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Millennials Are Being Blamed For Slowing Economy Because They’re Saving Too Much

Millennials get blamed for everything. The latest situation to be thrown on millennials is the slowing economy. According to a...

Good Question, Dodge


Millennials find themselves at a societal crossroads. Wage growth isn’t ideal, living (and certainly education) costs are rising faster than their paychecks, and technological advancements are rendering swaths of middle-class jobs obsolete. Which is why, in this author’s opinion, it’s time for Aries. Yes, it’s time to sign off Twitter and get into a sensible […]

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Millennial Tree


A massive, moss-covered tree that grew in the cave with a sloping ground. At its entrance, an almost imperceptible water flows between the grasses and vines that arise from the trees that grow above of the cave.

A scene carefully modeled on ZBrush and textured on the Substance Painter. Accompanied by a 4k HDR from a cave to give more realism in the scene to Iray.

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Por qué tantos millennials hablamos en redes como si fuésemos adolescentes

Twitter está lleno de frases que parecen sacadas de diario adolescente escritas, faveadas y retuiteadas por adultos como yo.

Five trends drawing young consumers to convenience retail operations


A new report from Y-Pulse identifies five trends attracting Gen Z and younger Millennial consumers to convenience retail operations.


Why should a Millennial be Utah’s next governor? An interview with Zachary Moses.

Should a millennial be Utah's next governor? We interviewed Zachary Moses, covering affordabel housing, the inland port, pollution and his solutions.

194: 2 Investments That Can Beat a Global Slowdown with Gloom, Boom & Doom's Marc Faber


Jason Hartman talks with Marc Faber, editor at Gloom, Boom, Doom, about what's going on in our economy with the massive asset inflation that's hit in the past few years. The two examine what central banks will have to do in order to deal with the looming shortages and what investments can buck that trend when it arises.

Key Takeaways:

[4:11] Asset inflation is making the rich richer and leaving the poor and middle class behind

[10:18] Will millennials get bailed out by their inheritance from their Baby Boomer parents?

[13:33] The 2 investments that will appreciate in a global downturn

[15:25] 2 ways central banks can print money

[19:57] Inflationary actions can kick the can down the road a long way, but there is one thing that can ruin the party



Comment on On being a strange generational hybrid by My email to the ABC (about Rat from Bananas in Pyjamas) — Haught

[…] email started its life, many years ago, as the transcribed harrumphing of a Baby Boomer (in the body of a Millennial). I intended for it to be no longer than 75 words and for it to go no further than one of the […]

Pairing Spicy Food & Wine, Gen X versus Millennial Drinkers


Introduction Do you have trouble pairing wine with spicy dishes? What flavours can survive a spicy pairing? How do you pair wine and dishes with a lot of heat like Tex-Mex or vindaloo chicken? Why are Gen Xers so different as wine drinkers than millennials, and how is marketing to them changed? How can you improve your blood pressure and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s with wine? On today’s episode of Unreserved Wine Talk, I’m sharing my tips for finding the right wine for every spicy occasion and exploring both an interesting insight into wine marketing and a fascinating recent […]

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Know your fabric: Why ‘freedom’ weave khadi is becoming a millennial pick

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Travel review: Hi-tech huts at Samlesbury Hall are a delight

UNTIL recently, I thought ‘glamping’ was another pointlessly annoying millennial quirk, rather like describing someone as “salty” or ending every sentence with the phrase: “Sorry, not sorry”.

Pesquisa revela que apenas 30% dos millennials judeus frequentam sinagogas

     Pesquisa encomendada pela Hakhel e realizada pela consultoria Do-Et Institute em Israel revelou que apenas 30% dos millennials judeus - jovens que nasceram entre 1980 e 1990 -...

Blog judaico - Tudo sobre Israel, judaísmo,cultura e o mundo judaico. Acesse também nossa fan page


American Heart Association Launches Spanglish PSA to Increase Bystander CPR Among Latino Millennials

Mama Knows Best Latino millennials, the youngest major racial or ethnic group in the United States, take center stage in a new public service announcement by the American Heart Association (AHA) in co

Survey: Some Millennials Worry Retirement Will Never Arrive

A new report from the Spectrem Group shows millennials of different ages react differently as to why they would not retire.

Are You Part of the 29 Percent?

Sponsored by Cetera Financial Group Only 29% of all financial advisors offer intergenerational wealth planning.1 As baby boomers enter their twilight years, an expected $30 trillion in assets will be transferring to their gen X and millennial heirs.

Nearly a third of millennials would consider ending a relationship over financial secrets


However, 27 percent of this generation is hiding a financial issue from their significant other

By Mark Huffman of ConsumerAffairs
October 2, 2019

PhotoMillennials in a romantic relationship would be advised to be totally open and honest about all financial matters. Keeping secrets, a new survey shows, could mean big trouble.

TD Banks 5th annual Love and Money Survey shows 31 percent of millennials would consider breaking off a relationship with a partner who was hiding debt or a bad credit score. The pollsters talked to consumers who are married, in a committed relationship, or divorced.

Despite the insistence on financial openness, the survey found that 27 percent of millennials are currently keeping a financial secret from their partner, more than any other generation. Nearly half of that 27 percent is hiding credit card debt.

Older generations are also keeping secrets. Among the silent generation and baby boomers, a financial secret is most likely to involve a bank account the partner doesnt know about.

"It's important that couples are honest and open about their money challenges, said Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert, coach, and television personality. Oftentimes a partner will hide a credit card bill or low score due to guilt or embarrassment, yet when the debt comes to light it's often not the debt that creates the conflict - it's the secrecy."

Financial infidelity

Keeping money secrets from a significant other is often called financial infidelity. A recent survey by found it happens quite a lot, and many consider it to be just as serious as sexual cheating.

That survey found that about 19 percent of people in a relationship are hiding some kind of financial account from their partner.

Millennials, at least, are talking more about money issues. The survey found communication about finances has increased among millennials more than other generations over the last four years. Today, 94 percent of millennial couples discuss money at least once a week.

Of course, talking about money is not always productive. Millennials are still more likely than other generations to argue about money.


10/8/2019: Careers & Companies: Employees’ Financial Well-being Need of the Hour for New-age Cos

Bengaluru|Kolkata: India Inc has a new agenda — making sure employees, especially millennials, manage their finances better. Myntra,, BigBasket, HUL, NoBroker as well as other companies are increasingly looking at financial well-being as...

10/8/2019: Careers & Companies: Making Employees Money-Savvy

of REASONS Experts say it’s a predominantly millennial workforce Likes to live life to its fullest

Early Addition: Are Millennials To Blame For Sluggish Economy? (No)

A boy in a cart in Sunset Park

Because Trump is worried about his legacy, check out today's midday links. [ more › ]


Best Instagram Followers and Like Bots of 2019 – Instagram Automation


With over 700 million monthly active users worldwide, Instagram has become a necessary platform for marketing. This is especially relevant to millennials who use IG feeds filled with memes, live stories, and appealing posts, as a point of inspiration and discoverability. Having an active profile in the IG community helps companies and businesses to shape its […]

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Re: Lightning: Building Electric Motorcycles


Data: facts or information used for making calculations or decisions:
Here are some facts and information for you, i.e. data.


10/04 Links Pt2: Caroline B. Glick: American Jewry’s days of reckoning; Ruthie Blum: Owing Israel an apology; Bari Weiss Makes Her Case; Memorial service to be held in Ari Fuld's honor

From Ian:

Caroline B. Glick: American Jewry’s days of reckoning
On September 29, President Donald Trump set out his nationalist political philosophy in his address before the UN General Assembly. Arguing that the nation-state is the best guarantor of human freedom and liberty, Trump set up a contrast between “patriots” and “globalists.”

“The future does not belong to globalists,” he said.

“The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.”

Jewish nationalists, that is, Zionists, could hear their core convictions echoed in Trump’s statement. Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony made much the same argument in his book "The Virtue of Nationalism," which was published last year.

One of the regimes most opposed to nationalism is the Iranian regime. Iran’s leaders view the regime not as the government of the nation of Iran, but as the leader of a global jihad, which will end with the regime’s domination of the world, in the name of Islam – not Iran.

Anti-Semitism is one of the animating doctrines of Iran’s regime. The leaders ascribe to genocidal Jew-hatred. They use their commitment to annihilating Israel and war against the Jewish state as a means to build legitimacy for their regime and revolution throughout the Islamic world.

In his speech, Trump highlighted the regime’s anti-Semitism and its commitment to annihilate Israel.

Trump also excoriated the Arab world for refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist, saying, “Fanatics have long used hatred of Israel to distract from their own failures.”

Trump pledged, “America will never tolerate such anti-Semitic hate.”

Rather than earning him plaudits, American Jews were caustic in their response to Trump’s speech. Britain’s Independent reported that several American Jews condemned Trump’s speech as anti-Semitic. For instance, Laura Seay, a political science professor in Texas tweeted, “So … Trump condemns anti-Semitism in the same speech he started with anti-Semitic code language like 'globalism.'"
Ruthie Blum: Owing Israel an apology
FINALLY, I APOLOGIZE if I have given anyone the impression that I would be bitter about whatever coalition is cobbled together, or would not accept a third round of Knesset elections, if that becomes necessary. My view – that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a great leader – has not changed; nor has my sense that the charges against him are flimsy, at best, been shaken.

In addition, I am less than thrilled about the prospect of a national-unity government, headed either by Netanyahu or by Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, whether or not they reach a rotation agreement. Nor do I welcome new elections, which probably would result in an outcome nearly identical to that of the September 17 vote.

But as soon as a government is formed, including if its makeup is one I consider disappointing, I pledge to continue to use my pen to defend the country against its external enemies, such as Iran – whose regime boasts about possessing the will and means to wipe Israel off the map – and those at home and abroad who engage in equally serious efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state in order to call its existence into question.

I hope to keep the above promises in the year to come, and to live up to a different admonition by Isaiah – verse 5:20 – which is not recited on Yom Kippur, but should be remembered and applied by all of us every single day of each calendar year: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that change darkness into light, and light into darkness.”
Battling BDS, one laugh at a time
I LIKE the idea that it’s time to stand up for ourselves through stand-up, among other means. Better to deliver punchlines than be the punching bags. It’s healthy to be able to laugh at ourselves and it beats BDS bitterness. Two days after last month’s election, the Government Press Office and Foreign Ministry arranged for a special screening of a new movie called Mossad. The comedy was presented as the perfect break from politics and a good way to help Israel’s image.

The satire directed by Alon Gur Arye has a star-studded cast, including heartthrob Tsahi Halevi of Fauda fame in his first comic role. Halevi plays a bumbling spy called Guy Moran (and you can imagine how that surname turns out in English.)

When he gives a woman his card, she says: “But it’s blank.”

“That’s because I’m a secret agent,” he replies.

The save-the-world plot in which the Mossad and the CIA compete and collaborate is totally implausible, but many of the one-liners are brilliant and the slapstick stunts are well-executed. When the evil masterminds capture an American billionaire in Jerusalem, they come up against a henpecked Mossad chief whose sole aim is to finish his term without incident and to get to light one of the torches on Independence Day. The (obviously unreal) Mossad head, played by Ilan Dar, demands a videotape of the hostages holding a newspaper showing the date. This leads RBG (the “Real Bad Guys”) to scream: “Who can even find videotape anymore? Nobody reads a newspaper!”

Unlike Diplomatic Relations, where the idea is good, but the performance is at times painful, I can happily recommend Mossad. Gur Arye admits that the film was inspired by gag-filled American movies such as Top Secret! and that making it was a dream come true. Noting that most of his Israeli peers want to make dramas, he preferred parody.

“And I wanted to spoof something very Israeli,” he explained in a panel after the screening.

Gur Arye was lucky and talented enough to get veteran Israeli director Avi Nesher and American director David Zucker (of the Airplane and the Naked Gun franchise) on board and the film definitely has Zucker’s wacky touch.

Bari Weiss Makes Her Case
Does she focus too much on left-wing anti-Semitism given the danger from the right? In a way, Weiss replied, left-wing anti-Semitism is more insidious because it “speaks a language that is a siren song — the language of social justice, progress, defense of the oppressed.” It’s also far more socially acceptable: “Someone who photoshops your face into a gas chamber is not going to be received in polite society. Someone who calls you an Islamophobe and a racist for being a Zionist is going to be invited on television.”

She addressed difficult questions with both nuance and simplicity. Yes, “Netanyahu makes it harder to defend Israel” with his Arab-baiting, his alliances with racist parties and his cozying up to authoritarians in Europe. No, it’s not acceptable to blame him for anti-Semitic incidents in Europe, because “Jews should not be blamed for anti-Semitism, ever.”

I didn’t agree with everything Weiss said. I wasn’t, for instance, too impressed by her suggestion that Jews who support BDS are motivated by the desire to “belong” and fit in with surrounding society; it seemed needlessly dismissive of some people’s sincere beliefs.

I also had mixed feelings about the claim she made at the end of the evening, and which she also makes in the book: That anti-Semitism exists largely as a backlash against the “radical ideas” at the center of Jewish faith and culture. “The idea of one God, that slavery is wrong — those are Jewish ideas,” Weiss said. Obviously, the Jews’ role as the original monotheists had something to do with their historical contentious relationship with other cultures. But Weiss also oversimplifies this history and flirts with reinventing Judaism in the image of modern humanism. (Both the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud accept slavery as a given, though they also call for humane treatment of slaves.)

At the same time, Weiss had a strong point when she noted the remarkable fact that the Jewish people’s “original story is freedom of slavery” — and that Jews “often stand perpendicular to their societies,” demanding “the right to be different.” As she put it, “That drove people nuts and it still drives people nuts.”

Come to think of it, that’s not a bad description of Weiss herself. A liberal by any rational standard, she stands perpendicular to most of her social milieu, demanding the right to differ from its groupthink. And it certainly seems to drive people nuts. (h/t Dave4321)
Deborah E. Lipstadt: The Gray Lady and the Jewish State
In late April 2019, the New York Times international editionpublished a cartoon depicting a blind, kippa-wearing President Trump being led by a dachshund with a Jewish star around its neck. The dog’s face was a distorted caricature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visage. The message was indisputable: Israelis qua Jews, despite being the national equivalent of lapdogs, have the unique ability to blind presidents and shape political events. Beguiled, not only does Trump do their bidding, but he is, like the other unwitting victims on the world stage, blissfully unaware of what is going on. The cartoon gave vivid expression to the conspiracy theory, or rather myth, that is at the heart of anti-Semitism and did so in an image that, as was widely noted, could have appeared in Der Stürmer. How did it end up receiving the New York Times’s imprimatur?

Apparently, a single midlevel editor for the international edition of the paper chose the cartoon from a syndication service to which the paper then subscribed. Subsequent events followed a familiar pattern. The paper, after being inundated with outraged comments, including some from its own staff members, issued a short apology in the form of an editor’s note: “The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it.” Eileen Murphy, a New York Times spokeswoman, added a subsequent statement on behalf of the Opinion section of the paper, identifying the cartoon as anti-Semitic and saying it was “deeply sorry” for publishing it.

In most cases, that would have been the end of the story, except for the scores of Jewish readers and supporters of Israel who were once again forced to decide whether to cancel their subscriptions. Two subsequent events made this incident noteworthy. Writing in the New York Times, op-ed columnist Bret Stephens scathingly lambasted not only the international edition but his own paper. For Stephens, the publication of a “textbook illustration” of anti-Semitism did not reveal institutional anti-Semitism, but it wasn’t much better than that. It was that the Times, “otherwise hyper-alert to nearly every conceivable expression of prejudice,” could be so, well, blind:
Imagine, for instance, if the dog on a leash in the image hadn’t been the Israeli prime minister but instead a prominent woman such as Nancy Pelosi, a person of color such as John Lewis, or a Muslim such as Ilhan Omar. Would that have gone unnoticed by either the wire service that provides the Times with images or the editor who, even if he were working in haste, selected it? The question answers itself. And it raises a follow-on: How have even the most blatant expressions of anti-Semitism become almost undetectable to editors who think it’s part of their job to stand up to bigotry?

The answer, Stephens wrote, was that anti-Zionism has become so mainstream “that people have been desensitized to its inherent bigotry,” and the Times was complicit in that mainstreaming.
David Collier: St Anne’s Church in Soho, Miko Peled and an evening with antisemites
Peled in the Church

But this is Peled’s night. Peled is not a man of peace. He is a man clearly wired to seek revenge for whatever injustice his own mind has created for him. He is also someone who buckles when his weak arguments are exposed. I always put Peled’s leaving of the fold down to his inability to handle the weight of his family heritage, but it doesn’t really matter anymore what drove him over the cliff. What is certain is that he drove off it.

Peled likes provoking Jews. Those who think his ‘Holocaust, yes or no‘ comment from the Labour Party conference of 2017 is a stand-alone remark haven’t been paying attention. At UCL the same year he spoke about ‘the witch-hunt against antisemites and Holocaust deniers.’ going on to suggest to Jeremy Corbyn that he should put away the ‘nonsense about Holocaust denial and the nonsense about antisemitism‘. If you follow his threads on Twitter and Facebook you soon realise his audience is little more than an extremist, racist mob.

So Peled stands in the Church and beats his chest about how the Labour Party Conference was little more than a ‘rally for Palestine’. He isn’t wrong. With the NHS, austerity and housing as major concerns for their voters, the Labour Party did little but obsess over Israel.

Peled spoke as he normally does – blaming everything on Zionists and Israeli discrimination. Context and humanity and reason are removed. Lies are created. The end result is raw demonisation. Then look at the laugh his jokes about antisemitism gets from the crowd in the Church.

There is nothing funny about any of this. With Antisemitism visibly on the rise across the globe, the Church provides a platform to someone who ridicules racism against Jews. Peled is feeding antisemitism. He is demonising Zionism and Israel to an audience containing many who already buy into anti-Jewish conspiracy.
PMW: Does The World Karate Federation authorize tournaments named after Palestinian terrorists?
The Palestinian Karate Federation has misused the sport of karate to promote terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who led the murder of 37 Israeli civilians, among them 12 children, as a role model for young Palestinian women:
"The Sisters of Dalal Mughrabi Championship for Young Women" [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 13, 2019]

A banner displayed at the championship carried the name of the "Palestinian Karate Federation" and its logo (left), and the logo of the "World Karate Federation" (right):

[Official Facebook page of the Palestinian Karate Federation, Sept. 11, 2019]
"Palestine" is a member of the Asian Karate Federation, which is a member of the World Karate Federation. Two weeks ago, Palestinian Media Watch passed on the documentation of this Palestinian championship honoring a mass murderer to both federations, asking that they condemn the Palestinian Karate Federation and prohibit the recurrence of terror glorification by the Palestinian Karate Federation and any other of its federation members. In addition, PMW asked that if the federation's "Statutes and Rules" currently do not prohibit naming sporting events after terrorists, that the statutes be amended immediately to include such a prohibition. However, neither federation has responded.

The championship in which 55 young Palestinian female athletes participated was held in Bethlehem by the southern branch of the Palestinian Karate Federation.

Dalal Mughrabi, after whom this tournament was named, was a female Palestinian terrorist who led the most lethal terror attack in Israel's history, known as the Coastal Road massacre, in 1978, when she and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a bus and murdered 37 civilians, 12 of them children, and wounded over 70. PMW has documented numerous examples of PA and Fatah leaders promoting murderer Mughrabi as a hero for Palestinian society in general and for youth in particular. The PA has named at least 6 schools after murderer Mughrabi, many sporting events have been named after her, and a PA schoolbook teaches children to "be like" her.
UK to Release ’Pay to Slay’ Audits After Freedom of Information Request
The branch of the British government responsible for administering overseas aid will disclose audit reports regarding aid money allegedly used to pay salaries to convicted terrorists, after abandoning its appeal against a ruling by UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

In July 2018, UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI), a British volunteer organization of lawyers who support Israel, submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for International Development for copies of audit reports for the Palestinian Recovery and Development Program. The program is a World Bank multi-donor trust fund for the Palestinian Authority. The DFID refused to release the information, citing among other reasons the risk of potential harm diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the PA.

According to UKLFI, “Various countries, including the UK, paid large sums of money into the World Bank’s Palestinian Recovery and Development Program Multi Donor Trust Fund (PRDP-MDTF), which were then transferred to the Palestinian Authority’s Central Treasury Account.” According to the organization, “this is the account from which payments were made to convicted terrorists, rewarding them for their crimes.”

Commissioner Denham ruled on July 26 of this year that the reports were of “significant public interest,” which outweighed any potential harm that might be done to diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the PA Denham ordered the DFID to release the information within 35 days, or appeal.
Observing Labour antisemites in Brighton
For the efficient observer of anti-Israel hate mongering in Great Britain the seaside resort of Brighton in the UK was the place to be during the fourth week of September. There the Labour party's annual conference took place. This gathering also claimed 450 fringe events.

Attendance was around 13 000 people. In a few days one could receive a concentrated overview of anti-Israelism in Labour as well as smatterings of antisemitism, its minimizing and whitewashing.

A few examples illustrate this.

At the conference the great majority of delegates voted for a motion to boycott Israeli "settlement" goods. This was a first for Labour. The delegates also voted to reject trade agreements with the country. It seemed that the party furthermore backed the “right of return” of Palestinian Arabs. This is tantamount to supporting Israel’s annihilation through swamping it with Palestinian Arabs. The common way to interpret this right is that those who fled can return. In the Palestinian case it is distorted by Israel’s enemies meaning that descendants of refugees from any generation are also entitled to immigrate to Israel where they have never lived.

Palestinian flags and chants of “Free Palestine” were prominent at the Labour conference. This, despite rules prohibiting flags from being displayed on the conference floor. Last year, hundreds of Palestinian flags were also flown with the approval of the Labour leadership after these were handed out to delegates.
EHRC summons 25 former and current Labour staffers to give evidence in antisemitism inquiry in “daunting” letters
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has written to 25 former and current employees of the Labour Party requiring them to provide evidence as part of its inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

The inquiry, which is a full statutory investigation, was launched by the EHRC on 28th May following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.

The letters reportedly advise that “the Commission is gathering evidence to investigate this matter in accordance with the terms of reference and has identified you as a person we require evidence from. Please do not ignore this letter or the Notice. We draw your attention to the consequences of failing to comply with the Notice which…may include committing a criminal offence.” The letter requires a response within fourteen days.

The EHRC has the authority to require any individual or organisation to disclose relevant information, and the notices have reportedly been described as “daunting” by some recipients.

Over 70 Labour whistleblowers have given evidence to the EHRC in relation to the antisemitism investigation.
University and College Union which rejected antisemitism definition apologises for excluding Jews from its extensive list of Nazi victims
Extraordinarily, the e-mail did not mention Jewish victims of the Nazis, who were the principal victims of the Holocaust. This was even despite the specific reference to non-Jewish Poles.

UCU indirectly apologised for the offensive omission in an e-mail from an “equality support official” for what were described as “drafting errors” and “human error”. The official stated that “UCU apologises for the offence this caused and reassures all members that it continues to fight against all forms of antisemitism, hatred and bigotry in society.” In the updated e-mail, a paragraph was added about the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust.

Ordinarily, such an omission might not have been noteworthy, but UCU has a poor record when it comes to fighting antisemitism, including refusing to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism, repeatedly endorsing the antisemitism-riddled Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the Jewish State and fighting a legal battle against a Jewish academic who unsuccessfully sued UCU for breach of the Equality Act 2010.

It is hardly a stretch to imagine that there is a relationship between UCU’s cavalier approach to antisemitism today and its insensitivity toward commemoration of historic antisemitism. If the Union were to show greater awareness of the antisemitism of the past, perhaps its attitude toward Jews today will also find the correction it so desperately needs.
British Teenager Goes Public About Months of Antisemitic Abuse
A British teenager has gone public about a torrent of antisemitic invective she has faced in recent months, including taunts about the Holocaust.

Charlotte Nathan, 17, who attends school in Northwich, England, was moved to speak about her experiences after she received a derogatory message on her Snapchat account that said, “I wanna fart in your face to remind you of how your grandparents died.”

The Manchester-based Jewish Telegraph quoted her as saying, “Casual racism is a common feature of daily life, especially among the millennial generation, who perceive racism as a form of humor and so-called ‘banter.’”

“Catalysts, such as memes used on social media, seem to justify and sugarcoat the underlying racial tensions that as a society we fail to address,” she stated. “This can be exemplified through the lack of education supplied about different cultural groups to schools and other communities, exacerbating ignorance.”

“I am no stranger to antisemitic abuse,” she added, “and for the last six years, being in secular education and interacting with other cultures, I have encountered a fair share of comments and remarks.”

“This is evidence of inherited, underlying racism we see daily,” she said.

Revisiting a BBC Radio 4 Christmas report from the Gaza Strip
As was noted here at the time, Husain was conspicuously silent on the topic of how many Christians actually currently live in the Gaza Strip and her report was obviously intended to promote the politically motivated narrative that Gaza’s Christian population lives happily under Hamas rule, with its only tribulations caused by Israel.

Last week Israel’s Channel 12 aired an interview (in Hebrew and Arabic) by Arab affairs correspondent Ohad Hemo with a Christian who escaped the Gaza Strip four months ago.

“Since Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip the Christians living there have become scapegoats and the targets of that organisation as well as Salafist extremists. Due to their difficult situation most have fled and from a community of 4,200 people, now only a few hundred remain. Kamal Tarazi was there until recently. Four months ago he managed to escape: “Hamas people took over my home and turned it into a command post”, he recounts. […]

‘They put me in a number of prisons and Hamas’ prison is all just beatings and psychological torture’ he recalls. According to him the harming of the Christians in Gaza has become routine and does not stop even during times of conflict. […]

‘They harass and harm the Christian public and Christian institutions, churches and charities’.”

The calibre of Mishal Husain’s reporting on the topic of challenges faced by the Christian community in the Gaza Strip is again all too apparent.

Ha'aretz: The Fake Nazi Death Camp: Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax, Exposed
“The first gassing there took place on October 17, 1943, killing at least 150 Poles caught in a street roundup and about 20 Belgian Jews …. Bodies were either cremated in crematoriums or open-air pyres (including at a former sports stadium) or simply buried under collapsed buildings during the systematic demolition of the former ghetto .... [Some estimates] place the number of the camp’s victims well above 212,000, mainly Poles and several thousand of non-Polish.”

This dry description of the systematic murder of ethnic Poles by Nazi forces during World War II was taken from the English-language Wikipedia article for the “Warsaw concentration camp,” also known as Konzentrationslager Warschau. The site where the camp stood is an object of pilgrimage for some in Poland, who hold periodic ceremonies on what they believe is hallowed ground. They come to honor the memory of thousands of Poles murdered in a gas chamber located near the Warsaw West (Warszawa Zachodnia) train station – which still exists – and have even erected monuments and plaques in their memory.

There’s just one problem: No such death camp ever existed. There is no historical evidence of German gas chambers ever existing in Warsaw, and nowhere near 200,000 people died in the cluster of Nazi internment centers that did stand at the basis of the myth of KL Warschau.

“It’s fake history,” says Prof. Havi Dreifuss, a Tel Aviv University historian and Yad Vashem’s expert on Poland and the Holocaust, when asked about gas chambers in Warsaw. Other Holocaust historians share her unequivocal position: “It’s a conspiracy theory,” says Prof. Jan Grabowski, a Polish-Canadian historian from the University of Ottawa, when asked about the legend behind the death toll. Yet both claims appeared, almost without interruption, for 15 years on the English-language version of Wikipedia in what is said to be Wikipedia’s longest-standing hoax.

European Court: Holocaust Denial Is Not a Human Right
Denying that the Holocaust ever happened isn’t a form of freedom of expression protected under the European Human Rights Convention, a top court has ruled in a case that stretches back nearly a decade.

Udo Pastoers, a German who suggested in a 2010 speech that the Holocaust never occurred, was fairly convicted under the country’s laws against the intentional defamation of Jewish people, the European Court of Human Rights ruled while rejecting his complaints.

Pastoers’ argument that his statements were protected by Article 10, which protects freedom of expression, was “manifestly ill-founded,” given that he “had intentionally stated untruths in order to defame the Jews and the persecution that they had suffered,” the Strasbourg, France-based court ruled on Thursday. His complaint that he was denied a fair trial in Germany was also rejected by the ECHR.

Pastoers had given a speech a day after Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2010, saying that the “the so-called Holocaust is being used for political and commercial purposes” and also referring to a “barrage of criticism and propagandistic lies” and “Auschwitz projections.” He was first convicted in 2012 by a German district court, and then a regional court rejected his appeal of the verdict less than a year later.
Swastika, anti-Semitic slur painted on wall of former Krakow Ghetto
A swastika and other graffiti were painted on the wall of the former ghetto in Krakow.

“Whores Jews, get the f*** out of Poland” alongside the swastika were discovered drawn with a tar-like substance on Tuesday — the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Municipal services painted over the graffiti on the same day.

Police investigated in the area of Limanowskiego Street; there are no suspects.

“While I was extremely upset to see the hateful graffiti on the ghetto wall, especially on Rosh Hashanah, the quick reaction by the city and the police reminded me why Krakow is such a good place to be a Jew,” said Jonathan Ornstein, director of the Jewish Community Center of Krakow.

On Sunday, graffiti reading “Confederation against Jews #447” was discovered on the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Tarnow.

In 2018, the US Congress approved Law 447, or the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today, or JUST act, which insures that those who survived World War II or their heirs receive compensation for their losses, if it has not already happened. The Confederation is a right-wing political group that opposes the restitution of Jewish property.
India issues terror alert for Jewish, Israeli targets on Yom Kippur
Authorities in India have warned of a potential terror attack on Jewish or Israeli targets on Yom Kippur, which begins Tuesday night.

According a Channel 12 news report on Friday, Israeli security services are working with their Indian counterparts to thwart any potential attack over the Jewish holiday period, which runs until October 21.

The Israeli embassy in New Delhi, synagogues, Chabad buildings, Jewish schools, restaurants and hotels known as popular destinations among Israeli travelers have all been put on high alert with increased security.

The Times of India reported last month that there were fears an attack could be carried out on a Jewish target by a cell affiliated with either the Al-Qaeda or Islamic State terrorist groups.

The report said the alert was issued on the basis of intelligence received from the security agencies of other countries. No further details were given.

In 2008, there were coordinated attacks on Mumbai’s luxury hotels, the main railway station, a restaurant popular with tourists and the city’s Chabad center. The Lashkar-e-Taiba group was blamed for the attacks that killed 166 people in total, including six Israelis.
3 out of every 4 LA county Jews view antisemitism as serious - poll
Three-quarters of Jewish people in Los Angeles County view antisemitism as a serious threat, a new survey found.

“The Pat Brown Institute (PBI) for Public Affairs at California State University, Los Angeles conducted a poll of more than 1,800 Jewish voters in Los Angeles county [and it] revealed strong support for the survival of Israel as a Jewish state and also very significant fears of growing antisemitism,” said Dr. Raphael Sonenshein, executive director of PBI.

“More than 70% reported being concerned about it,” he said. “Written comments to an open-ended question revealed concerns from both the Right and the Left on antisemitism. Clearly though, fears of growing antisemitism are widespread.”

According to the findings, 41% of the participants said that antisemitism is an extremely serious problem, and 31% said they consider it “very serious.”

Seventy-six percent of the participants said that remembering the Holocaust is “essential” for them, and an additional 19% viewed it as “important.” Thirty-six percent of participants said that caring for Israel is essential for them, and an additional third said it is important, while 25% of those polled expressed their opinion that they did not see caring about Israel as important.
Vandals smash windows of Brooklyn synagogue during Rosh Hashanah prayers
The windows of a synagogue in Brooklyn were smashed by vandals this week during Rosh Hashanah services.

A video showing people throwing milk crates at the Rivnitz synagogue in the Williamsburg neighborhood was circulated Wednesday on social media.

Police said that the incident took place on Monday afternoon and they were searching for two females who were seen in the video, according to WPIX-TV.

Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned the vandalism.

“This is a shocking act of hate,” he wrote on Twitter. “We WILL find the perpetrators and hold them responsible.”

The Anti-Defamation League said it was “deeply disturbed” by the video.

“At a time when the Brooklyn Jewish community is already on edge in the wake of a series of anti-Semitic incidents, it is extremely upsetting to see this congregation targeted during what is otherwise supposed to be a joyous celebration of the Jewish New Year,” Evan Bernstein, the regional director of the organization’s New York-New Jersey office, said in a statement.

Teen allegedly attacked Jewish woman in Brooklyn, pulling off scarf, wig
Police said a Jewish woman reported being harassed in Brooklyn on Rosh Hashanah.

The 22-year-old said that she was approached on Sunday evening by a female teenager who “pulled her scarf and wig from her head,” a New York Police detective, Annette Shelton, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an email.

The incident occurred in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and the perpetrator, who was described as being 16 years old, was accompanied by another teenager, the woman told police.

Shelton said that the police’s Hate Crimes Task Force was investigating the incident.

The incident is the second alleged attack that occurred on Rosh Hashanah in the borough. On Monday, the windows of a synagogue were broken in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

That incident drew condemnations from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

There has been a spate of attacks in recent months against visibly Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn.
Arabic-speaking man tosses rock at Israeli’s head in Germany
A 27 -year-old Israeli woman was the victim of a violent antisemitic attack in Bavaria after an Arabic-speaking man tossed a rock at her after she spoke Hebrew.

She suffered a head injury, according to the Bavarian daily Merkur, which reported on Thursday that the police are searching for the suspect who fled the scene of the alleged crime.

That attack took place on Wednesday near a cemetery in the town of Massing. The Israeli woman was walking with her two sons near the cemetery. After the woman called for one of her sons in Hebrew, the man screamed in Arabic “Jew” and tossed a stone at her head.

The Merkur reported that the suspect is between 40 and 50 years-old and has short, black hair. He spoke broken German with a foreign accent.
Israeli startups raise more than $1 billion in September
Israeli startups raised $5.9 billion so far in 2019 and are on track to pass last year’s record-breaking figure of $6.4 billion, the Israeli business daily Globes reported on Wednesday.

Based on press releases from Israeli companies that have completed financing rounds, more than $1 billion was raised in September alone.

However, the true figure is likely even higher, as some companies do not reveal investment data, according to the report.

Israeli tech companies raised $650 million in July and $350 million in August, according to the IVC Research Center.

In September, credit company Fundbox raised $326 million, fintech firm Tipalti raised $76 million and open security platform Snyk raised $70 million. In addition, drone defense company D-Fend raised $28 million, and 3D-printing company Xjet raised $45 million.
Early clinical trial for ALS sufferers shows biotech firm ‘on the right track’
Kadimastem Ltd., a biotechnology firm that develops cell therapies, said it has received “promising interim results” from a first group of patients treated with its new therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a fatal neurodegenerative condition that causes the loss of muscle control.

“Looks like we are on the right track,” said Rami Epstein, the CEO of Kadimastem, in a phone interview. “The interim results are important because they demonstrate that we have managed to inject the live cells into a human body without any treatment-related significant adverse effect, while also showing a measurable therapeutic effect. Our cell therapy managed to significantly slow down the disease progression and halt deterioration of the disease.”

The cell therapy aims to slow or even halt the progression of the disease and improve patients’ quality of life and life expectancy, he said.

ALS leads to muscle weakness, loss of motor function, paralysis, breathing problems, and eventually death. The average life expectancy of ALS patients is two to five years. According to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, there are approximately 450,000 ALS patients worldwide, 30,000 of them in the US. According to the ALS Foundation for Life, the annual average healthcare costs of an ALS patient in the US are estimated at US$ 200,000. Thus, the annual healthcare costs of ALS patients in the US alone amount to $6 billion.

In a filing to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange last week, the firm said that the treatment administered to one group of patients in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial held in Israel apparently caused a significant slowdown in the progress of the disease and was found to be safe.
Israel Mounts See-Through-Wall Radar on Robots
Israel’s Camero is positioning its Xaver see-though-wall technology for networked use by unmanned systems, according to company officials.

Ilan Abramovich, Camero (and sister company Meprolight) senior vice-president of sales and marketing for defence, said the company’s Xavernet, a wireless Toughbook-based networking capability, enables the handheld sense-through-wall radars to be operated from 100–200 m line-of-sight.

The concept places the radars on robotic or unmanned platforms for remote control. Currently, four radars can be controlled at once, Abramovich said. It works with the Xaver 100 and Xaver 400 systems, he added.

The Xaver 100 hand-held radar was designed for teams breaching a room or a door, to give them a ‘go or no-go’ decision by simply showing if a person was behind the wall by displaying an arrow that indicates if the person is moving towards or away from the wall.

All the Xaver series systems are radar-based, and use ultra wide-band radio signals between 3 –10 GHz. They have a 120° field of view (FOV) and can see through drywall, concrete, and various structures, though not solid metal. Metal drywall studs or concrete reinforced with rebar can block the signal as well, but can still make the system function if a non-metal through-spot can be found, Abramovich said.
Israel Shipyards Sells Patrol Craft Worldwide
Israel Shipyards has received orders for its newest patrol craft, the OPV 45, and is in discussions towards the first sale of a Sa'ar S-72 vessel, according to Noam Katsav, managing director at Israel Shipyards.

The Sa'ar S-72 is 71.8 m long, has a 3,200 n mile range, an 800 tonne displacement, and a 30 kt top speed. Contract talks are ongoing with one country, and one Sa'ar S-72 has begun construction in the meantime, Katsav said.

In September Israel Shipyards has sold two OPV 45s, which are 45.7 m long, have a 3,000 n mile range, a 290 tonne displacement, and a 24 kt top speed. The yard will start building those soon, he added. The OPV 45 is driven by fixed-pitch propellers and the power plants depend on the customer's needs. It can mount stabilised naval gun systems of up to 30 mm in the primary position, and 12.7 mm machine guns.

Meanwhile, the yard is building more of its Shaldag fast patrol craft. Shaldag variants - Mk II, III, IV, and V - are broken down by size to meet user-specific needs. The Israeli Navy, for example, typically wants small and fast vessels that can be operated by younger sailors.
Army inducts Israeli 'tank killers’ till DRDO develops indigenous ones
Indian infantry soldiers now finally have a new weapon to destroy advancing enemy tanks on the western front with Pakistan. The Army has begun to induct a limited number of Israeli Spike anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to meet immediate operational requirements till the indigenous man-portable “tank killers” being developed by DRDO are ready for induction.

Sources on Thursday said the “first lot” of the 210 Spike missiles, with a dozen launchers, “arrived in India about 10 days ago” as part of the “Army vice chief’s emergency procurement powers” exercised by the force amidst the ongoing heightened tensions with Pakistan.

The Army moved to buy the initial amount of the fire-and-forget Spike ATGMs, which have a strike range of up to 4-km, for around Rs 280 crore after the Jaish-e-Muhammed training facility at Balakot in Pakistan was bombed by Indian Mirage-2000 fighters on February 26.

“The order will be repeated if the man-portable ATGM being developed by DRDO is not ready by next year. We don’t want to be slowed down any longer in plugging our critical operational deficiencies by DRDO,” said an Army source.
Cyprus Stocking Up on Israeli Drones
Cyprus’ National Guard is said to have received its first four unmanned drones from Israel, allowing Cypriot agencies to obtain clear views from high above over land and water.

The drones, Aerostar Tactical UAS (TUAS) made in Israel, are described as accurate, programmable, and one of the most efficient and cost-effective systems of its class. The specific make has logged over 250,000 operational flight hours with missions flown worldwide.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, four Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been delivered to Cyprus National Guard by Aeronautics, an Israeli company, extending the Cypriot range of capabilities for a number of agencies with high definition cameras that can get images from very high flying altitudes.

The purchase of the four UAV’s came at a total cost of 12 million euros the report said, adding that the use of the drones would include monitoring Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Additional uses would include patrolling forest areas in the summer to detect fires as well as assisting in rescue missions within the Nicosia Flight Information Region.
Paul McCartney to Get Back to the Yarkon, sources say
It might seem like only “Yesterday” that Paul McCartney performed in Israel, but maybe you’ll be amazed to learn that it was 11 years ago and Maariv is reporting that it’s “highly likely” that the beloved pop star and former Beatle will get back to Park HaYarkon (or possibly a different venue) for another concert.

Citing information from “close associates,” the publication said that McCartney was “in talks” with officials and promoters and the chance for another Tel Aviv show by the man once dubbed “the cute Beatle” is “extremely high.” Apparently, these sources think that they can work it out or in other words, McCartney will soon be showing us again that he loves Israel, yeah yeah yeah.

McCartney, who is currently married to the Jewish transportation mogul Nancy Shevell (rhymes with “Michelle”) - and whose first wife, the late photographer and animal-rights activist Linda Eastman, was Jewish - was able to master a few words of Hebrew in his 2008 performance, including, “Shana Tova” (Happy New Year) and “Ahava” (love) in addition to the obligatory “Shalom.” He ended that concert with the word, "Nitra'eh" -- "We'll see each other again."

If he needs more inspiration this time around, he might want to check out a Yiddish version of “A Hard Day’s Night” by Gerry Tenney which will surely inspire him to throw in a few Yiddishisms once he arrives here by jet, even if he doesn’t fly in from Miami Beach BOAC.

No word on whether Shevell will accompany him, which might prompt him to croon some silly love songs to his wife of nearly eight years. There’s also no word on whether his daughter, the acclaimed fashion designer Stella McCartney, will be leaving home to attend the show.
Kevin Spacey shows up in Israel, wearing a kippah
Kevin Spacey was spotted in an Israeli restaurant in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, catching the locals by surprise.

The former "House of Cards" star, who has recently faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, arrived in Israel to visit a friend who was sitting shiva (the traditional seven-day mourning period following the death of a family member) in Jerusalem.
Kevin Spacey at a restaurant in Tel Aviv

The actor was seen wearing a kippah during his shiva visit, but later took the kippah off when he dined at the Tel Aviv restaurant Coco BamBino.

Spacey is just one of a number of celebrities who have visited the Jewish state over the past few weeks, among them Demi Lovato and popular Eurovision contestant Mahmoud. Spacey's legal cases have been closed, but he has been fired from "House of Cards" and has remained a source of controversy.
Times Are A Changin’: Saudi Citizen Sings Jewish Prayer Marking Jewish New Year
On Thursday, outgoing U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt posted a video indicative of how much has changed in the Middle East in recent years, with a Saudi citizen singing the moving Jewish prayer “Avinu Malkeinu,” which is sung frequently during the ten days between Rosh Hashanah, which marks the Jewish New Year and was celebrated at the beginning of this week, and Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, in which Jews ask God for forgiveness for their sins.

Mohammed Saud was singing the version of “Avinu Malkeinu” written by the composer Max Janowski.

According to Jewish belief, on Rosh Hashanah God opens the book of life and death to decide who will live or die in the coming year; he closes the book on Yom Kippur, making the ten days noteworthy for serious introspection. On Yom Kippur, Jews are permitted to ask for forgiveness for their sins against God and sins they are unaware they have committed, but any sins against their fellow man must be dealt with by having apologized to the person who was hurt in the process and asking for their forgiveness personally.
Memorial service to be held in Ari Fuld's honor
On Sunday, a dedication and memorial ceremony will be held in honor of Ari Fuld who was stabbed and killed by a terrorist just over one year ago.

The Ari Fuld Project, which Fuld's widow, Miriam Fuld, founded with the non-profit organization Standing Together, completed fund raising for a "hospitality truck," something that Fuld was trying to fund around the time of his death.

The truck is meant to help IDF soldiers and was intended to be in memory of Fuld's friend Yehoshua Friedberg, a lone soldier from Canada who was murdered by terrorists in 1993. Now, the truck will have Fuld and Friedberg's photos side-by-side.

The ceremony will be held on Fuld's first yahrzeit (first anniversary of his death) at Gush Etzion Junction, where he was murdered.

Before he succumbed to his wounds, Fuld shot the terrorist that stabbed him, preventing him from harming anyone else. For this act of bravery, Fuld was posthumously awarded Israel's Medal of Valor.

At the age of 18 Fuld moved from New York to Israel and enlisted to the Golani Brigade, an IDF infantry unit. He later served as a reservist in an elite paratrooper unit and served in Efrat's counter-terrorism unit. He was a rabbi, educator, fundraiser, karate instructor and pro-Israel activist.
One of the Last Living Heroes of Israel's Fight for Independence
At 99, Harold "Smoky" Simon is one of the heroes of Israel's War of Independence. He was Chief of Air Operations in the war after flying as a navigator-bombardier for the South African Air Force (SAAF) during World War II. In 1948, as newlyweds, Simon and his wife, Myra, who had been a meteorologist in the SAAF, joined a South African Zionist Federation group to volunteer to fight in Israel. "Fighting the Nazis gave us the skills and the experience we needed to fight for Israel," he says.

"We had to muster all of our nerve to do the job against these powerful enemies. We were up against six Arab armies - the Egyptians were supplied by the Brits, the Syrians by the French, and we didn't have a single combat plane of our own." Israel had old German planes sold by the Czechs, smuggled in and reassembled.

Simon reminds us of Arab League Secretary-General Abdul Rachman Azzam Pasha, who said on May 1, 1948: "If the Zionists dare to establish a state, the massacres we would unleash would dwarf anything which Genghis Khan and Hitler perpetrated." Simon continues, "These were difficult times. None of us knew how it would turn out. But as proud as I'd been to be one of millions fighting to defeat the Nazis, it was even more emotional when you are part of a small bunch fighting for your own people, your own country."

"With all the odds against us then, there is far more than human effort behind that victory. Returning to our ancient land, we are living a miracle of biblical proportions here." In 1968, Simon was elected as chairman of World Machal, representing nearly 5,000 volunteers from 59 countries who fought in the War of Independence. He has served in that capacity for a half-century.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

Indie Rock Goddess Liz Phair Is Headed to the St. Louis County Library


As a singer, songwriter and the woman responsible for the soundtrack of every heartbreak you had in the '90s, Liz Phair holds a special place in Gen X and elder Millennial hearts. Phair is regarded as an indie rock goddess, a truth-teller, a cool-yet-serious older sister-type and the voice that dared to spill female secrets.

Now Phair is back in the spotlight, but for a different reason entirely.…
   Targets Generation Rent With UK Furniture Rental

Online furniture specialist mulls furniture rental service amid declining homeownership rates among millennials.

For Freeform, Reaching Halloween Fans At The Ice Cream Shop Or Wine Club

Freeform focuses on experiential marketing to promote "31 Days of Halloween," which is aimed at millennial women. Boozy Bingo or a Slime Shake, anyone?

Vaughan millennials living with parents bemoan housing affordability crisis

Clockwise from top left: Lucas Giovennetti, Daniel D’alessandro, Rex Xia and Gurneet Kaur Dhami.

As Canada’s federal election nears, millennials who come from different variances of the political spectrum, bemoan the housing affordability crisis. Meet Lucas Giovennetti, a 23-year-old from the Vaughan-Woodbridge riding, who has a knack for art


All in the Family: Europe’s Luxury Groups Tap Into Homegrown, Millennial Talent

Prada, Zegna, Richemont and LVMH are among the groups turning to their kids for guidance and leadership.

The largest industry event on student living in Europe to be held in Berlin

The Future is Blended – The impact and implication of the blurring boundaries of living, learning, and working for the footloose generation of millennials and Gen Zs in university-cities. In Berl...

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Comment on Racism and the completely politically correct classics departments by The Unbridled Hedonism Of The Educated Affluent Left Wing, Its Universities And Its Media Is Destroying Our Cultural Inheritance And Our Future. - Center for Individualism

[…] the rise of a new political generation with little use for the Western political tradition or the cultural values that shaped it. American millennials—despite, or perhaps because of, their high educational […]

Travel review: Hi-tech huts at Samlesbury Hall are a delight

UNTIL recently, I thought ‘glamping’ was another pointlessly annoying millennial quirk, rather like describing someone as “salty” or ending every sentence with the phrase: “Sorry, not sorry”.

AZ Sen. McSally challenged by egotistical millennials

Daniel McCarthy, Blake Masters aid Democrats It would be the height of understatement to say the last thing Arizona Republicans desire are two Democrats representing the state in the U.S. Senate. Conservatives cringe at the thought. Yet some senior activists, who should know better, are falling in line behind an untested 34-year-old, lacking even the […]

Former Nevada Attorney General shares guidance in new book


George J. Chanos forecasts future to prepare youth in ‘Millennial Samurai’

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

Read the full story at


Harley's new electric bike is not moving too well with the millennials - must need better tattoos [Followup]

Followup [link] [18 comments]


Even Millennials Who Want Children Are Tired of the Baby Conversation



I Hate to Hear Millennials Speak

My wife and I have a favorite Thai restaurant in Austin. It’s not the best Thai restaurant in our experience. We’ve dined at much better ones in Washington, D.C., and Yorktown, Virginia. The best one, in our book, is in Arlington, Virginia. At any rate, our favorite Thai restaurant in Austin is very good and […]

Robinhood is launching a cash management feature less than a year after blowing the launch of a similar product so bad Congress got involved


baiju bhatt robinhood

  • Robinhood, the online brokerage that rose in prominence thanks to its no-fee trading, announced via its blog on Tuesday that it is launching a cash management product that will offer 2.05% interest. 
  • The news comes less than a year after it unsuccessfully tried to launch a similar product that was shelved after it was incorrectly promoted by the startup as being SIPC insured. 
  • Under the new feature, uninvested cash will be sent to program banks where it will be FDIC insured.

If at first you don't succeed, try again. 

Robinhood, the online brokerage that skyrocketed to fame by offering zero-commission trading, is taking another stab at offering a place for customers to park cash. 

The company announced Tuesday on its blog it would be opening up the waitlist for Cash Management, a place where customers' uninvested cash could earn 2.05% interest.

Read more: The inside story of how Robinhood, a $6 billion investing app for millennials, blew a huge launch so badly that Congress got involved

In December, Robinhood announced plans for a checking and savings service that would offer 3% interest and be insured by the Securities Investor Protection Corp. However, shortly after the announcement, SIPC pushed back, stating it would not insure the cash in the accounts and had no dialogue with the startup prior to the announcement. 

Shortly thereafter, Robinhood announced it would shelve the project. 

In July, Business Insider reported Robinhood's decision to announce the product was insured despite not checking with SIPC beforehand was a deliberate one. 

"We announced plans in December to launch a new product. We made mistakes with that announcement, which led us to hit the reset button and start over from scratch," Tuesday's blog post read. 

With Cash Management, uninvested cash will be moved to program banks, which will offer insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 

The news comes just one day after announcing on the same blog that former SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher would join Robinhood's board of directors

Since Robinhood's initial failed attempt, cash management offerings have become the norm among robo advisors and trading apps. SoFi, Betterment, and Wealthfront are among several startups that have offered features where customers can receive higher-than-average interest rates.  

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Millennials are actually really good at saving — but it might be slowing down the US economy


millennial texting

Contrary to popular perception, millennials actually are saving. But it's not necessarily a good thing — at least for the economy.

That millennials are saving more than their parents did is creating an "economic imbalance," reported Pippa Stevens for CNBC. Data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve indicates the personal savings rate in the US has increased from 5.7% in 1996 to 8.1% in 2019, she wrote.

Stevens cited a note that Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt sent to clients: The higher savings rate, he said, has driven slow growth and low inflation — the decrease in spending affects businesses, and ultimately, the economy.

You can thank the Great Recession for this behavior.

The Great Recession split millennials into two cohorts — and they have distinctly different money habits

While older millennials, who bore the brunt of the financial crisis, dealt with a tough job market and wage stagnation that made it more difficult to save, younger millennials experienced the recovery period and became risk-averse as they watched the recession unfold, Jason Dorsey, a consultant, researcher of millennials, and president of the Center for Generational Kinetics, previously told Business Insider.

According to Dorsey, younger millennials got the benefit of learning from older millennials without having to go through some of the economic pain the older cohort experienced. This has made younger millennials more aware of the risks of a bad economy and more practical when it comes to money, from saving for emergencies to contributing to a retirement account.

Read more: The Great Recession created a domino effect of financial struggles for millennials — here are 5 ways it shaped the generation

"They are increasingly risk-averse with their money and seeking to get more value from the items or experiences they buy," he said.

The investment-banking company UBS found in 2014 that millennials were the most financially conservative generation since the Great Depression. And, citing a 2015 Capital One study, Rebecca Lake of SmartAsset reported that 93% of millennials were wary of investing.

According to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey from earlier this year that polled 4,400 Americans — 1,207 of which identified as millennials — 69% of millennials have a savings account, compared to 65% of Gen Xers. But while having a savings account is positive, 58% said they have less than $5,000 in their account, Business Insider's Tanza Loudenback reported.

When given an extra $1,000 in cash, the majority of respondents in the survey said they would pay off debt or save the windfall — only 6% said they would put it toward travel or shopping.

Millennials might not have much money to spend or save — but when they do, it seems they opt for the latter.

Read the full article at CNBC »

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DON'T MISS: Millennials have been called the 'brokest' and the 'richest' generation, and experts say both of those are true

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Le conseil tout simple d'une star de la gestion de fortune à ses clients

Seth Haye a été récemment nommé Poulain de Wall Street , il aide la division "wealth" de Morgan Stanley à faire fructifier plus d'un milliard de dollars d'actifs sous gestion. Aux riches clients qui l'interrogent sur l'approche à adopter face aux marchés financiers, il leur recommande actuellement de simplement s'armer de prudence et flexibilité.

Plain Talk: Why Do Americans Feel So Anxious? “It’s Not Trump” Says NDSU Professor


Americans are living at historically high levels of prosperity, but we also see increasing rates of problems with things like anxiety. About 20 percent of millennials say they are alone all or some of the time. Many of them say they have no real friends. “More and more people are taking anti-depressants and buying self-help...

The post Plain Talk: Why Do Americans Feel So Anxious? “It’s Not Trump” Says NDSU Professor appeared first on Say Anything.


10/8/2019: NEWS: Jewish millennials drifting from traditional organizations


“Tradition” evokes Tevye the milkman’s singing in Fiddler on the Roof. However, according to a recent study of Jewish millennials in 51 communities in North America, Europe and Australia, the millennial generation is disengaging from traditional...

It’s been a year since Pastor Brunson’s release. What’s he doing now?

USA (MNN) -- Saturday will mark a year since Turkish officials freed Pastor Andrew Brunson from prison, allowing him and his family to fly back to the U.S. Brunson served two years in a prison cell under false charges. Months of tense negotiations between the U.S. and Turkey centered on his release. Review our coverage of Pastor Brunson’s ordeal here. Today, Brunson wants to use his experiences to help young believers. “We were in missions in Turkey for 25 years,” he says. “I think now's the time to help the next generation to ‘go’.”

What’s next for Andrew Brunson?

Helping the “go-ers” isn’t the only burden on Brunson’s heart. “For the first time in my life, I have an urgency for my own country -- for the United States,” he says.

(Photo courtesy of Josie Stephens via Pexels)

“Since I've come back to the States, [it] really hit me how quickly things are accelerating – the hostility towards Christians. We have kids who are 18, 21 [and] 23; I'm very concerned about them,” Brunson continues.

“Will they be able to stand unapologetically for Jesus Christ in a difficult environment? I think many of them are not ready for that.”

Search through MNN’s headlines and you’ll find a similar trend. Hate speech and hate crimes are on the rise while ministries report cultural shifts. According to Barna Research Group, U.S. believers are discarding Christian tenants like reading God’s Word and sharing one’s faith. Some Christian celebrities completely deny their faith on public platforms. Referring to his children, Brunson says, “I'm thinking about their spiritual survival. Are they ready to stand for Jesus Christ and to be loyal to Him?”

How to stand for Jesus

In Ephesians 6, the apostle Paul encouraged believers to “stand firm” in their faith despite opposition. Pastor Brunson issues a similar call to Christians today. “There are things we can do that change our perspective and make us willing to stand for the Lord. The main one is intimacy with God,” he says. “If I love somebody, then I'm more willing to suffer for them, to undergo hardship for them.”
Andrew Brunson

(Photo courtesy of Middle East Concern)

The second step is equally important, Brunson says, and builds upon the first.

“Live for the day when you stand before Jesus.”

Having a correct understanding of God and viewing each circumstance in light of His control provides eternal perspective. “If you think that hardship may come, then you prepare yourself for it and you're not blindsided when it comes. If you're not ready, then the natural reaction is to operate from fear, and then you run away,” he explains. “I'm an expert on fear because I was very afraid [during] the things I went through. If they'd opened the prison doors during my first year, I would have run out.” When Brunson surrendered his fear, he found obedience. “It took me about a year to get to the point where I said, ‘Okay, I'm willing to stay here. Even if I have the option to leave, I'm willing to stay if this is the assignment you have for me, God’,” Brunson recalls.

How to pray for the Brunson family

brazil praying for andrew brunson 2018

Thousands of Brazilian believers prayed for Pastor Andrew Brunson in 2018 and wrote to the Turkish embassy in Brazil on his behalf.
(Photo, information courtesy of Norine Brunson via Facebook)

Pray for Andrew and Norine Brunson as they prepare for God’s next assignment. Pray all believers – young and old – will be receptive to Andrew’s message. Pray the Brunson children will remain deeply rooted in their faith. “Pray that the Lord will specifically show what this [His plan] looks like,” Norine Brunson requests. As Andrew and Norine speak about their experiences in the coming months, pray “that the Lord will fill our mouths, anoint them, put a guard over them. [Pray] that we will be invisible and not touch any of God's glory, the glory that belongs to Him.” Follow Andrew and Norine on Facebook for updates.     Header image depicts Andrew and Norine Brunson before boarding a flight home to the U.S. in 2018. Photo obtained via Facebook.

The 25 best US tourist destinations to buy rental property in right now


Highway 1 Big Sur

From a night out under the gleaming lights of New York City to long weekends at Disneyland, America's most heavily touristed places rarely see an off-season.

On Friday, GoBankingRates released its 2019 ranking of the country's most in-demand touristy destinations that are great for owning rental property. These busy markets can create a stream of steady passive income for owners, and investment properties can also serve as great winter or summer homes on the side.

And, as the ranking notes, with booking platforms like Airbnb shaking up the home rental market, there has never been an easier time to rent out property to vacationers and cash in on the booming travel industry.

Read more: Airbnb just announced it expects to go public in 2020. Meet CEO Brian Chesky, who cofounded the company in 2008 to help pay his San Francisco apartment's rent and is now worth $4.2 billion.

Ranging from the rugged mountain ranges of northern California to tropical islands off the coast of southern Florida, here are the 25 best tourist destinations across the US for rental property investments.

Note: All annual rental revenue and rental rate figures are sourced from short-term vacation rental data and analytics provider AirDNA via GoBankingRates' methodology. Each area's (or surrounding county's) median price of homes currently listed for sale is sourced from Zillow.

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25. Adirondack, New York

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,099

Average Daily Rental Rate: $228

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Warren County: $269,250

24. San Diego, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,375

Average Daily Rental Rate: $211

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in San Diego: $699,000

23. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,700

Average Daily Rental Rate: $215

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Gatlinburg, Tennessee: $289,999

22. Charleston, South Carolina

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,365

Average Daily Rental Rate: $236

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Charleston, South Carolina: $379,900

21. Sanibel Island, Florida

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,740

Average Daily Rental Rate: $250

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Sanibel: $799,000

20. San Francisco, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,958

Average Daily Rental Rate: $238

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in San Francisco, California: $1,295,000

19. Boston, Massachusetts

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,204

Average Daily Rental Rate: $240

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Boston, Massachusetts: $749,000

18. Bryce, Utah

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,458

Average Daily Rental Rate: $227

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Garfield County: $255,000

17. Bar Harbor, Maine

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,450

Average Daily Rental Rate: $248

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Hancock County: $349,000

16. West Yellowstone, Montana

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,981

Average Daily Rental Rate: $289

The Median Home Value in West Yellowstone, Montana: $384,800*

*Median price of currently listed homes was not available.

15. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,315

Average Daily Rental Rate: $339

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado: $745,000

14. Anaheim, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,710

Average Daily Rental Rate: $263

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Anaheim, California: $615,000

13. Rodanthe, North Carolina

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,331

Average Daily Rental Rate: $287

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Rodanthe, North Carolina: $499,000

12. Destin, Florida

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,437

Average Daily Rental Rate: $282

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Destin, Florida: $574,950

11. South Lake Tahoe, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $3,856

Average Daily Rental Rate: $349

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in South Lake Tahoe, California: $499,000

10. Springdale, Utah

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,950

Average Daily Rental Rate: $322

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Washington County:$389,900

9. Newport, Rhode Island

Annual Rental Revenue: $4,334

Average Daily Rental Rate: $369

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Newport, Rhode Island: $595,000

8. Key West, Florida

Annual Rental Revenue: $5,276

Average Daily Rental Rate: $321

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Key West, Florida: $799,000

7. Jackson, Wyoming

Annual Rental Revenue: $5,086

Average Daily Rental Rate: $428

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Teton County: $1,750,000

Read more: I visited 2 very different luxury resorts in Jackson Hole, and the contrast between them helped explain why the area has become such a hotspot for celebs, CEOs, and the ultrawealthy

6. West Glacier, Montana

Annual Rental Revenue: $6,301

Average Daily Rental Rate: $359

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Flathead County: $419,000

5. Yosemite, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $6,275

Average Daily Rental Rate: $427

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Mariposa County: $335,000

4. Sonoma, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $5,817

Average Daily Rental Rate: $456

The Median Home Value in Sonoma, California: $743,100

*Median price of currently listed homes was not available.

3. Telluride, Colorado

Annual Rental Revenue: $5,600

Average Daily Rental Rate: $514

The Median Home Value in Telluride, Colorado: $886,400

*Median price of currently listed homes was not available.

2. Aspen, Colorado

Annual Rental Revenue: $6,300

Average Daily Rental Rate: $625

The Median Home Value in Aspen, Colorado: $1,689,500

*Median price of currently listed homes was not available.

1. Big Sur, California

Annual Rental Revenue: $12,650

Average Daily Rental Rate: $756

The Median Price of Homes Currently Listed in Monterey County: $892,000


10 Money Mistakes Millennials Should Avoid (No. 10's a Shocker)


Many millennial households are on their way to building substantial wealth. They are saving 20% or more of their paychecks, investing in 401(k) accounts, and keeping their debt levels low. But others, even those with good educations and solid careers, are making financial mistakes. And some are making them over and over, digging a hole from which it may take years to climb out.

Millennials can help themselves over the long term by avoiding several key errors. As a wealth adviser by trade, and more importantly, as someone actually of this generation who has personally gone toe to toe with many of the financial challenges often faced by millennials today, here are the 10 most common millennial money mistakes I've witnessed:

Written by Tom Presley, a Partner and Wealth Adviser at Brightworth who focuses his time on developing and implementing comprehensive financial strategies for high net worth and high income earning individuals. A Certified Public Accountant and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, Tom is a member of the fee-only National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).



Democrats’ Health Care Plan Would ‘Totally Obliterate Medicare,’ Trump Says

Charles McLaughlin, a 71-year-old Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, recalls how useful Medicare and Medicare Advantage were when he was fighting another battle, this one with cancer.

“I know a lot about Medicare and the supplement. I used it for breathing tubes, feeding tubes, stitches, staples, MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, hydration shots, chemo treatments, radiation treatments,” the Lighthouse Point, Florida, resident said during a rally with President Donald Trump on Thursday in The Villages, Florida, a retirement community near Orlando.

Trump invited him to the stage to speak at an event that culminated in the president signing an executive order to strengthen Medicare and Medicare Advantage, the health care program for people 65 and older, at a time when many Democrats support a “Medicare for All” plan to expand the program to everyone.

“I also want to say: My family, financially, would have been destroyed without Medicare,” the retired Marine said, adding:

The politicians on the left are pushing Medicare for All. I say, the result would be no Medicare at all. It will collapse under the load of the system. It will overload it. The lines would be incredible.

Who knows, I probably wouldn’t be here. There’s no such thing as “free,” period.

Trump said, “They like you.” McLaughlin answered, “What’s not to like?”

Declaring Medicare “under siege,” Trump signed an executive order after an hourlong speech.

“We are making your Medicare even better, and we are not letting anyone take it away from you,” Trump said. “These people on the other side are totally crazy. They want to take it away and give you lousy health care.”

He added: “Medicare is under threat like never before.”  “Almost every major Democrat in Washington has backed a massive government health care takeover that would totally obliterate Medicare,” the president said. 

The executive order aims to model traditional Medicare’s fee-for-service program in line with the payments for Medicare Advantage. Under traditional Medicare, the government pays for medical care. Private companies offer Medicare Advantage plans, which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approves. About 24 million people, or more than one-third of Medicare recipients, have Medicare Advantage plans.

The Medicare for All proposal would do away with Medicare Advantage plans by eliminating private health care plans.

Trump also invited Socorra “Corey” Spangler, of Summerfield, Florida, to speak. She noted her family came from Mexico to the United States legally when she was 5-years-old. At age 65, she began having heart problems.

“I went to the doctor. They scheduled me with a cardiologist. He scheduled me for a stress test. I failed that test. So, he scheduled me for a heart test the next day. I failed that,” Spangler recalled, adding:

The following Monday, I was in surgery with my five bypasses, and I went home the following Friday. This would never happen with Medicare for All.

I love my Medicare Advantage plan because I can choose the doctor when I need it and get the care I need in a [quick] manner. It wouldn’t happen with Medicare for All.

Thank you, Mr. President, for saving my health care.

Over the past two years of his presidency, Trump said, 1,200 more Medicare Advantage plans have been created. He added that premiums have plummeted by 28% and are at their lowest level in more than a decade.

That’s in sharp contrast to the average of 54% rise in premiums for Obamacare plans since 2014, said Robert Moffit, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation. 

“The president wants to build on the success they have had managing Medicare Advantage,” Moffit told The Daily Signal. “They have used the administrative authority to increase the plans for chronically ill people, such as people with congestive heart failure or diabetes.”

The executive order also further promotes using medical telehealth services to be delivered by telephone or online. That would, in theory, reduce expensive emergency room visits for minor or easily treatable ailments.



Rashida Tlaib Comes Out for Jim Crow-Style Laws, Arrests of Her Political Foes

Typical Muslim authoritarianism

Wait long enough, and everything comes around again. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), one of the wokest womyn in the world, has this week blazed bold new trails by calling for the revival of not one, but two tried-and-true practices that have inexplicably fallen into neglect in American politics: Jim Crow segregation laws and the arrest of one’s political opponents.

This brave leader said in a Detroit speech that if Trump Cabinet members failed to comply with congressional subpoenas, “they’re trying to figure out, no joke, is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them? We don’t know. Where do we hold them?” Tlaib added: “This is the first time we've ever had a situation like this,” and that consequently, she and other Democrat leaders were “trying to tread carefully” into this “uncharted territory.” She volunteered her own district for this noble undertaking: “I will tell them they can hold all those people right here in Detroit.”

Oh, but this territory is amply charted. Tlaib’s vision for America’s future apparently looks a great deal like the past – and present – of authoritarian regimes the world over. The new diverse, inclusive America of Tlaib and her colleagues apparently includes the 2 a.m. pounding on the door and the hustling of a bewildered, pajama-clad conservative by jackbooted stormtroopers into a waiting police van. Then they get hustled off to Detroit, the name of which will take on an air of menace and foreboding, like “Treblinka” and “Kolyma.” And why not? We already have telescreens all over airports and other public spaces pumping CNN propaganda into an unwitting populace 24/7 now; arrests and, presumably, camps for dissenters is the logical next step. After all, that’s what happened in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and still happens in North Korea and Communist China. The wise Tlaib knows that our future is their past.

Nor is that all. Tlaib Tuesday toured Detroit’s Public Safety Headquarters and told Detroit police Chief James Craig that facial recognition analysts “need to be African Americans, not people that are not. I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same.”

That meant, of course, that Tlaib herself, since she is not African American, thinks all African Americans look the same, but she can be forgiven for being so overwhelmed by her passion for justice that she got a bit confused. Here again, the visionary Tlaib knows that William Faulkner, despite being a white male Southerner and hence obviously racist and manifestly evil, was actually right when he said, “The past isn’t dead. It is not even past.” The old Jim Crow laws of the South in Faulkner’s time are Tlaib’s new vision for America: if she gets her way, you won’t be judged by the content of your character, but by the color of your skin.

This is already happening, of course. Back in the old South, some light-skinned blacks tried to pass for white in an attempt to avoid the discrimination, harassment, and ostracism that came to blacks all too often in those days. Nowadays, our society is so post-racial that it’s racial again: Elizabeth Warren, as white a white person as you’ll ever find, for years passed as Native American for social approval and career advancement. She was even hailed as the first “woman of color” on Harvard’s faculty. What color? A light peach, apparently.

Warren is just a more sophisticated version of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official who famously turned out not to be a person of color at all, and Shaun King, aka Talcum X, who strenuously insists that he isn’t white despite photographic evidence of his being a light-haired white child before he was woke. Muslim “feminist” activist Linda Sarsour is also passing: in a Vox video published in January 2017, she revealed: “When I wasn’t wearing hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” But in an April 2017 interview, Sarsour referred to “people of color like me.” All it took was a hijab to enable Sarsour to change races. Maybe Warren should try that.

Warren, Dolezal, King, and Sarsour are the vanguard of the society Tlaib envisions, one in which being white carries so much of a social stigma that it results in job discrimination and more, and those who are clever and audacious enough to pull it off avoid this opprobrium by passing as being a “person of color.” Meanwhile, those who dare to disagree with Tlaib’s political agenda will find themselves arrested and incarcerated in Detroit, where all-black facial recognition teams will map their every move. Meet the future: it’s the same as the past.



Sen. Rand Paul: Experience is the best teacher -- But that's not how I want my kids to learn about socialism

What is it about socialism that casts such a spell that people refuse to acknowledge history? Time and time again socialism leads to the impoverishment of nations. Perhaps it is the allure of equality or fairness. Surveys in America alarmingly show about half of today’s youth have a favorable opinion of socialism.

When I was researching my forthcoming book, “The Case Against Socialism,” I was horrified to discover a Gallup poll finding that only 45 percent of young American adults (age 18–29) have a positive view of capitalism, while 51 percent of this same group see socialism positively. These surveys link approval of socialism to a corresponding desire among young Americans to live in a “fair” world. Blasi and Kruse of Rutgers University write that “today’s youth reject capitalism; what they really want is fairness.”

They cite a “2016 Harvard University survey that found that 51 percent of American youth age 18 to 29 no longer support capitalism,” and another 2015 poll by “conservative-leaning Reason-Rupe, [which] found that young adults age 18 to 24 have a slightly more favorable view of socialism than capitalism.”

When asked to explain their answers in the Harvard Study, participants in a focus group reported feeling that “capitalism was unfair and left people out despite their hard work.”

The mantra of fairness is one that is inculcated from a young age. The assumption is that in order for one person to become rich someone else must suffer. Leftists preach that the economy is a zero-sum game where the rich enrich themselves on the backs of the poor, a claim that is revealed to be false when you examine the facts.

The mantra of fairness is one that is inculcated from a young age. The assumption is that in order for one person to become rich someone else must suffer. Leftists preach that the economy is a zero-sum game where the rich enrich themselves on the backs of the poor, a claim that is revealed to be false when you examine the facts.

The great industrialists of the nineteenth century are often tagged as robber barons. Yet as Andrew Carnegie’s wealth grew so did the economy. According to Our World in Data, a group of researchers based at the University of Oxford, poverty declined from over 90 percent of people living in extreme poverty worldwide in 1820 to around 75 percent of people living in extreme poverty in 1910. By the time the industrial revolution was in full swing, wages were rising and the standard of living known previously only to kings was becoming far more accessible.

From the time of Carnegie’s death in 1919 until the present, the number of people living in extreme poverty declined to less than 10 percent.11 As much of the world embraced capitalism in the twentieth century, childhood mortality plummeted from nearly a third of children dying before the age of five to less than 1 percent in wealthy countries and 4.3 percent worldwide.

And still, American youth mistakenly are attracted to socialism.

We must be teaching history in all the wrong ways.

Blasi and Kruse warn us that “the share of the overall population that questions capitalism’s core precepts is around the highest in at least 80 years of polling on the topic.” Gallup, in a 2016 poll, records 55 percent of millennials as favoring socialism. Yet, when millennials say they are for socialism, do they have any idea what socialism is in a historical sense? How many of them are even aware of the famines under Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot? Reason Foundation asked millennials to define socialism and discovered that only 16 percent could identify socialism as government ownership of the means of production.

The only good news about these surveys of young people is that they were overwhelmingly canceled out by the views of older people.

A study published in concluded that although “children start off like Karl Marx, . . . they eventually become more like a member of the International Olympic Committee. The study ‘finds that children’s views on fairness change from egalitarian to merit-based as they grow older.’

The question is—will this next generation follow the path of previous generations? Will today’s youth, when they leave their parents’ basements and begin to earn a living, discover that their success depends on their merit and hard work, or will they succumb like Venezuela to the allure of something for nothing?

The future of our nation depends on the answer.



The desperate idiocy of the modern Left

This is from a few years back but is well worth recalling

Recovering Leftie, Ron Rosenbaum, is appalled at the words of a Leftist film-reviewer:

"Still, if "Road to Perdition" ultimately fails as entertainment, it offers rich material for allegory. Maybe it was because I attended a screening on Sept. 11, but I couldn't help seeing Hanks as an American everyman, a pure-hearted killer who will commit no end of mayhem to ensure a better life for his children. Imagine Willie Loman with a tommy gun, and you'll see what I mean. 'You dirty rats! Attention must be paid.'"

But of course! What a BRILLIANT point he's making in the course of preening his anti-Americanism before his audience of U.K. intellectuals. What does Sept. 11 remind him of? The way AMERICANS are killers. Sept. 11 becomes, in his lovely leap of logic, really about Americans being pure-hearted killers capable of "no end of mayhem," infinite evil deeds. Doesn't EVERYBODY think that way? (Everybody in his little circle, I imagine). Sept. 11 reminds them that Americans are first and foremost murderers, so let's not spend a moment acknowledging that little matter of Sept. 11 being a day on which 3,000 AMERICANS were murdered by the "pure-hearted killers" of Al Qaeda. Who, when not committing mass murder, stone women as punishment, torture gays, crush free thought by executing dissidents. No, THEY get a pass (and the 3,000 become non-persons). Because they hate America.




FACEBOOK LEGAL BLOW: "Facebook on Wednesday was dealt a major blow in the EU's top court, which ruled that national courts in Europe can order online platforms to remove defamatory content worldwide." (Agence France-Presse)

MIGRANT TSUNAMI: More than 500,000 Central Americans illegally enter Mexico in first half of 2019 on their way to the U.S. (The Daily Caller)

FRANCE JIHAD: Paris knife attacker who killed four law-enforcement colleagues converted to Islam 18 months ago (National Review)

NARRATIVE BUSTER: North Carolina energy company finds solar power actually increases pollution (The Federalist)

VEGAS SETTLEMENT: Las Vegas massacre shooting victims, family members to get up to $800 million to settle lawsuits (Fox News)



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4 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling To Retain Millennials And Gen Z Employees

If you’re struggling to retain Millennial and Gen Z employees, you’re not alone. Millennials and Gen Z are far more critical and demanding of their employers than previous generations. This is partially due to the current job market, where they’re able to find a new job with relative ease, and partially due to their desire […] More

A Week In New York, NY On A Joint $480,000 Income


A Week In New York, NY On A Joint $480,000 IncomeWelcome to Money Diaries, where we’re tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We’re asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar.Today: a finance lawyer who has a joint yearly income of $480,000 and spends some of her money this week on Vitamin C Serum.Occupation: Finance Lawyer Industry: Law Age: 30 Location: New York, NY Salary: $280,000 not including discretionary bonuses My Partner’s Salary: $200,000 (our finances are combined) My Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $6,100 My Partner’s Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $4,900 Gender Identity: WomanMonthly Expenses Mortgage: $3,900 (mortgage + taxes + cc fees) Loans: $0 (we carry about $10,000 in credit card debt, but it is generally insignificant) Puppy Care: $400 (we have a little rescue dog, but living in NYC means daily walks House Cleaning: $200 Internet: $100 Cell Phone: $150 ($70 is reimbursed by my law firm) Health Insurance: $600 Gym Membership: $100 (for both of us) Utilities: $300 (this is NY and in the middle of the sweltering summer) Grocery Delivery: $450 (comes 2x/per month — we get our groceries delivered and there is a bit of a premium, but more than worth it for the convenience and, yes, generally, groceries in NY are crazy expensive) Streaming Services: $50 Day One7 a.m. — We roll out of bed after my partner of eight years hits the snooze button 13 more times and we cuddle as much as possible before my anxiety to get the day started forces me out of bed and into the world. Our morning ritual is always the same — she walks the pup while I make a quick breakfast of oatmeal and coffee, we drink coffee and chat about random (nonsensical) things while listening to NPR, we then spend 10-15 minutes meditating, and then (finally) hit the showers to go to work around 9. I can work from home a lot, but my partner can’t, and we both work extremely intense corporate jobs as a way to save up as much money as possible during our prime earning years, so our daily morning ritual is important as a way to stay connected as a couple. We also try to fit in a workout at least twice per week.12 p.m. — I’ve answered about 100 emails (not an exaggeration). What sucks about having a corporate job, other than the total lack of emotional/spiritual fulfillment (“all prose and no poetry”), are the deadlines. Sigh and eye roll. My partner’s job is similar. We whine about it a lot, of which we are both aware, but we both accept this as reality for now, since it has allowed us to grow our total net worth close to $1.5M (which includes some smart real estate and stock investments I made when I was younger). I quickly run out and grab lunch and then sit at my desk to eat ($16). I glance at a television that is quietly blaring in the background. Some guy is making an argument against raising the minimum wage…sometimes I think that if people truly understood how financiers enrich themselves (like, by the millions) by exploiting cleverly devised financial instruments that ultimately create little to no value for the overall economy, the socio-political conversation in this country would be so very different… $168 p.m. — My partner gets home from work and I take a break from responding to emails to have dinner with her (which we order). We feed our little pup too. We chat about our days and laugh at some of the weird shenanigans that go on in the workplace — people are just so funny and interesting. The last few years we have been really focusing on our health, and maintaining the most important thing to us — our relationship — by trying to always eat dinner together and also eating something fresh. I log back onto my computer and bang out another couple hours of work. As I climb into bed to join my partner, who is reading her latest novel, I get an email that I have to respond to immediately. I work until around 12 a.m., shut the lights off, and go to sleep, utterly exhausted. $20Daily Total: $36 Day Two8 a.m. — It’s Saturday — the weekend! We wake up and take little pup to the park, where he runs around off-leash and plays with other dogs. We walk around the local farmer’s market in our neighborhood, which always has amazing options. We pick up local meats and vegetables and head home. After meditation and yoga, we make a fresh lunch for ourselves and take turns reading aloud to each other from a new book we picked up last week. $301 p.m. — I get an email from work saying a project that was supposed to be due in a month is now due in 24 hours. I tell my partner the unfortunate news and we debate whether we should cancel our dinner plans. We decide to see what happens and I’m on back-to-back calls and emails for the next few hours. 6 p.m. — I manage to sneak away from work and we head out to dinner with friends at a new Lebanese spot a couple of miles away. We share some biodynamic wines and chat about the state of the world, and whether having children is a good idea when everything is such doom and gloom. I get a couple of emails during the dinner, which means I’m still working, but at least I don’t have to be in the office…we split the check and make it home by around 10:30. I check my emails one more time, send off a couple of replies where necessary, and hit the hay. $270Daily Total: $300 Day Three9 a.m. — We wake up a bit later than usual (because it’s Sunday, of course) and take the pup to grab Americanos from a cafe next to our apartment. After leisurely reading the Sunday Review, we come back and sit outside on our terrace and do some (very) light gardening work pulling dead grasses and trimming flowers and plants. I then log on to work for a few hours. $51 p.m. — We take the pup for an afternoon walk in the bright sunshine and grab soft-serve ice creams (dipped in fudge, of course) from one of those slightly creepy ice cream trucks that troll through NYC. I return home and work for a few more hours while my partner teaches herself how to tie nautical knots — she’s always trying to learn something new and I love that about her. $103 p.m. — We see that one of our favorite bands is coming to NYC. We hurriedly buy tickets before they sell out. Living in NYC, everything is a competition. $606 p.m. — We go to dinner with my partner’s parents, who are in town. They live about two hours away and visit sometimes. When my partner came out to them about five years ago, she wasn’t sure whether they would be supportive. They were, to our great surprise, and it has been pretty smooth sailing ever since. Through my interactions with them, I’ve learned that just because you disagree with someone politically, there are definitely meta-values that you can still share more generally as human beings — love of family, generosity with others, patience, etc. Sometimes we get on political subjects and the conversation can get heated, but we try to maintain a level of respect between us. At the end of the day, I think they are great parents. They pay for the dinner, despite our protest, and we hug goodbye. Daily Total: $75 Day Four7 a.m. — We wake up, do our morning routine, and I’m off to work.2 p.m. — The project still isn’t finished even though it’s been over 24 hours. I can feel the stress tingling up my spine and my heart palpitating. I am eating my lunch when a colleague emails to say that she’s leaving the law firm. We sneak out for lunch and she tells me that since there is no chance of making partner anyway, and she can’t take the 24/7 lifestyle anymore, she looked elsewhere. She doesn’t know whether she is making the right decision, but she never chose to become a lawyer for the money. She became a lawyer to do good for the world, but she got sucked in by the prestige and career trajectory promises of our firm. I think a lot about what she says, which echoes many of my own thoughts and doubts. $206 p.m. — I get home and tell my partner about how I think I should leave my job too. We eat dinner together (seamless, $20) and have a heated discussion on the future of the American law firm. She is supportive, but also concerned. She probes me on why I am leaving in order to test my resolve. When I don’t relent, she kisses me and tells me that she has my back no matter what. We spend the next couple of hours running different financial models every which way to help us understand what minimum salary I would need to live comfortably in NYC. We come up with a specific figure and a plan of attack. $209 p.m. — We get in bed and read some poems by Walt Whitman to each other, which we do often when change is coming. My partner goes to sleep and I get back to work.Daily Total: $40 Day Five7 a.m. — I’ve been up all night working on this project. I take the pup for an early walk, picking up a Red Eye for me and an Americano for my partner, along with an almond croissant. $119 a.m. — After my partner leaves for work, I get on a social media website for jobs. My friend who started her own tech company texts me — her latest round of venture capital funding hasn’t gone well. I call her immediately and give her a pep talk. She is one of only a few women in the tech world and a walking wonder, but she reminds me that having 30 employees looking to you for their bread and butter is no small weight to carry. My day is slow and I take little pup to the park where he plays while I enjoy the changing leaves as they signal the coming of Fall. I call my Dad. As a first-generation immigrant, he is appalled at the pay cut I would take if I left my job. As my Dad, however, he tells me he supports me no matter what. 4 p.m. — Another friend calls to say that her newly minted marriage isn’t going great — her husband is partying all night and doing drugs. I finish up some work and then head over to her place to pick her up. We go to the wine store and snag a bunch of bottles. I take her back to my apartment and we chat on my terrace for the next few hours. $1007 p.m. — My partner comes home and I run out to the grocery store to grab some ingredients to make a homemade dinner — roasted chicken with parsnips and carrots and potatoes. After a few more hours of talk therapy, we all head to bed. I offer our couch to my friend for the night, but she declines. She is adamant that she has to go home to face her husband. I give her a hug and tell her to call me anytime. $20Daily Total: $131 Day Six7 a.m. — Awake and normal routine.9 a.m. — I grab a smoothie from the cafeteria at work and browse a few emails from recruiters, looking to see what opportunities I’m interested in. I’m wary of recruiters because they make money from any job they place you in, and so are incentivized to sell you on any opportunity in the market, regardless of whether it is the right fit for you. I answer some recruiter emails and talk to one or two on the phone to let them know I’m looking for a new job. Work starts to pick up, and I answer emails for the remainder of the day. $73 p.m. — My partner and I meet up and grab some overpriced sushi rolls and sit outside to eat while we chat with our financial advisor on the phone. One of the best parts of our corporate jobs is that our offices are extremely close, so we have lunch together quite often. We check in with our financial advisor quarterly and he lets us know what he thinks we should be doing with our portfolio and whether there is room for improvement. Right now, we have about $300k in cash, $800k in stocks/alternative investments/401(k) accounts, and $350k in equity in our home. We are overweighted in cash, I know, but the market has me a bit spooked with the trade war, high levels of corporate debt, and the inability of the Feds to raise interest rates. We discuss these factors with my financial advisor, who nevertheless tells me to stop trying to time the market. He’s right, of course, but I’m still hesitant. $259 p.m. — We go out to see one of my partner’s favorite bands play live with a few friends, buying a few rounds of beer for all. The show is awesome, even if the venue is pretty grimy, and we can’t believe that we snagged these tickets. We head home around midnight and fall asleep. $60Daily Total: $92 Day Seven7 a.m. — Same morning routine, head to work, dive into emails.11 a.m. — During lunch, I do some much-needed wellness shopping on Amazon. We don’t spend very much on our beauty regimens, probably around $140 every three or so months for the both of us, but we do like to get all of the essentials — hydrating cleanser, vitamin C and A serums, eye serum, and moisturizer. $2606 p.m. — My partner and I both get home pretty early from work today and we eat our meal prepped dinners on the terrace where we get into a heated conversation about the amount of news that she reads — zero — which I think is absurd (!). She argues that she thinks the news is overrated these days and depressing. She doesn’t trust politicians or pundits. I can’t say I totally disagree, but her nihilism disturbs me. We come to a compromise where she agrees to read the Skimm every morning. In exchange, I promise not to check the NY Times every hour. We watch Netflix for the rest of the night — specifically a German television series we are both obsessed with about time travel and a serial killer in a small town. We hit the hay around midnight. 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Indya launches first brand campaign with “I am Indya”


MUMBAI: Indya, a modern Indian wear brand by fashion house High Street Essentials Pvt Ltd, today launched its first brand campaign - “I am Indya”. Celebrating the social and cultural contradictions that the millennial Indian woman embodies and lives today, the campaign sets the tone for what the brand stands for in its positioning and design philosophy.

The millennial Indian woman we know today lives life on a crossroad - a juncture of Indian traditions and a globalised society; an intersection of simpler times and that of a burgeoning modern lifestyle; a convergence of the love for the local and aspirations that are global. She’s ready to power through it all to become a global phenomenon, but at the end of the day it’s her true desi being that she finds comfort in. She is both, traditional and modern; she is the best of both worlds. Indya’s campaign is an ode to just this woman.

The campaign is led by a brand film conceptualised by creative agency, Humour Me. It stars five women who are the new faces of achievement; not put on a pedestal but charting life on their own terms by taking the road less taken. Modern in outlook and rooted in traditions, they are fearlessly pursuing their dreams.

Pratima Singh, a player for the India Women’s National Basketball Team, is an unstoppable small-town girl who made the national anthem ring loud in a stadium in China.

Tania Sachdev, an Arjuna Awardee and Chess Grandmaster holds a world record for being the youngest player from any sport to win an international title. She believes that her open upbringing has shaped her into who she is.

Kavya Trehan is a born entertainer, alternative music artist, and actor who fearlessly pursued her dreams to make a mark step by step!

Ira Trivedi, an author & yogini has written books on and won awards for her brave social commentary. She writes about modern India in all its complexities while finding life in asanas and comfort in bhajans.

Tanisha De, a budding model from Kolkata is steadily making her way to the top while changing the standards of beauty in a country that is obsessed with white skin.

Together they speak of the beautiful contradictions that make an Indian naari, the global woman she is today.

Speaking of the campaign, Indya co-founders Tanvi Malik & Shivani Poddar said, “Indya was born out of the thought to re-look ethnic fashion by considering the lifestyle and aesthetics of a modern woman living in a globalised India, blurring the old lines between western and Indian wear, making fashion a form of self-expression. Our campaign too is an ode to her. It celebrates her duality of being traditional and modern with complete grace. This duality, instead of being a constraint, makes her stronger. She is raag and she is also rap; she is bindi and she is also boots; she is a Devi, and she sure she is a diva ! Our film speaks of every woman we know today. For this campaign, we wanted to showcase the brand with women that epitomise this genre-blurring cultural context – women who are setting new standards in ambition and achievement, while remaining grounded and proud of their Indian values. We are glad to launch Indya’s first campaign and will look forward to more women relating to our brand’s philosophy.”

Talking about the campaign Humour Me founder & CEO Dhruv Sachdeva said, “Since this was the first national showcase for brand Indya, we as creative partners had the responsibility of sharply defining the brand's position in our audiences’ mind. The ethnic wear category has never quite broken the traditional, occasion-wear based mindset. We purposefully wanted to break this category stereotype during this high decibel festive season, one where every brand will try and drum up an emotion basis traditional storytelling. It was important to us, that this film doesn’t just become another beautiful showcase of our collection but speaks to audiences about how we’re inventing a new category altogether.”

“The insight for the film was simple. Global fashion magazines with their seasonal covers have set the benchmarks for what drives future trends for years now. We wanted to not be boxed into just costumes for festivities, weddings, or cultural occasions, but re-imagine what makes a fashion statement itself. The film breaks both stereotypes of what should make the cover, and how we perceive our cultural context. We just felt, in 2019 it’s about time, the Devil wore a Ghagra”, he adds while talking about the concept of the film.

Along with the film, are stories of these women on a campaign page that sits on the brand’s website. The film will also be showcased across various other digital content platforms. The digital spread is being supported by an OOH cover in metros and mini-metros, and print insertions in major dailies, all being spearhead by media buying agency, OMD India. 

The second leg of the campaign will feature stories of six more women achievers, who with this dichotomy are powering their way to living life on their own terms. The third leg will see the brand featuring stories of real women.


Indian Terrain launches ‘The Spirit of Man’ campaign with Brand Ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni


MUMBAI: India’s leading menswear brand, Indian Terrain is all set to mark its 20th anniversary with Brand Ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the launch of its latest campaign, ‘The Spirit of Man’. The campaign balances style with substance to recognize the lives and aspirations of the brand’s audience. Further, to set the pace for a new decade in its journey, the campaign showcases the legend himself, Mahendra Singh Dhoni highlighting the brand’s latest Autumn-Winter ’19 collection.

Nations are built on the shoulders of mankind. They may not realise it, but every person in the country, just by living their daily lives and chasing their personal ambitions, unwittingly contributes to the growth of a nation. The campaign highlights this insight and celebrates every individual who contributes, in their own way, to build the Indian dream. Targeted towards the youth & millennials, the campaign encourages its young audience to pursue their dreams.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Venkatesh Rajagopal - Executive Chairman, Indian Terrain Fashions Limited commented, “The Spirit of Man is defined by relentless passion, strive for perfection & a pursuit of excellence. Our campaign is inspired from this thought and an insight, that a bigger picture is painted by a million smaller aspirations. Through the campaign, we celebrate the lives of every single man in the country, as they contribute in their own way towards building the Spirit of the Nation.”

Indian Terrain is targeted towards the young millennial consumer who straddles between work and play effortlessly in cool yet comfortable clothing.

Mr. Charath Narsimhan - Managing Director & CEO, Indian Terrain Fashions Limited said, “Our customers are people who embody the true Spirit of Man, growing their own lives and the world around them. We wanted to validate this optimism in a meaningful way through this campaign. MS Dhoni is the perfect fit for us as a brand that champions a strong value system and connect with young Indians.”

The cinematic & inspiring TVC for the campaign has been conceptualized by Indian Terrain’s advertising agency Brave New World, directed by Manoj Pillai along with the production House, Think Pot. It portrays the faces and lives of a cross section of men from the country acknowledging their contribution towards building the nation.

Mr. Joono Simon - Founder and CCO, Brave New World Agency said, “Brands often speak to their audiences from ivory towers, especially so in the fashion category. This was an opportunity for Indian Terrain to leverage the approachable emotional equity that MS Dhoni has among legions of fans. It was our goal to create a narrative of personal relevance and worth for viewers, with the people’s captain as the perfect example of what an individual can accomplish. Not through swagger, but belief, everyday action and sheer will. Every aspect of the film, from music, casting, choice of words and imagery, was a deliberate choice to connect the brand and those who will feel empowered by it.”

‘The Spirit of Man’ campaign is being rolled out across a 360 degree media campaign including Print, TV, Cinema & multiple Social & Digital platforms.


Music Business Is Being Re-Defined By Generation Z

While for years millennials were the target demographic of most music business marketing, Generation Z has since risen up as the primary stakeholder in the contemporary marketplace, which is in turn reshaping how artists, labels, and companies market themselves. _____________________________ Guest post by Alyssa Golden of the Berklee College Of...

Immer mehr Millennials im Handy-Dauerstress


Jeder zweite britische Nutzer wünscht sich, dass Smartphones nie erfunden worden wären

Sechs von zehn britischen Millennials können sich nicht mehr entspannen, weil sie ihr Smartphone unaufhörlich bedienen. Das zeigt eine Befragung des Marktforschungsunternehmens One Poll . Die Umfrage hat auch ergeben, dass neun von zehn erwachsenen Nutzern ihr Handy regelmäßig kontrollieren, selbst wenn keine neuen Nachrichten eingetrudelt sind.

Un nou mod de a te bucura de gustul bauturilor, dar fara sa le bei. Va prinde, oare, acest trend? (Video)

Nici bautura nu mai e ce-a fost. Sau macar servirea ei. Dar, deh, si membrii generatiei millennial trebuie convinsi cumva sa bea. Asa a gandit o distilerie scotiana cu traditie de 195 de ani si a creat dozele de whisky ambalate in niste saculeti, precum sunt cei in care se gaseste adesea detergentul.

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