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Cyberslovo: Mou перейдет в Se7en Esports

По информации телеграм-канала Cyberslovo, Рустем «Mou» Телепов перейдет в Se7en Esports.

ZXSP - Hyper Force (2019)

TITLE....... Hyper Force
STYLE...... Synthwave, Cyberpunk
LABEL...... Self-Released
QUALITY..... 320kbps
ZXSP - Hyper Force (2019)



Cookie time: Girls enrich financial literacy, cyber-safety skills with Girl Scout fall product program

Girl Scouts of Western New York's popular fall product program returns to help girls enrich their financial literacy and cyber-safety skills. Girls use an online digital platform to engage close friends and family to order candies, nuts, magazines, candles and other items. The fall product program runs until Oct. 26.

Alliance Defense Outfit for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Alliance Defense outfit for Genesis 8 Males. This post apocalyptic outfit is perfect for sci-fi, dystopian and cyberpunk settings and more.

Price: $21.95 Special Price: $6.59


Bang Bob Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Maybe you already have some Bob Hairstyle, but you sure don’t have 14 different fully dForce simulated dynamic hairstyles… added optional top Thin Hair for more realistic look.

Bang Bob Hair with dForce contains 14 One-click Initial Shape Presets ready for dForce simulation.

Special Initial Shape for simulating hair underwater and in flying scenes included.

New Material Options - 10 Cyber Metallic Wigs Materials and 10 Metallic Wigs Materials.

Length of dForce simulation is approximately 5 min on GTX 1080 TI, simulating from Current Frame without Transition from Memorised Pose. GTX 1070 TI is about 35% slower.

There was never polygon explosion during testing.

Bang Bob Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s) collides properly with other objects even in default collision settings.

There are 5 Video Tutorials in this Product (in General) - from easy One-click set ups to solutions for complicated poses or animations.

PDF Bang Bob Hair with dForce Introduction included.

Bang Bob Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s) is conforming only in base Initial Shape, haircut is especially designed for simulations with dForce Engine.

This Product only works with dForce. Video tutorials do not install through Daz Connect.

Price: $27.95 Special Price: $13.98


EJ Rafaga


Rafaga is a character for Genesis 2 Female, with highly detailed skin and makeups, the most beautiful two-colored irises, alien ears, arms and body body painting, Sci-Fi and casual makeups, custom sculpted head, anatomical elements and ear morphs, and many options to customize her appearance.

She also has very elaborate body painting in chest, back, and both arms, in two versions: with stars glitter and without it. You can apply them independently, mix them, so you can have them in the arm you choose or both, and in the back or chest (great for renders with a mirror reflection), or both, all or none.

Also included are an all black eyes option that you can mix with the different iris colors included, plus 2 special cyber green and cyber orange Sci-Fi eyes.

You have 4 Sci-Fi makeups in addition to the 7 casual makeups: Red Rebel, Fantasy Machine, Alien Beams, and Alien Beauty. Each one of them can inspire a different story! Is she a beautiful alien searching for life forms, a pilot of an interstellar ship, or a survivor in a distant planet? You rule!

Includes a beautiful custom sculpted morph for the head, and also sculpted anatomical elements, custom sculpted alien ears, and partial and full body painting, and also makeups, nails, and lashes that can look great together: mix and match them as you wish.

All the morph options include Apply and Remove icons, and you also have the tools to set nails long or short on one click, and also to set nipples on and off for skin-tight/normal look on clothing.

Also includes 1 special eye option for all black eyes, 10 eye colors (eight natural + two fantasy colors), seven casual makeups, four Sci-Fi makeups, seven eyelashes colors that will look great with the makeups, nine lip colors, and seven hands and feet nails colors.

EJ Rafaga works both in DAZ Studio and Poser (via the DSON Importer for Poser).

Price: $17.95 Special Price: $8.98


M.A.G.2 Robotic Arm


The science of tomorrow today is what we are always promised but never given. Here in our own world we deliver. Flying cars, proof of alien life and Cybernetic Implants are all a part of our world.

The M.A.G.2 Robotic Arms bring a new level of realism, well worn. If you prefer add an pre-built shader from your arsenal. The geo-grafted Collar assures a seamless fit and carefully designed joints assure true robotic ridged bends.

Price: $24.95 Special Price: $12.48


Syble Bundle for Genesis 8 Female(s)


She's far from perfect; she is two in one and twice as dangerous.

Syble HD Character is custom modeled in Level 4, she has a real-life body of young woman with asymmetry.

She can look lovely and vulnerable, but optional Cyber eyes and scars make her look rough.

Syble has custom modeled eyebrows and comes with 5 Character Expression Presets - some of them were used on renders.

Syble Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) is high detailed product with 11 basic Material Presets. Outfit is divided into 6 Material Zones - they can be mixed and matched to create your own variations of this Product.

Syble Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s) is an unkempt haircut which the heroine cuts herself.

It has 17 one-click different Hairstyle Presets and 15 one-click Wind Presets.

Price: $49.95 Special Price: $24.98


Syble HD for Genesis 8 Female


She’s far from perfect…she is two in one and twice as dangerous.

Syble HD Character is custom modeled in Level 4, she has a real-life body of young woman with asymmetry.

She can look lovely and vulnerable, but optional Cyber eyes and scars make her look rough.

Syble has custom modeled eyebrows and comes with 5 Character Expression Presets - some of them were used on renders.

Price: $21.95 Special Price: $10.98


Vernea for Aiko 8


Vernea is a gorgeous new steampunk styled character for Aiko 8. Victorian, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic - whatever your decade or style, this sweet gal can fill them all in your steampunk renders.

Vernea comes with detailed skin and custom sculpted HD Head and Body built off the Aiko 8 Shape.

Price: $20.95 Special Price: $10.48


Zellarian for Nix 8 and Genesis 8 Male


Zellarian is a cyber alien, native inhabitant of the planet Zellar.

This is a hand painted character for Nix8 and Genesis 8 Female(s) which comes with Head Implants.

Price: $19.95 Special Price: $5.99

   20 USD 2d 10h

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Current Bid: 20 USD
Reserve met
Bids: 1
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Robot Democratization: A Machine for Every Manufacturer


With collaborative robots proliferating, we wanted to know who’s using these robots and what tasks they’re doing. Design News caught up with Walter Vahey, executive vice-president at Teradyne, a company that helps manufacturers gear up their automation. Vahey sees a real change in the companies that are deploying robotics. For years robots were tools only for the largest manufacturers. They required expensive care and feeding in the form of integrators and programming. Now, collaborative robots require configuration rather than programming, and they can be quickly switched from task to task.

Vahey talked about robot companies such as Universal Robots (UR) which produces robot arms, and MiR, a company that produces collaborative mobile robots. He explained how they’re putting robotics in the hands of smaller manufacturers that previously could not afford advanced automation. The difference is that these robots are less expensive, they can be set up for production without programming, and they can be quickly reconfigured to change tasks.

Universal Robots, MiR, Taradyne, robotics, robots, automation, small manufacturers
Robots are now within the investment reach of small manufacturers. That's fueling a surge in the use of collaborative robots. (Image source: Universal Robots)

We asked Vahey what’s different about collaborative robots and what he’s seeing in robot adoption among smaller manufacturers.

Design News: Tell us about the new robots and how they’re getting deployed.

Walter Vahey: Companies such as Universal Robots and MiR are pioneering the robot space. They’re bringing automation to a broad class of users and democratizing automation. For small companies, the task at hand is to figure out how to fulfill their orders. It’s particularly challenging to manufacturers. In a tight labor market, manufacturers are facing more competition, growing demand, and higher expectations in quality.

Manufacturer can plug UR or MiR robots in very quickly. Everything is easy, from the specs up front to ordering to quickly arranging and training the robot. There’s no programming, and the robots have the flexibility to do a variety of applications. Every customer is dealing with labor challenges, so now they’re deploying collaborative robots to fulfill demand with high quality.

The whole paradigm has shifted now that you have a broader range of robot applications. You can easily and quickly bring in automation, plug it in ,and get product moving in hours or days rather than months. That’s what’s driving the growth at UR and MiR.

The Issue of Change Management

Design News: Is change management a hurdle?. Does the robot cause workforce disruption?

Walter Vahey: We really haven’t seen that as an issue. The overwhelming need to improve and fulfill demand at a higher quality level helps the manufacturers deploy. It outweighs other challenges. We help with the deployment, and the manufacturers are making the change easily.

We grew up as a supplier of electronic test equipment. Since 2015, we’ve entered the industrial automation market with a focus on the emerging collaborative robot space. We see that as a way to change the equation for manufacturers, making it faster and easier to deploy automation.

Design News: What about return on investment? Robotics can be a considerable investment for a small company/

Walter Vahey: The customers today are looking for relatively short ROI, and we’re seeing it from 6 months to a year. That’s a no brainer for manufacturers. They’re ready to jump in.

We work hard to make deployment less of an issue. We have an application builder, and we use it to prepare for deployment. The new user may have a pick-and-place operation. They choose the gripper, and we guide them to partners who make it easy to deploy.

The application builder helps the customer pick the gripper. The whole object is to get the customer deployed rapidly so the automation doesn’t sit. With MiR, the robot comes in, and we find an easy application for the mobile device. We take the robot around the plant and map it. We’ve work to guide customers through an application quickly and make the robot productive as soon as possible.

There are hundreds of partners that work with UR and MiR, providing grippers and end effectors. We have a system that customers can plug into. Customer can look at grippers from a wide range of companies. We’re not working just on the robot deployment. We work to get the whole system deployed so they can quickly get the ROI.

What Tasks Are the Robots Taking On?

Design News: Who in the plant is using the robots, and what tasks are involved?

Walter Vahey: There is a range of users. To be effective at training a robot and configuring it, the people best suited for it are the ones most aware of the task. To get the robot to be effective you have to know the task. By and large, the person who has been doing that task is best suited to train the robot. That person can then train other robots. Nobody’s better suited to do it than the people who know what needs to be done.

The tasks are broad set of applications. We automate virtually any task and any material movement. It’s not quite that simple, but it’s close. With UR, we’re doing machine learning, grinding, packing, pick-and-place, repetitive tasks, welding. It’s a very broad set of applications. In materials it’s also very broad. Parts going from a warehouse to a work cell, and then from the work cell to another work cell, up to a 1000-kilo payload. We’re moving robots into warehousing and logistics space, even large pieces of metal. The robots are well suited for long runs of pallets of materials.

Rob Spiegel has covered automation and control for 19 years, 17 of them for Design News. Other topics he has covered include supply chain technology, alternative energy, and cyber security. For 10 years, he was owner and publisher of the food magazine Chile Pepper.

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Cybersécurité : BlackBerry ouvre un laboratoire de recherche et de développement

Blackberry vient d’annoncer la création du BlackBerry Advanced Technology Development Labs, une unité de recherche et de développement en cybersécurité.

ပြည်ထောင်စုရွေးကောက်ပွဲကော်မရှင်နှင့် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲကော်မရှင်အဖွဲ့ ခွဲများ၏ ရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ဆိုင်ရာလုပ်ငန်းညှိနှိုင်းဆွေးနွေးပွဲများ ကျင်းပ


နေပြည်တော် အောက်တိုဘာ
ပြည်ထောင်စုရွေးကောက်ပွဲကော်မရှင်က ၂၀၂၀ ပြည့်နှစ် အထွေထွေ ရွေးကောက်ပွဲ အောင်မြင်စွာ ကျင်းပနိုင်ရန်အတွက် ရေးဆွဲဆောင်ရွက် လျက်ရှိသည့်မဟာဗျူဟာစီမံကိန်း အကောင်အထည် ဖော်မှုနှင့် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲဆိုင်ရာအချက်အလက်များသုံးသပ်ခြင်း၊ ဆိုက်ဘာ ဘေးကင်းလုံခြုံရေးနှင့် ကဏ္ဍစုံမှ ပါဝင်ပတ်သက်သူများတွေ့ဆုံမည့်အစီအစဉ်များ ဆွေးနွေးခြင်း၊ စေ့စပ်ညှိနှိုင်ရေး ကော်မတီများ၏ လုပ်ထုံးလုပ်နည်းများပြုစုခြင်းနှင့် ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်းအမည်စာရင်းတင်သွင်းခြင်းဆိုင်ရာ မှတ်တမ်းတင်စနစ် ( Case Tracking System) လက်စွဲပြုစုခြင်းတို့နှင့် စပ်လျဉ်းသည့် လုပ်ငန်း ညှိနှိုင်းဆွေးနွေးပွဲများ ကျင်းပခြင်းဖွင့်ပွဲ အခမ်းအနားကို ယနေ့နံနက် ၉ နာရီတွင် နေပြည်တော်ရှိ Grand Amara Hotel ၌ ကျင်းပသည်။

အခမ်းအနားသို့ကော်မရှင်အဖွဲ့ဝင်များနှင့် ကော်မရှင်ရုံးမှတာဝန်ရှိသူများ၊ တိုင်းဒေသကြီး/ ပြည်နယ်ရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ကော်မရှင်အဖွဲ့ခွဲများမှ တာဝန်ရှိသူများနှင့် ပြည်ထောင်စုရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ကော်မရှင်နှင့် ပူးပေါင်းဆောင်ရွက်လျက်ရှ ိသော အဖွဲ့အစည်း တစ်ခုဖြစ်သည့် International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)အဖွဲ့မှ တာဝန်ရှိသူများ တက်ရောက်ခဲ့ကြသည်။
အခမ်းအနားတွင်ပြည်ထောင်စုရွေးကောက်ပွဲကော်မရှင်ဥက္ကဋ္ဌ ဦးလှသိန်း က ၂၀၂၀ ပြည့်နှစ် အထွေထွေရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ကိုချမှတ်ထားသည့် စံ (၅)ချက်နှင့်အညီ အောင်မြင်စွာကျင်းပနိုင် ရန်မဟာဗျူဟာစီမံကိန်း (၂၀၁၉−၂၀၂၂) ကို လုပ်ငန်းစဉ်များအလိုက် အချိန်ဇယား (Timeline) များသတ်မှတ်ရေးဆွဲ၍အကောင်အထည်ဖော် ဆောင်ရွက်လျက် ရှိပါကြောင်း၊ လုပ်ငန်းများအကောင် အထည်ဖော်ဆောင်ရွက်နေမှုကို စောင့်ကြည့်၍စိစစ်သုံးသပ်ရေး အဖွဲ့က ပုံမှန်အစီရင်ခံတင်ပြမှသာ ကော်မရှင်က ပြန်လည်သုံးသပ်နိုင် မည်ဖြစ်ပါ ကြောင်း၊ ကော်မရှင်အဖွဲ့ခွဲအဆင့်ဆင့်ကမိမိတို့ တာဝန်ယူဆောင်ရွက်နေသည့် လုပ်ငန်းစဉ်များ အလိုက် စနစ်တကျအစီရင်ခံတင်ပြကြရန် ပြောကြား လိုပါကြောင်း။
ရွေးကောက်ပွဲတစ်ခုကျင်းပရန်အတွက် ယခင်ကျင်းပခဲ့သည့် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲများ၏ အချက်အလက် များအပေါ် အခြေခံ၍ လျာထားစီမံဆောင်ရွက်ကြရပါကြောင်း၊ ကော်မရှင် အနေဖြင့် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲ တစ်ခု ကျင်းပပြီးစီးပြီးပါက ရွေးကောက်ပွဲဆိုင်ရာအချက်အလက် များကို ပြည်သူလူထုသိရှိနိုင်ရန် ထုတ်ပြန်ကြေညာခြင်း ၊ Website မှ လွှင့်တင်ခြင်း တို့ကိုလည်းဆောင်ရွက်ပေးလျက်ရှိပါကြောင်း၊ ကော်မရှင်အဖွဲ့ခွဲများအနေဖြင့် လုပ်ငန်းများ အလိုက် အချက်အလက်များကို စနစ်တကျမှတ် တမ်းထားရှိရန် လိုအပ်ပါကြောင်း။
နိုင်ငံတော်တွင် e-Government စနစ်ကို အရှိန်အဟုန်မြှင့် ဆောင်ရွက်နေသည့်အတွက် ရုံးလုပ်ငန်းများ ဆောင်ရွက်ရာတွင် Internet ကွန်ရက် ချိတ်ဆက် အသုံးပြုရခြင်းကြောင့် ဆိုက်ဘာ တိုက်ခိုက်မှုများ ရှိလာနိုင်ပါ ကြောင်း၊သို့ဖြစ်ပါ၍ ကြိုတင်ကာကွယ်ခြင်းနှင့် အရေးပေါ်တုံ့ပြန်မှုများ ဆောင်ရွက်နိုင်ရန် Cyber လုံခြုံရေးဆိုင်ရာမူဝါဒများ၊ လမ်းညွှန်ချက် များ သိရှိနားလည်ထားရန် လိုအပ်ပါကြောင်း။
ရွေးကောက်ပွဲတစ်ခု အောင်မြင်စွာကျင်းပနိုင်ရန် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲဆိုင်ရာ ကဏ္ဍစုံမှ ပါဝင်ပတ်သက်သူ များအားလုံး၏ ပူးပေါင်းပါဝင်ကူညီမှု လိုအပ်ပါကြောင်း၊ ကဏ္ဍစုံမှ ပါဝင်ပတ်သက်သူများနှင့် ပုံမှန် တွေ့ဆုံ ဆွေးနွေးမှုရှိမှသာ သက်ဆိုင်ရာဒေသ၏အခြေအနေများကို သိရှိပြီး ရွေးကောက်ပွဲဆိုင်ရာ ကူညီထောက်ပံ့မှုများကို အကျိုးရှိရှိအသုံးချသွား နိုင်မည်ဖြစ်ပါကြောင်း၊ ကျင်းပပြီးစီးခဲ့သည့် ကြားဖြတ် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲများ တွင်ရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ဆိုင်ရာအငြင်းပွားမှုဖြစ်စဉ်များ လျော့နည်းခဲ့ခြင်း သည် ရွေးကောက်ပွဲဆိုင်ရာ စေ့စပ်ညှိနှိုင်းရေးကော်မတီအဆင့်ဆင့်ကိုဖွဲ့စည်းဆောင်ရွက်ခဲ့ခြင်းကြောင့် ဟု သုံးသပ်ပါကြောင်း၊ ကော်မတီ အဆင့်ဆင့်အနေဖြင့်ဖြစ်ပေါ်လာသည့် ပြဿနာရပ်များကို ဖြေရှင်း ရာတွင် အဖွဲ့ဝင်များပါဝင်သည့် စုံညီအစည်းအဝေးပြုလုပ်ပြီး ဥပဒေနှင့်အညီ ဘက်လိုက်မှုကင်းစွာ ဆောင်ရွက်ရန် အရေးကြီးပါ ကြောင်း၊ စေ့စပ်ညှိနှိုင်းရေးကော်မတီများဆိုင်ရာလုပ်ထုံး လုပ်နည်း များ ပြုစုရာတွင်လည်း ယခင်အတွေ့အကြုံများအပေါ်မူတည်၍ စနစ်တကျပြုစု သွားကြရန်မှာကြား လိုပါကြောင်း။
ကိုယ်စားလှယ်လောင်း အမည်စာရင်းတင်သွင်းခြင်းဆိုင်ရာနှင့်စပ်လျဉ်း၍ သတင်း အချက် အလက်များထုတ်ပြန်ခြင်း၊ ကြည့်ရှုသုံးသပ်ခြင်းတို့တွင် ရှင်းလင်းမှုရှိပြီး နားလည် လွယ်စေရန် လိုအပ်ပါကြောင်း၊ Case Tracking System ကို အသုံးပြုခြင်းဖြင့် ကိန်းဂဏန်း အချက်အလက် များကို အလွယ်တကူမှတ်တမ်းတင်နိုင်ပြီး သရုပ်ဖော်ပုံများဖြင့် ဖော်ပြနိုင် သည့်အတွက် ပိုမိုရှင်း လင်းမြင်သာ၍ ပြည်သူလူထုအနေဖြင့် စိတ်ဝင်စားမှုမြင့်မားလာ မည်ဖြစ်ပါကြောင်း၊ ထို့ကြောင့် Case Tracking System ဆိုင်ရာလက်စွဲပြုစုရာတွင် IFES အဖွဲ့၏ နည်းပညာ ပံ့ပိုးမှုဖြင့်စနစ် တကျဆောင်ရွက်သွားကြ ရန် မှာကြားလိုပါကြောင်း ပြောကြားသည်။
ထို့နောက်အခမ်းအနားတက်ရောက်လာသူများနှင့်အတူ စုပေါင်းမှတ်တမ်းတင်ဓာတ်ပုံ ရိုက်ပြီး ပထမနေ့အစီအစဉ်ပါ လုပ်ငန်းညှိနှိုင်းဆွေးနွေးပွဲကို ဆက်လက်ကျင်းပခဲ့သည်။
အဆိုပါ လုပ်ငန်းညှိနှိုင်းဆွေးနွေးပွဲများကို ပြည်ထောင်စုရွေးကောက်ပွဲ ကော်မရှင်နှင့် International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) အဖွဲ့တို့ ပူးပေါင်း ကျင်းပခြင်းဖြစ်ပြီး အောက်တိုဘာ ၇ ရက်မှ ၁၀ ရက်အထိ (၄)ရက်ကြာ ကျင်းပသွားမည် ဖြစ်ကြောင်း သိရသည်။


G3-G8 Cyberpunk


By lululee

Appareil photo bridge Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 - 20.2 Mpix, avec objectif Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 24-200 mm f/2.8, zoom x8.3

560€ - Amazon
Prix intéressant pour ce bridge Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 qui baisse très rarement et qui reste un matériel de qualité malgré que ce ne soit pas la dernière version, notamment pour son optique Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* :{ Si vous êtes un amoureux de la photo et que vous utilisez ce matos, n'hésitez pas à donner votre avis en commentaires !

Je l'ai vu à 580 € chez, 640 € chez PhotoSpecialist, 690 € chez, 730 € chez Boulanger et même 750 € chez !

Présentation :
Le compact Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX10 offre toujours des bons résultats. Cet appareil photo compact à la pointe a un grand capteur Exmor R CMOS de type 1.0 de 20.2 Mpx et un objectif Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * à ouverture constante de f/2.8 offrant un zoom 24-200 mm. L'écran LCD est pivotant avec ses 1.229.000 pixels fournit des détails impressionnants, deux boutons de commande rotatif permettent au Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 de contrôler l'exposition, le zoom et de choisir des effets d'image simple et intuitifs. Grâce au OLED Tru-Finder, toute la scène est bien visible et nette grâce à cette large vue de résolution élevée. Le RX10 est le choix idéal si vous voulez maximiser vos résultats photo, sans avoir à changer d'objectif.

Caractéristiques :
  • Capteur : CMOS Exmor R, de type 1.0 (13.2x8.8 mm)
  • Nombre de pixels :20.2 MPix
  • Objectif : Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T*, f/2.8 constant
  • Distance focale : f=8,8-73,3 mm
  • Angle de vue (équivalent en format 35 mm) : 84 deg. > 12 deg. 30 min. (24-200 mm)
  • Plage focale (de l'avant jusqu'à l'objectif) : 3 cm > infini (grand angle), 0,3 m > infini (téléobjectif)
  • Zoom optique : x8.3, 20 Mpx env. 2x / 10 Mpx env. 2,8x / 5 Mpx env. 4x / VGA env. 15x
  • Zoom numérique (photo) : jusqu'à 15x (VGA)
  • Zoom numérique (vidéo) : environ 66x (zoom optique compris)
  • Diamètre du filtre : 62 mm
  • Écran : LCD TFT Xtra Fine de 3" (4:3), 1 440 000 de points
  • Réglage de la luminosité : automatique / manuel (5 positions) / ensoleillement
  • Viseur : électronique de type 0.39, OLED XGA Tru-Finder
  • Processeur : Bionz X, pour de superbes détails et une réduction du bruit
  • Stabilisateur d'image SteadyShot (image fixe) : optique
  • Compensation de l'exposition : +/- 3 d'EV, par pas de 1/3 d'EV
  • Sensibilité ISO (photos) : ISO 125-25600
  • Flash : rétractable intégré manuel
  • Format d'enregistrement : JPEG / RAW (photos), AVCHD / mp4 (vidéos)
  • Interfaces : griffe porte-accessoire multi-interface, Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0), micro-HDMI, multi-terminal / terminal micro-USB
  • Connectivité : NFC / Wi-Fi
  • Batterie fournie : rechargeable NP-FW50
  • Logiciel fourni : PlayMemories Home
  • Dimensions : 12,9x8,81x12,06 cm
  • Poids : 813 g (avec batterie et support)
  • Plus d'info :

Tests :

Vidéo test - TheCameraStoreTV (en anglais) :
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That was some of the best flying I've seen to date, right up to the part where you got hacked


Raytheon has a punt at aviation security with bus software suite

US defence firm Raytheon is punting a security suite that apparently promises to harden military aircraft against "cyber anomalies".…


Don't Login on Public Computers! #BeCyberSmart

A password is only as secure as the computer or network it is used on. As such, never log in to a sensitive account from a public computer, such as computers in a cyber cafe, hotel lobby or conference hall. The moment you type your password on a malware infected computer, a cyber criminal can harvest your passwords. If you have no choice but to use a public computer, change your password at the next available opportunity you have access to a trusted computer.

Small businesses increasingly a target for cybercriminals

While small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly targets for cybercriminals, companies struggle to devote enough resources to protect technology from attack
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International blog: lifestyle e glamour a portata di click

Eventi, moda, lifestyle, gossip; ma anche arte, cultura, interviste a persone note. Tutto questo è International Blog: un diario on line che, dopo un anno e mezzo di vita è riuscito a crescere esponenzialmente il suo pubblico, nonché i suoi clienti che attraverso il sito, vogliono pubblicizzare le loro attività commerciali; inoltre tante sono le partnership che International Blog ha stretto a titolo di collaborazione commerciale, al fine di poter far beneficiare, nondimanco garantire, alla propria clientela, una vastissima platea. Nato da un’idea del blog emiliano Giulio Strocchi, International Blog gode oggi di migliaia di visualizzazioni giornaliere ed è un media partner sempre più ambito in vari eventi legati alla Fashion Week meneghina. Come nasce International Blog? International Blog nasce il 17 dicembre del 2017 con l'idea di mettere insieme le mie conoscenze nel mondo degli eventi con quelle dell'informatica. Per conoscenze nel mondo dell'informatica non intendo mie personali ma anche quella del mio socio Alessandro Frigerio (autore del sito) che con la sua azienda di sicurezza informatica (System Off Site) protegge i siti che fa in maniera impeccabile. Per un sito come il mio, che fa anche interviste a personaggi pubblici, è di vitale importanza la sicurezza da attacchi informatici. International Blog tratta temi di moda, eventi, spettacolo ma anche tematiche sociale fra cui la disabilità, il bullismo e il cyberbullismo: la Polisportiva Olimpia Onlus di Carlo Mascia, con cui abbiamo una collaborazione ne è l'esempio più lampante ma anche in alcune interviste fra cui quella di Francesca Cipriani si è parlato di bullismo. Una cosa che tengo a precisare è che se il blog ha avuto così tanto successo è stato soprattutto merito delle collaborazioni che ho stretto fino ad ora e che voglio ringraziare, prima in assoluto è quella con Rocco Marone proprietario del giornale Miraflores Free Press, Lorenzo Tiezzi (ufficio stampa Ltc comunicazione), Gian Giacomo William Faillace, titolare dell’agenzia di comunicazione WiCom, Giuseppe Oliver Buzzetti in arte Oliver Buzz (fotografo ufficiale del blog), Loris Gonfiotti (fotografo di modelle), Mirko Salerno (Only One Agency), Lorella Maselli (ufficio stampa vip Why Not Group), Lorenzo Speed (Amore Radio Show), Daniele Ugoni (fotografo Vip), Daniele Spadaro (ufficio stampa eventi Spadaronews), Carlo Mascia (Presidente Polisportiva Olimpia Onlus) e Mattiacarlotta Parrino, una scrittrice di International Blog, cara amica e compagna del mio socio Alessandro. Inoltre volevo ringraziare anche le mie tre testimonial del Blog la dj Jessie Diamond, Azora Rais e Barbara Morris Piazza Mediamente, quante visualizzazioni ricevi giornalmente? Beh devo dire che delle visualizzazioni non mi posso lamentare dire che negli ultimi periodi sono passato da una media delle 2.000 alle 3.000 giornaliere con picchi fino a 12.000. Tutto questo l'ho sempre provato sui miei canali social mettendo il contatore delle visualizzazioni come post. Esistono già progetti per espandere la visibilità del tuo blog? Si, esistono dei progetti e sono di alto livello. Quali? Il primo progetto è quello di implementare una parte commerciale nel blog, che è stata già avviata ad inizio gennaio, cioè di fare affiliazioni con brand di moda della prossima Milan Fashion Week e la vendita di t-shirt e gadget con il marchio di International Blog. Altri progetti sono quelle di avere più collaborazioni possibili con altri magazine sia online che cartacei di un certo spessore per far in modo che la visibilità del blog sia sempre più alta, magari anche concorsi di bellezza di un certo spessore. Inoltre, al fine di far crescere ancora di più il blog sono sempre aperto a nuove collaborazioni perchè è stato tutto quanto summenzionato che ha portato al successo, in questo anno e mezzo, International Blog. Anticipazioni sulla prossima Milano Fashion Week? Le anticipazioni che posso darvi sulla prossima Milano Fashion Week è che sarò media partner al prossimo evento Intarnational Fashion Expo che sarà un evento veramente importante in questa edizione organizzata da WiCom. Gian Giacomo William Faillace

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International blog: lifestyle e glamour a portata di click

Shitstorm: ecco dove gli odiatori online si organizzano per lanciare attacchi di cyberbullismo - VIDEO SHOCK

VITTIME DI SHITSTORM: immaginate di ricevere centinaia e centinaia di messaggi in poche ore solo di minacce, insulti e allusioni sessuali, senza contare le telefonate da numeri sconosciuti e le richieste d'amicizia su tutti i vostri social da persone che non conoscete in nessun modo. L'effetto è quello di una tempesta d'odio che si riversa su vittime ignare. Sono le "Shitstorm", un fenomeno che si è sviluppato sulla rete e il cui termine indicava l'estromettere gli amministratori di un gruppo per gestirlo dall'interno, ma che oggi è accumunato a questo particolare fenomeno di hate speech. La prima vittima ad aver denunciato una shitstorm è stata Agnese, una ragazza di 21 anni, che si è ritrovata da un giorno all'altro ad essere presa di mira da centinaia di ragazzi che avevano il solo scopo di denigrarla e insultarla. Il motivo? Non ce n'è. Qualcuno a sua insaputa aveva messo il suo numero e il link al suo account Instagram su "Obitorio", uno dei tanti gruppi di Telegram, la piattaforma di messaggistica online più anonima che ci sia. È in queste chat che si ritrovano gli haters per far partire le loro campagne d'odio. Per questo motivo ci siamo iscritti ad uno di questi gruppi e per capire come funzionasse il fenomeno abbiamo pubblicato il numero di telefono e il nickname di una nostra complice. In pochi minuti è successo di tutto: richieste sessuali, minacce di morte, addirittura qualcuno ci ha inviato filmati pedopornografici, e tutti agivano senza nessuna paura di essere rintracciati.

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Shitstorm: ecco dove gli odiatori online si organizzano per lanciare attacchi di cyberbullismo - VIDEO SHOCK

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Is Underway Executives consider cyberattacks the second leading global risk to doing business, per the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Global Risks Report. The US Senate passed a law to help firms suffering from ransomware attacks, and the NSA launched a new Cybersecurity Directorate. With a flurry of activity already underway, it’s going […]

5 Disruptive Trends Transforming Cybersecurity

Everything about IT has changed, but our security measures are still built around how we used to design software and systems. Where does security need to catch up with digital transformation - and how? Learn more:

Financial Analyst

VA-West McLean, ZP Group is searching for a Financial Analyst to join our organization to work with key stakeholders to capture reporting requirements as well as analyzing financial data operational reports. ZP Group provides niche services and solutions across cyber strategy, consulting, technology and compliance. This is a Fulltime position located in our McLean, VA Headquarters. Summary/Objective Work as part

Jr- Mid Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)

VA-Crystal City, *Candidates must hold an Active Secret Security Clearance* Zachary Piper Solutions is currently seeking for a Secret Cleared Jr-Mid Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) in Crystal City, VA to work for a rapidly growing Cyber Security team focused on an IT security operations effort involving Assessment and Accreditation of classified systems for a government agency. Responsibilities for the

Information Security Analyst

CT-Stamford, Position: Information Security Analyst Duration: 6 + months (Possibility to go long term) Location: Stamford, CT Primary Responsibilities: Work with the cyber and technology teams in the deployment of tools and processes for data protection. Evaluate existing and/or establish new data security controls for effectiveness and efficiency. Participate with various technical teams in developing both ev

Create bespoke ambient sci fi music for video games

I am looking for minimum of 20 minutes of ambient SCI-FI ambient music, that can be use for cyberpunk/sci fi games, movies. Main inspiration - I am not interested in any melody, but consistent feel and atmosphere of isolation, anxiety, lost hope... (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Audio Production, Audio Services, Music, Sound Design, Voice Talent)

TROY student receives cybersecurity scholarship


An online cybersecurity training program recently awarded Troy University student Mitchell Mashburn a $500 scholarship toward earning his bachelor’s degree in computer science.

“I was originally a hospitality and tourism management major, but have always been passionate and had a love for working with computers and [information technology],” said Mashburn, who added that the scholarship...

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Ransomware, tre ospedali in Alabama pagano riscatto per i dati. La sanità bersaglio preferito del cybercrime


L’unico modo per riottenere i dati e accedere di nuovo ai sistemi informatici è stato pagare il riscatto agli autori del ransomware, il virus che ha cifrato i file e messo offline tre ospedali in Alabama. Gli hacker hanno usato la variante ransomware Ryuk per bloccare i file, costringendo le strutture ospedaliere di Tuscaloosa, Northport […]

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In the Public Eye: HAK Insurance Recovery Group Presentations in August, September and October 2019

Recap of HAK Insurance Recovery Group presentations in August and September 2019 focusing on key risk management techniques and strategies for maximizing recoveries under corporate insurance policies and enforcing indemnity rights under technology, sales, services, outsourcing, and other commercial contracts: John Eichman and Sergio F. Oehninger presented a seminar on Electronic Crime – Insurance Coverage for Cyber Attacks and Computer Fraud, Independent Community Bankers of America Webinar Series, September 24, 2019. Sergio F. Oehninger presented seminars on: (i) Navigating the Tri-Partite Relationship and An Insurer’s Duty to Defend and Settle Under Liability Policies, HNBA Annual Conference, September 27, 2019; (ii) Risk Transfer, Indemnity, and Insurance Provisions in Commercial Contracts, DC Bar, September 11, 2019; and (iii) Data Privacy, Social Media Compliance & Cyber Insurance, Financial Poise Webinar, August 8, 2019. Andrea DeField presented on Your…

The Bleak Reality of Cyber-Bullying in Sri Lanka


  The lack of boundaries in the digital sphere has become a serious cause for concern and the consequences that come along with it are plenty. The youth in Sri Lanka, who are perhaps the most active on the Web, eventually become the vulnerable recipients of the one of the most common virtual threats faced […]

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Why MacX MediaTrans is the Best iTunes Alternative to Sync iPhone Data?


As an iPhone user, you must have definitely encountered various iTunes sync errors while syncing iPhone files such as music, photos, videos, etc. The errors may include data loss, duplication, app crashes, etc. The bulky 4k videos may max out iPhone storage. The HD records and HEIC photos may run into format issues, and other valuable data may be exposed to cyber theft attacks.



Nickelback's label forced Twitter to delete a video tweeted by Trump


In 2005, Canadian grunge rockers Nickelback released a hit single called "Photograph." In the video, lead singer Chad Kroeger holds up a framed picture of himself and Nickelback's producer Joey Moi as the lyric "Look at this photograph" is heard in the background.

In 2008, the image of Kroeger holding up the picture frame became a popular meme. According to Know Your Meme, it started on a page called "Nickelback is racist" and the meme depicted Kroeger holding up a photo of a man in blackface.

Since, people replaced the image of Kroger and Moi with anything form Trump to Harambe. The memes are also used to mock Nickelback, because even though they've sold over 50 million albums, they are the most despised musical acts on the planet.

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On Tuesday, October 2nd, President Trump got in on the act, sharing a video that uses the "Photograph" frame, but this time the photograph is of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and Devon Archer, identified only as a "Ukrainian gas exec."

The photo had recently been shown on Fox News.

Here's video of the tweet.

The tweet was Trump's attempt at a "gotcha" moment because Joe Biden claims he never talked with his son about his foreign business dealings. However, just because they were playing golf doesn't mean business was discussed.

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Trump is currently under the threat of impeachment because he attempted to extort the president of Ukraine to get damaging information about the Biden family.

Warner Music Group, the company that owns Roadrunner Records, which produced the 2005 Nickelback album "All the Right Reasons" filed a copyright claim with Twitter over the use of the song, "Photograph" in the Tweet.

On Wednesday, Twitter deleted the video.

"Per our copyright policy, we respond to valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives,"a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

It's strange that twitter can get a video tweeted out by Trump deleted because of a copyright violation. But Trump sent out a tweet that other day that basically threatened a civil war, but Twitter wouldn't take it down.

Nickelback hasn't said anything about the controversy. The band is currently on tour in Brazil.

Nickelback's label's victory over Trump has some on social media reassessing their feelings about the band.


New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Awarded Cyber Electronic Warfare Contract - ClearanceJobs

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Awarded Cyber Electronic Warfare Contract  ClearanceJobs

Intégrateur logiciel Big Data H/F - Thales - Vélizy-Villacoublay

Description du poste : CE QUE NOUS POUVONS ACCOMPLIR ENSEMBLE : Dans le cadre d'un développement d'une application de traitement de logs à des fins de cybersécurité (détection d'attaques, détection d'anomalies...) sur la base d'une plateforme embarquant différents frameworks du Big Data (Spark, Hadoop, ElasticSearch) et d'Intelligence Artificielle (MLLib, PySpark...), vous vous verrez confier les missions suivantes : Développement de modules applicatifs en mode agile ...

Ingénieur Big Data domaine CyberSécurité H/F - Thales - Vélizy-Villacoublay

Description du poste : CE QUE NOUS POUVONS ACCOMPLIR ENSEMBLE : Dans le cadre d'un développement d'une application de traitement de logs à des fins de cybersécurité (détection d'attaques, détection d'anomalies...) sur la base d'une plateforme embarquant différents frameworks du Big Data (Spark, Hadoop, ElasticSearch) et d'Intelligence Artificielle (MLLib, PySpark...), vous vous verrez confier les missions suivantes : Développement de modules applicatifs en mode agile ...

Ingénieur cybersécurité (H/F) - Thales - Bordeaux

Description du poste : CE QUE NOUS POUVONS ACCOMPLIR ENSEMBLE : Au sein de la Direction de l'Ingénierie du Développement (DID), le pôle Cyber Sécurité est en charge de la maîtrise de la composante sécurité dans le contexte de l'ingénierie de l'avionique civile et militaire Les nouveaux enjeux ainsi que l'augmentation de la connectivité des systèmes avioniques civils et militaires font émerger de nouvelles exigences réglementaires de Cyber-Sécurité et de nouvelles activités sont à...

Ingénieur Cybersécurité H/F - Thales - Gennevilliers

Description du poste : CE QUE NOUS POUVONS ACCOMPLIR ENSEMBLE : Dans le cadre de la modernisation des réseaux et des moyens de communications et des systèmes de commandement de l'Armée Française, Thales est particulièrement actif sur la sécurité globale de ces systèmes qui requiert un très haut niveau de sécurité. En collaboration étroite avec les experts de l'administration, et les autorités d'homologation (État-major des Armées, ANSSI), nos équipes définissent, maitrisent et...


Description du poste : CE QUE NOUS POUVONS ACCOMPLIR ENSEMBLE : En nous rejoignant, vous intégrez un pôle constitué de Développeurs-euses, Expert-e-s, passionné-e-s par les environnements complexes. Les orientations projets et technologiques se font autour de l'ADN de Thales : Cyber sécurité / Confidentialité / Volume de données. Vous intégrez un projet d'envergure multi-sites de développement d'un système critique complexe, et implémentez de nouvelles fonctionnalités aussi bien sur le...

The untold story behind the world’s first major internet attack: The Morris Worm via Mashable! [Video]


An excellent documentary on the first computer worm and the beginnings of the Internet. — Douglas

Our connected world comes with countless risks. Viruses, worms, spyware, ransomware, backdoors, Trojans: The language of cybersecurity is relatively new, but we have quickly become fluent. The misuse of technology has become the darkest danger of the digital age. Bad actors, emboldened by our inability to properly secure crucial systems and networks, are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks. No system is safe.

But in the beginning — the very, very beginning — computers inspired utopian visions of a better future, a world in which we were all digitally connected to one another and living in harmony.

Then came the Morris Worm. 

At Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, programmers were developing high-speed networks and the means by which computers could communicate with one another. This was the birth of the internet, and programmers’ ambitions pushed the limits of the imagination. But no one in Palo Alto could’ve imagined how bringing computers together would allow one bad actor to tear the system apart.

Read The untold story behind the world’s first major internet attack: The Morris Worm via Mashable!

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** Many of these books may be available from your local library. Check it out!

An interesting link found among my daily reading


Minimizing Business Costs and Eliminating Money Wasters in the Office

We’ve talked a lot about all the cybersecurity measures that are necessary to protect your data. As hackers get more sophisticated, so do the tools to thwart their attacks. Every business needs to put aside more money for cybersecurity tools, but with small business budgets, that means that you need to save somewhere else. Here […]

Target donates $250,000 to University of Minnesota to boost cybersecurity program

The retailer's $250K gift to the U will help fund program scholarships and more.

From Bro to Zeek: Making Sense of Network Traffic for Security


This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in network traffic analysis, featuring GigaOm analyst Simon Gibson and a special guest from Corelight, Steve Smoot. They’ll discuss the evolution of network analysis and explain how open-source Zeek (formerly Bro) came to be the network traffic analysis tool of choice for security analysts to make fast sense of their traffic.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • Why understanding traffic at today’s scale is so important for security teams
  • The complexities of traffic and telemetry collection for security
  • What Bro was built to do, why was it renamed Zeek, and how it overcomes these complexities
  • How Corelight makes Zeek easy to deploy and expands its capabilities

Why Attend:

Nearly all cyberattacks must cross the network, but security analysts often struggle to make quick sense of traffic at scale for hunting and incident response, trapped between data-starved logs (e.g. Netflow) and too much data (full packets) to analyze in time. What if instead there was a “Goldilocks’ for network data?

We’ll dive into Zeek’s creation at Livermore Labs and discusses some of the challenges that come with using it in large, fast network environments and explain how Corelight enables organizations to quickly take advantage of the power of Zeek at scale.

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Cybersecurity, The C-Suite, & The Boardroom: The Rising Specter Of Director & Officer Liability

The law is moving towards potential liability, so don’t have your company (or client) delay implementing something soon concerning data security.

Scuola - Smartphone in classe, proibiti. Scende in campo l'associazione docenti (CettyMannino)

CettyMannino scrive nella categoria Scuola che: Studenti e smartphone in classe. Un binomio proibito secondo una circolare del 2007, emanata dal ministro Fioroni, e non ancora superato. Ad interventire ci ha pensato la ministra all'Istruzione, Valeria Fedeli, che ha affermato di voler innovare la didattica attraverso l'utilizzo del telefonino in
vai agli ultimi aggiornamenti su: cyberbullismo adolescenti smartphone
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Smartphone in classe, proibiti. Scende in campo l'associazione docenti.
Smartphone in classe, proibiti. Scende in campo l

LOFT Fall Try On – September 2019

Happy Monday Friends! Last Sunday, I went to LOFT to try on a few of the new fall arrivals from the September roll out. They have so many cute pieces that can be worn multiple ways and some of them are perfect for layering.  They currently have a huge Cyber Fall sale going on right now.  You can save 50% off your purchase and get FREE SHIPPING until Wednesday, October 2nd at 3:00AM EST when you use code: OMG

Colorblock Pocket Vest (Size Extra Small/Small)
Rib Knit Trim Tank (Size Small)
High Rise Slim Pocket Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse Wash (Size 29)

High Rise Slim Pocket Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse Wash (Size 29)

Covered Button Strappy Cami (Size Small) // This cami is a staple piece for any wardrobe.  
Striped Shawl Collar Pocket Open Cardigan (Size Small) // These colors are perfect for 
fall and this sweater style is a classic that will last for years. 
High Rise Slim Pocket Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse Wash (Size 29)

Colorblock Draped Sleeve Sweater (Size Small) // As soon as I saw this sweater, I 
knew that I had to get it.  It fits true to size and feels comfortable.
Leopard Print V-Neck Sweater (Size Small) // This cheetah sweater is just the cutest and 
would look so good with leggings if you go up a size.  This sweater has a 
little wool in the material, so it may be itchy if you're sentifive to wool.
High Rise Slim Pocket Skinny Jeans in Dark Rinse Wash (Size 29)

Hello everyone,
I'm about 5 sessions behind on posting Session  The Cabal Sigma SWN Campaign is going well. I thought I would share some of the news casts the players got a few sessions ago based on the happenings from the faction turn.  I have set my blog to no comments. I have been getting bombarded with spam, and would rather not waste my time trying to moderate spam comments. So for now I have disabled comments. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

News Casts 

S.P.T.N. Sector Public Transmissions Network – Your Public news source for Sector Cabal Sigma- Blacktron Transgalactic will begin an urban renewal and redevelopment program designed to bring economic prosperity and improvements to Paradise City-Hyperion.  Blacktron Transgalactic Executive Spokesman Guiles de'Kaizer, "This is a great opportunity for Blacktron Transgalactic to give back to the community that has been so good to us. We are taking the innovations we have developed on Marathon and sharing them with our neighbors on Hyperion, together we are better."  Wistan Frost, son of Frost Technologies  founder Hadean Frost responded that Frost Technologies welcomes Blacktron's investments in the local community and "hopes to see the quality of life for all citizens improved, not just a few for the benefit of a public relations gimmick". 

F.B.N. -Free Broadcasting Network- In spite of attempts by The Thieves Guild to block her visit to Slough Feg, the beloved Einya the Iconic, a known sentient life-form advocate, singer and entertainer has arrived on The Thieves World of Slough Feg, after meeting with local authorities she has just announced her benefits concert for Uplifted Chimpanzees will proceed as scheduled.  Einya earlier today, "We need to do all we can to raise public awareness regarding the plight of uplifted simians on Slough Feg.... look around and you can quickly see all of the infrastructure, food, water and air is possible only due to the hard work and labors of the simians on this world, yet they do not have equal rights or fair treatment, today's benefit concert is hopefully the first of many to bring needed change to Slough Feg and all of the Thieves Worlds". 

T.W.N.N.-Thieves Worlds Network News- Due to the generosity of The Thieves Guild, in spite of the event organizers improper paperwork and lack of proper registration, the Thieves Guild recognizes, that Einya is a popular singer, and given this is the one year anniversary of the Ahab Station Disaster and the simian civil disturbances from that time, the Thieves Guild will allow the entertainment concert to continue, Thieves Worlders are reminded to recognize that Einya is an entertainer and has no formal training or experience in politics or the affairs of government and should recognize her for what she is, an outworlder with a history of contributing to public disturbances and general public misbehavior.  She should stick to entertainment and leave the affairs of government, public safety and well-being to the trained professionals.  Authorities wanted to have the event on Riot, due to its arenas and an environment more conducive to such activities, but Einya insisted the event take place on Slough Feg 

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (a T.W.N.N.-affiliate) – This just are showing actual video footage from Battle Tower Arena earlier today- you can clearly see one of the arena fighters an offworlder, stealing the popular arena Mascot, instead of returning it to its holding container the individual can be seen stashing it in his tunic. Civil Police are looking for him and his accomplices now. They were believed to have taken a shuttle to Outlaw Station. One of his travelling companions has been confirmed to be an uplifted chimpanzee.  

T.W.N.N.- Silas Dryx, former "Weatherman" of Ahab Station, and one of the few survivors of the station's destruction has just recently been released from the hospital after a long recovery from the injuries he sustained by the Simian terrorist attack against Ahab Station one year ago. He is equipped with some of the latest Cyberware developed on Xin Kowloon.  

This is G.N.N. - Galactic News Network – Given that this is the one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station a known site of Simian abuse and control; we thought it appropriate to address the still orbiting wreck of Ahab Station.  A proposal has been made to rebuild the station as a memorial to all the simians killed during the uprising.  Unfortunately certain old guard members of the pro-human establishment are still around, and hope to restore the station to its former purpose, one of simian control and abuse. For now the future of the ruins of Ahab Station is locked up in the legal system.  With Slough Feg focusing so much of its resources on maintaining a livable environment, whatever, the outcome is decided it will be some time before Ahab Station is addressed in any meaningful fashion. 

Star Fox News – The Pro-Simian Concert Event has started, The Thieves Guild had requested high security, due to the nature and date of the event, but event organizers didn't want a militant presence to mar their message. Let's hope the event is a peaceful one, Einya is known for her anti-corporate demonstrations.  

---Massive Explosion in orbit above Slough Feg--- 

G.N.N. -This is GNN...Galactic News Network- We have just learned that Cleopatra Station is no more, the explosion just seen in the skies above Slough Feg was the apparent complete destruction of Cleopatra Station! No word on any survivors. Has the Thieves Guild's ongoing abhorrent treatment of our Simian Neighbors, led us to this day? Here on the exactly one year anniversary of the destruction of Ahab Station and the launch of the Simian's quest for freedom...  

Star Fox News- Cleopatra Station possibly destroyed! Is this a terrorist attack? Start of a second Ape Revolt? Or just a disaster caused by malfunctioning equipment?  Stay tuned to this station for further updates!  

F.B.N. - Free Broadcasting Network –This has been confirmed! Independent Sensor Scans have shown Cleopatra Station has been completely destroyed, some form of explosion has obliterated the station, a debris field now marks the location where this mega-corporate controlled facility once existed, we cannot verify any survivors or cause at this time. Genesis Combine the owners of the station have not yet made a public statement.  Cleopatra Station was a research facility working to genetically engineer crops that could survive in Slough Feg's harsh climate.  

T.W.N.N. - Official word from The Thieves Guild – everyone is ordered to remain calm, Patrol craft have been dispatched to Cleopatra Station. Authorities have the situation under control. We have no reason to believe the explosion on Cleopatra Station was anything more than a tragic accident. Please stay indoors and keep communication lines open and await further instructions.  

A.N.A. - Arena News Agency (T.W.N.N. affiliate)- Given the Cleopatra Station Disaster, for the safety of all Riotians all arena fights and gladiatorial events have been suspended until further notice, we will keep you informed as we know more.  

F.B.N. - Reports are coming in that security forces are being dispatched to all Simian Reservations under what authorities are calling a precautionary measure.  

T.W.N.N. - Thieves Worlds Network News-Due to the developing situation regarding Cleopatra Station, The Great Work on Gambit will be paused to assess for any risk against the advancement of The Great Work. Workers will have a 5 minute moment of silence to acknowledge the lives lost on Cleopatra Station.  

F.B.N.- THIS JUST IN! An apparent assassination attempt has just been made on the pro-simian rights performer Einya, in the chaos after the Cleopatra Station Explosion, at least two armed gunmen attempted to assassinate her! Fans of Einya, spotted the two would-be assassins and quickly subdued the individuals, reports indicate the alleged assassins possibly would have been killed by the mob were it not for the intervention of Civil Police that arrested the two would-be assassins and took them into custody.  One witness reported hearing one of the alleged attackers yell out human supremacist anti-simian slurs and spotted the notorious symbol of the K.G.P. - Knights of Genetic Purity tattooed to his shoulder.  

T.W.N.N. - Authorities continue to call for calm. The situation at the Einya Event has been contained, the performer is unharmed and the suspects involved have been arrested. There is still no proof of any connection between the Cleopatra Station Disaster and the disturbance at the Einya Event.  


Comment on Spotify gains Siri support on iOS 13, arrives on Apple TV by Rashaverick Overlord

(Partial sarcasm) well, there is broken Bixby that Samsung admits internally to be nonscalable, OR you could go to Nuance (SIRI) who will charge you million per voice for one app that is not transferable ot scalable and takes a year of development, OR how about Google Duplex with hyped lies and data mining, OR perhaps Amazon Alexa with 2,800 Romanian woman answering manually....? No, that does not work for you? What a is always the great cyber bamboo wall surveillance thieves.... Pssst, read online about real time any voice, anywhere, scalable and secure, no spoofing, no deepfakes, at lowest cost and highest quality, already replacing all the claimants and pretenders globally, on any platform or equipmrnt, in any dialects or languages, cross languages, cross families of languages, music and lyeics, voice restoration, wifi, etc.., online at fot August 6th, 2019, from robustly patented and award winning SPEECH MORPHING, "Eradicating Illiteracy(TM)". FOR FREE download TALKMONDO.COM "THE WORLD AT THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE(TM)".

Event Calendar: MC&C 2020: Internat. Scientific Conference Mathematical Cryptology and Cybersecurity


Event Calendar: MC&C 2020: Internat. Scientific Conference Mathematical Cryptology and Cybersecurity
Warsaw, Poland, 16 January - 17 January 2020

Event date: 16 January to 17 January 2020
Submission deadline: 31 October 2019
Notification: 30 November 2019

Chi Snack Shop moves into the former Trash & Vaudeville space on St. Mark's Place


[Photos by Steven]

After three years at 22 St. Mark's Place, Chi Snack Shop has moved to a larger retail space on the block here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue...

The shop, which carries an array of Japanese and Korean snacks as well as beauty products and random lingerie, has moved into the parlor level of 4 St. Mark's Place...

The landmarked 4 St. Mark's Place — aka the Hamilton-Holly House, circa 1831 — recently underwent a two-year gut renovation. As previously noted, the renovation included an expansion in the back of the building, doubling the number of residential units from three to six.

Chi Snack Shop marks the first retail tenant for the all-new No. 4. Wanyoo, a Shanghai-based cyber cafe chain, reportedly signed a lease for the garden space early last year. No sign of them just yet.

Until February 2016, 4 St. Mark's Place housed Trash & Vaudeville for 41 years. The store relocated to 96 E. Seventh St., where it remains today.

The Hamilton-Holly House was once owned by Alexander Hamilton’s son. The Federal-style townhouse changed hands for $10 million in the spring of 2016.

In June, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approved developer Real Estate Equities Corporation's (REEC) plan to transfer air rights from the 4 St. Mark's Place to add square footage to their office building coming to the northeast corner of Third Avenue and St. Mark's Place. Under terms of the air-rights transfer, 5 percent of the $4 million sale will go into a dedicated account for the landmark to maintain its upkeep.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Exclusive: After 40 years, punk rock mainstay Trash and Vaudeville is leaving St. Mark's Place

4 St. Mark's Place is for sale

More residential units and a 5th-floor addition in the works for landmarked 4 St. Mark's Place

You'll be back: Look at the renovated Hamilton-Holly House on St. Mark's Place

FULL full reveal at the historic Hamilton-Holly House on St. Mark's Place

EP106: Your Digital Footprint

Digging into the Netflix Original Documentary "The Great Hack" with Iowa State University's Cyber Security expert Doug Jacobson.

Conseiller Cyber SOC - OctoSave - Quebec City, QC

Forte compétence en exploitation système (Linux, UNIX, Windows Server) ; OctoSave est un acteur de référence dans le monde de la sécurité des systèmes d…
From OctoSave - Thu, 26 Sep 2019 11:07:26 GMT - View all Quebec City, QC jobs

Comment les ransomwares poussent à l’adoption de la cyberassurance


US will help Baltic states to secure baltic energy grid


The United States and Baltic announced cooperation to protect the Baltic energy grid from cyber attacks as they disconnect from the Russian electricity grid. The US and Baltic agreed to cooperate to protect the Baltic energy grid from cyber attacks as they disconnect from the Russian electricity grid. US Energy Secretary Rick Perry and counterparts […]

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Iran-linked Phosphorus group hit a 2020 presidential campaign


Microsoft says that the Iran-linked cyber-espionage group tracked as Phosphorus (aka APT35, Charming Kitten, Newscaster, and Ajax Security Team) a 2020 presidential campaign. Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) revealed that an Iran-linked APT group tracked as Phosphorus (aka APT35, Charming Kitten, Newscaster, and Ajax Security Team) attempted to access to email accounts belonging to current and former US government officials, journalists, Iranians living abroad, and individuals […]

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UK NCSC agency warns of APTs exploiting Enterprise VPN vulnerabilities


The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) warns of attacks exploiting recently disclosed VPN vulnerabilities in Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and Pulse Secure According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have been exploiting recently disclosed VPN vulnerabilities in enterprise VPN products in attacks in the wild. Threat actors […]

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Current Bid: 20 USD
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Beware! This Virtual Machine Killer Malware Returned From The Dead


Shamoon malware (aka distrack) popularly known for its cyber emissary capabilities has re-surfaced. It’s back with an even more improved arsenal of taking down virtual machines. Just for a little sneek peek into what shamoon can do, shamoon has the ability to spread on local network. It can send a curated collection of relevant data […]

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GearBest Cyber Monday exclusive Deals 2016


Black Friday sale is a kind of crazy event worldwide. But the Black Friday has ended by 28th November, and it’s time for Cyber Monday.  GearBest has fulfilled its promise with up to 80% off at everything on Black Friday. Now, GeearBest has come with amazing deals and offers on Cyber Monday. It will start […]

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals For Bloggers


Black Friday is fast approaching and all major and minor online companies have started offering their craziest and biggest sales discounts of the year. Just incase you didn’t know, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving when all major online companies offer massive discounts of the year. Jaw dropping discounts are being offered by GearBest, Amazon, Apple etc. […]

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GearBest Black Friday 2016: Black Friday Sales Kick Off With Big Discounts, Flash Sales, Coupons & Lucky Draw


Black Friday – the biggest annual retail shopping bonanza, falls on the November 25th this year. Every retailer is preparing to massive discount offers on the products. GearBest has also revealed its plans for the Upcoming Black Friday 2016 and Cyber Monday 2015 sales. GearBest will be running Black Friday 2016 sales event on November […]

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How To Know If Your Windows PC Has Been Hacked – Use “Hacked?” App


It seems like every day now that we see a new headline on the cyber security breach. These breaches all about millions of records being hacked from a financial institution or retailer. The number of data breaches and hacking attacks are keep rising and the internet has become a most scary place on the planet. […]

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5 Most Famous Hackers In The World, What Happened To Them


  There are many notable hackers all around the world. There are mainly two types of hackers, first, who dominate the cyber world by breaking the secure firewall. Second, who is computer security experts and specializes in penetration testing. The word “hacker” originally referred to 2nd type, it doesn’t mean “Criminal” or “Bad Guys.” Yeah! […]

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Hackerville: The World’s Biggest Cyber Crime Hub


Have you ever heard about the Râmnicu Vâlcea, a small town in Romania, where live less than 100,000 people. I am pretty sure that your answer would be no. But this town has gained infamy over the years for being as a global hub of cyber-criminals. Some of people like to call it “Hackerville,” or […]

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Here’s What Happens Every 60 Seconds On Internet


The Internet is growing at an impressive rate. On average, more than a billion new pages are added to cyberspace every day. To give you an idea how big is this growth I have written this article by referring different sites all around the web. This article will show what happens on the internet every […]

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How to backup your system automatically in a scheduled way on Windows 10

Backing up your system is a essential part for you in this age of cyber attacks. If your system, by chance, is attacked by a ransomware, only old backup of your files can help you to retrieve those to their previous states. Now, to be safe you should keep an automatic backup of your system, […]

Club Chaos

This was a fun show to mix and produce. The photo is the studio where I produce the weekly radio show before making it available on this site and in 4 set gigs on It starts as and I compress it to mp3 stereo@128kps for your enjoyment. It's a departure from live mixing but I'm getting the hang of it now. Last Month the service provider had a nighmare of a problem and several of us podcasters had to rebuild our web page from scratch. Therefore many FANS and FRIENDS of this site dissappeared into cyberspace. If you are one of them please ask again to be my Fan or Friend and I'll get on it. If you like what you hear please join my Fan and Friends list and let's link up. I do go to your web site and decide how I feel and return the email so let's get it going and start networking. CIAO! DJ Johnny D Club Chaos October 31-November 6, 2007 Mixed and produced by DJ Johnny D (all rights reserved) Club Chaos Set 1 1. Plemo-Flashlight (Bastian HeerHorst Remix) 2. Deejaynauts-Face To Face (East Park Radio Mix) (Italy) 3. Axwell f/Max’C-I Found U (Radio Remode) (UK) 4. Freaks-The Creeps (Get On The Dancefloor) (UK) Club Chaos Set 2 1. Fedde Le Grand f/Ida Corr-Mirror (Radio Edit) 2. Rihanna-Don’t Stop The Music (The Wideboys Radio Edit) 3. Magnet man-Wanna Flex (The Wideboys Radio Edit) (USA) 4. Dragonette-Take It Like A Man (bimbo Jones Radio) Club Chaos Set 3 1. Miguel Migs-So Far (Rasmus Faber’s Farplane R. Edit) (USA) 2. robyn-With Every Heartbeat (Kenson Radio Edit) (Sweden) 3. 7th Heaven f/Ann-Marie Smith-Music (Radio Edit) 4. Serfio Del Rio-Parazaar (Gambafreaks Radio Edit) (Italy) 5. La Princesse-Bailando (House Edit Short) (Germany) Club Chaos Set 4 1. Dennis Christopher-Sign Your Name-Soul Corp(Netherlands) 2. Rogue Traders-Way To Go (Sunset Strippers Edit) (UK) 3. Supafly-Sunrise (Radio Edit) 4. Superbass f/Dominique Woolf-Don’t Be Silent (R. Edit) (UK) 5. SoundBluntz f/Cheyne Coates-Maybe You’ll Get Lucky (Smax & Gold Radio Edit)(AUS) Email

Advisor Viewpoints on Compliance and Regulation

Cybersecurity threats top the list of concerns.

McCombs Launches First-in-the-Nation Health Care Cybersecurity Leadership Program

The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin announces the Leadership in Health Care Privacy and Security Risk Management certificate program, a new first-in-the-nation professional program designed to help address a critical workforce shortage issue.

Cybersecurity: Virtual Crime-Fighting, Real-World Rewards

January 27, 2017 This academic year, Piedmont Technical College launched a new cybersecurity program to fill a growing need for this skillset in information and computer technology professions.

This academic year, Piedmont Technical College launched a new cybersecurity program to fill a growing need for this skill set in information and computer technology professions.

“We do a lot of research to stay on the cutting edge,” said Lesley Price, information technology department head. “The new cybersecurity program came out of those efforts. Anyone can look at the news headlines to see the growing need for these skills.”

Students in PTC’s computer technology program can now choose a concentration in cybersecurity. With this new concentration, those students can begin building a foundation for entry-level positions in this emerging field.

The concentration will provide students with the concepts and skills of cybersecurity, including security of systems and infrastructure in business and industry. Students will learn how to protect networks and defend information systems from attack. Students who complete the program will also be prepared to test for a professional certification in the field—Certified Ethical Hacker.

“As an IT professional at any company, you have to know the loopholes,” said Price. “You have to know the backdoors that exist within your company’s technology infrastructure. Our program will show students how to discover and address these vulnerabilities.”

The need for professionals with this skill set is very real. Fraud and identity theft are among the crimes identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as serious issues, and trained experts are needed to track down perpetrators and prevent illegal activities.

Because of the growth in cybercrime, the field of cybersecurity is still evolving right along with technology, generating jobs at a much faster pace than the national average. For instance, employment opportunities for Information Security Analysts are expected to grow by 18 percent over the next decade according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Because technology spans all industries, being skilled in computer data analysis opens up dozens of career doors beyond the government-related fields you might associate with cybersecurity. The specialized training required for these positions leads to jobs that are not only in demand but high-paying. In fact, the average pay for security analysts in South Carolina is $71,600 according to BLS.

“We have high expectations for our students,” said Price. “We want to graduate the best students, with the right skills to meet the needs of employers in our region. This emphasis on security will help students develop a skill set that would benefit many businesses throughout our state.”

Contact Lesley Price at (864) 941-8746 or visit to learn more.

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Analyst - Cyber Security - Mumbai, MH

General Mills - Mumbai, MH General Mills is reshaping the future of food. We believe food makes us better. It nourishes our bodies, brings us joy and...
   Twincast / Podcast #232 "NYCC 2019"

 Cache Twincast / Podcast #232: NYCC 2019
Episode 232 of the Twincast Podcast begins with an interview with Hasbro's John Warden which was conducted this week at the 2019 New York Comic Con. Mr. Warden provides insights and information about the next chapter of Hasbro's Transformers Generations War for Cybertron trilogy, Earthrise. Following the interview, in depth discussion of the newly revealed products from the show begins. The latest Voyager Class Starscream takes cues from the older Classics design while Soundbarrier and Ironworks show a lot of potential for more Micromaster base playsets down the road. Other figures such as Optimus Prime, Hoist, Grapple and Wheeljack show a distinctive G1 cartoon inspired direction for this lineup of toys. New Cyberverse toys made a small appearance at NYCC with new Deluxe Class figures that impressed the cast. In another surprise from Cyberverse, it seems there may be some pointers taken from the Marvel Legends action figures with what looks to be Cyberverse's very first build-a-figure in the form of Maccadam. The episode concludes with a brief discussion on the trading card game and the new faction that has just been revealed, including potential strategies for using some of the new Mercenaries characters in the game.

Microsoft says Iran plotted cyber attack against US presidential campaign

A hacking group that is apparently linked to the Iranian government has carried out a cyber attack against a US presidential campaign — as well as current and former American government officials, Microsoft announced Friday. The software giant said it saw “significant” online activity by the group that also targeted journalists covering global politics and...

Választási krónika: Így szavazott Sopron lakossága 2014-ben!

Az előző önkormányzati választás 2014-ben volt, amikor első alkalommal választottunk öt esztendőre polgármestert illetve önkormányzati képviselőket. Sopronban a választókerületekben nem született igazán nagy meglepetés, hiszen bátran kijelenthető, hogy a FIDESZ-KDNP színeiben induló jelöltek – egy kivétellel – megnyerték a körzetüket,  a polgármester választás pedig szintén a kormánypárti támogatott sikerét hozta. Igaz ez utóbbi  szoros  végeredménnyel zárult,  hiszen Walter Dezső független jelölt mindössze 634 szavazattal maradt alul a Fideszes Dr. Fodor Tamással szemben. Dr. Fodor Tamás, Sopron MJV. polgármestere / fotó: Leczovics Zsolt – archívum 2014-ben Sopronban 48 372 fő volt jogosult voksolni, azonban az urnákhoz csak 21 004-en járultak, amelyből a végelszámolásnál kiderült, hogy 20 678 darab volt az érvényesnek számító szavazólap. A polgármesterválasztáson akkor négy fő mérte össze az erejét, ahol az addig már a tisztséget betöltő és azt újra vállalni szándékozó Dr. Fodor Tamás ( FIDESZ-KDNP ) ellen Walter Dezső ( Független ), Gőbl Gábor (JOBBIK) valamint Brand Tara ( Független ) szállt ringbe. A 2014-es eredmény azért mondható szorosnak, mert Dr. Fodor Tamás a szavazatok 45.99%-át ( 9 510 db. voks )  kapta, míg Walter Dezső 42.92 %-ot tudhatott magáénak –  ami 8876 voksot jelentett –  így a végeredmény csupán 3,07 %-os különbséget hozott. Ha a másik két polgármesteraspiráns szavazatait nézzük, akkor így utólag [...]

Thailand arrests man amid #royalmotorcade controversy

Thai authorities have arrested and charged a man for posting "inappropriate content" online, cyber police said on Tuesday, as the man's lawyer denied reports his client had criticized the royal family.


it-sa 2019: Perseus bietet Phishing-Simulationstests im Rahmen von kostenfreier Testphase an

Perseus Technologies GmbH: Nürnberg (ots) - Anlässlich des europäischen Aktionsmonats für Cybersicherheit hat die mit dem Digitalen Leuchtturm-Award ausgezeichnete Cyberservices-Plattform Perseus ein neues Angebot zur Eindämmung von Cybergefahren bekannt gegeben und am Rande ...

Conseiller Cyber SOC - OctoSave - Quebec City, QC

Forte compétence en exploitation système (Linux, UNIX, Windows Server) ; OctoSave est un acteur de référence dans le monde de la sécurité des systèmes d…
From OctoSave - Thu, 26 Sep 2019 11:07:26 GMT - View all Quebec City, QC jobs

Apples or avocados? An introduction to adversarial machine learning

A common principle in cybersecurity is to never trust external inputs. It’s the cornerstone of most hacking techniques, as carelessly handled external inputs always introduce the possibility of exploitation. This is equally true for APIs, mobile applications and web applications. It’s also true for deep neural networks.

BREAKING: Iran Cyberattack Targets U.S. Presidential Campaign

And Officials, Journalists, and Expatriates

Re: Debriefer May 24, 2017

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Balancing Act: Cybersecurity in the Connected Classroom

Balancing Act: Cybersecurity in the Connected Classroom Fri, 10/04/2019 - 13:13

With K–12 schools leveraging connected technologies to help improve student outcomes and boost classroom collaboration, effective cybersecurity is not optional. It’s essential to meet student expectations and to satisfy state regulations.

This requires a balancing act: How do educators leverage connected technology without putting student data and other critical information at risk?

With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) in full swing, it’s the perfect time for schools to identify key risks and develop effective security solutions.

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The State of STEM Classrooms

Science, technology, engineering and math initiatives are helping students nationwide prepare for STEM-track careers, but they’re also gaining traction as fundamental aspects of the K–12 curriculum.

This creates a potential cybersecurity gap: Greater adoption of connected tools provides enhanced student opportunity but requires increased oversight of how data is stored, managed and utilized.

Consider the work of Aurora Public Schools, which serves more than 60 area schools and was recently recognized as a leader in education by nonprofit group Colorado Succeeds. According to Kevin Riebau, Director of Learning Resources for APS, the school district is leveraging several connected classroom initiatives to empower student outcomes and launch IT deployments, including:

  • Google Classroom Tools: For Riebau, cloud-based solutions “help manage the day-to-day sharing of resources” among students and staff, creating “feedback loops” that let students develop their own digital footprints. 

    The challenge? Ensuring cloud services provide a secure environment for data storage and comply with current legislation.

  • AR and VR Experiences: APS is now deploying both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences for K–12 students, including “expeditions” for elementary and middle school students and VR-based postsecondary tours for high school students. As noted by Riebau, “It’s not always practical to conduct college tours physically,” and VR lets schools bridge the gap. K–12 schools are also diversifying their device footprints, using everything from school-issued laptops to interactive touch panels. Here, accessibility matters. Who has access to this technology? For what purpose? How is use tracked, cataloged and stored for potential cybersecurity audits?
  • The APS Digital Badge Program: The APS Digital Badge Program uses microcredentials to describe student success across five key areas: collaboration, critical thinking, information literacy, invention and self-direction. Riebau describes the program “as a way to recognize student assets and open doors of opportunity.” Once in high school, students can choose to move their badges from internal networks to public-facing social sites such as LinkedIn. But making this shift from private to public networking introduces risk. Both students and teachers need training on how to effectively handle credentials in-house and ensure the move to public networks doesn’t compromise local data storage.

Doug Bonderud is an award-winning writer capable of bridging the gap between complex and conversational across technology, innovation and the human condition. 


Storage Wars: Choosing a Secure Student Data Solution

Storage Wars: Choosing a Secure Student Data Solution Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:36

Legislators across all 50 states have introduced student data privacy laws. The move makes sense: As educators leverage the benefits of connected classroom technologies, student data is captured and used to personalize the experience.

But what happens to this data when lessons are over and students leave for the summer, or move on to college or the workforce? How do K–12 schools ensure they’re in compliance with local laws and minimize risk without hampering their ability to deliver high-quality, engaging classroom experiences? 

MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out how FERPA has changed over the years and what updates mean for K–12 schools.

Storage Failure Has Consequences for K–12 Schools

Student data isn’t single source. It can include everything from names and birthdates to learning styles, social preferences, grades and even medical histories. Schools bear the burden of security for this data — even if they hire third-party providers to manage its collection, storage and distribution. 

The impact of storage security failure is substantial. In a recent lawsuit, an Illinois woman and her daughter accuse Pearson, the multinational publishing and education company, of exposing the information of more than 1 million students when it failed to detect or respond to a 2018 data breach. 

As noted by The Threat Report, use of an outdated and insecure MongoDB server led to the leak of more than 7 million student records — data that included students’ full names, school names and account authorization keys.

Failure to protect student data, even at arm’s length, could have serious consequences for schools. Lawsuits are one potential outcome, but educational institutions could also find their public reputations irreparably damaged. 

Plus, malicious actors could also glean data from storage breaches to steal students’ identities or launch targeted attacks. As ZDNet reports, 69 percent of schools have been targets of phishing scams, and 30 percent have suffered malware infections.

3 Options for K–12 Student Data Storage

When it comes to securely storing student data, K–12 schools have three broad options: on-premises, cloud-based or a mix of both. Each choice comes with unique challenges and benefits. Here’s what educators need to know.

1. On-Premises Storage: Historically, K–12 schools have used on-premises storage to handle student data. But concerns around aging hardware — from end of life to firmware security flaws and limited storage capacity — are now forcing many organizations to choose: Should they stay onsite, or move data elsewhere?

The biggest benefit of keeping storage local is total control. IT staff members know exactly where data is kept. But location isn’t everything, notes Rob Clyde, former ISACA director and current executive chair of the board of directors for White Cloud Security. Schools need to ask, “What kind of data is it? Is it covered by compliance laws? Is it personal or sensitive?” 

In-house storage requires both situational awareness and strong encryption, Clyde tells EdTech. “For any kind of data, always encrypt,” he says.

Clyde recommends strong off-the-shelf algorithms to help stay ahead of attack efforts and insider threats.

2. Cloud-Based Privacy: Cloud-based storage solutions offer another option for protecting student privacy. Clyde is a big fan of cloud for schools because it “allows more flexibility and lets you scale easier. It gets you out of the business of managing servers and scaling.” 

For schools with smaller IT staffs or that lack administrators dedicated to IT, “the cloud is actually more secure than local servers,” Clyde says. But security doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To address key data privacy concerns in the cloud, Clyde recommends the following:

  • Choose a Major Cloud Vendor. Offerings from industry leaders such Google are feature-rich and unlikely to suddenly close their doors and leave your data in limbo. These vendors also let you specify where data “lives” in the cloud, which is critical to satisfying new data privacy requirements such as GDPR
  • Keep the Keys Safe. Strong encryption reduces data risk, but accessing encrypted data requires a key. What happens if this key is compromised? Keys obfuscated and stored in Software as a Service (SaaS) applications aren’t secure, Clyde says, and “losing the key is just as dangerous.” He suggests keeping master keys on a flash drive and then securely storing this device in a physical vault or safe.
  • Ask the Tough Questions. Third-party providers offer the benefit of scalable storage, easy access and secure key management, but they also introduce risk. If data is compromised, schools are ultimately responsible. Third-party risk assessment is critical, Clyde says. Schools need to ask where data is stored, what encryption methods are used and how cloud vendors are meeting key compliance requirements.

3. Hybrid Solutions: Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean abandoning physical servers. Hybrid solutions offer a way to transition from on-premises to SaaS as hardware ages out or becomes fundamentally insecure. One potential stumbling block is having IT staff who are familiar with local storage but uncertain about cloud offerings. “The red flag is talking about cheap hardware,” Clyde says. If technology pros can’t meet in the middle, “you may need to retrain them or hire different IT staff.” 

MORE FROM EDTECH: See how schools can approach digital citizenship through a combination of curriculum and education technology.

Use a Data Risk Rubric to Evaluate Security Efficiency

As the volume and variety of student data increases, it’s easy for school officials to become overwhelmed. The solution is to go back to the basics. 

No matter the storage option selected, five key rules apply:

  • Minimize Data Collection. The less data collected, the lower your risk. If student data isn’t directly related to key school functions such as attendance, grading or enhanced learning activities, don’t ask for it on paper forms or store it digitally.
  • Purge Wherever Possible. Don’t keep data any longer than necessary. Create standard retention policies that include destruction dates.
  • Always Encrypt. Encrypt data in transit and data at rest to frustrate attacker efforts if systems are compromised.
  • Prioritize Least Privilege. Not all users need access to school data. Limited privileges reduce total risk.
  • Monitor User Activity. Who’s doing what on your system? Deploy monitoring solutions to detect potentially damaging behavior.

Cybersecurity in education is now top priority as students’ personal data is digitally stored to streamline administrative tasks and improve classroom engagement. Failure to protect this data has serious consequences — effective protection demands frank assessment of current storage methods, consideration of new cloud-based options and methodical application of data security best practices.

Doug Bonderud is an award-winning writer capable of bridging the gap between complex and conversational across technology, innovation and the human condition. 


FERPA Compliance in the Digital Age: What K–12 Schools Need to Know

FERPA Compliance in the Digital Age: What K–12 Schools Need to Know Thu, 09/26/2019 - 13:12

More than 50 cities and towns have been affected by ransomware so far this year. That figure, which continues to grow, increasingly includes schools, putting students’ personal data at risk.

As of September 2019, at least 10 school districts have been in the news for their own ransomware attacks, and the U.S. Department of Education reports that hundreds of educational data breaches occur annually.

K–12 schools are already hard-pressed to protect student data under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and to keep students safe from identity theft, fraud and extortion.

Now, some advocates are calling for FERPA, which was established in 1974, to be strengthened and more responsive to the cyber threats of today, including ransomware and data theft.

MORE FROM EDTECH: See how K–12 schools can protect students' data after graduation day.

Erin Cunningham is a writer and editor based in Maryland with experience writing about state and local government, education, technology and more.


Understanding FERPA: How K–12 Schools Can Update Their Data Privacy Approach

Understanding FERPA: How K–12 Schools Can Update Their Data Privacy Approach Fri, 09/20/2019 - 13:11

Administrators and educational staff at schools around the country understand the importance of protecting student privacy. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, signed into law in 1974 by President Gerald Ford, created clear protections for student educational records, limiting the ways school officials can share those records with outside parties and ensuring parents retain access to information about their children.

FERPA is well known within the educational community, but it is often misunderstood. In many cases, administrators believe that FERPA prohibits them from sharing information with anyone, and it is sometimes used as the basis for restricting information sharing among educators within a school.

MORE FROM EDTECH: Biometrics may be a boon for physical security, but some experts have concerns over data privacy. 

What Does FERPA Protect?

In a K–12 setting, the rights extended under FERPA typically apply to the parents of minor students under the age of 18. These protections include:

  • The right to review any educational records maintained by the school about their student
  • The right to request correction of information they believe is incorrect
  • The right to avoid disclosure of student records to third parties without written consent

There are quite a few exceptions to the disclosure consent requirement, including exceptions for basic biographical “directory” information and for cases where the information is being disclosed to authorized school officials for a legitimate educational purpose. Interpreting these provisions can be complicated, and the advice of an attorney who specializes in education law can be invaluable in navigating them.

MORE FROM EDTECH: See how schools can balance student privacy and security protocols.

5 Ways Schools Can Build a Modern Data Privacy Strategy

FERPA’s provisions are common-sense requirements that codify some of the foundational principles of privacy: Individuals should have the right to review and correct their records and control the disclosure of their personal information. 

As schools seek to implement these basic principles in practice, they find the worlds of privacy and cybersecurity are intertwined and complex. 

In the 45 years since FERPA became law, schools have replaced centralized paper records with distributed digital systems that require careful security controls. 

Here are five things that schools can do today to ensure their privacy practices meet modern standards.

  1. Train all faculty and staff on privacy provisions. In a world of distributed data, privacy becomes everyone’s responsibility. Faculty and staff with access to student information systems must understand that they should only retrieve information from that system when they have, in the words of FERPA, a “legitimate educational interest.” Unauthorized browsing of records may constitute a FERPA violation. Similarly, anyone accessing student educational records has a responsibility to protect the privacy of those records and should not disclose them to anyone not eligible to review them under FERPA.

  2. Designate a FERPA guru. FERPA is a constant source of confusion among educators and administrators. Every district should have at least one designated subject matter expert with a deep understanding of the district’s privacy practices. Creating this position does not absolve others of responsibility for complying with FERPA, but it does give them a place to turn when they have questions about tricky privacy issues.

  3. Implement strong, granular access controls. In the early days of student information systems, it wasn’t uncommon for all faculty and staff to have unrestricted access to student records. That approach is not consistent with the “legitimate educational interest” provision of FERPA. Schools should implement access controls that limit record access based upon an individual’s role. This may include both domain-based restrictions and student-based restrictions. For example, a teacher might have access to all record domains but be limited to students in their classes. Or, a school nurse might have access to records about all students, but that access might be domain-limited to health-related information.

  4. Monitor for security threats. Cybersecurity threats are sophisticated and require specific expertise to combat. Districts should designate a technology staff member as their cybersecurity official and charge that person with monitoring security systems for threats. This includes analysis of security logs as well as periodic testing of security controls. Building a strong cybersecurity foundation reduces the likelihood of a major data breach.

  5. Implement data loss prevention technology. One of the biggest challenges in protecting student privacy rests in understanding where educational records are stored and how they move on the network. DLP technology provides this insight, allowing security officials to inventory sensitive records and control their flow across the network. Properly implemented DLP technology can identify and block a potential privacy violation before it takes place.

Preserving privacy is a complex undertaking that requires a mix of sound policy, strong business practices and modern technology. This is a great time for schools to inventory their existing privacy practices and assess whether they are in line with contemporary best practices.

Mike Chapple is associate teaching professor of IT, analytics and operations at the University of Notre Dame. 


Una società russa fornitrice dell' Fsb , legata ai servizi segreti russi subisce un'attacco hacker , 7,5 i terabyte ruba

E' stata la BBC a raccontarne le dinamiche, anche se non del tutto per vie ufficiali, si tratta di una delle più grandi fughe di notizie degli ultimi anni, d'altronde nel mirino è finita SyTech, fornitrice dell' Fsb russo ( servizi segreti russi). Secondo la BBC dunque , un gruppo di hacker , sarebbe riuscito a violare i sistemi di sicurezza dell'Fsb appunto, riuscendo nell'ardua impresa di rubare 7,5 terabyte di dati ed informazioni riservate, da qui si è risaliti ad alcuni progetti a cui stavano lavorando i servizi segreti russi 1- Eliminare dalla rete russa Tor, il browser per l'anonimato e per l'accesso al Deep Web 2- Raccolta di info

FONTE  »  russia hacker cybersecurity
Una società russa fornitrice dell

(Digital life coaching) Primo servizio in Italia di disintossicazione da computer e smartphone

Primo servizio in Italia di disintossicazione da computer e smartphone. Si chiama “Digital life coaching” ed è il primo servizio in Italia di disintossicazione da computer e smartphone. L’obiettivo è uno solo: imparare a gestire correttamente la tecnologia. Le malattie da Rete sono ormai tra le più svariate: sindrome da iperconnessione; no mobile fobia (paura di rimanere senza connessione mobile), Fomo (“fear of missing out”, cioè di essere tagliati fuori dalle reti social), vamping (stare tutta la notte in chat), hikikomori (uso esagerato della rete che porta a condotte di ritiro sociale). E ancora, cyberbullismo, sexting e sextortion, gioco d’azzardo online compulsivo, narcisismo digitale e phubbing (tendenza a ignorare gli altri perché immersi nel proprio cellulare). A lanciare il servizio dalla sede di Milano è Cerba Healt Care, gruppo internazionale dedicato alla diagnostica ambulatoriale.

FONTE  »  digital life coaching internet
(Digital life coaching) Primo servizio in Italia di disintossicazione da computer e smartphone

24 Dicembre, Buone Feste e Buona Vigilia di Natale 2018! Ecco IMMAGINI, GIF, VIDEO, FRASI e CITAZIONI per gli auguri su

Messaggi di auguri personalizzati su WhatsApp per Natale 2018. In questi giorni di festa in cui siamo tutti più felici e spensierati bisogna mantenere alta l’attenzione anche quando si ricevono i messaggi di auguri, soprattutto se questi arrivano da applicazioni come WhatsApp e Facebook Messenger. Il motivo è presto detto, approfittando delle festività natalizie e della grande quantità di persone che in questi giorni stanno utilizzano le app di messaggistica per scambiarsi gli auguri di Natale, un gruppo di cyber criminali ha pensato di realizzare un sito web che promette di realizzare auguri di Natale personalizzati, un servizio che in realtà nasconde un pericoloso virus. Utilizzando il portale in questione, infatti, molti utenti italiani si sono ritrovati iscritti a costosi abbonamenti a pagamento che scalano il credito telefonico dagli smartphone.

FONTE  »  buon natale natale auguri
24 Dicembre, Buone Feste e Buona Vigilia di Natale 2018! Ecco IMMAGINI, GIF, VIDEO, FRASI e CITAZIONI per gli auguri su

Sei selezionTruffa: ato in modo casuale per ricevere un Samsung Galaxy S9 GRATIS

Sei selezionato in modo casuale per ricevere un Samsung Galaxy S9 GRATIS.State visitando un sito web ed all’improvviso si apre una schermata che vi annuncia la possibilita` di vincere un Samsung Galaxy S9, l’ultimo modello di punta della Samsung. Ma attenzione, si tratta solo di una truffa e potreste perdere addirittura dei soldi, parliamo di circa 30/40 euro al mese. Vediamo cosa accade e come avviene il raggiro da parte dei cybercriminali informati...

FONTE  »  trufa
Sei selezionTruffa: ato in modo casuale per ricevere un Samsung Galaxy S9 GRATIS

Che ci fa in Italia l'Intelligenza artificiale?

Come se la cava da noi, qui in italia l'Intelligenza artificiale, oggetti e software con QI elevatissimi riescono ad essere integrati nel nostro paese. Per affrontare queste sfide è stato approntato il Piano Triennale per l’informatica nella Pubblica amministrazione , che contiene indicazioni operative per lo sviluppo di : ecosistemi digitali o aree di policy (sanità, scuola, giustizia, etc.), infrastrutture immateriali (che comprendono le piattaforme abilitanti e i dati della PA), infrastrutture fisiche e cybersecurity.

FONTE  »  internet of things big data analytics
Che ci fa in Italia l

GPG agent timeouts


This is see the GPG passphrase dialog pop up less often. Probably a security win because every time I get prompted for a passphrase there is a risk that I will fumble-finger it and type the passphrase into a chat window instead.


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What I really want to be able to do is make ssh-agent and gpg-agent forget their keys before the machine suspends. Looks like Running scripts before and after suspend with systemd is a good way to do that.

Also, hey, kids, paper!

market for trading software issues | Journal of Cybersecurity | Oxford Academic

Open source software forms much of our digital infrastructure. It, however, contains vulnerabilities which have been exploited, attracted public attention, and caused large financial damages. This article proposes a solution to shortcomings in the current economic situation of open source software development. The main idea is to introduce price signals into the peer production of software. This is achieved through a trading market for futures contracts on the status of software issues.

(by Rao et al., and yes, I'm one of the "et al.")


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Распространить опыт по взиманию налога на самозанятых на всю Российскую Федерацию уже с 2020 года предложила Валентина Матвиенко, пояснив: «Мне кажется, не стоит затягивать этот вопрос, который давно надо было решать», –

и можно не сомневаться: поскольку двуглавая птица нынче готова клевать и по зернышку, затягивать не станут; опыт будет распространен без раскачки. Иной вопрос, как проследить за исполнением? Ведь какой-нибудь студент Вася или слесарь Петя плевать хотели на державный интерес, они только о себе думают и готовы пойти на все, чтобы не платить налоги, а потому хрен будут сами сообщать, что-де дали пару уроков или починили кран-другой, - и как тут быть?

В принципе, никак. За такой мелочью никакая фискальная служба не уследит, - но Российская Федерация, слава Богу, пребывает на том этапе развития, когда и против наглой мелочи, готовой пойти на такое тяжкое преступление, как уклонение от налогов, методы есть. Достаточно всего-то на уровне от района и выше учредить ведомство ябедников со штатом верных послухов (доброхоты завсегда сыщутся), дабы, уличив татя в уклонении от мыта, ставить его подворье

на позор (обыск), самого же сперва на правеж, а затем на поток и разграбление (высылка с конфискацией). Чаю, сей комплекс мер, проводимый с неуклонною строгостию, не только быстро сократит число желающих нажиться за счет родного государства, но и, скрепив досадно расшатавшуюся вервь исконными скрепами, пойдет во благо скорейшему возвращению к истокам, без которого державе в тяготу встанет, пресеча в корне потуги к всяческому гилю, всеконечно ся укрепити...


10/03 Links Pt1: Rina Shnerb's alleged murderer linked to European-funded BDS affiliates; The Arab World Can’t Blame All of Its Problems on the West; IDF indicts 5 Palestinians in murder of soldier Dvir Sorek

From Ian:

Rina Shnerb's alleged murderer linked to European-funded BDS affiliates
Samer Arbid, the alleged leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist cell responsible for murdering 17-year-old Rina Shnerb near Dolev in August, worked for a European-funded NGO linked to BDS, NGO Monitor reported on Wednesday.

Arbid, 44, considered one of the PFLP’s top officials in Ramallah, was previously arrested for preparing PFLP explosive devices during the Second Intifada.

IDF and Border Police forces arrested him on Sunday for allegedly preparing and detonating the improvised explosive device that killed Shnerb and wounded her father Eitan and brother Dvir.

On Monday, Haaretz reported that the Justice Ministry opened an investigation into “potential wrongdoing” by officers of the Shin Bet (Israeli Security Agency) after Arbid was in critical condition in at Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mount Scopus following his interrogation, which involved torture. It was subsequently reported that the agents were authorized to conduct a “violent interrogation” but went “too far.”

Media sources reported on Tuesday that the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) and several Joint List MKs sent a letter to Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit demanding a criminal investigation be opened regarding Arbid’s interrogation.

According to the NGO Monitor, Arbid was listed as an accountant for Addameer (Arabic for conscience) Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, a Palestinian NGO that provides legal representation to Palestinians detained in Israel. The Ramallah-based organization’s mandate includes “ending torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment inflicted upon Palestinian prisoners” and “guaranteeing fair, impartial and public trials.” The organization was listed as a PFLP-affiliated institution on Fatah’s website in September 2015.
NGO Monitor: Samer Arbid’s Alleged Terror Activities, Arrests, and NGO Affiliations
According to Israeli security officials, on August 23, 2019, Samer Arbid commanded a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terror cell that carried out a bombing against Israeli civilians, murdering 17-year old Rina Shnerb, and injuring her father and brother. According to the Israel Security Agency (Shabak), Arbid prepared and detonated the explosive device.

Ties to PFLP-linked NGOs
Arbid worked for Addameer – a Palestinian NGO closely linked to the PFLP, 1 which listed him as the organization’s accountant for several years.

In addition to his work for Addameer, Arbid appears to have worked for another NGO with ties to the PFLP, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC). According to Samidoun, yet another PFLP-linked NGO, Arbid was the “financial director of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in the West Bank” in 2016.
Prior Arrests
- In an Addameer-produced video from April 2013, Arbid describes his numerous arrests. He states that he was arrested at the beginning of 2003 and sentenced to two and a half years in prison, and served an additional year in administrative detention.
- According to Samidoun, Arbid was placed in administrative detention from March 2007 to August 2008.
- Similarly, Samidoun reported that Arbid was arrested on September 23, 2013 and placed in administrative detention.
- According to Samidoun, Arbid “was ordered to an additional three months’ administrative detention” on March 12, 2016.

Israel reportedly arrests another Palestinian behind the deadly Dolev Spring attack
A senior member of the terror cell suspected of being responsible for the West Bank bombing that killed teenager Rina Shnerb in August was arrested by Israeli security forces early on Thursday, Palestinian media reported.

According to the reports, security forces arrested Walid Muhammed Hanatsheh at his home in the village of al-Tireh outside of Ramallah during overnight arrest raids across the West Bank, which saw 13 Palestinians arrested by IDF troops and Border Police officers.

Wafa News reported that the raids took place in several villages in the Ramallah area including Kobar, Deir Abu Mashaal, Jifna and al-Tireh. During Hanatsheh’s arrest, a Palestinian TV cameraman was injured after troops fired a rubber bullet toward rioters.

Hanatsheh, who acts as finance and administration manager for the health work committees (HWC), has been a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine since the Second Intifada, and has been arrested by Israel several times for his membership in the terrorist group.
BBC-promoted NGO’s terror links surface again
The terror cell leader, Samer Arbid, was employed (despite his past history of involvement in terror activity) as an accountant by the Palestinian NGO ‘Addameer’ which is known for its links to the PFLP – a designated terror organisation in the US, the EU, Canada and Israel.

Five days after Rina Shnerb was murdered the BBC News website published a video report which included an interview with the director of ‘Addameer’, Sahar Francis.

Partisan report on detained Palestinian ‘children’ from BBC’s Gender and Identity correspondent

That heavily promoted report was made available on the BBC News website for fourteen consecutive days.

In other words the producers of that report, along with additional BBC journalists, apparently saw nothing at all problematic in the amplification of the unchallenged narrative of a political NGO that is linked to a terrorist organisation that the BBC knows has murdered Israeli civilians in the past and which, we now learn, employed the leader of the PFLP terror cell apparently responsible for the brutal murder of a seventeen-year-old out hiking with her family.

How the Myth of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict’s Supreme Importance Distorted 70 Years of American Middle East Policy
After failing in 1948 to stop the U.S. from supporting the creation of a Jewish state, writes Samuel Tadros, the Middle East experts of the State Department put forth the theory that America could not achieve its strategic goals in the region without first solving the Arab-Israeli conflict. This soon became “dogma” in Foggy Bottom, at think tanks, and in academia. Even President Trump, for all his unorthodoxies, is not immune to the allure peacemaking.

In reality, no one [in the Middle East] actually cared about the Palestinians, at least not the region’s rulers. [Their] priorities were everywhere besides Palestine: toppling the monarchs for some, searching for hegemony for others, or, for most, simply protecting their rule from revolutionary upheaval. The Palestinians, if they were considered at all, served simply as a bargaining chip; a cause to rally supporters and attack opponents.

Despite this, Washington’s Middle East experts were not deterred. The centrality of the issue was never to be questioned, but the method to solve it changed.

[Today], stepping back from the details and daily changes on the ground, [it is necessary to confront] an inconvenient proposition: maybe there is no solution to the conflict. After all, it is uniquely American to think that every problem must have a solution. Maybe the reality is that there are two peoples who claim the same piece of land and that no amount of effort or innovative solutions can solve this simple fact.
The Arab World Can’t Blame All of Its Problems on the West
For the past several weeks, the death of Israa Ghrayeb, a twenty-one-year-old Palestinian woman, has garnered much attention on Arabic-language social media and also in the Arab press. Ghrayeb was apparently beaten to death by family members for appearing in public—at a café—with her fiancé. To Hussain Abdul-Hussain, her death is a stark reminder of the ways in which Arab intellectuals have used the ideas of the Egyptian-American literature professor Edward Said, along with the those of the many postcolonial theorists who followed in his footsteps, to avoid critical examination of honor killings and other social ills:

“Orientalism” [was the term Said gave to] the collection of stereotypes through which the West is purported to understand the Middle East. For anti-colonialists . . . those stereotypes are proof that the colonial powers failed to understand the people they colonized. Honor killing is one of the stereotypes unjustly attributed to Muslims and Arabs, so the argument goes. But it is no stereotype. . . . It is a reality.

Though women are the main victims, honor killing falls under the Islamist concept of “promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.” For many Arabs and Muslims, this involves the restoration of some long-ago, supposedly perfect society that exists only in their imagination. But [this mythic ideal] is used to justify killing adulterers (of both sexes) or homosexuals or men who are perceived as effeminate, such as the Iraqi teenager whose murder by stabbing was recorded by his killer. . . . In Lebanon, a non-Druze man who married a Druze woman had his penis cut off by relatives of the bride.

Honor killing . . . is a flaw in Muslim society and it can be rectified only if that society is prepared to look inward at itself rather than blaming outsiders. . . . [B]ashing colonialism and Orientalism won’t solve the [Arab world’s] problems. On the contrary, it will only conceal them. . . . [T]o eradicate an abomination such as honor killing, Arabs and Muslims must first acknowledge its existence and take ownership of it.
PMW: Palestinian women's lives endangered by PA religious leaders' ruling
Top PA religious figures prohibit Palestinian women from submitting complaints over spouses to Israeli police

PA Ministry of Justice is working on improving legislation on family matters, including "ensuring punishment of those who commit crimes from a motive of honor"

The Israeli Arab party The Joint List has announced that it will boycott today's swearing-in ceremony of the Israeli Parliament in protest of what it calls the government's failure to address the rising levels of violence in Arab towns. Yet while Israeli Arab politicians are complaining that not enough is being done to tackle the growing problem of violence in Israeli Arab communities, the PA is telling Palestinian women not to go to the Israeli police with complaints over their husbands
"Anti-Normalization" With Israel: The True Goal
An anti-Israel group called the Association for Supporting Resistance and Confronting Normalization claimed that Jordanians who work in Eilat and other Israeli cities are often recruited as informants by the Israeli security services. The group accused the Jordanian government of "complying with all the demands of the Zionists on the pretext of cooperation for the sake of peace." The claim that Jordanians who go to work in Israel or help clean the beach are recruited as spies is aimed at painting them as traitors, a charge that is likely to put their lives at risk.

Instead of thanking Israel for allowing Jordanians to come and work in Eilat, the "anti-normalization" activists are inciting the workers to boycott Israel. These activists, of course, are not offering the Jordanian workers jobs and salaries.

In March 2019, Israel agreed to increase by 33% the number of Jordanian day laborers employed at hotels in Eilat from 1,500 to 2,000. The permits for the Jordanians are designed to allow them to work in the hotel industry of Eilat, close to the border with Jordan. The move is part of an agreement signed between Israel and Jordan to advance ties between the two countries through economic and social cooperation initiatives.

As far as the "anti-normalization" activists are concerned, inciting their people against Israel and the Jordanian workers is more important than any economic and social initiatives. These activists hate Israel to a point where they prefer to see 2,000 workers lose their jobs than continue working and earning good salaries in Eilat.

If greeting a Jew on his or her holiday, cleaning the beach with an Israeli, or working in Israel are considered by many Arabs a "crime," what will be the fate of any Arab who makes peace with Israel?

Those who are calling for boycotts of Israel -- and are threatening and inciting their people against any Arab who dares to host a Jew or send him or her greetings -- are also emphatically opposed to peace with Israel. For them, making peace with the "Zionist entity" is considered an act of treason. They are worried that an Arab who greets a Jew may one day make peace with Israel. They are worried that an Arab state that hosts Israeli athletes may one day make peace with Israel. They are worried that Arabs who go to work in Israel may fall in love with Israelis and stop thinking of ways to kill them or destroy Israel.
US gives cold shoulder to major Palestinian donor parley
The United States gave a cold shoulder last week to the major bi-annual meeting for donor aid to the Palestinian Authority, known as the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), which has operated for the last 25 years.

“We limited our participation to working-level observers only,” US special envoy Jason Greenblatt told The Jerusalem Post this week as he described the downgrade.

It is the latest Trump administration action against traditional venues that help provide financial assistance to Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority.

As part of its peace plan known as the “Deal of the Century,” the administration plans to create new funding venues for the Palestinians, the blueprint for which was unveiled at a Bahrain conference in June. But action on the plan is dependent on success with the political part of the peace process, which has yet to be published.

The US was previously one of the largest donors to the Palestinians and the PA, providing upward of half-a-billion dollars a year through the United Nations and other venues, but it has slowly halted that funding over the last two years.

The high-level 15 member AHLC meeting, held in the spring in Brussels and in the fall in New York, is one of the bedrock pillars of international funding for the Palestinians. It has remained a neutral venue where Israelis, Palestinians and the United States interact, even when all other communication is frozen.

In the past, the meetings chaired by Norway have been attended by high-level officials such as Greenblatt, or secretaries of state such as John Kerry. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini often attends, and was one of the dignitaries who gathered in New York for the meeting on September 26.
Rivlin: Israel is in crisis, needs government now
Israeli democracy is in a state of emergency, and a government must be formed as soon as possible, President Reuven Rivlin said at the 22nd Knesset’s inaugural meeting, which was overshadowed by the political uncertainty on Thursday.

Rivlin and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein addressed the long period of political uncertainty, which saw the 21st Knesset be inaugurated and dissolved in a period of less than two months, less than six months ago. They both said the solution is a unity government.

“We are facing a time of crisis for the House of Jacob, an emergency for Israel’s security and for Israeli society, an emergency for Israeli democracy,” Rivlin said. “Forming a government is not only the wish of the people. More than ever, in times like these, it is an economic and security need the likes of which we have not known for many years.”

Rivlin said a broad governing coalition would allow Israelis “to put the disagreements between us to one side and work on finding areas of give us all an opportunity to breathe a little, to heal.”

The President listed a number of “real life” areas that the government must address, from combatting the Iranian threat to making day-care cheaper to tacking rising crime in Arab communities.
Lapid forgoing rotation as prime minister
Blue and White’s co-candidate for prime minister in last month’s election, MK Yair Lapid, announced on Thursday that he would no longer be a candidate for prime minister in the next government.

The announcement came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused him of being the obstacle to the formation of a national unity government. Netanyahu said Lapid was trying to stop Gantz from joining a coalition government that he is currently trying to form because he would not give up his goal of rotating in the Prime Minister’s Office with Gantz.

“For the sake of a unity government, I’m forgoing the rotation,” Lapid told the Blue and White Party. “There won’t be a rotation with three people. That’s not serious. Running a country is a serious matter. It’s far more important to me that there’s unity in the country. That there won’t be another election. That this country begins a healing process. Mends the wounds. Changes the national priorities.”

Lapid warned that Netanyahu is trying everything to drag Israel to its third election within a year.

“One man with three indictments stands between us and a national unity government,” he said. “That’s what the country needs.

This country needs a national unity government led by Blue and White, with Likud, with Liberman, with Labor. That’s what we said throughout the campaign. In that government there will be a rotation. Gantz will be prime minister for the first two years. There’s no other option.”

Lapid ruled out a coalition in which Gantz rotates as prime minister with Netanyahu but did not rule out a rotation with another Likud leader.
Benjamin Netanyahu invites Avigdor Liberman to join coalition
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman to join the government he is forming, in a meeting Thursday morning at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu told his former aide and ally and current political nemesis that he should join as soon as possible in order to contribute to the formation of a unity government.

But Netanyahu’s spokesman said there did not end up being a breakthrough in the meeting.

Liberman released a statement after the meeting saying that he urged Netanyahu to have Likud, Blue and White and Yisrael Beytenu meet to decide the next government's guidelines on policy and only then deal with distributing portfolios and who should go first in a rotation in the Prime Minister's Office.

"I am making a major effort to form a broad unity government," Netanyahu told the Likud faction. "This is what the voters decided, and this is what is right. This should be taken for granted."

Following the meeting with Liberman, Netanyahu went to update the heads of the right-wing and religious parties in his political bloc.
IDF indicts 5 Palestinians in murder of soldier Dvir Sorek
The IDF Prosecution filed an indictment in the Judea Military Court on Thursday against five Palestinians in connection with the murder of IDF Corporal Dvir Sorek on August 8.

The five Palestinians, all of who are affiliated with Hamas according to the indictment, are: Qasem al-atzafra, Nazir al-atzafra, Ahmad al-atzafra, Yusef Zahur and Mahmoud Atuna.

Previously, the IDF announced that it sent messages to the defendants' families announcing its intention to demolish their houses.
Some of the defendants have already objected and the High Court of Justice will hear the issue on October 31.

The stabbing attack occurred against Sorek near Migdal Oz on August 8.
Greenblatt: PA Must End "Pay to Slay"
U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt told Asharq Al-Awsat in an interview: "I can't imagine a world in which a peace agreement is signed where issues like the Palestinian Authority's 'Pay to Slay' program remains - a program that rewards terrorists who murder or attack Israelis. It's a basic concept that you cannot encourage people to kill and expect a peace deal that works."

"I can't imagine the Israeli government ever signing such an agreement. It would make no sense and it's completely antithetical to the concept of peace. To deal with that abhorrent program, the USA has cut all funding to the PA and we continuously raise awareness of this issue to other donor countries. I cannot understand how donor countries continue to donate funds knowing that some of their taxpayers' money is used to fund terrorism and the murder of Israelis."
PA claims 24 'incursions' on Temple Mount
The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs published a report on the holy sites, which included 24 Jewish 'incursions' of the al-Aqsa mosque and 52 cases of denial of prayer for prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque in the Patriarchs Cave.

The Ministry of Endowments accused Israel of continuing the 'siege' and intervention at the Ibrahimi Mosque (the Cave of the Patriarchs) and closed it completely to Muslim worshipers during Rosh Hashanah.

According to the report, the Israeli authorities were not only content with preventing Muslims from entering the place, but they allowed settlers to get on the roof of the Cave of the Patriarchs and IDF soldiers attacked and humiliated Muslim workers.

It was also alleged that the "occupation forces" demolished the Al-Uma Mosque in Jabal Jawhar Hevron, which was in final stages of construction, and the level of incitement at the Al-Aqsa Mosque increased as Jewish holidays and the calls of the Temple Mount trustees came closer.
Hamas Takes Action in Nepotism Case following Public Pressure
Every year, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umra hosts for free 1,000 people from the families of Palestinian martyrs to perform the hajj in Mecca.

After Anas Radwan, son of Hamas leader Ismail Radwan, went on the pilgrimage, activists argued on social media that he did not have the right to do so.

To calm public anger, Hamas formed a committee to investigate the incident, which concluded that Anas was not supposed to join the pilgrims. He was fined 5,000 dinars ($7,000), to be distributed among those who were denied travel to Mecca.

The Palestinian street is not accustomed to Hamas disclosing the details of any punitive measures against its leaders and members.

Israel-Egypt gas deal gets a boost as shares soar
Gas giant Delek Group Ltd.’s announcement that it had updated an agreement for the export of liquefied natural gas from the Leviathan and Tamar offshore reservoirs to Egypt sent share prices soaring on Wednesday.

In February 2018, Delek Drilling and Texas-based Noble Energy – partners in the Leviathan and Tamar LNG projects – signed a $15b. decade-long deal to supply 64 billion cu.m. of natural gas to Egypt’s Dolphinus Holdings Ltd.

The new agreement provides for a 35% increase in the total gas supply that will now reach 85 billion cu. m.

“The agreement is a further proof of the important economic cooperation between the two countries and the tremendous positive impact that these relations have on the Egyptian economy and the Israeli economy, as well as the great potential for additional cooperation in the mutual interest of the parties,” Yossi Abu, CEO of Delek Drilling, said in a statement on Wednesday.

The deal with Egypt followed a September 2016 agreement worth $10b. between Jordan’s National Electric Power Company Ltd. and the Leviathan project partners to supply a gross quantity of 45 billion cu.m. of natural gas to Israel’s eastern neighbor over 15 years.
Death Toll Climbs as Iraqi Protests Escalate for Third Day
Police and gunmen exchanged fire in a southern Iraqi city on Thursday killing one person, after 11 others were killed overnight as nationwide anti-government protests escalated into one of the worst security challenges in years.

At least 19 people have been killed since the protests erupted three days ago, seemingly independent of any organized political party and taking the security forces by surprise.

Police said protesters carrying guns had fired at them in the town of Rifae on Thursday morning, near the southern city of Nassiriya where seven people died overnight. Fifty people were wounded in Rifae, including five policemen, they said, adding to hundreds already injured across the country.

Clashes in another southern city, Amara, killed four people overnight.

A curfew, lifted early in the morning in southern cities, was reimposed immediately in Nassiriya and later in Amara.

In Baghdad, the authorities attempted to head off protests by imposing a curfew from 5 a.m. Troops patrolled main roads and public spaces, but by morning sporadic demonstrations had begun, and troops opened fire with live rounds to disperse them.

“Despite the curfew we are going out to protest to call for our rights. We want to change the regime. They have arrested our people. They have done things to our people they did not even do to Islamic State,” a youth told Reuters TV after gunshots could be heard nearby.

“They have beat them up and humiliated them while firing live gunfire. What did we do? Are we suicide bombers? We are here to call for our rights and all these people.”
Report: Iranian Entrenchment in Syria (PDF)
Iran's deployment of its own forces and proxy militias recruited from other countries has been decisive in the Assad regime's reversal of territorial losses to the Syrian opposition.

As a result, Iran now has wide latitude to pursue its own geopolitical agenda on Syrian territory, including the introduction of sophisticated weapons systems that will enable Iran to open a new front against Israel and threaten freedom of navigation in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Syria Study Group believes the U.S. can still influence the outcome of the Syrian war in a manner that protects U.S. interests.

The U.S. has meaningful tools of leverage to prevent the reemergence of ISIS and counter other terrorist groups, stop Iran from turning Syria into a forward operating base, provide relief to displaced Syrians and Syria's hard-pressed neighbors, and advance a political outcome that stops Syrian territory from serving as a net exporter of terrorism and instability.

The key near-term goal should be to prevent further entrenchment of Iran and its partners and proxies while raising the cost to Iran for its actions in Syria.

To this end, the U.S. should continue its support of Israeli air strikes; enforce sanctions aimed at undermining Iran's ability to fund its proxies and partners in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq; and maintain the U.S. military presence at the al-Tanf military base.

The U.S. should insist that any political settlement require the withdrawal of Iranian forces and proxies from Syria.
France: President Macron Must Stop Appeasing Iran's Mullahs
Has French President Emmanuel Macron forgotten that he is helping and appeasing a state leading in human rights violations? In 2018, according to Javaid Rehman, the UN expert on human rights in Iran, at least 273 people were executed in Iran, and 6,000 over ten years, according to Iran Human Rights.

In addition, the use of cruel and inhuman punishment is also on the rise in Iran; according to Amnesty International, the use of various forms of torture such as amputation and flogging has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Macron also fails to recognize that the nuclear deal never contained or adequately addressed Iran's multifaceted threats, which include but are not limited to: The arming and financing of terror and militia groups in the region; intervening in the internal affairs of regional countries; pursing a sectarian agenda by pitting Shiites and Sunnis against each other; carrying out cyber attacks against other nations; and committing human rights violations inside Iran and abroad through its proxies.
IRGC Commander Confirms Missile-Cities Hidden under Iran's Mountains
We have been digging tunnels since 1984 when we first began making missiles.” These were the words of Revolutionary Guards general Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the IRGC’s Aerospace Force. He was interviewed by the Iranian regime’s Documentary TV a few hours after the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)- US representative office, revealed the existence of numerous tunnel formations across Iran that were used to stock long-range missiles.

Hajizadeh had played a vital role in the September 14, 2019 drone and cruise-missile attack against Saudi Arabia’s ARAMCO facilities deep inside Saudi territory, according to information revealed on September 30 by the NCRI’s US representative office in Washington DC.

Even though Hajizadeh is not a member of the regime’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), according to the NCRI’s information, provided by the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK), he was present in the SNSC’s session on July 31, 2019, when the decision to prepare an attack on Saudi oilfields was made.

After the decision was approved by the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Hajizadeh was instructed to begin the implementation of the plan.

More than ten points of construction/stockpiling of missiles with ranges of up to 2000 km were revealed for the first time by the NCRI’s US representative office. Satellite photos of all the locations were made available to the public.

“We have to protect our arsenal in an adequate way. The idea goes back to 1984, just when we began thinking of missiles. Before the first such material was imported into the country, we had already begun digging the tunnels to hide them,” Hajizadeh affirmed in his interview, broadcast a few hours after the revelations made by the Iranian Resistance.

PreOccupiedTerritory: Pakistan Wondering How Much Longer It Can Keep Citizen Anger Focused On Faraway Israel (satire)
A proven political strategy to divert popular resentment from the corrupt, repressive government and toward an outside foe might not remain effective forever, a new report by this Islamic country’s ministry of the interior warns.

Israel remains a potent rhetorical magnet for focusing Pakistanis’ anger despite its physical distance and negligible measurable impact on Pakistani lives, acknowledged the report, but the authors caution that overplaying the Israel card may carry unwanted consequences during a time of increased access to alternative sources of information that can both attenuate the desired anti-Israel and anti-Jewish effect of the rhetoric and reflect some of the anger back at Pakistan’s own leadership. The risk of this development has reached a likelihood unknown thirty years ago, according to the report, and appears to increase with each passing year, such that by the middle of this century, it estimates, Pakistan may be forced to forgo anti-Zionism as a primary domestic pacification strategy.

“Whereas during the latter half of the previous century the very mention of Israel, Zionists, or Palestine served as a reliable lightning rod for popular anger, it no longer riles the populace as it once did,” the report warned. “An outright majority of Pakistanis still view an assertive Jewish presence on historically Muslim-ruled land as a source of existential shame, but indications have emerged that they no longer rank that shame at the top of their troubles, a development that points to an emerging challenge for the leadership in deflecting attention from its cronyism, nepotism, incompetence, corruption, support for terrorists, warped domestic priorities, and other issues best left shrouded in distraction.”

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

Thailand arrests man amid #royalmotorcade controversy

Thai authorities have arrested and charged a man for posting "inappropriate content" online, cyber police said on Tuesday, as the man's lawyer denied reports his client had criticised the royal family.

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“Cyber Hunt” Legislation Passes U.S. Senate: Any Implications for Business?

In a legislative environment charitably described as challenging, the fact that the Senate recently passed cybersecurity legislation by unanimous consent is noteworthy and highlights the bipartisan nature of this issue. The DHS Cyber Hunt and Incident Response Act responds to the recent spate of ransomware attacks against government agencies and private sector organizations. It would require the Department of Homeland Security to form “cyber hunt” and incident response teams that could be called upon to assist federal, state, and local entities to respond to a ransomware or other type of cybersecurity incident or to identify vulnerabilities in their systems that may increase the likelihood and success of a future attack. While continued government attention to the availability of cybersecurity capabilities should be welcomed by the private sector, the extent to which businesses will directly benefit from this legislation is unclear given its focus.

Poésie perso



Je me lance dans une rubrique Poésie.
Je ne vais pas reprendre dans cet article, les poésies d'auteurs que bien des cybercollègues proposent très bien présentées sur leur blog.
Mais il m'arrive, selon les besoins,  d'inventer entièrement des poésies ou de transformer des poésies
Cela me permet de changer un peu...même si ce n'est pas parfait !!!

septembre 2019

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Web Development - MondalCybernetics - Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

While we are quick to adopt latest in Engineering, we care utmost for security, stability and automation. Building for Scale, Rapid Iterative Development and…
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G DATA Studie: Mitarbeiter in mittelständischen Unternehmen lösen Cyberattacken aus

G DATA CyberDefense AG: Bochum (ots) - Umfrage des Cyber Defense-Anbieters zeigt: Unternehmen haben das Potenzial von Awareness-Schulungen erkannt - nutzen es aber bislang nicht. Acht von zehn mittelständischen Unternehmen in Deutschland sind der Meinung, dass ihre ...

U.S. And U.K. Governments Issue Update Now Warning For Windows, macOS And Linux Users

When both the U.S. and U.K. government issue a rare “update now” warning about an ongoing cybersecurity exploit, it's time to start paying attention.

Crossword Cybersec : FTSE 250 company to use Rizikon Assurance

7:00 AM: (CCS) FTSE 250 company to use Rizikon Assurance


Cyber resilience: Who is responsible for identifying/marking covered defense information?

It sets out arrangements for the exchange of a variety of cyber defence-related information and assistance to improve cyber incident prevention, resilience and response capabilities, identify threats and vulnerabilities; test your security posture; information governance risk and compliance; information security program development ; evaluate third party cyber risk; prepare for […]

Ryuk es el actual ransomware que esta afectando a muchas instituciones españolas


Este es el virus que secuestra ayuntamientos españoles y también te puede afectar a ti

Ryuk es un 'ransomware' de origen ruso que ha encriptado las bases de datos de varios consistorios españoles y que preocupa incluso al FBI

Foto: (Foto: Reuters)

Los 'ransomware' son uno de los mayores quebraderos de cabeza de los expertos en ciberseguridad en la actualidad. Estos sofisticados virus han llegado a poner en jaque empresas a nivel global, haciendo saltar todas las alarmas, ocurrió con Wannacry en 2017 o Petya en 2016, y, pese al paso de los años, aún siguen haciendo estragos. En estos momentos no hay ningún gran virus que esté arrasando el planeta como los mencionados, pero sí desarrollos más pequeños pero muy lucrativos y peligrosos. Uno de ellos es Ryuk, el 'ransomware' que, según medios locales, tiene secuestrado, desde hace al menos dos días, el Ayuntamiento de Jerez de la Frontera y que atacó en esos mismos momentos a varias instituciones vascas.

Desde el pasado 2 de octubre el consistorio gaditano vive una situación de bastante gravedad y es que alguien ha cifrado toda su base de datos y pide un importante rescate en 'bitcoins' para liberarla. Aunque el propio consistorio, que ya ha avisado al Centro Criptográfico Nacional, no ha confirmado que sea este el virus en concreto, medios locales como MásJerez dan como bueno este dato citando fuentes internas. Lo cierto es que tiene bastante sentido tanto por el tipo de ataque como por el momento en el que se ha producido.

De Wannacry a Petya: cómo un 'ransomware' ha paralizado (otra vez) el mundo

Utiliza un gusano armado con un 'exploit' de la NSA que ha dejado en la estacada a ordenadores de grandes multinacionales de todo el mundo

Ese mismo virus ha atacado otras instituciones españolas este inicio de octubre como el Ayuntamiento de Bilbao, el de Santurtzi o la Fundación Hazi. Pero de confirmarse la noticia, Jerez no sería solo otro caso en España sino que se sumaría a una lista de afectados tan grande que hasta el propio FBI ha tomado cartas en el asunto.

En los últimos días varios hospitales de Estados Unidos y Australia han sufrido ataques muy similares al de Jerez, todos con la firma de Ryuk, y en lo que se refiere a ayuntamientos el problema no se queda atrás. En abril, la ciudad californiana de Imperial County y el pueblo de Stuart, en Florida, también recibieron la visita de este 'gusano'. El último caso mediático se dio en septiembre cuando New Bedford (Massachusetts) se negó a pagar los 5,3 millones de dólares en bitcoins que pedía el 'hacker' en cuestión.

Ayuntamiento de Jerez de la Frontera. (Foto: EFE)

En ese caso la institución supo lidiar con lo ocurrido y gracias a algo de suerte (el ataque no llego a afectar a toda la base de datos), una buena negociación y una fuerte inversión en ciberseguridad, se libraron de dar nada de dinero, pero otras sí tuvieron que rascarse el bolsillo. Las instituciones estadounidenses calculan que solo explotando este virus los piratas han conseguido hacerse con más de 3 millones de dólares en rescates.

¿Cómo funciona el virus?

Ya conocemos los casos, pero ¿cómo funciona concretamente este 'ransomware' y qué lo hace tan peligroso? Pues, como explica Sergio de los Santos, especialista en ciberseguridad de ElevenPaths, las claves están en su sofisticación. "Al final este tipo de virus funcionan casi como un producto empresarial más. Los que lo crean (esta vez para que son un grupo llamado Grim Spider, de origen ruso) y lo explotan lo hacen de forma muy profesional, sabiendo exactamente su objetivo y lo que buscan, y hacen todo para conseguirlo. Por eso es tan complicado detectarlos a priori".

De los Santos explica que Ryuk se trata de una evolución de un virus nacido en 2017 llamado Hermes y que funcionaba de forma muy similar. "Para que te hagas una idea, estos virus funcionan por campañas. Se actualizan se ponen a punto y se lanzan hasta que los sistemas de control se actualizan y consiguen encontrar una barrera contra estos gusanos. En ese momento vuelven a modificarlos y la rueda sigue".

En este caso, como explica el experto, tuvieron una primera gran campaña el verano de 2018, cuando lanzaron el primer Ryuk y luego han seguido actualizando, lanzando y recopilando dinero. "Al contrario que Wannacry y demás, son virus que intentan pasar desapercibidos. Atacan objetivos muy concretos, casi todo empresas o instituciones, les sacan el dinero y se van. Así no hacen saltar las alarmas y es más complicado que el resto se preparen contra él".

(Foto: EFE)

Además, su peligrosidad también reside en la profundidad del ataque. "Normalmente explotan siempre las mismas vulnerabilidades, que son las que tienen bien estudiadas, y entran hasta el fondo sin saber muy bien lo que se van a encontrar. Una vez dentro van hasta el 'core' (la base de datos central), la encriptan con uno de los sistemas más indescifrables que existen hoy en día y no salen hasta que les das lo que piden". De los Santos habla de que una de las vulnerabilidades que más explotan son los siempre delicados Escritorios Remoto o Terminal Server. "Aunque ya hay informaciones que hablan de que también aprovechan el 'Paso lateral' y se mueven por los equipos hasta llegar a la base central".

Por último, en cuanto a por qué atacar estas instituciones y no otras, De los Santos achaca todo a la arbitrariedad. "Ellos buscan servidores con las vulnerabilidades que conocen, y se van a por ellos. Luego dentro ven lo que es y qué pueden hacer. Da igual si es un hospital de Alabama o un ayuntamiento de Cádiz. Ni siquiera roban los datos, solo los encriptan hasta que reciben el dinero".

"Pagar o perder"

Lo más preocupante en este caso es que no hay nada que hacer una vez que te han infectado, o al menos eso asegura el experto. "Tienes que pagar o perder. Debes analizar todo lo que te han robado, ver las consecuencias y decidir. Si tienes 'backups' offline puede que tengas la posibilidad de recuperar parte de la información pero normalmente se hacen con todo". Según explica el ingeniero, la mayoría pagan porque volver a montar todo significa perder los datos, pero también una inversión más importante que el propio rescate.

Por ejemplo, el Ayuntamiento de New Bedford se negó a pagar, pero aceptó que tendría que empezar de cero tirando de 'backups' y gastando bastante dinero en volver a construir todos los sistemas "Es la eterna duda. Negarte y empezar de cero aunque eso suponga mayores problemas o pagar, que todo siga como estaba y alimentar al bicho. No es una decisión fácil".

(Foto: Reuters)

En lo que afecta a los ciudadanos, el problema está en lo que pase con esas instituciones o empresas ya que no es un 'ransomware' preparado para ir contra usuarios finales. No les interesa hacerlo. "Ellos quieren pocos ataques, rápidos y rentables. Prefieren hacer 5 ataques en los que se lleven 10.000 euros que 500 de 100. Saben que una empresa no puede parar su producción por algo así y lo aprovechan. La verdad que es algo muy profesional y deja pocas opciones".

Para terminar, De los Santos deja una recomendación para los usuarios que se vean afectados por un 'ransomware'. "Estos virus encriptan toda tu información pero algunos ya tienen fallos o han sido descifrados. Hay que tener esperanzas justas pero puedes acudir a webs como '' que ya cuentan con herramientas para descifrar estos virus y recuperar el control".

Ver información original al respecto en Fuente>



Uniqlo opens its first Indian store in New Delhi


 The new store is spread over three floors with a total retail space of 35,000 square feet and will house the latest collections from the brand.
Special collections such as ‘The Kurta Collection’ by Delhi-based designer Rina Singh and collections by international designers like Ines de la Fressange and Hana Tajima will also be showcased at the store.
Commenting on the opening of the store, Tadashi Yanai Uniqlo founder and chairman in a statement said, “Fast Retailing has long wished to open stores in India given the tremendous potential of such a large nation. We began recruiting here at the end of last year, and have been impressed by the exceptional talent, ambition and diligence of the young people we encountered and welcomed aboard.
“In the years ahead, we aim to enhance lifestyles in India by offering more innovative apparel that draws on the nation’s distinct culture and traditions. We wish to contribute to India’s economic development in the process,” he added.
Uniqlo has also launched its app and will offer a coupon worth Rs 200 ($3) to each person downloading the app. The company will be adding two more stores later this year at DLF Place Saket, and DLF Cyber Hub in the city Gurugram.

Source: Fashion Network

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Cheating with Dr. Chris Donaghue

LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES! Dr. Chris Donaghue sets the record straight on the role of cheating in today's relationships and what it means for partnerships of tomorrow. But first, Layperson Elaine admits to a guilty past. TOPICS: Dr. Chris answers many questions including "Is cheating avoidable?" "Where's the line?" and "How can you tell if a relationship is salvageable?". ALSO: Sandra in DC, Giving in to Temptation, Signs of a Healthy Relationship, Craving Diversity, Statistics, Cyber Sex, Fluid Boundaries, Uncomfortable Feelings, Absolute Chaos, Handling Jealousy & Anxiety, Cultural Changes, "Relationshipping," Romantic Comedies, Conflict vs Pain, Dopamine Highs, Rage, Lifelong Partnership Building, Novelty, Honoring Your Needs, Villainizing the Cheater, Loss of Attraction, Aging and Libido Mismatches. Wow! Feelings!  

Written Answers — Cabinet Office: Cybercrime: Government Departments and Infrastructure (7 Oct 2019)

The Earl of Courtown: ..., it is documented in the minimum cyber security standard in items 5 and 7. For Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) it is documented in NCSC’s Network and Information Systems guidance in section B2, and there are specific assessment criteria laid out in section B2.c of the Cyber Assessment Framework for use by cyber security regulators. For wider industry sectors and Small and Medium...

Small businesses increasingly becoming a target for cybercriminals


While small and midsized businesses are increasingly targets for cybercriminals, companies are struggling to devote enough resources to protect their technology from attack.


Offer - Find the Full Complete Cyber Security Protection - USA

Are you looking for full complete cyber security protection? Now visit to our website. Now Grey Wolf delivers end-to-end security with a focus on early detection of threats and quick response and forensic documentation of the incident. For more details, contact us. Contact InformationAddress: 11175 Cicero Dr. Suite 100 Alpharetta, GA 30022Email: Phone: 770.796.GREY

Cyberattacks, and Tips for Mitigating Threats

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and here are some suggestions for retailers to reduce risk.

10/8/2019: TV VANDAAG: Viceland

It’s Suppertime! Beerland States of Undress Motherboard Motherboard Motherboard Motherboard The Hunt For The Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold The Hunt For The Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold Cyberwar Cyberwar The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross The Joy of...

AV Engineer-4020 - TotalCyber Consulting - Seattle, WA

Crestron Certifications and proven experience using Crestron DM, Fusion and RL/Flex systems. Ability to provide technical support for all audio/visual equipment…
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Cyberdéfense: Florence Parly inaugure le premier bâtiment du commandement militaire à Rennes


Quelque 1,6 milliard d'euros seront consacrés sur la période dans le cyber.

L’article Cyberdéfense: Florence Parly inaugure le premier bâtiment du commandement militaire à Rennes est apparu en premier sur


CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Download


CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Download Latest Version. It is full offline installer standalone setup of CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v19.0.2022.62.
CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Overview
CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra is a fully featured software solution which will provide you with several options for playing the [...]

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Darknet: Dunkle Geschäfte im Cyberbunker

Fünf Kellergeschosse, aggressive Hunde zur Bewachung: Ein Bunker an der Mosel war wohl einer der wichtigsten Knoten im Darknet. Dann rückte ein GSG-9-Kommando an.

Technology Trends for the Future of Government


Forward-looking government officials know that, in a digital society, “Policy is the technology and technology is the policy.” Any government service delivered at scale is underpinned by a host of technologies. If the success of these business projects is compromised by poor implementation of technology, then the political objectives are compromised too.

Implementing a digital government strategy is a journey that will span multiple budget cycles and political administrations

Public-sector leaders expect government CIOs to find ways that technology can reduce costs, create efficiencies, and improve outcomes for citizens and businesses. They also expect CIOs to consider the social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends that impact the constituents they serve.

Gartner's top strategic technology trends for government

Gartner’s list of strategic government technology trends is designed to help CIOs establish the rationale, timing and priority of technology investments. These trends in information and technology were selected in response to pressing public-policy goals and business needs of government organizations in jurisdictions around the globe.

“Now more than ever, technology priorities must be established in the context of business trends such as digital equity, ethics and privacy, and the need for institutional agility,” says Rick Howard, Vice President Analyst, Gartner. “CIOs can use these trends to engage stakeholders, demystify concepts, and promote discussion about their value to citizens and society.”

Implementing a digital government strategy is a journey that will span multiple budget cycles and political administrations, Howard notes.


“The technology trends presented here do not represent what government CIOs are spending most of their time or budget on today,” Howard says. “Rather, it is Gartner’s list of strategic technology trends that are, should be or soon will be critical areas of focus for government CIOs as they transform public services.”

These top trends — which cover the next 12 to 18 months — will vary in importance depending on the tier of government (national, regional or local), region and business context. It is for this reason that they are not ranked in numeric order.

Adaptive security

From ransomware targeting cities such as Baltimore, MD, to attacks on critical infrastructure assets in Ukraine and on parliaments (as in Australia), governments in all geographies and at all levels are under attack, driving the need for new security approaches.

An adaptive security approach treats risk, trust and security as a continuous and adaptive process that anticipates and mitigates constantly evolving cyberthreats. It acknowledges there is no perfect protection and security needs to be adaptive, everywhere, all the time.

Citizen digital identity

Digital identity — the ability to prove an individual’s identity via any government digital channel — is critical for inclusion and access to government services, yet many governments have been slow to adopt them. Government CIOs must provision digital identities that uphold both security imperatives and citizen expectations.

Multichannel citizen engagement

Governments that meet citizens via their preferred channels, for example, in person, by phone, via mobile device (over 50% of government website traffic now comes from mobile devices), smart speakers, chatbots or augmented reality, will meet citizen expectations and achieve program outcomes.

Agile by design

Digital government is not a “set and forget” investment. CIOs must create a nimble and responsive environment by adopting an agile-by-design approach, a set of principles and practices used to develop more agile systems and solutions that impact both the current and target states of the business, information and technical architecture.

Digital product management

In the 2019 Gartner CIO Survey, over two-thirds of government CIOs said they already have, or are planning to implement, digital product management (DPM). Often replacing a “waterfall” project management approach, which has a poor track record of success, DPM involves developing, delivering, monitoring, refining and retiring “products” or offerings for business users or citizens. It causes organizations to think differently and delivers tangible results more quickly and sustainably.

Anything as a service (XaaS)

XaaS covers the full range of IT services delivered in the cloud on a subscription basis. The 2019 Gartner CIO Survey also found that 39% of government organizations plan to spend the greatest amount of new or additional funding on cloud services. The XaaS model offers an alternative to legacy infrastructure modernization, provides scalability and reduces time to deliver digital government at scale.

Shared services 2.0

Many government organizations have tried to drive IT efficiencies through centralization or sharing of services, often with poor results. Shared services 2.0 shifts the focus from cost savings to delivering high-value business capabilities such as such as enterprisewide security, identity management, platforms or business analytics.

Digitally empowered workforce

A digitally enabled work environment is linked to employee satisfaction, retention and engagement — but government currently lags other industries in this area. A workforce of self-managing teams needs the training, technology and autonomy to work on digital transformation initiatives.

Analytics everywhere

Gartner refers to the pervasive use of analytics at all stages of business activity and service delivery as analytics everywhere. It shifts government agencies from the dashboard reporting of lagging indicators to autonomous processes that help people make better decisions in real time.

Augmented intelligence

Gartner recommends that government CIOs reframe artificial intelligence as “augmented intelligence,” a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence working together to enhance cognitive performance.

Roles: CIO

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Democratising education in the Digital Age

In line with the skills needs of tomorrow, technology-enabled cybergogy is likely to be the intuitive, natural fit for the digital-native generation. Cloud solutions will underpin this education model’s effectiveness.

Kekayaan Negara Dirompak RM60billion Dlm Tahun 2018 Sahaja Melalui Rasuah


Bekas Presiden Transparency International, Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar, berkata dianggarkan lebih RM60billion wang negara atau kekayaan negara telah disapu dan hilang hanya kerana rasuah pada tahun 2018.

Kata beliau:

Manakala, Datin Seri Wan Azizah berkata Malaysia kehilangan hampir RM47billion pada tahun 2017 (anggaran)

Jumlah ini adalah jumlah yg sangat besar. Jumlah yg menyebabkan negara Malaysia menuju kemiskininan. Jumlah yang menghambat Malaysia dari menjadi sebuah negara maju dan berdaya saing.

Negara2 yg maju semuanya amat peka dengan rasuah dan salah guna wang. Walaupun negara2 maju tiada sumber asli tapi oleh kerana mereka peka dgn rasuah, mereka mampu menjana ekonomi mereka seterusnya menjadi negara maju dan dihormati


Kekayaan yg hilang melalui rasuah sebenarnya memiskinkan bukan setakat kita tapi juga anak cucu kita. Pelbagai peluang ekonomi yg boleh diwujudkan sekarang terhalang hanya kerana rasuah.

Apabila berlaku rasuah anak cucu kita nanti yang akan merana dan dinafikan peluang mereka utk hidup selesa dan dihormati.


Dgn kehilangan wang sebegitu besar sebegini, akhirnya kita lihat rakyat umum semakin miskin dan tertekan. KAdar gaji tidak berubah manakala kos makin tinggi.

Ini semua warisan dari UMNO yg gagal mentadbir negara dengan baik.

UMNO sendiri menjadi sarang rasuah dimana semua peringkat UMNO dijangkiti rasuah.

Yg kaya dan mendapat laba melalui rasuah hanyalah pemimpin2 serta anak beranak mereka. Ahli2 UMNO biasa pun hanya dpt habuk.

Rakyat biasa mendapat kurang dari habuk.

PAS juga sudah makan rasuah di mana Presiden PAS sendiri didedahkan telah menerima rasuah dari UMNO.

Maka, kalau dinaikkan kembali PAS dan UMNO, maka kadar kehilangan wang akibat rasuah akan menjadi lebih teruk dan lebih sadis.


Wajib di atas setiap rakyat Malaysia menghalang UMNO dari kembali berkuasa demi memastikan masa depan anak cucu kita terjamin.



Artikel dari Whatsapp:

Kenapa selepas PH jadi kerajaan baru kita tahu perkara berikut? :

1) Khazanah
- Separuh kerugian Khazanah kerana 'Bail-out' MAS.
- MAS menyebabkan 6000 orang rakyat Malaysia hilang pekerjaan demi membela 2 orang CEO Mat Salleh.
- CEO Mat Salleh gadai laluan MAS kepada Emirates lepas tu dia resign keje dengan Emirates.
- Syarikat-syarikat GLC bawah Khazanah jugak gagal menyumbangkan keuntungan.

2) Felda
- Felda mempunyai hutang RM8 bilion hingga menjejaskan perancangan tanam semula.
- FGV yang merupakan IPO kedua terbesar di dunia gagal memberikan pulangan kepada Felda seperti yang 'dibawangkan'.
- FGV membeli ladang milik Peter Sondakh pada nilai yang lebih tinggi daripada market price. Disahkan oleh Jabatan Audit sendiri.
- Pelaburan FGV di luar negara tidak menguntungkan langsung.

3) Tabung Haji
- TH sejak 2014 lagi sepatutnya diisytiharkan rugi dan tidak boleh isytihar Hibah kerana nilai liabiliti melebihi nilai aset.
- Najib dan Azeez menyembunyikan kerugian TH dengan memanipulasikan nilai aset dan liabiliti TH tanpa mempedulikan Akta TH sendiri yang melarang sedemikian.
- TH turut diperalatkan oleh Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya untuk 'Bail-out' skandal 1MDB menerusi pembelian hartanah TRX.
- Lembaga Pengarah TH jugak dianggotai oleh Pengurusan 1MDB.

- Syarikat-syarikat GLC milik LTAT terlibat dalam pembelian AES pada harga tinggi.
- Dana LTAT jugak dikatakan dipergunakan untuk menutup skandal 1MDB.
- Menteri Pertahanan sendiri baru-baru ini mendedahkan pembinaan 2 kem tentera melibatkan GLC bawah LTAT hanya semata-mata untuk tambah pengundi UMNO.

- RM3 bilion duit KWAP hangus dipergunakan oleh 1MDB melibatkan urusniaga dengan IPIC.
- Sampai sekarang duit itu tidak diganti tetapi 'Money Trail' menunjukkan ianya disonglap oleh Jho Low - rakan Najib sendiri dalam 1MDB

- Pelaburan EPF di UK untuk projek Battersea tidak menguntungkan.
- EPF jugak kerugian dalam membeli IPO FGV
- Dana EPF jugak jadik modal Najib untuk 'membantu ekonomi US' semasa dia jumpa Trump.

- Pelaburan PNB jugak tidak begitu untung kerana ada GLC-GLCnya turut berkait dengan skandal 1MDB dan Felda.
- Masalah Sime Darby

Apa lagi kerugian yang disembunyikan oleh Najib umpama dia berak tapi suruh orang lain yang basuh? Kalau ikut semua pendedahan Najib sendiri dalam Twitternya, memang dia tahu hampir kesemua GLC yang diganggunya selama 9 tahun ini telah rugi/kurang untung tapi dia dan Cybertrooper UMNO cuba alihkan kesalahannya itu kepada Kerajaan PH..

Sebab itu zaman Najib dia berhutang dengan China dan perkenalkan GST untuk tampung duit yang dia memang tahu dah lesap.. Umpama dia longgarkan skru tayar keretanya yang akan dipandu oleh pemandu lain. tidak bertanggungjawab di atas setiap pandangan dan pendapat yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial dan halaman komen blog ini. Ia adalah pandangan peribadi pemilik akaun dan tidak semestinya menggambarkan pandangan dan pendirian blog ini

RM60 billion may have been lost to graft in 2018

Policemen loading a truck with items seized from Pavilion Residences in Kuala Lumpur last year. The government’s stand in taking former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to court over abuses related to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal is crucial in improving the country’s reputation. FILE PIC
By Veena Babulal - October 1, 2019 @ 12:30pm
KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIA could have haemorrhaged RM60 billion of last year’s gross domestic product (GDP) value due to corruption.

Criminologist Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar drew this observation based on World Bank projections that graft hacks away two to four per cent of a country’s GDP on an annual basis.

“We are losing up to RM57.88 billion based on this calculation, but I estimate that we could be losing RM60 billion or even more due to unseen social costs and indirect graft that is difficult to quantify.”

The former Transparency International Malaysia president said he took the highest rate in the range given by the World Bank due to the magnitude of graft in Malaysia.

“And these estimates are conservative. We have so many unsolved high-profile cases of corruption and fraud in Malaysia.

“This year, the GDP is expected to grow between 4.3 per cent and 4.8 per cent. What then?” he said, adding that such estimates in graft stood in the nation’s way in its Shared Prosperity Vision.

Checks with relevant ministries found that RM1 billion could build 800 to 1,000 100-bed hospitals, 40 schools or four-lane roads stretching several kilometres.

Last year, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail revealed that the nation lost RM47 billion of its GDP value to corruption in 2017.

That amount was more than what the government spent on education and double the sum allocated for healthcare in the same year.

Transparency International Malaysia also said about four per cent of the GDP had been lost to corruption annually since 2013.

Economist Dr Hoo Ke Ping, meanwhile, offered another perspective on how funds have been lost due to graft.

He said corruption in Malaysia had been institutionally endemic since the 1970s, when the number of government agencies and government-linked companies expanded from about 30 entities back then to the thousands seen today.

He said this led to people being burdened as they endured negotiation and appointment practices that were open to abuse.

“The system of direct negotiations, concession agreements labelled under the Official Secrets Act 1972, as well as political patronage, cronyism, nepotism and unregulated political financing means that in the end consumer pays more.”

He said while this did not necessarily mean that the country’s coffers bled all the time, it was about consumers being directly affected due to corrupt practices.

Hoo cited the negotiations of highway deals, where rates and the durations of concessions were open to increases at the expense of the people.

“This is a form of graft. Toll fares can be increased by a few sen or ringgit that way.”

He said previously, independent power producers were also given higher subsidies and the burden was passed to consumers via increased tariffs.

Hoo, however, credited the government for reviewing some deals.

“Solar-powered electricity is now sold to Tenaga Nasional Bhd through an open tender system, which cost as low as 28 sen or 29 sen per unit following the Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Ministry’s intervention. Previously it was 30 sen or 40 sen.

“The government has to relook its previous and current policies and practices, and carry out changes.”

Sunway University Business School economics professor Dr Yeah Kim Leng said there was no way for Malaysia to achieve its Shared Prosperity Vision goals without corruption being kept at a minimum.

He said rampant graft would lead to resources being diverted or transferred out of the country, depleting the nation’s coffers.

“Graft causes leakages, wastage and diversion of resources, as well as higher costs, and this will be passed on to consumers.

“The worst is when practices, such as the awarding of contracts and public investment, affect businesses that are clean and efficient.

“The end result will be the erosion of investor confidence, outflow of capital and reduced investments because companies are forced to offer bribes to get clearance or favours.”

Yeah said when the costs were passed on to the consumer, the products would be less competitive and it would affect their bottom-line.

He said in the past, there were instances when Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors, ranking in corruption and ease of doing business took a hit because of graft.

He said this changed when Pakatan Harapan took over the government.

“PH has demonstrated its commitment to end corruption and it is manifested in the country’s improved ranking in the anti-corruption index.”

He said the government’s stand in taking former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to court over abuses related to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal was crucial in improving the country’s reputation.

Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors was climbing as a result of this, he added.

He commended the government for coming up with the soon-to-be enforced Section 17(A) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009.

The clause on corporate liability will see companies being fined no less than 10 times the value of the gratification, or RM1 million, whichever is higher, or be subjected to a prison term not exceeding 20 years, or both, when the law comes into effect in June 2020.

Section 17A(3) also provides that if the offence is committed by a commercial organisation, the director, controller, officer, partner and persons managing its affairs at the time of the offence is deemed to have committed the offence of failing to prevent corruption.

These individuals will then need to prove that the offence was committed without his consent or connivance and that he exercised due diligence to prevent the commission of the offence.


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Essere genitore è un mestiere bello ma difficile. Le gioie non mancano mai ma neanche le preoccupazioni. Proteggere i figli è un’assoluta priorità ed ora devi stare attento anche a quello che succede davanti allo schermo. Perché i giovani possono essere molto cattivi tra di loro e i social network sono diventati uno strumento tremendamente efficace per questo scopo. Inizia a difendere i tuoi cari informandoti.

Forsvarssjefens ønskeliste: Vil ha 15000 flere hoder i Forsvaret

Forsvarssjefen ønsker seg en brigade med hærsoldater i Sør-Norge, nye stående avdelinger i nord, flere fregatter, helikoptre, overvåkningsfly og et skarpere cyber-forsvar.

Điểm Tin Thứ Bảy 05/10/2019 (ANM)

Người biểu tình chống chính quyền đeo mặt nạ ở Hong Kong.
Điểm Tin Thứ Bảy 05/10/2019 (ANM)
Anh Tuấn Phạm
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  • Thủ tướng Hun Sen đến Việt Nam giải quyết các vấn đề biên giới (VOA) - Hôm 4/10, Thủ tướng Campuchia Hun Sen đã có mặt tại Hà Nội nhằm giải quyết các vấn đề biên giới trên đất liền với Việt Nam, điều mà một nhà quan sát Campuchia nói là để giúp “ngăn chặn các chính trị gia [phe đối lập] tận dụng [vấn đề biên giới] để phục vụ cho lợi ích chính trị.”
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  • Vì sao Mỹ « giơ cao đánh khẽ » với Airbus ? (RFI) - Sau Trung Quốc đến lượt Liên Hiệp Châu Âu lãnh đòn thuế quan của Mỹ. Le Monde (04/10/2019) trên trang nhất chạy tít lớn « Trump tấn công châu Âu sau khi WTO bật đèn xanh ». La Croix nhận định « Hỗ trợ của Liên Hiệp Châu Âu cho Airbus thổi bùng căng thẳng với Trump ».
  • Mỹ: Donald Trump công khai kêu gọi Trung Quốc điều tra về Joe Biden (RFI) - Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump công khai đề nghị chính quyền Trung Quốc điều tra về cựu phó tổng thống Joe Biden, bên đảng Dân Chủ, đối thủ nặng ký của ông trong kỳ bầu cử tổng thống tới đây. Phát biểu của chủ nhân Nhà Trắng được đưa ra trong bối cảnh ông Trump đang bị Hạ Viện điều tra theo thủ tục phế truất tổng thống liên quan đến vụ ông nhờ đồng nhiệm Ukraina Zelensky điều tra về đối thủ Joe Biden.
  • Giới công nghiệp Bắc Ailen phẫn nộ về kế hoạch Brexit của thủ tướng Anh (RFI) - Trong lúc giới lãnh đạo châu Âu vẫn thận trọng trước đề nghị mới của thủ tướng Anh Boris Johnson để đạt một thỏa thuận về Brexit, như tuyên bố của chủ tịch Hội Đồng Châu Âu Donald Tusk vào hôm qua, 03/10/2019, Nghị Viện Châu Âu đã bác bỏ thẳng thừng kế hoạch này, không xem đó là một cơ sở để đàm phán. Trong bối cảnh đó, tại Vương Quốc Anh, giới doanh nhân và công nghiệp Bắc Ailen, hôm qua đã lên tiếng phê phán gắt gao.
  • Cư dân các nước láng giềng ngày càng ghét Trung Quốc (RFI) - Vào lúc Bắc Kinh rầm rộ phô trương thanh thế nhân kỷ niệm 70 năm ngày thành lập nước Cộng Hòa Nhân Dân Trung Hoa, một cuộc khảo sát quan điểm về Trung Quốc của người dân thuộc 32 quốc gia, công bố hôm 30/09/2019 cho thấy tỷ lệ người thiếu thiện cảm với Trung Quốc gia tăng đáng kể, đặc biệt là tại các láng giềng ở châu Á, từ Nhật Bản cho đến Indonesia.
  • Nga giúp Trung Quốc có năng lực phòng thủ tên lửa (VOA) - Điện Kremlin nói hôm 4/10 rằng động thái của Moscow giúp Bắc Kinh xây dựng hệ thống cảnh báo sớm để phát hiện các cuộc tấn công bằng tên lửa cho thấy 2 nước có mối quan hệ đặc biệt.
  • Tập Cận Bình nên ‘chấp nhận đa dạng thay vì đồng hóa’ (VOA) - Sau 70 năm kể từ ngày Mao Trạch Đông tuyên bố thành lập nước Cộng hòa Nhân dân Trung Hoa, giới lãnh đạo Trung Quốc đứng đầu là Chủ tịch Tập Cận Bình đã có sự thay đổi đáng kể so với chính sách ban đầu là tôn trọng sự đa dạng của các sắc tộc ở Trung Quốc.
  • Thánh Gandhi: "Ấn Độ không phải của riêng người theo Ấn Độ Giáo" (RFI) - Tìm hiểu về cuộc đời và tư tưởng Gandhi đặc biệt có ý nghĩa trong bối cảnh chủ nghĩa dân tộc, tư tưởng độc tôn tôn giáo, bài ngoại, đang nở rộ tại nhiều nơi trên thế giới, trong đó có đất nước Ấn Độ, quê hương ông (1). Nhân dịp 150 năm ngày sinh của Gandhi, nhà sử học Ấn Độ Ramchandra Guha công bố cuốn sách “Gandhi : Years That Changed The World” (Penguin, 2018) (tạm dịch là “Gandhi: Những năm tháng thay đổi thế giới”).


Cyber Jocks- Best Of September 2019


College Station Mayor Karl Mooney on WTAW

College Station Mayor Karl Mooney visits with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia about Focus on the Future workshops, this Thursday’s city council meeting, the tax rate increase, road development, cyber security, the second phase of the Fun for All Playground, and more during his appearance on The Infomaniacs on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Listen to “College Station […]

CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 11.0.2203.0 + Rus


CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra - это набор основных инструментов для работы с цифровыми изображениями. Владельцы цифровых камер получат мощные и простые в использовании средства для упорядоченного хранения снимков, их аккуратной обработки и организации общего доступа к контенту. С помощью данного пакета даже начинающие фотографы смогут превратить рядовые снимки в произведения искусства. Сразу же после запуска PhotoDirector Вы сможете, несколькими нажатиями на кнопки, загрузить в приложение доступные цифровые изображения и приступить к их редактированию. В процессе импорта пользователи смогут применять к изображениям готовые спецэффекты, добавлять пометки или переименовывать файлы.

Research from Forescout and ICIT identifies ‘disruptionware’ as emerging cybersecurity threat

Forescout Technologies, Inc. has released a new report “Rise of Disruptionware: A Cyber-Physical Threat to Operational Technology Environments, that explores how the nature of cyber-attacks is changing.

US whistleblower blames Australian government for 'Orwellian' axing of conference speech


Thomas Drake and academic Suelette Dreyfus were dropped from the line-up at a Melbourne cyber conference at the last minute

A whistleblower and an academic have said pressure from the Australian government’s top cyber security agency led to their speeches being cancelled at a conference in Melbourne.

Former NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, and Melbourne University academic Dr Suelette Dreyfus were both due to speak at the Australian Cyber Conference in Melbourne on October 7-9.

Continue reading...

Review: Neo Cab is a Cyberpunk Taxi Ride You Wont Want to Miss

And you can get in the driver's seat tomorrow!

76 percent of US businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the past year

SMBs in the country are becoming a firm favorite as targets for cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity giants join forces to combat cyberthreats under OASIS umbrella

IBM and McAfee aim to tie cybersecurity products and data together through open source code and standards.

Cybercriminals Take Aim at K-12


The school year is underway and millions of devices are now in the hands of students. More than 80 percent of today’s K-12 organizations provide computers to students and an estimated 70 percent of schools will be one-to-one by 2020.  With school-issued devices commonplace, schools have become easy targets for cyberattacks.

The post Cybercriminals Take Aim at K-12 appeared first on Absolute Blog | The Leader in Endpoint Visibility and Control.


KPN testing 700MHz, 3500MHz, 26GHz 5G connections

KPN of the Netherlands has tested 3.5GHz 5G connectivity between multiple locations, completing data sessions and voice/video calls on 5G smartphones between its 5G indoor network in the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam, its 5G FieldLab in the Port of Rotterdam and the KPN Technology Lab in The Hague. In the tests – using Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Huawei Mate 20 X and Oppo Reno 5G smartphones – a peak download speed of 1.3Gbps was recorded. Note that in the north of the country only limited indoor test usage of the 3.5GHz range is currently permitted as the band is pencilled in by the government for a late 2021/early 2022 licence auction but doubt remains as to whether the spectrum will be freed up from its existing usage by the Joint Sigint Cyber Unit (JSCU) of the General Intelligence & Security Service (AIVD) and Dutch Military Intelligence & Security Service (MIVD). Additionally, KPN’s press release adds that ‘since the beginning of October’ it has been testing 5G 700MHz frequencies ‘nationwide’ and intends to test ‘the first available handsets’ using 700MHz frequencies ‘soon’. The 700MHz band will be available commercially in the Netherlands from early 2020 via an upcoming 5G licence auction. KPN also says it will start 26GHz 5G tests in Amsterdam in the short term. The government has not yet indicated a timescale for issuing 26GHz 5G licences.

Small Businesses Increasingly A Target for Cybercriminals

While small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly targets for cybercriminals, companies are struggling to devote enough resources to protect their technology from attack.

ABCs of Staying Safe Online - A Senior Planet Lecture

When: Friday, October 11, 2019 - 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Where: Gaithersburg

Did you know that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month? As we conduct more of our personal lives online, from email to shopping to even banking, it is so important to understand the best practices for staying safe online. Join us for an informative discussion lead by Pam Holland of TechMoxie on how to recognize phishing (fraudulent) emails, avoid computer viruses and scams, and the best practices for passwords. The presentation will include a review of actual fraudulent emails and scam “pop up” computer virus warnings.

Program designed for an audience aged 60+. Free, no registration required.


CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra v11.0.2203.0 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra”. Description: Combining image editing and optimization with portrait retouching, PhotoDirector is just like having Photoshop, and Lightroom all rolled into one. It’s software for the professional photographer, yet without the steep learning curve. Plus, get exclusive AI tools, new features & format support, and [...]

Devices With Linux

  • A Bootable Greeting For The Xenomorph In Your Life

    Whether you’re looking to tweak your desktop machine or build a Raspberry Pi kiosk, the commands and tips that [Stephen] shows off are sure to be interesting for anyone who’s not quite satisfied with how their Linux distribution of choice looks “out of the box”.

    But there’s more to this project than a custom wallpaper and some retro fonts. [Stephen] actually took the time to create a facsimile of the “Personal Terminal” computer interface shown in the recent Alien: Isolation game in C using ncurses. The resulting program, aptly named “alien-console”, is released under the BSD license and is flexible enough that you could either use it as a base to build your own cyberpunk UI, or just load it up with custom text files and use it on your cyberdeck as-is.

  • Six ultra-compact embedded PCs tap Apollo Lake

    Portwell’s rugged, Linux-friendly “Kuber-2000” embedded computers are based on Intel’s Apollo Lake and measure only 99 x 92 x 46mm. Different models are optimized for isolated I/O, CAN/automotive, PoE, soft PLC, and wireless.

    American Portwell Technology has launched a family of six Kuber-2000 industrial mini-PCs with different I/O packages aimed at specific applications. The rugged, fanless, 99 x 92 x 46mm computer runs a Yocto 2.5.1 flavored Linux stack or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016 on Intel’s Apollo Lake SoCs. The default processor is Intel’s dual-core, up to 2.4GHz Celeron N3350 but you can also choose from optional dual-core Atom x5-E3930 or quad-core Atom x5-E3940 parts.

  • POWERUP 4.0 is a Smartphone Controlled Paper Plane with Autopilot (Crowdfunding)

    A crowdfunding campaign about a paper plane… This can’t go very far, can it?

  • TIL: The Android Camera App Supports QR Code Scanning (in Some Phones)

    QR Code are pretty common, and until today I used a third-party app to scan the codes and get the embedded information such as a webpage.


BBB: How to stay safe and secure while online

By Sandra Guile October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and National Cyber Security Alliance to ensure everyone has the resources they need to stay safe and [...]

Latest Beaming report shows 243% increase in cyber attacks on UK businesses

(Telecompaper) The latest Cyber Threat Report from UK business ISP Beaming shows that the volume of cyber attacks on UK businesses continued to grow over summer 2019...

Instagram - (Instagram) Nuove funzioni contro haters e cyberbulli (lukalove)

lukalove scrive nella categoria Instagram che: Nuove funzioni contro haters e cyberbulli Instagram ha avviato un test per le nuove funzioni contro haters e cyberbulli. Il social ha dato infatti il via al periodo di prova della funzione “Silenzia”, nata con lo scopo di proteggere gli utenti da commenti e interazioni non gradite. Per attivarla, basterà selezionare il profilo da silenziare nella sezione privacy, oppure scorrere verso sinistr
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(Instagram) Nuove funzioni contro haters e cyberbulli

Telefonia - (SIM clonate) Attenzione alla nuova truffa che ti svuota il conto (lukalove)

lukalove scrive nella categoria Telefonia che: Attenzione alla nuova truffa che ti svuota il conto Crescono, anche in Italia, i casi di “SIM Swap Scam“, cioè le frodi legate alla clonazione delle SIM telefoniche con le quali i cyber criminali possono svuotarci il conto in banca. Come fa notare la software house italiana Soft Strategy, si tratta di truffe molto elaborate e non alla portata di tutti i malviventi del Web, ma ciononostante i
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(SIM clonate) Attenzione alla nuova truffa che ti svuota il conto

10-14 października – stopień alarmowy BRAVO-CRP na terenie kraju

Prezes Rady Ministrów Mateusz Morawiecki podpisał zarządzenie wprowadzające, na terytorium całego kraju, drugi stopień alarmowy CRP (BRAVO-CRP). Ostrzeżenie obowiązuje od  10 października (godz. 00:01) do 14 października (godz. 23:59). Zostało wprowadzone w celu przeciwdziałania zagrożeniom w cyberprzestrzeni, związanymi z organizacją wyborów do Sejmu i Senatu. Stopień BRAVO-CRP był już wprowadzany w trakcie konferencji bliskowschodniej i Światowych […]

SexyAss is currently Live Free Chat

Acting slutty on camera is SexyAss's favorite hobby.
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SexyAss says: "We love our wild new life as webcam sex puppets!"


Mobile-Growth-Map Von Adjust Ermöglicht Marketern Hochwertige App-Nutzer Anzusprechen Und Zu Binden

Adjust: San Francisco und Berlin (ots/PRNewswire) - Adjust führt neue Kennzahl für Kundenbindung ein, fordert Abkehr von Fokus nur auf Installationen Adjust, Branchenführer für Mobile Measurement, Fraud Prevention und Cybersecurity, veröffentlicht heute die ...

China’s New Cybersecurity Program: NO Place to Hide

The Chinese government is working to make it possible for China’s Ministry of Security to obtain access to virtually all data that is transmitted across networks within the country’s borders or stored on Chinese servers. This aim is part of a national cybersecurity law adopted by Beijing in 2016. According

FBI warns about attacks that bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Last month, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned private industry partners that sophisticated cyberattacks capable of bypassing multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions are on the rise. The FBI stated that threat actors were increasingly “circumventing multi-factor authentication through common social engineering and technical attacks” and listed a number of

Internal user mistakes create large percentage of cybersecurity incidents

The vast majority (80%) of cybersecurity incidents over the past twelve months were caused, at least in part, by internal user errors, a new SolarWinds report shows. Other factors contributing to breaches were shortcomings in network, system or application security (36%), external threat actors breaching the network or systems (31%),

US And UK Governments Issue Update Now Warning For Windows, macOS And Linux Users

The US National Security Agency (NSA), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that falls under the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) are all warning that Windows, macOS And Linux Users relying on certain Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications are at

Muhstik Ransomware Victim Hacks Back, Releases Decryption Keys

A cybercrime victim whose QNAP network-attacked storage (NAS) device was recently infected with Muhstik ransomware decided to try and hack back the attackers, which was a rather successful effort: the victim managed to obtain nearly 3,000 decryption keys for Muhstik ransomware victims, which he released for free. Muhstik ransomware has

‘The Cyberthreat Handbook’ Released, Documents ‘Who’s Who’ of Attackers

A new report by Thales and Verint provides an extensive overview of the major threat groups operating in cyberspace. The study looks at the campaigns of around 60 hacking groups over a one-year period. About 50% of the actors under scrutiny were funded by governments and worked to steal confidential

Consumers have concerns about cybersecurity, value education on best practices

A new survey by The Harris Poll and Computer Services shows that while the vast majority (92%) of US consumers are worried about the security of their personal data, many of them lack the knowledge required to protect their private information in the digital realm. 87% of respondents said they

Speaker disinvites at CyberCon spark controversy


Controversy has erupted at CyberCon, Australia's largest cybersecurity conference, as two well-known cybersecurity experts have been disinvited from speaking with only a week's notice. The event organizer has said in an email to one of the speakers that they did so at the request of a partner.

That raises questions about whether the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), that country's counterpart to the NSA, pressured the conference to silence critical voices. The ASD and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), part of the ASD, are partners of the show organizer, the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). CyberCon opened October 7, in Melbourne, Australia.

To read this article in full, please click here


Cobalt cybercrime group might be launching Magecart skimming attacks


Researchers have found links between Magecart-based Web skimming attacks and a sophisticated cybercrime group dubbed Cobalt that has stolen hundreds of millions from financial institutions worldwide. They also found evidence of server-side skimming, which is harder to detect than the typical JavaScript injections.

A joint analysis by Malwarebytes and security firm HYAS found significant similarities between the registration information for domain names used in their infrastructure by both Cobalt and a group tracked until now as Magecart Group 4 (MG4). In particular, both Cobalt and MG4 used the same email account naming pattern, the same email services, the same domain registrars and the same privacy protection services.

To read this article in full, please click here


Chinese cyberespionage group PKPLUG uses custom and off-the-shelf tools


Security researchers have linked various attack campaigns against organizations and ethnic groups in Asia to a single threat actor they believe is likely serving China’s geopolitical interests in the region and is connected to the country’s state-sponsored cyberespionage apparatus. Researchers from security firm Palo Alto Networks have been tracking attack campaigns launched by a group, or several closely connected groups, they’ve dubbed PKPLUG for the past three years. They’ve found links to older attack campaigns reported independently by other companies over the past six years. According to them, this is the first time all these attacks have been tied together under a single threat actor.

To read this article in full, please click here



This app make more easy to visit our official site our you can publish your apps by pmvsarcs and our developers makes apps for ios and android and more things like web development, digital marketing, SEO our team always ready to protect your apps and websites we have the best developers IS (information security) for more details visit our official website .
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Using Web Design for Your Online Startup Business


As time passes one of the fastest growing places of competition continues to be the internet. Companies, bloggers, social media sites and other organizations or individuals are constantly attempting to outperform each other in cyberspace. Often, one of the biggest drivers of an organization’s performance on the web is the usability, layout and responsiveness of […]

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The Micronauts “They Came From Inner Space”


Micronauts was a North American science fiction toyline manufactured and marketed by Mego from 1976 to 1980. The Micronauts toyline was based on and licensed from the Microman toyline created by Japanese-based toy company Takara in 1974.

Mego discontinued the Micronauts line in 1980 prior to the company’s bankruptcy and dissolution in 1982. Years after Mego’s demise other toy companies, such as Palisades Toys and SOTA (State of the Art) Toys, have attempted to revive the toyline over the years.

Takara first released Microman toys in Japan in 1974 as a smaller version their popular 8-inch-tall (20 cm) and 12-inch-tall (30 cm) 1972 Henshin Cyborg (Transforming Cyborg) line. Henshin Cyborg figures were based on Combat Joe figures — which themselves were based on Hasbro’s G.I. Joe figures — with their bodies molded in clear plastic, exposing their inner workings and supposed cybernetic parts.

By downscaling their size, Takara sought to create a toyline that would offset the sheer cost of producing a full line of plastic-based figures and related playsets as well as acknowledging that basic living space is limited for most Japanese households. Smaller Microman figures would not only cost less to produce during the energy crisis of the 1970s, the line’s smaller scale would also take up less physical space in a household and thus be more attractive to space conscious consumers in the Japanese market.

In Japan, the Microman figures themselves were marketed as actually being 3.75-inch-tall (9.5 cm) cyborg entities that hailed from a fictional planet known as "Micro Earth" and disguised themselves as action figures while on Earth.

In 1976, Mego licensed several Microman toys from Takara and marketed the toyline in North America and other countries as Micronauts. During their initial series 1 and series 2 release, Takara produced small quantities of products in Japan before production was officially moved to Mego’s facilities in Hong Kong.

While much of the initial Micronaut toyline offerings were simply repackaged versions of Takara Microman equivalents, some items in the Micronaut toyline were original Mego creations that used, modified and reconfigured parts from existing Takara toys. For example, the larger, 6.5-inch (17 cm) magnetic action figures Baron Karza and Force Commander were re-colorings of the Magnemo Kotetsu Jeeg action figures with newly designed heads. In addition, as the Micronaut line grew in popularity, Mego expanded the line by creating whole new figures from scratch such as the "Aliens" line which included Antron, Repto, Membros, Lobros, Kronos and Centaurus.

The Micronaut toyline sold extremely well for Mego, which at one point—according to Mego’s Executive VP of Marketing/Vice President of Mego Research and Development (1972-1980), Neal Kublan—generated more than $32 million in sales for the $110 million company during one period.

After Mego’s 1982 bankruptcy and dissolution, the original molds for many of the toys were sold to Hourtoys/M and D Toys for their Interchangables discount toyline, other original molds were sold to PAC Toys for use in their Lords of Light toyline and even Takara produced several series 5 toys for Italian licensee/distributor Gig’s i Micronauti line. Additionally, leftover Micronaut toyline stock from Mego’s production run was eventually sold for sale/clearance in North America by Lion Rock Limited under the Micronauts name. - From Wikipedia

The Micronauts comic books featuring a group of characters based on the Mego Micronauts toy line. The first title was published by Marvel Comics in 1979, with both original characters and characters based on the toys. Marvel published two Micronauts series, mostly written by Bill Mantlo, until 1986, well after the toy line was cancelled in 1980. In the 2000s, Image Comics and Devil's Due Publishing each briefly published their own Micronauts series. Byron Preiss Visual Publications also published three paperback novels based on the Micronauts. In July 2015, IDW Publishing announced that they would publish a new comic book series. In December 2015, it was announced that a live-action film version of the Micronauts was currently in development by Hasbro Studios and Paramount.

The Micronauts began life as comic book characters thanks to a fortuitous accident on Christmas 1977. Marvel Comics writer Bill Mantlo's son Adam opened a new present, a line of the Mego Corporation's Micronauts action figures. Seeing the toys, Mantlo was instantly struck by inspiration to write their adventures. Convincing then Editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to get the comics license for these toys, Mantlo was hired to script their series.

The first series of the Micronauts ran from January 1979 to August 1984 and included 59 issues and two Annuals. The series was written by Bill Mantlo and featured art by Michael Golden. Other artists on the series included Howard Chaykin, Steve Ditko, Rich Buckler, Pat Broderick, Val Mayerik, Keith Giffen, Greg LaRocque, Gil Kane, Luke McDonnell, Mike Vosburg, Butch Guice, and Kelley Jones. Micronauts, along with Moon Knight and Ka-Zar the Savage, became one of Marvel's first ongoing series to be distributed exclusively to comic book stores beginning with issue #38 (Feb. 1982).

In the United Kingdom, The Micronauts was first included as a supporting strip in Marvel UK's Star Wars Weekly comic in January 1979 for several months and then in the first nine issues of Star Heroes Pocketbook, alongside Battlestar Galactica, before joining the new Future Tense reprint anthology. Unlike the U.S. version, these strips were printed in black and white.

The Micronauts Special Edition five-issue limited series (December 1983-April 1984) reprinted issues #1–12 and a back-up feature from #25. The X-Men and the Micronauts four-issue limited series (January 1984–April 1984) was co-written by Mantlo and Chris Claremont and drawn by Butch Guice.

The second volume of Micronauts, subtitled The New Voyages, was published from October 1984 to May 1986 and ran 20 issues. The series was written by Peter B. Gillis and featured early-career artwork by Kelley Jones. After this series the Marvel-owned license lapsed.

From the late 1990s the characters Marionette, Arcturus Rann and Bug (all Marvel properties) have appeared in various Marvel titles (without referencing the Micronauts label). Bug has appeared in a solo one-shot and together with cosmic hero Star-Lord, as part of a new incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. - From Wikipedia

Micronauts #2 February 1979 Marvel Comics

Cover pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Joe Rubinstein, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Joe Rubinstein


Escaping from Prince Shaitan and Baron Karza, the Micronauts arrive on Earth where they are the size of small toys; Prince Shaitan succeeds in following them and attacks them in the garden of the Coffin Family. "Time Traveller: character profile, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Josef Rubinstein. "An Irresistable Force!" Hostess Twinkies ad featuring Iron Man.

$5.99 - Shop Now


Princess Mari is an adventurer and living legend within the Microverse. On the day Arcturus Rann, son of the revered Lord Dallan and Lady Sepsis Rann, returned home from his 1,000 year journey exploring the far reaches of the Microverse, Mari's parents, the acting king and queen, were slain by the true authority of Homeworld, the tyrant Baron Karza. Mari disguised herself as a puppet while fleeing to join the rebellion, and adopted the name Marionette. Joining Rann, the rogue Insectivorid, Bug, the mighty crown-prince of planet Spartak, Acroyear, and Rann's roboid, Biotron, Mari and her roboid, Microtron became the team called the Micronauts. Under Rann's leadership, they shared many adventures both in the Microverse and traveling across the Spacewall barrier to Earth. Marionette fell in love with Arcturus Rann. Marionette and the Micronauts team ultimately defeated Baron Karza, but not until the Baron enacted a complete genocide across all of Homeworld. Mari and the Micronauts ultimately sacrificed their lives becoming Prime Beings, seeding life across Homeworld and restoring the planet to its natural state.

Through unrevealed means, Marionette, Rann, and Bug have been reborn, and continue to share adventures together as the Microns. - From Marvel Comics

Micronauts #3 March 1979 Marvel Comics

Cover pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Joe Rubinstein, script by Bill Mantlo, pencils by Michael Golden (breakdowns) and Joe Rubinstein, inks by Joe Rubinstein

"Death-Duel at Daytona Beach!":

The battle continues between the Micronauts and the soldiers of Karza after the opponents travel throughout space and arrive on Earth; After a massive battle and a lot of destruction, the Micronauts win, but it wasn't a happy victory; Bug is missing, the Endeavor is crippled, and the tracking device permits Baron Karza to discover a other world to conquer. Baron Karza illustration, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Josef Rubinstein. "The Incredible Hulk Changes His Mind!" Hostess Cup Cakes ad.

$3.99 - Shop Now

Women in security: Our podcast guests


Introduction Cyber Work is Infosec’s weekly podcast featuring some of cybersecurity’s brightest minds. The show’s guests share their knowledge, expertise and personal stories with the goal of...

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Degree vs. certification: Advanced-career cybersecurity engineer


Introduction Versatile solutions are an attractive option in today’s world. Why incorporate something new that only does one thing when you can incorporate something that has multifunctionality? This...

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How to Evaluate Your DevOps Secrets Management Program


Editor’s Note: Part 5 of a 5-part series providing practical guidance and insights to security leaders for securing DevOps environments. This series is based on insights from Global 1000 CISOs. Over the past several months,...

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Thai activist charged over 'inappropriate' royal history post


Thai activist charged over 'inappropriate' royal history postA Thai pro-democracy activist has been charged over an "inappropriate" social media post, police said Tuesday, as authorities use a tough cyberlaw against perceived critics of the powerful monarchy. Police arrested 25-year-old Kan Pongprapapan late Monday and charged him with violating the Computer Crimes Act after a Facebook post touching on the turbulent lives of world-famous royal families. Kan, who was later released on bail, did not mention Thailand's ultra-wealthy monarchy, which is shielded from criticism by one of the harshest royal defamation laws in the world.


Security and Privacy for Big Data, Cloud Computing and Applications

Название: Security and Privacy for Big Data, Cloud Computing and Applications
Автор: Wei Ren, Lizhe Wang
Издательство: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Год: 2019
Страниц: 330
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.1 MB

As big data becomes increasingly pervasive and cloud computing utilization becomes the norm, the security and privacy of our systems and data becomes more critical with emerging security and privacy threats and challenges. This book presents a comprehensive view on how to advance security and privacy in big data, cloud computing, and their applications. Topics include cryptographic tools, SDN security, big data security in IoT, privacy preserving in big data, security architecture based on cyber kill chain, privacy-aware digital forensics, trustworthy computing, privacy verification based on machine learning, and chaos-based communication systems.

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Cyberangriff: Malware erwischt Berliner Kammergericht


Bereits seit Wochen gibt es immer wieder neue Fälle von Malware, die Unternehmen und Behörden lahmlegen. Jetzt hat es das Berliner Kammergericht, das oberste Straf- und Zivilgericht des Bundeslandes, erwischt. Es musste daher sein Computersystem vom Netz nehmen. Wie konnte die Schadsoftware auf die Rechner gelangen? Und was unternimmt das Gericht gegen die Infektion?


Darknet: Polizei hebelt illegalen Cyberbunker aus


Der Polizei ist es zum ersten Mal gelungen, einen sogenannten Bulletproof-Hoster auszuhebeln. Ein Bulletproof-Hoster ist ein Hosting-Service, der seinen Kunden Schutz vor staatlichem Zugriff bietet und so Ermittlungen vereitelt. Die Kriminellen hatten dabei einen Bunker zu ihrer Darknet-Zentrale umfunktioniert. Welche Dienste hostete der Server?


IT-Sicherheit: BSI warnt vor Cyberangriffen


In den letzten Monaten gab es weniger Cyberangriffe über die Schadware Emotet. Jetzt ist diese nach einer Sommerpause wieder zurück. Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) warnte daher vor einer massiven Welle an Angriffen auf die IT-Sicherheit. Wer ist besonders gefährdet? Und wie erkennen User die Schadsoftware?


mardi 8 - St-Gaudens - Cycle Initiation Informatique - Niveau Débutant - Cyber Base


jeudi 10 - St-Gaudens - Cycle Initiation Internet - Niveau Débutant - Cyber Base


Ponemon: Cyber-Angriffe auf kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen steigen weltweit an und werden zielgerichteter und raffinierter

Keeper Security, Inc.: Chicago (ots/PRNewswire) - Weltweit 66 Prozent der KMU berichten, in den letzten 12 Monate Opfer eines Cyber-Angriffs geworden zu sein, in den USA waren es 76 Prozent Im dritten Jahr in Folge haben kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen (KMU) einen ...

Hospitals Should Be Prepared For Cyber Attacks

URGENT/11: Medical Products Are Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Threats Healthcare organizations, IT professionals, device manufacturers and patients are being warned of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a safety communication alert on October 1 explaining the serious safety and security risks due to URGENT/11 and a third-party software system called IPnet. “Security researchers, […]

Seven cybersecurity threats that could sneak up on your moran co-workers, friends, and relatives but NEVER you [Obvious]

Obvious [link] [6 comments]


嫌われてもいいが、憎まれてはいけない “孫正義の参謀”が語る、リーダーに必要な「愛嬌」という能力


2019年7月21日、就活生向けキャリアイベント「PRESIDENT ~最強のNo.2が語る平成のトップリーダー~」がサイバーエージェント本社で開催されました。同イベントにはソフトバンクグループ 元社長室長の嶋聡氏と、サイバーエージェント取締役副社長の日高裕介が登壇。稀代の経営者を間近に見てきた両名が、リーダーに必要な素養やこれからのリーダー論などを語り尽くしました。この記事では、嶋氏とCyberBull代表の中田大樹氏(モデレーター)によるトークセッション1部の模様をお届けします。令和時代に求められるリーダーのスキルセット、そしていいリーダーに必要な「愛嬌」の意味とは?


その時、ジョブズはニヤッと笑った “孫正義の参謀”が今明かす、孫氏直筆スケッチに描かれた未来図


2019年7月21日、就活生向けキャリアイベント「PRESIDENT ~最強のNo.2が語る平成のトップリーダー~」がサイバーエージェント本社で開催されました。同イベントにはソフトバンクグループ 元社長室長の嶋聡氏と、サイバーエージェント取締役副社長の日高裕介が登壇。稀代の経営者を間近に見てきた両名が、リーダーに必要な素養やこれからのリーダー論などを語り尽くしました。この記事では、嶋氏とCyberBull代表の中田大樹氏(モデレーター)によるトークセッション1部の模様をお届けします。パナソニックの創業者である故松下幸之助の薫陶を受けたという嶋氏は、ソフトバンクグループ会長 孫正義氏のリーダーシップをどのように分析しているのでしょうか。


5 Steps Manufacturers Can Take to Combat Cyber Attacks

It’s not far-fetched to claim that the current cybersecurity landscape is rather tumultuous, and that’s true in every industry from retail to finance. Cyber attacks are on the rise, especially in the manufacturing sector. One of the major reasons wh

From Bro to Zeek: Making Sense of Network Traffic for Security


This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in network traffic analysis, featuring GigaOm analyst Simon Gibson and a special guest from Corelight, Steve Smoot. They’ll discuss the evolution of network analysis and explain how open-source Zeek (formerly Bro) came to be the network traffic analysis tool of choice for security analysts to make fast sense of their traffic.

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • Why understanding traffic at today’s scale is so important for security teams
  • The complexities of traffic and telemetry collection for security
  • What Bro was built to do, why was it renamed Zeek, and how it overcomes these complexities
  • How Corelight makes Zeek easy to deploy and expands its capabilities

Why Attend:

Nearly all cyberattacks must cross the network, but security analysts often struggle to make quick sense of traffic at scale for hunting and incident response, trapped between data-starved logs (e.g. Netflow) and too much data (full packets) to analyze in time. What if instead there was a “Goldilocks’ for network data?

We’ll dive into Zeek’s creation at Livermore Labs and discusses some of the challenges that come with using it in large, fast network environments and explain how Corelight enables organizations to quickly take advantage of the power of Zeek at scale.

Request Free!


Cyberduck 7.1.1

Versie 7.1.1 van Cyberduck is uitgekomen. Dit programma, dat onder een gpl-licentie wordt uitgebracht, is een ftp-, sftp- en webdav-client, en heeft daarnaast ondersteuning voor diverse cloudopslagdiensten die van S3 of de OpenStack-api gebruikmaken. Het programma beschikt over een overzichtelijke interface en ondersteunt technieken als Spotlight, Bonjour, Keychain, Applescript en Growl. Daarnaast kun je gebruikmaken van verschillende, al geïnstalleerde teksteditors, waaronder BBEdit, TextWrangler, TextMate, Mi, Smultron en CSSEdit. Cyberduck is in een groot aantal talen te gebruiken, waaronder het Nederlands. In deze uitgave zijn de volgende problemen verholpen: Bugs fixed:

Adlumin Launches Patent Pending Core Banking Security Technology Delivering Unprecedented Insight into the Fiserv Spectrum Core


Adlumin launched a patent pending core banking security technology that delivers unprecedented insight into Fiserv Spectrum Core. Adlumin is the only U.S.-based cybersecurity firm to directly integrate security software with the Fiserv Spectrum core banking system.

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

Read the full story at



itunes pic

Free Download GARUDA OS



E Cigarette ( Rokok Electrik )

Electronic Cigarette Lounge

Udah sering liat di FJB yang jual rokok elektronik?
pernah liat yang kaya gini di mall atau dimana saja?

Kok bisa ya? ngerokok gak pake api?
Gausah pake lighter?
Ada asap tapi gak ada abu??
Kata temen yang udah pake rasanya kok bisa macem2?
Kok gak bau sih?
Penasaran kan?
Sekarang, ngerokok tanpa api dan abu itu bukan lagi! udah banyak sekarang yang pake E-Cigarette ini

Sekarang giliran kalian yang coba!

Disini kita bakal dapet info seputar rokok elektronik, kandungannya, cara perawatannya, tips2 pemakaian. untuk para seller sangat dianjurkan untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam lounge ini, supaya tambah lengkap pengetahuannya

Seputar Ecig
Apa itu rokok elektrik? Rokok Elektrik adalah rokok yang khusus dibuat untuk para perokok yang ingin BERHENTI setidaknya MENGURANGI merokok tradisional dengan cara yang NYAMAN dan terbukti 99.9% AMAN untuk tubuh kita dan RAMAH LINGKUNGAN.
1. AMAN, bebas dari -+4000 jenis bahan kimia (seperti dalam rokok tradisional) yang menimbulkan Kanker paru,otak,rahim, ginjal, mulut, gigi hitam & rusak, mulut bau, kerusakan pembuluh darah (penyebab gagal jantung & impotensi). Ingat:Menthol BUKAN PENYEBAB Impotensi, melainkan zat2 beracun dalam rokoklah yang menyebabkan kerusakan pembuluh2 darah dan syaraf2 di tubuh.

2. 100% bebas dari Api yang membakar & Asap yang beracun(CO, Pb, Hydrogen Cyanide, Methane, dll) & menyengat. Ingat, perokok pasif(orang yang menghirup asap rokok tradisional Anda)beresiko 3 x lipat terkena kanker daripada Anda sendiri.

3. Anda BEBAS merokok DIMANA SAJA karena HEALTH hanya memproduksi asap dan api buatan yang 100% AMAN & TIDAK BERBAU : tidak beresiko kebakaran & bau menyengat pada baju, ruangan & perabotan. Dalam berbisnispun, Anda akan terlihat jauh lebih sopan & lebih 'berpendidikan' karena HEALTH bersifat: Ramah Lingkungan dan berteknologi tinggi (Nano teknologi).

4. Dengan HEALTH, Anda membuktikan bahwa Anda menyayangi Diri Anda, Keluarga Anda dan peduli orang lain (3 hal ini bentuk ibadah bukan?)

5. HEALTH otomatis menjadi asuransi tanpa premi bagi Anda dan keluarga Anda yang akan menghindari Anda (& keluarga Anda sebagai perokok pasif) dari pengeluaran yang sangat besar bahkan tak ada habis2nya yang tidak seharusnya terjadi akibat Anda terus merokok tradisional yang akhirnya menimbulkan KANKER di tubuh Anda.
Orang Tak Peduli Bahaya Rokok
Jumat, 10 Juli 2009 | 09:09 WIB
Syamsuir, warga Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat, kini tak bisa bicara lagi. Pasalnya, ia pernah terkena kanker pita suara. Sebabnya? Tak lain karena dia perokok berat selama 30 tahun. Satu hari tiga bungkus rokok ia sulut.
yamsuir bekerja sebagai tukang reparasi jam. Penghasilannya tak seberapa. Jadi, untuk kebiasaan merokok ia nyaris menghabiskan sebagian besar penghasilannya. Akibatnya? Di lehernya kini terdapat lubang besar bekas operasi yang pernah dijalaninya. Dan, yang lebih ia sesali: suaranya pun menghilang.
Syamsuir adalah satu dari jutaan korban akibat merokok. Di Indonesia, 70 persen dari 60 juta perokok adalah mereka yang berasal dari golongan ekonomi menengah ke bawah. Artinya, sudah miskin, masih terjerat kebiasaan merokok yang menguras isi kantong.
Belum lagi sekitar 65,6 juta perempuan dan 43 juta anak- anak di Indonesia yang terpapar asap rokok. Mereka ini adalah perokok pasif dan rentan pula terkena bermacam penyakit akibat rokok, yakni bronkitis, paru- paru, kanker usus, kanker hati, stroke, dan berbagai penyakit lain.
Setiap tahun sekitar 200.000 kematian di Indonesia diakibatkan kebiasaan merokok. Sebanyak 25.000 korban adalah perokok pasif.
WHO melaporkan tembakau membunuh 100 juta jiwa pada abad ke-20 dan diperkirakan akan membunuh 1 miliar orang pada abad ini. Di Indonesia sendiri, tembakau membunuh 427.948 ji wa pada tahun 2001 atau sebanyak 1.172 jiwa setiap harinya (Soewarta Kosen, 2004).
Hasil Survei Sosial Ekonomi Nasional 2003-2005 membuktikan, konsumsi rumah tangga miskin untuk tembakau menduduki rating kedua (12,43 persen), setelah konsumsi padi-padian (19,30 persen). Jadi, untuk keperluan tembakau keluarga miskin mengalokasikan 15 kali lipat dari keperluan daging (0,85 persen), 5 kali lipat dari keperluan susu dan telur (2,34 persen), 8 kali lipat dari keperluan pendidikan (1,47 persen), dan 6 kali lipat dari keperluan kesehatan (1,99 persen).
Peneliti senior Lembaga Demografi Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia, Sri Moertiningsih Adioetomo, pernah menyatakan, dari sebuah studi ditemukan bahwa biaya rawat inap pengidap penyakit akibat merokok mencapai Rp 2,9 triliun per tahun.
Indonesia memang hebat dalam hal konsumsi rokok. Bayangkan, kini Indonesia menduduki posisi ketiga di dunia setelah China dan India untuk urusan konsumsi rokok. Pemerintah Indonesia dinilai tidak memiliki kemauan politik untuk menangani persoalan rokok secara serius.
Bayangkan saja Road Map Industri Rokok justru menargetkan penambahan konsumsi rokok. Pada tahun 2005 konsumsi rokok di Indonesia mencapai 220 miliar batang rokok. Pada Road Map Industri Rokok tahun 2015 ditargetkan konsumsi rokok meningkat menjadi 260 miliar batang.
Target 10 tahun meningkat 40 miliar batang. Sebanyak 40 miliar batang rokok dikonsumsi 10 juta perokok. Artinya, dalam 10 tahun direkrut 10 juta perokok baru. Bisa dikatakan dalam satu tahun ditarget 1 juta perokok baru atau 249 perokok baru per hari, kata Setyo Budiantoro dari Tobacco Control Support Center Ikatan Ahli Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia (TCSC-IAKMI).

Kandungan Ecig
Kadar Nikotin
E-Cartridge vs Rokok
0.1ml E-Liquid (Cairan E-Cig) ≈ 1 Batang Rokok
Secara normal, sebatang rokok memerlukan 12-15 hisapan untuk
menghabiskannya, sedangkan 0.1 ml E-Liquid memerlukan sekitar 12-15
hisap untuk menyelesaikan rokok nya juga, jadi 0.1 ml E-Liquid sama
dengan sebatang rokok.
Kami mendefinisikan kadar nikotin dalam E-Liquid sebagai berikut:
- untuk kadar nikotin Extra High, memiliki kadar 24mg nikotin dlm E-Liquid,
- untuk kadar nikotin High, memiliki kadar 16mg nikotin dalam E-Liquid,
- untuk kadar nikotin Medium, memiliki kadar 11mg nikotin dalam E-Liquid,
- untuk kadar nikotin Low, memiliki kadar 6mg nikotin dalam E-Liquid,
- untuk kadar Non Nikotin, tidak terdapat nikotin dalam E-Liquid.
Nikotin per hisap tiap batang Rokok:
Nikotin yang terdapat pada sebatang rokok bervariasi mulai dari 0,6 mg
sampai 2,4 mg. Sebatang rokok memiliki antara 10-15 hisapan untuk
menghabiskannya secara normal, jadi nikotin per hisap pada sebatang
rokok adalah sebagai berikut:
- untuk rokok dengan kadar nikotin 1,0 mg: 0,6 / 15 = 0,040 mg/hisap,
- untuk rokok dengan kadar nikotin 1,8 mg: 2,4 / 15 = 0,160 mg/hisap.
Nikotin per hisap tiap 0,1 ml E-Liquid:
Berdasarkan kadar nikotin pada rokok, kami memiliki persamaan kadar
nikotin dalam E-Liquid tiap 0.1 ml dengan kadar nikotin yang berbeda
sebagai berikut:
- untuk kadar nikotin Extra High: 2,4 / 15 = 1,260 mg/hisap,
- untuk kadar nikotin High: 1,6 / 15 = 0,107 mg/hisap,
- untuk kadar nikotin Medium: 1.1 / 15 : 0.073 mg/hisap
- untuk kadar nikotin Low: 0,6 / 15 = 0,040 mg/hisap,
- untuk kadar Non Nikotin: 0 mg/hisap.
E-Liquid dalam E-Cartridge berbedia pada setiap model E-Cig, jadi tiap E-Cartridge memiliki pesamaan yang berbeda dengan jumlah rokok.

Cara Perawatan dan Tips Penggunaan Ecig
Untuk mencegah kerusakan pada unit & demi kepuasan pengguna, terutama pada atomizer(atomizer yg tdk terawat/'dikasari' bs merusak aroma rasa), pada pemakaian perdana(pertama kalinya), SANGAT DIANJURKAN untuk meneteskan cairan refill 3-4 tetes pada ujung pin atomizer yg berwarna silver(2-3 tetes pada tipe HG93, namun hanya 1-2 tetes pada tipe Elite), tunggu beberapa saat sebelum memasang cartridge baru; lalu hisap pelan2 TANPA TERDENGAR SUARA tapi konstan & cukup dalam, & untuk menghindari kemungkinan kelebihan cairan terhisap, jika perlu tutup lubang udara kecil dng jari(terlihat di perbatasan koneksi antara cartridge&baterai)HANYA SEKEJAP SAJA(1 detik saja) pada waktu mengisap. Lakukan prosedur ini hingga asap terlihat(& akan terlihat cukup banyak), dan tetap teteskan cairan ke ujung pin atomizer (tetesan dikurangi)&ke tube cartridge setelah asap/aroma rasa jauh berkurang.

Jika tidak memiliki cairan refill, SELALU pastikan gunakan unit HANYA dengan cartridge yg masih basah/terisi penuh & sebaiknya TUNGGU 1 menit sebelum unit digunakan stlh cartridge baru dipasang AGAR ujung atomizer meresap cairan dlm tube cartridge. BERHATI2lah agar atomizer tidak terlalu digunakan secara berlebihan, baiknya gunakan secara lembut & HINDARI suhu kerja/panas yg tinggi, tp suam2 kuku/hangat : lakukan hisapan pendek (1.5-2 detik tepat setelah lampu menyala)dan berikan jeda 5 detik/hisapan.

SANGAT DISARANKAN selalu ready cairan refill kemanapun Anda & jaga suhu atomizer + berikan jeda/hisapan agar unit atomizer awet & aroma tetap terjaga dengan MAXIMAL/sempurna.

Penanganan unit yg bermasalah: Jika LED menyala tp atomizer tdk hangat,artinya: baterai rusak/atomizer yg rusak. [PERHATIAN: unit JANGAN terus dipakai jk cartridge sdh kering(indikator:asap makin brkurang/rasa hambar),krn bs merusak atomizer yg tdk terbasahi] Coba pin atomizer ditetes langsung dng cairan refil(2-3tetes), tunggu 5-8detik,lalu coba hisap(PELAN tapi konstan,& mhn dicatat, demi keawetan unit, baiknya hisapan TIDAK > 3detik &beri jeda 5-10dtk/hisapan). Jika msh,tlg unit diretur ke kami unt pemeriksaan teknis(dng instrumen khusus) &akan kami ganti dlm 1x24jam.

Gejala Atomizer terasa lbh panas
Atomizer lbh panas krn :
1. Terlalu sering hisapan panjang tanpa jeda(harus kasih jeda minimal 10 detik antar tiap hisapan agar pin atomizer tdk cepat berkerut krn overheated).
2.Cairan dlm cartd mau hbs, jd atomizer tdk mendpt "coolant" dr cairan refill. COBA hisap dng arah cerutu menghadap ke atas(sudut 30 -45derajat),agar sisa 'tumpahan' cairan dlm casing atomizer bs tertangkap pin atomizer) & SEGERA CEK cartd jk asap mulai tipis, mgkn cartd kering di permukaan atas busanya, teteskan lg hingga permukaan atas cartdg terlihat basah.

Jika asap mau banyak, dalam pemakaian rokel, tipe apapun itu, HINDARI menghisap dengan cepat, tapi hisap dengan pelan(jk bs,tanpa suara)TAPI KONSTAN, nah dijamin asap lbh banyak,tapi JANGAN LUPA: beri JEDA minimal 10dtk/hisapan! Ingat, ini alat elektronik sensitif,&butuh proses melewati bnyk komponen&ruang proses. Baterai yg lemah pasti berakibat asap yg sedikit pula.

Info Seputar Ecig
1. Food and Drug Administration (USA) /Administrasi Makanan dan Obat USA
Penelitian FDA telah diperiksa pada bulan Juli 2009 oleh perusahaan konsultan ilmiah eksponen, Inc, dalam sebuah laporan yang ditugaskan oleh produsen salah satu rokok elektronik diuji oleh FDA. Beberapa kritik di laporan eksponen adalah standar miskin dokumen dan analisis. Daftar eksponen studi sebelumnya yang telah terdeteksi di tingkat TSNA disetujui FDA-produk terapi pengganti nikotin yang sebanding dengan FDA terdeteksi dalam penelitian mereka, dan objek ke FDA tidak membuat perbandingan untuk produk tersebut dalam analisis mereka rokok elektronik. Akhirnya tinjauan menyimpulkan bahwa penelitian ini FDA tidak mendukung klaim potensi efek kesehatan yang merugikan dari penggunaan rokok elektronik.(Artinya FDA tidak bisa menyimpulkan secara logical medic bahwa rokok elektronik berbahaya bagi kesehatan).
2. Di Denmark, Denmark Medicines Agency mengklasifikasikan rokok elektronik yang berisi nikotin sebagai produk obat-obatan.
3. Penggunaan elektronik rokok belum dilarang. di Bandar Udara Kopenhagen, tapi setidaknya satu maskapai penerbangan (Scandinavian Airlines) telah memutuskan untuk melarang penggunaan dlm penerbangan onboard.
4. Di Belanda, penggunaan dan penjualan rokok elektronik diperbolehkan, namun iklan adalah dilarang undang-undang Uni Eropa yang tertunda.
5. Di Inggris, penggunaan dan penjualan rokok elektronik saat ini tidak dibatasi, meskipun telah mengusulkan MHRA membawa semua produk kecuali nikotin tembakau dalam rezim perizinan obat-obatan.
6. Kesehatan Selandia Baru Ltd studi:

Adanya jumlah jejak TSNAs dalam uap rokok elektronik sebelumnya didokumentasikan dalam analisis 2008 Oktober dilakukan oleh Selandia Baru Kesehatan Ltd dan didanai oleh produsen rokok Ruyan elektronik. Namun, tidak seperti penelitian FDA, penelitian ini dilakukan analisis kuantitatif rinci dan menyimpulkan bahwa penyebab kanker dan toxicants hadir hanya di bawah tingkat yang membahayakan. Kesimpulan akhir laporan keselamatan adalah: "Berdasarkan informasi produsen, komposisi cairan kartrid tidak berbahaya bagi kesehatan, jika digunakan sebagaimana dimaksud."
7. Health Issues /Masalah kesehatan
efek kesehatan dari penggunaan rokok elektronik saat ini belum diketahui. Beberapa perusahaan rokok elektronik mengklaim bahwa bahan berbahaya yang dihasilkan oleh pembakaran tembakau dalam rokok tradisional tidak hadir dalam cairan atomized rokok elektronik. Beberapa juga telah memasarkan rokok elektronik sebagai cara untuk mengurangi kecanduan nikotin, meskipun organisasi kesehatan internasional telah menyatakan mereka tidak dapat dipasarkan sebagai alat penghentian. Dalam sebuah survei online terbaru dari bulan November 2009 di antara 303 perokok, ditemukan bahwa e-rokok substitusi untuk rokok tembakau menghasilkan manfaat kesehatan dirasakan (batuk kurang, kemampuan yang lebih tinggi untuk melakukan latihan, dan rasa yang lebih baik dari rasa dan bau)
8. Rokok elektronik pertama kali dikembangkan dengan paten terdaftar, pada bulan April 2003 oleh SBT Co Ltd, sebuah perusahaan berbasis di Beijing, yang sekarang dikendalikan oleh Golden Dragon Group Ltd Pada tahun 2004, Ruyan mengambil alih proyek untuk mengembangkan lebih lanjut muncul teknologi. Ruyan resmi diserap SBT Co Ltd dan nama mereka diubah menjadi SBT Ruyan Teknologi & Development Co, Ltd Sudah bulan Mei 2004, Ruyan menjual rokok elektronik pertama di Cina. Dalam pertama 3 tahun produksi, SBT Ruyan melihat terus meningkat dalam penjualan, dari $ 13 juta HKD ($ 1,7 juta USD) pada tahun 2004 menjadi $ 136 million HKD ($ 17 juta USD) pada tahun 2005, dan $ 286 million HKD ($ 37 juta USD) pada tahun 2006 .

Pada bulan April 2006, rokok elektronik dibawa ke Eropa, dan secara resmi meluncurkan di "Ruyan" Promosi Luar Negeri Konferensi di Austria. Setelah diperkenalkan, produk ini telah disesuaikan dengan pasar Eropa dan dipasarkan di Inggris sebagai "Electro homo ". Pada tahun 2007, Reuters mengunjungi SBT Ruyan di Beijing, yang menarik perhatian media untuk teknologi. Menurut pengguna Matt Salmon, presiden baru terbentuk Rokok Elektronik Association, jumlah e-rokok diperkirakan 300.000 pada bulan Oktober 2009, berdasarkan hasil survei. Menurutnya, Salmon ditambahkan, angka yang sebenarnya lebih dari itu.
Sumber wikipedia

Sekedar share pendapat dari hasil nyoba beberapa tipe rokel dan baca-baca dari internet. Mungkin bisa berguna bagi yg baru pertama mau 'hijrah' ke e-cigar. Semua yang saya tulis dibawah ini adalah murni pendapat pribadi, jadi kalo ada kesalahan, mohon dimaapken Maklum, pengalaman individu tiap orang kan beda-beda.

Info-Info Penting
1. Jangan berharap untuk menemukan rasa yang benar-benar sama persis dengan rokok analog favorit anda sekarang, apalagi yg taste-nya 'Indonesia' banget seperti 234, Sampoerna, dan semacamnya, yang bisa diharapkan hanyalah taste yang mirip bukan sama persis.

2. Rata-rata asap yang dihasilkan oleh rokok analog masih lebih banyak (untuk tarikan/draw inhale yg sama) dibanding e-cigar low end yang beredar di pasaran. Jadi jangan kaget kalau diantara para 'noob' sering ada pertanyaan 'Kok asapnya nggak sebanyak rokok biasa ya?' Menggunakan e-cigar adalah proses 'learning curve', lama kelamaan kita akan nemu sendiri kok gimana cara menggunakan yg baik.

3. Sensasi 'merokok' dengan e-cigar yang dirasakan biasanya tergantung banyaknya vapor (uap/asap) dan 'throat hit' (rasa di tenggorokan) yang dihasilkan oleh unit e-cigar dan cartridge/liquid. Karena asap yang dihasilkan sebenarnya adalah 'uap' maka seharusnya untuk 'sensasi yang sama' pada e-cigar dibutuhkan asap yang jauh lebih banyak karena asap rokok analog walaupun sedikit namun lebih 'bold' atau pekat.

4. Banyaknya asap yang dihasilkan e-cigar sebagian besar tergantung oleh unit-nya. Secara teknis, batere dgn voltage tinggi dan 'low resistance' (LR) atomizer (disingkat 'atty') akan menghasilkan panas yg cukup tinggi untuk membuat asap yang lebih banyak. Namun rata-rata e-cigar yang beredar disini spec listrik 'dalemannya' sama aja. Tidak seperti di luaran sana, banyak varian e-cigar dgn bermacam spec sesuai keinginan user termasuk spare part-nya sehingga user bebas memilih sesuai kebutuhan.

5. E-cigar ukuran standar normal biasanya tidak memiliki 'battery life' yg cukup lama sesuai keinginan kita (umumnya hanya berkisar 2-3jam untuk 'heavy user') jadi pertimbangkan untuk membeli e-cigar yang batere-nya bisa tahan lama (walaupun ukurannya lebih gede), atau bisa juga dengan tipe PCC yg kotaknya bisa nge-charge. Tentu ini akan merogoh kocek lebih dalam, tapi menurut saya mending inves awal agak mahal daripada belakangan jadi keluar duit lagi karena tidak puas. Namun jika kita hanya "lite user" mungkin e-cigar yg biasa (value pack) udah cukup.

6. Ukuran dan tipe e-cigar yang beredar sangat beragam, biasanya semakin besar e-cigar maka semakin besar pula kapasitas baterenya dan semakin lama pula waktu pakainya. Menurut saya yang terpenting adalah sedapat mungkin belilah ke trusted seller dan kalo bisa yang berani memberikan GARANSI. Ingat, ini adalah barang elektronik, kemungkinan fail/rusak selalu ada. Mending ngeluarin duit sedikit lebih daripada nyesel karena percaya omongan seller 'Barang ane gak ada garansi tapi jangan kuatir bos, ane jamin barang ane kualitasnya top'. Tapi yaaa semua tergantung anda sebagai pembeli, kalo udah kenal baik dan yakin dengan seller-nya ya monggo aja, hehe...

6. Konfigurasi interchangeable part antara satu tipe dgn tipe e-cigar lainnya tidak sama. Artinya bahwa kita tidak bisa menggunakan batere tipe A dgn atomiser tipe B. Jadi kalo mau beli sparepart sebaiknya disebutkan tipe e-cigarnya (lebih bagus lagi dgn sample foto) agar tdk salah beli. Sebenarnya sih bisa aja kita gunakan sparepart yg gak kompatibel dgn bantuan 'adapter' tapi sepertinya belum ada yg jual disini.

7. Yang terakhir, sekali lagi menurut saya e-cigar tidak benar-benar bisa menggantikan rokok analog. Sensasinya tetap beda (asap uap VS asap tembakau). Tapi bagi teman-teman yang ingin hijrah dengan tetap 'merokok' namun yang lebih sehat dibanding rokok analog maka e-cigar adalah jawabannya. Disamping itu anda pun bisa stylish dgn beragam tipe e-cigar yang beredar (blue led, penstyle, screwdriver, dll).

1. Gimana supaya asapnya banyak?
2. Cara kerja Ecig
3. Hemat mana Ecig atau rokok konvensional?
4. Apakah Rokok Elektronik Berbahaya?
5. Info Liquid (part 1)
6. Info Liquid (part 2)
7. Info Liquid (part 3)
8. Kekuatan Battery
9. Cara pemakaian
10. Perbedaan penggunaan liquid dan cartridge
11. Perbedaan Ecig dan sisha

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National Cyber Security Centre sees surge in female applicants for courses

The NCSC said the number of girls applying for the courses increased 47% on last year.

Vanquishing the Windigo: Standing Up to Marc Tucker and Digital Capitalism – Wrench in the Gears

Vanquishing the Windigo: Standing Up to Marc Tucker and Digital Capitalism – Wrench in the Gears

Vanquishing the Windigo: Standing Up to Marc Tucker and Digital Capitalism

I’ve embarked on some intense Internet peregrinations lately, and work has been super busy. But it keeps me grounded in the real, physical world for which I am eternally grateful. It is captivating, full of generous people and natural wonders. It’s worth fighting to protect, which is why I continue to wander and try to share the information I stumble over along the way.
I’m excited to finally have a free weekend to write. I feel a growing sense of urgency as I connect with more and more folks across the country. Alaska, California, Utah, Illinois, North Dakota, Oklahoma…the pressure is intensifying, everywhere. If these thoughts seem somewhat scattered, bear with me. This is more an exercise in unburdening than some of my other posts.
Our current education system, admittedly far from perfect, is in the process of being dismantled. Its replacement? Digitally mediated, “lifelong learning,” workforce-aligned pathways. They’re being pitched in Colorado and Washington State as the “Swiss Model.” Other states are seeing the emergence of Markle Foundation-funded Skillful initiatives. Then there’s the normalization of gamified behavioral compliance tied to digital economic incentives paralleling this transformation.
Frighteningly, it appears education settings from P-20 are being set up to train future generations to accept and participate in the construction of STEM-centric worlds steeped in cyber-security. No hard hats required, just an up to date eyeglass prescription. Everyone expected to do their part to build and secure these new “worlds.” No one spared, not even preschoolers.
We must understand the nature of worlds built in code.
They will exist as augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.
They will be digitized, data-rich, and surveilled.
They will come with embedded nudges imposed by algorithms.
They will become automated, eventually beyond human control.





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Safety First -- Say goodbye to all your online privacy worries in 2019. Protect your online activity & browse without restriction for life. This is an overview of the current VPN & proxy deals! Additionally we've added the best security e-Learning bundles and cloud storage deals.

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L'Angi lancia alla Camera dei Deputati tavolo tecnico su 5G e Cybersicurezza

(Teleborsa) - Imprese, scienziati e istituzioni a confronto sulle sfide che attendono l'ecosistema Italia. Un confronto trasversale, costruttivo, ricco di idee e soluzioni sulle fondamentali sfide che attendono...

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019


It’s October so in the US it’s officially National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As the US CERT website states, “National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and to ensure that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more

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Cyberdelic Origins * Cluj-Napoca (Romania) * 10 Oct '19


Line Up
CyberDelic will be our first contact with Cluj-Napoca
-Interception trough the robotic and digital dark part of the psychedelic culture
-Immersion in cyberspace as a psychedelic experience.
-The fusion of cyberculture and the psychedelic s...

Flying Circus, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


New York attorney general continues to pursue cybersecurity compliance with latest lawsuit

New York Attorney General (AG) Letitia James has sued Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. (franchisor of Dunkin’ Donuts) over two data breaches in 2015 and 2018, accusing the company of mishandling a series of cyberattacks that together compromised more than 320,000 customer accounts. In the complaint filed last week, AG James accused Dunkin’ of engaging in fraudulent practices and...… Continue Reading

Open Cybersecurity Alliance: An Open Source Initiative for Enabling Improved Interoperability - Security Intelligence

Open Cybersecurity Alliance: An Open Source Initiative for Enabling Improved Interoperability  Security Intelligence

The NBA is in hot water after Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey supported the Hong Kong protests. Here are other times Western brands caved to China after offending the Communist Party.


xi jinping rub hands

  • China's Communist Party is very sensitive to any content seen to jeopardize its grip on power, and regularly censors social media posts and movie scenes.
  • Many foreign companies have incurred its wrath for reasons including — according to the government — misconstruing Chinese politics and insulting Chinese citizens.
  • The Chinese market is very valuable as people there are spending more and more on international goods and travel.
  • Here's a list of eight foreign companies — from Versace to Marriott Internationals to the NBA — who have groveled to China after offending it.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

The NBA is at the centre of a storm in China after Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rocketstweeted his support for the Hong Kong protests, offending Chinese NBA fans, companies, and the country's government, and leading to a days long dispute.

The league this week has found out what many other Western brands have discovered in recent years: China is a tricky country to do business in.

The ruling Communist Party is extremely sensitive to any content seen to jeopardize its grip on power, and regularly censors social media posts, movie scenes, and news coverage that may be used to criticize the government.

It has also attacked multiple foreign brands and companies for — in its opinion — getting involved in Chinese politics, misconstruing the country's borders, and aggravating Chinese citizens.

Many brands have kowtowed to the Chinese government over these issues, which isn't surprising given the clout of Chinese consumers in global retail.

Despite a slowing economy, mainland Chinese consumers spent 170 billion yuan ($23 billion) 0n luxury goods in 2018, according to Bain & Company, with the number set to grow.

Scroll down to see how eight companies incurred China's wrath — and how they kowtowed to the Communist Party.

The NBA and Houston Rockets — which scrambled to distance themselves from a tweet from the Rockets' general manager supporting the Hong Kong protests.

Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey sparked controversy in the US and China after he tweeted a graphic supporting the Hong Kong protesters in early October.

The Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly criticized the Hong Kong demonstrations, and have prevented its social media platforms and news outlets to report on them extensively.

Though Morey quickly deleted his tweet and said his political views did not represent those of the Rockets or the NBA, the Chinese Consulate in Houston criticized the tweet, and China's state broadcaster said it will stop showing NBA games.

Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta immediately distanced the team and its shareholders from Morey's statement, insisting that the team has "no political position."

Basketball is immensely popular in China, with nearly 500 million people watching NBA games on livestreaming platform Tencent Video last season.

The NBA also issued a statement saying Morey's tweet "deeply offended many of our friends and fans in China, which is regrettable."

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has since defended Morey's freedom to express his political views, but noted that the league will not regulate or adjudicate players, employees and team owners' political opinions.

Read more: China says it will stop broadcasting NBA games after Commissioner Adam Silver defended Daryl Morey's freedom to support Hong Kong protests

Swarovski — for describing Hong Kong as a country on its website amid anti-China protests.

Jewelry company Swarovski apologized in August for describing Hong Kong as a country on its website amid anti-China protests in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a Chinese city, but operates under a separate constitution and independent judiciary. Hong Kongers have been protesting over Chinese encroachment into the semi-autonomous city.

In a statement on Facebook, the company apologized for its "misleading communication on China's National Sovereignty."

"Swarovski has always firmly respected China's National Sovereignty and territorial integrity, providing the Chinese market with unified worldwide services and products," it said.

Versace — for making a T-shirt that listed Hong Kong as its own country.

In August 2018, photos of a Versace T-shirt that described Hong Kong as its own country went viral on Chinese social media, prompting fury from patriotic citizens.

The shirt featured a list of cities and the countries they belong to, as such: "Paris — FRANCE," "New York — USA," and "Beijing — CHINA." But Hong Kong's entry said: "Hong Kong — HONG KONG."

Yang Mi, a Chinese actress and singer, stepped down as a brand ambassador amid the controversy, saying: "Disclaimer: At any time, China's territorial integrity and sovereignty are sacred and inviolable, and even more inseparable!"

Versace later tweeted an impassioned apology from chief creative officer Donatella Versace, published in both English and Chinese.

"I am deeply sorry for the unfortunate recent error that was made by our company," Versace said.

"Never have I wanted to disrespect China's national sovereignty and this is why I wanted to personally apologize for such inaccuracy and for any distress that it might have caused."

Coach — for listing Hong Kong and Taiwan as individual countries.

In August, Coach also apologized for selling a shirt in May 2018 that identified Hong Kong and Taiwan as countries separate from China.

Taiwan has been self-governing since it split with mainland China in 1949. However, Beijing has repeatedly insisted that the island is part of China, and has in recent months increased pressure on foreign countries and companies to do the same.

In an August statement, Coach described the T-shirt design as a "serious inaccuracy," and said it "immediately pulled those products from all channels globally."

"We are fully aware of the severity of this error and deeply regret it," it added. "Coach is dedicated to long-term development in China, and we respect the feelings of the Chinese people."

Chinese model Liu Wen terminated her contract with Coach at the same time, saying in a statement on Weibo: "I am sorry for the damage caused to the public for my poor choice of brand. I love my motherland and I resolutely safeguard national sovereignty."

Dolce & Gabbana — for running an ad campaign that seemed to mock Chinese people, and for a series of apparently leaked text messages showing its founder being racist against China.

The Italian fashion house angered Chinese people in November 2018 after it published ads depicting a Chinese model struggling to eat Italian food with chopsticks, and after a woman published screenshots allegedly of co-founder Stefano Gabbana making racist comments about Asians after she criticized the campaign.

Dolce & Gabbana canceled a highly-anticipated Shanghai fashion show in response, telling Insider at the time: "What happened today was very unfortunate not only for us, but also for all the people who worked day and night to bring this event to life."

Read more: Dolce & Gabbana cancels Shanghai show after ad campaign and founder's Instagram DMs mocked Chinese culture

The company also claimed that Gabbana's Instagram account was hacked, but didn't explicitly say whether he sent the messages.

It apologized for "impact and harm these untrue remarks have had on China and the Chinese people," referring to the alleged messages from the account associated with Gabbana.

The apologies didn't seem to work though. Online stores pulled Dolce & Gabbana products from their sites last year, and the company is still suffering from weak sales in China, Bloomberg reported in March.

Calvin Klein — for apparently identifying Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as individual countries on its US website.

In an August statement on Weibo, the American clothing brand apologized "deeply" for "causing misunderstanding with the language/country classification options" on its website.

"We also reiterate that Calvin Klein completely respects and honors the integrity of China's sovereignty and territory," it added.

Macau, like Hong Kong, is a semi-autonomous city that belongs to China.

Audi — for using a map of China that left off Taiwan, South Tibet, and a part of Xinjiang.

At its annual press conference in March 2017, the German car company showed a map of China that excluded Taiwan, South Tibet, and Xinjiang.

You can see a photo of the presentation here.

Tibet and Xinjiang are Chinese-administered regions, but have distinctly different cultures from the rest of mainland China. The Tibetan and Uighur ethnic minorities are ruled with an iron fist as Beijing suspects them of being separatists and national-security threats.

Audi apologized the next day, saying that it used "an incorrect geographical map" that "hurt the feelings of Chinese people," according to the state-run Global Times tabloid.

"This was a serious mistake for which Audi wants to sincerely apologize," the statement continued. "This is also a profound lesson that Audi will learn from."

Marriott hotels — for listing Hong Kong and Macau — specially-administered Chinese territories — and Taiwan as separate countries in a questionnaire emailed to customers.

In January 2018, the hotel chain listed Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Tibet as countries in a questionnaire emailed to customers.

Shanghai's Cyberspace Administration responded by investigating Marriott International over a potential breach of cybersecurity and advertising laws, and ordering it to take down its website and app for a week.

In response, Marriott International's CEO issued a public apology saying the company "respects and supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China ... We recognize the severity of the situation and sincerely apologize."

Read more: Every company that's given into China's 'Orwellian' demands over Taiwan

Qantas, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, and many other airlines — for listing Taiwan as its own country.

Last April, China's Civil Aviation Administration wrote to at least 36 foreign airlines demanding they change their references to Taiwan to a Chinese territory.

Dozens of airlines adhered to this demand for fear of being punished in the country and losing access to the booming travel market.

They include QantasAir FranceAir CanadaBritish Airways, and Malaysia Airlines.

Some didn't, though: United Airlines listed Taiwan as a location that uses the Taiwanese currency, rather than a Chinese company; and Japan Airlines and ANA only introduced the "Taiwan, China" descriptor on Chinese-language sites.

China's punishments have extended into the video gaming world, too. In October Blizzard Entertainment banned a professional eSports player from a tournament and his job for a year after he voiced support for the Hong Kong protests.

US video game company Blizzard Entertainment fined professional eSports player Blitzchung his prize money and banned him for a year after he appeared in a gas mask — an ubiquitous sight in Hong Kong's tear gas-heavy — and shouted: "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!"

Blizzard has since deleted footage of the interview from its official channels.

Read more: California-based game company Blizzard bans pro esports player and confiscates his prize money after he voices support for Hong Kong protester

A big reason why these brands have been so quick to apologize to China is because of citizens' patriotism and sensitivity to geopolitical issues.

As Marie Tulloch, a senior client services manager at Emerging Communications UK — a company focused on marketing to the Chinese market — told The Daily Beast:

"The Western view has always been the prominent view, and designers and marketing people aren't used to having to culture check their content."

"In other countries, especially China, there is so much national sentiment and pride, anything that threatens or demeans that becomes a big issue for consumers.

"The current internet generation is more vocal than their predecessors and are more willing to voice opinions if they don't like something."


Change Detection in Noisy Dynamic Networks: A Spectral Embedding Approach. (arXiv:1910.02301v1 [cs.LG])


Authors: Isuru Udayangani Hewapathirana, Dominic Lee, Elena Moltchanova, Jeanette McLeod

Change detection in dynamic networks is an important problem in many areas, such as fraud detection, cyber intrusion detection and health care monitoring. It is a challenging problem because it involves a time sequence of graphs, each of which is usually very large and sparse with heterogeneous vertex degrees, resulting in a complex, high dimensional mathematical object. Spectral embedding methods provide an effective way to transform a graph to a lower dimensional latent Euclidean space that preserves the underlying structure of the network. Although change detection methods that use spectral embedding are available, they do not address sparsity and degree heterogeneity that usually occur in noisy real-world graphs and a majority of these methods focus on changes in the behaviour of the overall network.

In this paper, we adapt previously developed techniques in spectral graph theory and propose a novel concept of applying Procrustes techniques to embedded points for vertices in a graph to detect changes in entity behaviour. Our spectral embedding approach not only addresses sparsity and degree heterogeneity issues, but also obtains an estimate of the appropriate embedding dimension. We call this method CDP (change detection using Procrustes analysis). We demonstrate the performance of CDP through extensive simulation experiments and a real-world application. CDP successfully detects various types of vertex-based changes including (i) changes in vertex degree, (ii) changes in community membership of vertices, and (iii) unusual increase or decrease in edge weight between vertices. The change detection performance of CDP is compared with two other baseline methods that employ alternative spectral embedding approaches. In both cases, CDP generally shows superior performance.


Approximation-Refinement Testing of Compute-Intensive Cyber-Physical Models: An Approach Based on System Identification. (arXiv:1910.02837v1 [cs.SE])


Authors: Claudio Menghi, Shiva Nejati, Lionel C. Briand, Yago Isasi Parache

Black-box testing has been extensively applied to test models of Cyber-Physical systems (CPS) since these models are not often amenable to static and symbolic testing and verification. Black-box testing, however, requires to execute the model under test for a large number of candidate test inputs. This poses a challenge for a large and practically-important category of CPS models, known as compute-intensive CPS (CI-CPS) models, where a single simulation may take hours to complete. We propose a novel approach, namely ARIsTEO, to enable effective and efficient testing of CI-CPS models. Our approach embeds black-box testing into an iterative approximation-refinement loop. At the start, some sampled inputs and outputs of the CI-CPS model under test are used to generate a surrogate model that is faster to execute and can be subjected to black-box testing. Any failure-revealing test identified for the surrogate model is checked on the original model. If spurious, the test results are used to refine the surrogate model to be tested again. Otherwise, the test reveals a valid failure. We evaluated ARIsTEO by comparing it with S-Taliro, an open-source and industry-strength tool for testing CPS models. Our results, obtained based on five publicly-available CPS models, show that, on average, ARIsTEO is able to find 24% more requirements violations than S-Taliro and is 31% faster than S-Taliro in finding those violations. We further assessed the effectiveness and efficiency of ARIsTEO on a large industrial case study from the satellite domain. In contrast to S-Taliro, ARIsTEO successfully tested two different versions of this model and could identify three requirements violations, requiring four hours, on average, for each violation.


Automated Dataset Generation System for Collaborative Research of Cyber Threat Analysis. (arXiv:1811.10050v3 [cs.CR] UPDATED)


Authors: Daegeon Kim, Huy Kang Kim

The objectives of cyberattacks are becoming sophisticated, and attackers are concealing their identity by masquerading as other attackers. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is gaining attention as a way to collect meaningful knowledge to better understand the intention of an attacker and eventually predict future attacks. A systemic threat analysis based on data acquired from actual cyber incidents is a useful approach to generating intelligence for such an objective. Developing an analysis technique requires a high volume and fine quality data. However, researchers can become discouraged by an inaccessibility to data because organizations rarely release their data to the research community. Owing to a data inaccessibility issue, academic research tends to be biased toward techniques that develope steps of the CTI process other than analysis and production. In this paper, we propose an automated dataset generation system called CTIMiner. The system collects threat data from publicly available security reports and malware repositories. The data are stored in a structured format. We released the source codes and dataset to the public, including approximately 640,000 records from 612 security reports published from January 2008 to June 2019. In addition, we present a statistical feature of the dataset and techniques that can be developed using it. Moreover, we demonstrate an application example of the dataset that analyzes the correlation and characteristics of an incident. We believe our dataset will promote collaborative research on threat analysis for the generation of CTI.


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Berikut adalah kumpulan situs islam radikal yang berhasil dikumpulkan oleh tim cyber NU dan LTNNU PBNU. Anda harus waspada terhadap kumpulan nama situs islam yang biasa membuat postingan barbau SARA, anti Cina, Anti NKRI dan anti pemerintah.

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Jumlah situs islam radikal di atas semuanya ada 208. Dan banyak dibaca oleh jutaan netizen. Tidak jarang menyerang kiai, ulama, NU dan simbol negara serta falsafah negara Indonesia karena memang anti nasionalisme dan suka membuat postingan rusuh. Ada yang berafiliasi ke ISIS langsung, ke partai-partai radikal di Indonesia, juga ada yang berkedok memurnikan agama Islam, wahabi.


Anda üürile korter, 1 tuba Ehitajate tee 60, 350 EUR

Harjumaa, Tallinn, Mustamäe, Ehitajate tee 60, 1 tuba, 2/5, korteriomand, 16 m², kivimaja, ehitusaasta 2018, uus, dušš, parkimine tasuline, pesumasin, kõrged laed, kinnine hoov, TV, mööbel, pakettaknad, naabrivalve, video valve, trepikoda lukus, turvauks, linnas, naabrid ümberringi, ümbruses korterelamud, teed heas seisukorras, 350 EUR 21.88 EUR/m2
Miljonit väärt mõtted ja inspiratsioon ei sünni rõskusest mädanevas Mustamäe paneelikas – igihalja parkimisprobleemi, 24/7 kala praadiva naabrimuti ja lärmaka ühistu esimehe meelevallas.

Maailma muutvad ideed tulevad hoopis uues ja nutikas SpaceCube’i majas, kus sinu naabriteks on praegused ja tulevased start-upperid, raketiteadlased ja äriinglid. Päris kasulikud tutvused, mis?


- Hästi läbi mõeldud planeering mahutab ühte ruumi nii köögi, elu- kui ka magamistoa.
- Häid külalisi mahub ühte Spacecube’i rohkem kui ühika adminstraatoritädi lubaks.
- Toas on ruumi vehkimist vajavateks telekamängudeks. Tõsielusõpradele ka Twisteriks.


- Mitu korda väiksemad soojaarved kui kõrval asuvates Nõukogude paneelikates, kus radikad soojendavad kliimat, mitte tuba.
- Säästetud raha võid investeerida oma esimesse firmasse. Või siis millessegi likviidsemasse.

- TV ja megakiire internet, millega end lähitulevikus ka teleportida saab. (Tehnilise lahendusega juba tegeletakse.)
- Stiilne mööbel, sh lõputuks lebotamiseks mõeldud disainidiivan.
- Nutikas köök, kus hommikuni sõpradega käsitööõlut degusteerida või flaamipärast parti flambeerida.
- Parkimine maja ees. Tasuta nii Sierrale kui Teslale.
- Ühine pesumasinaruum, kus sotsiaalseid oskusi harjutada.
- Puudub katkine lift.

- Asukoht Mustamäel, innovatsiooni epitsentris, tehnoloogia- ja hariduslinnaku lähistel.
- Vaid 700 m TTÜ-st, Tallinna Majanduskoolist ja Tehnopolist, kus paugutavad tipptööandjad, nagu Skype, Cybernetica, KBFI jt.
- Ideaalne tööle või kooli jalutamise kaugus, et keha ja aju restartida.
- Jooksuradade, värske õhu ja mändidega varustatud hiigelpark käbiviske kaugusel.
- Teine, jalkaplatsiga park kohe maja kõrval.
- Trollipeatused maja vahetus läheduses.

Space Cube ON äge üürikas. Tulevikust ajamasinaga tagasi vaadates on oht heldimuspisaraks!

Aitab mõtlemisest ja üleanalüüsimisest. Enter!

Võta ühendust ja broneeri koht ära. Selliseid kosmoseruume Tallinnas rohkem ei ole. Meie 35 - ägedat üürikat on saadaval alates 01.07.2018 ja 01.08.18 Vaata lisa >>


Enactia GDPR Soln Built w/ SmartClient

Here at SmartClient, we believe that your data belongs to you and that you should have full control over it. So, we were more than happy to hear a new startup – Enactia – has built a comprehensive cloud software suite for Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance management. When we heard it was built top to bottom with SmartClient, we were...

Pangolin Plug & Play Network Security Device actively protects your network

Pangolin Plug Play Network Security DeviceProtect your devices from malicious hackers with the Pangolin Plug & Play Network Security Device. Compatible with all smart devices, this clever system detects network intrusions in real-time to keep you protected. This includes blocking cybercriminals looking to steal your information through phishing or malware. All you need to do is connect Pangolin to your router via an Ethernet cable and pair the Pangolin with the free companion app on your smartphone. The app allows you to manage all of..

A lack of physical security still leads to data breaches but is being ignored, says study from Shred-It and Ponemon Institute

Do strong cybersecurity practises prevent all data breaches? Not according to a new study from Shred-it and the Ponemon Institute. The recent major data breaches in Canada have led many to put a lot more focus into cybersecurity for their companies, but the study from Shred-It outlines how a lack of physical security can also…

What is autovacuum doing to my temporary tables?


Did you know that your temporary tables are not cleaned up by autovacuum? If you did not, consider reading this blog post about PostgreSQL and autovacuum. If you did – well, you can still continue to read this article. Autovacuum cleans tables automatically Since the days of PostgreSQL 8.0, the database has provided this miraculous […]

The post What is autovacuum doing to my temporary tables? appeared first on Cybertec.


How PostgreSQL estimates parallel queries


Parallel queries were introduced back in PostgreSQL 9.6, and the feature has been extended ever since. In PostgreSQL 11 and PostgreSQL 12, even more functionality has been added to the database engine. However, there remain some questions related to parallel queries which often pop up during training and which definitely deserve some clarification. Estimating the […]

The post How PostgreSQL estimates parallel queries appeared first on Cybertec.


Q&A: Huge increase in cyber attacks against colleges reported

Cyberattacks against colleges and universities are increasing dramatically, and school officials are often completely unprepared to deal with these attacks. A security expert at Jenzabar, provides some insight.

Tennessee teen kills himself after being outed online, family says

A Tennessee high-schooler who committed suicide did so because he'd been outed online, according to his family.Now, those same family members are calling upon law enforcement to arrest and charge the fellow students who allegedly cyberbullied Channing Smith, 16.Smith's half-brother, Joshua, told NBC News that loved ones were initially unsure why [...]

Unicron Approaches! Billing Starts October 8th 12:01am 2019

Thanks to several of our members receiving their e-mail notifications we can say for certain that if you've ordered your Transformers War for Cybertron Unicron, your method of payment is due to be billed at 12:01am on October 8th 2019. Depending where you are that's basically tomorrow. Just a heads up to all those supporters who need to make sure their ducks are in order before the Transformers toy of the century punches through a black hole and arrives here in our dimension to consume all in ... View the full news story on by clicking here.

Unboxing gallery of WFC SIEGE Astrotrain, Apeface, Crosshairs, Spinister, Rung, Singe & Micromasters #NYCC2019 #NYCC

This past week at New York Comic-Con, Hasbro had an unboxing event for the remaining Transformers War for Cybertron SIEGE products for Fall 2019. attended the event and we are now able to share the pictures with all of you. The figures we got to unbox were Leader Class Astrotrain, Voyager Class Apeface, Deluxe Class Spinister and Crosshairs, Battle Masters Rung and Singe, and Micromasters Rumble, Ratbat, Direct-Hit and Power Punch. Some of the highlights are below. You can check ... View the full news story on by clicking here.

Transformers Generations Selects and 35th Anniversary Image Gallery and Video from #NYCC2019

We're bringing you some more select images from the #NYCC2019, this time we have the current Transformers Generations Selects offerings Smokescreen, Cromar, and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, and the 35th Anniversary versions of War for Cybertron Siege Voyager class Megatron and Optimus Prime. Just click HERE or on any of the images below to head to the full gallery. Also below is our video taken of the Generations Selects from the showroom floor. Enjoy! Make sure to share your view with the ... View the full news story on by clicking here.

Unicron Gallery from #NYCC2019 Showing Newly Revealed Features Plus Full Offerings Video Preview

Fellow Seibertronians! The end is nigh! This weekend marks the end of the War for Cybertron HasLab Unicron saga of 2019. This is a major chapter in the history of the franchise and one we will all remember and talk about for years and years to come. Like any great Transformers story this one has been full of surprises, fan energy, and of course, fun toys. As of this writing we stand at 7,456 backers with 2 days 7 hours and 1 minute to go. Join the fans that have already backed this project ... View the full news story on by clicking here.

Gallery and Video for Cyberverse Deluxe Shockwave, Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron Shown at #NYCC2019

We have a whole gallery of what was on display on the show floor of NYCC 2019 for the Cyberverse line. This might be the biggest reveal of the show since it gave us something fans have asked for a while, Generations style quality figures of these designs. Below you will find images for the 4 deluxe class bots revealed. These are different from the warrior class figures since they are as articulated and complex as standard deluxe class Transformers figures. They have the same price point as ... View the full news story on by clicking here.

Re: Debriefer May 24, 2017

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CyberConnect2 Develops New Anime Game

President, CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama teases development


本年度競賽於10月1日開始網路報名,請參閱比賽官網 相關說明。


Network Security Veteran John Grady Joins Enterprise Strategy Group


Latest New Hire Will Further Expand ESG’s Robust Cybersecurity Practice

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

Read the full story at


Even More Positive Growth: Hosting Heroes Acquires EZPZ Hosting


The Hosting Heroes LTD, more widely known as Cyber Host Pro, and EZPZ Hosting are proud to announce today the successful merger of our cloud services and web hosting business operations. Hosting...

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

Read the full story at


Ponemon: Cyber-Angriffe auf kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen steigen weltweit an und werden zielgerichteter und raffinierter

Keeper Security, Inc.: Weltweit 66 Prozent der KMU berichten, in den letzten 12 Monate Opfer eines Cyber-Angriffs geworden zu sein, in den USA waren es 76 Prozent Chicago (ots/PRNewswire) - Im dritten Jahr in Folge haben kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen (KMU) ...

Moody’s Frets Over Hospital Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Readers of this blog know well that hospitals’ cybersecurity measures aren’t exactly impenetrable, as hack after hack attests. This isn’t just a concern for health system execs, though. Financial analyst firm Moody’s Investors Service has just a released a new report outlining its concerns about the adequacy of hospital cyber-defenses and the consequences facilities could […]

Viel mehr Darknet-Server im Ex-Nato-Bunker als zunächst erwartet

Die Ermittlungen im Darknet-Cyberbunker dauern an, da die schiere Masse an Servern erst untersucht werden muss.

Assemble Your DevSecOps Team and Build Secure Software


Software development serves as the lifeline for thriving organizations, whether it’s for enterprise use or consumers. Cybersecurity threats continue to increase in volume and severity, threatening […]

The post Assemble Your DevSecOps Team and Build Secure Software appeared first on Dice Insights.


Five Ways to Protect Your Data Online


Nowadays, your data is more valuable than ever as it can be sold for profit on the black market. Your vital information could be used to commit crimes. The truth is that we are all susceptible to becoming victims of cyberattacks. However, although there will always be risks, we should admit that we increase the … Continue reading Five Ways to Protect Your Data Online

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Episode #322 - Cyberpunk

What is Cyberpunk? What isn't?

LCB Shop - 20 Casino Spins at CyberSpins Casino


Hey there LCB'ers, 

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CyberSpins Casino - Exclusieve Free Spins


CyberSpins Casino - Exclusieve Free Spins

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New customers only. T&C apply. 18+


William Barr and Winnie the Pooh


Right now, Chinese users of WeChat, an app that includes text, video, and picture messaging plus a Facebook-style news feed (among many other features), can't message each other a meme of Winnie the Pooh. Why not? Because, being short and rotund, he supposedly evokes an unflattering comparison to President Xi Jinping. So, at the behest of the Chinese government, WeChat censors pictures of a beloved children's character in order to crack down on government criticism. Here in the U.S., if the Attorney General gets his way, Facebook and other U.S. services will be able to do the same to your private chats.


Late last week, Attorney General William Barr and the acting secretary of Homeland Security joined British and Australian officials in a letter to Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg that asked Facebook not to go forward with its plan to implement end-to-end encryption across its messaging services. The October 4 letter coincided with an event held by the Department of Justice (DOJ) that day, which featured Barr, the letter’s British and Australian co-authors, and FBI Director Christopher Wray, among others. Both the letter and the event focused on the use of online communications platforms for the transmission of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), warning that the roll-out of end-to-end encryption for messaging would risk stymying law enforcement efforts to detect, investigate, and prosecute that activity. The letter and event came hot on the heels of a New York Times article about the problem of CSAM on online platforms like Facebook. Barr’s demand may be the precursor to rumored anti-encryption legislation that might come out of the Senate Judiciary Committee soon, more than three years after the embarrassing debacle over a bill proposed by Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein (who is on that committee).


This is a significant escalation in the current Crypto Wars. The U.S. government has not gone so directly head-to-head over encryption with a specific company since its showdown with Apple in early 2016, when the government blinked first. (Well, it hasn’t done so in public, anyway.) The suddenness of this new push is alarming. Also noteworthy is that suddenly the main reason to demonize encryption is CSAM, with terrorism and other ills playing second fiddle. Even as recently as late July 2019, when Barr revived his predecessors’ habit of castigating encrypted service providers, it was drug cartels he invoked. But CSAM is the dominant focus now, suddenly and thoroughly. 


It is beyond question that CSAM is a real and serious problem for Facebook (and every tech company that has ever given users the ability to upload, store, send, share, post, or otherwise communicate files). It is radioactive, it is illegal everywhere, and no legitimate company wants it on their servers. Nevertheless, this new single-minded focus on CSAM in the revived anti-encryption push feels like an exceedingly cynical move on the part of the U.S. government. Out of the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse (terrorism, drug trafficking, CSAM, and organized crime), terrorism didn’t work to turn public opinion against encryption, so the government has switched horse(men) midstream. 


It also feels like cynical exploitation of the “techlash,” as I’ve observed (a year ago, and a year before that). The techlash has made it more politically palatable to pick on tech companies -- particularly Facebook. Never mind that people distrust Facebook because of its privacy screw-ups, and so they should be glad that Facebook is adding end-to-end encryption to more of its services, because that will make Facebook less able to invade users’ privacy. It’s not important, for Barr’s purposes, that average people (or congressmembers) actually understand what Facebook’s end-to-end encryption plan will do; only that they create a mental link between encryption and crime, and another link between the problem of criminal activity on Facebook’s platform with the problem of Facebook’s own repeated privacy misdeeds, such that the privacy-related distrust commutes into distrust of the end-to-end encryption plan.


Who is the antagonist to be bested in this fight against Facebook’s effort to enhance the security and privacy of over a billion people? Not pedophiles -- or at least, not just pedophiles. The “problem” that Barr, Wray, and their counterparts are trying to solve is that of people being able to talk to each other privately without government ability to snoop on them. This was made plain in the October 4 letter. It stated, “Companies should not deliberately design their systems to preclude any form of access to content, even for preventing or investigating the most serious crimes.” All well and good so long as there’s the focus on crimes, right? But later, the letter called on Facebook “and other companies” to “[e]nable law enforcement to obtain lawful access to content in a readable and usable format.” All content should be accessible by law enforcement. To get at evidence of crime, law enforcement must be able to get access to everything. Every text, every private message, every call. Every communication you make with another person through an electronic medium like Facebook.


Of course, as is the norm in government exhortations to the tech industry, the letter doesn’t say how Facebook should go about doing that. Governments have been wary of making concrete suggestions ever since the failure of the Clipper Chip in the ‘90s. But in recent times, when they do, there’s been some change. As I wrote in a whitepaper last year, Wray and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein both advocated around late 2017 and early 2018 for some kind of key escrow scheme. More recently, in November of last year, GCHQ (the UK’s NSA) made what’s called the “ghost proposal” for silently adding the government as a party to encrypted conversations. This reflects an evolution: by and large, government officials now understand that if they are going to make some sort of actual suggestion (rather than stating their goal of access to plaintext and leaving it to the tech companies to figure out how to get there, as the Oct. 4 letter does), rule #1 is now “don’t touch the crypto.” If you can say “this proposal isn’t a ‘backdoor,’ it doesn’t require breaking the encryption,” then that changes the proposal’s security impact -- and most law enforcement officials presumably do sincerely want to minimize adverse impact on user security. (Most of them.) So it changes the response by information security professionals. It also changes the optics of the proposal in terms of public relations, since the public learned from the Apple vs. FBI showdown that “breaking encryption” and “backdoors” are bad news. 


Enter “content moderation.” One proposal for enabling law enforcement access is to build a system where the provider (Facebook) would check content, such as a photo attached to a message, before it’s encrypted and transmitted to another user -- i.e. while the content is on the sender’s device, not traveling through the provider’s server -- to try to figure out whether that content is or might be abusive content such as CSAM. Jonathan Mayer has just published a very good short first-draft discussion paper about what content moderation for end-to-end encrypted messaging might look like. This is a technical paper. It is not a policy paper. Mayer expressly says that he is not claiming that the concepts he describes “adequately address information security risks or public policy values, such as free speech, international human rights, or economic competitiveness.”


So, allow me to state the obvious: There is no way in hell that Facebook or anyone else could introduce content moderation for end-to-end encrypted messaging without it inevitably sliding into abuse. It would start with CSAM, but it would not stop there. The predictable result is surveillance and censorship, a chill on privacy and free speech. No, client-side pre-encryption content moderation “doesn’t touch the encryption,” in keeping with snooping governments’ new rule #1 for proposals to “solve” the encryption “problem.” But that doesn’t put it in the clear (and, again, Mayer is emphatically not suggesting it does). As Jon Callas of the ACLU said in response to the GCHQ ghost proposal: this “proposal would not ‘break’ encryption, but it would nonetheless have the same effect by creating a situation in which people are no longer confident they are securely talking to their partners.”


A variant of this content moderation is already done in various contexts. Facebook already scans for attempts to upload and share CSAM on the parts of its service that are not (yet) end-to-end encrypted -- that’s the visibility that government officials are worried would go away if Facebook proceeds with its plan. Email service providers scan your email attachments against a hash database of known CSAM, as the Times article describes. Upload filters are also already in use for other purposes besides interdicting CSAM: for example, upload filters that are intended to prevent copyright-infringing material from being posted to YouTube. Upload filters have also been proposed for preventing the posting and sharing of “violent extremist” content such as the Christchurch shooting video. Indeed, as my colleague Daphne Keller explains, it appears that filtering requirements of some sort will now be the law of the land in the European Union thanks to a defamation case, though nobody knows what that filter is supposed to look like, exactly. So already, we are seeing CSAM, plus defamation, copyright infringement, and violent extremism (all concepts that are much harder to accurately spot on sight than child sex abuse), as the driving forces behind existing and government-demanded filters on people’s ability to engage in “one-to-many” speech online, through such mediums as YouTube or Facebook.


And already, “upload filters are inherently inconsistent with fundamental freedoms.” It’s a problem as-is from a fundamental-rights standpoint when filters are applied to interdict attempts to share content broadly to many people, through a channel that is not end-to-end encrypted. But it is even more troubling when the same idea is applied to flag blacklisted content (be it words or images) in a one-on-one or small-group conversation -- something we reasonably consider private. Particularly where the interlocutors are using end-to-end encryption to try to assure that their conversation is private (rather than broadcast it to the world à la YouTube). And it is especially troubling if the provider designs its messaging service so that this scanning for blacklisted content happens automatically, for every single user’s conversations, not just those users who are reasonably suspected of crime and for whom a wiretap order has been issued for their electronic communications.


I understand that the approaches Mayer describes include technical measures intended to respect the privacy of conversations as much as possible and winnow down the amount of unencrypted content that is ever actually reviewed by a human (though the potential false positive rates are very troubling given the criminal consequences). Designing privacy-enhancing technologies to deal with the trash fire that is the Internet is certainly an interesting, if depressing, research area. And I understand that ostensibly we are talking about systems that are only for CSAM, at present. But when you’re checking content against a blacklist (or fuzzily trying to predict whether content your system hasn’t seen before should be blacklisted), ultimately you are talking about a system that keeps a list of things that must not be said or shared, and that monitors and reports people if they do so. 


Interdicting and reporting unencrypted content pre-transmission surely sounds like a good idea when applied to CSAM (content the recipient is unlikely to report as abusive, if the content is being sent from one pedophile to another). Or malicious attachments that could do harm if you opened them — content you the recipient might think you wanted to look at and wouldn’t report as abusive because you didn’t realize it to be abusive (until it was too late).


But we do not live in a world where that system always stays tightly confined to CSAM, or malware scanning, and doesn’t end up enabling censorship of individuals’ private personal conversations with other people over content that is not illegal or harmful. That already happens in China (which is increasingly an object of envy by U.S. law enforcement). China uses its online censorship capabilities to keep its citizens from using WeChat to talk about Winnie the Pooh or “Tiananmen Square. An end-to-end encrypted messaging system that would do client-side scanning of content against a blacklist before it’s encrypted and report the positive hits? China would rush to fund that work, and likely already has.


The affinity for censorship is not limited to China. Here in the U.S., Hollywood, whose copyright supramaximalist views have long found favor in Congress, would be all too glad to have your private conversations filtered. Other Western democracies such as the European Union countries and New Zealand would want your end-to-end encrypted messages to be pre-scanned for “violent extremist content” and defamation. Never mind how hard it is to define “violent extremist content,” much less accurately identify it without false positives, and the fact that as a concept it covers speech that is not illegal in many countries. And the censorship demands won’t be just for images, but also for text. The recent EU court decision that Daphne discusses imposes a requirement to filter for defamatory textual phrases. 


And from CSAM, copyright claims, “violent extremist content,” and defamation, the blacklist will keep expanding. Tired of getting unwanted dick pics? Fine, the nudity filters Facebook would be called upon to implement in its end-to-end encrypted messaging apps might help you in some circumstances. But don’t be surprised when they deploy their Nipple Detection Systems, which have long come under fire for censoring Facebook and Instagram posts, to intervene to keep you from sending a nude to your romantic partner over Messenger or WhatsApp.


And on and on. “Hate speech” is impossible to define, but that won’t stop the calls to censor it, so that even willing recipients can’t get it, in addition to the people who would otherwise be abused by receiving such speech. There will be demands to stop and report any user who tries to send a picture of a swastika, followed by demands to do similar for the Confederate flag. Again, China is instructive: in the latest version of iOS, the soft keyboard no longer includes the Taiwan flag for users in Hong Kong and Macau. That’s a more extreme version of not allowing the user to transmit a message containing the flag—which seems so reasonable by comparison, doesn’t it?


When a government prevents you from speaking certain things or depicting certain pictures, it’s called prior restraint and, with narrow exceptions, it is almost invariably unconstitutional. When a platform does it at the behest of government, as Facebook might do if Barr had his way, we call it “content moderation.” That anodyne phrase obscures the evil at work here: of government ordering a private third party to censor speech that is, or under any human rights-respecting regime should be, legal. Yes, CSAM is and should be illegal everywhere. No one disputes that. But it is staggeringly naive to believe that, even in the United States of America, client-side pre-encryption “content moderation” would stop at CSAM.


And lest we forget, those measures won’t catch all content they’re intended to interdict. As Mayer notes, users could still encrypt their content separately and then send it. That means pedophiles can encrypt CSAM before transmitting it — just as they can now on services that are not end-to-end encrypted. So, getting Facebook to implement client-side pre-encryption content moderation would catch the pedophiles who are bad at opsec, but as Mayer notes, the rest would adjust, evolve their techniques for evasion, and teach those strategies to each other (which, again, they do already). 


Meanwhile, Hollywood would make damn sure you can’t just send someone a meme over WhatsApp unless you go to the extra effort of separately encrypting it first. Everyone’s perfectly legal speech would be burdened and chilled — because who wants to spend time separately encrypting everything? It’s easier just to not say the thing you wanted to say, to not send the picture that would be worth 1000 words, to express yourself in some other way. Some way that won’t trip up the censorship filter. Sure, you’ll find new ways, as the Chinese did by coming up with Winnie the Pooh as a stand-in for Xi. And then, as with Pooh, the filter will be updated, and you can’t say that either. So you stop saying the forbidden words or sharing the forbidden images. And then, eventually, you stop thinking them too.


If you are willing to accept Facebook (or Google, or Apple, or any other encrypted messaging service provider Bill Barr bullies into compliance) censoring all your private text conversations — and everyone else’s — because it might make it a little easier for the government to catch the most inept pedophiles, then I’m not sure I’ve got a lot else to say to you. But if this idea bothers you — if you don’t like the thought that before very long from now, you won’t be able to say what you please in private discussions over text, while pedophiles learn how to continue operating without detection — then I hope you’ll see Barr’s demand to Facebook for the grave danger it is. If so, let Facebook know. More importantly, let your congressional representatives know.


Now, this post isn’t a careful position paper like Jonathan Mayer wrote. All of the above is what is known as a “slippery slope” argument, and it’s easy to dismiss as hysterical. “Of course we would never do Y just because we are doing X,” platforms and the government would assure you. Then, once mission creep inevitably happens — which it always, always does — the official line would switch to: “Of course we would never do Z just because we are doing Y.” Slippery slope arguments might sound hysterical at the top of the slope; from the bottom, they sound premonitory.


Let’s look to China again. The highly intrusive surveillance of Uighurs in China used to be “just” for Uighurs in Xinjiang at first. Then it was “just” for them and people who visited Xinjiang, regardless of the visitors’ own religion or ethnicity. Then it was “just” for them and, oh, also Tibetans too, a totally different ethnic and religious group that China is fond of persecuting.


The ratchet of surveillance has a pronounced tendency to only go one way. End-to-end encryption is one of the best measures we have for pushing it back and maintaining our security and privacy. But while end-to-end encryption may be necessary to protect those rights, it is not sufficient, as proposals for measures like client-side pre-encryption moderation of private conversations demonstrate.


The rationale may change — national security and terrorism one day, and if that doesn’t work, child abuse the next — but the goal is the same: for governments to have the ability to eavesdrop on your every conversation, the legal power to require that all your conversations be recorded, and the authority to make private-sector providers do their bidding in the process. To have total control. And, if they really succeed, they will reach the ultimate goal: to not even need to exert that control to restrict what you say and do and hear and think — because you’ll do that yourself. You will save them, and Facebook, a lot of time.


It starts with something nobody could possibly oppose: reducing the scourge of child sex abuse. It will not end there. That is the slippery slope.


I don’t pretend to have the answer for how to fight CSAM without simultaneously opening the door to mass surveillance and censorship. I’m not sure there is one, but I appreciate the efforts of the technologists who are trying to find one, or at least to elucidate different technical approaches to different aspects of the encryption debate (such as Jonathan Mayer, who is hardly pro-surveillance). And I know that as long as I don’t have affirmative proposals of my own, just objections to others’, it makes me easy to dismiss as just another hysterical absolutist zealot. That is unfortunate, because, as some of my academic colleagues have privately observed, there is far more nuance to information security experts’ and civil libertarians’ positions in the debate than it might often appear from the outside, or than Bill Barr wants you to think there is. 


That said, this is not the most nuanced of blog posts. I find everything I’ve said above to be painfully obvious. And yet I feel it will still keep needing to be said as long as the Attorney General keeps pretending this debate is only about universally-reviled conduct such as terrorism and child sex abuse. After all, he is also the same Attorney General who was chosen to be, basically, the capo to a mob boss, one who wants Barr to investigate his political opponents. The sitting Attorney General of the United States is the last person we should trust with the ability to read everyone’s messages. We cannot afford the polite fiction that the nation’s law enforcement officials, even those at the very top, are all “the good guys.” 

Those who work for providers, in academia, or in civil society may be tempted to start down the slippery slope we can all see ahead of us, partially out of the commendable desire to help children, partially to show the U.S. government how “reasonable” and “adult” and “mature” we are when it comes to the encryption debate. Let me be clear: It is not reasonable for any government to demand that platforms build the ability to surveil and censor everyone’s private communications. You do not have to help brainstorm, design, build, rationalize, or excuse a system for pervasive surveillance and censorship. Technologists must design and build systems that acknowledge the uncomfortable truth: that China is much closer than we think.

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In retail, the customer is king – except when they’re not. Several cases exist where the business cannot meet customer demands – either because it’s physically impossible, financially unprofitable, or ethically untractable. The retail organization needs to adjust for unplanned, unintentional, or changed behaviors without alienating the customer. This is where data comes in. Relevant data can be used to prevent, mitigate, or divert these scenarios where the business is unable to meet customer demands. From Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher’s (@BrendanWitcher) definition below, the implicit concept of data-led capabilities is using data for the customer’s benefit (rather than the retailer).

Let’s explore three use cases where the customer’s demands aren’t met and how data-led solutions can help mitigate disasters in customer experience:

Experiential cases: Stockouts/Merchandising

One place where retailers may be challenged to meet consumer demands is online stockouts. A customer may be seeking a product on the retailer’s ecommerce site, but stores don’t have the product and DC's are unable to distribute it within a reasonable timeframe. In some cases the customer may even be seeking a product that the retailer doesn't sell. The power of data to provide alternatives and substitutes, as well as anticipation of customer actions, can help to mitigate such a situation to avoid customer rejection and a poor experience for the brand. Here is where it’s important to put in data-led engagement that allows for customer options to be positive and continue to maintain a pleasing customer experience. For example, Neiman Marcus embeds quantity limits into their site messaging as a customer goes through the process of selecting a product online. This data-led action prevents major headaches after the customer has already driven to the store.


Figure 1.  Neiman Marcus Website – Details in Red Identifying Quantity Limits


Experiential cases: Personalization

According to Accenture’s 2018 Personalization Pulse Check Report2, 48% of consumers have left a brand's website and purchased somewhere else due to a poorly-curated experience. Personalization is critical to retail and pretty complicated – especially because customer stats are fluid and changing. Unfortunately, many retailers base personalization on limited data or even a single data point. The perfect example where retailers blunder is the “already bought that” syndrome. A customer wanders onto a website, selects a new blender, then abandons it in their cart or maybe just views the product and leaves the site.

During the next few weeks, the customer is overwhelmed with retargeted ads focused on blenders across every site he or she visits. Nerve-wracked, the poor customer caves in and buys a new blender at the local appliance store. A few weeks later, the customer needs a new toaster, so they return to the original website. Unfortunately, all the recommendations, visual search listings, and special offers on the site are tied to blender features – quiet blenders, multi-purpose blenders, long-lasting blenders, digital blenders, and more. The epic fail on the part of the retailer comes with a cost, and the customer’s needs for a toaster are left unmet. Context for the customer becomes the heart of a strong personalized experience. Data tools can diminish exposure to the ‘blender’ and focus on other products based on clickstream information with simple business rules or more complicated AI tools. Despite prior customer demand, data-led site dynamics can provide the customer with what they need in real time.

Experiential cases: Poor Fulfillment

Almost all retailers face fulfillment issues where shipments are late, products are damaged, or shipments are sent to the wrong place. In some cases the retailer can do little about the Teamsters strike that prevented products from being loaded at port or the cyber-attack on the freight carrier that routed packages from New York to Atlanta. However, tracking and data points are available that identify the situation for the customer, and many times transparency is key. The right data-led actions can offer the customer options on next steps – which are much more appreciated than keeping them in the dark.

An automatic data-triggered email with options to continue the current shipment, reorder, or cancel the current shipment and order a replacement product can be a powerful engagement tool for the retailer. Even a notification to the customer that the shipment is late will provide more clarity than leaving the customer in the dark. These data-led actions would allow for unforeseen circumstances to still allow a satisfactory customer experience. The right tools online can even identify and adjust shipping paths to ensure the customer receives their rerouted package.

Customer demands will drive business, but data will be the savior when resources fall short to meet them. A data-led business operates with data that supports the goals of the customer, encouraging messaging and options that mitigate situations to provide satisfactory customer experiences. 

Watch On-Demand Webcast: Oracle and Forrester Guest Speaker Brendan Witcher Get Personal: How to Deliver Individualized Experiences in Modern Retail

1Forrester Analyst: Retailers Are Still Catching Up To Customer Expectations, May 2018 article from Retail TouchPoints

2Accenture's 2018 Personalization Pulse Check Report


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U.S. Blacklists Eight Chinese Tech Companies on Rights Violations


U.S. Blacklists Eight Chinese Tech Companies on Rights Violations(Bloomberg) -- Terms of Trade is a daily newsletter that untangles a world embroiled in trade wars. Sign up here. The Trump administration placed eight Chinese technology giants on a U.S. blacklist on Monday, accusing them of being implicated in human rights violations against Muslim minorities in the country’s far-western region of Xinjiang.The companies include two video surveillance companies -- Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co. and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. -- that by some accounts control as much as a third of the global market for video surveillance and have cameras all over the world. Also targeted were SenseTime Group Ltd. -- the world’s most valuable artificial intelligence startup -- and fellow AI giant Megvii Technology Ltd., which is said to be aiming to raise up to $1 billion in a Hong Kong initial public offering. Backed by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the pair are at the forefront of China’s ambition to dominate AI in coming years.The move, which was announced after U.S. markets closed, came on the same day negotiators from the U.S. and China began working-level preparations for high-level talks due to begin Thursday in Washington. Entities on the list are prohibited from doing business with American companies without being granted a U.S. government license, though some have maintained relationships with banned companies through international subsidiaries. Hikvision and Dahua were suspended from trading Tuesday but iFlytek Co., one of the eight singled out, slid as much as 3.1% in Shenzhen.“Specifically, these entities have been implicated in human rights violations and abuses in the implementation of China’s campaign of repression, mass arbitrary detention, and high-technology surveillance against Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other members of Muslim minority groups” in Xinjiang, the U.S. Commerce Department said in a federal register notice published Monday.The move, first reported by Reuters, takes President Donald Trump’s economic war against China in a new direction, marking the first time his administration has cited human rights as a reason for action. Past moves to blacklist companies such as Huawei Technologies Co. have been taken on national security grounds. The president’s tariff war against Beijing, meanwhile, has been fought over issues such as intellectual property theft and control of technology as well as China’s broader industrial policy.SenseTime, Dahua and Megvii weren’t immediately available for comment outside of normal business hours. China’s Ministry of Commerce didn’t immediately respond to a faxed request for comment.“Hikvision strongly opposes today’s decision by the U.S. government and it will hamper efforts by global companies to improve human rights around the world,” the company said in a statement. “Punishing Hikvision, despite these engagements, will deter global companies from communicating with the U.S. government, hurt Hikvision’s U.S. businesses partners and negatively impact the U.S. economy.”It also comes as Trump faces growing pressure at home to support pro-democracy protests in the Chinese-controlled territory of Hong Kong. On Monday, Trump said he was hoping for a “humane solution” in a city where protests have grown increasingly violent.“They even have signs, ‘Make China Great Again,’ ‘Make Hong Kong Great Again,’” he told reporters. “They have tremendous signage.”None of the other companies had immediate comment. Some of the firms added to the list trade on Chinese exchanges, which weren’t open yet when the announcement was made in the U.S.What Our Economists Say:“With growth fading, the U.S. and China could both use at least a reprieve from trade tensions. A mini-deal was mooted. It now looks less likely.”\--Bloomberg Economics Chief Economist Tom OrlikRead the full analysis hereThe news broke just as Trump was attending the signing of a partial trade agreement with Japan and predicting a big week of talks with China.“We think there’s a chance that we could do something very substantial,” he told reporters of the China talks. “I think they’re coming to make a deal, we’ll see whether or not a deal can be made.”A Commerce Department spokesman said “today’s action is unrelated to the trade negotiations.”Besides Hikvision and Dahua, the companies put on the blacklist include artificial intelligence companies iFlytek, Megvii, SenseTime and Yitu Technologies.Also included are Xiamen Meiya Pico Information Co. Ltd, which bills itself as an “expert in digital forensics and cybersecurity in China,” according to its website, and Shanghai-based Yixin Science and Technology, a supplier of micro and nano fabrication equipment.IPO PlansThe ban complicates a planned initial public offering for Megvii. The company filed in August to go public in Hong Kong. The terms and timing of a listing weren’t disclosed, but people familiar with the company’s plans have said it’s seeking to raise as much as $1 billion. SenseTime lists Nvidia Corp. and Qualcomm Inc. among more than 700 global partners. Nvidia declined to comment, and Qualcomm didn’t immediately have a comment.Four of the eight companies put on the blacklist are already publicly traded in China. Dahua’s shares have risen 17% in the past year, while Hikvision is up 12.4%. iFlytek has gained 11.5% and Xiamen Meiya Pico Information has climbed 7.9%.When Huawei became the most prominent target for Trump administration export restrictions, its U.S. suppliers initially cut off contact with the Chinese technology company. After looking at the rules more closely, companies such as Intel Corp., Micron Technology Inc. and Qualcomm resumed at least partial supply.Human RightsThey have subsequently argued in Washington that blanket bans don’t have the targeted effect that the entity listings are intended to achieve because many of the products they supply to Chinese companies are readily available from their overseas competitors.A request for comment from the Chinese embassy in Washington wasn’t immediately returned.The move targets Chinese surveillance companies involved in the crackdown