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Gee, I wonder what in the world happened just prior to 1945 that would have led to this conclusion.

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lorenzens-soil: Cream - Sunshine of your love RIP Ginger Baker...



Cream - Sunshine of your love

RIP Ginger Baker 10/06/2019





Verso Oriente – da Lhasa a Gyantse (3)


Verso Oriente – da Lhasa a Gyantse (3)

La mattina del 16 agosto, dopo che ho malincuore rinunciato all’idea di andare a fare colazione al Summit Cafè, un clone di Starbucks di fianco all’albergo perché non ce l’avremmo fatta con i tempi, saliamo sul minivan per il primo giorno on the road del viaggio in Tibet. A questo punto del resoconto è chiaro che il titolo “verso Oriente” è sbagliato, perché in realtà tutto il nostro viaggio si è…

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death-by-lulz: “Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the...



“Ringo isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles”

Le prime tre sono da “A Hard Day’s Night”, ma il resto è tutto realmente stato detto in interviste/concerti


Una serena giornata in cui un editoriale di Repubblica firmato da Sebastiano Messina paragona le...


Una serena giornata in cui un editoriale di Repubblica firmato da Sebastiano Messina paragona le critiche alla barbarica usanza del crocifisso nelle scuole pubbliche alle cazzate di Toninelli.


Io farei l’alcol test anche a chi ha scelto la foto (ma la ghirlandina di modena e il matitone di...


Io farei l’alcol test anche a chi ha scelto la foto (ma la ghirlandina di modena e il matitone di Genova si confondono facilmente)


uquen:Pensa se lo chiamava Rachel



Pensa se lo chiamava Rachel






3nding:È il primo ottobre, ci sono 27 gradi.



È il primo ottobre, ci sono 27 gradi.


New: Apple iPad 7th Gen Skins


New: Apple iPad 7th Gen Skins


“Diede fuoco alla mia Fabiana e adesso lo premiano”.


“Diede fuoco alla mia Fabiana e adesso lo premiano”.


Prime donne…


Prime donne…


Slasher Imagines

MyFantasticImagines1 / 64 pages
A whole book for my Slasher stuff from my slasher account on tumblr @xoxoslasherimagines 2nd in #horrormovie (2/22)!! 1k reads!! (3/18) 2k reads!!! (4/9) 3k reads!!!! (4/20) 4k reads!! (5/1)

i-was-once-a–tortoise: i love how much the internet has latched onto the goose from the goose game....



i love how much the internet has latched onto the goose from the goose game. like it’s just a goose and it’s a goose that you control, so it has no set personality, but the entire internet looked at this 

and said “ah. a bastard” and adopted it.


xteacupx: xteacupx: So I read an article today where the BBC interviewed the Untitled Goose Game...




So I read an article today where the BBC interviewed the Untitled Goose Game developers and they referred to the goose with singular they/them pronouns in:

The goose isn’t morally righteous. The goose sits outside of human morality. They aren’t causing trouble because it’s the right thing to do… they’re doing it because they’re a goose.


- Nico Disseldorp, House House developer.





chaoslindsay: It’s a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, and...



It’s a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, and you’re an unstoppable killing machine from the Pleistocene epoch that Death forgot.


teddy-stonehill:This month I’ve decided to participate in an event called “October,” where for every...



This month I’ve decided to participate in an event called “October,” where for every day in October I’m going to experience a day in October.

Here’s the prompt list I’m using in case anyone wants to join me in this challenge:

Next month I’m thinking of trying out the “No November November” challenge, where I’ll refrain from experiencing November for the whole month of November.


little-lyco: Fan art d’une scène du film “The Dark Crystal”, de...



Fan art d’une scène du film “The Dark Crystal”, de Jim Henson


roach-works: concept: elves are supernaturally good at everything ONLY because they live to be...



concept: elves are supernaturally good at everything ONLY because they live to be bonkers old and if you were hot and sexy for thousands of years you’d be kickass at archery and treeclimbing and horseback riding too. but like there’s 20 year old elves out there that are just straight dumbasses who can’t do shit.

concept: non-elves can’t tell the 20 year old elves apart from the 2000 year old elves

concept: there’s a 20 year old elf in your tavern and he’s counting on this 




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A Fable [Comic]


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lemonhats posted a photo:

Fuji HD-P
Fujinon 2.8/38mm
Lomocolor 400

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lemonhats posted a photo:

Fuji HD-P
Fujinon 2.8/38mm
Lomocolor 400

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lemonhats posted a photo:

Fuji HD-P
Fujinon 2.8/38mm
Lomocolor 400

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2009, vma's, and cute image

13utterCream on Tumblr

glitter image

I agree with Uncle Ron



Had to take some skill to do that to a tank






Amazing video



Monday 1911 (to make you feel better)



Boeing YL-15 Scout



What airfield is that?



Phantom and Half Dome



Mondays, they're like that



Hot and Dangerous



Typhoon and Akula, at rest.



Yvonne De Carlo in the film noir Brute Force, 1947.



Tuesday Weld






Siebert-bodied Marmon-Herrington-equipped four-wheel-drive 1951 Ford F-series






Not a Snowflake



Liftoff of GLSV MK-III Rocket & Moon



Long Exposure of an Airliner Lifting Off



The St. Jago shipyard was located in Grote Bickersstraat in Amsterdam. Photo taken in 1862 by Jacob Olie.



Old School Work Station



From Online Discourse to IRL


Photo credit: Savana Ogburn/Refinery29 for Getty Images

To be bi in the late 2010s is a totally different experience than being bi a decade ago: We have #BiWeek, a a week cofounded by GLAAD, Bisexual Resource Center, and Still Bisexual to raise awareness about bisexuality. Shows like Broad City, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are transforming the ways in which bi women are represented onscreen. Celebrities, too, are increasingly coming out as bisexual and owning their bisexuality. While bisexual representation is seemingly on the rise in pop culture, offscreen, the discourse around bisexuality isn’t always as positive.

Bisexual stereotypes as well as a perpetual misunderstanding of bisexuality continue to be entrenched. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one or fighting misconceptions alone, but that isn’t true, especially as more people identify as bi. Bitch is lucky to have multiple bisexual employees, so we’re using this roundtable to parse out our own experiences as bisexuals. We discussed how we’ve found bi community with other bisexual people, bi icons, and how we understand and define our bisexuality.

How did you come to understand your bisexuality?

Margot Harrington, contributing art director: I definitely had baby queer feelings as young as fourth or fifth grade. While I grew up in a decently progressive place with [adequate] sex education and I was taught that being gay or lesbian was cool, there was no conversation or space amid that for bisexuality. I shut that part of me off for years as a result. Sex and the City ruled my sorority in college, but the show deployed messaging that negated bisexuality, which I internalized. Once I was in my 20s and living on my own with more agency, I recognized my feelings once again but chalked it up as a fetish or some sort of inappropriate internalized male gaze. It wasn’t until I reached my 30s that I finally accepted myself and started coming out.

KaeLyn Rich, executive director: I have always found women more aesthetically attractive than men. During a sleepover in seventh grade, I told my friends I thought I was a lesbian because I had very confusing feelings for Christina Ricci in Now and Then. The very next week, I developed a crush on a boy in my class and, much to my relief, I told them I was straight again. Phew. I don’t think I considered bisexuality a possibility because I didn’t know any bisexuals. You were gay or you weren’t! By the time I reached high school, I knew I had feelings for women, but continued to deny it publicly until college, when I came out in full rainbow explosion force. I’ve never looked back. I’m attracted to people of all genders and that’s still the case, even 14 years into a monogamous relationship. My interest in genders different than my own has expanded exponentially since I came out, though my interest in cis straight men is at an all-time low.

Rachel Charlene Lewis, senior editor: I was probably the straightest teenager and preteen of all time. I spent a lot of time making out with and dating boys. But that changed in college when I started exclusively dating women. Now, I exclusively date women, nonbinary people, and genderqueer people. My version of bisexuality leaves minimal room for men. On a lighter note, Stick It really did it for me as well as Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight. I also really hated Bette (Jennifer Beals) in The L Word until I realized… am I Bette? I’m still figuring that out.

Marina Watanabe, social media editor: I’m glad that Kristen Stewart is being mentioned because whoa boy that was a big red flag for my bisexuality. I looked back at my Tumblr posts from before I was out and I would talk about wanting to lick Kristen Stewart’s hair. But somehow I still thought I was straight. For most of my life, I felt that I wasn’t “bisexual enough” to claim the identity. I was constantly second-guessing my crushes on women and nonbinary people. After about a decade of tiptoeing around the label, I finally admitted to myself (and the entire internet) that I was bi as hell.

How do you navigate the seemingly unending discourse around bisexuality?

MH: Maybe this is dark, but I still have low expectations. That way I’m pleasantly surprised if it is affirming and makes me feel seen.

KR: I take solace in knowing that we are the invisible majority. Non-monosexual people make up the majority of the LGBTQ rainbow soup statistically.Though we also have a lot of the worst outcomes in terms of health, trauma, etc., we are also much more normal and present than we’ve been led to believe. The internet has made finding and being bi so much more fun. We’re here, we’re queer, and we can’t sit on chairs properly!

RCL: I definitely get the most frustrated online. In person, people usually aren’t bold enough to question my bisexuality, and if they do, I’m quick to be like, “Nope, not happening.” Online, though, I see endless nonsense about who is or isn’t bi. In some ways, I get it. A lot of us have deep, messy feelings and our knee-jerk reactions can be gross and exclusive, especially because queerness can feel so isolating. People feel hurt or offended when you aren’t queer how they’re queer because it means they don’t have that sameness. But it’s something we all need to grow out of so we can stop being jerks.

MW: When I first came out, I was navigating a lot of 101-level conversations online about bisexuality and queerness for the first time. It was like, “What’s the difference between bi and pan?” and “bi means two so that means you’re excluding nonbinary people,” which is a lot to unpack. I felt like I had to answer every single question pertaining to bisexuality because I was in a position of being able to educate others. Then I moved to Los Angeles and suddenly all of my friends were LGBTQ, and those nitpick-y online conversations didn’t seem to matter as much in everyday life. That’s not to say the DiscourseTM can’t be or isn’t important, but I was able to step back and take comfort in the fact that the people in my own community weren’t invalidating my sexuality the way online strangers were

Has your understanding of bisexuality shifted over time? If so, what would you say led to this new understanding?

MH: Yes. Just being able to be open about it has healed me so much. I made an intentional choice to do this after learning that bi people suffer higher rates of mental-health issues, substance abuse, and domestic violence than gay or lesbian people. If being more visible can help someone, then I need to bring it. Also, age, time, the overall societal shift to being more accepting of all LGBTQ identities also helped. Oh, and therapy. Therapy helps everything.

KR: I went through a stage where I refused to align with bisexuality because I felt it enforced a strict gender binary. Also, it was the early noughties and I felt so empowered by claiming “queer” as my identity. I still do. That said, “queer” sometimes reads as “lesbian” to people who don’t choose to learn more about me, so it sometimes results in bi erasure, even though it’s a term I use to be the most all-gender-encompassing ever. I returned to bisexual and use both queer and bisexual now. The “bi” in “bisexual,” to me and to most bisexuals I know in 2019, doesn’t mean “attracted to men and women.” It means “attracted to my same gender and to other genders plural.” I love that idea and have fully embraced being bisexual again, specifically to make my bisexuality hypervisible.

Do you think there has been progress in how bisexuality is portrayed in pop culture?

MH: For sure! Even two years ago, the conversation was much different. There were more jokes at our expense and less representation everywhere, including queer media. More people are showing up to the party and that’s *fucking awesome. I still get frustrated with the discourse around “passing” though. While it’s true that this affords privilege in some ways, it doesn’t always mean things are easier. Being invisible or having to accentuate your identity to try and be “enough” of a thing is exhausting.

Also, we need to stop interrogating bi people about their types or amount of sexual experiences, like, “Oh wow, you’ve never done X?” It’s invasive and implies there are some sort of rules or punch card of experiences they must have to be “legit.”

KR: A million times yes. Hello, 20biteen! There are more openly bisexual actors and TV and film characters now than ever and while there are still frequent missteps, it feels like we’re moving in the right direction. I’m hungry for more, but happy I’m living to see what’s possible for the next generation. I mean, Gen Z is super duper bisexual, non-labeled, fluid, and open, and they’re bringing a whole new vibe to bisexual representation.

RCL: Yes. I talk about Gen Z constantly, because I have so much hope and enthusiasm for them. They are so beyond the discourse that we’re still fighting about on Twitter.

MW: Yes! When I was in high school less than a decade ago, Glee, which constantly made bisexuality the butt of the joke, was the closest thing I had to bi representation. When I was in middle school, Paige (Lauren Collins) had a bi storyline on Degrassi, , but she did the classic TV thing where she refused to label herself as bisexual. I get it. Not everyone wants to label themselves, but that became a weird trope where characters were seemingly afraid to explicitly identify as bi. Pop culture representation still isn’t perfect, but I just marathoned Schitt’s Creek and there was a whole episode where a main character says they’re pansexual (which I consider to be under the bi+ umbrella.) I don’t think I’ve seen that on TV before. I also watched Degrassi: Next Class, which is the updated version of the series I watched when I was a kid, and they also featured a bi male character.

“People feel hurt or offended when you aren’t queer how they’re queer because it means they don’t have that sameness. But it’s something we all need to grow out of so we can stop being jerks.”

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Where and how do you find bisexual community IRL and online?

MH: I love to use Twitter and to an extent Instagram to find this community. What “tells” people are coming up with, for example, helps a lot. I’ve made a point of labeling myself IRL as well, which inherently starts convos about bisexuality and has led to newer and deeper friendships.

KR: Everywhere! My best friend is bisexual. Some of my coworkers are bisexual. My internet friends are bisexual. You find bisexuals everywhere if you go deep into queer community online or IRL. There’s a difference though, in terms of community and identity. I know an awful lot of bisexuals who identify as bisexual but don’t feel “bi enough” to actively participate in queer spaces. That is just B.S. that they’ve been made to feel that way. I know the feeling because I used to share it! Once you decide you deserve to be out, proud, and part of the LGBTQ culture, finding bi community become a lot easier. (I promise, it does, so come on out!)

RCL: Similarly to KaeLyn, I know so many bisexual people IRL. Growing up, I had one of those friend groups where almost all of us have come out as queer in one way or another. I also have several bisexual friends. It’s so nice to have people you can see and be around who can give you that nod of sameness. I tweet about bisexuality constantly too, so I tend to have people in my DMs asking questions about bisexuality, like how did I know? How do you know if you’re bi “enough?” How do you come out when you’re bi but single or dating someone of a different gender or dating someone of the same gender? Bisexuality is complicated and community really helps with that, even if we all ultimately experience it in different ways.

Who are your bisexual icon(s)? Why?

MH: Stephanie Beatriz is one of my bisexual icons. I really like how Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduced and handled bisexuality through her character. The storyline seems influenced by Beatrize and reality in a way that I haven’t seen in other media where bi people have been typically tokenized, cast as villains, or fetishized. I’ve loved Janelle Monáe for years and her last album, Dirty Computer, and the publicity around it sealed her as an icon.

Every other person I can think of are fictional characters because there are so few examples. I’ve made up and projected what I want to see onto them. Killing Eve, Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) from Bob’s Burgers, Catra (AJ Michalka) from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) from Some Kind of Wonderful, and Rufio (Dante Basco) from the movie Hook. I couldn’t tell if I had a crush on David (Kiefer Sutherland) or wanted to be him but he’s a deeply emotional character who’s like the “daddy” of the Lost Boys, with eyeliner, earrings, and strong bi vibes that ticks all my queer and nonbinary boxes.

RCL: I couldn’t agree with Janelle Monáe more. I saw her live three or four years ago, and it really changed everything for me. Her dancing was just wow!. My other bisexual icons include Tessa Thompson (who I adore in all the ways) and Sara Ramirez, who had a major impact on me as a Grey’s Anatomy fan. (My cat is named Dr. Yang).

KR: There are so many. Here is a quick highlight reel:

Alan Cumming is one of the more established out, proud, don’t-call-me-anything-but bisexual celebrities and I’ve always admired that about him.

Margaret Cho is literally the first queer and bi person who made me feel seen as a little transracial Korean adoptee rural queer baby and I will always love her for that.

Brenda Howard is the Mother of Pride and the patron saint of bisexuals. I don’t know if our politics would have always aligned, but she’s truly one of the unsung heroes of the so-called modern gay rights movement and a real damn pioneer for bisexuals and for all of us!

Josephine Baker, who just lived the fullest, most surreal life, had a pet cheetah, was a French spy, and was the only official female speaker at the 1963 March on Washington. She was one hell of a bisexual icon!

by Rachel Charlene Lewis
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Rachel Charlene Lewis is the Senior Editor at Bitch. She has written about culture, identity, and the internet for publications including i-D, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Glamour, Autostraddle, Ravishly, SELF, StyleCaster, The Frisky (RIP), The Mary Sue, and elsewhere. Her literary work, reviews, and interviews have been published in Catapult, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Normal School, Publisher’s Weekly, The Offing, and in several other magazines. She is on Twitter and Instagram, always.

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Marina Watanabe is Bitch’s social media editor. She hosts a web series called Feminist Fridays and has been told that she’s an “astrological nightmare.” You can find her on Twitter most days.


Drop the Fry


Elizabeth Holmes (Photo credit: HBO)

One of my first jobs was at a men’s magazine. I was the sole woman in the office, and one of my editors told me the only workspace available was at the front desk in the lobby, away from the rest of the staff. It’s the only desk left, sorry!” (Spoiler: He was lying.) “And you wouldn’t mind answering calls and grabbing packages that come in while you happen to be sitting there, would you?” “Of course not,” I remember saying. I was young. It was one of my first paid writing jobs, and maybe this was just how things worked. As much as I enjoyed my work and my coworkers, I felt like a glorified receptionist for the remainder of the summer. If I wanted to eat lunch away from my desk, editors would imply that one of my male coworkers couldn’t fill in. It had to be me (“You’re just so good at it!”).

One delivery man would, whenever he came to the office, critique everything from my facial features to my chipped nail polish to the attractiveness of my outfit. Regular callers would inform me that my voice wasn’t “perky” enough, and I eventually stopped correcting them for referring to me as a secretary. And though being a secretary isn’t a shameful profession, of course, I felt ashamed to go from being in editorial meetings where I was treated like “one of the guys” to signing for packages and being called “honey.” According to a 2016 U.S. Department of Labor survey, more than 94 percent of secretaries and administrative assistants are female. In fact, secretarial work has remained the top job for women since the 1950s, when companies realized they could pay women—who were generally less educated—less to do administrative work.

Women are still playing that role in ways we might not even realize. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant have one thing in common: They all have female-identified voices and names. You can command Alexa to play a song and then stop and engage in dialogue with Siri, whose rudimentary responses are catered entirely to you. Subway announcements, GPS navigation systems, and phone operators are among the technologies that typically use a female persona. In a recent interview with Business Insider, an Amazon executive said that people “opt for a woman to assist us” because her voice is more “pleasing,” “sympathetic,” and “better received.”

Though Alexa’s name is meant to reference the Library of Alexandria, there’s likely a reason the company chose Alexa over other names, like Alex, Lex, or a simple Al. Siri is named after the Norwegian word for “beautiful woman who leads you to victory,” and Microsoft’s Cortana for an artificial intelligence character in the video game Halo who has the outlandish proportions of a Barbie doll and sports a rather lewd blue costume. We already know that men dominate the tech industry, and the AI sector in particular. Alexa, Siri and Cortana, are not neutral decisions. It has always made sense that women who assume positions of power do so knowing that their voices will be uniquely scrutinized. Margaret Thatcher was famously advised by Laurence Olivier to hire a voice coach in order to dramatically drop the pitch of her voice. Hillary Clinton’s voice was called everything from “shrill” to “excruciating” and regularly compared to a nagging wife.

Most recently, there was Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder and former CEO of the now-defunct blood-testing company Theranos. In addition to the Steve Jobs-ian black turtlenecks that became her trademark uniform, Holmes sported an unusually deep voice that former friends and classmates have said didn’t exist pre-Theranos, alleging that it was an effort to win the respect of her colleagues. Holmes has done a whole lot we should fault her for—like the actual criminal fraud she’ll be tried for in 2020—but cultivating a deeper voice seems like her most understandable move. According to Tim Bressmann, an associate professor of speech-language pathology at the University of Toronto, “Not using your fundamental frequency can be a way to express social power or domination. We all do it: To speak to our supervisor, we’ll raise our voice to make it seem smaller, but if we’re speaking to an underling, we lower it. Because a woman’s voice is naturally smaller, to reach a lower register in order to compete with a male frequency, at some point some may have to drop into the fry register.”

Bressmann is referring to vocal fry, a phenomenon most often associated with the Kardashians and commonly written off as shallow and ditzy. But to Bressman and any speech pathologist you’re likely to ask, vocal fry is simply a way of reaching a lower pitch and, for many people, appears at the end of a sentence when we’ve used up a breath. That means, of course, it’s not just a female thing: In fact, among the many men who have been known to use it are esteemed talkers Noam Chomsky and Ira Glass. They just haven’t received the same amount of criticism as their female counterparts because, as Bressmann puts it, “men just get away with more.”

Voice assistants, after all, are a proliferation of a role women have been assigned for decades, which is shocking considering the evolution of the form, but not so considering those at work behind the scenes.

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Indeed, whether low or high, modulated or not, a woman’s voice can’t avoid policing. Slate podcaster Jessica Grose took up the subject with Stanford linguistics professor Penny Eckert on NPR’s Fresh Air in 2015 after Grose found her own voice criticized. Eckert admitted that she was “shocked the first time I heard [vocal fry] on NPR. I thought, ‘Oh my god, how can this person be talking like this on the radio?’ Then I played it for my students, and I said, ‘How does she sound?’ and they said, ‘Good, authoritative.’ And that was when I knew that I had a problem. … That I was not a part of the generation that understood what that style means. … There’s been a change and those of us who are bothered by some of these features are probably just getting old.”

Meaning, yet again, judging women’s voices comes down to bias. For a certain demographic, something like vocal fry can be distracting, but for another, it’s just the way people speak now. It seems time for technology to adapt, too. A promising development arrived in March when a team of researchers unveiled the world’s first genderless voice assistant. In a video posted to YouTube, Q introduced itself: “Think of me like Siri or Alexa, but neither male nor female. I’m created for a future where we are no longer defined by gender but rather how we define ourselves.” The voice was developed by a team of researchers, sound designers, and linguists, and based on male, female, transgender, and nonbinary voices. Still in early stages, the developers are hoping to see companies use it expressly to challenge gender stereotypes. And in an effort to combat the way we decide who belongs in positions of power, Google now randomly assigns its assistant’s gender for users. Similarly, in response to a ChildWise report in 2018 that found kids who grow up barking orders at virtual assistants are more likely to use that communication as adults, Google also recently added a new feature called “Pretty Please” that encourages kids to be polite, as has Amazon. If they say “please” after asking for the weather, for example, the respective assistant will respond with “thanks for asking so nicely.”

These are certainly baby steps, but as the UNESCO study notes, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana are installed on more than two billion devices around the world, while over two-thirds of voice assistants offer female-only voices. Artificial intelligence is only growing more common and more humane. Voice assistants, after all, are a proliferation of a role women have been assigned for decades, which is shocking considering the evolution of the form, but not so considering those at work behind the scenes.

by Sadaf Ahsan
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Tumblr's Porn Ban with Lady Cheeky


SEXY GIFS! SEX TRAFFICKING! THIS PODCAST IS BACK! Online platforms are kicking off adult content. Tumblr just banned porn and erotic images. Looking at freedom of speech, public health concerns, sex-positive access to self-affirming imagery and sex worker rights, Lady Cheeky and Sandra explore the implications of the just implemented Tumblr Porn Ban.


Lady Cheeky is the Famous Alter Ego of sex educator, activist, speaker and author Elle Chase. Signup for her newsletter at to find out more about 

Pickup Elle's “NSFW Totally Naughty Coloring Book” and “The #NSFW Totally Curvy Coloring Book” at Pickup her popular book, “Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower your Sex Life,” available at your favorite bookseller.


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Exiting the Friend Zone

EPIC NERDY LOVE STORY! Dating advice podcaster Harris O'Malley a.k.a. Dr. Nerdlove & wife Catherine Burke O'Malley (LEOG podcast) shares how he married out of the friend zone! TOPICS: Green Lantern Rings, Ancient Online Dating, Attraction in Friendship, Nice Girls & Boys, "Death Camp for Penis," Harris's Pickup Artist Phase, Seduction vs Coercion, the Hot Best Friend, Gay Parallel, Neato Time Dilation Effect, First Kiss, Friend Zone Philosophizing, the "Nice Guys of OKC" tumblr, Nice vs Good, Pedestals, Fish Tacos and the awkward turtle emoticon!   Harris O’Malley is an Austin based blogger and dating coach who runs run the geek love advice blog Paging Dr. NerdLove where he teaches geeks and nerds how to get better at dating without having to give up that special quality that makes them geeks. His articles have been featuredonKotaku, ThinkProgress, Comics Worth Reading, Boing Bong and even the Harvard Business Journal (?!?).  He’s also participated in Lifehacker's "Ask An Expert" series, answering people’s dating conundrums. He’s also a regular contributor to as a member of the “League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen” podcast. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter as DrNerdLove. Catherine Burke O'Malley holds an MA in medieval history from Syracuse University and is a regular contributor to on the "League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen" podcast, and an occasional guest reviewer on the "Remote Viewing" podcast. Her experience with romantic, sexual, and friend-zone matters is strictly practical, personal, and completely ordinary. She married former denizen of her own Friend Zone, Harris O'Malley, in May, 2012. You can find her on Facebook as "Cat from the LEOG," and on Twitter @cathburke

"But let’s not get it twisted: LCD Soundsystem were very, very good, and worthy of most of that..."

“But let’s not get it twisted: LCD Soundsystem were very, very good, and worthy of most of that praise. No other 21st century band did a better job at synthesizing decades of music history into a sound that wasn’t crass, overt, or obscure. Murphy was both knowingly ironic and unapologetically sentimental, a cyborg built from the best bits of Stephen Malkmus and Billy Corgan. LCD made music to be gloomy to in your bedroom, and music that launched you onto the dance floor like some post-molly monster, motivating smart asses to loosen up and feel less self-conscious about recognizing the emotions dislodged by the passing of time.”

- Welcome Back, LCD Soundsystem (via slim)

gimmetinnitus: The GT + @IpsumNYC + #POSTTRASH present two...



The GT + @IpsumNYC + #POSTTRASH present two #unofficialCMJ2015 parties 10/15 and 10/17 at #avivbk w/ @___yvette___ @turntocrime @meatwaveband #paintedzeros @videodaughters @whatmoonthings @yomumblr @crawsays #solids @needsvancouver #chomp @strangewilds @dirtydishes_ @nonsenseny #magnetschool @playboymanbaby @dtccnyc @coldsweatsny (at Aviv)


I want to read an article about the shifting definition of Dad Rock





is pearl jam dad rock yet?

or do I still have a few more years before I’m permanently bummed out

Ten came out in 1991, so if someone was in their freshman year of college, i.e. 18, and let’s say they got married in 1995 after graduation, had their first kid in 1996, the kid would be 19 now, and the parent would be 42.

PJ is Dad Rock.

PJ was Dad Rock the day it dropped.


crystal-castlezz: Sonic Youth 



Sonic Youth 


rollingstone: Faith No More are set to release their seventh...



Faith No More are set to release their seventh album — their first in 18 years — in April of 2015, bassist Bill Gould tells us.


jemandthediazepams-deactivated2: Little Richard being...



Little Richard being completely serious (x)


reaganatbitburg: hiddenarithmetic: Our own correspondent. Top...




Our own correspondent.

Top 5.


"Obviously, I wish it was a situation where no one but Kurt Cobain was ever playing Nirvana songs...."

“Obviously, I wish it was a situation where no one but Kurt Cobain was ever playing Nirvana songs. But that’s unfortunately not the case. I was a very ancillary part of the night, but I can’t imagine for those guys and for the family and for Courtney, for everybody, it just seemed like… the wound was still quite raw.”

- St. Vincent reflects on playing with Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (via grungebook)

princessrobot: “DJ NECROMANCER” t shirts now...



“DJ NECROMANCER” t shirts now officially available on our bandcamp page


gimmetinnitus: Watching Do The Right Thing, found out that Vito...



Watching Do The Right Thing, found out that Vito was the original drummer in Sonic Youth


under-radar-mag: Kyle Wilson, central focus of the New...



Kyle Wilson, central focus of the New York-based Milagres, is aging backwards. The now-beardless prolific songwriter sits in his living room, its walls adorned with framed posters as random as an Andy Warhol movie poster to that of the Next Wave Festival, a music festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music from the ’80s. With this new fresh-faced look, Wilson looks a decade younger, too young to have experienced the music Milagres’ second album, Violent Light, is informed by—namely, the new romantic and synth-pop sounds of the ’80s: think Roxy Music, Simple Minds, David Bowie, and even The Sugarcubes. (via Milagres - Kyle Wilson on His Writing Process, “Inexcusably Arty” Songs, and Their Second Album | Under the Radar - Music Magazine)


nevver: Folsom Prison Blues



Folsom Prison Blues





breakthruradiotv: Shark? - Serious Business on BTR...



Shark? - Serious Business on BTR [ep143]

Shark? return! Remember, it’s not “Shark!” or “Shark” — the question mark is important, asking “is it a shark?” every time (yes, just like their early tune/theme song, “Shark?”). Now that we’re all caught up, let’s take a look at these Brooklyn dudes. You’ll quickly come to love Kevin Diamond’s deadpan growl and nihilistic tales, Andy Kinsey’s kick-you-in-the-teeth bass, and Andy Swerdlow’s drum machine-come-to-life beats. And newcomer Jared Hiller shreds on guitar in a beautifully dirty way. While they’ve been a favorite of the local NYC scene for the past few years thanks to a healthy appreciation for beer (and fine wine!), clever cover song choices, and a not entirely tongue-in-cheek fixation on 90s pop culture (especially Jock Jams — they must really love Jock Jams), the inclusion of their single, “California Grrls,” in GTA V is liable to spread their fame a bit further. Honestly, it’s about time. We love a good, fuzzy jam blasted out with deafening guitar noise and surf grooves, and between their EPs and now a couple of full length albums, Shark? has plenty of that to offer. Fans of Pixies, The Modern Lovers, The Replacements, The Beach Boys, and anything called punk before 1990 should stop screwing around and get into Shark? ASAP.

Featured song: “California Grrls”

Complete broadcast and audio playlist:

Savior, the latest release by Shark?, is now available from Old Flame Records.

Shark? on Bandcamp:
Twitter: @shrkquestionmrk


punkpostpunk: I was made for rock ‘n’ roll



I was made for rock ‘n’ roll


grungebook: Cat Cobain T-shirt, available here. (H/T Maura)



Cat Cobain T-shirt, available here. (H/T Maura)





hellomountsharp: NEXT SHOW! aka Swood’s birthday party! Friday,...



NEXT SHOW! aka Swood’s birthday party!

Friday, November 22, 2013
at The Rock Shop in Gowanus/Park Slope, Brooklyn
with Eldest Son and Z&A 

We play first.

Get tickets here. RSVP on Facebook and invite yr friends here.


Also, our music is on the internet in a few places now thanks to a new service called Distrokid. Catch up or revisit the remastered (aka louder) version of Hello Mount Sharp.

And don’t forget to grab a shirt while we’ve got them!


aquariumdrunkard: Johnny Cash w/ his mother / Oakview, CA,...



Johnny Cash w/ his mother / Oakview, CA, 1968.





Topbot: Эди Сэджвик - трагическая муза Энди Уорхола и Боба Дилана


Знаменитая ”it girl” 60-ых умерла от передоза в 28 лет после того, как ее предали двое самых важных мужчин в ее жизни. Она была одним из символов молодежного взрыва 60-ых и самой яркой из всех эфемерных супер-звезд, созданных на фабрике коммерческого поп-арта Энди Уорхола. Ей посвятил одни из лучших своих стихов Боб Дилан.

Edith Minturn Sedgwick (1943 - 1971) родилась в очень известной и состоятельной семье со множеством скелетов в шкафу.

После того как погибли два ее брата, в 1963 она бросила колледж, переехала в Нью-Йорк и погрузилась в водоворот светской жизни, тратя сумасшедшие деньги на одежду, косметику, украшения и лимузины.

Там она встретила Энди Уорхола, стала его музой, моделью и актрисой в его фильмах на пике расцвета поп-арта.

Остригла и покрасила свои волосы, скопировав его прическу.

Она была очень увлечена джаз-балетом, занималась по два раза в день. И между занятиями не снимала черное трико, которое в сочетании с укороченным топом или свободной туникой стало ее фирменным луком и образцом для подражания.

В 1965 Эди была признана девушкой года.
Диана Вриланд заметила ее в 22 года и представила символом молодежного движения.

LIFE Magazine, 1965

Vogue 1966

Однако после пары разворотов в глянце Эди больше не приглашали из-за ее пристратия к наркотикам.

"Мода - это всего лишь фарс. Люди, которые за этим стоят - извращенцы. Стиль создают неадекватные люди, настоящие фрики."

"Я делала маску из своего лица, потому что не понимала, что я и так достаточно красива. Я приклеивала накладные ресницы, огромные как крылья летучей мыши, и обводила черным карандашом глаза. Я отрезала мои прекрасные длинные каштановые волосы и красила их серебряным спреем. Все это я делала, потому что не могла физически справиться с потрясениями, происходившими в моей жизни. А люди восприняли это как модный тренд."

Приметы стиля Эди Сэджвик:
В макияже акцент на глаза - густая черная подводка и натурального цвета губы.

Простые базовые вещи в сочетании с экстравагантными аксессуарами.

Черное трико, плотные черные колготки.

Не смотря на то, что ее короткая жизнь - 28 лет - быстро скатилась из гламура в отчаяние, образы ее лучшей поры, пришедшейся на середину 60-ых, до сих пор продолжают впечатлять и вдохновлять.

Peter Lindbergh for American Vogue, September 1989. Dress by Isaac Mizrahi....................................Vogue March 1990

Dolce & Gabbana, circa mid 90s Model : Farrah Summerford

American Harper's Bazaar 1995 by Peter Lindberg with Jaime Rishar as Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick Style Photoshoot Harper's Bazaar ca. 1999

Amber Valetta par Mario Testino, Vogue Paris novembre 2001

Elle (US) February 2002 World Beat Photography by Ruven Afanador Fanni Bostrum

john galliano for christian dior 2005 spring

Я соблазнила Энди Уорхола/Factory Girl(2006) Сиенна Миллер в роли Эди

Kate Moss Vogue UK, March 2008

The Vanessa Paradis 'Factory Story' Editorial by Karl Lagerfeld for Madame Figaro 2010

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Channels Edie Sedgwick 2010

Andrej Pejic 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Collection Edie Set 2012

Prada Spring 2013

Paz de la Huerta in LEGACY By Lola Schnabel designer Zac Posen 2012

Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark 2013


ABBY WILLIAMSON/Wallflower Management as Edie Sedgwick | produced and styled by TAMMY THEIS 2013

Cara Delevingne - Photo Patrick Demarchelier - for vogue china june 2013

Marc Jacobs' spring 2013 collection for Louis Vuitton

Michelle Cameron Ruby Jean Wilson by Derek Henderson for Vogue Australia’s February 2013

Beyonce Channels Andy Warhol Muse Edie Sedgwick for Pepsi Ads 2013

Anna Sui for fall 2013

Harper’s Bazaar Mexico's Factory Girl Story 2014

Alexa Chung – Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (March 2015)

Dior Haute Couture 2015

Miley Cyrus Channels Edie Sedgwick Marie Claire 2015

Giambattista Valli Spring 2016

L’Officiel Russia February 2016 Celebrity | Rita Ora

Betsey Johnson Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue Great Edie Sedgwick-inspired look


Factory Girl for Design SCENE Magazine by Tanya Gaidarzhy 2016


Edie Campbell Channels Edie Sedgwick on Vogue Poland 2018

Shrimps Fall 2018...............................................Shrimps Fall Winter 2019

Julia Cummings in Anna Sui’s Fall 2019

Paco Rabanne FALL 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

TOM FORD Spring Summer 2020 Collection

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Forest Sketches | Stop Motion


Stop Motion Animation

Cast: Pavel Pazukhin and Kartuna Studio

Tags: tree, stop motion, herbarium, vilange, stone, time-lapse and animation



dick, you, and fuck off image

Causa y efecto de un juego limpio con la democracia

La democracia subsiste sobre la base de dos valores fundamentales: la vigencia de las libertades públicas y el respeto a las instituciones que regulan la coexistencia entre los ciudadanos.
Una característica esencial de este sistema es que otorga a la voluntad popular, libérrimamente expresada, el poder de elección de las autoridades que conforman los tres pilares del Estado: el Ejecutivo, el Legistativo y el Judicial, guardianes del orden institucional.
Los dominicanos acaban de poner a prueba esta herramienta legal que les brinda la democracia al concurrir a las primarias de dos grandes partidos políticos, el de la Liberación Dominicana y el Revolucionario Moderno, utilizando por primera vez el sistema de voto electrónico.
Aunque no sufragó en ellas la mayoría de los ciudadanos aptos para el voto que figuran en el padrón de ambos partidos, por lo menos un buen porcentaje cumplió con su deber en un ambiente cívico y evidentemente sin muchos tropiezos para experimentar el nuevo sistema.
Un deber de transparencia obliga a la JCE a revisar los aspectos cuestionados del proceso para esclarecer dudas y aprehensiones que pudieran afectar, en el futuro, la confiabilidad del sistema.
Una crisis no resuelta en el PLD puede dar lugar a su división y al surgimiento de una tercera y hasta cuarta nueva vía que, como fuerzas de relevo, procuren capitalizar las aspiraciones de cambio y de fortalecimiento de la democracia que la sociedad ha ido construyendo a lo largo de cinco décadas, con recaídas y resplandores.
Para que este sistema prevalezca, es importante el juego limpio con la democracia, basado en la transparencia, el consenso y el respeto a la voluntad popular, donde quiera que esta se exprese.
Tomado del editorial de
 Causa y efecto de un juego limpio con la democracia
de la fecha ;-
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Vídeo (📽): Leonel pide auditoría a JCE con acompañamiento internacional

Santo Domingo;- El expresidente Leonel Fernández, a través de sus delegados ante la Junta Central Electoral (JCE), depositará hoy una instancia en ese ente demandando la conformación de una misión técnica, bajo la supervisión de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), la Unión Europea (UE) y la Embajada de Estados Unidos, a fin de realizar una auditoría de los equipos utilizados en las primarias simultáneas.
Los representantes del exmandatario, Rubén Maldonado y Fernando Fernández, también solicitaron que de forma inmediata la JCE ordene la retención,

resguardo y prohibición de acceso a los equipos electrónicos (Hardware) y el sistema operativo (software), contratados por ese órgano electoral mediante la licitación de referencia JCE-CCC-LPI-01-2019, adquiridos a la empresa Digiworld, S.R.L.
Además, demandaron la retención de los equipos utilizados en el proceso, aún si estos no hubiesen sido obtenidos mediante el concurso de la JCE, con el objetivo de garantizar la integridad absoluta de los aparatos, estableciendo, por igual, la correspondiente custodia a cargo de la OEA, Unión Europea y la Embajada estadounidense.
Entre las peticiones figuran 11,000 equipos para identificación de electores; 11,000 aparatos para votación automatizada; 11,000 impresoras técnicas de recibo tipo punto de ventas; 11,000 lectores de código de barras/QR; 11,000 inversores portátiles; máquinas de transmisión de data, todas las llaves de autorización utilizadas o teléfonos, y los USB utilizados en el proceso de votación.
“Que dichos equipos sean asegurados, precintados y resguardados en presencia de nuestros delegados político y técnico, respectivamente, hasta tanto los mismos puedan ser auditados en la forma y cantidad que sea ordenado por la comisión técnica integrada por las entidades indicadas en el ordinal primero de esta instancia”, explican los documentos al que tuvo acceso Listín Diario.
También se solicitó la presencia constante de un representante de los delegados político y técnico de Fernández ante la JCE dentro del espacio donde los equipos serán resguardados, con la finalidad de asegurar que los mismos no sean manipulados o alterados durante el proceso previo a la auditoría solicitada. 
Además, que sean entregadas las actas comprobatorias del 20% de los centros electorales en los cuales fue ordenado y alegadamente ejecutado el conteo físico de los votos emitidos.
Con los diplomáticos
El aspirante a la presidencia de la República Dominicana, Leonel Fernández, se reunió la tarde de ayer con más del 90% de los embajadores y representantes diplomáticos acreditados en República Dominicana, a quien les presentó las supuestas irregularidades encontradas en el proceso de elecciones primarias realizadas el pasado domingo.
“Nuestro líder le presentó una serie de puntos sobre aspectos que son claramente palpables sobre el fraude cometido hacia su persona y que los embajadores y representantes escucharon tranquilamente y tomaron sus notas de lugar”, informó el ex ministro de la Juventud, Franklin Rodríguez.
Dijo que tuvieron una conversación constructiva, en la que también participaron Franklin Almeyda Rancier, Roberto Rosario, Rubén Maldonado y Juárez Castillo.
Explicó que todas las evidencias presentadas por el equipo de Leonel Fernández demuestran que fraude colosal en contra de la institucionalidad y la democracia en República Dominicana.
Destacó las publicaciones hechas por el periódico LISTÍN DIARIO, en las que muestra una disparidad enorme con respecto a la cantidad de votantes inscritos y cantidad de votos emitidos. “Tenemos unos 20 Distritos Municipales, en los cuales la cantidad de votos superan los inscritos en cada uno”, aseguró.
A los fines de iniciar los procesos legales, los delegados técnicos y políticos del expresidente Fernández visitaron la JCE para iniciar los pasos hacia la impugnación.
Los delegados políticos y técnicos del expresidente Fernández demandaron que las 7,372 mesas electorales contentivas de las urnas durante las primarias sean aseguradas, precintadas y resguardadas hasta tanto sean auditadas. Precaución También solicitaron que se restrinja el acceso a toda persona a las instalaciones técnicas, cuartos de servidores y cualquier otra dependencia de la Junta Central Electoral, hasta tanto sea iniciado el proceso de la auditoría solicitada a ese órgano electoral.
Por Dalton Herrera y Adriana Peguero ;-
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First Revolutionary Measures

Author: Eric Hazan, Kamo
Title: First Revolutionary Measures
Date: March 2017
Notes: Published by Ill Will Editions.


"EPITHETS!" yelled the short, grumpy, red-eyed cancer.








the lesson for today, class, is when to use epithets rather than names or pronouns — and when not to.


- when the character’s name is unknown, so there’s really no other way to refer to them:

Two goons in suits blocked my way. “You ain’t going nowhere,” said the ugly mook. The even-uglier mook just grinned.

- to draw attention to the role or function described:

Bill was so excited to meet Obama, he was a little worried he’d end up remembering today as the day he threw up on the president.

- as in-character commentary to flesh out the POV’s voice:

You stand back and nudge the door open with your toe in case of falling buckets, but it seems the windy dipshit has given up on that particular tired prank.

(NOTE: use this last one SPARINGLY. consider your own internal monologue. how often do you think of people by anything but their names? too much of this trick breaks immersion.)


- to avoid using pronouns.

- to avoid using names.

- to remind the reader of physical characteristics you should’ve described elsewhere.

- to remind the reader of physical characteristics they already know perfectly well because they wouldn’t even be reading your damn fanfic if they weren’t familiar with canon, come ON people.

- to try to sound erudite or poetic.

- for any other stupid reason. i’m serious. i will come over there and hit you.

- i’m not kidding.

- fucking stop.



It bears repeating, fic writers: if you’re thinking about using an epithet because you fear you’re being repetitive, YOU ARE NOT. Trust me.

i hate epithets so much that i wrote this

Everyone would much rather read “Draco” or “Steve” than “the tall blond” or “his blond lover”.

This forever! This forever and ever! Using epithets in the above fashion is an instant back button for me personally. Please never ever write ‘the blonde’ or ‘the blond man’ I beg of you! 


Character Questionnaire



Here is a detailed character meme to fill in! (If you’re stuck on some of the questions, check the prompts here.)

Full name

[name here]

Preferred name/nickname

[name here]

Generally referred to as

[name here]


FACECLAIM: [Do you have a faceclaim for your character?]
SEX: [Is their anatomy male, female, or other? Was this always the case?]
HEIGHT: [how tall/short are they?]
WEIGHT: [how heavy/light are they?]
BUILD: [Thin? Fat? Bulky? Muscular? Toned? etc]
HAIR: [describe their hair, is it long or short? Soft or course? Do they style it a certain way? Do they dye it?]
SKIN: [What colour is their skin? Is it rough or smooth? Is it soft or hard? Note: feel free to change this to fur/scales etc if that’s more appropriate for your character!]
EYES: [What colour are their eyes? Do they have a distinctive sparkle or do they look kind of dull and tired? Long or short eyelashes? Eye bags? Wrinkles? Hooded lids?]
MOUTH: [Big mouth or small? Plump lips or thin lips? Perfect white teeth or crooked, gappy ones?]
NOSE: [Big or little? Pointy or bulbousy? Huge, cavernous nostrils or teeny little ones?]
HANDS: [Big or small? Manicured fingernails? Claws? Wrinkles? Visible veins? Bony knuckles? Or smooth skin and soft features?]
FEET: [Big or small? Bony or plump? Trimmed toenails? Claws?]
SCARS: [Any visible scars?]
CLOTHES: [What is their clothing style?]
OTHER FEATURES: [Optional for non-human characters, or human characters with uncommon features]
OTHER NOTEABLE FEATURES: [Optional - anything you need to mention that isn’t covered by the above.]


VOICECLAIM: [For those without faceclaims - do you have a voiceclaim for your character?]
ACCENT: [Do they have an accent?]
VERBAL TICKS: [Any verbal ticks? Such as a tendency to stutter, repeat themselves, stumble over their words, etc.]
LANGUAGE: [What language(s) do they speak? If more than one, are they fluent in all these languages?]
ARTICULATION: [Do they tend to be good at explaining things, or can they be clumsy with words when trying to explain something?]
EDUCATION: [Do they tend to use a lot of long words? Do they ever show off about how many big words they use? Or do they prefer to use short, simple language?]
LAUGHTER: [What is their laugh like? Do they laugh a lot, or not very often?]
GRUMP: [Do they ever grumble, sneer, or grunt about things?]
BREATHING: [Do they tend to gasp, sigh, humph or sniff at things?]


FACE: [Do they have an expressive face? Do they show their emotions in their face? Or do they tend to have a poker face most of the time?]
HANDS: [Do they make a lot of hand gestures? What kind of gestures do they use?]
LEGS/FEET: [Do they tap their feet or jiggle their leg?]
EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS: [Are they prone to these? Do they tend to cry or yell when they’re upset, or laugh and jump about when they’re happy?]
HABITS: [Do they have any habits, like humming or singing or fidgeting or fiddling?]
POSTURE: [Do they usually stand straight and to attention, or do they tend to slump? Does their posture change with their mood? How does it change?]
WALKING POSTURE: [How do they walk? Do they skip gleefully along, do they march like a soldier, do they slump their shoulders and stomp around?]
SITTING POSTURE: [How do they like to sit? Cross legged? Slouched? Feet apart or together?]
PERSONAL SPACE: [Do they like to maintain a personal bubble, or does it bother them when people get in their personal space? Do they tend to be respecful of others’ personal space?]
SPACIAL AWARENESS: [Are they good at noticing what’s around their physical space? Or do they tend to be clumsy and bump into things?]
OTHER: [Optional - anything not covered by the above.]


DIET: [What do they like to eat? Do they have a healthy, well-balanced diet? Do they eat a lot of junk food? Or do they sometimes forget to eat?]
SLEEP: [Do they sleep a lot? Or not a lot? Do they go to bed late, or do they sleep early and get up early? Are they prone to nightmares or strange dreams?]
EXERCISE: [Do they work out a lot? Too much, not enough, or just right?]
ACTIVITY: [Do they tend to work hard and exhaust themselves? Or are they pretty lazy? Or somewhere in between?]
CLEANLINESS: [Do they bathe regularly? Are they meticulous about washing?]
ODOUR: [Do they have any particular body odour (good or bad)?]
MEDICINAL DRUGS: [Any medicinal drugs taken?]
NARCOTICS: [Any recreational drugs taken?]
ADDICTIONS: [Any physical addictions?]
ILLNESS: [Any physical ailments?]
INJURIES: [Any injuries that never completely healed, and still cause trouble?]
PARASITES: [Do they have fleas or any other parasites?]
OTHER: [Optional - anything not covered by the above.]


INTROVERT/EXTROVERT?: [Is your character one of these? How does that manifest in their life?]
OPTIMIST/PESSIMIST: [Which of these are they? Or are they in between?]
GENDER: [What is the character’s gender, if any? Do they feel that their gender matches their anatomy?]
SEXUALITY: [What type of person do they feel sexual attraction for, if any? Do they have a preference for one sex/gender in particular? Do they prefer their own race/species, or another? Is their any type of person they absolutely would NOT want to get into bed with? Or do they have no preference?]
ROMANTIC: [Are they inclined towards romance? Do they enjoy lots of romance, a little, or do they prefer no romance at all? Do they see themselves married with kids one day, or would they prefer to be alone?]
MEMORY: [Do they have a good memory? Or are they forgetful? Are they good at remembering certain things and not others?]
PLANNING: [Are they good at planning? Do they spend a lot of time planning or do they tend to leap right into things?]
PENSIVE: [Do they spend a lot of time thinking over their actions, their life, their problems, etc?]
INTUITION: [Are they good at making the right decisions, or at figuring things out from minimal clues?]
PROBLEM SOLVING: [Are they good at dealing with puzzles and problems?]
GOALS: [What is their main goal in life? Do they have any short-term goals?]
INSECURITIES: [Is there anything they are insecure about? Do they hide their insecurities well? Do they affect the way they live their life?]
ACHIEVEMENTS: [Anything they’re especially proud of?]
ANXIETY: [What, if anything, causes the character to feel anxiety?]
OVERWHELMED: [Do they ever feel like things are just too much?]
SELF-HELP: [How do they deal with their life problems?]
COMFORTS: [What helps the character to feel comfortable and happy?]
BAD HABITS: [Do they have any bad habits?]
PHILOSOPHY: [Do they have any religious or philosophical beliefs? What are they?]
TRIGGERS: [Do they have any triggers?]

The Past.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: [Did they have a good relationship with their parents while they were growing up?]
SCHOOL: [Did they do well at school, or did they struggle?]
ADOLESCENCE: [How did puberty go? Was it a hard change? What was particularly hard (or easy) about it?]
LEAVING HOME: [What was it like for them leaving home for the first time? What prompted them to move out of the home they grew up in?]
FURTHER EDUCATION: [Did they go to college? University? What did they study, and how well did they do?]
FIRST JOB: [What was their first job? Did they enjoy it?]
LIFE EVENTS: [Did they have any important life events that affected the route their life took? This could be something traumatic or it could be something pleasant like graduating with good grades.]
WORST DAY OF THEIR LIFE: [What happened?]
BEST DAY OF THEIR LIFE: [What happened?]
LESSONS: [What are the most important things they have learned through experience?]
LOOKING BACK: [If they could re-play their life and do something differently, what would they do?]


FAMILY: [Who, if anyone, does the character consider their family? Are these blood relatives? And do they have a good relationship with their family?]
FRIENDSHIPS: [Do they have lots of friends, or just one or two close friends? What do they look for in a friend?]
FRIENDS IN NEED: [How do they help a friend who is going through hard times? Do they offer advice and support, or do they feel uncomfortable, not knowing what to say?]
NEEDING A FRIEND: [Do they tend to go to friends when they need help and support? Or do they deal with their problems on their own? Do their friends ever worry about them?]
ANNOYANCES: [How do they deal with arguments and disagreements with friends or partner?]
ROMANCE: [If applicable: how do they woo a potential partner? What do they look for in a potential partner?]
MARITAL PROBLEMS: [How do they deal with problems in their love life? Do they talk it through with their partner? Or do they bury their head in the sand?]
ADVERSARIES: [What would turn them off a friendship or romance?]
ENEMIES: [What would make them hate someone enough to call them an enemy?]
STRANGERS: [Do they tend to be respectful to strangers, or are they careless towards anyone who they don’t consider a friend?]
FUN STUFF: [What kind of things do they like doing with a friend?]
DATING: [What kind of things to they like doing with a romantic partner?]
BEST FRIEND: [If applicable - who do they consider their best friend?]
LOVE: [If applicable - who do they consider to be the love of their life?]
WORST ENEMY: [If applicable - who do they consider to be their worst enemy?]
RESPECT: [Do they respect their enemies, even if they don’t like them? Is there anyone they disrespect? Why?]


MINGLING: [Do they get along well with others, in general? Or are they bad at making new friends?]
COMFORT LEVELS: [Do they feel comfortable talking to people? What might others do that could make them uncomfortable?]
PHYSICAL: [Do they tend to be touchy-feely? Do they hug people or pat them on the back> Or do they prefer not to touch anyone?]
GROUPS: [Are the comfortable in a big group? Or do they prefer to spend time with just one or two people?]
OPENNESS: [Do they tend to open up easily? Or does it take them a while to open up to someone?]
GENEROSITY: [Do they like to buy gifts and treats for others? Would they be willing to lend money to a friend? How do they feel about people buying gifts for them?]
JEALOUSY: [What might make them feel jealous towards somebody else? Is there anyone they are jealous of, or have been jealous of in the past? How do they deal with jealousy?]
TEMPER: [Are they easily worked up or do they have a lot of patience?]
EMPATHY: [Are they able to empathise with another person’s feelings? Or do they tend to be clumsy and put their foot in it? Or do they just not care who they hurt?]
AFFECTION: [How do they show affection for others?]
DISTASTE: [How do they show that they dislike someone?]
ETIQUETTE: [Do they tend to stick to the polite norms of social situations, or can they sometimes be rude or inappropriate?]
RESPONSIBILITY: [Do they admit when they’re wrong? If they make a mistake, do they try to correct it?]
SELF ESTEEM: [Do they tend to stick up for themselves or do they let others push them around? Why?]
CONFIDENCE: [Do they care what others think of them?]
HONESTY: [Do they always speak their thoughts honestly? Or will they keep things private if they feel that it might upset someone?]
LEADER OR FOLLOWER: [Which one are they? Or are they neither?]
PARTY TRICKS: [Do they have any special skills or talents that impress other people and gain them praise?]
PRAISE: [Are they comfortable accepting compliments?]
FAILURES: [Is there anything they do that makes people annoyed or irritated?]
CRITICISM: [How do they take criticism?]
INSULTS: [How do they take insults?]
EMBARRASSMENT: [Are they easily embarrassed? How do they handle embarrassment?]
FLIRTING: [Are they flirtatious? Why?]
ATTENTION SPAN: [Are they able to concentrate on lots of things? Can they hold their concentration well? Or are they easily distracted?]
SITUATIONS: [Are they good at dealing with difficult social situations? Such as an argument or someone getting upset?]


CAREER: [Do they have a career? Are they good at it and do they like it?]
PROMOTION: [Are they hoping to advance their career?]
BOSS: [Do they have a good relationship with their boss?]
DUTY: [What kind of responsibilities do they have?]
TECH: [Are they good with modern technology or do they prefer not to tough a computer?]
POLITICS: [Do they have strong political opinions? How to they show their support/opposition for their leaders? Do they vote?]
COMBAT SKILLS: [Can they fight and defend themselves?]
HOME: [How do they like to keep their home and their personal space? Are they messy or organized?]
DAILY LIFE: [Do they cope well with day-to-day or do they tend to feel out of their depth?]
INDEPENDENCE: [Can they get on well by themselves? Or do they sometimes need help dealing with things like bills and bank accounts?]
COOKING: [Can they cook?]
BUILDING: [Can they put together an item of furniture or do basic DIY?]
CLEANING: [Do they keep their home clean and tidy? Do they always do their chores?]
SHOPPING: [Do they like to shop? Or do they prefer to only go to the store when absolutely necessary? Are they prone to impulsive buying or do they shop sensibly?]
DRIVING: [Can they drive, or operate any vehicle?]
FINANCES: [Are they in a good position financially? Are they good at taking care of their bank account? Do they usually pay their bills on time?]
MARRIAGE: [Are they married? Do they plan on getting married? If so, how do they plan on spending their life with their partner?]
KIDS: [Do they have or want kids?]
PETS: [Do they have or want pets?]
DEPENDANTS: [Do they have anyone to look after, such as an elderly relative or a sick friend?]
LAW: [Have they ever done anything illegal? What was it?]
COURT: [Have they ever been in court? Why? And what was the verdict?]
PRISON: [Have they ever been in prison?]
TRAVELLING: [Have they ever been on holiday, or would they like to?]
MEDICAL: [Do they go to the doctor/dentist when they need to? Or are they afraid of going to see the doctor?]
ILLNESS: [Do they have any mental illnesses that affect the way they live their life?]
WORRIES: [Is there anything that keeps them awake at night?]
PEACE: [Do they like peace and quiet? Or do they prefer always to listen to the radio or playing their favourite songs?]
PARTYING: [Do they go out partying a lot? Or do they prefer to stay in?]
HOBBIES: [Anything they enjoy doing in their spare time?]


fatmanics: fatmanics: fatmanics: fatmanics: fatmanics: My aunt and cousin were hit by a drunk...







My aunt and cousin were hit by a drunk driver last night.

My cousin didn’t make it and my aunt is currently in a coma. My other cousin who is three months pregnant (the baby is okay) and her boyfriend were also in the car and sustained serious injuries. They are dirt poor and going to have to make funeral arrangements for baby girl along with medical bills when this is all said and done.

If you can’t donate a reblog is just as good. They need all the help they can get.

The mother of the 12 year old that passed is super distraught and struggle to keep things together. This is my family, anything helps.

Akaylee’s service is today 😭 so they are okay there…but my Aunt Sheri is still in a coma and my cousin bf is still also in the hospital. If you guys could reblog that’d be awesome. ❤

I know you guys are tired of seeing this but my Aunt is awake!!! She is still critical and non responsive but right now it’s a good sign. Shes already had surgery the night it happened and has another one tomorrow morning. The medical bills are racking up, anything helps. I’m just so glad she’s awake!


hisgoodending: [[ I just realized the main reason I get frustrated while rping is because I suck at...



[[ I just realized the main reason I get frustrated while rping is because I suck at rping ]]


reblog if...



- You hate yourself. Not just the way you look, but who you are as a person.

- Your thoughts keep you up at night. 

- Your life feels out of control (relationships, school, work, family)

I am here to support every one of you. My DM and ask box is always open.


rpmemesstash: different ways to say ‘i love you’.  ‘i’ll make you something, yeah? your favorite...



different ways to say ‘i love you’. 

  • ‘i’ll make you something, yeah? your favorite dish, just for you.’
  • ‘let’s get you back to bed.’
  • ‘shh, it was just a nightmare.’
  • ‘you like this, don’t you? i remember you saying that.’
  • ‘i drew up a bath for you.’
  • ‘you need rest.’
  • ‘you ought to be asleep.’
  • ‘i bought two.’
  • ‘here. you can have the rest.’
  • ‘i thought of you when i saw this.’
  • ‘i like your smile.’
  • ‘you have a cute laugh.’
  • ‘stay there. i’m coming there to get you.’
  • ‘it’s okay, i’m here, we’re okay.’
  • ‘be careful.’
  • ‘look both ways.’
  • ‘you mean so much to me.’
  • ‘i can’t lose you.’
  • ‘i thought i might have lost you.’
  • ‘how to you feel about the nickname, (insert nickname)?’
  • ‘it looks good on you.’
  • ‘i’ll make you soup.’
  • ‘ah-ah-ah. you’re sick. you need to stay in bed.’
  • ‘are you okay in there?’
  • ‘that’s it, that’s it. get it all out. shh.’
  • ‘it’s a remedy i knew. helps with your throat.’
  • ‘it’s a lullaby. would you like me to sing it to you? would that help you fall asleep?’
  • ‘i’m worried about you.’
  • ‘what do you want to watch?’
  • ‘where would you like to go for dinner?’
  • ‘close your eyes and hold out your hands.’
  • ‘we’ll figure it out.’
  • ‘oh, it’s not big deal. you’re fine.’
  • ‘i brought you some medicine for your cold.’
  • ‘you’re important to me.’
  • ‘this is your favorite song, right?’
  • ‘you’re like a son/daughter to me.’
  • ‘good luck!’
  • ‘you’re like a mom/dad to me.’
  • ‘don’t say that about yourself.’
  • ‘want to come with?’
  • “wow! you look really nice.’
  • ‘goodnight, (insert term of affection).’
  • ‘it’s okay. i couldn’t sleep anyway.’
  • ‘you can have half.’
  • ‘come here. let me fix it.’
  • ‘your tie is crooked.’
  • ‘c’mere. shh, it’s okay.’
  • ‘i’m not going to hurt you.’
  • ‘can i touch you?’
  • ‘can i kiss you?’
  • ‘can i hug you?’
  • ‘promise.’
  • ‘would i ever lie to you?’
  • ‘i think you’re very beautiful/handsome.’
  • ‘hey, good-looking.’
  • ‘of course i care. you’re my family.’
  • ‘one more chapter.’
  • ‘i love you.’


aestheticallykeith: Rb if you’re grateful for all of your followers even if you have 1 Even if you...



Rb if you’re grateful for all of your followers

even if you have 1

Even if you have 10





takedeepbreathsandgoonwalks: Sorry for the kinda-spam but bless...



Sorry for the kinda-spam but bless ur dashes


softboy-phan: Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 valid Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 beatiful Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏...



Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 valid

Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 beatiful

Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 equal


New ask game for writers



1. Favorite place to write.
2. Favorite part of writing.
3. Least favorite part of writing.
4. Do you have writing habits or rituals?
5. Books or authors that influenced your style the most.
6. Favorite character you ever created.
7. Favorite author.
8. Favorite trope to write.
9. Least favorite trope to write.
10. Pick a writer to co-write a book with and tell us what you’d write about.
11. Describe your writing process from scratch to finish.
12. How do you deal with self-doubts?
13. How do you deal with writers block?
14. What’s the most research you ever put into a book?
15. Where does your inspiration come from?
16. Where do you take your motivation from?
17. On avarage, how much writing do you get done in a day?
18. What’s your revision or rewriting process like?
19. First line of a WIP you’re working on.
20. Post a snippet of a WIP you’re working on.
21. Post the last sentence you wrote in one of your WIP’s.
22. How many drafts do you need until you’re satisfied and a project is ultimately done for you?
23. Single or multi POV, and why?
24. Poetry or prose, and why?
25. Linear or non-linear, and why?
26. Standalone or series, and why?
27. Do you share rough drafts or do you wait until it’s all polished? 28. And who do you share them with?
29. Who do you write for?
30. Favorite line you’ve ever written.
31. Hardest character to write.
32. Easiest character to write.
33. Do you listen to music when you’re writing?
34. Handwritten notes or typed notes?
35. Tell some backstory details about one of your characters in your story ________.
36. A spoiler for story _________.
37. Most inspirational quote you’ve ever read or heard that’s still important to you.
38. Have you shared your outline of your story ________ with someone? If so, what did they think of it?
39. Do you base your characters of real people or not? If so, tell us about one.
40. Original Fiction or Fanfiction, and why?
41. How many stories do you work on at one time?
42. How do you figure out your characters looks, personality, etc.
43. Are you an avid reader?
44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.
45. Worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.
46. What would your story _______ look like as a tv show or movie? 47. Do you start with characters or plot when working on a new story?
48. Favorite genre to write in.
49. What do you find the hardest to write in a story, the beginning, the middle or the end?
50. Weirdest story idea you’ve ever had.
51. Describe the aesthetic of your story _______ in 5 sentences or words.
52. How did writing change you?
53. What does writing mean to you?
54. Any writing advice you want to share?







the-book-nerds-world: Ask Me Any Of These Questions What part of your body (hands, feet, legs) do...



Ask Me Any Of These Questions

  1. What part of your body (hands, feet, legs) do you consider to be aesthetically delicate?
  2. Any boys you’d like to kiss? Or lamps?
  3. Your dream life?
  4. List your favorite poems and poets.
  5. Long lashes or short lashes?
  6. Angels or demons?
  7. Blood or water?
  8. Red lips, pink lips, or cream lips?
  9. Fire or fireworks?
  10. Favorite names?
  11. Are you working on anything?
  12. If you are what are the names of all the characters? What are their relationships?
  13. Sunlight or moonlight?
  14. Cardigans or jackets?
  15. Ballet or art?


bipolar-bubbeleh: thesaltyspice: I’ve been seeing a lot of...




I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Nazi ones, which is great, but I felt like we needed one to show our support for the Jewish community.  

all you goyim I follow - I see you reblogging this and it warms me.


softboy-phan: Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 valid Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 beatiful Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏...



Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 valid

Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 beatiful

Chubby 👏 girls 👏 are 👏 equal


Ask Ask Ask ;)




Send me a #

1 - Who was the last person you texted?

2 - When is your birthday?

3 - Who do you want to be with right now?

4 - What sports do you play?

5 - Who is the first person in your contacts?

6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment?

7 - If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with?

8 - What do you feel right now?

9 - What chocolate is your favorite?

10 - How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have?

11 - Why did you create a Tumblr account?

12 - Who is your favorite blogger?

13 - Where do you want to be right now?

14 - What do you want to be in the future?

15 - When was the last time you cried? Why?

16 - Are you happy?

17 - Who do you miss?

18 - If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life?

19 - What was the best thing you were given?

20 - Who was the last person who called you?

21 - What is your favorite dish?

22 - Who is your bestfriend?

23 - What is your biggest regret?

24 - Have you ever cheated on your partner?

25 - Who do you spend crazy moments with?

26 - Name someone pretty.

27 - Who was the last person you hugged?

28 - What kind of music do you listen to?

29 - Are you over your past?

30 - Who is the last person in your contacts?

31 - What kind of person do you want to date?

32 - Do you have troubles sleeping at night?

33 - From whom was the last text message you received?

34 - What do you prefer, jeans or skirt?

35 - How’s your heart?

36 - Did you ever have a girlfriend/boyfriend whose name starts with a “J”?

37 - Do you like someone as of the moment?

38 - What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend?

39 - Do you have any phobias?

40 - Did you try to change for a person?

41 - What’s the nicest thing have you given to someone?

42 - Would you go back to your previous relationship?

43 - Are you in a good or bad mood?

44 - Name someone you can’t live without.

45 - Describe your dream date.

46 - Describe your dream wedding.

47 - How many roses did you receive last Valentine’s?

48 - Have you ever been kissed?

49 - How long is your longest relationship?

50 - Do you regret your past?

51 - Can you do something stupid for someone else?

52 - Have you ever cried over someone?

53 - Do you have a grudge against anyone?

54 - Are you a crybaby?

55 - Do people praise you for your looks?

56 - Did you fall for someone you shouldn’t?

57 - Have you ever done something bad but you don’t regret?

58 - Do you like getting hurt?

59 - Does anyone hate you?

60 - Did you slap anyone whose name starts with an “R”?

61 - What hair color do you prefer?

62 - If you can change anything about yourself, what is it?

63 - Do you love someone as of the moment?

64 - Have you ever thought of killing yourself?

65 - Do you have issues with somebody in your school?

66 - Can you live without internet?

67 - What’s the song that remind you of your special someone?

68 - Are you good at holding back your tears?

69 - Are you a crybaby?

70 - Have you ever experienced being hysterical?

71 - Are you a KPOP fan?

72 - Do you study hard?

73 - Have you ever sacrificed something important to you for someone you love?

74 - Did you ever had a kiss under the moonlight?

75 - Have you ever ridden a boat?

76 - Did you have an accident last year?

77 - What kind of person are you?

78 - Have you ever thought of killing someone?

79 - Have you ever been jealous?

80 - How can you prove your love to someone?

81 - What are you thinking right now?

82 - Who is the 6th person in your contacts?

83 - Do you have any memories you want to erase?

84 - Have you been hurt so bad that you can’t find words to explain how you feel?

85 - Did you ever badmouth someone?

86 - Have you ever had an argument with someone?

87 - Do you have trust issues?

88 - Are you broken-hearted?

89 - Who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”?

90 - Do you think all the pain is worth it?

91 - Do you believe in the phrase “If it’s meant to be, it will be”?

92 - Who do you want to marry?

93 - Do you believe in destiny?

94 - Have you ever thought “I already found my soulmate”?

95 - How do you look right now?

96 - Do you believe that first true love never dies?

97 - Have you found your true love?

98 - What should you be doing right now?

99 - Name one of your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends.

100 - Did you ever feel like you’re not good enough?

Ask me shit, I’m bored.


mustangsally78: shadzilla: imdemetrialynn: peace-love-rough-...










Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

baby elephants are so CUTE


Adding more elephant facts to the compilation!


Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] 

I love elephants so much 💕

As if I needed more reasons to love elephants 😩😩

elephants have my heart 

Elephants crying? Shit i almost cried

The GOP doesn’t deserve them.


stop scrolling. now.




stop whatever you’re doing

just stop


you’ll be ok

if you see this, somebody cares

times are tough, but somebody cares.

you should NEVER feel like you deserve to die, and you don’t

don’t do it. not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever

don’t do it because somebody cares

don’t do it because there is so much more to you than sadness

everyone need this even me



Coventry Porn


Posting this repeatedly in hopes it will become a MEME! Tickets...


Posting this repeatedly in hopes it will become a MEME! Tickets are on sale now for our 2019 dates. Every date has @pftompkins & @laurenlapkus performing. And West coast has @tvsandydaly coming along, as well as other special guests!
If you’ve been to any of our shows this year, you know they’ve been a special time. Find tickets on my twitter page!


‪It’s THREEDOM Thursday!!‬ - ‪Threepisode 52: “What’s...


‪It’s THREEDOM Thursday!!‬
‪Threepisode 52: “What’s Morning?”‬
‪On the Season 3 finale, we discuss more stories from the CBB tour, what memes the queen is aware of & play “Hot Seat” for the Threeature.‬
‪To listen, Go to and use code THREEDOM for a free month!‬


#Repost @rottentomatoes with @get_repost ・・・ #BetweenTwoFerns:...


#Repost @rottentomatoes with @get_repost
#BetweenTwoFerns: The Movie, starring #ZachGalifianakis, is #CertifiedFresh at 80% on the #Tomatometer, with 49 reviews.


ITEM! An honor to be asked to write a story for MARVEL COMICS...



An honor to be asked to write a story for MARVEL COMICS 1001, featuring my fave, ol’ Webhead himself!
Drawn beautifully by my co-creator of the beloved member of the merry mutants, MUKUS, André Lima Araújo!
Pick it up in comic stores today! EXCELSIOR


Fundoshi Front and Back


This week I've selected some images of the front pouch of the fundoshi, as well as its roped thong-like back part. Which side of the fundoshi is business, and which is pleasure?


2019. október 8. kedd


A statisztika nem a végeredményt mutatja meg !


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19. tippjáték 11/15. nap



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2019. október 7. hétfő


A gondolkodás nem csak a bukik fegyvere !


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19. tippjáték 10/15. nap



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2019. október 6. vasárnap


Számos olyan tényező van, ami rossz tippet eredményez és jóval kevesebb, ami a sikerhez vezet


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19. tippjáték 9/15. nap



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2019. október 5. szombat


Minden nap jó nap. Vagy pénzt nyer az ember,vagy tapasztalatot…


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19. tippjáték 8/15. nap



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2019. október 4. péntek


Egyik út sincs olyan hosszú, hogy vége ne legyen ...


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19. tippjáték 7/15. nap



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2019. október 3. csütörtök


A sportfogadásban a jó és a rossz kézenfogva jár - csupán a fogadón múlik, hogy saját maga hogyan jár...  


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19. tippjáték 6/15. nap



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2019. október 2. szerda


A bukást is ugyanúgy kell fogadni, mint a nyerést !


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19. tippjáték 5/15. nap



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2019. október 1. kedd


A szerencseszázalék és a megérzés nagyobb arányban van bármilyen statnál tény és való


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19. tippjáték 4/15. nap



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2019. szeptember 30. hétfő


Ne féljünk a magas oddsoktól, mert az alacsonyak ugyanúgy elmennek

(TippMikszáth Kálmán)

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2019. szeptember 29. vasárnap


A túl egyszerű megoldások ritkán jók! 


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tumblr_oi4z96Sai91qjzvcco1_500.jpg (500×334)

car and black image

Fixing a car-door dent with fantasy cartography


Did you get dinged in a parking lot? Or did you back into a phone-poll? A little bondo, a little black pinstriping, and voila, you've turned your car's unsightly, damaged door panel into a map of fantastic, Tolkien-adjacent realms.

It comes from the Shitty Car Mods Daily Tumblr, which, as its strapline explains, "occasionally the goodshit too."

(via Slate Star Codex) Read the rest


Kuopion miekkahyökkäys ja kuopiolaisten passiivisuus spektaakkelissa

* päivitetty    

Muuttuuko ihmisten järkytys vihdoinkin politiikaksi, tahdoksi?


Tiedostavatko ihmiset yhtään mitään vallankäyttäjien vastuusta?

Pelko, kaaos, raiskaukset, hiljaiset uhrit. Hiljaisuus. Eliitti rakastaa pelkoa ja lamaantumista sillä pelkäävät alamaiset eivät kumoa eliitin terroria eivätkä selvitä miten eliitti tuhosi pohjoismaisen mallin saavutukset -- vaan kuuntelevat eliitin massamedian käskyjä ja tunnepornoa saadakseen eliitin papillisen "siunauksen".   "JärkyttävääJärkyttävääJärkyttävää".

Puhumme nyt tässä tapaukseen viitaten vain seuraamuksista, emme syistä. Miekkamiehet eivät ole syy ihmisten turvattomuudelle  vaan eliitin politiikka.

  • Eliitti / Media käyttää erittäin taitavasti jokaista shokki-spektaakkelia hyväkseen. Narratiivin ohjauksessa jotta poliittista analyysia ei tehtäisi yhteiskunnan tilasta.

Mihin yhteiskuntaa on tuhottu 30 vuotta
- oikeistoeliitin vaatimuksessa EU-liittovaltion luomisessa ja demokratian poistamisesta?

Perustuslaki on hyvin selvä: se kieltää väestönsiirron Suomeen mutta silti poliitikot tottelevat brysselin kaaospolitiikkaa - ja jopa rajan yli tuodaan kulkutautisia jatkuvasti ilman mitään testausta ja estettä. Tämä on totaalisen paljastavaa eliitin kyynisestä terrorista yhteiskuntaa vastaan.

Rehtorit keskittyvät suojelemaan kiusaajia ja psyykkisen terrorin harjoittajia ja syyllistämään uhreja kapitalismin keskeisen hierarkian ja pelon logiikalla - vedoten "suvaitsevaisuuteen".

Arki on muuttunut sietämättömäksi,

köyhyyttä "ihaillaan" mediassa ivallisesti nyt alamaisen suureksi velvollisuudeksi keskiaikaisen kirkon taktiikalla, koulut suurilla luokilla ihmisiä esineellistäviksi kaaoskouluiksi, sillä empaattisten kyläkoulujen tappaminen on ideologia eikä pakko. "Köyhä ei saa syödä lihaa". Eliitti haluaa massaa, alamaisia, apatiaa, pelkoa, alistumista, selviytymistaistelua, shokkiuutisia  samalla kun eliitti ja superfirmat ovat verottomia verenimijöitä. Syöpäläisiä.

Suomea vaaditaan muiden EU-maiden velkojen eli kapitalistien pankkien maksajaksi ja alistumaan osaksi Saksan suurarmeijaa -- eikä kansa käsitä mihin helvettiin eduskunta on Suomea viemässä mutta järkyttävät graafiset uutiset sentään "järkyttävät".

60-l noussut pohjoismainen malli todisti hienosti kuinka resursseja jakamalla voidaan luoda yhteiskuntamalli jossa poistetaan pahoinvointia hyvin tehokkaasti. Kaikki suuret vertailut korostavat kuinka talous muuttui tehokkaaksi veroprogression avulla, palkat nousivat asuntojen hinnat olivat edulliset eivätkä keinottelun kohde -  tästä nuoret eivät edes tiedä.

Mutta nyt systeemi  keskittyy syrjäyttämään suomalaisia EU:n suurvaltiohankkeen takia luodakseen identiteettituhon talousmallia. Suomalaisten verorahoja ei käytetä suomalaisiin vaan suomalaiset siirretään sekundääriseksi paarialuokaksi ja massamedia hehkuttaa tätä mallia äärimmäisen petollisella "hyväntahdon" illuusiolla. Itsetuho esitetään nyt suomalaisille velvollisuutena ja väestönsiirtoa Suomeen ainoaksi tarkoitukseksi alamaisille lunastaa "kelpaavuus" eliitin silmissä.

Eliitti on halunnut nyt käsillä olevan pahoinvointimallin mutta syyttää vain yksilöitä pahoinvoinnista ja kieltää ideologisen vastuun suomalaisten pahoinvoinnille pohjoismaisen mallin vimmaisessa alasajossa.

Kansainvälisyys-sanasta on tehty irvikuva: suomalaisten identiteettiä ja suomalaisten panosta maailmalle ei vahvisteta vaan metodisesti tuhotaan koulutusta ym. suomalaisten resursseja joka tasolla - tilalle lobattu rahat vievää militarismia ja lamaa lahjana EU:lta - ja valuuttaorjuutta suur-Saksalle uhrilahjana. Kaikki lupaukset EU:sta on osoitettu petokseksi, silti EU:n brutaalia teknokratiaa esitetään elämän ainoaksi merkitykseksi suomalaisille. Petos on täydellinen ja maustettuna venäjävihalla Suomea ajetaan EU NATO:n sotahaukkojen veriseen sotaan sillä tämä EU on todellisuudessa vain vanhojen aatelissukujen homeinen unelma Rooman ja natsisaksan imperialismista.
Mm Kataisen hallitus valevasemmistonsa kanssa vei yhteiskunnan joka vuoden hyvinvoinnin ja koulutuksen budjetista + 8 miljardia jokaiselta nyt jokaiselta kuluvalta vuodelta budjetista - eli eliitin verottomuueden ja verohelpotusten  takaaminen sekä väestönsiirron salattujen kustannusten nostaminen on kaiken tämän talouspoliittisen teurastuksen takana. Ahon hallitus iski uusliberalistisen jokavuotisen eliitin bakkanaalin leikkaamaan  ja leikkaamaan eliitin ja suur-EU:n orgioiden hyväksi.  
Tulliverotuksesta luovutetaan joka vuosi 7 miljardia EU:lle ja mediassa täydellinen radiohiljaisuus vedätyksestä.  

Minne rahat menevät? 

Minne hyvinvointi menee?

Miksi eliitin verottomuutta on nyt n 50 miljardia joka vuosi - laillista ja laitonta!

  • Oletko ihmetellyt koskaan miksi äärimmäiset varakkaat rkp-kokoomusrasistit muuttuivat kuin yhdessä yössä väestönsiirrosta intoileviksi EU-fanaatikoiksi -- joskus euroon huijaamisen paikkeilla?

Koska heidän sukunsa rikastuu kun verorahoilla vuokrataan lisää kiinteistöjä ja maailman kalleimmat kaupat saavat asiakkaita  verorahoilla kustannettuna samaan aikaan kun suomalaisten terveydenhuolto on ajettu alas niin summia salaillaan kuinka väestönsiirron terveydenhuoltoon upotetaan miljardeja - massiivisesti ja summia salaten. 300000 on tuotu varsin nopeasti Suomeen tekosyillä, laittomasti lupaillen elintason nousua ihmeellisessä EU:ssa.

Miksi kaaos kasvaa? 

Miksi massmedia esittää militarismin ja väestönsiirron suurimmaksi ratkaisuksi kun kansalaiset elävät kurjuudessa?

Politiikka on keskittynyt nyt yhteiskunnan tuhoamiseen, eliitin vallan lisäämiseen kaaoksen ja hyvä veli -korruption kautta: kansalaisia syytetään eliitin kaappauksesta. Resursseja siirretään koko ajan väestönsiirtoon "ihanteena", etusijalla ei ole suomalainen ja suomalaisten aidot tarpeet vaan EU:n kansallisvaltioita tuhoava ideologia, eliitin johtama liittovaltio ilman demokratiaa Eurooppa hajotettuna yhdeksi muokkailtavaksi massaksi.
  • Hyvinvointimalli vähensi turhien sotien nostaman väkivallan Suomessa maailmanennätysvauhdilla 1960-1982. Kaikki on todistettu hienosta mallista jossa eliitti ei sanellut ja jossa TYÖLLISTÄVÄT valtionyhtiöt ylpeästi ja julkeasti pakottivat eliitin bisneksenkin pitämään hinnat alhaalla -- mutta sitten eliitin taloushelvetti vapautettiin kontrollista lamaa kohden - valheilla tietysti dollarijumalaan, keinotekoiseen "pörssinousuun" vedoten, keinotteluun vedoten, "rahalla tehdään rahaa" ja kansa maksamaan keinottelijoiden kuplan. Ei ole vapaata rahaa kuin vain valheena joka myytiin mediakampanjalla "Oikeus rikastua".  
 Ulkoistaminen on terrorin keskeinen taktiikka valtion toimivan hyvinvointisysteemin alasajossa: verovarat siirretään rkp-kokoomus veljien valvomana heidän kavereilleen vavlovmattomiin firmoihin vastapalvelusten saattelemana pois onnistuneesta pohjoismaisen mallin kontrollista ja tehokkuus-sääntelystä. Jotta joku rikastuu.
Tämä hierarkian hyvä veli -ideologia näkyy Kuopiossakin ällistyttävän korostettuna elitisminä mm. uusina eliitin salaseurojen temppeleinä joita massamedia esittelee harmittomina harrastekerhoina viittoineen mutta sitä nämä Rooman militarismia, vallan keskittämistä, Vatikaanin massojen hallintaa ja imperialismia ihailevat rkp-kokoomuslaiset salaseurat eivät ole.  
Myrkylliset Hometalot ja homekoulut ovat suora todiste & huikea metafora hyvä veli -terrorin seuraamuksista, korruptiosta. Tehdään paskaa jotta veroraha kiertäisi korruptiofirmojen piikkeihin. Mitään ei tapahdu vahingossa - kun raha on osana. Ei mikään.

Yliopistojen uutta kehitystä ja totuutta tavoitteleva tiede on tuhottu oikeistolaisen suuryhtiöiden hierarkian ja käskytyksen alle.

Miksi militarismi ja eliitin vakoilun ja kontrollin gestapo-lait laajenevat.

Naurettava armeijan ja poliisin 200 miehen rynnäkkö venäläisen liikemiehen saareen oli yksi räikeimpiä psykologisen sodankäynnin vaiheista eikä suurin osa suomalaisista tajunnut että sillä ajettiin vain gestapo-lakeja demokratian lakkauttamiseksi.

Tajuatko miten paljon Kataisen & eduskunnan aloittama 70 miljardin asevarustelu tuhoaa yhteiskuntaa ja kerjää CIA NATOn vaatimaa sotaa, sotatalouden vihan kulttuuria?

Se - tietämättömyys poliitiikan seuraamuksista - on eliitin tärkein ase suomalaisten hönöttämiseen. 8000 miljoonaa euroa vuodessa väestönsiirtokuluihin ja kasvaen jatkuvasti kapitalisteja rikastuttaen rikkoen valtio-opin perusehtoja valtion jatkuvuudelle ja hyvinvoinnille.

Väestönsiirron hintaa ei todellakaan kerrota samalla kun koulusysteemi on ajettu alas, nuorille ei ole apua tarjolla, opettajia erotetaan ja ylitöitä mätkitään, kielitaidottomia palkataan ns lääkäreiksi, nuorten ahdistus kasvaa köyhyydestä ja vanhukset kuolevat keltaiset hampaat suussa mädäten.  Lisääntyvää tuotua väkivaltaa salaillaan ikaisesti muka luotettavan poliisin toimesta. Tuomiot ovat mitättömiä karmeissa raiskauksissa.

Vain lakot ja mielenosoitukset ovat enää aitoa demokratiaa.
Puolueiden valheet haisevat  jo mädäntyneelle.

Hajota ja hallitse, ulvoo eliitti kun pohjoismaista mallia terrorisoidaan kohti kurjuutta ja feodalismia. Ivallisesti kansalle kuitataan "Emme voi elää lintukodossa".

Voimmehan. Haluaako Suomi takaisin uskomattoman toimivan pohjoismaisen mallin ja mielen jossa eliitti laitettiin kuriin ja veroprogression vastuuseen? Haluammeko valtion takaisin vai etelä-eurooppalaiset vallanahneet suvut jatkamaan suursaksan projektia, joka asein sammutettiin 1945?

Rooma-Vatikaanin lumous "eliitin vapaudesta" jatkuu. Ellei kansa nouse, taas.

  • Juuri tätä oikeistonihilismiä vastaan kirjoitin uuden blogikirjoitukseni, he huutavat ettei yhteiskuntaa ole olemassa: 

Tietoja tästä verkkosivustosta
Joukkoampumisten syy on lopulta yksinkertainen. Ampuja itse tekee ratkaisunsa. Kyse on yksittäisen ihmisen omasta raukkamaisesta valinnasta, kirjoittaa Kari Enqvist

Eliitin valemoraali vaatii aina alistumista eliitille.

Voi kuinka eliitti joutuu kärsimään näin syntisestä kansakunnasta, voi voi.

Kirkkokulttuuri: nautithan alistumisesta, olethan hyvä uhri, tunnusta olevasi nöyrä syntinen joka kaipaa eliitin hyväksyntää, toista: ei ole suomalaisia eikä Suomea. Toista.

Eliitti pelkää paljastuvansa, pelkää väestönsiirto-ideologiansa puolesta ja puskee uutta propagandaa, vetoomuksia, olethan valmis köyhtymään, olethan hyvä uhri. Ethän ole kateellinen eliitin rikastumiseta ja hyväksikäytöstä, ethän.

Tietoja tästä verkkosivustosta

  • Kuopion temppeli 

Miekkamies miekka Kuopiossa li andersson kokoomus vasemmistoliitto keskusta demarit sdp rkp vihreät maahanmuutto rinne pääministeri hallitus



ikitie-elokuva ja Hesarin oikeistolainen propaganda


YLE ja Hesari ovat yhä väärentämässä NL:oon siirtyneiden määrää 10 kertaiseksi.

Samoin ei kerrota että suomalaiset olivat vähän tyhmiä kun vieraina alkoivat arvostella Neuvostoliiton johtajia. Tietysti heidät siirrettiin vihollismääritelmään. kts



>> ссылка на заявку <<

Средь миллиона голосов хочу услышать твой сладчайший голос
время умирать

Stanley Uris [Стенли Урис]

it. 14/40. человек. неудачник//подрядчик. Wyatt Jess Oleff// Andy Bean.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Слышишь, как течет по венам кровь?
Отражение врет, Стенли это знает. Там, по ту сторону амальгамной завесы стоит 14летний мальчишка, что едва одолел жуткого клоуна. Коленки трясутся, руки трясутся, пальцы ходят ходуном. Дрожь нервную унять невозможно. Красная мысль, убийственная мысль уже сидит там, в голове, проникла глубоко. Он вернулся. Он проснулся, Стенли. И ты просыпаешься, чувствуешь, как ворочается страж — жуткий кошмар. Настоящий, не поддельный. Возвращается все — воспоминания, клуб неудачников, забытые имена и лица. Шрам на ладони зудит. Клятва. Кровь.
Вернуться в дряхлое городишко, что бы снова посмотреть в эти желтые глаза с вертикальным зрачком? Найдешь ли ты в себе силы или на глаза быстрее попадутся острые лезвия, прежде чем сформируется четкий ответ?


Crescent City


Мия собирает команду по спасению мира
Roy Harper & Connor Hawke Joe Keery & Gaten Matarazzo

имя и фамилия
20 | медицум &  16 | маг
перманентно ищущий работу & школьник

- Вы такие лузеры, что даже на конкурсе лузеров вы заняли бы второе место, потому-что вы лузеры.
- Бесишся потому что сама заняла бы только третье?

На самом деле Мия не то что бы действительно много о них знает. Когда-то она работала вместе с роем в одной забегаловке. Коннор постоянно торчал у них и втирал какую-то дичь, то про черные дыры, то про комиксы, то про параллельные миры, то про стартрек. Рой никогда не понимал, что несёт мальчишка и картинно закатывал глаза, когда Мия и Коннор переходили на клингонский. Двум нердам было легко найти общий язык. Порой Рой не понимал ни слова из их разговоров, но от чего-то ему было куда комфортнее тусоваться с ними на работе, чем торчать где-то там, вместе с такими ребятами как он - популярными красавчиками. На этой работе они продержались совсем не долго, потом был комикс-шоп, музыкальный магазин, бассейн, роллер-бар, кверст-рум... Рой и Мия давно уже превратились в уничерсальных солдат, что способны на любую низкооплачиваемую работу не требующую какого либо образования. Ну как способны, они на неё согласны, хотя по итогу работать они конечно не будут, впрочем Рой иногда старается.
В какой именно момент присутствие этой парочки в её жизни стало чем-то постоянным Мия не знает, но точно знает, что она им за это безумно благодарна и в случае чего за этих двоих костьми ляжет. Впрочем, им обоим об этом знать конечно не обязательно.

дополнительная информация
Ну-с я думаю мне не особо нужно кого и зачем я ищу, по внешкам вроде как и так должно всё быть понятно. Я не прошу брать персонажей из сериала, пускай это будут другие люди, другие мальчишки, другие образы, но я безумно хочу всё той же химии в этой красочной троице.
Заявка очень сумбурная, невнятная, в ней нет практически никакой конкретики и вообще полный простор для действий и нагромождений. Так что вертите как хотите, я вас буду любить в любом случае.
Кстати, ко мне вагончиком идёт брат-двойняшка, папаша, что ненавидит всякое мистическое и хочет меня убить, ну и там всякие волчатки-маги-оборотни. Вообщем народу у нас тут много и игру развернуть можно на любой вкус и размер. Словим смехуечков, нажремся стекла, устроим скандалы-интриги-расследования.
Приходите в гостевую и машите там собачьими вкусняшками, я тут же прибегу и откушу вам лицо от безумной любви, после чего отвечу на все вопросы и утащу к себе под бочок.




Quando o universo Marvel começou, o CHP tinha cinco meses. Ninguém falava nada sobre "fases", mas haviam sugestões nas cenas pós créditos que anunciavam um futuro filme dos Vingadores. "Estamos montando uma equipe", um martelo perdido, o tesseract, uma pequena frase lá no final do filme do Thor: Thor retornará em "Vingadores". O filme dos Vingadores seria um evento e tanto, mas o que viria depois? 
São onze anos de MCU (12 de CHP) e vinte e três filmes até o momento, agora eu quero saber o que o meu eu do passado tinha na cabeça quando viu cada uma dessas fases na tela grande.

Começar pelo Homem de Ferro foi arriscado, e no fim o personagem se tornou um ícone. Meu eu de 2008 curtiu o que viu, deu nota dez. O Hulk me fez esquecer do desastroso filme de 2003, sinto muito Ang Lee, tinha cara de HQ (mesmo) e fazia homenagens ao seriado de tv. Nota nove, e nota máxima pro blu-ray, curti muito os extras.
"Homem de ferro 2" pisou na bola, nota nove no cinema, depois perdi a empolgação e o blu-ray perdeu dois pontos. Thor foi legal, cara de HQ de novo, nota nove, perdeu um ponto no blue. O primeiro filme do Capitão foi o máximo, acho que merecia um dez, na época ganhou um nove. E o filme dos Vingadores? Wow. Com o Thanos no final, eu fiquei maluco. Dez no cinema, merecia um Super Combo, e dez no blue, que veio dentro de uma lata.

A segunda fase começou com "Homem de ferro 3". Não consegui esconder a decepção em relação ao Mandarim, o resto do filme foi ok, nota oito. "Thor 2" também foi ok, nota oito pra mim é um carinho na cabeça. Mas "Capitão América soldado invernal" merecia um dez, não um oito. "Guardiões da galáxia" me conquistou, nota máxima. Olha o Thanos de volta, com a manopla do infinito, o final de "A era de Ultron" me fez lamber os dedos, mas o filme não merecia um oito, eles estragaram o vilão.
O filme do Homem formiga foi muito divertido, mas um dez foi exagero.

"Guerra civil" foi memorável, merecia nota máxima, levou um dez ... Dr Estranho nota oito, foi justo.  "Guardiões da galáxia 2" nota dez? Não foi tudo isso não. "Homem Aranha de volta ao lar", nota oito. Sem o tio Ben, dependente demais do Homem de ferro, um sete seria melhor. "Thor Ragnarok" mereceu mesmo um nove, ou um nove ponto cinco, mas não dou esse tipo de nota aqui. Pantera negra, dez, justo. Guerra infinita, super combo, ceeeerto. 

Homem formiga e a Vespa, nota oito, concordo. Capitã Marvel ... acho que faltou uma narrativa melhor, não daria oito, talvez um sete. "Vingadores ultimato" mereceu o Super Combo. "Homem Aranha longe de casa", carinho na cabeça, nota oito. Valeu pelos easter eggs. 


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First Revolutionary Measures

Author: Eric Hazan, Kamo
Title: First Revolutionary Measures
Date: March 2017
Notes: Published by Ill Will Editions.


for @newscientist...


for @newscientist #STEM


Some preparatory doodles for the @guardian review cartoon in my...


Some preparatory doodles for the @guardian review cartoon in my last post


for yesterday’s @guardian review


for yesterday’s @guardian review


Notes and doodles for a recent @newscientist cartoon....


Notes and doodles for a recent @newscientist cartoon. #rollercoasters




for @newscientist


‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ (my cartoon for yesterday’s @guardian review


‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ (my cartoon for yesterday’s @guardian review


Embroidery hoop art Embroidered flower Minimalist tumblr room decor Aesthetic wall art by FancyEmbroideryGifts


25.00 USD

Size wood hoop 17 cm ( 6,692 inches)
Embroidery stitched on 100% cotton.
Embroidery thread on 100% cotton.
Embroidery pack in wood hoop

Let this contemporary embroidery bring a cosiness in Your home!
Made with love and care !


¿Conocen esa cita que dice ”Stop and smell the roses”? Bueno,...


¿Conocen esa cita que dice ”Stop and smell the roses”? Bueno, pues en mi caso siempre sería ”Stop and look at the sky”. No importa dónde esté y cuánta prisa tenga, siempre me detengo a mirar el cielo. Es hermoso.
#sky #cielo #ciel
#himmel #nubes #clouds #nuvola #nuage #atardecer #sunset #mexico #dusk #crepusculo #crepuscule #tramonto #dammerung #twilight — view on Instagram


🌹🌺🌻🏵️❤️ . . #storefront #mural #muralart #fachada #flores...


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Después del desorden del mes pasado con chiles en nogada y qué...


Después del desorden del mes pasado con chiles en nogada y qué no, este mes sí me portaré re bien. (Plot twist: pero es el mes del pan de muerto 💀 y calabaza en toooodo 🥧) 😛
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Estuve rondando por allí a ver si veía al Doctor pero fue...


Estuve rondando por allí a ver si veía al Doctor pero fue infructuoso. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Octubre. . . #pumpkin #calabaza #squash #whitepumpkins...


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Cuatro gatos, cuatro personalidades. 😾😼 😺😻 . . #catstagram...


Cuatro gatos, cuatro personalidades. 😾😼
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