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Watch Zabit Magomedsharipov wage war with Kyle Bochniak ahead of UFC Moscow (VIDEO)


Before he competes in his home country against Calvin Kattar at UFC Moscow, watch Zabit Magomedsharipov battle Kyle Bochniak in their epic encounter from UFC 223. In his home country of Russia, Zabit Magomedsharipov will have the opportunity to show why he deserves a future UFC featherweight title shot, as he and Calvin Kattar will do […]

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[Stewart Baker] Sandworm and the GRU's global intifada

[Episode 286 of the Cyberlaw Podcast] This episode is a wide-ranging interview with Andy Greenberg, author of Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin's Most Dangerous Hackers. The book contains plenty of original reporting, served up with journalistic flair. It digs deep into some of the most startling and destructive cyberattacks of recent years, from two dangerous attacks on Ukraine's power grid, to the multibillion-dollar NotPetya, and then to a sophisticated but largely failed effort to bring down the Seoul Olympics and pin the blame on North Korea. Apart from sophisticated coding and irresponsibly indiscriminate targeting, all these episodes have one thing in common. They are all the work of Russia's GRU. Andy persuasively sets out the attribution and then asks what kind of corporate culture supports such adventurism – and whether there is a strategic vision behind the GRU's attacks. The interview convinced me at least…

Sales: Bilingual Russian/English Technical Support Agent - Newark, NJ - Newark, New Jersey

Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS) is one of the largest broadband communications and video services providers in the United States, delivering broadband, pay television, telephony services, proprietary content and advertising services to approximately 4.9 million Residential and Business customers across 21 states through its Optimum and Suddenlink brands.From high-speed broadband and ultra-HD video, to digital advertising solutions, local news and voice offerings, we are making connections possible around the country - to businesses, to consumers, to communities, to schools, to hospitals, and everyone in between.We are seeking energetic and reliable professionals to join our team as bi-lingual Russian/English Technical Support Agents. The successful candidate will be responsible for answering incoming customer calls while providing an optimum customer service experience. Troubleshooting technical support calls from both Residential and Business customers who are using Optimum Phone, Television, Online/ Router, and advanced internet with support of multiple devices. Guiding and educating through established troubleshooting procedures, general product knowledge, in addition to general call handling of customer inquiries. Have first call resolution as the first level of contact for customer service inquiries and technology problems for Optimum services. Quickly develop trust and rapport with customers to provide support and deescalate frustrations. Service delivery requires up-to-date knowledge of Optimum practices and policies to create new and unexpected value with every interaction while fostering a culture of service excellence.We are offering paid training and a sign on bonus for these roles!What you need: High School Diploma or equivalent Minimum of one year of customer service experience Strong typing and oral communication skills Regular and prompt attendance during training and scheduled shifts Ability to multi-task Flexibility with hours and days, although position will assign regular shifts (Saturdays and evenings are common) Ability to multitask and work in a fast paced environment Winning ATTITUDE and DRIVE FOR SUCCESS, a must! Strong computer proficiency with Window-based (a must) computer and MAC-based preferred Bi-lingual proficiency (English-Russian) is requiredWhat we offer: Competitive compensation Paid Training Full and comprehensive benefit package, including medical, dental, and vision. Tuition reimbursement Discounted Optimum services if in service area We are an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/Disability/Vet and maintain a drug-free and smoke-free workplace ()

談幾個便宜的1000mm反射鏡頭(Celestron C5和C90, Meade, 和Rubinar)

談幾個便宜的1000mm反射鏡頭(CelestronC5和C90,Meade,和Rubinar) 冼鏡光 July15,2018上線 六年(2012)前寫了一篇常見的500mmf/8反射鏡頭測試(Accura、Canon、Nikon、Sigma、Tamron、Tokina和Vivitar)比較若干個500mm的反射鏡頭,當時的想法是下一篇應該是其它的500mm(譬如Contax、Minolta、MTO、Olympus、Yashica等等)或者是1000mm才有意思。沒想到一些意料之外的因素而停了下來,久了之後就忘了,這個暑假趁着天氣好趕快把未完成的部份補充,這就是本篇幾個便宜的1000mm鏡頭的比較。請注意到「便宜」這兩個字,我的標準是在eBay上$300美元左右以下的標價(或成交價),所以像是Nikon、Pentax這些比較貴的就不考慮了。我知道Sigma也有一個1000mmf13.5,雖然不十分貴但也不便宜,而且經驗告訴我Sigma的反射鏡頭並不十分高明,所以就沒列在這一批,或許日後有機會弄到一個時再專文介紹,反正拍攝的景都是固定的而只有時間不同,在比較上不會有多大困難。 這次比較的鏡頭一共五個:CelestronC51250mmf/10、CelestronC901250mmf/13.8、Celestron橘筒C901000mmf/11、Meade1000mmf/11和Rubinar1000mmf/10Macro。除了Rubinar之外,其它四個都是天文(或觀測)望遠鏡設計,而Rubinar是攝影鏡頭。所以,我們可以預期用Rubinar拍攝會有比較好的效果,然而令人驚訝的是CelestronC5居然未必遜色,後者的拍攝結果就是証據。 這是篇圖多的長文,我們從各個鏡頭的介紹開始! 鏡頭說明 本文介紹的鏡頭一共五個(下面照片):自左而右是CelestronC5(白筒)、CelestronC90(橘筒)、CelestronC90(黑筒)、Meade和Rubinar;除了Rubinar是俄國貨之外,Celestron和Meade都是美國貨,但黑筒的C90是在大陸製造;Celestron和Meade到今天都是反射式望遠鏡的大廠。這五個鏡頭中,除了CelestronC5(以下簡稱C5)之外都是Maksutov-Cassegrain設計,但C5卻是Schmidt-Cassegrain設計。Schmidt-Cassegrain(一般簡稱為SCT,表示Schmidt-CassegrainTelescope)設計中最前方是一片薄的非球面透鏡,主要的用途是修正球面像差;入射光經過在後方的主反射鏡送回在前方透鏡中央的副反射鏡,最後再反射到達影像平面(下圖)。Maksutov-Cassegrain(通常簡稱做MAK或Mak甚至MCT)設計最前方是一片有相當厚度的負(或凹)新月型透鏡,其它部分和SCT相同。 這五個鏡頭中,除了Rubinar之外、其它四個都是相當傳統的望遠鏡設計:在鏡頭尾部沒有校正透鏡;換句話說,從鏡筒後面灌水進去,就直接會進入鏡筒內部。Rubinar後頭有校正透鏡,所以鏡筒是前後都封住的,因為這是個攝影鏡頭。正因為如此,Rubinar在邊角上的表現要比其它四個鏡頭好。 照片中除了Rubinar之外,每一個鏡頭都裝上了和該鏡頭相容的T2接環連接管,再加上一個T2到SonyE的接環。Rubinar的接環是T2(42x0.75mm),照片中是裝了一個有對焦環的M42到SonyE的接環。 以下我們先把各鏡頭稍做解釋後再看拍攝結果。 CelestronC5(簡稱C5)我們從C5談起,此地的鏡頭其實是第二代。Celestron在1970年推出CelestronC8,此地8指的是鏡頭口徑、單位是英吋,所以C8的口徑是203.2mm,又因為鏡頭的f值是f/10,所以C8的焦距是2032mm=203.2x10,這個時期的Celestron鏡頭的鏡筒是橘色。下面照片是C8,相機是NikonD7000。 Celestron在1971年推出C5、光圈仍然是f/10,所以C5的口徑約略是5英吋(12.7公分)、焦距是1250mm。我在1980年代曾經買過這(第)一代的C5的觀測版(黑筒)、沒有尋星鏡、但有一個可以接相機的T接環裝到SLR上拍攝。下面是從照片掃描用這個C5拍攝以前松山機場747起飛的照片,拍攝地點在敦化北路上民生東路和機場中央所在,時間大約是在1980年代中期。 在1990年代初Celestron重新設計C5上市,就是下面這個白筒版。鏡筒側面標了CELESTRON字樣(第一張照片),鏡筒前方是一片薄非球面鏡片,中間黑色圓形後面是副反射鏡(第二張照片)。副反射鏡很容易被震鬆或離開最佳位置,於是就會直接影響到影像品質,因此使用人得透過前方的三個螺絲把副反射鏡調回最佳位置。我這個C5已經十多年沒調過、而且也常把它放在車子裡頭帶出去拍攝,所以C5真正的影像品質應該不輸此地的拍攝結果。 鏡筒底部有燕尾榫式(dovetailmount)的安裝機制(第一張照片),一般可以直接裝上有Arca-Swiss機制的腳架頭(只要腳架座寛度夠,不然可以裝在ArcaSwiss的快拆板上),十分方便。C5的對焦機制是在鏡筒後方的銀色旋鈕(第二張照片),逆時針旋轉往無限遠方向對焦、順時針則往最近距離方向。這種旋鈕式對焦對長焦距鏡頭十分方便。因為旋轉鏡筒少許可能對焦平面就會移動很遠,加上長焦距鏡頭景深很淺,對焦平面差一點點,主體就不在景深範圍裡頭。旋鈕對焦經過齒輪等機制,可以做到非常精細的微調使對焦更準確。更重要的是,它通常可以對焦超過無限遠適應溫度變化,而且也彌補轉接環長度不準的常見問題(一些差的轉接環無法讓鏡頭對焦到無限遠)。 目前的CelestronC5當然不是這個白筒版,而是進入二十一世紀初的黑筒版,下面照片中黑筒是近期版、白筒是本文使用的鏡頭。 如果您對Celestron的發展史有興趣,CompanySeven的這篇介紹很値得看看。 CelestronC90(簡稱C90)CelestronC90是一個相當普及的産品,它在1978年發表、大約從1979年就開始生產。因為便宜而且體積又小,C90的銷售一向不弱,下面是1980年代初期的C90,它的鏡筒是橘色(和上一節提到的C8是同一時間)。以它的序列號碼9287來看,它應該是相當早期的產品,這個時期的橘筒C90有光學結構完全相同的三型:天文型有天文用腳架和其它機制、觀測型有尋星鏡但只有通用腳架孔(照片中的是觀測型、但尋星鏡和它的座已經取下)、和攝影型(只有鏡頭)。鏡筒上黑色有齒的是對焦環,沒有距離標示也沒有景深刻度,對焦方式和一般攝影鏡頭相同。第二張照片是底部的腳架座,它有一個目前常見尺寸的腳架孔。 C90是個Maksutov設計,所以常被簡稱為C90MAK。下面是鏡頭前方,中間亮銀圓形就是透鏡後方鍍銀的副反射鏡,一般的Maksutov設計就是如此。鏡頭前方是一片有相當厚度的凹鏡面,這可以從它上面的反光看出來。 這個早期的C90表示鏡頭口徑是90mm,焦距是1000mm、光圈為f/11。它的對焦機制非常簡單,常見的毛病就是時間久了裡頭的滑潤劑乾固使對焦不順暢或是根本轉不動,好在是C90很容易分解修理,網上多有說明。然而,它的更大問題(我的觀點)是轉那麼大的對焦環很容易讓鏡頭擺動,從而把鏡頭移離開目標;另外,對焦環移動幅度很大,非常不容易精準對焦。所以,個人比較喜歡用前面C5那樣的旋鈕對焦,用過了就知道好處、缺點就是慢。 從大約是1985年起C90變成黑筒,然後又有其它變化。目前市售的C90如下,鏡筒變成黒色而且也比較長。為什麼鏡筒比較長?原因是鏡頭的焦距加長到1250mm(第二張照片),由於口徑仍然是90mm,所以f值就是f/13.9=1250/90、大約是f/14。從照片中透鏡的反光也可以看出最前面的是凹的,因為這仍然是個MAK(Maksutov)設計的反射鏡頭。 下面第一張照片是鏡筒尾部,那個突出的黑色旋鈕是對焦鈕,逆(順)時針旋轉往無限遠(最近距離)方向對焦;說明書上指出,最短對焦距離是4.6公尺。前面講C5時提過,用對焦旋鈕對焦比較能精確對焦。第二張照片是鏡頭底部,也有一個燕尾榫式(dovetailmount)的安裝機制。 Meade97D(簡稱Meade)Meade的這個鏡頭通常叫做Series97D型,焦距是1000mm、光圈為f/11、口徑是90mm。Celestron和Meade是世界兩大望遠鏡製造商,幾乎囊括絶大部分的SCT和MCT市場,而且Meade比Celestron還要大,在二十世紀末還想把Celestron併吞,但因為反拖拉斯法經過聽証會後未能如願,所以今天才又回到兩強併列的態勢。 下面是Meade的側面,這是白筒,不過這一型似乎全是白筒。有顆粒狀的是對焦環,對焦距離是3m到無限遠。第二張照片是腳架座。 下面是鏡頭前方,中央有個銀色的圓點,所以這個Meade是標準的Maksutov設計;從鏡片的反光也可以看出前方是凹的。 雖然Meade這個鏡頭不論尺寸、焦距和光圈都和Celestron的橘筒C90近似,但是二手市場上卻不如C90那麼多,這多少是因為生産較晚(也許是1980年代晚期或1990年代初期開始生產),但是這個鏡頭的好評卻不太多(雖然C90也毀譽參半),所以銷售可能並不很理想也說不定。 如果您對Meade這家公司的發展有興趣,不妨參看CompanySeven的這篇文章,不過該文並沒有提此地介紹的鏡頭,想來它不是Meade的主力産品。 MCRubinar1000mmf/10Macro(簡稱Rubinar)Rubinar(Рубинар)是俄國LytkarinoPlantofOpticalGlass(簡稱LZOS)的產品。Rubinar系列有若干反射鏡頭,此地談的是1000mmf/10Macro(下面照片),因為焦距是1000mm、而光圈是f/10,所以口徑是100mm=1000/10,是此地介紹的五個鏡頭中第二大的。 下面照片是鏡筒前端,很明顯地會看到MC後面跟著紅色的俄文RUBINAR,下緣就是LZOS的商標。那個顆粒狀的寛環是對焦環,對焦距離大約是從4公尺到無限遠。鏡頭標上Macro的原因,是在最短距離時的放大率為1:4(也就是0.25X);至於1:4的放大率是否算是微距,那就見仁見智了。 下面是鏡頭前方的照片,從反光可以看出第一片透鏡是凹的、但卻沒有一個亮銀點,這是Maksutov設計嗎?是的,下面是我從網路上找到的這個鏡頭的結構。我們看到幾個重要的差異:(1)最前面並不是一片新月型透鏡、而是多了一片正的透鏡,兩片透鏡加起來完成原Maksutov設計應該有的修正。(2)副反射鏡裝在鏡頭前方突出的小圓筒中,於是到達副反射鏡的光線會先被第一片透鏡折射,反射出來的光線又再度被第一片透鏡折射,這是Mangin設計、可以縮短鏡筒的長度;但是,主反射鏡卻不是Mangin設計。日本生產的反射鏡頭幾乎全是Mangin設計,鏡筒明顯地比較短。(3)在鏡頭尾部還有一個複合透鏡做進一步修正,所以我們可以預期在攝影應用上影像品質會比較好。 (取自網路) 鏡頭底部有個十分「奇怪」的腳架座(下面照片),照片中腳架孔裝了個大頭螺絲、這是用來固定那個環的位置用的。換句話說,把這個螺絲轉鬆就可以把鏡筒在環中自由轉動,轉緊了就鎖住位置。腳架裝那兒?把那顆螺絲轉下來就是腳架孔,然而我試過五六個腳架的快拆板(包含ArcaSwiss),發現都可以裝進去,但螺絲長度都不夠,無法鎖緊鏡筒,在拍攝時鏡筒仍然可以自由轉動。 要如何鎖緊鏡筒呢?下面是鏡筒尾部,外圍厚厚的環就是可以轉動而且有腳架孔(6點鐘方向)的環,環上12點鐘方向有個小螺絲,把它轉緊就可以把鏡筒在環中鎖緊。您不覺得這是個很奇怪而且又有點莫名其妙的設計?大多數日系鏡頭都有個大螺絲頭可以轉鬆或轉緊,讓使用人隨時(不用任何工具)可以調整相機的旋轉角度。但是,這個鏡頭卻逼著使用人身上帶一個小螺絲起子。再說,那個腳架座實在太小、無法有效支撐那麽大的鏡頭。 我對俄國貨十分沒信心就是上面所講的。不但如此,這個鏡頭的小螺絲根本就鎖不緊鏡筒,小螺絲已經轉到不能動了,鏡筒卻仍然可以自由轉動。其實我有兩個這樣的鏡頭,另一個卻有準直校正(collimation)不足的問題,無法精確對焦。所以,玩俄國鏡頭心中要有品管差而造成的諸般問題的準備,弄到一個好鏡頭得靠點運氣。 這個鏡頭是用M42接環,但我手上的兩個都是用T2接環轉到其它機型。由於很多陸製接環的長度規格不足而無法對焦到無限遠,我決定把鏡頭上的T2接環拔掉而換成一個有對焦環的M42到NEX的接環。T2接環的規格是42x0.75mm,而M42的規格是42x1mm,兩者的口徑相同都是42mm,但紋距卻不同,所以把M42接環裝到T2螺紋裡頭不會十分密合(見下面照片)。好在是,因為有對焦環可以伸縮,這就彌補了不十分密合的問題,而且也可以對焦到無限遠。我的做法是,用鏡頭的對焦環約略對焦,再用轉接環上的對焦機制微調,手續麻煩些但可以對得很準、比轉鏡筒上對焦環準得多。 拍攝方式 在反射鏡頭系列的文章中都使用APS-C片幅相機拍攝,這一篇也不例外,不過我的NEX5已經退休,所以本篇改用SonyNEX6拍攝。因為是在APS-C機型上拍攝,於是1000mm和1250mm焦距的視角就分別相當於135底片上的1500mm和1875mm。為了儘可能避免相機的後製手續對影像品質影響太大,所有和影像後製的參數如果能夠關掉就關掉,要不然就定成中立(neutral)或低(low)。當然這表示是拍攝JPEG檔。 這五個鏡頭中的四個其實原來是天文望遠鏡,只有Rubinar是個攝影鏡頭,因此在取景拍攝時我用到了從無限透到非常近的距離,於是我們可以看出天文望遠鏡是否是只在遠距離表現理想。正因為如此,本篇的拍攝時間相當長、橫跨好幾月,文章的寫作時間自然也長。 有兩點得在此地先做個說明。第一,拍攝時都沒加遮光罩,因為有些鏡頭(譬如C5)無法裝遮光罩,所以儘可能順光拍攝。第二,長焦距鏡頭對焦十分不容易。由於景深很淺,稍許對焦失誤就有可能造成主體逸出景深範圍,加上反射鏡頭的對比低些,所以對焦極難非常準確,您不妨把本文的照片看成是最基本的影像品質,若對焦更準些(如果可能的話),影像品質會更好。 下面,我們就從無限遠起以距離遞降的方式看看各個鏡頭的表現。 實際拍攝:無限遠 第一景是在無限遠的月亮。因為五個鏡頭的焦距不同,拍到的月亮大小自然也不同,所以我們以CelestronC5為準(因為它的焦距1250mm最長,於是月亮拍得最大),把原畫面中包含了月亮的2700x2700裁下來再縮成600x600,這就是下面的結果。當然,CelestronC5和黑筒的CelestronC90因為焦距都是1250mm,拍得的月亮也最大;固然剩下的三個鏡頭的焦距都是1000mm,Meade的結果比CelestronC90橘筒和Rubinar的結果來得大一些,所以Meade的真正焦距應該在1000mm和1250mm之間。 下面是右下角第谷坑(TychoCrater)處的600x600裁切。很明顯地,在兩個1250mm鏡頭中,C5比黑筒的C90好很多。在三個1000mm中,Rubinar的對比和解像力都強些,個人以為橘筒的C90勝過Meade,因為後者會產生紫藍色色調,因此在實用上紫邊可能會相當明顯。C5和Rubinar相比,我覺得C5比較好,至於這有沒有可能是用Rubinar時對焦失準,就是一個手動對焦的問題了,因為人為誤差總是有的。總之,以這個景而言,我認為: C5>Rubinar>橘筒C90>黑筒C90>Meade 實際拍攝:1.5公里 這個景是從1.5公里外的小山丘上拍攝城裡的地方法院。那天有點熱,所以熱氣上昇使對焦十分困難,縱使對焦凖確也會使拍到畫面的解像力和對比打了折扣,這是各位得了解的一點。另外,鏡頭裝卸和對焦費時、而且又是在傍晚拍攝,從拍第一張到最後一張差不多要30多分鐘,於是各張照片的日照角度也不盡相同,這也是看這組照片時應該注意的。下面是各個鏡頭拍到的結果: 下面是在畫面中央的裁切。毫無意外她,在兩個1250mm的鏡頭中,C5比黑筒的C90來得好。在三個1000mm鏡頭中,Rubinar仍然提供了比較多的細節,橘筒C90的細節也比Meade的多、後者在高對比區域邊緣有一層若有若無的紫色調(其實在暗部也有這個傾向)。在C5和Rubinar兩者,後者的對比高者,然而仔細看來卻並沒有提供更多細節(或許是因為放大率較小的緣故)。以窗戶的格子來看,C5的明顯地比較結實,所以我們結論仍然是: C5>Rubinar>橘筒C90>黑筒C90>Meade 實際拍攝:800公尺 這是此地鐵橋的景,照片是分兩天拍的,因為拍攝時風大、鏡頭可能晃動,所以隔一天再拍一次、從兩組照片中選較優的一組做準。下面是各個鏡頭拍到的結果,對焦部位是畫面中央的告示牌;因為水面熱氣蒸發使對焦困難、而且也會降低影像品質,但是所有鏡頭都會受到影響,因而大致扯平,不過先點出這項事實還是好些(上一個景也如此): 其次是中央告示牌部位的600x600裁切。很明顯地,Rubinar的對比最高、影像品質也最好(請不要忘了大氣擾動的影響)、其次是C5;這兩者在解析度上很難區分高下,但是Rubinar的影像結實些而且對比也高些。在解像力上,黑筒C90看起來並不弱,然而畫面卻總是有一層灰濛濛的感覺,這降低了對比、也降低了畫面的純淨度。橘筒C90的影像也相當結實,問題也是不太純淨;Meade的結果稍許鬆軟些(請看最下排的字)。所以,就中央部位的品質而言,我的看法是這樣的: Rubinar>C5>黑筒C90>橘筒C90>Meade 接着我們看畫面下緣的表現。因為各鏡頭的焦距不同、畫面下緣自然不同,而且(說老實話)很難把每一個鏡頭都正好對在同一地點,所以下頭的裁切不盡相同。然而,看各卯釘以及樓梯和欄桿的陰影就不難瞭解各鏡頭的表現。我們很容易看出,Rubinar最好、其次是C5,其它三個鏡頭都有霧霧的感覺,橘筒C90和Meade都有相當顯著的、蔓延出來的紫邊(C90還嚴重些);黑筒C90很難定位,它沒有明顯的紫邊、但畫面都是濛的。以我個人的觀點來看,在邊緣部位的表混我認為: Rubinar>C5>Meade>橘筒C90>黑筒C90 實際拍攝:400公尺 下面是距拍攝地點400公尺出頭的一楝房子,對焦部位是閣樓中間的屋頂。這個區域的對比不高,對焦相當困難。很明顯地,兩個C90和Meade的畫面對比都比較低。黑筒C90的影像周圍比較暗、而且畫面似乎有一層薄霧罩著,橘筒C90也有這個現象。 我們看看對焦部位的裁切。顯然地,C5和Rubinar提供了相當豐富的細節,而且C5好像分離這些細節的能力高些,雖然差別不大。其它三個鏡頭的對比不高,難以看到很多細節,所以,以這個景而言,我覺得: C5=Rubinar>黑筒C90>Meade>橘筒C90 實際拍攝:200公尺 接下來咱們看看200公尺的情況。這是本地礦區冶鍊場的一部分,廢置很久了,現在是當成古蹟保護。照片中的房子是一整片廠房的小部份,距離拍攝地點約200公尺出頭一點。從下面的照片不難看出,C5和Rubinar提供了更多細節,而且Rubinar的對比也較高,其它三個鏡頭對比低、畫面淡了些也少了些細節。另外,因為C5焦距比較長,於是景深也比較淺,所以前景的鐵絲網在C5的影像中比Rubinar的稍許模糊些。 下面是中央對焦部位的裁切,對焦部位就是那條斜斜的白線(漆?),因為它在磚頭上形成比較高的對比。毫無疑問地,因為對比高,Rubinar最好(看看燈的底座)。其次是差不遠的C5,事實上,如果不是有點朦朦的低對比,C5不會比Rubinar差太遠,把這個部分或整張照片的對比提高些,結果就會完全改觀。其餘的三個鏡頭表現相似,所以我認為: Rubinar>C5>黑筒C90>Meade>橘筒C90 實際拍攝:100公尺 拍攝100公尺出頭一艘船的引擎。那天風很強、浪也大,所以是躲在車子後面拍攝。船是泊在碼頭邊、移動不太大,不過按下快門時的確會稍許改變位置,好在是快門速度都夠高影響並不很大。下面是五個鏡頭拍攝的結果: 我們看中央部位的表現(見下面照片)。首先,C5的結果仍然比黑筒C90好很多。黑筒C90拍到的影像似乎都蒙上一層紗似地、比較淡而且對比低,都有暈、四角比較暗。其它三個鏡頭中,畫面純淨度方面只有Rubinar可以和C5一較長短;橘筒的C90和Meade除了對比高些之外,紫邊都十分明顯(特別是Meade),所以都不如黑筒C90。就中央部位的品質而言,我的看法是這樣的: C5=Rubinar>黑筒C90>橘筒C90>Meade 這個景的邊緣沒多少細節而且也可能不在景深範圍內,所以我打算看看引擎頂蓋的細節,下面是該處的裁切。五個鏡頤中,只有C5和Rubinar把Kicker這個字呈現得很好,而且Rubinar似乎好些。C5和黑筒C90很清楚地呈現了NOTICE這個字(右下角),但C5的效果好很多。Meade的紫邊相當嚴重,和橘筒C90相比是差了。以我個人的觀點來看,在邊緣部位的表現如下: C5=Rubinar>黑筒C90>橘筒C90>Meade 整體而言,我的看法是: C5=Rubinar>黑筒C90>橘筒C90>Meade 實際拍攝:40公尺 這個距拍攝地點約40公尺的景是對門鄰居的車庫燈,在這樣的距離下,大氣擾動的影響不會很大、鏡頭的品質比較容易看出來,不過有多少人會在40公尺處用1000mm的鏡頭拍攝就很難說了,因為往前走幾步路用200mm或300mm鏡頭拍攝的結果會好很多、而且還不需要用腳架。下面是各個鏡頭拍到的結果,對焦是燈座和底部的花紋: 其次是燈部位的600x600的裁切。首先,C5的表現比黑筒的C90好很多:燈座上的螺絲頭在C5的結果中十分清楚,但黑筒的C90就糊了而缺乏細節,燈泡底座也如此。三個1000mm鏡頭中,Rubinar仍然最好,其次是橘筒的C90、然而影像卻有點霧霧的,最差的還是Meade、紫邊已經相當明顯了。 比較C5和Rubinar兩張裁切很有意思。猛一看去,我們會覺得Rubinar的結果比較銳利、C5的結果有點糊;如果仔細些會發現牆壁上螺絲釘頭在C5的影像中似乎比Rubinar中有更多細節。這讓我想到C5的對焦是否偏後面,以致於前面稍許糊了些、但後方的表現卻比較好。一個1250mm鏡頭當對焦距離是40公尺而且光圈為f/10時的景深只有40公分左右、對焦點前後各約20公分,只要對焦點偏移少許,景深前緣和後緣的清晰程度就會有很顯著的變化。不論如何,以這一組照片來看,我認為: C5=Rubinar>橘筒C90>黑筒C90>Meade 實際拍攝:20公尺 下面的樹幹距相機大約是23公尺,對焦部位是畫面中央的陰影、對比較高的區域: 接下來是該區域的裁切。比較Rubinar和C5仍然有點問題,因為兩者的焦距不同,兩者解像力看起來相差不遠、很難斷定何者絶對較優,不過Rubinar的對比較高是明顯的。黑筒C90的解像力看來也不弱,但多出那層灰濛濛的霧使畫面失色不少;橘筒C90還原細節的能力也不俗,但也有一層若有若無的灰色甚至淺紫色的濛濛霧氣;Meade的解像力顯然弱了些、而且紫色調也更明顯。所以,以這個20公尺的景而言,我認為: C5=Rubinar>橘筒C90>黑筒C90>Meade 實際拍攝:5公尺 這是最後一景,大約5公尺。我想不太會有人用1000mm的鏡頭在5公尺處拍攝的,加上這一景其實是想看看這幾個鏡頭在極端距離下的表現(譬如當近拍用)。請注意,一個f/10的1000mm鏡頭在對焦距離是5公尺時景深只有0.5公分左右,對焦一有差池影像的淸晰度就會有很大的差異。以下是用各個鏡頭拍攝的景: 這張照片的對焦部位是眼睛上方中央下垂的纖維,下面是各鏡頭拍攝結果的裁切。從這幾張裁切看來,各個鏡頭的解像力都不錯,但是Rubinar在物體周圍有暈、因而霧狀十分明顯;固然C5也有少許蔭開的現象,但是並沒有太大的影響,而且眼睛右側的細毛表現相當不錯;黑筒C90和C5相去不遠,但多出的一層薄霧降低了還原現場的能力,更重要的是暗角在這張背景均勻的畫面中十分清楚;橘筒的C90表現十分亮眼;最後的Meade影像似乎不夠紥實,不過我覺得是比Rubinar好。所以,我認為: C5>橘筒C90>黑筒C90>Meade>Rubinar 實際拍攝:邊緣的表現 一般而言,用那麼長的焦距拍攝時,主體差不多都在中央、畫面邊緣部份會被虛化變得不怎麽重要。本文的照片都是用APS-C機型拍攝,所以原鏡頭影像最邊緣的部位都已經被裁掉,那麼這些鏡頭在APS-C片幅下邊緣的表現如何呢?這倒是可以試試的。我只挑C5和Rubinar兩者,又手上正好有一支Nikon1000mmf/11的後期版,所以看看三支鏡頭的表現如何。選的景就是800公尺的橋,前面看過了,此地再重覆一次,下面是三支鏡頭的拍攝畫面: 下面是中央部位的裁切。Rubinar的對比仍然較高,但和Nikon的很難說有很大差異,而C5則是稍許弱一點。 我們再看畫面左緣。因為對焦距離是800公尺多一些、而且光圈都是f/10和f/11,景深高達180公尺以上,所以左緣橋的欄桿其實不但在景深內、而且還離對焦平面不遠,於是比較左緣還是有意義的。下面就是畫面左緣的裁切。我們可以看到Nikon比Rubinar好,而C5的已經糊了。由此觀之,如果鏡頭是在135底幅的相機上使用時,邊緣表現最好的應該是Nikon。若在APS-C片幅的相機上邊緣已經開始弱化,在更大片幅的相機上會更差,於是C5在135片幅上的表現,邊緣會相當弱。這不難理解,C5最前方的非球面透鏡可以把球面像差修正到某個程度,但對慧形像差和像場彎曲等卻沒有足夠的修正能力,所以攝影鏡頭在鏡筒後端加上另一組透鏡修正其它像差。因此,Nikon和Rubina在邊緣的表現會勝過C5是可以想見的,但C5在中央的表現居然那麽好的確令人驚艷。 綜合評論 本文提到的五個鏡頭都不是很貴的,橘筒C90和Meade的二手價通常在一百美元上下、C90新貨一般在200美元以下。C5當然會比較貴,但新版的黑筒C5也不過300多美元(只含鏡頭而不帶任何配件),不過別忘了一個接T2接環的管子和一個從T2到您的相機的轉接環,這筆花費也得算進去。Rubinar的價格和C5差不多,這是五個鏡頭中唯一為攝影設計的鏡頭。 五個鏡頭中,C5和Rubinar總是名列前矛,要取哪個?我多半會選C5,原因是(1)用這麼長的焦距拍攝時主體在絶大多數情況下會在中央,所以C5在邊緣表現較差的問題影響不會很大。(2)C5的焦距是1250mm,差這250mm就會差很遠,前面的照片說明了這一點。(3)Rubinar的腳架座實在令人不敢恭維,裝在腳架上很容易搖晃;以往日式的長鏡頭會在對焦環上裝一根小桿使對焦順暢(下面照片),Rubinar上卻沒有,於是粗大的鏡筒在對焦時轉動不便,使得精準對焦的難度相當高(C5的旋鈕對焦比較容易對得準、但卻慢)。(4)如果您手上已經有一個品質好的Rubinar,那就用它而不必考慮C5;如果您是才進場想找一支1000mm的反射鏡頭,記得要仔細檢查它的品質,慢慢對焦多試拍幾張再做決定。 剩下的三支1000mm又如何?如果您不放大看或者是只印成小張照片(譬如3x5或5x5)、或縮成小圖在網上傳閱分享,這三個比較便宜的鏡頭也未必會讓您失望,但是您得記住它們的對比都偏低、色彩有時會有點濁。解決之道是:(1)加一個足夠長的遮光罩,有需要的話就自己造一個,這樣可以降低泛光從而提高對比。(2)後製時提高對比、提高色彩飽和度、小心銳化,處理過的照片仍然是不錯的。(3)黑筒C90的暗角有時十分明顯,如果您的修圖軟體可以消除暗角就最好了,要不然在構圖時試著不要把主體放在角落或邊緣也是個辦法。 如果以容易攜帶為準,橘筒C90和Meade足夠小,可以放到相機包中,黑筒C90就比較長了。C5和Rubinar都相當大,得用另外的袋子或箱子(或筒子)裝才方便。這也是C90這一類型鏡頭曾經頗好賣的理由之一。另外,加一個目鏡和正像稜鏡,這些天文望遠鏡(除Rubinar之外)就可以是一支高倍率的觀測用、或者是觀測月球等的望遠鏡,這是十有方便的。Rubinar好像也有類似的望遠鏡套件,但似乎不容易找到,然而市面上不難找到為各大廠鏡頭設計的目鏡,用這些目鏡要比用天文望遠鏡的配件簡單,下面就是一個這樣的目鏡: 如果您問我要在這三支90mm口徑的鏡頭中會長挑哪個的話,我大致上會這樣做:如果結果是縮成小圖在網上分享,任何一支都行,但我比較偏好橘筒或稍後期的黑筒1000mmC90;Meade也行。如果期望解析度高些或産生較大的圖,那就得1250mm的黑筒C90,然而後製手續可能複雜些。無論如何,記得加一個夠長的遮光罩。 結論 本文介紹了五個相對便宜的1000mm反射式望遠鏡頭,其中只有Rubinar是個攝影鏡頭,其它四個是天文望遠鏡、需要相容的T接環管子、以及一個T2到相機的接環,好在是這些零件在網上多得很,找不到的話就到賣天文望遠鏡的店問就行了。 俗話說一分錢一分貨,比較貴的C5和Rubinar的確略勝一籌,但其它三個較便宜的(一般在$200美元以內)是差了些,然而如果只産生小圖或印成小張照片的話,提高對比、加點飽和度、再小心銳化,結果也是相當不錯的。 總之,本文的目的是討論五個1000mm左右、比較便宜的反射鏡頭和它們的表現,希望對您在挑選鏡頭時有更多的資訊。往後此地還會有更多的反射鏡頭介紹。 未經本人同意,請勿轉載轉貼本文任何片段,請尊重智慧財產(著作)權 引用方式:冼鏡光,談幾個便宜的1000mm反射鏡頭(CelestronC5和C90,Meade,和Rubinar),DCView.com達人部落格(

Épica remontada del Borussia Dortmund ante el Inter de Milán


Russian Railways: Loading of export cargo bound for domestic ports up 3% to 254.4 million tonnes in 10M’19


Increase in Russian greenhouse tomato prices due to high demand and limited supply

A noticeable rise in the demand for greenhouse tomatoes, as well as a significant reduction in the supply of these products, are stimulating a quick increase of prices on the Russian market, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. Market players report that the domestic volumes are currently…

Bank of Russia policy helps anchor inflation close to 4%


Bank of Russia issues new commemorative coins


Bank of Russia analyses retail lending trends


Bank of Russia announces when key analytical materials are to be published on its website


Axis War Heroes: Michael Wittmann – AWH 110619


Messerchmitt joins Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise to talk about German Panzer hero Michael Wittmann.

Wittmann took out six Russian tanks from his Stug Mark III, all of which had moveable turrets while his was only stationary. After seeing three Russians still alive after the final attack, instead of leaving them to burn to death he ordered his men to help put the fire out by smothering them with blankets.

This act of mercy was held up as a courageous example of humanity in the midst of a terrible war and Wittmann was awarded the first of many medals for this act of bravery.

In the battle of Kursk featured in Dennis Wise’s documentary, he managed to destroy 30 tanks and 38 anti-tank machine guns of the enemy.  He also managed to take out the first tank in a line, causing all the others to pile into it while he picked them all off one by one.

Dennis explains how Wittman was held up as the archetypal Nordic warrior, blonde haired and blue eyed with deep-seated morals alongside his courage. The German army were encouraged to emulate him and were given lessons in etiquette, with the SS even donning suits and cleaning up first before liberating an area, so as to make the best possible impression. They really were the last of the crusading knights, fighting to preserve the flame of European chivalry.

Presented by Messerschmitt, Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Axis War Heroes: Michael Wittmann – AWH 110619


Axis War Heroes will be back on Radio Albion tomorrow at 12pm EDT/ 5pm BST
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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 77 – AAI 103019


Ten new tunes tonight from all over the White world covering the whole spectrum of music from neo-classical to epic black metal, with synthwave, EBM, RAC, hardcore and identity rock in between.

Synthwave Redneck opens the show with a slow-tempo piano-led classical piece accompanied by strings, followed by the staccato drumming of Amalec and a harsher sound than we are used to from them.

Twenty One is surfing the dreamwave once again with his signature sounds and HeartBeat Hero is going for a darker feel than was apparent on his Matrix-themed album.

Iron Court is back with a techno-influenced industrial remix and Werksfront add guitars and vocals to the EBM beats for their offering.

Nezhegol take us back to the eighties for some Joy Division influenced new wave before we are back into the industrial genre with Brazil’s Guerreiros Paulistas.

Jack Hwite has guitars and drums added next for a ForNull remix which really compliments Jack’s cowpunk style.

Old favourites The Decency make their return with a cheerful cover version highlighting their pop influences, before the epic orchestral sweeps of Uberfolk take over showcasing their musical versatility.

Thrima step on the distortion pedal for an RAC supergroup blast with guest vocalists and Phonix add a funky undercurrent to the power chords in their number.

Russian band Krumkac blast through the aether with brutal guitars and female chanting over frantic riffing for an epic excursion into black metal territory, before we reach our final destination in Elessar’s laid back acoustic finger plucking.

Synthwave Redneck, Amalec, HeartBeatHero, Iron Court & The Decency are at Soundcloud
Twenty-One & ForNull are at Bandcamp
Uberfolk are on Youtube
Krumkac are at VK

00:23 Synthwave Redneck – Echoes - NEW
07:40 Amalec - Our Soil - NEW
10:14 Twenty-One – Astray - NEW
13:59 HeartBeatHero - The Hero of Neon City - NEW
17:37 Sydney Valette - Moya Cectra (Iron Court Remix) - NEW
22:10 Werksfront – Abfahn
26:09 Nezhegol - Искатели
29:22 Guerreiros Paulistas - Hino do PRP
32:27 ForNull & Jack Hwite - Western Apocalypse Now - NEW
35:47 The Decency - Real Hero - NEW
39:27 Uberfolk - While Rome Still Lives - NEW
43:39 Thrima - Pro Nation (Mit H8machine Und Old Firm)
48:18 Phonix -  Lionheart
52:17 Krumkac - Nas Sliach - NEW
04:28 Elessar - Time Reflection – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 77 – AAI 103019


Aryan Audio Insurgency will be back on Radio Aryan next Wednesday at 4pm EDT/9pm BST
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Artwork by Wambola

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Mykailo Kostamarov and the Ukrainian Philosophy of History – TON 103019


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a look at Ukrainian folk poetry and how it reflects the General Will of their nation.

The Brotherhood of Sts Cyril and Methodius was a Ukrainian ethno-religious organization that lasted only 18 months. Yet, it contained the work of two towering intellects of Slavic national thinking: Mykailo Kostamarov and Mikhail Drahomanov. While obscure today, their work is the foundation for the Slavic ethno-federalism that became the hallmark of both Ukrainian and Russian Slavophilism.

Kostamarov, a former serf like Shevchenko, saw Ukraine as the symbol of the world's underclass. Misunderstood and oppressed, with co-opted elites, they became an isolated and suffering agrarian class easy to demonize, mock and ultimately, eliminate. The familiar claim in the early 19th century that Ukrainian was a “peasant language” meant that it was a language for the ignorant, not for the westernizing new men of St. Petersburg. Such slogans were designed to justify the continuing exploitation of Ukraine both as a land and a people. Throughout the world, the self-serving belief that the agricultural classes are simpletons and ignorant exists primarily to justify their continual exploitation by the urban elites.

Among Ukrainian writers, Kostamarov is one of the rare specimens who justified Russian intervention in Ukrainian affairs after the Cossack revolts against the Jewish-Polish alliance in 1648. Given the failures of all the other options, going to Russia wasn't such a bad idea. This proves that so much in Ukrainian thinking wasn't anti-Russian.

Kostomarov's ethnic populism, like Drahomanov's, was based around the significance of folk ideas in developing the General Will. With some exaggeration, it might be argued that the entire concept of Sobornapravna is about the folk, expressing itself over the centuries in popular ballads, art and poetry, formalized into a “political program” through the General Will (to use Rousseau's term).

In other words, that the General Will is best understood by looking at the basic structure of folk poetry as it developed over the years. It became, so to speak, the public persona of the Ukrainian peasant and Ukraine's great contribution to nationalist thought. In these poems, Russia is almost never attacked. Rather, the Turks and Jews are singled out for contempt. Kostamarov and the rest of the Brotherhood doesn't deserve their obscurity.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Mykailo Kostamarov and the Ukrainian Philosophy of History – TON 103019


The Orthodox Nationalist will be back on Radio Aryan next Wednesday at 3pm EDT/8pm BST
See the daily radio schedule for more alt-right audio available for download.
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The first series of The Orthodox Nationalist can be found HERE
Dr Johnson’s Patreon Page

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India calls upon Russia for joint manufacture of new platforms and equipment for export to third world countries

Moscow [Russia]: India on Tuesday called upon the Russian Defence industry for the joint manufacturing of defence equipment and platform with an aim to give a substantial boost to the nations' export to the third world countries.

Addressing the India-Russia Defence Industry Cooperation Conference, Singh said that the Indian government has been encouraging Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to partner with the Indian entities under its Make in India initiative.

"I would like to begin by underlining the importance we place in our make in India initiative. The government of India is encouraging Original Equipment Manufacturers to partner with Indian entities, making use of its initiatives. We have in place a set of clearly defined policies," Singh said.

"We (India and Russia) can jointly manufacture defence equipment and platform which will have a substantial opportunity for support to third countries," he added.

The Defence Minister said that the two countries can draw inspiration from the Inter-Governmental Agreement on Joint Manufacturing of Spares, Components, Aggregates and other material related to Russian or Soviet Origin Arms and Defence Equipment that was signed between India and Russia on September 4, 2019.

He said that the said agreement defines a broad framework of cooperation for the manufacturing of spares in India by way of collaboration between the Indian industry and the Russian OEMs.

The Defence Minister said that the Indian side will provide the orders for procurement of agreed quantities at a mutually decided price for a period of not less than five years. He expressed hope that the manufacturing under the agreement in India will lead to the reduction in cost and timelines of supplies, as well as progressive indigenisation of spares.

"Today's conference provides an opportunity to the chief executive Industrial representatives to plan for earlier realisation of the objectives of the inter-governmental agreement signed in Vladivostok," he said.

Singh said India will soon share the list of spares and items with Russian side that was proposed to be manufactured in India. He expressed hope that Russia would identify the OEMs in the next few months who can partner in the production of these spares.

Singh noted that India has taken significant economic reforms to improve the ease of doing business, and has implemented a single goods and services tax across the country. Additionally, the country has reduced its corporate tax significantly and set up two defence corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu which offer an attractive term for investment in the defence manufacturing sector.

"Our government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened the defence sector and manufacturing to a great extent for foreign participation. We have implemented a single goods and services tax across the country which is the biggest tax reform since our independence," Singh said.


India, Russia to talk defence co-production


New Delhi: India will discuss modalities with Russia pertaining to defence co-production during Defence Minister Rajnath Singh's three-day visit to the transcontinental nation, officials said here on Monday.

Singh will embark on his visit to Russia on Monday. During the visit, he will co-chair the 19th India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Military and Military Technical Cooperation (IRIGC-M&MTC).

According to officials in the Defence Ministry, Singh will also hold extensive discussions with his Russian counterpart General Sergei Shoigu covering all areas of military-to-military cooperation and defence industrial cooperation. He will also inaugurate, along with the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, the India-Russia Defence Industry Cooperation Conference.

"The conference will discuss ways to promote defence industrial cooperation between India and Russia, technology transfer and investment in India in defence industry under the 'Make in India' programme," said a Defence Ministry statement.

As per sources, a delegation of defence industry captains is also accompanying Singh to Russia in order to explore avenues of strategic partnerships in spare and equipment production. There has been no word from the Defence Ministry yet whether Singh is expected to enter into deals with Russia, if any, for purchase of platforms, equipment or arms during the visit.

Officials though confirmed that Singh might visit Russian defence production facilities in and around St Petersburg during his tour to the country. Singh is scheduled to visit St Petersburg where he will place a wreath at the Piskarevsky Memorial Cemetery honouring soldiers and civilians who lost their lives during the Second World War.

Last week, Singh had travelled to Tashkent, Uzbekistan where he represented India at the Council of Heads of Government meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. India and Uzbekistan signed three MoUs pertaining to military education and military medicine during the course of his three-day visit to the Central Asian country.


Ashok Leyland to enter Russia with a local partner


Chennai: Commercial vehicle major Ashok Leyland Ltd will enter the Russian market with a local partner in a year's time, said a top company official.

He also said the company plans to enter the top 10 global commercial vehicle manufacturer's club soon and betting big on its modular platform.

"We have identified a local assembler in Russia to take our franchise. We will enter the Russian market in next 12 months," Dheeraj G. Hinduja, Chairman, told reporters here on Monday.

According to him, in the new markets, the company will have a local partner as there will be tax concessions.

Hinduja said large distributors in newer markets are now showing interests in taking Ashok Leyland franchise.

He said the company is looking at newer overseas markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and others apart from Russia.

As a measure to look at newer overseas markets, Ashok Leyland has decided to come out with a left hand drive vehicle for all its new models.

Currently, the company exports to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East, Bhutan, East and West African markets.

He said, Ashok Leyland is faring better during this downturn as compared to earlier downturn in 2013-14.

"We have gained market share in the bus and medium and heavy commercial vehicle's segment. Our market share now is 31 per cent. We are also cutting costs," Hinduja said.

According to him, the company had a debt levels of about Rs 6,000 crore during 2013-14 and it has come down to about Rs 1,800 crore.

Hinduja said, earlier the company was in an investment mode putting money in joint ventures with John Deere, Nissan and others which was draining cash.

He said the company had exited the joint ventures with John Deere and Nissan.

Hinduja said the company saw good potential in the light commercial vehicle (LCV) rolled out by the joint venture with Nissan and bought out the Japanese company's stake in the venture.

Globally LCV's account for about 70 per cent of the market and the severity of the industry down cycle is lesser than that of the medium and heavy vehicles.

According to him, the company will be launching the BS-VI vehicles and the vehicles will be built on modular platform.

Queried about the time frame for Ashok Leyland to enter the top 10 global commercial vehicle makers club, Hinduja said the idea is to enter it soon.

"The last vision was to enter the top 10 medium and heavy commercial vehicle segment. That target was fixed in 2010 and was achieved in 2019," Hinduja said.

"I will be disappointed if we don't achieve this less than last time frame," he added.

He said the company rolled out about two lakh units last year and to achieve the global vision the volume required will be about four lakh units.

Hinduja said LCV's share in achieving that target will also be major.

According to Gopal Mahadevan, Wholetime Director and Chief Financial Officer the company will be focussing on customer solutions business that includes finance, fuel, vehicle performance management systems, maintenance parts, re-sale and driver skilling.

He said over the next decade one-third of industry's profits is expected to come from offering various solutions to customers.

The company's Chief Operating Officer Anuj Kathuria said the transition from rolling out vehicles confirming to BS IV emission norms to BS-VI emission norms will be smooth.

Queried about the costs savings by the company by going for modular vehicle platform having common parts Kathuria said it will be known only after stabilisation of BS-VI sales.

On Monday, the company showcased its BS-VI trucks and buses.


Inter Milan manager Antonio Conte launches into furious rant

Antonio Conte launched into a furious rant after his Inter Milan team threw away a two-goal lead to lose to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Monetizing with Mobile Ads: Key Ad Formats and Performance Insights


The mobile ad industry is growing day by day. For a long time ads have been associated with annoying pop-ups. Today mobile ads come in many shapes and forms to create positive user experiences. Advertisers and mobile app publishers strive to be matched well, often through ad networks, ad mediation or/and ad exchange, in order to have mutually beneficial outcomes.

Forecast says, that by 2021 the in-app advertising market will skyrocket to $201 billion. Compare this number to $72 billion in 2016. This triple surge is quite impressive given how just 10 years ago the mobile ad market share in the U.S. was estimated at just $320 million.

Why did mobile app advertising take off? Not a difficult question to answer—smartphones, mobile apps and instant access to information have become an integral part of our daily life. And users want apps to be free, which is made possible thanks to mobile advertising. Therefore, mobile advertising has naturally become a valid, fully functional monetization source for mobile app publishers.

Mobile app advertising is no longer associated with intrusive delivery and irrelevant low-quality ad traffic. Often, premium quality ads are present in top applications from companies like Playrix, Zeptolab, Supercell and others. Ads can even make a good companion to boost in-app purchases.

How Mobile Ads Are Selected

Placing in-app ads is usually arranged between three parties: app publisher, advertiser and ad network or another ad demand sources that serve as a connection point. Ad networks are one of the key players in the advertising market of mobile applications. Why do networks exist and how do mobile ads work? The key function of an ad network is to match ad space (Ad Supply) from publishers with the advertiser's request (Ad Demand). In other words, an ad network gives an advertiser an opportunity to display their ads in a number of applications that are connected to that ad network. Ad networks regulate the market and facilitate interactions between advertisers and publishers and are connected to apps via SDK or API.

Nowadays, instead of integrating each ad network’s SDK individually, mobile app publishers can just integrate one ad mediation SDK into their app and receive ads from numerous ad demand sources, including ad networks along with DSPs (demand-side platforms) and ad exchanges. The rise in popularity of ad mediation has simplified the process of getting started with monetizing your app with ads tremendously.

Another reason why mobile app ads have become such a popular monetization source now is the low maintenance required. Whereas before publishers needed to spend hours every week to manually optimize their ad setups in order to make sure they filled up their ad inventory to generate optimal revenue, ad mediation platforms can do that programmatically. With advances in how ad bids get placed and selected via real-time unified auctions through the industry’s latest in-app header bidding technology, the highest earning ads for each ad placements are now selected and delivered automatically.

With that in mind, some ad networks perform better in terms of revenue depending on the region and the ad format as well as the platform (iOS or Android). So if you are considering or are already monetizing your app with ads, understanding the disparity in performance can help you make more informed decisions, such as whether you should prioritize rewarded videos over banners in certain regions or not.

Best Mobile Ad Formats

If the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘ad’ is a banner, then you’re being realistic. However, banners now compete with multiple interactive ad formats that serve various purposes within an app. Apart from banners, the ad formats that have proven to be the most popular and the most profitable for app publishers are rewarded videos and interstitials.

Rewarded Videos

Rewarded videos are user-initiated ads from which users can earn in-app rewards in exchange for viewing a video ad. Rewarded videos have shown to be very popular with users, advertisers and publishers alike. Thanks to the high satisfaction of users and high CTRs of this format, publishers can earn the highest eCPMs (earnings per thousand ad impressions) with rewarded videos. Publishers also find using rewarded videos to be an effective way to introduce their users to the app’s in-app currency system, which can lead to higher rates of in-app purchases.


Interstitials are attention grabbing ads that cover the entire screen and can appear as a static image, a video, an interactive image or a playable sample of an app. Although this format can be more disruptive to the user experience than others, when placed at the right moments within an app, interstitials are a great choice for publishers to use. They offer high CTRs, high eCPMs and high availability of ads. Plus, newer variation of this format, like interactive and playable ads, continue to make this format more user-friendly and engaging.


Banner ad is the longest enduring mobile app ad format that neatly places a small rectangular ad at the top or bottom of the screen. Despite this format’s low CTR and low eCPM, it is still considered a high earning format for publishers. This is largely due to its ability to be shown with much higher frequency than other formats. Its low cost and easy production sustain the popularity of banners among advertisers, providing publishers with high supplies and varieties of banner ads.

Mobile Ad Earning Performances

To find out how well the ad formats perform among over 60 ad demand sources in 2019, let’s take some of the most recent insights from our Appodeal Mobile In-app Ad Monetization Performance Index. The three regions analyzed here are the U.S., Western Europe and Eastern Europe (including Russia).

Rewarded videos’ eCPMs continue to climb up but at a more modest pace than the previous year. For example, the U.S.’s rewarded videos on iOS and Android both saw their eCPM increased by 13% to a high average of $15.18 and $12.68 respectively from H2 2018 – H1 2019 compared to the same period the previous year. Some of the top earning ad networks from the three regions analyzed for rewarded videos were AdMob, Facebook, AppLovin, Unity Ads, BidMachine and MyTarget.

Interstitials’ eCPMs increases significantly on Android in U.S. and Western Europe. Interstitials, which includes static, video and playable variants, showed impressive eCPM growth on Android by 27% to an average of $6.35 in the U.S. and by 21% to an average of $2.38 in Western Europe from H2 2018 to H1 2019 compared to the same period the previous year. Some of the top earning ad networks for interstitials were AdMob, Facebook, AppLovin, Unity Ads, BidMachine, Ogury, and Yandex.

Banners are still important for revenue base but their eCPMs show signs of decline. Banners accounted for around a quarter of the ad revenue share. However, on Android in Western Europe, its eCPMs decreased by 27% to an average of $0.16 from H2 2018 to H1 2019 compared to the same period the previous year, and decreased by 15% on iOS. Interestingly, in the U.S. its eCPMs actually increased by 13% to an average of $0.62 on iOS. Some of the top earning ad networks for banners were AdMob, MoPub, BidMachine, Amazon Ads, AppLovin, Yandex and MyTarget.

The eCPM gaps between iOS and Android devices show significantly wider margins in developing markets than mature markets. In mature markets, such as the U.S., Japan and the U.K., the eCPMs of rewarded videos were 21-34% higher on iOS than on Android devices. However, in developing markets, such as Russia, Brazil and India, the eCPMs were 98-352% higher on iOS than on Android devices.

For more details and insights, check out the full version of the Appodeal Performance Index here. This third annual index focuses on in-app ad revenue and provides insights for mobile app publishers on the top earning mobile ad networks, ad exchanges and DSPs, along with their eCPMs, the average eCPM of each country globally and the eCPM trends of mobile ad formats on both iOS and Android devices.


Report: Advanced Israeli Missile Falls into Russian Hands

Report: Advanced Israeli Missile Falls into Russian Hands

News outlets in the Far East were reporting Wednesday morning that a missile from the Israeli David’s Sling interceptor system was discovered in Syria and transferred to the Russian military.

Read more on Yeshiva World News


Accounting, Auditing: Accounting Specialist - Miami, Florida

Accounting Specialist (AR/AP) USply LLC. is currently seeking an Accounting Specialist -to join our team in Miami Lakes, Florida 33014. Who we are: We are a plywood importer that is focused on providing quality, integrity, value and consistency to our distributors. Through our cutting-edge approach to service we create a strong foundation of trust built from solid relationships. We listen, learn, adapt and grow through our business relationships to continually fulfill our standards of quality from our products to our customer service. USply started in 2006 with a small warehouse and a big dream. We started with a small UV line and 6 plywood containers. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence created a network of strong relationships with suppliers from South America, Russia and Asia. Each supplier carries our belief in quality, integrity and trust. Over time we've sophisticated our quality assurance procedures, which can be clearly seen with every crate we ship. It has been this dedication to consistency in quality and service that has led us to grow and now offer a product mix of dozens of different ready to be shipped wood products including many types of plywood and specialty materials. About the role: The Accounting Specialist will report directly to the Finance Manager. We are looking for an ambitious, talented, creative and highly adaptable individual to join our organization. What you'll do: Prepares all vouchers and approved invoices for payment; processes all company payments in a timely manner. Interfaces with appropriate departments to secure proper payment approvals. Prepares accounts payable checks. Oversees maintenance of accounts payable files and records. Prepares 1099s. Responds to all vendor and employee inquiries regarding invoices, expenses, and check requests; resolves invoice discrepancies. Processes and oversees expense reimbursement and reporting. Analyzes and tracks accounts payable amounts; prepares analysis of accounts as required. Assists with related special projects as required. Performs other related duties as assigned by management. Follows up on expenses and collects expense reports from the various areas. Reviews AMEX transactions and posts them in the system. Update wire templates and make sure wire information is correct. Process stop payment/ void checks. Enter vendor information in system (except mills). Prepares weekly borrowing base for bank. Cash reconciliation (daily). Maintains all USply company files. Responsible for the month end closing entries. Review Income Statement and Balance sheet for accuracy (monthly). Process inventory adjustments. Our ideal candidate: Education and Experience B.S or B.A. Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Highly preferred. At least 1-2 years of experience in Accounting, A/R and A/P. Highly proficient with MS Office Suite (Ideally Intermediate-Advanced skills in MS Excel). Advanced organizational skills. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving. Required Skills and Abilities Strong ability to adapt in changing environments within a growing organization. Ability to work in a collaborative and team-oriented environment. Willing to take on different initiative and wear multiple hats when needed. Possess a Technical Aptitude. Willingness to learn and grow. What we offer: Compensation including annual salary based upon relevant experience and education. Comprehensive benefits package including healthcare insurance, paid vacation and holidays, matching 401k plan. To Apply: Please submit your resume via the "APPLY NOW" - button Equal Opportunity Employer Accounting Specialist, A/R Specialist, A/P Specialist, Account Payable, Accounting receivable, Finance Specialist, Accounting Assistant, Accounting Analyst, Finance Assistant, Financial Analyst ()

Train to Invisible City Show on Threads Radio Thurs 7th Nov at 1700 UK time

Thought I'd share this one on its own cos I like the picture of our guest DJ 1985 from Russia so much... oh, you can't add from your own file in the events bit(?), pity, it's a great picture. Oh well.

Facebook has been hit with a 'tsunami' of fake political news in 2019, a report finds

A report has found the Facebook was hit with a 'tsunami 'tsunami of disinformation' this year and unlike the 2016 election, this fake news is not coming from Russia - but from within the US.

One-legged skeleton found in Russia was Napoleon's favourite general, DNA tests confirm

The skeleton was found in July in a wooden coffin under the foundations of a former dance floor in the Smolensk city park, according to reports in August.

On Norway's icy border with Russia, unease over military buildup

Under a soft winter sun in northern Norway, U.S. Marines train in the ice and snow as they learn how to fight in the freezing cold.

W Series to race in Russia and Sweden for 2020

Two new circuits added to the 2020 W Series calendar as it joins forces for six rounds with DTM.



Critics accuse President of putting partisan politics above saving lives and aiding disaster victims By Miriam Raftery (San Diego) – Days after California Governor Gavin Newsom praised the federal government for its rapid response to catastrophic wildfires and power outages affecting millions of our state’s residents, President Donald Trump on Sunday threatened to cut off […]



Prosecutors: Trump advisor Stone 'straight up lied'

The prosecution in the trial of Roger Stone on Wednesday painted President Donald Trump’s longtime adviser as a liar in a criminal case stemming from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe that detailed Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. Tamara Lindstrom reports.


Russia begins release of remaining captive whales

An operation to release the remaining group of 50 beluga whales whose detention in Russia's Far East has caused an international outcry began on Tuesday.


Tension at Norway's icy border with Russia as military presence increases

Under a soft winter sun in northern Norway, U.S. Marines in camouflaged combat jackets and white trousers train in the ice and snow as they learn how to fight in the freezing cold. A few hundred kilometres away, Russia is modernising its forces on the Kola Peninsula. Francesca Lynagh reports.


Report: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid for old seat

The former attorney general whose relationship with Trump soured over his recusal from Mueller's Russia probe is expected to challenge Democratic Sen. Doug Jones.


Tito Ortiz on Donald Trump's UFC 244 presence and MMA's growth

From UFC 30 to "Celebrity Apprentice," Tito Ortiz has gotten along with the POTUS.

USA TODAY Sports/MMA Junkie rankings, Nov. 5: Big moves after UFC 244 – even for Masvidal?

Check out the latest moves in the USA TODAY Sports/MMA Junkie rankings coming out of UFC 244.


Stephen Thompson not giving up on UFC title: 'I know I'm the best in this division'

After an impressive UFC 244 showing, "Wonderboy" feels ready to make another run at a title shot.

Greenhouse vegetable production reaches almost 1 million tonnes

In Russia the volume of greenhouse vegetable production increased by 13.5% to almost 1 million tonnes.

Teacher Regular Sector in Russian - Vanier College - Vanier, QC

Master's degree in the discipline or equivalent (equivalent being: Mixture of graduate courses, research and fieldwork in the discipline).
From Vanier College - Mon, 04 Nov 2019 22:34:30 GMT - View all Vanier, QC jobs

World News (Nov 6, 2019 EDN): UK’s National Health Service To Deny Treatment To “Racists” And “Sexists” – Watch: Chinese Social Credit Score Publicly Shames ‘Bad Citizen’ For Jaywalking – “The Greatest Fool”: China May Invest Up To $10 Billion In Aramco IPO – US Constructing Two New Bases In Syria’s Oil-Rich Region – Trump OKs Wider Syria Oil Mission, Raising Legal Questions – US ‘pullout’ from Syria looking more like permanent occupation with 800 troops reporte

AND NOW… UK's National Health Service To Deny Treatment To "Racists" And "Sexists" — zerohedge (@zerohedge) November 6, 2019 A National Health Service trust in the UK has announced that it will deny treatment to patients it deems are ‘racists’ or ‘sexists’. First it was social media, then it was bank accounts & mortgages. ... Read more

Roger Stone Is in Big Trouble

Prosecutors accuse Stone of lying to protect Trump from the Russia investigation.

Russia ‘given Israel’s top interceptor missile’


Missile technology could be used to defeat Raytheon’s state-of-the-art defense systems


Large labia – Bbmix996 little anal gape stretching with many dildos

Hairy large labia russian MILF insertion dildo in anal gape | Bbmix996 herself ruined her narrow gaping hole – Release November 6, 2019 FileSize: 333 MB | PlayTime: 00:11:14.198 | Format: MPEG-4 | Resolution: 1024×576 Download HitFile

Ann Coulter: California Dems Show Us the Future. Run for Your Lives!

by ANN COULTER BREITBART.COM 6 Nov 2019 In this column, I will prove that Democrats: 1) Don’t care about “Russians,” (Ukrainians?), or anyone else interfering with our democracy; and 2) they also don’t give a crap about guns. Let’s begin by looking at the Democrats’ Platonic ideal of a democracy: California! California is wholly controlled […]

Trump i pełzający zamach stanu...

Obserwując dzisiejsze zmagania wśród elit politycznych US można powiedzieć, że Trump jest granatem rzuconym w dotychczasowy wypracowany porządek globalnych  sił i układów, dlatego wiele dłoni chciałoby go jak najszybciej pochwycić i odrzucić tak szybko i daleko jak tylko się da!Trybun Trump wykazując niesmak wobec upachnionego politycznego szamba, zdecydował się naruszyć interesy elit globalnego supermocarstwa, dlatego dziś jest pod stałym ogniem globalistów dzień i noc. Zachciało mu się odbudowania suwerenności Ameryki, powrotu do respektowania jej tradycyjnych wartości, granic, wolności, praw, rodziny i szacunku do swoistego patriotyzmu. Przez to narusza dotychczasowy międzynarodowy biznesowy i polityczny układ sił stworzony przez swoich poprzedników (np. polityka wobec Chin), jak również nie dążąc do wojny (Iran, Rosja, Korea Płn.) zagraża również dobrze prosperujacemu amerykańskiemu sektorowi zbrojeniowemu. Zagraża lukratywnym amerykańskim  interesom wzbogacającym potężne korporacje, narażając się rozpasanym lobbystom jak i powiązanej z nimi wynarodowionej biurokracji.  Trump zapragnął wyprząc Amerykę z już rozpędzonego na podbój świata globalistycznego zaprzęgu, dlatego naraził się biurokracji Deep State i siłom globalnego socjalizmu. Nikt nie wie jak skończy się ten nierówny pojedynek Dawida Trumpa z Sorosem Goliatem. Na naszych oczach globalistyczni lewacy przygotowują stos (impeachment) na którym z uśmiechem i satysfakcją chcieliby spalić szanse Trumpa na drugą prezydencką kadencję. Jednak dla zamachowców Trump (nawet bez własnego politycznego zaplecza) opierający się na pragnieniach zwykłych Amerykanów, nie jest i nie będzie łatwym orzechem do zgryzienia. Czas pokaże, że niejeden polityk w tym procesie straci własne zęby…     Speaker Nancy Pelosi, dziewczynka z zapałkami...W Ameryce wrze, magnateria i mandarini starego imperium skupieni w tłustym i skostniałym Deep State, wspomagani przez kompleks militarno-przemysłowy, przed którym przyszłe pokolenia już w latach 50-tych ubiegłego wieku ostrzegał prezydent Dwight Eisenhower dzielnie stawia opór trybunowi Trumpowi, który wchodzi w rolę Kemala Ataturka i poniekąd Putina. Ci panowie również podjęli się trudnego zadania odbudowy zagrożonego imperium w nowych niesprzyjających warunkach. Jest zrozumiałym, że dzisiejsi bankowi włodarze świata chcą przemienić zastany, stary świat państw narodowych, lokalnych systemów wartości, religii i kultur w ociekający słodką nadzieją i krwawą praktyką totalitarny Nowy Wspaniały Świat. Staremu rozkwitającemu  od tysięcy lat światu grozi już rozpędzony Nowy Światowy Porządek, który montuje swoje uderzeniowe sotnie z rozmaitych mniejszości posługując się socjalizmem, rasizmem, ateizmem, genderyzmem i anarchizmem.Jedną z głównych zasad i praw tego świata obok cykliczności zjawisk jest przemijanie. Słowem “nic nie może wiecznie trwać” jak śpiewała wspaniała Anna Jantar, co również odnosi się do kolejnych historycznych imperiów. Według popularnego w Polsce amerykańskiego politologa (George Friedman, “Następne 100 lat”) każdy naród wyposażony jest jakby w swoje geny, swój blue print, zapis kodu szkieletu swoich charakterystycznych tendencji i historycznych predyspozycji. Pochód Ameryki na drodze do osiągnięcia statusu światowego hegemona związany jest z pomaganiem mocarstwom będącym w potrzebie, co jest dość intratnym biznesem. Tak było w I jak i w II wojnie światowej, kiedy wchodzącej w ostatnim stadium rozgrywającej się wojny  Ameryce pozwalało zdobyć niekwestionowaną pozycję lidera, szczególnie po wygraniu “zimnej” wojny z Sowietami. Amerykańskie korporacje wykorzystywały żołnierskie buty do wchodzenia na najbardziej zyskowne rynki tego świata, w ten sposób jednak nabijając sobie kiesę rozprzestrzeniały nowoczesne technologie co pozytywnie wpływało na wydobycie setek milionów ludzi z ubóstwa (Chiny, Indie). Jednak w ten sposób chodowały sobie konkurencję z którą dziś muszą walczyć o utrzymanie swojej dominującej pozycji. Jednocześnie poprzez silne związki elit biznesowych z obsługującymi je biurokratami z Deep State, powoli zapomniano o interesach Państwa i obywateli, którym powinno przecież  służyć. Kupieni przez globalistycznych bankierów biurokraci zaczęli reprezentować ideologię Nowego Porządku Światowego, często ze szkodą dla interesu swoich wyborców. Od czasu do czasu używając siły militarnej Ameryki, nie dlatego aby bronić jej żywotnych interesów, ale żeby przyspieszać kolejne etapy w urzeczywistnianiu nowej wizji świata, czasem wprost ze szkodą dla Ameryki. Z historii wiemy, że rewolucja jest ladacznicą, rozhuśtaną emocjonalnie dziwką, gotową na radykalne zmiany, zupełnie nie zainteresowaną w utrzymaniu starego porządku rzeczy.  Witamy wśród dylematów i zmagań dzisiejszej Ameryki...Panując w sferze politycznej, władając wypasem medialnym  wobec wyborców, używając tłustych kotów z wielkich korporacji i wpływając na nie przez antagonizowanie sponsorowanej anarchizującej lewicy, panując i rewolucyjnie uzbrajając system edukacji, ośrodki kierownicze NWO były na kursie i na ścieżce. Wtedy jak z kapelusza magika pojawił się Trump. Biznesmen, showman, gwiazda telewizyjna ze skomplikowanym i urozmaiconym życiem osobistym i rodzinnym, były członek Partii Demokratycznej, Partii Reform (Ross Perot) i wreszcie Republikanin. Biznesmen od dawna zaprzyjaźniony z nowojorskimi Żydami dziś zbliżony (córka Ivanka przeszła na judaizm) z sektą Chabad Lubawicz (o wielkich wpływach w Rosji, na Ukrainie i w Polsce). Trump uchodzi za najbardziej pro żydowskiego prezydenta US, w Izraelu nazywany nawet  “królem żydowskim”. Człowiek dobrze znający polityków, ich skorumpowany świat, człowiek odważny, owładnięty potrzebą sukcesu i wyposażony w mega ego. Po niespodziewanym znokautowaniu tradycyjnych pretendentów do prezydentury z ramienia Partii Republikańskiej, praktycznie wszystkich zaskoczył wygrywając z mocno osadzoną w systemie Hillary Clinton. Przypomnijmy, że zwycięstwo Trumpa oznaczało początek rozgałęzionych wariantów spisku elit gdyż pokonane w procesie wyborczym nigdy nie uznały jego zwycięstwa i natychmiast przystąpiły do kreowania kolejnych pułapek, mających na celu skompromitowanie Trumpa i pozbawienia go prezydentury. Co interesujące wśród “never-Trumpers” znaleźli się też związani z klanem Bushów neocons (byli trockiści zwolennicy ciągłych interwencji na Bliskim Wschodzie na rzecz Izraela), obawiali się oni Trumpa gdyż krytykował generalnie te niepotrzebne wojny (kasa, krew) i zapowiadał ich zakończenie.  Jednak atakowany Trump szybko znalazł sojuszników wśród amerykańskich syjonistów (tak Żydów, jak i wpływowych protestantów) co przełożyło się na kontrowersyjne przeniesienie ambasady US z Tel Awiwu do Jerozolimy, oraz uznania suwerenności Izraela nad okupowanymi syryjskimi Wzgórzami Golan. Przypomnijmy, że amerykańscy Żydzi w swojej większości (ok.70%) głosowali na Hillary Clinton (rywalkę Trumpa), są wyznania lewicowego i nie popierają dyskryminacyjnej polityki Izraela wobec Palestyńczyków. Trump próbuje zakończyć całe lata trwające wojny, chce zabezpieczenia południowej granicy z Meksykiem (integralność, suwerenność państwa), próbuje zachęcić amerykański kapitał do powrotu z Chin i innych krajów i produkcji w US, obcina jak może biurokratyczne regulacje dławiące biznes, właśnie dlatego naraża się globalistom. Oni tak ciężko pracowali nad osiągnięciem swoich celów, nie to , aby jakiś zwariowany spadochroniarz broniący idei państwa narodowego im to wszystko teraz zepsuł! Dlatego bolszewicka czujność i przekonanie o wdrażaniu jedynej sprawiedliwej, nowoczesnej i najlepszej wizji nowego świata nie pozwala im tolerować takie próby zawracania kursu historii przez jakiegoś amatora ciemnogrodu.Mamy pewne podobieństwo do sytuacji polskiej, kiedy jakiekolwiek patriotyczne reformy nawet nieśmiałe próby “polonizacji” sądów, próba przywrócenia prawd historycznych i pozamiatania po zdechłym imperium sowieckim, którego cuchnące aktywa przejęli amerykańscy globaliści (Soros plus) z ich młodszymi braćmi z Berlina i Brukseli powoduje inspirowanie anarchizującej tłuszczy i jej “zeuropeizowanych” liderów poupychanych przez brukselko-berlińskich globalistów w rozmaitych lewackich partyjkach i biznesach aborcyjnych,  gender, czy innych sotniach postępu.Naturalnie, że w związku z powyższym Trump jest w poważnych kłopotach i walczy w ciągłym okrążeniu jednak pod ręką ma też poważne atuty. W ciągu jego prawie 3 letniej kadencji gospodarka ma się naprawdę dobrze mimo, że Trump podejmuje się dość ryzykownych reform na kierunku chińskim, aby liderów chińskiej dyktatury komunistycznej zmusić do proporcjonalnej wymiany, na równych warunkach. Problem w tym, że Trump tu naraża się ważnym rodzinom i korporacjom amerykańskim przez całe dekady czerpiącym ogromne dochody z aktywności na kierunku chińskim. Jednak dla Trumpa najważniejszym tu jest przyszłość amerykańskiej mocarstwowej pozycji, stąd jego prośba do amerykańskich biznesów i korporacji o opuszczenie Chin i przeniesienie produkcji i technologii do US, bądź innych państw. Jak wiemy dotychczasowy oszałamiający roczny wzrost chińskiej gospodarki ulega już spowolnieniu, choć jest ciągle wysoki. Ciągle atakowany i dekoncentrowany Trump ma się czym pochwalić. W ciągu niespełna 3 lat przybyło ok. 6,5 mln nowych miejsc pracy (w tym 500 tys. w wytwórczości), przeciętnie 161 tys. nowych miejsc pracy miesięcznie w 2019 r! Stopa bezrobocia jest najniższa od 50 lat i wynosi 3,5%, wzrost płac przeciętnie ok. 3%. Giełda; DOW poszedł w górę 15,6% (w tym roku), NASDAQ 24%, S&P500 20,6%. Od początku kadencji Trumpa DOW poszybował 47,1%, NASDAQ 58,7%, S&P500 41,3%. Więc wszyscy powinni bić mu brawo, a jednak pamiętajmy, że co unosi się w górę, będzie również spadać…Oczywiście nie wszystkie drogi Trumpa wyściełane są różami, szczególnie od kiedy w Kongresie (zatwierdzającym budżet i wydatki) większość zdobyli Demokraci. Wiadomo, że polityka to scena brudnej przepychanki. Kiedy więc Trump chciał więcej pieniędzy na modernizację armii, Demokraci zażądali podobnej podwyżki na swoje postępowe cele. W konsekwencji federalny deficyt budżetowy  na rok 2019 osiągnął $984 mld, czyli był aż 26% wyższy od poprzedniego z 2018 r. Co prawda rząd z tytułu ceł uzyskał $71 mld, aż 70% więcej niż w 2018 r. jednak ogromnie wzrosły wydatki na obronność i opiekę medyczną. Wpływy z podatków osiągnęły o 4% więcej (w porównaniu do roku ubiegłego) i wyniosły $3,4 bln (po miejscowemu 3,4 trylion), jednak deficyt skoczył aż 8% do $4,4 bln.  Dla ciekawych podam, że podatki od korporacji wynosiły $230 mld (wzrosły o 12%), a podatki od indywidualnych podatników wynosiły $1,7 bln (wzrost o 2%). Zwykle w okresie prosperity deficyt zmniejsza się, ale zaproponowane przez Trumpa cięcia w wydatkach nie znalazły zrozumienia w demokratycznym Kongresie. Trzeba przypomnieć, że Trump dwa lata temu przeprowadził reformę upraszczającą strukturę podatkową, w konsekwencji zmniejszającą podatki o $1,5 bln  argumentując, że pobudzi w ten sposób ekonomię, ograniczy bezrobocie i wydatki na pomoc społeczną i zwiększy wpływy właśnie z podatków...  Cały czas Demokraci są w ataku, totalnej opozycji przyświeca idea impeachmentu. Wielki Inkwizytor demokrata z Kalifornii Adam Schiff (ustosunkowany, jego siostra była żoną syna Sorosa) łżąc jak bura suka przy pomocy speaker Nancy Pelosi (demokratka z San Francisco, jedna z najbogatszych kobiet w Kongresie) usiłują uwikłać Trumpa w “mataczenie” i utrudnianie prac kilku komisji kongresowych, które pilnie poszukują materiałów, dowodów obciążających Prezydenta. Pierwszy atak nie wypalił, po dwuletnim poszukiwaniu przez specjalnego prokuratora Muellera  dowodów na “Russian collusion”, czyli rzekomą współpracę Trumpa z Putinem przeciwko Hillary Clinton w ostatniej kampanii prezydenckiej, choć to przecież sztab Hillary współpracował z Brytyjczykami i Rosjanami przeciwko Trumpowi (słynne “Steele dossier”). Wymyślono następne “mataczenie” tym razem zarzuca się Trumpowi, że naciskał nowo wybranego prezydenta Ukrainy  Żeleńskiego (podczas rozmowy gratulacyjnej) na wszczęcie antykorupcyjnego postępowania wobec przeciwnika Trumpa w nadchodzących prezydenckich wyborach, literalnie Joe Bidena i jego syna Huntera.  W 2014 r. wiceprezydent Joe Biden odpowiadał w administracji Obamy za ukraiński odcinek. Wtedy jego syn Hunter otrzymał lukratywną posadę w ukraińskiej firmie gazowej Burisma Holdings od biznesmena o imieniu Mykola Zlochevsky (były minister zasobów naturalnych). Zatrudnienie Huntera miało dać firmie osłonę przed antykorupcyjnymi podejrzeniami ukraińskiej prokuratury. Każdego miesiąca młody Biden  nie mający zielonego pojęcia o ukraińskim gazie otrzymywał od $60,000 do $80,000. Na światło dzienne wyszło nagranie Joe Bidena w którym chwalił się, że kiedy firmie Burisma zagrażał prokurator , Joe zadzwonił do prezydenta Ukrainy i poinformował go, że jeśli w ciągu 6 godzin (klasyczne ultimatum!) nie wyrzuci tego prokuratora to Biden wstrzyma amerykańską pomoc dla Ukrainy w wysokości $1 mld ! Oczywiście naiwny prokurator wylądował na bruku! Właśnie teraz Demokraci próbują wkręcić Trumpa w grzechy Bidena, oskarżając go o wykorzystywanie urzędu do wywierania nacisku na prezydenta Ukrainy, w celu wznowienia śledztwa przeciwko konkurentowi do prezydentury. Trump przed rozmową wiedząc o szalejącej tam korupcji wstrzymał również ok. $400 mln pomocy dla Ukrainy, ale rzekomo Ukraińcy o tym nawet nie wiedzieli. W Kongresie Demokraci wreszcie zdecydowali się przegłosować rozpoczęcie prac nad impeachmentem (dotąd robili to pół oficjalnie) czego dokonali posiadając większość, bez udziału Republikanów. Trzeba przypomnieć, że cała rozróba zaczęła się od doniesienia 33 letniego “whistleblower” (Eric Ciaramella), zaniepokojonego i oburzonego postępowaniem Trumpa w czasie rozmowy z prezydentem Żeleńskim. Okazuje się, że 33 latek jest stronniczym demokratą i nie miał dostępu do toczącej się rozmowy prezydentów, a jedynie poznał relację, jednego z przysłuchujących się członków National Security Council. Ten sam “donosiciel” jakiś czas temu stracił pracę w NSC przy prezydencie z powodu podejrzenia, że dokonywał nielegalnych przecieków do mediów i obecnie pracuje w centrali CIA. Również okazało się, że wcześniej pracował jako analityk CIA na odcinku ukraińskim dla Bidena i zagożałego przeciwnika Trumpa, byłego szefa CIA (za Obamy) Johna Brennana. Jego informatorem odnośnie rozmowy prezydentów był ppłk Alexander Vindman (kiedy miał 3 lata przybył do US z rodzicami z sowieckiej Ukrainy), dekorowany weteran i członek NSC w Białym Domu, który było nie było doniósł na prezydenta totalnej opozycji. Sprawa może mieć drugie dno, gdyż Vindman  wcześniej odbywał rozmowy z politykami z Ukrainy podobno radząc im jak mają postępować z Trumpem. Na każdą próbę krytyki Vindmana Demokraci stają za nim murem wyliczając jego kombatanckie zasługi, co stoi w sprzeczności z ich dotychczasowym stosunkiem do służby wojskowej i braku szacunku do weteranów (np. sprawa gen. Michaela Flynna). Mając potrzebną większość w izbie niższej (Reprezentantów) Kongresu Demokraci mogą na podstawie nawet mało przekonywujących dowodów przegłosować impeachment Prezydenta i przesłać dalej do Senatu, który mając republikańską większość (do skazania prezydenta potrzebne jest ⅔ Senatu, czyli przynajmniej 67 głosów) może kongresowe artykuły impeachmentu po prostu odrzucić. Więc cała gra Demokratów raczej obliczona jest na obniżenie popularności Trumpa i osłabienie jego wizerunku w nadchodzących prezydenckich wyborach. Przy stałym nagłaśnianiu w posiadanych mainstreamowych mediach rozmaitych oskarżeń, ustawicznym rzucaniu błotem w Trumpa, Demokraci liczą na wywołanie złych skojarzeń i zwiększaniu szans  ich kandydata w wyborach prezydenckich. Aż 93% Demokratów popiera dalsze prace nad impeachmentem, wśród niezależnych wyborców poparcie wynosi 58% i wśród Republikanów ok 10%. Na dziś 46% ankietowanych pozytywnie ocenia prezydenta Trumpa, a 56% negatywnie (Rasmussen Reports), czyli mimo ciągłej negatywnej kampanii nie ma tu większych zmian.  Pewien problem jest z kobietami, 56% popiera impeachment, wobec tylko 42% mężczyzn. Trzeba przypomnieć, że już w dniu inauguracji Trumpa 20 stycznia 2016 r. “The New York Times” zamieścił tekst: “The Campaign to impeach President Trump Has Begun”. Do akcji przystąpił establishment imperium aktywizując Demokratów, media,  FBI, CIA i republikańskich Never Trumpers, wtedy na scenę wszedł Trump zewsząd otoczony ludźmi czyhającymi na każde jego potknięcie.Nie chcę cytować politycznych prognostyków od procentów, wszak oni byli w błędzie aż do ostatniej godziny przed zwycięstwem Trumpa w 2016 r. Uogólniając, w ogólnokrajowych sondażach Trump przegrywa z wszystkimi liderami demokratów, którzy kandydują na prezydenta, weźmy tylko jednego: Biden 51%, Trump 39%. Jednak jest to ocena na rok przed wyborami i jeszcze wiele może się wydarzyć, coś co może podnieść, lub zniszczyć szanse Trumpa. Ta grupa liderów peletonu u Demokratów (Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren (słynna Pocahontas, ulubienica Sorosa), Bernie Sanders (komuch, wnuczek Ziemi Beskidzkiej, nawet okazało się, że ma serce, ostatnio miał zawał), czy Kamala Harris, nie będą w stanie zwyciężyć z Trumpem, nie mają charyzmy, czy porywającego tłumy magnetyzmu. Dlatego wśród Demokratów pojawiają się nawet propozycje, aby jednak wystawić sprawdzoną 71 letnią Hillary Clinton, czy nawet miliardera, byłego burmistrza NYC Michaela Bloomberga. Czy szanse utrzymania prezydentury przez Trumpa rzeczywiście maleją? Tak jak w poprzednich wyborach Hillary Clinton nokautowała Trumpa w krajowych sondażach i rzeczywiście wygrała “popular vote”. Jednak w amerykańskim republikańskim  systemie o wyborze prezydenta nie decyduje (jak w demokracji) ogólna ilość głosów w kraju, ale głosowanie stanowych elektorów. Dlatego podobnie jak w ostatnich wyborach, podobnie i 2020 r. trzeba obserwować tak zwane wahające się stany, których elektorzy  zdecydowali o zwycięstwie Trumpa. Są to stany: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. Na dzień dzisiejszy 43% wyborców w tych stanach chce impeachmentu Trumpa, ale aż 53% tego sobie nie życzy. Więc na razie Trump jest jeszcze bezpieczny, możemy tak powiedzieć szczególnie jak oglądamy nieprzebrane tłumy entuzjastycznych zwolenników Trumpa na jego wiecach.Przewodniczący Kongresowego Republikańskiego Komitetu Narodowego Tom Emmer wysłał list do swoich członków w którym ostrzega przed trudną walką wydaną zwolennikom Trumpa przez 3-ch miliarderów i zarazem radykalnych lewaków, którymi są: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg i  Tom Steyer (wszyscy są Żydami, ostatni po ojcu, obecnie episcopalian). Ci globalistyczni lewacy zarzucają wyborców setkami milionów dolarów tworząc ostrą anty republikańską propagandę.W sumie w tej toczącej się na naszych oczach walce wszyscy jesteśmy na ringu, albowiem walka toczy się między totalitarnym socjalistycznym globalizmem przed którym ostrzegał nas już George Orwell, a szansą Narodów na utrzymanie swoich tradycji, kultur, religii i wolności. Prawda jest taka, że ta walka wchodzi w krytyczną fazę, jeśli prześpimy, nie zachowamy się odpowiedzialnie  i nie staniemy w obronie naszych ideałów to wkrótce pozostaną nam już tylko walki odwrotowe... Jacek K. Matysiak                                                                                                                                                  Kalifornia, 2019/11/06 
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Blowout : corrupted democracy rogue state Russia and the richest most destruc


    ISBN: 1984846728
    Author: Maddow, Rachel



HEY NOW! If the Democommies can charge without evidence that Russia stole the 2016 election for Trump, then I can make the same baseless charge against the Democommies of Kentucky! Okay...maybe the Dems didn't have foreign aid in stealing this election, but they do have a track record in stealing local elections - especially at the city and county level - in addition to stuffing the ballot boxes all across the USA for Hillary Clinton in 2016 to tune of over 2,000,000 illegal alien votes, which is well documented. ---RONBO
Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin refused to concede late Tuesday in Kentucky's gubernatorial race, citing unspecified "irregularities" -- potentially kickstarting weeks of uncertainty as the closely-watched contest with national implications remains too close to call.
The history-making evening also saw Republicans decisively hold onto the governorship in Mississippi despite a fierce Democratic challenge, while electing Kentucky’s first black attorney general. Democrats, meanwhile, took complete control over the Virginia statehouse for the first time in 26 years.
On Monday, Trump had called on an "angry majority" of voters to boost the relatively unpopular Bevin in Kentucky, in a nod to Richard Nixon's "silent majority" and Ronald Reagan's "moral majority." But with 100 percent of precincts reporting, Bevin was behind Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear by 5,333 votes out of more than 1.4 million counted, 49.2 percent to 48.8 percent. Libertarian candidate John Hicks received 2 percent.
The Associated Press said it could not declare a winner, owing to the tight margin. The Democratic National Committee and Beshear's campaign, however, claimed victory.
"My expectation is that he [Bevin] will honor the election that was held tonight," Beshear said in a speech to supporters. "That he will help us make this transition. And I'll tell you what, we will be ready for that first day in office, and I look forward to it."


Paul Craig Roberts: Millions Could Die In Nuclear War


Better relations between the US and Russia are not in the cards, says Paul Craig Roberts. Sooner or later a nuclear confrontation will become inevitable, leading to the destruction of millions. (See video below)   By Paul Craig Roberts October 25, 2019 “The Russian government’s failure to stand up to Washington’s bullying guarantees more bullying.  Sooner or […]

The post Paul Craig Roberts: Millions Could Die In Nuclear War appeared first on Darkmoon.


Erdoğan likely to push Trump to reverse ‘double whammy’


Erdoğan likely to push Trump to reverse ‘double whammy’


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has repeatedly shown the ability to influence and manipulate U.S. President Donald Trump, though two resolutions passed by the U.S. House on Tuesday highlight the Turkish leader’s lesser influence among U.S. lawmakers. 

After a December 2018 phone call between the two presidents, Trump announced that U.S. troops would withdraw from Syria. The move was soon reversed, but it shocked Washington’s foreign policy establishment and led to the resignations of two key U.S. officials, Defense Secretary James Mattis and counter-Islamic State (ISIS) envoy Brett McGurk. 

After the two met during the June G-20 summit in Japan, Trump told reporters that he appreciated Turkey’s position on its purchase of Russian S-400 air defence missiles. In the months since he has refrained from applying the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act against Turkey, which its deal with Russia should have triggered. 

Last month, following another phone talk with Erdoğan, Trump again announced U.S. troops would be leaving Syria, allowing Turkey to go forward with its long-planned offensive against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its affiliate People’s Protection Units (YPG). Turkey views the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has led an insurgency in Turkey since 1984 and is labelled a terrorist group by the United States and European Union, as well as Turkey. 

“Erdoğan has learned to manipulate Trump and Erdoğan has been able to influence Donald Trump’s personal talking points,” said Aaron Stein, director of the Middle East programme at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. 

Stein said Turkish officials identified Trump as their preferred U.S. presidential candidate back in October 2016. “I thought Donald Trump would be an Islamophobe that would work against Turkish interests,” he said. 

“But the Turks rightly concluded that Trump was corruptible and not very smart, and therefore he was manipulable - he could be a transactional partner that would work toward Turkey’s interests,” Stein added. “It took three years, but they ultimately got it.”

The two leaders are set to meet in Washington on Nov. 13, and observers expect Erdoğan to seek to reverse or neutralise two House resolutions passed this week, which the New York Times described as a rebuke to Trump and one analyst described as a “double whammy” against Turkey.  

The first resolution marks an official recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The House move, which came on the anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Turkey, is not unprecedented. In 1975 and in 1984, the House also adopted resolutions acknowledging the Armenian Genocide. And in April 1981, President Ronald Reagan issued a Presidential Proclamation on the matter. 

The second House resolution, which like the first must be approved by the Senate to become binding, calls for sanctioning Erdoğan and other Turkish officials involved in the Syria offensive, as well as Turkish banks linked to the defence sector, and penalising Turkey for its purchase of Russian S-400 missiles.

Russian officials told Turkey on Tuesday that Syrian and Russian forces had successfully cleared the YPG from a strip of land along Turkey’s border, as per last week’s agreement between Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that joint Russian-Turkish patrols could begin.

Stein said he expected Russia would soon integrate the YPG into the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad, which would raise security issues for Turkey and give Assad and Putin some leverage over Erdoğan. 

Turkey’s offensive in northeast Syria has thus far displaced some 180,000 people, and many, including former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power, have described Turkish actions there as ethnic cleansing, in part because Erdoğan has repeatedly expressed his desire to settle mostly Syrian Arab refugees in the area, much of which has had a Kurdish majority in recent decades. 

“Erdoğan has said he wants to move 2 million people into these areas. I think that would be tantamount to ethnic re-engineering,” said Stein.

Stein does not foresee Ankara being able to implement that plan, nor does he see a coherent Turkish approach in northeast Syria, but rather the significant influence of Russia. Reports this week have said Turkey is also considering buying Russian Su-35 fighter jets. Also this week, Pentagon officials said Turkey’s S-400s are expected to be operational by the end of the year. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has cautioned U.S. officials to think carefully before sanctioning Turkey and pushing Ankara further toward Russia. In the Washington Post last week, Ilhan Omar, a member of the House of Representatives, also argued against sanctioning Turkey, saying that while Turkey’s Syria offensive had been a disaster, sanctions tend to be incoherent and counter-productive. 

“I don’t understand the point of collapsing Turkey’s economy or even threatening to do it for an invasion of Syria,” said Stein, though he did understand punishing Turkey for its S-400 purchase. 

“Turkey has met the threshold for CAATSA sanctions,” said Stein, pointing out that Ankara even aired live video of the arrival of the S-400s, “rubbing the nose of the Americans in the faeces of this deal”.

There have been reports that Trump is negotiating with Turkish officials behind the scenes in an effort to secure the purchase of U.S.-made Patriot missiles to replace the S-400s. Still, most U.S. officials would prefer not to sanction Turkey. 

“People don’t want to alienate a NATO ally,” said Stein, who said it was possible Turkey would buy Patriots at next month’s summit. 

“But a negotiation entails a give and take on both sides, and Turkey never gives, it only takes,” said Stein, who thinks Turkish officials do not realise how few defenders they have left in the White House. 

“Erdoğan played his cards right,” Stein added. “He got another face-to-face meeting with Trump where he can present his case, and when he gets a meeting with Trump, Trump usually capitulates to his point of view.”


Erdoğan’s Syria deal with Putin cannot last, expert says


Erdoğan’s Syria deal with Putin cannot last, expert says


Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan struck a deal to clear northern Syria of Kurdish fighters at a triumphant summit in Sochi, Russia last week.

Despite the smiles and handshakes, the agreement probably will not last because neither leader can enforce its terms, Chris Miller, assistant professor at the Fletcher School and the Eurasia director at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, said in an article for Foreign Policy on Monday.

“Turkey and Russia may be committed, but it is unlikely that the other combatants will abide by the deal,” Miller said. “Start with the Kurds.”

Russia does not have the forces needed for a protracted campaign against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) that Turkey labels terrorists threatening its security, and Moscow does not have much interest in reducing its fighting capacity, Miller said. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Assad may be able to pressure the YPG to disarm, but he is unlikely to be willing, he said.

“Ankara is therefore wrong to think that the Syrian Kurdish question is closed. True, the joint patrols envisaged by the Putin-Erdoğan accord could keep YPG units away from the border. But as Turkey well knows, holding territory with an organised army is not the only way that Kurdish militias can wage war.”

Turkey started a military incursion into Syria in early October to combat the YPG and to set up a safe zone for the return of Syrian refugees, millions of whom are currently residing in Turkey. It sees the YPG as an extension of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has waged a four-decade war for autonomy in southeast Turkey at the cost of about 40,000 lives, most of them Kurdish.

“Assad thinks he is winning. Turkey thinks its threats have won concessions. The YPG is on the back foot but is unlikely to give up. All sides think they can improve their position with further fighting,” Miller said.

“Trump’s withdrawal may have changed the balance of power in Syria, but the Putin-Erdoğan deal that resulted is unlikely to end the war.”


Baghdadi death should not mask Turkey’s illegal land grab – rights advocate


Baghdadi death should not mask Turkey’s illegal land grab – rights advocate


The death of Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi at the weekend may dominate headlines in the coming days, but the killing should not ignore Turkey’s illegal occupation of northern Syria, celebrated by U.S. President Donald Trump, said Rebecca Barber for the Interpreter.

International law dictates that one country cannot decide it needs a so-called “safe zone” in another country and then invade and claim it as theirs by virtue of its seizure, Barber, a human rights advocate for international NGOs, said in an article published on Monday.

“Not only has this flagrant breach of international law gone largely unchallenged by world leaders; worse, it’s been formally endorsed – first by the U.S. in the deal brokered by Vice President Mike Pence in talks with Turkish President Erdoğan on 17 October, and secondly by Russia, in its deal with Turkey last Tuesday.”

Erdoğan sent thousands of troops into northern Syria in early October to combat Kurdish militants allied in the U.S. battle against ISIS. His government aims to resettle more than a million refugees from Syria in the border area in a mass security and construction project that may threaten the local indigenous Kurdish population.

“That the plan has now been formally endorsed by both the U.S. and Russia conveys a message that international law is irrelevant and that Turkey can do whatever it likes,” Barber said.

India could now argue that it needs a safe zone in Pakistan to keep extremists away from the border with Kashmir, or Russia could say that its role in eastern Ukraine is a “safe zone” or peace corridor, Barber said, citing one unidentified commentator. The amount of such entities could become endless, she said.


Enigmatica: Время тыквы. ТЫКВА по-необычному


Это цитата сообщения Рецепты_блюд Оригинальное сообщениеВремя тыквы. ТЫКВА по-необычному



Ленивые вареники, мясо в соусе, суп-пюре, булочки, десерт. Яркими красками осени прогоняем хандру!

Ленивые вареники с картошкой и тыквой - яркие и мягкие, поскольку тесто для них готовится с добавлением картофельного и тыквенного пюре. Подаются с обжаренными грибами. Такие ленивые вареники станут не только сытным блюдом на столе, но и украшением вашего обеда.

Свинина в тыквенном соусе получается очень вкусной и ароматной. Мясо при тушении пропитывается соусом, в результате чего ему передаётся приятное сочетание кисло-сладкого вкуса тыквы и томата с чесноком и специями. Подаётся свинина с любым гарниром, например с макаронами.

Тыква, тушенная с яблоками, изюмом и корицей - лёгкий в приготовлении и восхитительный по вкусу десерт из небольшого количества компонентов, который наверняка придётся по вкусу всем любителям тыквы.

Тыквенно-шоколадные булочки - интересная выпечка из дрожжевого теста. Это булочки с сюрпризом - в яркой тыквенной оболочке прячется шоколадный колобок.

Тыквенный суп-пюре - постное первое блюдо, которое готовится очень просто, а получается вкусным, нежным и лёгким. Подавать суп-пюре можно с тыквенными семечками и кунжутом.

Ещё больше интересных рецептов смотрите в нашей рубрике Блюда из тыквы. А также обязательно загляните в нашу предыдущую подборку "Время ТЫКВЫ (5)". Продолжение следует.

Лучшая благодарность - добавление записи в цитатник :)


Patriarch Kirill: Papism is Dangerous Because it is Much Easier to Influence One Individual than a Group of People


On November 4, 2019, after the Divine Liturgy at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Dormition in the Moscow Kremlin, a fraternal repast took place at which His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia addressed the gathering. Speaking about the crucial developments in the world Orthodoxy, His Holiness said in particular: ‘Today we are […]

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Delegation of Archdiocese of Western European Parishes of Russian Tradition Completes its Visit to Russia


In the morning of November 5, 2019, the administrator of the Archdiocese of Western European Parishes of Russian Tradition, Metropolitan John of Dubna, and the archdiocese clergy, Protopresbyter Anatoly Rakovich and Protodeacon Ioann Drobot-Tikhonitsiy, accompanied by the head of the Moscow Patriarchate office for institutions abroad, Metropolitan Anthony of Chersonesus and Western Europe, Patriarchate Exarch […]

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Understanding Stewardship


Back when I was single and had only myself to worry about, I was introduced to a fuller understanding of stewardship. I had always equated stewardship with tithing, giving to God one tenth of any money I received, 10% for God and 90% for me (which seemed fair enough since I was the one who […]

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Metropolitan John (Renetto): Archdiocese Chose a Path of Life


Reuniting with the Russian Orthodox Church is not revenge, it is the way of life the Archdiocese of Western European parishes has chosen, His Eminence John noted.

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His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry Celebrates His 75th Birthday Today


His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine, the greatly beloved primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, turns 75 today. Met. Onuphry is recognized throughout the Orthodox Church as a meek and humble man of prayer who enjoys the devotion of the Orthodox faithful who remain devoted to God. He, in turn, is greatly devoted […]

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The Indonesian Mission of the Russian Church Abroad joins the Southeast-Asian Exarchate of the Moscow Patriarchate


On Saturday, November 2, 2019, in the Church of St Thomas in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, an assembly of clergymen of the Indonesian Mission was held. Chaired by His Grace Bishop George of […]

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Holy Trinity Church in Switzerland Celebrates its 75th Anniversary


His Grace Bishop Irenei of London and Western Europe made his first archpastoral visit to the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Bern, Switzerland, for the festive celebration of the parish’s 75th anniversary. The previous day, 18/31 October, 2019, His Grace visited the University of Fribourg, where he presented a lecture on the theme: ‘Christ […]

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The Real Roots of Universalism


For gaining a deep insight into the minds of cross-sections of the populace, you can’t beat blogging. People will say in the comments section of a blog what they really think about certain topics (sometimes on topics only minimally related to the actual content of the blog piece), and often what they lack in civility […]

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10 Mistakes On The Way To Marriage


Mistake #1: Affection For The Parental Home Photo by Helena Volkova A lot depends on what our parents prepared us for. Was it for the service of God (and the service of God is a service to one’s neighbor, and therefore to parents, too)? Or was it to serve the family, if you are meant […]

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Cave of St. John the Long-Suffering Opened during Restorations at Kiev Caves Lavra


The Orthodox faithful now have a rare opportunity to see the place of the ascetic labors of one of the many great saints of the Kiev Caves Lavra.

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WhatsApp breach turns into a competitive advantage for secure messaging & calling apps Telegram and Signal

Security experts said Telegram, a Russian app, and Signal, run by a US-based non-profit organisation run by, among others, WhatsApp cofounder, are being viewed as having more secure features and updates. On Google Play, Signal peaked at 31st position in the communications app downloads category in India on Nov 1, a jump from its 255th position a week ago.

Frankfurt, Gladbach, Wolfsburg: Bundesliga-Trio in Europa League gefordert

In der Europa League haben Eintracht Frankfurt und der VfL Wolfsburg gute Chancen auf das Erreichen der Zwischenrunde. Bundesliga-Spitzenreiter Borussia Mönchengladbach muss sich dagegen schon gehörig strecken - am Donnerstag geht es gegen Rom.

Europa League: Gladbach nun gegen Rom gefordert - Pléa vor der Rückkehr

Verlieren verboten. Borussia Mönchengladbach benötigt in der Europa League jeden Punkt, um im Rennen zu bleiben. Gegner Rom zeigte sich zuletzt allerdings in bestechender Form.

Champions League: BVB ohne Kapitän Reus gegen Inter Mailand

Borussia Dortmund muss im Champions-League-Spiel gegen Inter Mailand heute (21 Uhr/DAZN) auf Marco Reus verzichten. Der Kapitän steht dem...

Champions League: BVB gegen Inter Mailand unter Zugzwang: "Richtungsweisend"

Erst gegen Inter Mailand, dann beim FC Bayern - für Borussia Dortmund stehen binnen weniger Tage zwei Schlüsselspiele an. Dabei wird sich weisen, wie stabil der jüngste Aufwärtstrend ist.

Erfolg in Augsburg: Schalke zeigt "große Mentalität" - Harit widmet Sieg Sané

Schalke bleibt Mitglied der breiten Verfolgergruppe hinter Bundesliga-Spitzenreiter Borussia Mönchengladbach. Der Trainer entdeckt beim 3:2 in Augsburg völlig neue Qualitäten seiner Mannschaft. Beim Abwehrpersonal wird's eng.

Münchner Krise: Kovac soll vorerst bleiben - Zwiespalt bei Bayern-Bossen

Niko Kovac bekommt wohl seine Endspielwoche. Trotz der Blamage in Frankfurt soll er den FC Bayern auch gegen Olympiakos Piräus und Borussia Dortmund betreuen. Schafft er wieder die Wende? Die Personalie Kovac spaltet.

Spitzenreiter: Eberls Plan mit Gladbachs Trainer Rose geht auf

Marco Rose scheint Borussia Mönchengladbach auf ein neues Level führen zu können. Woche für Woche wächst beim Tabellenführer der Glaube, etwas Großes erreichen zu können. Nicht nur die Verantwortlichen machen dies vor allem am neuen Trainer fest.

11/7/2019: Sport: Chelsea, Dortmund bring league alive


On a night of big comebacks in the Champions League, Borussia Dortmund rallied from two goals down to beat Inter Milan 3-2 on Tuesday while Chelsea erased a three-goal deficit to draw 4-4 against nine-man Ajax. Napoli fluffed a chance to qualify for...

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Ключевой свидетель в процессе об импичменте президента Трампа, посол США при Евросоюзе Гордон Сондленд, неожиданно изменил свои показания, заявив, что Вашингтон предлагал возобновить военную помощь Киеву в размере 391 млн долларов только в обмен на личное согласие президента Украины начать расследование в отношении бывшего вице-президента США Джо Байдена и его сына Хантера.

Новые показания Гордона Сондленда, официально переданные в Конгресс в минувший понедельник и опубликованные уже на следующий день, в Вашингтоне уже назвали "самым тяжелым ударом" по стратегии защиты президента Трампа.

"Расшифровка показаний посла Сондленда... демонстрирует, как прогрессировали попытки Трампа оказать давление на Украину, чтобы принудить ее служить его личным политическим целям", - написал в своем "Твиттере" глава комитета по разведке палаты представителей демократ Адам Шифф.

Посол Гордон Сондленд играл одну из ключевых ролей в тайных переговорах между администрацией США и правительством Владимира Зеленского. 3 октября он в течение нескольких часов давал показания на закрытых слушаниях в конгрессе.

Именно его выступление стало основным аргументом для представителей Белого дома и республиканцев на Капитолийском холме, выступающих в защиту президента Трампа. В своих показаниях посол Сондленд последовательно отрицал, что администрация использовала в переговорах с представителями Киева принцип "услуга за услугу", и заявлял, что Белый дом никогда не связывал вопрос о предоставлении Украине военной помощи с расследованием в отношении бывшего вице-президента США Джо Байдена и его сына.

В конце прошлой недели демократы объявили, что готовы опубликовать расшифровки выступлений бывших и действующих чиновников администрации, включая и расшифровку выступления посла при ЕС. Днем в понедельник, 3 ноября, Сондленд неожиданно объявил о том, что хотел бы изменить данные им показания, и передал в конгресс "многостраничные поправки" к стенограмме прошлого выступления.

По мнению наблюдателей, причиной для такого шага стали показания других свидетелей, которые в своих выступлениях в конгрессе прямо опровергали заявления Сондленда. Эти противоречия демократы в конгрессе посчитали настолько серьезными, что объявили о возможности официально обвинить дипломата в даче ложных показаний под присягой. Сам посол, впрочем, сослался на то, что решил сделать поправки и передать законодателям новый вариант своих показаний после того, как "освежил свою память" и "провел развернутые встречи" с представителями администрации.

Владельцу компании Provenance Hotels и банка Aspen Capital 62-летнему Гордону Сондленду принадлежит сеть гостиниц в нескольких штатах США. Его компания специализируется на реставрации и перестройке под отели исторических зданий, а состояние оценивается, как минимум в 60 млн долларов.

Сондленд известен как активный сторонник Республиканской партии. В течение последних десятилетий он входил в состав различных общественных комитетов, занимавшихся сбором средств для республиканцев.

В 2016 году три контролируемые им компании пожертвовали 1 млн долларов инаугурационному комитету Дональда Трампа. Спустя два года, в мае 2018 года, Белый дом предложил его кандидатуру на пост посла США при Европейском союзе.

Бывший советник президента Трампа по России Фиона Хилл заявила, выступая в конгрессе в рамках слушаний по импичменту, что считала назначение Сондленда возможной угрозой для национальной безопасности, так как он не обладал необходимым опытом и навыками. В своем выступлении она неизменно называла дипломата "донором, который превратился в посла".

В новой версии своего выступления посол объявил, что принцип "услуга за услугу" был основным в переговорах с представителями украинских властей. По его словам, он лично сообщил высокопоставленному киевскому чиновнику, что Вашингтон "по всей видимости" не будет возобновлять предоставление военной помощи до тех пор, пока Киев не согласится объявить о начале расследования в отношении политических противников президента США.

Согласно документам, переданным Сондлендом в Конгресс, свою озабоченность приостановкой военной помощи Владимир Зеленский высказал вице-президенту США Майку Пенсу во время встречи в Варшаве 1 сентября этого года.

После этого сам посол напомнил советнику президента Украины Андрею Ермаку, что предоставление помощи будет связано с выполнением пожеланий президента Трампа.

"Я сейчас вспоминаю, что разговаривал лично с господином Ермаком и сказал ему, что США скорее всего не возобновят предоставление помощи, пока Украина не выступит с антикоррупционным заявлением, которое мы обсуждали в течение многих недель", - говорится в дополнениях к 400-страничной расшифровке предыдущих показаний Сондленда.

Из предоставленных послом документов следует, что президент Дональд Трамп в частных разговорах крайне негативно отзывался об Украине, утверждая, что киевские власти организовали вмешательство в выборы в США в 2016 году, пытаясь оказать помощь представительнице Демократической партии Хиллари Клинтон. "Они пытались нанести мне поражение", - якобы заявлял Трамп.

"Автором" этой теории сам Сондленд считает личного адвоката президента США Рудольфа Джулиани. Бывшие чиновники Госдепартамента, включая экс-посла на Украине Мэри Йованович и бывшего спецпредставителя США Курта Волкера, также заявляли, что именно Джулиани формировал политику администрации по отношению к Киеву.

"Для всех нас было ясно, что ключевой фигурой, которая повлияла на перемены в отношении президента к Украине, был господин Джулиани", - говорится в показаниях Сондленда.

Посол заявил, что он был "разочарован" тем, что президент Трамп лично отдал распоряжение о том, чтобы включить Джулиани в процесс переговоров с украинскими представителями. Он также подчеркнул, что расценил попытки личного адвоката президента убедить официальный Киев начать расследование в отношении Джо Байдена как незаконные.

Согласно новой версии показаний Сондленда, лично он "всегда считал, что приостановка военной помощи Украине была неправильным решением". Посол уточнил, что, согласно первоначальному плану, официальное заявление о начале расследования против политических противников Трампа мог сделать генеральный прокурор Украины. Позднее в администрации решили, что это заявление должен сделать лично президент Зеленский.



Bandits User Interface (4.274)

Bandits User Interface. Based on FTC modules (thx to Atropos for permissions). Has low weight, high performance and huge functionality.
stable version - tested add-on version is here ("").
beta version - newest version with beta functionality.

Developers can read additional information below

- Different UI styles, Themes
- Group and Raid frames, regrouper, death counter, ability to see group members stats, buffs
- Combat statistics, combat log, group statistics
- Buffs, Widgets, Ability timers
- Minimap (does not supports gamepad mode)
- Combat reticle and reticle timers
- Quick slots managar
- Custom bar
- Combat notifications
- Frames movement mode (default and add-on)
- Automation
- Healer helper
- Champion system helper

Please do not post your requests about minimap. Tired to answear again and again: It is not mine! It is minimized ZoS ingame map. If you want something else then use other minimaps.
Requests, that sounds like "I want you to do for me this" will be ignored.
If you want something to be added or changed, ask your self "Is it really good and unique idea?". Useless requests will be declined.

NEVER use more than one add-on with ultimate sharing or you will be kicked from server. (Stats, DPS sharing in Bandits UI, Ultimate sharing in Raid Notifier, Taos Group Ultimate, Hodor Reflexes, etc.)
Do not use different add-ons with the same function. (Notifications in Bandits UI, Raid Notifier, Blackrose Prison Helper, Asylum Tracker, etc.)
Do not use different UI add-ons in same time.
If you lost texts then check add-on path. It must be precisely "AddOns\BanditsUserInterface", not "AddOns\BanditsUserInterface\BanditsUserInterface", not "AddOns\BanditsUserInterface 3.200", etc.

Last changes:
Added 5 reticle modes:
Reticle update (do not be scared, this is just a picture with all elements at the same time):
Custom bar
Activity finder: Added completion info (quest completed, hard mode, timerun, no death)
Champion system helper
Side panel
Group leader arrow (works incorrect with LibMapPing library)
New Curved frames styles
Preferred target focus
New player frames styles
Added synergy tracker
Added Healer helper (/bui hh or click on minimeters hps)
Added rotation speed meter
Added six different themes
Added: Ability timers
Added block cost and block mitigation to player stats information

Added group members death counter
Added context menu for group members frames
Added default frames reposition
Added buffs widgets
Added custom buffs panel
Added black list for buffs
Added taunt tracker
Added penetration info and crit damage bonus to player attributes section
Added phase timers for boss frame

Added Combat Notifications (Notifications for Trials, Dungeons, Open world, MSA, DSA, BRP)

Added German, French, Russian, Brasilian translation.
Added Stat sharing
Added Group Notifications ("Healer is dead!", "Your group need Orbs!", "Horn!", "Purge!" etc.)
Proc skills animation and sound

UI styles:
- Arcs Curved frames
Fully customizable player and target bars, placed on center of the screen with many options, like fade, intelligent sizing, reversing, automatic info bar, etc.
- Horisontal stat bars (Improved classic player stat bars)
- Vertical stat bars (FTC style)
- Labeled default stat bars
- Improved Target bar with execution option
All UI styles can be used with each other with different in/out combat fading and transparency

Group/Raid members bars:
- Colored member level
- Member Name/@AccName
- Member class
- Member role
- Animated status effects
- Member buffs
- Member dps (for each fight)
- Dead member throbbing icon
- Intarface buttons and key binds for managing group (slash command /rg)

- Player buffs
- Target buffs
- Debuffs is on buffs panels but they are red
- Effects that cast by player have blue border
- Can be enabled passives
- Filter for minimum duration
- Combine similar buffs
- Shows stack of ability (Assasins will, bow passive, heavy armor passive, Ravaging, Vengeance etc.)
- Shows food buff reminder
- Shows self buff reminder
- Combat pet reminder is under construction

- Can be enabled two additional buff and debuff bars where placed current player abilitys
- Inactive ability are faded
- Shows stack of ability (Merceless resolve, Relentless focus)
- Abilitys porocs are shows on debuff panel
- Rearming Trap triggers counter
- Ground DOTs
- Temporary problem with no fully studied abilitys

Most of parameters are optional and can be tune in addon menu

Combat statistics:
Detailed damage/healing report with DoT uptime, player buffs and each target buffs/debuffs and its uptime.
+ group dps on real time. Lightweight code. No resource and memory leaching.
+ each member average dps! (beta: disabled by default) Knows no difference between strong dd and newbie and can equalize them. Addon uses group roles, so it must be correct for close to exact results.

Описание на русском ("")
Гайд по виджетам ("")
Гайд по хилхелперу ("")
Гайд по КастомБару ("")

Bandits UI additions:
Info Panel ("")
Group Loot Notifier ("")
Chat Tab Selector ("")

See also:
Bandits Gear Manager ("")
Bandits Alchemy Helper ("")
Map Pins ("")
Miner Minigame ("")

Developers information:
BUI_MiniMap_Shown returns: true/false
BUI_MiniMap_Update fires when minimap updates
BUI_InCombatLock returns: true/false
BUI_CControl returns: controlType (1 hard control, 2 staggered)
BUI_Food fires when food has ended
BUI_Purge fires when need to purge
BUI_Proc returns: abilityId, stackCount

BUI.PanelAdd(content) - adds button to left side panel (additional info is inside BUI_Panel.lua file)
BUI.OnScreen.Notification(id,message,sound,count_ms) - notification
a(text,) - default alert message
dt(table) - post table content

Slash commands:
/ab id - returns ability name
/rl - reload UI
/bui - open add-on menu
/bui state - post add-on state
/bui dm - toggle developer mode
/bui hh - show Healer Helper
/regrouper, /rg ]
/dice (works only in group)

Lavrov blames U.S. for events surrounding Iran nuclear deal 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday called on Iran to fulfill the terms of its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, but said Moscow understood why Tehran was cutting back on its commitments, the New York Times reported.

The View: Tulsi Gabbard, Hot Topics, Impeachapalooza

Sunny is out today, back tomorrow

Tulsi Gabbard

Two more clips behind the cut

Tulsi Gabbard wants you to know that she is a patriot but watch for Joy 😲 😃

Summary of conversation
[Omg @ Joy loooool who is pleasant but has less than zero f.cks to give]
Whoopi asks about Hawaii telescope on sacred land. Reminds about Sondland changing testimony, wonders if Tulsi was surprised. Tulsi ignores the question, goes right in to Hillary complaints, the accusations of being a Russian asset, trojan horse, a useful idiot. Gives imapatriot! speech, she’s intelligent woman of color. More speech. Joy says well Franklin Graham finds her refreshing, Richard Spencer white nationalist says he’d vote for her, says Tulsi goes on Tucker Carlson 16x. Joy pokes more about Hillary. Abby plays audio of Hillary remarks. Tulsi says it’s outrageous she would be accused of being a Russian asset. Lists her resume. Whoopi asks if she is surprised when everyone sees the bots propping her up, for people to think that. Tulsi says it’s offensive to be accused [but doesn’t answer question]. Joy wants to know what her evidence is that Hillary is a warmonger. Tulsi says Iraq war. Joy says, did Tulsi believe in it. Tulsi said she believed the lies. Joy says, well so did Hillary. Tulsi continues to talk about smear campaigns.

Abby says Tulsi’s not afraid to go against her own party. Tulsi said she won’t run as third party, she wants to do xyz. Talks her campaign. Meghan says she evokes really strong reactions, seems to be a threat to both sides. Tulsi says she can’t be controlled, everyone sees her as a threat.

Joy repeats that there is a difference from being used (unwitting) vs being complicit. Asks why does Tulsi go on Fox with Tucker Carlson who is a liar, instead of other Fox reporters who are more balanced. Tulsi says she’s offended by being called a witting or unwitting asset [but doesn’t answer the question]. Whoopi brings up quote again. Tulsi says she’s going to speak to everyone, not just those who agree with her [but still doesn’t answer the question]. Meghan says Tulsi cares about the audience and doesn’t negate everyone. Joy says she’s not talking about all of Fox, she names Tucker and Sean Hannity who are repeated liars. Abby brings up Kamala saying her race and gender (speaking about herself) are the elephant in the room, wonders if Tulsi feels the same way. Tulsi talks about that topic. Whoopi asks Day 1 as Potus will Tulsi reverse tax laws. Tulsi talks healthcare and not having big insurance and big pharma at the table at the same time. Whoopi wants to know if she’s going to give money back. Tulsi talks tax generalities. Meghan is glad that Tulsi won’t take her guns.

I’m still lol @ Joy

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Sondland remembered he did know about quid pro quo, changed his testimony prior to his transcript release. He changed his testimony in lieu of perjury, after the transcripts released Monday revealed that he lied. Meghan goes in to detail. Abby says it wasn’t that long ago, so how silly it was that he forgot, then suddenly remembered. Joy mocks Lindsey Graham. Plays clip. The GOP is such a joke. It’s your job to read and stay on top of these things. Meghan still loves LG, says he’s doing what he thinks is best. But what he’s saying isn’t productive. Whoopi says there are certain jobs you have, you can’t say as an elected official that you’re refusing to read testimony paramount to your job. Abby says the goalposts keep moving. Says we have everything for impeachment.

Hot Topic Election Night Big Blue Wins

[There is an audience lady from KY who is asked some comments]
Tuesday Election Day results woo hoo. Virginia flipped state level House and Senate, they now have a state blue trifecta. KY Dem Governor beat incumbent even tho T45 warned voters at Mon Klan rally. Plays clip. The greatest defeat in the history of the world… You can’t let that happen to meeeee. Incumbent hasn’t conceded. Most politics are local, so stumping doesn’t matter. Joy says woman who flipped bird as T45 caravan was passing, she got fired over that incident but then she sued her company and won severance. Last night she won a seat on Board of Supervisors, beating incumbent GOP by 52%. Abby says KY Gov was really unpopular. Meghan lists reasons he was hated. Calls out woman in audience from KY. Audience lady says they’re not surprised but very happy. Joy says Moscow Mitch is next, how’s he taking it. Audience lady says she hopes he’s taking it very, very bad. Meghan talks tea leaves since T45 never takes accountability, normally if he stumps for candidate in super red state, the candidate is helped.

Whoopi has word salad some more about whatever. Thinks it’s a mistake to assume the party in power has a stranglehold on local race. Talks about what’s in your wallet. Show me the money. [Her obsession with bank accounts like she lives in poverty is really tiresome]. Joy lists more reasons Bevin was very unpopular. Abby supports states rights, thinks Dem won because he talked about local needs not T45. Mitch is most unpopular Senator, he should be worried. Brings up Amy who is running against Mitch. Meghan says she’s running a bad campaign. Audience lady talks about Bevin, doesn’t think Amy has run that kind of campaign.

Hot Topic Spicer on DWTS Youtried.gif

Sean Spicer has more job security on DWTS but that may be ending soon, Whoopi wonders if judges are over him. Plays clip. Meghan says he’s the only part that she watches, he’s terrible, she loves it. Joy wonders when Rudy Colludy will be on the show. Abby says it’s like The Bachelor where even if you don’t like them, you don’t want them to leave, because it’s more fun for them to stay on. Whoopi is happy because she doesn’t watch tv, wonders about T45 tweeting for followers to vote for Spicer. How does someone in the WH have time to do this, but if she was getting impeached, then she’d have time, too. Abby says when there are important things, you don’t hear from T45, but he has time for DWTS. Meghan says Spicer is so bad. Whoopi wants Spicer to be dressed as a bush (looooooool omg that would be glorious).

Ontd do you want Spicey to be dressed on DWTS as that funny bush meme?

Source links are below each video or section

BC Novosibirsk vs Ufimets Ufa, Nov 07, 2019 – Preview, Where to Watch, Score

БК Новосибирск – Уфимец (local team names) Russian Super League Basketball, Novosibirsk – Ufimets, Thursday, 7:30 am ET Score, Highlights Probability of winning Novosibirsk 62.39% Ufimets 37.61% Short Preview Novosibirsk is in awful shape (in the last 5 games wins – 1). Recent matches Ufimets is playing changeable (in the last 5 games wins –…

USA to face Russia, Mongolia in Group B at Women's World Cup in Japan, Nov. 16-17


Названы российские города — лидеры по посещению иностранными туристами



Стали известны российские города — лидеры по посещению иностранными туристами, сообщает НСН со ссылкой на сервис OneTwoTrip.

Лидирует Москва, причём турпоток в столицу вырос на 2,8%.

Второе место занимает Санкт-Петербург (количество полётов из-за рубежа снизилось на 4,6%).

Далее следует Жуковский, где расположен международный аэропорт. В рейтинг также попали Новосибирск, Калининград, Сочи, Краснодар, Екатеринбург, Казань и Владивосток.

Ранее, как сообщал Nation News, российские туристы рассказали о планах на новогодние каникулы.





Семья, Дом, Быт -> Кулинария

Любимые блюда - плов и оливье.

In China, Kids Of Unwed Mothers May Be Barred From Public Health Care, Education


When Liu, a 31-year-old Chinese insurance firm manager, learned she was pregnant in 2017, she resolved to keep her baby.

She tried to hide the fact that she was unmarried and pregnant from her colleagues at the private insurance firm where she works in Shanghai. She paid her own hospital bills rather than rely on public insurance and risk exposing her secret to the hospital and her employer.

Now the mother of a 22-month-old girl, Liu, who declined to share her full name for fear of social retribution, is facing a new challenge: accessing public health care and education for her child in Shanghai, where she has lived for nine years.

"I just felt this was a small, living being, that I should keep her and that I had to work hard to create the conditions under which I could raise her," says Liu, a native of central China's Henan province, who moved to the east coast megacity of Shanghai for her job.

Even though Liu's parents and close friends support her choice to become a mother, she says that most colleagues at her workplace do not know she has a child. "Employers would wonder, 'Is it just you who cares for the child? If so, then how will you focus on work?' " she says.

Changing social mores and economics are affecting parenthood in China. Chinese women are increasingly financially independent. The marriage rate has dipped in recent years, and couples are divorcing more often than in the past. According to census data, women are postponing marriage and motherhood. And some are having children on their own.

But the country's exhaustively detailed family code makes no mention of single parents. It is a topic so neglected that no official statistics are available on how many children are raised by single parents. This leaves many Chinese women stuck in a legal gray zone where they are unable to access basic public services for themselves and their children.

"There is a blank space when it comes to single parents. There is a catchall clause [for punishing] 'any other situations that violate family planning,' " says Li Jun, a lawyer at Shanghai Dehehantong Law Firm, who is fighting a case in a Shanghai court to win maternity insurance coverage for unmarried women.

Family laws of the land

Neither the Population and Family Planning Law nor the Marriage Law contains language expressly allowing or forbidding single parenthood. Instead, the legislation presumes that anyone having children is married. It also excludes LGBT citizens. Same-sex couples cannot get married or register as a civil union in mainland China.

The treatment of single mothers is left up to the discretion of local governments, which have adopted a wide variety of stances. Many provincial authorities have denied the children of single mothers hukou, or household registration, akin to a social security number allowing them to go to school and access services such as health care. Other provinces have required single mothers to pay a "social support" fee, usually several hundred dollars, as a penalty for violating family planning rules.

"Local governments apply this differently to individual cases. ... First- and second-tier cities do not enforce such punitive policies anymore. But in more provincial places or places where family planning laws are not amended or executed properly, these instances still exist," says Li, the Shanghai lawyer.

Liu, the single mother, was able to get hukou for her daughter in Henan province, where she's from. But the authorities in Shanghai, aware she has a child without a husband, docked several points from her residency permit application in the city because she had violated family planning guidelines.

This permit is crucial — it would allow Liu and her child to access public services in Shanghai, rather than having to travel back to Henan. Without the permit, Liu's child will not be able to attend Shanghai public schools or access the city's public health insurance.

Liu had waited years to accrue the necessary points to apply but now finds herself stymied from qualifying: "They consider me to have violated family planning regulations," she says. "This is the thing I'm most ashamed of."

In spite of these limits, experts have warned that China needs to have more children to avoid a population decline in the future. The country faces a labor shortage as a result of its one-child policy, which authorities used to justify often brutal population control, including forced sterilization and abortions. The government ended the one-child rule in 2016 and now permits parents to have two children.

However, China's ruling Communist Party has not relinquished control over family planning.

"The Communist Party in one way or another has always been active in shaping families and encouraging a particular kind of family," notably the nuclear family, says Stuart Gietel-Basten, a professor and demography expert at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. "Under Mao, it was, 'You should have more children, right — China should grow.' And then in the '70s it's, 'OK, you should have much fewer children.' "

More recently, party literature has said "having children is a family matter but also a national matter."

Challenges of surrogacy

Another group of single parents doesn't meet China's definition of family: women who have children through surrogacy, even though it is expensive — and illegal in China.

Some Chinese women with financial means have tried to get around the ban by using services abroad.

That's something Lee Qianmo, a 41-year-old skin care company executive, is considering.

She became pregnant in 2018. But after a severe episode of depression, she made a painful decision to terminate the pregnancy, something that has left her conscience-stricken.

Yet she does not rule out having a child in the future.

"I haven't always thought about having a kid. It's only after seeing my niece growing up, I started thinking that I should leave that option open for myself in case I ever find it nice to have a child," she says.

As an unmarried woman, Lee would have a difficult time qualifying for adoption.

The alternatives also pose challenges. Although procedures such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are permitted in China, most Chinese hospitals do not provide egg-freezing services. The 2001 law banning surrogacy also stipulates that assisted reproductive technology can be used by only those who are legally allowed to have children — heterosexual married couples.

Going abroad for surrogacy is one solution. After finding a surrogate mother in a country where the procedure is legal, with the help of an agency, a Chinese woman can keep tabs on the surrogate throughout the pregnancy and visit for the birth. Then she can register as the legal guardian back in China.

So far, Lee has spent tens of thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and gives herself a shot of hormones as part of her egg retrieval process after each 10-hour workday. She says she has not made up her mind about where to store her frozen eggs, given that the timing of the egg-harvesting procedure depends on the success of her hormone injections. But she hopes to freeze her eggs before year's end and might consider surrogacy in four years, when she turns 45, she says. Countries such as Thailand and Russia are at the top of Lee's list because surrogacy is legal there and those countries are close to China.

Now fearful of the risks associated with childbirth, Lee says that without surrogacy, she may not ever want a child.

"I choose surrogacy," she says, "but I support women who wish to give birth to their children. I find those women very admirable."

Yuhan Xu contributed reporting from Shanghai.

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Ambassador: Giuliani, Acting In Trump's Interest, Tried To Cast Biden In 'Bad Light'


Updated 2:45 p.m ET

William Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, told congressional investigators that President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who was orchestrating an international pressure campaign on Ukraine, was acting in the president's interests and trying to cast former Vice President Joe Biden "in a bad light," according to a transcript of Taylor's testimony released Wednesday.

"I think the origin of the idea to get President [Volodymyr] Zelenskiy to say out loud he's going to investigate Burisma and 2016 election, I think the originator, the person who came up with that was Mr. Giuliani," Taylor said, referencing Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that Biden's son Hunter sat on the board of.

New Jersey Democrat Tom Malinowski followed up, asking Taylor, "And he [Giuliani] was representing whose interests in — "

"President Trump," Taylor replied.

Wednesday was third straight day that congressional investigators released full depositions of key players in the Ukraine affair, which has led to the impeachment inquiry into Trump. At issue is whether the president sought a quid pro quo from his Ukrainian counterpart in the now infamous July 25 call: the release of military aid in exchange for an investigation into the Bidens. The president insists his call with Zelenskiy was "perfect."

But as Taylor said during his deposition: "That was my clear understanding, that security assistance money would not come until the president [of Ukraine] committed to pursue the investigation."

When Taylor testified Oct. 22, he opened the window wide into the pressure campaign, according to his opening statement.

Taylor testified that he "became increasingly concerned" that "irregular, informal channels" were running contrary to U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine.

The U.S. was withholding military aid that had been allocated by Congress to Ukraine, which was fighting Russian troops in the eastern part of the country.

Taylor and others have testified that it became clear that Trump, through this irregular channel led by Giuliani, was withholding the funds to get Ukraine to investigate conspiracy theories about the 2016 presidential election and the Bidens.

Later in his full testimony, Taylor said he believed Trump and Giuliani wanted Burisma looked into in order to cast Biden "in a bad light" and for the benefit of Trump's re-election.

"[A]s I understood the reason for investigating Burisma was to cast Vice President Biden in a bad light," Taylor said.

Rep. Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from New York, followed up to be clear: "To cast Vice President Biden in a bad light?"

"Right," Taylor replied.

"And the political campaign would be what political campaign?" Maloney asked of Taylor's reference to Burisma being beneficial to a campaign.

"A political campaign for the reelection of President Trump," Taylor said.

Taylor expressed his disapproval at the time, according to text messages that have been released as part of the investigation.

"I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign," he wrote to Gordon Sondland, Trump's ambassador to the European Union.

As a result of Taylor's — and others' — testimony, Sondland amended his original deposition to acknowledge that he had, in fact, told an aide to Ukraine's president that it was unlikely Ukraine would receive the aid unless its leader made a public statement that the country was looking into the conspiracy theories.

According to former Ukraine special envoy Kurt Volker's testimony, released Tuesday, Giuliani, who was seen as speaking for the president, insisted that any public statement to fight corruption include the two investigations. If not, Giuliani said, according to the testimony, it would show Ukraine was not serious.

Taylor's October testimony appeared to rock some Democratic members of the committees who questioned him.

Andy Levin, a freshman Democrat from Michigan, called Taylor's closed-door testimony his "most disturbing" day serving in Congress.

Taylor has been a U.S. diplomat for decades and was first appointed ambassador to Ukraine by Republican President George W. Bush.

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UCL: Kwadwo Asamoah ruled out of Inter Milan-Dortmund clash


Inter Milan's left-back Kwadwo Asamoah has been ruled out of tonight's Champions League clash with Borussia Dortmund.

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Spiroplectammina conspecta Reitlinger, 1950

Spiroplectammina conspecta Reitlinger, 1950
Not public

Reitlinger, E. A. (1950). ???????????? ????????????????????? ????????? ??????????? ????? ??????? ????????? (???????? ???. Fusulinid??) - Foraminifera of the Middle Carboniferous deposits of the central part of the Russian Platform (exclusive of family Fusulinidae). ???????? ???? ???? ????? ???-Academy of Sciences USSR Proceedings Insitute of Geological Sciences. 126: 1-128., available online at
page(s): p. 70 pl. 15 fig. 12 (Holotype)-16

Slon wind tunnel test model revealed

Russia’s Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) announced on 5 November that it had completed the manufacture of an aerodynamic model of its proposed heavy-lift transport aircraft known as “Slon” (Elephant). The model, made of aluminium alloys and steel, will be used in wind

Russia Services Growth Strongest In A Year


Russia's services sector expanded at the fastest pace in a year in October, amid gains in output, new business and employment, survey data from IHS Markit showed on Wednesday.

The services Purchasing Managers' Index increased to 55.8 in October from 53.6 in September. Economists had forecast a score of 52.8.

Any score above 50 indicates expansion. The rate of activity growth improved for the third month running.

New business rose for the fourth month in a row in October, at the fastest pace since March. Orders from abroad increased at the fastest rate in five months.

Employment accelerated for the second straight month in October and at the fastest since February. Backlogs of work declined at the weakest rate since May.

On the price front, input price inflation slowed to the softest since early-2018, while the output charges increased, but at a slower pace.

The positive sentiment reached the highest level in five months in October, but remained slightly below the series average.

The composite output index increased to 53.3 in October from 51.4 in the previous month.

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Tour in RUSSIA!!


La Federazione Russa chiamata comunemente anche Russia, è un paese transcontinentale che si estende tra l'Europa e l'Asia ed è il più vasto stato del pianeta, che fa di esso un paese dai grandi contrasti. Racchiude al suo interno una ricchezza culturale, etnica, storica che non ha eguali. Mosca è il cuore della Russia, centro culturale, economico e politico del paese: dal Cremlino alle cattedrali sontuose alle ultime dacie in legno colorato, ai palazzi classici, Mosca è un vero e proprio caleidoscopio di emozioni. San Pietroburgo rappresenta la bellezza e la storia della Russia: classica e raffinata, barocca e fredda, palladiana e grandiosa. Sotto la neve o sotto il sole notturno delle “notti bianche” la città di Pietro il Grande è una più belle del mondo, cara agli amanti della cultura russa. 


Vivi San Pietroburgo: ................................................... Hotel 4*


Школьники примут участие в чемпионате «Молодые профессионалы»


На чемпионате «Молодые профессионалы» WorldSkills Russia, который будет проходить в Томской области 11-15 ноября, в категорию «Юниоры» заявлено 25 школьников.

Как сообщили НИА Томск в пресс-службе администрации региона, свое мастерство они покажут в компетенциях «Производство мебели», «Преподавание в младших классах», «Вэб-дизайн и разработка», «Эксплуатация сельскохозяйственных машин», «Ветеринария».

Среди участников — ученики 9-11 классов школ Томска (школа № 28, Томский физико-технический лицей), Томского района (Богашевская средняя школа), города Асино (школа № 2) и Зырянского района (Зырянская средняя общеобразовательная школа).

Соревнования пройдут в Асиновском техникуме промышленной индустрии и сервиса, а также в Томске — в техникуме информационных технологий, педагогическом и аграрном колледжах.

На этой неделе в рамках чемпионата WorldSkills Russia проходят соревнования «Навыки мудрых». Участники соревнований — старшая возрастная группа (50+) показывают свое мастерство в компетенциях сварочные технологии, медицинский и социальный уход, ремонт и обслуживание легковых автомобилей, технологии моды, производство мебели, веб-дизайн и разработка, организация экскурсионных услуг.


Share Notes 11-7-19

CSA Share Notes: You can really see the crops transitioning out of warm summery crops and into the cool weather crops this week. Here’s your vegetable line up: Kale/Collard—Red Russian Kale for the large shares. Collard for the regular shares....

Bert Kreischer

BERT KREISCHER is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer and host who performs to sellout crowds across the country. His standup specials “Secret Time” and “The Machine” are currently streaming globally on Netflix. Described as having a “rare and incredible talent” (Interrobang), Bert has evolved from being named Rolling Stone’s 1997 "Number One Partier in the Nation" to one of the top names in comedy. Between his two previous stand-up specials, “The Machine” on Showtime (2016) and “Comfortably Dumb” on Comedy Central (2009), his two podcasts: “Bertcast,” and “Open Tabs,” his YouTube cooking show: “Something’s Burning,” his book Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child (2014), Bert has succeeded in finding the elusive blend of “being a cringe comedian with real insight” (Interrobang). Lauded as one of the best storytellers of his generation, Bert seamlessly and sincerely shares anecdotes about his family and fatherhood while showing his ability to prove “that there’s a way to take his [party-boy] antics into middle-age,” (Forbes). His infamous story about robbing a train with the Russian Mafia was recently optioned by Legendary (the studio behind The Hangover Series, Jurassic World, and Straight Outta Compton) to be turned into a movie. After the successful debut of The Body Shots World Tour in 2019, where he quickly sold out theaters and added shows in almost every market, Bert is launching a brand new tour in 2020, The Berty Boy Tour, where he will do shows in even larger venues across the country. Tickets can be found at

Learning From US Efforts to Reintegrate Former Combatants in Afghanistan


  U.S. efforts to restart peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan appear to be rooted for now in a possible prisoner exchange and separate initiatives — notably featuring China, Russia, and others — are underway. If any of these efforts are to be successful in the long-term, however, attention will need to turn to what happens […]

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The ‘Disappearing’ Russian Submarine Threat


191106-Russian Submarine_GettyImages-951782882 copy.jpg

Russian submarines are rehearsing tactics that could wreak havoc on their enemies.


Russian Queen M - Sexy Foot Tease

Russian Queen M - Sexy Foot Tease
   “Russian World” adherent running for ‘senator’ in Rahachou

Editor of Rahachou district newspaper Svobodnoye Slovo Andrei Shyshkin is full of hatred against Belarusians in social media, appeals for murder and insults

Governments of Belarus and Russia to prepare integration plans by December 1

The drafts of integration road maps in the so-called Union State of the governments of Belarus and Russia are to be provide to Lukashenka and Putin by December 1.

How Putin Outfoxed Trump, Pence and Erdogan


by Malcolm Lowe November 6, 2019 President Donald Trump claimed the entire credit for this outcome. But in reality it was the culmination of a scheme that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been planning since at least January 2019.


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So if you do not have one and can not afford it do not let t


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So if you do not have one and can not afford it do not let that stop you from throwing a game.
You must choose to take care of bosses from a minimum of 5 quests.

As an employee in such a system
, you get the opportunity of working from the comfort of your home, without worrying about daycare for your children or letting go of your favorite hobbies.

China, Russia eye stronger partnership as top Chinese legislator visits Moscow

Zhejiang's foreign trade value amounts to 81. 1 jour: Si vous voulez juste des souvenirs ou vous cherchez des v锚tements uniques, rester dans le centre-ville de Charleston pour un large choix. However, whatever you choose
, one thing is clear. They are often creative and take part in televisions, films, advertisements, video games and more. For example, Camelot recently was appointed as National Lottery Commission to run Lottery from 2009 to 2019. For restrain the aid seekers should have certain amount of their own or proof that they had applied in past for seeking aid at places. Always remember
, that you must not trade in the first hour as the opening range is established during that time."

Moreover, the White House said Thursday that it was open to discussing the possibility of granting Gulf nations "Major Non-NATO Ally" status, although that was not the specific focus of Thursday's talks, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said at a press briefing. The good news is that the contemporary manufactures are well aware about this fact and are there to offer you wide range of flooring materials and that too with the ease of your pocket. Amidst the Golden Sand Dunes - Jaisalmer Hotels

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Jaisalmer is the Golden City of Rajasthan, with its sandstone monuments and its golden setting amidst the sands of the Thar Desert. Jaisalmer is the Golden City of Rajasthan
, with its sandstone monuments and its golden setting amidst the sands of the Thar Desert. The lovely sandstone Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer Palace, and attractive Havelis (palatial family residences) make Jaisalmer hot tourists spot. Jaisalmer has a rich Jain heritage and several Jain temples.

Heritage Hotels

Heritage hotels give you a taste of the local cultures and traditions, luxurious facilities and fine service as they are small enough to offer personalized attention. Here are a few Heritage Hotels in Jaisalmer.

Garh Jaisal

Nothing defines Jaisalmer like the beautiful sandstone Jaisalmer fort, at the heart of the city. Inside this fort is the Garh Jaisal Hotel
, offering fine accommodations and panoramic views. The hotel is located 3 km from the airport and 4 km from the Railway Station.


This Heritage Hotel has seven rooms with comfortable facilities and tasteful decorations with a traditional flavor. All rooms have attached bath with hot water, king size bed, rich wood furniture, and comfortable window seats offering enchanting views of the fort and the surroundings.


The Rooftop Restaurant offers fine traditional fare.

Other Facilities and Services

The hotel showcases exquisite ethnic creations by local artisans - embroidery work, mirror work
, blankets and rugs and stone craft.

Other facilities include Doctor-on-Call, travel desk, camel safarisjeep safaris to the desert, car rental services and Ayurvedic spa and airportrailway station pick up and drop facilities.

Killa Bhawan

Hotel Killa Bhawan is a collection of three houses built into the Jaisalmer fort walls. The grand setting and the magnificent view of the city from the three terraces alone should make this an attractive option for a few days stay. The hotel lies 1.5 km from the airport and 2 km from the railway station.


The hotel has nine rooms all decorated in delicate shades of crimson and orange to blend in with the colors of the surrounding desert 鈥?AC and Non-AC Heritage Rooms and Suites. All rooms have fine, comfortable handcrafted furnishings
, attached or common bath with hot and cold running water and room service.


Restaurant: Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offers traditional Rajasthani and Indian food.

Other facilities

Doctor-On-Call, Laundry Service, Internet Access, Nature Walk, AirportRailway Station pick up and drop
, Bonfire Nights, Travel Desk, Camel and Jeep Safaris and Car Hire Services are provided in this hotel.

Heritage Jaisalmer Hotels offer hospitality from an ethnic perspective, adding to your experience of the city. The two heritage hotels listed above, with their location inside the landmark Jaisalmer Fort
, can give you an idea of what Rajasthan and particularly Jaisalmer is all about. Explore more heritage hotel options while planning your tour of Jaisalmer.



Russia may have taken Israel's most advanced missile from Syria — and could figure out how to defeat it


Russia may have taken Israel's most advanced missile from Syria — and could figure out how to defeat itExperts worry that the Russian military could learn how to defeat the missile system or refine its air defense systems.


LBHS Breaker stars in professional ballet

This Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12-13, the enchanted story of a prince and a glowing, sprightly bird fighting against the forces of evil will be brought to life at the Irvine Barclay Theatre. Firebird is an old Russian folktale and myth that was first performed back in 1910 and is now being performed once again...

Serbia To Receive Russian Anti-Aircraft Missiles Despite U.S. Sanctions Risk

Russia will deliver a sophisticated short-range air-defense missile system to Serbia despite U.S. warnings of possible sanctions against the Balkan country if the transaction goes through.

If the Administration Is So Concerned about Corruption…

shouldn’t it be doing something about the Russian Federation as well? Figure 1: Corruptions Perception Index for 2016. Darker denotes higher perceived corruption. Source: Transparency International. The indices for Ukraine as well as Russia are at 29, tied ranking 131/176 countries. US index at 74, ranked 18th. Addendum: The Inter Country Risk Guide (ICRG) says […]

Oroszországban is tarolt a magyar innováció, a Lapidaris


Budapest, 2019. november 5., kedd (OTS) - Két kategóriában is első helyezést ért el a Lapidaris a 2019-es Necropolis-TANEXPO World Russia kegyeleti kiállításon Moszkvában, amivel így egy újabb nemzetközi elismerésben részesült a magyar innováció néhán...


WBO Welterweight Title Fight -Crawford vs Kavaliauskas

WBO Welterweight Title Fight -Crawford vs Kavaliauskas sharon Wed, 11/06/2019 - 22:42
December 14, 2019 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
WBO Welterweight Title Travel Package-Crawford vs Kavaliauskas

Championship Boxing returns with a Tripleheader to the “The World’s Most Famous Arena” when the WBO Welterweight Champion Terence Crawford puts his undefeated record and WBO belt on the line against Egidijus Kavaliauskas. Local product and human highlight film Teofimo Lopez will challenge the IBF Lightweight World Champion Richard Commey. Additionally, in a  featherweight special attraction, Irish sensation and New York fan favorite Michael Conlan will battle unbeaten Russian Vladimir Nikitin in a rematch of their highly controversial 2016 Olympic bout. Madison Square Garden and boxing go hand in hand, as this is sure to be another event that can easily be remembered in the long and famous history of the sport!


Leipziger Messe glänzt an der Moskwa


110 Aussteller sind bei der fünften Auflage der Messe Denkmal Russia-Moscow in Russland dabei. Die Handwerkskammer schickt erstmals Teilnehmer zu einem Wettbewerb junger Restauratoren an die Moskwa.


Conservatives have received a huge surge in cash from Russian donors since Boris Johnson was elected leader


OpenDemocracy found the party received at least £498,850 from Russian business people and their associates between November 2018 and October 2019.

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What is Boris Johnson hiding in Russian interference report ‘suppressed’ until after election?


Government accused of “suppressing the truth” about Russia Brexit and Tory leadership links.

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«MTV Украина не так почетно». Как украинская Maruv стала российской певицей

Певица Maruv оказалась в центре нового скандала – её назвали лучшей артисткой-2019 по версии канала MTV Russia, и она внезапно оказалась российским исполнителем.

Defending the Perimeter Isn’t Enough on Election Hacking


Defending the Perimeter Isn’t Enough on Election Hacking(Bloomberg Opinion) -- The U.S. is now just a year from the 2020 presidential election. In 2016, we saw foreign interests influence the outcome of a presidential race when Russian hackers infiltrated the computer networks of officials in both parties, and then selectively disseminated the emails of Democrats. Is the nation in better shape to counter such threats this time around?It doesn’t look like it.For example, Microsoft recently reported an attack by Iranian hackers on the emails of current and former U.S. government officials, journalists covering political campaigns, and accounts associated with a presidential campaign. There is reason to believe that the attack, which consisted of more than 2,700 attempts on targeted email accounts, was backed by the Iranian government.According to security researchers and intelligence officials, hackers from Russia and North Korea have also begun targeting organizations that work closely with 2020 presidential candidates.Foreign enemies continue to see U.S. elections as an opportunity to subvert the will of the American people and exert control over our governance at the highest level. This most recent Iranian attack is a reminder that both political organizations and private enterprises face significant cybersecurity risks.Unfortunately, the legacy electoral systems most voters and organizations rely on do not offer sufficient protection in the modern digital landscape. When facing nation-state adversaries with billions in funding and information resources to rival the U.S. National Security Agency, Americans have to think beyond the popular two-factor authentication protocols. We need to protect not only the voting systems themselves, but the email, file-sharing and other communication systems of ancillary campaign groups, local officials and plenty more.What can we do to defend ourselves better? In my military and cyber experience, the operating principle is that the sophisticated attacker will eventually find a way through any perimeter defense. As supreme allied commander of NATO in the late 2000s, I pushed to strengthen the alliance’s nascent Cyber Defense Center in Tallinn, Estonia — but saw firsthand how easily Russian hackers penetrated our digital perimeter.Protections must be designed so that even if the attacker succeeds in getting to the target, the target remains safe. To do so, we need to think in terms of four core principles for secure communication systems that will be resilient to the inevitable breach.First, systems must employ end-to-end encryption. (Disclosure: I serve on the board of an information-security firm, Preveil Llc.) If we assume that attackers will be able to exploit vulnerabilities in server software or the defense mechanisms that guard it, then the only way to keep information secure is to make sure that it’s never exposed, even while on the server. With end-to-end encryption, data is only accessible to the sender and the recipient — it isn’t accessible en route to the server or on the server. Even if the server is compromised, the data is not. Think of this as the difference between working in an Ebola environment in a body suit, which will eventually weaken at the seams, and being vaccinated against the disease. The perimeter defense is far from worthless, but the vaccine — the internal protection — is vastly better. A second concern is the vulnerability of anything in the system that becomes a juicy target. While end-to-end encryption eliminates the server as a single entity that can be compromised, if the system has administrators with global access, a high-yield single target for attackers remains. To solve this problem, access to large amounts of sensitive user data should be granted only after being approved by several trusted individuals. Similar to the systems used for nuclear-launch codes, encryption cryptography can break up individual user keys into fragments that are distributed among multiple people. Therefore, administrative access to users’ accounts is achieved only when all key shards are present, so there is no single administrator who attackers can compromise to gain access.Third, it’s time to do away with passwords. According to the report of the 2019 Verizon data breach investigations, 80% of hacking-related breaches involve compromised and weak credentials. Rather than depending on fallible passwords, secure communication systems should now grant account access using a private encryption key. A 256-bit encryption key has a lot of different possible combinations of characters — nearly 10 to the 78th power, the same as the number of atoms in the universe — and is not crackable with existing computational power. Because the key is stored only on the user’s physical device, remote access isn’t possible.Finally, it is important to protect the most sensitive communications from socially engineered phishing and spoofing attacks. Traditional digital communications provide an opening for impostors to trick users into clicking on dangerous links or leaking information. When only known users are able to communicate with each other about an organization’s most confidential information, that risk of “lookalike” accounts is eliminated. The strongest security systems don’t depend on users to be perfect, or to always exercise good judgment. They make sure that data is safe even when humans are flawed. Getting at this “insider threat” is crucial.Security is a serious matter for organizations of all types, not just political parties during an election season. Organizations should rethink their security preparedness with a deeper understanding of the adversaries’ capabilities. They need to make the shift to secure systems modeled around these four core principles — including adopting ready-to-use encrypted communications systems for email and file-sharing.Between now and Nov. 3, 2020, there should be few higher priorities than improving security to stop hackers and foreign powers from threatening American democracy itself.To contact the author of this story: James Stavridis at jstavridis@bloomberg.netTo contact the editor responsible for this story: Tobin Harshaw at tharshaw@bloomberg.netThis column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.James Stavridis is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He is a retired U.S. Navy admiral and former supreme allied commander of NATO, and dean emeritus of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. He is also an operating executive consultant at the Carlyle Group and chairs the board of counselors at McLarty Associates.For more articles like this, please visit us at©2019 Bloomberg L.P.


Trump ‘approves expanded military mission’ to secure Syria’s oil fields


Trump ‘approves expanded military mission’ to secure Syria’s oil fieldsDonald Trump has reportedly approved an expanded US military mission to secure an expanse of oil fields across eastern Syria.The US president’s actions raise a number of legal questions about whether American troops can launch attacks against Syrian, Russian or other forces if they threaten the oil.


Jomtien Beach

I used to think that the one hour baht bus ride between Naklua and Jomtien Beach was a major attraction for the Russians.



ΚΛΕΙΣΤΕ ΡΑΝΤΕΒΟΥ ΤΩΡΑ ‎6971.506.637 6986.972.176 – 6971.509.364 H Russian escort την Angela είναι το απόλυτο θηλυκό που έρχεται από τη Ρωσία με αγάπη και είναι […]

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This Russian Subway Has Doors That Won't Close


Safety? In Russia? HA! Thet iz a good oиe, my fяiend!



Fashion - The Imagination of Photographer Kristina Makeeva

Here's an inspiring 7-minute video by SmugMug Films titled “Imagination Unbound.” It looks into the life, mind, and work of Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva and follows...

Re: How Parisa Dehghani-Tafti Could Shape Arlington’s Legal Landscape


That's so sad. You grew up in some place like Russia?


"Настало время": в США признали Крым российским


На страницах авторитетного журнала National Interest Дэннис Ортблад кратко, но весьма убедительно объяснил, почему США необходимо признать российскую принадлежность Крыма и снять санкции, которые американское руководство вводило из-за своих разногласий с реальностью. Дипломат напомнил, что ранее Вашингтон использовал ограничительные меры для того, чтобы подтолкнуть своих оппонентов к компромиссу. В случае с российским полуостровом подобного исхода даже не предполагается.

Для того, чтобы американские санкции против России имели бы хоть какой-то смысл, Вашингтону придется исключить из списка своих претензий Крым. Тем более, что на российской принадлежности региона настаивают сами жители полуострова. Дипломат отметил, что лично убедился в этом во время своего визита в Крым. Именно там он узнал, что жители полуострова были готовы с оружием в руках отстаивать свое право на самоопределение.

"Чтобы откалибровать наши санкции, мы должны признать, что Крым останется русским" – подчеркнул Дэннис Ортблад.

По его словам, идентичность жителей Крыма строится на примерах противостояния России вторжениям с Запада. "На каждом шагу в Севастополе мы сталкивались с памятниками как огромным потерям во время нацистской оккупации Крыма в 1942–1944 годах, так и вторжению англичан, французов и османов в 1854 году", – поделился бывший сотрудник американской дипломатической службы.

"Нам стало ясно, что народ Крыма не откажется от гордости за свою традиционную русскую идентичность", – рассказал Ортблад.

Он добавил ,что в долгосрочной перспективе политика реализма в отношении Москвы и шаги навстречу принесут больше пользы, чем антироссийские санкции. "Настало время улучшить отношения между Россией и Западом... Настало время действовать сейчас", – заключил дипломат.

Комментируя эти слова эксперт Центра исследования проблем безопасности РАН Константин Блохин заметил, что с подобного рода заявлениями отдельные специалисты из США выступают уже на протяжении трех лет. "Связаны они с тем, что главной угрозой для США является Китай, и признание Крыма является инструментом для того, чтобы по крайне мере нормализовать отношения с Россией", – уверен он.

"Если США, как флагману и лидеру Запада, нормализовать отношения с Россией, то это даст "зеленый свет" на нормализацию отношений всем другим странам", – цитирует RT Константина Блохина. Он подчеркнул, что даже в этом случае вряд ли стоит ждать резкого улучшения ситуации сразу по всем параметрам.


Maruv заткнула рты украинцам


Последние несколько дней украинцы упрекают артистку в тайной связи с Россией. По словам исполнительницы, полученная награда не имеет никакой связи со страной или гражданством.

"В прошлом году победителем стал артист из Казахстана Jah Khalib, а в этом году я. MTV Russia – это филиал большого глобального телеканала. Это единственный филиал MTV на всем постсоветском пространстве, и он находится в России, поэтому так и называется. При этом здесь ротируется огромное количество артистов со всего мира, но особенно из стран СНГ", – отметила звезда.

Maruv напомнила, что на красной дорожке она сразу обозначила, откуда родом. И за статуэткой вышла под украинским флагом.

"А вы, мои друзья, в очередной раз меня разочаровали своим невежеством и оскорблениями!" – в сердцах бросила солистка.

Певица призвала перестать ее приписывать куда-либо: она не только гражданка страны, в которой родилась, но и мировая артистка. Светская дива планирует продолжать ездить с выступлениями туда, куда захочет.

"Я пою для всех, кому нравится моя музыка. Во всем мире я представляю только себя и свое творчество, поэтому отвалите!" – гневно подытожила Maruv.


Manual On The Bases Of Russian

Manual On The Bases Of Russian

Раскрыт новый способ хищения данных клиентов банка


Специалисты "Лаборатории Касперского" рассказали о новой схеме кражи данных клиентов российских банков. Злоумышленники похищают информацию через почту сотрудников финансовых организаций, пишут "Известия".

Мошенники присылают письмо работникам банка с просьбой пройти аттестацию на HR-портале. На поддельном сайте жертва вводит логин и пароль от рабочей почты, в результате чего злоумышленники получают доступ к корпоративной переписке, которая может содержать персональные данные клиентов, сообщает RT.


Зоряні війни: Скайвокер. Сходження художній фiльм 1t

Зоряні війни: Скайвокер. Сходження художній фiльм 1t Дивитися фiльм Зоряні війни: Скайвокер. Сходження Дивитися фiльм Зоряні війни: Скайвокер. Сходження Дивитися фiльм Зоряні війни: Скайвокер. Сходження Фльм отримав назву "Сходження Скайвокера". Це завершальний роздл саги про Скайвокерв. Дя вдбуваться за рк псля подй восьмого епзоду "Останн джеда". Геро зткнуться з найбльшим Дев'ятий епзод космчно опери "Зорян вйни" отримав назву "Сходження Скайвокера". Фльм буде останньою частиною саги про Скайвокерв. У мереж з'явився перший тизер дев'ятого епзоду фантастично кносер "Зорян вйни". Фльм отримав назву "Сходження Скайвокера". Це завершальний роздл саги про Скайвокерв. Дя вдбуваться за рк псля подй восьмого епзоду "Останн джеда". Геро зткнуться з найбльшим злом, за сюжетом. Люк Скайуокер - один з головних геров "Зоряних вон", джедай, син Енакина Скайуокера (Дарта Вейдера). Старший брат Ле Органи. "Зорян вйни" - фантастична кноепопея, створена режисером Джорджем Лукасом. Складаться з оригнально трилог (1977-1983)трилог-прквела (1999-2005). Що вийшов в грудн 2015 року сьомий епзод пд назвою Пробудження сили вдкрив нову трилогю-сиквел За словами актриси Дейз Рдл, Люку Скайвокер в цьому епзод придлено дуже багато уваги. Режисером фльму виступив Райан Джонсон, вдомий за фльмами "Петля часу""Брати Блум". Прем'ра восьмого епзоду намчена на 15 грудня 2017 року. Бльше новин про под у свт читайте на . Дивться онлайн нове реалт з учасницями шоу вд пацанки до панянки - пацанки Нове життя 2 сезон Вд пацанки до панянки Дешево та сердито Супернтуця ПеданСерафим Зорян яйця. Половинки Зрки пд гпнозом Сторожова застава Абзац! Супермодель по-укранськи Онлайн-зустрч Шалена карта Дивться онлайн Сезон 2. Пацанки. Нове життя. Фльм Зорян вйни: пробудження сили б ус рекорди: у перший день показу касов збори перевищили 100 мл Це музей авац та космонавтики. Дивитися фльм про под у космос саме тут щось надзвичайне! Це чудове поднання науки та фантастики,розповв Чарльз псля перегляду картини. Мй батько був завжди великим шанувальником Зоряних вйн Глобальний ентузазм, що виник навколо Зоряних вйн,свдченням сили кно, яке згуртову людей у класичнй боротьб Добра проти Зла. Голос Америки. (Передрук з Голосу Америки). Завтра 29. вт. 30 жовтня 30. ср. 31 жовтня 31. чт. 1 листопада 1. пт. 2 листопада 2 У кно. Родина Адамсв. анмаця, комедя, жахи, фентез, США, Великобританя, Канада, 2019. Купити. Колдунья: Владычица тьмы. приключения, семейный, фэнтези, США, 2019. Купити Звездные войны: Скайвокер. Восхождение. Кно. Купити. Афша. Кно. Нчне життя. Концерти. "Зорян вйни - Епзод IX. Сходження Скайвокера": що вдомо про нову частину кносаги (вдео). 14:29, 15 квтня 2019 У неканончних книгахкомксах "Зоряних вйн" у Ситхв була здатнсть перетворювати примар сили в свох рабв, а це дозволя повернути Дарта Вейдера, як ми пам'ятамо, псля смерт вн став джедайським привидом у вигляд Скайвокера. У картин використовують знят сцени з Керр Фшер - про комп'ютерну версю актриси мови навть не йшло. Дев'ятий епзод вийде в прокат в грудн 2019 року. Як повдомляв УНАН, у грудн минулого року творець "Зоряних вйн" - режисер, сценаристпродюсер Джордж Лукас очолив рейтинг найбагатших американських знаменитостей. ТК - Запах вйни. 5. Океан Ельзи - На неб. 6. ТК - Люби Ти Украну. 7. Скрябн - Мовчати 47. Олег Винник - Нч яка мсячна. 48. Наталя Бучинська - Моя Украна. 49. Назарй Яремчук - Батькомати. 50. Мандри - Не спи моя рдна земля. 51. Найбльш очкуван фльми 2019 року. Голосуй та пдписуйся на старт продажв! . Перейти до голосування. Коментар. TOP фльмв 2019. За популярнстю. За популярнстю Зорян вйни. Скайвокер. Сходження. з .2019. Проголосувати 39. Снгов перегони. з .2019. Зорян Вйни: Сходження Скайвокера. Оригнальна назва: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. бойовик пригоди фантастика. Прокат з Залишилося: 56 днв Дев'ятий епзод епосу Зорян Вйни розповсть сторю Скайвокерв, що трива понад 40 рокв, та дасть вдповд на вс загадки. Культов геро, ункальн свти, захоплив подорож на край Всесвтуприголомшливий фнал! Дивться сьогодн,24 жовтня Театральна, 22 Кнопалац Копернк вул. Коперника, 9 Кнопалац м. Довженка вул. Червоно Калини, 81. . Супергеро, зорян вйни ---- Телефони ---- Шпигуни -- Стрибуни, фтболи -- Трансформери ---- Тоботи трансформери Ггнадогляд Гаджети для дтей -- Годинники -- Дитяч колонки -- Навушники дитяч Дитяч коляски взочки -- Аксесуари для взочкв колясок ---- Вкладка у коляску взочок ---- Дощовик на коляску взочок - Nobi конструктор -- Penguins -- Plus-Plus -- Trash -- Winx -- Автомобл, транспорт -- Арктика -- Банчемс -- Будвельники, спецтехнка, мсто -- Вйськов -- Велик детал -- Голчастий конструктор жачок -- Дерев'яний конструктор -- Для двчат -- Для маленьких нженерв -- Дослдники -- Електронн. Якщо Рося почне вйну, то пде до Ла-Маншу - Сергй Згурець. Толерантнсть : як людин перестати бути "заручником". Без хамствапринижень, але з звльненнями: що у Зеленського придумали з новим Трудовим кодексом. "Зорян вйни: Скайвокер. Сходження". Фнальний укранський трейлер. Дев'ятий епзод улюблено саги. У кно з 19.12.2019 22 October at 01:55 . "Зорян вйни: Скайвокер. Сходження". Фнальний укранський трейлер. Дев'ятий епзод улюблено саги. У кно з 19.12.2019. . Зорян Вйни: скайвокер. Сходження. Фнальний трейлер (укранський) HD.Дата старту: 19.12.2019 Формат: 3DIMAX 3D4DX 3D Кра загрузка Опис фльму: Протягом тридцяти рокв Нова Республка, яка повстала з уламкв мпер, снувала вдносно стабльно. Дарт Вейдермператор загинули у виршальнй битв,все ж це не означало, що у Ново республки зовсм не залишилося ворогв. Джеда-блукач мають намр завдати чергового удару побез того крихкому свту. У зв'язку з цим близько семи тисяч джедав тренуються в спецальному табор, який розташований на територ мста Беспине. Фльм Сходження Юптер, створений Енд Ланою Вачовск, належить до друго категор. Чесно кажучи, я вважаю, що Вачовск не зняли нчого путнього з часв Матриц 1999 року, яка стала справжнм проривом у кнематограф. (Також варто вдзначити чудову кримнальну драму Звязок, зняту ними за три роки до Матриц). Дивитися Дже ДА. Вони дорг в HD онлайн вд телеканалу 2+2. Дивться ДжеДА. Вони дорг повний вдеоархв всх серйсезонв онлайн в гарнй якост на 1+1 video 12 07 2019. ДЖЕДА. Машина розганяться до 100 клометрв за 4 секунди. Вийшов фнальний трейлер першого спн-офу в стор кновсесвту Зоряних вон . — Укрнформ В трейлер, зокрема, можна вперше побачити в кадр героя Мадса Мккельсена, який гра батька Джин Ерсо (Фелст Джонс), причетного до будвництва Зрки Смерт. Крм того, тональнсть фльму, якщо судити за трейлером, попри вс перезйомки, не дуже змнилася. Вн обця масштабний вонний проект, що його втлював вд початку режисер Гарет Едвардс. Фльм розповда про под, як передували четвертому епзоду Зоряних вон Картина Вигнанець-один: Зорян вйни. стор вийде в укранський прокат 15 грудня 2016 року. Кадр з фльму "Зорян вйни: Вигнанець". Актуально. Студя Disney оприлюднила фнальний трейлер фльму "Зорян вйни: Скайвокер. Сходження" (Star Wars: Episode IX. The Rise of Skywalker). Ввторок, 22 жовтня 2019, 13:59 Також у фльм зявляться чимало нових геров. Режисером девятого епзоду виступив Дж. Дж. Абрамс. Також був опублкований новий постер фльму В Укран премра стрчки вдбудеться 19 грудня 2019 року. Ранше студя Disney представила перший трейлер сералу Мандалорець (The Mandalorian), знятого за всесвтом Зоряних вон. Куховарська книга з рецептами страв з Зоряних вон буде опублкована в листопад 2019 року. Теги: Звездные войны, трейлер. Яндекс. Знайти. Пошук У Миколав полцейський автомобль зткнувся з мкроавтобусом. Новое Время (НВ) 02:51. Головне. Бльше мльйона осб вийшло на протести в Чил. Зорян вйни: Останн джеда. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. (57) Але що станеться, коли вона зустрнеться з диним живим лицарем-джедам - Люком Скайвокером? Кайло Рен перейшов на Темну сторону Силивбив власного батька, зайнявши високу позицю в Першому Орден. Але куди приведуть його невгамовн амбц, подарован у спадок грзним ддом Дартом Вейдером? Ситуаця загостриться ще бльше, коли мати Кайло, лдер Опору Лея, разом з По, Фнном BB-8 приступить до ново мс. Коментар(16). Олександр8:42. Шкода що нема передзамовлень DetLoki14:56 погано що в 3д знову темно поршива яксть на 2д ще сходивби. Люс20:02. Фльм дуже крутий Новий ролик. На конвент D23 показали ексклюзивний рол дев'ятй глави "Зоряних вон", яку знма Дж. Дж. Абрамс. Синопсис: Дев'ятий епзод епосу розповсть сторю Скайвокерв, що трива бльше 40 рокв,дасть вдповд на вс загадки. Культов геро, ункальн свти, захоплююч подорож на край Всесвтуприголомшливий фнал! У фльм знялися Дейз Рдл, Адам Драйвер, Джон Бойга, Оскар Айзек, Люпта Нонго, Доналл Глсон, Келл Мер Трен, Марк Гемлл, Кер Рассел та нш. Прем'ра в Укран19 грудня. Тег: трейлер. Юрий Шевченко 26 серпня 2019. вул. Хрещатик, 38. Розклад сеансв. Retroville SOON Зорян вйни. Скайвокер. Сходження. Розклад сеансв. Ср, 18 грудня Фльм в прокат до .2019. Натиснть на час сеансу, щоб обрати мсця. SkyMall Зорян вйни. Скайвокер. Сходження. нформаця про фльм. Вк: 12+ (Попередньо). Старше 12 рокв, або у супровод батькв чи опкунв. Оригнальна назва: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Режисер: Дж. 14+. Зорян вйни: Епзод 7. Крана: США. Рк виходу: 2015 Чаклунка: повелителька темряви. Добрий день! Яка вкова категоря фльму? Наталя, 17.10.2019. РОДИНА АДАМСВ. Добрый вечер! До какого числа будет показываться Семейка Адамс? Спасибо! Дарья, 16.10.2019. ДЖОКЕР. У вас в прокат будет фильм Ирландец Мартина Скорцезе? Владислав, 14.10.2019. ЗАХАР БЕРКУТ. До якого числа? Вечрн сеанси будуть? рина, 12.10.2019. ЗАХАР БЕРКУТ. Пдкажть будь ласка скльки длиться Захар Беркут? Нкта, 11.10.2019. Т. Добрый вечер! Скажите, мультфильм т до какого числа будет идти? Наталья, 07.10.2019. Login. Username. "Зорян вйни - Епзод IX. Сходження Скайвокера": що вдомо про нову частину кносаги (вдео). 14:29, 15 квтня 2019. Зорян вйни - епзод IX: опублковано перший тизер ново частини кносаги. 21:20, 12 квтня 2019. Мер росйського Блгорода вийшов складати присягу пд гмн з Зоряних вон (вдео) У Британ продали лазерний меч Скайвокера з "Зоряних вон" (фото). 12:58, 21 вересня 2018. Керр Фшер з'явиться в нових Зоряних вйнах 12:50 Сент-Етьн - Олександря: онлайн-трансляця матчу Лги вропи. 12:47 Washington Post: Посол Тейлор роками боровся з корупцю в Укран, але Трамп все змнив. 12:46 Украна визнаватиме довдки ОРДЛО про смертьнародження. Рося, Самара - 24 счня 2019. LEGO Зоряних вон. Minifigures Зорян вйни рзн символи. Russian, samara - january 24, 2019. Lego star wars. Minifigures. Рося, Самара - 24 счня 2019. LEGO Зоряних вон. Minifigures Зорян вйни рзн символи. Russian, samara - january 24, 2019. Lego star wars. Minifigures Люк Скайвокер Minifigure. Зорян вйни Landspeeder Lego Kit. Люк Скайвокер Minifigure. нформаця щодо використання. Фотографю "Люк Скайвокер Зорян вйни Lego Minifigure" можна використовувати в особистих цлях згдно з умовами придбано лценз Royalty-free. Зображення доступне для скачування у високй якост з роздльнстю до 2832x4256. Дебб Рейнольдсмати зрки "Зоряних вйн" Керр Фшер, яка померла напередодн.22:13. У США вд серцевого нападу померла одна з легенд "З?

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«Тот самый концерт» "" <Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт> [ тот самый концерт смотреть онлайн ] Последний концерт Владимира Высоцкого. И единственный, снятый центральным телевидением. Советское телевидение никогда не жаловало Высоцкого. Ситуация. Телеканалы онлайн и в записи! Телепрограмма. Собственное ТВ вещание. Казанская икона Божией Матери Казанская икона Божией Матери - одна из самых почитаемых Обыкновенный концерт с Эдуардом Эфировым. Выпуск от 4 ноября подробнее В концерте представлены... Юбилейный концерт Примадонны российской эстрады состоялся 17 апреля в Москве в Государственном Кремлевском дворце. Киноверсия этого неповторимого концерта выходит в прокат 7 декабря. Концерты. Яркие музыкальные события с участием любимых артистов телеканала: к празднику и без повода, сольные и сборные, полюбившиеся хиты и премьеры новых песен. Тот самый концерт». Мы расскажем о том, каким будет расписание сеансов, когда и где можно будет смотреть киноверсию «Того Тот самый концерт (2019) - цена билетов и где купить. Купить билет на кино можно как в кассе конкретного кинотеатра, так и забронировать онлайн. Секрет Генри часть 77 - Тот самый концерт - Смотреть видео... «Праздничный концерт», музыка - смотрите онлайн все выпуски на официальном сайте телеканала «Россия» - Ежегодный праздничный концерт с участием звезд российской эстрады, посвященный Дню работника атомной промышленности. Все самые интересные и просматриваемые видео отсортированы по категориям - начиная с только что добавленных. Смотрите у нас лучшие приколы, популярные клипы и даже документальные фильмы онлайн! Концерт Смотреть Онлайн Бесплатно В Хорошем Hd Качестве Тот Самый Концерт 3 - Смотреть Видео В Hd Качестве На... Фильм Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт 2019 Смотреть... Тот самый концерт в Екб 0.9. Дата 27.05.2019 | МультПоиск. Смотреть Концерты Онлайн В Хорошем Hd Качестве Концерты онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве. Люди всегда жаждали развлечений, но не всегда они были доступны в любое время, как Но ведь вовсе не обязательно тратить деньги на билеты, куда-то идти, если можно смотреть концерты онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве... «Алла Пугачёва. Тот самый концерт» - расписание сеансов... Тот самый концерт - Год выпуска: 2019 Продолжительность: 98 мин. Режиссёр: Филипп Григорьян, Татьяна Гулина. Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт , смотреть и скачать... Тот самый концерт (2019) Смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве HD 1080p. 5. Если Вы не хотите ждать пока фильм скачается с торрента и файл не архивный (имеет расширение avi, mkv, mov, mp4, 3gp, mp3 и прочие медиа- аудио- форматы) - Вы можете запустить онлайн просмотр... Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт - YouTube Обыкновенный концерт с Эдуардом Эфировым смотрите на ТВ Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт Алла Пугачева. Тот самый концерт

Ascolti Tv Martedì 5 novembre, vince la Champions League, bene Il Collegio, sempre ottimo Viva RaiPlay

Ascolti Tv Martedì 5 novembre viva raiplay fiorello

Ascolti Tv Martedì 5 novembre (articolo in aggiornamento, i dati usciranno dopo le 10) Borussia Dortmund – Inter – Canale 5 – 4.404 milioni e 16.7% 15-64 Commerciale %  mln 15-34 Giovani %  mila +55 Adulti % mln La nostra terra 1a tv – Rai 1 – 2.810 milioni e 12.2% 15-64 Commerciale %  mila […]

L'articolo Ascolti Tv Martedì 5 novembre, vince la Champions League, bene Il Collegio, sempre ottimo Viva RaiPlay proviene da dituttounpop.


Чеченские школьники получат возможность обучаться в Университетской гимназии МГУ

Министр образования и науки ЧР Исмаил Байханов&nbsp; провел встречу с директором Университетской гимназии (школа-интернат) МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова Александром Воронцовым.Участники встречи пришли к договорённости&nbsp;&nbsp;о выявлении одаренных и талантливых учащихся школ Чеченской Республики для их обучения в 2020 году в стенах гимназии.&nbsp;Университетская гимназия (школа-интернат) − структурное подразделение Московского государственно и го университета. Обучение здесь реализуется по программе основного общего образования, начиная с 8-го класса, и по программе среднего общего образования по пяти профилям: экономико-математическому, инженерному, естественно-научному, историко-филологическому и социально-правовому.&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp; Особенностями Университетской гимназии являются индивидуальный подход к каждому обучающемуся, модульность обучения, наличие проектной и исследовательской деятельности, которая осуществляется в научных лабораториях факультетов МГУ под руководством ведущих ученых,- рассказал И.Байханов. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

В Чечне намерены развивать детский туризм

Министр туризма ЧР Муслим Байтазиев&nbsp; встретился с директором Республиканского центра детско-юношеского туризма и экскурсий - Омаровым Тимуром Султановичем.В ходе встречи обсуждались⠀вопросы развития детского туризма в Чечне, а также план дальнейшей совместной работы.- Я предложил Тимуру Султановичу в ближайшее время вместе посетить детский город профессий&nbsp; для определения направлений и мастер классов, которые центр детско-юношеского туризма и экскурсий мог бы проводить для детей в городе профессий,- рассказал Байтазиев.⠀Также обсудили возможность проведения крупных событийных мероприятий на территории Чеченской Республики, такие как многодневный туристский слёт с проживанием в палаточной лагере, походами и соревнованиями по спортивному туризму.- ⠀Считаю, что наша совместная работа принесёт много пользы для развития детско-юношеского туризма в нашем регионе,- выразил уверенность министр. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

«По следам Рамзана Кадырова»: в Чечне завершился второй день пресс-тура

Сегодня, 6 ноября, в Чечне завершился второй день пресс-тура «По следам предков», организованного для работников республиканских средств массовой информации, известных блогеров и фотографов.Во второй день пресс-тура участников ожидала насыщенная прогулка по красочным ландшафтам Ножай-Юртовского района. В частности, они посетили культурно-этнографический комплекс «Шира-Бена», Беноевские водопады, горную базу «Ахки Т1ай» и мини-отель «Шира-Бена».Как рассказал корреспонденту ИА «Чечня Сегодня» Директор туристической компании « Беной тревел» Магомед Мецалов, в эти места приезжают туристы из разных регионов Российской Федерации и стран мира.- Люди хотят видеть Рамзана Кадырова, они хотят поговорить с ним, сделать памятное фото, поэтому особой популярностью у нас пользуется маршрут «КРА», - говорит он. – Туристы надеются встретить Рамзана Кадырова и выбирают маршрут «по его следам».&nbsp;Программа третьего этапа пресс-тура будет включать в себя два дня, проведенных в Шаройском и Итум-Калинском районе. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

В Гудермесе состоялись мероприятия,посвящённые 100-летию конструктора Калашникова

Военнослужащие и сотрудники Управления Росгвардии по Чеченской Республике провели комплекс мероприятий, посвящённых 100-летию Героя России, конструктора стрелкового оружия, доктора технических наук, изобретателя всемирно известного автомата, генерал-лейтенанта Калашникова Михаила Тимофеевича.Действие прошло во 2-й школе города Гудермес. Для учащихся был проведён краткий экскурс в историю создания легендарного автомата Калашникова, отряд мобильный особого назначения (ОМОН) УФСВНГ РФ по ЧР продемонстрировал для детей выставку вооружения, после чего состоялся концерт отдельной ордена Жукова бригады оперативного назначения Северо-Кавказского округа войск национальной гвардии Российской Федерации.Тематическое мероприятие было проведено в рамках исполнения поручений Главы Чеченской Республики, Героя России Рамзана Ахматовича Кадырова по военно-патриотическому воспитанию подрастающего поколения. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

ЧГУ и факультет фундаментальной медицины МГУ планируют сотрудничество в области научных исследований

В Москве&nbsp; состоялась встреча руководства Чеченского государственного университета с деканом факультета фундаментальной медицины МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, академиком РАН и РАМН В.А Ткачуком для обсуждения перспектив сотрудничества в области научных исследований. Главной темой встречи стали вопросы об организации совместных мероприятий, программ, проектов и разработок. Преимущественно обсуждалась возможность кооперации профессорско-преподавательского состава и студентов в публикационной и грантовой деятельности. Были озвучены вопросы интеграции симуляционных центров вузов для подготовки и повышения квалификации врачей и другого медицинского персонала. Отметим, что встреча делегации Чеченского государственного университета во главе с ректором З.А. Саидовым является продолжением визита ректора МГУ В.А. Садовничева, на котором было принято решение о сотрудничестве. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Росгвардия организовала спартакиаду ГТО для школьников

В отдельной ордена Жукова бригаде оперативного назначения Северо-Кавказского округа Росгвардии состоялся первый этап спартакиады Всероссийского физкультурно-спортивного комплекса «Готов к труду и обороне» среди учащихся ведомственной школы №1. Мероприятие было приурочено к 19-й годовщине образования грозненского соединения Росгвардии и Дню народного единства.&nbsp;В сдаче нормативов и испытаний комплекса ГТО приняли участие 72 школьника в 5 возрастных группах. С приветственным словом к ребятам обратился начальник физической подготовки и спорта бригады подполковник Сейдали Гаджахмедов: «Спортивные мероприятия прививают ребятам интерес к здоровому образу жизни, призывают их заниматься спортом, а также любить и уважать свою страну». Участники выполнили нормативы на золотой, серебряный и бронзовый знаки отличия комплекса ГТО: бег на 60 метров и 2 километра, подтягивание на перекладине (отжимание), упражнения на пресс, наклоны вперёд, прыжки в длину и челночный бег. В состав жюри вошли начальник отдела тестирования ГТО Республиканского центра тестирования Чеченской Республики Саид Магомедов, начальник административно-хозяйственного отдела Республиканского центра тестирования Чеченской Республики Магомед Амхадов, заместитель директора Республиканской спортивной школы №1 Александр Кадаев и начальник физической подготовки и спорта грозненского соединения подполковник Сейдали Гаджахмедов. По итогам первого этапа 11 человек претендуют на золотые, 9 человек на серебряные и 8 человек на бронзовые знаки отличия комплекса ГТО. После каникул ребят ждёт второй этап спартакиады и ещё два испытания: метание снаряда на дальность и туристический поход, где им пригодится умение ставить палатки, разжигать костры, оказывать первую медицинскую помощь и ориентироваться на местности. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Эрдоган заявил о задержании жены главаря ИГ аль-Багдади

Президент Турции Реджеп Тайип Эрдоган заявил, что турецким силам безопасности удалось задержать жену уничтоженного главаря ИГ («Исламское государство» — террористическая организация, запрещена в РФ) Абу Бакра аль-Багдади. Об этом он сказал в среду, 6 ноября, во время выступления в Анкаре.«Мы поймали в Сирии его жену. Но никакого шума из этого мы не делали. Я в первый раз сейчас официально заявляю об этом», — цитирует Эрдогана «РИА Новости». 5 ноября агентство Reuters со ссылкой на высокопоставленный источник в администрации Турции сообщило, что турецкие силы задержали сестру уничтоженного главаря ИГ. Отмечалось, что Расмия Авад была задержана близ населенного пункта Азаз. Власти Турции планировали узнать от нее «ценные сведения о внутреннем функционировании ИГ».&nbsp;«Мы поймали в Сирии его жену. Но никакого шума из этого мы не делали. Я в первый раз сейчас официально заявляю об этом», — цитирует Эрдогана «РИА Новости». Турецкий лидер отметил, что также были пойманы сестра аль-Багдади и ее муж. 5 ноября агентство Reuters со ссылкой на высокопоставленный источник в администрации Турции сообщило, что турецкие силы задержали сестру уничтоженного главаря ИГ. Отмечалось, что Расмия Авад была задержана близ населенного пункта Азаз. Власти Турции планировали узнать от нее «ценные сведения о внутреннем функционировании ИГ».&nbsp; Об уничтожении главаря ИГ президент США Дональд Трамп заявил 27 октября. Уточнялось, что террорист привел в действие пояс смертника, пытаясь скрыться от американских военных в подземном тоннеле. Позже представители американских военных подтвердили, что анализ ДНК доказывает уничтожение именно аль-Багдади. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Путин призвал МВД повысить доверие общества к полиции

Президент России Владимир Путин призвал руководство МВД укреплять доверие общества к своей службе. По словам главы государства, мнение общества о работе всей правоохранительной системы зачастую строится по полиции. «Об эффективности всей правоохранительной системы граждане во многом судят по уровню подготовки и качеству работы полиции, других структур Министерства внутренних дел. Руководству МВД нужно не только улучшать ключевые отчетные показатели, но и трудиться над укреплением доверия общества к своей службе», — сказал Путин на встрече с офицерами и прокурорами по случаю их назначения на высшие должности и присвоения им высших воинских и специальных званий в Кремле. Президент России упомянул и работу ФСИН, которой «необходимо обеспечить соблюдение законности в местах лишения свободы». Для этого, в частности, необходимо жестче отбирать сотрудников, а также более качественно их подготавливать. Кроме того, он призвал Росгвардию четко и слаженно выполнять свои функции. Напомним, в конце октября премьер-министр России Дмитрий Медведев поручил Минэкономики, МВД, ФСБ и Росгвардии с участием заинтересованных федеральных органов исполнительной власти, СКР, уполномоченного по защите прав предпринимателей, Генпрокуратуры и Верховного суда представить в правительство предложения по повышению доверия бизнеса к правоохранительной и судебной системам. Они подготовят свои предложения к 16 декабря 2019 года. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Делегация Чечни приняла участие во Всероссийском съезде преподавателей русского языка и литературы

Мероприятия проходят с 5 по 7 ноября в рамках второго Съезда Общества русской словесности в Московском государственном университете им. М.В. Ломоносова.&nbsp;Министр образования и науки ЧР Исмаил Байханов&nbsp; выступая на заседании президиума поблагодарил организаторов съезда за приглашение и теплый прием&nbsp;дружескую атмосферу и актуальную профессиональную программу. Он пожелал плодотворной работы участникам съезда – преподавателям русского языка и литературы, педагогам дополнительного образования, представителям органов управления образованием, руководителям образовательных учреждений, сотрудникам музеев, работникам библиотек и представителям издательств.&nbsp;Отметим, что основные темы и направления работы съезда: "Русская словесность в системе гуманитарных знаний", "Русский язык и культура речи", "Роль учителя словесности в современном гуманитарном пространстве. Профессиональный портрет современного педагога. Непрерывное филологическое образование. Учитель – ученик – родители", "Современные подходы и технологии преподавания словесности. Новые федеральные государственные образовательные стандарты и примерные основные образовательные программы. Учебники нового поколения. Учебно-методические комплексы по русскому языку и литературе в школах с нерусским языком обучения", "Психолого-педагогические проблемы дошкольного, школьного и вузовского образования. Формирование читательской культуры современной молодежи".&nbsp;&nbsp;- Всероссийский съезд учителей и преподавателей русского языка и литературы запомнится содержательными дискуссиями, интересными встречами, будет способствовать продвижению перспективных идей, - отметил И. Байханов.&nbsp; #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Рамзан Кадыров отметил значимость форума дискуссионного клуба «Русский мир» (+видео)

Тема Межрегионального форума дискуссионного клуба «Русский мир»&nbsp;имеет большое значение для сохранения мира и стабильности на территории всей страны, считает Глава ЧР Рамзан Кадыров.Форум прошел накануне в Грозном. Его участники обсудили вопросы стабильности, духовно-нравственных ценностей народов России. Мероприятие собрало более 200 участников. Это представители федерального центра, органов исполнительной власти СКФО и ЧР, общественные и религиозные деятели, учёные-историки, эксперты, студенты.&nbsp;"Форум отметил положительный опыт республики в укреплении межнациональных и межрегиональных отношений. Тема форума, имеет огромное значение для сохранения мира и стабильности на территории всей страны. Первый Президент ЧР, Герой России Ахмат-Хаджи Кадыров за основу в налаживании мирного процесса на территории Чечни взял укрепление единства народа, межрелигиозного диалога и согласия. Сегодня мы видим, что всё задуманное Ахматом-Хаджи воплощается в жизнь",- написал Р. Кадыров на своей странице в социальной сети.Напомним, форум дискуссионного клуба «Русский мир» был организован министерством ЧР по национальной политике, внешним связям, печати и информации, ТРК «Путь» им. Ахмат-Хаджи Кадырова.&nbsp; #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

В МВД Чечни вопросы профилактики преступлений экономической и коррупционной направленности

Вопросы организации работы по выявлению и пресечению преступлений экономической и коррупционной направленности стали основными в ходе совещания Министра внутренних дел по Чеченской Республике Руслана Алханова с руководством управления экономической безопасности и противодействия коррупции ведомства. Здесь же были подведены предварительные итоги работы за 10 месяцев текущего года. Заслушав руководителей по основным направлениям деятельности и обсудив результаты раскрытых должностных преступлений, фактов халатности, преступлений в сфере жилищно-коммунального хозяйства, а также связанных с нецелевым расходованием бюджетных средств, Глава МВД потребовал усилить работу по основным направлениям деятельности, устранив при этом все имеющиеся недостатки. В ходе совещания Руслан Алханов также обозначил ряд задач, приоритетными среди которых в ближайший период для сотрудников полиции станут такие, как обеспечение защиты всех форм собственности от преступных посягательств, противодействие коррупции и др. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Фото парусной регаты в Чечне стало финалистом конкурса Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image

Фотография Юлии Кочиной, сделанная во время проведения международной парусной регаты Кубок Кезеной-Ам 2019, вошла в список 80 лучших парусных работ года по версии авторитетного конкурса Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image.&nbsp;Это ежегодная премия, которая присуждается за лучшее фото о парусном спорте. В этом году участие в крупнейшем в мире конкурсе приняли 133 фотографа из 29 стран мира. Жюри конкурса выбрало 80 лучших работ, среди которых шесть российских: Евгении Бакуновой, Ивана Бугарева, Юлии Кочиной, Елены Разиной, Дмитрия Шаромова и Андрея Шереметьева. В данный момент идет онлайн голосование за выход в финал. Проголосовать за фото Юлии Кочиной можно на сайте&nbsp;www.yachtracingimage.comПобедители будут определены 26 ноября в испанском городе Бильбао. Напомним, международная парусная регата Кубок Кезеной-Ам состоялась с 23 по 28 июля 2019 года. Соревнования прошли на одноименном озере на высоте 1870 метров над уровнем моря и вошли в Книгу Рекордов как самая высокогорная регата в Евразии. Для участия в соревнованиях приехали спортсмены из Германии, Италии, Эстонии, Финляндии, Чехии, Украины и России. Среди российских команд – участники Олимпийских Игр, чемпионы России, Европы и мира. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Зубайра Байраков: Наша молодежь активно заводит блоги о туризме

В Чечне проходит масштабный республиканский пресс-тур в горные районы «По следам предков». Первый день мероприятия прошел в Веденском районе. Участники посетили уникальное озеро Кезеной-Ам, древний город Хой и село Макажой.&nbsp;&nbsp;К пресс-туре участвуют около 40 человек -&nbsp;местные популярные журналисты, блогеры и фотографы.&nbsp;В ходе тура они рассказывают и показывают посредством камер и гаджетов своим подписчикам, зрителям и читателям красоту природы и культурно-исторических памятников Чеченской Республики.Своим мнением о развитии внутреннего туризма и возможностях привлечения туристов в регион с корреспондентом ИА "Чечня Сегодня" поделился известный блогер Зубайра Байраков.- Насколько я могу наблюдать в социальных сетях, наша молодежь сейчас активно заводит блоги, где рассказывает о природе и малоизвестных достопримечательностях Чечни. Я знаю нескольких блогеров, которые ночуют в походах, разбивают палатки и рассказывают, как готовиться к походу и что вас там ждет. Мне кажется, это важно и таких людей необходимо поддерживать и только таким образом можно развивать именно молодежный туризм,- считает блогер.&nbsp;Он подчеркнул, что посещение отдаленных уголков республики сейчас является безопасным, как никогда прежде.- То, что некоторые опасаются отправляться в походы в дальние районы Чечни, сейчас больше стереотип, чем реальность. Если раньше это и было небезопасно, то сейчас по всей республике провели необходимые работы по разминированию и т. д. Поэтому мы можем свободно совершать походы в любые районы республики,- отметил Байраков.По его словам, для привлечения туристов в регион, необходимо популяризировать туристический потенциал Чечни с помощью известных пользователей социальных сетей:- Я уже побывал во многих горных районах Чечни, но к сожалению еще не был в Беное. Данный пресс-тур предоставляет такую возможность и я с удовольствием поеду вместе с другими участниками тура в горный Беной.&nbsp;Проведение пресс-тура "По следам предков" и других подобных мероприятий безусловно полезно и необходимо, но я бы подключил к ним еще несколько десятков людей не из сферы журналистики, а именно так называемых инфлюенсеров - людей с широкой аудиторией в соцсетях - не только из Чеченской Республики, но и из других регионов.&nbsp;Напомним, в рамках пресс-тура его участники также посетят культурно-исторические территории и памятники Ножай-Юртовского, Шаройского, Итум-Калинского и Галанчожского районов.&nbsp;Мероприятие организовано в рамках поручений Главы Чеченской Республики Рамзана Кадырова. Ранее он напомнил об исключительной важности развития внутреннего туризма и стимулирования местного населения к посещению горных районов, где исторически проживали предки чеченцев.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Хава Кадиева #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

В Чечне шестеро нелегалов отправлены домой

Шестеро иностранцев, чье пребывание на территории Российской Федерации судом признано незаконным, отправлены чеченскими судебными приставами обратно на родину. Иностранцы, оказавшиеся гражданами Республики Узбекистан, были задержаны сотрудниками УФМС по Чеченской Республике в ходе рейдов по Ножай-Юртовскому и Шалинскому районам Чеченской Республики. В ходе проверки выяснилось, что так называемые трудовые мигранты занимались в Чечне различными строительными работами, но при этом ни у кого из них не оказалось документов, подтверждающих разрешение на проживание и работу на территории России. После вынесения судебных решений о выдворении все шестеро нарушителей миграционного законодательства из зала суда были доставлены судебными приставами в специальный приемник для временного размещения иностранных граждан. И уже отсюда, после подготовки необходимых документов, нелегалы были препровождены чеченскими судебными приставами по ОУПДС до московского аэропорта «Внуково» на рейс «Москва-Ташкент». Теперь выдворенные мигранты-нелегалы по закону имеют право вернуться в Россию только через 5 лет. Всего с начала года чеченскими судебными приставами выдворено свыше 100 нарушителей миграционного законодательства. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Р. Кадыров – один из лидеров рейтинга влияния губернаторов России в октябре 2019 года

Глава Чеченской Республики Рамзан Кадыров занял второе место в рейтинге влияния руководителей субъектов России в октябре 2019 года. Он находится в группе «очень сильное влияние».&nbsp; Исследование подготовлено Агентством политических и экономических коммуникаций (АПЭК). Тройку лидеров рейтинга возглавил мэр Москвы Сергей Собянин. На втором месте Глава ЧР Р. Кадыров. Третий – Президент Республики Татарстан Рустам Минниханов.&nbsp; Экспертный опрос, на результатах которого основан рейтинг наиболее влиятельных губернаторов в России, проводится методом закрытого анкетирования. В октябре 2019 года в нем приняло участие 27 экспертов: политологи, политтехнологи, медиаэксперты, журналисты. Итоговый рейтинг представляет собой консолидированную оценку влияния всех глав регионов России лидерами российского экспертного сообщества. Персоналии, вошедшие в рейтинг по результатам опроса, распределяются по разделам «очень сильное влияние» (1-20), «сильное влияние» (21-50), «среднее влияние» (51-85). #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Активисты проверили доступность грозненских аптек для людей с ограниченными возможностями

Чеченские Молодогвардейцы провели мониторинг аптек в столице Чеченской Республики на предмет их доступности для лиц с ограниченными возможностями. Результаты оказались неутешительными. Выявили нарушения доступности аптек для людей с ограниченными возможностями здоровья. Всего была изучена ситуация в 10 аптеках и поликлиниках. Молодогвардейцы на личном примере убедились в том, что попасть самостоятельно в большинство из этих учреждений человеку на инвалидной коляске порой невозможно. «В некоторые из обследованных аптек нельзя заехать на коляске – отсутствуют пандусы. Аптеки должны быть доступны для всех маломобильных граждан. Необходимо провести работу по улучшению качества доступной среды в аптеках»,– рассказал активист Чеченского отделения Молодой Гвардии Халид Байсагуров. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

У чеченских пожарных появился новый автомобиль повышенной проходимости

Парк пожарной охраны Чеченской Республики пополнился современным автомобилем. Пожарная автоцистерна АЦ-6-70 на базе «Урал» предназначена для тушения пожаров, доставки боевого расчета, вооружения и запаса огнетушащих веществ к месту происшествия. Автомобиль высокой проходимости оснащен необходимым оборудованием, предназначенным для реагирования на пожары, ДТП, а также проведения различных спасательных работ. Он вмещает в себя 6 тонн воды, а мощность насоса рассчитана на подачу до 70 литров воды в секунду. – Парк пожарной охраны Чеченской Республики обновляется, на вооружение поступают современные автомобили. Они являются большим подспорьем для экстренных служб в решении задач по оказанию помощи и спасению людей, — отметил начальник Главного управления МЧС России по ЧР Руслан Яхьяев. На данный момент автомобиль АЦ-6-70 проходит необходимые учетно-документальные и технические процедуры, после чего он будет поставлен на боевое дежурство в специализированной пожарной части №23 по тушению крупных пожаров. #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Сотрудников МВД по ЧР, получивших военные травмы, наградили за борьбу с терроризмом

В канун празднования Дня сотрудника органов внутренних дел России Глава МВД по ЧР Руслан Алханов встретился с сотрудниками, ставшими инвалидами вследствие военной травмы, и вручил им ведомственные награды.&nbsp;В теплой, дружеской атмосфере собравшиеся вспоминали боевых товарищей, героически павших в борьбе за мир и процветание Родины, а также отметили вклад первого Президента ЧР Героя России Ахмат-Хаджи Кадырова в достижение мира на чеченской земле.&nbsp;«Ахмат-Хаджи Кадыров и более 1 600 наших боевых товарищей (Дала г1азот къобалдойла церан!) отдали свои жизни, защищая свой народ и республику от врагов. Вы и сегодня продолжаете верно служить Отечеству, являясь примером мужества и преданности, внося неоценимый вклад в духовно-нравственное воспитание молодежи», - сказал Руслан Алханов. Министр подчеркнул, что руководство республики и МВД по ЧР всегда готово их поддержать и оказать содействие в решении возникших проблем.&nbsp;«Глава ЧР Герой России Рамзан Ахматович Кадыров сам лично держит под контролем работу, проводимую с вами, и постоянно оказывает всяческую помощь и поддержку во всех делах. Отдельные слова искренней благодарности хочется выразить в адрес президента Регионального Общественного фонда имени Героя России А.А. Кадырова Аймани Несиевны Кадыровой, которая никогда не оставляет нуждающихся без внимания» - добавил Руслан Алханов. «Руководство республики в лице Рамзана Ахматовича Кадырова и Министерство внутренних дел по ЧР всегда готовы нас выслушать и помочь, - сказал Рамзан Джакуев. – Такое отношение для нас очень ценно, и мы об этом никогда не забываем. Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Главе ЧР и руководству ведомства за доброту и заботу. Хочу также добавить от лица всех присутствующих, что мы и сегодня, несмотря на тяжелые ранения, готовы встать на защиту интересов Родины и народа», - заключил он. В завершение состоялась торжественная церемония награждения. Так, 24 человека были удостоены юбилейных медалей МВД России, 4 из них были вручены памятные нагрудные знаки «За отличие в борьбе против терроризма». #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

5 городов Чечни будут участвовать в конкурсе благоустройства малых городов и исторических поселений

В конкурсе лучших проектов создания городской среды в малых городах и исторических поселениях примут участие 5 городов Чечни.Дизайн-проекты благоустройства представят города Аргун, Грозный, Шали, Гудермес, Урус-Мартан. Прием заявок стартовал, он продлится до 30 января. С сотрудниками администраций городов-участников и архитекторами в министерстве обсудили подготовку к участию в конкурсе. Замминистра строительства и ЖКХ ЧР Алиса Ибрагимова отметила, главное при выборе территорий – учитывать пожелания граждан. «Период приема предложений выбора общественных территорий уже стартовал. Внимание необходимо акцентировать на тех общественных пространствах, которые будут востребованы. При разработке и реализации важно учитывать факторы, отвечающие ключевым требованиям. В том числе событийность», - сказала Ибрагимова. Отбор лучших проектов городской среды проводится ежегодно. В конкурсе могут участвовать малые города с численностью до 100 тысяч человек, а также исторические поселения федерального и регионального значения. Он проводится в рамках реализации нацпроекта «Жилье и городская среда». #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Абдуллах Берсаев: В Чечне необходимо развивать пеший туризм

В Чечне проходит масштабный республиканский пресс-тур в горные районы под названием «По следам предков». Первый день мероприятия прошел в Веденском районе. Участники посетили уникальное озеро Кезеной-Ам, древний город Хой и село Макажой.&nbsp;К пресс-туру привлечены местные популярные журналисты, блогеры и фотографы.В ходе тура они рассказывают и показывают посредством камер и гаджетов своим подписчикам, зрителям и читателям красоту природы и культурно-исторических памятников Чеченской Республики.Один из участников тура, пейзажный фотограф Абдуллах Берсаев, который по роду своей деятельности часто совершает походы в самые отдаленные&nbsp;районы Чечни, поделился своим мнением с корреспондентом ИА "Чечня Сегодня", почему на его взгляд в республике не пользуется популярностью внутренний туризм.- Жители нашей республики хорошо знакомы с основными достопримечательностями региона, к которым можно добраться на автомобиле. Но неблагоустроенные места, куда нужно добираться пешком, мало кому известны и плохо изучены.Фотограф рассказал о проблемах, с которыми чаще всего сталкивается он во время своих походов.- Есть несколько факторов, которые сдерживают от походов в труднодоступные места - например в погранзонах нужны специальные пропуски или разрешения. Иногда погранпропуска бывают однодневные, но есть места, откуда за день не успеваешь вернуться. Такие сложности тоже влияют на развитие пешего туризма, который у&nbsp;нас очень слабо развит. Например, даже в соседних регионах туристы толпами ходят в многодневные пешие походы. Для них созданы необходимые условия, есть специальные перевалочные пункты, кемпинги. Возможно, если бы и у нас создали такие хотя бы минимальные условия для пеших походов, наших туристов это тоже заинтересовало бы,- считает фотограф.Абдуллах Берсаев подчеркнул, что в Чечне есть много уникальных объектов, о которых мало кто знает и тем более редко посещают.- Подобные пресс-туры безусловно полезны, но хотелось бы пролить немного света&nbsp;на действительно неизведанные территории региона. Проблема в том, что добраться туда можно только пешком, либо на специальном транспорте. Помимо тех, что всем уже известны, хочется, конечно, показать и другие башенные комплексы, водопады и прочие достопримечательности. Стоит отметить, что активно в республике развивается джип-туризм и он пользуется хорошим спросом,- добавил фотограф.&nbsp;Он призвал всех чаще выезжать в горы, ходить в походы, так как это в первую очередь полезно для здоровья.&nbsp;Напомним, в рамках пресс-тура его участники также посетят культурно-исторические территории и памятники Ножай-Юртовского, Шаройского, Итум-Калинского и Галанчожского районов.Мероприятие организовано в рамках поручений Главы Чеченской Республики Рамзана Кадырова об исключительной важности развития внутреннего туризма и стимулирования местного населения к посещению горных районов, где исторически проживали предки чеченцев.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Хава Кадиева #россия #рф #chechenrepublic #chechnya #чечня #Кадыров #ЧР #russia #СМИ #СМИЧР #RKadyrov #чечнясегодня #новости #news #politics #chechnyatoday #грозный

Rivalries, alleged plagiarism, rapturous fandom — the giants of Russia’s golden age of literature had complicated relationships with one another

Rivalries, alleged plagiarism, rapturous fandom — the giants of Russia’s golden age of literature had complicated relationships with one another

Russia Fast Facts

See CNN's Russia Fast Facts for a look at the Russian Federation, which is the largest country in the world, covering more than one-ninth of the earth's land area.

Trump, Putin and Orban all share a disdain for Ukraine. That's raising alarm bells

When Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Budapest on Wednesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban had a gift already wrapped: Hours before their joint press conference, Hungary vetoed a joint declaration of NATO ambassadors on Ukraine.

The Common Law History of Section 230 with Brent Skorup (Ep. 208)



The Common Law History of Section 230 with Brent Skorup (Ep. 208)



Brent Skorup (@bskorup) is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His research areas include transportation technology, telecommunications, aviation, and wireless policy.

He serves on the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee and on the Texas DOT’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Task Force. He is also a member of the Federalist Society’s Regulatory Transparency Project.

The White House, the FCC, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and a dissenting opinion at the Illinois Supreme Court have cited his research. In addition to economics and law journal publication, he has authored pieces for National Affairs, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wired, Air Traffic Management magazine, Regulation magazine, and elsewhere. He’s appeared as a TV and radio interview guest for news outlets like C-SPAN, NPR, CBS News, ABC News, and CNBC Asia.

Brent has a BA in economics from Wheaton College and a law degree from the George Mason University School of Law, where he was articles editor for the Civil Rights Law Journal. He was a legal clerk at the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and at the Energy and Commerce Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Before joining Mercatus, he was the Director of Research at the Information Economy Project, a law and economics university research center.



Mercatus Center


The Erosion of Publisher Liability in American Law by Brent Skorup and Jennifer Huddleston (Mercatus Center, 2019)


News Roundup


Zuckerberg, Facebook under mounting pressure over political ads


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to meet with civil rights leaders this week after his company has maintained its policy to leave up political ads containing false statements by politicians. The company has applied the policy unevenly, first allowing Donald Trump to maliciously post an ad with false information about Joe Biden; then leaving up an Elizabeth Warren ad containing false information designed to illustrate the absurdity of Facebook’s ad policy.  During a hearing, Zuckerberg also admitted to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that if she were to place a false political ad, that the company would probably leave it up. 


But Facebook is inexplicably removing false ads placed by Political  Action Committees. One notable example is an ad placed the Really Online Lefty League – ROLL – a Political Action Committee co-founded by Adriel Hampton – which falsely claimed that Lindsey Graham supports the New Green Deal. Hampton, an experienced marketing and political strategist, responded by filing to run for governor of California. Then gubernatorial candidate Hampton posted a false political ad and Facebook took it down, saying his campaign wasn’t legit—that it was just a ploy to place a false ad to see what Facebook would do. Even though Hampton says he fully expects to win the governorship, Facebook hasn’t reinstated the ad.


It’s a mess.


Top officials from the NAACP, National Urban League, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights are scheduled to meet with Zuckerberg this week to express their concerns with Facebook’s political ad policy, which the company now says has been extended to the UK.


Facebook sued for age, gender bias in financial services ads


A plaintiff in San Francisco filed a potential class action federal lawsuit last week claiming that Facebook discriminates against users based on age and gender in determining who can see financial services ads.  The lawsuit comes 7-months after Facebook agreed to tailor its platform to avoid discrimination on the basis of age, gender and zip code for job, credit, and housing ads.


US launches Tik Tok investigation


The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has launched a national security investigation into Tik Tok, which is owned by the Chinese firm Bytedance. A bipartisan cohort of lawmakers including Democrat Chuck Schumer, Republican Marco Rubio, and Tennessee Democratic Congressman Bart Gordon have all expressed concern about how the Chinese government uses TikTok’s data. TikTok’s growth has been outpacing the growth of incumbent social media companies in the U.S.



Snowden: Facebook as untrustworthy as the NSA


Whistleblower Edward Snowden, who is exiled in Russia for blowing the lid off the National Security Agency’s mass data collection practices six years ago, told ReCode’s Kara Swisher last week that Facebook is as untrustworthy as the NSA when it comes to privacy. But he didn’t limit his remarks to Facebook. He said that all tech companies are looking to exploit our personal data no matter the consequences. He also said that, on the surface, users may appear not to be concerned about how big tech companies handle their data but that, in reality, users are very concerned but feel powerless.


Five people shot and killed at Airbnb rental


Five people were shot and killed at an Airbnb rental Northern California during a Halloween party on Thursday. The rental listing on Airbnb prohibited parties and the renter claimed it was renting the space for family members who were suffering from smoke inhalation from the fires in the Los Angeles area. A witness reported to Buzzfeed that the shooting occurred with apparently no provocation. Airbnb has banned the renter from the platform.


China launches 5G network


Chinese officials announced last week that it would roll out 5G to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou 2 months ahead of schedule. The country also announced plans to roll out 5G to over 50 cities by the end of this year. While U.S. telecom companies have begun their 5G roll-out, it’s largely been rolled out on higher frequency bands than the 5G service that’s being rolled out in China. The lower frequency bands that China’s using cover a larger surface area, while the higher frequency bands U.S. companies are using are more powerful but cover less ground.


Corey Booker introduces bill to ban facial recognition in public housing


Senator Corey Booker has introduced a bill to ban facial recognition in public housing. The Senator cites the disproportionate impact that facial recognition technology threatens to have on the nation’s most vulnerable communities. The No Biometric Barriers to Housing Act targets public housing that receives funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Apple pledges $2.5 billion for California affordable housing


Apple announced that it will invest $2.5 billion to address California’s affordable housing shortage. Some of those funds will be applied statewide. Others will be allocated for projects in the Bay Area. Three hundred million dollars will go towards affordable housing on Apple-owned property.


Following Katie Hill’s resignation, Democrats push for revenge porn law


Thirty-five democrats in Congress sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee to pass a federal revenge porn law that would criminalize the nonconsensual posting of sexually explicit images online. The letter followed Congresswoman Katie Hill’s resignation from Congress after someone posted nude images depicting her and others as well as accusations that she was having inappropriate relations with campaign and congressional staffers. Hill blames her husband, whom she is in the process of divorcing, for posting the photos.



MIT president acknowledges discrimination against minorities and women on campus


Finally, Massachusetts Institute of Technology president Rafael Reif acknowledged last week that women and people of color often face exclusion and belittlement on campus and that it’s something the university is trying to improve. The development follows revelations of Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to the university.


The crucial importance of the mining industry


Most commentaries on the status of the mining industry in South Africa refer to the decline in our rankings within the international comparisons. Mining is essentially the industry that developed the SA economy and which spawned the support industries that provided the equipment and services.

Our unique Government Certificate of Competency evolved from the early 1900s to develop safer working conditions and improved skills for the activities of the mining industry. A recent international survey ranked SA at the top of the list for the value of minerals in the ground at the awesome figure of R2,5 trillion, well ahead of Russia in second place. With such credentials we have, however, declined in our competitiveness as growth markets have increased the demand for resources. We effectively lost out on participating in the last resources boom that witnessed countries such as Australia, Canada, many in Africa north of us and many in South America actively rise in the provider stakes. Various reasons are debated for this, but the most frequently identified are poor and slow policy making, the references to nationalization, the reduction in our capacity for research and development and the accompanied loss of experienced skills. In more recent times, the sudden increase in energy costs and industrial strike action have added to the reversal in our competitiveness.

In September the next Electra Mining exhibition will be held which is one of the largest of its type internationally, and which from all accounts, will be well supported. In particular the action in Africa north of us is significant and we have seen many of our project management, design and construction skills moving to manage these northern projects. Some of our EPCM companies have such projects that make up the bulk of their order book. Further afield, estimates put the human resources running the Australian mining industry to be over 50% of South African origin.

With the slump in the platinum price which has placed a number of mines on a caretaker basis or a scramble to try and manage with fewer contracted resources, can the stakeholders, being investors, government, and the mining industry address the skills issues that are even in the present circumstances in short supply? Most of those with whom I interact express the fear about what are we going to do when the lights really come on again - once the European and American recessionary conditions change and the world demand for minerals resumes?

Reports on the diminished R&D capacity and skills in the research establishments, that in the 80s and early 90s were world leaders in mining research and development, are of great concern as the ability to innovate disappears. Clearly mining activity also depends on reliable infrastructure and good logistics which are not well positioned either at present.

In the vein of " ‘n boer maak a plan” in which South Africans have shown an adept ability, can we tackle this huge challenge and get our competitiveness on the rise? It cannot be beyond our ability and willingness to do some serious mining skills development together with that needed across the whole engineering domain. It is time we saw some next steps in the action territory after the publication of the diagnostic report of the National Planning Commission. It could be in danger of becoming another book shelf study.

We really need to curtail our incessant, negative outlook on this state of affairs and try to get collective, positive group action to turn our mining status around. However, from where will this be triggered and what will catalyze the process?

Perhaps the Electra Mining event could energise some reality here. The SAIMechE is to facilitate the first of its Soap Box sessions which will be interesting to watch. Let’s hope the speakers will be able to address some of these issues and spawn some industry enthusiasm to make things happen. One can safely say that the survival of South Africa depends on it.


Our World after the World Cup (Aug 2010)


My greatest hope is that the evident, positive and extraordinary atmosphere, energy charge and positive outlook that have emerged as a result of the way we staged the World Cup will serve to enable us to believe in ourselves and our abilities to reach the best standards for SA. Every citizen, and in our case, every engineering resource, has the opportunity and an obligation do something to get a new show on the road. We simply must not fall into a state of post-party hangover or depression, or back to business as usual.

I am personally tired of observing and commenting on so much of our past failures in this leader column. How many of them are actually easily enabled to be turned around and developed for the benefit of SA citizens? If we can project manage the WC with all its first-time challenges, why can't we get the relatively straight forward function of municipal service delivery right? The root cause is clear. Get rid of lousy, incompetent, unqualified, corrupt management; fire the officials who seem incapable of delivering, and are misusing funds. No more paid suspension and jobs for pals. But let's do it. Time to get private power producers going. Time to get the Acts amended that mess our potential to exploit our minerals. Time to get effective engineering training going. Get measures agreed to radically reduce the massive unemployment level. We will go bankrupt at the rate we pay more receivers of social benefits than have jobs. Reducing unemployment is our biggest challenge. Here is a thought, though. It comes from a recent SAIEE Presidential address.

"If one is looking for modern examples of the good old fashioned engineering approach to economic development, one needs to look to the East. When President Hu of China appointed his first cabinet in 2002, every one of them was an Engineer. Perhaps this in part explains China's ongoing extraordinary economic growth and industrialization”.

So, Members, how shall we go for the world cup in transforming a system that has been taking us for a ride for too long? A very positive development has just been announced and which exemplifies the ability of a lot of adversarial parties to get together and formulate a new deal all with a common goal. This is the recent mining commitment plan which followed the Citibank International report that SA sits on the most valuable mineral wealth in the world by far, streaks ahead of Russia and Australia in second and third places. We have R18 Trillion in an un-mined prize waiting for initiative, co-operation, funding, innovation, supporting infrastructure, skills development, employment and all the other benefits of a good, long term plan. Even Malema should be excited. It noticeably seems however to have eluded the government's own planning commission, but we all know how evident that has been.

Power and energy. Big plans now in hand for private power generation, and additionally an exciting development in advanced waste coal carbon combustion technology with almost no carbon footprint. Unless co-generation gets going, then any major mining and industrial initiatives will not have the power due to Eskom's limitations.

Can we catalyse the World Cup energy into ongoing action? It is up to everyone to make it happen. Tourism just has to escalate, which means major options for the service industry. I heard countless comments from foreign visitors at Cape Town's V& A waterfront at the semi-final on a beautiful evening that it must be the best all-round place for a World Cup.

The new SAIMechE website has the functions to enable interaction and debate. Can this connectivity and our a new feeling of optimism improve our collective advance into getting Engineers into the main arena? Sceptics, step aside. Let the game begin.


Europa League: non solo Gladbach-Roma e Lazio-Celtic, ecco tutte le gare di oggi


Tutto pronto per la quarta giornata della fase a gironi dell’Europa League. Oggi in campo anche le due italiane, Roma e Lazio, impegnate rispettivamente in trasferta contro il Borussia Monchengladbach e in casa contro il Celtic. Di seguito il programma completo delle gare odierne: 16:50 Guimaraes – Arsenal 16:50 FC Astana – AZ 18:55 Rosenborg...

L'articolo Europa League: non solo Gladbach-Roma e Lazio-Celtic, ecco tutte le gare di oggi proviene da Alfredo Pedullà.


'The Russian Five': NBC Sports will show documentary after Wednesday's Red Wings game

The world will get another chance to remember, and perhaps learn even more, about one of the great periods of Detroit Red Wings hockey.


Tulsi Gabbard Confronts Joy Behar in Heated Segment, Accuses Her of Spreading ‘Innuendos’


Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard went head to head Wednesday with Joy Behar on “The View,” accusing the host of spreading “innuendos” to smear her character. The Hawaii representative was responding to Behar calling her a “useful idiot” for the Russians as well as comments former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had made last…

The post Tulsi Gabbard Confronts Joy Behar in Heated Segment, Accuses Her of Spreading ‘Innuendos’ appeared first on The Western Journal.


Fakten: Borussia Mönchengladbach - Roma

Die Borussia ist aktuell letzter in Gruppe J, doch mit einem Sieg gegen den Gruppenersten Roma könnten die Borussen gleichziehen.

Online revolt as new ‘Call of Duty’ game casts Russians as the bad guys

Editor’s Note: This story contains minor plot spoilers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign mode.At one point in the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the player becomes Farah Karim as she rushes through fictional streets in Urzikstan, watching Russian soldiers massacre fellow civilians.Her father is gunned down by a soldier eager to kill the young girl and her brother.And Farah, gripping a screwdriver, plunges the tip into the soldier’s stomach before killing him with his own…

Open software development platform GitLab looks at suspending new hires in China, Russia on geopolitics

San Francisco-based GitLab, an open platform for developing and collaborating on coding, is looking at suspending new hiring for sensitive positions in China and Russia because of customer feedback in the “current geopolitical climate”.In a post published on GitLab’s website, one of the company’s executives said the venture wanted to enable a “job family country block” for team members who have access to customer data and singled out two countries involved in the decision – China and Russia…

Trump gave Barr a pass on doing ‘no quid pro quo’ presser because he needs anti-Russia probe wrapped up: Ex-presidential adviser

One of the curious facts about Attorney General William Barr’s reported refusal to hold a press conference proclaiming the president’s innocence is the fact that Barr remained in Trump’s good graces despite that. Trump has fired a number of high-ranking officials he perceived as disloyal to him, from FBI Director James Comey to Barr’s predecessor […]

Tra Puglia e Primitivo, il Gambero Rosso ha portato 9 giornalisti internazionali a scoprire il territorio


Tra Puglia e Primitivo, il Gambero Rosso ha portato 9 giornalisti internazionali a scoprire il territorio in un tour di tre giorni per parlare di cibo e di vino agli operatori di settore tra i più qualificati al mondo. Usa, Cina, Russia, Germania, Giappone, Canada, Corea e Svizzera i loro paesi di provenienza. L’Incoming Tour […]

L'articolo Tra Puglia e Primitivo, il Gambero Rosso ha portato 9 giornalisti internazionali a scoprire il territorio proviene da Vieni a Viaggiare in Puglia.


Smarties 2019 Trophy Duplicate Order Form


Orders must be received no later than Friday, October 26, 2018. After October 26, cost for ordering additional trophies will be billed at a premium. Please allow up to 6 weeks for production.

Please select the campaign name below. A fee of $650 per trophy includes all production costs, but not customs and shipping, recipient is responsible for paying all shipping and customs.

Disclaimer: Only requests for duplicate trophies previously awarded will be accepted. Details will be checked against the winners’ list and confirmed.



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Cute Tattooed Russian Sally Sun tries african champagne

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African Champagne for Russian Sally Sun African Champagne for Russian Sally Sun
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Putin boasts Russia is creating hypersonic and laser weapons 'which other countries do not possess'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asserted that Russia will continue to expand its weapons development during a meeting with top officials and prosecutors on Wednesday.

New Russian Engine Certified in India

Based on the results of successful validation, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of India issued the St. Petersburg-based UEC-Klimov enterprise of the United Engine Corporation of the State Corporation Rostec the approval of a type certificate for the VK-2500PS-03 helicopter turboshaft engine model. VK-2500PS-03 is the latest modification of the VK-2500 engine with an... Read More ›

Vintage harmonica Musical instrument USSR Collectible Soviet Russian instrument 1970's by VintageCorner42


20.00 USD

-This is a vintage harmonica , made in USSR in 1970's.It is working order.It is in good vintage condition.It reads ''Aidas ,Kaunas'' on it.Harmonica length : 5 inches (12,5 cm)

-Photos are a part of the description.Please examine photos before purchase.
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Shipping and Refund Policies

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''Registered Mail'' means your package will be delivered with a signature so someone needs to be at home (at your address). If you are not at home when postman comes , he will you leave a notice indicating that you should pick your package from your local post office or you can arrange a redelivery by contacting your postal services.If you dont pick it from your local post office on time (for USPS , usually in 15 days after notice left to your door step) , it will be sent to me back.Then we will have to discuss for a re-shipping with an additional postage fee payment or I can refund you excluding shipping.

If you are not happy with your order please inform me in 7 days of arrival.Returns are accepted if you accept to ship it with a tracking number.Buyers pay for the return shipping cost.Full refund ( excluding shipping cost) will be given when item arrives safely at my address .

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Comment on Shell Blog by jaun carlos

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Delegation of Archdiocese of Western European Parishes of Russian Tradition completes its visit to Russia

At Sheremetyevo Airport, the head of the archdiocese was seen off by Metropolitan Anthony of Chersonesus and Western Europe, Bishop Savva of Zelenograd, chancellor of the Moscow Patriarchate, and Archpriest Nikolay Balashov, vice-chairman of the Department for External Church Relations.

Patriarch Kirill: Papism is dangerous is that it us much easier to influence one individual than a group of people

On November 4, 2019, after the Divine Liturgy at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Assumption in the Moscow Kremlin, a fraternal repast took place at which His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia addressed the gathering.

List of Orthodox Church of Greece dioceses undesirable to be visited by pilgrims of the Russian Orthodox Church

Upon receiving new information on individual hierarchs’ entering in church communion with the Ukrainian schismatics, their dioceses will also be included in the list.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill greets Primate of Albanian Orthodox Church with his 90th birthday

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia greeted His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana and All Albania with his 90th birthday.

Primate of the Russian Church celebrates at the Cathedral of Dormition in Moscow Kremlin on feast day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God

That same day a national holiday– National Unity Day is celebrated.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill: restoration of unity of the Archdiocese of Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe with the Mother Church is a testimony not to human wisdom, but to the power of God

On 3rd November 2019, an official reception on the occasion of the reunification of the Archdiocese of Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe with the Russian Orthodox Church took place in the Refectory Chambers of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

Solemn reception on the occasion of reunification of the Archdiocese of Orthodox parishes of Russian tradition in Western Europe with the Russian Orthodox Church

On 3 November 2019, a solemn reception on the occasion of reunification of the Archdiocese of Orthodox parishes of Russian tradition in Western Europe with the Russian Orthodox Church was held at the refectory chambers of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill meets with delegation of Archdiocese of Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe

The Divine Liturgy celebrated that day at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour completed the unification of the Archdiocese with the Russian Orthodox Church.

During Liturgy at Church of Christ the Saviour Patriarch Kirill presents Archbishop Ioann of Dubna with charter on restoration of unity of Archdiocese of Western European Parishes of Russian tradition with Russian Orthodox Church

From November 2 to 4, 2019, festivities are being held in Moscow to celebrate the Archdiocese of Western European Parishes of Russian Tradition’s joining the Russian Orthodox Church, timed to the Day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God and the Day of People’s Unity.

Moscow: Rajnath Singh co-chairs IRIGC-M&MTC meeting with Russian counterpart


MOSCOW: Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday co-chaired the 19th India-Russia Inter-Governmen..

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Monthly gleanings for October 2019

Philosophy News image
Parting formulas I received a question about the origin of French adieu and its close analogs in the other Romance languages. This question is easy to answer. The word goes back to the phrase à Dieu “to God,” which is the beginning of the longer locution à Dieu commande, that is, “I commend (you) to God” or, if we remain with French, “je recommande à Dieu.” The European parting formulas are of rather few types. They may be like Engl. fare well (as in Byron’s 1816 poem: “Fare thee well, and if for ever, still for ever, fare thee well”). Latin vale, the imperative of the verb valēre “to be strong or well,” carries the same message. The practice of commending, that is, recommending one to God (à Dieu = ad deum) goes back to Christianity. French adieu enjoyed some popularity even outside France. Thus, it (or its northern variant adé) migrated to Germany. In rapid speech, its possibly Wallonian variant adjuus (sounding close to Spanish adiós) yielded the almost unrecognizable word tschüs. German Gott befohlen carries the same message as adieu. God may also be invoked elsewhere. Thus, Russian spasibo (stress on the second syllable) “thank you” goes back to spasi Bog ‘God save you’. Other than that, consider Engl. see you soon and goodbye. See you soon is reminiscent of German auf Wiedersehen, a possible calque of French au revoir “until we see each other again.” Goodbye is an alteration of the phrase God be (by) you. Good has been substituted for God in it. Good day, good evening, and so forth have the same origin. Since a simple question from our correspondent has resulted in a full-fledged digression, I may mention the well-known fact that the origin of the English formula so long, unlike the origin of all the previous ones, is enigmatic. The phrase surfaced in print only in the middle of the nineteenth century and is, most likely, an Americanism. Its foreign origin is nearly certain, and several lending languages, from Hebrew (via Yiddish) to Irish, have been. . .

Continue reading . . .

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The Regiment


An Abridged History

The life of our Regiment began in Flanders. At many times in the last three hundred years the towns and villages of the Low Countries have been familiar to men of the Ist Guards. They fought in 1658, and again in 1940, against great odds, on the road between Furnes and Dunkirk. Under the great Duke of Marlborough they bore their part in the victories of Ramillies, Oudenarde and Malplaquet. At Waterloo in 1815 they won their name, a name to which great honour was added a century later in the mud and suffering of the Western Front. In 1944 they entered Brussels at the head of a victorious British Army. They have returned gloriously many times to Flanders, and in Flanders they were first formed.

In 1656 King Charles II was in exile, and England lay under the military dictatorship of Cromwell, the Lord Protector. In May of that year the King formed his Royal Regiment of Guards at Bruges, under the Colonelcy of Lord Wentworth. The Regiment was first recruited from the loyal men who had followed their King into exile rather than live under tyranny, and their reward came in 1660 when the King was restored to his throne. After the Restoration, a second Royal Regiment of Guards was formed in England under the Colonelcy of Colonel John Russell. In 1665, following Lord Wentworth's death, both Regiments were incorporated into a single Regiment with twenty-four Companies, whose royal badges or devices, given by King Charles II, are still emblazoned on its Colours.

The Regiment, later termed "The First Regiment of Foot Guards", and now called "The First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards", has fought in almost every major campaign of the British Army from that time until our own. Under the last two Stuart Kings it fought against the Moors at Tangiers, and in America, and even took part as Marines in the naval wars against the Dutch.

In the Wars of the Spanish Succession, the 1st Guards served under a commander who had joined the King's Company of the Regiment as an Ensign in 1667. His name was John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough who was Colonel of the Regiment and who, with his brilliant victories of Blenheim (1704), Ramillies (1706), Oudenarde (1708) and Malplaquet (1709), established his reputation as one of the greatest soldiers of all time. The 1st Guards took part in his famous march from the Low Countries to the Danube in 1704, and when the British stormed the fortified heights of the Schellenberg before Blenheim, the Regiment led the assault.

In the long series of wars against France - then the chief military power of Europe - that covered fifty-six of the 126 years between 1689 and 1815, the 1st Guards played their part. They fought at Dettingen and Fontenoy, where the superb steadiness of their advance under a murderous cannonade won the admiration of both armies. Rigid attention to detail, flawless perfection of uniform and equipment and a discipline of steel were the hard school in which the tempered metal of the Regiment was made for the service of the State. Yet running through that tradition of discipline, of harsh punishments, of undeviating rule, ran a vein of poetry, of humour, of loyalty to comrade, of sense of belonging to something greater than any individual, something undying and profound. And the letters and diaries of men of the Regiment of those days bear witness to it.

During the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, the 1st Guards, crossing to Holland in 1793, were among the first British troops to land in Europe. Driven from the Continent two years later, they returned in 1799 when another British Army attempted, though in vain, to liberate Holland. In the autumn and winter of 1808 they took part in Sir John Moore's classic march and counter-march against Napoleon in Northern Spain and, when under the terrible hardships encountered on the retreat across the wild Galician mountains the tattered, footsore troops, tested almost beyond endurance, showed signs of collapse, the 1st Foot Guards, with their splendid marching discipline, lost fewer men by sickness and desertion than any other unit in the Army. Subsequently they took part in the battle of Corunna and when Sir John Moore fell mortally wounded in the hour of victory it was men of the 1st Foot Guards who bore him, dying, from the field. Next year, they fought again in Spain under one of the great Captains of history, an officer also destined to become Colonel of the Regiment, Arthur Wellesley, first Duke of Wellington. Under Wellesley, they took part in the desperate engagements of the Peninsular War.

When, after the victorious peace that followed, Napoleon escaped from Elba and re-entered Paris, the Regiment returned to the Low Countries. In the middle of June 1815 the Emperor struck at the British and Prussian forces north of the Meuse, seeking to separate them and destroy them severally. After a fierce encounter at Quatre Bras on June 16th, 1815, in which the 3rd Battalion suffered heavy casualties, Wellington's Army withdrew to Waterloo, and on Sunday June 18th, was fought the battle in which the Regiment gained its present title and undying fame. During the morning the light companies of the Guards defended the farm of Hougoumont, the light companies of the 1st Guards being withdrawn later to join their battalions - the 2nd and 3rd Battalions. At evening these two battalions, together forming the 1st Brigade, were in position behind the ridge which gave shelter to the Army. At this point Napoleon directed his final assault with fresh troops - the Imperial Guard, which had hitherto been maintained in reserve. That assault was utterly defeated, and, in honour of their defeat of the Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard, the 1st Guards were made a Regiment of Grenadiers and given the title of "First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards" which they bear to this day.

During the Crimean War, the 3rd Battalion formed part of Lord Raglan's Army, which stormed the heights above the River Alma and besieged the Russian fortress of Sebastopol. During the early part of that grim siege was fought, in November 1854, the battle of Inkerman. The defence of the Sandbag Battery in the fog against overwhelming odds is one of the epics of British military history. On that day the Brigade of Guards, of which the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards formed part, lost half its officers and men, but not a single prisoner or an inch of ground.

The Grenadier Guards fought at Tel-el-Kebir and in the Boer War, proving the worth of discipline and esprit de corps in the era of khaki, machine guns and open order as they had done under the old dispensation of muskets and scarlet and gold. In the first Great War of 1914-18, they fought in nearly all the principle battles of the Western front. At First Ypres all but 4 officers and 200 men of the 1st Battalion and 4 officers and 140 men of the 2nd fell in action.

During this war a 4th Battalion was formed for the first time and covered itself with glory in the critical fighting in the spring of 1918. The Marne, the Aisne, Ypres, Loos, the Somme, Cambrai, Arras, Hazebrouck and the Hindenburgh Line are inscribed on the Colours of the Regiment, commemorating its part in the bloodiest war of our history. Before the final victory was won and the German Imperial Army was broken by Britain's new Armies, 12,000 casualties had been suffered by the Regiment.

In 1939 the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions again returned to the Continent, forming part of the British Expeditionary Force under Lord Gort, himself a Grenadier. During the retreat of 1940, the traditional discipline of the Regiment stood the test as it had done at First Ypres, Corunna and Waterloo. Two of its Battalions fought in the Division then commanded by Major General, later Field Marshal, Montgomery and another in that commanded by Major General, later Field Marshal, Alexander. At Dunkirk, which the Regiment had garrisoned under Charles II, it took part in the defences of the perimeter, under cover of which the embarkation of the Army was made. In the course of that year the 4th Battalion was re-formed, and in 1941 two further Battalions, the 5th and 6th, were raised.

The Regiment was represented in the Eighth Army's famous advance to Tunisia, taking part in the battle of Mareth, where the 6th Battalion, the first to meet the enemy after the evacuation of Dunkirk, suffered heavy casualties but won the respect of friend and foe alike. The 3rd and 5th Battalions shared in the invasion of North Africa; all three Battalions were engaged in the invasion of Italy and the Italian campaign, the 5th Battalion forming part of the force that landed at Anzio.

Meanwhile, in England, the 2nd and 4th Battalions had been converted to armour, and the 2nd Battalion, with the 1st Battalion, which had become a Motor Battalion, served in the Guards Armoured Division under the command of Major General Allan Adair, another Grenadier, and later to become Colonel of the Regiment. The 4th Battalion formed part of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade. These three Battalions fought in the battles of Normandy and across France and Germany. In September 1944 the 1st and 2nd Battalions entered Brussels. On September 20th tanks of the 2nd Battalion and troops of the 1st Battalion crossed the Nijmegen Bridge. In 1945 the Army entered Germany.

The British public most frequently sees the Grenadier at his ceremonial duties in time of peace. But behind this ceremony lies a tradition tested on the battlefields of British history, a tradition as valid to-day as ever, a tradition of discipline, comradeship, loyalty and fidelity to one another, to the Country, and to the Crown. It was expressed by the then Colonel of the Regiment, the Prince Consort, speaking on the 200th anniversary of our formation in words that remain as true over a century later. "That same discipline which has made this Regiment ever ready and terrible in war has enabled it to pass long periods of peace in the midst of all temptations of a luxurious metropolis without the loss of vigour and energy; to live in harmony and good-fellowship with its fellow citizens; and to point to the remarkable fact that the Household Troops have for over 200 years formed the permanent garrison of London; have always been at the command of the civil power to support law and order, but have never themselves disturbed that order, or given cause of complaint, either by insolence or licentiousness. Let us hope that for centuries to come these noble qualities may still shine forth, and that the Almighty will continue to shield and favour this little band of devoted soldiers".

Post Word War 2

Since 1945 the Regiment has served in virtually every one of the "small campaigns" and crises which have marked the last few decades, and has continued its traditional and privileged task of mounting guard over the person of the Sovereign.

In the Gulf war of 1991, the 1st Battalion went from the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) - Germany - to fight in their Warrior armoured personnel carriers.desert

They then returned to London to Troop their Colour on the Queen's Birthday Parade in 1992, before going to South Armagh for a six month operational tour in Northern Ireland.

They have since carried out operational tours in the Falkland Isles, operational tours in Northern Ireland and in April 2000 were part of 12 Mechanised Brigade, ready to embark on operations worldwide.

In 2001, the deployment of troops to Heathrow airport held no surprise to see the Grenadiers, along with the Household Cavalry, deployed in an anti-terrorist role. Even though the year was just 5 weeks old, the Regiment had been on Public Duties, covered for the Firemen strike and had undertaken anti-terrorist duties.

In 2002, the Trooping the Colour Parade was somewhat of a unique occasion as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards were represented on parade by:

  • Escort - The Queen's Company
  • No 2 Guard - Nijmegan Company
  • No 3 Guard - The Inkerman Company

Today the Regiment consists of the First Battalion, Nijmegen Company, 15th Company (Regimental Headquarters and the Regimental Band), 14th Company (Guards Company - Army Training Regiment, Pirbright) and the 13th Company (Guards Company - Infantry Training Centre, Catterick).

The Right Flank Company of the 1st Battalion is called the Queen's Company. The Left Flank Company is called the Inkerman Company and retains the inherited privileges of the 3rd Battalion.

During its 2007 operational tour in Afghanistan (OP HERRICK 6), the third operational tour in as many years, the 1st Battalion was engaged in some of the fiercest and most prolonged infantry fighting the British Army had experienced in recent times.

In April 2010, the 1st Battalion returned from operations in Afghanistan (OP HERRICK 11).

On Tuesday 11 May 2010, Her Majesty The Queen presented new Colours to the 1st Battalion. The 1st Battalion subsequently Trooped their new Queen's Colour on the 2010 Queen's Birthday Parade. The old Colours were laid up in Lincoln Cathedral on Thursday 21 October 2010.

In April 2012, the 1st Battalion deployed on operations in Afghanistan (OP HERRICK 16) and retuned to the UK in October 2012.

Her Majesty presented new Colours to Nijmegen Company on Wednesday 26 June 2013.

The 1st Battalion is presently stationed in Lille Barracks, Aldershot.


Report: Jeff Sessions to announce Alabama Senate bid for old seat

The former attorney general whose relationship with Trump soured over his recusal from Mueller's Russia probe is expected to challenge Democratic Sen. Doug Jones.


Cuban Film Week to be held in Russia

Cuban Film Week to be held in Russia
With the premiere next Thursday of the film 'Esteban,' a week of Cuban film will be inaugurated in the Russian…


In 'Mobituaries,' Mo Rocca Gives People The Second Send-Offs They Deserved

Detail of cover of Mobituaries by Mo Rocca
Detail of cover of Mobituaries by Mo Rocca
Emily Shur / Simon & Schuster

The humorist Mo Rocca loves obituaries.

He loves that for one last time, the public gets to dig deep into a person's life, however consequential he or she may have been. So he's coined the term "Mobituary": a second remembrance for someone who didn't get a fair treatment the first go-round.

His new book Mobituaries: Great Lives Worth Reliving re-memorializes those who have passed. He also writes about things — say, the late, great station wagon. Or Prussia, which he says died Feb. 25, 1947. ("Prussia's life is the story of the transformation of an insignificant medieval territory into a major European power," he writes.)

Rocca, a CBS Sunday Morning correspondent and a regular panelist on NPR's Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me! news quiz, started to explore the idea on a podcast called Mobituaries. He's now expanded it into a book of essays.

"Life got me interested in death, because a good obituary is really about the life of something and someone — and not the death," Rocca says.

Interview Highlights

On the station wagon

Well, the station wagon, for people of a certain age, was of course a beloved family vehicle. ... I loved whenever my father or mother would make a wide turn, and I'd get thrown against the side. I just loved ... pinballing all around, especially after a pizza party with friends. And it was a wonderful experience to have that, even though it was a death chamber in the way back. We all know that.

It did "die" in 2011, but it had begun its demise long before — in 1983 when the minivan was introduced. If you can remember, the minivan was actually seen as something hot and sexy back then. So it was out with the station wagon. But it's remarkable to think: The Ford Country Squire at one point was 19 feet long. I mean you couldn't — there weren't even parking spaces big enough for them.

On his interest in obituaries

My father got me interested in obituaries. He would always say the obits was his favorite section of the newspaper. And I think he loved them because he had a real sense of the romance of life — and I'm not being cute there. A good obit does feel like a movie trailer for an Oscar-winning biopic. The highs, the lows, the triumphs and the tragedies — there's a kind of sweep and a drama about them. But not everyone has gotten the send-off they deserve — or really any send-off — and of course, there are rarely obituaries for things, for ideas, for places.

On Annette Funicello, whose 2013 death was overshadowed by that of Margaret Thatcher

Annette Funicello was beloved on the Mickey Mouse Club, and then she made the transition into movies as a grown-up in Beach Blanket Bingo, and then she suffered from multiple sclerosis and in a third act became a great advocate for people suffering from that. And I like to think of her and Margaret Thatcher, I don't know, maybe palling around in the afterlife, or thinking of maybe a Freaky Friday reboot where they switch places. But the randomness of who ends up dying on the same day — it's fun to write about.

On the poet Joyce Kilmer, one of the people who has a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop named after him

Joyce Kilmer's famous poem "Trees"
Always leaves me ill at ease
You know the verse I'm speaking of,
The one where Joyce professes love
For every tree that's ever been,
Deciduous or evergreen.
The couplets jangle every time
With singsong meter, obvious rhyme.
The sentiment, it seems, well ... false,
A bit too thick with grandma's schmaltz.
So as you'll gather, I'm no fan
And by the way — he was a man.

On his late father

My father started playing the trumpet at the age of 50, which is the age I am now — which is an act of such extraordinary optimism. I still remember: In the cellar of our house, on the wall there were a series of Xeroxed sheets teaching you how to perfect your embouchure, a word I learned to spell early on, which is how a trumpeter forms his lips around the mouthpiece of a trumpet. It's really hard to do. And my father didn't think that he would end up playing at the Blue Note. He knew that he was starting late. But boy, every morning for a half an hour, he would work on those scales, on those exercises, and then for an hour every night, without fail, he would be in the cellar, and it might as well have been the Blue Note. ...

He and his buddies, they formed a band called the Metrotones. Every Monday night they had a jam session; without fail, he would attend that jam session. I mean, it was an act of such love and such faith. They played a lot of retirement homes/assisted living, but every gig ... was important to him, and that made a big impact on me. I mean, my father was also an extraordinarily sensitive person and treated people with dignity. I know ... it's my father and I'm idealizing him. But when I was writing this book, so many of these topics — I feel a connection with him on them.

On Prussia

It was a duchy. It was an empire. Prussia was anything you wanted it to be. Most importantly, it was the entity that brought us the Pickelhaube, which was the helmet with the spike, the vertical spike. And I would not want to meet that on a battlefield.

Sydney Harper and Peter Granitz produced and edited this interview for broadcast. Patrick Jarenwattananon adapted it for the Web.

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit
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Owners Manual Russian

Owners Manual Russian

The headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), formed out of erstwhile USSR, is at ______country ?


A. Minsk in Byelorussia B. Moscow in Russia C. Kiev in Ukraine D. Kistiner in Moldavia

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Eesti ja Venemaa soovivad kiirendada piiriülest reisirongiliiklust

Eile kogunes Tallinnas Eesti ja Venemaa ministeeriumite vaheline transpordikomisjon, et arutada kahe riigi ühishuvis olevaid transporti ja logistikat puudutavaid küsimusi. Täna allkirjastasid Venemaa Föderatsiooni transpordiministeeriumi aseminister Sergei Aristov ja Eesti Vabariigi majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniministeeriumi transpordi asekantsler Ahti Kuningas Muuga sadamas transpordikomisjoni kohtumise protokolli. „Soov Tallinna-Peterburi -Moskva rongiliini populaarsuse ja konkurentsivõime tõstmiseks on nii Eestil kui Venemaal olnud juba aastaid. Seekordsel kohtumisel arutasime võimalusi rongi ühenduskiiruse tõstmiseks Tallina ja St Peterburgi vahelises liikluses ning loodame et koostöös mõlema riigi raudtee-ettevõtjate ja ametkondadega jõuame peatselt ka konkreetsete lahendusteni. Samuti leppisime kokku, et jätkame koostööd Narva-Ivangorod piirkondi ühendava uue piiriülese taristu  rajamise otstarbekuse  uuringu läbiviimiseks ning uue valitsustevahelise raudteeliikluse korraldamise kokkuleppe teksti ettevalmistamiseks,“ võttis Ahti Kuningas kohtumise olulisemad teemad kokku. Lisaks andis Eesti pool ülevaate uuest aastast kehtima hakkavatest teekasutustasudest Eesti teedel. Venemaa delegatsioon külastas visiidi käigus ka AS-i Eesti Raudtee ning AS Tallinna Sadamale kuuluvat Muuga sadamat. Viimati kohtus Eesti-Vene transpordikomisjon 2013. aastal, siis oli võõrustajaks Vene pool. Tänavune kohtumine lepiti kokku Ahti Kuninga ja Sergei Aristovi kohtumisel aprillikuus Moskvas toimunud majandusfoorumil TransRussia. Vene aseminister andis kahepäevasest kohtumisest ja sõlmitud kokkulepetest täna ülevaate ka majandus- ja taristuminister Kadri Simsonile.  


The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Emotion Recognition in China, Russia’s “Sovereign Internet” Law & Other Tech News Nov 3, 2019


Emotion Recognition in China, Russia’s “Sovereign Internet” Law & Other Tech News Nov 3, 2019

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Fichajes Real Madrid, el club valora el fichaje de un ‘crack’ de la Premier

El Real Madrid estaría considerando lanzar sus redes sobre Aubameyang. El nombre del delantero del Arsenal ha sido vinculado durante muchos años con el Real Madrid, especialmente durante su estancia en el Borussia Dortmund.

Real Madrid, Achraf: “¿Mi futuro? Terminaré la temporada aquí, luego veremos”

Achraf, jugador del Real Madrid cedido en el Borussia Dortmund, habló de su futuro anoche en ‘El Larguero’ de la Cadena Ser y en ‘El Transistor’ de Onda Cero.

Fichajes Real Madrid, el club valora el fichaje de un ‘crack’ de la Premier

El Real Madrid estaría considerando lanzar sus redes sobre Aubameyang. El nombre del delantero del Arsenal ha sido vinculado durante muchos años con el Real Madrid, especialmente durante su estancia en el Borussia Dortmund.

Verso Inter-Verona: squadra subito al lavoro ad Appiano: il report

Inter subito al lavoro questo pomeriggio al centro sportivo Suning di Appiano Gentile: il giorno dopo il pesante ko contro il Borussia Dortmund in terra tedesca, Handanovic e compagni si sono ritrovati alla Pinetina per preparare al meglio la sf ...

Russia’s web-censoring and -snooping tool sets pace for imitators: study

Russia is succeeding in imposing a highly effective internet censorship regime across thousands of disparate, privately owned providers in an effort also aimed at making ...

Trading capacity attained a record level of profit

Last year the trading capacity reached a record level,  increasing export by 38 percent and import by 37 percent. Total trade profit  added up to 24.6 billion euros.The growth of global economy progressed quite fast in the first half of 2011, mainly due to the progression of  international trading and intense internal demand of developing economies.The year 2011 was successful to Estonian exporters. External demand and the growth of competitiveness during crisis helped to increase the export. The biggest growth, 1.7 times, happened in the machinery and appliances sector. The biggest export markets for Estonia were Sweden, Finland and Russia, accordingly 16, 15 and 11 percent of the total export.In 2011, import almost reached the growing pace of the export, extending to 37 percent. Similarly with the export, machinery and appliances were the biggest contributors to the growth, which increased 1.6 times within a year. 


הערכה בצה"ל: הדיווח על מיירט קלע דוד - נכון


על פי דיווח באתר סיני, טיל של המערכת להגנה אווירית שנורה בשנה שעברה נגד טילים סוריים, נחת בשטח סורי ומאז עבר לבחינה של הרוסים. ניתן להעריך כי הרוסים למדו היטב את הטכנולוגיה. החשש: זליגת מידע לאויב

מערכת "קלע דוד". האם הגיעה לידי הרוסים? צילום (ארכיון): דובר צה"ל

ההערכה בצה"ל היא כי הדיווח הזר על העברתו של מיירט "קלע דוד" לידי הרוסים הוא נכון. ניתן להעריך כי הרוסים למדו אותו היטב. על פי דיווח באתר סיני בשם "סינה", מיירט של מערכת "קלע דוד" שנורה בשנה שעברה לעבר טילים סוריים הגיע לידי הרוסים. בצה"ל לא התייחסו באופן רשמי לדיווח. על פי הפרסום, אחד משני מיירטים שירתה ישראל לעבר טילים סוריים נפל בשטח סוריה והגיע לידי הצבא הסורי, ומשם לידי הרוסים.

אם יתברר הדיווח כנכון, החשש הוא כי הטכנולוגיה הסודית שפותחה בישראל תשמש את הרוסים כלחץ על ירושלים, וגרוע מכך – תגיע לידי גורמים עוינים לישראל.

ביטחון בכל מקום: בואו לעקוב אחרינו באינסטגרםבפייסבוק ובטוויטר

מדובר בתקרית שאירעה בחודש יולי 2018, במסגרתה נורו בפעם הראשונה טילים של מערכת "קלע דוד" לעבר מטרות סוריות. המערכת המתקדמת זיהתה כי שני טילים סוריים, שנורו במסגרת הלחימה הפנימית בסוריה, עלולים לפגוע בשטח ישראל. שני מיירטים של המערכת נורו, אך לאחר שהתגלה כי הטילים הסוריים לא יפלו בשטח הארץ היה צורך להפסיק את פעילות הטיל. אחד מהם פוצץ באוויר, והשני נחת, ככל הנראה, בשטח סוריה ולא התפוצץ.

מערכת 'קלע דוד' מיועדת להגן על המדינה כולה. בעוד שמעטפת ההגנה של "כיפת ברזל" ופטריוט היא ממוקדת, המעטפת של "קלע דוד" רחבה כרוחב המדינה ואורכה. הפיקוד על לחימת ההגנה האווירית מרוכז בבסיס בדרום, שם נמצא מנ"י – מרכז ניהול יירוטים, בו מתקבלות הערכות המצב על איום, מתבצעים ומנוהלים הגילוי והיירוט, ושם יושב המפעיל הלוחץ על כפתור השיגור.

ההגדרה הרשמית של מערכת 'קלע דוד' היא: "מערכת הגנה נגד רקטות ארוכות טווח  (LRAR), טילים בליסטיים קצרי-טווח (SRAR), טילי שיוט (CM) ואיומי הגנ"א רגילים". המערכת מורכבת מ-מנ"י (מרכז ניהול יירוטים), מיירט 'סטנר' (STUNNER), מכ"ם רב-משימתי ומערכת שו"ב. המבנה הבסיסי הוא בן ארבע יחידות טילים שבכל אחת 12 מיירטי סטנר. המיירט מוגדר כדו-שלבי ותלת-פולסי, והוא בעל ראש ביות (SEEKER) אלקטרו-אופטי ואלקטרו-מגנטי. ראש הביות פוגע במטרה בשיטת AIM POINT, פגיעת נקודה, כלומר פגיעה של ברזל-בברזל במטרה עצמה עם אפקט HARD KILL.


A draft agreement on the establishment of a UNESCO Chair in NArFU is being prepared


The UNESCO Secretariat praised the application of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov for the establishment of the UNESCO Chair "Technologies for Preservation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Arctic Region - Technologies for Preservation of The Historical and Cultural Heritage of The Arctic region countries".


Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


all films ranked using The Ultimate James Bond Criteria Of All Time, making for the most objectively correct categorization of 007 Adventures in the history of film criticism. apologies in advance to all Roger Moore acolytes.

  1. Casino Royale
  2. The Living Daylights
  3. You Only Live Twice
  4. Skyfall
  5. GoldenEye
  6. The Spy Who Loved Me
  7. From Russia with Love
  8. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  9. Goldfinger
  10. Quantum of Solace 14 more. View the full list on Letterboxd.


Van Moll Ons Blackie

Type: Stout / PorterFles doos 24 x 33CLAlchohol %: 9,00Plato: 20,5Smaak: Een gitzwarte Russian Imperial Stout met elf verschillende moutsoortenMeer informatie zoals adviesprijzen en eettips, scroll verder


Trump, who refused to provide anything but written answers in Russia probe, says whistleblower’s written answers ‘not acceptable’


The whistleblower who raised alarms about President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine and touched off the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry is willing to answer written questions submitted by House Republicans, the person's lawyer says.

But President Trump says that’s not good enough.



G-d’s Master Plan – Part III – The Two Great Hoaxes Involving The Gopher State

BS”D Astros 3rd baseman Alex Bregman’s great-grandfather Samuel “Bo” Bregman immigrated from Russia to Washington, D.C., around 1900 at age 11 to escape Russian anti-Jewish pogroms. He was part of the ownership group with George Preston Marshall that moved the Boston Redskins to Washington, D.C., to become the Washington Redskins. After Game...

Bayern Munich part company with Niko Kovac following 5-1 defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt


Under Kovac, Bayern won the Bundesliga by two points last season Bayern Munich have parted company with manager Niko Kovac. The decision follows Saturday’s 5-1 defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt, which was the German champions’ second in 10 Bundesliga games this season. Kovac leaves with Bayern fourth in the table, four points behind leaders Borussia Monchengladbach. The 48-year-old …

The post Bayern Munich part company with Niko Kovac following 5-1 defeat at Eintracht Frankfurt appeared first on Stephen Afolabi's Blog.


Кадыров призвал наказывать за оскорбление чести в интернете


Глава Чеченской республики Рамзан Кадыров выступил перед правительством региона на встрече, посвященной малому и среднему бизнесу. Он призвал наказывать пользователей интернета, которые, по его мнению, могли "оскорбить чью-то честь".

"Тех, кто нарушает согласие между людьми, занимается сплетнями, раздорами, если мы не остановим их, убивая, сажая, пугая, ничего не получится," - заявил Кадыров.

Глава Чечни и раньше призывал прибегать к внесудебным методам давления, когда речь идет "о безопасности".


В Азове уволен полицейский, который на автомобиле сбил насмерть пешехода и спрятал его труп


В ГУ МВД по Ростовской области сообщили об увольнении сотрудника, причастного к смертельному ДТП. По предварительным данным, страж порядка сбил, управляя автомобилем, пешехода, который шел по обочине автодороги. После этого виновник спрятал труп в нескольких десятках километров от места аварии и скрылся.

"Сотрудники полиции, проверяя информацию об исчезновении молодого человека, установили, что гражданина сбил сотрудник МО МВД России „Азовский" и скрылся с места ДТП. О происшествии он не уведомил руководство и убыл в служебную командировку", - говорится в пресс-релизе полиции.

После установления обстоятельств ДТП полицейский был "экстренно отозван в Азов" и уволен "по отрицательным мотивам" после служебной проверки.

21‐летний житель Новочеркасска Руслан Попов пропал вечером 2 ноября. Перед исчезновением он отдыхал с друзьями возле Батайска, а потом пошел пешком 15 км до Ростова‐на‐Дону. Друзья и родные Попова сообщили о его исчезновении в полицию и сами начали поиски. В них приняли участие больше 100 человек, пишет "Медиазона".

Записи с камер наблюдения показали, что Попов шел по обочине дороги, а потом пропал. "В темном неосвещенном месте мы нашли на обочине его кроссовки, тормозной след автомобиля и следы волочения со следами крови. Мы предполагаем, что его сбила машина, а затем его дотащили до нее, погрузили и увезли", - говорил утром 4 ноября один из его друзей.

Вячеслав Дейнега, одним из первых подключившийся к поискам своего друга, нашел на месте аварии правый поворотник и другие части попавшего в аварию автомобиля. Затем на записи камеры одной из автозаправок увидели "машину битую, пролетавшую в сторону Ростова" - синий Mercedes.

В тот же день участники поисков с помощью выложенных в соцсети записей нашли и автомобиль, на котором, вероятно, сбили Попова. Когда к нему приложили найденные на месте аварии детали, они подошли.

5 ноября труп Руслана Попова обнаружили в морге города Азов. В тот же день сотрудники СК РФ сообщили, что тело было найдено в лесопосадке недалеко от хутора Зеленый в Азовском районе - это около 30 км от места, где сбили Попова. Следователи возбудили дело по части 4 статьи 264 УК (нарушение правил дорожного движения и эксплуатации транспортных средств, повлекшее по неосторожности смерть человека). В пресс‐релизе отмечалось, что виновник ДТП уже установлен.

Близкие Попова говорят, что виновник ДТП - майор Роман Лобанов. В мае этого года он стал известен благодаря спасению голодного и истощенного медвежонка.

Друзья и родные погибшего уверены, что полицейские с самого начала пытались скрыть преступление своего коллеги, а теперь могут помочь ему избежать ответственности.

По словам Дейнеги, участникам поисков удалось установить, что в тот вечер в машине сидели двое мужчин и одна женщина. Второй мужчина, утверждает друг погибшего, - полковник полиции, личность которого "старательно скрывают".

Дейнега уверен, что этот человек помогал полицейскому Лобанову скрыть преступление: "Тело отлетело примерно на 35 метров от удара, и еще 20 метров его тащили до машины".


Бывшего следователя МВД будут судить за хищение изъятых миллионов


Деньги хранились в его сейфе и бесследно оттуда пропали

Москва. 6 ноября. INTERFAX.RU - Тверской суд Москвы начал рассматривать дело бывшего следователя по особо важным делам следственного департамента МВД Антона Ходько. Его обвиняют в хищении 52,8 млн рублей, которые следователи изъяли из банковской ячейки в ходе расследования хищения 1 млрд рублей у Спецстроя, пишет "Коммерсантъ".

По версии следствия, деньги хранились в сейфе в кабинете Ходько и пропали оттуда в период с 5 июля по 1 августа 2017 года. Бывший следователь вину не признает. Он утверждает, что в тот период уходил в отпуск, и деньги мог взять кто-то из его сотрудников. Он допускает только, что вовремя не оформил изъятие.

В июне 2016 года Ходько возбудил уголовное дело о мошенничестве в отношении предпринимателей Кадыра Караханова, Вахи Арцыгова и Арсена Ошакбаева. Их подозревали в крупном хищении на подрядах Спецстроя. Следствие узнало, что подозреваемые хранили деньги в арендованной банковской ячейке. Сотрудники Ходько оттуда изъяли $740 00, 59 500 евро и 1,5 млн рублей. Наличные сложили в сейф в кабинете Ходько в Газетном переулке.

Затем адвокат Караханова Владимир Стравинский попросил следователей военного управления СКР, куда перешло дело его клиента, проверить законность изъятия этих денег, которые принадлежали родственникам подозреваемых. Оказалось, что изъятые из ячейки деньги военным следователям не передали, но и в сейфе Ходько этих денег больше не было, напоминает газета.

Сначала по факту было возбуждено уголовное дело о краже. Ходько проходил по нему свидетелем. Затем ему предъявили обвинение в растрате, и в октябре 2018 года он был арестован.

Адвокат бывшего следователя Глеб Попов заявил, что в деле нет ни прямых, ни косвенных доказательств вины его клиента.


[Армейские традиции России] Срочник Шамсутдинов заявил, что в его части практиковались изнасилования


Срочник Рамиль Шамсутдинов сообщил на допросе, что поводом для массового расстрела в забайкальской части стала дедовщина и угроза изнасилования.

"В тот день они пообещали меня „опустить". Так и сказали, предупредили, что типа изнасилуют. Лейтенант в тот день мне сказал, что все, понимаешь, после караула - все будет", - цитирует URA.Ru информацию издания Baza. По словам Шамсутдинова, оснований сомневаться в реальности угрозы у него не было, поскольку ранее через изнасилование прошли другие молодые срочники из этой части.

Он пояснил, что никому не мог пожаловаться, поскольку в истязаниях принимали участие офицеры. Шамсутдинов хотел сбежать из части, но "все было закрыто".

Рамиль Шамсутдинов 25 октября расстрелял сослуживцев при смене караула в воинской части 54160 в поселке Горный под Читой. Погибли восемь человек, еще двое были ранены. Срочник жалеет лишь, что "зацепил" двоих не причастных к издевательствам.

Ранее в среду отец Шамсутдинова после личной встречи с сыном рассказал, что тот дедовщиной в части был "доведен до крайней точки". По словам отца, срочник сказал, что у него не было выхода.


Google x Paper Phone, Coca-Cola x plástico, Rússia e a internet-aquário, startup… de sangue novo!

Can plastic pavement curb the world’s epidemic of plastic waste? Who is holding up the war on global warming? You may be surprised Huawei Soars In Russia As Putin Engages In New ‘Technological War’ Russia’s law that lets it disconnect from the internet comes into force today Microfibers Are the New […]

La grande strategia della Russia tra Medio Oriente, Mediterraneo e Africa

Qual è il ritrovato ruolo della Russia di Vladimir Putin in Medio Oriente e nelle regioni ad esso vicine dopo gli sviluppi geopolitici degli ultimi anni? Come si proietta Mosca nel Mediterraneo e nell'Africa, nuova frontiera della sua sfera d'influenza? Verdiana Garau intervista oggi sul tema Mauro Indelicato, giornalista agrigentino classe 1989. BY VERDIANA GARAU Analista esperto di Medio Oriente, Nord Africa e Mediterraneo, studioso delle dinamiche militari dei conflitti dell'area e delle (...) - Cultura / , , , , , , ,

OzeroKomo varca il Ticino

Con il patrocinio della Camera di Commercio Italo-Russa ed in collaborazione con Borgo San Cristoforo il magazine russo “Ozero Komo” per la prima volta presenta il suo nuovo numero, il ventiquattresimo, in Piemonte. Il magazine internazionale, con testi in russo e inglese avendo nel suo Dna la mission di promuovere il territorio, la cultura e il Lifestyle Italiano, per presentarsi al suo affezionato pubblico composto da personalità della cultura, imprenditoria e delle Istituzioni italiane (...) - Cultura / ,

China’s Development of the Russian Far East Can Improve EU-Moscow Relations


Russia’s Far East Investment and Export Support Agency investment manager Vasily Libo revealed on November 1 that China’s foreign investment in the Far East advanced development zone accounted for about 59.1% of foreign investments in the region. This massive investment

The post China’s Development of the Russian Far East Can Improve EU-Moscow Relations appeared first on Global Research.


India’s RCEP Refusal, Russia’s Eurasian Vision, and Next Week’s BRICS Summit


India’s refusal to join the RCEP mega-bloc endangers the viability of Russia’s Greater Eurasian Partnership supercontinental integration vision, which not even next week’s BRICS Summit might be able to save after Modi crossed the Rubicon of self-imposed regional economic isolation

The post India’s RCEP Refusal, Russia’s Eurasian Vision, and Next Week’s BRICS Summit appeared first on Global Research.


The New Cold War: Russia’s “Stealth Capable” 955 Borei-class Submarines. US-NATO’s Aegis Ashore Missile Defense


On October 29th, the Norwegian news-outlet NRK broke the story that between 8 and 10 Russian submarines, including Sierra II class submarines, had begun naval exercises in the North Atlantic. This is one of the largest Russian naval exercises focused

The post The New Cold War: Russia’s “Stealth Capable” 955 Borei-class Submarines. US-NATO’s Aegis Ashore Missile Defense appeared first on Global Research.


When Is a Whistleblower, Not a Whistleblower? From Russiagate to Ukrainegate


For those readers who care more about Donald Trump, Obama’s legacy or the Republican/Democrat parties rather than the Rule of Law and what remains of the US Constitution, the following scenario should be a Giant Wake up Call.

As the …

The post When Is a Whistleblower, Not a Whistleblower? From Russiagate to Ukrainegate appeared first on Global Research.


Media Debates as Russia Pushes into Africa


In an effort to push its political and economic influence in Africa, Russia has begun identifying news outlets that could facilitate the distribution of its information products and contents (syndication of news reports) from Russian media organizations.

Since the collapse …

The post Media Debates as Russia Pushes into Africa appeared first on Global Research.


Episode 59: Green Mountains Are Always Walking

"Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around a lake." This line from Wallace Stevens' "Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction" capture something of the mysteries of walking. It points to the undeniable yet baffling relationship between walking and thinking, between putting one foot in front of the other and uncovering the secret of the soul and world. In this episode, JF and Phil exchange ideas about the weirdness of this thing most humans did on most days for most of world history. The conversation ranges over a vast territory, with zen monks, novelists, Jesuits and more joining your hosts on what turns out to be a journey to wondrous places. Header image by Beatrice, Wikimedia Commons ( REFERENCES Dogen, The Mountains and Waters Sutra ( Weird Studies listener Stephanie Quick ( on the Conspirinormal podcast ([phanie-quick-sex-magick-101) Weird Studies episode 51, Blind Seers: On Flannery O'Connor's 'Wise Blood' ( Lionel Snell, SSOTBME ( Henry David Thoreau, "Walking" ( Arthur Machen, "The White People" ( Herman Melville, Moby Dick ( Vladimir Horowitz (, Russian panist Gregory Bateson (, cybernetic theorist The myth of the Giant Antaeus ( Wallce Stevens, "Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction" ( Deleuze, [Difference and Repetition]( Michel de Certeau, [The Practice of Everyday Life]( John Cowper Powys, English novelist Will Self (, English writer Guy Debord, [The Society of the Spectacle]( Arcade Fire, “We Used to Wait” ( Paul Thomas Anderson (director), Punch Drunk Love ( Viktor Shklovsky (, Russian formalist Patreon blog post on Phil’s dream ( David Lynch (director), [Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me](

Ввязавшись в двойную игру, Лукашенко переоценил свои возможности как дипломата


читать далее


Tartariae Theatrum Orbis Terrarum map of Russia c1570 22x16

End Date: Wednesday Nov-27-2019 19:48:00 PST
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Nikon Russia: «Меня очень вдохновляет ночной город: в окнах загораются огни, а дворы наполняются неповторимой уютной атмосферой, — замечает — Но для того, чтобы получить качественную картинку в темноте, раньше приходилось брать с собой громо



Let's Stop Sleepy Driving. Give Soldiers A Safe Ride Home.

AWC > Military Life > Let's Stop Sleepy Driving.  Give Soldiers A Safe Ride Home

If you have a Soldier in your life, you've probably heard them talk about their safety briefings.  They are warned against all sorts of reckless behaviors.  There's something unsafe that's been going on for decades on Military Installations across the U.S.  It's a reckless behavior that's been tolerated and it's as bad as drinking and driving.  What is it?  It's 24 hour duty and driving.

U.S. Army communicates and advises about sleepy driving for Leave/Pass.   CLICK HERE TO READ
Why on earth isn't the Army promoting a safe ride home for sleepy Soldiers after 24hour duties?  For civilians reading this, you may wonder what I'm talking about.  What causes a Soldier to be so sleepy?  It's when a Soldier performs a duty that requires him/her to stay awake for 24 hours straight.

The U.S. Army is usually great at promoting responsible behavior.  I never thought twice about my husband's 24 hours duty until a conversation I had with my him a couple months ago.  It went something like, "Jenn, while driving home I was so tired.  A Soldier walked out in front of the truck and I almost hit him."  That statement was all it took to wake us up.

I started thinking about all the Soldiers on Ardennes.  If you've ever been on Ardennes or Gruber in the morning on Fort Bragg, it's kind of like a reverse 'Frogger'.  Soldiers are the frogs and well the cars are the cars.  Except in this game the goal is to not hit the Soldiers walking out in the road. Pedestrians have the right of way.   They are everywhere.  Everyone knows it.  We all take special care when driving on post.

 After that conversation with my husband, I began picking him up in the morning after any 24 Hour Duty he performs .   I give him his safe ride home.  I wonder though...what about the Soldiers who aren't married.  Or, what about those who have one car, or maybe their wife works and is unable to pick them up.  Who is backing up these Soldiers?  Who is giving them their safe ride?  The answer,no one.  It's sleepy russian roulette.  One day, a Soldier crossing the street will pay the price.

To the U.S. Army, please start adding a safe ride home to any 24 hour duty.  You teach our Soldiers to be all they can be and to persevere through the harshest of conditions.  If he were in a war zone, I agree you need to be able to push through , drive, walk, run to your safety no matter how tired.  Right now, he is home. Sleepy driving is a risk none of our Soldiers at home need to be taking.



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Mehdi Sameri, 20, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing the death of 49-year-old Colin Waters at Taylors Lakes, in Melbourne's north-west, on July 24 and failing to stop at the scene. Shannon Taggart spent nearly two decades capturing the rituals of Spiritualism, a movement founded on attempts to communicate with the dead, fucidin singapore without prescription for her new book, Sance. Mariah Charles, 20, was featured neomercazole order now pharmacy in Geelong police's weekly 'Warrant Wednesday' Facebook post. Experts from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine set out to address the crisis by determining what topics and themes in people's tweets could be associated with loneliness. How films like Get Out and even Toy Story show touches of Stanley Kubricks horror classic. A selection of recent books of interest; plus, a peek at what our colleagues around the purchase omnicef hygien newsroom are reading. Sean Frazee, with the Colorado Springs Police Department, said at his brother's murder trial on Tuesday that he didn't think much of Kelsey Berreth's disappearance initially. Britain is following standard procedure by not publishing a parliamentary select committee buy cafergot uk paypal report on alleged Russian meddling in British politics until after the election, one of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's most senior ministers said. Lauren Anthony reports. The trainer Tim Snyder and his 6-year-old filly, Lisa's Booby Trap, are part of an unlikely story of love, death and redemption. Julia Garner revealed her engagement to Foster the People's lead singer Mark Foster back in May and she flashed her blinding ring while out in NYC on Tuesday. Mason Mount is now a doubt forEngland's final two Euro 2020 qualifiers after being forced off injured during Chelsea's 4-4 Champions League draw with Ajax on Tuesday night. This is Money's top 50 - updated - money-saving tips may appear light-hearted but are deadly serious. A cancer afflicting mussels originated off the Pacific coast of Canada, but then crossed into other species cream purchase in Europe and South America. A look at a ground game that plays out away from the field, yet is important for universities chasing college footballs top award. The 37-year-old entertainer credited her poor posture to 'self esteem problems' as she kicked up her heels for a series of stretches on top of her trainer's legs. Sharon Stone looked stunning as ever at the third annual Harper Bazaar Awards in Madrid on Tuesday, where she was joined by her lookalike son. Legendary Australian entertainer Patti Newton welcomed her fifth grandchild, Perla Dolly Newton purchase generic pyrantel europe Welsh, in January. Boeing was one of two American companies chosen by NASA to develop spacecraft for flying astronauts to the International Space Station. American artist Jeff Koons unveiled in Paris on Friday his sculpture Bouquet of Tulips, a tribute to the victims of militant Islamist attacks in the French capital in November 2015. The 31-year-old took to his Facebook account on Tuesday and posted an allegation that the 27-year-old purchase periactin roche reality star ran off with their two year-old daughter just days after Evans revealed plans for divorce. Rachael Finch flaunted her enviable lean physique and taut abs during a photoshoot for her latest B.O.D By Finch summer range on Wednesday. Facebook is shutting down Parse, a toolkit and support system for mobile developers, which it acquired in 2013. Experts say we can 'selectively pay attention to some of the stories shared with us and ignore others' on social media - such as the spread of 'fake news', a term made popular by Donald Trump. Actress chose a similar wide gold band and diamond to take the spot of the one she received from musician John Mellencamp a year ago. The sites editorial team, more than 20 journalists, resigned after an instance of what they saw as meddling by G/O Media. STOKE 0-2 WEST BROM Slaven Bilic watched his team return to the top of neotrex nz buy the table thanks to Matt Phillips' goal and a penalty from sub Hal Robson-Kanu, as Stoke slid to their 11th defeat of the season. Sportsmail's racing expert Robin Goodfellow dishes out his tips for Wednesday's meetings at Musselburgh, Wolverhampton, Chepstow, Nottingham and Kempton. The only thing that will stop me now is myself, Eric Pizer said after getting a pardon from the governor of Wisconsin. BRIAN VINER But with fond memories of Four Lions and a healthy respect for Morris's savage irreverence, I expected to laugh like a drain. Instead, it was just an occasional gurgle. David Oshinsky talks discount generic about Edmund Morriss Edison, and Tina Jordan discusses new memoirs by Demi Moore, Julie Andrews and Carly Simon. Patient Capital Trust's board has been buy valpakine tablets 100mg seeking to fill the role after Neil Woodford stepped down last week, just hours after being fired from his separate Equity Income fund. Ephrat Asherie collaborates with her jazz pianist brother to place Ernesto Nazareths music in a world of breaking, house, hip-hop and vogue. Ellen DeGeneres will receive the Carol Burnett Award this year at the Golden Globe Awards the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced Monday. Boris Johnson is set to hand police new stop and search powers to target serial knife offenders. The move is part of a major law and order crackdown likely to form a central plank of the Tory manifesto. France is considering halting funding guarantees for energy projects abroad that involve fracking or flaring, according to a finance ministry report. Uber lost more money in the third quarter compared to last year and the number of monthly active users came in weaker than anticipated but CEO Dara Khosrowshahi predicted a full-year profit by 2021. Curry, the Golden State Warriors guard, broke his hand in a fall during a game against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. Zenefits, a high-profile San Francisco start-up specializing in health insurance, replaces its co-founder and chief executive after questions about compliance. Such a setup is supposedly intended to shield critical Russian systems from cyber-attack, allowing the federation to operate disconnected from the rest of the web. When evaluating the teams point guard situation and roster mishmash, its hard not to be reminded they are a result of management purchase now colchicine shopping australia misadventures. The midfielder (left) hasn't played since having groin surgery at the end of April but Pochettino is understood to be considering throwing his fit-again midfielder straight back into the starting XI. MPs accused universities of 'not being alive' to the risks because they depend on the huge fees from Chinese students. One vice chancellor cancelled a speaker after the buy danazol vs Chinese embassy got in contact. Four architects brought Japanese and French design to a Mediterranean climate. The end result includes spacious balconies, sea views and a rooftop bar. The artist accepts Ts challenge to make an object in less than one hour with only a few select items including a copy of The New York Times. After the voting by 49,000 members of the United Auto suprax buy now pharmacy europe Workers, operations could start to resume Saturday. The old wives' tale says women at full term can induce labour with sex. Even Ross and Rachel's doctor in hit TV series Friends recommended it. But researchers in Naples rubbished the claim. G/O Medias editorial director, Paul Maidment, followed the staff of Deadspin out the door. Comedian Ellen DeGeneres will get a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes next year recognizing her 25-year career on U.S. television, organizers said on Monday. New evidence may rewrite science books - experts have suggested that the first cells evolved in deep sea hydrothermal vents and not shallow water pools as first stated by Charles Darwin. The 37-year-old American Idol winner had to make the toughest decision she's ever made on The Voice, order thyrax shopping california she said on Tuesday's episode of the show. Newspaper diarist Kenneth Rose purchase cyclogest available usa kept many of his most sensational stories for his private journals - now published following his death in 2014. Gov. Gavin Newsom said the company, in bankruptcy over wildfire liabilities, had failed to prioritize public safety. A powerful Shiite cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, is playing a leading role in negotiations to name a money order generic betaderm uk new Iraqi leader. For the first time in World Series history, all seven games order enacard samples were won by the visiting team. With Ajax 4-2 up, Blind cynically scythed down Tammy Abraham as the Chelsea striker bore down on the penalty area, with referee Gianluca Rocchi playing advantage as the ball fell to online pharmacy pharmacy harnal-ocas a team-mate. She's set to star in the upcoming movies Bombshell and Fast cheapest generic isoxsuprine online and Furious 9. And on Tuesday,Charlize Theron, 44, stepped out to take care of some of her errands. Images posted to Twitter by leaker Evan Blass show what appear to be official pictures of Motorla's revamped Razr phone with a folding display. The phone is slated to be unveiled next month. For more than a century, beer-making in South Africa has been dominated by South African Breweries (SAB), a subsidiary of multinational giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. But now a growing movement of craft brewers is trying to get the nation's drinkers to broaden their tastes. Mexican drug cartels are making "mass quantities" of fake prescription pills containing the synthetic opioid fentanyl with the intention of selling them to users throughout North America, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said on Monday. From the carmine bee-eater in Zambia to the spoonbill in Norfolk, the Daily Mail's Simon Barnes tells us the birds to spot and where you should flock to in order to catch a glimpse. Ukraine, Virginia, College latisse buy now australia Football Here39;s what you need to know. They're the Hollywood legends whose long-awaited stand-up tour kicks off in Australia in a matter of buy drug atopex tablets days. The Three II speaker has a phono pre-amp built in (so you can plug in a turntable directly, without having to slog back to the hi-fi shop to buy an extra piece of kit) In this half-hour World Sport special, Christina Macfarlane purchase now creon online uk sits down with tennis legend Roger Federer and others to speak about the Swiss maestro. There were 81,408 racegoers at Flemington Racecourse on Tuesday, the lowest number since74,843 went through the turnstiles in 1995. See CNN's Recep Tayyip Erdogan Fast Facts for a look at the life of the Turkish president and former prime minister. A 36-year-old Nepali became the fastest climber to summit the world's 14 highest mountains on Tuesday, scaling all the mountains in just over six months, his hiking agency said, a feat other climbers... New destinations are gaining favor, according to Sothebys International Realty, and some of the best bargains are in Dubai and South Africa. Its chaos, said one of the childrens librarians. Studio 10's Jonathan 'Jono' Coleman order genuine bethanechol has spoken bravely about fighting prostate cancer for a second time. Philip Hammond tretinoin order pharmacy australia today announced he is quitting as an MP. The four MPs trying to cling on to their seats are Dominic Grieve, Sam Gyimah, Anne Milton and Antoinette Sandbach. Mexico's foreign minister has said the country is seeking justice for the nine American women and children killed in an ambush. Michelle Hennessy reports. Sen Lindsey purchasing citodon online Graham said he doesn't plan to read the transcripts Democrats are releasing from the impeachment investigation and from Gordon Sondland, calling the process a 'bunch of B.S.' The godfather of art-as-expos has his first major survey in America in 30 years. He has some questions to put to you, too. French President Emmanuel Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday issued a joint statement reaffirming their strong support for the "irreversible" Paris Agreement on climate change, from which the U.S. announced its exit this week. Coffee drinkers have half the risk of the most common type of aclasta buy pharmacy usa liver cancer, a study by researchers from Queen's University Belfast has found. Marking his 50th birthday, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey joined Instagram, and his first post was vintage McConaughey. Im a little bit nervous perindopril buy store australia about it, the actor confessed. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg will not get stock or bonuses that provide most of his compensation, according to the new chairman of the company. After years in Istanbul and Singapore, the tournament will be parked in Shenzhen for 10 years. Back in the Seventies, much-loved television shows were regularly turned into films, and for eager audiences it often proved a rather disorientating experience. Wine producers are grappling with a maelstrom caused by a warming planet heat waves, droughts, buy lotriderm middle east cold snaps, wildfires and more. must surely dedicated fe bu esther french lining der bitch thus

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    Best Offers Purchase Medications Without A Doctor Prescription - CLICK HERE There is purchase risperdal zamiennik no reason that any player, white or black, should have to go to a country or a stadium with a history of racist abuse. The team of academics from Binghampton University in New York analysed more than 17,500 over-60s in China. Those who were retired performed 20 per cent worse in memory tests. The actress, 38, was pictured in the throes of a passionate kiss with her co-star Marlon Wayans, who plays Aretha's first husband, Ted White. The pair were standing just outside of brownstone. The Tottenham star was dismissed in the second half following a challenge on Gomes which resulted in the Toffees midfielder suffering a fracture dislocation of his right ankle. The defeat was the fifth in a row for the Giants this season and their sixth straight against Dallas. Several tourists were stabbed on Wednesday in Jerash, a Jordanian city popular with foreign visitors, along with a local guide and a security guard, police said, adding that a man had been arrested. Actress Jane Fonda weighs in on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Watch the full interview with Jane Fonda on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon Wednesday at 10pm ET. To pharmacy prices for pripsen mark the end of the era, the pilot on the retirement flight for the 747 in Israels national airline zigged and zagged, following a route shaped like the jet itself. Call it sky art. The study of graphene was starting to go out of style, but new experiments with sheets of the ultrathin material revealed there was much left to learn. A weekly capsule of travel news curated by our writers and editors. A re-edited version of a GMB interview with Sir Keir Starmer yesterday ran online showing him unable to answer a question from Piers Morgan. The full exchange showed him answering immediately. He is the third player to be suspended under the N.B.A. policy this season, joining the Nets Wilson Chandler and Phoenixs Deandre Ayton. The Great Pretender, the new book by the author of Brain on Fire, is another medical detective story, but this time the person at the heart of the mystery is a doctor, not a patient. Brooke Watson and Nelson Madubuonwu dated briefly at their Memphis high school. A magical misprint on her plane ticket brought them together several years later in New York. After beating Auburn, the Tigers took over the top spot in the A.P. Top 25 poll and will next play No. 2 Alabama in two weeks. Abbie Mifsud died of DIPG, a 100% fatal brain cancer at just six, in 2011. Scores of trials are trying everything to treat the price generic canada incurable disease, but Abbie's mother, Amanda remains wary. Penny Lancaster, 48, is set to appear on Paul O'Grady's For the Love of Dogs on ITV with the rescue dog, Blondie, who she adopted from Battersea Dogs Home with her husband Rod Stewart. Mesut Ozil joined several of his Arsenal team-mates and club legend Ian Wright to surprise fans at an adidas event in London on Monday. She's spoken openly about her plans to have a family and her worries about her fertility. Kashila Chintamunnee claimed her sausage dog Coco escaped from her home in buy tenofovir melbourne australia Melbourne, and was mauled to death, but the owner of the staffy said her dog was just defending itself. The overall trade deficit continued to widen in the first nine months of 2019, suggesting that the global trade wars havent had the desired effect. The bar at the Albert Hall is full of leathery men in crisp white shirts ordering champagne at 70 a bottle. Eating more plants and less meat has been tied to a longer life and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease in a new study. Facebook said it removed three Russian-backed influence buy allopurinol online pharmacy networks aimed at African countries. The activity by the networks suggested Russias approach was evolving. The Australian National Imams Council spokesman Bilal Rauf said armed guards were being considered at schools and mosques following vandalism (pictured). A choose-your-own-adventure series is designed pamelor buy shopping canada to give young Tinder swipers something to talk about. As much as parents want to know about areas that our children are struggling in, we're also wondering what teachers like about them. A suit by Sandy Hook families against Remington, the maker of the AR-15-style rifle used in the massacre, tries to test a law shielding the firearms industry from liability. On Sunday, Brescia striker Balotelli angrily kicked the ball into the stands towards Hellas Verona fans before threatening to walk off the pitch after hearing racial abuse during the Serie A clash. The Reds faced a fixture backlogand the Football League were working with them to reschedule their December Carabao Cup quarter-final with Aston Villa as it clashes with the Club World Cup semi-final. Six months after he was spotted kissing his StartUp co-star Allison Dunbar, cheapest furabid online pills Ron Perlman has filed from divorce from his wife of 38 years, Opal Stone. Kmart Australia's new range of swimwear is proving a hit especially after one savvy shopper revealed her new bikini purchase was perfect for those who struggled with body confidence. I have been contacted by a genealogy company which says a member of my family from my dad's side passed away in buy legaly 2016 leaving no will. Lawyer Vicky Tassell, pictured right, of Nockolds, replies. New laws are allowing people to create and sign wills online without buy podofilox pico liquid a lawyer or notary present, but experts say there are drawbacks. Drones have taken to the skies over Zanzibar, spraying paddy fields with a solution that drowns mosquito pupae and larvae in a bid to fight malaria. David Doyle reports. My eighth marathon was buy nimotop 137 mcg not pretty. But I broke six hours. Barely. The last decade has seen the N.B.A. become more of a finesse league. But Philadelphia is trying to turn back the clock, with big men leading the way. A satellite mission to measure global methane emissions from oil and gas facilities will be based in New Zealand, the government said on Wednesday, order ciprofloxacin payment europe in a collaboration with a U.S. environmental group. From the moment it was premiered at the Venice Film Festival, Brad Pitt's new space adventure, Ad Astra , has been proclaimed both as towering masterpiece and an over-indulged misfire. The woman in Bright,in Victoria's north-east, woke up one night in August to the sound of the puppy yelping in her backyard. Bart Allen Helmus, 39, and his Thai wife Sirinapha Wisetrit, 41, were surrounded by Thai police near the Cambodian border today (pictured) and taken to hospital in a police truck. How can we move from a broken system to one that covers everyone, restrains prices and improves outcomes? U.S. House purchase now cod-efferalgan mastercard uk of Representatives committees conducting an impeachment probe of President Donald Trump released the first transcripts of one of their closed-door witness interviews on Monday. EXCLUSIVE BY MIKE KEEGAN The 34-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was spoken to by detectives and bailed amid claims of an astonishing plot. Former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng will face trial in Malaysia in April for allegedly abetting the sale of $6.5 billion in bonds tied to troubled state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a judicial official said on Wednesday. For years, he kept Latino families glued to their televisions as he dramatically revealed their futures, as foretold by the stars. Holding a major event brings a golf club prestige but major disruptions, too. British surgeons said products such as sparklers should be sold in plain packaging. It slammed the Government for letting products be sold looking like 'toys'. The United States, viewed as a champion of democracy, occupies a symbolic role in the protests. Activists now want President Trump to take a tougher stand against Beijing. The tech giant announced that Australians with older TVs will not be able to stream the service as it won't be available on the models. The couple met on the first day of fifth grade at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Teaneck, N.J. The country's second-largest airline is dropping its flights from Melbourne to Hong Kong and Sydney to Christchurch in an attempt to save money. The 19-year-old forward has attracted interest from clubs in Europe, including Juventus, after impressing in the Champions League and Austrian League this season. President-elect Donald Trump focuses his criticism of NAFTA on Mexico. But Canada and America have a rocky trade history too. The release of the first two transcripts of testimony taken privately in the impeachment inquiry offered the public its first glimpse of how the investigation was unfolding. In the wake of two years of devastating reductil order now visa wildfires in California, Wall Street is incorporating a new risk metric when evaluating companies climate resiliency. In case of death how to set up a list of important digital account info gefitinib prescription refill price for simple and secure information sharing with family members and trusted friends De Ligt scored his first goal for the Serie A side in the victory over Torino last weekend but he also sustained a sprained ankle. Juventus have announced their squad for the trip to Russia. The Lying Life of Adults, by the Italian novelist who wrote My Brilliant Friend, is coming out in June. Uber Eats is testing a new feature that lets you book culinary classes and dinner at their favorite restaurant. The test is being offered in San Francisco until November 14th. The sites editorial team, more than 20 journalists, resigned after an instance of what they saw as meddling by G/O Media. Jim Fazio has worked on courses all over the world. But the most fun he ever had, he said, was building the Trump International Golf Club. The vast majority of national commitments in the 2015 Paris Agreement are inadequate to prevent the worst effects of global warming, scientists said on Tuesday, naming the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitting countries as among those that must ratchet up their efforts. In November, this family adopted five young children from foster care. Twelve oceanfront houses were swept away and officials said there was damage to 80 per cent of the remaining homes on Fire Island, off the south shore of Long Island. Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich are looking for a new manager after sacking Niko Kovac on Sunday following their humiliating 5-1 defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt last time out. In the wake of two years of devastating wildfires in California, Wall Street is incorporating a new risk metric when evaluating companies climate resiliency. They're the Hollywood legends whose long-awaited stand-up tour kicks off in Australia in a matter of days. Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said on Friday that the Maria Fire that started Thursday evening in Southern California is becoming a bigger fight as the winds start to change. Rough Cut (no reporter narration). The Queen no longer uses prednisone publix price fur in her outfits, having switched to fake fur this year, her senior dresser Angela Kelly has revealed. Buckingham Palace today confirmed the move to FEMAIL. Direct Action Everywhere members have planned to protest cheap fucicort online overnight outside Mr Garreffa's Mondo Butchers in Inglewood in Perth this Saturday. Downloaded more than 40 million times, 'ai.type' is a customisable on-screen keyboard developed by Isreali firm ai.type LTD. Tthe app has made millions of champix purchase online store unauthorised purchases. The triowere joined by their director Elizabeth Banks, who also appears in the all-star movie as Bosley, for the Conrad Hotel shoot. Sears Holdings, the company that owns retail stores Sears and Kmart, order indication said this weekend that it would remove 31 Trump-branded items from its website. Shares in exercise bike fitness startup Peloton Interactive sank on Tuesday as the newly listed firm forecast a loss for fiscal 2020 and said it was choosing to focus on growth over profit for now. It's a young man's game, and what truths do you need to break? Mr. Hoyle, an opposition lawmaker, will take on the daunting task of replacing the former speaker of the House of Commons, who rode the position to global celebrity. Little-known companies are amassing your data like food orders and Airbnb messages and selling the analysis to clients. Heres how to get a copy of what they have on you. Farmers Fridge carries fresh foods, like salads and sandwiches, buy podophyllotoxin newcastle that are replenished daily. Newspaper diarist Kenneth Rose kept many of his most sensational stories for his private journals - now published following generic imuran order visa australia his death in 2014.

    11/6/2019: SPORTS: WADA hit hard by Russia case: outgoing boss

    KATOWICE, POLAND Outgoing World Anti-Doping Agency president Craig Reedie said Tuesday the scale and size of the Russian doping scandal that erupted in 2015 had overwhelmed his organization at the time. Speaking at the World Conference on Doping in...

    After stunning Inter, Dortmund set sights on Bayern

    After their stunning Champions League fightback against Inter Milan, buoyant Borussia Dortmund now have Bayern Munich in their sights for Saturday’s crunch Bundesliga clash.

    Steven Seagal Joined The Russian Geographical Society

    Фото: Алексей Михайлов, пресс-служба РГО
    Фото: Алексей Михайлов, пресс-служба РГО

    Also, Steven Seagal became an ambassador for the RGS's “Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom” tourism project


    Конафа - Восточная Сладость - Десерт из Теста Фило - Рецепт от Эгине - Heghineh Cooking Show


    Конафа - Восточная Сладость - Десерт из Теста Фило - Рецепт от Эгине - Heghineh Cooking Show

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    Job Description: Are you Mohawk Material? We're the biggest and the best flooring company in the world, and we are looking for the best professionals to support our continued growth! At Mohawk there are always opportunities for high performing professionals to excel! Are you the best? If so show us what you are made of and come build your career with us! Equal Opportunity Employer committed to an inclusive workplace and a proud Drugs Don't Work participant. EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/DisabledDirects and coordinates activities of sequences concerned with the production of engineered flooring so that safety, quality, service and cost targets are met or exceededEstablishes manufacturing capacities based on equipment and labor availability.Ensures continuous and efficient production in desired quantities and in a timely manner to meet logistic schedules.Manages staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.Manages staff by setting priorities and establishing annual objectives based on overall plant priorities and objectives. Tracks sequence results against objectives routinely, and provides feedback on performanceDevelops and/or reviews performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and process improvement.Establishes, maintains, and analyzes budgets, records, and other controls to continually minimize costs consistent with efficient operations.Establishes and implements departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with other leaders and staff members as necessary.Determines staffing requirements and oversees personnel processes, including individual performance reviews, within sequences.Ensures appropriate training of staff is identified.Ensures development, monitors and conducts reviews of quality system.Participates as a member of the plant's Quality Steering Team and supports quality system improvements as identified by the team.Identifies and implements process improvements to meet or exceed objectives for safety, quality, service and costMeets all requirements of the Mohawk performance management system individually and for all direct reports. Ensures compliance with all EPA, DEQ and OSHA regulations and the development of plant systemsHigh School diploma required; BS in Engineering or similar discipline desired.Minimum of 10 years of manufacturing experience, with experience in wood, lumber or a similar industry desired. At least two years of leadership experience managing a manufacturing operations department.Knowledge - In-depth technical knowledge of manufacturing equipment, process, and systems; knowledge of company policies and procedures; business acumen.Skills - Active listening; strong communications; strong organizational; judgment and decision making; management of human resources; active learning; planning; strong computer skills.Abilities - Delegation; personal and group organization; relate ideas; implement and execute; prioritization; train, motivate, and coach; deductive and inductive reasoning; analyze and interpret data. Mohawk Industries is a leading global flooring manufacturer that creates products to enhance residential and commercial spaces around the world. Mohawk's vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution processes provide competitive advantages in the production of carpet, rugs, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone and vinyl flooring. Our industry-leading innovation has yielded products and technologies that differentiate our brands in the marketplace and satisfy all remodeling and new construction requirements. Our brands are among the most recognized in the industry and include American Olean, Daltile, Durkan, IVC , Karastan, Marazzi, Mohawk, Mohawk Home, Pergo, and Quick-Step. During the past decade, Mohawk has transformed its business from an American carpet manufacturer into the world's largest flooring company with operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and the United States. Company Description Mohawk Industries is a leading global flooring manufacturer that creates products to enhance residential and commercial spaces around the world. Mohawk's vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution processes provide competitive advantages in the production of carpet, rugs, ceramic tile, laminate, wood, stone and vinyl flooring. Our industry-leading innovation has yielded products and technologies that differentiate our brands in the marketplace and satisfy all remodeling and new construction requirements. Our brands are among the most recognized in the industry and include American Olean, Daltile, Durkan, IVC, Karastan, Marazzi, Mohawk, Mohawk Home, Pergo, and Quick-Step. During the past decade, Mohawk has transformed its business from an American carpet manufacturer into the world's largest flooring company with operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Eu

    Hungary Regains Full Membership In Russia-Based International Investment Bank


    After over a decade-long absence, Hungary has once again become a full-fledged member of the International Investment Bank (IIB). Hungary is set to contribute 10 million euros to the bank’s capital both this year and in 2016, making it one of the largest shareholders, as the IIB will also reactivate Hungary’s prior contribution of 20 […]

    The post Hungary Regains Full Membership In Russia-Based International Investment Bank appeared first on Hungary Today.


    Shavkat Mirziyoyev receives Dmitry Medvedev

    The head of our state, warmly welcoming the guest, noted with deep satisfaction the dynamic development of Uzbek-Russian relations based on the traditions of centuries-old friendship, confidence, m

    The President receives Secretary of Russia’s Security Council

    At the start of the conversation, the head of our state warmly welcomed the guest and noted with deep satisfaction the high dynamics in the development of Uzbek-Russian strategic partnership and al

    Conte fuori di testa? Si accende il dibattito sulle sue dichiarazioni


    Tutto in dieci minuti. La disfatta dell’Inter in Champions a Dortmund contro il Borussia passa tutta per il secondo tempo. Al vantaggio illusorio di Lautaro Martinez e Vecino ha fatto seguito la doppietta di Hakimi e il goal di Brandt, che hanno evidenziato gli svarioni difensivi nerazzurri e gettato ombre sull’operato di Conte. E proprio […]

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    And Russian Traveler Phrases With Plr

    And Russian Traveler Phrases With Plr

    Physician: Obstetrics/Gynecology Physician Job in Illinois - JOB-2498744

    CompHealth is currently assisting a hospital in Illinois with their search for an OB/GYN. The facility has this opening because a current physician is retiring. Your call schedule will be 1:4 from 7 am to 7 pm. You can also take night call for extra pay, if desired. This job comes with plenty of surgical opportunities and there is a robot on site. You will see three to four patients per hour on average. You will work with dedicated advanced practice providers and a few physician. They welcome both board certified and board eligible candidates. This hospital works with and for the community to provide quality healthcare that fits your life and lifestyle.
    This hospital-employed opportunity has a very competitive compensation package with RVUs and a sign-on bonus. You will also be offered vacation, relocation assistance, CME time, and malpractice insurance.

    Come practice in Waukegan. It is the largest city in and the county seat of Lake County, Illinois, United States. It is part of the Chicago metropolitan area, located approximately 36 miles north of Downtown Chicago.

    If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, contact CompHealth for more information about this position and to discuss other OB/GYN jobs that fit your life, your goals, and your schedule.

    To get started, please contact Courtenay Quinn at 800-365-8900 or email your CV and references to CompHealth.. Quick Facts: Hospital-employed 1:4 call schedule 3 to 4 patients every hour Level 2 NICU Home-like birthing suites Robotics on site Board certified or board eligible Spanish and Russian speaking a plus, not required Benefits: Our services are free for you We help negotiate your salary and contract We coordinate interviews and help with licenses Specialized recruiters match your career preferences Experienced support teams take care of every detail

    Dry weather to cut Ukraine 2020 winter grain area...

    Successfull Agriculture, 22/10/2019 - Drought across most Ukrainian regions is likely to reduce the area sown in the 2020 winter grain harvest, the head of Ukraine's state weather forecasting centre said on Tuesday.Ukraine and Russia, its main rival on Black Sea grain exports, have been both looking for more rains this autumn. In Russia, though, warm and rainy weather has speeded up sowing in recent weeks and is expected to favour works in the next few weeks.   "The area will be smaller. The situation is far from optimal, but just about manageable," Mykola Kulbida told Reuters about Ukraine. "In recent days, the situation has improved slightly." The Ukrainian agriculture ministry said farms had sown around 6.4 million hectares of winter grains as of Oct. 21 versus about 6.8 million at the same date in 2018. The sown area included 5.5 million hectares of winter wheat and 777,000 hectares of winter barley. (Feed generated with FetchRSS)

    ON SALE: Forzieri - Women»s Black Italian Nappa Leather Gloves


    Indulge yourself this winter with Forzieri»s exquisite Nappa leather gloves. With their rich color, 100% cashmere lining, and fur cuffs, this beautiful pair evokes a »Dr. Zhivago» opulence from Imperial Russia. Made in Italy.

    ON SALE: Forzieri - Women»s Dark Brown Italian Nappa Leather Gloves w/Mink Fur


    Indulge yourself this winter with Forzieri»s exquisite Nappa and Mink leather gloves. With their deep brown color, 100% cashmere lining, and fur cuffs, this beautiful pair evokes a »Dr. Zhivago» opulence from Imperial Russia. Made in Italy.



    A European Arrest Warrant for Clara Ponsati,on charges of sedition, was issued by Spain just before we recorded today's podcast.We give our initial reactions to the shocking news.

    Lesley was at the National's Yes rally in George Square last Saturday and she reveals who she thought was the most impressive speaker. The BBC has responded to criticism of its coverage, to be honest we're sceptical, to say the least, to its reply.

    This leads, neatly I reckon, to the exclusion of the SNP from the televised election debates. Lesley has some interesting thoughts, not just on this, but the whole framing of political debate on our screens.

    The Scottish Greens have decided to field at least 20 candidates in the General Election. I question why, and consider what impact this might have on marginal,SNP held, constituencies. We compare and contrast this with Sinn Fein's decision not to stand in three Northern Irish seats and electoral pacts in England and Wales.

    Our last "big bit" is on Lesley's analysis of Boris Johnson's attempts to position himself as a "One Nation Tory" .Will it work in Leave voting traditional Labour areas?

    Along the way we also look at Jacob Rees Mogg's statements on Grenfell, and the government cover up on Russian interference in UK politics. 


    Sky Sport Austria: Fußball: UEFA Champions League

    07.11.2019 20:00 - 20:30
    Alle Spiele, alle Tore, Kompakt, Gruppenphase, 4. Spieltag, Dienstag
    Der 4. CL-Spieltag mit den Partien FC Barcelona - Slavia Prag, Zenit St. Petersburg - RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund - Inter Mailand, FC Liverpool - KRC Genk, SSC Neapel - RB Salzburg, Olympique Lyon - Benfica Lissabon, FC Chelsea - Ajax Amsterdam und FC Valencia - OSC Lille.

    Comment on ABC News Doing Damage Control Over Leaked Video by Hal Schmidt

    Twice a day we get reports and examples of the right wing media/blogstream/twitter network which is fed by TeamTrump, its Russian robot corps and the rest of the Alt-Right trying to defame EVERYTHING about the "mainstream" media. There are mistakes made by mainstream media and even some bias. But there is nowhere near the amount of distortion and outright lies which begin from the White House and work their way down thru "anti-social media " of all types. "Alternative" media ..Joseph Goebbels was the father of that with his "Big Lie" theory that propelled Hitler into power. Without mainstream, privately held media we are just like Russia, Communist China, North Korea, and any other dictatorship. "Fake News" is the cry which Pres. Carrot-Top hopes will lead us to his very own dictatorship. And the day American media caves is the day America dies.

    Coppa di Russia F.: Sorteggiati gli abbinamenti delle semifinali


    RUSSIA – E’ stato effettuato il sorteggio per gli abbinamenti delle semifinali della Coppa di Russia femminile: la Dinamo Mosca affonterà l’Uralochka mentre la Dinamo Kazan se la vedrà col Lokomotiv Kalningrad. La Final 4 si giocherà a Kazan il 25 e 26 dicembre.

    L'articolo Coppa di Russia F.: Sorteggiati gli abbinamenti delle semifinali proviene da


    Russia: Novosibirsk-Kemerovo 3-1 nel big-match. Mosca capolista, Kazan torna alla vittoria


    RUSSIA – Ritmo serrato nella Superlega russa che quest’oggi ha proposto il secondo turno infrasettimanale consecutivo. Nel big-match il Lokomotiv Novosibirsk ha sconfitto 3-1 i campioni in carica del Kuzbass Kemerovo che hanno così subito il primo stop stagionale. La formazione di casa ha fatto la differenza soprattutto a muro (13 a 6 il totale, […]

    L'articolo Russia: Novosibirsk-Kemerovo 3-1 nel big-match. Mosca capolista, Kazan torna alla vittoria proviene da


    Tokamak, il reattore a fusione nucleare che addomestica il Sole


    Tokamak, il reattore a fusione nucleare che addomestica il Sole

    Oggi la presentazione del progetto congiunto di Ue, Svizzera, Usa, Russia, Cina, Giappone, India e Corea del Sud. L’investimento italiano è di 1,2 miliardi di euro


    I dittatori insidiano l’Occidente: il libro di Molinari


    I dittatori insidiano l’Occidente: il libro di  Molinari

    Il saggio del direttore della «Stampa», «Assedio all’Occidente» (La nave di Teseo), segnala la minaccia costituita da Stati autoritari come la Cina, la Russia e l’Iran


    America's Empty Headed Philosopher Kings

    If the nation were not riveted to President Trump, and if President Trump did not have to spend half his time dodging and deflecting incoming verbal attack missiles, we might have been paying attention to our philosopher kings, our intellectual and political elites, people who have been running the country... into the ground. By their lights Trump can do no right. By logical extension, they can do no wrong.

    Victor Davis Hanson calls them our nomenklatura. (via Maggie’s Farm) They are a guardian class of philosopher kings who have taken control of the government and who will brook no dissent. You might think that they are running on fumes, but it would be more accurate, Hanson suggests, that they are running on credentials.

    In that he is echoing a thought often expressed by David Foster of the Chicago Boyz blog, namely that America’s ruling class is defined by credentials, not by achievement or merit. Besides, in a world where diversity has overtaken merit, these credentials are no longer signs of real worth.

    Hanson trots out the usual suspects and exposes a gang that cannot think straight. For all of the vitriol routinely tossed at Donald Trump, Americans intellectual leaders has failed to notice that their heroes have feet of clay.

    You recall, Hanson reminds us, that serious psychiatrists have accused Trump of being mentally ill. And yet, how often does Joe Biden resemble a man who is suffering some level of dementia. One might even say the same about the hapless and helpless Robert Mueller, a man whose Congressional testimony showed that he was not in charge of much of anything.

    As for Biden, Hanson remarks what we all know:

    At times, former Vice President Joe Biden is unaware of which town, indeed which state, he is in. He slurs his words often. Biden strings together unconnected thoughts that result in utter incoherence—not alleviated by his near shouting emphatics or fits of pique at reporters.

    Sometimes, Biden forgets names, and referents, and appears befuddled generally. His biography is mythical. He cannot address Ukraine and the role of his son, Hunter Biden, because, after all, what would a truthful person say? That the vice president of the United States allowed his wastrel son to become a multimillionaire by leveraging his father’s office with foreign corrupt governments? 

    And yet, media enablers continue to claim that Biden merely makes gaffes. If Trump had done as much, they would have been crying out for involuntary commitment... even though they oppose involuntary commitment.

    As for Hillary Clinton, she refuses to accept that she lost an election and has descended to trafficking conspiracy theories… the kind that would normally label you paranoid. Of course, she and her minions have been accusing Trump of having done what she and her minions were actually doing. When it comes to corruption, to emoluments, no one beats the Clintons:

    And all this from Hillary Clinton, who inaugurated the 2009 disastrous Russian appeasement scheme known as “reset” by pushing a red plastic Jacuzzi button in Geneva, and who was instrumental in green-lighting North American uranium sales to Russian interests, which interests through third parties had donated to her foundation and indirectly paid Russians to interfere in the 2016 election to destroy her opponent?

    And the sainted Mitt Romney, a man whose good moral character does not include loyalty, refused to take the gloves off when running against Barack Obama. Now he has made himself a Republican scold, a party of one.

    But after the implosion of the once impressive 2016 Republican primary field, Romney assumed the mantle of senior establishment Trump foe. If he played by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules with Barack Obama, he certainly did not with Donald Trump, blasting him frequently as a fraud, con, dishonest, a bully, and greedy—clueless that instead Trump served as some sort of sharp planer that ripped off the thin, shiny mahogany veneer pasted over our particle-board establishment.

    And, let’s not forget:

    Romney seems to have entered Hillary/Biden fantasyland by admitting to being a “lurker” on social media—one who adopts an anonymous and secret Twitter account (in Romney’s case under the nom de guerre “Pierre Delecto”), to channel and encourage nice stories about himself, and to attack vicariously those who do not share his views or self-admiration.

    And, we can examine the records of former Obama administration officials James Clapper and John Brennan. Somehow or other the great minds of the media have not figured out that these holier-than-thou warriors are really trying to stay out of jail.

    As it happens, no one much cares about holding them to account:

    Before Trump, both John Brennan and James Clapper, respectively CIA director and director of national intelligence, lied under oath to Congress—and paid nothing for doing so. Or rather their past prevarications became good CV items for the new fake news industry. From them, we respectively once learned that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was largely secular and that jihad was a mostly a non-violent expression of personal growth and discovery. In their world, drones never hit bystanders, the intelligence agencies never spy on Americans, and the two of them never lied under oath. Both leveraged their past service and security clearances into lucrative cable TV analyst contracts—and often editorialized about ongoing investigations in which they were either knee-deep or of which they later became targets.

    How did we go wrong? Hanson offers this explanation:

    We have confused credentials with merit—as we learned when Hollywood stars and rich people tried to bribe and buy their mostly lackadaisical children into named schools, eager for the cattle brand BAs and without a care whether their offspring would be well educated. 

    Graduating from today’s Yale or Harvard law school is not necessarily a sign of achievement, much less legal expertise. Mostly, entrance into heralded schools is a reminder of past good prep school grades and test scores winning admittance—or using some sort of old-boy, networking, athletic, or affirmative action pull.

    Being a “senior” official at some alphabet government agency also means little any more outside of the nomenklatura. Academia, the media, and entertainment industries are likewise supposedly meritocratic without being based on demonstrable worth. Otherwise, why would college graduates know so little, the media so often report fantasies as truth, and Hollywood focus on poor remakes? Take all the signature brand names that the Baby Boomers inherited from prior generations—Harvard, Yale, the New York Times, NPR, CNN, the Oscars, the NFL, the NBA, the FBI, the CIA, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, and a host of others. And then ask whether they enhanced or diminished such inheritances?

    A country over $22 trillion in debt, with an open border, an existential conflict with China, and a West in cultural and demographic decline, for two years was told falsely that Donald Trump supposedly knew of a meeting in advance at Trump Tower, that James Comey would supposedly testify that he never told Trump he was not under investigation, and that Trump would soon be indicted, resign, or impeached. The amount of elite energy spent replaying the embarrassing progressive 2016 loss and trying to abort the Trump presidency before the 2020 election, remember, was the product of our best and brightest, the top echelon of our law enforcement and intelligence communities, and our most esteemed political and media elite.

    They are defending their turf, their territories, their reputations and their livelihood. The one thing that they can never accept is that the curtain will be drawn back, revealing them to be impostors. They will never forgive Donald Trump for refusing to pay them proper obeisance.


    Social Worker / Counselor (Master's Level)

    The Counselor/Social Worker-Adult/Child is a member of the Hospital's social service staff for inpatient treatment programs. - -Responsibilities include:Develops and coordinates an individualized discharge plan for the patient by utilizing treatment team and chart information to determine the patient's aftercare needs.Identifies and assesses family or community resources such as, group homes, or mental health practitioners to meet patients' aftercare needs.Communicates with referral sources and other appropriate parties regarding patients' progress.Develops and implements a plan of treatment, in conjunction with members of multi-disciplinary team.Conducts didactic and other appropriate patient groups.Coordinates and implements patients' discharge.Attends and participates in department and other program or clinical and administrative meetings.Join our team and discover a rewarding, fulfilling career. Brentwood Hospital is a 200-bed psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment facility located in Shreveport, Louisiana. -Brentwood has served Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas for more than 45 years. -We provide quality services to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. -We help individuals and families achieve optimal mental health, resulting in improved quality of life. -A dedicated professional team provides individualized treatment, meeting the personal needs of our patients in a safe and nurturing environment.One of the nation's largest and most respected hospital companies, Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) has built an impressive record of achievement and performance. Steadily growing from a startup to an esteemed Fortune 500 corporation, UHS today has annual revenue nearing $10 billion. In 2017, UHS was recognized as one of the World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune; ranked #276 on the Fortune 500, and listed #275 in Forbes inaugural ranking of America's Top 500 Public Companies.Our operating philosophy is as effective today as it was 40 years ago: Build or acquire high quality hospitals in rapidly growing markets, invest in the people and equipment needed to allow each facility to thrive, and become the leading healthcare provider in each community we serve.Headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, UHS has more than 81,000 employees and through its subsidiaries operates more than 320 acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities and ambulatory centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom.Mission Statement: To provide superior quality healthcare services that: -PATIENTS recommend to family and friends, PHYSICIANS prefer for their patients, PURCHASERS select for their clients, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS seek for long-term returns.Job RequirementsThis opportunity is available to individuals who meet the following requirements:Master's Degree in Counseling or Social Work REQUIREDPLPC, LPC, LMSW, or LCSW licensure REQUIRED One year experience -working in a Mental Health Setting REQUIREDEffective oral and written communication skills and knowledge of telephone etiquette is requiredAbility to interact in a positive manner and to communicate well with co-workers, supervisor and other hospital employeesMust be able to work in a fast-paced environment with frequent interruptionsAbility to maintain information as highly confidentialAble to exert up to 10 pounds of force occasionally Ability to stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, reach, stand, walk, push, pull, lift & graspSuccessful completion of Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) within 90 days of employmentThis opportunity offers the following:Challenging and rewarding work environment Growth and Development Opportunities within UHS and its Subsidiaries Competitive Compensation 401k plan with company match

    Costituzione | «Presidenza lunga» e «Principato». Note a margine del referendum

    Bisognerebbe ringraziare Umberto Nobile, progettista e sfortunato protagonista di trasvolate polari, che si trovò contro Italo Balbo e i fascisti, scelse l'esilio volontario nella Russia sovietica e negli Stati Uniti e fu eletto deputato alla Costituente, tra gli indipendenti nelle liste del Partito comunista; con lui merita un ricordo per la cultura, la passione e l'ingegno, un altro dei padri Costituenti, Paolo Rossi, giurista e perseguitato politico, al quale gli squadristi bruciarono lo (...) - Tribuna Libera / , , ,

    Russian eagle creates huge data roaming phone bill

    October 28, 2019. Scientists in Russia got a shock when their phone bill arrived.

    Sunday Million: Ben_Apart wins, memorable runs for jkru005, GreekPro47


    It was another memorable Sunday Million on PokerStars this week, especially for the nine players who emerged from the 11,878-entry field to make the final table.

    The big turnout meant a $1,187,800 prize pool was divided among the top 2,150 finishers, with winner Ben_Apart of the United Kingdom ultimately coming out on top to earn a big $119,637.71 payday.

    Here’s the story of how the tournament was won, aided by the perspectives of a couple of final-tablists who like the others won’t be forgetting this tournament for a long time.

    jkru005 soars high before falling in eighth

    It took about 13 hours to play all of the way down to the nine-handed final table, by which point all of the red spade wearers who had played — Tom “MajinBoob” Hayward of PokerStars Twitch, Felix “xflixx” Schneiders of Team Online, and Team Pro Kalidou Sow — were long gone.

    Ben_Apart had the chip lead when the final table started with a little over 30 million when the average was just under 13.2 million. Meanwhile fellow UK player “jkru005” was one of several sitting around the 10M mark, though leading up to that point he’d been riding high for much of the previous several hours.


    “I was killing it from mid-game to the final 18,” jkru005 told us, noting how he’d had the chip lead with 180 players left and remained in the top 10 all of the way to the last two tables. But as play wore on and the field whittled further, the differences in the stacks got smaller.

    “It got to a stage 12-handed where chip distribution was so flat that if you lose a flip you go from 1st to 10th,” explains jkru005. He recalls one key hand with 14 left in which he knocked out an opponent after three-betting all-in with K-J, getting called by 7-7, and hitting a jack to win.

    “After winning this pot I definitely thought I would be in the run to win, but unfortunately fate had other plans. :(”

    Indeed it was just after the final table started that jkru005 watched the Netherlands’ “Cashaoui” open-shove a stack of just under 10 BB, then from the button jkru005 reraise-pushed his almost 15 BB with Q♦Q♣. Alas for both, leader Ben_Apart was waiting in the small blind with K♦K♣ and thus put all his chips in the middle, too — and both of his opponents at risk.

    Cashaoui had 7♠7♥, it turned out, but the 8♠Q♥6♠ flop had jkru005 again having visions of his tourney journey going even further. The K♠ turn dashed those dreams, though, and after the 3♥ river jkru005 was out in eighth and Cashaoui in ninth.

    “I think I woke up my whole building when I saw the Q, but yeah the turn almost made me cry haha,” says jkru005 who ultimately earned one of his biggest cashes ever after playing off and on (including some full-time) over the last several years.

    “I was so sad having played for almost 16 hours (if you include the $5.50 satellite that I played to get into this crapshoot haha),” he says. Still, he says, it was definitely a “good result” despite having seemingly been in position previously to go further.

    Two more fall

    About 15 minutes later “RafaCorreaBR” of Brazil was down to 15 BBs before getting it all in on an ace-high flop holding A♠10♠ versus Germany’s “JulianPasare”. But the latter had A♣J♣, and when the hand held RafaCorreaBR was done in seventh.

    Six-handed then lasted another 20 minutes before “thebigdog09” of Mexico was knocked out, also by JulianPasare and once again on the flop.

    The board read 6♣2♦4♦ and that encouraged thebigdog09 to commit a short stack with A♦3♦ while JulianPasare had 10♠10♣. But the 4♥ turn and 3♠ river weren’t enough to change things, and thebigdog09 was out in sixth.

    Great score for GreekPro47

    With five left “yodashutka” of Russia had moved ahead of Ben_Apart into the lead while Denmark’s “x_zola25” had slipped to fifth. In fourth was “GreekPro47”, a part-time player from Canada (with parents from Greece) who talked to us about his long Sunday.

    After playing a lot several years ago while in school, poker was mainly a side hobby for GreekPro47 until recently. “The last 3-6 months I’ve been taking it more seriously, playing in the evenings and on weekends. I actually came in third in the Sunday Storm a few weeks ago, and that kind of gave me a bump to take a shot [in the Sunday Million] this week as I had some free time.”


    After not having played the Sunday Million for a long time, he got a big dose of it with 13-14 hours’ worth of poker. It looked for a moment that he wouldn’t get as far as the final table, though, after losing a big hand with about 100 players left to fall back to 4-5 BBs. His kings were cracked by an opponent’s queens, despite a Q-J-T all-club flop with GreekPro47 holding the K♣. But he persevered.

    “I said ‘you know what? just fight it out and see what happens.’ I ended up laddering and laddering until I finally got to the final table,” he says.

    However, with five left he ran pocket jacks into leader yadoshutka’s pocket kings. The board rolled out six-high, and GreekPro47 was sent railward in fifth.

    “There was one player [x_zola25] who was super-short, which might make you think it was a mistake,” he says. “But the cards came out low, so I’m pretty sure one way or another we were getting those chips in.”

    After making a career-high cash of about $7,800 in that recent Sunday Storm, he’d suddenly set a new record for himself by cashing for more than $33K.

    “I might play a few more Sunday Storms and some bigger tournaments when I have the time,” he says, “but I’m pretty comfortable just playing $20 and $30 tourneys.”

    Ben_Apart stands alone

    x_zola25 did fall shortly thereafter in fourth in a three-way hand ending with JulianPasare scoring yet another knockout. All three remaining players would lead at some point over the next 40 minutes, with Ben_Apart finally again taking control.

    Indeed, Ben_Apart was so far in front that when yodashutka busted JulianPasare in third with deuces versus king-five, Ben_Apart still had a better than 2-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up.

    Ten minutes later it ended with a preflop all-in, yodashuka’s A♦9♠ versus Ben_Apart’s A♣J♥, with the latter’s hand prevailing to win the title and six-figure first prize.

    Congratulations to Ben_Apart for the win and to everyone else who made the final table to earn nice cash prizes and a special poker memory.

    Want to play the Sunday Million? Click here to open a PokerStars account.


    В ОАЭ построили крупнейший в мире мобильный лабиринт

    Рассылка на СПб: 
    Рассылка на СПб
    Рассылка на Сибирь: 
    Ноябрь 6, 2019

    В зоопарке Аль-Айна (Al Ain Zoo) появилась новая достопримечательность – крупнейший в мире мобильный лабиринт Wonder Maze, собранный из регулярно обновляемых модулей. Он несет как развлекательную, так и образовательную нагрузку.

    читать далее


    UK prime minister withholding report on Russia's role in Brexit

    Rachel Maddow reports on a controversy in the UK in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is blocking the release of a report on Russian interference in the...

    Trump impeachment inquiry invites witness from Pence's office

    Rachel Maddow reports on the addition to the Trump impeachment inquiry witness list, Jennifer Williams, special advisor for Europe and Russia in the office...

    Trump-favored Ukraine conspiracy theory traced to Russian intel

    Rep. Jim Himes, member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about the absurdity of Donald Trump's pet, debunked "Ukraine server"...

    Making Russia Great Again

    “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go ‘Please, please, we can’t win anymore.’ You’ve heard […]

    Nuclearized Ants Swarming Russia!

    […] More



    11/6/19: Republicans destroyed in state elections, panic time


    --On the Show:

    --Peter Pomerantsev, Soviet born journalist and author of "Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia," and more recently, "This is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality," joins David to discuss state propaganda, Russia, and much more. Get the book:

    --Republicans get crushed in yesterdays statewide elections, including in Kentucky, Virginia, in Mike Pence's hometown, and in a number of other places, a possible preview of the 2020 election

    --Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland confirms the quid pro quo of Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine in absolutely devastating testimony under oath

    --This week's Hatriot Mail

    --62% of Trumpists say there is absolutely nothing Donald Trump would do that would get them to reconsider their support for him, confirming the futility of trying to win elections by convincing Trump voters

    --Donald Trump is crushing Elizabeth Warren in some key battleground states, but losing to both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, according to a new New York Times poll

    --New polling data showing that Donald Trump loses almost every demographic other than white voters who lack a college education illuminates exactly why Republicans are against tuition-free college

    --Voicemail caller wonders about the self-inflicted ignorance of many Americans

    --On the Bonus Show: Republican charged with distribution fake ballots, the 4-day work week test, Krispy Kreme strikes deal with college kid, much more...

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    --Follow us on Twitter:

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    Mississippi Democratic Party Needs to Overhaul Strategies, Outreach, Diversity

    Best-selling author Angie Thomas, a Jackson native, is leaving Mississippi because she cannot stand to live among the toxic politics that hurts so many people. Photo by Anissa Photography.

    Prominent novelist Angie Thomas is planning to leave Mississippi due to the toxic politics here, which was on prominent display in last night’s election outcome. The wildly successful graduate of Belhaven College grew up in Georgetown in Jackson and travels frequently to Atlanta, Los Angeles and beyond. Her first novel became a popular feature film, and now her second adapted film is in production. She told me in a recent Let’s Talk Jackson podcast that she is turning her career attention toward the film world as well as writing books.

    But, as of now, Angie doesn’t plan to make films in her native Mississippi, even as she is investing in her old neighborhood, fixing up playgrounds and working to inspire kids, much as her hero Nipsey Hussle did in L.A., as she explained in our podcast and a recent cover story by JFP Culture Writer Aliyah Veal.

    “I once considered putting my production company in Mississippi, filming projects in Mississippi,” Angie tweeted last night. “But I also realize the money from those projects would benefit politicians who don't see me as an equal. Money talks, and mine walks.”

    The Real Root of Mississippi ‘Brain Drain’

    Many of the same politicians who won statewide offices last night by pandering to Donald Trump love to talk about stopping Mississippi brain drain, of course. There's even a "Mississippi Brain Drain Commission" with an ugly website. But it’s always about anything but reversing hatefulness and intolerance of anyone not just like those in power.

    Angie wasn’t the only one tweeting about this last night: Smart Mississippians crowded into my mentions to say they don’t think they can stay in the state much longer, while the election outcome discouraged many ex-pats who want to return home.

    I and my staff have worked mightily to convince young people to stay in the state and use their energy and resources for progress here since I returned 18 years ago and then started this paper. It’s extremely common for me to be out in public—the last time at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum a couple weeks ago—and a young professional I don’t know walks up to me to tell me that they were uncertain about moving to Jackson for a job or whatever, but picked up the Jackson Free Press while visiting and realized that the state has people who don’t fit the hateful stereotype. This has happened hundreds of times since the Jackson Free Press launched in 2002.

    It’s getting hard to ask Mississippians to stay or return now, though. Just the tweets last night showed that their pain is real. A former Mississippi Youth Media Project student I worked with—a brilliant young white woman who attended Murrah High School and now goes to college out of state—tweeted last night that while she loves Mississippi, she doesn’t like it. As much as she was engaged here in trying to lift up the capital city and its public schools, while helping educate others about the state's racist history, I’m not going to hold my breath that she will return to live, perhaps ever.

    She is following the path I and so many others chose: Get out before the state killed me with its sexism, racism I’m supposed to share, and cruelty to the less fortunate.

    This is especially true for bright young minds because so much of the legislation out of the GOP supermajority is designed to hurt them, especially if they are young people of color, women, an immigrant or LGBTQ. And the state’s leaders disparage them at every turn for thinking differently. If we disagree at all, we are a horrific “liberal” or “socialist” monster—labels that Republicans here hurl around to mean anybody who isn’t a lapdog for Donald Trump or, frankly, someone who believes in true diversity at all tables and race and gender equity in our society.

    Free, critical thinking is unacceptable. As Gov. Phil Bryant tweeted yesterday, "Here in Mississippi we are conservatives" ... except we're all not conservatives, and it's our state, too. This language is designed to run off those who don't agree, taking their votes and potential with them, and too often works.

    The Problem with Mississippi Democrats

    Then there is the Democratic Party in the state—which, truth be told, has been the real culprit, over all, since I returned in 2002. Compare what just happened in Kentucky as I tweeted last night—a state with 87% white population turned blue. Here, the state with the highest proportion of African Americans in the U.S. at around 38% got redder.

    Republicans counter now that the Kentucky incumbent wasn't liked there; well, no one actually likes Tate Reeves here, either, it seems, so that doesn't explain it.

    I’ve talked about this for years now—a timid, closed groupthink infects the Mississippi Democratic Party from the top, especially among the white men who traditionally control, fund and strategize for it. Certainly, many of them are well-meaning from a macro level; they talk a lot about education funding, which is vitally important but clearly cannot alone carry this party to victory in pretty much any election. Some burn through a lot of often-quiet funding for good causes—trying to change the Mississippi flag, funding fights for public-education laws—but often won’t put themselves out in front of the issues to take the direct hits and model what it looks like to weather them.

    Many Democratic leaders here are afraid of offending white conservative voters to a ridiculous fault. I guess they really believe that voters they would lose by actually supporting women’s rights or learning to speak intelligently about racism to black people are the very ones who would turn around and vote for them if they shoot enough guns in TV ads. It’s theater of the absurd, not to mention funny math.

    That ship has sailed, gentlemen. This Democratic race to oblivion found the bottom last night.

    Ignore, Belittle Women at Your Peril, Dem Men

    But here’s the thing: Women can help you right the ship, Dems, just as they are doing in other states, as last night’s results around the U.S., especially white suburbs, showed. You’re going to have to listen to women and invite us to all the tables, though, even as we start creating more forums of our own that are going to challenge all of you, regardless of party.

    If there is anything I learned from visits and conversation with so many women over the last year while I recovered from breast cancer is that we’re all fed up, if we’re not the obedient ones already in cahoots with Pat Robertson or the Family Research Council. Starting with the desire to allow a mother to die rather than having an abortion, the state’s leadership is not on women’s side. Any woman.

    Women are also talking to each other about the direct slights from men in power, including in the Democratic Party. While I’m not a partisan type by nature (I actually hate the concept of political parties), I have women friends who work with the party in various ways. Most talk about the sexism they encounter when trying to bring new ideas to the table. They are ignored, patted on the head, treated like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Last night I texted one of my black women friends who volunteers with the party as the writing on the Mississippi wall became clear. She has a brilliant strategic mind and understands politics and what motivates voters backward and forward.

    “We coulda told em,” I wrote.

    “They wouldn’t listen to me,” she responded. “I don’t know what I’m taking about.”

    But she does know. No matter. When it comes to legislation or campaigns targeted to “rural whites” to the exclusion of others, Dem leaders here expect women, African Americans and other people of color to suck it up and vote for the party, even though it keeps losing.

    A major moment in this campaign cycle was when the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, Jay Hughes, voted for the anti-abortion “heartbeat bill” last session—in the very state where women came together in a grassroots campaign like we've never seen here before or since to defeat the personhood amendment at the polls in 2011. I later saw male strategists trying to take full credit, of course, but it was the bottom-up momentum by women meeting in living rooms that made the difference. My paper ran many columns by women from different backgrounds and political beliefs coming out against personhood that went viral in the state. Women came together like we must do more often.

    Like the ads he ran for over a year on a conservative anti-women and racist blog here—the blogger calls women "sluts" and says breast implants should explode and ranks "hottest" young women reporters—Hughes’ reasoning on the heartbeat bill this year was absurd. It was something about making sure white Democrats wouldn’t become extinct. Then last night he took in fewer voters than attorney general candidate Jennifer Riley Collins, a black Democrat the party virtually ignored.

    I criticized Hughes' vote rather mildly on Twitter after his heartbeat vote, and got hit with a barrage of personal insults from a sock-puppet account. Apparently, my criticism of his heartbeat bill meant I had a "secret crush" on Hughes.

    "Mouth off Yall" tweeted: "It's just been amusing to watch the girl crush that @DonnerKay has had on @Jay4Mississippi over the last year." (Earlier, I had criticized Democrat Hughes for advertising on the misogynistic blog.) He went on: "It's like he dumped her or something. Maybe she's been paid off by the Russians to attack him on everything he does. Just calling balls & strikes here."

    My criticism of Hughes couldn't be because I'm a woman, have a degree in political science and a master's in journalism, have watched and commented on politics in Mississippi for years, or because I'm a woman with intelligent opinions. No, it was a "crush." And this one is mild compared to insults I've gotten from Democratic men here with their real names attached. One even lunged at me in a bar one night due to my mayoral endorsement.

    This, sadly, is not uncommon for women here. I’ve been called every name for speaking out loud about politics, especially if it is not in lockstep with Democratic leadership logic, which it pretty much never is. Too many men in our state care more about being told they're wrong than actually getting it right.

    Many women tell me they are afraid to speak up because they see how men talk to me when I do. They fear losing jobs and opportunities or public smears. Let that sink in.

    Sucking It Up for the Party Won’t Work

    What I and many other women have been saying for years is now flashing in neon: sucking it up for the party won’t work. What the Dems in Mississippi must do is start today—not in three-and-a-half years—to pack away their defensiveness and create a new kind of welcoming party that doesn’t pander to racists and misogynists. Just go ahead and let the GOP own that. I don’t mean a hard shift to the Bernie Sanders left. I mean the kind of collaboration that can result when more not-white men are invited in, asked for feedback and listened to respectfully. If there’s anything the Mississippi Democratic Party needs right now, it is to put hats firmly in hand, get out into our communities and really listen to people. All of them. The time for timidity and fragility is past.

    What must come first is a welcoming attitude to the Democratic tent if that party is to survive here. And, yes, allow a Stacey Abrams into Mississippi to help get out the vote, as well as engage prominent African Americans right here in the state. I mean, look at the mailers and TV ads—Republicans are going to associate Dems, and even reasonable Republicans, with people like Sanders and AOC anyway and call the candidate “socialist” or such no matter what you actually believe. So at least try to get another 50,000 votes out of forming real multiracial coalitions.

    Angie Thomas was still tweeting this morning about her decision to leave and take her money with her, even as she still plans to invest back into her community here. “I have plans to create jobs, affordable housing, and recreation. I’m already putting things into place. And I don’t have to live there to do it. What are YOU doing besides Tweeting?” she told people who were complaining about her decision to leave.

    She also retweeted @kaykaypolitiks who supported her decision as a way to explain how hard the toxic politics are on black Mississippians not considered welcome here by Republicans. “These elections take a toll on black bodies... creatively, mentally, spiritually, physically etc. I say go where you can be well, @angiecthomas. Much love," @kaykaypolitiks wrote.

    I then asked Angie this morning if any Democratic leaders had reached out to her to help them connect to her fan base in the state—kind of an obvious ask for a party that so desperately needs to grow its voter base. The brilliant best-selling author’s answer, sadly, did not surprise me.

    “Lol nope. They’re scared to even follow me on social media,” Angie answered.

    That just says it all. It's time to wake up, Democrats, to the potential and new voters all around you in Mississippi. Clearly, the alternative is a loser’s game.

    But there’s hope in such a dramatic loss for actual Democratic change here to rise from the ashes; the excuses are over. I saw a tweet today from a white male Democrat I’ve tangled with after past elections over the need to hire new strategists in the state who understand the faulty logic of pandering for the same white conservative voters. In our last engagement, he was condescending and dismissive to me.

    This morning, he tweeted a mea culpa to his followers: “All is not lost, but things will go SO. MUCH. SLOWER. if white men in this party, including myself, do not directly advocate for more diverse leadership.”

    Exactly. Women have been saying that here for a long, long time. It's well past time for men to start listening.

    Donna Ladd is the editor-in-chief and CEO of the Jackson Free Press. Follow her on Twitter at @donnerkay and read her blog at


    Russia & Turkey bypass the Dollar

    Russia and Turkey have put another knife in the back of the global dominance of the US Dollar. International transactions will happen from now on in Russian Rubbles and Turkish Lira. Last year the trade between the countries grew by 16% and passed the 25 billion mark. Turkey has the goal to increase the trade […]

    Africa: Military Contractor Deaths Raise Questions About Russia's Security Presence in Africa

    [VOA] The deaths in northern Mozambique of military contractors employed by a Russian firm are raising new questions about Russia's security presence in Africa.

    Regional Studies Specialist

    Berlitz has an exciting opportunity for subject matter experts to deliver programs for our clients.

    We are seeking individuals to conduct 4-day regional-specific training programs in 2020. Each regional program will be 4 days in length and will cover up to 10 countries depending on the region.

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    Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Turkey, Horn of Africa, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa, Korean Peninsula, Eurasia (Russia).

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    Training must include:

    Current events and trends that affect the country/region today

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    Other topics as applicable: Immigration and migration; civil war and regional/international conflict; nuclear proliferation; labor relations; country's relationship with the USA.

    The successful candidates will have the following credentials:

    Must be a US Citizen and have an excellent command of the English language

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    Calendar with frame for 2020 - Merry friends

    Calendar with frame for 2020 - Merry friends

    Calendar with frame for 2020 - Merry friends
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    Il Borussia, il sogno e il grande incubo


    a male. Una sconfitta del genere fa male. Per 45 minuti abbiamo cullato il sogno di aggiungere al nostro mosaico un altro tassello. Quello della vittoria  in una trasferta europea contro una grande squadra. E come successo al Camp Nou contro il Barcellona, ce ne torniamo a casa con una …

    L'articolo Il Borussia, il sogno e il grande incubo proviene da Bauscia Cafè.


    Un colpo al Bologna e uno al Borussia


    on la testa all’impegno europeo di domani sera e con le gambe affaticate, fare risultato in casa di un Bologna cinico e plasmato sempre più a immagine e somiglianza di mister Sinisa, allenatore noto per trasmettere una inconfondibile grinta ed una solida quadratura alle proprie squadre, non era assolutamente scontato. …

    L'articolo Un colpo al Bologna e uno al Borussia proviene da Bauscia Cafè.


    Bulgarian Charged As Russian Spy Returns From Moscow With Award From Putin

    A former Bulgarian lawmaker who is charged with spying for Russia has returned to Sofia from Moscow where he received an award from President Vladimir Putin for his “friendship and cooperation.”

    Donbas war: Russian militants violate ceasefire 5 times in Donbas

    новости 112 The combatants used the weapons banned by Minsk agreements

    Ban on import of old wagons from Russia to come into force on November 20

    новости 112 It was previously planned that this ban would go into action on March 1, 2020

    Russian actress banned from entering Ukraine for 3 years after visit of Crimea

    новости 112 43 foreigners were banned from entry to Ukraine, including cultural and art figures

    New Ukraine-Russia contract on gas transit possible only if sides completely drop claims, - Gazprom

    новости 112 The Russian company released a statement, which offers that both sides stop any legal proceedings concerning the gas contracts; Ukraine should also cancel the decision of the Anti-Monopoly Committee, which says Gazprom must pay fine for monopoly abuse at Ukraine's market of gas transit

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    Revision: 62197
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    Venkatesh Rao on Waldenponding


    Writer and management consultant Venkatesh Rao talks about Waldenponding with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Rao coined the term Waldenponding to describe various levels of retreating from technology akin to how Thoreau extolled the virtues of retreating from social contact and leading a quieter life at Walden Pond. Rao argues that the value of Waldenponding is overrated and that extreme Waldenponding is even somewhat immoral. Rao sees online intellectual life as a form of supercomputer, an intellectual ecosystem that produces new knowledge and intellectual discourse. He encourages all of us to contribute to that intellectual ecosystem even when it can mean losing credit for some of our ideas and potentially some of our uniqueness.

    This week's guest:

    This week's focus:

    Additional ideas and people mentioned in this podcast episode:

    A few more readings and background resources:

    A few more EconTalk podcast episodes:

    TimePodcast Episode Highlights

    Intro. [Recording date: September 13, 2019.]

    Russ Roberts: Today is September, 13 2019 and my guest is writer and management consultant, Venkatesh Rao, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ribbonfarm. Our topic for today is a piece from his newsletter about the seductive nature of our devices and social media and it is called "Against Waldenponding." "Against Waldenponding." Venkat, welcome to EconTalk.

    Venkatesh Rao: Great to be here, Russ. Thanks for having me on.

    Russ Roberts: So what do you mean by Waldenponding? Which is a phrase--I don't think it's going to catch on, but I loved it.

    Venkatesh Rao: I don't know about that. I think it's already caught on, at least in my circles. I did a little Twitter poll and one-third of the people in my feed had heard of it from me, but a bunch of people had heard it not from me. So that's a good measure of inception[?] and the zeitgeist. But yeah, it started, like most things do with me these days--I don't know--a gentle insult to troll some of my friends in tech who I think act a little too, I don't know, solemn, [?self-?] serious about the threat of digital devices hacking our brains. So it started out as an insult. Then I did a little Twitter thread on it and realized I meant it more seriously than I was admitting to myself. Then it turned into a newsletter. Then I did another for part two. And since then I've been sort of exploring the concept all over the place in Twitter and other places.

    So the basic idea is: You've got this trend of people advocating some sort of retreat from digital media, and of course Waldenponding is a reference to Thoreau's Walden. So, the idea of not necessarily literally retreating to a log cabin in the woods to meditate--though a lot of people actually do some literal version of that--but somewhere on the spectrum of being very online to being completely offline by Waldenpond, any measure of retreat along that axis is what I call Waldenponding. And the pieces I have been sort of developing as sort of a critical pieces advocating against that. There, I argue that Waldenponding is actually a bad thing and it's sort of a misframing of a problem. It's the wrong response to the, whatever is going on there; and there's more effective ways of engaging with digital technology.

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. I want to read an excerpt from your, I'm going to call it an essay. It's a set of bullet points really. A numbered set of points that tie together. But you say "The crude caricature"--you're talking about Waldenponding:

    The crude caricature is "smash your smart phone and go live in a log cabin to reclaim your attention and your life from being hacked by evil social media platforms." It is less of a caricature than you might think. At an event I was just at, the opening keynote featured a guy who's literally done just that, and I know at least half a dozen people who have executed a Hard Waldenponding plan with varying degrees of literal fidelity. A great many more have implemented a sort of Soft Waldenponding, marked by digital retreat (aided by various amputation tools that sever or loosen your connection to digital prosthetics), but no log cabin.

    So you're not literally against stepping back from some technology sometimes, we should get that straight right from the beginning.

    Venkatesh Rao: Yeah, absolutely. So it's almost a critique of what you might say has become a religious doctrine around what's really just a practical matter of, on the one hand engineering design evolution on the part of tech companies, and on the part of users just getting used to a new medium and sort of swinging back and forth on the pendulum a few times before finding sort of a happy medium. And I go back to the history of technologies, and it happens with boring predictability: that you have radio and you have a generation complaining that radio is ruining our brains. You have TV, people complaining that TV is ruining our brains. You have video games, you have same complaints, right?

    And it goes back to Plato and Phaedrus and him talking about writing, having the same problem of: you are atrophying your memory by using this weird new medium called writing to preserve your thoughts. So the complaint pattern is not new. Neither is this sort of advocacy of retreat. And it's not that the, those who advocate the retreat are unaware of this long history. So Nick Carr, who I think inaugurated this particular trend of when he wrote The Shallows almost a decade ago, he actually quotes Plato and Phaedrus and says, "All right, still this time it's different. Google is making us stupid." So they're aware of the tradition, but somehow they think it's different this time, which is sort of a common pattern in these things.

    So, I would say when you approach this as a practical matter, not as a religious one, it's actually not that hard. It's--there are features available. You can put your phone into dark mode. You can build habits around other information consumption. The diagram I included in my thread has a little turnpike-type visualization of, on the one hand you have the X axis of increasing latency of information consumption. And on the Y axis you have the abstraction with which you consume information. So, you might have something like a book that's written several years after something important has happened. So it's several years lagging. But because it's able to go deep and analyze at higher levels of abstraction, it goes up on the Y axis as well. So that's one extreme.

    And on the other extreme, you have a real life sense of what's going on on Twitter today and life sense of sophisticated conversations happening. So it's not all shared posting. So if you're able to go up and down the turnpike to suit your needs, you will sort of meet your informational needs. And I think what ends up happening when these people react against people doing just that, making their own decisions on where to be along that axis and how much attention to allocate on each part, they make the mistake of--I think they make three mistakes. The first is they overestimate their own agency as designers of the mechanisms. So you have, for example, Tristan Harris and Nir Eyal--I don't know how to say his name--but both began their careers as actual designers of web technology--

    Russ Roberts: Yeah, that's, by the way, that's Nir Eyal. And he's coming to EconTalk in a couple months. Carry on.

    Venkatesh Rao: Absolutely. You should ask him about this stuff. And I think both are great people, very thoughtful people. They've seen the design side of this stuff. They've actually worked on hacking attention-type technologies with tech companies. And then they've kind of had almost like a finding-religion moment where they've gone to the other side and sort of in their mind recognized sort of the dark side of this technology. And, they're now in this sort of evangelical mode where some of it almost sounds like an AA [Alcoholics Anonymouse] program where it's like you have to admit you're powerless and the godlike technology has hacked your attention and you have to admit that there's a higher power and you're powerless. I get a very AA vibe from it.

    And I think so that's one mistake they make. Just because they've been involved in the design of this sort of attention-manipulation technologies, they overestimate the actual importance of that element of the puzzle.

    The second thing they do is they underestimate the actual level of agency we, as users, bring to our information consumption choices. And I don't think that they actually stop to think too hard about the, what I think is the null hypothesis here, which is that if I'm spending say 50% of my time shit-posting on Twitter, 30% writing random little threads on newsletters and only say, 5%, working on "big, serious, solemn" papers and books, that's actually an attention allocation I might want. If I'm watching five hours of TV a day, that's an attention allocation I might want. So I think they underestimate the degree to which there is actually conscious agency here and they attribute too much to the evil UI [User Interface] designers.

    And the third thing that I think is part of their big mistake is: they don't realize the extent to which the behaviors we are now experimenting with across the board are actually a response to a much bigger thing. Namely, the information environment has in fact radically shifted. So it's not just a matter of like, you know, clever UI designers are designing infinite scrolling, patterns with sub-microsecond insertions into the attention loop. It is actually, genuinely the case that several orders of magnitude more information has come online, and our old ways of processing information that were sort of evolved in scarcity environments, they just don't work anymore. So everything we are trying, from being like, you know, gonzo present in live Twitter feeds all the way to the other end where you retreat to a log cabin and only read ancient Greek classics--this entire spectrum of experimentation represents very useful and important evolutionary adaptations experiments. And you kind of have to let these things run and figure out what works.


    Russ Roberts: So, a part of that--let me try to summarize that in some of the ways we've been talking about these topics here recently on EconTalk. So, one issue is this addictive question; and you're suggesting that some of that is overrated in terms of how addictive they can make it. And the second is, we have some control over it obviously. I think the question on that is, is whether we get control of it by taking it off our smartphone--a particular app that we have trouble not going to all the time--versus, say, regulating these companies. And listeners know I'm a big fan of letting cultural response to this happen. And you're making the, I think very relevant, point that this is such an early change, the idea that we're going to just stay as we are in how we interact with this technology is absurd. We're going to change in all kinds of ways and we need some time to do that. I think that's very wise.

    The deeper point, of course, also you make is that people enjoy these things. We like these things. It's fun. It's not addiction: that's just a word to vilify it and it's a puritanical concept to make it sound wicked or evil.

    The third point, which I would also react to, about longer, deeper dives in deeper ideas: The question is whether that seems to have gotten harder. I know for me, I'm 64 and maybe I'm just getting older, but my ability to sit with a text without interrupting it, with email checking, Twitter checking and other types of distraction seems to have changed. Now, that could be because I haven't reacted correctly or fully to this new information stream. It could be, though, that there is something here to be concerned about. The question is what should we do about that concern?

    And I think there's a final point I want to add onto that you make I think is the real, in many ways the punchline: We have this cornucopia, this incredible perfusion of stimulus. Some of it is very superficial and just a little dopamine hit of 'I got another follower.' Some of it as superficial as you point out, because it's gossip about somebody's habits online. They're up there with some shortcoming that people want to wave around. That feels a lot like a waste of time. But, if we're careful, that's not the way we spend most of our time on Twitter. It's not the way we spend most of our time on social media. It's not the way we spend most of our time online. There's such extraordinary riches up and down the line of depth versus superficial, which is one of the ways of thinking of the axis that you're describing.

    And it's a glorious time to be alive. You know, I think moaning and complaining about how horrible it is, it's a form of virtue signaling, obviously. It's part of--you allude to that in various point, times in your essay. But I think the right way to think about this is: As individuals, let's make a choice. Here we have this unbelievable menu. Yes, there's some really fattening, unhealthy things down at this part of the buffet. But this other part of the buffett--and some of that's, it's fun. You can have an ice cream cone now and then. You don't want to eat it all day, but the rest of the time, you've got this extraordinary profusion of ideas and opportunities to learn and explore. And just the question is: How do we navigate that?

    Venkatesh Rao: So I want to react to a couple of things you said because, the way you framed your response to the trends so far is almost--it's an apologist's mode of--it overemphasizes actually the very criticisms that drive Waldenponding, which I think are actually wrong. So if you actually look at the things they're recommending--so, take for example, academic papers or academic books and I come from the academic world, same as you. I spent several years in my Ph.D. and postdoc research diving into archival journals, technical textbooks. And my background is in mechanical and aerospace engineering. And it might not be as bad as say, social psychology, but honestly, 90% of all papers and technical materials I read was junk. And I hated it.

    And my own papers--I'm not going to spend my career as anything great. But I think I was an okay researcher. I got maybe a few citations for the few papers I wrote while I was in academic research. But when I moved over to the blogosphere, it's so much a richer environment, and the conversation gets smarter and better so much faster. So, my best blog posts, they've gotten thousands and thousands of reactions and wonderful conversations have come out that. Things that never happened with my academic work, which kind of languish in obscurity. And most academic work, by the way, deserves to languish in obscurity. You'll see this comment a lot in sort of hard line, 'Twitter is good'-people, which I include myself in. Where you'd say things like, 'That book should be a blog post at best and the heated blog post should just be a Twitter thread.'

    And this assessment that we are all coming to in my corner of the discourse is because we're starting to see that the appearance and formal structure of depth does not equal actual depth. So the, what I think of as the traditional literary industrial complex of academia, TED talks, very high gravitas, newspaper op-eds and stuff, it has the form and structure of depth. You look at it and you think, 'Hey, this should be good, deep stuff.' But it's not. I mean, you look at the New York Times op-ed section--it's like warmed over, recycled one-week-late clickbaiting that's actually picking up where Twitter leaves off. And the original conversation on Twitter ends up being, like higher signal, lower noise, more interesting and more current than the NewYork op-ed version of it. You look at half the books that come out--they're the same.

    So I want to sort of point that out that so this is not a both sides-ist argument. This is actually a comment on humanity. Humans come in grades of, like, sophistication, shallowness, superficiality of interests, depth of interests. And you will find people in every medium who are going deep and doing, like, profoundly interesting things, exploring information spaces. And you will find 90% of people using whatever form the medium offers to produce honestly, bullshit.


    Russ Roberts: Yeah, well--Venkat, I just want to react to that for a sec because I think you're onto something there. The part that--I know you're critiquing my critique a little bit--but, the part I want to really agree with is that a lot of this worry about social media is a form of condescension. It's basically, 'Well, I know how to handle it, of course. I'm sophisticated. I'm deep. I'm thoughtful. It's them, the masses, the rest of the folks. They need help. They need to be controlled because they can't control themselves.' There is a definite paternalism there that I do not like; and I want to make it clear that I don't embrace that.

    Venkatesh Rao: Absolutely. There's several dimensions to this. So there's, the one I was going after is almost like foreign structure conflation in understanding media. You're pointing out the sort of elite-versus-commoner relationship of condescension and sort of.

    Actually, riffing a little bit more on that, that's been a sort of ongoing theme for about 20 years in conversations about digital media. Right? I mean, you had Surowiecki with his Wisdom of Crowds book. I think that was 2002. So we've been having this conversation for at least a couple of decades, and we now know a lot more. I mean, this is an economics podcast and to a large extent what we're talking about really is in some sense, efficiency and intelligence of information markets. Right? And, 'wisdom of crowds' is a thing. There are times when crowds can act stupid and insane where they uncritically just repeat each other.

    But there's other times when crowds are actually constituted of individuals who bring a lot of private knowledge and they're kind of adding a lot of intelligence, and mechanisms sort of coordinate and wire that information together. And a larger emergent intelligence appears.

    And we are very familiar with one mechanism by which this happens, namely the economic markets, which is the focus of your world. But I think we are just seeing the emergence of an entirely different mechanism that works on the same principles. And I've written quite a bit about this as well, both in the original thread and in subsequent tweets and newsletters. But I think of this as what I call the graph mind. You can call it the high brain. I also think of it as the global social computer in the cloud.

    But, the idea is that this is an extraordinarily powerful computing and intelligence-extracting mechanism that functions something like a market. It's a big distributed computer. But to participate in it, you have to be willing to let your individuality be subsumed in the larger conversation.

    So, when you're on Twitter and bantering back and forth with a bunch of other smart people, what you say and what you do and the memes and the clever coinages you come up with--that matters. But who you are doesn't. So this is why one of my metrics of success for myself as a blogger and very online person is, there's nothing better than seeing a meme that you helped create, sort of propagate through the wilderness of social media and nobody knows where it came from. I'm often like really pleased when that happens.

    And I've done that a few times. Like one of the coinages I have been credited with is the phrase 'premium mediocre,' which comes from an article I wrote called "The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millennial." That blog was a viral hit; a lot of people appreciated it. But what I loved even more was: as that idea percolated through the zeitgeist, through the global social computer in the cloud, and I do Twitter searches, a lot of people are now starting to use it in roughly the way I intended in coining it, and have no idea where it came from. And it's lovely. It's like I have added a small, I don't know, a vitamin pill of intelligence to the discourse, and it's hopefully making the competition and processing of information a little bit more efficient. So, my reaction to this is both surprise and delight at being able to do this.

    But for a lot of people, the reaction when this happens is utter dismay. They feel they've been appropriated; they feel their best thinking has been diluted and leaked out into the wilderness rather than captured and monetized.

    And I think that comes from the sense of what I've been calling 'fear of being ordinary.' So you've got 'fear of missing out,' which is a syndrome we sometimes think of people like myself having, which is we're online all the time and are afraid we'll miss some exciting new thing that happens. But fear of being ordinary is when you let yourself be that online sort of gonzo present in social media, you kind of lose your individuality and you become just part of this computational soup. And great things come out of the computational soup, but chances are you're not going to get what you think of is the appropriate level of credit for that. So Waldenponding in one sense is a retreat to reclaim your individuality.

    So, I have been playing around with metaphors like: you're doing an attention stock buyback and shrinking sort of your presence even at the expense of doing less in the world; You claim more credits for what you do in fact do. So there's a fear of being ordinary. You want to live in a domain where you can claim authorial credit--authorship for the ideas you come up with. You want to be a legible part of a tradition you want to associate yourself with. Like, I looked up your work and you're--what is it?--a fourth generation Chicago school economist, right? And that's a well known legible tradition. You can draw genealogy of generations of economists who worked on a set of ideas and you can trace the descent of ideas.

    So that's one kind of idea space where you can kind of trace the provenance of ideas. And that's great. And it's a kind of idea space we are very comfortable being in. It has a calculus of merit and credit and appreciation and advancement and rewards. But on the other hand, you have this great new thing coming up. It can compute answers to questions that are much more complex and subtle than we could ever compute with either the academic tradition or the market tradition or the journalistic tradition. And we have to get used to working in that mode. So my reaction to this is delight; but for a lot of people it's fear of being ordinary, fear of sort of having their individuality lost, even if the output is extraordinarily enlightened insights.


    Russ Roberts: Yeah. So, I'll just add a couple things to that. I think that's a very deep thought actually. And I liked--you talked about the essay FOMO and FOBO--Fear of Missing Out and Fear of Being Ordinary. And my first thought was, when I read that was, 'Well, I'm not really afraid of being ordinary. I have my followers on Twitter. They see what I write. My name's attached to it.'

    But you're making a deeper point. I want to try to, let me try to expand on it a little bit. So, somebody gave me your name or I saw a reference to something you wrote on Ribbonfarm, maybe two years ago. And I looked at it, and I thought, 'You know, I'm not sure that's going to make a good EconTalk, but I wish it did. It's interesting, but I'm going to leave it alone.' I put it down and I forgot about you. And then, somewhere along the line, somehow--I don't know how--this Waldenponding piece got referenced to me.

    I didn't see you in the hall and say, 'What have you written lately?' and you said, 'Oh, You'll like this.' Somehow, and my wife always says, 'How'd you find out about X?' I always say, 'How do I know?' I don't know how to answer that. Twitter, email, suggestions. I get emails from listeners. So, let's pretend somebody actually sent this to me. It's possible. I've forgotten. I haven't keep track of it. So it's a nice idea to say, 'My guest today is Venkatesh Rao and I want to thank so-and-so for suggesting it.' I've forgotten that.

    Worse, I have a quote in my Adam Smith book that starts off 'The universe is full of dots.' And I'm not going to quote it verbatim here, but gist of the quote is: the secret is not what you can do by connecting the dots. The real question is why did you leave out all the other dots you could have included? It's a deep and beautiful way to talk about cherry picking. And people think I said that, because it's in my book; it gets quoted on Twitter all the time. I didn't say it. Sam Thomsen, who I don't know; but I like to point it out. Because it's such a wonderful quote, I like to give him credit.

    But as you're pointing out now, you can argue that it's really not important who gets the credit. Now, our egos want the credit. And you could argue as an economist--I'm not going to--that by giving credit, we encourage people to look for more ideas. I think that's kind of silly. I don't think that's why we're generating ideas and clever thoughts. Some of it it's ego. Some of it it's just the part of being human and the delight we get in wordplay.

    So Waldenponding--I don't think you sat around saying, 'This is going to make me more money. I'm going to get to be on more media and I'm going to be able to charge more when I speak.' You just enjoyed the phrase. You thought of it. It was a moment of eureka.

    But the other point I want to make--and I think this, to come back to your, this idea of the fear of being ordinary--I think there's a tribalism and an identity issue here. So, I'm much less of a Chicago economist than I was when I came out of graduate school. I've sort of shucked off some of that identity. It's kind of a, more like my town than where I live now. And I kind of like that. I'm proud of it because it is this heritage and tradition; and I kind of like that I've moved away. I've made my own distance from it. But I have a new identity. I have a new set of clothes, a new set of style.

    And I think what you're suggesting is, is that when you we are on the internet, when we're in these social media clouds and soups and stews, and we have all these wonderful words to try to capture this emergent phenomenon called the wisdom of network conversation--when I'm in that, I kind of don't have an identity. And I think that's your point. I don't have that tribal feeling. And I do think--although I could have my tribes within it, of course: I can't help myself there. I tend to find tribes on my social media, and I think that's a human impulse we have. But ultimately, I'm submerged in the tribe. I'm submerged in Twitter.

    And what you're suggesting--and I'm going to try it out and see what you think--kind of suggesting: 'Okay, Twitter is--there's some really bad neighborhoods in Twitter. And there's some high rise apartments that look really beautiful, but once you get inside them, they're not so great. But there's also this wonderful back and forth. There's this neighborhood bar, that's virtual, where I can go hang out. And it's--unlike the bar in "Cheers," nobody knows your name. They know it literally because they see what your Twitter handle is. But, you're creating something.'

    And I think the idea that that is something noble, that that is something human, that that is something that's actually productive even, is--it's a novel idea. I think most of us think of it as just entertainment. And that's totally wrong. And I think one of your many insights here is that, you're actually participating in something quite grand that you're not even probably aware of, as is true of any emergent phenomena. We always use the ant and the ant colony. The ant knows nothing about the purpose of the ant colony. It just has this very narrow task of, say, dropping pheromones for other ants to follow to the trail of where the food is. They don't realize what the consequences are, don't think about it. So here we are, just kind of fooling around, yelling. Got my megaphone--it's a very small megaphone--on these social media platforms. And, as we all talk together, we create something unique.

    So I think it's a really beautiful idea and it's not an easy idea to sell, but I like it. And I think the fear of being ordinary, the FOBO worry, that I'll be submerged in this soup and only be a virtual cog of some sort. is part of what's going on here.

    Venkatesh Rao: Yeah, and you're right. It's one of those things that I think a lot of us are realizing at the same time, that there's something much deeper going on.

    And I want to sort of go back to a couple of things you said, like, think of the idea of like the dots you didn't connect or the fact that I pegged you as a Chicago school economist and you clarified that you've kind of drifted off that. So a lot of this idea of, like, ego-validating narrative construction that we think of as the history of an intellectual tradition or tradition of ideas--it's pure myth-making. It's just a pretty story we tell ourselves about what actually happened. It's a narrative on top of a lot of phenomenology. And, arguably it's a false sense of sort of historical clarity on top of a tradition that was never not murky. So Twitter has just made it impossible for us to lie about the truth of our intellectual tradition and histories. You might credit one person with sort of taking you down a bunny trail. You don't know about the six other people who are involved in the soup, and you just could not see the soup before. Now you can see the soup. You can see every connection that the soup is making.

    So that's one point to keep in mind: that it was always false. It's not that it became false now, but the soup has always been the actual foundation of the discourse.

    Another interesting idea is, you've got the famous Harry Truman quote--what is it? --'It's amazing what's possible when you don't care who gets the credit'?

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. Well, it's a good example because Harry Truman didn't say that.

    Venkatesh Rao: Exactly.

    Russ Roberts: It's gets attributed to Ronald Reagan who certainly--if Harry Truman said it, it probably didn't start with Ronald Reagan. Although it's a deep and obvious truth. So it could have been thought of by more than one person.

    As far as I know, the first example that I know of the coining[?] is in David McCullough's book on the Panama Canal. The engineer who built the canal said that; and I'm blanking on his name, which is perfect for this conversation, right? I'm not giving him the credit. I'm going to confuse him with the guy who built the Brooklyn Bridge. But the guy who built the Panama Canal, which took an enormous team of human beings in all different capacities said that, I think at least before Harry Truman. Carry on.

    Venkatesh Rao: So that's actually a wonderful example, and it's great that it kind of organically emerged in our conversation [?inaudible 00:32:26]. And interestingly, that phenomenon has a name. Have you heard of Stigler's Law of Eponymy?

    Russ Roberts: Of course. He was on my--

    Venkatesh Rao: He didn't come up with that.

    Russ Roberts: He was on my Committee, and I actually--my Ph.D Committee. But it's George Stigler we're talking about. And it's funny that you mention it because it crossed my mind about six minutes ago and I thought, 'Should I bring that up? Nah, I'll leave it alone.' Explain what it is.

    Venkatesh Rao: I think it's perfectly pertinent and it's wonderful that Stigler's Law of Eponymy was not actually coined by Stigler. And it's--you see this sort of thing all over the place. Like, these days when I do actually write a serious longer essay or book chapter and I actually do try to go and look for the provenance of various quotes, I'm amazed at how often that I find, like, True Quote Investigator or one of those sites, just how deep the bunny trail behind every false-attributed quote goes. It's like versions and versions and versions and in the end it gets lost in some murky thing 100 years ago. And I love that, because it tells me that books written 50, 60 years ago where you couldn't do this kind of research as easily are likely absolutely chock full of misattribution. So it's like rotten all the way through, the citational sort of web there. So it's kind of good that we're backing off from that.

    Russ Roberts: But describe--you say what it is, Stigler's Law of Eponymy. It's: Things named after people weren't discovered by them.

    Venkatesh Rao: Exactly. And I wouldn't sort of generalize that to all ideas. So, not just name things like children's or ideas, just in general. Like take Waldenponding. I know I thought of it independently, but I haven't actually done the research to see, like, in the 100-plus years since Thoreau, whether somebody else came up with that kind of satirical [?]--


    Russ Roberts: Well, it's also possible that someone else thought of it; you saw it, didn't notice it; and it somehow rose in your brand. That happens to me with other people's work; but it happens to me with my own work. I think of what I think is a novel idea, and I thought of it already, but I forgot about it.

    Venkatesh Rao: Yep. So all of this, I think what we're both getting at is the absolute richness of thought and intelligence-mining that can come up if you sort of let your identity, not necessarily be dissolved--it's not like we're all joining Twitter as a cult--but sort of set it on the side. It's not like you're losing your identity. You're just not using it at the moment. And you're diving in. So much is possible. And, when you look at the opposite of vector that a lot of people are encouraging us to go on, which is Waldenponding--which ironically, by the way, the biggest evangelists are former technologists who had a hand in designing that end. And this is like a historical pattern. The biggest evangelist for religion are the ones who left the opposing religion. Right? And it's when you've talked to--

    Russ Roberts: Sure. More Catholic than the Pope. That's where it comes--that's what that expression is about. Right? The convert is more Catholic than the Pope. It's a real thing.

    Venkatesh Rao: And you see, when you talk to, like, regular people who are not part of the Silicon Valley tech economy like we are, they're actually not as--I don't know--they don't take this as seriously. They're just rolling with it and figuring it out as they go along. And most of them are doing a reasonably good job.

    Now, this doesn't mean there aren't elements of what they're doing that aren't valuable. I do think, whereas the overall shaming campaign of shaming the tech companies into like broad manifesto-ish stuff that's, like, not helpful. There may be specific ideas of, 'All right, turn off this dark pattern; have this ability to clear dark mode.'

    All those are maybe good, but I do want to point out one exception to this general critique, which is: when you have these large, bottom-up platforms of, like, participatory conversations, and something like national cybersecurity agency with like very trained operatives gets in and they are running the equal end of information special ops and misinformation campaigns and things like that, that's something that you do have to kind of take seriously and as a special case of what's happening.

    So, hacking of election discourses and things like that is what I'm getting at. So there, yeah. But that's a very special case and that's not something the general Waldenponding, [?] retreat, works on. But the reason I'm bringing that up is if you look at this conversation we've been having it for about 15, 20 years--Nick Carr, Cal Newport on Deep Work, all that stuff. But it got particularly acute in the last three or four years for a couple of unrelated reasons. One is, you've got all this political-grade [?] and just the general PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] of being online at a toxic time. And a lot of that is caused very deliberately by focused bad actors. So, that's one thing that's getting conflated. And the other is that whether it's caused by Russian spies or, you know, generally a lot of toxic baggage being aired, part of the retreat is a pattern of healing rather than actual adaptation to a new information environment. And this, I think, is actually a legitimate thing. So, if you are, say, in, particularly in the politics part of Twitter and you're a good fit and you've been enjoying being part of the big soup computer since before 2016, but in 2016, it just got a little too toxic and you retreated--I think that's a good thing. That's a kind of information-processing hygiene that we all have to develop. We have to learn to retreat when the psychological stress is too much and then go back in when we've kind of recovered and healed a bit. So, managing your sort of emotional reactions to the discourse is actually important.

    But this again I would argue is just more intense and democratic right now. But it's always been the case. Like you could have been in an academic seminar 30 years ago where a rude older faculty member sort of said something rude and you had to go away and go on a vacation to recover from the trauma, right?

    Russ Roberts: Yeah. You got beat up. Yeah.

    Venkatesh Rao: It's a learning process.


    Russ Roberts: I want to give an example of that. And then I want to challenge your--might want to draw the boundary in a different place. So, I'm pretty active on Twitter. Sometimes I worry I'm too active. I do think if I'm not careful, I'm down in the bottom left-hand corner of your diagram on small-minded things--it's more like gossip rather than the deep exchange of ideas. And I recently--it's just it's bizarre, but it took me this long to have this cultural response--I recently started blocking people. And I feel bad--which is funny. Somebody comes online, who follows me on Twitter, somebody tweets; they are nasty. Potentially sometimes antisemitic. They are, at a minimum, rude. And the thing they do that starts to bother me so much that I now put it in my profile on Twitter is: they assume the worst about me and don't bother finding out what I actually think or say.

    Russ Roberts: And I just block them. I want to say it's in my profile: I say I now block people who do that. And at first, I thought, like, 'It makes me comfortable.' But what it's really like is a guy is, you're out in your yard and a guy comes down the street, his windows are down in his car and he yells some antisemitic or grotesque insult to you. And it's one thing to say, 'Well, just don't listen to it.' But that's hard to do. It's really hard to do. It's much better just to say, 'I'm going to go inside now. I'm not going to let this guy bug me. I'm not going to let him get at me.' And so now I just block him; and it's fantastic. It is a way to cope with this emotional part of this that I think we're really unprepared for it.

    The other example, the other metaphor I like for this--and you can steal this, thank God, and use it in your own: pretend you thought of it--is, to me, Twitter is like somebody putting a bumper sticker on my car. Right? I'm driving down the street. All of a sudden somebody slaps a bumper sticker on my car about my identity or myself. And it's like, 'No, no, no. I get to decide what bumper sticker goes on my car.' And I think that's the dark side of Twitter. And I just block people who put bumper stickers on my car that aren't really describing what kind of person I am. Okay. So, you want to say something: Go ahead.

    Venkatesh Rao: Oh, yeah: I think that's a very important point. And I actually made this point in a couple of newsletters ago: that social media has an addictive bias. You're encouraged to acquire followers, post more and more. And it has very few subtracting mechanisms like blocking and muting. And the ones that we do have are primitive and kind of a nuclear option.

    So, I would actually state your point in an even stronger form. I also initially did not like blocking because it seemed uncivil; and I think I had the wrong calibration of what civility is. But I've since gone beyond like just blocking rude people or people who are just very objectionably ideologically too far from me, and simply blocking anybody with whom I have too much problem just getting through and it's simply not worth the trouble.

    So, I love Jeff Bezos's line that Amazon is willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. So, I adopt that attitude in my role in places like Twitter, which is: I am willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. I'm part of some very productive social media, hive-mind competitions, and that I like and I want to be there and I want to be part of that conversation. But other conversations, things I might say very casually and quickly without, like, trying to be very clearly understood by people who don't know me, I am going to be misunderstood. And I'm okay with that. And quite often there's going to be an asymmetry on the part of my relationship with people who I end up confusing. So, I might have very little interest in making sure somebody else understands me correctly, but they might have a very intense interest in making sure they understand me correctly.

    And often they get annoyingly, almost jokingly, where they're like constantly dogging me to self-clarify, add detail. And I'm like, 'Sorry, this is not a useful part of a conversation for me and I'm not doing.' So, this is like a market. It's ultimately selfish individual motives. 'I'm not being altruistic here. I'm participating in conversations that are productive for me as well. And if it's not, and you're being a little too annoying, I'm going to mute or block you.' So I've done that multiple times and I become very liberal with that and it's almost become like, it's not a personal thing any more. And most of my blocks and mutes are in fact not about civility at all any more. I would say eight out of 10 of them are, 'You're just being annoying. The conversational gap between our respective computational processes in this global social computer are just too far apart. Let's not bother. It's just not worth trying to cross-pollinate intelligence across these two conversations.'

    So that's my reaction. But another sort of related phenomenon I want to point out is, I think of the most productive conversations in places like Twitter as ones that are not tribal. That don't degenerate into tribal derping. So, for me it's like confirmation and disconfirmation are the two least useful things to do on Twitter. The most useful thing is to actually find a new dimension and vector of a conversation that's neither confirmatory nor dis-confirmatory. And a lot of people don't like that. They are in such strong, you know, beef-only mode or psychology or are constantly beefing along tribal lines, all they're interested in is confirmation and dis-confirmation. And that's just not interesting because it's a kind of computation that can be run on, like, the New York Times op-ed section. It's a primitive kind of discourse. I'm just not interested. I'm interested in the more sophisticated discourses that Twitter is capable of.

    Russ Roberts: What we need is a website where there would be a microphone; you would say something like 'I like mushroom pizza,' and there would be an enormous roar of like a football stadium size crowd. You know, so that you can get fix of ego and tribal sentiment. You could have different kinds. When you say, 'I don't like so-and-so,' some political figure, the crowd would not just roar, but angrily roar and sound violent. Anyway.

    Venkatesh Rao: I think you describe Instagram.

    Russ Roberts: Instagram. I'm not much of an Instagrammer, so I can't fully respond to that.


    Russ Roberts: I want to ask you a different question. I think there are two places where I disagree with you in a more fundamental way. And I'll let you react to this. So the first one is, we've never met. You and I have never met. I have an instinctive liking for you based on the way you write and your flamboyant style. The fact that you have all kinds of insights--some of which I don't understand, by the way. Which is fun. That's a plus. That's feature, not a bug. Right? So I've read a few of your pieces before and I like them a lot. So we could imagine in the old days you'd have an article in a magazine, and I would enjoy that, and I would write you a letter. And I would say, 'Dear Mr. Rao, I really enjoyed your piece on Waldenponding. I found it very thoughtful.'

    And then I might say something like, 'I wrote a piece that's related to that you might enjoy, if your library has it, blah blah blah.' So that's a 1950s, 1970s interaction. And you'd get that letter to be fun. My father used to write poets and other people, other authors whose work he liked, and they would often write back. Here's a letter from Robert Penn Warren, which shocked me that Robert Penn Warren bothered to respond to my dad--who's in a different part in the soup. But he had time and was either flattered or thought it was important--for whatever reason he responded. It was really sweet. So that's the old style.

    Now, today, you and I could have a Twitter friendship. We could go back and forth on Twitter. We haven't, I don't think, much. I did just before an hour or two before the conversation: I tweeted an article about Thoreau and Walden that you, I saw you liked that. I thought, 'That's nice. He's paying attention. That's good. And maybe he'll read it before we do this interview. It's by Kathryn Schulz--and if we don't get to talk about it, we'll put a link up to it--where she explains Thoreau is a wicked and despicable person and a hypocrite. And the whole Waldenponding thing is nonsense.' But it's a great piece, by the way. Very thoughtful and entertaining and written with great, fervent style as Kathryn Schulz often does. So I just mentioned that in passing

    But, we could've responded. Instead of having you on EconTalk, we could have gone back and forth on Twitter. But now we got to a new level. We're having an actual conversation, audio. We video-Skyped for a minute when we started this and we could see each other.

    And then the fourth level--this is what I want to focus on. The next level would be, the next time I'm in Seattle or you're in the Washington D.C. area, we could sit down and have coffee, and that would be kind of fun just to see each other face to face. But the real, I think the more important thing would be if we could have coffee regularly--and I have friends I have coffee with regularly--a different type of conversation emerges. A different type of human experience emerges. Some of it, by the way, is overrated. Some of it is--Tyler Cowen recently defended social media versus parties. Parties are face-to-face but often loud, empty and superficial. And he's got something to say there. But, at the same time, I don't think we want to underrate deep human face-to-face connection. And I do think that the digital revolution has challenged that. And, there is a temptation to stay in my room all day, flicking through Twitter if I'm not careful. So you didn't mention anything like that. Do you want to say anything about that?

    Venkatesh Rao: Oh, absolutely. I think that's because you have, most of your life still in traditional institutions. I believe you are at Hoover. So right now, by the way, I'm not in Seattle: I'm in Los Angeles on a fellowship at the Berggruen Institute, but I've spent much of the last 10 years out in the wild, so to speak. And a lot of what you describe, for me it has happened a lot more intensely out here in the social media wild than it ever did in my institutional settings. So, for four years before I became a free agent consultant blogger, so 2006-2011, I was working at Xerox in their research group and I had like hallway interactions. And before that I was in academia for almost a decade, and I would have the same kind of hallway interactions and extended frequent coffee or lunch dates with colleagues and coworkers.

    So I had all that. In fact, there used to be a law called the 50-Foot Law, which was most collaboration happens within 50 feet. This is pre-internet. And one of the first things I ever wrote about Twitter, when I first saw Twitter--this was 2007 or 2008, one of my earliest blog posts about Twitter was the 50-Foot Rule has been sort of refactored online, and now your 50-foot zone is actually global. So now you have to reimagine that 50-foot zone as the zone of what you can think of as intimate conversations on Twitter that are likely to escalate into long, extended relationships that will actually get as intimate as physical distance and geography allows. So there are people who've literally gotten married off Twitter. So that's an extreme case.

    But yeah, over the last 10, 15 years, when I look back, I started a conference around my blog. I've had a huge number of wonderful friendships and collaborations emerge from it. There's people I meet as regularly as I can. There's Facebook groups, slacks[?], extended email threads, lots of consulting gigs have come out of this. So I would say, for my sort of extra institutional feral lifestyle for the last decade, the kind of things you say are valuable and precious about the old institutional life, I've experienced them about two x, three x more than I ever did in institutional life. So I think the reason people don't realize this is they still have enough invested in the old institutional life that they have no need to kind of develop it in the social media world. And what ends up happening if you're forced to do that is you discover that it's possible to do that stuff in a lot more deep way and a lot more flexible way. And it's only a question of how imaginative you are and how much you actually want it.


    Russ Roberts: So I think if Nick Carr--whose book, I apologize to Mr. Carr, I have not read--as you say, I think you alluded to earlier, I think he's the guy who said Google is ruining your brain. And he did have a book called The Shallows. I do remember that. What he might respond--and I'm going to disagree with him after I give his fake response, and then you can see if you agree with either of us. You might say, 'Okay, that's all nice. But the truth is, is that our face-to-face interactions have deteriorated as the internet has arisen because now our attention span is shorter. We might be face to face, but we're more likely to check our phone, respond to a text, flick through Twitter, find it hard to stay focused on a person face to face because I want to get back to my email and back to my Twitterverse.'

    And what I'm going to disagree with him, and I'm going to use your metaphor: I think that there's some truth to it, by the way. I don't think it's absurd. I think that it is harder for people to sit still at dinner. And we have a rule in our house: we don't answer the phone or look at our phones during meals. I think those are some good rules. I think that's okay. But I think there's a range of face-to-face, a range of physical interaction. You've inspired me: we'll call it--I'm sure there's a cleverer version--brick and mortaring. As a human, I need to get a pun on 'brick,' like friend and mortaring. We'll figure it out later.

    But, I have lots of face-to-face interactions that are superficial and somewhat sterile. And then we have really deep ones. We have really extraordinary connections we make with people online and then also face to face. And I don't think we've lost those. I don't think we've lost the ability to have the deep ones. And it's like your continuum of sort of gossipy superficial conversation down in the left-hand corner, and up in the right-hand corner is a profound exchange of ideas that changes the way you look at the world, that connects you to another human being in a way that creates a great emotional reward and delight.

    And I think those, if I could take the most charitable view of the internet, is that--and I can say this as the host of EconTalk--I've met more interesting people in the last 10 years face to face, certainly online, certainly over interviewing people. That's been an amazing gift and privilege to be able to do that. But the face-to-face times that I interact with people are still deeply moving and profound. And as you say, I think you're right. I think I have more of them. I have exposure to more interesting people than I did in a world where I'd have that 50-Foot Rule and only interact with the people on my corridor.

    Venkatesh Rao: Absolutely. And I would, again, I seem to be in a pattern of taking your points and refitting them in an even stronger form. But I would say, when you talk about brick and mortaring, look back at the reality of our pre-internet sort of highly brick and mortar social life. And, like Tyler Cowen said, many parties are empty. But I would elaborate on that and say: We remember the interactions that are lovely and wonderful face-to-face interactions, but we kind of block out of our memories the ones that are not. And I remember growing up, so many damn boring visits to my parents' friends, ceremonial culture of norms. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. We used to live in a culture of norms where there was an expectation of sort of polite participation in vast hours, countless hours of like really boring, tedious face time. And I hated it.

    And one of the most wonderful things that has happened as a result of the internet is that those online internet norms of 'If I'm bored, I'm going to leave,' they're actually percolating into meatspace. And the way that's happening is--for example, this became the Law of Two Feet in what used to be called open space technology and then became BarCamps. Where, when you do an unconference, you don't have the old academic conference approach of, just because of a respected elder professor is doing the keynote, you're sort of forced to sit, stay in the room, and pay attention even though bored out of your mind. You should leave. So modern unconferences have the internet-like Law of Two Feet, which is: If you're not actually interested in the conversation, if the person is boring, you get up and leave. Do something better with your time.

    And I like that that norm is shifting in a more online way. I think Nir Eyal in his book, one of his points--I'm still looking through it--he talks about, I think he calls it a phubber or something. So somebody who is, like, snubbing you with a phone at dinner. So you're at dinner and apparently you're boring your dinner partner. So that person pulls out their phone and starts checking email at the slightest interruption. Right? So that's phone snubbing, or phubbing, as he calls it. But look at what that signifies. It tells you that you're in a fundamentally boring conversation you don't want to be in.

    And though the sort of actual behavior may be obnoxious, of pulling out your phone and actually checking out literally, wouldn't it be so much nicer to not have that lunch meeting at all and to be able on Twitter to actually triage that and say, 'All right, it's been fun chatting with you for three minutes on Twitter, but I'm going to say no to coffee with you because you're probably going to bore me and I'm going to end up checking my phone. So let's not go there and insult and snub each other.' Right?

    So, I love that that has now become a possibility and we're able to make our more intimate, deeper exchanges more high yielding. More of them are meaningful ,and the ones that are meaningful are more meaningful. Right?

    And this is actually probably the biggest meta-critique I have with Waldenponding, which is it fetishizes an old style brick and mortar--and it's actually, by the way, that's actually as perverse a kind of attention hacking as the social media platforms do to you. So the social media platforms might be throwing clickbait at you and dragging you to useless articles you don't want. But equally there's all these sort of evangelists of Waldenponding who are hacking your attention with, like, ritual descriptions of 'Oh, what game nights! Wonderful world campfire lights, wonderful world, like family dinners, wonderful.' And they try to suck you back into that world and you realize that, 'You know what? That's romanticizing the past. And it never actually was that great. And I hate this freaking game night I've been sucked into.'


    Russ Roberts:

    Russ Roberts: That's awesome. Now, you remind me of my dad who often when he would, we would describe a dinner party, he would often say, 'Nyeah, I wish I'd been upstairs with my book.' It was gauche in the 1950s and the 1960s or '70s or '80s to take out a book in the middle of a conversation. But there were times when my dad would just say, 'I need to go lay down.' And he'd go upstairs and just read his book. Sometimes in the middle of a social gathering. Which had some kind of influence on me, I'm sure.

    The other thing that I have to point out, Venkat, which is unbelievably great, is that about fo


    Free Syrian Army opens fire against US convoy heading to Iraq - Russia’s Defense Ministry

    Fighters of the Free Syrian Army, allies of the Turkish Armed Forces, opened fire on Sunday against a convoy of US troops heading to Iraq, Major General Yuri Borenkov, chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of conflicting sides in Syria, told reporters at a briefing.

    Sixty Days Given by Iran to Members of Nuclear Deal to Expire on 5 November

    Two months ago, Iran opted to refuse to fulfill another part of the nuclear deal's obligations, giving its member states ⁠— the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia and China ⁠— another 60 days for its rehabilitation in an attempt to protect Tehran’s interests, which expire on 5 November.

    Russian Soyuz Rockets Provide Backbone For US Space Program w/Out US-Made Engines

    Russia is making more Soyuz spacecraft to help NASA’s ISS missions NASA warned it might need help for the next year or two. Jon Fingas, @jonfingas AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky  While the US wants to reduce its dependence on Russian rockets, Russia itself is expecting to help for a while yet. Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin recently ordered the construction of […]

    Эхо Москвы: Особое мнение Сергей Смирнов 05 ноября 2019 года 17:00 Мск Прямой эфир

    Эхо Москвы: Особое мнение Сергей Смирнов 05 ноября 2019 года 17:00 Мск Прямой эфир
    Смотреть в прямом эфире видео трансляции, а затем в записи, […]


    Путин жги! — Больше АДА!: Вся правда о путинской России: Трансляция 28 октября — 03 ноября 2019 года

    Путин жги! — Больше АДА!: Вся правда о путинской России: Трансляция 28 октября — 03 ноября 2019 года
    В России запасов нефти хватит на 33 года. А что […]


    Свобода Слова Савика Шустера: 01 ноября 2019 года 22:00 Мск Прямой эфир / Трансляция

    Свобода Слова Савика Шустера: 01 ноября 2019 года 22:00 Мск Прямой эфир / Трансляция
    Свобода Слова Савика Шустера — Шустер LIVE в новом формате […]


    Russian FM Lavrov invites all interested parties to negotiate the dispute over natural gas in East Med

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a call for dialogue to all interested parties on the ongoing disputes in energy sources in East Mediterranean.

    Adopt Luna a Russian Blue, Domestic Short Hair (Luna (

    Luna is a stunning 7 mnth old Russian Blue mixture girl who is shy at 1st but comfortable with being held and petted once she feels comfortable. She is nice with other cats, calm dogs and gentle older kids. Luna is spayed, negative for FIV and leu... see more at


    Blog Post: Russian startup sells robot clones of real people

    A Russian startup is selling autonomous robots, which buyers can choose to make look like any person on Earth. "Everyone will now be able to order a robot with any appearance — for professional or personal use. Thus, we open a huge market in service, education and entertainment. Imagine a replica of Michael Jordan selling basketball uniforms and William Shakespeare reading his own texts in a museum?" said Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Promobot, in a statement. The company's Robo-C has a neck and torso that each have three degrees of freedom of movement, but it cannot walk. Will robots like this eventually replace human workers? (Promobot). The robot's face has 18 moving parts, allowing it to make 600 "micro-expressions," and its artificial intelligence contains 100,000 speech modules. "Promobot believes that a robot like this is capable of removing the barrier in human-machine interaction and replacing a number of employees in crowded places– post offices, banks, and municipal institutions," the company states in a press release. However, the android -- which Promobot calls a "completely anthropomorphic machine," only has 8 hours of battery life.

    Gotham City Digest: Der Gropenführer edition

    (Where we vow to never grope your pecs from behind.)

         Donnie Dumbo wants to pull firefighting funding from California. Then again, this is a fucking moron who thinks that windmills cause cancer.

         I just sent a nice long email to the right wing shyster who wrote this, in which he claimed that Omar was wrong in quoting Trump as saying Neonazis are "very fine people." He most certainly did and I made sure to let this clown know that and a lot more. I'll post the results later in a full post. This fucking guy's unreal.

         "Aiming to win back public confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX, major US airliners are reportedly planning to hold demonstration flights with senior company officials, but not real passengers, on board to prove the model is safe. "
          I bet they'll be buying a shitload of life insurance.

          Since I move exclusively in adult circles, I have to say I haven't seen behavior like this on a daily basis since grade school.

          #somuchwinning #somuchborrowing

          Another Trump scam. Shocking, I know. Or maybe, no one wants to eat with him.

          The trouble with this, besides the obvious, is that you can't drag a pig into the mud when it's already in it. Trump is already up to his bizarre comb over in the mire. He is to sleaze what Bill Gates is to software. Seriously, Trump threatening to launch a smear campaign against Vindman, a Jewish officer, is like the Dreyfus Affair 2.0. And, speaking of whom...

           That's right. Some right winger called up CSPAN and compared Lt. Col. Vindman to the Nazi propagandist. This is what happens when you get 100% of your news from Trump's Twitter feed.

            Jay Sekulow's already vowed they would fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. The right wingers on the court will probably rule forcing Trump to turn over his tax returns would amount to a violation of his 4th Amendment rights or some silly shit like that.

            California? Fuck 'em. They're Commie pinkos out to hurt America! Russia First!

            Kurt Suzuki will never live down this moment as long as he lives, not with his wife, his kids, grandkids or the nursing home orderlies.

            At this point, I look at Never Trumper Republicans like useful idiots and, yes, I count George Will in that number. People such as Will are acting shocked as if Trump is the first bad Republican "president" to come down the pike. These fireflies of clarity that occasionally go off in Will's brain, as well as other idiots such as Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and George Conway also gave Bush full-throated praise even as he stole the presidency twice and got us into two wars in which we're STILL engaged, bankrupting the Treasury and borrowing trillions from the Chinese to pay off those and his ruinous tax cuts. They each stood by and did nothing even as we tortured human beings for useless information. So, no, I will not listen to these right wingers as if they're the new voices of moral clarity. We got war criminals like Bush in the White House because of their right wing snuffling about how evil Socialism and liberalism is. Fuck 'em all. So, please, keep doing damage to Donnie Dumbo's "presidential" legacy. The next time a more moderate Republican gets in the WH, they'll sneak back into the party and start preaching the usual right wing orthodoxy. You just wait and see. Then remember what I said here in 2019.

           Remember when Nixon called Walter Cronkite before deciding to fire Archibald Cox? Yeah, me neither.
           But this is how clueless our government is.The morons running Foggy Bottom are so stupid, they're leaving personnel decisions with grave geopolitical implications to Sean Hannity, a guy who once ran a failed dating site.

           This is the REAL Richard Spenser when he's not getting free air time from CNN. This is one of the assholes Trump calls "very fine people."

           Hey, if Donnie Dumbo wants to bankrupt someone else besides the American taxpayer for his sporting outings, it might as well be the RNC.

            Meme intermission.

         Among the many disturbing revelations in the full testimonies and depositions of Marie Yovanoviych and Michael McKinley that were released by the House Intelligence Committee today was Marie Yovanovitch fearing for her life if she didn't get out of Ukraine as a colleague warned her to do. Another was Gordon Sondland telling her to "get big or get out" and to go on Twitter and support the "president."

           Speaking of which, for anyone that cares to read them in full, here are the links to the released testimonies of Michael McKinley and Masha Yovanovitch.

            It's Tuesday afternoon so have lunch with Volbeat, some of the best Dad rock on the planet.

            Anti-choice pregnancy centers are sometimes the worst choice a mother can make.

           When you don't have the guts to break the law, go the Rand Paul route and demand others do it for you.

            Make ISIS Great Again.

           "Went there, bitch."

          This is how toxic the Republican brand is: They're so ashamed of running as Republicans, they try to deceive voters into thinking they're Democrats.

         More right wing rat-fuckery. Note these Republican scumbags aren't defending Trump so they resort to sophomoric horseshit like this to slow the impeachment process.

          If Trump isn't a good racist, it isn't for lack of relentless trying.

          Wouldn't it be something if South Carolina, of all states, had two black senators?

          I always hate seeing those lying right wing losers at Project Veritas made artificially relevant but this hot mic moment that O'Keefe caught shows another major tv network actively suppressing a sex scandal story. NBC did the same thing with Ronan Farrow and his story about Harvey Weinstein. And it appears Amy Robach ran into stiff resistance from ABC brass in getting her interview with Virginia Roberts about Jeffrey Epstein on the air. By way of mollifying her, they're doing a six part podcast next year that virtually no one will watch, over six months after Epstein's death. And the MSM wonder why they're no longer trusted. And finally...

          Now you know why the Tory scumbags want to privatize the NHS. Imagine how much these leeches would rake in for executive bonuses if THAT were to happen.


    Adam W. is drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Fool's Russian at Sonka Irish Pub

    (3.5/5 Stars)

    Andy C. is drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Fool's Russian at Sonka Irish Pub

    This seems way too smooth for a 12.5. (4.25/5 Stars)

    Niki F. is drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Fool's Russian at Sonka Irish Pub

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    Andy L. is drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Fool's Russian at Sonka Irish Pub

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    Taylor S. is drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Fool's Russian at Sonka Irish Pub


    Michael C. is drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Fool's Russian at Sonka Irish Pub

    (4.25/5 Stars)

    Russia, Explained #9 by Novaya Gazeta. “Sovereign Internet” begins — Critical medicine shortages — Anti-landfill protests

    “Sovereign Internet” begins — Critical medicine shortages — Anti-landfill protests

    (USA-TX-HOUSTON) Audit Director

    ORGANIZATION SUMMARY Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in more than 80 countries and has a network of approximately 700 locations, including manufacturing, service, research and development, and training facilities and employs approximately 26,500 people. Weatherford delivers innovative technologies and services designed to meet the world’s current and future energy needs in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner. Grounded by our core values and inspired by our world-class people, we are committed to being a trusted business partner to those we serve. JOB DESCRIPTION The Audit Director reports to the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) and is responsible for leading the Corporate Audit team. The Audit Director, in this high visibility role, works collaboratively with the CAE to set the strategic direction for the Assurance group and also partners with company leadership to develop a risk-based audit plan to assess, report on, and make suggestions for improving the company’s internal controls. The Audit Director participates in internal control and other leadership committees to promote and sustain a strong internal control environment. The Audit Director is also responsible for directing auditing activities in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, which encompasses managing and developing the audit team, scheduling audit engagements, and overseeing the effective execution of financial, operational, and compliance audits in accordance with the annually approved audit plan. The Audit Director gains broad insights into the company’s strategic direction, operations, standards and business practices. Coupled with a focus on leadership development, the role provides excellent “readiness training” to take on other leadership positions within the company. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Establish and maintain open, professional and collaborative relationships with all levels of management Staff recruiting, development and retention Develop standards to align with International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing Particiapte on Internal Control and Other Leadership Committees Prepare annual risk assessment and audit plan Direct audit execution—scheduling, planning, fieldwork, reporting, staff evaluations, and issue remediation Oversee audit program development and updates LEADERSHIP TRAITS Leadership presence: confident communicating with all levels of management Ability to establish open, professional and collaborative relationships with all levels of management Able to execute strategic and tactical plans Strong communicator: excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills -- persuasive Effective team builder: able to promote and sustain a collaborative working environment Personal and professional integrity Leadership: willing and able to mentor and lead audit staff to expedite staff development Strong work ethic: self-starter who is motivated to excel Values diversity: encourages active participation and exchange of ideas and perspectives Ambiguity tolerant: demonstrates patience to effectively manage through evolving objective/goals Strong time management skills: ability to prioritize tasks and objectives--effective multi-tasker QUALIFICATIONS EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE Minimum 15 years of audit (internal or external) or company experience Minimum of 7 years of leadership experience (direct reports) Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or other related fields Professional Certification (CPA, CIA, CMA, CFE, etc.) Strong knowledge of US GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Proficient in Microsoft Office PREFERRED Experience in public accounting firm and/or with a listed company (min 5 years) Bilingual (Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian) Experience using ERP Systems (JDE, SAP, and Hyperion) OTHER Willing to travel domestically and internationally -- up to 35%. POSITION SPECIFIC DETAILS Weatherford offers competitive compensation and benefits upon hire; including paid vacation to start, matching 401K program, comprehensive benefits program and opportunities for on-going training and career development. VEVRAA Federal Contractor – Priority Referral Requested Weatherford is an Equal Opportunity Employer Females/ Minorities/ Veterans/Disabled and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status. REQNUMBER: 81718-1A

    (RUS-NIZHNEVARTOVSK) CREW CHIEF TRS/ Руководитель группы

    JOB DESCRIPTION Ensuring high quality of process operations during downhole equipment running in while drilling, completion and workover. 1 Perform maintenance, operating, repair and storage of service equipment used for full range of services associated with tubular running including torque-turns monitoring computer systems and mechanization systems. 2 Perform tubular running/pulling operations while drilling, well completion and workover in compliance with requirements of industrial safety, fire safety and industrial sanitation and health. 3 Maintain equipment and tools in compliance with instructions, ensure its functionality before beginning of operation. Any malfunction of equipment must be rectified prior to operational use. 4 Keep track of operations, certification, testing and maintenance schedule of entrusted equipment, tools, lifting devices, slings, stock, safety railings, etc. 5 Maintain proper documentation and reporting in established controlled formats on performed work associated with job duties with obligatory reflection of complete information on tubular running/pulling operations, equipment maintenance and logistics. Keep records in appropriate logs at workshop and rig site conditions including tracking of spare parts used and supplied. 6 Use of operations equipment, tools and devices only in accordance with their intended purpose, subject to necessary certification available conducting installation (deinstallation) at Customer's facilities and Weatherford operations bases and in accordance with instructions and safety regulations 7 Treat equipment and tools with due care, maintain it in safe, operating and clean condition, do not leave operating equipment unattended. 8 Know phone numbers of management, HSE engineer, contacts for emergencies. 9 Comply with and follow HSE engineer's instructions. 10 Ensure compliance with company policy on periodical medical check-ups. 11 Keep track of availability and validity of required certificates, permits and other documents related to job duties. 12 Perform duties of slinger 2 or 3 class, automobile fork lift operator and driver, inspector MPI, operator ComCam on temporary basis (in absence of basic workers) subject to availability of appropriate permits to work, certificates and entitlements. 13. Responsibility for assigned personnel, tools and equipment. 14.Responsibility for the improper performance or failure to perform his duties under this job description as well as workplace safety rules, regulations and requirements of works provisions in force in the company, within the limits defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation. QUALIFICATIONS Purpose and structure of equipment, tools, accessories, and machinery used for Tubular Running Services. Possess knowledge of well structure and understand the main stages and processes of well construction. Regulations and standards of HSE, Industrial, Labor safety and industrial sanitation First Aid Skills PC user level skills including MicroSoft Office POSITION SPECIFIC DETAILS REQNUMBER: 81809-1A


    JOB DESCRIPTION HSE Advisor ORGANIZATION SUMMARY Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in over 90 countries and has a network of approximately 1,000 locations, including manufacturing, service, research and development, and training facilities and employs approximately 29,500 people. Weatherford delivers innovative technologies and services designed to meet the world’s current and future energy needs in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner. Grounded by our core values and inspired by our world-class people, we are committed to being a trusted business partner to those we serve. JOB duties Provides for safe and healthy working conditions in Weatherford, LLC and ensures compliance of the Company’s production operations with national occupational health and safety standards, regulatory documents governing occupational health and safety matters, regulations and regulatory documents of Weatherford, LLC, and the Company’s standards. Ensures safety and labour protection at work sites, conducts audits of the technical condition of buildings, installations, equipment, safety and protective devices. Develops new and brings current regulations, policies, work programs in compliance with the industrial safety requirements. Contributes to creation of an efficient preventive mechanism against traumatism and accidents within the framework of the company’s operational development Draws up instructive documents to ensure arrangement of HSE activity and observance of the HSE requirements in the Company. Provides for bringing the Company’s standards in line with legal and regulatory documents of the Russian Federation. QUALIFICATIONS Work experience not less 3 years, diploma, ready for rotation. REQNUMBER: 81787-1A

    Федералы оценили уровень развития въездного туризма в Приморье

    По результатам исследования, проведенного Центром информационных коммуникаций «Рейтинг», журналом о внутреннем туризме «Отдых в России» и журналом о въездном туризме для иностранной аудитории Tourism & Leisure in Russia, регион расположился на третьем месте по уровню развития туротрасли после Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга.

    Dmitry Orlov, "The 5 Stages of Economic Collapse"

    "The 5 Stages of Economic Collapse"
    by Dmitry Orlov

    "Elizabeth Kübler-Ross defined the five stages of coming to terms with grief and tragedy as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, and applied it quite successfully to various forms of catastrophic personal loss, such as death of a loved one, sudden end to one's career, and so forth. Several thinkers, notably James Howard Kunstler and, more recently John Michael Greer, have pointed out that the Kübler-Ross model is also quite terrifyingly accurate in reflecting the process by which society as a whole (or at least the informed and thinking parts of it) is reconciling itself to the inevitability of a discontinuous future, with our institutions and life support systems undermined by a combination of resource depletion, catastrophic climate change, and political impotence.

    But so far, little has been said specifically about the finer structure of these discontinuities. Instead, there is to be found continuum of subjective judgments, ranging from "a severe and prolonged recession" (the prediction we most often read in the financial press), to Kunstler's evocative but unscientific-sounding "clusterf**k," to the ever-popular "Collapse of Western Civilization," painted with an ever-wider brush-stroke.

    For those of us who have already gone through all of the emotional stages of reconciling ourselves to the prospect of social and economic upheaval, it might be helpful to have a more precise terminology that goes beyond such emotionally charged phrases. Defining a taxonomy of collapses might prove to be more than just an intellectual exercise: based on our abilities and circumstances, some of us may be able to specifically plan for a certain stage of collapse as a temporary, or even permanent, stopping point.

    Even if society at the current stage of socioeconomic complexity will no longer be possible, and even if, as Tainter points in his "Collapse of Complex Societies," there are circumstances in which collapse happens to be the correct adaptive response, it need not automatically cause a population crash, with the survivors disbanding into solitary, feral humans dispersed in the wilderness and subsisting miserably. Collapse can be conceived of as an orderly, organized retreat rather than a rout.

    For instance, the collapse of the Soviet Union - our most recent and my personal favorite example of an imperial collapse - did not reach the point of political disintegration of the republics that made it up, although some of them (Georgia, Moldova) did lose some territory to separatist movements. And although most of the economy shut down for a time, many institutions, including the military, public utilities, and public transportation, continued to function throughout. And although there was much social dislocation and suffering, society as a whole did not collapse, because most of the population did not lose access to food, housing, medicine, or any of the other survival necessities. The command-and-control structure of the Soviet economy largely decoupled the necessities of daily life from any element of market psychology, associating them instead with physical flows of energy and physical access to resources. Thus situation, as I argue in my forthcoming book, Reinventing Collapse, allowed the Soviet population to inadvertently achieve a greater level of collapse-preparedness than is currently possible in the United States.

    Having given a lot of thought to both the differences and the similarities between the two superpowers - the one that has collapsed already, and the one that is collapsing as I write this - I feel ready to attempt a bold conjecture, and define five stages of collapse, to serve as mental milestones as we gauge our own collapse-preparedness and see what can be done to improve it.

    Rather than tying each phase to a particular emotion, as in the Kübler-Ross model, the proposed taxonomy ties each of the five collapse stages to the breaching of a specific level of trust, or faith, in the status quo. Although each stage causes physical, observable changes in the environment, these can be gradual, while the mental flip is generally quite swift. It is something of a cultural universal that nobody (but a real fool) wants to be the last fool to believe in a lie.

    The 5 Stages of Collapse:

    Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in "business as usual" is lost. The future is no longer assumed resemble the past in any way that allows risk to be assessed and financial assets to be guaranteed. Financial institutions become insolvent; savings are wiped out, and access to capital is lost.

    Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that "the market shall provide" is lost. Money is devalued and/or becomes scarce, commodities are hoarded, import and retail chains break down, and widespread shortages of survival necessities become the norm.

    Stage 3:  Political collapse. Faith that "the government will take care of you" is lost. As official attempts to mitigate widespread loss of access to commercial sources of survival necessities fail to make a difference, the political establishment loses legitimacy and relevance.

    Stage 4: Social collapse. Faith that "your people will take care of you" is lost. As local social institutions, be they charities, community leaders, or other groups that rush in to fill the power vacuum, run out of resources or fail through internal conflict.

    Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in the goodness of humanity is lost. People lose their capacity for "kindness, generosity, consideration, affection, honesty, hospitality, compassion, charity" (Turnbull, The Mountain People). Families disband and compete as individuals for scarce resources. The new motto becomes "May you die today so that I die tomorrow" (Solzhenitsyn, “The Gulag Archipelago”).

    Although many people imagine collapse to be a sort of elevator that goes to the sub-basement (our Stage 5) no matter which button you push, no such automatic mechanism can be discerned. Rather, driving us all to Stage 5 will require that a concerted effort be made at each of the intervening stages. That all the players seem poised to make just such an effort may give this collapse the form a classical tragedy - a conscious but inexorable march to perdition - rather than a farce ("Oops! Ah, here we are, Stage 5." - "So, whom do we eat first?" - "Me! I am delicious!") Let us sketch out this process.

    Financial collapse, as we are are currently observing it, consists of two parts. One is that a part of the general population is forced to move, no longer able to afford the house they bought based on inflated assessments, forged income numbers, and foolish expectations of endless asset inflation. Since, technically, they should never have been allowed to buy these houses, and were only able to do so because of financial and political malfeasance, this is actually a healthy development. The second part consists of men in expensive suits tossing bundles of suddenly worthless paper up in the air, ripping out their remaining hair, and (some of us might uncharitably hope) setting themselves on fire on the steps of the Federal Reserve. They, to express it in their own vernacular, "f**ked up," and so this is also just as it should be.

    The government response to this could be to offer some helpful homilies about "the wages of sin" and to open a few soup kitchens and flop houses in a variety of locations including Wall Street. The message would be: "You former debt addicts and gamblers, as you say, 'f**ked up,' and so this will really hurt for a long time. We will never let you anywhere near big money again. Get yourselves over to the soup kitchen, and bring your own bowl, because we don't do dishes." This would result in a stable Stage 1 collapse - the Second Great Depression.

    However, this is unlikely, because in the US the government happens to be debt addict and gambler number one. As individuals, we may have been as virtuous as we wished, but the government will have still run up exorbitant debts on our behalf. Every level of government, from local municipalities and authorities, which need the financial markets to finance their public works and public services, to the federal government, which relies on foreign investment to finance its endless wars, is addicted to public debt. They know they cannot stop borrowing, and so they will do anything they can to keep the game going for as long as possible.

    About the only thing the government currently seems it fit to do is extend further credit to those in trouble, by setting interest rates at far below inflation, by accepting worthless bits of paper as collateral and by pumping money into insolvent financial institutions. This has the effect of diluting the dollar, further undermining its value, and will, in due course, lead to hyperinflation, which is bad enough in any economy, but is especially serious for one dominated by imports. As imports dry up and the associated parts of the economy shut down, we pass Stage 2: Commercial Collapse.

    As businesses shut down, storefronts are boarded up and the population is left largely penniless and dependent on FEMA and charity for survival, the government may consider what to do next. It could, for example, repatriate all foreign troops and set them to work on public works projects designed to directly help the population. It could promote local economic self-sufficiency, by establishing community-supported agriculture programs, erecting renewable energy systems, and organizing and training local self-defence forces to maintain law and order. The Army Corps of Engineers could be ordered to bulldoze buildings erected on former farmland around city centers, return the land to cultivation, and to construct high-density solar-heated housing in urban centers to resettle those who are displaced. In the interim, it could reduce homelessness by imposing a steep tax on vacant residential properties and funneling the proceeds into rent subsidies for the indigent. With plenty of luck, such measures may be able to reverse the trend, eventually providing for a restoration of pre-Stage 2 conditions.

    This may or may not be a good plan, but in any case it is rather unrealistic, because the United States, being so deeply in debt, will be forced to accede to the wishes of its foreign creditors, who own a lot of national assets (land, buildings, and businesses) and who would rather see a dependent American population slaving away working off their debt than a self-sufficient one, conveniently forgetting that they have mortgaged their children's futures to pay for military fiascos, big houses, big cars, and flat-screen television sets. Thus, a much more likely scenario is that the federal government (knowing who butters their bread) will remain subservient to foreign financial interests. It will impose austerity conditions, maintain law and order through draconian means, and aid in the construction of foreign-owned factory towns and plantations. As people start to think that having a government may not be such a good idea, conditions become ripe for Stage 3.

    If Stage 1 collapse can be observed by watching television, observing Stage 2 might require a hike or a bicycle ride to the nearest population center, while Stage 3 collapse is more than likely to be visible directly through one's own living-room window, which may or may not still have glass in it. After a significant amount of bloodletting, much of the country becomes a no-go zone for the remaining authorities. Foreign creditors decide that their debts might not be repaid after all, cut their losses and depart in haste. The rest of the world decides to act as if there is no such place as The United States - because "nobody goes there any more." So as not to lose out on the entertainment value, the foreign press still prints sporadic fables about Americans who eat their young, much as they did about Russia following the Soviet collapse. A few brave American expatriates who still come back to visit bring back amazing stories of a different kind, but everyone considers them eccentric and perhaps a little bit crazy.

    Stage 3 collapse can sometimes be avoided by the timely introduction of international peacekeepers and through the efforts of international humanitarian NGOs. In the aftermath of a Stage 2 collapse, domestic authorities are highly unlikely to have either the resources or the legitimacy, or even the will, to arrest the collapse the dynamic and reconstitute themselves in a way that the population would accept.

    As stage 3 collapse runs its course, the power vacuum left by the now defunct federal, state and local government is filled by a variety of new power structures. Remnants of former law enforcement and military, urban gangs, ethnic mafias, religious cults and wealthy property owners all attempt to build their little empires on the ruins of the big one, fighting each other over territory and access to resources. This is the age of Big Men: charismatic leaders, rabble-rousers, ruthless Macchiavelian princes and war lords. In the luckier places, they find it to their common advantage to pool their resources and amalgamate into some sort of legitimate local government, while in the rest their jostling for power leads to a spiral of conflict and open war.

    Stage 4 collapse occurs when society becomes so disordered and impoverished that it can no longer support the Big Men, who become smaller and smaller, and eventually fade from view. Society fragments into extended families and small tribes of a dozen or so families, who find it advantageous to band together for mutual support and defense. This is the form of society that has existed over some 98.5% of humanity's existence as a biological species, and can be said to be the bedrock of human existence. Humans can exist at this level of organization for thousands, perhaps millions of years. Most mammalian species go extinct after just a few million years, but, for all we know, Homo Sapiens still have a million or two left.

    If pre-collapse society is too atomized, alienated and individualistic to form cohesive extended families and tribes, or if its physical environment becomes so disordered and impoverished that hunger and starvation become widespread, then Stage 5 collapse becomes likely. At this stage, a simpler biological imperative takes over, to preserve the life of the breeding couples. Families disband, the old are abandoned to their own devices, and children are only cared for up to age 3. All social unity is destroyed, and even the couples may disband for a time, preferring to forage on their own and refusing to share food. This is the state of society described by the anthropologist Colin Turnbull in his book "The Mountain People." If society prior to Stage 5 collapse can be said to be the historical norm for humans, Stage 5 collapse brings humanity to the verge of physical extinction.

    As we can easily imagine, the default is cascaded failure: each stage of collapse can easily lead to the next, perhaps even overlapping it. In Russia, the process was arrested just past Stage 3: there was considerable trouble with ethnic mafias and even some warlordism, but government authority won out in the end. In my other writings, I go into a lot of detail in describing the exact conditions that inadvertently made Russian society relatively collapse-proof. Here, I will simply say that these ingredients are not currently present in the United States.

    While attempting to arrest collapse at Stage 1 and Stage 2 would probably be a dangerous waste of energy, it is probably worth everyone's while to dig in their heels at Stage 3, definitely at Stage 4, and it is quite simply a matter of physical survival to avoid Stage 5. In certain localities - those with high population densities, as well as those that contain dangerous nuclear and industrial installations - avoiding Stage 3 collapse is rather important, to the point of inviting foreign troops and governments in to maintain order and avoid disasters. Other localities may be able to prosper indefinitely at Stage 3, and even the most impoverished environments may be able to support a sparse population subsisting indefinitely at Stage 4.

    Although it is possible to prepare directly for surviving Stage 5, this seems like an altogether demoralizing thing to attempt. Preparing to survive Stages 3 and 4 may seem somewhat more reasonable, while explicitly aiming for Stage 3 may be reasonable if you plan to become one of the Big Men. Be that as it may, I must leave such preparations as an exercise for the reader. My hope is that these definitions of specific stages of collapse will enable a more specific and fruitful discussion than the one currently dominated by such vague and ultimately nonsensical terms as "the collapse of Western civilization.”


    Very Expensive Poison The Definitive Story Of The Murder Of Litvinenko And Russias War With The West English Edition

    Very Expensive Poison The Definitive Story Of The Murder Of Litvinenko And Russias War With The West English Edition

    Re: How much respect is due to the office of Smearer in Chief?

    p@$$ygrabber in chief - make russia great again

    trumpettes - pride in ignorance

    can't wait for all the partisans who are ruining their futures for this tax cheat, racist, traitor, full of lies, sexist, corrupt, cowardly, morally bankrupt, neo-fascist, conman, snake oil salesman, to get their due..
    Posted by happyfew

    Catching the Wolf of Wall Street: More Incredible True Stories of Fortunes, Schemes, Parties, and Prison - Jordan Belfort - Биографии и Мемуары


    In this astounding account, Wall Street’s notorious bad boy—the original million-dollar-a-week stock chopper—leads us through a drama worthy of  *The Sopranos* , from the FBI raid on his estate to the deal he cut to rat out his oldest friends and colleagues to the conscience he eventually found. With his kingdom in ruin, not to mention his marriage, the Wolf faced his greatest challenge yet: how to navigate a gauntlet of judges and lawyers, hold on to his kids and his enraged model wife, and possibly salvage his self-respect. It wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, for a man with an unprecedented appetite for excess, it was going to be hell. But the man at the center of one of the most shocking scandals in financial history soon sees the light of what matters most: his sobriety, and his future as a father and a man. **
    ### Review
    **Book Description**
    In the go-go nineties Jordan Belfort proved to Wall Street that you didn’t need to be on Wall Street to make a fortune in the stock market. But his company, Stratton Oakmont, worked differently. His young Long Island wannabes didn’t know from turnaround plans or fiduciary trust. Instead, they knew how to separate wealthy investors from their cash, and spend it as fast as it came in--on hookers, yachts, and drugs. But when Jordan’s empire crashed, the man who had become legend was cornered into a five-year stint cooperating with the feds. This continuation of his Wall Street Journal bestseller, *The Wolf of Wall Street* , tells the true story of his spectacular flameout and imprisonment for stock fraud.
    In this astounding account, Wall Street’s notorious bad boy--and original million-dollar-a-month stock chopper--leads us through a drama worthy of *The Sopranos* , from his early rise to power to the FBI raid on his estate to the endless indictments at his arrest, to his deal with a bloodthirsty prosecutor to rat out his oldest friends and colleagues--while they were doing the same. With his kingdom in ruin, not to mention his marriage, the Wolf faced his greatest challenge yet: how to navigate a gauntlet of judges and lawyers, hold on to his kids and his enraged model wife--and possibly salvage his self-respect. It wasn’t going to be easy. In fact, for a man with an unprecedented appetite for excess, it was going to be hell. From a wired conversation at an Italian restaurant, where Jordan’s conscience finally kicks in, to a helicopter ride with an underage knockout that will become his ultimate undoing, here is the tale of a young genius on a roller coaster of harrowing highs--and more harrowing lows. But as the countdown to his moment in court begins, after one last crazy bout with a madcap Russian beauty queen, the man at the center of one of the most outrageous scandals in financial history sees the light of what matters most: his sobriety, and his future as a father and a man. Will a prison term be his first step toward redemption?
    * * *
    **Amazon Exclusive: Jordan Belfort on *Catching the Wolf of Wall Street** *
    At this moment, our financial system has all but imploded. Real estate prices have plummeted, Wall Street's most venerable investment banks have gone belly up, the credit-crunch has brought the economy to a grinding halt, and once-thriving cities have been turned into financial Hiroshimas, with foreclosed homes littering every block and abandoned pets roaming the streets.
    When I wrote my first book, *The Wolf of Wall Street* , I wanted it to serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who was living a life of unbridled hedonism, to anyone who thought there was something glamorous about being known as a Wolf of Wall Street. Now, with *Catching the Wolf of Wall Street* , the dire economic straits we find ourselves in have made that desire even more powerful. *Catching the Wolf of Wall Street* is an eye-opening glance into the self-destruction of my own life, as a result of my own criminal actions. In short, I get my comeuppance...and then some. You might find many of the chapters to be completely hysterical (reading about someone else’s pain can be that way sometimes, especially when they deserve to feel pain, like I did), but I can assure that writing this book was an incredibly painful undertaking, especially the parts that dealt with my separation from my children when I went to jail. I shed many a tear, dredging up those memories, and I found myself having a renewed appreciation for some of life’s simpler things, like freedom, for one. That being said, when I look back at it all, I can only come to one sad conclusion: that I lived one of the most dysfunctional lives on the planet. I put money before integrity, greed before ethics, and covetousness before love. I chose friends unwisely, cut corners wherever I could, and then drowned my guilt and remorse beneath elephantine doses of recreational drugs. I deserved to get caught. Of course, some of you might be wondering whether or not I’ve changed at all--if I’m truly sorry for my crimes, and if the many public apologies I’ve made to people who lost money as a result of my actions were, indeed, sincere. The answer to that is an unequivocal yes; I am sorry, and I do apologize. In fact, not a day goes by when the mistakes of my past don’t back up on me or are thrown in my face. But then I remind myself why I wrote these books in the first place, and of the many supportive letters I’ve received from people all over the world, who’ve gotten the intended message--namely that: crime doesn’t pay. Perhaps the latest crop of Fat Cat CEOs and Wall Street powerbrokers will get that message too. Then we go about fixing this mess. *\--Jordan Belfort* (Photo © Blake Little)
    ### From Booklist
    Belfort’s memoir (his recollection of events with some changed names and reconstructed dialogue) was written after serving almost two years in prison for securities fraud. The author recounts his meteoric rise on Wall Street, where he built one of the largest brokerage firms by age 27. He reflects upon his remarkable journey, explaining his core skill of training salesmen, especially stupid or naive young people, showing them how they can become rich. This is the story of a scam artist who enjoyed a lifestyle of parties, hookers, and drug dealing until the FBI took him away in handcuffs at age 36. It tells of his cooperation with the government and his life as an informant. In recounting what he acknowledges was his dysfunctional life, his apparent devotion to his children is a bright light. This sordid saga will either become popular as a cautionary tale of greed and treachery or it will become romanticized as glamorous excess and celebrity. --Mary Whaley


    Comment on “Shifty Schiff” Releases Most Damaging Transcripts First by meekster

    Trump has suckered them in again.....He has his duty as chief exec - commander in chief to ask and be granted favors when he found out that DC is against him and he must prosecute all involved.... Soros and family were kicked outta Hungary and now attack the rest of the world - Look at the dems and rinos -------FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL OVER 18.5 BILLION SO FAR....He will be dealt with - the russians hate this guy and they will get him that's guaranteed...Soros and family have an army surrounding them - they are hiding out in the US in a fortified prison of their own making...Soros has created problems for every country out there and they will get him... AND - Sorry but Judges will need to be impeached - local and state politicians and especially DC politicians like Durbin - Menendez - leahy and Murphy to start... Guilani and others have the evidence and written proof in affidavits - sworn statements and records....Other countries are releasing it daily...The dems did it and are trying t

    Petition: Ban Bear Dancing Shows in Russia!

    Muzzled bear in circus

    Sign this petition to demand that Russia ban circus bear dancing shows nationwide!

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    Андрей Януарьевич Вышинский (1883–1954): государственный деятель и правовед

    Андрей Януарьевич Вышинский (1883–1954): государственный деятель и правовед


    2:00PM Water Cooler 11/5/2019

    Today's Water Cooler: China and EV batteries, Sanders, Steyer, Trump, Warren, AOC, impeachment, Warren's #MedicareForAll plan, employment, services, international trade, luxury real estate, Bitcoin, California dams, Russian nuclear dumps, how many bathrooms does Jeff Bezos need?


    Ouch! Tulsi Gabbard steamrolls Joy Behar for defending Hillary Clinton and her 'Russian asset' accusation

    There were some fireworks on "The View" Wednesday. If you missed the most recent telecast of "The View," first of all, congratulations! But if you're curious, this time one of the recipients of criticism on the show was co-host Joy Behar, who took some blowback from guest Tulsi Gabbard about]]


    Door Finnish popular in Russia since ancient times. Hear from experts in the field like Andrea Mallard for a more varied view. Initially, the Finnish doors were accessible to a very narrow circle of people, but times have changed and now they are available everywhere, Finnish mdf door can be seen in homes on the … Continue reading "Finland"

    An IAC 2019 Special Podcast – Heads of Emerging Agencies

    IAC 2019 Heads of Emerging Agencies plenary

    While we’re accustomed to a plenary featuring the heads of legacy national space agencies from the US, Russia, Japan, India, Europe, China and Canada, it’s only in the past few years that the voices of emerging space nations are starting to reach a global audience. In this weeks SpaceQ podcast we present a new plenary from the …

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    The North Pole Review! @ Downtown Library (11/09/2019 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM)

    The Fratello Marionettes present a winter extravaganza featuring graceful ice-skater Crystal Chandelier, the high-kicking antics of the Russian Trepak Dancers, a trio of dazzling acrobatic penguins, and more. Three performances: Saturday, November 9...

    Millennials Say Yes to Socialism in New Poll

    According to a new poll, seventy percent of Millennials now plan on voting for socialists and Democrats. And thirty-six percent support communism. For those keeping score at home, that’s one in three youngsters – brought up in the modern, atheistic, secular-progressive education system in America. Not surprisingly, with the help of today’s media and Hollywood, these same Millennials believe President Donald Trump is a bigger threat to world peace than North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Russia’s...

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    [Guerre di Rete - newsletter] Whatsapp contro NSO; Facebook e le pubblicità


    Guerre di Rete - una newsletter di notizie cyber
    a cura di Carola Frediani
    N.50 - 3 novembre 2019

    Di cosa si parla:

    - Whatsapp contro NSO
    - Facebook e gli ads
    - I social e i documenti d’identità
    - indagini forensi e Cellebrite
    - e poi disinformazione, meme war e altro

    Facebook e Whatsapp dichiarano guerra agli spyware
    A maggio Whatsapp aveva annunciato di aver individuato e bloccato un attacco che sfruttava una vulnerabilità della sua funzione di video-chiamata (ne avevo scritto qua in newsletter). Un utente riceveva una video-chiamata, ma l’attaccante in realtà trasmetteva di nascosto un codice malevolo per infettare il telefono del ricevente. Non era necessario che la persona rispondesse alla chiamata.
    Bene, ora, in questi giorni, dopo mesi di indagine, Whatsapp è uscita allo scoperto con una azione legale contro la società israeliana NSO, produttrice di trojan e spyware che vende a governi e intelligence, incolpandola degli attacchi subiti dai propri utenti. A dirlo è la stessa Whatsapp in un articolo sul Washington Post (testata non casuale, vi ricordo che ci sono sospetti - respinti da NSO, che finora ha sempre negato coinvolgimenti - che degli spyware siano stati usati contro l’entourage del suo editorialista Jamal Khashoggi, brutalmente ucciso dai sauditi, secondo la stessa intelligence Usa).
    Come hanno ricondotto gli attacchi a NSO?
    Gli attaccanti avrebbero usato server e servizi di hosting già associati a NSO, nonché account Whatsapp.
    Chi erano i target?
    Secondo l’azione legale promossa da Whatsapp, NSO avrebbe costruito una piattaforma di hacking che sfruttava una vulnerabilità dei server Whatsapp per aiutare i clienti a violare i cellulari di almeno 1400 utenti, tra aprile e maggio 2019.
    Whatsapp avrebbe individuato almeno 100 attivisti dei diritti umani, giornalisti e membri della società civile in tutto il mondo, dagli Usa agli EAU, dal Bahrein al Messico, dal Pakistan all’India.
    Un nome ad almeno una vittima
    Uno di questi è stato intervistato dalla BBC. Si chiama Faustin Rukundo, vive a Leeds (UK) ma proviene dal Rwanda del cui regime è un oppositore, e ad aprile aveva ricevuto delle strane chiamate su Whatsapp da un numero svedese. Aveva provato a richiamare ma nessuno aveva mai risposto. Solo di recente ha scoperto di essere uno dei 1400, dopo aver ricevuto una chiamata dai ricercatori del Citizen Lab, che hanno contribuito alle indagini.
    I target governativi
    Ma ce ne sono altre di vittime, che potrebbero dare un risvolto geopolitico alla faccenda. Secondo Reuters, infatti, una porzione “significativa” di vittime erano funzionari governativi e militari di alto profilo, sparsi per 20 paesi, molti di nazioni alleate agli Usa. Uno scenario che apre la possibilità che alcuni clienti di NSO abbiano usato i suoi servizi non per fare indagini interne, ma per operazioni di spionaggio. Il professore di studi strategici e cyberwar Thomas Rid nota che mentre il ministro di Giustizia Usa chiede backdoor per Facebook/Whatsapp, militari e funzionari di governi amici venivano attaccati proprio con una backdoor (involontaria ovviamente). Come dire: qui il problema è rafforzare la sicurezza, non aumentare i buchi nella gruviera.
    Da notare che Whatsapp avrebbe prima verificato la lista dei target con il database di possibili richieste da parte di Stati relative ad indagini, come terrorismo o pedofilia, ma non avrebbe trovato sovrapposizioni.
    Cosa vuole ottenere la causa mossa da Whatsapp?
    L’azienda controllata da Facebook ritene che quegli attacchi siano stati un abuso della sua rete; vuole una ingiunzione per fermare NSO dall’accedere alla sua piattaforma; ritiene che anche se NSO ha fornito i servizi a dei clienti, sia comunque responsabile in quanto architetto del software (BBC)
    Che possibilità ha di vincerla?
    La strada è in salita, secondo una analisi di Wired. In pratica Whatsapp sta accusando NSO di violazione del Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (e di altre leggi statali), ma il caso è un tentativo ardito di usare quella legge per “punire non solo gli hacker che hanno violato i computer di una azienda, ma anche quelli che sfruttano i suoi software per violare i computer dei suoi utenti”. Nel mentre però, c’è almeno un campo d’azione su cui Whatsapp sembra voler giocare. Infatti secondo alcuni voci non confermate, i dipendenti di NSO si sarebbero trovati chiusi tutti i loro account Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram (ht Alex Stamos)
    Il ruolo di NSO
    La causa di Whatsapp - che allega vari materiali e manuali interni di NSO - getta però nuova luce sul funzionamento del software della società israeliana e i suoi rapporti con i clienti. E mostra un ruolo più attivo di quello che si pensasse nell’assistenza degli stessi. Ad esempio, scrive Vice, nel confezionare messaggi di phishing per specifici target.

    Pubblicità politiche, che fare?

    Abbiamo visto che Facebook ha deciso di non fare fact checking sulle pubblicità dei politici, una decisione che ha raccolto varie critiche. Ora si aggiunge una lettera interna di 250 dipendenti, secondo la quale permettere ai politici di mentire nelle pubblicità è una minaccia alla stessa azienda (NYT).
    Cosa dice la lettera?
    “La libertà di espressione (free speech) e la propaganda (paid speech) non sono la stessa cosa. La cattiva informazione (misinformation) ci riguarda tutti”. La decisione di non fare fact checking sui politici è una minaccia a quello in cui crede Facebook (...) “perché permette di trasformare la nostra piattaforma in un’arma prendendo di mira persone che credono che i contenuti postati dai politici siano veri”.
    Il suggerimento è dunque di considerare gli ads politici come gli altri, ma nel contempo usare sistemi visuali per far capire ancora di più che sono ads. Inoltre - punto importante - i dipendenti suggeriscono di limitare il targeting per gli ads politici. Attualmente è normale per un politico caricare la lista degli elettori per poi usare gli strumenti di tracking comportamentale (come i pixel) e l’engagement con le pubblicità per raffinare ancora di più gli ads. Il rischio è che le persone non possano avere la possibilità di controllare pubblicamente quanto viene detto. “Inoltre questi ads sono così microtargeted (mirati su gruppi specifici, ndr) che le conversazioni sulla nostra piattaforma sono ancora più rinchiuse dentro silo separati di altre”. Infine, esplorare la possibilità di un silenzio elettorale.
    (Per inciso, proprio di microtargeting e di questo problema ho parlato sabato su Omnibus - La 7, min 47)
    La proposta
    La situazione è molto mutevole e dinamica. In queste ore sul piatto c’era infatti anche una proposta da parte di una delle società che fanno fact checking per Facebook di trovare un sistema bipartisan per fare fact checking anche sugli ads politici. Vedremo (CNN)
    La provocazione
    Mentre si svolgeva questo dibattito, un politico e attivista di San Francisco, Adriel Hampton, si registrava come candidato a governatore con lo scopo di pubblicare pubblicità false su Facebook, in una sorta di atto dimostrativo (CNN).

    Documenti per usare i social? Anche no, dai

    Per un qualche motivo che mi è incomprensibile (nella sua essenza, non nei fattori esterni scatenanti), siamo di nuovo tornati a parlare di proposte di legge per far presentare i documenti (carte d’identità ecc) agli utenti che vogliano usare un social network o un servizio online pensando in tal modo di eliminare o ridurre l’odio online. Proposte che negli anni sono state sempre bocciate da una miriade di esperti e quindi accantonate. Ora c’è stata la proposta del deputato Marattin (qui la sua intervista a Corriere), e dunque è ripartito un film già visto.
    Mi limito a mettere dei link, iniziando con un momento amarcord:
    2014, copertina di Wired: Fabio Chiusi e la sottoscritta scrivevamo perché chiedere i documenti fosse inutile se non dannoso. Ma il tempo passa e i temi ritornano dunque….
    In questa settimana del 2019:
    - Profili sui social network e carta d'identità: perché non è possibile
    L'idea di "schedare" tutti i cittadini che abbiano un profilo social pone problemi tecnici, giuridici e politici insormontabili (Giovanni Ziccardi)
    - Odio e disinformazione (che sono ovunque per strada, in TV, sui social) sono una seria questione culturale. Come si affrontano? (Arianna Ciccone)
    - Disinformazione, propaganda, bugie, minacce, insulti, provocazioni, odio hanno diritto di cittadinanza in Rete? (Fabio Chiusi su Valigia Blu)
    - La lesione dei diritti dei cittadini è da sempre un chiaro tema reazionario (ok, il suo vero titolo è un po’ più tranchant) (Il Post - Massimo Mantellini)
    - Una sparata controproducente (Radio dell’avvocatura - Francesco Micozzi - audio)
    - Perché questo genere di proposte sono inutili - uno Stefano Zanero già di qualche mese fa (ma sul tema direi d’annata, come il vino buono).
    - Velleitario e pericoloso (dichiarazioni Garante Privacy)
    Mi fermo qua, anche se ho lasciato fuori molti altri interventi, ma se mi costringete a riparlarne, la prossima volta ve li metto tutti, ok?

    Riassunto e disegnino semplificato per chi non ha tempo o voglia: quel tipo di proposta per quel tipo di problema equivale ad avere le zanzare in casa e a sparar loro cannonate. Le zanzare restano, i buchi nei muri rendono la tua casa (i diritti di tutti) ancora più fragile. Meglio mettere degli zampironi e modificare l’aria che si respira.
    Dunque oltre a investire massicciamente, in modo pianificato, a tutti i livelli, in cultura digitale (un tipo di formazione che sarà cruciale per la nostra sopravvivenza come nazione avanzata, detto en passant) e in educazione civica e cultura generale, si può chiedere, ad esempio:
    - al governo: molte più risorse a magistratura e postale per indagare su reati
    - alle piattaforme: procedure più snelle ed efficienti per ottenere i dati in caso di indagine
    - alle piattaforme: canali più diretti con gli utenti che siano vittima di attacchi organizzati e sistemi per tutelare categorie più deboli o esposte
    - alle piattaforme: spiegazioni chiare e trasparenza quando decidono di rimuovere contenuti in violazione delle loro policy, procedure chiare per appellare tali decisioni, revisione umana di decisioni automatizzate
    -alle piattaforme: più strumenti in mano al singolo utente per gestire come preferisce il proprio feed, quello che vede, quello che vedono gli altri, come interagire con altri ecc
    -alle piattaforme: trasparenza massima sulle pubblicità, specie quelle politiche, valutare se limitarle in qualche modo o fare altri controlli
    - ai politici: chiedere di abbassare i toni, non aggredire utenti, non aizzare folle online e offline, tenere sotto controllo i propri spazi social ecc
    - ai media: non dare rilevanza, se possibile, ai primi 4 idioti che insultano qualcuno online per ottenere esattamente quello, visibilità.
    E ovviamente molto altro, ma era solo per dare un assaggio di come inquadrare diversamente la questione.

    Fedeli alla blockchain

    Abbiamo visto che la Cina si è lanciata sulla blockchain con anche investitura dall’alto di Xi Jinping. Ora il partito comunista cinese ha chiesto ai suoi membri di attestare la loro fedeltà su blockchain. Chissà cosa ne penserebbe Satoshi Nakamoto. Ad ogni modo si potrebbe usare anche per le promesse elettorali dei nostri politici…. (si scherza)

    Avanti col ban Huawei e ZTE

    La Federal Communications Commission andrà avanti con la proposta di vietare ai giganti delle telecomunicazioni americane l’uso di apparecchiature di rete delle cinesi Huawei e ZTE, perché per l’agenzia sarebbero un rischio alla sicurezza nazionale.

    I podcast stanno andando bene su Spotify

    Olimpiadi nel mirino

    Gli hacker russi noti come APT28 o Fancy Bear stanno prendendo di mira 16 organizzazioni sportive e anti-doping in vista delle Olimpiadi 2020, avvisa Microsoft

    Fa un deepfake porno su una ragazza, arrestato

    Uno studente indiano è stato arrestato per aver usato le foto su Instagram di una teenager al fine di produrre un suo deepfake (video in cui sono riprodotte le fattezze di qualcuno per dire o fare cose che non ha mai fatto) pornografico e minacciare di distribuirlo poi online (Ndtv).
    Da una breve ricognizione mi pare che i deepfake su celebrità (e non) in India siano molto diffusi. Un anno fa una giornalista indiana schierata a difesa dei diritti delle donne era stata presa di mira con deepfake pornografici.

    Il caso Boettcher e lo sblocco del suo iPhone

    La società israeliana Cellebrite - che si occupa di estrarre dati da dispositivi - ha pubblicato un caso studio in cui descrive come sono stati usati i suoi servizi in una vicenda di cronaca giudiziaria italiana, quello della coppia Boettcher/Lovato, e della aggressione con l’acido all’ex fidanzato di lei. Tra i reperti sequestrati a Boettcher c'era un iPhone, protetto da un PIN di 4 cifre che il ragazzo diceva di non ricordare. Come indicato nel case study, le consulenti dei legali di parte civile avevano già rinvenuto e analizzato un backup dell'iPhone che però risultava essere stato prodotto un paio di mesi prima dell'aggressione: per poter avere un quadro completo della vicenda si decise quindi di provare ad accedere direttamente all'iPhone. Era l’inizio del 2015. I magistrati allora incaricano un noto ed esperto consulente informatico forense, Mattia Epifani, di capire come gestire la situazione e presentare loro tutte le opzioni sul tavolo per provare a ottenere anche quei dati. Alla fine viene scelto di provare con Cellbrite, riferisce il rapporto.
    “L'aspetto rilevante che Cellebrite evidenzia nel suo case study - commenta a Guerre di Rete Paolo Dal Checco, altro noto ed esperto consulente informatico forense - è che Cellebrite è stata in grado di sbloccare un iPhone protetto da PIN in un momento nel quale il loro servizio era l'unico disponibile, a parte alcune soluzioni rischiose che funzionavano solamente in particolari condizioni. L'incarico relativo allo sblocco dell'iPhone di Boettcher, inoltre, è stato tra i primi conferiti ufficialmente dall'Autorità Giudiziaria italiana alla società israeliana e ha dato il via a una serie d'incarichi conferiti ancora oggi, ovviamente su dispositivi più recenti”.
    Case study

    Rimossa l’app per coordinare manifestanti di Tsunami Democratic

    La Spagna ha richiesto la rimozione da GitHub dell'app (APK) di Tsunami Democratic, usata per organizzare proteste in Catalogna, perché lo stesso movimento viene considerato dalla polizia una organizzazione criminale che faciliterebbe atti di terrorismo (ht @Orariccardo)

    Il creatore di Maltego ha realizzato un nuovo tool per estrarre e organizzare info mentre si naviga.
    ht The Grugq

    Storia di un giovane americano che combatte i ransomware, creando strumenti per decriptarli, quando possibile. E’ il più grande creatore di decryptor gratuiti.

    In Cile gli hacker svelano documenti riservati dei Carabineros - La Stampa


    Se vuoi una redazione di successo, devi avere una redazione rappresentativa della diversità della popolazione. Reuters Institute


    La fiducia nelle notizie locali negli Usa è più alta rispetto ai media nazionali, ma non è tutto oro quel che luccica. Inoltre coprire in modo più aggressivo temi sociali e politici potrebbe far diminuire questa fiducia, ma diversamente si rischia di abdicare alla funzione del giornalismo.
    Lo studio: State of Public Trust in Local News

    Un paper che studia l’astroturfing politico - la creazione di campagne coordinate di finti attivisti per fini di propaganda/manipolazione - su Twitter. Tra le altre cose, solleva un punto interessante: gran parte delle campagne di questo tipo usano umani, e cercare solo bot (account automatizzati) rischia di essere un limite.
    Political Astroturfing on Twitter: How to Coordinate a Disinformation Campaign

    Schiave via app

    Il mercato delle lavoratrice domestiche trattate come schiave e “vendute” via app In Kuwait e Arabia Saudita. Inchiesta BBC

    I meme come armi nella guerra dell’informazione e disinformazione

    La ricetta: origine indefinita, più nocciolo di verità, più una scalata progressiva nella catena dei media, più amplificazione e consacrazione dai media tradizionali impegnati nel debunking - Technology Review

    Una giornalista polacca ha lavorato sotto copertura in una agenzia di PR del Paese i cui dipendenti gestiscono decine di finti account a testa e su indicazioni della direzione promuovono determinati contenuti politici

    Contro l’ossessiva ricerca della felicità - Aeon

    - ci vediamo l’8 novembre a Bologna (ore 18, Libreria UBIKIrnerio, via Irnerio 17) per la prima presentazione del mio romanzo Fuori Controllo (edizioni Venipedia)
    - il 9 novembre, sempre a Bologna, alla tavola rotonda di HackInBo (il programma).

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    Roche escapes lawsuit claiming it illegally quashed Biocad's biosimilar hopes

    Russian drugmaker Biocad accused Roche of playing dirty in that country to thwart its ambitions in the U.S. Those claims didn't fly in 2017, when a district court dismissed the suit, saying the alleged lawbreaking happened in Russia, not the U.S.—and now, an appeals court has agreed.

    Trump-world is still determined to out the Ukraine whistleblower, but it’s too late for it to matter


    Donald Trump Rand Paul

    • President Donald Trump and his Republican allies in Congress continue to focus on outing the whistleblower who filed a complaint that led to the impeachment inquiry.
    • Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the alleged name of the whistleblower on Wednesday, and Sen. Rand Paul has said he will "probably" say the name publicly.
    • But the whistleblower's identity is not relevant. The impeachment inquiry has gathered evidence that corroborates the whistleblower complaint and goes well beyond it.
    • If Trump and other Republicans' hope is that they'll discredit the allegations against the president by revealing the whistleblower as a partisan actor, of which there's no evidence, they're too late.
    • "The whistleblower is not the story and the whistleblower's background is no longer relevant. All that matters is the full and complete record outlining the president's actions," a legal expert told Insider.
    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    President Donald Trump and his GOP allies have relentlessly sought to unmask the anonymous US intelligence official behind the whistleblower complaint that sparked the impeachment inquiry, despite the fact that it's irrelevant at this point.

    Donald Trump Jr. tweeted the alleged name of the whistleblower on Wednesday, and was excoriated by the whistleblower's legal representation as a consequence.

    GOP Sen. Rand Paul last Thursday shared an article via Twitter with unconfirmed details about who the whistleblower is and called for the whistleblower to be subpoenaed to testify under oath about "Hunter Biden and corruption."

    Paul hasn't stopped in these efforts in the days since, and alongside Trump at a campaign rally in Kentucky on Monday called on the media to print the alleged name of the anonymous whistleblower. On Tuesday, Paul told reporters he would "probably" out the whistleblower himself.

    "I'm more than willing to and I probably will at some point," Paul said. "There is no law preventing anybody from saying the name."

    But naming anyone as the whistleblower, whether true or not, could place that person in serious danger. And the public disclosure of the whistleblower's identity would not undermine the mounting slew of damning evidence against the president.

    The whistleblower complaint has been corroborated by multiple witnesses in testimony to House lawmakers, and some of its details have been publicly confirmed by the president even as he's referred to the complaint as "fictitious." 

    The House took a historic step last Thursday in passing a resolution that formalized the impeachment inquiry and signaled the process will begin to transition into a more public phase. Republicans have for weeks complained about the process and the closed-door interviews with witnesses, and they're now gradually shifting into focusing more on the whistleblower's identity as they struggle to defend the president against the substance of the inquiry

    But if Trump and other Republicans' hope is that they'll discredit the allegations against the president by revealing the whistleblower as a partisan actor — they're too late.

    'The reality is that the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant'

    President Donald Trump speaks during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Oct. 21, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

    With the trove of information that's been gathered as the Ukraine scandal has gained speed, the impeachment inquiry has gone well beyond the complaint that catalyzed it. At this point, the whistleblower's part in this escalating political drama has largely been played out. 

    As the whistleblower's lawyers — Andrew P. Bakaj and Mark S. Zaid — put it in an op-ed for The Washington Post last week: "As each allegation in the complaint is substantiated by new witnesses, the president and his supporters remain fanatically devoted to bringing our client into the spotlight. But the reality is that the identity of the whistleblower is irrelevant."

    Bakaj and Zaid added that much of what's been disclosed since the complaint was released in late September "actually exceeds the whistleblower's knowledge of what transpired at the time the complaint was submitted." The attorneys said their client has "no additional information" and therefore there's "no justification for exposing their identity and all the risks that would follow."

    Bakaj and Zaid reiterated they've notified both the House and Senate intelligence committees that the whistleblower is willing to answer questions in writing and under oath.

    The evidence against Trump is damning, but Republicans aren't done defending him

    The whistleblower complaint centers around a July 25 phone call in which Trump urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, in relation to the latter's work for a Ukrainian natural gas company. There's no evidence of illegal activity on the part of either Biden.

    Trump and his allies have dismissed the complaint as hearsay, given it was based off second-hand information. But a memo willingly released by the White House confirms that Trump pressured Zelensky in this way, and Trump has publicly admitted it. And a top national security aide who was on the July 25 call, Iraq War veteran Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, testified to House lawmakers that he was so alarmed by what transpired he repeatedly expressed concern with his superiors.

    Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, a military officer at the National Security Council, center, arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019, to appear before a House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Committee on Oversight and Reform joint interview with the transcript to be part of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

    Additionally, multiple witnesses have provided testimony to House lawmakers that's corroborated the existence of some form of a quid pro quo involving roughly $400 million in military aid in Trump's efforts to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. These witnesses include current and former members of the Trump administration, as well as decorated US military veterans and career diplomats.

    Evidence of a quid pro quo has also come via a trove of text messages provided to the House by Trump's former special envoy for Ukraine, Kurt Volker, and public statements from acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney (though he later walked back on those remarks). 

    But none of these factors have stopped Republicans from speculating about the identity of the whistleblower and pushing for public testimony.

    Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, a close ally of Trump, last Tuesday indicated that he has questions about the whistleblower's motives. Jordan told reporters: "It's tough to determine someone's credibility if you can't put them under oath and ask them questions."

    The same day, Trump once again tweeted: "Where's The Whistleblower?" The president has repeatedly tweeted about this, and on Monday demanded that the the whistleblower be "brought forward to testify."

    Trump, who never did an in-person interview as part of the Russia investigation and only submitted written answers, also rejected the offer for written testimony from the whistleblower. 

    'The whistleblower is not the story'

    Bradley P. Moss, a national security lawyer and partner at Zaid's law firm, on Friday told Insider these efforts from Republicans are an "irresponsible political deflection" and "beneath the dignity of the offices these lawmakers hold."

    Moss added: "The whistleblower is not the story and the whistleblower's background is no longer relevant. All that matters is the full and complete record outlining the president's actions, and specifically whether that conduct merits invocation of the constitutional remedy of impeachment or not."

    Congressional Democrats have also raised alarm and slammed Republicans for seeking to out the whistleblower. 

    Last week, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell told reporters: "We have a long-standing concern that the president and his allies in Congress aren't interested in the underlying act but are interested in risking the life of the whistleblower."

    SEE ALSO: These are the key players you need to know to make sense of the Trump impeachment inquiry

    DON'T MISS: Transcript of Bill Taylor’s testimony underscores extreme lengths Trump went to in urging Ukraine to investigate Bidens

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    The defense secretary begged Trump not to pardon accused and convicted war criminals


    esper trump

    • Pentagon officials were reportedly shocked by a "Fox & Friends" report Monday that President Donald Trump planned to intervene in three war crimes cases by Veteran's Day.
    • Secretary of Defense Mark Esper urged Trump Tuesday not to intervene.
    • Included in the information packet will be the details of each case, as well as arguments that in none of the cases were the accused troops acting out of patriotism, as Trump suggested.
    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told reporters he has urged President Donald Trump not to intervene in the cases of three members of the military accused or convicted of war crimes.

    "I had a robust discussion with the president yesterday and I offered — as I do in all matters — the facts, the options, my advice, the recommendations and we'll see how things play out," Esper told press Wednesday.

    Three defense officials told CNN that the Pentagon would send an information package to the president explaining why he should not intervene in the cases of former Army Lt. Clint Lorance and Maj. Matthew Golsteyn, a Green Beret, and Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher. The officials told CNN that the information would be delivered as soon as possible; administration officials had told CNN that Esper planned to discuss his concerns with Trump before Veterans' Day on Nov. 11. 

    Pentagon officials were reportedly shocked by a "Fox & Friends" report Monday that Trump planned to intervene in the cases. He has tweeted about the war crimes allegations, saying, "We train our boys to be killing machines, then prosecute them when they kill!" Gallagher was acquitted of premeditated murder charges, but found guilty of taking a photo with a slain ISIS fighter; Lorance is currently a 19-year sentence for murder; and Golsteyn is awaiting court-martial on murder charges.

    Pentagon officials are concerned that Trump doesn't understand the gravity of the crimes Gallagher, Lorance, and Golsteyn were convicted or accused of, or the potential effects his intervention could have on military justice. 

    Included in the information packet were the details of each case, as well as arguments that in none of the cases were the troops acting out of patriotism, as Trump appears to believe, and recommendations that Trump should follow the recommendations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice — with the acknowledgement that the final decision is up to the president. Esper also told reporters on Wednesday that he has "full confidence in the military justice system."

    'Undermining the authority of command'

    Trump has been heavily involved in the case of  Gallagher, who was accused of killing a teenage ISIS captive, as well as shooting at Iraqi civilians, both war crimes. He was acquitted of those charges in a military court, after the prosecution impugned its own witness and surveilled the defense without a warrant. Another SEAL testified to killing the young ISIS fighter; Gallagher was found guilty of posing for a photo with his body and demoted. 

    Trump has also gotten involved in the cases of Lorance and Golsteyn. He has ordered that charges against both be reviewed; Lorance is serving a 19-year sentence at Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas for ordering an enlisted soldier in his platoon to fire at three Afghans on a motorcycle in 2012. Two of the men died, and Lorance was charged with murder, the Army Times reports. Lorance and his attorneys have maintained his innocence, arguing in an appeal that at least some of the men on the motorcycle had been linked to insurgent activity. 

    Golsteyn's case has not yet gone to trial. He is accused of murdering an alleged Afghan bombmaker in 2010, and the Army maintains that, during a CIA polygraph test, he admitted to shooting the man, burying him, and later returning to burn the body. Golsteyn and his attorneys maintain his innocence, with one of his attorneys calling the alleged confession of Golsteyn killing an unarmed man "a fantasy." However, the Army Times reports Golsteyn did admit to a version of the events he allegedly told CIA interviewers during a Fox News interview. 

    Golsteyn has pleaded not guilty, and his attorney, Phillip Stackhouse, has said that the death occurred during a mission that Golsteyn's superiors ordered. 

    Should Trump intervene in the cases, the integrity of the UCMJ would be called into question, as well as the leadership of military authorities. Countries that host US troops could become more wary about the behavior of those troops, and of the military's ability to prosecute crimes, according to the officials CNN interviewed. 

    "We all view this possibility as undermining the authority of command," one official told CNN.

    Insider reached out to the White House and the Pentagon for comment, but did not receive a response from either by press time. 

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    Transcript of Bill Taylor's testimony underscores extreme lengths Trump went to in urging Ukraine to investigate Bidens


    Bill Taylor

    • House investigators released the transcript of the testimony of acting US Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor on Wednesday.
    • Taylor, a Vietnam War veteran and career diplomat with a distinguished record of service, provided one of the most damning testimonies against President Donald Trump.
    • The US diplomat testified that it was made clear to him there was an explicit quid pro quo involving about $400 million in military aid to Ukraine and a request from Trump for certain investigations. 
    • "That was my clear understanding, security assistance money would not come until the President [of Ukraine] committed to pursue the investigation," Taylor said.
    • The career diplomat testified that freezing the aid was harmful to US national security, adding it was Rudy Giuliani's idea to have Ukraine's president publicly commit to an investigation into the Bidens.
    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

    The transcript of the testimony of the top US diplomat to Ukraine, Ambassador Bill Taylor, was released by House investigators leading the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday. 

    Upon the release of the document, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff tweeted: "Ambassador Taylor's testimony reveals how, through a shadow foreign policy channel, Trump withheld military assistance and a White House meeting from Ukraine until Ukrainian officials agreed to announce investigations to help Trump politically."

    Taylor, a Vietnam War veteran and career diplomat with a distinguished record of service, provided one of the most damning testimonies against President Donald Trump yet.

    His testimony corroborated many of the allegations in the whistleblower complaint from a US intelligence official that sparked the impeachment inquiry and also described an explicit quid pro quo involving about $400 million of US military aid to Ukraine.

    Taylor testified that Trump wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to publicly announce the opening of an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, as well as an inquiry into a conspiracy theory linked to the 2016 election. He said it was made clear to him that Trump made the release of the military aid contingent on such a public declaration from Zelensky. 

    Here is an exchange between Schiff and Taylor, in which he said his "clear understanding" was that the military assistance would not come until Zelensky "committed to pursue the investigation" into the Bidens:

    SCHIFF: And when you say that, this was the first time I heard that the security assistance not just the White House meeting was conditioned on the investigation, when you talk about conditioned, did you mean that if they didn't do this, the investigations, they weren't going to get that, the meeting and the military assistance?

    TAYLOR: That was my clear understanding, security assistance money would not come until the President committed to pursue the investigation.

    SCHIFF: So if they don't do this, they are not going to get that was your understanding

    TAYLOR: Yes, sir.

    SCHIFF: Are you aware that quid pro quo literally means this for that?

    TAYLOR: I am.

    Taylor testified it was Giuliani's idea to have Ukraine's president publicly announce an investigation into the Bidens

    Taylor said he believed Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was behind the idea to get Zelensky to publicly announce an inquiry into the Bidens and Hunter Biden's work for a Ukrainian natural-gas company, Burisma Holdings, as well as a probe into the 2016 election.

    "I think the origin of the idea to get President Zelensky to say out loud he's going to investigate Burisma and 2016 election, I think the originator, the person who came up with that was Mr. Giuliani," Taylor said, going on to say Giuliani was representing Trump's interests in doing so. 

    Taylor, at another point, indicated that a meeting Zelensky desired with Trump was also conditioned on whether the Ukrainian leader would launch the investigations. 

    Trump had put the congressionally approved military aid on hold several days before a July 25 phone call with Zelensky, in which he urged his Ukrainian counterpart to open investigations into the Bidens and conspiratorial allegations Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. 

    The career diplomat testified that freezing the aid was harmful to US national security and that freezing security assistance to Kyiv, Ukraine, could embolden Russia to be even more aggressive toward Ukraine. 

    Taylor's testimony also undercut earlier testimony from Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, and inspired him to offer revised testimony that corroborated the existence of a quid pro quo involving the military aid. The transcript of Sondland's testimony was released on Tuesday.

    Taylor is set to testify in the first open or public hearing of the impeachment inquiry next Wednesday. 

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    Juve, la tifosa ferma Dybala per un autografo e lui l'abbraccia VIDEO

    La sera prima di partire per la Russia Paulo Dybala ha avuto un incontro...

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    Entschieden wird am 4. Spieltag der Gruppe J in der Europa League noch nichts, doch Bundesliga-Tabellenführer Borussia Mönchengladbach könnte seine Ausgangslage im Spiel gegen AS Rom deutlich verbessern. Im Hinspiel gab es ein 1:1.


    Building In Putins Russia Taylor Brian D

    Building In Putins Russia Taylor Brian D

    Russian Hackers Manipulating Dow Jones Averages

    Washington, D.C. A court filing today by special counsel Robert Mueller, revealed that Russian hackers have, since 2015, regularly altered the Dow Jones Industrial averages for the benefit of Donald Trump. At a previously undisclosed Moscow meetin...

    Study details how Russia succeeds in censoring the internet

    Among companies selling technology that allows Kremlin access to web content are US firms like Cisco System and Procera Networks, China's Huawei and Israel's Allot Communications

    A policy landscape of sexual orientation, gender identity and the internet


    Authored by: 

    PDF icon gw2015-kara.pdf946.12 KB

    A policy landscape of sexual orientation, gender identity and the internet


    Two groundbreaking advances in international human rights have been made in the last half decade, with recognition by intergovernmental bodies that human rights law applies equally to all persons regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI), and that human rights law is equally applicable online as offline. However, these achievements have not been without significant advocacy efforts by civil society. While internet rights are being increasingly integrated and addressed across the international human rights system, developments on SOGI have been laboured, politicised and isolated, with no state consensus. This report considers the trends, shifts and convergences in international policy making, using a geopolitical analysis.

    A brief history

    Sexual orientation and gender identity

    Activists have been advocating for international recognition of SOGI-related rights as far back as the Beijing World Conference on Women in 1995,1 with concerted efforts to develop state awareness and recognition of the issues since a failed resolution on human rights and sexual orientation in 2003. 2 Brazil’s introduction, and later withdrawal, of a draft text was a catalyst for a number of civil society groups and activists working on sexuality and gender issues to communicate and coordinate more consistently to develop strategies to engage the UN human rights system on these issues. 3 This collective organising led to states delivering a series of joint statements at the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council (HRC) between 2005 and 2011; 4 increasing support for SOGI rights from a handful of countries to nearly half of the UN member states; and finally the adoption by the HRC of the first ever UN resolution on “human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity” in June 2011, 5 and the second in September 2014. 6

    Internet rights

    Although civil society has been involved in internet policy and governance spaces since the internet was created, the internet has only recently featured in international human rights policy development arenas. The impact of the internet on human rights was first recognised at the international level by an HRC resolution on freedom of expression in 2009. 7 Since then, the UN has adopted a number of resolutions developing international policy on this theme. In particular, the HRC adopted a resolution on “The promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet” 8 in June 2012 with 85 state co-sponsors, which affirmed that the same human rights apply online as offline. The following year in November 2013, the General Assembly adopted a resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age, 9 which was followed up by the HRC in March 2015 with a procedural resolution of the same title, creating a UN expert mechanism on the right to privacy. 10 Since the 2009 resolution on freedom of expression, a number of thematic UN resolutions have addressed internet rights. 11

    Comparing intersectional recognition

    While internet rights concerns have effectively been mainstreamed into initiatives dealing with other human rights issues, sexual orientation and gender identity remain isolated from relevant state-negotiated human rights documents. 12

    Internet rights have been recognised by consensus in a number of intergovernmental policy documents, such as resolutions on freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of association and assembly, and the safety of journalists. 13 The use of the internet and other forms of technology in propagating harassment and violence against women has been acknowledged by the Commission on the Status of Women 14 – the primary UN political body tasked with women’s rights issues – and by the General Assembly in a resolution on protecting women human rights defenders. 15

    Conversely, there is a huge struggle to include any language that might be associated with SOGI in any government-negotiated documents at the international level, with such language overwhelmingly negotiated out of draft texts or put to a vote. For example, even the word “gender” has become controversial because some governments insist that gender can only denote biological sex, refusing to accept the concept of gender as a social construct or to recognise identities beyond the male-female binary. 16

    As a result, where SOGI language has been included in negotiated documents, it has been so virtually in isolation from intersecting fields, such as violence or discrimination against women or the protection of human rights defenders. The only UN human rights resolution to date referencing SOGI, apart from the HRC SOGI resolution itself, is the biennial General Assembly resolution on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. While the strong opposition to recognising SOGI-related rights means the discussion is reduced to violence and discrimination (the areas that have a possibility of gaining consensus), the reference in the “killings” resolution is nonetheless hotly contested each time, with attempts to vote the language out of the resolution during the final adoption process.17

    Despite the fact that a broad number of thematic and country-specific UN human rights experts regularly report a vast array of infringements of the rights of LGBTI persons,18 in social and economic rights as well as civil and political rights, the political bodies have so far failed to take the intersectional approach that has been an attribute of developments on internet rights.

    Politics of sexual orientation and gender identity rights

    International intergovernmental debate on SOGI is a delicate matter, and unfortunately plays out in ways that are politically divisive and strategically counterproductive. Although there is a slow but steady increase in support for these issues from states from all regions, they are still perceived as primarily Western priorities despite the fact that the first UN SOGI resolution was tabled by South Africa and Brazil, and the second by Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

    This is partly because Western states have styled themselves as international leaders on SOGI, critiquing discriminatory laws and practices outside of their regional group, and is compounded by certain Western states using aid conditionality to apply pressure on ex-colonies to repeal colonial-era criminal provisions on same-sex relations. 19

    These practices have created a “West versus the rest” dynamic which contributes to the geopolitical polarisation on gender and sexuality-related rights that is reflected at the international level, and alienates potential support from those states that are open to discussing SOGI-related rights, but are opposed to Western hegemony on the international stage.

    The politicisation of SOGI plays out in intergovernmental human rights policy development spaces such as the HRC in divisive and regressive ways. Firstly we have seen a division of state positions, generally along lines of regional and political blocs. 20 Traditionally this has been Western and most Latin American states supporting SOGI issues, opposed by Russia, the Vatican, most of the African Group and members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). States within these groups that have dared to support SOGI issues have faced harsh censure from their peers. 21

    Secondly, concepts such as cultural relativity, traditional values and protection of the family have been introduced and manipulated in these spaces, primarily by the religious right wing – the OIC, the Vatican, Russia, and conservative groups such as the UN Family Rights Caucus.22 Since 2009 the HRC has adopted various documents undermining the universality of rights, including three resolutions on “traditional values” and two on “protection of the family”. 23 In general, the support and opposition for these initiatives has been in line with positions against and for SOGI-related language respectively.

    The politicisation of sexuality rights in international forums means that foreign policy is often at odds with national-level standards and developments, particularly on rights relating to gender identity. For example, some Western states, such as Belgium, France, Norway and Switzerland, present themselves as champions of LGBT rights in international debates while requiring transgender people to undergo sterilisation in order to legally change their gender, 24 a policy that the European Court of Human Rights has ruled to be a violation of the rights to privacy and family life. 25 Conversely, some states that have culturally established and documented forms of gender diversity 26 – and in the case of Pakistan leading case law recognising the rights of hijras27 – claim that such diversity is contrary to their cultural, moral or religious values when it comes to international debate. 28 This is a terrible contradiction of domestic reality and foreign policy.

    State positions on SOGI in the international bodies have almost become a symbolic representation of one side versus another in the greater struggle for a new world order that replaces Western hegemony. Sadly, this positioning is to the detriment of human rights, including through the development of international legal norms and standards that exclude LGBTIQ persons.

    Politics of internet rights

    In comparison to the tumultuous international debates on SOGI, internet rights policy has been developing relatively smoothly, with consensus resolutions and references in the UN General Assembly, the HRC and the Commission on the Status of Women. This is not to suggest that states unanimously respect or support internet-related rights, but that opposition is more nuanced and complex than the open hostility that some governments express on SOGI.

    While there does indeed appear to be international consensus on the issue of access to technology, a customary division of state positions on other issues such as freedom of expression remains unchanged in how states see their validity online or offline. During the HRC plenary panel on freedom of expression on the internet in 2012, China called on the international community to promote internet access in developing countries while also stating that freedom of expression could undermine social stability and national security.29 Cuba has both expressed concern about issues of access to information and communications technology (ICT) and lamented the United States (US) monopoly of the internet. 30

    Furthermore, the geopolitical divide over internet rights is not as clear-cut as it is on SOGI issues. When Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the US National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, the US was in the unusual position of being criticised by many of its peers in the West.31

    Indeed, states from all regions have relished the opportunity to criticise the US in the wake of the Snowden revelations. Although not explicitly critical of US policy, pre-existing anti-US sentiment meant that the resolutions on the right to privacy in the digital age quickly garnered support amongst states such as North Korea, 32 Russia, Cuba and China. 33 Consequently, it could be argued that a politicisation of internet rights issues has been to the benefit of consensus-building on international human rights policy development on these issues.

    SOGI versus internet rights policy

    As SOGI language is a notorious key to destroying consensus in government negotiations, states have used sexual orientation references as a bargaining chip to block or undermine developments that they oppose.

    For example, sexual orientation language was used by Western states to bargain against references to the “defamation of religions” in international discussions on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, both during the Durban Review Conference in 2009 and in follow-up meetings and negotiations. 34

    This highly questionable tactic arose in discussions on internet rights in negotiations on a resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age at the UN General Assembly in 2013, when a key ally of the US proposed including a reference to sexual orientation. Some of the Five Eyes 35 countries readily supported the proposed language, while other states that were supportive of the resolution theme objected, knowing they would not be able to join consensus on a text that contained sexual orientation language. This was understood to be a strategy to break consensus on an issue that those states implicated in the revelations of deep breaches of privacy rights could not otherwise break without admitting that they did not support the key message of the resolution.

    As the Five Eyes countries were openly attempting to water down the text of the privacy resolution, 36 it seemed likely that sexual orientation language was actually being introduced in order to polarise state positions on the text as a whole, and potentially lead to a vote. In effect, the US and its allies pitted sexual orientation against the right to privacy in a failed attempt to undermine international condemnation of and action on the infringement of rights that is mass surveillance.

    Moving towards an intersectional approach

    Although SOGI and internet rights have developed independently from one another at the international level, the slow increase in state support for SOGI-related rights in international human rights bodies, and the increasing attention being given to internet rights in a number of different thematic resolutions, means that the UN could constructively address their intersection in the near future.

    The prevailing geopolitical divide is likely to continue to obstruct the inclusion of SOGI in UN resolutions. However, with internet rights being addressed in a number of negotiated thematic texts, it is not unreasonable to suggest that relevant issues could be included in a future substantive resolution on SOGI.

    Furthermore, the HRC resolution on the right to privacy in the digital age mandated the appointment of a UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy. The Special Procedures mechanisms 37 have been key allies in raising violations of the rights of LGBTIQ persons across a broad section of thematic and country-specific mandates. A recent report of the Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression to the HRC highlighted how encryption and anonymity in digital communications enable persons persecuted because of sexual orientation or gender identity to exercise the right to freedom of opinion and expression, as well as providing, for some, the only way to securely explore basic aspects of identity such as one’s gender or sexuality. 38

    The new Special Procedures mandate has been tasked to look at the right to privacy, “including in connection with” (i.e. but not limited to) the challenges arising from new technologies. Many SOGI rights issues clearly fall under the mandate focus on privacy. It will remain to be seen whether the Rapporteur chooses to address human rights concerns relating to LGBTIQ persons in the execution of the mandate.


    With a number of consensus resolutions and documents addressing internet rights, and the creation of an expert mandate on the right to privacy, it is safe to conclude that these issues are now firmly on the UN agenda, and will continue to be mainstreamed into the work of the HRC. Meanwhile, SOGI rights remain segregated with no regular or institutionalised attention to ongoing violations. It will likely remain extremely difficult to get states to consider the human rights of LGBTIQ persons on their substantial merit as long as SOGI continues to be politicised and manipulated by both supportive states and the opposition. The new expert mechanism on the right to privacy could see these two issues being addressed concurrently and with an intersectional analysis for the first time. It remains to be seen whether intergovernmental debate will mature beyond political strife to welcome such an analysis.


    1 See, for example, Ditsie, P. B. (1995). Statement delivered by Palesa Beverley Ditsie of South Africa, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 13 September. and Wilson, A. (1996). Lesbian Visibility and Sexual Rights at Beijing. Signs, 22(1).

    2 In 2003 Brazil unexpectedly introduced a draft text on sexual orientation to the former UN Commission on Human Rights. The resolution faced strong opposition, which led to it being deferred by a year and later withdrawn from consideration.

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    12 While this paper examines how these issues have progressed in intergovernmental spaces, it is important to note that infringements on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) persons are consistently raised by UN human rights expert mechanisms, such as the Special Procedures, treaty monitoring bodies, and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, across a broad number of thematic and country specific reports. See for example:

    13 See footnote 10.

    14 CSW agreed conclusions on the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls. (2013). Para. 34(ww).


    A/RES/68/181. (2013).

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    18 This report primarily uses the language of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”, which have been acknowledged by the intergovernmental bodies, but also refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer persons using the relevant acronyms LGBT, LGBTI or LGBTIQ, depending on the particular context. For example, while activists and human rights defenders might use the language of Queer rights, this term has not been taken up by the UN, but the UN does recognise and use L,G,B,T and I. Other language yet to be referenced in UN negotiated documents includes “gender expression” and “bodily integrity”.

    19 Abolafia Anguita, L. (2012, 9 March). Aid conditionality and respect for LGBT people rights. Sexuality Policy Watch.

    20 UN member states are divided into five regional groups: the African Group, Asia-Pacific Group, Eastern European Group, Latin America and the Caribbean Group, and Western European and Others Group. There are also a number of additional political blocs and affiliations of states and sub-regional blocs that form collective positions on issues, such as the Arab Group, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Mercosur, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the European Union (EU), etc.

    21 For example, South Africa and Mauritius were publicly denigrated by Nigeria, the then coordinator of the African Group, for their leadership on and support for the first UN resolution on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity in 2011.


    23 Resolutions on “traditional values”: A/HRC/RES/12/21 (2009); A/HRC/RES/16/3 (2011); A/HRC/RES/21/3 (2012); on “protection of the family”: A/HRC/RES/26/11 (2014); A/HRC/RES/29/22 (2015).

    24 Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT), Legal and Social Mapping:

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    26 See, for example, Jain, D., & Rhoten, K. (2013, 28 December). A Comparison of the Legal Rights of Gender Non-Conforming Persons in South Asia. Economic & Political Weekly.

    27 Khaki v. Rawalpindi, Supreme Court of Pakistan (12 December 2009).

    28 See, for example: United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG). (2011, 17 June). Council establishes mandate on Côte d’Ivoire, adopts protocol to child rights treaty, requests study on discrimination and sexual orientation.; UNOG. (2012, 7 March). Human Rights Council holds panel discussion on discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity.; UNOG. (2014, 26 September). Human Rights Council adopts resolution on sexual orientation and gender identity and concludes twenty-seventh session.; UNOG. (2015, 22 June). Human Rights Council holds general debate on the promotion and protection of all human rights.

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    38 A/HRC/29/32. (2015). Paras 1 & 12.



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    Сюда съезжаются тысячи туристов каждый год, чтобы воссоединиться с природой, перезагрузить свои мысли и расслабиться от тяжелого рабочего года.

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    Accountant/Fluent in both Russian English!! - GTCS TRADING DMCC - Jumeirah

    We are looking for a person with advanced computer skills. Candidate Must be fluent in both Russian and English. Preferable who have experience in 1C program.
    From - Tue, 29 Oct 2019 17:45:48 GMT - View all Jumeirah jobs

    Exclusive: Tony Blair on regulating Big Tech, Facebook, Russia, China and Brexit

    As history tells us, the break-up of “Big Oil” and “Big Telco” in the past led to more competition and innovation. What to do in the era of “Big Tech?” Living in 2019, we know more than ever before about how Big Tech, particularly in the shape of Facebook, Twitter and Google — as the […]


    via this auction "The Polivoks (also occasionally referred to as the Polyvox; Russian: Поливокс) is a duophonic, analog synthesizer manufactured and marketed in the Soviet Union between 1982 and 1990. It is arguably the most popular and well-known Soviet synthesizer in the West, likely due to the uniqueness of both its appearance and sound. The Polivoks was designed at the Urals Vector plant,


    Healthcare: Manager Outpatient Services FT-(Katy Clinic) - Houston, Texas

    One of the nation s largest and most respected hospital companies, Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) has built an impressive record of achievement and performance. Steadily growing from a startup to an esteemed Fortune 500 corporation, UHS today has annual revenue nearing $10 billion. In 2017, UHS was recognized as one of the World s Most Admired Companies by Fortune; ranked #276 on the Fortune 500, and listed #275 in Forbes inaugural ranking of America s Top 500 Public Companies. Our operating philosophy is as effective today as it was 40 years ago: Build or acquire high quality hospitals in rapidly growing markets, invest in the people and equipment needed to allow each facility to thrive, and become the leading healthcare provider in each community we serve. Headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, UHS has more than 81,000 employees and through its subsidiaries operates more than 320 acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities and ambulatory centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom. West Oaks Hospital has been faithfully serving Houston and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. West Oaks, located in southwest Houston, is a fully accredited 144 bed acute care facility and 16 bed adult CD residential facility dedicated to the provision of quality care and assistance for individuals and families in need of psychiatric care and treatment for substance abuse. West Oaks Hospital offers the community a broad range of inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults. We also offer residential adult chemical dependency services. West Oaks Hospital is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any questions or inquiries about our programs. West Oaks Hospital is seeking a dynamic and talented Outpatient Services Manager to join our team of compassionate, dedicated professionals. Purpose: To provide administrative and management functions to ensure the highest quality of patient care. Functions include supervision of outpatient staff and fiscal management. This opportunity provides the following: * Challenging and rewarding work environment * Growth and development opportunities within UHS and its subsidiaries * Competitive Compensation * Excellent Medical, Dental, Vision and Prescription Drug Plan * 401k plan with company match * Generous Paid Time Off UHS is a registered trademark of UHS of Delaware, Inc., the management company for Universal Health Services, Inc. and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. Universal Health Services, Inc. is a holding company and operates through its subsidiaries including its management company, UHS of Delaware, Inc. All healthcare and management operations are conducted by subsidiaries of Universal Health Services, Inc. To the extent any reference to "UHS or UHS facilities" on this website including any statements, articles or other publications contained herein relates to our healthcare or management operations it is referring to Universal Health Services' subsidiaries including UHS of Delaware. Further, the terms "we," "us," "our" or "the company" in such context similarly refer