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東芝 Satellite B453 B553 B554 シリーズ内臓スピーカーの交換

この機種はB450系のがっちりした筐体からスタイリッシュなった新生サテライトです ...

Software Engineer - DISH - Cheyenne, WY

The remote monitoring of the RF satellite transports. DISH is a Fortune 250 company with more than $13 billion in annual revenue that continues to redefine the…
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Senior SATCOM Technician - DISH - Cheyenne, WY

Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree in RF Technologies/Satellite Communications or; 2-7+ years of RF related work experience suggested experience also…
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Senior Satellite Bandwith Technician - EchoStar - Cheyenne, WY

At least two years of RF engineering experience. SATS) headquartered in Englewood, CO, with additional locations world-wide, is a premier global provider of…
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Space students build satellite


Students on the Master Programme in Space Engineering will build a satellite, a CubeSat. The satellite will contain two scientific instruments and will eventually be launched into space. – Now the really exciting phase of the project starts: designing and building the satellite, says Theresia Hestad, space student and project manager.


Spain's RTVE preparing to launch two now satellite HD channels in January

(Telecompaper) Spanish state broadcaster RTVE has begun the process to launch two new HD satellite channels in January 2020, reports local portal Nowsat...

Smart Home Service Technician - Via Satellite, Inc. - Martinsburg, WV

*Opportunity to gain valuable work skills - *working with great companies like DISH, HughesNet, Samsung, Polk, Google, Nest among others. Here is how it works: $14 - $20 an hour
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Smart Home Service Technician - Via Satellite, Inc. - Snowshoe, WV

*Opportunity to gain valuable work skills - *working with great companies like DISH, HughesNet, Samsung, Polk, Google, Nest among others. Here is how it works: $13 - $20 an hour
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Satellitenbild der Woche: Riesenstausee Lake Powell füllt sich mit Wasser - zumindest ein bisschen

Seit zwei Jahrzehnten entziehen extreme Dürreperioden einem der größten Stauseen der USA die Reserven. 2019 brachte etwas Entlastung, Entwarnung gibt es am Lake Powell jedoch noch nicht.

Commenti su Mais su tre lavorazioni in buono stato nonostante i nubifragi di maggio di Davide Bonfante

Buongiorno. Pratico sia minima che tradizionale, convinto che in pochi anni la prima sostituirà la seconda. Dalle foto però mi sarei aspettato il contrario!! Quella su strip till è orribile rispetto all'aratura. Il satellite dice meglio strip ma le foto allora? In un anno come questo avrei proprio detto meglio strip till, perlomeno lo spererei molto.

An ancient tree is the first ever found to have a record of Earth's magnetic field reversal


Trees give us a unique glimpse into our past. An examination of tree rings can show us what the climate was like in a given year. Was it a wet winter? Were there hurricanes in the summer? Did a forest fire ravage the area?

An ancient tree in New Zealand is the first to provide evidence of the near reversal of the Earth's magnetic field over 41,000 years ago.

Over the past 83 million years there have been 183 magnetic pole reversals, a process that takes about 7,000 years to complete.

"It's not a sudden flip, but a slow process, during which the field strength becomes weak, very probably the field becomes more complex and might show more than two poles for a while, and then builds up in strength and [aligns] in the opposite direction," Monika Korte, the scientific director of the Niemegk Geomagnetic Observatory at GFZ Potsdam in Germany, said according to Live Science.

RELATED: Historic 3,000-year-old olive tree still producing olives to this day

During this process, the Earth can be bombarded with dangerous cosmic rays shot out of the sun.

The last time this happened was 772,000 years ago and, since, the magnetic field has almost reversed 15 times.

via Reddit

One of these near reversals was during the lifespan of an ancient Agathis australis — better known as its Māori name kauri — that was recently unearthed 26-feet below ground during the construction of a geothermal power plant in New Zealand.

The tree lived for 1500 years from between 41,000 and 42,500 years ago during a period known as the Laschamp Excursion.

"There's nothing like this anywhere in the world," Alan Hogg, from New Zealand's University of Waikato, said according to Newsweek. "This Ngawha kauri is unique."

RELATED: Nonprofit plants its 250 millionth tree in order to help heal the planet

The kauri's rings contain a complete record of the near reversal and it's the first time a tree that lived through the entire event has been discovered.

Samples of the tree are being analyzed by a team led by ChrisTurney from the University of South Wales. By understanding the near reveral's effect on the tree, scientists hope to learn what to expect next time it happens.

"We will have increased cosmic radiation. It will take out satellites and it might take out other communication infrastructure," Alan Hogg, from New Zealand's University of Waikato, said.

The effects of a magnetic field change are of increasing interest to scientists after reports last September showed the Earth's northern magnetic pole moved at an unexpectedly fast rate tate towards Siberia.

"Because the Earth's magnetic field has a major effect on how much radiocarbon carbon is formed in the upper atmosphere, these precious analyses will allow us to investigate the magnitude and rate of change when the magnetic field reversed during the Laschamp; something not possible before and of great interest given recent changes in the Earth's magnetic field," Turney said.


Ingénieur(e) Traitement Image - Qualité Image (H/F) - Thales - Toulouse

Description du poste : CE QUE NOUS POUVONS ACCOMPLIR ENSEMBLE : En nous rejoignant, vous vous verrez confier les missions suivantes : Participer au développement et à la mise en oeuvre opérationnelle des méthodes algorithmiques de suivi en vol des performances radiométriques et géométriques de satellites haute et très haute résolution Réaliser des simulations radiométriques et géométriques de prises de vue pour des imageurs hautes et très hautes résolutions en télédétection...

Conférence sur les noyaux bulles le 24 octobre 2019 à Orsay

We would like to invite you for an evening of Physics and beer at the Gramophone in Orsay on the 24th of October at 6:30pm. There, we will discover together about the fascinating world of bubbles and nuclear physics thanks to Marine Vandebrouck (researcher at CEA Saclay/IRFU). This is your chance to meet other PhD students working nearby on exciting and probably bizarre topics (and enjoy some free beer). If you want to join us, sign up here, it’s free: Feel free also to join the event on facebook : We are organising this event in preparation for a bigger one, the conference of the Rencontres des Jeunes (RJP). The RJP conference will take place on the 29th of November (save the date). It is a day of lectures in the prestigious auditorium of the College de France in Paris, with free food and drinks all day long. Organised by PhD students for PhD students the fun is guaranteed and everyone is invited! RJP events are organized by PhD students, members of the young commission of the French Physics Society (SFP). This invitation is for the first satellite event at the Gramophone in Orsay. We will have a second satellite event later in Paris preceding the big event the RJP conference. We are looking forward to meet you!

Comment on Apple’s New Map Expands to Northeast U.S. by Bill Cheeseman

The new map finally stopped labeling my driveway as an extension of the nearby public road. I first reported the error 6 years ago when strange cars started coming down my driveway, and again 4 years ago. But the new map now makes the same mistake with a private driveway on a nearby road, completely omitting about half a mile of the nearby road even though it clearly shows in the satellite view.

Comment on Chrome Updater Bug Prevents Macs From Booting by Sören Nils Kuklau

<blockquote> Every app outside the Mac App Store has to roll its own software updater. This is how we get software update problems. Apple has left this gaping hole in the system forever. Why is there no system process and API for 3rd party app updates? </blockquote> No, no, no. Yes, it would have been great if Apple had shipped a standard way to update apps (and also a better mechanism to remove them that also removes satellite files), but <strong>Sparkle does exist</strong>, has existed for a long time, and gets the job done just fine. Google <em>could’ve</em> used that. They do not want to, because of NIH culture, and also because they don’t want the user’s consent in changing their software whenever they please (something euphemistically known as “evergreen” now).

Beveled glass locket necklace, personalized womens jewelry, square glass locket pendant, custom locket bridal necklace, gift for her by soradesigns


57.45 USD

Personalized women's necklace sterling silver square glass locket pendant heirloom keepsake bridal locket necklace wedding gift newlywed gift

This listing is for a PLAIN sterling silver square glass locket. I have other listings for gold tone brass glass lockets in both oval and square (see last two photos of the gold tone brass lockets):

This oval locket is formed with beveled glass on both side with an ingenious screw so you can open the locket and insert any memento of your own choice. The design is heirloom quality so it will be a keepsake gift for years to come.

If you just want to add maps on both sides, here is the link to add two maps of your choice for $10 fee:

Finished off with a delicate silver satellite chain (small tiny gold beads dotted along the chain). Choose your length at check out.

(Sora Designs - All Rights Reserved)


Custom name locket, Personalized locket necklace, heart necklace, floating locket, personalized name necklace, Couple name necklace, initial by soradesigns


43.00 USD

Personalized jewelry, Valentine's day gift, Floating locket heart jewelry, personalized initial locket necklace

New teardrop floating locket!! I have been asked by so many customers about a glass locket that can put tiny charms inside (because my other beveled glass lockets can fit only photos or fabric). This is a 30mm long gold plated over stainless steel memory locket. It is very high quality so it has a nice weight to it and the closure is tight. You can choose a plain locket so you can add your own precious mementos or select the brass heart blank (20mm wide) with names or initials on it. Please write in the NOTE area if you like Stainless silver or the gold version.

If you want to add the star bead or birthstone crystals, it's additional $2 each.
The chain is rust resistant satellite chain with tiny beads along the chain. You can select the length you want or convo me for a different length. The model photo shows 30 inches. Please write the initials and birthstone color of your choice in the NOTE area when you check out.

Convo me if you have other special request.

(Sora Designs - All Rights Reserved)


Global Satellite Based EO Market Analysis By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast To 2024

Satellite Based EO Industry Description Global Satellite Based EO Industry 2019 Market Research Report Provide The Details About Industry Overview And Analysis About Manufacturing Cost Structure, Revenue, Gross Margin, Consumption Value And Sale Price, Major Manufacturers, Distributors, Industry Chain Structure, New Project Swot Analysis With Development Trends And Forecasts 2024. Satellite-based EO is earth observation … Continue reading Global Satellite Based EO Market Analysis By Manufacturers, Regions, Type And Application, Forecast To 2024

IT Support Technician - Ground Truth Exploration - Dawson City, YT

Satellite internet hardware and accounts. Experience setting up Satellite Phones, Delormes, GPS and DGPS, Drones and Satellite Internet. $29 an hour
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Independant Satellite / Internet System Technician - Extreme Theatre Inc. - La Ronge, SK

Internet System Installation, troubleshooting, and sales. We are currently looking for an energetic, motivated individual(s) to grow with our company!
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Conférence sur les noyaux bulles le 24 octobre 2019 à Orsay

We would like to invite you for an evening of Physics and beer at the Gramophone in Orsay on the 24th of October at 6:30pm. There, we will discover together about the fascinating world of bubbles and nuclear physics thanks to Marine Vandebrouck (researcher at CEA Saclay/IRFU). This is your chance to meet other PhD students working nearby on exciting and probably bizarre topics (and enjoy some free beer). If you want to join us, sign up here, it’s free: Feel free also to join the event on facebook : We are organising this event in preparation for a bigger one, the conference of the Rencontres des Jeunes (RJP). The RJP conference will take place on the 29th of November (save the date). It is a day of lectures in the prestigious auditorium of the College de France in Paris, with free food and drinks all day long. Organised by PhD students for PhD students the fun is guaranteed and everyone is invited! RJP events are organized by PhD students, members of the young commission of the French Physics Society (SFP). This invitation is for the first satellite event at the Gramophone in Orsay. We will have a second satellite event later in Paris preceding the big event the RJP conference. We are looking forward to meet you!

GIS Analyst - Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. - Tomahawk, WI

Ability to interpret and work with digital aerial imagery and satellite data. Is a full service forestry, GIS, real estate, surveying, and appraisal company…
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Tough luck, Jupiter, you've lost your crown for now: Boffins show Saturn has more moons


All hail the new moon king

Astronomers have discovered 20 new moons orbiting Saturn, meaning the gas giant now has a total of 82 satellites, overtaking Jupiter which has 79 currently identified.…


NGO Very Good At Pointing Out What Others Must Atone For Before Yom Kippur (PreOccupied Territory)

Our weekly column (delayed) from the humor site PreOccupied Territory

Check out their Facebook page.

pointingNew York, October 3 - Seasonal custom calls for Jews to conduct a reckoning of their behavior, and one organization that assumes the mantle of progressive Jewish values has demonstrated it excels in the important but overlooked arena of publicizing all the faults it sees in the Jews and Jewish institutions that do not share its anti-Israeli politics.

The NGO, which specializes in calling attention to the perceived moral failings of Israel, pro-Israel organizations, and Zionist Jews, and which presumes to tell American Jews how they must feel and act about Israel's policies, has seized the Jewish penitential season with relish, identifying exactly where and with what level of intention other Jews have strayed from its enlightened, forward-looking attitude that can be the only correct set of positions on serious questions of moral judgment, such as whether Jews should ever be anything other than passive victims. Its messages in advance of the Day of Atonement this coming Wednesday contained no fewer than ten specific sins it demanded that other Jews redress, among them support for Israel's occupation of Palestine, condoning Israel's occupation of Palestine, refusing to acknowledge the evil that is Israel's occupation of Palestine, and profiting from Israel's occupation of Palestine. The epithet "Apartheid" also featured prominently in several such messages.

In a series of tweets, the organization called on Jews to introduce the subject of the Occupation at festive family meals related to the High Holidays, with some indication that the deeply Jewish authors of the messages remain ignorant that Yom Kippur does not feature any such meals, given its status as a Biblically-mandated day of fasting. The same lack of knowledge, observers note, appears to account for the organization's assumption that anyone is unaware of Israel's control over territories captured from Jordan in 1967 and the Jewish state's measures to protect its citizens from attacks by Arabs residing in said territories.

The gusto with which the organization has embarked on this seasonal project has drawn notice from prominent figures and groups in the Jewish community. "Given the non-Jewish funding sources that underwrite their activities, and the centrality of certain Christians in the organization's activities, we should not be surprised their message is... unorthodox," remarked Nodrek Sherlock of the New York Board of Rabbis. "Unorthodox? In fact I'd hesitate to associate even militant Reconstructionist with that level of proudly not-Jewish sensibilities. I will grant, however, that bickering and fault-finding among organizations remains a venerable tradition in the Jewish community."

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

10/03 Links Pt1: Rina Shnerb's alleged murderer linked to European-funded BDS affiliates; The Arab World Can’t Blame All of Its Problems on the West; IDF indicts 5 Palestinians in murder of soldier Dvir Sorek

From Ian:

Rina Shnerb's alleged murderer linked to European-funded BDS affiliates
Samer Arbid, the alleged leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist cell responsible for murdering 17-year-old Rina Shnerb near Dolev in August, worked for a European-funded NGO linked to BDS, NGO Monitor reported on Wednesday.

Arbid, 44, considered one of the PFLP’s top officials in Ramallah, was previously arrested for preparing PFLP explosive devices during the Second Intifada.

IDF and Border Police forces arrested him on Sunday for allegedly preparing and detonating the improvised explosive device that killed Shnerb and wounded her father Eitan and brother Dvir.

On Monday, Haaretz reported that the Justice Ministry opened an investigation into “potential wrongdoing” by officers of the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) after Arbid was in critical condition in at Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mount Scopus following his interrogation, which involved torture. It was subsequently reported that the agents were authorized to conduct a “violent interrogation” but went “too far.”

Media sources reported on Tuesday that the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) and several Joint List MKs sent a letter to Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit demanding a criminal investigation be opened regarding Arbid’s interrogation.

According to the NGO Monitor, Arbid was listed as an accountant for Addameer (Arabic for conscience) Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, a Palestinian NGO that provides legal representation to Palestinians detained in Israel. The Ramallah-based organization’s mandate includes “ending torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment inflicted upon Palestinian prisoners” and “guaranteeing fair, impartial and public trials.” The organization was listed as a PFLP-affiliated institution on Fatah’s website in September 2015.
NGO Monitor: Samer Arbid’s Alleged Terror Activities, Arrests, and NGO Affiliations
According to Israeli security officials, on August 23, 2019, Samer Arbid commanded a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror cell that carried out a bombing against Israeli civilians, murdering 17-year old Rina Shnerb, and injuring her father and brother. According to the Israel Security Agency (Shabak), Arbid prepared and detonated the explosive device.

Ties to PFLP-linked NGOs
Arbid worked for Addameer – a Palestinian NGO closely linked to the PFLP, 1 which listed him as the organization’s accountant for several years.

In addition to his work for Addameer, Arbid appears to have worked for another NGO with ties to the PFLP, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC). According to Samidoun, yet another PFLP-linked NGO, Arbid was the “financial director of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in the West Bank” in 2016.
Prior Arrests
- In an Addameer-produced video from April 2013, Arbid describes his numerous arrests. He states that he was arrested at the beginning of 2003 and sentenced to two and a half years in prison, and served an additional year in administrative detention.
- According to Samidoun, Arbid was placed in administrative detention from March 2007 to August 2008.
- Similarly, Samidoun reported that Arbid was arrested on September 23, 2013 and placed in administrative detention.
- According to Samidoun, Arbid “was ordered to an additional three months’ administrative detention” on March 12, 2016.

Israel reportedly arrests another Palestinian behind the deadly Dolev Spring attack
A senior member of the terror cell suspected of being responsible for the West Bank bombing that killed teenager Rina Shnerb in August was arrested by Israeli security forces early on Thursday, Palestinian media reported.

According to the reports, security forces arrested Walid Muhammed Hanatsheh at his home in the village of al-Tireh outside of Ramallah during overnight arrest raids across the West Bank, which saw 13 Palestinians arrested by IDF troops and Border Police officers.

Wafa News reported that the raids took place in several villages in the Ramallah area including Kobar, Deir Abu Mashaal, Jifna and al-Tireh. During Hanatsheh’s arrest, a Palestinian TV cameraman was injured after troops fired a rubber bullet toward rioters.

Hanatsheh, who acts as finance and administration manager for the health work committees (HWC), has been a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine since the Second Intifada, and has been arrested by Israel several times for his membership in the terrorist group.
BBC-promoted NGO’s terror links surface again
The terror cell leader, Samer Arbid, was employed (despite his past history of involvement in terror activity) as an accountant by the Palestinian NGO ‘Addameer’ which is known for its links to the PFLP – a designated terror organisation in the US, the EU, Canada and Israel.

Five days after Rina Shnerb was murdered the BBC News website published a video report which included an interview with the director of ‘Addameer’, Sahar Francis.

Partisan report on detained Palestinian ‘children’ from BBC’s Gender and Identity correspondent

That heavily promoted report was made available on the BBC News website for fourteen consecutive days.

In other words the producers of that report, along with additional BBC journalists, apparently saw nothing at all problematic in the amplification of the unchallenged narrative of a political NGO that is linked to a terrorist organisation that the BBC knows has murdered Israeli civilians in the past and which, we now learn, employed the leader of the PFLP terror cell apparently responsible for the brutal murder of a seventeen-year-old out hiking with her family.

How the Myth of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict’s Supreme Importance Distorted 70 Years of American Middle East Policy
After failing in 1948 to stop the U.S. from supporting the creation of a Jewish state, writes Samuel Tadros, the Middle East experts of the State Department put forth the theory that America could not achieve its strategic goals in the region without first solving the Arab-Israeli conflict. This soon became “dogma” in Foggy Bottom, at think tanks, and in academia. Even President Trump, for all his unorthodoxies, is not immune to the allure peacemaking.

In reality, no one [in the Middle East] actually cared about the Palestinians, at least not the region’s rulers. [Their] priorities were everywhere besides Palestine: toppling the monarchs for some, searching for hegemony for others, or, for most, simply protecting their rule from revolutionary upheaval. The Palestinians, if they were considered at all, served simply as a bargaining chip; a cause to rally supporters and attack opponents.

Despite this, Washington’s Middle East experts were not deterred. The centrality of the issue was never to be questioned, but the method to solve it changed.

[Today], stepping back from the details and daily changes on the ground, [it is necessary to confront] an inconvenient proposition: maybe there is no solution to the conflict. After all, it is uniquely American to think that every problem must have a solution. Maybe the reality is that there are two peoples who claim the same piece of land and that no amount of effort or innovative solutions can solve this simple fact.
The Arab World Can’t Blame All of Its Problems on the West
For the past several weeks, the death of Israa Ghrayeb, a twenty-one-year-old Palestinian woman, has garnered much attention on Arabic-language social media and also in the Arab press. Ghrayeb was apparently beaten to death by family members for appearing in public—at a café—with her fiancé. To Hussain Abdul-Hussain, her death is a stark reminder of the ways in which Arab intellectuals have used the ideas of the Egyptian-American literature professor Edward Said, along with the those of the many postcolonial theorists who followed in his footsteps, to avoid critical examination of honor killings and other social ills:

“Orientalism” [was the term Said gave to] the collection of stereotypes through which the West is purported to understand the Middle East. For anti-colonialists . . . those stereotypes are proof that the colonial powers failed to understand the people they colonized. Honor killing is one of the stereotypes unjustly attributed to Muslims and Arabs, so the argument goes. But it is no stereotype. . . . It is a reality.

Though women are the main victims, honor killing falls under the Islamist concept of “promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.” For many Arabs and Muslims, this involves the restoration of some long-ago, supposedly perfect society that exists only in their imagination. But [this mythic ideal] is used to justify killing adulterers (of both sexes) or homosexuals or men who are perceived as effeminate, such as the Iraqi teenager whose murder by stabbing was recorded by his killer. . . . In Lebanon, a non-Druze man who married a Druze woman had his penis cut off by relatives of the bride.

Honor killing . . . is a flaw in Muslim society and it can be rectified only if that society is prepared to look inward at itself rather than blaming outsiders. . . . [B]ashing colonialism and Orientalism won’t solve the [Arab world’s] problems. On the contrary, it will only conceal them. . . . [T]o eradicate an abomination such as honor killing, Arabs and Muslims must first acknowledge its existence and take ownership of it.
PMW: Palestinian women's lives endangered by PA religious leaders' ruling
Top PA religious figures prohibit Palestinian women from submitting complaints over spouses to Israeli police

PA Ministry of Justice is working on improving legislation on family matters, including "ensuring punishment of those who commit crimes from a motive of honor"

The Israeli Arab party The Joint List has announced that it will boycott today's swearing-in ceremony of the Israeli Parliament in protest of what it calls the government's failure to address the rising levels of violence in Arab towns. Yet while Israeli Arab politicians are complaining that not enough is being done to tackle the growing problem of violence in Israeli Arab communities, the PA is telling Palestinian women not to go to the Israeli police with complaints over their husbands
"Anti-Normalization" With Israel: The True Goal
An anti-Israel group called the Association for Supporting Resistance and Confronting Normalization claimed that Jordanians who work in Eilat and other Israeli cities are often recruited as informants by the Israeli security services. The group accused the Jordanian government of "complying with all the demands of the Zionists on the pretext of cooperation for the sake of peace." The claim that Jordanians who go to work in Israel or help clean the beach are recruited as spies is aimed at painting them as traitors, a charge that is likely to put their lives at risk.

Instead of thanking Israel for allowing Jordanians to come and work in Eilat, the "anti-normalization" activists are inciting the workers to boycott Israel. These activists, of course, are not offering the Jordanian workers jobs and salaries.

In March 2019, Israel agreed to increase by 33% the number of Jordanian day laborers employed at hotels in Eilat from 1,500 to 2,000. The permits for the Jordanians are designed to allow them to work in the hotel industry of Eilat, close to the border with Jordan. The move is part of an agreement signed between Israel and Jordan to advance ties between the two countries through economic and social cooperation initiatives.

As far as the "anti-normalization" activists are concerned, inciting their people against Israel and the Jordanian workers is more important than any economic and social initiatives. These activists hate Israel to a point where they prefer to see 2,000 workers lose their jobs than continue working and earning good salaries in Eilat.

If greeting a Jew on his or her holiday, cleaning the beach with an Israeli, or working in Israel are considered by many Arabs a "crime," what will be the fate of any Arab who makes peace with Israel?

Those who are calling for boycotts of Israel -- and are threatening and inciting their people against any Arab who dares to host a Jew or send him or her greetings -- are also emphatically opposed to peace with Israel. For them, making peace with the "Zionist entity" is considered an act of treason. They are worried that an Arab who greets a Jew may one day make peace with Israel. They are worried that an Arab state that hosts Israeli athletes may one day make peace with Israel. They are worried that Arabs who go to work in Israel may fall in love with Israelis and stop thinking of ways to kill them or destroy Israel.
US gives cold shoulder to major Palestinian donor parley
The United States gave a cold shoulder last week to the major bi-annual meeting for donor aid to the Palestinian Authority, known as the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), which has operated for the last 25 years.

“We limited our participation to working-level observers only,” US special envoy Jason Greenblatt told The Jerusalem Post this week as he described the downgrade.

It is the latest Trump administration action against traditional venues that help provide financial assistance to Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority.

As part of its peace plan known as the “Deal of the Century,” the administration plans to create new funding venues for the Palestinians, the blueprint for which was unveiled at a Bahrain conference in June. But action on the plan is dependent on success with the political part of the peace process, which has yet to be published.

The US was previously one of the largest donors to the Palestinians and the PA, providing upward of half-a-billion dollars a year through the United Nations and other venues, but it has slowly halted that funding over the last two years.

The high-level 15 member AHLC meeting, held in the spring in Brussels and in the fall in New York, is one of the bedrock pillars of international funding for the Palestinians. It has remained a neutral venue where Israelis, Palestinians and the United States interact, even when all other communication is frozen.

In the past, the meetings chaired by Norway have been attended by high-level officials such as Greenblatt, or secretaries of state such as John Kerry. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini often attends, and was one of the dignitaries who gathered in New York for the meeting on September 26.
Rivlin: Israel is in crisis, needs government now
Israeli democracy is in a state of emergency, and a government must be formed as soon as possible, President Reuven Rivlin said at the 22nd Knesset’s inaugural meeting, which was overshadowed by the political uncertainty on Thursday.

Rivlin and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein addressed the long period of political uncertainty, which saw the 21st Knesset be inaugurated and dissolved in a period of less than two months, less than six months ago. They both said the solution is a unity government.

“We are facing a time of crisis for the House of Jacob, an emergency for Israel’s security and for Israeli society, an emergency for Israeli democracy,” Rivlin said. “Forming a government is not only the wish of the people. More than ever, in times like these, it is an economic and security need the likes of which we have not known for many years.”

Rivlin said a broad governing coalition would allow Israelis “to put the disagreements between us to one side and work on finding areas of give us all an opportunity to breathe a little, to heal.”

The President listed a number of “real life” areas that the government must address, from combatting the Iranian threat to making day-care cheaper to tacking rising crime in Arab communities.
Lapid forgoing rotation as prime minister
Blue and White’s co-candidate for prime minister in last month’s election, MK Yair Lapid, announced on Thursday that he would no longer be a candidate for prime minister in the next government.

The announcement came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused him of being the obstacle to the formation of a national unity government. Netanyahu said Lapid was trying to stop Gantz from joining a coalition government that he is currently trying to form because he would not give up his goal of rotating in the Prime Minister’s Office with Gantz.

“For the sake of a unity government, I’m forgoing the rotation,” Lapid told the Blue and White Party. “There won’t be a rotation with three people. That’s not serious. Running a country is a serious matter. It’s far more important to me that there’s unity in the country. That there won’t be another election. That this country begins a healing process. Mends the wounds. Changes the national priorities.”

Lapid warned that Netanyahu is trying everything to drag Israel to its third election within a year.

“One man with three indictments stands between us and a national unity government,” he said. “That’s what the country needs.

This country needs a national unity government led by Blue and White, with Likud, with Liberman, with Labor. That’s what we said throughout the campaign. In that government there will be a rotation. Gantz will be prime minister for the first two years. There’s no other option.”

Lapid ruled out a coalition in which Gantz rotates as prime minister with Netanyahu but did not rule out a rotation with another Likud leader.
Benjamin Netanyahu invites Avigdor Liberman to join coalition
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman to join the government he is forming, in a meeting Thursday morning at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu told his former aide and ally and current political nemesis that he should join as soon as possible in order to contribute to the formation of a unity government.

But Netanyahu’s spokesman said there did not end up being a breakthrough in the meeting.

Liberman released a statement after the meeting saying that he urged Netanyahu to have Likud, Blue and White and Yisrael Beytenu meet to decide the next government's guidelines on policy and only then deal with distributing portfolios and who should go first in a rotation in the Prime Minister's Office.

"I am making a major effort to form a broad unity government," Netanyahu told the Likud faction. "This is what the voters decided, and this is what is right. This should be taken for granted."

Following the meeting with Liberman, Netanyahu went to update the heads of the right-wing and religious parties in his political bloc.
IDF indicts 5 Palestinians in murder of soldier Dvir Sorek
The IDF Prosecution filed an indictment in the Judea Military Court on Thursday against five Palestinians in connection with the murder of IDF Corporal Dvir Sorek on August 8.

The five Palestinians, all of who are affiliated with Hamas according to the indictment, are: Qasem al-atzafra, Nazir al-atzafra, Ahmad al-atzafra, Yusef Zahur and Mahmoud Atuna.

Previously, the IDF announced that it sent messages to the defendants' families announcing its intention to demolish their houses.
Some of the defendants have already objected and the High Court of Justice will hear the issue on October 31.

The stabbing attack occurred against Sorek near Migdal Oz on August 8.
Greenblatt: PA Must End "Pay to Slay"
U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt told Asharq Al-Awsat in an interview: "I can't imagine a world in which a peace agreement is signed where issues like the Palestinian Authority's 'Pay to Slay' program remains - a program that rewards terrorists who murder or attack Israelis. It's a basic concept that you cannot encourage people to kill and expect a peace deal that works."

"I can't imagine the Israeli government ever signing such an agreement. It would make no sense and it's completely antithetical to the concept of peace. To deal with that abhorrent program, the USA has cut all funding to the PA and we continuously raise awareness of this issue to other donor countries. I cannot understand how donor countries continue to donate funds knowing that some of their taxpayers' money is used to fund terrorism and the murder of Israelis."
PA claims 24 'incursions' on Temple Mount
The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs published a report on the holy sites, which included 24 Jewish 'incursions' of the al-Aqsa mosque and 52 cases of denial of prayer for prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Patriarchs Cave.

The Ministry of Endowments accused Israel of continuing the 'siege' and intervention at the Ibrahimi Mosque (the Cave of the Patriarchs) and closed it completely to Muslim worshipers during Rosh Hashanah.

According to the report, the Israeli authorities were not only content with preventing Muslims from entering the place, but they allowed settlers to get on the roof of the Cave of the Patriarchs and IDF soldiers attacked and humiliated Muslim workers.

It was also alleged that the "occupation forces" demolished the Al-Uma Mosque in Jabal Jawhar Hevron, which was in final stages of construction, and the level of incitement at the Al-Aqsa Mosque increased as Jewish holidays and the calls of the Temple Mount trustees came closer.
Hamas Takes Action in Nepotism Case following Public Pressure
Every year, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umra hosts for free 1,000 people from the families of Palestinian martyrs to perform the hajj in Mecca.

After Anas Radwan, son of Hamas leader Ismail Radwan, went on the pilgrimage, activists argued on social media that he did not have the right to do so.

To calm public anger, Hamas formed a committee to investigate the incident, which concluded that Anas was not supposed to join the pilgrims. He was fined 5,000 dinars ($7,000), to be distributed among those who were denied travel to Mecca.

The Palestinian street is not accustomed to Hamas disclosing the details of any punitive measures against its leaders and members.

Israel-Egypt gas deal gets a boost as shares soar
Gas giant Delek Group Ltd.’s announcement that it had updated an agreement for the export of liquefied natural gas from the Leviathan and Tamar offshore reservoirs to Egypt sent share prices soaring on Wednesday.

In February 2018, Delek Drilling and Texas-based Noble Energy – partners in the Leviathan and Tamar LNG projects – signed a $15b. decade-long deal to supply 64 billion cu.m. of natural gas to Egypt’s Dolphinus Holdings Ltd.

The new agreement provides for a 35% increase in the total gas supply that will now reach 85 billion cu. m.

“The agreement is a further proof of the important economic cooperation between the two countries and the tremendous positive impact that these relations have on the Egyptian economy and the Israeli economy, as well as the great potential for additional cooperation in the mutual interest of the parties,” Yossi Abu, CEO of Delek Drilling, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The deal with Egypt followed a September 2016 agreement worth $10b. between Jordan’s National Electric Power Company Ltd. and the Leviathan project partners to supply a gross quantity of 45 billion cu.m. of natural gas to Israel’s eastern neighbor over 15 years.
Death Toll Climbs as Iraqi Protests Escalate for Third Day
Police and gunmen exchanged fire in a southern Iraqi city on Thursday killing one person, after 11 others were killed overnight as nationwide anti-government protests escalated into one of the worst security challenges in years.

At least 19 people have been killed since the protests erupted three days ago, seemingly independent of any organized political party and taking the security forces by surprise.

Police said protesters carrying guns had fired at them in the town of Rifae on Thursday morning, near the southern city of Nassiriya where seven people died overnight. Fifty people were wounded in Rifae, including five policemen, they said, adding to hundreds already injured across the country.

Clashes in another southern city, Amara, killed four people overnight.

A curfew, lifted early in the morning in southern cities, was reimposed immediately in Nassiriya and later in Amara.

In Baghdad, the authorities attempted to head off protests by imposing a curfew from 5 a.m. Troops patrolled main roads and public spaces, but by morning sporadic demonstrations had begun, and troops opened fire with live rounds to disperse them.

“Despite the curfew we are going out to protest to call for our rights. We want to change the regime. They have arrested our people. They have done things to our people they did not even do to Islamic State,” a youth told Reuters TV after gunshots could be heard nearby.

“They have beat them up and humiliated them while firing live gunfire. What did we do? Are we suicide bombers? We are here to call for our rights and all these people.”
Report: Iranian Entrenchment in Syria (PDF)
Iran's deployment of its own forces and proxy militias recruited from other countries has been decisive in the Assad regime's reversal of territorial losses to the Syrian opposition.

As a result, Iran now has wide latitude to pursue its own geopolitical agenda on Syrian territory, including the introduction of sophisticated weapons systems that will enable Iran to open a new front against Israel and threaten freedom of navigation in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Syria Study Group believes the U.S. can still influence the outcome of the Syrian war in a manner that protects U.S. interests.

The U.S. has meaningful tools of leverage to prevent the reemergence of ISIS and counter other terrorist groups, stop Iran from turning Syria into a forward operating base, provide relief to displaced Syrians and Syria's hard-pressed neighbors, and advance a political outcome that stops Syrian territory from serving as a net exporter of terrorism and instability.

The key near-term goal should be to prevent further entrenchment of Iran and its partners and proxies while raising the cost to Iran for its actions in Syria.

To this end, the U.S. should continue its support of Israeli air strikes; enforce sanctions aimed at undermining Iran's ability to fund its proxies and partners in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq; and maintain the U.S. military presence at the al-Tanf military base.

The U.S. should insist that any political settlement require the withdrawal of Iranian forces and proxies from Syria.
France: President Macron Must Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs
Has French President Emmanuel Macron forgotten that he is helping and appeasing a state leading in human rights violations? In 2018, according to Javaid Rehman, the UN expert on human rights in Iran, at least 273 people were executed in Iran, and 6,000 over ten years, according to Iran Human Rights.

In addition, the use of cruel and inhuman punishment is also on the rise in Iran; according to Amnesty International, the use of various forms of torture such as amputation and flogging has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Macron also fails to recognize that the nuclear deal never contained or adequately addressed Iran's multifaceted threats, which include but are not limited to: The arming and financing of terror and militia groups in the region; intervening in the internal affairs of regional countries; pursing a sectarian agenda by pitting Shiites and Sunnis against each other; carrying out cyber attacks against other nations; and committing human rights violations inside Iran and abroad through its proxies.
IRGC Commander Confirms Missile-Cities Hidden under Iran's Mountains
We have been digging tunnels since 1984 when we first began making missiles.” These were the words of Revolutionary Guards general Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC’s Aerospace Force. He was interviewed by the Iranian regime’s Documentary TV a few hours after the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)- US representative office, revealed the existence of numerous tunnel formations across Iran that were used to stock long-range missiles.

Hajizadeh had played a vital role in the September 14, 2019 drone and cruise-missile attack against Saudi Arabia’s ARAMCO facilities deep inside Saudi territory, according to information revealed on September 30 by the NCRI’s US representative office in Washington DC.

Even though Hajizadeh is not a member of the regime’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), according to the NCRI’s information, provided by the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK), he was present in the SNSC’s session on July 31, 2019, when the decision to prepare an attack on Saudi oilfields was made.

After the decision was approved by the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Hajizadeh was instructed to begin the implementation of the plan.

More than ten points of construction/stockpiling of missiles with ranges of up to 2000 km were revealed for the first time by the NCRI’s US representative office. Satellite photos of all the locations were made available to the public.

“We have to protect our arsenal in an adequate way. The idea goes back to 1984, just when we began thinking of missiles. Before the first such material was imported into the country, we had already begun digging the tunnels to hide them,” Hajizadeh affirmed in his interview, broadcast a few hours after the revelations made by the Iranian Resistance.

PreOccupiedTerritory: Pakistan Wondering How Much Longer It Can Keep Citizen Anger Focused On Faraway Israel (satire)
A proven political strategy to divert popular resentment from the corrupt, repressive government and toward an outside foe might not remain effective forever, a new report by this Islamic country’s ministry of the interior warns.

Israel remains a potent rhetorical magnet for focusing Pakistanis’ anger despite its physical distance and negligible measurable impact on Pakistani lives, acknowledged the report, but the authors caution that overplaying the Israel card may carry unwanted consequences during a time of increased access to alternative sources of information that can both attenuate the desired anti-Israel and anti-Jewish effect of the rhetoric and reflect some of the anger back at Pakistan’s own leadership. The risk of this development has reached a likelihood unknown thirty years ago, according to the report, and appears to increase with each passing year, such that by the middle of this century, it estimates, Pakistan may be forced to forgo anti-Zionism as a primary domestic pacification strategy.

“Whereas during the latter half of the previous century the very mention of Israel, Zionists, or Palestine served as a reliable lightning rod for popular anger, it no longer riles the populace as it once did,” the report warned. “An outright majority of Pakistanis still view an assertive Jewish presence on historically Muslim-ruled land as a source of existential shame, but indications have emerged that they no longer rank that shame at the top of their troubles, a development that points to an emerging challenge for the leadership in deflecting attention from its cronyism, nepotism, incompetence, corruption, support for terrorists, warped domestic priorities, and other issues best left shrouded in distraction.”

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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IT Support Technician - Ground Truth Exploration - Dawson City, YT

Satellite internet hardware and accounts. Efficiently track hardware inventory and condition by implementing and maintaining assets sign-out and inspections… $29 an hour
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Conférence sur les noyaux bulles le 24 octobre 2019 à Orsay

We would like to invite you for an evening of Physics and beer at the Gramophone in Orsay on the 24th of October at 6:30pm. There, we will discover together about the fascinating world of bubbles and nuclear physics thanks to Marine Vandebrouck (researcher at CEA Saclay/IRFU). This is your chance to meet other PhD students working nearby on exciting and probably bizarre topics (and enjoy some free beer). If you want to join us, sign up here, it’s free: Feel free also to join the event on facebook : We are organising this event in preparation for a bigger one, the conference of the Rencontres des Jeunes (RJP). The RJP conference will take place on the 29th of November (save the date). It is a day of lectures in the prestigious auditorium of the College de France in Paris, with free food and drinks all day long. Organised by PhD students for PhD students the fun is guaranteed and everyone is invited! RJP events are organized by PhD students, members of the young commission of the French Physics Society (SFP). This invitation is for the first satellite event at the Gramophone in Orsay. We will have a second satellite event later in Paris preceding the big event the RJP conference. We are looking forward to meet you!

You can now use the Find My features on your Mac to find your lost iPhone

Find My launches on Mac with macOS Catalina The Find My app is offered on iOS 13, iPadOS 13, watchOS 6, and macOS Catalina. The app merges Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps. Here's how to use Find My app on macOS Catalina. How to use Find My on Mac Find My is automatically installed with macOS Catalina. It's available on the Mac Dock and in the Applications folder. Use the app to track your friends on devices. Tracking your friends with Find My on Mac On the People screen, you'll see a listing of people you've been given access to track. Open the Find My app on Mac. Click the People tab. Select the person on the left side of the screen to track. You can view a person on three maps: default, hybrid, and satellite. Click - and + to change the size of the map. Select the location icon to find your current location on the map. Click Share My Location to send your current location to someone new. In the To box, type in the name of the person you wish to share your locati...

Davis Lakes Campground 8/10 - Suffolk, Virginia

We’ve stayed here many times because of its location. The park is well maintained. We had the best site we’ve ever had backed up to the lake with satellite reception and a wooden patio, table and fire ring. It’s pricey at 59 with tax for an overnite. A sign on the table says not to put a grill on it or....$200 fine. With over 100,000 miles of travel we’ve never seen a burnt table! No WiFi. It has been down for over a week for repairs. AT&T weak. A warning—if you’re coming east to west on 58, google maps routes you thru the town of Suffolk where there is a fixed bridge with a 13’6” clearance. May be an issue for big rigs.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort 7/10 - Emporia, Virginia

Big rig friendly with level sites. Easy on and off to highway. WiFi was okay and no problem with our satellite. No dog park but grass to walk dog. Good overnight stop.

Charlottesville KOA 6/10 - Charlottesville, Virginia

First Impression: Very small. Not the typical, large KOA format normally seen. Neat and clean. Tucked back in the woods. Safety: No concerns. Access: from I-64, exit 121, go south on route 20 (Scottsville Rd) about 9 miles to Red Hill Road, turn right. About 1½ miles on right, huge KOA sign. Municipal and CG road in good condition, good signage, Garmin GPS is accurate. Office: Token store with snacks, trinkets, and RV equipment items. Credit cards accepted. Online reservations available. My price reflects the KOA discount. Facilities: Pool. No spa or fitness room. Game room ($). Large, clean laundry room. Exceptional restrooms/showers, quite new, clean, no mold. Propane sales. Small playground. Off-leash dog run. Campground: Not in a flood plain. No storm shelter available. Moderately wooded. Interior roads are wide, packed gravel in good condition with gentle turns and no overhead obstacles. Big rig and long coach friendly. Tent areas, one "tee-pee", a few cabins. Sites are all nearby-to-spacious, sufficiently level, grass/gravel, pull-off, pull-through, and back-in, grass between. Pedestals at rear-to-middle of site with electric 20/30/50; no meters. Adequate well-water pressure with good taste. Sewer pipe is 4" threaded, about 4" above ground level. No patios (but 2 deluxe sites get a paver patio) with usable picnic tables. Fire rings. Marginal satellite views. Free cable TV. OTA TV found about 10 clear channels. Free Wi-Fi but only 1 antenna at office, poor coverage when distant. Verizon phone and 4G at 0-1 bar. Single stream recycle dumpster. Noise: No railroad, aircraft, traffic, or interstate noise. Bug Report (mid August): no insect issues. Runners: CG roads ok for running. Yoga: no good place for your mat. Conclusion: Score 6-Nice.

Williamsburg Campark (formerly Williamsburg Pottery Campground) 6/10 - Williamsburg, Virginia

First Impression: Open. Very large. Manicured grass. Big pool. But sad. Manager (one man does everything) says new owner secured big loan to refurbish the CG but isn't doing so. CG sites are well maintained but buildings are dilapidated. Laundry building has no machinery. Wife reports office restroom/showers should only be used if you're desperate. In excess of 400 sites but we only counted about 8 visitors during our stay. But this CG is in a prime location and should be packed. Safety: No concerns. Access: I-64 East or West to Exit 234A, go south to next right turn, turn right again, about .1 mile and left into CG. Municipal road and CG access road in good condition. Garmin GPS is accurate. Office: For registration only. No store. Credit cards accepted. Call for reservations. My price reflects the Military/Veteran discount. Facilities: Nice, big pool. No propane sales. Multiple playgrounds. No off-leash dog run. Campground: Not in a flood plain. No storm shelter available. Both forest and meadow sites. Interior roads are narrow asphalt in fair condition with sharp turns; no overhead obstacles. Big rig and long coach friendly. Numerous tent areas but no yurts or cabins. Sites are all spacious, sufficiently level, grass, pull-through and back-in. Pedestals at middle of site. Electric varies by site; no meters. Adequate water pressure with good taste. Sewer pipe is 4" threaded, about 2" above ground level. No patios. Aged but usable picnic tables. No fire rings. Meadow sites have good satellite views. No cable TV. OTA TV found 34 channels. Free Wi-Fi. Verizon phone at 4 bars; 4G at 2 bars. No recycle bins. Noise: Distant railroad; no aircraft, traffic, or interstate noise. Bug Report (early August): no insect issues. Runners: CG roads ok for running. Yoga: Lots of room on the grass for your mat. Conclusion: Score 6-Nice (despite my previous observations). This CG has serious potential.

Just Listed: Historic Sharples House in West Chester


Today’s featured house for sale is a true historic landmark for living. Located a mere five blocks southwest of the historic 1701 Chester County satellite courthouse […]

The post Just Listed: Historic Sharples House in West Chester appeared first on Philadelphia Magazine.


The Walking Dead : un début de saison 10 prometteur

La série zombiesque d'AMC continue sa marche en avant avec une dixième saison. Le premier épisode vient d'être diffusé et cette suite s'annonce dans la droite lignée de la saison 9. Au programme : un satellite qui s'écrase et le retour des Chuchoteurs.

Agenda for October 2019 Regular Meeting of the Franklin Town Council Released


The Franklin Town Council will be holding its regular meeting for October 2019 on Monday night in the lower level of the town hall. The meeting begins at 6pm and is open to the public. Macon Media intends to be there to stream live video of the meeting and to record it for later uploading to the internet.

Copies of the public agenda and agenda packet are posted below. Several readers have said they cannot access documents in a PDF format, so I (Bobby) have attempted to transcribe portions of the agenda packet so they can be read.

Franklin Town Council
October 7, 2019

1. Call to Order - Mayor Bob Scott

2. Pledge of Allegiance - Vice Mayor Barbara McRae

3. Adoption of the October 7, 2019 Town Council Agenda

4. Approval of Consent Agenda for October 7, 2019

A.) Approval of the September 3, 2019, Town Counmtil Minutes
B.) Budget Amendments
C.) Street Closing Request for Jeepers Creepers
D.) Tax Releases
E.) Forward Re-Zoning Petition to the Town Planning Board
F.) Set Public Hearing for Plat Stamp Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance

5. Public Session (Public Comments)

6. New Business:

A.) Presentation on Growing Outdoor Communities - Cory McCall
B.) Discussion on Love Street Property - Joyce Handley
C.) Discussion on Waiving Tap Fees for Macon County's New Dog Park - Town Manager Summer Woodard
D.) Discussion on W-R Contract for Phase II of the Water Treatment Plant - Town Manager Summer Woodard
E.) Update on Leash Law- Town Manager Summer Woodard and Town Attorney John Henning Jr
F.) Update on Opportunity Zones - Vice Mayor Barbara McRae

7. Legal:

A.) Discussion on Town of Franklin Guardrail Policy - Town Attorney John Henning Jr.
B.) Update on NCDOT SidewalkAgreement along US-441 South to Prentiss Bridge - Town Attorney John Henning Jr.

8. Announcements

A.) Town Hall Movie Night will be Friday, October 8, 2019
B.) Pumpkinfest will be Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 9am to 4pm
C.) Second Annual Town of Franklin Leaf Pickup is available

9. Adjourn

Copy of Agenda Packet sent to media outlets

Expanded Public Agenda

Franklin Town Council
October 7, 2019

1. Call to Order - Mayor Bob Scott

2. Pledge of Allegiance - Vice Mayor Barbara McRae

3. Adoption of the October 7, 2019, Town Council Agenda

4. Approval of Consent Agenda for October 7, 2019

A.) Approval of the September 3, 2019, Town Council Minutes
B.) Budget Amendments
C.) Street Closing Request for Jeepers Creepers
D.) Tax Releases
E.) Forward Re-Zoning Petition to the Town Planning Board

The family of the Lillian Fouts Estate would like to have this parcel rezoned from R-1 to C-3. The parcel is in the ETJ and not in the city limits. It adjoins R-1 to the north and west, C-3 off of US-441 N 9Georgia Road) & Belden Circle to the north, east and south. Currently the only road access is off of Dryman Road. The site is served with city 6" water line, the nearest sewer line is down on the Georgia Road. The only major consideration to review is the traffic on Dryman Road for a commercial development.

F.) Set Public Hearing for Plat Stamp Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance

The town manager suggests (if approved) set a public hearing for plat stamp amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance for Monday, November 4, 2019 at 6:05pm.

Copy of the proposed change and resolution:

Ordinance No. 2019-008

WHEREAS, there was adopted a unified development ordinance for the Town of Franklin, by a unanimous vote of the Board of Aldermen, at its regular meeting held on the 1st day of October, 2007; and

WHEREAS, the Acts of the State Legislature of the State fo North Carolina empower and authorize the Legislative Body of this Town to adopt ordinances, and to revise, amend, augment, and restate ordinances adopted pursuant to that authority; and

WHEREAS, as the Legislative Body of the Town of Franklin, the Town Council deems it necessary and expediant to adopt certain amendments to the unified development ordinance for the Town of Franklin, and has considered adoption of the same after due advertisement and public hearing;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Franklin that:

Section 1. §152.052(E)(4)(i) of the Unified Development Ordinance is hereby amended as follows:

"(i) All the following certifications shall appear on the final plat, including the Zoning Certificate of Approved Nonconformity, if applicable:


5. Zoning Certificate of Approved Nonconformity. The proposed [boundary line adjustment, subdivision] depicted herein is not in conformance with the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance of the Town of Franklin. This recording is now listed as a legal nonconforming use and is hereby approved for recording in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Macon County.

5. 6. Review Officer Certification. State of North Carolina, County of Macon, I, ____, Review Officer of Macon County, certify that the map or plat to which this certification is affixed meets all the statutory requirements for recording.
(Date) (Review Officer)

Section 2. Except as amended hereby, the affected sections of the Unified Development Ordinances shall remain in full force and effect as enacted.

Planning Board Recommendations
Town of Franklin
September 16, 2019


• Applicant - Town of Franklin
• Original apllication was submitted on August 27, 2019
• This addition to the UDO would give the Land Use Administrator another stamp he/she could use to properly apprive of plats for zoning approval to be recorded.
• The only stamp currently allowed has potential to stamp a plat that is non-conforming and say that it conforms to the UDO.

Recommendation Consideration:


1. The proposal will place all property similarly situated in the area in the same, category, or in appropriate complementary categories. Yes

2. There is convincing demonstration that all uses permitted under the proposed classification would be in the general public interest and not merely in the interest of an individual or small group. Yes, so property owners would be made aware of the non-conforming use at the time of recordation.

3. There is convincing demonstration that all uses permitted uder the proposed districty classification would be appropriate in the area included in the proposed change. Yes

4. There is convincing demonstration that the character of any neighborhood will not be materially and adversely affected by any use permitted in the proposed change. Yes, it will just simple be making everyone aware of the non-conforming use.

5. The proposed change is in accord with the principles of growth, sound planning principles and any applicable small area plan. Yes

Recommendation: Planning Board recommends this UDO amendment change.

5. Public Session (Public Comments)

6. New Business:

A.) Presentation on Growing Outdoor Communities - Cory McCall

Macon County Economic Development Commission
July 11, 2019 Meeting
SCC - Macon - Franklin, North Carolina


Present: David Hubbs, Vice-Chair; Barbara McRae, Secretary; Tommy Jenkins, Executive Director; Ken Murphy; Bill Futral, Mark West, Roger Plemons, Cory McCall. Guests: Robin Jenkins, Luke Barber (reporter/Franklin Press)

Absent: Johnny Mira-Knippel, Chair; Brain Stiehler, Jim Breedlove, Brett Murphy, Karl Gillespie, Ronnie Beale, Derek Roland

In the absence of Chairman Johnny Mire-Knippel, Vide-Chair David Hubbs conducted the meeting.

Mark West: Motion to approve minutes of May 9, 2019 meeting.
Bill Futral: Second.
Passed unanimously.

Mr Hubbs introduced Noah Wilson, Director of Growing Outdoor Partnerships, who gave a presentation on this regional effort.

Growing Outdoor Partnerships

Economic development and outdoor recreation are coming together in the region, Mr Wilson said. Last year, partners created 200 outdoor industry jobs in the 25 Western North Carolina Counties his project covers.

Growing Outdoor Partnerships is funded by ARC [editors note: Appalachian Regional Commission URL] and is considered a pilot for other Appalachian communities that are moving toward a goal of healthy people, healthy places. The effort is part of an ARC commitment to replace the economic importance of coal in the region. In Macon County, the loss of the Caterpillar plant was part of a cascade of economic impacts related to the decline of coal mining.
The question ARC considered is: How can we help these rural counties use recreation as a driver?

Noting "You can't outsource the mountains," Mr Wilson explained that, despite the popularity of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, and other outdoor attractions, the Appalachians have not been as successfully branded as the Rockies.

The project includes six basic areas of focus:

1. Workforce development. The goal: anyone who wnats a job in the outdoor space can get a job and anyone who needs workers can find an employee.

Efforts to build workforce include creation of five or six certificate programs at WCU [editors note: Western Carolina University URL], such as Masters in Recreation. The degrees are given through established departments of the school.

Another aspect of workforce creation is participation by Growing Outdoor Partnerships in a large outdoor-retailers show. EDC member Cory McCall serves on the GOP advisory board and attended the show this year.

Mr Wilson also mentioned the partnership's recruiting efforts and a new textile programs to promote a resurgence of sewing work in WNC 9Tents, outdoor gear and kayaks, for example). This requires specialized sewing skills but build on skills many in thie regional already posses.

2. Expanding entrepreneurship & capital access. Mountain BizWorks is the primary manager & fiscal agent of the customized training portion of this effort. Capital access is through Capital Investment Fund, SW Commission loan fund; and NCI for larger projects.

3. Regional Branding & Marketing. The Most-Visited Places (GSMNP and BR Parkay) are in our backyard, but "all the imagery is Rocky Mountains." How do we fill that brand out? We can leverage it through all partnerships, including regional TDAs and TDCs.

\4. Connecting supply chains. Downloadable data is available through Manufactured NC, supply chain working group. We need to figure out what we can make in NC, and market it well, Mr Wilson said. Who has those capacities? He noted that people want US manufactured items. "There is opportunity, catcvh that wave!"

5. Weaving together regional outdoor community. Organize all segments around supply chains. Identify the parties: Marketing and branding. Infrastructure. Local government. Summer camps. Permitting agencies. Lawyers and accountants who understand seasonal cycles, how pieces fit together.

An annual regional conference bringning all partners together has been held at WCU, but has outgrown it and moved to Asheville:

Outdoor Economy Conference: October 10, Crown Plaza, Asheville.

6. Driving Economic Development. It is important for developers to understand the culture of the outdoors, what makes someone in that industry take notice of you, how you dress. "Make plans to build an industry."

Discussion on an Outdoor Economy

Noah Wilson's presentation stimulated a lengthy discussion on how Macon County can develop its own outdoor economy. Following are some of the questions and thoughts members expressed.

Bill Futral: How do you get the word out?

Noah Wilson: Networking

Ken Murphy: Is Franklin Chamber equipped to get the word out? He suggested mini-courses for merchants and others, so they know how to answer visitors' questions, re "What is there to do here?"

Cory McCall & Ken Murphy: Something like "Heart of Brevard" - map of county with locations of waterfalls, overlays that show mountain bike trails, etc. Perhaps on Outdoor 76 building.

Noah Wilson: Existing businesses are a catalyst for the industry, as anyone who wants to put a business in the county tends to be someone who wants to be outdoors.

Cory McCall: The outdoor industry includes more than just "earthy" pursuits like hiking. ATVs, fishing, and much more are part of it.

Ken Murphy: What activities are going on that we could participate in that include outreach to municipal areas?

Noah Wilson: How do you ensure that we're marketing to right people, being smart with our dollar?

Cory McCall: We need to coordinate branding - run with a strong, consistent brand.

Tommy Jenkins: The thought The thought in the past was that Asheville was the center of this, but you (GOP) are doing a good job of spreading it out.

Noah Wilson: There are 19 projects in this program; every one has a rural focus.

Tommy Jenkins: We have as a community a lack of focus on planning for outdoor recreation. This would be a convenient time to look at how to develop a strategic plan from a community perspective on how to develop our outdoor economy. Cory serves on Growing Outdoors Partnerships' advisory board. I have asked him to develop a working group to do a strategic plan for the county.

Cory McCall: I've been impressed with individuals on the advisory board. There is great potential in our community... I've been shocked at how many people commented on the outdoor recreation economy, asked about interviews, wanted quotes. This is prime time to step up and ride this wave. We need to maximize how we capitalize on this and develop a feasible plan.

Tommy Jenkins: It is important to reach out to others in this sector, include them and get their input. I will get together with Cory next week, develop a timeline, see who we can pull in from the community. We'll depend on Bill Futral for Highlands input.

Ken Murphy: Part of this should be working with other counties in the region.

Cory McCall: Everyone understands that we're all in the same boat. We're more connected than ever. We have no option - we have to work together. The emphasis is on rural.

Tommy Jenkins referred to a handout showing $1.64 billion per year spent on outdoor recreation in 11th Congressional District. [editor's note: the handout was not included in the agenda packet]

Cory McCall: It is exciting to see our region taking a lead on this.

Noah Wilson: We have been building organically. We need to do this as a region, build out brand and run with it.

Motion on Strategic Plan

Barbara McRae moved and Cory McCall seconded that we proceed with deveoping a strategic plan for the county on the outdoor recreation economy. The motion passed unanimously. (As noted above, Mr Jenkins has asked Cory MCCall to lead this effort. He asked Bill Futral to represent Highlands in the working group.)

Director's Report

Mr Jenkins did not have a written report but gave a brief oral report. Highlights include:

• We continue to work on some projects involving new retail on 441 bypass.
• EDC is working on a company expansion that would add quite a few jobs. We are doing a grant application for that project.
• Braodband continues to be a matter of importance. Otto community's Little Tennessee Broadband iniative is going forward. There is movement on their work with Haywood EMC, and that could impact Scaly Mountain as well.

(Aside. David Hubbs: Starlink, Elon Musk's initiative, launched 60 satellites in May. These are the first 60 of about 12,000 he will eventually put in orbit. His intention is to provide internet access from low earth orbit to the entire planet. With an antennaae [editor's note: correct spelling is antenna] the size of a pizza box, that would give you 40 mg. [editor's note: it is unknown what HUbbs was trying to say. The goal is to provide Gigabit service to rural and underserved customers. See x for more information on the project.] Initial launch is expected in May. A few days after launch, a guy in the Netherlands got a video of train of satellites going across. No word on how much the service will cost. Probably by 2024-2025 Starlink will start providing service.)

• Workforce development: EDC is working with NC Career Center, staying on top of demand for employees.


Barbara McRae provided information on several projects:

• Upcoming charette for Franklin Comprehensice Plan (June 17-19).
• Status of work and funding for onumental staue planned for Little Tennessee River and Nikwasi Mound area.
• Recent expansion of Women's History Trail to 14 sites.
• Decision of Cerokee Tribal Council to place $150,000 recurring line item in their budget to fund Nikwasi Initiative. This will allow NI to hire staff and fund other expenses.

Having no additional business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara McRae, Secretary

B.) Discussion on Love Street Property - Joyce Handley

C.) Discussion on Waiving Tap Fees for Macon County's New Dog Park - Town Manager Summer Woodard

Macon County has requested that the Town of Franklin waive all tap fees associated with the dog park the county is building on Phillips Street. A transcribed copy is posted below:

Ms Woodard, Mayor Scott and Honorable Councilmembers,

I hope this letter finds each of you well. As you are aware, construction of a new dog park facility is currently underway, on the 7.35 acre tract of land owned by Macon County, located inside the Town of Franklin. The property, which is bordered by Phillips Street to the East, is more particularly describes PIN# 659418589 in records furnished by the Macon County Tax Office. [editor's note: Link to property description on the county website ]

Upon completion, the fenced-in dog park will contain public restrooms, a walking trail and additional parking. We feel strongly, that this $120,000 investment will benefit residents and visitors to both Macon County and the Town of Franklin. In light of the mutual benefits this facility will provide, we would respectfully request that the Town Council consider waiving all tap fees associated with the proposed new dog park facility.

Kindest Regards,

Derek C Roland
Macon County, Manager

D.) Discussion on W-R Contract for Phase II of the Water Treatment Plant - Town Manager Summer Woodard

A copy of the proposed Agreement for Engineering Services to the Town of Franklin for Phase II of the Water Treatment Plant expansion has been extracted from the agenda sent to media outlewts and is embedded below for transparency purposes.

E.) Update on Leash Law- Town manager Summer Wooard and Town Attorney John Henning Jr
F.) Update on Opportunity Zones - Vice Mayor Barbara McRae

7. Legal:

A.) Discussion on Town of Franklin Guardrail Policy - Town Attorney John Henning Jr.

A transcribed copy of the proposed Town of Franklin Streets and Sidewalks policies is included below.

Town of Franklin
Streets and Sidewalks Policies

I. Town Policy

It is the Town's policy to provide for the common good of its citizens by maintaining streets and sidewalks that are the most efficient, useful, and safe condition that can be provided within the Town's resources.

II. Regulations

Where federal and state laws and regulations supercede these policies, they shall be interpreted and enacted to conform to such laws and regulations. Where the Town has previously enacted an ordinance that conflicts with this policy, the ordinance shall prevail. The Town Manager is authorized to adopt changes to this policy that are mandated by applicable law. In situations that are not addressed by law or ordinance, the Town Manager is authorized to act on behalf and in the best interests of the Town.

III. Traffic Safety Devices

A. INSTALLATION OF GUARDRAILS AND OTHER SAFETY DEVICES. Guardrails and other safety devices shall be installed upon the recommendation of the Public Works Director, within funds budgeted by the Town Council. The Public Works Director shall base the recommendation upon current and applicable regulations of the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

B.) Update on NCDOT SidewalkAgreement along US-441 South to Prentiss Bridge - Town Attorney John Henning Jr.

A copy of the proposed agreement between the town and the NCDOT has been extracted from the agenda packet and embedded below.

8. Announcments

A.) Town Hall Movie Night will be Friday, October 8, 2019
B.) Pumpkinfest will be Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 9am to 4pm
C.) Second Annual Town of Franklin Leaf Pickup is available

9. Adjourn


If you receive value from what Macon Media provides to the community, please consider becoming a supporter and contribute at least a dollar a month. Those who support Macon Media with at least a dollar a month receive early access to video of some events and meetings before they are made public on the website. Videos and news involving public safety are not subject to early access.

Become a Patron!

Published at 4:44pm on Monday, October 6 2019


Dr. Richard Daystrom on (News Article):Here’s an Example of the Crazy Lengths NASA Goes to Land Safely on Mars.....



Here’s an Example of the Crazy Lengths NASA Goes to Land Safely on Mars..........

15 years of work for 10 seconds of action.

ERIC BERGER - 10/7/2019, 9:08 AM

  • Over three weeks in April and May of 2019, NASA's Lander Vision System flew 17 flights attached to the front of a helicopter.
  • The vision system is an integral part of a guidance system called Terrain-Relative Navigation on the Mars 2020 rover.
  • The missions took place in the Mojave National Preserve as well as Death Valley.
  • While it is hotter than Mars, the terrain has a similar appearance.
  • The vision system took pictures and processed them as if it were coming into a landing on Mars.
  • The vision system performed well during these tests.

If all goes well, the Mars 2020 mission will launch toward the Red Planet next July. Then, after a six-month cruise to Mars, a lander carrying a 1-ton rover will detach from the spacecraft and attempt to make a soft landing in an ancient lake bed named Jezero Crater.

Most likely, it will all go well despite the enormous challenge of safely sending spacecraft to Mars. Historically, about 50% of missions have failed. But NASA has gotten pretty good at this stuff, and there's a reason for that. The agency works really hard at getting all of the details right.

Probably the most challenging part of the Mars 2020 mission involves putting the rover on the ground. It is true that NASA performed pretty much the same landing profile in August 2012 with the similarly sized Curiosity rover. However, there is one key difference—whereas Curiosity sought a safe landing site in the relatively smooth terrain of Gale Crater, the Mars 2020 mission will land in a more sporty location with boulders and other hazards.

To increase the odds of success, therefore, the Mars 2020 mission will have an added technology called Terrain Relative Navigation, essentially an autopilot. And this autopilot has been meticulously developed. An engineer named Andrew Johnson at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California has spent most of the last 15 years working on the technology that will guide the 2020 spacecraft's flight for just 10 seconds.

"These 10 seconds may make the difference in whether we land safely on Mars or not," said Johnson, who is responsible for the lander's vision system.

How it works

At 4.2km above the surface, as the lander is descending under parachute power, an on-board computer begins to rapidly take pictures of the Martian surface. Each image has a resolution of 6 meters per pixel, and the landing system is looking for features such as craters, cliffs, and large boulders to compare against previously captured orbital imagery. After the on-board computer has made 15 landmark "matches," it switches to a higher-resolution mode to fine-tune the landing positioning. Previously, a lander could estimate where it was on Mars to within about 3km. The new vision system seeks to bring this error down to 40 meters.

There's about a 10-second period in this sequence during which the on-board computer must assess the high-resolution imagery, calculate the expected landing position, compare this location to satellite imagery of the Martian surface, and determine whether to alter the vehicle's course. All of this must be done before the separation of the back shell, after which a rocket-powered diversion of up to 600 meters would no longer be possible.

 On Sept. 28, 2019, engineers and technicians working on the Mars 2020 spacecraft at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, look on as a crane lifts the rocket-powered descent stage away from the rover after a test.


Making all of this work requires both new hardware, including a "vision compute element," as well as a lander camera. And writing the software and creating algorithms for all of this has taken a long time, but Johnson knows the system must work. There are no do-overs. "This is what will allow us to land in a site of high scientific interest, like Jezero Crater," Johnson said.

Without the landing vision system, the rover would most likely still make it to Mars. There is about an 85% chance of success. But this is nowhere near good enough for a $2 billion mission. With the landing camera and software Johnson has led development of, the probability of success increases to 99%.

Test program

NASA, of course, can't test the landing vision system on Mars, so it has turned to the next best thing—the Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley. Johnson and other engineers developed a test program and, in April and May, participated in a series of drop tests to simulate landing on Mars, where the vision system has observed Mars-like terrain such as Kelso Dunes.

Working with Pursuit Aviation, Johnson would fly in a helicopter up to 5km above the Earth's surface, with the vision system attached to the front of the vehicle to take and process images. The vision system has flown more than 600 simulated Mars landings, and it has performed well in terms of identifying its location, assessing hazards, and finding safe landing sites.

"It's pretty incredible to watch these guys work," said John Tamburro, a pilot for the aviation company that flew the Airbus H125 helicopter used for the tests. "They dedicate their lives to this. It's incredible that Andrew has been on this project for 15 years. They are all in."



Toshiba Satellite C650D hiányos laptop - Jelenlegi ára: 8 450 Ft

Toshiba Satellite C650D-115 laptop  - használt , hiányos  állapotban.  
Bekapcsolásig  tesztelt.
Akku hiányzik.
A hírdetés csak a képen szereplő laptopra vonatkozik.
Töltő nem jár hozzá.
A képeken látható állapotba
A gépen nincsen operációs rendszer.
CPU: AMD V120 2. 2 Ghz
VGA: ATI Radeon HD4200
kijelző: 15. 6" 
2 x USB 2. 0,    VGA,  
akku nincs.
Garancia nincs.
A gép esetlegesen nem közölt vagy "rejtett" hibáiért felelőséget nem vállalok.
Kérem ezt licitáláskor figyelembe venni!
A  termékeket kizárólag  GLS futárral küldjük!
A kiszállítás ideje 2-3 munkanap.
Tévedés és elírás joga fenntartva!!
Toshiba Satellite C650D hiányos  laptop
Jelenlegi ára: 8 450 Ft
Az aukció vége: 2019-10-08 19:37

أسعار لاب توب توشيبا في مصر 2019

اذا كنت تبحث عزيزى المستخدم عن اسعار ومواصفات لاب توب توشيبا فنحن على موقعنا نقدم لك المعلومات الكاملة عن جميع ماركات ومواصفات واسعار لاب توب توشيبا لعام 2016, المعلومات التى نقدمها لك عزيزى المستخدم كى نوفر عليك البحث والاجهاد فى الكثير من المواقع, لذا سوف نقدم لك الآن مواصفات واسعار لاب توب توشيبا 2016 بأحدث الماركات والامكانيات :

1- لاب توب Toshiba توشيبا Toshiba Portege Z20t يعتبر من افضل اجهزة لاب توب قامت شركة توشيبا Toshiba بتصنيعه عام 2016 ويتميز بالمواصفات والسعر كما يلى :

لاب توب Toshiba Portege Z20t به شاشة بقياس 12.5 انش لمس مع امكانية التحويل بين التابلت واللابتوب العادي .
لاب توب Toshiba Portege Z20t به معالج انتل Intel Core M5Y71 .
لاب توب Toshiba Portege Z20t به رام بسعة 8 جيجا .
لاب توب Toshiba Portege Z20t به ذاكرة داخلية من نوع SSD بسعة 256 جيجا بايت .
لاب توب Toshiba Portege Z20t به بطارية تعمل حتى 14 ساعة ونصف في نظام اللابتوب و تعمل 7 ساعات ونصف في نظام التابلت .

سعر لاب توب Toshiba Portege Z20t
يبدأ من 1000 دولار امريكي .

2-  لاب توب Toshiba توشيبا Toshiba Kirabook الترابوك Ultrabook يعتبر من افضل اجهزة لاب توب قامت شركة توشيبا Toshiba بتصنيعه عام 2016 ويتميز بالمواصفات والسعر كما يلى :

لاب توب Toshiba Kirabook به شاشة بقياس 13.3 انش عالية الوضوح Quad-HD .
اب توب Toshiba Kirabook به معالج انتل Intel Core i7-5500U .
اب توب Toshiba Kirabook به رام بسعة 8 جيجا .
اب توب Toshiba Kirabook به ذاكرة داخلية من نوع SSD بسعة 256 جيجا بايت .
اب توب Toshiba Kirabook به بطارية تعمل حتى 9 ساعات متواصلة .

سعر لاب توب توشيبا Toshiba Kirabookt

يبدأ من 1700 دولار امريكي .

قائمة أسعار اللاب توب ماركة توشيبا

  • لاب توب توشيبا موديل L50-B1101 مزود برامات 6 جيجا وهارد 750 جيجا سعره 5200 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا موديل L50-B931 مزود برامات 6 جيجا وهارد ا تيرا سعره 5600 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا موديل C55-B1055 مزود برامات 4 جيجا وهارد 500 جيجا بسعر 3700 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا 12 بوصة موديل satellite u920t مزود برامات 4 جيجا وهارد 256 جيجا سعره 8850 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا 12 بوصة موديل satellite u925t-s2120 مزود برامات 4 جيجا وهارد 128 جيجا بسعر 14000 جنية.
  • لاب توبا توشيبا بورتيجيه بيزنس الجيل السابع شاشة 12 بوصة رامات 8 جيجا هارد 256 جيجا ويبلغ سعره 20000 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا 13 بوصة موديل satellite w35dt-a3300 مزود برامات 4 جيجا وهارد 500 جيجا سعره 9900 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا 13 بوصة موديل satellite p35w-b3226 مزود برامات 4 جيجا وهارد 128 جيجا سعره 14400 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا التراب بوك 13 بوصة موديل KIRA960 رامات 8 جيجا هارد 256 جيجاسعره 16500 جنية.
  • سعر لاب توب توشيبا 15 بوصة موديل satellite l55w-c5257 به رامات 6 جيجا وهارد 128 جيجا بـ 14200 جنية.
  • لاب توب توشيبا 15 بوصة موديل satellite l55-b5276 به رامات 8 جيجا وهارد 1 تيرا ويبلغ سعره 14600 جنية.


Meet the man with the biggest job in English football – what challenges await new Premier League CEO David Pemsel?

Finally, the Premier League has its path plotted. Susanna Dinnage had second thoughts, Tim Davie wasn’t interested, but David Pemsel has been appointed as the new chief executive –Richard Scudamore’s successor –and will begin work no later than April 2020."His straightforward style and personal integrity make him an ideal person to lead the business. At the Guardian, he has shown strong leadership through a period of change and transformation."Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck’s welcoming comments very deliberately made reference to change and transformation. In the past, the Premier League has been a reactive organisation. Very obviously so, given that its entire premise was adapted from America. Now, it finds itself behind the curve again, watching on as the rest of the world’s sporting properties evolve.The NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL have all adapted to the streaming age, while Australia’s NRL has also followed suit. But the Premier League continues to have its horizons limited by the Saturday blackout and, by its own design, through its longstanding relationship with satellite broadcasters.The past weekend offered a reminder of how limiting some of the Premier League’s tendencies now look. With three games kicking off simultaneously at 2pm on Sunday, only one was available to watch inside the UK. It was Chelsea’s game with Southampton or nothing and, in 2019 and with two of the country’s best-supported sides playing in the dark, that’s mildly ridiculous. This, presumably, will be one of Pemsel’s primary objectives. It's a process which has begun, with Amazon having become the first streaming service to acquire a portion of the domestic rights package, but only in a relatively token way. Digital season tickets and viewer-specific fixtures: that’s the future, and English football has been too slow to embrace it. The task is to outfit the league in such a way that it speaks to younger generations, the future fans who've never known anything other than Netflix and Hulu.Pemsel may not have been the first choice to lead the Premier League's post-Scudamore era, but those who have been approached have all had vaguely similar CVs. Dinnage made her name in television:she was and remains the Global President of Animal Planet. Davie is a former Director General of the BBC and currently the CEO of BBC Studios. The nets are in these waters for good reason; this is the frontier - the need was for someone who understands how to adjust to changing trends and habits.Pemsel’s past is slightly different, but the rationale behind his appointment isn’t hard to trace.His success was achieved at a company forced to navigate a tough adaption and which had – initially - to operate in a world in which it wasn’t entirely comfortable. Like almost every other British print newspaper, the Guardian has spent many of the post-internet years flummoxed by the industry’s big, unanswerable questions –but Pemsel will leave the company finally in profit.It speaks to his acumen, but also his ability to correct the thinking within organisations that are resistant to change.The challenges of his new job won’t be quite the same, but they will still require creative solutions. Among the darker clouds on the horizon is, of course, the UK’s departure from the European Union.The end of freedom of movement is an obvious threat to the competition’s global status and the restrictions Brexit places on academy recruitment and transfer activity will, in whatever form the final agreement takes, alter existing dynamics and diminish the league’s primacy.There’s talk of amnesties being created to safeguard a source of British soft power, but such legislation exists in theory rather than practice, and will require detailed negotiation over months and years.As would any measures designed to protect the competition from the challenges of a radical left-wing government. The Premier League is sporting capitalism’s opulent jewel and, consequently, a breeding ground for the kind of ultra-high earners who would be targeted by a socialist economic policy. Re-distribution may have advocates in the country at large, but none of those people work at Gloucester Place. Jeremy Corbyn and the Premier League are, in that sense, natural enemies.So this isn’t a passive role for David Pemsel. He will be inheriting a position of great strength and visibility, but he’ll have to use those virtues in a way that his predecessors didn’t. The sky isn’t the limit for the Premier League any more –the world has and will continue to change.While you're here, why not take advantage of our brilliant subscribers' offer? Get5 issues of the world's greatest football magazine for £5– the game's greatest stories and finest journalism direct to your door for less than a pint in London. Cheers!NOW TRY...OPINION The Premier League's use of VAR prevents it from providing what it can do best: consistencyPODCASTGlenn Hoddle: the lost legacyWATCHPremier League live stream best VPN: how to watch every game from anywhere in the worldNew features you'll love on

Foto - Fotoalbum e video – Dolce Luna (tanogabo)

tanogabo scrive nella categoria Foto che: Vano è il “pensare” perchè nel contesto dell’universo l’uomo quasi si annulla nella vana ricerca del vero senso della vita. Una pagina dedicata alla Luna, il nostro satellite che ci fa riflettere sull’essere un uomo piccolo davanti agli spettacoli naturali, un uomo che si può solo inchinare davanti
vai agli ultimi aggiornamenti su: otoalbum immagini luna
1 Voti

Vai all'articolo completo » .Fotoalbum e video – Dolce Luna.
Fotoalbum e video  – Dolce Luna

NASA Smallsats Can Aid Hurricane Forecasts with GPS


Illustration of one of the eight CYGNSS satellites

The same GPS signals your phone uses for navigation can reveal winds hidden deep within hurricanes and detect water on land.


Trump Considering Pulling Out of 'Open Skies Treaty'

Since coming into force in 2002, the Open Skies Treaty has become a key tool for the U.S. and its European allies to monitor Russian military deployments to former Soviet satellite countries, including Russian aggression in Ukraine. Withdrawing from the treaty could upend this transatlantic alliance, and place Ukraine at greater risk.

Trends 5 champions are willing

Have you of all time wondered what conquering citizens have that makes them successful? Ever contemplate how those title holder recruiters in your business manage, time period after month, to get the most new recruits, the large bonuses, the greatest paychecks?Well let me report you a secretive. No one starts out as a Champion. Most of them started out like you and me. So what is it that makes a Champion distinct from the rest?Champions have an attitude, a mindset that sets them unconnected from the lie down. But supreme of these virtues are not great.Post ads:recording devices macbook / flexyspy iphone / surveillance cameras view iphone / real spy monitor pl / nanny spy cam with audio / oleansoft hidden recorder serial / audio surveillance / surveillance jobs orlando / clues that my husband is cheating / audio surveillance receivers / record phone call droid app / spy earpiece and microphone / overcoming infidelity in marriage / to catch a cheater 95.1 wape / keyhole spy satellites / covert audio surveillance equipmentIndeed all and both one of us possesses these qualities when we launch out in existence. But somewhere on the way we tend to mislay them and lessen our own possible.

Economical Agriculture Sprayer-THEA 160 Hexacopter


Today I would like to introduce an economical agriculture sprayer – THEA 160, which will meet the needs of efficient and accurate operation.

THEA 160 is a battery-powered agriculture hexacopter, compared with the THEA 130, the pesticide tank capacity and spray width of THEA 160 have been greatly improved to meet the operational needs of users in different industries. THEA 160 pesticide tank is 16L, the spray width is 5-7 meters, the operation efficiency of THEA 160 is about 1.82-3.3acre per flight.

(Note: The working efficiency in one hour may be different due to the different proficiency of operators and the different distribution speed of pesticide on the ground.)

THEA 160 adopts the Cutting-edge industry materials, features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and longer service life; the fold-able design makes it convenient for transportation; supports expansion function like mist sprayer, seeding module etc. The THEA 160 is equipped with a microwave fixed-height radar, which can realize terrain following function, and can be applied in variety of environments and terrains, like fields, crops, forests and orchards etc. In addition, THEA 160 agriculture sprayer can achieve full-autonomous flight, AB point flight, Continue to fly at breakpoints and other functions.


Multiple Configurations-Meet the complex farmland environment operation requirements

In the actual plant protection operation, every sprayer operator will encounter problems like  irregular shape of the field, the terrain is uneven, there are obstacles in the field, or the take-off and landing area is not suitable etc. The THEA 160 can display the real-time data to monitor the flight status and ensure a safe flight. Thea 160 can also provide terrain following and autonomous obstacle avoidance functions to ensure the safety of the drone. In addition, the THEA 160 also retains a variety of manual modes, which allows pilot to switch at any time during the operation to adapt to complex operating environments.



Radar, FPV camera and searchlight- Safer and more autonomous operation

THEA 160 is equipped with a millimeter-wave obstacle-avoidance radar, when performing autonomous flight, the radar can detect the obstacles in front and automatically stop at a set distance to ensure safe operation.

In addition, the THEA 160 is also equipped with an FPV camera and a searchlight. The FPV camera can transmit the image in front of the drone to the remote controller in real time. When the THEA 160 is stopped due to the obstacle, it can be remoted to avoid the obstacle referring to the image and the staff doesn’t need to go to the scene, and the searchlight can be used for illumination in low light situations, that makes the operation more safe.

Good penetration, Efficient operation

THEA 160 has a simple structure, small volume and low consumption, uniform and stable in the wind field. It is good to spray pesticides on the surface of the whole crop to better exert its effects! The down-wind-pressure field is uniform, stable and penetrable, which can spray the pesticide to the crop surface and display a better pesticide effect .


Classical Series , Full-featured

THEA 160 and THEA 130 are two important products of the THEA series agriculture sprayers. Both of them fully consider the actual operation requirements in terms of functions, and maintain the same pace to meet the increasingly diverse operational needs of the industry users:

1. Support "GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou satellite navigation System" to improve flight reliability.

2. Real-time monitor the battery capacity, support low-voltage voice alarm

3. Real-time monitor the amount of pesticides. When there is no pesticide in the tank, the ground station supports voice alarm.

4. Microwave fixed-height radar, support terrain following flight

5.Android mobile phone ground station, easy to use

6.PC ground station, full voice broadcast

7. Real-time data display, monitor the flight status

8. Support route planning, automatic flight operation

9. Support AB point flight

10. Support one-button take-off and landing, greatly improve the safety

11. Provide high pressure ceramic nozzle, adjustable spray speed and even spraying

12. Support breakpoints and continue spraying, support automatic return while without pesticides or at low voltage.

13. Support irregular land planning

14. Support set obstacle points, plan routes to avoid obstacle areas

15. Support setting alternate landing sites to facilitate large-scale land operations

16. Support mist sprayer, seeding module, multi-purpose drone, controllable cost, and low investment.


THEA 130 and THEA 160 Agriculture Sprayer are now released! The pesticide tank is 10L and 16L respectively. The maximum working efficiency per flight is15 mu and 20 mu respectively, and the functions of autonomous flight, fixed height and imitating flight are carried out. Both of them fully consider the needs of the actual operation, can meet the

complex farmland environment operation requirements. Welcome plant protection users to consult and buy! Welcome to consult and purchase!

For Purchase and details please contact:


Inmarsat and OnixSat provide satellite connectivity for Cemig

(Telecompaper) Brazilian utilities company Cemig is working with Inmarsat and OnixSat to improve the performance of its electric grid in Minas Gerais...

Yahsat coverage reaches 1,300 Brazilian cities

(Telecompaper) Satellite broadband operator Yahsat now reaches 1,300 Brazilian cities with its services, a 30 percent growth since July...

Smart Home Service Technician - Via Satellite, Inc. - Martinsburg, WV

*Opportunity to gain valuable work skills - *working with great companies like DISH, HughesNet, Samsung, Polk, Google, Nest among others. Here is how it works: $14 - $20 an hour
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Smart Home Service Technician - Via Satellite, Inc. - Snowshoe, WV

*Opportunity to gain valuable work skills - *working with great companies like DISH, HughesNet, Samsung, Polk, Google, Nest among others. Here is how it works: $13 - $20 an hour
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Saturn Crowned ‘King of the Moons’ Following Massive Discovery

Astronomers have found 20 new moons orbiting Saturn (via Carnegie Institute for Science)

Astronomers have spotted another 20 moons orbiting Saturn, bringing its total to a whopping 82. That’s three more satellites than Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System. Each of the new discoveries, […]

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NASA Releases 3D Moon Map For Visual Artists

Color and displacement maps are used in 3D animation software to paint and model an object like the moon. (Photo Credit: NASA / Goddard / Scientific Visualization Studio)

Christmas came early this year for visual artists: NASA’s new 3D moon map makes it easy to build elaborate digital imagery of Earth’s satellite. Based on a decade’s worth of data collected by […]

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Spécialiste de la géomatique - Geomatics Specialist - Maxar Technologies - Gatineau, QC

Communicate with internal and external clients for technical questions related to all satellites handled by MDA GSI. Please review the job details below.
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Spécialiste de la géomatique - Geomatics Specialist - MDA Corporation - Gatineau, QC

Communicate with internal and external clients for technical questions related to all satellites handled by MDA GSI. Please review the job details below.
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   Radio Show 10/05/19

Good afternoon and welcome to another episode of the Radio Show. I am your host Richard “The Razor” Ewing and with my co-host Mike “The Shu” Shuman who will be live via satellite today. We have week 4 in the books and the 49ers are a top of the NFC West for right now. […]

Business Development Representative bij SAP in Den Bosch - Heliview PMS - Sarsuna Satellite Township, Kolkata, West Bengal

De officiële functietitel die je bij SAP krijgt is Business Development Representative. Die iedere dag hun mouwen opstropen om onze klanten te helpen met hun…
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Executive Sales bij SAP in Den Bosch - Heliview PMS - Sarsuna Satellite Township, Kolkata, West Bengal

De officiële functietitel die je bij SAP krijgt is Business Development Representative. Die iedere dag hun mouwen opstropen om onze klanten te helpen met hun…
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20 New Moons Found Around Saturn, Snagging Satellite Record from Jupiter | Space

Saturn now has 82 known satellites. Source: 20 New Moons Found Around Saturn, Snagging Satellite Record from Jupiter | Space

Bonds That Can Change the Future (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds)

angel4ewer / 116 pages
After Zero Reverse separated Neo Domino City and Satellite, a lot of people died and children left orphans. Martha took a good care for them and raised few of the most known characters Crow, Jack and Yusei but there was one little girl growing up ...

Satellite Spots Massive Tonzang Landslide



Satellite Spots Massive Tonzang Landslide



473024-2019: France-Paris: Satellites d'observation

Date de publication: 08/10/2019 | Date limite: 17-02-2020 | Document: Avis de marché

471299-2019: Pologne-Varsovie: Stations terrestres de satellites

Date de publication: 08/10/2019 | Date limite: | Document: Avis d'attribution de marché

20 mini-moons spotted orbiting Saturn


Saturn "has overtaken" Jupiter as the planet with the most satellites, at least in our own system: 82 to the larger world's 79. A team "discovered a haul of 20 new moons" around the ringed gas giant, as the BBC puts it, putting it in the lead.

The moons were discovered using the Subaru telescope on Maunakea, Hawaii.

Each of the newly discovered objects in orbit around Saturn is about 5km (three miles) in diameter; 17 of them orbit the planet "backwards".

This is known as a retrograde direction. The other three moons orbit in a prograde direction - the same direction as Saturn rotates.

I suspect they were there all along. Read the rest


Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2019 by Hank Roberts

DSCOVR Satellite Could be Revived With Software Fix in 2020 | | from the there's-life-in-the-old-satellite-yet dept. | | posted by janrinok on Sunday October 06, @16:29 (Science) | | | +-------------------------------------------------------------------------+ [0]takyon writes: [1]Software fix planned to restore DSCOVR A space weather and Earth observation satellite that has been offline for more than three months could be restored to normal operations with new software, but that fix is not expected to be completed until early next year. In a Sept. 30 statement, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that it has been working with NASA and an unnamed company on a "software fix" to restore the Deep Space Climate Observatory, or DSCOVR, [2]which went into a "safehold" June 27. Those efforts, the agency said, are making progress, but it doesn't expect DSCOVR to resume operations soon. "Engineers report that intermediate test results of the software fix have been positive and they expect it to be incorporated during the first quarter of calendar year 2020," NOAA said in its statement. [3]Deep Space Climate Observatory.

SLAM-based Integrity Monitoring Using GPS and Fish-eye Camera. (arXiv:1910.02165v1 [cs.RO])


Authors: Sriramya Bhamidipati, Grace Xingxin Gao

Urban navigation using GPS and fish-eye camera suffers from multipath effects in GPS measurements and data association errors in pixel intensities across image frames. We propose a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)-based Integrity Monitoring (IM) algorithm to compute the position protection levels while accounting for multiple faults in both GPS and vision. We perform graph optimization using the sequential data of GPS pseudoranges, pixel intensities, vehicle dynamics, and satellite ephemeris to simultaneously localize the vehicle as well as the landmarks, namely GPS satellites and key image pixels in the world frame. We estimate the fault mode vector by analyzing the temporal correlation across the GPS measurement residuals and spatial correlation across the vision intensity residuals. In particular, to detect and isolate the vision faults, we developed a superpixel-based piecewise Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) technique to perform spatial voting across image pixels. For an estimated fault mode, we compute the protection levels by applying worst-case failure slope analysis to the linearized Graph-SLAM framework. We perform ground vehicle experiments in the semi-urban area of Champaign, IL and have demonstrated the successful detection and isolation of multiple faults. We also validate tighter protection levels and lower localization errors achieved via the proposed algorithm as compared to SLAM-based IM that utilizes only GPS measurements.


Approximation-Refinement Testing of Compute-Intensive Cyber-Physical Models: An Approach Based on System Identification. (arXiv:1910.02837v1 [cs.SE])


Authors: Claudio Menghi, Shiva Nejati, Lionel C. Briand, Yago Isasi Parache

Black-box testing has been extensively applied to test models of Cyber-Physical systems (CPS) since these models are not often amenable to static and symbolic testing and verification. Black-box testing, however, requires to execute the model under test for a large number of candidate test inputs. This poses a challenge for a large and practically-important category of CPS models, known as compute-intensive CPS (CI-CPS) models, where a single simulation may take hours to complete. We propose a novel approach, namely ARIsTEO, to enable effective and efficient testing of CI-CPS models. Our approach embeds black-box testing into an iterative approximation-refinement loop. At the start, some sampled inputs and outputs of the CI-CPS model under test are used to generate a surrogate model that is faster to execute and can be subjected to black-box testing. Any failure-revealing test identified for the surrogate model is checked on the original model. If spurious, the test results are used to refine the surrogate model to be tested again. Otherwise, the test reveals a valid failure. We evaluated ARIsTEO by comparing it with S-Taliro, an open-source and industry-strength tool for testing CPS models. Our results, obtained based on five publicly-available CPS models, show that, on average, ARIsTEO is able to find 24% more requirements violations than S-Taliro and is 31% faster than S-Taliro in finding those violations. We further assessed the effectiveness and efficiency of ARIsTEO on a large industrial case study from the satellite domain. In contrast to S-Taliro, ARIsTEO successfully tested two different versions of this model and could identify three requirements violations, requiring four hours, on average, for each violation.


Multi-Modal Machine Learning for Flood Detection in News, Social Media and Satellite Sequences. (arXiv:1910.02932v1 [cs.CV])


Authors: Kashif Ahmad, Konstantin Pogorelov, Mohib Ullah, Michael Riegler, Nicola Conci, Johannes Langguth, Ala Al-Fuqaha

In this paper we present our methods for the MediaEval 2019 Mul-timedia Satellite Task, which is aiming to extract complementaryinformation associated with adverse events from Social Media andsatellites. For the first challenge, we propose a framework jointly uti-lizing colour, object and scene-level information to predict whetherthe topic of an article containing an image is a flood event or not.Visual features are combined using early and late fusion techniquesachieving an average F1-score of82.63,82.40,81.40and76.77. Forthe multi-modal flood level estimation, we rely on both visualand textual information achieving an average F1-score of58.48and46.03, respectively. Finally, for the flooding detection in time-based satellite image sequences we used a combination of classicalcomputer-vision and machine learning approaches achieving anaverage F1-score of58.82%


Automated 3D recovery from very high resolution multi-view satellite images. (arXiv:1905.07475v2 [cs.CV] UPDATED)


Authors: Rongjun Qin

This paper presents an automated pipeline for processing multi-view satellite images to 3D digital surface models (DSM). The proposed pipeline performs automated geo-referencing and generates high-quality densely matched point clouds. In particular, a novel approach is developed that fuses multiple depth maps derived by stereo matching to generate high-quality 3D maps. By learning critical configurations of stereo pairs from sample LiDAR data, we rank the image pairs based on the proximity of the results to the sample data. Multiple depth maps derived from individual image pairs are fused with an adaptive 3D median filter that considers the image spectral similarities. We demonstrate that the proposed adaptive median filter generally delivers better results in general as compared to normal median filter, and achieved an accuracy of improvement of 0.36 meters RMSE in the best case. Results and analysis are introduced in detail.


Satellite Technician - Communication Pros LLC - Brigham City, UT

We can assist in providing some of the tools required for the position. Communication Pros is looking for a part-time satellite technician to install in the…
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Local community engagement, Part 5

Part 1 introduced this project to engage local residents in villages north of Cambridge UK. Part 2 elaborated on some resources available and communication via Story Maps. Part 3 looked at three more resources, introduced an open call and closed with an Elevator Pitch. Part 4 looked at community engagement's key differentiator, to search for local info your way, not the search engines'. Let's round this off with our own gazetteer, and then touch on issues around sea level rise maps.

Wikipedia Gazetteer

With my partner Terry Jackso, we completed a Cambridgeshire gazetteer from Wikipedia data! Click on View larger map  and select any town to pop up a full suite of associated information...

Cottenham2020 are a social enterprise keen on linking villagers and businesses for the better good. The context for this is climate change, and local environmental groups such as SusCott are among our partners. The neighbouring village of Histon&Impington just declared a climate emergency. Sea level rise maps are thus part&parcel of the environmental hazard assessment... but we have a surprise!

A tale of two sea level rise models

Part of the climate change risk&mitigation efforts revolve around coastal inundation. I first mentioned this almost a decade ago , when I highlighted sea level rise map based on NASA SRTM data. A more recent spectacular example on the same data is shown here.

I could not, however, source the original NASA data - an issue around openness and web services discussed five years ago - but I did find a version of it on Esri's Online platform. Toggle on the  WWF / NASA 4 and 11 m. sea level rise below, and see half of Cambridgeshire inundated!

When I was doing Arctic sea ice maps, however, I found NGDC-based CReSIS sea level maps. Desktop mapping showed me a far more conservative coastal inundation of East Anglia: measured from 1 to 6 m contrasts with the 4 and 11 m above. Luck would have it that @kennethfield  I follow on twitter already posted the 1 and 5 m global sea level rise. Toggle those two on in the map above, and you'll only see the north tip of Cambridgeshire inundated!

Note: both Firetree and CReSIS maps were created in 2006 and 2005 respectively, before this became a hot topic, unlike the Risk Zone Map very much in the news evidenced here.

This highlights the issues in modelling. Do consult the sources in my East Anglia sea level rise map. On the NASA side, incremental sea levels are intersected with SRTM topographic data to derive inundation zones (any SRTM data below incremental sea levels is marked blue as under water, any above are left clear as above water). On the NGDC side a two-step raster modeling procedure run atop GLOBE abd ETOPO2 elevation data models flooding scenarios.

Posting on flood data interpretation a couple of years ago will show how complex an area this is, like anything is around climate change written up on Medium here.


Autophagy-related Proteins as a Prognostic Factor of Patients With Colorectal Cancer

imageObjectives: Autophagy plays a dual role in tumorigenesis. In the initial stages, it promotes cell survival and suppresses carcinogenesis, whereas in cancer development, it induces cancer cell survival. In this study, we investigate the role of autophagy as a protective or tumor suppressor mechanism in colorectal cancer (CRC) cell lines and evaluate its role as a potential biomarker in human tumor samples. Materials and Methods: The data of 68 patients with CRC treated at our Department from January 1 to December 31, 2016 were analyzed. Immunohistochemistry evaluation of p62, LC3B, Beclin-1, and Rab-7 in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples was performed and their expression was correlated with clinicopathologic characteristics, mutation status, and therapeutic approach. The χ2 was used to test an association among categorical variables. Survival curves were estimated using the Kaplan-Meier method and differences were assessed using the log-rank test. Colo-205, HT29, SW-480, and Caco-2 cell lines were also used so as to test the autophagy markers with oxaliplatin, irinotecan, hydroxychloroquine, and 3-methyladenine. Results: Overexpression of Beclin-1 is associated with poor survival (P=0.001) in patients with CRC treated with chemotherapy, irrespective of the stage and mutational status. Rab-7 is also correlated with progression-free survival (PFS) (P=0.088). Oxaliplatin (10 and 20 μΜ) and irinotecan (10 and 20 μΜ) inhibit autophagy in microsatellite stable (MSS) CRC cell lines. The inhibition of autophagy in MSS CRC cell lines after treatment with oxaliplatin and irinotecan is further identified through monodancylcadaverine staining. Moreover, inhibition of autophagy with molecules such as hydroxychloroquine (20 μΜ) and 3-methyladenine (5 mM) was identified by the accumulation of p62 and LC3B. Conclusions: Beclin-1 is an independent prognostic factor of overall survival and PFS. Also, Rab-7 is identified as an independent prognostic factor of PFS. Besides, several chemotherapeutic drugs such as oxaliplatin and irinotecan inhibit autophagy in MSS CRC cell lines in a similar way like hydroxychloroquine and 3-methyladenine. Thus, in MSS patients who develop chemoresistance, a combination of other therapies that include an autophagy inhibitor could be more beneficial. Further clinical trials are needed to investigate these therapeutic strategies.

"Challenges to Astronomy from Satellites" Invites Abstracts


Starlink Satellite TrailsThe AAS Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris (LPRISD) Committee invites you to submit a poster abstract for the Special Session "Challenges to Astronomy from Satellites" (formerly "Threats to Astronomy from Lighting and Satellites") to be held on Wednesay morning, 8 January, at the 235th AAS meeting in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Even if you choose not to submit an abstract, you are cordially invited to join us for what promises to be an exciting and informative 90 minutes.

The session may include a representative from SpaceX to talk about why mega-constellations such as Starlink are being launched. We will also have experts talking about modeling the possible impacts of satellite constellations to optical and radio astronomy facilities. Come participate in the discussions and provide feedback for next steps.

If you are a member or an affiliate of the AAS, you may submit a poster abstract to this session; see the AAS 235 abstract instructions and abstract-information page for details. If you are a nonmember and would like to submit an abstract on the session topic or any other topic related to light pollution, radio interference, or space debris, you'll need to contact an AAS member to sponsor you.

Poster abstracts are due on Tuesday, 8 October, at 9:00 pm ET. Late abstracts — for digital interactive iPosters and iPoster-Plus only — are due on Thursday, 7 November, at 9 pm ET.

Questions? Email Connie Walker of the LPRISD Committee.

We hope to see you at 10:00 am Hawai‘i Standard Time on 8 January at the Special Session.

The AAS LPRISD Committee


Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows

To get an edge in the oil market, traders turn to satellites, shadows and a lot of fancy math. Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann


Bibel TV verlängert Ausstrahlung über Astra in SD-Qualität

Der Sender Bibel TV verlängert die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Luxemburger Satellitenbetreiber SES.

Garden Giant

There's a GIANT in our garden, y'all!

It's a GIANT sunflower, a Mammoth Russian to be exact. There are two, actually, but one never grew as tall and is already bent over from the weight of its seed head.

Here's the seed head of the droopy sunflower. You can almost tell how heavy it is just by looking.

But the GIANT... the GIANT is really than the edge of the than the mounted satellite dish. I estimate it to be 12 feet tall!

When we were in Oklahoma, a storm with very strong winds hit here. We expected to find our GIANT on the ground when we got home, but it held strong—it's sturdy trunk stalk must have saved it.

The flower is so high up, I had to use my biggest zoom lens to get a decent picture.

Its face is turned in a northeasterly direction toward the roof, which isn't ideal for our viewing pleasure. If we plant sunflowers next year, I think we should find a new location.

Our GIANT is a beauty.

From it's golden flame petals...

to its swirly green center...

it's a GIANT standout in our garden.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wave Motion Research May Lead to...


This new class of granular materials should provide shock protection from a projectile, such as a bullet, to safeguard police and military personnel

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

Read the full story at


Achtung: Diese Nummer NIE zurückrufen

Heimische Regulierungsbehörde warnt vor (teuren) Rückrufen bei +882-Nummern.
In Österreich sind einmal mehr Betrüger mit einer sogenannten Ping-Abzocke unterwegs. Anrufe, die mit "+882" beginnen, stammen von einem Satellitentelefon und sollten am besten ignoriert werden. "Legen Sie auf. Oder wenn Sie den Anruf verpasst haben, rufen Sie keinesfalls zurück", warnte Klaus M. Steinmaurer, Geschäftsführer der RTR (Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH) für den Fachbereich Telekommunikation und Post.

Inter Juventus, ascolti tv Sky: numeri da record

inter juventus

Inter Juventus su Sky ha fatto registrare dei numeri da record: il derby d’Italia ha ottenuto ascolti a dir poco stupefacenti, tutti i dettagli della sfida. Sono numeri davvero importanti quelli di Inter Juventus su Sky: gli ascolti, infatti, hanno sorriso alla tv satellite di Murdoch tanto quanto lo hanno fatti i dati relativi agli […]

L'articolo Inter Juventus, ascolti tv Sky: numeri da record proviene da


Google Earth Pro video tour -- 2

We need a tour of the neighborhood from a zoomed in satellite view. start at neighborhood entrance and stop at neighborhood pool. Review the attached files. You need to be able to edit google mymap line color, width and icon... (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: After Effects, Cartography & Maps, Google Earth, Google Maps API)

(MAJ) Test Netgear Orbi Voice, enceinte amplifiée connectée + hotspot Wi‑Fi, en ligne

Après nos tests des formidables packs Wi-Fi Netgear Orbi RBK50 et Orbi RBK20, place au Netgear RBS40V, dénommé aussi Orbi Voice. Pour faire simple, il s'agit d'un satellite Orbi RBK20 auquel

Life Church Selects VITEC Houses of Worship Streaming Solutions

VITEC‘s MGW Ace Encoder and Decoder Engage Life Church’s Entire Congregation Across Multiple Campuses With Flawless Video Streams ATLANTA — Oct. 8, 2019 — VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced its MGW Ace Encoder and Decoder were successfully installed at Life Church and its four satellite campuses in ...

Tests finaux pour le satellite Solar Orbiter, qui va partir à Cap Canaveral

Il se rendra en Floride à la fin du mois, tandis que les préparatifs pour le lancement débuteront dès novembre, pour un lancement en février à bord d'une fusée Delta V.  « Sa destination ? L...

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