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cashspinscasino took my winnings


I deposited €40 into cash spins casino recently I had played on there before so this time I didn't receive any bonus, I reached €300 so decided to withdraw the money, I received a mail asking for 5 documents for identification which I sent, I didn't receive any response for a few days then I spoke to online chat who said I should expect a phone verification call, which I didn't. I checked mu account and the amount was still pending, I had had enough of waiting so I cancelled the withdrawal and won €2500. I had to go through the same process and yes I was ignored for days, again I was sick of waiting so I cancelled the withdrawal but ended up winning €4100,i waited a few days to hear from the casino regarding a phone verification never came but I did receive a mail saying that I had broken the terms and conditions of the casino a d all my winnings will be taken back, I checked my account and they had put my deposit of €40 back into my account, I have been disputing this by mail for nearly 2 week now, I asked for the evidence of the irregular play and evidence of my spi s when I broke the terms and conditions, they said they will not supply them. They are part of curacao, casinomir which I have tried to contact, I am absolutely fuming that this company gets away with this.
Darren Hoole


Casino-bookmarer Betmaster


    My login is 79502130027 on site . They confiscated all my funds and blocked my account without any reasons. My balance was 182478 roubles October 31, 2018. At the beginning i tried to solve the problem through their support but they have not answered. I send my docs (photo of my passport, bank card) them. It was the first case when bookmakers-casino site stole my funds. I have never violated any rules on casino-bookmakers site but company decided that they are not subject of law and can make all they want. I fail a complaint in differrent companies , include Curacao company given a license them but no results still.


SMMC recruits House Officer Dr. Liqui Lung via Fred Expo


SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) recently welcomed Dr. Feyemy Liqui Lung who is working as a House Officer at the hospital and was recruited via the Dutch Caribbean Recruitment Expo, FRED.

Dr. Liqui Lung is no stranger to St. Maarten as her mother was raised on the island and states: “I was born and raised in Curacao. When I studied in Europe, I started to appreciate the Caribbean more and more, and also became to realize the big culture differences there is between the place I was studying (The Netherlands) and the place where I was born (Curacao). My mother was raised on St. Maarten and hearing her good memories of the island, I was always curious to get to know this part of the Caribbean”.

As a House Officer at SMMC she will work, examine, diagnose as well as administer general medical treatment in the prevention and control of diseases. In her new capacity, she works in close collaboration with the Medical Specialists to provide medical care to patients on the Medical/Surgical ward.

When asked what her primary role will be as a House Officer at SMMC, Dr. Liqui Lung states: “My primary role as House Officer is to take care of the patients who are admitted to the hospital. With the daily ward rounds, I get to know the patients and find out what is needed to take care of them and finally, to safely discharge them”

Dr. Liqui Lung has worked in South Africa and Panama apart from The Netherlands as an intern and when asked about those experiences, she stated: “I learned that there is no one way to perform medicine. As a doctor you wish and try to do the best you can for your patient. My experiences abroad thought me that the best care for patients variates between cultures. Not only from a social side, but also considering the resources that are available. For instance, in Panama I experienced for the first time how a Cardiologist gave me money out of his own wallet to buy medicine at the pharmacy across the hospital, because the necessary medicine was not available at the hospital. A situation like this would be unthinkable in The Netherlands, where I got my education. In South Africa, I learned that operations are also possible in the heat of 30 degrees Celsius (without air-conditioning). Finally, in Curacao, where I worked at the ER, I learned that (secondary) prevention and education is very important. Especially for people with Asthma Exacerbation and Diabetic comas because of not understanding how to use their medication”.    

Asked what her first impression is about SMMC, Dr. Liqui Lung responds candidly: “Working at SMMC is actually pretty similar to my previous job in The Netherlands. Logistically the work is almost the same. The main difference is the reasons of admissions. From my first impression I expect to have a great and educational time here.

Medical Director, Dr. Felix Holiday states: “With the arrival of Dr. Liqui Lung Another we again emphasize our mission to enhance quality care while expanding the variety of specialties. It also gives great pleasure to be able contribute to young professionals from the Dutch Caribbean to further build their career through SMMC.”

SMMC welcomes Dr. Liqui Lung to its team of Doctors and nurses and look forward to a good working relationship together, serving our patient community with quality care close to home.

SMMC photo2

SMMC’s Medical Director Dr. Felix Holiday and Dr. Feyemy Liqui Lung during the 2019 FRED Expo in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).





All you need to know about a shipping agent

Slashdot - he ship agency Curacao appoints a person who deals with all the transactions related to shipping when it arrives at the port

Topic "Returning to Canada" a message from PMM


CynCardew wrote:
I'm a Canadian married to an English man (UK) and together we have 2 Canadian Children, both born in Canada. We've lived in France for 7 years.

My husband had a Permanent Resident Card in Canada but as it had expired while we were living in France, as we were planning a visit back to Canada, he needed to renounce it in order to apply for an ETA. We plan on moving back permanently next year, will he have to reapply for a Permanent Resident Card all over again?
If yes, can he start the application process from France before our return? Knowing he'd have to go back to Canada for appointments or signing paperwork.
For me and the kids, do we just start on paperwork (licence, healthcard etc) once we return?

Thanks for any help or advice.

1. No, the PR card is only the indication that a person has PR status, your spouse renounced his PR status. (He didn't have to do that, as he was accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse residing abroad he would have maintained his PR status, and only would have required a PR Travel Document to return to Canada) But that's water under the bridged.
2. You will have to sponsor him. As a Canadian citizen residing abroad you can start the process, but will have to demonstrate what steps you have made to return to Canada if he is issued a PR visa (COPR). \
3. If you sponsor abroad, any interviews would be held at the overseas processing office.

4. You and your children will (depending) on the Province where you intend to settle, will most likely have a 3 months waiting period for Health Insurance after your arrival. Depending on what Drivers License you hold, it will be a straight swap for a Provincial DL. DLs that can be swapped

  • Austria

  • Australia

  • France

  • Germany

  • Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey

  • Ireland

  • Japan

  • Netherlands

    • Except former territories in Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Maarten.

  • New Zealand

  • South Korea (not motorcycles)

  • Switzerland

  • Taiwan (not motorcycles)

  , Over $4 million Distributed to Token Holders in the First Year


Willemstad, Curacao – EarnBet (formerly EOSBet), the original dapp casino, first launched in March 2018. The platform provides a decentralised, provably fair gaming experience where players are generously rewarded for their engagement. All players receive BET tokens, which entitle them to a share of game profits. A full 100% of game profit is distributed to […]

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Shine Bright!

Happy New Release Day! All The products you see along the hop are now LIVE in the YNS Store!
We have lots of cuties for your holiday crafting!
I had SO MUCH FUN making this card! I've used the new Holiday Light Strings Dies and Holiday Light Sentiments, and lots of YNS Inks!
I started by cutting and connecting two of the "strings" from black cardstock, and trimming it to fit the length of my card. I cut the base of the bulbs from gold cardstock, and each of the bulbs is cut from white cardstock, then colored with Copics. Before attaching the lights to the string, I sponged a little ink behind where each bulb would go, for that lovely "glow".
Copics and YNS Inks:  
Red Lights - R29, R27, R24, R22, R20 and Holly Berry Red Ink
Yellow Lights - Y08, Y06, Y02, Y00, Y000 and Sunflower Yellow Ink
Blue Lights - B06, B04, B02, B01, B00, B000 and Blue Curacao Ink
Green Lights - G07, YG09, YG07, YG06, YG11 and Garden Green Ink
Along with the New Release, there is a special discount in the store!!
Be sure to take advantage and stock up!
You also have a chance to win a $25 YNS Gift Certificate! Hop along and leave a comment on as many blogs as you want... the more comments you leave, the greater your odds are of winning!
Thanks for joining us!
Happy Hopping and Shopping!


Electric Apple Lemonade Cocktail

Give your night a shock with our Electric Apple Lemonade Cocktail! Our Electric Apple Lemonade Cocktail is made with Sour Mix, Apple Pucker, Apple Ciroc, Blue Curacao, Lemons, and Limes!  Garnish with Lemon Wheels and a Mini Ciroc Bottle! Ingredients: 3 oz. (90 ml) Sour Mix 1 oz. (30 ml) Apple Pucker 1 1/2 oz. […]

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