rendkívül érdekes és izgalmas, mert a vár műtárgyainak gyűjteménye nagyon sokféle. A gyűjteményben vannak ékszerek, különleges könyvek és textíliák. A betléri kastélyban 2014 nyarán kiállított Andrássy-ékszerek is a várba kerülnek, azzal az ékszerkollekcióval együtt, mely a 70-es években elkerült a Kelet-szlovákiai Múzeumba.

„Ezeket 2015-ben visszahoztuk, még a trezorban vannak, de rövidesen a felső várba kerülnek olyan más tárgyakkal, festményekkel, grafikákkal együtt, melyeket a nyilvánosság eddig nem láthatott”

– magyarázza az igazgató.

A tervek szerint a felső várban állítanák ki azt a kelyhet is, melyet Andrássy Dénes készíttetett Andrássy Franciska ékszereiből, s melynek értéke hét számjegyű. Betlérből a várba kerülnek továbbá különböző bútorok, festmények, grafikák, melyek eddig a raktárakban voltak. 


Betlér sem alszik

A tűzvészt követő időszakot különböző újításokkal igyekeznek átvészelni Betlérben. Barczi Gyula korábbi igazgató 2014-ben kidolgozott stratégiájához tartják magukat, kibővítették a tárlatot, úgy mutatják be a kastélyt, ahogyan azt az Andrássyak utolsó három generációja lakta.

„2015-ben kialakítottunk a kastély földszinti tereiben egy olyan részt, melyet időszaki kiállítások bemutatására használunk, utóbbiak nagyon népszerűek. Vannak nyári és téli időszaki kiállításaink is, amire korábban nem volt példa”

– mondta az igazgató azzal, hogy ezt a modellt a vár megnyitásáig mindenképpen folytatni szeretnék.

Bevezették a „Közelről” névre keresztelt előadás-sorozatot. „Ennek keretében a kurátorok kiválasztanak a múzeum raktárából egy-egy tárgyat, melyek nagyon értékesek, és amelyeket nem láthatnak a látogatók különböző okok miatt. Ezek köré speciális előadást építenek fel. 2015-től hagyománnyá vált például a parkban szervezett történelmi piknik. Évente átlag ötven különböző programot szervezünk, a nyári hónapokban szinte minden hétvégén külön programokkal várjuk a látogatókat, a gyerekeket is” – mondta az igazgató.

Új kincseket találtak

A betléri kastély és a krasznahorkai vár is egyedinek számít Szlovákiában azért, mert gyakorlatilag eredeti állapotukban maradtak fenn. Nem fosztották ki, nem rongálták meg őket. Összességében 30 ezer műtárgy van bennük. Ezek nyilvántartása óriási munka, azért is, mert olyan tárgyakkal is számolni kell, melyek a múlt század 50-es éveiben – ekkortól működnek múzeumként az épületek – még nem számítottak műtárgynak. Akkoriban a fényképekre, textíliákra más szemmel tekintettek. A tárlat átrendezésekor és a raktárak átfésülésével bukkantak különleges ritkaságokra.

„2016-ban, amikor átrendeztük a tárlatot, egy barokk komód fiókjában bukkantunk rá a középkori hóráskönyvre, mely a 15. századból, az 1460–1480-as évekből származik, kézzel írták. Egész Szlovákia területén két ilyenről tudunk, de egyik sem olyan díszes és olyan luxuskivitelezésben készült, mint ez. A benne található dedikálásnak köszönhetően tudjuk, hogy Andrássy Ilona kapta nagymamájától, Kaunitz Eleonórától 1936-ban. Ez óriási értéket jelent”

– mondta Máté Tímea.

Különleges ritkaságra bukkantak a közelmúltban a kastély történelmi könyvtárának felülvizsgálata során is. „A múlt hónapban egy újabb ősnyomtatványt találtunk, mely már a nyolcadik ősnyomtatvány a kastélyban. Ez Guttenberg nyomdájában készült, s az első nyomtatott könyvek egyike” – részletezte az igazgató.

barokk komod

„Nyeregből automobilba”

Bár a betléri kastélyban a közelmúltban zárult az idei turistaszezon, már most tudni lehet, mivel várják a látogatókat jövőre. 

Ritkán esik szó arról, hogy az Andrássyak mennyire szerették az autókat. „Kaunitz Eleonóráé, Andrássy Géza feleségéé volt az első automobil a mai Szlovákia területén. Elsőként hajtott végig például Kassán. Férje tagja volt a Magyar Autóklubnak, automobil-versenyzők is voltak, sőt, lánya, Marica is hódolt ennek a szenvedélynek. Rengeteg, szebbnél szebb automobiljuk volt. Sajnos egy sem maradt meg, viszont rengeteg korabeli fénykép maradt fenn ebből az időszakból. Autónaplót vezettek, így pontosan tudjuk, merre autóztak, hol tankoltak, hol és mikor kaptak defektet. Ennek köszönhetően nagyon érdekes tárlatra számíthatnak a látogatók, melyet június 4-én nyitunk meg” – zárta a Betléri Andrássy Múzeum igazgatója. 


A kastély parkja

Mindeközben zajlik a kastély angolparkjának történelmi kutatása, melyet az Európa Nostra díjas kertkutató, Alföldi Gábor vezet. Ő fogja kidolgozni a park revitalizációjának tervét. 

Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
2019. 11. 06., sze - 17:41
Mészáros Richárd
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Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
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Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
Új tárlattal készül a krasznahorkai vár
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A tudatlan szemlélőnek úgy tűnhet, a krasznahorkai várban ólomlábakon haladnak a vár felújítási munkálatai, valójában azonban lázas munka folyik a vár új tárlatának előkészítésén, ahogyan a betléri kastély is újabb és újabb, eddig nem látott kiállítási anyaggal várja a látogatókat.

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Az olimpia lebeg a cseh korcsolyázó szeme előtt

Az olimpia lebeg a cseh korcsolyázó szeme előtt Bőd Titanilla 2019. 11. 05., k - 17:53
Eliška Březinová
Friss ikon

Hogyan segíti a munkáját Jozef Sabovčík?

Számomra óriási megtiszteltetés, hogy együtt dolgozhatunk. Nemcsak a technikai dolgokban segít, hanem mentálisan is. Ez utóbbi a versenyeken talán még fontosabb, mert aki eljut egy Eb-re vagy vb-re, az már valamit letett az asztalra, de fejben dől el, hogy mit tud kihozni magából.

Milyen edző Sabovčík?

Nagyon nyugodt, mindent higgadtan el tud magyarázni. Mindig érthető, amit mond, nagyon laza. Saját bőrén tapasztalta, milyen érzés Eb-n, vb-n, olimpián versenyezni, tudja, milyen ott a hangulat, és segíteni tud abban, hogy ne izguljak annyira.

Hogy érzi, miben fejlődött a legtöbbet?

Tavaly kezdtünk együtt dolgozni, és utána a minszki Eb-n az eddigi legjobb teljesítményemet nyújtottam. A 10. helyem annak is köszönhető, hogy Sabovčík ott volt velem, mert képes volt megnyugtatni. Nem stresszeltem, arra koncentráltam, hogy az edzéseken elvégeztem a munkát, és ezt meg is tudtam mutatni a jégen.

Sabovčíkot Jumping Joe-ként ismeri a korcsolyavilág. Az ugrások technikájával kapcsolatban is kap tőle tanácsokat?

Amikor először látott ugrani, azt mondta nekem, úgy érzi, mintha saját magát látná, mert nagyon hasonló stílusban ugrunk. Ezért elárulta nekem azokat a tanácsokat, amelyek neki segítettek, és úgy érzem, nekem is a hasznomra válnak.

Hogyan kezdődött egyébként az együttműködésük?

Az apukámmal még együtt versenyeztek, és a bátyám is jól ismeri. Mi is ismertük már egymást korábban is, és szükségünk volt még az edzői csapatban egy emberre. Nekem mindjárt Jozef jutott eszembe, úgy éreztem, hogy ez egy gyümölcsöző együttműködés lehet, ő pedig azonnal rábólintott.

Sabovčík Amerikában él, ön általában Csehországban edz. A távolság mellett az időeltolódás is megnehezíti a dolgukat…

Ha itthon vagyok, az tényleg nem egyszerű. Az időeltolódás nyolc óra, vagyis mire ő felébred, én már leírom neki, mit csináltam edzésen, küldök néhány videót. Azért meg lehet oldani, hogy minden működjön. Örülök neki, hogy ilyen módon kapok tőle visszajelzést, ha pedig elutazom Amerikába, akkor igyekszünk a lehető legjobban kihasználni az időt.

Mik a céljuk az idei szezonra?

Szeretnék legalább azon a szinten korcsolyázni, mint az elmúlt szezonban, és lehetőség szerint még javulni is. A távlati cél pedig az olimpiai részvétel.

Sabovčík el is fogja kísérni a világversenyekre?

Nagyon szeretném, ha ott lehetne velem, úgyhogy remélem, az akkreditációval sem lesz gond.

Amikor a januári minszki Eb-n Sabovčík hosszú idő után újra megjelent a korcsolyavilágban, hogyan fogadták?

Több egykori ellenfele edzősködik, akik először nem értették, kivel jött, kit kísért el, de nagyon örültek a találkozásnak. Mindenhol nagy tisztelet övezte.

Mennyire elégedett az eddigi szezonjával? Három kisebb versenyen indult, Salt Lake Cityben, Budapesten és Zágrábban, de a budapesti Halloween-kupán csak a 16. helyen zárt…

Az amerikai teljesítményem nem volt annyira rossz, minden ugrásba belementem, csak a kimeneti fázis nem sikerült ideálisan. Mintha fejben kicsit kínlódnék, de remélem, a következő versenyekre már minden rendben lesz.

Egy rosszabbul sikerült verseny után milyen visszajelzéseket kap Sabovčíktól?

Igyekszünk megtalálni az okot, mi lehetett a gond, és mivel kellene foglalkoznunk az edzéseken, hogy többször ne forduljon elő. Fontos, hogy ne essünk pánikba, és Jozef is inkább nyugtat ilyenkor, mert még sok verseny van előttünk.

A kűrjét a Survivor című dalra futja. „Túlélő vagyok, meg fogom csinálni” – így hangzik a refrén szövege. Ez amolyan ars poetica?

Igen, azt hiszem, ilyen vagyok. A legnehezebb pillanatokat mindig a sérülések okozzák. Ilyenkor mindenki komoly kételyeket él át, hogy képes lesz-e valaha visszatérni, nem lenne-e jobb abbahagyni a sportolást. Egy sérülés minden sportoló életében nagy törés, én is átéltem néhányszor, de ilyenkor harcolni kell.

Mit gondol arról, hogy az orosz lányok már négyfordulatosokat ugrálnak, és lassan már a női mezőnyben is megszokottá válik ez az ugrás?

Sok egykori korcsolyázó nyilatkozott már ezzel kapcsolatban, hogy nem annyira tetszik nekik ez a trend. Azt mondják, ez már nem is női korcsolyázás, hiszen ezek a versenyzők még kislányok. Szép dolog, hogy négyfordulatosokat ugranak, csodálom őket ezért, másrészt felteszem magamnak a kérdést, hogy meddig fogják tudni ezt csinálni? Akkor is képesek lesznek rá, ha megnőnek, megváltozik a testük? Én inkább Carolina Kostnerre nézek fel, aki hosszú éveken át a legmagasabb szinten korcsolyázott, míg ezek a fiatal lánykák két-három évente cserélődnek.

2014 óta rendszeres résztvevője az Eb-knek, több vb-n is járt, ezzel már ön is a tapasztalt versenyzők közé tartozik. Mi motiválja, miből merít erőt?

Nagyon szeretek korcsolyázni, ez a fő ok. És még mindig ott lebeg a szemem előtt a cél, az olimpiai részvétel.


Eliška Březinová is fellép a csütörtöki, pozsonyi Fire On Ice műkorcsolyashow-n, amelyet Jozef Sabovčík tiszteletére rendeznek. A cseh versenyző felkészítésében tavaly óta Sabovčík is részt vesz, erről is kérdeztük.

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Bőd Titanilla


Még egyszer a májról

Még egyszer a májról Holop Zsolt 2019. 11. 05., k - 17:16
Friss ikon

Éppen az Arkangyal-tekintetű albatroszhoz címzett tengerparti kiskocsma teraszán ücsörögtek, és pokrócokba csavarkózva figyelték, ahogy a szél újra és újra megpróbálja a sarokba söpörni a fodros szélű hullámokat. Ön szerint hol van a tengerpart sarka? – törte meg a szélcsendet Bandika. Ervin jobb keze mutatóujját emelte fel fáradtan, és mutatta, hogy szerinte ott. Eltelt húsz perc, Bandikából pedig kibuggyant a felháborodás az új New York-i májtörvények miatt. Szerinte ugyan letagadhatatlan, hogy az emberiség nagy vétkeket produkál a táplálkozás, még inkább a táplálkoztatás terén, ám nem biztos, hogy épp a libamájon kéne elverni a port. Szegény libamáj semmiről sem tehet. Nem tehet a szalámikultúrát átszövő szalámitaktikáról, sem a gyomirtózott gabonából készült fehérlisztes akármikről, de még a pálmaolajról sem, ami mindenben ott van, és amelynek kitermelése a trópusi lakosságot erdőirtásra ösztönzi. 

Egy jó libamáj mindig egy jó libamáj lesz, kacsamájjal sosem helyettesíthető, kiabálta a parti szélbe Bandika. Mennyivel szenved jobban egy tömött liba, mint a négyzetdeciméternyi ketrecekben tojatott tyúkok milliárdjai? – fordult Ervinhez. New Yorkban régóta kampányolnak az állatvédő szervezetek az ínyenc étel ellen, mivel annak előállítását állatkínzás eredményének tartják. A tenyésztők ugyanakkor azt állítják, hogy a gyakorlatot, mármint a tömést, nagyon humánus módon végzik – lobogtatta a napilapot. Persze a szél erősebb volt, kikapta Bandika kezéből, azonnal lapjaira bontotta és belefújta a tengerbe. Ervin behúzta nyakát kabátja gallérjába és megállapította, hogy ha mindenki ezt csinálná, amit most Bandika, vagyis több mint hétmilliárd ember, akkor a világtengerek helyén nem maradna más, mint egy nagy átázott újságpapír-galacsin. Egy magazinmocsár. Mellesleg azt sem érti, miért érvel a libahizlaló vállalat azzal, hogy humán módon tömi a libákat. A humán azt jelenti: emberi. 

A liba viszont, ha megkérdeznék, nem biztos, hogy emberi bánásmódot szeretne, inkább libait, vagyis hogy bánjanak vele libához méltóan.

Mert ugye ha a liba hizlalná az embert, és a liba kijelentené, hogy minden rendben, hiszen libául bánunk velük, attól az ember sem nyugodna meg (ha közben meg is hízna a mája). Bandika szerint a libamájhoz házi tarhonya passzol, meg friss csalamádé. Ervin szerint tört krumpli, amelyet a máj kisütésekor visszamaradt, töpörtyűtörmelékkel gazdagodott zsír aljában érdemes törni, valamint savanyú paprika, lehetőleg fehér.


Mocskos kocsonyává kezdett összeállni az avar, amikor Bandika és Ervin megtudta, hogy New York államban betiltják a hízott libamájat. 

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Elhunyt Karinthy Márton színigazgató, színházrendező, író

Elhunyt Karinthy Márton színigazgató, színházrendező, író Mészáros Richárd 2019. 11. 06., sze - 17:54
Karinthy Márton
Friss ikon

Karinthy Márton 1949-ben született Budapesten, a Színház- és Filmművészeti Főiskola rendezői szakát 1973-ban végezte el. 1973-1975 között a Békéscsabai Jókai Színház, 1975-1977 között a Pécsi Nemzeti Színház, 1977-1980 között a Thália Színház, 1980-1982 között a Népszínház rendezője. Részt vett a Reflektor Színpad és a Játékszín létrehozásában. 1982-ben megalapította a Hököm Színpadot – amely 1988-tól a Karinthy Színház nevet viseli –, a háború utáni első magánszínházat, amelynek rendezője és igazgatója volt.

2013-ban munkája elismeréseként Kossuth-díjat kapott sajátos szellemiségű, nagy közönségsikernek örvendő színházi műhely létrehozásáért, három évtizedes vezetői és rendezői tevékenységéért, írói munkásságáért, a Karinthy-hagyomány és -szellemiség ápolásáért, továbbviteléért.


Életének 71. évében elhunyt Karinthy Márton Kossuth-díjas színigazgató, színházrendező, író, a Karinthy Színház és elődje, a Hököm Színpad alapító igazgatója.

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911 supervisor disciplined for streaming movies at work

A 911 dispatch supervisor in Coral Springs, Florida, was streaming a movie on Netflix while a caller attempted to get help after her car's windshield was shot. CNN affiliate WSVN reports.


TikTok can now be integrated into your favorite video-editing apps

Editing a video for TikTok just got simpler. TikTok has launched an SDK that allows third-party apps to add a share to TikTok tool, opening up more possibilities for editing videos for the popular platform.

Zaproszenie na Seminarium Naukowe




- 관세율은 인하 추세, 비관세조치는 오히려 증가 -

- 아세안무역기록관(ATR) 웹사이트 통해 베트남 비관세조치 정보 확인 및 대응 필요 -




베트남의 비관세조치 현황


  ㅇ 베트남의 비관세조치는 과거보다 증가함.

    - 2015년 베트남의 비관세조치는 527건이었으나 2018년 764건으로 45% 증가함.

    - 유형별로는 무역기술장벽(TBT, 40.6%), 수출 관련 조치(28.7%), 동식물위생검역조치(SPS, 14.9%), 수량제한 및 가격통제조치(12.7%)의 비중이 높게 나타남.


베트남 비관세조치 유형별 비중(2018년 기준)


- 12월 12일 조기총선 일정 하원 통과, 총선 결과에 의해 브렉시트 향방 결정될 전망 -



□ 英-EU 브렉시트 3개월 연기 합의, 탈퇴시점 연기 이번이 세 번째


  ㅇ 3개월 연장에 반대해왔던 프랑스 마크롱 대통령이 주말간 반대의견을 접음에 따라 EU는 28일(월) 오전 회원국 대사들을 브뤼셀에 소집해 브렉시트 기한을 2020년 1월 31일까지 연장하기로 결정

      · 존슨 정부는 노딜방지법(Benn Act) 강제조항에 의해 19일 EU에 탈퇴기한 연장을 요청한 바 있음.


  ㅇ 이번 EU가 영국에 제시한 연기안은 협상안이 영국 의회로부터 비준을 얻을 시 연장기간을 조기에 종료하는 탄력적 연기 방안으로 최근 양측 협상단 간 합의한 브렉시트 협상안에 대해 더 이상의 추가 수정은 없다는 조건을 걸은 것으로 알려짐.(세부내용 아직 미공개)


  ㅇ 존슨 총리가 28일 EU의 요구사항을 수용한다는 서한을 투스크 EU 정상회의 의장에게 보냄으로써 영국의 EU 탈퇴일은 1월 31일로 공식 연기됨.
      · 3월 29일(최초 탈퇴일) → 4월 12일 → 10월 31일 → ’20년 1월 31일


□ 10월 브렉시트 진행 경과



by Wm. Steven Humphrey

Big, fun news for lovers of the I, Anonymous Show! This SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9 at 6 pm at the Siren Theater, you'll see a very special edition of the I, Anonymous Show—where the wildest submissions from the I, Anonymous Blog are read live on stage—performed at the Pacific Crest Comedy Festival at the Siren Theater!


Because not only will you be wildly entertained by host Kate Murphy (2018 Mercury Genius of Comedy) and former Portland's Funniest Person winner Steven Wilber, joining the panel will be TWO former I, Anonymous Show hosts: the fabulous BRI PRUETT and CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER! As you know, Bri and Caitlin departed Portland for LA to seek their fortunes, but THEY'RE BACK for this festival and ready to entertain the shit out of you!

PLUS! We're picking the VERY BEST (read: fucking nuttiest) I, Anonymous submissions from all our past shows. So trust me, you will not want to miss what these side-splitting comics have to say about the very best of the very worst of I, Anonymous!

BUT HURRY. This show will most likely sell out, so get your tickets HERE AND NOW. And find out more about the awesome Pacific Crest Comedy Festival here!

Or if you're feeling lucky, fill out the widget thingy below to WIN TWO FREE TICKETS to Saturday's "Best of I, Anonymous" live show! But hurry your cute butt up—deadline for entry is noon tomorrow (Thurs Nov 7)!

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Keep Your Promise: Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

AWC > Military Life > Keep Your Promise:  Senators, Do Not Cut My Military Spouses Retirement Benefits

It's like it was yesterday when I became an engaged to a Soldier.  We had the discussion almost immediately.  Does he reenlist or does he get out?  He had been in 8 years at that time.  I said, "I could stay in Illinois, you'll deploy in a year and when you get back you can get out.  I'll keep my 70K a year job and you can get out and go to school on your GI Bill."  He reminded me of the other option.  I give up my career, he stays in and get his 20 year retirement.   I said, "If I give up my high paying job, you better be in for 20 because I make more than you in pay and can make more than your retirement if I stay where I am."  He loved his country and his job.  We decided to live the military life.

Why am I am talking about all this?  Although what I share with you is our personal finances, it is crucial to understand that the recent retirement budget cuts suggested and promoted by Paul Ryan are interfering with my families financial future.  One ,that for the past 6 years, we have been planning for.  We aren't looking for a handout as Paul Ryan has implied.

Paul Ryan says after 20 years go out and get another job.  My husband MOS/Job is not transferable to the civilian world.  Most Servicemembers do not have a job that translate to the civilian world.  He will be going back to college.  He will be starting over.  He will be jumping back into the workforce at 45.   So while others his age have hit their stride, he will be starting new with all the other 22-24 year old freshly out of college.

In 2009 my husband reenlisted for 6 years.  With 14 years, this year he reenlisted Indefinitely.  He promised his country he would serve 20 years.  Just yesterday Congress voted to change that contract.  What he thought he'd be getting when he signed, will be reduced.  Congress has asked that every Servicemember, that serves 20 years or more,to give 88k+ to help with the budget crisis.

"I live on Fort Bragg.   As I sit on my couch and look out at my circle, there are 4 military families living in it that, with this suggested budget, will be losing over $352,000.  I ask every civilian to look out their windows.  How much our your neighbors losing over these budget cuts? Money they planned to be in their future."

Paul Ryan, would have you think the everyone who enlists just magically gets this retirement.  He forgets it takes hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.   These families have endured multiple deployments.  Their spouses have moved multiple times sacrificing jobs they love.  I myself will be moving next year to San Antonio, Texas.  When we move, I will have to leave a job I love at American Airlines.

If your thought is, it's your choice, you signed up for this, you are right.  When my husband reenlisted indefinitely this year, he signed thinking he would get his retirement benefits and so did I.  Now Congress just voted to take 88K+ of it away.

This budget will get voted on by Senators next week.  Please write them and tell them not to pass this budget until the military retirement cuts are removed.


I leave you with a video of his reenlistment.  Listen to the promise he makes his country.  I'm just asking our country keep their promise to him.

If it doesn't appear below, click this link to watch -->

  • Army Life:  Reenlisting Indef
  • Let's Stop Sleepy Driving: Give Soldiers A Safe Ride Home
  • Blended Families:  Making the Miles Just Another Number - Part 1
  • Treat Us Normal During Deployment
  • Don't Post Dates
  • Blended Families - The Attitude of Missed Opportunities
  • Blended Families - Mommy/Daddy Game


    Army Life: Reenlisting Indef

    AWC > Military Life > Army Life:  Reenlisting Indef

    Wow.  It's that time.  The time my husband says I will stay with you for 20 or more to the U.S. Army.  He's already been in over 14 years. To think he's been with the Army longer than me, his wife.

    It feels like he has climbed the slide, and he's almost to the top.  This is a slide you can only do once.  So it's exciting and sad all at one time.  I'm so proud of the dedication my husband has shown to his children, family, fellow Soldiers, and country.

    I wanted to share his last reenlistment with all of you.

    If it doesn't appear below, click this link to watch -->


    The Lt. Dan Band comes to Fayetteville, NC!

    AWC > Fort Bragg > The Lt. Dan Band come to Fayetteville, NC

    Gary Sinise(pictured right)

    On Friday, September, 13, my husband and I had the opportunity to see the AMAZING Lt. Dan Band.  We bought VIP tickets to the concert because this concert was special.  It was a benefit concert for 2 American Heroes, MSG John Masson (Army) and SSGT Thomas McRea (Marines).  It was also a wonderful opportunity for my husband and me to have a date night.


    These 2 heroes were both injured in Afghanistan and both suffered catastrophic injuries from IED's.  MSG Masson is a triple amputee and SSGT McRea is also triple amputee but also suffered a TBI, and also eye injuries.  This concert was a very rare opportunity for me, and was such an amazing experience to be a part of.  This concert was a benefit concert to raise money for these heroes to receive smart homes.

    My view 
    The Lt. Dan Band is a unique band of sorts, they are a cover band that plays a variety of songs.  If you have ever seen the movie Forest Gump, then you will know the bands bass player, and front runner, Gary Sinise.  He is behind the Gary Sinise Foundation, a foundation that honors our nations Veterans, First Responders, their families and those in need.  He travels around the world, playing concerts for the military community to raise money for his foundation and foundations they supports, in this case the Tunnel to Tower Foundation.

    The Lt. Dan Band
    As an Army spouse this concert was humbling, it made my proud to be the wife of an American hero, not just that day but everyday.  These men fought for their country, were severely wounded and my feeling was the least that i could do was to give back to a fellow comrade of my husband despite not knowing either man.  It was inspiring to see our community rise up and raise money for our own, and make sure that their sacrifices are and never will be forgotten.  What was most inspiring was to see how humbled and grateful these men were, both not recognizing themselves as heroes.  The concert featured a night jump by an all veterans skydive team, an auction featuring paintings and 2 Gibson Guitars signed by Gary Sinise.  The crowed raised $12,000 in the auction, with all the money going towards these heroes homes!

    It is my hope that these men get the homes that they deserve, and that they know that they are heroes every single day! If you haven't had the opportunity to see the Lt. Dan Band, check out this website here.  If you ever happen to get the opportunity to check out his band, all the proceeds got 100% to the organization that he is supporting that evening, usually someone local.  It is such a gratifying feeling to help someone in need, especially an American Hero.

    Some links to check out!

    SSGT Thomas McRea
    MSG John Masson
    The Lt. Dan Band Website

    Photos are courtesy of Courtney, contributing blogger for Army Wives Club.


    Recent Articles



    Is it possible use old versions of Xcode anymore?




    I need to rebuild an app targeting the macOS 10.7 SDK. To do this I thought I'd install 10.8.5 into a VM and then install Xcode 5.x. Sounded simple and easy to setup to me.


    When I open Xcode 5 (in the VM) it demands to "Install additional required components.". This process fails with:


    An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

    The site it is attempting to connect to is:


    I've done a little digging and found that (1) the certificate isn't trusted on the local end of the connection and (2, I think) the server seems to insist on a version of TLS that isn't supported on the client side. The certificate issue is fixable but the TLS version seems like a deal breaker to me.


    So does anyone know how I could convince Xcode not to "install additional requirted components"?

    Are these components installable via an external package?

    Does anyone know how to use the 10.7 SDK on newer versions of Xcode. I'm not even sure when it stopped being supported.



    Any guidence would be greatly appreciated.





    Invalid Toolchain. Must be built with GM Version of XCode


    Just downloaded XCode (version 10B61) and trying to update one of my apps when this error came up:


    Invalid Toolchain. New apps and app updates must be built with the public (GM) versions of Xcode 9 or later, macOS, and iOS SDK or later. Don't submit apps built with beta software including beta macOS builds.


    I downloaded directly from the app store.


    Anyone else having issues?

    Dan Uff


    「SDK」と「API」の違いとは? どう使い分ける?


    Android Developer

    The OpportunityWe're looking for a Android Developer, working in the Banking/Finance industry in Irving, Texas.

    • Design and develop digital applications using cutting-edge tools and technologies
    • Understand service design for Cloud environment, specifically micro-services deployed in Cloud Foundry Micro-service design operating within abounded context
    • Work with the clients technology and business staff day-today
    • Code, test, debug, implement, and document complex global applications.

      Our ClientOur client is a publicly traded, financially sound, 40+ year-old company. Providing IT and Technical staffing in the New York tri-state region and across the country. Respected and networked in growing fields like New Media, Publishing, Finance, Investment Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, and Utilities.

      Prestigious Fortune 1000 companies and dynamic Internet eCommerce customers depend on their expertise. 75% have been with them 10+ years. Reliability and relationships mean opportunity for you!

      Want exciting projects or excellent opportunities for full-time employment?

      Challenging work that utilizes your skills starts here.Experience Required for Your Success

      • Skilled in building distributed systems, CI/CD and Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
      • Expertise in Java and J2EE is a must
      • Knowledge of Common Frame Basic Algorithms and approaches in optimization of algorithm
      • Knowledge in Kotlin is a must
      • Experience in software development kit (SDK) is a must
      • Experience in Git/Bitbucket is a must
      • Experience in SourceTree/Gitbash is a must
      • Experience in IDE - Android studio is a must
      • Experience in Jenkins 8 / Jenkins a nice to have
      • Experience in Jira a nice to have

        DetailsThe pay we are offering is 59 per hour. This position may present an opportunity to go permanent.What Do You Think?Does your experience reflect what it takes to be successful in this role? Do the work and challenges get you excited about what's possible? Apply here.

        Not exactly? Join Our Talent Community, and we'll let you know of additional opportunities.

    API Integration Engineer


    Are you a problem solver, explorer, and knowledge seeker always asking, What if*

    If so, you may be the new team member we re looking for. Because at SAS, your curiosity matters whether you re developing algorithms, creating customer experiences, or answering critical questions. Curiosity is our code, and the opportunities here are endless.

    What we do

    We re the leader in analytics. Through our software and services, we inspire customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. Our curiosity fuels innovation, pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo and changing the way we live.

    What you ll do

    As an API Integration Engineer at SAS, you will collaborate with product managers, technical leads, developers, documentation team members, developer advocates, architects, and other stakeholders to determine tool and automation needs related to the design, development and publishing of APIs across all of SAS.

    You will:

    * Deliver, support and maintain, and continuously improve test and deployment automation that leverages OpenAPI 2/3 specifications across the entire API lifecycle and within our DevOps pipeline, including but not limited to:

    * API Design tooling (openapi-gui, apicurio, stoplight studio).

    * API Standards linting (spectral).

    * Contract testing (dredd).

    * Forward/backward compatibility testing.

    * Governance adherence verification.

    * Documentation rendering (slate/widdershins, swagger-ui, Redoc).

    * Documentation deployment automation.

    * Client and server SDK generation tools (openapi-generator, swagger-codegen).

    * API conversion tools (REST to GraphQL like openapi-to-graphql or gRPC/protobufs like openapi2proto, OpenAPI 2 to 3 like swagger2openapi).

    * Assess and make recommendations about the use of existing open source tooling that supports the API lifecycle.

    * Solicit feedback and requirements from stakeholders and prioritize new functionality aligned with overall business needs.

    * Regularly communicate work progress with management, identifying issues early and resolving them quickly to avoid or minimize impacts to projects.

    * Anticipate time needed to complete projects and assist in project estimates/scheduling.

    * Update job knowledge by independent and structured research.

    What we re looking for

    * You re curious, passionate, authentic, and accountable. These are our values and influence everything we do.

    * You have a bachelor s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related quantitative field.

    * Experience with:

    * Linux operating system, commands, and shell programming tools.

    * Scripting languages and automation techniques for testing and deployment.

    * Writing or leveraging OpenAPI (Swagger) 2.0 documentation.

    * Familiarity with OpenAPI 3.x.

    * Understanding of the API lifecycle and awareness of common existing tooling across that ecosystem (visit tools/ in a web browser).

    * Understanding of DevOps principles and commonly used tooling in DevOps pipelines.

    The nice to haves

    * Master s degree or higher in Computer Science, Statistics, or related field.

    * Experience integrating / interacting with SAS programmatically through one or more types of APIs found on

    * Familiarity with usage and programming for cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

    * Understanding of RESTful API principles.

    * Experience with:

    * Docker containers and/or Kubernetes.

    * API Management Solutions (Apigee, API Connect).

    * User and developer experience design (UX and DX).

    * Developing and/or consuming HTTP APIs, especially REST.

    * Contributing to open source projects.

    * HTML, CSS, JavaScript to build, support, and maintain internal dashboards.

    Other knowledge, skills, and abilities

    * Professional software development experience.

    * Familiarity with Agile methodologies.

    Why SAS

    * We love living the #SASlife and believe that happy, healthy people have a passion for life, and bring that energy to work. No matter what your specialty or where you are in the world, your unique contributions will make a difference.

    * Our multi-dimensional culture blends our different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Here, it isn t about fitting into our culture, it s about adding to it - and we can t wait to see what you ll bring.


    SAS looks not only for the right skills, but also a fit to our core values. We seek colleagues who will contribute to the unique values that makes SAS such a great place to work. We look for the total candidate: technical skills, values fit, relationship skills, problem solvers, good communicators and, of course, innovators. Candidates must be ready to make an impact.

    Additional Information:

    To qualify, applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States, and should not require, now or in the future, sponsorship for employment visa status. SAS is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. Read more: Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law. Also view the supplement EEO is the Law, and the notice Pay Transparency

    Equivalent combination of education, training and experience may be considered in place of the above qualifications. The level of this position will be determined based on the applicant's education, skills and experience. Resumes may be considered in the order they are received. SAS employees performing certain job functions may require access to technology or software subject to export or import regulations. To comply with these regulations, SAS may obtain nationality or citizenship information from applicants for employment. SAS collects this information solely for trade law compliance purposes and does not use it to discriminate unfairly in the hiring process.

    Want to stay up to date with life at SAS, products and jobs* Follow us on LinkedIn

    Software Engineer

    Job Description:
    • Our Aerospace client is in need of a Software Engineer to support the development of NASA flight Software Systems. This candidate will be involved with the design, development, integration, test, and delivery of software systems for advanced space systems, atmospheric flight vehicles, science instruments, and ground support systems. The ideal candidate will be capable of supporting efforts within an integrated development environment at all phases of the project software life cycle.
      • --- Development of the flight software and other supporting software systems in the C/C++ programming language.
        --- Interfacing with both actual hardware and simulated hardware modules.
        --- Experience developing software requirements, operational concepts, system interfaces, test plans and procedures.
        --- Experience with software version control systems desired (i.e. GIT, Subversion, etc.)
        --- Utilizes SDKs, custom tools and COTs software in the overall development of software systems
        --- Specialized knowledge in areas critical to machine learning for autonomous systems is desired (i.e. neural networks, genetic algorithms, etc.)
        --- Other areas of knowledge such as human-machine interaction, computer vision and image processing techniques, and robust decision making under uncertainty in an aerospace context is helpful.
        --- C/C++ programming skills.
        --- Python
        --- LabWindows
        --- Java Scripting
        --- Code development in both Linux (i.e. Redhat7) and Windows operating systems
        --- Code development for real-time operating systems helpful (VxWorks, FreeRTOS, etc.)
        --- Familiar with embedded system/single board computing (i.e. BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, etc.)
        --- BS degree or higher in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent.

    RadaeePDF SDK for Windows v1.10

    RadaeePDF SDK for Windows

    Improves Times New Roman font rendering.


    • Core lib is fully updated and aligned to Android version 3.52.5.
    • Enhanced replacement of the Tinos font with a distributed font (TeX-Gyre-Termes) that improves the rendering of the Times New Roman family characters.


    • Fixed rendering issue for blank files.


    مجلس افغانستان خواستار احضار سفیر پاکستان توسط امنیت ملی شد

    مجلس افغانستان خواستار احضار سفیر پاکستان توسط امنیت ملی شد
    باشگاه خبرنگاران
    نمایندگان مجلس افغانستان خواستار احضار سفیر پاکستان توسط امنیت ملی افغانستان شد.

    به گزارش حوزه افغانستان باشگاه خبرنگاران جوان، وزارت خارجه افغانستان دو روز قبل با صدور اعلامیه‌ای از احضار عاطف مشعل سفیر افغانستان در اسلام‌آباد از سوی سازمان اطلاعات پاکستان (آی.اس.آی) خبر داد و گفته بود که مشعل مورد بدرفتاری قرار گرفته است.

    این موضوع با واکنش گسترده سیاسیون و شهروندان افغانستان مواجه شد. به باور آنان احضار سفیر افغانستان مقیم پاکستان از سوی اداره اطلاعاتی آن کشور خلاف عرف دیپلماتیک بوده است.

    در ادامه واکنش‌ها، نمایندگان مجلس افغانستان نیز در نشست عمومی امروز (چهارشنبه ۱۵ عقرب/ آبان) بر اقدام متقابل با دیپلمات‌های پاکستانی تاکید کردند.

    نمایندگان مجلس افغانستان افزودند که امنیت ملی افغانستان باید سفیر و دیپلمات‌های پاکستانی مقیم کابل را احضار و مورد بازجویی قرار دهد.

    انتهای پیام/



    در کمتر از یک دقیقه به زیارت حرم امام عسکری (ع) در سامرا بروید + فیلم

    در کمتر از یک دقیقه به زیارت حرم امام عسکری (ع) در سامرا بروید + فیلم
    باشگاه خبرنگاران
    با مشاهده این ویدئو حال و هوای حرم امام حسن عسکری علیهم السلام را لمس کنید و یک دقیقه‌ای به زیارت ایشان بروند.

    به گزارش خبرنگار حوزه اخبار داغ گروه فضای مجازی باشگاه خبرنگاران جوان، همزمان با سالگرد شهادت پدر بزرگوار حضرت مهدی (عج) و امام یازهم شیعیان، ویدئویی در فضای مجازی منتشر شده است که دوست داران ایشان می‌توانند با مشاهده آن حال و هوای حرم امام حسن عسکری علیهم السلام را لمس کنند و در نزدیک به یک دقیقه‌ای به زیارت ایشان بروند.

    امروز هشتم ربیع‌الاول و سالروز شهادت امام حسن عسکری علیه السلام یازدهمین امام شیعیان است. ایشان  در سال ۲۵۴ هجری قمری پس از شهادت پدر بزرگوارشان امام هادی علیه السلام به امامت رسیدند و در سال‌های امامتش در شهر سامرا زیرکنترل شدید خلفای عباسی با شیعیان ارتباط داشت تا اینکه در سال ۲۶۰ هجری قمری با زهر معتمد عباسی به شهادت رسیدند.

    اگر به زیارت عتبات عالیات در کشور عراق نائل شوید یکی از شهر‌هایی که خواهید رفت شهر سامراست. جایی که امام دهم و یازدهم در آن مدفون هستند و محل تولد امام زمان (عج) نیز هست. این حرم در طول تاریخ توسط افراد مختلفی ساخته و یا ترمیم شده است.

     در ادامه می‌توانید ویدئوی مربوطه را مشاهده کنید:

    کد ویدیو دانلود فیلم اصلی

    انتهای پیام/


    Webster in the News: Top colleges, Uzbekistan, Pease on Venezuela

    Webster's 2nd-in-Missouri ranking by WalletHub was covered in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and by KSDK, the NBC affiliate. ... Kelly-Kate Pease was interviewed and quoted by El Mercurio about the controversial election of Venezuela to the United Nations Human Rights Council. ... Webster's campus in Tashkent was covered by University World News as part of Uzbekistan's efforts to expand higher education throughout the country.

    Senior Software Engineer - Javascript

    Summary Sling TV L.L.C. provides an over-the-top (internet delivered) television experience on TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, smartphones, smart TVs and other streaming devices. Distributed across a variety of strategic device partners, including Google, Amazon, Apple TV, Microsoft, Roku, Samsung, LG, Comcast, and many others, Sling TV offers two primary domestic streaming services that collectively include more than 100 channels of top content. Featured programmers include Disney/ESPN, NBC, AMC, A & E, EPIX, NFL Network, NBA TV, NHL Networks, Pac-12 Networks, Hallmark, Viacom, and more. For Spanish-speaking customers, Sling Latino offers a suite of standalone and extra Spanish-programming packages tailored to the U S. Hispanic market. And for those seeking International content, Sling International currently provides more than 300 channels in 20 languages (available across multiple devices) to U.S. households. Sling TV is the #1 Live TV Streaming Service Sling TV is a next-generation service that meets the entertainment needs of today's contemporary viewers. Visit *************. We are driven by curiosity, pride, adventure, and a desire to win - it's in our DNA. We're looking for people with boundless energy, intelligence, and an overwhelming need to achieve to join our team as we embark on the next chapter of our story. Opportunity is here. We are Sling. Job Duties and Responsibilities Television is not what it used to be. Technologies, businesses and viewing habits are changing fast and reshaping the TV landscape. We are the makers of Sling TV, the industry-leading OTT (over-the-top) video streaming service that delivers live U.S. and international programming, as well as video on demand. We are seeking a Software Engineer to join our American Fork, Utah - based team. This is an exciting position in a fast-moving project. What we're building is revolutionary and every employee participates in a profit sharing program. Come be a part of changing the face of TV! Responsibilities: - Write Javascript code to authorize content, play video and track video status and progress. Target platforms include Chromecast, web browsers, SmartTVs and more. - Collaborate with team members for problem solving, bug fixes, new feature implementations, work planning and code demonstrations. - Assist with team-wide validation of functional correctness, architectural compliance, and adherence to applicable industry standards. - Collaborate with other teams to coordinate changes to shared interfaces. - Collaborate with team and leaders to develop optimal technical solutions that the balance capabilities of third-party vendors, business requirements, and the team's internal goals for technical excellence. - Adhere to team standards for writing and documenting code. - Learn and follow SAFe and Agile principles and processes. Skills - Experience and Requirements Basic Requirements: - A four-year degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent professional software engineering experience - 2 -5 years Javascript experience in non-UI client application layer. - Working knowledge of client-side Javascript debugging using browser-based tools such as debuggers, web inspectors, HTTP analyzers (Charles, Fiddler, et al), etc. - Firm understanding of Object Oriented principles, design patterns, and software design/architecture best practices. - Commitment to principles of code excellence: unit testing, automated testing, peer code-reviews, and continuous integration. - Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly concisely both verbally and in writing. - Ability to collaboratively work through technical issues in a professional manner, making design considerations and trade-offs as needed. - Thrive in and contribute to a collaborative team environment. Bonus Qualifications: - Experience in a SAFE Agile processes. - Experience developing software for embedded consumer electronic devices, or interfacing with third-party APIs and SDKs - Working knowledge of relevant industry technologies and standards: HTTP/HTTPS, HLS, DASH, Node JS , Gulp and source control. - Working Experience with Node.js and Typescript - Moderate experience with at least one scripting language, such as Python. Read Full Job Description ****************************************************************************************************************** & mode=job & iis=BuiltInColorado & iisn=BuiltInColorado

    Facilities Manager

    Property/Facility ManagerOur HOA is looking for an active and enthusiastic Property/Facility Manager, who will oversee two full time groundskeepers and will be responsible to maintain our commonly owned buildings and 35 acres of grounds. The grounds include a lake and creek, two miles of private streets, private utilities, a club house and maintenance shop. The HOA also employs an Office Manager, who will work with the Property/Facility Manager as a team to run the operation. This is all overseen by an actively participating Board of Directors. The ideal candidate will possess well-rounded experience in maintaining various forms of landscaping and equipment, protecting infrastructure of a neighborhood of 294 homes, supervising and providing direction to staff, developing work plans and schedules for routine work, interface with residents, coordinate work with contractors, assess issues that arise and propose solutions if needed. This manager will also perform physical work and routinely inspect the common grounds, requiring the ability to traverse uneven ground and slopes, outside in inclement weather. Knowledge and enforcement of safety rules and practices are required.The compensation package is in the range of $54,000-$60,000 annually, ($25.91-$28.85 hourly). Currently, WCHA pays 90% of the medical insurance premium currently worth an additional $4.75 per hour and dental up to $2,000 per year. Supplementary/additional or negotiated compensation may be made in the form of a provided non-furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with a 2 car garage. Compensation package is dependent upon experience and qualifications. The HOA provides (11) paid holidays plus accrual of paid sick leave and vacation. The chosen candidate will be required to undergo and pass a background check and a physical functionality assessment by a professional, paid for by the HOA. Valid driver---s license is also required.Complete job description available upon request.----Please apply by November 11, 2019.Interviews will be conducted in mid November.
    recblid apvq41o0panghqsdklsr2x10uwvxpu


    In Data And Knowledge Bases Third International Workshop Sdkb 2008 Nantes France March 29 2008 Revised Selected Papers Lecture Notes In Computer Sci

    In Data And Knowledge Bases Third International Workshop Sdkb 2008 Nantes France March 29 2008 Revised Selected Papers Lecture Notes In Computer Sci





    Protein Guacamole

    This smashed pea and avocado dip/spread is a nice protein loaded spin of the traditional guacamole. Use it as a dip for your fresh veggies, top it up on your veggie burrito, include into your macro bowl or upgrade your usual avocado toast. No matter how you eat this creamy deliciousness you can count on…



    Le SDK de Dart 2.6 est disponible et s'accompagne de la possibilité de compiler des programmes Dart en exécutables autonomes grâce à dart2native

    Le SDK de Dart 2.6 est disponible et s'accompagne de la possibilité de compiler des programmes Dart en exécutables autonomes
    grâce à dart2native

    Google a annoncé la disponibilité de la version 2.6 de Dart, son langage de programmation Web. En fait, Dart propose déjà un ensemble complet de compilateurs permettant de créer du code optimisé en production pour les appareils mobiles et le Web. Ces compilateurs flexibles permettent de cibler un large éventail de formats : applications Flutter sur...

    Samsung Developer Conference: Day 1 Recap

    Developers, designers, and partners all gathered in the San Jose Convention Center for Day 1 of SDC19. The day unfolded with big announcements, inspiring messages, and new updates on tools and SDKs that allow developers to scale their services across billions of devices through an extensive, secure and connected ecosystem. Check out the highlights below! […]

    Tirumalai Nayakkar Mahal Palace - Madurai

    As you might know already, Madurai is called as the "Temple City". Meenakshi Sundaresa Temple, one of the largest temples of the country, is located here. Beyond that, there are hundreds of smaller temples at every nook and corner. However, the second most tourist attraction of Madurai is not a temple, but a palace. Tirumalai Nayakkar Mahal Palace is the most visited place after Meenakshi Temple.

    In Tamil Nadu, there are thousands of ancient temples that were built by different dynasties during different periods. But, we hardly get a chance to find palaces or other non-religious structures that were built in the ancient times. In the entire state, there are not more than ten palaces. All of them were built in the last 3-4 centuries. We do not find anything much older. Among all those palaces, Tirumalai Nayakkar Mahal can be considered as the best.

    Before I delve into the details of the Palace, let me give a brief introduction about Nayakkars and Tirumalai Nayakkar.

    Who are Nayakas?

    Madurai was the capital city of the Pandya Empire. The Pandyas ruled Madurai right from the ancient times.  With whatever records we have today, it is impossible to date the origin of the Pandyas.

    Madurai came under the control of the Cholas in the late 10th century CE. It took more than 200 years for the Pandyas to bring back Madurai under their direct control. However, they could not hold the city for long.

    The family rivalry and the multiple invasions of Delhi Sultans shattered the Pandyas in the 13th century CE. Ultimately, Madurai was annexed with the Delhi Sultanate by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq in 1323 CE.

    Jalaluddin Ahsan Khan, the Governor of Madurai under the Tughlaqs, declared independence in 1335 CE. (As per few historians, it was 1333 CE). The short lived Madurai Sultanate ruled the city between 1335 and 1378 CE. There were totally eight kings who ruled for 40 years. The last Sultan was Alauddin Sikandar.

    Kampana, the army commander of Vijayanagara Empire, invaded Madurai and captured it in 1371 CE. His father Bukka Raya I was the ruler of the empire during that time. Kampana declared himself as the Governor of Madurai - Madurai Maha Mandaleswara. However, as we understand, the Madurai Sultans ruled Madurai even after that. Only in 1378 CE, the Sultan's rule came to an end and the city completely came under the Vijayanagaras.

    The Vijayanagaras did not rule Madurai directly. They appointed Maha Mandaleswaras (Governors) to rule the city. These Mandaleswaras were called as Nayakkars by the people. Later, Nayakkar became the surname for certain group and ultimately it emerged into a caste. (Not everyone agrees with this view, I admit.)

    Tirumalai Nayak Statue

    In 1538 CE, the Governor of Madurai, Nagama Nayaka declared himself as an independent king. The Vijayanagara Emperor, Krishnadeva Raya imprisoned him. Krishnadeva appointed Nagama Nayaka's son, Vishwanatha Nayaka as the Governor of Madurai, as he had helped the emperor to imprison his own father. Later, after the demise of Krishnadeva, Vishwanatha Nayaka declared himself an independent ruler. Thus, the Madurai Nayaka dynasty started with Vishwanatha Nayaka.

    Tirumalai Nayaka was a descendant of Vishwanatha Nayaka. He ruled Madurai between 1623 CE and 1659 CE. He was the most popular Nayaka King. He contribution towards the architecture was abundant. He had built many palaces and renovated/rebuilt a lot of temples. Tirumalai Nayakkar Mahal is one of his best works and it was built in 1636 CE.

    The Original Palace

    The visitors of the Palace would definitely be wowed by its grandeur and workmanship. But, what we see today is just one fourth of the original beauty. It is difficult to digest the fact that three fourth of the palace was lost. How did the original palace in its entire form look like? What was its layout? We could visualize this to some extent with the help of the book "Oriental Historical Manuscripts" authored by William Taylor.

    The main entrance of the palace would welcome any visitor with 18 kind of musical instruments. There was a huge open area to keep the palanquins. Ten huge and massive pillars were found on the west side of the entrance.

    The Ranga Vilasam Court was situated on the west side of the ten pillars. There was a beautiful terrace called as Chandrika that had many domes. There were separate quarters for soldiers and palace women near Ranga Vilasam.

    There was a east facing shrine for Rajarajeswari with a court yard. A water fountain and a garden with the domed structure was found in front of the temple.

    There were arcades and open courts with ornamental works to the east of Ranga Vilasam.

    A big hall for watching the dance, called Nataka Sala, was there.   Swarga Vilasam was a residential portion like Ranga Vilasam. Near Nataka Sala and Swarga Vilasam, there were many big and smaller domes with stone pillars and platforms.

    Gilt Stupas were found atop the terrace. To the west of Swarga Vilasam, the buildings for Queens and other ladies of harem were found.

    An armory and an ornamental tank near the armory called Vasanta Vapi were there.

    All these structures were enclosed within a 12 meter high wall. Outside the walls, a pleasure garden was found.

    Tirumalai Nayaka's grand son Chokkanatha Nayaka decided to shift his capital back to Trichy. He apparently wanted to build a huge palace in his new capital and removed carvings, valuables and many building materials from this palace. In that process, almost three fourth of the palace was lost and even the original design of the surviving structures were distorted. The remains of the original palace, such as the remnants of huge pillars and domes can be found on the streets and even in some independent houses around the current palace, nowadays.

    The palace was revived and repaired between 1866 and 1872 CE, thanks to the efforts of Lord Napier, the then Governor of Madras. Had he not restored the glory of the palace, we would have lost even what remains today.

    Tirumalai Nayakkar Mahal

    Now, it's time to explore the palace in its current state. The statue of Tirumalai Nayakkar welcomes us in the parking area. It is not an old statue. It was unveiled in 1981 CE.

    The clock tower looks elegant. But the entrance with a relief image of Tirumalai Nayaka is not very attractive. It does not have the grandeur look for sure. Well, let us not judge the book by its cover and get inside.

    (This entrance is not the original one. It was built as part of the restoration works done by Lord Napier, the Governor of Madras. The original entrance was located in the north direction of the current surviving structure.)

    Nataka Sala

    The moment we enter inside the palace, we could experience the sudden transformation. It's huge - unimaginably grandeur - unbelievably beautiful - a breathtaking view! No picture or video can do justice. The central courtyard with massive rounded pillars - beautiful arches - impressive designs of ceilings - attractive paintings on the ceilings - the majestic royal throne at the center - intricate carvings - attractive miniature images and so on. It's such a colorful and mesmerizing sight.

    This courtyard is called Swarga Vilasam. It is indeed a swarga (heaven). There are totally 248 massive pillars, which reflect the Gothic style of architecture. The arches and domes of the palace were inspired by the Indo Saracenic style, which was evolving in those days. The pillars along with the arches that are aligned neatly provides a picturesque sight.


    Who designed this beautiful palace which was a mix of different architectural types? Though historically not proven, it is said that Tirumalai had assigned an Italian architect to design and construct this massive palace which was spanning around 20 acres. It is believed that he built this in order to commemorate the shift of his capital from Trichy to Madurai. He took around seven years to complete this palace.

    Yalis, seated lions, lions with wings and humans are the common images that are found on the ceilings and near the arches. Different designs of drawings are found on the ceilings. At the entrance of the platform where the throne is kept, two stone images of horses are found. The golden colored royal throne looks majestic in the center of the hall. I am sure it is no match to what was there originally. The throne with lot of precious stones embedded on it was kept atop a small platform made of ivory. Those pieces are missing now.

    The harem and Pooja room are found at the corner, but are locked. The next hall is Nataka Sala, where many stone sculptures are kept for display. Maintenance is not that great. There are so many rare and beautiful sculptures that range from 10th to 13th centuries CE. Proper display boards mentioning the iconography style and period are missing for most of the sculptures. No care taker is found to keep an eye on all these invaluable sculptures.

    An interesting inscription that talks about the wells dug by Ellis in Royapettah of Madras in 1818 CE is also kept in this hall.

    Happy travelling.

    Ellis Inscription - Royapettah, Madras


    Aanstellingen RSV'ers 8-10 November


    Notificatie sturen: 

    Komend weekend komen er weer veel RSV leden in actie, genoeg leuke wedstrijden om tussen uit te kiezen als je een dagje vrij bent in het weekend!
    Zo mag Harley van Soest de Westlandse derby fluiten tussen de O19 elftallen van Lyra en Sportclub Monster. Ook Gilbert Zoutewelle wordt verwend met een Westlandse derby; hij mag in Naaldwijk de wedstrijd Westlandia JO17 - VELO JO17 leiden.
    Uiteraard is de lijst met de RSV'ers die in actie komen veel langer; zoals altijd kan je de hele lijst vinden als je klikt op de link van dit bericht. Iedereen veel plezier en succes gewenst!
    Heb je n.a.v. deze lijst nog vragen en/of opmerkingen? Mail dan naar

    Dámsky pulóver s.Oliver  má široké farebné pruhy a okrúhly výstrih, neformálne spadnuté plecia a rovný regular  strih. Pulóver je vyrobený z kvalitnej pleteniny s podielom vlny. Celková dĺžka pulovra vo veľkosti 36 je cca 64 cm.

    Materiál: 60% polyakryl, 29% polyamid, 8% vlna, 3% elastan  / s.OLIVER 14.911.61.6984 94G0


    Dámsky šál s.OLIVER 39.911.91.6094 9400 - 29,99 €


    Dámsky šál  s.Oliver vyrobený z jemného materiálu v sivej farbe zdobený po celej ploche má ozdobné umelé perly. Šál má hrany zviazané ozdobným švom, trojuholníkový tvar a rozmer cca. 205 x 90 cm .

    Vrchný materiál : 100% polyakryl  / Model: s.OLIVER 39.911.91.6094 9400


    Forum post: RE: CCS: SimpleLink SDK v3.30 won't work on 32-bit Windows?

    Hi Scott, If you want to use SYSCFG you need to use CCS 9.2 which means 64-bit Windows machine. But if you have some project already without SYSCFG you can migrate to SDK 3.30 without any issues with 32bit CCS (e.g. 8.3.1). You need to use older version of XDCtools (e.g. only. Jan

    Forum post: RE: CCS/TDA3MV: Hanging problems with CCS DEBUG TDA3 RVP

    Hi, I use a custom board, and ddr is different from rvp. Using rvp bios is because I need to use two ddr3 512mb in the board. If I do not modify the sbl ddr config, then sbl will fail in the ddr init. Now I refer to VisionSDK_UserGuide_MemoryMap.pdf chapter 6.5 How To – Modify 512MB Bios Memory map to 1GB Bios Memory map configures bios evm ddr to 1024mb. The sbl & app burns to qspi and works well , but ccs debug will hang on ipc_start(Like the previous reply). So I guessing ccs debug has need some configuration for ddr 1024mb , Is this correct?

    Forum post: CCS: SimpleLink SDK v3.30 won't work on 32-bit Windows?

    Tool/software: Code Composer Studio I just wanted to verify that SimpleLink SDK v3.30, which supports SYSCFG tooling, doesn't appear work on 32-bit Windows computers. Is that correct? The SimpleLink SDK v3.30 release notes state that CCS v9.2 is a dependency. While the CCS v9.x notes indicate that it only runs on 64-bit Windows computers. Therefore, it appears that the latest revisions of the SimpleLink software are only supported on Windows 64-bit computers. Personally, I'm not complaining about this. I just wanted to make sure we weren't mistaken in our conclusions that you really must be using 64-bit Windows to build SimpleLink code using SYSCFG. Thanks, Scott

    Watson Java-SDK with dependencies conflicts with existing dependencies

    In order to use the now mandated IamAuthentication, I'm trying to move to IBM Watson's new Java SDK 8.0.0 with an Android App. Here are the older versions of IBM software that were working for me: * implementation '' * Android SDK 0.4.? (I'm actually unsure of the version of the aar I was using) I'm moving to: * implementation files('libs/ibm-watson-8.0.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar') * implementation files('libs/ibm-library.0.5.1.aar') Or alternatively: * implementation files('libs/ibm-library.0.5.1.aar') * implementation '' When I try to build the app, I'm getting this error: :app:transformClassesWithDexBuilderForDebug AGPBI: {"kind":"error","text":"Program type already present: edu.umd.cs.findbugs.annotations.CreatesObligation","sources":[{}],"tool":"D8"} :app:transformDexArchiveWithExternalLibsDexMergerForDebug FAILED FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':app:transformDexArchiveWithExternalLibsDexMergerForDebug'. ..... Program type already present: edu.umd.cs.findbugs.annotations.CreatesObligation Learn how to resolve the issue at From what I can tell, this is because Watson's Java SDK 8.0.0 contains conflicting FindBugs which conflicts with the version of Findbugs I'm using with the rest of my code, particularly FindBugs. Is there a good way to get it without dependencies (and just provide them on my own as needed)? Or am I thinking about this the wrong way? I don't really need another version of FindBugs being shipped from IBM, as I'm not going to be looking for Findbugs problems inside IBM's code. Thanks in advance.

    Sr. Software Engineer (Java) - Micro Focus - Montréal, QC

    Work experience with AWS SDK, EC2, RDS, IAM, Elasticache, CloudWatch, Derby etc. At Micro Focus, everything we do is based on a simple idea:
    From Micro Focus - Tue, 24 Sep 2019 03:36:57 GMT - View all Montréal, QC jobs

    IT / Software / Systems: Sr. Software Engineer - Irvine, California

    Robert Half Technology is currently seeking an experienced .NET Developer to help develop their CRM functionality for our client in Irvine, CA. Our client is a multi-national healthcare company who is looking for dynamic .NET developers to add to their growing development team. Developer responsibilities: * Building out the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0 * Customizations of Contact, Account, and Activities Entities as well as workflows and dashboards * Experience with SDKs, Plugins, and integration changes Developer requirements: * 5+ years of .NET Developer experience is required (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC) * 2-3 years of CRM development experience * Experience working with MS Dynamics CRM online is a plus For immediate consideration, please reply with your contact information & resume. We will call you ASAP.C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC - provided by Dice ()

    Comment on Introducing PowerShell as .NET Global Tool by Carsten Duellmann

    Just adding that with the SHELL instruction the above Dockerfile is more readable and concise. Plus we save the detour via bash (see FROM SHELL ["pwsh", "-c"] RUN Get-Date RUN Get-Module -ListAvailable | Select-Object -Property Name, Path

    Check out Historical Romance author, Vanessa Kelly's, fabulous book — The Highlander’s Christmas Bride #Christmas #HistoricalRomance @VanessaKellyAut @hfvbt @KensingtonBooks


    Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours Presents…

    The Highlander’s Christmas Bride
    By Vanessa Kelly

    In bestselling author Vanessa Kelly’s irresistible Clan Kendrick series, Christmas in the Highlands means family, celebration—and for one brother, the beginning of a passionate adventure . . .

    Being thrown over by the man she expected to marry was humiliating enough. Now that Donella Haddon, grandniece of the Earl of Riddick, has also proven a failure as a nun, she has no choice but to return to her family’s estate. The brawny Highlander sent to escort her is brash, handsome, and the only thing standing between Donella and a gang of would-be kidnappers. But the scandal in her past can’t be so easily outrun . . .

    Wealthy widower Logan Kendrick was expecting to meet a plain, pious spinster—not a gorgeous, sharp-tongued lass who can hold her own in any ambush. Though she’s known as the Flower of Clan Graham, Donella is no shrinking violet. In fact, she might be the perfect woman to bring happiness back to his lonely little son’s life, just in time for Christmas. But first he must protect her from ugly gossip and a mysterious threat—and convince her that their wild, unexpected desire is heaven sent.


    During the Blog Tour, we are giving away signed copies of THE HIGHLANDER’S PRINCESS BRIDE and THE HIGHLANDER WHO PROTECTED ME + a $20 Amazon gift card! You can enter the Giveaway HERE!

    Giveaway Rules

    • Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on November 12th. You must be 18 or older to enter.
    • Paperback giveaway is open internationally.
    • Only one entry per household.
    • All giveaway entrants agree to be honest and not cheat the systems; any suspicion of fraud will be decided upon by blog/site owner and the sponsor, and entrants may be disqualified at our discretion.
    • The winner has 48 hours to claim prize or a new winner is chosen.

    Pick up your copy of
    The Highlander’s Christmas Bride

    Vanessa Kelly

    Vanessa Kelly is a USA Today Bestselling, award-winning author who was named by Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association, as one of the “New Stars of Historical Romance.” Her Regency-set historical romances have been nominated in a number of contests, and she has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance. Her books have been published in nine languages.
    Vanessa’s latest book, The Highlander Who Protected Me, was a USA Today, Barnes & Noble, and BookScan bestseller. Her Renegade Royals Series was a national bestseller, as was The Improper Princesses Series. My Fair Princess was named a Goodreads Romance of the Month and is a USA Today and BookScan bestseller. The Highlander’s Princess Bride, book 3 in the series, was a Barnes and Noble top 50 bestseller.

    When she’s not dreaming of plots for her next Regency novel, Vanessa is writing USA Today Bestselling books with her husband, under the pen name of V.K. Sykes.

    You can find Vanessa at or at For all of Vanessa’s latest news and contests–and to receive a free story–please sign up for her newsletter on her website.


    Unable to compile BlackBerry Dynamics Applications running SDK version or earlier running on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)


    Unable to access UIWebView delegates or events in BlackBerry Dynamics SDK


    Apps built with BlackBerry Dynamics SDK version 5 and later crash at startup when running with an attached debugger

    Anti-debugging measures added to BlackBerry Dynamics SDK detect when an app is run with an active debugging tool like Xcode/AndroidStudio and prevent the launch of the app. The Anti-debugging check can be configured with a compliance policy setting in the UEM or Good Control servers.

    The Auth Delegate authentication fails on custom BlackBerry Dynamics SDK based apps and displays “Access Blocked” or “Authentication Lost”


    Ini Nama-nama Kades Terpilih Pilkades Kebumen 5 November 2019

    KEBUMEN ( - Pemkab Kebumen baru saja menggelar pemilihan Kepala Desa Gelombang III, Selasa (5/11/2019) kemarin. Ada 54 desa di 21 kecamatan yang mengikuti hajat demokrasi tingkat desa tersebut.

    Berikut pada Kades terpilih yang dirilis Dipermades Kabupaten Kebumen.


    Get the filtered events in the current view


    Hello Ellen,

    Calling scheduler.resources[0].dataSource.filter() would filter the resources data, but not the Scheduler events.

    Note that each Scheduler event contains information on the resources selected for it, in the example provided the IDs of the attendees and id of the room where the meeting will be held:

    What you can do is extend the filter to filter for a particular room and attendee, for example:

    var filter = {
                logic: "and",
                  {filter 1};
                  {filter 2};
    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

    Progress Telerik

    Get quickly onboarded and successful with your Telerik and/or Kendo UI products with the Virtual Classroom free technical training, available to all active customers. Learn More.


    Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab A 10.1 32GB 2019 zwart

    Ontdek alle mogelijkheden van de Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 zwart in ontzettend hoge kwaliteit Het grote brede scherm 1920 x 1200 en de smalle rand zorgen voor een ultieme kijkervaring. Het heldere scherm en het Dolby Atmos 3Dgeluid werken samen waardoor je multimediaervaring naar een nieuw niveau wordt getild. Het resultaat een optimaal beeld en geluid. De voordelen van de Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 zwart Lichtgewicht design zorgt voor comfort Lange levensduur door 6.150 mAh batterij Dolby 3D surround sound voor ultiem geluid bij haarscherp beeld SmartThings om aangesloten huishoudelijke apparaten en andere apparaten te bedienen Meer opslagruimte meer om van te genieten Met zijn smalle schermrand van 7 5 mm en een gewicht van minder dan 470 gram ligt de Galaxy Tab A 2019 niet alleen heerlijk in de hand hij is ook gemakkelijk mee te nemen in het openbaar vervoer. Door de grote hoeveelheid opslagruimte kan je zeer eenvoudig films downloaden en deze onderweg bekijken op het superieure beeldscherm. Meer apps downloaden en meer bestanden en foto 039 s opslaan is een feit. De 2 GB RAM 32 GB ROM is uit te breiden tot 512 GB met een microSDkaart. Daarnaast beschikt de Galaxy Tab A 2019 over een krachtige batterij van 6150 mAh waardoor je langer van alle inhoud kan genieten. Een hoge resolutie een prachtig beeldscherm Ervaar een groot beeldscherm met randen van slechts 13 8 mm aan de boven en onderkant en 6.5 mm aan de zijkanten. Het 10 1inch scherm neemt tot 80 van de voorkant in beslag waardoor je elk detail ontdekt. Je kan ook gemakkelijk je eigen beelden creeren. De Galaxy Tab A 2019 beschikt over twee camera 039 s van hoge resolutie 5 megapixel op de voorcamera en 8 megapixel voor de camera aan de achterkant. Handige functies als autofocus maken het eenvoudig om de mooiste plaatjes te schieten. Een USB typec aansluiting is ook aanwezig dus van alle moderne gemakken is voorzien. Door Kids Home d eacute digitale speelplaats voor kinderen is de Galaxy Tab A 2019 ook de perfecte gezinstablet. Ontdek het gemak van het Galaxy Ecosysteem Het Samsung Galaxy Ecosysteem verbindt met speels gemak jou en je slimme apparaten waardoor het dagelijkse leven comfortabeler wordt. Verbind je Galaxy Tab A 2019 en je smartphone draagbare en huishoudelijke apparaten om te genieten van een nextlevel multidevice ervaring. Zo heb je de volledige controle over je huis voor meer comfort en gemak.

    Mobile Device Developer

    Are you passionate about software development? Interested in cutting edge projects in fintech space? Have experience with mobile stack building financial applications? Earned some battle scars with Andriod SDK or IOS. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced individual to join our software development team and lead technical work on foundational platform for the next generation of our software products in tax preparation and financial advisory markets. We are a fast moving, get-things-done bunch looking to leverage the latest mobile and cloud-based tooling and microservices-based design to disrupt traditional tax filing industry and delight our users with the seamless, high-touch experience across online, mobile and IoT platforms. Major responsibilities of the position are listed below. * Collaborating with UX, design and engineering to help implement innovative solutions for the product direction. * Support, maintain and document software functionality. Makes recommendations on and influences engineering processes and methods. * Visuals and experience Develop and test new enterprise application features using test-driven development. * Perform enhancements or maintenance to existing software solutions. * Provide technical guidance on a wide range of systems/projects. For immediate consideration please send your resume directly to Bachelors or advanced degree in Computer Science or related discipline. * Significant experience in designing and delivering commercial-grade iOS or Android solutions that are highly available and scalable. * 3-5 years- experience in Swift / objective C or Android-Java / Kotlin programming. * Good knowledge on Design patterns, Data structure, algorithms * Familiarity with unit testing, TDD, continuous integration / deployment (Jenkins, TFS), pair programming, and agile methodologies * Experience with .NET is highly desirable. * Experience using CI-CD tools, containerized deployments and cloud architecture (AWS, Azure) * Experience working with hybrid frameworks like Xamarin / React-Native is preferred * Experience with integrating third-party libraries and APIs * Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies. * Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, Human guidelines, design - provided by Dice

    KASE шетел валюталары сауда-саттықтарының нәтижелері: USDKZT_TOM = 388,90 (+0,51), RUBKZT_TOM = 6,1173 (-0,0193)


    Импортозамещающий альянс. МойОфис интегрирован в СЭД «ДЕЛО»


    Российские разработчики программного обеспечения, компании «Электронные Офисные Системы» и «Новые Облачные Технологии», договорились о технологическом партнерстве и объявили о завершении технологической интеграции решений МойОфис в систему электронного документооборота «ДЕЛО». На пресс-конференции компании «Новые Облачные Технологии» специалисты ЭОС продемонстрировали работу интегрированного решения в реальном времени. Интеграция широко распространенной СЭД и отечественного офисного пакета позволит корпоративным клиентам и государственным органам бесшовно перейти на российское офисное ПО и обеспечить быструю и удобную работу с данными - создавать и редактировать документы с помощью российских редакторов внутри сложившейся корпоративной инфраструктуры.

    «По нашей оценке, более чем 75 % наших клиентов требуется сформировать надежную, импортонезависимую платформу для совместной работы с документами внутри корпоративной сети. В основе такой парадигмы лежат российские аппаратные платформы, на которых работает российский софт. Благодаря интеграции с МойОфис, решение ЭОС «ДЕЛО» получило возможность редактирования документов с помощью отечественного программного обеспечения, которое обладает достаточно высоким уровнем защищенности и способно работать на всех популярных операционных системах», - отметил генеральный директор «Электронные Офисные Системы» Андрей Козлов.

    В данный момент, как было объявлено в ходе пресс-конференции компании «Новые Облачные Технологии», технологическая интеграция решений МойОфис в СЭД «ДЕЛО» завершена. Как пояснили партнеры, технологически она осуществляется с помощью комплекса средств для разработчиков «МойОфис SDK». Этот компонент является неотъемлемой частью экосистемы МойОфис и позволяет встроить редакторы текстов и таблиц в состав прикладного ПО сторонних производителей. В случае с системами электронного документооборота, пользовательский документ не покидает защищенного периметра организации: пользователи получают возможность редактирования с помощью средств МойОфис, которые встраиваются непосредственно в СЭД. Таким образом, пользователи СЭД «ДЕЛО» и МойОфис получили реальную возможность отказаться от иностранного офисного ПО в подобных системах и обеспечить полный контроль над данными.

    В ходе своего выступления представители ЭОС пояснили, что интеграция с офисным пакетом - это далеко не такая очевидная задача, какой кажется на первый взгляд, и привели один из самых простых примеров, сопровождая рассказ демонстрацией работы системы в реальном времени. Допустим, пользователь СЭД «ДЕЛО» инициирует подготовку нового документа. Для этого регистрируется карточка проекта документа, для создания файла документа применяется утвержденный в организации шаблон (часто в организациях таких шаблонов много, и все они, как правило, созданы в формате Microsoft Word). Далее в созданный по шаблону файл вносятся необходимые  дополнения, и проект документа направляется на согласование и утверждение. Специалист, согласующий проект документа, вносит необходимые правки в файл непосредственно в системе «ДЕЛО». Далее проект документа отправляется на подпись руководителю организации, при этом файл конвертируется в формат PDF, в соответствующие поля шаблона подставляются адресаты, исполнители и другая информация из карточки проекта документа.

    На этом примере наглядно видно, что, если в организации используют возможности СЭД «ДЕЛО» - редактирование, формирование шаблонов, формирование отчетов по СЭД и офисные пакеты очень тесно взаимодействуют друг с другом, и их интеграция требует решения множества вопросов. Осложняется ситуация и большим количеством наработок, созданных средствами MS Office и использующих проприетарные технологии (например, средства Visual Basic for Applications, VBA). Тем не менее, благодаря тесному взаимодействию специалистов ЭОС и «Новых облачных технологий» удалось реализовать механизмы, решающие данные задачи, и максимально упростить переход на МойОфис.

    Топ-менеджеры компаний-партнеров выразили уверенность, что реализованная интеграция быстро найдет своих пользователей. «В основе всех 13 продуктов МойОфис лежат принципы совместной работы, мобильности и контроля над данными. Вне зависимости от типа используемой платформы и операционной системы, любой пользователь получает удобное и надежное российское решение, способное решать задачи коммуникаций и работы с документами. Интеграция с ЭОС «ДЕЛО» - важный шаг в формировании доверенной экосистемы МойОфис, которая предоставит корпоративным заказчикам новый уровень комфорта и безопасности при работе с документами и данными», - заявил генеральный директор «Новые Облачные Технологии» Дмитрий Комиссаров.

    Напомним, что ЭОС и «Новые Облачные Технологии» и прежде имели опыт совместной работы над импортозамещающими решениями. Так, на выставке в рамках форума «Импортозамещение – 2018» эти компании вместе с Postgres Professional, «InfoWatch», SPIRIT, «Базальт СПО» и другими партнерами демонстрировали комплексные решения «под ключ» российских производителей ПО и аппаратных средств на коллективном стенде АРПП «Отечественный софт».


    Senior Android Engineer

    Senior Android EngineerREF#: 34720

    CBS BUSINESS UNIT: CBS Interactive

    JOB TYPE: Full-Time Staff


    JOB LOCATION: Kansas City, MO


    CBS Interactive is the premier online content network for information and online operations of CBS Corporation as well as some of the top native digital brands in the entertainment industry. Our brands dive deep into the things people care about across entertainment, technology, news, games, business and sports. With over 1 billion users visiting our properties every quarter, we are a global top 10 web property and one of the largest premium content networks online.

    Check us out on [1] The Muse, [2] Instagram and [3] YouTube for an inside look into 'Life At CBSi' through employee testimonials, office photos and company updates.


    Visible links





      Division Overview: provides premium online and mobile content to the connected sports fan, including live and on-demand video, in-depth analysis, breaking news, and scores and statistics across high school, college, and pro sports. is part of CBS Interactive's portfolio of multi-platform brands, which includes premier Fantasy offerings, high school sports leader MaxPreps, 247Sports, Scout and CBS Interactive Advanced Media producing more than 130 official collegiate athletic sites.

      Role Details:

      You will be a part of an agile team responsible for developing, testing, deploying, monitoring and maintaining multiple internal common libraries and native Android applications. You will also be expected to provide critical feedback on other developers code through the code review process. We are looking for experienced candidates with a proven track record working in large Android applications using best practices.

      Your Day-to-Day:

      • Develop new product features in Kotlin and Java

      • Diagnose and fix defects as identified by users or other team members

      • Review code changes by other team members to ensure they meet requirements, are error free, and use best practices

      • Investigate new SDKs, product requirements, and Android features

      • Provide critical feedback on code changes through the code review process

        Key Projects:

        • CBS Sports App game tracker modernization

        • Future of Television experiences

        • Video player and table layout manager library


          What you bring to the team:

          You have -

          • Bachelor's in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience (5+ years total programming with at least most recent 4 years in Android using native apis)

          • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present and convey technical ideas to a varied technical audience

          • Sound programming fundamentals: experience working with memory management, thread synchronization, and event based programming issues; utilization of sound engineering principles in writing code.

          • Experience working on a distributed team. Our cross-functional engineers are based in Kansas City, Fort Lauderdale and Sydney, Australia.

          • Experience with the agile process flow

          • A passion for sports

            You might also have -

            • Kotlin experience strongly desired but willingness to use Kotlin is required

            • Build tooling familiarity (Gradle, Maven and CI build server experience)

            • Experience mentoring and growing technical individuals

              EEO STATEMENT:

              Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled

    Sr. Software Engineer

    Robert Half Technology is currently seeking an experienced .NET Developer to help develop their CRM functionality for our client in Irvine, CA. Our client is a multi-national healthcare company who is looking for dynamic .NET developers to add to their growing development team. Developer responsibilities: * Building out the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0 * Customizations of Contact, Account, and Activities Entities as well as workflows and dashboards * Experience with SDKs, Plugins, and integration changes Developer requirements: * 5+ years of .NET Developer experience is required (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC) * 2-3 years of CRM development experience * Experience working with MS Dynamics CRM online is a plus For immediate consideration, please reply with your contact information & resume. We will call you ASAP.C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC - provided by Dice

    SDK : Mentan Harus Bekerja Aktif Mengawasi Subsidi Pupuk dan Pengadaan Bibit


    JURNALPENA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Komisi IV melakukan Rapat Dengar Pendapat (RDP) dengan Kementerian Pertanian yang berlangsung di ruang rapat komisi IV gedung Nusantara

    The post SDK : Mentan Harus Bekerja Aktif Mengawasi Subsidi Pupuk dan Pengadaan Bibit appeared first on Jurnal Pena.


    Sdk320a Service

    Sdk320a Service


    NO Description



    NO Description



    NO Description


    Ransomware freezes govt IT in Canadian province of Nunavut, drops citizens right Inuit

    A malware infection has crippled the IT operations in the remote Canadian territory of Nunavut. An alert from the provincial government on Monday ...

    View article...


    Edmonton Eskimos bosses touring northern Canada to talk name

    Some Inuit leaders say the term Eskimo, which means "eaters of raw meat," is derogatory and was given their people by others. They say it's a relic ...

    View article...


    Nunavut environmental board rejects motion to suspend mine hearings

    Inuit communities should be given the same information as potential investors, and failure to do that undermines Inuit trust, a technical advisor for the ...

    View article...


    Court documents claim Canadian polar bear population is thriving

    “Inuit have not noticed a significant decline in the health of the polar bears,” the director of wildlife management for the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife ...

    View article...


    Want an independent Scotland? Then vote for Boris Johnson

    A Tory election victory would cement Brexit grievances, giving heft to the SNP's ... Five years on from the independence referendum, Scottish politics ...

    View article...


    Kerr kicks off election campaign in Galashiels

    “In the face of both Scotland's views and needs being ignored by the UK Government, we must stand up and reject the kind of the hard Tory Brexit that ...

    View article...


    Jeremy Peat: Life in the UK's private sector is set to become increasingly uncomfortable

    ... Brexit shock is eventually felt. This has all been posed in relation to the UK economy and the UK Budget, but of course it matters equally in Scotland.

    View article...


    Tories face 'really tough' election. No wonder Ruth Davidson quit – John McLellan

    The Brexit crisis could see the Conservative Party lose most of the gains under Ruth Davidson in Remain-dominated Scotland, but the Brexit Party is ...

    View article...


    Revolut uses open banking to connect to Inuit QuickBooks

    FinTech Revolut is using open banking APIs for the first time, collaborating with third-party provider Inuit QuickBooks to connect its business customers ...

    View article...


    Inuit babies 'don't have a lobby': Doctor petitions to expand use of antibody against respiratory virus

    The Nunavut government could prevent "needless hospitalizations and deaths" of Inuit infants by expanding the use of an antibody that protects ...

    View article...


    Sask. teachers, First Nations call for immediate investment to address Indigenous grad gap

    According to Saskatchewan's auditor, First Nations, Métis and Inuit students are far behind their peers when it comes to graduating Grade 12 within ...

    View article...


    Humza Yousaf: It's time for independence – our future's on the line

    THIS election is Scotland's chance to escape Brexit. It is an opportunity to put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands – not Boris Johnson's – by ...

    View article...


    Scottish Independence: SNP's referendum plans suffer blow in Holyrood report

    The Referendums (Scotland) Bill says that where the Commission has ... Since 2014, the Commission has ruled out a Yes/No question in the Brexit ...

    View article...


    Labour leave voters set to desert Corbyn over his slippery position on Brexit

    In Scotland, Tory support has fallen and with the majority of Scottish voters backing Remain, it would be difficult for the Tories to keep their current ...

    View article...


    Second indyref vote at heart of SNP campaign

    The SNP went on to secure a landslide victory taking 56 of Scotland's 59 ... “Whatever your views on Brexit, it's clear Scexit is not the answer. It would ...

    View article...


    The media must challenge block on indyref2

    “And as far as the Brexit vote is concerned, Scotland voted to remain, so all I'm trying to do on Brexit is to stand up for how people in Scotland voted.

    View article...


    Pete Wishart warns Greens over splitting pro-indy vote in Perth

    The SNP said only a vote for their party would ensure an escape from the “Brexit chaos” and put Scotland's future in Scotland's hands.

    View article...


    'Don't blame Brexit!' Tory MP says 'far left' are responsible for 'toxic' environment

    “But this isn't because of Brexit - this started in 2015. ... was justifiable for Brexit, with 58 per cent of English Remain voters, 53 per cent from Scotland ...

    View article...


    Bilateral review will renew links that have long bound Ireland and Scotland

    Scotland and Ireland have long been neighbours and friends, from our ... After more than two decades, and in the changing context of Brexit, it is timely ...

    View article...


    Border posts at Gretna Green? Loosening food safety legislation could put Union under serious strain

    The new study warns that Brexit food safety legislation gives UK ministers ... the prospect of trade barriers between England and Scotland or Wales.

    View article...


    Gender and Queer Perspectives on Brexit

    In Gender and Queer Perspectives on Brexit, editors Moira Dustin, Nuno .... on work-family conflict in the context of employment policies in Scotland.

    View article...


    Tories set to lose all Scottish seats to SNP in general election, poll suggests

    The Conservatives are set to lose all their Scottish seats to the SNP in a ... said the poll 'underlines the strength of opposition' in Scotland to Brexit.

    View article...


    Stem cell transplants approved for people with MS in Scotland

    How will Brexit affect you, if you have MS? The government has described what will happen to medicines and clinical trials if we leave the EU with no ...

    View article...


    Midlothian farmers to receive EU funding

    “However, Brexit is by far the biggest threat to Scotland's farming and crofting communities. But this funding will help to provide some security to ...

    View article...



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    Editorial Parc des Arts FR

    (function(d, s, id) var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0] ; if (d.getElementById(id)) return ; js = d.createElement(s) ; = id ; js.src = "//" ; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs) ; (document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')) ;
    Le Parc des Art est une association loi 1901 indépendante fondée en août 2008.
    L'association est reconnue d'intérêt général depuis juillet 2009
    Elle s'est donnée pour mission de favoriser, (...) - PDA


    NO Description



    NO Description




    ^_^ Hackers周刊是一份专为自由开发者打造的聚合远程工作,独立开发者访谈,增长黑客,盈利产品案例分析的每周读物,更多信息,请关注微博 @子曰五溪

    本期收录数据摘要:自由阅读【5】篇 远程工作【11】个 闲时兼职【17】个,编辑来源:



    2019-11-03 来源于微信公众号 互联网的时代,为学习买单不是什么新鲜事。前有把知识变成产品或服务以实现商业价值的“罗辑思维”们,现有卖“学习氛围”的付费自习室。 链接:


    2019-11-03 来源于woshipm 怎么利用知乎赚钱?这是大家都很关心的的话题,本文作者从4个方面进行梳理分析,对这一问题总结了自己看法,与大家分享。 链接:

    Vlog,不是国人的video blog

    2019-11-02 来源于woshipm 中国的vlog,不是记录生活的video blog,国人所需要的生活记录式视频载体或许正在酝酿中。 链接:


    2019-10-29 来源于woshipm 笔者复盘了一次社区团购的社群实践,阐释了自己对于社群搭建和激活的一些思考,分享给各位。 链接:


    2019-10-29 来源于hecaijing 为设计出更好的钱包用户体验,目前已有大量的研究和工作投入其中。在这篇文章里,我将对加密币钱包的生态系统进行概述,并着重介绍最近在钱包的用户界面 / 用户体验 (UI/UX) 方面的一些改进,包括钱包 SDK、智能合约钱包和元交易(meta transactions)。 链接:



    2019-11-02 来源于3cwork 统是一款连接随身检测设备的APP前后台,主要通过蓝牙连接,用户主要为25到45岁之间的家庭用户。该APP目前规划先做安卓,后上IOS,所以最好有双端经验的朋友积极联系,报酬不明。 链接:

    招募长期合作 Golang 后端

    2019-11-01 来源于3cwork 自有项目,纯远程小团队,APP 正在上线,基础版本已实现,后续功能也都已规划好,要求一年以上 golang 开发经验,报酬不明。 链接:


    2019-11-01 来源于ruby-china 前端,React, 英语,时薪 $30,每周 10-15小时 链接:

    freelance 網頁前端工程師

    2019-10-31 来源于slasify 要求五年以上網頁前端經驗,熟悉互動網頁的開發 (使用react, styled components, next.js,react-hook, graphql (Apollo client), unit-test,报酬1k-10k USD/月。 链接:

    Software Backend Developer

    2019-10-31 来源于slasify 要求3年以上后端相关开发经验,对SQL和NoSQL的数据库都有深刻的了解 有JSON,Graphql,Python,Node.js的经验 有MySQL或Postgres和MongoDB的经验,使用Digital Ocean,AWS或Google Cloud的经验,报酬3.8k-6k USD/月。 链接:


    2019-10-30 来源于react-china 要求Javascript运用熟练,熟悉React框架,擅长Debug,报酬500-1k/日。 链接:


    2019-10-30 来源于v2ex 我们是杭州的一个提供外包服务的外包团队,目前有一个至少三个月的项目制的前端岗位需要尽快到岗,要求沟通主动积极,有良好的职业素养、工作习惯和团队意识,熟悉 Reactjs, Redux, DVA, Storybook,有良好的代码书规范和代码提交规范,报酬不明。 链接:

    Python + Devops

    2019-10-29 来源于v2ex 这个职位要求后端开发 + devOps 二合一,精通 Python,至少精通一套 web framework ( Webapp2, Flask, Django, Tornado ),熟悉 CI/CD 流程,监控和告警系统,熟练使用 Linux Shell,报酬5k-6k/月。 链接:


    2019-10-29 来源于lagou 要求熟悉掌握HTML、CSS、js进行页面的开发,熟悉js、jQuery,Ajax,完成与服务器交互及其它的网页动态效果,至少懂一门后台语言,如php、nodejs,报酬12k-20k。 链接:

    招实习/兼职 React 软件工程师 | 文字编辑/文案

    2019-10-28 来源于v2ex 详情请见,这些项目大都是我的个人业余项目,纯粹是个人兴趣,决定价格的不仅是市场,还有我个人的支付能力,报酬不明。 链接:

    招募熟悉 Django 开发的工程师

    2019-10-28 来源于v2ex 要求有多年工作经验,周末不加班者,对 LSTM 或深度学习略懂,不需要调参,但知道运行模型时如何 debug,报酬6k。 链接:


    iOS APP 兼容问题处理

    2019-11-03 来源于codemart iOS 13 版本 和 max 机型页面头部和底部黑边兼容问题,请见相关文档里的附件,报酬1k。 链接:

    react native app前端开发

    2019-11-02 来源于codemart 要求有丰富的rn开发经验,使用京东的taro框架进行开发,优先兼容react native,其次是微信小程序,报酬10k。 链接:


    2019-11-01 来源于clouderwork 阅读打卡,可以放图片,可以写文字,也可以语音说,报酬1k-5k。 链接:


    2019-10-31 来源于learnku 协助完成几个小程序模块,基于腾讯云 im 实现的小程序即时聊天功能,报酬不明。 链接:


    2019-10-31 来源于clouderwork 面对国际付款,不用国内付款控件如(支付宝,微信支付等),可以用visa,paypal等第三方结汇,报酬3k。 链接:


    2019-10-31 来源于zb.oschina 详情需要去看文件,报酬10k-50k。 链接:


    2019-10-31 来源于zb.oschina 我们是一个创业小团队,方向是健康医疗领域,坐标上海,现在要开发一款微信小程序,主要功能是图文咨询+话题交流,报酬1k-5k。 链接:


    2019-10-31 来源于codemart 主管/财务。ID/密码登录,分别可以看到不同的功能。主管可以使用除了投包管理中投包核对之外的所有功能,报酬3k。 链接:


    2019-10-30 来源于clouderwork 要求开发经验丰富,这是一整套商城业务的系统,报酬20k-50k。 链接:


    2019-10-30 来源于zb.oschina 主要是一整套的业务系统,报酬不明。 链接:


    2019-10-30 来源于zb.oschina 对接一下企业微信,以便再手机端使用,手机端需要可以添加线索,添加客户,填写跟进记录,报酬不明。 链接:


    2019-10-29 来源于clouderwork 做一个体育赛事直播转播网站,参考www.ballbar.cc或,报酬3.7k。 链接:


    2019-10-29 来源于codemart 开发一款微信小程序(的部分功能),要求能够独立搭建微信小程序的工程,熟悉HTTP请求、JSON数据格式,报酬4k。 链接:


    2019-10-29 来源于ask.dcloud 外包一个微信小程序,类似一个简单的电商,但下单流程有所有不同,联系QQ:3213581873,报酬不明。 链接:


    2019-10-28 来源于clouderwork 资讯类网站,主要用于展示介绍信息、信息动态、链接第三方网页、联系我们等,能适应多种浏览器,页面能根据分辨率自动做出调整,报酬5k-10k。 链接:


    2019-10-28 来源于zb.oschina 使用go或者python开发一个跨境的电商平台,主要面向东南亚以及台湾地区的用户,需要做多语言的商城前台,还有在paypal线支付功能,报酬10k-50k。 链接:


    2019-10-28 来源于codemart 开发一个静态的手机网页,主要用于引导用户下载APP,功能非常简单,报酬1k。 链接:



    NO Description



    初三一大早就到三姨婆家去打擾 想到三姨婆的好廚藝口水就要流滿地啦~真謝謝也辛苦三姨婆煮美味大餐 初三傍晚舅舅舅媽也要回家 隔天準備回醫院開工 真是辛苦 好捨不得唷!希望要常常回來跟我玩唷!^O^


    Venezia FC: Il Gazzettino. Casale stoppa l'Ascoli


    Solo il palo gli ha impedito di contendere a Zigoni la palma di eroe nel match di Ascoli. Malgrado il quasi-gol Nicolò Casale, entrato a freddo dopo 27' per la ferita al sopracciglio di Cremonesi (costatagli 5 punti di sutura), ha senz'altro disputato la sua prestazione più convincente in arancioneroverde. Del resto finora il difensore centrale di proprietà del Verona non aveva ancora avuto l'occasione di giocare più dei 41' da incubo vissuti (fa terzino destro) col Pisa al Penzo.
    «Contro l'Ascoli tutti abbiamo fornito un'ottima prestazione la soddisfazione del 21enne di Negrar, 5 presenze finora portando a casa un punto più che meritato, viste le occasioni che abbiamo creato e non solo il mio palo. La nostra è stata una grande partita, preparata molto bene in settimana, sapendo che avremmo affrontato un avversario che punta ai piani alti. E lo dico con cognizione di causa conoscendo bene mister Zanetti dallo scorso anno al Sudtirol in C».
    Casale nel suo ruolo è parso decisamente più a suo agio e con i compagni ha di fatto bloccato il miglior attacco della Serie B, andato a segno solo grazie ad un generoso rigore.
    «In effetti non è stato facile avere a che fare con un giocatore abile come Da Cruz (vera bestia nera del Venezia, cui nei due precedenti campionati aveva segnato sia col Novara sia con lo Spezia, ndr) però dopo i primi minuti di assestamento credo di esserci riuscito abbastanza bene, tranne forse un'occasione, e di aver fatto il mio». In attesa di inseguire i tre punti sabato al Penzo contro il Livorno (ore 15) la sensazione è quella di una classifica bugiarda per difetto nei confronti del Venezia.
    «In effetti finora la prestazione non è mai mancata da parte nostra, tuttavia sappiamo che in questa B può anche non bastare. A volte forse ci è stato tolto qualcosa ma in altre ce lo siamo ripreso. Va da sé, e ne siamo consapevoli, che a volte va bene essere più brutti pur di portare a casa i punti già contro il Livorno. I nostri obiettivi? Prima di tutto dobbiamo conquistare la salvezza, una volta messa in tasca si vedrà». Ieri tappa al Taliercio per il preaidente Joe Tacopina, mentre il giudice sportivo ha squalificato per una giornata i centrocampisti Fiordilino, Maleh e il ds Fabio Lupo (per avere contestato platealmente una decisione arbitrale con atteggiamento irrispettoso).
    UNDER 13 Suggestiva passerella rugbistica per gli Under 13 del Venezia. Nellla 5. giornata di Guinness Pro14 i baby arancioneroverdi hanno fatto da corridoio all'ingresso in campo del XV trevigiano del Benetton e degli scozzesi dell'Edimburgo affrontatisi nel tempio della palla ovale al Monigo. Gli Under 13 veneziani hanno gioito, unici calciatori, con i rugbisti Under 8-10-12 di Benetton, Casale e Rebels Vi.Est per il 18-16 dei biancoverdi di casa.
    Marco De Lazzari

    L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, sta praticando uno sport, in piedi, testo e spazio all'aperto


    borses de treball de tècnic/a d'administració general i tècnic/a auxiliar de biblioteca. Ajuntament de Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona)

    La Junta de Govern Local, en sessió de 24 d'octubre de 2019, va acordar aprovar les bases reguladores específiques i convocar els processos selectius que han de regular la constitució i el funcionament de les borses de treball següents per al desenvolupament provisional de llocs de treball, mitjançant el nomenament de personal funcionari interí o la contractació de personal laboral temporal, i publicar les bases esmentades i la convocatòria al Butlletí Oficial de la Província de Tarragona i al Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya, tot fent-ne referència de la publicació íntegra al web municipal :

    - tècnic/ca d'administració general
    - tècnic/ca auxiliar de biblioteca

    El termini per a presentar sol·licituds començarà l'endemà de la darrera publicació de la convocatòria en el Butlletí Oficial de la Província de Tarragona i en el Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya, i finalitzarà als vint dies naturals següents. {del 7 al 26 de novembre de 2019, a.i.}


    IT / Software / Systems: Sr. Software Engineer - Irvine, California

    Robert Half Technology is currently seeking an experienced .NET Developer to help develop their CRM functionality for our client in Irvine, CA. Our client is a multi-national healthcare company who is looking for dynamic .NET developers to add to their growing development team. Developer responsibilities: * Building out the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0 * Customizations of Contact, Account, and Activities Entities as well as workflows and dashboards * Experience with SDKs, Plugins, and integration changes Developer requirements: * 5+ years of .NET Developer experience is required (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC) * 2-3 years of CRM development experience * Experience working with MS Dynamics CRM online is a plus For immediate consideration, please reply with your contact information & resume. We will call you ASAP.C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC - provided by Dice ()

    FS#64417: Broken symlink for /usr/bin/dart2aot


    The dart package is has a symlink at /usr/bin/dart2aot to /opt/dart-sdk-/bin/dart2aot. The target file no longer exists in dart 2.6.0. It looks like it was replaced with dart2native

    Additional info:
    * dart 2.6.0

    Steps to reproduce:
    Attempt to use dart2aot

    IT / Software / Systems: Software Engineer - Richfield, Ohio

    Assurant Labs is looking for a thoughtful, adaptive individual with a growth mindset to join our growing team as a Software Engineer.In this role, you will work closely with a small product team to create web and mobile client applications to serve customers with an engaging, dynamic user experience. We have seen people thrive in this role from a variety of backgrounds, but we work in React and React Native, so JavaScript and native development experience are both a plus.Responsibilities include solving problems, experimenting, and building features that we measure for value to our users. Candidates must have strong communication skills, the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, sound judgment, and the ability to be productive in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.Responsibilities Daily contributions to the Pocket Geek Platform by: writing code, unit tests, and integration tests - creating and maintaining documentation pertaining to code and engineering processes identifying a problem, troubleshooting, and diagnosing an issue Work in a collaborative environment by: pair and/or mob programming communicating with Engineering Managers to track platform-level work communicating with Product Owners to share implementation status, roadblocks, and bright ideas Work in a cadence of two week sprints with daily stand-ups and bi-weekly retrospectives Grow subject matter expertise in programming, product, and platform Demonstrate success by maintaining high work standardsRequirements Ability to demonstrate technical know-how through individual contributions, pair programming exercises, and architectural designs Familiar with object-oriented best practices Attention to detail, specifically regarding requirements and programming guidelines Ability to reason with and adapt to evolving development tasks and priorities - Create and maintain rapport with team members Create and maintain professionalism with those inside and outside the officeHopes Experience working with third party developer tools, such as SDKs and APIs A continuous learning mindset that keeps you current on development best practices and trends Excellent communication Desire for a deep technical understanding for the problems at hand Ability to balance trade-offs between speed and quality based on business priorities Prefer experience with React or React Native ()

    Comment on Walgreens considers going private by Walgreens considers going personal – Speaking Biz Information – itimesnews

    […] (function(d, s, id) (document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Source link […]

    IT / Software / Systems: Sr. Software Engineer - Irvine, California

    Robert Half Technology is currently seeking an experienced .NET Developer to help develop their CRM functionality for our client in Irvine, CA. Our client is a multi-national healthcare company who is looking for dynamic .NET developers to add to their growing development team. Developer responsibilities: * Building out the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0 * Customizations of Contact, Account, and Activities Entities as well as workflows and dashboards * Experience with SDKs, Plugins, and integration changes Developer requirements: * 5+ years of .NET Developer experience is required (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC) * 2-3 years of CRM development experience * Experience working with MS Dynamics CRM online is a plus For immediate consideration, please reply with your contact information & resume. We will call you ASAP.C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC - provided by Dice ()

    Kp4400sdk Service

    Kp4400sdk Service

    Performance in .NET Core


    Performance in .NET Core


    Всем привет! Данная статья является сборником Best Practices, которые я и мои коллеги применяем на протяжении долгого времени при работе на разных проектах.

    Информация о машине, на которой выполнялись вычисления:
    BenchmarkDotNet=v0.11.5, OS=Windows 10.0.18362
    Intel Core i5-8250U CPU 1.60GHz (Kaby Lake R), 1 CPU, 8 logical and 4 physical cores
    .NET Core SDK=3.0.100
    [Host]: .NET Core 2.2.7 (CoreCLR 4.6.28008.02, CoreFX 4.6.28008.03), 64bit RyuJIT
    Core: .NET Core 2.2.7 (CoreCLR 4.6.28008.02, CoreFX 4.6.28008.03), 64bit RyuJIT
    [Host]: .NET Core 3.0.0 (CoreCLR 4.700.19.46205, CoreFX 4.700.19.46214), 64bit RyuJIT
    Core: .NET Core 3.0.0 (CoreCLR 4.700.19.46205, CoreFX 4.700.19.46214), 64bit RyuJIT

    Job=Core Runtime=Core

    ToList vs ToArray and Cycles

    Читать далее...

    Tmelení a broušení SDK - Dohodou

    Poptávám tmelení a broušení SDK RD Horní Stropnice Termín ihned tel. 721 555 500 ...

    Wwise Integration in Xcode



    I'm currently trying to integrate Wwise into my learning project which is an iOS game made in Xcode.  I have a working game but in terms of Wwise Integration I have not been able to go really far. Following the Wwise SDK guidelines I have:

    • created an objc bridge header and checked that it works correctly;
    • imported required frameworks and updated search paths for SDK header files;
    • tried included Wwise SDK headers one by one.

    Unfortunately the last step has not been successful. While the header files are found and being included, they fail to compile. There are multiple errors reported. Most of them point to AkTypes.h - I attach a screen shot of a log. The first error states that a constructor for AkExternalSourceInfo requires a specifier in addition to type name. The interesting part is the integration demo provided with the SDK does not have the issue. First I assumed the difference is in compiler settings, however I can't figure out what's wrong by straight comparison of my project with the sample one.

    Any help is appreciated.


    compile errors


    Evil:ONE #2 Continúa la aventura de hacking y superhéroes en @0xWord #Comics #armatura @calicooficial

    Como sabéis, desde hace un tiempo editamos y publicamos algunos cómics en 0xWord Cómics. Y dentro del Universo Armatura de Jerry Finger tenemos ya publicados el Tomo Recopilatorio del Universo Armatura, además de haber sacado el tercer número de La Elite hace poco. Pero también tenemos una miniserie de tres números llamada Evil:ONE en la que el protagonista, Ed, es un hacker que se topa con el mundo de los superhéroes en primera persona... en su propia ciudad de Móstoles.

    Figura 1: Evil:ONE #2 Continúa la aventura de hacking y superhéroes en 0xWord

    Pues bien, desde ayer por la tarde tienes disponible la segunda parte de esta miniserie publicada en 0xWord Cómics. Así que puedes comprar ya Evil:ONE #2 y continuar con la aventura que terminará en la siguiente parte.
    Hacer cómics a esta escala es más un placer personal que otra cosa, así que la tirada que tiene este número es también pequeña, con 100 copias, así que si quieres una de ellas tendrás que darte prisa. Además, tienes la posibilidad de apoyar este proyecto comprándote alguna pegatina de Armatura, de Cálico, pósters, etcétera o la camiseta molona esa que utilizo yo de Evil:One y el gran Krespo en sus conciertos.

    Además de estos cómics de superhéroes sabes que también hemos editado Hacker Épico Deluxe Edition, que es un cómic precioso que recoge toda la acción del "thriller" tecnológico que publicamos en el libro de "Hacker Épico".
    Y nuestra última incursión en el mundo del cómic ha sido la publicación del tomo con todas las Tiras de Cálico Electrónico. Ayer nos fuimos a cenar Salva Espín, Arturo González Campos, Nikotxan y yo, y además de firmarle unos ejemplares a ellos nos dejó tres cómics firmados para los primeros que los compren hoy en 0xWord.

    Y esto es todo. Gracias a todos los que habiendo crecido seguís manteniendo ese espíritu joven dentro que os permite seguir disfrutando de las viñetas de un cómic en las manos. Podéis contar conmigo entre vosotros.

    Saludos Malignos!


    싸이코패스 테스트 PCL-R 유영철 38점 나는 몇점?


    싸이코패스(Psychopathy)는 반사회적 인격장애 가운데 하나로 공감능력과 죄책감이 결여되어 있으며 자기중심적인 사고가 강하고 남을 잘 속이는 특징을 가지고 있다. 그것이알고싶다를 자주 보다보니 나도 혹시 싸이코패스는 아닌가 의심이 들어 테스트해보았는데 다행히도 7점이 나왔다.

    싸이코패스 테스트는 PCL-R이라고 불리는데 Psychopathy Checklist-Revised의 약자이다. 2007년 대전고등법원 형사1부가 특수강도강간범에게 처음으로 싸이코패스 테스트를 했다. 그 뒤로 흉악범죄자들에게는 싸이코패스 테스트를 해왔는데 40점 만점으로 구성되어 있다. 

    유영철은 38점, 조두순은 29점, 강호순은 27점을 받았기 때문에 유영철에 비하면 피라미 싸이코들이라고 할 수도 있겠다. 

    미국은 30점 이상을 싸이코패스라고 분류하고 한국은 24점 이상을 싸이코패스라고 분류한다. 참고로 본인이 싸이코패스라면 정신의학과에 들러 상담을 받아보길 바란다.


    ■ 싸이코패스 테스트해보기


    사이코패스 테스트 PCL-R 검사 - 그 사람은 사이코패스일까?

    사이코패스 테스트,PCL-R,사이코패스 소시오패스 차이,사이코패스 특징,사이코패스 대처법



    شوخی جنجالی و منشوری اقای مجری با بهنوش بختیاری + فیلم

    شوخی جالب و عجیب شهریاری با بهنوش بختیاری را در این صفحه ببینید.


    Автомобильные шины и покрышки на белом фоне - растровый клипарт | Tires

    Автомобильные шины и покрышки на белом фоне - растровый клипарт | Tires

    В растровом формате колеса, шины, покрышки автомобилей, машин

    Автомобильные шины и покрышки на белом фоне - растровый клипарт | Tires
    10 jpg l ~6000x4000 l 25.9 mb


    Android Studio 3.5.2


    Android Studio to oparte na IntelliJ IDEA środowisko programistyczne do tworzenia, testowania i debugowania aplikacji na Androida.

    Android Studio charakteryzuje się bogatą funkcjonalnością, czytelnym i niezwykle rozbudowanym interfejsem użytkownika oraz dołączonymi narzędziami SDK do wspomagania tworzenia i modyfikowania tworzonych programów mobilnych.

    W programie znajdziemy narzędzia Gradle, służące do budowy różnych projektów z poziomu kreatora konfiguracyjnego oraz do migracji utworzonych projektów z poziomu Eclipse`a. Kolejną zaletą programu jest możliwość podglądu w czasie rzeczywistym na tworzony lub modyfikowany projekt w edytorze XML. W ten sposób, nie musimy a każdym razem przełączać w tryb wizualny, aby sprawdzić wprowadzone zmiany. Dzięki temu zaoszczędzamy mnóstwo czasu podczas pracy.

    Oprogramowanie Android Studio jest przydatnym środowiskiem programistycznym przeznaczonym zarówno dla początkujących, jak i również dla zaawansowanych deweloperów i programistów.

    Android Studio wymaga zainstalowanych w systemie środowiska Java 7 Development Kit.

    Program Android Studio na chwilę obecną jest dostępny we wczesnej fazie - Preview. Jeżeli zależy wam na stabilnym oprogramowaniu do tworzenia aplikacji, zalecamy zapoznać się z innym środowiskiem programistycznym - Android SDK, którego można również pobrać z naszej bazy plików.


    How do I receive NDI|HX sources on WIndows?

    I'm confused about HX. The V4 SDK docs say "*NDI|HX version 2 does not require any external...

    Запайщики (сварщики) пленки 1300 / 1700 / 2000 / 2200 мм

    Установки ШОВ 1300/1700/2000/2500 предназначена для сварки термопластичных пленок из полимерных материалов, ламинированных пленок, а также из материалов, дублированных полимерными пленками (полиэтиленовая пленка, пленка ПВХ, полипропиленовая пленка и т.д.).

    Технические характеристики:

    Привод установки- пневматический/механический

    Протяжка пленки - в ручную

    Количество сварочных инструментов - 1 (по желанию Заказчика)

    Тип пленки -термопластичная из полимерных материалов

    Толщина пленки, мкм, не более - 800

    Длина свариваемого шва, мм - до 1300 /1700 /2000 /2200

    Вид шва - плоский (или отрезной - по желанию)

    Ширина шва - 3 мм

    Установленная мощность, кВт, не более - 0.8 – 2.0

    Питание от однофазной электросети - 220В, 50Гц, 6 атм

    Время сварки, сек, не более - 10

    Производительность установки (к-во циклов за смену), до - 5000

    Напряжение на нагревательном элементе - до 72В

    Обслуживающий персонал, чел.- 2

    Нож - механический, многолезвийный

    Рулонодержатель - 1 шт.

    Поставка - склад г. Белгород.

    Основные комплектующие - производства Германии (FESTO) и Италии(Camozzi).

    Сборка Россия.

    Видео установки:

    Страна: Россия
    Город: Мурманск


    IT / Software / Systems: Sr. Software Engineer - Irvine, California

    Robert Half Technology is currently seeking an experienced .NET Developer to help develop their CRM functionality for our client in Irvine, CA. Our client is a multi-national healthcare company who is looking for dynamic .NET developers to add to their growing development team. Developer responsibilities: * Building out the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0 * Customizations of Contact, Account, and Activities Entities as well as workflows and dashboards * Experience with SDKs, Plugins, and integration changes Developer requirements: * 5+ years of .NET Developer experience is required (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC) * 2-3 years of CRM development experience * Experience working with MS Dynamics CRM online is a plus For immediate consideration, please reply with your contact information & resume. We will call you ASAP.C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and MVC - provided by Dice ()

    Giải đáp: Dây thun niềng răng có tác dụng gì?

    Dây thun niềng răng có tác dụng gì? Đeo thun kéo thường là một phần quan trọng của quá trình nắn chỉnh răng. Nếu như được chỉ định mà không đeo thun kéo theo đúng hướng dẫn thì thời gian niềng răng sẽ kéo dài hơn và khó mà đạt được kết quả tối ưu.

    Thun kéo trong chỉnh nha

    Đeo niềng răng là lựa chọn tốt nhất để chỉnh sửa hàm răng và khớp cắn. Niềng răng kim loại truyền thống thường gồm có mắc cài và dây cung, hoạt động bằng cách nhẹ nhàng tạo áp lực lên răng, khiến chúng phải di chuyển vào đúng vị trí. Trong một số trường hợp, thun buộc hay còn gọi là thun liên hàm được sử dụng để tạo thêm lực nhằm di chuyển răng hiệu quả hơn.

    >>>>> THAM KHẢO: Địa chỉ niềng răng ở Cần Thơ

    [Image: 212.jpg]

    Tác dụng của thun kéo

    Được tùy chỉnh cho từng bệnh nhân, các dải thun kéo thường được đeo trên mắc cài của niềng, kéo từ hàm trên xuống hàm dưới. Nếu đeo liên tục mỗi ngày, dụng cụ nhỏ này sẽ tác động một lực ổn định để định hướng răng vào đúng vị trí.

    Thun kéo được làm từ latex cao su y tế cao cấp nên tuyệt đối an toàn khi tiếp xúc với miệng của bệnh nhân.

    Tác dụng cụ thể của thun kéo là giúp điều chỉnh khớp cắn và khiến răng di chuyển theo các hướng khác nhau để hàm răng thẳng hàng nhanh hơn. Một đầu của thun kéo được móc vào một mắc cài ở hàm trên và đầu còn lại được móc vào hàm dưới sao cho thun kéo nằm thẳng đứng hoặc chéo giữa hai hàm. Bạn sẽ được bác sĩ hướng dẫn cách thực hiện điều này để có thể tự thay thun tại nhà. Lực căng của dây thun này tạo ra áp lực lên mắc cài, buộc răng phải di chuyển và thẳng ra. Lực căng này cũng đủ để điều chỉnh vấn đề khớp cắn sâu hoặc khớp cắn ngược.

    >>>>> THAM KHẢO ĐỊA CHỈ NHA KHOA UY TÍN: Nha Khoa Sunshine

    [Image: 213.jpg]

    Nếu như bạn cần dùng đến thun kéo thì có một vài điều cần lưu ý. Khi bắt đầu đeo, bạn sẽ không thể há to miệng, vì vậy nếu cảm thấy việc ăn uống quá khó khăn thì có thể bỏ ra vào mỗi bữa ăn và đeo lại ngay sau đó. Đôi khi, bệnh nhân được chỉ định chỉ cần đeo thun kéo vào ban đêm nên không cần lo lắng về việc ăn uống. Đừng cố há miệng rộng khi đeo thun kéo vì điều này có thể làm cho dây thun bị đứt và bật vào bên trong miệng.

    Những điều nên và không nên làm khi đeo thun kéo

    + Những điều nên làm

    - Đem theo một vài chiếc thun kéo khi ra ngoài để đề phòng chiếc đang dùng  bị hỏng. Bằng cách liên tục đeo thun kéo, bạn sẽ có thể rút ngắn thời  gian cần đeo niềng răng.

    >>>>> XEM THÊM:  Niềng răng giá bao nhiêu?

    [Image: 211.jpg]

    - Luôn rửa tay trước khi tháo hoặc thay thun kéo.

    - Gọi cho bác sĩ ngay nếu làm mất thun kéo.

    + Những điều không nên làm

    - Tự ý dùng hai thun kéo cùng lúc vì điều này sẽ tạo áp lực quá lớn lên răng và có thể gây hại cho chân răng.

    - Kéo thun quá căng để tránh làm thun bị mất đi độ co giãn và hiệu quả.

    CLICK NGAY ĐỂ ĐƯỢC CHUYÊN GIA TƯ VẤN MIỄN PHÍ >>> Dây thun niềng răng có tác dụng gì

    2sgk6 2sdk6 2sdk7 2sdk8 Skid Steer Loader Full Service Repair

    2sgk6 2sdk6 2sdk7 2sdk8 Skid Steer Loader Full Service Repair

    For Windows Sdk Programming Guide

    For Windows Sdk Programming Guide

    Supreme Court releases for September 6, 2019


    The Kansas Supreme Court released the following published decisions today:

    Appeal No. 114,403: Sage Hill v. State of Kansas

    Archived oral argument video

    The Supreme Court expanded the scope of employment retaliation claims in the state by ruling that an employee can sue an employer for job transfers and other actions that could dissuade a reasonable person from exercising rights under the Kansas Civil Service Act. The ruling reversed a Court of Appeals decision that said employment retaliation claims should be limited to firings and demotions. The decision came in a case brought by Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Sage Hill, who alleges the Patrol retaliated by requiring him to move across the state to keep his job after the Kansas Civil Service Board ordered the agency to reinstate him to work after he was fired.

    "We hold the common-law tort of retaliation may be premised on an employer's action short of dismissal or demotion, such as the involuntary job relocation alleged in this case," wrote Justice Dan Biles for the court majority. "To hold otherwise would undermine the purposes supporting common-law job retaliation claims and the important public policy expressed in the Kansas Civil Service Act."

    Justices Caleb Stegall and Marla Luckert dissented, arguing the Patrol was immune from the claim regardless of its merits. The case now returns to Shawnee County District Court for further proceedings.

    Appeal No. 118,239: Northern Natural Gas Co. v. ONEOK Field Services Co., LLC, et al

    Archived oral argument video

    In a 5-2 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Northern Natural Gas Company in a decade-long dispute over the right to produce Northern's natural gas that migrated from Northern's underground storage facilities to property owned by others. The court's ruling addressed gas produced after June 2, 2010, when Northern received permission from the Federal Energy Commission to expand its storage area. In an opinion written by Justice Dan Biles, the court majority held that once the new boundaries were certified, landowners could no longer continue producing and selling the migrated gas from wells within the new boundaries. The case now returns to Pratt County District Court for further proceedings.

    Justices Lee Johnson and Caleb Stegall dissented, arguing the migrated gas belonged to the landowners until Northern could legally condemn the storage rights and pay the landowners for those rights. The controversy has been in litigation since 2008 in both state and federal courts.

    Appeal No. 114,589: State of Kansas v. Giosbel Perez-Medina

    Archived oral argument video

    The Supreme Court affirmed a Court of Appeals decision affirming Perez-Medina's aggravated battery conviction by a jury in Ford County District Court. During a party at Perez-Medina's Dodge City home, Perez-Medina grabbed Ivan Valcarcel-Arias from behind and cut Valcarcel-Arias' cheek with a knife. After conviction, Perez-Medina received a 41-month prison sentence and 36 months of postrelease supervision. He was also ordered to register as a violent offender under the Kansas Offender Registration Act.

    On appeal to the Court of Appeals, Perez-Medina raised multiple issues. The court concluded that none of the issues warranted reversal of his conviction or sentence. Perez-Medina petitioned the Supreme Court to review the decision, and the court granted the request.

    Perez-Medina argued that the district court should have instructed the jury on the lesser crime of reckless aggravated battery, in addition to the charged crime. For purposes of the appeal, the court assumed that it was error to not instruct on the lesser crime but concluded that any error was harmless. Based on the evidence presented at trial, the jury did not have a competing narrative of reckless action to allow it to reach the conclusion that Perez-Medina had acted recklessly. An equally divided court also affirmed Perez-Medina's registration requirement.

    Appeal No. 115,628: In re Estate of Roxie A. Moore, deceased

    Archived oral argument video

    In the presence of witnesses, a woman asked her former daughter-in-law to sign, on the woman's behalf, a transfer-on-death deed assigning real property to the former daughter-in-law. The woman died, and her son challenged the validity of the transfer-on-death deed. The Cowley County District Court upheld the deed's validity, and the Court of Appeals affirmed.

    The Supreme Court granted review, and Justice Eric Rosen, writing for the Supreme Court majority, affirmed the lower courts. The majority examined the common-law doctrine of amanuensis, which applies to an individual who puts in writing what another person has dictated.  When an amanuensis writes a signature for a person in the presence of that person and at that person's direction, the signature becomes the signature of the person for whom it is made. The majority held that the doctrine operated to give the transfer-on-death deed legal effect. The Supreme Court majority held that a party may prove, through the testimony of witnesses or other competent evidence, a mistake made by a notary when acknowledging the execution of a deed. The court explained the burdens of proof required in such cases to protect against fraud and self-enrichment.

    Justice Caleb Stegall wrote a concurring opinion agreeing with the application of amanuensis law to this case and the principal holdings, but criticizing the majority's interpretation of the law of agency as it might be applied in other cases. Justice Lee Johnson dissented, arguing that the Kansas statutory scheme does not allow an amanuensis to sign transfer-on-death deeds. He cautioned against the opportunity for fraudulent transfers under the majority's holdings.

    Appeal No. 118,914: In re Care and Treatment of Robert J. Sigler

    Archived oral argument video

    The Supreme Court affirmed the jury verdict finding Sigler was a sexually violent predator subject to civil commitment under the Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act. This was the State's second attempt to civilly commit Sigler. The first attempt failed after the Barton County District Court found the State failed to meet its burden to show beyond a reasonable doubt that Sigler was likely to act out on his mental abnormality or personality disorder or that he had serious difficulty controlling his behavior. Sigler was released to parole in July 2015. The State filed a new petition to civilly commit Sigler after Sigler's parole was revoked. Sigler asked the district court to rule the second proceeding was procedurally barred. The district court disagreed, holding a second proceeding was allowed based on a material change in Sigler's mental abnormality or personality disorder or in his ability to control his behavior. The Supreme Court agreed. Sigler also argued his civil commitment should be reversed because the district court did not declare a mistrial of its own accord when a State witness testified incorrectly that Sigler had been civilly committed in an earlier proceeding that was overturned on appeal. The Supreme Court disagreed that this incorrect testimony required the district court to declare a mistrial.

    Appeal No. 116,252: State of Kansas v. Terry R. Ballou Sr.

    Archived oral argument video

    Ballou appealed his convictions and sentence in Miami County District Court for rape and aggravated indecent liberties with a child. The Court of Appeals affirmed his convictions and sentence, finding no reversible error. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that although the State erroneously misstated facts in its closing argument, the error was not reversible. The Supreme Court rejected Ballou's challenge to the admission of a video recording of a forensic interview of the child victim, holding it was not expert testimony and Ballou had not shown the interviewer used unreliable methods. The Supreme Court also held Ballou failed to preserve his pretrial objection to the admission of prior acts of sexual misconduct because he did not renew his objection when the evidence was introduced at trial. Additionally, the Supreme Court held Ballou failed to show he was entitled to an independent psychological evaluation of the victim, and further rejected Ballou's claim that cumulative error denied him a fair trial.   

    Appeal No. 116,524: State of Kansas v. Dashaun Ray Howling

    Archived oral argument video

    The Supreme Court affirmed Howling's convictions for one count of aggravated criminal sodomy. The court rejected Howling's argument that a videotaped interview of the victim was inadmissible expert testimony. The court noted other jurisdictions have adopted pretrial procedures to address defense arguments that evidence obtained through the forensic interview process is unreliable or otherwise inadmissible. The court did not need to decide in this case whether to adopt such a procedure because the Pratt County District Court concluded the statements resulting from the interview were sufficiently reliable to be admissible, which is the ultimate goal of such pretrial proceedings. The court also rejected Howling's sufficiency of the evidence challenge, finding sufficient evidence supported a rational factfinder finding Howling guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Appeal No. 114,944: State of Kansas v. Larry Laverne Toothman

    Archived oral argument video

    Toothman was convicted in Saline County for committing seven sex crimes against his teenaged niece. The Court of Appeals reversed one conviction for rape and one for aggravated criminal sodomy and remanded the case with directions to resentence Toothman for aggravated incest, a less severe offense, in their place. The Court of Appeals believed Toothman should be sentenced for aggravated incest because it was a more specific crime than rape or aggravated criminal sodomy, due to his familial relationship with the victim.

    In a unanimous opinion written by Justice Caleb Stegall, the Supreme Court held the Court of Appeals erred when it reversed Toothman's convictions for rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. The Supreme Court explained that aggravated incest criminalized "otherwise lawful sexual intercourse or sodomy" with a specified relative, but aggravated criminal sodomy and rape could never be "otherwise lawful." Thus, the Supreme Court held that aggravated incest is not a more specific crime than aggravated criminal sodomy or rape and affirmed Toothman's seven convictions.

    Appeal No. 116,505: State of Kansas v. Christopher Boothby

    Archived oral argument video

    Boothby was convicted of aggravated assault and criminal threat in Stevens County. On appeal, Boothby argued that the district court judge committed judicial misconduct when he commented during voir dire about a former case in which Boothby was charged with aggravated battery. The parties agreed that the district judge committed misconduct but disputed whether the error was harmless. Boothby also argued that the jury instruction, "Your verdict must be founded entirely upon the evidence admitted and the law as given in these instructions," was erroneous because it told the jury that it could not nullify.

    In a unanimous opinion written by Justice Caleb Stegall, the Supreme Court held the district court judge's erroneous comment was harmless beyond a reasonable doubt. The court announced a new rubric for reviewing erroneous judicial comments made in front of the jury that are not jury instructions or legal rulings, calling it "judicial comment error." The court explained that, from now on, judicial comment error will be analyzed in two steps: error and prejudice. If a judicial comment error is found, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the error did not affect the outcome of trial in light of the entire record. The court also held that the instruction telling the jury to base the verdict "entirely upon the evidence admitted and the law as given in these instructions" was legally correct and did not prevent the jury from exercising its power of nullification.

    Kansas Court of Appeals decisions released today


    ไม่ทำต่อแล้ว กูเกิลเปิดซอร์ส Cardboard SDK ยกหน้าที่พัฒนาให้ชุมชน


    กูเกิลประกาศเปิดซอร์สโครงการ Google Cardboard SDK ไว้บน GitHub เพื่อให้นักพัฒนาภายนอกนำไปพัฒนาต่อได้ สัญญาอนุญาตเป็น Apache License 2.0

    เงื่อนไขของกูเกิลค่อนข้างเปิดกว้าง นำไปทำได้ทุกอย่างยกเว้นใช้ชื่อ Google Cardboard ที่เป็นเครื่องหมายการค้าของกูเกิลเท่านั้น (แต่ยังอนุญาตให้ระบุได้ว่าเป็นแอพที่ทำงานร่วมกับ Google Cardboard ได้)

    ช่วงหลังกูเกิลดูไม่สนใจกับตลาด VR อีกแล้ว ดังจะเห็นได้จากการหยุดซัพพอร์ตแว่น Google Daydream บน Pixel 4 และการเปิดซอร์ส Cardboard ก็ระบุชัดว่าจะยกหน้าที่การพัฒนาให้ชุมชนโอเพนซอร์สแทน โดยกูเกิลจะไม่เข้ามาร่วมพัฒนาอีกมากนักแล้ว

    ที่มา - Google, 9to5google

    No Description


    Уважаемые налогоплательщики, с 2020 года вводятся сопроводительные накладные на товары.


    Уважаемые налогоплательщики!

    С 2020 года вводятся сопроводительные накладные на товары, оформление которых будет обязательно по подакцизным товарам, по Перечню товаров изъятия, а также по ввозу/вывозу в рамках ЕАЭС.

    В целях реализации интеграции ERP-систем налогоплательщиков с ИС ЭСФ посредством API-интерфейса разработан комплект разработчика SDK, который размещен на портале КГД МФ РК в разделе «Электронные счета-фактуры», подраздел «API-интерфейс» и включает в себя следующие материалы:

    • документацию по API;
    • шаблоны в XML формате;
    • проект для SOAP;
    • приложение генерации подписи;
    • файлы библиотеки.

    Реализованный web-интерфейс по работе в ИС ЭСФ с СНТ, ЭСФ и формами Виртуального склада доступен на тестовом стенде!/



    By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. What’s What in the Heliosphere Another warm weekly welcome is in store! It is time to regale you with the sixth edition of the Helios Report. This week has been a whirlwind of networking and adventure! Helios Protocol came, saw, and owned World Crypto Con, the Helios Army has been deployed on their first mission, $HLS + CMC, and Flote is our newest front! Keep that radio tuned right here for more… Blockchain Week was a huge success for us this week. It was a pleasure networking with some of the industry’s heavy hitters and speaking of possible future collaborations. We were able to promote our project to some big influencers and in turn learned a lot about new things on the horizon in the Cryptosphere. More to come on that in the future! The Helios Army was recently deployed on their first mission. So far enlistment has been growing fast and we have an amazing group of members out spreading the word about Helios Protocol and the technology we have to offer the world. If you haven’t heard of the Helios Army yet, it is a group of our most loyal and dedicated community members who perform specific tasks each month and in return receive huge rewards. More info can be found here! We have finally made it on to CoinMarketCap!!!! We are very excited to be listed on this #505 Alexa-ranked website! Soon you will be able to check all of the relevant data associated with $HLS! We are also thrilled to announce we now have our own page on Flote! For those of you who haven’t heard of Flote, they are a great Crypto Social Network that has Twitter shaking in its boots. Think new home for Crypto Twitter where content providers are rewarded for their efforts. Users of Flote get their own built-in, easy to use Crypto wallet for fee-free P2P payments. All types of media are allowed including audio, video, images, and text. Users can also live stream and host superchats! Bounty Hunter of the Week: @Maxn76 Congratulations to our Bounty Hunter of the Week, @Maxn76!!! For your hard work and dedication this past week you will be receiving a 50% bonus on your bounty reward! Thank you to all who submitted bounties!! Keep ‘em rollin’ in and next week it may be YOU who gets the bonus!!! Meme of the Week:

    Thank You to @lordblackpuma for the submission!!! This Week in Mass Adoption Mass adoption is the biggest goal the Blockchain community can achieve. Every week there are more examples that it is near, this past week being no exception. There was great news from the Internet of People ($IOP), more big news out of China, land registries, blockchain phones, seafood becomes see food, and now you can stay and pay with more crypto through Travala! Details after these three dots… Internet of People ($IOP) has announced on their Twitter page that their first real use-case has been achieved. IoP has signed a contract with Mexican University, Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit (UAN) for a digital identity solution. UAN has 30,000 students that will use the DID system powered by the IoP Blockchain. The program begins in 2020. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has been reported to have been studying a national digital currency, DCEP or Digital Currency Electronic Payment, for the past “five or six years”. This is according to Huang Qifan, the executive VP of the China International Economic Exchange Center. This will in all likelihood, spur on a mad rush of other nations creating their own national digital currencies. Only time will tell if this spells the beginning of mass adoption or the end of our freedom from The Suits’ interference! The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) is working on a two-year project in Peru, Bolivia, and Paraguay to put land registries on the Blockchain. As reported by CoinDesk, the IADB has teamed up Bolivian IT company Jalasoft and ChromaWay, a startup out of Stockholm, Sweden focusing solutions for financial institutions and governments. Land registries and payments on the Blockchain would be a certain step in the right direction for use-case arguments! Samsung has announced they will be integrating Tron into the SDK of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore which, as stated on the Samsung developers website, “puts consumers in control of their data by providing a platform to consolidate and easily manage private information and digital keys with vault-like security”. Blockchain tech is growing at a fast pace and the next generations of Blockchain-enabled smartphones will be key in the mass adoption charge. Fortune has reported the SEC will allow three major brokerages to settle stock trades using Blockchain tech. Credit Suisse, Société Générale, and another brokerage will utilize technology from the tech startup company Paxos based out of New York. This will dramatically reduce the time needed to settle these stock trades by a significant amount. Blockchain tech is even helping out its little brother, the Stock Market. This already has huge implications. Another seafood company has announced they will be using Blockchain tech to track and trace their products. BusinessWire has said Mastercard is teaming up with Envisible to bring food traceability to the Blockchain. Envisible’s Wholechain tracing system will utilize Mastercard’s Provenance Solution which is also used to fight the counterfeiting of luxury goods. Topco Associates LTD, a member-owned food consortium which includes Food City, will be the first to pilot the program to trace it’s seafood supplies. Hotel booking website Travala announced it will now accept Cardano ($ADA) and Stellar ($XLM) for hotel bookings. These payment options join other Cryptocurrencies $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, $BCH, $XRP, $LTC, $TUSD, $TRON, $NANO, $WAVES, $XZC, and their native $AVA token. It seems that more options for payments are showing up every week!!! Hey, Did Ya Hear That… …patch 1.1 is out for the awesome Flowerpatch DApp? The patch has MANY new upgrades and includes two new particles for the strain editor!!! Annnnndddd…. …winners were announced for the Flowerpatch Halloween contest? Join their Discord already! …the Bitcoin Whitepaper turned 11 this week? Happy birthday $BTC 😉 …traders on KuCoin will soon have access to margin trading? That’s marginally exciting… …Binance is going to open offices in Beijing? Cue the explosion emoji. …Huobi will freeze all American accounts by the middle of November? Booooooooooooooooo …the first birth certificate to be recorded on the Blockchain was registered in Brazil? And it starts… Share, Earn, Repeat Start a Meetup | Bug Bounty | Article DApp Share | Avatar | Daily Task | BitcoinTalk Daily Online Video | Meme | Social Influencer | Referral | Coding Contributions They Love Us, They Love Us Not Discord: 11,953 Flote: 26 Twitter: 7,320 Russian Twitter: 48 Latin American Twitter: 211 Filipino Twitter: 11 Uptrennd: 25 Reddit: 52 Telegram: 4,445 Facebook: 452 Latin American Facebook: 628 Cuff Links Website: Github: Discord: Uptrennd: Flote: Trybe: Twitter Twitter – Russian Twitter – Latin American Twitter – Filipino Facebook: Latin American Facebook: Twitch: Telegram: Instagram: Reddit: Bitcoin Talk: Atomars: qTrade:


    Jetson TX2, Parrot Olympe, and OpenCV

    Running into a wall here and been looking for a solution: Recently been trying to install Parrot Olympe onto a Jetson TX2, and when I try to install olympe-linux dependencies, it throws back an error that: >>>`ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement python-opencv (from -r /home/aware/code/parrot-groundsdk/packages/olympe/requirements.txt (line 10)) (from versions: none) ERROR: No matching distribution found for python-opencv (from -r /home/aware/code/parrot-groundsdk/packages/olympe/requirements.txt (line 10))` I have gone through the steps to manually build OpenCV, from , which seems to successfully build, or at the very least, allows me to verify that the installed version is 4.1.2-dev. >>> `import cv2 as cv` >>> `print(cv.__version__)` >>> `4.1.2-dev` I imagine there's a simple step that I'm missing, I'm just not sure what it is.

    Matteo Mancuso: NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2019, Moscow


    Matteo Mancuso
    NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2019, Moscow

    Matteo Mancuso (NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2019, Moscow)


    Pakistan Real Estate Investment & Management Company PRIMACO Latest Jobs November 2019

    Pakistan Real Estate Investment & Management Company PRIMACO Latest Jobs November 2019 The post Pakistan Real Estate Investment & Management Company PRIMACO Latest Jobs November 2019...

    [[ This is a jobs summary only. Visit for full jobs list with detail and more! ]]


    Android developers

    2+ yrs of background in Android Development. Thorough knowledge of latest android tablets and smartphones. Should have excellent knowledge of the Android SDK. Knowledge of XML and JSON is required. Knowledge of SqlLite and a working background in SQL databases. Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is a plus. Coding standards, organizational programming skills and good commenting practices is...

    Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru untuk OS Windows

    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP

    OS Android dimana-mana memang sama dan hal ini sudah sangat sering kami sampaikan sebelumnya, yang menjadi pembeda itu adalah Implementasi Inovasi dan Fitur yang di buat oelh OEM selalu pembuat Smartphone Android tersebut.

    Mulai dari Customisasi ROM Android hingga penambahan Fitur yang di barengi dengan kemampuan unik dari Hardware khusus, sehingga hal inilah yang menjadi pembeda dari Smartphone Android satu dan lainnya.

    Misalkan saja seperti ini, coba kalian lihat Smartphone Sony Xperia dan juga Samsung Galaxy, meski sama-sama menggunakan OS Android, coba kalian lihat tampilan antar muka, fitur dan juga keunikannya? pasti berbeda dan tidak sama, meski pada kenyataannya sama-sama menggunakan OS dari Google tersebut.

    Sony Xperia USB Driver 

    Lalu inilah yang akan kita bahas di bawah ini, terkait penggunaan USB Driver yang ada pada Smartphone Android dari Sony, ya! setiap OS Android memang memerlukan USB Driver agar bisa terkoneksi ke media lain, dalam kasus ini adalah OS Windows.

    Sejatinya semua Smartphone Android itu hanya memerlukan satu buah USB Driver saja yang bisa berkerja di OS Windows dan kalian bisa dengan mudah menggunakan USB Driver kapanpun.

    Pada artikel sebelumnya, kami sudah secara lengkap membahas terkait File Driver USB Android untuk OS Windows dan cara untuk Installasinya, jika kalian belum tahu cara kerjanya, silahkan lihat pada artikel di bawah ini :

    Lalu, apa bedanya dengan artikel kali ini, katanya hanya menggunakan satu buah USB Driver Android saja, lalu untuk apa artikel ini di buat?

    Pertanyaan diatas tidak salah dan tidak sepenuhnya benar juga, karena yang akan kita baha kali ini adalah Driver USB khusus untuk jajaran Smartphone Android dari Sony saja, dalam kasus ini adalah untuk semua Perangkat Ponsel Pintar Sony yaitu semua seri smartphone Android Sony Xperia.

    Perbedaan Android USB Driver dan Sony Xperia USB Driver

    Melanjutkan pembahasan diatas, kini kami akan menjelaskan sedikit terkait perbedaan dari Android USB Driver dan Sony Xperia USB Driver yang akan kami bagikan di bawah ini, perbedaan ini memang terlihat sepele saja dan mudah saja untuk di pahami, yaitu adalah sebagai berikut :

    Android USB Driver adalah sebuah Driver yang memang di khususkan penggunaan untuk OS Android yang bisa di pasangkan di OS Windows, hanya saja sifat dari Driver ini adalah Universal, artinya hanya bisa di gunakan untuk pemakaian Reguler saja, seperti fungsi Transfer Data (MTP), ABD dan Fastboot saja.

    Sony Xperia USB Driver merupakan sebuah Driver yang memang berbasis dari Driver USB Android yang Universal tersebut, hanya saja di Modifikasilagi oleh pihak OEM Sony agar bisa di gunakan dan di Integrasikan ke Tool Produktivitas dan Maintenance yang telah mereka buat, sebut saja seperti Flashtool Sony Xperia untuk kegiatan Flashing.

    Nah, maka dengan demikian untuk bisa menjalankan Tools yang telah di buat oleh pihak Sony untuk beragam keperluan, kalian tidak hanya membutuhkan Driver USB default untuk OS Android saja, melainkan kalian perlu sebuah Driver khusus yang memang sudah di buat agar bisa terintegrasi dengan Tool yang akan kalian gunakan, untuk beragam kegiatan Development, Maintenance dan Repairing.

    USB Debugging 

    Perlu kalian ketahui, untuk bisa menginstallkan Driver di Smartphone Android Sony Xperia tersebut, kalian harus melakukannya secara manual, artinya disini kita tidak akan menggunakan aplikasi semacam Installer, karena memang tidak sediakan oleh OEM.

    Jadi, menginstall USB Driver Sony Xperia ini harus di lakukan dengan cara khusus, jika kalian sebelumnya tidak pernah melakukan hal serupa, kami yakin kalian akan bingung terkait cara kerjanya.

    Maka, langkah pertama yang bisa kalian lakukan untuk bisa menginstall USB Driver Sony Xperia tersebut adalah dengan mengaktifkan Development Mode / Mode Pengembang dan juga USB Debugging.

    Mode diatas sangat di perlukan, agar OS Windows yang kalian gunakan bisa membaca koneksi yang telah kalian buat dengan cara menyambungkan Smartphone Android Sony Xperia kalian ke Komputer atau Laptop dengan kabel USB.

    Jika, kalian tidak tahu cara untuk mengaktifkan USB Debugging di Smartphone Sony Xperia yang kalian miliki, silahkan ikuti tutorial di bawah ini :

    Kalau sudah kalian pastikan Development Mode / Mode Pengembang dan USB Debugging telah aktif, maka silahkan ikuti langkah selanjutnya.

    Download Sony Xperia USB Driver

    Karena disini kita membutuhkan sebuah Driver USB khusus buatan dari pihak OEM, maka tentu saja kalian harus mendownload Driver tersebut secara Individual.

    Tenang saja Driver ini aman untuk di gunakan, karena langsung di dapatkan melalui situ resmi Sony Xperia, silahkan langsung saja Download Driver Sony Xperia tersebut melalui halaman di bawah ini :

    Selanjutnya silahkan cari saja sesuai seri Sony Xperia yang kalian gunakan sekarang, Download kemudian Extract dan letakan di tempat yang mudah untuk kalian temukan.

    Supported Devices

    Untuk kalian ketahui, Driver USB Sony Xperia diatas itu sudah mendukung untuk semua perangkat Smartphone Android yang telah di rilis oleh pihak Sony dari dulu sejak masih bernama Sony Ericsson hingga menjadi Sony saja, berikut adalah tipe seri Sony Ericsson Xperia / Sony Xperia yang di dukung oleh Driver USB tersebut :

    Sony Xperia 5, Sony Xperia 10, Sony Xperia 10 Plus, Sony Xperia 1, Sony Xperia L3, Sony Xperia XZ3, Sony Xperia XZ2, Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, Sony Xperia L2, Sony Xperia L1, Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra, Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, Sony Xperia XZ1, Sony Xperia Touch, Sony Xperia XZs, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Sony Xperia XA1, Sony Xperia E5, Sony Xperia XZ, Sony Xperia X Compact, Sony Xperia XA Ultra, Sony Xperia J, Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia X Performance, Sony Xperia X, Sony Xperia E1, Sony Xperia Go, Sony Xperia L, Sony Xperia ZR, Sony Xperia E3 / Sony Xperia E3 dual, Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia SP, Sony Xperia T, Sony Xperia miro, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, Sony Xperia C3 / Sony Xperia C3 dual, Sony Xperia V, Sony Xperia E / Sony Xperia E dual, Sony Xperia C5 Ultra / Sony Xperia C5 Ultra dual, Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia E4 / Sony Xperia E4 dual, Sony Xperia Go, Sony Xperia L, Sony Xperia ZR, Sony Xperia E3 / Sony Xperia E3 dual, Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia SP, Sony Xperia T, Sony Xperia miro, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, Sony Xperia C3 / Sony Xperia C3 dual, Sony Xperia V, Sony Xperia E / Sony Xperia E dual, Sony Xperia C5 Ultra / Sony Xperia C5 Ultra dual, Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia E4 / Sony Xperia E4 dual, Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, Sony Xperia E4g, Sony Xperia Tipo, Sony Xperia M, Sony Xperia C, Sony Xperia M2, Sony Xperia M5, Sony Xperia C4, Sony Xperia T3, Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, Sony Xperia A4, Sony Xperia Z3+ and Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony Xperia J1 Compact, Sony Xperia A2, Sony Xperia ZL2, Sony Xperia T2 Ultra, Sony Xperia Z1s (C6916), Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, Sony Xperia TX, Sony Xperia SX, Sony Xperia acro S, Sony Xperia GX (SO-04D), Sony Xperia acro HD, Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia NX, and Sony Xperia acro HD, Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia pro, Sony Xperia ray, Sony Xperia ray SO-03C, Sony Xperia P, Sony Xperia U, Sony Xperia sola, Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia NX, Sony Xperia acro HD, Sony Xperia pro, Sony Xperia ray, Sony Xperia arc, Sony Xperia neo, Sony Xperia PLAY, Sony Xperia acro, Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 mini, Sony Ericcson Xperia X10, Sony Ericcson Xperia X8

    Dari List diatas dapat kalian lihat dari versi Smartphone Android jadul Sony hingga yang terbaru ada di dalam List tersebut, sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa Driver USB Sony Xperia ini, bisa di gunakan untuk semua seri Smartphone Android Sony Xperia yang ada sekarang ini mulai dari versi Android Donut hingga yang paling terbaru yaitu Android Pie.

    Pastikan kalian mendownload USB Driver yang sesuai dengan jenis dan seri Sony Xperia yang kalian gunakan.

    Jika sudah kalian pastikan benar, silahkan ikuti langkah Installasi USB Driver Sony Xperia di bawah ini.

    Cara Install USB Driver Sony Xperia di OS Windows

    1. Buka aplikasi Tool yang bermana Device Manager yang bisa kalian dapatkan pada Start Menu atau di Control Panel >> Hardware & Sound >> Devices and Printers >> Device Manager
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
    1. Buka saja dulu aplikasi tersebut.
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
    1. Biarkan saja terbuka, selanjutnya koneksikan Smartphone Android Sony Xperia kalian ke Komputer dengan Kabel USB, sebelum itu pastikan opsi USB Debugging sudah aktif.
    2. Amati pada List Menu, harusnya sekarang muncul Menu List baru yang bernama Other Devices atau Portable Devices (Pasti muncul di salah satu List Menu tersebut, pilih dan buka saja List Menu tempat munculnya Koneksi yang telah kalian buat dengan Kabel USB, pada kasus kami, List Device tersebut muncul di Portable Devices).
    3. Jika sudah muncul, lakukan Klik Kanan pada List Device yang muncul tersebut, seperti ini :
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
    1. Pilih Opsi Update Driver.
    2. Sekarang saatnya kalian mencari tempat dimana kalian sudah melakukan Extract Sony Xperia USB Driver yang sudah kalian Download tadi.
    3. Pilih Opsi Browse my Computer for driver Software untuk mencari Driver USB yang di perlukan.
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
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    1. Jika sudah di temukan, tekan Next setelahnya.
    2. Jika berhasil, akan muncul pesan seperti ini :
    Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Download Sony Xperia USB Driver Latest, Sony Xperia USB Driver, How to Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Cara Install Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, Pasang Sony Xperia USB Driver Terbaru, USB Driver Xperia, Sony Android USB Driver, Xperia USB Driver, Atasi USB Sony tidak Konek, Sony Xperia tidak bisa tersambung ke komputer, USB Sony Xperia tidak berkerja, USB Sony Xperia tidak berfungsi, Sony tidak bisa MTP
    1. Agar Driver yang terinstakk bisa berfungsi baik dan benar, silahkan lakukan Reboot / Restart OS Windows.
    2. Harusnya kalian sudah bisa melakukan hal yang ingin kalian lakukan sebelumnya dengan USB Driver Sony Xperia tersebut.
    3. Done.

    Tutorial ini kami jalankan pada OS Windows 10 dan Windows 8.1, untuk seri versi OS Windows lain, cara kerjanya sama saja, yang berbeda hanya terdapat pada penamaan Opsi dan pelatakan Tools yang di pergunakan saja, jadi silahkan sesuaikan saja, karena begitulah gambaran utamanya.

    Langkah Lanjutan !

    Saat ini USB Driver untuk Sony Xperia sudah selesai terinstall di OS Windows yang kalian miliki, jika kalian hanya ingin menikmati fungsi Transfer Data (MTP) dan beberapa Tools dari Sony saja, maka penggunaan USB Driver diatas sudah lebih dari cukup.

    Tetapi, jika kalian menginginkan hal lebih, seperti penggunaan fungsi ADB dan Fastboot, maka kalian memerlukan sebuah Driver khusus lagi, tetapi cara Installnya tidak sesulit diatas, cukup pakai Installer atau cuma modal Download dan Extract saja, maka ADB dan Fastboot Driver tersebut sudah bisa kalian gunakan.

    Jika, kalian tidak punya ADB dan Fastboot Driver yang kami maksud diatas, silahkan pilih satau Driver ABD dan Fastboot di bawah ini, Download dan langsung saja Install ke PC Windows yang kalian miliki.

    Jika, yang kalian cari bukanlah USB Driver Sony Xperia diatas, mungkin Driver di bawah ini yang kalian maksud.

    USB Driver Flashtool Sony Xperia

    Apa bedanya dengan Driver USB Sony Xperia diatas? sebenarnya sama saja, hanya saja Driver Sony Xperia Flashtool ini memang di buat khusus untuk penggunaan aplikasi Sony Flasher atau sering di sebut Flashtool.

    Tool ini berbeda dari Flashtool buatan Sony, karena ini mengacu kepada aplikasi Sony Flasher yang lebih lama lagi, yaitu Flashtool buatan developer Androxyde, jika kalian bingung seperti apa gambarannya, silahkan lihat pada halaman di bawah ini :

    Nah, untuk menggunakan aplikasi diatas, yang kalau menurut kami adalah sebuah aplikasi paling baik untuk bisa melakukan Flash pada Smartphone Android Sony Xperia, di perlukan sebuah Driver khusus yang memang sudah di buat untuk aplikasi tersebut.

    Maka, jika yang kalian maksud adalah Driver untuk menggunakan aplikasi tersebut, maka silahkan Download Driver Flashtool Sony Xperia di bawah ini ;

    Cara installnya pun tidak begitu sulit, kalian hanya perlu mendownload dan langsung saja di Install seperti biasa, karena Driver ini datang dengan Installer, jadi kalian tidak perlu menginstallnya secara manual lagi.

    Jika USB Driver Sony Xperia masih tetap tidak bisa di gunakan

    Adakalanya tutorial diatas mungkin tidak bisa mengatasi masalah yang kalian hadapi sekarang ini, hal tersebut wajar saja terjadi, mengingat ada banyak faktor yang menyebabkan hal tersebut terjadi.

    Jika kalian menemukan masalah tersebut, kalian bisa mencoba beberapa solusi di bawah ini ;

    • Install ulang OS Windows
    • Upgrade Firmware / OS Android yang sedang kalian gunakan sekarang jika ada
    • Pastikan Port USB dan kabel USB berfungsi dengan baik
    • Lakukan Factory Reset pada Smartphone Android Sony Xperia kalian

    Lalu, ada hal lain lagi yang harus kalian lakukan, jika kalian menemukan masalah seperti diatas, yaitu adalah dengan melakukan Disable Driver Signature Enforcement di OS Windows yang kalian gunakan.

    Karena, masalah tidak bisa tersambungnya Smartphone Android Sony Xperia kalian ke Komputer / PC Windows tersebut, mungkin di karenakan USB Driver tersebut gagal terinstall, maka segera lakukan langkah Disable Driver Signature Enforcement, jika tidak tahu caranya silahkan ikuti caranya di bawah ini :

    Dengan demikian, sudah panjang lebar rasanya penjelasan yang kami berikan pada artikel ini, kami harap kalian bisa mengerti dan paham terkait masalah USB Driver Sony Xperia diatas tersebut dan mengerti pula terkait perbedaan Driver USB ini dan Driver USB Universal yang memang agak mirip jika di lihat sekilas.

    Selanjutnya, pastikan jika memang kalian ingin melakukan sesuatu terhadap Smartphone Android Sony Xperia yang kalian miliki, seperti melakukan Flashing, Upgrade dan lainnya, pastikan kalian tahu caranya dan jangan pernah lakukan sembarangan, karena bisa jadi berakibat fatal, semoga artikel ini bisa kalian terima dan semoga bermanfaat.


    Download ADB dan FASTBOOT Driver langsung siap pakai versi Terbaru

    Download ADB FASTBOOT Driver Terbaru, Download ADB FASTBOOT Terbaru, Latest ADB FASTBOOT Driver, ADB FASTBOOT Terbaru, Download ADB FASTBOOT Android Pie, ADB FASTBOOT Android Nougat, ADB FASTBOOT Android Oreo, ADB FASTBOOT Android 7.0, ADB FASTBOOT Android 8.0, ADB FASTBOOT Android 9.0,

    Pada artikel sebelum-sebelumnya kami telah beberapa kali membuat Postingan terkait ABD dan Fastboot Driver tersebut, namun beberapa diantaranya hanya di khususkan untuk ADB Driver saja, pada artikel kali ini, kami akan membagikan sebuah File ADB dan Fastboot Driver dengan versi paling baru yang bisa kalian dapatkan sekarang.

    ADB dan FAstboot Driver yang akan kami bagikan di bawah ini, akan cukup berbeda dari sebelumnya dan perbedaan tersebut terletak pada :

    • Cara Installasi
    • Source dari ADB dan FAstboot Driver tersebut

    Maka dengan demikian, kalau melihat dari segi keuntungan, jelas saja versi ADB dan FAstboot Driver yang akan kami bagikan di bawah ini menjadi yang paling baik untuk kalian gunakan, karena kalian tidak perlu melakukan Installasi apapu, cukup Download dan Extract!.

    Setelahnya kalian sudah bisa menggunakannya, selanjutnya hal yang menarik dari ADB dan FAstboot Driver terbaru yang kami bagikan dibawah ini adalah terkait dari Sourcenya yang paling terbaru, yaitu langsung kami ambil dari Source Android SDK.

    Sehingga ADB dan FAstboot Driver tersebut sudah sangat minim Bugs dan sudah mendukung ke Android versi paling terbaru yaitu Android versi 9.0 (Pie).

    Sedikit terkait ADB dan Fastboot Driver adalah sebuah Driver yang sangat teramat penting penggunaanya bagi mereka yang memang ada kebutuhan terkait kegiatan Development, Maintenance ataupun Flashing.

    Karena dengan adanya ADB dan Fastboot maka hal yang sebelumnya tidak bisa kalian lakukan, kini sudah bisa di lakukan seperti :

    • Unlock Bootloader
    • Install Custom Recover
    • Install Custom Kernel
    • Flash Firmware Image (System, Userdata, Boot, dll)
    • Dan akan sangat berguna untuk membaca Log dalam pengembangan sebuah aplikasi atau yang berkaitan dengan Sistem Operasi Android yang sedang kalian gunakan.

    Selanjutnya ADB dan Fastboot Driver yang akan kami bagikan dibawah ini khusus untuk pengguna OS Windows saja, itu artinya bahwa ADB dan Fastboot Driver ini di tujukan untuk PC Windows dan bukan di pasangkan di smartphone Android kalian.

    Maka untuk bisa menggunakan ADB dan Fastboot tersebut kalian membutuhkan sebuah PC Windows dan Kable USB untuk bisa menghubungkan smartphone Android kalian ke PC.

    Setelahnya ada hal penting yang harus kalian pastikan, yaitu adalah koneksi dari Smartphone Android kalian ke PC, apakah sudah sempurna atau tidak, maka dengan demikian akan sangat bijak jika kalian menginstall Android USB Driver Terbaru dulu di bawah ini, untuk menghindari masalah setelahnya :

    Lebih lanjut lagi, kalian disini memerlukan sebuah Mode khusus untuk bisa menggunakan ADB dan Fastboot Driver tersebut dan Mode tersebut harus kalian aktifkan secara manual, karena secara default Mode ini memang tidak diaktifkan.

    Alasannya sederhana saja, karena Mode ini bukan di buat untuk kepentingan awam, melainkan dibuat untuk mereka yang memang paham dan mengerti terkait mekanisme operating system, dalam kasus ini adalah OS Android.

    Sehingga, untuk bisa menggunakan ADB dan Fastboot Driver tersebut, smartphone Android kalian harus masuk ke Modenya masing-masing, karena Mode ADB dan Fastboot itu berbeda dari cara akses dan fungsinya, lebih detailnya Mode tersebut adalah :

    • Mode ADB (USB Debugging aktif)
    Bagi yang masih awam mungkin akan sedikit kesulitan untuk menafsirkan istilah ini, maka dari itu silahkan ikuti tutorial dibawah ini untuk mengaktifkan fitur USB Debugging di Smartphone Android kalian :

    1. Cara aktifkan USB Debugging di Android

    • Mode Fastboot (Kerap disebut Mode Bootloader)

    Silahkan gunakan Mode yang kalian butuhkan, karena setiap Mode memiliki peran yang berbeda sesuai dengan kemampuannya masing-masing.

    Baiklah tanpa perlu berlama-lama berikut ini adalah beberapa versi ADB dan FAstboot Driver yang bisa langsung anda Download secara direct dan langsung bisa anda gunakan setelah melakukan Extract :

    Password :

    *** Akan selalu di update secara berkala, jika ada rilis terbaru dari sumber terkait.

    Jika sudah kalian Download, silahkan langsung saja di Extract, setelahnya bisa langsung di gunakan, saran dari kami adalah gunakan yang versi paling terbaru dalam artian hal ini lebih merunjuk ke pada ADB dan Fastboot Driver yang diambil dari Android SDK melaluai Platform Tools.

    Untuk bisa mengakses CMD secara cepat tanpa perlu mengarahkan ke Direktori atau Folder yang Spesifik secara manual melaluai Command Line, silahkan gunakan Cara Shortcut CMD secara otomatis dan cepat ke Spesifik Target Folder.

    Karena versi ADB dan Fastboot Driver tersebut lebih stabil, minim bugs dan tentu saja sudah mendukung hingga penggunaan OS Android versi 9.0 atau Pie.

    Jika kalian merasa tidak cocok dengan aplikasi Universal ADB Driver tersebut, mungkin kalian bisa menggunakan opsi Installer ABD Driver yang lain, yaitu adalah sebagai berikut :

    Yang membedakan dari aplikasi ADB Driver yang satu dan yang lainnya hanya teradapat pada metode Installasinya saja, ada yang menggunakan Command Prompt, Instant, di Copy Paste secara manual dan yang menggunakan Installer, silahkan pilih yang mana kalian suka.

    Dengan demikian, sekarang kalian sudah punya sebuah Tools Driver yang sangat Powerful dan uptodate, setelahnya silahkan gunakan saja sesuai kebutuhan kalian, silahkan mampir lagi ke artikel ini jika nantinya ada versi OS Android baru yang rilis, karena sudah bisa di pastikan bahwa ADB dan Fastboot Driver juga akan di update.

    Perhatikan! pastikan kalian tahu apa yang akan kalian lakukan dengan ADB dan Fastboot Driver tersebut, karena hal ini berkaitan dengan Operating System, jadi setiap kesalahan dan tidak kehati-hatian mungkin akan memunculkan konsekuensi yang merugikan, semoga bermanfaat.


    Download Android SDK Platform Tools versi paling Terbaru

    Download Android SDK Platform Tools Terbaru, Download Android SDK Platform Tools Latest, Download SDK Platform Tools latest version, Download versi SDK Platform Tools terbaru, Download ADB Driver SDK Platform Tools. Download Fastboot Driver SDK Platform Tools, SDK Platform Tools, apa itu SDK Platform Tools, perbedaan Adnroid SDK dan SDK Platform Tools, fungsi SDK Platform Tools, SDK Platform Tools r29.0.2, SDK Platform Tools r29.0.1, SDK Platform Tools r29.0.0, SDK Platform Tools r28.0.2, SDK Platform Tools r28.0.1, SDK Platform Tools r28.0.0

    Kami pikir kebanyakan dari kalian semua pasti tahu terkait apa itu Android SDK, ya! Android SDK adalah sebuah Tools yang memungkin penggunannya untuk membuat sebuah aplikasi (.apk) khusus OS Android atau sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan System Operasi Android.

    Android SDK adalah sebuah Tools yang resmi di rilis Google dan selalu di perbaharui setiap saat, karena OS Android itu bersifat Open Source maka wajar jika Android SDK ini dibuat dan disediakan ke Publik secara gratis dan cuma-cuma.

    Memang benar, menggunakan Android SDK itu tidak semudah seperti kalian menggunakan Tools dengan metode Generator yang terbilang cepat dan mudah. Namun, kebanyakan developers aplikasi Android di luar sana yang memang telah ahli dalam bahasa Coding / Programmer pasti lebih memilih Tool Android SDK murni, selain gratis Tool ini tentu saja sangat Premium dan bisa diandalkan.

    Lalu apasih Android SDK tersebut? Android SDK adalah sebuah Tools dimana semua asal mula pengembangan Software Android di mulai, SDK yang berarti Software Development Kit itu adalah sebuah Media yang bisa kalian gunakan dalam kepentingan apapun terkait dalam urusan Software Android.

    Karena di dalam Android SDK tersebut tidak hanya tersedia satu Platform saja, melainkan selain Core Platform seperti ADB dan Fastboot Driver, di dalam Android SDK juga ada sebuah Tools khusus yang bisa di gunakan untuk membangun sebuah aplikasi Android.

    Beda Android SDK dan Android Studio

    Banyak dari kalian mungkin bingung apasih beda dari Android SDK dan Android Studio? sebenarnya dari fungsinya memang cukup mirip, tetapi jika di lihat dari fungsinya Android SDK itu mencakup segalanya, berbeda dari Android Studio yang memang di buat khusus untuk membangun sebuah Software Android saja.

    Sehingga mudahnya seperti, jika menggunakan Android SDK untuk membangun sebuah aplikasi Android, maka kalian membutuhkan Skill yang memang benar-benar ahli, berbanding terbalik dengan Android Studio, dimana disini kalian akan di permudah, karena sudah berbasis kepada IDE (Integrated Development Environment) yang tentu saja akan lebih mudah di gunakan di banding Android SDK.

    Meski pada kenyataannya jika kalian mendownload Android Studio, maka Android SDK secara penuh juga akan terdownload, karena sudah menjadi satu paket dalam Android Studio tersebut.

    Android SDK Platform Tools

    Lalu selain Android SDK dan Android Studio, ada lagi sebuah Platform Tools dari Google dan itu adalah Android SDK Platform Tools, apa gerang isi Tools ini?

    Intinya di dalam SDK Platform Tools itu hanya disediakan Core Driver saja, tidak ada Tools lain di dalamnya, intinya itu di dalam Platform Tools itu hanya ada Inti dari Android SDK tersebut, bingung?

    Mudahnya seperti ini, hal apa yang membuat sebuah Tools Development Kit bisa berkerja? maka jawabannya adalah Drivers dan main Core lainnya dan inilah Android SDK Platform Tools.

    Dalam Paket SDK Platform Tools ini hanya terdapat beberapa komponen super penting untuk development Android, yaitu adalah ADB, Fastboot dan Systrace.

    Sehingga wajar jika Size SDK Platform Tools ini menjadi sangat kecil yaitu kurang dari 30mb saja, maka disinilah point pentingnya, jika kalian ingin menggunakan ADB dan Fastboot Driver yang paling terbaru dan sudah Support sampai ke versi Android yang paling terbaru, menggunakan SDK platform Tools adalah keputusan yang tepat.

    Karena dibandingkan menggunakan ADB dan Fastboot Driver Minimal yang saat ini berversi 1.4.3 yang mungkin hanya Support ke versi OS Android Marshmallow saja, ADB dan Fastboot Driver yang ada pada Android SDK Platform Tools ini sudah Support hingga Android paling terbaru, untuk sekarang ini adalah versi Android 9.0 (Pie).

    Download Android SDK Platform Tools versi paling Terbaru

    Disini kami punya beberapa versi SDK Platform Tools yang bisa kalian gunakan secara cuma-cuma dan cepat, silahkan gunakan saja yang versi terbaru yang sudah kami sediakan :

    Password :

    Cara penggunaannya sangat mudah, kalian hanya perlu mendownload dan lakukan extract setelahnya, maka saat ini kalian sudah bisa menggunakan fungsi ADB dan Fastboot Driver di versi terbaru dengan maksimal tanpa bugs yang berarti.

    Hanya saja sebelum menggunakan Tools yang telah kami sediakan diatas, pastikan Smartphone Android kalian bisa terhubung dengan baik ke PC Windows, karena jika tidak, maka Tools diatas tidak akan bisa berarti apa-apa, ada baiknya kalian Install dulu Android USB Driver Terbaru di bawah ini, sebelum kalian melakukan ke tahap selanjutnya :

    Berikut adalah gambaran isi dari dalam Android SDK Platform Tools tersebut :

    Download Android SDK Platform Tools Terbaru, Download Android SDK Platform Tools Latest, Download SDK Platform Tools latest version, Download versi SDK Platform Tools terbaru, Download ADB Driver SDK Platform Tools. Download Fastboot Driver SDK Platform Tools, SDK Platform Tools, apa itu SDK Platform Tools, perbedaan Adnroid SDK dan SDK Platform Tools, fungsi SDK Platform Tools, SDK Platform Tools r29.0.2, SDK Platform Tools r29.0.1, SDK Platform Tools r29.0.0, SDK Platform Tools r28.0.2, SDK Platform Tools r28.0.1, SDK Platform Tools r28.0.0

    Bisa kalian lihat, di dalam SDK Platform Tools ini kalian bisa menemukan banyaj File, tetapi kalau penggunaan normal saja, seperti kami, maka mungkin yang paling berguna adalah ADB dan Fastboot Driver saja.

    Silahkan gunakan ADB dan Fastboot Driver dari Android SDK Platform Tools ini saja, karena sudah di jamin selalu update dan tentu saja kekinian yang memang sudah Support hingga versi OS Android terbaru.

    Dengan demikian, saat ini kalian sudah bisa secara langsung menggunakan komponen ADB dan Fastboot Driver di SDK Platform Tools tersebut dengan menggunakan CMD, jika kalian masih awam terkait penggunaan CMD untuk diarahkan ke direktori folder ADB dan Fastboot Driver, maka silahkan ikuti saja cara mudah dibawah ini.

    Cara cepat mengakses CMD ke tempat spesifik Folder dengan Shortcut

    Itulah sedikit penjelasan terkait beda Android SDK, Android Studio dan juga SDK Platform Tools, dan beberapa alasan kenapa harus menggunakan ADB dan Fastboot Driver dari Android Platform Tools tersebut, kami bisa mengerti terkait pembahasan dalam artikel sederhana ini.

    Jika memang kalian sudah mengerti maka, kalian akan bisa memahami keuntungan menggunakan Android SDK Platform Tools di bandingkan penggunakan Installer ADB dan Fastboot Driver Minimal yang sekarang banyak sekali bertebaran di Internet, semoga artikel ini bisa bermanfaat untuk kalian.

    Jika kalian merasa tidak cocok dengan aplikasi Universal ADB Driver tersebut, mungkin kalian bisa menggunakan opsi Installer ABD Driver yang lain, yaitu adalah sebagai berikut :

    Yang membedakan dari aplikasi ADB Driver yang satu dan yang lainnya hanya teradapat pada metode Installasinya saja, ada yang menggunakan Command Prompt, Instant, di Copy Paste secara manual dan yang menggunakan Installer, silahkan pilih yang mana kalian suka.


    Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru

    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64

    Nama Brand Huawei memang sudah tidak asing lagi untuk kita sekarang ini, karena selain melakukan Bisnis dipasar Smartphone Android, faktanya mereka juga mengeluarkan banyak Produk Elektronik lain, seperti Modem dan Router contohnya.

    Selain itu sebenarnya Brand Huawei ini sudah memulai masuk ke bisnis Perangkat Seluler itu sudah sejak lama sekali, diketahui mereka sudah mulai melakukan Penetrasi pasar sejak dizaman era Ponsel Nokia berjaya dengan OS Java-nya.

    Selanjutnya, Brand Huawei tersebut terus beradaptasi hingga jadilah seperti sekarang ini, yaitu menjadi salah satu Perusahaan Elektronik dengan keuntungan yang fantastis dan yang menjadi yang paling besar di daratan China dan salah satu yang terbesar didunia.

    Jika kalian tidak tahu, mungkin informasi ini akan sedikit memberikan kalian pengetahuan yang mungkin tidak akan kalian temukan dimanapun, yaitu adalah kenapa sekarang ini kita familiar dengan kata-kata Smartphone China atau Hape China?

    Ya! Huawei adalah salah satu biang keladinya, karena dulu ketika Ponsel Nokia masih berjaya, Ponsel asal China itu sudah mulai masuk kepasar Global dan bahkan pasar di tanah air kita ini, umumnya Ponsel China itu bukan mengarah kesebutan yang Positif untuk zaman dulu.

    Karena biasanya, Ponsel buatan China itu dibuat secara "Alakadar" saja dan memiliki ciri khas yaitu suka menjiplak Desain dari Ponsel terkenal, tetapi kalau untuk urusan Kualitas jangan ditanya lagi, tidak seperti sekarang, dulunya Ponsel asal China, Huawei juga termasuk, kualitasnya sangat-sangat dibawah standard atau bisa kita katakan buruk.

    Lalu, sejak zaman Blackberry juga, Ponsel asal China juga banyak beramai-ramai menjiplak Desain dari Blackberry tersebut, yang pastinya dengan kualitas yang masih buruk tentunya.

    Dulunya Ponsel China itu termasuk Huawei, cuma memiliki 3 kelebihan saja, yaitu :

    1. Dual SIM
    2. Bisa Nonton TV
    3. Speakernya kencang parah

    Sehingga, kesan Negatif selalu saja melekat pada Ponsel China tersebut, tetapi sekarang ini sudah sangat berbeda, sejak adanya era Smartphone Android tersebut.

    Dulunya Ponsel China itu selalu dihindari dan di identikan dengan Ponsel "orang kampung", maka sekarang Stigma terkait masalah tersebut sudah berubah 180 derajat, karena sekarang ini, masyarakat dunia, terkhusus masyarakat dinegeri kita ini, hampir semuanya memilih membeli Smartphone Android asal China tersebut.

    Alasannya, selain harganya yang lebih murah dari Produsen besar lainnya, Kualitas dan Fiturnya pun sekarang sudah sangat jempolan, sehingga kesan Produk kualitas rendah untuk Produk Ponsel China zaman dulu, sudah tidak berlaku lagi untuk sekarang ini.

    Selanjutnya, salah satu Brand Smartphone asal China yang sudah Survive dari zaman kezaman, kenyang dengan beragam cibiran dan hinaan, kini sudah berevolusi menjadi sangat besar seperti sekarang ini, yaitu adalah Huawei!

    Smartphone Android dari Huawei memang tidak perlu kita ragukan dari kalau soal kemampuan dan kualitasnya, karena sekarang jika kita ibaratkan, maka Huawei itu sudah hampir sekelas Samsung, begitulah kira-kira kasarnya.

    Sehingga, tidak begitu mengherankan jika pengguna dari Smartphone Android Huawei tersebut, banyak disukai oleh masyarakat dunia, terkhusus kita yang tinggal di Indonesia tersebut, karena sejatinya Brand Huawei itu masuk dalam Top 5 Best Selling Smartphone Android dinegara kita sekarang ini.

    Karena, jumlah pengguna dari Smartphone Android Huawei tersebut terus membanyak dari waktu-kewaktu, maka sudah pasti akan muncul beragam kebutuhan, salah satunya adalah terkait masalah yang akan kita bahas sekarang ini, yaitu adalah Huawei USB Driver khusus untuk Smartphone Android dari Huawei.

    Lalu, sebenarnya apa sih fungsi dari USB Driver tersebut?

    Fungsi USB Driver

    Jika, kalian adalah seorang pengguna baru atau awam, mungkin wajar saja jika kalian berpikiran demikian, karena pada dasarnya USB Driver untuk Smartphone Android Huawei itu hanya dibutuhkan dalam kondisi khusus saja.

    Jika, kalian memang tidak ada keperluan dalam menggunakan USB Driver tersebut, maka kalian tidak perlu menginstallkan Huawei USB Driver pada Perangkat Komputer Windows yang kalian gunakan sekarang.

    Lalu, apa saja kebutuhan yang memerlukan Huawei USB Driver tersebut? maka disini kami akan menjawabnya, yaitu adalah sebagai berikut :

    1. Untuk tindakan Maintenance
    2. Untuk tindakan Pengembangan (Aplikasi / System ROM)
    3. Untuk tindakan Repairing dan Fixing (Flash)
    4. Untuk tindakan Upgrading (Versi Firmware / ROM EMUI)
    5. Agar bisa menggunakan Fitur MTP (Mass Storage) dan FTP

    Jika kalian bertanya apakah penting? maka jawabannya adalah akan sangat penting sekali, jika dalam kondisi tertentu, seperti yang sudah kami sebutkan diatas.

    1. USB Driver ini akan bertindak sebagai sebuah alat untuk mengenal Koneksi yang telah kalian buat melaluai Kabel USB, sehingga Smartphone Android bersangkutan, bisa digunakan dengan baik pada Perangkat Komputer yang telah kalian sambungkan (Dalam kasus ini adalah OS Windows).

    Jika, USB Driver tersebut tidak ada atau tidak terinstall pada PC / Laptop Windows yang kalian gunakan, maka sudah pasti Smartphone Android Huawei kalian tidak akan bisa terbaca oleh OS Windows.

    Hasilnya akhirnya sudah jelas, kalian tidak akan bisa melakukan apapun dengan Smartphone Android Huawei yang telah tersambung tersebut, karena pada dasarnya OS Windows tidak mengenali jenis dari Koneksi yang telah kalian buat dengan Kabel USB.

    Maka, pada akhirnya USB Driver itu memang sangat penting fungsinya, umumnya setiap Smartphone Android itu memang memiliki USB Drivernya masing-masing, tetapi ada juga yang sudah bisa hanya dengan menggunakan Android USB Driver Universal saja.

    Namun, di Smartphone Android Huawei, kita tidak akan menggunakan Android USB Driver Universal tersebut, karena secara resmi pihak Huawei memang sudah membuatkan USB Driver tersebut agar bisa dipakai bebas para Konsumennya.

    Huawei USB Driver (Android)

    Seperti yang sudah kami singgung diatas, pada faktanya Pihak Huawei itu tidak hanya membuat dan memproduksi Smartphone Android saja, melainkan ada beragam Perangkat Elektronik non-Smartphone yang mereka jual.

    Tetapi, pada kesempatan kali ini kami hanya akan khusus membagikan USB Driver khusus untuk Perangkat Smartphone / Wearable Android dari Hauwei saja.

    Sebelumnya kami juga sudah menyinggung, bahwa pada kenyataannya pihak Huawei itu ada membuat dan mendistribusikan USB Driver resmi yang telah mereka buat, sehingga pada artikel ini kita tidak akan menggunakan Android USB Driver Universal, seperti yang banyak digunakan oleh Smartphone Android lain.

    Karena, disini ada USB Driver resmi dari Huawei yang bisa kita manfaatkan fungsinya, karena ini jenis USB Driver resmi, maka sudah jelas akan ada beragam keuntungan yang bisa kalian dapatkan, dibandingkan dengan menggunakan Android USB Driver Universal tersebut.

    Keuntungan tersebut, sudah jelas karena USB Driver ini dibuat resmi oleh pihak Huawei, maka artinya USB Driver ini memiliki kemampuan Integrasi yang lebih luas, terhadap Tool yang dirilis oleh pihak Huawei secara resmi, tujuannya sudah jelas untuk kepentingan pengguna.

    Karena seperti yang kalian ketahui, pihak Huawei itu membuat sebuah Tool khusus seperti HiSuite. Nah, Tool ini akan bisa berjalan dengan maksimal di OS Windows yang kalian gunakan, jika kalian telah menginstall USB Driver resmi miliki Huawei tersebut, meski demikian sebenarnya juga bisa tetap terintegrasi, meski kalian menggunakan Android USB Driver Universal tersebut.

    Selanjutnya, USB Driver ini juga sudah Support untuk semua Produk Smartphone Android dari Huawei seperti Huawei P Series, Huawei Mate Series, Huawei Nova Series, Huawei Y Series, Huawei Enjoy Series dan Huawei MediaPad Series.

    Lalu, jika kalian menggunakan Smartphone Android Huawei dengan Processor Kirin, maka sudah jelas USB Driver Huawei ini mesti kalian pasangkan pada Komputer Windows yang kalian gunakan.

    Karena didalam USB Driver ini, sudah diletakan Integrasi lebih luas untuk penggunaan Chipset HiSilicon Kirin buatan Huawei tersebut.

    Tetapi, perlu kalian ketahui, Huawei USB Driver ini tidak menyediakan Installer, sehingga kalian hanya bisa menginstall USB Driver ini dengan hanya menggunakan Cara Manual saja.

    Namun, tenang saja, disini akan kami sertakan cara untuk Installasi Huawei USB Driver tersebut, tetapi sebelum itu ada informasi lain yang harus kalian ketahui, silahkan lanjutkan bacaan artikel dibawah ini.

    Syarat Installasi Huawei USB Driver

    Nah, sebelum kita memulai masuk pada tahap pembahasan utama kita dibawah nanti, disini ada beberapa Informasi yang harus kalian ketahui.

    hal pertama yang harus kalian ketahui adalah Huawei USB Driver ini sudah Support dengan OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 dan Windows 10.

    Selain itu, Huawei USB Driver ini hadir dalam 2 buah versi, yaitu untuk versi OS Windows 32-bit (x86) dan Windows 64-bit (x64), sehingga pada tahap Installasinya nanti, kalian harus tahu Spesifikasi OS Windows yang kalian gunakan.

    Karena, jika salah menggunakan versi Huawei USB Driver tersebut, maka sudah jelas kemampuan USB Driver ini tidak akan bisa berkerja dengan semestinya.

    Untuk itu, silahkan ketahui dulu versi OS Windows yang kalian gunakan, jika tidak tahu, silahkan ikuti cara dibawah ini :

    1. Buka Explorer.
    2. Lalu cari This PC.
    3. Klik Kanan, lalu pilih Properties.
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    1. Disini kalian bisa melihat versi OS Windows yang kalian gunakan, seperti ini :
    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64
    1. Done!

    *** Langkah diatas dilakukan pada OS Windows 10, untuk penggunaan di versi OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 caranya akan sama saja, mungkin yang berbeda hanya nama Direktori This PC yang menjadi My Computer. ***

    Jika, kalian sudah bisa mengidentifikasi, OS Windows yang kalian gunakan, apakah versi 32-bit atau 64-bit, maka selanjutnya silahkan dapatkan Huawei USB Driver dibawah ini.

    Download Huawei USB Driver Windows

    Dalam paketan yang akan kalian Download dibawah ini, sudah terdapat 2 buah versi Huawei USB Driver, yaitu versi x86 dan x64, silahkan Download Huawei USB Driver versi Terbaru dari halaman Download dibawah ini :

    Password :

    Setelah selesai kalian Download, silahkan langsung saja di Extract dan segera ikuti Cara Install Huawei USB Driver Windows dibawah ini.

    Cara Install Huawei USB Driver di Windows

    Sebelum kalian mengikuti Tutorial yang akan kami tuliskan dibawah ini, pastikan kalian sudah mengaktifkan Mode Developer (Mode Pengembang) dan USB Debugging pada Smartphone Android Huawei yang kalian gunakan sekarang.

    Jika, kalian tidak tahu Cara untuk mengaktifkan USB Debugging Android tersebut, silahkan ikuti caranya dibawah ini :

    Setelah sudah USB Debugging dan Mode Developer sudah kalian pastikan aktif, maka selanjutnya kalian sudah bisa memasangkan Huawei USB Driver tersebut ke OS Windows yang kalian gunakan sekarang, dengan cara dibawah ini.

    1. Buka aplikasi Device Manager, caranya cari di Start Menu atau di Control Panel (Hardware & Sound >> Devices and Printers >> Device Manager).
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    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64

    1. Biarkan saja aplikasi Device Manager terbuka saja dan silahkan hubungkan Smartphone Android Huawei kalian ke Komputer dengan Kabel USB.
    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64
    1. Sorot pada bagian Menu di Device Manager, setelahnya akan muncul sebuah Menu baru yang bernama Other Devices atau Portable Devices (Pada Kasus ini Smartphone Android yang kami uji coba muncul di Portable Devices, tetapi untuk Smartphone Android lain, bisa saja muncul di Other Devices).
    2. Klik Kanan pada List Device yang telah muncul, seperti ini :
    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64
    1. Pilih menu Update Driver.
    2. Cari Huawei USB Driver yang sudah kalian Download dan Extract tadi, dengan memilih menu Browse my Computer for driver Software.
    3. Pilih sesuai dengan versi OS Windows yang kalian gunakan, jika 32-bit gunakan USB Driver yang x86, jika 64-bit, maka gunakan versi USB Driver x64.
    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64
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    1. Jika sudah kalian pilih tekan Next.
    2. Jika muncul pesan seperti dibawah ini, berarti kalian sudah berhasil untuk menginstall Huawei USB Driver di OS Windows yang kalian gunakan sekarang.
    Huawei USB Driver, Download Huawei USB Driver, Latest Huawei USB Driver version, Download Huawei USB Driver Terbaru, Huawei USB Driver Windows, Install Huawei USB Driver Windows, Download Huawei USB Driver Android, How to get Huawei USB Driver, Google drive Huawei USB Driver, Huawei USB Driver 32bit, Huawei USB Driver 64bit, Huawei USB Driver x86, Huawei USB Driver x64
    1. Setelahnya lakukan Reboot / Restart OS Windows kalian dulu.
    2. Done.

    *** Studi kasus diatas kami lakukan dan jalankan pada Windows 8.1 dan Windows 10, untuk versi Windows yang lain akan sama saja jalan cara kerjanya, mungkin hanya berbeda pada letak fitur dan nama fitur / opsinya saja, jadi silahkan sesuaikan saja sendiri. ***

    Sampai pada tahap ini, kalian sudah berhasil untuk menginstallkan Huawei USB Driver pada OS Windows yang kalian gunakan sekarang, dengan hal tersebut kalian sudah bisa menggunakan fitur USB seperti MTP dan FTP.

    Tetapi, jika kalian ingin melakukan hal yang lebih Advanced seperti penggunaan ADB dan Fastboot, maka kalian masih memerlukan sebuah Driver khusus, jika kalian tertarik, silahkan ikuti Section dibawah ini.

    Namun, jika kalian tidak memiliki kepentingan dengan fitur ADB dan Fastboot tersebut, maka kalian tidak perlu melanjutkan bacaan ini lagi sampai selesai.

    ADB & Fastboot Driver

    Melanjutkan dari pembahasan diatas, jika kalian memang ingin melakukan sesuatu yang lebih Advanced lagi, seperti untuk tujuan Flashing ataupun Custom Mod seperti Custom ROM, Recovery ataupun Kernel.

    Maka, sudah jelas disini kalia membutuhkan sebuah Driver pendukung lagi, karena sejatinya untuk bisa menggunakan kemampuan ADB dan Fastboot Android tersebut, maka kalian akan membutuhkan sebuah Driver yang bernama ADB dan Fastboot Driver.

    Kedua Driver ini memang berasal dari bagian Android SDK, tetapi kalian tetap bisa menggunakan komponen Drivernya saja, meski tidak menginstallkan Software Android SDK di OS Windows yang kalian gunakan.

    Tetapi, pastikan sebelum kalian menggunakan kemampuan dari ADB dan Fastboot tersebut di Smartphone Android Huawei yang kalian miliki, tentu saja kalian harus tahu dengan apa yang ingin kalian lakukan.

    Seandainya, kalian melakukan sesuatu dengan ADB dan Fastboot tersebut secara sembarangan dan tidak sesuai Standard, maka sudah pasti hal ini akan membahayakan Smartphone Android Huawei kalian, karena kedua buah Driver tersebut, memiliki keterkaitan yang kuat dengan System utama OS Android.

    Jika, kalian sudah paham dan mengerti dengan apa yang ingin kalian lakukan, silahkan Download salah satu dari Koleksi ADB dan Fastboot Driver yang sudah kami sediakan dibawah ini :