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Cardi B Blasts ‘Access Hollywood’ For Using Daughter Kulture As Clickbait

Cardi B is not happy. The Bronx rapper went off during a recent Instagram Live session and blasted Access Hollywood...

Сестра Марка Цукерберга попробовала водку в Петербурга

Участница Synergy Global Forum Рэнди Цукерберг рассказала в соцсетях о своих эмоциях от поездки в Петербург. Бизнес-леди поделилась в Instagram сторис.

Саловати Саидзода о комментарии Хабиба в Instagram



Бурый медведь у ног Новосёлова - комментарий Саловати Саидзода

Удивительно – но факт! 46-летний российский боец ММА Максим Новосёлов, вес которого составляет порядка 130 кг., выложил в Instagram видео, в котором он борется с бурым медведем. Ролик оканчивается тем, что спортсмен валит животное на землю.12 октября Новосёлов планирует выступить в Москве на турнире Figh Nights Global 94. Его соперником станет бывший боец UFC Дмитрий Смоляков. Согласно статистике сайта Sherdog, Новоселов с 2004 года провел 11 боев (9 побед, 2 поражения). У 37-летнего Смолякова — 12 боев (9 побед, 3 поражения) - Саловати Саидзода

Photos, Videos Show a Bonkers Renegade Car Show in Ocean City This Weekend

View this post on Instagram “To protect and clap ‘dem cheeks.” #thotpatrol #clappingcheeks #h20i #ocmd #h2noi #thots #maximamonday #nissan #nissans #nissanmaxima #nissanmaximas #7GM #7thgenmaxima #7thgenmax #a35 #a35s #vqmotorsworldwide #vqfamily #vq35hr #brokelifebuilds #brokeallday #vqmafia #maximasofinstagram #CuffNStuff #TrumpetGang #YourAssMyFace #ThotJuice A post shared by Zachary Radja™ (@radjathat) on Sep 30, 2019 at 9:15am PDT Ocean City Mayor Rick […]

Boletos Gratis para el Cirque du Soleil Crystal cortesía del Jueves de Centro Santa Fe

El Centro Santa Fé nos está invitando al Espectáculo Crystal del Cirque Du Soleil; debemos seguirlos en sus redes sociales en Facebook e Instagram como @centrosantafe y realizar una compra por un mínimo de $2,000 en los locales participantes del centro comercial el próximo jueves 03 de octubre de 2019, y acudir a su centro de atención ubicado a un costado de El Farolito de 11.00 a 17.0 horas; debemos presentar el ticket original de ese día y por un mínimo de $2,000 y nuestro INE. Si somos una de las primeras 10 personas, nos darán un Pase Doble. Aplican restricciones; el ticket no es acumulable y no participan tickets de monederos electrónicos ni tarjetas de regalo. No participan las tiendas Sears, Liverpool, Chedraui, Sanborns , Saks Fifth Avenue, Palacio de Hierro ni Casa Palacio.

Modern Inlay Ring - Stone Inlay Ring - Unique Inlay Ring - Sterling Silver Inlay Ring - Blue Inlay Ring - Blue Ring - Green Ring - Turquoise by LeanderDambrosia


265.00 USD

Enjoy the compliments with this unique inlay ring. Influenced by Native American techniques and modern design, this ring has been completely handmade by me with 100% recycled sterling silver, turquoise, lapis lazuli and malachite. The turquoise used in this piece has been stabilised to prevent colour changes and increase strength. Each piece of stone has been hand cut to inlay perfectly within this sterling silver design. The inlay design features a pattern of turquoise, lapis and malachite squares that taper over the top third of the ring. This ring band features an open sides, allowing the skin of the wear to be seen. This inlay ring is finished with a bright, smooth, high polish.

The casual design of this ring makes it a perfect wedding ring or an everyday accessory.
Although some of my products may be listed and marketed as either masculine or feminine, most items are truly unisex and may be appropriate for both men and women, girls or boys.

This ring is made to order and available in any ring size.

This ring band measures .3" (7mm) at the widest point and .15" (4mm) at the narrowest. If you would prefer a more narrow or wide ring, please contact me for a customised ring.

To view a sizing chart to help determine which size you need, please visit

You can also purchase this ring sizing tool to help figure out sizing:

This inlay ring is stamped with a 'sterling' hallmark stamp for makers integrity.

This ring is also available in 100% recycled 14kt yellow gold. Please see this listing:

I use only 100% Recycled metals to create my jewelry. The metals I use are refined from metal that has already been extracted from the earth, such as jeweler' scraps and what would other wise be industry waste. This means that landscapes aren't destroyed, that the people that live on mineral-rich lands aren't displaced and that eco-systems aren't polluted by the dirty processes of mineral mining in order to make my craft. All packaging, printing and gift wrapping is also made with recycled materials and a deep respect for our environment.

To view more rings that I have made, please visit:

Need this piece gift wrapped for a special someone? I have 4 lovely, eco friendly, gender neutral patterns to choose from here:

To see more items in my shop, visit:

To view my Shop Policies, click:

To follow me socially:


Wide Gold Bangle Bracelet - Brass Cuff - Hammered Faux Gold Bangle - Fake Gold - Fashion Bracelet - Yellow Brass Bangle - Gold Bangle - Cuff by LeanderDambrosia


35.00 USD

Enjoy looking fabulous in this wide gold bangle bracelet. This cuff is made with solid yellow brass. It has been lightly hammered to add a rustic texture and allow this polished yellow brass bangle to catch the light beautifully.

Also available in:
-polished copper
-polished brass
-polished nickel
-aged dark copper
-polished 100% recycled sterling silver

This faux gold bangle measures 1.2" (3cm) wide. This bracelet comes in 2 sizes that have been tried and tested with wrists of all shapes and sizes. If you feel as though either of these available sizes will not fit, please don't hesitate to contact me as I can easily make a custom sizing for you.

The small size measures: 2.55" (6.5cm) inside diameter.
*The small size fits small-medium wrists.

The large size measures: 3" (7.5cm)

To measure your hand to see which size will fit best, simply grab a tape measure and measure the distance from the pinky knuckle on the palm of your hand to the index finger knuckle (i.e the widest part of your hand). Minus half an inch (1.5cm) to your measurement. For example, if your hand measures 3" (7.5cm) across, your measurement would be 2.5" (6.5) to account for the movement of squeezing your knuckles through the bangle.

**Please note that the bangle featured with the model is NOT the bangle listed, but simply an indication of size, style and fit.

To see other bangle bracelets that I have made, please visit:

Need this piece gift wrapped for a special someone? I have 4 lovely, eco friendly, gender neutral patterns to choose from here:

To see more items in my shop, visit:

To view my Shop Policies, click:

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Lovely grapes, Pop Up ”Beach” and Market with DJ via Instagram

Lovely grapes, Pop Up ”Beach” and Market with DJ Praça de Carlos Alberto, Porto, Portugal A great moment to shop for some fresh produce and trinkets and kick back for a while.  and Follow Join A Gardener’s Notebook on Facebook Don’t miss a single post! Sign up for the Gardener’s Notebook Mailing List * A […]

Trainers Want You to Start Doing These 12 Exercises to Strengthen and Stabilize Your Core


Fitness professionals have varying opinions on how individuals should train for optimal health, but one thing they all agree on is the importance of a strong core. You've probably seen that phrase floating around on Instagram or heard your favorite instructor yell it out as you hold a plank for what seems like eternity, but you may not know exactly what having a strong core means.

Your core is like the roots of your favorite plant. Strong and sturdy roots keep the plant stable and support the weight of the plant as it grows. The same can be said for your core, which is often considered the source, or root, of all movement. Every time you bend down to pick something up off the ground, reach for something in the back seat of your car, or lift something over head, your core is working.

"The well-trained core is essential for optimal performance and injury prevention," Stuart McGill, PhD, explained in a 2010 review in the Strength and Conditioning Journal. No matter your fitness goals, having a strong and stable core is essential. To help you strengthen your abs, POPSUGAR tapped personal trainers and physical therapists for their go-to strengthening and stabilizing exercises. Check them out ahead.


Jameela Jamil's Impassioned Interview About Diet Culture Is a Must-See For Anyone on Instagram


After speaking out against harmful diet products for years, Jameela Jamil has successfully advocated for more regulation and is now closer to her goal of eradication. A bit of backstory: the star of The Good Place recently played a big role in getting Instagram to enforce restrictions that prevent minors from seeing sponsored content about cosmetic surgery procedures, detox teas, and the like. In an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Jameela said she's just getting started.

"This is just the start of what I'm doing. Next I'm moving on to legislation because we need to get this stuff off the market and away from children," she said. Speaking to her own experience with eating disorders as a teenager, Jameela added, "I'm someone who took these products, and I will never get my full health back, and so I'm damned if this is going to happen again 20 years later."

"This is just the start of what I'm doing."

Though she has been considered a leader in body positivity since launching her I Weigh movement in 2018, Jameela feels more comfortable using the terms "body liberation" and "body neutrality." She said, "I believe in just not thinking about your body, and I have the luxury of being able to do that because I'm not being constantly persecuted for my size."

"I just manage to get more things done in my day when I'm not thinking about my figure," she added. "I can't stand in front of a mirror and say, 'I love my thighs. I love my cellulite.' I can just not think about them, and think about my bank account and orgasms." Watch her impassioned interview above.


Actress Jameela Jamil on Her "I Weigh" Movement and Protecting Yourself on Social Media


Jameela Jamil didn't want to start a social movement on Instagram specifically - "I was never much of a pictures girl," she told POPSUGAR ahead of a conversation at New York City's 92Y with writer Ashley C. Ford. What began as a single post about her weight in worth, not in numbers, quickly became an account for every type of person to contribute to this idea that we're more than what the scale says. With 870,000 Instagram followers, a community that's turning into a multimedia platform, and a push to fight for human rights, environmental justice, and mental health awareness, I Weigh has exceeded all of Jameela's expectations.

"I was very surprised that it turned into this whole movement around the world, but it's become about so much more than bodies now," she said. "We are able to mobilize young activists around climate change and ageism and gender discrimination and racial discrimination and trans discrimination. This has become an activist platform where we are going to leverage my privilege and my finances to try and help young activists worldwide who don't have access to that, to get the much-needed word out, because I can't be the spokesperson for everyone. I shouldn't be the spokesperson for everyone." The 33-year-old who plays Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place said that she's so invested in the movement that she's taking a break from her first-ever acting gig (the series finished filming and will come to a close after its fourth season). She'll be shifting her focus toward the launched of I Weigh into a full-blown activism platform. She's the investor and will be in the office with her team of women every day, hard at work.

Jameela first got the idea for I Weigh while scrolling through Instagram and seeing a post of the Kardashians with their weights written across their bodies. She said she's been campaigning for eating disorder awareness since she was 19 years old - she had her own experience with an eating disorder as a teen and says her life was "so messed up" - and the post immediately triggered emotions. Jameela explained, "I saw a post of women who deserve to be treated with more respect than any numbers written across their body that aren't even their net worth, it's their body weight. A photo like that of a man just wouldn't exist, nevermind a group of businessmen who are worth upwards of a billion or two billion dollars, and so that just made me so angry. That's why I decided to post what I weigh, which is actually my contribution to society, my financial independence, my relationships."

Once I Weigh started in March 2018, Jameela also began advocating for a safer space on Instagram. The social media platform, she stated, is full of unrealistic imagery, toxic messages, and diet and detox products endorsed by celebrities promising impossible transformations without clear side effects listed. Instagram itself wanted to have a meeting with Jameela - "I think they really supported I Weigh, and they'd been trying to clean up Instagram and turn it into a safe space for young people. It wasn't ever supposed to be what it became," she told us - so, before the meeting, she decided to act. Jameela started a petition called "Stop celebrities promoting toxic diet products on social media." In just three days, it got 250,000 signatures.

"We're just clearing the rubbish out of Instagram."

Instagram listened. On Sept. 18, it announced a new policy that will block users they know to be under 18 from viewing posts that include price tags with the intent of selling weight-loss products or cosmetic procedures, according to a press release sent to POPSUGAR. It will also ban any posts that make a "miraculous claim" about these products and link to a "commercial offer such as a discount code," and people will be able to eventually report a post that they think violates the policy. Elle UK spoke to the actress about Instagram's new policy last month, so you can read her initial comments there. "We're just clearing the rubbish out of Instagram," Jameela told POPSUGAR.

"I don't really wish Instagram for anyone under the age of 18 currently where it's at," she said, adding that it has the capacity to be a great place "that a lot of amazing activism is taking place on." She pointed out, for instance, that the Me Too and Time's Up movements wouldn't have existed without social media, so these spaces do have tremendous power. "We just need to do more to legislate it and police it and make sure that young people are safe," she said.

Start Applying This Positive Change to Your Own Instagram Feed

Though some of what you see on Instagram isn't in your control, much of it is. Jameela gave us some tips for trying to cultivate this safety factor online. For one, she suggested, delete or mute accounts that make you feel lesser than. "I think anyone who makes you feel bad about your life or your clothes or your weight or your skin color . . . any of those people . . . you just delete them," she said. "Why would you ever purposefully show yourself upsetting images? It's not going to get you more money, it's not going to make you thinner, and it's not going to make you happier. It's just going to make you sad and take up your valuable time."

Also, you should get rid of the idea that you need to follow certain people to stay up to date on pop culture, she stated. If it stresses you out, if such people promote negativity or post photoshopped photos, you can curate your own social media space and check in on those accounts when you ever need to. (Jameela, in fact, gave me this advice when I told her that working in media makes me feel like I need to follow people to stay up to date. "They still exist," she assured me, "and when you need to find them, check on them.")

"Protect yourself. You deserve that."

Jameela continued, "I unfollowed all the supermodels, and I followed Ashley Ford and Roxanne Gay and these wonderful people. They're the influencers I'm interested in, people who can make my mind expand and people who are making me feel seen and who pushed me to learn." My favorite hack of Jameela's? To avoid upsetting images on her Explore page, click the "Animals" category on the top bar. Because of that, she's rarely seen a diet product - "Or ass!" she noted - on that page in years. Jameela doesn't let herself scroll aimlessly; cute animal pictures, after all, are better. "Protect yourself," she encouraged. "You deserve that."


Tighten, Sculpt, and Strengthen Your Glute Muscles With This 4-Move Strength Workout


There isn't one perfect way to sculpt and grow your glute muscles, but the method by Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS, and author of Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training, is pretty close. It's so good, he's been dubbed "The Glute Guy" and has the receipts to prove it on his Instagram.

If you've been doing random lower-body exercises at the gym without any real purpose, you've got to try Bret's lower-body workout format to grow your glutes, develop your lower-body strength, and become more functional.

Before getting started it's important to manage your expectations. "So much of getting a nice butt is due to genetics," Bret told POPSUGAR. "If you've got amazing genetics, you can barely do anything and have a nice butt," he added. Conversely, "You might never end up with the perfect butt of your liking, but it will get bigger and stronger," he said.

If you're a beginner, you can and should start with bodyweight movements, eventually building up to using dumbbells and barbells. You can also incorporate upper-body push and pull exercises, like a dumbbell bench press, the inverted row, pull-ups, and the overhead shoulder press to your routine to make it a total-body workout. If you don't add upper-body movements into this workout, Bret said you can do it three times a week, taking a day of rest in between each time you perform it. On the other days, you can do cardio or an upper-body workout. If you do add upper-body exercises to the following workout, perform this workout three times a week.

If your goal is to improve your lower-body strength and get a bigger butt, check out Bret's workout ahead.

The 4-Move Lower-Body and Butt-Strengthening Workout

Before getting started, be sure to warm your muscles up. Make sure you have access to a barbell, bumper platers, and dumbbells. When choosing a weight, Bret recommended going as heavy as possible while maintaining good form. Here's more on how to choose the right weight.

If the weight is too light, increase it in order to challenge your muscles. If it's too heavy and you can't perform the designated sets and reps, lighten the weight. Most importantly, don't forget to lift with effort to stimulate muscle growth, Bret said. Be sure to take two to three minutes of rest in between each exercise to allow your body to fully recover since you're lifting heavy weights and fatiguing your muscles.

  • Barbell hip thrust: three sets of eight to 12 reps
  • Barbell squat: three sets of eight to 12 reps
  • Romanian deadlift: three sets of eight to 12 reps
  • Lateral band walk: three sets of 20 to 30 reps


Monday Mimisms ~ Bring Back The Glory Days of Blogging

Once upon a time in a blog land faraway there lived a host of vivacious characters known as bloggers. We had parties right here in Bloggingham castle. Writers were born. Authors were published. Artists carved out names for themselves in the vast wall of space known as the Blogogsphere, displaying their talents for all to see and enjoy. We memed a lot. And cheered each other on. Linking was prolific and effective for blog building and expanding networks - until Blogger slapped our typing hands and said "slow down, little Bloggers, you're getting too smart."  

I loved that my reading list for the day was written by friends. You can't say that when you choose a dusty book from the shelf of normal life.  People shared their deepest darkest and brightest brave. We were a community of caring people behind thriving webpages full of ire and fire. There were learning curves, too. And mischief-makers even in the rarity of the occasional meanness, it was nothing compared to the vileness of what we see on social media pages today. If someone started something testy, another blogger would raise the bar higher, jostling with well chosen words and a sense of kindness that I miss in the world. 

There's much talk on Facebook about how we miss the old days, the old community. It was a safer place to be. One of the "oldies" (you know who you are) said to me earlier today that he missed the glory days of blogging. I've heard that sentiment many times of late. We are weary of wailing politics and memes that don't mean anything. 

Just so you know, Bloggingham is still my home. The yard is a little overgrown and the moat needs cleaning, but Homer and I still wander aimlessly through its ever-changing landscape and hold court in the dungeon when things go awry. 

I have a feeling that ten years from now, maybe sooner, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram will be the "old" communities, and will have morphed into something unusable and complicated. But we won't long for them the way we seem to be rambling on about the good old days in the Blogosphere. 

I don't know if you still have a blog, but if you do, I hope you'll drop in from time to time. 
I really need to clean out that dungeon. There may still be a few old bloggers in there.

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Bäuerle Landschaftsarchitektur + Stadtplanung

Contributed by Weltanschauung

Source: Done By Ghosts. License: All Rights Reserved.

Corporate design for Bäuerle Landschaftarchitektur + Stadtplanung, a landscaping and urban planning studio in Stuttgart, Germany. The font in use is Lausanne 300 by Nizar Kazan.

Source: Done By Ghosts. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: Done By Ghosts. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.


Plasma 5, “Thanks for the Mars glasses”

Contributed by Jack Halten Fahnestock

Source: Graphic Books. License: All Rights Reserved.

The fifth issue of Plasma magazine features Tiny (Velvetyne) and Whyte (Dinamo). From the Present Books website:

PLASMA 5 – 224 pages jam-packed with interviews, stories, behind the scene sneak peaks, photo series, posters, nerd guides, and all things science & art! Scientists from different fields, from Berlin to LA, all talking about their personal motivations and passions. A Berlin special introduces us to the diverse research areas this city is host to. Everything from the exploration of Mars to the creation of humanoid robots. From there we jump across the Atlantic to explore all the latest nerd hot spots in NYC, learn about the latest advancements in space exploration from NASA, and so much more!

Source: David Benski. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: David Benski. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: David Benski. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: David Benski. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: David Benski. License: All Rights Reserved.


Dwayne Johnson Hints at 'Fast and Furious' Return After Vin Diesel Feud

The 'Hobbs and Shaw' actor appears to have called a truce with Diesel as he thanks the Dominic Toretto depicter for supporting the spin-off movie in an Instagram video.

Красивый отзыв о серии Angel Provence с бессмертником. Полгода использования. Итоги

Добрый день!

fallen_leaf Последние полгода в моем уходе был Angel P R O V E N C E с бессмертником fallen_leaf
  1. Шампунь
  2. Маска
  3. Кондиционер
  4. Крем

Прошли со мной от свежего среза до давно нестриженных кончиков. Ухаживали за пористыми волосами после зимы, сухим жарким летом и в отопительный сезон.

Подведу итоги применения. И так как моим волосам это не подходит, поделюсь соображениями для каких волос эта серия.

fallen_leaf Шампунь P R O V E N C E с бессмертником fallen_leaf
Aqua, Coco-Glucoside, Coco-Betaine, Cocamide DEA, PEG-7 Glyceryl CocoateSodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Hydroxypropyl Guar, Polyquaternium-10, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Helichrysum Stoechas Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol.

Сравнивая его с шампунями Provence с розой и Provence с грейпфрутом, скажу, что моющая база у них действительно одинаковая.

Эти шампуни не провоцируют:
  • пушение
  • сухость
  • электризацию
  • ломкость

Есть косметический эффект, необходимый поврежденным волосам, но не такой сильный как у мгновенно одевающих шампуней (Kaaral Maraes Sleek Empowering, Londa Visible Repair, L'oreal Lipidium например).

Сначала мне казалось, что с бессмертником моя макушка хорошо так заблестела. Потом показалось, что это показалось. А через месяц применения 3 раза в неделю стало очевидным накапливание продукта в прикорневой части волос, куда уже очень давно кроме шампуня больше ничего ни до, ни после мытья не наношу.

Это тонкие, слипшиеся прядки волос у лица. Совсем уж прилизанный вид. Впечатление “тяжелой”, несвежей макушки уже на второй день…

По длине тоже накапливается, но в разы медленнее, чем на макушке (помним, кожа головы выделяет естественное питание, длина нет). Я длину шампунем не промываю.

Это шампунь для поврежденных волос в режиме «промывать длину».

От применения к применению шампунь оседает на волосах. Не дает уходу маски вымываться с длины. Отличное решение для поврежденных или самих по себе рыхлых волос.
Уход с таким шампунем очень советую дополнять пилингом кожи головы и шампунем глубокой очистки.

  • Почему я больше не куплю этот шампунь?
Потому что он накапливается.
Предпочитаю пользоваться всегда одним шампунем. Не люблю заморачиваться пилингом, ШГО, чередованием с другим шампунем.
Не понимаю людей, которые довольны своим шампунем, но хотят его поменять, потому что надоел и хочется чего-то новенького. Не осуждаю такой подход – просто не понимаю. Я за простоту и стабильность

fallen_leaf Маска P R O V E N C E с бессмертником fallen_leaf
Aqua (Water), Helichrysum Stoechas Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Dimethicone/Silsesquioxane Copolymer, Polyoxyethylene Cetyl-Stearyl Ether, PEG-4 Sorbitan Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Cetrimonium chloride, Hydroxypropyl Guar, Phenoxyethanol.

Она мне очень нравится) Такая умничка.

И увлажняет, и питает, и кондиционирует.

Но с моими волосами отношения не сложились.

Маска с бессмертником подразумевает применение без использования после нее кондиционера. Кондиционировать маска умеетok_hand

Для моих волос высокой пористости ее конд-я недостаточно. А дополни я ее конд-ом (из этой же серии), волосы будут перегружены. А это короткая дорога к ломкости.

Частое применение маска с бессертником + шампунь с бессмертником = дорога к ломкости.
Почему так? Потому что мои волосы здоровы + на них лежит хна. И я не люблю делать ШГО.

И если степень кондиционирования я еще могу варьировать (взять другой шампунь, нанести поверх деликатный кондиционер, на финише – сильное масло), то увлажнения и питания от маски с бессмертником моим волосам не хватит. Потребуются дополнительные вливания (концентраты).

Каким волосам подойдёт:
  • здоровая средняя пористость
  • неповрежденные сухие волосы (давно без хорошего ухода)
  • низкая пористость с легкими повреждениями (например 1-2 окрашивания с осветлением)
  • средняя пористость с легкими повреждениями
  • здоровые непористые/низкая пористость на укладке феном

Не подойдёт:
  • высокая пористость
  • сильные повреждения

  • Почему я больше не куплю эту маску?
Потому что у меня высокая пористость. А пользоваться всей серией не хочу из-за необходимости обнулять уход ШГО.

  • Почему я снова куплю эту маску?
Потому что она идеально подходит волосам моей дочери — здоровая средняя пористость.
А чтобы не было сильного накапливания по длине, мы чередуем маску Provence с бессиликоновым кондиционером (Kaaral Reale) и используем шампунь Provence из другой серии (в идеале с грейпфрутом. А в данный момент с зеленым чаем).

fallen_leaf Кондиционер P R O V E N C E с бессмертником fallen_leaf
Aqua, PEG-4 Sorbitan Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Polyoxyethylene Cetyl Stearyl Diether, Dimethicone/Silsesquioxane Copolymer, Cetrimonium Chloride, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroxypropyl Guar, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Helichrysum Stoechas Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol.

Здесь больше косметического эффекта, чем питания и увлажнения.

Кондиционирование 4 из 5.

Питание и увлажнение по стольку по скольку. И все же выше, чем в салонных брендах (Wella, Londa, L'oreal и тп).
Там где конд-р Angel SPA для сухих сильно перегружает волосы, Provence с бессмертником будет в самый раз.

  • Хорош для волос на укладке феном + термозащита.
  • Сильно поврежденным его эффекта не хватит.
  • Здоровые плотные волосы будет быстро перегружать.
  • Это кондиционер для низкой пористости и здоровой средней.

  • Почему я больше не куплю этот кондиционер?
Потому что Kaaral Reale кондиционирует 5 из 5 и вообще не накапливается.

fallen_leaf Крем P R O V E N C E с бессмертником fallen_leaf
Helichrysum Stoechas Extract, Aqua (Water), Cyclopentasiloxane, Beeswax, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Polyacrylamide, Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol.

Пожалуй, самый интересный продукт!
Питание и увлажнение здесь выше, чем кондиционирование. И в мой уход сейчас это не вписывается.

Еще весной я говорила о том, что хочу крем, который не только кондиционирует, а еще и увлажняет и питает волосы. Сейчас готова на безупречное кондиционирование и можно без всего остального.

Сам по себе весьма самодостаточен. Со свежим срезом я даже масло после крема Provence пару раз не наносила и волосы выглядели отлично. Послушные кончики.

Спустя 5 месяцев после стрижки крем перестал справляться с кончиками. Они оставались пушистыми. Даже масло с хорошим кондиционированием не решало проблему на 100%.

На уровне несмываемого средства:
  • увлажнение 4+ из 5
  • питание 4+ из 5
  • кондиционирование 3 из 5

Это отличное средство для поддержания прочности волос (против ломкости) со средним косметическим эффектом.

Благодаря тому что пленкообразователи состава легко вымываются из волос при обычном мытье головы (не ШГО), крем Provence не накапливается на длине! По-моему, это отличная новость для волос, которые не терпят перепитывания уходом.

Накопительного эффекта «плёнки» нет. Есть пролонгированный эффект крепких, прочных волос.

Наносить лучше на влажные волосы. Крем густой. По влажным волосам его легче распределять. Экономичнее. Меньше риск перегрузить волосы. И в качестве финиша он уместен, пожалуй, только на здоровых-здоровых непористых волосах.

Расход зависит от пористости волос. Чем она сильнее, тем порция крема больше. + длина)

В качестве термозащиты не советую.

  • Почему я больше не куплю этот крем?
Потому что питание и увлажнение в достаточной мере получаю от других ступеней ухода.
Потому что давно нестриженным кончикам волос высокой пористости его кондиционирования мало.

  • Почему я снова куплю этот крем?
Потому что он идеально подходит для ухода за волосами моих детей — здоровая средняя и низкая пористость.

Если пользоваться всеми средствами серии, то получается хороший такой уход на:
fallen_leafвпечатление тяжёлых волос

Шелковистости и рассыпчатости не дает, если их нет от природы.
Упругости не даёт.

Я никогда не пользовалась всеми средствами с бессмертником в одно мытье головы. Для моих волос это слишком тяжёлый на «плёнку» уход.

bangbang ВАЖНО bangbang
Если проморгать момент, когда надо сделать ШГО, частое применение серии обернется:
• тусклостью
• отсутствием прикорневого объема и рассыпчатости
• жесткостью и ломкостью кончиков волос
• впечатлением «грязные волосы».

Фото моих волос в начале применения средств P R O V E N C E с бессмертником и в конце point_down

fallen_leaf Внешний вид средств P R O V E N C E fallen_leaf

Шампунь и кондиционер
  • непрозрачный пластик
  • этикетки бумажные, со временем не портятся
  • помповые дозаторы
  • консистенции кремовые, средней густоты
  • цвет белый
  • аромат травяной, тонкий
  • для бессульфатного шампунь отлично пенится

  • непрозрачный пластик
  • со временем надписи стираются с поверхности банки
  • откручивающаяся крышка
  • мембраны нет, она и не требуется
  • консистенция кремовая, густота ниже средней
  • цвет белый с желтыми гранулами
  • аромат травяной, тонкий
  • расход средний

  • стеклянная тара
  • этикетка бумажная, со временем не портится
  • откручивающаяся крышка
  • многоразовая мембрана
  • консистенция густая
  • цвет белый
  • аромат травяной, тонкий
  • расход зависит от пористости волос
  • оформлен в картонную коробочку
  • состав указан на коробочке

Перед публикацией отзыва я спросила в instagram что бы вы хотели узнать о серии PROVENCE с бессмертником. Поступили интересные вопросы. Поделюсь с вами парочкой🙂



La Modelo Genesis Ruiz a través de sus historias de Instagram reveló que ella y el jugador salían de una reunión de cumpleaños y que le estaba haciendo el favor de pasarla dejando por casa y que según la autoridad de tránsito creo una entrevista falsa ya que siempre dialogaron con educación y que es

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Victoria’s Secret signs first size-14 model

Victoria’s Secret has tapped its first size-14 model — but the lingerie giant didn’t announce the news, and its customers learned about it on the model’s Instagram feed. The struggling bra-and-panties peddler, which for decades has used only skinny models in its fashion shows and marketing campaigns, signed plus-size model Ali Tate Cutler as part...

What We Lose When We Lose Instagram’s Activity Feed

Some of the most upsetting things we learned from the app's least-known feature.

Derek Lam and Emily Adams Bode Discuss Fashion Shows, Instagram and Their All-Time Favorites

The New York-based designers talked about sustainability and connecting with consumers in different capacities.

Comment on Quarterly Report – 3rd Q 2019 by Lois Flowers

Wow, Susan ... so much fun stuff in one blog post! I loved seeing all your Instagram pics from your trip and reading all about it again here was just as wonderful. Such a beautiful place ... I’m so glad you got to experience Homer while you were there. And a tiny home!?! You inspire me!

All Hell Broke Loose When Eoghan the 'Irish Stallion' Burst Into Love Island


Up until the last five minutes of the Love Island Australia premiere, it would appear that the episode had been pretty run-of-the-mill. All the initial couples had been paired off, and although some contestants had expressed having a wandering eye, nothing had been done to truly rock the boat. That was until 'Irish stallion' Eoghan walked in, of course.

Before he'd even stepped foot into the villa, Eoghan had declared that the competition had "enough boys" and that a "man [was] here". Although it may have been easy to assume that this was all talk, it was clear from the moment the ladies set eyes on him that Eoghan is well and truly one to watch.

"He's the hunk I've been waiting for," declared Cartier, while several of the guys could be heard exclaiming that they were in trouble. It seems they were right to be concerned, as not only did Eoghan make an impression from his appearance alone, but he certainly upped the ante in a game of truth or dare. He kissed not one, but two coupled up women, including Vanessa, who had already shared a smooch with her current partner Matthew.

With Eoghan having seemingly caught the eye of half the women in the villa, it's safe to say night two went from zero to one hundred very quickly.

Now that we know Eoghan will have had to steal one of the already coupled up women by the end of the next episode, it's safe to say we can't wait to see how this one pans out.

Check out a snippet of Eoghan's memorable entrance below.


Sparks Are Already Well and Truly Flying Between Vanessa and Matthew on Love Island


We may only be one episode into the new season of Love Island Australia, but already sparks have been flying between several of the newly coupled up contestants. So much so, but us viewers were witness to not one, but two first kisses on tonight's premiere. The first between Maurice and Jessie, and the second shared by Matthew and Vanessa.

It was clear from the get-go that Matthew was more than a little interested in Vanessa. Since she had already coupled up with Sam by the time he arrived, it would have been easy for Matthew to pass up the opportunity to be with her in order not to rock the boat. But, it seems Matt is a man who goes after what he wants, as he instead chose to relegate Sam to the sit out bench in order to be with Vanessa himself.

Choosing to whisk Vanessa away from her original partner is not the only bold move he made on day one, however. Rather, he also decided he didn't want to be "stuck in the friend zone," and thus went in for a cheeky kiss.

As much as Vanessa had initially said that she hadn't wanted to kiss anyone so soon, it certainly appears their chemistry was undeniable. While it's still early days, it's safe to say Matt and Vanessa are one of the strongest couples in the villa. . . so far, at least!

Check out their first kiss below.


ყაზანის “რუბინმა” სოციალურ ქსელში გამოქვეყნებული ფოტო წაშალა

7 ოქტომბერს, სოციალურ ქსელებში, Twitter-სა და Instagram-ზე ყაზანის “რუბინის” ოფიციალურ გვერდებზე სურათი გამოქვეყნდა, რომელიც გუნდის […]

Infedeltà 2.0 al giorno d’oggi


Con l’avvento dei Social Network si moltiplicano i casi di tradimenti on line e non,Facebook,Instagram,Chat di incontri non facilitano certo una relazione monogama alla base della quale ci dovrebbe essere il rispetto per l’altra persona o coniuge. Oggi giorno tradire o essere traditi sembra quasi essere la norma, le statistiche indicano che con l’avvento dei […]

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BBNaija: Ebuka’s wife praises her man, says he did a good job hosting show, congratulates Mercy

One of the things Nigerians have applauded about popular reality show, BBNaija, is the host, Ebuka, and even his wife has acknowledged his hard work in an Instagram post.

Turning Japanese with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen...

Everyone loves her savory Porcini Wagyu Prime Rib Roast and elegant Black Truffle Roast Turkey with Black Truffle Risotto Stuffing. And her rich Lengua en Salsa Porcini. And now, Bambi Reyes-Javelosa of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen turns Japanese with her new offerings...

You don't need a reason to celebrate with Japanese food. A last minute and spontaneous get-together with friends at home or a sudden celebration at the office, you can always count on Bambi Reyes-Javelosa of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen to save the day. And if you're craving for Japanese just like everyone else, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen now offers all your Japanese favorites. Any day just becomes even more special with Japanese food...

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen is everyone's favorite kitchen for special feasts at home or the office, and this time, Bambi Reyes-Javelosa (L) adds a whole new repertoire of dishes with a Japanese spin to her extensive offerings (for more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, see my earlier post, A Holiday Feast by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen).

It seems there isn't anything Bambi can't do in her kitchen. Western, Filipino, and now Japanese, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen has pretty much everything covered. What's even more impressive is that this home kitchen churns out made-to-order dishes with the highest quality using the finest and freshest ingredients on a par with some of the best restaurants and even hotels in the metro. Bambi Reyes-Javelosa's signature seasonal favorites like Wagyu Prime Rib and Roast Turkey are always the centerpiece of countless family feasts at home, and she's adding even more to your list of favorites.

At a preview of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's latest offerings, Bambi Reyes-Javelosa served her lavish selections of Japanese dishes including intricate hand-rolled Sushi Rolls made with premium ingredients. Japanese dishes may seem simple, but it's a delicate and tedious cuisine demanding a high level of skill and the very best ingredients to make the flavors pop out. Without these, the flavors fall flat. For Bambi Reyes-Javelosa, nothing ever leaves her kitchen if the ingredients or execution don't make her cut. It's that simple.      

The variety of colors and flavors in Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's lavish Special Sushi Roll Platter rivals the offerings of premier establishments (for prices and other details, please refer to the contact details listed below). Fresh, clean and bold flavors with a subtle briny sweetness, you just can't expect anything less from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. What surprised me the most is the elegant presentation, and one bite validates with its fresh flavors. Bambi Reyes-Javelosa's dishes are of the highest quality, from its fresh ingredients to the masterful execution of each dish is something many of her loyal customers and clients have come to expect from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen.

Each sushi roll has its own distinct flavors, each one with a different topping delicately arranged on a platter. Imagine the reaction of your guests when you bring this platter to the table.

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen offers different platters, each with a different selection of tasty bites as well as price points. Following the Japanese aesthetic of artful presentation, you can be sure your guests will be more than impressed at your table. And why not, all of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's sumptuous platters first feeds the eyes before the palate. 

Whatever platter you choose, you know you're getting some of the finest and freshest seafood from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. Many of their ingredients are flown in and hand-carried directly to their kitchen. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's sources also supply some of the metro's best hotels to give you an idea on the quality of the ingredients. Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen offers a wide selection for even more options including local and imported Nigiri Sushi, Assorted Special Rolls and Aburi Sushi.

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's Sashimi Platter with thick slices of premium Salmon, Hamachi, Tamago and fresh and briny fish roe is equally impressive. And this platter surely tastes as good as it looks. There's just nothing quite like the creamy, buttery texture of premium salmon that just melts in your mouth followed by an elegant and lingering sweetness. Check out Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's FB Page at and you'll see a whole slew of tasty videos, including how they do their Tamago from scratch, slicing up a whole tuna and other behind the scenes look at their always busy kitchen. 

The vibrant colors tempts both the eyes and palate, it's just what you need to add a splash of vibrant colors and flavors to any celebration.

The seasonal Shishamo Platter filled with grilled Japanese smelt can be served as an appetizer or entree for any festive occasion. Enjoyed from head to tail, the delicately flavored smelt offers rich and bold notes with just a subtle hint of smokiness from the grill. It's not easy to find this seasonal delicacy in the metro but this is just one of many authentic dishes that Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen offers for its discerning clientele.   

If there's any dish that serves as a proper gauge of any Japanese restaurant's quality, it's usually the tempura. From the batter to the way it's deep-fried for that lightly crisp texture, premium ingredients along with time, temperature and skill come into play for that perfect piece of tempura.  

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's Ebi Tempura is way up there when it comes to the perfect tempura. Lightly crisp on the outside and succulent with a tasty snap inside from the large tiger prawn, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen scores a homer with this one (check out how Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen does their signature tempura on their FB Page at

A light dip in the tempura sauce coats it with delectable sharp and sweet notes to complement the crisp batter and fresh, briny sweetness of the plump and succulent prawns. This one's good all the way to the tail. And there's a lot to go around with each serving, so there's no need to fight over the last piece (for prices and other details, please contact Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen).

You can't go wrong with the Kurobuta Pork Katsu of Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen with tender pork cutlets draped in a lightly crisp layer of nutty breading served with a thick, sweet and mildly sour dip. Perfectly fried without being excessively greasy, the pork cutlet remains tender and juicy inside capped by the crisp breading.

Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen has another tasty surprise with the seasonal Soft-Shell Crab Tempura with contrasting textures bursting with rich flavors with each bite.

With a light coating of crisp batter, the succulent soft shell crabs drape the palate with a savory and briny sweetness. The dipping sauce adds that sharpness to temper the richness for balanced flavors. This prized delicacy is seasonal, best to call Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen for the latest seasonal catch.

Tender and juicy chicken thighs coated in a thick yet crunchy batter make this another must-have from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. The Chicken Karaage is delicately seasoned without overwhelming the subtle and delicate notes of the juicy chicken. 

And once you start, you can go on all the way to the last piece.

Fresh off the teppan grills, the Wagyu Tenderloin Teppanyaki paired with Yasai Itame or stir-fried vegetables is a fitting main course for any festive feast at home.

With huge fork-tender cubes of premium Wagyu beef, the beefy chunks almost melt like butter with just the right bite. Perfect even without any sauce. It's just pure beef goodness. 

Pair your all-Japanese feast with Bambi Gourmet Kitchen's soft and fluffy Seafood Fried Rice (L) and the light Mushroom Soup (R) with its delicately flavored broth filled with a variety of earthy, nutty mushrooms. From starters and sides to savory mains, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's got everything covered.

Curry cravings? Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's got that covered too with the Beef Curry. The mildly spiced thick curry with tender beef and vegetables will have you going for another bowl of rice. Guaranteed.

Creamy with just the right amount of soothing heat, the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Salad is the perfect side to your sumptuous all-Japanese feast by Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen. The rich play on contrasting textures makes each bite different. Second servings? Yes, please.

A comforting bowl of hearty Wagyu Ribeye Sukiyaki with tender slices of premium beef, glass noodles, vegetables and tofu is a mandatory dish for any celebration. And if you have any requests on specific Wagyu grades and classifications, just let Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen know in advance. Just imagine your own bowl of premium sukiyaki with Wagyu Grade 6 Ribeye, right?

When only the best beef will do for your celebration, the Wagyu Prime Rib Steak from Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen is the perfect centerpiece for your Japanese feast.

Each slice and bite is just like butter. Lightly drizzled with a thick and sweet sauce, you don't need anything else for beef this good. No more words needed to describe how good this slab of premium beef is, the picture says it all.

You know you're getting the real thing with Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen's Grilled Hamachi Buri Kama or fatty yellowtail collars. Grilled to perfection, the collars are juicy with rich briny notes complemented by mild smoky undertones from the grill. Even most Japanese restaurants in the metro don't feature this item on their menu on a regular basis, but just give Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen a call. Depending on your order, please allow at least three days to one week leadtime for imported menu items as these are hand-carried from Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and Fukuoka just for Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen.

At the end of the preview, one wonders, is there anything Bambi Reyes-Javelosa can't do? Hotel grade Japanese cuisine prepared just for you, Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen makes any celebration at home or the office easy without the usual fuss. It's fine cuisine from one of the finest home kitchens in the metro (for more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, see my previous post, A Holiday Feast By Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen and prepare to drool with her signature dishes like the Wagyu Prime Rib Roast and Roast Turkey). And there's just more reasons to love Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen as it turns Japanese with its latest offerings of Japanese favorites this holiday season or whatever celebration you have in give Chef Bambi a call.  

For more on Bambi's Gourmet Kitchen, simply call 0917-672-7230 and 0999-881-4272 or email at and for inquiries and more information. You can also visit her FB and IG accounts at @Bambi'sGourmetKitchen.

Dude for Food is now on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, check out these social media accounts for regular updates on good eats. Better yet, click "Like" and "Follow" and enjoy the look for the FB and IG widgets on the right sidebar.


State of the Adobo Nation: The Adobo Queen and Team Adobo Comes To Holiday Inn Makati's Flavors Restaurant

There is, perhaps, no other local dish that defines our culinary heritage and brings us together like the iconic Adobo. There are as many adobo variations as there are regions, yet the dish binds us together. It's no surprise then that Adobo is considered by many as the undisputed national dish...

The Adobo Queen, Nancy Reyes Lumen, and her Adobo Team brings the much-loved Filipino classic in all its regional variations and creative executions to Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's all-day dining restaurant, Flavors Restaurant for the whole month of October. It's a collaboration that explores and traces the roots of the dish as well as showcase inspired and inventive adobo creations for new flavor experiences.

Think of it as a culinary homecoming, and there's no better place than Flavors Restaurant (for more on Flavors Restaurant, see my earlier posts, The Poke Bowls Are back at Holiday Inn & Suites' Flavors Restaurant on their popular Poke Bowls, Pancakes, Waffles and Rustic Mornings at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Flavors Restaurant from last year, Poke Bowl Days at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, and All-American: The American Food Festival and Burger Bar at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Flavors Restaurant on my first visit to Flavors Restaurant back in 2017).

Noted food writer, researcher and home cook Nancy Lumen Reyes (L) is at the forefront of the culinary movement promoting all things adobo along with her team of fellow advocates, chefs Jen Seranilla and Jaja Andal of Team Adobo (R). Together, the Adobo Queen with Team Adobo and Flavors Restaurant team up for a tasty collab...  

Tracing the origins of the dish goes as far back as the pre-colonial period when Malay voyagers showed how to use vinegar and salt to preserve food to the hearty French Daube,  a classic Provencal braised stew, and the Spanish influence on the name of the dish as we know it today. These multi-cultural influences make adobo unique and special, but it's purely a part of the Filipino experience.

"Adobo reflects the Filipino personality, our ability to create different styles based on a centerpiece dish, 'strike anywhere' as they say. The name Adobo may be borrowed, but the flavors, ingredients, and colors of adobo cover the foodscape of this country and is so much a part of our culture that we truly own it. What other dish can you bring and eat for all occasions, whether you're at the airport, dorm, beach, wake, party, meeting, or what have you? Only adobo. Every Pinoy has an adobo story, and that is why it's a part of our lives," explained Nancy Reyes-Lumen. 

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Lady Bess Howe (R) and Rhea Castro-Sycip (L) join Nancy Reyes Lumen  in welcoming guests at the exclusive preview of Adobo Nation at Flavors Restaurant. "We chose to cook variants of adobo to show that the dish is neither just a recipe, nor a cooking style...

" actually a menu of assorted tastes centered on sour and salty, and sometimes also sweet," explained Nancy Reyes Lumen. Prepared the traditional way with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaf and other spices or with creamy coconut milk and chili, rediscover the flavors of adobo in different expressions at Flavors Restaurant this October. The Adobo Queen and Team Adobo's lavish showcase will be featured in the extensive buffet at Flavors Restaurant, known as having one of the best curated buffet selections in Makati alongside Southeast Asian and Western dishes. 

Just ask any Filipino how they like this most quintessential of Filipino dishes, and you'll get as many ways as there are islands in the Philippine archipelago. It's this variety that makes adobo special to many Filipinos, reinterpreted with local and regional ingredients. And this is what diners can expect from Adobo Nation at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Flavors Restaurant for the entire month of October. Traditional and modern, nostalgic and playfully inventive, it's Adobo the way you like it and more...

Chefs Jen Seranilla and Jaja Andal draw inspiration from local, regional and foreign flavors, spicing it up with the comforting notes of adobo. The result? Diners get to experience both timeless and modern renditions of the traditional adobo in countless and creative ways.  

What's more Filipino than some freshly-baked pandesal... with a savory adobo filling?

Enjoy your savory bites with the refreshing signature cooler of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, a soothing Mint & Basil Lemonade... you're ready for another round to start your Adobo-inspired feast with some Adobo Saba Turon for sweet and savory tasty bites.

The silky-smooth Adobo Pate topped with cream cheese lays a savory richness to your palate, followed by the lingering hints of the familiar vinegar, soy and black peppercorn infused notes of the classic adobo.

The Adobo Rillette adds even more flavors to the adobo-inspired feast with its bold flavors, and they know how to do rillettes at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati (for more on the signature Rillettes of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, see my post, Wine, Cheese, a Sunset and More at Oz Bar).

More tasty bites come in the form Tamales ala Adobo (L), steamed rice mash topped with salted egg and wrapped in banana leaves and fresh Cherry Tomatoes filled with flavorful adobo pearls. The creative variations inspired by adobo is impressive, but there's so much more in store at Flavors Restaurant...

At the extensive buffet spread of Flavors Restaurant, the savory mains that day included the Chicken Adobo Pianggan with Palapa Sauce inspired by Mindanaoan flavors from the deep south... the Stuffed Squid with Spiced Adobo Garlic Sauce combines the fresh, clean and briny sweetness of succulent seafood with the familiar notes of adobo in another creative blend of flavors.

Influences from the Spanish colonial experience are also added to the mix with the Adobo Paella, a traditional rice dish reinvented with savory pork, chicken and seafood on soft and fluffy rice infused with the rich notes of adobo.

The tender and juicy Adobo Chicken Roulade with Sisig Stuffing combines traditional flavors in a new and refreshing way, with the pork sisig and adobo seasonings adding multiple layers of rich flavors to complement the delicate notes of the chicken roulade.

Seafood gets an adobo spin with the Adobong Tuna... the savory and fork-tender Beef Tadyang draped in a flavorful adobo glaze offers both hearty and comforting flavors to your adobo feast at Flavors Restaurant.

Go for a second round with even more exciting flavors like the Beef Adobo Roll ala Orange... the melt-in-your-mouth Sinaing na Bangus Adobo. But the classic adobo takes on even more surprising twists at Flavors Restaurant.

How about some Adobo Pizza (L) or Adobo Pasta (R) for that culinary crossover? On pizza or with pasta, the versatile flavors of adobo works perfectly with its subtle sour, tart, garlicky and salty notes with just a hint of sweetness. Who knew you could enjoy adobo in countless ways? 

Nancy Reyes Lumen's signature Rodrigo's Roast is the highlight at Flavors Restaurant's Carving Station. A whole tender slab of Adobo-cooked pork belly, then baked with a savory sweet umami crust that just melts-in-your-mouth draping your palate with an indulgent and savory finish like no other, it's a taste of Christmas at the Carving Station. The Rodrigo's Roast is paired with a special Adobo Sauce with the sharp hints of black peppercorns to complete the adobo theme. 

A glass of ice-cold San Mig Light cleanses the palate with its refreshingly clean and crisp notes, and you're ready for yet another trip back to the buffet for even more adobo-inspired dishes at Flavors Restaurant.

No sumptuous feast at a lavish hotel buffet is complete without a decadent selection of desserts. At Flavors Restaurant, you'll find their signature Ube Cheesecake (probably the best in the metro) along with other decadent selections. But you can indulge in another adobo-inspired dessert with the Adobo Cheesecake (L) too.

The savory and sweet flavors come together in a perfectly balanced and seamless blend with the Adobo Cheesecake, with the hints of adobo more pronounced at the crust. It just shows how versatile and creative the much-loved adobo really is, and you can experience it in all its different forms and variations at Flavors Restaurant. Holiday Inn & Suites Makati in collaboration with the Adobo Queen and Team Adobo makes sure you get to experience adobo in its purest, traditional and classic renditions alongside inventive and even surprising dishes at Adobo Nation in Flavors Restaurant

"Adobo is such a big part of Filipino cuisine, we want our guests, especially those coming from abroad, to experience it, as well as how it translates to different dishes and not just the classic pork and chicken,' shared Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Manager Andy Belmonte. "We hope they come to love adobo as much as we Filipinos do."

Rediscover and experience adobo with a fresh palate at Flavors Restaurant's Adobo Nation for Lunch and Dinner this month of October. Buffet rates start at P 1,825 net per person. Come celebrate the comforting flavors of local adobo and all its flavorful varieties in a sumptuous homecoming at Flavors Restaurant...

Flavors Restaurant is located at the Lobby Level of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, Palm Drive,  Ayala Center, Makati City or call 632-909-0888 for inquiries and reservations.

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Carnivores on Deck: The Carnivore 4-Hands Dinner at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant

Sinigang, lechon baka, sinampalukan, some of the classic and familiar local flavors that nourished and delighted our palates growing up. In one special evening, Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco transforms these popular Filipino favorites using some of the world's finest beef, lamb and pork...

Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco collaborate for a meaty affair with Carnivore, A Four-Hands Dinner at Discovery Primea's elegant Flame Restaurant reinventing classic Filipino flavors with premium beef, lamb and pork. Think comforting local flavors with prime cuts from Snake River Farms and you get the picture. Read on for an elegant take on local flavors with a savory and meaty spin...

Carnivores on deck as Discovery Primea hosted a memorable dinner with a special collaboration of Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco last October 1 at Flame Restaurant. Noted culinary icon Chef Sau del Rosario draws inspiration from his Capampangan roots while Chef Luis Chikiamco adds his masterful twist on Asian flavors in a seamless collaboration of Filipino flavors with Carnivore, A Four Hands Dinner.

The stylishly refined and modern interiors of Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant is the perfect stage for the unique culinary collaboration, matched by the impeccable service of the staff. Since my very first visit three years ago, Flame Restaurant has been on my list of favorites.  

Chef Sau del Rosario is perhaps one of the country's leading advocates of Filipino cuisine, and his dining establishments in Pampanga continue to draw raves with their repertoire of inventive Filipino dishes (for more on Chef Sau del Rosario, see my previous posts, From Page to Plate: Chef Sau del Rosario's 20 Years of Love + Cooking from his book launch, Flavors of Pampanga: Farm-to-Table Dining at Chef Sau del Rosario's 25 Seeds showcasing his elegant take on traditional Filipino dishes and Flavors of Pampanga: Samsaman, A Capampangan Boodle Fight with Chef Sau del Rosario at 25 Seeds). Chef Sau's culinary journey, spanning more than two decades, is lavishly presented in each of the dishes served that night at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant.

Discovery Primea's very own Executive Chef, Luis Chikiamco, weaves his own masterful spin on Asian-inspired flavors at Flame Restaurant (for more on Flame Restaurant at Discovery Primea, see my posts, Igniting the Next Culinary Standard at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant on my first visit back in 2016, Flame Restaurant Fires Up For Lunch from three years ago, Power Lunch at Flame, Cocktails at Edge... on their lunch and cocktails, Firing Up New Dishes at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant, and Let's Talk Irish the Bord Bia Dinner in Discovery Primea's Flame). It's a collaboration that explores Filipino flavors, pushing it with the use of world-class beef, pork and lamb. 

Each dish for the Carnivore, A Four Hands Dinner was paired with a selection of fine wines from one of America's longest, continuously-operated family-owned wineries, Wente Vineyards. Founded in 1883, Wente Vineyards is recognized as one of California's premier wine country destinations with its expansive estate vineyards in Livermore Valley and Arroyo Seco. From their signature Morning Fog Chardonnay and Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc to their Riva Ranch Pinot Noir and Sandstone Merlot, the rich yet nuanced notes of each wine added that perfect finishing touch to each dish. 

Filipino-inspired Antipasti were served before dinner including Mini-Fresh Lumpia with mildly sweet peanut sauce... tart Ensaladang Lato (L) with tomatoes, salted egg, shallots and fish sauce and fresh Tuna Kilawin (R) with vinegar, chili and red onions. The refreshing and bright notes of the appetizers open up the palate for the first of six courses at Carnivore, A Four Hands Dinner... 

Our formal dinner began with a deconstructed local classic, the Home-Cured SRF Wagyu Beef Brisket "Sinigang sa Bayabas" served with fresh market vegetables, guava and Dalisay Rice. As the broth was poured, that familiar fragrant aroma of sinigang triggers fond memories of childhood meals with the family...

The fork-tender Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Brisket adds a savory richness to the broth, perfectly balanced by its sweet and sour notes from the guava, tomatoes and vegetables. Each sip and bite drapes the palate with the familiar tartness we all love, finished by the bold and beefy flavors of the tender beef brisket. The Louis Mel Sauvignon Blanc from Wente Vineyards cleanses the palate with its clean and crisp notes.   

For the second course, the Kurobuta Pork Belly "Char Siu" with soft and flavorful egg noodles, fresh bok choy, leeks and cucumber was served. In typical Flame style, the dish is presented with a Chinese take-out box.

The juicy pork is layered with sweet and smoky hints, complimented by the egg noodles and vegetables.

The rich and pronounced flavors are perfectly paired with the Morning Fog Chardonnay by Wente Vineyards with  its subtle floral hints. 

The familiar is once again transformed in another dish paired with the ubiquitous pandesal. The SRF Wagyu Beef Sirloin "Lechon Baka" with Malunggay Pandesal and Tomato-Chili Jam is another inventive spin on local flavors playing with sweet, spicy and savory notes.

The sweet and mildly spicy Tomato-Chili Jam drapes the Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Sirloin with bright notes, capped by the subtle sweetness of the malunggay pandesal for a savory rich bite. A sip of the Riva Ranch Single Vineyard Pinot Noir cleanses the palate with its velvety smooth finish.

Nostalgic flavors are highlighted once more with the fourth dish, the US Rack of Lamb "Sinampalukan" with tamarind glaze, sweet potatoes and pumpkin... with a side of Guinataang Sigarilias. Like all of the dishes served earlier, Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco weave contrasting notes in a delicate balance with the savory richness of the tender lamb complemented by the tamarind glaze. The guinatang sigarilias, with its fresh crispness and creamy texture completes the dish, pairing well with the Sandstone Merlot by Wente Vineyards.

Fresh from the Josper Grill, the fifth course was served. The Josper-Grilled SRF Wagyu Ribeye Cap laid on "Bifstek Tagalog" sauce and served with mushrooms and Dalisay "Sinangag" was an impressive course infused with local flavors.

The beef on its own is just packed with so much flavor, it's amplified with the lightly sweet bifstek sauce and nutty, earthy mushrooms. This is the familiar bistek, elevated. The dish is paired with the Charles Wetmore Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon by Wente Vineyards.

And yes, the Dalisay Sinangag adds a comforting touch to the dish. From antipasti all the way to the last course, Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco transforms familiar favorites into something new and refreshing with their reinterpretations of Filipino dishes.  

Our sumptuous feast was capped by the ornate and delicate Brazo de Mercedes con Mais, formed in a corn shape complete with the husk and "hair" made from sugar. The dessert first feeds the eyes before the palate. One bite and the indulgent brazo de mercedes just melts in your mouth coating it with a decadent sweetness.

The unique collaboration allowed guests to rediscover Filipino cuisine with a refreshed palate, appreciating it even more with the masterfully-executed dishes by Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco. Each dish was a celebration of Filipino flavors at Carnivore, A Four Hands Dinner.

Wine glasses were raised followed by an applause from an appreciative crowd, it was another unique and memorable dining experience at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant. Bravo, Chefs Sau del Rosario and Luis Chikiamco!

Flame is located at the 16th Floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City or call (632) 955-8888 local 71610 for reservations and inquiries.

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Poblacion Finds: Obama Noodles, Pho and Morning Glory at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque

Never too timid or shy with flavor, Chef Mikel Zaguirre shares his own take on Vietnamese-inspired street food in Poblacion...

The play on intense and bold flavors is a signature trademark of Mikel Zaguirre, one of the metro's creative chefs. This unabashed and seemingly unapologetic culinary style is highlighted once more in his newest dining concept showcasing the fresh flavors of Vietnamese cuisine at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque in Makati's Poblacion. Obama Noodles, Pho, Morning Glory and so much more, read on for a tasty peek at Chef Mikel Zaguirre's VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque...

Makati's Poblacion is known for its diverse and eclectic offerings with its cool and laid-back vibe. And VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque fits right in with the Bohemian neighborhood with its fresh-grilled barbecue and other traditional Vietnamese dishes. Southeast Asian dishes, and Vietnamese cuisine in particular, plays with all five fundamental flavors with the use of fish sauce, shrimp paste, chili, soy sauce and the freshest herbs like coriander and vegetables to complete a typical meal. A typical barbeque and hot pot just pops with fresh flavors when combined with a variety of condiments, herbs and spices. Fresh and bold flavors, that's right up Chef Kel's alley too. 

I was always impressed with Chef Kel's culinary style from the days of Locavore, how can one forget the Sizzling Sinigang and Fried Oyster Sisig (more on Locavore on my posts, A Weekend Brunch at Locavore and Let's Do Lunch...Locavore Style.). Chef Kel brings that same approach with the fresh notes of Vietnamese cuisine...

Accompanying every traditional Vietnamese meal is an array of tasty condiments led by Nuoc Cham, a sweet, salty and mildly sour dipping sauce made with fish sauce, lime juice, chili and cilantro. Other tasty condiments include Muoi Ot Xanh made with cilantro, green chili, lime and condensed milk; Pickled Garlic with garlic cloves confit cooked in oil for at least an hour in low heat and soaked in a sweet pickling solution, the fiery Chili Paste with a blend of red chili and garlic, Chili Oil with with red chili steeped in oil for 2-3 hours for that soothing heat and Salt, Pepper & Lime with salt and pepper squeezed with lemon for barbecued meats. It's these traditional dips that add that perfect tartness and heat to any Vietnamese dish. Now that you have the condiments laid out for you, find a table and settle down for a Vietnamese feast.

At VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque, each table has its own set of condiments so you can customize your own dip. Cool down with VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque's refreshing beverages like Fresh Sugar Cane Juice (P 125), Banana Milk (P 125) and Guyabano Lychee (P 125).

Any meal at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque begins with the traditional Shrimp Crackers (P 120) served with house made Nuoc Cham... if you just can't get enough of the crunch, the Fried Oyster Mushrooms (P 250) should do the trick, a tasty appetizer with deep-fried oyster mushrooms served with house made peanut sauce and Nuoc Cham. Perfectly crisp, each bite delivers the bold earthy notes of mushrooms.

Start your feast with the soothing Fresh Spring Rolls (P 180), cold rolls stuffed with rice noodles, pork belly, succulent shrimps, herbs and carrots served with a thick peanut dip... opt for the Fried Spring Roll (P 200), savory deep-fried ground pork spring rolls paired with spicy Nuoc Cham.

The fresh and fried spring rolls have their own distinct flavors, from the light and clean notes of the fresh spring rolls to the deep savory flavors of the fried version. The peanut dip adds an intense sweetness to the fresh spring rolls while the Nuoc Cham tempers the savory richness of the fried spring rolls.   

The tart Papaya Salad (P 220) with unripe papaya and sour green mangoes topped with housemade beef liver jerky, peanuts, shallots and herbs drizzled with a sweet chili sauce and puffed rice offers all five flavors from sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy all in one dish. The freshness of each ingredient adds that crunch and snap.

The Stir-Fried Pork (P 240) with savory ground pork, Hoisin, red chili and ginger topped with pickled grilled bell peppers and a side of crisp rice puffs delivers delicate savory notes with sweet undertones. The yolk adds a layer of richness to the dish balanced by the subtle heat from the red chili. Like most Vietnamese dishes, the play on varied and contrasting notes of this dish bring a flavorful punch with every bite.

Bun Thit Nuong (P 290) or the popular "Obama Noodles" featured in Anthony Bourdain's memorable CNN series, Parts Unknown, is recreated by Chef Mikel Zaguirre at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque with skewers of juicy grilled pork over cold rice noodles, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs and peanuts drizzled with Nuoc Cham and served with fried spring rolls and homemade pork sausage. The smoky notes of the skewered pork pair well with the sharp Nuoc Cham drenched cold noodles for contrasting yet balanced flavors.

Once you mix all the ingredients in the bowl, the multiple layers of flavors and textures combine for earthy and vibrant notes. The pork barbecue, pork sausage and fried spring rolls adds robust flavors punctuated by the bright hints of freshness from the herbs, pickled vegetables and the Nuoc Cham. A complete meal in itself, I'll come back again and again for this dish.

The Stir-Fried Morning Glory (P 180) is a comfortingly sweet, sour and spicy vegetable dish with kang kong sprinkled with crisp fried shallots. The all too familiar water spinach or swamp cabbage is given a splash of intense flavors making it new and refreshingly different. The crunch from the fried shallots and the natural crispness of the kang kong provide the textural finish to the dish. It's a great side to your barbecue dishes at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque.

The sweet and spicy Suon Khia is another tasty dish with tender and juicy glazed pork ribs topped with green peppers and cilantro. The sweet glaze just works well with the delicate notes of the pork ribs, and the green peppers with fresh cilantro delivers that flavorful layer of minty and smoky sweetness to complete the dish.

But it's the Vietnamese style barbecue that's the highlight of any meal at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque...

A charcoal grill is set up on your table, along with a selection of seafood, pork, chicken and beef. There's a wide array pf tasty options to choose from, including Gindara (P 290),  Salmon Fin & Belly (P 320)... Beef Oyster Blade (P 250) and fresh Octopus (P 230)... Chicken Breast (P 160) and Angus Ribeye (P 490). VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque also offers Pork Belly, Pork Ears, Chicken Tail, Chicken Feet, Chicken Intestines, Angus Beef Belly, Shrimps, Baby Squid, Oysters, Mussels, Smoked Milkfish Belly, Blue Marlin, the VBQ Special and Pork Skewers... whatever you order, you need to include the fresh Scallops (P 290). All the barbecue items are marinated with different Vietnamese sauces and fresh herbs, all you have to do is place them on the grill... let it sizzle for a few minutes.

There's just nothing like grilling your own food right on your table to complete your dining experience. The fragrant aroma just triggers your appetite, and in just a few minutes, you can grab your piece straight out of the grill. From the freshly grilled Scallops (R)... the Gindara (L) and Salmon Fin and Belly (R)... Beef Oyster Blade (L) and tender Angus Ribeye (R), your Vietnamese-style fresh-off-the-grill barbecue becomes a sumptuous feast at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque.

A bowl of garden-fresh leafy herbs complete your Vietnamese feast at VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque. Simply grab some fresh greens and herbs, add some barbecue, roll it and have one big bite. The combination of savory flavors with that layer of smokiness is perfectly balanced by the fresh, crisp and clean notes of the herbs and lettuce. That's Vietnamese style barbecue.

But Chef Mikel Zaguirre isn't done yet. The fresh ingredients for VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque's Beef Pho Pot (P 500) are then prepped with fresh tofu, okra, herbs, slices of beef belly and rice noodles... added one at a time in a richly flavored beef stock gently simmering over charcoal. The rich and deep-flavored stock is prepared in advance requiring long hours in low heat. The hot pot, with its enriched soup stock, is then ready for the different ingredients.

First, add the beef belly followed by the tofu, vegetables and rice noodles. 

Then, cover the pot with the lid and just let the hot charcoal do its magic. 

After just a few more minutes, your Beef Pho Pot is ready. Grab a bowl and load it up topped with more fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon. The rich broth, the tender beef, silky smooth tofu, the vegetables and the herbs just comes together in a seamless and flavorful blend, warming both the palate and body with its comforting richness. Good food and reasonable price points, VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque is a welcome addition to Poblacion's culinary scene. Satisfied with a hearty meal, why not head on up the second floor... a round of handcrafted cocktails at Bang Bang? The mood and vibe shifts the minute you enter Bang Bang, one of Poblacion's many hidden bars. The classic Old-Fashioned sets the tone for an evening of infinite possibilities at Bang Bang.

There's always something new at Poblacion, it's what keeps the neighborhood high on the list for dining and a few drinks to complete your immersion in this vibrant community. Add VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque and Bang Bang to your list on your next Poblacion crawl...

VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque is located at 4969 Guerrero Street, Poblacion, Makati City. Bang Bang is located at the Second Floor, directly above VBQ Vietnamese Barbeque.

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Sabor Pacifico at Spices: Experience Fresh Colombian Flavors at The Peninsula Manila's Spices

The fresh, clean, vibrant and earthy flavors of Colombia shine at The Peninsula Manila's Spices this October...

Colombian cuisine is a colorful blend of flavors woven together by its rich history, multi-cultural influences and abundant biodiversity. The bountiful harvests from both the land and sea come together in traditional and popular Colombian dishes recreated by their culinary ambassador, Chef Rey Guerrero of the highly acclaimed Sabor Pacifico in Bogota. In celebration of Colombian Gastronomic Week, The Peninsula Manila and the Embassy of Colombia presents authentic Colombian flavors for dinner on October 4 & 5, 2019 at Spices (for more on The Peninsula Manila's Spices, see my posts, The Spiceman Cometh: Meet Indian Specialty Chef Radhey Shayam of The Peninsula Manila's Spices and Thailand on my Plate: A Thai Cooking Class at The Peninsula Manila's Spices). Read on for a taste of Colombia...

Flanked by both the Pacific and the Atlantic, Colombia has the second highest biodiversity in the world. The vast landscape traverses the Amazon rainforest, infinite grasslands and desserts, mountainous highlands and islands along long stretches of pristine coastline. Colombian cuisine is flavored by this varied terrain and multi-cultural diversity. Championed by the country's "warrior king" and culinary ambassador, Chef Rey Guerrero of Bogota's Sabor Pacifico, diners can now embark on a culinary journey of authentic Colombian flavors at Spices on two very special evenings.

Rey Guerrero brings his soulful and passionate culinary style to Spices with his interpretations of traditional Colombian dishes focusing on the cuisine of the country's Pacific region. With an abundance of indigenous local produce from the land and sea, Rey Guerrero paints a palette of vivid flavors with fresh herbs and staples like plantains and rice with the day's freshest catch from the mangroves and the ocean.        

There are elements of Colombian cuisine that are comfortingly familiar due to a shared heritage with the Spanish colonial experience, but each dish stands out as refreshingly different and unique. Each dish contrasts with the next reflecting the diverse flavors of Colombia on your plate. 

In an exclusive preview, the fresh flavors of Colombia's Pacific region were highlighted in a memorable dinner at Spices. Chef Rey Guerrero presents the first appetizer with a demo on Colombian ceviche using mangrove clams and snails. It has the usual acidic souring elements of a typical ceviche with lemons, herbs and chili, but I've never had one with freshwater clams and snails.

As the ceviche marinates for a few more minutes, Chef Rey infuses smoke to add subtle nutty notes to complete the dish.

The Ceviche Mixto Paingua y Piacuil (P 690) or Ceviche of Mangrove Clams and Snails by Chef Rey Guerrero recreates the bold flavors based on freshness from Colombia... the subtle sweetness of the succulent snails and clams balanced by the sharpness of the lemon and chili capped by just a whisper of heat. Bold yet delicate, it's a dish that reminds you that freshness is flavor. It's deceptively simple dishes like this that often packs more intense flavors. The tart notes opens up your palate for the next dish...

Plantains are a common staple in Latin American cuisine, and featured in many traditional Colombian dishes as well. The Aborrajados de Pescado (P 590), a deep-fried plantain coconut croquette with smoked sea bass and cheese topped with sesame sauce and the Patacones Endiablados (P 690) or shredded fried plantain draped in shrimp sauce and Parmesan cheese are typical of Colombian cuisine. Unlike the local variety, Colombian plantains are starchier and not overwhelmingly sweet almost like potatoes in texture. The croquette combines textural contrasts with each bite, soft and velvety smooth capped by a delicately crisp outer layer. The subtle smoky hints of the fresh sea bass, the richness of cheese and the nutty hints of sesame combine to complete the flavors. The patacones is thin and crisp, pairing well the briny sweetness of the shrimp-infused sauce.

For the mains, Chef Rey Guerrero served the hearty Cazuela de Mariscos (P 1,690), a seafood casserole thickened and made creamier with coconut milk loaded with prawns, squid rings, clams and mussels enriched with coriander and pennyroyal, a type of mint. Each sip of the broth drapes the palate with fresh and briny notes from the seafood mellowed by the creamy coconut milk while the herbs add that lingering finish to the dish. It's a rustic yet elegant dish, masterfully prepared by Chef Rey Guerrero. Gently simmered, it's the quintessential dish of Colombia's Pacific region.

The Arroz Putiao (P 1,290) is a traditional rice dish sauteed with seafood and Chef Rey Guerrero's very own homemade smoky and intensely flavored longaniza. Topped with fresh herbs adding vibrant notes to the dish, the Arroz Putiao is a meal in itself.

The delicate texture and flavors of sea bass highlights the next entree with the Pandao de Pescado (P 1,290), a seabass fillet wrapped in banana leaf topped with coconut milk and fresh herbs. Like butter, the seabass fillet just melts in your mouth releasing a subtle sweetness. They say you can appreciate a better, more insightful perspective of any country with its local cuisine. Chef Rey Guerrero does exactly that as he transports you to Colombia's Pacific region with his dishes.

The media preview for Colombian Gastronomic Week ends with indulgent desserts like the Dulce Pacifico (P 490) with fruit ice cream on caramelized coconut candy and   Flan Aromas de Nuqui (P 490), a coconut flan topped with grated coconut and sweet anise syrup.

Discovering new flavors always makes any experience so much better, and this is one more check on the list for our group, FourScene (for more on FourScene, check out our FB Page at

The Peninsula Manila's Spices has always been known for its boldly flavored signature dishes. This time, it's the perfect setting for an authentic taste of Colombia. You can experience the fresh flavors of Colombia prepared by Chef Rey Guerrero of Bogota's acclaimed Sabor Pacifico on October 4 & 5, 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm at The Peninsula Manila's Spices for P 2,800. Vamos! 

Spices is located at the lobby level of The Peninsula Manila, Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, Makati City or call +632 887-2888, 812-3456 and 810-3456 extensions 6754 and 6755.

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Quick Bites: MelonPan Opens at Robinson's Magnolia

That distinctive cross-hatched pattern on a fresh-baked sweet bun has just been spotted at Robinsons Magnolia...

The famous sweet bun filled with gelato from Melonpan Ice can now be enjoyed at its newest branch in Robinsons Magnolia. Fans of this novel Japanese concept can now indulge on their favorite sweet buns after some serious shopping at the mall or have a tasty bite before a movie. Here's a quick look, and a quick bite, at Melonpan Ice in Robinsons Magnolia...

Located at the third level of Robinsons Magnolia in the same floor as the cinemas, Melonpan Ice allows mall goers to grab an indulgent and sweet gelato-filled bun on their way to even more shopping without skipping a beat.  And it all began from a food truck in Japan's Dotonbori back in 2013...

Made from a rich dough coated with a layer of sweet cookie dough, each bite delivers contrasting textures draping the palate with a delicate sweetness. Great as is, but somehow the bun is transformed when filled with gelato.

The bun is the ideal base for gelato, intensifying the subtle sweetness of the bun as the gelato slowly melts. And the bun holds well, retaining its form all the way to the last bite. That light texture with its firm and lightly crisp outer layer pairs well with the gelato for a filling snack.

The gelato at Melonpan Ice is also refreshingly lighter, and going for a Double (P 220) fills your cup with a generous heap of gelato slabs. Not overwhelmingly sweet, you'll find Strawberry... Vanilla along with other flavors like Chocolate, Matcha, Black Sesame and Kinako. Each cup is served with a piece of their Melonpan for that signature pairing. Fans of Melonpan Ice residing near the New Manila neighborhood no longer have to travel far for their melonpan fix. You'll find it right here at Robinsons Magnolia...

Melon Pan is located at the Third Floor of Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City.

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Quick Bites: Last Call for Ramen Nagi's Tokyo Sukiyaki King...

Ever wished for tender strips of savory beef on your ramen? Well, the ramen gods have heard you...

Ramen or Sukiyaki? Now you can have both with the Limited Edition Tokyo Sukiyaki King from Ramen Nagi for an exciting and new ramen experience.

It's another flavorful creation from Ramen Nagi, one more tasty innovation in a long list of special Limited Edition ramen (for more on Ramen Nagi's creative ramen variants, see my posts, Perfect Pair: The Ebi King, Ramen Nagi's Newest Limited Edition Ramen from two years back, A Spicy Encounter with Ramen Nagi's Nagoya King and Last Chance for Ramen Nagi's Limited Edition Oyster King... from 2017). And perfect too for the constant rains this past month.

Ramen and the rainy weather just matches up well, and Ramen Nagi's regular offerings hits the spot all the time (more on Ramen Nagi's signature ramen on my posts, The Original King: Ramen Nagi's Classic Butao on a Rainy Day and Ramen Nagi: Your Favorite Ramen Opens at Robinsons Galleria). But when you have the rich and mildly sweet notes of tender beef sukiyaki on a comforting bowl of ramen, you won't mind the usual sudden downpour with Ramen Nagi's Tokyo Sukiyaki King

Pair your ramen with Ramen Nagi's popular Gyoza (P 235), savory dumplings served with fresh and crisp bean sprouts... indulging in a sip of the rich broth. The new Tokyo Sukiyaki King (P 495) has the classic tonkotsu broth as the base, topped with thin strips of tender beef, tofu and the comfortingly familiar sweet notes of traditional beef sukiyaki. The bowl is finished with an egg yolk, just like sukiyaki, for that extra punch of creaminess.

The thick milky broth delivers a creamy and unctuous finish with each sip, draping the palate with a savory richness. The tender beef adds a whole new level of both depth and flavor to the bowl of noodles. That distinct sweetness from the special sukiyaki sauce completes the flavors. Sadly, the Limited Edition Tokyo Sukiyaki King will only be available until September 30. But if you happen to be near any of Ramen Nagi's branches, go have a bowl of the new Limited Edition Tokyo Sukiyaki enjoy the rains.

Ramen Nagi is located at the Ground Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City or call 470-1356 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit: By The Numbers with Stalls 1, 4 and 11 at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall

Fried Chicken and Twister Fries, Le Chon Porchetta and Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Toast. That's just a few more reasons to visit The Grid Food Market at Power Plant Mall...

The third in a series of posts, the best-selling specialties from Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit offer even more tempting options at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall (for more on The Grid Food Market, see my earlier posts, Gochu-Gang, Beefier and Babu: By The Numbers with Stalls 5, 6 and 7 at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall and After Five: Wine, Tapas and Desserts at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall).

Good food, company and lifestyle converge in one place for a unique dining experience at The Grid Food Market. More than just another food hall, The Grid Food Market raises the bar with its impressive offerings. Once again, here's The Grid Food Market by the numbers this time with Stalls 1, 4 and 11 at Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit... 

Stall #1: Bucky's

Simple, uncomplicated yet hearty and satisfying comfort food, that's what the guys at Bucky's do best. From their signature Fried Chicken to their Twister Fries and Soft Serve Ice Cream, Bucky's brings their refreshing take on comfort food to The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall (for more on Bucky's, see my post, #PoblacionHop: A Food and Art Hop at Makati's Poblacion with Hop Inn Makati Avenue on my very first encounter with this cool joint on their previous location in Poblacion).

You just can't say no to crisp fries. Add a whimsical twist and it just gets a whole lot better. Bucky's brings back the fun to fries with its playfully twisted Twister Fries (P 150). The richly seasoned Twister Fries is immediately evident with its vibrant orange hues, becoming even more apparent with that first bite...

Great as is or with ketchup, the Twister Fries by Bucky's pairs well with almost anything at The Grid Food Market. And the generous serving will keep you munching all the way to the last piece, with so much more to go around even when shared in a group.

Rainy afternoons and sudden pasta cravings happen all the time. Bucky's indulges your craving with their classic Baked Ziti (P 350), a comforting pasta dish slathered in a savory meat sauce with the bright and vibrant notes of tomatoes. Midly tart with deep savory flavors, this pasta dish should satisfy any hefty pasta craving. For sure. Other must-try dishes include their Beet Salad (P 300) and Cauliflower Salad (P 300). 

But it's their famous fried chicken that places Bucky's high on my list. The signature Fried Chicken (P 260) is perfectly crisp and juicy, with each bite delivering contrasting textures and a savory richness that lines your palate with everything you love about fried chicken. At first glance, it looks paler than the usual fried chicken but the flavors are there. Seasoned just right, you get to enjoy the clean and delicate notes of fried chicken capped by a lightly crisp outer layer to complete the experience. Pair your Bucky's Fried Chicken with some tasty sides like the Warm Potato Salad (P 80), Mashed Potatoes (P 80) or why not have another round of Twister Fries?

Dip or drape the fried chicken in Bucky's homemade gravy, and take a big bite. When it comes to fried chicken at The Grid Food Market, it's definitely Bucky's. 

No meal at Bucky's is complete without their popular Soft Serve (P 150), available in Milk, Strawberry and Chocolate.

Served with chunks of Bucky's equally popular cookies and drizzled with thick caramel, this Soft Serve rounds out your dining experience on a sweet and high note. And if you still have space, do not pass on the famous Brownies of Bucky's. Just grab a couple on your way out of The Grid Food Market.

Stall #4: Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

it's been earning raves since it opened at The Grid Food Market, and it's easy to see why. Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu serves their inspired take on an all-time favorite, the Le Chon Porchetta (P 350) for an all-in meal guaranteed to satisfy any craving. The impressive platter includes sumptuous side options like Kamote Fries, Banana Cue Chips and Grilled Talong with Baba Ganoush plus three flavorful dipping sauces to choose from like Adobo White Sauce, Labuyo Lime and Muscovado Liver Sauce. It's classic Filipino flavors with a contemporary modern spin. And Happy Ongpauco-Tiu knows traditional local flavors so well (for more on Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, check out my previous post, Pamana: A Legacy of Filipino Cuisine on her restaurant in Quezon City).

The Le Chon Porchetta from Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu presents the traditional roast pork just the way we like it, with tender and juicy pork and that mandatory lightly crisp outer layer of crackling. Served with Le Chon's Original Butter Rice, the fresh and pickled vegetables and a variety of dipping sauces completes the all-star cast for this sumptuously lavish dish.  

The Le Chon Gourmet Manok (P 299) is another flavorful option at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. Grilled to a juicy finish with subtle smoky hints, the delicate notes of the chicken are perfectly complemented by the sides, sauces and fresh and pickled vegetables. Other savory options at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu include the Le Chon Angus Beef Belly (P 495), Le Chon Spicy Tuna (P 385) and Le Chon Pork Sisig (P 320).

At Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, it's all about customizing the perfect meal. Diner can create their very own feast in five simple and easy steps. First, choose your Le Chon (Le Chon Porchetta, Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Le Chon Angus Beef Belly, Le Chon Spicy Tuna and Le Chon Pork Sisig). Second, choose your flavor (Original, Tanglad Butter, Sugarcane Gata and Truffle at Bawang). Third, pick your sides (Kamote Fries, Banana Cue Chips and Grilled Talong with Baba Ganoush). Fourth, select your rice (Le Chon's Original Butter Rice or Sexy Brown Rice). And lastly, choose your sauce (Spicy Labuyo Lime, Adobo White Sauce or Muscovado Liver Sauce). Once you go through these steps, you're on your way to a sumptuous Le Chon feast.  

That day, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu served up their signature Le Chon Porchetta... for sharing exclusively with our group... with the Le Chon Gourmet Manok, making the dishes look even more impressive. Though these large servings are not on the menu, the regular serving portions are more than enough to satisfy any appetite. It's Filipino flavors reinvented in that elegant style by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. And you'll find it here only at The Grid Food Market.

Stall #11: Bun Appetit

If you're looking for a lighter, healthier seafood alternative, The Grid Food Market has that covered too. Bun Appetit is another popular stop at The Grid Food Market with their wide array of seafood sandwiches. Using only the freshest and the very best (including Maine Lobster), you can enjoy the clean flavors of the day's freshest catch on a light yet hearty sandwich. The menu at Bun Appetit may seem limited to rolls and sandwiches and a few other items but when you're using premium seafood, you don't need an extensive menu. Take their stunningly simple yet richly flavored Shrimp Avocado Toast (P 695)... elegant open-faced sandwich topped with plump and succulent shrimps and alfalfa sprouts on a crisp toast slathered with fresh and creamy avocado for a refreshing seafood sandwich like no other. The flavors are fresh and clean, uncomplicated yet decadent offering both a variety of contrasting flavors and textures with each bite. The Shrimp Avocado Toast is the perfect way to get acquainted with Bun Appetit's unique culinary offerings. And there's more...

A simple grilled cheese sandwich works all the time but when Bun Appetit adds its own unique twist, it becomes an elevated experience. The Shrimp Grilled Cheese (P 350) combines the fresh and briny sweetness of shrimps with cheese in another masterfully executed sandwich.

Perfectly browned and toasted, the sandwich  offers a light crunch with each bite followed by the creamy indulgence of cheese capped by the fresh snap of shrimps. Just perfect. Bun Appetit also offers two other indulgent seafood versions of the grilled cheese sandwich with the Crab Grilled Cheese (P 450) and Lobster Grilled Cheese (P 650). 

The heaping Crab Roll (P 495, add P 50 for aioli sauce) is another excellent choice at Bun Appetit, with the briny sweetness of crab meat layered with a rich and silky smooth creamy dressing on a buttery soft roll. All the components come together in a seamless blend with one big bite. The fresh yet delicate notes of the crab come through, perfectly finished by the creamy aioli. The rolls used by Bun Appetit have that perfect combination of both texture and flavor for another absolute must-try sandwich. Other seafood options and tasty sides at Bun Appetit include the creamy Clam Chowder (P 220), Garlic Noodles (P 150), Grilled Corn (P 170) and Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese (P 795).

But there's one item at Bun Appetit that made it one of The Grid Food Market's more popular destinations. The indulgent Lobster Roll (P 695, add P 50 for aioli sauce) uses Maine Lobster flown in all the way from the east coast. One look at the roll reveals the clean shape of the lobster claws. No, you won't find the local spicy lobster on this roll. This one's legit. And only the real Maine Lobster will do, nothing less.

The claws are delicately soft yet firm to the bite, a sure sign of freshness. A burst of briny notes accompanies each bite, mellowed out by the natural sweetness of the lobster and perfectly finished by the creamy dressing. It's indulgent, different and special. The prices at Bun Appetit are noticeably higher than most stalls at The Grid Food Market, then again, the freshest seafood don't come cheap. And when you're using Maine Lobster for your Lobster Roll, you can expect these price points. Then again, the pricing at Bun Appetit isn't too way off the park. Think of it as an affordable luxury you can indulge in. Besides, you deserve a treat once in a while, right?  Indulging in Maine Lobster is an experience in itself. And Bun Appetit lets you enjoy this decadent delicacy The Grid Food Market.

Fried Chicken and Twister Fries, Le Chon Porchetta and Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Toast. It's another tempting equation by the numbers. You'll find all these and at The Grid Food Market.

The Grid Food Market is located at the R2 Level Expansion Wing, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati or call 759-4605 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

Dude for Food is now on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, check out these social media accounts for regular updates on good eats. Better yet, click "Like" and "Follow" and enjoy the look for the FB and IG widgets on the right sidebar.


This Is Why Lindsey Pelas Has More Than 9M Instagram Followers


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Mikayla Saravia’ Tongue Brings Her Tons Of Money


Mikayla Saravia, or “KKVH” claims her tongue is almost 17 cm long. And she’s making good use of it, earning more than $100 thousand yearly with her Instagram page.

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Organizador de eventos (m/f) - (Faro)

Sou uma empresa: Casa Branca Turismo Rural
O Candidato deverá ter a capacidade para organizar todos os eventos da Unidade Hoteleira, desde workshops, festas, conferências, palestras, passeios, jantares de grupo etc. Trabalhando directamente com a Direcção, seleccionará os públicos alvo, enviará divulgação, seleccionará as inscrições, contactará com palestrantes, em suma, GARANTIRÁ a integral realização de cada evento.
Requisitos : O Candidato deverá ser possuidor de ampla capacidade de trabalho, quer individual, quer em equipa, dominar linguagem informática na óptica do utilizador, nomeadamente word, excel, power point e access, ter facilidade de manuseamento das ferramentas Facebook, Instagram e Twitter. Deve ainda demonstrar clara experiência em organização de eventos.

AEW set to invade Texas in December

View this post on Instagram TEXAS! We heard you. We’re coming! Wednesday, Dec 11th Tickets are on sale THIS FRIDAY Oct 11th A post shared by All Elite Wrestling (@allelitewrestling) on Oct 7, 2019 at 9:42am PDT

Shitstorm: ecco dove gli odiatori online si organizzano per lanciare attacchi di cyberbullismo - VIDEO SHOCK

VITTIME DI SHITSTORM: immaginate di ricevere centinaia e centinaia di messaggi in poche ore solo di minacce, insulti e allusioni sessuali, senza contare le telefonate da numeri sconosciuti e le richieste d'amicizia su tutti i vostri social da persone che non conoscete in nessun modo. L'effetto è quello di una tempesta d'odio che si riversa su vittime ignare. Sono le "Shitstorm", un fenomeno che si è sviluppato sulla rete e il cui termine indicava l'estromettere gli amministratori di un gruppo per gestirlo dall'interno, ma che oggi è accumunato a questo particolare fenomeno di hate speech. La prima vittima ad aver denunciato una shitstorm è stata Agnese, una ragazza di 21 anni, che si è ritrovata da un giorno all'altro ad essere presa di mira da centinaia di ragazzi che avevano il solo scopo di denigrarla e insultarla. Il motivo? Non ce n'è. Qualcuno a sua insaputa aveva messo il suo numero e il link al suo account Instagram su "Obitorio", uno dei tanti gruppi di Telegram, la piattaforma di messaggistica online più anonima che ci sia. È in queste chat che si ritrovano gli haters per far partire le loro campagne d'odio. Per questo motivo ci siamo iscritti ad uno di questi gruppi e per capire come funzionasse il fenomeno abbiamo pubblicato il numero di telefono e il nickname di una nostra complice. In pochi minuti è successo di tutto: richieste sessuali, minacce di morte, addirittura qualcuno ci ha inviato filmati pedopornografici, e tutti agivano senza nessuna paura di essere rintracciati.

FONTE  »  cyberbullismo instagram telegram video
Shitstorm: ecco dove gli odiatori online si organizzano per lanciare attacchi di cyberbullismo - VIDEO SHOCK

Houdini - Update and non-uniform Spiderweb


Lets do some non-uniform webs in Houdini.

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Abstract Visuals - Houdini and Redshift

Procedural Hardsurface Design in Houdini

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Keepvid iTubeGo


Téléchargeur YouTube gratuit Convertir une vidéo de YouTube en MP4 en ligne

iTubeGo Free YouTube Video Downloader vous permet de télécharger des vidéos en ligne à partir de YouTube, Dailymotion et de nombreux sites Web de vidéos en streaming. Ce meilleur convertisseur vidéo YouTube vous permet de convertir YouTube en MP4 rapidement et en toute sécurité. Prend également en charge le téléchargement de la liste de lecture YouTube. Keepvid

KeepVid: Téléchargeur YouTube, Télécharger des vidéos de Youtube, Facebook, Instagram vers MP4 en ligne

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Download the Updated 2020 Corvette Stingray Order Guide

Download the Updated 2020 Corvette Stingray Order Guide

Photo Credit: Corvette / Instagram

With the reveal of the 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible last week, Chevrolet has released an updated 2020 Corvette Order Guide which now covers both the coupe and convertible models.

The 2020 Corvette Order Guide shows the standard and optional equipment available for the Stingray Coupe and Convertible models.

Continue reading Download the Updated 2020 Corvette Stingray Order Guide at Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle.


Saskia Beecks: Fans in Sorge! Was ist los beim Ex-BTN-Star?


Fans von der ehemaligen 'Berlin - Tag & Nacht' Darstellerin Saskia Beecks sind besorgt. Auf Instagram hat sie gestanden, dass "nicht alles okay" ist.


YouTuberin Bibi zeigt endlich ihren Sohn - und ihre Fans feiern sie!


Auf Instagram zeigt YouTube-Star Bianca "Bibi" Claßen nun erstmals das Gesicht ihres Sohnes Lio. Ihre Fans sind von dieser Entscheidung begeistert.


Sylvie Meis: Schlechtes Vorbild? Shitstorm wegen Plastikbecher


Mit einem sonnigen Instagram-Post wollte Sylvie Meis ihren Followern eigentlich nur ein schönes Wochenende wünschen. Doch der Becher in ihrer Hand war den Fans ein Dorn im Auge.


"Ekelhaft": Rapper schimpft über weibliche Periode - und erntet Shitstorm


In seiner Instagram-Story schimpft Rapper Al-Gear über die weibliche Menstruation und sagt diese sei "ekelhaft". In den sozialen Netzwerken erntet er deshalb nun einen heftigen Shitstorm.


Instagram creepers mourn the app removing “Following” tab this week

Instagram creepers mourn the app removing “Following” tab this week

Ærlig Balotelli åbner op i rørende Instagram-opslag


Calcio - Arat il bimbo di 5 anni che se li beve tutti a calcio - VIDEO (miguel)

miguel scrive nella categoria Calcio che: ARAT IL BIMBO DI 5 ANNI CHE SE LI BEVE TUTTI A CALCIO: agile, veloce, flessibile e tecnicamente dotato, a 5 anni, Arat può fare tutto. Il suo sogno è quello di diventare professionista e giocare per una delle squadre più grandi d'Europa. Si chiama Arat Hosseini, ha 5 anni e su Instagram vanta ben 1 milione e 800mila followers. L’edizione odierna di Libero racconta la storia del piccolo iraniano s
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Arat il bimbo di 5 anni che se li beve tutti a calcio - VIDEO.
Arat il bimbo di 5 anni che se li beve tutti a calcio - VIDEO

Calcio - La figlia di Cristiano Ronaldo impazzisce per il pallone della tripletta contro l'Atletico Madrid - VIDEO (miguel)

miguel scrive nella categoria Calcio che: LA FIGLIA DI CRISTIANO RONALDO IMPAZZISCE PER IL PALLONE DELLA TRIPLETTA CONTRO L'ATLETICO MADRID: tripletta all'Atletico Madrid e pallone portato a casa, come vuole la tradizione. A casa nel vero senso della parola, come si vede dal video pubblicato su Instagram da Georgina Rodriguez in cui Cristiano Ronaldo mostra che fine abbia fatto il prezioso cimelio che qualsiasi tifoso juventino pagherebb
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Vai all'articolo completo » .La figlia di Cristiano Ronaldo impazzisce per il pallone della tripletta contro l'Atletico Madrid - VIDEO.
La figlia di Cristiano Ronaldo impazzisce per il pallone della tripletta contro l

Calcio - Cristiano Ronaldo con la nuova Rolls-Royce da 400mila euro - VIDEO (miguel)

miguel scrive nella categoria Calcio che: CRISTIANO RONALDO CON LA NUOVA ROLLS-ROYCE DA 400MILA EURO: Cristiano Ronaldo si regala una supercar da 400mila euro. Il giocatore della Juventus infatti per allargare il suo parco macchine ha optato per una Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Cristiano Ronaldo ha postato su Instagram uno scatto che lo vede in piedi a fianco della sua nuova auto, che secondo indiscrezioni avrebbe la targa (coperta nella foto)
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Cristiano Ronaldo con la nuova Rolls-Royce da 400mila euro - VIDEO.
Cristiano Ronaldo con la nuova Rolls-Royce da 400mila euro - VIDEO

Oliver: 3 Months Old!


Oliver is 3 MONTHS OLD! The months are flying by! I mention this a lot on instagram, but it blows my mind how the days can feel so long, yet so fast at the time. Oliver is growing into such a sweet boy. I’m sure every parent says that and is in complete awe of … Continue reading "Oliver: 3 Months Old!"

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Instagram sperimenta la realtà aumentata per gli acquisti

Si potrà 'provare' l'effetto su make-up e occhiali

Serwis Outriders promuje na Instagramie zmianę podejścia do debaty publicznej

Outriders, serwis z dziennikarstwem międzynarodowym, oferujący wiadomości ze świata, rozpoczął na Instagramie akcję "Mowa Miłości". Jej celem jest poprawa języka debaty publicznej.

A teacher doesn’t use textbooks – yet his students succeed


American companies sell about $11 billion in textbooks each year. So why does social studies teacher Mark Ingerson never use them in his classes at Salem High School in Virginia?

He doesn’t assign the old print volumes, nor the fashionable new online editions. He has James Q. Wilson and John J. DiIulio’s much-praised “American Government: Institutions and Policies” on shelves only because he read that the Advanced Placement program requires a textbook.

His students haven’t had to lug home those doorstops in years. He didn’t use them when he taught regular world history, nor does he now, his second year teaching AP U.S. Government and Politics. AP students might actually read them, but Ingerson doesn’t want them to do that.

“I feel social studies textbooks are useless. Way too much information,” Ingerson, 46, said. “They mention everything, therefore students remember nothing.” A devotee of Daniel Willingham and Barak Rosenshine, experts on how children learn, Ingerson said, “I believe without a shadow of a shred of a doubt that if you want students to think and analyze, you have to first master the basic content vocabulary and skills, and really practice them.”

This past year teaching AP, he had each student compile 200 flash cards. They repeatedly paired up to quiz each other. “I wanted students to know the material so well that if I said “Federalist 10,” literally any student could spout off three to four specific ideas that made that document important and could use that in an argument,” he said.

Ingerson knows many teenagers will not master material on their own. Pairing up to review with friends is a popular break in every one of his classes. “They think it’s fun,” he said. “When students master content and then are able to apply it, it’s confidence-producing. It’s far more meaningful and lasting than checking how many likes they got on Instagram.”

If there are no textbooks, what do they read? “Real articles from a variety of sources and just tons of data,” he said. “We analyze polls, maps, economic data, budgets, etc., constantly.” His students do “close reads of all primary sources, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, excerpts from Supreme Court cases,” he said. Vocabulary is absorbed through repeated practice: monetary vs. fiscal policy, Federal Reserve, Keynesian, supply-side.

“I show them quarterly GDP growth going back 30 to 40 years, and I pick out low growth parts and have student pairs discuss what the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy would be,” he said. They can’t be ready for a three-hour AP exam unless “they have mastered the terms and everything they mean.”

Telling even AP students to take lecture notes and read the textbook is often not enough. Ingerson’s students study original sources and deeper articles. His high school encourages this. Trevor Packer, director of the College Board’s AP program, said the program is putting out new free materials similar to what Ingerson is using. Packer said AP teachers do not need textbooks if their curriculum is as rich as Ingerson’s.

The national average passing rate (percentage receiving grades of 3, 4 or 5) for the 2019 AP Government and Politics exam was 55 percent. The passing rate for Ingerson’s 89 students, half 10th-graders and the rest 11th- and 12th-graders, was 93 percent.

In previous years as a world history teacher, he had 120 students in four classes. Ninety-five percent passed the Virginia Standards of Learning exam, half or more with advanced scores.


Instagram is killing its creepy stalking feature, the Following tab

Instagram is removing its Following tab, a feature that became better known as a stalking tool than one to aid with new account discovery, as the company had intended. Today, Instagram says that its Explore tab is the go-to place to find new people, places and hashtags to follow. Meanwhile, the Following tab is now […]

Being seen: how is age diversity effecting change in fashion and beauty?


With fiftysomethings on the catwalk, what’s the impact on the traditionally youth orientated beauty industry? Lisa Niven-Phillips reports and four women try out the latest looks

  • Read more from the autumn/winter 2019 edition of The Fashion, our biannual fashion supplement

A fashion season can be defined as much by the people on the catwalk as it can by the clothes they are wearing. This time around, a key moment came at the end of Marc Jacobs’ New York show, when an almost makeup-free Christy Turlington made a rare return to the catwalk, aged 50 (she also stars, with the designer himself, in the label’s AW ad campaign). While this is hardly ancient in the real world, it is in modelling, where the average catwalk model is around 18. A few days later, Simone Rocha arguably upped the ante. The 32-year-old’s show – in part inspired by Louise Bourgeois, who lived until she was 98 – featured models in their 30s and 40s, including cult favourite Jeny Howorth and actor Chloë Sevigny.

Of course, the motives for this are not entirely pure. The over-50s account for around 47% of all UK consumer spending, according to figures from 2015, and if their financial clout has been dubbed the “grey pound” by the retail world, it’s an even more dazzling silver in beauty. In an arena where youth has always been highly prized, older faces are finally having a moment in the spotlight, or at least on a billboard near you. Unretouched, unairbrushed Helen Mirren, 74, tells us we’re all worth it for L’Oréal Paris; Neal’s Yard Remedies’ #AgeWellRevolution stars “real” women of all demographics; and Pantene’s #PowerOfGrey initiative challenges the discrepancy between perceptions of men and women with grey hair, encouraging women of all ages to share images of themselves on social media, using the hashtag #powerofgrey.

Continue reading...

Bianca und Julian Claßen - Youtube-Paar zeigt das erste Mal das Gesicht seines Sohnes Lio

Bis jetzt haben die Youtube-Stars Bianca und Julian Claßen ("Bibis Beauty Palace") ihren Sohn Lio nur von hinten gezeigt. Nun hat Deutschlands erfolgreichstes Youtube-Paar bei Instagram die ersten Fotos hochgeladen, auf denen auch das Gesicht ihres ein Jahr alten Kindes zu sehen ist.

Kosteten 32.000 Euro - Nach Kritik an seinen Hybridkatzen – Justin Bieber: „Peta kann mich mal“

Peta und Justin Bieber werden in diesem Leben wohl keine Freunde mehr: Nachdem die Tierschutzorganisation den Sänger für seine gezüchteten Hybridkatzen kritisiert hat, sagt Bieber nun auf Instagram, was er davon hält: "Peta kann mich mal."

Miley Cyrus’ Sexy Boobs and Other Celebrities in a Weekly Instagram/Twitter Roundup


The post Miley Cyrus’ Sexy Boobs and Other Celebrities in a Weekly Instagram/Twitter Roundup appeared first on Hot Celebs Home.


Instagram is removing its 'Following' activity tab

Starting this week, Instagram will sunset one of its more infamous -- though lesser-known -- features. Moving forward, the app is removing its "Following" tab, reports Buzzfeed News. If you're unfamiliar with the feature, it displays new likes and co...

Instagram is helping users avoid phishing scams

The tech-literate might think we're impervious to phishing scams, but even the best of us get fooled once in a while. Fraudsters are constantly getting better at using email to impersonate friends, coworkers and big brands to obtain people's personal...

Digitalia #490 - Zio Papenone


Rider della gig economy: saltuari o subordinati? Hvaldmir il beluga spia. Droni e defibrillatori. Apple rifiuta la app dei dissidenti di Hong Kong. Instagram presenta il nuovo Threads. Queste e molte altre le notizie commentate nella puntata di questa settimana.

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Annataliya: Как я просветила целый город о том, что у них есть автобус!

Как думаете, сколько раз в день ходят автобусы из Владикавказа в аэропорт и обратно? Вы не поверите! Два! Всего два рейса в день и всё! Причем, идут эти автобусы полупустые. Ехать же 30-40 минут, а проезд стоит 33 рубля, в то время, как такси - 400-500. Но люди почему-то идут на такси. Почему? Сначала это показалось мне загадкой, но потом всё открылось.
IMG_3002 (700x441, 211Kb)

Мой инстаграмный пост о Владикавказе, где я, в том числе, задавалась этим же самым вопросом, репостнул местный новостной паблик. Его прочитали тысячи владикавказцев, и оказалось, что местные жители просто не знают о существовании автобуса. А те, кто знают, не надеются на него, ибо он то ходит, то нет, то опаздывает, то приходит раньше, то вообще идет не по расписанию. Кстати, тот, на котором ехала я из аэропорта в город, действительно ушел на 5 минут раньше. А веселый водитель объяснил это тем, что "всё равно уже сейчас других рейсом не будет, а с этого все вышли". :)
IMG_20191004_233135 (700x477, 127Kb)

Владикавказ стал первым городом в моем осетинском путешествии. И я, добравшись до него и заселившись в отель неподалеку от автовокзала, откуда собиралась ездить по разным интересным местам Осетии, отправилась его осматривать. Владикавказ, в смысле. И знаете, что? Первым делом мне бросились в глаза местные цены и стали радовать меня буквально сразу, особенно после московских.

Маршрутка по городу - 15 рублей, осетинский пирог и зерновой кофе - 170 рублей. Люди же просто поразили своей открытостью, приветливостью и желанием помочь. Еду, такая в маршрутке, спрашиваю, где мне лучше выходить.Так все пассажиры принялись это обсуждать, а одна женщина потом даже вышла со мной в нужном месте и всё еще раз объяснила!

А мужчины! Мужчины в транспорте уступают место. Не только мне, всем женщинам! Причем, мужчины любого возраста, будь то парень-студент или седовласый старик! Так тут принято! И они не сидят в телефонах и не делают вид, что спят. :))
IMG_3010 (700x417, 196Kb)

Что же посмотреть во Владикавказе? Честно говоря, у меня на это было всего полдня. Но город не напичкан достопримечательностями. И хотя я, наверняка, увидела в нем далеко не всё, но, как мне кажется, самое основное охватила.

Я погуляла по центру, осмотрела Терек, мост через него с золотыми львами и небольшую, старенькую, но всё еще симпатичную платину.
IMG_3001 (700x475, 231Kb)

IMG_3007 (700x407, 229Kb)

Кстати, Лермонтов свои строки:
"Терек воет, дик и злобен,
Меж утесистых громад,
Буре плач его подобен,
Слезы брызгами летят", - писал явно не про тот Терек, который во Владикавказе. Владикавказский Терек больше похож на этот:

"Но, по степи разбегаясь,
Он лукавый принял вид
И, приветливо ласкаясь,
Морю Каспию журчит".
В общем, Терек здесь мелкий и спокойный, а немного бурлит лишь как раз там, где платина.
IMG_2999 (700x388, 256Kb)

IMG_3013 (700x433, 279Kb)

Я прогулялась по набережной Терека. Набережная, конечно, красивая и гулять там в целом приятно, но ремонт, ребята, ей точно необходим. Такое ощущение, что асфальт там не перекладывали уже лет тридцать - он весь в трещинах, а местами даже вздыбился. Да и внешний вид парапетов тоже оставляет желать лучшего.
IMG_3008 (700x444, 238Kb)

IMG_3012 (700x403, 283Kb)

Я дошла до памятника генералу Иссе Плиеву на коне на фоне гор - самой настоящей визитной карточки Владикавказа. Ведь какой набор открыток не возьми, этот памятник обязательно будет среди них. Да что уж там! И меня он всегда ассоциируется с Владикавказом, а Владикавказ с памятником. Да и не буду греха таить, нравится он мне. Кстати, удивительное дело, но установили этот памятник там всего лишь в 1997 году. Мне же казалось, что он там был всегда! Здоровский, правда?
IMG_3002-001 (700x441, 256Kb)

Ну, а вечером я зашла в самую красивую во Владикавказе сунитскую мечеть - мечеть Мухтарова. Сейчас эта мечеть считается джама-мечетью, то есть, мечетью, куда собирается вся мусульманская община на пятничную молитву. А вот ее появление на свет в 1900-м году было очень непростым.
IMG_3014 (523x700, 244Kb)

До того времени все мусульмане Владикавказа молились под открытым небом, что явно было идеей так себе. Но место под мечеть им не давали, а уж денег и подавно. В конце концов, место у городской управы они всё же выбили, а вот строить мечеть начали на народные деньги, то есть, на пожертвования. Но вскоре деньги закончились. Что делать? И тогда мусульмане Владикавказа обратились к азербайджанскому миллионеру-нефтепромышленнику, видному на Кавказе меценату Муртузу Мухтарову. Казалось бы, где Владикавказ, а где Азербайджан? С чего бы это они?
IMG_3015 (700x472, 239Kb)

Оказалось, всё очень интересно. Мухтаров в свое время так влюбился в уроженку Владикавказа Лизу Туганову - потомственную осетинскую дворянку, родители которой принадлежали к очень почитаемым аристократическим родам, что женился на ней. И это, несмотря на то, что сам был мусульманином, а Лиза - православной. Для жены, кстати говоря, он выстроил красивейший особняк в центре Владикавказа, который теперь стал Дворцом бракосочетания.

Ну, а мечеть? Конечно же, он решил профинансировать ее строительство и вложил больше половины необходимых средств. Единственным условием Мухтарова было то, чтобы мечети дали имя Лизы Тугановой. Однако на это другие мусульмане пойти не смогли. Официально эта мечеть до сих пор называется мечетью Мухтарова, но все во Владикавказе знают, что построил он ее в честь своей жены! Вот такая трогательная история.
IMG_3017 (700x463, 347Kb)

Мечеть реально очень красивая. Внутри нее потрясающие росписи, от которых сложно оторвать глаз.
IMG_3019 (700x453, 273Kb)

А еще - со мной в этой мечети произошла удивительная история. Но о ней я вам расскажу в следующий раз. :)

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Supernatural Quiz | Season 1


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Veränderung – JETZT! (Folge 259)


Du kannst Dich JETZT für mein brandneues Veränderung– JETZT Umsetzungscoaching anmelden. Die Anmeldetore sind bis Sonntag, 13.10., 24.00 Uhr geöffnet:

Ich freue mich so sehr, Dir in dieser Folge mein neues Umsetzungscoaching Veränderung – JETZT präsentieren zu dürfen. Viele Teilnehmer, die alle meine Seminare besuchen, haben unglaubliche Veränderungen in ihrem Leben erschaffen (wir fangen das an, auf meinem Youtube-Kanal zu dokumentieren, wenn Dich das interessiert).

Ich habe mich in den letzten Monate gefragt, wie kann ich auch den Menschen zu solch grandiosen Lebenserfolgen verhelfen, die nicht auf meine Events kommen? Und heute freue ich mich so sehr, das Ergebnis mit Dir teilen zu dürfen. Mein neues Umsetzungsprogramm Veränderung – JETZT unterstützt Dich dabei:

  • Dir die Ergebnisse in Deinem Leben zu erschaffen, die Du Dir schon immer gewünscht hast-Wir arbeiten zusammen: 33 Tage. 5 Wochen. 10 Themen.
  • Jede Woche starten wir Montags mit einer LIVE-Coaching-Session mit mir persönlich
  • Jede Woche erhältst Du zwei inhaltliche Themenvideos mit dem Fokus auf erfolgreiche Umsetzung, d.h. es ist inhaltlich nicht zu viel – Du kannst alles ganz bequem neben Deinem Alltag umsetzen
  • Dazu erhältst Du ein unterstützendes Workbook in digitaler Form und bist Teil der Veränderung-JETZT Community!

Und das Beste: Unsere gemeinsame Reise beginnt bereits nächsten Montag, 14. Oktober. Ich freue mich auf eine unvergessliche Reise zu Deinen gewünschten Ergebnissen.

Werde Du die nächste große Erfolgsgeschichte.

Dein Christian


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Wie Du wieder lernst, Dir und dem Leben zu vertrauen (Folge 258)


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Am Wochenende hatten wir ein wahnsinnig intensives DIE KUNST, DEIN DING ZU MACHEN mit 2.500 wunderbaren Menschen in Bielefeld. In mehreren Coachings ist mir bewusst geworden, wie viele Menschen sich und dem Leben nicht vertrauen.


Daher besprechen wir in dieser Folge:

  • Was Vertrauen in Dich ist
  • Was Vertrauen in andere Menschen bedeutet
  • Fünf Wege, wie Du wieder lernst, Dir, dem Leben und anderen Menschen zu vertrauen.


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Dein Christian



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Man Invents Special Glasses That Let Short People See Over Tall Friends

Instagram: @dominic_wilcox

Many people are not happy when it comes to their height. For short people, we either hated or love it because it depends on the situation. For instance, I love being short, especially when it comes to amusement park rides,


Watch These Psychos Light Their Heads on Fire for a Drinking Game

Drinking Game Fire Wedding
A bunch of guys were filmed playing a drinking game at a wedding that revolves around lighting their heads on fire.

Dizaina izstāde RE:EX 06.10.2019 - 22.10.2019 -


ĪSTENOTĀJI:  Latvijas Dizaineru savienība
LAIKS UN VIETA: TELPĀ “VASARNĪCA” no 5. līdz 22. oktobrim
Latvijas Dizaineru savienības ikgadējais sarīkojums “LDS balva 2019” paplašina robežas. Šogad tā ietvarā notiks vairākas vērienīgas izstādes, kā arī semināri, konferences un konkursi.
“Re: EX” ir Latvijas Dizaineru savienības (LDS) biedru – visdažādāko dizaina jomu profesionāļu – darbu izstāde, kur pēdējo piecu gadu veikums tiks atklāts, izmantojot dažādu žanru, stilu un tematu mijiedarbību un saspēli. “Re: EX” darbi tiek eksponēti neierastā vidē, kas saskaņā ar izstādes veidotāju ieceri palīdz atklāt katra objekta unikalitāti un liek meklēt atbildi uz jautājumu, kam dizains kalpo.
Video intervijas ar izstādes dalībniekiem var apskatīties sociālā tīkla “Facebook“ lapā
Izstādes atklāšana 5. oktobrī pulksten 18.30 (ieeja ar ielūgumiem).
18. oktobrī noslēguma balle, kurā tiks pasniegta Jaunrades simpātiju balva, kā arī apbalvoti konkursa "Dizaina Arēna” un “LDS balvas 2019” konkursa “Trauki" laureāti.  
Šie sarīkojumi tiks atspoguļoti sociālajos tīklos “Facebook” un “Instagram livestream”.
Visi “LDS balva 2019” ietvarā notiekošie sarīkojumi tiks apkopoti katalogā.
Latvijas Dizaineru savienība (LDS) ir NVO, kas darbojas jau vairāk nekā trīsdesmit gadu, apvienojot dažādu dizaina jomu profesionāļus – interjera, vides, lietu, modes un saziņas dizaina, multimediju, grafiskā un foto dizaina, kā arī dizaina izglītības, pētniecības un vadības speciālistus.
Jau divpadsmito gadu tiek pasniegta LDS gada balva.
Kopš 2013. gada tiek rīkoti skolu un augstskolu dizaina konkursi un izstādes, konferences, semināri un citi dizaina jomas sarīkojumi.
Projekts “RE:EX” ir vēl nebijusi pieredze LDS izstāžu un sarīkojumu klāstā. To īsteno jauna komanda:
producente Barbara Freiberga, vizuālās identitātes autore Ksenija Miļča, projekta vadītāja Dana Ermale.
Producente Barbara Freiberga ir interjera dizainere ar jau vairāk nekā 15 gadu stāžu, LDS biedre, LDS valdes priekšsēža vietniece. Strādā arī lietu dizaina jomā. Vada interjera dizaina seminārus un meistarklases. 2018. gadā rūpējās par projekta “LDS balva 2018” norisi BT1 izstāžu hallē.

Projekta vizuālās identitātes autore Ksenija Miļča ir multimediju dizainere un māksliniece. Strādā reklāmas, grafiskā, interjera un vides dizaina jomā. Nodarbojas ar vizuālo komunikāciju. Ekonomikas un Kultūras augstskolas interjera dizaina programmas direktore un docētāja. Labprāt veido provokatīvus video darbus.

Projekta vadītāja Dana Ermale ir profesionāle ar daudzu gadu stāžu. Rīkojusi saviesīgus un korporatīvus sarīkojumus, konkursus un festivālus. Ar lielu aizrautību ir iesaistījusies LDS biedru izstādes organizatoriskajā procesā.
“LDS balva 2019” sarīkojumu plāns:
1. Izstāde "Dizains Latvijas keramikā",
no 13. septembra līdz 8. oktobrim Rīgas Dizaina un Mākslas vidusskolā, K. Valdemāra iela 139
2. "Dizains Latvijas keramikā", konference un diskusija
8. oktobrī Rīgas Dizaina un Mākslas vidusskolā, K. Valdemāra iela 139
3. LDS biedru izstāde “RE:EX”
no 5. līdz 22. oktobrim VEF kvartāla kultūras un mākslas telpā “Vasarnīca”, Ūnijas iela 8
4. “Dizaina Arēna”
no 18. līdz 20. oktobrim izstāžu hallē BT1 Ķīpsalā, Ķīpsalas ielā 8
5. “LDS balva 2019” konkurss “Trauki”
no 18. līdz 20. oktobrim BT1
6. Apbalvošana
18. oktobrī pulksten 18 “Dizaina Arēnas” laureātu apbalvošana, kam pulksten 20 seko konkursa “Trauki” uzvarētāju apbalvošana un LDS Jaunrades balvas pasniegšana.


Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift in Deleted Instagram Video (WATCH)

The singer re-created the viral video on Instagram Live. Continue reading…

Η Ελένη Φουρέιρα και ο κορσές "Κήπος των Βερσαλλιών" στην πρεμιέρα του ''Final Four''


Η Ελένη Φουρέιρα φόρεσε έναν custom made κορσέ που είχε τοποθετημένα φρέσκα λουλούδια. Από το βάζο στην ντουλάπα της.

Κάθε φορά που βλέπω "RuPaul's Drag Race" περιμένω πάντα με ανυπομονησία τις DIY δοκιμασίες. Οι διαγωνιζόμενες drag queens πρέπει να δημιουργήσουν ένα look για την πασαρέλα, με τα ίδια τους τα χέρια. Είτε είναι με «αντισυμβατικά» υλικά (μπορεί να είναι από πλαστικές σακούλες, μέχρι και κούκλες Barbie), είτε υφάσματα, μέσα από αυτές τις προσκλήσεις τους δίνεται η ευκαιρία να αποδείξουν τη δημιουργικότητά τους και κυρίως τις ικανότητές τους στο ράψιμο. Μια drag queen κατασκευάζει πολύ συχνά τα δικά της κοστούμια, οπότε πρέπει να ξέρει να ράβει. Κάπως έτσι αντιμετώπισα και το look της Ελένης Φουρέιρα. Κατάλαβα ότι ήθελε να δημιουργήσει ένα μοναδικό ρούχο και μαζί με τον Μάρκο Ανδριώτη (στιλίστας της τραγουδίστριας), κατάφεραν να προσφέρουν ένα πολύ όμορφο αποτέλεσμα.

Ο διαγωνισμός τραγουδιού, The Final Four, έκανε πρεμιέρα την Κυριακή (06/10) στον Αnt1 και η Ελένη Φουρέιρα σαν κριτής του show, ήταν εκεί για να συμβουλέψει τα ανερχόμενα ταλέντα της ελληνικής μουσικής σκηνής. Με αφορμή την εμφάνισή της στην εκπομπή, η τραγουδίστρια έκανε ένα εντυπωσιακό look.

Το φλοράλ σύνολο της Ελένης

Η Ελένη Φουρέιρα εμφανίστηκε με αρκετά φρέσκο look. Κυριολεκτικά. Το two piece σύνολό της αποτελούνταν από έναν nude στράπλες κορσέ με πραγματικά λουλούδια και μια ψηλόμεση ροζ σατέν παντελόνα. Την εμφάνιση ολοκλήρωσε με ένα ασημένιο choker στον λαιμό και αποσπώμενα ημιδιάφανα nude μανίκια στα χέρια. Το outfit ήταν κομψό, ενώ η ροζ παντελόνα μας έκανε να πιστεύουμε ότι η Ελένη θα ήταν το τέλειο “Mean Girl” (αναφορά στην εφηβική ταινία "Mean Girls" της Tina Fey) που θα ήταν σίγουρα αυτή η ηγέτιδα του γκρουπ του σχολείου.

Ο custom made κορσές με φρέσκα λουλούδια

Όπως αποκάλυψε στο Instagram του, ο Μάρκος Ανδριώτης, ο στιλίστας της Ελένης Φουρέιρα, ο εντυπωσιακός κορσές ήταν ένα μοναδικό DIY δημιούργημα του ίδιου. Το concept το οποίο εμπνεύστηκαν από ένα μπουκέτο φρέσκα λουλούδια ήταν η αφορμή για να αξιοποιήσουν τον nude κορσέ του σχεδιαστή Άρη Τζήμα. Ο ίδιος κόλλησε ένα-ένα τα λουλούδια στον κορσέ κατασκευάζοντας τελικά ένα μοναδικό και εντυπωσιακό αποτέλεσμα. Όπως κάνουν και οι drag queens αυτού του κόσμου, έτσι και το look της Φουρέιρα έχει το προσωπικό της γούστο και ταυτότητα αποτυπωμένα στο πανέμορφο αυτό one-of-a-kind κορσέ.

Τι θα αλλάζαμε

Όσο κι αν μας άρεσε αυτό το look, υπήρχε κάτι “off” σ' αυτό. Μέρος του, ήταν τα αξεσουάρ. Το choker ήταν σίγουρα ένα κόσμημα που δεν εναρμονιζόταν με το chic glam ύφος του συνόλου και που έδειχνε σχεδόν «λίγο» μπροστά στον εντυπωσιακό κορσέ. Θα προτιμούσαμε ένα ζευγάρι πολύχρωμα earcuffs ή ασημένιους κρίκους. Έπειτα, τα ημιδιάφανα αποσπώμενα μανίκια σαν να μην είχαν λόγο ύπαρξης. Δεν «έδεναν» με το σύνολο και ήταν τόσο διακριτικά ώστε να μην τα προσέχει κανείς και πολύ, οπότε αναρωτιόμαστε τον ρόλο που έπαιζαν στο outfit. Πιστεύουμε ότι χωρίς αυτά, το σύνολο θα ήταν πιο σοφιστικέ.

Όλα αυτά, είναι απλά η δική μας γνώμη και τίποτε άλλο. Δεν μπορούμε να παραβλέψουμε το πόσο όμορφος ήταν ο κορσές και η δουλειά που χρειάστηκε από τον στιλίστα για να προσφέρει αυτό το αποτέλεσμα. Το σύνολο ήταν κομψότατο και stylish και εκπροσωπούσε άψογα το στιλ της Ελένης Φουρέιρα.

Κεντρική φωτογραφία: /


Il ritorno di Emma Marrone (insieme a Paola Turci)

La cantante salentina, in convalescenza, spunta sul profilo Instagram della collega e amica. Una trucca l'altra, stanno bene. L'obiettivo di Emma, del resto, è tornare alla vita di sempre il più prest ... - Fonte:

Everyone needs to read Greta Thunberg's responses to the rumors and lies about her


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you know who Greta Thunberg is. But depending on your chosen media and information outlets, what think you know about her might be totally false.

I've perused comments on articles about Thunberg's climate change activism and have seen the same false statements about her over and over again. Here are some actual cut-and-pasted comments (misspellings included) from just one article in the past week:

"She is one hell of an actress."

"Greta has mental issues and the adults around her are manipulating her for their own gain."

"This is nothing more than a kid being coached fir a acting career! Lol such a democrat trick!"

"I feel sorry for this girl who is really a victim of child abuse. Who scares their children with all this propaganda?"

"Her parents got 18million for being on TV to say what she said."

"It's not real. That little girl is corporate sponsored."

You get the gist.

Thunberg took to Twitter recently to briefly address her critics, saying they "come up with every thinkable lie and conspiracy theory" and that they "will cross every possible line to avert the focus, since they are so desperate not to talk about the climate and ecological crisis."

"Being different is not an illness and the current, best available science is not opinions," she aded, "it's facts."

RELATED: Greta Thunberg's Greatest Hits: 10 times the teen activist unflinchingly spoke truth to power

Facts appear to elude many, however. I am constantly baffled by how people will repeat things they hear, or state what they think is probably true, without putting forth any effort to discover the truth. This is especially the case for what people think they know about Greta Thunberg.

It's not that hard to research her. Thunberg made the news in Sweden long before she became a globally recognized activist. There are many news articles about her school strike and how she ended up where she is now.

What's extra maddening is that Thunberg herself addressed all of the rumors about her and explained her history way back in February on Facebook, and yet people continue to spew the same falsehoods. The fact that a 16-year-old has to correct adults who should know how to research is sad, but here we are.

First, she explained the origins of how her school strike came about, starting with how she'd won a writing contest about the environment and then had some phone conversations with other activists. They were focusing on other efforts, and Thunberg decided to do her school strike alone. Her parents weren't happy about it and told her at that time that they weren't supportive.

"On the 20 of August I sat down outside the Swedish Parliament," she wrote. "I handed out fliers with a long list of facts about the climate crisis and explanations on why I was striking. The first thing I did was to post on Twitter and Instagram what I was doing and it soon went viral. Then journalists and newspapers started to come. A Swedish entrepreneur and business man active in the climate movement, Ingmar Rentzhog, was among the first to arrive. He spoke with me and took pictures that he posted on Facebook. That was the first time I had ever met or spoken with him. I had not communicated or encountered with him ever before."

She then addressed the rumors about who is "behind" her outspoken activism:

"Many people love to spread rumors saying that I have people 'behind me' or that I'm being 'paid' or 'used' to do what I'm doing. But there is no one 'behind' me except for myself. My parents were as far from climate activists as possible before I made them aware of the situation.

I am not part of any organization. I sometimes support and cooperate with several NGOs that work with the climate and environment. But I am absolutely independent and I only represent myself. And I do what I do completely for free, I have not received any money or any promise of future payments in any form at all. And nor has anyone linked to me or my family done so.

And of course it will stay this way. I have not met one single climate activist who is fighting for the climate for money. That idea is completely absurd.

Furthermore I only travel with permission from my school and my parents pay for tickets and accommodations.

Thunberg went on to explain how she wants people to treat climate change as a crisis because it is a crisis, and that she's really not saying anything new. This is what scientists have been telling us for decades.

"There is one other argument that I can't do anything about," she wrote, "And that is the fact that I'm 'just a child and we shouldn't be listening to children.' But that is easily fixed—just start to listen to the rock solid science instead. Because if everyone listened to the scientists and the facts that I constantly refer to—then no one would have to listen to me or any of the other hundreds of thousands of school children on strike for the climate across the world. Then we could all go back to school."


Thunberg also pointed people to her TED Talk in which she explains how her interest in the climate began:

Her own school principal, Sirkka Persson, commented on her Facebook post, writing:

"Greta, being your Principal at school I do not doubt you are writing your own speeches.

All the things you write about in this poster I also get questions about. People often judge others out of their own behavior. So many rumors and so many people who do not know you or your family who think they know how things are and what is best for you. Embarrassing...

Each day I see you at school you give hope and strength to others. You affect people and have an impact on their way of thinking and behaviour. You have definately [sic] got me thinking new thoughts. That is admirable."

RELATED: Greta Thunberg urges people to turn to nature to combat climate change

If people want to argue with the solutions that Thunberg puts forth, that's fine. She's chosen to speak publicly, and her ideas are up for debate. What is not up for debate are the verifiable facts about her history. What's not up for debate is the fact that being on the autism spectrum is not a mental illness. What is not up for debate is the fact that the vast majority of scientists and the world's most renowned professional scientific organizations have all said that climate change is happening, that humans are contributing to faster-than-normal global warming, and that if we don't act to mitigate it, we will face disastrous consequences.

And obviously, the personal attacks need to stop. It's unacceptable for anyone at any age, but to disparage the looks or


Beyoncé Glitters in Gold After Making a Surprise Appearance at Tyler Perry's Gala

Beyoncé, InstagramBeyoncé is looking like a gilded goddess and proves that all that glitters is gold. On Saturday night, The Lion King actress made a surprise appearance at Tyler Perry's...


Muebles y carritos prácticos para ganar espacio de almacenaje en tu cuarto de baño


Muebles y carritos prácticos para ganar espacio de almacenaje en tu cuarto de baño

La falta de espacio en el cuarto de baño requiere de soluciones sencillas como muebles accesorios o carritos -las ruedas siempre son muy prácticas para espacios pequeños- que hagan  nuestro día a día más fácil en el cuarto de baño.

A todos nos gustaría tener un baño con un gran lavabo (a ser posible doble, aunque vivas solo) en el que haya espacio de sobra para tenerlo todo organizado en sus cajones o armarios inferiores. Las toallas limpias, el secador, las cremas o el botiquín que estén a mano pero bien ocultos en este tipo de muebles.

La falta de espacio bajo el lavabo para los que dispongan de espacios o no quieran obras ni cambios drásticos, necesita de soluciones auxiliares (que las hay) que cumplan la misma función en el mínimo espacio y de una manera organizada.

Estas soluciones normalmente son abiertas, lo que requiere de un poco más de organización para que el cuarto de baño se vea ordenado.

Pero no todo son desventajas. Como siempre, hay que intentar dar la vuelta a la situación y aprovechar esa necesidad para completar el baño con una elección que aporte diseño y contraste a tu cuarto de baño. Lo conseguirás optando por materiales cálidos como la madera o el ratán (mis favoritos) para  tu mueble auxiliar, o por un carrito o camarera (muy prácticos también en el cuarto de baño) a elegir entre el estilo industrial, minimal o de  un color llamativo, en función de lo que necesite o de los que mejor le vaya a tu baño. 


Porque una camarera o un carrito de bar también tiene hueco en el cuarto de baño.

El carrito de ruedas sencillo de tres bandejas para poner en cualquier esquina disponible en tres colores, blanco, negro y turquesa.

carrito baño
D4P Display4top Carrito con Bloquear Ruedas, Carrito Auxiliar con 3 Nivel para la Cocina, baño, Dormitorio de Almacenamiento (Blanco)

D4P Display4top Carrito con Bloquear Ruedas, Carrito Auxiliar con 3 Nivel para la Cocina, baño, Dormitorio de Almacenamiento (Blanco)

Una pequeña camarera con mucho brillo para espacios reducidos.

YAN Carro de Servicio rodante de 3 Niveles, Cocina Hotel Bar Trolley de baño, Estante de exhibición práctico multifunción, Carro de Almacenamiento Delgado, diseño Moderno de Hierro Forjado, Dorado

YAN Carro de Servicio rodante de 3 Niveles, Cocina Hotel Bar Trolley de baño, Estante de exhibición práctico multifunción, Carro de Almacenamiento Delgado, diseño Moderno de Hierro Forjado, Dorado

De estilo industrial

Carrito multiusos Negro 3 cajones

Carrito multiusos Negro 3 cajones

estante industrial para el baño
LIFA LIVING Carro de Cocina Multifuncional, Carrito de Cocina con Ruedas bloqueables, Carro de Metal con 3 estantes para Ahorrar Espacio, Carro de Cocina de Estilo Vintage

LIFA LIVING Carro de Cocina Multifuncional, Carrito de Cocina con Ruedas bloqueables, Carro de Metal con 3 estantes para Ahorrar Espacio, Carro de Cocina de Estilo Vintage

Foto Mejorada Okkk
Spetebo - Carro Auxiliar Decorativa de Madera con 3 Compartimentos - Pisos rollwagen - Multiusos Carro Decoración Flores Estantería

Spetebo - Carro Auxiliar Decorativa de Madera con 3 Compartimentos - Pisos rollwagen - Multiusos Carro Decoración Flores Estantería

Carro de ratán con tres estantes   muy estrecho 30 centímetros perfectos.

carrito verde
Carrito multiusos Metal color Verde agua Medidas: 44 (ancho) x 82 (alto) x 35 (fondo) cm

Carrito multiusos Metal color Verde agua Medidas: 44 (ancho) x 82 (alto) x 35 (fondo) cm

carrito ruedas estrecho para baño
YAMAZAKI Carro de Almacenamiento de Cocina con Torre de casa

YAMAZAKI Carro de Almacenamiento de Cocina con Torre de casa


Estante metálico para baños con poco espacio,

estanteria poco fondo
mDesign Estantería de baño - Estrecho organizador de baño con tres cestas para cosméticos, toallas, etc. - Estantería de pie de estilo vintage para baño, cocina y oficina - negro

mDesign Estantería de baño - Estrecho organizador de baño con tres cestas para cosméticos, toallas, etc. - Estantería de pie de estilo vintage para baño, cocina y oficina - negro

Un mueble con combina la madera con una estructura metálica y que incluye un pequeño armario. 

mueble accesorio baño

Una práctica cajonera de Muji que puedes personalizar añadiendo o eliminado cajones de distintas altura.

Cajonera Muji Traslucidad
Cajonera estrecha de PP, Translucida formada por 4 cajones apilables, incluye el set de 4 ruedas que puede ponerse y quitarse a voluntad.
Medidas: 18 x 43 x 83cm.

Cajonera estrecha de PP, Translucida formada por 4 cajones apilables, incluye el set de 4 ruedas que puede ponerse y quitarse a voluntad. Medidas: 18 x 43 x 83cm.

Tres baldas blancas en este mueble de diseño limpio y nórdico.

estante baño
Relaxdays Estantería móvil, Tres estantes, con Ruedas, Multi-usos, Madera y Metal, Blanco y marrón, 89 x 30 x 30 cm, Pino, Estándar

Relaxdays Estantería móvil, Tres estantes, con Ruedas, Multi-usos, Madera y Metal, Blanco y marrón, 89 x 30 x 30 cm, Pino, Estándar

En abedul un diseño bonito válido para todos los baños.

Carrito De Abdeul Ikea
MOLGER Carrito, abedul, 33x47x76 cm

MOLGER Carrito, abedul, 33x47x76 cm


Si no hay espacio ni a los lados se puede personalizar cajoneras (como la de Muji) al tamaño que se ajuste a la altura del lavabo o colocar ¿por qué no?, una mesilla bonita o algún muebles diseñados y pensados para ocupar este pequeño espacio en el baño.

Mesilla Pipel
Mesilla de noche en negro y con una cesta de ratán

Mesilla de noche en negro y con una cesta de ratán

Una de las soluciones mejor pensadas el mítico mueble de Ikea  RÅGRUND que se acopla a cualquier esquina y si usas dos, te servirá como baldas bajo el lavabo.

Ragrund Mueble Bajo Lavano
Estantería esquina para baño, bambú, 34x60 cm

RÅGRUND Estantería esquina para baño, bambú, 34x60 cm

La versión más económica de Ikea para incluir baldas bajo el lavabo es esta.

Vesken Bajolavabo
VESKEN Estantería, blanco, 36x23x40 cm

VESKEN Estantería, blanco, 36x23x40 cm

También te recomendamos

Trucos para que el cuarto de baño parezca más grande y elegante sin dejarte un ojo de la cara

¿Vas a reformar el cuarto de baño? Cuatro aspectos a tener en cuenta para que la reforma salga de diez

Negro y cobre para tu cuarto de baño, diez accesorios para incluir los acabados tendencia para tu baño sin obras ni reformas

La noticia Muebles y carritos prácticos para ganar espacio de almacenaje en tu cuarto de baño fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


Urban Mood, la nueva (y colorida) colección de Maisons du Monde ideal para pisos pequeños


Urban Mood, la nueva (y colorida) colección de Maisons du Monde ideal para pisos pequeños

Todo al rosa combinado con el azul. Así podríamos definir Urban Mood, la nueva colección de Maisons du Monde. Una colección pensada para sacar sonrisas y bienestar llena de guiños al diseño escandinavo ideal para viviendas de pequeño tamaño.

Maisons Du Monde
Maisons de Monde novedades

Como podéis ver, esta nueva colección está llena de tonos rosas, grises, azules. Colores que ayudan a crear bienestar y a sacarnos una sonrisa en cualquier espacio mediante  tipografías encantadoras, ilustraciones urbanas, volúmenes y mancas de color en cojines...

Maisons du Monde
Maisons du Monde

Esta colección absolutamente urbana es ideal para apartamentos o pisos pequeños al estar compuesta por muebles pequeños, piezas de almacenaje funcionales y soluciones para la pared de inspiración nórdica que ayudan a simplicar la vida. 

Maisons du Monde
Maisons du Monde

En la colección tenemos por ejemplo asientos extra con espacio para guardar, una mesa alta con estantes a los lados, un módulo de recibidor para colocar los zapatos. Todo tiene su sitio y su razón de ser en esta tendencia que mezcla diseño y funcionalidad. 

Maisons Du Monde
Maisons du Monde

Maderas, terciopelos, metales o preciosos, coloristas estampados... una colección que además de mobiliario también presenta complementos decorativos, sin olvidarnos de la línea para cocina y la mesa, con piezas llenas de alegres y coloridas ilustraciones.

Vajillas Maisons du Monde
Maisons du Monde

Más información | Maisons du Monde

También te recomendamos

Casa Conteiner, una sorprendente casa inspirada en el estilo minimalista oriental hecha con contenedores marítimos reciclados

Una mini casa en Tokyo de 19 m2 con un singular tejado curvo diseñado para aprovechar al máximo la luz solar

El mismo apartamento diseñado por cinco diseñadores de distintos países de Ikea; este es el resultado de un proyecto llamado Ikea Lab para la edición del catalogo del 2020

La noticia Urban Mood, la nueva (y colorida) colección de Maisons du Monde ideal para pisos pequeños fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Nacho Viñau Ena .


Las novedades de Ikea para octubre incluyen muebles de inspiración vintage o tradicional y accesorios sostenibles fabricados con botellas de plástico reciclado


Las novedades de Ikea para octubre incluyen muebles de inspiración vintage o tradicional y accesorios sostenibles fabricados con botellas de plástico reciclado

El look retro o vintage es una de las tendencias a las que se apunta Ikea este mes de octubre.  Este look que revisa y se inspira en los muebles tradicionales no está reñido con las técnicas más sostenibles en la fabricación de textiles y muebles, que es otra de sus novedades más destacadas. Y es que, entre las últimas novedades de Ikea encontramos una alfombra y unos frentes de cocina creados a partir de botellas PET  recicladas.

Los muebles LOMMARP 

Estos muebles de aspecto vintage nos confirman que la tendencia country chic, la que  recrea o se inspira en ambientes de casa de campo, es una de las tendencias que viene pisando fuerte esta temporada.

Estos muebles incluyen un escritorio, una librería, un aparador y una consola con aldabas en lugar de pomos, rematados con cornisas y molduras de curvas suaves. Unos muebles que parecen recién rescatados de la casa de campo, o de la casa de tu abuela.

Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164209 Armario Estanteria LOMMARP consola
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Pe741690 Estanteria LOMMARP libreria
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164210 Escritorio Silla LOMMARP escritorio 149 €
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164211 Escritorio

La alfombra SPORUP hecha con botellas PET recicladas

El aspecto suave y "normal" (en el buen sentido de la palabra) de esta alfombra es toda una sorpresa cuando sabes que está fabricada con poliéster de botellas PET recicladas

La alfombra Sporup está diseñada con un bonito estampado visual y táctil gracias a su diseño en canalé. Sus hilos finos se han tupido densamente para crear un pelo que duradero e increíblemente suave. De color beige claro (también disponible en verde oscuro),  es una alfombra neutra que va bien con todo tipo de suelos, incluso los que tienen calefacción radiante porque no tiene el efecto aislante de las alfombras de tejidos convencionales.

Alfombra Pet
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Pe737521 Alfombra

Los frentes de cocina BODARP diseño y sostenibilidad al mismo tiempo 

Además de bonitos, los muebles de cocina Bodarp son sostenibles, ya que el laminado de los frentes está fabricado con botellas PET recicladas. Además, en su fabricación se ha utilizado un 100 % de electricidad renovable.

Con una superficie mate, su superficie es muy agradable al tacto y fácil de limpiar. Diseño y sostenibilidad en uno.

Cocina Colección BODARP. Frente de cajón €13 Puerta €30 An. 60×Al. 80 cm. Frente de cajón €18/2 Uds. An. 60×Al. 10 cm. Los tiradores se venden por separado.

El taburete KYRRE

Los taburetes son muy prácticos para los momentos en los que tienes invitados pero dispones de poco espacio. El nuevo taburete Kyrre tiene un aspecto moderno y divertido con patas estrechas y un asiento triangular con la ventaja de que se pueden apilar para no consumir mucho espacio. Su diseño también cuida del medio ambiente porque está fabricado con abedul procedente de fuentes sostenibles.

Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164317 Taburete
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164320 Taburete

La silla giratoria para escritorio y/ o comedor ODGER 

En Ikea se han dado cuanta de que mucha gente usa la mesa de comedor también como mesa de trabajo. Con la silla giratoria Odger, Ikea quiere que puedas tener una silla que encaje perfectamente entre los muebles de comedor pero con el plus de ergonomía y comodidad. La silla giratoria Odger resulta muy cómoda gracias a su asiento con forma semiovoide, su respaldo redondeado y los reposabrazos. El mecanismo de giro y la altura del asiento pueden ajustarse con un pistón de gas. Y, al igual que las sillas de comedor, está fabricado con madera renovable y plástico reciclado. 

La silla está disponible en blanco/beige o negro, por lo que puede funcionar con diversos tipos de escritorio o mesas de comedor.

Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164351 Silla Giratoria
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Pe739277 Silla Giratoria ODGER silla giratoria 89 €
  • Ikea. ODGER silla giratoria 89 €

La cerámica de aspecto tradicional GODTAGBAR

Con formas irregulares y rugosas los productos de la serie de cerámica Godtagbar, incluyen floreros o jarrones de diferentes tamaños y un candelabro, fabricado con gres duradero pintado a mano. Los jarrones sacan su inspiración de formas icónicas y sólidas que llevan mucho tiempo entre nosotros como las jarras de leche.

Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Pe745655 Florero Jarron
  • Ikea. GODTAGBAR Florero/jarrón 15 €
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Pe745650 Florero Jarron
  • Ikea. GODTAGBAR Florero/jarrón  Gres. Vidrio coloreado

La vajilla de aires tradicionales STRIMMIG

Ahora que se acercan las fiestas más familiares es un buen momento para completar o cambiar la vajilla. La vajilla Strimmig tiene un estampado floral en relieve inspirado en la simplicidad escandinava y japonesa y está disponible en diferentes colores cálidos y terrosos, por lo que se puede mezclar y combinar con lo que se quiera.

Vajilla Colección STRIMMIG. Plato 2,50 € / Bol €2 €/ Taza 3 €
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164322 Plato


Como la funda nórdica Kratten inspirada en la artesanía tradicional sueca con un estampado colorido y festivo y fabricada con algodón 100 % procedente de fuentes sostenible. 

Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164314 Funda Nordica KRATTEN funda nórdica y funda para almohada 14,99 €
  • Ikea. KRATTEN funda nórdica y funda para almohada 14,99 €

O Rödhake, una colección de artículos textiles para bebé con estampados tradicionales inspirados en los cuentos de hadas suecos. Puedes encontrar pequeños conejitos estampados en las gasas, mientras que un ratón navega viento en popa, a toda vela en la ropa de cama para cuna. Esta serie incluye todos aquellos artículos textiles que se necesitan para la llegada de un nuevo miembro a la familia, como una toalla para bebé con capucha, un saco de dormir e incluso, un dosel para colocarlo sobre la cuna o la cama y, así, crear un espacio de calma y que la habitación del bebé sea aún más cómoda, como en un cuento de hadas. Por supuesto, todo hecho con tejidos  totalmente naturales. Para que tu elección sea una buena opción para los niños, y para el planeta.

Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164306 Dosel Funda Nordica RÖDHAKE funda nórdica y funda para almohada para cuna 13 €
Ikea Novedades Octubre 2019 Ph164305 Manta Funda Nordica RÖDHAKE manta acolchada 13 €

Información e imágenes

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Cuento otoñal o las imágenes más bonitas del último editorial de H&M Home, repleto de interiores elegantes y románticos

Artículos de Ikea que no parecen de Ikea y que aportan sofisticación y lujo a tu casa

La noticia Las novedades de Ikea para octubre incluyen muebles de inspiración vintage o tradicional y accesorios sostenibles fabricados con botellas de plástico reciclado fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


Papeles pintados bonitos hasta decir basta: Cole&Son presenta su nueva colección, The Pearwood


Papeles pintados bonitos hasta decir basta: Cole&Son presenta su nueva colección,  The Pearwood

Sentimos pasión por los papeles pintados bonitos. Porque un papel pintado puede cambiar por completo el ambiente de un salón, un dormitorio o de un restaurante. 

De ser una estancia triste y anodina, un buen papel pintado tiene un efecto mágico y transformador para conseguir una atmósfera completamente renovada. 

Papeles pintados elegantes
Papeles pintados bonitos

Para dar a tu casa, o a tu negocio ese aire sofisticado y elegante que tanto se lleva esta temporada, hoy os traemos The Pearwood, la nueva colección de papeles pintados de Cole&Son. 

Papeles pintados florales
Papeles pintados

Esta nueva colección es un completo homenaje al extenso archivo de planchas y sellos de madera  y a las pioneras técnicas de impresión de la firma británica Cole&Son.  

Papeles pintados
Papeles pintados

Tomando su nombre de los bloques de madera de fruta utilizados originalmente por el fundador de la marca, John Perry, la madera del peral fue la seleccionada por su relativa dureza, ya que admitía incluso cortar el más mínimo detalle, y por su durabilidad, que permitía la longevidad de esos bloques de impresión. 

Papeles pintados
Papeles pintados

Esta colección de papeles pintados celebra la artesanía tradicional de una época pasada, mezclándose con gamas de color contemporáneas y modernos diseños para crear una colección sofisticada y atemporal. 

Papeles pintados
Papeles pintados sofisticados

Más información | Cole&Son | Pepe Peñalver

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Lizzo une decoración y arte con su nueva colección de paneles creados por la artista italiana Elena Carozzi

La noticia Papeles pintados bonitos hasta decir basta: Cole&Son presenta su nueva colección, The Pearwood fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Nacho Viñau Ena .


Un piso en Mallorca con una decoración equilibrada que mezcla piezas clásicas y contemporáneas con un estilo fresco al mismo tiempo


Un piso en Mallorca con una decoración equilibrada que mezcla piezas clásicas y contemporáneas con un estilo fresco al mismo tiempo

Una reforma integral ha convertido este gran piso de 250 m2 del centro de Mallorca en una casa funcional y muy fresca en la que se mezclan con mucho estilo piezas actuales con piezas de anticuario.

Además de los muebles antiguos repartidos por toda casa (incluyendo los baños), el piso muestra el encanto de su estructura original con los techos de bóveda catalana vistos pintados de blanco y unas carpintearas reformadas pero con un color verde menta que recuerdan el estilo de las ventanas originales del edificio.

La  transformación (reforma y decoración incluidas) de este piso es obra de  The Room Studio, el estudio de interiorismo formado por Meritxell Ribé y Josep Puigdomènech

Para atender las necesidades de los clientes éstos  plantearon una nueva distribución del inmueble que cubriera las demandas de sus propietarios que querían una casa para disfrutar y vivirla en su totalidad, con zonas comunes amplias y comunicadas entre ellas.


La zonas comunes o de día incluyen un salón, una cocina con office y barra de desayuno, un comedor más formal y una una terraza que están situadas en un gran espacio rectangular, separados con paredes pero con grandes grandes aperturas en ellas que permiten conectar física y visualmente todos estos espacios comunes.

Meritxell Ribe 195001 1 Imagen The Room Studio
Meritxell Ribe 195003 Imagen The Room Studio
comedor Imagen The Room Studio
Meritxell Ribe 195011 Imagen The Room Studio
Meritxell Ribe 195012 Imagen The Room Studio
Meritxell Ribe 195009 Imagen The Room Studio
baño de cortesia Imagen The Room Studio. Detalle baño de cortesía

La selección de los materiales y de cada mueble fue minuciosa para conseguir crear este ambiente muy cálido y especial gracias en gran parte a esta mezcla de mobiliario antiguo con piezas más contemporáneos y actuales.

La elección del parqué y de los azulejos del suelo de marcado carácter clásico encaja muy bien con los techos de bovedillas y los muebles de carácter antiguos.


La zona de noche se encuentra orientada en el lado opuesto de la casa, donde se ha creado un ambiente más recogido y tranquilo

Cada habitación ha sido diseñada siguiendo las premisas de los propietarios y están equipadas con elementos confortables y ergonómicos. La integración de distintas piezas de anticuario permite potenciar la arquitectura original de la vivienda. También se ja incluido obras de arte a este espacio que completan la decoración escogida y que aportan valor a todo el conjunto.

En la habitación principal se ha buscado la comodidad y serenidad. En tonos verdes (que se encuentran en la casa en distintos matices), es un dormitorio confortable que está precedido de una zona de vestidor con baño romántica e industrial al mismo tiempo.

Meritxell Ribe 195038 Imagen The Room Studio.
Meritxell Ribe 195040 Imagen The Room Studio.

La altura de los techos y el diseño de los armarios marcan el carácter de esta estancia

La zona de lavabo del baño principal se apoya sobre unas cristaleras originales del inmueble. Como mueble de lavabo se ha usado un mueble de oficio antiguo y como lavabos, unas pilas que parecen pilas antiguas lo que refuerza el carácter de este espacio que te traslada a otra época. 

habitacion principal Imagen The Room Studio.
Meritxell Ribe 195033 Imagen The Room Studio.
Meritxell Ribe 195032 Imagen The Room Studio.

Mención especial también merecen el dormitorio infantil. En lugar de usar dos cuartos (en esta caso no había problemas de espacio) se ha optado por un gran cuarto infantil con espacio para todo; dormir, jugar y estudiar en zonas unidas pero bien diferenciadas. De inconfundible carácter romántico gracias al papel pintado y los  tonos pastel de textiles y accesorios, en esta estancia se mezclan muebles de Ikea, como la librería, con otros a medida como las camas en hilera. 

habitacion infantil Imagen The Room Studio.
Meritxell Ribe 195044 Imagen The Room Studio.
Meritxell Ribe 195045 Imagen The Room Studio.

Por último, el baño infantil también guarda una agradable sorpresa en forma de consola recuperada con motivos florales como lavabo. 

Meritxell Ribe 195052 Imagen The Room Studio.
detalle cuarto de baño niñas Imagen The Room Studio.

El efecto es pura magia...

Meritxell Ribe 195029 Imagen The Room Studio.

Vía The Room Studio 

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La noticia Un piso en Mallorca con una decoración equilibrada que mezcla piezas clásicas y contemporáneas con un estilo fresco al mismo tiempo fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


Nuestros imprescindibles de Ikea para la próxima (y luminosa) Navidad


Nuestros imprescindibles de Ikea para la próxima (y luminosa) Navidad

Sabemos que falta mucho para diciembre, pero acaban de llegarnos las novedades de Ikea para la Navidad del 2019/2020 y no podemos resistirnos a mostrároslas de inmediato. 

Así que poneros cómodos y prepararos para disfrutar de estas propuestas ideales para llenar de calidez nuestro hogar con artículos de formas alegres y atrevidas que se mueven en una gama cromática que varía entre los rojos, azules y neutros inspirada en la sencillez del legado escandinavo.

Cena de gala entre estampados 

Ikea Navidad 2019

Nos encanta poner mesas bonitas. Y la Navidad es la época ideal para hacerlo. Entre las propuestas de Ikea para este año encontramos la vajilla VINTERFEST.

Una vajilla perfecta por su diseño atemporal y por sus formas suaves y redondeadas (ideal para combinar con otras vajillas que ya tenemos en casa), o el mantel VINTERFEST a juego, fabricado con algodón 100 % más sostenible. 

Ikea Navidad

En lugar de las tradicionales bandejas, un frutero de tres pisos nos ayuda a ganar espacio en la siembre sobrecargada mesa (ya sabéis que siempre falta espacio para poner toda la comida que preparamos), a la par que nos ayuda a crear una mesa con volumen.

Vajillas Ikea

Las vajillas nos ayudan a vestir la mesa. Y adaptar las recetas al tamaño de fuentes y platos es una fantástica idea para que la armonía y la belleza reinen sobre tu mesa. 

Ikea Navidad

Las servilletas, con una guirnalda de luz sobre la mesa y unas bolas pequeñas también pueden ayudarnos a decorar la mesa. 

Mesas de Navidad Ikea
Navidad Ikea

Tras la comisa, crear un rincón de dulces para el momento de las copas es una idea que seguro que gusta a tus invitados. Y para conseguirlo, tenemos artículos como estas latas o este cuenco con tapa.

Navidad Ikea

Decoración en rojo, blanco y azul: Colores tendencia de esta Navidad 

Decoración de Navidad Ikea

Bolas para el árbol en rojo, blanco y azul, decoraciones en madera, en papel, adornos de mesa luminosos inspirados en la arquitectura nórdica... La Navidad de Ikea nos ofrece una amplia gama para decorar la casa dependiendo de nuestra personalidad. 

Adornos de Navidad Ikea

Si no te gusta la Navidad de siempre, también tienes adornos diferentes y divertidos para dar el toque festivo a las casas más rompedoras, o para las casas con niños. 

Ikea Navidad 2019
Adornos de Navidad diferentes Ikea
Navidad Ikea

Tampoco nos podemos olvidar de las coronas de Navidad modernas y minimalistas, pensadas para casas en las que la vanguardia está presente o para aquellos hogares en los que quieren un toque navideño sin pasarse.  

Coronas de Navidad modernas

Las estrellas (y la luz) no pueden faltar

Estrellas Navidad Ikea

En el ámbito de la decoración, las estrellas tienen en Navidad un protagonismo especial. Para iluminar las ventanas, para colgar sobre la mesa en el caso de las lámparas de techo con forma de estrella o para vestir un rincón. 

Estrellas Ikea

Como veis, las estrellas con luz cobran importancia en las noches más oscuras del año.  Y junto con las estrellas, las guirnaldas lumínicas o los candelabros son ideales para crear esa atmósfera especial que tanto nos gusta en las noches de diciembre. 

Iluminación en Navidad

Candelabros en metal dorado, en madera con forma de cuerno, con  cronómetro integrado para que se enciendan las luces LED cada día a la misma hora... 

Decoración de Navidad con luz Ikea
Portavelas Ikea
Ikea mesas de Navidad bonitas

Sin olvidarnos de los imprescindibles portavelas o de la iluminación decorativa LED para dar luz y calidez a nuestras mesas o a cualquier rincón de la casa.  

Portavelas Ikea
Ikea Navidad

¿Listos para disfrutar de la Navidad? Si te puede el ansia y quieres descubrirla ya, la colección navideña de Ikea está disponible en tiendas a partir de este mes. 

Más información | Ikea

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La noticia Nuestros imprescindibles de Ikea para la próxima (y luminosa) Navidad fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Nacho Viñau Ena .


Hoy puedes poner tu casa al día y prepararla para el invierno con lo nuevo de Zara Home al mejor precio (con el día con un 20% de descuento)


Hoy puedes poner tu casa al día y prepararla para el invierno con lo nuevo de Zara Home al mejor precio (con el día con un 20%  de descuento)

Si hay algo que nos gusta más que los nuevos muebles y editoriales de Zara Home son, sin duda, sus rebajas o descuentos ocasionales. Esos que llegan cuando menos te lo esperas. Descuentos importantes en fechas muy alejadas de las rebajas, black fridays y otras fechas de consumo marcadas de forma oficial en el calendario. Y este sábado 5 de octubre es uno de esos días en los que Zara Home ha decidido adelantar las rebajas durante un día con un 20% de descuento en casi todos sus artículos.

Y digo casi, porque sus colaboraciones especiales con Smeg, Arcos y Berghoff no están rebajados. Tampoco los muebles por los que suspiramos hace tiempo.

En cualquier caso, las rebajas afectan a la mayor parte de productos. 

Por eso, ahora que llega el frío nos parece que mañana es la ocasión para llenar la cesta accesorios que nos ayuden a poner la casa en "modo invierno" o invertir en básicos como velas aromáticas, toallas o ¿por que no?, hacerte con alguna pieza más importante como una gran alfombrade su última colección.

Aquí una selección de nuestras piezas favoritas con las que dar la bienvenida al  invierno.


  • Zara Home.   ALFOMBRA ESTAMPADO GEOMÉTRICO precio sin descuento 99,99 €  (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre)
alfombra zara home
  • Zara Home. ALFOMBRA TEXTURA  precio sin descuento 39,99 €  - 149,00 €   (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 

Una alfombra ideal para el cuarto de los más pequeños

  • Zara Home. ALFOMBRA MULTICOLOR LLAMAS precio sin descuento 59,99 €  - 129,00 €  (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 


Hay pocas cosas más apetecibles con las que cubrirse que una manta de lana de cuadros.

manta de lana zara home
  • Zara Home. MANTA LANA CUADROS  precio sin descuento 59,99 €   (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 

Esta manta de chenilla con flecos disponible en siete colores. Es difícil no encontrar una que vaya bien con tu salón.

zaar home
  • Zara Home.  MANTA CHENILLA PUNTO MECHA  precio sin descuento 19,99 €   (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 

Para los que quieren poner su casa en modo Invernalia, -perdón, invierno, - esta alfombra de pelo es perfecta.

zara home
  • Zara Home. MANTA EFECTO PELO  precio sin descuento  99,99 €  (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 


Un cojín para dar la bienvenida al invierno, también de cuadros y de lana.

zara home
  • Zara Home.  FUNDA DE COJÍN LANA CUADROS  precio sin descuento 39,99 €  (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 

La actualidad en casa en forma de cojín.

zara home
  • Zara Home.  FUNDA DE COJÍN BORDADO CARA  precio sin descuento   19,99 €   (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 

Seguimos pensando en el invierno

zara home
  • Zara Home. FUNDA DE COJÍN PELO  precio sin descuento   29,99 €   (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre)  


Aquí algunos de nuestros favoritos, que no son todos.

zara home

Des estética vintage, este juego de baño de lavabo es de metal.

zara home
  • Zara Home.  SET DE BAÑO METAL precio normal 9,99 € precio hoy  7,99 € 


  • Zara Home.   VELA CILINDRO MYSTIC SAFFRON de cera 100% vegetal precio normal  39,99 €  precio hoy 31,99 € 
zara home
zara home


Un mantel de lino disponible en seis colores.

zara home
  • Zara Home. MANTEL LINO LAVADO 59,99 €   precio sin descuento  (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 
  • Zara Home.  VAJILLA DE LOZA CON FLORES  precio sin descuento  4,99 €  - 5,99 €   (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 
  • Zara Home.  BAJOPLATO FORMA MARINA 15,99 €   precio sin descuento  (aplicable un 20% el sábado 5 de octubre) 

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Quedan pocas horas para las rebajas de Zara Home y esta es nuestra selección para llenar el carrito de la compra de básicos y/ o objetos de tendencia esta temporada

Zara Home adelanta las rebajas de algunos de sus artículos mas deseados

En H&M Home siguen de rebajas y muchos de sus artículos tienen hasta un 70% de descuento

La noticia Hoy puedes poner tu casa al día y prepararla para el invierno con lo nuevo de Zara Home al mejor precio (con el día con un 20% de descuento) fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


El mítico sofá de Friends llega a Madrid. Y además, lo hace con un fondo (y una compañía) espectacular


El mítico sofá de Friends llega a Madrid. Y además, lo hace con un fondo (y una compañía) espectacular

Piénsalo... ¿Cuántas veces has soñado con sentarte en ese sofá para tomarte un café capuccino  junto a Rachel, Ross o Phoebe?  Ahora, puedes hacerlo. Y aunque no sea el escenario del Central Perk, el escenario no está nada mal.

Porque para celebrar el 25 aniversario de Friends,  Warner Bros ha traído hasta la capital española este mítico sofá que tan buenos ratos nos ha dado a todos los fans de esta producción estadounidense.

Tras recorrer medio mundo, haciendo paradas en sitios como el Gran Cañón, Nueva York, Chicago, Londres, Roma, Berlín, Dubai, Sydney o Tokio, el sofá rojo de Friends llega hasta la capital española. 

Bueno, realmente, no es el mismo sofá. Exactamente, son 30 las réplicas de este mueble las que están viajando por Estados Unidos, Europa, Asia e Hispanoamérica. 

Sofá de Friends llega a Madrid

A Madrid, ha llegado para plantarse en un espacio mítico: el Palacio Real de Madrid. Y además de estar súper bien ubicado, también está muy bien acompañado, ya que junto al sofá se ha instalado también una de las meninas personalizadas que forman parte de las 'Meninas Madrid Gallery'.

Si te apetece pasarte por este rincón de Madrid para sentarte en el sofá y hacerte un selfie, tranquilo, tienes de tiempo hasta el 30 de noviembre. 

Más información | Warner Bros

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Matthew Perry pone a la venta su lujoso penthouse de Los Ángeles por 35 millones de dólares. Y las vistas son impresionantes

La noticia El mítico sofá de Friends llega a Madrid. Y además, lo hace con un fondo (y una compañía) espectacular fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Nacho Viñau Ena .


17 macetas ideales para decorar cualquier rincón de tu casa


17 macetas ideales para decorar cualquier rincón de tu casa

No hay minimalismo ni estilo decorativo alguno que reniegue de las plantas y sus correspondientes macetas.  Para que una casa esté completamente decorada tiene que tener plantas, aunque sean artificiales, que nos gustan mucho menos pero sabemos que no siempre se pueden mantener las plantas naturales en buen estado.

Si sientes que  le falta "algo" a algún rincón de tu casa, o si ves un poco triste tu casa; llenarlo con plantas puede ser la solución que estabas buscando

Para decorar un rincón con plantas puedes hacer hacer dos cosas. O colocar una bonita y gran planta que llene ella sola el rincón o crear un conjunto con varias plantas y macetas de distintos tamaños y altura (ayúdate de las macetas de pie), para que el rincón se llene de vida.


La ventaja de colocar un conjunto es que puedes aprovechar para introducir distintos materiales y texturas en las macetas que completarán la estancia

Porque si en las plantas hay variedad, en las macetas también. Solo cambiando las macetas de las plantas que os acompañan en casa , conseguirás de forma económica y eficaz de dar un nuevo aire a tu casa este otoño.

Por eso, hemos seleccionado algunas de tendencia para conseguir este efecto.


El ratán y el mimbre en el interior de las casa sigue estando muy de moda. Por eso, las cestas tradicionalmente empleadas en casa para guardar mantas o revistas han pasado también a cubrir las macetas.

La cesta más clásica tiene un precio imbatible en Amazon.

SODIAL Seagrass cesta de cesteria de mimbre plegable colgante maceta de flores maceta sucia de lavanderia cesto de almacenamiento cesta decoracion para el hogar tamano S

SODIAL Seagrass cesta de cesteria de mimbre plegable colgante maceta de flores maceta sucia de lavanderia cesto de almacenamiento cesta decoracion para el hogar tamano S

La misma cesta pero con la base en blanco. También está disponible con la base en otros colores.

Mallalah Cesta de Almacenamiento Cesta de Mimbre de Flor Cesta de Lavandería Plegable Trenzada Suciedad en Mango de Pasto Marino 3 Tamaños para Elegir (Blanco, S)

Mallalah Cesta de Almacenamiento Cesta de Mimbre de Flor Cesta de Lavandería Plegable Trenzada Suciedad en Mango de Pasto Marino 3 Tamaños para Elegir (Blanco, S)

Un poco más de "apresto" tienen las dos siguientes.

maceta cuerda

Maceta de cuerda 

Mkouo Cuerda de algodón Tejida Canasta de Plantas for 28cm Maceta de Flores Jardineras de Interior, 31cm x 31cm Organizador de la Cesta de Almacenamiento Decoración del hogar Moderno

Mkouo Cuerda de algodón Tejida Canasta de Plantas for 28cm Maceta de Flores Jardineras de Interior, 31cm x 31cm Organizador de la Cesta de Almacenamiento Decoración del hogar Moderno

DOKEHOM tela de cuerda de algodón de la canasta para 10 Inches macetas de piso de la olla de interior -11 Inches(D) x 11 Inches(H)- almacén cesta organizador Modern Home Decor (Marrón&Negro)

DOKEHOM tela de cuerda de algodón de la canasta para 10 Inches macetas de piso de la olla de interior -11 Inches(D) x 11 Inches(H)- almacén cesta organizador Modern Home Decor (Marrón&Negro)


Las macetas con piecero o con bases para colocarlas en distintas alturas permiten hacer composiciones entre varias plantas y sobre permiten hacer destacar un planta sin que sea de gran tamaño. 

Esta primera tiene todas las tendencias en una. Acabado terrazo, la curva de la maceta la altura de las patas y el toque rosa nude necesario para hacer de tu casa algo muy trendy.

Macetero largo de terrazo Hakuun, rosa y natural

Hakuun Macetero largo de terrazo Hakuun, rosa y natural

maceta pie claro
JYCRA Soporte para Plantas, soporte para macetas de flores de madera de mediados de siglo, estante para estante en maceta, para el hogar, sala de estar, jardín, balcón, decoración de la esquina

JYCRA Soporte para Plantas, soporte para macetas de flores de madera de mediados de siglo, estante para estante en maceta, para el hogar, sala de estar, jardín, balcón, decoración de la esquina

piecero metálicpo negro
Maceta con patas negro Corfú

Maceta con patas negro Corfú

Renfox Soporte para Plantas,Mediados de Siglo Soporte para Macetas Estantería de Flores/Plantas para Interiores 1pcs 8 Pulgadas/21cm (Planta y Maceta NO Incluidas)

Renfox Soporte para Plantas,Mediados de Siglo Soporte para Macetas Estantería de Flores/Plantas para Interiores 1pcs 8 Pulgadas/21cm (Planta y Maceta NO Incluidas)


El aspecto natural y un poco rústico  de la cerámica nos conecta con la tradición. Dar este toque tradicional, rústico o natural a través de pequeñas macetas es una gran idea.

macetaro barro
Macetero con patas Areca

Macetero con patas Areca

macetero cemento
Macetero Cemento gris claro

Macetero Cemento gris claro

Hmgoepprod 1
Maceta de cerámica

Maceta de cerámica

Hmgoepprod 3
Maceta pequeña de cerámica

Maceta pequeña de cerámica

Maceta de madera

Maceta de madera


Si lo que quieres es aportar un poco de glamour a tu casa estas opciones son  piezas pequeñas pero cargadas de estilo.

Hmgoepprod 5
Jarrón o maceta de cerámica

Jarrón o maceta de cerámica

Hmgoepprod 4
Macetero pequeño de cerámica

Macetero pequeño de cerámica

Hmgoepprod 2
Macetero pequeño

Macetero pequeño


Que iba a decir básicas,  pero que también están ahí para completar nuestro hogar, jardín o terraza, Porque lo de toda la vida también funciona sobre todo, si las pones en conjuntos o grupos.

maceta barro
Maceta de Barro de 23 cm de diámetro

Maceta de Barro de 23 cm de diámetro

maceta blanca
elho Soft Round Maceta Redonda, Blanco, 29,5x29,5x27,6 cm

elho Soft Round Maceta Redonda, Blanco, 29,5x29,5x27,6 cm

Imagen de portada MADE.COM

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Negro y cobre para tu cuarto de baño, diez accesorios para incluir los acabados tendencia para tu baño sin obras ni reformas

Amazon Prime Day 2019: las mejores ofertas en muebles y artículos de decoración de hoy (15 de julio)

Siguen las sorpresas en Zara Home con sus nuevos y sus extraordinarios muebles

La noticia 17 macetas ideales para decorar cualquier rincón de tu casa fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


El invierno para H&M Home es clásico y atemporal


El invierno para H&M Home es clásico y atemporal

H&M Home sigue definiendo su estilo en cada campaña. Un estilo que se inclina, la mayoría de las ocasiones, por las opciones más clásicas y que confirma a H&M Home como una de las mejores marcas para hacerse con textiles y accesorios de calidad a buen precio.

En este editorial recrean el ambiente de un hotel con camas vestidas en satén, lana y algodón orgánico. Un hotel que respira un inconfundible aires francés con suelos de espiga y espacios cargados de boiseries o molduras en suelos, techos y carpinterías. Los baños con mármoles de suelo a techo, son también el escenario en el que presentan las toallas y albornoces.

Los complementos diseñados para esta esta colección tienden a la vanguardia más opulenta. Parece que H&M Home no quiere que el dinero sea un impedimento para conseguir un ambiente sofisticado en casa. Nos lo demuestra cada temporada y en cada editorial. Hemos seleccionado los mejores accesorios para que consigas este look en casa, este invierno.


Muchos de los estampados de sus cojines y fundas tienen motivos ecuestres lo que los sitúa en un segmento más cercano al lujo.

Y para conseguir de confortable cama de hotel, es imprescindible que la cama sea alta y que esté esté vestida con un faldón o falda de cama. 

Dormitorio 1
Dormitorio 3
Hmgoepprod 8
Hmgoepprod 9
  • H&M Home.  Funda de almohada en satén 12,99 € 
Hmgoepprod 10
Hmgoepprod 11
  • H&M Home. Funda nórdica de algodón 59,99 € 


En el salón continúan los motivos ecuestres -cuadro del caballlo incluido- y los accesorios de mármol, ratán o porcelana.

Hmgoepprod 13
Hmgoepprod 15
Hmgoepprod 12
Hmgoepprod 14
Hmgoepprod 16
Hmgoepprod 17
Hmgoepprod 21


Toallas y accesorios también gana en sofisticación con la apuesta por los  colores oscuras como negros, calderas... y la mezcla con el terciopelo.

Bano Elegante
Hmgoepprod 18
Hmgoepprod 20

Imágenes H&M Home

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En H&M Home siguen de rebajas y muchos de sus artículos tienen hasta un 70% de descuento

H&M Home apuesta por los clásicos y los tejidos de calidad en su última colección

La noticia El invierno para H&M Home es clásico y atemporal fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


El reconocido artista y diseñador Marcel Wanders presenta en Madrid sus lámparas NIGHTBLOOM para Lladró


El reconocido artista y diseñador Marcel Wanders presenta en Madrid sus lámparas NIGHTBLOOM para Lladró

Delicada, orgánica y escultórica así es la lámpara Nightbloom diseñada por  Marcel Wanders para Lladró.

Lladró, la marca valenciana líder mundial en trabajos artísticos y decorativos con la porcelana, ha contado con la colaboración del reconocido diseñador de producto y de interiores Marcel Wanders para la elaboración de una colección de lámparas de porcelana blanca inspiradas en la forma en que los pétalos de una flor se mecen suavemente con la brisa. 

Esculpidas a mano con un sentido de fluidez natural, cada uno de los pétalos que dan forma a estas lámparas dan lugar a una creación artesanal única e irrepetible.  

Lladro Marcelwanders Marcel Wanders Ddt2019

El propio Marcel Wanders presentaba ayer la colección en Madrid de la que dice sentirse especialmente orgulloso.

"Trabajando con Lladró hemos combinado sus procesos artesanales únicos con nuestro objetivo de llevar el pasado al momento contemporáneo para crear algo exquisito y hermoso para el hogar",  afirmaba  Marcel Wanders. 

Lladro Marcelwanders Nightbloomfloorlamp Amb3 Ddt2019 2

El trabajo es tan delicdao que da a la porcelana una calidad etérea, como si los pétalos fueran de papel y pudieran moverse con el viento.

La colección Nightbloom incluye una lámpara de techo colgante, una lámpara de pie, una lámpara de mesa y una lámpara de pared o aplique.

Lladro Marcelwanders Nightbloomwalllamp Amb10ddt2019 2
Lladro Marcelwanders Nightbloomwalllamp Amb11 Ddt2019 3

Las lámparas proyectan un suave brillo dorado derivado de la calidad del material,  la porcelana. La delicada distribución de los pétalos y todos sus detalles se ven realzados a través de la luz central, una luz que se abre paso a través de los relieves tridimensionales de los pétalos.

Lladro Marcelwanders Nightbloomhanginglamp Ddt2019

Vía Lladró y Marcel Wanders 

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Las luminarias Tempo, un diseño ligero y atemporal gracias al led

Le Vita es el nombre de estas nuevas luminarias joya que hacen gala de formas delicadas y elegantes

Plusminius hecha con cintas, es la nueva luminaria de Vibia de espíritu joven y versatil

La noticia El reconocido artista y diseñador Marcel Wanders presenta en Madrid sus lámparas NIGHTBLOOM para Lladró fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Patricia Gubieda .


¿Quieres saber cuáles van a ser las tendencias deco de la temporada? El Corte Inglés presenta sus novedades


¿Quieres saber cuáles van a ser las tendencias deco de la temporada? El Corte Inglés presenta sus novedades

La nueva temporada ya está aquí, y con ella y recién presentadas, llegan todas las novedades de El Corte Inglés para la temporada otoño invierno 2019/2020. Una temporada en la que las triunfan las tendencias sofisticadas llenas de terciopelos, maderas, estampados florales o colores como el verde, el azul o el mostaza reinan sin discusión alguna. 

Una casa contemporánea

El Corte Inglés

Diseños simplificados y confortables, combinación de materiales como la madera, el acero o el cristal, y una paleta de colores neutra mezclada de forma sutil con azules, rojos o grises son los protagonistas del estilo contemporáneo. Un estilo que transmite serenidad y equilibrio. 

Cojines de terciopelo Velvet

Cojines de terciopelo Velvet

El acero es tendencia

El Corte Inglés novedades

El acero se vuelve omnipresente en los ambientes contemporáneos ya que es perfecto para dar un aspecto moderno y elegante. Puedes combinar los elementos de este material con muebles y textiles de colores neutros. 

Estantería de acero inoxidable

Estantería de acero inoxidable

Una combinación ganadora

El Corte Inglés

La mezcla de madera oscura, metal brillante y cristal es una combinación que va arrasar esta temporada. Aligera el espacio y aporta luminosidad.

Lámpara de techo Ofelia

Lámpara de techo Ofelia

Muebles nórdicos y sostenibles

Mueble nórdico El Corte Inglés

La sostenibilidad es un valor al alza. Y en las nuevas colecciones de El Corte Inglés para esta temporada hay piezas como la mesa Babylon, creación del danés Ebbe Gehi. La sostenibilidad y el diseño contemporáneo le ha hecho ganar numerosos premios internacionales. 

Mesa diseño nórdico

Mesa diseño nórdico

Estética industrial

El Corte Inglés estilo industrial

La estética industrial sigue siendo tendencia. Y no es que se resista a morir, es además, se renueva para volverse cálido y natural gracias al uso de materiales como la madera de roble americano en combinación con el hierro. 

Cama de roble americano

Cama de roble americano

Los cabeceros cobran protagonismo

El Corte Inglés

En algodón, en terciopelo, en piel... los cabeceros se han vuelto un elemento imprescindible en cualquier dormitorio que se diseñe al detalle. 

Colección Room. Diseño contemporáneo para la vida real

Room es la línea de muebles de estilo contemporáneo de El Corte Inglés. Una línea funcional, de líneas puras y con diseño de vanguardia ideal para integrarse en tu vida. 

El Corte Inglés
Consola de hierro Otta

Consola de hierro Otta

Línea room El Corte Inglés

New classic, un clásico renovado

El Corte Inglés

El estilo más clásico se renueva pero sin perder su esencia. Materiales nobles como la madera, diseños florales en los textiles, colores neutros, blanco roto, grises, azules, beige, verde pálido... una combinación que tiende a eliminar lo superfluo y que hace de la contención la mejor virtud. 

Butaca tapizada y orejera Marsella

Butaca tapizada y orejera Marsella

Lámparas de mesa con base de cerámica decorada

Lámparas El Corte Inglés

Con una piña, con motivos vegetales o animales... Las lámparas cobran nueva vida para dar ese toque especial que buscamos para nuestro hogar. 

Lámpara Pinneapple

Lámpara Pinneapple

El poder de las flores

Textiles florales El Corte Inglés

Los textiles nos ayudan a cambiar el aspecto de cualquier espacio de forma rápida y económica. Y los estampados florales siguen siendo un must have decorativo al que no podemos renunciar para dar un toque acogedor al espacio y crear volúmenes de una forma sencilla. 

Papel pintado a juego

Papel Pintado El Corte Inglés

Para coordinar un espacio, puedes forrar un bastidor con el mismo papel pintado que has utilizado en la pared para tener un elemento decorativo armónico y chic. 

El Corte Inglés tendencias
Papel pintado Colibrí

Papel pintado Colibrí


El Corte Inglés

Una tendencia atrevida y cosmopolita repleta de terciopelos, dorados, mármoles, azules y verdes profundos... Ideal para hedonistas que gustan disfrutar del lujo renovado y de las sensaciones táctiles.

Lámpara de techo Penélope

Lámpara de techo Penélope

El Corte Inglés
Mesa de centro Akola

Mesa de centro Akola

Más información | El Corte Inglés

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Cuento otoñal o las imágenes más bonitas del último editorial de H&M Home, repleto de interiores elegantes y románticos

Diseño contemporáneo, calidad y buen precio, así es la nueva línea Room de El Corte Inglés que estará disponible a partir de abril

El Corte Inglés presenta sus nuevas colecciones de decoración en la Vogue Fashion Night Out

La noticia ¿Quieres saber cuáles van a ser las tendencias deco de la temporada? El Corte Inglés presenta sus novedades fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Nacho Viñau Ena .


IKEA sigue profundizando en la realidad aumentada para que puedas ver cómo quedan sus muebles en tu hogar


IKEA sigue profundizando en la realidad aumentada para que puedas ver cómo quedan sus muebles en tu hogar

Si recordáis, la multinacional sueca lanzó en 2017 Ikea Place. Una revolucionaria aplicación que permitía colocar (literalmente) modelos a escala real de los productos de Ikea en nuestras casas.

Ahora, dos años después, Ikea actualiza esta aplicación con nuevas funcionalidades que combinan la inteligencia artificial y la realidad aumentada para obtener consejos para amueblar una casa basados en la combinación de datos, el contexto y los comportamientos. 

En esta sentido, para conseguir que esta aplicación sea más inspiradora y funcional, Ikea Place incluye como novedad ideas de diseño de interiores para inspirar a los usuarios y que puedan resolver sus dudas sobre mobiliario. 

Ikea Place

La aplicación nos permite así definir las áreas que queremos amueblar, ofreciendo recomendaciones únicas y relevantes basadas en las preferencias que has introducido y el conocimiento sobre mobiliario de IKEA.

Gracias a estas nuevas funcionalidades, con unos cuantos e intuitivos toques podremos amueblar toda una estancia con sus mesas, sillones o estanterías , obteniendo un aspecto 3D del resultado.

Además, también podemos utilizar la cámara del teléfono para enfocar cualquier mueble en cualquier lugar y descubrir al instante el producto de IKEA que más se le parece.


De momento puedes disfrutar de esta app en los dispositivos iOS compatibles (iPhone y iPad), mientras que si eres usuario de Android tendrás que esperar un poquito, ya que la aplicación estará disponible en breve. 

Unas mejoras que nos muestran como está cambiando el sistema de venta y asesoramiento en el ámbito de la decoración gracias a la tecnología y a la realidad aumentada. 

Más información | Ikea

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Symfonisk, la nueva apuesta de Ikea, en colaboración con Sonos, que nos propone el mejor sonido con el mejor diseño

Bajo consumo, silencio y seguridad, tres aspectos clave para persianas motorizadas

IKEA y Sonos presentan en el Salón del Mueble de Milán su (sonora) colección SYMFONISK

La noticia IKEA sigue profundizando en la realidad aumentada para que puedas ver cómo quedan sus muebles en tu hogar fue publicada originalmente en Decoesfera por Nacho Viñau Ena .


Instagram is removing the Following tab to cut down on creepers - CNET

Many users weren't aware of the feature.

theqoo: Instagram của Lee Hae In (Idol School)



Xin chào, mình là Lee Hae In. 
Cho đến tận bây giờ, mình vẫn đắn đo không biết nói và phản ứng với sự việc này như thế nào, vì mình không có công ty chủ quản. Mình không biết phải chia sẻ suy nghĩ ở đâu, nên cuối cùng đã chọn đăng lên đây. 

Đây không phải việc tích cực, nên mình càng đắn đo nhiều hơn, nhưng giờ mình không còn muốn chia sẻ thông qua bố hay một ai khác, mình muốn trực tiếp nói ra. Mình tin rằng việc kể chuyện thông qua truyền thông hay người quen ít nhiều sẽ gây ra hiểu lầm hay phóng đại. 

Bản thân mình không thể chắc chắn rằng có gian lận hay không, mình cũng không biết chuyện gian lận đó có ảnh hưởng tới cuộc đời mình không. Suốt một thời gian dài, mình cảm thấy cuộc đời không công bằng với tất cả mọi người, gác mọi chuyện sang một bên, được quảng bá trong một thời gian ngắn và gặp được các fan thì mình đã may mắn lắm rồi. Mình đã tự nhủ, Idol School là một cơ hội mà mình đã không may nên không có được. 

Mình tin cảnh sát sẽ điều tra và công bố sự thật. 

Về tranh cãi thi tuyển 3,000 người, đúng là họ yêu cầu mình không tham gia. Nếu staff nói mọi người đều tham gia, thì xin hỏi, họ có dám công khai clip ghi hình không? Ngày phát sóng và ngày chúng mình bắt đầu sống trong ký túc xá là hoàn toàn khác biệt. Mình sẽ chỉ nói lên những gì mình biết, còn cái gì là phỏng đoán mình sẽ không nói ra. 

Khi chúng mình tập Mr. Mr. trên Idol School, chúng mình trình diễn và nghĩ là các thí sinh cạnh tranh với nhau, nhưng cạnh tranh vị trí trên Produce 101 vậy. Nhưng vào ngày diễn thì luật chơi thay đổi thành cạnh tranh giữa các nhóm. Với Cattalena, đáng lẽ phải diễn live nhưng đội đối thủ lại hát nhép. Còn nhiệm vụ cuối cùng hôm phát sóng trực tiếp, khi chúng mình luyện tập cho bài hát mới, mình được một nhân viên nói rằng các staff không muốn nhận mình, và họ đã xin lỗi mình. 

Ngoài việc đó ra thì còn rất nhiều trường hợp họ yêu cầu thí sinh lắc lư theo nhạc nhưng thật ra không có bài nào được bật cả, còn phải khen nhạc hay, xoay vòng, mỉm cười, diễn như trong phim.

Không như họ đã nói, không phải toàn bộ 41 thí sinh đều được ký hợp đồng độc quyền, chỉ vài người thôi. Nếu nói tất cả đã ký hợp đồng thì cách nhanh nhất để dập tắt scandal là công khai bảng thu chi cho thấy họ đã chuyển tiền đặt cọc hợp đồng đi. 

Một ngày trước khi mình bị loại trên Idol School, staff đã đến gặp một vài thí sinh chắc là được chọn để ra mắt nhưng lại không muốn ra mắt và an ủi dỗ dành họ. Điều đó khiến mình nghĩa chắc mình sắp bị loại rồi, mình còn chuẩn bị cả bài phát biểu phòng trừ nữa, và sau khi chuẩn bị cho tiết mục ngày hôm đó, mình đã bước lên sân khấu với ý nghĩ đây là sân khấu cuối cùng của cuộc đời mình. Đúng như dự đoán, mình bị loại, ở hạng 11. Mình muốn hỏi người staff đã đưa mic cho mình: Tại sao họ lại yêu cầu người ở hạng 11 phát biểu mà không phải người ở hạng 10, trong cuộc thi chỉ lấy 9 người cao nhất? Mình muốn biết họ đã nghĩ gì khi quay cảnh mình và một thí sinh nữa. 

Như báo chí đã đưa tin, chúng mình không được ra khỏi Làng Anh ngữ Yangpyeong một ngày nào, từ tháng Năm cho tới ngày phát sóng cuối cùng. Mình nghĩ chế độ này, khác với Produce 101 (chúng mình chỉ ở ký túc xá một thời gian ngắn), có thể thực thi vì họ đã lấy đi điện thoại, và cũng chẳng có công ty chủ quản để bảo vệ thí sinh. 

Khoảng tháng một lần, chúng mình được đi mua những đồ thiết yếu tại Olive Young, và ngoài giờ cơm ra thì chẳng được ăn gì khác. Kể cả khi bạn lỡ mất một bữa ăn vì lỡ ngủ quên vì mệt, hay ốm, thì họ cũng không cho phép ra cửa hàng tiện lợi, nên đúng là chúng mình đã phải nhịn đói. Như tin tức đã nói, đúng là các thí sinh được phép đi học một hay hai lần một tháng sẽ giấu trộm đồ ăn vào quần áo để mang vào, nhưng rồi cũng bị staff lục soát người và lấy đi. Nhiệt độ của Yangpyeong rất khác với Seoul nên lạnh hơn nhiều. Càng gần đến ngày kết thúc thì càng nhiều bạn phản ứng để được đi khám, nhưng staff nói họ không thể cho chúng mình ra ngoài nên mỗi thí sinh được nhận một gói đồ duy nhất từ bố mẹ. 

Các bạn nghĩ rằng chúng mình chỉ bị lạnh và đói một chút thôi ư? Khi staff order đồ ăn hay ăn bánh trái, chúng mình hay lấy trộm những món đồ họ ăn thừa để ăn. Nhân quyền là thứ không tồn tại trong thời gian ghi hình. Hầu hết thí sinh đều là trẻ vị thành niên, vậy mà họ không giữ đúng luật ghi hình quá giờ giới nghiêm. Chúng mình mắc các bệnh ngoài da, suốt ngày chui trong những studio kín mít không cửa sổ, nhưng staff chỉ nói hãy ngủ đi. Chúng mình than phiền và than phiền mãi cho tới lúc được đổi ký túc xá, đó là lúc thí sinh nhận ra nếu không lên tiếng thì sẽ không có gì thay đổi cả. Thôi thì ít nhất chúng mình cũng được đi đến bệnh viện mà chúng mình chọn. 

Mình tin chuyện này xảy ra vì họ không có đủ người để quản lý từng ấy thí sinh. Nhưng điều đó không thay đổi được sự thật là họ không cung cấp đủ những nhu cầu thiết yếu của thí sinh trong ký túc xá, và chúng mình vẫn phải nhẫn nhịn. Suốt 5 tháng trời, chúng mình mất khái niệm thời gian, không được trả thù lao vì hồi đó luật chưa thay đổi. Chúng mình bị cầm tù, và người ta chỉ nói "Thì chính các cô đòi vào đó mà." Nhưng mình tin rằng, kể cả khi bạn đi làm ở một công ty mình ao ước, thì bạn cũng không đáng phải chịu đựng những chuyện vô lý. 

Sau tập cuối cùng, mình quá xấu hổ chẳng dám gặp bố mẹ hay đi tiệc kết thúc, nên mình đã gặp các giáo viên để tìm sự an ủi. Mình sụp xuống khóc vì bị loại, và thật sự điếng người khi một staff đến hỏi có thế thôi mà, có cần phải khóc không. 

Sau khi bị loại, mình yêu cầu hủy hợp đồng, và yêu cầu được biết sự thật đằng sau tranh cãi gian lận đang nổ ra lúc ấy. Phản hồi mà mình nhận được là, "Em đang là top tìm kiếm cơ mà, em mới là người thắng cuộc." Khi mình nói đã quá mệt mỏi và không muốn vào nhóm, họ hứa sẽ lập nhóm mới cho mình. Họ hỏi mình muốn đi show nào, họ sẽ cho mình đóng phim và tham gia những show mà họ trực tiếp liên hệ, họ sẽ không để mình chết mòn trong phòng tập, giờ cứ chuẩn bị trong nhóm đi nhưng sau này có thể hoạt động cá nhân. Khi mình ở cùng các thực tập sinh khác, những người mới vừa thực tập, họ còn nói mình là người duy nhất được hứa sẽ cho ra mắt, nếu các thực tập sinh khác chưa sẵn sàng thì mình được phép ra mắt solo. 

Họ nói phải lùi lịch ra mắt lại một chút để chuẩn bị cho màn nhảy của MAMA, mình cũng đồng ý. Nhưng sau MAMA, thời điểm lại không thích hợp lắm, họ nói nếu cứ tham gia nhiều chương trình thì công chúng sẽ ngán mình nên cũng đành nghe theo và tập trung luyện tập với các em khác với tư cách chị lớn nhất và trường nhóm. Nhìn báo đài nói Produce 48 sắp lên sóng, mình cũng muốn tham gia vì muốn hoạt động gì đó, nhưng công ty nói tốt nhất là không nên, vậy là mình tiếp tục đến công ty để tập luyện, với hi vọng vào cái màn ra mắt tháng 10 mà họ hứa. 

Có hai loại hợp đồng: thực tập sinh và nghệ sĩ. Với hợp đồng nghệ sĩ, có điều khoản bắt buộc hai bên phải thực hiện nghĩa vụ của mình, vì hợp đồng có liên quan tới kinh tế. Nếu biết trong suốt thời gian ký hợp đồng nghệ sĩ mình chỉ được làm thực tập sinh thì mình đã ký hợp đồng thực tập sinh từ đầu rồi. Nói là hoạt động nhưng mình chỉ được xuất hiện trên radio một lần, tham gia Tuần lễ Thời trang một lần, vậy mà công ty nói đã hậu thuẫn cho mình, không còn lời nào để bình luận. Khi mình nói không muốn tiếp tục nữa, ai ai cũng nhất định đòi giữ mình lại, mình yêu cầu gặp các cấp trên để hủy hợp đồng vào năm nay vì mình quá túng thiếu khi tháng 10 đã qua lâu rồi, không ai chịu gặp mình. 

Mình không phải chỉ xin rời công ty. Mình đã xin một định hướng, không cần chi tiết cũng được. Dự án ra mắt khi mình ký hợp đồng thì cũng gần kết thúc, mình muốn biết kế hoạch mới là gì. Nhưng họ nói hiện tại vẫn chưa có gì, để một nghệ sĩ mới như mình tự đứng thì không làm được gì, diễn xuất cũng không. Nên mình yêu cầu hai bên hủy hợp đồng vì họ không thực hiện đủ nghĩa vụ. Mình yêu cầu hủy vào tháng Hai, mãi đến 30/4 mới đi đến thống nhất, nhưng mãi đến gần đây mình mới nhận được bản thanh lý, sau khi gọi điện giục ngày này qua ngày khác. Đây là tờ giấy nhắn được đính vào thanh lý. ["Em đã rất nỗ lực. Công ty sẽ ủng hộ em từ xa."] Hàng năm trời đổi lấy một tờ giấy nhớ, trong lòng thật sự không tránh khỏi cảm thấy trống rỗi. Mình đã không muốn nói về chuyện đó, và nói ra cũng chỉ nhận thua thiệt. Nhưng không nói ra thì sẽ dẫn đến hiểu lầm và hối hận, nên mình đã đăng lên. Mình xin lỗi vì đã kể ra câu chuyện đáng buồn này. 

Mình đây, đã ký hợp đồng rồi mà vẫn không ra mắt được, nhưng cũng có người chẳng ký hợp đồng mà vẫn được ra mắt. Mình muốn nói rằng câu chuyện của mình cũng không thể sử dụng làm bằng chứng để nói rằng cso gian lận, hay dùng để phỏng đoán về ai đó. Những người như mình sao có thể biết được rằng có ai được chỉ định sẵn để ra mắt hay không. Chuyện duy nhất mình biết là 41 đứa bọn mình không phải là chọn ra từ 3,000 người. Mong mọi người không hiểu lầm. 


- Đâu còn chỉ là liên quan tới gian lận bìnhc họn, còn là vấn đề người trẻ bị các công ty lạm dụng 

- CJ phải bị trừng phạt và tước quyền tổ chức chương trình thử giọng, sống còn  ㅠㄷᆢ

- Uầy, CJ không chỉ gian lận mà còn hủy hoại cuộc đời của các thực tập sinh 

- CJ có phải là con người không?...... Đừng mang ước mơ của bọn trẻ ra làm trò đùa. 

- Mình đọc xong mà khóc luôn... Họ đã làm cái gì giấc mơ của mấy đứa trẻ vậy?

- Gì cơ...? Chuyện xảy ra ở Hàn Quốc luôn? Có còn nhân quyền không vậy?..

- Dudimemay CJ.... Lôi cuộc đời người khác ra làm trò chơi thế à 

- Làm tới mức như vậy rồi mà vẫn trơ trẽn không thấy có lỗi. Hãy trừng phạt bọn nó đi. 

- Một đài truyền hình không chỉ gian lận kết quả mà là còn hủy hoại cuộc sống của thí sinh

- Cạn ngôn, CJ = rắc rưởi... Tẩy chay CJ 

- Hae In, mình sẽ ủng hộ cậu. Dù cậu làm gì mình cũng sẽ ủng hộ   ㅠㅠㅠ

Credit: knetizen


«Как можно иметь такие а**ительные с*ськи?» Даша Астафьева во всей красе показала свой голый бюст

На своей странице в Instagram украинская секс-бомба, певица и актриса Даша Астафьева выложила несколько фотографий, на которых засветила свой огромный голый бюст, передает

"Champion du monde" : Meunier s’autotrolle sur Instagram, Mbappé lui porte le coup de grâce

"HORS-JEU - La demi-finale de la dernière Coupe du monde remportée par l’équipe de France contre son homologue belge n’a pas fini d’alimenter les chambrages. Dernier exemple en date avec Thomas Meunier et Kylian Mbappé ce lundi."

¿Cómo ser más productivo con Google?

Descubre cómo la tecnología de Google te puede hacer la vida más fácil e incluso ayudarte a aumentar tu productividad

La noticia ¿Cómo ser más productivo con Google? fue originalmente escrita en Tecnología 21.

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Gabrielle Union Is the Short Haircut Inspiration You Never Knew You Needed


Throughout the last two decades, fans of Gabrielle Union have replayed her iconic films, used products in her Flawless haircare line, and followed her via Instagram for her most striking beauty moments (which, lately, have featured cameos by daughter Kaavia Wade). Regarding the latter, the former East Compton Clover and America's Got Talent host has padded beauty mood boards everywhere with her hair looks, particularly her short hairstyles.

Her most memorable hair moments include her layered lob, choppy pixie cuts, and short bobs, which ultimately proved to be this year's most popular haircut among celebrities. Check out Union's best short hairstyles ahead.


Pausen från allt och resan till Gran Canaria

  Jag har fått massor av frågor kring resan i var på. Tanken var att skriva ihop något redan på plats. Men som jag skrev på instagram i fredags. Det blev en paus från allt. Inte alls planerad. Men otroligt välbehövlig. Att lägga bort allt vad instagram och facebook heter under nästan en hel vecka.…

Instagram testet Gruppen-Stories


Instagram testet ein neues Feature. Mit Gruppen-Storys kann das Teilen von Storys auf ausgewählte Gruppen begrenzt werden. Facebook hatte eine ähnliche Funktion zuvor eingestellt.

Facebook hatte eine Funktion, dank der die Veröffentlichung von Storys auf einen ausgewählten Nutzerkreis begrenzt werden konnte, Ende September eingestellt. Jetzt testet Facebook-Tochter Instagram die sogenannten Gruppen-Storys, wie Engadget berichtet. Ob und wann das neue Feature kommt, ist derzeit noch unklar. Entdeckt hatte den entsprechenden Code in der App die Programmiererin Jane Manchun ...

weiterlesen auf

Comment on Instagram launches a ‘creators’ account to encourage more… creation by Team Piper

The channel seems like a good idea for newer accounts and younger creators. On the other hand, the verification process isn’t very transparent. We ( @PipersPicksTV ) have been on the platform since nearly the beginning and have a young teen audience. We’ve brought this to IG’s attention many times b/c there are poser accounts out and fan accounts out there. Still not verified…9 or so years later. We hear a lot from others in the entertainment industry who have “purchased” verification (sometimes for a ridiculous sum of money) through people with inside connections at IG – some should have been verified anyway because they are celebrities. We’re still requesting every so often…all these years later.

Classic Cinema Magazine (Treasure Hunter's Report #14)


On this Episode of the Treasure Hunter's Report, Pastor J shows off some DVD finds at the Dollar General 50% off Sale. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Halloween Movie Giveaway --------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit daily for DVD and Blu-ray Reviews, articles, Entertainment News, Podcasts, Videos and More. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Classic Cinema Magazine on YouTube: ------------------------------------ Classic Cinema Magazine on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
Duration: 12:19
Tags: DVD  Dollar  General  Comedy  Scifi  Animation  TV  Movies  Tom  Hanks  


Google pensa all’acquisto di Firework, l’app rivale di TikTok - Corriere della Sera

  1. Google pensa all’acquisto di Firework, l’app rivale di TikTok  Corriere della Sera
  2. Google valuta di fare concorrenza a TikTok comprando Firework  HDblog
  3. Google interessata all'acquisto di Firework, rivale di Tik Tok  Agenzia ANSA
  4. “Creatività e divertimento”, così TikTok sfida Facebook e Instagram con numeri record e spaventa Zuckerberg  Business Insider Italia
  5. Il fenomeno TikTok spiegato ai meno giovani  HDblog
  6. Visualizza copertura completa su Google News


«Иранская Анджелина Джоли» попала за решетку за богохульство

Жительницу Ирана Сахар Табар, прославившуюся внешностью, схожей с жуткой версией Анджелины Джоли, арестовали в Тегеране. 22-летнюю иранку обвиняют в богохульстве, подстрекательстве молодежи к насилию и коррупции, обогащении незаконным путем и оскорблении исламского дресс-кода. Ее Instagram-аккаунт был удален.

Glenlivet Cocktail Capsules Served in Edible Seaweed Pods

Because once you pop (a Tide Pod) you can't stop (your taste is just forever changed), this is the Glenlivet Capsule Collection, three Glenlivet Private Reserve based cocktail recipes served in the edible seaweed based capsules created by sustainable packaging company Nootka. You just pop a pod in your mouth and bite. Then wince and agree one was enough. But let's not forget the most important part of the experience. "Instagram photos." How else is anybody going to know you got to try something they haven't? Keep going for a video about the booze pods.

Mom Crochets A Glow-In-The-Dark Xenomorph And Skeletor Costume For Son

 Cache These are a couple shots and videos of the glow-in-the-dark xenomorph and Skeletor costumes freehand crocheted (no pattern) by Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse for her son this Halloween (previously: her crocheted E.T., Predator, and Slimer costumes). Now these -- these are how you win a Halloween costume contest. I mean I assume, I've never actually won one. Bribing with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups didn't work though, I do know that. Keep going for the rest as well as BONUS Pennywise, Smurf, and garden gnome costumes (I think the garden gnome might actually be my favorite).

Organic Cotton Yoga Bra | Festival Fashion | Lingerie | Sexy Rave Top | Tribal Gypsy | Soft Cup Bralette | Burning Man | OFFRANDES by offrandes


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. Perfect for Yoga ! exercising or dancing

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“Papito”: Esposo de Sarita Sosa llama a José José

yimmy ortiz papito jose jose

El esposo de Sarita llama “Papito” a José José y causó indignación dentro de redes sociales. Durante el día de ayer, Yimmy Ortiz, hierno del ‘Príncipe de la canción’, dedicó unas cuantas palabras en una publicación de su cuenta de Instagram, la cual también fue compartida por Sarita Sosa en las historias de la misma […]

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Без заголовка


Это цитата сообщения Лада_Германовна Оригинальное сообщениеДвусторонняя шапка из пуха норки (длинный ворс).

Автор: Ирина spider_knit
ви1 (621x650, 318Kb)
Ог 55 см.

Плотность вязания:
10 х 10 см и 25 п х 37 р на спицах 3,5.

Связать крючком цепочку из воздушных петель (я набирала 130 петель) бросовой нитью. С обратной стороны цепочки поднять нитью бордового цвета 120 петель. Замкнуть вязание в круг, следя, чтоб был ровный, не перекрученный край.

Спицами 3 вязать 10 рядов, затем перейти на спицы 3,5 и вязать ещё 61 ряд.
Затем разделить вязание на 4 равные части (формируем клинья) маркёрами и приступить к убавкам.

Ряд с убавками вязать следующим образом:
1 лиц, 2 вместе лицевой с наклоном вправо, далее вязать лицевыми петлями, не довязывая 2 петли до маркёра, 2 петли вместе с наклоном влево.
Повторить ещё три раза.

Далее 5 рядов лицевыми петлями по кругу, 1 ряд с убавками, 4 ряда лицевыми петлями, 1 ряд с убавками, 3 ряда лицевыми петлями, 1 ряд с убавками, 2 ряда лицевыми петлями, 1 ряд с убавками, 1 ряд лицевыми, 1 ряд с убавками.
Продолжать вязать ряды с убавками до того момента, пока не останется в каждом клине по 4 петли, после этого провязать ряд по две петли вместе и стянуть макушку иглой.

Затем убрать цепочку, связанную крючком, петли переснять на круговые спицы 3. Вязать контрастным (розовым) цветом аналогично первой части бордового цвета, но на 4 ряда короче основную часть (вместо 61 вяжем 56 рядов).

После того, как шапка готова, необходимо провести вто.
Длина шапки получилась 28см.
Если Вы хотите более удлиненный вариант шапочки - свяжите при вязании по кругу (до убавок) бОльшее количество рядов лицевой глади.

Возможно, пригодится:
Норка длинноворсовая 98 % пух норки, 2 % шелк ,50 г - 350 м

К каждому мотку прилагается бобинка с дополнительной нитью. Рекомендуется соединить ее с основной нитью. Изделия, связанные таким образом, практически не деформируются и не выпадает ворс.

Состав дополнительной нити :
30% кашемир, 30% тенсел,
20% хлопок мерсиризованный,
20% стрейч нейлон

Длина - 360 м


Do It For The ‘Gram: How To Use Instagram To Build Your Brand And Get Leads


It seems like these days almost anyone can make money on Instagram. And it isn’t just influencers earning an income from sponsored ads or paid posts. Businesses, entrepreneurs and even real estate professionals can make money from the popular social…

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Instagram is Removing the Following Activity Tab


Instagram is removing the Following tab in the Activity Feed. It was launched in 2011. Since then, the Explore tab was created, and it became the best way to discover new content. That said, some people are going to be sad when the Following Tab disappears. Apparently, people were using it as a way to … Continue reading Instagram is Removing the Following Activity Tab

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Late-morning dance break


All we need is music, sweet music. Dancing around Temperance Fountain in Tompkins Square Park this morning.

Photo by Derek Berg.

Sunday's parting shot


Parishioners from St. Stanislaus on Seventh Street took part today in the annual Pulaski Day Parade ... float photo by Derek Berg...

Week in Grieview


[Photo on Astor Place yesterday by Derek Berg]

Posts this past week included...

More details on the city's new plan to keep East River park partially open during flood protection construction (Thursday)

The 29th annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is scheduled for Oct. 20 in East River Park (Tuesday)

August Laura is opening in the former Sidewalk space on Avenue A and 6th Street (Wednesday)

RIP Purushottam Goyal (Friday)

Not much left inside the once mysterious 84 2nd Ave. (Wednesday)

14th Street busway finally set to get moving (Thursday)

A petition to keep the 8-foot fence at Joseph C. Sauer Park on 12th Street (Friday)

Koko Wings spreading to 1st Avenue (Monday)

Hitchcocktober is back (Wednesday)

Report: Landlord alleges tenant using 7th Street townhouse for sex parties (Monday)

Longer hours now for Foxface on St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

[10th Street windows via riachung00]

New Herbal World has moved away from 14th Street (Monday)

Re-covering Cover Magazine at the Tompkins Square Library (Tuesday)

This week's NY See (Thursday)

Here then, the cantilevering condoplex on 4th Avenue and 10th Street (Tuesday)

After a late-summer hiatus, Tuesday Soup Night is back on at Ciao for Now (Tuesday)

At long last, the construction fence is coming down around the Tompkins Square Park playground (Friday)

Gem Spa expanding its product line (Tuesday)

Chi Snack Shop moves into the former Trash & Vaudeville space on St. Mark's Place (Friday)

Elsewhere nearby: the flagship Dean & Deluca is closed for now on Broadway and Prince (Wednesday)

The former Social Tees space on 5th Street is for rent (Monday) over at the Bowery Mural Wall... the intricate new work by Tomokazu Matsuyama, which took nearly two weeks to complete, was tagged the other day...

... and a worker was on the scene yesterday trying to clean off the graffiti...


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EVG Etc.: 14th Street survives day 1 of the busway; Timothée Chalamet gifts Tompkins Square Bagels on the red carpet


[Sax and the city on Broadway via Derek Berg]

• Plumber who helped rig gas line before deadly Second Avenue explosion testifies against landlord, others (Daily News)

• Day 1 of the 14th Street busway (amNY ... Gothamist ... Streetsblog ... previously on EVG)

• A cement truck tipped over at the Baruch Houses (The Post)

• Rep. Nydia Velasquez wants $32 billion from HUD to fix NYCHA (PIX 11)

• Italian-American history in the East Village (6sqft)

• An ad for the Ukrainian East Village restaurant on Second Avenue circa 1976 (Ephemeral New York)

• L+M Development lands $53 million refinance for the Niko East Village on Avenue D and Sixth Street (Commercial Observer ... previously on EVG)

• Timothée Chalamet hands out Tompkins Square Bagels on the red carpet (The Cut)

• Time to ban cars in Manhattan? (Curbed)

• The NYC '81 film series starts today with a lineup that includes "Downtown 81," "Escape From New York" and "Prince of the City" (Metrograph)

Avengers Instagram, texts, and game nights book 1

Fitzgirl22 / 1 page
What if you were another super soldier, but you had no memory about why? What if to protect you your parents had the doctors put The super soldier serum when you were born. then at age 3 you found out that not only were you a super solider, but yo...

Francesas promovem igualdade de gênero com criação de mictórios públicos femininos


Equipamento é semelhante ao mictório público masculino de três lugares e é usado em festivais de música e competições esportivas. Imagem do mictório feminino Reprodução Por que banheiros públicos femininos ainda são raros? Embora mictórios masculinos sejam comuns e facilmente encontrados pelas ruas das grandes cidades, locais exclusivos para mulheres urinarem em espaços públicos ainda são insuficientes ou até mesmo inexistentes. Com o objetivo de lutar contra essa desigualdade, mulheres da França se mobilizam e inovam em suas propostas com um simples objetivo: o direito das mulheres de fazerem xixi. Em comum entre todas as criadoras, situações que elas mesmas, como todas as mulheres, enfrentam no dia a dia. Filas imensas em banheiros femininos, em eventos como shows e festivais, ou a inexistência de mictórios públicos para mulheres nas ruas. “A situação é extremamente degradante para as mulheres, se a compararmos com a dos homens. Para começar, em qualquer lugar, eles têm banheiros exclusivos para fazer xixi. Além disso, a quantidade mictórios masculinos é imensa: eles estão por tudo!”, observa a arquiteta francesa Gina Perier. Trabalhando com instalações em um festival da Dinamarca, ela e o arquiteto dinamarquês Alexander Egebjerg tiveram a ideia de criar para as mulheres algo similar ao mictório público masculino de três lugares, comum pelas ruas de países europeus. Com o estudo da utilização de banheiros para homens nasceu o Lapee: um espaço protegido, ecológico, higiênico e exclusivamente feminino. Mictório feminino sendo usado durante uma corrida de rua Reprodução “Olhávamos para esse mictório masculino e pensávamos: precisamos encontrar sua versão feminina. Então, pegamos esse modelo e o adaptamos às mulheres. Ou seja, o fabricamos, o transportamos e o limpamos da mesma forma. A diferença é que o Lapee foi pensado para o corpo e a forma como as mulheres fazem xixi", salienta. Segundo Gina, a prioridade no momento da criação do Lapee foi a eficácia do mecanismo, de forma que as mulheres pudessem utilizá-lo de forma rápida. Cada mictório conta com três compartimentos sem porta e sem cobertura, com paredes de proteção de 1,65m. No centro de cada um deles, um sistema comum para evacuação da urina, ligado a um reservatório com capacidade de 1.100 litros. Um só propósito "Desenhamos um banheiro suficientemente íntimo unicamente para fazer xixi, não para outras finalidades. Cabe apenas uma usuária por vez em cada compartimento e o objetivo é utilizar esse espaço rapidamente. Fizemos a comparação durante um festival de música na Dinamarca nesse ano e chegamos à conclusão de que um Lapee é mais eficaz e utilizado mais rapidamente do que seis banheiros tradicionais", afirma a arquiteta. Além da Dinamarca, Lapee já está sendo utilizado em eventos na Noruega e na França. A empresa está sendo convocada não apenas para fornecer mictórios para festivais de música ou shows ao ar livre, mas também em competições esportivas. O próximo evento onde as mulheres poderão testar o mictório criado pela dupla franco-dinamarquesa é a Maratona de Toulouse, no sul da França, em 20 de outubro. A iniciativa deu certo: Gina e Alexander são frequentemente elogiados pelas parte das usuárias. "Recebemos muitas mensagens de reconhecimento por e-mail, Facebook, Instagram de mulheres que dizem que Lapee mudou a vida delas durante festivais, shows e outros eventos. Recentemente, na Meia Maratona de Copenhague, várias atletas vieram nos agradecer pessoalmente. No entanto, quando apresentamos o mecanismo a mulheres que não estão habituadas a esse tipo de eventos exteriores, a reação não é a mesma. É verdade que precisamos educá-las para acabar com o tabu em relação aos mictórios femininos", reconhece. Fila de espera dos banheiros femininos “Por que a fila de espera dos banheiros das mulheres é sempre a maior?”: com base nesse questionamento, Nathalie des Isnards resolveu conceber o madamePee, mictório para mulheres que vem sendo utilizado em grandes eventos exteriores na França. Adepta de grandes festivais de música frequentado por dezenas de milhares de pessoas, a jovem começou a se questionar porque chegava a passar até meia hora na fila de espera do banheiro feminino. Enquanto isso, seus amigos demoravam, em média, dois minutos para usar os mictórios masculinos. Foi durante um jogo de futebol em um estádio que Nathalie obteve a resposta para esse enigma. “Neste dia, a fila de espera dos homens estava imensa. Fiquei curiosa e fui olhar o que acontecia nos banheiros masculinos. Então percebi que não havia mictório, apenas banheiros fechados. Foi aí que me dei conta que a presença de um local de fácil acesso para fazer xixi fazia toda a diferença”, conta. Por isso, a prioridade de Nathalie no desenvolvimento de sua criação foi a rapidez para a utilização. Segundo ela, pesquisas mostram que o tempo de espera das mulheres nos banheiros públicos é 30 vezes maior do que o dos homens. A higiene do local foi outra característica essencial no desenvolvimento do madamePee. A porta de acesso do compartimento não tem fechadura, de forma que a mulher evite utilizar as mãos para entrar e sair. Já o vaso é maior, de forma que a usuária não precisa se agachar completamente, dimuindo o risco de contaminação de bactérias. Não há descarga, o que evita também o desperdício de água. Nathalie contabilizou o tempo médio de utilização do mecanismo e como o Lapee, o uso do madamePee também é seis vezes mais rápido do que banheiros públicos convencionais. Não é à toa que o mecanismo foi adotado em eventos importantes na França, como a Copa do Mundo de Futebol Feminino e célebres festivais de música, como o We Love Green e o Solidays, em Paris. “Meu objetivo principal era reduzir essa desigualdade que considero escandalosa. Eu ouvia com frequência que as mulheres enfrentam esse problema porque não podem fazer xixi em pé – isso não é verdade. O que acontece é que simplesmente não temos estruturas suficientemente adaptadas para nós”, resume a empreendedora. Mulheres fazem xixi em pé A francesa Magali Chailloleau é responsável pela criação do Pissedebout, primeiro urinol para mulheres inteiramente fabricado na França. À RFI, ela contou que a ideia de popularizar esse mecanismo que já existe há décadas começou em uma saída entre amigas, há alguns anos. Uma delas era adepta à utilização do urinol, chamado na França de "pisse-debout" (urinar em pé), o que fascinou o grupo e foi o ponto de partida para Magali. Tentada a experimentar o acessório, a jovem empreendedora se deparou com a dificuldade de encontrá-lo na França. Por isso, quando fundou a empresa, a ideia inicial era importar o urinol canadense. Com o sucesso nas vendas, Magali resolveu conceber seu próprio modelo, de forma ecorresponsável e em duas versões: descartável (feito de papel sem produtos químicos) e reutilizável (feito de bioplástico rígido). O mecanismo é simples: o urinol é posicionado diante da uretra, permitindo que a urina seja eliminada através de uma espécie de cano: uma ideia parece ter conquistado as francesas. Desde 2013, Magali contabiliza mais de 210 mil vendas do Pissedebout, que é comercializado por meio do site da empresa, mas também revendido em cerca de 250 estabelecimentos na França. "Cada vez que falo sobre o assunto publicamente, as mulheres são unânimes em afirmar que já tentaram fazer xixi em pé ou sentiram inveja do pai, do irmão, ou do companheiro, que podem urinar facilmente sem se agachar. Com o Pissedebout isso é possível", afirma. Entre as principais adeptas do Pissedebout, estão jovens que participam frequentemente de festivais de música e outros eventos ao ar livre, mulheres da terceira idade que têm dificuldade para se agachar e também pais e mães de meninas que ainda não conseguem usar o vaso sanitário sozinhas, além de pessoas transsexuais. "Essa é uma forma de facilitar a vida das mulheres e promover a igualdade também. Afinal, enquanto os mictórios masculinos são vistos como uma necessidade e estão por tudo, os banheiros públicos femininos são raros por serem encarados como um gasto extra para prefeituras", observa Magali. Segundo uma pesquisa realizada em 2013 na França, 87% das mulheres reconheceram que hesitam em utilizar banheiros públicos. Nove a cada dez francesas prefere não urinar fora de casa, um hábito que aumenta o risco de desenvolver infecções urinárias e cistites.

Empresa expõe foto de candidata a emprego em biquíni e diz: ‘Isso não te ajuda’


Emily Clow diz ter ficado chocada com a forma como a Kickass Mastermind lidou com a situação. A companhia diz que ela não foi eliminada do processo por causa de sua foto. Emily Clow ficou chocada com a forma como a Kickass Masterminds a expôs Arquivo pessoal Uma empresa do Texas (EUA) publicou uma foto de uma candidata a um emprego vestindo um maiô como um exemplo de como não concorrer a uma vaga. A empresa de marketing Kickass Masterminds postou a imagem tirada do Instagram de Emily Clow, de 24 anos, junto com conselhos sobre profissionalismo. "Não compartilhe suas mídias sociais com um empregador em potencial se for este o tipo de conteúdo", afirmou a companhia. O post da empresa dizia ainda: "Estamos procurando um profissional de marketing, não uma modelo de biquíni. Faça o que quiser em particular. Mas isso não te faz nenhum bem na busca por um emprego." Desde então, a Kickass colocou suas próprias contas em modo privado após receber "ameaças de morte e mensagens de assédio". Clow concorria a uma vaga na companhia porque "era uma empresa fundada por mulheres, parecia apoiar mulheres nos negócios e trabalhava com startups". Ela se disse chocada com sua exposição pública. Initial plugin text Clow disse que o formulário de inscrição pedia para identificar as contas do Instagram e/ou do Facebook do candidato. A empresa então sugeriu que Clow seguisse sua conta do Instagram, e foi assim que ela descobriu o post sobre ela. "Fiquei surpresa. Não sabia ao certo como reagir e demorei um pouco para processar o que havia acontecido." Clow afirma que decidiu entrar em contato com a empresa primeiro para dizer que havia tirado a foto do ar e apreciado seus conselhos. "Enviei um email logo depois com meu currículo, carta de apresentação e dizendo que esperava por uma resposta em breve. Pedi ainda para tirarem o post do ar e agradeci pela compreensão." A presidente da Kickass Mastermind, Sara Christensen, disse que isso foi feito assim que Clow solicitou. Mas a candidata afirma que teve de pedir várias vezes a remoção da postagem e acabou sendo bloqueada na rede social pela companhia. Ela então relatou sua situação no Instagram e no Twitter. "Fui objetificada hoje cedo por uma empresa por causa de uma foto minha de biquíni. Eles alegaram que isso não era 'profissional'. Eles publicaram a foto em sua conta no Instagram e me repreenderam. Ainda estou perplexa que a empresa tenha lidado com isso dessa maneira", escreveu Clow. Reações divergentes Houve diversas reações ao que ela contou. Um usuário do Twitter disse que não havia nada errado com o maiô que Clow estava usando, porque era a roupa apropriada para o ambiente em que estava. "A verificação de mídias sociais deve ser usada para encontrar conteúdo ofensivo. [Publicar uma foto] em um ambiente comum, vestindo roupas adequadas àquele ambiente, é literalmente o objetivo das mídias sociais #inteligenteeatraenteépossível #nuncaacontececomumhomem", escreveu Todd Cheney. Mas outro usuário disse que é uma prática comum empregadores visualizarem os perfis de mídia social dos candidatos para determinar sua adequação para as funções da vaga. "Sim, isso é errado, mas você deve saber que muitas empresas fazem isso, mas são inteligentes o suficiente para nunca falar a respeito. A mídia social já impediu muitas pessoas de conseguir um emprego", escreveu 2BePrepared. Um outro usuário achou que os dois lados haviam cometido erros. "Embora seja possível questionar se é sábio postar publicamente uma foto de biquíni nas redes e compartilhá-la com um potencial empregador, o maior problema aqui é o comportamento não profissional e inaceitável exibido pela empresa", disse KonTheTweeter. 'Ameaças de morte' Christensen disse que Clow "não foi eliminada por causa de seu perfil de mídia social". "Não houve nenhuma mensagem para ela dizendo que ela havia sido desqualificada. Tenho um e-mail dela ainda manifestando interesse na posição após a publicação." Mas a atitude da empresa teve repercussão negativa nas redes sociais. Algumas pessoas destacaram que há imagens nas próprias contas da empresa que mostravam funcionários em trajes de banho e roupas com palavrões. O site e as contas sociais da empresa foram excluídos ou colocados em modo privado. "Fizemos isso por causa de inúmeras ameaças de morte e milhares de mensagens de assédio que recebemos", diz Christensen. Clow afirma que, desde então, recebeu ofertas de "entrevistas e oportunidades" de outras empresas.

Hailey Bieber Reveals BREATHTAKING Wedding Dress — Which Has A Very Special Message To Justin!


Hailey Bieber brought high fashion to her nuptials! As we reported last month, Justin Bieber and the model got married again at the Montage Palmetto Bluff Hotel in Bluffton, South Carolina in front of 154 close friends and family. Related: Justin Bieber Shows Major Love For His Wifey On Instagram! On Monday on Instagram, […]

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Consider Napa’s Other Cab


It is a chilly, sunny February afternoon in Napa Valley.  Tasting rooms are packed and wine routes are busy, much busier than I remember from previous visits.

It’s been five years since my last visit to the region and just over a decade since I spent weekends roaming Napa’s wine routes while working on a nine-month project in the Bay Area.

Napa served as my introduction to wine a dozen years ago and the foundation of my initial wine education. Those early trips were largely about cabernet sauvignon, but today I’m in search of Napa’s other Cab — cabernet franc.

Cabernet sauvignon may be King of Napa Valley — 23,000 of the 43,000 acres of vines in the region are planted to the grape — but, over 30 grape varieties are being cultivated for wine across the region.

Among the other varieties thriving in vineyards across the Valley is cabernet franc, the ancient red grape of the right bank of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley where it’s grown for centuries (though recent genetic analysis indicates the grape originated in the Spanish País Vasco, Basque Country).  It’s also the genetic parent of cabernet sauvignon.

Often used to add bright aromatics to red blends, cabernet franc wines are lighter, juicier, softer, more perfumed and versatile than those made from its progeny.  

Two weeks before this trip, I organized a Napa BYOB dinner with friends to get reacquainted with wines of the region.

There were several exceptional cabernet sauvignons and chardonnays, a serviceable merlot and a seriously delicious ribolla gialla shared that evening, but it was a 2016 cabernet franc from Detert Family Vineyards that stole the evening.  

Aromatically charming and intense, a perfect blend of new world fruit and old world spice and earthy notes, the grapes for the Detert Cabernet Franc were grown in To Kalon, the iconic American vineyard.

To Kalon — Ancient Greek for ‘the highest beauty’ — is situated between Highway 29 and the edge of the Mayacamas mountains in western Oakville in the heart of Napa Valley.

Established in 1868 by Napa wine pioneer Hamilton Walker Crabb, To Kalon spans 678 acres today and is the source of Cabernet Sauvignon for some of the most prestigious and expensive American wines.

The origins of cabernet franc in Napa are opaque but one of the first plantings is thought to be seven decades ago in To Kalon. Planted along the northwestern edge of To Kalon in 1949, the seven acre plot has been farmed by the Deterts Family Vineyards team for six decades.

Like the cabernet sauvignons made from grapes grown in the gravelly soils of Ta Kalon, the complex and expressive Detert Cabernet Franc is one of the most acclaimed in Napa.

About 20 miles southeast of the Detert vineyard at To Kalon, cabernet franc is thriving in vineyards planted on Sugarloaf Mountain East in southeast Napa.  

Cabernet franc evangelist John Skupny, and his wife Tracey, founded Lang & Reed (the middle names of their two sons) in 1996 in St. Helena to focus on Napa’s other cabernet.   

The Skupnys left their careers in the restaurant industry in the midwest to move to Napa in 1980.  “We drank a lot of cab franc when we lived in the midwest working in the restaurant industry so we had an appreciation for the potential the grape and believed it could make excellent wines in Napa,” explained Skunpy.

“We made an experimental cab franc in 1993, started commercial production in 1996 and have made one every vintage since.”

In 2007, Napa viticulturist Bill Hill contacted Skupny about buying cab franc grown on Sugarloaf Mountain in southeast Napa.  “I’ve been working with cab franc in Napa so long I’m like an orphanage for it, growers often contact me about buying fruit,” said Skupny with a chuckle.

“I wasn’t looking for new fruit sources at that time but said I’d be interested in walking the vineyard.  Bill sent me a map and I noticed it was planted with the Entlav 214 clone that originated in the Loire Valley and thrives in cool sites like Sugarloaf Mountain east.”

In his over two decades of experience working with cabernet franc in Napa, Skupny has gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of site and clonal selection, “I’ve found Entlav 214 performs great here in cooler sites that drain well and are planted on the mid to upper benchlands.  Cab franc vines on Sugarloaf Mountain are planted just above the fog line on a 20% slope with southwest exposure which is why the wine is so expressive.”

Elizabeth Vianna, winemaker at Chimney Rock Vineyards who farms nearly four acres of cabernet franc in the Stags Leap District, is a big fan of the grape and feels it’s underrated but starting to get more deserved attention, “Cab Franc is a niche grape here [in Napa] but there is definitely a growing buzz around the grape as a varietal wine for sure.”    

Adding to cabernet franc’s appeal is the grape’s versatility as a varietal wine.

Winemaker Steve Matthiasson says, “Cab Franc is actually an adaptable variety, making more Cabernet Sauvignon-like wine planted up-valley where it’s warmer, and lighter more aromatic wines in the south part of the valley.  It can work on east or west exposures, but again, it’s a bit of a chameleon style-wise, and it will be riper and more powerful on the southwestern exposures, and more aromatic on the northeastern exposures.”

“Cab Francs from the cooler AVAs like Stags Leap express a brighter personality but it is thriving across the Valley because it’s so versatile,” said Vianna, who farms nearly four acres of Cabernet Franc in the Stags Leap District.

“In a blend, Cab Franc brings freshness and liveliness but has a lot to stay on it’s own as a varietal wine,” says Brian Kay, winemaker at Trefethen Family Vineyards, who farms just over five acres of the grape in the Oak Knoll District.

At $8,505 per ton in 2018, cabernet franc is the most expensive grape in the region (compared to $7,925/ton for Cabernet Sauvignon) but is often a serious bargain in bottle compared to the cabernet sauvignon. [Ref. 1]

Cabernet franc may not be the first cabernet that comes to mind when you think of Napa Valley and may always be in the shadow of its progeny, but these wines are compelling and worthy of a place at your table.

For a taste of Napa’s other Cab, seek out Cabernet Franc wines from Corison, Detert, Beringer, Cornerstone, PRIDE Mountain, Crocker & Star, and these producers:

Ref. 1: Price per ton as reported in the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service Grape Crush Report and Napa County Agricultural Crop Report (page 10).
Lang & Reed 2016 Two-Fourteen Cabernet Franc

Named for the Entav 214 clone, Two-Fourteen is 100% cabernet franc grown on the sloped hillside of Sugarloaf Mountain.  This is the only Cabernet Franc in the region made exclusively from the Entav 214 clone.  Medium-bodied and ruby in color, this wine pulls you in to the glass with aromas of red raspberry, blueberry and spice.  Energetic, revealing a complex range of flavors including raspberry, cherry, dried strawberry, tobacco leaf, violet and spice with hints of black olive on the edges. Lengthy dried herb and dark berry finish. Seriously delicious.

Matthiasson 2016 Cabernet Franc

Made from 100% Cabernet Franc from Matthiasson’s home vineyard in the western Oak Knoll District.  An aromatically charming Cabernet Franc from the restrained hand of winemaker, Steve Matthiasson; a bridge from new to old world.  Pale ruby in color, offering aromas of red fruits, spices and dried herbs followed by flavors of ripe plum, sage and mineral.  Mouthwatering acidity with a long herbaceous finish. A compelling expression of Cabernet Franc.

Trefethen 2016 Cabernet Franc

Founded in 1968, Trefethen is now managed managed by the third generation. Made 100% Cabernet Franc grown in Trefethen’s estate vineyard in the Oak Knoll District in southern Napa from vines planted in 2003. Aged 18 months in French oak (22% new).  Cab Franc offering notes of tobacco leaf, violets, dark cherry, and cranberry around a core of dried herbs.  Hints of toasty oak and black tea linger on the finish.

Chimney Rock 2014 Estate Cabernet Franc  

Made from 100% Cabernet Franc grown in the Chimney Rock estate vineyard in the Stags Leap District AVA in southern Napa Valley.  A robust and complex Cab Franc offering pronounced dark fruit, violets, baking spice, and leather aromas with savory notes lingering. Energetic and powerful in the mouth, revealing a range of dark berry and earthy flavors.  Ample acidity. Lengthy vanilla and blueberry notes on the finish.

Barnett 2016 Cabernet Franc

Made from grapes grown in Barnett’s estate vineyard on Spring Mountain in St. Helena at 1,800 feet in elevation, just above the fog line.  A complex and layered Cabernet Franc, offering ripe plum, tobacco leaf, pomegranate, and bright raspberry aromas; the 6% Merlot adds ripe blueberry and cocoa powder aromas on the edges.  Medium-bodied, the palate is expressive, full of dark fruits, cedar, violets, olive tapenade, framed by moderate tannins and a lively red acidity with mint tea on the finish.


A Virginia native, Frank Morgan founded nine years ago to chronicle his wine experiences and share stories of local wines and winegrowers. Morgan is the wine columnist for VA Growler Magazine.  He contributes to Piedmont Virginian Magazine, The Virginian-Pilot online, edibleDC, the wine site Snooth, and PBS.  He is the founder of Virginia Wine Chat, a monthly virtual tasting series featuring notable wines and winemakers.  He lives in the Coastal Virginia region with his wife and daughter.  Connect with him on Instagram:  /DrinkWhatYouLike


New moms: We can’t all just drop 100 pounds like Jessica Simpson

In late September, Jessica Simpson posted a divisive photo to Instagram. The 39-year-old, who gave birth to her third child in March, was looking slim in a form-fitting, belted black dress. “6 months. 100 pounds down (Yes, I tipped the scales at 240),” the caption read. “So proud to feel like myself again. Even when...

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Újabb tesztet indított az Instagram, ami rengeteg olyan hirdetőnek jól jöhet a jövőben, akik viselhető dolgokat árulnak. Bizonyos hirdetőknek már most elérhető a platform kierjesztett valósága (AR), amivel akár napszemüveget is próbálhatunk, de akár azt is megnézhetjük, hogy hogyan áll egy rúzs rajtunk. (Egyelőre ez a két termék elérhető online próbára.) A megoldás a Facebookon […]

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Comer mucho y moverte mucho es más efectivo a la hora de adelgazar que comer poco y no hacer ejercicio


Comer mucho y moverte mucho es más efectivo a la hora de adelgazar que comer poco y no hacer ejercicio

Cuando se trata de adelgazar, hemos escuchado consejos de todo tipo: hay que beber un vaso de agua con limón, no consumir carbohidratos de noche, saltarse comidas o restringir los alimentos que ingieres son algunos de ellos. En ocasiones estos consejos pueden ser útiles y en otros se tratan solo de mitos sobre el adelgazamiento.

Este tipo de consejos a veces lo único que consiguen es crearnos todavía más dudas. En esa categoría podríamos encontrar las dudas sobre si es suficiente con reducir las calorías que comemos aunque no hagamos ejercicio o si, por el contrario, podemos adelgazar comiendo mucho siempre que hagamos ejercicio y nos movamos. Una investigación reciente intenta aclarar esta duda.

Este estudio sugiere que entre las dos, la mejor opción es comer mucho siempre que luego lo gastemos. No es la primera vez que lo decimos, uno de los errores que podemos encontrar al intentar adelgazar es no incluir el ejercicio en nuestra rutina. Este estudio confirma esta idea.

Para llevar a cabo la investigación, utilizaron dos muestras independientes para comprobar si los resultados se replicaban. Una de las muestras se componía de 162 adolescentes - 82 mujeres y 80 hombres - , mientras que la otra se componía de 91 mujeres de entre 18 y 20 años. En ambas muestras, un bajo gasto de energía - aunque se consumieran pocas calorías - predecía un aumento futuro en la grasa corporal. Sin embargo, un flujo grande de energía - consumir más calorías, pero gastarlas - parecía evitar la ganancia de grasa.


La explicación, según estos investigadores sería que el consumir energía y luego gastarla estaba asociada con un mayor gasto metabólico en descanso.

La muestra de ambas investigaciones es muy pequeña y la variedad de la edad de los participantes tampoco es muy alta, lo que podría dificultar la extrapolación de los resultados a otras poblaciones. Otras investigaciones posteriores, encuentran también que los términos utilizados y definidos por estos investigadores no son del todo correctos, lo que también podría afectar a los resultados.

Otro de los problemas de esta investigación es que el tiempo durante el que se lleva a cabo es tan solo de dos semanas, lo que resulta un tiempo muy limitado y puede afectar a la validez de los resultados. En cualquier caso, y de confirmarse estos resultados con nuevas investigaciones, podría significar un cambio importante al abordar las dietas: en vez de dar tanta importancia a reducir la cantidad de calorías, se debería considerar la posibilidad de aumentar la ingesta de calorías, pero aumentar su gasto mediante actividad física y ejercicio.

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[FOTO] Hasta la FIFA felicitó a Esteban Paredes por su récord


El máximo ente del fútbol publicó una imagen del jugador del Cacique. El goleador de Colo Colo anotó ante Universidad de Chile su gol 216 en el torneo nacional, algo que causó impacto no solo en nuestro país. A través de su cuenta de Instagram, la FIFA felicitó al capitán albo por su logro. "¡Felicitaciones […]

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12 syytä, miksi ihmisiä ei pitäisi päästää sosiaaliseen mediaan

Nämä teot ärsyttävät monia. Sosiaalinen media pursuaa erilaista sisältöä, mutta osa niistä saa ihmiset näkemään punaista. Popsugar kävi läpi ärsyttävimpiä asioita, joita ihmiset julkaisevat niin Facebookissa, Twitterissä kuin Instagramissa. Alla 12 pahinta ”nettirikosta”. 1. Arvoitukselliset viestit surullisuuden tai masennuksen tunteista Ihmiset usein kysyvät, mikä on hätänä, johon päivityksen tehnyt tyytyy tokaisemaan: ”En halua puhua siitä.” […]

Otis the pug is stolen. Otis the pug is found. A homeless man refuses the $15K reward. And then things get weird.

Otis the pug is stolen. Otis the pug is found. A homeless man refuses the $15K reward. And then things get weird.

Video footage points to inside job in theft of Otis the pug, a dog with 25K Instagram followers Steve — we’ll call him Steve — sits on the new, two-ton, intentionally uncomfortable stone bench at the 16th Street BART Plaza meant to frustrate homeless sleepers. He takes a drag off his cigarette. The whole world […]

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Full-Time Digital Marketing Associate - Tick Performance - Mount Airy, NC

Must be up to date with current social media trends across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. We are an Equal Opportunity employer.
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Top 8 Best WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Of 2017: Must Try Them


Millions of people are using WhatsApp these days. It is as popular as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With millions of users, we can presume that most of the people at least use it once in a day. And everybody thinks that they know everything about WhatsApp. Maybe some of them do. But most of the […]

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For standard displays, please watch the SDR-Version:

MAGIC FLUIDS focuses on the development of traditional fluid art and color pouring methods for video on the macro scale. The challenge for me was to minimize randomness and to really get control over the fluids in terms of form, speed and direction. I ran R&D for a few month and poured several hundred sheets of paper with paint to finally get a handful of stable methods. This is a very clean style with an almost graphic CG-look, but all properties of real organic visuals. Almost all effects you see in this video were created in camera. The only thing I added in post was lightning on a few shots.

The most important thing for me was to create a practical effect where a color appears from nothing on a totally black canvas and expands to all sides. To achieve this, I made use of a layering technique by stacking paints with different densities and blend them with a flow release medium. Over time, the lower layer breaches the upper layer and starts to float on top. You cannot tell exactly where the top layer will breach, but you have a few seconds to reframe as you see the bottom layer shimmering through.

Another issue I wanted to solve for years was color separation when using marbling techniques. To get clean separation and fast motion at the same time, I worked out a method with printer refill inks and a set of different base mediums to mix each color with. You can see the results in the second part of MAGIC FLUIDS.

Finally, the colors. I decided to limit myself to cyan, magenta and yellow and to get rid of any glitter and metallic this time. In the first part of the video, the edit shuffles back an forth between mono-chromatic and multi-colored scenes several times, because I wanted to establish all the 3 primaries and emphasize their impact when they blend to the full spectrum CMY/RGB. You never can tell to what hue the mixture finally shifts, but I saw pretty much all colors I could think of during these shoots.

Available in 4K 60fps HDR.

Music licensed via themusicbed: Alexander Lewis - Forward

Terracollage // Experimental Fluid Art and Macro Cinematography // Stock Footage // Licensing // Production // 8K // HDR

Cast: Roman De Giuli

Tags: 8k, hdr, 60fps, macro, colors, paint, ink, colorful, roman de giuli, terracollage, acrylic paint, stock footage, fluid art, fluid artist and fluids


How Much Does It Cost To Make A Mobile App: Read It Before You Start To Build One


It’s actually a trend going on in these days that people are making apps because they think it’s the easiest way to become rich rather than doing other start ups. If you are thinking you will create apps like Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat  without giving your much time and money, then I must say STOP […]

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Leica France leaked pictures of the new Leica SL2 mirrorless camera on Instagram


Leica France posted on their Instagram story several pictures of the upcoming Leica SL2 camera (see the previously leaked SL2 pictures here): The photographer using the camera is Fred Mortagne: The new SL2 will have a 47MP CMOS sensor, new "CINE mode" and 4k video. The SL2 will have Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and will be compatible with Leica […]

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Top 10 Cool Instagram Tips And Tricks You Probably Don’t Know


Millions of people are using Instagram app and the website. This app got huge success in a very short period of time. It is one of the best pics or photo sharing websites in the world. It is well known that Facebook own Instagram and they are providing the best and amazing features in this […]

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Calendário 2020

Serão 22 corridas na temporada que vem!

As novidades ficando por onta do GP do Vietnã e da Holanda.

Beijinhos, Ludy

Kimi e Robin andando de kart

Que coisa mais linda isto!!!! Kimi e Robin andando de kart juntos!!! Rianna dando a bandeirada para os dois, Minttu filmando tudo!!! Realmente, é coisa de família! #amoooo

Ver essa foto no Instagram

Uma publicação compartilhada por Kimi Räikkönen (@kimimatiasraikkonen) em

Beijinhos, Ludy

Que foto!!!


Beijinhos, Ludy

Na Alemanha

Este fim de semana temos JB em ação na Alemanha.

Beijinhos, Ludy

How To Reset Password On Windows: Best Methods You Need To Know


It’s actually the casual thing that you forgot your password. I mean there are so many accounts which people use like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. It is not easy to remember each and every password of every account unless you put the same password for every account. But resetting your password on those accounts […]

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How To Get Endless Active Twitter Followers By Using Tweepi App: Must Try This Trick


There are 500 million active users on the Twitter. I never gave as much importance to the twitter as I gave to Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. I always thought that why people use twitter so much? But recently, I noticed its importance and realized that it is a great platform to share your thoughts and […]

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Favourite Celeb Instagram Photos


BBNaija Star Cindy Okafor Celebrates 200K Followers And Thanks Those Who Voted For Winner Mercy...

Cindy is celebrating 200k people following her on Instagram..... She also thanked those who voted for her friend and former housemate Mercy,winner of Big brother Naija..... Cindy Cindy,the one who facilitated the

Meet Biggy Pop, the Cockatoo Star of Iggy Pop's New Instagram Account

Iggy Pop’s cockatoo has over 56,000 followers. Continue reading…

10/7/2019: ENTERTAINMENT: Travis Scott slams cheating rumours


Travis Scott has broken his silence following his split from Kylie Jenner to address rumours he cheated on her. The rapper took to his Instagram stories to tackle the infidelity reports head-on and assured fans the gossip wasn’t true. “It’s really...

Line Cook - The Cheesecake Factory - Escondido, CA

The person with an Instagram or Facebook feed filled with pictures of your culinary masterpieces. When you step inside of The Cheesecake Factory, you’re…
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If you open a space, they will come to you, they will shift

Captain Sparkle leans into my guest
I wanted to write about this before I get swept up in the next days of the annual event [on Saturday]. Some beautiful encounters took place in the last couple days. I can say this is a daily thing here, but sometimes even I am reminded of the intuitive skills of nature and animals [and humans if we can recognize it and practice it].

Yesterday friends came to visit for the morning all the way from Oregon. It was so great to take time with them, since they knew Apifera out west from the onset, and actually delivered several Misfits to me to help out, including goats and dear sweet Hughie. But what was even more special for me was to see how some of the animals responded to the visit. I was surprised but also delighted that of all the current animals, I never thought Captain Sparkle would show such camaraderie with a guest. I've only had him out with strangers once as you know, and he did fine, but was a bit sidetracked since we were in a strange place. So when we stepped into his paddock where he lives with Arlo and The Teapot, we we all so happy to see that he almost immediately went up to my friend Lisa and leaned into her. He was so quiet and calm, and even started napping. He stood there the entire time. I felt a real shift in him in the last week or so. I think he definitely understands now that he is safe, and that I am the leader and protector against the boss pants, aka The Teapot. Captain Sparkle just swept me away on this visit, and I knew that in time, this little chap will evolve his purpose here, and get great reciprocal healing from it.

There was also an exciting–for me–shift with Harry. We went into the new barn addition to hang out with the donkeys and Harry, and we probably stood there for a half hour or more chatting. Within time, Harry started coming over to me. Harry is not scared or mean, he is still just ungrounded here, but he has begun to recognize my role here. My friend noticed he was paying close attention to me [wow, someone really listens to me].

It dawned on me that the way to put this into that when we give the animals space, they can feel comfortable making their own intuitive response. If you back a horse into a corner and he doesn't trust you, it's dangerous and scary for the horse; if you give that horse space to understand the situation, he responds more calmly. 

I realized that having some people there that I was focused on, allowed Harry to feel more open to

It was a shift.

And then this morning a heart in throat encounter. Many of you who follow along know the beautiful story of friendship between The Goose and Birdie the llama. He was with her through it all. And you know that The Goose seems to gravitate to those in need. I do not take his skill lightly. We all know that Else is very old and crippled and this morning when I came back from the outer barn, she had brought herself outside to sun, without my help. I squatted down to take a photo as Opie stood near her. And in seconds, The Goose came over to make sure things were as they should be. He preened her some, but not a lot, circled her, and they tilted their heads together for seconds.

The Goose checks on old Else

My friend Lisa gets a surprise visit from Harry


I'm scattered...bare with me...Uno shows me the way


One week and it is our main annual event Misfit Love Day [Saturday October 5th, 11-3]. I am officially entering the all systems go and too many ideas and thoughts in my head stage of the pre-week-event. So bare with me if my posts are off until then...I am now torturing myself daily by watching weather forecast [which looks good at this point] and making lists and leaving the lists in various parts of the house which causes me to rewrite the lists. It's just the way I do it, it always seems to work out.

This year we have a very different mix of Misfits from last year. We have the two older llamas who are shier and more reserved and I have gone back and forth on how to arrange my paddocks for the day. The goats and donkeys will once again be out mingling with the people, the guests love that. Hopefully Ollie won't be too enthusiastic with love, as he is much taller now but he loves people. Earnest will be addressing guests from his private hut. Uno and the pigs will be in the paddock so people can meet them-with The Goose, which should be interesting. I could not have Goose out wandering, I know he'd be concerned with strangers coming and going and he'd try to protect me and everyone living creature. And the ponies will be with White Dog. I hate having to stall Marcella away, it really makes me sad-she is such a part of my daily life and we are a team, but she is too territorial which is her job and it would be hard on her, and me, and also could lead to problems-it would be her job to protect. So she has a place int he barn she is used to going, and sleeps there too and it will be fine. I have figured out a way to let Harry and Arlo partake in a way that won't give them too much stress. I want Harry to be part of the event, but he is still new here and I am not going to overwhelm the poor chap. I'll let you see how it works out with photos after the event.

I have some other things up my sleeve I'm trying this year.

Martyn said to me this afternoon as he saw me staring out into the field, "I can see the wheels turning."

So, I try to work hard and fast each day, and then take a cue from Uno, when it is time to go to bed, go to bed.

I hope I see some of you at the event. If you can't make it, please feel free to send us a donation if you like what we are doing for animal and human.

Marshall Applewhite ⚡️ A 5 Mag Mix 86 von 5 Magazine

&quot;If EDM is drug music, Marshall Applewhite is the anti-drug.&quot; This is the latest 5 Mag Mix. ? ? ? ? FOLLOW MARSHALL APPLEWHITE ? ? ? ? ? ? FOLLOW 5 MAG ? ? ? Everything:

Ildes &amp; Findike - I Fly With My Dreams (Original Mix) (Work in Progress) von Findike

Work in Progress Collaboration Artist Support IIldes Findike

Paranoia Original Mix [Free Download] [Mastered] von Findike

Findike - Paranoia Original Mix [Free Download] 2019 Dear friends, I am releasing this work for you free DL Please support for my social pages! Kind Regards Findike

С первым снегом, страна! Вот такая вот осень

Фото: oskoloc_lda / InstagramСиноптики обещали снег в выходные и в ночь на понедельник - прогнозы сбылись. Несмотря на то что потепление все же вернется, напоминаем: зима близко.


Осеннее настроение и рисованный океанариум. Топ-10 снимков Минска в Instagram за неделю

Фото:Мы продолжаем отбирать ваши лучшие фото из Instagram, которые сделаны в столице за неделю.


«Если б мы были мэрами». Марк против школьной формы, Глеб за лоукосты, а их мама «топит» за свободный центр

Фото: @servis_brest,Мама мальчишек Катя хочет сделать Брест белорусским Страсбургом. Как думаете, у нее были бы шансы?


Social media: Stop blocking us!


I now make my living by releasing short videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I assumed you who subscribed to my feed or became Facebook "friends" would receive that video every Tuesday. Wrong! Turns out social media companies send our posts to only some of our friends. (That's why I ask for your email…

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Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread

Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread

Climate change activist. Teenage environmental superstar. Fighter for climate justice. The face of the youth movement against global warming. These are only a few of the compliments that 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has received over the years. However, some people either disagree with her message or the way she presents it. Some of these people are civil about it, while others lash out at her online.

Nevertheless, Greta’s used to getting on the wrong side of some people and she’s tougher than she looks. So rather than falling to pieces from some angry comments after her speech at the recent UN Climate Change Summit, Greta decided to hit back at her critics in a viral Twitter thread.

More info: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread

Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread

Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread

Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread

Here is how people reacted:

Teenager Activist Greta Thunberg Roasted Her Critics In A Viral Twitter Thread