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Ob Sie den Einkauf mit einem Smart Assistant besprechen, ein Support-Problem mit einem Chatbot beheben oder Geld über das Voice-Response-System einer Bank versenden - die Sprachtechnologie bietet sowohl Verbrauchern als auch Unternehmen mehr Komfort.

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Zendesk Sunshine Conversations: So lassen sich Chatbot und Social Media kombinieren

Zendesk kombiniert mit der Einführung von Sunshine Conversations Kundenkommunikation und -interaktion per Chatbot jetzt mit Direct Messaging. Der Anbieter für Kundenkommunikationssysteme Zendesk hat mit „Sunshine Conversations“ sein Angebot um eine neue API-basierte Plattform erweitert, mit der Unternehmen via Messaging auf allen gängigen sozialen Kanälen in direkten Kontakt zu ihren Kunden treten können. Dabei laufen Gespräche […]

Are Intel and Cray taking us off the cliff?

Click here to view original web page at "Many changes are coming in the decade of the 2020's. Despite the bitter and acrimonious fighting in Washington, life is going on in the tech world. Our Brave New World is right around the corner." TECH WARNING. This might get a bit tech deep, but these are the times we live in. This is something that Elon Musk, Glenn Beck and others have been warning us about. It has to do with things (terms) called exaflops, deep learning, chatbots and turing tests. Hello? Did I lose everybody as of yet? These terms are important as we are on the cusp of making the BIG LEAP into true AI. The super highway needed to get us to AI is the super computer. And Intel and Cray are about to unleash a doozie in 2021. Maybe some definitions would help before I continue: […]

Technology Trends for the Future of Government


Forward-looking government officials know that, in a digital society, “Policy is the technology and technology is the policy.” Any government service delivered at scale is underpinned by a host of technologies. If the success of these business projects is compromised by poor implementation of technology, then the political objectives are compromised too.

Implementing a digital government strategy is a journey that will span multiple budget cycles and political administrations

Public-sector leaders expect government CIOs to find ways that technology can reduce costs, create efficiencies, and improve outcomes for citizens and businesses. They also expect CIOs to consider the social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends that impact the constituents they serve.

Gartner's top strategic technology trends for government

Gartner’s list of strategic government technology trends is designed to help CIOs establish the rationale, timing and priority of technology investments. These trends in information and technology were selected in response to pressing public-policy goals and business needs of government organizations in jurisdictions around the globe.

“Now more than ever, technology priorities must be established in the context of business trends such as digital equity, ethics and privacy, and the need for institutional agility,” says Rick Howard, Vice President Analyst, Gartner. “CIOs can use these trends to engage stakeholders, demystify concepts, and promote discussion about their value to citizens and society.”

Implementing a digital government strategy is a journey that will span multiple budget cycles and political administrations, Howard notes.


“The technology trends presented here do not represent what government CIOs are spending most of their time or budget on today,” Howard says. “Rather, it is Gartner’s list of strategic technology trends that are, should be or soon will be critical areas of focus for government CIOs as they transform public services.”

These top trends — which cover the next 12 to 18 months — will vary in importance depending on the tier of government (national, regional or local), region and business context. It is for this reason that they are not ranked in numeric order.

Adaptive security

From ransomware targeting cities such as Baltimore, MD, to attacks on critical infrastructure assets in Ukraine and on parliaments (as in Australia), governments in all geographies and at all levels are under attack, driving the need for new security approaches.

An adaptive security approach treats risk, trust and security as a continuous and adaptive process that anticipates and mitigates constantly evolving cyberthreats. It acknowledges there is no perfect protection and security needs to be adaptive, everywhere, all the time.

Citizen digital identity

Digital identity — the ability to prove an individual’s identity via any government digital channel — is critical for inclusion and access to government services, yet many governments have been slow to adopt them. Government CIOs must provision digital identities that uphold both security imperatives and citizen expectations.

Multichannel citizen engagement

Governments that meet citizens via their preferred channels, for example, in person, by phone, via mobile device (over 50% of government website traffic now comes from mobile devices), smart speakers, chatbots or augmented reality, will meet citizen expectations and achieve program outcomes.

Agile by design

Digital government is not a “set and forget” investment. CIOs must create a nimble and responsive environment by adopting an agile-by-design approach, a set of principles and practices used to develop more agile systems and solutions that impact both the current and target states of the business, information and technical architecture.

Digital product management

In the 2019 Gartner CIO Survey, over two-thirds of government CIOs said they already have, or are planning to implement, digital product management (DPM). Often replacing a “waterfall” project management approach, which has a poor track record of success, DPM involves developing, delivering, monitoring, refining and retiring “products” or offerings for business users or citizens. It causes organizations to think differently and delivers tangible results more quickly and sustainably.

Anything as a service (XaaS)

XaaS covers the full range of IT services delivered in the cloud on a subscription basis. The 2019 Gartner CIO Survey also found that 39% of government organizations plan to spend the greatest amount of new or additional funding on cloud services. The XaaS model offers an alternative to legacy infrastructure modernization, provides scalability and reduces time to deliver digital government at scale.

Shared services 2.0

Many government organizations have tried to drive IT efficiencies through centralization or sharing of services, often with poor results. Shared services 2.0 shifts the focus from cost savings to delivering high-value business capabilities such as such as enterprisewide security, identity management, platforms or business analytics.

Digitally empowered workforce

A digitally enabled work environment is linked to employee satisfaction, retention and engagement — but government currently lags other industries in this area. A workforce of self-managing teams needs the training, technology and autonomy to work on digital transformation initiatives.

Analytics everywhere

Gartner refers to the pervasive use of analytics at all stages of business activity and service delivery as analytics everywhere. It shifts government agencies from the dashboard reporting of lagging indicators to autonomous processes that help people make better decisions in real time.

Augmented intelligence

Gartner recommends that government CIOs reframe artificial intelligence as “augmented intelligence,” a human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence working together to enhance cognitive performance.

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Software - Trend Chatbot: tutto quello che devi sapere (GruppoPat)

GruppoPat scrive nella categoria Software che: Che il Trend Chatbot sia l’interesse più comune di questo periodo per CEO, CIO, marketer e informatici, è evidente. D’altronde questa tecnologia sta crescendo in maniera evidente e si sta sviluppando
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Trend Chatbot: tutto quello che devi sapere

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The banking industry could use chatbots and other automated software to eliminate as many as 200,000 jobs over the next 10 years, according to a new […]

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Comment on Affiliate Marketing Trends 2019 by Farzana Tunni

Great Article. I also think that push traffic and chatbots are gonna be the new thing for marketing this year. Well, I'm still a bit confused if how video search is gonna speed up the communication though.

O que é Chatbot e como usá-lo para otimizar o atendimento ao cliente?


O chatbot é um atendimento online automatizado para responder pessoas imediatamente. Imagine uma situação onde o cliente entrou em contato com sua empresa pelo chat do site. A dúvida dessa pessoa é bem simples: até quando vai a promoção anunciada nas redes sociais? Porém, nesse momento há uma fila em seu chat e essa pessoa […]

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Toyota Financial Services eyes chatbots, messaging capabilities for 2021

Toyota Financial Services is "in the planning stages” to replace its entire telephony system, which will allow for customer service channels including messaging and chatbots, said Kim Cockrell, vice president of service operations. The Plano, Texas-based lender will move to a cloud-based system in 2020 and “hopefully we’ll see some early winds before 2021,” Cockrell […]

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