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Seat to launch electric scooter as urban mobility vehicle

Seat bike Spanish car firm will expand urban vehicle range with new eScooter alongside Renault Twizy-rivalling Minimo

Seat will launch a new electric Scooter later this month, as part of the Spanish firm's attempts to become a leader in 'urban mobility solutions' to tackle congestion in large cities.

The eScooter, which is being developed in collaboration with Barcelona-based motorcycle maker Silence, will join the upcoming Minimo and the eXS Kickscooter in the company’s new  urban transport line-up.

While Seat has not given performance details, it says the eScooter features a 100% electric powertrain equivalent to a 125cc petrol bike. It will be presented at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona later this month.

In recent years, an increasing number of car companies have started targeting solutions for crowded cities. Earlier this year, Seat announced that it would spearhead efforts in the segment within the Volkswagen Group.

Last year the brand piloted a fleet of prototype car sharing vehicles, modelled on its upcoming Seat eMii, which users could rent through a mobile app, and a forerunner to its eScooter, the Segway-based eXS.

In 2021, Seat will introduce a new small electric city car. The Minimo develops the concept of the Renault Twizy and fronts the firm’s increasing emphasis on small and environmentally-friendly transport alternatives.

Seat boss Luca de Meo said that “the constant growth of large cities makes achieving efficient mobility one of the main challenges to overcome."

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Rear-driven Audi R8 made full-time member of range

Audi R8 V10 RWD Spyder Last year's limited-edition RWS has received a makeover and been welcomed into the R8 range as the RWD

Audi has expanded its R8 line-up by making a rear-wheel-drive variant a full-time member for the first time.

The limited-edition V10 RWS was released in 2018 as the first ever rear-driven R8. That model comprises the basis of the new car, which is named the V10 RWD and will be available to order in the UK from January 2020.

The supercar, which will be available in both Coupé and Spyder forms, features several key changes from the limited-production RWS. Audi's signature front grille has been made broader and flatter, while the air inlets, front splitter and air outlet grille at the rear have been made wider.

Gloss black exterior trim now comes as standard, with the R8's top side blade receiving a dark gloss accent. Various other parts also gain black detailing. The Audi rings don't receive the black effect as standard, but this can be specified as an option. A carbon package is also on offer, while a more extensive black styling package is available on the Spyder.

The R8 RWD retains the same naturally aspirated V10 engine as the RWS, delivering 532bhp and 398lb ft. This is transferred to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

Pricing for the Coupé starts at €144,000 (£123,852) in Germany, while the Spyder costs from €157,000 (£135,025). Pricing for the UK is unconfirmed as yet.


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From ink to I-Pace: How Jaguar designs an electric car

Jaguar design museum lates - lead We chat to Gaydon’s design directors about where things are headed, before picking up a pen and having a go ourselves

The Jaguar I-Pace hardly looks out of place sitting centre-stage at London’s high-ceilinged, sparsely furnished Design Museum, which seems a strange thing to say about a five-seat SUV in the wake of an acclaimed temporary exhibition that saw the most spectacular Ferraris of all time gathered at the Kensington venue.

But it’s not just any premium SUV, as its designers are all too keen to point out.

Although it’s well over a year and a half since Coventry’s electric pioneer first broke cover, it’s still being touted as the beginning of a design revolution that will soon bring us a Porsche Taycan-rivalling XJ, before being extended to a line of radical saloon, performance and high-riding models. We’ve seen glimpses of what’s to come in the form of the aborted C-X75 sports car and the recently revealed Gran Turismo virtual concept, but, following the departure of legendary designer Ian Callum and the opening of JLR’s £600m technology centre, talk is turning to where the company will find inspiration for its upcoming production EVs.

Happily, Jaguar’s top sketchers believe electric vehicles could give automotive designers more freedom than ever before. Although the F-Type and C-X75 won critical acclaim for their subtly striking lines and purposeful stances, they were still sketched according to the fundamental principles of sports car design. As their side profiles clearly show, the ‘horse and cart’, and ‘horse in cart’ shapes lie at their foundation, and Callum’s team of stylists were constrained by the aerodynamic, ergonomic and legislative principles that come with that.

The I-Pace, however, was “a chance to start afresh,'' according to chief creative exterior designer Dominic Najafi, who adds that its conception was about “being open-minded and saying: ‘what does electrification give us?’”

A lot, as it turns out. Alister Whelan, Jaguar’s chief interior designer, calls the I-Pace “a blueprint for the future”. “It’s already been out for 18 months,” he says, “so if we’ve created it now, the future could be even more exciting for us.” He adds: “We just need to be careful that we appeal to all our customers and give them choice, but the electric platform and what we’ve started with the I-Pace could open up lots of potentials.”

Let’s not forget that Gaydon beat its Stuttgart, Ingolstadt and Munich rivals to the punch with a stylish electric SUV at a time when its standing in the hotly contested premium segment was under intense scrutiny. A premium electric SUV that’s consistently proved its dynamic and practical worth in Autocar’s road trips, reviews and group tests, no less. So it seems only fitting that the I-Pace has yet to find its way off the red carpet; it wasn’t just Jaguar’s first step into a new segment, it was our first taste of a model category that’s likely to become the industry’s most popular and influential in the coming years.

The designers are keen to stress that, although the I-Pace is very much “still a Jaguar”, it forms part of a bold strategy, Najafi says, to “make everything as progressive as possible”. There’s hints of past models there, for sure, but the I-Pace’s stylists’ overarching brief was not: “make it look like a C-X75 SUV”.

As we learn in a fast-paced design masterclass, the I-Pace is an embodiment of Jaguar’s ambition to make each of its models “the most dramatic cars in their segment”. The SUV is assisted in this endeavour by a cab-forward stance reminiscent of track-focused, mid-engined supercars, short overhangs, prominent rear haunches, thin pillars and heavily accentuated character lines. That’s not to mention the sheer amount of work that went into shaping the model’s spats, dog leg, light catcher, tumblehome and obscuration band…

Unfortunately, Autocar was unable to do justice to the I-Pace’s pleasing stance and silhouette when it came to our turn to pick up the pen. Not even the best efforts of Jaguar’s most talented designers could prevent our interpretation of Callum’s landmark EV from turning into a shoddily crafted caricature of a London bus. It was interesting, nonetheless, to see how a Jaguar, literally, ‘takes shape’.

Start at the bottom. The wheels (hilariously oversized for a concept, naturally) go on the page first, followed by a dramatically angled character line, A-pillar, beltline and rocker, or sill. Before thinking about arches and door shuts, it’s a good idea to get the DLO (that’s ‘daylight opening’) in place, as this is one of the I-Pace’s defining features, and tacking on the easily recognisable rear spoiler and light cluster.

Move to the front, and, with the addition of a jutting chin, gaping lower grille and kinked headlight design, the I-Pace begins to appear. It’s not until the reflective ‘light catcher’ and drooping bonnet are added, though, that it starts to become recognisable as a production car, rather than a space-age design study. Carefully apply some definition to the rear arches and wheel spokes, and, unless you have the artistic inclination of a brick (guilty), your 396bhp EV will start to come alive.

Fortunately, a gaggle of professionals was on hand to show us how it’s really done, using a digital design programme to create a photo-real I-Pace side profile from scratch in less than 15 minutes. Perhaps it helps that the car has become so recognisable, but it’s also probably got a lot to do with the fact that, as Najafi and Whelan remind us several times, “Jaguars are all about making memories”, meaning that the shape of this 18-month-old car springs to mind as easily as even the original Mini and Beetle.

I-Pace sketches reviewed, we were given free reign to recreate a car of our choosing using the methods dictated to us earlier. Others plumped for E-Types, Defenders, Mk1 Golf GTIs - us? We chose a Peugeot 405 Estate, obviously. Though it’s worth noting that, after the session, with our drawing proudly tacked to the wall, we nodded politely when several automotive experts confidently guessed it was a Renault 4 TL. Nobody show Pininfarina.

Later, we hear how augmented reality was an integral part of the I-Pace’s design programme, and how the techniques developed helped to create the Vision Gran Turismo Coupe concept, revealed last week as a playable model in the latest instalment of the Gran Turismo racing videogame. Najafi says: “That car is a result of setting aside any production limitations, we just tried to create an ultimate vision of Jaguar - a Jaguar that embodies everything we believe.”

And it’s not hard to see what he means. While there are obvious design references to Jaguar sports cars of old (think D-Type, E-Type and even F-Type), the sleek two-seater is brought bang up to date with a 1000bhp electric powertrain, a holographic dashboard mascot and augmented reality window displays. There’s no word on which aspects, if any, will make production, but Whelan is confident that we’ll “see some really cool new tech coming soon”.

“What we really like about the way JLR develops technology,” he tells us, “is that we need to use technology to enable our design, so we need to not have ‘technology for technology’s sake’.” So, although the concept might seem a wild departure, not just from Jaguar’s current product range, but from reality in general, there’s definitely potential for some of its defining characteristics to make their way into showrooms in the future. For now, though, it seems more likely that we’ll see Jaguar models adopt technology such as the Range Rover Evoque’s Clearsight Ground View, a newly developed 3D head-up display and red light-avoiding speed monitoring software.

“Everything has to be enhancing the brand experience, not gimmicky,” Whelan tells us. The Jaguar design studio seems to take pride in not what it can do, but in what it can help Jaguar drivers do, and the I-Pace is doing a fine job as a design, technology and engineering flagship for that school of thought.


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Ford unveils 888bhp electric Mustang at 2019 SEMA show

Mustang Lithium 1 Mustang ‘Lithium’ prototype has an electric motor by Phi-Power and Webasto battery, delivering 1000lb ft of torque through a six-speed manual gearbox

Ford has unveiled a one-off electric Mustang prototype, which can produce 888bhp and features a six-speed manual gearbox, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The car, called the ‘Lithium’ and developed in conjunction with Webasto, touches down ahead of Ford’s upcoming ‘Mach E’ fully-electric Mustang-inspired SUV, due to be unwrapped at the Los Angeles motor show later this month.

The Lithium has several upgrades over the standard Stang. To the basic model, Ford has added carbon fiber body parts and 20-inch wheels. It also receives Ford’s Performance Track Handling Pack, adding modified front struts and track lowering springs that lower the car to be approximately one inch closer to the ground, as well as six-piston Brembo front brakes.

The interior retains much the same layout as the standard car, but benefits from a custom 10.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The prototype also gains four new drive modes - Valet, Sport, Track and Beast mode - which are staggered in order of performance and selectable via the screen. The wheel and dash, door insides and gearstick come in a custom blue trim.

Under the bonnet, the typical Mustang V8 is replaced with a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor that's paired with an 800-volt Webasto electric battery. The 888bhp and 1000lb ft of torque it can generate is delivered through a six-speed manual gearbox.

Ford has made no endurance claims for the electric Mustang, but it appears that it was designed for speed rather than a long battery range. By contrast, the range is the only official specification which the company has revealed for its upcoming ‘Mach E’, which will be capable of 370 miles per charge.


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2020 Skoda Octavia: sketches show interior design

2020 Skoda Octavia - interior sketch Firm's sales champion will be revealed on Monday with more space and a radically overhauled infotainment set-up

Skoda is gearing up to reveal its new Octavia next week, and has published design sketches that show how the interior has been radically overhauled. 

Highlights of the redesign include a new multi-level instrument panel - a first for the Octavia - a reshaped, two-spoke steering wheel, and a free-standing central screen that has been positioned to reflect the recognisable silhouette of the brand's corporate grille design. Elsewhwere, the gear selector has been replaced with a small switch unit, while the Volkswagen Group's Climatronic three-zone air conditioning system makes its Octavia debut. 

Skoda claims the new interior offers more space than that of the outgoing Octavia.

The preview comes following the recent accidental unveiling of the Octavia's front end design, where an official image was posted to Skoda's website.

Shared to a German Skoda forum, the press shot is said to have been taken from the brand's own configurator before being removed. As expected, we can see the new model takes heavily influence from the larger Skoda Superb, alongside the recently introduced Scala.

The 2020 Octavia ditches the controversial split headlamp design of the current car in favour of single units. These bookend a much larger grille, which brings the car into line with the rest of the range, while the influence of the Superb is clear in a new clamshell bonnet.

The Superb-esque accents are developed in the Octavia’s profile, particularly in the saloon version here. The car has deeper swage lines and more pronounced contours compared with the outgoing model, and an overall look that is more angular. In the estate version, spotted earlier this year in testing, a rear spoiler wraps around the sloping rear window. In both models, the tailgate and tail-light design bears no resemblance to today’s Octavia.

It’s not expected that the fourth-gen Octavia will grow in exterior dimensions as it’ll make use of an updated version of the MQB platform used by today’s model, as well as the next-generation Golf. However, VW insiders tell us that the Mk8 Golf will use a greater percentage of lightweight metal, reducing kerbweight by around 50kg - that could also be the case for the Octavia.

The 2020 Octavia’s engine range will be familiar, featuring an updated iteration of the 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol at the bottom of the range, with the 1.5-litre ‘TSI Evo’ unit also available. Diesels will still feature prominently in the range in 1.6 and 2.0-litre form, while larger engine choices will also benefit from 48v mild hybrid technology to improve efficiency.

With the VW Group’s extensive electrification programme spreading across all brands, it’s very likely that a plug-in hybrid Octavia will be offered for the first time. However, the vRS performance brand is also still very much alive, so we should see more powerful options to make this the fastest Octavia yet.

It's not yet clear if next week's unveiling will include the estate or the hatchback. Expect it to go on sale either right at the end of 2019 or early next year. 


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Why the World Rally Championship is back to its best

Tanak racing
Tanak's second place in Spain secured the title
Estonian hotshot Ott Tänak becoming world champion is only one story from a fascinating season

The World Rally Championship has always been viscerally gladiatorial. Despite the technology and marketing gloss that’s always a feature of the top level, it’s about as raw and unreconstructed as modern motorsport is allowed to get.

This season – although it’s not actually over yet, with one round to go in Australia – has been a perfect example. From the beginning, there was a close three-way fight for the title, creating a tension that boiled over into technical protests (where rival teams tried to get a Toyota rear wing banned), gamesmanship (where Hyundai was accused of manipulating the running order of its cars to disadvantage rivals) and even personal acrimony (with an astonishingly incendiary tweet sent by Sébastien Ogier’s wife during the Rally of Spain, where she coined the hashtag ‘#shitroen’ and blasted her husband’s employer. We’ve not heard the last of this.).

Amid all of that, it was almost easy to overlook the fact that for the first time in 16 years, we’ve got a new World Rally Champion who isn’t French or called Sébastien. Loeb and Ogier have dominated the show for the best part of two decades but, after Spain, Ogier (maybe in an attempt to smooth over troubled waters) said he could think of nobody who deserved the title more this year than the man who finished second on the rally.

The tiny nation of Estonia (population around 1,350,000) now has a new world champion in Ott Tänak. Previously, Estonia was perhaps best known for its exploits in fencing, with 17 world championship medals – although the very first Olympic gold won by Estonia after its independence in 1991 was in cycling. So wheels are obviously important over there, as well as fighting.

Tänak isn’t the first rally star from Estonia, either, as his mentor, Markko Märtin, also competed at the top level. Like Märtin, Tänak is a hard chap to read. He’s competitive to the point of paranoia – having even accused his own team of not backing him fully – but his emotions are rarely expressed via the established medium of verbal communication.

Maybe it’s different when he’s speaking in his native language (unfathomably complex Estonian, with its 28 native diphthongs)? No, confirms Märtin. He’s just as taciturn then.

Although he’s not going to win any public speaking contests, Tänak can drive a car mind-bendingly quickly. This year, he’s racked up six wins from 13 rallies held to date, on gravel, snow and asphalt. Even on the events he didn’t win, he was often the fastest. On the iconic Rallye Monte-Carlo, he won seven of the 15 stages run (including six in a row). And finished third.

Did he have the best car? Probably. So it’s a credit to Hyundai’s Thierry Neuville and Citroën’s Ogier that they pushed him so far. M-Sport Ford – which won the last two drivers’ titles with Ogier – hasn’t been at the races this year, due to a lack of both funding and luck, with Elfyn Evans forced to sit out three rallies following a back injury. Whether it’s on or off the stages, everyone eventually feels some pain on the WRC. That’s why we love it.

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Analysis: the numbers behind the FCA and PSA merger

FCA PSA cars
The FCA-PSA tie-up gathers 15 brands under the same roof
As the car-making groups agree to tie the knot, we take a closer look at the merger's prospects

The agreed merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the PSA Group will create the world’s fourth-largest car company based on sales.

The two European firms last week announced their intention to create a new entity owned 50/50 between the two but led by PSA’s CEO, Carlos Tavares. PSA will also appoint six board members against five for FCA, in effect giving the French company control over the decision-making.

The combination of the two will create a 15-brand automotive behemoth that together sold 4.2 million vehicles in the first half of this year, behind the Volkswagen Group, Toyota and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance but ahead of General Motors and Hyundai-Kia, figures from Jato Dynamics show.

The company would be big enough “to capture successfully the opportunities and manage effectively the challenges of the new era in mobility”, according to a joint statement referencing the high cost of investing in new technologies such as EVs and autonomous cars.

Despite being highly profitable, FCA has been chasing a merger ever since its previous CEO, the late Sergio Marchionne, warned in his 2015 treatise ‘Confessions of a Capital Junkie’ that car makers had to consolidate in order to have any hope of controlling spiralling development costs. FCA have since been rebuffed time and again, most recently after talks with Renault collapsed earlier this year.

Now, just over a year after his death, Marchionne’s dream has been realised. By sharing technology and platforms and pooling other resources, the companies will eventually make combined annual savings of €3.7 billion (£3.2bn), the two said in a statement.

This figure could be achieved without shutting factories, the statement said – something PSA has proved it can do after successfully turning around GM’s loss-making Vauxhall-Opel division.

The barriers to success are huge. FCA might be profitable but, of the €7.3bn (£6.3bn) it made last year in pre-tax profits, €6.2bn (£5.3bn) was made in the US thanks in the main to demand for Ram pick-ups and Jeep SUVs. The company struggles in Europe, where demand for its core Fiat brand is too heavily dependent on sales of the lower-margin 500 and Panda city cars. It also fails to make serious money from its storied but underfunded premium brands, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

PSA could quickly fix Fiat in Europe, argues Felipe Munoz, a global analyst at Jato Dynamics. “FCA could make use of the new 208/Corsa platform to re-enter the supermini segment with a new Punto,” he said. A new Tipo could then follow on the Peugeot 308 platform.

A bigger problem is FCA’s industrial base in Italy, where it has an astonishing 27 manufacturing facilities for vehicles and parts. Over-staffing in underfunded factories running far below capacity is a serious problem that will take all of Tavares’ skill to negotiate. He won praise in the UK for – so far – managing to keep Vauxhall’s two plants running while still returning Vauxhall/Opel to profitability, and Italian unions are seeking assurances that the same can happen in Italy, where Fiats, Alfas, Maseratis and smaller Jeeps are built.

The interesting question is what happens to Alfa Romeo and Maserati? Turning Maserati into the Italian equivalent of VW Group profit machine Porsche has always been the tantalising goal, and earlier this year FCA announced a €5bn (£4.3bn) investment programme to electrify Maserati and launch a new sports car with both electric and combustion engines by next year. PSA described Maserati and Alfa Romeo as having “substantial development potential”, and maybe Tavares is the man to fully unlock this. Or maybe he’s the man to finally sell Alfa Romeo to the VW Group, which it historically has coveted.

The big strengths of the planned merger are in SUVs and vans – the two most profitable segments right now. An FCA-PSA merger creates the world’s largest van maker, with sales in excess of half a million in the first half of the year, according to Jato Dynamics. It is also the world’s third-largest SUV maker, with sales of 1.5 million over the same period. Combined, it sold more than 1.2 million smaller cars (up to Astra size) but is seriously under-represented in medium-sized saloons (14th largest globally), which the new entity will need to address to overcome weakness in China.

Max Warburton, an analyst at Bernstein, acknowledged that Europe is likely to be the biggest benefit. “It’s obvious that PSA does not offer any synergies in the US, and very little in Latin America,” he said. “Putting PSA and FCA together in China doesn’t solve much, either: two wrongs don’t make a right. A deal does nothing to change Alfa and Maserati’s prospects, either.”

Nick Gibbs


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First ride: 2020 Aston Martin DBX prototype

2020 Aston Martin DBX camouflaged prototype ride - front Aston Martin’s first SUV will be unveiled later this month but we’ve had a preview

Autocar has been given early access to the Aston Martin DBX ahead of the car’s unveiling on 20 November, including a passenger ride alongside Aston’s chief engineer, Matt Becker.

The new SUV will be the most complex car in the company’s history when it arrives next year and Aston Martin has confirmed a starting price of £158,000.

The five-door 4x4 rides on a new aluminium platform and will be powered initially by a 542bhp 4.0-litre Mercedes-AMG V8. The twin turbocharged has been given an Aston tune, particularly aurally, with less bass than in its AMG applications. It drives through a nine speed torque-converter automatic gearbox, the first time Aston has used the Mercedes ‘9G’ transmission. Other powertrains will follow and the platform will be used for other Aston models.

The new platform allows the engine to be placed well back in the engine bay and none of the block overhangs the 22in front wheels. Extruded chassis sections along its length meet vast castings at each corner, providing great body strength. Aston says torsional rigidity, at 27,000Nm/deg, is high, but that just as important is great hard-point stiffness to reduce road noise.

There’s a slight, 54:46 front biased weight distribution to the 2245kg off-roader. Aston values vehicle handling highly and, as a result, the DBX has a raft of dynamics systems “without which you couldn’t do it”, according to Becker.

There is double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, triple-chamber air springs at each corner, adaptive Bilstein dampers and 48V active anti-roll bars, which, Aston says, are specced to provide 1033lb ft of roll resistance, more torque than in any rival. Overall, the DBX has less body roll than a Vantage. Aston could have made it roll not at all, but apparently that “feels weird”, said Becker.

Aston has benchmarked heavily ahead of launching a car in a new segment. It says it has tried nearly all of its rivals but has particularly targeted the BMW X6 M, Range Rover Sport SVR and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. This car is as large a leap for Aston as the Cayenne was for Porsche. “You have to change your test procedures because sports car procedures don’t work,” said Becker.

The targets are challenging because the remit of an SUV is so broad. “Working on this makes you a fan of SUVs,” admitted Becker.

The DBX has a centre differential that can place up to 47% of power to the front wheels or leave 100% going to the rear, where there’s an electronically controlled limited-slip differential. On a damp Stowe circuit at Silverstone, which Aston recently adopted as its test track, it was possible to slide the car around – not something customers will ever do, but evidence that Aston takes handling seriously, even in this market sector.

Different drive modes can drop the ride height by up to 30mm for on-road dynamism or raise it by 45mm off road, where, with a 500mm wade depth and anti-roll bars that are effectively disengaged. The DBX can pull 2.7 tonnes and have 100kg mounted on its roof. It is available with regular, all-season or winter tyres, all bespoke Pirellis.

The DBX seemed extremely capable off road, although pulling a horse box across wet grass is “the metric” customer demand, said Becker.

On the Aston’s roll bars, the motors can’t be disconnected and will drag, so sometimes, rather than putting torque in to reduce roll, power is applied to them to increase articulation and make the car ride with more flow.

This, you suspect, is the hardest part of getting a car to feel right: the endless hours, days, weeks of tuning everything in the hope that when you eventually try it, it feels natural to you, the customer. There’s no active rear-steer for that reason.

The car we saw was covered inside but sneaking looks and prods beneath the rugs showed that Aston has taken material quality more seriously than in its sports cars and a new image seems to confirm it. It gets Mercedes’ electrical architecture, with infotainment from the latest generation, classier-looking instruments than in other Astons and fewer obvious plastics.

It’s also roomy, seating tall adults behind tall adults with ease and with generous access to the rear seats.

Aston hasn’t confirmed the precise specs but says the DBX has a longer wheelbase than a Bentley Bentayga’s (which is 2995mm) yet is slightly shorter overall (the Bentayga is 5140mm long), meaning little wheel-arch ingress around the back doors. Boot space is 480 litres.

The car we saw was a ‘1PT’ prototype, the first of three phases of prototypes built in Aston’s new plant in St Athan, Wales: 2PT and 3PT will follow, with Job 1 models, the first customer cars, arriving in showrooms in late spring.


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New BMW M2 CS: official details of 444bhp, £75k run-out special

BMW CS 2020 official press images - hero front Track-focused version of BMW's smallest M car revealed ahead of LA motor show debut, with carbon parts, new aero features and more power

BMW’s M division is sending the current M2 off on a high with the introduction of a new, limited-edition CS model, and now it's official after leaking online yesterday.

The last-hurrah performance coupé, revealed here ahead of its first public debut at the Los Angeles motor show, goes on sale in the UK this week at a price of £75,320. Right-hand drive deliveries are planned to begin next April

Differentiating the track-focused M2 CS from the £51,425 M2 Competition are a number of exterior upgrades, such as a carbonfibre-reinforced plastic bonnet with a central air vent and a carbonfibre roof. The bonnet’s weight is claimed to be half that of the steel structure used for the M2 Competition.

Further changes include a new splitter element at the front, a unique boot spoiler and a multi-channel diffuser – all made from carbonfibre and boosting downforce. Also part of the package are new lightweight 19in forged aluminium wheels in a black or matt gold finish and a choice of four exterior paint colours.

Power for the M2 CS comes from a reworked version of M division’s S55 engine that uses a redesigned dual-branch exhaust system with controllable flaps for acoustics. The twin-turbo 3.0-litre petrol inline six runs the same state of tune as it does in the M4 Competition, developing 444bhp at 6250rpm. That’s a 40bhp increase on the M2 Competition and gives the M2 CS a power-to-weight ratio of 286bhp per tonne. Torque stays at 405lb ft.

The increased reserves are channelled through a standard six-speed manual or optional seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and an electronically controlled Active M differential. BMW claims a 0-62mph time of 4.2sec for the manual-equipped M2 CS and 4.0sec for the dual-clutch version. By comparison, the 404bhp M2 Competition has an official 0-62mph time of 4.4sec in manual guise.

The M2 CS’s fourth-gear 50-75mph split is put at 3.3sec for the manual car and 3.1sec for the dual-clutch model. With a Driver’s Package, which includes 245/35-profile front and 265/35-profile rear 19in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres as standard, the top speed is raised to 174mph.

The manual M2 CS’s fuel consumption is 27.7mpg on the WLTP cycle, with CO2 emissions of 233g/km. The dual-clutch car returns 30.1mpg and 214g/km.

Among the chassis tweaks brought to the M2 CS is standard Adaptive M suspension with the choice of three driving modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport+. Also included are upgraded M Sport brakes, with 400mm steel discs and six-piston calipers at the front and 380mm steel discs and four-piston calipers at the rear.

Despite the carbonfibre body panels, it's actually no lighter than the Competition unless you opt for the optional carbon ceramics, saving 22kg. This because it includes adaptive M suspension and M Sport seats as standard.


Inside, the M2 CS receives a carbonfibre centre console, plus M Sport seats from the M4 CS. Further equipment upgrades include adaptive LED headlights and a Harman Kardon sound system.


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2020 Audi RS Q8: first ride in 'Ring record-breaking SUV

Audi RS Q8 2020 camo ride - hero jump We ride shotgun in Audi's 592bhp super-SUV ahead of its official debut

The Audi RS Q8 hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, but already it’s a record breaker. Packing 592bhp, the high-riding, high-performance flagship has smashed the SUV lap record at Germany’s fearsome Nürburgring with a time of 7min 42.253sec – 12 seconds quicker than the previous benchmark set by the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S.

Based on the SQ8, the RS model features the twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 from the forthcoming RS6, which means it packs 592bhp and 590lb ft – good for 0-62mph in 3.8sec and a 190mph maximum top speed.

The SQ8’s air suspension and 48V anti-roll bars are carried over, but software tweaks mean the spring rates are up to 10% stiffer and the adaptive dampers can be around 15% firmer. Also used is the four-wheel steering setup, plus the torque-vectoring Sport rear differential.

However, extensive work has also been put into the bespoke Pirelli P Zero tyres, which run to 295/35 ZR 23 in their largest guise on the RS Q8.

“We wanted the RS Q8 to be able to deliver on the track, but also be usable every day,” said Victor Underberg, Audi Sport’s head of development. “We needed a tyre that’s quiet, comfortable and can cope with all sorts of weather but has the performance to deliver a strong lap time. With this tyre, we have achieved our targets.”

Structurally and externally, little has changed, with the engineers keen to stress that despite its performance and capability, the RS Q8 is a daily-usable series-production vehicle, and apart from those vast 23in wheel options, the only other noticeable updates are the carbonfibre trim around the revised front grille and lower bumper, plus the rear diffuser with its RS-trademark twin oval exhausts.

In the build-up to the RS Q8’s official launch later this month, Autocar was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access and granted a high-speed passenger ride around the ’Ring.

Audi factory ace Frank Stippler is not hanging about. We’ve got one hot lap of the Nürburgring and damp but drying conditions similar to those during his record-breaking run. (Had it been dry, Stippler reckons, there were another four or five seconds on the table.)

Obviously, we can’t truly get a handle on what the car’s doing when riding shotgun, but there’s enough feel through the seat of the pants to suggest the RS Q8 is hugely capable.

The relentless acceleration is a given, and looking at the telemetry later reveals there’s even enough grunt through the 180mph kink of Döttinger Höhe to spin a lightly unloaded inside rear wheel. The optional carbon-ceramic brakes work well, too, tirelessly hauling the car down from big speeds – although on a lap that’s 80% full throttle, they’re not worked as hard as they could be.

No, what’s surprising is the Audi’s agility. Where you’d expect plough-on understeer and extreme body roll, the RS Q8 takes a neutral and flat stance. If anything, the balance in these conditions is more towards oversteer. You can feel the rear-wheel steering pointing the nose into the apex in slower turns and the trick diff allows Stippler to get early on the throttle at the exit to get the rear rotating for a quicker exit.

Tellingly, we’re in the Auto driving mode. “When it’s a little slippy like this, then in Dynamic with stability disengaged, we’d have oversteer all the way from entrance to exit,” says Stippler with a smile.

Rapid changes of direction are no problem for the RS Q8, yet despite the roll stiffness, the trick suspension can still deliver enough compliance to ride the big kerbs with real suppleness.

Inside, the most obvious tweak is the inclusion of RS-specific displays for the TFT instrument cluster, but with its roll-cage, race seats and discarded rear bench, the interior we saw was in all other ways unrepresentative.

It’s truly impressive, and while we’ll have to wait for our turn behind the wheel (and in a car with rear seats) to deliver a proper verdict, we’ve learned enough to know that Porsche won’t have it all its own way in the battle for high-performance SUV supremacy.


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Ford Mondeo Hybrid prices reduced as range extended

Ford Mondeo hybrid 1 Ford’s electrified family car now starts from £26,640, £1800 less than before. Focus ST auto now off sale, too

Ford has revamped its Mondeo Hybrid saloon and estate range with the addition of two new trim levels, dropping the entry price down by £1800.

The entry-level range addition is the Mondeo Zetec Edition hybrid, which is available to order now from £26,460 for the saloon and £37,960 for the estate. It still includes kit such as Ford’s Sync 3 touchscreen infotainment and sat-nav, dual-zone climate control, front and rear parking sensors and pre-collision assist.

Also now part of the range is a Mondeo Hybrid ST-Line Edition - the first time the petrol-electric model has been made available with Ford’s sportier trim levels. It starts from £29,360 for the saloon and £30,780 for the estate, and brings a bodykit, 19in alloy wheels, sports-style part leather seats and interior details, and ‘sport tuned suspension’.

The Mondeo Hybrid is still powered by the same 2.0-litre petrol engine mated to a 35kW electric motor for a combined 184bhp. Claimed CO2 emissions drop to 94g/km for the Zetec Edition, likely due to its smaller wheel size.

Further changes to Ford’s line-up include the removal of the automatic gearbox option from the recently launched Focus ST across Europe. A spokesman told Autocar that it has been pushed back to the middle of 2020 due to “homologation improvements” needed to reach WLTP standards.


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Promoted | The all-new Skoda Scala: Ashlea’s story

On a family stargazing adventure, you need a hatchback that is spacious, practical, comfortable, stylish and high-tech When you’re taking the family on a stargazing adventure, you need a hatchback that is as spacious, practical and comfortable as it is stylish and high-tech

Meet Ashlea. A busy mum to Anna (7) and Max (4), she loves to help her family escape the bustle of daily life and look to the skies. That’s why, when Ashlea wants to take the family stargazing, the all-new Skoda Scala is the perfect match.

From a stylish head-turning design and cosseting high-tech interior that gives the Skoda Scala a distinctly premium and modern feel, to the practical, comfortable and spacious passenger and luggage bay, every element of Skoda’s new hatchback has been designed to make family journeys – long or short – simpler, safer and more fun.

To learn more about the all-new Skoda Scala, head to

The new star of the hatchback pack

The Skoda Scala has been designed to shine in a constellation of rivals. With a bold new look, courtesy of Skoda’s evolving design language, it brings a fresh sense of style to the family hatchback sector. 

The sleekly aerodynamic sporty profile and deep low grille work with intensely bright LED headlights to help you cut far through the dark of remote country roads. Equally, the rear leaves a lasting impression, thanks to its extended tailgate glass and distinctive Skoda branding, as well as LED rear lights with eye-catching animated indicators that ‘flow’ outwards to show a change of direction.

The Skoda Scala’s spacious and stylish interior offers a warming welcome with high-quality soft-touch materials and pleasing ambient lighting. An optional full-length panoramic roof brings even more light into the cabin and gives you a greater sense of your surroundings – whether it’s watching the scenery go by during the day, or admiring the city lights and starry skies at night.

A high-res digital Virtual Cockpit works with Amundsen satellite navigation, SmartLink+ smartphone connectivity and Skoda Connect apps on the large free-standing touchscreen – letting you customise your display between driving info, navigation, media, calls or texts – while keyless entry, a start/stop button and handy steering-wheel-mounted controls help you quickly prepare for blast off.

Space: fine in front and rear

The Skoda Scala has also been designed to be a practical family car, with a large 467-litre luggage space that offers up to 1,410 litres when you fold down the 60:40-split rear seats. A tip-to-close electrically operated boot offers fast and easy access, while a wealth of clever storage features – such as bag and tether hooks, boot nets, double-sided boot liners and straps – help you secure your cargo.

In the rear passenger seats, an extended wheelbase offers generous rear kneeroom and headroom for family members and friends (short or tall), while foldable tables and rear USB slots help keep minds (young and old) entertained. Equally, a wealth of clever storage options around the cabin offer up to 26 litres of space for all that family life throws at you. 

The Skoda Scala is also prepared for unexpected adventures, with an ice scraper conveniently located in the fuel cap for cold days and an umbrella mounted in the door for surprise showers, while the climate control air conditioning is fitted with a humidity sensor to reduce windscreen misting on cold and wet winter mornings.

To infinity, and beyond

The Skoda Scala hasn’t just been designed to be great to use. It has also been designed to be great to drive. A wide choice of Euro 6d petrol and diesel engines, with manual or 7-speed DSG automatic gearboxes, lets you choose the blend of power, economy and low emissions that’s perfect for your budget.

Equally, a chassis that has been designed to be stronger, stiffer and lighter blends improved handling and a more cosseting ride, with optional Sport Chassis Control adjustable shock absorbers that can lower and stiffen the suspension for an even more responsive, engaging and sporty drive.

Intelligent driving aids such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Auto Light Assist, Lane Change Assist, Side Assist and Rear Traffic Alert help make driving easier and safer, while front and rear parking sensors with a rear-view camera help you make any final docking manoeuvres. Plus, if the worst should happen, a total of nine airbags – including an optional driver knee airbag – help protect you and your passengers.

So, whether you’re taking a long journey to the outer rims of your universe, or just doing a simple stargazing trip with the family, the Skoda Scala has been designed to fit the bill. 

To learn more about the all-new Skoda Scala, head to


60 years of the M1: how we covered the opening of the UK's first motorway

M1 ground view
The M1 was a product of raw manpower. About 13,000,000 cubic yards of earth were moved in order to create the road
The “London-Birmingham Motorway” opened for business 60 years ago this year. Here’s what Autocar had to say as the ribbon was cut

Last Friday was exactly 60 years since the opening of the first section of what would later become known as the M1, the oldest ‘motorway’ (first called) in Britain and one of our most historic and beloved roads.

Connecting London to the north of England, the motorway is now an established and even - especially to the jaded commuter - mundane part of our motoring landscape, but travelling along the M1 wasn’t always such an everyday thing. In fact, when the motorway first opened for traffic, its appearance was immensely exciting, and seen by many as a symbol of modernity.

This sense of excitement and anticipation is palpable in a feature on the “London-Birmingham Motorway” in the 30 October 1959 issue of Autocar, just prior to its official unveiling. “On Monday, 2 November, the new Minister of Transport, Mr Ernest Marples, will snip the tape at Pepperstock junction as simultaneously police in radio contact will remove the barriers at all the connecting flyover access points, and traffic will begin to flow up and down the new London-Birmingham Motorway - the M1, as it is to be called,” the piece begins, registering the huge sense of occasion that accompanied the new motorway’s completion. In a wonderfully heady moment, the writer refers to the M1 as “our first real Motorway”.

One of the main reasons the M1 was groundbreaking was because of its scale. Italy had had motorways since the 1920s, but Britain had to wait until nearly 40 years later for its first such road, a motorway which bypassed Preston (and which would eventually be incorporated into the M6). This road, however, was significantly shorter than the M1. To build the longer motorway, roughly 13,000,000 cubic yards of earth had to be shifted, 150 bridges were made, 148 emergency telephones were constructed and over 4500 people were involved to create the iconic road. All these facts were dwelled on in Autocar’s original coverage - far from the everyday road that it’s seen as today, the M1 was a triumph of modern engineering and human resolve.

While Autocar was excited about the M1, however, we also highlighted the importance of caution. There had, we noted, been “too much glamour and talk of ‘throwing open the motorways of Britain.’ We must be rational, and consider the road as what it is - an important start to the provision of a network of modern roads in Britain.”

This note chimes with a similar one sounded by Ernest Marples, in his speech at the opening of the road: “This motorway starts a new era in road travel. It is in keeping with the bold, exciting and scientific age in which we live. It is a powerful weapon to add to our transport system. But like all powerful instruments it can be a power for good or evil.” He emphasised that drivers must “use discipline, common sense and obey the rules,” or else risk “disaster and tragedy”.

As well as celebrating the motorway, then, a large part of our coverage was also centred around explaining the road and advising drivers how to use it efficiently and safely.

“At the terminal roundabouts drivers will simply feed into the appropriate carriageway,” we wrote, “accelerate to a cruising speed happily within the car’s capabilities, and sustain it until the opposite terminal is reached, or until some earlier access flyover if the driver wishes to leave the Motorway before the end. Joining and leaving at flyover access junctions is equally simple, but requires some explanations.

“First, one never turns right. Drawing A shows the route taken by traffic leaving the Motorway and joining the all-purpose roads to turn to the right of the original direction of travel. It will be seen that one filters to the left in all cases when leaving the Motorway, regardless of which direction is to be taken later. The filter ramps lead to a roundabout below or above the Motorway, and it is there that the change of direction is made.

“Second, one never makes a turn. The accent is on filtering, and the ramps join and leave the main carriageways at a gentle angle. They should be entered at speed, and braking (while leaving) and acceleration (while joining) should be done on the main carriageway every time it reaches a flyover-access junction, though drivers will be well advised - particularly in these early months - to be prepared for inexperienced drivers who may brake unnecessarily before filtering away, or who may filter in while travelling much too slowly. Diagram B shows how traffic joins the Motorway by the same filter ramp, regardless of the previous approach direction.”

Of course, in 1959, there were no sat-navs, so a sharp memory was paramount if you didn’t want to miss your junction and have to keep on driving in the wrong direction until the next flyover. Autocar advised drivers to “memorize before they start the road number of the flyover at which they must filter out. For a driver who misses his filter ramp there is no stopping, reversing or turning round: he must press on to the next flyover, filter out, go round the roundabout, filter back on the other carriageway, and return to the one he has missed.” Drivers also needed to check they had enough petrol for their journey before joining the motorway - for, when the M1 first opened, petrol stations serving it had not yet been built - as well as keeping a close eye on their tyre pressures, which were crucial given the relatively high speeds cars would be travelling on the newly-built road.

Despite this close focus on educating drivers, Autocar was upbeat about the motorway’s prospects.

“The table below gives an idea of the gains and losses of distance and time when the Motorway is used between key points. The times given are pessimistic because an average speed of 50 miles an hour has been taken as the mean speed for cars on the Motorway; in fact they are likely to be higher, and it is probable, judging by Continental motorway experience, that many drivers will regularly take little more than an hour to cover the 69 miles.

“More important than the saving in time will be the reductions in accidents, vehicle wear, fuel consumption and nervous energy on the part of the drivers. With modern vehicles, sustained cruising at a reasonable speed is far less wearing on all components than normal stop-start driving on all-purpose roads.”

We concluded: “The benefit of the Motorway will not be appreciated in full until the northern section from Crick to Doncaster is built. Work is in hand on the bridges for that road already, but the carriageways are awaiting the final planning authorisation. We trust that Mr Marples will make this one of his most urgent responsibilities.”


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New Kia Futuron concept previews future electric SUVs

2019 Kia Futuron Striking high-rider takes styling inspiration from UFOs and is said to offer 'lightning-fast' acceleration

Kia has unveiled the new Futuron concept as an indication of what a new line of electric SUVs from the Korean manufacturer could look like. 

Making its public debut at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, the concept takes the form of a two-door SUV with a coupe-style curved roofline. The firm says the model’s design is notable “for its pure, smooth form, devoid of ornament”.

Measuring 4850mm from bumper to bumper, the Futuron is comparable in length to Byton’s similarly positioned M-Byte electric SUV, the Audi E-tron and Jaguar’s I-Pace, but a roofline just 1550mm off the ground matches that of smaller SUVs like the Skoda Kamiq and the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo

An especially notable feature of the concept’s design is a new version of Kia’s trademark ‘tiger nose’ grille (present on all of its production cars for more than ten years), which has been significantly expanded to create a ‘tiger face’. The front end also showcases a new ‘Star Cloud’ lighting design that's incorporated into the grille and uses movable ‘scales’ to alternate between daytime running lights and full-beam headlights. 

Kia hints that this front end design, itself an evolution of that sported by the four-door ‘Imagine by Kia’ concept, could soon feature across its line-up. 

Exact powertrain specifications are unconfirmed, but Kia has revealed that the Futuron keeps its power in a high-capacity battery pack that's mounted beneath its floor to maximise interior space and ensure a low centre of gravity. This unit sends power to four electric motors, one on each wheel, which are said to offer “lightning-fast responses to driver inputs”. 

The Futuron’s interior is equally futuristic, combining a minimalist layout with advanced autonomy functions to enhance the urban driving experience. 

A diamond-shaped panoramic glasshouse is said to be inspired by ‘UFO and flying saucer design’, and offers a clear view of the road ahead while maximising the amount of natural light in the cabin. It also incorporates a network of LiDAR sensors that enable Level 4 self-driving functions. 

The front seats are fully reclinable, enabling drivers to take their eyes off the road when the car is in its autonomous mode, which Kia says will help to reduce fatigue on long journeys. The exterior’s ‘Star Cloud’ lighting pattern features on the door panels, with a similarly ‘scaley’ surface housing the air conditioning and heating vents. 

The Futuron’s 360-degree cabin shape is emphasised by a thin, interactive light bar that wraps around the entire body and responds to physical movements from outside the car. 

Kia has offered several indications as to how its future line-up is taking shape recently. The SP Signature and Mohave Masterpiece SUVs shown earlier this year previewed a pair of combustion-engined SUVs, while the rugged HabaNiro gave an idea of what to expect from the next-generation Niro, launching in 2021. 

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New Jaguar F-Type: 2020 restyling shown with less disguise

Jaguar F-Type 2020 spyshot front Jaguar's sports car gets a styling and technology overhaul to bring it up to date, and new shots give us the best look yet

Jaguar is in the process of testing an updated F-Type due for reveal next year, and new shots give us the closest look yet at the external and internal changes for the new model.

The photographs, taken near Jaguar Land Rover's Gaydon technical HQ, show two prototypes are shedding camouflage as testing ramps up. We can now see the restyled front end more clearly, with a new clamshell bonnet, slim, angular LED headlights mounted lower down the nose and a more prominent grille. 

A look at the rear shows it retains the same vertical bootlid, but with new wraparound tail-lights and a reshaped bumper. A quick glimpse at the cabin doesn't reveal much, but it looks like the infotainment has moved on a generation, while the rotary dial climate display remains. 

It's expected that much of the more advanced technology and infotainment features from the I-Pace and the 2019 XE will make its way into the F-Type. That means new digital dials, a larger and more feature-laden touchscreen, and substantial upgrades to the materials. 

Jaguar Land Rover is now phasing out its long-running supercharged V6 in favour of a new turbocharged and hybridised straight six, and the F-Type will benefit from this more efficient powertrain. The turbocharged four-cylinder and supercharged V8 engines should be carried over to the new car with limited changes, however. Indeed, this prototype registers as a 5.0-litre V8, putting paid to rumours JLR would bring in a BMW-sourced 4.4-litre unit.

What remains unclear is whether the new F-Type will retain a manual gearbox option. The current V6 is still offered with one in the UK, although it has reportedly been removed from sale in the US. Regardless, manuals account for a tiny fraction of overall F-Type sales. 

Jaguar’s priorities for 2019 are the roll-out of the new XE and the launch of a similarly updated XF and F-Pace. However, we could see the revised F-Type early on in 2020, with an on-sale date not soon after that. 

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James Ruppert: Looking for a Brexit bargain? Take a trip across the Irish sea

Ford Focus
An imported Focus could make sense for Irish buyers
Small petrol runarounds are particularly good value in Ireland, but Jaguar and Audi buyers can save too

I was interested to read that Irish motorists increased their spending on cars imported from the UK by 181% in July and August compared with the same two months in 2018. Apparently, the country’s car import boom is picking up speed as the Brexit deadline looms. A company called Fexco also found the number of UK vehicles imported by Irish drivers in July and August was up by 175% year on year.

This is in line with my experience of readers from across the Irish Sea who are after economical, affordable cars that definitely aren’t diesels. These are individuals, not dealers, and the average amount spent per car in July and August was 16,197 (£13,930) – an increase of 32% on that paid three years ago. Rather more money than I am being asked about. So what sort of cars should make the journey? The short answer is small petrol ones. The 1.0-litre Ford Focus has a lot going for it as a really practical family hatchback that is groovy to drive. I found a 59,000- mile one in Zetec trim, all for £5480 – and it’s a 2014 as well. It will do 60mpg officially and the tax in the UK is just £20.

Staying with the 1.0-litre ultra-economical theme, the Volkswagen Group has plenty of contenders. I like a Fabia but think that an Octavia would be good and an estate even better. So a 2018 1.0 TSI SE with 10,000 miles is £12,800. The average fuel consumption is 50mpg, although the annual tax is £145 over here.

Let’s just say we delivered a car to Ireland – what could we bring back? I looked at some Jaguars and Audis and they were priced the same as in the UK, if not more. I know that classics are quite highly taxed, so it would be interesting to see what sort of survivors are in circulation over there.

A quick search threw up a rather interesting 1986 Audi 100 saloon. A proper Vorsprung example that you just don’t see. Yours for 4500 (£3870). Classic BMWs seemed to be at UK levels, but I found another rarely seen Audi, again from 1986 – a five-cylinder 90CD at 4600 (£3960).

Still being oddly 1980s: how about a Talbot Horizon 1.5GL? A five-door hatchback with 43,000 miles that is all but extinct can be yours for 4450 (£3830). Staying square and back to yet another Audi, I came across a 1984 1.8 Coupé for 1500 (£1290) that has a burst brake pipe and “some missing windows”. Not perfect, but apparently the body is not too bad.

There are deals and potential swaps to be done. I think if you actually went to Ireland with euros like some friends have, you’ll get a better deal. That’s the way it works.

What we almost bought this week

Seat Arosa 1.0 S: The great thing about this Arosa is that it’s just had a new clutch, cambelt and water pump. If we’d had to replace them, the bill would have been £895 – which, by coincidence, is exactly what the seller is asking for the car. It’s a 2004-reg with 98,000 miles and an MOT until March. To make us feel doubly smug, we’d want 12 months.

Tales from Ruppert's garage

Porsche Cayenne - mileage 104,456: Days away from the MOT and I have sort of given it my unprofessional once over. I will tempt fate by saying that it isn’t going to fail on anything especially obvious. The tyres seem fine, there are no brake issues and, best of all, there is a lack of warning lights. I also told the garage to give it a little light service. Last year it went to a specialist and has only had light usage since, so I think an oil and filter is all that’s required. Let’s hope I’m right. If not, it will be an expensive visit to the garage. What fun.

Reader's ride

Jaguar XJ40: Stuart Dodman is pleased as punch with his Jaguar and quite right too: “Here is my pride and joy, my XJ40 3.2 in Morocco Red. I’ve had this car for a year now and have spent little on upkeep (apart from polish, wax, Back to Black etc). As I am semi-retired, I don’t really need a car so can afford a motor that would be too expensive as a daily runner. I was lucky the previous owner wax-oiled the underside so there’s no rust. My Jag (love saying that!) feels very special to drive and I turn more heads than vastly more expensive cars do.”

Readers' Questions

Question: In reviews, a tester will say ‘the smaller 16in wheels give a better ride than the larger 17 or 18in wheels’. Why do smaller wheels, seemingly for all cars, give a better ride? Keith Hill, via email

Answer: To avoid making the speedometer wildly inaccurate, when the wheel size changes so must the rolling diameter of the tyre. So a smaller tyre has a deeper and more compliant sidewall and vice versa. It’s why, for a good handling and ride compromise, the mid-size wheel is often best. However, it’s not always the case since there are so many other variables at play, not to mention the quality of the car’s suspension. John Evans

Question: How much money do electric cars lose and what is their real-world range? I would expect an undershoot, especially in colder climates. Sukhy Ubhi, via email

Answer: Cap HPI has revealed the winners and losers in EV depreciation, calculated from new over two years and 20,000 miles. Its three slowest depreciators are the Jaguar I-Pace (25.4% depreciation), Volkswagen e-Golf (33.7%) and Tesla Model X (35.4%). Worst is the Renault Zoe (52.5%). Regarding real-world range, tests suggest that EVs achieve around 85% of their officially claimed range. According to our sister title What Car?, the Kia e-Niro 64kWh has the longest real-world range of 259 miles, or 92% of its official 282-mile figure. John Evans


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Autocar confidential: Toyota believes it can fly, Suzuki gets its hustle on and more

Mitsubishi electric motors
At Tokyo, Mitsubishi debuted a gas turbine range-extender. However, a production model is still some way away
Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

In this week's round-up of automotive gossip, we chat hybrids with Mitsubishi, get swept up on Toyota's mad e-broom, talk Kei cars with Nissan and more.

Mitsubishi's hot air 

Mitsubishi showed a gas turbine range-extender powertrain at Tokyo, but don’t get your hopes up about it making production. Engineering boss Hiroshi Nagaoka said the technology has been in development for only a short time and is a long way from proving itself in areas such as heat management and control.

Toyota sweeps Tokyo

Bizarrest moment of the Tokyo show was Toyota boss Akio Toyoda unveiling an e-broom. Although no technical details were given, it appeared to have an electric wheel at the end of the brush that propelled a man on rollerskates around the show stage. “It doesn’t fly yet,” said Toyoda, ruefully, as the slightly bemused audience looked on…

Suzuki's side hustle(r)

Japanese cars have some unusual names and the oddest unveiled at the show was probably Suzuki’s Hustler. It’s not a dodgy mag or a conman, but rather a Jimny crossed with an MPV. It looked charming, albeit without the desirability of the Jimny off-roader.

Toyota - now with added beef

Could cow droppings power cars? Toyota’s chief technical officer, Shigeki Terashi, suggested that possibility while explaining why car firms shouldn’t be railroaded into a single solution to lower emissions. “Methane from cows is one interesting solution,” he said. “There are many different ideas and we must remain open to them.”

Timing is Kei 

Tiny Kei cars are hugely popular in Japan but Ivan Espinosa, Nissan’s product planning boss, admitted: “I’d never buy one for myself or my wife today.” He reckons they’re too slow and noisy right now but will be better suited to electric tech.


Mitsubishi's Tokyo show star is roofless SUV with four electric motors

Nissan reveals electric IMk city car concept

2019 Tokyo motor show: show report and pictures


Sixth title makes Hamilton F1’s second most successful driver

Lewis Hamilton wins sixth driver's world championship - lead US Grand Prix win cements Hamilton's place in motorsport history, with only Schumacher holding more Championships

Lewis Hamilton is the second most decorated Formula 1 driver in history after clinching his sixth world championship at the United States Grand Prix on Sunday – and his team boss believes he has every chance of adding a record-equalling seventh in 2020.

The 34-year-old finished second to Mercedes AMG F1 team-mate Valtteri Bottas at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, which was more than enough to secure his third successive crown and fifth in six seasons with still two more races of the season to run.

The achievement lifts Hamilton clear of Juan Manuel Fangio’s five titles won in seven seasons during the 1950s and leaves the British driver just one short of Michael Schumacher’s record of seven. He is also only eight grand prix victories behind the German’s win record of 91.

“There is a reason why the Schumacher record stands because it is just very difficult,” Mercedes F1 team principal Toto Wolff told the BBC. “If we are able to provide the drivers with a good car and we continue to work on the gaps we still have and try to minimise the mistakes – and he has a good season – there is no reason why he couldn't go for a seventh title.”

Hamilton only qualified fifth in Austin as Bottas claimed pole position on Saturday. But with only an eighth place required to win the title if Bottas won the race, his sixth championship was never in serious doubt. The Briton passed Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari at Turn 1 after the start, then pulled off an audacious move around the outside of Sebastian Vettel at Turn 8 to rise to third behind Bottas and Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

A one-stop tyre strategy then gave Hamilton a shot of challenging for victory as Bottas and Verstappen pitted twice. The tactic required Hamilton to run 32 laps on Pirelli’s hard compound, and once Bottas had made his second stop for fresh medium-compound tyres he was always going to be vulnerable to an attack from his is team-mate. But Bottas was only able to make his race-winning pass five laps from the end, as Hamilton nursed his worn rubber.

Even then, he maintained enough pace to remain clear of a closing Verstappen and was aided by a late yellow flag for Kevin Magnussen’s beached Haas, which forced the Dutchman to back off on the main straight and allowed Bottas and Hamilton to secure Mercedes another one-two finish.

Of the 19 races run so far in the 2019 season, Hamilton has won 10 of them in what has been among his finest in F1. An early run of four consecutive race wins lifted him beyond the challenge of a rejuvenated Bottas, but more impressively he combated Ferrari’s upturn in form after the summer break in August, since when Vettel and Leclerc have generally enjoyed a pace advantage.

Hamilton dedicated his sixth title to Niki Lauda, the three-time world champion who played a vital role in the development of the dominant Mercedes team in this modern hybrid era and who died back in May.

Both team and driver will now turn their attention to shooting for their seventh titles next year, which will be the last of Hamilton’s current contract. But although he has always played down the significance of records, it appears unlikely that he will want to end his incredible run with Mercedes at the end of 2020 when the opportunity is likely to remain to not only equal Schumacher’s career number but also surpass them, before he steps down from driving.


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Opinion: A reborn Elan could drive in a new era for Lotus

Elan badge Reviving the Elan plays to company's strengths in making chassises and the famous Elan brand name. With it on the way, Lotus's future looks bright

Hard to think of a good reason why Lotus wouldn’t bring back the Elan, what with the cachet of that great name and the ambition of the company’s new Geely-led management, which among other assets has access to an enticing collection of Volvo/Geely/Lynk&Co running gear.

Lotus’s sibling companies have already conquered many of the problems that might have deterred others thinking of a lowish-volume roadster for global sale.

As well as access to major components, Lotus already knows what kind of chassis to use. It has an enviable understanding of bonded riveted aluminium structures and has even put recent time into defeating the system’s biggest problem as demonstrated on the Elise: awkward ingress and egress. Bigger doors and lower sills are now pretty simple to provide.

Lotus lovers – and the company’s long-suffering dealers – will hear this news (if news it be) and welcome the future. It’s very hard to think of five words in Lotus language that could have a more beneficial impact on business than these: “They’re bringing back the Elan.”


All-new Lotus model due next year

Lotus reveals 1973bhp Evija as world's most powerful production car 

Lotus reveals new logo as part of brand revamp


Nearly-new buying guide: Volkswagen Golf R

VW Golf R cornering 'Iconic' is overused in motoring journalism. But for describing the Golf? There's no other word

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Golf R was how quickly it began appearing on the roads in serious numbers following its launch in 2014. Of course, the cheapest version, the three-door manual, cost only around £4000 more than the cheapest GTI (£30,000 compared with £26,000) and, remember, this is the age of the PCP when such differences translate to only a few extra pounds on the monthly payment. But VW was also pushing the new model hard with incentives.

The result is that today, used Golf Rs are almost as plentiful as used GTIs, with prices starting at around £11,000 for a high-miler. However, from £14,500 is where solid 14-reg cars with 50,000 miles begin.

There are manuals and threedoors in the mix but the vast majority are five-door automatics (sevenspeed DSG). Owing to its relative scarcity and particular appeal, the three-door is, like for like, more expensive than the five-door, but a cast-iron service history and unblemished condition are essential.

Supply-wise, auto and manual versions of the three-door are split 50/50 whereas, unsurprisingly given its broader reach, five-door Rs are predominantly automatic. If you’re tempted by the three-door’s sportier looks, be aware that access to the back seats is, naturally, trickier – a fact that, over time, may come to bother you more than it does now.

Colour is critical. It’s subjective but many think the R looks best in blue, which, happily, is the most plentiful colour. On later cars, Turmeric Yellow (it looks like gold) divides opinion and is rare but worth considering if you’ve an eye on future resale. Black and white are safe as houses and play to the R’s Q-car character.

With so many used Rs to choose from, the right options help a car to stand out. Among the more desirable ones is Adaptive Chassis Control (ACC), which offers Comfort, Normal and Race modes. Despite its name, Comfort still feels quite brittle but that’s the price you pay for the R’s sharp responses.

Other choice options include leather, climate windscreen, uprated Dynaudio system – at full whack, it will loosen your fillings – and panoramic sunroof. The optional 19in Pretoria alloys are sought after but check their condition first. The standard-fit sound actuator that enhances the engine note is good but, in 2017, VW made a sports exhaust package available for £2975.

Desirable though all these options are, don’t let the right car slip through your fingers for want of a few goodies since the R is already well specced in standard trim, with sports suspension, four-wheel drive, 18in alloys and xenon headlights, not to mention a good sound system. In 2016, the car was given a mild makeover, receiving a 10bhp boost, LED lights, a new media system and some subtle styling changes. Underneath it all, though, it was the same great performance bargain.

Need to know

Ensure the DSG automatic gearbox fluid and filters have been changed at 40,000-mile intervals. Although this generation of DSG is not prone to the issues that afflicted earlier versions, it’s vital the gearbox is properly maintained. The Haldex clutch needs servicing every three years.

If fitted, check the optional 19in Pretoria alloys are free of damage as they’re susceptible to buckling. Replacements are very expensive.

During 2016, the Golf R gained an extra 10bhp, taking it to 306bhp, but towards the end of 2018, it was wound back to 296bhp to meet the new WLTP emissions limits.

The three-door version is still available on 2019/19-reg but has been dropped for the 2020 model year as the replacement Mk8 Golf R beckons.

Our pick

VW Golf R DSG 5dr: With five doors and an automatic gearbox, the R is the perfect high-performance all-rounder. In fact, the auto covers the 0-62mph sprint 0.5sec quicker than the manual. Autocar’s test car returned 28.7mpg overall.

Wild card

VW Golf R 3dr: Three doors and a manual 'box aren't exactly wild but, given that autos outnumber manuals by two to one and five-doors outnumber three-doors by four to one, at least they're scarce.

Ones we found

2014 Golf R 3dr, 115,000 miles, £11,295

2015 Golf R 5dr, 65,000 miles, £14,995

2017 Golf R Nav 5dr, 37,000 miles, £19,695

2018 Golf R 310PS 5dr, 31,000 miles, £21,999


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Lotus Engineering "back in business" and planning expansion

Lotus being built As Lotus revives the Elan and others, the British firm's engineering arm has a raft of new projects in the works

Lotus Engineering, the division that acts as an engineering consultant for third-party clients, is set to be expanded under new leadership. Boss Miguel Fragoso has begun reinvigorating the division, with a new commercial director appointed. Fragoso has kept a team “working on the areas instrumental in maintaining our capability”, such as advanced structures, dynamics, propulsion systems and electronic controls.

During the cost-cutting drive under previous Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus Engineering’s contribution to the group’s turnover dwindled to as little as 15%. In the past, it has contributed almost half. However, Fragoso has credited Gales with bringing “the financial discipline that it didn’t have. That made it more attractive for an investor.”

Recent projects have included an exploratory exercise in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover for the government’s Technology Strategy Board and two projects with unnamed Japanese companies.

“We’ve been able to keep some extraordinary talent,” said Fragoso. He also pointed out that by offering services in these areas, “we are more than subject specialists, we are a car company ourselves”, providing additional insight.

For these reasons and because of the fresh impetus behind Lotus Engineering, Fragoso said: “We’re back in business.” It’s a business he divides into two broad areas: one being the familiar mainstream car makers, the other start-ups. Within this, he said: “We will be working with Geely.” For the future, Fragoso said: “We want to be among the leading companies providing these services. And these companies aren’t small.”

Assisting this ambition will be the fact that Lotus is now developing the electric Evija hypercar and a new family of sports cars, a process that exposes it more fully to the latest technologies, better enabling it to take on “projects that align with our sports car plans”.


Lotus reveals 1973bhp Evija as world's most powerful production car

All-new Lotus model due next year

Lotus reveals new logo as part of brand revamp


Lotus Elan in frame as Boxster rival in revival plan

Lotus Elan render
How the new Lotus Elan could look, as imagined by Autocar
The Elan could be reborn, joining a range of old favourites being reintroduced through Lotus's new growth strategy

Lotus is considering reintroducing the Elan name on a new drop-top sports car, as well as other models in a back catalogue that includes the Elite, the Europa and the Esprit.

The Elan name is said by sources at the Hethel-based firm to have a strong possibility of being revived in the next few years. Few of the details are known at this stage but insiders are said to be “very excited” by the proposed configuration of this car, which is expected to be positioned above the Elise as a two-seat convertible with more refinement, space and creature comforts to take on the Porsche Boxster. Despite this, the new car should stick to the classic Lotus traits of being lighter than rivals and among the best in its class to drive.

The company is developing an all-new, rivet-bonded platform to replace its two existing structures – with the Elise/Exige architecture dating back to 1995, and the Evora to 2008. The all-new platform, which is around two years away, will provide the basis for a new sports car range including the Elan.

The proposed new model would be the third-generation Elan; the first highly regarded version of this sports car series was introduced in 1962. The platform family on which it’s broadly based is the central plank of a new product cycle plan that’s part of Lotus’s 10-year ‘Vision 80’ strategy.

Before these newcomers, Lotus will launch the last variation on the current Evora platform, a new sports model. It will appear late next year as a very driver-focused package but it will also be significantly easier to get in and out of than current models and have much improved ergonomics. Alongside this, CEO Phil Popham has expressed a need to overhaul the brand’s rather limited connectivity technology, so we could see new Lotuses ditching the usual aftermarket stereo systems for a bespoke infotainment set-up.

Planning a decade ahead is a given for most car makers but a strategic rarity for Lotus. It has been enabled by the Vision 80 investment programme led by Popham. In the past, the company has typically had the resources to develop only one car at a time. Now it can realise a complete product plan.

The scale of this investment has been estimated at around £1.5 billion by Bloomberg, although this figure is said to be “very conservative” by a Lotus spokesman. That sum should be enough to pay for the new architecture, whose structural concept will be similar to the current platform.

Lotus will retain the rivet-bonded alloy core concept, which, insiders say, provides excellent overall stiffness and allows plenty of scope to increase local rigidity for different models. These qualities will be essential if the high-grade driving dynamics promised by the company’s ‘for the driver’ brand ambition are to be achieved.

The rivet-bonded approach also suits Lotus’s sales goals. Although the firm is aiming to increase sales sixfold – from last year’s 1630 cars to around 10,000 by 2029 – this vehicle construction method reportedly remains the best solution for Lotus’s relatively low volumes.

The rivet-bonded and composite structure is also light – essential to the Lotus mission – and its detail design will benefit from the brand’s 25 years of production experience with this technology.

As before, a mix of materials will be used, probably across a wider palette that includes carbonfibre and several metals. A key ambition will be to reduce the time required to build each car, say insiders. That will be achieved by reducing the time it takes to bond each structure and also by cutting the number of hours required to assemble a car, the corollary of which should be improved quality.

Containing costs will be aided by the use of ‘keep zones’, the term Lotus engineers use to describe the three-dimensional slices of architecture that will be shared among all cars using this new platform. One example is the position of the front wheel relative to the driver’s seat, a high-investment zone of the platform that it makes sense to retain across all versions. But the ‘keep zones’ strategy doesn’t preclude tailoring the wheelbase and track to suit the needs of different models, insiders say.

As for the new model being introduced late next year, this will be the last new variant to be developed on the current Evora platform and much effort has been expended on ergonomics. That includes not only the driving position and forward visibility but also the ease of getting into and out of the car, a drawback of the current models that has limited sales.

Given the wide variety of cars to be derived from the all-new platform – from track-only models via an Elan to the Evora and Esprit supercar, which is also understood to bea long-term goal for Lotus – the scope for a variety of dynamic and functional levels will need to be built in. The company has reportedly done a lot of work assessing competitor cars to define these goals at the outset for each new model.

The targets also include the cars’ electrical functionality. Insiders have reported that membership of the Geely Group is giving Lotus affordable access to everything from infotainment systems and electronic dampers to electric power steering technology. The last of these will be essential for providing the advanced driver assistance systems mandated by law in some markets, but there will also be models, probably track-focused ones, with unassisted steering.

Regulations and a shifting market will also demand that alternative powertrains be developed and these are said to be under evaluation. But, as Lotus found when developing the Tesla Roadster from the Elise, packaging large numbers of battery cells can affect both the platform’s design and the car’s dynamic behaviour, which Lotus will hope to limit in part by harnessing tech from Geely.

The recent announcement of a Geely combustion engine and hybrid development centre, created by combining the Volvo and Geely internal combustion development departments, would provide a source of expertise.

A further sign of the more substantial resources behind Lotus is the plan to develop all models for worldwide homologation from the start, as well as building in the scope to cater for the customer requirements of markets such as China and the US. The long-mooted SUV will be key to these markets. It is tipped to become Lotus’s ‘cash cow’ in the same way the volume-selling Cayenne and Macan have become for Porsche. “Today, Porsche is our benchmark,” Group Lotus CEO Feng Qingfeng told Autocar earlier this year.


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Under the skin: The weight-shedding innovations of AMCs

Alvant wheel motor rotor
Alvant is developing wheel motor rotors from AMC that are 40% lighter, reducing rotating and unsprung mass
The aluminium alloy and carbonfibre blends will be coming soon to a powertrain near you, taking over from traditional materials like steel, aluminium and carbonfibre

So far manufacturers have relied on three main materials to reduce weight. High-strength steels, which you can use less of; aluminium alloys, which are lighter than steel, and carbonfibre, which is lighter than both of the other two. Now there’s another kid in town called aluminium matrix composite. AMCs are not new but breakthroughs in their development are making them more suitable for automotive applications, especially in EVs.

AMCs are a combination of aluminium alloy mixed with either particles or long or short fibres. The concept is not unlike carbonfibre-reinforced plastic, except the plastic resin is replaced by aluminium. The material can be 50% stiffer and almost 300% stronger than carbonfibre, can withstand severe damage and is stronger than the average steel at half the weight.

It conducts heat well but, crucially, expands very little when it heats up compared with steel or aluminium. That’s important when making precision components. The stiffness of AMC makes it ideal not just for increasing structural integrity but also for reducing noise vibration and harshness (NVH).

Although strong and light, carbonfibre doesn’t withstand abrasion and ballistic impacts well. That’s one reason it isn’t used to make suspension parts on production cars, because it’s so vulnerable to flying grit and stone. Carbonfibre components cannot withstand high temperatures, either, so cars made of it have carefully routed exhaust systems to avoid damage to the structure. Neither is carbonfibre suitable for making internal motor components.

Engineering consultancy Alvant sees huge potential for the use of AMC in EV powertrains and drivelines. It has developed a proprietary manufacturing process called advanced liquid pressure forming (ALPF), which works with any relatively low-melting-point metal such as aluminium alloy.

The process can be used with silicon carbide particles mixed into the molten metal to produce a lower-cost version of the AMC material. The lightest, highest-performance and most costly variant incorporates fibres derived from aluminium oxide. The fibres are pre-formed into the required shape in a mould and then injected with the molten metal to make the component.

Components can be made entirely from AMC or only specific areas of a component that are being subjected to especially high stresses or fatigue. The point of doing that is to reduce cost, using the new material only where it is needed most, while the rest of the component can be made from a cheaper conventional metal.

Alvant has been working specifically on rotors for axial flux (biscuit-tin-shape) drive motors for EVs. In conjunction with UK motor manufacturer Yasa, it has developed a rotor that is 40% lighter than the original. Elsewhere, a sandwich of AMC fibre-impregnated sheets with an AMC foam filling can work in a similar way to a bullet-proof vest, making it useful for protecting EV batteries at a fraction of the weight of a steel casing. Less weight equals smaller, lighter batteries, reducing cost and increasing range in the famous virtuous circle of weight reduction.

Better power to weight

Because AMC is so stiff, it’s possible to reduce the air gap between the rotor and stator (electro-magnet windings) in axial flux (biscuit tin) EV motors, increasing the power-to-weight ratio of the motor.


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샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 교체 방법 및 노혼(Nohon) BM36 호환 배터리 사용 후기


샤오미 스마트폰 배터리 수명은 6개월?

저는 샤오미 홍미노트2를 2년6개월 정도 사용했고, 이후에도 샤오미 Mi5S 스마트폰을 구입해 메인 스마트폰으로 사용 중입니다.

두 샤오미 스마트폰 모두 20만원 초/중반에 구매했는데, 특히 Mi5S 스마트폰은 스냅드래곤 821이라는, 현재도 꽤 사양이 좋은 CPU를 내장했음에도 25만원 남짓한 가격에 구매해 만족스럽게 사용 중입니다.

개인적으로 가격이 비싼 플래그십 라인보다는 20~30만원 선에서 구입 가능한 저렴한 중상급 라인을 선호하는데 이런 제 취향에 샤오미 스마트폰은 꽤 괜찮은 선택이었습니다.

구입한지 2년5개월 남짓한 Mi5S 역시 성능면에서는 큰 불편없이 사용 중인데, 다만 샤오미 스마트폰의 배터리만큼은 아쉬움이 많이 남습니다.

홍미노트2의 배터리는 6개월이 지나면서 사용시간이 눈에 띄게 짧아지기 시작했고 1년을 넘어서면 충전기를 자주 찾게 되었는데 Mi5S 역시 6개월이 넘어가면서 성능이 떨어지는, 똑같은 패턴이 반복되었습니다.

안투투 벤치마크 배터리 웨어율 측정

가격과 성능에서 꽤 만족스러웠던터라 다음 스마트폰으로 샤오미의 플래그십 제품들을 살펴보곤 했는데, 유독 수명이 짧은 배터리 상태 때문에 샤오미 제품을 망설이게 되었습니다.

추후 샤오미 스마트폰을 다시 선택할지 여부는 나중에 생각하기로 하고, 현재 Mi5S는 배터리 상태만 제외하면 여전히 쓸만한터라 배터리를 교체해 사용하기로 했습니다.

안타깝게도 샤오미 스마트폰 용 정품 배터리는 샤오미에서 시중에 유통시키지 않는터라 호환 배터리를 구입해야 하는데, 예전부터 노혼(Nohon)과 리어흐흐(Lehehe) 등의 배터리가 그래도 쓸만하다는 얘기를 봤고 노혼 배터리를 주문했습니다.

Nohon BM36 배터리 패키지

참고로 저는 노혼 배터리를 알리익스프레스와 이베이에서 두 번 주문했지만 두 번 모두 한국으로 들어오지 못하고 반송되었습니다.

리튬이온 배터리가 항공우편을 통해 국내에 들어올 수 없게 된 것은 꽤 오래되었고, 알리익스프레스에서 드론 배터리를 따로 주문하면 동유럽에서 출발, 한국까지 한 달만에 도착하곤 했습니다.

배송기간이 오래 걸리긴 하지만 반송된 적은 없었는데, 공교롭게도 노혼 배터리는 두 번이나 반송되어 버렸네요.

다행이 국내 포털을 검색해보니 노혼 배터리 공식판매점이 입점해 있었고, 배터리를 주문한지 1주일만에 제품을 받아볼 수 있었습니다.

샤오미 Mi5S용 노혼 배터리

샤오미 Mi5S용 배터리 모델명은 BM36으로, 스마트폰 모델명보다 배터리 모델명을 검색하는게 훨씬 빠릅니다.

노혼 배터리는 종이박스 안에 배터리를 감싸는 플라스틱 포장이 되어 있고 다시 비닐로 밀봉되어 있으며, 인쇄 상태 역시 매우 깔끔합니다.

예전 홍미노트2용 호환배터리나 디지털 카메라용 호환배터리의 경우 정전기 방지 비닐, 혹은 허접한 박스에 담겨 배송되었던 것을 생각하면 포장 상태는 비교할 수 없을만큼 탄탄합니다.

2016/12/16 - 홍미노트2 용 맥스파워 배터리 사용 후기. 선택의 여지 없는 홍미노트2 호환배터리

Nohon 배터리 BM36 Mi5S

박스 뒷면에는 노혼 배터리 제조사 연락처와 6개월 보증 안내 등의 내용이 꼼꼼하게 적혀 있는데, 어차피 국내에서는 큰 의미없는 보증입니다.

Nohon 배터리 BM36 Mi5S 뒷면

리튬이온 배터리의 경우 특히 외부 충격이나 찍힘 등에 주의해야 하는터라, 이런 튼튼한 포장이 안심이 됩니다.

노혼 배터리 교체 도구

포장속 리튬이온 배터리를 꺼내보면, 역시 깔끔한 인쇄 상태가 눈에 띄며 시리얼 넘버와 6개월 보증 문구가 적혀 있습니다.

노혼 배터리 BM36 Mi5S

노혼 배터리에 포함되어 있는 교체 도구입니다.

유심 트레이 제거용 핀부터 스마트폰 뒷 케이스를 여는 헤라와 석션 컵, 별/십자 드라이버 및 배터리 고정용 양면 테이프 등이 포함되어 있습니다.

스마트폰 배터리 교체 공구

다만 별드라이버와 십자드라이버는 드라이버 옆면에 녹이 슬어 있고, 한두 번 사용하니 끝이 망가져버리는 등 상태가 썩 좋지 않아, 저는 샤오미 드라이버 세트를 이용했습니다.

Mi5S 별나사 규격

참고로 Mi5S의 별나사는 Torx 2, 또는 Torx 3 규격이 맞습니다.

스마트폰 뒷 뚜껑을 여는데 없어서는 안될 플라스틱 헤라 역시 여러 번 반복사용은 어려운 소모품인데, 한 대의 스마트폰 뒷 뚜껑을 여는데는 무리없는 수준입니다.

스마트폰 뒷판 개봉용 플라스틱 도구

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 교체 과정 - 뒷판 열기

스마트폰의 일체형 배터리를 교체하는 작업은, 난이도 중~중상 수준의 작업입니다.

포함되어 있는 공구를 이용해 모든 작업을 진행할 수 있지만, 리튬 이온 배터리를 다루는 작업인 만큼 특히 주의가 필요합니다.

아울러 배터리 교체 작업을 진행하기 전, 스마트폰의 데이터를 모두 백업할 것을 권합니다.

모든 준비가 완료되었다면, 스마트폰의 전원을 끄고 유심 제거용 핀을 이용해 유심 트레이를 제거합니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 유심 트레이 분리

스마트폰 바닥면의 별나사 두 개를 풀어줍니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 별나사 분리

이제 플라스틱 헤라를 이용해 Mi5S의 뒷판과 액정이 맞닿는 부분을 꾹누르면서 옆으로 쓸어내려 틈을 벌려줍니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 뒷판 분리

금속제 뒷판과 스마트폰 몸체가 맞물려 있는 안쪽 걸림쇠를 풀어내는 작업인데, 상대적으로 좁은 윗면보다 넓은 옆면부터 공략하는게 쉽습니다.

저는 유심 트레이가 있는 왼쪽 옆면을 플라스틱 헤라로 꾹 누르면서 쓸어내렸고, 생각보다 매우 쉽게 뒷판과 본체를 분리할 수 있었습니다.

일단 뒷판이 열리면서 틈이 벌어지면 플라스틱 헤라를 쭉 밀어 넣으면서 안쪽 걸림쇠를 툭툭 풀어냅니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 뒷커버 분리 방법

이렇게 2~3면의 걸림쇠를 모두 풀어내면 뒷판과 본체가 쉽게 분리됩니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 뒷커버 분리

배터리 일체형 스마트폰의 배터리 교체작업의 절반은 뒷판을 여는 것이라고 하는데, 매우 쉽게 열렸습니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 뒷판 분리 내부

만일 뒷판과 본체 틈새로 플라스틱 헤라가 잘 들어가지 않거나 열렸던 뒷판이 자꾸 닫혀 버린다면 플라스틱 카드나 제품에 포함된 기타 피크 모양의 도구를 끼워 넣어 닫히지 않도록 하고 헤라를 쭉 밀어 다른 걸쇠들을 풀어줍니다.

샤오미 Mi5S에 포함된 정품 배터리입니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 오리지널 BM36 배터리

사실 알리익스프레스나 타오바오 등에는 샤오미 오리지널 배터리라고 판매 중인 배터리들이 있는데, 샤오미에서는 애초부터 정품 배터리 단품을 시중에 판매하지 않는다고 합니다.

따라서 샤오미 오리지널 배터리로 판매 중 제품들은 짝퉁일 가능성이 99%이며, 배터리의 품질 역시 호환배터리보다 조악한 경우가 대부분이라고 합니다.

워낙 당당하게 샤오미 오리지널 배터리라고 적어 놓아 하나 사볼까 싶은 생각이 들기도 했는데, Mi5S에 들어있던 배터리의 인쇄 내용과 상품 설명의 라벨 사진은 전혀 달랐으니 참고하시기 바랍니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 분리

뒷판을 열면 배터리가 보이지만, 배터리 커넥터는 메인보드를 덮은 플라스틱 판 아래쪽에 숨어 있습니다.

메인보드 덮개를 열려면 커버 주변 나사를 모두 풀어야 하며

샤오미 Mi5S 메인보드 커버 분리

이 과정에서 샤오미에서 붙여 놓은 봉인씰을 파괴해야 합니다.

뭐 저는 샤오미 스마트폰을 구입할 때부터 A/S는 아예 생각치 않았던터라 거리낌없이 나사를 풀었습니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 메인보드 봉인씰

나사를 모두 풀고 난 뒤에는 커버를 살짝 들어올려 제거할 수 있으며

샤오미 Mi5S 메인보드 커버 제거

배터리 왼쪽 상단의 배터리 커넥터를 분리합니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 커넥터 분리

이제 기판에 양면테이프로 붙은 배터리를 제거해야 하는데, 배터리 양쪽 하단의 고무 테이프를 조심스럽게 떼어내고 수평으로 쭉 잡아당겨 배터리 아래쪽의 테이프를 바깥으로 꺼내는 식으로 제거합니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 양면 테이프 제거

핀셋 등을 이용해 테이프를 살살 감으면서 수평으로 잡아당겨 배터리 아래쪽의 양면 테이프를 바깥으로 빼내면 성공인데

샤오미 Mi5S 오리지널 배터리 양면테이프 제거 요령

저는 양쪽 고무테이프를 당기다가 모두 끊어버려 결국 배터리 밑으로 카드와 플라스틱 헤라를 밀어넣어 배터리를 분리했습니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 분리 방법

배터리의 고무테이프 제거에 실패한 뒤 카드를 이용한다면, 제가 사용 중인 일반 신용카드보다는 플라스틱 명함처럼 얇은 것을 배터리 밑으로 밀어넣어 양면 테이프를 조금씩 제거하며 떼어낼 것을 권합니다.

플라스틱 카드와 헤라를 밀어넣어 배터리를 조금씩 들어올린 끝에 양면 테이프가 떨어져 나왔고 베터리 제거에 성공했습니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 분리

뒷판 분리가 생각보다 매우 쉬운 작업이었던 반면, 배터리를 분리하는 작업은 생각보다 쉽지 않은 작업이었습니다.

특히 리튬이온 배터리의 양면 테이프 제거를 위해 칼과 같은 날카로운 도구를 사용하는 것은 화재, 폭발의 위험이 있으니 절대 금물이며, 배터리팩의 포장을 손상시키지 않는 플라스틱 카드 등을 이용해 조금씩 살살 떼어내는 인내심이 필요합니다.

헌 배터리를 떼어냈으면 노혼 배터리 바닥쪽에 양면 테이프를 붙이고

샤오미 Mi5S 노혼 BM36 배터리

배터리 자리에 밀어 넣은 뒤

샤오미 Mi5S 노혼 BM36 배터리 장착

커넥터를 조심스럽게 끼워줍니다.

사진에서는 커넥터가 꽤 커보이지만 약 4mm 남짓한 작은 커넥터인 만큼 자리를 잘 잡고 한 번에 꾹 눌러 끼워야 합니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 노혼 BM36 배터리 커넥터 연결

스마트폰 내부 접점 청소

2년 5개월만에 처음 뚜껑을 연 만큼, 뒷판과 케이스가 맞닿는 모서리 부분에 먼지가 많이 끼어 있었고 면봉과 블로워 등을 이용해 틈새에 낀 먼지를 우선 닦아냈습니다.

그리고 기판에 올라와 있는 여러 금속 접점들을 알콜묻힌 면봉으로 살짝 닦아주었습니다.

스마트폰 접점 청소

위아래 메인보드에는 여러가지 금속 핀들이 올라와 있고, 이 핀들은 뒷판에 내장된 안테나들과 접촉하게 되니 뒷판의 접점들도 알콜묻힌 면봉으로 닦아주었습니다.

스마트폰 뒷커버 안테나 접점

단, 메인보드 금속핀을 닦을 때는 힘주어 눌러 닦지 말고, 옆으로 스치듯 살살 훓어내는 정도로만 청소하는게 요령입니다.

2016/04/28 - 갤럭시S3 GPS 접점 수리하는 방법. 뒷판 분리가 쉬워 수월했던 갤럭시S3의 GPS 수리

2013/03/26 - 배터리 소모가 급격히 빨라진 HTC 센세이션(Sensation), 간단 점검 방법

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 교체 후

배터리 교체 및 접점 청소를 완료한 뒤, 분해한 역순으로 메인보드 커버를 닫고 뒷판을 닫은 뒤 유심을 넣고 전원을 켜는 것으로 작업을 마무리했습니다.

그리고 며칠동안 평소처럼 스마트폰을 사용하면서 충전과 방전을 진행한 뒤 안투투 벤치마크 앱을 돌려 배터리 상태를 확인해보니 신품 배터리 대비 90~95% 수준으로 측정됩니다.

샤오미 스마트폰 호환배터리 효율

기존 샤오미 오리지널 배터리가 59~69% 수준으로 측정되었던 것에 비하면 90% 대의 상태는 꽤 고무적이며 현재 3주 남짓 사용 중인데 예전처럼 시시때때로 충전기를 연결했던 불편함에서 벗어났습니다.

샤오미 스마트폰 호환배터리 용량

배터리 교체전에는 하루에 2번은 충전을 해야할 정도로 상태가 좋지 않았던 반면, 배터리 교체 후에는 하루 정도는 충분히 버텨주는군요.

샤오미 Mi5S 배터리 사용 시간

아울러, 별 생각없이 뒷판을 연 김에 해주는게 좋겠다 싶었던 접점 청소의 효과도 톡톡히 보고 있습니다.

평소 제가 사는 아파트에서 엘리베이터를 타면 음성통화가 끊기고 데이터 사용이 불가능한 상태(LTE 마크가 사라지고 3G로 바뀌면서 통화 불능 상태)가 되곤 했습니다.

그런데 배터리 교체 작업 후 엘리베이터를 타도 통화가 정상 유지되고 데이터 사용이 가능해졌습니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 엘리베이터 전화 끊김

엘리베이터 운행 중에도 안테나가 1~2개 정도 떨어지기는 하지만 전화가 끊기는 등의 불편함이 사라졌습니다.

아마도 2년5개월간 사용하면서 스마트폰을 바닥에 떨어뜨린 적이 있는데, 그때 안테나 접점이 떨어졌거나 접점에 이물질이 끼면서 통신 감도가 떨어져 있던 상황으로 짐작됩니다.

샤오미 Mi5S 오리지널 배터리

이렇게 2년 넘게 사용했던 샤오미 Mi5S의 배터리 교체 작업이 완료되었습니다.

사실 사용기간이 1년 좀 넘은 시기에서부터 배터리 교체를 염두에 두고 있었는데, 리튬이온 배터리의 통관이 제대로 되지 않는 등 여러가지 사정이 겹쳐 2년 5개월을 버티며 사용하게 되었네요.

어쨌든 배터리 교체를 하고 난 뒤 배터리 수명도 꽤 만족스러운데다 예상치 않았던 엘리베이터 전화 끊김 증상까지 깔끔하게 해결되어 매우 만족스러웠습니다.

다만 스마트폰의 뒷판을 열고 리튬이온 배터리를 교체하는 작업 중 스마트폰의 데이터 손실, 혹은 리튬이온 배터리의 화재 등 자칫 심각한 문제가 발생할 수도 있는 만큼 충분한 주의를 기울여야 하는 작업이라는 점, 다시 한 번 언급합니다.

본 리뷰는 아내의 지원을 받아 작성되었습니다.


How to Safely Shop Online This Holiday Season


The moment Halloween ended, the nation entered an earlier-than-ever holiday shopping season online that has already begun and won’t end until early January, 2020.

Why begin the holiday shopping season so early this year?

Since the Thanksgiving holiday weekend arrives late in 2019, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are already arriving with retailers launching a blur of discounts to try and make up for the perceived lost shopping days - when compared to the early Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2018.

For example, CNET highlighted these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that actually start on November 7. Others have already begun.

USA Today revealed deals from Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Kohls deals.

Forbes provided these deals from Walmart, Best Buy and more. While Fox News proclaimed: “Black Friday is 3 weeks away right? Nope, it's here now.”

As I was doing research for this article, I learned that Black Friday has become a global event, with big sales as far away as China. Indeed, the Google analytics show worldwide holiday shopping trends that are complex, unique by industry and country. Overall, big increases are expected in search traffic – with some industries doubling. In the US, retailers see an 80 percent increase in their search traffic throughout November.

And the sales forecast news is generally very good for retailers according to Inc. Magazine:

“Cyber Monday is expected to pull in $9.4 billion this year, a $1.5 billion increase from last year's online sales tally for the Monday after Thanksgiving. The real detail retailers need to know? Thirty percent of all sales made this Cyber Monday, which falls on December 2, will likely be made in the four-hour window of 7 to 11 p.m. Pacific time.

That's according to Adobe Analytics' Holiday Forecast 2019, which analyzed data on trillions of visits, products, and transaction data from U.S. retail websites. Adobe also surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers in October as a companion to its findings.

The report notes that retailer conversion rates, which measure the number of people who visit a website and then make a purchase, are predicted to double during the four-hour surge in sales. Adobe says these ‘golden hours of retail’ are due to ‘deal FOMO,’ or the fear of missing out on last-minute deals near the end of the day.”

Beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday: A Wider Holiday Sales Trend?

And taking a big step back there are several significant trends developing as we head into the 2020s. While Black Friday sales within stores remain a robust and huge part of holiday shopping, a new cybermania is emerging which extends well beyond Cyber Monday. (We may even need a new name – any ideas?)

CNBC recently reported that Cyber Monday will excite shoppers more than Black Friday. Here are some highlights:

Deloitte finds 53 percent of people will rely on Cyber Monday for discounts, while 44 percent say they’re planning to snag promotions on Black Friday this year. Deloitte’s annual holiday study also finds shoppers are expected to spend $1,496 per household this holiday season. The bulk of spending, or $596, is going toward experiences like travel and dining out.

Business Insider offers this very helpful piece which answers the frequent question: Is Black Friday or Cyber Monday Better (for sales)? Here’s an excerpt:

“A good rule of thumb is that Black Friday is a better time to buy newer, big-ticket items. It's also the best day to shop in stores. Cyber Monday is a better day to shop for tech deals and smaller gifts. You'll also see slightly better discounts online.

For items you're likely to buy once a year or less, you'll probably find better discounts on Black Friday. Anything you'd buy as a gift will likely see better discounts on Cyber Monday.”  

Online Safety and Security First

But regardless of when you go online to do your Christmas shopping this holiday season, there remain some tips that can help you stay safe and secure - beyond the frequent calls to change your profile password (or not use the same password) at websites.

To begin, a bit of history. This topic is certainly not new, and many of the themes and basic questions are the same as a decade ago. You don’t want to get disciplined at work for violating policy, so be sure to know what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed.

I find it interesting to look back to where we have been, and compare behaviors to office life today with articles and blogs from a decade ago on Cyber Monday.  

Here are a few relevant examples from the past:

CSO Magazine: Encourage Cyber Monday or Grinch.exe? and Cyber Monday & Redefining Acceptable Use – Again

Government Technology Magazine: Web Sites Struggle on Black Friday: Cyber Monday is Next and Cyber Monday: Are you shopping from work?

Nevertheless, most organizations have loosened their holiday shopping policies and now permit employees (even government employees) to shop at appropriate times over the holiday season on work computers (usually during breaks).

So here are some of my favorite tips to help whether at home or work:

1.  Avoid Sites With Poor Security Practices –

“Don’t gamble with your identity. Stay away from retail sites with lackadaisical security practices. Two key practices stand out in particular: SSL certificates and Verisign domain protection.

SSL is an encryption protocol that renders it much more difficult (though not impossible) for bad actors to steal payment card information and other personal data during the payment process. Look for “https” at the beginning of the site’s URL. You should never enter payment card information on non-“https” pages, period.

Verisign provides site administrators with a modicum of protection against hacking attacks and malware. Like SSL, it’s not foolproof, but it helps. Sites without Verisign protection are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofing, and other types of cybercrime.

If you don’t already, consider using a web browser that can identify potentially compromised websites. …”

2. – Offers ten basic safety tips for online and offline life. Here’s one that important:

“Use a credit card for your online purchases versus other payment methods. Almost all credit cards have fraud protection, meaning if there is a data breach and your card’s information is taken, you won’t be held responsible for any of the charges. If you are involved in a fraud situation, your credit card provider will handle this and send you a new credit card. The same courtesies may not be extended from other online payment methods like an electronic transfer from your bank account.”

3. State Farm – Offers tips for in the store, in your car and online. Here are their online tips:

Stick to retailers you know and preferably, have shopped with before. Research a business you haven’t purchased from before by checking customer reviews or complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Never commit to a deal that seems too good to be true. Refrain from using pubic Wi-Fi to make purchases, or use a VPN to avoid hackers intercepting your information. Check a webpage’s security by looking for the lock icon in the URL field, and making sure the URL starts with “https”, not just “http”. The “s” means the site is safer and more secure.

Final Thought

One thing to keep in mind is that many people have heard these tips before, but let their guard down over the holidays when rushing for an online deal that is about to expire. Also, people will go places they don’t normally go this time of year to save on presents or get the best deal.

So even if you think you know all of this, double-check to make sure that everyone in your family (and in your office) is following best practices.

Happy shopping.




Mwimbaji wa Nyimbo za Injili Ben William ameachia wimbo mwingine mpya unaitwa Imela. 

Wimbo wa Imela umerekodiwa katika Studio za Apex Music zilizopo jijini Mwanza na video imeongozwa na Muongozaji King Sabe.

Wimbo huu wa pekee umenakishiwa na vionjo vya lafudhi kutoka lugha mbalimbali ambazo ukisikiliza unapata upako na kumsifu Mungu kwa neema na kipaji kikubwa cha  Ben William.

Wimbo wa Imela umetoka baada ya kutoa wimbo wa Emmanuel, ambao pia unaendelea kufanya vizuri sana. 

Tumia dakika zako chache kutazama video ya Imela kutoka kwa Ben William hapa chini 



Mkurugenzi mtendaji (Tigo) Bw. Simon Karikari akimkabidhi mfano wa hundi ya Mil 110/- Ofisa Mtendaji Mkuu wa CCBRT, Brenda Msangi.Hafla ya makabidhiano yalifanyika katika wakati wa mkutano na waandishi wa habari uliofanyika katika hospitali ya CCBRT

Siku zote ni furaha pale mwanamke anapopata mtoto ambaye alimtarajia kwa takribani miezi tisa ya ujauzito.Hii ilidhihirika kwa Salma Hajj (29) baada ya kujifungua salama mtoto wake wa kwanza wa kiume miezi kumi iliyopita.

Hatahivyo, furaha ya Salma haikudumu.Baada ya muda mfupi, Salma ambaye ni mkazi wa Buza jijini Dar es Salaam furaha yake ilitokweka baada ya kugundua kuwa mwanae wa huyo alikuwa na tatizo la miguu kujikunja pasipo kujua ni nini tatizo.

Tatizo hilo linajulikana kama ‘mguu kifundo’ au kwa kiingereza linafahamika kama ‘Clubfoot’ ambalo kisayansi linalotokea hata kabla ya mtoto kuzaliwa.

Kila mwaka zaidi ya watoto 100,000 duniani huzaliwa na ugonjwa huu ambao humfanya mtoto kushindwa kutembea kwa kutumia unyayo na badala yake hutumia kifundo cha mguu.

Kwa Tanzania,inakadiriwa kuwa karibuni watoto 2,800 wanazaliwa na ugonjwa huu kila mwaka.Kati yao asilimia 50 wana athirika mguu mmoja huku waliobaki wakiathirwa miguu yote miwili.

Asilimia 80 ya wagonjwa wasiopata matibabu yake wanapatikana kwenye nchi zinazoendelea, ikiwamo Tanzania.Kama ugonjwa huu usipotibika unaweza kusababisha maumivu makali wakati wa kutembea na hatimaye husababisha ulemavu wa muda mrefu.

“Kiukweli ulikuwa ni wakati mgumu sana kwangu.Nilijisikia vibaya kwamba mwanangu hataweza kutembea vizuri na hatahivyo sikujua anasumbuliwa na tatizo gani kwa kipindi kile,” anasema Salma.

“Nilihisi kama ilikuwa mwisho wa dunia kwangu na mwanangu; nilijiuliza maswali mengi bila majibu kwamba atawezaje kutembea? ataonekanaje kwa watu? atasoma katika shule gani? nilichanganyikiwa sana,” anasema Salma.

Mmoja wa mtoa huduma (nesi) alimjulisha kuwa tatizo hilo linaweza kutibika katika Hospitali ya CCBRT iliyoko Msasani jijini Dar es Salaam bila malipo.Kilichofuata ilikuwa ni kutembelea hospitalini hapo ambapo madaktari walianza kutoa matibabu kwa mtoto wake kwa miezi michache tu.

Kwa mujibu wa daktari wa mifupa (Orthopedic) wa CCBRT, Dk. Zainab Ilonga, anasema chanzo cha ugonjwa huo bado hakijulikani.

Anasema hadi sasa sababu yake bado haijathibitika lakini wanaamini kuwa moja ya sababu ni matumizi ya pombe na matumizi mabaya ya madawa wakati wa ujazuzito au urithi wa vinasaba (genetic) na kwamba tafiti zaidi zitasaidia kutambua chanzo halisi cha tatizo hilo.

“Kuna njia mbili za kutibu ugonjwa huu wa mguu kifundo;moja ni kutumia njia ya Ponseti ambayo haihitaji kufanya upasuaji na nyingine ya kufanya upasuaji,” Dk Ilonga anasema na kuongeza 

“Kwa Tanzania tunatibu watoto takribani 400 kwa mwaka sawa na asilimia 25 ya wagonjwa wote na hii inatokana na baadhi ya wazazi kuwanawaficha watoto wenye tatizo hili.”

Ignacio V. Ponseti ni njia ambayo imekuwa ikitumia kutibu mguu kifundo tangu miaka ya 1940.Moja ya kanuni ya njia hii ni kwamba tishu za mtoto ikiwamo tendoni, ligamenti na maungio yake yapo katika hatua ya ukuaji hivyo kufanya mguu kuungana baada ya kila wiki moja.

Kwa kutumia njia hii ndani ya wiki kadhaa hali ya mgonjwa inaweza kubadilika na kufanikisha kurekebisha mguu bila uhitaji wa kufanya upasuaji.

Mtoto wa Salma alipitia hatua hiyo maarufu kama ‘gentle bone manipulations’ na ufuatiliaji (castings) ili kujua mabadiliko ya kibaolojia hasa misuli yake, maungio na tishu kwa lengo la kutibu tatizo alilokuwa nalo. 

“Kuna wakati alikuwa anapitia wakati mgumu kwani alikuwa analia sana jambo lililonifanya na mimi kulia.Nilikuwa na wasiwasi juu ya maisha ya mwanangu siku za mbeleni,” anasema kwa huzuni.

“Nawashukuru sana Tigo na madaktari wa CCBRT kwa msaada wao mkubwa kwasababu saizi mtoto wangu ana miezi kumi na amepona kabisa,” anasema Salma huku akiwa na uso wa furaha.

Afisa wa Uwajibikaji kwa Jamii wa Tigo, Halima Okash anasema 

“Tuliona kuna umuhimu wa kusaidia wahitaji hawa kwa sababu CCBRT inahudumia jamii yenye uhitaji na wasiojiweza katika kuwasaidia kupata huduma za matibabu.Tumeunga mkono jitihada hizi zinazofanywa na CCBRT kuhakikisha watu wenye ulemavu wanapata nafasi ya kutibiwa kwa gharama ndogo au bure kabisa,” anasema Okash.

Kupitia huduma za upasuaji kutoka hospitali ya CCBRT jumla ya watoto 1,509 wamenufaika katika kipindi cha miaka sita iliyopita. 

“Haya ni mafanikio yanayotufanya sisi Tigo kujisikia faraja kwa kiasi kikubwa kwani kwa kutoa matibabu kwa watu wenye ulemavu,Tigo na CCBRT tunaleta matokeo chanya kwa maisha ya mtu mmoja mmoja, familia na jamii ya Tanzania kwa ujumla,” anasema Okash.

Tangu mwaka 2013, Tigo iliingia ubia na hospitali ya CCBRT kutoa matibabu kwa wagonjwa wa midomo sungura, kwa kutumia njia ya jumbe (SMS) zinazotumwa kwa wagonjwa wa CCBRT kuwakumumbusha kufuatilia matibabu na kutoa uelewa kuhusu huduma kwa umma.

Kupitia mpango huu, wagonjwa wanaweza kupata jumbe za matibabu kwa siku nne na siku moja kabla ya siku ya matibabu na hii imeisaidia CCBRT kupunguza idadi ya wagonjwa wanaokatisha matibabu.

Kwa msaada wa Sh110, 0000,000 kwa mwaka kutoka Tigo, CCBRT inaweza kutoa huduma za matibabu kwa njia Ponseti (bila upasuaji) kwa wagonjwa wapya zaidi ya 400 na wengine wanaoendelea na matibabu hospitalini hapo.


Iain Dale's 2019 General Election Interviews



“딸 손녀 사위” 모인 개구리 가족도 목청만 좋다!


【베이비뉴스 김재희 기자】

음원 작업에 아이들과 함께한 초록육아당 당원들. 맨 오른쪽이 김영준 씨다. ⓒ초록육아당
음원 작업에 아이들과 함께한 초록육아당 당원들. 맨 오른쪽이 김영준 씨다. ⓒ초록육아당

“개굴 개굴 개구리 노래를 한다/ 딸 손녀 사위들 다 모여서
밤새도록 하여도 듣는 이 없네/ 듣는 사람 없어도 날이 밝도록
개굴 개굴 개구리 노래를 한다/ 개굴 개굴 개구리 목청도 좋다”
(‘지구별의 노래’ 수록곡 ‘개구리’ 가운데)

재미있는 동요가 나왔다. “아들·손자·며느리”로 구성됐던 ‘가부장적’ 개구리 가족은 “딸·손녀·사위”로 바뀌었다. 그래도 목청에는 문제가 없다. 그런가 하면 동요 속 세계엔 아빠가 두 명인 가족도 살고(‘다양한 동물 가족’), 버스기사를 직업으로 가진 엄마(‘하마’)도 있다. 

“비행기와 자동차가 많아지면 뜨거워 뜨거워/ 소 닭 돼지 축사 많아지면 뜨거워 뜨거워
고기 생선 달걀 우유 더 먹으면 뜨거워 뜨거워/ 우리 농산물 줄고 수입 음식 늘면 뜨거워 뜨거워”
(‘지구별의 노래’ 수록곡 ‘구지거뜨앗’ 가운데)

다른 노래에서 이들은 “어떤 얼굴색을 가지고 있든지, 네가 누구를 사랑하든지, 네가 얼마나 가졌든, 어떤 장애 있든지, 네가 어떤 나라에서 건너왔든지”에 상관 없이 그대로를 “사랑한다”고 말한다. 그리고 “너와 내가 다른 것은 당연하다”(‘그대로 사랑해’)고 덧붙인다. 

동요를 만든 사람들은 서울녹색당 내 영유아양육자 모임 ‘초록육아당’. 이들은 지난달 30일 동요 앨범 ‘지구별의 노래’를 유튜브에 공개했다. 이미 지난 9월 28일 서울 염리동 경의선공유지에서 열린 행사 ‘맨땅에 초로록’에서 데뷔무대를 치르기도 했다. 

초록육아당은 사회운동 후원 사이트 ‘소셜펀치(social funch)’를 통해 6월부터 8월 10일까지 두 달간 앨범제작비를 후원받았다. 앨범 제작 동기에 공감한 80명이 213만 원을 모금했다. 여기에 이전에 ‘그림책 프로젝트’ 잔여 비용 200만 원을 지원 받아 앨범을 제작하게 됐다. 

베이비뉴스는 5일 초록육아당 조직 계기와 동요 앨범 제작 이유에 대해 물었다. 초록육아당을 대표해 김영준 씨가 베이비뉴스와의 인터뷰에 응했다. 아래는 김 씨와의 일문일답이다. 

지난 9월 28일 행사 ‘맨땅에 초로록’에서 열린 이들의 데뷔무대. ⓒ초록육아당
지난 9월 28일 행사 ‘맨땅에 초로록’에서 열린 이들의 데뷔무대. ⓒ초록육아당

Q. ‘초록육아당’은 어떻게 모이게 됐나요?

A. “저는 25개월 아이를 키우고 있습니다. 녹색당에서 활동하면서 양육자 모임에 필요성을 느꼈습니다. 육아를 하다보니 제도 개선이 필요한 부분이 보이더라고요. 같이할 수 있는 당원이 있으면 좋겠다 싶어서 조직을 하게 됐습니다. 초록육아당은 여덟 명이고, 한국 나이 1세부터 4세 사이의 아이들을 키우는 영유아 양육자입니다.

지난 1월부터 모이게 됐는데, 대체로 비슷한 고민들을 가지고 있더라고요. 부모로서의 역할을 고민하거나, 성평등이나 생명다양성, 생명존중을 생활 속에서 보여줄 수 있는 방법은 없는지를 궁리하거나 한다든지요. 아이 연령이 조금만 달라져도 고민의 층위가 달라잖아요. 저희는 비슷한 고민을 가지고 있고, 공감대도 있죠.”

Q, 동요 앨범 ‘지구별의 노래’를 통해 어떤 메시지를 전하고 싶으셨어요?

A. “이 앨범은 성평등·다양성·생태 등의 가치를 담아, 서울녹색당 양육자모임 ‘초록육아당’이 비양육자들과 어린이들의 도움을 받아 함께 만든 동요 앨범입니다. 총 열 곡을 만들었어요. ‘개구리’, ‘곰 세 마리’는 가사를 저희 고민에 맞게 바꿨어요. ‘다양한 동물가족’은 클래식 곡 멜로디를 모티브로 했고요. 이탈리아 민요 ‘벨라챠오(Bella ciao, 안녕 내 사랑)’로 만든 노래도 있습니다. 

누군가가 곡조를 만들면, 함께 다듬었어요. 가사도 마찬가지에요. 공동 작업을 한 셈이죠. 주창작자가 있더라도 작사와 작곡 표시를 개별로 하지 않았고 ‘초록육아당’ 공동 명의로 했어요. 이번 앨범은 ‘크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이선스(CCL)’ 운동에 동참한다는 점도 의미가 있습니다. ‘저작자표시-비영리-변경금지(CC BY-NC-ND)’ 조건만 지키면 됩니다.

음원이 가질 확장성을 생각하면 저작인접권업체와 계약해서 벅스뮤직이나 멜론과 같은 스트리밍서비스에 배포하는 것이 손쉽긴 하죠. 하지만 ‘음원을 모두와 공유해야 한다’는 부분에 구성원 모두가 공감했습니다. 유튜브로 콘텐츠를 주로 소비하고 있는 요즘 상황을 고려하기도 했습니다. 드롭박스(Dropbox), 구글드라이브 등 파일공유 서비스에서 음원을 받을 수 있도록 했습니다.”

동요 앨범 '지구별의 노래' 녹음 현장. ⓒ초록육아당
동요 앨범 '지구별의 노래' 녹음 현장. ⓒ초록육아당

Q. 그림책 읽기 활동 다음으로 ‘동요 만들기’를 선택한 이유가 있나요?

A. “예전 동요들은 이미 많은 지적을 받아왔죠. ‘뽀뽀뽀’에서는 명확한 성역할을, ‘개굴개굴 개구리’에서는 가부장제 중심의 가족 구성을, ‘곰 세 마리’는 외모지상주의 등을 지적할 수 있습니다.

새로 만들어진 동요도 완성도가 있지만, 개선되지 않은 인식들이 여전하다는 점을 발견했습니다. ‘상어가족’은 성별 고정관념뿐 아니라, 포식자 입장에서 다른 물고기를 잡아먹는 일을 미화할 수 있죠. ‘우유 좋아/ 우유 좋아/ 우유 주세요’라는 가사를 가진 ‘우유송’ 같은 경우에는 공장식 축산에 대한 고민을 가진 분이라면 문제 삼을 수 있는 내용이죠.  

동요는 아이들에게 아주 어린 시절부터 가치관을 형성해줍니다. 그래서 잘 선별해줘야겠더라고요. 읽기 모임도 많고, 관련 콘텐츠가 많은 ‘그림책’에 비해서, 동요는 별로 없더라고요. 그래서 ‘만들어 부르자’는 생각이 들었어요.”

Q. 동요라고 해도 음악을 만드는 작업은 같았을 텐데요, 일반인이라면 ‘음악을 만든다’는 것에 선뜻 나서기 어려운 것이 사실입니다.

A. “제가 서울녹색당 공동위원장이라 새로운 모임을 조직하는 일을 맡고 있어요. 또 ‘하늘소년’이라는 이름으로 싱어송라이터 활동도 하고 있죠. 앨범을 발매해봤으니까 음악을 만드는 건 크게 어렵지 않게 시도할 수 있었어요. 지금까지 청년실업, 노동, 미세먼지, 탈핵, 기본소득 등에 대한 고민을 음악에 녹여내는 작업을 해왔어요. 아내와 함께 임신과 출산을 겪으면서 느낀 고민들을 노래에 담기도 했어요.”

Q.  소셜펀치에 있는 프로젝트 설명글을 보면 음원 제작 과정에 많은 분들이 도움을 주신 것 같습니다. 그 과정이 쉽지는 않았을 거 같습니다. 

A. 가사를 만들면서 치열하게 논의하고 합의해 나가는 과정이 있었어요. ‘성평등한가’, ‘누군가를 대상화하지는 않나’ 등 생각을 나눌 곳이 많았죠. 이 과정이 어려웠지만 많이 서로 배운 기회였어요. 이 외에도 녹음에 초등학생인 친구들과 함께했어요. 다섯 명이었는데 연습하는 게 쉽지 않더라고요. 뛰고 돌아다니는 걸 좋아해서요. (웃음) 그래도 녹음은 무사히 마쳤습니다.”

동요 앨범 제작에 목소리로 함께한 초등학생 친구들. ⓒ초록육아당
동요 앨범 제작에 목소리로 함께한 초등학생 친구들. ⓒ초록육아당

Q. 앨범을 공개하신 지 1주일이 지났습니다. 주변 반응은 어떤가요?

A. “서울녹색당 당원들에게는 지난 4일에 알려졌어요. 이번 주말 정도 돼야 더 많은 반응을 들을 수 있을 거 같아요. 그래도 음원 공개를 개인 SNS로 알린 구성원들은 대체로 좋은 평가들이 있었다고 전해주더라고요. 음원 작업을 하면서 아이에게 많이 들려주게 됐어요. 아이가 노래를 좋아하더라고요. 안무를 만들기도 했는데 그 안무를 따라하기도 하고요. 아주 가까운 분들은 가사 의미에 대체로 공감해주셨어요.”

Q. 동요 ‘상어가족’이 전 세계적으로 큰 반응을 얻게 된 배경에는 영상 자체가 중독성 있다는 점을 꼽을 수 있습니다. 동요 영상이나 가사집 등 다른 결과물을 만든다거나 공연을 열 계획이 있으신가요?

A. “양육자들이 동요를 접할 때 영상 없이 음원만으로는 한계가 있다는 생각을 했어요. 한 곡 정도는 영상화 시도는 해볼 수 있을 거 같아요. 11월 말쯤에 초록육아당 구성원이 함께 여행을 가기로 했어요. 1박을 함께 하면서 아이들은 재우고 진하게 이야기 해보자고 했죠. (웃음) 그 자리에서 차후 활동계획에 대해서 이야기할 수 있을 거 같아요.”

Q. 이번 동요 앨범으로 어떤 변화를 기대하고 계시나요? 

A. “한다고 했지만 어린이를 위한 콘텐츠로 여전히 부족한 점이 있을 거라고 봐요. 그래서 저희와 비슷한 고민을 가진 분들의 피드백이 많이 필요해요. 이야기가 터져나오면 사회적으로 공론화할 수 있는 계기도 될 거 같아요. 

한편으로는 가사를 불편하게 생각하실 분들이 있을 수도 있을 거 같아요. 노래를 들으면서 그 분들에게도 생각의 전환을 가져오거나 가치관을 환기할 계기가 됐으면 합니다. 일단 노래를 들어보세요. 많이 들어주세요!”



Tutto il mio folle amore - Gabriele Salvatores

avevo letto Se ti abbraccio non aver paura, il libro (che mi è piaciuto molto) a cui si ispira liberamente il film, e nel film si respira l'aria del libro.
gli interpreti sono bravissimi e sono un valore aggiunto della storia e sopratutto Claudio Santamaria e Giulio Pranno sono perfetti, quei due rendono il film indimenticabile.
non perdetevelo, non vi lascerà indifferenti, se siete ancora vivi.
buona visione - Ismaele

Salvatores ritorna al suo primo amore, il Road Movie. E lo ringraziamo per questo.
E' un genere che lo vede maestro, lo ama talmente tanto da autocitarsi facendo dire a Willy la famosa battuta di Marrrakesh Express "Erano anni che non mi divertivo così."
Tutto il mio folle amore (che è una canzone di Domenico Modugno) pur ispirandosi alla vita vera di Franco e Andrea Antonello non è un viaggio all'interno dell'autismo ma un confronto tra due mondi.
Quello disordinato e senza regole di Willy che la genitorialità impone un'inversione di tendenza e quello rigido e abitudinario di Vincent che in questo tour fatto di matrimoni e gare di danza scoprirà l'amore, l'alcool, il sesso, la musica ma soprattutto un modo diverso di vedere la vita nonostante la sua prospettiva.
A rendere magico questo film sconclusionato che avanza a strattoni ma che esplode con vette di poesia ci pensano i tre attori protagonisti decisamente bravissimi.
Un Diego Abatantuono da David di Donatello a cui spettano le battute più belle del film e a cui  Gabriele Salvatores gli riserva il ruolo forse più difficile quello di un uomo che ha deciso di non fare un figlio suo ma di dedicarsi anima e corpo in questo figlio adottato e dotato di una specialità d'animo. Cosa che ne ha assolutamente bisogno visto il cinismo e l'ignoranza che lo circonda. Valeria Golino molto misurata nella sua recitazione ma eccelsa nell'esprimere la bellezza e il tormento interiore di una donna che alla fine del film decide di prendere finalmente in mano la sua vita.
E poi lo strabordante Claudio Santamaria deliziosamente kitch, si è cucito addosso sia nel fisico che nella voce questo Domenico Modugno dei poveri e dei poveracci che lo vanno a sentire nelle sue serate.
E tra un'atmosfera che strizza l'occhio ad  Arizona Dream e Paolo Sorrentino, Tutto il mio folle amore riconsegna ai suoi fan della prima ora un Salvatores delicato e sognante, imperfetto e poetico.
E se la felicità non è un diritto ma una botta di culo, allora imbattetevi nella botta di culo di vedere questo film.
Uscirete felici.

Film riuscito bello ma imperfetto, interessante ma non scorrevole, in alcuni frangenti la sceneggiatura non è indirizzata in alto. Un racconto di basso profilo con intensità fluttuanti come le ‘dimostranze’ di nascita di Vincent (ripete la sua vita più volte nominando i veri genitori e chi lo ha protetto).
Sequenza finale a tre, stile duello senza nessun fuoco: quello dovrebbe ardere dentro; inaspettato (fino ad un certo punto) l’epilogo con ‘nessun’ vero padrone della scena…

Se il ritratto complessivo rimane semplicistico e ritoccato con un velo di zucchero filato, contemporaneamente sviscera una tenerezza irregolare e un istinto primordiale, che assegnano al film tonalità precise. In più, la musica dà un sostegno inequivocabile (ai pezzi dal vivo si aggiungono tracce da easy listening, ad esempio di Ben Harper), così come, preso in piccole dosi (e con le battute giuste), Diego Abatantuono è un valore aggiunto.
In sintesi, questo ritorno al passato di Gabriele Salvatores si fa voler bene, raggruppa parecchi stilemi divincolandosi, anche incautamente, dalla corsia del senno, senza concedere un attimo di tregua, ricercando una libertà di espressione che piega le difese, con un confronto obbligato che promuove i lati nascosti, quelli che invece avremmo bisogno di veder venire a galla.  
Sgangherato e frizzante.

…Salvatores ha annodato i fili di una storia meravigliosa, che racconta in maniera semplice la potenza della diversità e l’importanza delle affinità. Ciò che colpisce è come il rapporto padre figlio fiorisca nelle avversità, fino a creare uno spazio tra loro dove possono fare i conti, con le proprie sventure, con una realtà che non sempre ha gli strumenti per poterti comprendere, aiutare, in cui pochi fortunati hanno l’opportunità di poter mordere la vita. Vincent e Willi partono per un viaggio e disegnano la loro idea di vita, una vita che dovrebbe sempre essere all’altezza delle proprie aspettative. Willi vorrebbe rimanere in viaggio per sempre con lui, perché insieme il mondo è un po’ meno crudele.
Visto da vicino, nessuno è normale, cantava Caetano Veloso. Il bravissimo esordiente Giulio Pranno ricalca con delicatezza, autenticità e anche un pizzico di romanticismo questo piccolo uomo che trasferisce tutto se stesso attraverso baci e abbracci: sempre curioso e tempestoso, il giovane attore Pranno è riuscito a cucirsi addosso questo ruolo così arduo e complesso: è una gemma preziosa per il cinema italiano…

Tutto il mio folle amore di Gabriele Salvatores rifugge qualsiasi velleitaria “autorialità” per porsi come opera popolare, con una schiettezza sentimentale che ha irritato parte della critica; un film che vuole appartenere al pubblico, rendendolo partecipe di un viaggio emotivo, affettivo e di formazione, dalla forma eterogenea e sinceramente ingenuo. L’assenza di ipocrisia, di volontà di manipolazione dello spettatore, mi sembra il dato più evidente di un film che ripone la più grande fede nei propri personaggi e conferisce loro una verità palpabile. E credo che questa ricerca di vero palpitante, questo desiderio di creare un rapporto tra l’esperienza di chi guarda e l’avventura del vivere messa in scena sullo schermo sia un dono che Salvatores, pur con i mezzi di un cinema imperfetto, abbia cercato in ogni modo di consegnarci…

Tutto il mio folle amore è un rimando al Pasolini di Cosa sono le nuvole (uno dei momenti più alti e poetici del cinema italiano) e soprattutto al brano cantato da Domenico Modugno, replicato nel film di Salvatores anche dall’intonatissimo Claudio Santamaria: proprio questa carriera da emulo del cantautore italiano è valsa a Willi il soprannome di “Modugno della Dalmazia”. Ma il folle amore è anche quello che Willi scopre di provare per Vincent, peraltro ricambiato; racchiuso in un guscio di apparente incomunicabilità, il ragazzo è in realtà un centro gravitazionale attorno al quale ruotano per tutta la durata del film i destini di Elena, Mario e Willi.
In Tutto il mio folle amore si nota subito il feeling attoriale che intercorre tra Claudio Santamaria e Giulio Pranno. A tratti, nell’interpretazione di quest’ultimo, sembra di rivedere il Leonardo Di Caprio di Buon compleanno Mr. Grape; e l’accostamento non è per niente azzardato, perché il giovane attore romano esprime un talento cristallino in un primo ruolo cinematografico subito molto difficile. Giulio ci mette tanta fisicità ma anche del sentimento; impossibile non empatizzare con il suo Vincent, vedere per credere…


November 2019


November 2019

Judson  Baptist Church
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Many of you remember when my son Calvin was a very little boy, how singularly obsessed with trains he was. Not just the super-creepy cartoon trains with the blank faces, forever reinforcing strangely communist values, and laboring under the very real threat of being sent to the “smelter’s yard” to be scrapped (what a messed up show!), but real trains as well. They really had his heart for a while. If we were at the zoo, looking at some exotic species of animal and a freight train happened by on the tracks that border Potter Park, he’d immediately take his eyes off the animal and become transfixed by the train. 

We also loved Nineteenth Century steam engines and took every opportunity to examine and ride on them, at Greenfield Village and Crossroads Village and elsewhere. That’s right; I said “we.” You see, Calvin got me really interested in trains and then he just walked away from them a couple years ago, moving on to Pokemon and other stuff. Now when we go to a train show or stop to have a look at an antique caboose, I get the impression that it’s Calvin who’s humoring me, which is kind of a funny turn of events.

At the end of the day, I think what I love about trains is just their raw power. Especially considering that the most impressive, hulking, and (yeah, I’ll say it) beautiful engines were powered by coal or wood, heating water to a boil! Somehow the same thing we do on the stove every day to make tea or macaroni and cheese can pull more than a hundred cars, plus their freight, weighing upwards of 60,000 pounds! 

Since I’m a preacher, my mind starts involuntarily crafting sermon illustrations whenever I think about this stuff, and there are innumerable possible illustrations to be had here: inspiring stuff about making it up the next hill, spiritual stuff playing on the tie between the Spirit and steam (i.e. in Greek and Hebrew, the word for Spirit also means “wind” or “breath”), or wisdom about knowing your own load limit, etc.

But the most powerful illustration I’ve ever heard about trains is kind of a dark one; it’s the story of what is probably the worst train-related tragedy ever. It happened in the El Toro Tunnel in Leon, Spain, on January 3,1944. The details are disputed because of a media blackout at the time, but sources say over five hundred people died.

The train was one of those long passenger trains with an engine on both ends. On this particular day, when the train went into the El Toro Tunnel, the engine on the front stalled. The crew attempted to fix the engine, but after a while it was clear to the engineer in back that they were going nowhere. Since sitting there in a tunnel was incredibly dangerous, the engineer on the back engine started up his engine to back the train out. But, at almost that precise moment, the front engineer managed to get the front engine started again and attempted to continue the journey. 

Neither engineer had any way of communicating with the other, and (since it often took a rather big initial boost to get all those cars moving), they each thought they simply needed more power. They continued to pull in both directions for several minutes, going nowhere, but creating an awful lot of deadly carbon monoxide. Hundreds of passengers on the train in the tunnel died of carbon monoxide poisoning because the train could not make up its mind which way to go. 

Since turning an entire train around on a single track is a logistical nightmare, those two-engine trains seemed like a brilliant idea. However, the people in that tunnel died because the train had one too many engineers. All that raw power was no use because it was pulling in opposite directions, creating a lot of heat and a lot of smoke, but no forward movement.

Many of us struggle as to which way to go with our lives—whether to come to Jesus or to remain in our sin. It’s becoming a more and more common thing to hear people describe how cleverly they’ve worked things out so that they can have both Jesus and their sin. In their minds, the two engineers actually have a great means of communication and are on the same page. But that’s nonsense. At the end of the day, just like a train pulling in two directions is not going to get to its destination, and can have potentially deadly results, so a person who tries to serve two masters will, in the best-case scenario, find herself or himself stuck, going nowhere.

God began the Ten Commandments with a reminder that he is a jealous God (Exodus 20:3). Jesus Himself warned us against trying to live a double life, saying, “No one can serve two masters” (Matt. 6:24). At the end of the day, we will love one and hate the other.

Take a moment today to assess the direction of your life. Not only which track you are on, but whether there is another master vying for your allegiance—a second locomotive pulling back away from your destination. If so, ask God to help you unhitch that engine and send it to the dreaded smelter’s yard. 

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Zach


Judson Spotlight
(Every month, we share something you may not know about)
For the next several months, we will be highlighting folks right here at Judson who serve the Lord in so many ways.
Jerre Ward By Noel Harshman

Jerre Ward has been an essential fixture at Judson since 1980 when she and her husband Chuck began attending Judson. The Wards were drawn to Judson because they knew and loved Dr. Charles Jones who was then the pastor here.

Jerre was saved when she was 13 years old and living in Tennessee and was baptized in a river. She said, “I love the Lord and feel his presence in every day of my life.”

In her work and in her ministry at Judson, she has shown that love in practical ways. While her husband was alive, both Jerre and Chuck served at Judson in many capacities.  Jerre recalls, “As a trustee, Chuck painted everything that didn’t move”.

Jerre’s ministry at Judson has included serving as moderator, treasurer, assistant financial secretary, memorial coordinator, insurance coordinator, grant writer for the Love Clothing Center, chair of women’s circles, and chair of various remodeling committees. She said her favorite job was serving as Pastor Tom Bayes organizational administrator. She kept things organized and running so he could spend his time in more effective ministry. Being a most organized person and having the ability to make other’s lives easier with this skill was a part of her mission.

Jerre is blessed with two daughters, three grandsons and four great grandsons.

 Immediate Prayer Needs
Mike Granger – Jeannie Granger-Bullion’s son; suffering from COPD and depression; please pray for comfort and encouragement
Family of Dolores Lewis – Barb Fickies’s daughter; passed away last week; memorial service November 16 @ 10:00 am
Margaret Power –pray for swift healing without complications after a fall
Mimi Russell – pray that the Lord will speed healing after a recent fall
Richard Saxman – pray for continued recovery and relief from pain after knee replacement surgery
Mike Sober – Brandon Sober’s dad; tests show he has an enlarged heart

Ongoing Prayer Needs
Rosemary Bullion            Jeanne Granger-Bullion  
Randy Butts                    Elizabeth Hamlet (Penny’s daughter)
Norma Chandler              Brent Robison (Velma Jo Pretty’s son)
Sean Douglas                  Rick Slaght (Marge Brook’s son)
Marie Ferguson               Mark Thode
Joyce Getts (Lisa Larson’s mom)           

"LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me." Psalms 30:2

-Immediate prayer requests will be on the list for 4 weeks unless an extension is requested. After 4 weeks, they may be moved to the ongoing list for 8 weeks unless an extension is requested. Please note: due to privacy concerns and HIPPA regulations, there must be permission for sharing.

Mission of the Month – Our Mission focus for the month of November is Operation Christmas Child. This mission provides shoeboxes filled with small toys, hygiene items, and school supplies as a means of reaching out to children around the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. There is a collection box in the foyer for donated items. All shoeboxes and donated items are due by November 17, when the shoeboxes will be packed for shipping. Donations to cover the $9 per box shipping costs are also welcome!

Are you interested in missions? Want to help plan Judson’s missions calendar for 2020? Meet in the library directly after church on November 10th for a 30-minute meeting as we look ahead to the new year. Everyone welcome!

New Church Directory –Dave Marvin will be taking professional-quality photos of our congregation for a new church directory, and everyone will be given an electronic copy of their portrait at no charge. The dates of the photo shoots are November 14, November 16, and November 17. If you have not already signed up for a time slot to have your picture taken, please call the church office at 882-5961 to make an appointment

Love Clothing Center Laundry Room – A new washer and dryer has been installed in the Judson Love Clothing Center, established in 1989 by Mrs. Bea Mott and Rev. Tom Bayes. The laundry area was made possible with memorial funds of Beverly Staggemier and Dorothy Gascho, first co-directors in 1989, and Ruth Howe, a long-time loyal worker and supporter of the Center. What a blessing this new laundry room will be for Love Clothing Center volunteers.

Matthew 25 Grant – Judson has been given a grant for the Love Clothing Center in the amount of $3,500 to purchase new clothing. Thanks be to God for the support Judson has been blessed with.

Plan now for the Christmas Dinner –There will be a church-wide Christmas dinner on Friday, December 13. Appetizers will be served at 6:00 pm, followed by dinner at 6:30. Tickets are $10 each (children are free). Ticket sales will begin on Sunday, November 17, and the LAST DAY to buy tickets will be December 8.

New Swahili group – We offer a big welcome to the new Swahili-speaking group that will be holding a service in the Heritage Room chapel on Sunday mornings at 10:30!

Ways to serve – If you are considering ways in which you can serve the Lord here at Judson, please think about joining the Deacons or Elder Board:  

Deacons are charged with ministering to the members of Judson. This includes preparing and serving communion, planning and administering mission projects, and nurturing the sick, needy, and distressed.
Elders are charged with overseeing and coordinating the facilities, finances, educational programs, and ministry of the church.

After prayerful consideration, if you feel led to serve in either of these capacities, please see the pastor or one of the current deacons or elders.

Just a reminder that you can support Judson Baptist Church when you shop on Amazon by going to AmazonSmile at You get the same selection of products, prices, and features, but when you shop on AmazonSmile the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization you select at no cost to you or to Judson.


Nov 7
Connie Pruitt
Nov 24
Tina Locke
Nov 10
Mitch Zajac
Nov 24
David Andrejczuk
Nov 11
William Crocker
Nov 28
Ryan Dougherty
Nov 14
Randy Butts
Nov 30
Spencer Austin
Nov 24

Руководитель Офиса президента Украины Андрей Богдан призвал прекратить расследование преступлений во время Революции Достоинства и преступления Виктора Януковича и его окружения. Об этом сообщает со ссылкой на СМИ.

Об этом сообщил бывший начальник Управления спецрасследований Генеральной прокуратуры Украины Сергей Горбатюк в интервью »Прямому».

По его словам, это произошло в конце встречи с президентом Украины Владимиром Зеленским.

«На той встрече с Зеленским он подошел (Богдан – ред.), в завершение этой встречи он подошел.

Он, не зная о сути, сказал: «Не расследовались дела, не расследовались в отношении убийств правоохранителей. Я же вам говорил, Владимир Александрович». А он (президент Владимир Зеленский ред.) говорит сам: «Как же не расследовались, если мне только что доложили, что есть результаты?». «Значит, тогда уже не надо расследовать. Все расследовано – и убийства протестующих, и убийства милиционеров. Значит, все, дальше не надо расследовать».

Да нет, говорю, надо расследовать, и много еще до завершения. И, в первую очередь, в отношении организаторов и нужны изменения в закон. И этот же вопрос президента о внесении изменений в закон, который разблокирует возможность применения заочного судопроизводства.

Он говорит: «Нет, это не вопрос президента. Будете рассказывать новому генеральному прокурору».

Я говорю: «Плюс, еще преступная организация Януковича, экономические преступления подлежат расследованию». «Да нет, о чем вы рассказываете? Какие экономические преступления? О чем вы рассказываете?». И потом он уже перевел тему на то, что вас следующий ждет…» – рассказал Горбатюк.

По его словам, Богдан говорил об этом серьезно.

«Я, возможно, преувеличиваю с точки зрения эмоциональной, но суть такая была. То есть переход от того, что ничего не расследовано. А потом до того, что надо расследовать», – отметил Горбатюк.

Источник: “”


























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Thales, Peking University and Ecole Polytechnique sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Physics to further advance scientific research in China

Nov 06, 2019

Thales is greatly honored to sign a strategic Cooperation Agreement with Peking University and Ecole Polytechnique for future cooperation on scientific research.

This agreement aims to promote trilateral R&D and joint facility collaborations in areas such as high energy, high density and laser physics.

These ambitious projects are linked to the discoveries of Gerard Mourou, professor at Ecole Polytechnique, and in particular the CPA (Chirped Pulse Amplification) technique, for which the professor was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018.

BEIJING, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Thales, Peking University and Ecole Polytechnique signed a strategic agreement for future cooperation in scientific research in the area of Physics. The signature took place today in Beijing at the Great Hall of the People.

In support of Peking University's ambitions to fulfill China's "National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure Project" and develop "Laser-Driven Multi-Beam Facilities" at Beijing Huairou Science City, this agreement aims to promote trilateral R&D and joint facility collaborations in areas such as high energy, high density and laser physics, setting a solid foundation for future cooperation in scientific research between France and China.

These ambitious projects are linked to the discoveries of Gerard Mourou, professor at Ecole Polytechnique, and in particular the CPA (Chirped Pulse Amplification) technique, for which the professor was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018. Gerard Mourou's work is the fruit of a longstanding laser research partnership between his laboratory, the Applied Optics Laboratory (LOA)[1], and Thales, whose leading laser technology expands the use of CPA to new boundaries each and every day.

"Thales has a strong experience in fostering cooperation with internationally renowned research laboratories and institutions. We are therefore delighted to develop this collaboration and help scientific research in China. As a trusted partner to Chinese industries in aerospace, transportation and digital identity and security, Thales actively supports the strengthening cooperation on scientific research in physics with Peking University and Ecole Polytechnique."

Pascale Sourisse, President, Thales International

Thales is a leader in laser technologies thanks to three decades of collaboration experience with ninety research teams across the world. This includes the world's most powerful laser facility, Extreme Light Infrastructure for Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP), developed and commissioned in Romania through an EU project for a two time 10 petawatt (1 PW = 1015 W) laser system.

[1] Applied Optics Laboratory (LOA – a joint research unit operated under the supervision of Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancees (ENSTA), the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Ecole Polytechnique) – LOA research activity covers a broad spectrum in ultrafast laser-plasma science.

About Thales

Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) is a global technology leader shaping the world of tomorrow today. The Group provides solutions, services and products to customers in the aeronautics, space, transport, digital identity and security, and defence markets. With 80,000 employees in 68 countries, Thales generated sales of EUR19 billion in 2018 (on a pro forma basis including Gemalto).

Thales is investing in particular in digital innovations -- connectivity, Big Data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity -- technologies that support businesses, organisations and governments in their decisive moments

About Thales in China

Thales provides innovative solutions for the infrastructure that forms the backbone of China's growth. The Group has been present in China for more than 30 years and is the trusted partner for the Chinese aviation and urban rail transportation industries. In the meanwhile, from secure software to biometrics and encryption, Thales has successfully applied its advanced technology to mobile communication, banking, IoT and software monetization etc. Thales has 3 JVs and employs 2,300 people with offices located in 8 cities in China. Thales established R&D centers and Innovation Hubs in Beijing, Dalian and Hong Kong to provide innovative solutions for both China and international market.

About Peking University

Peking University is a comprehensive and national key university. Its outstanding faculty includes 48 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 9 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 21 members of the Third World Academy of Sciences.

Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of a new type, embracing diverse branches of learning. It aims for one of the world's best universities in the future.

About Ecole Polytechnique

Ecole Polytechnique, also known as L'X, is the leading French institution combining top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology. As a widely internationalized university, Ecole Polytechnique offers a variety of international programs and attracts a growing number of foreign students and researchers from around the globe (currently 40% of students and 40% of faculty members). With its 23 laboratories, 22 of which are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Ecole Polytechnique Research Center explores the frontiers of interdisciplinary knowledge to provide major contributions to science, technology, and society. Ecole Polytechnique is a founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Source: Thales

Collaboration / Partnership
Science Research
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ضربة قاضية "مرعبة" في نزال بالفنون القتالية المختلطة (شاهد)


في مواجهة أمريكية خالصة، وجه "كيفن لي" ضربة قاضية لمواطنة "غريغور غيليسبي"، أنهت سريعا نزالا جمعهما في إطار بطولة "UFC 224" للفنون القتالية المختلطة (MMA).


ووجه "كيفن لي" (27 عاما) ضربة قوية بمشط قدمه إلى الجهة اليمنى من وجه خصمه فأسقطه أرضا دون حراك، وتبعها بضربة بيده اليمنى في المكان نفسه، قبل أن يتدخل الحكم ويوقف النزال.

وحقق المقاتل الشرس بذلك انتصاره الثامن عشر حتى الآن في مسيرته الاحترافية، مقابل 5 هزائم.
بينما تجرع غيليسبي (32 عاما) مرارة الهزيمة الأولى، بعد 13 انتصارا متتاليا.



اقرأ أيضا: مقاتل ضخم يهزم خصمه بالضربة القاضية في 22 ثانية (شاهد)


Cách ra khỏi giường khi trời lạnh(Phần 1)


Tôi sẽ nói với bạn cách ra khỏi giường vào buổi sáng khi bạn không muốn, nhưng khi trời lạnh thì sao? 

Buổi sáng sớm, trời lạnh có thể làm cho việc ra khỏi giường là một việc khó khăn hơn bình thường. Ở lại dưới một chiếc chăn ấm áp là một lựa chọn hấp dẫn hơn nhiều so với việc phải dậy đi làm hoặc chuẩn bị cho trẻ đi học. Nhưng thật không may, phần lớn chúng ta không được dành thời gian để tiếp tục ngủ. Thay vào đó, hãy sử dụng những lời khuyên này về cách ra khỏi giường khi trời lạnh nhé.

I.Quyết định mặc gì vào đêm hôm trước

Nếu bạn quyết định trang phục nào bạn sẽ mặc cho ngày hôm sau vào đêm hôm trước, bạn sẽ có thêm vài phút trên giường. Lấy chúng ra và đặt chúng vào bộ giữ nhiệt hoặc dưới chăn của bạn trước khi bạn đi ngủ. Bằng cách đó, chúng sẽ ấm và sẵn sàng để bạn mặc chúng vào buổi sáng. Bạn cũng có thể làm bữa trưa và đóng gói túi của mình để tiết kiệm nhiều thời gian hơn vào buổi sáng.

Image result for how to keep warm in the early morning

II.Đặt báo thức phát ra tiếng động nhẹ nhàng

Nếu bạn có một báo thức thực sự ồn ào phát ra tiếng kim loại nặng để đánh thức bạn, bạn sẽ giật mình tỉnh giấc và bạn sẽ bắt đầu bực bội báo thức. Thay vào đó, chọn một báo thức nhẹ nhàng hơn, chẳng hạn như âm nhạc cổ điển. Ngay cả khi bạn không thích thưởng thức âm nhạc cổ điển, nó sẽ giúp bạn thức tỉnh dần dần. Điều này sẽ làm cho quá trình thức dậy cảm thấy tự nhiên hơn rất nhiều. 

III.Thưởng thức bữa sáng của bạn

Thưởng thức 1 bữa sáng ấm áp
Trà, sách và tất ấm, cũng có thể giúp bạn ra khỏi giường vào buổi sáng

Ngay khi thức dậy, hãy pha cho mình một tách trà hoặc cà phê ấm, và một bữa sáng ấm áp như cháo. Nhiều nghiên cứu đã chỉ ra rằng một bữa sáng lành mạnh cung cấp cho bạn năng lượng để bạn bắt đầu ngày mới . Có một bữa sáng ấm áp cũng sẽ mang đến cho bạn điều gì đó để đáng để mong chờ, điều này đưa chúng ta đến mục tiêu tiếp theo của chúng ta dễ dàng hơn.

Getting out of bed via Sleep Matters Club

IV.Có một cái gì đó để mong đợi

Ra khỏi giường dễ dàng hơn nhiều khi bạn tập trung vào thứ gì đó bạn thực sự muốn làm thay vì những gì bạn phải làm. Hãy thử dành ra một vài phút vào buổi sáng, suy nghĩ xem điều gì sẽ giúp bạn mong muốn thức dậy. Có thể đó là 1 tách cà phê trên giường, vòi hoa sen với xà phòng yêu thích hoặc đọc chương tiếp theo của một cuốn sách hay. Dù đó là gì, hãy cố gắng cung cấp cho mình một cái gì đó sẽ giúp bạn bắt đầu ngày mới ngay.


Đây là một sai lầm mà nhiều người trong chúng ta mắc phải khi báo thức đầu tiên của chúng ta tắt. Bộ não lúc 6 giờ sáng của chúng ta cho chúng ta biết rằng chúng ta sẽ cảm thấy tỉnh táo hơn nhiều sau khi ngủ thêm 10 phút (điều không thể tránh khỏi biến thành thêm nửa giờ nữa!). Không có nghi ngờ rằng chúng ta có thể tìm thấy hàng triệu lời bào chữa về lý do tại sao chúng ta cần phải nằm trên giường khi chúng ta mệt mỏi, nhưng thật không may, chúng ta có nhiệm vụ cần phải làm. Hãy cố gắng tắt thứ logic: thêm vài phút nữa sẽ giúp bạn làm tốt. Hãy ra khỏi giường ngay khi bạn thức dậy một thói quen tự động, cuối cùng bạn sẽ tự luyện tập để ra khỏi giường ngay lập tức.

The importance of setting a calming alarm via Sleep Matters Club

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Hình ảnh: Internet



HDCleaner 1.277

Description: HDCleaner is a complete junk or unwanted data cleaning software of your Windows PC.HDCleaner offers a comprehensive toolkit for system maintenance under Windows. Whether you clean the hard disk or the registry, encrypt data, split files, remove traces of use, backup the registry, defragment or search and replace registry keys, values and data with […]

Sky Rezidence Bohdalec


O projektu: V Praze 10 na Bohdalci pod bohdaleckým kopcem se rodí nové bydlení v podobě Sky Rezidence Bohdalec. Jde o bydlení typu Sky House, které je zároveň energeticky úsporné. Dva nové domy s osmi nadzemními podlažími v sobě bude ukrývat celkem 58 nových bytů, a to s plošnými dispozicemi od 1+kk až po 3+kk, přičemž výměra bytů činí od 30,3 do 86,7 m2. Nebudou chybět ani celkem čtyři obchodní prostory , všechny se budou nacházet v prvním nadzemním podlaží. Soukromí a klid zajistí okna situovaná do privátního vnitrobloku a balkony a terasy i různá intimní zákoutí.

Odstínění hluku z rušné dopravní křižovatky zajistí přístupové chodby. V prvním podzemním a prvním nadzemním podlaží vzniknou parkovací stání a sklepní kóje, parkovacích stání je k dispozici celkem 65, sklepních kójí 59. Dokončení výstavby objektů je naplánováno na červenec 2021. Projekt vzniká pod dozorem developera Bohdalecká Project Development.

Lokalita: Roh ulic Bohdalecká a U Plynárny je významnou dopravní křižovatkou na Praze 10 a právě zde roste nový developerský projekt Sky Rezidence Bohdalec. Jak již bylo uvedeno, hlavní devizou obytného komplexu je hlavně výborná dopravní dostupnost, kdy stanice tramvaje je ani ne minutu chůze od domu, přes ulici je pak další autobusová zastávka, kde staví hned několik autobusů mířících jak do centra, tak i ven do okrajových částí města. Velkou výhodou je navíc dostupnost obchodů, hned naproti areálu se nachází supermarket Kaufland, jednu stanici autobusem se nalézá Obchodní centrum Eden, kde kromě supermarketu Tesco najdete také celou řadu dalších obchodů. V neposlední řadě je velkou výhodou i blízkost výjezdu na Jižní spojku a dálnici D1, takže pokud často jezdíte ven z Prahy tímto směrem a uvažujete o novém bydlení, jde o vhodnou investici. Blízko se nacházejí i sportoviště, ať již plavecký bazén na Slavii v Edenu nebo areál s tenisovými kurty u Hamerského rybníka.

Sport, relax, příroda: Ve vzdálenosti 2,8 km vás očekává Plavecký stadion Slavia, kam si můžete jít pravidelně zaplavat. Milovníkům fotbalu jistě nemusíme představovat 2 km vzdálený Sinobodo Stadion. Blízko najdete i dostatek přírody, hezké okolí k procházkách nabízí 1,8 km vzdálený Hamerský rybník. Sportovní areál Hamr, rozkládající se 2,8 km daleko vám nabídne k využití tenisové kurty. Na delší, například celodenní výlet do přírody, se můžete vydat do Kunraticko-michelského lesa v dosahu 6,1 km.

Nákupy a služby: Přímo přes ulici, jenom 274 metrů se nalézá supermarket Kaufland do kterého můžete vyrazit na nákupy potravin a dalšího zboží. Pouhých 1,9 km je umístěno Nákupní centrum Eden a v něm hypermarket Tesco Extra i celá řada dalších obchodů.

Vzdělávání: Vaše malé ratolesti přijme MŠ U Roháčových kasáren, která se nalézá 2,7 km od obytného souboru. Starší děti pak mohou navštěvovat ZŠ U Roháčových kasáren 2,8 km od rezidence. Další možností je 2,5 km vzdálená ZŠ Na Chodovci.

Kultura: Za zajímavými filmy můžete vyrazit do 3,7 km vzdáleného Kina Pilotů. Na již zmiňovaném Sinobodo Stadionu se kromě sportovních utkání odehrávají také koncerty velkých světových hudebních hvězd. Navštívit můžete také 3 km vzdálené Vršovické divadlo MANA, které nabízí dobrý kulturní program.
Zdravotnictví: Blízko, jenom 2,6 km ordinuje poliklinika Vršovická zdravotní, kde narazíte na praktické lékaře i specialisty.

Doprava: Stanice tramvaje Chodovská se nalézá 170 m od budovy. Pouhý 1 km od rezidence leží výjezd na Jižní spojku. Celkem 4 km je dlouhá cesta k nájezdu na dálnici D1. Jenom 3,2 km od obytného komplexu najdete železniční stanici Praha-Vršovice.

Více info:

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Byty Mílová


O projektu: Byty Mílová jsou novým developerským projektem budovaným na Praze 4 v Libuši. Rodí se zde nový bytový dům s šesti nadzemními podlažími a celkem 54 byty o různých dispozicích od menších 1+kk až po velkoryse řešené 4+kk. Podlahovou plochou se byty pohybují od 29,4 m2 až po 111,3 m2. U žádného z bytů navíc nechybí buď balkon nebo terasa, u bytů v prvním nadzemním podlaží jsou k dispozici předzahrádky. Zároveň v ceně většiny bytů je i parkovací stání.

Architekti také brali ohled na to, aby dům dokonale zapadl do celkové bytové zástavby v okolí, tedy aby navázal jak na sousední činžovní domy, tak i na nedaleké domy rodinné. Zároveň jde o úsporný bytový dům, který obdržel energetický štítek skupiny B. Dokončení projektu je naplánováno na konec června 2021. Novostavba vzniká pod developerským vedením společnosti Central Group.

Lokalita: Hlavní předností nového developerského projektu Mílová, který vzniká v ulici Mílová v Praze 4-Libuši je kombinace pohodové maloměstské atmosféry s příjemnými podmínkami pro klidné bydlení s dostatkem soukromí a výborné dopravní dostupnosti a občanské vybavenosti.

Ačkoli projekt vzniká ve čtvrti, která je považována za okrajovou, doprava do centra města je zde na mimořádně vysoké úrovni. Jenom kousek od domu se nachází zastávka autobusu. Těžit budete i z dostatečné blízkosti zeleně, protože nedaleko se nacházejí přírodní zákoutí vhodná k odpočinku, a to Krčský, respektive Kunraticko.michelský les a Modřanská rokle. Zároveň jde o ideální místo k bydlení pro rodiny s dětmi, protože v nedaleko narazíte na několik škol.

Sport, relax, příroda: V těsné blízkosti jsou i sportovní příležitosti pro vaše nejmenší, 1,4 km vzdálený Krytý bazén - Centrum dětského plavání MAGIC CASTLE KUNRATICE. Ve stejné vzdálenosti, tedy rovněž 1,4 km, narazíte i na sportovní vyžití pro dospělé, a to Golf Club Tvrz. Milovníky kulatého míče nadchne fotbalový klub FCS Libuš, který působí 1,4 km od rezidenčního souboru. Pro delší výlety, ale i pro běhání nebo jízdu na kole je jako stvořený Kunraticko-michelský les, nalézající se 2,8 km daleko. Dalším rozsáhlým parkem pro různé venkovní aktivity a odpočinek je 3,6 km vzdálená Modřanská rokle. Také Zámecký park Kunratice, ke kterému vede cesta dlouhá 1,7 km, na vás dýchne zelenou pohodou, je velmi příjemným místem k relaxaci. V létě můžete využít přírodní koupaliště Rybník Šeberák, nacházející se 2,6 od novostavby.

Nákupy a služby: Výborně dostupné je Obchodní centrum Kunratice, kde můžete nakoupit potraviny i další zboží, vzdáleno od novostavby je jenom 885 m. Na nákup můžete také vyrazit do Tržnice SAPA nacházející se 1,5 km od obytného komplexu.

Vzdělávání: Pouhých 215 m od rezidenčního objektu přijme vaše malé děti MŠ K Lukám. Také ZŠ je velice blízko, jenom 624 m najdete Wonderland Academy pro starší děti.

Kultura: Za kulturními příležitostmi musíte do centra města, zde se jich mnoho nenachází, tím nejbližším je 4 km vzdálené Kulturní centrum Novodvorská, kde probíhají například koncerty nebo různé kurzy. Dále je to je 8,2 km vzdálené kino Cinema City Chodov. Na rozmanitá divadelní představení můžete vyrazit do 9,8 km vzdáleného Branického divadla.

Zdravotnictví: Zázemí zdravotní péče v podobě ordinací praktických lékařů najdete v Ošetřovatelské poliklinice Thomayerovy nemocnice.

Doprava: Doslova za rohem, 261 m od objektu je autobusová zastávka Mílová, ze které odjíždí několik autobusových linek do centra města. Výborný je také výjezd autem, protože jenom 920 m se nalézá křižovatka Vídeňské a Dobronické ulice. Po Vídeňské můžete zamířit jak směrem ven z města, tak na druhou stranu k Thomayerově nemocnici a dál pokračovat do centra Prahy.

Více info: > Mílová

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Winter Plisskën

Them Legends. Them Masters. Them Stars. #wpf19
Winter Plisskën Festival
7 December 2019


Afrodeutsche // uk
Bishop Nehru // us
Cabaret Nocturne // be
Carla dal Forno // au
E. Myers // uk
Floating Points (live) // uk
Quantic Music (live band) // uk
SAMA' // ps


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Main Stage: Piraeus 117 Academy
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My Ask-Me-Anything Session with CareerKarma


When Timur Meyster, of Career Karma, asked to host an Ask-Me-Anything with their squads, it was a most humbling moment; this meant the opportunity to encourage and embolden those who sought to transition into tech like I did. Our session was just amazing; I was awed by the determination I felt from the students, and they literally hailed from all career paths and walks of life. Spending time with Career Karma made me so hopeful for the future of tech, for its diversity, inclusivity and strength.

The recording of the AMA is below. Enjoy! 😄


ศูนย์ทนายสิทธิฯ ขยายวันแสดงนิทรรศการ "Never Again หยุด ย่ำ ซ้ำ เดิน" ถึง 23 พ.ย.นี้


6 พ.ย.2562 ผู้สื่อข่าวรายงานว่า วันนี้ (6 พ.ย.62) ศูนย์ทนายความเพื่อสิทธิมนุษยชน ประกาศ ขยายวันแสดงนิทรรศการ "Never Again หยุด ย่ำ ซ้ำ เดิน" ถึง 23 พ.ย.นี้ WTF Gallery and Café ซอยสุขุมวิท 51


Codex Zacynthius Study Day


Yesterday ITSEE organised a Study Day at Oriel College in Oxford to report on their research project on Codex Zacynthius (Cambridge, UL, MS Additional 10062) (for a previous contribution from this blog see here). It was a great day with very informative presentations and far too much to summarise here. Basically the project involves:
  • Complete transcription of overtext
  • MSI images (July 2018 EMEL): 51 images of each page (will be made available)
  • Base transcription by combining Greenlee & Tregelles – check against images
  • Identify sources of scholia (TLG etc.)
  • Transcription of scholia and ET (adjusted from NRSV)
  • Online and Printed Edition (Gorgias Press)
So some highlights:

The project is proposing three corrections to the text of Luke in 040 as currently understood (via Tregelles and Greenlee): Luke 1.6: read ἐναντίον τοῦ θεοῦ (with NA28 txt); Luke 7.21: read ἐν ἐκείνῃ (with NA28 txt); 8.46: read ἐξεληλυθυῖαν (with NA28 txt).

The text of Luke is not completely continuous, since the text ahs to keep in line with the commentary, so, for example, on 17 occasions a verse is repeated on the next page because comments continue; and twice a verse appears on three pages, e.g. Luke 9.1 has 3 pages of commentary)

The scholia are connected with the text through a numerical system: 328 passages have associated scholia (in the extreme three verses have five scholia: Luke 1.2; 1.43; 9.29). The scholiast is careful to identify sources (sometimes, esp with Severus of Antioch, to particular books or letters). Ten different authors named: Cyril of Alexandria (145); Origen (68), Titus of Bostra (49), Severus of Antioch (29) [latest author, he died in 538; condemned as heretic in 536] ...

34 scholia: ‘from the unattributed collection’
Most can be identified (TLG), but 44 (14%) have no parallel in TLG
NB online checklist of NT catena MSS:
Quite a close parallel in GA 747 (Paris): similar catena in content and structure

The scribe of the lectionary (lect 299) was named Nilos who made many little comments about his own failings; the same scribe also wrote Vat. Gr. 788 in AD 1170 (palimpsest, said by Devresse that the underwriting is illegible).

Here is a facsimile from Tregelles (1861) and the same page in a recent photo from the UL:

Here is a video on the Mult-Spectral Imaging:

For more on the project see here.
For more from the UL see here.
For forthcoming publication see here and here.


Congrats to Klaus Wachtel

Congratulations to Klaus Wachtel on his retirement!

Source of un-doctored image: Hugh Houghton's Twitter

Yesterday, the INTF posted the following:

Klaus has been a constant presence in textual criticism for many years now. I've personally benefitted much from his writings on the Byzantine text, and more recently, his textual commentary of Acts in the ECM Acts: Studies volume. May he have a happy retirement!

Congrats also to Greg Paulson as he steps into his new position within the INTF!

Ubisoft launches Just Dance fundraising campaign for Alzheimer's Research UK

Image 1

Ubisoft marks the launch of Just Dance 2020 today with a fundraising campaign for the Alzheimer's Research UK charitable organization. The publisher announces they will donate £1 for every share of the official campaign video (linked below) or any other Just Dance-related "dance memory" with the #JustDanceMemories hashtag via social media, to a maximum of £30,000.

Founded in 1992, Alzheimer's Research UK is dedicated to researching dementia in effort to discover ways to treat, prevent, or maybe even cure neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer's.

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Pac-Man readies for 40th Anniversary next year with official theme song from DJ Ken Ishii

Image 1

The classic Pac-Man franchise will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on May 22 2020, and Bandai Namco sets the stage for occasion with a theme song collaboration with none other than Japanese DJ and techno artist Ken Ishii.

Titled "Join the PAC", the new music video is directed by award-winning video director Yuichi Kodama. Bandai Namco is planning many more collaborations with popular brands to produce commemorative products marking Pac-Man's 40th anniversary next year, so fans can keep an eye on the partnerships and activities in the months to come on the official series site. For starters, there's going to be a Pac-Man Tamagotchi next year!

Meanwhile, Pac-Man will also have a booth at this weekend's 2019 ComplexCon in Long Beach, California.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for PC to mark EA's return to Steam

Image 1

You've heard the rumors that Electronic Arts may be open to releasing their Windows PC titles on Steam again, and today the publisher has done just that by opening pre-orders for the upcoming PC version of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order across both their Origin and Valve's Steam digital storefronts. In fact, Jedi: Fallen Order will only be the beginning as EA hints at more titles being brought over to Steam over the course of this year and next, including: The Sims 4, Unravel Two, Apex Legends, FIFA 20, and Battlefield V.

EA also releases a new Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay trailer that highlights protagonist Cal Kestis' quest to bring his fight for survival straight to the forces of both the Galactic Empire, and the Imperial Inquisition.

As you'll see from the release dates on their respective stores, Jedi: Fallen Order for PC will go live for both Origin and Steam starting November 15th, the very same day as all the PS4 and Xbox One console platforms.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches for PC on January 9th, 2020

Image 1

Capcom announces that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will finally be hitting Windows PC via Steam next January 9th, 2020. The developer marks the occasion with a new 4K 60FPS trailer, but whether or not your rig will run the expansion at that resolution will depend on your system configuration!

To see how your configuration might fare, Capcom has released an updated list of PC system requirements for the Iceborne expansion:

Minimum (1080p/30fps)

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4460 or Core i3 9100F / AMD FX-6300 or Ryzen 3 3200G
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 48 GB available space (additional 45 GB for High Resolution Texture Pack)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or GTX1050 or AMD Radeon R7 260x or RX 560
  • DirectX: Version 11 or 12
  • Sound Card: DirectSound (DirectX 9.0c or later)
  • Network: Broadband internet connection

Recommended (1080p/30fps)

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 3770 or Core i3 8350 or Core i3 9100F / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Ryzen 5 3400G
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 48 GB available space (additional 45 GB for High Resolution Texture Pack)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (VRAM 3GB) or GTX 1650 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or RX 570
  • DirectX: Version 11 or 12
  • Sound Card: DirectSound (DirectX 9.0c or later)
  • Network: Broadband internet connection

High (1440p/30fps)

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 6600K or Core i5 9400F / AMD Ryzen 7 1700 or Ryzen 5 3600
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 48 GB available space (additional 45 GB for High Resolution Texture Pack)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX970 or GTX1660 / AMD Radeon RX 580
  • DirectX: Version 11 or 12
  • Sound Card: DirectSound (DirectX 9.0c or later)
  • Network: Broadband internet connection

Max (4K/30fps)

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit required)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 7700K or Core i7 9700F / AMD Ryzen 7 2700X or Ryzen 7 3700X
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 48 GB available space (additional 45 GB for High Resolution Texture Pack)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti or RTX 2070 Super / AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 64 or RX 5700 XT
  • DirectX: Version 11 or 12
  • Sound Card: DirectSound (DirectX 9.0c or later)
  • Network: Broadband internet connection

Meanwhile, Capcom pledges to shorten the content release gap between the console and PC versions of Monster Hunter World going forward:

The Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World already launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in September 2019 to a strong reception, shipping no less than 2.5 million copies across both eighth-generation console platforms in just one week.

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Borderlands 3 gets Haunted with free Bloody Harvest event

Image 1

Borderlands 3 will get into the spirit of Halloween once the shooter-looter's first limited time event, Bloody Harvest, rises from its grave starting this week. All fans need to do is play Borderlands 3 from October 24th to December 5th to be able to participate.

Bloody Harvest is a free seasonal event that will reward players with Halloween-themed gear and cosmetic skins. Players will challenge repeatable missions in order to acquire "Hecktoplasm" from the mysterious new "Haunted" enemies that only appear while the Bloody Harvest event is running.

Haunted enemies can inflict the new "Terror" debuff that will impair the player's vision and aim, but players can counter this by using the equally new "Anointed" weapons. Once they've farmed enough Hecktoplasm, they'll be able to open a portal to Heck to take on the undead Maliwan forces of Captain Haunt for a shot at all the new loot, including the new Legendary "Fearmonger" shotgun.

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The Outer Worlds prepares for launch next week with new trailer

Image 1

The Outer Worlds is now only a week away from launch, and developer Obsidian is helping mark the occasion with a new trailer that highlights the chance for players to choose what sort of space cowboy they want to be.

While the trailer itself is set to tune of T. Rex's classic "20th Century Boy", The Outer Worlds will transport players on a voyage to furthest reaches of outer space where they just might determine the fate of the colony of Halcyon.

Obsidian has also finalized the PC system requirements for The Outer Worlds:


  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1) 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3225 or AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti or AMD HD 7850
  • HDD Space: 40GB


  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K  or Ryzen 5 1600
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or Radeon RX 470
  • HDD Space: 40GB

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Fallout 76 gets private servers next week, but Wastelanders delayed to Q1 2020

Image 1

Fallout 76 will be getting its most requested feature from the community starting next week, the ability for players to set up and join private servers. Not only will players be able to set who gets to jump into these private servers, but Bethesda teases that they will be able to support user-created mods. Further details are promised in the coming week.

However, Bethesda also admits that it must push back the Wastelanders content until the first quarter of 2020 in order to improve its quality. Originally scheduled for a Fall 2019 launch (just in time for the game's first anniversary), Fallout 76's Wastelanders free expansion content will at long last introduce living human NPCs into the Appalachian online world, complete with a new questline to experience. That Q1 2020 launch window will also see Wastelanders going live alongside the planned "Legendary Player" system.

The Atomic Shop will also soon be updated to potentially include more gameplay items (joining the already implemented Repair and Scrap Kits and Refrigerator, for starters), with the intent to allow players to "make the game better for others" as opposed to gaining advantages.

Click here to see more images

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Defending the Perimeter Isn’t Enough on Election Hacking


Defending the Perimeter Isn’t Enough on Election Hacking(Bloomberg Opinion) -- The U.S. is now just a year from the 2020 presidential election. In 2016, we saw foreign interests influence the outcome of a presidential race when Russian hackers infiltrated the computer networks of officials in both parties, and then selectively disseminated the emails of Democrats. Is the nation in better shape to counter such threats this time around?It doesn’t look like it.For example, Microsoft recently reported an attack by Iranian hackers on the emails of current and former U.S. government officials, journalists covering political campaigns, and accounts associated with a presidential campaign. There is reason to believe that the attack, which consisted of more than 2,700 attempts on targeted email accounts, was backed by the Iranian government.According to security researchers and intelligence officials, hackers from Russia and North Korea have also begun targeting organizations that work closely with 2020 presidential candidates.Foreign enemies continue to see U.S. elections as an opportunity to subvert the will of the American people and exert control over our governance at the highest level. This most recent Iranian attack is a reminder that both political organizations and private enterprises face significant cybersecurity risks.Unfortunately, the legacy electoral systems most voters and organizations rely on do not offer sufficient protection in the modern digital landscape. When facing nation-state adversaries with billions in funding and information resources to rival the U.S. National Security Agency, Americans have to think beyond the popular two-factor authentication protocols. We need to protect not only the voting systems themselves, but the email, file-sharing and other communication systems of ancillary campaign groups, local officials and plenty more.What can we do to defend ourselves better? In my military and cyber experience, the operating principle is that the sophisticated attacker will eventually find a way through any perimeter defense. As supreme allied commander of NATO in the late 2000s, I pushed to strengthen the alliance’s nascent Cyber Defense Center in Tallinn, Estonia — but saw firsthand how easily Russian hackers penetrated our digital perimeter.Protections must be designed so that even if the attacker succeeds in getting to the target, the target remains safe. To do so, we need to think in terms of four core principles for secure communication systems that will be resilient to the inevitable breach.First, systems must employ end-to-end encryption. (Disclosure: I serve on the board of an information-security firm, Preveil Llc.) If we assume that attackers will be able to exploit vulnerabilities in server software or the defense mechanisms that guard it, then the only way to keep information secure is to make sure that it’s never exposed, even while on the server. With end-to-end encryption, data is only accessible to the sender and the recipient — it isn’t accessible en route to the server or on the server. Even if the server is compromised, the data is not. Think of this as the difference between working in an Ebola environment in a body suit, which will eventually weaken at the seams, and being vaccinated against the disease. The perimeter defense is far from worthless, but the vaccine — the internal protection — is vastly better. A second concern is the vulnerability of anything in the system that becomes a juicy target. While end-to-end encryption eliminates the server as a single entity that can be compromised, if the system has administrators with global access, a high-yield single target for attackers remains. To solve this problem, access to large amounts of sensitive user data should be granted only after being approved by several trusted individuals. Similar to the systems used for nuclear-launch codes, encryption cryptography can break up individual user keys into fragments that are distributed among multiple people. Therefore, administrative access to users’ accounts is achieved only when all key shards are present, so there is no single administrator who attackers can compromise to gain access.Third, it’s time to do away with passwords. According to the report of the 2019 Verizon data breach investigations, 80% of hacking-related breaches involve compromised and weak credentials. Rather than depending on fallible passwords, secure communication systems should now grant account access using a private encryption key. A 256-bit encryption key has a lot of different possible combinations of characters — nearly 10 to the 78th power, the same as the number of atoms in the universe — and is not crackable with existing computational power. Because the key is stored only on the user’s physical device, remote access isn’t possible.Finally, it is important to protect the most sensitive communications from socially engineered phishing and spoofing attacks. Traditional digital communications provide an opening for impostors to trick users into clicking on dangerous links or leaking information. When only known users are able to communicate with each other about an organization’s most confidential information, that risk of “lookalike” accounts is eliminated. The strongest security systems don’t depend on users to be perfect, or to always exercise good judgment. They make sure that data is safe even when humans are flawed. Getting at this “insider threat” is crucial.Security is a serious matter for organizations of all types, not just political parties during an election season. Organizations should rethink their security preparedness with a deeper understanding of the adversaries’ capabilities. They need to make the shift to secure systems modeled around these four core principles — including adopting ready-to-use encrypted communications systems for email and file-sharing.Between now and Nov. 3, 2020, there should be few higher priorities than improving security to stop hackers and foreign powers from threatening American democracy itself.To contact the author of this story: James Stavridis at jstavridis@bloomberg.netTo contact the editor responsible for this story: Tobin Harshaw at tharshaw@bloomberg.netThis column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.James Stavridis is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a retired U.S. Navy admiral and former supreme allied commander of NATO, and dean emeritus of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is also an operating executive consultant at the Carlyle Group and chairs the board of counselors at McLarty Associates.For more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.


Новая версия Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility 3.0 доступна на сайте проекта VMware Labs.


На портале VMware Labs на днях обновилась полезная утилита vCenter Workload Migration Utility до версии 3.0. Напомним, что это средство позволяет перенести виртуальные машины средствами Cross vCenter vMotion между виртуальными датацентрами под управлением разных серверов vCenter (поддерживаются как единый SSO-домен, так и разные).

Давайте посмотрим, что нового появилось в обновлении утилиты:

  • Новый интерфейс плагина, который теперь полностью интегрирован с vSphere HTML5 Client и поддерживается как для vSphere, так и для окружений на базе VMware Cloud.
    • Полный набор функций, такой же, как и у XVM UI.
    • Поддержка миграций, инициированных на уровне хоста, кластера или пула ресурсов из дерева объектов vSphere Client.
  • Классический интерфейс Standalone UI объявлен устаревшим, но все еще поддерживается.
  • Возможность миграции сетей с одинаковыми именами.
  • Сортировка и фильтрация списка ВМ, которые предполагается мигрировать.
  • Улучшения, связанные с доработкой механизма отчетности.

Скачать Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility 3.0 можно по этой ссылке.


Поднявшая юбку Вележева показала Борисову жуткие кровоподтеки


По сообщениям прессы, актриса Лидия Вележева устроила скандал на борту самолета. Якобы из-за странного поведения звезды рейс задержали. Представители компании-перевозчика заявили, что звезда находилась в состоянии алкогольного опьянения.

В сегодняшнем выпуске программы "Пусть говорят" родственники артистки вступились за Лидию Вележеву. Младший сын актрисы Димитрий Гусько отметил, что его матери не свойственно агрессивное поведение, поэтому она не могла устроить дебош.

Муж знаменитости народный артист России Алексей Гуськов заявил, что он и его супруга постоянные клиенты этой авиакомпании и ранее никаких проблем у них не возникало. По его словам, перевозчик "повесил" на Лидию вину за задержку вылета, хотя простой случился из-за технической неисправности. После он рассказал, что его жена действительно выпила бокал игристого вина: алкоголь знаменитости предложили стюардессы.

Артист поделился с присутствующими фотографиями, на них Вележева запечатлела множественные гематомы, которые остались на ее теле после встречи с полицейскими. С артисткой обращались очень грубо.

Ведущий шоу "Пусть говорят" Дмитрий Борисов подчеркнул, что стражи порядка, которые выводили Лидию из салона, не дали ей обуться. Вележеву вытащили на мокрую посадочную полосу в одном ботинке и без верхней одежды. Присутствующие в студии эксперты пришли к выводу, что блюстители закона превысили должностные полномочия.

"Я пришла на эту передачу, потому что я попала в странную, непривычную ситуацию, ситуацию неправды. Я ни в чем не виновата, на моем месте может быть любой человек", – заявила сама артистка, появившись в студии программы "Пусть говорят".

Вележева рассказала, что сотрудники полиции, которые силой выпроваживали ее, даже не представились, хотя делать это обязаны. После знаменитость вышла в центр съемочной площадки и приподняла подол юбки, показав бедро в кровоподтеках. Лидия предложила обязать авиакомпании установить в салонах видеорегистраторы. Звезда не собирается подавать в суд на перевозчика, она требует от компании публичных извинений и компенсации затрат, которые понесла из-за снятия с рейса.


Sailfish OS Torronsuo is now available


Sailfish OS 3.2.0 Torronsuo is a substantial release introducing updated hardware adaptation support, which enables us to bring Sailfish X to newer generation devices like the Sony Xperia 10. The Xperia 10 is also the first device to come with user data encryption enabled by default, and with SELinux, Security-Enhanced Linux, access control framework enabled. We’ll be rolling out SELinux policies in phases. For now Torronsuo introduces SELinux policies for display control (MCE), device startup and background services (systemd), and more will follow in upcoming releases. We have a few details of the Xperia 10 support to finalise, and will announce Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia 10 within the upcoming weeks.

Torronsuo National Park is in the Tavastia Proper region of Finland. This park is valuable for its birdlife and butterfly species. Roughly a hundred species nest in the area. Part of the birds and insects are species that typically live in the northern areas, and they aren’t seen much elsewhere in southern Finland.

Read more


Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Achievement/Trophy list revealed


The Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Achievement/Trophy list is available to view and suggests hopeful Jedi will be hunting down myriad collectibles as they play. Among the collectibles are chests, secrets, stim canisters, encrypted logs and force echoes. You’ll also have to scan enemies, the list reveals (with thanks to TrueAchievements). You can check out a list […]

This content originally appeared on Stevivor, at Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Achievement/Trophy list revealed.


Artie 3000™ Coding and Drawing Robot... a bit of a review...

I came across this one on Facebook... and as an educator who specializes in Student Robotics, Student Creativty, and Art Education this naturally caught my attention...

ART-BOTS have been around a long time. I included some stuff on them in my book for ISTE (International Socieity for Technology in Education) "Getting Started with LEGO Robotics: An Educators Guide"... those were drawing robots that kids created and constructed with the LEGO Robotics Kits... and that's quite a project. But this is something related but different. This one appears to be a pre-built robot whose function is to draw... kids (or adults) create works of art by programming the robot to draw it as it travels around. Again, not a new idea, there were LOGO (programming language) Turtle Robots drawing for kids who programmed them years and years ago.

BUT the ARTIE 3000 Coding and Drawing Robot seems to me to be a low cost, robust student robot that does all of this well and that should give kids in classrooms (or elsewhere) very good STEAM learning experiences with much of the prep and problems taken out of it... In other words IF you want kids to get down to coding a robot and making art with it (and there is a rich, rich vein of learning to be mined through this approach), this seems to be a good approach!

As for the Visual Art aspect of this... Well, kids won't develop the motor skills involved painstakingly learning to draw with a simple implement like a pencil (I taught middle school drawing for many years, by the way)... BUT, that TOO could be the point because Artie 3000 promises to draw shapes (and patterns, etc) that appear visually perfect, thus taking the frustration factor (a high one) out of the art activity.

What sort of artistic image  might a kid make with this? Well, the kid has to learn how to program the robot to draw what he or she wants (trust me, the coding/programing approaches that would be used ARE simple and will lead to a good understanding how programming works... and by extension, how humans get their intelligent machines to do their work for them).

Could kids make great art with Artie? Why not? And by the way, the robot isn't making the "Art", simply making the marks on the paper... the ideas, explorations, art works... are the kids... And as is the case with any other 'Art Tool' Artie is a means and not an end... and thus, kids will still benefit from learning discipline and perseverance (grit) and in learning what is Art and the elements of design that go into it, etc... The kinds of things that a good art teacher would teach.

Caution, while I do think that this would make a great addition for any classroom (could be a single unit placed as a learning station somewhere in the classroom). This will not take the place of a full Technology/Student Robotics program and will not take the place of an Art Program (although this would make a nice addtiion to one and, as a bonus, make for a great way to understand STEAM, the intersection of STEM with the Arts)... You go, Artie 3000!


As it appeared this morning in Amazon...

Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot: STEM Toy, Coding Robot for Kids 7+

Amazon's Choice for "mensa for kids"

List Price: $69.99
Price: $62.99 FREE One-Day & FREE Returns


Strong Encryption For The People. Please and Thank You.

The two most compelling reasons I found why strong encryption should be available to the public is the large amount of interceptable information spread daily via email and that individuals have enjoyed complete privacy for most of history. The hundreds of millions of emails sent back in forth within the masses of the online public […]

Was Zimmerman Guilty?

In an attempt to bring RSA encryption-level security to the masses, Zimmerman released Pretty Good Privacy(PGP). But in his attempt to do so, Zimmerman had one large issue: The FBI had taken notice of his activities and were frightened. They were frightened because they believed that they would not longer be able to wiretap criminals […]

Future Funk Producer Yung Bae Is Making Corny Cool

Portland-rooted producer finds a big audience on the internet, plays two rare hometown shows in support of Bae 5. by Ben Salmon

No matter what you think of his music, give Dallas Cotton credit for this: His alter ego—fresh-faced future funk producer Yung Bae—has a clear and consistent aesthetic.

His new album is called Bae 5, and follows B4E, BA3, BAE 2, and his 2014 debut, Bae. Each project features cover art that hovers somewhere near the nexus of Japanese anime, gleaming Miami Vice pastels, sunsets on the beach, clean-cut suburban vibes, and a faded style of nostalgia that particularly appeals to people who didn’t experience the ’80s the first time around—and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

“I’m fully committed to a lot of that ’70s- and ’80s- style branding that comes off as corny to anyone else who would see it,” says Cotton, 25, in a recent phone interview. “I label it as corny for the masses, but I genuinely love that stuff. I think it’s amazing.”

Yung Bae’s look wasn’t necessarily planned. “We just kind of fell into it,” Cotton says. But as hip-hop has become flooded with MCs using Yung as a handle, it has become a helpful differentiator for people trying to figure out what the buzz is all about.

“At this point, I just own it,” Cotton says. “People will see it online and be like, ‘Wow, this guy’s not a rapper. This Yung Bae guy looks like he’s on his first day of school in every picture. Okay.’ And we’re just rolling with it now.”

“Rolling with it” is a pretty good descriptor for Cotton’s approach to Yung Bae in general. Born and raised in Portland, he had just dropped out of Oregon State University when someone showed him how to use Ableton, a popular software for music production. Cotton picked it up quickly, despite having very little musical training.

“When I was 12 or 13, I took piano lessons briefly, but I thought it was the dumbest thing ever, so I quit,” he says. “I still regret that.”

He did, however, grow up in a home where music was valued. His parents were fans of easygoing ’70s rock ’n’ roll like the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, and by the time Cotton could go to a record store, he was drawn to the bargain bins.

“I’d look for the most obscure records that nobody wanted,” he says, “and then those were the ones I ended up sampling and becoming the popular ones.”

Working first from his parents’ basement in Tigard, and then an apartment in downtown Portland, Cotton took his disparate interests—yacht rock, hip-hop, obscure samples, and the breezy, backward-looking form of electronic music known as vaporwave—and began forming them into a sound of his own. Soon, Yung Bae became known as part of a new microgenre called “future funk”—a more upbeat, rhythm-driven take on vaporwave that’s deeply indebted to vintage funk and disco.

“I pretty much never left [my home] and just worked on music 24/7,” Cotton says. “This was right when I was really starting to understand hip-hop and [sampling]. I just found it super fascinating the way they manipulated samples and gave it their own touch and spin, so that hooked me immediately.”

When Cotton posted Bae to Bandcamp in 2014, it got a “ton of traction,” he says, though to this day he still doesn’t know why or how. By 2016, he was getting offers to perform live, even though he had never even played out in Portland.

“I always wanted to, but I never understood DJing or what went into that,” he says. “So that was another cool thing to learn and get into.”

Even now, Cotton has done only two local shows, with his third and fourth happening this weekend at Holocene. But he did spend most of October and the first part of November touring around the country to promote Bae 5, which is currently listed among the best-selling future funk releases on Bandcamp.

In a way, Bae 5 feels like the next evolution of Yung Bae’s sound. It’s sturdier and punchier than his previous work, no doubt a result of his decision to take a step back from samples this time around. Instead, Cotton estimates Bae 5 is split 50/50 between sampled tracks and live music played in the studio.

One track, “Start from Nothing,” was composed in Cotton’s apartment, but recorded by a full orchestra and a live band, he says. Another, “Up All Night,” features the vocals of an actual children’s choir.

“That’s something I’ve wanted to do for years. I’ve always written out all these different tracks and then played them with [digital] instruments and it would sound super fake or really tacky,” he says. “Here, we wanted that live aspect­—to take it up a notch and make it as real as it could possibly sound, like it came out of a studio in the ’70s or something.”

Live instruments? Real sounds? Even as Cotton sticks with his visual aesthetic, it’s clear that, musically, he’s wary of staying in one lane for too long.

“We try to keep it different here, otherwise it’s too boring,” he says. “Can’t be making the same drops as everybody else.”

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UK Dreampop Band Seefeel Finally Comes to America

by Robert Ham
Seefeel courtesy of the artist

Over the course of the band’s life, Seefeel have never managed to tour the US until this year. There are plenty of valid reasons for that. During the UK group’s first chapter, when they released three stunning albums during the 90s—1993’s Quique, 1995’s Succour, and 1996’s (CH-VOX)—the quartet never quite got past a cultish fanbase here in the States despite the stamp of approval given to their work from Aphex Twin and the members of Cocteau Twins.

“We never quite got big enough that it was viable, maybe, back in the day,” says Seefeel’s guitarist/keyboardist and co-founder Mark Clifford, speaking via Skype. “We were kind of always just bubbling under being able to tour properly.”

Their chances were further hobbled by the band going on a decade-long hiatus. And, after reuniting in the late 2000s with a new lineup (Clifford, vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Peacock, bassist Shigeru Ishihara, and drummer Iida Kazuhisa), a new, self-titled album, and a bunch of dates in Europe, their attempts to tour America in 2011 were capsized by, as they put it, “bureaucratic hoop-jumping beyond the band’s control.”

Seefeel finally, blessedly making their US debut this month, including a performance this Thursday at Star Theater, is sensational news. But somehow, it would be weirdly fitting if they never did make it across the pond. Because in spite of the YouTube clips that exist of the band onstage and the abundance of music they have released in their time, Seefeel’s music, to these ears at least, never felt like it existed in reality. Their diaphanous sound—washed-out remnants of half-remembered dub singles, early electronic experiments, and shadowy pop music—seemed to come from a space just beyond our reach. Or a stumbled-upon late night radio broadcast from parts unknown that wavers in and out of focus.

It’s a feeling that Seefeel has cultivated throughout their history, even as their music has evolved considerably along the way. The warmer tones of Quique and Succour have since given way to more lurid, slightly harsher colors on 2011’s Seefeel. The dreaminess remains, but tinged with shadow and fear.

Those changes have as much to do with how the lineup of the group has shifted through the years as they do with the members changing abilities and interests. The first incarnation of Seefeel included a different rhythm section and an interesting push-pull happening within the creative core of the group. The majority of the material was written by Clifford, and he was behind the filters and effects and mixing that went into giving it a gauzy sheen.

As time went on, the rest of the group pushed to bring more of their input in but, according to Clifford, they never delivered anything. Eventually Peacock and then-members Daren Seymour and Justin Fletcher left to start their own project, the more dancefloor-minded Scala, and Clifford went onto various solo projects. It was only when Quique was reissued in 2007 that the idea of reuniting was finally discussed, but it was only Clifford and Peacock who were able to make it happen. But that alone was the perfect combination to reignite Seefeel.

“As people, we have the right balance of being friends and having this tension between us, which is perfect for a writing partnership” Clifford says. “When I say ‘tension,’ I don’t mean in an arguing kind of way. I just mean intensive ideas. More importantly, I get what she does and she gets what I do. I think that’s the important thing. There’s some chance in it as her voice works so well with the type of guitar I use. It’s something that happens. It’s not something that you can really force.”

The group is now completed by Kazuhisa and Ishihara, who, again, add much different elements to Seefeel. Drums are pushed to the front, giving a minimalist drive to tunes like “Faults” and “Dead Guitars,” and, though still languorous, the bass has more bite and punch. It’s not so radical that it doesn’t sound like the Seefeel that so many ’90s music heads fell in love with, but the changes, as with most of the adaptations that Clifford and the various members of the group brought in through the years, forced the quartet to figure out ways to bring their disparate parts together into a cohesive live performance.

“The important thing is we try to make it a seamless set,” Clifford says. “There’s not really space between songs. There’s just sounds or songs flow together. Our catalog is quite varied so all songs don’t fit naturally together. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. We just have to find the right pieces that work well together.”

Seefeel, Thurs Nov 7, 9 pm, Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, $25, w/Wild Card, Patricia Wolf

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The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop: Sir Nai’s Geek Tape, Wynne’s “Ego Check,” the Thesis, and More!

The latest in Portland hip-hop. by Jenni Moore

As I write this column, I’m still coming down from the for-once-not-weed-induced high of seeing Dodgr sell out an unrecognizable Roseland Theater last Saturday. With bill support from regional favorites Maarquii and Blimes & Gab, it was inspiring to see Dodgr set a glimmering precedent for other artists in the city who have hopes of doing the same. Now that we’ve bid Dodgr a fond farewell (for now), let’s dive into what else is new in the scene.

“Ego Check,” Wynne feat. JID 

On October 12, Lake Oswego’s Wynne released “Ego Check,” featuring Dreamville rapper JID, the latest track from Wynne’s forthcoming debut mixtape If I May... (out October 25). And if I may, I’d like to deem this song my new favorite from the blonde-haired MC. The song illustrates the experience of getting (ego) checked before entering a venue, with both rappers confidently talking their shit about where they’re at in their respective careers. Over a simple beat that brings back the classic, vinyl-scratch sound, Wynne delivers some of her best bars in the first verse, opening it up with “I don’t look backsothey ho assnever see my face, okay/Being passive-aggressiveis in my DNA, okay.” Wynne’s sung chorus (“You can’t even get past the fucking bouncer/Who do you know here?”) glides easily above the beat, and then JID’s featured verse is pure fire. One of the most ear-catching lines is when he says, “Tell me what the fuck you niggas talm’bout/I’m tired, might put a Tommy gun in Tomi Lahren’s mouth.” [AIRHORNS] “Ego Check” also includes a short cameo from DJ O.G. ONE, who closes out the song with a nod to Portland: “It’s official, you know what time it is/Rose City.” Wynne also recently revealed the track list and credits for her mixtape, and now I’m dying to hear the rest of it.

Portlandsterdam, Swiggle Mandela

Also on October 25, Portland rapper Swiggle Mandela is dropping Portlandsterdam, an absolute monster of an album (mixtape?)  with 29 tracks. Why so many songs? You might ask. Well, the project is meant to celebrate Swiggle Mandela’s 29 years of life. Opening track “Lit Tonight,” includes a verse from Seattle’s Raz Simone—the only listed feature on the project. There’s also Swiggle’s twerkable lead single “Adobo,” alt-weekly diss track “Dear Willamette Week,” as well as “Dear White Portland” and much, much more. Also on the day of the album’s release, Swiggle Mandela is throwing a release party at Bit House Saloon hosted by Shrista Tyree, with—I kid you not—19 rappers on the bill. (Fri Oct 25, 9 pm, Bit House Saloon, 727 SE Grand, $10-20)

Geek, Sir Nai

ICYMI back in August, Portland-based producer Sir Nai dropped a very cool tape of instrumentals called Geek, following it up with a beat set at the Thesis.  “I called this project Geek simply because I’m called one a lot, usually for the collection of things I own,” Sir Nai says in an email. With just five tracks clocking at under than 12 minutes, Sir Nai says there are no samples on the project; all are original, personal arrangements “meant to be chill, easy and bright.” This tape would work really well on one of those lo-fi YouTube playlists by ChilledCow that are great aids for chill/relax/study time. Now, manifest!

Ladies First! Hip-Hop/Soul Showcase: Karma Rivera, Amenta Abioto, Lisa Vazquez, KayelaJ

Set in the Jack London’s cozy basement bar, the first installment of the Ladies First series from Moss Media brings together some of the town’s stalwart music acts. From rapper/radio personality KayelaJ to MC/loop-pedal maestro Lisa Vazquez to a high-energy performance from Karma Rivera, there’s lots to see here. But perhaps the most moving part of the evening will be a partially improvised set from soul singer/multi-instrumentalist Amenta Abioto, who also uses looping techniques to create her music, weaving vocal sounds together with kalimba, synths, drum machine, and guitar. Originally from Nashville but residing in Portland, Abioto’s soothing Southern accent and joyful experimentalism are a breath of fresh air. (Fri Oct 25, 9:30 pm, Jack London Revue, 529 SW 4th, $12-15) 

The Thesis: [E]mpress, Harvee Bird, KisHerGoodnight, Verbz

The November 2019 installment of Portland’s most poppin’ hip-hop showcase—which, full disclosure, I help out with—is gearing up to be a fun, rock-tinged time. This month’s headliner is [E]mpress, an MC who makes an original blend of hip-hop with EDM and classic rock influences. In early 2019, the young rapper (finally) made her first live appearance at the Thesis, having been put on ice until she turned of age. Her headlining show should mark the beginning of a new era for the artist. The all-Portland lineup will also showcase the similar vibes of Harvee Bird and KisHerGoodnight. (Thurs Nov 7, 9 pm, Kelly’s Olympian, 426 SW Washington, $10)

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Cara Membuat Wasiat Dengan As-Salihin Trustee Bhd Melalui Perancang Harta Islam

Assalam berita baik kepada Orang-Orang Islam yang mahu membuat wasiat secara syariah dan tanpa was-was

Siapa itu as-Salihin Trustee Bhd - Kenali dulu siapa yang akan menolong kita...

- As-Salihin Trustee Bhd ialah sebuah syarikat amanah yang ditubuhkan 15 tahun lepas di bawah Akta Syarikat Amanah 1949 dan di bawah pengawasan Bank Negara Malaysia.

- Pengerusinya ialah Tun Salleh Abas, bekas Ketua Hakim Negara. Beliau juga pengerusi Majlis Syariah as-Salihin Trustee Bhd

- Syarikat ini menyediakan perkhidmatan perancangan harta orang Islam dan pentadbiran harta pusaka.

- Selain membuat wasiat, syarikat ini menyediakan khidmat membuat Perjanjian Perolehan Aset Bersama (Perjanjian Harta Sepencarian), hibah, amanah dan pentadbiran harta pusaka.

Mari kita berkenalan dengan Yang Berbahagia En Aziz Peru, CEO as-Salihin Trustee Bhd - Dengar Video ini...

En Aziz Peru memberi penerangan yang simple mengenai kebaikan membuat wasiat...

Jom kita mulakan proses membuat wasiat dengan as-Salihin Trustee Bhd

pertanyaan wasiat dengan perunding Islam as-Salihin Trustee Bhd
Mulakan menalifon kepada Perancang Harta Islam as-Salihin


Pewasiat yang mahu membuat wasiat boleh menghubungi Pegawai Perancang Harta Pusaka, seperti berikut:

Abd Rahaman Rasid
Perancang Harta Islam
as-Salihin Trustee Bhd
Tel: 013-366 1242

perbincangan mengenai wasiat hibah dan harta sepencarian dengan as-salihin


1. Temujanji Sebelum Membuat Wasiat

- Temujanji boleh dibuat di Lembah Kelang, di pejabat, di rumah pewasiat, di PappaRich, Old Town, restoren dan sebagainya.

- Jika tuan sibuk, perbincangan boleh dibuat secara whatsapp atau telegram, atau bertelefon atau beremail.

- Perunding akan mendapatkan maklumat berikut semasa perbincangan:

2. Latar Belakang Pewasiat

- Membuat medical check-up dan mengenalpasti keperluan produk perancangan harta yang dikehendaki. 

- Dalam artikel ini diandaikan pelanggan memerlukan wasiat sahaja

- Kos sarahidup pewasiat dan anak-anak
- Rawatan dan perubatan
- Persekolahan anak hingga ke universiti
- Pembahagian harta kepada isteri
- Pembahagian harta kepada anak angkat
- Wakaf kepada pusat tahfid al-Quran/fakir miskin/anak yatim
- Hutang dunia dan akhirat termasuk pengerjaan haji
- Pengalaman waris dalam menguruskan harta pusaka
- Simpanan tunai pewasiat bagi mencairkan harta


Maklumat berikut boleh dibawa oleh Pewasiat semasa temujanji atau diemailkan kepada Perunding Harta.

1. Harta dan Simpanan

- Senarai properti (contoh: rumah dua tingkat, lot pertanian) dengan butir lot dan lokasi seperti yang terdapat dalam geran.
- Senarai pelaburan (contoh: ASB, KL Mutual)
- Senarai simpanan di bank-bank, Tabung Haji dan KWSP (tidak perlu nombor akaun)

2. Senarai Benefisiari

- Ibu-bapa (IC, alamat dan nombor telefon)
- Anak-anak (IC, alamat dan nombor telefon
- Isteri/suami (IC, alamat dan nombor telefon)
- Lain-lain benefisiari (anak angkat, adik beradik dll)

3. Cadangan Pembahagian harta Dalam Wasiat

- Setiap harta di atas hendaklah dinyatakan kadar pembahagiannya. Contoh:


- Isteri: XX%
- Anak Pertama: XX%
- Anak Ke-2: XX%
- Rumah Teres: Anak angkat XX%
- Saham ASB: Samarata kepada anak-anak

XX% kepada Pusat Tahfid al-Quran
XX% wakaf perluasan ruang masjid
XX% kepada Rumah anak yatim


- Dalam masa 7 berhari bekerja as-Salihin Trustee Bhd akan menyediakan deraf wasiat.

- Deraf wasiat akan diemailkan kepada Pewasiat untuk semakan dan kelulusan.

- Dokumen wasiat akan dicetak untuk ditandatangani oleh pewasiat

- Pewasiat akan menandatangi wasiat di pejabat as-Salihin, di rumah atau di mana-mana


- Dokumen asal wasiat akan disimpan di as-Salihin Trustee Bhd

- Salinan wasiat akan diserahkan kepada Pewasiat

- Pewasiat menjelaskan kos membuat wasiat

- Pewasiat akan dibekalkan dengan dua Kad Wasiat. Kad ini wajar diserahkan kepada dua waris terdekat dengan pesanan yang anda ada membuat wasiat dan hubungi as-Salihin bagi urusan pembahagian harta pusaka.


Hubungi kami segera untuk membuat wasiat demi keluarga yang tersayang. Jalan telah dibuka. Ajal tidak pernah memberi tahu apabila akan tiba. Keputusan hari boleh merobah masa depan anda dan keluarga.

Mulakan perbincangan dan tiada paksaan anda membuat wasiat atau produk perkhidmatan yang lain. Sekurang-kurangnya anda akan mendapat penerangan yang jelas mengenai produk yang ditawarkan oleh syarikat kami as-Salihin Trustee Bhd untuk keperluan akan datang.

Klik Link ini: Mengapa Memilih as-Salihin Trustee Bhd


Sila hubungi saya bagi membuat wasiat dengan as-Salihin Trustee Bhd bila-bila masa.

Abd Rahaman Rasid
Perancang Harta Islam
as-Salihin Trustee Bhd
Telefon: 013 366 1242


Put a candle on top of your head

Can't hardly believe we never dropped this one before on CAGG, but we didn't. An incredibly great Christmas track (personal favourite) by good old Claw Boys Claw from The Netherlands. Recorded back in 1986 and it came with a very joyful video.  

''My sweetheart ran away with a ginger wine 
I think I'll go to bed at half past nine 
There is no one to pull the other end 
Of the crackers auntie Mabel sent''

Now if that ain't enough misery to get some real blue bells, what is?
Jingle Bells audio by Claw Boys Claw here.

Los Lobos


Guestpost! Ruud Houweling, once known as Cloudmachine, is an acclaimed Dutch singer-songwriter with a big heart for Americana music. He wrote a few lines on that very cool Christmas album by Los Lobos:
Chicano superstars Los Lobos, the multi-instrumentalist rockers from Los Angeles with their unique musical blend of mixed cultural origin, recorded a Christmas album with songs from Latin America. Obscure traditionals from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela. Save one; the inescapable classic sing along finale: Feliz Navidad. A flavorsome treat.
(Tip: also give their incredible 1996 album Colossal Head a spin)





trailer - THE WITCHER



A Fan Girl's Heart | Cha Eun Woo in Manila!


I will never know how HUGE my capacity is--to spend, to be hopeful, and to endure--until I chose the fan girl life.

Standing in line for hours to buy that pricey fan meeting ticket or merch with no assurances that I'll even get what I want.

Celebrating a birthday, a comeback, a release from the military, an endorsement, or an award nomination announcement from a group living 1700+ miles away from me.

Being extremely happy for a generic selfie Tweet of an idol saying good night, or how was your day, or that he will always appreciate you (and millions of his other fans).

Spending hard earned money to support projects, even hold own fan projects, enrol for another year of membership, just to express full love and support for a group of boys.

Will people find me weird? Do I know someone who can go with me to the events? I don't actually care as long as this makes me happy.

Oh well, I guess that's what you call a fan girl's heart. ❤

I wasn't expecting that this will happen this year, but my main bias since watching My ID Is Gangnam Beauty Cha Eun Woo decided to include Manila in his first solo fan meeting tour Just One 10 Minute. I've watched a lot of fan meetings since I got into Korean Drama in 2017, but this one is definitely the one that I've been waiting for! Let's talk about concerts some other time, hehe!

I heard about his fan meeting way back before the announcement through my friend Shine of Cha Eun Woo Philippines. It was posted online already by Eunwoo's management. Shine offered to buy our tickets for us if we're sure to get VVIP seats, so I am grateful that I don't have to go through ticket-buying stress thanks to her!

Bought these BEEP card Cha Eun Woo matte stickers via Shopee weeks prior the fan meeting. Nag kulang sya, half lang ang dumating but it's ok. I have no other plans but to just distribute it to random Arohas.

On the day of the fan meeting, I had a busy work morning as part of the E! Pop Gala team, so I had to rush to New Frontier in the afternoon and only then was I able to stick my notes in all 500 sticker cards! 😅 Mabuti nalang medyo matraffic that day!

Ang problem lang with the traffic was that my fan meeting buddy Ashley was late for the show! Huhu! She arrived after the first song na, so I made sure to record what she missed.

I was just entering the venue when they suddenly announced that the show is about to start. Nakakaloka! I was settling palang when they suddenly played Astro's Call Out, and alam niyo naman na ang naaattendan ko palang na Astro concert ay through a projector, sobrang naantig ako when countless of purple star robongs were lifted in the air, pumping to Wichinda! AHHH! My Aroha heart!

I have both my Astro robong and Cha Eun Woo's official light stick with me. May time na hindi ko na alam anong ililift ko, Astro, Eunwoo, o yung cell phone ko to record hehehehe.

I have to be honest, the fan meeting felt fast. Also, sa dinami-dami nadin ng naattendan ko na fan meeting, I'd say Eunwoo's lang ata sadly yung walang stage participation ng fans like games or yung tatawag randomly sa cellphone from the audience--but of course, that's the management's call.

I still enjoyed coz in his own way, parang nag sstory time lang si Eunwoo sa amin from the stage. He even told us his recent nightmares, and some moments with ASTRO members too! He also prepared other things for us, like 2 dream catchers he made on-the-spot and raffled off to lucky fans. He also raffled off a polaroid and a red cap he wore during the Challenge Golden Bell segment, but yun nga lang, walang akyat sa stage and akap yun winners, huhu!

Ang highlight I guess for this fan meeting is Eunwoo singing a Filipino song (Ben&Ben's Kathang Isip!). Naprove niya talaga sa part nato na: a) May potential linguist siya sa bilis niya pumick-up ng ibang language to think madami siyang fan meetings pa before this, b) Ang sharp talaga ng memory niya, and c) Super sweet ng gesture knowing he wants to surprise his fans with a song that everyone in the audience can understand!

Overall, it was a very thoughtful fan meeting where everyone enjoyed and everyone had the chance to hi-five Eunwoo (albeit the strict securities). I am just keeping my hopes up that this is not the last Cha Eun Woo encounter. It will not be "Just One 10 Minute". I had the chance to interact with Sandara Park for a show one summer ago, I believe anything is possible! Till then, I am just happy to have experienced this. 😊

Full house! I am so proud for all the Arohas who went out that night!
Official photos from Wilbros Live's Facebook page:

Can you spot me and my denim bucket hat? Hehe!

Team Bahay, you can watch my video here! I think I captured almost all the highlights--for you and for my memory's sake:


Why not learn more about ?


Benefits of Outsourcing Seal coating Services in Seneca SC

Your pavement is very important and that is why you need to constantly ensure that it is well-maintained. You need to also watch out for factors that could be very damaging to the pavement because there are very many of them, including the weather conditions. When you’re thinking about different ways you can maintain your pavement for a very long time without having to deal with different challenges, then seal coating is very important. Seal coating is very many advantages to your pavement. For example, it can help in reducing the cost of long-term repairs which are always known to be very expensive. It can also be very helpful in preventing penetration of oil, water and also snow damages which can happen constantly if this is not done. You also have to think about it because the seal coating is very helpful when it comes to enhancing the appearances of your pavement or the landscape which is also very important because you need a beautiful looking out. It is also going to increase the lifespan of your pavement which is very important to ensure that you are not spending a lot of money on landscaping alone when you are very many other things that can actually do. What you need to do when you are thinking about the seal coating process is think about contractors that can actually provide such services. There are very many companies that can provide asphalt seal coating services and work with them can benefit you in the following ways.

One of the advantages of working with these companies is the fact that they are willing to provide quality seal coating services. Receiving quality seal coating services is very important because what you are trying to do is improve the quality of your pavement. Therefore, the company you choose to work with should be the best when it comes to delivering quality seal coating services. That is to mean that you hire professionals because a lot of training and knowledge helps a lot in offering quality seal coating services. That is what is actually important to consider someone that is licensed to provide such services because it means you are working with experts. The other important thing to do is work with the best-experienced seal coating contractor. A professional with very many years of experience can guarantee you quality seal coating services that is why you should not compromise on this area. Research more about them so that you can get more information to compare and know which is the best company to work with. It is also wise of you to consider a company that is convenient to work with. They are very many companies in Seneca that you can work with for seal coating and therefore, consider the most convenient. Working with a contractor that is near you will save you a lot of money because that cost is not in. It is also important …


Lessons Learned from Years with


Tips for Finding the Best Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are types of hotels which do not have more than 100 rooms and have much privacy which enables travelers to enjoy staying in them. Boutique hotels have become popular in the current days because they provide excellent services and have good management which ensures all clients enjoy every time spend in the boutique hotels. Due to this, there are many boutique hotels in places close to tourist attraction centers and people who are planning to spend their weekend away from home should choose boutique hotels because they make them feel at home. Boutique hotels offer other services offered by ordinary hotels, and when people decide to live in them, they should be careful because boutique hotels have different amenities and management and people should live in hotels with all facilities they need while away from their homes. Boutique hotels have well-furnished rooms which can accommodate couples, singles and families since there are rooms which can accommodate both children and parents and families can travel without accommodation problems.

People can find good boutique hotels by talking to friends and family members who had services of boutique hotels recently because they understand amenities and customer service available in boutique hotels, they spent time in them hence refer to the best boutique hotels according to their preferences. Hotels use internet marketing because travelers look for hotels on the internet and people search boutique hotels on the internet search engines and get a list of hotels which are located close to the places they are planning to visit. Using the internet to find boutique hotels is recommended because there are many boutique hotels marketed on various online platforms and people can compare among many boutique hotels from the comfort of their homes and offices and choose boutique hotels which will fit their accommodation needs. Boutique hotels have websites where they share images of rooms and other facilities available, and people can use them to know the best boutique hotels in their areas. Before settling on a certain boutique hotel, it is recommended to read testimonials because there are experiences of other people who used the services of the boutique hotels, and they help people identify the best boutique hotels.

When looking for boutique hotels, there are various factors which should be considered to ensure you reside in the right hotel during your trip and one of the factors is the location. Like other hotels, boutique hotels are located in different areas, and people should choose boutique hotels which are located in strategic places. Good boutique hotels are located in secure and accessible areas, and people should select boutique hotels which are close to places they plan to visit during their trip because they will not use much money on the transport. Another factor to consider when looking for a boutique hotel is amenities available because they determine the experience of the people living in them and people should search for boutique hotels with amenities which …


How to Achieve Maximum Success with


Get To Know More about Fractional Yacht Ownership

Have you always dreamed of owning a yacht and you have no idea how you can be able to own one? Or could you be there and you are wishing to ride in your own yacht and the ambition seems to be quite impossible? If yes was your answer to any of the above questions worry no more because there is a solution to your problem. Definitely owning a yacht may not be a walk in the park. This is simply because it is quite expensive and lots of people just perceive it as a dream that may never come true. In this article, much shall be discussed with regard to gaining fractional membership of yacht.

You just need to become a member of an exclusive club and you will be able to contribute the amount of money that you can be able to afford. There are rules and regulations that govern the process thus you. It will be good to understand the rules of the club when you become a member. Once you become a member you will be able to learn about how to sail and dock from your captain thus it becomes a good opportunity to discover quite a lot with regards to sailing. It is also good to know that when you are a member of an exclusive club there are several advantages that come along with it. For instance, you will receive fuel discounts if you are a member.

This is based on the fact that yacht fuel is usually quite expensive. You will also receive concierge services as long as you are a member. It is more affordable than ever and quite a lot of people prefer this ownership because it makes their dreams come true. You will be considered depending on the amount of money that you can be able to afford thus it favors consumers of different financial classes. Thus you should not be locked out thinking that you cannot afford the fractional ownership of the yacht. It is fun to be part of this ownership because you can be able to have some precious time with your friends and families whenever you need to. It helps you save lots of money compared to purchasing your own yacht.

You can be able to have some luxury and private time with your friends and relatives sailing. Apparently there are so many fractional ownership clubs and choosing the best one may not be an easy undertaking. Nonetheless, you can look out for one from the internet or seek recommendations from friends and relatives for the best one. One of the best fractional yacht ownership that you can consider is Saveene. It is one of the best ownership programs that has the best terms and conditions. You can be able to visit their website to learn more about how you can be able to become a member. If there is something that you do not understand you …



吳傲雪成功踢保,接受媒體採訪 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Zoho hits 50 million business users, launches WorkDrive

With the launch of WorkDrive, Zoho is aiming to bridge its apps with a unified search, single storage repository and integration with encryption, virus detection, imaging processing and artificial intelligence.

There Is A Lot For Omaha, NE Drivers To Love About The 2019 Subaru Forester


For years the Subaru Forester has been the crossover SUV that Omaha, NE drivers have relied on for daily commuting as well as weekend adventures. The all-new 2019 Forester once again outshines the competition with more capable performance, class-leading safety, powerful and efficient performance, and is better equipped for whatever life throws your way.

The Subaru Forester has always been highly awarded in almost every way possible and 2019 is no exception. The 2019 Subaru Forester is a Top Safety Pick+ from IIHS, has a 5-Star Safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, voted the best compact SUV for families, and maintains value better than any other vehicle in its class. Other reasons to love the 2019 Forester range from standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology to available 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity or an incredibly spacious interior that is comfortable no matter where your passengers sit.

The 2019 Forester is also ready for your weekend adventure with standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, available X-Mode with Hill Descent Control, 33 highway mpg. and 76.1 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. The Forester also features roof rails to easily attach roof accessories to bring the bikes or kayaks with you and can also tow up to 1,500 lbs. The standard STARLINK multimedia with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto keeps your favorite tunes playing to be the soundtrack to your trip by seamlessly integrating your smartphone to keep your hands on the wheel. A new safety feature for the 2019 Forester that no other vehicle in its class offers is Subaru DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System to alert the driver to focus on the road ahead when they show signs of distracted or drowsy driving.

Hurry down to Beardmore Subaru today to get behind the wheel of a new 2019 Subaru Forester for and save big while doing so.


Why Get Behind The Wheel Of A Certified Pre-Owned Subaru


Subaru is well know and highly awarded for building vehicles that last. Which is why they are one of the best-used brands that Bellevue drivers can choose. But what makes a certified pre-owned Subaru different from other pre-owned Subaru models here at Beardmore Subaru?

While every used Subaru has a lot of life left a certified pre-owned is a little extra special and offers a few additional benefits that make a certified pre-owned Subaru a great deal. In addition to Subaru's already impressively long-lasting quality and award-winning ability to maintain value, a certified pre-owned Subaru has to meet a few additional requirements to ensure that it is the absolute best of the best. First every used Subaru that is eligible for the program must be within 5 recent model years from the current model and have less than 80,000-miles. If the first two requirements of the Subaru certified pre-owned have been met the next step is to pass a rigorous 152-point inspection. Only then if all three requirements have been meet will a used Subaru become a certified pre-owned Subaru.

As if being a recent model year and low in mileage wasn't good enough a certified pre-owned also comes with several other perks. Like 24-hour roadside assistance, a 3-month free trial subscription to SiriusXM, and a one-year of Subaru STARLINK Safety & Security. A certified pre-owned also includes a factory-backed 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain coverage with $0 deductible and additional coverage available. But we aren't done yet as other benefits of a certified pre-owned Subaru include a $500 Owner Loyalty Coupon and CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

Come down to Beardmore Subaru today to browse our inventory of amazing certified pre-owned Subaru models and hop behind the wheel to experience firsthand the unmatched quality and performance of a certified pre-owned Subaru. Also be sure to speak to a member of our team about how much we can help you save on your next Subaru sedan or SUV.


Own a Subaru? Here are the Top Five most Loved Accessories


Every Subaru sedan and SUV is well-equipped for everything life has to offer with spirited performance and confidence behind the wheel. Here at Beardmore Subaru, we carry a wide array of accessories that range from roof bike racks to side window rain guards and we want to share our top five most loved accessories.

  • 1.) Remote Engine Starter: There is nothing better than a warm Subaru on cold mornings. Or to have the AC on before you get in on a hot summer afternoon.
  • 2.) Thule Roof Racks: Thule is the go-to roof accessory brand when you need to bring the bikes, skis or kayaks with you on your weekend adventure. We also offer Thule cargo boxes for extra storage.
  • 3.) WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Liners Keep muddy shoes, snowy boots, and all other dirt off your floors with custom-fit WeatherTech floor liners.
  • 4.) Compartment Separator/Dog Guard: Our four-legged friends love going for rides in the Subaru and we want to help keep them safe.
  • 5.) Splash Guards: Protect your paint finish from stones, salt, and road grime from splashing up on your Subaru and also give your Subaru SUV a more rugged look.

To browse our full selection of Subaru accessories head over to our online parts center. Or swing by Beardmore Subaru and speak with a member of our parts department. We will be more than happy to assist you in finding the accessory that fits your Impreza, Crosstrek or Ascent. We are also available to help properly you install cargo boxes or other roof racks.


Why The 2019 Subaru Impreza Is The Perfect Sedan Or Hatchback For Omaha, NE Drivers


It doesn't matter if you are looking for a sporty sedan or a versatile hatchback, the 2019 Subaru Impreza is everything Omaha drivers are looking for in their next new vehicle.

Drivers from all over Omaha, NE have a number of different makes and models to choose from but none are as affordable, safe, reliable, efficient, long-lasting, and ready for all of life's big adventures as the 2019 Impreza. One well-known feature of every Subaru is standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive that gives the Impreza unmatched traction and control no matter the train or conditions. So you can always feel confident that your 2019 Impreza will get you home no matter what. Safety is another reason that Omaha drivers choose Subaru of the competition and the Impreza outshines the competition year after year with the highest possible crash test scores. The Impreza is also named as a top safety pick year after year. Every Impreza model with the Lineartronic® Continuously Variable Transmission is available with EyeSight Driver Assist Technology; which is one of the best collection of safety features on the road. Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology has reduced rear-end collisions that result in injuries by a very impressive 85%.

Not only does the Subaru Impreza offer a higher level of safety and confidence behind the wheel, but it also delivers spirited and efficient performance with a 2.0L four-cylinder BOXER engine under the hood. The four-cylinder BOXER engine generates 152 horsepower and gets up to 38 highway mpg. with standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Many of the Impreza top competitors can't offer the same level of fuel efficiency with their less capable all-wheel-drive systems. The 2019 Impreza also has a long list of standard and available features that everyone will love. Including a standard 6.5-inch touchscreen STARLINK multimedia system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and available 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability.

Here at Beardmore Subaru we have an excellent selection of well-equipped 2019 Impreza models for Omaha drivers to choose from and the best way to fall in love with the Impreza is from behind the wheel. So make your way down to the dealership today for a test drive and be sure to speak with a member of our team to see how much we can help you save on a new Impreza.


How To Add A Bike Rack To Your Subaru Outback


Are you getting ready to set out on your next weekend adventure and want to bring your bikes with you? Your Subaru Outback has several different ways that you can bring your bikes with you on your weekend cycling trip and we want to help our customers make sure their bike rack is properly mounted to their Subaru.

There are several different bike racks that will work with your Subaru. One popular bike rack that many Subaru drivers us are upright roof racks. These bike racks are very easy to install with the Outback's standard raised roof rails with integrated crossbars that fold out when needed.

The second bike rack option is a hitch mounted bike rack. A member of our service team will properly install a hitch receiver to your Subaru Outback that can also be used for towing.

If you have any questions about your bike rack and how to securely install it on your Outback our service center is happy to help. And if you are looking for a bike rack for your Subaru our parts center has an excellent selection of rack from Thule as well as other popular brands.


Has Your Subaru Been Affected By Recent Flooding?


Drivers from all over the greater Omaha area have been experiencing heavy flooding over the past month along with pothole-ridden roads that are wreaking havoc all over. Here at Beardmore Subaru, we want to help Omaha drivers get into a new or pre-owned or get their Subaru back to performing at its best.

Countless Omaha drivers have been affected by the recent flooding of the Missouri River and many vehicles have been left inoperable. While it is an unfortunate circumstance that drivers now find themselves needing to shop for a new vehicle, it is also a great time to get behind the wheel of a new or high-quality pre-owned Subaru from Beardmore Subaru. We are always running a number of specials to help our customers save money on their next Subaru and we will help drivers who have insurance money put it towards purchasing the Outback, Crosstrek or Legacy they have their eye on. The best way to explore our full inventory of ready for adventure Subaru models is by coming down to Beardmore Subaru today for a test drive. A member of our sales team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the Subaru that meets all of your needs and answer any questions.

If you have managed to avoid the flooding but not the 7,445 potholes in our area, our service center is here to take care of your Subaru. Potholes can do a number on your Subaru's alignment, suspension, and tires. Our certified Subaru technicians understand what makes a Subaru a Subaru and only use genuine Subaru parts to ensure safe and reliable performance that you have come to expect. Potholes can blow your tires, cause premature wear on your shocks and struts, damage your rim, exhaust, and engine as well as misalign your steering system. With so many potholes on the road, it is hard to avoid them all. If you have fallen victim to pothole damage be sure to give our service center a call today.


Springtime Subaru Service At Beardmore Subaru


It is safe to say that drivers across Omaha, NE are glad to see all signs of winter melting away and warmer weather is quickly returning. Springtime is the perfect time to take care of a few cleaning items around the house. Springtime is also a great time to bring your Subaru in for service at Beardmore Subaru to ensure safe and reliable performance for many miles to come.

While Subaru vehicles can easily take on heavy winter storms and enjoy playing in the snow, winter is very hard on your Subaru. The cold temperatures are hard on your battery and engine and if it is really cold can freeze your gas lines. While road salt is corrosive and can damage your paint and undercarriage. But pothole can really do a number on your Subaru. Even if we do our best to avoid small craters in the street we still manage to hit a number of potholes each winter. Thankfully our trained team of Subaru certified technicians are here to keep your Subaru performing at is best for many miles to come.

There are a number of springtime services that your Subaru may need like an oil changed or replacing your brakes. But it is vital that you have your tires rotated and swapped over if you have snow tires. Rotating your tires will ensure even tread wear and provide you with maximum grip on the road. Rotating your tires is when our technicians change the location of each tire and in doing so they realign your wheels. Subaru recommends that Omaha drivers have their tires rotated roughly ever 6-8,000-miles; which is also how often you should have your oil changed. Regularly rotating your tires is one easy way to keep your Subaru performing at its best for the long road ahead.

Give us a call today to set up a time to get your Subaru in for service. You can also make an appointment online at your earliest convenience and don't forget to browse our monthly specials to see how much you can save on your next visit to our service center.


Why The Service Center At Beardmore Subaru Is Your Number One Service Destination


It is safe to say that you love your Subaru and want to make it last as long as possible. It is also safe to say that you wouldn't want just anyone working under the hood of your Forester or Impreza. You would want a trained professional. So when it comes time for service our service center is the only place you should bring your Subaru to ensure lasting, safe, and reliable performance.

There is a long list of reasons why Beardmore Subaru service center is the only place you will want to bring your Outback, Legacy or WRX for service. Like how much we can help you save with parts and service specials as well as will the lowest prices around town. Or with the best technicians and parts that together ensure your Subaru is ready to 200,000+ miles of adventure. Every member of our service team is a certified Subaru technician who understands what makes a Subaru unique. We also only use genuine Subaru parts which are made to fit your specific Subaru for unmatched quality and lasting performance.

In addition to an amazing team of highly skilled professionals and hard to beat prices, Beardmore Subaru strives to make getting your Subaru in for service easy. It can be hard to take time out of your day to drop your Subaru off for service. Which is why we are open seven days a week, have a children play area, dog park, and complimentary Wi-Fi & TV in our waiting area if you choose to wait during your service.

Make your next service appointment online or give us a call today to get your Subaru in for an oil change, tire rotation or inspection. Every member of our service team works hard to deliver the highest level of customer service and care in a timely manner so you don't miss a beat of your busy day.







La Anacaona es la avenida más cuidada de la capital…

Honra a la cacique aborigen taína que gobernó el Cacicazgo de Jaragua tras la muerte de su hermano Bohechio. 

Raro encuentra uno que esa avenida tan importante haya sido bautizada con su nombre, porque aquí las principales avenidas llevan nombres de extranjeros, como la George Washington, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Charles de Gaulle, Simón Bolivar, Rómulo Betancourt, la España, Nicolás de Ovando, etc. etc.

Tuvo suerte la india Anacaona con su avenida en la zona más exclusiva de la capital, bordeando el parque más importante de la ciudad. La única que tiene luces led intermitentes en sus señales de tránsito, como también medidores electrónicos de velocidad, aparte de ser la mejor iluminada de todas las vías. 

Claro está, en las torres de su alrededor viven los más grandes ricos del país, funcionarios del gobierno, diplomáticos, y no digo yo cuidar la vía, y acicalarla. 

Pero pienso que se le fue la mano a los que pretenden que se le quiten diez metros al parque Mirador Sur, para ampliarla y facilitar el tránsito. ¿Y es locos que están?, como dice Kinito Méndez en un merengue. Una de las mejores obras como espacio público que hizo Balaguer, y ahora algunos genios la quieren mutilar para agrandar más su avenida. ¡Ay Anacaona, areito de Anacaona!, como cantaba el salsero boricua Cheo Feliciano.



En el cumpleaños de Santiago “Pito” Acevedo en Coconut Club, de Bonao
Santiago “Pito” Acevedo no solo es el periodista de espectáculos más influyente de la provincia Monseñor Nouel, con sus programas de radio y de televisión en la región, sino también porque es una referencia en el ámbito internacional.

Con frecuencia viaja a Estados Unidos para participar como mariscal en desfiles, y en diversas actividades importantes, donde siempre se le tiene en mente, como la cara de la provincia, a nivel de comunicación.

Pero, es que Acevedo no piensa a nivel regional, y siempre por ello apunta a lo nacional e internacional.
Su programa “Salsa Latina”, de los domingos, organiza de manera regular una transmisión especial en exteriores, donde participan los principales exponentes del género, muchos de los  cuales viajan expresamente  a ese encuentro musical desde la capital, atendiendo al respeto y cariño que todos le tienen a Pito Acevedo.

También tiene el crédito de ser el cronista de arte, de todo el país, que celebra al más alto nivel su cumpleaños, verificable en las figuras que siempre le acompañan, y que van desde Johnny Ventura, Héctor Acosta, Raymond y Miguel, así como importantes bachateros y salseros del país.

Sergio Vargas, fue quien el pasado sábado amenizó la celebración del cumpleaños de Pito en Coconut Club, con lo más granado de la sociedad de Bonao, en un ambiente distendido donde hubo mucha alegría y amenidad.

Allí se disfrutó, se bailó y se compartió en grande,  con un derroche de atenciones y un ambiente fenomenal. Se botó y pitó fuerte, Pito Acevedo, en su cumpleaños.





משרד הביטחון חילק את העוגה בפרויקט האיתן


לאחר חשיפת הצריח של נגמ"ש האיתן, לישראל דיפנס נודע כי על ייצורו אמונות כמה תעשיות ביטחוניות, שיתחלקו בפרויקט


האיתן עם הצריח. צילום: באדיבות משרד הביטחון 

משרד הביטחון חשף את נגמ"ש האיתן עם צריח ותותח בסרטון שעלה לרשת. לאחר פרסומו, מסתבר שהמשרד הגיע להסכמה עם התעשיות הביטחוניות מה חלקה של כל אחת בבניית הצריח. גוף הצריח מיוצר במנת"ק, הטילים של רפאל (ספייק) ושאר המערכות של אלביט, שכוללות בקרת אש, מערכת בקרת צידוד, אופטרוניקה ומערכת ההגנה האקטיבית חץ דורבן.

למרות הפרסומים התכופים של המשרד סביב האיתן, לא ברור עדיין כמה יחידות בשנה הוא מעוניין לייצר, אם בכלל, עבור צה"ל ובאיזה מימון. האם משרד הביטחון יקצה מימון שקלי לטובת ייצור סדרתי של האיתן? הסיכוי לכך נמוך מאוד. האם ארה"ב תסכים להקצות כסף לנגמ"ש שמיוצר בישראל? גם סביר להניח שלא. לכן, מעבר לחלוקת העוגה בין התעשיות שהיא שלב חשוב, שאלת מימון הייצור עדיין ננותרה בגדר אניגמה.





Dominicana logra el “Récord pa’l merengue”
  •  El récord se logró con 422 parejas de baile
  •  En la Plaza España se reunieron miles de personas
422 parejas dominicanas bailaron al ritmo del “Merengón” en la Plaza España, en el Distrito Nacional, para superar el récord mundial certificado por el libro de Guinness World Record a la mayor cantidad de parejas bailando simultáneamente merengue, que pertenecía a Rusia desde el 2013 con 330 parejas.
Descalificaron 5 parejas
“El merengón”, un clásico de nuestro género, autoría de Joseíto Mateo, fue interpretado por los destacados merengueros Miriam Cruz, Elvis Crespo y Manny Cruz, en una nueva versión del nominado al Grammy Latino, Antonio González.
La adjudicadora descalificó a 5 parejas por no ajustarse a la coreografía.
Tres reglas confirmó la adjudicadora Natalia Ramírez de Guinness World Record que debían cumplir los dominicanos:
1. Bailar una canción de 5 minutos de duración
2. Las parejas debían estar uniformadas
3. Un máximo de 25 parejas debía estar ubicada con un supervisor experto en coreografía y cronología.

Faltando pocos minutos para las 6:00 de la tarde, las parejas ocupando las posiciones asignadas comenzaron a bailar. Destreza y sincronía demostraron los participantes que se trasladaron desde distintos puntos del país.(Texto de Diario Libre)





Fantasy Football Week 9 Automated Insights Recap


12 team half PPR Yahoo league - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 W/R/T, 1 K, 1 DST

The Arizona Cardinals traded for Miami Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake ahead of a Thursday Night Football matchup against the league's best team, the San Francisco 49ers. It makes all the sense in the world why he was only started by 27% of Yahoo Fantasy Football owners. However, he did rush for 110 yards, one touchdown and added 52 yards through the air on four receptions. Don’t blame yourself if you left him on your bench.

Buffalo Bills rookie RB Devin Singletary finally saw the majority of touches, rushing for 85 yards, a touchdown and 45 receiving yards. Expect this to be the norm moving forward and he will be started by more than 36% of Fantasy owners in each week from here on out.

Click here for Fantasy Football Week 10 Waiver Wire advice

Fantasy Football Week 9 Automated Insights Recap
  • Jimmy Garoppolo passed for 317 yards and 4 touchdowns as the 49ers beat the Cardinals 28-25. In doing so, he put up 28.88 points and scored 65.0% higher than his scoring projection
  • Dak Prescott had a 45-yard touchdown pass and a 42-yard touchdown pass
  • Matthew Stafford had a 59-yard touchdown pass and a 26-yard touchdown pass
  • Russell Wilson had a 53-yard touchdown pass
  • Derek Carr (289 Pass Yds, 2 Pass TDs)
  • Josh Jacobs ran for 120 yards and 2 touchdowns
  • Phillip Lindsay had a 30-yard touchdown run and a 40-yard run
  • Christian McCaffrey (146 Rush Yds, 2 Rush TDs, 20 Rec Yds, 1 Rec TD)
  • Derrick Henry (63 Rush Yds, 1 Rush TD, 36 Rec Yds, 1 Rec TD)
  • David Montgomery (40 Rush Yds, 2 Rush TDs, 36 Rec Yds)
  • Saquon Barkley had a 65-yard catch 
  • While catching 6 passes for 123 yards and a touchdown against the Buccaneers, D.K. Metcalf recorded 24 points this week. His scoring output more-than-doubled his 10.47-point projection and was much higher than his 10.9-point season scoring average
  • Mohamed Sanu (10 Rec, 81 Rec Yds, 1 Rec TD) scored 19.1 points against the Ravens in Week 9. His scoring output more-than-doubled his 7.76-point projection and was much higher than his 8.08-point season scoring average
  • Marvin Jones Jr. recorded 22.6 points, the fifth-highest score for a wide receiver this week
  • Mike Evans caught 12 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown 
  • Tyreek Hill (6 Rec, 140 Rec Yds, 1 Rec TD)
  • Amari Cooper had a 45-yard touchdown catch
  • Mike Williams had a 56-yard catch and a 46-yard catch
  • While catching 9 passes for 103 yards and a touchdown against the Bears, Zach Ertz tallied 20.8 points this week. His scoring output more-than-doubled his 8.79-point projection and was much higher than his 9.74-point season scoring average
  • While catching 3 passes for 115 yards and a touchdown against the Browns, Noah Fant scored 19 points this week. He quadrupled his 4.75-point projection and overachieved for the first time this season
  • George Kittle had a 30-yard touchdown catch


Network Administrator III

Responsibilities The Network Specialist Senior troubleshoots, isolates, resolves network systems issues, and makes improvements to the network when necessary. Installs, configures, services, repairs, and maintains hardware and software for network services, storage and network devices, and server systems. Integrates multiple information systems in local and dispersed networked environments. Evaluates and helps resolve customers’ information system problems. Implements required hardware upgrades and repairs inoperative devices to maintain mission capability. Installs and configures hubs, routers, switches, and server systems software. Ensures the proper installation and configuration of workstation hardware and software for efficient operation on various physical and wireless networks. Facilitates team members in gaining proficiency in monitoring and maintaining network devices, environmental control appliances, and server systems. The work environment has been defined as dynamic and fast-paced, requiring effective interactions and communications. Will support a 24/7/365 network watch position by monitoring, logging, troubleshooting and coordinating fix actions with the USSTRATCOM Network Operations and Security Center team, other lines of service, and vendor support to maintain communications across multiple networks. Candidate must be able to: Perform watch, providing 24x7x365 monitoring of the USSTRATCOM networks Work rotating schedules when applicable, and report to work during non-business hours for emergency situations Work independently for extended durations Continuously monitor several tools and report network incidents and threats in real time Perform product evaluations and recommendations for products/services to improve network performance, redundancy, and resiliency Monitor environmental status of data centers and communication closets, utilizing various tools and methods such as Web Control, Email, and others Validate and test basic network architecture and design solutions to produce detailed engineering specifications with recommended vendor technologies Provide technical guidance for directing and monitoring information systems operations Perform advanced troubleshooting of network performance issues through analysis of network traffic Devise and implement load tests and provide capacity planning solutions Monitor and respond to complex technical control facility hardware and software problems. Interface with vendor support service groups to ensure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance Conduct routine testing and perform analysis of all elements of the network facilities (including power, software, communications machinery, lines, modems, and terminals) Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing software and hardware tools to identify and diagnose complex problems and factors affecting network performance Operate, maintain, and administer network components to meet operational, availability, and mission requirements Perform escort duties to sensitive areas and provide infrastructure support to include pulling, splicing, installing, terminating, and troubleshooting copper and fiber Complete electronic documentation of all work completed and update cable layouts for all networks Provide assistance in site surveys in order to provide engineering team correct materials, tools, bill of material estimates, etc. needed to complete projects TS clearance, eligible for special accesses Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Science, Information Systems, or a related discipline or a minimum of 3-6 years relevant industry experience Experience working with relevant network systems and networking principles Meet or exceed DoD8570 Information Assurance Technician (IAT-II) and Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) requirements or equivalent certifications Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – Routing and Switching Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) CompTIA Network + Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) foundation Firm understanding of IP networking, networking protocols, and security related technologies including encryption, IPsec, PKI, VPNs, firewalls, proxy services, DNS, electronic mail, and access-lists Previous experience with one or more of the following: Border Routers ACL modifications Firewall Administration Network Encryption Maintaining switches Solarwinds Wireshark Good verbal and written communication skills, influencing skills, and ability to work effectively with a team Ability to follow instructions and procedures with perfect detail Strong desire to learn and work in a live Network Operations environment Knowledgeable of network operations, network security, system operation and performance, and system effectiveness Options Apply for this job onlineApply Share Email this job to a friendRefer Sorry the Share function is not working properly at this moment. Please refresh the page and try again later. Share on your newsfeed As a government contractor, Perspecta abides by the following provision PAY TRANSPARENCY NONDISCRIMINATION PROVISION The contractor will not discharge or in any other manner discriminate against employees or applicants because they have inquired about, discussed, or disclosed their own pay or the pay of another employee or applicant. However, employees who have access to the compensation information of other employees or applicants as a part of their essential job functions cannot disclose the pay of other employees or applicants to individuals who do not otherwise have access to compensation information, unless the disclosure is (a) in response to a formal complaint or charge, (b) in furtherance of an investigation, proceeding, hearing, or action, including an investigation conducted by the employer, or (c) consistent with the contractor's legal duty to furnish information. 41 CFR 60-1.35(c)

Zombie Take-Out Episode 398: House of 1000 Tropeses


John and Scotto kick off a Halloween, horror comedy two-parter with Saturday the 14th.

John's Rating
2.5 brains
Scotto's Rating
3 brains

Listen to Episode 398

Download Episode 398



Next time ... Student Bodies


Azure series : Elastic queries



Not all people know that it is possible to run queries on other Azure SQL Databases. Normally with on-premise databases, we are used to use the following cross database query :

SELECT * FROM SourceDB.[SalesLT].[Customer]

But it will run into an error :

Msg 40515, Level 15, State 1, Line 16
Reference to database and/or server name in 'SourceDB.SalesLT.Customer' is not supported in this version of SQL Server.

From Microsoft : "The solution is using elastic queries. The elastic query feature enables you to run a Transact-SQL query that spans multiple databases in Azure SQL Database. It allows you to perform cross-database queries to access remote tables, and to connect Microsoft and third-party tools (Excel, Power BI, Tableau, etc.) to query across data tiers with multiple databases. Using this feature, you can scale out queries to large data tiers in SQL Database and visualize the results in business intelligence (BI) reports"

For this blogpost I've used the following link by David Postlethwaite and there other great resources on this topic too.

This is the setup of the databases:

I've gathered the steps to create elastic queries in this blogpost.

1. Create the login

First start with creating a login in the master database for the user we are going to use.

-- Go to Master database
USE Master

CREATE LOGIN ElasticUser WITH PASSWORD = '6rJbb3Gh@Bq):ngE'

2. Create the user in the source database

Create the user in the SourceDB database and assign it to the db_owner role.

USE SourceDB

CREATE USER ElasticUser FOR LOGIN ElasticUser

ALTER ROLE [db_owner] ADD MEMBER ElasticUser

2. Create the user in the destination database

Then create the user in the DestinationDB database and again assign it to db_owner role

USE DestinationDB

CREATE USER ElasticUser FOR LOGIN ElasticUser

ALTER ROLE [db_owner] ADD MEMBER ElasticUser

Create the master key

Create the Master Key in the DestinationDB database with a strong passowrd. This will create a symmetric key in order ro protect the private keys in the database.



Create the database scoped credential

Then create the database scroped credential with the CREATE DATABASE SCOPED CREDENTIAL statement.  The credential is used by the database to access to the external location anytime the database is performing an operation that requires access. The credential is used by the database to access to the external location anytime the database is performing an operation that requires access.


SECRET = '6rJbb3Gh@Bq):ngE';

Create the external data source

The CREATE EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE is used for the connectivity and is used by the elastic queries. The script for creating the external data source is as follows:


CREDENTIAL = ElasticCredential
) ;

Create the schema

I'm using the Customer table from the AdventureWorksLT database and the table is created in the SalesLT schema and therefore we need to create a schema with the same name in the destinationDB.


Create the external table

The following statement creates the external table for the SalesLT.Customer table.


[CustomerID] [int] NOT NULL,
[NameStyle] bit NOT NULL,
[Title] [nvarchar](8) NULL,
[FirstName] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,
[MiddleName] nvarchar(50) NULL,
[LastName] nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,
[Suffix] [nvarchar](10) NULL,
[CompanyName] [nvarchar](128) NULL,
[SalesPerson] [nvarchar](256) NULL,
[EmailAddress] [nvarchar](50) NULL,
[Phone] nvarchar(2
5) NULL,
[PasswordHash] [varchar](128) NOT NULL,
[PasswordSalt] [varchar](10) NOT NULL,
[rowguid] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
[ModifiedDate] [datetime] NOT NULL,

After running the DDL statements, you can access the remote table “Customer” as though it were a local table. Azure SQL Database automatically opens a connection to the remote database, processes your request on the remote database, and returns the results.

Test the External Table

Test the external query with a select query and see if we can get some results back.

SELECT * FROM SalesLT.[Customer]

And this results in the following result!!

Now if there is a difference in the datatype for one tiny length or datatype you will receive the following error

The data type of the column 'Phone' in the external table is different than the column's data type in the underlying standalone or sharded table present on the external source.

Final thoughts

This blogpost is about creating external tables using that in elastic queries. 



Chicago Beer Pass: FOBAB Week


Welcome to the Chicago Beer Pass: Your ticket to all the great beer events happening in and around Chicago.

On this episode of Chicago Beer Pass, Brad Chmielewski and Nik White are fresh off their visit to Revolution Brewing where they chatted with Communications Manager, John Carruthers. John was kind enough to open up some cans of hazy Mosaic Hero for the guys and they crack those cans on this episode. As they knock back these cans, they chat about trips to Midwest Coast Brewing, Cruz Blanca and Pipeworks. 

Coming up this weekend is FoBAB! The Annual Festival of Wood & Barrel-Aged  Beers is already here and is one of the last big festivals for Chicago of the year and one of the greatest events of the whole year. There are still tickets available and there are enough other events happening before and after FoBAB to get you drunk for the entire month.

Having issues listening to the audio? Try the MP3 (119.4 MB) or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes


Servant, le premier thriller psycho d'Apple TV+

Apple a mis en ligne une bande-annonce plus consistante que les précédentes pour Servant, la série de M. Night Shyamalan. On pourra la voir à partir du 28 novembre sur Apple TV+. Dans ce thriller psychologique, une jeune nounou est recrutée pour s'occuper d'un bébé qui n'est rien d'autre qu'une poupée. Elle remplace un enfant mort quelques semaines après sa naissance. Ce subterfuge semble complètement assimilé par la mère… et par cette nounou qui parait tout aussi étrange que cette situation.

You Underestimate the Power of Disney+

You’re going to succumb to Disney+ whether you want to or not. by Ned Lannamann

If by some miracle you’ve managed to avoid any discussion about the streaming wars, know this: After months of anticipation, they officially broke out on November 1 when Tim Cook & Co. launched the Apple TV+ service with a small, strange slate of original programming. Things escalated last week with the unveiling of details around AT&T WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, which arrives in May and will host a sizable back catalog of Warner Bros. movies and TV in addition to tons of new shows.

But the biggest buzz has been around the Disney/Fox conglomerate’s gladiator in this death match: Disney+, which enters the arena on November 12 and reportedly already has more than a million subscribers in the US. What will those subscribers get when the service debuts? Virtually every movie Disney’s ever released except Song of the South (great news for fans cinematic masterworks as That Darn Cat! and The Black Cauldron); 15 years’ worth of National Geographic documentaries; almost all of the Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar stuff; and a batch of new content that will only metastasize in the coming months.

HOWEVER, unless you’re Star Wars obsessed, you might want to wait a bit to see how Disney+ shakes out. On launch day, only a single episode of The Mandalorian will be available for viewing, with additional episodes dropping weekly. Other new stuff includes a “live action” Lady and the Tramp, a Christmas movie with Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, a hard-hitting sex-crimes procedural from Pixar called Forky Asks a Question, a Kristen Bell-hosted musical-theater reality show, and some other crappy-sounding crap.

As for The Mandalorian? Well... it does look pretty cool. With a serious cast (Pablo Pascal! Werner Herzog?) and absurd production values, it could be the bounty-hunter space western of your dreams. And there’s tons more on the way, including some promising-sounding Marvel shows and plenty of junk for kids. Sooner or later, you’re going to succumb to Disney+ whether you like it or not. Why not resist as long as you can?

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The Haves and Have-Nots of Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite

Director Bong Joon-ho at his very best. by Jasmyne Keimig

Going into Parasite, it’s hard to know what to expect. Advance reviews and discussions of the film—which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year, the first South Korean film to do so—speak of the film obscurely. For good reason: There’s a gleeful and terrifying twist—which I won’t spoil—that radically and dramatically alters the tone of the film.

But Parasite is director Bong Joon-ho at his very best. It’s a departure from the sci-fi bent of his recent movies (the post-apocalyptic Snowpiercer in 2013 and the factory- farming-themed Okja in 2017), though it’s no less concerned with the state of society. Set in Seoul, South Korea—a city within a country that has experienced an immense amount of economic growth in the past few decades—the families and class issues at play reflect our global era, in which the disparity between the haves and have-nots seems to be widening.

Parasite follows the Kim family, who secretly scam their way into the lives of the wealthy Park family. The Kims live a rather miserable existence, crammed together in a tiny apartment in the city, folding pizza boxes for money, stealing wi-fi from a nearby cafe. When a friend of the son, Ki-woo (Woo-sik Choi), recommends him for a job as an English tutor to the Parks’ young daughter, he poses as the worldly and educated “Kevin,” forging credentials from the top university to get the position.

Parasite is director Bong Joon-ho at his very best. It’s a departure from the sci-fi bent of his recent movies, though it’s no less concerned with the state of society.

Slowly and methodically, the Kims begin to drive out the other domestic workers at the Park residence, each time referring another family member (who they pretend not to know) for the vacant position. The sister (So-dam Park) becomes the Parks’ art therapist, the father (longtime Bong collaborator Kang-ho Song) becomes the driver, and the mother (Hye-jin Jang) becomes the housekeeper. And so the poorer family starts to settle comfortably into the grift—until a sudden realization turns their lives upside down.

The spaces in the film that each family inhabits crucially mirror that family’s dynamics. The Kims live at the end of a busy street, occupying a sub-basement apartment with only a single street-level window—which the neighborhood drunk often pisses near—to let in the light. Every surface is covered in their stuff, and both the family and their belongings are cast in a grimy sheen. The lack of space only heightens the claustrophobia and unsavoriness of the Kims’ financial situation, but it also speaks to their closeness as a family unit.

This is in direct contrast to the Parks, who live in a house designed by a revered architect. Their home is spacious, with large windows looking onto a lush green lawn—clear privilege in a crowded metropolis like Seoul. The lines are sleek, the house’s rooms are minimal and elegant, the fridge is full. But the familial relationships feel distant. And the house has secrets, too—for as much beauty as it contains, there’s just as much darkness.

Both residences were carefully constructed by Bong and his crew to show the important connection between physical home and family while creating the perfect structures for the events in Parasite to unfold. The resulting film offers an at turns hilarious and deeply unsettling look at class and survival, its essence echoed in the environments the characters inhabit.

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ऑस्ट्रेलियाई स्पिनर नाथन लियोन ने हैम्पशर के साथ करार किया


सिडनी। ऑस्ट्रेलिया के आफ स्पिनर नाथन लियोन ने अगले सत्र की काउंटी चैंपियनशिप के लिए विदेशी खिलाड़ी के रूप में हैंपशर के साथ करार किया है। उन्होंने साथ ही इसे शानदार मौका करार दिया। हाल में आयोजित एशेज श्रृंखला में ऑस्ट्रेलियाई टीम के अहम सदस्य रहे 31 साल के लियोन ने 2017 में वोरसेस्टरशर की ओर से कुछ मैच खेले थे लेकिन वह 10 टीमों की डिवीजन वन में वह पहली बार हिस्सा लेंगे।

इसे भी पढ़ें: क्रिकेट ऑस्ट्रेलिया की नई निदेशक बनीं पूर्व क्रिकेटर मेलानी जोन्स

टेस्ट क्रिकेट में 363 विकेट चटकाने वाले लियोन ने कहा कि ऑस्ट्रेलियाई क्रिकेटरों के साथ लंबा और सफल रिश्ता रखने वाली प्रमुख काउंटी टीम के साथ जुड़ना शानदार मौका है। उन्होंने कहा कि मुझे इंग्लैंड में क्रिकेट खेलना पसंद है और इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं कि मैं 2020 की गर्मियां हैंपशर के खिलाड़ियों, कोचों, सदस्यों और समर्थकों के साथ बिताने का लुत्फ उठाऊंगा। लियोन ने कहा कि हमारा ध्यान 2020 में काउंटी चैंपियनशिप जीतने पर होगा- मैं इंतजार नहीं कर सकता।


क्रिकेट ऑस्ट्रेलिया की नई निदेशक बनीं पूर्व क्रिकेटर मेलानी जोन्स


सिडनी। क्रिकेट ऑस्ट्रेलिया ने बुधवार को पूर्व अंतरराष्ट्रीय खिलाड़ी मेलानी जोन्स को अपना निदेशक नियुक्त किया। मेलानी ने 1997 में ऑस्ट्रेलिया की ओर से पदार्पण किया और दो बार विश्व कप जीतने वाली टीम की सदस्य रहीं। उन्होंने टेस्ट क्रिकेट में पदार्पण करते हुए शतक बनाया। मेलानी ने कहा कि वह बोर्ड के साथ काम करने का मौका मिलने से रोमांचित हैं।

इसे भी पढ़ें: IPL टीमों की उम्मीद रही नाकाम, विदेश में खेलने का प्रस्ताव IPL GC ने किया खारिज

क्रिकेट के प्रति सेवा के लिए 47 साल की मेलानी को इस साल देश के सर्वोच्च सम्मान में से एक ‘मेडल आफ द आर्डर ऑफ ऑस्ट्रेलिया’ से नवाजा गया। मेलानी सरे काउंटी, इसेनडन मारिबिरनोंग पार्क प्रीमियर क्लब, विक्टोरिया और तस्मानिया की टीमों की ओर से खेलीं। उन्होंने घरेलू और अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर पर टेलीविजन कमेंटेटर की भूमिका भी निभाई है।


IPL टीमों की उम्मीद रही नाकाम, विदेश में खेलने का प्रस्ताव IPL GC ने किया खारिज


मुंबई / नयी दिल्ली। आईपीएल की संचालन परिषद ने कई फ्रेंचाइजी टीमों का विदेश में दोस्ताना मैच या मिनी आईपीएल कराने का प्रस्ताव खारिज कर दिया क्योंकि इसके लिये आईसीसी के भावी दौरों के कार्यक्रम (एफटीपी) के विस्तृत अध्ययन की जरूरत होगी। ऐसा समझा जाता है कि मुंबई इंडियंस और कोलकाता नाइट राइडर्स विदेश में अपनी लोकप्रियता भुनाने की संभावना तलाश रहे थे। 

इसे भी पढ़ें: जानिए IPL खिलाड़ियों की नीलामी में कौन सी टीम है सबसे महंगी?

आईपीएल संचालन परिषद की बैठक में यह मसला आया था। एक सीनियर सदस्य ने कहा कि इस बारे में बात हुई लेकिन अंतिम फैसला आईसीसी एफटीपी देखकर ही लिया जायेगा। उन्होंने कहा कि हमें एफटीपी देखना होगा। हम टीमों के लिये छोटे टूर्नामेंट या दोस्ताना मैचों पर विचार कर रहे हैं। हम मार्च, अप्रैल और मई में खेलते हैं जिसके बाद टीमें खाली रहती है। हमें विदेश में भी खेल को लोकप्रिय बनाना है लेकिन एफटीपी देखना होगा। परिषद के एक अन्य सदस्य ने हालांकि कहा कि आईपीएल का संविधान टीमों को विदेश में एक दूसरे के खिलाफ खेलने की अनुमति नहीं देता। 


Doctor Sleep (Unico Spettacolo)

Località: Cinema delle Vittorie - Via Avvocato Francesco Regine, 36, 80075 Forio NA, Italia
Data: Lun 11 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 21:30 - Lun 11 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 23:59
  • PROGRAMMAZIONE: Dal 31 Ottobre

Titolo originale: Doctor Sleep - Uscita: U.S.A. 2019 - Genere: Horror- Regia di: Mike Flanagan - Durata: 151 min - Ratings: Kids +13 - Cast:

Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Jacob Tremblay, Cliff Curtis, Carel Struycken, Emily Alyn Lind, Bruce Greenwood, Carl Lumbly


Ancora irrimediabilmente segnato dal trauma che ha vissuto da bambino all’Overlook, Dan Torrance ha combattuto per trovare una parvenza di pace. Ma questa tregua va in frantumi quando incontra Abra, un’adolescente coraggiosa con un potente dono extrasensoriale, noto come la “luccicanza”. Riconoscendo istintivamente che Dan condivide il suo potere, Abra lo contatta, invocando disperatamente il suo aiuto contro la spietata Rose The Hat e i suoi seguaci, i membri del The True Knot, che si nutrono della Luccicanza degli innocenti alla ricerca della loro immortalità. Formando un’improbabile alleanza, Dan e Abra si impegnano in una brutale lotta tra la vita e la morte contro Rose. L’innocenza di Abra e l’intrepida consapevolezza della sua Luccicanza costringono Dan a invocare i suoi stessi poteri come mai prima d’ora – affrontando immediatamente le sue paure e risvegliando i suoi fantasmi del passato.

La Famiglia Addams (Doppio Spettacolo)

Località: Cinema delle Vittorie - Via Avvocato Francesco Regine, 36, 80075 Forio NA, Italia
Data: Lun 11 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 17:00 - Lun 11 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 21:30
  • PROGRAMMAZIONE: Dal 7 Novembre
  • ORARIO SPETTACOLI: 17.00 - 19.00

Titolo originale: The Addams Family - Uscita: U.S.A. 2019 - Genere: Animazione, Commedia- Regia di: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan - Durata: 105 min - Ratings: Kids - Cast:

Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Snoop Dogg, Virginia Raffaele, Pino Insegno, Eleonora Gaggero, Luciano Spinelli, Raoul Bova


La famiglia Addams deve affrontare Margaux Needler, una subdola conduttrice di reality televisivi "consumata dal desiderio dell'assoluta perfezione color pastello della vita suburbana". Ciò accade mentre gli Addams si apprestano a ricevere i parenti per un'importante riunione di famiglia.


Doctor Sleep (Unico Spettacolo)

Località: Cinema delle Vittorie - Via Avvocato Francesco Regine, 36, 80075 Forio NA, Italia
Data: Dom 10 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 21:30 - Dom 10 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 23:59
  • PROGRAMMAZIONE: Dal 31 Ottobre

Titolo originale: Doctor Sleep - Uscita: U.S.A. 2019 - Genere: Horror- Regia di: Mike Flanagan - Durata: 151 min - Ratings: Kids +13 - Cast:

Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Jacob Tremblay, Cliff Curtis, Carel Struycken, Emily Alyn Lind, Bruce Greenwood, Carl Lumbly


Ancora irrimediabilmente segnato dal trauma che ha vissuto da bambino all’Overlook, Dan Torrance ha combattuto per trovare una parvenza di pace. Ma questa tregua va in frantumi quando incontra Abra, un’adolescente coraggiosa con un potente dono extrasensoriale, noto come la “luccicanza”. Riconoscendo istintivamente che Dan condivide il suo potere, Abra lo contatta, invocando disperatamente il suo aiuto contro la spietata Rose The Hat e i suoi seguaci, i membri del The True Knot, che si nutrono della Luccicanza degli innocenti alla ricerca della loro immortalità. Formando un’improbabile alleanza, Dan e Abra si impegnano in una brutale lotta tra la vita e la morte contro Rose. L’innocenza di Abra e l’intrepida consapevolezza della sua Luccicanza costringono Dan a invocare i suoi stessi poteri come mai prima d’ora – affrontando immediatamente le sue paure e risvegliando i suoi fantasmi del passato.

La Famiglia Addams (Doppio Spettacolo)

Località: Cinema delle Vittorie - Via Avvocato Francesco Regine, 36, 80075 Forio NA, Italia
Data: Dom 10 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 17:00 - Dom 10 Novembre 2019 alle Ore 21:30
  • PROGRAMMAZIONE: Dal 7 Novembre
  • ORARIO SPETTACOLI: 17.00 - 19.00

Titolo originale: The Addams Family - Uscita: U.S.A. 2019 - Genere: Animazione, Commedia- Regia di: Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan - Durata: 105 min - Ratings: Kids - Cast:

Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Snoop Dogg, Virginia Raffaele, Pino Insegno, Eleonora Gaggero, Luciano Spinelli, Raoul Bova


La famiglia Addams deve affrontare Margaux Needler, una subdola conduttrice di reality televisivi "consumata dal desiderio dell'assoluta perfezione color pastello della vita suburbana". Ciò accade mentre gli Addams si apprestano a ricevere i parenti per un'importante riunione di famiglia.


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Sr. McAfee Delivery Engineer

Job ID: ******** Updated: Oct 16, 2019 Location: Flagstaff, AZ, United States The Senior McAfee Delivery Engineers at CDWG team with other Engineers on highly visible, technically challenging projects and offerings. This engineer will be responsible for designing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting customer specific Host Based Security Suite (HBSS) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) environments. The position is Federally focused and the engineer will need to operate within a Department of Defense/Classified environment. Key Areas of Responsibility - Responsible for the administration and operation of information security compliance tools and platforms with a special concentration in Host-Based Security Suite (HBSS). - Manage the deployment of the McAfee ePO server(s), as well as experience maintaining the OS and SQL instances. - Regularly interface with technical and business staff of customers, including the project sponsor and stakeholders of projects in more complex engagements. - Serve as technical point of contact on customer engagements. - Manage time and expense to meet or exceed expectations defined in the Statement of Work. - Provide high quality content deliverables using the appropriate document templates. - Ensure solution is implemented as designed to the customer's satisfaction and approval. - Educate the customer on solution as appropriate throughout the life of the project or service life. - Responsible for design, implementation, and troubleshooting the customer's endpoint/user environment. - Expertise developing security-focused content for Splunk, including creation of complex threat detection logic and operational dashboards. - Conduct throughput analysis, problem solving, and infrastructure planning. - Participate in various client projects intended to continually improve/upgrade the security posture the client's user environments. - Assist in the management of projects using CDWG's project management methodology. - Work with Professional Services Managers, OEMs, Project Managers and customers to manage expectations and timelines to ensure expectations and commitments are being met. - Educates the customer on solution as appropriate throughout the life of the project or service life. The information in this position description is intended to convey information about the key responsibilities and requirements of the position. It is not an exhaustive list of the skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the opportunity. Responsibilities are subject to change. Qualifications Minimum Qualifications - Bachelor degree or equivalent years of military service - 7 years of delivering end point security based solutions, specifically McAfee - 7 years of Federal and/or DoD experience - 5 years of Cyber Security experience (security analytics, SOC experience) - DoD 8570 level II IAT Certification - DoD/OPM Secret Clearance (S) - Certified McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Administrator - Certified McAfee Advanced Threat Defense Administrator - Certified McAfee Data Loss Prevention Administrator Other Required Qualifications - Experience using McAfee Agents, VirusScan Enterprise, Host Intrusion Prevention, Disk Encryption, File and Removable Media Protection, and reading reports in ePO. - Deep understanding of McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPs), and Viruscan Enterprise (VSE). - Strong experience with application and change management control for both Windows and Linux based systems. - Knowledge of tuning and excluding IPS events, as well as having the capability to understand current firewall rules and create new rules is expected. - Demonstrate understanding and appropriate application of DoD policy and technical security guidance to information systems. A solid understanding of Windows systems administration, general operating system security practices. - Experience with implementing Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Secure Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs) within a Department of Defense environment. - Experience with remediating identified Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVAs) within DoD systems - Willing to travel (50%) - Strong organizational skills. - Excellent attention to details. - Abilities to work independently and to manage time effectively. - Effective communication skills with an appreciation for the appropriate ways to interact with managers, coworkers, customers and vendors. Job Category: Delivery EngineeringJob Type: Full-TimeTravel Percentage: 50%Share:

Cloud Security Systems Engineer

Description Our Mission At Palo Alto Networks everything starts and ends with our mission: Being the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. We have the vision of a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before. These aren't easy goals to accomplish - but we're not here for easy. We're here for better. We are a company built on the foundation of challenging and disrupting the way things are done, and we're looking for innovators who are as committed to shaping the future of cybersecurity as we are. Your Career As a Palo Alto Networks Systems Engineer - Prisma Cloud Security Specialist, you will be the authority on our cybersecurity offerings for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) include Containers and Serverless. You are the go to resource for customer interactions that exceed the typical Systems Engineering requirements. This is a technical role that directly supports the sales delivery of quota. You are measured by your expertise and by your ability to lead to customer wins. There is also a requirement for close interaction with Product Management, Marketing and Competitor intelligence to ensure that we continue to out-innovate our competition. Your Impact Articulate to customers at all levels in the hierarchy, from engineer to CIO the value proposition of the platform Lead conversations about trends and emerging changes to the cloud security landscape that every customer needs to be aware of and planning for when utilizing public cloud IaaS and or PaaS services to for critical data, intellectual property, and applications Discuss, with credibility, the competitive landscape and position ours as the best alternative Interact locally and remotely with customers in an equally persuasive manner Help customers embrace our cloud security offerings Be the technical voice of Sales for all things related to security and compliance in the cloud (AWS, Azure & Google Cloud) and Containerized infrastructure Be an evangelist to further bring Security, DevOps, and SecOps together (DevSecOps) Provide technical demos to and lead deep dive discussions with prospective customers Act as a conduit for customer feedback to Product Management, Technical Marketing, competitor intelligence, and R & D to create requirements and deliver product features for our customers Provide design consultation and best practices and mentorship for the rollout, and implementation during the 'pre-sales' process for strategic opportunities, including 'proof of concept' Provide product update and improvement training to other SEs in the region or theater Assist in the training of new SEs in their designated regions Your Experience Degree in CS or equivalent and 5+ years of experience in a highly technical customer facing roles. Security architect, Infrastructure architect, Systems engineer, or Solutions architect Strong general infrastructure skills and specific knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Compute Platform. Experience using APIs Experience with CloudFormation, Terraform, Azure Resource Manager, or GCP Cloud Deployment Manager Templates Proven experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform configuration and administration of security features and services (including and not limited to identity and access management, service-related security features, networking, firewalls, encryption, and related best practices) In depth experience in security, cloud services i.e. Serverless technologies Expertise in container and DevOps technologies such as Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker, and OpenShift. Security skills should include areas such as access control, runtime defense /anti-malware, and vulnerability management. Deep understanding of Unix/Linux and Windows operating systems as well as Containers Experience with IaaS and PaaS deployments, connectivity, network security, virtualization and compute Experience working with customers, positioning, demonstrating, configuring and troubleshooting infrastructure security products Travel within the designated region The Team As part of our Systems Engineering team, you'll support the sales team with technical expertise and guidance when establishing trust with key clients. You won't find someone at Palo Alto Networks that isn't committed to your success - with everyone pitching in to assist when it comes to solutions selling, learning, and development. As a member of our systems engineering team, you are motivated by a solutions-focused sales environment and find fulfillment in working with clients to resolve incredible complex cyberthreats. Our Commitment We're trailblazers that dream big, take risks, and challenge cybersecurity's status quo. It's simple: we can't accomplish our mission without diverse teams innovating, together. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all qualified individuals with a disability. If you require assistance or accommodation due to a disability or special need, please contact us at ***********************************. Palo Alto Networks is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity in our workplace, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, ancestry, color, family or medical care leave, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical or mental disability, political affiliation, protected veteran status, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, or other legally protected characteristics.

Brand Evangelist

NORDVPN BRAND EVANGELIST Are you ready to educate the world about the benefits of VPN tech? NordVPN, the most popular virtual private server provider on the planet, is looking for an Evangelist to be the voice of its fast-growing brand. We need you to make an impact, teach our audience, and uphold our glowing reputation. About NordVPN Established in 2012, NordVPN is now recognized by high-profile cybersec experts as the leader in VPN services. In just a few short years, we've grown to 12+ million users - and we don't plan on slowing down any time soon. Guided by the Nordic ideals of confidence, trust, and innovation, we aim to eventually offer the full cybersecurity package. In addition to VPN services, the Nord brand is also developing cutting-edge password managers (NordPass), powerful file encryption software (NordLocker), and business solutions (NordVPN Teams). About you
We want zeal. We want fire. We want passion. You will need to spread the word about the importance of cybersecurity, engaging both laypeople and professionals.
You must have:
  • Background in IT and tech industry
  • Understanding of VPNs and/or cybersecurity
  • Experience in public speaking
  • Outstanding networking skills
  • Experience in participating in public and networking events or exhibits
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • The ability to travel extensively
  • The ability to be flexible with work arrangements (remote, solo, team)
    Your typical activities will include:
    • Gaining recognition for NordVPN as a spokesperson for the product
    • Developing compelling presentations to drive cybersecurity awareness
    • Attending various events to advocate the importance of cyber-protection
    • Delivering spoken and written interviews for media outlets all over the world
    • Continuing to identify leads for potential partnerships
    • Being an active and visible first point of contact for the cybersecurity industry in the region
    • Working with our marketing team on media campaigns to promote the NordVPN mission and technology
      Perks and benefits:
      • A competitive salary that reflects your experience and merit
      • A competitive vacation allowance
      • The ability to work from home and flexible working hours (as needed and agreed)
      • Maternity and paternity plans
      • International and national conferences and events
      • Access to a world-class network of impact-driven entrepreneurs, leaders, and disruptors
      • A cooperative, high-performance team culture with perfect conditions for growth and development Next steps:
        • Submit your resume via LinkedIn.
          NordVPN is an equal opportunity employer.

          Email for resumes:

Azure Solution Architect - Multiple location

Hi,We have excellent Oppertunity for Technical Solution Architect, -Project location -Alpharetta, GA Or Chicago, IL or Hoboken, NJ . -If you are interested please share your resume to Pradeepn2@ Role: - Technical Solution ArchitectLocation: Alpharetta, GA Or Chicago, IL or Hoboken, NJ Duration: FTE / ContractJob Requirements: -Education: - - - - - - - - -Bachelor"---s Degree or equivalent in Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Mathematics, Economics -Experience: - - - - - - - - -Minimum of 15+ years overall IT industry experience - - - - - - - - -Minimum of 5+ years in a solution or technical architect role using service and hosting solutions such as private/public cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms - - - - - - - - -Experience in architecting and designing technical solutions for Microsoft-centric solutions based on industry standards using (Azure) IaaS, PaaS and SaaS capabilities. - - - - - - - - -Experience with any claims-based authentication (SAML/OAuth/OIDC), MFA, JIT, and/or RBAC / Ping etc. - - - - - - - - -Knowledge of cloud security controls including tenant isolation, encryption at rest, encryption in transit, key management, vulnerability assessments, application firewalls, SIEM, etc. - - - - - - - - -Managed the end-to-end lifecycles of a project in solution architect capacity - - - - - - - - -Experience with mission critical technology components with DR capabilities - - - - - - - - -Experience with multi-geography, multi-tier service design and management - - - - - - - - -Extensive experience in financial management, solution plan development and product cost estimation - - - - - - - - -Solid business acumen, management and marketing communication skills - - - - - - - - -Significant experience in presenting ideas, products, concept papers to varied audiences - - - - - - - - -Experience coaching and mentoring others - - - - - - - - -Leadership capability and proven ability to manage difficult stakeholders - - - - - - - - -Experience supporting peer teams and their responsibilities; such as infrastructure, operations, engineering, info-security

RMAN Backup problem

Hi I am having problems with my RMAN backups, both level 0 and level 1. I am also running archive only backups during the day which are running without error. We are running Oracle 12.2 Standard edition., all Windows 2012 My error: RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ORA_DISK_1 channel at 10/25/2019 04:08:35 ORA-19809: limit exceeded for recovery files ORA-19804: cannot reclaim 67108864 bytes disk space from 10737418240 bytes limit This is happening on all my production database which range from 130G to 700Gb in size. Our setup is 3 servers each running both a test and production. All databases are configured the same. RMAN configuration is: CONFIGURE RETENTION POLICY TO REDUNDANCY 1; # default CONFIGURE BACKUP OPTIMIZATION OFF; # default CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE TO DISK; # default CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON; CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP FORMAT FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO 'd:\backups\db1\CTL_%d_%F.BAK'; CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE DISK PARALLELISM 1 BACKUP TYPE TO BACKUPSET; # default CONFIGURE DATAFILE BACKUP COPIES FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO 1; # default CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG BACKUP COPIES FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO 1; # default CONFIGURE MAXSETSIZE TO 50 G; CONFIGURE ENCRYPTION FOR DATABASE OFF; # default CONFIGURE ENCRYPTION ALGORITHM 'AES128'; # default CONFIGURE COMPRESSION ALGORITHM 'BASIC' AS OF RELEASE 'DEFAULT' OPTIMIZE FOR LOAD TRUE ; # default CONFIGURE RMAN OUTPUT TO KEEP FOR 7 DAYS; # default My level 0 script is below run { report obsolete; crosscheck backup; crosscheck backup of database; crosscheck backup of controlfile; crosscheck archivelog all; delete noprompt obsolete; delete noprompt expired backup; delete noprompt expired backup of database; delete noprompt expired backup of controlfile; delete noprompt expired archivelog all; backup incremental level 0 filesperset 5 database include current controlfile format 'E:\backups\db1\DB_%d_%I_%T_%s.bak'; sql 'ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG CURRENT'; backup archivelog all format 'E:\backups\db1\ARC_%d_%I_%T_%s.arc' delete input; } Level 1 also crosschecks and deletes backups, but the backup section is: backup incremental level 1 filesperset 5 database include current controlfile plus archivelog format 'E:\backups\db1\DB_%d_%I_%T_%s.bak'; }"); I have tried various configuration options, mainly changing retention policy but also archivelog deletion policy. But i can't get a backup to run without these errors. Each database has been configured to use a different db_recovery_file_dest folder, and the size is set at 10G Can anyone suggest what i can change to make these backups work please. Getting a bit desperate now :) Many thanks James

Facebook Launches Next Steps in Full Messaging Encryption Plan


Facebook will seek to further its end-to-end encryption for messaging push this week as it moves ahead with its privacy plans.


DevOps Support

SunIRef:it DevOps Support Verizon 25,458 reviews - Irving, TX 75038 Verizon 25,458 reviews Read what people are saying about working here. What you'll be doing. As a Application Developer, you will support Finance related applications and infrastructure. Will include application development work and production support. You will also assist in AWS buildouts and security related upgrades on assigned applications. Tasks will span the entire development life cycle to include planning, requirement collection, design, coding, testing, implementation and production support. Ability to define and evaluate problems and design effective technical solutions. Ability to Identifying and address client needs, build solid relationships with clients and communicate with the client in an organized and knowledgeable manner. Ability to solve and develop solutions to meet business requirements required. General business knowledge and understanding of Finance fundamentals is preferred. Work will be performed with technical guidance from Manager. You will collaborate with business analysts, project managers, other developers, DBAs, and QA personnel to define, design, and implement solutions to move Verizon forward. What we're looking for. You'll need to have Associate's degree or two or more years of work experience. Three or more years of relevant work experience. Experience in the technology field,preferably developingEnterprise level Applications. Experience in any of these programming languages: Java 1.7, Angular 2, JQuery, AJAX, postgresql, MS SQL Server, .Net including ******* Even better if you have Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering or related discipline. Knowledge of Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile and/or Waterfall. Knowledge of key design principles for data architecture, design and development. Nice to have backend database development - Oracle, SQL server, ETL processes Nice to have Oracle Hyperion, IBM WebFocus, IBM DataStage, Linux shell script, C/Pro*C Nice to have Ansible Playbook, YAML, JIRA, and Splunk Cloud Computing experience with exposure to AWS. Ability to solve problems requiring a detailed knowledge of cloud technologies. General knowledge of security & audit including SOX and Audit standards. General knowledge of encryption techniques including key management. General Access Control Security (Active Directory and Unix Directory security) General knowledge and support of Firewall, Network Load Balancing. General knowledge of IT change and incident management process, tracking and reporting. Windows 10, Microsoft Office suite 2010 or higher, MS Visio, MS Project, Google Docs Strong communication skill both written and verbal and interpersonal skills. Strong Business Analysis and Business Collaboration skills. Organizational ability, attention to detail, and the ability to multi-task. When you join Verizon. You'll have the power to go beyond - doing the work that's transforming how people, businesses and things connect with each other. Not only do we provide the fastest and most reliable network for our customers, but we were first to 5G - a quantum leap in connectivity. Our connected solutions are making communities stronger and enabling energy efficiency. Here, you'll have the ability to make an impact and create positive change. Whether you think in code, words, pictures or numbers, join our team of the best and brightest. We offer great pay, amazing benefits and opportunity to learn and grow in every role. Together we'll go far. Equal Employment Opportunity We're proud to be an equal opportunity employer - and celebrate our employees' differences, including race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, and Veteran status. Different makes us better. Verizon - Today report job - original job

“สถาบันทิศทางไทย” เปิดตัวแล้ว องค์กรใหม่ขับเคลื่อนประเทศไร้ความขัดแย้ง



Song-Poems Concert Series Returns to Literature Deparment This Fall


The 'Song-Poems' concert series, which debuted in the Spring of 2019, is finishing up this calendar year with three special events. The concert series invites Philadelphia-based musicians to come into the library and utilize the Literature Department's vast collections of poetry to inspire them to create new works—either by adapting already written poetry or by coming up with altogether new material inspired by something from the collection.

Our spring lineup consisted of a variety of musical styles: bedroom-pop, noise music, punk, folk, and electronic music. Patrons were invited to experience Pepper Hall (the Art/Lit Department) in a way they hadn't before, with sound filling the vast room.

The fall lineup continues that tradition. Three vastly different artists, from different musical backgrounds, will grace the Literature Department with unique perspectives and poetic voices. Here is a brief look at the upcoming lineup, starting November 7 at 6:00 p.m.

Karl Blau | Thursday, November 7
Karl Blau is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and DIY icon who helped turn his hometown of Anacortes, Washington, into an indie-music mecca. He is now currently based in Philadelphia.

He has released more than 40 records in 20-odd years, many self-released in handmade packaging and mailed to subscribers, and others on iconic indie Northwest labels K Records and KNW-YR-OWN. Blau has also toured and recorded for years with Laura Veirs, the Microphones, Little Wings, D+, and Earth.

Anika Pyle | Wednesday, November 13
Anika Pyle is a Philly-based singer-songwriter, formerly of Brooklyn pop-punk band Chumped and currently in the Philadelphia punk rock group Katie Ellen.

A prolific songwriter and poet, they have been releasing music at breakneck speed in the past five years. Their music is confessional, emotional, and empowering.



Toyz | Thursday, December 5
Toyz is the electronic solo project of neo-soul & dark-psychedelia musician and visual artist Justin Courtney Roberts.

After fronting groundbreaking electronic-psych band Fake Babies in New Haven, CT, Roberts has been based in Philadelphia since 2015, where he has been producing collage art, paintings, and sound collages under the moniker Toyz.

He performs a special one-off performance of new material for 'Song-Poems'.

A follow-up blog post will feature images and links to media from the 'Song-Poems' series as a whole, containing material from each concert in 2019.

All Song-Poems concerts take place in the Literature Department at Parkway Central Library, starting at 6:00 p.m., and are free to the public.


#OneBookWednesday: Are You Reading With Us?


So, have you started reading There There yet?

Back on October 17, the Free Library was pleased to announce, in partnership with the Office of the Mayor, that Tommy Orange's award-winning debut novel would be the 2020 One Book, One Philadelphia featured selection for the program's 18th season.

The selection committee found this novel to be compellingly specific, providing nuanced accounts of the places and people it describes. The themes of the novel, including Indigenous erasure, self-representation, and healing, provide the opportunity to reflect on these issues as they relate to the present and future Lenape and pan-Indigenous experiences represented in Philadelphia.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out your ebook, audiobook, or paperback copy from the Free Library today! And as you begin reading, stay tuned right here to the One Book blog for discussion guides and conversation! We'll be back each week as part of the #OneBookWednesday series—hopefully we'll all learn something along the way!

For today, we leave you with this video to reacquaint you with One Book, One Philadelphia and get you thinking about There, There.

We also put together this handy character map, to help you keep track of everyone you'll be meeting.

What comes next? Join us at the Parkway Central Library on January 22 to kick off eight weeks of programming related to the book. With an original performance by Curtis Institute of Music composer Elise Arancio, this event will feature a discussion with Tommy Orange and 6ABC’s Tamala Edwards followed by a book signing. Between this kickoff event and the finale on March 18, more than 100 events including book discussions, mixed-media art, and music workshops, film screenings, poetry readings, community panels, and creative writing workshops all based on the themes of There There will take place around the city. We can't wait to experience it all with you!

Check back every #OneBookWednesday during the season for more One Book food-for-thought and reflection!


Systems Engineer, Commercial

We are looking for a Systems Engineer to work closely with a sales representative in a defined territory. The Systems Engineers main mission will be to support the sales organization in all technical matters regarding pre-sales, sales calls, and post-sales.

Pre-sales - assist in qualifying sales leads from a technical standpoint.
Sales calls - be the main technical resource on sales calls and answer/ educate the customer on issues ranging from features, specifications and functionality to integration.
Conversant with networking applications and solutions.
Post-sales - be the lead technical contact for identified accounts for technical issues and will work closely with the technical support team and engineering to answer, elevate and resolve customer's technical issues.
Provide assistance to identified customers with post-sales training.

Required Skills:

5 8 years experience in technical/pre-sales support as a sales or systems engineer
5 - 7 years experience in LAN/WAN/Internet services administration
Strong understanding of DNS and NFS, SMTP, HTTP, TCP/IP
Knowledge of the following technologies: Routing, Switching, VPN, LAN, WAN, Network Security, Intrusion Detection, and Anti Virus.
Strong understanding in the following technologies and protocols: RADIUS, PKI, IKE, Certificates, L2TP, IPSEC, FIREWALL, 802.1Q, MD5, SSH, SSL, SHA1, DES, 3DES
Experience with encryption and authentication technologies required
Strong presentation skills


Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience. Graduate degree preferred.


EEOC / AAPAccommodation: If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the application process, or are limited in the ability or unable to access or use this online application process and need an alternative method for applying, you may contact Fortinet, Inc at (408) 235-7700 of for assistance.EEO: All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.

Payment Implementation Specialist I

Payment Implementation Specialist IText2Drive is a nation wide and rapidly growing software as a service (SAAS) company which provides a communications and payments platform for car dealerships and their customers. With the ever evolving need for new technology in the payments industry our Speed CheckOut solution helps drive automation to our customers and is a major growth opportunity within our company.
Job DescriptionProvides technical systems and software support for modification, implementation, or conversion. Supports the process of translating business needs into formal Business Requirements deliverables. Acts as liaison between business unit and software, hardware developers and vendors. Participates in design, development and implementation of complex applications or systems, often using new technologies. Serves as a fully seasoned, proficient technical and analytical resource. Participates as an individual contributor on projects, completing activities as a part of a team related to special initiatives or operations. Routine accountability is for technical knowledge and capabilities, typically as an individual contributor. Often provides oversight and guidance to more junior business and systems analysts. IT degree preferred or substantially equivalent experience. Typically requires a minimum of 5-7 years of applicable experience.
Job Description
  • Assist Payment Services clients in readying their computer business processes and provide guidance to clients during the Payment implementation process.
  • Manage multiple new and maintenance requests simultaneously.
  • Educate and counsel customers regarding the payment platform process, fraud prevention, technical requirements and clearing exchange.
  • Explain all aspects of the requested services.
  • Participate in technical kickoff meetings, gather necessary requirements to meet client objectives, perform setups, recommend and conduct end to end testing, and monitor initial live files/activity once in production.
  • Ensure the client is able to use the Payment services effectively.
  • Maintain and/or contribute to a project plan for client and internal use.
  • Act as the single technical point of contact for client inquiries and guidance during the implementation process.
  • Initiate transition to client support services upon completion of successful monitoring of live files/activity.
  • Data Analytics deliverables for both internal and external partners
  • Provide consultative guidance as necessary for internal constituents including Sales, Fulfillment, Product Management, and LOB Operations partners.
    Required Skills
    • Electronic Payment Services Experience
    • Previous experience as a project manager or business analyst in electronic payment implementation, operations, customer service, technical consulting, sales, or systems
    • Previous positions must have included extensive customer contact
    • Familiarity with the Payment network and related technology services
    • Strong interpersonal and project management skills to achieve cooperation/coordination of multiple tasks performed by other business units w/in the company
    • Presentation skills are necessary
    • The ability to communicate effectively with multiple levels in the customer organization
    • The ability to deal effectively with multiple deadline-driven, customer-sensitive projects and tasks
    • Very strong time management and task prioritization skills
    • The ability to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing
    • PC proficiency - experience with Apple based technology, MS Office, Google Chrome, Google Drive, Docusign and Salesforce
      • Desired Skills
      • Familiarity with file processing and transmission flows
      • Certified Payment Professional a plus
      • Proven communication, technical, analytical, and customer relation skills
      • Fraud Services focusing on payments technologies, electronic commerce, encryption and data communications
      • Strongest candidates are those with proven technical, business and project management skills who must work well without supervision.
      • Individuals typically have 5 to 7 years of experience in payment services Industry
        Hours Per Week: 40
        TEXT2DRIVETM offers a complete benefits package which includes:
        • Competitive Wage
        • Flexible Vacation, Holiday and Sick Day Policy
        • Company Issued iPhone & MacBook
        • 401(k), Health, Vision and Dental Insurance (after 90 days)
        • Growth Opportunities

Wilbert Harrison - Kansas City


The Rock 'N' Roll Classics of Lieber and Stoller - Rhino Cassette Tape - Sealed

Information Technology Specialist, (Network)

Information Technology Specialist, GS-2210-12 (Network)Department of the InteriorGeological SurveyOverviewOpen & closing dates10/28/2019 to 11/01/2019ServiceCompetitivePay scale & gradeGS 12Salary$83,121 to $108,061 per yearAppointment typePermanentWork scheduleFull-TimeLocation1 vacancy in the following location:Anchorage, AK 1 vacancyRelocation expenses reimbursedNoTelework eligibleYes as determined by agency policyDutiesSummaryWhat General Information Do I Need To Know About This Position?The incumbent of this position is entitled to a cost of living allowance (COLA) of 3.27% in addition to the salary. COLA may be subject to change at any time.Learn more about this agencyResponsibilitiesAs an Information Technology Specialist (Network) within the Volcano Science Center - Alaska Volcano Observatory, some of your specific duties will include:- Designs, installs, and maintains wide-area networks (WAN), local-area networks (LAN), and encrypted virtual private networks used in the acquisition and processing of volcano monitoring data to ensure minimal downtime.- Develops, implements, and maintains hardware and software services to monitor key data streams and send alerts to responsible personnel in the event of degradation or failure.- Assesses the security effectiveness of the radios and other hardware comprising the data telemetry network, reports potential security problems; formulates and implements plans, practices and procedures to minimize vulnerabilities; troubleshoots security threats and vulnerabilities in response to incident reports; identifies and isolates problem sources; and recommends solutions or corrects problems.- Works with geophysical instrumentation such as strong motion seismometers, broadband seismometers, digitizers, infrasound, gas, GPS, meteorological stations and related hardware, computer and telemetry systems in both the office and field stations to ensure proper installation and configuration, and to make repairs so that data are properly recorded and transmitted.- During an eruption the incumbent will engage in rapid, time-critical, exchanges with scientists to adapt the data acquisition system and associated hardware/software to accommodate new analysis techniques that are being developed and refined, potentially requiring extended work days with little to no notice, or unanticipated work during the night.- Operates a government motor vehicle as an incidental ************* RequiredOccasional travel - Occasional travel away from home may be required 1-5 nights per month.Supervisory statusNoPromotion Potential12Job family (Series)2210 Information Technology ManagementRequirementsConditions of EmploymentSelectee may be subject to serving a one-year probationary period.Selectee must provide proof of valid driver's license, safe driving record.More requirements are listed under Qualifications and Other Information.Are There Any Special Requirements For This Position?Because this position requires travel for official business, the selectee will be required to apply for a charge card within 30 calendar days of appointment. Individuals who have delinquent account balances from a previous Government charge card will be required to satisfy their existing obligation before a new card can be issued.A background investigation will be required for this position. Continued employment will be subject to the applicant's successful completion of a background security investigation and favorable adjudication. Failure to successfully meet these requirements will be grounds for termination.Throughout the recruitment and hiring process we will be communicating with you via email; therefore, it is imperative that the email address you provide when applying for this vacancy remains active. Should your email address change, please notify the point of contact identified in the vacancy announcement as soon as possible so that we can update our system.If you are a Federal employee applying for a promotion (under merit promotion procedures) you must meet time-in-grade requirements by the closing date of the announcement.QualificationsFor information on basic qualifications, which includes information on whether you may substitute education for specialized experience, please click on the following: ************************************************************************************************************************** must meet the following to qualify for the GS-12 level:One year of appropriate specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-11 level in the Federal service that demonstrates accomplishment of computer project assignments that required a wide range of knowledge of computer requirements and techniques pertinent to the position to be filled. Such knowledge is generally demonstrated by assignments where the applicant analyzed a number of alternative approaches in the process of advising others concerning major aspects of automated data processing system design, such as what system interrelationships must be considered, or what operating mode, system software, and/or equipment configuration is most appropriate for a given project. This level of work experience would reflect independence in planning and carrying out the assignment, selecting the approach or methodology to be used, resolving most of the conflicts that arise, and coordinating the work with others as necessary.You must meet all qualification and eligibility requirements for the position by the closing date of the announcement.EducationExperience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g. Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community; student; social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.Education completed in colleges or universities outside the United States may be used to meet the above requirements. 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Senior Software Engineer

SunIRef:Manu:title Senior Software Engineer Collins Aerospace 2,425 reviews - Salem, OR Collins Aerospace 2,425 reviews Read what people are saying about working here. Job ID: ******** City: Salem State: Oregon Country: United States Category: Engineering Job Type: Full Time Description: Date Posted: 2019-10-23-07:00 Country: United States of America Location: CASAL: Salem Oregon 4001 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, OR, 97302 USA Senior Software Engineer What does a successful candidate look like? Self-motivated, tenacious, and persistent through technical road blocks Values learning by staying current with technology and industry best practices Loves to develop simple and elegant solutions to complex problems Values quality over quantity and fosters a quality-first mindset Disciplined at prioritizing tasks and a willingness to seeks guidance when there are conflicts Fosters collaboration by being open to technical feedback and able to use feedback to improve the design Thrives in a highly collaborative and results driven environment Essential Functions Leverages personal experience, industry best practices, and domain knowledge to provide elegant software to complex problems Provides technical leadership for software project teams of 1-5+ software developers (onshore/offshore, insourced/outsourced) Implements high quality, full featured software on first release Provides reliable estimates of effort and accurate identification of risks Leads design reviews on software architecture, interface designs, and component design Mentors junior developers in software engineering fundamentals Quickly gains business and system knowledge for a set of related components Contributes significantly on requirements analysis and system design Leverages industry leading software engineering processes (agile, TDD, CI) and makes process improvements Desired Qualification Experience in developing a web services that can handle millions of requests per day Demonstrated ability in designing a SQL database (including schema and stored procedures/functions) Meticulous cybersecurity focus by leveraging industry-recognized encryption, application architecture, and interface design Expert understanding of Windows operating systems and the .NET development environment Proficient in at least one scripting languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and/or Perl Experience developing mobile apps (iPhone and/or Android) Solid understanding of internet protocols and interfaces including REST, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, and serial protocols Experience releasing cloud applications and leveraging cloud services in Azure and/or AWS Qualifications/Requirements Bachelor's Degree (CS or science based degree preferred) Must have a minimum of five (5+) years of experience developing software within an industry recognizable software development life cycle (SDLC) Must have a minimum of five (5+) years of experience developing applications in C#, Objective-C, Swift, and/or Java Must have two (2+) years demonstrated team leadership, scrum master, or project management experience Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills Must be able to work out of an office in Salem, Oregon Must have unrestricted authorization to work in the United States United Technologies Corporation is An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status, age or any other federally protected class. and Terms: Click on this link to read the Policy and Terms Qualification: United Technologies Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status, age, or any other federally protected class. Thank you for your interest in a career at United Technologies! We will soon upgrade to an improved job application system to simplify the apply experience. You will still be able to apply to any of our current job openings through December 18, 2018. On January 2, 2019, our new and improved job application system will launch; please check back on that date to see all of our job openings. Collins Aerospace - Just posted report job - original job

Thoughts on Biodiversity Next

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on iPhylo. Since returning from a fun and productive time in Australia there have been a bunch of professional and personal things that have needed attending too. In amongst all this I attended Biodiversity Next in Leiden, a large (by biodiversity informatics standards) conference with the tag line "Building a global infrastructure for biodiversity data. Together." In this post I try and bring together a few random thoughts on the conference (the Twitter hashtag #biodiversitynext gives a much broader sense of the conference).


The venue for the keynotes was delightful, and guest speakers were ushered on stage with a rock-star soundtrack (which, frankly, grated at bit). Some of the keynotes were essentially TED talks, such as Theo Jansen on his wonderful Strandbeest and Jalila Essaidi on bulletproof skin and other biotechnology. Interesting, polished, hopeful.

Some keynotes were pitches, such as Paul Hebert’s BIOSCAN where we divide the planet into a grid (of squares, really?) and sequence barcodes for everything within each grid. The theme was moving from “artisanal to industrial” scale. BIOSCAN has a rival, the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) (see which aims to sequence the whole genome of every eukaryote in 10 years (at a cost of $US 4.7 billion). BIOSCAN is a rather cheaper, although Herbert sees it as the precursor to a larger initiative. But what makes BioSCAN more appealing to me is that it includes and explicit geographical and ecological context. BIOSCAN is interested in what species occur where, and who they are interacting with (the “symbiome”). But not everyone is convinced that mega-genomics projects are a good idea, see for example Proposals to “sequence the DNA of all life on Earth” suffer from the same issues as “naming all the species” by @JeffOllerton.

Other keynotes that resonated with me were Maxwell Gomera’s where he points out that for many people biodiversity is a risk (including an anecdote about people in Namibia seeing biodiversity as attracting the unwanted attention of outside interests, and hence something to be actively minimised), and Jorge Soberon on just how much of biodiversity informatics is data driven and theory-free. The presentation by Ana María Hernández Salgar on IPBES was perhaps the least exciting keynote, arguably because she’s tackling a probably intractable problem. We have some spectacular technology for documenting and understanding biodiversity, but no obvious way to change or significantly influence human impacts on that biodiversity.


The conference managed to score a pretty spectacular own goal by having an all-white, all male panel (“manel”) for one session (moderated by Ely Wallis @elyw).

There was a pointed response to this later in the conference (again moderated by Ely).

Personally I felt that neither panel contributed much beyond platitudes. I don’t think panel discussions like these do much to explore ideas, they are much more about appearances and positions (which makes the manel even more unfortunate).

There were other comments that were tone deaf. One senior figure argued that “money wasn’t a problem”, the implication being that there’s lots of it around, we just have to figure out how to access it. Yet, one of the sessions I attended featured a young researcher from Brazil who had to crowdfund his attendance at the conference. Money (or rather its uneven distribution) is very much a problem.


The conference had its own app, and it worked well. It certainly made it easier to plan the day, which sadly was mostly realising that the two topics that you were out interested in hearing about were on at the same time. Big conferences have this fundamental problem that there are too many people and too many talks for people to see everything. This makes the event more a statement about community being large enough to stage such an event, than actually being a place to learn what is going on. But I guess the combination of breaks between sessions, social events, and the pre-conference workshops mean there are times and spaces where things can actually get done.


There was a lot going on at the conference, I am going to pick out just a few highlights for me. These are obviously very biased, and I missed a lot of the talks.


The thing I was most interested to learn about was the technology underpinning DISSCO’s approach to putting specimen records online. Alex Hardisty (@AlexHardisty) gave a nice demo of DISSCO’s approach, which uses Cordra. From Cordra’s website:
Cordra is a highly configurable open source software offered to software developers for managing digital objects with resolvable identifiers at scale.
Cordra is from the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), the people behind the Handle system which underpins DOIs. It's a NoSQL data store that can generate and manage persistent identifiers (e.g., Handles). I’ve not been following DISSCO closely, but this approach makes a lot of sense, and it will be interesting to see how it develops. Alex demoed a “digital specimen repository”, for example the record for specimen BMNH:2006.12.6.40-41 is here: Early days, but digitial identifiers for specimens are going to be crucial to efforts to interlink biodiversity data.

Knowledge graphs

I did my best to spread the knowledge graph meme, and Wikidata is attracting growing interest. Unfortunately I couldn’t see Franck Michel’s (@franck_michel2) talk on Bioschemas, but the idea of having light-weight markup for life science data is very attractive. It seems that long-standing dreams of linking things together are starting to slowly take shape.


This is an area that I have not thought much about. The Encyclopaedia of Life tried to carve out a niche in this area (TraitBank) but their latest iteration abandons the JSON-LD they developed in version 2.0, which seems a strategic blunder given the growth of interest in knowledge graphs, Bioschemas, and Wikidata. It seems that people working on traits are in a sort of pre-GBIF phase looking for ways to integrate diverse data into one or more places where people can play with it. There’s a lot of excitement here, but lots of data wrangling issues to deal with.

Credit and identity

The hashtag #citetheDOI became something of a rallying cry for those interested in GBIF data. Citing data downloaded from GBIF enables GBIF to pass information on usage along to data providers. Yet another example of the most compelling use case for identifiers not being scientific but cultural.

“Get yourself an ORCID” was another rallying cry. The challenge here is that the most obvious beneficiary of you getting an ORCID is not (yet) you, which makes the sales pitch a bit tricky.


It may be partly an age thing, but an increasingly important aspect of conference alike this is the chance to catchup with people you know, as well as develop new contacts and (hopefully) have your preconceptions challenged by people smarter than yourself. I spent quite a bit of time with the BHL crowd, which meant teasing them about their obsession with old books, which did not end well:

It was also fun to see Roger Hyam (@RogerHyam) in action again. Roger has a knack for cutting through the noise to make tools that are useful. He gave a nice demo of using the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) to display herbarium images. Under the hood IIIF is JSON-LD and models everything as an annotation, so I think this framework is going to see a lot more use across a range of biodiversity projects. It certainly inspired me to add IIIF to my newly relaunched BioStor.


It's more a kind of pragmatic Archimedean sense that you might be able to move some subset of the world connected to any system on which you have root access or any project for which you're building a key component—from the leverage point of the command line. (The Emergence of Digital Humanities by Steven E. Jones, emphasis added)
One final thought which struck me is the notion of "agency", in the sense of a person being able to do things. For me one of the joys of biodiversity informatics is that I can make stuff that seems useful (if only to me). If, say, BHL ignores articles, well, you can grab their data and build something that finds those articles. If the data is available, and you can code, then there are few limits to what you can do. Even if you can't code, limits to what people can do are being removed. You have citizen scientists like @SiobhanLeachman (who presented at Biodiversity Next) revelling in the wealth of tools such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc. that enable her to add to biodiversity knowledge.

Do that at scale, as demonstrated by Carrie Seltzer's keynote on iNaturalist, and you can get millions of data points added by a passionate, empowered community.

Yet, I would find myself talking to biodiversity professionals working at some of the world's leading museums and herbaria, and they had far less agency than someone like Siobhan. They have no influence over the databases and software they use, even trivial changes aren't made because... reasons. Seemingly obvious suggestions of things that could be done, or offers of additional data are met with responses along the lines of "even if you gave us that data, we couldn't do anything with it because there's not a field in our database."

As a somewhat cranky, independent-minded academic, I greatly value the freedom to create things, and I'm extremely lucky that I can do that. But it is interesting to see that people fascinated by science but who are not employed as scientists often have more agency than the professional scientists. And maybe that's why I'm resistant to large conferences such as Biodiversity Next (and processors such as e-Biosphere 09). They represent the increasing professionalisation of the field, and with that often comes decreasing agency. When I grow up, I want to be a citizen scientist.

Full Stack Developer

Our company is looking for a creative, diligent Full Stack Developer. This role will be responsible for coding, design, and layout of a website according to the company's specifications.
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This role is for experienced Offensive test engineers and hackers who can test the resiliency of eBays Payments systems in real world conditions. If you are an automated tool type of person this role is not for you.

This career is technical and meaningful with opportunities to work in some of the most exciting areas of Cyber Crime, hacking and exploit research. You will work on very technical and relevant offensive emulation testing campaigns with some of the best engineering talent in the game as you test technology, systems and processes.

A typical day could be breaking into secure communication channels, reverse engineering applications, APIs and encryption methods in order to gain access to sensitive data, all without being detected.

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Giving back to the community by supporting our customers, sellers and partners through outreach is strongly supported and central to our ethos. Expect to author white-papers, speak at conferences and meet with our community.

Key Responsibilities

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    Working with eBay Teams

    • Work with Developers, Architecture, Product Management, Quality, and Operations teams to develop innovative solutions that meet business needs with respect to Functionality, Performance, Scalability, Reliability, realistic implementation schedules and alignment to development principles and product goals
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      • Bachelors degree or substantial equivalent experience.
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        This role is open to any US or UK location including remote working for the right person.

        Here at eBay, we love creating opportunities for others by connecting people from widely diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and geographies. So, being diverse and inclusive isnt just something we strive for, it is who we are, and part of what we do each and every single day. We want to ensure that as an employee, you feel eBay is a place where, no matter who you are, you feel safe, included, and that you have the opportunity to bring your unique self to work.. To learn about eBays Diversity & Inclusion click here:
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        For more information see:

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Job Description At Wells Fargo, we want to satisfy our customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially. We're looking for talented people who will put our customers at the center of everything we do. Join our diverse and inclusive team where you'll feel valued and inspired to contribute your unique skills and experience. Help us build a better Wells Fargo. It all begins with outstanding talent. It all begins with you. Wells Fargo Audit Services (WFAS) conducts audits and reports the results of our work to the Audit & Examinations Committee of the Board of Directors. We provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services delivered through a highly competent and diverse team. As a business partner, Audit Services helps the Company accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. 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The IT Senior Audit Manager is expected to provide leadership to the team and audit department, and to promote the goals and the culture of Wells Fargo, including the recognition of individual performance and contributions. Staff Development: The IT Senior Audit Manager is responsible for developing, coaching, and mentoring audit managers and staff. In addition, the development and maintenance of effective staff skills, competencies, and behaviors necessary to perform high quality audit work in a very large scale and technically complex environment are integral components of the role. The attention to staff development and promulgation of Wells Fargo's core values, including the commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment, are important performance factors. As a Team Member Manager, you are expected to achieve success by leading yourself, your team, and the business. Specifically you will: - Lead your team with integrity and create an environment where your team members feel included, valued, and supported to do work that energizes them. - Accomplish management responsibilities which include sourcing and hiring talented team members, providing ongoing coaching and feedback, recognizing and developing team members, identifying and managing risks, and completing daily management tasks. Required Qualifications - 8+ years of experience in one of the following: audit, technology risk management, information security, IT program management, technology governance, or availability management - 2+ years of leadership or management experience Desired Qualifications - A BS/BA degree or higher in accounting, finance, or business administration - Risk or compliance experience - Solid knowledge and understanding of audit methodologies and tools that support audit processes - Certification in one or more of the following: CPA, CAMS, CRCM, CIA, CISA or Commissioned Bank Examiner designation - Leadership experience for professional auditors, risk management, or project leadership professionals - Audit experience at a large financial institution or auditing company. Other Desired Qualifications - Proven experience as a technical subject matter expert: - In depth knowledge of industry frameworks for managing technology/information security and related risk (e.g., NIST, SANS, ISO 27001, COBIT) - In depth knowledge of some of the following technical areas of focus or concepts: - Distributed server platform management (Windows, UNIX Operating Systems) - Mainframe platform management (z/OS) - Midrange platform management (iSeries) - Database management (Oracle, DB2, SQL, etc.) - Middleware management (Apache, WebLogic, etc.) - Data center management, including physical security and environmental controls - Change, problem, and incident management - Vulnerability, patch, system lifecycle, and configuration management - IT governance - IT Asset Management - Network and Perimeter - knowledge of Microsoft Windows Active Directory, LDAP, Internet and network security technologies such as: TCP/IP, firewalls, routers, switches, IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus, SIEM, Web Proxy, VPN, Encryption technologies, products, etc. - Secure coding - experience looking for security vulnerabilities such as Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Cookie Manipulation, Buffer Overflows, etc.; familiarity with server, network, database, and application security hardening - Experience designing and implementing an operational risk program and/or overseeing the ongoing execution of an operational risk program for technology and information security - Experience assessing system availability, functionality, and information security risks - Technical experience in technology management, engineering, or consulting - Proven project management skills; ability to effectively lead project teams, develop and communicate recommendations, and provide effective performance feedback to managers and team members - Mature planning, organizing, and directing skills to include relationship and teaming ability through excellent listening and communication skills - Self-awareness, conflict resolution skills, strong sense of individual accountability, and passion for learning are critical - Ideal candidate will possesses a great degree of natural curiosity and professional skepticism - Excellent analytical skills - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Strong track record of influencing senior management and leading change on both strategic and tactical initiatives Job Expectations - Ability to travel up to 20% of the time Street Address CO-Denver: 1700 Lincoln St - Denver, CO AZ-PHX-Central Phoenix: 100 W Washington St - Phoenix, AZ MN-Minneapolis: 600 S 4th St - Minneapolis, MN CA-SF-Financial District: 420 Montgomery - San Francisco, CA PA-Philadelphia: 1 S Broad St - Philadelphia, PA NC-Charlotte: 301 S College St - Charlotte, NC TX-San Antonio: 4101 Wiseman Blvd - San Antonio, TX MO-Saint Louis: 1 N Jefferson Ave - Saint Louis, MO IA-Des Moines: 800 Walnut St - Des Moines, IA Disclaimer All offers for employment with Wells Fargo are contingent upon the candidate having successfully completed a criminal background check. Wells Fargo will consider qualified candidates with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable local, state and Federal law, including Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women. Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation.

Chief Information Security Officer

Apply on Company Website Chief Information Security Officer Shentel Edinburg, TX Posted 20 hours ago Apply on Company Website Shentel (NASDAQ: SHEN) is a regional telecommunications company successfully providing a broad range of telecommunication solutions for over 110 years. Shentel is committed to enriching the lives of the customers we serve with the highest quality telecommunication services by making major investments in technology easy. It is our vision to provide rural communities with access to the same level of telecommunications services as those found anywhere else in the US. With operations in multiple states, we provide our customers with wireline and wireless telephone, Cable TV, and internet. In addition Shentel is proud to be an affiliate of Sprint. We own and operate the more than 1000 towers that support our wireless network and employ the teams who work in our 48 Sprint stores, provide customer service, and operate the wireless network. We are looking for dedicated people with professional attitudes who take pride in providing superior customer service, closing sales and driving success of all of the facets of our business. We're Shentel. Always connected to you. Shentel is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace. Job Summary: Leads the Information Security function in Shentel to ensure enterprise information assets and data are protected. The CISO will direct the strategy, operations and budget for the Information Security program. The CISO will have responsibility for the program that encompasses the provider network as well as internal applications and network. Qualification Requirements: a. Education: Bachelor's degree with a concentration in network and application security or equivalent experience. b. Experience Level: 10+ years security administration with at least 5 years in a management position. c. Special Requirements: d. Skills Summary: Active Directory, Windows and AS/400 security, Checkpoint, Sophos, Sharepoint, Policy Management, SOX Controls, and device management. e. Check Point Security certification preferred. f. Licenses or Certifications: CISSP certification preferred. Knowledge of: a. Technology/Business Skills: Active Directory, application and role-based security, SOX controls and testing, cybersecurity fundamentals, intrusion detection, mobile device management and data encryption. b. Security Knowledge/Tools: NIST Framework, Incidence Response Planning, PCI compliance requirements, SIEM/logging tools. c. Skills: Management skills: Team building, project management and risk management skills. Shentel is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug-Free Workplace. Click to review our Privacy Policy. Shentel will provide reasonable accommodations (such as a qualified sign language interpreter or other personal assistance) with the application process upon your request as required to comply with applicable laws. If you have a disability and require assistance in this application process, please email ************************** and provide your name and contact information. Other details - Job Family IT - Pay Type Salary - Edinburg, VA 22824, USA - Waynesboro, VA 22980, USA

Sr. Splunk Delivery Engineer

Job ID: ******** Updated: Oct 16, 2019 Location: Tacoma, WA, United States The Senior Splunk Delivery Engineers at CDWG team with other Engineers on highly visible, technically challenging projects and offerings. This engineer will be responsible for designing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting customer specific Security Information & Events Management (SIEM) environments. The position is Federally focused and the engineer will need to operate within a Department of Defense/Classified environment. Key Areas of Responsibility - Provides Professional Services / Splunk architecture: Responsible for design, implementation, and troubleshooting the customer's SIEMSplunk environment. - Expertise developing security-focused content for Splunk, including creation of complex threat detection logic and operational dashboards. - Regularly interface with technical and business staff of customers, including the project sponsor and stakeholders of projects in more complex engagements. - Serve as technical point of contact on customer engagements. - Manage time and expense to meet or exceed expectations defined in the Statement of Work. - Provide high quality content deliverables using the appropriate document templates. - Ensure solution is implemented as designed to the customer's satisfaction and approval. - Educate the customer on solution as appropriate throughout the life of the project or service life. - Conduct throughput analysis, problem solving, and infrastructure planning. - Participate in various client projects intended to continually improve/upgrade SEIM environments. - Assist in the management of projects using CDWG's project management methodology. - Work with Professional Services Managers, OEMs, Project Managers and customers to manage expectations and timelines to ensure expectations and commitments are being met. - Educates the customer on solution as appropriate throughout the life of the project or service life. The information in this position description is intended to convey information about the key responsibilities and requirements of the position. It is not an exhaustive list of the skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the opportunity. Responsibilities are subject to change. Qualifications Minimum Qualifications - Bachelor degree or equivalent years of military service - 7 years of delivering complex technical solutions including planning, development, implementation and support including Failover techniques, recovery/rollback and application partitioning - 7 years of Federal and/or DoD experience - 5 years of current experience in technical consulting or big data analytics - 5 years of Cyber Security experience (security analytics, SOC experience) - 3 years Splunk engineering experience - DoD 8570 level II IAT Certification - DoD/OPM Secret Clearance (S) - Splunk Certified Admin, Splunk Certified Architect, Splunk Certified Consultant Other Required Qualifications - Proficiency with Splunk App/TA configuration - Management/deployment experience with large scale/distributed Splunk environments - Proficiency developing log ingestion and aggregation strategies - Familiarity with key security events on common IT platforms - Deep proficiency in client and server operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux - General networking and security troubleshooting (firewalls, routing, NAT, etc.) - Scripting and development skills (BASH, Perl, Python or Java) with strong knowledge of regular expressions - Experience with implementing Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Secure Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs) within a Department of Defense environment. - Experience with remediating identified Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVAs) within DoD systems - Willing to travel (50%) - Strong organizational skills. - Excellent attention to details. - Abilities to work independently and to manage time effectively. - Effective communication skills with an appreciation for the appropriate ways to interact with managers, coworkers, customers and vendors. Preferred Qualifications - Common Information Model (CIM) validation - Universal/Heavy Forwarder configuration experience (Including encryption and compression setting - Deep experience with Splunk Enterprise Security CUSTOMER FOCUS AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Each CDW coworker is responsible for maintaining customer focus and conforms to the CDW quality management system. Specific responsibilities include: Job Category: Delivery EngineeringJob Type: Full-TimeTravel Percentage: 50%Share:

Info Security Engineer 6 Job posting in #Charlotte #ITjobs

Job Description At Wells Fargo, we want to satisfy our customers' financial needs and help them succeed financially. We're looking for talented people who will put our customers at the center of everything we do. Join our diverse and inclusive team where you'll feel valued and inspired to contribute your unique skills and experience. Help us build a better Wells Fargo. It all begins with outstanding talent. It all begins with you. Wells Fargo Technology sets IT strategy; enhances the design, development, and operations of our systems; optimizes the Wells Fargo infrastructure footprint; provides information security; and enables continuous banking access through in-store, online, ATM, and other channels to Wells Fargo's more than 70 million global customers. The EIS Security Code Review (SCR) team provides application vulnerability and risk identification for many of the critical applications used by Wells Fargo, from an automated and manual static analysis (code level) perspective. Within the Cyber Security Defense and Monitoring (CSD & M) organization, this Information Security Engineer position will serve as a high level technical security resource. The new team member will work as a Hybrid Reviewer on the Security Code Review team, conducting source code level assessment and/or dynamic and penetration testing to identify security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with corporate security policies and adherence to best practices. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing team of niche, high performance security talent, while leveraging mature security code review processes, that will be responsible for the assessment of code level security issues for public facing applications, internally hosted and vendor hosted, supporting local, vendor-integrated, and remote review capabilities. Reviews encompass a vast assortment of language technologies that vary between reviews, with the majority split between both Microsoft and Java-based technologies spanning mobile applications, classic web applications/portals, newer innovation applications and more. While working to your strengths in reviews aligned to your own unique core technology background, you will have supported opportunity to learn new technologies and gain new skills. In fact, professional development is one of the core work objectives for each SCR team member, where enhancing current and building new capabilities are favorable traits and encouraged. This position will report to the Security Code Review Risk Research Manager within Cyber Threat Management (CTM), and will be working with a high performance team of security engineers focused on driving success of manual and automated security review capabilities within the SCR Team that operates as part of CTM within EIS CSD & M. This is an exciting opportunity as Wells Fargo continues to improve and expand our core capabilities in application vulnerability detection, risk identification and reporting. Team members are spread across several locations, with the majority of the team working remotely. We focus on hiring the best talent regardless of the location. We don't expect you to join us and hit the ground running. We take what we do seriously, and expect to train you on our processes with a learning curve that will take several months to master fully. We believe in diversity. Your opinions matter to us, opening discussion forums to the opinions of all team members so that we can uniformly make strategic and operational improvements that consider all sides or inviting you to opt-in to specialized team or department level working groups that assess unique and diverse topics in code level security that will help to optimize vulnerability detection, how we assess risk, and consider appropriate safeguards. If this sounds like a position that interests you, apply today. We'd like to understand your capabilities, background, and opinions on application security. *Very important: Before applying to the position, please review the 'required qualifications' carefully ensure your resume has the dates of when & where you've had the experience so we can cross reference how you meet the required qualifications. Very important or you will not move forward for consideration.* Note: This position may sit at any core Wells Fargo location. Required Qualifications - 10+ years of information security applications and systems experience - 5+ years of J2EE experience or 5+ years of .net experience - 1+ year of relational database experience - 3+ years of SAST (Static Analysis Software Testing) experience - 3+ years of static code review experience Desired Qualifications - Expert knowledge and understanding of information security practices and policies, including Information Security Frameworks, Standards, and best practices - Ability to manage highly complex issues and negotiate solutions - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Ability to interact and communicate effectively with all levels of an organization; including at the executive level - Knowledge and understanding of mobile software security vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks - Knowledge and understanding of information security technology - Knowledge and understanding of DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) - Knowledge and understanding of penetration testing - Knowledge and understanding of technology testing: dynamic application or software assessments (web application penetration testing, web application vulnerability testing) - Knowledge and understanding of technology testing: web-based applications developed in Java or .net framework - Ability to identify and manage complex issues and negotiate solutions within a geographically dispersed organization - Highly refined and professional verbal and written communications - Knowledge and understanding of design and development of modern web applications and mobile technologies - Ability to execute in a fast paced, high demand, environment while balancing multiple priorities - Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities - Ability to articulate issues, risks, and proposed solutions to various levels of staff and management - Outstanding problem solving skills - Strong negotiating skills - Ability to translate and present complex technical data across technical and non-technical groups Other Desired Qualifications - Ability to work alone or in groups. - Experience with manual penetration testing (MPT). - Perform security reviews of application source code, dynamic testing, pen testing. - Advanced Information Security technical skills and understanding of information security practices and policies. - 3+ year's application security vulnerability detection and mitigation experience with Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 and SANS Common Weakness Enumeration Top 25. - Reverse engineering experience - library files that are built from source code, if the line of business can't find the source code, they have the library. This person will need to reverse engineer to get 'code' out of it. - Experience with, or understanding of, AJAX and web services. - Experience with server-side JavaScript. - Experience with Salesforce Apex. - Experience writing rules for SAST tools like HP Fortify SCA and Checkmarx. - Involved in local security groups, such as OWASP local Chapters. - Developer Certifications (examples include SCWCD, SCJP, SCJD, SCJA, MCSD, etc.). - Understanding of SSL/TLS and Cryptography (symmetric and asymmetric encryption, PKI, etc.). - Ability to handle difficult situations and to provide alternative solutions or workarounds. - Flexible and creative in helping to find acceptable solutions. - CISSP, CSSLP, GSSP, or comparable security certification. - Ability to comprehend large, complex applications written by others from reading source code. - Knowledge of risk assessment methodologies and frameworks and how to apply them to diverse applications. - Ability to stay current with emerging technologies and industry trends. - Work ethically. Street Address MN-Shoreview: 1801 Parkview Dr - Shoreview, MN MN-Minneapolis: 255 2nd Ave S - Minneapolis, MN NC-Charlotte: 1525 W Wt Harris Blvd - Charlotte, NC NC-Charlotte: 401 S Tryon St - Charlotte, NC Disclaimer All offers for employment with Wells Fargo are contingent upon the candidate having successfully completed a criminal background check. Wells Fargo will consider qualified candidates with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable local, state and Federal law, including Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women. Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation.

Nurse/ Trainer/ LVN/LPN/ Allied Health - Knoxville

Nurse/ Trainer/ LVN/LPN/ Allied Health - Knoxville REQ******** NA-USA-Tennessee-Knoxville About Abbott Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life. Our portfolio of life-changing technologies spans the spectrum of healthcare, with leading businesses and products in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and branded generic medicines. Our 103,000 colleagues serve people in more than 160 countries. Abbott's Diagnostics family of businesses, bringing together exceptional teams of experts and industry leading technologies. In this role, you will provide personalized Face-2-Face training to Acelis Connected Health's home testing customers on obtaining a finger stick blood sample, operating the PT/INR products and reporting responsibilities. The position of trainer is per-diem and state/city specific. This job description will be reviewed periodically and is subject to change by management. RESPONSIBILITIES: The Trainer will: Set up training appointment directly with the customer/caregiver Travel to the customers home setting within the general geographic location of the Trainer's home Demonstrate and instruct the customer and/or their caregiver on the proper use and care of the PT/INR equipment Explain test reporting options Communicate and present themselves in a professional manner Accurately document and submit patient training records Maintain communications with Acelis Connected Health by cell phone, email and internet access Utilize secure encrypted email to communicate anything that includes customers PHI Have reliable transportation BASIC QUALIFICATIONS - EDUCATION: The Trainer must have clinical experience. Current LVN/LPN/ or above license is preferred Direct experience/exposure to anticoagulation management, homecare or allied health is preferred Health education training experience a definite plus No lifting over 15 pounds required COMPETENCIES/ EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS Completion of assigned educational prerequisites required Proof of health screening documentation Web based and interactive training provided by Acelis Connected Health Successful completion of a consumer report (background check) and pre-employment drug screening Travel a minimum of 100 miles roundtrip required Florida trainers only - there is an additional background step required for the state of Florida. An equal opportunity employer, Abbott welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce. We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. To request an accommodation, please send an email to ********************* or contact your HR Partner to let us know the nature of your request. Connect with us at **************, on LinkedIn at ********************************** on Facebook at *********************** and on Twitter @AbbottNews and @AbbottGlobal. Health and Safety Operations/COS Per Diem

THE DRAGON PRINCE gets Season 3 trailer and release date

Netflix's animated epic fantasy series, The Dragon Prince, arrives on 22 November. The streamer has also released a new trailer:

Season 3 of The Dragon Prince will conclude the first arc of the series; two more, each lasting two seasons, are expected to follow, for a grand total of seven seasons. There are also plans for tie-in video games, books and an animated spin-off exploring some of the deep backstory for the series.

THE WITCHER gets trailer and release date

Netflix's adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher novels will arrive on Friday 20 December.

The eight-episode first season is a partial adaptation of elements from the first three Witcher books (The Last Wish, Sword of Destiny and Blood of Elves) and will focus on the adventures of Geralt (Henry Cavill), professional monster-hunter, as his path crosses that of Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), a powerful sorceress, and Ciri (Freya Allan), a princess who goes on the run when her kingdom is attacked by an expansionist empire.

The TV series is not based related to or based on CD Projekt's best-selling Witcher video game trilogy, although the studio that provided high-quality CGI cut-scenes for the games is also working on the show in an effects capacity.

Production for the series was based in Budapest and featured extensive location filming in Hungary and Poland, Andrzej Sapkowski's home country where the books have been huge bestsellers for over 25 years.

Software Development Engineer - SDE Java Angular

SunIRef:Manu:title Software Development Engineer - SDE - Java & Angular JP Morgan Chase 21,577 reviews - Seattle, WA 98101 JP Morgan Chase 21,577 reviews Read what people are saying about working here. JP Morgan Chase operates in over 100 markets serving millions of customers, business, and clients (corporate, institutional, and government). It holds $18 trillion of assets under custody and manages $393 billion in deposits every day. As a member of the Application Classification and Protection team you will build trust with our customers to innovate and develop next generation solutions to protect our systems and data across the business. You will design and engineer software that will enable our business to meet the changing security standards while setting the strategic direction for how to support the business long term. To be successful you will need to connect with a global network of technologists from around the world to apply your skills to solve mission critical problems while embracing new technologies and methodologies. Along the way you will develop skills with a wide range of technologies including distributed systems, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity concepts and methodologies (encryption, tokenization, masking, and other data protection techniques). The world of Cybersecurity involves adapting to a constantly changing world; as part of this team you will be thinking both how to solve problems in the now and also for the next generation of threats. JP Morgan Chase invests $9.5B+ annually in technology and you would be one of 40k+ technologists who innovate in how the firm builds initiatives like big data, machine learning, and mobile/cloud development. We want people like yourself to create innovative solutions that will not only transform the financial services industry, but also change the world. This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including: Experience developing with Java, C# (or similar Object-Oriented languages) or Experience developing with high-level script languages such as Python or JavaScript Knowledge and experience designing and building large scale and high availability systems Experience utilizing operational tools and monitoring solutions that ensure the health and security of our services. 5+ years' experience developing enterprise software or Masters' degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree) Experience in one or more of the following preferred: Working knowledge of Spring Framework (Core, Boot, MVC) Working knowledge of RDBMS and NOSQL technologies Working within an agile development methodology (Kanban, Scrum, etc.) Experience with continuous delivery and deployment. Experience assessing of data protection approaches, requirements, and activities Understanding of cryptography, masking, tokenization or other data protection technologies and their impact to the application Knowledge of system security vulnerabilities and remediation techniques, including penetration testing and the development of exploits Experience developing software using continuous integration/deployment pipeline that includes vendor solutions Experience in next generation platforms such as cloud, PaaS, mobile, and big data At JPMorgan Chase & Co. we value the unique skills of every employee, and we're building a technology organization that thrives on diversity. We encourage professional growth and career development, and offer competitive benefits and compensation. If you're looking to build your career as part of a global technology team tackling big challenges that impact the lives of people and companies all around the world, we want to meet you. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an equal opportunity employer. JP Morgan Chase - Just posted report job - original job

Data Security Solutions - Outside Sales Specialist-California (San Diego,CA)

Dell Credant technology is a simple, comprehensive and transparent solution that is easy to deploy and protects data across its full life cycle. Credant protects and encrypts user and corporate data from PC to mobile to cloud which works with enterprises' existing systems management processes. Further, the technology supports multiple mobile operating systems allowing companies to confidently embrace the growing bring your own device movement.Primary Responsibility: In this role and at this level, the OSS :
  • Must be able to support highly complex opportunities.
  • He/she needs to be able to gain access and manage relationships with senior level technical personnel, IT executives and decision makers.
  • Needs to be able to demonstrates the value of a security product and/or service technology to advance customer s as well as understand their business objectives.
  • Should be conversant in putting together a ROI business case for the customer as a part of the overall proposal. Investigates customers security requirements, especially in complex environements to ensure that appropriate solutions are developed to address current and potential problems.
  • Provides insight and thought leadership to customers concerning applicability of highly complex products and service technologies. Uncovers critical processes and validates operational strengths and challenges within the customer s environment.
  • Analyzes and applies industry, competitor and market knowledge to present the positive value of our security solutions.
  • Leverages third party/channel expertise to position the overall value of our solution, including financing options via Dell s Financial Services leasing arm.
  • Serves as lead to other product specialists or cross functional technical groups Advanced level professional, complete understanding of our technology, and product and services portfolio.
  • Coaching/mentoring across the regional team may be required, especially in APJ countries. SKILLS: Advanced knowledge of Security technology products. Ability to build a quote and present it to the customer as part of a business case. Abilty to successful sell in a complex environment and to aggressively drive for success in acheivement of department goals. Role will require at least 20% travel.EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 6+ years of experience in an outside sales role. A proven track record of success in needed. Working in a matrix selling environment is a plus, as is experience in security technology. Associated topics: fiduciary, finance, financial security, financial service, merchant service, mortgage, payment, security, stock broker, treasury

#Win Hobbs & Shaw (US/CDN)


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Rated PG

137 minutes

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham return to their unforgettable roles as Hobbs and Shaw in this action-packed feature from the blockbuster Fast & Furious franchise! For years, hulking lawman Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and lawless outcast Deckard Shaw (Statham) have traded smack talk and body blows. But when cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba) gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever, Hobbs and Shaw must partner up to bring down the only guy who might be badder than themselves!

Boyfriend overload!!
The Rock, Jason Stathom and Ryan Reynolds in one film. Oh, my!
It was a great story, had tons of action and kick-ass moments. It was comical at times too. Everything I hoped for in this movie was there.
Just make sure you keep watching after the credits. It doesn't end when you think it does.
Watched with the hubby and he is a big fan. His exact words were, 'it was awesome'.
Definitely a great movie to waste time on.


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#Win Good Boys (US/CDN)

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90 minutes

Invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max asks his best friends Lucas and Thor for some much-needed help on how to pucker up. When they hit a dead end, Max decides to use his father's drone to spy on the teenage girls next door. When the boys lose the drone, they skip school and hatch a plan to retrieve it before Max's dad can figure out what happened.
Starring Will Forte.

Cute, but definitely raunchy.
This is definitely not a movie that you will watch with your children. It had a load of swearing, graphic sexual talk and some drug use.
For adults, it was hilarious though!
Some people might be put off by the way these tweens carry on, but it really is just in fun and you have to remember that when listening to them talk in the movie.
The hubby watched with me and felt it was a fun and nostalgic poke at childhood and growing up through puberty.
It's not a very long movie either, so probably a perfect fit for date night. It is sure to bring you a couple of laughs.






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Sede da A2 Trader, investigada pela CVM, é alvo de operação policial; empresa teria sido fechada

Resultado de imagem para a2 trader
Um vídeo que circula nas redes sociais mostra uma ação da Polícia Militar na sede da suposta pirâmide de criptomoedas A2 Trader, do "empresário" Kleyton Alves, em operação nesta terça-feira, 5 de outubro. 
No vídeo que circula no YouTube, é possível ver carros de polícia em frente à empresa, enquanto a autora do vídeo filma a fachada do prédio da A2 Trader e ironiza uma faixa em que está escrito "é apenas o começo".
Ela ainda diz que "eles já foram pêgos no aeroporto", não revelando se entre "eles", que teriam sido presos, estaria Kleyton Alves. Não há informações oficiais ainda sobre os motivos da operação policial na empresa.
No site Reclame Aqui, as reclamações explodiram, com alguns usuários dizendo que foram notificados do fechamento da empresa.
Como noticiou o Cointelegraph Brasil, Kleyton Alvez e sua empresa foram denunciados junto à Comissão de Valores Mobiliários do Brasil.
Logo depois, o CEO apareceu em uma transmissão ao vivo, declarando que as proibições da CVM eram "fake news" e dizendo que o dinheiro de seus investidores estaria investido no mercado forex, no exterior, prática proibida. Na época, ele desafiou a autarquia:

"Muita gente acha que a CVM vai fechar a A2 trader, não é assim (....) Seu dinheiro está onde nenhum governo pode mexer. No máximo que pode acontecer é eles tiraram o site do ar, no máximo. Mesmo assim, isso não faz diferença nenhuma (...) se tirar do ar a gente abre outro, simples, nossos servidores estão fora do Brasil".

Fonte: Ceará Mirim Livre




What do you believe when everyone is watching?💉💵 #BloodMoney⁣
Pre-order the new album to get the latest Poppy singles instantly. 




Участники выставки "Зоомир" в "Новом утре" на ТВК 6.11.19



Musical Interlude: 2002, “The Sea at Night”

2002, “The Sea at Night”


"Economic Market Snapshot PM 11/6/19"


Gregory Mannerino,
"Must Watch
“FAILED STATE: The Common Thread. AND WHAT IS NEXT!”" 


"Economic Market Snapshot AM 11/6/19"


Gregory Mannerino,
"Important Market Updates: Load Up On Gold, Silver, Assets!" 


Musical Interlude: Sly & The Family Stone, "Everybody Is a Star"

Sly & The Family Stone, "Everybody Is a Star"


Musical Interlude: Deuter, “Escape From Gravity”


Deuter, “Escape From Gravity


Other: Data Security Solutions - Outside Sales Specialist-California (San Diego,CA) - San Diego, California

Dell Credant technology is a simple, comprehensive and transparent solution that is easy to deploy and protects data across its full life cycle. Credant protects and encrypts user and corporate data from PC to mobile to cloud which works with enterprises' existing systems management processes. Further, the technology supports multiple mobile operating systems allowing companies to confidently embrace the growing bring your own device movement.Primary Responsibility: In this role and at this level, the OSS : Must be able to support highly complex opportunities. He/she needs to be able to gain access and manage relationships with senior level technical personnel, IT executives and decision makers. Needs to be able to demonstrates the value of a security product and/or service technology to advance customer s as well as understand their business objectives. Should be conversant in putting together a ROI business case for the customer as a part of the overall proposal. Investigates customers security requirements, especially in complex environements to ensure that appropriate solutions are developed to address current and potential problems. Provides insight and thought leadership to customers concerning applicability of highly complex products and service technologies. Uncovers critical processes and validates operational strengths and challenges within the customer s environment. Analyzes and applies industry, competitor and market knowledge to present the positive value of our security solutions. Leverages third party/channel expertise to position the overall value of our solution, including financing options via Dell s Financial Services leasing arm. Serves as lead to other product specialists or cross functional technical groups Advanced level professional, complete understanding of our technology, and product and services portfolio. Coaching/mentoring across the regional team may be required, especially in APJ countries. SKILLS: Advanced knowledge of Security technology products. Ability to build a quote and present it to the customer as part of a business case. Abilty to successful sell in a complex environment and to aggressively drive for success in acheivement of department goals. Role will require at least 20% travel.EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 6+ years of experience in an outside sales role. A proven track record of success in needed. Working in a matrix selling environment is a plus, as is experience in security technology. Associated topics: fiduciary, finance, financial security, financial service, merchant service, mortgage, payment, security, stock broker, treasury ()

Marlon Wayans Explains Why He Did Not Attend John Witherspoon’s Funeral Service + Go Inside Pop’s Celebration Of Life Ceremony


 photo marlonjohn1.png

Marlon Wayans speaks out to share why he was absent for his former co-star John Witherspoon's funeral service. Find out why, plus go inside his celebration of life ceremony inside...

Marlon Wayans spent four years working with the late John Witherspoon on their hit sitcom, “The Wayans Bros.” They worked together on the comedy series for several seasons, which ran from 1995 and 1999.

So you can imagine how torn up he was when he found out that his former co-star, that they affectionately called Pops, had suddenly passed away (on Oct. 29th).

Unfortunately, Marlon couldn’t make it to John’s funeral service held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills due to work. He’s currently in NYC shooting his scenes for the upcoming Aretha Franklin biopic RESPECT with Jennifer Hudson.

In an Instagram post, Marlon shared how “broken up” he feels over not being able to attend the late actor’s funeral service.

“Can’t make your send off Pops... I’m broken up about it. Unfortunately, have to work. I know you would tell me “mahlon, go get that PAPER! You better go get them keys see... you got a comedy key, a sitcom key a movie key, a stand up key... now go get that drama key now you gonna unlock all that PAPER,” he wrote.

He continued:

”I’ll always hear you. I’m glad every time we said goodbye it was always with a fatherly hug and kiss. So that’s the goodbye I’ll leave it with. #ripPOPS @johnnywitherspoon playing some Johnny Mathis “chances are” in your honour”



While some said he should have gone anyway, often times large productions can't wait on their stars for even a day.  Heartbreaking for him, we're sure. 

Below are new flicks of Marlon filming RESPECT scenes with Jennifer Hudson in Harlem yesterday where they share another passionate kiss. He will portray Aretha’s first husband Ted White. Check it:

 photo Tha6.jpg

 photo Tha2.jpg

 photo Tha5.jpg

 photo Tha3.jpg

 photo Tha4.jpg

 photo Tha1.jpg

In case you missed, check out the first flicks from the set HERE.

Sadly, John Witherspoon died at his home in Sherman Oaks, California last week after he went into cardiac arrest at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA. He was 77.



It was a star-studded affair at John's celebration of life service yesterday (Nov. 5th)held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills. The late actor/comedian was honored by his celeb friends, family and personal friends, who shared their hilarious interactions with the famed actor. Pops was loved by many, including David Letterman, who became friends with Pops way back in the day as they worked on perfecting their craft at The Comedy Store in Hollywood alongside Richard Pryor, Robin Williams and Jay Leno. Nice!

Rapper/actor/producer Ice Cube also spoke during the ceremony, serving up a touching tribute. Cube and John co-starred in the cult classic Friday, Next Friday and Friday After Next. Other celeb guests included Cedric the Entertainer, Bill Bellamy, Angela Gibbs and George Wallace. Unfortunately, Regina King (who also starred in Friday and did voiceover work with John for "The Boondocks") couldn't make it, but she sent over a video tribute that was played during the service.

The funeral service program featured tons of pics of Pops and also some of his famous taglines like "BANG! BANG! BANG!"

Peep clips from their tributes below:


May John Witherspoon (aka Pops) REST IN POWER!

Photos: Kathy Hutchins / Splash/MEGA


Kanye West’s Religious Journey Has Forced Kim K To Make Major Compromises, Opens Up About Fight Over Dressing ‘Too Sexy’ & North's Makeup He Threw Away


Kanye West’s religious journey has caused some friction in the West household. His wife Kim Kardashian West opens up about how’s coping with her husband’s new outlook on life and she talks about that fight they had about her dressing “too sexy.” Everything inside…

Kanye West has been telling everyone he’s a changed man and his religious journey has caused his wife Kim Kardashian West to make some adjustments.

As you know, Ye has been making stops across the country to bring his Sunday Service event to the masses. Previously, he said he’s longer creating secular music and dropped his religious-themed album Jesus Is King two weeks ago.

Now, his wife is opening up about what it’s like being with the Chi-town rapper now that he has turned his life over to the Lord.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian all appeared on “The Real” Tuesday where the KKW Beauty founder revealed how she has changed in order to honor her husband and his new journey.

"I obviously want to honor him and what he's feeling," she shared. "And he's been going through this life change."

Don't worry Kim, we're sure he'll pivot back to his old ways as son as he embarks on another new albumand needs a new PR tactic.

The Wests – who have been married for five years – seem to butt heads some when it comes to making decisions for their four children, including North West (6), Saint West (3), Chicago West (22 months), and Psalm West (5 months). Now that the kids are getting older, the “Jesus Walks” rapper has become stricter with his parenting style.

"The kids are getting older," she explained. "He's more cautious about what we have in the house. And we got rid of TVs in the kids' rooms and removed makeup from North's room. And he's had this epiphany of being...a little bit more strict as a dad and being very forceful on the imagery that's in the household and what they see."

While Ye is busy working on his spirituality, Kim said she’ll support him, but she’s always going to stay true to her authentic self.

"I'm always going to be me," she told the ladies on “The Real.”

"So, we had that discussion and that fight. I think, at the end of the day, that's what marriage is. He's going to do things that I don't agree with and I support him and vice versa. So, with this, we were having this conversation of just what is too much? And, I am a mother of four, like, I am going to be 40 next year."

On a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kanye and Kim had an argument about Kim’s uber sexy ">Met Gala dress.

“You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy," the “Jesus Walks” rapper told her.

The "KUWTK" star responded:

“You built me up to be this sexy person and confidence and all this, and just because you’re on a journey and transformation doesn’t mean I’m in the same spot with you,” she said.

In the daytime TV interview, Kim shared she and Kanye have been able to find a common ground when it comes to Kim dressing sex and how it could affect their children.

“I respect where he’s gone on his journey in the last year and I obviously want to be appropriate for my children,” she explained. “There’s enough for them to see already, I could tone it down a little bit.”

”There's also that fine line of staying firm and doing what you feel comfortable with. [So] I take a little bit of him and I respect what he's saying and I totally compromise,” she continued.


Peep her interview below:

We wonder if Kanye would be this compromising for Kim if she was the one starting a spiritual journey or something similar.


Photo: The Real's IG


Kenya Moore Reveals Kandi Burruss Is The ‘RHOA’ HBIC & Gets The Biggest Check, Shades NeNe Leakes


 photo BGUS_1776643_009_zps9dtmmo9p.jpg

Kenya Moore says she’s not after her ‘RHOA” co-star NeNe Leakes’ check because she’s not even the top earner. Get into the former Miss USA’s shade-filled daytime TV interview inside…

With the premiere of Season 12 of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” airing over the weekend, Kenya Moore - pictured today in NYC above and yesterday below - has been heavy on the promo trail (above in NYC). The new mom sat out Season 11 to dedicate her time to her family. Now, she’s back. And with a vengeance.

As the world knows, the former Miss USA and the self-proclaimed HBIC NeNe Leakes do not get along and Kenya made sure to make that very clear. She appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” to dish on her beef with NeNe and to fire shots, of course.

While talking about her strained marriage with her estranged husband Marc Daly, Wendy chimed in with negative comments NeNe has allegedly made about Kenya not being legally married.

”I’m hopeful. I got married – legally married …" Kenya said.

”That’s not what NeNe says,” Wendy chimed in.

”I don’t know what NeNe says. She needs to worry about her own marriage. I am legally married, OK. Be clear. I have receipts. Don’t talk about my marriage,” Kenya said.

The 48- year-old said she had a “legal ceremony” - not a civil ceremony - in St. Lucia.

 photo Klaid1.jpg

 photo Ken2.jpg

Wendy – who became good friends with NeNe over the summer – asked Kenya why she doesn’t like her. Kenya said she doesn’t feel NeNe is genuine and doesn’t want to be around someone like that.

“When I had a high-risk pregnancy, that I wanted my entire life, she never once called me,” Kenya shared. “When I did show up, she never checked on my child. She never said, ‘Is everything okay?’ when she learned I wasn’t going to be on the show. She never said, ‘Are you okay girl, do you need anything?’ And then when she did see me eight months pregnant, she called me a monster and said that my child was a buffalo and she was hurling insults.”

Kenya said when NeNe saw her while she was 8-months pregnant she started hurling insults, calling her “monster,” said she called her “child a buffalo.”

Ms. Twirl confirmed NeNe did in fact try to spit on her and we’ll see it on the show.


“She tried to act like she was going to spit on me,” Moore recalled, claiming that Leakes was “hawking up” her saliva. “You will see that on the show.”

”But you’re after the paycheck,” Wendy said.

Kenya then revealed it's Kandi Burruss who is the REAL HBIC of "RHOA" as she brings in the most coins.

“Kandi makes the most money, so if I was coming for anybody’s purse and bag, it would be Kandi’s,” Kenya responded. “Kandi is the real HBIC on that show. I’m just a player. I have a nice coin. I love the little bag I take home at night and it feeds my child very well. So I’m not coming for anybody’s money.” 

After the premiere of Season 12, Kenya told Andy Cohen on “WWHL” that NeNe is DEAD to her. Sheesh.

Peep her full interview below:

"RHOA" airs every Sunday at 8/7c on BRAVO.

Photos: Backgrid/Instar


Nicki Minaj Says White People Post Better Things About Her Than Black People After She Unleashes Her WRATH On 'Demonic' Wendy Williams


 photo Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.27.11 PM_zpswnv8yqfq.png

Nicki Minaj was NOT on that Omarion "unbothered energy" during her recent episode of Queen Radio.  After giving Wendy Williams an extra bitter and very harsh taste of her own medicine, Nicki now claims white people post better things about her than black people.


Everything she said inside.  

Mrs. Petty apparently isn't here for how black people post about her in comparison to white people.

 photo Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.24.54 PM_zpsgmqchl6u.png


Oh really?

 photo Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.23.06 PM_zpsi5uwwhwl.png

Who's going to tell her TMZ is white owned?


During Nicki's Queen Radio episode Friday night, she had plenty to say to defend herself against Wendy Williams.

After staking her place as the Queen saying, "Platinum album with no radio play none of your faves could do that sweetheart,” things took a sharper turn when she clapped back at Wendy harder than a mug.

After Wendy got messy recently about Nicki getting married to an ex-con with a long wrapsheet who did plenty of time, Nicki got messy right back, referring to Wendy as Mr. and Pendy (since she says shes shaped like a P) and other shady adjectives. But not before she quoted scripture saying, "God already told us he placed our sins into the sea of forgetfulness."

Then, it got real:

"So how can you remember something that God already forgot? How can you blast a bunch of rappers, and interview a bunch of rappers, that all they do is talk about shooting and killing, then continue to mention somebody that actually did that, then served their time and paid their debts to society?"


Then, she went for the jugular:

"That's why Kevin [Hunter] was on that island chillin' (addressing pics of Wendy's estranged husband on vacay with his mistress). I can't... He said "B*tch I can't come to that episode, my real b*tch giving birth chile."

"When you announce my husband, P, there's no need to mention his past because these rappers is rapping about shooting and killing everyday. Talking about guns they aint never had, gins they aint never bust. Ok?" Do you mention Gucci Mane's body every time you mention him? Or his wife? Do you mention his man down? His charge? Where was you at when Kevin had his d**k knee deep into that b**ch punani?!"

Chile.  Nicki then switched back to Jesus:

"I pray for you because I know you're hurting and I know you must be sick and humiliated. I pray for you. I let it go when you had to tell the audience whatever [Kenneth] had to do time for. But, every time you mention him, you feel the need to bring these things up, as well as something he was wrongfully accused of doing when he was 15 years old, and because he didn't have $7,000 to bail himself out. Because when you're in the hood at 15 you don't have that kind of money and neither does your family. And when the alleged accuser wrote a letter to the judge to recant the statements, she was told she would go to jail, allegedly, if she recanted the statement."

Then, she oddly did exactly what she accused Wendy of doing - putting white people on a pedestal. (Especially since we know of plenty of white owned sites who don't have such nice things to say.)

"But white is right. But I didn't know in our society, you have to be plagued by your past. I didn't know that people can't turn over a new leaf. I didn't know that your viciousness and evilness was this deep rooted, this deep seated. But I understand why now. When a woman isn't really being loved at home, the viciousness is a different type. So, I really wanted to pray for you today."

"Because look at where you are now in your life. Look what age you are. You sat up there being vicious all this time, and paid for that man's mistress for all these years, chile. You paid for her shopping sprees. you pad for her hotels. B***h you probably paid for her GYNO bills. You paid for that baby to be delivered, ho. How you doin'?! I want to know what you was doing when that MF'ing d**k was knee deep in that p***y. I don't want to imagine you without that wig on your head. And that's why he ran! That's why. That's why!"

Nicki didn't stop at Wendy's criticism of her, she also talked about her criticism of Beyoncé (which, honestly, we never understood either):

"I watched you do that to Beyoncé for years and I could never for the life of me figure out why. Like, what does this woman have against Beyonce? It's sickening to watch. But I remember when I was somewhere with Nas, and you walked up to him and acted like you didn't see me and said to him, 'Oh my god, why are you with her? I don't like her.' Then you said you and Kevin had spent the whole morning playing Nas. B***h, Kevin wasn't playing Nas. Kevin was knee deep in that p***y. You was playing Nas! You was playing yourself AND Nas!"


The Pinkprint rapper also revealed she previously defended Wendy after the mistress drama:

"And I was one of those black women supporting you when that came out. I said forget about what she's said about me in the past. Let's all support her and uplift her." Then, she called "wanna be Queen Radios" and people who are dying to get her to say their name - peasants. "I know you must have gone through a lot, but you are demonic."

Nicki is taking the pettiness one step further, announcing that this week, she's bringing Tasha K - the woman who called the hospital acting like a family member to find out Kev's mistress was having the baby - on the show. What's extra awkward, is that DJ Boof was right there in the studio with Nicki during this episode. Yes, the same Boof who also DJ's at "The Wendy Show" and, according to Wendy, constantly asks her out on dates now that she's single.


Photo: Instagram


Cam Newton Now On Panthers' Injured Reserve List, At Risk Of Getting Cut?!


 photo MEGA449583_003_zpsj9mryguz.jpg

Cam Newton's year just went from bad to worse.  The Panthers QB was just put on the Injured Reserve list, and it's raising questions about whether the team is making a move to cut him.  Deets inside.

UPDATE: Cam responded to be placed on IR:


 photo EIpaqnnXkAEkQ1s_zpsnkwoijxh.jpg


After entering the NFL as THE hottest ticket and Heisman winner, and going on to be one of the best (yet oddest dressed) quarterbacks the league has seen, Cam Newton's unlucky streak continues.

The 30-year-old's ninth season has been a doozy.  He's had multiple injuries from the past couple seasons that basically didn't fully recover or were re-injured.  Now, the only team he's played for is just one move away from possibly cutting their Superman.  Unfortunately, his Lisfranc injury sustained in his left foot has proven too much for the QB to overcome.  And now that his second-year backup, Kyle Allen, has started the last six games in Cam’s place and now has a 5-1 record, the team clearly feels comfortable officially putting Cam on ice for the remainder of the season.


“For the past seven weeks, Cam has diligently followed a program of rest and rehab and still is experiencing pain in his foot,” general manager Marty Hurney said in a statement Tuesday. “He saw two foot specialists last week who agreed that he should continue that path prescribed by the team’s medical staff, and that it likely will take significant time for the injury to fully heal.

“We have said all along that it is impossible to put a timetable on this injury. Nobody is more frustrated with that fact than Cam. He’s one of the fiercest competitors I’ve been around during my 20-plus years in the league. At this time, we have decided that the best decision to reach the goal of bringing the foot back to 100 percent is to place Cam on injured reserve.”

Read more here:

It's not a huge surprise, seeing that back in September, Cam himself alluded to the fact he wouldn't be rushing himself to get back on the field. Still, it's certainly not great news.


For most players on IR, they are ineligible to play again for the same team during the current season, but they can be cut and sign with another team. While on IR, players may not practice with their team at any time, but can attend team meetings and be around the team.  A player on the IR list counts against the salary cap, but not against the 53-man roster limit.

This all has folks wondering if the Panthers are moving to cut their MVP to free up $19M of their $21M salary cap.

The Charlotte Observer gave the latest update on Cam's rehab, saying:

Friday, Newton flew to Green Bay to meet with renowned foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson, formerly an assistant team physician with the Panthers. A league source characterized the meeting as part of Newton’s rehab process.

Rivera said Friday afternoon that he got the sense Newton, an intense competitor, was frustrated that he wasn’t able to play yet.

The coach also said Sunday that Newton’s visit with Anderson confirmed he and the Panthers medical staff have been doing the right things concerning his rehab. But Rivera didn’t clarify or elaborate when asked if Newton could still end up on IR, or if the meeting with Anderson had taken foot surgery off the table.

Read more here:

It's every QB1's worst nightmare - to be replaced by their backup.  It's especially a fear for black QBs.  On this season of Amazon Prime's "All or Nothing" (which is a MUST WATCH, by the way), Cam was more open than ever about his fears and the issues he's been having staying positive mentally in this football business. We're sure all those illegal hits the refs allowed on him over the years haven't helped either.

We hope it all works out for the best for him!

Photo: MEGA


Wait…What?! Wife Of Florida Gators Head Coach Gives All Players Controversial Pre-Game Kiss!


 photo danmullenwife.jpg

So here’s a "sports tradition" we haven’t seen before. University of Florida's head coach Dan Mullen's wife, Megan Mullen, gives every player a kiss or hug before every game. And it has sparked controversy, understandably. More inside…

When it comes to sports traditions, they can get pretty weird. And this surely is one of them.

Before every football game, the wife of University of Florida’s head coach Dan Mullen gives each player a kiss or a hug for good luck. Seemingly without their explicit consent.  Dan’s wife, Megan Mullen, greets every player in her own personal way before each game and folks…well, they have ish to say about it.

The Gators played the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday, and when folks caught on to Megan's kiss tradition, they began sounding off.











Apparently, this isn’t new.

Last year, she explained in an interview why she greets the players the way she does. When her husband came back to the program as head coach in 2018, he wanted to change the “culture” of the program. He brought in new assistant coaches and coordinators to help with that. Not only did they get new coaches, the players also earned a “surrogate mother” thanks to Megan. She considers the college football players an extension of her family.

We guess it doesn't matter what (or if) they consider her.

Check it:

Def a weird “tradition” and kind of gross when you think about all the germs being transferred to each person. And gross for other reasons that we don't even need to flat out state. 

The Florida Gators took an "L" against the Georgia Bulldogs with a final score of 24-17.

Doesn’t look like the good luck kiss works every time…


Photo: YouTube Screenshot


LOW KEY SPLIT: Anthony Mackie Divorced His Wife - His Childhood Sweetheart - LAST YEAR


 photo spl247714_024_zpsea9wktvj.jpg

Anthony Mackie flew solo to all the Avengers: End Game festivities this past year.  It isn't totally out of the ordinary for him, but this time there was a real reason. He quietly divorced his wife...last year!  Details inside.


Big screen star Anthony Mackie is officially single, seeing that he quietly filed for divorce in 2017 and finalized it just last year.

According to reports:







The secrecy makes sense. They kept the birth of their three kids and their 2014 Dominican Republic wedding out of the media as well.

 photo anthony-mackie-girlfriend-wife-Sheletta_Chapital1_zpspye8y4nx.jpg

The super private New Orleans natives got married back in 2014, but they've been together for what seems like an eternity - they're childhood sweethearts.

They both seem to be in good spirits. Sheletta is supposedly a housewife and hasn't shared much on her social media, and Anthony's got a lot going on to keep him busy.  The Marvel superhero just started shooting "The Falcon & The Winter Soldier," Marvel’s First Disney+ series.  Plus, he just wrapped The Woman In The Window, hitting theaters May 2020.

Welp.  That's that.


Photos: Splash/Facebook



Rafael del Barco Carreras

Barcelona 7-11-2019. Ayer me atreví demasiado fotografiando. Era evidente que los 'oprimidos' acumulan combustible para se supone las hogueras que han de impedir que los antidisturbios levanten manu militari su organizada acampada. Fui tan imprudente que un mozalvete con pinta de 'profesional' de la lucha callejera me gritó ¡¡¡fotos no!!! "dame el móvil nazi de mierda", mientras extendía un gruesa cuerda de árbol a árbol cortando la calzada principal de la Gran Via.

La foto tenía mala intención. Ahora le diría que no se preocupe que mi blog apenas se encuentra por el 'hackeo' ordenado por sus 'nazis' jefes, y que además ya ni le recuerdo. No sé que le contesté, pero si no diré que salí corriendo, si lo sificiente para escapar de varios 'oprimidos', tipo 'perchas', que se dirigían hacia mí. Las piernas demostraron que aun dan de sí, y me perdí entre los muchos paseantes. Por supuesto no volveré por la Plaza Universidad mientras dure la situación. Situación que no creo dure hasta que liberen a sus adorados 'presos políticos', ni menos hasta la declaración de la República de Cataluña. Otro inútil cuadro, o acto de la comedia del absurdo. Recuerdo que en la Plaza Cataluña de los 'indignados' del Mayo del 2011 donde fotografié a placer nadie me prohibió 'hacer fotos'.  

La escena de acumulación de madera y cartón iniciada mínimo anteayer se realiza tan a la vista, y ya abultan tanto, que me extraña la pasividad de las patrullas de Mossos y Guardia Urbana que se pasean y circulan por la plaza, así como 'infiltrados' que sin duda los hay. Ni menos los equipos de limpieza del Ayuntamiento. Presumo que Via Layetana fuera un ensayo, y que en Plaza Universidad gozarán de un aquelarre propio de una noche de San Juan o de fallas de gran impacto. Los contenedores repletos de cartón y conglomerado o algún mueble presagian un gran espectáculo.


Mi escrito de ¡¡¡hace 5 años!!!

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2014

Barcelona 7-11-2014. Me han llamado por teléfono preguntándome si sé donde ir a votar, y al responder que no, me preguntan la dirección. Mi amigo contestó la calle de su domicilio, y al insistir con el número, añadió... que hasta aquí habíamos llegado. El voluntario propagandista dijo comprender, y colgó soltando que ya la tenía. Mi amigo se subía por las paredes, en tiempos ordenó que su teléfono no apareciera ni en el listín telefónico, pero era evidente que aparecía en otros listados que ahora manejan "voluntarios civiles", incontrolados de cualquier pelaje captados por esa oscura Asamblea Nacional Catalana. El derecho a la privacidad, y el tan cacareado organismo de “protección de datos”… a hacer gárgaras.  
Alargamos la conversación con las chorradas propias entre íntimos, a él como a mí le interesaba más la deriva de los Pujol, o cómo han arruinado Cataluña, que la total oscuridad creada por la cortina de humo independentista. No es que no supiera donde ir a votar, es que ni quería hacerlo. Insisto, a la mayoría absoluta de los catalanes nos importa un pito el cuento del 9N, aunque parece vital para no más de uno a dos millones. Pero a la mayoría de esa “mayoría absoluta” de los sin voz nos inquieta el final del cuento. Nos cuesta imaginar que a la actual quiebra por expolio le suceda un viaje a ÍTACA, o sea al Averno.  
La conversación acabó con el inmediato ingreso en prisión de los “Núñez y Navarro”. El Caso Hacienda de Barcelona. Otra institución podrida de arriba abajo, corrompiendo y corrompida, y como dijo Borrell, el exministro de Hacienda, testigo cuando debiera sentarse en el banquillo, el “todo Madrid sabía” que el Delegado de Hacienda en Barcelona y su Jefe de Inspección invertían en Bolsa, por supuesto añado con “información privilegiada” por lo que oí en el propio juicio.
 Otro destrozado sumario tras quince años de instrucción que al igual que el de Banca Catalana hubiera acabado con todo el Clan Pujol. Incluir, por las recalificaciones y dobles y triples precios de los terrenos de Diagonal Mar (se citan en el sumario hasta día y hora en el notario) a su hombre de paja John Rosillo (fallecido oportunamente en Panamá), sin citar a los hijos Pujol, y al propio padre, dejaba buena parte del sumario en la incomprensión. Hasta a Javier de la Rosa declaran inocente tras nueve meses de juicio donde Suiza parecía situada a la vuelta de la esquina. Tampoco ningún acusado por Caixa Cataluña en cuyas vacías carpetas de crédito figuraba  por único estudio el “amigo de…”, según confesaron como testigos los propios empleados firmantes de esas carpetas. Prenafeta, también apareció por unos pagos irregulares de la Generalitat… no recordaba nada ¡hacía 20 años!
De aquellos lodos… Rull, coordinador general de CDC,  afirma que habrá urnas,  y Junqueras, el “cabeza de la Oposición en el Parlament”,  se relame con su hoja de ruta hacia la independencia a partir del lunes 10. Si Dios no lo remedia, y soy de los convencidos de que no se mete en estos berenjenales de la deficiente raza humana, tendremos un profesor de Historia Medieval Catalana al frente de los nuevos almogávares conquistando hasta Atenas, tras ocupar Sicilia e Ítaca. Su ilusión de reescribir una historia que por lo visto nunca le agradó. Ignoro que dirían los psiquiatras, pero como catalán de a pié, me crea cierta inquietud.
Ítaca y los Paisos Catalans, el 9N, el derecho a decidir, aplastando el “derecho a conocer” que tenemos todos los catalanes  apaleados por tanto cretino al mando en esa Autonomía convertida en un práctico e impenetrable Estado, o en la Cueva de Alibabá.
Insisto, repito y repetiré; yo, antes de que me lleven a Ítaca, quiero saber quién y cuánto se repartían por las libertades, terceros grados, ¡y permisos! de aquella Modelo de los 90. O sea, quién convertía a un sinvergüenza abogado Piqué Vidal, y un simple juez de instrucción Pascual Estevill, en los dueños de vidas y haciendas de docenas ¡o centenares! de desgraciados extorsionados, por suerte algunos tan poderosos que acabaron ¡sólo! con juez y abogado. Y de atenernos al artículo de otro tétrico personaje “Pilar Rahola”  (La Gran Corrupción: II. PILAR RAHOLA 04 Abr 2008 “Lo sabía toda Barcelona”) conocer los nombres de esos “Toda Barcelona” que me temo coincidan con las flor y nata de los vividores del independentismo, encabezados entonces ¿y ahora?, por el tenebroso Jordi Pujol.  
06 Nov 2007
OPERACIÓN TACOS Juan Piqué Vidal, citando a su colaborador el Juez Adolfo Fernández Oubiña, contertulio HABITUAL de LUIS DEL OLMO Rafael del Barco Carreras En “Hace quince años…Las Olimpíadas”, escribí…
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"En el debate del lunes, fueron Pedro Sánchez y la oposición constitucionalista quienes, en franca competencia con Vox, subieron el tono a la hora de proponer mano dura contra el independentismo, sin representación en el plató de la Academia de la Televisión. Así que este martes, a modo de reacción y salvado ya el ecuador de la campaña, tocaba turno para el soberanismo, que, a cinco días de los comicios, también elevó el volumen del ruido de sables.
Dos reacciones airadas y desafiantes del Parlament y el govern a sendas maniobras del gobierno activadas este martes sintetizan esa dinámica propia de un pulso cronificado."

"El presidente de Ciudadanos en el Parlament, Carlos Carrizosa, ha opinado este martes que el presidente de la Generalitat, Quim Torra, y el del Parlament, Roger Torrent, lanzan consignas de "insurrección" contra el rey Felipe VI desde la cámara catalana que luego se ejecutan "en la calle".
Carrizosa ha protagonizado este martes un acto de campaña en el Born de Barcelona bajo el lema "Cataluña es España", junto a la candidata del partido naranja por Barcelona al Congreso, Carina Mejías, o el concejal en el ayuntamiento de Barcelona Paco Sierra, entre otros dirigentes.
Durante su intervención en el acto, Carrizosa se ha pronunciado en estos términos tras los incidentes registrados anoche en las inmediaciones del Palacio de Congresos, donde la familia real participaba en la entrega de los Premios Princesa de Girona."

 "La cabeza de lista de En Comú Podem en Girona para las elecciones generales del 10 de noviembre, Laura López, ha levantado cierta controversia entre sectores independentistas por una entrevista publicada en el 'Diari de Girona' en la que afirma, al ser preguntada por si Puigdemont es un líder, que "es un vivales"."

. ¡Uno de los dogmas de la secta! Aunque dudo muy mucho que sus ricos o bien pagados 'jefes organizadores' se lo crean. La broma de los 300 años desde 1714 en que los catalanes 'perdimos la libertad' y nos 'oprime' el Imperio Español del que somos una 'colonía' ¡Para el sillón del psiquíatra!

Total presencia televisiva y cuatro furgones de los Mossos. Cayetana Álvarez de Todelo ha roto la tranquilidad del lugar, desafiando dicen. Más o menos repitiéndose las escenas de anteayer con Carlos Carrizosa y Lorena Roldan de CS. Un desafío más tenso porque se han atrevido a incrustarse en el mismo meollo de la acampada. Al igual que anteayer a las 11:30 me fui tras tomar unas fotos para el blog, el riesgo gratuito no me atrae. Me llamaron la atención los cartones y maderas ocupando la calzada ante la Universidad. ¿Acopios para la 'defensa'? ¿Barricadas de fuego deteniendo a los antidisturbios o 'fuerzas de ocupación'? 

Ante las elecciones del domingo mis escritos de ¡¡¡hace 5 y 10 años!!!

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Barcelona 6-11-2014. PODEMOS tiene un potencial de 3.000.000 de catalanes sin voz, y muy indignados o cabreados, que dije no votarán nunca ni al catalanismo secesionista ni al PP, la continuidad del franquismo. Cientos de miles votaron a PSC, y se hastiaron del cinismo y corrupción. Los que llevan dos noches sin salir al balcón con las cacerolas, y a cientos de miles se manifestaron hace dos años. Los García, López, Rodríguez, Pérez, etc., mayoría absoluta, sufridores de quiebras y paro, y suspendidos en catalán. Los charnegos ¡y a mucha honra! dicen.
PODEMOS, con o sin marxismo, podría sorprender en Cataluña. Esa lista de 2 millones, que los secesionistas esperan exhibir hasta en la ONU, podría igualarse o resquebrajarse a poco que PODEMOS articule un nuevo partido que no huela a podrido. Y están en ello.
El domingo no creo que incidan, los miles de millones gastados en publicidad o subvenciones a la clientela, más la torticera “enseñanza pública”, y 35 años de machacar con la diosa Cataluña, son insuperables. No se minimiza ni conscientes de que su sumo sacerdote es un truhán, que les y nos ha robado. Al contrario, si en Madrid se publican sus fechorías, sólo comparables a las de los dictadores africanos o caribeños, sus fieles se indignan. ¡Ataques a Cataluña! o en todas partes cuecen habas, contestan. Y en todo caso es “nuestro corrupto”… y en Madrid no tienen derecho sobre él.  Han creado una histeria colectiva… pero con límites: su propia falsedad y la triste realidad social provocada por la corrupción del propio y especial Régimen Catalán.

Podemos quiebra 
el bipartidismo y ya lidera la intención directa de voto

 La prensa catalana, aun la en teoría no secesionista, plantea el fenómeno PODEMOS como un asunto madrileño… residual en Cataluña. Ningún medio catalán se le entrega al igual que en Madrid. Podría afirmarse que es una creación de las televisiones y prensa madrileña. En su capacidad demagógica me recuerdan los primeros “Felipe González y Alfonso Guerra” con la corrupción franquista de eslogan y aquel “meteremos la pata pero no la mano”.
Los tiempos cambian ¡pero no demasiado! El discurso madrileño de Podemos encaja a la perfección en Barcelona, donde la Corrupción ha degenerado más que en Madrid, abusando hasta el delirio del sentimiento catalanista. Insisto, un magnificado sentimiento convertido en secta… y tan clásica que sus popes se han enriquecido hasta no poder más y confesar cierta fortuna o herencia. A poco que redireccionen el discurso podrán en un brete a los corruptos catalanes, corruptos por acción o encubrimiento.
Deberían pedir ayuda a la UE y ONU para poner patas arriba todos los saldos y bienes del Clan Pujol, y quizá pudieran pagar los primeros sueldos de una Generalitat convertida en Estat Catalá.

Junqueras: "El 10-N no enviarem una carta a Rajoy. Farem tot el possible per assolir la independència"

El líder d'ERC defensa en una entrevista al Telenotícies de TV3 que cal celebrar eleccions plebiscitàries aviat, ja que "les coses bones és millor no fer-les esperar"
El descaro del vencedor, o las sandeces del que intuye le queda poco en la mamandurria:

Rull adverteix que si el 9-N fracassa el PP "atacarà Catalunya i els principis del món civilitzat"

¿Qué “mundo civilizado” ha creado la putrefacción de quién fuera o es su jefe?

sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009


La Diputación asegura que los cargos SOLO son ONCE, que alguno es antiguo y otros, el Túnel del Cadí y la Colonia Güell, pura intoxicación. Un error; PROMUSA en lugar de PROMUNSA, promotora del Ayuntamiento de Sant Just de donde es presidenta y consejera-delegada. ¡Buena fuente de corrupciones las promotoras de los ayuntamientos! Un inmenso fallo confundir PROMUSA POR PROMUNSA, del Ayuntamiento de San Cugat donde el Alcalde Lluis Recoder de CIU colecciona más cargos que Anna Hernández, y citado en el caso PRETORIA. Esas sociedades que se han financiado con dinero de las CAIXAS hasta esquilmarlas. Pero en la lista faltan varias inmobiliarias, ver en imágenes de un contundente artículo sobre el tema en EL CONFIDENCIAL:
“Sin embargo, en la lista anónima que circula, todavía faltan organismos en los que participó Anna Hernández: desde mediados del año pasado hasta primavera de este año, fue consejera delegada y vicepresidenta de Societat Municipal d’Habitatge de Lliçà d’Amunt SL y de Promotora d’Habitatge de Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, ambas dedicadas a la promoción de vivienda pública. Estos cargos eran también compaginados con un puesto de consejera de la Societat Municipal d’Habitatge de Santa Margarida i els Monjos. En estas sociedades públicas figuró como consecuencia de sus responsabilidades en la Diputación de Barcelona, donde es responsable del área de Infraestructuras, Urbanismo y Vivienda”.
A mi el que me atrae es el de consejera de LA CAIXA, que con el de PRESIDENTA-DELEGADA DEL ÁREA DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS, URBANISMO Y VIVIENDA DE LA DIPUTACIÓN DE BARCELONA, forman una pareja perfecta. El Partido lo niega, al igual que extrañas condonaciones de deuda. Deberá advertir a la propia Caixa que la retire de sus listas OFICIALES, pues algún malintencionado de la Institución la ha añadido. Alegan además que solo tiene el sueldo de Concejal (antiguamente el cargo era gratuito pues se suponía que ya se espabilaban bastante) ¿y la Diputación Provincial o las inmobiliarias no pagan dietas o MINUTAS?
Y el extenso artículo en EL CONFIDENCIAL acaba con un párrafo que me hace mal pensar de si no tendremos Presidenta en lugar del “elegido” Presidente:
“En algunos círculos socialistas, sin embargo, se ve con desconfianza la gran actividad de la esposa del presidente. “Es una mujer muy ambiciosa, demasiado ambiciosa. De ahí la acumulación de cargos que tiene. Puede convertirse en el verdadero talón de Aquiles de Montilla”, manifestó una fuente del PSC a este diario. Otra cosa es que, a pesar de esta oposición interna, se cierren filas en torno a ella ante lo que no dudan en calificar de “guerra sucia”. Lo que no pudo unir la política puede acabar haciéndolo un anónimo intoxicador”.
Añadiendo LA VANGUARDIA en imágenes entendemos los nervios de los dos partidos dominantes en Cataluña, unidos en el reparto, con disidencias cuando les cogen utilizando los teléfonos al igual que los traficantes… con frases de argot. En 30 años se han degenerado tanto que han creado un dialecto propio.
Que conste que el anónimo intoxicador no soy yo… ya me hubiera gustado. Lo advierto porque si me ciegan el blog al igual que la web, la intoxicación ya forma parte de la RED y no desaparecerá. Se puede desmentir con LA VERDAD o recurrir al insulto y la descalificación. En mi caso no se molesten, a mí ya me descalificaron LOS SUYOS (entre ellos el joven Montilla) hace 30 años, inventando sociedades y mi vida entera, en el que considero el primer gran pelotazo del socialismo de Narcís Serra, el Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, hoy la primera e impoluta inmobiliaria de la Ciudad. Se puede “matar al mensajero”… aumentando a peor las maledicencias. Un consejo, ¡dexeu corre!, les elegirán igual… la oposición apenas existe, tan podrida o más… y con toda la Prensa y Tele INTOXICANDO A SU FAVOR tienen más que suficiente para acallar la molesta RADIO PIRENAICA, léase INTERNET.
Y a la SEÑORA le diré que no se preocupe por su futuro, sus antecesores presidentes de la Generalitat, Jordi Pujol y Pascual Maragall, gozan de un estatus parecido al de los ex de EEUU. Ver en imágenes la página de “Barcelona, 30 años de corrupción”.

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