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Iridium 9505a User

Iridium 9505a User

Iridium Complex Nanoparticles Mediated Radiopharmaceutical-excited Phosphorescence Imaging

Chem. Commun., 2019, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C9CC07399J, Communication
Yutong Hou, Chenchen Wang, Ming Chen, Ming-Wei Wang, Guang Deng, Hong Yang, Zhiguo Zhou, Shiping Yang
We firstly perpared liposome coated [Ir(pq)2(bpy)]Cl (Ir@liposome) as a transducer for radiopharmaceutical (18F-FDG) excited phosphorescence imaging (REPI). Ir@liposome-based REPI exhibited deep tissue penetration and high signal-to-noise ratio in tumor.
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Go Cruising In Your Ford With A New IFR7G-11KS Laser Iridium

The IFR7G-11KS Laser Iridium is a fantastic solution in case you are looking for the latest plug.

Get Cruising In Your Dodge With The BKR7EIX-11 Iridium By Ngk

Want to buy automotive spark plug? Consider the BKR7EIX11 Iridium Ix Spark Plug from Ngk.

Kia Fans Will Like The 4469 LFR5AIX-11 Iridium

For anyone who is interested in buying a spark plug I've come up with some information. The 4469 LFR5AIX11 Iridium Ix Spark Plug is a nice item.

Cruise On Down Strip With The Ngk DPR8EIX-9 Iridium Ix Spark Plug In Your Cadillac

Trying to find plug? The DPR8EIX-9 Iridium is an excellent plug for your Cadillac.

Predam Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa, 2006 - 3 850

Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa 2006, • ventily kontrola, synchro klapiek, novy olej a cisto novu bateriu pri predaji • sviecky NGK iridium – 300 km • olej kazdych 3-6t km, • DID retazova sada 530 zlata – 300 km • na 50t km: nova rozvodova retaz, ...

SpaceX Goes For Two Big Reuse Milestones With Next Launch

SpaceX is returning to the launch pad to send its second batch of Starlink Internet satellites into low Earth orbit. "On Tuesday, SpaceX completed a static test firing of the Falcon 9 rocket's first stage that is presently scheduled to launch on November 11 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida," reports Ars Technica. "Beyond the primary mission, this flight is going for two rocket reuse milestones." From the report: This will be the first time that SpaceX has attempted to fly the same Falcon 9 first stage four times. This particular stage flew on July 25 (Iridium 7 mission) and October 8 (SAOCOM 1-A) in 2018 as well as February 22 (Nusantara Satu and Beresheet spacecraft) this year. Additionally, SpaceX will also attempt to reuse a payload fairing for the first time. After a Falcon Heavy launch of the Arabsat-6A mission in April, SpaceX recovered both halves of the payload fairing from the Atlantic Ocean. Those fairings have since been refurbished -- it is not clear how much work needed to be done to clean them and mitigate the effects of any salt water damage -- and will now fly on the Starlink mission.

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Iridium, Maxar и OneWeb заявили о новых миллиардных кредитах

Iridium, обновивший в 2018 году орбитальную группировку, объявил о новом кредите на $1,45 млрд. OneWeb, который только разворачивает свою систему ищет еще $1 млрд на запуск 650 аппаратов. Уже имеющий $3,13 млрд долга разработчик Maxar, разметил ценные бумаги на $1,25 млрд.
Iridium, Maxar и OneWeb заявили о новых миллиардных кредитах


2009 S-Class 5.5L V8

2009 S-Class 5.5L V8 - Iridium Silver Metallic / Black - 89496 miles - $16995

SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner V1.9.3 - native algo switching (no replies)

SRBMiner Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner V1.9.3 - native algo switching

Windows only

Download V1.9.3:

Mega : SRBMiner V1.9.3

DevFee only 0.85%
Windows only
Supports Nicehash & SSL/TLS encrypted connections

Significant hashrate increase (up to 15%) on VEGA56/64/FE/VII
Small hashrate increase on RX cards
Please read the TWEAKING PROFILES section

Supports Nicehash & SSL/TLS encrypted connections

Significant hashrate increase (up to 15%) on VEGA56/64/FE/VII
Small hashrate increase on RX cards

From V1.4.0 the miner uses a separate pools.txt file, where you define your pools, wallet, etc.
Config from older versions that includes pool related data, won’t be used!

Recommended driver:
Adrenalin 18.6.1

Supported algos:

Cryptonight [normal]
Cryptonight Lite [lite]
Cryptonight V7 [normalv7]
Cryptonight Lite V7 [litev7]
Cryptonight Heavy [heavy]
Cryptonight Haven [haven]
Cryptonight Fast [fast]
Cryptonight BitTubeV2 [bittubev2]
Cryptonight StelliteV4 [stellitev4]
Cryptonight ArtoCash [artocash]
Cryptonight Alloy [alloy]
Cryptonight B2N [b2n]
Cryptonight MarketCash [marketcash]
Cryptonight Italo [italo]
Supports Nicehash, Nicehash V7 & SSL/TLS encrypted connections


Low DevFee (0.85%) ; every ~2 hours 1 minute mining for the dev
Non-agressive DevFee mining ; if miner can’t connect to DevFee pool, no problem, switching back to user pool ASAP


Watchdog that monitors your GPU threads, if they stop hashing for a few minutes, miner restarts itself
Hash monitor, if 5 minute average hash falls under the value you define, miner restarts itself
Set system shutdown temperature, to protect your GPU’s from overheating
Restart (disable/enable) Vega gpu’s with devcon before mining
API for rig monitoring


If you leave intensity on 0 it will play safe, so in many cases you can increase that value to get better results
For better results set double_threads to true, and leave intensity on 0
If you get an error that says it can’t create scratchpad buffer, you have to lower intensity
Largest intensity setting won’t always give you the best hashrate. Experiment and find the best setting for your GPU.

Here’s a (not complete) list of supported coins, and which algo has to be used














+ItaloCoin (from block 55.000)

Update infos :

Don’t copy newer version of miner over old one, or if you do make sure you delete .srb files from Cache folder before running it!

SRB-Restarter is a tool that monitors the main SRBMiner process, and if it's not running for some reason (like an app crash for example), it will run the script you specify (restart miner).

Only 3 parameters :

--interval value_in_seconds [def. is 10]
Specifies how often to check is the SRBMiner process running

--instance number
Use it if you run multiple SRBMiner instances on the same machine, example is below
You must use the following file naming :
SRBMiner-CN-n.exe where n is the instance number

--run filename [name of .bat file to run]
Name of .bat you want to run if SRBMiner process in not running

Miner is considered 'not running' after 2 checks!


[This will set interval to 10 seconds, and start.bat if SRBMiner process is not running. It will monitor for a process named SRBMiner-CN.exe]

SRB-Restarter.exe --interval 5 --run turtle-coin.bat
[This will set interval to 5 seconds and run turtle-coin.bat if SRBMiner process is not running. It will monitor for a process named SRBMiner-CN.exe]

SRB-Restarter.exe --interval 30 --run start-heavy.bat --instance 1
[This will set interval to 30 seconds and run start-heavy.bat if SRBMiner process is not running. It will monitor for a process named SRBMiner-CN-1.exe]

- Fixed CN-Gpu algo compilation on RX 5700 and older GCN cards
- Improved CN-Gpu algo on Rx550/560 , Rx470/480/570/580/590
- 4gb Ellesmere cards got a small hashrate increase on CN-Conceal algo

- Added parameter '--disablerestartonrejectedshares' to disable auto restart of miner on too many rejected shares
- Added parameter '--maxrejectedshares' to set the number of allowed rejected shares on a pool connection ( min 1, max 100, def. 15)
- Optimisations in OpenCL code, so tiny hashrate increase could be seen on Vegas and Ellesmere cards.
- Minor bug fixes

- Added support for Navi10 (gfx1010)
- Arto, conceal, normal, normalv7, marketcash, b2n, fast, hycon, hospital algos have lower power consumption on Vegas with auto settings
- Hopefully fixed bug with invalid job id / same job id
- If more than 5 'invalid share' messages received from pool within same connection, auto miner restart
- Fixed cn-gpu hashrate (it was lower from v.1.8.8 -> my mistake)
- CN/R program precompilation process is now only logged, not displayed on screen

- Added gpu ramp-up (slow start) possibility, so your PSU won't get suddenly overloaded (--enablegpurampup)
- Added low mode tweak profiles
- Added parameter --precompileblocks, which can set the number of blocks that get precompiled on CN/R algo
- Miner will try to restart if CN/R precompilation process takes more than 10 minutes for a gpu
- Minor bug fixes

- Added tweaking profiles for RX 550/560, RX 470/480/570/580/590 - for some small fine tuning of existing vbios straps
- Profiles 1-6 for Vegas are now a little lighter, 7-10 stayed same
- Added embedded binaries for some gpu's
- Added parameter --nobinaries, use it to disable usage of embedded binaries
- Fixed some bugs in GPU detection code
- Added more info to log when using tweaking profiles
- Added watchdog for too many invalid job results, switches to next pool if more than 5 within the same connection
- Usage of external tweaking tool is now allowed, so you can now fine tune a profile even more if you know how
- Minor bug fixes

- Reduced CPU usage up to ~50%, can be noticed on algos with small scratchpad
- User is now informed about tweaking status on the screen too, not just in log
- No more --gpureorder, device ordering by bus id is now the default/only display mode
- Added parameter --watchdogrounds , which controls after how many rounds will watchdog trigger
- min_rig_speed_duration default is 1 minute now, because of the new --watchdogrounds parameter
- Fixed a few cosmetical things on web stats

- Improvements with tweak profile 10 on Vega64 with Samsung memory
- Fixed a bug with pool reconnect on job timeout
- job_timeout is now disabled by default, to enable it set a value > 0
- Fixed min_rig_speed bug that triggered restart with V4 algos
- Added info in api/web stats about tweak profile
- Made hashrate display on web stats page bigger
- In guided setup mode changed max wallet and password length to 200 so address+payment id can be used

- Added tweaking support for Radeon VII
- There are now 10 tweaking profiles, so you can fine tune even more
- Fixed Cn/R when used on coin other than Monero
- Added new algo 'Upx2' , the new Uplexa algo
- Added fork info about Uplexa and Cypruscoin

- Fixed the 'tweak_profile' changing with + - on keyboard
- Tweaking is now auto disabled if no supported devices found

- Performance increase for Vega56/64/Fe/Vii up to 15%!
- Minimum for 'main_pool_reconnect' is now 60 seconds instead of 180
- Added new cmd parameters: --disabletweaking, --cgputweakprofile
- Added new config parameter: tweak_profile

- maxnosharesent parameter is not used anymore by default, also it's max is moved to 24h
- In guided setup mode password can now be 120 characters long instead of 80 that was previously
- Adl2 is now auto set to older gpus
- Removed Webchain algo
- heavy_mode 3 is now the default
- Fixed stratum+ssl:// in pool url, now it recognises and sets tls to true if used
- Gpu id and bus id now displayed with every accepted/rejected share
- preparedata parameter now gives a small boost on Vegas for turtle, mox, heavy, gpu algos
- Added fork info for sumokoin from cn to cn/r
- Possible fix of random miner crash
- SRB-Restarter now shows date and is logging to a file

- Upx and litev7 algos on auto settings now have more hashrate or lower power consumption, or both
- Reworked networking code, so probably get rid of a bug or two
- Another try to fix V4 algo crashing
- Maxnosharesent parameter default value is now 45 minutes

- Fixed a bug that could crash miner if using CNV4 (R) algo
- Fixed a bug that crashed miner if doing fast algo switching from CNV4 to any algo
- Stales are not displayed anymore by default, added parameter --showstales which turns back on the display of stale shares
- Changed --maxnosharesent default value from 15 minutes to 30
- Logging is now disabled by default in the example start.bat
- Added parameter --preparedata, which could pontentially make a small speed increase on weak GPU's, but also could make it worse. All algos except webchain

- Added new algo 'Graft' (graft, cryptonight_graft, cryptonight_reversewaltz, cryptonight_v8_reversewaltz)
- Added cmd parameters giveuplimit, retrytime, mainpoolreconnect, minrigspeed, shutdowntemperature, rebootscriptgpuwatchdog, rebootscriptminrigspeed
- No more mixing of cmd line setup and config files, now it's one or the other
- It is enough to set ccryptonighttype, cpool, cwallet in cmd, gpu's will be auto setup

Speed increase on BitTube/Haven/Heavy/Italo algos up to ~10% (depends of gpu)
Small speed increase on V8 algo for Vegas
Added new algo CN-Dark [CryoNote]
Added new algo CN-Fest [Festival coin]
Added startup monitor which monitors miner startup process
Added new work mode for GPU hashrate watchdog [–gpuwatchdogdisablemode]
Added yet another gpu tuning parameter ‘aes’
Fixed a bug related to hash speed monitor and algo switching

Changed IPBC/Bittube old algo to new BitTubeV2 algo (from block 110000)
Max difficulty reconnecting mechanism is now triggering instantly
Added ‘worksize’ option in config.txt, that is applied to every GPU (only if not set in gpu_conf)
Hopefuly fixed a bug with job timeout reconnecting
Hashrate watchdog now triggers even when user not connected to pool

Pokémon Go : comment réussir le raid Cobaltium, 1er légendaire d’Unys

pokémon go cobaltium raid

Cobaltium est le premier Pokémon légendaire de cinquième génération à faire son apparition dans Pokémon Go. Découvrez toutes les astuces pour triompher de ce boss de raid de Tiers 5.

En septembre 2019, la première vague de Pokémon de la cinquième génération était ajoutée au bestiaire de Pokémon Go. Les fans des versions Noir et Blanc, parues sur Nintendo DS en 2010, peuvent donc enfin capturer leurs petits monstres préférés dans le jeu mobile de Niantic.

Cependant, jusqu’à présent, aucun Pokémon légendaire du continent d’Unys n’avait fait son apparition dans PoGo. C’est désormais chose faite, avec l’arrivée de Cobaltium en boss de raid de tiers 5.

Pour rappel, Cobaltium est le chef du trio légendaire des ” Mousquetaires “ qu’il forme aux côtés de Terrakium et Viridium. Il s’agit d’un Pokémon de type Acier et Combat, dont l’apparence rappelle d’un cerf de couleur bleue. Ce Pokémon légendaire est connu pour ne pas apprécier les humains, alors préparez-vous à en découdre !

Pokémon Go : quels sont les meilleurs adversaires pour Cobaltium ?

Pour vaincre Cobaltium en boss de raid, vous aurez besoin d’une équipe constituée de Pokémon de type Combat, Sol ou Feu. Parmi les monstres les plus efficaces contre lui, on peut citer Mackogneur, Groudon, Lugulabre ou encore Sulfura.

Vous pouvez aussi opter pour un Pokémon starter de type feu capturé lors d’une Journée Communauté et disposant donc de la technique Rafale Feu comme Dracaufeu. De même, Hariyama et Chapignon feront l’affaire en tant que Pokémon de type combat.

Dans l’idéal, votre Cobaltium une fois capturé connaîtra les techniques Griffe Acier et Tête de Fer. Ceci vous permettra de profiter de son type Acier, mais il convient de souligner que des Pokémon comme Métalosse et Dialga seront largement plus performants…

Quoi qu’il en soit, il semble indispensable pour tout collectionneur qui se respecte d’ajouter ce Pokémon légendaire à sa collection. Cobaltium occupera le rôle de Boss de Raid de Tiers 5 jusqu’au 26 novembre 2019.

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