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So Hot ?快给 CPU 降降温!


CPU(Central Processing Unit)是计算机系统的运算和控制核心,是信息处理、程序运行的最终执行单元,相当于系统的“大脑”。当 CPU 过于繁忙,就像“人脑”并发处理过多的事情,会降低做事的效率,严重时甚至会导致崩溃“宕机”。因此,理解 CPU 的工作原理,合理控制负载,是保障系统稳定持续运行的重要手段。

CPU 的物理核与逻辑核

一台机器可能包含多块 CPU 芯片,多个 CPU 之间通过系统总线通信。

一块 CPU 芯片可能包含多个物理核,每个物理核都是一个实打实的运算核心(包括运算器、存储器等)。

超线程(Hyper-Threading)技术可以让一个物理核在单位时间内同时处理两个线程,变成两个逻辑核。但它不会拥有传统单核 2 倍的处理能力,也不可能提供完整的并行处理能力。




AWS宣布改变Lambda函数连接虚拟私有云(Virtual Private Cloud,简称VPC)资源的方式。这个改变,即使用预先创建的网络接口而不是为每个函数执行环境创建的网络接口,为无服务器功能消除了“冷启动”的一个主要因素。

这个改变是不是IOpipe的Austin Huminski所称的“大量使用VPC的企业采用无服务器的转折点”?可以肯定的是,自2016年以来,AWS Lambda用户已经能够连接到运行于VPC中的服务器和服务了。由于AWS Lambda的所有计算基础设施都运行于AWS拥有的VPC中,因此,与客户VPC的连接传统上是通过弹性网络接口实现的。在客户VPC中,为每个执行环境创建了这些弹性网络接口。在这些网络接口被创建和附加之前,无法执行Lambda函数代码。随着功能的扩展,更多执行环境需要甚至更多的网络接口,如来自AWS的下图所示


借助刚发布的AWS Lambda更新,正如AWS的一篇博文所解释的那样,连接架构得到了简化。

从今天开始,我们改变了功能连接到VPC的方式。用于网络负载平衡器和NAT网关的网络函数虚拟化平台AWS Hyperplane,支持AWS PrivateLink等产品的VPC之间的连接,并且,我们现在利用Hypenplane提供从Lambda VPC到客户VPC的NAT功能。


ZXSP - Hyper Force (2019)

TITLE....... Hyper Force
STYLE...... Synthwave, Cyberpunk
LABEL...... Self-Released
QUALITY..... 320kbps
ZXSP - Hyper Force (2019)



Desperado HD Clothes for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Desperado HD is a complete, fully textured and morphed, clothing and props set for Genesis 3 Male(s)

Desperado HD includes a complete "wear and tear" texture set, with breathtaking Iray shaders simulating actual, physically based materials (PBR), producing stunning renders using any kind of light. The set include all the maps you need for your renders: from diffuse to hyper-detailed normal maps.

The geometries are very optimized, and you can get good rendering results with low subdivision levels (even with no SubD at all!) or you can unleash all the power of this set thanks to its HD morphs, developed at level 3 of SubD.

Additionally, Desperado HD is fully compatible with the Dragonsbane Character set and 5 additional characters.

Price: $29.95 Special Price: $14.98


dForce Wise Wizard HD Clothes for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Wise Wizard HD Clothes is a complete, finely sculpted and fully textured clothing and props set for Genesis 8 Male(s)

This set includes breathtaking Iray shaders simulating actual, physically based materials (PBR). The Wise Wizard collection produces stunning renders using any kind of light. The set includes all the maps you need for your renders: from diffuse to hyper-detailed normal maps.

The geometries are very optimized, and you can get good rendering results with low subdivision levels (even with no SubD at all!) or you can unleash all the power of the Wise Wizard thanks to its HD morphs, developed at level 3 of SubD, and run realistic cloth simulations, because Wise Wizard is designed to unleash the power of dForce!

Additionally, Wise Wizard HD Clothes is fully compatible with the Wise Wizard Character set and 9 additional characters and body shapes.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Dragonsbane Barbarian Clothes HD for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Dragonsbane Clothing for Genesis 3 Male (s) is a complete, finely sculpted and fully textured clothing and props set.

This set includes 2 different texture variations: clean and dirty/rusty, with breathtaking Iray shaders simulating actual, physically based materials (PBR). The Dragonsbane collection produces stunning renders using any kind of light. The set include all the maps you need for your renders: from diffuse to hyper-detailed normal maps.

The geometries are very optimized, and you can get good rendering results with low subdivision levels (even with no SubD at all!) or you can unleash all the power of the Dragonsbane thanks to its HD morphs, developed at level 3 of SubD.

Additionally, Dragonsbane Clothes is fully compatible with the Dragonsbane Character set and 9 additional characters.

Price: $29.95 Special Price: $14.98


Dragonsbane Barbarian Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Dragonsbane Barbarian Hair and Beard for Genesis 3 Male(s) is a complete, fully detailed hair, beard and moustache set for Genesis 3 Male(s).

It includes 3 very detailed figures: hair, beard and mustache, all of them fully textured, including 7 natural hair colors and 6 hair ties colors. This set include a balanced mix of transmapped planes and fibers, to get a realistic and natural disheveled effect from all angles of view.

The Dragonsbane collection produces stunning renders using any kind of light. The set include all the maps you need for your renders, from diffuse to hyper-detailed transparency maps.

Additionally, Dragonsbane Barbarian Hair and Beard are fully compatible with the Dragonsbane Barbarian Clothing and Character sets, but it also include support for 9 additional Daz characters and the Wise Sensei HD set, also from Luthbel Creations.

Price: $23.95 Special Price: $11.98


Real Feel Work Shirt


By popular demand we present you the Real Feel Work Shirt:

Ultra realistic work shirt for Genesis with extra care assigned to recreate real life fabric behavior and modern fashion trends. Built in adjustment morphs and visibility options add versatility to the outfit. Automatically fits to Genesis male and female characters, from adult to kids and young teens, creatures and beasts and all their combinations with the included six styles in 18 MAT options. Use the top as a long sleeved item (two lengths of the sleeve - long and pulled up), or make a sleeveless shirt out of it with the included visibility options. Great looking hyper realistic shirt for all your workmen, villains, heroes, superheroes - men who have real jobs to keep the world on its tracks and who do their jobs well.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Wise Wizard Beard for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Wise Wizard Beard for Genesis 8 Male(s) is a complete, fully detailed, long beard and mustache set for Genesis 8 Male(s).

It includes a fully textured long beard, including 6 natural hair colors. This set includes a balanced mix of transmapped planes and fibers, to get a realistic and natural disheveled effect from all angles of view.

The Wise Wizard collection produces stunning renders using any kind of light. The set includes all the maps you need for your renders, from diffuse to hyper-detailed transparency maps.

Additionally, Wise Wizard Beard is fully compatible with the Wise Wizard Clothing and Character sets, but it also includes support for 9 additional Daz characters and shapes.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $9.98


World War II U.S. Uniform HD for Genesis 8 Male(s)


World War II U.S. Uniform HD is a complete, fully textured and morphed, clothing and props set for Genesis 8 Male(s).

World War II U.S. Uniform HD includes a complete "wear and tear" texture set, with breathtaking Iray shaders simulating real, physically based materials (PBR), producing stunning renders using any kind of light. The set include all the maps you need for your renders: from diffuse to hyper-detailed normal maps.

The geometries are very optimized, and you can get good rendering results with low subdivision levels (even with no SubD at all!) or you can unleash all the power of this set thanks to its HD morphs, developed at level 3 of SubD.

Additionally, Desperado HD is fully compatible with Michael 8 and Genesis 8 Body Morphs.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Deusens Hyperxperience


Comment on University caught off guard by recent data on self-citations by Kolby Kondra

Sheaf could atleast hyperlink to the <i>Nature</i> article, a journal known to publish questionable science where methods and results are unreplicatable.

تعليق على التسجيل بواسطة دوربین های آنالوگ HiLook (های لوک)

<strong>دوربین</strong> right here are some back links to internet sites that we hyperlink to since we feel they’re really worth visiting

تعليق على مستشفى العارضة الجديد القديم بواسطة صفحه کابینت

<strong>کابینت</strong> below are some hyperlinks to sites that we hyperlink to because we believe they’re worth going to

HyperX 首款自研機械紅軸鍵盤「Alloy Origins」正式上市!反應速度更快,耐用度可達 8000 萬次敲擊!


  Kingston 金士頓旗下電競品牌 HyperX 今日宣布,首款搭載 HyperX 鍵軸的 Alloy Origins 機械鍵盤於台灣正式上市。Alloy Origins 採用全新 HyperX 自行設計的機械式線性紅軸,有效縮短鍵軸的反應時間,更能承受高達 8 千萬次的敲擊,提升玩家的遊戲品質。鍵盤以 RGB 燈光外顯的設計打造全尺寸外型,讓燈效更加炫彩奪目,同時搭配 5 種可調… [閱讀全文]

這篇文章 HyperX 首款自研機械紅軸鍵盤「Alloy Origins」正式上市!反應速度更快,耐用度可達 8000 萬次敲擊! 最早出現於 阿祥的網路筆記本


America’s illustrator: Norman Rockwell exhibit – with paintings, posters and magazine covers – opens at the MAC


“I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed.” – Norman Rockwell

Mention the name “Norman Rockwell,” and different thoughts bubble up for different people.

The gawky New England artist charmed millions of Americans for nearly 50 years as the Saturday Evening Post’s most beloved cover illustrator and chronicler of small-town life. At the same time, many critics snubbed Rockwell as too cliché, sentimental or homogenous to be taken seriously.

“Norman Rockwell is arguably America’s most famous artist ever,” said Wes Jessup, executive director of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, where a new exhibition, “Norman Rockwell’s America,” opened this weekend. “Who was more famous? Warhol? No. Warhol was actually a big collector of Rockwell.”

Rockwell was born in New York City in 1894 and died in 1978 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, at age 84. He lived and worked during some of the most impactful movements in modern art history such as impressionism, cubism, surrealism and abstract expressionism.

But he forged his own way as an illustrator. He once said, “Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I’ve always called myself an illustrator.”

“I’m 50, and when I was in college, Rockwell was considered retrograde. He was overlooked,” Jessup said. “So I think there is a rediscovery coming from my generation and younger people.”

Last month, singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey released her new album, provocatively titled “Norman (expletive) Rockwell.” The moniker suggests that maybe everything in America is not quite so perfect after all.

There is even a term bolstering Rockwell’s lasting impact on popular culture: “Rockwellian.” It can refer to anything quaint, idealistic or sentimental such as a “Rockwellian childhood” or a “Rockwellian holiday celebration.”

‘Vivid and affectionate portraits’

No matter where one places Rockwell in the canon, his depictions of everyday life made him the most widely circulated and universally beloved American artist of the 20th century. Rockwell’s “vivid and affectionate portraits of our country” garnered him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

The MAC exhibition will use Rockwell’s singular art and enduring vision of a hopeful America to chronicle the nation’s history and examine what constitutes the American spirit. “Norman Rockwell America” is a show of 22 oil paintings, seven charcoal or graphite studies, original posters and all 323 Post magazine covers spanning six decades. It’s the first solo exhibition of Rockwell’s paintings and covers to visit the Inland Northwest.

The exhibition is arranged in chronological order, making the stages of his career recognizable and his images more poignant. The original works give viewers the chance to observe Rockwell’s superb craftsmanship and attention to detail, characteristics sometimes overlooked in the more widely seen reproductions.

In a masterful style almost photograph-like, and in hyper-real detail, Rockwell painted everyday people in ordinary situations. His goal was to tell a story, in a single picture, armed only with a paintbrush.

He lived through two World Wars, the Great Depression, Korean War and Vietnam. But the stories he told most often were relentlessly optimistic, depicting a simpler world, one worth fighting for.

In Rockwell’s paintings, the nation’s rich tapestry is united by holiday rituals, faith and family life. Rockwell’s America is a place where honest, hard-working people endeavor to live rather than a world in which they really live. As Peter Schjedahl wrote in the New Yorker, “He didn’t illustrate Middle America. He invented Middle America.”

For example, readers of the Post delighted in Rockwell’s paintings of humorous childhood escapades. The iconic images include the illustration of the little boys running while yanking on their clothes after sneaking a dip in the local waterhole, the little girl with a black eye sitting outside the principal’s office with a huge grin spread on her face, and the young runaway chatting with a cop at the soda fountain counter with his bundle of clothes tied to a stick in full view under his barstool.

There are lots of intergenerational interactions, too: a grandfather picking up a bat to hit a few balls with the little ones, the daughter watching mom put on makeup at her vanity table and the parents putting their kids to bed. In 1955, Post readers voted the 1951 Thanksgiving issue their all-time favorite cover. The illustration depicts a woman and a young boy saying grace in a crowded restaurant as they are observed by other people at their table.

‘Extraordinary in the ordinary’

“He found the extraordinary in the ordinary moments because when you get to the truth of life, I think what we really remember is how beautiful it was to have a cup of tea with that person,” said Rockwell’s granddaughter Abigail Rockwell, who conducted a phone interview from her home back East.

“Yes, you will remember the Taj Mahal after you visit, but don’t we really go back to the small moments and think, ‘Oh God, I miss having tea with that person?’”

One of the paintings hanging in the MAC exhibit is titled “The Party After the Party.” Rockwell lovingly created an intimate scene in which a granddaughter kneels on the parlor floor in front of her grandmother’s chair. The pair holds hands as the young woman, still clad in her finery, tells Grandma all that happened at the party.

“Yes, I just got chills!” said Abigail Rockwell, now the de facto historian of the family. “That is a really sweet and memorable moment. That is part of the Edison Mazda series (of advertisements Rockwell illustrated) in the 1920s. I’ve always thought it’s some of his best work.”

Abigail Rockwell, who also is a successful jazz singer, will travel to Spokane to give a talk at the MAC on Nov. 7 at 5:30 p.m. and lead a private tour. Tickets are $25. She also will sign copies of the recently re-released autobiography by her grandfather, “My Adventures as an Illustrator: The Definitive Edition.” Abigail Rockwell has spent much of the last several years researching and updating the book. Her goal was to bust false myths and preserve her grandfather’s legacy.

One of the biggest misconceptions she said that she finds is that her “Pop,” as she calls him, painted only white America. However, a look at some of Rockwell’s most iconic works belies that notion.

In 1961, the artist painted “The Golden Rule,” showing people of different religious faiths and ethnic backgrounds worshipping together. However, Rockwell himself once recalled being directed to paint out a black person from a group picture in the Post. The policy at the time only allowed the portrayal of African Americans in service jobs next to white people.

After leaving the Post in 1963, Rockwell appeared eager to refocus his efforts on supporting the Civil Rights movement. In 1964, he produced his iconic painting “The Problem We All Live With.” It depicts Ruby Bridges, a 6-year-old African American girl, on her way to an all-white public school during the New Orleans desegregation crisis. Due to threatened violence, she is being escorted by federal marshals. On the wall behind her are scrawled a racial slur and the letters “KKK.”

‘Ruining his legacy’

“Pop had the bravery to put those words on the wall,” Abigail said. “People don’t realize how controversial it was for him to do that. I saw the angry letters castigating him for ‘ruining his legacy.’ ”

One of Rockwell’s proudest moments, according to his granddaughter, was when he received a lifetime membership card to the NAACP. More than 30 years later, his portrait of Bridges was installed in the hall outside the Oval Office at the White House for several months during the Obama administration. Reproductions of this and more of Rockwell’s Civil Rights era paintings will be on display at the MAC as part of the current exhibition.

Another project Rockwell undertook after leaving the Post was a commission to paint a portrait of Abraham Lincoln for Spokane’s Lincoln First Federal Savings and Loan. The bank’s CEO, the late Spokane resident Donald P. Lindsay, had the idea to hire America’s most famous artist.

“My dad thought it was no big deal to write Norman Rockwell and just ask him to do it,” recalled Lindsay’s eldest daughter, Karen Warrick. “And it worked.”

For $4,000, Rockwell agreed to produce the 7-foot piece, taller even than Lincoln himself. Finished in 1965, the portrait depicts the 16th president as a young man on the farm dressed in work clothes holding an ax in one hand and a book in the other. “Lincoln the Railsplitter” was used to market the Spokane bank and all the branches throughout the state. Jar openers, golf balls, calendars and stationery all bore Rockwell’s Lincoln image.

The original painting hung for two decades in the Lincoln First Federal Bank lobby located in what is now the Lincoln building at Riverside and Lincoln. After the bank changed hands, the piece later made its way to the private collection of former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot. It was eventually sold at auction to the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, in 2006 for $1.6 million.

The MAC has gathered letters, photos, bank memorabilia and a reproduction of “Lincoln the Railsplitter” to include in the exhibition. “It’s exciting that one of the most famous paintings of Abraham Lincoln that was ever done was done by one of America’s most famous artists and that it originated right here in Spokane,” Jessup said.

Warrick said that she hopes the Rockwell exhibit accomplishes what the artist himself wanted: to rekindle the American spirit. “I just hope that a lot of people are reassured that we care for one another in this country, that we are all the things that Rockwell brings out in his paintings,” Warrick said. “You wrap that around the integrity of a Lincoln and maybe young people will be inspired and think: ‘Is that what we used to look like in this country?’ ”


Senior Backend Engineer - AllyO - Toronto, ON

Backed by tier 1 investors such as Google, SAP, Randstad, Bain and Cervin Ventures, we've also demonstrated hyper-growth of 4.5x year over year.
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Senior Backend Engineer - AllyO - Vancouver, BC

Backed by tier 1 investors such as Google, SAP, Randstad, Bain and Cervin Ventures, we've also demonstrated hyper-growth of 4.5x year over year.
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5 Emerging Growth Strategies to Win in the Subscription Economy


The Changing Tech Landscape
For many Tech enterprises, the move from on-prem hardware/software sales to a subscription-based model has sales and marketing teams rethinking their go-to-market strategies and programs. From revenue coverage to persona-based messaging to sales and channel enablement, the question remains what agile actions will promote growth?

Our Analysis
To identify which strategies will move the needle, you need in-depth market research on top tech contenders, market issues and pressing challenges. We’ve distilled 1,000s of data points into the most important go-to-market insights and potential actions you can take to support revenue growth.

This Report
Our report Emerging GTM Strategies for Technology Companies to Win in the New Subscription Economy lays out:

  • Five emerging strategies to future-proof your growth
  • Tactical next steps for sales, marketing and channel leaders
  • Proof points on trends and actions of top Tech leaders

Select Insights

  • Oracle is driving customer centricity with its critical CIO stakeholders through transparency with cloud platform product roadmaps
  • Enhancing customer experiences was a core driver behind SugarCRM’s acquisition of Salesfusion
  • Nutanix and HPE see more opportunity working together to capture hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) marketshare than battling each other
  • DellOracle, and Microsoft are targeting and empowering the business decision maker earlier and differently than the CIO
  • ...Download the report to read them all...

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Aibonito Asamblea de Pueblo


Aibonito celebró su 4ta asamblea de pueblo el domingo, 6 de octubre de 2019 a las 3 PM en su plaza de recreo. Oprima el siguiente enlace para ver nuestro video:

Las asambleas de pueblo están experimentando una reducción de participación ciudadana. Eso es parte del “control de daños” del Gobierno de Estados Unidos (GEU) cuando se dio cuenta que fue un gran error haber permitido los arrestos de los funcionarios de su colonia y difundir los “Chats” para hacerle daño a Ricky Rosselló. El GEU estará tratando de hacer todo lo posible para reparar las condiciones suficientemente para poder continuar manteniéndonos como su colonia por los próximos 121 años.   

Nosotros debemos de continuar sacando la realidad de las consecuencias del colonialismo en nuestras nuevas escuelitas, porque eso no se enseña en las escuelas estadounidenses y en Puerto Rico ni se difunde en los medios de comunicación controlada por el imperio. Nuestro objetivo es despertar a la gente enajenada por el lavado de cerebro estadounidense para que entienda que el colonialismo es la raíz de toda nuestra crisis.

El primer paso es descolonizar nuestras mentes. El segundo paso sería  organizar a los casi 9 millones de boricuas acá y allá para hacer resistencia permanente, tipo "Renuncia Ricky y llévate la Junta”, para obligar al gobierno de Estados Unidos a cumplir con la Carta de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) que prohíbe el coloniaje desde el 1945, y las 38 resoluciones de la ONU pidiéndole que devuelva inmediatamente la soberanía de Puerto Rico a los puertorriqueños.

Me inspira mucho que la juventud boricua ha tomado la iniciativa de encaminar un proceso en que la base del pueblo es la que controle directamente la construcción del Boriken que todos queremos.

¡Lo importante de todo esto es que aprendamos en las asambleas que los que quieren mantenernos como sus esclavos para siempre, no creen en la LIBERTAD Y EN LA JUSTICIA PARA TODOS!

Sigamos trabajando correctamente y veremos el fruto luego.  


Roosevelt Roads Asamblea de Pueblo


La asamblea de pueblo para Ceiba, Fajardo, Naguabo y Vieques se realizó el sábado 5 de octubre de 2019 a las 4 PM en la antigua base naval de la marina de guerra del Gobierno de Estados Unidos (GEU) en Puerto Rico. Empecé a grabar la asamblea por la mitad, porque tuve problema encontrar el lugar de la actividad. Oprima el siguiente enlace para ver nuestro video:

La antigua base naval es un mundo. Para los que dudan si los boricuas pudiéramos ser prospero sin el GEU, yo diría que el desarrollo del ese terreno representaría muchos empleos para los boricuas de acá y allá.

Nuestro territorio nacional es un paraíso extraordinario capaz de proveernos  todo lo que necesitamos para todos los casi 9 millones de boricuas mundialmente. Los boricuas tenemos que despertar del nuestra ignorancia causada científicamente por el GEU por los últimos 121 años. ¿Por qué usted cree que el GEU no nos quiere descolonizar?

Unámonos para hacer resistencia permanente para obligar al GEU a cumplir con la Carta de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) que prohíbe el colonialismo desde el 1945, y las 38 resoluciones de la ONU pidiéndole que devuelva inmediatamente la soberanía de Puerto Rico a los puertorriqueños.

¡La crisis después del Huracán María, nuestra victoria del Movimiento Renuncia Ricky, y las asambleas de pueblo nos ha despertado para entender que el que quiere mantenernos como su colonia para siempre no cree en la LIBERTAD Y EN LA JUSTICIA PARA TODOS!
¡Tomemos la ruta de la libertad!


We the people?


Why does the United States Government (USG) honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a national holiday?

If you watch this video, you will understand that Martin was considered a threat to national security to the USG. You will also understand that Martin broke no laws, but the USG wanted to destroy him. Click on the following link to watch what the USG does not want you to know:

This video makes it perfectly clear that the criminal is the USG. Therefore, the USG is not a government by the people and for the people.

The USG is horrified with the thought that people could become aware of their real history, and unite to change the status quo. The USG saw Martin as a revolutionist. He was! You have to, because revolution is order when tyranny is the law. Click on the following link to read a great book on the subject of counterintelligence:

And in keeping with the USG’s criminal behavior, it has refused for the past 74 years to comply with the United Nation’s (UN) Charter that prohibits colonialism, and decolonize Puerto Rico. Moreover, the USG has ignored 38 UN resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans.

We need to get informed, organized and united, because a government that doesn’t represent its citizens, don’t believe in LIBERTY AND IN JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Could the US win a Nobel Peace Prize? 


[筆記] 朋友與敵人



觀點取代: 從他人的觀點看世界。同理心的談判效果低於觀點取代,因為同理心感受對方情緒,會過於導向包容與默許。


信任感: 溫暖+能幹、模仿

溫暖: 靠肢體接觸、言語展現關懷

讓咖啡灑出來的好時機: 大智若愚的好處。如果要得到展現弱點的好處,要先建立信譽

重拾信任: 道歉
1.      速度
2.      坦誠
3.      示弱
4.      道歉的要點要擺在被害者身上
5.      承諾改善
6.      贖罪


1.      溝通不足
2.      高位者沒發現自己所說的話,就算只是無意間說出口的話,都可能讓人焦慮
3.      忘記自己所說的話會被放大

1.      如果名字依序排列,例如選票,就當第一個
2.      如果是系列競賽,競爭者有好幾個,就晚點上場,當壓軸
3.      如果是YES/NO的決定,就要找出預設選項。如果預設選項對你不利,就先場上。如果有利,就晚點上場

1.      當第一個出價者之前,先問問題取得資訊,找出幾件事:
-   對方為什麼要談判? 找出原因
-   對方多重視談判標的物? 找出他們掌握的資訊是否多過你,或是他們知道沒你多
-   是否有哪件是你們擁有共同偏好? 在你透漏可能讓對方發現共同利益的資訊之前,先問問題,否則對方可能利用你透漏的資訊,要求你在其他事項上讓步
2.      如果擁有充足的資訊,知道另一方多重視標的物,就當第一個出價的人
3.      如果不確定標的物真正的價值,就等對方先出價

大膽開價,但要讓人覺得有合作的誠意: 不提出單一價格,而是提出一段價格




Nutanix Mine with Veeam Full Deployment and Demonstration


A full end-to-end deployment of Nutanix Mine with Veeam, including the configuration of vSphere and AHV backup jobs, leveraging the Veeam Availability for Nutanix. Mine with Veeam is a turnkey hyperconverged backup and recovery solution that delivers unified operations, cloud-like scalability, and one-click simplicity for all of your applications and data. Mine with Veeam brings everything together […]

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Comment on How to make a change in functional currency by Muzzamil

Dear many thanks ... What if the currency is in a hyperinflationary economy.


API Endpoint:
API Description: 
The Resello API returns data regarding cloud services for resellers. Developers can implement customers, contacts, domains, labels, orders, and OX users into a business application. Resello provides IT solutions for resellers. It also enables partnerships with Microsoft CSP cloud solutions.
SSL Support: 
Twitter URL:
Authentication Model: 
Primary Category: 
Secondary Categories: 
API Provider: 
Device Specific: 
Supported Response Formats: 
Is This an Unofficial API?: 
Is This a Hypermedia API?: 
Restricted Access ( Requires Provider Approval ): 
Supported Request Formats: 
Architectural Style: 
Is the API Design/Description Non-Proprietary ?: 
Other(not listed): 
Other(not listed): 


Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Hypnosis Relieves Symptoms Of IBS

ibs support group uk: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a chronic gastro-intestinal (GI) condition with no known cause or cure. It causes the GI tract to move too quickly (hypermotility) or too slowly (hypomotility) and the resulting symptoms include any one or a... Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Mint Off Card: Hyper Real Darth Vader by Hasbro

A total change of pace this week, we unbox the new Hyperreal Darth Vader from Hasbro. Is this the 8″ Star Wars figure we’ve been waiting for all these years? You decide. You can order this guy at Entertainment Earth: Follow us on Twitter: @Megomuseum Join our Facebook Group: Related Images: [See image… More...

Huile essentielle de Thym à feuilles de Sariette satureioide - 10 ml - 8,95 €


L'huile essentielle de Thym satureioide - Thym à feuilles de sarriette - Thymus satureioides est traditionnellement réputée pour ses propriétés : antibactérienne majeure à large spectre d’action, régulatrice immunitaire, antiparasitaire, anti-hyperglobulinémique, tonique générale : physique, mental et sexuel. Disponible en flacon de 10 ml.


vakantiehuisje in Lierneux, België : Les Poiriers voor 20 personen

vakantiehuisje : Les PoiriersDe buitenkant van deze woning, opgetrokken uit natuursteen, verraadt al het karakter dat u binnen aan zult treffen. Zoveel mogelijk zijn de oude houten balken en pilaren bewaard gebleven. Voeg hier nog de vele houten meubelen aan toe en het is duidelijk dat de authentieke sfeer u bijna om de oren slaat. En dan is er ook nog een houtkachel. Precies zoals u dat van een woning in de Ardennen zou verwachten. Maar het is niet alleen sfeer dat u hier aantreft, want er is zeker ook aan de wensen van de hedendaagse vakantieganger gedacht. Zo zijn recentelijk vier van de slaapkamers uigerust met een hypermoderne 'natte hoek' en zijn alle bedden vervangen. Buiten ligt een ruime tuin met een overdekte barbecue en speeltoestellen. Op hetzelfde terrein liggen de vakantiewoning BE-4503 (die u dus ook gezamenlijk kunt huren voor een groep tot 40 personen) en een woning waar de eigenaars wel eens verblijven. Gezamenlijk heeft u daarmee de beschikking over een wasruimte. De woning is mooi centraal gelegen om veel schoons van de Ardennen te ontdekken. Denk aan plaatsen als Vielsalm en Coo (met de waterval). In de winter vertrekken bij Baraque de Fraiture langlaufroutes.

AI Alignment Writing Day Roundup #2

Published on October 7, 2019 11:36 PM UTC

Here are some of the posts from the AI Alignment Forum writing day. Due to the participants writing 34 posts in less than 24 hours (!), I'm re-airing them to let people have a proper chance to read (and comment) on them, in roughly chronological order.

1) Computational Model: Causal Diagrams with Symmetry by Johns Wentworth

This post is about representing logic, mathematics, and functions with causal models.

For our purposes, the central idea of embedded agency is to take these black-box systems which we call “agents”, and break open the black boxes to see what’s going on inside.
Causal DAGs with symmetry are how we do this for Turing-computable functions in general. They show the actual cause-and-effect process which computes the result; conceptually they represent the computation rather than a black-box function.

I'm new to a lot of this, but to me this seemed like a weird and surprising way to think about math (e.g. the notion that the input is something that causes the next input ). Seems like a very interesting set of ideas to explore.

2) Towards a mechanistic understanding of corrigibility by Evan Hubinger

This post builds off of Paul Christiano's post on Worst Case Guarantees. That post claims:

Even if we are very careful about how we deploy ML, we may reach the point where a small number of correlated failures could quickly become catastrophic... I think the long-term safety of ML systems requires being able to rule out this kind of behavior, which I’ll call unacceptable, even for inputs which are extremely rare on the input distribution.

Paul then proposes a procedure built around adversarial search, where one part of the system searches for inputs that produce unacceptable outputs in the trained agent, and talks more about how one might build such a system.

Evan's post tries to make progress on finding a good notion of acceptable behaviour from an ML system. Paul's post offers two conditions about the ease of training an acceptable model (in particular, that it should not stop the agent achieving a high average reward and that is shouldn't make hard problems much harder), but Evan's conditions are about the ease of choosing an acceptable action. His two conditions are:

  1. It must be not that hard for an amplified overseer to verify that a model is acceptable.
  2. It must be not that hard to find such an acceptable model during training.
If you want to be able to do some form of informed oversight to produce an acceptable model, however, these are some of the most important conditions to pay attention to. Thus, I generally think about choosing an acceptability condition as trying to answer the question: what is the easiest-to-train-and-verify property such that all models that satisfy that property (and achieve high average reward) are safe?

The post then explores two possible approaches, act-based corrigibility and indifference corrigibility.

3) Logical Optimizers by Donald Hobson

This approach offers a solution to a simpler version of the FAI problem:

Suppose I was handed a hypercomputer and allowed to run code on it without worrying about mindcrime, then the hypercomputer is removed, allowing me to keep 1Gb of data from the computations. Then I am handed a magic human utility function, as code on a memory stick. [The approach below] would allow me to use the situation to make a FAI.

4) Deconfuse Yourself about Agency by VojtaKovarik

This post offers some cute formalisations, for example, generalising the notion of anthropomorphism to -morphization, about morphing/modelling any system by using an alternative architecture .

This is an attempt to remove the need to explicitly use the term 'agency' in conversation, out of a sense that the use of the word is lacking in substance. I'm not sure I agree with this, I think people are using it to talk about a substantive thing they don't know how to formalise yet. Nonetheless I liked all the various technical ideas offered.

My favourite part personally was the opening list of concrete architectures organised by how 'agenty' they feel, which I will quote in full:

  1. Architectures I would intuitively call "agenty":
    1. Monte Carlo tree search algorithm, parametrized by the number of rollouts made each move and utility function (or heuristic) used to evaluate positions.
    2. (semi-vague) "Classical AI-agent" with several interconnected modules (utility function and world model, actions, planning algorithm, and observations used for learning and updating the world model).
    3. (vague) Human parametrized by their goals, knowledge, and skills (and, of course, many other details).
  2. Architectures I would intuitively call "non-agenty":
    1. A hard-coded sequence of actions.
    2. Look-up table.
    3. Random generator (outputting x∼π on every input, for some probability distribution π).
  3. Multi-agent architectures:
    1. Ant colony.
    2. Company (consisting of individual employees, operating within an economy).
    3. Comprehensive AI services.

5) Thoughts from a Two-Boxer by jaek

I really liked this post, even though the author ends by saying the post might not have much of a purpose any more.

Having written that last paragraph I suddenly understand why decision theory in the AI community is the way it is. I guess I wasn't properly engaging with the premises of the thought experiment.

The post was (according to me) someone thinking for themselves about decision theory and putting in the effort to clearly explain their thoughts as they went along.

My understanding of the main disagreement between academia's CDT/EDT and the AI Alignment's UDT/FDT alternatives is the same as Paul Christiano's understanding, which is that they are motivated by asking slightly different questions (the former being more human-focused and the latter being motivated by how to enter code into an AI). This post shows someone thinking through that and coming to that same realisation for themselves. I expect to link to it in the future as an example of this.


5 Emerging Growth Strategies to Win in the Subscription Economy


The Changing Tech Landscape
For many Tech enterprises, the move from on-prem hardware/software sales to a subscription-based model has sales and marketing teams rethinking their go-to-market strategies and programs. From revenue coverage to persona-based messaging to sales and channel enablement, the question remains what agile actions will promote growth?

Our Analysis
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  • Five emerging strategies to future-proof your growth
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Select Insights

  • Oracle is driving customer centricity with its critical CIO stakeholders through transparency with cloud platform product roadmaps
  • Enhancing customer experiences was a core driver behind SugarCRM’s acquisition of Salesfusion
  • Nutanix and HPE see more opportunity working together to capture hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) marketshare than battling each other
  • DellOracle, and Microsoft are targeting and empowering the business decision maker earlier and differently than the CIO
  • ...Download the report to read them all...

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Lead Systems Engineer - Foot Locker - Milwaukee, WI

Experience with various versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux Server, AIX, and Virtual Platforms such as VMWare, ESX, Nutanix, KVM, and Hyper-V.
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HyperX Alloy Origins Keyboard Review


HyperX releases a new keyboard featuring their own proprietary switches to improve performance and durability.

Click through to read all of "HyperX Alloy Origins Keyboard Review" at GeekDad.If you value content from GeekDad, please support us via Patreon or use this link to shop at Amazon. Thanks!


Sector Cabal Sigma Faction Turn 1


Hello everyone,
I'm about 5 sessions behind on posting Session  The Cabal Sigma SWN Campaign is going well. I thought I would share some of the news casts the players got a few sessions ago based on the happenings from the faction turn.  I have set my blog to no comments. I have been getting bombarded with spam, and would rather not waste my time trying to moderate spam comments. So for now I have disabled comments. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

News Casts 

S.P.T.N. Sector Public Transmissions Network – Your Public news source for Sector Cabal Sigma- Blacktron Transgalactic will begin an urban renewal and redevelopment program designed to bring economic prosperity and improvements to Paradise City-Hyperion.  Blacktron Transgalactic Executive Spokesman Guiles de'Kaizer, "This is a great opportunity for Blacktron Transgalactic to give back to the community that has been so good to us. We are taking the innovations we have developed on Marathon and sharing them with our neighbors on Hyperion, together we are better."  Wistan Frost, son of Frost Technologies  founder Hadean Frost responded that Frost Technologies welcomes Blacktron's investments in the local community and "hopes to see the quality of life for all citizens improved, not just a few for the benefit of a public relations gimmick". 

F.B.N. -Free Broadcasting Network- In spite of attempts by The Thieves Guild to block her visit to Slough Feg, the beloved Einya the Iconic, a known sentient life-form advocate, singer and entertainer has arrived on The Thieves World of Slough Feg, after meeting with local authorities she has just announced her benefits concert for Uplifted Chimpanzees will proceed as scheduled.  Einya earlier today, "We need to do all we can to raise public awareness regarding the plight of uplifted simians on Slough Feg.... look around and you can quickly see all of the infrastructure, food, water and air is possible only due to the hard work and labors of the simians on this world, yet they do not have equal rights or fair treatment, today's benefit concert is hopefully the first of many to bring needed change to Slough Feg and all of the Thieves Worlds". 

T.W.N.N.-Thieves Worlds Network News- Due to the generosity of The Thieves Guild, in spite of the event organizers improper paperwork and lack of proper registration, the Thieves Guild recognizes, that Einya is a popular singer, and given this is the one year anniversary of the Ahab Station Disaster and the simian civil disturbances from that time, the Thieves Guild will allow the entertainment concert to continue, Thieves Worlders are reminded to recognize that Einya is an entertainer and has no formal training or experience in politics or the affairs of government and should recognize her for what she is, an outworlder with a history of contributing to public disturbances and general public misbehavior.  She should stick to entertainment and leave the affairs of government, public safety and well-being to the trained professionals.  Authorities wanted to have the event on Riot, due to its arenas and an environment more conducive to such activities, but Einya insisted the event take place on Slough Feg 

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (a T.W.N.N.-affiliate) – This just are showing actual video footage from Battle Tower Arena earlier today- you can clearly see one of the arena fighters an offworlder, stealing the popular arena Mascot, instead of returning it to its holding container the individual can be seen stashing it in his tunic. Civil Police are looking for him and his accomplices now. They were believed to have taken a shuttle to Outlaw Station. One of his travelling companions has been confirmed to be an uplifted chimpanzee.  

T.W.N.N.- Silas Dryx, former "Weatherman" of Ahab Station, and one of the few survivors of the station's destruction has just recently been released from the hospital after a long recovery from the injuries he sustained by the Simian terrorist attack against Ahab Station one year ago. He is equipped with some of the latest Cyberware developed on Xin Kowloon.  

This is G.N.N. - Galactic News Network – Given that this is the one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station a known site of Simian abuse and control; we thought it appropriate to address the still orbiting wreck of Ahab Station.  A proposal has been made to rebuild the station as a memorial to all the simians killed during the uprising.  Unfortunately certain old guard members of the pro-human establishment are still around, and hope to restore the station to its former purpose, one of simian control and abuse. For now the future of the ruins of Ahab Station is locked up in the legal system.  With Slough Feg focusing so much of its resources on maintaining a livable environment, whatever, the outcome is decided it will be some time before Ahab Station is addressed in any meaningful fashion. 

Star Fox News – The Pro-Simian Concert Event has started, The Thieves Guild had requested high security, due to the nature and date of the event, but event organizers didn't want a militant presence to mar their message. Let's hope the event is a peaceful one, Einya is known for her anti-corporate demonstrations.  

---Massive Explosion in orbit above Slough Feg--- 

G.N.N. -This is GNN...Galactic News Network- We have just learned that Cleopatra Station is no more, the explosion just seen in the skies above Slough Feg was the apparent complete destruction of Cleopatra Station! No word on any survivors. Has the Thieves Guild's ongoing abhorrent treatment of our Simian Neighbors, led us to this day? Here on the exactly one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station and the launch of the Simian's quest for freedom...  

Star Fox News- Cleopatra Station possibly destroyed! Is this a terrorist attack? Start of a second Ape Revolt? Or just a disaster caused by malfunctioning equipment?  Stay tuned to this station for further updates!  

F.B.N. - Free Broadcasting Network –This has been confirmed! Independent Sensor Scans have shown Cleopatra Station has been completely destroyed, some form of explosion has obliterated the station, a debris field now marks the location where this mega-corporate controlled facility once existed, we cannot verify any survivors or cause at this time. Genesis Combine the owners of the station have not yet made a public statement.  Cleopatra Station was a research facility working to genetically engineer crops that could survive in Slough Feg's harsh climate.  

T.W.N.N. - Official word from The Thieves Guild – everyone is ordered to remain calm, Patrol craft have been dispatched to Cleopatra Station. Authorities have the situation under control. We have no reason to believe the explosion on Cleopatra Station was anything more than a tragic accident. Please stay indoors and keep communication lines open and await further instructions.  

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (T.W.N.N. affiliate)- Given the Cleopatra Station Disaster, for the safety of all Riotians all arena fights and gladiatorial events have been suspended until further notice, we will keep you informed as we know more.  

F.B.N. - Reports are coming in that security forces are being dispatched to all Simian Reservations under what authorities are calling a precautionary measure.  

T.W.N.N. - Thieves Worlds Network News-Due to the developing situation regarding Cleopatra Station, The Great Work on Gambit will be paused to assess for any risk against the advancement of The Great Work. Workers will have a 5 minute moment of silence to acknowledge the lives lost on Cleopatra Station.  

F.B.N.- THIS JUST IN! An apparent assassination attempt has just been made on the pro-simian rights performer Einya, in the chaos after the Cleopatra Station Explosion, at least two armed gunmen attempted to assassinate her! Fans of Einya, spotted the two would-be assassins and quickly subdued the individuals, reports indicate the alleged assassins possibly would have been killed by the mob were it not for the intervention of Civil Police that arrested the two would-be assassins and took them into custody.  One witness reported hearing one of the alleged attackers yell out human supremacist anti-simian slurs and spotted the notorious symbol of the K.G.P. - Knights of Genetic Purity tattooed to his shoulder.  

T.W.N.N. - Authorities continue to call for calm. The situation at the Einya Event has been contained, the performer is unharmed and the suspects involved have been arrested. There is still no proof of any connection between the Cleopatra Station Disaster and the disturbance at the Einya Event.  


Комментарий к записи В Татарстане готовится законопроект, разрешающий заводить домашних животных только с согласия соседей (food near me)

<strong>food near me</strong> [...]here are some hyperlinks to internet sites that we link to simply because we believe they are worth visiting[...]

[Track of The Day] Crack Cloud - The Next Fix

A la lecture de quelques reports de la dernière édition de la Route du Rock, il semble qu'un groupe ait notamment fait sensation : Crack Cloud.

Passé par Lyon il y a quelques semaines dans la salle du Périscope (et que j'ai évidemment raté), Crack Cloud est un collectif canadien de Vancouver qui a une prédisposition pour le post-punk arty autant que dégingandé, presque rêche et minimaliste. C'est en tout cas ce que laisse à penser la compilation de leurs premiers Ep qu'ils ont sorti l'an passé, sobrement intitulée 'Crack Cloud'.

L'écoute de The Next Flix, un de leurs derniers singles en date, est assez surprenante. Écrite en l'hommage de tous leurs amis suicidés ou morts d'overdose, cette chanson s'éloigne du post-punk et plonge dans une sorte de funk, où l'on trouve samples, ambiance à la cLOUDDEAD (ou plus généralement toute la clique d'anticon du début des années 2000), trompette déchirante et chœurs pop. Sans conteste une des chansons de l'année, The Next Fix impose même quelque part Crack Cloud comme une version 2019 - et canadienne - de The Avalanches. A suivre de près.

Album : -
Année : 2019
Label : Meat Machine Records

En écoute dans les playlists Spotify et Deezer à gauche

En plus des playlists Spotify et Deezer (colonne de gauche de ce blog), The Next Fix de Crack Cloud est également en écoute via son clip ci-dessous :

Second extrait de leur série 'Pain Olympics' (qu'est-ce donc ? Toute la question est là), voilà Crackin Up de Crack Cloud :


Rationalizing the diversity of amide-amide H-bonding in peptides, using the Natural Bond Orbital method

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2019, Accepted Manuscript
DOI: 10.1039/C9CP03825F, Paper
valerie brenner, Eric Gloaguen, Michel MONS
Natural Bond Orbital (NBO) analysis of electron delocalization in a series of capped isolated peptides is used to diagnose amide-amide H-bonding and backbone-induced hyperconjugative interactions, and to rationalize their spectral...
The content of this RSS Feed (c) The Royal Society of Chemistry


Banques: les frais de tenue de compte ont bondi de 1.000% en 10 ans


 Des données compilées par le cabinet Sémaphore Conseil sur les tarifs d’un panel de banques représentatives permettent de mieux cerner la stratégie commerciale des établissements, et de comprendre la transformation en cours dans le secteur. En 10 ans, l’industrie bancaire a été bousculée comme jamais, entre la chute des taux , le choc technologique et les nouveaux concurrents. Ces bouleversements se traduisent dans les tarifs bancaires, dont certains progressent… 🇫🇷 Banques : les frais de tenue de compte ont bondi de 1.000% en dix ans (Les Echos) — Gilles Klein (@GillesKLEIN) October 4, 2019 Frais bancaires: le juteux business des banques Frais bancaires: la France est championne d’Europe Source: A l’attention des lecteurs du site BusinessBourse Nous sommes à la veille d’un tournant majeur dans l’économie mondiale. Le moment est venu d’acheter de l’Or avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Pour les très rares personnes qui ont des actifs à protéger, il devient urgent de sortir des bulles d’actifs(marché boursier, obligataire, immobilier, etc…), comme je le recommande depuis longtemps. Il est également temps de détenir de l’or et de l’argent physique comme assurance pour son patrimoine. Les métaux précieux atteindront des niveaux sans précédents, voire non envisageables aujourd’hui avec l’hyperinflation. Pour ceux [...]

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Treatment For Internal Hemroids - Have Your Heard Of Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

treatment for internal hemroids: Now with over three million sweat glands over the human body it is fact that you are going to sweat. Sweating takes place when you are sleeping and when you are talking, but for some the process of sweating can be very frustrating as they just do... Treatment For Internal Hemroids

How To Remove Hemorrhoids - Have Your Heard Of Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

how to remove hemorrhoids: Now with over three million sweat glands over the human body it is fact that you are going to sweat. Sweating takes place when you are sleeping and when you are talking, but for some the process of sweating can be very frustrating as they just do... how to remove hemorrhoids

What Color Is A Hemorrhoid - Foods To Be Avoided For High Blood Pressure

what color is a hemorrhoid: High blood pressure if left unchecked results in increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and leads to target organ damage such as LVH, retinal changes and vascular changes. The main objective in the management of hypertension is prevention... What Color Is A Hemorrhoid

Antagonistic and synergistic epigenetic modulation using orthologous CRISPR/dCas9-based modular system

Establishing causal relationship between epigenetic marks and gene transcription requires molecular tools, which can precisely modify specific genomic regions. Here, we present a modular and extensible CRISPR/dCas9-based toolbox for epigenetic editing and direct gene regulation. It features a system for expression of orthogonal dCas9 proteins fused to various effector domains and includes a multi-gRNA system for simultaneous targeting dCas9 orthologs to up to six loci. The C- and N-terminal dCas9 fusions with DNMT3A and TET1 catalytic domains were thoroughly characterized. We demonstrated simultaneous use of the DNMT3A-dSpCas9 and TET1-dSaCas9 fusions within the same cells and showed that imposed cytosine hyper- and hypo-methylation altered level of gene transcription if targeted CpG sites were functionally relevant. Dual epigenetic manipulation of the HNF1A and MGAT3 genes, involved in protein N-glycosylation, resulted in change of the glycan phenotype in BG1 cells. Furthermore, simultaneous targeting of the TET1-dSaCas9 and VPR-dSpCas9 fusions to the HNF1A regulatory region revealed strong and persistent synergistic effect on gene transcription, up to 30 days following cell transfection, suggesting involvement of epigenetic mechanisms in maintenance of the reactivated state. Also, modulation of dCas9 expression effectively reduced off-target effects while maintaining the desired effects on target regions.


Repair of base damage within break-induced replication intermediates promotes kataegis associated with chromosome rearrangements

Break induced replication (BIR) is a double strand break repair pathway that can promote genetic instabilities similar to those observed in cancer. Instead of a replication fork, BIR is driven by a migration bubble where asynchronous synthesis between leading and lagging strands leads to accumulation of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) that promotes mutation. However, the details of the mechanism of mutagenesis, including the identity of the participating proteins, remain unknown. Using yeast as a model, we demonstrate that mutagenic ssDNA is formed at multiple positions along the BIR track and that Pol ζ is responsible for the majority of both spontaneous and damage-induced base substitutions during BIR. We also report that BIR creates a potent substrate for APOBEC3A (A3A) cytidine deaminase that can promote formation of mutation clusters along the entire track of BIR. Finally, we demonstrate that uracil glycosylase initiates the bypass of DNA damage induced by A3A in the context of BIR without formation of base substitutions, but instead this pathway frequently leads to chromosomal rearrangements. Together, the expression of A3A during BIR in yeast recapitulates the main features of APOBEC-induced kataegis in human cancers, suggesting that BIR might represent an important source of these hyper-mutagenic events.


HTML 5.1 Is The Latest Web Standard, Replace HTML 5 As The New “W3C Recommendation”


The official debuted of HTML 5 in October 2014, it was a very big deal. 2 years later, The World Wide Web consortium (W3C) has released the official HTML 5.1 specification. In an announcement, the W3C said that the new release of HTML has come with the first minor revision of the Hypertext Markup Language […]

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Session: Eldritch Horror:: The Eldritch Adventures – Chapter 2: Something Stirs in the Deep Places


by HereticPriest

Hello again everybody! Welcome back to our Eldritch Legacy!

If you don't know what I'm on about, the Prologue and Chapter 1 are here:

Last time, Shub-Niggurath broke through and destroyed Earth-6, including its prisoner Great Old One, Manam'qua. All investigators but Father Mateo and Carolyn Fern were killed, with Carolyn becoming the arbiter of the last bastion of humanity and Mateo being imprisoned in a strange court in the Dreamlands belonging to the King of Dusk. But the repercussions of this disaster are not isolated to Earth-6...

Note: Once again, I am a bit protective of this story and will likely reuse many elements in my professional work, so if you want to borrow or base something off this material, please ask first! I'll most likely say yes.

And as always, I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 2: Something Stirs in the Deep Places

In Earth-1, the original version of the planet, a young musician named Jim Culver senses the massive death toll in Earth-6 and is troubled. He is not aware of the Dreamlands or of the other Earths, and as such cannot find factual support for the suffering he feels. Uniquely able to communicate with the dead, a practice facilitated by his beautiful music, he searches for understanding. Meanwhile, massive storms begin to rage across the planet, wrecking ships and disrupting trade routes. Aquatic humanoids calling themselves Deep Ones begin to assault shore-dwelling humans. Jim has a number of disturbing encounters with monstrous corpses, giving him recurring nightmares.

Jim’s search brings him in touch with a number of similarly-concerned individuals, people with some understanding of occult matters and the nature of the dangers threatening their world. They are: Ursula, an explorer and archeologist who suffered a traumatic experience in the Pyramids of Egypt and has been a tortured amnesiac ever since; Gloria, a failed author who discovered a massive cult conspiracy while searching for inspiration; and Bob, a well-to-do salesman who has lost an incredible amount of business due to the storms and attacks and who funds the groups’ research.

The team determines that the disturbances are being caused by an array of current events, each designed to cause damage to the stability of reality. Ursula departs for the Arctic Circle, which she scours via airplane until she locates an emplacement of alien machines that have mysteriously been reactivated and are punching holes throughout reality. Though she deactivates and destroys it, the damage is done, and many portals have been opened across all six Earths and the Dreamlands. Gloria traces another source of disturbance to the ocean near Australia, where she finds entire swaths of the ocean overlaid with the Dreamlands. She meets the crew of the White Ship, learning about the Dreamlands and the existence of other Earths. She convinces the crew them not to tear open any Gates and to remain on Earth-1 until reality has been stabilized.

Jim and Bob rally military and police forces across the globe, pushing back the Deep Ones and protecting coastal cities. Bob comes to retrieve Ursula from the Arctic Circle and is bonded to by an ancient Hyperborean spirit, who grants him extensive magical powers. Unfortunately, none of this is enough. Gloria and Ursula map the disturbances and locate a focal point, a seemingly empty spot in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The team travels there and discover an island not recorded on any map and entirely covered with a half-submerged city.

After exploring the island, which appears to operate on different laws of physics and principles of perspective and geometry than the rest of the world, the team realizes it has been converted into a massive prison for twisted monstrosities. Gloria identifies the city as R’lyeh, former capital city of the Great Old One Cthulhu on earth. Now it is a prison for him and his children, the Star Spawn…but he appears to be sensitive to the disturbances in reality, and waking up. Ursula discovers a weapon capable of slaying Star Spawn, the Sword of Y’ha-Talla, and bonds to the weapon. The team attempts to reinforce the wards around R’lyeh, but the excess magical energy opens a Gate above the city, and several Star Spawn tear free of their cells and magical sleep and fly through it.

Ursula, having developed something of a savior complex after repeatedly protecting her teammates from monsters, follows the Star Spawn through the portal and into Sydney, Australia. There she fights in the Battle of Sydney, singlehandedly slaying many cultists and monsters but nearly going insane in the process. Severely injured, she leaves the ruins of Sydney behind and flees through the only avenue available to her: back through the portal to R’lyeh.

In her absence, Jim, Gloria, Bob, and Jim and Bob’s dead friends have assembled a map of the world’s leylines. They believe that reinforcing them with magical rituals will counteract the crumbling structures of reality and re-seal the locks of R’lyeh. Bob has agreed to teleport to one major confluence and perform the rites there, while Jim and Gloria head to the former location of Atlantis to do the same. As they are prepared to board a boat and flee R’lyeh, Ursula returns through the portal.

Jim immediately takes the broken Ursula under his wing and nurses her body and mind back to health as Gloria handles the necessary magic. As they are preparing to complete the seal, a Star Spawn attacks the boat. The sick Ursula severs its arm and drives it off with the Sword. She finally recovers from her amnesia and remembers a harrowing chase through an ancient underground tomb, pursued by a dark figure whispering terrible prophecies. Her injuries and trauma combined are too much for her, and she dies in Jim’s arms.

As Gloria and Bob are concurrently finishing their rituals, the Star Spawn returns. Jim attempts to dissuade it from killing them, and it offers him a deal, essentially for his soul. Furious over Ursula’s death, he refuses and wields her sword against it, and the creature is so surprised that it buys his allies enough time to finish the rites. The creature and its brethren are sent back to R’lyeh and Cthulhu’s stirrings cease, bringing and end to the storms and twisted nightmares plaguing the populace.

The team begins to investigate the fragments of other worlds they witnessed and the information they received from the crew of the White Ship, trying to understand what caused the stirrings of Cthulhu and the near-miss apocalypse.


Well! That went quite a bit better than last time. What do you think of our new heroes? Why are multiple Great Old Ones stirring simultaneously? What exactly happened to Ursula under the Pyramids? Only time will tell...

Current Survivors
Jim (Earth-I), assisting Gloria and Bob
Gloria (Earth-I), leading an investigation into other worlds
Bob (Earth-I), bonded with the ghost of a Hyperborean sorcerer
Mateo (Earth-VI), lost in the Dreamlands
Carolyn (Earth-VI), Grand Arbiter of the Australian Bastion

Changes to Planetary Status
Earth-I: City of R'lyeh re-sealed. Great Old One prisoner, Cthulhu, returned to sleep with his children. Human society largely unaware or dismissive of the supernatural.
Earth-VI: Overrun by the Thousand Young. Great Old One prisoner, Manam'qua, destroyed. Human survivors located in the Australian Bastion, the only safe continent remaining.

Deceased Investigators
Ursula (Earth-I), slain protecting her allies from a Star Spawn
Preston (Earth-VI), betrayed by a pact and slain by the Thousand Young
Hank (Earth-VI), slain fighting Nug
Kate (Earth-VI), murdered by Nug
Jacqueline (Earth-VI), crushed by a Flying Polyp


"Uber House" Mix-WMC 2011 Club Chaos Radio Show

DJ Johnny D’s “UBER HOUSE” Mix Club Chaos Radio March 8, 2011 WMC Miami 2011South Beach 1. Sunrise-DJ jozif-inFine Music-Deep House 2. String Theory-Jay Shepard-Retrofit Records-Deep House 4. Le Velour-Original Mix-Shonky-Real Tone Records-Deep House 5. She is Music -Psycatron. Blake Baxter-Planet E Communication-Techno 6. Pancho-Supabeatz-Southern Fried Music-House 7. Home Sweet Home-Einmusik Rmix-Nichol Moudaber,Smokin' Cologne 8. Words & Sounds-Sabastian Davidson-RaygunNight Drive Music-Tech House 9. Bass Attitude-Seight-Hypertraxx Records-Electro House 10. Zombie-Acquachop-Dub-Luetzenkirchen, John Acquachop, Sound of Cologne 11. Keep Me Hanging On-Danny S-Hypertraxx Records 12. Beauty of Silence-Inpetto Remix, LXR, Andrea Doria, Sound of Cologne 13. The Limit-James Egbert-LW Recordings

Stock Havens Cost More Than Ever, Right When Investors Need Them

“Investors are like hyperactive first graders playing musical chairs -- always trying to out-anticipate the other as to when the music will stop.”

Hypertension Drug Market Projection By Key Players, Status, Growth, Revenue, SWOT Analysis Forecast 2025

  Hypertension Drug Market – 2019-2025   Market Overview   Hypertension can be defined as a long-term medical condition where the blood pressure in the arteries gets elevated constantly. High blood pressure is not a risk but long-term high blood pressure poses threat as it exposes the patient to various diseases like heart failure, coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, atrial fibrillation, chronic kidney disease, vision loss, and dementia. That is … Continue reading Hypertension Drug Market Projection By Key Players, Status, Growth, Revenue, SWOT Analysis Forecast 2025

A Water Cherenkov Test Beam Experiment for Hyper-Kamiokande and Future Large-scale Water-based Detectors

Water Cherenkov and water-based particle detector technologies are used to realize multi-kiloton scale experiments such as the currently operating Super-Kamiokande experiment, the planned Hyper-Kamiokande experiment and the proposed THEIA detector and ESSnuSB detectors. These experiments are operated or proposed to study a broad range of physics including neutrino oscillations, nucleon decay, dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay. The neutrino oscillations program will also include kiloton scale near or intermediate detectors used to study neutrino production and interactions in the absence of neutrino oscillations, such as the Hyper-K Intermediate Water Cherenkov Detector (IWCD). Realization of these physics programs will require new detector technologies and percent level calibration of detector responses and models of physics processes within the detector. Here we describe our intent to propose a 50~ton scale Water Cherenkov test experiment (WCTE) to be deployed in a North or East test beam experimental area. The experiment will include a secondary target located just upstream of the experiment in order to produce very low energy particle fluxes, including charged pions. The WCTE program will be carried out with the following objectives: - Operate and understand the performance of new detector technologies such as multi-PMTs, dichroicon wavelength-separating cones and water-based liquid scintillator in a fully integrated detector. - Study the performance of a <1 kiloton scale water Cherenkov detector with known particle fluxes, and test and develop calibration systems necessary for accurate modeling of a detector of this size. - Measure important physics processes for the modeling of water Cherenkov detector responses, including high-angle Cherenkov light production, pion scattering and absorption, and secondary neutron production in hadron scattering. We aim to start operation of the water Cherenkov test experiment in 2021-2022.

Gesaffelstein drops surprise EP, NOVO SONIC SYSTEM: Stream


Six-track effort follows his Hyperion album from March.

Gesaffelstein drops surprise EP, NOVO SONIC SYSTEM: Stream
Lake Schatz


Компания Wisechip выпустила первый в мире гиперфлуоресцентный дисплей OLED


Компания Wisechip сообщила, что выпустила первый в мире гиперфлуоресцентный дисплей OLED, точнее — PMOLED. Монохромный дисплей желтого цвета свечения характеризует размером 2,7 дюйма по диагонали и разрешением 128 x 64 пикселей. Его яркость достигает 220 кд/м2, что в 2,5 раза больше яркости флуоресцентного желтого дисплея производства Wisechip. Срок службы нового дисплея составляет 50 000 часов.

Гиперфлуоресцентный (HF) дисплей — четвертое поколение OLED, в котором флуоресцентный эмиттер первого поколения объединен с базовым материалом TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence) третьего поколения для достижения высокой эффективности, большого срока службы и узкого спектра излучения.

Поставщиком материала HF является компания Kyulux, акционерами которой являются Samsung, LG Display, Japan Display и JOLED.




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採用 HyperX 首款自行設計機械紅軸 Alloy Origins 正式上市

  金士頓 Kingston 旗下電競品牌 HyperX 首款搭載 HyperX 鍵軸的 Alloy Origins 機械鍵盤於台灣正式上市,採用全新 HyperX 自行設計的機械式線性紅軸,有效縮短鍵軸的反應時間,更能承受高達 8 千萬次的敲擊,提升玩家的遊戲品質。   【以下內容為廠商提供資料原....

Two number of solidmechanis on same model


Dear Friends,

I am working on simulation of Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices with hypereleastic materials.

Can any one suggest me to use techinques of piezoelectric material with Hypereleastic material in same Physics of solid meachnics.

Thanks and Regards,


Продам озу DDR3 1600 MHz HyperX FURY, процессоры, (мтеринку Socket 775 не рабочую) заглушки для материнок. [37]

озу память Память Kingston 8 GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz HyperX FURY - 900грн. такая озу память...

4 Ways for K–12 Administrators to Master Google Classroom

4 Ways for K–12 Administrators to Master Google Classroom Thu, 09/19/2019 - 10:46

Educators face a constant challenge of organizing resources and time, both in the classroom and out. 

More often than not, it’s the administrative workload that eats up a majority of an educator’s time.  I’ve found that digital tools schools used to keep students on track work just as effectively for the adults in the school building. 

Here are four ways to put Google Classroom to work for you.

MORE FROM EDTECH: See how blended learning platforms such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams can improve student engagement.

1. Allow Users to Access Content at Their Convenience

With an ever-increasing number of online resources, any educator can quickly master the features and functions of Google Classroom for administrative purposes. 

The freedom to access class content anytime, anywhere, on any device, is very appealing for both administrators and teachers. 

Faculty and staff will appreciate the growth mindset demonstrated by an administrator who models an innovative spirit and is willing to take risks.

2. Communicate With K–12 Stakeholders Like a Pro

Don’t underestimate your ability to enhance communication using customizable Classwork features.

Post a question in the Classwork stream to engage staff in inquiry-driven discussions

Use the Assignment tool to send out surveys, provide real-time feedback, request input or share agendas (updates and revisions to linked resources are automatic, ensuring equitable access to the latest version of a document). 

Gauge participation with a glance to track staff’s completion of tasks and assignments. Add multiple administrators as co-teachers to individualize assignments and coordinate leadership.

3. Streamline Information Dissemination With Online Tools

Staff will easily find what they are looking for when you provide a consistent way to locate and share digital interactions and resources

Google Classroom includes features to prepare assignments in advance and schedule them to post to your stream at a specified date and time. 

Capitalize on your option to set a due date, which automatically populates to your shared Google Calendar, keeping all staff members on track. And don’t overlook the Topics tool, which lets you label and group posts in Classwork. 

Use the drag-and-drop feature to post high-priority material at the top of your stream — the most valuable asset of the Topics tool. 

4. Organize Student and Faculty Resources

You can reduce the amount of time your staff spends searching for resources by using the Classwork stream. 

Simply post a link to a shared organizational resource page, where you provide a Google Doc with hyperlinks to all priority documents and resources

Options for resources within this page might include schedules, data, professional development requirements, campus and district policies and procedures, and emergency response protocols.

Denise Neeb serves as the principal of Williams Elementary School, a STEAM magnet campus in Lubbock Independent School District.


Uric Acid Levels - Get Information About Gout Diet And Treatment

gout nuts: Gout is a form of arthritis that s characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints. The cause of gout is a high blood level of uric acid (hyperuricemia), which can accumulate in joints and lead to inflammation. Uric... Uric Acid Levels

10/07 Links Pt2: The Zionist Movement Did Not Seek to Dispossess the Palestinian Arabs; Interior minister moves to deport Palestinian BDS founder; Yom Kippur 1967: The Return to the Western Wall

From Ian:

Efraim Karsh (WSJ): The Zionist Movement Did Not Seek to Dispossess the Palestinian Arabs 
David Ben-Gurion's stature as Israel's founding father would seem to be eminently secure, given his crucial, perhaps indispensable, role in salvaging the Jewish people from political oblivion and reinstating it in its ancestral homeland. Tom Segev's A State at Any Cost: The Life of David Ben-Gurion is an effort to tarnish his reputation and reinterpret Israel's founding period.

On May 14, 1948, Ben-Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel, becoming its first prime minister and defense minister, posts he held until 1963 (with a brief retirement from office in 1953-55). Segev casts Israel's founding father as the destroyer of Palestinian Arab society - deeply implicated in what Segev and his fellow revisionists see as the "original sin" of Israel's creation: the supposedly deliberate and aggressive dispossession of the native Arab population.

The truth is that, far from seeking to dispossess the Palestinian Arabs as claimed by Segev, the Zionist movement had always been amenable to the existence of a substantial Arab minority in the prospective Jewish state.

No less than Ze'ev Jabotinsky, founder of the faction that was the forebear of today's Likud Party, voiced his readiness (in a famous 1923 essay) "to take an oath binding ourselves and our descendants that we shall never do anything contrary to the principle of equal rights, and that we shall never try to eject anyone." And if this was the position of the more "militant" faction of the Jewish national movement, small wonder that mainstream Zionism took for granted the full equality of the Arab minority in the prospective Jewish state.

In December 1947, shortly after Palestinian Arabs had unleashed wholesale violence to subvert the newly passed UN partition resolution, Ben-Gurion told his Labor Party that "in our state there will be non-Jews as well" and all of them will be equal citizens; equal in everything without any exception; that is: the state will be their state as well."

The Haganah's operational plan - adopted in March 1948 to reverse then-current Palestinian Arab aggression and rebuff the anticipated invasion by the Arab states - was predicated, in the explicit instructions of the Haganah's commander in chief, on the "acknowledgment of the full rights, needs, and freedom of the Arabs in the Hebrew state without any discrimination, and a desire for coexistence on the basis of mutual freedom and dignity."
To the Arab World, Jewish Sovereignty Is a Rebellion against Islam Itself
Arab anti-Zionism, Shmuel Trigano argues, has little to do with land, the fate of the Palestinians, or Palestinian self-determination—and everything to do with religion. Citing the historical status of non-Muslims in the Islamic Middle East, he points in particular to two concepts: that of the ummah, a nation of all Muslim believers that transcends ethnic and political boundaries, and that of the dhimmi, protected religious minorities who are allowed to live in Muslim society with legal disabilities:

The concept of the ummah inspired the Arabs to rebel against the [European] colonial powers: not so much for their colonial nature (the colonial yoke of the Ottomans was by and large tolerated), but for their Christianity. A decisive turning point was the rise of nationalism: while the ummah dissolved into nation-states, the pan-Arabism that emerged in its wake provided indirect continuity.

To this situation, . . . an additional factor came to the fore: the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine, under the British Mandate, as provided by the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The problem derived not from the emergence of a new political force in the midst of the Arab countries, but from its Jewish character: as sacrilegious to the Islamic conscience as the Christian colonial powers had been. . . . In these terms, Jewish sovereignty is understood as nothing short of a rebellion against Islam.

Thus, Trigano argues, the conflict between Israel and its neighbors can be understood in relation to the gradual and long-ongoing destruction of the Jewish communities of the Middle East and, more broadly, to the destruction of Christian and other non-Muslim communities. The latter began not recently, with the rise of Islamic State, but with the bloody anti-Armenian pogroms of the 1890s:

The Armenians . . . committed an act of rebellion against [their status as] dhimmi by fighting for national autonomy. . . . A violent response ensued: several massacres were carried out by the Ottomans in 1894-5. . . . Often overlooked is the jihadist nature of these massacres: not only in their motivation and their legitimation, but also in the nature of the acts themselves and the fact that the surviving women and children (some 150,000) were forcibly converted to Islam. The same pattern was to reappear in the second wave of massacres, this time instigated by the Young Turks [in 1915].
Michael Lumish: The White Jew
When I was growing up to be a "white" person meant to be a person of European descent. This is no longer the case.

To be "white," today, means to be a "bad" person, particularly if you tend to be of the manly persuasion.

In contemporary political parlance, "whiteness" is a signifier of racism, oppression, colonialism, imperialism, privilege, sexism, Islamophobia, transphobia, capitalism, and, most particularly, racism.

The irony is delicious.

"Progressives" -- throughout politics and the academe and, even, corporate America -- consider "white" to be a category of ethnic guilt. In the name of "social justice" they are condemning innocent young kids, particularly boys, of some sort of original sin.

They are, in fact, damaging your children and most of you are A-OK with it.

In this way, the "progressive" movement is deeply religious and increasingly medieval. The movement used to be about open-mindedness. Today it is about hysterical dogma. Mario Savio would not recognize it.

It used to be about social libertarianism and freedom of expression. Today it is about ideological conformity and a Puritanical patrolling of the borders of acceptable thought.

Interior minister moves to deport Palestinian BDS founder
Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced on Sunday that he had directed the Population and Immigration Authority to prepare a legal opinion to be used in the deportation of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions founder Omar Barghouti.

Barghouti holds Israeli permanent residency status, which he obtained after marrying an Arab Israeli woman, with whom he lives in the northern city of Acre.

“I intend to act quickly to deprive Omar Barghouti of residency status in Israel, Deri said in a statement announcing the move. “This is a man who does everything to harm the country and therefore must not enjoy the right to be a resident of Israel.”

The Interior Ministry said that the opportunity became available to push for Bargouti’s deportation after Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber notified his office that it had the authority to revoke the BDS founder’s residency status.

This was thanks to a 2018 amendment to Israeli residency laws that makes breach of trust a crime significant enough to allow the interior minister to strip an individual of his or her residency status. According to an interpretation of the law, boycotting Israel could constitute such an offense.

Israel has barred Barghouti from leaving the county a number of times in recent years by refusing to renew travel documents granted to Palestinian residents of Israel who do not have full citizenship.
David Collier: Miko Peled, Ian Fantom and the secretive ‘neo-Nazi’ group
Last Thursday there was a ‘Keep Talking’ event at St Anne’s Church Soho. It was an event organised and attended by some truly nasty antisemites. The event shows how the suggested differences between ‘far-right’ and ‘far-left’ are illusions. There is just a sewer of extremism – those who build conspiracy theories, and all too frequently pin the blame on the ‘Jews’.

We can begin with this image, which shows Miko Peled speaking at the Church. On his right (our left) – set apart from the audience- are Ian Fantom and Alison Chabloz.

Ian Fantom is a hard-core conspiracy theorist. He wore this t-shirt, suggesting both 9/11 and 7/7 were staged, to an event he organised in 2016:

In 2010, Ian Fantom co-founded a group called ‘Keep Talking’ that was set up because other ‘9-11 truth’ groups were ‘sabotaged from within’. Conspiracy theories about conspiracy groups. Fantom explains this himself in an article he wrote for ‘UNZ review’. The website UNZ is described as ‘extreme-right‘ and pushes Holocaust denial. The founder of Unz is known to have contributed funds to a ‘quasi white-nationalist’ group.

Fantom co-founded ‘Keep Talking’ with the Holocaust denier Nick Kollerstrom. It was interesting to read that the two of them agreed ‘Keep Talking’ would avoid discussion of Holocaust denial because they didn’t want to be ‘derailed’ by the ‘Zionist lobby’.

At the Peled event, Fantom is sitting next to Alison Chabloz. Chabloz is a convicted Holocaust denier. She was able to attend the event because she was recently released from jail pending an appeal. Chabloz is best known for teasing Jews over the Holocaust through the use of music, creating songs that turn the Holocaust into a fictional joke that she sets to classic Jewish tunes. Other far-right activists were also in attendance. The images suggest that James Thring was present. Thring is a confidante of David Duke and is a regular attendee of the ‘Keep Talking’ events.
Church ‘sorry’ for leasing room for Miko Peled talk
St Anne’s Church in Soho has apologised for leasing a room to the controversial Keep Talking Group for a talk by Israeli-born anti-Zionist activist Miko Peled.

Peled spoke at the church last Thursday for an event titled “Miko Peled, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.”

The anti-racism charity Hope Not Hate expressed concern about the event in a series of tweets on Saturday.

St Anne’s Church said on Sunday that it will donate the room hire fee to the Community Security Trust and will review its own booking procedure.

The church apologised “for the offence that has been caused to members of the Jewish Community” and said it opposes “any form of hatred: be it racism, homophobia or antisemitism.”

But Peled denied accusations of prejudice, saying in a statement: “The suggestion that the event in which I spoke in any way shape or form represents hate, racism, homophobia or antisemitism is outrageous and libelous.
Petra Marquardt-Bigman: Zahra Billoo’s “pro-Palestinian” anti-Semitism
Given that Billoo has almost 34 000 Twitter followers, she may not have seen the responses, and she may also not have seen a blog post that highlighted her updated blood libel. But it is also unlikely that she would have cared much if she had noticed the criticism. Like her good friend Linda Sarsour, Zahra Billoo despises anyone who dares to notice contemporary manifestations of anti-Semitism propagated by the left. That includes the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), to which Billoo devoted a Facebook post and an almost identical Twitter thread last year in order to educate her followers about the ADL’s supposedly vicious record and odious history.

If you consider an organization that has been fighting anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry for more than a century as an unmitigated evil that must be denounced and shunned, you shouldn’t be surprised when lots of people doubt that you’re just out to criticize Israeli policies.

In this context it’s particularly depressing that Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib decided to issue a full-throated declaration of solidarity with Billoo. Tlaib linked to a thread in which Billoo attributed her ousting from the Women’s March board to “an Islamophobic smear campaign led by the usual antagonists,” which she identified as mainly “right-wingers, from the President’s son to the Anti-Defamation League and troll armies.” It seems fair to assume that Tlaib intended to endorse Billoo’s take when she wrote: “They won’t silence us for speaking out against human rights violations. They will lie, smear our names and call us anti this and that, but we always be pro- humanity & we have the truth on our side.”

Well, if you think it is “pro-humanity” to endorse the kind of blatant anti-Semitism Zahra Billoo propagates, you probably agree with all the Jew-haters who have thought for centuries that Jews are not quite human.

I can easily imagine that neither Rashida Tlaib nor Linda Sarsour nor Zahra Billoo would think I have any standing to define what’s “pro-Palestinian,” but if they insist that it’s “pro-Palestinian” to update age-old anti-Semitic stereotypes by substituting “Israel” or “Zionists” for “Jews”, their Palestinian cause can only attract vile bigots.
Open letter to Mayor DeBlasio and the NY Democrats machine
As the perilous scourge of visceral anti-Semitism continues unabated in New York City in the form of attacks on Orthodox Jews as well as their homes and synagogues, our elected officials have stubbornly remained mute on the issue of clearly identifying from whence these attacks are emanating.

This past week a synagogue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was vandalized on Rosh Hashanah and a hassidic woman was attacked as well. Video footage shows two minority youth throwing a milk crate and a metal mailbox at the synagogue. They were with at least three other young people of color outside the Throop Avenue synagogue. The impact broke a window.

It appears that the best that New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio could muster up in response to these attacks was to call them a "hate crime" on his Twitter account but he never offered a clear and decisive plan on how to deter these attacks.

Having said this, it is long overdue to squarely confront Mayor DeBlasio as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Letitia James and others who are committed to furthering the Democratic party agenda of transforming anti-Semitism into a politically "right wing" phenomenon that will only cease to exist when President Trump vacates office.

In response to this dangerous political chicanery of dismissing anti-Semitic attacks when they are committed by minority youth, I thought a letter to the Mayor and his cohorts would be in order.

College slammed for hosting Labour MP suspended for alleged antisemitism
Several Jewish groups and UK Members of Parliament have slammed a decision by the University of Nottingham to host Labour MP Chris Williamson, who was suspended from the party in February for claiming it has been “too apologetic” about antisemitism.

Williamson was readmitted back into the party in June, but was suspended again two days later after a backlash from the Jewish community and Labour MPs. In August, he announced he was suing the Labour Party over its decision to re-implement his suspension.

Last week the University of Nottingham announced that Williamson would speak on Monday in a lecture series on “British Politics in Crisis” hosted by the School of Politics and International Relations.

The Union of Jewish Students together with the Nottingham Jewish Society called the decision “unacceptable,” adding that they were “surprised wholly.”

“Williamson has been suspended by the Labour Party over antisemitism and has a consistent history of Jew-baiting and defending antisemitism,” read the statement. “Williamson has been invited to Nottingham to add a perspective of an individual who is an ally of Jeremy Corbyn, yet there are plenty of individuals the university could have invited who are not suspended for antisemitism.”
Reporter complained about ‘stingy’ Jew, hired by Liberty University
Emily Austen, a reporter who was fired by Fox Sports in Florida for derogatory comments about Jews and minorities, has been hired by the evangelical Christian Liberty University.

Fox dismissed Austen in 2016 as a sideline reporter for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team and the Orlando Magic basketball team after she recorded an interview with Barstool Sports in which she said she “didn’t even know that Mexicans were that smart,” and that the “Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class,” according to the Tampa Bay Times.

In the interview, she also talked about “Jews in Boca,” including one who was “stingy,” and said Jews “would complain and b**** about everything.”

Liberty, the Virginia school run by Jerry Falwell Jr. that was founded by his televangelist father, announced on Wednesday that it was hiring Austen to appear on “Game On,” a sports TV show it produces.

“This is much more than a second chance at my ‘dream career,'” Austen said in a statement posted on Facebook by “Game On.” “I am here to honor God, share the Gospel through athletics, and promote Liberty student-athletes, coaches and staff and their walks with Christ. I once was lost but now I am found.”

Demi Lovato Apologizes, Had No Idea Jews Lived in Israel (satire)
Following backlash, singer Demi Lovato has profusely apologized for her recent concert in and praise of Israel, insisting she had no idea that the people who treated her so well on the trip were in fact Jews.

Lovato spent her time in the country, which she billed as a spiritual journey, visiting the Western Wall and Israel’s Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, after being baptized in the Jordan River. But soon after she returned, Twitter user @FreePalestine42069 called her out for legitimizing the presence of Jews in the country.

“Debbie (sic) Lovato is an apartheid-loving Zionist!” the user said in a post that earned seven retweets, including three from Democratic presidential candidates. “She is a war crime (sic) and must be brought to the Haig (sic) right now!”

Lovato immediately apologized, claiming she did not know that Israel was full of Jews and that her visit would spark such a negative reaction.
CNN Rewrites History of 1948, 1967 Wars
Sam Kiley, a senior international correspondent based in CNN Abu Dhabi’s bureau, has rewritten the history of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence and the 1967 Six-Day War. In his Oct. 3 analysis (“Any war between the US and Iran would be a catastrophe. And no one could win it“), Kiley absurdly asserts that those fateful wars were “to expand territory”:
Close to 200,000 descendants of Palestinians who fled their country in successive Israeli wars to expand territory in 1948 and 1967, now live in Lebanon. A similar number are in Jordan.

The 1948 and 1967 wars were fought to fend off Arab campaigns to annihilate the Jewish state, not “to expand territory.” As CNN has in the past reported, in May 1948: “Forces from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon invade, leading to the first in a series of Arab-Israeli wars.”

In 1967, Israel attacked Egypt preemptively to once again thwart a campaign to eliminate the Jewish state. Before Israel’s preemptive attack, Egypt expelled United Nations troops from the Sinai peninsula and blockaded Israel’s port of Eilat, under international law a casus belli. These belligerent Arab actions were accompanied by explicit calls from Arab leaders to destroy Israel. For instance, as President Nasser declared: “Our aim is the full restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people. In other words, we aim at the destruction of the State of Israel. The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might. The national aim: the eradication of Israel” (Nov. 18, 1965).
The Washington Post Isn’t About to Let Facts Get in Its Way
The Washington Post, for example, gives inordinate column space to the tiny fraction of Jews, American and otherwise, who are against the right of Jewish self-determination. In a Sept. 20, 2019 tweet, Mairav Zonszein of +972 magazine cheered that her publication was “all up in The Washington Post opinion pages today,” with two pieces from the same organization appearing on the same day. Zonszein proudly noted that editors of “mainstream outlets” were no longer editing out or tweaking her use of the term “apartheid.”

As NGO Monitor has documented, “972’s articles promote a marginal agenda from the fringes of Israeli discourse, thus presenting a distorted sense of the debate in Israel.” The blog-based magazine “promotes the Durban strategy to demonize and delegitimize Israel” and its writers and contributors have accused the Jewish state of “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” and “racism.” Indeed, the magazine’s content is completely self-discrediting and its donors are largely foreign and anti-Israel.

A previous editor-in-chief, Noam Sheila, referred to his critics as “the Jewish KKK” and in May 2012, +972 published a cartoon that depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raping US President Barack Obama and eating his limbs. In May 2019, they published an article titled, “By going vegan, Israelis can avoid talking about human rights.”

Elsewhere, the Post has published opinion pieces by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), described by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as “a radical anti-Israel activist group that advocates for a complete economic, cultural, and academic boycott of the State of Israel.” JVP, ADL’s report on the group notes, has celebrated Palestinian terrorists like Rasmea Odeh and Marwan Barghouti.
Indy writer: levels of antisemitism in the UK are almost “negligible”.
First, the fact that there were, as Shamash writes, no antisemitic incidents reported during the 2018 high holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) may have something to do with the fact that the UK deployed counter-terror police to protect synagogues on those days. (Indeed, all throughout the year, every Jewish institution in the UK is protected by some kind of security presence.)

Moreover, according to CST, 2018 saw the highest levels of antisemitism ever recorded in a single calendar year.

Finally, the writer’s final claim that, compared to the experiences of Muslims in the UK, “levels of antisemitism are almost negligible” is not supported the data.

CST (a charity that fights antisemitism) recorded1652 antisemitic incidents in 2018.

In that same year, Tell Mama (a charity that fights anti-Muslim bigotry) recorded 1072 anti-Muslim incidents.

Now, let’s look at hate crime data (which is distinct from the data recorded by CST and Tell Mama) reported by the Home Office. It does show more hate crimes in 2017-18 against Muslims than Jews in total numbers . But, given Jews’ significantly smaller population (Jews represent .05% of the population), the RATE of hate crimes against Jews was significantly higher than those against Muslims (who represent nearly 5% of the population).
BBC News silent on PA climb down over tax revenues
In late February of this year the Palestinian Authority announced that it would refuse to accept tax revenues collected on its behalf by Israel due to deduction of the amount paid to terrorists and their families.

BBC audiences heard nothing about that financial own goal (or the subsequent salary cuts endured by PA employees) until June, when they were informed that the PA “could be bankrupt by July or August”. The BBC’s explanation of that claim included the topic of tax revenue transfers from Israel:

“The financial crisis was exacerbated this February by a dispute with Israel over the transfer of tax and tariff revenues it collects on the PA’s behalf.

Israel announced it would freeze the transfer of about $139m (£109m) – an amount it said was equal to that paid by the PA in 2018 to families of Palestinians jailed by Israel or killed while carrying out attacks.

Israeli officials say the payments incentivise terrorism. But the PA insists they are welfare payments for relatives of prisoners and “martyrs”.

The PA responded to the freeze by refusing to accept any further Israeli revenue transfers, which account for about half its budget.”
McGill Daily Continues To Malign Israel
Up to its old tricks, the McGill Daily continues to malign Israel on its pages. This is not surprising from a publication which recently peddled in antisemitism by claiming that Zionism is racism and for having an editorial policy of banning Zionist opinions.

On the September 30 edition, the Daily featured a polemic by its Science and Technology editor, Willa Holt, about “Israel’s September Knesset Election”.

How did the Daily depict Israel? With a Palestinian flag, a freudian slip perhaps!

Instead of providing a neutral analysis of Israeli democracy in action, here’s how Ms. Holt described Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:
Netanyahu ran his campaign on violent colonial promises and racist, hypernationalist anti-Arab statements, including a promise to annex the Jordan Valley”

Holt later claimed that: “Both parties (Blue & White and Likud) in question are advancing further violence on Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, which is already under a de facto annexation, which stands in violation of international law.”

If this isn’t opinion disguised as news, then what is? On what basis can these Israeli political parties be said to have advocated for “advancing further violence on Palestinians…”? As well, it goes without saying that Israel disputes claims that its presence in Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”) is in violation of international law. Israel claims it has legal standing to presently administer these areas and it asserts ancestral and religious rights too.

Holt concludes by observing the following: “For Palestinians already living under a violent occupation, the election has no positive outcomes. The international community’s inaction in the face of illegal occupation is itself a violation of human rights.”

So much for journalistic objectivity!
Accused Poway synagogue gunman pleads not guilty to deadly shooting
The accused gunman in the deadly shooting at a San Diego-area synagogue pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder.

In addition to entering pleas on Thursday in a San Diego court for firing an assault rifle inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue, John Earnest, 20, also pleaded not guilty to arson charges for a fire a month earlier at a nearby mosque, the ABC affiliate in San Diego, 10 News reported.

One woman, Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 60, was killed and three people were wounded, including an 8-year-old girl and the synagogue’s rabbi, who lost a finger, in the April 27 shooting at the Chabad of Poway synagogue.

The murder charge has been classified as a hate crime, making Earnest eligible for the death penalty, though prosecutors from the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office have not said whether they will seek that punishment.

Earnest is being held without bail. He is due back in court on December 5, when a trial date will be set.

Earnest also faces more than 100 hate crime-related counts filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and could also face the death penalty in the federal case, the Times of San Diego reported.

Earnest told a 911 operator in the moments after the attack that he did it to save white people from Jews.

Why a Japanese-American artist painted a mural of Nazi fighter Hannah Senesh
Hannah Senesh, the Jewish woman who died fighting Nazis as a British paratrooper, may seem an unlikely motivation for Japanese-born artist Julie Robertson.

But the 35-year-old Christian artist, who just spent four days painting a 30-by-40-foot mural of the late Jewish poet, learned about Senesh earlier this year and was struck by her bravery. A national hero in Israel, Senesh parachuted into Europe to help anti-Nazi forces in 1943. She was captured and killed at the age of 23, but despite being tortured refused to reveal any details of her mission.

“To be able to hear the story of such a young girl that had such conviction to do something so dangerous, and then she never gave up information when she was captured, that’s my hero,” she told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Wednesday in between finishing work on the mural. “So I really wanted to paint her.”

Robertson, who goes by the name JUURI professionally, painted the mural in the East Village neighborhood of San Diego. She learned about Senesh earlier this year while on a trip to Israel organized by Philos Project, a Christian pro-Israel group. She had been to Israel two other times as part of delegations organized by Artists 4 Israel, a group that brings creatives to the Jewish state.

The Oklahoma City-based artist says she had always wanted to go to the Jewish state because “it’s the starting place of my faith.”

“I’ve always heard about Israel my entire life, but you can’t really know what it is until you go there,” she said.

US Ambassador Friedman at Evangelical rally: ‘Jerusalem literally keeps us safe’
Shared values and a common history, not soldiers and weapons, guarantee a nation’s security, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said Sunday.

Addressing a rally of pro-Israel Evangelicals, Friedman hailed the recently inaugurated Pilgrimage Road, a new archaeological site in Jerusalem’s City of David, which lies underneath the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, as a “once in a century discovery” that proved beyond any doubt the existence of the Jewish Temple in the city.

“Jerusalem does not only move us spiritually. It literally keeps us safe,” said Friedman. “Let me be clear about an important point: no quantity of bombs or fighter jets or troops really guarantees anyone’s security. What makes a people safe, what makes us all safe, is when we stand for something, when we collectively share values, beliefs, goals and a common history. That’s what Israel’s enemies try to deny it when they object so angrily to the Pilgrimage Road. Because if Israel, God forbids, loses its history, it stands for nothing, and it is no longer safe.”

On June 30, Friedman and other US officials used a sledgehammer to hammer through what they later said was a newly erected cardboard wall in front of the Pilgrimage Road, a now-subterranean stairway that was said to have served as a main artery for Jews to the Temple Mount thousands of years ago.
The Temple Mount's treasure trove
A small clay bulla, or seal, that was used to sign official letters in the days of the kingdom of Judea waited nearly 2,600 years amid the rubble at the foundations of the Western Wall to be discovered by Israeli archaeologists. For eight years, the rubble has been cleared away, one bucket after another, and taken directly to the site of the Ancient Jerusalem Sifting Project, which is run under the auspices of Ir David Foundation.

Comparatively large finds, such as a chisel used to carve the stones of the Western Wall, turn up immediately. Small discoveries usually come to light only after some time has passed. The dirt that contained the royal seal had been waiting six years to be sifted. A few weeks ago, project volunteer Batya Ofan, dumped it onto a large sieve, washed it down, and uncovered a royal seal from the seventh century BCE bearing the name "Adoniyahu asher al habayit" (translation: Adoniyahu, who is over [oversees] the house) in early Hebrew script.

The Bible uses the epithet "asher al habayit" for only eight people. It was a title reserved for the most senior administrator of a kingdom – in this case, the kingdom of Judea. However, the name Adoniyahu does not appear among those eight. Three different biblical figures – King David's son, a Levite from the days of Jehoshaphat, and a tribal leader from the time of the Prophet Nehemiah - bear the name, but none of them lived in the seventh century BCE. The seal, therefore, introduced archaeologists to a fourth Adoniyahu, who was hitherto unknown.

Archaeologist Dr. Eli Shukron, who once directed the project to excavate the foundations of the Western Wall and oversaw many of the discoveries made there, suggests a possible connection between the seal that belonged to the fourth Adoniyahu "asher al habayit" and another inscription from the same century that was discovered in a burial cave dating back to the First Temple era 150 years ago.
Yom Kippur 1967: The Return to the Western Wall
On Yom Kippur in 1967, thousands arrived at the Western Wall for the concluding prayers and to hear the long awaited sound of the shofar.

Prior to the advance of Israeli paratroopers into the Old City of Jerusalem in June 1967, the Western Wall area had been occupied by Jordan and off-limits to Jews.

The 20th century was a transitional time for the land of Israel, and the Western Wall had been under many rulers, from the Ottoman Turks, to British Mandatory rule, to the Jordanians.

Yom Kippur of 1929 followed the devastating pogroms in the land of Israel. Death and destruction was incited largely by the vehement anti-Zionist Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin Al-Husseini. In the aftermath, British authorities allowed the Mechitza (dividing screen between men and women) at the Western Wall, which was prohibited the prior year. Still, the sounding of the shofar was prohibited, due to pressure from the Mufti and his cohorts. That decree remained in effect throughout the years of the British Mandate.

The independent State of Israel was declared on May 14, 1948 and preserved only through desperate defense in bloody conflict. But despite valiant efforts to hold onto it, the Old City fell to Jordanian forces. The Western Wall was then declared off limits to Israelis and Jews.

For the next 19 years, the Western Wall remained that way. When Yom Kippur arrived, the wall stood in solitude, devoid of its faithful. Jews could only gaze from afar — from the Israeli side of the armistice line.

However, that would soon change.
'There is going to be a war tonight' - Israel opens Yom Kippur War archive
The Defense Ministry has published new archival material describing the drama of the critical hours prior to the outbreak of the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

“There is going to be a war tonight,” said IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. David “Dado” Elazar at 4:30 a.m. on October 6, 1973, the day the war broke out, to commander of the IAF Maj.-Gen. Benny Peled and the head of Military Intelligence, Maj.-Gen. Eli Zeira. “There are military signs, moves and reports that should be taken seriously.”

An hour later, Elazar warned Zeira that the military should go on high alert and mobilize thousands of reservists.

At 7:15 that morning, in another meeting with commanders, Elazar concluded: “If no preventative strike will be approved by noon, we will be on immediate alert,” since it was estimated that the war would break out at 6 p.m. Elazar also addressed the issue of evacuating civilians from the Golan Heights to the center of the country.

“I am aware of the political limits of this, but when we are confident that a war is going to break out, it is important that we win as fast as possible,” he said.

The Yom Kippur War came almost as a complete surprise to Israel. A warning notice was given too late for an orderly call-up of the reserves, before the Syrian and Egyptian armies launched a joint surprise attack on IDF positions in the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula.
Fearing shortages, Dayan mulled drafting young, old in 1973 war, papers show
In the early hours of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, as Israel struggled to beat back invading Egyptian and Syrian forces, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told his staff to begin looking into drafting teens and elderly ex-reserves soldiers into the fight, fearing the Jewish state may not have the manpower it needed for the battle.

The comments are part of a series of transcripts and reports declassified by the Defense Ministry on Monday, showing the fears, deliberations and painful internal conversations by the Israel Defense Forces’ top brass and senior political leadership during a conflict that even at the time was considered poorly prepared for and managed.

The ministry’s archive released the transcripts from IDF General Staff meetings for the first five days of the war, as well as the final intelligence report given to IDF chief of staff David “Dado” Elazar and defense minister Moshe Dayan on October 5, 1973, one day before the war broke out.

The following day, the Egyptians and Syrians launched their attacks, catching the IDF off-guard. The war was hard-fought and grueling with significant setbacks in the early days, leading to candid expressions of concern by the country’s leaders over Israel’s ability to win it.

“What do I fear in my heart more than anything? That the State of Israel will in the end be left without enough weapons to defend itself… There won’t be enough tanks, there won’t be planes, there won’t be people, there won’t be people trained to protect the land of Israel,” Dayan told the IDF General Staff according to the newly released transcripts.

The then-defense minister told the army to consider conscripting people too old to perform reserve duty or too young to have yet been drafted.
Golda Meir’s letter to bereaved families on eve of Yom Kippur War uncovered
A letter of condolence to bereaved Israeli families written by then-prime minister Golda Meir on the eve of the Yom Kippur War recently was discovered.

In the years following the establishment of the Jewish state, it was customary for the prime minister to have contact with the families of killed soldiers, including sending letters for holidays and official occasions. Meir was scrupulous about the custom and frequently corresponded with bereaved families both privately and officially.

On the eve of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Meir sent a letter, dated October 5, to bereaved families in which she wrote: “Your pain is the pain of the entire nation… Our main concern is achieving peace for Israel. The memory of our loved ones motivates us to do anything in our power so that there be no more casualties, and we know no more bereavement.”

A day later saw the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, which claimed the lives of 2,500 Israeli soldiers.

Meir resigned in April 1974, amid public criticism and a loss of confidence in the government.

The letter will be offered for sale at the Kedem auction house in Jerusalem in December.
Inaccurate BBC Yom Kippur war claim – 14 years and counting
Six years ago we documented the BBC’s correction of inaccurate Israeli casualty figures during the 1973 Yom Kippur War:

BBC Yom Kippur war accuracy failure perpetuated over years

However as was noted at the time, at least two other items of BBC content include the same error, stating that the number of Israeli casualties in that war was “about 6,000”.

That claim is found for example in a backgrounder titled ‘A History of Conflict’ which is undated, but appears to come from around 2005.

It also appears in another side-box of ‘context’ appended to an ‘On This Day’ feature – likewise undated, but apparently from around 2005 at the latest.
Forty-Six Years Since Israel's Yom Kippur War
Retired IDF General Yom-Tov Tamir was stationed on the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War. Tamir joins us the in studio to speak of the attack on its 46th anniversary. More: On October 6, 1973, a combined attack by the armies and air forces of Egypt and Syria, breached Israeli defenses and launched a nearly three week war that cost the lives of some 3,000 Israelis and maimed and scarred thousands of others. The surprise pincer attack on Israel's holiest day reshaped the country's history, shaking the confidence of the region's most formidable power.

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10/04 Links Pt2: Caroline B. Glick: American Jewry’s days of reckoning; Ruthie Blum: Owing Israel an apology; Bari Weiss Makes Her Case; Memorial service to be held in Ari Fuld's honor

From Ian:

Caroline B. Glick: American Jewry’s days of reckoning
On September 29, President Donald Trump set out his nationalist political philosophy in his address before the UN General Assembly. Arguing that the nation-state is the best guarantor of human freedom and liberty, Trump set up a contrast between “patriots” and “globalists.”

“The future does not belong to globalists,” he said.

“The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.”

Jewish nationalists, that is, Zionists, could hear their core convictions echoed in Trump’s statement. Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony made much the same argument in his book "The Virtue of Nationalism," which was published last year.

One of the regimes most opposed to nationalism is the Iranian regime. Iran’s leaders view the regime not as the government of the nation of Iran, but as the leader of a global jihad, which will end with the regime’s domination of the world, in the name of Islam – not Iran.

Anti-Semitism is one of the animating doctrines of Iran’s regime. The leaders ascribe to genocidal Jew-hatred. They use their commitment to annihilating Israel and war against the Jewish state as a means to build legitimacy for their regime and revolution throughout the Islamic world.

In his speech, Trump highlighted the regime’s anti-Semitism and its commitment to annihilate Israel.

Trump also excoriated the Arab world for refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist, saying, “Fanatics have long used hatred of Israel to distract from their own failures.”

Trump pledged, “America will never tolerate such anti-Semitic hate.”

Rather than earning him plaudits, American Jews were caustic in their response to Trump’s speech. Britain’s Independent reported that several American Jews condemned Trump’s speech as anti-Semitic. For instance, Laura Seay, a political science professor in Texas tweeted, “So … Trump condemns anti-Semitism in the same speech he started with anti-Semitic code language like 'globalism.'"
Ruthie Blum: Owing Israel an apology
FINALLY, I APOLOGIZE if I have given anyone the impression that I would be bitter about whatever coalition is cobbled together, or would not accept a third round of Knesset elections, if that becomes necessary. My view – that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a great leader – has not changed; nor has my sense that the charges against him are flimsy, at best, been shaken.

In addition, I am less than thrilled about the prospect of a national-unity government, headed either by Netanyahu or by Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, whether or not they reach a rotation agreement. Nor do I welcome new elections, which probably would result in an outcome nearly identical to that of the September 17 vote.

But as soon as a government is formed, including if its makeup is one I consider disappointing, I pledge to continue to use my pen to defend the country against its external enemies, such as Iran – whose regime boasts about possessing the will and means to wipe Israel off the map – and those at home and abroad who engage in equally serious efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state in order to call its existence into question.

I hope to keep the above promises in the year to come, and to live up to a different admonition by Isaiah – verse 5:20 – which is not recited on Yom Kippur, but should be remembered and applied by all of us every single day of each calendar year: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that change darkness into light, and light into darkness.”
Battling BDS, one laugh at a time
I LIKE the idea that it’s time to stand up for ourselves through stand-up, among other means. Better to deliver punchlines than be the punching bags. It’s healthy to be able to laugh at ourselves and it beats BDS bitterness. Two days after last month’s election, the Government Press Office and Foreign Ministry arranged for a special screening of a new movie called Mossad. The comedy was presented as the perfect break from politics and a good way to help Israel’s image.

The satire directed by Alon Gur Arye has a star-studded cast, including heartthrob Tsahi Halevi of Fauda fame in his first comic role. Halevi plays a bumbling spy called Guy Moran (and you can imagine how that surname turns out in English.)

When he gives a woman his card, she says: “But it’s blank.”

“That’s because I’m a secret agent,” he replies.

The save-the-world plot in which the Mossad and the CIA compete and collaborate is totally implausible, but many of the one-liners are brilliant and the slapstick stunts are well-executed. When the evil masterminds capture an American billionaire in Jerusalem, they come up against a henpecked Mossad chief whose sole aim is to finish his term without incident and to get to light one of the torches on Independence Day. The (obviously unreal) Mossad head, played by Ilan Dar, demands a videotape of the hostages holding a newspaper showing the date. This leads RBG (the “Real Bad Guys”) to scream: “Who can even find videotape anymore? Nobody reads a newspaper!”

Unlike Diplomatic Relations, where the idea is good, but the performance is at times painful, I can happily recommend Mossad. Gur Arye admits that the film was inspired by gag-filled American movies such as Top Secret! and that making it was a dream come true. Noting that most of his Israeli peers want to make dramas, he preferred parody.

“And I wanted to spoof something very Israeli,” he explained in a panel after the screening.

Gur Arye was lucky and talented enough to get veteran Israeli director Avi Nesher and American director David Zucker (of the Airplane and the Naked Gun franchise) on board and the film definitely has Zucker’s wacky touch.

Bari Weiss Makes Her Case
Does she focus too much on left-wing anti-Semitism given the danger from the right? In a way, Weiss replied, left-wing anti-Semitism is more insidious because it “speaks a language that is a siren song — the language of social justice, progress, defense of the oppressed.” It’s also far more socially acceptable: “Someone who photoshops your face into a gas chamber is not going to be received in polite society. Someone who calls you an Islamophobe and a racist for being a Zionist is going to be invited on television.”

She addressed difficult questions with both nuance and simplicity. Yes, “Netanyahu makes it harder to defend Israel” with his Arab-baiting, his alliances with racist parties and his cozying up to authoritarians in Europe. No, it’s not acceptable to blame him for anti-Semitic incidents in Europe, because “Jews should not be blamed for anti-Semitism, ever.”

I didn’t agree with everything Weiss said. I wasn’t, for instance, too impressed by her suggestion that Jews who support BDS are motivated by the desire to “belong” and fit in with surrounding society; it seemed needlessly dismissive of some people’s sincere beliefs.

I also had mixed feelings about the claim she made at the end of the evening, and which she also makes in the book: That anti-Semitism exists largely as a backlash against the “radical ideas” at the center of Jewish faith and culture. “The idea of one God, that slavery is wrong — those are Jewish ideas,” Weiss said. Obviously, the Jews’ role as the original monotheists had something to do with their historical contentious relationship with other cultures. But Weiss also oversimplifies this history and flirts with reinventing Judaism in the image of modern humanism. (Both the Hebrew Bible and the Talmud accept slavery as a given, though they also call for humane treatment of slaves.)

At the same time, Weiss had a strong point when she noted the remarkable fact that the Jewish people’s “original story is freedom of slavery” — and that Jews “often stand perpendicular to their societies,” demanding “the right to be different.” As she put it, “That drove people nuts and it still drives people nuts.”

Come to think of it, that’s not a bad description of Weiss herself. A liberal by any rational standard, she stands perpendicular to most of her social milieu, demanding the right to differ from its groupthink. And it certainly seems to drive people nuts. (h/t Dave4321)
Deborah E. Lipstadt: The Gray Lady and the Jewish State
In late April 2019, the New York Times international editionpublished a cartoon depicting a blind, kippa-wearing President Trump being led by a dachshund with a Jewish star around its neck. The dog’s face was a distorted caricature of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visage. The message was indisputable: Israelis qua Jews, despite being the national equivalent of lapdogs, have the unique ability to blind presidents and shape political events. Beguiled, not only does Trump do their bidding, but he is, like the other unwitting victims on the world stage, blissfully unaware of what is going on. The cartoon gave vivid expression to the conspiracy theory, or rather myth, that is at the heart of anti-Semitism and did so in an image that, as was widely noted, could have appeared in Der Stürmer. How did it end up receiving the New York Times’s imprimatur?

Apparently, a single midlevel editor for the international edition of the paper chose the cartoon from a syndication service to which the paper then subscribed. Subsequent events followed a familiar pattern. The paper, after being inundated with outraged comments, including some from its own staff members, issued a short apology in the form of an editor’s note: “The image was offensive, and it was an error of judgment to publish it.” Eileen Murphy, a New York Times spokeswoman, added a subsequent statement on behalf of the Opinion section of the paper, identifying the cartoon as anti-Semitic and saying it was “deeply sorry” for publishing it.

In most cases, that would have been the end of the story, except for the scores of Jewish readers and supporters of Israel who were once again forced to decide whether to cancel their subscriptions. Two subsequent events made this incident noteworthy. Writing in the New York Times, op-ed columnist Bret Stephens scathingly lambasted not only the international edition but his own paper. For Stephens, the publication of a “textbook illustration” of anti-Semitism did not reveal institutional anti-Semitism, but it wasn’t much better than that. It was that the Times, “otherwise hyper-alert to nearly every conceivable expression of prejudice,” could be so, well, blind:
Imagine, for instance, if the dog on a leash in the image hadn’t been the Israeli prime minister but instead a prominent woman such as Nancy Pelosi, a person of color such as John Lewis, or a Muslim such as Ilhan Omar. Would that have gone unnoticed by either the wire service that provides the Times with images or the editor who, even if he were working in haste, selected it? The question answers itself. And it raises a follow-on: How have even the most blatant expressions of anti-Semitism become almost undetectable to editors who think it’s part of their job to stand up to bigotry?

The answer, Stephens wrote, was that anti-Zionism has become so mainstream “that people have been desensitized to its inherent bigotry,” and the Times was complicit in that mainstreaming.
David Collier: St Anne’s Church in Soho, Miko Peled and an evening with antisemites
Peled in the Church

But this is Peled’s night. Peled is not a man of peace. He is a man clearly wired to seek revenge for whatever injustice his own mind has created for him. He is also someone who buckles when his weak arguments are exposed. I always put Peled’s leaving of the fold down to his inability to handle the weight of his family heritage, but it doesn’t really matter anymore what drove him over the cliff. What is certain is that he drove off it.

Peled likes provoking Jews. Those who think his ‘Holocaust, yes or no‘ comment from the Labour Party conference of 2017 is a stand-alone remark haven’t been paying attention. At UCL the same year he spoke about ‘the witch-hunt against antisemites and Holocaust deniers.’ going on to suggest to Jeremy Corbyn that he should put away the ‘nonsense about Holocaust denial and the nonsense about antisemitism‘. If you follow his threads on Twitter and Facebook you soon realise his audience is little more than an extremist, racist mob.

So Peled stands in the Church and beats his chest about how the Labour Party Conference was little more than a ‘rally for Palestine’. He isn’t wrong. With the NHS, austerity and housing as major concerns for their voters, the Labour Party did little but obsess over Israel.

Peled spoke as he normally does – blaming everything on Zionists and Israeli discrimination. Context and humanity and reason are removed. Lies are created. The end result is raw demonisation. Then look at the laugh his jokes about antisemitism gets from the crowd in the Church.

There is nothing funny about any of this. With Antisemitism visibly on the rise across the globe, the Church provides a platform to someone who ridicules racism against Jews. Peled is feeding antisemitism. He is demonising Zionism and Israel to an audience containing many who already buy into anti-Jewish conspiracy.
PMW: Does The World Karate Federation authorize tournaments named after Palestinian terrorists?
The Palestinian Karate Federation has misused the sport of karate to promote terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who led the murder of 37 Israeli civilians, among them 12 children, as a role model for young Palestinian women:
"The Sisters of Dalal Mughrabi Championship for Young Women" [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 13, 2019]

A banner displayed at the championship carried the name of the "Palestinian Karate Federation" and its logo (left), and the logo of the "World Karate Federation" (right):

[Official Facebook page of the Palestinian Karate Federation, Sept. 11, 2019]
"Palestine" is a member of the Asian Karate Federation, which is a member of the World Karate Federation. Two weeks ago, Palestinian Media Watch passed on the documentation of this Palestinian championship honoring a mass murderer to both federations, asking that they condemn the Palestinian Karate Federation and prohibit the recurrence of terror glorification by the Palestinian Karate Federation and any other of its federation members. In addition, PMW asked that if the federation's "Statutes and Rules" currently do not prohibit naming sporting events after terrorists, that the statutes be amended immediately to include such a prohibition. However, neither federation has responded.

The championship in which 55 young Palestinian female athletes participated was held in Bethlehem by the southern branch of the Palestinian Karate Federation.

Dalal Mughrabi, after whom this tournament was named, was a female Palestinian terrorist who led the most lethal terror attack in Israel's history, known as the Coastal Road massacre, in 1978, when she and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a bus and murdered 37 civilians, 12 of them children, and wounded over 70. PMW has documented numerous examples of PA and Fatah leaders promoting murderer Mughrabi as a hero for Palestinian society in general and for youth in particular. The PA has named at least 6 schools after murderer Mughrabi, many sporting events have been named after her, and a PA schoolbook teaches children to "be like" her.
UK to Release ’Pay to Slay’ Audits After Freedom of Information Request
The branch of the British government responsible for administering overseas aid will disclose audit reports regarding aid money allegedly used to pay salaries to convicted terrorists, after abandoning its appeal against a ruling by UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham.

In July 2018, UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI), a British volunteer organization of lawyers who support Israel, submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for International Development for copies of audit reports for the Palestinian Recovery and Development Program. The program is a World Bank multi-donor trust fund for the Palestinian Authority. The DFID refused to release the information, citing among other reasons the risk of potential harm diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the PA.

According to UKLFI, “Various countries, including the UK, paid large sums of money into the World Bank’s Palestinian Recovery and Development Program Multi Donor Trust Fund (PRDP-MDTF), which were then transferred to the Palestinian Authority’s Central Treasury Account.” According to the organization, “this is the account from which payments were made to convicted terrorists, rewarding them for their crimes.”

Commissioner Denham ruled on July 26 of this year that the reports were of “significant public interest,” which outweighed any potential harm that might be done to diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the PA Denham ordered the DFID to release the information within 35 days, or appeal.
Observing Labour antisemites in Brighton
For the efficient observer of anti-Israel hate mongering in Great Britain the seaside resort of Brighton in the UK was the place to be during the fourth week of September. There the Labour party's annual conference took place. This gathering also claimed 450 fringe events.

Attendance was around 13 000 people. In a few days one could receive a concentrated overview of anti-Israelism in Labour as well as smatterings of antisemitism, its minimizing and whitewashing.

A few examples illustrate this.

At the conference the great majority of delegates voted for a motion to boycott Israeli "settlement" goods. This was a first for Labour. The delegates also voted to reject trade agreements with the country. It seemed that the party furthermore backed the “right of return” of Palestinian Arabs. This is tantamount to supporting Israel’s annihilation through swamping it with Palestinian Arabs. The common way to interpret this right is that those who fled can return. In the Palestinian case it is distorted by Israel’s enemies meaning that descendants of refugees from any generation are also entitled to immigrate to Israel where they have never lived.

Palestinian flags and chants of “Free Palestine” were prominent at the Labour conference. This, despite rules prohibiting flags from being displayed on the conference floor. Last year, hundreds of Palestinian flags were also flown with the approval of the Labour leadership after these were handed out to delegates.
EHRC summons 25 former and current Labour staffers to give evidence in antisemitism inquiry in “daunting” letters
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has written to 25 former and current employees of the Labour Party requiring them to provide evidence as part of its inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

The inquiry, which is a full statutory investigation, was launched by the EHRC on 28th May following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.

The letters reportedly advise that “the Commission is gathering evidence to investigate this matter in accordance with the terms of reference and has identified you as a person we require evidence from. Please do not ignore this letter or the Notice. We draw your attention to the consequences of failing to comply with the Notice which…may include committing a criminal offence.” The letter requires a response within fourteen days.

The EHRC has the authority to require any individual or organisation to disclose relevant information, and the notices have reportedly been described as “daunting” by some recipients.

Over 70 Labour whistleblowers have given evidence to the EHRC in relation to the antisemitism investigation.
University and College Union which rejected antisemitism definition apologises for excluding Jews from its extensive list of Nazi victims
Extraordinarily, the e-mail did not mention Jewish victims of the Nazis, who were the principal victims of the Holocaust. This was even despite the specific reference to non-Jewish Poles.

UCU indirectly apologised for the offensive omission in an e-mail from an “equality support official” for what were described as “drafting errors” and “human error”. The official stated that “UCU apologises for the offence this caused and reassures all members that it continues to fight against all forms of antisemitism, hatred and bigotry in society.” In the updated e-mail, a paragraph was added about the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust.

Ordinarily, such an omission might not have been noteworthy, but UCU has a poor record when it comes to fighting antisemitism, including refusing to adopt the International Definition of Antisemitism, repeatedly endorsing the antisemitism-riddled Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the Jewish State and fighting a legal battle against a Jewish academic who unsuccessfully sued UCU for breach of the Equality Act 2010.

It is hardly a stretch to imagine that there is a relationship between UCU’s cavalier approach to antisemitism today and its insensitivity toward commemoration of historic antisemitism. If the Union were to show greater awareness of the antisemitism of the past, perhaps its attitude toward Jews today will also find the correction it so desperately needs.
British Teenager Goes Public About Months of Antisemitic Abuse
A British teenager has gone public about a torrent of antisemitic invective she has faced in recent months, including taunts about the Holocaust.

Charlotte Nathan, 17, who attends school in Northwich, England, was moved to speak about her experiences after she received a derogatory message on her Snapchat account that said, “I wanna fart in your face to remind you of how your grandparents died.”

The Manchester-based Jewish Telegraph quoted her as saying, “Casual racism is a common feature of daily life, especially among the millennial generation, who perceive racism as a form of humor and so-called ‘banter.’”

“Catalysts, such as memes used on social media, seem to justify and sugarcoat the underlying racial tensions that as a society we fail to address,” she stated. “This can be exemplified through the lack of education supplied about different cultural groups to schools and other communities, exacerbating ignorance.”

“I am no stranger to antisemitic abuse,” she added, “and for the last six years, being in secular education and interacting with other cultures, I have encountered a fair share of comments and remarks.”

“This is evidence of inherited, underlying racism we see daily,” she said.

Revisiting a BBC Radio 4 Christmas report from the Gaza Strip
As was noted here at the time, Husain was conspicuously silent on the topic of how many Christians actually currently live in the Gaza Strip and her report was obviously intended to promote the politically motivated narrative that Gaza’s Christian population lives happily under Hamas rule, with its only tribulations caused by Israel.

Last week Israel’s Channel 12 aired an interview (in Hebrew and Arabic) by Arab affairs correspondent Ohad Hemo with a Christian who escaped the Gaza Strip four months ago.

“Since Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip the Christians living there have become scapegoats and the targets of that organisation as well as Salafist extremists. Due to their difficult situation most have fled and from a community of 4,200 people, now only a few hundred remain. Kamal Tarazi was there until recently. Four months ago he managed to escape: “Hamas people took over my home and turned it into a command post”, he recounts. […]

‘They put me in a number of prisons and Hamas’ prison is all just beatings and psychological torture’ he recalls. According to him the harming of the Christians in Gaza has become routine and does not stop even during times of conflict. […]

‘They harass and harm the Christian public and Christian institutions, churches and charities’.”

The calibre of Mishal Husain’s reporting on the topic of challenges faced by the Christian community in the Gaza Strip is again all too apparent.

Ha'aretz: The Fake Nazi Death Camp: Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax, Exposed
“The first gassing there took place on October 17, 1943, killing at least 150 Poles caught in a street roundup and about 20 Belgian Jews …. Bodies were either cremated in crematoriums or open-air pyres (including at a former sports stadium) or simply buried under collapsed buildings during the systematic demolition of the former ghetto .... [Some estimates] place the number of the camp’s victims well above 212,000, mainly Poles and several thousand of non-Polish.”

This dry description of the systematic murder of ethnic Poles by Nazi forces during World War II was taken from the English-language Wikipedia article for the “Warsaw concentration camp,” also known as Konzentrationslager Warschau. The site where the camp stood is an object of pilgrimage for some in Poland, who hold periodic ceremonies on what they believe is hallowed ground. They come to honor the memory of thousands of Poles murdered in a gas chamber located near the Warsaw West (Warszawa Zachodnia) train station – which still exists – and have even erected monuments and plaques in their memory.

There’s just one problem: No such death camp ever existed. There is no historical evidence of German gas chambers ever existing in Warsaw, and nowhere near 200,000 people died in the cluster of Nazi internment centers that did stand at the basis of the myth of KL Warschau.

“It’s fake history,” says Prof. Havi Dreifuss, a Tel Aviv University historian and Yad Vashem’s expert on Poland and the Holocaust, when asked about gas chambers in Warsaw. Other Holocaust historians share her unequivocal position: “It’s a conspiracy theory,” says Prof. Jan Grabowski, a Polish-Canadian historian from the University of Ottawa, when asked about the legend behind the death toll. Yet both claims appeared, almost without interruption, for 15 years on the English-language version of Wikipedia in what is said to be Wikipedia’s longest-standing hoax.

European Court: Holocaust Denial Is Not a Human Right
Denying that the Holocaust ever happened isn’t a form of freedom of expression protected under the European Human Rights Convention, a top court has ruled in a case that stretches back nearly a decade.

Udo Pastoers, a German who suggested in a 2010 speech that the Holocaust never occurred, was fairly convicted under the country’s laws against the intentional defamation of Jewish people, the European Court of Human Rights ruled while rejecting his complaints.

Pastoers’ argument that his statements were protected by Article 10, which protects freedom of expression, was “manifestly ill-founded,” given that he “had intentionally stated untruths in order to defame the Jews and the persecution that they had suffered,” the Strasbourg, France-based court ruled on Thursday. His complaint that he was denied a fair trial in Germany was also rejected by the ECHR.

Pastoers had given a speech a day after Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2010, saying that the “the so-called Holocaust is being used for political and commercial purposes” and also referring to a “barrage of criticism and propagandistic lies” and “Auschwitz projections.” He was first convicted in 2012 by a German district court, and then a regional court rejected his appeal of the verdict less than a year later.
Swastika, anti-Semitic slur painted on wall of former Krakow Ghetto
A swastika and other graffiti were painted on the wall of the former ghetto in Krakow.

“Whores Jews, get the f*** out of Poland” alongside the swastika were discovered drawn with a tar-like substance on Tuesday — the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Municipal services painted over the graffiti on the same day.

Police investigated in the area of Limanowskiego Street; there are no suspects.

“While I was extremely upset to see the hateful graffiti on the ghetto wall, especially on Rosh Hashanah, the quick reaction by the city and the police reminded me why Krakow is such a good place to be a Jew,” said Jonathan Ornstein, director of the Jewish Community Center of Krakow.

On Sunday, graffiti reading “Confederation against Jews #447” was discovered on the wall of the Jewish cemetery in Tarnow.

In 2018, the US Congress approved Law 447, or the Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today, or JUST act, which insures that those who survived World War II or their heirs receive compensation for their losses, if it has not already happened. The Confederation is a right-wing political group that opposes the restitution of Jewish property.
India issues terror alert for Jewish, Israeli targets on Yom Kippur
Authorities in India have warned of a potential terror attack on Jewish or Israeli targets on Yom Kippur, which begins Tuesday night.

According a Channel 12 news report on Friday, Israeli security services are working with their Indian counterparts to thwart any potential attack over the Jewish holiday period, which runs until October 21.

The Israeli embassy in New Delhi, synagogues, Chabad buildings, Jewish schools, restaurants and hotels known as popular destinations among Israeli travelers have all been put on high alert with increased security.

The Times of India reported last month that there were fears an attack could be carried out on a Jewish target by a cell affiliated with either the Al-Qaeda or Islamic State terrorist groups.

The report said the alert was issued on the basis of intelligence received from the security agencies of other countries. No further details were given.

In 2008, there were coordinated attacks on Mumbai’s luxury hotels, the main railway station, a restaurant popular with tourists and the city’s Chabad center. The Lashkar-e-Taiba group was blamed for the attacks that killed 166 people in total, including six Israelis.
3 out of every 4 LA county Jews view antisemitism as serious - poll
Three-quarters of Jewish people in Los Angeles County view antisemitism as a serious threat, a new survey found.

“The Pat Brown Institute (PBI) for Public Affairs at California State University, Los Angeles conducted a poll of more than 1,800 Jewish voters in Los Angeles county [and it] revealed strong support for the survival of Israel as a Jewish state and also very significant fears of growing antisemitism,” said Dr. Raphael Sonenshein, executive director of PBI.

“More than 70% reported being concerned about it,” he said. “Written comments to an open-ended question revealed concerns from both the Right and the Left on antisemitism. Clearly though, fears of growing antisemitism are widespread.”

According to the findings, 41% of the participants said that antisemitism is an extremely serious problem, and 31% said they consider it “very serious.”

Seventy-six percent of the participants said that remembering the Holocaust is “essential” for them, and an additional 19% viewed it as “important.” Thirty-six percent of participants said that caring for Israel is essential for them, and an additional third said it is important, while 25% of those polled expressed their opinion that they did not see caring about Israel as important.
Vandals smash windows of Brooklyn synagogue during Rosh Hashanah prayers
The windows of a synagogue in Brooklyn were smashed by vandals this week during Rosh Hashanah services.

A video showing people throwing milk crates at the Rivnitz synagogue in the Williamsburg neighborhood was circulated Wednesday on social media.

Police said that the incident took place on Monday afternoon and they were searching for two females who were seen in the video, according to WPIX-TV.

Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned the vandalism.

“This is a shocking act of hate,” he wrote on Twitter. “We WILL find the perpetrators and hold them responsible.”

The Anti-Defamation League said it was “deeply disturbed” by the video.

“At a time when the Brooklyn Jewish community is already on edge in the wake of a series of anti-Semitic incidents, it is extremely upsetting to see this congregation targeted during what is otherwise supposed to be a joyous celebration of the Jewish New Year,” Evan Bernstein, the regional director of the organization’s New York-New Jersey office, said in a statement.

Teen allegedly attacked Jewish woman in Brooklyn, pulling off scarf, wig
Police said a Jewish woman reported being harassed in Brooklyn on Rosh Hashanah.

The 22-year-old said that she was approached on Sunday evening by a female teenager who “pulled her scarf and wig from her head,” a New York Police detective, Annette Shelton, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an email.

The incident occurred in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and the perpetrator, who was described as being 16 years old, was accompanied by another teenager, the woman told police.

Shelton said that the police’s Hate Crimes Task Force was investigating the incident.

The incident is the second alleged attack that occurred on Rosh Hashanah in the borough. On Monday, the windows of a synagogue were broken in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

That incident drew condemnations from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

There has been a spate of attacks in recent months against visibly Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn.
Arabic-speaking man tosses rock at Israeli’s head in Germany
A 27 -year-old Israeli woman was the victim of a violent antisemitic attack in Bavaria after an Arabic-speaking man tossed a rock at her after she spoke Hebrew.

She suffered a head injury, according to the Bavarian daily Merkur, which reported on Thursday that the police are searching for the suspect who fled the scene of the alleged crime.

That attack took place on Wednesday near a cemetery in the town of Massing. The Israeli woman was walking with her two sons near the cemetery. After the woman called for one of her sons in Hebrew, the man screamed in Arabic “Jew” and tossed a stone at her head.

The Merkur reported that the suspect is between 40 and 50 years-old and has short, black hair. He spoke broken German with a foreign accent.
Israeli startups raise more than $1 billion in September
Israeli startups raised $5.9 billion so far in 2019 and are on track to pass last year’s record-breaking figure of $6.4 billion, the Israeli business daily Globes reported on Wednesday.

Based on press releases from Israeli companies that have completed financing rounds, more than $1 billion was raised in September alone.

However, the true figure is likely even higher, as some companies do not reveal investment data, according to the report.

Israeli tech companies raised $650 million in July and $350 million in August, according to the IVC Research Center.

In September, credit company Fundbox raised $326 million, fintech firm Tipalti raised $76 million and open security platform Snyk raised $70 million. In addition, drone defense company D-Fend raised $28 million, and 3D-printing company Xjet raised $45 million.
Early clinical trial for ALS sufferers shows biotech firm ‘on the right track’
Kadimastem Ltd., a biotechnology firm that develops cell therapies, said it has received “promising interim results” from a first group of patients treated with its new therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a fatal neurodegenerative condition that causes the loss of muscle control.

“Looks like we are on the right track,” said Rami Epstein, the CEO of Kadimastem, in a phone interview. “The interim results are important because they demonstrate that we have managed to inject the live cells into a human body without any treatment-related significant adverse effect, while also showing a measurable therapeutic effect. Our cell therapy managed to significantly slow down the disease progression and halt deterioration of the disease.”

The cell therapy aims to slow or even halt the progression of the disease and improve patients’ quality of life and life expectancy, he said.

ALS leads to muscle weakness, loss of motor function, paralysis, breathing problems, and eventually death. The average life expectancy of ALS patients is two to five years. According to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, there are approximately 450,000 ALS patients worldwide, 30,000 of them in the US. According to the ALS Foundation for Life, the annual average healthcare costs of an ALS patient in the US are estimated at US$ 200,000. Thus, the annual healthcare costs of ALS patients in the US alone amount to $6 billion.

In a filing to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange last week, the firm said that the treatment administered to one group of patients in a Phase 1/2a clinical trial held in Israel apparently caused a significant slowdown in the progress of the disease and was found to be safe.
Israel Mounts See-Through-Wall Radar on Robots
Israel’s Camero is positioning its Xaver see-though-wall technology for networked use by unmanned systems, according to company officials.

Ilan Abramovich, Camero (and sister company Meprolight) senior vice-president of sales and marketing for defence, said the company’s Xavernet, a wireless Toughbook-based networking capability, enables the handheld sense-through-wall radars to be operated from 100–200 m line-of-sight.

The concept places the radars on robotic or unmanned platforms for remote control. Currently, four radars can be controlled at once, Abramovich said. It works with the Xaver 100 and Xaver 400 systems, he added.

The Xaver 100 hand-held radar was designed for teams breaching a room or a door, to give them a ‘go or no-go’ decision by simply showing if a person was behind the wall by displaying an arrow that indicates if the person is moving towards or away from the wall.

All the Xaver series systems are radar-based, and use ultra wide-band radio signals between 3 –10 GHz. They have a 120° field of view (FOV) and can see through drywall, concrete, and various structures, though not solid metal. Metal drywall studs or concrete reinforced with rebar can block the signal as well, but can still make the system function if a non-metal through-spot can be found, Abramovich said.
Israel Shipyards Sells Patrol Craft Worldwide
Israel Shipyards has received orders for its newest patrol craft, the OPV 45, and is in discussions towards the first sale of a Sa'ar S-72 vessel, according to Noam Katsav, managing director at Israel Shipyards.

The Sa'ar S-72 is 71.8 m long, has a 3,200 n mile range, an 800 tonne displacement, and a 30 kt top speed. Contract talks are ongoing with one country, and one Sa'ar S-72 has begun construction in the meantime, Katsav said.

In September Israel Shipyards has sold two OPV 45s, which are 45.7 m long, have a 3,000 n mile range, a 290 tonne displacement, and a 24 kt top speed. The yard will start building those soon, he added. The OPV 45 is driven by fixed-pitch propellers and the power plants depend on the customer's needs. It can mount stabilised naval gun systems of up to 30 mm in the primary position, and 12.7 mm machine guns.

Meanwhile, the yard is building more of its Shaldag fast patrol craft. Shaldag variants - Mk II, III, IV, and V - are broken down by size to meet user-specific needs. The Israeli Navy, for example, typically wants small and fast vessels that can be operated by younger sailors.
Army inducts Israeli 'tank killers’ till DRDO develops indigenous ones
Indian infantry soldiers now finally have a new weapon to destroy advancing enemy tanks on the western front with Pakistan. The Army has begun to induct a limited number of Israeli Spike anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to meet immediate operational requirements till the indigenous man-portable “tank killers” being developed by DRDO are ready for induction.

Sources on Thursday said the “first lot” of the 210 Spike missiles, with a dozen launchers, “arrived in India about 10 days ago” as part of the “Army vice chief’s emergency procurement powers” exercised by the force amidst the ongoing heightened tensions with Pakistan.

The Army moved to buy the initial amount of the fire-and-forget Spike ATGMs, which have a strike range of up to 4-km, for around Rs 280 crore after the Jaish-e-Muhammed training facility at Balakot in Pakistan was bombed by Indian Mirage-2000 fighters on February 26.

“The order will be repeated if the man-portable ATGM being developed by DRDO is not ready by next year. We don’t want to be slowed down any longer in plugging our critical operational deficiencies by DRDO,” said an Army source.
Cyprus Stocking Up on Israeli Drones
Cyprus’ National Guard is said to have received its first four unmanned drones from Israel, allowing Cypriot agencies to obtain clear views from high above over land and water.

The drones, Aerostar Tactical UAS (TUAS) made in Israel, are described as accurate, programmable, and one of the most efficient and cost-effective systems of its class. The specific make has logged over 250,000 operational flight hours with missions flown worldwide.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, four Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been delivered to Cyprus National Guard by Aeronautics, an Israeli company, extending the Cypriot range of capabilities for a number of agencies with high definition cameras that can get images from very high flying altitudes.

The purchase of the four UAV’s came at a total cost of 12 million euros the report said, adding that the use of the drones would include monitoring Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Additional uses would include patrolling forest areas in the summer to detect fires as well as assisting in rescue missions within the Nicosia Flight Information Region.
Paul McCartney to Get Back to the Yarkon, sources say
It might seem like only “Yesterday” that Paul McCartney performed in Israel, but maybe you’ll be amazed to learn that it was 11 years ago and Maariv is reporting that it’s “highly likely” that the beloved pop star and former Beatle will get back to Park HaYarkon (or possibly a different venue) for another concert.

Citing information from “close associates,” the publication said that McCartney was “in talks” with officials and promoters and the chance for another Tel Aviv show by the man once dubbed “the cute Beatle” is “extremely high.” Apparently, these sources think that they can work it out or in other words, McCartney will soon be showing us again that he loves Israel, yeah yeah yeah.

McCartney, who is currently married to the Jewish transportation mogul Nancy Shevell (rhymes with “Michelle”) - and whose first wife, the late photographer and animal-rights activist Linda Eastman, was Jewish - was able to master a few words of Hebrew in his 2008 performance, including, “Shana Tova” (Happy New Year) and “Ahava” (love) in addition to the obligatory “Shalom.” He ended that concert with the word, "Nitra'eh" -- "We'll see each other again."

If he needs more inspiration this time around, he might want to check out a Yiddish version of “A Hard Day’s Night” by Gerry Tenney which will surely inspire him to throw in a few Yiddishisms once he arrives here by jet, even if he doesn’t fly in from Miami Beach BOAC.

No word on whether Shevell will accompany him, which might prompt him to croon some silly love songs to his wife of nearly eight years. There’s also no word on whether his daughter, the acclaimed fashion designer Stella McCartney, will be leaving home to attend the show.
Kevin Spacey shows up in Israel, wearing a kippah
Kevin Spacey was spotted in an Israeli restaurant in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, catching the locals by surprise.

The former "House of Cards" star, who has recently faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, arrived in Israel to visit a friend who was sitting shiva (the traditional seven-day mourning period following the death of a family member) in Jerusalem.
Kevin Spacey at a restaurant in Tel Aviv

The actor was seen wearing a kippah during his shiva visit, but later took the kippah off when he dined at the Tel Aviv restaurant Coco BamBino.

Spacey is just one of a number of celebrities who have visited the Jewish state over the past few weeks, among them Demi Lovato and popular Eurovision contestant Mahmoud. Spacey's legal cases have been closed, but he has been fired from "House of Cards" and has remained a source of controversy.
Times Are A Changin’: Saudi Citizen Sings Jewish Prayer Marking Jewish New Year
On Thursday, outgoing U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt posted a video indicative of how much has changed in the Middle East in recent years, with a Saudi citizen singing the moving Jewish prayer “Avinu Malkeinu,” which is sung frequently during the ten days between Rosh Hashanah, which marks the Jewish New Year and was celebrated at the beginning of this week, and Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, in which Jews ask God for forgiveness for their sins.

Mohammed Saud was singing the version of “Avinu Malkeinu” written by the composer Max Janowski.

According to Jewish belief, on Rosh Hashanah God opens the book of life and death to decide who will live or die in the coming year; he closes the book on Yom Kippur, making the ten days noteworthy for serious introspection. On Yom Kippur, Jews are permitted to ask for forgiveness for their sins against God and sins they are unaware they have committed, but any sins against their fellow man must be dealt with by having apologized to the person who was hurt in the process and asking for their forgiveness personally.
Memorial service to be held in Ari Fuld's honor
On Sunday, a dedication and memorial ceremony will be held in honor of Ari Fuld who was stabbed and killed by a terrorist just over one year ago.

The Ari Fuld Project, which Fuld's widow, Miriam Fuld, founded with the non-profit organization Standing Together, completed fund raising for a "hospitality truck," something that Fuld was trying to fund around the time of his death.

The truck is meant to help IDF soldiers and was intended to be in memory of Fuld's friend Yehoshua Friedberg, a lone soldier from Canada who was murdered by terrorists in 1993. Now, the truck will have Fuld and Friedberg's photos side-by-side.

The ceremony will be held on Fuld's first yahrzeit (first anniversary of his death) at Gush Etzion Junction, where he was murdered.

Before he succumbed to his wounds, Fuld shot the terrorist that stabbed him, preventing him from harming anyone else. For this act of bravery, Fuld was posthumously awarded Israel's Medal of Valor.

At the age of 18 Fuld moved from New York to Israel and enlisted to the Golani Brigade, an IDF infantry unit. He later served as a reservist in an elite paratrooper unit and served in Efrat's counter-terrorism unit. He was a rabbi, educator, fundraiser, karate instructor and pro-Israel activist.
One of the Last Living Heroes of Israel's Fight for Independence
At 99, Harold "Smoky" Simon is one of the heroes of Israel's War of Independence. He was Chief of Air Operations in the war after flying as a navigator-bombardier for the South African Air Force (SAAF) during World War II. In 1948, as newlyweds, Simon and his wife, Myra, who had been a meteorologist in the SAAF, joined a South African Zionist Federation group to volunteer to fight in Israel. "Fighting the Nazis gave us the skills and the experience we needed to fight for Israel," he says.

"We had to muster all of our nerve to do the job against these powerful enemies. We were up against six Arab armies - the Egyptians were supplied by the Brits, the Syrians by the French, and we didn't have a single combat plane of our own." Israel had old German planes sold by the Czechs, smuggled in and reassembled.

Simon reminds us of Arab League Secretary-General Abdul Rachman Azzam Pasha, who said on May 1, 1948: "If the Zionists dare to establish a state, the massacres we would unleash would dwarf anything which Genghis Khan and Hitler perpetrated." Simon continues, "These were difficult times. None of us knew how it would turn out. But as proud as I'd been to be one of millions fighting to defeat the Nazis, it was even more emotional when you are part of a small bunch fighting for your own people, your own country."

"With all the odds against us then, there is far more than human effort behind that victory. Returning to our ancient land, we are living a miracle of biblical proportions here." In 1968, Simon was elected as chairman of World Machal, representing nearly 5,000 volunteers from 59 countries who fought in the War of Independence. He has served in that capacity for a half-century.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

10/04 Links Pt1: The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel; Meet the Palestinian Villagers Living Out the American Dream; Arab citizens of Israel undergo quiet revolution

From Ian:

Seth Frantzman: Israel appears strong, but there are risks ahead
BUT ISRAEL has some issues on the horizon that, if they would come together at the wrong time, would be a perfect storm. Among these is the increasing hostility of Turkey. Ankara has become more nationalist and religious-nationalist, a toxic mix. It is flexing its muscles, taking over swaths of northern Syria and seeking to keep on track to totally remove the Americans from the region. That would be a setback for the US – and setbacks for the US also impact Israel. Turkey is buying the S-400, not in itself a problem for Israel. Ostensibly, both Ankara and Jerusalem have an interesting relationship with Moscow today, borne of Russia’s increased role in the region, particularly in Syria.

Russia’s role in Turkey is strategic and also related to energy and Syria. This can impact Israel in a complex way. Turkey’s current government is seeking to take up the mantle of being the main opposition to Israel in the region. It bashes Israel over Jerusalem, and its media run hyperbolic stories about Israeli abuses. Turkey is close to the Muslim Brotherhood today and wants to see Hamas have a more prominent role in Ramallah. Yet Israel can deal with Turkey’s anger. The question is whether it can deal with the emerging Turkey-Iran relationship.

Iran has been a challenge for Israel due to a variety of reasons, but lately it is capitalizing on the weakness of its adversaries. That means it is increasingly playing a role in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. That means it is transferring precision missile technology to Hezbollah.

Iran’s IRGC says that it can destroy Israel. It launched an attack on Saudi Arabia on September 14 that has ramifications for Israel. That Riyadh did not respond shows that Israel’s supposed common interests with the Gulf are more problematic than in reality. Saudi Arabia won’t confront Iran. So who will confront Iran? The US? No. The US has signaled it will not. And the next US administration may be more pro-Iran than this one. That could give Tehran what it wants in Syria, which means a kind of “land bridge” that ends near the Golan and threatens Israel.

What Israel faces today is potentially two strong adversaries in Turkey and Iran, although they are quite different in how they confront Israel. Turkey uses soft power; Iran uses hard power. But Israel, appearing strong, now faces these challenges in some ways alone. It is not like the 1950s, when Israel was truly alone. Israel has made major inroads in India, China and elsewhere. But the immediate challenges are still there. It is dangerous to be too confident and arrogant today, and it is essential that Jerusalem seek to analyze and deal with these challenges in the long-term because short term planning won’t work. Iran thinks in the long term – and its role in the region is a long-term role.
Jpost Editorial: No Third Election
Against that backdrop, the 22nd Knesset was sworn in on Thursday in Jerusalem. Many are wondering if, like the 21st Knesset, it will also last for less than two months and perhaps become the shortest-lived legislature in Israel’s history.

As the Post’s Lahav Harkov pointed out on Wednesday, there are only eight new members of this Knesset, as well as another nine who are returning from past stints as legislators, which means that 103 members of the 22nd Knesset will be sworn in for the second time this year.

A proud institution, the Knesset is in danger of becoming a laughing stock. But it’s no joke. Israel needs a stable government and a stable Knesset. Every attempt must be made to prevent the newly sworn-in Knesset from becoming the shortest Knesset in Israeli history.

All parties should take the responsibility upon themselves as if they alone are charged with insuring that a third election is not called for. The country has survived some nine months of paralysis, but it’s only a matter of time before the string starts to unravel out of control and the situation begins to do irreparable damage to Israel and its population.

At Thursday’s ceremony, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein led the MKs with “I pledge allegiance to the State of Israel and to faithfully fulfill my mission in the Knesset.” And the newly sworn-in lawmakers responded: “I pledge.”

Let’s hope they take that allegiance and mission seriously and prevent a third election.

Amb. Alan Baker: The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel
European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process Susanna Terstal, writing in the Jerusalem Post on Sep. 21, evidently believes that incessant repetition of the phrase "two-state solution" adds some element of legitimacy and feasibility to the idea. But the two-state solution has never been agreed-upon between Israel and the Palestinians, and does not figure in any of the agreements between them. It is nothing more than an expression of wishful thinking within the UN and the EU.

To the contrary, the Oslo Accords, to which the EU itself is a signatory, clearly leaves the issue of the permanent status of the territories to be decided in negotiations. Thus, whether the outcome will be one, two or three states, or a federation or confederation, remains on the negotiating table. By incessantly plying a two-state solution, the EU is in fact prejudging an agreed negotiating issue.

Suggestions by Israeli leaders to "apply sovereignty" led EU representatives to complain that unilateral modification of the Oslo Accords "undermines the entire agreement" and "dismantles Oslo." One wonders why the EU did not view the recent declarations by the Palestinian leadership canceling the territorial division between areas A, B and C in a similar light. Did this not undermine the accords?

The EU representative also expressed support for a "Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines." Yet the issue of borders is an agreed-upon permanent-status negotiating issue, and her presumption of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines clearly contradicts and prejudges both the Oslo Accords and UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967.

The EU cannot in good faith claim that it does not take sides in the conflict. The EU has not only taken sides, but clearly demonstrates a distinct political bias against Israel in virtually all its positions, policies, statements and dealings regarding the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process.

Iran displays ancient clay tablets, returned by US, from empire that freed Jews
The National Museum of Iran opened on Wednesday an exhibition of around 300 cuneiform clay tablets returned from the United States after a drawn-out legal saga.

The tablets were found at the ruins of Persepolis, capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire (6th – 4th c. BC) in the south of Iran. Cyrus the Great, who ruled during the Achaemenid Empire, is said to have liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity in 539 BCE, allowing them to return home and build the Second Temple.

The works on display belonged to a group of 1,783 clay tablets or tablet fragments returned to Iran by the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

In the 1930s, the university had received on loan around 30,000 tablets or tablet fragments found at Persepolis for research purposes, Iranian media reported.

A large portion of the tablets were returned in three batches between 1948 and 2004 before their restitution was blocked by legal action initiated by American survivors of an attack in Israel in 1997 carried out by the Palestinian Hamas terror group.

Blaming Tehran for supporting the armed group, the plaintiffs demanded the seizure of the tablets and their sale put toward the $71.5 million that Iran was ordered to pay in the case.

The proceedings only ended in February 2018 when a US Supreme Court decision banned the seizure of the works.
Yossi Cohen: The Mossad Spy Chief Who Stole Iran's Secret Nuclear Archives
In March 2018, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen, 58, updated then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo on what the Mossad had found inside Iran's secret nuclear archives that it had stolen from the heart of Tehran in January 2018. Sources close to Cohen told the Jerusalem Post that the information the Mossad seized is "still being used right now" to glean high-quality and valuable intelligence. A map of nuclear sites captured in the operation has yet to be made public. These revelations "even go beyond Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's revelation of the Abadeh nuclear site" earlier this month. Cohen says Pompeo praised the Mossad for redefining "daring and boldness."

Dozens of agents were involved in surveillance missions and the heist itself. Neutralizing any electronic surveillance that could expose them, they spent six hours and 29 minutes nabbing Iran's secret nuclear files, which were kept in 32 safes. They used special torches to slice into these safes. They loaded the vast files onto trucks and used Iranian smugglers to get across the border.

Cohen's view is that relations with Sunni countries in the Gulf are "not as much about personal trust, but about overlapping national interests" - especially when it comes to Iran. For example, while Cohen would be against sharing sensitive Israeli technologies with the Saudis to combat the drone threat from Iran, he would seek to help states in the Gulf combat Iran together in other ways.

Regarding the Palestinians, sources close to Cohen indicate that he does not believe anything will move on the peace process until PA President Mahmoud Abbas leaves office.
FDD: The Israeli–Palestinian Struggle, Continued.
There is no chance of a “peace party” returning to Jerusalem unless Israelis see that Palestinians have unequivocally denounced the past, that the celebrations of those who’ve died killing Israelis are rejected. That is impossible to envision in the near-term: neither Fatah, nor Hamas, nor the Israelis, nor Washington want the Palestinian people voting. All fear the worst—the wrong side winning. Perhaps most perversely, the Israelis are invested in a security status quo with Fatah that likely negates the chance of any Palestinian change, and surely makes Hamas more popular on the West Bank than its tyranny in Gaza has earned. But it’s possible that if there were a free vote among Palestinians the hostility towards Israelis—the fundamental rejection of the legitimacy of a Jewish state—could be the common denominator among Palestinians who otherwise loathe Fatah’s and Hamas’ dictatorships. Palestinians again voting could lead to intense violence, among Palestinians and against Israelis. Nonetheless, Palestinian popular sovereignty is likely the only way out of this cul-de-sac. We have two peoples wanting the same land with national and especially religious narratives that negate the other’s. For even non-practicing Muslims, Moses is a great prophet, trying to lead his people toward the one, true calling—Islam. A Jewish homeland wasn’t in Allah’s message. Yet the unrelenting secularism of Westerners reduces the most compelling stories we have to differences about water rights, East Jerusalem, and security checkpoints.

The basic character of a people and faith can change, but that usually happens after a truly devastating military defeat or a long evolution. The Palestinians haven’t actually seen a society-crushing catastrophe; they have endured foreign, non-Muslim overlords, with all of the indignities, and incompetent, avaricious, ambitious, insouciant, deluded and sometimes brutal native rulers (they, however, get a middling score in hideousness in the modern Middle East).

Since 2002, the Israelis appear to have a consensus: Palestinians cannot be trusted. On the other side, Palestinians seem more conflicted about the Jews, more divided religiously and culturally, more prone to internecine violence today than they were when the Israelis directly ruled all of the West Bank and Gaza.

The continuing decline of America in the Middle East will unavoidably remove certain delusions about what might be possible between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The torpor of the peace process under Obama and Trump is likely the new American standard. If they haven’t already, Palestinians will give up on the idea of Washington’s intercession, of American democracy coercing Israeli democracy into making concessions to unelected Palestinian officials. For the Palestinian people that will, at least, change the rhetoric and excuses of the ruling elite.

America’s retreat may tempt the Israelis to act more hubristically towards the Palestinians, to take land in the West Bank that has no plausible security value. But the most effective check on ugly Israeli actions has always been the internal debate, the tension between the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities in Israel’s messy democracy.

For decades out, it’s hard to see anything better than an unpleasant modus vivendi between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Given that it is the Middle East, however, that isn’t an awful state. Americans always want to believe that honesty is the best policy, that without honesty solutions aren’t possible. We are certainly tardy in applying that principle to the Israeli–Palestinian clash.
The Missile War in Southern Arabia: Lessons for Israel
UAV Warfare
Another hint of the effectiveness of Patriot defense are Houthi/Iranian alliance efforts both to suppress it and evade it. To elucidate this point, we need to refer to another aspect of the Houthi/Iranian war machine in Yemen: UAV warfare. UAVs are one of the main pillars of Iranian military doctrine. Together with other weapon shipments, Iran has been providing the Houthis with numerous types of UAVs, both of the larger types used for armed reconnaissance such as the Shahad 129 (roughly equivalent to Israel’s Hermes 450) and smaller “suicide” UAVs (such as the Ababil, used by Hezbollah in 2006 for attacks deep within Israel, which for the sake of Iranian deniability has been renamed Kasef 2). The Houthi arsenal is augmented by the acquisition of mail order UAVs such as the Chinese “Skywalker” available online from Ali Baba. More remarkable, the Iranians have provided the Houthis with knowhow, production machinery and expertise to set up a UAV industry of their own in their stronghold of Sad’ha in northern Yemen. The Houthi UAV industry is now producing unique designs of long-range machines, some equipped with jet engines, obviously designed in Iran. Beyond the classic UAV roles of reconnaissance and light bombardment, the Houthi/Iranian alliance is using them for direct “suicide” attacks on Patriot batteries. Three incidents of direct attacks on Patriot batteries have been claimed: Two attacks were within Yemen, probably targeting UAE batteries in Mocha and Marib, and one attack on a Patriot battery defending the Saudi border city of Najran, with unknown results.

Even more significantly, the Houthi/Iranian alliance exploits the Patriot’s system limitations in engaging low and slow threats in order to penetrate beneath the Saudi air/missile defense shield. In fact, UAVs are now being used by the Houthi’s as ersatz land attack cruise missiles. With immunity against air and missile defense, and with much better accuracy than ordinary ballistic missiles, UAVs now seem to be the preferred weapons for imaginative and audacious strikes deep within Saudi territory. For example, the civilian airport of the Saudi town of Abha, about 120 km. from the Yemeni border, was attacked by Houthi suicide UAVs no less than three times during the month of June 2019, wounding 28 passengers and airport workers. In August 2019, the Houthis managed to strike the Shaybah oilfield deep within Saudi Arabia, almost 1200 Km from the Houthi stronghold in Sad’ha. The attack was carried out by no less than 10 UAVs and sparked a fire in gas storage tanks. Such a complex attack needs precise coordination and excellent navigation, which demonstrates the proficiency achieved by Iran’s UAV operators. While those strikes did not cause excessive damage – perhaps intentionally so – they were propaganda coups for the Houthis, providing them with solid achievements in the cognitive battlefield.

The fourth lesson for Israel is the growing military role of UAVs both for missile defense suppression and for evasion. UAVs were first used by Hezbollah for reconnaissance over Israel even prior to the 2006 Lebanon war. At the closing stage of that war, four suicide UAVs were launched by Hezbollah against Israeli targets (One suffered a failure and fell near the border, two were intercepted by Israeli jet fighters, and the fourth vanished). In the 2014 Gaza war Hamas tried to attack Tel Aviv with its own UAVs (Two, perhaps three UAVs were shot down by Patriot air defense batteries). This experience is not indicative of the future. The Yemen war demonstrates how UAVs will be employed in future wars in significant numbers to erode Israel’s missile defense capabilities by attacking the Iron Dome, David Sling and Arrow batteries. Hostile UAVs, in conjunction with precision rockets, may well be tasked to damage Israel’s critical infrastructures such as desalination plants. Consequently, Israel needs to integrate air defense capabilities into its missile defense systems, and to provide its critical infrastructures with their own point defenses.

The current civil wars in the Middle East – especially in Syria and in Yemen – resemble the Spanish civil war of the 1930s inasmuch as they are exploited by outside powers to test new doctrines, weapons and tactics in realistic battle conditions. What the Axis powers (and to a lesser extent the USSR) did in Spain during the 1930s is being done today by Iran in Yemen.

It would be advisable for Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the IDF to closely study the civil war in Yemen, particularly its rocket and drone warfare aspects. The weapons and tactics in use in Yemen today will be employed against Israel tomorrow.
Israeli President Tells Papal Diplomat Israel Wants to Share Land with Palestinians
Israel wants to “share the land and find a way to live together” with the Palestinians, President Reuven Rivlin told Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, one of the highest-ranking Vatican diplomats, when they met at the President’s Residence on Thursday night.

Sandri, who is the Prefect of the Congregations for the Oriental Catholic Churches, came with a delegation that included several Franciscan priests, as well as the Papal Nuncio and the Custos of the Holy Land.

He is in the region to mark the 800th anniversary of the Pilgrimage of Peace to the Middle East by St. Francis of Assisi and his dialogue with the Sultan of Egypt.

Rivlin, who has met with Pope Francis and is aware of the efforts being made by the Vatican to bring about a cessation of hostilities in the Middle East in general and between Israel and the Palestinians in particular, told Sandri that he knows how hard the Vatican is working to find a solution to this century-old tragedy.

Knowing that Sandri is also going to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Rivlin asked him to convey his regards, and noted that Abbas had sent New Year greetings to the people of Israel.

Emphasizing the need to build understanding between Israelis and Palestinians, Rivlin was of the opinion that a valuable asset in this regard was the restoration of the baptismal site at Qasr el-Yahud on the Jordan River near Jericho, where Jesus first met John the Baptist.

The restoration project was approved by Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian leadership, said Rivlin, who was personally involved in the process.
Dr. Martin Sherman: Alternative Jordans?
Although the details of the “Deal” are as yet obscure, it would appear the Jordan is slated to play a major role in it—grudgingly or otherwise. Accordingly, the feasibility of the “Deal”—indeed its acceptability—will be dramatically impacted by the nature of the regime east of the Jordan River and its prospective stability (or lack thereof).

After all, although some may hope otherwise, there seems little prospect that any successor regime in Amman will be more favorably disposed toward Israel than the current one.

This takes us back to the crucial strategic importance for Israel of the highlands of Judea-Samaria and the Jordan Valley. As I have been at pains to point out on numerous occasions, not only are these highlands the only topographical barrier between Jordan and the heavily populated coast plain, but any forces—regular or renegade—deployed on them will have complete topographical command and control of virtually all Israel’s airfields (military and civilian, including Ben Gurion, the only international airport), its major ports and naval bases, is principal traffic axes (rail and road), vital infrastructure installations/systems (electrical power, desalination plants and water conveyance), centers of civilian government and military command and 80% of the civilian population and commercial activity.

All of these will be in range of cheap, readily available weapons that have already been used against Israel from areas evacuated by it and transferred to Arab control.

Thus, the rationale of any plan that entails Israeli evacuation of this vital territory will hinge critically on the nature of the regime-type in Jordan, which abuts it from the East.

For whatever other grave detriments their might be in such a plan, it will matter greatly if Jordan is ruled by a government that strives to reign in forces hostile to Israel, or one that is indifferent to their aggressive intent—or worse, is complicit with it.

After all, should the Trump plan entail significant territorial concessions, Israel may well find itself in a situation in which it will have to contend with a huge expanse of hostile territory, stretching from the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv to the border of Iraq—and perhaps beyond.

Accordingly, Israel’s security establishment should indeed draw up plans to deal with prospective alternatives in Jordan—not only how to cope with them once they arise, but to prevent them from arising at all.
Why Israelis should support the Iraqi protesters
Another Arab Spring-like protest movement now seems to be arising, seeking to topple the present Iraqi government. As Israelis, we should support the Iraqi people in their quest for true freedom and democracy.

Mendi Safadi, heads of the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, has noted that if we want to prevent the creation of another Syria, we should call upon the community of nations to intervene as soon as possible to uphold the rights of the protesters, prevent additional bloodshed, and stop the radical Islamists, Iran, and the former Baathists from overtaking the protest movement.

“Today, this Arab Spring has begun to take over Iraq against a government that is corrupt and loyal to Iran,” Safadi said. “These protesters are against the Iranians taking over Iraq. Talks with activists on the ground and the leaders of the protest movement reveal that the people are repulsed by the government, who betrayed their nation by becoming a proxy of Iran. The Iranian takeover of Iraq has gotten the people to revolt, to take to the streets and to demand that Iraq be returned to its rightful owners. They seek freedom and basic human rights that every citizen of this world deserves.”

According to a report from the Internal Commission of Iraq, “The Iraqi government takes instructions from Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qassem Soleimani. Over 700 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot live fire at Iraqi demonstrators. There were demonstrators who were killed including men, women and children. The Iranians even went as far as burning a 2-year-old child in a car with her father. The Iraqi people are calling upon the international community to intervene urgently in order to save the Iraqi people, who have suffered under Iran and political Islam. We demand that all pro-Iranian parties be banished from Iraq and to take away all of Iran’s influence in the country. We seek to hold the regime accountable and to change from a parliamentary system to a republican form of government. We seek that the rights of women be respected, as the number of women in the country is very high. The Iraqi people will stop protesting only once our demands are met.”
Iraq crisis: Protests say anger could boil over Friday after 44 deaths
Protesters in Iraq prepared Friday for bloody clashes with security forces in Iraq after three days of protests that saw the government order live fire against the demonstrators. The protesters are angry. They have tried to block roads to the airport in Baghdad and break into the “Green Zone” where foreign embassies are located. They are shocked that officials have ordered live fire used against them.

The protests began on October 1 in the wake of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi sidelining a popular Counter-Terrorism service commander named Abdul Wahab Al-Saadi. But the real reason for the protests are much larger. They are angry over corruption and wage stagnation and lack of opportunities.

The Prime Minister has closed down internet and sought to isolate cities in Iraq. He gave a speech on Thursday evening and has indicated he could meet the protesters. But there are no clear leaders of the protests. The demonstrators gained some solace when the Shi’ite religious leader Ayatollah Ali Sistani appeared to express sympathy on Friday. Many believed that after prayers on Friday there would be bloody clashes unless the government retrains its tactics. It is not entirely clear which police have been ordered to fire on the protesters, because protesters say they cannot identify them by uniform. Some said it was not the Federal Police but other interior ministry forces. Others claims it was members of Shi’ite militias loyal to Iran, including the Saraya Khorosani unit. But much of this is rumors and has not been confirmed. What is clear is that security forces can be heard in dozens of videos using gunfire. Up to fifty demonstrators may have been killed and thousands injured, including members of the police.

The UN has called on Iraq to have a transparent investigation about the shooting of the demonstrators. “We call on the Iraqi government to allow people to freely exercise their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”
Iran tries to blame Israel and US for Iraqi protests
Iranian media and local sources in Iraq have reported on the protests sweeping the country with increasing concern that the protesters oppose Iranian influence. This concern has now reached the highest levels of Iran’s regime where the narrative that has been concocted is to blame “foreign” hands for the unrest. Under this logic tens of thousands of young men, leaderless and braving the gunfire of security forces, have been sacrificing themselves by the dozens all because of some complex conspiracy.

Iraq’s government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has shut down internet, social media and even made phone calls difficult in areas across Iraq, all to stop the protests. Yet the protests continue. To discredit them an Iranian cleric on Friday claimed the US and Israel are behind the protests. Supposedly it was to “disrupt a major annual Shi’ite Muslim pilgrimage planned to be held in Iraq later this month,” Reuters reported. “The enemy is now determined against the Islamic nation, America and Zionism are targeting the Arabaeen pilgrimage in Iraq, causing trouble,” claimed Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani.

His full Friday sermon, published at Tasnim News in Farsi claims that “America and Zionism are the enemies of God.” He mentions the Houthi rebels in Yemen who “have shown themselves against the miserable Saudi rulers,” and notes that Saudi Arabia’s reputation has been weakened. This is a reference to the September 14 drone and missile attack on Saudi Arabia. He also mentions the US “maximum pressure” sanctions on Iran and says that it has not been successful. “Endurance is the way of the martyrs.” It is in this context he says that the “enemies” are targeting the religious pilgrimages to the holy sites in Karbala, where Shi’ites make pilgrimage. He calls on people to take refuge in the shrine of Imam Hussein.

In Iraq the senior Shi’ite religious leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, lamented the deaths of dozens of protesters and called for an end to the deaths, casualties and destruction. He called on the government to listen to the people’s demands about corruption and other issues.
Russian journalist arrested in Tehran on suspicion of spying for Israel
A Russian journalist has been arrested in Iran on suspicion of spying on the Islamic Republic on behalf of Israel, according to family members and Russian media reports.

Yulia Yuzik was first declared missing earlier this week by family members who said she was arrested in Tehran days ago. Her ex-husband Boris Voytsekhovskiy posted on Facebook that Yuzik was facing charges of cooperating with Israeli intelligence services, and that her trial is scheduled for Saturday.

According to Voytsekhovskiy, Yuzik’s charges carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

It wasn’t clear when Yuzik was arrested; her last post on social media was a series of Instagram pictures taken in Kashan, a city in northern part of Isfahan province.

Voytsekhovskiy told Russian media outlets that Yuzik used to work as a correspondent in Tehran several years ago, and she returned to the Iranian capital last week at the invitation of an unknown party.
Engel bows to Arab lobbyists, pro-Israel friends are silent
An anti-Hamas bill has been severely watered down by Congressman Eliot Engel. It’s a turn of events that should trouble every supporter of Israel.

The New York Post revealed this week that Engel (D-NY), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, agreed to change the bill after heavy pressure from Qatar and the Palestinian Authority (PA)

The Post quoted “a personal acquaintance of Engel’s” as saying, “Eliot told me directly that he was getting a lot of pressure from the Qataris” about the bill. At the same time, Engel or his representatives held seven meetings this past spring with lobbyists for the PA, apparently to discuss the bill.

The Qataris didn’t like the fact that the bill mentioned Qatar’s massive financial support for Hamas. The PA didn’t like the fact that it would have penalized regimes—like the PA—that assist Hamas in various ways.

So the bill, which was authored by Rep. Brian Mast (R-Florida), was changed. The language about Qatar was removed, and loopholes were added so that aid to Hamas which is considered “humanitarian” would not be blocked.

We put “humanitarian” in quotation marks because we all remember how “humanitarian” concrete, which supposedly would be used to build homes, instead was used to build tunnels to kidnap and murder Israelis.

At this point in the story, you would imagine that those Jewish leaders who claim to be Engel’s buddies would have intervened to restore the original language of the Mast bill.
Behind the Lines: Pakistan and Israel: Much ado about nothing?
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan last week dismissed speculation that his country was moving toward the establishing of open diplomatic relations with Israel. Speaking at the Asian Society in New York City last Thursday, as reported by the Middle East Eye website, Khan reiterated Pakistan’s traditional stance on the issue:

“Pakistan has a very straightforward position,” the Pakistani prime minister and former cricket star said. “It was our founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was very clear that there has to be just settlement, a homeland for Palestinians, before Pakistan can recognize Israel.”

His remarks, according to Middle East Eye, were met with enthusiastic applause. They came amid widespread recent speculation at a possible diplomatic breakthrough between Jerusalem and Islamabad. Prominent Pakistani journalist Kamran Khan launched the rumors with a tweet on August 25, asking “Why can’t we openly debate pros cons of opening direct and overt channels of communication with the State of Israel?”

What is the background to the recent speculation, and is there a realistic chance of a breakthrough, or do Imran Khan’s remarks settle the matter in the negative?

THERE IS a school of thought in Pakistan that favors the abandonment, or at least the questioning, of Islamabad’s long rejection of formal ties with the Jewish state. Why now?
'Recent convert' to Islam stabs 4 to death at Paris police headquarters
A 45-year-old technology administrator at the police headquarters in central Paris went on a knife rampage inside the building on Thursday, killing three police officers and an administrative worker before he was shot dead by an officer, French officials said.

French broadcaster BFM TV said the attacker had converted to Islam 18 months ago.

Officials did not say anything about the motive for the attack and said they were still trying to discover if there was a terrorism link.

The man launched the attack in his office then moved to other parts of the large 19th-century building across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

An officer stopped the attack when he shot the assailant in the compound's courtyard, said a police official. The official was not authorized to talk publicly about the case and requested anonymity.
IDF thwarts weapons smuggling attempt from Lebanon to Israel
The IDF and Israel Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons from Lebanon into Israel in September, according to an IDF spokesperson.

An IDF field observer from the 869th battalion spotted two suspects acting suspiciously on the Lebanese side of the border with Israel near the border fence. IDF soldiers went to the scene to check the issue.

Bags found in the area contained about 40 pistols and magazines which were meant to be smuggled from Lebanon into Israel. The background of the incident is being looked into.

One suspect was arrested on the Israeli side of the border and was transferred for questioning by security forces.

"I saw a suspect approaching the fence and immediately realized that this was an unusual incident," said Pvt. Adi ben Naim, the field observer who identified the suspects. "I alerted the troops and directed them to the location. It was only after the incident that I realized that a very large weapon-smuggling attempt was thwarted. My job as a field observer is to identify what takes place in the field and alert my commanders; which is exactly what I did in this incident.

Israeli military marks ‘Mean Girls Day’ by trolling Iran on Twitter
The Israel Defense Forces marked “Mean Girls Day” this week by tweeting a meme of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

The meme, posted on Thursday, October 3, was an altered version of a “never before seen” photo published by the Iranian government showing the supreme leader, Nasrallah and Qassem Soleimani — the commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force.

The IDF photoshopped the Iranians into a “Mean Girls” scene alongside Lindsay Lohan, with the caption: “There’s no one meaner than the mean girls of the Middle East…”

The IDF added #DontSitWithThem and #MeanGirlsDay to their post.

October 3 was a date that was mentioned in passing by Lohan’s character to her crush in Mean Girls, and has since become a pop cultural phenomenon marked annually by movie fans.

The “Don’t sit with them” refers to a line in the movie when Rachel McAdams’s character Regina George is turned away from popular clique’s table at lunch because she’s wearing sweatpants.

Arab citizens of Israel undergo quiet revolution
The Arab citizens of Israel need rapid development of their areas. They dream of having high-tech zones and industrial centers; they seek enhanced police work to battle the crime that is raging in the streets of Arab cities; and they resent the vicious incitement against them that was led for years by the prime minister and the ruling party. Will the future government, which for now is still nowhere to be seen, be able to fulfill all of these demands and build bridges between the establishment and one-fifth of Israel’s population?

During the recent political campaign, the Likud party accused Gantz numerous times of “planning to create a government with [Joint List MKs] Ahmad Tibi and Ayman Odeh,” but the leaders of the bloc had ruled it out many times. When Blue and White MK Ram Ben-Barak, ex-deputy director of the Mossad, turned to the Arabs this summer, he said that Blue and White needed them “to change the government.” But what will happen the day after such a change is accomplished?

Amjad Iraqi, a contributing editor at +972 magazine, said to The Media Line that what is missing from the tactical decision of the Joint List is thought about the day after. “This decision is quite some gamble that could also backfire, especially if a unity government will be formed eventually between Likud and the Blue and White bloc. I do understand the logic —Ayman Odeh decided to prioritize getting rid of Netanyahu, and most of the public endorsed him because they want to change at least some part of the equation. But how do we know that the Blue and White bloc, whose leaders had their share of critical and negative remarks about Arabs, will be able to live up to its promises?” said Iraqi.

El-Sana believes that if the Joint List is unable to maximize its gains this time around, the alternative for the next time will be voting for existing Jewish parties or for a joint Arab-Jewish party, a project that el-Sana tried to run this time together with the former Knesset speaker, Avrum Burg. There are also many question marks about the participation of the Balad party, which is increasingly seen by many in the Arab public as a destabilizing element that fails to serve its people. “If they were to participate in the elections today by themselves, they would go down. They have three seats in the Joint List, but they are worth only 1.5 seats, or even less” says Darawshe. On the opposite side, Iraqi believes that Balad gives legitimacy to the Joint List, serving as a link between them and the wider Palestinian cause. “Balad still represents a significant portion of voters. They need the Joint List, and the Joint List needs them,” he concludes.

For now, Arab voters seem to be quite satisfied with the result. They proved to be resilient against incitement and intimidation, increased their representation at the Knesset, and now will wait just like everyone else to see how the current political reality TV unfolds.

The leaders of the Joint List will now have to prove to their voters that they can make some real gains with the increased power that they received this time. Considering the shaky structure of the bloc, which includes four different parties with contradicting ideologies, this will not be easy. If no government is formed and Israel goes to a third round of elections, the bloc will have to campaign extremely hard to maintain its success. For now, it is unlikely that the Joint List will top its current result—13 seats. The quiet revolution in the Arab sector, however, will continue, sweeping Arab Israeli citizens away from segregation and isolation, toward integration and equality.
Thousands of Arab Israelis march, block roads to protest deadly crime wave
Thousands of Arab Israelis held protests Friday at the conclusion of prayers, a day after a general strike over a wave of deadly violence within the minority community.

Protesters blocked roads, including sections of the major highways in the north of the country. Demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as “our children’s blood is not cheap” and chanted slogans about what they say is police inaction on the issue.

Ayman Odeh, the head of the Knesset’s predominantly Arab Joint List faction, called on the Jewish community to join the protests, saying that a society without weapons should be the ideal for everyone.

“I also urge the Jewish public to join the protests. A society without firearms is a civil and social aim for us all,” Odeh tweeted.
Some Israelis to Celebrate Sukkot with 4 Species Holders Made in Gaza
Some Israelis — many, in fact — will celebrate the holiday of Sukkot this year holding their four species bound with holders produced in the Gaza Strip.

Ahead of the Jewish holiday, the IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) has approved the import of tens of thousands of four species holders, used for the traditional customs of the holiday.

The four species – the etrog, a citron fruit; the lulav, a frond of a date palm; the hadas, a myrtle bough; and the aravah, a willow branch – are the species the Jewish people are commanded to bind together during the holiday.

The holders are made out of dried palm leaves, woven into a shape that allows the four species to be held together comfortably during the holiday prayers. The abundance of palm trees in Gaza, as well as cheap labor, makes the enclave a prime location for the production of the holders.

Despite the growing tension between Hamas, the terror group that controls Gaza and Israel, COGAT was able to facilitate the import successfully, passing it through the Kerem Shalom Crossing under heavy security inspection.
Ha'aretz: Meet the Palestinian Villagers Living Out the American Dream
Halfway between the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Nablus, the road gives way to an exit unlike any other along Israel’s Highway 60. At first glance, this route — lined with palm trees and polished sidewalks that lead up to lavish stone villas — looks like a well-funded Jewish settlement. But a closer look reveals that unlike other typical settlements, there is no security gate at the entrance to the community and its houses are not lined up in rows along the hilltops.

The expensive homes scattered on slopes among olive trees, reminiscent of the famous Hollywood Boulevard, are actually a window into the Palestinian diaspora. The majority of their dwellers are dual American-Palestinian nationals who live in the United States for most of the year and treat the village of Turmus Ayya as their summer home.

Turmus Ayyans are not only based in the United States. These Palestinian villagers are spread throughout the world, with members of the community living in Spain, Panama, Cuba and Brazil. According to the village’s municipal office, there are some 11,000 Turmus Ayyans in total; 4,000 are permanent residents, while 7,000 made their home abroad.

Unlike the majority of Palestinians living in the diaspora, Turmus Ayyans are not refugees of the 1948 war. Rather, they are economic immigrants who chose to leave this West Bank village in pursuit of better financial opportunities. Residents told Haaretz that the first villager to immigrate was Odeh Abdel Qader, who left for the United States in 1909 and worked in Manhattan's Little Syria (where the Financial District is situated today). Local Wadi Abu Awad recalls Qader’s return to the village: "He was the guy who came from America," he says. Throughout the 20th century, Qader’s legacy became an inspiration for other Turmus Ayyans who wished to chase the American Dream.

Hamas Facing Growing Criticism in Gaza
A picture making the rounds on social media shows the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, with his six sons, standing healthy in tailored suits, and beneath it, a picture of Gaza youths who have had a leg amputated after rioting at the Gaza fence.

Another example is a recording by a Gazan father whose son was wounded at the border confrontations.

"I was told I needed to provide his medicine out of my own pocket. If he were the son of one of the Hamas higher-ups, the whole world would have given aid."

"Where am I supposed to get money for medicine? They told my boy to get on the bus and protest, and then they threw him out to die."

Iran not 'drawing back' militarily after Saudi attack-US admiral
Iran has not drawn back to a less threatening military posture in the region following the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi Arabia, the top U.S. admiral in the Middle East told Reuters, suggesting persistent concern despite a lull in violence.

"I don't believe that they're drawing back at all," Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, said in an interview.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and Germany have publicly blamed the attack on Iran, which denies involvement in the strike on the world's biggest crude oil-processing facility. The Iran-aligned Houthi militant group in Yemen has claimed responsibility.

Malloy did not comment on any U.S. intelligence guiding his assessment. But he acknowledged that he monitored Iranian activities closely, when asked if he had seen any concerning movements of Iranian missiles in recent weeks.

Malloy said he regularly tracks Iranian cruise and ballistic missile movements -- "whether they're moving to storage, away from storage." He also monitors whether Iran's minelaying capabilities head to distribution sites or away from them.

"I get a briefing of movements on a daily basis and then assessments as to what that could mean," he said.

Relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated sharply since President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear accord last year and reimposed sanctions on its oil exports.

For months, Iranian officials issued veiled threats, saying that if Tehran were blocked from exporting oil, other countries would not be able to do so either.

However, Iran has denied any role in a series of attacks that have followed, including against tankers in the Gulf using limpet mines earlier this year.
UN nuclear watchdog says Iran taking ‘step in right direction’
The UN’s nuclear watchdog said Friday Iran had taken “a step in the right direction” towards dealing with questions on its nuclear program but cautioned that the issues have not been “completely addressed.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) did not detail what the questions related to but said it was “discussing substance” with the Iranians.

There has been “engagement” from Tehran in recent weeks on questions relating to its nuclear safeguards declarations to the agency, IAEA acting head Cornel Feruta told journalists in Vienna.

“[That] engagement doesn’t mean that the issues are completely addressed but it’s a step in the right direction,” he added.

Feruta said the queries did not touch directly on the faltering 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers but rather on Iran’s separate safeguards agreement with the agency.

Diplomatic sources in Vienna say the agency has been waiting for information from the Iranians relating to samples taken earlier this year from a warehouse near the capital Tehran.
France: Iran, US have one month to come to negotiating table
Iran and the United States have one month to get to the negotiating table, France's foreign minister warned, suggesting Tehran's plan to increase its nuclear activities in November would spark renewed tension in the region.

French President Emmanuel Macron attempted but failed to broker talks between US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York last week.

"We consider that these initiatives, which didn't succeed, are still on the table and it is up to Iran and the United States to seize [them] in a relatively short amount of time because Iran has announced new measures to reduce its commitments to the Vienna accord in November," Jean-Yves Le Drian told parliament's foreign affairs committee.

Iran is breaching the restrictions of its 2015 nuclear deal with major powers in response to US sanctions imposed since Washington pulled out of the agreement in May of last year.

It has said its next roll-back would be at the start of November, and diplomats fear that this next breach could force European powers, which are trying to salvage the accord, to respond.
Iran rejects French call for release of dual national scholar
Iran said on Friday that France's call for it to release a detained French-Iranian scholar was an interference in its internal affairs and would not help resolve the issue, the official news agency IRNA reported.

France's Foreign Ministry on Thursday demanded Iran release dual national Fariba Adelkhah, a senior research fellow at Sciences Po university in Paris, who was detained on unspecified charges earlier this year.

"(Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas) Mousavi said the French Foreign Ministry's interference in the case of an Iranian citizen was irrelevant..., and added: 'This will not only fail to help resolve the issue, but rather make the legal process more complicated'," IRNA reported.

Rights activists have accused Iran of arresting a number of dual nationals to try to win concessions from other countries - a charge that the Islamic republic has regularly dismissed.

Adelkhah's arrest came at a time when France and other European powers were caught up in an international standoff over Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal, which the United States abandoned last year.
U.S. Sanctions Paralyze Imports via Iranian Ports
More than 20 ships carrying around one million tonnes of grain are stuck outside Iranian ports as US sanctions create payment problems and hamper the country’s efforts to import vital commodities, sources directly involved in the trade said.

Trading companies such as Bunge (BG.N) and China’s COFCO International have been hit by payment delays and additional costs of up to $15,000 a day as the renewed US restrictions stifle the processing of transactions, trade sources said.

According to Reuters, food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are exempt from sanctions Washington re-imposed after US President Donald Trump said he was walking away from a 2015 international deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

But the US measures targeting everything from oil sales to shipping and financial activities have deterred several foreign banks from doing any Iranian business, including humanitarian deals such as food shipments.

The few remaining lenders still processing Iranian business face multiple hurdles to facilitate payments as financing channels freeze up.
U.S. Sanctions Squeezing Iran-Backed Hizbullah in Lebanon
The conflict between Iran and the U.S. that has created tensions throughout much of the Middle East is now also being felt in Lebanon, where Washington has slapped sanctions on the Iran-backed Hezbollah and warned they could soon expand to its allies, further deepening the tiny Arab country’s economic crisis.

The Trump administration has intensified sanctions on the Lebanese militant group and institutions linked to it to unprecedented levels, targeting lawmakers for the first time as well as a local bank that Washington claims has ties to the group.

Two U.S. officials visited Beirut in September and warned the sanctions will increase to deprive Hezbollah of its sources of income. The push is further adding to Lebanon’s severe financial and economic crisis, with Lebanese officials warning the country’s economy and banking sector can’t take the pressure.

“We have taken more actions recently against Hezbollah than in the history of our counterterrorism program,” Sigal P. Mandelker, undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the U.S. Treasury, said in the United Arab Emirates last month.

Mandelker said Washington is confident the Lebanese government and the central bank will “do the right thing here in making sure that Hezbollah can no longer have access to funds at the bank.”
Iran’s regime lashes out at German antisemitism commissioner in response to 'Post' article
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign ministry blasted a prominent German official on Wednesday after the commissioner tasked with combating antisemitism told The Jerusalem Post that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration should withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on Tehran for its nefarious conduct.

The Iranian regime-controlled PressTV wrote that "in an online statement on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi condemned the remarks by Uwe Becker, commissioner of the Hessian federal state government for Jewish life and the fight against anti-Semitism.”

PressTV added that “Becker on Monday called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put Israel's security above ‘possible economic interests’ that comes with the deal – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).”

Becker, the commissioner of the Hessian federal state government for Jewish life and the fight against antisemitism, told the Post on Monday that “the current escalation with Israel should be reason enough for Germany to advocate the.... Iran nuclear agreement, which has been undermined by Iran... [as] dead, and for the necessary sanctions against Tehran to become effective again in their entirety.”

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

10/03 Links Pt2: BDS is face of old antisemitism: What will we do to stop it?; Neo-Nazi protestors in Germany call for Palestinian help against Israel; Eleanor Roosevelt: Palestine, Israel and Human Rights

From Ian:

If Jews Don’t Speak Up for Themselves, No One Will Speak Up for Them
In his sermon for Rosh Hashanah, Ammiel Hirsch, the rabbi of a prominent Reform synagogue in Manhattan, urged his congregants not to lose sight of “the central Jewish principle [that] all Jews are responsible one for the other.” It is impossible, he argued, to “live a full Jewish life” without feeling that “the pain of a Belgian Jew is our pain; the fear of an Israeli child terrorized by rockets is our fear; the insecurity of Orthodox Jews attacked repeatedly on the streets of Brooklyn is our insecurity.” Yet, in the face of the anti-Semitic threats that come from so many different directions—which Hirsch went on to analyze—Jews must not lose their sense of pride, or begin to see Judaism as a burden rather than a privilege.

Progress on Antisemitism and BDS at the UN and Women’s March
In the war against BDS, the most recent development in academia was the Department of Education censure of Duke University and the University of North Carolina for the misuse of Federal Title VI funds, prompted by complaints over a BDS related event in the spring. Title VI of the Higher Education Act is intended to support foreign language instruction and US national security needs, but has become a slush fund for tendentious Middle East Studies education and programming aimed at college students and K-12.

The Education Department’s letter to the Duke-UNC Center for Middle East Studies complained that fewer than 1,000 students were taking Middle East language courses, while almost 7,000 were enrolled in Middle East Studies courses with “little or no relevance to Title VI.” The complaint also criticized the lack of focus on religious minorities in the Middle East and the near exclusive emphasis on Islam, particularly for K-12 teachers.

The schools were instructed to respond with a compliance plan. In the interim, however, predictable complaints were voiced by academics regarding the alleged “chilling effect on academic freedom” and by BDS advocates, who characterized the move as “anti-Palestinian.”

The investigation comes after a recent study demonstrated that Arab and Muslim countries had donated billions of dollars to American colleges and universities in the past decade, with over $1.5 billion from Qatar alone. The impact of these donations is difficult to measure, but the deference and obsequiousness shown by universities and academics to donors generally is well known.

Underscoring the impact of BDS and biased pedagogy on campus, another report also indicated that Israel-related antisemitism on campuses increased dramatically between 2017 and 2018. Strong increases were seen in accusations of “genocide” against Israel, along with justifications for terrorism. Most important were dramatic increases in faculty-led BDS activities including sponsored events and individual boycotts of Israel and supporters.

Finally, it was announced that the National Students for Justice in Palestine conference would be taking place at the University of Minnesota at the beginning of November. The announcement also touted the election of Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). The conference is designed to train BDS activists, many of them already on record espousing violence, as well as expand “intersectional” alliances of those “who struggle against state violence, settler-colonialism, and imperialism — from Palestine to Turtle Island, from the Philippines to Mexico and beyond.”
Adam Milstein: BDS is face of old antisemitism: What will we do to stop it?
The majority of recent reports on the connection of the BDS movement to both terrorism and antisemitism make many different recommendations on how to stop the growing antisemitism of our era. One recommendation of particular note is that countries should accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, uphold its principles and outlaw the BDS movement.

The IHRA’s working definition is a concise description of a complex hatred that takes many forms. It reads: “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The people who lead the BDS movement bring many different kinds of antisemitic hatred into our public conversation, and the IHRA definition helps identify the sort of bigotry they spread. It defines antisemitism as accusing Jews or Israel of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust; accusing Jews of dual loyalty; using blood libel to criticize Israel; comparing Israel to the Nazis; and holding the Jewish state to a double standard – or, in one of its purest forms of hate, denying the Jewish people the right to self-determination.
Now that many in the world are finally acknowledging just how evil BDS is, our Jewish community and fellow Americans must follow suit. Governments and NGOs must adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Our local, state and federal governments must pass laws and resolutions that condemn and delegitimize the vile hatred of BDS. Politicians and bureaucrats should stop funding educational programs that include BDS bigotry. Financial platforms should not be allowed to provide services to BDS organizations that publish antisemitic content or have links to terrorism. And we shall all demand that social media platforms remove antisemitic BDS content.

After a decade of excuses and inaction about BDS, it seems that some people are finally waking up to the danger this movement poses – not only to the Jewish people, but also to the basic values of the liberal societies in which we live.

It is the responsibility of our leaders to build on the recent momentum to inform the public about the BDS movement’s antisemitic agenda, its shadowy funding sources, its true aim of denying Jewish self-determination, its lopsided and underhanded tactics, and its connection to terrorism.

BDS is the new face of the old antisemitism, and when it comes to fighting antisemitism, the old adage “better late than never” is particularly apt for our moment. It’s time for us all to get to work.
Chief Rabbi of UK Speaks of BDS and the Rise of Antisemitism
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of the United Kingdom spoke with Jordana Miller on the rise of antisemitism and the effects of the BDS movement in the UK.

Neo-Nazi protestors in Germany call for Palestinian help against Israel
Dozens of neo-Nazis marched through the German city of Dortmund on Monday, calling for Palestinian support to eradicate Israel.

The demonstration, which came on the heels of an anti-fascist protest in the western German city, involved approximately seventy neo-Nazi activists marching through the streets, holding flags of the Third Reich flag and chanting, "Palestine help us, Israel still exists" and "Israel no more."

Israel's Ambassador to Germany Jeremy Issacharoff posted condemned the neo-Nazi rally, writing on Twitter: "Disgraceful to see neo-Nazis openly on the streets of Dortmund just as we celebrate the Jewish New Year, my wife’s great grand parents were from Dortmund and were murdered by the Nazis, where there is no remorse there can be no forgiveness."

Dortmund is considered to have the biggest neo-Nazi presence of any city in western Germany, with the majority of them living in the Dorstfeld quarter.

Dorstfeld is littered with graffiti of Third Reich's flag, symbols and writings.In September, anti-fascist activists arrived with police backup in Dorstfeld, where they covered the hateful graffiti with colors and messages calling for unity and tolerance.

When the neo-Nazis pledged retaliation for the clean-up, the anti-fascist activists vowed to march against them every Monday for the next 13 weeks.

Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: Eleanor Roosevelt: Palestine, Israel and Human Rights
The creation of the State of Israel was an act of racism, imperialism, and colonialism. Eleanor Roosevelt supported it, which means she was not the humanitarian everyone believes her to be, but rather a racist, imperialist, and colonialist. That is the central thesis of Geraldine Kidd’s dissertation-turned-prosecutorial brief against the most influential first lady in American history.

Readers will have no trouble surmising where Kidd (who teaches at University College in Cork, Ireland) stands on the Arab–Jewish conflict, and why she is so disappointed in Mrs. Roosevelt’s sympathy for Zionism. Arab violence in Mandatory Palestine was merely a response to “incursions by the land-hungry Zionists” (p. 90) and “the insidious and ever-growing [Jewish] colonization” (p. 91), Kidd asserts. Arab leaders who violently opposed the creation of a Jewish state of any size were merely “vigorously defending Palestinian rights in the face of Jewish imposition” (p. 80). As for Mrs. Roosevelt, she “aspired for a Jewish-occupied Palestine” (p. 240) and her “growing interest in Palestine as a Jewish state bade ill for the indigenous people, whose land the Zionists coveted” (p. 54).

“Indigenous,” incidentally, is a term invoked by Kidd with almost comic frequency. She applies it to the Arab residents of Mandatory Palestine no less than eleven times in the first 100 pages of her book, yet never feels it necessary to explain the basis for that assertion. For Kidd, it is self-evident that the Arabs have been the rightful owners of every inch of the country since time immemorial, while “the foreign, migrating Jewish minority” should be regarded as usurpers and criminals (p. 31).

As she chronicles Mrs. Roosevelt’s views and record on Palestine, Kidd has trouble letting her have the last word. Again and again, she cites some remark by the first lady, then quickly follows with a rebuttal of her own. The book at times resembles a meeting of a debate club. Mrs. Roosevelt states that Palestine did not belong to Britain; Kidd interjects, “She was ignoring the fact that the Mandate granted them legal authority to govern it” (p. 123). Mrs. Roosevelt alludes to illegal Arab immigration into Palestine; Kidd retorts, “This statement is an extraordinary reversal of the facts, for it was not the Arabs who had moved into the Jewish orbit but instead it was the Jews who had steadily encroached on the Arabs” (p. 123). The former first lady finds fault with the Palestinian Arabs who fled in 1948; an incensed Kidd responds, “This argument is weak, as obviously the Palestinians, in their panic, had no way of knowing what the future might hold for them.” Kidd adds, for good measure, that Mrs. Roosevelt’s point “neatly coincided with contemporaneous Zionist thinking” (p. 174).
Prime Minister condemns “antisemitic Marxists” at Labour Party Conference last week
In his Conservative Party Conference speech, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lambasted “the fratricidal antisemitic Marxists who were in Brighton [at the Labour Party Conference] last week.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism reported multiple instances of antisemitism or concern over anti-Jewish abuse at the Labour Party Conference, and has warned that the Labour Party is now institutionally antisemitic.

On 28th May, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched a full statutory investigation following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.

In recent months, twelve MPs and three peers have resigned from the Labour Party over antisemitism, along with a large number of MEPs, councillors and members.
Top UK Cabinet Minister: Everyone ‘Has a Duty to Stop’ Antisemitism
British Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid reiterated his support for the Jewish state at a Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) event on Tuesday.

Addressing the gathering, which was attended by six cabinet ministers as well as a slew of other prominent figures, Javid said, “When I look at Israel… it is a country that aligns with all of our values… it’s great to see how strongly this party supports the values of Israel at every level.”

Javid also condemned antisemitism in the UK, declaring, “Everyone in this room has a duty to stop it.”

“Anyone with a sense of history knows full well why the Jewish community feels uneasy now, and nowadays we don’t have to look to the past to learn, sadly you just have to look around you,” he continued.

Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev told Javid, “You can be proud… that under this Conservative government, the Israel-UK partnership is stronger than ever before. Our trade is growing beyond the £8.6 million we had last year, we have just signed a trade agreement so that trade will continue to grow in the years to come. That’s prosperity and that’s jobs.”
Corbyn Sparks Controversy for Rosh Hashanah Video Featuring Hamas Supporter
Jeremy Corbyn sparked outrage for releasing a Rosh Hashanah video that features an activist who last year led a public Jewish mourning prayer for dead members of Hamas.

In the clip posted on Twitter ahead of the Jewish holiday, Corbyn visits a grocery store with Jewish Labour Party members to discuss the symbolism of honey and apples for the Jewish new year and promote Labour’s “Green Industrial Revolution” program.

Alongside him is Rob Abrams, a Jewish anti-Zionist activist who in May 2018 led the Kaddish prayer in Parliament Square for 62 Palestinians killed on the Israel-Gaza border, at least 50 of whom were Hamas operatives, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

Israel activist David Collier wrote in response to the clip, “There is no way you are not aware much of the Jewish community were outraged when this person explicitly led a prayer service for dead Hamas terrorists. Which makes your actions here deliberate. Your spiteful nature highlights you are a real danger.”

Also in the video is Labour counselor Sue Lukes, who tweeted an article titled the “Jewish ‘War against Corbyn’ risks bringing real antisemitism to Britain” and wrote a piece to “honor” Malia Bouattia, the former National Union of Students president who was accused of antisemitism.
Local UK Labour Party Branch Planning No-Confidence Vote Against Jewish MP on Eve of Yom Kippur
A local UK Labour party branch is planning a no-confidence vote against a Jewish MP on the eve of Yom Kippur.

Dame Louise Ellman, the Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, who is Jewish, has been active in Jewish Labour groups and critical of antisemitism in her party.

Labour has been beset by series of antisemitism scandals since Jeremy Corbyn became its leader in 2015.

Ellman has held leadership positions in the Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement, and is currently vice president of the Jewish Leadership Council.

The proposed motion by the St. Michael’s Labour branch states, “This Branch is fully behind Jeremy Corbyn,” and cites a statement by Ellman in which she said that she understood “why Jews would seriously consider leaving Britain if Corbyn became PM.”

As a result of her statement, says the motion, “We have no confidence that our MP Louise Ellman will carry out the wishes of our [Constituency Labour Party] and the Riverside constituency, or that she will follow Labour Party policy.”

“This Branch therefore calls on our Riverside MP, Louise Ellman, to resign,” the motion concludes.

The motion will be taken up at a meeting to be held at 8 p.m. next Tuesday, which is the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.
Jewish Voice for Labour member Stephen Marks, who defended Jackie Walker, is re-elected to Labour’s disciplinary body
Stephen Marks, a member of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour, has been re-elected to Labour’s National Constitutional Committee, the Party’s disciplinary body.

Mr Marks signed a 2017 petition in support of Jackie Walker, a former vice-chair of Momentum and one of those exemplifying the institutionalisation of antisemitism in the Labour Party. Mr Walker was repeatedly suspended by Labour and finally expelled earlier this year. She has persistently claimed that complaints of antisemitism are part of a plot to destabilise the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and has rejected the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Last year Mr Marks also reportedly shared a petition in support of David Watson, who was suspended from Labour in 2016 for allegedly sharing claims on social media comparing the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad with the Nazis and accusing Israel of genocide. Mr Marks is reported to have written in respect of Mr Watson: “It is cases like this which ‘bring the party into disrepute’. Those responsible are the ones who should be suspended!”

Earlier this month Mr Watson reportedly called for the abolition of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which launched a full statutory investigation into Labour antisemitism on 28th May following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.
Jewish Voice for Labour co-chair to speak at “Stand up to racism” church event on Yom Kippur
Jenny Manson, the co-chair of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), is scheduled for a speaking engagement on Kol Nidrei, the night of Yom Kippur.

The event, titled “Resisting the rise of the racists and fascists”, will feature Ms Manson on a panel with Weyman Bennett, a member of the Socialist Workers Party’s central committee. The panel is part of a larger “West London stand up to racism” event at St Mary’s Church Hall in South Ealing on 8th October. It is anticipated that there will be debate on far-right extremism and antisemitism.

Although Ms Manson has previously admitted that JVL was founded in order “to tackle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party”, she has reportedly been “hurt” by suggestions that question her Jewishness and the organisation has also stressed its Jewish credentials (including in its name). Some have suggested that this stance is somewhat undermined by undermined by Ms Manson’s decision to participate in a speaking engagement at a church on Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and is marked by most Jews with fasting and synagogue attendance. Communal organisations are shut and work or public engagements are generally discouraged.
Labour MP sorry for liking Facebook comment claiming Israel disgraces Jews
Labour’s MP for Kensington has apologised for liking a Facebook comment claiming Israel “disgraces all of us Jews worldwide.”

Emma Dent Coad, who was elected in 2017, ‘unliked’ the comment within hours of Jewish News reaching out for comment.

A spokesperson for the MP said: “Emma liked this in error and apologises.”

A comment posted by online user Earl Okin on Monday evening read: “I’ve always been a Bevanite – my ultimate political hero… as a Jew, the current Israeli apartheid regime disgraces all of us Jews worldwide.”

It was reported to Jewish News by the anti-racism Twitter account GnasherJew.

The post was a response to another post by online user Bob Pandy critical of “Blairite” MPs and “members of the Netanyahu fan club”.
Grotesque: Al Sharpton Gives Rosh Hashanah Sermon at East Side Synagogue
On Monday, former pogrom leader and current Democrat kingmaker Al Sharpton boasted on his Facebook page the fact that he was “being presented to speak at the Rosh Hashanah Services of the East Side Synagogue by Rabbi Perry Berkowitz and Rabbi Leah Berkowitz.”

For the record, the ESS informed its members that “this year our worship space of many years, the All Souls Sanctuary, is undergoing extensive renovation and is not available for our use. We are blessed that services will be held instead at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church at corner of 73rd Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan. This is a beautiful and awe-inspiring space that will deepen our High Holyday (sic) experience.”

Like the old joke says, “The synagogue is closed for the holidays.”

By now practically every Jewish newspaper in New York has condemned the notion that Sharpton, who is identified more than anyone else with the August 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom, should be preaching to Jews on the “High Holyday.” Sharpton marched through Crown Heights and in front of the 770 Eastern Parkway headquarters of Chabad-Lubavitch shortly after the riot, leading some 400 rioters who were chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “No justice, no peace!” Sharpton himself notoriously called Jews “diamond merchants,” which was his personal contribution to the anti-Semitic vernacular.
Twtichy: ‘Disgusting’: Socialist N.Y. State Senator (and AOC pal) Julia Salazar channels Ilhan Omar in response to Brooklyn synagogue being vandalized on Rosh Hashanah
Remember New York State Senator Julia Salazar? She’s the Democratic socialist who lied about being an immigrant and a Jew. This will probably come as a major shock to you, but it seems that the kind of person who would lie about being Jewish doesn’t actually have a whole lot of respect for Jews.

On September 30, teenage thugs threw large objects (reportedly milk crates) through the window of the Rivnitz synagogue in Brooklyn during a Rosh Hashanah service:

She might as well have written “Some people apparently threw something through some building.”
Conservative Group Severs Ties With ‘Brand Ambassador’ for Controversial Photo
Pro-Trump youth group Turning Point USA (TPUSA) announced this week that it has severed ties with one of its brand ambassadors following a picture of her at a dinner over the weekend with accused antisemites and white nationalists.

A spokesperson confirmed on Monday to Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way, which monitors far-right activities and content, that Ashley St. Clair is no longer part of TPUSA.

“TPUSA is a large national organization that touches hundreds of thousands of people all across the nation,” said the spokesperson. “Ashley is no longer one of our thousands of volunteer activists and ambassadors. [Founder and executive director] Charlie [Kirk] and TPUSA have repeatedly and publicly denounced white nationalism as abhorrent and un-American and will continue to do so.”

The spokesperson also noted that St. Clair wasn’t representing the organization while she was photographed.

St. Clair, who is Jewish, attended a dinner held after a debate between antisemitic and white-nationalist podcaster Nicholas Fuentes, who attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., and conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl.

St. Clair, who wasn’t at the debate, attended what she told Right Wing Watch was a “diverse dinner.”
Demi Lovato 'sorry not sorry' for Israel visit
Grammy-nominated American singer and actress Demi Lovato’s love affair with Israel on her recent visit here seems to have come to an abrupt halt.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday that was then deleted, Lovato apologized if her trip offended anyone.

Lovato’s visit initially appeared to have gone well, so the controversy that followed came as a surprise. The pop singer, who has more than 74 million Instagram followers, posted photos of herself at the Western Wall, being baptized in the Jordan River, touring Yad Vashem, and visiting the Shalva National Center for people with disabilities.

“There is something absolutely magical about Israel,” she gushed. “I’ve never felt such a sense of spirituality or connection to God… something I’ve been missing for a few years now... I’m grateful for the memories made and the opportunity to be able to fill the God-sized hole in my heart. Thank you for having me, Israel.”

But on Wednesday, she wrote in an Instagram story: “I’m extremely frustrated. I accepted a free trip to Israel in exchange for a few posts. No one told me there would be anything wrong with going or that I could possibly be offending anyone. With that being said, I’m sorry if I hurt or offended anyone, that was not my intention. Sometimes people present you with opportunities and no one tells you the potential backlash you could face in return. This was meant to be a spiritual experience for me, NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT, and now I realize it hurt people and for that I’m sorry. Sorry I’m not more educated, and sorry for thinking this trip was just a spiritual experience. Going against all advice right now and apologizing because it feels right to me and I’d rather get in trouble for being authentic to myself, than staying quiet to please other people. I love my fans, all of them, from all over.”

The BDS backlash began as soon as Lovato posted photos of her Israel visit on Instagram. Angry fans responded with scathing comments that she was ignoring the plight of the Palestinians and that she should boycott Israel.

Lovato then deleted the comments on a photo showing her Jordan River baptism where she praised Israel as “magical.”
Her detractors took to Twitter to criticize the singer. Among the comments, Nouran Ahmed wrote: “Hey, Demi... actually, you need to read more about the history of this land because it’s called Palestine, not Israel, and the magical feeling that you felt, it’s back to the history of the land (Palestine) not Israel.”

While BDS supporters have long campaigned to persuade celebrities to cancel planned trips to Israel, the controversy over Lovato’s visit is unusual in that the pressure came following her visit. Apparently, the singer was taken by surprise by the criticism. But why she then removed her apology – which lives on in screen grabs – is unclear.

Meanwhile, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin took credit for inviting her as an initiative of his ministry. (h/t Esty)

German Museum to Give Walid Raad Art Prize Despite City Government’s Objection: Report
On Monday, the German city of Aachen announced that it had withdrawn a decision to give a prestigious art prize worth €10,000 (roughly $10,900) to artist Walid Raad, citing his alleged support for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, a pro-Palestine movement. But, according to a new report, that move is not the end of the story.

The German news network WDR reports that Raad will receive the award after all, via the Ludwig Forum for International Art, a museum in the city that facilitates the award, the Aachen Art Prize. The museum’s board reportedly made the decision on Tuesday night.

Marcel Philipp, the mayor of Aachen, previously said in a statement, “According to research, we have to assume that the designated prizewinner is a supporter of the BDS movement and has been involved in various measures for the cultural boycott of Israel.” He added that, when the city of Aachen had inquired with him about his alleged support for BDS, Raad had been “evasive.” The city alleged that Raad “could not distance himself from BDS,” which it referred to as an “anti-Semitic” movement.

The Ludwig Forum’s board reportedly disagreed with the city’s of Aachen’s decision, however, and WDR said that its members could not find any evidence that Raad was an anti-Semite.

The Ludwig Forum and Raad did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In an interview with the German publication Deutschlandfunk, the Ludwig Forum’s CEO, Michael Müller-Vorbrüggen, said that the museum had obtained the funds to give out the award, and it was therefore it did not need to the city’s permission to offer Raad the prize.
University and College Union apologises after failing to include Jews on list of groups of Holocaust victims
The University College Union (UCU) has apologised after it left out Jews from a description of the different groups murdered in the Holocaust, an omission the chief executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust called “completely unacceptable”.

The UCU had sent out an e-mail to branch and local association secretaries, in which chapters of the union were encouraged to observe HMD 2020, which takes place on January 27.

It described how the Nazis had persecuted groups such as “trade unions, including social democrats and Communists”, “Europe’s Roma and Sinti people”, “Black people”, “disabled people”, “freemasons”, “gay and lesbian people”, “Jehovah’s witnesses” and “'asocials’, which included beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts prostitutes and pacifists” were persecuted by the Nazi regime.

It also specifically mentioned “non-Jewish Poles and Slavic POWs”. However, it made no mention of Jews, the primary targets of the Holocaust.

When the e-mail was publicised, Jews on social media attacked the “shocking” and “sickening” omission, with others suggesting that the mention of “non-Jewish Poles” showed the Union had clearly been thinking about who to include – and who to leave out.

A link in the e-mail led to a specific page on the UCU about HMD, which also neglected to mention Jews as victims of the Holocaust, while mentioning other significant groups.

In a subsequent e-mail from the union’s “equality support official”, the organisation apologised for what it called “drafting errors” in its initial message.
Columbia celebrates anti-Semitism
I want to give Mohamad credit on one score: He’s honest about his Jew-hatred. He doesn’t pretend he’s only attempting to champion Palestinian rights. He doesn’t pretend to be supporting boycotts just to encourage Israelis to withdraw from “occupied territories.” He doesn’t claim that he’s not anti-Semitic but merely anti-Zionist.

That last claim I find particularly misleading and annoying. Because, given a choice, I’ll take anti-Semites over anti-Zionists any day. Garden-variety anti-Semites – I’m not talking about neo-Nazis or Stalinists or Khomeinists or Salafi/jihadis – disparage Jews. They don’t want them working in their businesses, living in their neighborhoods, or joining their clubs. That’s nasty but disparagement is survivable, and alternative businesses, neighborhoods and clubs can generally be found.

Anti-Zionists, by contrast, seek a more consequential goal. They want to deprive Israel of its fundamental right to exist. They want to end Jewish self-determination in any part of the ancient Jewish homeland, a unique refuge for Jews who fled not only from Europe but also – and in larger numbers – from Arab and Muslim countries.

Were anti-Zionists to achieve their goal, were they to succeed in eradicating the Jewish state, what would happen to the more than 6 million Jewish Israelis who live there? I think you know. I think Mohamad knows too. Perhaps he’d be “very sympathetic to them.” If he’s still around, of course.
When anti-Semites take advantage of liberal institutions
Last week, during a forum of world leaders held in my school, Columbia University, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad spoke.

The 94-year-old leader is probably the most anti-Semitic head of state. He doesn’t try to hide his anti-Semitism, he doesn’t just criticize Israel, he practices classic anti-Semitism, the kind that has been associated with various slurs against the Jewish people (they have long noses; they rule the world; they cause others to fight and die for them, and so forth).

Letting the Malaysian leader speak is only the latest example of the institution's problematic choice of speakers, having already let former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak at the university about a decade ago.

The organization that I head, Students Supporting Israel (SSI), has refused to stay silent. Although we could not get Mahathir's speech canceled, we decided to generate a critical conversation so that the university won’t even consider inviting someone like the Malaysian prime minister ever again.

We were told that we would lose, that he would be welcomed with great honor at the university and that his anti-Semitic agenda would not be condemned.

But we did not relent. We created a petition that got more than 3,000 signatures, we sent a letter to the university president and to the professor who was to introduce the prime minister at the event, and we demanded that both university officials condemn Mahathir.
Seth J Frantzman: Khashoggi's abused to whitewash dictatorships' treatment of journalists
Websites that support the Iranian regime, state media in Turkey, and voices from authoritarian regimes and human rights abusers sought to cynically exploit the anniversary of the murder of former Saudi insider Jamal Khashoggi. Since last year, the genuine grief over the death of Khashoggi has been hijacked in some countries and media to use it for ulterior motives, talking about press freedom while journalists are jailed, expelled and harassed.

“Even as Turkish leaders call for an international inquiry into Saudi Arabian journalist Khashoggi’s murder, the Committee to Protect Journalists found the Turkish government to be the world’s biggest jailer of journalists for the third consecutive year,” ABC news noted last year.

Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders were on hand in Istanbul this year to commemorate the murder of Khashoggi. Amnesty published a special call to honor his legacy.

While Amnesty was commemorating Khashoggi, the human rights organization also pointed out the long list of abuses of freedom in Turkey. Yet Ankara’s state media outlets have sought to highlight Khashoggi’s death as an example of press freedom.

A scientist was sentenced to 15 months in prison just days before the Khashoggi commemoration for the apparent crime of publishing environmental findings. Amnesty has called for charges to be dropped against the academic, whom it describes as a whistle-blower.

Amnesty noted in August that Turkey carries out mass blocking of websites, a “full-frontal attack on freedom of expression.” According to the human rights organization, the Reporters Without Borders representative that attended the Khashoggi event was himself detained in 2016 “after symbolically guest editing a publication for a day as part of a solidarity campaign.”
Guardian smears Israel with false claim of 50 ‘racist laws’
A Sept. 25th op-ed at the Guardian (“Ousting Netanyahu isn’t enough for Israel’s Palestinians. They want equality”) by former +972 contributor Amjad Iraqi included the claim that Israel has “dozens of discriminatory laws”.

Iraqi’s claim that Israeli Arabs are afforded less rights than Jews links to a report by the radical-left NGO Adalah (where he works as its advocacy director) alleging the existence of at least “50 racist laws” in Israel. However, CAMERA and other watchdog groups have refuted Adalah’s claims of racism – a term used so carelessly by the NGO that even an Israeli public health law requiring that parents vaccinate their children is included on their list of “racist laws”.

Among the most comprehensive analyses of the “50 racist laws” claim was conducted by the Institute for Zionist Strategies (IZS), a policy and research organization dedicated to preserving Israel as a democratic Jewish state.

Here are the highlights from their detailed July 2016 report:

- The overwhelming majority of the laws featured in the list (53 out of 57) do not even relate to the citizens’ ethnic origins and those that do, are designed to prevent and avoid discrimination. For example, the Law and Administration Ordinance (1948) that defines the country’s official rest days, and the Law for Using the Hebrew Date, both explicitly exclude institutions and authorities that serve non-Jewish populations for whom the law provides for definitions and procedures appropriate for their specific needs.

- In 21 cases, Adalah’s claims of discrimination stem from the organization’s extremist stance that rejects the nature of Israel as a nation-state in general and as the nation-state of of the Jewish people in particular. For example, the Yad BenZvi Law is defined as a discriminatory law because of the institution’s objective of promoting Zionist ideals.

- 18 of the laws reflect customs in other Western democracies whose democratic character no one would disparage. For example, according to Adalah, the flag constitutes a discriminatory law. Needless to say, this unfounded reasoning would mean that any country, the flag of which bears a cross or crescent discriminates against its non-Christian or non-Muslim minorities. A more in-depth comparison between the laws frequently found that Israeli legislation is actually characterized by a higher degree of tolerance for its national minorities.
The Washington Post’s Skewed Worldview on Jews and Israel
The overwhelming majority of American Jewry has a positive view of Israel. Yet, the overwhelming majority of opinion pieces and reporting from major U.S. news outlets doesn’t reflect this reality. Instead, the media promotes a small and unrepresentative minority. The Washington Post offers a case in point.

Ninety-five percent of American Jews have a “strongly positive” view of Israel, according to an August 2019 Gallup poll. The pollster noted that this was “significantly more pro-Israel than the overall national averages of 71% favorable views of Israel and 21% favorable views of the Palestinian Authority.”

Similarly, a 2013 Pew survey observed: “76% of Jews (identified by religion) said they were at least somewhat emotionally attached to Israel. In addition, almost half said that caring about Israel is an essential part of being Jewish (with most of the rest saying it is important although not essential) and nearly half reported that they had personally traveled to Israel.”

In short: American Jewry is, except for a miniscule minority, pro-Israel. Yet, the American media often chooses to give a megaphone to Jews that actively oppose, or are hypercritical of, the Jewish state.

The Washington Post, for example, gives inordinate column space to the tiny fraction of Jews, American and otherwise, who are against the right of Jewish self-determination. In a Sept. 20, 2019 tweet, Mairav Zonszein of +972 magazine cheered that her publication was “all up in The Washington Post opinion pages today,” with two pieces from the same organization appearing on the same day. Zonszein proudly noted that editors of “mainstream outlets” were no longer editing out or tweaking her use of the term “apartheid.”

In Pittsburgh a year later, the shofar-blower is dead and the shul is shuttered
As this city’s Jewish community celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week, the Tree of Life synagogue stood closed, its doors blocked by a chain-link fence.

A brown, wilted wreath hung on a tree near the synagogue, where a gunman killed 11 worshipers last year in the worst anti-Semitic attack in American history. Jewish stars bearing the names of the victims are taped to a glass door at the front entrance, behind a fence and under an Israeli flag and a sign thanking first responders. A makeshift wooden sign on a barricade next to the building reads “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”

The synagogue is built to welcome hundreds of Jews. But the only person to enter regularly now is a custodian who maintains the building while the three congregations that meet there decide what to do. Tree of Life has been shuttered since the attack.

“I hope it’s torn down,” said Ellen Surloff, who was president of one of the congregations, the Reconstructionist Dor Hadash, at the time of the shooting. “I don’t think that I could ever go back in that building and not be continually reminded of what took place there.”

Signs of the attack remain everywhere in Squirrel Hill, the quiet, warm, tree-lined community that has been the home to Pittsburgh’s Jews for more than a century, and which otherwise feels idyllic as summer turns into fall.

Local businesses display a sign created shortly after the attack that reads “Stronger than Hate” alongside a yellow Star of David and blue and red diamonds — the city’s traditional colors. The kosher supermarket hangs a banner with the names of the 11 victims. The local Starbucks has three large hearts painted on its windows with the words “love,” “kindness” and “hope” painted in Hebrew and English on each one.
‘A rapidly spreading crisis’
A FIVE-YEAR-OLD student began wetting himself in class after he was subjected to antisemitic bullying over the course of four months, while a 12-year-old student was forced to kiss the feet of a Muslim child and was physically assaulted.

Both Jewish students, who have asked to remain anonymous, had to leave their public schools because their families felt the principals did not provide them adequate support.

The first child, a prep student at Hawthorn West Primary School, started wetting himself in bed at night, and in class. He also became agitated, began using derogatory language and looked for an excuse each morning to avoid going to school. His parents knew something was wrong, but were unsure if it was all a part of the adjustment process from kindergarten.

Then, after spilling his cereal one morning, the five-year-old broke down. “He literally fell down on the floor,” his mother shared with The AJN, “and said, ‘Mummy, you shouldn’t love me. I’m a worthless, Jewish rodent. I’m vermin.'”

Mortified, his mother crumbled on the floor with him.

It was later revealed that the young boy was being bullied on a daily basis by five classmates in the school bathrooms. It started when he was questioned about being circumcised. Then came the barrage of antisemitic insults, including “Jewish vermin”, “the dirty Jew” and a “Jewish cockroach”.

But when raised with the school, the mother says they were “dismissive” of the antisemitic element. The school’s solution was to keep the student from using the regular bathroom, offering the facilities of another bathroom instead.

“But we felt uncomfortable because obviously you’re not addressing the issue,” remarked the student’s mother.

The parents called for an education policy about antisemitism to be rolled out. But the school declined.

According to the student’s mother, “they refused to accept there was an antisemitic issue. ‘It’s not antisemitism, it’s just bullying.’ The principal said, I don’t want to make other students feel uncomfortable”.
Daphne Anson: In the Lucky Country, Jewish Schoolkid Forced to Kiss a Muslim Schoolkid's Feet
Back in 2012, I drew attention on this blog to a disturbing trend identified at schools in north-west England.

The repellent state of affairs had been revealed by the noted Anglo-Jewish historian Professor Geoffrey Alderman:

'Last November, in my capacity as a visiting professor at York St John University, I had the privilege of hearing a presentation by doctoral student Joy Schmack. Mrs Schmack, an extremely experienced teacher and inspector of secondary-school religious education, is researching the use of the word "Jew" in teenage classrooms in the north-west of England. She presented chilling evidence of the unmistakeable revival of the word "Jew" as a common term of abuse amongst teenagers, who apparently habitually use it as a synonym for "cheat" or "swindler", or "snitch". "Don't you dare Jew me", one Merseyside youngster might say to another - perhaps hardly realising the significance of these words.

Scarcely four months after hearing this presentation I received a communication from a retired gentleman whose family escaped from Nazi Germany in 1934 and who now devotes his retirement to talking about antisemitism to youngsters in schools in Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire. He had been moved to write to me because of his experience at one such school, where his presentation was discourteously received and where a teacher confessed to him that the word "Jew" had now replaced the word "gay" as a playground term of abuse. The teacher said: "If kids wish to insult each other, they now use (the word) Jew" [Emphasis added]....'

Now, the Australian Jewish News, in a scoop, reveals the antisemitic targeting that Jewish schoolkids at non-Jewish day schools in Melbourne have been enduring, causing them extreme anxiety and distress, and of the craven, odious response of the school authorities when the abused kids' parents (having tardily learned of the abuse from their persecuted offspring). That response was basically: "It's not antisemitism, it's bullying, and your kids should learn to toughen up".

They refused one set of parents' request to teach the school body about the realities and consequences of antisemitism.
Hitler-loving neo-Nazi who said it was his “dream” to create a bloodbath arrested at Luton airport and sentenced to four years in prison
Jacek Tchorzewski, an 18-year-old neo-Nazi Polish national staying in Buckinghamshire, has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Mr Tchorzewski was arrested at Luton Airport in February on suspicion of terrorism offences as he tried to board a flight to Poland, with police recovering an “enormous amount” of digital documents, including manuals on making explosives and weapons. In one voice recording, Mr Tchorzewski said it was his “dream” to “plan some terrorism” and carry out an attack, and he wrote in a notebook found while he was remanded: “Let’s fill our hearts with terror and London’s streets with blood.”

Other documents included extreme right-wing material which praised Hitler, neo-Nazism and Satanism and also featured antisemitic sentiments and even called for genocide. He was also said to be connected to convicted terrorist Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, who was jailed in June.

Mr Tchorzewski pleaded guilty on 21st June at the Old Bailey to ten counts of possession of information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, contrary to section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. He was sentenced on 20th September at the Old Bailey.
Trial begins for German neo-Nazi group accused of plotting attacks
The trial of an alleged neo-Nazi terrorist cell accused of plotting violent political upheaval in Germany opened Monday amid reports the country’s far-right scene is growing more armed and radical.

Eight members of the so-called Revolution Chemnitz group aged between 21 and 32 will answer to charges of forming a right-wing terrorist organization, according to federal prosecutors.

Almost a year to the day after most of the suspects’ arrest in coordinated raids, the proceedings took place under tight security in Dresden, the capital of Saxony state, a stronghold of the extreme right.

Resentment runs deep in the region over Merkel’s liberal refugee policy that led to the arrival of more than a million asylum seekers to Germany since 2015.

The anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim Alternative for Germany (AfD) party scored 27.5 percent in a state election earlier this month, just shy of the 32 percent garnered by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives.

The suspects are accused of “coming together to achieve their political goals — to shake the foundations of the state — with serious violent acts,” a spokeswoman for the superior regional court said.

They allegedly sought to carry out “violent attacks and armed assaults” against immigrants, political “opponents,” reporters and members of the economic establishment.
Argentina Holocaust museum takes custody of secret stash of Nazi artifacts
The Museum of the Holocaust in Argentina’s capital on Wednesday took custody of the largest collection of Nazi artifacts discovered in the country’s history.

Federal police and Interpol agents found the more than 70 Nazi objects hidden behind a bookcase in a collector’s home north of Buenos Aires in 2017 as part of an investigation into artworks of illicit origins. The Nazi items include busts of Adolf Hitler, an instrument to measure people’s heads to supposedly determine their racial purity and statues of the Nazi eagle with a swastika under its talons.

Owning Nazi objects in Argentina can be illegal if it is determined that the items incite racial or religious hate in public, although they can be allowed in private. It has not been determined if the collector violated the anti-discrimination law, although he has been charged with owning pieces of illegal origin.

Agents with Interpol began following the collector and with a judicial order raided the house on June 8, 2017. A large bookshelf caught their attention and behind it agents found a hidden passageway to a room filled with Nazi imagery.
Teen allegedly attacks Jewish woman in Brooklyn, pulling off her wig
Police said Thursday a Jewish woman reported being harassed in Brooklyn on Rosh Hashanah.

The 22-year-old said that she was approached on Sunday evening by a female teenager who “pulled her scarf and wig from her head,” a New York Police detective, Annette Shelton, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an email.

The incident occurred in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and the perpetrator, who was described as being 16 years old, was accompanied by another teenager, the woman told police.

Shelton said that the police’s Hate Crimes Task Force was investigating the incident.

The incident is the second alleged attack that occurred on Rosh Hashanah in the borough. On Monday, the windows of a synagogue were broken in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

That incident drew condemnations from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Hate fliers circulated in Montana town on Rosh Hashanah
Fliers bearing white nationalist language and hate speech were circulated to businesses in Whitefish, Montana.

The fliers were circulated on Monday, the first day of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

“The hate literature was not only offensive in relation to the Jewish holiday, but it is concerning as there is a recorded rise and mainstreaming of antisemitism in the United States, including the troll storm perpetrated from outside the community onto the Jewish people of Whitefish just two and a half years ago,” Rachel Carroll Rivas of the Montana Human Rights Network said in a statement.

The fliers included code words like the number “88,” which stands for “Heil Hitler” (because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet) and “14 Words” which represents a 14-word statement asserting white supremacy that was created by white nationalist David Lane, who is specifically named on the flier, according to the network.

Similar fliers appeared in Helena, Montana, over the weekend.

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin launched a campaign in December 2016 against Jews in Whitefish in which he published personal details and photos of Jewish residents, including a child. The campaign stemmed from a real estate dispute in Whitefish between Tanya Gersh, who is Jewish, and Sherry Spencer, the mother of white supremacist leader Richard Spencer.

Gersh said that anonymous internet users harassed her family after Anglin revealed her home address and phone number, her husband’s business contact information and her son’s Twitter handle.

Other Jewish families in Whitefish were also targeted. The Jewish population of the city is about 60.

Uber Expands Partnership With Israel’s Moovit
Ride-sharing company Uber is set to expand its collaboration — first announced in February — with Israel-based public transit app developer Moovit App Global, the latter said Wednesday. The original partnership saw Uber leverage Moovit’s application programming interface to provide users in London and four other cities with public transportation information, so that riders can access real-time transit data and route planning in the Uber app. As part of the expanded partnership, Uber is set to expand its service to 15 additional cities globally, including Paris and San Francisco.

Moovit also announced that ride-sharing company Lyft is set to implement a similar service in New York.

Founded in 2012 and based in central Israel, Moovit develops and offers a free mobile navigation app providing real-time public transit information in 3,000 cities and 92 countries. Its app has over 500 million users, adding to the company’s database of over 7,000 public transportation operators, according to the company’s statement.
CVC to Pay $450 Million for a 25 Percent Stake in Israeli Web and Mobile Monetization Company IronSource
Private equity firm CVC Capital Partners is negotiating a deal to acquire a 25 percent stake in web and mobile monetization company IronSource for $450 million, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to Calcalist on condition of anonymity. The deal, which values IronSource at $1.55 billion, is expected to be signed in the upcoming 24 hours, the people said, adding that the company is expected to hand out $100 million-worth of dividends to shareholders before the deal is complete.

The negotiations almost came to an unsuccessful end two months ago due to disagreements over IronSource’s valuation, which has since been resolved, the people familiar with the matter said. If completed, the deal is expected to be the biggest secondary deal of an Israeli company. CVC will become IronSource’s largest shareholder, but its founders will keep a controlling share with a 45-50 percent stake held between them, down from the 60 percent they currently hold, according to the people. The company’s employees, which hold options worth $25 million, will also take part in the sale.

The CVC sale is expected to be the last funding IronSource raises before its initial public offering, scheduled for the second half of 2020. The company, which is expected to see revenues of around $1 billion for 2019 with an EBITDA of $150 million, expected to see its revenues and profit grow by its IPO. Its net profit for 2019 is estimated at $120 million to $130 million for 2019, according to the people familiar with the matter, and the company has no debt.

Founded in 2009, IronSource was originally a download optimization software developer, which shifted its focus to rewarded ads following a series of acquisi

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Impact of bariatric surgery on cardiovascular and renal complications of diabetes: a focus on clinical outcomes and putative mechanisms.

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Impact of bariatric surgery on cardiovascular and renal complications of diabetes: a focus on clinical outcomes and putative mechanisms.

Expert Rev Endocrinol Metab. 2018 09;13(5):251-262

Authors: Martin WP, Docherty NG, Le Roux CW

INTRODUCTION: Cardiovascular and renal disease accounts for a substantial proportion of the morbidity and mortality associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Bariatric surgery is associated with improved long-term cardiovascular and renal outcomes.
AREAS COVERED: All major case-control, cohort, and randomized controlled trial studies of bariatric surgery in adults with T2DM were screened and data on prespecified cardiovascular and renal outcomes collated. Bariatric surgery reduces all-cause mortality and risk of cardiovascular disease, albuminuria and progressive chronic kidney disease. Patients with poorer glycemic control and established microvascular disease preoperatively may stand to benefit the most from the surgical approach. Reduced sympathetic drive, remission of glomerular hypertension, enhanced natriuresis, gut microbiota shifts, reduced systemic and renal inflammation, improved lipoprotein profiles, and reductions in chronic cardiac remodeling may all be implicated.
EXPERT COMMENTARY: Ongoing RCTs of bariatric surgery selectively recruiting patients with class 1 obesity and established microvascular complications of diabetes will help to better characterize which subgroups of patients benefit most from this effective therapy.

PMID: 30231777 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Association Between Bariatric Surgery and Rates of Continuation, Discontinuation, or Initiation of Antidiabetes Treatment 6 Years Later.

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Association Between Bariatric Surgery and Rates of Continuation, Discontinuation, or Initiation of Antidiabetes Treatment 6 Years Later.

JAMA Surg. 2018 06 01;153(6):526-533

Authors: Thereaux J, Lesuffleur T, Czernichow S, Basdevant A, Msika S, Nocca D, Millat B, Fagot-Campagna A

Importance: Few large-scale long-term prospective cohort studies have assessed changes in antidiabetes treatment after bariatric surgery.
Objective: To describe the association between bariatric surgery and rates of continuation, discontinuation, or initiation of antidiabetes treatment 6 years after bariatric surgery compared with a matched control obese group.
Design, Setting, and Participants: This nationwide observational population-based cohort study extracted health care reimbursement data from the French national health insurance database from January 1, 2008, to December 31, 2015. All patients undergoing primary bariatric surgery in France between January 1 and December 31, 2009, were matched on age, sex, body mass index category, and antidiabetes treatment with control patients hospitalized for obesity in 2009 with no bariatric surgery between 2005 and 2015.
Exposures: Bariatric surgery, including adjustable gastric banding (AGB), gastric bypass (GBP), and sleeve gastrectomy (SG).
Main Outcome and Measure: Reimbursement for antidiabetes drugs. Mixed-effects logistic regression models estimated factors of discontinuation or initiation of antidiabetes treatment over a period of 6 years.
Results: In 2009, a total of 15 650 patients (mean [SD] age, 38.9 [11.2] years; 84.6% female; 1633 receiving antidiabetes treatment) underwent primary bariatric surgery, with 48.5% undergoing AGB, 27.7% undergoing GBP, and 22.0% undergoing SG. Among patients receiving antidiabetes treatment at baseline, the antidiabetes treatment discontinuation rate was higher 6 years after bariatric surgery than in controls (-49.9% vs -9.0%, P < .001). In multivariable analysis, the main predictive factors for discontinuation were the following: GBP (odds ratio [OR], 16.7; 95% CI, 13.0-21.4), SG (OR, 7.30; 95% CI, 5.50-9.50), and AGB (OR, 4.30; 95% CI, 3.30-5.60) compared with no bariatric surgery, as well as insulin use (OR, 0.17; 95% CI, 0.13-0.22), dual therapy without insulin (OR, 0.38; 95% CI, 0.32-0.45) vs monotherapy, lipid-lowering treatment (OR, 0.76; 95% CI, 0.63-0.91), antidepressant treatment (OR, 0.67; 95% CI, 0.55-0.81), and age (OR, 0.96; 95% CI, 0.95-0.97) per year. For patients without antidiabetes treatment at baseline, the 6-year antidiabetes treatment initiation rate was much lower after bariatric surgery than in controls (1.4% vs 12.0%, P < .001). In multivariable analysis, protective factors were GBP (OR, 0.06; 95% CI, 0.04-0.09), SG (OR, 0.08; 95% CI, 0.06-0.11), and AGB (OR, 0.16; 95% CI, 0.14-0.20) vs controls, and risk factors were as follows: body mass index category (OR, 2.04; 95% CI, 1.68-2.47 for ≥50.0 vs 30.0-39.9 and OR, 1.68; 95% CI, 1.49-1.90 for 40.0-49.9 vs 30.0-39.9), antihypertensive treatment (OR, 1.49; 95% CI, 1.33-1.67), low income (OR, 1.43; 95 % CI, 1.26-1.62), and age (OR, 1.04; 95 % CI, 1.03-1.05) per year.
Conclusions and Relevance: Bariatric surgery was associated with a significantly higher 6-year postoperative antidiabetes treatment discontinuation rate compared with baseline and with an obese control group without bariatric surgery.

PMID: 29450469 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Seven-Year Weight Trajectories and Health Outcomes in the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (LABS) Study.

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Seven-Year Weight Trajectories and Health Outcomes in the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (LABS) Study.

JAMA Surg. 2018 05 01;153(5):427-434

Authors: Courcoulas AP, King WC, Belle SH, Berk P, Flum DR, Garcia L, Gourash W, Horlick M, Mitchell JE, Pomp A, Pories WJ, Purnell JQ, Singh A, Spaniolas K, Thirlby R, Wolfe BM, Yanovski SZ

Importance: More information is needed about the durability of weight loss and health improvements after bariatric surgical procedures.
Objective: To examine long-term weight change and health status following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB).
Design, Setting, and Participants: The Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (LABS) study is a multicenter observational cohort study at 10 US hospitals in 6 geographically diverse clinical centers. Adults undergoing bariatric surgical procedures as part of clinical care between 2006 and 2009 were recruited and followed up until January 31, 2015. Participants completed presurgery, 6-month, and annual research assessments for up to 7 years.
Main Outcome and Measures: Percentage of weight change from baseline, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, determined by physical measures, laboratory testing, and medication use.
Results: Of 2348 participants, 1738 underwent RYGB (74%) and 610 underwent LAGB (26%). For RYBG, the median age was 45 years (range, 19-75 years), the median body mass index (calculated as weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) was 47 (range, 34-81), 1389 participants (80%) were women, and 257 participants (15%) were nonwhite. For LAGB, the median age was 48 years (range, 18-78), the body mass index was 44 (range, 33-87), 465 participants (76%) were women, and 63 participants (10%) were nonwhite. Follow-up weights were obtained in 1300 of 1569 (83%) eligible for a year-7 visit. Seven years following RYGB, mean weight loss was 38.2 kg (95% CI, 36.9-39.5), or 28.4% (95% CI, 27.6-29.2) of baseline weight; between years 3 and 7 mean weight regain was 3.9% (95% CI, 3.4-4.4) of baseline weight. Seven years after LAGB, mean weight loss was 18.8 kg (95% CI, 16.3-21.3) or 14.9% (95% CI, 13.1-16.7), with 1.4% (95% CI, 0.4-2.4) regain. Six distinct weight change trajectory patterns for RYGB and 7 for LAGB were identified. Most participants followed trajectories in which weight regain from 3 to 7 years was small relative to year-3 weight loss, but patterns were variable. Compared with baseline, dyslipidemia prevalence was lower 7 years following both procedures; diabetes and hypertension prevalence were lower following RYGB only. Among those with diabetes at baseline (488 of 1723 with RYGB [28%]; 175 of 604 with LAGB [29%]), the proportion in remission at 1, 3, 5, and 7 years were 71.2% (95% CI, 67.0-75.4), 69.4% (95% CI, 65.0-73.8), 64.6% (95% CI, 60.0-69.2), and 60.2% (95% CI, 54.7-65.6), respectively, for RYGB and 30.7% (95% CI, 22.8-38.7), 29.3% (95% CI, 21.6-37.1), 29.2% (95% CI, 21.0-37.4), and 20.3% (95% CI, 9.7-30.9) for LAGB. The incidence of diabetes at all follow-up assessments was less than 1.5% for RYGB. Bariatric reoperations occurred in 14 RYGB and 160 LAGB participants.
Conclusions and Relevance: Following bariatric surgery, different weight loss patterns were observed, but most participants maintained much of their weight loss with variable fluctuations over the long term. There was some decline in diabetes remission over time, but the incidence of new cases is low following RYGB.
Trial Registration: Identifier: NCT00465829.

PMID: 29214306 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


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Taux d’intérêt négatifs, retraits limités, panique bancaire, pénuries, chômage de masse, misère sociale… Comment bâtir après l’effondrement ?… Avec Bernard Monot


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From Online Discourse to IRL


Photo credit: Savana Ogburn/Refinery29 for Getty Images

To be bi in the late 2010s is a totally different experience than being bi a decade ago: We have #BiWeek, a a week cofounded by GLAAD, Bisexual Resource Center, and Still Bisexual to raise awareness about bisexuality. Shows like Broad City, The Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are transforming the ways in which bi women are represented onscreen. Celebrities, too, are increasingly coming out as bisexual and owning their bisexuality. While bisexual representation is seemingly on the rise in pop culture, offscreen, the discourse around bisexuality isn’t always as positive.

Bisexual stereotypes as well as a perpetual misunderstanding of bisexuality continue to be entrenched. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one or fighting misconceptions alone, but that isn’t true, especially as more people identify as bi. Bitch is lucky to have multiple bisexual employees, so we’re using this roundtable to parse out our own experiences as bisexuals. We discussed how we’ve found bi community with other bisexual people, bi icons, and how we understand and define our bisexuality.

How did you come to understand your bisexuality?

Margot Harrington, contributing art director: I definitely had baby queer feelings as young as fourth or fifth grade. While I grew up in a decently progressive place with [adequate] sex education and I was taught that being gay or lesbian was cool, there was no conversation or space amid that for bisexuality. I shut that part of me off for years as a result. Sex and the City ruled my sorority in college, but the show deployed messaging that negated bisexuality, which I internalized. Once I was in my 20s and living on my own with more agency, I recognized my feelings once again but chalked it up as a fetish or some sort of inappropriate internalized male gaze. It wasn’t until I reached my 30s that I finally accepted myself and started coming out.

KaeLyn Rich, executive director: I have always found women more aesthetically attractive than men. During a sleepover in seventh grade, I told my friends I thought I was a lesbian because I had very confusing feelings for Christina Ricci in Now and Then. The very next week, I developed a crush on a boy in my class and, much to my relief, I told them I was straight again. Phew. I don’t think I considered bisexuality a possibility because I didn’t know any bisexuals. You were gay or you weren’t! By the time I reached high school, I knew I had feelings for women, but continued to deny it publicly until college, when I came out in full rainbow explosion force. I’ve never looked back. I’m attracted to people of all genders and that’s still the case, even 14 years into a monogamous relationship. My interest in genders different than my own has expanded exponentially since I came out, though my interest in cis straight men is at an all-time low.

Rachel Charlene Lewis, senior editor: I was probably the straightest teenager and preteen of all time. I spent a lot of time making out with and dating boys. But that changed in college when I started exclusively dating women. Now, I exclusively date women, nonbinary people, and genderqueer people. My version of bisexuality leaves minimal room for men. On a lighter note, Stick It really did it for me as well as Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight. I also really hated Bette (Jennifer Beals) in The L Word until I realized… am I Bette? I’m still figuring that out.

Marina Watanabe, social media editor: I’m glad that Kristen Stewart is being mentioned because whoa boy that was a big red flag for my bisexuality. I looked back at my Tumblr posts from before I was out and I would talk about wanting to lick Kristen Stewart’s hair. But somehow I still thought I was straight. For most of my life, I felt that I wasn’t “bisexual enough” to claim the identity. I was constantly second-guessing my crushes on women and nonbinary people. After about a decade of tiptoeing around the label, I finally admitted to myself (and the entire internet) that I was bi as hell.

How do you navigate the seemingly unending discourse around bisexuality?

MH: Maybe this is dark, but I still have low expectations. That way I’m pleasantly surprised if it is affirming and makes me feel seen.

KR: I take solace in knowing that we are the invisible majority. Non-monosexual people make up the majority of the LGBTQ rainbow soup statistically.Though we also have a lot of the worst outcomes in terms of health, trauma, etc., we are also much more normal and present than we’ve been led to believe. The internet has made finding and being bi so much more fun. We’re here, we’re queer, and we can’t sit on chairs properly!

RCL: I definitely get the most frustrated online. In person, people usually aren’t bold enough to question my bisexuality, and if they do, I’m quick to be like, “Nope, not happening.” Online, though, I see endless nonsense about who is or isn’t bi. In some ways, I get it. A lot of us have deep, messy feelings and our knee-jerk reactions can be gross and exclusive, especially because queerness can feel so isolating. People feel hurt or offended when you aren’t queer how they’re queer because it means they don’t have that sameness. But it’s something we all need to grow out of so we can stop being jerks.

MW: When I first came out, I was navigating a lot of 101-level conversations online about bisexuality and queerness for the first time. It was like, “What’s the difference between bi and pan?” and “bi means two so that means you’re excluding nonbinary people,” which is a lot to unpack. I felt like I had to answer every single question pertaining to bisexuality because I was in a position of being able to educate others. Then I moved to Los Angeles and suddenly all of my friends were LGBTQ, and those nitpick-y online conversations didn’t seem to matter as much in everyday life. That’s not to say the DiscourseTM can’t be or isn’t important, but I was able to step back and take comfort in the fact that the people in my own community weren’t invalidating my sexuality the way online strangers were

Has your understanding of bisexuality shifted over time? If so, what would you say led to this new understanding?

MH: Yes. Just being able to be open about it has healed me so much. I made an intentional choice to do this after learning that bi people suffer higher rates of mental-health issues, substance abuse, and domestic violence than gay or lesbian people. If being more visible can help someone, then I need to bring it. Also, age, time, the overall societal shift to being more accepting of all LGBTQ identities also helped. Oh, and therapy. Therapy helps everything.

KR: I went through a stage where I refused to align with bisexuality because I felt it enforced a strict gender binary. Also, it was the early noughties and I felt so empowered by claiming “queer” as my identity. I still do. That said, “queer” sometimes reads as “lesbian” to people who don’t choose to learn more about me, so it sometimes results in bi erasure, even though it’s a term I use to be the most all-gender-encompassing ever. I returned to bisexual and use both queer and bisexual now. The “bi” in “bisexual,” to me and to most bisexuals I know in 2019, doesn’t mean “attracted to men and women.” It means “attracted to my same gender and to other genders plural.” I love that idea and have fully embraced being bisexual again, specifically to make my bisexuality hypervisible.

Do you think there has been progress in how bisexuality is portrayed in pop culture?

MH: For sure! Even two years ago, the conversation was much different. There were more jokes at our expense and less representation everywhere, including queer media. More people are showing up to the party and that’s *fucking awesome. I still get frustrated with the discourse around “passing” though. While it’s true that this affords privilege in some ways, it doesn’t always mean things are easier. Being invisible or having to accentuate your identity to try and be “enough” of a thing is exhausting.

Also, we need to stop interrogating bi people about their types or amount of sexual experiences, like, “Oh wow, you’ve never done X?” It’s invasive and implies there are some sort of rules or punch card of experiences they must have to be “legit.”

KR: A million times yes. Hello, 20biteen! There are more openly bisexual actors and TV and film characters now than ever and while there are still frequent missteps, it feels like we’re moving in the right direction. I’m hungry for more, but happy I’m living to see what’s possible for the next generation. I mean, Gen Z is super duper bisexual, non-labeled, fluid, and open, and they’re bringing a whole new vibe to bisexual representation.

RCL: Yes. I talk about Gen Z constantly, because I have so much hope and enthusiasm for them. They are so beyond the discourse that we’re still fighting about on Twitter.

MW: Yes! When I was in high school less than a decade ago, Glee, which constantly made bisexuality the butt of the joke, was the closest thing I had to bi representation. When I was in middle school, Paige (Lauren Collins) had a bi storyline on Degrassi, , but she did the classic TV thing where she refused to label herself as bisexual. I get it. Not everyone wants to label themselves, but that became a weird trope where characters were seemingly afraid to explicitly identify as bi. Pop culture representation still isn’t perfect, but I just marathoned Schitt’s Creek and there was a whole episode where a main character says they’re pansexual (which I consider to be under the bi+ umbrella.) I don’t think I’ve seen that on TV before. I also watched Degrassi: Next Class, which is the updated version of the series I watched when I was a kid, and they also featured a bi male character.

“People feel hurt or offended when you aren’t queer how they’re queer because it means they don’t have that sameness. But it’s something we all need to grow out of so we can stop being jerks.”

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Where and how do you find bisexual community IRL and online?

MH: I love to use Twitter and to an extent Instagram to find this community. What “tells” people are coming up with, for example, helps a lot. I’ve made a point of labeling myself IRL as well, which inherently starts convos about bisexuality and has led to newer and deeper friendships.

KR: Everywhere! My best friend is bisexual. Some of my coworkers are bisexual. My internet friends are bisexual. You find bisexuals everywhere if you go deep into queer community online or IRL. There’s a difference though, in terms of community and identity. I know an awful lot of bisexuals who identify as bisexual but don’t feel “bi enough” to actively participate in queer spaces. That is just B.S. that they’ve been made to feel that way. I know the feeling because I used to share it! Once you decide you deserve to be out, proud, and part of the LGBTQ culture, finding bi community become a lot easier. (I promise, it does, so come on out!)

RCL: Similarly to KaeLyn, I know so many bisexual people IRL. Growing up, I had one of those friend groups where almost all of us have come out as queer in one way or another. I also have several bisexual friends. It’s so nice to have people you can see and be around who can give you that nod of sameness. I tweet about bisexuality constantly too, so I tend to have people in my DMs asking questions about bisexuality, like how did I know? How do you know if you’re bi “enough?” How do you come out when you’re bi but single or dating someone of a different gender or dating someone of the same gender? Bisexuality is complicated and community really helps with that, even if we all ultimately experience it in different ways.

Who are your bisexual icon(s)? Why?

MH: Stephanie Beatriz is one of my bisexual icons. I really like how Brooklyn Nine-Nine introduced and handled bisexuality through her character. The storyline seems influenced by Beatrize and reality in a way that I haven’t seen in other media where bi people have been typically tokenized, cast as villains, or fetishized. I’ve loved Janelle Monáe for years and her last album, Dirty Computer, and the publicity around it sealed her as an icon.

Every other person I can think of are fictional characters because there are so few examples. I’ve made up and projected what I want to see onto them. Killing Eve, Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) from Bob’s Burgers, Catra (AJ Michalka) from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) from Some Kind of Wonderful, and Rufio (Dante Basco) from the movie Hook. I couldn’t tell if I had a crush on David (Kiefer Sutherland) or wanted to be him but he’s a deeply emotional character who’s like the “daddy” of the Lost Boys, with eyeliner, earrings, and strong bi vibes that ticks all my queer and nonbinary boxes.

RCL: I couldn’t agree with Janelle Monáe more. I saw her live three or four years ago, and it really changed everything for me. Her dancing was just wow!. My other bisexual icons include Tessa Thompson (who I adore in all the ways) and Sara Ramirez, who had a major impact on me as a Grey’s Anatomy fan. (My cat is named Dr. Yang).

KR: There are so many. Here is a quick highlight reel:

Alan Cumming is one of the more established out, proud, don’t-call-me-anything-but bisexual celebrities and I’ve always admired that about him.

Margaret Cho is literally the first queer and bi person who made me feel seen as a little transracial Korean adoptee rural queer baby and I will always love her for that.

Brenda Howard is the Mother of Pride and the patron saint of bisexuals. I don’t know if our politics would have always aligned, but she’s truly one of the unsung heroes of the so-called modern gay rights movement and a real damn pioneer for bisexuals and for all of us!

Josephine Baker, who just lived the fullest, most surreal life, had a pet cheetah, was a French spy, and was the only official female speaker at the 1963 March on Washington. She was one hell of a bisexual icon!

by Rachel Charlene Lewis
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Rachel Charlene Lewis is the Senior Editor at Bitch. She has written about culture, identity, and the internet for publications including i-D, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Glamour, Autostraddle, Ravishly, SELF, StyleCaster, The Frisky (RIP), The Mary Sue, and elsewhere. Her literary work, reviews, and interviews have been published in Catapult, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Normal School, Publisher’s Weekly, The Offing, and in several other magazines. She is on Twitter and Instagram, always.

by KaeLyn Rich
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by Marina Watanabe
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Marina Watanabe is Bitch’s social media editor. She hosts a web series called Feminist Fridays and has been told that she’s an “astrological nightmare.” You can find her on Twitter most days.


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• AOL licencie 700 salariés supplémentaires

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• Novell remporte 536 M$ à la loterie antitrust de Microsoft

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• Développement Java : BEA refond son portail dev2dev

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• Microsoft veut enrichir Office PME avec un programme de comptabilité

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Comment by "Nicolás Palacios Navarro" on The Karl Muck Scandal, by Fordham T. Smith

Some quibbles with this article...
Under [Karl Muck’s] leadership, the BSO became the nation’s leading orchestra...
The BSO certainly became one of the top orchestras. However, his efforts were aided enormously by the work of his predecessor Arthur Nikisch, perhaps the most famous conductor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition, Leopold Stokowski and Frederick Stock had in Philadelphia and in Chicago respectively already built ensembles that arguably were not only among the best in the US, but surpassed all but a handful of European ensembles.
Despite [Burrage’s] hypermodern moral posturing...
How is this any different from the moral outrage of the society ladies she describes in her own book? Then as now, white women are the most insufferable scolds and hairshirts of all.

Mum’s the Word: How Mantra Meditation Can Help When You’re Expecting


You're reading Mum’s the Word: How Mantra Meditation Can Help When You’re Expecting, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

Your body is preparing for motherhood; an incredibly rewarding but physically demanding adventure. If you find yourself in a maelstrom of mood swings –  amidst the cramping, soreness, nausea, cravings and other palpable changes that characterise the experience of early pregnancy – you are not alone. 

People who have prior experience of this epic journey and those who are embarking on their first pregnancy alike will recognise the resplendent rarity of those moments where you feel truly at peace. They are all too fleeting, when you are usually caught between the rock of your bodily discomfort and the hard place of your pre-birth to-do list. 

Expectant parents who integrate meditation into this intensely vibrant period reap multiple rewards. These range from tranquility on tap, to the host of developmental benefits that a calmer host nervous system offers the baby. Mantra-based meditation is one of the easiest types of meditation to take up, making it eminently suited to this brilliant but busy time. 

Meditation: a counterintuitive catalyst for calm 

In pregnancy, just like the rest of life, we can find ourselves wading stoically through the sands of time that stretch between each mini oasis of calm we experience. It is easy to forget that it is possible to take steps, like practicing meditation, to actively increase our access to serenity. 

Pregnancy is a totalistic lifestyle change. It can feel overwhelmingly full of unfamiliar sensations, guidelines to follow and new skills to learn. Adding an extra activity to your day-to-day repertoire may feel counterintuitive. Likewise, you might feel that there is something off-beat about taking time out of your new-parent marathon – preparing the world around you for the new arrival growing inside you – to focus on your own inner world. 

However – when your me-time activity is mantra-based meditation – you can benefit your growing baby exponentially, at the same time as carving out some grounding for your frazzled but excited self. Pregnant people who make time for regular meditation effect powerful changes to the functioning of the body, boosting the healthy development of the passenger(s) within. 

Explore alternatives to “avoiding stress”

The injunction to avoid stress is one of the most impossible tasks dressed up as advice with which our society traditionally bombards pregnant people, as well as those who are trying to conceive. In reality, stress is inevitable, particularly when your existence involves aggregating your regular financial and professional pressures with the sense of responsibility parenthood entails, all at the same time as taking every possible measure to safeguard the health of your developing baby. 

Rather than cautioning people to avoid stress – an endeavor destined to become a stressor itself, by generating a perpetual sensation of failing – a much more holistic approach would be to make everybody aware of protective stress-management techniques like meditation. Knowing that you can defend yourself and your baby against the ill-effects of any stress that you experience will empower you to live your most fulfilled life throughout your pregnancy. 

Prenatal stress: managing associated risks 

The link between prenatal stress and fetal development is not yet fully understood, but is believed to relate primarily to the transmission of stress-related hormones from mother to baby, in the womb. 

When we are stressed, our bodies enter a primal state called “fight or flight” mode, producing the stress hormones, called neophrenine and cortisol. These set the heart pumping faster and more blood flowing to the muscles, to ready the body to defend itself from danger. Unfortunately, in our contemporary, western mode existence, the most dangerous thing about nearly all situations that precipitate stress is actually “fight or flight” mode itself, and the long-term health risks of entering this hyper vigilant, tensed-up state. 

People who experience stress regularly become predisposed to develop a multitude of associated health problems. Constantly flowing cortisol impacts our breathing, circulation, and the mechanisms by which our bodies process impurities and fight off infections. The stress hormone can also pass from mother to baby via the placenta – an organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy in order to pass oxygen and nutrients to the growing baby. 

Learning an effective technique to manage stress during pregnancy is therefore one of the most beneficial things an expectant mother can do to reduce the likelihood of the baby developing preventable health problems. High levels of stress not only diminish the nourishing capabilities of the host body, but also heighten the risk of negative birth outcomes, such as premature delivery and low birthweight. Circumnavigating the acute stress state and thereby reducing levels of cortisol in the body will help create the most protective possible atmosphere for the gestating fetus. 

Meditating for two: the protective effects of mediation

Everybody who practices it will have different perceptions of the ways that meditation has made a positive impact to their pregnancy. For people who are just getting started, some of the principal benefits of meditating in pregnancy include: 

Boosting your mood. Mantra-based meditation not only regulates the nervous system, reducing the toxic effects of stress, it also boosts the production of endorphins, which reduce pain and boost happiness. Mums-to-be who meditate are happier, more of the time, and this has a direct impact on fetal development. Across the potentially emotionally turbulent trajectory of your pregnancy, your sustained contentment will transfer a sense of stability and wellbeing to your offspring in the womb.  

Priming the body to nourish the baby consistently. Calming the nervous system through meditation allows the uterine system to function optimally. Meditation helps reduce the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline that accompanies stress, which means that blood flow around the body is more consistent. A developing baby can therefore benefit from a more streamlined supply of nutrients and oxygen than a stressed system would allow.

Making approaching birth easier. It is worth clarifying that mediation itself is not a birthing technique. However, the peace of mind and body that it lends expectant mothers is an excellent backdrop against which to learn the birthing techniques of your choice, helping you waddle towards your due date with confidence. 

Mantra-based meditation: the easiest type to take up

There are so many different types of meditation that it is easy to get lost in a maze of contradictory information when trying to choose the best type for you. All types of meditation have their benefits. However, not all types are necessarily equally synergistic with the physical demands of pregnancy. Sitting still for ten days on a Vipassana meditation retreat, for example, helps a person develop new defences against feeling buffeted by the eventualities of life. But it can be somatically gruelling and is therefore not generally recommended for people past the seventh month of their pregnancy. 

It is highly recommended that you seek guidance from an experienced meditation teacher as you embark on your practice rather than going solo, and also discuss your plans with your medical care team. 

Practicing mantra meditation quickly becomes second nature. Once you’re equipped with your own personal Sanskrit mantra, carefully selected for you by learned guides, you’re ready to get started. Practicing generally involves two twenty-minute sessions per day, in which you silently repeat your mantra in your mind. You can do this anytime, anywhere, allowing this process to work profound alchemical changes to your emotions at the same time as it releases the tension from your nervous system. 

You’ll feel the benefits quickly. When you’re taking up meditation during pregnancy, the last thing you need is to spend your precious self-care time feeling confused about whether you’re doing it right, or find yourself wondering whether it’s working. Rather than questioning their presence, let your mantra be your anchor as you cruise through the cocophanies of thoughts that can arise during your practice. People who take up mantra-meditation in pregnancy regularly report their surprise regarding the speed with which they start noticing dynamic changes taking place within their mindsets, bodies and lives.

Rosalind Stone is a wordsmith and editrix with a passion for exploring the emotions that can be evoked through wordcraft, and their ripple effects into our collective consciousness. She believes that meditation can empower everybody to unlock new facets of their personal potential, and currently writes to help more people access its benefits by increasing awareness of Beeja meditation.

You've read Mum’s the Word: How Mantra Meditation Can Help When You’re Expecting, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you've enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.


Global obesity crisis ‘fuelling high blood pressure in children’

Researchers estimate 4% of youngsters aged 19 or under have hypertension – high blood pressure.

Global obesity crisis ‘fuelling high blood pressure in children’

Researchers estimate 4% of youngsters aged 19 or under have hypertension – high blood pressure.

[FHD] [IPTD-591] HyperIdeaPocket Supreme Butt Fetish Maniacs – Kasumi Kaho

  Title: HyperIdeaPocket 究極の尻フェチマニアックス かすみ果穂 Content ID: IPTD-591 Release Date: 01.3.2010 Duration: 180 min. Studio: Idea Pocket Format: *wmv Size: 7.80 GB HD/ FHD: Full-HD (6000kbps) Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Screenshot(s): Password to unrar:   Click here for the rest of Kasumi Kaho かすみ果穂 Collection! […]

UN.E MANAGER PÂTISSERIE - Vindémia Group and Casino - De l'Île, QC

Rattaché.e au Manager de Département Vivre Frais pour l’un de nos hypermarchés de l’ouest de l’île. Vous aurez pour principales missions :
From Vindémia Group and Casino - Tue, 10 Sep 2019 12:55:16 GMT - View all De l'Île, QC jobs

HyperX – mechanische Gaming-Tastatur Alloy Origins und die ersten hauseigenen Switches

HyperX, die Gaming-Sparte von Kingston Technology, kündigt die mechanische Gaming-Tastatur Alloy Origins an. Außerdem bringt das Unternehmen die ersten HyperX Switches auf den Markt. Dabei handelt es sich um einen mechanischen Red Switch, der mit kurzem Tastenhub und einer Lebensdauer von 80 ...

Appartement Saint Quentin 5 pièce(s) 116,88 m2 - 149 200 Euro

A VENDRE HYPER CENTRE SAINT-QUENTIN 02100 APPARTEMENT TYPE 5 Trouver le bon coin pour ce loger dans ce très bel appartement offrant une vue magnifique sur tout SAINT-QUENTIN et surtout sur la Basilique. L'appartement d'une surface d'environ 116m2 offre : Entrée, couloir, salon, salle à manger, cuisine équipée, deux chambres, salle de bains, salle d'eau, buanderie et WC. Et un bureau au dessus. Vous avez un achat à faire dans l'immobilier, votre agence ERA VIGNON IMMOBILIER est là pour vous aider et vous accompagner dans votre recherche !!!

La’Mona makes Polish debut in Lodz


La'Mona’s range includes evening, formal and occasional dresses as well as a wide selection of blouses, trousers, sweaters and coats.

“We are very pleased that the first boutique of this brand has just opened in Pasaż. With this new tenant, our customers can take advantage of new approach to women's fashion. By expanding our fashion range, we have become even more attractive to customers,” says Anna Mrzewo, the director of Pasaż Łódzki.

The shopping centre was opened in Q3 2000. It comprises 57 stores, such as Decathlon, Norauto and an Auchan hypermarket. Its owner is the Pradera Central & Eastern Fund, while the manager of the centre is Apsys Polska.

Source: EurobuildCEE

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Sex Nerd, Death Nerd and Dying with Megan Andelloux!

ASMR WHISPER BONUS! Sexologist, founder of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health and aspiring death doula Megan Andelloux's brain has a problem and now this sex & death nerd is turning her interests inward. TOPICS: Lipstick for blowjobs, brain damage, primary progressive aphasia vs early Alzheimers vs dementia vs mild cognitive impairment vs frontal temporal lobe disorder (FTD), telling someone bad news, orgasms, sex at end of life, anticipatory grief, anger, confusion, bitterness, floods of emotion, stepping away from work, changes in brain and behavior, overactive sex drive research, inhibition, spasms, masturbation, sex with a partner, support group sex talk, hyper sexual vs absent filters, sadness, Death Salon, Art of Dying, hope, boredom vs loneliness, invisible disability, cancer vs dementia, loved ones changing, loss of who you are, how to be supportive, mindfulness, sending short loving emails, staying connected, consent & dementia, PTSD, calming blanket, restraints.

Oracle Hyperion EPBCS Planning Director - The Hackett Group - Major, SK

Exceptional understanding of Oracle Hyperion’s EPBCS Planning Application within targeted industries and consulting service lines.
From The Hackett Group - Fri, 21 Jun 2019 02:07:26 GMT - View all Major, SK jobs

Gay Potluck

BATH HOUSES, GAY SEX CULTURE & ORDERING A NICE MAN ON THE INTERNET! Comedian Guy Branum and artist Michael Squillacioti spill the lube on the fascinating world of man-on-man hookup culture. TOPICS: Fun with Grindr, Casual Jerk offs, Online Sex, Gay Bar Back Rooms, the Orientation Iceberg, Male Bisexuality & the Double Standard, the Hard Road Out of the Closet, Pretty Gay Boys, Bears & Hyper-Masculinity, Tips for Newbies, Sexellent Negotiation and One Heck of an Eye Gaze! Sandra is very jealous of all of this.

Boxap 13-07, Amalia Anastasio


"Une dystopie sur les dangers de l'hypertechnologie", une intrigue prometteuse mais une lecture plus que mitigée...


HPR2913: Windows, SDN, and Firewalls


Last Upload was hpr1468 March 19, 2014 


>>> print ( - D(2014, 3, 19))


>>> 2000/365


In the last 5 years:

  • Traveled the world.
  • Deployed a lot of things for work.
  • Taken on a new role which moves me from Datacenters to Networks.
  • Learned a lot about Operations, Datacenter Infrastructure, People around the world, and why it is important to have your house in order.
  • Read over 3 dozen books.
  • Paid off debt and focused on long term financial goals.
  • Humility, Humanity, and Harmony: Three things I have continued to strive for in my personal life, work, and hobbies.

Let's Start The Show off in the wrong direction


Sublime Text 3

  • Fantastic Text editor and very powerful. I use this to quickly parse data using regex searches and push this to spreadsheets or other tools that allow me to organize data quickly. Overall Great tool for anyone


  • Overall: The importance of being an everyday Windows User has allowed me to focus on solving problems in different and unique ways. I've found that the way I use Windows is not the same as most normal Windows Users. I live most of the time inside of Chrome so Windows is just another OS to get my Chrome Browser running.
  • Observation: Windows has definitely matured over the past 10 years. I find myself enjoying the time I save using Windows 10.
  • Contradictions: I still use Linux, but as a VM to work on things that I just can't do inside of Windows.

Web Stuff

Home Hacks



Latest Tech Trends, Their Problems, And How to Solve Them


Few IT professionals are unaware of the rapid emergence of 5G, Internet of Things or IoT, edge-fog-cloud or core computing, microservices, and artificial intelligence known as machine learning or AI/ML.  These new technologies hold enormous promise for transforming IT and the customer experience with the problems that they solve.  It’s important to realize that like all technologies, they introduce new processes and subsequently new problems.  Most are aware of the promise, but few are aware of the new problems and how to solve them.

5G is a great example.  It delivers 10 to 100 times more throughput than 4G LTE and up to 90% lower latencies.  Users can expect throughput between 1 and 10Gbps with latencies at approximately 1 ms.  This enables large files such as 4K or 8K videos to be downloaded or uploaded in seconds not minutes.  5G will deliver mobile broadband and can potentially make traditional broadband obsolete just as mobile telephony has essentially eliminated the vast majority of landlines. 

5G mobile networking technology makes industrial IoT more scalable, simpler, and much more economically feasible.  Whereas 4G is limited to approximately 400 devices per Km2, 5G increases that number of devices supported per Km2 to approximately 1,000,000 or a 250,000% increase. The performance, latency, and scalability are why 5G is being called transformational.  But there are significant issues introduced by 5G.  A key one is the database application infrastructure.

Analysts frequently cite the non-trivial multi-billion dollar investment required to roll-out 5G.  That investment is primarily focused on the antennas and fiber optic cables to the antennas.  This is because 5G is based on a completely different technology than 4G.  It utilizes millimeter waves instead of microwaves.  Millimeter waves are limited to 300 meters between antennas.  The 4G microwaves can be as far as 16 Km apart.  That is a major difference and therefore demands many more antennas and optical cables to those antennas to make 5G work effectively.  It also means it will take considerable time before rural areas are covered by 5G and even then, it will be a degraded 5G. 

The 5G infrastructure investment not being addressed is the database application infrastructure.  The database is a foundational technology for analytics.  IT Pros simply assume it will be there for their applications and microservices. Everything today is interconnected. The database application infrastructure is generally architected for the volume and performance coming from the network.  That volume and performance is going up by an order of magnitude.  What happens when the database application infrastructure is not upgraded to match?  The actual user performance improves marginally or not at all.  It can in fact degrade as volumes overwhelm the database applications not prepared for them.  Both consumers and business users become frustrated.  5G devices cost approximately 30% more than 4G – mostly because those devices need both a 5G and 4G modem (different non-compatible technologies).  The 5G network costs approximately 25% more than 4G.  It is understandable that anyone would be frustrated when they are spending considerably more and seeing limited improvement, no improvement, or negative improvement.  The database application infrastructure becomes the bottleneck.  When consumers and business users become frustrated, they go somewhere else, another website, another supplier, or another partner.  Business will be lost.

Fortunately, there is still time as the 5G rollout is just starting with momentum building in 2020 with complete implementations not expected until 2022, at the earliest.  However, IT organizations need to start planning their application infrastructure upgrades to match the 5G rollout or may end up suffering the consequences.

IoT is another technology that promises to be transformative.  It pushes intelligence to the edge of the network enabling automation that was previously unthinkable.  Smarter homes, smarter cars, smarter grids, smarter healthcare, smarter fitness, smarter water management, and more.  IoT has the potential to radically increase efficiencies and reduce waste.  Most of the implementations to date have been in consumer homes and offices.  These implementations rely on the WiFi in the building they reside. 

The industrial implementations have been not as successful…yet.  Per Gartner, 65 to 85% of Industrial IoT to date have been stuck in pilot mode with 28% of those for more than 2 years.  There are three key reasons for this.  The first are the limitations of 4G of 400 devices per Km2.  This limitation will be fixed as 5G rolls out.  The second is the same issue as 5G, database application infrastructure not suited for the volume and performance required by industrial IoT.  And the third is latency from the IoT edge devices to the analytics, either in the on-premises data center (core), or cloud.  Speed of light latency is a major limiting factor for real-time analytics and real-time actionable information.  This has led to the very rapid rise of edge-fog-cloud or core computing.

Moving analytic processing out to the edge or fog significantly reduces distance latency between where the data is being collected and where it is being analyzed.  This is crucial for applications such as autonomous vehicles.  The application must make decisions in milliseconds not seconds.  It may have to decide whether a shadow in the road is actually a shadow, a reflection, a person, or a dangerous hazard to be avoided.  The application must make that decision immediately and cannot wait.  By pushing the application closer to the data collection, it can make that decision in the timely manner that’s required.  Smart grids, smart cities, smart water management, smart traffic management, are all examples requiring fog (near the edge) or edge computing analytics.  This solves the problem of distance latency; however, it does not resolve analytical latency.  Edge and fog computing typically lack the resources to provide ultra-fast database analytics.  This has led to the deployment of microservices

Microservices have become very popular over the past 24 months.   They tightly couple a database application with its database that has been extremely streamlined to do only the few things the microservice requires.  The database may be a neutered relational, time series, key value, JSON, XML, object, and more.  The database application and its database are inextricably linked.  The combined microservice is then pushed down to the edge or fog compute device and its storage.  Microservices have no access to any other microservices data or database.  If it needs access to another microservice data element, it’s going to be difficult and manually labor-intensive. Each of the microservices must be reworked to grant that access, or the data must be copied and moved via an extract transfer and load (ETL) process, or the data must be duplicated in ongoing manner.  Each of these options are laborious, albeit manageable, for a handful of microservices.  But what about hundreds or thousands of microservices, which is where it’s headed?  This sprawl becomes unmanageable and ultimately, unsustainable, even with AI/ML.

AI/ML is clearly a hot tech trend today.  It’s showing up everywhere in many applications.  This is because standard CPU processing power is now powerful enough to run AI / machine learning algorithms.  AI/ML is showing up typically in one of two different variations.  The first has a defined specific purpose.  It is utilized by the vendor to automate a manual task requiring some expertise.  An example of this is in enterprise storage.  The AI/ML is tasked with placing data based on performance, latency, and data protection policies and parameters determined by the administrator.  It then matches that to the hardware configuration.  If performance should fall outside of the desired parameters AI/ML looks to correct the situation without human intervention.  It learns from experience and automatically makes changes to accomplish the required performance and latency.   The second AI/ML is a tool kit that enables IT pros to create their own algorithms. 

The 1st is an application of AI/ML.  It obviously cannot be utilized outside the tasks it was designed to do. The 2nd is a series of tools that require considerable knowledge, skill, and expertise to be able to utilize.  It is not an application.  It merely enables applications to be developed that take advantage of the AI/ML engine.  This requires a very steep learning curve.

Oracle is the first vendor to solve each and every one of these tech trend problems. The Oracle Exadata X8M and Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X8 are uniquely suited to solve the 5G and IoT application database infrastructure problem, the edge-fog-core microservices problem, and the AI/ML usability problem. 

It starts with the co-engineering.  The compute, memory, storage, interconnect, networking, operating system, hypervisor, middleware, and the Oracle 19c Database are all co-engineered together.  Few vendors have complete engineering teams for every layer of the software and hardware stacks to do the same thing.  And those who do, have shown zero inclination to take on the intensive co-engineering required.  Oracle Exadata alone has 60 exclusive database features not found in any other database system including others running the same Oracle Database. Take for example Automatic Indexing.  It occurs multiple orders of magnitude faster than the most skilled database administrator (DBA) and delivers noticeably superior performance.  Another example is data ingest.  Extensive parallelism is built-into every Exadata providing unmatched data ingest.  And keep in mind, the Oracle Autonomous Database is utilizing the exact same Exadata Database Machine.  The results of that co-engineering deliver unprecedented Database application latency reduction, response time reduction, and performance increases.  This enables the application Database infrastructure to match and be prepared for the volume and performance of 5G and IoT.

The ODA X8 is ideal for edge or fog computing coming in at approximately 36% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over 3 years than commodity white box servers running databases.  It’s designed to be a plug and play Oracle Database turnkey appliance.  It runs the Database application too.  Nothing is simpler and no white box server can match its performance.

The Oracle Exadata X8M is even better for the core or fog computing where it’s performance, scalability, availability and capability are simply unmatched by any other database system.  It too is architected to be exceedingly simple to implement, operate, and manage. 

The combination of the two working in conjunction in the edge-fog-core makes the application database latency problems go away.  They even solve the microservices problems.  Each Oracle Exadata X8M and ODA X8 provide pluggable databases (PDBs).  Each PDB is its own unique database working off the same stored data in the container database (CDB).  Each PDB can be the same or different type of Oracle Database including OLTP, data warehousing, time series, object, JSON, key value, graphical, spatial, XML, even document database mining.  The PDBs are working on virtual copies of the data.  There is no data duplication.  There are no ETLs.  There is no data movement.  There are no data islands.  There are no runaway database licenses and database hardware sprawl.  Data does not go stale before it can be analyzed.  Any data that needs to be accessed by a particular or multiple PDBs can be easily configured to do so.  Edge-fog-core computing is solved.  If the core needs to be in a public cloud, Oracle solves that problem as well with the Oracle Autonomous Database providing the same capabilities of Exadata and more.

That leaves the AI/ML usability problem.  Oracle solves that one too.  Both Oracle Engineered systems and the Oracle Autonomous Database have AI/ML engineered inside from the onset.  Not just a tool-kit on the side.  Oracle AI/ML comes with pre-built, documented, and production-hardened algorithms in the Oracle Autonomous Database cloud service.  DBAs do not have to be data scientists to develop AI/ML applications.  They can simply utilize the extensive Oracle library of AI/ML algorithms in Classification, Clustering, Time Series, Anomaly Detection, SQL Analytics, Regression, Attribute Importance, Association Rules, Feature Extraction, Text Mining Support, R Packages, Statistical Functions, Predictive Queries, and Exportable ML Models.  It’s as simple as selecting the algorithms to be used and using them.  That’s it.  No algorithms to create, test, document, QA, patch, and more.

Taking advantage of AI/ML is as simple as implementing Oracle Exadata X8M, ODA X8, or the Oracle Autonomous Database.   Oracle solves the AI/ML usability problem.

The latest tech trends of 5G, Industrial IoT, edge-fog-core or cloud computing, microservices, and AI/ML have the potential to truly be transformative for IT organizations of all stripes.  But they bring their own set of problems.  Fortunately, for organizations of all sizes, Oracle solves those problems.


Sasha Caterina racconta il suo Triathlon di Sion!



Sabato 2. giugno, in una calda giornata che annuncia l’imminente arrivo dell’estate, si è svolta la prima gara del Circuito Svizzero di National League a Sion.
Erano presenti circa 70 atleti di quella categoria. Alle 10 è scattato il via nel bel laghetto “Domaine des Iles”, dove bisognava attraversarlo, nuotando per 800 m.

Io sono partito sul lato sinistro, visto che i primi a essere chiamati (in ordine di preferenze) si erano già piazzati dall’altra parte e io non avevo intenzione di ricevere colpi per potermi aggiudicare una buona uscita. Così ho potuto nuotare indisturbato, tenendo sempre d’occhio il lato opposto. Sono riuscito a uscire dall’acqua quarto (in 10:35 minuti).
In zona di transizione, non avendo un punto di riferimento, ho avuto una piccola difficoltà nel trovare la mia postazione. Il resto del cambio è andata come da protocollo, anche se al momento di lasciare la zona, mi sono trovato a fare un po’ di slalom tra altri atleti che arrivavano dal nuoto.
Una volta montato sulla bici ho preso subito un buon ritmo e si è formato il primo gruppo di testa di una decina di persone, dove abbiamo iniziato fin da subito a darci regolarmente il cambio di chi tirava il gruppo.
Purtroppo il favorito della gara, Adrien Briffod, ha cozzato contro un guard rail ed è caduto (14 punti di sutura sullo stinco e gara terminata).
Qualche centinaio di metri prima della zona cambio, mi sono portato davanti al gruppo per poter scendere dalla bici prima di tutti.
Il percorso in bici, 18 km, era pianeggiante e rettilineo; io ho impiegato 22:53 minuti.
La seconda transizione è stata molto veloce, perché volevo partire con il primo gruppetto di ateti, formato da Maxime Fluri (che ormai aveva già allungato e ci aveva distaccato), Simon Westermann, Fabian Meeusen e Florin Salvisberg.
Il ritmo è stato buono sin dall’inizio. Abbiamo tenuto il passo assieme per un giro (2,5 km) studiandoci. Quando mancavano 2 km Simon e Fabian hanno accelerato, distanziando me e Florin.
Io volevo rimanere insieme a loro e quindi ho cambiato ritmo e ho lasciato Florin. Simon ci ha ulteriormente distanziato e, quando mancavano circa 500 m all’arrivo, ho deciso di aumentare pure io e di dare tutto quello che avevo. Avevo le gambe distrutte, ma volevo provare sensazioni nuove e mi sono impegnato per potermi aggiudicare il terzo posto.
In questa maniera Simon ha avuto il fiato sul collo e io, stupendomi a mia volta, sono riuscito a ottenere un posto sul podio!
Ho concluso la corsa di 5 km in 17:19 minuti, terminando il mio triathlon in 51:51 minuti.
Risultati del genere si raggiungono anche grazie allo spirito di squadra che c’è nel TriUnion, grazie al supporto di tutti gli allenatori e dei sostenitori che in tanti erano sul tracciato di gara a tifare e incitare.
In questo momento sono ancora incredulo, ma anche molto soddisfatto della mia prestazione.


Daniela Ryf grande favorita all'Ironman delle Hawaii


FAVORITA Daniela Ryf a Kona parte come grande favorita.

Daniela Ryf sogna di entrare nella leggenda del triathlon. Nella notte di sabato su domenica la solettese potrebbe conquistare l’Ironman delle Hawaii per la terza volta di fila. L’ultima donna che ha realizzato un simile exploit è stata la campionessa del mondo Chrissie Wellington, che si impose dal 2007 al 2009.
Un’altra elvetica, Natascha Badmann, aveva centrato un tris fra il 2000 e il 2002. Dovesse raggiungere l’obiettivo, la Ryf diventerebbe la sola triathleta firmare l’exploit a 30 anni. Le altre sportive erano tutte più mature. «Daniela è stata la migliore in assoluto», aveva precisato il suo allenatore Brett Sutton dopo la gara dello scorso anno, quando la sua pupilla aveva chiuso con tanto di record alle Hawaii: 8.46’46’’. Dopo aver dominato la tratta in bici, la solettese aveva centrato il suo primato personale nella maratona (2.56’52’’). In questa stagione, oltre alla tripletta alle Hawaii, Daniela Ryf ha la possibilità di puntare alla doppietta, come nel 2015, campionato del mondo di Ironman e Ironman 70.3. Ma non solo: insegue anche il jackpot di un milione di dollari per un ulteriore exploit dopo quello di due anni fa. Nel suo mirino ci sono anche le gare di media distanza dell’Ironman. Dopo aver conquistato quella di Dubai e il Mondiale 70.3 negli Stati Uniti, punterà ad una terza corona il 25 novembre nel Bahrein. In campo maschile gli elvetici più quotati sono Ronnie Schildknecht, Rüedi Wild e Jan van Berkel. Tutti puntano a un posto tra i top 10.


Dr. Richard Daystrom on (News Article):IT’S HERE: D-Wave Announces 2048-Qubit Quantum Computing System, Theoretically Capable of Breaking All Classical Encryption, Including Military-Grade


IT’S HERE: D-Wave Announces 2048-Qubit Quantum Computing System, Theoretically Capable of Breaking All Classical Encryption, Including Military-Grade

 Tuesday, September 24, 2019 by: Mike Adams
Tags: big governmentbreakthroughcomputingcryptocurrencyD-Wavedecryptionencryptiongoodscienceinventionsquantum computingqubitssurveillance

 Over the last several days, we’ve highlighted the stunning breakthrough in “quantum supremacy” announced by Google and NASA. Across other articles, we’ve revealed how quantum computing translates highly complex algorithmic computational problems into simple, linear (or geometric) problems in terms of computational complexity. In practical terms, quantum computers are code breakers, and they can break all known classical encryption, including the encryption used in cryptocurrency, military communications, financial transactions and even private encrypted communications.

As the number of qubits (quantum bits) in quantum computers exceeds the number of bits used in classical encryption, it renders that encryption practically pointless. A 256-qubit quantum computer, in other words, can easily break 256-bit encryption. A 512-bit qubit computer can break 512-bit encryption, and so on.

Those of us who are the leading publishers in independent media have long known that government-funded tech advancements are typically allowed to leak to the public only after several years of additional advances have already been achieved. Stated in practical terms, the rule of thumb is that by the time breakthrough technology gets reported, the government is already a decade beyond that.

Thus, when Google’s scientists declare “quantum supremacy” involving a 53-qubit quantum computer, you can confidently know that in their secret labs, they very likely already have quantum computers operating with a far greater number of qubits.

At the time we were assembling those stories, we were not yet aware that D-Wave, a quantum computing company that provides exotic hardware to Google and other research organizations, has announced a 2048-qubit quantum computer.

The system is called the “D-Wave 2000Q” platform, and it features 2048 qubits, effectively allowing it to break military-grade encryption that uses 2048 or fewer encryption bits.

As explained in a D-Wave Systems brochure:

The D-Wave 2000Q system has up to 2048 qubits and 5600 couplers. To reach this scale, it uses 128,000 Josephson junctions, which makes the D-Wave 2000Q QPU by far the most complex superconducting integrated circuit ever built.

Other facts from D-Wave about its superconducting quantum computing platform:

  • The system consumes 25 kW of power, meaning it can be run on less electricity than what is typically wired into a residential home (which is typically 200 amps x 220 v, or 44 kW).
  • The system produces virtually no heat. “The required water cooling is on par with what a kitchen tap can provide,” says the D-Wave brochure.
  • The system provides a platform for truly incredible improvements in computational efficiency involving machine learning, financial modeling, neural networking, modeling proteins in chemistry and — most importantly — “factoring integers.”

“Factoring integers” means breaking encryption

The “factoring integers” line, found in the D-Wave brochure, is what’s causing unprecedented nervousness across cryptocurrency analysts right now, some of whom seem to be pushing the bizarre idea that quantum computers are an elaborate hoax in order to avoid having to admit that quantum computing renders cryptocurrency cryptography algorithms obsolete. (At least as currently structured, although perhaps there is a way around this in the future.)

“Factoring integers” is the key to breaking encryption. In fact, it is the extreme difficulty of factoring very large numbers that makes encryption incredibly difficult to break using classical computing. But as we have explained in this previous article, quantum computing translates exponentially complex mathematical problems into simple, linear (or you could call it “geometric”) math, making the computation ridiculously simple. (In truth, quantum computers are “computing” anything. The universe is doing the computations. The quantum computer is merely an interface that talks to the underlying computational nature of physical reality, which is all based on a hyper-computational matrix that calculates cause-effect solutions for all subatomic particles and atomic elements, across the entire cosmos. Read more below…)

Depending on the number of bits involved, a quantum computer can take a problem that might require literally one billion years to solve on a classical computer and render a short list of likely answers in less than one second. (Again, depending on many variables, this is just a summary of the scale, not a precise claim about the specifications of a particular system.)

Given that D-Wave’s quantum computers cost only a few million dollars — while there are billions of dollars’ worth of crypto floating around that could be spoofed and redirected if you have a system that can easily crack cryptography — it seems to be a matter of economic certainty that, sooner or later, someone will acquire a quantum computing system and use it to steal cryptocurrency wallets by spoofing transactions. To be clear, I’m sure D-Wave likely vets its customers rather carefully, and the company would not knowingly provide its quantum computing tech to an organization that appeared to be motivated by malicious intent. Yet, realistically, we’ve all seen historical examples of advanced technology getting into the hands of twisted, evil people such as those who run the Federal Reserve, for example.

D-Wave quantum computers don’t really “compute” anything; they send mathematical questions into multiple dimensions, then retrieve the most likely answers

So how does quantum computing really work? As we’ve explained in several articles, these systems don’t really carry out “computing” in the classic work sense of the term. There is no “computing” taking place in the D-Wave hardware. The best way to describe this is to imagine quantum computers as computational stargates. They submit mathematical questions into a hyper-dimensional reality (the quantum reality of superposition, etc.), and the universe itself carries out the computation because the very fabric of reality is mathematical at its core. As some brilliant scientists say, the universe IS mathematics, and thus the fabric of reality cannot help but automatically compute solutions in every slice of time, with seemingly infinite computational capability down to the subatomic level.

Put another way, the world of quantum phenomena is constantly trying out all possible combinations and permutations of atomic spin states and subatomic particles, and it naturally and automatically derives the best combination that achieves the lowest energy state (i.e. the least amount of chaos).

The end result is that a short list of the best possible solutions “magically” (although it isn’t magic, it just seems like magic) appears in the spin states of the elements which represent binary registers. Thus, the answers to your computational problems are gifted back to you from the universe, almost as if the universe itself is a God-like computational guru that hands out free answers to any question that you can manage to present in binary. (Technically speaking, this also proves that the universe was created by an intelligent designer who expresses creation through mathematics.)

Programmers can easily break encryption codes using standard C++ commands that interface with the quantum portal

All of these quantum functions, by the way, are controlled by standard computer language code, including C++, Python and MATLAB. The system has its own API, and you can even submit commands to the quantum realm via its “Quantum Machine Instruction” (QMI) commands. As D-Wave explains in its brochure:

The D-Wave 2000Q system provides a standard Internet API (based on RESTful services), with client libraries available for C/C++, Python, and MATLAB. This interface allows users to access the system either as a cloud resource over a network, or integrated into their high-performance computing environments and data centers. Access is also available through D-Wave’s hosted cloud service. Using D-Wave’s development tools and client libraries, developers can create algorithms and applications within their existing environments using industry-standard tools.

While users can submit problems to the system in a number of different ways, ultimately a problem represents a set of values that correspond to the weights of the qubits and the strength of the couplers. The system takes these values along with other user-specified parameters and sends a single quantum machine instruction (QMI) to the QPU. Problem solutions correspond to the optimal configuration of qubits found; that is, the lowest points in the energy landscape. These values are returned to the user program over the network.

In other words, breaking cryptography is as simple as submitting the large integer to the quantum system as a series of bits which are then translated into electron spin states by the quantum hardware. From there, a “go” command is issued, and the universe solves the equation in a way that automatically derives the best combinations of multiple qubit spin states to achieve the lowest overall energy state (i.e. the simplest solution with the least chaos). A short list of the best possible factors of the large integer are returned in a time-sliced representation of the binary registers, which can be read over a regular network like any subroutine request.

From there, a classical computer can then try factoring the large integer with the short list of the best answers from the quantum system, using standard CPUs and code logic. Within a few tries from the short list, the correct factors are easily found. Once you have the factors, you now have the decryption keys to the original encrypted message, so decryption is effortless. In effect, you have used quantum computing to “cheat” the keys out of the system and hand them to you on a silver platter. (Or, in some cases, a holmium platter lined with platinum, or whatever exotic elements are being used in the quantum spin state hardware.)

Any competent programmer who has access to this technology, in other words, can break encryption almost without effort. The programming logic is not complex at all. The difficulty in such systems is in the hardware control systems, including spin state “reads” and “writes,” which are strongly affected by temperature and electromagnetic interference. The exotic hardware is the real breakthrough in all this, not the computational part. (Quantum computers are physics oracles, in a sense. The physics is the challenge, not the computer code.)

Most people cannot grasp quantum computing, but that’s not a reason to pretend it isn’t real

One of the more curious things I’ve found recently is that some writers and publishers who don’t understand quantum computing are trending in the direction of pretending it doesn’t exist. According to some, Google’s 53-qubit announcement was a hoax, which must also mean that, in their view, D-Wave Systems isn’t real and doesn’t sell quantum computers at all.

That is not a rational position. There’s no doubt that D-Wave is a real company with real hardware, and that Google already possesses 2048-qubit quantum computing capabilities. Furthermore, Google and the NSA have every reason to keep this fact secret for as long as possible, so that they can continue to scrape everyone’s “encrypted” emails and financial transactions, all of which can be retroactively decrypted any time the NSA wants to look more closely at your activities.

To me, it has long been obvious that the cosmos itself is inherently computational. Just look at the collapse of probability waves found in the orbital shells of electrons. It should be self-evident that the universe is computing solutions at the subatomic level in every instant, effortlessly and without apparent cost. The very framework of the cosmos is driven by mathematics and rapid computational solutions. Once you realize how much subatomic phenomena is quantized, it becomes blatantly apparent that the universe is digitized and mathematical. The entire construct in which we exist, in other words, is a mathematical simulation, perhaps created by God for the purpose of amusing himself by watching our collective stupidity.

D-Wave Systems, by the way, knows exactly what’s up with all this. Their goal is to make quantum computing available to the masses. They also seem to hint at the hyperdimensional reality of how quantum computing works. From their brochure: (emphasis added)

While the D-Wave quantum computer is the most advanced in the world, the quantum computing revolution has only begun. Our vision is of a future where quantum computers will be accessible and of value to all, solving the world’s most complex computing problems. This will require advances in many dimensions and contributions from experts in diverse domains. It is exciting to see increasing investment worldwide, advances in research and technology, and a growing ecosystem of developers, users, and applications needed to deliver on that vision.

I can tell that the D-Wave people are some very smart folks. Maybe if these systems get at least an order of magnitude less expensive, we could buy one, install it in our mass spec lab, and start throwing computational questions at the universe.

Personally, if I had one of these systems, I would use it to solve protein folding questions for all the obvious reasons. Then I would probably have it start looking for blood and urine biomarkers for cancer. You could make a fortune applying quantum computing to solving horse race betting and handicapping equations, but that would seem silly compared to what the system is really capable of. Another application would be solving atomic decay patterns to derive the best way to synthesize antimatter, which can be used to power faster-than-light drive systems. (Which I cover at in a series of lectures. The FTL lectures have yet to be posted there, but are coming soon.)

Sadly, the deep state will probably use this technology to surveil humanity and enslave everyone with AI facial recognition and “precrime” predictive accusations that get translated into red flag laws. Once the tech giants profile you psychologically and behaviorally, a quantum computing system can easily compute your likelihood of becoming the next mass shooter. You could be found guilty by “quantum law” even if you’ve never pulled the trigger.

As with all technologies, this one will be abused by governments to control and enslave humanity. It doesn’t mean the technology is at fault but rather the lack of morality and ethics among fallen humans.

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China De-Dollarization Pushes Into Hyperdrive, Adds 100 Tons Of Gold Amid Trade War Chaos

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La réforme de l’assurance chômage entre en vigueur le 1er novembre: 40% des chômeurs verraient leurs indemnités baisser !


 Les nouvelles règles de l’assurance chômage entrent en vigueur le 1er novembre. Selon une étude de l’Unédic, 40% des chômeurs verraient leurs indemnités baisser. Chômage: la réforme est aussi dure qu’annoncée, voire plus… Réforme du chômage. Massacre à la tronçonneuse épisode 1 ! Source: francetvinfo A l’attention des lecteurs du site BusinessBourse Nous sommes à la veille d’un tournant majeur dans l’économie mondiale. Le moment est venu d’acheter de l’Or avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Pour les très rares personnes qui ont des actifs à protéger, il devient urgent de sortir des bulles d’actifs(marché boursier, obligataire, immobilier, etc…), comme je le recommande depuis longtemps. Il est également temps de détenir de l’or et de l’argent physique comme assurance pour son patrimoine. Les métaux précieux atteindront des niveaux sans précédents, voire non envisageables aujourd’hui avec l’hyperinflation. Pour ceux qui pensent que c’est le moment d’investir dans l’or ou l’argent, nous vous recommandons de contacter le site “l’once d’or”. Leurs prix, le service et le conseil vous aideront à prendre votre décision. Livraison gratuite dans toute la France métropolitaine, et territoires d’outre-mer.(En cas de besoin – Tel portable: 06 85 94 73 13) Pr. Antal Fekete: Le retour au standard or                             Philippe Herlin: L’or, un placement [...]

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 Les salariés d’EDF et les syndicats étaient vent debout ce jeudi pour protester contre le projet de scission de l’entreprise. Quels seront les gagnants et les perdants du projet Hercule ? Le point de vue d’Emmanuel Lévy, rédacteur en chef adjoint chez Marianne. Ecorama du 20 septembre 2019, présenté par David Jacquot sur Boursorama. EDF scindée en deux entités, le tarif de l’électricité risque fort d’augmenter Gaël Giraud: “La privatisation de la France est en marche…” Source: boursorama A l’attention des lecteurs du site BusinessBourse Nous sommes à la veille d’un tournant majeur dans l’économie mondiale. Le moment est venu d’acheter de l’Or avant qu’il ne soit trop tard. Pour les très rares personnes qui ont des actifs à protéger, il devient urgent de sortir des bulles d’actifs(marché boursier, obligataire, immobilier, etc…), comme je le recommande depuis longtemps. Il est également temps de détenir de l’or et de l’argent physique comme assurance pour son patrimoine. Les métaux précieux atteindront des niveaux sans précédents, voire non envisageables aujourd’hui avec l’hyperinflation. Pour ceux qui pensent que c’est le moment d’investir dans l’or ou l’argent, nous vous recommandons de contacter le site “l’once d’or”. Leurs prix, le service et le conseil vous aideront à prendre votre décision. [...]

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[بازی] دانلود Through The Dust - بازی در بین دره های خاکی


دانلود Through The Dust - بازی در بین دره های خاکی

Through The Dust یک بازی ویدئویی در سبک اکشن، ماجراجویی و شبیه سازی است که توسط شرکت So Dank Studio توسعه یافته و به وسیله همین شرکت در اکتبر 2019 برای سیستم عامل مایکروسافت ویندوز منتشر شده است. بازی شما را وارد داستانی جذاب می کند که در آن شما باید برای نجات خود و بقا تلاش کنید و خود را از شرایط سختی که در آن گرفتار شده اید نجات دهید. در گیم پلی بازی "در بین دره های خاکی" شما باید در برابر مشکلاتی همچون کمبود غذا، گرمای محیط و ... ایستادگی کرده و به دنبال راهی برای ...


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دانلود 3delite Duplicate Picture Finder v1.0.21.29 - نرم افزار پیدا کردن عکس های مشابه و تکراری

نرم افزار Duplicate Picture Finder به شما کمک می کند تا بتوانید به راحتی عکس های تکراری که کپی دقیقی از یکدیگر هستند را پیدا کنید. احتمالا تصاویر تکراری زیادی در مسیر های مختلف سیستم شما ذخیره شده اند که جستجوی دستی این موارد تکراری قطعا کاری پر دردسر و زمانبر خواهد بود. Duplicate Picture Finder نرم افزاری برای اسکن کامل سیستم و یافتن نسخه های تکراری از تصاویر است. علاوه بر این قادر به مقایسه تصاویر براساس محتوا نیز می باشد و عکس هایی که دارای وضوح متفاوت و گرافیک مشابه یا یکسانی هستند را شناسایی می کند. ...

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DOMINO teatras | premjera Tobuli melagiai 05.12.2019 - 30.01.2020 -



Nuotykių komedija


Režisierius Dainius Kazlauskas

Autoriai: Filipas Bolognia ir Paulas Kostelis (Filippo Bologna ir Paolo Costella)




Eva: Miglė Polikevičiūtė, Renata Kutinaitė

Rokas: Eimutis Kvoščiauskas, Tomas Žaibus

Karlota: Emilija Latėnaitė

Lelė: Jokūbas Bareikis, Valentinas Krulikovskis

Bjanka: Gabrielė Malinauskaitė

Kozimas: Andrius Povilauskas

Pepė: Julius Žalakevičius, Sakalas Uždavinys


Visi turi 3 gyvenimus: privatų, viešą ir slaptą.


Nuotykių komedija ,,Tobuli melagiai“, sukurta pagal visame pasaulyje garsų italų režisieriaus Paolo Genovese filmą „Tobuli melagiai“ (angl. „Perfect Strangers“). Šios komedijos sėkmę neabejotinai lemia puikiai atskleista amžina kaip gyvenimas tema – ar artimi žmonės gali gyventi be paslapčių?


Į egzotiškąjį Maroką išsiruošusi draugų kompanija prie bendro vakarienės stalo nusprendžia pažaisti rizikingą žaidimą. Jie sudeda visus mobiliuosius telefonus ant stalo ir sutaria suskambus telefonui įjungti garsiakalbį ir leisti vieni kitiems klausytis pokalbių bei kartu skaityti gautas žinutes. Juk jie neturi ko slėpti! Bet kiekvienas skambutis ir žinutė atskleidžia vis daugiau meistriškai slepiamų paslapčių, pažinčių ir intrigų. Negi jie visi tokie tobuli melagiai?!


Kviečiame jus pasimėgauti istorija, kuria žavisi milijonai žmonių visame pasaulyje. Filmas „Tobuli melagiai“ jau įtrauktas į Gineso rekordų knygą kaip dažniausiai adaptuotas filmas kino istorijoje.


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Severe Calcific Chronic Constrictive Pericarditis as an Unexpected Cause of Death: An Autopsy Case

imageChronic calcific constrictive pericarditis is a rare condition. It can cause severe morbidity and even mortality. The diagnosis may be difficult to establish due to its variable clinical signs. We report an autopsy case of a 54-year-old male with a past medical history of well treated hypertension, diabetes and dyspnea present of 2 weeks, who was discovered dead in his bed. The postmortem examination showed a large band of calcification of the pericardium with obliteration of the pericardial space. Both pericardium and epicardium were thickened with bread-and-butter appearance. Microscopic examination showed thickened pericadium which is formed by a fibrous paucicellular tissue containing extensive basophilic calcifications.

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up to £70,000 per annum: Stott and May: Systems Accountant, London Hyper-growth, VC-backed, online retail start-up. Up to £70,000 plus benefits. London (Central), London (Greater)

ModusDoc Portable 7.3.315

Data cataloger for documents, files, hyperlinks, programs, folders, and notes

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Un drap de plage Harry Potter pour afficher un style estival geek et chic.

HYPER TENDANCE : Moldus comme Potterphiles craquent pour le look so british des vêtements et objets inspirés de la saga de J.K. Rowling. Geek et chic, cette serviette de plage Harry Potter Voie Express 9 ¾ figure parmi les accessoires incontournables de toute panoplie de fan !


Comment on Performance Comparison of Containerized Machine Learning Applications Running Natively with Nvidia vGPUs vs. in a VM – Episode 4 by Confronto delle prestazioni delle applicazioni di apprendimento automatico in container eseguite in modo nativo con le vGPU di Nvidia rispetto a una VM - Episodio 4 - VMware VROOM! blog - Sem Seo 4 You

[…] Questo articolo è di Hari Sivaraman, Uday Kurkure e Lan Vu del team Performance Engineering di VMware. Confronto delle prestazioni delle applicazioni di apprendimento automatico containerizzato I contenitori Docker [6] stanno rapidamente diventando un ambiente popolare in cui eseguire diverse applicazioni, comprese quelle dell’apprendimento automatico [1, 2, 3]. NVIDIA supporta i contenitori Docker con la propria utility del motore Docker, nvidia-docker [7], specializzata per eseguire applicazioni che utilizzano GPU NVIDIA. Il contenitore nvidia-docker per l’apprendimento automatico include l’applicazione e il framework di apprendimento automatico (ad esempio, TensorFlow [5]) ma, soprattutto, non include il driver GPU o il toolkit CUDA. I contenitori Docker sono indipendenti dall’hardware, quindi, quando un’applicazione utilizza hardware specializzato come una GPU NVIDIA che necessita di moduli kernel e librerie a livello utente, il contenitore non può includere i driver richiesti. Vivono fuori dal container. Una soluzione alternativa è installare il driver all’interno del contenitore e mappare i suoi dispositivi all’avvio. Questa soluzione alternativa non è portatile poiché le versioni all’interno del contenitore devono corrispondere a quelle nel sistema operativo nativo. L’utilità del motore nvidia-docker fornisce un meccanismo alternativo che monta i componenti in modalità utente all’avvio, ma ciò richiede l’installazione del driver e di CUDA nel sistema operativo nativo prima dell’avvio. Entrambi gli approcci presentano degli svantaggi, ma quest’ultimo è chiaramente preferibile. In questo episodio della nostra serie di blog [8, 9, 10] sull’apprendimento automatico in vSphere mediante GPU, presentiamo un confronto delle prestazioni di MNIST [4] in esecuzione un contenitore su CentOS in esecuzione nativamente con MNIST in esecuzione in un contenitore all’interno di una VM CentOS su vSphere. Sulla base dei nostri esperimenti, dimostriamo che l’esecuzione di container in un ambiente virtualizzato, come una VM CentOS su vSphere, non risente delle prestazioni, pur beneficiando delle enormi capacità di gestione offerte dalla piattaforma VMware vSphere. Configurazione e metodologia dell’esperimento Abbiamo usato MNIST [4] per confrontare le prestazioni dei contenitori in esecuzione nativa con i contenitori in esecuzione in una macchina virtuale. La configurazione della VM e del server vSphere che abbiamo usato per il “contenitore virtualizzato” è mostrata nella Tabella 1. La configurazione della macchina fisica utilizzata per eseguire il contenitore in modo nativo è mostrata nella Tabella 2. vSphere 6.0.0, build 3500742 Nvidia vGPU driver 367.53 Sistema operativo guest CentOS Linux versione 7.4.1708 (Core) driver CUDA 8.0 CUDA runtime 7.5 Docker 17.09-ce-rc2 ⇑ Tabella 1. Configurazione della VM utilizzata per eseguire il contenitore nvidia-docker Driver Nvidia 384.98 Sistema operativo CentOS Linux versione 7.4. 1708 (Core) Driver CUDA 8.0 CUDA runtime 7.5 Docker 17.09-ce-rc2 ⇑ Tabella 2. Configurazione della macchina fisica utilizzata per eseguire il contenitore nvidia-docker La configurazione del server che abbiamo usato è mostrata nella Tabella 3 di seguito. Nei nostri esperimenti, abbiamo usato la GPU NVIDIA M60 solo in modalità vGPU. Non abbiamo utilizzato la modalità I / O diretto. Nello scenario in cui abbiamo eseguito il container all’interno della VM, abbiamo prima installato i driver NVIDIA vGPU in vSphere e all’interno della VM, quindi abbiamo installato CUDA (driver 8.0 con runtime versione 7.5), seguito da Docker e nvidia-docker [7]. Nel caso in cui abbiamo eseguito nativamente il container, abbiamo installato il driver NVIDIA in CentOS in esecuzione nativamente, seguito da CUDA (driver 8.0 con runtime versione 7.5), Docker e infine, nvidia-docker [7]. In entrambi gli scenari abbiamo eseguito MNIST e abbiamo misurato il tempo di esecuzione per l’allenamento utilizzando un orologio da parete. ⇑ Figura 1. Configurazione testbed per il confronto delle prestazioni dei contenitori che funzionano in modo nativo rispetto a quelli in esecuzione in un modello VM Modello di processore Dell PowerEdge R730 Tipo di processore Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2680 v3 a 2,50 GHz Numero di core della CPU 24 CPU, ciascuno con socket del processore a 2,5 GHz 2 core per socket 14 Processori logici 48 Hyperthreading Memoria attiva SSD locale da 768 GB (1,5 TB), array di archiviazione, GPU per dischi rigidi locali 2x M60 Tesla ⇑ Tabella 3. Risultati della configurazione del server I tempi di esecuzione misurati dell’orologio da parete per MNIST sono riportati nella tabella 4 per i due scenari che abbiamo testato: esecuzione in un contenitore nvidia-docker in CentOS in esecuzione nativamente. In esecuzione in un contenitore nvidia-docker all’interno di una VM CentOS su vSphere. Dai dati, possiamo vedere chiaramente che non vi è alcuna penalità misurabile delle prestazioni per l’esecuzione di un contenitore all’interno di una macchina virtuale rispetto al suo funzionamento nativo. Tempo di esecuzione della configurazione per MNIST misurato da un contenitore Nvidia-docker dell’orologio da parete in CentOS in esecuzione nativamente 44 minuti 53 secondi Contenitore Nvidia-docker in esecuzione in una macchina virtuale CentOS su vSphere 44 minuti 57 secondi ⇑ Tabella 4. Confronto del tempo di esecuzione per MNIST in esecuzione… Fonte […]

Mark-up language and text

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Batterie PEARL Reference Pure - Hyper Rock 4 fûts Comme la Référence, utilise le concept exclusif d&rsquo;optimisation des fûts, à savoir un nombre de plis et des essences de bois différents selon leur diamètre. La différence réside dans ses plis plu...

Allegra Hyde on Her #Debut #Story Collection, Of This World


Allegra Hyde is the winner of the 2016 John Simmons Short Fiction Award. Her debut story collection, OF THIS NEW WORLD (University of Iowa Press), is our feature today. She is young, fresh, and ready for you to buy a copy of her book, which offers a menagerie of utopias: real, imagined, and otherwise.
Q. What was your process for putting together this collection? 
A. Of This New World emerged organically from my longtime fascination with utopian communities. I’ve always been drawn to groups of people seeking to live out an ideal—groups like the Shakers or the hippie communes of sixties. No matter how well planned these utopian endeavors are, conflicts inevitably emerge. This is ripe territory for a fiction writer! Of This New World starts with a retelling of Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden and ends in a Mars colony. The collection includes stories told using conventions of science fiction, historical fiction, realism, absurdism, and other modes, but every story offers a different way of considering the utopian experience.

Q. How long did it take from start to finish to complete the collection? 
A. I wrote “Free Love,” a story about an uprooted flower child, back in 2009. The story was later published in the Bellevue Literary Review—my first appearance in a print journal—and this publication gave me the confidence to keep going. The rest of the stories emerged in the subsequent years, the last one being written in the spring of 2015. I received the news that Of This New World would be published in January 2016.

Q. Who read your drafts? 
A. My husband, Alex McElroy, is also a writer. We met in the MFA program at Arizona State University, so you could say our relationship was born from a fiction workshop. For better or worse, we work closely as writing partners: exchanging draft after draft of our stories. Alex has read my book, Of This New World, more times than either of us can count.

Q. Did you use an agent? If not, why not? 
A. I didn’t use an agent. Conventional literary wisdom seems to be that agents avoid short story collections, so I decided to go the contest route. There are actually quite a few contests out there, including the Iowa Short Fiction Award series run by University of Iowa Press, which I ended up winning.

Q. What is your best rejection story? 
A. A few years ago, I wrote a deeply personal story called “Bury Me.” I showed it to a professor who suggested several literary journals as possible homes for the story, though he said specifically that The Missouri Review probably wouldn’t be interested. After unsuccessfully submitting “Bury Me” to numerous journals and contests, I started to believe the story would never go anywhere. On a whim, I submitted to The Missouri Review. Several months later, I received an acceptance letter from TMR’s editors. Even better: the story was later selected for inclusion in The Pushcart Prize anthology.

Q Where were you when you received the offer for the book to be published? 
A. I was actually living in Bulgaria when I received an email from Jim McCoy of University of Iowa Press. He wanted me to give him a call, but I had to wait about six hours for our time zones to align. Those were a long six hours!  

Q. What words of advice would you give to a writer on the journey toward publication?  
A. I must turn to Anne Lamott for this one: “I just try to warn people who hope to get published that publication is not all it is cracked up to be. But writing is. Writing has so much to give, so much to teach, so many surprises. That thing you had to force yourself to do—the actual act of writing—turns out to be the best part. It's like discovering that while you thought you needed the tea ceremony for the caffeine, what you really needed was the tea ceremony. The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.” 


"Aidaprima" macht ungeplanten Stopp in Warnemünde

Das Wetter hat am Freitag für einen zusätzlichen Erstanlauf gesorgt. Das Schiff der Hyperion-Klasse ist 300 Meter lang.

How Wealth Inequality Created The Culture of Helicopter Parenting


Parents spend more hours than ever interacting with children. Unfortunately, this is to their detriment. But the origin of helicopter parenting might surprise you. Over-parenting is the product of wealth inequality. The definition of helicopter parenting Hyper-parenting or “helicopter” parenting is a type of overly involved management of your child’s life. A helicopter parent is [...]

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Senior Buyer

CA-Canoga Park, Overview Aerojet Rocketdyne is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader providing propulsion and energetics to its space, missile defense, strategic, tactical missile and armaments customers throughout domestic and international markets. We offer a complete line of propulsion products for launch vehicles, missile defense, and advanced hypersonic propulsion. We are currently seeking a Senior

Analyst, Procurement (Buyer)

CA-Canoga Park, Overview Aerojet Rocketdyne is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader providing propulsion and energetics to its space, missile defense, strategic, tactical missile and armaments customers throughout domestic and international markets. We offer a complete line of propulsion products for launch vehicles, missile defense, and advanced hypersonic propulsion. We are currently seeking a Buyer

The Best Hotels in Brooklyn on TripAdvisor, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers - New York Magazine

The Best Hotels in Brooklyn on TripAdvisor, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers  New York Magazine

В продаже появилась механическая геймерская клавиатура HyperX Alloy Origins


HyperX, геймерское подразделение компании Kingston Technology, объявило о начале глобальных продаж геймерских механических клавиатур HyperX Alloy Origins, построенных на базе собственных переключателей HyperX.


Πελαργοί και «αντιπελαργήσεις»


Γράφει η Ελένη Σβορώνου

Η Λότη Πέτροβιτς-Ανδρουτσοπούλου εδώ και χρόνια γράφει παραμύθια και μυθιστορήματα για νέους που έχουν αγαπηθεί πολύ. Στο πλούσιο συγγραφικό της έργο περιλαμβάνονται μυθιστορήματα που διατρέχουν τη νεότερη ελληνική Ιστορία. Πάντα τα παιδιά στο προσκήνιο, μικροί ήρωες που ανατρέχουν ή αναγκάζονται να ανατρέξουν στο παρελθόν για να λύσουν μυστήρια, να ανταποκριθούν σε μια σύγχρονη συνθήκη και τελικά να γνωρίσουν το παρελθόν της οικογένειας και του τόπου τους.

       Υπάρχουν ήρωες, αντικείμενα, μοτίβα και, κυρίως, αξίες που επανέρχονται σε αυτά τα βιβλία. Ο ελληνισμός της Διασποράς, ο ξεριζωμός, η προσφυγιά, η επιστροφή, η θρησκεία, η γλώσσα, ο παππούς και η γιαγιά ως φορείς μνήμης και αστείρευτες πηγές ιστοριών και αφηγήσεων, το ήθος, το κουράγιο στις αναποδιές, το πείσμα για ζωή, η πίστη στον Άνθρωπο, το φρόνημα, η οικογένεια και η φιλία ως ακρογωνιαίοι λίθοι για το μεγαλύτερο οικοδόμημα, για την Πατρίδα, αυτά βρίσκει κανείς στην κατά Πέτροβιτς Ελληνική Ιστορία. Αυτά και το άνοιγμα στον Άλλον, τον Ξένο, τον Αναγκεμένο. Η συγγραφέας πιστεύει στον Έλληνα και συνθέτει μια μεγάλη Οδύσσεια μέσα από τις επιμέρους Οδύσσειες των ηρώων της. Οι δικοί της Οδυσσείς είναι ανοιχτοί στον κόσμο γιατί έχουν γερές ρίζες και σαφή ταυτότητα.
     Με τον Χορό του μαύρου πελαργού (Πατάκης 2019), τοποθετεί μία ακόμη ψηφίδα νεότερης Ιστορίας, του Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού, αλλά και Παγκόσμιας Ιστορίας, στο μεγάλο της ψηφιδωτό. Ο παππούς του Φάνη, γόνος προσφύγων από τον  Πόντο, εξαφανίζεται. Η οικογένεια αναστατώνεται. Τον ψάχνει παντού. Άφαντος. Με τη γιαγιά, τη γυναίκα του, τη «Μαλένα» του, άρρωστη βαριά, στο νοσοκομείο, και την κατάθλιψη να έχει αρχίσει να χτυπά την πόρτα του ηλικιωμένου, τίποτα καλό δεν προμηνύεται. Ο Φάνης δεν μπορεί να ησυχάσει. Νιώθει υπεύθυνος. Δίπλα του ήταν, έβλεπαν τηλεόραση μαζί, όταν ο παππούς γλίστρησε αθόρυβα και βγήκε από τον πόρτα. Ο Φάνης είχε αποκοιμηθεί στην πολυθρόνα, κουρασμένος από το σχολείο και τα διαβάσματά του.
     Ο παππούς όμως έχει αφήσει σημάδια. Ίχνη που οδηγούν τον εγγονό στο ημερολόγιό του. Ο Φάνης το βρίσκει κι αρχίζει να διαβάζει στην ιστορία του καπετάνιου. Καπετάνιος βέβαια ποτέ δεν υπήρξε ο παππούς. Θερμαστής ήτανε, αλλά τα «μαύρα χρόνια» που έζησε, το ταξίδι στην ανυπαρξία, στο κατώφλι του θανάτου, και η επιστροφή του στη ζωή και στην πατρίδα, του χάρισαν τον τιμητικό τίτλο του καπετάνιου. Τους τίτλους καμιά φορά δε στους χαρίζει η Πολιτεία, τα Ιδρύματα ή οι Θεσμοί αλλά η οικογένεια και οι φίλοι σου. Είναι τίτλοι τιμής ιδιωτικής χρήσης, μεγάλης όμως αξίας.
     Ο Φάνης και η φίλη του η Άννα θα διαβάσουν όλο το ημερολόγιο και θα μάθουν για τα ματαιωμένα όνειρα του παππού να σπουδάσει, για τον καρδιακό του φίλο, τον έρωτα της ζωής του, τη γιαγιά, και το μπάρκο του για τα λιμάνια του κόσμου. Οι φουρτούνες δεν ήρθαν στο πέλαγος μα στη στεριά. Στην Πολωνία, την εποχή της «Αλληλεγγύης» και του πραξικοπήματος του Γιαρουζέλκσι. Εκεί εγκλωβίζεται ο καπετάνιος, με τα χαρτιά του κλεμμένα από έναν άλλον Έλληνα, αντικαθεστωτικό, που βρήκε ευκαιρία να το σκάσει. Κακό σκοπό δεν είχε. Θα επέστρεφε το ναυτικό φυλλάδιο στον καπετάνιο, φίλοι είχανε γίνει στο λιμάνι, στον Γκντάνσκ, αλλά δεν τα κατάφερε.
     Το ημερολόγιο παρακολουθεί τη ζωή του καπετάνιου και μαζί σημαντικές στιγμές της σύγχρονης Ιστορίας που φτάνουν ως την 11η Σεπτεμβρίου του 2001, τον πόλεμο στο Αφγανιστάν και τα κύματα των προσφύγων που πλημμύρισαν θάλασσες και στεριές. Με ένα μικρό προσφυγόπουλο συνδέει το κύκνειο άσμα της ναυτικής ζωής του ο καπετάνιος, για να κλείσει ο κύκλος της προσωπικής του προσφυγικής ιστορίας.
     Η ανάγνωση του ημερολογίου εναλλάσσεται με τη δράση, την αναζήτηση του παππού, που θα οδηγήσει σε ένα καταπληκτικό γαμήλιο γλέντι στη Θεσσαλονίκη όπου ένας ποντιακός χορός, ένας πυρρίχιος, τινάζει στον αέρα κάθε λογική πρόβλεψη για την τύχη του ηλικιωμένου.
      Η αφήγηση είναι διανθισμένη με αναφορές σε λόγια ποιητών και στοχαστών, με στίχους και τραγούδια στην ποντιακή ντοπιολαλιά, και με αφηγήσεις από την προφορική παράδοση και τις αρχαίες πηγές. Εδώ μαθαίνουμε τη λέξη «αντιπελάργηση» , τη στάση του πελαργού απέναντι στον ηλικιωμένο γονιό του, και κάνουμε μια σύντομη ανασκόπηση στη θέση που επεφύλαξαν οι άνθρωποι στους ηλικιωμένους τους. Το γήρας, η θλίψη και η ανημποριά της τρίτης ηλικίας από τη μια, το κρυμμένο πάθος, η απροσδόκητη δύναμη και η αξιοπρέπεια του ηλικιωμένου από την άλλη. Το δικαίωμα του ηλικιωμένου στην παραίτηση αλλά και η ευθύνη του απέναντι στα νεότερα μέλη της οικογένειας. Σύνθετα ερωτήματα που απαντώνται μέσα από τη στάση του Φάνη και της Άννας. Απλώς αγαπάνε τον παππού. Έχουν περάσει καλά μαζί του και θέλουν επειγόντως να τον βρούνε.
     Οι έφηβοι στον κόσμο της Λότης Πέτροβιτς-Ανδρουτσοπούλου είναι υπεύθυνοι, έχουν βαθιά αισθήματα, είναι πιστοί φίλοι, έχουν ήθος και μολονότι κάνουν τις σκανταλιές τους, λένε τα ψεματάκια τους, κοροϊδεύουν λιγάκι τους μεγάλους, όπως όλα τα παιδιά της ηλικίας τους, αλλά έχουν γερές βάσεις ανθρωπισμού εντός τους. Τρελαίνονται για το κινητό τους, βέβαια, είναι παιδιά της τεχνολογίας, αλλά μπορούν να ζήσουνε χωρίς οθόνη και να βυθιστούν σε ένα χειρόγραφο γραμμένο με καλλιγραφικά γράμματα άλλης εποχής. Είναι πειστικοί αυτοί οι ήρωες; Μήπως είναι όπως θα θέλαμε να είναι; Εξιδανικευμένοι; Και όμως όχι. Είναι ίσως εκείνη η φωνή των νέων που ακούγεται σήμερα λιγότερο. Δε φωνασκεί. Δεν μπλέκεται σε άγριες καταστάσεις, δεν είναι θύτες ή θύματα εκφοβισμού ούτε παλεύει με διαλυμένες οικογένειες. Τυχαίνει να μην της τυχαίνουν όλα αυτά! Και προχωρά θέτοντας ερωτήματα για την ταυτότητά της μέσα από την Ιστορία. Απίθανο; Κι όμως αληθινό.

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REPLAY Dark Blue Hyperflex Jeans

REPLAY Dark Blue Hyperflex Jeans

REPLAY Dark Blue Hyperflex Jeans

Blue/black edition Hyperflex jeans new in from Replay. Dark wash colour in an anbass (slim fit) style crafted from 11.5-ounce denim. Featuring badge branding on the waistband finished off with a small, black R branding on the back pocket.


REPLAY Grey Hyperflex Jeans

REPLAY Grey Hyperflex Jeans

REPLAY Grey Hyperflex Jeans

Shop the latest from our Reply Jeans collection, with these grey slim fit hyperflex jeans. Crafted from a blend of stretch cotton fabrics for the perfect mix between a classic denim and innovative flexibility that everyone is looking for in jeans.


El espía hipersónico de China, una mala noticia para Estados Unidos


En el marco del grandioso desfile militar del 1 de octubre, celebrado en honor al 70 aniversario de la Fundación de la República Popular de China, el país asiático presentó diversas novedades armamentísticas, entre ellas, el dron hipersónico WZ-8.

Si bien los misiles balísticos intercontinentales DF-41 acapararon gran atención entre las nuevas armas presentadas, son los pequeños drones de vigilancia y reconocimiento WZ-8 los dispositivos que tienen implicaciones más significativas para las capacidades futuras del Ejército Chino, consideró Military Watch.

Aunque los DF-41 son capaces de llevar ojivas nucleares más lejos, más rápido, en mayores cantidades y con mayor confiabilidad que los misiles que le precedieron, el arma solamente representa una mejora a una capacidad ya existente en otros misiles: la de atacar objetivos en todo el territorio continental de Estados Unidos con ojivas termonucleares. El WZ-8, por otro lado, tiene una capacidad completamente nueva y única no solo para las Fuerzas Armadas chinas, sino también de manera global, una capacidad que podría multiplicar el poder de muchos de los sistemas de armas tácticas del país asiático.

"El WZ-8 está destinado a volar a velocidades y altitudes extremas sobre el territorio enemigo para proporcionar datos generales de inteligencia y de blancos en las posiciones enemigas", detalló el medio militar.

Algunos aviones de reconocimiento como el A-12 estadounidense y el MiG-25R soviético realizaban tareas similares y se mostraron fundamentales en una serie de importantes conflictos, el surgimiento de numerosos satélites de vigilancia más sofisticados hizo que el uso de estas aeronaves no fuera más solicitado.

Aunque vitales en cualquier conflicto, los satélites pueden ser neutralizados, dejando a las Fuerzas Armadas sin los datos y las coordinadas necesarias para atacar los objetivos enemigos. El WZ-8, sin embargo, es capaz de volar a una velocidad de entre Mach 6 y Mach 7, lo que significa que es casi imposible derribarlo, incluso sin tener en cuenta factores como las contramedidas de guerra electrónica.

"Actualmente, los misiles aire-aire de largo alcance occidentales, como el AIM-120 y el Meteor, son incapaces de alcanzar una velocidad de Mach 5 y se necesita una velocidad superior a Mach 10 para derribar de manera confiable una aeronave hipersónica como el WZ-8", apuntó Military Watch.

Aunque Estados Unidos ha invertido mucho en capacidades antisatelitales, el arsenal del Ejército de China "no se quedará ciego" incluso si sus satélites se eliminan. Si bien el WZ-8 no es un activo de combate, es capaz de disminuir significativamente la capacidad de supervivencia de los buques de guerra estadounidenses y complicar las operaciones de la Armada del país norteamericano en el este de Asia.


early childhood education worker - BUBBLE'S DAYCARE - Whitehorse, YT

Day care centre or nursery school. Experience with Special Needs Children. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit…
From Canadian Job Bank - Tue, 01 Oct 2019 12:00:09 GMT - View all Whitehorse, YT jobs

early childhood education worker - Teddy Bear Daycare - Whitehorse, YT

Experience with Special Needs Children. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD).
From Canadian Job Bank - Mon, 30 Sep 2019 15:07:20 GMT - View all Whitehorse, YT jobs

A Powerful Prayer

In the third chapter of Paul's epistle to the church at Ephesus, he offers a prayer for the church. It's a big one ... much bigger than it first appears.
I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of His glory He may grant you to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith -- that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. (Eph 3:14-21)
Now, to be fair, Paul is not very good at writing in English. I mean, this is a huge run-on thought. Notice that he starts in verse 14 with "I bow my knees before the Father" and does not end that sentence (because he doesn't end the thought) until "... filled with all the fullness of God." One thought. And one big thought.

What is his prayer for the church at Ephesus? He prays that God would grant them strength. And not just any strength. Strength according to the riches of His glory. Strength through His Spirit. Not natural strength. For what? What does he want to accomplish that requires all this strength? "So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith." Okay, so he's asking that God would grant them supernatural, Holy-Spirit strength for the purpose of having Christ dwell in them. Apparently that requires a lot of strength. But why does Paul want Christ to dwell in them (To take up residence in them. I mean, that's really big on its own.)? So that they might know the love of Christ.

Yes, that's an actual summary, but it doesn't do it justice. Paul asks for the Spirit's empowerment so that Christ may dwell in them so that they might comprehend (grasp, hold, take as their own) "what is the breadth and length and height and depth" of His love. All aspects. Every direction. How big it is. He says that to grasp this they must first be "rooted and grounded in love." Because love is the defining characteristic of the saints (John 13:35). Love for God and love for others. Rooted and grounded in that love.

So ... how big is it? How big is the love of Christ? Paul makes a bizarre statement here. He wants them to "know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge." Well, now, that's odd. Oh, I know ... Paul is using two different words for "know" here. One is head knowledge and the other is experiential, right? No. The "know" he speaks of here is knowledge and the "knowledge" he speaks of is the root word for the word, "know," that he used. So he really does want us ("With all the saints," remember?) to know what cannot be known. The sense here, then, is that we would have flashes of knowledge, moments of clarity, that we would know personally when the occasion arises some component of that which, ultimately, exceeds complete knowledge. That's difficult, but he says that this limited knowledge of Christ's ultimately unknowable love will cause us to be filled with all the fullness of God.

What follows is, perhaps, one of the grandest "amens" of all time. Paul has just asked God for the clearly impossible. He asked for God to give us the strength of the Spirit to have Christ in us so we can have knowledge of His love that exceeds knowing. So, how can we say "Amen"? From whence comes any possibility of "let it be so"?

Paul re-addresses his prayer. "To Him who is able ..." And then he strings together such a string of superlatives that both he and our English translations have a hard time expressing it. He is able ("has the power for") to do ("to actually execute") "hyper hyperekperissou" all things. You will notice that the prefix of that second word is the same as the prior word -- "hyper" -- from which we get our word "hyper" (go figure). Same idea. "Beyond." Think, "Wow, that kid is really hyper." Paul is speaking here of something that is hyper hyper. And he's not done. That tail end -- perissou -- might mean "abundantly," but it doesn't. It actually means superabundantly. In itself it is a superlative. So Paul says that God is able to do "superabundantly beyond beyond" something. Way past a simple "more than." Beyond what? What you can ask. Hmm, okay, we get it. God is certainly able to exceed our requests. Or think. Wait, that's much more. We can ask a lot, but I'm pretty sure we can imagine much, much beyond that. And He has the ability to actually accomplish "superabundantly beyond beyond" what you can even imagine. How? Wait for it. "According to the power at work within us." He accomplishes all that using power that He already has invested in us, working in us -- already present and in use ... in us.

Paul breaks out into a doxology here, and if you've been paying attention, you would, too. "To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever." All that Paul prays is to God's glory. All that he prays is according to God's glory. All that Paul says he wants for believers and that God can do in believers is to God's glory. Throughout all generations. Forever and ever. A thoroughly grand "Amen" at the end of a massive "amen."

So I'm wondering. If you believed that -- that God was capable of vastly exceeding your wildest dreams and that the power to do so is it already at work in you -- how would that change your prayers? If you believed that the basis of the Christian life was love -- the love of God and love for others -- how would that change your actions and attitudes? You see? A really huge prayer.

L'hypersexualité causée par une simple hormone ?

L'hypersexualité, qui se traduit par une recherche continue et persistante du plaisir sexuel, est un trouble qui touche aussi bien les hommes que les ...

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10/8/2019: BUITENLAND: De grootste, de oudste, de dikste

Mammoetboom of Sequoiadendron giganteum Komt van nature voor in Zuid-Californië Behoort tot de coniferen Hoogste: Hyperion, 155 meter Grootste (in volume): General Sherman, 1.450 m³ Oudste: Muir Snag, 3.500 jaar oud Dikste: Boole Tree, 8,98 meter...

Mono Tower, N1

2185 rss_price_reduced 2300
Regent are proud to present this one bedroom apartment located in one of the two iconic hexagonal Towers. The flat provides spacious, high specification accommodation (which includes hyper optic broadband, self-cleaning appliances and video...
1 room balcony fitted kitchen
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Rivlin: Israel is in crisis, needs government now 22nd Knesset sworn in amid political uncertainty.

Iran: Eliminating Israel 'no longer a dream but attainable goal' Warning toward Jewish state comes amid increased bellicose rhetoric in recent weeks by Tehran.

Iran’s Guards detain Russian journalist as Israel spy. IDF on high alert for surprise Iran attack Yulia Yuzik, a Russian journalist and author, whose work on female suicide bombers is widely published in the West, is due to stand trial on Saturday, Oct. 5, on charge of spying for Israel.

What's Iran's Real Message after Soleimani "Assassination Plot"?Details of the assassination plot, as told by Iran seem to indicate a different message than the one they are actively putting forth.

'No force can shake this great nation': President Xi leads spectacular ceremony to mark 70 years of Communist rule in China and unveils top-secret hypersonic DF-17 missile for the first time China showed off its military power and economic prowess during a parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic on Tuesday.

Huge Iranian Guards base rising near Baghdad for missile-drone attacks on Israel Exclusive: The Shaykh Mazhar Air Base 48km southwest of Baghdad is under intense renovation by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as their primary base for missile and armed drone attacks on Israel, DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and intelligence sources reveal.

Four years in Syria, Russia expands military base, eyes challenges ahead In the run-up to the fourth anniversary of the launch of Russia’s military campaign in Syria, the Russian military announced Moscow is eyeing expansion and reconstruction of the Khmeimim​ air base in Syria's Latakia province.

Ministry: Tourism in the Holy Land shatters records “This is the third consecutive record-breaking year for incoming tourism,” said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin.

Trans-Faith Takes Over The Church: Transgender Pastors & Renaming Ceremonies A pandemic of perversion has engulfed our society as LGBTQ activists demand that we bow down at the altar of moral relativism.

Jubilee Countdown to Messiah: Sanhedrin Blesses New Year in Jubilee Cycle with Shofar [WATCH] On Wednesday at the culmination of the Fast of Gedaliah that follows the holiday of Rosh Hashanna (new year), Rabbis from the Sanhedrin recited the blessing that counted the fifth year of the renewed Jubilee cycle.



PFLP threatens to 'open the gates of hell' if suspect hurt in interrogation dies Terror group says Israel responsible for consequences if livelihood of its members jeopardized, calls for further violence in support of 'our valiant prisoners'.

Crack in the anti-Iran front: US persuades Saudis to engage Tehran in regional deals Iran's president Hassan Rouhani disclosed on Monday, Sept. 30, that he had received "messages from Saudi Arabia," the day after Crown Prince Muhammed (MbS) warned that war with Iran would "collapse the global economy" by causing crude prices to spike to "unimaginably high numbers."

Everything You Need to Know About Iran's Massive Missile Force Iran has been building many advanced missiles.

Putin Clumsily Attempts to Exploit Gulf Tensions Vladimir Putin sees an opportunity in escalating tensions in the Persian Gulf, but his attempts to make the most of it have been clumsy and could be self-defeating.

Emerging Russia-Iran-Turkey Axis Can Be Dangerous for US: Expert As the attacks on Saudi oil facilities push the Middle East back into the limelight, President Donald Trump faces a stalemate.

'No force can shake this great nation': President Xi leads spectacular ceremony to mark 70 years of Communist rule in China and unveils top-secret hypersonic DF-17 missile for the first time China showed off its military power and economic prowess during a parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic on Tuesday.

The Muslim Brotherhood Must Be Confronted The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) states: "Allah is our objective.

Report: Israel's Population Growth Built on Prosperity, World-Leading Life Expectancies Israel's population is expected to reach 10 million by the end of 2024, the latest figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics show, with the current total of over nine million representing an increase of 184,00 people, or 2.1 percent, since last year.

Ministry: Tourism in the Holy Land shatters records "This is the third consecutive record-breaking year for incoming tourism," said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin.

For PM, Wednesday sees both political and criminal woes come to a head Netanyahu to meet rival Gantz in final coalition-building effort before returning mandate to president if talks fail, on same day his pre-indictment hearing in 3 graft cases begins.


iPhone - iPad - Ecco i giochi e le app in offerta del week per i vostri iPhone (05/10/2019) (xantarmob)

xantarmob scrive nella categoria iPhone - iPad che: Un nuovo week ricco di gioche e applicazioni in super offerta per i vostri iPhone vi aspetta sul blog di xantarmob! Qualche esempio? Hyper Light Drifter – 5,49 € Goblin Sword – 2,29 € SNIKS – 1,09 € The Quest – 4,49 € Glitchskier – 1,09 € Sputnik Eyes – 1,09 € Teach Your Monster to Read – GRATIS SHINE – una calma avventura – 1,09 € Card Thief – 1,09 € Truck Simulation 19 – 1,99 €
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Ecco i giochi e le app in offerta del week per i vostri iPhone (05/10/2019)

A new Big Bang is brewing – unimpeded climate activists are assuming control and demanding a truly impossible energy transition. Things are about to get wild

It’s show time, everyone! Get comfortable, maybe make some popcorn, settle down in front of your electronic device of choice, and watch the world go Boom. Like an uncontrolled nuclear reaction, a meltdown of some sort is underway. That might be a huge helping of hyperbole, but it might not, and part of what makes [Read more]

Comment on Breaking Down the Exercises that Break Down Your Spine by Michaelle Edwards

This is a great article with a lot of anatomical common sense; which is not very common in the exercise world. I am a licensed body worker and posture therapist and I created a way to do yoga called YogAlign. The whole purpose is to do breath based exercises for postural correction. Everything is related to how we move in daily life and the back extensors are emphasized and there are no loaded spine flexion poses and all rotations are done with a neutral lumbar spine. Many yoga practitioners are damaging their spine and hip joint by doing yoga poses that create hyper-extension and hyper-flexion. Some of the famous teachers even have hip replacements. The static stretching of yoga and emphasis on extended knees while doing a forward bend has caused an epidemic of injuries. Because yoga is not regulated, there is a lack of research Any thoughts on this? My website is

HyperX estará presente en la Argentina Game Show Coca-Cola For Me por quinto año consecutivo


HyperX, la marca de productos gaming, estará presente en la Argentina Game Show Coca-Cola For Me por quinto año consecutivo. Conoce todos los detalles ¡acá!

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Supreme Court Rejects Domino’s on Blind Man’s Website Lawsuit


Pizza, Stone Oven Pizza, Stone Oven, Salami, Cheese

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Domino’s Pizza Inc., leaving the company to face a lawsuit by a blind man who says its website and mobile-phone app don’t comply with a federal disabilities law.

Robles says he uses the popular “Job Access With Speech” software, known as JAWS, to read web pages. That software works only if graphics and hyperlinks have “alt-text,” a description of the image that appears when a cursor floats over it or the screen-reading software detects it.


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