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14 Patterns of Biophilic Design (Gorgeous Infographic!)

First things first, you are probably asking, “What is Biophilic Design?!” I don’t blame you, I was asking the same question when this beautiful infographic was sent to me. I thought… Cool, but what is it?! Turns out it’s my exact aesthetic – it just never had a name before! Biophilic Design is a style...

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QROPS: Getting Started With A UK Pension Transfer


An infographic with the top 5 important steps to getting started with transferring your UK pension to a QROPS. Follow our steps for a smooth process. is a post by Jeremy.

Creating an Agile Workplace


In this infographic you'll learn:

  • What your agile workplace should look like
  • Tips for creating an engaging and desirable work culture
  • How you can become an agile workplace

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The Rising Trend of Drug – Parents Need to be Aware – Infographic


Drugs are never considered safe and good for anyone. It is true to say that people who become drug addicts hardly return to the normal and original lives. That is why drugs are always discouraged. But it has been seen that the use of drugs is increasing. It is not just about one particular country […]

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Infographic: Should You Work For Yourself?


Most of us working in MNC at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, it is natural to think about quitting the job after some times and starting out your own. But most of us thought it in only dream, we prefer a monthly paycheck rather than taking a risk of own business. However, if you want […]

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Infographic: How The Internet Works – Explained


Thousands of people are getting connected with internet connections daily. Millions of people use the internet without knowing “how the internet works.” We surf many sites daily, downloads software, play online game, interact with different people, share file and documents and many more things. Many people don’t know, how the internet works? Most of non-technical […]

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20 Things Killed By The Internet And Technology: Infographic


We all know that the internet has changed our life. The internet has made our world smaller, also it changed communication sources. It allows to share information with friend and around the world with very easily. It’s also to keep in touch with friends, family and colleague. The internet also helped kill many things. The […]

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7 Amazing Infographics Of Social Media That Will Blow Your Mind: Must See them


Believe it or not, Infographics are the best way to show a large amount of data or any knowledge to the viewer. People don’t have time to read. There is an overload of information on the internet. That’s why internet users don’t find relief. But with Infographics, user can make wonderful mix of key data […]

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JSC Result 2019 | Junior School Certificate Result

JSC Result 2019 which is called as Junior School Certificate Exam under Education Board Bangladesh will be published on 30th December 2019. JSC result will fully be published through online Result gateways of Education Board Bangladesh. JSC result 2019 website may open at the delay for excessive traffic to the Education board’s official website

    We will instruct you to get JSC Result 2019 in Bangladesh for all Education Boards. We are giving here some alternative website addresses to get JSC 2019 examination results easily online in Bangladesh. Sometimes website gets down for a moment on the day of JSC/JDC result published. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you to the alternative JSC result website links.

    JSC Result 2019 of Bangladesh

    JSC Result 2019 of Bangladesh all checking method is here. Running year Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam was started over Bangladesh on November 1st and finished on November 18th. On the result day, all examine are able to collect their JSC result after 12:00 PM with a full mark sheet. You may also check JSC Result 2019 Published date.

    According to the education board's press conference, This year 26,70,333 students were attended on Junior school certificate exam this year under the nine general education board. This is the highest attendance rate all over. After completing the exam, The JSC Exam Result is the knocking door.

    JSC Result 2019 of Bangladesh

    JSC Exam Result 2019 Overview

    This year near about 26,70,333 students are participate JSC exam. So all of the candidates and their parents are waiting to collect JSC exam result 2019 with marksheet. This year JSC examination started from 1st November to 18th November. After the end of the exam, there are more times on students' hands. They are looking for their JSC Result on the 3rd Week of December. But there is No way to collect the JSC exam result before Education Board announced officially.
    OrganizationEducation Board of Bangladesh
    Name of the ExamJunior School Certificate (JSC)
    JSC Exam Dates1st November 2019 to 18th November 2019
    JSC Result 2019 Date30th December 2019
    Total Candidates66,70,333
    If you're searching for the JSC Result publish date, then you check to collect the correct and right time of the JSC exam result publish.

    JSC Result 2019 Published Date

    The result will be published in the last week of December. Recently Education board's CEO Jaynal Abedin confirmed the JSC Result published to date on 30th December 2019. We know you are waiting for a long to get this JSC junior school certificate examination result in 2019. This year will provide PSC, EBT, JSC, JDC examination results in Bangladesh frequently with the help of Education Board Bangladesh.

    You can bookmark this website to get PSC and JSC related to all information in one place online. On the result publish day, Firstly education minister hand over the full result sheet on the prime minister. Then prime mister officially declares the JSC Result with a video conference. After that, all results found in every respective school and institute.

    How to find JSC Result in 2019 (New way)?

    Junior School Certificate (JSC) exam will be start from 1st November 2019 and that routine, schedule, and timetable also published by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education. Now, this is the time to find and recheck your JSC Result. There are two popular ways available to check the following result.
    • Mobile SMS
    • Online Internet

    JSC Result 2019 along the Internet

    The most popular way for getting JSC Result 2019 by Online for all education boards as well as Dhaka board. Its most favorite way of all students. Because students can get their results with marksheet. Here is the full process for getting your Dhaka Education Board JSC Exam Result. JSC Result Dhaka Board by the Internet is the main role of getting the Dhaka Education Board Junior School Certificate Result Instantly, within the 1 minutes of publishing the JSC Result BD By Ministry of Education board Bangladesh Computer center.
    JSC Result 2019 Marksheet Download

    JSC Result Marksheet Download

    Do you know how to get JSC Result 2019 through with full Marksheet? Well, There is the best website for instant marksheet download. is a public and open-source website of Bangladesh education board. Any student can easily collect their result on this website. Now I'm showing you how to get your JSC Result and JDC Exam Result through board results.

    It is essential to know; the exam takes for knowing or measured for the depth of knowledge. But, if anyone passed by the leaked question, they have the only certificate but their feature will be darkness. So, we should not try to buy a question by thinking about our features.

    To Collect JSC Result 2019 Marksheet by eBoard Results. Firstly go to the following link and follow all steps.
    • Step1: Select JSC/JDC/Equivalent from "Examination" menu.
    • Step2: Now select 2019 from the "Year" menu.
    • Step3: Select your Education board name.
    • Step4: Type your JSC Roll number
    • Step5: Type your JSC Registration Number (Here it is optional).
    • Step6: Type the Security Key and hit Get Result Button.
    • Step7: You're Done.
      If you can follow the above steps correctly, then you will appear on another page with your result. Then you can print the JSC Result Marksheet.

      2019 JSC Result SMS Technique

      It is very easy to check JSC Result 2019 by SMS. Every examines may check their results through mobile SMS. I repeat You can quickly check your result by using Teletalk SIM. Now follow below SMS format and send a message.
      JSC<space>DHA<space>JSC_ROLL_NO<space>2019 send to 16222 number.
      In the above JSC is your examination name, DHA is an example 1st three letters of the education board name. If you don't know your education board 1st three letters, then collect it from below. Then your JSC Roll Number and 2019 is the passing year. The destination number is 16222.

      JSC Exam Short Code for All Boards

        • DHA = Dhaka Education Board
        • CHI = Chittagong Education Board
        • COM = Comilla Education Board
        • RAJ = Rajshahi Education Board
        • SYL = Sylhet Education Board
        • BAR = Barisal Education Board
        • DIN = Dinajpur Education Board
        • JES = Jessore Education Board
        • MAD = Madrasah Education Board

        JSC Result's 2019 Android Apps

        It is a common question at all JSC examine how to get JSC Exam Result via Android apps. Don't worry, Here I'm showing you how to use this android apps for getting your JSC Result 2019. Firstly you have to need to Download the "Education Board Results" in official apps from Google Play Store.
        • Once download the apps then open it.
        • Then select your examination as JSC and also select your correct education board name.
        • Then type Passing year and roll number.
        • After type, all required information correctly
        • Touch on the submit button.
        • You'll get your result within a few seconds.

        Junior School Certificate Mark Distribution 2019

        Before collecting your JSC result, you have must know about JSC mark distribution. Because in 2019, Bangladesh NCTB authority published a new role for JSC examine. Here is a new Mark distribution for the JSC exam result.
        JSC Mark Distribution 2019
        JSC Mark Distribution for 2019 candidates

          Grading System of JSC Exam 2019

          You may easily find your GPA (Grade Point Average) by following the below table. This is compatible with JSC Result 2019 also.
          Marks WithinGrade PointLetter Grade
          0 to 320.00F
          33 to 391.00D
          40 to 492.00C
          50 to 593.00B
          60 to 693.50A-
          70 to 794.00A
          80 to 1005.00A+

          Infographic of JSC Result

          A good infographic image worth a thousand words. Check the below infographic for the upcoming JSC Exam Result 2019. Now follow this image and know-how to collect JSC Result with full marksheet.
          JSC Result 2019 Infographic
          JSC Result 2019 Infographic

          Why you should not try to buy a question for the upcoming JSC Exam?

          An examination is a test. It can valuation to quantity a test-taker's knowledge, aptitude, skill, physical fitness, or standing in other topics. The exam is a set of queries that can find out student's experience in the various fields or topics. The Examinations evolve and change.

          JSC Exam Result of Bangladesh

          If you try to get your JSC exam Result 2019 on the education Board Bangladesh Official Website, you should know that sometimes the site gets down for huge traffic. Don’t worry guys about this server problem.

          Just follow the next step to get JSC Results from home directly via Sending a Mobile SMS. Read Details about the Following Instruction for Getting your Answer on How to Get JSC Exam Result.

          JSC Examination 2019

          This year JSC exam was started from 1st November to 18th November 2019. However, nowadays our country trending to leak exam questions, and many students want to try passed exams by following leak questions.

          In the recent survey, many guardians are also involved in leaked questions for their child. But they do not understand what happens if their child ware passed by the leaked question.


          If you ware follow all step by step, then you will get success to find your JSC result 2019. You can see your result in two ways, like thought SMS, and by the internet. If you don’t have a better internet connection, then you can try to find the result by SMS.

          Marcas que usan animales en sus logotipos #infografia #infographic #design


          Hola: Una infografía sobre las Marcas que usan animales en sus logotipos. Vía Paredro Un saludo

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          Gasto publicitario en el mundo por medio #infografia #infographic #marketing


          Hola: Una infografía sobre el gasto publicitario en el mundo por medio. Vía Statista Un saludo

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          Uso de las redes sociales por generación #infografia #infographic #socialmedia


          Hola: Una infografía sobre el uso de las redes sociales por generación. Vía Un saludo

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          Gasto publicitario en Latinoamérica #infografia #infographic #marketing


          Hola: Una infografía sobre el gasto publicitario en Latinoamérica. Vía Statista Un saludo

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          Muscle cars by Caswell, Deanna, author.

          "Through engaging text and dynamic infographics, describes the history, features, and future of muscle cars"--

          Climate: new international projects

          French coastline
          1 October 2019

          Climate: new international projects

          On 1 October 2019, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, and her German counterpart Anja Karliczek, Minister of Education and Research, launched the Franco-German facilitation of the “Make our Planet Great Again” scientific initiative at Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac. The event provided an occasion for presentation of research projects and the winners' joint statement against climate change.
          Launched by the President of the Republic in 2017, the “Make our Planet Great Again” programme aims to strengthen international commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Germany lost no time in joining France in this initiative, so creating powerful momentum in the heart of Europe.

          The programme seeks to provide researchers with optimal conditions in working against climate change, on behalf of our societies and the environment alike.

          Organised in the form of calls for projects, the programme has enabled researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society to join forces in key fields: global change, earth and universe sciences, climate change, sustainable development and energy transition.

          The programme selected 55 winners, who assembled at Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac in the presence of representatives of host institutions. Winners came from institutions based in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Peru, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

          Their research projects were presented to a high-level international audience. The winners drew up a joint statement on their vision of the programme and ways of combating climate change.

          The event was held a few days after reports preparatory to the future Research Programming Act were delivered to the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. The upcoming law aims to give French research the necessary resources, time and visibility. It will be presented by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation within the next few months and is set to come into force next year.

          It confirms the Government's full commitment to higher education, research and innovation, the budget for which has increased by 1.7 billion euros since 2017, even though the Programming Act has not yet been presented.



          Weekly Infographic: Top 8 Local Pack Finder Ranking Factors


          What is Interactive Digital Signage? – A Quick History


          Interactive signage adds interactivity to traditional digital signage (TDS), a unilateral broadcasting system that sends time-orchestrated content regardless of whether or not viewers are paying attention. But what exactly is Interactive digital signage and how did it evolve? This infographic explores the meaning of interactive digital signage when compared with interactive systems, focusing on the quick history of driving forces behind …

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          Workers’ Play, Players’ Work


          At the beginning of the quest “Merlin’s Crystal,” in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) RuneScape, the player must talk to a non-player character, or NPC, named “King Arthur.” Though RuneScape takes place in the fantasy realm of Gielinor, Arthur notes that “Back in England, [Merlin] got himself trapped in some sort of magical Crystal,” and the player must help break him out. Much to fans’ amusement, this section of dialogue implies that England — and thus, our world — exists within the universe of RuneScape. Jagex, RuneScape’s developers, are no strangers to in-game “Easter eggs.” Most are occasional fourth-wall breaks, meta jokes, or references to real-life material, like the mythological King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot. These connections are mostly innocuous, and they fit within a well-established history of cross-referencing within the fantasy genre. One connection between the land of Gielinor and our own, however, is not so innocuous: money.

          Real-world trading is the process of exchanging in-game currency for real-world currency and vice versa. Though strictly against the rules of RuneScape, it is a widespread phenomenon in-game, and its potential for real-world profit has given rise to entire industries of gold farmers and traders. Currently, the website “RSgoldfast” — an illicit but popular real-world trading website — marks the exchange rate at 1 million gold per .79 USD. According to Mod Mat K, a product manager at Jagex, “at any given time, 50 percent of all players are engaging with real-world trading.” Even if real-world trading is not a planned feature of the RuneScape economy, it is a feature nonetheless. Beyond the game itself, real-world trading has legal implications. As the RuneScape code of conduct explains, “Nobody has our permission to sell RuneScape accounts or any RuneScape related virtual in-game items. All RuneScape accounts and virtual items are the property of Jagex Ltd and players are only granted a limited, revocable permission to use accounts and virtual items.” The world of RuneScape and all exchanges within it are the property of Jagex; any real-world gain from the game belongs to Jagex, and thus, these activities are akin to theft. Moreover, real-world trading often occurs via hacking, phishing, or other illicit ways of obtaining access to players’ accounts. It also can involve real credit card fraud, as gold farmers use others’ credit cards to pay for RuneScape membership.

          But before we analyze the RuneScape economy, let me bring you up to speed. Money — referred to in-game as “gold,” “gold points,” or “gp” — is central to a player’s progression, allowing them to buy items that make progression either more efficient or possible at all. The vast majority of economic activity in-game happens via the Grand Exchange, a commodity-exchange infrastructure through which players can anonymously place offers to buy or sell items in exchange for gold. It is both an in-game location, located northwest of the city of Varrock, and a global infrastructure. Before its release, players had to physically congregate in-game to trade, and trades were completed player-to-player. Now, the Grand Exchange allows near-instantaneous buying and selling between players, permitting trade across servers, time zones, and languages.

          The magnitude of trade that occurs via the Grand Exchange is astounding. In the last six months, the top 10 most-traded items accounted for 167 billion coins in-game, equivalent to $132,000. The most expensive trade to occur on the Grand Exchange was a single “Scythe of vitur,” a rare drop from one of the game’s hardest bosses, which sold for two billion coins, equivalent to around $1,500. The Grand Exchange also allows for economic coordination between players in the form of “merching” clans. “Merching,” much like real-life arbitrage, is the process of manipulating prices in-game through buyouts of certain items, thus inducing a shortage in supply and raising the price. Given that items are subjected to “buy limits,” which limit the amount that a single player can purchase in a given amount of time, coordination among players is necessary to induce a change in price. Any given player’s ability to change an item’s price is also limited by access to capital. The Grand Exchange is a relatively free market, subject to the same forces and logics as the real-world economy. Critical to understanding the “realness” of the RuneScape economy is understanding the language that surrounds it. On the RuneScape wiki, the page “economy” features supply and demand infographics detailed enough to use for an ECON 115 study guide.

          The rationale for the illegality of real-world trading is two-fold. Both Jagex and players argue that real-world trading devalues players’ legitimately earned progression. For context, a “maxed account” — an account that has level 99, the highest achievable, in every skill — takes between three and seven thousand hours to achieve. Given an infinite cash stack, a player could speed up their progression exponentially, as many skills in RuneScape are considered “buyable.” RuneScape is a game centered around “grinding,” the repetition of tasks ad infinitum as the primary means of progression. Even as players lament the monotony of tasks in RuneScape, a semi-ironic commitment to them is a badge of honor. The language of labor and economic metaphors permeates discussion of in-game achievement, even among those not participating in real-world trading. Most skills in RuneScape are most efficiently trained through intense repetition of a single task, and players often discuss these skills with half-hearted disdain. And yet, they still play. Much of RuneScape’s player base started when they were kids, enraptured by the magic of goblins, quests, and chat room abuse.

          Many players find this current obsession with efficiency at odds with why they began playing in the first place. “There is a culture of efficiency, ‘no xp waste’… Why are you even doing this again?” one disgruntled player wrote in a Reddit post from 2018. The question remains: why do these efficiency-obsessed, jaded players still play the game? Are they “playing” at all?

          Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi attributes this form of play to the psychological phenomena of “flow,” when “a person is able to concentrate on a limited stimulus field, in which he or she can use his or her skills to meet clear demands, thereby forgetting his or her own problems… at the same time obtaining a feeling of control over the environment.” Thus, the clear-input output relationship made possible by RuneScape’s mechanics is a form of play in and of themselves. The ability for a player to calculate exactly how many logs they need to cut or runes they need to craft to obtain a certain level allows a sense of perfect control over their environment. It is a world in which the rules are clear and the outcomes certain; thus, the only variable is the “grind” that a player is willing to commit.

          The pervasiveness of this “grind” culture is evident throughout the RuneScape community but perhaps best exemplified in an exchange I witnessed in a chatroom:

          PLAYER A: these quest requirements aren’t that high at all
          PLAYER B: nope not at all / questing is a joke
          A: I’m about it because it feels like every other quest gives me something new / Whether it is useful is irrelevant
          B: im [sic] proud of you son / you are what we call weaponized autism

          While players can oscillate between “efficiency” and “fun” modes of play, and while both modes of play can appear contradictory, the consistency of their internal logics is important to note. The grind is fun because the grind is fun, and aimless exploration is fun simply because aimless exploration is fun. How a player arrives at either mode of play depends on their knowledge of the game’s intricate mechanics, their age, and their participation in the game’s surrounding communities. These self-affirming logics of leisure and “play” are both socially enforced in-game and through forums like Reddit and Discord.

          It is no coincidence that “flow,” as discussed by Csikszentmihalyi, manifests in both work and play. In fact, according to Csikszentmihalyi, “flow” is present more so in work than anywhere. However, just as “play” is a socially constructed term, “work” is a construction as well. Games like RuneScape, which seem to blur the lines between work and play, are apt sites to investigate these constructions and test accepted definitions of either. While Max Weber argued that capitalism emerged as a product of Protestant asceticism, restraint, and prudence, he also saw a universality in the desire for gain: “Capitalism may even be identical with the restraint, or at least a rational tempering, of this irrational impulse. But capitalism identical with the pursuit of profit, and forever renewed profit, by means of continuous, rational, capitalistic enterprise.” The fantasy world of RuneScape, thus, is fertile ground for the capitalist spirit to grow. It is a world where all resources are replenished in an instant, where all slain monsters are revived, and where death is little more than a calculated setback. The blurred lines between work and play that bring about flow, that occur as a result of some “Protestant ethic” of simultaneous restraint and unending ambition, make possible the form of play known as “grinding.”

          Moreover, the blurred lines between work and play bring closer the fantasy economy of RuneScape and our own — an extreme example: the case of Venezuelan gold farmers.

          In recent years, Venezuela has undergone an immense economic crisis. Inflation rates have topped over one million percent, with prices of common goods doubling nearly every three weeks. As a result, thousands of young Venezuelans have taken to gold farming in RuneScape as a means of survival. These players use the game’s most profitable money-making methods to generate gold, which they then sell in exchange for real money. Doing so has the potential to earn many times the average wage in Venezuela via traditional sources of income.

          Left: Dragon Bones price per day OSRS market watch. Right: Venezuelan internet connectivity, — A clear supply shock is visible as a result of the March 2019 power outages across Venezuela.

          The language that surrounds “grinding” as performed by dedicated players is different from that which is used to discuss gold farmers. Despite the fact that gold farmers often undertake the same processes as regular players, many players view them as a problem. As one Reddit post, titled “JAGEX DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE VENEZUELAN [Real-world traders]” reads, “Since there is a serious IRL crisis in Venezuela for example the blast mine is overloaded with these cunts who crash the spot to sell money they have gathered.” One controversial post on Reddit, titled “Killing Venezuelans at East Drags [sic] Guide,” though since removed, stirred controversy for laying out a step-by-step guide for identifying and targeting Venezuelan gold farmers. In the divided, vitriolic comment section, the border between the RuneScape world and our own appears nonexistent.

          Commenters are not discussing avatars, they are discussing the real people behind them. One comment reads, “I never thought I’d see a guide on how to efficiently kill poor people,” with another joining in, “This is kinda [sic] fucked that you are going out of your way to literally help people make already poor people who can barely afford clothes/food etc. struggle even more than they already are.” Some players seek to absolve responsibility through either in-game means, saying “RS isn’t a charity, it’s a game and property of Jagex, kill them all,” while others blame real-world structures, claiming that “Socialism killed them, this is just burying the carcass.” Along real-life fault lines of racism and classism, others take pride in targeting gold farmers, writing “I kill these guys when warming up my switches on my pure. They are pure offensive practice and some of the best people to kill… Also, you could just say ‘Trump’ while you attack them and that will easily get their jajajajaja’s going.” The real-world consequences of a Venezuelan gold farmer being banned or killed go far beyond a simple setback. Both by circumstance and intention, Venezuelan gold farmers do not enjoy the same insulation from the consequences faced in the world of Gielinor as normal players do. Death in-game can literally equate to death in real life, and the game suddenly seems less fun.

          But what happens when the real economy starts to resemble a game?

          The streamlining and abstraction of wealth and exchange in the RuneScape economy is corollary to that of the Post-Fordist economy. The geographer David Harvey, in his article “Between Space and Time,” argues that the advancement of capitalism in the modern world is predicated on a collapsing of space and time, an incessant drive towards the instant. This is on full display in both RuneScape and the financial sector. The Grand Exchange is dialectical in that, while it is a physical space, the exchange it permits has no grounding in said location. While the “Financial District” is a neighborhood, the business that flows through the stock exchange — and computers across the globe — is not bound to any one place. Whereas the market was once a location, it is now an idea. It operates not via bartering, but via logics of supply and demand, mysterious algorithms, and global exchange. And just as the financial sector’s ever-expanding consolidation of power combined with the digital revolution of finance has permitted its hegemony over the world’s economy, the Grand Exchange has permitted unprecedented abstraction in the RuneScape economy: the mystery of in-game algorithms, the instantaneous nature of trade, and the ability for real-world traders, merchanting clans, and other actors to manipulate prices and quantities with little regard for those on the other end.

          What is critical to note here is that abstraction is born of concrete phenomena. Abstraction occurs in inconceivable amounts of money, whether that be item prices or trillion-dollar bonuses. Abstraction is found in the alienation of the worker from their labor, whether manifesting in the devaluation of a hard-earned, maxed RuneScape account or the increasing share of economic growth that goes to the financial sector rather than to workers.

          Abstraction grows in the gap between cause and effect, action and responsibility. Just as responsibility helps shape the distinction between a game and real-life or play and work, responsibility (or a lack thereof) has been a critical component of the creation of the modern financial system. This diminishing liability is at the root of the corporate form. As theorist Joshua Barkan argues in The Sovereign Gift, “corporate power has always been articulated within the context of responsibility.” As Barkan proposes, the modern corporate form is designed to shield actors from liability. The “Limited Liability Corporation” is one in which no single person takes the fault for the actions of the whole. It is why CEOs can walk away from financial crises with no jail time. It is why multi-billion dollar fines for misconduct and other limited forms of punishment can be shrugged off as costs of doing business.

          The consequences, as filtered through the corporate form, simply aren’t that severe. The same logic applies to risk-taking in RuneScape. For the vast majority of infractions, a banned account is the worst penalty one could face. They can simply make another. A death, loss of gold, or destruction of special equipment simply does not matter that much, as it is all part of the game. Even for individual financial workers, as anthropologist Karen Ho argues, being “liquidated” is a part of the job on Wall Street and constant instability is part and parcel of simply riding the market. On the contrary, the dire consequences of death or punishment faced by Venezuelan gold farmers or the utter destruction of being fired from a blue-collar job reinforce the distinction between play and work. This limited liability, this insulation from consequences, as Ho uncovers in Liquidated, is how the language and mindsets of games manifest in financial sectors. As one analyst in Ho’s book explains, “from a shareholder investor perspective, it’s all about playing the game.” This sentiment is echoed by businessman-author Andy Kessler: “[Investment firms] literally exist to pay out half their revenue as compensation. And that’s what gets them into trouble every so often — it’s just a game of generating revenue because the players know they will get half of it back.”

          There is nothing consequential about an in-game murder when you can simply shut the game off, and there is nothing scary about death when you know you can respawn, whether in Gielinor or on Wall Street.

          Workers’ Play, Players’ Work was originally published in The Yale Herald on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.


          Creating an Agile Workplace


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          - "الغرباء الذين يبتسمون في وجهك عند التقاء العيون مهمون جداً".

          - عندنا اسمها معاكسة وتحرّش!

          مقولة كُتبت على أحد الجدران بالإنجليزية، علقت عليها فتاة مصرية تدعى داليا على تويتر بالسخرية معتبرةً أن الابتسامة "معاكسة وتحرّش" في مصر وفي العديد من البلدان العربية.

          وأثنى على ردّها شاب يدعى جمال ساخراً: "لو ضحكت (ابتسمت) لبنت هتفكرني بعاكسها ولو ضحكت لراجل هيشتمني ويقولّي بتضحك على إيه".

          مواقع علمية عدة شرحت التحرّش جملةً وتفصيلاً موضحةً عناصره ولم تكن الابتسامة في أيٍ منها.

          عدا التحرش الجنسي، اللفظي والكتابي، يقدّم موقع الحب ثقافة المعلوماتي أشكال التحرش الجسدي، مختصراً إياها بـ8 هي اللمس، والشدّ، والحكّ، واعتراض الطريق، والملاحقة والتتبع، والتحديق، وممارسة العادة السريّة، والكشف عن الأعضاء الجنسية علناً، وهو ما يُثبت أن الموضوع اجتماعي بحت.

          "يعتمد على الجنسية"

          الخوف من ابتسامة الغريب دبّ في شابة تدعى سارة خلف (22 عاماً).

          إذا كانت في سيارتها وابتسم لها رجل، تُقفل الشبابيك، وتُسرع لتتخلص منه، بينما يرافقها هوسٌ بأنه يلاحقها. وإن كانت في مقهى وابتسم لها رجل أيضاً، تتوارى كي تتخلص من هذا الموقف الذي يربكها.

          في محاولة لشرح الخوف، تروي خلف لرصيف22 موقفاً تعرضت له في آب/أغسطس الماضي في أحد مقاهي جبل عمّان في العاصمة الأردنية عمّان، قائلةً إن رجلاً يبدو أنه أربعيني ابتسم لها أثناء جلوسها مع صديقتها. أشاحت بوجهها لتفادي الموقف، وبعد نصف ساعة، التقت عينها بعينه وابتسم مرّة أخرى.

          تقول: "خفت كثيراً خاصةً أن الغالبية العظمى من المجتمع الأردني ليست من النوع البشوش الذي يبتسم في وجه من يصادفه. أجبرت صديقتي على مغادرة المكان، ولم أدفع الحساب في مكاني بل ذهبت إلى الكاشير (صندوق المحاسبة) مباشرةً لأغادر في أسرع وقت". 

          أشارت خلف إلى أنها "لم تشعر ببراءة نظرته"، كاشفةً عن أنها سألت صديقتها عن رقم الشرطة "في حال لحق بنا".

          من ناحية أُخرى، تقول خلف إنها لم تكن لتتصرف بالطريقة نفسها إذا ابتسم لها أحد في دبي، حيث تُقيم، مع تنوّع الجنسيات، مضيفةً "يعتمد الموضوع على الجنسية"، وهو ما يشير إلى خوفها من العرب على وجه الخصوص.

          وتضيف أنها لا تمانع "فتح مواضيع" مع الرجال غير العرب في المصعد على سبيل المثال، وتتفادى أي حوار أو نظرات مع العرب. أما مع الفتيات فلا مشكلة لديها على الإطلاق.

          "لا أبتسم للرجل العربي لأنه غالباً سيظن أن ابتسامتي دعوة جنسية"... لمَ الخوف من ابتسامة الغريب؟
          "نظرةٌ، فابتسامةٌ، فسلامٌ، فكلامٌ، فموعدٌ، فلقاءُ"... هل يلخص بيت شعر أحمد شوقي الخوف من ابتسامة الغريب في مجتمعاتنا العربية؟

          نظرة، فابتسامة، فسلام

          "مجتمعاتنا تمنع الاختلاط، وإن حصل، فهناك قوانين أشبه بقيود حديدية على طريقة التعامل". هذا ما تقوله الطبيبة المصرية المُتخصصة في التعليم الصحي، علياء جاد، لرصيف22 مقدمة بيت شعر لأحمد شوقي لتلخيص نظرة المجتمع لابتسامة الغريب: "نظرةٌ، فابتسامةٌ، فسلامٌ، فكلامٌ، فموعدٌ، فلقاءُ"، وموضحةً أن "الخطيئة" في العديد من المجتمعات العربية "تبدأ بنظرة، تليها ابتسامة، فلقاء".

          وأضافت: "الابتسامة 'ممنوعة' لدى البعض لأنها تدعو للتحرش، حسب العرف غير المكتوب". وأشارت إلى أن التحرش منتشر لأسباب عدّة، أهمها الكبت، ولذلك حين يرى الرجل أنثى في الشارع يعتبرها فرصة ذهبية.

          ومختصرةً أفكارها، قالت جاد: "الابتسامة تصنف في مجتمعاتنا نوعاً من الدعوة للمزيد من التفاعل الإنساني بين رجل وسيدة".

          ولفتت إلى أنها تبتسم للغرباء. غالباً للسيدات، وبالأخص الكبيرات في السن، أما الرجال، فحسب الجنسية أيضاً، مؤكدةً: "لا أبتسم للرجل العربي. للأوروبي، ابتسم نصف ابتسامة لأُحيّيه". 

          وتوضح سبب ذلك قائلةً: "العربي غالباً سيظن أن ابتسامتي دعوة جنسية، بينما الغربي يعرف أن الابتسامة هي طريقة مهذبة للتفاعل بين الناس في العموم".

          وأشارت جاد إلى بحث يكشف عن أن أفكار الشخص تختلف بحسب اللغة التي يفكر فيها، لافتةً إلى أن الأفكار تكون أكثر تحرراً حينما يتحدث الشخص بالإنجليزية مقارنةً بالعربية، وأن لغة الجسد ينطبق عليها الشيء ذاته، إذ يختلف تفسيرها بحسب المكان الذي يكون فيه الشخص. 

          وقالت جاد، المقيمة في سويسرا، إنها في زيارتها الأخيرة إلى مصر بعد غياب نحو 13 عاماً، كانت "أكثر ثقة" بأنه يمكنها الابتسام في وجه رجال متأكدة أنهم لن يتحرشوا بها، خاصةً أنها باتت شخصية عامة، يعرفها من يتابعها على قناتها على يوتيوب التي تهدف من خلالها رفع الوعي الصحي والتعليمي.

          لا تتحدثي مع الغرباء

          اللافت تجنّب خلف وجاد ابتسامة الرجل العربي بالتحديد، أو حتى الابتسام في وجهه. ومن الأسباب الممكنة تحذير الأهل وخاصةً الأمهات: "لا تتحدثي مع الغرباء"، وما يندرج تحت هذا التفاعل بشتّى أنواعه، فكيف لابتسامة لا نجهل غايتها؟
          ومن الأسباب الممكنة الأخرى كثرة حالات التحرّش وحالات الاغتصاب التي حوّلت الأنثى تلقائياً إلى مدافعة شرسة في المواصلات والأماكن العامة. 
          في هذا السياق، يقول طبيب الأمراض النفسية وعلاج الإدمان، علي قرقر، لرصيف22 إن "خوف الفتاة من ابتسامات الغريب طبيعي إن كانت في بيئة لا تشعرها بالأمان وهو ما تعتبره مؤشراً شديد الخطر"، لافتاً إلى أن الأمر متغيّر حسب المكان.
          وأضاف نقطة لافتة "الفتاة نفسها التي تنزعج من شاب ابتسم لها في ميترو أنفاق القاهرة مثلاً، لن تنزعج من موظف حكومي يُسهّل لها معاملتها ابتسم لها بدوره". 
          وأكد أن الحياة في المدن الكبيرة تُطبّع الابتسام والود مع المارة، مضيفاً أن "الابتسامة فعل يحتاج إلى نيّة ربما لا تتوافر لدى أشخاص مشغولين بأمورهم اليومية". 
          وأشار إلى أن للابتسامة بشكل عام "تأثيراً إيجابياً لأننا كبشر نميل إلى أن نكون اجتماعيين، ونميل أكثر لتقدير الشعور بالقبول الاجتماعي، وكلاهما ممكن تحقيقه بنشر الابتسامة والتحية الودودة، وكلاهما ينعكس إيجاباً على الحالة المزاجية".

          غزل وليس تحرّشاً

          "كيف نُغازل بدون تحرش؟"

          سؤالٌ جاوب عنه موقع الحب ثقافة بعدما أعرب العديد من الشباب عن إعجابهم بفتيات، ولكنّهم يخافون من التقرّب إليهن لئلا يُتهموا بـ"التحرّش". فأشار الموقع أولاً إلى نقطة اعتبرها بديهية هي أن "وجود المرأة نفسها في حضنك فجأة، أو وجود يدك في مكان ما على جسدها، من دون موافقة منها، يعتبر تحرشاً". 
          وأضاف: "رفض المرأة عرضك بأي شكل من أشكال الرفض، سواء بالتجاهل أو الصمت، وعاودت المحاولة، فإن ذلك تحرش". 
          وأشار الموقع المعلوماتي إلى أن تقديم تحية "لطيفة" وإخبار المرأة بأن شكلها جميل اليوم أو أي شيء مشابه، لا يعتبر تحرشاً، إلا إذا كان "الشيء المشابه" الإطراء على الأعضاء الجنسية أو الشفتين.
          وخلص تقرير الحب ثقافة إلى أن كل المبادرات ممكنة إن كانت برضا المرأة، وأن الموافقة يجب أن تكون "موافقة واضحة"، مؤكداً أن عدم الرفض لا يعني موافقة.

          جربتُ الابتسام في وجوه الغرباء لأسبوع 

          "وزّعت ابتساماتي للجميع بينما كنت أمشي على الكورنيش. البعض ظنّ أنني مريضة نفسية، والبعض ردّ الابتسامة، وهناك من قال لي مرحبا أو صباح الخير، شعرت وكأنني فزت بالجائزة الكبرى". 
          هذا ما قالته شابة أسترالية تدعى دانييل كولي بعد اتمامها تجربة "الابتسام لأسبوع" التي أجرتها في عام 2018. 
          تقول: "عندما بدأت التجربة شعرت بأنني ذلك الشخص المزعج الذي يريد لفت الانتباه. تعوّد أن يكون كلّ منا داخل فقّاعة صغيرة خاصة بنا، تعوّدنا أن نفكر دائماً بالمهمات التي علينا القيام بها أو أن نفكر بعبارة تمنينا أن نكون قد قلناها في اليوم السابق".
          وأشارت إلى أن الابتسام في وجه الجميع يتعارض مع ما ذكرَته. قد يزعج البعض المشغول في التفكير بحياته ربما، مؤكدةً أن التجربة كانت صعبة، ولكنها غيّرتها. 
          تقول: "شعرت بأنني أسعد. شعرت بأن رأسي كان مرتفعاً أكثر، وأن كتفيّ كانتا مستقيمتين أكثر. كنت أستمع إلى نغمة فرحة في عقلي دائماً، وشعرت بأنني أحب الابتسام، وعليّ الابتسام، إذ أحب أن يبتسم لي أحد". 
          وتنقل كولي عن طبيب علم النفس تيم شارب قوله: "الابتسامة تطلق ألعاباً نارية في الدماغ"، وإنها عدوى، أي من الطبيعي أن تبتسم لمن يبتسم لك، وإن من لا يفعل، فهو مصاب باضطراب القلق الاجتماعي. 
          في النهاية "روما لم تبنَ في يوم واحد"، مثلما قال الطبيب قرقر نقلاً عن حكمة فرنسية تشير إلى أن الأمور العظيمة تحتاج إلى وقت لتتحقق. نستطيع بالطبع إجراء تجربة مشابهة، لكننا قد نحتاج إلى القليل من الوقت. 


          Need A Virtual Assitant familiar with Slideshare

          Need someone with good English that is good at turning post into slides for slideshare (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Classifieds Posting, Email Marketing, English (US), Infographic and Powerpoint Slide Designing, Social Media Management)

          Towards Automated Infographic Design: Deep Learning-based Auto-Extraction of Extensible Timeline. (arXiv:1907.13550v2 [cs.HC] UPDATED)


          Authors: Zhutian Chen, Yun Wang, Qianwen Wang, Yong Wang, Huamin Qu

          Designers need to consider not only perceptual effectiveness but also visual styles when creating an infographic. This process can be difficult and time consuming for professional designers, not to mention non-expert users, leading to the demand for automated infographics design. As a first step, we focus on timeline infographics, which have been widely used for centuries. We contribute an end-to-end approach that automatically extracts an extensible timeline template from a bitmap image. Our approach adopts a deconstruction and reconstruction paradigm. At the deconstruction stage, we propose a multi-task deep neural network that simultaneously parses two kinds of information from a bitmap timeline: 1) the global information, i.e., the representation, scale, layout, and orientation of the timeline, and 2) the local information, i.e., the location, category, and pixels of each visual element on the timeline. At the reconstruction stage, we propose a pipeline with three techniques, i.e., Non-Maximum Merging, Redundancy Recover, and DL GrabCut, to extract an extensible template from the infographic, by utilizing the deconstruction results. To evaluate the effectiveness of our approach, we synthesize a timeline dataset (4296 images) and collect a real-world timeline dataset (393 images) from the Internet. We first report quantitative evaluation results of our approach over the two datasets. Then, we present examples of automatically extracted templates and timelines automatically generated based on these templates to qualitatively demonstrate the performance. The results confirm that our approach can effectively extract extensible templates from real-world timeline infographics.


          The Crazy World of Minigolf Tour - an infographic

          A look at the last 13 years of our crazy golfing adventures.

          Infographic about the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

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          The 2019 IPR Future of Work Report


          Download the full report: The Future of WorkDownload Infographic: The Future of Work Infographic This Institute for Public Relations (IPR) 2019 Future of Work Report investigates the future of work and the impact of several factors on the changing nature of work, including a rapidly and continuously shifting technological landscape, the growth of globalization, and … Continue reading The 2019 IPR Future of Work Report

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          5 Ways to Engage People Who You Actually Want as Customers


          by Robert Clough

          Trying to increase engagement with your ideal customer?

          Not sure how to engage the right people online?

          While building up your audience online is incredibly important in the digital age, it means little if you're not reaching the right audience. Creating a targeted digital marketing strategy that cuts through the noise to engage your ideal customers isn't difficult, but you'll need to know a few things to get it right.

          Luckily, we're here to help. Below we'll tell you how to engage people you actually want as customers online.

          1. Define Your Audience

          If you have only a vague idea of who your customer actually is you're going to have a difficult time crafting your digital marketing techniques towards engaging and connecting with that person. It's important to create customer personas and to get as specific as possible about who your ideal customer is.

          This should include how old they are, what social media platforms they use, what they're interested in, what positions their jobs may be, and anything else you can think of.

          2. Move Beyond Your Own Brand

          The true sign of an amateur marketer is the tendency to only talk about their own brand, their own products, and their own promotions. Instead, it's important that you move beyond your own brand to provide value to your potential customers and audience.

          This means that social media updates, blog posts, videos, and any other marketing content you create should be varied and not only about your own business. You should also be creating content that relates to industry topics and trends and problems your customers are facing.

          3. Boost Post Frequency

          Another way you can increase engagement from your ideal audience is to start posting more often. Posting one blog post every 6 months or one social media post a month is not enough.

          If you want to attract your ideal customer online you need to have more content out there. This means that you should be posting to social media at least 2-3 times per week and should be adding at least 2-3 blog posts per month, although more is better.

          The more content, posts, and videos you create, the more opportunities you'll have to be found online among the noise. Additionally, it will also help more of your ideal customers to see you as an influencer in your industry.

          4. Make Use of Targeting Features

          One of the best ways to engage your ideal customer is to make use of any targeting features that are available to you.

          With content marketing and SEO, this will mean thinking hard about which keywords you should be targeting and using long-tail keywords that your customers will be searching for.

          Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is also incredibly effective for targeting the right crowd. With PPC marketing and social media ads, make sure you're using targeting tools to create ad campaigns based on demographics and interests that your customers have.

          5. Add More Visuals

          While written content is important, the internet is very much a visual place so you need to keep this in mind if you want to get more engagement.

          Blog posts and social media updates should be paired with high-quality images, infographics, and videos that engage anyone who sees them. You should also make sure you're using some of the more visual-heavy social media platforms as well, instead of just relying on Facebook and Twitter alone. 

          Instagram, for example, can be very useful as long as you know how to use it effectively. Vine, Snapchat, and Youtube can also be great platforms for getting your message across and engaging your ideal customer online.

          Using These Tips to Engage People More Effectively

          While creating a presence for your business online isn't difficult, learning to engage people effectively is a bit more tricky. By using the tips above you'll be well on your way to creating a targeted and sustainable digital marketing strategy that gets your business results. 

          Looking for more digital marketing tips and ideas? Explore the rest of our blog now to find more answers to your top digital marketing questions.

          Be sure and visit our small business news site.


          digest | Sail-Drones on the High Seas: robotics + sensors tracking the world

          image | above An autonomous sail-drone navigates the ocean using wind power + solar power. photo: SailDrone — contents —- ~  story ~  infographic ~  featurette ~  learning + video ~  reading ~  definitions — the story — SailDrone makes wind powered + solar powered ocean drones to understand planetary systems affecting humanity. The company [...]

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