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BioHazard for BioSeige


Things should always be done with style, even in the depths of space! Pick up BioHazard and get the latest in sci-fi fashion. Now Aiko can continue conquering the Universe as the best dressed girl in the galaxy! And lest you forget, whether she's walking around a space ship or a Tokyo nightclub, a female can't go far without footwear. For more elegant surroundings, there is a fine choice of BONUS matching shaders for idler168's ThighBoot for V3/S3/A3. Want more? These beautifully crafted trends perfectly match those of the Mech Upgrade for Mech Girl, so you can mix and match the two to further enhance your images.

Price: $9.95 Special Price: $4.98


Dangling Circlets For Any Figure


Get the exuberant touch that will take your characters to a superior level, with the kind of jewelry that you could see on high fantasy illustrations and movies! A must-have!

Dangling Circlets For Any Figure is a set of five circlets with hanging chains that can be used with any figure. By default they fit to Genesis 2 Female, but we also included fit morphs for the most common figures (male and female) for faster and easier fitting.

Customization possibilities: you can combine the precious stones and metals with the hide options to get lots of different looks!

Also included: movement morphs to simulate natural fall, gravity, or movement in your renders and animations.

We have studied deeply what we needed to make this product as versatile as possible, and we have designed a jewelry pack that can be used on ANY figure for Poser or DAZ Studio. Then, we made it easier for the user, so it always looks fantastic in every render, on every figure, character or pose.

You just need a figure with a head part (99% of them meet these criteria, including Victoria 6, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male, Michael 6, V4, M4). The circlets will follow the head movement, and you can use the adjustment morphs and the fine-tuned transform dials to fit them to your figure perfectly.

Descriptions of the jewel sets and materials:

- Dancer Of Wishes: Full of seduction and mystery, the hanging pearls will embrace you in their charm, and it's perfect to tell stories about distant lands in nights full of fantasy and myth. Metals in copper, gold or silver, and gems in black, green and orange, purple and tiger's eye, red and ivory white, two blues, and two pink shades. Options to hide the side chains, the central curved chain, and the chains over the eyes.

- Daughter Of The Sun: A carefully crafted design of intricate metal swirls that adds complexity and beauty to your scenes. Get the dignity of a goddess with this amazing circlet! Metals in bronze, gold, and silver, and gems in black, blue, green, pink, red, and two brown jaspers. Options to hide the side chains, or just the jewels in the side chains.

- Forest Sorceress: The star, that symbolizes magic and your bond to nature and the universe, and a tear cried by the goddess of the woods. Add mystery and shine to your sorceress, priestess, or fantasy characters! Metals in brass and rusted bronze, gold, old bronze, and silver, and tear gem in black, purple, red, tiger's eye, and turquoise. Options to hide the star on the left chain, the star on the right chain, the left chain, the right chain, the chains over the eyes, or the tear jewel.

- Joy Of Gaia: Flower-shaped jewels in bloom in this fantastic dangling circlet add the touch of purity and charm to your most detailed scenes! An evocation to nature that gives a romantic look. Metals in gold, and silver, and flowers in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and turquoise. Options to hide the small flower-shaped jewels, the chains on the sides, or the chain over the eyes.

- Promise Of The Moon: A princess made a promise to the moon, and two stars were born in her eyes. From the memories of this legend, the forgery masters of the ancient forged this amazing jewel. Metals in gold, and silver, and moon and stars jewels in black, blue, gold, pink, purple, silver, and turquoise. Options to hide the small moons on the chains, the stars on the side chains, or the side chains.

Price: $11.95 Special Price: $5.98


EJ Alien Creator Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s)


EJ Alien Creator Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) is a pack of 127 morphs to create custom aliens and sci-fi creatures of all kinds, from sinister to friendly ones, and the only limit is your imagination. You have lots of morphs to change every part of the head, and 7 bodies. In addition you have 7 already made morph presets of head and body (Grey, Amphibian, Averan, Saturnian, Plutonian, Venusian, and Reticulian).

Each face feature is a shape that doesn't exist in the human beings, so all together can create faces that are truly alien. For the bodies you have 7 typical alien body shapes: slender and tall, short and chubby, voluptuous and beautiful, extremely thin...

You can also mix them with character morphs or other Genesis 8 Female morphs to create different people of the same alien species. Or use some of these morphs over a human head to create hybrids, or give a special physical trait to them, as longer head or peculiar cheekbones or lips, or bigger eyes. Other uses are possible, for example for fantasy genres: make another facial feature for the elves of your universe that is not only the usual pointed ears, or create new fantasy races.

This product also includes 7 full alien presets, as well as 7 full head presets, and icons to load each of the bodies of these presets, making it easy to mix these heads and bodies. These presets are samples of what you can do. The number of new alien heads you can do with the 120 head morphs is virtually unlimited. A must have for any sci-fi Genesis 8 render!

This is a morphs product, no textures are included.

EASE OF USE: In addition to the 7 body dials, all the 120 head dials are divided in categories with the name of the head/face part that they affect, so you can give shape to an alien quickly and in a creative way. In addition you have 7 already made alien presets that are applied with icons. There are also Zero icons to reset a category of morphs, so for example in case that you are making the brows, and want to reset only those to start again, you can do it easily using the Zero Brows icon.

TYPICAL ALIEN PRESETS: The alien presets included feature some of the most typical alien species: the sinister Grey that comes to abduct people at night, the fun and weird Venusian, the little chubby Saturnian, the two brained Reticulian, the beautiful Plutonian girl, the stylized Averan, or the Amphibian alien that can live in the oceans. It is easy that you get inspired to make other classical extraterrestrials like the Pig Man, or the goblin type from Alpha Centaury, as morphs for making them exist in this pack, which has been made studying the sources of ufology and cryptology.

USABILITY FEATURES: These morphs work on Genesis 8 Female(s), and all figures based on her.

Price: $21.95 Special Price: $10.98


EJ Demon Races Creator and Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s)


EJ Demon Races Creator and Morphs is a pack of 208 morphs: 105 for Female(s), and 103 for Male(s), and 10 Demon Races Presets (5 for Female(s) and 5 for Male(s)), available as full, head, and body morphs: Baphanael, Devil, Imp, Lamp Genie (Djinn), and Metademon.

This pack also includes two kind of horns, and the morphs for the head sockets so you can add them to any character based on Genesis 8.

Create all kinds of demonic creatures or monsters, like lamp genies, succubus, incubus, dimensional demons that like to play with cubes, Sci-Fi lab creatures possessed by evil, pure evils... everything you can imagine.

All these creatures are for Male and Female, as all the morphs are included, so you can create an entire universe of Demon creatures for any genre. This pack of morphs is a must have for::

  • - Creating couples of characters of a Demon race from scratch
  • - Create your own original Demon race, like the included Metademon
  • - Add Demon features to any existing characters
  • -Add special features to normal human characters
  • - As they are morph dials, you can create characters with more or less strong features - Create hybrid Demon races like half-demon, or whatever
  • - Adding horns to any character
  • - Mix and match this pack of morphs with our EJ Alien Creator Morphs, EJ Fantasy Races Creator, or another of our packs to create even more diverse beings

The amount of Demon races you can create is virtually unlimited. You can use these morphs over any skin, or mix them with our EJ Universal FX Shaders for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s).

This is a morphs product, no textures are included. These morphs work on Genesis 8 Female(s) and Genesis 8 Male(s) and all figures based on them. Just dial any of the morphs and add the features you need. There is also a .PDF Guide that is loaded by clicking an icon to learn how to adapt clothing to the custom morphs so you can also use them with any clothing.

MERCHANT RESOURCE: These morphs are for a final user as well as to be used as a merchant resource, provided your character is for sale, not for free. You can use these morphs mixed with your existing body morphs or reference them and list them as a requirement. You can't repack these morphs in any way, totally or partially, or claim them as your own.

Price: $23.95 Special Price: $11.98


EJ Fantasy Races Creator and Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s)


EJ Fantasy Races Creator and Morphs is a pack of 186 morphs: 93 for Female(s), and 93 for Male(s), and 10 Fantasy Races Presets (5 for Female(s) and 5 for Male(s)), avaliable as full, head, and body morphs: Dwarf, Ogre, Goblin, Sorcerer and Witch, and Dundweller.

All these creatures are for Male and Female, as all the morphs included, so you can create an entire universe of fantasy creatures of both genres.

This pack of morphs is a must have for:

- Creating couples of characters of a fantasy race from scratch

- Create your own original fantasy race, like the included Dundweller

- Add fantasy features to any existing characters

- Add special features to normal human characters, like bulging eyes, double chin, protruding brows, or lower forehead

- As they are morph dials, you can create characters with more or less strong features

- Create hybrid fantasy races like half-elf, or whatever

- Mix and match this pack of morphs with our Alien Creator Morphs or another of our packs to create even more diverse beings

The amount of fantasy races you can create is virtually unlimmited. You can use these morphs over any skin, or mix them with our EJ Universal FX Shaders For Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s).

This is a morphs product, no textures are included. These morphs work on Genesis 8 Female(s) and Genesis 8 Male(s), and all figures based on them. Just dial any of the morphs, and add the features you need. There is also a pdf guide that is loaded clicking an icon to learn how to adapt clothing to the custom morphs so you can also use them with any clothing.

These morphs are for a final user as well as to be used as a merchant resource, provided your charater is for sale, not for free. You can use these morphs mixed with your existing body morphs or reference them as list them as a requirement. You can't repack these morphs in any way, totally or partially, or claim them as your own.

Price: $23.95 Special Price: $11.98


StarQuest Headlines for the week ending October 4, 2019


Headlines for the week ending October 4, 2019:

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Deutsch CEO Mike Sheldon Reflects on Two Decades at the Agency


By Doug Zanger
Senior Editor

Reprinted with permission

Deutsch North America’s CEO Mike Sheldon 
is hanging up his cleats. It’s not a retirement, per se, but a move away from Deutsch in Los Angeles after 22 years.

During his tenure, the Michigan native has presided over highs and lows. Most notably, Sheldon is credited with turning Deutch’s then-nascent L.A. operation into one of the staples of the market, taking it from a handful of people to, at its peak, a 600-plus juggernaut. The agency continues to create standout work for brands, including high profile campaigns for Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper and others.

On the downside, the agency split from Target, yet won the Reebok business shortly after that. Additionally, after nine years—and being credited with reviving Volkswagen’s fortunes with breakout work including the oft-referenced “The Force”—Deutsch and the carmaker ended their relationship.

Yet with all of the ups and downs (common in any agency), Sheldon, who spent six years at TBWA\Chiat\Day pre-Deutsch, remained upbeat and steadfast in his mission to build and retain a positive outlook and culture. Adweek caught up with Sheldon to find out a little more about his time at Deutsch and what’s next.

I’ll start with the predictable question. Why now?
Mike Sheldon: It’s a confluence of events. I’ve been doing this for 22 years, and I turned 60 a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been talking to [IPG CEO] Michael Roth about this for a while and want to see what else is out there. I’m not ready to go feed pigeons on a park bench. I want to see what the universe brings. I still have a lot of energy and interest in new and exciting ventures, and I figured after 22 years at Deutsch and 37 years in advertising, maybe there’s something else out there for me.

What would you say, outside of the obvious things like technology, are the most significant changes you’ve seen at Deutsch L.A.?
We’ve always been about investing ahead of revenue. In the future, it will be the same. You have to stay ahead of the business, or you’ll get run over. We got into digital production years ago, 
and started Steelhead [Deutch’s in-house production company] a few years ago. Experiential is now huge, analytics are as well. The future is going to be like the past: Unless you stay ahead, it will get the best of you.

How does an agency “stay ahead”?
For us, it’s having rock-solid clients like Taco Bell, Keurig Dr. Pepper and H&R block that appreciate the partnership and long-term commitment and depths of understanding that an agency can have into a client’s business and provide value way beyond any marketing communication. Then some clients want a TV spot or need to spend time looking at their consumer base. You have to go with the flow since there aren’t a ton of AOR relationships. I keep telling everybody to think of yourself as the ultimate Swiss army knife because that’s what we need to be a good, successful agency moving forward.

You’ve touched on a couple of successful points in your tenure. Aside from those, what would say is another significant accomplishment?
By far, the idea of kindness. There are a lot of really good people in this business—brilliant and creative people. But that has to be combined with being kind and putting your employees first and, unfortunately, making some of those difficult decisions like walking away from a prickly client. It doesn’t get talked about much in this business, but being good to other humans is a business asset.

Anything you would have done differently over the past two-plus decades?
I thought that I could have started an agency at one point, but it was never in the cards or the right things for me. I used to think that I should have done that, but looking back, I’ve realized how much I’ve enjoyed and valued my time here.

One of the tougher times for the agency was the end of the VW relationship. What did you learn from that?
I’d be less than truthful if I didn’t say it was a kick in the gut after nine years of really great results, fantastic work and a great brand point of difference. But that’s advertising. That’s what we signed up for. There are a lot of things that you can’t control, and the best advertising executives have a short memory. So while that stung, nine months later, it’s a distant memory, and we’re on to all the work that’s currently filling up the plate. You can’t take that stuff too seriously, personally or emotionally—it’ll eat you alive.

What’s your view on the agency world today?
It’s a tougher time than it’s ever been in the business, but it’s also kind of a mind game now. You have to stay positive, keep pitching and pushing. Anybody that reads too much of the press or gets bummed out about anything is dead because this business is just unforgiving. So it’s staying ahead. It’s innovating, it’s adding new divisions. It’s not being afraid to invest and keeping both feet on the gas. Otherwise, there’s just too much gravity pulling things down right now. Clients will always pay for ideas, great execution and results-driven communications.

What’s next for you?
I’m going to keep the aperture wide open. I have purposely not overplanned this. My goal is to see what the universe brings in. That might be taking a bike ride on a random Tuesday, consulting, bringing in a direct-to-consumer product to life, or another type of product to life. I really want to stay open.

Is Lil’ Sweet, Diet Dr. Pepper’s mascot, the most underrated ever?
I think he might be. But, in all seriousness, 
we love Lil’ Sweet, and that brand continues to defy gravity year after year because it’s the coolest, weirdest campaign in the world.

Doug Zanger is a senior editor at Adweek focusing on creativity and agencies. Find him on Twitter at @zanger.

This article originally ran in Adweek and is reprinted with permission.



10 Ways to Make Friends

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it also takes a village — at best a supportive community, and at the least a few very good friends — to keep a person sane and happy. All of us need companionship, which is exactly why teenagers are texting their friends in the middle of dinner (TMI, BFF, OMG …), and why people who didn’t own a personal computer last year now have profiles on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites.

Maybe the first trick to finding friends is to befriend ourselves, and to become comfortable with silence, because no one has the power to make us feel okay with ourselves but us. But, lest we stay quiet for too long, here are 10 techniques to meet new friends, which I think everyone can benefit from, because, as I learned in Girl Scouts a few hundred years ago (where I didn’t make any friends…), some are silver and the others are old, I mean gold.

1. Join a book club.
Most of my friends are in book clubs, and, I have to admit, I’m a little envious of the discussions that happen in these groups. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a book club, you can usually join one as part of the local library, the recreational or community center, the community college, or online, of course.

2. Volunteer.
That one seems like a no-brainer, but, seriously, have you ever considered the many charities to which you could give your time? Your local civic association is always in need of volunteers for projects like “let’s clean up the park before a hundred dogs crap on it again” and Toys-for-Tots, Christmas in April, and so on. Don’t forget about all your local politicians who need help with their campaigns. If one impresses you, offer to knock on a few doors for her or him. Host a cheese and cracker party for the community to get to know the candidate.

3. Find a support group.
There’s more to the support group universe than AA. Have you ever looked through all the local listings of meetings in your area? There’s even ACOMP (Adult Cousins of Mean People) … not really.

4. Take a night class.
That’s where you can supposedly meet men (or women) if you find yourself single in your late 30s or 40s or 50s. If you take a class in something that you are interested in, you’re very likely to find potential friends with similar hobbies.

5. Get a dog.
I’m not talking about using the dog as a companion (because we know a dog is a man’s best friend). I just mean that dogs are people magnets–and usually nice-people magnets. Here in Annapolis, we have dog cults. If you walk your mutt in certain neighborhoods, you will meet approximately five to ten friends per mile. Double that if you’re walking a Golden Retriever. Triple it if you head to the “dog park,” designed specifically for doggy play, or proper socialization for dogs.

6. Steal friends.
I realize this technique was frowned upon in the fifth grade. You would surely earn a reputation as a friend-stealer if you tried this too many times. But many (NOT ALL) people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. have loosened up a bit. I have found this to be a very efficient method of making friends, because someone has already done your dirty work–the interview process–and weeded out the toxic folks. It’s like Facebook in real life.

7. Knock on doors.
Yep. That’s what I did six years ago when I was stuck home with a fussy baby and going absolutely crazy. I walked around the neighborhood knocking on every porch that held a stroller. “You in there. I know you have kids. You want to be my friend?” I might have been a tad more subtle than that, but not much.

8. Carpool to work.
Hey, it works for elementary school kids. Many 6-year-olds meet their best buddies on the bus because 1) they live in their neighborhood (what could be more convenient?), 2) they are on the same schedule, and 3) they know the same people (“Susie has cooties”).

9. Connect with your alumni association.
I used to be much better at this before kids came along, but even today, I still pay my dues. Alumni associations are gold mines for potential friends. You already have a major experience in common: you can rehash old times as a conversation starter if you need one. Plus many associations sponsor community service events, workshops, or trips abroad that you can take advantage of even if you aren’t looking for friends.

10. Talk to strangers.
I know this goes against what you were taught in elementary school. But, yes, the way to meet friends is to strike up a conversation with absolutely anyone. This means becoming the annoying lady everyone dodges on the plane: “So … what are you reading? … Oh, ‘Left Behind.’ … Have you gotten to the part where everyone except a handful of people burn in hell?… No? … I hope I didn’t ruin it for you.” If you put yourself out there, yes, you will get rejected many times, and that hurts a little (sometimes a lot). But you will also find your best friends. Everyday life is full of potential friendship moments: waiting rooms, church, trains, planes, automobiles, office meetings, support groups, or coffee shops.


The Geologic Podcast Episode #632


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The Skeptics Guide To The Universe and George Hrab:
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#5 Changing Your Climate ~ Baby Snuggles!

My first granddaughter. Oh, the dresses! The priss! The makeup! The pencil skirts! 
A girl!!
 A beautifully powerful girl.

When I looked in the mirror today I saw my mother and a flash of little Bree. She’s a combination of all who love her past and present. My mother would have adored her crooked smile. I like to think they met somehow, somewhere, as one left the earthly plane and the other made an entrance. 

We are connected in eternal ways - all of us - that only stardust and mirrors recognize. My granddaughter just landed here bathed in the wisdom of the universe. 
I will pay attention.

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Samuel L. Jackson Smacks Down Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Films Critique

Samuel L. Jackson has become a central figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, and the veteran actor had smoke for one of Hollywood’s top filmmakers. After Martin Scorsese said that Marvel films aren’t real cinema, Jackson smacked down the critique and spoke for the millions of fans worldwide who think […]

Samuel L. Jackson Has Vicious Clapback After Martin Scorsese Disses Marvel Films

The Nick Fury depicter doesn't seem to take into account the 'Taxi Driver' director's feelings about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying the veteran filmmaker's opinion 'ain't going to stop nobody from making movies.'

Martin Scorsese Snubs Marvel Cinematic Universe, Says It's 'Not Cinema'

The 'Wolf of Wall Street' director is not fond of any of the Marvel superhero movies and especially appalled that 'Avengers: Endgame' became the top-grossing movie of all time.

Carnival of Space #632


It’s that time again! This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Pamela Hoffman at the Everyday Spacer blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #632. And if you’re interested in looking back, here’s an archive to all the past Carnivals of Space. If you’ve got a space-related blog, you should really join the carnival. …

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Genesis Community TLDR (September 2019)


Here is the latest installment of monthly “Genesis Community TLDR” blog series featuring happenings from around the Genesis community.

If you’d like to submit something you or someone you know is up to within the Genesis universe you can post about it in Genesis WP on Facebook or in the #self-promotion group in Genesis WP in Slack. We’re looking forward to reading your suggestions and socializing what the Genesis community is up to in this monthly blog series!


Video Game Trailers: ‘Iron Man VR’ Pits Tony Stark Against Ghost, and ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Features Kamala Khan as a Playable Character


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a turning point in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel video games are trying to take things to the next level. Next year will see the release of two new games – Iron Man VR and Marvel’s Avengers – and new trailers for each of them debuted […]

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Retraction: Batumi

A few months ago I posted in no uncertain terms that the Black Sea port city of Batumi was a seedy, filthy, gloriously miserable conglomerate of prostitute-hunters, truck-drivers, and oligarchettos looking to play "master of the universe" at seaside nightclubs only slightly marred by oil spills and washed-up jellyfish.

I was wrong. Gloriously wrong.

When I decided to stop in Batumi for the afternoon en route from Mestia (the new road gets from Svaneti to the seaside in five hours flat - vastly preferable to a day's layover in lush but utterly dull Zugdidi), I did so on the expectation that I'd be shutting my eyes, avoiding the probably-insalubrious Glamour Elit Exclusiv Premium tower-block hotels (general Georgia assumption: the more a hotel attempts to convince you that it caters to an exclusive set of well-heeled individuals, the more likely it is actually a roach-teeming brothel), and engaging in a series of quick Black Sea dunks while avoiding radioactive poisoning.

Instead, I found that in the past few months, the reconstruction of Batumi and the renovation of its historic districts has been so utterly tasteful, whimsical rather than tacky, that the city feels less like Trabzon and more like - well - Trieste. The old town now suggests faded grandeur rather than post-Soviet kitsch: the newer buildings serve to highlight the fin de siecle feel of the art nouveau townhouses rather than negate them (the most successful new architecture is that that's willing to wink and nod at its balmy playground past - displayed here). Cafes are no longer empty battlegrounds in which to stare down sullen waiters in a desperate attempt to get a glass of milk (an "Irish coffee," however, still consists of dumping cointreau into an Americano, much to the chagrin of the VEG) - seaside cafes like Nostalgia and Cinema sport artfully mismatched antique furniture and jazz-fusion soundtracks. The seaside boulevard is youthful and thoroughly Mediterranean: packs of Georgian teenagers linger under archways and against colonnades, engaging in a subtle yet intricate form of ritualized wandering I haven't seen since I was a teenager in Rome, trying desperately to understand why on earth my friends were aimlessly meandering around the Campo dei Fiori instead of actually sitting down somewhere.

Tbilisi is Central European, melancholy, filled with gargoyles and ghosts. But Batumi is Mediterranean, colorful, joyful and utterly alive. Its old town (a meandering collection of piazzas and outdoor cafes, vine-tangled windows revealing moldy chandeliers, pink and yellow houses with still-smiling cherubs carved into the doorframes) is a stately pleasure dome - recalling Rivieras and forbidden love affairs and everything that easily-shocked nineteenth-century novelists associate with summertime playground resorts. (Think Eliot's Baden-Baden and Proust's Balbec and something clever out of Tolstoy all in one).

Which is to say, the prostitutes are better-hidden now.

(The beach at Gonio is still lovely and largely empty on a late-July weekday, and the intense chromatic green of the Adjaran mountainside largely distracts from the few distressingly concrete hotel-block-towers.)

   20 USD 1j 22h

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Receptionist/Administrative Assistant for Car Dealership - Team Auto LLC dba Auto Universe - Memphis, TN

Our luxury car dealership is seeking an experienced Receptionist / Administrative Assistant who is able to learn quickly and start generating results… $10 - $12 an hour
From Indeed - Wed, 11 Sep 2019 00:41:18 GMT - View all Memphis, TN jobs

Tim Heidecker’s Mister America Is Funny (If You’ve Also Seen Everything Else Tim Heidecker Has Ever Done)

by Morgan Troper
Magnolia Pictures

At the end of 2017, Tim Heidecker’s On Cinemaa web series lampooning film criticism that the comedian co-hosts with Gregg Turkington—apexed with a five-hour long, fictitious murder trial. Despite overwhelming evidence that Tim Heidecker’s character was guilty of several counts of murder (several attendees at a fake music festival he funded overdosed on vape pens, which these days hits a little too close to home), Heidecker was found innocent—and promptly launched a garish social media campaign around his implausible candidacy for San Bernardino district attorney.

This is where the feature-length film Mister America—which screens in Portland on Wednesday—comes in. It's a spin-off of a spin-off of a goofy web-series, and will likely only entertain those who have fully immersed themselves in the On Cinema universe—which, when taking into account the show’s 10 seasons, its annual Oscar specials, and its self-contained offshoot Decker, clocks in at an agonizing 20 hours of content.

If you are one of those people, Mister America is frequently funny. At best, it plays like a bizarro version of The War Room—just sub George Stephanopoulos with a woefully incompetent publicist-turned-campaign advisor named Toni (Terry Parks) and Bill Clinton for Heidecker’s On Cinema persona, a mix of O.J. Simpson and Trump. But just as often, Mister America's comedy is imperceptible: Take one early scene, when Heidecker and Toni discuss immigration. It doesn’t seem like a parody, and there’s no punchline. It just feels like a legitimately racist conversation, and it speaks to the dangers of ineffective satire. By the end of the film, when Heidecker breaks down and apologizes to his constituents after a violent outburst at a town hall debate, you don’t even feel sorry for the guy. You just want him out of your sight.

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ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS: Black Hammer, Frogcatchers and Inferior Five...


Hello, sorry its been a while since I've sent one of these out, I was away this summer, and am just trying to get caught up on all my work. 

Today is a weird day. I have two books out, a first issue and a last issue. I'll start at the ending...

BLACK HAMMER: AGE OF DOOM #12 hits today and it is the final issue of the series. It's the end of the "farm" storyline which has been the spine of the Black Hammer universe, and was the the story from which everything else has sprung from.  Dean Ormston and I started working on Black Hammer in 2014, and here we are five years later, arriving at the end point I had always conceived for the series, and for out main cast of characters; Golden Gail Barbalien, Abraham Slam and the rest. It's always hard to end a story, especially one where you love the characters and the world as much as I love Black Hammer. But this is where the story led me, and this is where is needs to go. 

It's not the end of Black Hammer of course. Dean and I are already working on the next part of what we consider our "trilogy". The follow up to Black Hammer and Black Hammer: Age of Doom will focus on the character of Lucy Weber, as she struggles to live up to her role as the new Back Hammer. It also features a cast of all new characters, and some familiar faces. 

And starting in December we have SKULLDIGGER & SKELETON BOY, a Black Hammer series I am doing with the incredibly talented Tonci Zonjic (look at that cover!!)

I just received this page of inks from Tonci this morning actually...
So, Age of Doom ends, but Black Hammer will continue! We have lots of cool BH stuff planned for the rest of this year and next.

INFERIOR FIVE #1 also comes out today. This one has been percolating for a long time.  I co-write the series with the great Keith Giffen and he draws the main story while I draw 5-page back-up stories in each issue. 

This project was proposed to me back at San Diego Comicon in 2017, and I started working on it pretty much right away. So it’s been in the works for over two years. 

This is sort of a surreal dream project for me. As I said, Keith is a major influence on me. I grew up reading DC books in the 80’s and 90’s, and Keith was a major creator for DC back then. I read his stuff avidly; his Legion and his Justice League stuff, but also Ambush Bug, Heckler and everything else.
And, as you may have read, this project is a quasi-sequel to DC’s INVASION event from 1988. It is set in the continuity of DC in 1988, and Keith actually co-wrote that series, and I was reading it. Very weird and surreal, which pretty much describes the whole series.

To celebrate today's launch, here is a sneak peek at some of my unlettered and uncoloured inks from issue 5!

Just a note: All of my original artwork, including art from Inferiror Five, and signed books and prints, are available for sale at CADENCE COMIC ART! 

And finally FROGCATCHERS! My next original graphic novel Is coming out on September 24 from Simon and Schuster and Gallery 13! 

I was a bit overwhelmed, and incredibly grateful, when one of my writing heroes, WARREN ELLIS, read Frogcatchers this past weekend and said some nice things about it in his weekly newsletter...
Hello from out here on the Thames Delta, where I am reading an advance copy of the new Jeff Lemire graphic novel, FROGCATCHERS.  It is, as you'd expect, excellent. There's a breathtaking sequence early on where a hand in water morphs into a chest x-ray which morphs again into the face of a man laying on a bed.  Absolutely superb.  So few people are doing the kind of experimental literary work in comics that Lemire does, and fewer still do it this well. I don't have the kind of space to try that sort of thing any more, but others do, and I really wish they would.  We'd all be better off for it. 
Edited to add:  Jeff asked me for a quote after I thanked him for letting me read it, and here it is:
"A perfect miniature of memory and loss, affecting and beautifully told in an outstanding use of the medium.  A haunting dream of a book."
FROGCATCHERS pre-order (UK) (US) - out next month.

Your local comic book store, or book store, may not have pre-ordered Frogcatchers, so make sure you ask them to order a copy! 

That's it for me this week. I am deep in my next graphic novel, a follow up to the above Frogcatchers. I have about 180 pages drawn and I anticipate it will be about 220. I hope to finish this one by early December, when the pre-production on the Essex County TV show kicks into high gear.

Until next time...


Comment on ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Gets New Trailer & January Premiere Date On Amazon Prime UK & CBS All Access by David Poole

This has got to be the most exciting thing to happen for fans of the ST universe for a very long time. I hope people give it a chance. And see it for what it is, "A TV Show", not a chance to bash actors appearances because they've aged since their last series. Even my Non Trekkie friends are excited to see it, so that has got to be a good sign...

Profiles in Podcast Power! LIGHT THE FUSE is A MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE to Beat for Fan Tributes, Fun, Interviews and Genuine Film School Level Insight!

Your Mission..Should you CHOOSE to Accept it.. to Go I Tunes, Innit. Or Direct via Twitter. Find these guys. They are amazing! LIGHT THE FUSE PODCAST. Whilst I may have skipped a few eps and must confess to not being QUITE as big a ‘Mission’ fan as show has dedication to the craft of podcasting, to film and building community. What’s particularly fascinating is that they have managed to not only secure some big name guests (Paul Hirsch, Brad Bird, Lorne Balfe, Christopher McQuarrie) but to keep those guys talking, at some depth and leisure , in an era of sound-bites and template promotional clips. You get to share in a mutual joy and learn in a truly substantial, philosophical sense about the trials, challenges, rewards and joys of film-making. I look forward to seeing some repeat visits / further big names on the show and yes, I suspect they will eventually get Tom Cruise, though he is quite a focused man, I suspect? I have rarely if ever seen him simply sit down and relax and talk movies beyond the brief of promoting each new release (a diplomatic art at which he excels). One nonetheless gets every sense that he would love to do can just tell he’d feel that’s a luxury he cannot afford because he could be out planning and MAKING the things! Maybe McQuarrie could lure him to the cast as a double act between takes on the now readied for action Missions 7 and 8 (being shot back to back for a 2021/22 release). There is a mystery surrounding Tom. But Light the Fuse could infiltrate and probe and charm and ‘we got it’.. There are also interesting looks back at what might have been. The cast on Oliver Stone’s Mission:abort on the second movie is as entertaining as the ACTUAL second movie that John Woo ended up making! I can see why it did not end up getting made as the ending was pure sci-fi rather than merely ‘spy-fi!’. Equally, oh the lost treasures that were in both M:I-3 and Ghost Protocol! So, yes: Recommended! A great listen for commutes, work-outs, jogs /walks, bath time, washing up, woteva. Just a great listen, full stop, be you a Mission devotee , Tom Cruise disciple or just a film fan. Some questions I would like them to address?     When are we teaming up for a joint show? If the IMF is American then why so many ENGLISH operatives and adventures? They just cast Hayley Atwell for Missions 7 and 8. How DID Benji get to field agent status? Does he have a BIT of a crush on Ethan?   WILL we EVER get a definitive answer on how / why Phelps went from decent man to nasty bastard (and no, the movie’s explanation does not cut it: is it a different Phelps?!) Have they in fact made up their minds at Team Cruise /Paramount as to whether the movies are in fact in continuity with the TV shows or a totally different universe? Why so many bad apples in the IMF team down the years: plot device to make Ethan go rogue (and hence have an army after him?) or a genuine piece of plot in awaiting about the nature of Black Ops? Would Jack Reacher, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, Mitch McDeere make it in the IMF if Ethan took a day off?   Where is KITTRIDGE?! Will he ever come back? And is he in fact the best goodie buddy Ethan is waiting to a truly nasty bastard or somewhere in between? Henry need you! What ARE the sexual politics of Mission movies? Are we meant to be seduced when Ilsa comes out of the pool / takes off shoes / wraps legs round you..(nb that’s not a complaint just a genuinely curious query). 😉 How did Ethan get past West Point, let alone into intel with THAT erratic a hairdo? WHAT IS THE RABBIT’S FOOT?! Where can we find one of the abandoned Mission:3 scripts?!   In the Mission:Impossible drinking we take a shot of water every time Dougray Scott shouts HUNT like it’s a n other swear word? Who was offered the Cavill role in FALLOUT? McQ keeps teasing that as well as the ‘famous’ cameo that went to a stuntman instead. Was it Fassbender? Is Ethan now a fully fledged character and if so, do we adopt the bio that was given in the first film/ surely ripe for reference via visual nods in the forthcoming a full prequel, just visual montage nod (Ethan learns his skills, acquires traits, gets recruited by a younger Jim Phelps? Spielberg’s into segment for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)? LOVE your work. Happy to promote. And would welcome a collaboration sometime. Keep it up! The secretary can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the podcast.  

New PICARD trailer is Here. You will LOVE it. IF…

IF.. You are a fan of Jen Luc Picard You are a fan of Sir Patrick Stewart You actually, in fact, ARE Sir Patrick Stewart You are Jean Luc Picard, reading this, from the FUTURE! Then PICARD is clearly for you!    The latest trailer looks impressive. Great effects. Great visuals. Cinema scale gloss on an accessibly televisual platform. Plenty of Easter eggs for fans of the original shows : Star Trek, Next Generation, Voyager, DS9 et al.   There are arguably some aesthetic touches that evoke Enterprise and Discovery? PLENTY of #EXCITING ACTION! A real sense of conflict, drama, mystery and a self contained story that nonetheless ties to wider series’ mythology. I get it. Trek cannot any longer be a bouncily optimistic thought for day philosophical discussion group dramatised as sci-fi adventure. The brand can and indeed must evolve to integrate the sophisticated warmth through the cold and clinical reality of our visual age. No probs. And it also fits a most encouraging current template of keeping actors and stars VITAL, throughout life. No more relegation to a cameo on a sofa or a deathbed reconciliation. We have a near 80 year old man here front and centre of the action. I love that. Jane Fonda started all this, of course: 80 + and still FIT in all the right senses, defining Netflix and starring in movies in between. Patrick Stewart is just playing catch up for the boys here, looking better than he has done in ages.     Bodes well for when, or now rather IF, we ever see Harrison Ford turn up and play Indiana Jones again.. And why stop there? Let’s ponder the potential! LIMITLESS one off, two off, full series, else-world spin offs, await!  Daniel Craig can stay on as Bond by playing ‘M’ (new poster out now, btw). Pacino in Godfather 4, making a final intervention to save Andy Garcia’s doomed Don? Clooney returns as an older Dr Doug Ross? Alec Baldwin, Ben in sometime as occasionally returning Jack Ryans? Rambo 6: redeeming Rambo 5! Die Hard: With a Pension? And so on. Forward looking, constructive nostalgia. Not so much trying to relive the past as harness its imagery to help us all live more presently and steward (stewart?!) our successors into the future. All via the shared fun of a jolly good yarn with admirable characters who excel in their craft at any age, played by actors who do exactly the same thing. Always facing forward! The possibilities now are truly endless. And not because of tech or platform changes / format opening though yes that helps. No. It’s because we are possibly, just maybe, living longer and now learning to value and nurture our ongoing potential as a species. THAT is very Star Trek: elder humanity are to be looked to in fighting tomorrow’s battles, not relegated to a walk-in-cameo for  younger pretenders. Having said all that. What if you DON’T see that wider philosophical picture? What if you just like Trek to BE that philosophy, explicitly and immediately? And what if, for all its cameos from Data or Riker et genuinely want and miss a team, community dynamic rather than a singular focus on ONE leading man? Bill Shatner never got anything like this for Captain JAMES T KIRK! (don’t get me started on Generations: I leave that to THIS guy!). ..Then this new show might NOT be for you. Coz it is VERY ‘into’ Jean Luc Picard and, by extension, Patrick Stewart. So if you are NOT a fan of love letters to one character/ actor, in a format arguable NOT suited to that sort of thing? I’d probably brace myself for a best avoid altogether. Loving ‘TREK’ does not mean you will adore PICARD. Equally though, non fans of Trek might just have found their first, accessible step into a new universe!   You might just try it and be surprised. Dunno. BOLDY GO.      PICARD streams next year.  ENGAGE /MAKE IT SO..

audioMaul mixshow#1 11.18.06

itunes pic
Welcome or come well you are listening to audiomaul the weirdest fetish . noise on earth. This podcast may be inappropriate to some listeners, and is for responsible adults who wish to choose this program. So sit back sit go left, go right, grease it up, buzz up, buzz down. Go outside the box or inside your box, pig! We are a freeform psycodelic inprov impaled in its bizarro universe.What is that smell? It's audioMaul!! We are psycodelic inprov impaled in this bizarro universe.

ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 10/09/2019


ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Wednesday, October 9, 2019, a list of the comic books, graphic novels, and other products that should be available at your local or online comic book shop this week.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2019 Charles S. LePage.

This information is compiled from a variety of sources including Diamond Distribution and our friends at Things From Another World and GoCollect. Visit GoCollect and use their next-generation, near real-time comic book price guide. To find a local comic book shop, please browse The Master List of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for discussions about your favorite comics.

PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will arrive in all stores. Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong. Items with release dates not verified by Diamond Distribution are individually noted.

Scroll down for "mature" items on page 2.

TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, PRICE IN U.S. DOLLARS ("AR" means "ask your retailer for the price")

Dead Legends Premier Edition #1 (Cover A Leonardo Colapietro), $3.99
Dead Legends Premier Edition #1 (Cover B Leonardo Colapietro Virgin Variant), AR

Vampire State Building #1 (Cover E Guilherme Balbi Glow In The Dark Variant), $3.99

Art Of Nothing 25 Years Mutts And The Art Of Patrick McDonnell HC, $40.00

Animosity #24, $3.99
Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1 (Cover A Stefano Simeone), $3.99
Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1 (Cover B Antonio Fuso), AR
Walk Through Hell Volume 2 TP, $19.99

Edgar Allan Poe's Snifter of Terror Season 2 #1, $3.99

Pug Davis TP, $17.99

Mark Of Zorro 100 Years Of The Masked Avenger Art Book HC, $39.99
Mark Of Zorro 100 Years Of The Masked Avenger Art Book HC (Deluxe Edition), $69.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover A Roy Allen Martinez), $3.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover B Rich Bonk Parody Variant), $4.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover C Roy Allen Martinez Bloody Variant), $9.99
Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (Cover D Cyrus Mesarcia Trick Or Treat Variant), $4.99
Zorro Rise Of The Old Gods #2 (Cover A Puis Calzada), $3.99
Zorro Rise Of The Old Gods #2 (Cover B Puis Calzada Pulp Variant), $9.99

Phoebe And Her Unicorn Volume 10 The Unicorn Whisperer GN, $9.99
Shimmering Box Of Unicorn Sparkles Boxed Set, $39.00

Sherman's Lagoon Volume 24 If You Cant Beat 'Em Eat 'Em TP, $14.99

Gold Digger #267, $3.99

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #303, $7.99
Blossoms 666 TP, $17.99
Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #5 (Cover A Pat Kennedy & Tim Kennedy), $3.99
Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #5 (Cover B David Mack), $3.99
Jughead The Hunger Vs Vampironica #5 (Cover C Dan Panosian), $3.99
World Of Archie Volume 1 TP, $10.99

Unofficial Guide To Game Of Thrones SC, $19.99

Hi-Fructose Magazine Quarterly #53, $8.95

Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Calgary VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Emerald City Comic Con VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #1 (Jacen Burrows Phoenix VIP Cover), $5.99
Crossed Badlands #11 (Gianluca Paligrini Fan Expo VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #14 (Raulo Caceres New York Comic Con VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #25 (Jacen Burrows Collector Set VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #25 (Matt Martin Phoenix VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #75 (Juan Jose Ryp Femme Fatale VIP Cover), $19.99
Crossed Badlands #75 (Raulo Caceres Ritual VIP Cover), $19.99
Stitched Terror Horrified Original Art Box Set, $169.00

George R.R. Martin's A Clash Of Kings Volume 2 GN, $28.00

Art Of Hearthstone Volume 2 The Year Of The Kraken HC, $30.00
Cinematic Art Of World Of Warcraft Volume 1 HC, $45.00
World Of Warcraft Ashbringer HC, $14.99
World Of Warcraft Blizzard Legends Death Knight TP, $12.95

Cartoon Network Trade Paperback Gift Set, $29.99
Ghosted In L.A. #4 (Cover A Siobhan Keenan), $3.99
Ghosted In L.A. #4 (Cover B Sina Grace), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover A Jenny Frison), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover B Kyle Lambert), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover C Kelly Matthews & Nichole Matthews Hellmouth Connecting Variant), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover D Blank Variant), $3.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover E Kyle Lambert Foil Variant), $4.99
Hellmouth #1 (Cover F Jenny Frison Black & White Variant), AR
Ronin Island #7 (Cover A Giannis Milonogiannis), $3.99
Ronin Island #7 (Cover B Ethan Young), $3.99
Ronin Island #7 (Cover C Takeshi Miyazawa), $3.99
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #24 (Cover A Ivan Shavrin), $3.99
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #24 (Cover B Miguel Mercado), $3.99
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #24 (Cover C Amelia Vidal Album Variant), AR
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #24 (Cover D Johanna The Mad Social Variant), $3.99
Saban's Power Rangers The Psycho Path GN, $19.99
Wizard Beach TP, $19.99

Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover A), $8.99
Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover B), $8.99
Belladonna #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover C), $8.99
Hellina #1 (Of 3)(Clint Hilinski Royal Blue Leather Cover), $29.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Airborne Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Chomp Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Faster Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Nymph Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Riders Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Sea Life Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Sensual Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Stoic Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Tasty Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Annual 2019 (Renato Camilo Century Tense Cover), $19.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover A), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover B), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover C), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Ivory #1 (Christian Zanier Kickstarter Costume Change Cover D), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Secrets #0 (Juan Jose Ryp Royal Blue Leather Cover), $29.99
Jungle Fantasy Survivors #1 (Christian Zanier Jurassic Fetish Cover A), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Survivors #1 (Christian Zanier Jurassic Fetish Cover B), $8.99
Jungle Fantasy Survivors #1 (Christian Zanier Jurassic Fetish Cover C), $8.99
Threshold Allure #1 (Ron Adrian Demigod Cover), $7.99
Threshold Allure #2 (Christian Zanier Greek Goddess Praxi Cover), $7.99

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #112 (Studio Deluxe Edition), $19.99

Star Wars Smuggler's Guide HC, $21.95

Comic Shop News #1686, AR

Deadbeats Omnibus Volume 2 TP, $25.00
Soulsearchers And Company Omnibus Volume 2 TP, $25.00

Plummet GN, $20.00

Baltimore Omnibus Volume 1 HC, $34.99
Black Hammer '45 From The World Of Black Hammer Volume 1 TP, $17.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Michael Walsh, $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Andrew Robinson), $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Francesco Francavilla), $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover D Gabriel Hernandez Walta), $3.99
Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover E Tyler Crook), $3.99
Disney Zootopia School Days Volume 1 HC, $7.99
EC Archives Frontline Combat Volume 2 HC, $49.99
Plants Vs Zombies Volume 14 A Little Problem HC, $9.99
Rain Volume 1 HC, $24.99
Triage #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Phillip Sevy), $3.99
Triage #2 (Of 5)(Cover B Jorge Corona), $3.99
Trout The Hollowest Knock #4 (Of 4), $3.99

All-Star Comics Only Legends Live Forever TP, $49.99
Batman And The Outsiders #6 (Cover A Tyler Kirkham), $3.99
Batman And The Outsiders #6 (Cover B Stephen Segovia), AR
Batman Giant #1, $4.99
Batman Last Knight On Earth #1 (Of 3)(Greg Capullo 3rd Printing Variant Cover)
, $5.99
Batman Universe #4 (Of 6), $4.99
Batman Vs Ra's al Ghul #2 (Of 6), $3.99
Batman's Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
Batman's Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover B Jee-Hyung Lee Card Stock Variant), AR
Batman's Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover C Blank Variant), AR
Catwoman #16 (Cover A Joelle Jones), $3.99
Catwoman #16 (Cover B Viktor Kalvachev), AR
Collapser #4 (Of 6), $3.99
Crisis On Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Volume 3 HC, $75.00
DC Super Hero Girls At Metropolis High TP, $9.99
DC Villains Giant #1, $4.99
Detective Comics #1013 (Cover A Doug Mahnke), $3.99
Detective Comics #1013 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham), AR
Dollar Comics Watchmen #1, $1.00
Event Leviathan #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Alex Maleev), $3.99
Event Leviathan #5 (Of 6)(Cover B David Mack), AR
Flash #80 (Cover A Rafael Sandoval), $3.99
Flash #80 (Cover B Howard Porter Card Stock Variant), AR
Gotham City Monsters #2 (Of 6), $3.99
Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #2 (Of 6)(Cover A Mikel Janin), $3.99
Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #2 (Of 6)(Cover B Warren Louw Harley Card Stock Variant), AR
Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy #2 (Of 6)(Cover C Warren Louw Poison Ivy Card Stock Variant), AR
Harley Quinn Volume 3 The Trials Of Harley Quinn TP, $19.99
Hawkman #17 (Cover A Pat Olliffe & Tom Palmer), $3.99
Hawkman #17 (Cover B James Harren), AR
Heroes In Crisis The Price And Other Tales HC, $29.99
House Of Whispers #14, $3.99
Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #1 (Of 9)(Cover A Francesco Mattina), $5.99
Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #1 (Of 9)(Cover B Mike Mayhew), AR
Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #1 (Of 9)(Cover C Mico Suayan), AR
Joker Year Of The Villain #1 (Cover A Philip Tan & Marc Deering), $4.99
Joker Year Of The Villain #1 (Cover B Blank Variant), AR
Joker Year Of The Villain #1 (Cover C Brian Bolland Retailer Gift Variant), AR
Justice League Odyssey #14 (Cover A Will Conrad), $3.99
Justice League Odyssey #14 (Cover B Lucio Parrillo), AR
RWBY #1 (Of 7)(Cover A Sarah Stone), $3.99
RWBY #1 (Of 7)(Cover B Jim Lee Card Stock Variant), AR
Sandman Overture 30th Anniversary Edition TP, $19.99
Secrets Of Sinister House #1, $9.99
Silencer Volume 3 Up In Smoke TP, $16.99
Supergirl #35 (Cover A Jesus Merino), $3.99
Supergirl #35 (Cover B Drew Johnson), AR
Superman #16 (Cover A Ivan Reis & Joe Prado), $3.99
Superman #16 (Cover B Jason Masters), AR
Wonder Twins #8 (Of 12), $3.99
Wonder Woman #80 (Cover A Yanick Paquette), $3.99
Wonder Woman #80 (Cover B Neil Googe), AR

Smedley GN, $26.95

Disney Frozen 2 The Magical Guide HC, $12.99
Ultimate Star Wars The Definitive Guide To The Star Wars Universe HC (New Edition), $40.00

Handbook To Lazy Parenting GN, $12.95
Hard Tomorrow HC, $24.95

Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Lucio Parrillo ComicXposure Variant Cover), AR
Amazing Spider-Man #20 (Lucio Parrillo ComicXposure Variant Cover), AR
Batman Who Laughs #1 (Of 6)(Greg Horn ComicXposure Variant Cover), AR
DCeased #1 (Of 6)(Ken Haeser Signed & Remarked Batman Sketch Cover), AR
DCeased #1 (Of 6)(Ken Haeser Signed & Remarked Joker Sketch Cover), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Brian Bolland Jetpack Comics Forbidden Planet Inked Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Brian Bolland Jetpack Comics Forbidden Planet Variant Cover), AR
Detective Comics #1000 (Dan Jurgens & Kevin Nowlan Variant Cover)(Tom King Gold Signature Edition), AR
History Of The Marvel Universe #1 (Of 6)(Mark Waid Signed Edition), AR
Immortal Hulk #16 (Mike Deodato Jr. Variant Cover), AR
Invisible Woman #1 (Of 5)(Adam Hughes Gold Signature Edition), AR
Silver Surfer Black #1 (Of 5)(Donny Cates Signed Edition Plus 1), AR
Silver Surfer Black #1 (Of 5)(Donny Cates Signed Edition), AR

Battlestar Galactica Classic Counterstrike TP, $19.99
Battlestar Galactica Twilight Command TP, $19.99
Dejah Thoris And The Green Men Of Mars Omnibus TP, $29.99
Hack Slash Vs Chaos TP, $19.99
Red Sonja #8 (Cover P Amanda Conner Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja #8 (Cover Q Joseph Michael Linsner Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #5 (Of 12)(Cover L Fay Dalton Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #5 (Of 12)(Cover M Cat Staggs Virgin Variant), AR
Red Sonja Birth Of The She-Devil #4 (Of 4)(Cover I Lucio Parillo Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella #1 (Joseph Michael Linsner Exclusive Variant Cover), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover P J. Scott Campbell Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover Q Fay Dalton Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover R Sanjulian), AR
Vampirella #3 (Cover S J. Scott Campbell Crimson Blood Line Art Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover A Tula Lotay), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover B David Mack), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover C Babs Tarr), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover D Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover E Drew Moss Then And Now Variant), $3.99
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover F Drew Moss Black & White Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover G Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Tint Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover H Frank Cho Sneak Peek Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover I Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover J Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover K Frank Cho Sneak Peek Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover L Drew Moss Virgin Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover M Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire Black & White Variant), AR
Vampirella Red Sonja #2 (Cover N Tula Lotay Virgin Variant), AR

Peanuts Every Sunday Volume 7 1981-1985 HC, $59.99
Walt Disney's Donald Duck Christmas In Duckburg Volume 14 HC, $29.99

Maker Comics Draw A Comic GN, $12.99
Maker Comics Draw A Comic HC, $19.99
Truckus Maximus GN, $16.99
Truckus Maximus HC, $23.99

Things To Do Instead Of Killing Yourself GN, $15.00

Deadly Ten Presents Halloweed Night Meet The Weedjies (Cover A Sergio Rios), $3.99
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BOOK REVIEW: Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton Boy Swallows Universe is a bird with many feathers and Dalton manages to pluck them without making too much of a mess. read now...


Universe Entertainment | APPLYFIC

dcnghyvck / 23 pages
Hello! Welcome to Universe Entertainment where you can shine as bright as the sun, or sparkle as vivid as the stars. This company is ran by CEO Kin Je Geul. [🌌]OPEN [ ]HIATUS [ ]CLOSED

Martin Scorsese declares Marvel 'not cinema,' and Samuel L. Jackson's not having it


Martin Scorsese does not consider the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be cinema. Samuel L. Jackson and others beg to differ.


“31 Nights Of Terror” Doom Patrol: Season 1 (Blu-ray)

When it comes to the DC universe on television, I feel like Warner Bros. knows exactly what they are doing and truly understands the comics as well as their audience. Ever since they launched their streaming service they’ve been putting out new material that is arguably upping the stakes, knowing that soon Disney will be […]

World Communion Sunday liturgy for October 6, 2019

Texts: Lamentations 1:1-6; Lamentations 3:19-26; 2 Timothy 1:1-14; Luke 17:5-10

Call to Worship
In cities like Dallas and London,
where lives are lost and voices are not heard,
we call to mind that faith which is passed on to us,
that justice will speak out for all people.
In border towns and communities walled in by poverty ,
where fears destroy families and scatter neighbors,
we call to mind that hope which is passed on to us,
that peace and reconciliation will rebuild communities.
In neighborhoods not known, in places never mentioned,
where bitter tears are shed and the lonely walk the streets,
we call to mind that love which we can pass on
to those forgotten by the world, including us.

Prayer of the Day

It is not in the hollowness
of our fears,
   but there in the depths
   of your heart, Singer of Songs,
that the notes are written
that can reshape our lives,
that the melody of hope is composed.
Seed Planter,
you only did
what you ought to have done:
traveling our lonely cities,

     listening to
         the weeping of parents;

      reaching out to
         share our burdens.

You enter our hearts

   to heal them,
Spirit of love;
      you enter our fears
         to open us to possibilities;
      you enter our communities
         to create families;
      you empty yourself,
         so we may share the good
         treasure of hope with all
God in Community, Holy in One,
we lift our prayers as Jesus taught us,

(The Lord’s Prayer)

Call to Reconciliation
Faith, hope, love have all been passed on to us, not so we can hoard these gifts for ourselves, but so we might share them with others.  Let us lift our prayers to the One who is always ready to place forgiveness in our hearts, as we tell how we have not done this in our lives.

Unison Prayer for Forgiveness
     We think if we turn off the media, we will not need to listen to the voices of our neighbors, God of all the world.  We are blessed with family and friends, and so do not know the lonely.  We are at ease in a world which is troubled, and so do not notice the bitter tears of others.  Because we are people of affluence and privilege, we cannot understand those who are broken by the anger and brutality of the world.

   Yet, you know, God of the sufferers.  You hear the cries of those living in oppression, and call us to listen.  Your tears mingle with those whose children lie mangled or dead in war zones, and would have us be peacemakers.  Your faithfulness is great, when ours seems so futile, yet you would have us serve the world alongside your Child, Jesus, even as he served us with his life and gifts.  Amen.
Silence is kept

Assurance of Pardon
Call this to mind: God is ever faithful; hope is the gift passed on to us, love is the gift we can share with others; God’s mercies never come to an end.

Great is God’s faithfulness to all people, in all places. Thanks be to God, who has given us the promise of life in Christ Jesus our Lord! Amen.

Prayer of Dedication/Offering
We are here, because of those who passed on their faith to us.  We are generous, because God has blessed us with gifts beyond imagination.  We would pass on these gifts, as well as hope and love, as we offer them to our God, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Great Prayer of Thanksgiving
May God be with you.
And also with you.
People of God, lift up your hearts.
We lift them to the One who cradles our hearts in loving hands.People of God, let us give thanks to the God who sets a Table for us.
We praise the Lord our God who welcomes us with open arms.
How lonely was chaos, Gardener of the Universe,
until you spoke a Word, and your Spirit created:
   leaves that burnish gold and red in autumn,
   snow that drifts lazily in winter skies,
   frozen brooks that burst in spring,
   ponds splashing with children in summer.
You planted the seeds of joy in our ancestors
hoping they would pass them onto us,
   but they walked sin’s lonely streets
   and drank the bitter tears death offered.
Though the prophets came
to remind us of your great faithfulness,
   we continued to feast on the
   wormwood and gall offered by the world.     
But you would not forget us,

and so sent Jesus to bring us home to you.

Therefore we join our voices,
as we sing of your mercies
made fresh in every moment

Sung: (tune: Bunessan
God of Creation, Lord of all beauty,
All creatures join in singing your love;
Holy Compassion, Joy of our mornings,
Fill us with grace which comes from above.

You alone are holy, heart Speaker,
and we are blessed through Jesus, life’s Promise.
When we would wander the lonely streets of the world,
   he would take us by the hand,
   to lead us into your joy.
When others would pass on

bitterness and hate to us,
   he fills us with the gifts
   of hope and love.
Splashing in sin's puddles,
    he washed our feet
    and dried them with his love,
         leading us into the kingdom.
Daughters of despair, sons of sadness,
orphans of woe -
     he gathers us all up
     in his arms of mercy
          wiping out death,
     and sits us down
          at the family Table.

As we remember his grace and love,
as we dare not forget his sacrifice for us,
we sing of that mystery we call faith:

Sung: Christ of the outcast, Comfort of mourners,
Neighbor to strangers, Love without end;
Bearer of burdens, Grace ever with us,
Blessing our children, Brother and Friend.

Holy Spirit,
as we offer the gifts
of the bread and the cup
for your blessing,
so we present ourselves:
     our accomplishments, our failings,
     our hopes, our realities.
Make us weak,
     so we might rely
          on your strength.
As we have heard the Word,
     may we listen
          to the cries of the poor.
As we are family
with those sitting beside us today,
     may we love our sisters and brothers
          in every corner of creation.
As you hold out
the bread and the cup to us,
     may we reach out to enemies
          to clasp hands as friends.

God in Community, Holy in One,
all honor and glory are yours,
as we sing our praises through all eternity:

Sung: Spirit of kindness, Breath of forgiveness,
Faithful Companion, just as Christ said;
God's little children gathered together,
Drink of salvation, feast on your Bread.

God would send you forth into the loneliness of the world.
we would call this to mind,
as we go to embrace all the rejected and forgotten.
Jesus would send you forth into the bitterness around us,
we would call this to mind,
as we seek to have all voices heard, all grief comforted.
The Spirit would send you forth into the brokenness of others,
we would call this to mind,
as we carry peace and love to neighbors and strangers.

©  Thom M. Shuman

Are Black Holes Made of Dark Energy? Error Made When Applying Einstein’s Equations to Model Growth of the Universe?


Dark Energy Black Hole Illustration

Two University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa researchers have identified and corrected a subtle error that was made when applying Einstein’s equations to model the growth...

The post Are Black Holes Made of Dark Energy? Error Made When Applying Einstein’s Equations to Model Growth of the Universe? appeared first on SciTechDaily.


Ivanka claimed the 'force is strong' in her family and Luke Skywalker wasn't having it


Ivanka Trump shared a photo of herself on social media Saturday with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three children, with the youngest dressed as a Stormtrooper. "The force is strong with my family," she captioned the image, adding a yellow star emoji.

If there was, in fact, such as thing as the force in this universe, Ivanka and Jared would, no doubt, be on the Dark Side.

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering," — Yoda, "Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace"

"But beware of the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression…the dark side of the Force are they, easily they flow… If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will…" — Yoda, "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back"

Since the Trump patriarch, Donald, dove into politics, he has gone out of his way to appeal to America's dark side: lies, bigotry, hate, and division. All the while, Ivanka and Jared have been complicit in his Sith-like behavior.

RELATED: After 'Star Wars' actress Kelly Marie Tran was bullied online, fans struck back with beautiful artwork

Ivanka's appropriation of the force to describe her family didn't sit well with Mark Hamill, the actor who's played Luke Sywalker in five of the "Star Wars" films and is slated to return in "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," later this year.

"You misspelled 'Fraud,'" he replied to Trump on Twitter. Hamill attached the hashtag #GoForceYourself and it went viral.

His tweet received some passionate responses on Twitter.

Some saw Hamill's tweets as an attack on Ivanka and Jared's children, although they were clearly not his target.

RELATED: Planned Parenthood CEO accuses Jared and Ivanka of offering 'bribes' to cut abortion

Hamill was right in fighting back against the Trump's attempts to co-opt the good will created by "Star Wars" to cast her family in a positive light.

The "Star Wars" saga is a story of good versus evil with a clear moral compass.

Ivanka and Jared have served in an administration that aggressively worked to separate children from their families and has been supportive of the world's most brutal dictators while trying to thwart any and all attempts to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change.

Clearly, they are not on the side of peace and justice.

However, if Ivanka and Jared are "Star Wars" fans, they understand that it's a story about family and redemption. Anakin Skywalker was seduced by the Dark Side of the force and became Darth Vader. But, ultimately, he rebelled against the Dark Side by sacrificing his life to kill the Emperor and save his son, Luke.

If Jared and Ivanka truly had good iside of them, they'd use their power to change their father's heart and bring balance to the force.



NANTERRE, PARIS LA DEFENSE ARENA - du 18/10/2019 au 20/10/2019

DragonBall Shattered Hope (III)


Since the universe was destroyed, King Yemma agreed to allow rebuilding. Will you aid in the construction of the Neo DragonVerse? Or will you rule the planets? Or will you just destroy it? Hope not!


Love in the Time of the Apocalypse: The Lightest Object in the Universe


Astronomers Find 20 – Yes 20 – New Moons for Saturn


A team of astronomers led by Scott Sheppard has discovered 20 new moons around Saturn, putting it ahead of Jupiter!

The post Astronomers Find 20 – Yes 20 – New Moons for Saturn appeared first on Universe Today.


Occam's Razor May Be Sufficient to Infer the Preferences of Irrational Agents: A reply to Armstrong & Mindermann

Published on October 7, 2019 7:52 PM UTC

[Epistemic Status: My inside view feels confident, but I’ve only discussed this with one other person so far, so I won't be surprised if it turns out to be confused.]

Armstrong and Mindermann (A&M) argue "that even with a reasonable simplicity prior/Occam’s razor on the set of decompositions, we cannot distinguish between the true decomposition and others that lead to high regret. To address this, we need simple ‘normative’ assumptions, which cannot be deduced exclusively from observations."

I explain why I think their argument is faulty, concluding that maybe Occam's Razor is sufficient to do the job after all.

In what follows I assume the reader is familiar with the paper already or at least with the concepts within it.

Brief summary of A&M's argument:

(This is merely a brief sketch of A&M’s argument; I’ll engage with it in more detail below. For the full story, read their paper.)

Take a human policy pi = P(R) that we are trying to represent in the planner-reward formalism. R is the human’s reward function, which encodes their desires/preferences/values/goals. P() is the human’s planner function, which encodes how they take their experiences as input and try to choose outputs that achieve their reward. Pi, then, encodes the overall behavior of the human in question.

Step 1: In any reasonable language, for any plausible policy, you can construct “degenerate” planner-reward pairs that are almost as simple as the simplest possible way to generate the policy, yet yield high regret (i.e. have a reward component which is very different from the "true"/"Intended" one.)

  • Example: The planner deontologically follows the policy, despite a buddha-like empty utility function
  • Example: The planner greedily maximizes the reward function "obedience-to-the-policy."
  • Example: Double-negated version of example 2.

It’s easy to see that these examples, being constructed from the policy, are at most slightly more complex than the simplest possible way to generate the policy, since they could make use of that way.

Step 2: The "intended" planner-reward pair--the one that humans would judge to be a reasonable decomposition of the human policy in question--is likely to be significantly more complex than the simplest possible planner-reward pair.

  • Argument: It's really complicated.
  • Argument: The pair contains more information than the policy, so it should be more complicated.
  • Argument: Philosophers and economists have been trying for years and haven't succeeded yet.

Conclusion: If we use Occam’s Razor alone to find planner-reward pairs that fit a particular human’s behavior, we’ll settle on one of the degenerate ones (or something else entirely) rather than a reasonable one. This could be very dangerous if we are building an AI to maximize the reward.

Methinks the argument proves too much:

My first point is that A&M’s argument probably works just as well for other uses of Occam’s Razor. In particular it works just as well for the canonical use: finding the Laws and Initial Conditions that describe our universe!

Take a sequence of events we are trying to predict/represent with the lawlike-universe formalism, which posits C (the initial conditions) and then L() the dynamical laws, a function that takes initial conditions and extrapolates everything else from them. L(C) = E, the sequence of events/conditions/world-states we are trying to predict/represent.

Step 1: In any reasonable language, for any plausible sequence of events, we can construct "degenerate" initial condition + laws pairs that are almost as simple as the simplest pair.

  • Example: The initial conditions are an empty void, but the laws say "And then the sequence of events that happens is E"
  • Example: The initial conditions are simply E, and L() doesn’t do anything.

It’s easy to see that these examples, being constructed from E, are at most slightly more complex than the simplest possible pair, since they could use the simplest pair to generate E.

Step 2: The "intended" initial condition+law pair is likely to be significantly more complex than the simplest pair.

  • Argument: It's really complicated.
  • Argument: The pair contains more information than the sequence of events, so it should be more complicated.
  • Argument: Physicists have been trying for years and haven't succeeded yet.

Conclusion: If we use Occam’s Razor alone to find law-condition pairs that fit all the world’s events, we’ll settle on one of the degenerate ones (or something else entirely) rather than a reasonable one. This could be very dangerous if we are e.g. building an AI to do science for us and answer counterfactual questions like “If we had posted the nuclear launch codes on the Internet, would any nukes have been launched?”

This conclusion may actually be true, but it’s a pretty controversial claim and I predict most philosophers of science wouldn’t be impressed by this argument for it--even the ones who agree with the conclusion.

Objecting to the three arguments for Step 2

Consider the following hypothesis, which is basically equivalent to the claim A&M are trying to disprove:

Occam Sufficiency Hypothesis: The “Intended” pair happens to be the simplest way to generate the policy.

Notice that everything in Step 1 is consistent with this hypothesis. The first degenerate pairs are constructed from the policy, so they are more complicated than the simplest way to generate it, so if that way is via the intended pair, they are more complicated (albeit only slightly) than the intended pair.

Next, notice that the three arguments in support of Step 2 don’t really hurt this hypothesis:

Re: first argument: The intended pair can be both very complex and the simplest way to generate the policy; no contradiction there. Indeed that’s not even surprising: since the policy is generated by a massive messy neural net in an extremely diverse environment, we should expect it to be complex. What matters for our purposes is not how complex the intended pair is, but rather how complex it is relative to the simplest possible way to generate the policy. A&M need to argue that the simplest possible way to generate the policy is simpler than the intended pair; arguing that the intended pair is complex is at best only half the argument.

Compare to the case of physics: Sure, the laws of physics are complex. They probably take at least a page of code to write up. And that’s aspirational; we haven’t even got to that point yet. But that doesn’t mean Occam’s Razor is insufficient to find the laws of physics.

Re: second argument: The inference from “This pair contains more information than the policy” to “this pair is more complex than the policy” is fallacious. Of course the intended pair contains more information than the policy! All ways of generating the policy contain more information than it. This is because there are many ways (e.g. planner-reward pairs) to get any given policy, and thus specifying any particular way is giving you strictly more information than simply specifying the policy.

Compare to the case of physics: Even once we’ve been given the complete history of the world (or a complete history of some arbitrarily large set of experiment-events) there will still be additional things left to specify about what the laws and initial conditions truly are. Do the laws contain a double negation in them, for example? Do they have some weird clause that creates infinite energy but only when a certain extremely rare interaction occurs that never in fact occurs? What language are the laws written in, anyway? And what about the initial conditions? Lots of things left to specify that aren’t determined by the complete history of the world. Yet this does not mean that the Laws + Initial Conditions are more complex than the complete history of the world, and it certainly doesn’t mean we’ll be led astray if we believe in the Laws+Conditions pair that is simplest.

Re: third argument: Yes, people have been trying to find planner-reward pairs to explain human behavior for many years, and yes, no one has managed to build a simple algorithm to do it yet. Instead we rely on all sorts of implicit and intuitive heuristics, and we still don’t succeed fully. But all of this can be said about Physics too. It’s not like physicists are literally following the Occam’s Razor algorithm--iterating through all possible Law+Condition pairs in order from simplest to most complex and checking each one to see if it outputs a universe consistent with all our observations. And moreover, physicists haven’t succeeded fully either. Nevertheless, many of us are still confident that Occam’s Razor is in principle sufficient: If we were to follow the algorithm exactly, with enough data and compute, we would eventually settle on a Law+Condition pair that accurately describes reality, and it would be the true pair. Again, maybe we are wrong about that, but the arguments A&M have given so far aren’t convincing.


Perhaps Occam’s Razor is insufficient after all. (Indeed I suspect as much, for reasons I’ll sketch in the appendix) But as far as I can tell, A&M’s arguments are at best very weak evidence against the sufficiency of Occam’s Razor for inferring human preferences, and moreover they work pretty much just as well against the canonical use of Occam’s Razor too.

This is a bold claim, so I won’t be surprised if it turns out I was confused. I look forward to hearing people’s feedback. Thanks in advance! And thanks especially to Armstrong and Mindermann if they take the time to reply.

Many thanks to Ramana Kumar for hearing me out about this a while ago when we read the paper together.

Appendix: So, is Occam’s Razor sufficient or not?

--A priori, we should expect something more like a speed prior to be appropriate for identifying the mechanisms of a finite mind, rather than a pure complexity prior.

--Sure enough, we can think of scenarios in which e.g. a deterministic universe with somewhat simple laws develops consequentialists who run massive simulations including of our universe and then write down Daniel’s policy in flaming letters somewhere, such that the algorithm “Run this deterministic universe until you find big flaming letters, then read out that policy” becomes a very simple way to generate Daniel’s policy. (This is basically just the “Universal Prior is Malign” idea applied in a new way.)

--So yeah, pure complexity prior is probably not good. But maybe a speed prior would work, or something like it. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

--One case that seems useful to me: Suppose we are considering two explanations of someone’s behavior: (A) They desire the well-being of the poor, but [insert epicycles here to explain why they aren’t donating much, are donating conspicuously, are donating ineffectively] and (B) They desire their peers (and their selves) to believe that they desire the well-being of the poor. Thanks to the epicycles in (A), both theories fit the data equally well. But theory B is much more simple. Do we conclude that this person really does desire the well-being of the poor, or not? If we think that even though (A) is more complex it is also more accurate, then yeah it seems like Occam’s Razor is insufficient to infer human preferences. But if we instead think “Yeah, this person just really doesn’t care, and the proof is how much simpler B is than A” then it seems we really are using something like Occam’s Razor to infer human preferences. Of course, this is just one case, so the only way it could prove anything is as a counterexample. To me it doesn’t seem like a counterexample to Occam’s sufficiency, but I could perhaps be convinced to change my mind about that.

--Also, I'm pretty sure that once we have better theories of the brain and mind, we’ll have new concepts and theoretical posits to explain human behavior. (e.g. something something Karl Friston something something free energy?) Thus, the simplest generator of a given human’s behavior will probably not divide automatically into a planner and a reward; it’ll probably have many components and there will be debates about which components the AI should be faithful to (dub these components the reward) and which components the AI should seek to surpass (dub these components the planner.) These debates may be intractable, turning on subjective and/or philosophical considerations. So this is another sense in which I think yeah, definitely Occam’s Razor isn’t sufficient--for we will also need to have a philosophical debate about what rationality is.


Star Trek Trailer Drop From NYCC Picard & Discovery


Click now to see the Star Trek Trailer Drop From NYCC Picard & Discovery

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Hola Dannie aqui, 
 Today I am sharing with you all the latest teaser trailer for CBS All Access original series "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY" season 3 and a "STAR TREK: PICARD" trailer released at the New York Comic-Con this weekend during the Star Trek: Universe panel.
CBS All Access describes "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY" as-
"Get carried into the future.""This season, coming soon exclusively to CBS All Access, the crew finds itself further into the future than any other Star Trek story."
Here is the teaser trailer for "STAR TREK: DISCOVERY" 


Star Trek: Picard premieres January 23, and Star Trek: Discovery sometime in 2020 (yet to be announced) both shows will only be on CBS All Access. Well, what do all of you Trekkies and Trekkers think of the trailers? 
Stay Strong, Live Good, Love Movies! 
Dannie H.L. Knowles aka Pekosa Peligrosa

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One of the more popular cinematic genres of the 1970s was the Religious Horror Film.  Born as a reaction to the turbulent state of the world during this time, these modern-day interpretations of ancient beliefs both terrified and fascinated viewers across the world.  What's so interesting about how Christianity is represented – most notably in THE EXORCIST and THE OMEN, as well as their latter-day sequels -- is the idea that Evil is both alive and well in modern times; and yet for all the Biblical "truths" that contemporary society is willing to reaccept via the filmic medium, the supreme power in the universe--God Himself--is conspicuously absent within the narrative.  Both THE EXORCIST and THE OMEN present the notion that Satan is at work in our advanced and seemingly civilized world, but God, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found in either tale except as an invisible (and apparently impotent) entity.
THE EXORCIST deals with the specter of religion on a personal level.  Adapted for the screen from his novel, William Peter Blatty tells the story of 12 year-old Regan MacNeil and her possession by a diabolical entity.  After much head-spinning, urination, vomiting, and masturbation with a crucifix, her movie star mother, Chris MacNeil, recruits the Catholic Church in the form of exorcists Damien Karras and Lankester Merrin.  During the ritual, Merrin dies of heart failure, forcing Karras to take the demon into his

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Grumpy McGrumpface: Dawkins on Brexit, democracy and God

Here is part of Professor Dawkins' "Diary" in this week's Spectator magazine:

I hate the very idea of a referendum. Referendums are capable of naming a ship ‘Boaty McBoatface’. We are a parliamentary democracy. We vote for representatives who have the time (and salary) to examine complicated economic and political issues thoroughly and give an informed vote. Nevertheless, having got into this mess through David Cameron’s cowardly folly, the only way out is another referendum. If Leave wins again, we should accept it with good grace and make the best of it. But it’s hard to imagine that Leave could possibly win again, now that we know — as we did not in 2016 — what Leave really means. A connoisseur, too, of religious faith, I detect it in the fanatical zeal of Brexiteers: those for whom the 2016 vote has become unchangeable holy writ; those who are prepared to force Brexit through at any price, even if the price is the obvious and undeniable disaster of no deal. Boris Johnson’s bullying, threatening bluster, when he should be apologising if not resigning, may betoken cynical ambition, but the ill-mannered cheering-on by his barmy supporters surely stems from blind faith.

The kitten of his argument is eaten alive with polemical fleas. Washing these off, we see that he says referendums sometimes give answers that those in charge don't like, which is true, but trite; and that we should have a second referendum because Leavers didn't know what they were voting for the first time, which is not trite and not true.

If anything, during the pre-vote campaign the Leave-inclined public had an unduly bleak picture of economic consequences painted for them by the PM, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Governor of the Bank of England, CBI and all the other panjandrums riding Tom Pearce's grey mare towards Widecombe Fair and their downfall.

One could also argue that Remain-inclined voters were insufficiently informed of the likely consequences of staying in the EU: the military buildup, the legal seizure of control over UK Armed Forces, the aspiration to Empire, the dangerous fiscal imbalances in the Eurozone, the growing regional inequalities that are feeding social unrest, the threat to the UK's Welfare State of unlimited Schengen "free movement of people." Professor Dawkins may find it hard to imagine Leave winning again, but his view is coloured by the knowitall Oxford milieu in which he lives, and which prevents him from understanding - perhaps he has never even met them - the "fanatical", "barmy" and "blind" majority of his fellow subjects.

You may also care to de-flea his preceding paragraph, which is equally tendentious and oratorical:

I would normally not mention Brexit in a diary such as this. But the humiliation of our sick-joke Prime Minister has dominated the week and cannot be avoided. I expected a good verdict from the Supreme Court, but its unanimity and decisiveness had me whooping and thumping the table with joy. It really deserved a standing ovation and I sensed one rising up from decent people all over the country. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, you are surely revolted by the unashamed manipulation of the Queen for partisan political ends. Ends, moreover, that have no sensible connection to ‘the will of the people’. For when ‘the people’ expressed their will in 2016, ‘Leave’ most certainly did not mean ‘Leave with no deal’. It meant, as we were repeatedly assured, an orderly and amicable separation.

One reason he will have been given this space to air his views is that he has just brought out another theological tome, "Outgrowing God." The review in Private Eye magazine (issue 1506, p.36) is unsympathetic and identifies, I think correctly, a weakness in him: an inablity to appreciate alternative points of view. He seems to be the sort of person who "knows what he knows" and that is not a quality to make the best sort of university teacher, I should have thought.

But then the professorship he held from 1995 to 2008 was not for scientific research and teaching per se - though he is a highly distinguished geneticist evolutionary biologist (corrected - please see Bruce Charlton's comment below). The chair of "Public Understanding of Science" was created specifically for him by the billionaire Microsoft applications developer Charles Simonyi, who will not have been unaware of Dawkins' views on religion. Dawkins was given a position that required him to communicate with the public; though under the circumstances, one wonders what is the gist of the messages Simonyi wished him to convey.

In any case, such is the Professor's "fanatical zeal" that he is in danger of undermining his own credibility. Philosopher and Christian Peter Williams says "far from being a disinterested advocate of truth, Dawkins spends his time preaching the gospel of atheism using a raft of fallacious arguments dressed up in an obscuring cloak of science" and gives examples of Dawkins' logical weaknesses here:

Returning to "Outgrowing God": the Private Eye reviewer says

... Worse still is the book's lack of empathy. There is no acknowledgement, let alone understanding, of the fact that, for some young people, science and reason may not offer the same degree of emotional comfort provided by the notion of God and, what's more, this does not necessarily make these individuals wankers. [...] There remains a coldness at the heart of Dawkins' writing that is as self-defeating as it is wearing.

I am sure that when discussing matters within his scientific field Dawkins makes perfect sense. But he may be blind to science's - and his own - limitations.

The philosopher AJ Ayer used to maintain that meaningful statements were only about what could be proved, a position from which he resiled later on. I suggest that one of the unprovable ones is Leibniz's question; "Why is there something rather than nothing?"

It seems to me that any scientific attempt to explain the origin of the Universe can only refer to things we observe in the Universe itself - time, space, matter, energy - and so the explanation will be circular. If the universe had a beginning, we cannot know how it started, even theoretically (references to a multiverse merely raise the question of how that started.) Alternatively, if there was no start, the brute fact of the Universe's existence is equally enigmatic.

I accept that by itself this conundrum goes nowhere near justifying all the tenets of religious dogmas; but I think Professor Dawkins should temper his assertions with a little humility and empathic understanding. He lays about him insensitively, like someone playing Blind-Man's-Buff.



The Laboratory for Nucleon Structure (LSN) of the Nuclear Physics Department* at the University Paris-Saclay is looking for a postdoctoral research fellow to contribute to our ongoing activities. The new collaborator will take the responsibility of the analysis and interpretation of the Drell-Yan and charmonium production data collected by the COMPASS experiment at CERN, and will also take part in the ongoing activities in the laboratory. The postdoctoral term is for a minimum of one year, with an option for renewal. The LSN laboratory has strong commitments in experimental and phenomenological investigations of the nucleon structure. Physicists from LSN play major roles in experiments at JLAB and at CERN, and collaborate in future projects like EIC in the USA and Compass++/Amber at CERN.  The successful applicant will become a full member of the COMPASS collaboration at CERN. Regular trips to CERN for presentations and discussions are expected. Applicants should have a recent PhD degree in experimental nuclear or high-energy physics, expertise in data analysis and good programming skills. Prior experience with C++, Python and CERN software tools like ROOT and GEANT will be highly appreciated.  Applicants should send a resume and a brief description of research interests to the e-mail below. Reference letters will be asked at a later stage of the selection process. Contact for information: Stéphane Platchkov Applications are to be sent to: Stéphane Platchkov *The Nuclear Physics Department is part of the Institute for Research of the Fundamental Laws of the Universe (IRFU), located near Paris, France: IRFU belongs to Paris-Saclay University.



  • 60' SNAKE



    Earth is His Footstool

    itunes pic
    Israel sits as the head of a pin, in a land filled with her enemies. Her most holy sites sat upon by those who would destroy her. To all who stand afar off gazing at her she appears to have reached a place of helplessness and hopelessness. However I charge you to look closer! The Abomination which sits in G-ds most holy place will not stop G-d from having His temple, neither will her enemies prevail over her. Israel will not be driven into the sea, nor will she disappear from the earth at thier bidding. The G-d who sits on the circle of the universe, also has Israel as His footstool and she is the rest of His feet. He will not allow her enemies to triumph forever, nor will His city be trodden under foot of His enemies! Awake Oh Lord and rise to the defeat of those who would destroy Israel! And clean off the temple site for your most holy place. For we have grown tired and wait patiently for Messiah to come and rule over us. Yeshua reign now and forever!

    Elbow Lick Sandwich Bread


    For this month’s bread bake, I am channeling my inner Nailed It! artistry and abilities.  

    Never heard of Nailed It!?  It’s a reality cooking show (on Netflix) where three home bakers are challenged to reproduce beautifully decorated cakes and confections.  While the contestants believe they are skillful bakers, their results prove otherwise.

    As the January Kitchen of the Month, Elizabeth, of Blog from Our Kitchen, shared a recipe for Elbow Lick Sandwich Bread, which contains delicious ingredients like caramelized onions and sweet potato puree.

    Because my 2018 bread-baking track record was a bit on the dismal side, I hesitated to try this one.  But in the spirit of Nailed It!, I decided to give it a hearty try.

    First, came the caramelized onions.  After two hours of low and slow on the stove, the onions were done.  Looked pretty tasty and smelled great.  Next, came the sweet potato puree, which, in truth, was actually pumpkin/squash puree from a can.  Leavener/starter was mixed and placed in the cold oven.

    Have I mentioned that it’s winter here in southern California?  It’s been rainy (yay!) and a bit on the chilly side – 50s to 60s.  While that might be balmy elsewhere, it translates as cold here.  You also need to know that my German Shepherd dog is afraid of the heater (scary noises), so the inside of the house is about 61 degrees most of the time.  Not conducive to yeast or bread-rising functions.

    New day.  In spite of my misgivings, I continued with the bread.  I carefully weighed out the ingredients and mixed them together as per instructions.  After resting (both me and the dough), I began adding the onions.  A few red flags went up when, after adding all the onions, the dough still resembled a batter.  Next, came the two-hour initial proof.  Check:  all is well.  Following this, the dough was to be gently shaped and place in a well-floured brot-form for the next 3-4 hour rise.  Upon observing the dough (still batter-like), I knew there was not enough flour in the Universe to keep it from sticking to the brot-form, so I made an executive decision and poured it into a 9x5 loaf pan, ready for the final 3-4 hour proof.  (Pour is a critical word.)

    After one hour (1 hour), the dough was already over-proofed, even in this cold house.  I heated up the oven, gently placed the jiggly dough inside, set the timer, and walked away.   After 35 minutes or so, I removed the bread, which easily slipped out of the pan onto a cooling rack.  (It could possibly have baked another 10 minutes or so, but I was too eager to try it.)

    Sliced, toasted, and buttered:  it is delicious despite its appearance.

    But, the bottom line?  I Nailed It!

    (If Nailed It! ever adds a bread challenge, I plan to audition.)

    For the recipe, head over to Elizabeth’sblog.  To see what the bread is supposedto look like, visit the other Babe’s blogs.


    New Books on the Biography Shelf



    Opalesque TV: Exchange-traded instruments: a way to wider distribution universe for hedge funds

    B. G., Opalesque Geneva: Offshore hedge funds can use the exchange-traded-instrument back door to access the EU and other markets...
    Article Link

    Cosmic Mix and Jacinta's HOT New "Electric Universe"

    itunes pic
    CD Cover "Jacinta - Electric Universe"! Club Chaos October 24 – 27, 2008 Mixed and produced by DJ Johnny D (all rights reserved) Club Chaos Set 1 1. Laura Izibor – From My Heart to Yours (Mac Project Club Mix)( Atlantic USA) 2. Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez – Bora Bora (Asere Music Int’l Blanca y Negro Spain) 3. Pain & Rossini vs. Alex Guesta – Dreams (NuStar Records Italy) 4. Sharam – get Wild (Album Version) (Yoshitoshi Recordings USA) 5. X-Press 2feat. David Byrne –Lazy 2008 (Moto Blanco Radio Mix) (Skint UK) Club Chaos Set 2 1. Levi 5STAR feat. Michelle Martinez – Third Time (Sahve Radio edit) (Denim Rec. UK) 2. Steve Murano – Own Way 2008 (Housework edit) (Toka Beatz Germany 3. Vinylshakerz – Hypnotic Tango (Soft Mode edit)(Ministry of Sound, Germany) 4. Soulcatcher feat. Amanda Wilson – Falling for You (Spin Records, Netherlands) Club Chaos Set 3 1. Jacinta – Electric Universe (Chunky Music USA) (World Radio Premier on Studio 1) 2. M@D – The Concert Medley (7 Nation Army) (Michael Mind Big Room House edit;Italy) 3. Sasha Angel feat. Lara Zola (Keep Shining) (Shining Star –Gusto Records UK) 4. Afrojack & The Party Squad – Drop Down (Do My Dance) (Digidance The Netherlands) Club Chaos Set 4 1. Lobo Ismail – One More Night (Alex Gap Radio edit) (Andorfine Records Germany) 2. Calvertron vs. Majestic MC – Gimme Da Mic (Ministry of Sound – Data Records UK) 3. Spoon, Harris, & Obernik – Baditude (Dave S, Paul H, Sam O – Toolroom; UK) 4. Karanyi feat. Judie Jay – Libido (UK Radio edit) (CLS Music Hungary) 5. Nicola Fasano vs. Yoshimoto – Been a Long Time (Jolly Roger/Sound Of Pirates Italy)

    Mixing My Way Through The Universe

    itunes pic
    WMC'07 Tommy Gunn Presents-Sydney, Johnny D, DjT Project Big Jan I'm amazed the number of Retro remixes coming out. This show was a blast to mix and there are a few new artists that will be BIG! I enjoy hearing from you and where you are listening from on this planet. or Alternate email Remember to tell a friend about us and Party Hard! Club Chaos October 17 – 20, 2008 Mixed and produced by DJ Johnny D (all rights reserved) Club Chaos Set 1 1. Boogie Pimps – Gang Bang (Anthem Radio Mix)(Germany) 2. Cyndi Lauper- - Into the Nightlife (Soul Seekerz) (BMGMusic Entertainment-USA) 3. Jes – Imagination (Kaskade Radio Edit) (Ultra Records USA) 4. Skepta – Rolex Sweep (Vandalism Radio edit) 9MOS/Boy Better Know UK) 5. Made in London feat. Abigail Bailey – Read My Lips Club Chaos Set 2 1. Chris Crime feat.Antonella Rocco – Ready Or Not (Crime ‘N” Candy Edit) (Switzerland) 2. Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons – December 1963 (Oh What a Night) 7th Heaven Mirrorball edit (Rhino/Warner Music UK) 3. Big World & Denise the Menace feat.INUSA DAWUDA – Going Back To My Roots (Original Mix) (Subliminal Records UK) 4. Jean Elan – Where’s Your head At?(Klaas Radio Mix) (Shake Me Please Records Germany) 5. Axwell & Bob Sinclar feat. Ron Carrol – What a Wonderful World (Yellow Prod. France) Club Chaos Set 3 1. Sonny J – Can’t Stop Moving 2008 (Marwais Mix) (Stateside Recordings UK) 2. Bimbo Jones – And I Try (Don Diablo’s Distorted Disco Short Cut) (Tommy Boy USA) 3. The Glitterboys – Africa (Radio Mix) (Kontor Records Germany) 4. Rihanna – Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Radio edit) (Def Jam USA/C Allen/Brown/Merritt/Seals) 5. Joyriders feat. Bros. – Big Bros (Nat Monday’s Electro edit) (Perfecto Records/New State UK) Club Chaos Set 4 1. Popking vs Mat Key – We are the Popkings (Backside Artists Radio Version) (Uptunes Germany) 2. Sandy Vee – Bleep (Paradise \records/DJ Center Records France/C: Wilhelm) 3. Stephanie – You Never Said You Loved Me (Rev Players edit) (Amathus Music USA)



    Français Partage Campagne Djerbienne Le bureau de mon père "presque vingt ans" Jaligny-sur-besbre Confession 11 janvier 1996 Voleur de poche Tribune libre à... Claudio J'aime le golf Ma première grève Une expérience Lo zio Gigi Le marchand de couleurs Un bouquet de tulipes jaunes La Camerata (la chambrée) "La Casa" La base américaine "La Galaxie des Ecrivains" Nous étions trop payés Mes 68 Pour la fin du monde Le sport et moi

    La maîtresse de son fils était aussi la sienne
      Selima Atelier d'écriture : Adèle R... Enfantines Adèle R... (suite) Les mots Copier/coller La mer était déjà plus loin LA photo que je n'ai pas prise C'est la St Patrick... Coup de gueule mais alors coup de gueule Mon sermon du jour La vita è bella Epoque opaque  Douceur du temps Rendez-nous nos trottoirs ! Les histoires de cul des végétaux  Bon Anniversaire le Hibou  Version gustative... et goûteuse... L Morceaux de Nice Tribune libre à... Claudiogène p.a.p.a. papa  Les maudits tendres Atelier d'écriture  : Georges S... Léger, léger, léger... ce matin  Le Couple (Rien qu'ça !) 1 Le Couple (Rien qu'ça !) 2 La vie en vers 1985 L'arbre solitaire Divine étoile Mes bugs à moi Clin d'œil  Ecrit Il est parait-il... Rencontre  Le Mardi  Mourir Le quotidien est riche Les quarantenaires de Gauche Les rigoristes Le cinquantenaire... de Gauche Nathalie La pluie est poésie L'égo Fonds de tiroirs 1984 Les marrons n'ont plus d'odeur Mon immeuble idéal La banale histoire de Julien Orange 1/7 L'avaleur Travail La banale histoire de Julien Orange 2/7 C'est une fontaine fraternelle La banale histoire de Julien Orange 3/7 La banale histoire de Julien Orange 4/7 La banale histoire de Julien Orange 5/7 La banale histoire de Julien Orange 6/7 La banale histoire de Julien Orange 7/7 31 décembre 2008 Chanson "Je suis heureux" Madame 1977 Un espoir dans l'air Manifestation d'humeurs 1/2 Manifestations d'humeurs 2/2 Boulevard Richard-Lenoir Autrefois Attali Le chemin était tortueux A quoi bon ? Les femmes sont plus belles dans les aéroports Meure le vent ! NICE to meet you Le mauvais choix Selima C'est Personne La femme du boulanger La chute vertigineuse La tour de France C'est pas assez

    Aïkido et vie quotidienne Marcher, méditer "il faut s'aimer à tort et à travers" Lanza del Vasto L'individualisme : à 3 mètres 50 Le travail de deuil Introverti et heureux Gens du pays Décider la Volonté Le "Management de soi" Jeu du Dimanche La poubelle "C'est humain" Des inconvénients de la fidélité Un "P" qui change tout L'état d'excellence Plus haut que Maslow Vivement Dimanche... dernier Ras le coach ! Faisons le point La Dynamique du Pardon Une analyse Le quotidien n'a pas d'humour Les moyens d'abord "Exister par soi" Vivre ne suffit pas Voir Naples et sourire Un mystère Sacrés cadeaux Tout le monde s'y met L'énergie renouvelable Je vote... passionnément Le QI Les types-de-ce-type La Peur et l'Orgueil Installer des priorités Ancrage et désancrage L'égoïsme déguisé J'aime... J'aime pas...

    Prom' en couleurs De la mer aux montagnes La Course du Soleil : Nice-Monaco Semi-Marathon de Nice "Ma quelli non sono umani" La cime de Baudon Football et Politique Une Prom' pas Deux sacrés numéros ! 54' 52"

    Tribunes libres
    Le Hibou Seamrog Plum' Antigone LChe Elisa Plum' Plum' My Ugonice Louis-Paul Victor

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    Premier jour Minimalisme "le moins c'est le plus" Lucio Fontana L'expo de Louis-Paul (sans titre) Jaune Table basse à Clotilde Les p'tits derniers C'est Soleil

    Présidentielles J-100... déjà "500 connards..." Présidentielles : Sarkozy a déjà gagné Politique Fiction L'autodidacte prétentieux Mutualisons les CE C'est quoi ces conneries ?! Les pieds dans le plat Le Marketing Humanitaire Le gouvernement change de tête Le Revenu Universel "Mon Antigone à moi" "... en me retirant de la vie politique" J'ai un Bayrou à vous proposer Good Bye, Chirac ! Retour vers l'intelligence Conditions du direct Vous voulez rire intelligemment ? Lettre à Marie-George Voter pour quoi ? L'homme dans la cité Gouvernement Fiction Le 1er tour expliqué à ma fille... Ce lendemain qui m'enchante ! Le bon choix Disqualification royale Dimanche 06 mai 2007 20 heures en chansons L'échec du PS aux Présidentielles Monsieur Nouvel Obs, Monsieur le Président... L'or des maris Le gouvernement Fillon Au secours, j'habite la 1ère "immeubles en fête" Mes voisins Vintage Un nœud à mon mouchoir Et puis quoi encore ? Le gouvernement Fillon 2 Condition Le prix d'un billet quotidien La métaphore du jo abandonné La gratuité L'eau du robinet, c'est un cauchemar C'est compliqué muNICipales 2008 Y'en a marre des pauvres Raymond Barre La musique subie Vous avez de la chance Ne lisez pas, c'est pour moi tout seul Engouements Un an déjà ! Don de vie Municipales à Nice L'argent liquide est sale Je me présente. La police des mots Elle est belle la politique ! Miserere Seigneur...   Municipales à Nice ; ça faisait longtemps Je suis vrai-ment déçu Je suis en colère Le 11 novembre... J'aime pas la grève ça vous ferait quoi ? L'élitisme pour tous Saint-François Bayrou Deux, trois choses en politique Nice Municipales : mon point Et Mer... de !!!  Smoking (puis) No Smoking à propos de "Sociétés..." Nargu'illégal Incontournable  La lettre au Parti Socialiste La Passion Capitale Les mêmes qui... La belle équipe Attachez vos ceintures ! Un Ami 100% Travaillez moins, vous y gagnerez Politique Nationale : Point Personnel  Une autre lecture MA campagne dans MA ville Vive les ringards ! Quand le quidam fait les poubelles Journée de la flemme (bof) Nice : chronique d'un gâchis annoncé La paresse intellectuelle Ce choix qui nous échoit Gardusudo Nice est un village Le symbole Super le supermarché ! Tout va bien... la vie est ailleurs De tout... Dans ma p'tite tête J'ai le samedi taquin De la rue et des urnes

    Nice et alentours
    Nice very nice (Nougaro) Fort du Mont-Alban à Nice  Carnaval (avant-goût)  J'ai raté "Mon Carnaval"  Dernières photos Isola 2000 - Nice 0  Merci JFK La famille Blogs  A travers Nice, hier Une place Masséna Nissavelo Vieux Nice Peille... à lire Peille... à voir Dimanche Dernières photos Photos fraiches "les chats, ils ont peur..." Dernières photos Tranches de ville

    Divers (sans les jeux du dimanche)
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    Comment on Emnesa Universe – Chapter 1 Rough draft : (part 1 of chapter 1) by Nidhi Sharma

    Thank you so much for reading and i will definitely change that line and separate those large sentences.

    Comment on Emnesa Universe – Chapter 1 Rough draft : (part 1 of chapter 1) by Nidhi Sharma

    Ya, it sounds like it. Thanks for getting it to my attention. I should definitely edit this one and get some new animals there. Seriously Thank you :)

    Comment on Emnesa Universe – Chapter 1 Rough draft : (part 1 of chapter 1) by Nidhi Sharma

    Not completely but i will add things about the planet may be that will help.

    Savotta MMP Pocket


    La MPP Pocket de Savotta est une poche universelle qui se ferme par une fermeture à glissière résistante à l’eau et dotée de poignées d’extraction à chaque extrémité pour faciliter l’utilisation de la poche.

    Cette poche Molle est fabriquée dans un tissu très robuste en Cordura 100 deniers enduit PU. Cette matière est résistante à l’abrasion. Le fond de la poche est équipé d’un anneau de drainage en métal pour si besoin évacuer l’eau de la poche.

    La poche contient un séparateur jusqu’au milieu de la poche. Il y a une grille Molle au-dessus du séparateur à l’intérieur de la poche, ce qui vous permet de ranger de petits équipements (stylo par exemple). La poche est doublée d’une grille Molle découpée au laser, à l’avant comme à l’arrière. La partie supérieure de l’avant a un grand velcro permettant si besoin de coller un patch.

    35,00 €




    DC Universe首部原创动画剧《哈莉·奎茵 Harley Quinn》确定在11月29日上线,标题角色由《生活大爆炸 The Big Bang Theory》的Kaley Cuoco配音。其他配音包括Lake Bell、Alan Tudyk、Ron Funches、J.B. Smoove、Jason Alexander、Wanda Sykes、Giancarlo Esposito、Natalie Morales、Jim Rash、Diedrich Bader、Tony Hale及Chris Meloni。

    Test of CP invariance in vector-boson fusion production of the Higgs boson using H -> tau tau decays at the ATLAS experiment

    Violation of CP invariance is one of the Sakharov conditions needed to explain the observed baryon asymmetry in our universe. While CP violation is already realised in the Standard Model (SM) via the CKM matrix, it's strength is not sufficient to explain the amount of observed baryon asymmetry. Hence, it is important to search for new sources of CP violation in the Higgs sector. The vector-boson fusion production allows to investigate the CP structure of the Higgs-boson coupling to electroweak gauge bosons. The ansatz considered is an Effective Field Theory, where the SM Lagrangian is augmented by CP-odd operators of mass dimension six. The magnitude of CP violation is then parametrised by a single parameter d~. Thus, any non-vanishing value of d~ directly corresponds to a violation of CP-invariance in the interaction. The CP-odd Optimal Observable can be used to measure the value of d~. This observable is given by the ratio of the CP-odd interference term in the squared matrix element over the squared SM matrix element. It provides the highest sensitivity to determine d~ for small values of this parameter. By performing a likelihood fit to the Optimal Observable distribution for different coupling scenarios exclusion limits can be derived. The talk discusses the test of CP invariance in the vector-boson fusion production of the Higgs boson using H -> tau tau decays with the ATLAS detector.

    Star Wars music: What were John Williams' classical influences?

    John Williams created the most recognizable musical universe ever to accompany a motion picture when he composed the music for the 'Star Wars' films. But what classical compositions influenced the great film composer?

    Call of Duty - Mobile: 35 Millionen Downloads in drei Tagen

    Der Free-to-play-Shooter Call of Duty: Mobile erfreut sich derzeit großer Beliebtheit auf iOS und Android: Wie Activision stolz in einer Pressemitteilung verkündet, wurde der Titel vom 1. bis zum 4. Oktober bereits 35 Mio. Mal heruntergeladen. So schnell habe das noch kein Actiontitel auf diesen Plattformen erreichen können.
    Auch die Spitzen-Position im Appstore (iOS) in über 100 "Ländern und Regionen" wird gefeiert. Entwickelt wurde das Spiel von Tencents "TiMi Studios", als Publisher fungiert Activision.  Ein wichtiger Grund für den Erfolg dürfte der BattleRoyale-Modus sein. Zudem gibt es diverse weitere kompetitive Modi, beliebte Karten, Charaktere, Vehikel sowie typische Waffen aus Vorbildern wie den Modern-Warfare- und Black-Ops-Universen. Zur offiziellen Website geht es hier.
    Weiter zum Video


    Low Bros verwandeln Berliner Tankstelle in Future Flashback Kunstinstallation


    Das Küntlerduo Low Bros hat zur Urban Art Week eine ehemalige Tankstelle in Berlin in eine flashige Retro-Futurismus Kunstinstallation verwandelt Die Low Bros machen seit vielen Jahren ihr ganz eigenes künstlerisches Ding. Über die Jahre haben die beiden gebürtigen Hamburger Brüder dabei einen absolut unverkennbaren Stil entwickelt, der sie nicht nur in Städte rund um den Globus gebracht hat, sondern Future- und Retro-Welten in einer neuen Bildsprache zum Leben erweckt. In den Bildern und Installationen des Künstlerduos verschmelzen Retro-Bildelemente vergangener Digitalepochen, wie frühe Game-Designs und Windows 95 Explorer-Universen mit futuristischen Eigenkompositionen zu einer zeitlosen Retro-Futurismus-Melange. Diese eigene Low Bros Retro-Futurismus Welt kommt beim Betrachter wie ein Time Tunnel an, der in beide Richtungen – Zukunft und Vergangenheit – funktioniert. Gerade für Leute, die wie die beiden Künstler in den 1980er und 1990er Jahren aufgewachsen sind, sind die Arbeiten der Low Bros damit wie ein doppelter Future-Flashback. Mit Ursprüngen im Graffiti und unübersehbaren Einflüssen zentraler urbaner Pop- und Subkulturen der 1980er und 1990er Jahre, gehören die Low Bros zum Kreis der zentralen Vertreter, wenn es um eine neue Kunstrichtung geht, die sich mit den Worten Urban Contemporary umschreiben lässt, geht. Als neuesten Projekt haben die Low Bros die FIT freie internationale ...

    Der Beitrag Low Bros verwandeln Berliner Tankstelle in Future Flashback Kunstinstallation erschien zuerst auf URBANSHIT.


    Patience and Dignity

    Patience and Dignity

    ‘Gaman’ means to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.

    Dana Tanamachi is a lettering artist and designer who enjoys living a quiet life and working with her hands. In this reflective talk, she walks us through her family’s history and how it inspires her creative process. Dana defines for us Gaman which is a Japanese term meaning “to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.”

    (Video by CreativeMornings/Louisville. Photo by Tim Harris.)


    One thing you can do to have more meaningful conversations.

    An index of untranslatable words related to well being.

    Blogging University helps you get started with your website.

    A design-y kids book about creativity.

    Determined dogs catching frisbee.

    A 900 page guide to colors from 1692.

    The science behind storytelling: why narrative wins.

    How to recession-proof your creative practice.

    Creating and coloring art that feels like jazz.

    Piecework is a curated line of jigsaw puzzles.

    Design Calendar is a list of the world’s best design events.

    Business card etiquette around the world.


    COMPANY 1-12

    WORK Labs is a Richmond-based branding agency that delivers award-winning creative for a wide range of clients. They publish books and brew their own beer. They’re designers, writers, strategists, professors and students. See their work!

    COMPANY 2-9 Daniela Ladancé is a professional illustrator and designer. Some of her past clients include Snapchat, Tierra Adentro Magazine, Territorio Magazine, The Institut of Women’s Rights in Guadalajara, University of Guadalajara, and others. Learn more.


    TIME is hiring a Marketing Manager in New York.

    Netflix hiring a Spanish Language Manager in Madrid.

    Berdoll Sawmill is hiring an Experienced Woodworker in Cedar Creek.

    O/M Studio is hiring a Project Manager in San Francisco.

    Shopify is hiring a Senior Product Designer in Ottawa.

    Vladimir Jones is hiring a Copywriter in Denver.

    Aquent is looking for a contract-based Marketing Project Manager in Miami.

    Print Peppermint is hiring part-time Business Card Designers to work remotely.

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    10/8/2019: Economy & Sports: Can Neither Issue Nor Subscribe to PNs


    From Page 1 “A broader universe of Mauritius and Cayman Islands-based funds may tend to get covered under category-II FPIs. While category-II FPIs have now been barred from accessing P-Notes, guidelines are awaited on what KYC (know your client) rules...

    The Human Element in Science, Pt 2: Douglas Axe on The Eric Metaxas Show


    On this classic episode of ID the Future, author Douglas Axe continues his conversation with Eric Metaxas about Axe’s book Undeniable: How Biology Confirms Our Intuition That Life is Designed and his account of how he lost his position at a Cambridge research lab because of the implications of his research findings. Axe also talks about the currently polarized atmosphere in science, the reliability of the design intuition, and the larger implications of living in a designed universe. For more from The Eric Metaxas Show, visit


    Astronomers spot ‘cosmic web’ that sticks the universe together

    The cosmic web responsible for “gluing” the far-flung galaxies of the universe together has been directly observed for the first time ever. Scientists using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope were able to spot an ancient cluster of galaxies 12 billion light-years away that are linked together by a network of gas filaments. The...

    Le pipeline léger de rendu du moteur de jeu Unity évolue en pipeline de rendu universel, c'est maintenant une solution adaptée à la fois aux projets 2D, 3D, de réalité virtuelle et augmentée

    Unity a apporté le pipeline léger de rendu (LWRP) en 2018, avec sa version 2018.2. À l'origine prévu pour du matériel peu performant, comme celui qu'on trouve sur les téléphones portables, il a beaucoup évolué et s'adapte aux projets 2D, 3D, réalité virtuelle et augmentée. C'est pourquoi, avec Unity 2019.3, celui-ci change de nom et devient le pipeline de rendu universel, pour marquer le coup.

    L'énorme avantage de ce niveau pipeline est sa flexibilité, la facilité que l'on a de changer son comportement,...

    Comment on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Descends on New York Comic Con by SpaceCadet

    Speaking of inconsistencies, Dax was heavily involved in negotiating peace with the Klingons, but the first time we see the Trill on TNG in “The Host”, Picard basically says not much is known about the Trill as if they were only recently discovered. So basically the writers are often contradicting themselves. It’s something that should be avoided if possible but it’ll still happen. Maybe Discovery should not only be jumping ahead to the future but an alternate universe as well so that way we don’t have to worry about 900+ years of canon affecting other shows negatively. :op

    The Consumption Response to Trade Shocks: Evidence from the US-China Trade War -- by Michael E. Waugh

    This paper provides evidence on the consumption effects of trade shocks by exploiting changes in US and Chinese trade policy between 2017 and 2018. The analysis uses a unique data set with the universe of new auto sales at the US county level, at a monthly frequency, and a simple difference-in-difference approach to measure the effect of changes in trade policy on county-level consumption. As a lower bound, I estimate the elasticity of consumption growth to Chinese retaliatory tariffs to be around –1. This implies that counties in the upper quartile of the retaliatory-tariff distribution experienced a 3.8 percentage point decline in consumption growth. I further show that the consumption response corresponds with a decline in employment growth. These results suggest that Chinese retaliation is leading to concentrated welfare losses in the US.

    The abstract for the social sciences paper on intersectionality I never wrote

    Last year I came up with the Intersectionality Victimhood Calculator, where one can reliably calculate who is more victimized in the Leftist universe and therefore who deserves the most sympathy, regardless of their actual words or actions.

    An academic friend of mine suggested that I actually turn the calculator into a hoax paper to be submitted to various journals under a pseudonym. I briefly considered it but it would have been a very large project that I didn't have time for.

    However, I did whip up this fake "abstract" for the paper that came out remarkably good:
    Orthodox intersectional theory describes the overlapping effect of multiple oppressions, but there has been curiously little effort to quantify the actual amount of oppression experienced by different orthographies. We posit that these intersectional groups and individuals can be analyzed in a reproducible, quantitative and scientific manner, using a model that not only allows an impartial comparison of these overlapping modalities, but also suggests a paradigm whereby the differential of the modality score of the oppressed and the oppressor can be used to determine the level of oppression (LoE) in any arbitrary conflict. These tools can be used to create a valuization of the comparative oppression scores with a confidence level of >=93.6%. 
    I was particularly proud of coining the word "valuization," since finding an existing word would have been too hard.

    We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

    Van Halen, Cult faves

    a report from the alternate universe wherein musical priorities in the 80s were a little bit different. Complete with a reader's guide. One of many pieces of Old Man Grumpus rock criticism at Exiled on Main Street.

    Amazing Mets memorabilia is friendly on your wallet


    By Larry Canale, the Online Auctioneer THE MOST AMAZING WORLD SERIES — Fifty years ago, the New York Mets shocked the sports universe with their upset World Series win over the big, bad Baltimore Orioles. The ’69 Fall Classic remains … Read More

    The post Amazing Mets memorabilia is friendly on your wallet appeared first on Sports Collectors Digest.


    Everything We Know About CRM, The Walking Dead Universe's Helicopter Group

    AMC's The Walking Dead franchise is still expanding, with new shows and [...]

    Everything We Know About CRM, The Walking Dead Universe's Helicopter Group

    AMC's The Walking Dead franchise is still expanding, with new shows and [...]

    Martin Scorsese declares Marvel 'not cinema,' and Samuel L. Jackson's not having it


    Martin Scorsese does not consider the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be cinema. Samuel L. Jackson and others beg to differ.


    'Steven Universe' gets a new opening sequence for Season 6


    Watch the new "Steven Universe Future" title sequence, with features a new opening theme.


    Holy Mass celebrated for the Gendarmerie Corps of Vatican City State (28 September 2019)




    Lourdes Grotto, Vatican Gardens
    Saturday, 28 September 2019



    A first reading of the Gospel, of this passage of the Gospel, can perhaps lead us to mistake the message for a teaching of Jesus in favour of almsgiving, in favour of justice, that is, a teaching of Jesus of a moral type. But it is something else. Jesus wants to enter precisely into the human path of an entire life, and for this Gospel He speaks of two lives: of a rich man and a poor man, of the paths of each one. This Gospel makes us see destiny – not a magical destiny, no – the destiny that a man or a woman can make for him- or herself, because we make our destiny, we journey on our way and very often we make our own path. Sometimes the Lord intervenes, the Lord gives grace, but we are responsible for our journey. The Lord gives us the gratuitousness of grace, He helps us always to go in his presence, but our journey, the responsibility for our journey, is ours. I would like to enter a little into this message.

    “There was a rich man, who wore purple clothes and very fine linen, and every day he gave himself to lavish banquets”. This is one life. There is another: “A poor man, named Lazarus, stood at his door, covered with sores, eager to feed himself with what fell from the table of the rich man; but it was the dogs who came to lick his sores”. Two lives. Not a moment of life: two paths of life, because the rich man continued to lead this life and the poor man continued to suffer in poverty. It is not a fanciful thing: this happens every day in every city, in every part of the world. The Lord recounts this passage from the Gospel with great peace and serenity.

    Instead, in the first reading we listened to the prophet Amos, who does not speak of this with such serenity. “Woe”, he begins, “woe to the carefree people of Zion and to those who consider themselves safe on the mountain of Samaria! Lying on ivory beds and lying on their couches, they eat the lambs of the flock and the calves raised in the stable. They sing to the sound of the harp, as David improvises on musical instruments; they drink wine in large cups and are anointed with the most refined ointments, but of the ruin of Joseph – that is, of the poor, of the ruin of the people of Israel –they do not worry. Therefore now they will go into exile at the head of the deportees and the orgy of the dissolute will cease. There is the orgy of the dissolute, there is the rich man and there is injustice towards the chosen people of the Lord, and here is the threat of the Lord Who punishes by sending into exile.

    So far it seems to be only a moral teaching: please do justice to one another. But the most essential thing, the strongest, the key to understanding this is given by the initial prayer, the Collect prayer, which says: “O God, you call your poor by name, while the rich man has no name”. This is the problem. Both lead their lives, each one in the choice he has made of life. One has managed to have a name, to make a name for himself, to be called by name, with a noun; the other, the rich, we do not know what his name is – we have only the adjective, “rich”: he failed to develop a name, dignity before God. Life is played out: the coherence of having a name or the inconsistency that leads us to not having a name. The rich man knew that at the door of his house there was this poor man and pretended not to see him, because he looked only at himself, he focused on himself, on vanity, he believed himself to be the master of the universe, and worried about riches and the feasts and things he did. Did he not know what the poor man’s name was? Yes, he knew it, because when he was in hell he asked Abraham: “Send Lazarus”. The hypocrisy of vanity, the hypocrisy of those who believe they can be redeemers of themselves, to save themselves, only with things. But their names do not grow, they have no names, they are anonymous. Instead, in the Gospel text, five times the name of the poor man is said. Five times, an exaggeration, but why does Jesus do this? Because as the prayer says: “Lord, you call your poor by name, while the rich man has no name”. This is the story of this Gospel, the story of two paths of life: one that has managed to carry on his own name; and the other who, concerned about himself, about selfishness, is unable to make his personhood, his dignity grow. He has no name.

    Our whole life is something of a path to consolidate, to strengthen our name with the honesty of life, with the path that the Lord points out to us, and for this we must help each other.

    One might say to me: “Father, the Gospel is fine, but what does this have to do with the Gendarmerie today? You too must guard all the people who are here, who have the possibility of growing up, of having a name. You are men who work for the dignity of each one of us so that each one of us may have a name and carry on his own name, the name that the Lord wants us to carry. And when you carry out some disciplinary measure – “This cannot be done” – it is precisely to stop this orgy of anonymity that is the ugliest of human orgies: not to accept a name and to wish to return to the darkness of anonymity. That's why it occurred to me that it can be said that the Gendarmerie is the custodian of the names, of all our names. Not to clean up each person’s file: if there is something bad, we burn it away... No, this “name” is not valid. But to help the discipline of the Vatican City State, to enable each of its inhabitants to have a name. And for that I thank you very much. Continue in this way, to work for the dignity of persons, of each one, and in this way you will continue your vocation.

    Finally, I would like to say just one word about a sin that I have committed today, and to you who are policemen: today I have smuggled! I smuggled into this Mass a family of friends celebrating the 50th anniversary of their marriage, and I had this Mass and they wanted me to celebrate it for them and so I smuggled them here in this Mass with you. They are forty-six of them, they are there. The spouses, children and grandchildren. A total of forty-six. A lovely family! Pray for them too, that they may have a name. Thank you.


    *Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office, 28 September 2019




    Men In Black: International - Intern-l Trailer

     Cache The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.


    Again, All Too Timely: Andre Norton’s Secret of the Lost Race


    Secret of the Lost Race is one of Norton’s future-noir novels, set in a universe of extreme income inequality, toxic capitalism, and planets occupied by inimical native life, rebels and outlaws, and predatory corporations and their enslaved workers. In a rare twist, the action begins on the mean streets of future New York, but it […]

    The First Trailer for the New Walking Dead Spin-Off Is Here


    Back in July, AMC dropped a mysterious new teaser for an untitled third show set in The Walking Dead universe. Now, the first trailer has dropped for the still-untitled series. In the new show, the post-apocalypse looks uncharacteristically cozy. Ten years after the walkers first arrived, a population of 9,671 people have built a sealed-off community […]

    The “Batwoman” Cast Had A Blast At New York Comic Con

    Venturing into a new comic universe isn't always easy, but the cast of the CW's "Batwoman" had a blast promoting the project at NYCC

    Sex & Death with Caitlin Doughty!

    NECROPHILIA EXPLAINED! Mortician, author and founder of The Order of the Good Death, Caitlin Doughty joins Sandra to explore the surprising ways death and sex intersect. TOPICS: Sex Party Etiquette, Ask a Mortician, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Death-Positivity, Goths, Morbid Titillation, Increasing Sex Drive, Life Begets Death, Relationship Options, Funeral Industry Inside Scoop, Instincts, Vagina-colored Glasses, Halloween, Zombies, the Taboo of Sadness & Jealousy, Death's Ankle, Carpe diem and Seize the butt stuff! Also, the best "Clueless" reference in the known universe.  

    Sex Work with Siouxsie Q plus Matt Kirshen!

    USING SEX TO SELL SEX! Sex worker, podcaster and writer Siouxsie Q sets Sandra straight on the sex industry. Comedian & podcaster Matt Kirshen shares surprising insight into sex work, comedy and the universe. TOPICS: Bad Day at Work, Lusty Lady, Whorientation, Firefly's Inara, Good vs Bad Sex Work, Politics, Human Rights, Emotional Health, Violence & Exploitation, The Happy Hooker Notion, Selling Sex, Annie Sprinkle, Companion Services, Self-Care, "Prostitute," Choice & Coercion, Criminalizing the Job, "Johns," Slixa, Better Crime Fighting.

    TITANTALK 041: "Deathstroke" Is Up!


    "You never learn, do you?  Always the hero.  But you’re not gonna dictate how this will go.  You’re not a martyr.  You’re a con man, preying on those weak enough to follow you.  The problem with con men is that they never know when to someone else always pays."
    -- Deathstroke to Dick Grayson, Titans: "Deathstroke"

    Hello again, Titans fans!  My fellow TitanTalker Jesse Jackson and I are back with another new episode of TitanTalk: The Titans Podcast!  This time, we discuss "Deathstroke", the fifth episode from Season 2 of the DC Universe series Titans, featuring Esai Morales as Deathstroke, Michael Mosley as Doctor Light, Curran Walters as Jason Todd, Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson!

    In this episode, Jesse and I discuss things like more technical difficulties, Beast Boy getting sidelined in Season 2, Jason intentionally trying to annoy Doctor Light, Jason being smart but impulsive, Esai Morales being a better Deathstroke than Manu Bennett, Deathstroke being the Darth Vader of DC Comics, Deathstroke pissing Doctor Light off just by sitting still, why you should never fuck with Deathstroke, Doctor Light being a Nickelback fan, more of Jesse's outdated pop-culture references, Deathstroke bringing a really big bowl of water out to wet a sharpening stone, Dawn calling out Dick for reopening Titans Tower, Jesse thinking there's no need for a traitor in this version of "The Judas Contract", Friday Night Lights, Rose calling out Gar for not telling Rachel how he feels about her, Gar and Rachel's big fight about keeping secrets, Rachel only trusting Kory with what's really going on with her, the awkward moment when Rose listens to Hank wanting to turn her over to Deathstroke to get Jason back, the original Titans considering Kory adult enough to know about what they're up to, Kory telling Donna that she's a princess on Tamaran, Kory telling Rachel that her people wear Sawar bracelets until they're mature enough to control their Starfire power, Deathstroke telling Dick he's not in control of his attempt at martyrdom, Dick and Kory's epic fight with Deathstroke, Jason as Robin the Boy Hostage, wondering how Jason can hold onto the side of a building but not be able to hold Dick's grip, the mystery helicopter, the bad trend of Titans dragging out cliffhangers an extra week to fit in a flashback episode, our favorite quotes of the episode, news about the upcoming CW Seed animated series Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons, some new Tell It to TitanTalk feedback from Steven Marshall, The Grudge, and more!

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    Be sure to come back next week for Episode 042 as Jesse and I discuss "Conner", the sixth episode from Season 2 of the DC Universe series Titans, featuring the debut of Joshua Orpin as Superboy!  Look for more of TitanTalk: The Titans Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, YouTube, Libsyn, and the official Southgate Media Group website!


    First STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 3 Trailer Teases the Federation in 3187


    The future of the Federation isn't great.

    CBS All Access has released the first teaser trailer for Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery, providing the first glimpse of what happened to the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery after travelling 930 years into their future to the year 3187 at the end of the Season 2 finale, "Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2".

    The one-minute, ten-second trailer opens with Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) digging out from being covered with dirt on an alien world and grabbing her communicator.

    As we see fleeting images of Burnham transitioning to longer hair, she remarks in a voiceover, "I've spent a year searching that domino that tipped over and started all of this."

    We then see a group of Andorians and humans armed with weapons, fire some sort of shockwave at Burnham and new character Cleveland "Book" Booker (David Ajala), sending them flying.

    In a separate scene, Burnham and Book are walking across alien terrain, with Book observing, "You believe in ghosts."

    "What does that mean?" asks Burnham.

    "That badge on your shirt."  Realizing Book is referring to her Starfleet insignia on her uniform, Burnham pauses to consider the statement.

    Next, we see Commander Saru (Doug Jones) and Ensign Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) in some sort of robes entering a strange room.

    This is followed by Burnham and Book entering a stark white office, where an unknown man states, "I have watched this office every day, believing that my hope was not in vain..."  The man lowers a Federation flag, which only shows six stars, hinting that in 3187, there are only six worlds remaining in the United Federation of Planets.  "...And that hope is you, Commander Burnham."

    We glimpse Burnham floating in a pool of white liquid, followed by a group of Trills.  

    As we see the Discovery in space, Saru remarks in a voiceover, "This ship bears the name Discovery.  She has carried us into the future.  And it will be our privilege to make that future bright."

    "Let's see how this plays out, shall we?" says the Mirror Universe counterpart of Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh).

    Lastly, we cut back to the scene in the white office, with the unknown man holding Burnham by both hands in front of the Federation flag and asking her, "Where will you go?"

    "Wherever the answers are," replies Burnham as the trailer ends.

    If you'd like to view the new trailer, you can check it out below thanks to the official CBS All Access account on YouTube...

    Star Trek: Discovery is expected to return to CBS All Access for Season 3 sometime in Early 2020.


    QUAL, BBUS: Big ETF Inflows

    Comparing units outstanding versus one week ago at the coverage universe of ETFs at ETF Channel, the biggest inflow was seen in the iShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor ETF (QUAL), which added 7,000,000 units, or a 5.5% increase week over week. Among the largest underlying components of QUAL, in morning trading today Apple (AAPL) is up about 0.4%, and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is lower by about 1%.

    Dr. Richard Daystrom on (News Article):Super-sized Space Bubbles in Another Galaxy Are Spewing Cosmic Rays in Our Direction.....


    Super-sized Space Bubbles in Another Galaxy Are Spewing Cosmic Rays in Our Direction.....


    10/07/2019 / By Edsel Cook

    Tagged Under: cosmiccosmic eventscosmic raysdiscoveriesGalaxiesNASANGC 3079 galaxyouter spacespace researchStars, super bubbles, super-massive black holes

    You have probably seen a child huffing and puffing and blowing at a bubble blower toy to fill the air with glistening soap bubbles. Researchers identified a galaxy in the universe that is going through a similar phase in its life — except its space bubbles are shooting cosmic rays in the general direction of Earth.

    The NGC 3079 galaxy lies 67 million light-years from the sun. It produced two huge bubbles of gas that span several thousand light-years in diameter.

    Both formations gave off tremendous amounts of highly charged particles that streaked across the vast void as cosmic rays. Their particles displayed 100 times more energy than any counterpart on Earth, including the ones created and studied at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

    A NASA-led international team of researchers from the United States, Canada, France, and Germany made this discovery. They went over imagery sent by the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-ray Observatory — two of the four “Great Observatories” launched by NASA from 1990 to 2003.

    They spotted the two cosmic bubbles bobbing near the center of NGC 3079. The researchers released their findings in The Astrophysical Journal. (Related: Sci-fi in real life: Scientists propose building a space station INSIDE an asteroid and using its gravity to mine valuable space rocks.)

    A distant galaxy formed two big super bubbles

    While researchers have spotted similar bubbles in the past, the vast bulk of the two cosmic formations in NGC 3079 earned them the classification of “super bubbles.”

    The bulkier member of the pair sported a diameter of 4,900 light-years. Meanwhile, its partner measured around 73 percent of its size (3,600 light-years).

    To give an idea of how big these super bubbles are, the orbit of Neptune around the sun measures a diameter of 5.6 billion miles (nine billion kilometers). Multiply that by one thousand, and you get a light-year, 5.6 trillion miles (nine trillion kilometers.)

    Now, note that both NGC 3079 super bubbles have diameters that span thousands of light-years. The bigger super bubble measures more than 27.4 quadrillion miles (50.4 quadrillion kilometers).

    These and other super bubbles throughout the universe are made up of stellar gas that originated in stars in their home galaxy. While a star releases gas regularly, it may experience a tremendously strong shock wave or multiple such events. The shock waves hurl its material so far into space that the expelled gas forms a bubble-shaped structure.

    The secret origin of NGC 3079’s super bubbles

    The NASA researchers might know about the process that formed cosmic bubbles, but they remained mystified regarding the particular event that produced the shock waves responsible for creating NGC 3079’s super bubbles.

    One theory involves newly formed stars. A lot of energy goes into the birth of a star. The process produces “stellar winds” similar to solar wind, but arguably much stronger.

    These stellar winds may possess the force to cast stellar gas into the far reaches of space. And there are a lot of stars being born.

    Another theory attributes super bubbles to the activity of super-massive black holes. Often found in the hearts of galaxies, the titanic space-time distortions devour anything that passes their event horizon.

    Whenever a black hole consumes matter, it releases immense amounts of energy. The radiation from the supermassive examples has enough energy to form super bubbles.

    Like most galaxies, NGC 3079 hosts a super-massive black hole in its center. And this black hole so happens to sit in between the super bubbles, lending credence to this theory.

    Whatever their origin, the super bubbles appear to act as natural particle accelerators of immense power. The interactions within the gas-filled cavity may impart tremendous amounts of energy on cosmic particles. They may be a source of the cosmic rays that make space travel so risky.

    Sources include:


    Dr. Richard Daystrom on (News Article): WE’RE ABOUT TO FIND LIFE ON MARS BUT THE WORLD IS “NOT PREPARED,” NASA SCIENTIST WARNS..............




    October 1, 2019

    Elias Marat, TMU
    Waking Times


    As we humble earthlings begin to learn more about the universe and potentially stand on the cusp of great discoveries about the planet Mars, we may not be prepared for what’s in store of us, warns the chief scientist of U.S. space agency NASA.

    Dr. Jim Green believes that as two rovers from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) prepare to embark for Mars next summer, humanity could be overwhelmed by the implications of studies to come.

    Speaking to the Telegraph, the director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division compared the potential discoveries to Renaissance-era astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus’ theory that postulated that the Earth revolves around the Sun, rather than vice-versa.

    The Copernican model, which is credited with revolutionizing science during the 16th century, earned him the condemnation of the Roman Catholic Church due to the model’s impact on the Church’s doctrines relating to astronomy.

    “It will start a whole new line of thinking. I don’t think we’re prepared for the results.

    I’ve been worried about that because I think we’re close to finding it and making some announcements.”

    The ESA’s ExoMars Rover and NASA’s Mars 2020 are set to drill 6.5 feet into the Red Planet’s core to take samples in hopes of finding evidence of life on. The samples will be processed and examined in a mobile laboratory that will look for any traces of organic matter.

    The ESA #ExoMars #RosalindFranklin rover is assembled for testing before heading to #Mars in 2020! The bogies we designed + built are shown in a stowed configuration - meaning the legs & wheels on the bogies of the #rover are folded pretty compactly for launch/transit to Mars!

    Green said that if scientists find bio-signatures of life in Mars’ crust, a new era of astrobiology could begin.

    “What happens next is a whole new set of scientific questions.

    Is that life like us? How are we related?

    Can life move from planet-to-planet or do we have a spark and just the right environment and that spark generates life – like us or not like us – based on the chemical environment that it is in?”

    NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is set to launch next July before making the 140-million-mile trek to Mars and landing on its Jezero Crater in February 2021.

    With two high-definition cameras and a detachable helicopter drone, the rover is set to collect an unprecedented batch of visual data and images of the cavernous and cliffy terrain of Mars.

    However, the primary mission of the rover is to find signs of life. Habitable environments and biosignatures left in rock are being sought so that samples can be studied back on earth.

    The latest research has shown that many planets believed to have always been uninhabitable may have once enjoyed conditions suitable for sustaining life. Earlier this year, NASA’s InSight rover found evidence of a potentially vast global reservoir of water on Mars.

    Dr. Green notes that research also suggests the existence of civilizations on other planets. He commented:

     “There is no reason to think that there isn’t civilization elsewhere, because we are finding exoplanets [planets lying beyond the solar system] all over the place.”




    Dr. Richard Daystrom on (News Article):IT’S HERE: D-Wave Announces 2048-Qubit Quantum Computing System, Theoretically Capable of Breaking All Classical Encryption, Including Military-Grade


    IT’S HERE: D-Wave Announces 2048-Qubit Quantum Computing System, Theoretically Capable of Breaking All Classical Encryption, Including Military-Grade

     Tuesday, September 24, 2019 by: Mike Adams
    Tags: big governmentbreakthroughcomputingcryptocurrencyD-Wavedecryptionencryptiongoodscienceinventionsquantum computingqubitssurveillance

     Over the last several days, we’ve highlighted the stunning breakthrough in “quantum supremacy” announced by Google and NASA. Across other articles, we’ve revealed how quantum computing translates highly complex algorithmic computational problems into simple, linear (or geometric) problems in terms of computational complexity. In practical terms, quantum computers are code breakers, and they can break all known classical encryption, including the encryption used in cryptocurrency, military communications, financial transactions and even private encrypted communications.

    As the number of qubits (quantum bits) in quantum computers exceeds the number of bits used in classical encryption, it renders that encryption practically pointless. A 256-qubit quantum computer, in other words, can easily break 256-bit encryption. A 512-bit qubit computer can break 512-bit encryption, and so on.

    Those of us who are the leading publishers in independent media have long known that government-funded tech advancements are typically allowed to leak to the public only after several years of additional advances have already been achieved. Stated in practical terms, the rule of thumb is that by the time breakthrough technology gets reported, the government is already a decade beyond that.

    Thus, when Google’s scientists declare “quantum supremacy” involving a 53-qubit quantum computer, you can confidently know that in their secret labs, they very likely already have quantum computers operating with a far greater number of qubits.

    At the time we were assembling those stories, we were not yet aware that D-Wave, a quantum computing company that provides exotic hardware to Google and other research organizations, has announced a 2048-qubit quantum computer.

    The system is called the “D-Wave 2000Q” platform, and it features 2048 qubits, effectively allowing it to break military-grade encryption that uses 2048 or fewer encryption bits.

    As explained in a D-Wave Systems brochure:

    The D-Wave 2000Q system has up to 2048 qubits and 5600 couplers. To reach this scale, it uses 128,000 Josephson junctions, which makes the D-Wave 2000Q QPU by far the most complex superconducting integrated circuit ever built.

    Other facts from D-Wave about its superconducting quantum computing platform:

    • The system consumes 25 kW of power, meaning it can be run on less electricity than what is typically wired into a residential home (which is typically 200 amps x 220 v, or 44 kW).
    • The system produces virtually no heat. “The required water cooling is on par with what a kitchen tap can provide,” says the D-Wave brochure.
    • The system provides a platform for truly incredible improvements in computational efficiency involving machine learning, financial modeling, neural networking, modeling proteins in chemistry and — most importantly — “factoring integers.”

    “Factoring integers” means breaking encryption

    The “factoring integers” line, found in the D-Wave brochure, is what’s causing unprecedented nervousness across cryptocurrency analysts right now, some of whom seem to be pushing the bizarre idea that quantum computers are an elaborate hoax in order to avoid having to admit that quantum computing renders cryptocurrency cryptography algorithms obsolete. (At least as currently structured, although perhaps there is a way around this in the future.)

    “Factoring integers” is the key to breaking encryption. In fact, it is the extreme difficulty of factoring very large numbers that makes encryption incredibly difficult to break using classical computing. But as we have explained in this previous article, quantum computing translates exponentially complex mathematical problems into simple, linear (or you could call it “geometric”) math, making the computation ridiculously simple. (In truth, quantum computers are “computing” anything. The universe is doing the computations. The quantum computer is merely an interface that talks to the underlying computational nature of physical reality, which is all based on a hyper-computational matrix that calculates cause-effect solutions for all subatomic particles and atomic elements, across the entire cosmos. Read more below…)

    Depending on the number of bits involved, a quantum computer can take a problem that might require literally one billion years to solve on a classical computer and render a short list of likely answers in less than one second. (Again, depending on many variables, this is just a summary of the scale, not a precise claim about the specifications of a particular system.)

    Given that D-Wave’s quantum computers cost only a few million dollars — while there are billions of dollars’ worth of crypto floating around that could be spoofed and redirected if you have a system that can easily crack cryptography — it seems to be a matter of economic certainty that, sooner or later, someone will acquire a quantum computing system and use it to steal cryptocurrency wallets by spoofing transactions. To be clear, I’m sure D-Wave likely vets its customers rather carefully, and the company would not knowingly provide its quantum computing tech to an organization that appeared to be motivated by malicious intent. Yet, realistically, we’ve all seen historical examples of advanced technology getting into the hands of twisted, evil people such as those who run the Federal Reserve, for example.

    D-Wave quantum computers don’t really “compute” anything; they send mathematical questions into multiple dimensions, then retrieve the most likely answers

    So how does quantum computing really work? As we’ve explained in several articles, these systems don’t really carry out “computing” in the classic work sense of the term. There is no “computing” taking place in the D-Wave hardware. The best way to describe this is to imagine quantum computers as computational stargates. They submit mathematical questions into a hyper-dimensional reality (the quantum reality of superposition, etc.), and the universe itself carries out the computation because the very fabric of reality is mathematical at its core. As some brilliant scientists say, the universe IS mathematics, and thus the fabric of reality cannot help but automatically compute solutions in every slice of time, with seemingly infinite computational capability down to the subatomic level.

    Put another way, the world of quantum phenomena is constantly trying out all possible combinations and permutations of atomic spin states and subatomic particles, and it naturally and automatically derives the best combination that achieves the lowest energy state (i.e. the least amount of chaos).

    The end result is that a short list of the best possible solutions “magically” (although it isn’t magic, it just seems like magic) appears in the spin states of the elements which represent binary registers. Thus, the answers to your computational problems are gifted back to you from the universe, almost as if the universe itself is a God-like computational guru that hands out free answers to any question that you can manage to present in binary. (Technically speaking, this also proves that the universe was created by an intelligent designer who expresses creation through mathematics.)

    Programmers can easily break encryption codes using standard C++ commands that interface with the quantum portal

    All of these quantum functions, by the way, are controlled by standard computer language code, including C++, Python and MATLAB. The system has its own API, and you can even submit commands to the quantum realm via its “Quantum Machine Instruction” (QMI) commands. As D-Wave explains in its brochure:

    The D-Wave 2000Q system provides a standard Internet API (based on RESTful services), with client libraries available for C/C++, Python, and MATLAB. This interface allows users to access the system either as a cloud resource over a network, or integrated into their high-performance computing environments and data centers. Access is also available through D-Wave’s hosted cloud service. Using D-Wave’s development tools and client libraries, developers can create algorithms and applications within their existing environments using industry-standard tools.

    While users can submit problems to the system in a number of different ways, ultimately a problem represents a set of values that correspond to the weights of the qubits and the strength of the couplers. The system takes these values along with other user-specified parameters and sends a single quantum machine instruction (QMI) to the QPU. Problem solutions correspond to the optimal configuration of qubits found; that is, the lowest points in the energy landscape. These values are returned to the user program over the network.

    In other words, breaking cryptography is as simple as submitting the large integer to the quantum system as a series of bits which are then translated into electron spin states by the quantum hardware. From there, a “go” command is issued, and the universe solves the equation in a way that automatically derives the best combinations of multiple qubit spin states to achieve the lowest overall energy state (i.e. the simplest solution with the least chaos). A short list of the best possible factors of the large integer are returned in a time-sliced representation of the binary registers, which can be read over a regular network like any subroutine request.

    From there, a classical computer can then try factoring the large integer with the short list of the best answers from the quantum system, using standard CPUs and code logic. Within a few tries from the short list, the correct factors are easily found. Once you have the factors, you now have the decryption keys to the original encrypted message, so decryption is effortless. In effect, you have used quantum computing to “cheat” the keys out of the system and hand them to you on a silver platter. (Or, in some cases, a holmium platter lined with platinum, or whatever exotic elements are being used in the quantum spin state hardware.)

    Any competent programmer who has access to this technology, in other words, can break encryption almost without effort. The programming logic is not complex at all. The difficulty in such systems is in the hardware control systems, including spin state “reads” and “writes,” which are strongly affected by temperature and electromagnetic interference. The exotic hardware is the real breakthrough in all this, not the computational part. (Quantum computers are physics oracles, in a sense. The physics is the challenge, not the computer code.)

    Most people cannot grasp quantum computing, but that’s not a reason to pretend it isn’t real

    One of the more curious things I’ve found recently is that some writers and publishers who don’t understand quantum computing are trending in the direction of pretending it doesn’t exist. According to some, Google’s 53-qubit announcement was a hoax, which must also mean that, in their view, D-Wave Systems isn’t real and doesn’t sell quantum computers at all.

    That is not a rational position. There’s no doubt that D-Wave is a real company with real hardware, and that Google already possesses 2048-qubit quantum computing capabilities. Furthermore, Google and the NSA have every reason to keep this fact secret for as long as possible, so that they can continue to scrape everyone’s “encrypted” emails and financial transactions, all of which can be retroactively decrypted any time the NSA wants to look more closely at your activities.

    To me, it has long been obvious that the cosmos itself is inherently computational. Just look at the collapse of probability waves found in the orbital shells of electrons. It should be self-evident that the universe is computing solutions at the subatomic level in every instant, effortlessly and without apparent cost. The very framework of the cosmos is driven by mathematics and rapid computational solutions. Once you realize how much subatomic phenomena is quantized, it becomes blatantly apparent that the universe is digitized and mathematical. The entire construct in which we exist, in other words, is a mathematical simulation, perhaps created by God for the purpose of amusing himself by watching our collective stupidity.

    D-Wave Systems, by the way, knows exactly what’s up with all this. Their goal is to make quantum computing available to the masses. They also seem to hint at the hyperdimensional reality of how quantum computing works. From their brochure: (emphasis added)

    While the D-Wave quantum computer is the most advanced in the world, the quantum computing revolution has only begun. Our vision is of a future where quantum computers will be accessible and of value to all, solving the world’s most complex computing problems. This will require advances in many dimensions and contributions from experts in diverse domains. It is exciting to see increasing investment worldwide, advances in research and technology, and a growing ecosystem of developers, users, and applications needed to deliver on that vision.

    I can tell that the D-Wave people are some very smart folks. Maybe if these systems get at least an order of magnitude less expensive, we could buy one, install it in our mass spec lab, and start throwing computational questions at the universe.

    Personally, if I had one of these systems, I would use it to solve protein folding questions for all the obvious reasons. Then I would probably have it start looking for blood and urine biomarkers for cancer. You could make a fortune applying quantum computing to solving horse race betting and handicapping equations, but that would seem silly compared to what the system is really capable of. Another application would be solving atomic decay patterns to derive the best way to synthesize antimatter, which can be used to power faster-than-light drive systems. (Which I cover at in a series of lectures. The FTL lectures have yet to be posted there, but are coming soon.)

    Sadly, the deep state will probably use this technology to surveil humanity and enslave everyone with AI facial recognition and “precrime” predictive accusations that get translated into red flag laws. Once the tech giants profile you psychologically and behaviorally, a quantum computing system can easily compute your likelihood of becoming the next mass shooter. You could be found guilty by “quantum law” even if you’ve never pulled the trigger.

    As with all technologies, this one will be abused by governments to control and enslave humanity. It doesn’t mean the technology is at fault but rather the lack of morality and ethics among fallen humans.

    Read more about science and computing at




    Supercomputers Model the Universe's Building Blocks


    Physicist Gaute Hagen uses Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Summit supercomputer to run advanced models of atomic nuclei to study their structures and interactions.


    SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: TV wildlife presenter Chris Packham is heartbroken over death of his pooch 

    SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Chris Packham's miniature pooch Scratchy passed away. 'He was the light of my universe,' Packham, who lives in the New Forest, says.

    Cosmic discoveries win Nobel prize in physics

    Three scientists have been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for discoveries about the Universe.

    Visigoths vs Mall Goths RPG Up On Kickstarter


    "If you're such a goth, where were you when we sacked Rome?" That's... actually a line you could use in the new RPG, Visigoths vs Mall Goths. Seriously. In a mall outside of LA in or about the year 1996, the Visigoths are heading to the food court and they encounter some Mall Goths. What happens next? That's where you all come in. The game is on Kickstarter now.

    You know, I love games with odd premises, and this is certainly up there.

    From the campaign:

    Visigoths vs. Mall Goths is a tabletop roleplaying game and dating sim about the conflicts and romances among the warriors who sacked ancient Rome and 20th century spooky teens, set in a shopping mall in a Los Angeles suburb in 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals.

    The plot structure of Visigoths vs. Mall Goths resembles an open-world videogame RPG. Designed for either one-shot or campaign play, each adventure episode offers several quests that you may choose to pursue (or ignore), and the mall setting is packed with many strange retro marvels to discover. Or you can just replay the game over and over to kiss all the kissable clerks.

    Also a LARPer-friendly introduction to tabletop.

    Bonus: you can also use this setting and these supporting characters (NPCs) in other roleplaying games! Expand your universe with goths!

    4-6 players plus a facilitator ("the Mallrat"). Strange sense of humor required!

    The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 27 days left to go.



    Letters from an Astrophysicist-P2P

    A luminous companion to the phenomenal bestseller Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has attracted one of the world’s largest online followings with his fascinating, widely accessible insights into science and our universe. Now, Tyson invites us to go behind the scenes of his public fame by revealing his correspondence with [...]

    3 Scientists Win Physics Nobel For Work On The Universe's Evolution

    A Canadian and two Swiss scientists on Tuesday won the Nobel Prize in Physics for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth's position in the cosmos.

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7

    Play an FPS set in a fictional near-future universe

    Splashy, Body-Moving Rubbery Dance Punk by !!!


    New York-based band !!! (chk chk chk) has gone to the synth side, with their latest rubbery-funk dance punk. Their candyfloss melodies and beats conjure technicolor dance parties at the end of the universe. They play in-studio. - Caryn Havlik

    Set list:
    • "Off the Grid"
    • "$50 Million"
    • "This Is The Door"

    Watch the session here: 


    Get pumped for the session here: 



    Climate: new international projects

    French coastline
    1 October 2019

    Climate: new international projects

    On 1 October 2019, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, and her German counterpart Anja Karliczek, Minister of Education and Research, launched the Franco-German facilitation of the “Make our Planet Great Again” scientific initiative at Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac. The event provided an occasion for presentation of research projects and the winners' joint statement against climate change.
    Launched by the President of the Republic in 2017, the “Make our Planet Great Again” programme aims to strengthen international commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Germany lost no time in joining France in this initiative, so creating powerful momentum in the heart of Europe.

    The programme seeks to provide researchers with optimal conditions in working against climate change, on behalf of our societies and the environment alike.

    Organised in the form of calls for projects, the programme has enabled researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society to join forces in key fields: global change, earth and universe sciences, climate change, sustainable development and energy transition.

    The programme selected 55 winners, who assembled at Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac in the presence of representatives of host institutions. Winners came from institutions based in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

    Their research projects were presented to a high-level international audience. The winners drew up a joint statement on their vision of the programme and ways of combating climate change.

    The event was held a few days after reports preparatory to the future Research Programming Act were delivered to the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. The upcoming law aims to give French research the necessary resources, time and visibility. It will be presented by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation within the next few months and is set to come into force next year.

    It confirms the Government's full commitment to higher education, research and innovation, the budget for which has increased by 1.7 billion euros since 2017, even though the Programming Act has not yet been presented.



    Peebles, Mayor, Queloz win Nobel physics prize for discoveries in astronomy

    Canadian-American cosmologist James Peebles and Swiss scientists Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday for revealing the wonder of the evolution of the universe and discovering planets orbiting distant suns.


    Villains 1


    Release Year: 2019


    Buy the full bundle including all the previous Monster Eater episodes and the alternate ending in the Monster Eater Universe Bundle.

    Heroin Suzi gave her body to Orcs and she disappeared with them. Dusk, who had turned into a monster, returns human again. But he does not seem to remember being turned into a monster. Suddenly, a woman who looks exactly like Karen appears in front of her.

    Villain Karen

    She looks very similar to the heroine Karen in Monster Eater 1, but everything seems to have changed except for her face. It seems that there was a big change after she gave her body to Orcs. Her body has the mark of slaves of Orcs.


    He seems to have been infected with a creature while looking for Karen and Jena with Suzi. As a result, he turns a monster form in extreme situations. When he turns into a monster, heis no different from Orcs.


    He does not usually go to battle. His role is to take care of everyone after the battle. But he may know something when he simply seals the power of Villain Karen using a special dildo.
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    3 win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos

    STOCKHOLM (AP) — A Canadian-American cosmologist and two Swiss scientists won this year's Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday for their work in understanding how the universe has evolved from the Big Bang and the blockbuster discovery of the first known planet outside our solar system.



    Τα νέα από τη συνάντηση μελών της Πνευματικής και Εναλλακτικής Ομάδας ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT η οποία πραγματοποιήθηκε την 01-09-2019 στο Θησείο είναι πρωτίστως καλά και θα μπορούσα να πω...συνταρακτικά!

    Η συνάντηση είναι επίσημα η πρώτη που πραγματοποιείται ανάμεσα σε μέλη της Ομάδας, η οποία πληροφοριακά δημιουργήθηκε στο FACEBOOK στις 05-05-2011.

    Σαν ιδέα όμως προϋπήρχε από τον Μάρτιο του 2010.

    Βέβαια φωτογραφίες δεν έχουμε να σας προσφέρουμε, όμως το κλίμα, το συναίσθημα, η όμορφη φιλική διάθεση και το πλήθος των εμπειριών/γνώσεων/πληροφοριών που διαθέτουμε είναι αρκετή ώστε να καλύψει την έλλειψη των φωτογραφιών.

    Ήταν προφανώς ο ενθουσιασμός  η ακόμη και η υπέροχη θέα της Ακρόπολης που μας  μάγεψε ώστε να παραβλέψουμε την λήψη φωτογραφιών.

    Όσοι δεν μπορέσατε για οποιοδήποτε λόγο να παρευρεθείτε στην συναρπαστική συνάντηση και έτσι να συμμετέχετε στο όμορφο κλίμα της παρέας μας νομίζω ότι χάσατε κυριολεκτικά πολλά...

    Οι εκλεκτές συζητήσεις και οι συναρπαστικές εμπειρίες μας, που δεν θα παρουσιάσω εδώ για ευνόητους λόγους (πάνω από όλα εχεμύθεια!) δήλωσαν αυτό ακριβώς που συμβαίνει...ότι είμαστε όλοι Συνδεδεμένοι και πως η Γνώση δεν έχει όρια.

    Πάνω από όλα οι χαρισματικοί διαφορετικοί άνθρωποι έχουν κοινά σημεία μεταξύ τους και είναι εκείνα που τους φέρνουν πιο κοντά και τους ενώνουν.

    Άλλωστε τίποτα δεν γίνεται τυχαία.

    Έπειτα όπως είναι γνωστό η ανταλλαγή απόψεων, η συλλογή πληροφοριών, η κατάθεση ιδεών, η εκμυστήρευση προσωπικών εμπειριών, ιδιαίτερα εκείνων που δεν μπορούν να παρουσιαστούν στο ευρύτερο κόσμο, πάντα ανοίγει νέους ορίζοντες και δημιουργεί νέες νευροδιαδρομές, όπως αναφέρει και ο αγαπητός Κέβιν Τρυντώ (Kevin Trudeau).

    Σε όλους εσάς που ακούσατε το κάλεσμα και ανταποκριθήκατε, στον Μανώλη, Γιώργο, Άννα, Αρετή και Όλι,αλλά και σε όσους παραμένετε μέλη της ομάδας μου ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT σας εύχομαι πάντα να ταξιδεύετε στα μονοπάτια της Αγάπης, του Φωτός και της Γνώσης ελεύθεροι και δυνατοί με γνώμονα το Ανώτερο Καλό.

    Ευελπιστώ σε μια  νέα συνάντηση στο κοντινό μέλλον με περισσότερες παρουσίες και ιδέες.

    Σας αφιερώνω το τραγούδι των 

    Με αγάπη 
    Κατερίνα Κωστάκη
    Δημιουργός του Διεθνούς Δικτύου 

    Facebook Group:
    Facebook Page:
    Youtube Channel:
    Amazon Page:


    Steven Universe but Spinel is still waiting in the garden


    Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to universe researchers

    The Nobel Prize in Physics has been jointly awarded to James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz


    Man Behind Slogan Promoting French Preservation

    "The great replacement has become a household word. I take responsibility for it. I believe in its relevance."

    THOUGH the writer had already lived in his castle for a quarter of a century, it was only three years ago that he finally restored it to its original purpose as a fortress.

    The writer, Renaud Camus, rebuilt the top 10 feet of the 14th-century tower, giving him an even more commanding view of his surroundings: the village of 40 souls below; the Pyrenees, faintly visible some 100 miles south despite the midsummer haze; and, in every direction, the peaceful, rolling hills of the “eternal France” that he describes as under assault from what he calls hordes of immigrants.

    Up in his castle, the France that Mr. Camus imagines has made him one of the most influential thinkers on the far right in his own country and elsewhere. In his writings, he describes an ongoing “invasion” of France by immigrants bent on “conquest” of its white, European population. To him, the immigrants are “colonizing” France by giving birth to more children and making its cities, towns — and even villages — unlivable.

    Others have espoused similar ideas. But Mr. Camus’s portrayal of demographic change — le “grand remplacement,” or the supposed “great replacement” of France’s original population by newer arrivals, mostly from Africa — has become an extremist talking point, cited by mass killers in distant parts of the world.

    “It’s a slogan that dramatizes the situation, talking of great replacement the same way we speak of the great barbarian invasions,” said Rudy Reichstadt, an expert on political extremism at the Fondation Jean-Jaurès research institute in Paris. “Now, if you go to a horse race betting bar and talk politics, and you mention the great replacement, people will understand what you mean.”

    The idea of the great replacement has directly influenced French politicians and thinkers. Interpreted and repackaged across the internet, it has resonated widely beyond France, including in white supremacist circles.

    The men held in two recent mass shootings — at a Walmart in El Paso and at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand — both referred to the “great replacement” and the need to defend white populations against invading outsiders.

    While decrying the killings, Mr. Camus said he had no regrets about coming up with the term.

    “The great replacement has become a household word,” he said. “I take responsibility for it. I believe in its relevance.”

    Stroking his white beard, Mr. Camus, who is not related to the 20th-century writer Albert Camus, sat in his expansive study — half the top floor of his castle filled with books and a handful of African masks. In contrast to the harsh words he chooses to describe France’s immigrants, he spoke softly, and sometimes with the mannerisms of another era. He and his partner of two decades, Pierre, addressed each other as “vous,” though they said they sometimes slipped into the informal “tu.”

    Ensconced in his castle in southern France, in a village an hour’s drive across country roads from the nearest train station, Mr. Camus, 73, is perhaps an unlikely source of inspiration for the world’s far right and white supremacists. Until a few years ago, Mr. Camus was known, mainly by other French writers, as a novelist and a pioneering writer of gay literature. An early book about his sexual experiences, called “Tricks,” remains his most translated work.

    Growing up in a conservative rural town in central France, Mr. Camus went to Paris in the 1960s and found a niche in the capital’s literary and artistic scene. He befriended Roland Barthes, who wrote the preface for “Tricks.” As a member of the Socialist Party, he became active in politics on the left.

    Still, Mr. Camus longed to return to the countryside. He sold his Paris apartment and, in 1992, used the money to buy and restore the castle in Plieux, fulfilling a lifelong fantasy.

    A few years after moving to Plieux, he had what he calls an epiphany that would shape his political views. While visiting a 1,000-year-old village in southern France, he said he saw a group of veiled women milling around a fountain.

    “And in the ancient windows — beautiful, paired gothic windows — veiled women would appear all of a sudden,” he said. “It was really the population of eternal France that was changing.”

    THAT led to the formation in 2002 of his own political party, l’In-nocence, which calls for an end to all immigration and promotes sending immigrants and their children back to their countries of origin.

    But it was a decade later, when he publicly began using the term “great replacement” and wrote a book with the same title, that his influence in France began to be felt.

    The great replacement, he wrote, indicates the “replacement of a people, the indigenous French people, by one or others; of its culture by the loss of its cultural identity through multiculturalism.”

    He says he sees no contradiction between his earlier life as a gay writer on the left and his current role as an ideological beacon for the right, including violent extremists. He contends he has always told “the hard truths.”

    Previous generations of European immigrants had been drawn by “love” for France, he wrote. But the newer arrivals since the 1970s — mostly from France’s former colonies in the Maghreb and in sub-Saharan Africa — didn’t come “as friends.” Instead, he declared, they came as conquerors, filled with hatred and a desire to punish France.

    He singled out Muslims for “not wanting to integrate” into French society.

    According to government data, immigrants now make up about 10 percent of France’s population, many of them nonwhite, up from about 7 percent in the 1970s, or 5 percent in 1946, the year of Mr. Camus’s birth — a steady rise, though far from the overwhelming one described by Mr. Camus…

    Mr. Camus’s ideas — and his subsequent call to support Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader of the National Rally party — turned him into a pariah in France’s literary and media circles.

    His longtime publishers dropped him, forcing him to publish on his own. “The Great Replacement” was never translated into English. Invitations from mainstream news shows dried up. Lifelong friendships came to an end.

    But even as Mr. Camus became toxic, his phrase gained traction, first on French farright websites, like “Observatoire de Grand Remplacement.” Politicians on the right and far right, including Ms. Le Pen, used the term.

    Then “great replacement” slipped into the right-wing mainstream. While Mr. Camus’s books went largely unsold, best-selling writers, like Eric Zemmour, have expounded on the idea.

    Jean-Yves Camus, an expert on the far right at the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs, said that the author of “The Great Replacement” viewed the world from the perspective of a novelist and aesthete without recognition of realworld consequences.

    “He should become aware that in our universe, where everything happens in real time, what you say from the position of an aesthete or a writer, can instantly be transformed into a gun and bullets,” said the expert, who is not related to Renaud Camus.

    Isolated in his castle, Mr. Camus grew even more removed from the actual France he purported to describe — one filled, he believes, with people of Arab and African descent burning with hatred for France and plotting its conquest. In fact, he acknowledged that his understanding of such people was based mainly on Twitter and Facebook.

    He said he almost never read newspapers or watched television.

    “Distance is very, very necessary for observation,” he said.


    My Book Defending Free Speech Has Been Pulled

    James Flynn

    I recently completed a book defending free speech. Emerald Press scheduled it for publication but then decided not to proceed. Here’s what it said about the book in Emerald’s September 2019 catalogue:

    In Defense of Free Speech: The University as Censor
    Author James R. Flynn, University of Otago, New Zealand

    Synopsis: The good university is one that teaches students the intellectual skills they need to be intelligently critical—of their own beliefs and of the narratives presented by politicians and the media. Freedom to debate is essential to the development of critical thought, but on university campuses today free speech is restricted for fear of causing offence. In Defense of Free Speech surveys the underlying factors that circumscribe the ideas tolerated in our institutions of learning. James Flynn critically examines the way universities censor their teaching, how student activism tends to censor the opposing side and how academics censor themselves, and suggests that few, if any, universities can truly be seen as ‘good.’ In an age marred by fake news and social and political polarization, In Defense of Free Speech makes an impassioned argument for a return to critical thought.

    I was notified of Emerald’s decision not to proceed by Tony Roche, Emerald’s publishing director, in an email on 10th June:

    "I am contacting you in regard to your manuscript In Defense of Free Speech: The University as Censor. Emerald believes that its publication, in particular in the United Kingdom, would raise serious concerns. By the nature of its subject matter, the work addresses sensitive topics of race, religion, and gender. The challenging manner in which you handle these topics as author, particularly at the beginning of the work, whilst no doubt editorially powerful, increase the sensitivity and the risk of reaction and legal challenge. As a result, we have taken external legal advice on the contents of the manuscript and summarize our concerns below.

    There are two main causes of concern for Emerald. Firstly, the work could be seen to incite racial hatred and stir up religious hatred under United Kingdom law. Clearly you have no intention of promoting racism but intent can be irrelevant. For example, one test is merely whether it is “likely” that racial hatred could be stirred up as a result of the work. This is a particular difficulty given modern means of digital media expression. The potential for circulation of the more controversial passages of the manuscript online, without the wider intellectual context of the work as a whole and to a very broad audience—in a manner beyond our control—represents a material legal risk for Emerald.

    Secondly, there are many instances in the manuscript where the actions, conversations and behavior of identifiable individuals at specific named colleges are discussed in detail and at length in relation to controversial events. Given the sensitivity of the issues involved, there is both the potential for serious harm to Emerald’s reputation and the significant possibility of legal action. Substantial changes to the content and nature of the manuscript would need to be made, or Emerald would need to accept a high level of risk both reputational and legal. The practical costs and difficulty of managing any reputational or legal problems that did arise are of further concern to Emerald.

    For the reasons outlined above, it is with regret that Emerald has taken the decision not to publish your manuscript. We have not taken this decision lightly, but following senior level discussions within the organization, and with the additional benefit of specialist legal advice. I realize that this decision will come as a disappointment to you and hope that you will be able to find an alternative publisher with whom to take the work to publication."

    If the book is sober and responsible, and if Emerald’s letter is correct, that poses a question: Does Britain have free speech? The above letter inspired me to change the title from “In Defense of Free Speech: The University as Censor” to “A Banned Book: Free speech and universities.” I hope that some publishers will contact me (, so they can decide whether the book is worthy of publication and whether it runs afoul of any of the U.K.’s laws. If a journalist gets in touch, I can also send them the text for their eyes only. Let me give an outline of its contents.

    The benefits of free speech

    First, I give a general defense of free speech and criticize Jason Stanley and Jeremy Waldron insofar as their views differ from my own. I then use the case of Charles Murray being denied a platform at Middlebury College to show what students and staff miss out on when they refuse to hear or read those who offend them:

    [My] dividends from reading Arthur Jensen, Richard Lynn, and Charles Murray: a plausible case that genetic differences between the major races are unlikely to confer an advantage or a handicap for desirable personal traits; a far better understanding of black America; a method that sheds light on personal development and leaves room for personal autonomy; an understanding of how differently males and females respond to formal education; a case that genetic differences between the genders seem cognitively trivial; a somewhat better understanding of the Chinese both at home and in America; a case for affirmative action that does not depend on racial bias; and most of all, a better understanding of the dynamics of a truly humane and egalitarian society.

    This is the sad fate that the mob at Middlebury wanted to save me from. If I had not read these “discredited” scholars, I would still have a half-educated mind full of passion about race and gender and class and not much else.

    A history of oppression

    I then chart the history of the sins of universities against free speech with an emphasis on the McCarthy era (when conservatives barred or fired those they considered suspect), through the transitional period of Vietnam, to the present (when many on the “left” do much the same, particularly student protest groups). I detail the use of speech codes, and trigger warnings, and departments that have a party line (“Walden codes”) to discipline, expel, fire, and, above all, to defend indoctrination rather than education.

    I include among the latter some African American studies departments that will not assign books or papers by conservative thinkers, some women’s studies departments that reject incontrovertible social science that runs counter to the official feminist ideology, and some (almost all) education departments that define their purpose as sending out “missionaries” to convert schools to their vision of an egalitarian society. I also provide a history of America’s schoolteachers, tracing how the low status of their profession has made the schools susceptible to adopting a missionary role.

    Finally, I criticize the failure of universities to provide their students with the critical intelligence they need to be autonomous human beings and good citizens, despite the fact that they all state this as their chief objective.

    Is this book worth reading?

    Well, it will not be read unless it is published. To discuss a point made in Emerald’s letter, every reference to a person is documented by citations of published material or material in the public domain. At present, I can only cite the testimony of distinguished scholars. Some of the following were referees who sent their opinions to Emerald and some read it to give me an informal assessment.

    This book is an education in itself…It is a brilliant and courageous book.
    —Thomas Bouchard

    That’s shocking [the rejection] even by the standards of contemporary restrictions on free speech, and especially ironic given the subject of your book.
    —Steven Pinker

    It is ironic that a book critical of restrictions on free speech should itself be rejected by a publisher who is worried about the book falling afoul of UK laws on incitement to racial hatred.  In fact this is doubly ironic, given that the book is by Jim Flynn, after whom the “Flynn effect” is named, because the Flynn effect is all about the difference that culture and environment — rather than genes — makes to IQ scores. The draft I have seen has the potential to be an important and controversial work that will be very widely discussed.
    —Peter Singer

    I must admit I was shocked. Well, anyway, they have given you material for another chapter!
    —John C. Loehlin

    This is in-[expletive]-credible…Your book should not be considered even close to the fringes of politically correct discourse. If publishers are scared of your book, the censorship problem is a few orders of magnitude worse than I realized.
    —Charles Murray


    Discussing why free speech should extend to questions of race and gender necessarily involves presenting views (such as those of Jensen, Murray, and Lynn), if only for purposes of rebuttal, which upset those who believe that racial and sexual equality is self-evident. If upsetting students or staff or the public is a reason for banning speech, all such discussion is at an end. I end the book by quoting from George Orwell’s original preface to Animal Farm, which was itself rejected by Faber and Faber for being too critical of Stalin: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

    James R. Flynn is an intelligence researcher who gave his name to the Flynn Effect. He is Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.


    As Fundraising Shoots Up, Lawsuits Threaten Southern Poverty Law Center
    The embattled far-left Southern Poverty Law Center flew past the half-billion-dollar mark in assets for the first time, ending the last tax year with $518.3 million in assets—after raking in $122.9 million that year, according to a newly disclosed IRS filing.

    To provide a sense of scale, $518.3 million is more in assets than either the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Inc. ($452.8 million) or Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. ($446.3 million) had at the end of 2017.

    Critics say the Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a public-interest law firm whose founder, Morris Dees, and president, Richard Cohen, were ousted earlier this year amid accusations of racial discrimination and employee abuse, unfairly tars conservatives as racist as a matter of policy, treats all opposition to illegal or legal immigration, open borders, and multiculturalism as hate, and all political expression of those views as hate speech.

    The SPLC, critics also say, deliberately lumps together all sorts of groups on America’s political right in order to intimidate and “de-platform” non-leftists. Conservative, libertarian, anti-tax, immigration reductionist, and other groups are all viewed as legitimate targets for vilification.

    The group has its defenders in the media who take its work seriously. For example, in Rolling Stone, Amelia McDonell-Parry wrote that “the SPLC has developed a reputation for being an authority on extremist hate groups, monitoring and exposing their activities to the public, media and law enforcement.”

    The Center appears to have brought in donor dollars by blaming something it calls the “Trump Effect” for thousands of cases of alleged “prejudice,” “bullying,” and “hate crimes” in the nation’s schools. Within weeks of President Donald Trump’s election, the group released the results “of a new survey, answered by more than 10,000 teachers across the country detailing the negative effect the election has had on school climates.”

    The SPLC called on the president-elect “to immediately and forcefully publicly denounce racism and bigotry and to call on Americans to stop all acts of hate” even though there was little evidence from across the country that Trump supporters had done anything wrong. To the contrary, media reports at the time were bursting with stories of Trump supporters and Make America Great Again hat-wearers being violently set upon by angry liberals and progressives.

    As part of its mission, the SPLC brings civil rights lawsuits that attack school choice, tracks so-called hate groups, publishes newsletters, and provides educational materials and grant money to teachers in hopes of reaching young minds.

    Among the conservative groups that the SPLC has labeled “hate groups” are the Center for Security Policy, David Horowitz Freedom Center, Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel, and Christians and Jews United for Israel. SPLC official Mark Potok has said, “I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, completely destroy them.”

    Some groups resist the label. In June 2018, the SPLC paid more than $3 million as part of a legal settlement to former Muslim extremist Maajid Nawaz for wrongfully placing him and his London-based counter-extremism group, Quilliam, on an anti-Muslim hate list.

    Although a federal judge recently dismissed a racketeering lawsuit brought by the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) against SPLC leaders for blacklisting it as a “hate group,” other lawsuits appear to be in the making.

    Liberty Counsel and 60 other organizations are considering filing defamation lawsuits against the SPLC, according to PJMedia.

    In a lawsuit already filed, a federal judge in Missouri refused in July to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought against the SPLC by Craig Nelsen a former heroin addict, who created the Robinson Jeffers Boxing Club (RJBC), a 13-week residency “life treatment” program for men with opioid addictions or other serious problems.

    Nelsen said the program was “designed to address the specific challenges unique to white males in the United States, [but that] the program was open to, and would benefit, men in distress of any race.” True to form, the SPLC claimed Nelsen was a neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant, and racist, and that his club was for whites only.

    Conservatives—and more than a few leftists—have long complained that the SPLC perennially hypes and exaggerates incidents involving racism in America in order to promote its radical agenda and raise a mountain of money.

    JoAnn Wypijewski wrote in The Nation magazine that “No one has been more assiduous in inflating the profile of [hate] groups” than the center’s founder, Morris Dees.

    The SPLC “spends most of its time—and money—on a relentless fundraising campaign, peddling memberships in the church of tolerance with all the zeal of a circuit rider passing the collection plate,” Ken Silverstein wrote in Harper’s magazine.

    The $518.3-million figure for SPLC assets for the year ended Oct. 31, 2018, was up $41.3 million from $477 million the year before.

    The Montgomery, Alabama-based SPLC also beefed up its workforce, reporting having 360 employees and 514 volunteers, compared to 302 employees and 197 volunteers the year before. As a result of the workforce expansion, the group paid out $29.2 million in salaries and benefits, compared to $23.9 million the year before, according to a Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (IRS Form 990) signed by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s secretary-treasurer, Teenie Hutchison on Jan. 31, 2019.

    The SPLC acknowledges in the IRS filing that it “has ownership in several foreign corporations,” indirectly owns “several passive foreign investment companies,” and has financial dealings in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven in the Caribbean.

    The SPLC famously ignited controversy when it labeled a conservative group, Family Research Council, a “hate group” because it opposes homosexuality on religious grounds. Liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank called it “absurd” for the SPLC to place FRC, which he called “a mainstream conservative thinktank,” “in the same category as Aryan Nations, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Stormfront and the Westboro Baptist Church.”

    But gay rights activist Floyd Lee Corkins acknowledged he acted based on the dubious hate group report, shooting up FRC national headquarters in 2012, nonfatally wounding building manager Leo Johnson before he was subdued. Corkins said he wanted to kill as many FRC employees as possible, after which he planned to rub Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces as they died. Chick-fil-A became a target of LGBT protests in 2012 when its CEO, Dan T. Cathy, acknowledged he was “guilty as charged” of supporting anti-gay-marriage initiatives.

    The SPLC has tried to spread its radical views to the education sector through its Teaching Tolerance program, which critics say is a means of ideologically indoctrinating students.

    In late 2017, the group started handing out money as part of its Educator Grants program “to support projects that promote affirming school climates and educate youth to thrive in a diverse democracy.” The grants “support social justice work at the classroom, school and district level.”

    “Teachers and administrators know best how to come up with innovative ways to teach their students to fight bigotry and hate,” Maureen Costello, director of Teaching Tolerance said. “We want to help them turn those ideas into projects that will have a big impact on the way students see themselves and how they view and treat others.”

    “Our hope is to build, over time, a network of educators who are enthusiastic about learning from each other and who will share their experiences fighting injustice in their schools with the broader Teaching Tolerance community,” Costello says. “Instead of allowing prejudice and hate to fester in the minds of our young people, we want to cultivate future generations with greater empathy, kindness and understanding for one another.”

    On its IRS form, the Center disclosed having given more than $600,000 in grants.

    What are educators doing with the money?

    Grant recipient Amy Dickerson worked with her students in New Orleans on what should replace Confederate statues.

    “We started the project with reflecting on our own identity and generating adjectives to describe ourselves,” Dickerson said. “Students studied the artist Nick Cave, who creates wearable pieces of art called Soundsuits that express his identity and views on social justice.”

    In Boston, a grant was used to “empower” “black and brown girls” to “practice self-love, self-advocacy and sisterhood.” Ayanna Pressley, the first black woman elected to the Boston City Council, addressed the crowd. Pressley, a far-left Democrat, is now a U.S. representative from Massachusetts who is a member of the radical so-called Squad headed up by U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described democratic socialist from New York.

    Teaching Tolerance embraced the Global Climate Strike protest event Sept. 20.

    “From the civil rights movement to recent youth-led movements to stop gun violence, we have asked educators to learn from young people’s activism and to instill students with an understanding of their power and value.”

    Educators were encouraged to “introduce students to young people around the world who have truly been at the forefront of the fight for environmental justice—and made a difference in the face of apathy. Perhaps most famously, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg has helped inspire global action and conversation through her activism.”

    Educators “should consider introducing students to the diverse coalition of young people calling for climate justice.”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center did not respond to a request for comment.


    Australia: Abortion is decriminalised in New South Wales after weeks of contentious debate and heated protests

    This is a storm in a teacup.  Abortion has been decriminalized in NSW for years -- ever since the Heatherbrae case. The 1971 case of R v Wald ruled that abortions do not contravene the laws in certain circumstances.

    That case involved a criminal trial of five people – most of whom were health care professionals. The five defendants were involved in performing an abortion at the Heatherbrae clinic in Bondi. All were charged under section 83 of the Crimes Act.

    The trial judge found that an abortion is lawful if there is an ‘economic, social or medical ground or reason’ upon which the doctor could honestly and reasonably believe that an abortion could avoid a ‘serious danger to the pregnant woman’s life or her physical or mental health.’

    All five defendants were ultimately found ‘not guilty’ on that basis – and the ruling opened the doors to women seeking to terminate a pregnancy for reasons such as financial disadvantage or instability, or fears of social stigma and judgment – factors which may negatively affect a woman’s mental wellbeing.

    The judgment also affirmed that abortions do not need to be performed in hospitals – paving the way for women’s health clinics around the state.

    NSW parliament has passed laws decriminalising abortion following a marathon debate and weeks of protest. There was applause in the lower house on Thursday as the Abortion Law Reform Act 2019 passed its final hurdle.

    It comes after the controversial bill passed the upper house 26 votes to 14 on Wednesday night following nearly 40 hours of discussion - making it the third longest debate in the state's house of review.

    The bill, presented to parliament in August by Independent MP Alex Greenwich, takes abortion out of the criminal code and allows terminations up to 22 weeks.

    'Thank you to all members for the role you have played in this historic reform ... we can feel proud that part of our legacy will be the decriminalisation of abortion in NSW,' the Member for Sydney said. 

    An amendment passed in the upper house recognised doctors performing abortions after 22 weeks could seek advice from a multi-disciplinary team or hospital advisory committee.

    'With the passing of this bill, our parliament affirms that we trust women,' Labor MP and bill co-sponsor Jo Haylen said just before the final vote. 'We trust women to make decisions about their own lives and about their own bodies.'

    The legislation was opposed by religious groups, anti-abortion activists and several MPs who raised concerns about late-term and sex-selective abortions, conscientious objection and the way the bill was introduced. 

    Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, and former prime minister Tony Abbott were both outspoken in their opposition of the bill.

    Joyce described it as the 'slavery debate of our time,' while Abbott accused the NSW government of putting forward 'the most radical abortion laws in this country.'

    Liberal and Labor MPs were allowed a conscience vote on the bill.

    Tensions in the government reached a climax last week when Liberal MPs Tanya Davies, Mathew Mason-Cox and Lou Amato said they would move a leadership spill motion against Premier Gladys Berejiklian over her handling of the bill.

    The rebel MPs, who ultimately withdrew the motion, said it had been made clear that 'at an absolute minimum' four key amendments were required to ensure continued Liberal Party membership.

    Ms Davies on Thursday supported amendments made to the bill, saying they created more safeguards and brought the bill to a better place.  

    Abortions after 22 weeks are allowed with the approval of two 'specialist medical practitioners.'

    All terminations after 22 weeks will now have to be performed in a public hospital.

    'Many of us within the Parliament, and also outside in our communities, had concerns with the original bill ... concessions, amendments, changes to the original bill were moved through both houses of Parliament and that is a good thing,' she said.

    The legislation that passed on Thursday is more conservative than the initial bill that Greenwich introduced after changes were made following opposition.

    Labor MP Penny Sharpe, who is one of 15 co-sponsors of the bill, on Wednesday night said the vote was 119 years in the making.

    'The current law has meant women and doctors have a threat of 10 years in jail for making this decision and that not okay,' she told parliament. 'This is a massive step forward for women in this state.'



    Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

    American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

    For more postings from me, see TONGUE-TIED, GREENIE WATCH,   EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL, AUSTRALIAN POLITICS and  DISSECTING LEFTISM.   My Home Pages are here or   here or   here.  Email me (John Ray) here.  Email me (John Ray) here



    Trio får nobelprisen i fysikk for å ha økt vår forståelse av universet (Adresseavisen Utenriks)

    Saken oppdateres. Årets prismottakere har bidratt til å gi svar på grunnleggende spørsmål om vår eks... (Adresseavisen Utenriks)

    Offer - Purva Aspire | Puravankara Aspire | Bavdhan Pune - INDIA

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    Save Me; [COLLISION Series#1]

    mcxjms_ / 11 pages
    The universe Is a vast place and some say that there are more than one. But what would happen if they were to all collide? All planets aligned into one; A whole galaxy. Filled with a million versions of them. Hopeless. All wanting to return ba...

    Nobel prize in physics for discovery of exoplanet orbiting a star

    The Nobel prize in physics has been jointly awarded to  James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz for their contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth’s place in the cosmos.

    3 win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos

    STOCKHOLM (AP) — A Canadian-American cosmologist and two Swiss scientists won this year's Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday for their work in understanding how the universe has evolved from the Big Bang and the blockbuster discovery of the first known planet outside our solar system.

    Dark Horse Comics Extended Forecast for 10/09/2019


    ComicList Extended ForecastUpdated shipping information for Dark Horse comics and products being released beyond the week of 10/09/2019, provided by Diamond Distribution and our friends at Things From Another World.

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, and is © 1995-2019 Charles LePage.

    Remember, when you order any of these titles, whether here or at your local comic book shop, NOW instead of waiting closer to the release date, you save money AND you save the time of hunting down the issue after it sells out. To find a local comic book shop, please browse The Master List of Comic Book & Trading Card Stores.

    Product Changes

    The Dark Horse Extended Forecast:

    10/09/19 10/09/19 Baltimore Omnibus Volume 1 HC
    10/09/19 10/16/19 Black Hammer '45 From The World Of Black Hammer Volume 1 TP
    10/09/19 10/09/19 Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover A Michael Walsh
    10/09/19 10/09/19 Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover B Andrew Robinson)
    10/09/19 10/09/19 Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover C Francesco Francavilla)
    10/09/19 10/09/19 Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover D Gabriel Hernandez Walta)
    10/09/19 10/09/19 Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #4 (Of 5)(Cover E Tyler Crook)
    10/09/19 10/09/19 Disney Zootopia School Days Volume 1 HC
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    10/23/19 08/07/19 Sword Daughter #9 (Cover B Mack Chater)
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    10/30/19 10/30/19 Aliens Defiance Library Edition Volume 1 HC
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    10/30/19 10/30/19 Ether Volume 3 The Disappearance Of Violet Bell #2 (Of 5)(Cover A David Rubin
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    11/06/19 10/02/19 Anthem Ceramic Stein
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    11/06/19 11/06/19 Berserker Unbound #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Christian Ward)
    11/06/19 11/06/19 Black Hammer 3 For $1
    11/06/19 09/18/19 Bravest Warriors Coaster Set
    11/06/19 09/18/19 Bravest Warriors Enamel Pin Set
    11/06/19 09/18/19 Bravest Warriors Magnet 4-Pack
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    11/06/19 11/06/19 Grendel Devil's Odyssey #2 (Of 8)(Cover B Gabriel Ba)
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    11/06/19 09/18/19 Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Ciri Figure Series 2
    11/06/19 07/17/19 Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Geralt Grandmaster Feline Figure
    11/06/19 09/18/19 Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Yennefer Figure Series 2
    11/13/19 10/16/19 Art Of Splatoon Volume 2 HC
    11/13/19 11/13/19 Art Of Steven Universe The Movie TP
    11/13/19 11/13/19 Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #5 (Of 5)(Cover A Michael Walsh)
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    11/13/19 11/13/19 Blade Of The Immortal Omnibus Volume 10 TP
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    11/13/19 11/13/19 Elfquest Stargazer's Hunt #1 (Of 6)
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    11/13/19 11/13/19 Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Regis Vampire Deluxe Figure
    11/20/19 11/20/19 Art Of Bravely Second End Layer HC
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    11/20/19 11/20/19 Hazel And Cha Cha Save Christmas Tales From The Umbrella Academy (Cover B Jim Mahfood)
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    11/27/19 11/27/19 Fight Club 3 #11 (Cover A David Mack)
    11/27/19 11/27/19 Fight Club 3 #11 (Cover B Eric Wilkerson)
    11/27/19 11/27/19 Invisible Kingdom #7
    11/27/19 11/27/19 Stranger Things Volume 2 SIX TP
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    Cancelled 09/18/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #1 (Cover A Tristan Jones & Simon Gough)
    Cancelled 09/18/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #1 (Cover B TBD)
    Cancelled 10/23/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #2 (Cover A Tristan Jones & Simon Gough)
    Cancelled 10/23/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #2 (Cover B Evan Cagle)
    Cancelled 11/20/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #3 (Cover A Tristan Jones & Simon Gough)
    Cancelled 11/20/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #3 (Cover B Kyle Lambert)
    Cancelled 12/18/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #4 (Cover A Tristan Jones & Simon Gough)
    Cancelled 12/18/19 Aliens Colonial Marines Rising Threat #4 (Cover B Kyle Lambert)
    Cancelled 09/04/19 Anthem Coaster Set
    Cancelled 09/04/19 Anthem Magnet 4-Pack
    Cancelled 05/01/19 Astro Hustle #3 (Of 4)
    Cancelled 06/05/19 Astro Hustle #4 (Of 4)
    Cancelled 02/28/18 Bankshot TP
    Cancelled 09/19/18 Disney PIXAR The Incredibles 2 Crisis In Mid-Life And Other Stories #3 (Cover C J. Bone & Dan Jackson)
    Cancelled 03/20/19 Game Of Thrones Cersei Lannister Westeros Map
    Cancelled 12/12/18 Game Of Thrones Season 7 Map Marker Targaryen
    Cancelled 11/21/18 Game Of Thrones Targaryen Throne Replica
    Cancelled 10/31/18 Gamma #2 (Of 4)
    Cancelled 11/28/18 Gamma #3 (Of 4)
    Cancelled 12/19/18 Gamma #4 (Of 4)
    Cancelled 02/22/17 Legend Of Zelda Art And Artifacts HC (Limited Edition)
    Cancelled 03/13/19 Mystery Science Theater 3000 #7 (Cover A Todd Nauck)
    Cancelled 03/13/19 Mystery Science Theater 3000 #7 (Cover B Todd Nauck)
    Cancelled 09/05/18 Predator Hunters II #2 (Cover B Andy Brase)
    Cancelled 10/03/18 Seeds #3
    Cancelled 10/09/19 Spell On Wheels Volume 2 Just To Get To You #1 (Of 5)
    Cancelled 11/06/19 Spell On Wheels Volume 2 Just To Get To You #2 (Of 5)
    Cancelled 12/04/19 Spell On Wheels Volume 2 Just To Get To You #3 (Of 5)
    TBD 08/07/19 Last Stop On The Red Line #4 (Of 4)
    TBD 07/17/19 Umbrella Academy Hazel And Cha Cha Mug
    TBD 08/07/19 Umbrella Academy Knit Hat


    Astrophysicists explaining universe's evolution share Nobel prize

    Breakthroughs centred on 'ancient radiation' that originated during the Big Bang 14 billion years ago.

    Edward Norton wanted a two-part, darker Hulk story in the Marvel Universe


    Marvel has found a winning formula in light, upbeat, high-action movies. Not all comic book movies need to like that though and Edward Norton would've preferred a Hulk story a lot closer to The Dark Knight initially.

    As originally seen on Critical Hit!
    Edward Norton wanted a two-part, darker Hulk story in the Marvel Universe


    Galaxy Also Pursues Thailand Casino Improvement Despite Boracay’s Closure


    Galaxy Also Pursues Thailand Casino Improvement Despite Boracay’s Closure Macau playing games and hospitality operator Universe Entertainment Set is still focused on building the eco-friendly $300-million to $500-million casino vacation resort on the Filipino island for Boracay, the provider itself talked about in its budgetary report to the first three months of 2018. Galaxy earned group profits of HK$18. 5 billion dollars during the analyzed period, right up 32% in the same ninety days of 2017. The huge growth ended up being attributed to ‘record mass, formidable VIP, and operational execution’. In its most current financial state, the company declared...

    L'articolo Galaxy Also Pursues Thailand Casino Improvement Despite Boracay’s Closure proviene da THEADV.


    Playing Cinderella

    I spent a large portion of my teens and early twenties plastered to a television or stuck in a book. My favorites were the romantic comedies, the romantic action stories, the romantic.... you get the picture. I was enamored of the idea of Prince Charming and the Rescue from Drudgery or Persecution and the idea of Happily Ever After. I was even enamored with the idea of a less-than-perfect Prince Charming (because the writers of fiction would have us believe that Jerk=Charming).

    Well, as I've grown (physically, mentally, and spiritually) I've stopped watching television and reading novels. Unfortunately, I haven't completely stopped looking for the Happily Ever After (and the Lack of Drudgery that is supposed to accompany it). And so I waste large portions of time wishing my life was "better" and complaining about my lack of "happiness" and my prince who is sometimes a jerk.

    But I've discovered that the media has it all wrong. And so do I. I have fallen for the lie. Because what constitutes real happiness (true joy) is not a Castle and a Prince and a Life of Ease. True joy comes through service, through being a help and not a hindrance, a blessing rather than a curse. True joy is choosing to look at the bright side and seeing and encouraging the growth in grace of Prince Imperfect, the royal children, and every single other "jerk" I meet.

    The King of the Universe chose a life of service rather than the riches and honor due Him. He stepped down from the throne to serve those who didn't love him, those who were often downright evil, those who eventually killed Him. He found His joy in leaving the castle, not staying in it.

    I want to do that. I want to scrub the floor with a smile, listen to whining without losing my temper (or even my joy), and disagree with Prince Jerk (after all, am I not Mrs. Jerk more often than I care to admit?) without starting a war. I want to choose a Life of Service over a Life of Ease.

    Staying by my bucket,


    Additional Live Action and Animated Shows Coming from Blue Ribbon Content to the Subscription Platform in 2020 Open Call for Unscripted Video Pitches and Launch of a New Robust Fan Community Initiative Rounded Out the Announcements During New York Comic-Con   DC Universe continues to deliver new content, robust community engagement, and real-world experiences to...

    Keto vs. Paleo: What You Need to Know


    Gaining popularity in the diet culture, the paleo and keto diets share some similarities but hold completely different theories. The paleo diet, also known as the “caveman diet”, follows the idea that eating unrefined and…

    The post Keto vs. Paleo: What You Need to Know appeared first on Youfit Youniverse.


    GLORYHAMMER Release Lyric Video For “The Land of Unicorns”

    GLORYHAMMER have released the fourth video “The Land of Unicorns” in support of their third studio album, Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex! The power metal pioneers, led by Angus McFife XIII, will begin their nearly SOLD OUT space-trip of the UK, Ireland and Europe this October! In the fourth chapter traversing the wide universe, the […]

    3 Scientists Win Nobel Prize In Physics For Work On Earth's Place In The Universe

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Science made the announcement Tuesday in Stockholm that a Canadian-American and two Swiss scientists had won the prize.

    Everything We Know About CRM, The Walking Dead Universe's Helicopter Group

    AMC's The Walking Dead franchise is still expanding, with new shows and [...]

    Best Android phones 2019: What should you buy?


    Choosing the best Android phone for you is a big decision. The Android universe teems with options, from superexpensive flagship phones to more affordable models that make a few calculated compromises, to models expressly designed for, say, great photography. 

    Chances are that whichever phone you buy, you’ll keep it for at least two years. So we’ve made picks for the best Android phone in categories spanning a variety of needs. Check out our summary list below, or keep reading for the details on each one. At the bottom of this article, we also list all our recent Android phone reviews—in case you have your eye on a model that didn’t make our cut.

    To read this article in full, please click here


    Everything We Know About CRM, The Walking Dead Universe's Helicopter Group

    AMC's The Walking Dead franchise is still expanding, with new shows and [...]

    Gamera: "I would like to say there isn't any recorded history of it...let's just call it a monster."


    Gamera vs. Barugon (1966)

    From Our Culture

    Exploring themes of greed and its terrible consequences, Gamera vs. Barugon is an entertaining, if sometimes slow, Gamera outing. Perhaps the best of the original Showa run of Gamera films, Gamera vs. Barugon mixes interesting human drama with a menacing lizard monstrosity, and marks Gamera’s first colour appearance.

    The scheming Onodera (Kōji Fujiyama), oblivious Keisuke (Kojiro Hongo), and chipper Kawajiri (Yuzo Hayakawa) are sent by a World War II veteran to an island in the South Pacific to retrieve a large opal hidden during the war. After venturing into the ‘valley of rainbows’ (called so and feared by the island natives) Onodera lets Kawajiri die and leaves Keisuke for dead. Onodera then takes the opal and returns to Japan. Keisuke wakes to find he’s been taken care of by Karen (Kyoko Enami), an island native. En route to Japan, Onodera accidentally exposes the opal to infrared rays, exacerbating the growth of the organism within: Barugon. Karen and Keisuke return to Japan, armed with knowledge that could help stop the now-giant lizard.

    The film’s depiction of greed is a little two-dimensional. Koji Fujiyama’s Onodera is very straightforward in his self-serving ways. However, what works is that the film leans into that presentation, and creates a genuinely unlikeable antagonist in the process. When Onodera accidentally blurts out to the WWII veteran that he killed Kawajira and Keisuke, he murders both the veteran and the veteran’s wife. The short brawl the two men have before Onodera kills them is devoid of humour, especially when Onodera hits the veteran’s wife in a stark moment. Scenes like this may not round out the character, but they succeed in eliciting an emotional response to such wickedness.


    Flashback to 1969 for ‘Gamera vs. Guiron’ (AKA ‘Attack of the Monsters’)

    From Fansided

    Key events of 1969: The Manson murders. Hippies flocked to the Woodstock music festival. A giant space turtle named Gamera fought Guiron, a monster with a giant blade on its head.

    For those not yet born by 1969, it’s hard to imagine how things were. It was a different world, rife with social change, conflict, and giant monsters duking it out for unfathomable reasons on alien planets. Enter Gamera vs. Guiron, then ask yourself where such a movie comes from. Why have boys named Akio (Nobuhiro Kajima) and Tom (Christopher Murphy) encountered a UFO landing in a field? What does Gamera himself (or itself) represent? Is it mere childish nonsense? It’s an oddly thought-provoking topic.

    One thing is clear: Gamera may have started as a Godzilla knockoff, but this movie’s central monster is markedly different from that one. Whereas Godzilla is more conventionally monstrous in appearance, Gamera looks more like a turtle (although real turtles don’t have teeth). He can also fly, travels through outer space freely and seems to have a strange affinity for children, saving their lives whenever called upon to do so. Quite simply, Gamera is its own thing, and so are the monsters it battles.


    Gamera vs Gyaos (1967) Rare Japanese Movie Monster Publicity Photo

    Gamera vs Gyaos (1967) aka Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu

    Gamera's back, and just in time to save Japan from Gaos, a mysterious bat-like creature awakened by a volcanic eruption. As in the first Gamera movie, a young boy establishes an emotional link with Gamera, and the two work together, with the help of the world's scientists, to put and end to Gaos' violent rampage.

    The print looks amazing matted and framed and will make a great addition to your movie memorabilia collection. A must for horror fans!

    $9.99 - Shop Now

    Gamera vs. Virus Review

    From Unleash The Fanboy

    Many call Vs. Virus the beginning of the end of quality for the Showa Gamera films. In some ways they wouldn’t be wrong. The original film was dull, but Vs. Barugan and Vs. Gyaos were very good. Virus marks the trend of cheesy dubbed kids as the protagonists. The tone wasn’t gritty or particularly dark, something that would last until the Showa series ended. This one doesn’t get as much recognition as its sequel or previous film, but Vs. Virus is actually one of the more solid Gamera movies. It has a good story, a great antagonist kaiju, and the fight between the two monsters is pretty good.

    The story follows two young boy scouts who run into Gamera when inside a submarine. Little do they know that an alien ship is coming for the sole purpose of defeating him. Instead of merely killing him however, they manage to put a mind control device on. With Gamera under their own control, what can the world do?! Call Godzilla of course! It’ll take the ingenuity of these two kids to free him. And of course, it’ll come down to a showdown between Gamera and the squid alien thing called Virus. While watching, I couldn’t help but think that are kids really that smart? Perhaps we’ve been underestimating them all these years. They actually get more work done than any adult in the film. But anyways…

    First it’s extremely important to mention the film’s intro. It is by far one of the greatest kaiju movie openings ever. The final line by the alien, “The Earth has a defender! And its name is…” que the explosion and title screen, is perfect, absolutely perfect. It sets the mood and Gamera as Earth’s primary defender, a timeless intro. It takes a bit for the film to quite match the powerful opening. The next scene introduces us to the boyscout camp. Our two heroes are Masao and Jim. These two are established as troublemakers, but we soon see they are actually the most brilliant characters in the whole thing. Somehow they manage to escape the spaceship, knows exactly what to do, and figures out what Virus’s henchmen are…without being told anything! Yes, it’s inconceivable, but at least it’s fun to watch these two little masterminds.


    Gamera vs. Zigra Review

    From Unleash The Fanboy

    The 70’s was an infamous time for kaiju movies. It marked when time those films were marketed toward kids as opposed to in the 50’s and 60’s. Why don’t we turn our heads to the giant flying fire-breathing turtle? It was mainly because of Gamara that Godzilla films turned noticeably lighter in tone to compete for the audience. In 1971 he went on to battle a giant fish alien by the name of Zigra. This film is no all-star, just as with pretty much any Showa Gamera flick, but it’s still a lot of fun. This one has some of the greatest dubbing (cheese wise) I have ever seen in a kaiju film.

    The plot is typical Showa Gamera fare. An alien monster from a distant plant has come to Earth in hopes of conquest. Somehow two little kids get involved in all this. After they find some crazy way to escape Zigra’s spaceship, (I’m still trying to figure out how they did that) the monster sends his servant, a spacewoman, to capture and kill them. (He makes it clear he wants them killed, he states that several tines.) Of course, it’ll come down to a showdown between Gamera, the Friend to all Children, and Deep Sea Monster Zigra. From the beginning until about the third act is definitely a lot of fun. Sadly, the monster fights fall flat and you’ll be scratching your head at Zigra’s contradiction to his own scheme and why Gamera didn’t go attack the spaceship in the first place.

    As with all post Vs. Barugon films, there are kids that serve as the protagonists. We have Kenny and his friend Helen. The writing is pretty interesting with these two at a lot of points. Here we have Kenny who for some reason seems to know everything about spaceships and how to work a motorboat. These kids also somehow manage to outsmart the Spacewoman throughout town in a Scooby-Doo-like chase sequence. They aren’t technically well-written characters but with the writing/dubbing, are a lot of fun to laugh at. The Spacewoman however is a fantastic character. She might be the greatest humanoid character in the entire Gamera series. Right from the start we see she’s passionate about the cause and doesn’t hesitate to use any means necessary to get to those kids. Her superpower of making people go brain-dead is pretty neat to see. She was definitely a highlight, despite the plot twist at the end where it turned out she was just a human assimilated by Zigra.


    Stop ... Turtle Time!

    Retro Sci-Fi: Gammera The Invincible (1965)(Gamera)

    Happy Birthday Gamera ... 50 Years And Still The Biggest Turtle Of Them All!

    Kadokawa Working On 50th Anniversary Gamera Movie!

    Gamera: Guardian of the Universe ... Reviewed In Deutsch

    Artgerm Returns to Vampirella & the Front of Previews!

    From Dynamite Entertainment

    Dynamite is proud to announce that a third breathtaking depiction of Vampirella by chart-topper and fan-favorite Artgerm will grace not only VAMPIRELLA #6, but also the front cover of Diamond Comics Distributors' October for December 2019 Previews catalog!

    This is the perfect way to wrap up the year, as Dynamite has been celebrating Vampirella's 50th anniversary since July when the smash-hit new series by Christopher Priest and Ergün Gündüz premiered during San Diego Comic Con. Vampi superfans have nothing to worry about either, as the celebration will continue well into 2020! Dynamite can also update that upon final review, the print run on the first issue actually came out to slightly over 150 thousand copies with sales inside and outside of the comics market!!

    This issue marks Stanley "Artgerm" Lau's third cover for the series, contributing to every even issue to date. For this piece, he used more traditional techniques than usual with a charcoal layer. Dynamite wanted to highlight this eye-catching cover even more and chose to enhance it with an acetate layer. Typically these covers consist of the logo on the overlay above virgin cover art. Artgerm opted to design the design himself, with a dripping blood effect. Most exciting, Dynamite is keeping the price for this main acetate Artgerm cover at the standard $3.99 so every Vampirella fan can continue their run without worry and new readers can jump right in!

    On that note, everyone is welcome to check out the series with this issue! After all, a wise man once said 'every comic book is someone's first,' and Dynamite's creators and editorial team work hard to make every issue as approachable as the first. Priest is in for the long haul, with his run currently planned out past issue #14, with countless exciting ideas in the pipeline. Of course, there's always the back issues too and the Free Comic Book Day issue available digitally at no cost!

    “It’s my pleasure to provide another Vampirella cover for Dynamite, whom I’m extremely delighted to work with," said artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. "This time I’ve decided to approach the cover with charcoal - a medium that I don’t use often for commercial projects, except those I truly love. Thanks to the fans for the overwhelming response on my previous Vampirella covers and it is my privilege to have this image on the front of the Previews catalog for the comic industry.”

    Check out these process images tracking how Artgerm's unparalleled vision moved from pencils, to charcoal, to digital paint, to the cover of Previews! Premium editions of the cover will be available for those fans who want to cherish this work of art in a specific and limited manner.

    Priest continues to be humble about the success, sharing, "(Laughs) I’m happy to be part of the formula for the successful launch. Whatever magic contributed to Vampi’s 50th launch, most especially with our offbeat and quirky Kelvin Universe take on the character, is most certainly a team effort."

    "Despite the faith we had in Priest and Ergün, any time you plan out and execute a long overarching story—particularly in today’s market—there’s the worry you won’t get to see it through," said series editor Matt Idelson. "Now that we’re nearing the midway point of this first epic, I’m feeling great about how the book is being received. And even though this is far from the first comics work by either of these guys, I feel like they—and the book—are getting better by the issue, which is really gratifying."

    VAMPIRELLA #6 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ October 2019 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in December 2019. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the issue with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!

    Exclusive Vampirella and Shi Anniversary Cover By Billy Tucci

    Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica Extended to 12-Issue Series!

    Dynamite announces a new Vengeance of Vampirella ongoing series

    Dynamite Calls Out to Aspiring Artists With New Vampirella Contest!


    Geeksplainer: Batwoman

    Ruby Rose in The CW's 'Batwoman.' (Photo Credit: The CW)

    The first episode of Batwoman, the CW’s latest entry in their sprawling DC television universe, aired last night and we are pretty psyched about it. But we’ve heard rumblings that the convoluted history […]

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    Nobel Prize in physics recognizes work on dark matter, discovery of exoplanet - CNET

    The award goes to a trio of scientists for giving us a new understanding of the universe.

    This Is Us season 4 series: Which newcomer is now a series regular?


    We knew that This Is Us season 4 was looking to expand the show's overall universe, and today, they've done it once more.

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    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by Ashok

    Raghavendra Swami Appeared to British Official 130 Years After Entering Jeeva Samadhi Well, all of us know about the episode of Thomas Munroe and Raghavendra Swamy. However, not many know that Rarayu himself gave the reason for appearing before Munroe and talking to him. This is the story of Munroe and Rayaru. When Munroe visited Mantralaya, he was the Collector of Bellary. He had been offered the post after the final Anglo-Mysore war of 1799 in which Tipu Sultan had been killed. The British had parceled out the territories of Tipu among their allies and also allowed the Wodeyars to retain lands in south Karnataka. The British had decided to keep the territory surrounding Bellary. There were two reasons for this. The last Vijayanagar Emperor had been pensioned off and his territory taken over by the British. The second reason was that Bellary and surrounding areas had been the stronghold of Tipu and the British did not want any further resistance. Munroe had ordered the revenue officials to rationalise their system of collection. As temples were centres of revenue, he wanted the revenue officials to exercise greater control over them (This is what the Governments in India do now. They decide to take over a temple or religious institution under the Muzrai Act whenever they wanted to exercise greater control over them). The then Government of Madras asked Munroe to ensure that all the revenue from the Raghavendra Swamy Temple in Mantralaya were remitted directly to the Treasury. Munroe passed on this order to the revenue authorities who failed to act. When there was reminder from Madras about the revenue pending from Mantralaya, Munroe decided to take matters in his own hand and decided to visit Mantralaya. raghavendra-01 It was sometime in 1800 when Munroe came to Mantralaya, When he was told about the holiness of the place, he respectfully removed his shoes and also his hat and entered the matha. He then walked towards the Brindavana of Raghavendra Swamy and began looking at it. Even as he was watching the Brindavana, he slowly began seeing a figure seated in the Brindavana. The figure emerged more clearly to show itself as a saint and Munroe soon began his famous conversation in English. The officials accompanying Munroe and the temple priests looked askance as they saw that Munroe was speaking with himself. They could not see Rayaru. They were also surprised to see Munroe clutching Mantrakshathe in his hands. Munroe went back without collecting the revenue and wrote an order against collecting revenue from the math and sent it back to Madras Presidency. This notification, deciding not to collect revenue from Mantralaya, was published in the Madras Gazette, Chapter XI and page 213, under the heading “Manchali Adoni Taluka.” I have seen this order in Fort St. George. A copy of this order is also in the possession of the matha in Manthralaya. Let me go back to the story of Munroe and our Rayaru. Soon, the news of Munroe having spoken to Raghavendra Swamy spread far and wide. There were celebrations in Mantralaya over the issue. However many devotes, matha officials and even the priests of the temple were disappointed that Rayaru chose to appear and speak before a Britisher while they were denied any such privilege. “What is so great about Munroe that Rayaru gave him darshana,” they asked. The Pradhana Archaka of the Raghavendra Swamy Temple and others were discussing the eposode regularly and voicing their disappointment that they had so far not been given any such darshan. One night, Rayaru appeared in the dreams of the Pradhana Archaka, who was also a party to the discussion, and told him that there was a specific reason for physically coming before Munroe. Rayaru disclosed that when he was on earth as Prahalada in Krita Yuga, one of his classmates was Munroe. Rayaru durng his previous avatars was Prahalada, Balika Raja (He was killed in a mace fight in the Kurukshetra war by Bheema. He had to fight against the Pandavas as he ws asked to do so by Bheesma, his kin) and Vyasa Raja. raghavendra-05 He also told the Pradhana Archaka, that Munroe had been assigned a task to be completed and he could do that only in his later avatar as a British official. Munroe, Rayaru, said had repaid the debt by waiving off the revenue. He had, therefore, the unique privilege of seeing Rayaru and conversing with him. By the way, there is a statue of Munroe in Chennai. The statue shows him seated on a horse without a saddle. The statue was made by Francis Legatt Chantrey, the famed English sculptor. There is another reason to remember Munroe. He set up a committee in 1826 to look into the issue of public instruction in Madras region. One of the recommendations of the committee was to set up Presidency College in Madras. Gazette Notification of the incident

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by Ashok

    Like most issues, science and spirituality have been at loggerheads on the concept of reincarnation. Science has propagated biological death to be the absolute end whereas spiritualists have believed that body is only a vessel that carries the eternal energetic aspect of our consciousness called the ‘soul’ to its next logical destination. It is a belief that during this journey, the soul changes many bodies, is reincarnated in many forms, and goes through many births and deaths before merging with its source – the all-pervading cosmic consciousness. <strong>Stories that were dismissed as absurd, that prove beyond doubt that ‘reincarnation’ is not some wild fabrication of overly fertile minds.</strong> The story begins on 19th January A six-year-old boyer’s shop by two men. Later, the boy’s body is found on the outskirts. Six months later, a child is born in another city. Two years pass, and the child starts talking about his previous house and past parents. Strangely, the boy has a unique birthmark on his neck. The boy then starts narrating how two men had killed him. The boy’s claims spread across the State and his past-life father hears of it. He comes to the city with his wife to meet the boy. As soon as the boy sees his past parents, he recognizes them and hugs them intensely. This story is touchy and truthful at the same time! This incident is from 1956. A child, Gopal, was born into the Gupta family in Delhi. When Gopal was 2, he started talking of his past birth. He said that he was Shaktipal from Mathura. He narrated that he had three brothers and that one of them had shot him to death. He also said that he owned a medical shop called ‘Sukh Sancharak’. Hearing this, Gopal’s father started investigating. He found that indeed a man called Shaktipal, the owner of ‘Sukh Sancharak’, had been killed by one of his brothers. When the Shaktipal family came to hear of Gopal, they travelled to Delhi to meet him. Upon seeing them, young Gopal recognised He was then taken to Mathura where he recognised everything – his shop and his kids. As surprising this story is, it brings up so many queries to the table of life! In 1950, Bholenath Jain’s son Nirmal died of smallpox. A year later, in 1951, a baby boy was born into the family of B.L. Washarney of Chhata village. He was named Prakash. At the age of four and a half years, Prakash suddenly claimed to be from Kosikala village, and that his name was Nirmal. To prove him wrong, in 1956, his Uncle took him to Kosikala village. Once there, he began to recall many incidents. In 1966, Bholenath happened to visit Chhata. Here, he heard of young Prakash. Intrigued, Bholenath visited the Washarney family. Seeing his father from his past birth, Prakash instantly recognised He shared with him several incidents which were known only to Nirmal and his father. Interesting it is, right? This story is based in Agra. The local postmasterN. Bhargav had a daughter – Manju. As she turned two, Manju started claiming that she had two houses. Whenever they crossed a big house in Dhuliyaganj, she would point to it, claiming it was hers. One day Manju was taken to the house. There in front of Prakash Singh Chaturvedi, the owner, she narrated many incidents that only the Chaturvedi family knew. Later, it was established that Manju was none other than Prakash Singh’s aunt who died in 1956. Truth and reality, you cannot really put a lid on them, can you? In 1960, Pravin Chandra’s wife gave birth to a daughter. They named her Rajul. As she turned 3, Rajul started recalling her past life. She said that her name was Geeta and that she was from Junagarh district. Rajul’s grandfather investigated the claims and found that a resident of Junagarh – Gokuldas Thakkar, in 1959, had lost his daughter when she was only two and a half years old. Rajul’s grandfather then took her to Junagarh to meet the Thakkar family. There, Rajul identified her previous birth’s family members, including the temple where her mother used to worship. Blessed in a sense, isn’t it? L.Mishra of Chatrapur district, Madhya Pradesh had a daughter named Swarnlata. Right from early childhood, Swarnlata used to say that she was from Katni and that she had two sons. At her insistence, when her family took her to Katni, she identified her two sons and also various places of Katni. Investigations revealed that 18 years back, a woman named Bidiyadevi had died from heart attack. Swanlata also revealed the changes that were made to the house after Bindiyadevi’s death. This really is something to ponder about, right? With more such proofs like the above reaching the shore of reality, science certainly is trapped in a web of logics, which solely deals with proofs and reasons. Having so many mysteries to deal with, past-life recollection or re-birth adds another hurdle which science could never interpret with reasons. Whatever it may be, you can always push your thinking to that X level while reading these real-life amazing stories.” Content taken from “6 Astounding Real Life Past-life Recollection & Rebirth Stories or visit here Home

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by Ashok

    I will make it simple for your diarrheatic it can't be stable on a single topic.. First prove this is EXACTLY 2019? GIVE EXACT dates of Aristotle and Heraclitus. Just give the 100% exact date and share source. Simply trying to won.. How do you like it? When you get taste of your diarrheatic multiple comments and cheating to convince... Btw you say it's waste of time for wonder you are posting useless things... Go play.. today's kids need some fresh this is what don't waste your time.. Let only serious people debate...

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by Ashok

    Jesus arguably the most famous historical figure in human date of birth is only debatable.. But zygote wastes time in puking huge prove simple things and calls it intelligence.. But no you were with Aristotle when was you even went to funeral... All you had to do is share in two lines where is the proof of exact dates of Jesus... Zygote all you have to do is share proof this you go on diarrhea spree... Share Exact date of birth of Jesus. long useless comments and by doing that expect to win over others.. Why do you have to convince, just show the proof.. you post in desperation to prove your right... you are wrong.. First write your own on Nirmukta can read the chain conversation and arrive at their conclusion to you go on two two manipulate the context to your whims.. All you can do is just take what you think is right and not look at the big picture, first understand the concept.. Simply you take two lines abuse and mama, I

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by Ashok

    Nice desperate diversion... First prove this 2019.. As you said reading books is good but use your brain.. Even if it's a science book, don't blindly believe your grey know what it is. i want to have Last word it seems.., LOL.., go I din't know you won arguments just coz someone had a last your desperation.. And your desperation to seek approval from others shows the credibility of your logic.. Go on bring in all your one's running away here... prove this is 2019.. Very fact is Jesus date of birth varies by over 2 depicts you are wrong...

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by NT

    "@NT – Stop wasting your time man, some are beyond logical saving." Tanmaya, I missed this line earlier. I think you are right. I do have better things to do. he probably wants to have a hissy fit as the last word and I can let him have that. Ashok, I only wasted this much time on you even though you appear to be a total lost cause because many excellent skeptics I listen to as they debunk pseudoscience etc were in fact believers in pseudoscience, godmen and gurus in the past. most of them never encountered a challenge to their beliefs until in their 20s or even 30s. then they did and started thinking. that may not be you, but I believe in splashing cold water on stupid ideas and people who hold them, not be gentle about it while laughing behind your back and giving fake respect. what you do with this cold bath in the next few years is up to you. you can hate logic all you want. but first read a few books on logic, then hate. you can hate science and skeptics all you like too, but first read some books written by scientists, not believe in silly caricatures and lies by jaggikanth about them, like they don't enjoy life, humor etc. which books? I don't know. ask VJ, he seems to know the good ones and he will be nicer unlike me.

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by NT

    ashok, as usual, you haven't understood a word that Tanmaya explained. while years are counted from the early supposed date of Jesus birth, his actual date of birth is irrelevant now. if it turns out that the whole Jesus thing is a myth and that he never was even real, that still does not change the calendar in any way. it is just a convention. I can't believe that anyone needs to explain this and that you thought that this was some great point. if someone discovers that Jesus was definitely born in 10 BC, no one needs to update the calendar. many educated, secular people don't even like the term AD, because it is too religion-specific and prefer the neutral C.E (common era). common, only because everyone uses it now, how it started is irrelevant. "So much for logic you are wasting killing the core" don't keep embarrassing yourself. it is a fake, stolen story. deal with it, without going into denial. fake because they were born "around" 150 years apart and historians are sure about the large gap between the two and stolen because you can't explain how jaggu's almost exact presentation is found in a text from 45 years before. he was a chicken farmer who read as many philosophy books you expect a chicken farmer to read. at least ohso read, even if in a poor way. so he copies with errors from osho, just like that dumb school classmate who would leans over and copy from his smarter classmate with errors and any teacher can catch that if they get suspicious. jaggu says he was never good at studies. osho was. a lot of people realized by now that many of his sermons are just re-hashed rishi prabhakar, jiddu krishnamurti and osho rajneesh. only difference is he hit youtube jackpot with click bait videos and commercialized himself much better at the exact time when a lot of under educated and misinformed indians like you suddenly came online and thought he was real. with people like you, it is no coincidence that india today is the biggest fake news country today in the world where people like you don't know what is real and what is not, even with Google in hand. you go by feelings and always get attracted to crap, not facts and call it "digging deep", yeah digging deep into crap without checking any sources.

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by NT

    "So come out of the well, frog!!!" you seem to suggest that I am some odd single person who thinks Jaggu is stupid, alone in this view. everyone knows how stupid he is. it is just the ISHA nuts that are brainwashed. Ashok, here are some comments for you from the very video you posted. people have been calling him out since one year. Alfie Collins Aristotle is the father of logic, but not 'modern' logic. Frege is the father of modern logic. Aristotle's logic is not perfect, as Sadguru says, but very limited. Aristotle based his logic on a subject-predicate format. Whereas, Frege realised that the logical form of sentences is more like mathematical functions than subject-predicate. Moreover, with Fregean logic, you can combine multiple instances of the quantifiers 'all' and 'some', whereas, with Aristotelean logic, the quantifiers can only appear once within a sentence. This means that 'every man loves a dog' and 'there is some dog whom every man loves', cannot be distinguished in Aristotelean logic, but can be in Fregean logic. Kaushik Gogoi Fool explaing Great Aristotles life to fools How To Sing-Tutorials It takes great intellect to have a great sense of senseless person says intelligent people do not laugh...I have seen most intelligent people very I have seen most spiritual people depressed cause they r not experiencing the sensation they were told to achieve by their gurus Alex G Story is beautiful but factually wrong.. aristotle and heraclitus were born and died in totally different era. I was expecting this story to be true as well. Vasudeo Kaushal Heraclitus and Aristotle were contemporaries?!! And did they live in the same city?!! Is mind useless or our not developing it properly is wrong? So many people are listening to you. Are they listening through their minds or something else? If mind is really something so unimportant, why are YOU using it? Why are you not using that device which is a better and superior existential device to convey yourself? Using intellect itself you are telling that Intellect is of no use!!! K Aristotle lived between 384–322 BC and Heraclitus lived between c. 535 – c. 475 BC. There is no way that this meeting took place, This story is from "hidden harmony" chapter 5, by Osho. Sadhguru has simply narrated this story that he read from Osho’s book. A real guru or a smart ass ? "It is easy to mislead people but it is hard to convince them that they are being misled." - Mark Twain. Chief Hopper Deep message?? That's all plagiarized from Osho. But you be happy tossing Jaggi's salad Dorian Philotheates Heraclitus and Aristotle lived about a century-and-a-half apart. The story of Aristotle at the beach is a complete distortion; Sadhguru presumably got it from reading Osho, who incorrectly relates the details of an apocryphal ancient tale in which Aristotle encounters a little boy on the beach who is attempting to count the grains of sand one at a time. Once again: careful, Sadhguru — check your sources! Parables are great to illustrate a point but don’t ascribe any false historicity to them — tell them as parables... Dorian Philotheates This description of Aristotle is pure fantasy. I defy anyone to find ancient sources referring to a physical description of Aristotle. We know next to nothing about his personal appearance and private life; much of what has been subsequently written and said about him is mere invention. The only ancient physical description we have of Aristotle is from several hundred years after his lifetime; it comes from the Greek writer of the Roman era Diogenes Laertius (floruit 3rd century AD) who briefly describes Aristotle as being rather thin of leg, of having small deep-set eyes, and of being an elegant but not ostentatious dresser who paid particular attention to his hair and grooming, and who wore rings on his fingers (the implication presumably being that this elegance in dress, while unremarkable for an upper class Greek gentleman of the time, was rather less common for a philosopher). That’s all we’ve got; this story of the three garments is sheer nonsense. ......... Aleem Pasha Shaik Dongi baba Ajit Aaw Please don't call this IQ less man your Guru. He need to promot his videos. Ajit Aaw This man is faulty. He killed his family. He cant compare himself with Aristotle. Alireza Teimoori Can somebody please explain this?... Heraclitus had died before Aristotle was born! Maybe Sadhguru made this story to explain the difference between Heraclitus’ and Aristotle’s philosophy ... ?? Sarang G Heraclitus was a pre socratic philosopher, and died 100 years before Aristotle was even born... A conman asking people not to use logic, because when people start using logic they can no more thrive... and here is the full document of the talk from where he copied. there should be a limit to denial before it gets called insanity. the stolen talk was given in december 1974, just 45 years ago. what this has to do with calendars, I don't know. also notice that almost everyone who criticizes him there comes off as intelligent and well read with a few exceptions, while people who praise him come off as empty heads who have nothing to add to the conversation, only groveling at his feet. finally baby ashok, I actually don't mind you calling me zygote etc. I even encourage it. I am not a snowflake like you. I realize that this your only chance to learn a few biology words. so please go ahead.

    Comment on Jaggi Vasudev Doesn’t Understand Science (or the Nature of the Universe) by Ashok

    The date of birth of Jesus is not stated in the gospels or in any historical reference, but most theologians assume a date of birth between 6 BC and 4 BC. Get your basics right, it's not 2019 exactly. But no you are on brag... So much for logic you are wasting killing the core

    Geek Trivia: Who Is The Voice Of Starfleet Computers In The Star Trek Universe?



    Fanyasha: Why Do Angels Need People?


    A charming baby girl Efania (Fanyasha) is born in a regular family of angels. Her happy and carefree childhood ends when she finds out that a human is going to be born for her soon, and she is supposed to devote all her life to this person. This unusual story of a small, inquisitive angel girl and her family will help you learn not only about the life of heaven’s creatures, but also about the rules of life on Earth and the laws of the Universe.


    Asphalt 9 and DC Universe may have backed out on Catalyst apps amid dev and customer concerns

    Just after the launch of macOS Catalina that brought along the first wave of apps ported from iOS to macOS with Catalyst we’re already hearing about the challenges from both developer and consumer perspectives. And two of the headlining developers that Apple announced would be offering early Catalyst apps may have backed out or delayed […]

    Workers’ Play, Players’ Work


    At the beginning of the quest “Merlin’s Crystal,” in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) RuneScape, the player must talk to a non-player character, or NPC, named “King Arthur.” Though RuneScape takes place in the fantasy realm of Gielinor, Arthur notes that “Back in England, [Merlin] got himself trapped in some sort of magical Crystal,” and the player must help break him out. Much to fans’ amusement, this section of dialogue implies that England — and thus, our world — exists within the universe of RuneScape. Jagex, RuneScape’s developers, are no strangers to in-game “Easter eggs.” Most are occasional fourth-wall breaks, meta jokes, or references to real-life material, like the mythological King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot. These connections are mostly innocuous, and they fit within a well-established history of cross-referencing within the fantasy genre. One connection between the land of Gielinor and our own, however, is not so innocuous: money.

    Real-world trading is the process of exchanging in-game currency for real-world currency and vice versa. Though strictly against the rules of RuneScape, it is a widespread phenomenon in-game, and its potential for real-world profit has given rise to entire industries of gold farmers and traders. Currently, the website “RSgoldfast” — an illicit but popular real-world trading website — marks the exchange rate at 1 million gold per .79 USD. According to Mod Mat K, a product manager at Jagex, “at any given time, 50 percent of all players are engaging with real-world trading.” Even if real-world trading is not a planned feature of the RuneScape economy, it is a feature nonetheless. Beyond the game itself, real-world trading has legal implications. As the RuneScape code of conduct explains, “Nobody has our permission to sell RuneScape accounts or any RuneScape related virtual in-game items. All RuneScape accounts and virtual items are the property of Jagex Ltd and players are only granted a limited, revocable permission to use accounts and virtual items.” The world of RuneScape and all exchanges within it are the property of Jagex; any real-world gain from the game belongs to Jagex, and thus, these activities are akin to theft. Moreover, real-world trading often occurs via hacking, phishing, or other illicit ways of obtaining access to players’ accounts. It also can involve real credit card fraud, as gold farmers use others’ credit cards to pay for RuneScape membership.

    But before we analyze the RuneScape economy, let me bring you up to speed. Money — referred to in-game as “gold,” “gold points,” or “gp” — is central to a player’s progression, allowing them to buy items that make progression either more efficient or possible at all. The vast majority of economic activity in-game happens via the Grand Exchange, a commodity-exchange infrastructure through which players can anonymously place offers to buy or sell items in exchange for gold. It is both an in-game location, located northwest of the city of Varrock, and a global infrastructure. Before its release, players had to physically congregate in-game to trade, and trades were completed player-to-player. Now, the Grand Exchange allows near-instantaneous buying and selling between players, permitting trade across servers, time zones, and languages.

    The magnitude of trade that occurs via the Grand Exchange is astounding. In the last six months, the top 10 most-traded items accounted for 167 billion coins in-game, equivalent to $132,000. The most expensive trade to occur on the Grand Exchange was a single “Scythe of vitur,” a rare drop from one of the game’s hardest bosses, which sold for two billion coins, equivalent to around $1,500. The Grand Exchange also allows for economic coordination between players in the form of “merching” clans. “Merching,” much like real-life arbitrage, is the process of manipulating prices in-game through buyouts of certain items, thus inducing a shortage in supply and raising the price. Given that items are subjected to “buy limits,” which limit the amount that a single player can purchase in a given amount of time, coordination among players is necessary to induce a change in price. Any given player’s ability to change an item’s price is also limited by access to capital. The Grand Exchange is a relatively free market, subject to the same forces and logics as the real-world economy. Critical to understanding the “realness” of the RuneScape economy is understanding the language that surrounds it. On the RuneScape wiki, the page “economy” features supply and demand infographics detailed enough to use for an ECON 115 study guide.

    The rationale for the illegality of real-world trading is two-fold. Both Jagex and players argue that real-world trading devalues players’ legitimately earned progression. For context, a “maxed account” — an account that has level 99, the highest achievable, in every skill — takes between three and seven thousand hours to achieve. Given an infinite cash stack, a player could speed up their progression exponentially, as many skills in RuneScape are considered “buyable.” RuneScape is a game centered around “grinding,” the repetition of tasks ad infinitum as the primary means of progression. Even as players lament the monotony of tasks in RuneScape, a semi-ironic commitment to them is a badge of honor. The language of labor and economic metaphors permeates discussion of in-game achievement, even among those not participating in real-world trading. Most skills in RuneScape are most efficiently trained through intense repetition of a single task, and players often discuss these skills with half-hearted disdain. And yet, they still play. Much of RuneScape’s player base started when they were kids, enraptured by the magic of goblins, quests, and chat room abuse.

    Many players find this current obsession with efficiency at odds with why they began playing in the first place. “There is a culture of efficiency, ‘no xp waste’… Why are you even doing this again?” one disgruntled player wrote in a Reddit post from 2018. The question remains: why do these efficiency-obsessed, jaded players still play the game? Are they “playing” at all?

    Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi attributes this form of play to the psychological phenomena of “flow,” when “a person is able to concentrate on a limited stimulus field, in which he or she can use his or her skills to meet clear demands, thereby forgetting his or her own problems… at the same time obtaining a feeling of control over the environment.” Thus, the clear-input output relationship made possible by RuneScape’s mechanics is a form of play in and of themselves. The ability for a player to calculate exactly how many logs they need to cut or runes they need to craft to obtain a certain level allows a sense of perfect control over their environment. It is a world in which the rules are clear and the outcomes certain; thus, the only variable is the “grind” that a player is willing to commit.

    The pervasiveness of this “grind” culture is evident throughout the RuneScape community but perhaps best exemplified in an exchange I witnessed in a chatroom:

    PLAYER A: these quest requirements aren’t that high at all
    PLAYER B: nope not at all / questing is a joke
    A: I’m about it because it feels like every other quest gives me something new / Whether it is useful is irrelevant
    B: im [sic] proud of you son / you are what we call weaponized autism

    While players can oscillate between “efficiency” and “fun” modes of play, and while both modes of play can appear contradictory, the consistency of their internal logics is important to note. The grind is fun because the grind is fun, and aimless exploration is fun simply because aimless exploration is fun. How a player arrives at either mode of play depends on their knowledge of the game’s intricate mechanics, their age, and their participation in the game’s surrounding communities. These self-affirming logics of leisure and “play” are both socially enforced in-game and through forums like Reddit and Discord.

    It is no coincidence that “flow,” as discussed by Csikszentmihalyi, manifests in both work and play. In fact, according to Csikszentmihalyi, “flow” is present more so in work than anywhere. However, just as “play” is a socially constructed term, “work” is a construction as well. Games like RuneScape, which seem to blur the lines between work and play, are apt sites to investigate these constructions and test accepted definitions of either. While Max Weber argued that capitalism emerged as a product of Protestant asceticism, restraint, and prudence, he also saw a universality in the desire for gain: “Capitalism may even be identical with the restraint, or at least a rational tempering, of this irrational impulse. But capitalism identical with the pursuit of profit, and forever renewed profit, by means of continuous, rational, capitalistic enterprise.” The fantasy world of RuneScape, thus, is fertile ground for the capitalist spirit to grow. It is a world where all resources are replenished in an instant, where all slain monsters are revived, and where death is little more than a calculated setback. The blurred lines between work and play that bring about flow, that occur as a result of some “Protestant ethic” of simultaneous restraint and unending ambition, make possible the form of play known as “grinding.”

    Moreover, the blurred lines between work and play bring closer the fantasy economy of RuneScape and our own — an extreme example: the case of Venezuelan gold farmers.

    In recent years, Venezuela has undergone an immense economic crisis. Inflation rates have topped over one million percent, with prices of common goods doubling nearly every three weeks. As a result, thousands of young Venezuelans have taken to gold farming in RuneScape as a means of survival. These players use the game’s most profitable money-making methods to generate gold, which they then sell in exchange for real money. Doing so has the potential to earn many times the average wage in Venezuela via traditional sources of income.

    Left: Dragon Bones price per day OSRS market watch. Right: Venezuelan internet connectivity, — A clear supply shock is visible as a result of the March 2019 power outages across Venezuela.

    The language that surrounds “grinding” as performed by dedicated players is different from that which is used to discuss gold farmers. Despite the fact that gold farmers often undertake the same processes as regular players, many players view them as a problem. As one Reddit post, titled “JAGEX DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE VENEZUELAN [Real-world traders]” reads, “Since there is a serious IRL crisis in Venezuela for example the blast mine is overloaded with these cunts who crash the spot to sell money they have gathered.” One controversial post on Reddit, titled “Killing Venezuelans at East Drags [sic] Guide,” though since removed, stirred controversy for laying out a step-by-step guide for identifying and targeting Venezuelan gold farmers. In the divided, vitriolic comment section, the border between the RuneScape world and our own appears nonexistent.

    Commenters are not discussing avatars, they are discussing the real people behind them. One comment reads, “I never thought I’d see a guide on how to efficiently kill poor people,” with another joining in, “This is kinda [sic] fucked that you are going out of your way to literally help people make already poor people who can barely afford clothes/food etc. struggle even more than they already are.” Some players seek to absolve responsibility through either in-game means, saying “RS isn’t a charity, it’s a game and property of Jagex, kill them all,” while others blame real-world structures, claiming that “Socialism killed them, this is just burying the carcass.” Along real-life fault lines of racism and classism, others take pride in targeting gold farmers, writing “I kill these guys when warming up my switches on my pure. They are pure offensive practice and some of the best people to kill… Also, you could just say ‘Trump’ while you attack them and that will easily get their jajajajaja’s going.” The real-world consequences of a Venezuelan gold farmer being banned or killed go far beyond a simple setback. Both by circumstance and intention, Venezuelan gold farmers do not enjoy the same insulation from the consequences faced in the world of Gielinor as normal players do. Death in-game can literally equate to death in real life, and the game suddenly seems less fun.

    But what happens when the real economy starts to resemble a game?

    The streamlining and abstraction of wealth and exchange in the RuneScape economy is corollary to that of the Post-Fordist economy. The geographer David Harvey, in his article “Between Space and Time,” argues that the advancement of capitalism in the modern world is predicated on a collapsing of space and time, an incessant drive towards the instant. This is on full display in both RuneScape and the financial sector. The Grand Exchange is dialectical in that, while it is a physical space, the exchange it permits has no grounding in said location. While the “Financial District” is a neighborhood, the business that flows through the stock exchange — and computers across the globe — is not bound to any one place. Whereas the market was once a location, it is now an idea. It operates not via bartering, but via logics of supply and demand, mysterious algorithms, and global exchange. And just as the financial sector’s ever-expanding consolidation of power combined with the digital revolution of finance has permitted its hegemony over the world’s economy, the Grand Exchange has permitted unprecedented abstraction in the RuneScape economy: the mystery of in-game algorithms, the instantaneous nature of trade, and the ability for real-world traders, merchanting clans, and other actors to manipulate prices and quantities with little regard for those on the other end.

    What is critical to note here is that abstraction is born of concrete phenomena. Abstraction occurs in inconceivable amounts of money, whether that be item prices or trillion-dollar bonuses. Abstraction is found in the alienation of the worker from their labor, whether manifesting in the devaluation of a hard-earned, maxed RuneScape account or the increasing share of economic growth that goes to the financial sector rather than to workers.

    Abstraction grows in the gap between cause and effect, action and responsibility. Just as responsibility helps shape the distinction between a game and real-life or play and work, responsibility (or a lack thereof) has been a critical component of the creation of the modern financial system. This diminishing liability is at the root of the corporate form. As theorist Joshua Barkan argues in The Sovereign Gift, “corporate power has always been articulated within the context of responsibility.” As Barkan proposes, the modern corporate form is designed to shield actors from liability. The “Limited Liability Corporation” is one in which no single person takes the fault for the actions of the whole. It is why CEOs can walk away from financial crises with no jail time. It is why multi-billion dollar fines for misconduct and other limited forms of punishment can be shrugged off as costs of doing business.

    The consequences, as filtered through the corporate form, simply aren’t that severe. The same logic applies to risk-taking in RuneScape. For the vast majority of infractions, a banned account is the worst penalty one could face. They can simply make another. A death, loss of gold, or destruction of special equipment simply does not matter that much, as it is all part of the game. Even for individual financial workers, as anthropologist Karen Ho argues, being “liquidated” is a part of the job on Wall Street and constant instability is part and parcel of simply riding the market. On the contrary, the dire consequences of death or punishment faced by Venezuelan gold farmers or the utter destruction of being fired from a blue-collar job reinforce the distinction between play and work. This limited liability, this insulation from consequences, as Ho uncovers in Liquidated, is how the language and mindsets of games manifest in financial sectors. As one analyst in Ho’s book explains, “from a shareholder investor perspective, it’s all about playing the game.” This sentiment is echoed by businessman-author Andy Kessler: “[Investment firms] literally exist to pay out half their revenue as compensation. And that’s what gets them into trouble every so often — it’s just a game of generating revenue because the players know they will get half of it back.”

    There is nothing consequential about an in-game murder when you can simply shut the game off, and there is nothing scary about death when you know you can respawn, whether in Gielinor or on Wall Street.

    Workers’ Play, Players’ Work was originally published in The Yale Herald on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


    Nobel Prize in Physics awarded

    The Nobel Prize in Physics has been jointly awarded to James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz for their work in furthering our understanding of the universe.


    What LCD TV to Buy


        Imagine sitting in your living room enjoying the
    brightest, sharpest resolution, on your brand new LCD large screen television.
    The sight completely blows away the picture from your old TV and you wonder why
    you ever waited so long to treat yourself to the LCD Tv experience. The time is
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        LCD, or liquid crystal display, TV screens have liquid
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    passes throught the crystals, an array of very small color pixels light to
    produce the picture. What does this mean to you? LCD TV's produce a sharper and
    better overall picture than plasma TV's. They are also 'flicker free' which
    makes them a more enjoyable experience to view. Let's face it, as you're
    watching your favorite movie, it's the overall picture quality that you're going
    to be impressed with when deciding which LCD TV to buy. The better the picture,
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        Other factors which should influence your decision concern
    power consumption and the picture quality over time. LCD TV's run much cooler
    than a plasma TV and therefore use less power saving you energy costs. Plasma
    TV's can run so hot, in fact, that some require a fan to keep them cool while in
    operation. Plasma TV's have a propensity to degrade over time producing an
    increasingly dimmer picture. In fact, plasma TV's only have a screen life of
    approximately 30 to 60 thousand hours while an average LCD TV can last 60,000
    hours or more. Again, these are important factors when choosing which
    LCD TV to buy.

        Now the choices become based on where the TV will be
    watched. If it's in the kitchen, a small LCD screen, like 15", would be an ideal
    choice. However, if you're replacing an old CRT TV in the living room, typically
    a 32" set would be at the lower limit of picture size necessary. However, your
    choices are not limited to 50" or even 65" LCD's. Today manufacturers sell sizes
    all the way up to 100"! The decision on which
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    based on room size and distance between you and your new LCD TV.

        So get ready to enjoy the viewing experience of a lifetime
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    Murk Alfa

    By Jason Railton

    Genre: Vexing vectors

    Murk Alfa (a Star Wars reference?) is Jason Railton’s third entry to this year’s competition and this one is a jaw dropper.  It features wireframe graphics and brings great games and demos like ‘Escape from Targ’ and ‘Hunter’ to mind, and they were on the more powerful Amiga.

    EDIT > It's been pointed out that it is in fact 'Mercenary: Escape from Targ' and there was a perfectly good Spectrum port available.  Not sure about 'Hunter', and short of doing a quick web search for it there is literally nothing I can do.

    Jason provided the following info:



    Due to an impending meteoric catastrophe, an entire but obscure

    planetary system has been entirely evacuated.  Your task is to

    infiltrate the capital trading district of one of the wealthiest

    planet's major cities and steal the largest diamond in the history of

    the universe for your shady employer.  You arrive and leave via the

    city's Spaceport.  Due to automated security systems still in place, you

    must procure all the materials to complete your quest from within the

    city itself.



    O and P - turn left / right

    Q and A - step forward / back

    W and S - sprint forward / back


    SPACE or M - Fire / Select

    To enter a building, walk under it, stand on its lift pad and press

    FIRE, then B or 1-9 for the floor, 0 to exit.

    When you have a suitable ticket, stand at a bus stop and press FIRE to

    summon the bus.

    When you have obtained a city map, press M to view it.

    Press I to view an inventory of collected items.

    With a suitable transport device, press E and D to move faster, but only

    along roads.

    With a suitable flight device, hold FIRE to gain altitude.


    So far so good, in fact you might be wondering why this game isn’t in the best game 2013 competition instead.  Well, as good as Murk Alfa is there are a few tiny drawbacks, firstly the speed is buttock clenchingly slow (which is understandable because there is a lot going on), secondly the upper screen clears as it is redrawn, so you get a blinking effect when moving, third I can’t seem to solve any of the puzzles or make lifts work and fourth it returns to BASIC quite a lot.  With this in mind I began to suspect that Murk Alfa is not quite the finished article, however Jason gave his assurance that this is “a fully complete technical marvel, and has in no way given up because MCoder III runs out of memory trying to compile it.”


    Nevertheless, Murk Alfa is a tantalising glimpse of a (potentially) amazing game, so whack your emulator rightup and watch your Spectrum throw some astonishing wireframe shapes.  And erm if you can solve any of the puzzles let me know…

    Thankyou Jason!

    Download here.


    What the Spider-Man Deal Means for Sony and Disney

    Spider-Man will be staying in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — for now. What will the Sony-Disney deal mean for the two companies and Spider-Man fans? Source: Knowledge @ Wharton What the Spider-Man Deal Means for Sony and Disney

    Universelles IEM-Flaggschiff - Test FiiO FH7

    Der In-Ear-Kopfhörer FH7 ist das Flaggschiff der In-Ear-Hörer-Serie von FiiO und soll sich universell an unterschiedliche Klangwünsche anpassen lassen.

    Is Richard Dawkins A Moral Realist?


    An interview with Richard Dawkins in the New Scientist (21 September 2019) contains this exchange:

    Graham Lawton: Another chapter in your book looks at progress in moral issues such as gender and racial equality, and you present a very upbeat picture. Do you worry that progress has gone into reverse?
    Richard Dawkins: No. It's important to take the long view. I think there's absolutely no doubt that we're getting better as the centuries go by. The moral standards of a 21st century person are significantly different from those of a 20th century person.

    Dawkins here seems to assume there are objective moral standards against which human moral opinions can be measured, i.e. moral realism. This surprised me because Dawkins is such a strong advocate for naturalism and it has always seemed obvious to me (including before I became a Christian) that naturalism is incompatible with moral realism — the famous is-ought gap. Sean Carroll, for example, has written about this much better than I could. In fact, Dawkins has apparently written (in River Out of Eden, quoted here):

    The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is at the bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good.
    so unless he's changed his mind about that, it seems Dawkins at least professes to be a moral anti-realist.

    This confusion illustrates why I've always found moral anti-realism so deeply unsatisfactory in real life. One can argue that there are no objective moral facts, and that moral claims simply express opinions shaped by evolution and culture etc, and even try to believe those things — but the temptation to think, speak and act as moral realists seems practically irresistible ... so much so that even the most prominent moral anti-realists consistently yield to it, and hardly anyone even notices.

    Addendum Arguably the New Scientist quote could be interpreted in other ways, e.g. that by "getting better" Dawkins meant more internally consistent, or more in accordance with his personal subjective moral opinions. However I think it's obvious most people would interpret it as "objectively morally better" and thus if Dawkins meant something else, he needs to work a lot harder at eliminating such misleading language.


    Ep. 541: Weird Issues: Expansion Rate of the Universe

    541: Weird Issues: Expansion Rate of the Universe Astronomy Cast 541: Weird Issues: Expansion Rate of the Universe by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay Just when the Universe was starting to make sense, the cosmos throws a curveball at us. Astronomers have been trying to accurately measure the expansion rate of the Universe as far back as Hubble. It's been tough to nail down, and now astronomers are starting to figure out why.

    Stargate Universe Marks 10 Years: Here Are 10 Unanswered Questions


    It's been a decade since the show premiered. We celebrate SGU with a look back at the stories still left untold.

    The post <em>Stargate Universe</em> Marks 10 Years: Here Are 10 Unanswered Questions appeared first on GateWorld. All rights reserved.


    3 Scientists Win Nobel Prize In Physics For Work On Earth's Place In The Universe

    Updated at 7:40 a.m. ET A Canadian and two Swiss scientists have won the Nobel Prize in physics for contributions to our understanding of the evolution of the universe and Earth's position in the cosmos. James Peebles of Princeton received half of the prize, with Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz sharing the other half, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm announced on Tuesday. "While James Peebles' theoretical discoveries contributed to our understanding of how the universe evolved after the Big Bang, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz explored our cosmic neighborhoods on the hunt for unknown planets. Their discoveries have forever changed our conceptions of the world," the secretary-general of the academy, Goran Hansson, said. "This year's laureates have contributed to answering fundamental questions about our existence," he said. "The discoveries have forever changed our conceptions of the world." Peebles has been awarded the prize for creating a theoretical framework that is

    3 Scientists Win Physics Nobel For Work On The Universe's Evolution

    Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit

    How to make the Plasma desktop look like Unity

    Plasma is the most extensible, flexible desktop environment in the known universe. Here's the proof: a long, detailed article showing how to transform the Plasma desktop to look and behave like Unity, including Ambiance theme, window decorations, fonts and colors, United desktop theme, Humanity icons, Ubuntu wallpapers, integrated window buttons, window titles and global menu in the top panel, left-side Launcher-like panel, dashboard-like menu, other tips and tricks, and more. Nostalgia fans rejoice and unite! UNITE!

    Hollywood Movie 2009



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    [2009] R5.XviD-Noir
    The Box
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    Fighting UNRATED
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    2012 [2009]
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    Funny People
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    My Sister’s Keeper
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    Major Superman Characters Coming to “Titans” Season 2

    DC Universe has released the description for the sixth episode of Season 2 of “Titans”, revealing that Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor are set to appear. Titled “Conner” this episode is scheduled to be released [...]

    Girl Scouts can now earn badges in space sciences like astronomy and the search for ET


    Through a collaboration with NASA and the SETI Institute, Girl Scouts can now earn badges in space science, from astronomy to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

    “Part of science literacy is understanding our place in the big world, in the solar system, in the universe," Pamela Harman, the director of education at the SETI Institute, told Air & Space Magazine. "Once we realize that, I think it’s easier to think about protecting our planet.”

    From Air & Space:

    Girl Scout cadettes (grades 6-8) can earn the space science researcher badge by investigating properties of light and observing the night sky; seniors (grades 9-10) can obtain the space science expert badge by classifying stars and studying their life cycles; and ambassadors (grades 11-12) seeking the space science master badge will explore exoplanets through activities such as designing a habitat for an alien world.

    Read the rest


    Spider-Man pourrait encore rencontrer les Sinister Six selon les producteurs

    Spider-Man est depuis quelques temps ballotté entre Marvel Studio et Sony Pictures. A la fois dans le Marvel Cinematic Universe et dans le Spider-Verse, Tom Holland a fort à faire avec son personnage. Surtout qu'il pourrait affronter les Sinister Six.

    Trio Who Changed Perception Of Universe Win Nobel Prize In Physics

    James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz have been announced as the winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics. The awarding of the prize has been split between Peebles who worked on the evolution of the Universe, and the Swiss pair of scientists who discovered a Sun-like star. The discoveries by the trio of ...

    Tom Holland Just Shaved His Head And People Think He Looks Like Eminem

    With a few strokes of a razor, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has turned into the Real Slim Shady.  Tom Holland, who plays the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s world-adored web-slinger, has been a star ever since his superhero debut in Captain America: Civil War. But at 23 years old, he’s certainly growing up. In preparation for a ...

    Open Lab: Plasma Processing


    Plasma is the 4th state of matter, and represents 99% of the Universe! On Earth, plasmas are observed in auroras and lightning strokes. In your everybody life, they provide the light in fluorescent tubes and are used to sterilize water. They are the hidden tools used to deposit the protective layers on aircraft engine parts, to build microprocessors, to convert waste into energy, to recover precious metals from scraps, to produce steel and the powders of additive manufacturing. Did you know that they are also used in medicine, agriculture, energy and even to play music?

    Published: 7Oct2019


    3 win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos

    A Canadian American cosmologist and two Swiss scientists won this year's Nobel Prize in Physics on Tuesday for exploring the evolution of the universe and discovering a new kind of planet, with implications for that nagging question: Does life exist only on Earth?

    Everything We Know About CRM, The Walking Dead Universe's Helicopter Group

    AMC's The Walking Dead franchise is still expanding, with new shows and [...]

    Nobel prize in physics awarded to cosmology and exoplanet researchers


    James Peebles laid foundation for modern cosmology while Swiss pair found first exoplanet

    Three scientists have been awarded the 2019 Nobel prize in physics for groundbreaking discoveries about the evolution of the universe and the Earth’s place within it.

    James Peebles, from Canada, has been awarded half of the 9m Swedish kronor (£740,000) prize for his theoretical discoveries about the evolution of the universe. The Swiss astronomers Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz share the other half of the prize for their discovery of the first planet beyond our solar system.

    Continue reading...

    A Reminder of Who Jesus Is


    If we want to make something, or fix something, there is generally a lot of effort involved. Jesus spoke and created the world, the stars, the sun, the moon, the universe… Not only did God make the stars, he also put them in the exact perfect place.

    The detail in the world...

    The post A Reminder of Who Jesus Is appeared first on Bethel Mennonite Church.


    Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Scientists Who Transformed Our Ideas About the Cosmos

    The Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to three scientists for unraveling the structure and history of the universe and for changing our perspective of Earth’s place in it.


    Call for Nominations for the 2020 Gruber Prize


    Gruber Foundation

    The Gruber Foundation invites nominations on behalf of individuals whose achievements in Cosmology, Genetics, or Neuroscience would make them suitable candidates for recognition through the 2020 Gruber International Prize Program. Each prize, which is accompanied by a $500,000 unrestricted monetary award, is designed both to recognize groundbreaking work in each field and to inspire additional efforts that effect fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture. Recipients are selected by a committee of distinguished experts in each field.

    Nomination forms for each field can be completed and submitted online. The deadline for nominations is 15 December 2019.

    The Cosmology Prize honors a leading cosmologist, astronomer, astrophysicist, or scientific philosopher for theoretical, analytical, conceptual, or observational discoveries leading to fundamental advances in our understanding of the universe.

    Since 2001, the Cosmology Prize has been cosponsored by the International Astronomical Union.

    Further information on the Foundation and the individual Prizes is available available on the Gruber Foundation webpage.


    Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to three scientists for contribution to understanding of evolution of universe - ABC News

    1. Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to three scientists for contribution to understanding of evolution of universe  ABC News
    2. Nobel Prize in Physics winn