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Texas cop who shot woman was critiqued for 'tunnel vision'


Texas cop who shot woman was critiqued for 'tunnel vision'Aaron Dean's supervisor commended him in his most recent evaluation, in April 2019, for working at the level of more experienced officers, exhorting him to "keep up the good work," according to records obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram . The records offer new insight into the 35-year-old who is facing a murder charge for shooting 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson through her back window after responding to a call about an open front door. During his 2017 police department job interview, Dean said he wanted to serve the public and liked "the action and adventure" that he believed came with being an officer.


The Latest: Bevin: Recanvass of votes to ensure 'integrity'


The Latest: Bevin: Recanvass of votes to ensure 'integrity'The election results currently show the Republican incumbent trailing Democratic challenger Andy Beshear by a little more than 5,000 votes. At an afternoon news conference, Bevin said his campaign is also in the process of getting affidavits about things that happened or didn't happen during the election.


The Latest: Acid attack victim glad for hate crime charge


The Latest: Acid attack victim glad for hate crime chargeThe Hispanic man who had acid thrown on his face says he's pleased Milwaukee prosecutors charged the white man suspected of the attack with a hate crime. Mahud Villalaz said Wednesday he was thankful for "the people that have worried about me" and that he's feeling better. Villalaz made the comments just as 61-year-old Clinton Blackwell appeared in court for the first time to be advised of the first-degree reckless injury charge he faces.


Only children more likely to be obese, study says

Only children may be at a higher risk for obesity than children who have siblings, according to a new study published Wednesday.

The study looked at the eating habits and body weight of only children -- called "singletons" by researchers -- and found they had less healthy eating habits and beverage choices than families with multiple children.

While the sample size was small and the study could not establish cause and effect, it does "raise an interesting point that we need to better understand," said pediatrician Dr. Natalie Muth, who chairs the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Obesity.

"Several studies in addition to this one have shown that only children are more likely to have overweight or obese," said Muth, who was not involved in the study.

"Why is that? While this study doesn't provide the answer to that question, it is helpful in building the body of research that eventually will provide clearer answers," Muth said.

What it means to be an 'only'

Singletons have long fascinated researchers. Early studies focused on the many negatives society falsely believed about only children, like the idea that a child would become headstrong, selfish, egocentric, competitive, excessively spoiled and unable to share if raised by themselves. Or, that most would likely turn into self-absorbed hypochondriacs.

"A lot of people assumed only children are defective, and so a lot of research has been done on achievement and personality," said Toni Falbo, a psychologist at the University of Texas at Austin who has researched singletons since the 1980s.

In 1986, Falbo did a meta-analysis of 200 studies on only children and found they excelled in achievement, intelligence and character over children with siblings -- especially those with older brothers or sisters.

"On average, only children get more education and they score higher on various achievement tests," Falbo said. "On personality achievements, they're doing fine. They have reasonably positive personalities and they're not prone to mental illness any more so than anyone else."

The only difference her analysis found was that singletons appeared to have stronger bonds with their parents than children with siblings, a finding that was later supported by a 2018 study of 10,000 German schoolchildren.

Connection to obesity

Over the last few decades, however, studies in Europe and China began to look at a link between weight gain and being an only child; some also looked at birth order.

The single-child policy in place in China between 1980 and 2016 gave researchers a gold mine of data. For example, one study of nearly 20,000 Chinese singletons found only sons in urban China were 36% more likely to be overweight and 43% more likely to be obese than sons who had siblings.

Other studies found being an only or last-born child was associated with obesity, possibly due to the ways that parents behaved during mealtimes: less praise, more association with food as a reward and more negative control over food choices.

In the current study, researchers found the mothers of only children were more likely to be overweight themselves. Could this study's results simply be due to the fact that a parent passed along poor eating habits or a genetic tendency for obesity?

"We know that obesity is very strongly connected within families so it is certainly possible that could explain the difference in this study," Muth said.

However, lead author Chelsea Kracht, a researcher at Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center, believes the results could be explained by the differences in planning and organization required of mothers with multiple children.

"With multiple children you're scheduling a little bit more of your meals. So we're going to have more at-home meals. We're probably going to have less fast food," Kracht said in an interview for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Muth suggested several other possibilities. "Perhaps there is more food to go around. Or that they are less active because they don't have a live-in peer to play with them. Or maybe there is a biological factor at play," Muth said. "It is hard to say for sure, but this is the question that researchers are trying to figure out."

Falbo is currently researching singleton adolescents and finds they spend more time on screens, which reduces their ability to be active.

"They're not bugging their siblings and jumping up and down and doing the kinds of things siblings do," she said.

"My research also shows they are more likely to eat fast foods frequently," Falbo said. "In terms of the whole research area of obesity, it's known that the more home-cooked meals you eat as opposed to eating fast food, the less likely you are to have a high body mass index."

The good news, Falbo says, is that these behaviors are fixable. "You have to reduce the screen time [and] control the amount of fast food. It's doable," she said.

Muth agrees: "While we don't understand all of the ins and outs of why, we do know that there is a notably increased risk of childhood overweight and obesity for only children.

"Parents of only children who are aware of this increased risk may be able to prevent overweight or obesity in their child by paying extra attention to creating a healthy and active home environment," she said.


95% of tested baby foods in US contain toxic metals, report says

Toxic heavy metals damaging to your baby's brain development are likely in the baby food you are feeding your infant, according to a new investigation published Thursday.

Tests of 168 baby foods from major manufacturers in the US found 95% contained lead, 73% contained arsenic, 75% contained cadmium and 32% contained mercury. One fourth of the foods contained all four heavy metals.

One in five baby foods tested had over 10 times the 1-ppb limit of lead endorsed by public health advocates, although experts agree that no level of lead is safe.

The results mimicked a previous study by the Food and Drug Administration that found one or more of the same metals in 33 of 39 types of baby food tested.

Foods with the highest risk for neurotoxic harm were rice-based products, sweet potatoes and fruit juices, the analysis found.

"Even in the trace amounts found in food, these contaminants can alter the developing brain and erode a child's IQ. The impacts add up with each meal or snack a baby eats," the report said.

The tests were commissioned by Healthy Babies Bright Futures, which calls itself an alliance of scientists, nonprofit organizations and donors trying to reduce exposures to neurotoxic chemicals during the first months of life.

Rice-based foods

Infant rice cereal, rice dishes and rice-based snacks topped the list of most toxic foods for babies.

"These popular baby foods are not only high in inorganic arsenic, the most toxic form of arsenic, but also are nearly always contaminated with all four toxic metals," the report said.

Prior research has shown that even low levels of arsenic exposure can impact a baby's neurodevelopment. A 2004 study looked at children in Bangladesh who were exposed to arsenic in drinking water, and it found that they scored significantly lower on intellectual tests. A meta-analysis of studies on the topic found that a 50% increase in arsenic levels in urine would be associated with a 0.4-point decrease in the IQ of children between the ages of 5 and 15.

Arsenic is a natural element found in soil, water and air, with the inorganic form being the most toxic. ("Inorganic" is a chemical term and has nothing to do with the method of farming.)

Because rice is grown in water, it is especially good at absorbing inorganic arsenic and, according to the Food and Drug Administration, has the highest concentration of any food.

And in this case, brown and wild rice are the worst offenders, because the milling process used to create white rice removes the outer layers, where much of the arsenic concentrates.

And you can't rely on organic either. A 2012 study found that brown rice syrup, a frequent sweetener in organic foods, was also a source of significant levels of arsenic. One "organic" milk formula marketed to toddlers had levels of inorganic arsenic that were six times the levels currently considered safe by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In the Healthy Babies analysis, four of seven rice cereals contained the most toxic form of arsenic in levels higher than the FDA's proposed action level of 100 parts per billion (ppb).

Action needed

Urgent action is needed by major baby food companies and the FDA, the report said. While the FDA has been investigating how to reduce exposure and some levels of arsenic in rice and juice are lower than a decade ago, exposure is still too high.

"When FDA acts, companies respond. We need the FDA to use their authority more effectively, and much more quickly, to reduce toxic heavy metals in baby foods," said study author Jane Houlihan, research director for Healthy Babies Better Futures, in a statement.

What can parents do

The analysis looked at which baby foods are highest risk, and offered safer alternatives.

Puff rice snacks and cereals

Rice cereal is the top source of arsenic in a baby's diet because it is often used as a first food; rice puffs and other rice flour snacks also contain high levels. Healthy Babies suggested cereals low in arsenic, such as oatmeal and multigrain cereals, and rice-free packaged snacks.

Pediatrician Tanya Altmann, author of "What to Feed Your Baby" echoes the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which advises parents to offer a wide variety of first foods including grains such as oats, barley, wheat and quinoa.

"Best first foods for infants are avocado, pureed veggies, peanut-butter oatmeal and salmon," Altmann told CNN in a prior interview. "They all provide important nutrients that babies need, help develop their taste buds to prefer healthy food and may decrease food allergies."

She believes meats are a better source of iron and zinc for babies than rice cereal, "so I haven't been recommending rice cereal as a first food for several years."

If you do choose to cook rice for your toddler, Healthy Babies recommends cooking rice in extra water and pouring it off before eating. That will cut arsenic levels by 60%, they say, based on FDA studies.

"For the lowest levels, buy basmati rice grown in California, India, and Pakistan. White rice has less arsenic than brown rice," the report said.

Teething foods

Teething biscuits can contain arsenic, lead and cadmium, the report said. Instead, soothe your baby's pain with frozen bananas, a peeled and chilled cucumber or a clean, wet washcloth -- but be sure to watch for choking.


Juice is often the go-to drink for parents, but it's not a good option, says the American Academy of Pediatrics. Juices are high in sugar, lack fiber, and can contribute to tooth decay and later obesity. Apple, pear, grape and other fruit juices can also contain some lead and arsenic, so frequent use is a top source of these heavy metals.

Instead, experts say water and milk are best choices, depending on the age of the child. Babies under six months only need breast milk and formula. The drinks of choice for a child's second year of life should be water and whole milk. Between age 2 and 5 parents should move to skim or low-fat milk and keep pushing water to hydrate their children.

At all ages, juice should be kept to a minimum. One tip: add water to make the juice last longer and always be sure the drink is 100% juice.

Fruits and veggies

While sweet potatoes and carrots are great sources of vitamin A and other key nutrients, the report found they are also high in lead and cadmium. Go ahead and feed your child these veggies, but be sure to add many other colorful fruits and vegetables to add variety.


Migrants live in fear at Mexico-US border as violence flares


Migrants live in fear at Mexico-US border as violence flaresA Salvadoran woman seeking asylum in the United States spends her days holed up in her cousin's cramped slum house just across the border in Mexico — too scared to leave after receiving a savage beating from two men three weeks ago while she was strolling home from a convenience store. The assault came after she spent four months in captivity in Mexico, kidnapped into prostitution during her journey toward the U.S. The woman, 31, is among 55,000 migrants who have been returned to Mexico by the Trump administration to wait for their cases to wind through backlogged immigration courts.


Worried About Sharing Your Tiny Room With a Newborn? We Asked the Experts What to Know


Whether this is your first rodeo or you're a seasoned pro, sharing a room with a newborn may sound daunting . . . babies aren't known as the best roommates. Of course, you want to bring your baby home into the safest environment - which usually means getting over the fear and sharing a room with your baby - but it's only natural to worry about the logistics of doing that. (After all, babies maybe be small, but they take up a lot of space!) To help you prepare to room-share, we've asked experts about exactly what you need to know, so you can turn your stress into success and safely shack up with your newborn.

Why should I share a room with my baby?

Safety is the biggest motivator for room sharing with your baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in their 2016 updated recommendations says that babies should ideally share a room with their parents for a year, or at minimum six months, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by up to 50 percent. With your newborn sleeping in your room, you can see and hear any dangers or sleep concerns that may cause harm to your baby.

How should I set up my baby's crib?

The first thing to check off your list when purchasing or setting up a crib for your baby is to ensure that it meets the recommended safety standards. The AAP advises that cribs meet the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who provide guidelines for slat spacing, mattress fit and firmness, and crib walls. Additionally, the AAP advises parents to use new cribs not only to ensure that the current safety standards are met and no recalls posted, but also to guarantee that all the correct hardware is available and assembly instructions are available.

When outfitting your baby's sleep space, the APP says that cribs should not have bumpers, pillows, toys, blankets, or any kind of soft bedding inside. Instead, keep the crib bare with just a snug, fitted sheet over the mattress. Basically, "a crib or bassinet should be kept minimal and very simple," says Susete Pinto, a pediatric sleep consultant and founder of Night Night Baby Sleep Consulting. So save the cute Baby Shark stuffed animal until your child is older. Pinto adds, "If parents worry about baby being cold, a newborn up to 10 weeks may be swaddled to help keep warm. After 10 weeks, a wearable blanket is safest for the baby to sleep in while staying warm."

Can I share a bed with my baby?

Though it's extremely common, the AAP still does not recommend bed-sharing with your baby because it introduces additional risk factors (like soft bedding) that could cause unintentional harm to your baby. Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP, founder of Pure Direct Pediatrics supports and extends the AAP guidelines to breastfeeding in bed as well - recommending that parents even refrain from bringing a baby into their bed to feed, if at all possible. "It's better to feed the baby in a place outside of the bed so you're not tempted to fall back asleep," she says. "If there's even the slightest possibility that you might fall asleep, it's safer to move out of an area that has pillows, blankets, or other sleeping members of the family nearby to decrease the risk of suffocation."

Can I share a small room with my baby?

There are plenty of options available to small space dwellers that still provide a safe sleeping environment for your little one. Mini cribs, portable cribs, or bassinets are all fantastic choices for a small room because not only do they take up less space, but most often they are light-weight and easy to move around if needed. Just be sure to select one that meets the AAP's and CPSC's recommendations.

How do I get sleep with my baby in the same room?

Newborns can be loud little sleepers with all their grunts, movements, and heavy breathing; coupled with the stress of having a newborn, it's natural to worry about the quality of your shut eye. Pinto understands that it may be difficult for parents and baby to simultaneously get quality sleep in a shared space, so she suggests using a white noise machine to drown out some of those extra sounds. "And as your baby grows, a room divider is an amazing way to help differentiate between your baby's space and your space, so everyone can get the quality sleep they need," she says. Additionally, the AAP believes that parents should help their babies create good sleep habits by practicing safe sleep behaviors, keeping outside factors (like temperature and lighting) in check, and creating a calming bedtime routine to see if it makes a difference in your baby's sleep patterns. In turn, creating good sleep habits for your baby, will allow you to get the adequate sleep you need. As with all the changes that come with a newborn baby, learning to sleep in the same room as your baby takes some time, but there's no need to worry. Eventually, your parental instinct will kick in, and you will find what is best and safest for your family.


Gender Non-conformity and Depression


The title tells the story. Scientists from Drexel University Medical School have assessed this issue:Does Gender Nonconforming Behavior in Early Childhood Predict Adolescents’ Depressive Symptoms?

It was authored by David S. Bennett, Eileen Borczon, and Michael Lewis.

Psypost has the story:

“Our findings indicate that children who exhibit gender nonconforming behaviors (e.g., boys playing with dolls, girls playing with trucks) in early childhood as rated by mothers appear to be at increased risk for depressive symptoms during adolescence,” Bennett told PsyPost.

It’s not the first time gender nonconformity has been linked to depression. A previous study of 6,082 high school students, published in JAMA Pediatrics in 2018, found that gender nonconformity was associated with mental distress.

Another study of 10,655 individuals found that gender nonconformity in childhood was a “strong predictor” of depressive symptoms across adolescence and early adulthood. That study, which was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 2013, also found that elevated levels of physical and emotional bullying and abuse in children who were nonconforming accounted for much of the increased risk.

Now, the question is, why is this so? Well, the scientists believe that children who cross-identify their genders are subject to bullying and abuse. Their peers are to blame. In truth, we might also say that a child that cannot decide whether it is a male or female cannot have a real place in an organized social group. Thus, the child will be marginalized, rejected from the group. This produces depression.

Because there is nothing wrong with a child exploring its gender by cross dressing or playing with toys that are normally associated with the other sex:

“As such, children who exhibit gender nonconforming behaviors may benefit from having parents who are accepting of their behaviors and professionals (e.g., teachers and healthcare providers) who are both accepting and knowledgeable regarding how to facilitate healthy adjustment among youth who exhibit gender nonconforming behaviors,” Bennett told PsyPost

But then, we can also ask ourselves whether these children have been encouraged by their “woke” parents to engage in gender non-conforming behaviors. Dr. Bennett was suggesting that the children adopt these behaviors independently and autonomously. And that parents do not accept it willingly. But, what if the opposite is true? What if parents buy boys dolls and oblige girls to play with trucks? And then, we ought also to distinguish between children who will grow up to cross dress and children who will become convinced that they really belong to the opposite sex.

Perhaps the outsiders, other children on the playground, are seeing things more clearly than are the parents and the woke professionals? They see that something is wrong, that something is off kilter. Being children, they express their feelings openly and honestly. Of course, if you really believe that we can be whatever gender we want to be, then you are obliged to deny biology and to take control of the minds of other people, beginning with children. 

The level of mind control required to make these children feel good about themselves will never really come to pass-- because it denies reality. It’s like saying that a man who decides that he is a woman will feel much better if only the world entire will blind itself to the obvious physical characteristics that show the person to be in severe denial.


Last-Minute Donations


Candidates who ran in yesterday's election were required to report certain large donations by the close of the next business day. Election Day was the final day of the the enhanced disclosure period.

Here are two ways VPAP has to view the latest large-donations.

Donations by District

List of transactions (below) reported since midnight Tuesday:

STATE SENATE (Donations of $1,000 or more)

$5,000 Locke for Senate - Mamie
$4,000 Saslaw for Senate - Richard
$1,000 Ebbin for Senate - Adam

HOUSE OF DELEGATES (Donations of $1,000 or more)

$10,000 Ayala for Delegate - Hala
$5,000 Aird for Delegate - Lashrecse
$3,938 Bynum-Coleman for Delegate - Sheila

Note: Excluded are in-kind donations from the state party for direct mail. These often are not donations, but pass-through for money candidates provided to the party.

The following state PACs reported since Tuesday receiving donations of $10,000 or more:

$23,254   Republican Party of Virginia*

* Includes donations reported by a 527 Group.


#25 Drömkåken


Det har varit mycket bostad i tankarna bland poddens värdar då både Martin och Daniel nyligen köpt bostäder. Därför kommer dagens avsnitt att handla om olika typer av boende och dess för- och nackdelar. Vi pratar om saker att tänka på när man köper ett boende och vad vi själva tänkt på. Det blir också en längre diskussion om tekniska system i villor, från uppvärmning till att logga mätningar över tid för att på ett ingenjörsmässigt sätt lösa uppvärmningen av en villa. Avslutningsvis kommer vi in på dagens spaning som handlar att använda maskininlärning för att hitta optimala platser för att placera ut laddstationer för elbilar.

- Avsnitt 16: Bostadspriser - en ständigt aktuell fråga
- Borättsköparskolan
- Amorteringskrav
- Ränteavdraget
- Raspberry Pi
- Amazon Alexa
- Predicting popularity of EV charging infrastructure from GIS data
- Livscykelanalys
- Optimeringsproblem (engelska wikipedia, svenska saknade tyvärr mycket info)
- Open Street Map
- Open Charge Map

Dagens spaning (41:35):
- Predicting popularity of EV charging infrastructure from GIS data

Vi har för närvarande inga externa samarbeten och alla åsikter är våra egna. Inget vi pratar om är någon typ av investeringsrekommendationer och alla investeringar är förenade med risk.

Medverkande i avsnittet:
- Henning Hammar, driver tjänsten Börslabbet, doktor i fysik, @investerarfys
- Daniel Constanda, IT-konsult i finansbranchen på Clara Financial Consulting, @DanielConstanda
- Martin Nordgren, ingenjör på Tobii, tidigare på Dirac, @martinjnordgren

Kontakta oss:
@dataspaning @ Twitter


US victims in Mexico attack from Mormon offshoot community


US victims in Mexico attack from Mormon offshoot communityThe nine women and children killed by drug cartel gunmen in northern Mexico lived in a remote farming community where residents call themselves Mormon — descendants of former members of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints who fled the U.S. to escape the church's 19th century polygamy ban. Many of the families living there trace their origins to the community of La Mora to the 1950s — and some have much deeper roots. While many La Mora residents identify as Mormon, they also consider themselves independent from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said Cristina Rosetti, a Mormon fundamentalism scholar and expert.


The Latest: San Francisco mayor claims election victory


The Latest: San Francisco mayor claims election victorySan Francisco Mayor London Breed is claiming victory in Tuesday's election while voters were snubbing out a bid to overturn a city ban on e-cigarette sales. Breed was ahead of five little-known challengers with some 60 percent of the votes when she declared victory about 90 minutes after the polls closed. Breed has been in office since winning a special election last year following the sudden death of Mayor Ed Lee.


State of the Map Asia 2019 - Dhaka, Bangladesh


Pertama kali untuk bisa ikut State of the Map adalah salah satu impian saya sejak bergabung dengan Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia, dan akhirnya impian itu terwujud di tahun ini yaitu State of the Map Asia yang berlokasi di Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mengapa menjadi salah satu impian? Karena State of the Map ini merupakan konferensi internasional untuk saling berbagi pengetahuan dan pengalamannya dalam berkontribusi di pemetaan yang menggunakan OpenStreetMap ataupun data lain. Sesuai dengan ekspetasi, saya pun mendapatkan kesempatan mengikuti State of the Map Asia melalui program beasiswa.

Saat mendapatkan pengumuman bahwa saya menerima beasiswa rasanya senang sekali dan saya langsung bergegas menyiapkan keperluan yang dibutuhkan untuk ke Bangladesh. Kesempatan ini juga didapatkan oleh Silvia Dwi Wardhani dan Tri Selasa Pagianti, mereka adalah teman satu kantor di HOT - ID. Hari pertama tiba di Dhaka, Bangladesh tepatnya di Bandara Hazrat Shahjalal International pada pukul 01.30 am waktu Dhaka saya bertemu juga dengan dua orang penerima beasiswa yang sedang menunggu penjemputan untuk menuju tempat penginapan dari pihak panitia SotM Asia 2019, yaitu Monica (asal Phillipine) dan Suthakaran (asal Sri Lanka).

State of the Map Asia 2019 berlangsung selama dua hari, tanggal 1-2 November 2019. Selama dua hari tersebut akan ada berbagai sesi mulai dari talk, lightening talk, workshop dan panel discussion. Sesi saya ada di hari pertama pada pukul 16.30 pm yang berlokasi di Main Auditorium. Sesi saya bertipe talk dengan judul “Quality Assurance for Indonesia Road Mapping”. Judul tersebut saya ceritakan tentang pengalaman saya sebagai Quality Assurance dalam proyek Indonesia Road Mapping. Proyek tersebut bekerjasama antara HOT-ID dan Facebook, yang dimana untuk memetakan jalan di Indonesia dengan menggunakan Machine Learning. Sungguh pengalaman yang luar biasa saya dapatkan di tahun ini dengan mengikuti State of the Map Asia 2019.

Pengalaman luar biasa yang saya dapatkan adalah berani berbicara bahasa inggris di depan orang banyak sekelas internasional, membagikan pengalaman dalam pemetaan menggunakan OpenStreetMap dan menambah jaringan pertemanan internasional. Banyak ilmu baru yang saya dapatkan pada kesempatan kali ini.


Found this today :D


Thanks Telenav!


Urban Aerial Imagery Collection and Other Things


An awesome group of OpenStreetMap PH volunteers and drone enthusiasts visited Lupang Arenda in Taytay, Rizal to collect aerial and street-view imagery. With the help of Barangay Sta Ana officers, we were able to conduct the survey smoothly. I was part of the drone team and our goal was to provide high-resolution imagery for mapping buildings, roads and other attributes using OSM.

As my first urban aerial imagery collection experience, it was a trial by fire. I used to have that confidence with my skills but those unpredictable factors and unpreparedness made me question my skills as a drone pilot. It was challenging but at the end of two days, the images were collected, the high-resolution orthophoto, digital elevation models were produced and I learned to be prepared even in unpredictable times.

July 7 Fieldwork:

gras Team photos from @GOwin

  • I did no pre-flight checklists except charge the batteries and identify take off points because I was complacent. So, as expected, I had a hard time with almost everything.
  • I used Pix4D mapper to create the flight plan and fly the drone. A few minutes after take off, the controller was disconnected from the drone itself! Good thing is that I have a very reliable spotter with me to check if the drone is still flying. It was still flying the flight plan I loaded on the application. Other than my trusted spotter, there’s no way for me to identify the drone's location and I can’t control it to return home. I was in a state of panic and had to call the other team to ask for advice. They said to wait it out it will surely come back. But seriously, who can relax in these dark times?
  • I was flying in an open space but it’s difficult to maintain a visual line of sight of the drone because of the buildings. Also probably decrease the connectivity between the drone and controller.
  • After 15 minutes, lo and behold! The drone and the controller connected, I immediately pressed Return-To-Home (RTH) and retrieved the drone with only 30% battery left. No photos were taken. Worst 15-minutes of my life.
  • Tried again twice using my spare two (2) batteries but it failed. It was only able to capture the images when the drone and the controller are connected.
  • I was only able to take 16 photos in total. Hurraaay life!
  • Actions / Steps to resolve the problem:Updated the drone to the latest software, read forums why it happens.

gras Failedt Pix4D mission

October 12 Field Work

gras *Team photos taken by @maningsambale

  • I was prepared and anticipated the loss of signal during flight. I was able to fly in Dumaguete with no problems months before this 2nd field work.
  • Same thing happened. It disconnects immediately and continues following the flight plan.
  • I modified Pix4D mapper settings so the drone can still take photos even without the drone-controller connection.
  • This, however, affected the duration of each flight. Originally from three(3) flights to cover half of the area, I did more.
  • A portion of the area was on a no fly zone. The flight was cancelled and RTH. Luckily, there is a good internet connection so I was able to unlock the drone I was using in under 10 mins.
  • At 3:00pm, we finally covered all area!

There’s a gap in the upper-left portion of the image. It was because I couldn’t find the drone (VLOS is sooo bad) I had to abandon the mission.

gras Taking photos like a baus! I used DJI Mavic Pro 2 for this and the drone-controller connectivity is sooooooooo good! Totally better than my experience using Phantom 4 Pro gras Total of ten (10) flights to cover LA

Lupang Arenda Team (LA TEAM)

Marianne Mampusti, Katherine Belano, Leigh Lunas, Erwin Olario, Maning Sambale, Rally De Leon, Banito Soriano and Ian Gongona


DJI Phantom 4 Advanced, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Mavic Pro 2


DJI Go 4 and Pix4D Mapper
*My team (Rally and I) settings:
Drone Speed: Fast
Front/Side Overlap: 70%|70%
Picture Trigger Mode: Safe Mode

For more blog entries about this project, check out Sir Maning's post:
Thoughts? Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated! :D


Inserindo Nomes de Ruas na Cidade de Jataúba - Pernambuco - Brasil.


Boa Tarde!!

Hoje Resolvi inserir nomes de Ruas na Cidade de Jataúba, Interior de Pernambuco, uma cidade pequena se comparada a outras cidades do estado mais que precisa da mesma atenção das grandes cidades do estado, uma cidade parcialmente mapeada com escolas, praças, Prefeitura e o fórum alem de outros objetos e faltava ser melhorada os nomes de ruas e por isso hoje resolvi inserir mais de 50 nomes de Ruas como vocês podem ver nesse changeset;

Sendo assim termino por hoje a edição da Cidade de Jataúba - Pernambuco - Brasil

Um Forte braço a todos;

Raphaelmirc Recife/PE - Brasil


Missing water=lake tags


I found a lot of lakes in Sweden which has natural=water but not tagged with any water= tags like water=lake. Most of them (est. 98%) are lakes.

I just wrote this

This resulted in one of my biggest changesets to date:

I have now found these tags missing on 3 continents Eurasia, Africa and South America.

Note: be careful with bays like this one as these are currently tagged with natural=water and no water tag because we have no suitable it seems. I add water=bay to these because they are not closed of like lagoons.

Note2: also be careful of riverbanks not tagged with waterway=riverbank.

Note3: My current workflow is this:

  1. download country or part of country (<100 mb) from geofabrik.
  2. use osmconvert and osmfilter to extract the natural=water and drop water= & waterway= tags
  3. open the filtered .osm-file in JOSM
  4. inspect all elements to see if any are clearly reservoirs and add fixme tags to uncertain ones.
  5. search like this: “natural=water and -waterway=* and -water=* and -wetland=* and -sport=* and -landuse=* and -surface=* and -golf=* -fixme=* and (type:way or type:relation)” to filter out any strange water areas.
  6. add water=lake to the rest and source:lake=so9qs review based on MAXAR



Splitting large multipolygons


I would like better tools to do this job now that we have RelationDissolve which can “join” multipolygons we should have good tools to split as well.

See for coordinating this work


2 escaped murder suspects arrested at US-Mexico border


2 escaped murder suspects arrested at US-Mexico borderAuthorities are trying to determine if anyone helped two inmates who escaped from a California jail, traveled hundreds of miles and crossed into Mexico before being captured trying to walk back into the United States. Jonathan Salazar, 20, and Santos Fonseca, 21, were arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials at a port of entry in San Ysidro — the nation's largest border crossing — early Wednesday, Monterey County Sheriff's Office Capt. John Thornburg said. Thornburg said the two are in the custody of Monterey County officials and have been returned to a jail in Salinas, a farming city of about 160,000 people roughly 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of San Francisco.


South Korea deports North Koreans who fled after killing 16


South Korea deports North Koreans who fled after killing 16In an extremely unusual case, South Korea deported two North Korean fishermen on Thursday after finding they had killed 16 other crew members on their boat and then fled to South Korean waters, Seoul officials said. The two North Koreans, both men in their 20s, were captured in their boat south of the countries' eastern sea border last Saturday, according to Seoul's Unification Ministry. South Korea has a policy of accepting North Koreans who want to resettle in the South to avoid political oppressions and economic poverty at home.


Cornwall, UK - ceremonial boundary relation problem?


Apologies if this has been raised before. I am trying to process UK county data. My interpretation of this wiki page is that the ceremonial county of Cornwall should be mainland Cornwall plus the Isles of Scilly, and the administrative county should be just mainland Cornwall.

What we seem to actually have, is as follows:

Relation 57537, boundary=administrative, admin_level=6, name=Cornwall
(Mainland Cornwall)

Relation 1987628, boundary=ceremonial, name=Cornwall
(JUST the Isles of Scilly - appears to EXCLUDE mainland Cornwall!)

Surely the ceremonial county should include mainland Cornwall - or am I misreading the data?
I'm very new to working with OpenStreetMap.


Hong Kong court convicts teen for carrying laser pointer


Hong Kong court convicts teen for carrying laser pointerA Hong Kong court ruling Thursday that a laser pointer carried by a teenager was an offensive weapon marked a tougher stance by the judiciary after months of anti-government protests in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory, with a lawmaker warning it could lead to more prosecutions of demonstrators. Local broadcaster RTHK said a court found a 16-year-old male student guilty of possessing the laser pointer and a modified umbrella — deemed to be offensive weapons. The items were found in his bag, along with a helmet and other protective gear used by protesters, when he was detained Sept. 21 near the site of a planned rally for democracy reforms.


The Latest: 2 escaped inmates arrested at US-Mexico border


The Latest: 2 escaped inmates arrested at US-Mexico borderAn official says two murder suspects who escaped a California jail were captured Wednesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents as they tried to enter the United States from Mexico. Monterey County Sheriff's Office Capt. John Thornburg says authorities received a tip that 20-year-old Jonathan Salazar and 21-year-old Santos Fonseca had been spotted in Tijuana, across the border from San Diego, and had alerted federal officials. Thornburg says the two are in the custody of Monterey County officials and are on their way to a jail in Salinas, 440 miles (708 kilometers) north of the U.S.-Mexico border.


The Latest: Texas man executed in 2002 strangulation


The Latest: Texas man executed in 2002 strangulationA white supremacist gang member has been executed for strangling a West Texas woman over fears she would alert police about his drug operation. Justen Hall received a lethal injection Wednesday evening at the state penitentiary in Huntsville. The 38-year-old Hall was condemned for the October 2002 killing of 29-year-old Melanie Billhartz.


La visita del Ministro General en el Congo

La visita del Ministro General en el Congo
Del 2 al 11 de septiembre de 2019, el Hno. Roberto Genuin realizó una visita fraterna...

Kinshasa. Del 2 al 11 de septiembre de 2019, el Hno. Roberto Genuin realizó una visita fraterna a la Custodia del Congo. El Ministro General contó con la compañía del Hno. Kilian Ngitir, Consejero General para la CONCAO, la conferencia que reúne a las circunscripciones de África occidental.

Se trata de la primera visita que el Hno. Roberto realiza a dicha Custodia desde su elección como Ministro General. La finalidad principal fue tener un diálogo personal con cada hermano de la Custodia, escuchándolos y fortaleciendo el sentido del acompañamiento fraterno. Naturalmente, esta fue también una oportunidad para resolver algunos problemas relativos a la vida fraterna. La ocasión también fue propicia para ver el compromiso de los hermanos a nivel de la pastoral, de la formación y de los demás ámbitos de nuestra vida. Por este motivo, el Hno. Roberto visitó todos los lugares donde los hermanos del Congo están ubicados. Téngase presente que la Custodia general del Congo abarca un territorio muy grande, pues está constituida por la República Democrática del Congo (Kinshasa) y la República del Congo (Brazzaville).


En el Congo tenemos 10 fraternidades, de las cuales 6 son parroquiales, 3 son casas de formación y la restante es sede de la curia de la Custodia. Según las estadísticas, hay 53 hermanos de votos perpetuos, 16 de votos temporales, 5 novicios, 10 postulantes del primer año y 9 del segundo. Todo lo cual arroja un total de 93 hermanos, con los cuales pudo reunirse el Ministro General durante los diez días de su visita.

En las 10 fraternidades mencionadas, los hermanos trabajan en diferentes áreas. Los hermanos atienden las parroquias de San Gonza, en Kinshasa; de Santa Isabel, en Gemena; del Sagrado Corazón, en Bwamanda; de San Felipe Neri, en Zongo; de San Padre Pío, en Brazzaville; y la de San Francisco de Asís, en Pointe-Noire. Otros hermanos trabajan en las escuelas primarias y secundarias, con diversas funciones, tanto en la dirección como en la enseñanza. Así, por ejemplo, en el Instituto Bongisa, la Ecole Privée y el Instituto Superior Lendisa (para la formación de los catequistas); instituciones ubicadas en Bwamanda. Otros hermanos trabajan en diversas universidades e institutos superiores de Kinshasa: La Universidad de San Agustín, la Universidad Católica del Congo, la Universidad de Pedagogía Nacional, el Seminario Mayor San André Kaggwa de filosofía, el Seminario Mayor San Juan XXIII de Teología y el Instituto Superior de Pedagogía Católica. El Ministro General pudo visitar también algunas de estas instituciones.

A pesar de que las fraternidades se encuentran muy alejadas una de la otra, el Hno. Roberto ha utilizado todos los medios de transporte para reunirse con los hermanos: ha llegado a ellos por avión, buque o automóvil. En medio de tantos viajes, fue el amor a los hermanos aquello que le permitió mantener la serenidad.

Ha sido en Kinshasa donde los hermanos de la Custodia General del Congo hemos tenido el honor de contar con la presencia del Hno. Roberto para celebrar el primer aniversario de su elección como Ministro General de la Orden. Durante los días de su visita, hemos experimentado que su presencia fue una bendición para nuestra Custodia. Gracias al Ministro General por la visita y al Hno. Kilian Ngitir por su acompañamiento. Los hermanos de la Custodia General del Congo os llevaremos siempre en nuestros corazones y en nuestras oraciones.

Vídeos - Visita del Ministro en el Congo

Galería de fotos

{Loadgallery_wd gallery_type=thumbnails theme_id=1 gallery_id=233 sort_by=order order_by=asc show_search_box=0 search_box_width=180 image_column_number=5 images_per_page=0 image_title=none image_enable_page=1 thumb_width=180 thumb_height=90 thumb_click_action=undefined thumb_link_target=undefined popup_fullscreen=1 popup_autoplay=0 popup_width=800 popup_height=500 popup_type=fade popup_interval=5 popup_enable_filmstrip=1 popup_filmstrip_height=70 popup_enable_ctrl_btn=1 popup_enable_fullscreen=1 popup_enable_info=0 popup_info_always_show=0 popup_enable_rate=0 popup_enable_comment=1 popup_hit_counter=0 popup_enable_facebook=1 popup_enable_twitter=1 popup_enable_google=1 popup_enable_pinterest=0 popup_enable_tumblr=0 watermark_type=none}


4. og 5. september Bristol


By: Bristol - Bristol Festival of Puppetry - 2009
Sted: Tobacco Factory - Raleigh Road, Southville Bristol BS3 1TF

Kl: 20.30

Ночь обещала быть лунной, если "линкин парк новые песни скачать"не набегут "скачать английский в схемах и таблицах скачать"облака.

Я хочу сказать, что он согласился, и все такое.

Немного пыли за воротником "смотреть игру мафия 3"лучше, чем круглая дырочка в голове.

Дитя Террамы "Кряк для norton inter security"вряд ли на такое способно.

Лодку чуть заметно качнуло; Харон " "оглянулся посмотреть, в чем дело, но Аззи не обратил на "саймон меню скачать"перевозчика душ умерших никакого внимания.

Первым дойдя " "до передней, Амнет уперся руками в створки дверей "скачать игру m m"и толкнул их.

Они предпочитали взвалить всю скучную " " работу на других профессиональных поэтов, писателей, драматургов.

Он прикоснулся к камню на груди и шагнул вперед.

Вина подразумевает ответственность, некий " " злой умысел.

Вот и сейчас глаза ее были печальны.

Все это придет со временем, в этом я был уверен, но мой страх подавлял эти важнейшие факторы выживания.

Дерево закачалось, листья затрепетали.

Римо " " насторожила именно его красота.

Если осуществляется перенос из одной " " реальности, из одной Вселенной в другую, необходимо объект переноса заменить другим предметом.

Небось двух " " кварт он за один вечер не выпьет!

Дейл Армбрустер услышал ее " " имя в маленьком номере мотеля, который он снял на ночь.

Как это ни удивительного, они " " были единственными, кто не работал на британские " " силовые ведомства.

Смит оценил жизнь президента как задачу " " номер один, потому что президент сосредоточил в своих руках огромную власть.

Он сегодня опять здорово налакался, значит опять станет " " рассказывать о тернистом пути " " греха.

Былая плавность движений Былое совершенство.

Запасов продовольствия нам было оставлено на две недели, а пришлось продержаться целых " " семь!

Это не значило, что христиане, иудеи и мусульмане всегда говорили правду, но должны были.

Нет, надо пресечь ее поползновения в самом зародыше.

Мне бы хотелось верить в это, заметил президент.

Итак, " " им удалось запастись по меньшей мере двенадцатью галлонами питьевой воды, и хранилась " " она в надежной "песочница для мур клуб скачать" таре, полностью удовлетворявшей Бена.

И это после всего, что мы говорили и " " cделали для уничтожения рабства!

Но здесь, в " " лошадиной упряжке с двумя " " гигантскими оглоблями, он показался нам чудовищных размеров каретой.

Ноги у фрегата, по "поиграть в бесплатные секс игры" сравнению с туловищем, короткие.

Об оставленных колдунами подменышах " " до сих пор говорилось только " " в легендах.

но меня слишком шатало, чтобы "Бис ключи для спутниковых каналов" заботиться еще и об этом.

Эти люди платят за свою безопасность.

Ему было " " хорошо известно, что пока он провоцирует " " меня своей сексуальностью он время от времени давал ей выход, держась небрежно, " " словно в любой момент мог отказаться от этого, я не оставлю его.

Мейтланд заковылял к постели; "Взлет разрешаем Симорон-тренинг" едва он улегся и натянул на себя одеяло, как в комнату вошла Джейн.

Я посажу вас в кэб, а сам "Мастерим из дерева и пробки" погуляю тут на всяким случай.

В витринах "Юный эколог Система работы в подгот. к школе группе дет. сада" магазинов выставлены только первоклассные товары самой лучшей выработки.

Стереоизомер обычного бурбона, объяснил я.


13. august Grimstad


By: Grimstad (Ibsen/Hamsundagene)
Sted: Kulturhuset
Kl: 19.00

Тогда окажи мне эту последнюю услугу, Кай Крапивник.

Но "Английский язык разговорник скачать"ты должна выбрать "скачать социальной сети"одного из нас, иначе второй захватит тебя.

Аромат цветов " "наполнял воздух " "из скрытых аэрозольных распылителей.

Даже если он " "был слепым, он еще " "мог прямо смотреть на человека, " "с которым разговаривал.

Нас с Белионом связывает обряд.

Его "battlefield 2 игра скачать"люди были вполне довольны, " "кормя лошадей, точа клинки, смазывая маслом кольчуги и поедая свой рацион.

Когда-то я мечтал побывать здесь с Авророй.

С этой точки он наконец " " обнаружил, где находится Санни Джо " " тот как раз подкрадывался к одному из часовых-японцев, " " болтавшемуся без дела " " в стороне от своих товарищей.

Но он знал, что доведет до конца " " свое дело.

Он заглянул в следующее окошко.

Великой державе любые задачи по плечу, " " сказал Чиун.

давление энергии достигло неописуемой силы.

Если так, то с этим " " проблем не будет, " " заверил Смит.

Барабан был более чем готов оказать правительству эту услугу.

Джунгли наполнились новыми звуками хотя кубинцы, окружавшие базу со всех сторон, и старались ступать как можно тише, их было примерно полторы тысячи.

Фактическое владение это уже девяносто процентов " " для обоснования законности.

Он понял, что " " в деревню вернулся Мастер Синанджу.

О завтрашнем заседании Совета, кроме вас, знали только мы четверо.

Если б я " " не знал, что "песни мамонтенка скачать" ты летун, принял бы за " " актера.

Да и храбростью они не " " отличаются.

Он явно был так же "радио хит фм скачать музыку" ошеломлен заявлением Оцеолы, как и " " все остальные, а может быть, даже еще " " больше.

Черное небо и " " черный цилиндр тьмы с сетчатой звездной крышкой " " где-то на головокружительной высоте.

Не было " " ни мочалки, ни мыла, ни березовых веников.

А вела его туда, направляя, Вирджиния.

Ни "Первый год малыша/тиснение" один смертный не смог бы избежать участи, которая была уготована мне.

Та скрепя сердце смирилась с необходимостью, взяв с него слово, что он вернется.

Во всеохватывающей тишине улиц весь город казался пустым.

Но по части " " жестокости Стиффи их всех переплюнет.

После тщательно отмеренной паузы он принял решение и протянул Мейтланду большую порцию.

Но солдат, по-видимому, был оскорблен.

На пыльной крыше перевернутого "Семейный кодекс РФ" такси он криво вычертил пальцем фрагмент имени Мейтланда.

Я оставила Помону одну в "Аттестатор" саду и боюсь, как бы " " она не заскучала.

Когда он опустил руку на "Методическое пособие по математике для поступ. в ВУЗы" спинку одного из кресел, с нее поднялось большое облако пыли.

Я внесу ее в "Боцман. Предателя - на рею!" свой библиотечный список.

В помещении на втором "Сказочное мореплавание" этаже горел свет.

Смена света стала менее частой, воздух над шоссе уравновесился.


How to display beaches and other map features on a web page?



Is there any layer with beaches worldwide available for OSM? And if so, how can I display it on a OSM map on a web page? I have checked out the maps on and, as well as the "List of OSM-based services" without finding any option to display beaches in a given coastal location.

Also, this page has a lot of features listed. How can I display any of these features on a OSM map on a web page?

Thanks for any help! :)


BC-VA---Greater Mid-Atlantic News Advisory 8:30 am, VA

Hello! Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up in the Mid-Atlantic, covering North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Questions about coverage plans are welcome and should be directed to 919-510-8937, 202-641-9660, 410-837-8315, 804-643-6646 or AP-Mid-Atlantic News Editor Steve McMillan can be reached at 804-643-6646 or

La visita del Ministro Generale in Congo

La visita del Ministro Generale in Congo
Il Ministro Generale, fra Roberto Genuin, ha effettuato una visita fraterna...

Kinshasa. Il Ministro Generale, fra Roberto Genuin, ha effettuato una visita fraterna in Congo dal 2 all’11 settembre 2019. L’ha accompagnato fra Kilian Ngitir, Consigliere Generale per la CONCAO, la conferenza che abbraccia la parte occidentale dell’Africa.

Era questa la prima visita che il Ministro Generale, fra Roberto, faceva in Congo dalla sua elezione come Ministro Generale. La visita aveva come scopo principale quello d’incontrare ogni singolo frate della Custodia, parlare con ciascuno, ascoltare ciascuno nel senso dell’accompagnamento, che il Ministro Generale compie nei confronti dei frati. Ovviamente è stata anche l’occasione per risolvere certi problemi legati alla vita fraterna. Il Ministro doveva vedere l’impegno dei frati a livello della pastorale, della formazione e degli altri ambiti della vita in Congo.

In questo senso, fra Roberto ha fatto il giro completo del territorio dove sono i frati in Congo. Si tenga presente che la Custodia Generale del Congo è costituita dalla Repubblica Democratica del Congo (Kinshasa) e dalla Republica del Congo (Brazzaville). Quindi si tratta di un territorio molto grande da visitare.


In Congo abbiamo 10 fraternità, di cui 6 parrocchiali, 3 case di formazione e la curia custodiale. Secondo la statistica, i frati di voti perpetui sono 53, 16 i frati con voti semplici, 5 i novizi, 10 i postulanti del primo anno e 9 quelli del secondo anno. Un totale di 93 frati. Il Ministro li ha incontrati tutti nei dieci giorni della sua visita.

Nelle 10 fraternità visitate, i frati lavorano nei diversi settori di lavoro. Alcuni frati sono nelle parrocchie, come la Parrocchia di San Gonza a Kinshasa, la Parrocchia di Santa Elisabetta a Gemena, la Parrocchia del Sacro Cuore a Bwamanda, la Parrocchia di San Filippo Neri a Zongo, la Parrocchia di San Padre Pio di Brazzaville e la Parrocchia di San Francesco d’Assisi a Pointe-Noire. Gli altri frati lavorano nelle scuole primarie e secondarie, con diverse mansioni, quali la direzione o l’insegnamento come all’Istituto Bongisa di Bwamanda, l’Ecole Privée di Bwamanda, l’Istituto Superiore per la formazione dei catechisti Lendisa a Bwamanda. Gli altri sono nelle diverse università e negli istituti superiori di Kinshasa: l’Università di Sant’Agostino di Kinshasa, l’Università Cattolica del Congo, l’Università di Pedagogia nazionale, il Seminario Maggiore Sant’André Kaggwa di Filosofia, il Seminario Maggiore San Giovanni XXIII di Teologia e l’Istituto superiore di Pedagogia Cattolica. Il Ministro ha visitato anche alcune di queste strutture.

Pur essendo le fraternità molto distanti l’una dall’altra, Fra Roberto ha usato tutti i mezzi di trasporto per incontrare i frati: l’aereo, la nave, la macchina. È rimasto sereno pur tra tanti viaggi, pieno di amore per i frati. È in Congo, proprio a Kinshasa, che abbiamo avuto l’onore di celebrare il primo anniversario della sua elezione come Ministro Generale dell’Ordine.

In questi giorni abbiamo sperimentato che la visita è stata una benedizione per la nostra Custodia. Grazie al Ministro Generale per la visita e a fra Kilian Ngitir per l’accompagnamento. I frati della Custodia Generale del Congo vi porteranno sempre nei loro cuori e nelle loro preghiere.

Video - Visita del Ministro in Congo

Galleria delle foto

{Loadgallery_wd gallery_type=thumbnails theme_id=1 gallery_id=233 sort_by=order order_by=asc show_search_box=0 search_box_width=180 image_column_number=5 images_per_page=0 image_title=none image_enable_page=1 thumb_width=180 thumb_height=90 thumb_click_action=undefined thumb_link_target=undefined popup_fullscreen=1 popup_autoplay=0 popup_width=800 popup_height=500 popup_type=fade popup_interval=5 popup_enable_filmstrip=1 popup_filmstrip_height=70 popup_enable_ctrl_btn=1 popup_enable_fullscreen=1 popup_enable_info=0 popup_info_always_show=0 popup_enable_rate=0 popup_enable_comment=1 popup_hit_counter=0 popup_enable_facebook=1 popup_enable_twitter=1 popup_enable_google=1 popup_enable_pinterest=0 popup_enable_tumblr=0 watermark_type=none}


L’apertura del nuovo anno accademico

L’apertura del nuovo anno accademico
Collegio San Lorenzo da Brindisi a Roma

L’apertura del nuovo anno accademico
Collegio San Lorenzo da Brindisi a Roma

Roma. Il 19 ottobre 2019 è stato celebrato solennemente l'inizio del nuovo anno accademico 2019-2020. La Messa è stata presieduta da fra Pio Murat, Consigliere generale. Nella sua omelia egli ha sottolineato l'opera dello Spirito Santo, che ci spinge alla ricerca della verità che conduce a Dio.

In questo anno accademico sono presenti nel nostro Collegio Internazionale 78 studenti, di cui 25 al loro primo anno. Tra gli studenti ci sono anche 11 dottorandi. La Famiglia Stabile è costituita da 15 professori e da altri frati che svolgono diversi ministeri nel Collegio. Nella casa si trovano anche 8 confratelli dell'Istituto Storico, che svolgono un’importante ricerca scientifica.

La comunità del Collegio, pur essendo numerosa, conduce una regolare vita di preghiera e di lavoro intellettuale, oltre agli altri momenti speciali di vita fraterna in occasione di varie festività.

All'inizio dell'anno accademico abbiamo chiesto al Signore la sua benedizione per il nostro lavoro e per tutto ciò che costituisce la realizzazione della nostra vocazione cappuccina.

Foto nella galleria on-line

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Giubileo di Damietta in Francia

Giubileo di Damietta in Francia
Affinché cresca la fraternità

Giubileo di Damietta in Francia: Affinché cresca la fraternità

La Famiglia francescana ha celebrato con la Chiesa di Francia l'800° anniversario di Damietta dal 25 al 27 ottobre. Un simposio storico è stato organizzato dall’École Franciscaine de Paris. Hanno partecipato a questo convegno esperti provenuti dal PISAI, dall'Istituto Cattolico di Parigi, dall'Università di Nantes, Nanterre e dall'École Pratiques des Hautes Etudes. Hanno evocato le fonti dell'incontro, il suo impatto sugli scritti di san Francesco, lo sviluppo della missione francescana nei paesi musulmani e alcune figure francescane. Il tempo forte di questa conferenza è stato il sabato pomeriggio, ha preso la parola il vescovo Paul Hinder, vescovo di Abu Dhabi, fra Marwan Di'des ofm della Custodia di Terra Santa, suor Brygida Maniurka, Francescana Missionaria di Maria in Siria e tanti altri. Un momento di preghiera con cristiani e musulmani ha seguito nella diocesi di Parigi (parrocchia dello Spirito Santo) in cui hanno partecipato varie associazioni locali e nazionali impegnate nel dialogo. Il vescovo Denis Jachiet, vescovo ausiliare di Parigi, ha invitato il vescovo Paul Hinder e l'Imam Boubacar Conte a discutere il Documento per la Fraternità umana firmato ad Abu Dhabi. Domenica, il vescovo Michel Santier, vescovo di Créteil, ha dato il benvenuto alla famiglia francescana nella sua cattedrale. Più di 500 persone si sono radunate per la trasmissione in diretta della messa sul canale nazionale France 2. L'omelia è stata pronunciata dal vescovo Jean-Marc Aveline, arcivescovo di Marsiglia e presidente del Consiglio per le relazioni interreligiose all'interno della Conferenza episcopale. La giornata è proseguita con tempi di approfondimento in cui frati, suore, laici francescani, fedeli della diocesi e musulmani hanno scambiato sulle loro esperienze di dialogo e di incontro. Alla fine di questo anniversario, una dichiarazione "Affinché cresca la fraternità" è stata pronunciata dai rappresentanti delle principali religioni in Francia.

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Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 11/6


Welcome to the Daily Kos Elections Live Digest, your liveblog of all of today's campaign news.

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Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:46:48 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer



Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:34:12 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

IN-01: Democratic Rep. Pete Visclosky announced Wednesday that he would not seek a 19th term representing Indiana’s 1st Congressional District. Visclosky’s seat, which includes the state’s northwestern corner, backed Hillary Clinton 54-42, and the winner of the May Democratic primary should have no trouble holding it.

Visclosky, whose father served as mayor of Gary in the 1960s, got his start in politics as a congressional aide to local Rep. Adam Benjamin. Benjamin died in office in September of 1982, and Gary Mayor Richard Hatcher and his allies in the district Democratic Party selected state Sen. Katie Hall to take Benjamin’s place as the Democratic nominee. Hall’s general election victory made her the state’s first black member of Congress, but she faced a tough primary challenge two years later from both Visclosky and Lake County Prosecutor Jack Crawford.

Hall argued during the 1984 race that “[i]f I wasn't black and female, there wouldn't be a contest.” Her opponents, though, insisted that Hall took her orders from Hatcher, a prominent black politician who many local white voters despised. (The Washington Post’s Mike Debonis explained Wednesday that much of the district’s white electorate viewed Hatcher, who was his city’s first black mayor, as the man who had destroyed Gary,” though the city’s struggles were “of course waaay more complicated” than that.) Visclosky and Crawford also said that Hall had missed key House votes. Visclosky, who dubbed himself the “Slovak Kid,” ended up edging Hall 34-33, while Crawford was just behind with 31%.

Visclosky had no trouble winning in November, and he always won at least 56% of the vote in all of his general election contests. Visclosky did face two more primaries against Hall, though. The incumbent defeated her 57-36 in 1986, and he won by a similar 51-30 margin during their third match in 1990. That race was also the last time that Visclosky faced a serious intra-party contest.

However, that could have changed in 2020. Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott had expressed interest in challenging Visclosky for renomination, and McDermott announced that he would run here immediately after the congressman said he would retire.

McDermott is a self-described moderate, and he last month, he faulted Visclosky for backing an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. McDermott argued that Democrats should censure Trump instead because the Senate would just acquit him, and he further insisted that the congressman’s support for impeachment could cost the region federal funding for a commuter rail extension to Chicago.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 7:21:14 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Aurora, CO Mayor: Former GOP Rep. Mike Coffman won the mayor’s office in Aurora, a city of 367,000 in the Denver area, one year after he lost re-election for Colorado’s 6th District. Coffman took first place in the five-way nonpartisan contest with 38% while local NAACP head Omar Montgomery, who was the only Democrat in the race, was in second place with 33%. There is no runoff here, so Coffman’s plurality win has kept this seat red.

Local Democrats also were hoping to take a majority on the City Council by defeating three moderate and conservative members, but they didn’t make any gains. Instead, the only councilmember who lost was unseated by a fellow conservative.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 7:59:13 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Indiana: Democratic incumbent Joe Hogsett won re-election as mayor of Indianapolis by defeating GOP state Sen. Jim Merritt in a 72-27 landslide. This was the best performance for a Democratic mayoral candidate ever since before Republican Mayor Richard Lugar merged the city government with the rest of Marion County in 1970.

Indianapolis Democrats also went into Tuesday with a small 14-11 majority on the City-County Council, but they ended the night with a 20-5 supermajority. Democrats won a narrow majority on the body back in 2011, but they struggled mightily to hold it for years. In 2013, the GOP legislature eliminated the four citywide seats, all of which were controlled by Democrats, in a move Democrats denounced as a “power grab.”

Team Blue still maintained a majority after the 2015 elections, but early last year, nine members of the GOP minority joined five Democrats to oust the Democratic council president and install Democrat Stephen Clay in a power sharing agreement. Clay ended up stepping down after six weeks, though, and mainstream Democrats quickly retook control.

Democrats also had a strong night in neighboring Hamilton County by winning a council seat in Carmel and two council districts in Fishers. The Indianapolis Star writes that Republicans have had a monopoly on both city councils for decades, and politicos can’t even remember the last time Democrats had any representation in either city.

All of Hamilton County is located in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District, which is held by retiring GOP Rep. Susan Brooks. The once-solidly red 5th has been moving to the left in recent years, and Tuesday’s results should give Democrats more reasons to be optimistic about flipping it next year.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 8:18:06 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Des Moines, IA Mayor: Democratic incumbent Frank Cownie, who is the longest-serving mayor in Des Moines history, was forced into a Dec. 3 runoff against former state Sen. Jack Hatch. Cownie took 43.4% of the vote while Hatch, who was Team Blue’s 2014 nominee for governor, was just behind with 42.7%.

Hatch entered the race just before the mid-September filing deadline and ended up self-funding most of his campaign. Hatch, who works as a developer, has argued that the city needs to do a better job improving infrastructure and mental health care. He also attacked Des Moines' new zoning code for "fast-tracking" development projects, saying they will mean less input from the neighborhoods that will be impacted. 

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 8:26:05 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Wichita, KS Mayor: Democratic state Rep. Brandon Whipple unseated GOP incumbent Jeff Longwell 46-36 to win control of Kansas’ largest city in an officially nonpartisan race. GOP businessman Lyndy Wells, who took a close third in August’s primary, launched a write-in campaign during the final weeks of the race, and most of the 18% of write-in votes likely went to him.

Longwell drew some bad headlines in September when The Wichita Eagle reported that he had steered a large and crucial city contract for a new water treatment plant to his political allies and friends. The race took another nasty turn a week before Election Day when Whipple filed a defamation lawsuit against a Republican operative and two unnamed defendants over a web ad that falsely accused Whipple of sexual harassment. Longwell condemned the spot and denied any involvement.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 8:34:46 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

KY-AG, KY-SoS: While Democrat Andy Beshear appears to have unseated GOP Gov. Matt Bevin, Team Red won every other statewide office. Republican Daniel Cameron, a former general counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, won the race to succeed Beshear as attorney general by beating former state House Speaker Greg Stumbo 58-42. Cameron is the first Republican to hold this office since World War II, as well as the state’s first black attorney general.

The contest to succeed termed-out Secretary of State Alison Grimes, who was McConnell’s Democratic opponent in 2014, was considerably closer. However, Republican elections attorney Michael Adams still beat former state Department of Veterans Affairs head Heather French Henry 52-48. GOP incumbents were also decisively re-elected in the races for auditor, treasurer, and commissioner of agriculture.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 8:53:26 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Mississippi: While Republican Tate Reeves’ 52-47 victory over Jim Hood was Team Blue’s best showing in a gubernatorial race in two decades, Democrats also lost two of their last sources of statewide power. Republican state Treasurer Lynn Fitch won the race to succeed Hood as attorney general by defeating former state ACLU executive director Jennifer Riley Collins 58-42. Either candidate would have been the first woman to hold this post, but Fitch is also the first Republican to serve as attorney general since 1878.

Republicans also took a 2-1 majority on the state Public Service Commission, which is charged with regulating utilities. The remaining Democratic member is Brandon Presley, who was unopposed. Presley has been mentioned as a future statewide candidate for a while, but he’s always opted to stay put.

Republicans decisively kept control over all their statewide offices, and they maintained their supermajorities in both chambers of the legislature as well.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 8:58:04 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Manchester, NH Mayor: Democratic incumbent Joyce Craig won a second two-year term as mayor of this swing state’s largest city by beating former GOP state Rep. Victoria Sullivan 57-43. Craig has been talked about as a rising star in state Democratic politics for a while, and this wide victory will only increase her stature. It doesn’t sound like she’s looking to run for governor next year, though, since Craig said on election night she was “excited to serve the people of Manchester for another two years.”

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 9:03:04 PM +00:00 · David Nir

FL-13: Trump superfan Matt Gaetz has endorsed Air Force veteran Anna Paulina Luna, who is one of several Republicans running to take on Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist. While Gaetz's district in Florida's panhandle is a long way from the 13th (which is based in St. Petersburg), his seal of approval could help Luna lock down the frothiest elements of the GOP base. That, however, isn't likely to be a boon in the general election, though, considering that this district has always favored Democrats.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 9:04:06 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

NJ State Assembly: New Jersey Republicans made some gains on Tuesday in South Jersey, though they’re still deep in the minority. Team Red has won at least two Assembly seats and successfully defended Minority Leader Jon Bramnick from a serious Democratic effort to oust him, while another two Democratic-held seats are still unsettled. 

The GOP flipped both Assembly seats in LD-01 and they also lead both Democratic incumbents in LD-02 in the AP’s count as of Wednesday evening, though the latter contest is very tight. The Press of Atlantic City wrote Wednesday that when mail-in votes, which are not currently included in the LD-02 tally, are included, both Democrats emerge with narrow leads. There are still ballots to count in LD-02, and no one has declared victory on either side yet. The paper writes that final results are “at least a week away.”

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 9:33:53 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

New York: New York hosted several races for county executive on Tuesday, and both parties scored some notable wins.

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello unseated GOP incumbent Cheryl Dinolfo 52-48, which will make him the first Democrat to hold this office since the end of 1991. Over in Erie County, Democratic incumbent Mark Poloncarz won a third term by beating County Legislator Lynne Dixon, a member of the Independence Party who was also running on the GOP line, 54-46. Democratic incumbent Steve Bellone also won a third term in swingy Suffolk County by turning back Republican John Kennedy, the county comptroller, 55-43.

Republicans had more success elsewhere. Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, who was Team Red’s 2018 nominee for governor, won re-election by a wide 59-41 against Joseph Ruggiero, a former executive director of the New York State Bridge Authority. National Republicans have been hoping to recruit Molinaro to take on freshman Democratic Rep. Antonio Delgado in New York's 19th Congressional District, and they’ll probably step up their persuasion campaign following his victory on Tuesday. Over in Onondaga County, Republican incumbent Ryan McMahon beat self-funding Democrat Tony Malavenda 55-45.

Meanwhile, out on Long Island, Republicans also appear to have regained an office they controlled for over a century until 2017. Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Donald Clavin holds a 50-49 lead for town supervisor over incumbent Laura Gillen, a margin of just under 1,400 votes. Clavin has declared victory but Gillen, a Democrat, has not conceded. The Town of Hempstead, which used to be the center for the once-powerful Nassau County GOP machine, has a population of about 770,000, which is larger than many major American cities.

Finally, in New York City, voters adopted instant-runoff voting for all city primaries and special elections by approving Ballot Question 1 by a 74-26 margin. Instant runoffs would come into effect for races for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president, and the New York City Council starting in 2021.

The success of this measure means that New York City will be by far the largest jurisdiction in America to use instant-runoff voting. This could also impact the 2021 Democratic primary to succeed termed-out Mayor Bill de Blasio, a contest that could attract a large field of contenders. This Question 1 does not impact general elections, where it still will take just a simple plurality of the vote to win.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 9:48:24 PM +00:00 · Matt Booker

Special Elections: Here’s a recap of the most interesting special elections from Tuesday. You can check out the results of all Democrat vs. Republican races with our Big Board here.

CA-AD-01: Republican Megan Dahle defeated Democrat Elizabeth Betancourt 58-42 to win this deep red seat in California's rural far north. Betancourt was able to slightly improve on both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s margins here, following on her unusually solid showing for a Democrat in the first round of voting.

MO-HD-99: Democrats got their second special election flip of the year after Trish Gunby defeated Republican Lee Ann Pitman 54-46. This district, located in the suburbs of St. Louis, has been shifting leftward in recent years. Mitt Romney won it 55-43 but Donald Trump prevailed just 49-44.

NJ-SD-01: Republicans, meanwhile, earned their fifth special election flip of the year, as Mike Testa unseated Democratic Sen. Bob Andrzejczak 53-47 to win this South Jersey seat. This district had moved from 53-46 Obama to 53-44 Trump, and Andrezejczak attempted to position himself as a conservative Democrat by declining to rule out voting for Trump in 2020.

TX-HD-28: The race to replace former Rep. John Zerwas in this suburban Houston district is heading to a runoff. Eliz Markowitz, the lone Democrat in the race, and Republican Gary Gates will be the participants in the runoff, after taking 39% and 28%, respectively. Five other Republicans combined to take the remaining 33% percent. Overall, Republican candidates outpaced the Democrat 61-39. The runoff date has not been determined, but will be chosen by Gov. Greg Abbott.

In addition, two of Tuesday's local election results in the Northeast will prompt special elections for a pair of Republican-held seats that Democrats will have a shot at flipping:

NY-SD-50: Republican state Sen. Bob Antonacci won a state Supreme Court race on Tuesday, which creates a vacancy for his suburban Syracuse seat. This district supported Clinton 50-45 and Obama 54-43. Antonacci came out on top 51-49 in his race last year, a low mark given that this district’s previous Republican incumbent faced no serious opposition in the last several elections.

PA-HD-18: Republican state Rep. Gene DiGirolamo was elected to the Bucks County Commission on Tuesday, opening up his Bensalem-based state House seat. While DiGirolamo never had any trouble winning re-election, this district is strongly Democratic at the presidential level. Clinton was victorious here 58-41, and Obama won by a similar 59-39 spread.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 9:49:40 PM +00:00 · David Nir

FL-07: Physician Leo Valentin is the latest Republican to join the race to unseat sophomore Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy in central Florida's 7th Congressional District. So far, all of the other GOP contenders look like Some Dudes, though it's not yet clear whether Valentin, who only moved to the area last year, offers a different profile.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:01:56 PM +00:00 · David Nir

FL-19: On Wednesday, state House Majority Leader Dane Eagle became the first Republican to announce a bid for Florida's 19th District, which recently became open thanks to GOP Rep. Francis Rooney's retirement. Eagle, who is term-limited as a state legislator, currently represents just under a quarter of the congressional district he's now running for.

A very large number of other Republicans are still hovering around this seat, though, so Eagle could get some company very soon. Several in fact reaffirmed their interest after Eagle's announcement, including one new name, Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:09:50 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Pennsylvania: Democrats scored historic wins in the Philadelphia suburbs in 2017, and they made history again there on Tuesday by taking control of the board of county commissioners in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Lehigh Counties.

The Philadelphia Inquirer writes that this is the first time that Democrats have won control of the Bucks County Board of Commissioners since 1983, while Team Blue hasn’t run the Delaware County Council since the Civil War. The paper also adds that Democrats had never won the Chester County Board of Commissioners until Tuesday. The Morning Call also says this is the first time in decades that Democrats have taken the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.

Democrats are counting on strong wins in the Philadelphia suburbs next year to take the state’s 20 electoral votes away from Donald Trump, and Tuesday’s results are a good omen. The Bucks County results in particular should also encourage Democrats looking to take down Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick: Bucks County makes up the vast majority of the 1st Congressional District, which is one of just three seats won by Hillary Clinton yet still represented by a Republican.

The news wasn’t uniformly good for Team Blue in the Keystone State, though, since the party lost control of several board of county commissioners in western Pennsylvania. However, state political analyst Ben Forstate writes that after Tuesday, over half of the state will live in a county controlled by Democrats.

Republicans also suffered a historic defeat in Philadelphia to the progressive Working Families Party, though not all Democrats are happy about it. The 17-member Philadelphia City Council contains seven citywide seats (the other 10 are single-member districts), but each party can nominate only five candidates. This has allowed Republicans to control at least two citywide seats since the city’s Home Rule Charter went into effect in the 1950s, but Working Families Party candidate Kendra Brooks cost Team Red one of those seats on Tuesday.

Brooks’ victory came despite efforts by Democratic City Committee Chairman Bob Brady, a former congressman who runs what was once a powerful city political machine. Brady argued before the election that Brooks could cost the five Democratic candidates support, and he suggested that any party committee members or ward leaders who supported a non-Democratic contender could be expelled from the committee. All five Democrats won, but Brady was still angry after Election Day.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:21:40 PM +00:00 · David Nir

VA-07: Despite an epic botch that led to his name getting left off the ballot, Republican Del. Nick Freitas appeared to have won re-election to his safely red state House district on Tuesday night thanks to a write-in campaign, but he may not stick around long. When asked after the results came in if he'd commit to serving a full two-year term in the legislature, Freitas was decidedly non-committal, saying, "Look, my job is to serve the people of the 30th District, and I'm going to continue to do that."

That's likely because he's been mentioned as a possible candidate to take on freshman Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger in the 7th Congressional District, a race that the Club for Growth has sought to recruit him for. Freitas' legislative district largely overlaps with the 7th, though he represents less than 10% of the latter. However, he’d be able to run without giving up his current seat.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:25:25 PM +00:00 · David Nir

TX-24: Less than a month after launching her campaign, Republican businesswoman Deanna Metzger has dropped out of the race for Texas' open—and highly competitive—24th Congressional District.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:31:01 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Houston, TX Mayor: Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner took 47% of the vote in Tuesday’s nonpartisan primary, which was a little less than the majority he needed to avoid a Dec. 14 runoff. The second spot went to wealthy trial attorney Tony Buzbee, who defeated conservative independent and 2015 runner-up Bill King 28-14. Two fall polls both showed Turner failing to take a majority but still leading Buzbee by double digits in what was at the time a hypothetical second round.

Buzbee poured at least $10 million of his own money into his campaign, and we should probably expect more where that came from. Buzbee, who successfully defended then-GOP Gov. Rick Perry on corruption charges in 2014, refuses to identify himself with any party, and he's hosted fundraisers with Donald Trump as well as Hillary Clinton.

However, Buzbee also donated $500,000 to Trump’s inaugural committee and has a Trumpesque habit of insulting his enemies over social media, prompting Turner to run ads connecting the two men. On Tuesday night, Buzbee delivered what the Texas Tribune called a “boisterous, rambling speech” while clad in what the candidate described as his “Marine Corps greens.”

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:40:07 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Salt Lake City, UT Mayor: City Councilor Erin Mendenhall appears to have decisively defeated state Sen. Luz Escamilla, a fellow Democrat, but she’s not declaring victory yet. Mendenhall ended Tuesday night with a 59-41 lead, but she said the next day that the race wasn’t decided yet since thousands more ballots needed to be counted. Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen expects to release updated results on Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 10:47:45 PM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Prince William County, VA Board of Supervisors: Democrat Ann Wheeler decisively won the race to succeed Confederacy fanboy and frequent GOP statewide candidate Corey Stewart as leader of Virginia's second-largest jurisdiction. Wheeler beat John Gray, a Republican who ran a pro-Trump campaign, 55-35. Wheeler and her ticketmates also turned what was a 6-2 GOP majority on the Board of Supervisors for this large Northern Virginia County into a 5-3 Democratic edge.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 11:40:30 PM +00:00 · David Nir

KY-Gov: On Wednesday, despite facing a nearly insurmountable deficit, Gov. Matt Bevin requested a recanvass of Tuesday's vote while his fellow Republicans in the legislature began plotting to overturn the results of Kentucky's election for governor.

With all precincts reporting, Democrat Andy Beshear currently leads 49.2 to 48.8, a margin of 5,189 votes. In typical Trumpian fashion, Bevin has repeatedly claimed that the election was marred by "voting irregularities," but, reports the Louisville Courier Journal, his campaign has "not replied to multiple requests asking for any of those examples."

Not that there are any problems to uncover, but a recanvass—which differs from a recount—wouldn't find them anyway. In a recanvass, officials simply check the tallies reported by each voting machine and compare them to the numbers that were reported to the state Board of Elections. (To seek a recount, in which all ballots would be individually reviewed, Bevin would have to petition a court and pay the entire cost.)

Barring an impossible profusion of tabulation errors, then, the end result won't change as a result of a recanvass—something Bevin knows well, since a recanvass of his narrow 2015 primary win didn't budge his 83-vote lead by even a single vote. In fact, a recanvass has never altered the outcome of an election in Kentucky.

The goal, however, is not to clarify the results but rather sow confusion about them—and, if state Senate President Robert Stivers has his way, throw the election to the GOP-dominated legislature. Speaker to reporters on Wednesday, Stivers cited Section 90 of the state constitution, which specifies that "[c]ontested elections" for governor "shall be determined by both Houses of the General Assembly"—and hasn't been used since 1899.

There are no grounds, of course, for such a contest, but Stivers is happy to invent one: He said it was "appropriate" that Bevin hadn't conceded because he thinks that most of the votes received by Libertarian John Hicks, who won just under 2% of the vote, "would have gone to Bevin."

This is as bonkers as it is anti-democratic. For starters, Kentucky obviously doesn't have any sort of instant-runoff voting, though Stivers surely could have passed such a law at any point during the last three years, when Republicans held complete control of state government. In our actual reality, rather than Stivers' fantasy, Hicks was in fact on the ballot and therefore his vote wouldn't "have gone" to another candidate—it did go to Hicks and Hicks alone. Stivers can't now retroactively invent a kinda-sorta instant runoff on his own say-so.

What's more, there's good reason to think that Hicks' supporters want nothing to do with Bevin. In a statement posted on Facebook, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky said, "[W]e are always happy to split the vote in a way that causes delicious tears. Tonight there are plenty of delicious tears from Bevin supporters." The post continued, "We split the vote. And we could not be more thrilled. If our friends in the major parties do not want this to happen again, they should think about passing ranked choice voting."

Bevin has yet to take any formal steps toward seeking a recount or contesting the election, though he'll likely wait until after the recanvass, which Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes says will take place on Nov. 14. Republicans won't have much time to launch any schemes to steal the election after that date, though, as Beshear's inauguration is currently set for Dec. 10.

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019 · 12:12:29 AM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

Salt Lake City, UT Mayor: City Councilor Erin Mendenhall ended Tuesday night with a wide 59-41 lead over state Sen. Luz Escamilla, a fellow Democrat. While there are more ballots to be tabulated, Escamilla conceded defeat on Wednesday evening.

Thursday, Nov 7, 2019 · 12:29:52 AM +00:00 · Jeff Singer

San Francisco, CA District Attorney: As of Wednesday evening, appointed District Attorney Suzy Loftus holds a 51-49 lead over public defender Chesa Boudin, a margin of 2,205 votes. That represents an increase for Loftus from the 240 edge she held in the morning before a new batch of votes were added.


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

Follow: Daily Kos Elections on Twitter

Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:54:17 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

It’s nearing midnight on the East Coast, but the Daily Kos Elections team isn’t quite done yet with Election Night 2019. Still a few races left to put in the shed, but first a recap:

  • The story of the night has to be the narrow defeat of incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Bevin at the hands of Democrat Andy Beshear in Kentucky, a state Donald Trump carried by a 63-33 margin. With all precincts tallied, Beshear holds a likely insurmountable 5150 vote lead over Bevin. As expected, Beshear has declared victory, while Bevin is fussing like an unchanged toddler, claiming irregularities. Which, as many have noted, would be a bit bizarre, considering that Republicans swept every other statewide office by varying margins.
  • Meanwhile, Democrats have claimed both houses in the Virginia state legislature. With a handful of races in limbo, the Democrats seem destined for no less than 21 seats (out of 40) in the Senate, and 54 (out of 100) seats in the House of Delegates
  • One bright spot for the GOP, and they are few and far between: they have held onto the governorship in Mississippi, where Republican Tate Reeves leads Democrat Jim Hood by a 53-45 margin. The GOP also looks to have picked up a small handful of legislative seats in the Magnolia State.
  • The GOP also cut into the legislative majority of the Democrats in New Jersey, picking off at least four seats in the state Assembly and one in the state Senate. The Democrats still have large majorities in both, however.
  • On the local level, Democrats picked up the mayor’s office in Wichita, Kansas, while holding onto their offices in Indianapolis and Manchester (NH). They also claimed at least one county executive’s office in New York state.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:59:30 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: And there is the confirmation. The AP has “un-called” HD-83, which had been called earlier in the night for Republican incumbent Del. Chris Stolle. Now, with all precincts apparently tallied, Stolle trails Democrat Nancy Guy by 18 votes. If that holds, it would be the sixth pickup for the Democrats.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 5:05:40 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

With the clock striking midnight on the East Coast, we are going to call it a night at Daily Kos Elections world headquarters. There will be much to add to Election Night 2019 tomorrow, especially given the fact that some races in Virginia seem to be going down to the final ballot. But the broad strokes are there. Congratulations to Adam Beshear and his campaign team, Democrats across the state of Virginia, and the candidates across the nation who put their names and hearts on the ballot today. As always, check back with Daily Kos Elections tomorrow for more info long last...the 2020 elections kick off in earnest. Good night!


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

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Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:33:30 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

Election Night 2019 has not disappointed, with close races and much for Democrats to celebrate!

  • Start with the upset of the night in KY-Gov, where with all precincts tallied, Democrat Andy Beshear has apparently defeated Republican Gov. Matt Bevin by a 4658 vote margin (49-49). Beshear has declared victory, while Bevin is refusing to concede and is talking recount.
  • Meanwhile, in Virginia, the Democrats are guaranteed to claim both houses of the state legislature. Contrary to expectations, it appears almost certain that the House of Delegates majority (currently at 54 seats) will be larger than the Senate majority, which appears likely to come to rest at a 21-19 Democratic advantage.
  • In mayoral races, Democrats held their posts in Indianapolis (IN) and Manchester (NH), while scoring an upset win by claiming the mayor’s race in Wichita (KS).
  • Democrats also have claimed a state legislative seat in Missouri in a 54-46 upset (MO-HD-99). But that legislature is still overwhelmingly Republican.
  • Democrat Jim Hood has narrowed the gap somewhat, but still trails Republican Tate Reeves 53-46 in the battle for Mississippi Governor.
Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:43:46 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: Only three races are left to be called in the House of Delegates, where Democrats hold a 54-44 advantage at present. In one of those races (HD-84), Republican Rep. Glenn Davis appears to have a lead of just six votes with all precincts reporting. In HD-27, Del. Roxann Robinson (R) has a lead of just nine-tenths of a percentage point over Democrat Larry Barnett.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:04:33 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

MISSISSIPPI: No AP calls yet but with just shy of two-thirds of the votes tallied, Republican Tate Reeves continues to lead Democrat Jim Hood in the Governors race by a 53-46 margin. Downballot, right now the Democrats are holding their own in the state House of Representatives, but look to be down at least two seats in the state Senate. 

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:15:01 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KENTUCKY: Ohmalord…this statement from the Libertarian Party of Kentucky is so beautifully venomous, you need gloves to touch it.


Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:20:55 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: It wouldn’t be an Election Night without a major counting discrepancy, and now we have our second one. The Virginia State Board of Elections says that Republican Del. Chris Stolle has won HD-83 over Democrat Nancy Guy by a modest margin (about 2%). But the AP results have Guy leading by a far more modest margin (unofficially, 18 votes). Uh...stay tuned?

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:31:41 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

MS-Gov: On what otherwise has to be a pretty somber night for Republicans, they do get one pretty solid consolation prize. The AP has called this race for Republican Tate Reeves, who currently leads Democrat Jim Hood by a 53-45 margin.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 4:32:56 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: Hold onto your butts. The Virginia State Board of Elections now confirms the AP calculations from earlier, giving Democrat Nancy Guy a minuscule 18-vote edge over Republican Del. Chris Stolle. This would be, if it somehow holds, the sixth pickup of the night for the Democrats.


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

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Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:44:42 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

We are almost four hours into Election Night 2019, and it has been a freaking barnburner. Start off in deep-red Kentucky, where it appears that Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has been defeated by Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear. With only about two dozen precincts outstanding, Beshear has a 7600-vote lead. Meanwhile, the Democrats have claimed control of the Virginia State Senate with at least 21 seats in the forty-seat chamber locked up. Right now, they also are in the lead for control of the Virginia House of Delegates, where they have three confirmed pickups. But that situation remains very fluid. If there is a downer, it is that Democrat Jim Hood trails Republican Tate Reeves in the battle for Governor of Mississippi in early returns.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:51:34 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA:  The Democrats get some more cushion in the Senate, as Republican Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant has conceded to Democrat Debra Rodman. That would boost the Democrats to a 22-18 edge, with races outstanding. Meanwhile, in the House of Delegates, the Democrats get a critical hold, as Alex Askew has held onto HD-85, a critical swing open seat. That win, coupled with other races, has led the state legislative campaign wing for the Democrats (the DLCC) to claim that the Democrats will seize control of the House of Delegates.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:57:31 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: We’ve finally hit 100% reporting in Kentucky! Democrat Andy Beshear is still winning over GOP incumbent Matt Bevin, by a 49.2 to 48.9 margin. The difference in raw votes is around 4,700. There is still no AP call yet, though. (In case you’re wondering, Kentucky does not have an automatic recount law.)

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:00:31 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: Welp. Not ideal, but not disastrous. There are now reports that a tabulation error might’ve errantly given Debra Rodman an insurmountable lead in SD-12. So, the Democrats might net a smaller majority (21-19) than previously reported.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:01:07 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

MS-Gov: Lost amidst the Kentucky and Virginia news, there’s one more gubernatorial race going on where the news isn’t as good, in Mississippi. Republican Tate Reeves is still leading Democrat Jim Hood in this open seat, still 55-44 with 33% reporting.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:03:17 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: The Associated Press has now confirmed what was already apparent in the early results—The Democratic Party will, for the first time since 1993, control the trifecta in Virginia.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:10:25 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: Republican Matt Bevin, currently trailing in the gubernatorial race with all precincts reporting, is not conceding tonight and expecting a recall. The Associated Press, also, does not seem likely to make a call any time soon, instead saying the race is “too close to call.”

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:11:07 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: Big pickup for the Democrats in the House of Delegates, as they take HD-40, where Del. Tim Hugo (R) barely won re-election in 2017. This time around, Democrat Dan Helmer has taken the win, beating Hugo by a 52-47 margin.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:12:57 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: Meanwhile, Democrat Andy Beshear is currently declaring victory in the gubernatorial race. If you’d like further information on Kentucky's recount law, start here.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:15:53 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

MISSOURI: A good win for the Democrats in a state that has not been fertile ground for them as of late. Democrats were able to win a special election in MO-HD-99, with Democrat Trish Gunby defeating Republican Lee Ann Pittman by a 54-46 margin.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:16:20 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

Indianapolis mayor: One of the most populous cities to host a mayoral race tonight has re-elected its Democratic incumbent mayor: Indianapolis voters gave another term to Joe Hogsett, who easily defeated Republican Jim Merritt, 70-29.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 3:21:38 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

WICHITA MAYOR:  A pleasant turn of events in red-state Kansas, as a Democrat has been elected mayor of Wichita! Democrat Brandon Whipple won election tonight over Republican incumbent Jeff Longwell by a 46-36 margin. He was helped by a write-in campaign by Republican Lyndy Wells, who narrowly missed the runoff for this seat and did not feel like having a unity breakfast with Longwell. Wells appeared to have been the bulk of the write-in tally, which was 18% of the vote.


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

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Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:01:59 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

Just to recap, we’re having an exciting night so far for Democrats. In Kentucky, it’s looking likely that Andy Beshear has ousted Republican incumbent Matt Bevin; he’s currently leading the race 49.4 to 48.7 with 97% reporting. There’s no call in this race yet, though. And in Virginia, we’ve seen key flips in both the state Senate and state House: John Bell in SD-13, which guarantees the Democrats control of the Senate thanks to the Lt. Governor’s tie-breaking vote, and Shelly Simonds in HD-94.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:03:57 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: In the House of Delegates, Democrats notch a major flip, as longtime Republican Del. Chris Jones has conceded defeat in HD-76 to Democrat Clint Jenkins. Jenkins held a 54-46 lead over Jones with 82% of precincts reporting.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:08:12 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: On the heels of the big win in HD-76, we get another apparent pickup for the Democrats in the House of Delegates. In HD-28, where Republican Rep. Bob Thomas was exed out in the primary by right-wing firebrand Paul Milde, Democrat Joshua Cole is the apparent winner. The DLCC issued a release congratulating him several minutes ago. If true, that would be the third confirmed pickup of the night for Democrats, who nonetheless are not yet in the clear, given that they have several seats of their own from the 2017 wave election that they need to retain.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:17:04 AM +00:00 · David Nir

NYC: Polls closed in New York just about 15 minutes ago, but it looks like virtually all votes have been counted, and there’s great news for election reformers: The city has adopted ranked-choice voting (also known as instant-runoff voting) for all primaries and special elections, starting in 2021. Voters approved the measure by a huge 3-to-1 margin.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:23:08 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: NBC has called the Kentucky governor’s race for Democrat Andy Beshear. We’re still waiting for the AP to have the last word, though.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:24:26 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: A big win for Democrats in the Senate, as the AP calls SD-10 for Democrat Ghazala Hashmi, who defeats incumbent GOP Sen. Glen Sturtevant. That result, coupled with the other results in Dem-held seats, means we can now say that the Democrats have taken control of the Virginia State Senate!

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:29:55 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

MS-Gov: We’re finally up to 12% reporting in the Mississippi governor’s race, which was always going to be a harder lift than the Kentucky race but still competitive. Currently, Republican Tate Reeves is at 56% and Democrat Jim Hood is at 43%. Keep in mind, though, these results lean heavily on conservative De Soto County, so things may tighten as more favorable areas report.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:34:36 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: For Democrats to seize the House of Delegates, they had to hold onto their own turf. Three AP calls have just come in that were critical to that effort. The AP has called HD-12 for incumbent Democrat Chris Hurst, HD-13 for incumbent Democrat Danica Roem, and HD-21 for incumbent Democrat Kelly Fowler. 

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 2:37:57 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: Another big Democratic hold in the House of Delegates, as Democrat Wendy Gooditis wins a rematch in HD-10 over former GOP Del. Randy Minchew.


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

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Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:23:44 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: We’ve had a pretty big reversal all of a sudden! It may have something to do with that backlog of votes from Jefferson County (Louisville) and Fayette County (Lexington) all reporting at once. We're suddenly up to 83% reporting in the Kentucky gubernatorial race, and Democrat Andy Beshear has pulled into a 50-48 lead over GOP incumbent Matt Bevin.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:29:13 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: Here’s the tale of the tape from a local reporter. (The AP’s county level results are still playing catchup.) Beshear is winning Jefferson County 67-32 with 96% reporting, and more importantly, with a 95,000 vote raw numbers margin (compared with only a 37,000 vote cushion for the Democratic candidate in 2015). Just a crushing margin for Democrat Andy Beshear out of Louisville.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:30:18 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: We’re finally seeing the gremlins get sorted out (at least, most of them!) We’re only going to report House races with more than a third of precincts reporting, and Senate races with more than a quarter, because of the wide variability in precincts.

In the House of Delegates, the Democrat currently are picking up three seats, though one is extremely dubious (HD-26, where the reddest parts are still out, and Democrat Brent Finnegan has a 66-34 lead). However, in HD-91, Democrat Martha Mugler looks set on claiming this GOP-held open seat: she leads 59-41 with half the vote in. Meanwhile, in the rematch in HD-94 that ended in a tie (!) in 2017, Democrat Shelly Simonds has a solid 58-40 lead over Republican Del. David Yancey with 42% of the vote in.

In the Senate, the Democrats currently lead in three Republican seats (they need one to claim the chamber). In SD-10, with 60% reporting, Democrat Ghazala Hashmi leads Sen. Glen Sturtevant by a 58-42 margin. In SD-12, Democrat Debra Rodman leads Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant by a 59-41 margin. And in SD-13, Democrat John Bell looks poised to claim an open seat, leading the Trump-endorsed Republican Geary Higgins by a 54-46 margin with more than half the precincts in.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:35:51 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

Virginia Senate: If the Democrats can hold onto their seats (and the GOP inexplicably only challenged 4 of them), they will claim the Virginia State Senate. The AP has called SD-13 for Democrat John Bell, who has defeated Trump-endorsed Geary Higgins by a 54-46 margin. That is the first flip of the night for the Senate Democrats, who needed, as it happens, one seat to flip to claim the chamber.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:40:30 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: Part of what's interesting about Andy Beshear's map is that still didn’t hit his benchmark (71%) that I gave him. His lead is based on beating his benchmarks by quite a bit in the Cincinnati suburbs, which tend to be some of the best-educated parts of the state (for example, his benchmark in Campbell County was 51%, but he’s winning 53-45 there), and also in many parts of the Appalachian southeast corner of the state (his benchmark in Pike County was 34%, but he shot past that to a 43-54 loss).

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:43:07 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

Virginia: We’re starting to see some more AP calls of individual legislative races: the AP has called HD-94 for Shelly Simonds, which is the first Democratic pickup in the House.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:47:41 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

KY-Gov: In Kentucky, we’re up to almost 95% reporting, with around 200 precincts left to go. Democrat Andy Beshear leads Republican Matt Bevin 49.4 to 48.6, with a disparity of around 12,000 votes between them.

In the Secretary of State race, however, it appears that Democrat Heather French Henry is narrowly losing; there are reports that she has called Republican Michael Adams to concede.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:50:06 AM +00:00 · David Jarman

Virginia: The AP has called SD-11 in Richmond’s suburbs for Republican incumbent Amanda Chase. This, however, is a redder district than many of the other ones we’re following tonight and was at best a ‘reach’ target for Democrats.


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

Follow: Daily Kos Elections on Twitter

Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:33:38 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

For those just beginning to check into our election night coverage, we have a legitimate tossup in the Kentucky Governor’s race that looks likely to last well into the night. In the meantime, polls have closed in Virginia, but results are fairly slow to come in. Most races have only a precinct or two reporting. So, buckle in...we’re just getting started here.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:43:42 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: AP is still showing scant returns from either Louisville or Lexington, but they are now reporting over a third of the precincts reporting statewide, and they have Republican Gov. Matt Bevin now staked to a 52-46 lead over Democrat Andy Beshear. The question, now, is whether that will be enough of a cushion when AP starts reporting Jefferson and Fayette Counties.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:47:28 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: Becoming pretty clear that turnout statewide here is going to be bonkers. In 2015, when Matt Bevin earned his first term, the total turnout statewide was 973,000 votes. Tonight, with just over a third of the precincts in, turnout is already over 500,000.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:59:51 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: We finally get a chunk of Jefferson County (Louisville) to fall in, and that cuts the Bevin lead substantially. Now Bevin leads Beshear 50-48, a raw vote advantage of 18,000 votes. Remember, local media is reporting Beshear won Fayette County by over 30,000 votes, and AP is not yet reporting that total.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:00:55 AM +00:00 · David Nir

Polls have now closed in Mississippi, New Jersey, and Texas. Check out our key races guide linked above to see what’s in store!

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:05:27 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

VIRGINIA: If you’re wondering why we’ve been slow to report legislative results out of Virginia, it is because every conceivable data source is having issues. Our numbers, for AP, are the closest, but there are issues with precincts reporting (some races are listed at 96% reporting, but with only a few hundred votes. So...we will wait and hope the gremlins get sorted out.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 1:06:17 AM +00:00 · David Nir

Manchester, NH Mayor: Democratic incumbent Joyce Craig, the mayor of New Hampshire’s largest city, has just won a second term. Unofficial results have her beating Republican Victoria Sullivan 57-43.


Live coverage of election night 2019: Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and more


It’s election night 2019! Hundreds of important races are on the ballot across the country, and we’re liveblogging the top contests below.

Follow: Daily Kos Elections on Twitter

Results (with poll closings in Eastern Time): KY (6/7 PM) | MS (8 PM) | NJ (8 PM) | NY (9 PM) | TX (8 PM) | VA (7 PM): Senate, House

Key Races: Live Cheat-sheet| Election Preview| County Benchmarks | VA: Senate, House

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 · 11:06:37 PM +00:00 · David Nir

We have our first trickle of votes showing up in Kentucky, but there are far too few to tell us anything. In fact, we generally don’t start commenting on the results until around 10% of precincts are reporting. You never want to start making projections based on a tiny sample, especially one that may be unrepresentative of the electorate as a whole.

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019 · 11:54:25 PM +00:00 · David Nir

While the AP (and the secretary of state) remain slow in Kentucky, local news station LEX18 is reporting a large tally of votes from Fayette County (home of Lexington, the second-largest city in the state and a place where Democrat Andy Beshear has to do well).

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:01:54 AM +00:00 · David Nir

Polls have now closed in Virginia (and the western half of Kentucky). VPAP says to expect first VA results around 7:15 PM ET.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:09:01 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: AP now has 12% of precincts reporting in the Kentucky Governor’s race, and they have Gov. Matt Bevin (R) with a 51-47 lead over Democrat Andy Beshear. BUT... there is a large caveat here. The AP has not yet reported results from Fayette County (Lexington), and a local news affiliate has reported that Beshear is leading in Fayette handily (65-33). This means that Beshear has a 36,000 margin out of Fayette that is not being reported yet. That would actually vault him into a lead, given that Bevin only has a 10,000 vote lead in the AP tabulation.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:14:47 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: It’s worth noting that, assuming the result holds, the result in Fayette County is a big shift from 2015, where Democrat Jack Conway (who lost statewide by 9), only carried the county by a 55-40 margin.

It’s also worth noting that Trump was in Fayette County last night.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:20:27 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: Elections are not always about margins—they are also about turnout. Case in point is the aforementioned Fayette County. When Jack Conway lost the 2015 gubernatorial race to Bevin, the total turnout in blue-leaning Fayette County was just shy of 70,000 votes. With 97 percent of precincts reporting, according to local affiliate Lex18, turnout in Fayette County is just over 110,000 votes.

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019 · 12:28:19 AM +00:00 · Steve Singiser

KY-Gov: AP has roughly a quarter of the precincts reporting, but still has scant returns from the two big blue centers of the state: Louisville or Lexington. In spite of that, Gov. Matt Bevin (R) still only has a narrow lead over Democrat Andy Beshear: 51-47, or a raw vote margin of around 14,000 votes. We know from local media that Beshear has built up a big lead in Fayette, so when that hits AP, it would not be unreasonable to expect a lead change.


Live 2019 election results: Mississippi statewide races


For all Mississippi races, click here.


Live 2019 election results: Key New York races


For all New York races, click here.


Live 2019 election results: Key Virginia state Senate races


For key Virginia state House races, click here. For all Virginia races, click here.


Live 2019 election results: Key Virginia state House races


For key Virginia state Senate races, click here. For all Virginia races, click here.


Live 2019 election results: Kentucky statewide races


For all Kentucky races, click here


This Week in Statehouse Action: Don't BOO, Vote edition



— me, haunted by the ghosts of Virginia elections past

Campaign Action

As an erudite consumer of this missive, I know you know that Virginia’s elections are just a few short days away.

I’m going to be really real with you right now:

I’m nervous.

When you remember how you felt on a certain election night **cough cough** years ago when Virginia Democrats’ numbers in the House plummeted to a historic nadir of 31, you train yourself to not expect Good Things.

But yes, it’s true: there are many many reasons to be optimistic about Democrats winning majorities in both the state House and the state Senate this Tuesday.

I’ll even list a few.

1. Democrats need to flip just two seats to win a majority in the House of Delegates, and they need to flip just one seat to win an effective majority in the state Senate (the Democratic lieutenant governor can break ties on everything but the state budget).

2. Despite the fact that they’re in the minority in both chambers, fundraising has been going increasingly well for Democrats over the course of the cycle.

But you don’t have to take my word for it …

  • And yes, of course GOP and conservative groups are pumping super fat last-minute stacks into seats they hope to flip or save.
  • But Democratic and progressive groups want these wins super badly, too, and they’re putting their late money where their mouths are, so to speak, in both House and Senate contests.

Hell$ Bell$: And these seats are getting expensive.


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Farmers blamed for Delhi's pollution say they are helplessIndian farmers said they're being unfairly criticized for causing the worst air pollution in the capital because of the burning of stubbles in fields. The air quality index stood at 273 on Thursday after authorities declared a health emergency last weekend when the index crossed 500 — 10 times the level considered healthy by WHO standards. Despite a ban on stubble burning, farmers say they have no choice but to set fire to the crop residue.


Secret Service study: School attackers showed warning signs


Secret Service study: School attackers showed warning signsMost students who committed deadly school attacks over the past decade were badly bullied, had a history of disciplinary trouble and their behavior concerned others but was never reported, according to a U.S. Secret Service study released Thursday. In at least four cases, attackers wanted to emulate other school shootings, including those at Columbine High School in Colorado, Virginia Tech University and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The research was launched following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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