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Marcinho, do Botafogo, é convocado por Tite para a seleção brasileira

O lateral-direito Marcinho, do Botafogo, foi convocado ontem pelo técnico Tite para os próximos amistosos do Brasil, contra Senegal e Nigéria, nos dias 10 e 13 de outubro. O jogador de 23 anos vai ocupar o lugar de Danilo, da Juventus, que foi...

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Black Fashion Xperience: Celebrating black design in all its diversity

Based between Senegal and France, Adama Ndiaye is an unrelenting champion of Africa on the world stage. Not only is she the founder of Dakar Fashion Week and the Federation of African Fashion, these days she's also the brains behind Black Fashion Xperience here in Paris. It's a joyous celebration of an impressive range of designers, among them Mimi Plange (Ghana), Sakia Lek (Republic of Congo) and Tokyo James (Nigeria). "This isn't about colour, it's about culture", she told FRANCE 24.

Film show: 'Atlantique' weaves a tale of love, family obligation and supernatural intrigue

Film critic Lisa Nesselson speaks to Haxie Meyers-Belkin about this week's new releases, including "Atlantique" by young Franco-Senegalese star Mati Diop, a story of thwarted young love and the lure of elsewhere - with a dash of magic thrown in for good measure. But first, they discuss "Alice and the Mayor", a touching look into the dysfunctional workings of the corridors of power at the Lyon town hall.

Africa Oil & Power: Home of oil and gas licensing rounds


Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Senegal will continue to showcase their hydrocarbon potential at the 2019 Africa Oil & Power conference and exhibition. Senegal and South [...]

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Comment on Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part I) by Hameed Al-Arabi

Ahlan Aron, Speaking the same language, religion, color, and culture doesn't make you one country. Americans, Britons, Canadians, and Australians have the same language, religion, color, and culture; however, they are not one country. Kenyans, Nigerians, Ugandans, and South-Africa speak English, but they are not British or Americans. Morroco, Algiers, Chad, Tunisia, and Senegal speak French, but they are not French. Brother, your evidence that you speak the same language and have the same religion, culture, and color make you one nation with Tigrai is a barren notion. I am sure, when you thought about your imagined nation, you have in your mind the Eritrean Muslims - you are fear-stricken from the Eritrean Muslims. I am afraid you will be an example of እትፈርሆ ይወርሰካ:: Here, I would like to remind you and your elks that Oromos, Somalis, Afaris, Amaras, Guragus, the entire region, and the international community will not allow Tigrians, and the remnants of Alula to form a nation in the region. These extremists will create unrest in the region. If you are a Tigraian, we could not make you an Eritrean by force. If your are eye is on the Red Sea and you wish to make Kebessa Eritreans your Trojan-Horse you will not succeed, because your excuse is a rotten game. Al-Arab

Slavery by Palestinian Arabs continued into the 1950s

I just became aware of this 1998 paper by (the late) Susan Beckerleg of the Department of Public Health and Policy,London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She describes the origins of black Arabs in Palestine, and has the most comprehensive description of modern slavery by Palestinians, mostly Bedouin.


Although Africans have been in Palestine for centuries, most people know little about this migration. For centuries, under the Ottoman Empire and before, slaves were brought from Africa. Some older people today remember stories told by their parents or grandparents of how they came to be in Palestine. Therefore it is possible to discover something of the later history of slavery. Several people mentioned that they had heard that there was a big slave market in Egypt and one 'white' Bedouin told me that his grandfather had been a slave trader who travelled regularly to Egypt. Most people with any idea of where their ancestors came from mention Sudan or Ethiopia. Sometimes they know the name of the town. ...

In Gaza I spoke to people of Bedouin origin who had been living in the Nagab [Negev] prior to 1948.

These people of Bedouin origin currently resident in Gaza and the Nagab recall being told by their elders how children were kidnapped or bought in slave markets and brought, sometimes carried in the camel saddle-bags, to live with important Bedouin families. This occurred in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The children were often the only Africans living with the family. They looked after animals, grew wheat and barley and performed household tasks. People told me that the Bedouin did not use the girls as concubines, although in the West Bank they did 'marry' female slaves. Only big wealthy families owned and traded in slaves. Black people were scattered throughout Palestine living with white families who 'owned' them. However, some families needed slaves to help in self- defence when they were weak in number. It is possible that within the twentieth century adults were also brought from Africa and sold as slaves. One elderly man reported that in his youth he had come across African men who were strong, bore tribal scars on their faces and spoke little Arabic.

One 'white' Bedouin man told me that slaves used to be branded like animals, but that there were no papers concerning ownership or origins. In the family unit, there were sometimes also other slaves who were white, or low status dependants, such as hamran. But one man told me that a white slave would never have answered to a black slave.

In the Nagab the Bedouin had a three tier social and political system. Sheikhs were drawn from the Samran, the original Bedouin. Attached to them as clients were the Hamran, families who were originally felaheen, but required protection and/or land from Samran families. The Abed, the slaves, were on the bottom tier and did not have the same rights or status as free people.

Slaves did not count in blood feuds between families. Several people told me that if a black man killed a white man, the death of that black man would not count. Payment (sulha) could be made in money or by the giving of a slave of a certain height. If a black man kills a white, the family of the deceased may kill the 'owners' of the black man. Recently, in Rahat in the Nagab, a black boy eloped with a white girl. They were discovered and the girl killed by her family. However, the boy survived and subsequently married a black girl.

Under the old system slaves could not sit in the shig at the same level as their masters. In some places this is still observed, with the role of the black people being to serve tea and coffee to the white people.

Slavery appears to have been an active institution under Ottoman rule. The British Mandate of Palestine was established in 1917. Slaves were not given release papers and there appears that the British made little formal effort to end the system of slavery in Palestine. Rather, as economic and social conditions changed, the institution faded away in some areas, but still operated other areas until the 1950s.

In some areas slavery as a way of life appears to have continued into the 1950s. One black (sumr) man who came to Palestine as a migrant worker from Egypt and was caught up in the war of 1948 recalls life for black people attached to the Al Huzail. He had been working in the orchards near Rishon with black people of the Abu Barakat. When war broke out they fled back to their home area of the Al Huzail where Rahat has now been constructed. When the Egyptian man arrived there he found black people growing wheat for Al Huzail. They were given food and, if they requested it for a special purpose, money. Slaves and masters lived separately in black tents. There was no intermarriage and no concubinage. The Egyptian man slept in the Sheikh's shig and worked as a shepherd, but received no wages. The Sheikh arranged his marriage to a white girl from Gaza. However, after 1952 under the Israelis, when the census was taken, slavery as an institution faded away.

The report also notes that there was an influx of African Muslims to Jerusalem under the British Mandate, and they now consider themselves "Palestinians:"
Most contemporary members of the African community came to Jerusalem as pilgrims and workers under the British Mandate of Palestine (1917-1948). They came mostly from Senegal, Chad, Nigeria and Sudan. They regard themselves as Palestinian and played an active role in the Intifada. Some of the Africans arrived as part of the Egyptian led 'Salvation Army' which aimed to liberate the Palestinian areas held by Jews in 1948. After the defeat of that army and its retreat to Egypt many Africans returned to their original countries, while others preferred to stay in Palestine.
I found a little corroboration that Bedouin in the Negev had slaves as late as the 1925 from this JTA article:

(h/t Robert Affinity)

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WAFU Cup: Nigeria's coach, and players, cannot afford to lose to Cape Verde

Nigeria's Phase 1 defeat to Togo at the WAFU Cup of Nations saw them drop to the Plate competition, and now they must beat Cape Verde to salvage any kind of goodwill from fans. A win in the match in Thies, Senegal, on Saturday night is a minimum requirement for what is essentially a Super Eagles B slash C team, made up of domestic-based players trying to reach the senior team. Coach Imama Amapakabo, on deck instead of regular head honcho Gernot Rohr, was quick to take responsibility after his side...

So close... The contrasting post-WAFU Cup careers of Ikechukwu Ibenegbu and Ahmed Musa

SENEGAL -- When Nigeria's Ikechukwu Ibenegbu clinched the top scorer award at the 2011 WAFU Cup of Nations, having won the tournament alongside current Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa the year before, he appeared primed to enjoy a move to a lucrative European league. However, unlike other African players who leverage the opportunity afforded them by the regional West African Football Associations tournament, or the African Nations Championship (CHAN) for local-based players across the continent,...

Nigeria coach blames Mfon Sunday Udoh for WAFU Cup of Nations defeat by Togo

THIES, Senegal -- Mfon Sunday Udoh must have thought Halloween had come a month early, given his nightmare performance in Nigeria's opening 2019 WAFU Cup of Nations match on Sunday. Nigeria lost 2-1 to Togo -- their second defeat by the Sparrowhawks in seven days, after their 4-1 reverse in a CAF African Nations Championship qualifier -- and the Akwa United FC striker was largely to blame. Udoh may not have started the match but that certainly didn't mean his impact wasn't felt, at least by...

Four players Nigeria coach Gernot Rohr should watch at WAFU

ESPN FC's Colin Udoh previews the WAFU Cup of Nations and discusses the tournament's recent revival. To watch the WAFU Cup, subscribe to ESPN+. In the past, luck has not really been on the side of Nigeria players featuring at the WAFU Cup of Nations while nursing Super Eagles ambitions, with Ahmed Musa the only real success story. The tournament, on the go in Senegal for the next two weeks, caters to home-based talents in West African countries, much like the CHAN tournament does on a continental scale. The wannabe Eagles' road is made even harder by head coach Gernot Rohr's seeming disdain for players in the Nigerian local league, as he...

Termómetro Nº 6: Oscar internacional y Zellweger a la cabeza (07/10/2019)


- Renée Zellweger se coloca por primera vez en el puesto más alto de las aspirantes al Oscar a la mejor actriz
- Estrenamos las primeras apuestas en la categoría de Mejor Película Internacional

01. 'Historia de un matrimonio (Marriage Story)' (Netflix) 
02. 'El irlandés (The Irishman)' (Netflix)
03. '1917' (Universal Pictures)
04. 'Jojo Rabbit' (Fox Searchlight) (+2)
05. 'Érase una vez en Hollywood (Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood)' (Sony) 
06. 'Waves' (A24) (-2)
07. 'The Farewell' (A24) 
08. 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' (Sony)
09. 'Parásitos (Parasite)' (Neon) (+1)
10. 'Joker' (Warner Bros.) (-1)
11. 'Mujercitas (Little Women)' (Sony)
12. 'The Report' (Amazon)
13. 'Estafadoras de Wall Street (Hustlers)' (STX Entertainment)
14. 'A Hidden Life' (Fox Searchlight) 
15. 'Dolor y gloria' (Sony Pictures Classics) 

01. Martin Scorsese por 'El irlandés'
02. Sam Mendes por '1917' 
03. Noah Baumbach por 'Historia de un matrimonio'  
04. Bong Joon-ho por 'Parásitos'
05. Trey Edward Shults por 'Waves' 
06. Pedro Almodóvar por 'Dolor y gloria' (+1)
07. Quentin Tarantino por 'Érase una vez en Hollywood' (-1)
08. Taika Waititi por 'Jojo Rabbit'
09. Todd Phillips por 'Joker'
10. Greta Gerwig por 'Mujercitas'

01. Joaquin Phoenix por 'Joker'
02. Adam Driver por 'Historia de un matrimonio'  
03. Robert De Niro por 'El irlandés'
04. Leonardo DiCaprio por 'Érase una vez en Hollywood'
05. Antonio Banderas por 'Dolor y gloria'
06. Jonathan Pryce por 'Los dos papas'
07. Eddie Murphy por 'Yo soy Dolemite (Dolemite is My Name)' (+1)
08. Taron Egerton por 'Rocketman' (-1)
09. Paul Walter Hauser por 'Richard Jewell' (N)
10. Matthew Rhys por 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'

01. Renée Zellweger por 'Judy' (+1)
02. Scarlett Johansson por 'Historia de un matrimonio' (-1)
03. Cynthia Erivo por 'Harriet' 
04. Saoirse Ronan por 'Mujercitas'
05. Alfre Woodward por 'Clemency'
06. Awkwafina por 'The Farewell'
07. Lupita Nyong'o por 'Nosotros'
08. Charlize Theron por 'El escándalo (Bombshell)' (+1)
09. Catherine Deneuve por 'La verdad' (-1)
10. Julianne Moore por 'Gloria Bell'

01. Brad Pitt por 'Érase una vez en Hollywood'
02. Tom Hanks por 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' (+1)
03. Al Pacino por 'El irlandés' (+1)
04. Sterling K. Brown por 'Waves' (-2)  
05. Joe Pesci por 'El irlandés' 
06. Alan Alda por 'Historia de un matrimonio'
07. Willem Dafoe por 'El faro (The Lighthouse)' 
08. Anthony Hopkins por 'Los dos papas' (+2)
09. Jamie Foxx por 'Cuestión de justicia' (-1)
10. Taika Waititi por 'Jojo Rabbit' (-1)

01. Laura Dern por 'Historia de un matrimonio'  
02. Jennifer Lopez por 'Estafadoras de Wall Street'  
03. Annette Bening por 'The Report' 
04. Shuzhen Zhou por 'The Farewell' 
05. Meryl Streep por 'The Laundromat: Dinero sucio' 
06. Florence Pugh por 'Mujercitas'
07. Octavia Spencer por 'Luce'
08. Maggie Smith por 'Downton Abbey' (N)
09. Kathy Bates por 'Richard Jewell' (N)
10. Scarlett Johansson por 'Jojo Rabbit' (-1)

01. 'Historia de un matrimonio'
02. 'Érase una vez en Hollywood'
03. 'Waves' 
04. 'The Farewell' 
05. 'Parásitos'
06. 'The Report'
07. 'Dolor y gloria'
08. '1917'
09. 'Puñales por la espalda (Knives Out)'
10. 'Honey Boy'

01. 'El irlandés' 
02. 'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' 
03. 'Jojo Rabbit' 
04. 'Joker' 
05. 'Mujercitas' 
06. 'Los dos papas'
07. 'Estafadoras de Wall Street'
08. 'Toy Story 4'
09. 'La gran mentira (The Good Liar)'
10. 'Richard Jewell' (N)

01. 'El irlandés'
02. '1917'
03. 'El faro'
04. 'Érase una vez en Hollywood'
05. 'Parásitos' 
06. 'Joker'
07. 'Ad Astra'
08. 'A Hidden Life'
09. 'Waves'
10. 'Le Mans '66'

01. '1917'
02. 'Le Mans '66'
03. 'El irlandés'
04. 'Historia de un matrimonio' 
05. 'Érase una vez en Hollywood' 
06. 'Waves'
07. 'Joker'
08. 'Star Wars: El ascenso de Skywalker'
09. 'Puñales por la espalda'
10. 'Jojo Rabbit'

01. 'Toy Story 4'
02. 'Frozen 2'
03. 'Cómo entrenar a tu dragón 3' 
04. 'Mr. Link. El origen perdido'
05. 'El tiempo contigo (Weathering With You)'
06. 'Klaus'
07. 'Espías con disfraz'
08. 'La oveja Shaun: Granjaguedón'
09. 'Abominable'
10. 'Buñuel y el laberinto de las tortugas'

01. 'Parásitos' (Corea del Sur)
02. 'Dolor y gloria' (España)
03. 'Los Miserables' (Francia)
04. 'Atlantics' (Senegal)
05. 'La Vida Invisible de Eurídice Gusmão' (Brasil)
06. 'Queen of Hearts' (Dinamarca)
07. 'Monos' (Colombia)
08. 'It Must Be Heaven' (Palestina)
09. 'Beanpole' (Rusia)
10. 'Out Stealing Horses' (Noruega)
11. 'Homeward' (Ucrania)
12. 'Knuckle City' (Sudáfrica)
13. 'Honeyland' (Macedonia del Norte)
14. 'A Land Imagined' (Singapur)
15. 'And Then We Danced' (Suecia)

Mejor Película Internacional: 93 países, un récord, luchan ya por el Oscar


Ya es oficial: este año el Oscar a la Mejor Película Internacional, base su récord participipantes con un total de 93 países en liza por la estatuilla. La surcoreana 'Parásitos' parte como gran favorita para el Oscar. Su mayor rival podría ser 'Dolor y Gloria', con la que Pedro Almodóvar puede devolver al cine español a la categoría 15 años después del triunfo de 'Mar Adentro'.

Albania (0 nominaciones): 'The Delegation' de Bujar Alimani.
Alemania (20 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'Systemsprenger' de Nora Fingscheidt. Ganador del Alfred Bauer del Festival de Berlín.
Arabia Saudí (0 nominaciones): 'The Perfect Candidate' de Haifaa Al-Mansour. Presente en la Sección Oficial del Festival de Venecia.
Argelia (5 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Papicha' de Mounia Meddur. Presente en Un Certain Regard de Cannes.
Argentina (7 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'La odisea de los giles' de Sebastián Borensztein.
Armenia (0 nominaciones): 'Lenghty Night' de Edgar Baghdasaryan.
Austria (4 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'Joy' de Sudabeh Mortezai.
Bangladesh (0 nominaciones): 'Alpha' de Nasiruddin Yousuff.
Bélgica (7 nominaciones): 'Nuestras madres' de César Díaz. Ganadora de la Cámara de Oro en el Festival de Cannes.
Bielorrusia (0 nominaciones) : 'Debut' de Anastasiya Miroshnichenko.
Bolivia (0 nominaciones): 'Tu Me Manques' de Rodrigo Bellott.
Bosnia (1 nominación, 1 Oscar): 'The Son' de Ines Tanovic.
Brasil (4 nominaciones): 'La Vida Invisible de Eurídice Gusmão' de Karim Aïnouz. Ganadora de Un Certain Regard en el Festival de Cannes.
Bulgaria (0 nominaciones): 'Aga' de Milko Lazarov. 
Camboya (1 nominación): 'In the Life of Music' de Caylee So & Sok Visal.
Canadá (7 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Antingone' de  Sophie Deraspe.
Chile (2 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Araña' de Andres Wood.
China (2 nominaciones): 'Ne Zha' de Yu Yang.
Colombia (1 nominación): 'Monos' de Alejandro Landes. Mención especial del Festival de Sundance.
Corea del Sur (0 nominaciones): 'Parásitos' de Boong Jon-ho. Ganadora de la Palma de Oro en el Festival de Cannes y finalista del Premio del Público del Festival de Toronto.
Costa Rica (0 nominaciones): 'El Despertar De Las Hormigas' de Antonella Sudasassi.
Croacia (0 nominaciones): 'Mali' de Antonio Nuic.
Cuba (1 nominación): 'Un traductor' de Rodrigo y Sebastián Barriuso.
Dinamarca (12 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'Queen of Hearts' de May el-Toukhy. Premio del Público en el Festival de Sundance.
Ecuador (0 nominaciones): 'La mala noche' de Gabriela Calvache.
Egipto (0 nominaciones): 'Poisonous Roses' de Fawzi Saleh.
Eslovaquia (0 nominaciones): 'Let There Be Light' de Marko Škop.
Eslovenia (0 nominaciones): 'History of Love' de Sonja Prosenc. Mención especial en el Festival de Karlovy Vary.
España (19 nominaciones, 4 Oscars): 'Dolor y gloria' de Pedro Almodóvar. Premio al mejor actor en el Festival de Cannes.
Estonia (1 nominación): 'Truth and Justice' de Tanel Toom.
Etiopía (0 nominaciones): 'Running Against The Wind' de Jan Philipp Weyl.
Filipinas (0 nominaciones): ''Dagsin' de Atom Magadia.
Finlandia (1 nominación): 'Stupid Young Heart' de Selma Vilhunen.
Francia (39 nominaciones, 12 Oscars): 'Los Miserables' de Ladj Ly. Ganadora del Premio del Jurado del Festival de Cannes.
Georgia (1 nominación): 'Shindisi' de Dito Tsintsadze.
Ghana (0 nominaciones): 'Azali' de Kwabena Gyansah.
Grecia (5 nominaciones): 'When Tomatoes Met Wagner' de Marianna Economou.
Honduras (0 nominaciones): 'Café con sabor a mi tierra' de Carlos Membreño.
Hong Kong (2 nominaciones): 'The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords' de Herman Yau.
Hungría (10 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'Those Who Remained' de Barnabás Toth.
India (3 nominaciones): 'Gully Boy' de Zoya Akhtar.
Indonesia (0 nominaciones): 'Memoirs Of My Body' de Garin Nugroho.
Irán (3 nominaciones, 2 Oscar): 'Finding Farideh' de Kourosh Ataee & Azadeh Moussavi.
Irlanda (0 nominaciones): 'Gaza' de Garry Keane y Andrew McConnell.
Islandia (1 nominacion): 'A White, White Day' de Hlynur Pálmason. Presente en la Semana de la Critica del Festival de Cannes.
Israel (10 nominaciones): 'Incitement' de Yaron Zilberman.
Italia (31 nominaciones, 14 Oscars): 'El traidor' de Marco Bellocchio. Presente a concurso en el Festival de Cannes.
Japón (16 nominaciones, 4 Oscars): 'El tiempo contigo' de Makoto Shinkai.
Kazajistán (0 nominaciones): 'Golden Throne' de Rustem Abdrashev.
Kenia (0 nominaciones): 'Subira' de Ravneet Chadha.
Kirguistán (0 nominaciones): 'Aurora' de Bekzat Pirmatov.
Kosovo (0 nominaciones): 'Zana' de Antoneta Kastrati.
Letonia (0 nominaciones): 'The Mover' de Dāvis Sīmanis.
Líbano (2 nominaciones): '1982' de Oualid Mouaness.
Lituania (0 nominaciones): 'Bridges of Time' de Kristine Briede y Audrius Stonys.
Luxemburgo (0 nominaciones): 'Tel Aviv on Fire' de Sameh Zoabi.
Macedonia del Norte (1 nominación): 'Honeyland' de Tamara Kotevska y Ljubomir Stefanov. Ganadora del Gran Premio del Jurado en Sundance.
Malasia (0 nominaciones=: 'M for Malaysia' de Dian Lee e Ineza Roussille.
Marruecos (0 nominaciones): 'Adam' de Maryam Touzani. Presente en Un Certain Regard del Festival de Cannes.
México (9 nominaciones, 1 Oscar). 'La Camarista' de Lisa Avilés.
Mongolia (0 nominaciones): 'The Steed' de Erdenebileg Ganbold
Montenegro (0 nominaciones): 'Neverending Past' de Andro Martinovic.
Nepal (1 nominación): 'Bulbul' de Binod Paudel.
Nigeria (0 nominaciones): 'Lionheart' de Genevieve Nnaji.
Noruega (5 nominaciones): 'Out Stealing Horses' de Hans Petter Moland. Premio a la mejor constribución artística por la fotografía en el Festival de Berlín.
Países Bajos (7 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'Instinct' de Halina Reijn.
Pakistán (0 nominaciones): 'Laal Kabootar' de Kamal Khan.
Palestina (2 nominaciones): 'It Must Be Heaven' de Elia Suleiman. Ganadora del premio al mejor guion del Festival de Cannes.
Panáma (0 nominaciones): 'Todos cambiamos' de Arturo Montenegro.
Perú (1 nominación): 'Retablo' de Álvaro Delgado - Aparicio.
Polonia (11 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Corpus Christi' de Jan Komasa.
Portugal (0 nominaciones): 'A Herdade' de Tiago Guedes. Presente en la competición del Festival de Venecia.
Reino Unido (2 nominaciones): 'El niño que domó el viento' de Chiwetel Ejiofor.
República Checa (6 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'The Painted Bird' de Václav Marhoul. Presente en la competición del Festival de Venecia.
República Dominicana (0 nominaciones): 'El proyeccionista' de Jose María Cabral.
Rumanía (0 nominaciones): 'The Whistlers' de Corneliu Porumboiu. Seleccionada a concurso en el Festival de Cannes.
Rusia (7 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Beanpole' de Kantemir Balagov. Ganadora del Fipresci y el premio a la mejor dirección de Un Certain Regard del Festival de Cannes.
Senegal (0 nominaciones): 'Atlantics' de Mati Diop. Ganadora del Gran Premio del Jurado en el Festival de Cannes.
Serbia (0 nominaciones): 'King Peter of Serbia' de Petar Ristovski.
Singapur (0 nominaciones): 'A Land Imagined' de Yeo Siew Hua. Ganadora del Leopardo de Oro en Locarno.
Sudáfrica (2 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Knuckle City' de Jahmil X. T. Qubeka.
Suecia (16 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'And Then We Danced' de Levan Aki. Presente en la Quincena de Realizadores del Festival de Cannes.
Suiza (5 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'El despertar de Motti Wolkenbruch' de Michael Steiner.
Tailandia (0 nominaciones): 'Inhuman Kiss' de Sitisiri Mongkolsir.
Taiwán (3 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Dear Ex' de Chih-Yen Hsu y Mag Hsu.
Túnez (0 nominaciones): 'Dear Son' de Mohammed Ben Attia. Presente en Orizzonti en el Festival de Venecia.
Turquía (0 nominaciones): 'Commitment' de Semih Kaplanoğlu.
Ucrania (0 nominaciones): 'Homeward' de Nariman Aliev. Presente en Un Certain Regard del Festival de Cannes.
Uruguay (0 nominaciones): 'Así habló el cambista' de Santiago Veiroj.
Uzbekistán (0 nominaciones): 'Hot Bread' de Umid Khamdamov.
Venezuela (0 nominaciones): 'Yo imposible' de Patricia Ortega.
Vietnam (1 nominación): 'Furie' de Lê Văn Kiệt.

Wijnaldum craves easy life

Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum admits it would be nice to make things easier for themselves after edging another tight encounter to maintain their 100 per cent start to the season.James Milners added-time penalty snatched a 2-1 win over Leicester on Brendan Rodgers first return to Anfield, four years and a day after he was sacked as Reds boss.It was the third time in a week Jurgen Klopps side had edged a game by a single-goal margin after they benefited from a goalkeeping error at Sheffield United last weekend and had to bounce back from letting a three-goal lead slip to beat Red Bull Salzburg 4-3 in the Champions League. What. A. Game! 9' Man 25' Robertson 36' Salah 39' Hwang 56' Minamino 60' Haaland 69' Salah#UCL UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) October 2, 2019Im not really worried because weve shown we can fight until the end, said Wijnaldum after a 17th successive Premier League win, one short of Manchester Citys record, and an eighth on the bounce this season.But of course we want to make it easier for ourselves during the games by scoring more goals and playing good football and open up a gap between us and the other team.But we just have to go out and deal with the situation.We already showed it a few times this season but we hope to make it easier for us during the games, but until now it didnt happen often.Weve had games like this where we have had to fight until the end and win the game. We did it again but we hope to make it easier.Another 3 points Well take em gladly #YNWA #LIVLEI Gini Wijnaldum (@GWijnaldum) October 5, 2019Liverpool dominated the first half but had only Sadio Manes 41st-minute goal his 50th in the Premier League for the club to show for it after Milners raking pass released the Senegal international, who should have doubled their lead before the break.In the second half, with Klopps side unable to gain full control, Leicester hit back through James Maddison 10 minutes from time to set up an anxious finish but Milner was the coolest man inside Anfield with the seconds counting down, with his 17th success from 19 spot-kicks for the club.Top teams always do it, they go to the very end of the game, said the 33-year-old.When you havent had your best game or things havent gone for you in the game, you keep going to the very end and find a way to win.James Milner, left, celebrates his late winner (Peter Byrne/PA)Weve done it on numerous occasions. Sometimes theres a bit of luck in there, but forcing the issue and creating your own luck, the best teams always seem to do it.Despite the nature of the defeat Rodgers was satisfied with his sides performance.You come to a stadium that is one of the most difficult in Europe in terms of momentum and we were able to turn the momentum around for us, he said.You have to have all types. We had to have that persistence and perseverance but when we had spells with the ball, we looked creative and we had a threat.It wasnt to be but I am proud of coming here and bringing a team to compete at that level.(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[])},i[r].l=1*new Date();,[0];;;,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-72310761-1', 'auto', {'name': 'pacontentapi'}); ga('', 'referrer',; ga('', 'dimension1', 'By Carl Markham, PA'); ga('', 'dimension2', '219c2915-c871-4eea-b51e-134a4a11dc03'); ga('', 'dimension3', 'paservice:sport,paservice:sport:club-news,paservice:sport:football,paservice:sport:uk,paservice:sport:world'); ga('', 'dimension6', 'story'); ga('', 'dimension7', 'composite'); ga('', 'dimension8', null); ga('', 'dimension9', 'sport:football'); ga('', 'pageview', { 'location':, 'page': ( + +, 'title': 'Wijnaldum craves easy life'});

Liverpool leave it late to keep winning run going

James Milner scored a penalty four minutes into added time to extend Liverpools club-record winning run to 17 matches and ruin Brendan Rodgers return to Anfield.The midfielder held his nerve to snatch a 2-1 win a 17th in succession in the Premier League after James Maddisons late goal had cancelled out Sadio Manes first-half opener.Four years and a day since he was sacked by the Reds, Rodgers looked like he had become the first manager since his Foxes predecessor Claude Puel in January to prevent Liverpool winning at Anfield. Liverpool FC (@LFC) October 5, 2019But for the second successive week Jurgen Klopps side benefited from a stroke of luck as an error by substitute Marc Albrighton led to the winger fouling Mane and presenting Milner with an opportunity he rarely passes up.An angry confrontation followed, with Leicesters Ayoze Perez having to be dragged away by team-mates before continuing to argue with Liverpools Andy Robertson as the teams left the field.Mane took his personal tally to 17 in his last 15 starts on this ground in scoring his 50th Premier League goal for the club on his 100th appearance but he and his team-mates should have made sure of the result before Maddisons late intervention.Milners strike extended their 100 per cent record to eight matches and increased their advantage over Manchester City to eight points, although they have a chance to reduce it at home to Wolves on Sunday.FULL-TIME Liverpool 2-1 LeicesterLate, late drama as Liverpool win their 17th #PL match in a row#LIVLEI Premier League (@premierleague) October 5, 2019Klopp sprang a couple of surprises with his team set-up, dropping Joe Gomez who looked rusty in the chaotic midweek Champions League win over Red Bull Salzburg to hand Dejan Lovren his first Premier League start since May.The other saw Roberto Firmino switched to the left, Sadio Mane to the right and Mohamed Salah through the middle in an apparent attempt to occupy Leicesters full-backs and nullify any threat they may have in providing the ammunition for Jamie Vardy.Milner blasted the first chance over after Trent Alexander-Arnold nutmegged opposing full-back Ben Chilwell on the byline, while at the other end Lovren, running back towards his own goal, headed a Harvey Barnes cross onto the roof of the net.Firmino bundled another Alexander-Arnold cross wide and Klopp thought there should have been a penalty for a push on Virgil Van Dijk as Liverpool began to establish some momentum.The breakthough, when it came in the 41st minute, was efficient and clinical. Sadio Mane, second left, is congratulated by Mohamed Salah after opening the scoring (Peter Byrne/PA)Van Dijk played out from the back and Milner, exchanging passes with Robertson, sent a raking pass down the left. Mane raced forward and confidently steered past Kasper Schmeichel something he should have done moments later from Firminos cut-back, with Milner shooting over from Salahs lay-off as Liverpool finished the half strongly.Rodgers replaced Barnes with Albrighton for the second half but the chances continued to fall to the hosts as Salah forced a close-range save, an Evans tackle on Mane ricocheted into the side-netting, Firminos angled drive flew wide and Robertson and Wijnaldum both shot at the keeper.Vardy almost delivered a sucker punch at the other end when Albrightons low, angled cross put him clear but Adrian, most likely playing his last league match with Alisson Becker set to return after the international break, stuck out a leg to deny him.The game remained in the balance, evidenced by Dennis Praets long-range effort whistling past the post, and with Liverpool unable to shut down their opponents the anxiety began to grow.Madders #LivLei Leicester City (@LCFC) October 5, 2019It manifested itself in Maddisons well-taken goal after substitute Ayoze Perez got the wrong side of Fabinho to slide through a pass for the forward to shot through Adrians legs, possibly aided by a deflection off Lovren.But having profited from a goalkeeping error at Sheffield United a week ago Liverpool were beneficiaries of Albrightons scrambled mind deep into added time.The winger, tackling back, took a loose ball away from Schmeichel and gave Mane the chance to retrieve possession near the six-yard area. In attempting to rectify his error, he brought down the Senegal international.Milner, as he so often does, did the rest from the spot with cool efficiency, allowing Liverpool to go to Manchester United after the international break with a chance to equal Citys Premier League record of 18 wins in a row.(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[])},i[r].l=1*new Date();,[0];;;,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-72310761-1', 'auto', {'name': 'pacontentapi'}); ga('', 'referrer',; ga('', 'dimension1', 'By Carl Markham, PA'); ga('', 'dimension2', '2836152f-e0df-4c98-8b03-1ee4e4b5e371'); ga('', 'dimension3', 'paservice:sport,paservice:sport:club-news,paservice:sport:football,paservice:sport:match-reports,paservice:sport:uk,paservice:sport:world'); ga('', 'dimension6', 'story'); ga('', 'dimension7', 'composite'); ga('', 'dimension8', null); ga('', 'dimension9', 'sport:football'); ga('', 'pageview', { 'location':, 'page': ( + +, 'title': 'Liverpool leave it late to keep winning run going'});

Senegal - Mali

Football. WAFU Nations Cup

Brazil - Senegal

Football. Friendly Match

Paraguay - Senegal

Beach Soccer. World Beach Games
   | African players in Europe: Mane faces Brazil after starring for Reds

Sadio Mane goes into Senegal's friendly against Brazil after playing a pivotal role for Liverpool in a dramatic Premier League win over Leicester.

Debut amargo en la Euroliga


El equipo comienza su  quinta  participación en la Euroliga ,con el peor rival posible como el CSKA de Moscow, recién campeón de la competición europea . El ala-pivot senegalés Maurice Ndour podría estrenarse, después de superar su lesión en el brazo, mientras que hasta última hora Jaume Ponsarnau, contaba con la dudad de Jordan Loyd.

El CSKA Moscow  ha perdido hombres importantes, pero ante esta situación se ha reforzado con sustitutos de altura como el exterior Ron Baker que se estrenará, al no estar inscrito en la VTB-League .  El pívot Kosta Koufos , sigue recuperándose de la lesión del pie y ni siquiera ha entrado en la convocatoria

Primeros del  partido,  para el equipo ruso que quería mandar el partido y llevar la delantera en el marcador. A los seis minutos del primer cuarto ya había ocho puntos de diferencias entre los dos equipos, un asedio que el Valencia Basket intentaba aguantar como podía. La afición empezaba a silbar, mientras tanto Jaume Ponsarnau solicitaba tiempo muerto. La reacción llego, en los instantes finales que le sirvió para tomar aire fresco ( 17-24).

El segundo cuarto comenzaba con una buena defensa, del montenegrino Bojan Dubjelevic . Con un guión distinto al primer cuarto, con un Valencia Basket más incisivo y un Marinkovic forzando tiros libres en un momento decisivo. Motum demostraba, porque era uno de los mejores triplistas.  Las sensaciones eran contrariadas, porque no se reflejaban en el marcador ( 38-47).

Después del paso por vestuarios, el equipo visitante volvía a mandar en el marcador para dejar claro que era el campeón de la competición, por ello mostraron una gran ofensiva . Se dice pronto ,pero Hilliard llevaba 22 puntos que estaba imparable.

Último cuarto,  con una separación entre equipos de tan solo  veintidós puntos , hasta que de forma paulatina la distancia y que daba prácticamente el partido finalizado .

El equipo ,con tan solo un día de descanso tiene que volver al modo ACB el próximo domingo a las 17:00 horas, también en la fonteta contra el Coosur Real Betis.


Un elemento esencial para la agricultura podría agotarse en un futuro no tan lejano

Una mina de fosfatos a cielo abieto en Taiba, Senegal, el 8 de noviembre del 2018. SEYLLOU / AFP La extracción del fósforo, un recurso no...

Clement geeft toe: 'Club Brugge kaapte Diagne voor de neus van Anderlecht weg'

Club Brugge is op toerental. Ook zomeraanwinst Mbaye Diagne deed zijn duit al in het zakje met drie doelpunten in evenveel competitiewedstrijden. Philippe Clement liet zich bij Extra Time uit over de Senegalees.

Netflix's Official Trailer for Mati Diop's Award-Winning 'Atlantics' Film

"Something took hold of me last night." Netflix has finally unveiled the official US trailer for Atlantics, the award-winning film from up-and-coming French filmmaker Mati Diop that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival playing in-competition earlier this summer. The film also goes under the title Atlantique, which is just the French version of Atlantics - a direct reference to "people of the Atlantic". The film is set in Dakar, Senegal, which sits on the western coast of Africa in the middle of the Atlantic. Workers at the construction site of a futuristic tower, without pay for months, decide to leave the country on a boat across the ocean in hope of a better future. Among them is Souleiman, lover of Ada, promised to another. Atlantics stars Mama Sane, Amadou Mbow, Ibrahima Traore, Nicole Sougou, Aminata Kane, and Diankou Sembene. This won the Grand Prix award in Cannes and has been getting rave reviews from critics - keep an eye on ...

UPDATE 2-Ethiopian Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Dakar, no casualties


UPDATE 2-Ethiopian Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Dakar, no casualtiesAn Ethiopian Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing minutes after taking off in Senegal on Tuesday because an engine had caught fire, an airport spokesman said. None of the 90 passengers or crew were injured, spokesman Tidiane Tamba told Reuters. The airline confirmed on Twitter that its Boeing 767 aircraft had to land unexpectedly at Senegal's Blaise Diagne International Airport near the capital Dakar because of "a technical problem" without providing more detail on the cause.


Divers fight Senegal's plastic tide


What Films to See at Orcas Island Film Festival This Weekend

Don't forget to reserve a space on the ferry! by Jasmyne Keimig
Antonio Banderas in Pedro Almodóvar's latest, <em>Pain and Glory</em>, which is playing this weekend at Orcas Island Film Festival.
Banderas at his best—in an Almodóvar film. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

The Orcas Island Film Festival (OIFF) has put together another fantastic lineup of films. Now in its sixth year, the organizers of the Eastsound fest have curated 39 feature films (five more than last year) that consist of internationally lauded titles and encompass more than 60 screenings overall. Big Little Lies and Dallas Buyers Club director Jean-Marc Vallée will make his fifth appearance at the fest, previewing a work-in-progress documentary about music.

OIFF is expanding onto three screens this year, giving viewers more time and space to see the movies they want. This roundup absolutely leaves out some incredible films you may have heard of (Parasite, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The Farewell) and some you may not have heard of (Leona, The Edge of the Knife, The Report), but here are my top five picks for the fest:

Pain and Glory
Spain, 113 min, Dir. Pedro Almodóvar

Fri, Oct 11 at 6 pm at Seaview Theatre

God, I'm a total slut for Pedro Almodóvar. Watching his films is like taking a big bite out of pure pathos. Here, Almodóvar is turning inward, directing a film about an aging director Salvador Mallo (Antonio Banderas), not unlike Almodóvar himself, and his reckoning with his failing health, career choices, and childhood. Pain and Glory is Spain's Oscar entry, so perhaps we'll see more press about this in the English-language media in the next couple of months. Banderas is at his best with Almodovar (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, The Skin I Live In) and his muse Penelope Cruz makes an appearance as well—it's not to be missed!

France | Senegal | Belgium, 104 min, Dir. Mati Diop

Fri, Oct 11 at 10:30 am at Black Box at Orcas Center
Sat, Oct 12 at 1 pm at Black Box at Orcas Center

Atlantics is the film I'm most excited to see at OIFF. The buzz around it has been strong, and just from the above clip alone (the waves, the sound of the waves, the atmosphere, the closeness and intimacy of the couple onscreen), I'm entranced. This Senegal-set supernatural romance follows the love story of Ada and Souleiman, a pair of young lovers who live on the fringes of Dakar. After Souleiman, a construction worker, leaves in a boat to find better work opportunities in Europe, Ada is to get married to another man. When a fire breaks out at her wedding and a fever spreads across the town, there's a rumor that Souleiman has returned. This is the debut film from director Mati Diop. She was the first black female director to have a film in Competition at Cannes, when Atlantics won this year's Grand Prix.

France, 77 min, Dir. Quentin Dupiex

Sat, Oct 12 at 9:30 pm at Black Box at Orcas Center
Sun, Oct 13 at 1 pm at Black Box at Orcas Center

Deerskin's premise is very strange—Georges (the wonderful Jean Dujardin) becomes so deeply obsessed with his vintage deerskin jacket that he decides it should be the only one in the world. He's determined to kill off anyone who stands in his path. It's a comedy, clearly. Helmed by Quentin Dupiex (anyone see that movie about the killer tire?), co-starring Adèle Haenel (of Portrait of a Woman on Fire fame), and a lean 77 min runtime, I'm predicting this one will be a cult favorite.

USA, 135 min, Dir. Trey Edward Schultz

Sat, Oct 12 at 6 pm at Seaview Theatre
Sun, Oct 13 at 3 pm at Seaview Theatre

What I know about Waves is that it's produced by A24 (the altar at which stylish indie directors worship) and everyone who's seen it is wrecked by it. The third feature film by director Trey Edward Shults, Waves is a family drama that traces a young, successful athlete's world that is cracking after he's pushed to his limits. Also, the score is composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who scored The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Gone Girl.

And Then We Danced
Sweden | Georgia | France, 105 min, Dir. Levan Akin

Sun, Oct 13 at 3:30 pm at Orcas Center Main

And Then We Danced is a queer romance set in Georgia, a country that the English-speaking world often doesn't have a chance to glimpse into. Merab (Levan Gelbakhiani) juggles a shitty job and a crazy home life in order to train as a dancer at the Georgian National Ensemble. Masculinity rules over everything, and the talented Merab struggles to balance the demands of his coach with his own self-expression. Tensions escalate when the charming and aloof Irakli (Bachi Valishvili) joins the ensemble. While controversial in Georgia, the film is incredibly tender and features a very seductive use of a Robyn song. This is also Sweden's entry into the Best International Film category at the Oscars, so it could potentially blow up in the States. The director, Levan Akin, will be present at OIFF to receive the festival's Vanguard Award for this film.

Get tickets and don't forget to reserve a space on the ferry!

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