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Ron's Cables & Hoses


In this amazing set of Cables Hoses I developed these for all you enthusiastic cyborg people with a passion for sci-fi in your Models and concept designs.

The product is in Photoshop .PSD format all are 4k @ 300dpi layered files,12 Total files with over 300 Cables inside.There are Twisted,hanging, free flowing designs single,dual and combined hoses with connectors and attachments with a few that are grudged up with tape and grunge overlays and decals.

I created all the Hose and Cables in Illustrator and brought them in Photoshop added the attachments using a 3d program and pieced them together and many thanks to DZ Fires (Nurnies Greebles Parts and pieces) that really helped in achieving this project.

Hope you can get some good use out of these look forward to your creations, Happy New Year and Thank You to everyone that supports
me and my family, Ron.

Price: $34.95 Special Price: $17.48


Ron's Cyborg Circuitry


I'm so excited to bring you these futuristic components of technology. They include Photoshop brushes and files of Integrated circuits, wiring schematics, motherboard interfaces, electronic connectors and more. These are so easy to work with and can help you create a wide variety of science fiction fantasy projects every time. This is a investment you will cherish. Have fun and create.

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


Ron's Cyborg Parts


This huge, jam-packed collection of mechanical parts, brushes, seamless patterns and layer styles will inspire and motivate you. It comes with grunge textured gears, hydraulic hoses, motors, airplane engines, gear boxes, springs, shocks and much more. As an added bonus, this set includes Photoshop splatter brushes of oil and gunk that can be used on a variety of projects. There are also untextured parts included in this package. All items are numbered and compiled to a PDF for easy access.

Try mixing metal with flesh. You might surprise yourself by making your own creations. There are so many uses for these cyborg parts, especially in the world of fantasy.

Price: $24.95 Special Price: $12.48


SY Fast Lights Iray HDRs


No muss, no fuss, just great lights fast!

These presets for rendering in Iray give you easy-to-use, pro-quality lighting options with the minimum of clicks! No time to worry about lights? Use one of these all-new HDRs! Want to make things fancier with skin? Use the Sunny 16 tone mapping and one of the Skin Arrays, boom, done!

If you want to refine things even more, you can add key or rim lights, or add bloom to your scene with one click – but you don't even have to do that. Just the included HDRs do an excellent job lighting all on their own.

Here's what I did for each of my promos (all used Bloom):

  • Main (lingerie lady): HDR 04
  • Popup 01 (Shen in boxers): HDR 01, Sunny 16 tone mapping, 3 Pt Bright Skin Array
  • Popup 02 (Pix Cypher cyborg): HDR 09
  • Popup 03 (woman with two swords): HDR 05, Key Light L, Rim Light R
  • Popup 04 (loincloth guardsman): Sunny 16 tone mapping, HDR 02, 3 Pt Bright White Array
  • Popup 05 (vampire woman): HDR 06
  • Popup 06 (white-haired albino man): HDR 07, Key Light L, Rim Light L
  • Popup 07 (loincloth lady): HDR 08
  • Popup 08 (forest elf): HDR 10, Distant Sun

Price: $14.95 Special Price: $7.48


NRJ Backstage 179 [Guest Mix by Depdramez]

Слушай мой гостевой микс для NRJ Ukraine ? ▌Backstage #179 @ NRJ Ukraine ▌Release Date: 16.02.2019 ▌Hosted by: Nssnd / Depdramez / Cyborgs ▌Direct Download: ▌Online Listening: ▌Apple Podcasts:

"But let’s not get it twisted: LCD Soundsystem were very, very good, and worthy of most of that..."

“But let’s not get it twisted: LCD Soundsystem were very, very good, and worthy of most of that praise. No other 21st century band did a better job at synthesizing decades of music history into a sound that wasn’t crass, overt, or obscure. Murphy was both knowingly ironic and unapologetically sentimental, a cyborg built from the best bits of Stephen Malkmus and Billy Corgan. LCD made music to be gloomy to in your bedroom, and music that launched you onto the dance floor like some post-molly monster, motivating smart asses to loosen up and feel less self-conscious about recognizing the emotions dislodged by the passing of time.”

- Welcome Back, LCD Soundsystem (via slim)

Le parole e le cose: Materialismo radicale. Itinerari etici per cyborg e cattive ragazze

[E’ uscito da poco in libreria Materialismo radicale. Itinerari etici per cyborg e cattive ragazze,

The Micronauts “They Came From Inner Space”


Micronauts was a North American science fiction toyline manufactured and marketed by Mego from 1976 to 1980. The Micronauts toyline was based on and licensed from the Microman toyline created by Japanese-based toy company Takara in 1974.

Mego discontinued the Micronauts line in 1980 prior to the company’s bankruptcy and dissolution in 1982. Years after Mego’s demise other toy companies, such as Palisades Toys and SOTA (State of the Art) Toys, have attempted to revive the toyline over the years.

Takara first released Microman toys in Japan in 1974 as a smaller version their popular 8-inch-tall (20 cm) and 12-inch-tall (30 cm) 1972 Henshin Cyborg (Transforming Cyborg) line. Henshin Cyborg figures were based on Combat Joe figures — which themselves were based on Hasbro’s G.I. Joe figures — with their bodies molded in clear plastic, exposing their inner workings and supposed cybernetic parts.

By downscaling their size, Takara sought to create a toyline that would offset the sheer cost of producing a full line of plastic-based figures and related playsets as well as acknowledging that basic living space is limited for most Japanese households. Smaller Microman figures would not only cost less to produce during the energy crisis of the 1970s, the line’s smaller scale would also take up less physical space in a household and thus be more attractive to space conscious consumers in the Japanese market.

In Japan, the Microman figures themselves were marketed as actually being 3.75-inch-tall (9.5 cm) cyborg entities that hailed from a fictional planet known as "Micro Earth" and disguised themselves as action figures while on Earth.

In 1976, Mego licensed several Microman toys from Takara and marketed the toyline in North America and other countries as Micronauts. During their initial series 1 and series 2 release, Takara produced small quantities of products in Japan before production was officially moved to Mego’s facilities in Hong Kong.

While much of the initial Micronaut toyline offerings were simply repackaged versions of Takara Microman equivalents, some items in the Micronaut toyline were original Mego creations that used, modified and reconfigured parts from existing Takara toys. For example, the larger, 6.5-inch (17 cm) magnetic action figures Baron Karza and Force Commander were re-colorings of the Magnemo Kotetsu Jeeg action figures with newly designed heads. In addition, as the Micronaut line grew in popularity, Mego expanded the line by creating whole new figures from scratch such as the "Aliens" line which included Antron, Repto, Membros, Lobros, Kronos and Centaurus.

The Micronaut toyline sold extremely well for Mego, which at one point—according to Mego’s Executive VP of Marketing/Vice President of Mego Research and Development (1972-1980), Neal Kublan—generated more than $32 million in sales for the $110 million company during one period.

After Mego’s 1982 bankruptcy and dissolution, the original molds for many of the toys were sold to Hourtoys/M and D Toys for their Interchangables discount toyline, other original molds were sold to PAC Toys for use in their Lords of Light toyline and even Takara produced several series 5 toys for Italian licensee/distributor Gig’s i Micronauti line. Additionally, leftover Micronaut toyline stock from Mego’s production run was eventually sold for sale/clearance in North America by Lion Rock Limited under the Micronauts name. - From Wikipedia

The Micronauts comic books featuring a group of characters based on the Mego Micronauts toy line. The first title was published by Marvel Comics in 1979, with both original characters and characters based on the toys. Marvel published two Micronauts series, mostly written by Bill Mantlo, until 1986, well after the toy line was cancelled in 1980. In the 2000s, Image Comics and Devil's Due Publishing each briefly published their own Micronauts series. Byron Preiss Visual Publications also published three paperback novels based on the Micronauts. In July 2015, IDW Publishing announced that they would publish a new comic book series. In December 2015, it was announced that a live-action film version of the Micronauts was currently in development by Hasbro Studios and Paramount.

The Micronauts began life as comic book characters thanks to a fortuitous accident on Christmas 1977. Marvel Comics writer Bill Mantlo's son Adam opened a new present, a line of the Mego Corporation's Micronauts action figures. Seeing the toys, Mantlo was instantly struck by inspiration to write their adventures. Convincing then Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to get the comics license for these toys, Mantlo was hired to script their series.

The first series of the Micronauts ran from January 1979 to August 1984 and included 59 issues and two Annuals. The series was written by Bill Mantlo and featured art by Michael Golden. Other artists on the series included Howard Chaykin, Steve Ditko, Rich Buckler, Pat Broderick, Val Mayerik, Keith Giffen, Greg LaRocque, Gil Kane, Luke McDonnell, Mike Vosburg, Butch Guice, and Kelley Jones. Micronauts, along with Moon Knight and Ka-Zar the Savage, became one of Marvel's first ongoing series to be distributed exclusively to comic book stores beginning with issue #38 (Feb. 1982).

In the United Kingdom, The Micronauts was first included as a supporting strip in Marvel UK's Star Wars Weekly comic in January 1979 for several months and then in the first nine issues of Star Heroes Pocketbook, alongside Battlestar Galactica, before joining the new Future Tense reprint anthology. Unlike the U.S. version, these strips were printed in black and white.

The Micronauts Special Edition five-issue limited series (December 1983-April 1984) reprinted issues #1–12 and a back-up feature from #25. The X-Men and the Micronauts four-issue limited series (January 1984–April 1984) was co-written by Mantlo and Chris Claremont and drawn by Butch Guice.

The second volume of Micronauts, subtitled The New Voyages, was published from October 1984 to May 1986 and ran 20 issues. The series was written by Peter B. Gillis and featured early-career artwork by Kelley Jones. After this series the Marvel-owned license lapsed.

From the late 1990s the characters Marionette, Arcturus Rann and Bug (all Marvel properties) have appeared in various Marvel titles (without referencing the Micronauts label). Bug has appeared in a solo one-shot and together with cosmic hero Star-Lord, as part of a new incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. - From Wikipedia

Micronauts #2 February 1979 Marvel Comics

Cover pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Joe Rubinstein, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Joe Rubinstein


Escaping from Prince Shaitan and Baron Karza, the Micronauts arrive on Earth where they are the size of small toys; Prince Shaitan succeeds in following them and attacks them in the garden of the Coffin Family. "Time Traveller: character profile, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Josef Rubinstein. "An Irresistable Force!" Hostess Twinkies ad featuring Iron Man.

$5.99 - Shop Now


Princess Mari is an adventurer and living legend within the Microverse. On the day Arcturus Rann, son of the revered Lord Dallan and Lady Sepsis Rann, returned home from his 1,000 year journey exploring the far reaches of the Microverse, Mari's parents, the acting king and queen, were slain by the true authority of Homeworld, the tyrant Baron Karza. Mari disguised herself as a puppet while fleeing to join the rebellion, and adopted the name Marionette. Joining Rann, the rogue Insectivorid, Bug, the mighty crown-prince of planet Spartak, Acroyear, and Rann's roboid, Biotron, Mari and her roboid, Microtron became the team called the Micronauts. Under Rann's leadership, they shared many adventures both in the Microverse and traveling across the Spacewall barrier to Earth. Marionette fell in love with Arcturus Rann. Marionette and the Micronauts team ultimately defeated Baron Karza, but not until the Baron enacted a complete genocide across all of Homeworld. Mari and the Micronauts ultimately sacrificed their lives becoming Prime Beings, seeding life across Homeworld and restoring the planet to its natural state.

Through unrevealed means, Marionette, Rann, and Bug have been reborn, and continue to share adventures together as the Microns. - From Marvel Comics

Micronauts #3 March 1979 Marvel Comics

Cover pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Joe Rubinstein, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden (breakdowns) and Joe Rubinstein, inks by Joe Rubinstein

"Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!":

The battle continues between the Micronauts and the soldiers of Karza after the opponents travel throughout space and arrive on Earth; After a massive battle and a lot of destruction, the Micronauts win, but it wasn't a happy victory; Bug is missing, the Endeavor is crippled, and the tracking device permits Baron Karza to discover a other world to conquer. Baron Karza illustration, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Josef Rubinstein. "The Incredible Hulk Changes His Mind!" Hostess Cup Cakes ad.

$3.99 - Shop Now

World of Warcraft krijgt vossenmensen en cyborgkabouters als nieuwe rassen

World of Warcraft krijgt vermoedelijk ergens volgend jaar twee nieuwe speelbare rassen. Het gaat om de Vulpera, die het best te omschrijven zijn als vossenmensen, en de Mechagnomes. Laatstgenoemde is een nieuw ras van robotische kabouters.

Working with Premiere Pro on Terminator: Dark Fate


In 1984, a young director stepped behind the camera to create an original sci-fi action movie about time-travel, cyborg assassins, and a woman who gives birth to the savior in the future war against the machines. The Terminator was a runaway hit, popular with audiences and critics alike. The movie launched the career of James Cameron and...

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7th Oct: Justice League (2017), 2hr [PG-13] (6.2/10)

Batman assembles a band of fellow superheroes, including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, to defeat their most formidable enemies yet.


Episode #436 - The Glass Shadow Of A Recycling Cyborg?

The Cyborg films are a franchise that is a not a franchise that is a massive franchise I guess.

Taiwan Excellence Holds 2019 ESports Cup at SM The Block


Three whole days of non stop fun and gaming at the Taiwan Excellence 2019 ESports Cup held at SM The Block in Quezon City.

Taiwanese brands also showcased their best computers, laptops, keyboards, storage devices, even SSD drives which ordinary Joe's were able to try and use right on the spot. As for the programs,they have already held gaming challenges for CS GO and League of Legends on the first two days, then today they got a huge Cosplay Contest with the same game theme. I love how they got into it so good.

The serious cosplayers brought their A game, strutting out some really nice character costumes which looked like mages and cyborgs at the events area.

If you're in the north or nearby areas, come to the SM The Block for some good ol gaming fun and cosplay selfies, you have to do that of course!

Today is the last day! You gotta go! 


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