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Into October...


The temps have rapidly dropped this week as October rolled in and with around 12 hours daylight and sunset it`s time to get the bike lights charged and fitted onto the two winter bikes...

With both older Surly Pugsleys kitted with lights, full frame bags for waterproofs, and extra clothes the black/orange Pug is ready as usual for the beach...

And the Alfine IGH  29+ Pug (aka a KramPug) is ready for trails - this bike will be getting used more now for mid week nightrides from home around the newly surfaced all weather trails made this year around the local Estates woods, going to be great for mud free winter cycling this year!...

Still time for daylight rides after work and we have had a week of extreme high/low tides which you may have noticed with the last half dozen blog posts,
Tuesday would see a 5.7 meter high tide around 5pm and there would be no beach to cycle  at Broadsands along to North Berwick as it was swallowed up by the waves...

Stunning light once again on the coast...

Into town and had to take the road along to the harbour..

Did get some sand to cycle along the east beach!...

Some film catching the lovely light, Song is `Satelite Anthan Icarus` by Boards of Canada

High Tide Cycle at North Berwick. Oct 2019 from coastkid71 on Vimeo.

Driving home and another Autumn site, thousands of Pink footed geese grazing in a stubble field...

Hope to get more pics and film of the scene of them arriving in Aberlady Bay at sunset soon...

More soon...

Portrait des CCC

3sat Neues: Die Akte CCC from netzpolitik on Vimeo. Noch bis in die 80er Jahre galt der Chaos Computer Club als ein Haufen verrückter Freaks – von vielen belächelt, teils als kriminell verschrien. Die Zeiten haben sich geändert: Heute legen die obersten Richter des Bundesverfassungsgerichts wert auf ihre Expertise, sie sind Teilnehmer bei Hintergrundgesprächen in […]

Houdini - Update and non-uniform Spiderweb


Lets do some non-uniform webs in Houdini.

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Abstract Visuals - Houdini and Redshift

Procedural Hardsurface Design in Houdini

Abtract Design in Houdini

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#cgi #tutorial #houdini

Cast: timj design

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houdini fx particle


houdini fx particle (avengers effects)

Cast: saeid salarvand

Tags: houdini fx, houdini, houdini particle, particle and saeed salarvand


houdini fx rbd fracture


houdini fx rbd material fracture

Cast: saeid salarvand

Tags: rbd material fracture, saeed salarvand, fracture, vfx, cg, houdini fx and houdini


Mastering Destruction in Houdini with Keith Kamholz - CG Master Academy


Keith Kamholz is an experienced Lead FX Technical Director specializing in destruction, with 10+ years experience in the industry. He's worked at DNEG, Industrial Light & Magic, Blue Sky Studios, Tippett Studio, and Framestore NY. Career highlights include Pacific Rim: Uprising, Jurassic World, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and many other destruction-heavy projects.

In this 8 week course, suitable for both beginners and more advanced users, he presents his favorite production-tested workflows for getting beautiful destruction work done quickly, and with a high degree of artistic control.

*** I couldn't include any shots I've worked on in the last 4 years, but feel free to message me for my demo reel password, or check out the rough breakdown of the epic 'Jaeger vs Kaiju' shot here:

It's also the closing shot of DNEG's latest film vfx reel!


Student feedback:

"Keith Really did a phenomenal job. I'm not just saying that. I feel as though I've seriously increased my skill level in Houdini Destruction work after taking his course."

"Amazing instructor. Very knowledgeable about the content, learned more during this class then I have in my entire college career."

"He worked hard to push us to simplify very complex tasks and encouraged us to take simple steps each time to build magical stuff. I also admired his modesty & wellness for helping and sharing some of his coolest & production proven techniques, which you wouldn't be able to find elsewhere"

"Keith is the best instructor you have! :)"

"Keith presented the most amazing course I ever so much love to detail!!!!!!!!"

Course info:

Keith's IMDB/LinkedIn/website/reel:

Cast: Keith Kamholz

Tags: houdini, destruction, simulation, vfx, side effects, rbd, bullet, particles, instancing, constraints, dust, shatter, fracture, 3d and tutorial


Houdini Hologram (image based)


Continuing with the hologram series but this time I created a tool that uses a 2d sequence to create an appealing 3D (or let's say 2.5D) Hologram, it automatically detects image boarders and push the points accordingly.
What's needed is:
-Alpha sequence for the cutout.
-Color Sequence.


-The sequence I used belongs to, so I had their permission to attach the video file with the setup.
-The 3d version of the tool can be found here:

Cast: VFX arabia

Tags: Houdini, sidefx, houdinifx, 2d, hologram, design, vfx, 3d, visual effects and image based



Téléchargez des vidéos en fichiers MP3 en 30 secondes. Facile, rapide et gratuit ! Flvto est un excellent outil qui enrichit votre expérience musicale et vous permet d'agrandir votre bibliothèque multimédia en quelques clics. Vous pouvez convertir de la musique à partir de sites d'hébergement vidéo, y compris YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook

- Conversion et téléchargement de YouTube en MP3 - Application FLVTO Converter

Cet article est apparu en premier sur Yakeo.


shoot off 2003 - a straight 8 film by steve oram and tom meeten


made for straight 8's 2003 competition on one cartridge of super 8mm film with only in-camera edits and no post-production.

premiered at straight 8's 2003 cannes film festival screening.

straight 8 is open to anyone at

Cast: straight eight

Tags: super 8, short film, tom meeten, steve oram and alex kirk


A Happy Ending For A Happy Band


Kansas City Punks Faultfinder Rocked, Even If You've Got Not A Big Brain

There may never be another Kansas City band quite like Faultfinder. Since its 2010 inception to its 2018 demise (and posthumous LP release this year), the group stood out as one of the most challenging and abrasive acts in the metro. I met up with three-fourths of the final lineup in late September at Revolution Records to discuss the band’s nine-year run and culminating recording, which was partially tracked at Revolution.

The Kansas City punk scene of nearly a decade ago largely orbited a humble Crossroads DIY space called the Studded Bird. Just a stone’s throw from our record store meetup spot — at East 19th and Holmes Streets — under the watchful eye of a colorful, indoor bird mural played American punk circuit favorites like Raw Nerve, Brown Sugar and The Body. Often joining those bands was a wave of like-minded local acts that included Dark Ages, No Class, White Slave and others. Unlike the snottier and speedier groups that emerged during the mid-’10s, these bands shared similarly dark aesthetics.

Faultfinder, while welcomed by its peers in this scene, always stood out a bit. Not many of its songs moved faster than drummer Ben Biersmith’s mid-paced marches (as opposed to the fast, ‘80s hardcore-inspired tempos of other groups). While many early songs bent a bit melodic — thanks to the writing of founding member Nic Allred — the group’s compositions grew increasingly slow and nasty, teetering on the verge of industrial at times. The band has most often identified simply as a punk band, but elements of the New York-born no wave movement always felt like a more precise reference point. 

“It’s sort of like you take Swans and make it a joke instead of being super self-serious,” said bassist and vocalist Mookie Ninjak, discussing Faultfinder’s core sound.

It may be easy enough to miss on first glance, but the comedy that crept its way into much of Faultfinder’s material is another thing that made the group stand out. From its tongue-in-cheek song titles (from the LP: “Fruitless Hump” and “Young, Dumb And Full Of Complex Biological Systems”) to its lyrics, which often explored the depths of nihilism before yanking the listener out with a witty nugget of gallows humor, few local acts could make a sharp-minded punk laugh like Faultfinder.

The band was perhaps at its funniest (and most maniacal) when performing live. Guitarist Joe Wetteroth fondly recalled an all-punk cover show the band was set to play a couple years back where they pulled quite the fakeout: “You thought you were gonna see a band we can all agree on, Rudimentary Peni, but you’re gonna see The Beatles tonight.” 

Most times though, the band wasn’t so much actively pranking its audience as it was playing a game of chicken with them. Already the slowest-playing band on most bills, the repetitive and psychedelic krautrock style of some of its songs led to punks peeling out one by one, abandoning Faultfinder to go outside for a cigarette. Faultfinder was on the cutting edge of poseur-detector technology. “It wasn’t my goal ever to make people leave the room, but I always thought it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth when it happened,” laughed Ninjak.

Mookie Ninjak of Faultfinder | Photo: Aaron Rhodes

The extreme reactions weren’t always negative, though. The band spoke of one loyal fan, to whom they dedicated a tape, who once took a $50 taxi ride from an outer suburb just to see them play. Some fans also didn’t come from the most standard of punk backgrounds — members mentioned they had one or two nine-to-fivers who would come to see them. Perhaps the bleak nature of their music most accurately reflected the feelings of being stuck at a desk all day. “It’s definitely music to kill yourself in your cubicle to,” Ninjak said, referencing these fans and an office-centric music video created for one of their songs by a friend of the band.

As the band muscled on through its third distinct lineup, it finally got to work on its long-awaited longplayer (jokingly referred to as its own “Chinese Democracy”). Tracked and mixed with the help of friend James Rumsey and mastered by Duane Trower, “Brother’s Milk,” the band believes, is the most accurate representation of the sound they set out to achieve. Much of the melodicism of the band’s early days is long gone, as is some of the metallic edge that former guitarist Steve Shoup injected during his stay. What’s left musically is something murkier and in-between.

Lyrically, the album is a vital, bleak and hilarious document that encapsulates the psyche of a crew of smart Midwestern punks raised in Bush-era horror, who came of age witnessing Obama-era denialism and became DIY scene elders, as the nation slipped into Trump-era chaos. The words aren’t often overtly political, but rather capture the day-to-day feelings that the systems in place often play a hand in creating.

As work on the record began to wrap up, the band quickly realized it would soon be no more. Guitarist Don Beasley and Ninjak both left Kansas City last year. Some parties were less interested in the band’s music at the time than others, but those remaining recognized that the LP’s release would be as good a time as any to end on a high note. Local co-op record label Black Site pressed the record to vinyl and in the longstanding tradition of the punk band breaking up with its LP, that was that. “A happy ending,” I started, as our interview wound down, “for a happy band,” one member finished with a laugh.

Brother’s Milk is available to purchase on Bandcamp, as well as at several local record stores.

—Aaron Rhodes is a music journalist based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is the editor-in-chief of Shuttlecock Music Magazine, content manager at Do816, and a frequent contributor to The Pitch and 90.9 The Bridge.


Så motiverar du dina patienter


7 visningar

Dr David Unwin har nått stora framgångar när det gäller att lösa sina patienters hälsoproblem genom att dra nytta av dr Jen Unwins kunskaper i hälsopsykologi. I den här föreläsningen från konferensen Low Carb Denver 2019 förklarar de hur läkare kan förfina sina metoder genom att tillämpa strategier från psykologin för att hjälpa sina patienter att nå sina mål.

Transkription (förhandstitt)

Jen Unwin: Härnäst ska vi jämföra och kontrastera med hjälp av rollspel. För vi vet att ni älskar våra rollspel. Vi ska börja med den typiska konsultation som man brukar göra, som handlar om att gräva och hitta ett problem och sen ge en rejäl portion råd, en stor klump råd i patientens knä, och sen skicka iväg den. Vi vet förstås alla att om råd och information bet skulle ingen röka, till exempel. Alla har tillgång till information, men det leder inte automatiskt till förändring.

Vi börjar med den traditionella modellen, och sen tar vi det igen på Davids sätt. Då försöker vi inte hitta problemet, utan lösningen och den efterlängtade framtiden. Ni ska få se hur han ger eld åt lågorna. Sen efteråt ska jag förklara modellen som han använder sig av. Nu ska vi göra rollspelet.

David Unwin: Välkomna till min mottagning. Jag slår mig ner. Mrs Jones ska komma in, så får vi se i vilket ärende. Vad för er hit, mrs Jones?

Jen Unwin: Det är lite pinsamt… Sköterskan sa till mig att jag är sjukligt fet och att jag behöver tala med er.

David Unwin: Sjukligt fet, säger ni? Ja, det låter ju allvarligt. Vad tror ni att hälsoriskerna med fetma är?

Jen Unwin: Jag har väldigt ont i knät. Det gissar jag beror på det. Och jag är trött hela tiden.

David Unwin: Tror ni att fetman ligger bakom det? Jen Unwin: Ja, antagligen.

David Unwin: Jag tror att det finns ännu allvarligare saker som fetma kan leda till. Är ni medveten om att det kan leda till typ 2-diabetes?

Jen Unwin: Nej. Mamma hade typ 2.

David Unwin: Ja, det kan ha stor betydelse. Med sjuklig fetma är det nåt vi bör vara oroliga för. Det har också samband med flera sorters cancer och högt blodtryck. Har ni historik av cancer eller högt blodtryck i släkten?

Jen Unwin: Ja, högt blodtryck.

David Unwin: Jaså… Det här med sjuklig fetma är ett stort problem. Vi behöver hjälpas åt för att lösa det. Innan ni går vill jag ta en vikt igen för att vara helt säker på er vikt. Jag ska också anteckna vikten åt er, så att ni vet. Jag tycker att ni ska komma hit varannan vecka, så jag ska boka in tider hos sköterskan. Sen återstår vad ni ska göra under tiden. Här får ni en broschyr.

Jen Unwin: Tack, doktorn.

David Unwin: Jag har fler. Här är en broschyr till. Och en till. Nu har ni fått broschyrerna och jag ska boka in tider åt er, men kom ihåg det jag har sagt om de allvarliga riskerna med sjuklig fetma. Vi måste helt klart göra nåt åt det. Tack.
Då har vi tagit hand om mrs Jones.

Jen Unwin: Jag är djupt deprimerad.

David Unwin: Det var det. Vi tar emot henne igen.
Vad för er hit, mrs Jones?

Jen Unwin: Det är lite pinsamt. Sköterskan sa att jag behöver träffa er för att jag har problem med vikten.

David Unwin: Så intressant. Då kanske vi skulle prata lite om viktminskning. Jag har en fråga: Om jag kunde göra viktminskning enkelt för er…

Jen Unwin: Ja, det vore toppen.

David Unwin: Visst vore det? Vad skulle ni då ha för målvikt? Hur mycket vill ni gå ner?

Jen Unwin: Jisses… Jag trivdes bra när jag vägde runt 65 kilo, men det var länge sen.

David Unwin: Jaså, då kändes det bra. Jag vill gärna veta vilken skillnad en viktminskning skulle innebära i ert liv? Hur skulle ert liv förändras, om vi nu skulle kunna åstadkomma miraklet och nå 65 kilo?

Jen Unwin: Det är så plågsamt för mig att gå nu, så jag tror att knäsmärtan skulle gå över. Och jag är så trött hela tiden. Jag hade mycket mer energi förut. Det vore trevligt.

David Unwin: Och mer? Hur skulle ert liv se ut om ni vägde 65 kilo?

Jen Unwin: Det vore fantastiskt. Jag ska få ett till barnbarn. Det vore trevligt att kunna göra saker med henne. Det tar emot att gå och bada och sånt nu. Det vore trevligt att vara mer med barnbarnen.

David Unwin: Har ni gått ner i vikt förut?

Jen Unwin: Ja, för några år sen. Men jag gick upp igen.

David Unwin: Men kan ni dra er till minnes nåt som underlättade för er att gå ner i vikt?

Jen Unwin
: Jag körde Weight Watchers. Jag är ganska ordningsam, så det klarade jag bra.

David Unwin: Där hade ni hjälp av att vara ordningsam. Jag trevar efter sånt som kan vara till hjälp. Finns det nån därhemma som ni kan få hjälp av?

Jen Unwin: Inte hemma, men min syster har gått upp mycket i vikt, och vi pratade om att vi måste ta tag i det.

David Unwin: Då låter det som en bra idé att få med henne. Ni nämnde 65 kilo, men det är förstås mycket begärt. Men om ni innan vi träffas igen skulle ta ett litet steg som kan hjälpa er att gå ner i vikt, kommer du på vad det skulle kunna vara?

Jen Unwin: Ett litet steg… Jag brukade ha med matlåda till jobbet, och då var det ganska nyttig mat. Det var mycket bättre än att hamna i matsalen där det bara blir muffins och sånt. Det skulle jag kunna göra.

David Unwin: Kan ni bestämma er för det? Jen Unwin: Javisst.

David Unwin: När ni har gått ner i vikt tidigare, la ni då märke till hur det kändes? – Hur kändes det att ha gått ner i vikt?

Jen Unwin: Fantastiskt. Jag hade massor av energi. Jag var glad, det var kul att köpa kläder… Det var toppen.

David Unwin: Okej.

Det kan räcka så. Jag hoppas att ni märkte att samtalet tog en annan riktning. Jen ska nu gå igenom och göra er uppmärksamma på de knep vi använde.

Transkription pdf

Se en del av videon ovan. Hela föreläsningen (med svensk text och transkription) kan ses med gratis provmånad eller medlemskap.

Se föreläsningen här

Bli medlem, (gratis att testa en månad), så kan du se videon direkt – liksom föreläsningar, intervjuer, videokurser, frågor och svar, filmer och mycket mera. Du får också tillgång till vårt populära verktyg veckomenyer.

Low Carb Denver 2019


" SAMBAL SAMBAL " feat. Ainara Aymat & Lee Ann Curren


“Sambal Sambal” is just the continuation of “Sambal”, a little project that Ainara and me put together last year. Everything was really improvised, as it happened during a layover in Indo with the simple idea of just showing up a bit of who she is, without any other message behind. The project was so well received that we decided to take a little step further and make a second part, “Sambal-Sambal”. This year we decided to add more sambal and also another spicy guest as Lee Ann Curren. Let's enjoy with us and check this spicy second part.

photography : Hector Menendez

Cast: Kylian Castells

Tags: vans, sambal sambal, sambal, surfing, surf, ainara aymat, lee ann curren, indonesia, mentawai, king millenium, panasonic gh5, black magic and 4k




Francesco and Giorgio, aka Montanus, decided to dedicate a video-tribute to the land where
they were born and still live, celebrating the magnificent mountains where their desire to
explore the wilderness has grown.
‘Home Wild Home’ is the latest film by Montanus, but it doesn’t tell of an expedition in a remote land
like those they made in Patagonia and Iceland. Montanus duo created a sort of tribute in honor of their
own land, filming the backyard trails that link their hometown L’Aquila, in central Italy, with the
massif of Gran Sasso d’Italia, where highest peaks of Apennine mountains are located. In this mountain
enviromental they started appreciating wilderness and developing the outdoor skills that has allowed
them to travel and explore remote and wild lands. ‘Home Wild Home’ is more than a bikepacking film,
it’s a sign of gratitude to their own land and an encouragement to the recovery of L’Aquila, hit by a
devastating earthquake 10 years ago.

The Nature Of The Game - Dan Fogelberg
Tell Me Lies - The Black Keys
They Wore Blue - Otis Taylor
Secret of Life - Lord Huron

Camera 1: Sony RX100 MKVI 24-200mm f/2.8-f/4.5
Gimbal camera 1: Feiyu G6 Plus
Lens filter camera1: Mag Filter CPL 42mm
Camera 2: Canon EOS 100D
Primary Lens: Canon EF-S 60 mm F2.8 USM Macro
Spare Lens: Canon EF-S 24 mm F/2.8 STM
GoPro: Hero 5 Black
GoPro lens filter: Polar Pro CINEMA SERIES / Shutter collection / ND8 - ND16 - ND32
GoPro Gimbal: Feiyu Tech WG2X
Drone: DJI Mavic Air
Drone camera lens filter: Polar Pro CINEMA SERIES / Limited collection / ND32 - ND64 - ND32/PL -
Microphone 1: RØDE VideoMic Pro
Microphone 2: RØDE Lavalier GO
Camera slider: Grip Gear Movie Maker 2
Tripod 1: SIRUI T-025SK Carbon Fiber
Tripod 2: JOBY GorillaPod 1K



My International Experience

itunes pic
"My International Experience" video. UVU's Cultural Envoy dance team traveled to China and preformed their native dance to different universities and high schools. Special thanks to Dodenbier Productions for the video work. For mobile devices please visit:



Cast: Filmservice


Oscars 2016 ‘The Evolution of the Best Picture’


This piece was completed for the 2016 Oscars. The score and sound design was created by Mark Share for this 88 second animated history of the Best Picture Award from 1927 to 2015, commissioned by the Academy for the 88th awards, designed and directed by Henry Hobson. Animated by Alasdair Willson, Design Support - Henry Edman.

Cast: Easyfeel


The muscular princesses/Az izmos királylányok


Every night all 12 daughters of the king disappear. no one knows where they go.
The old king decides to uncover the mystery...
Júlia Farkas graduate film on MOME animation, 2009

Cast: Juli Farkas

Tags: animation, princesses, motion graphics, funny, cartoon, Julia Farkas, short film, muscular princesses, hand drawing and MOME


Katy Davis - Seeing Others As They Are


Cast: The Gate Films


Rhei - time flows. Literally


Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock
with liquid display, and the result of a one-year long
passion project, created by Damjan Stankovic,
executed in collaboration with Marko Pavlovic,
and many other wonderful people.

We were on a very tight schedule working day and night to deliver the best experience possible for this promo video of a new prototype. The whole video was shot in 6 different places under 3 days.

video recorded and produced by
Djordje Stojiljkovic, Nenad Veljovic

Music by Rafael Krux, license purchased from

Cast: rollercoaster and Djordje Stojiljkovic

Tags: ferrofluid, mechanics, clock, mechanism, prototype, product, design, industrial, damjan and stankovic


Tesla - Fireflies


A fully CG film created as an homage to a brand we admire. Please watch fullscreen for best effect.

Produced by Parachute (
Director: Sam O'Hare
Executive Producer: Sara Eolin
Lead Artists: Andy Gilbert, Sam O'Hare
Hero firefly animation: Eugen Sasu
Rigging, additional CG: Jesse Holmes
Producer: Nicole Melius
Additional modelling: Todd Danielle, Gil Franco

Music and sound design: Syn (

Cast: Sam O'Hare and andygilbert

Tags: CG, car, Tesla, automotive, Parachute, VFX, CGI and electric cars


What will it take to end extreme poverty?


The UN has set a goal to end extreme poverty by 2030. Drawing on research from a new book “The Last Mile in Ending Extreme Poverty”, this video asks what stands in the way of this goal being achieved.

Cast: The Brookings Institution

Tags: The Last Mile, The Brookings Institution, Income, Poverty, UN, Brookings, Laurence Chandy, Labour, Resilience, World Poverty and Book


Judith Keith


„A jellem csupán idő kérdése. Ennyi és ennyi ideig hordhatjuk, mint valami kesztyűt, ha jobb fajta
kesztyű valamivel tovább tart, de akkor se tart örökké.”
Bertolt Brecht

„Morals – are just a matter of time. They’re like gloves, we can wear them for this or that amount of
time. If it’s a better type of gloves, they’ll last longer. But they still won’t last forever.”
Bertolt Brecht

Láng Annamária
Nagy Viktor

Rendező / Director: Reisz Gábor
Operatőr / Cinematography by: Rév Marcell
Zeneszerző / Music by: Reisz Gábor
Jelmeztervező / Costume Design by: Szlávik Júlia
Látványtervező / Production Design by: Klimó Péter
Gyártásvezető / Production manager: Muhi András Pires
Vágó / Editing by : Batka Annamária
Helyszíni hangfelvétel / sound mixer: Hutlassa Bence
Helyszíni hangfelvétel, hangmester / post-production sound / sound mixer: Lukács Péter Benjamin
Helyszíni hangfelvétel / sound mixer : Rochlitz Tamás
Producer: Miklós Bosnyák, András Pires Muhi

Cast: Gabor Reisz

Tags: Brecht Reisz tévéfilm kamara a


How To Get Therapy For Half The Price - The Buddy System: Episode 4


While we're constantly being told that our 20s are the best years of our lives, pretty sure they meant the most mentally unstable years of our lives.

Three-quarters of all mental health conditions emerge by the age of 24 and yet we're the least likely to seek treatment! Wonder why? Therapy is stupid expensive.

So bring your best friend along for couples therapy to curb the expense. You and your BFF are basically a couple anyways. Just because you're not official doesn't mean you can't act like a couple for 30 minutes of unadulterated word vomiting bliss.

After all, we all need to vent to someone other than our mom (and trust us, she's getting sick of your shit).

Nick Borenstein
Hannah Pearl Utt
Becca Stahl

Directed by: Nick Borenstein
Written by: Nick Borenstein & Hannah Pearl Utt

Producer: Brady Leifer
1st AD: Cecilia Delgado
Director of Photography: Marc Katz
Editor: Cecilia Delgado
Gaffer/AC: Cory Beisser
Production Designer: Charlotte Hornsby
Sound: M. Louis Gordon
Colorist: Brenna Perez
PA: Liliana Granados, Stephen Rubino, Rick Mickles, Christopher Yu

Produced by Elite Daily's Artist Residency Project.

Cast: Elite Daily


Quick / Escritorio / Fernando Sanches


Cast: Casta Diva Buenos Aires


Morteim / Exorcista / Fernando Sanches


Cast: Casta Diva Buenos Aires


B-9: A Journey Beyond Cancer


Recently my father asked me for the most touching gift I could have ever imagined for Father's Day. For those who don't know, two years ago Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and he survived. He asked if I would take a song that his very good friend Carle Vickers wrote relating to Dad's journey through cancer, and create a film with my visuals. Last night Dad premiered this film with a group of cancer survivors at a live event and the response was palpable. Now I am super excited to share it with you. I hope you enjoy, and sharing is always appreciated!

From Dad's wife, Lynn:

In January, 2013, George Reeder was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. No cancer is good cancer, but to a saxophone player the diagnosis of an oral cancer was particularly troubling, despite an excellent prognosis for survival. George endured surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy treatments, which were completed on April 19, 2013. His “this is all behind me now” feeling was shattered, however, when a routine 12-week PET scan in July showed something suspicious in his jaw. A second surgery and biopsy revealed that the abnormal salivary glands in the scan were, thankfully, benign.

George’s wife, Lynn, kept friends and family informed of George’s progress throughout his cancer journey. The possibility of a second round of cancer so soon hit his circle of loving supporters hard, and everyone rejoiced when the July news was good. One friend in particular, musician/composer Carle Vickers, was so deeply affected by George’s experiences and his ability to remain positive no matter what was happening, that he was inspired to set George’s cancer journey to music. This musical composition, B-9, is his loving gift to George, and offers a message of hope to cancer survivors everywhere.

The inspiration did not end there. With Carle’s enthusiastic blessing, George then sent the music to his son, visual artist Shawn Reeder, asking him to add his talents to the mix by creating a visual component. The evocative images herein are drawn from Shawn’s extensive travels, and were selected to soothe and inspire. This collaboration resulted in "B-9: A Journey Beyond Cancer", a powerful message to everyone in the cancer community that life goes on and it is, indeed, beautiful.

Please contact Shawn Reeder for any footage license requests:
Website -
Instagram -
Facebook -

Music: B-9
by Carl Vickers

Cast: Shawn Reeder

Tags: timelapse, utah, new zealand, california, yosemite, ocean, mountains, stars, italy, dubai, 4k, cinque terre, manarola, Florence, Venice, Europe, time-lapse, 5k and HD


Shenandoah National Park Time-lapse


This is a short time-lapse video highlighting the best locations in Shenandoah National Park. The park is located in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and encompasses part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It's one of the most beautiful national parks across the United States and is known for it's scenic drive, Skyline Drive, that travels all the way through the park. Shenandoah has everything from cascading waterfalls to spectacular vistas. I hope you enjoy the video and go check out Shenandoah for yourself to find your own spots!

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Music: "Beauty In The Breakdown"(Instrumental) -Seth Glier

Cast: Garrett Martin

Tags: nature, shenandoah, landscape, hiking, time-lapse, waterfall, milkyway, virginia, outdoors, sunrise, national park, videography, sunset, mountains and adventure


Switzerland 4K | Timelapse


Switzerland 4K is a journey through some of the most dramatic landscapes in the Southern Swiss Alps. Travel from northern Lugano, across Ticino into the canton Valais, ending in Zermatt, and the breath-taking Matterhorn.

Filmed in seven days across many locations at upwards of 3100 meters. Shot on a Canon 5DS and Canon 5D Mark 3, using Rhino Gear sliders, eMotimo's TB3, and Elysia Visual's RamperPro.

Music arrangement by One Lidless Eye. Original tune by Jesper Kyd.



Cast: Sam Ferrara

Tags: timelapse, 4k, switzerland, zermatt, matterhorn, canon, gornergrat, 5ds, Schweiz, Suisse, gornergratbahn, Svizzera, Svizra, 5d3, 5diii, mountains, mountain and switzerland 4k


El Porvenir


When Abelardo Olguin Cuevas was five years old, his father brought him to his first cockfight. His grandfather was a "gallero" and his dad wanted him to understand the sport that had been such a big part of his family’s history. Olguin was fascinated, and that fascination stuck. Now, as an adult, he carries on that tradition. But the richness of cockfighting’s centuries-old heritage is inseparable from the violence and brutality of the sport, and the increasing opposition to it. It’s still legal in Ixmiquilpan, the town in Central Mexico where Olguin raises and fights roosters, but is outlawed in many surrounding cities and states. His teenage son doesn’t want to pick it up, and as interest dies and outrage rises, there’s a very real possibility that it may soon be extinct in his town as well. Directed by Alfredo Alcantara and Josh Chertoff, produced by Ben Altarescu.

Cast: Victory Journal, Josh Chertoff, Ponderosa Productions and Bows & Arrows

Tags: Mexico, sports, Victory Journal, cockfighting, roosters, El Porvenir, documentary, film, peleas de gallos, gallero, Ixmiquilpan and Hidalgo


FITC Toronto 2015 - Opening Titles



Will Reid, Designer, FITC Toronto 2015 creative.

“Evolution is defined as the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth. [This year’s creative] is a direct illustration of this definition. It begins with organic matter and evolves into a space suit, representing the modern day man at the peak of our current technology. Evolution is also defined as the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Technology, but more importantly, the creative process as a whole is a prime example of this as it parallels the evolution of human beings. FITC, year after year, shares this constant progress, growth and development on a, now, international scale. From humble beginnings as a simple Flash conference, FITC has evolved into an international destination. It features some of the most audacious, innovative speakers teaching and pushing the boundaries of technology and motivating others to evolve their creativity. Future, Innovation, Technology and Creativity; FITC spells evolution.”

What is FITC?

A three-day professional celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, web development, media and innovation in creative technologies. It’s a conference that both unites and transforms the industry – assembling its major leaders and players from across North America and the world. FITC Toronto transforms the Hilton Toronto into an international mecca for the digitally creative, abuzz with Creative Directors from multinational ad agencies, studio heads from Canada’s most sought-after digital production companies, the world’s most surprising digital artists, and freelancers, cultural influencers and tech lovers from all walks.

Cast: FITC and Will Reid


The Mystery of the Malakka Mountain


Director: Jakub Wronski
Directorial cooperation: Justyna Nowak
Script: Justyna Nowak
The film is a MA diploma in animation film making on PWSFTViT in Lodz

Special screening at 66 Cannes Film Festival 2013
Co-financed by the Polish Film Institute
Running Time: 22'
Collected more than 20 Awards at the international film festivals and the polish film festivals,
including individual awards for the best screenplay.
54th Brno Short Film Festival, Czech Republic 2013, Awards: Best Animation, Best Script, Best Music.

Cast: 💎Joyitas💎


Uj Nemzedek TV spot for Duna Tv


A main title & spot for a youth programme at Duna Tv,
designed and animated by

Kreif Zsuzsanna and Eva Katinka Bognar

Cast: Eva Katinka Bognar


PUCK passa l'estiu aprop


Grafisme, realització i animació, Carles Porta
Amb la trompeta i la música de Manny Klein

Cast: carles porta

Tags: Puck, puck cinema caravana and carles porta


Box Animation


3D animation presented as an event installation using matchmoving and compositing techniques.

Box materials were hand painted and scanned into the computer to create the materials for this project.

Special thanks to:
Brett Forsyth
Bienvenido Cruz
Josh Carpenter
Jorge Feres Jr
Mike Edel
Danny Chan
Jorge Canedo Estrada
Roger Dario

Cast: Jordan Clarke

Tags: 3d, matchmoving, compositing, box animation, jordan, clarke, pftrack, vancouver, mike, edel, c4d, cinema 4d, after effects, drums, ex1, music, video and cool adobe modern art


Commercial Demo Reel 2013


All hand-keyed animation done by me.

Here's a short breakdown:

0:03 Fanta Bungee/ Lighthouse VFX
0:06 Ugh / Robotika
0:12 BRC / Lighthouse VFX
0:14 Vada / Lighthouse VFX
0:18 Ugh / Robotika
0:25 Wingo - THY / Robotika
0:31 BRC / Lighthouse VFX
0:36 Vada / Lighthouse VFX
0:37 ING / Robotika
0:41 Vada
0:47 Hyundai / Lighthouse VFX
0:50 Fanta / Ligthouse VFX
0:55 Ready, Set, Go! / Personal Animation

Music: Mr. Scruff - Spandex Man

Cast: Aziz Kocanaogullari


Aziz Kocanaogullari - Character Animation Demo Reel


Here's my latest animation demoreel including works from 2009 Spring to 2010 Spring. Animation and modelling done all by me in maya. For modelling, the Norman rig was provided by Academy of Art University and modding was done by me. That's all folks!

Cast: Aziz Kocanaogullari

Tags: aau, 3d, academy of art, animation, cg, character animation, performance, demo reel and animation demoreel


Freeview - Free Your TV - Online


A mini-movie as part of the Free Your TV campaign for free-to-air digital TV service Freeview. Featuring the spunky animated IT boffin Jess, the spot gives new meaning to to the term “compassionate leave” as Jess liberates a very sad and distraught TV from the dead boring stockbroker’s office where she works.

Director - Kristian Antonelli

Cast: Yukfoo and Kristian Antonelli

Tags: 2D, CGI, Character, Girl, Motorbike, TV, Redhead, 3D, environment, scenic, liberating, office, animation, racing, sunset and beach


SPARK launch film


Spark is The Telegraph's new creative commercial department. It represents a company-wide commitment to helping brands grow — by supercharging creative ideas with industry-leading data insight.

I was tasked with conceiving and directing the brand positioning, the name and the visual identity. I was also responsible for overseeing the integration and usage across multiple platforms and media for the product launch and sustain.

This is the launch film, designed to introduce the logo and the methodology behind Spark: creativity fused with data insight.

Concept and creative direction: Matt Simmonds
Design, direction and animation: Weareseventeen
Audio: Zelig

Cast: Matt Simmonds, weareseventeen and Zelig Sound: Music & Sound

Tags: x-particles, cinema4d, c4d, houdini, motion graphics, 3d, mograph, animation, matt simmonds, weareseventeen, zelig, spark, the telegraph and telegraph spark


thistlegorm v10


Cast: malbione


Tom Osborn Show Reel 2015


All the best footage and work I have been involved with compacted into a short show reel.

For more information visit my website at:

Cast: H2OZ Images

Tags: PADI, scuba diving, television production, coral reef, television, Underwater, eagle ray, aquatic, diving, shark, manta ray, eel, sea, Red Sea, tom osborn, wildlife, natural history, Palau, Egypt and Cameraman


H2OZ Stock Footage Show Reel


A showcase of some of the best footage in the H2OZ Stock Footage Library available for licensing.

Browse the H2OZ Images Stock Footage Library here:

Cast: H2OZ Images


Johan Van Der Merwe - Bord Bia - Pork


Food Stylist and Home Economist Johan Van Der Merwe for Bord Bia.

Cast: Hers Agency

Tags: Food Stylist, Home Economist, Johan Van Der Merwe, Bord Bia, Pork, commercial, TV commercial and advertising


Forest Sketches | Stop Motion


Stop Motion Animation

Cast: Pavel Pazukhin and Kartuna Studio

Tags: tree, stop motion, herbarium, vilange, stone, time-lapse and animation


Тест горных лыж Salomon XDR 80Ti

Тест горных лыж Salomon XDR 80Ti

Эх, как же здорово, что есть лыжи которые просто радуют. Радуют своим катанием, радуют тем, что остаются без изменений и тем, что шелудивые ручки, мечтающих завладеть всеми деньгами мира, маркетологов, которым плевать на катание и на лыжи в целом, не дотянулись до них. Давайте в очередной раз с удовольствием катнем на этих отличных лыжах. Погнали. пт, 11/09/2018 - 06:30

Ни лыжи, ни результат их тестов, в текущих тестовых условиях, с прошлого сезона никак не изменились. Они как были прекрасны в катании без загрузки на естественном прогибе и в плоском ведении таковыми и остались. Как были универсальными по состоянию снега и по ритму катания так и продолжают быть. Действительно отличное решение для прогрессирующих и умеющих кататься лыжников которые ищут в лыжах задор и разнообразие, а не эффективность в определенном техническом направлении.

Основной и самый сильный режим катания лыж - скользящий поворот. В нем они прекрасны на любой по состоянию трассе и на любой скорости. При маневрировании мягкий носок элементарно без усилия вкручивается в любой по радиусу поворот съедая все неровности снега так как будто их и нет. Серединка цепкая и дает отличный контроль скорости и траектории без потери в мягкости скольжения. Задник одновременно и легко управляемый и упругий. На него можно зажаться в конце поворота для получения отдачи, но он в то же время и не клинится на смене поворотов. На скорости лыжи не надо загружать для контроля, они не теряют стабильность и съедают рельеф не заставляя отрабатывать его ногами оставляя ноги свежими на протяжении всего дня катания. Ритм меняется очень легко и при сильном изменении скорости лыжи отлично гасят энергию торможения.

Резаное ведение хоть и является факультативным стилем катания, но вполне рабочее и, даже, интересное. Дуга есть и она явно ощутимая и заметная. Свой радиус у лыж не быстрый и очень комфортный. Не слаломки, но, при желании, можно зажать и в короткий поворот. При переходе на большой радиус у лыж проявляется нехватка рабочей длины канта для скоростного катания, но это не проблема. Потеря стабильности и хватки не критичны и лыжи просто сваливаются с дуги мягким сходом с траектории носов и переходят в скользящий поворот. Ну а скользящий поворот это их стихия и потому потеря дуги это не только не проблема, но, наоборот, сильная сторона данных лыж. Вернуть в резаное ведение лыжи проще простого и это можно сделать в любой фазе поворота. Достаточно просто поймать ритм и радиус и они сами зарезаются и идут как по рельсам.

В итоге, лыжи в катании очень дружелюбны и легко управляемы. Позволяют кататься и быстро и медленно и с отдачей и на плоском ведении. Все неприятные условия снега для них просто территория игр. Бугры перестают мешать удовольствию и открывают новые возможности интересного катания.

Короткий поворот
Длинный поворот
Хватка кантов
Комфортность катания
Общие ощущения
Пиковая стабильность / при повороте 8 / 14 м.
Отдача или динамичность / при повороте 6 / 12 м.
Диапазон радиуса поворота 10 - 17 м.
Любимый склон 2 - 8
Условия тестирования
Трасса: черная переходящая в красную. Снег мягкий с ободранными до льда участками, на крутом участке бугры. Видимость хорошая. Тест в один спуск.

Усредненные показатели оценок лыж всеми тестирующими : минимальная оценка -плохо, максимальная оценка - хорошо.
"Диапазон радиуса поворота" - радиусы поворота в которых лыжа показала наиболее хорошее катание (определяется тестером в катании, а не по паспорту лыжи).
"Комфортность катания" - чем выше оценка тем более комфортное катание.
"Любимый склон" - диапазон жесткости склона на которой лыжа работает хорошо: 0 - мягкий талый снег, 10 - жесткий морозный склон.

" class="video-embed-field-launch-modal">

Отличное решение для прогрессирующих и умеющих кататься экспертов предпочитающих современную технику катания с заклоном и естественным прогибом лыжи в дуге, понимающих прелесть катания на распущенных лыжах в плоском ведении и ищущих в лыжах универсальность во всех направлениях понимания универсальности и свободу. Новичкам лыжи могут показаться немного неточными в обратной связи и от того не эффективными в вопросе развития техники катания. Экспертам строго ориентированным на около-спортивное катание лыжи не будут интересны и покажутся слабыми и мягкими.



Lady Nalga - Love Carriage


Marcus Nalgaber
© All rights reserved by

Cast: Onacarom Music

Tags: Sexy Woman, pretty Girl, spicy girl, Erotic woman, Woman artist, Stylish woman, Elegant woman sexy, Special sexy woman, Famous sexy woman, Gorgeous sexy women, erotic Nude Girl and night show


Watch Cartel Madras’ Official Video “Goonda Gold,” From 'Age of the Goonda,' Their Forthcoming Digital EP


The new track is available worldwide through all DSPs from Sub Pop, with the exception of Canada through Royal Mountain Records.

Cartel Madras (aka Eboshi and Contra) is sharing the official video for “Goonda Gold” the duo’s new single, directed by Bhaveek Makan and Jashan Makan (see CLASH premiere October 7th).
The “Goonda Gold” video integrates the Desi influence in the track, compelling visuals, and the fashion of the Goondas. There is tension throughout the video, but at the heart of the song, it is an anthemic party track. 

Eboshi says of the “Goonda Gold” video, “This is a song for the underdog. We are two queer, POC rappers that are actively creating space for ourselves and other artists like us. ‘Goonda Gold’ announces itself and demands your attention. We wanted a video that was true to the nature and the sound of the ‘Goonda.’ We wanted to convey how our audiences feel when they hear this song. ‘Goonda Gold’ captures the danger and excitement of Cartel Madras.” And Contra adds this, “We’ve always imagined the Goonda as someone from different walks of life moving through the world fiercely, readying themselves for a fight. Gold chains on, cut lip; this song is for the baddies.”

The “Goonda Gold” single is available now at all DSPs worldwide through Sub Pop with the exception of Canada through Royal Mountain Records. The track is from Age of The Goonda, the duo’s forthcoming EP, out November 1st, 2019.

Cartel Madras Tour Dates + Ticket Links

Cartel Madras has added a few new Canadian dates to its performance schedule for 2019, which now ends December 13th in Toronto at Danforth Music Hall (supporting Hollerado). New shows include: supporting Sub Pop labelmates Clipping at The Garrison in Toronto on October 11th; A show in Lethbridge, Alberta at Firehall No. 1 on October 26th; And opening for  Fetty Wap in Calgary at McMahon Stadium for the Fusion: Music + Grey Cup Show on November 22nd. There will be U.S. live dates announced soon.

Oct.  11 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison ^
Oct. 26 - Lethbridge, AB - Firehall No.1
Nov. 14 - Peterborough, ON - Red Dog Tavern*
Nov. 15 - London, ON - Rum Runners Music Hall*
Nov. 16 - Oshawa, ON - The Music Hall*
Nov. 22 - Calgary, AB - McMahon Stadium / Fusion: Music + Grey Cup Show **
Dec. 13 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall*
* w/ Hollerado
^ w/ Clipping
** w/ Fetty Wap


"Vinal" at VNAF


A few moments from last Friday at 2019 Van Nuys Arts Festival - The Glow Up! It was my rare pleasure to be involved in a community event like this. This was the fist time sharing "Vinal", an immersive, interactive light sculpture. Thank you to Jeremy Quant of Dot Red, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and of course Rocio, who stayed up all night with me Thursday for the install!

Cast: Buff Laser

Tags: touchdesigner, interactive art and kinect


Elise + Ray {wedding trailer} Houma’s House Plantation

A fabulous wedding ceremony for Elise + Ray under the oaks at Houma’s House Plantation on the front lawn of the Plantation. Elise & Ray :: Wedding Trailer from Studio Vieux Carre on Vimeo.

White Tower - Unwanted Singles 01


White Tower - Unwanted singles are small snippets and observations of the human condition. These are prelude to the upcoming three part anthology of shorts: White Tower.

Made in Mumbai 2019

Cast: Bharat Sarwiya


Congressman Doc Hastings Speaks To Yakima County Republicans

The Yakima County Republican Central Committee held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner this past Friday night.  Here is a video of Congressman Doc Hastings speech:


Inaugural San Antonio Black International Film Festival Celebrating Marginalized Voices and Experiences

The inaugural San Antonio Black International Film Festival (SABIFF) will feature a host of events across the Alamo City for four days.

The event starts with its Opening Night Gala and the screening of the 2019 drama #Truth written and directed by Charles Murray, who has penned episodes and served as an executive producer for TV shows including Sons of Anarchy, Castle and Luke Cage.…

Kuran Dersi 311 – Fatih Çollak ile Kur’ân-ı Kerim Dersleri (Zâriyât Suresi 01-60. Ayetler)

Not: Videoları indirmek için LİNKLERE (indir,, sağ tıklayıp Hedefi (Bağlantıyı) Farklı Kaydet seçiniz.

14 Great Sportswriting Reads for 2014

Back during the Quickish Era, my favorite thing was the year-end "best-of" sportswriting list -- the first one was in 2011 ("Quickish 11 for '11"), and it proved pretty popular...not to mention enjoyable to prepare.

You can't find that original list anymore, but the tradition lives on in '14. And the underlying sentiment extends into another year: Sportswriting has never been better.

To be sure: "14" is an absurd, artificial constraint; there are many more worthy entries*, as my overworked browser tabs and gut-busting Pocket account indicate.

Still, here are 14 of my favorite pieces of sportswriting this year -- listed alphabetically by author.

Katie Baker, Grantland: "The Cold Never Bothered Him Anyway" 

Chris Ballard, "Twilight the Saga" 

Jane Coaston, EDSBS: "On Women and Sports" 

Bryan Curtis, Grantland: "Travonte's Party" 

Steven Godfrey, SB Nation: "Meet the Bag Man" 

Spencer Hall, SB Nation: "The Istanbul Derby" 

Amanda Hess, "Just Cheer, Baby" 

Greg Howard, Deadspin: "The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks"

Sarah Marshall, The Believer: "Remote Control" 

Brian Phillips, Grantland: "Diamonds in the Rough" 

Paul Sonne and Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal: "Here's the Skinny on NBC's Olympic Latte Secret" 

Louisa Thomas, Grantland: "Together, We Make Football" 

Wright Thompson, Sketches from the World Cup 

Don Van Natta, "Jerry Football" 

* - Again, "14" is a dumb constraint and I lament the things I don't include as much as I enjoy the things I do. Here are a few under "Also Receiving Votes":

Chris Ballard, SI: "Haverford Oops"
Flinder Boyd, Newsweek: "The Birdman's Vengeful Ghost"
Flinder Boyd, "Run and Gun"
Jeremy Collins, SB Nation: "13 Ways of Looking at Greg Maddux"
Kathy Dobie, GQ: "The Undefeated Champions of Defeat City"
Jason Fagone, Grantland: "Dropped" 
David Fleming, "Nothing to See Here"
Eva Holland, SB Nation: "Wilderness Women"
Jesse Katz, LA Magazine: "Escape from Cuba" 
Michael Kruse, SB Nation: "The Right Thing To Do Vs. The State of Florida"
Erik Malinowski, "Pitchman"
JR Moehringer, "The Final Walk-Off"
Brian Phillips, Grantland: "Sea of Crises"
Alan Seigel, Sports On Earth: "Sabre Rattler"
Susan Shepard, SB Nation: "Double T's Last Ride"
Wright Thompson, "Portrait of a Serial Winner"
Wright Thompson, "Section O, Row 61"
Tommy Tomlinson, "You Can't Quit Cold Turkey"
Wells Tower, GQ: "Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant?"
Seth Wickersham, "30 Yards and Cloud of Dust"

And please feel free to tweet at me (@danshanoff) with any of your particular favorites. 

For other great year-end lists, check out these collections from Longreads, Longform, SB Nation,'s Erik Malinowski and ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg, and subscribe to Van Natta's weekly "reads" newsletter. Also, if you're curious, here is a link to last year's "13 for '13." Finally, sincere thanks for your support of this newsletter this year. Subscribe here.

17e dimanche après la Pentecôte


On lit dans L’Année liturgique :

La belle Antienne de l’Offertoire de ce jour, séparée des Versets qui l’accompagnaient autrefois, ne laisse plus deviner la raison pour laquelle cette place lui fut assignée dès les temps les plus reculés. Nous donnons ici ces Versets à la suite de l’Antienne conservée. Le dernier se termine par la nouvelle de l’arrivée du prince des armées célestes au secours du peuple de Dieu. C’est l’explication désirée, quand on sait, d’autre part, que ce Dimanche ouvre la semaine de la fête du grand Archange sur l’Antiphonaire publié par le Bienheureux Tommasi d’après les manuscrits les plus anciens, et que le Dimanche suivant s’y trouve désigné sous le nom de premier Dimanche après la Saint-Michel (post Sancti Angeli).

On chantait donc ce passage du livre de Daniel parce que le deuxième verset faisait référence à l’archange, en une longue et brillante vocalise qui pour l’essentiel vole au-dessus de la limite supérieure du 4e mode (en fait on est manifestement en 3e mode, ce qui explique qu’on monte jusqu’au mi aigu). L’antienne quant à elle commence par un doux récitatif autour de la tonique mi, puis la prière éclate sur Exaudi, et la lumière qui apparaît alors va s’épanouir dans la phrase suivante sur « Illumina faciem tuam… » : fais briller ta face (qui est déjà en 3e mode, avec la dominante do qu’on retrouve sur propitius - en fait il me semble que le tout est en un 3e mode élargi au do grave, car on ne voit guère de "la" comme dominante).

Oravi Deum meum ego Daniel, dicens : Exaudi, Domine, preces servi tui : illumina faciem tuam super sanctuarium tuum : * et propitius intende populum tuum, * super quem invocatum est nomen tuum, Deus.

℣. I Adhuc me loquente et orante et narrante peccata mea et delicta populi mei Israel * super quem invocatum est nomen tuum, Deus.

℣. II Audivi vocem dicentem mihi : Daniel, intellige verba, quæ loquor tibi, quia ego missus sum ad te. Nam et Michael venit in adjutorium meum. * Et propitius intende populum tuum * super quem invocatum est nomen tuum, Deus.

J'ai prié mon Dieu, moi Daniel, disant : Seigneur, exaucez les prières de votre serviteur : faites briller votre face sur votre sanctuaire, et regardez miséricordieusement ce peuple sur lequel votre Nom a été invoqué, ô Dieu !

℣. I Comme je parlais encore et priais, et disais mes péchés et les fautes d'Israël mon peuple, sur lequel votre Nom a été invoqué, ô Dieu !

℣. II J'entendis une voix qui me disait : Daniel, comprends les paroles que je t'adresse, parce que je suis envoyé vers toi, et voici que Michel même est arrivé à mon secours. Et regardez miséricordieusement ce peuple sur lequel votre Nom a été invoqué, ô Dieu !

Capture d’écran 2019-10-05 à

Capture d’écran 2019-10-05 à

Capture d’écran 2019-10-05 à


Light Creator | After Effects Project Files - Videohive template


Light Creator | After Effects Project Files - Videohive template from After Effects Project on Vimeo.

Download Light Creator -

Contact for customization (I made a video for you)

Some new stuff for your awesome projects! LIGHT CREATOR – it’s all about lights and even more! This tool allows you cool light bulbs effects for transitions, openers and video editing. The great thing is you can use your own video, images and logos to get really unique effects! It’s a “must have” instrument for video installations, VJ-ing, concerts, ads.. So, it’s a kind of multi-tool knife in your hands.   Features: 47 pre-tuned READY TO USE animations 5 pre-tuned READY TO USE content presets YOUR CONTENT and YOUR ANIMATION option 12 lamp presets YOUR LAMP option Great customize options EASY TO USE! PDF-help file included! No plugins required! After effects CS5.5, CS6, CC 1920×1080 Full HD Artificial Neurons video, used in the preview is not included in the project, but you can find it here Music track are not included Great soundtrack you can find here

Last Update 16 May 14 Created 16 May 14 After Effects Version CC, CS6, CS5.5 Files Included After Effects Project Files Resolution 1920x1080 File Size 12.5mb Tags concert, custom, customize, disco, flash, floodlight, lamp, led, light, mosaic, music, party, spotlight, tool, vj

tags: concert, custom, customize, disco, flash, floodlight, lamp, led, light, mosaic, music, party, spotlight, tool, vj

download Light Creator | After Effects Project Files - Videohive template

Contact for customization (I made a video for you)

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Undercover Visuals


Undercover Visuals from Kurtis Kuntz on Vimeo.

'Undercover' by Bassnectar with Milkdrop generative the visuals in real time, mixed in Resolume


Sudden Stops Visuals


Sudden Stops Visuals from Kurtis Kuntz on Vimeo.

Sudden Stops by Sayr. Visuals mixed in Resolume with visuals sourced from VHyes by Dan Wise


Exceptions Free Vj Loop


Exceptions Free Vj Loop from Catmac on Vimeo.

free vj loop, for designers, vjs, etc.


Blend 3015 (A Musical Journey Through Space Time)


Blend 3015 (A Musical Journey Through Space Time) from Create Stage on Vimeo.

Happy Blend 2019! Welcome to the 500th bi-annual Blend Conference 3015. Big shout out to Lucas Brooking, Gareth O'Brien, Brandon Dickert, S.O.M. and Sander Van Dijk! 3D Motion Design, original music composition by Burton L & Create Stage. Luv


Watch: 'Girl In The Hallway' Animated Short Film by Valerie Barnhart

"The only thing that separates us from the street - is that door, and our deadbolt. All I want is to shut out the world..." A heartbreaking story brought to life using an unconventional animation style. Girl In The Hallway is a short film directed by Canadian animator Valerie Barnhart, who taught herself animation after graduating from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design as a Visual Arts Major. She uses charcoal, pastel, and graphite drawn on black paper to tell the story of why one man can never forget the girl in the hallway. Featuring a "witness testimony" spoken word performance by Jamie DeWolf - which makes this even more heartfelt because it's so powerful. This is a very creative way to tell this story, and I like how the distinct animation style makes it feel so much more visceral. Take a quick break and watch this short below. Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip. Original description ...

Official Trailer for '16 Bars' Doc Film About a Music Program in Prison

"You gotta speak your truth, that's what's gunna free you." Lightyear Ent. has debuted an official trailer for an indie documentary titled 16 Bars, the latest from filmmaker Sam Bathrick. The film is about a prison music program to help prisoners find a better outlet for their anger. Inmates in a Virginia jail attempt to transcend the cycle of recidivism through an artistic collaboration behind bars with the Grammy-winning hip hop artist Todd "Speech" Thomas. "As the creative process unfolds, these incarcerated artists must confront the traumas of their past, and music becomes the key to unlocking a new chapter in their lives." There are a number of good prison program films, including the doc 45 Seconds of Laughter and the film The Mustang, so this isn't anything new. But it is a bit of a different angle (music) we haven't seen too often. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Sam Bathrick's documentary 16 Bars, direct from Vimeo: 16 Bars ...

Teaching the History of Film Craft (pt. 3)

Teaching the History of Film Craft:

Video Resources

(part 3 of a series. See the introductory post and part 2 on books)

I generally don't like outsourcing my teaching to videos, but when it comes to craft, audiovisual materials provide a valuable supplement.

Special Recommendation
Century of Sound: This is a historically rigorous compendium of (often rare) sound cinema clips with explanation about the development of sound technology for cinema. A DVD set covers 1876-1932, and a Blu Ray set covers 1933-1975. They're not available commercially because of rights issues, but educators can write to request a copy. Even those teaching a general film history class will find the set worth getting alone for parts covering the development of talking pictures.

Pedagogical and Historical Documentaries
There are a number of documentaries about film craft, often made for a general audience. They can adopt popular history narratives, which scholars may at times find limiting, or worse. But they can be useful to introduce students to the topic or to raise historiographic issues about popular history.

Visions of Light
Cinematographer Style [largely interviews]
Side by Side [on digital cinema]
Women Behind the Camera
James Wong Howe: Cinematographer
Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff 
Writing with Light: Vittorio Storaro
Light Keeps Me Company [on Sven Nykvist]
In the Mood for Doyle

Tales from the Script

The Cutting Edge - The Magic of Movie Editing
Off the Tracks [on nonlinear editing]
Jill Bilcock: Dancing The Invisible
Murch: Walter Murch on Editing

Production Design
Masters of Production: The Hidden Art of Hollywood

Film Music
Sound of Cinema: The Music That Made the Movies 

Essay Films
There are some films that essayistic or experimental methods to comment specifically on film craft.

Cameraperson - Kirsten Johnson's theoretical reflection on documentary camerawork
Interface/Schnittstelle - Harun Farocki's essay film on editing
Where Does Your Hidden Smile Lie? - Pedro Costa portrait of Straub and Huillet's editing
Man With a Movie Camera - needs no explanation, but useful as meta essay on film editing
Los Angeles Plays Itself - little about craft but a sustained examination of shooting location
Hacked Circuit - Deborah Stratman's short experimental piece about Foley and The Conversation

Video Essays
Videographic criticism has developed as a popular and academic form. I've barely dipped my toes into the waters here, but a lot of video essays deal with material relevant for a film craft course.

Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos's Every Frame a Painting series is well researched and engaging.  Relevant videos include

  • Hollywood Scores and Soundtracks
  • How Does an Editor Think?
  • Satoshi Kon - Editing Time and Space

Patrick Keating has excellent essays, including on 1920s camera movement, neorealist lighting, and Marlene Dietrich's star lighting.

Liz Greene's essays are astute on sound design.

David Bordwell's video lecture on widescreen is probably too long (50+ minutes) for easy classroom use without excerpting, but it contains good technical explanation and examination of film examples.

InTransition journal has a number of relevant videos, including
Padraic Killeen on melody in film noir
Patrick Sullivan on sound in Hanna Barbera animation

I have not begun to catalog these, but practitioner interviews may be available beyond the compilation documentaries above. Additionally YouTube has video lectures from practitioners.

Similarly, DVD commentary tracks often include commentary from editors, sound designers, or cinematographers.

LUmination Newscast 10-3-2019


Cast: Lumination Network


Tap wprowadza drugą generację klawiatury do noszenia na ręku z kontrolą gestów

Tap wprowadza drugą generację klawiatury do noszenia na ręku z kontrolą gestów
Tap, firma produkująca futurystyczną klawiaturę na rękę, ogłosiła dziś wprowadzenie na rynek klawiatury drugiej generacji, Tap Strap 2. Tap Strap 2 ma wygląd podobny do oryginalnego Tap Strap, dopasowując się do palców i umożliwiając pisanie za pomocą szeregu różnych stuknięć palcami. Introducing TAP Strap 2 from Tapwithus on Vimeo. W porównaniu do pierwszej wersji Tap

(Czytaj więcej...)


トーモのiPhone 11 Pro用ケース「RAKUNI for iPhone 11 Pro」の紹介 from...


トーモのiPhone 11 Pro用ケース「RAKUNI for iPhone 11 Pro」の紹介 from Macotakara on Vimeo.

トーモが販売するiPhone 11 Pro用ケース「RAKUNI for iPhone 11 Pro」の製品紹介です。


+StyleのWi-Fi対応スマートLEDシーリングライト「PS-CEL-W01」の紹介 from Macotakara on...


+StyleのWi-Fi対応スマートLEDシーリングライト「PS-CEL-W01」の紹介 from Macotakara on Vimeo.

プラススタイルが販売するWi-Fi対応スマートLEDシーリングライト「PS-CEL-W01」の製品紹介です。Amazon Alexa、Google Homeに対応しています。


Tunguska, el Roswell siberiano #Magonia #noticias


Una extraña luz iluminó la medianoche inglesa el 30 de junio de 1908. "Estaba al Noreste y era del color del fuego brillante, como la luz del amanecer y del anochecer. A cierta distancia por encima de la luz, que parecía estar sobre el horizonte, el cielo era azul como durante el día, con bandas […] La entrada Tunguska, el Roswell siberiano aparece primero en Magonia.

Puedes seguir leyendo esta entrada en 'Magonia' si pinchas en el título.


Presentación en Bilbao del libro ‘Nuestra mente nos engaña’, de la psicóloga Helena Matute #Magonia #noticias


Helena Matute, catedrática de Psicología Experimental de la Universidad de Deusto, y yo conversaremos el martes (18.30 horas) en la librería Elkar (c/ Iparraguirre, 26; Bilbao) sobre cómo nos engañamos a nosotros mismos. La científica bilbaína atesora una larga trayectoria investigadora en la rama de la psicología que estudia nuestra predisposición al autoengaño y cómo […] La entrada Presentación en Bilbao del libro 'Nuestra mente nos engaña', de la psicóloga Helena Matute aparece primero en Magonia.

Puedes seguir leyendo esta entrada en 'Magonia' si pinchas en el título.

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