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Throwback: Floating Dot Grids

Chase Hall from Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV brings us these awesome stars and grid panels. (Originally posted February 2015) Being located in Las Vegas, Chase wanted to do a throwback to classic theatrical Vegas stylings while creating a stage design that was fun for the team to interact with. They wanted something classic, clean […]

WBO To Review Pacquiao Bradley Fight

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The WBO says it will review the title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, which ended with Bradley’s controversial split decision win over the Filipino champion. WBO President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel said in a statement Wednesday that the WBO’s championship committee will review video of the match with five “recognized […]

Chronicle AM: NV Gets First Pot Lounge, British Police Force to Provide Free Heroin to Hardcore Addicts, More... (10/7/19)


Nevada sees its first "cannabis tasting room," a New York poll finds continuing support for marijuana legalization amidst the vaping scare, British drug policy upheavals, and more.

[image:1 align:right caption:true]Marijuana Policy

Nevada's First Marijuana Lounge is Now Open. The state's first marijuana tasting room opened this weekend in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Pauite Tribe is operating the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace on tribal land, which gives it a leg up on potential competitors. Under a state law signed in June, local governments are barred from licensing marijuana consumption lounges until 2021, but tribal lands are not subject to the law.

New York Sienna Poll Has Continuing Support for Legalization, Even as Vaping Fears Grow. A new Sienna poll has support for marijuana legalization in the Empire State at 56%, even as nearly as many respondents (52%) support banning all e-cigarettes and vaping devices from sale. An even higher number, 61%, support Gov. Andrew Cuomo's emergency executive order banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. Half, 52 percent, have used marijuana and 21 percent currently do.

Medical Marijuana

Missouri Patients Won't Lose Welfare Over Medical Marijuana Use. After patients complained that their medical marijuana use put them at odds with a state law that requires welfare recipients to be screened for drug use, the state has revamped its policy. Department of Social Services spokeswoman Rebecca Woelfel said that the agency now exempts recipients with medical marijuana cards.


British Drug Advisory Panel Member Quits, Cites Political Interference. Professor Alex Stevens, a senior member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), has resigned over the alleged "political vetting" of panel members by the government. The move comes after then crime minister Victoria Atkins blocked the appointment of Niamh Eastwood, the executive director of the drug policy nonprofit Release, after finding that she had previously criticized the Home Office and called for drug policy reform. Stevens said there was at least one other case of people being denied a place on the ACMD because of criticizing government drug policy. "I have resigned because of my concerns over the political vetting of potential members of the ACMD," Stevens said. "The political vetting fundamentally undermines the independence of the council," Stevens added. "It is supposed to be protected by the working protocol between the home secretary and the ACMD. This does not seem compatible if ministers exclude those who disagree with them."

British Government Replaces Minister Responsible for Drug Policy. Victoria Atkins, who had been responsible for drug policy for the Conservative Party, was quietly replaced in that position over the summer. She was replaced as minister of state for policing, crime, and fire services by Kit Malthouse, but it had been believed Atkins kept the drug portfolio. But on Monday, Malthouse's office confirmed he was now responsible for drug policy. He has recently been speaking for the government on drug policy issues and laying out a hard line against opening safe injection sites.

British Police Force to Begin Giving Free Heroin to Select Addicts. The police force in Cleveland, North Wales, will begin a program to provide free heroin to a small group of hardcore addicts. They will be provided with injectable pharmaceutical grade heroin at a National Health Service clinic three times a day. The idea is to reduce crimes committed by people seeking money to pay for their medications. Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger said the program would be available for heroin users "for whom all other treatment has failed and who are known to be the most active criminals in the town as they look to finance their addiction."


Garth Brooks to receive Gershwin Prize for Popular Song


NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Country music superstar Garth Brooks has more than just friends in low places. The Library of Congress said Wednesday that the Grammy winner will receive the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song next March for his hit “Friends in Low Places.”

Previous recipients include Tony Bennett, Paul Simon, Carole King and Willie Nelson. Brooks is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. His many top hits alongside “Friends in Low Places” include “The Thunder Rolls,” “The Dance,” “Shameless” and “What She’s Doing Now.”

At 57, he’ll be the youngest recipient of the Gershwin Prize. He will be honored with an all-star tribute concert in Washington, D.C., that will air on PBS stations in spring 2020.

“An award is only as good as the names on it,” Brooks said in a statement. “First off, for any musician, the name Gershwin says it all. Add to Ira’s and George’s names the names of the past recipients, and you have an award of the highest honor. I am truly humbled.“

Since his debut in 1989, Brooks has become a top-selling and touring musical force, bringing his brand of high energy and emotional country music to stadiums and arenas.

He is the bestselling solo artist in the United States with more than 148 million in album sales, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, and is second only in total U.S. sales to the Beatles.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brooks combined his love of classic country music and cowboy songs with production typically seen in rock and pop acts. Seven of his albums have sold more than 10 million copies in the United States alone, according to the RIAA.

In the early 2000s, he took a break from recording and touring to spend more time with his family in Oklahoma. Brooks returned to major touring and recording in 2014, had a hit headliner residency at Wynn Las Vegas and remains one of country’s most popular touring acts. He is married to fellow country star Trisha Yearwood.


Jungla de Cristal: La Bacanal

Los creadores de 'Cobra Kai' venden su nueva serie, 'Obliterated': artificieros buscan una cadena de bombas en Las Vegas. Enzarpados hasta las narpias.

Tony Finau, in pursuit of a Presidents Cup captain's pick, shoots 62 and is in contention in Las Vegas

Tony Finau, who just missed making the Presidents Cup team on points, is in contention in Las Vegas and hoping to impress U.S. Captain Tiger Woods

Gonzaga coach Mark Few joins discussion of new California law


A new, controversial piece of legislation out of California sent the college basketball world into a frenzy over the past week.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law SB206, which would allow college athletes to gain compensations for their likeness. In essence, it makes it illegal for California colleges to disallow their student-athletes from profiting off themselves and allows agents to be hired to help promote them – both of which has been strictly prohibited by the NCAA.

There has been similar legislation introduced in other states, but the Golden State was the first to enact a game-altering change.

It doesn’t go into effect until January 1, 2023, but the result has sparked reactions from all over the college landscape.

Most of the reactions have been centered around money. Earlier this week, Gonzaga athletic director Mike Roth agreed that student-athletes deserve more than what is currently available to them.

Gonzaga men’s basketball head coach Mark Few was asked about it at the West Coast Conference tip-off event in Las Vegas and didn’t pull any punches, calling the law a publicity stunt by grandstanding politicians.

On Saturday, Few expanded on those thoughts and said the NCAA has been working on a solution for a while.

“We were already on it,” he said. “That doesn’t seem to be written about much. We already had a committee working on it, and some really good people and some smart people, and I think they are going to announce some things in a little bit. It is the kind of the world we live in; everyone just lashes out early and everybody reacts.”

In the few days since the new law was signed, the sports and political landscapes collided as everyone wanted to offer their opinion – from inside and outside the NCAA.

“I think everybody is kind of moving really fast on it,” Few said. “But I think there will be some really smart people, practitioners, day to day in our sport who can make some solid decisions and not get influenced by people outside of our profession chirping in.”

Few wanted to make it clear, as did Roth, that he is for some sort of compensation plan, but there have to be logical safeguards in place.

“I am hoping some good things come about from it. I am certainly all for it as long as we can have some sort of plan, some ways to easily regulate it,” Few said. “You have to take your time and look at the effect. You don’t just enact things and go from there; that usually leads to a disaster.”

Checking with student-athletes within the GU men’s locker room, the overall thought was yes, compensation should be made available to them, but no one knew exactly what that should entail.

Junior forward Corey Kispert was happy to see the news, hoping that it jump-starts the movement so changes can be enacted sooner rather than later.

“It is pretty exciting for me, to see states take steps toward treatment of athletes, and I think that is a good thing,” he said. “I think it is progressive, and I think they are making steps in the right direction. I think a lot of people are jumping the gun a little bit and are talking when they don’t really know what’s going, on and that’s why I am keeping my mouth shut about it.”

Assistant coach Brian Michaelson has a unique perspective. He was a student-athlete within the past 15 years, and now is a coach of student-athletes. Laws haven’t changed much since he was a player. He, too, thinks players should get a piece of the pie, but there needs to be a nuanced approach.

“It is going to be a long process, and I definitely think that student-athletes deserve all of the benefits they can get, but there are just too many things logistically on where that is going to go, and how you do it, that we just need to be patient and take a big step back, and kind of wait for it play out a little bit,” he said.


SEMA Show 2019


A SEMA kiállítást a Las Vegas Kongresszusi Központban tartják. Ez a Vegasban tartott legnagyobb események egyike. Az első SEMA show-ra 1967-ben került sor a Los Angeles-i Dodger Stadion alagsorában. Olyan híres nevek járultak hozzá a rendezvény létrejöttéhez, mint Louie Senter az Automotive Engineering tulaja, Bob Spar a B&M Automotive Products alapítója, Roy Richter a Cragar Industries Inc főrészvényese és Els Lohn az Eelco Manufacturing & Supply igazgatója, aki köztudottan a book of ra deluxe korai változatának nagy szerelmese volt.

10/8/2019: SPORT: Trent one to watch

ADAM Scott’s planned charge turned into an ugly retreat but young countryman Jack Trent showed he was a player to watch after an impressive US PGA Tour debut. Former world No.1 Scott went into the final round of the Las Vegas tournament aiming to go...

Top-grossing Casino-based Movies

Top-grossing Casino-based Movies  KEVIN SPACEY!  LAS VEGAS!  Casinos and casino games have always been a favourite part of big-budget movies. People of the current generation who have access to online gaming and websites like fortunemobilecasino might not understand the fascination of protagonists getting the better of casinos (or maybe they do as they experience it on a daily basis). But, previously, since ordinary people didn’t have the opportunity to experience the excitement of casinos except through movies adding a casino scene or two was a sure-shot way to box-office success. Incidentally, there were also top-grossing movies that were purely based in and around casinos and gaming. So here we are: discussing the top-grossing casino-based films of all times. Casino Royale No discussion on casino-based movies can start without the mention of a Bond movie. All through the ages, we have seen a number of 007s beats the God of chance. But the 2006 Daniel Craig starrer was totally dedicated to the casino setting. The movie, an adaptation of Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel is set at the beginning of the agent 007’s career when he first gets his license to kill. The movie revolves around an assignment which involves a terrorist financier, Bond’s journey to try and bankrupt him, the antagonist and the protagonist involved in a high stakes poker, James Bond winning with a straight flush and the subsequent twist and turns of a betrayal and who gets the money in the end. A considerable part of the movie happens in the ‘Casino Royale’ (the reason for naming the film as such) and glamorises the idea of casinos and the entertainment that gambling can provide. When released in 2006, with a new face as James Bond, the film became a top-grosser earning around $600 million and becoming the highest-grossing James Bond film at that time. 21 No casino-based movie list is complete without the mention of the epic movie 21! Based on the true story of an MIT mathematical-genius, this movie glorified the concept of card-counting and was the inspiration for many other films based on the same idea. Basically, this story describes the journey of an MIT student, who under the wing of his genius mathematics professor learns the art of card counting and uses the talent to win money to pay off his education debt. What follows is the ill-effects of the high-flying lifestyle that comes with money, taking unnecessary risks to maintain the lifestyle, getting caught and the lies and deceit to get the upper hand once more. The exciting story-line involving casinos and gaming and a common man getting better of the system managed to attract and entertain audiences, making it the highest-gross film of its time. AND IT STARS KEVIN SPACEY!  Molly’s Game The more recent 2017 movie Molly’s Game once again proved audiences’ love for casino-based movies. Based on the real-life memoirs of Molly Bloom, the film revolves around the story of an ex-athlete who managed to become successful and earn millions through clandestine Poker tournaments and her subsequent fight in a federal court. Also, a box-office success, the film, its story-line and the performances all managed to enthral audiences. PLEASE GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY THIS ARTICLE DOES NOT ENDORSE KEVIN SPACEY. BUT THEN, KEVIN SPACEY DOES NOT ENDORSE US..SO WHY SHOULD WE DO HIM ANY FAVOURS?

Has it been ten years already?

The Lost Levels pirate crew and I launched our first features on this website exactly ten years ago today*, believe it or not (I hardly do). We debuted at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, where we had a gigantic booth allowing people to play some of the unreleased games we’d acquired over the years [...]

Bernie Sanders, resting at home, announces plan to curtail money in politics


Prominent friends and supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., say he should cut back on his relentless campaign pace and speak openly about his recent heart attack when he returns to the campaign trail, urging a shift toward a more personal and less hectic campaign than he has run so far.

The comments reflect what supporters describe as a deeply personal decision with big implications for Sanders’s candidacy: how the 78-year-old democratic socialist, viewed by many of his backers as the leader of a movement, should proceed after a health scare that has sidelined him for days and raised questions about whether he can - or should - maintain the punishing demands of a presidential campaign.

“I would be very open about the experience he had,” said Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., a national co-chair of the Sanders campaign who made his pitch to the senator in a brief telephone conversation last week. “I think it can show a resilience, a sense of empathy and a sense of vulnerability.”

Sanders supporters privately acknowledge concern that the heart attack could give voters second thoughts about the candidate, who would be the oldest president in history if elected. In an effort to move beyond the setback, some hope he can seize on the event to transmit a softer side that’s eluded him.

The goal, said Khanna, would be to “make a very human connection.” He said he texted the senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, last week to tell her that this could be Sanders’s “FDR moment,” referring to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose battle with polio is sometimes said to have contributed to his empathy for the less fortunate.

The sensitivity of dealing with the heart attack has been evident since the episode occurred. The campaign did not immediately disclose the heart attack, initially saying only that Sanders had experienced chest pains and had two stents inserted in an artery.

Advisers and friends also say Sanders should consider easing his breakneck campaign pace. Sanders has been sprinting across the country, holding multiple events per day, maintaining a speed that has surpassed his top rivals.

“If I were giving him advice, I would tell him just slack up a little bit,” said former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who visited Sanders in a Las Vegas hospital last week. “Even if he slacks up a little bit, he’s campaigning more than anybody else.”

Sanders spent Monday recuperating at home in Burlington, Vermont. On a conference call with staff, he reiterated that the movement he has been leading is not about him, a theme he often hits in campaign speeches.

“If there’s anything that this event kind of tells us, it is the importance of what our message is in this campaign. And our message is ‘Us, not me,’ ” Sanders said, according to a person with knowledge of his remarks.

Campaign officials have signaled that he is not expected to return to the trail until the Oct. 15 debate near Columbus, Ohio. That makes the debate a critical event for the campaign, as Sanders will face considerable scrutiny from voters and rivals sizing up his health and vitality.

“Bernie is raring to go, and his campaign staff has been trying to hold him back until the debate,” said Ben Cohen, who co-founded Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and serves as a national co-chair of the campaign. “The plan is for the debate to be his reentry into the race.”

People with knowledge of the situation said there had been a period of uncertainty about the campaign’s future in the immediate aftermath of Sanders’s hospitalization for chest pains last week. The campaign suspended an Iowa ad buy and made reassuring calls to supporters during those first hours.

But in recent days, the campaign has shown determination to move full speed ahead. The Iowa ad touting Sanders will be on the airwaves starting Tuesday.

The campaign rolled out a new policy proposal Monday aimed at curtailing the role of money in politics. It would eliminate big-dollar fundraising for all federal elections, enact a constitutional amendment to declare that campaign contributions are not speech and end corporate contributions to the party conventions.

Surrogates campaigned for Sanders in the key early states over the weekend, a strategy the campaign plans to continue. Cohen said he plans to campaign for Sanders this weekend in New Hampshire.

The campaign is also aggressively calling voters. After establishing a goal of making a million calls in the early primary states over the past 10 days, it beat that goal by 300,000 calls, the campaign said.

Sanders and his allies have also used his heart attack to call attention to his push to enact a Medicare-for-all universal health-care system. They note that while Sanders was fortunate to have access to good doctors and treatment, many Americans do not.

And Sanders has already begun showing a more personal side of himself. When he left the hospital on Friday, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his wife, Jane, smiling and waving. When he returned to Burlington, reporters there noted Sanders saying he was “happy to be home” before walking inside where family was waiting.

On Monday, he and Jane took a walk in the rain, and he joked with reporters he said should get paid more for working in the drizzle.

Early this year, when he launched his second campaign for president, advisers encouraged Sanders to speak about his participation in the civil rights movement and his modest upbringing in Brooklyn. He mentioned those things at early campaign stops. But as time went on, they faded from his stump speeches.

“He’s somewhat reticent to talk about his own … life experiences,” said Cohen. “But I think it’s helpful for him to do that and it’s certainly only a decision that he can make, but I do think this is an opportunity for him to talk.”

Sanders has been trailing former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., in many recent polls, sparing him the pressure that can face the front-runner. His Democratic rivals have either wished Sanders well or brushed aside questions about his physical fitness for office. President Donald Trump and his allies have been preoccupied with the impeachment inquiry.

These external events have led some Sanders allies to conclude that he does not have to rush back onto the national stage.

“The next months are going to be dominated by the impeachment inquiry, not the presidential race,” said Khanna. “His volunteers can do a lot of the work and he just needs to focus on recovering.”

In a sign of how the Sanders movement has charged ahead without him on the trail, a video created by a supporter arguing that he’s been criticized unfairly by the media had received 6 million views as of late Monday.

As Sanders recovers, his campaign has taken steps to reassure staffers and supporters, scheduling calls and other outreach to keep allies focused.

“The campaign reached out to me to let me know that he was doing fine. They gave me the details, which made me feel really comfortable,” said Deb Marlin, an Iowa small-business owner who has endorsed Sanders.

Reid recalled spending 30 to 45 minutes with Sanders on Thursday. They reminisced about their work in the Senate and talked about health care, Reid said. As for the next debate, Reid said Sanders ought to take things slowly before then.

“He should take it easy until then,” said Reid. “As far as I understand, that’s what he’s going to do.”


U.S. researchers on front line of battle against Chinese theft


WASHINGTON – As the U.S. warned allies around the world that Chinese tech giant Huawei was a security threat, the FBI was making the same point quietly to a Midwestern university.

In an email to the associate vice chancellor for research at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, an agent wanted to know if administrators believed Huawei had stolen any intellectual property from the school.

Told no, the agent responded: “I assumed those would be your answers, but I had to ask.”

It was no random query.

The FBI has been reaching out to universities across the country as the U.S. tries to stem what American authorities portray as the wholesale theft of technology and trade secrets by researchers tapped by China. The breadth and intensity of the campaign emerges in emails obtained by The Associated Press through records requests to public universities in 50 states.

Agents have lectured at seminars, briefed administrators in campus meetings and distributed pamphlets with cautionary tales of trade secret theft. In the past two years, they’ve requested emails of two University of Washington researchers, asked Oklahoma State University if it has scientists in specific areas and asked about “possible misuse” of research funds by a University of Colorado Boulder professor, according to the emails.

The emails reveal administrators routinely requesting FBI briefings. But they also show some struggling to balance legitimate national security concerns against their own eagerness to avoid stifling research or tarnishing legitimate scientists. The Justice Department says it appreciates that push-pull and wants only to help separate the relatively few researchers engaged in theft from the majority who are not.

Senior FBI officials told AP they’re not encouraging schools to monitor researchers by nationality but instead to take steps to protect research. They consider the briefings vital since they say universities haven’t historically been as attentive to security as they should be.

“When we go to the universities, what we’re trying to do is highlight the risk to them without discouraging them from welcoming the researchers and students from a country like China,” said Assistant Attorney General John Demers, the Justice Department’s top national security official.

The threat, officials say, is genuine. A University of Kansas researcher was recently charged with collecting federal grant money while working full-time for a Chinese university, and a Chinese government employee was arrested in a visa fraud scheme allegedly aimed at recruiting U.S. research talent. The Justice Department launched last year an effort called the China Initiative aimed at identifying priority trade secret cases and focusing resources on them.

“Existentially, we look at China as our greatest threat from an intelligence perspective, and they succeeded significantly in the last decade from stealing our best and brightest technology,” said top U.S. counterintelligence official William Evanina.

The most consequential case this year centered not on a university but on Huawei, charged with stealing corporate trade secrets and evading sanctions. The company denies wrongdoing. Several universities including Illinois, which received the FBI email last February, have begun severing ties with Huawei.

But the government’s track record hasn’t been perfect.

Federal prosecutors in 2015 dropped charges against a Temple University professor earlier accused of sending designs for a pocket heater to China. The professor, Xiaoxing Xi, is suing the FBI. “It was totally wrong,” he said, “so I can only speak from my experience that whatever they put out there is not necessarily true.”

Richard Wood, the then-interim provost at the University of New Mexico, conveyed ambivalence in an email to colleagues last year. He wrote that he took seriously the concerns the FBI had identified to him in briefings, but also said “there are real tensions” with the “traditional academic norms regarding the free exchange of scientific knowledge wherever appropriate.”

“I do not think we would be wise to create new ‘policy’ on terrain this complex and fraught with internal trade-offs between legitimate concerns and values without some real dialogue on the matter,” Wood wrote.

FBI officials say they’ve received consistently positive feedback from universities. The emails show administrators at schools including the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Nebraska requesting briefings, training or generally expressing eagerness for cooperation.

Kevin Gamache, chief research security officer for the Texas A&M University system, told the AP that he values his FBI interactions and that it flows in both directions.

“It’s a dialogue that has to be ongoing.”

The vice president for research and economic development at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas welcomed the assistance in a city she noted was the “birthplace of atomic testing.

“We have a world-class radiochemistry faculty, our College of Engineering has significant numbers of faculty and students from China, and we have several other issues of concern to me as VPR. In all of these cases, the FBI is always available to help,” the administrator wrote to agents.

More than two dozen universities produced records, including symposium itineraries and a 13-page FBI pamphlet titled “China: The Risk to Academia” that warns that China does “not play by the same rules of academic integrity” as American universities.

Some emails show agents seeking tips or following leads.

“If you have concerns about any faculty or graduate researchers, students, outside vendors … pretty much anything we previously discussed – just reminding you that I am here to help,” one wrote to Iowa State officials in 2017.

In May, an agent sent the University of Washington a records request for two researchers’ emails, seeking references to Chinese-government talent recruitment programs.

Last year, an agent asked Oklahoma State University if it had researchers in encryption research or quantum computing. The University of Colorado received an FBI request about an “internal investigation” into a professor’s “possible misuse” of NIH funds. The school told the AP that it found no misconduct and the professor has resigned.

Though espionage concerns aren’t new, FBI officials report an uptick in targeting of universities and more U.S. government attention too. The FBI says it’s seen some progress from universities, with one official saying schools are more reliably pressing researchers about outside funding sources.

Demers, the Justice Department official, said espionage efforts are “as pervasive, as well-resourced, as ever today.

“It’s a serious problem today on college campuses.”


WestJet’s Swoop Inaugurates Service from London, Ontario, to Las Vegas

WestJet’s ultra low-cost carrier Swoop announced the launch of twice-weekly transborder service to London, Ontario, to Las Vegas. The first flight will depart from London International Airport at 8:30 p.m. local time on Thursday.  Flights will operate on Sundays and Thursdays. In May, the airline introduced service from Edmonton to Abbotsford, British Columbia, and to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Swoop operates non-stop service to over 16 destinations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. (Photo: ...

As The Self-Proclaimed “Miles Morales Of Dance,” Spider Alexander Is Here To Inspire Future Generations

The Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals brought out some of the best talent across the nation, including Memphis native Spider Alexander. After winning the qualifier in New Orleans back in August, Spider made his way to Las Vegas to compete against 15 of his peers. But for Alexander, even when a competition comes […]

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Accounts Payable Specialist

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Compliance Auditor

NV-Las Vegas, job summary: Ready to start or grow your career? Randstad Professionals has helped thousands land their dream job. We have an immediate need for a Gaming Compliance Auditor to join a regional restaurant group in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. location: Las Vegas, Nevada job type: Permanent salary: $30,000 - 33,500 per year work hours: 8 to 5 education: No Degree Required experience: 4 Years responsi

The Spice Girls' 'Australian reunion tour and Las Vegas residency have been SCRAPPED over feud' - Daily Mail

  1. The Spice Girls' 'Australian reunion tour and Las Vegas residency have been SCRAPPED over feud'  Daily Mail
  2. The Spice Girls Australian tour and Las Vegas residency have been axed over ‘feud’ between Geri and Mel B  The Sun
  3. View full coverage on Google News


OCC to Host Innovation Office Hours in Las Vegas

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today announced it will hold Innovation Office Hours on October 28 in Las Vegas to promote responsible innovation in the federal banking system.

[Trailer] Full Moon Throws a Halloween Bash in Classic Full Moon Style With ‘Weedjies! Halloweed Night’

Part of the new Deadly Ten initiative, Full Moon is throwing a Halloween party with their upcoming Weedjies! Halloweed Night, a throwback in the tradition of the Ghoulies franchise. In the film, which premieres only on Full Moon Features on October 21: “It’s Halloween Night in Las Vegas and three enterprising young ladies are throwing […]

The "Tiny" Trillion-Dollar Turbaconducken You Don't Care About


If the stimulus plan were a Thanksgiving dinner entree, it would be a Turbaconducken -- the heart attack-inducing dish of roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey, all wrapped in endless slabs of bacon. But according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's fantasyland "fact sheet" released early Thursday afternoon, "there are no earmarks or pet projects" in the final package.

Trust her no further than you could throw a pot-bellied pig. Despite the self-delusional declarations of Pelosi and President Obama that no pet projects exist, Hill staffers spilled the beans on several new set-asides tacked onto the bill.

Thanks to Michigan's Democratic Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin, General Motors will receive a special tax break worth an estimated $7 billion to cover liabilities incurred when it accepted its $13.4 billion bailout from the Bush administration. The failing automaker has lined up for an addition $4 billion in bailout funds -- at which time they'll no doubt ask for another mega-tax liability waiver. The moochers' cycle never ends.

Then there's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Railway to Sin City. Appointing yourself a Senate conferee has its perks. Roughly $8 billion in perks.

Reid, you see, needs to stimulate his re-election bid, so he haggled with President Obama to tuck in a teeny, tiny, yes, porky amendment for high-speed rail lines. Reid has his eyes -- and paws -- on a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas magnetic levitation train. He has already sunk $45 million in previous earmarks into his, yes, pet project. Wasn't it earlier this week that Obama was lecturing companies not to travel to Las Vegas on the taxpayers' dime?

But I digress. Along with these not-earmarks, not-pet projects, there's $2 billion for impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's pet FutureGen near-zero emissions power plant project, $300 million for souped-up "green" golf carts for government workers, $30 million for "smart appliances" and $65 million for digital TV coupons. According to Hill Republicans, money for basic highways and bridges was cut by $1 billion from the House-passed level, but:

-- $9 billion for school construction was added back in (originally cut by the Nelson-Collins "compromise");

-- $5 billion was added to the state fiscal stabilization fund (originally cut by Nelson-Collins), making it a grand total of $53.6 billion;

-- $1 billion was added back for Prevention & Wellness Programs, including STD education; and

-- $2 billion for neighborhood stabilization programs.

As I've reported previously, that "neighborhood stabilization" slush fund money will end up in the pockets of left-wing shakedown artists such as ACORN and the Massachusetts-based Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), led by self-proclaimed "bank terrorist" Bruce Marks. There's an additional $3.25 billion in HUD grants and Community Development Block Grants in the bill that will also inevitably find its way into the coffers of these housing-entitlement lobbying groups.

Another egregious not-earmark earmark that survived untouched: $2 billion for the National Parks Service championed by House Democratic conferee and Appropriations Chairman Rep. David Obey. A report by the GOP minority on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee revealed that Obey's son, Craig, lobbied the panel and advocated for the stimulus plan on behalf of the National Parks Conservation Association.

All told -- and safely assuming the major spending provisions become permanently enshrined -- the final price tag of this government hogzilla of all hogzillas over the next 10 years will be a whopping $3.27 trillion with a capital "T."

Not, ahem, that you care.


Massachusetts Playing games Commission Unwraps Probe in Casino Management Steve Online Pokies New Zealand Wynn Sexual Wrong doings Allegations

Massachusetts Playing games Commission Unwraps Probe in Casino Management Steve Wynn Sexual Wrong doings Allegations The Massachusetts Gaming Payment confirmed Sunday that it has igt online pokies launched a vertueux into the sex allegations from Las Vegas modern casino boss Steve Wynn . The regulating body stated that a annulment ...

An Illuminating Floating Field Of Dreams At The World’s Largest Lantern Event

This past weekend, twenty-five miles outside of Las Vegas on the Jean Dry Lake bed, 30,000 festival-goers descended upon the Mojave Desert to experience RiSE, a three-day music, arts, lifestyle, and lantern festival. A sight that can only be described as magical.

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NLO 1316: Organcer

Patrick is back in Las Vegas and is in the process of getting the new podcast studio up and running. Adam Domiguez is here with roommate and NLO-favorite Alex Ansel to talk about the end of summer and a million other stupid things. These boys are passing around Keystone Ice and candy cigarettes likes they’re […]

Buyer Registration Now Open for 2020 SHOT Show


LAS VEGAS — Buyer registration is now open for the 42nd Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowSM (SHOT Show®). Set for January 21-24 at the Sands Expo Center, the SHOT Show will attract more than 60,000 professionals to Las Vegas for the firearms and outdoor industry’s annual main event. Registration for media will open later […]

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Bazooka Joe Biden Misfires Again


Move over Shotgun Joe. That was so 2013. Welcome 2019’s Bazooka Joe, who said instead of buying an AR-15, you’re better off buying actual weapons of war. The former vice president made the comments at a town hall in Las Vegas, just days before the anniversary of the tragic murders there. Biden used the event […]

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10/7/2019: SPORTS: Na wins in Vegas after meltdown

Kevin Na recovered from a meltdown before beating fellow American Patrick Cantlay in a playoff at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in Las Vegas on Sunday. Na sank a four-foot par putt on the second extra hole at TPC Summerlin to avoid what...

MGM Resorts to pay $800 million settlement to Las Vegas shooting victims


The 2017 shooting left 58 dead and hundreds more injured.

MGM Resorts to pay $800 million settlement to Las Vegas shooting victims
Lake Schatz


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Want to Start a Videoconferencing Program? Here’s How Mon, 09/23/2019 - 14:07

In February 2017, I was a digital coach at Pinecrest Academy St. Rose, a middle school in Las Vegas, where I supported teachers and students with tech-based initiatives

A colleague of mine was teaching about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and his U.S. history students wanted to learn more. 

I contacted Clint Hill, who worked as a Secret Service agent and witnessed the shooting in Dallas in 1963, and asked if he could speak to the class. Hill, who had served in Jacqueline Kennedy’s Secret Service detail, agreed to do a live session from San Francisco

We originally planned to connect by phone, but I figured why not try a videoconference? We agreed to use the technology to connect the students for a once-in-a-lifetime history lesson.

In my 10 years as an educator, I had never seen such high-impact lessons before. I decided to run with it and create as many guest speaking events as possible for students.

5 Ways to Expand Learning Beyond Classroom Walls

Videoconferencing, also known as web conferencing, is not new. But at Pinecrest Academy, we’ve developed a unique program that features videoconferencing sessions several times a week, at multiple schools, at minimal cost. 

In some cases, we’ve set up videoconferencing programs that simultaneously connect up to 200 classrooms in five countries

The vast majority of the sessions, though, connect our classrooms with the speakers, who typically conduct the sessions in their home or at their office. 

Teachers contact me all the time to ask how we got started. It requires minimal technology — and schools already have much of the basic infrastructure needed. 

Use these five best practices to get a videoconferencing program started in your district. 

  1. Set goals and an overall vision: Will the videoconferencing run only for one school’s students, or will the school open it up to other schools in the district, local community colleges and universities, or other institutions around the country or world? It’s best to start with high school students because they are more mature, but any group from fifth or sixth grade up will work fine. 

  2. Determine technical requirements: There’s a very low barrier to entry with videoconferencing. Anyone can get started with an internet connection and a computing device that has a webcam and a projector. Most schools already have these pieces in place. If the guest speaker isn’t comfortable with the video tools, it’s possible to send them an audio link from a videoconferencing service, which allows the speaker to connect to the classroom, make a presentation and answer questions with students in an audio-only format. We once had a 94-year-old guest speaker who was a Holocaust survivor and was uncomfortable with the video setup. In that situation, the audio-only connection worked well.

  3. Embrace the flipped classroom: Videoconferencing is a great tool to facilitate a flipped classroom, increasing student engagement. Once a speaker is scheduled, the teacher should think through strategies to ensure students are prepared for a robust conversation. For example: Assign short videos about the topic at hand or the speaker’s life, or have students read about the speaker and prepare questions for the presentation.

  4. Strive for emotional learning experiences: We’ve had a World War II veteran tell our students about fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. We’ve also had a survivor of the 9/11 attacks recount what they witnessed in New York on that day and how they escaped danger. For younger students, we’ve had zoologists talk about various animals and had a NASA scientist discuss space missions. Hearing these stories firsthand creates an experience that students can’t replicate by reading a book or watching a documentary. It’s a way to engage them — and 40 percent of middle and high school students say they don’t feel engaged, according to a survey from the national nonprofit YouthTruth. And with roughly half of middle and high school students saying they don’t feel their studies are relevant, creating an emotional connection to the topic is a way to turn that around.

  5. Find funding for a full-time pro: Videoconferencing works best when there is at least one person — whether it’s someone in the IT department or an educational technology teacher — who’s dedicated to managing it full time. 

That person will plan videoconferencing sessions and manage a website where teachers can make requests, view the schedule and sign up. 

If funding for a full-time professional isn’t in the budget, consider splitting the responsibilities between two or more people. Another option is to apply for grants to seed the program.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Yamaha YVC-1000 Speakerphone gives K–12 collaboration an audio boost.

Explore the Possibilities of Classroom Videoconferencing

Many colleges have had solid videoconferencing programs for years. K–12 schools have lagged, mainly because many lack the funds to dedicate full-time staff and acquire the needed technology

However, as costs decrease, school districts that lack resources can usually find the money to secure at least a basic setup. In many states, districts can apply for technology grants. 

For example, funding for my position as a digital coach came through a Nevada Ready 21 technology grant, which also supported secure one-to-one technology and digital coach positions throughout our cluster of charter schools in southern Nevada. 

We support teachers with device management and develop new ways to deliver content in the classroom to help create a tech-rich learning environment.

Once administrators try videoconferencing, they’ll appreciate the wide range of speakers they can bring in and the topics they can cover, from history to current events and even complex subjects like math and computer science.

Ralph Krauss works in digital innovations at Pinecrest Academy of Nevada, a group of five charter schools in the Las Vegas area, and Academica Virtual Education, a support service for virtual schools.


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Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2019 – Auction Results


Southwest to offer discounted flights as low as $49 this week

Get ready to pack your bags because Southwest Airlines has rolled out a three-day super sale on one-way flights for travel between Nov. 13 and Feb. 12. The world’s largest low-cost carrier is aiming to stimulate winter travel outside of the regular holiday rush. Between now and Thursday, customers can opt for $49, $79, $99, and $129 price points for one-way trips to popular destinations like Las Vegas, San Diego and Baltimore. However, there are blackout dates surrounding the Thanksgiving […]

Ken Roczen (Honda): Absage des MEC in Las Vegas

Wie Ken Roczen am Rande des 'Red Bull Straight Rhythm' erklärte, wird er dieses Jahr nicht am Monster Energy Cup (MEC) in Las Vegas teilnehmen und sich statt dessen in Ruhe auf die nächste Saison vorbereiten.



Many years ago, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to see a show in Las Vegas starring the late comedian George Burns. The only disappointment about his appearance was that it didn’t include


The Las Vegas Farm Fall Harvest Festival

Join us for our annual Farm Fall Harvest Festival. Festival activities include cow train for toddlers, pony rides, amazing maize maze, concession stand and more. Visitors will find a large selection of specialty pumpkins and squash, along with artisanal breads, jams/jellies, our amazing local honey and our fresh eggs from right here on The Farm. [...]

Casino giant MGM Resorts settles Las Vegas massacre lawsuits for up to $800 million


Two years after a shooter rained gunfire on country music fans from a high-rise Las Vegas hotel, MGM Resorts International reached a settlement that could pay up to $800 million to families of the 58 people who died and hundreds of others who were injured, attorneys announced Thursday.

It will...


‘Lease’ Vegas

I just returned from the National Restaurant Association Financial Officers and Tax Executives Conference in Las Vegas. I participated on a Real Estate Leasing Trends panel with Adam Schwegman, head of the eat/drink department of General Growth Properties and George Galloway of Next Realty Mid-Atlantic, with Ryan Cupersmith of Ernst & Young as our moderator.… Continue Reading

Python’s Paradise ep. 231 – 2018-08-25: Lisa Hoyle Interview


Stunt woman Lisa Hoyle who is seen onscreen in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas joins me for the film’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy!

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Valdez-Gutierrez, Frampton-TBA in Works for 11/30 Las Vegas


NLO 1316: Organcer

Patrick is back in Las Vegas and is in the process of getting the new podcast studio up and running. Adam Domiguez is here with roommate and NLO-favorite Alex Ansel to talk about the end of summer and a million other stupid things. These boys are passing around Keystone Ice and candy cigarettes likes they’re […]

Bidders Favor Quality in September Legend Auction


Quality and eye-appeal were the name of the game for Legend Rare Coin’s 34th Regency Auction held Sept. 26 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nev., in conjunction with the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) Members Only Show. Bidders vied … Continue reading

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The Spice Girls' 'Australian reunion tour and Las Vegas residency have been SCRAPPED over feud'

According to The Sun , Geri, 47, and Mel B, 44, failed to see eye to eye during their sold-out UK tour earlier this year, leading to the former's refusal to hit the road with her bandmate again.

Las Vegas Lights - Reno 1868

Football. USA. USL

MGM to pay up to $800m to settle Las Vegas shooting claims

Company resolves litigation stemming from deadliest mass shooting on US soil

Two door station wagons

Two door station wagons were a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. But, really unclear on the concept. Few bought them, thus they are rare now. Barrett Jackson auction. Las Vegas 10/5/19

Campaign confirms Bernie Sanders had a heart attack

His campaign confirmed in a statement released Friday afternoon that the Vermont senator was diagnosed with a myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack, when he went to a hospital in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

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Trump, Ecuadorian Protests, Climate Emergency & more -- The Week in News, Opinion and Videos September 29 - October 6

This week's list of articles, news items, opinion pieces and videos that I see as a must if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.

This list covers the week of September 29 - October 6.

For those interested in news and developments in the Canadian election this will be covered in a separate weekly roundup the fourth of which this past Friday was: Scheer's Very Bad Week, PPC At It Again and more -- The Left Chapter Canadian Election Round-up Week Four

1) Riots at Greek refugee camp on Lesbos after fatal fire

Helena Smith, The Guardian

Greek authorities are scrambling to deal with unrest at a heavily overcrowded migrant camp on Lesbos after a fire there left at least one person dead.

2) Quebec should apologize for systemic discrimination in treatment of Indigenous people, Viens report says

Benjamin Shingler, Kamila Hinkson · CBC News 

The Quebec government should apologize to First Nations and Inuit for the harm they have endured as a result of provincial laws, policies and practices, says the author of a damning report into the treatment of Indigenous people.

3) Misogyny, male rage and the words men use to describe Greta Thunberg

Camilla Nelson & Meg Vertigan, The Conversation 

Greta Thunberg obviously scares some men silly. The bullying of the teenager by conservative middle-aged men has taken on a grim, almost hysterical edge. And some of them are reaching deep into the misogynist’s playbook to divert focus from her message.

4) 'Based in hatred': violence against women standing in Colombia's elections

Julia Zulver, The Guardian 

The body of mayoral candidate Karina García was found shot and incinerated in her car in the Cauca department of southern Colombia, on 1 September.

5) How a brief socialist takeover in North Dakota gave residents a public bank

Will Peischel, Vox

There’s a legislative fight brewing in California. Supporters are pushing a public banking law that could redefine the state’s financial landscape, while detractors call it a government intrusion. Both would benefit to look at an unusual source — North Dakota — where a similar policy has been in place for a century.

6) The judge's bizarre remarks in the Ezekiel Stephan case signal a miscarriage of justice

Juliet Guichon, Ian Mitchell and Pauline Alakija · CBC News

In deciding that Collet and David Stephan were not guilty of failing to provide the necessaries of life in the 2012 death of their son, Ezekiel, Justice Terry Clackson ​​​​​​issued a written decision that, in our view, improperly focused on the medical examiner's accent, and not on the medical evidence. Such focus is suspect, and could be evidence of racism.

7) The Phony Liberalism of Bill Maher

Alan MacLeod, Truthdig 

Ultimately, Maher has built up an impressive following and continues to espouse snarky elitist hot takes weekly for HBO, earning an estimated $10 million per year doing so. Call him a racist, a bigot or an astute businessman; just don’t call him a liberal.

8) We were told capitalism had won. But now workers can take back control

Grace Blakeley, The Guardian 

Class politics is reemerging in response to the huge inequality caused by the 2008 crash. And it’s time to take on the City.

9) Capitalism’s triumph: Labor rights violated in every country on Earth

Systemic Disorder 

In what country are labor rights fully respected? The sad answer is: none.

10) New Video May Signal Dangerous Change For Neo-Nazi Terror Cell

Mack Lamoureux and Ben Makuch, Vice

A neo-Nazi terror group under investigation by the FBI has released a propaganda video that one expert is calling “incredibly significant” and “essentially a declaration of war.” This comes after the group has already been linked to five murders, and was named in an FBI investigation involving an alleged bomber in Las Vegas who stockpiled explosives and firearms for a planned attack on the city's Jewish and LGBTQ communities.

11) Protesters rally outside North York industrial bakery in wake of death of temp worker

Sara Mojtehedzadeh, The Toronto Star

It was a protest underpinned by a simple question: how many vigils are necessary?


Melissa Lemieux, Newsweek 

Amazon workers at the company's Sacramento, California delivery location united to present a petition to their supervisor September 30 to protest the company's off-time policy, according to The Verge.

13) The Fake Nazi Death Camp: Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax, Exposed

Omer Benjakob, Haaretz 

For over 15 years, false claims that thousands of Poles were gassed to death in Warsaw were presented as fact. Haaretz reveals they are just the tip of an iceberg of a widespread Holocaust distortion operation by Polish nationalists.

14) European Parliament launches anti-communist crusade

Steve Sweeney, People's World

Communists and left organizations have hit out at a reactionary “ahistorical” motion passed by the European Parliament last month which equates communism with “the monster of fascism.”

15) Communist Party of Ukraine addresses open letter to the Ukrainian and Russian peoples

Ben Chacko, The Morning Star 

UKRAINE’S Communist Party published an open letter to the peoples of Ukraine and Russia today, warning against the rise of fascism and of bids by the ruling elites in each country to turn their populations against one another.

16) Irregular votes, panicked moves, kiosks

Drew Anderson, CBC News

It was fall of 2017. Jason Kenney, former prime minister Stephen Harper's chief lieutenant, and Brian Jean, who had led Alberta's recently dissolved Wildrose Party, were vying to lead the newly created United Conservative Party. On the second day of the three-day leadership vote, a panicked call came from Kenney's campaign in Calgary ordering his team in Edmonton to shut down a voting kiosk they had set up in an empty storefront in a strip mall.

17) Press and OAS’s Differential Treatment to Venezuela vs. Crisis in Peru and Ecuador?

 Orinoco Tribune

So far, neither the OAS nor the government of the US president, Donald Trump, have ruled against the violation of Ecuadorian human rights or the confrontation of powers in Peru.

18) Ecuador arrests taxi, union leaders as strike over end of fuel subsidies spills into 2nd day

The Associated Press

Ecuadoran authorities dispatched military vehicles to ferry civilian passengers Friday and arrested several transport union leaders in efforts to halt a strike that shut down taxi, bus and other services in response to a sudden rise in fuel prices.

19) Correa: No One Voted For The IMF Or The Increase In Fuel Price


The former Ecuadorean president warned that Lenin Moreno "is scared to death for his betrayal to the movement (Revolucion Ciudadana) and the people", because he has taken measures diametrically opposed to his own and to the programmatic proposals that led him to the government.

20) Ecuador Assembly Calls for President's Removal, Early Polls


Former members of Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno’s own party, Alianza PAIS, have announced they are demanding early presidential and congressional elections due to the executive’s “non-compliance of functions.”

21) Ecuador's Transport Workers Strike, Take to Streets to Reject Pro-IMF Neoliberal Reforms


Ecuador woke up this Thursday with a total stoppage of activities as a result of a nationwide strike announced by transport workers and taxi drivers to protest against the "Paquetazo", a package of austerity policies which President Lenin Moreno announced Tuesday in order to comply with suggestions presented by the International Monetary Fund (IMF9 in return for billions of dollars in loans.

22) Thousands of Indigenous Farmers Head Towards Ecuador's Capital


Ecuador’s indigenous and union organizations kept protests going on Saturday and promised not to let-up in their push to overturn President Lenin Moreno’s austerity measures, which have convulsed this South American country for three days on a row.

23) Peru: 'Interim President' Araoz Quits, Vizcarra Still in Power


Peruvian Interim President Mercedes Araoz announced her resignation Tuesday night as Vice President of the country and as head of state, a designation conferred by Congress Monday night.

24) Peruvian Left Backs Dissolution of Congress: Interview


Progressive media outlet Nodal interviewed leftist congresswoman Indira Huilca from the New Peru Movement Party this week. During the interview, they discussed Peru’s political crisis and what the left sees as the solution to the never-ending corruption scandals that have engulfed the country. Huilca stated stated that Congress has lost legitimacy and is only trying to impede the rooting out of corruption that they represent, but that a genuine solution will involve going much further than Vizcarra is proposing, and will require confronting the corporate interests fueling corruption.

25) Egypt’s Harsh Crackdown Quashes Protest Movement

Vivian Yee and Nada Rashwan, The New York Times

A group of teenagers arrested on their way to buy new school clothes. An illiterate shoeshiner picked up from the street. Eight people stopped while they were eating from a street food cart. And a 28-year-old financial auditor, who was walking to his car after dinner when police officers ordered him to stop.

26) Haiti on Brink of Revolution to Overthrow US-Backed Regime


Revolutionaries destroyed police headquarters, attacked residences of government officials, and burned a jail and courts to the ground in different parts of Haiti on Friday.

27) Bolivia Launches Reforestation Plan for Areas Affected by Fires


Bolivia’s government has launched ‘Plan Paradise’ to reforest areas of the Chiquitania, Santa Cruz, that was affected by forest fires. The plan will bring together experts with governmental authorities to calculate the best ways of reforesting burnt areas.

28) Cuba Manages Fuel Shortage With Venezuelan, Russian Cooperation


During the first week of October, a fleet of oil tankers from Venezuela arrived in Cuba to help President Miguel Diaz-Canel to alleviate fuel shortages generated by the U.S. economic and financial blockade.

29) Fearful of Lula’s Exoneration, His Once-Fanatical Prosecutors Request His Release From Prison. But Lula Refuses.

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept 

Lula’s accusers are desperately trying to get him out of prison, while he insists on staying there until he’s fully exonerated.

30) At Least 42 Dead After Days Of Violent Protests In Iraq

Scott Neuman, NPR

Iraqi security forces fired live rounds to disperse crowds of protesters in Baghdad on Friday, as the death toll from days of anti-government unrest has reached at least 42, according to officials.

31) Bolivia to Introduce First Domestically-Made Electric Vehicle


President Evo Morales officially presented on Tuesday the first electric car to be manufactured in Bolivia, produced by state owned company YLB. Morales presented the vehicle at the official opening of a new lithium technology center in Potosi.

32) Fighting Calls for Impeachment, Trump Intensifies Anti-Semitic Rhetoric. We Cannot Ignore It.

Mehdi Hasan, The Intercept

“PRIME DIRECTIVE: Always Blame the Jews for Everything.”

33) Trump Bars Immigrants Who Cannot Pay For Health Care

Richard Gonzales, NPR

President Trump signed a proclamation late Friday barring legal immigrants who cannot prove they will have health care coverage or the means to pay for it within 30 days of their arrival to the United States.

34) Shoot Them in the Legs, Trump Suggested: Inside His Border War

Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times

The Oval Office meeting this past March began, as so many had, with President Trump fuming about migrants. But this time he had a solution. As White House advisers listened astonished, he ordered them to shut down the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico — by noon the next day.

35) Advocates Say President Trump's Immigration Policy Is 'A Tool Of Cruelty'

Joel Rose, NPR

Immigrant advocates asked a federal appeals court on Tuesday to block the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), a key part of President Trump's immigration policy. The policy forces asylum seekers to wait for their immigration court hearings in Mexico.

36) Supreme Court Revisits Abortion With Louisiana Case

Nina Totenberg, NPR

The U.S. Supreme Court has jumped headlong back into the abortion wars. The court said Friday that it will hear arguments in a case from Louisiana that is nearly identical to a Texas case decided by the court three years ago.

37) Palestinian Tortured by Israel's Shin Bet in Critical Condition


44-year-old Palestinian Samir Arbeed was admitted to a hospital in Jerusalem after been interrogated and tortured by Israel’s Shin Bet - domestic intelligence service - who is accusing him to be the mastermind behind an alleged attack in an illegal West Bank settlement.

38) Anti-Palestinianism is the modern day McCarthyism

Asa Winstanley, Middle East Monitor 

As regular readers of this column will know, the McCarthyite atmosphere in Britain against supporters of Palestinian rights is getting worse. That is down in part to the Labour Party leadership’s acquiescence to the smear campaign to portray the party as anti-Semitic. The Labour National Executive Committee’s acceptance of the bogus IHRA “working definition” of anti-Semitism last year gave the document undeserved acceptance and currency; it deliberately conflates anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel for being the racist state that it so evidently is.

39) It’s Still Netanyahu’s Israel

Douglas Greenwald, Jacobin

Over the past decade, Benjamin Netanyahu has remade Israeli politics in his own image. Though his career now hangs by a thread, his legacy of far-right pandering and cold-blooded “management” of Palestinian oppression will live on.

40) After US Senator Asks Public to 'Imagine' CIA Interfering in Foreign Elections, Historians Are Like... Uhhh

Eoin Higgins, Common Dreams

Comments from Sen. Mark Warner responding to reports that Attorney General Bill Barr asked a number of world governments for help in refuting the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. election were met with ridicule Friday as observers mocked the suggestion that the CIA would never do such a thing.

41) Cook's arrival was a disaster for Māori. Britain's half-hearted apology isn't good enough

Tina Ngata, The Guardian

As we mark 250 years since the arrival of Captain Cook in New Zealand, we are still seeing crimes against indigenous peoples and their territories.

42) Workers Are Falling Ill, Even Dying, After Making Kitchen Countertops

Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR

Artificial stone used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops has been linked to cases of death and irreversible lung injury in workers who cut, grind and polish this increasingly popular material.

43) Irrigation For Farming Could Leave Many Of The World's Streams And Rivers Dry

Dan Charles, NPR

Something odd is happening to streams and rivers on the high plains of Kansas and Colorado. Some have disappeared.

44) My Community Is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of the World

 Paul Josie; as told to Jackie Hong, VICE

Canada’s North is warming three times faster than the global average. Nowhere is this more acutely felt than in places such as Old Crow, the northernmost community in Yukon and home to the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation. Earlier this year, Vuntut Gwitchin became among the first Indigenous communities to declare a climate emergency. Last week, Whitehorse, Yukon's capital, also declared a climate emergency.

45) 'Things are getting unstable': global heating and the rise of rockfalls in Swiss Alps

Denise Hruby, The Guardian 

As Switzerland’s glaciers melt, dangerous rockfalls become more likely and towns are forced to live under an existential threat.

See also: Canadian Climate Strikes, Climate Emergency, Labour Resolutions & more -- The Week in News, Opinion and Videos September 22 - 29

Rip Taylor, Comedian Known For His Camp And Confetti, Dies At 84

Rip Taylor, the comedian who became a fixture of 1970s game shows with his outrageous antics, flamboyant style and signature confetti-throwing, has died at age 84. His publicist, Harlan Boll, confirmed Taylor died Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif. Taylor's spanned more than 40 years and encompassed Broadway, Las Vegas, film and television. Born Charles Taylor in Washington, D.C., he got his start as a stand-up comic playing clubs in the Catskills after he'd served in the Army during the Korean War. In a 1992 interview with United Press International , Taylor acknowledged that much of his early material consisted of jokes stolen from USO tours he'd seen. His first national television appearance came in 1963 on The Ed Sullivan Show , where he became known as the "crying comedian" for a routine in which he cried on stage as he begged the audience to laugh at his jokes. "I sat on a stool telling jokes, and nobody was laughing," he told UPI in 1992. "In desperation, I pretended to cry as I

Very Vegas Party at Mansion 54


Photo Credit: Jeff Ragazzo, J3 Creative On September 26, 2019, the Yelp Las Vegas community came together to celebrate why it’s so great to be a Vegas local. Not to mention, the party was held at the same place where Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett hung out back in the day.... Read more

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PE HUB First Read

First Read closes out the week with news that Robert DeNiro's ex-assistant is suing him for gender discrimination, MGM Resorts reaches a settlement in the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting and CDPQ doubles down on private equity in hunt for yield.

Rod Stewart Announces 2020 Las Vegas Residency Dates


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Fleetwood Mac Announce Final Show Of World Tour After Eight Countries And 80 Shows; Saturday, November 16 At T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas


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Catalent to Discuss the Benefits of ‘Ready-to-Market’ Formulations at SupplySide West


Catalent, the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies, development, and manufacturing solutions for drugs, biologics, gene therapies, and consumer health products, today announced that it will present at the upcoming SupplySide West conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas on Oct. 15 – 19, 2019.

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

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Clinical Coding Quality Specialist - P3 Health Partners - Las Vegas, NV

At P3 HealthPartners, our promise is to guide our communities to better health, unburdenclinicians, align incentives and engage patients.
From P3 Health Partners - Tue, 25 Jun 2019 23:44:46 GMT - View all Las Vegas, NV jobs

The Las Vegas Shooter, Two Years Later


Paddock. Palast. We sat next to each other at Fernangeles Elementary School, and later at Poly High in Sun Valley, Calif.

Steve was a chess prodigy and a math whiz.

He finally got to use his extraordinary gift to

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Rimini Street Again Told To Provide Oracle Post-Injunction Compliance Discovery

LAS VEGAS - Five months after Oracle USA Inc. was permitted to conduct limited discovery to ensure that Rimini Street Inc. was complying with a permanent injunction against it in a long-running software copyright lawsuit, a Nevada federal magistrate judge on Sept. 6 signed an order setting parameters on that discovery and establishing a schedule for Rimini's compliance (Oracle USA Inc., et al. v. Rimini Street Inc., et al., No. 2:10-cv-00106, D. Nev.).

NV Volunteers Needed to Oversee Educational Needs of Foster Kids

NV Volunteers Needed to Oversee Educational Needs of Foster Kids LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Legal aid groups are searching for a special group of volunteers to advocate for foster kids within the school system. When Assembly Bill 156 was passed, it created a Nevada law that says foster children and homeless young people must have someone who can meet on their behalf with teachers and counselors, and sign off on the student's individual education plan. ...(Read More)

Manfred Reportedly Told Oakland Officials That A’s Could Move To Las Vegas

Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf said today that Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has indicated that he sees Las Vegas, Nevada as a possible relocation spot for the Athletics, Sal Castaneda of KTVU reports on Twitter. Manfred’s threat of exploring options in Vegas had been reported recently by the San Francisco Chronicle. The newly combative stance from…

Experienced Audit Senior Associate, SOC

NV-Las Vegas, Job Summary BDO’s Core Purpose is Helping People Thrive Every Day. Our Core Values reflect how we manage our work, our relationships and ourselves. As an employee of the firm, you will live true to our Core Values of people first, being exceptional every day in every way, embracing change, feeling empowered through knowledge and choosing accountability. Our Core Values are the standards by which w

Amid lawsuit, Oakland politicians say MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has warned the A's could relocate to Las Vegas

The A's want a new stadium and Manfred is trying his best to help them close the deal

Newly launched MSI X-Slim 320

In the CES 2009, to be held in Las Vegas from January 8, MSI will once again capture the world’s eyes with its prolific R&D and designs. In addition to introducing the whole new U-series models, MSI will launch the new All-In-One Wind NetOn models and MSI’s first dual-core Atom All-In-One models. G-series notebooks, the first series surmounting 10000 points on 3Dmark, will also be exhibited. With such a strong cast, MSI will successfully become the focus on the international stage once again.

Following the popular MSI Wind Netbooks, U100 and U90, MSI will introduce some more portable netbook in CES, including MSI U115 Hybrid, and will also announce that MSI U120 is “WiMAX Ready”. Moreover the first netbook capable of running SSD/HDD simultaneously, and MSI X-Slim Series X320, the 13” super portable notebook of just about 1.3 kg

Newly launched MSI X-Slim 320 super portable notebook shows off its slim figure of about 1.3kg!

The newly launched, super portable notebook, MSI X-Slim Series X320, is certain to capture market’s interest. While the MSI X320 is equipped with the latest Intel platform and a 13.4” display with an optimized 16:9 screen, it only weights just about 1.3 kg and is absolutely your perfect mobile partner.

Not only light, the X320 is also very “thin”. The overall thickness is as small as 1.98 cm, with the thinnest part being only 6 mm. In addition to its lightness and thinness, the X320 also features an excellent battery life in 4 cell or 8 cell battery lasts up to 10 hours. Such an outstanding capability will impress the international market for sure.

In addition to its outstanding capability and excellent performance, the stylish design and fashionable look contributes to X320’s attraction. Its chic and elegant appearance and slim-line shape, together with the Champagne gold, the noble elegance of pearl white or even high-tech stylish black, make it consumers’ dream notebook.

Perusahaan MSI, yang terinspirasi dari desain notebook Macbook Air, sebelum Ces 2009 diumumkan ultrathin (tebal 6-19,8 mm, berat 1,3 kg) Slim Model X-320.

MSI x-tipis 320_1

Baru, yang berlaku, menghilangkan pesawat antara netbukamy dan laptop. Baru dilengkapi dengan prosesor Intel Atom Z530 1,6 GHz, layar 13,4 inci dengan resolusi 1366 × 768 piksel. Selain itu, built-in modul untuk jaringan 3.5G dan kurangnya hal untuk optical discs dapat sebut netbukom.

MSI x-tipis 320_2

MSI x-tipis 320_3

MSI x-tipis 320_4

Menariknya, netbuk pertama ini, yang menggunakan Intel Atom dan komunikasi nVidia Ion. X-Slim 320 postavlyatymetsya dari 4. 8-elemen baterai, waktu kerja otonom dalam kasus yang kedua adalah sekitar 10 jam. Sisa dari netbuka cukup standar: ke RAM 2 GB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3 USB port, slot kartu memori, Ethernet dan VGA-out. Penjualan X-Slim 320 muncul di kuartal kedua 2009 dari pada biaya sekitar $ 800.


Netbook Asus Pertama Gunakan Windows 7

Salah satu produk Asus

Asus mungkin akan menjadi netbook pertama yang akan menggunakan Windows 7 di sistem operasinya, tidak hanya itu Solid State Drive (SSD) yang mencapai 512 gigabyte, akan menjadi SSD terbesar di dunia.

Netbook milik Asus yang diberi nama S121 mempunyai lebar sekira 11,7 inchi dengan berat 3 lbs. Selain itu, untuk memudahkan navigasi, vendor asal Taiwan ini akan menghadirkan layar sentuh. Yang istimewa, tentu saja penggunaan sistem operasi yang dibenamkan, yaitu Windows 7.

Penggunaan Asus pada perangkat lunak Microsoft Windows 7 OS menunjukkan kedekatan di antara dua perusahaan yang bekerja sama ini. Padahal, aplikasi anyar Microsoft ini sendiri masih belum diketahui kapan tanggal pasti perilisannya.

"Kami memang sangat dekat dengan Asus pada penggunaan aplikasi Windows 7 ini," kata David Faster, General Marketing Manager Microsoft di OEM, saat konfrensi pers pembukaan CES di Las Vegas, seperti yang dikutip PC World

More info click here :

Netbook Asus Pertama Gunakan Windows 7

Salah satu produk Asus

Asus mungkin akan menjadi netbook pertama yang akan menggunakan Windows 7 di sistem operasinya, tidak hanya itu Solid State Drive (SSD) yang mencapai 512 gigabyte, akan menjadi SSD terbesar di dunia.

Netbook milik Asus yang diberi nama S121 mempunyai lebar sekira 11,7 inchi dengan berat 3 lbs. Selain itu, untuk memudahkan navigasi, vendor asal Taiwan ini akan menghadirkan layar sentuh. Yang istimewa, tentu saja penggunaan sistem operasi yang dibenamkan, yaitu Windows 7.

Penggunaan Asus pada perangkat lunak Microsoft Windows 7 OS menunjukkan kedekatan di antara dua perusahaan yang bekerja sama ini. Padahal, aplikasi anyar Microsoft ini sendiri masih belum diketahui kapan tanggal pasti perilisannya.

"Kami memang sangat dekat dengan Asus pada penggunaan aplikasi Windows 7 ini," kata David Faster, General Marketing Manager Microsoft di OEM, saat konfrensi pers pembukaan CES di Las Vegas, seperti yang dikutip PC World

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GNEX 2020 Conference To Predict The Future Of Vacation Ownership

The Global Networking Experience, more commonly known as GNEX Conference which attracts senior-level vacation industry executives representing more than 100+ companies from around the world has announced an intriguing new interactive session for its special 10th Anniversary event at the luxurious Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, 18-21 February 2020.

MLB confirms A’s could relocate to Las Vegas

The Oakland Athletics and MLB have been holding out hope that a new stadium could be erected in Northern California. In fact, commissioner Rob Manfred seemed optimistic up until last week. Unfortunately, an ongoing lawsuit filed by city leaders that has stunted any momentum for a new venue led to Manfred indicating that other options […]

Glenn Toshimi Yabuki

64, of Aiea, Hawaii, died on August 11, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born in Honolulu. Private Services were held.

How Kevin Na found his way back and other big things you might have missed in golf

Kevin Na's win was impressive, if only because of all he has had to overcome to get there. But his week in Las Vegas wasn't the only thing that mattered in the golf world this week.

Comment on Off the Strip – Things to do Outside Las Vegas by Robert Galvin

I wish more people would post valuable content like this. This is the first time I've been on your website, but after this, I doubt it will be the last time.

UW Huskies tipoff Pac-12 challenge series with non-conference game in 2020 against Oklahoma


Washington will play Oklahoma at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in December 2020 as part of a two-year series between the Pac-12 and Big 12. The teams will meet again in Dallas in 2021.

Personal Injury Paralegal/case Manager - USA-NV-Las Vegas

Personal Injury Paralegal/Case Manager The candidate should have needles experience. Fluency in Spanish required....

RN Case Manager- SHMC (FT-Days- Mon-Fri) Consolidated - (106691) - Las Vegas, NV

Job Description The Valley Health System Consolidated Services The Valley Health System has expanded into an integrated health network that serves more than two million people in Southern Nevada. Starting with Valley Hospital Medical Center in 1979, the Valley Health System has grown to include Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center..

Property & Casualty Sales Agent - Henderson, NV

Date Posted: Oct 8, 2019 Location: Henderson, NV, US, 89002 Company: MetLife Job Location: United States : Nevada : Henderson Alternate Job Location : United States : Nevada : Las Vegas Are you a Property and Casualty Sales Professional looking for the RIGHT Home? Are you looking for

Jerry Jones dismisses rumors about Jason Garrett’s job security

Despite the two-game slide, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insists Garrett's safe even if Las Vegas doesn't necessarily see it that way.

MGM Resorts International Celebrates with the LGBTQ Community...


MGM Resorts International Celebrates with the LGBTQ Community as a Sponsor of the 22nd Annual Las Vegas PRIDE Night Parade

PR Newswire


MGM Resorts International and Plaintiffs' Counsel Reach Agreement...


MGM Resorts International and Plaintiffs' Counsel Reach Agreement to Settle 1 October Litigation

PR Newswire



Eagles Will Play 'Hotel California' In its Entirety on 2020 Tour Following Sold-Out Las Vegas Shows

Following a sold-out trial run in Las Vegas, Eagles will take Hotel California on the road in 2020. The iconic rock group - billed...

The Las Vegas A's? Baseball commissioner tells Oakland it could happen (Phil Matier/San Francisco Chronicle)


Phil Matier / San Francisco Chronicle:
The Las Vegas A's?  Baseball commissioner tells Oakland it could happen  —  Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred made it clear to Oakland officials that the A's proposed waterfront ballpark and the team's desire to develop at the Coliseum is an “all in one” proposition …


Las Vegas Aces Jackie Young Named to USA Basketball Women's 3x3 Team

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - USA Basketball announced today that Las Vegas Aces guard Jackie Young is one of four players who will represent the United Stat... - WNBA Las Vegas Aces

Aces Cambage Named Second-Team, All-WNBA

NEW YORK, NY - Las Vegas center Liz Cambage was named to the All-WNBA Second Team this afternoon, following a season that saw her finish 10th in the l... - WNBA Las Vegas Aces

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 2020, nueva imagen y novedades de equipamiento


La gama Colorado de Chevrolet está de estreno. Una de las versiones con mayor capacidad off-road y de alto rendimiento que podemos encontrar en el mercado ha sido puesta al día. El Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 se actualiza y presenta interesantes novedades con las que cautivar al público. Este pick-up ha sido desvelado de manera previa a su paso por el SEMA Show 2019 que tendrá lugar de manera inminente en la ciudad de Las Vegas (Estados Unidos).

Entre las diferentes mejoras que ha realizado Chevrolet en el Colorado ZR2, encontramos una serie de cambios estéticos. Todas ellas tienen un objetivo claro, conseguir una mayor diferenciación. Además, también se ha sumado una nueva pintura exterior. Los interesados en hacerse con el nuevo Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 podrán pintar la carrocería en «Sand Dune Metallic».

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 2020

Chevrolet ha presentado el nuevo Colorado ZR2. Estrena un frontal con un interesante diseño.

Bob Krapes, Jefe de Marketing de Chevrolet, ha destacado lo siguiente acerca de la gama Colorado y los últimos cambios que ha sufrido: “Hemos vendido 520.000 unidades del Colorado en cinco años a través de un enfoque implacable y mediante actualizaciones de producto y características. Con su nuevo diseño frontal y puerta trasera, Colorado ahora tendrá una apariencia más agresiva para igualar su capacidad galardonada”.

Basta con echar un vistazo a las imágenes que acompañan este artículo para comprobar en qué ha cambiado el Colorado ZR2. Estéticamente, las modificaciones se concentran en el frontal. Nos encontraremos con una nueva parrilla en la que ha desaparecido el logotipo de Chevrolet y su lugar es ocupado por el nombre de la marca. Ayuda a transmitir un aspecto más agresivo.

Con motivo de la actualización de la gama Colorado ZR2, Chevrolet ha decidido reforzar el equipamiento. Ahora equipará de serie unos ganchos de remolque pintados en color rojo. Otras características reseñables son los amortiguadores Multimatic DSSV o el diferencial de bloqueo electrónico delantero y trasero equipado de serie.

Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 2020 - posterior

El nuevo Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 se pondrá a la venta en Estados Unidos en 2020.

En lo que respecta al apartado mecánico, no habrá novedades. Habrá dos opciones sobre la mesa. Por una parte tenemos un motor de gasolina 3.6 litros V6 con 312 CV (308 hp) asociado a una caja de cambios automática de ocho velocidades y, por otro lado, se encuentra un motor diésel 2.8 litros Duramax con 184 CV (181 hp) combinado con una transmisión automática de seis relaciones.


La noticia Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 2020, nueva imagen y novedades de equipamiento fue publicada originalmente en @motorpuntoes por Antonio Fernández.


RIP Diahann Carroll


Diahann Carroll, Pioneering Actress on 'Julia' and 'Dynasty,' Dies at 84

The Hollywood Reporter
By Mike Barnes

She also landed an historic Tony Award, plus an Oscar nomination for her performance in 'Claudine.'

Diahann Carroll, the captivating singer and actress who came from the Bronx to win a Tony Award, receive an Oscar nomination and make television history with her turns on Julia and Dynasty, has died Friday. She was 84.

Carroll died at her home in Los Angeles after a long bout with cancer, her daughter, producer-journalist Suzanne Kay, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Carroll was known as a Las Vegas and nightclub performer and for her performances on Broadway and in the Hollywood musicals Carmen Jones and Porgy & Bess when she was approached by an NBC executive to star as Julia Baker, a widowed nurse raising a young son, on the comedy Julia.

She didn't want to do it. "I really didn't believe that this was a show that was going to work," she said in a 1998 chat for the website The Interviews: An Oral History of Television. "I thought it was something that was going to leave someone's consciousness in a very short period of time. I thought, 'Let them go elsewhere.' "

However, when Carroll learned that Hal Kanter, the veteran screenwriter who created the show, thought she was too glamorous for the part, she was determined to change his mind. She altered her hairstyle and mastered the pilot script, quickly convincing him that she was the right woman.

Carroll thus became the first African-American female to star in a non-stereotypical role in her own primetime network series. (Several actresses portrayed a maid on ABC's Beulah in the early 1950s.)
Baker, whose husband had died in Vietnam, worked for a doctor (Lloyd Nolan) at an aerospace company; she was educated and outspoken, and she dated men (including characters played by Fred Williamson, Paul Winfield and Don Marshall) who were successful, too.

"We were saying to the country, 'We're going to present a very upper middle-class black woman raising her child, and her major concentration is not going to be about suffering in the ghetto,' " Carroll noted.

"Many people were incensed about that. They felt that [African Americans] didn't have that many opportunities on television or in film to present our plight as the underdog … they felt the [real-world] suffering was much too acute to be so trivial as to present a middle-class woman who is dealing with the business of being a nurse.

"But we were of the opinion that what we were doing was important, and we never left that point of view … even though some of that criticism of course was valid. We were of a mind that this was a different show. We were allowed to have this show."

Julia, which premiered in September 1968, finished No. 7 in the ratings in the first of its three seasons, and Carroll received an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe for her work.

As the sultry fashionista Dominique Deveraux — the first prominently featured African-American character on a primetime soap opera — Carroll played a much edgier character for three seasons on ABC's Dynasty and its spinoff The Colbys, delightfully dueling with fellow diva Alexis Carrington Colby (Joan Collins).

While recuperating after starring on Broadway in Agnes of God, Carroll had found herself digging Dynasty — "Isn't this the biggest hoot?" she said — and lobbied producer Aaron Spelling for a role on his series.

"They've done everything [on the show]. They've done incest, homosexuality, murder. I think they're slowly inching their way toward interracial," she recalled in a 1984 piece for People magazine. "I want to be wealthy and ruthless … I want to be the first black bitch on television."

Carroll made perhaps her biggest mark on the big screen with her scrappy title-role performance in Claudine (1974), playing a Harlem woman on welfare who raises six children on her own and falls for a garbage collector (James Earl Jones).

The part was originally given to her dear friend, Diana Sands. But when Sands (who had played Julia Baker's cousin on several episodes of Julia) was stricken with cancer, she suggested Carroll take her place.

"The producers said, 'How can she do this role? No one would believe she could do it," Carroll said. "I remember the headline in the paper: 'Would you believe Jackie Onassis as a welfare mother?' … The very coupling of the name Jackie Onassis and Diahann Carroll is very interesting, if you think about it. There question was, how do we make anyone believe that she has [six] children? And to be nominated for an Academy Award, to do that, it was the best, the best."

Carol Diahann Johnson was born in Fordham Hospital in the Bronx on July 17, 1935. Her father, John, was a subway conductor when she was young, and her mother, Mabel, a nurse. She won a scholarship to the High School of Music & Art, where Billy Dee Williams was a classmate.

At 15, she began to model clothing for black-audience magazines like Ebony,Tan and Jett. Her dad disapproved at first, then began to reconsider when she told him she had earned $600 for a session.
Her parents drove her to Philadelphia on many weekends so she could be a contestant on the TV talent show Teen Club, hosted by bandleader Paul Whiteman. And then she won several times on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts program, where she first billed herself as Diahann Carroll.

After enrolling at NYU to study psychology, she appeared on the Dennis James-hosted ABC talent show Chance of a Lifetime in 1953 and won for several weeks. One of her rewards was a regular engagement to perform at the famed Latin Quarter nightclub in Manhattan.

Christine Jorgensen taught her how to "carry" herself onstage, she said, and she moved in with her manager, training and rehearsing every day. She soon was singing in the Persian Room at New York's Plaza Hotel and at other hotspots including Ciro's, The Mocambo and The Cloister in Hollywood, The Black Orchid in Chicago and L'Olympia in Paris.

She soon dropped out of college to pursue performing full-time and was brought to Los Angeles to audition for Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones (1954), landing the role of Myrt opposite the likes of Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Dandridge.

At the end of 1954, she made her Broadway debut as the young star of the Truman Capote-Harold Arlen musical House of Flowers. Walter Kerr in The New York Herald Tribune called her "a plaintive and extraordinarily appealing ingenue."

She was cast to play Clara in Preminger and Rouben Mamoulian's movie adaptation of Porgy and Bess (1959), but her voice was considered too low for her character's Summertime number, so another singer dubbed for her.

She met Sidney Poitier on that film, thus beginning what she described as a "very turbulent" nine-year romance with him. (Carroll then had first non-singing movie role, playing a schoolteacher opposite Poitier, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in 1961's Paris Blues).

She would become renowned for her phrasing, partially a result of her studying with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio.

In 1963, she earned the first of her four career Emmy noms for portraying a teacher yet again on ABC's gritty Naked City.

Richard Rodgers spotted her during one of her frequent singing appearances on Jack Paar's Tonight Show and decided to compose a Broadway musical for her. After scrapping the idea to have her portray an Asian in 1958's Flower Drum Song, he wrote 1962's No Strings, a love story revolving around an African-American fashion model (Carroll) and a nebbish white novelist (Richard Kiley).
His first effort following the death of longtime collaborator Oscar Hammerstein II, it brought Carroll rave reviews and a Tony Award, the first given to a black woman for best actress in a lead role of a musical.

Soon after hosting a CBS summer replacement variety show in 1976, she retired from show business and moved to Oakland. Landing the role of Dominique — the half-sister of John Forsythe's Blake Carrington — in 1984 put her back on the map in Hollywood.

She told the show's writers: "The most important thing to remember is write for a white male, and you'll have the character. Don't try to write for what you think I am. Write for a white man who wants to be wealthy and powerful. And that's the way we found Dominique Deveraux."

More recently, Carroll had recurring roles as Jasmine Guy's mother on NBC's A Different World, as Isaiah Washington's mom on ABC's Grey's Anatomy and as a Park Avenue widow on USA's White Collar. She also appeared in such films as Eve's Bayou (1997) and on stage as Norman Desmond in a musical version of Sunset Blvd.

She was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2011.

Carroll recorded several albums during her career and wrote the memoirs Diahann, published in 1986, and The Legs Are the Last to Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying, Mothering and Other Things I Learned Along the Way, in 2008.

She was married four times: to Monte Kay, a manager and a casting consultant on House of Flowers; to Freddie Glusman, a Las Vegas clothier (that union lasted just a few weeks); to magazine editor Robert DeLeon (he died in an auto accident in 1977); and to singer Vic Damone (from 1987 until their 1996 divorce). She also had a three-year romance with talk-show host David Frost.

In addition to her daughter, survivors include her grandchildren, August and Sydney.

Duane Byrge contributed to this report. 

CARROLL, Diahann (Carol Diahann Johnson)
Born: 7/17/1935, Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 10/4/2019, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Diahann Carroll’s western – actress:
Lonesome Dove: The Series (TV) – 1994-1995 (Ida Grayson)


Explore the Benefits of Open Source With Totara at DevLearn 2019


For the fourth consecutive year, Totara Learning is proud to be a Premium Sponsor for the annual DevLearn Conference & Expo in Las Vegas on October 23-24th 2019, exhibiting alongside Totara...

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

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VIDEO: Angry Protester Explodes During Biden Rally in NV, Gets Escorted Out


Things got rowdy at Joe Biden's community event in east Las Vegas, NV Friday. While the former vice-president was speaking to the crowd in attendance at the East Las Vegas Community Center, a man jumped up and started yelling Biden is a 'predator' to the crowd.

All while holding a #metoo sign



CREW Las Vegas September Luncheon Turns Dirt to Gold


This post originally appeared on CREW Las Vegas' Blog and is republished with permission. Find out how to syndicate your content with theBrokerList. As always our meetings kick off with the Pledge of Allegiance! Mindy Kermes led the pledge and then gave special thanks to our incredible sponsors and partners in CREW Las Vegas. Each […]

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Execs Discuss Wyndham’s Long Game at 2019 Global Conference


From September 25-27, more than 7,000 hoteliers, developers, vendors, and other hotel professionals convened at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas for the 2019 Wyndham Global Conference. Between learnings, brand sessions, and walking the Global Village and Supplier Trade Show floor, Wyndham’s top execs sat down to talk about the company’s goals for the next five years, the increasing importance of growing globally, and whether there might be any more acquisitions on the […]

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                                                                             Loren Barrigar 

TUNES BY THE TRACKS is burning up the mainline, enroute to a Wednesday, Aug 7 date at Clifton Springs library, with a Tracker ultra favorite on board.
Your warmly welcoming hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are thrilled and pleased to welcome back our Feature:


Us Trackers know Loren very well.  We look forward to his performance as a high point of our TUNES BY THE TRACKS season, but for any newbies and to refresh us old hands, here's a little more about Loren.

Loren started playing guitar when he was only four years old, and by the time he was six, played the Chet A:tkins hit “Yackety Axe” in front of thousands of country music fans at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He went on to study with Jimmy Atkins (Chet’s brother) which led to a touring career with his family band from Nashville to Las Vegas. Since settling down in Central New York, he has been in constant demand as a studio musician.

Loren has performed with some of the best acoustic players in the world including Stephen Bennett, Richard Smith, John Knowles, Muriel Anderson and Loren’s friend and mentor Tommy Emmanuel, the Australian guitar sensation. He has also recorded with Multiple Grammy winner and legendary producer Lloyd Maines.

Looking forward to seeing a passel of smiling Trackers for Loren's show. 
Come early, and you might toss a lawn chair in the jitney, just in case.


Following Loren's set and a short will sit back and marvel at the musical mayhem of our always entertaining Mystery Pickers.
If you Pickers get lucky, Loren might even back you up as an accompanist on yer song.


Bernie Sanders Says He Should Have Listened to Symptoms

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he was "dumb" not to have listened to the symptoms he was experiencing before he was stricken with a heart attack last week. The 78-year-old Sanders made the comments Tuesday outside his Vermont home as he headed to an appointment with a cardiologist along with his wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders. Sanders returned to Vermont on Saturday to rest after spending three days in a Las Vegas hospital. Doctors inserted two stents to open a clogged artery in his heart. Experts have said Sanders should be able to resume his campaign. Sanders said that in the last month or two he was more fatigued than usual and "I should have listened to those symptoms." He urged others to listen to their symptoms.

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Bernie Sanders Says He Was ‘Dumb’ for Ignoring Symptoms Before His Heart Attack

Sanders returned home Saturday to rest after three days in a Las Vegas hospital

Eric Bieniemy considered favorite for Washington Redskins head coaching job


Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is considered the frontrunner, per Las Vegas oddsmakers, for the Washington Redskins head coaching gig. Jay Gruden is out. Bill Callahan is in. Eric Bieniemy is projected to be next. So goes the carousel of news and rumors in the nation’s capital as the Washington Redskins have decided […]

Eric Bieniemy considered favorite for Washington Redskins head coaching job - Arrowhead Addict - Arrowhead Addict - Kansas City Chiefs - KC Chiefs News, Schedule, Roster and Rumors



Democrats’ Health Care Plan Would ‘Totally Obliterate Medicare,’ Trump Says

Charles McLaughlin, a 71-year-old Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, recalls how useful Medicare and Medicare Advantage were when he was fighting another battle, this one with cancer.

“I know a lot about Medicare and the supplement. I used it for breathing tubes, feeding tubes, stitches, staples, MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, hydration shots, chemo treatments, radiation treatments,” the Lighthouse Point, Florida, resident said during a rally with President Donald Trump on Thursday in The Villages, Florida, a retirement community near Orlando.

Trump invited him to the stage to speak at an event that culminated in the president signing an executive order to strengthen Medicare and Medicare Advantage, the health care program for people 65 and older, at a time when many Democrats support a “Medicare for All” plan to expand the program to everyone.

“I also want to say: My family, financially, would have been destroyed without Medicare,” the retired Marine said, adding:

The politicians on the left are pushing Medicare for All. I say, the result would be no Medicare at all. It will collapse under the load of the system. It will overload it. The lines would be incredible.

Who knows, I probably wouldn’t be here. There’s no such thing as “free,” period.

Trump said, “They like you.” McLaughlin answered, “What’s not to like?”

Declaring Medicare “under siege,” Trump signed an executive order after an hourlong speech.

“We are making your Medicare even better, and we are not letting anyone take it away from you,” Trump said. “These people on the other side are totally crazy. They want to take it away and give you lousy health care.”

He added: “Medicare is under threat like never before.”  “Almost every major Democrat in Washington has backed a massive government health care takeover that would totally obliterate Medicare,” the president said. 

The executive order aims to model traditional Medicare’s fee-for-service program in line with the payments for Medicare Advantage. Under traditional Medicare, the government pays for medical care. Private companies offer Medicare Advantage plans, which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approves. About 24 million people, or more than one-third of Medicare recipients, have Medicare Advantage plans.

The Medicare for All proposal would do away with Medicare Advantage plans by eliminating private health care plans.

Trump also invited Socorra “Corey” Spangler, of Summerfield, Florida, to speak. She noted her family came from Mexico to the United States legally when she was 5-years-old. At age 65, she began having heart problems.

“I went to the doctor. They scheduled me with a cardiologist. He scheduled me for a stress test. I failed that test. So, he scheduled me for a heart test the next day. I failed that,” Spangler recalled, adding:

The following Monday, I was in surgery with my five bypasses, and I went home the following Friday. This would never happen with Medicare for All.

I love my Medicare Advantage plan because I can choose the doctor when I need it and get the care I need in a [quick] manner. It wouldn’t happen with Medicare for All.

Thank you, Mr. President, for saving my health care.

Over the past two years of his presidency, Trump said, 1,200 more Medicare Advantage plans have been created. He added that premiums have plummeted by 28% and are at their lowest level in more than a decade.

That’s in sharp contrast to the average of 54% rise in premiums for Obamacare plans since 2014, said Robert Moffit, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation. 

“The president wants to build on the success they have had managing Medicare Advantage,” Moffit told The Daily Signal. “They have used the administrative authority to increase the plans for chronically ill people, such as people with congestive heart failure or diabetes.”

The executive order also further promotes using medical telehealth services to be delivered by telephone or online. That would, in theory, reduce expensive emergency room visits for minor or easily treatable ailments.



Rashida Tlaib Comes Out for Jim Crow-Style Laws, Arrests of Her Political Foes

Typical Muslim authoritarianism

Wait long enough, and everything comes around again. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), one of the wokest womyn in the world, has this week blazed bold new trails by calling for the revival of not one, but two tried-and-true practices that have inexplicably fallen into neglect in American politics: Jim Crow segregation laws and the arrest of one’s political opponents.

This brave leader said in a Detroit speech that if Trump Cabinet members failed to comply with congressional subpoenas, “they’re trying to figure out, no joke, is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them? We don’t know. Where do we hold them?” Tlaib added: “This is the first time we've ever had a situation like this,” and that consequently, she and other Democrat leaders were “trying to tread carefully” into this “uncharted territory.” She volunteered her own district for this noble undertaking: “I will tell them they can hold all those people right here in Detroit.”

Oh, but this territory is amply charted. Tlaib’s vision for America’s future apparently looks a great deal like the past – and present – of authoritarian regimes the world over. The new diverse, inclusive America of Tlaib and her colleagues apparently includes the 2 a.m. pounding on the door and the hustling of a bewildered, pajama-clad conservative by jackbooted stormtroopers into a waiting police van. Then they get hustled off to Detroit, the name of which will take on an air of menace and foreboding, like “Treblinka” and “Kolyma.” And why not? We already have telescreens all over airports and other public spaces pumping CNN propaganda into an unwitting populace 24/7 now; arrests and, presumably, camps for dissenters is the logical next step. After all, that’s what happened in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and still happens in North Korea and Communist China. The wise Tlaib knows that our future is their past.

Nor is that all. Tlaib Tuesday toured Detroit’s Public Safety Headquarters and told Detroit police Chief James Craig that facial recognition analysts “need to be African Americans, not people that are not. I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same.”

That meant, of course, that Tlaib herself, since she is not African American, thinks all African Americans look the same, but she can be forgiven for being so overwhelmed by her passion for justice that she got a bit confused. Here again, the visionary Tlaib knows that William Faulkner, despite being a white male Southerner and hence obviously racist and manifestly evil, was actually right when he said, “The past isn’t dead. It is not even past.” The old Jim Crow laws of the South in Faulkner’s time are Tlaib’s new vision for America: if she gets her way, you won’t be judged by the content of your character, but by the color of your skin.

This is already happening, of course. Back in the old South, some light-skinned blacks tried to pass for white in an attempt to avoid the discrimination, harassment, and ostracism that came to blacks all too often in those days. Nowadays, our society is so post-racial that it’s racial again: Elizabeth Warren, as white a white person as you’ll ever find, for years passed as Native American for social approval and career advancement. She was even hailed as the first “woman of color” on Harvard’s faculty. What color? A light peach, apparently.

Warren is just a more sophisticated version of Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official who famously turned out not to be a person of color at all, and Shaun King, aka Talcum X, who strenuously insists that he isn’t white despite photographic evidence of his being a light-haired white child before he was woke. Muslim “feminist” activist Linda Sarsour is also passing: in a Vox video published in January 2017, she revealed: “When I wasn’t wearing hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” But in an April 2017 interview, Sarsour referred to “people of color like me.” All it took was a hijab to enable Sarsour to change races. Maybe Warren should try that.

Warren, Dolezal, King, and Sarsour are the vanguard of the society Tlaib envisions, one in which being white carries so much of a social stigma that it results in job discrimination and more, and those who are clever and audacious enough to pull it off avoid this opprobrium by passing as being a “person of color.” Meanwhile, those who dare to disagree with Tlaib’s political agenda will find themselves arrested and incarcerated in Detroit, where all-black facial recognition teams will map their every move. Meet the future: it’s the same as the past.



Sen. Rand Paul: Experience is the best teacher -- But that's not how I want my kids to learn about socialism

What is it about socialism that casts such a spell that people refuse to acknowledge history? Time and time again socialism leads to the impoverishment of nations. Perhaps it is the allure of equality or fairness. Surveys in America alarmingly show about half of today’s youth have a favorable opinion of socialism.

When I was researching my forthcoming book, “The Case Against Socialism,” I was horrified to discover a Gallup poll finding that only 45 percent of young American adults (age 18–29) have a positive view of capitalism, while 51 percent of this same group see socialism positively. These surveys link approval of socialism to a corresponding desire among young Americans to live in a “fair” world. Blasi and Kruse of Rutgers University write that “today’s youth reject capitalism; what they really want is fairness.”

They cite a “2016 Harvard University survey that found that 51 percent of American youth age 18 to 29 no longer support capitalism,” and another 2015 poll by “conservative-leaning Reason-Rupe, [which] found that young adults age 18 to 24 have a slightly more favorable view of socialism than capitalism.”

When asked to explain their answers in the Harvard Study, participants in a focus group reported feeling that “capitalism was unfair and left people out despite their hard work.”

The mantra of fairness is one that is inculcated from a young age. The assumption is that in order for one person to become rich someone else must suffer. Leftists preach that the economy is a zero-sum game where the rich enrich themselves on the backs of the poor, a claim that is revealed to be false when you examine the facts.

The mantra of fairness is one that is inculcated from a young age. The assumption is that in order for one person to become rich someone else must suffer. Leftists preach that the economy is a zero-sum game where the rich enrich themselves on the backs of the poor, a claim that is revealed to be false when you examine the facts.

The great industrialists of the nineteenth century are often tagged as robber barons. Yet as Andrew Carnegie’s wealth grew so did the economy. According to Our World in Data, a group of researchers based at the University of Oxford, poverty declined from over 90 percent of people living in extreme poverty worldwide in 1820 to around 75 percent of people living in extreme poverty in 1910. By the time the industrial revolution was in full swing, wages were rising and the standard of living known previously only to kings was becoming far more accessible.

From the time of Carnegie’s death in 1919 until the present, the number of people living in extreme poverty declined to less than 10 percent.11 As much of the world embraced capitalism in the twentieth century, childhood mortality plummeted from nearly a third of children dying before the age of five to less than 1 percent in wealthy countries and 4.3 percent worldwide.

And still, American youth mistakenly are attracted to socialism.

We must be teaching history in all the wrong ways.

Blasi and Kruse warn us that “the share of the overall population that questions capitalism’s core precepts is around the highest in at least 80 years of polling on the topic.” Gallup, in a 2016 poll, records 55 percent of millennials as favoring socialism. Yet, when millennials say they are for socialism, do they have any idea what socialism is in a historical sense? How many of them are even aware of the famines under Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot? Reason Foundation asked millennials to define socialism and discovered that only 16 percent could identify socialism as government ownership of the means of production.

The only good news about these surveys of young people is that they were overwhelmingly canceled out by the views of older people.

A study published in concluded that although “children start off like Karl Marx, . . . they eventually become more like a member of the International Olympic Committee. The study ‘finds that children’s views on fairness change from egalitarian to merit-based as they grow older.’

The question is—will this next generation follow the path of previous generations? Will today’s youth, when they leave their parents’ basements and begin to earn a living, discover that their success depends on their merit and hard work, or will they succumb like Venezuela to the allure of something for nothing?

The future of our nation depends on the answer.



The desperate idiocy of the modern Left

This is from a few years back but is well worth recalling

Recovering Leftie, Ron Rosenbaum, is appalled at the words of a Leftist film-reviewer:

"Still, if "Road to Perdition" ultimately fails as entertainment, it offers rich material for allegory. Maybe it was because I attended a screening on Sept. 11, but I couldn't help seeing Hanks as an American everyman, a pure-hearted killer who will commit no end of mayhem to ensure a better life for his children. Imagine Willie Loman with a tommy gun, and you'll see what I mean. 'You dirty rats! Attention must be paid.'"

But of course! What a BRILLIANT point he's making in the course of preening his anti-Americanism before his audience of U.K. intellectuals. What does Sept. 11 remind him of? The way AMERICANS are killers. Sept. 11 becomes, in his lovely leap of logic, really about Americans being pure-hearted killers capable of "no end of mayhem," infinite evil deeds. Doesn't EVERYBODY think that way? (Everybody in his little circle, I imagine). Sept. 11 reminds them that Americans are first and foremost murderers, so let's not spend a moment acknowledging that little matter of Sept. 11 being a day on which 3,000 AMERICANS were murdered by the "pure-hearted killers" of Al Qaeda. Who, when not committing mass murder, stone women as punishment, torture gays, crush free thought by executing dissidents. No, THEY get a pass (and the 3,000 become non-persons). Because they hate America.




FACEBOOK LEGAL BLOW: "Facebook on Wednesday was dealt a major blow in the EU's top court, which ruled that national courts in Europe can order online platforms to remove defamatory content worldwide." (Agence France-Presse)

MIGRANT TSUNAMI: More than 500,000 Central Americans illegally enter Mexico in first half of 2019 on their way to the U.S. (The Daily Caller)

FRANCE JIHAD: Paris knife attacker who killed four law-enforcement colleagues converted to Islam 18 months ago (National Review)

NARRATIVE BUSTER: North Carolina energy company finds solar power actually increases pollution (The Federalist)

VEGAS SETTLEMENT: Las Vegas massacre shooting victims, family members to get up to $800 million to settle lawsuits (Fox News)



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How To Help The Poor Without Subsidizing The Rich

If you are a high net worth individual you probably already know about it. A seminar on the subject at Manhattan’s Harvard Club attracted financial advisors to some of Americas richest dynasties – including the Pritzker and Soros families.

A Las Vegas meeting on the subject was organized by former White House aide Anthony Scaramucci and attracted such attendees as Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. It has spurred the Swiss bank UBS to create a fund for its “ultra high net worth” clients – people who have at least $50 million in investable assets.

So, what’s all the excitement about? They are called OZs, or Opportunity Zones. They are the hottest investment opportunity around, and they were created by a mere 8 pages in the 185-page tax reform bill the Republicans passed in 2017.

Today In: Business
In theory, the idea was to provide capital to revitalize the urban areas that President Trump has portrayed as “wastelands, ravaged by crime and homelessness and infested by rats.” In practice, it’s gentrification on a grand scale – as luxury high-rises for the rich replace run-down buildings and other structures.

For example, an OZ project in New Rochelle, N.Y., is financing an upscale apartment building that has a yoga studio, 24-hour valet parking and a spa for residents’ pets. One in New Orleans’ trendy Warehouse District is building a hotel with an opulent restaurant and a roof-top pool.

As explained in a New York Times investigative report (which is the source of most of what I am relating), here is how it works. Investors in an OZ can defer any capital gains taxes for up to 7 years. After 10 years, an investor can cash out and not owe any taxes at all. On paper, an opportunity zone is a census tract where poor people live. But there can be affluent areas within the tract and that’s where the investments can be targeted.

Bottom line: A tax break meant to benefit the poor has become a boon to hedge funds, real estate developers and wealthy investors.

Here is what the tax reform bill might have done instead. Almost 40 years ago, Stuart Butler, then at the Heritage Foundation, proposed Enterprise Zones – a concept first imagined in Margret Thatcher’s Britain. Butler’s idea was to take a depressed area, remove burdensome taxes and regulations and allow laissez-faire capitalism to flourish. Within no time at all, he expected the South Bronx, for example, to look like Hong Kong.

This idea was championed by Jack Kemp, HUD secretary during the George H.W. Bush presidency, and by New York congressman Charlie Rangel. It was partly implemented during the Clinton administration.

But by most measures, the experiment was a failure. The reason? No regulations were actually repealed. What we got instead was increased spending and a few tax breaks – making government a partner in every private decision that was made. We didn’t get less government. We got more government – on top of the government we already had!

That prompted a different approach by my colleagues and me  – one called enterprise programs.

Here is the idea: instead of carving out a geographical area for deregulation, let’s carve out essential services that are needed by low-income families. All too often, burdensome regulations are pricing poor people out of the market for the services they need the most. So why not remove those regulations?

Take transportation. Did you know that low-income families use taxi cabs more than any other income group? The reason: they are less likely to own a car. So, in cities where taxi regulations have done little more than create a transportation cartel, poor people are hurt the most.

Uber and Lyft have made a huge dent in this market – but they are mainly serving the high end of the market. It’s still illegal for me (without a license) to drive a van to a low-income neighborhood in South Dallas, pick up a group of would-be workers, transport them to a job site in North Dallas, and charge each of them a couple of bucks for the ride.

Then there is medical care. Studies show that nurses following computer protocols in MinuteClinics provide care that adheres to best practices as well or better than traditional primary care physicians. Yet in most states, access to this type of high-quality, low-cost care is limited by regulation. That’s why there are virtually no MinuteClinics in rural Texas.

Housing is another example. Local governments often block the use of inexpensive modular homes, limit the number of rental housing units, create minimum lot sizes, and impose cost-increasing amenities such as landscaping requirements. All too often, regulations designed to protect property values in affluent neighborhoods have the unintended consequence of reducing housing construction and availability in non-affluent areas.

Most home-based businesses are started by women and they are a principal way women entrepreneurs become self-supporting. But numerous local regulations stand in the way and day care regulations are among the most severe. Suppose you offered to take care of your neighbors’ children for a modest fee during the day, while their parents are at work. In most cities that would be illegal unless you obtain a license and meet all kinds of burdensome regulations.

The Brookings Institution estimates that almost 30 percent of all the jobs in the country require a government license. Whom does that type of regulation hurt the most? People with less education, lower incomes and fewer resources. It hurts them in two ways. On the supply side, occupational licensing is a barrier to a job. On the demand side, licensing raises the cost of goods and services people buy.

Our idea is to let the middle and upper-middle class keep all the regulations they want. For them, nothing would change.

But low-income families should have access to a free market.



Wise Judge Blocks California Law Targeting Trump

We’re all used to seeing California throw its weight around, but its new law requiring a presidential candidate to provide five years of tax returns to be eligible to appear on a primary ballot is a new low. Now, however, a federal district court judge has blocked the state from enforcing it, at least temporarily.

It’s the right decision. The law is nothing more than a political attack on President Donald Trump, the federal elections process, and the right of free association of citizens and all political parties.

California is weighing its options, but if it chooses to appeal, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court should affirm the district judge’s decision because the law violates the presidential Qualifications Clause and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The Qualifications Clause in Article II, Section 1 sets out the sole requirements to be president of the United States. You must be a “natural born Citizen,” 35 years of age, and a resident “within” the U.S. for 14 years.

The key case on this is U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton (1995). There was a movement across the country in the late 1980s and early 1990s to impose term limits on members of Congress. This political movement ended, however, when the U.S. Supreme Court held in Thornton that an Arkansas law limiting the number of terms that a member of Congress could serve was a violation of the separate Qualifications Clauses that apply to members of Congress.

The Arkansas law provided that once a representative or senator reached the maximum term, he could not have his name “placed on the ballot” — a ballot-access restriction akin to California’s new law.

Arkansas was adding an additional qualification to being a representative or a senator; the court, in a 5-4 opinion written by Justice John Paul Stevens, said that “States lack the power to impose qualifications.” Although the Thornton case dealt with congressional elections, the same constitutional consideration would apply to presidential elections and the presidential Qualifications Clause.

Arkansas also tried to argue that the term limit was not an additional qualification, but simply a ballot-access requirement. But the court disagreed. States can “adopt generally applicable and evenhanded restrictions that protect the integrity and reliability of the electoral process itself.” States have the right to implement rules that are intended to avoid “voter confusion, ballot overcrowding or the presence of frivolous candidacies.”

But what states cannot do is try to disguise additional qualifications as ballot-access requirements.

In another decision in 1983 — this time involving Ohio — the Supreme Court in Anderson v. Celebrezze (also a 5-4 decision written by Stevens) threw out a March filing deadline for a presidential candidate to appear on the November ballot. The deadline placed an unconstitutional burden on the voting and associational rights of supporters of a candidate in violation of the First Amendment.

According to the court, “state-imposed restrictions implicate a uniquely important national interest” since “the President and the Vice President of the United States are the only elected officials who represent all the voters in the Nation.” Thus, “in a Presidential election a State’s enforcement of more stringent ballot access requirements” have “an impact beyond its own borders.”

So states have far less power to regulate presidential elections “than statewide or local elections, because the outcome of the former will be largely determined by voters beyond the State’s boundaries.”

Similarly, in 2001, in Cook v. Gralike, the Supreme Court, this time in a unanimous opinion written by Stevens, said that the authority of states is limited to regulating election procedures. The acceptable regulations are those necessary to impose “some sort of order, rather than chaos” on the “democratic process” as well as to protect the integrity of elections.

The new California law says its purpose is to “provide voters with essential information regarding the candidate’s potential conflicts of interest, business dealings, financial status, and charitable donations” so they can “make a more informed decision.” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in his signing statement that states “have a legal and moral duty to do everything in their power to ensure leaders seeking higher office meet minimal standards, and to restore public confidence.”

The law’s stated purpose reveals that it has nothing to do with regulating the “reliability of the electoral process itself” and ensuring orderly voting procedures. Newsom’s statement about the law imposing “minimal standards” also shows the law isn’t about protecting the voting process — it’s about imposing California’s minimal qualifications on anyone who wants to be president.

California passed a similar bill two years ago. When then-Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bill, he not only acknowledged that it might “not be constitutional,” but he expressed his concern “about the political perils of individual states seeking to regulate presidential elections in this manner.” He called it a “slippery slope.” Tax returns now, but what else might states start to demand he said. Health records? High school report cards? Certified birth certificates?

All of that might depend, as Brown warned, “on which political party is in power” and it could “lead to an ever-escalating set of differing state requirements for presidential candidates.”

Neither California nor any other state has the right to impose additional requirements for presidential candidates, whether they categorize them as “qualifications” or as restrictive ballot-access requirements.

More HERE 


A military mind that most of the world does not understand

Our military men on dire occasions do remarkable things

It was 2003 on the march into Baghdad. Brian Chontosh was a platoon leader rolling up Highway 1 in a humvee.

When all hell broke loose.

Ambush city.

The young Marines were being cut to ribbons. Mortars, machine guns, rocket propelled grenades. And the kid out of Churchville was in charge. It was do or die and it was up to him.

So he moved to the side of his column, looking for a way to lead his men to safety. As he tried to poke a hole through the Iraqi line his humvee came under direct enemy machine gun fire.

It was fish in a barrel and the Marines were the fish.

And Brian Chontosh gave the order to attack. He told his driver to floor the humvee directly at the machine gun emplacement that was firing at them. And he had the guy on top with the .50 cal unload on them.

Within moments there were Iraqis slumped across the machine gun and Chontosh was still advancing, ordering his driver now to take the humvee directly into the Iraqi trench that was attacking his Marines. Over into the battlement the humvee went and out the door Brian Chontosh bailed, carrying an M16 and a Beretta and 228 years of Marine Corps pride.

And he ran down the trench.

With its mortars and riflemen, machineguns and grenadiers.

And he killed them all.

He fought with the M16 until it was out of ammo. Then he fought with the Beretta until it was out of ammo. Then he picked up a dead man’s AK47 and fought with that until it was out of ammo. Then he picked up another dead man’s AK47 and fought with that until it was out of ammo.

At one point he even fired a discarded Iraqi RPG into an enemy cluster, sending attackers flying with its grenade explosion.

When he was done Brian Chontosh had cleared 200 yards of entrenched Iraqis from his platoon’s flank. He had killed more than 20 and wounded at least as many more.

But that’s probably not how he would tell it.

He would probably merely say that his Marines were in trouble, and he got them out of trouble. Hoo-ah, and drive on.

“By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and utmost devotion to duty, 1st Lt. Chontosh reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”

That’s what the Navy Cross citation says.

And that’s what nobody will hear.

That’s what doesn’t seem to be making the evening news. Accounts of American valor are dismissed by the press as propaganda, yet accounts of American difficulties are heralded as objectivity. It makes you wonder if the role of the media is to inform, or to depress – to report or to deride. To tell the truth, or to feed us lies.

But I guess it doesn’t matter.

We’re going to turn out all right.

As long as men like Brian Chontosh wear our uniform.



NO MORE "CATCH AND RELEASE": "The Trump administration will no longer allow migrant families apprehended at the border to enter the U.S. under the immigration policy commonly known as 'catch and release.' The policy change was announced Monday by Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan in remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. ... McAleenan said the end of 'catch and release' is a reaction, in part, to the record number of 144,000 migrants apprehended or encountered at the southern border in May. He said that 72% were unaccompanied children or families." (NPR)

BORDER ENABLERS: "The Marine Corps has charged 13 members with smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S., in addition to a range of other offenses including failure to obey an order, drunkenness, endangerment, larceny, and perjury, according to a statement released Friday. Lance Corporals Byron Law and David Salazar-Quintero were specifically charged with transporting illegal immigrants into the country for financial gain. The two were based in Camp Pendleton, located between San Diego and Los Angeles, Calif. The other marines included in the indictments, some of whom were charged with distributing cocaine and LSD, were not named." (National Review)

PRESS BRIEFINGS INDEFINITELY SHELVED: "White House Press Sec. Stephanie Grisham said Monday that she has no plans on bringing back the daily White House press briefings, saying reporters used them to make themselves famous. 'Ultimately, if the president decides that it's something we should do, we can do that. But right now, he's doing just fine. And to be honest, the briefings had become a lot of theater, and I think that a lot of reporters were doing it to get famous,' Grisham said on Fox & Friends. ... It has been over six months since a press secretary has held a traditional briefing in the White House press briefing room, according to Axios." (The Daily Caller)

NO RESPECT: "In August, a group of Trump supporters led by conservative activist Scott Presler went to West Baltimore for a massive clean-up operation following tweets sent by President Donald Trump highlighting the dire conditions in the area. Keeping to his promises, Presler has since led clean-up efforts in Newark, New Jersey and Virginia Beach, Virginia. And on Saturday, Presler and some 200 volunteers headed to Democrat-run Los Angeles, removing a stunning 50 tons of garbage, according to the activist. ... The impressive feat, however, has gone widely unnoticed by the mainstream media." (The Daily Wire)

NOLA CRIME: One in seven adults in New Orleans has a warrant out for arrest (The Washington Post)


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While Trump Cracked Down on Immigration, a Republican Megadonor Sued for a Special Visa


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As two of the most prolific political donors in the Donald Trump era, billionaires Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein have supported the president’s “America First” agenda. Elizabeth, the president of their shipping supplies company, recently wrote to customers: “Personally, I am an American first. I care about American jobs.”

But when it comes to business, their company has sought special visas for foreign workers — going so far as to sue the government to secure one at the same time federal officials implemented the president’s more stringent immigration policies.

The suit, filed February in federal district court in Illinois, came after the administration rejected the company’s 2018 petition to hire a full-time software engineer from India, court records show. The company sought a type of visa, called an H-1B, that allows foreign workers with special skills to stay in the U.S. for temporary periods.

Uline Inc., a Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, company that competes with Staples, FedEx Office and OfficeMax, regularly seeks temporary work visas reserved for non-U.S. workers, the company said in a statement.

The Uihleins back conservative candidates and groups that have advocated not only for crackdowns on illegal immigration, but also for stemming legal migration to the U.S.

In court testimony last year in an unrelated case in Texas, Richard Uihlein, who is the company’s CEO, was asked if his contributions to a group that supports conservative representatives were meant to aid not just immigration reform but a tougher immigration policy. Uihlein responded: “I would say that’s correct, yep.”

During the 2018 cycle, federal campaign finance records show, Richard Uihlein gave more than $38 million to conservative candidates and groups and his wife, Elizabeth, gave more than $1.5 million. The only individual donor who gave more to support Republicans during the 2018 cycle than Richard Uihlein was Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Richard Uihlein’s recent political donations included $2.5 million to the failed Illinois gubernatorial campaign of Jeanne Ives, who ran an ad featuring an actor wearing a hoodie, his face covered, thanking her opponent for making the state a “sanctuary state for illegal immigrant criminals.” He also gave $100,000 to a super PAC supporting the failed senate campaign of Roy Moore, the Alabama judge who ran for office amid allegations that he’d sexually molested underage girls. Moore, a staunch supporter of aggressive policies to curb immigration, backed legislation that would’ve halved the number of green cards issued in the U.S.

Richard Uihlein made a large donation to a super PAC supporting the senate campaign of Roy Moore, the Alabama judge accused of molesting underage girls. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

In March, the Uihleins gave $500,000 each to America First Action Inc., a pro-Trump super PAC staffed with former administration officials, federal campaign records show. In addition, the couple attended Trump’s inaugural after each contributed $250,000 to his inaugural fund.

The worker on whose behalf the company sued appears to have been caught up in a Trump administration effort to scrutinize applications for H-1B work visas. In April 2017, Trump signed the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order that instructed immigration officials to propose new rules to “protect the interests of United States workers in the administration of our immigration system.”

That effort has been effective. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services denied 14% of H-1B petitions filed on behalf of H-1B holders seeking to continue working in the U.S. through the second quarter of this fiscal year, up from 3% of such petitions in fiscal year 2015, according to an analysis of government data by the National Foundation for American Policy, a nonprofit public policy group.

Lawyers for Uline, which the Uihleins started in 1980, withdrew their lawsuit months after filing it, telling the court that immigration authorities had approved a subsequent visa petition for the worker.

Uline boasts that it’s one of the biggest distributors of shipping, industrial and packing materials in North America. In its visa application, Uline told the government it employs 5,200 workers nationwide and brings in $3.6 billion in gross annual income.

The worker, Abhishek Nimdia, told ProPublica that he enjoyed working at Uline and questioned whether the Uihleins actually support the Trump administration’s tough immigration policies.

“I don’t think they are against immigration in any way, because if they were, why would they support me?” he said in an interview.

In a statement provided by an outside publicist, Uline said that the company’s visa “decisions are made without the visibility of or approval from Liz and Dick Uihlein to support our growing business.” No one from Uline discussed the visas of its current employees on H-1Bs with administration officials, the statement said.

Richard Uihlein said in a statement provided by his executive assistant that he’s always been in favor of legal immigration. “Highly skilled immigrants with H-1B visas help contribute to the growth of both Uline and the US economy as a whole,” he said.

Matthew Bourke, a spokesman for USCIS, said in a statement that the agency “does not consider political affiliations or political connections when adjudicating benefit requests.”

Nimdia’s experience navigating the H-1B visa process during the Trump administration isn’t unique, said Jonathan Wasden, a former government lawyer who specializes in visa cases.

Immigration officials wary of litigation will usually relent once sued over H-1B denials like Nimdia’s — but only deep-pocketed employers can afford to take on the fight, Wasden said. The administration’s enforcement approach is a “ploy to eliminate people and make it as miserable as possible for H-1Bs to stay in the country,” he said.

Nimdia was originally employed by a Uline contractor. Uline sought to hire him as a full-time employee last summer, telling USCIS he’d be working to “design, develop, and implement automated testing and tooling solutions” as a “Quality Assurance Automation Engineer” at a prevailing annual wage of about $71,400, according to a copy of his visa application. The company also sought to sponsor Nimdia’s wife.

USCIS challenged Uline’s assertion that Nimdia’s job was a “specialty occupation,” asking the company for more information because its prior description of his duties was written “in relatively generalized and abstract terms” that didn’t adequately detail his job duties.

Uline responded with more information, but immigration officials again denied the visa, reaffirming their earlier position. That’s when Uline sued.

Nimdia, emphasizing that he wasn’t speaking on behalf of his employer, said the job with Uline was the latest stage in an almost nine-year stint working in the U.S. on temporary visas.

“They hired me as a contractor, liked me very much and they wanted to sponsor me,” he said. “There was a little hurdle. That’s the short story.”


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AgencySpy posted on a London International Awards event for young creatives featuring ex-Droga5 CCO Ted Royer as a speaker. Hey, Royer could have schooled the youngsters on the hazards of sexual harassment. According to AgencySpy, attendees were not too thrilled to see Royer and even took refuge in the restroom to allegedly cower and cry. DDB Global President and CEO Wendy Clark would likely scoff at the whimpering weenies. While AgencySpy didn’t provide details, an accompanying photograph (depicted above) showed Royer with a news image headlining his termination projected behind him. Was the man making light of his own scandal? Gee, such a role model for the kids.

Ousted Droga5 CCO Ted Royer Resurfaces to Give Unannounced Talk at LIA

By Doug Zanger

At a London International Awards (LIA) session for young creatives, Ted Royer, the former CCO of Droga5, was a surprise guest. His inclusion during the LIAisons was, according to posts on Twitter and Fishbowl, met with disbelief.

Per the LIA site, Royer was not listed among several creative leaders, including Ogilvy global CCO, Piyush Pandey, Prettybird co-founder and president Kerstin Emhoff and Mark Tutssel, who recently retired from his role as Leo Burnett’s executive chairman.

LIAisons is an annual program, held by LIA, that gives 100 young creatives between the ages of 21 and 30 a chance to meet and learn from, according to the site, “the creatives they look up to most in the industry.” LIAisons run concurrently with LIA judging in Las Vegas, and airfare and accommodation are provided by the festival.

At issue, according to accounts on social media, was the appropriateness of having Royer, who was fired by Droga5, as a speaker.

One post on Fishbowl noted that attendees were “crying and shaking in the bathroom” and that LIA implied that if people missed any session that they “wouldn’t be reimbursed.”

LIA and attendees have not responded to requests for comment on Royer’s inclusion in the program. We will update the story upon any response.

Royer was dismissed from the agency in Feb. 2018. While the cause of the dismissal was not revealed, a representative at the agency said, at the time, that “We are committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all our employees. We are unable to comment further on personnel matters.” CEO Sarah Thompson also added in an email that Droga5 hired “an independent firm … to assist us with our investigation” when Royer was on leave and encouraged staff members to come forward with “any concerns or complaints.”

Later in the year, it was reported that Royer was hired to help assist DDB for the Omnicom network’s pitch for the global Volkswagen account (ultimately divvied up among WPP in North America, Omnicom in Europe and South America, and Cheil in China). Initially, DDB’s global CEO, Wendy Clark, denied that Royer was hired for the pitch yet, shortly thereafter, stepped down from the Time’s Up Advertising steering committee, acknowledging that she made a “mistake.”

At that time, the committee issued a statement reading, in part, that: “Our mission is to create workplaces that are safe, fair, and dignified for all. Our signatories are accountable to the values of the mission. We hold the women who signed, and their agencies, accountable for a process of change.”

Disclosure: Doug Zanger was a jury president for LIA in 2008 and 2009.


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Financiando los coches eléctricos con coches de combustión: NEVS subasta un SAAB 9-3 a estrenar


Financiando los coches eléctricos con coches de combustión: NEVS subasta un SAAB 9-3 a estrenar

Todavía es posible conseguir un SAAB 9-3 nuevo a estrenar. Es una unidad de 2013 y la subastará la National Electric Vehicle Sweden o NEVS, que compró todo lo que quedaba de SAAB cuando se hundió la compañía en 2012. La recaudación servirá para financiar proyectos de movilidad de cero emisiones.

Concretamente, NEVS destinará la recaudación al programa de becas que tiene NEVS con la West University de Suecia para proyectos de movilidad sostenible. Según explican en NEVS: "La beca se otorgará a personas que realicen esfuerzos significativos para allanar el camino para futuras soluciones de movilidad, que van desde tecnologías de automóviles eléctricos y economías compartidas hasta iniciativas para automóviles autónomos".

SAAB 9-3 fábrica

NEVS, que ha empezado a fabricar coches eléctricos para el mercado chino sobre la base del SAAB 9-3, pondrá a la venta una de las muy pocas unidades “nuevas” que quedan del SAAB 9-3. Se trata de un 9-3 Aero Turbo, equipado con un 2.0 litros turbo de 220 CV y cambio automático, de color plata y que ha estado aparcado desde que salió de la línea de montaje de Tröllhattan.

Estaba destinado a servir para unos crash-tests y fue por tanto apartado del stock de coches para clientes. El coche, desde entonces, prácticamente no ha circulado. El cuentakilómetros apenas indica 40 km.

Uno de los últimos SAAB, un 9-3 Aero Turbo

SAAB dejó de fabricar el 9-3 en 2011 y tenía previsto presentar un nuevo modelo en 2012, pero ese mismo año la empresa se declaró en bancarrota y se puso fin al desarrollo del sustituto del 9-3.

NEVS 9-3 Un NEVS 9-3 eléctrico en el Las Vegas CES de 2017. La filiación con el SAAB 9-3 es evidente.

Aun así, en 2013, cuando NEVS (formada por una serie de inversores chinos) compró SAAB, la producción del 9-3 se reanudó en 2013 (pero ya sin tener la licencia para usar el nombre comercial de SAAB). Finalmente, tan solo 420 unidades salieron de fábrica.

NEVS comenzó recientemente a producir en China un coche eléctrico para el mercado chino, basado en el SAAB 9-3, con una autonomía de 300 km. Actualmente, NEVS es propiedad del gigante chino Evergrande y posee una participación cruzada en Koenigsegg para la producción de un sueprdeportivo en Suecia.

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Event Update For 2019-10-06


The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2019-10-06 - Unknown odor blows through Eugene (Oregon):

Quote: "Officials are investigating the source of a strange scent that drifted through Eugene Sunday morning. According to Eugene Springfield Fire, people began calling in about the smell at around 10:30 a.m. Residents who reached out to KEZI 9 News described the smell as a strongly chemical or petroleum-like."

2019-10-06 - Underground electrical fire breaks out at midnight and causes blackouts in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2019-10-06 - Underground electrical explosion causes blackouts in coastal San Jose (California):

2019-10-06 - Many electric bikes and scooters destroyed by fire in warehouse in Spokane Valley (Washington):

Quote: "Officials in the city of Spokane Valley says hundreds of Lime bikes and scooters were burned in a fire at a warehouse. The Spokane Valley Fire Department says the Sunday night fire likely destroyed the bikes and scooters, which were in the warehouse awaiting maintenance."

Quote: "About 15 percent of Lime's Spokane fleet was charred in a warehouse fire Sunday night."

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, two cars burst into flame on the A9 in Perthshire (Scotland), bus breaks down too:

Quote: "The A9 at Cairnie Brae in Perthshire has been shut northbound due to a vehicle fire. Traffic Scotland are reporting that all northbound lanes will be restricted for up to 30 minutes. This is the second vehicle fire to be reported in Perthshire this afternoon after a car also caught fire about one-mile from the Broxden earlier today. The Broxden fire occurred at a similar time to a broken down bus on the roundabout causing huge tailbacks."

2019-10-06 - Wildfire breaks out and threatens homes west of I-80 in American Canyon (California):

2019-10-06 - Brush fire breaks out near Pacheco Pass in rural far southeastern Santa Clara County (California):

Quote: "The fire was first reported about 4:25 p.m., and may have started as a car fire, to which the California Highway Patrol responded."

2019-10-06 - Diseases like West Nile, EEE and flesh-eating bacteria are flourishing due to climate change:

Note: 'Hey, don't forget us!' said brain-eating amoebas...

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside building, fire spreads to more cars, building destroyed too, in Plainfield (Connecticut):

Quote: "Plainfield Fire Chief Travis Irons told Channel 3 the building is a large storage facility that houses several cars. One of the cars caught on fire, he said. The fire spread to multiple cars and the building. Chief Irons said the building is a total loss."

2019-10-06 - Offshore supply ship 'Isla Ciari' disabled by explosion and fire at 3:45 AM in the Gulf of Mexico north of Ciudad del Carmen (Mexico), 2 injured:

Quote: "Explosion on cargo deck of offshore supply ship ISLA CIARI badly injured two people, understood crew members, at around 0345 LT (UTC -5) Oct 6 in Gulf of Mexico, north of Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. The ship was positioned at AKAL C8 platform side, when explosion occurred, followed by fire. The ship started to drift, understood disabled by explosion and fire."

2019-10-06 - Boat, five vehicles and two homes destroyed by fire on coastal Ono Island (Alabama), nobody there:

Quote: "In all, two homes, five vehicles and a boat were destroyed. Saturday’s fire and two fires in June, one also on Ono Island and a massive fire in Perdido Key which destroyed nearly 20 condominiums had several contributing factors. All were along the coast where strong sea breezes fueled the fires."

2019-10-06 - Boat bursts into flame in coastal Port Charlotte (Florida):

Note: These are the 847th, 848th and 849th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-10-06 - Train locomotive bursts into flame near coastal Lautoka (Fiji Islands), 2 injured:

2019-10-06 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on highway in Adiyaman (Turkey):

Note: This is the 491st bus to burn in 2019...

2019-10-06 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at gas station in Bihar (India):

2019-10-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-65 near Rensselaer (Indiana):

2019-10-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on road near Hayti (Missouri):

2019-10-06 - Tractor bursts into flame while parked inside barn in Bradworthy (Britain):

Quote: "One tractor involved in fire within a barn measuring 20m x 10m."

Note: These are the 1812th, 1813th, 1814th and 1815th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-10-06 - RV bursts into flame at coastal Weirs Beach (New Hampshire):

Note: This is the 349th RV to burn in 2019...

2019-10-06 - Van bursts into flame while parked near Wendy's on Island Highway in coastal Colwood (Canada):

2019-10-06 - SUV bursts into flame on I-91 in coastal New Haven (Connecticut):

2019-10-06 - Police car bursts into flame on Andover Drive in Middletown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A Middletown police car was burnt to a crisp Saturday night. The newer-model Dodge Charger caught fire on Andover Drive at Farleigh Court in the Tareyton Estates neighborhood."

2019-10-06 - Two cars destroyed by fire while parked inside garage at home in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "A fire at an east valley home burned through two vehicles before it was put out on Sunday, officials said."

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside garage at home in Columbia (Missouri):

Quote: "A car caught fire inside the garage, according to the fire marshal on scene. It's not clear what sparked the flames."

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on Colonial Boulevard in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on Coy Smith Highway in coastal Mobile County (Alabama):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on I-93 in Manchester (New Hampshire):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame at 3:18 AM while parked on Waldegrave Close in coastal Weston (Britain), 500 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "It comes just days after a car fire on Ashurst Close in Weston."

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame while parked on St Huberts Road in Great Harwood (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on the M40 near Thame (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame in Leaton (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame at 12:33 AM on Spyvee Street in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Spyvee Street, Hull. Sun 6 Oct 2019 00:33 (No:22449) Motorcar fire. One hose reel and one breathing apparatus in use."

2019-10-06 - Motorcycle bursts into flame on Cotterill in coastal Runcorn (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Vehicles and cottage destroyed by fire at 6 AM at hotel in coastal Cambridge (Maryland):

Quote: "Bunde said there were no injuries and the hotel only sustained damage to the 1,400 square-feet cottage as well as a small number of vehicles parked in the parking lot behind the building."

2019-10-06 - Pony Creek Pub destroyed by fire near Lake Poygan in Tustin (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2019-10-06 - Home damaged by garage fire, garage destroyed, on Elaine Street in coastal Hampton (New Hampshire):

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 2:50 AM on Cantrell Street in Irving (Texas), dog killed:

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire on 15th Street in Niagara Falls (New York), pets killed:

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Watersedge Boulevard in Land O' Lakes (Florida), 1 injured:

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Eugenia Street in coastal Suffolk (Virginia), nobody there:

2019-10-06 - Home destroyed by fire in Cottage Grove (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2019-10-06 - Home destroyed by fire at 5:15 AM on Munger Lane in Forward Township (Pennsylvania), cat killed:

2019-10-06 - Duplex damaged by fire at 3:45 AM on Merrow Street in Manchester (New Hampshire):

2019-10-06 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Ann Street in Easton (Pennsylvania):

2019-10-06 - Deadly fire burns mobile home on Shaw Road in Carrollwood (Florida), 1 killed:

2019-10-06 - Deadly fire burns home at 3 AM on Giles Place in Sterling (Virginia), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2019-10-06 - Deadly fire burns home just before 4 AM on West 5th Avenue in Gary (Indiana), 2 killed:

2019-10-06 - Vacant historic schoolhouse destroyed by fire in Jersey (Georgia):

2019-10-06 - Vacant energy facility burns in Springfield (Ohio):

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, man, 40 to 50, found dead in the water near boats, and person found dead in wash, in/near Lake Havasu (Arizona):

Quote: "On Saturday at 9:15 a.m., the body of a dead man was found floating face-down between two rental boats near Island Inn Hotel at Lake Havasu. The deceased is described as an Asian male, 5’ 6” to 5’ 10” tall, approximately 200 lbs, dark graying hair, who is thought to be between 40-50 years old. He was found with no obvious signs of trauma, and was fully clothed with his shoes on."

Quote: "Later that day, at 1:30 p.m., human remains were found in a wash near a residential area."

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, man, 55, has 'medical episode' and dies while diving, and man dies after being pulled unconscious from the water at beach, on the New South Wales Coast (Australia):

Quote: "A man who died scuba-diving at Catherine Hill Bay on Sunday was among three fatalities inside 72 hours on the NSW coast. The 55-year-old, who was diving with his 16-year-old son south of Catherine Hill Bay jetty, is understood to have suffered a medical episode in the water."

Quote: "Urunga Patrol Captain Garry Howe was the IRB driver and said when they got to the river mouth, there was a crowd on the beach pointing to where the man was floating. He was unconscious and they pulled him into the IRB and commenced CPR."

2019-10-06 - Couple, 34 and 33, die in the water at beach in coastal Zambujeira do Mar (Portugal):

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, college student, man, 20, dies in swimming pool, and college student, woman, drops dead, in coastal Port Elizabeth (South Africa):

Quote: "NMU SA Students Congress regional secretary Athi Sityata confirmed the deaths. 'It all happened in unrelated incidents,' he said. 'In one of them, a male student drowned at about 3.30am in the swimming pool at the Veritas Residence on south campus. In the other, a male student [allegedly] stabbed his roommate at their off-campus residence in Govan Mbeki Avenue. In the last incident, a female student collapsed at the South Point residence, also offcampus in town.'"

2019-10-06 - Man, 56, drops dead after loading boat onto trailer at boat ramp on Lake Orion (Michigan):

Quote: "Another man who had helped him load the boat told police he saw the man collapse."

2019-10-06 - Man found dead in the water at Glass Bottle Beach in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2019-10-06 - Man found dead in Lake Michigan near Rogers Park in Chicago (Illinois):

2019-10-06 - Man found dead in canal in Missouri City (Texas):

2019-10-06 - Man found dead on the banks of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in St. Georges (Delaware):

2019-10-06 - Woman, 38, found dead at 6:41 AM along South Chester Avenue in Bakersfield (California):

2019-10-06 - Man, 87, found dead in irrigation canal near his home in Redding (California):

2019-10-06 - Woman, 28, found dead in ditch along Whispering Pines Lane in Stafford County (Virginia):

2019-10-06 - Woman found dead on Faulkner Lake Road near Sand River Road in Pulaski County (Arkansas):

2019-10-06 - Man, 53, found dead in pond along Siloam Road in Greene Township (Pennsylvania):

2019-10-06 - Man goes hunting, falls out of tree stand and dies, in German Township (Pennsylvania), possible toppler:

2019-10-06 - Man, 60, goes hunting, next seen dead near the Curtis Creek drainage in Baker County (Oregon):

2019-10-06 - Woman, 22, dies while diving on the island of Ko Phi Phi (Thailand):

Quote: "A 22-year-old Israeli woman died in a diving accident on the island of Ko Phi Phi while on vacation with her family in Thailand, the Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday."

2019-10-06 - Runner has 'medical emergency' during half marathon and dies in coastal Cardiff (Britain):

Quote: "A runner has died in hospital following a medical emergency after taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon 2019."

Quote: "The incident is the third death at the Cardiff half marathon in two years. Last year Ben McDonald, 25, from Cardiff, and Dean Fletcher, 32, from Exeter, died after taking part in the race. They both went into cardiac arrest and collapsed after crossing the finishing line within minutes of each other. A coroner’s investigation ruled they had both died from natural causes."

2019-10-06 - Man has 'medical episode' and dies while riding bicycle near Haydon Bridge (Britain), 1450 feet from the River South Tyne:

Quote: "A man died after suffering a 'medical episode' near Haydon Bridge on Saturday."

2019-10-06 - Man, 51, has 'medical incident', U-Haul truck slams into tree, on I-40 in Sequoyah County (Oklahoma), 1 killed:

Quote: "According to an accident report by Oklahoma State Police, a medical incident caused the collision."

2019-10-06 - Woman, 29, has 'medical condition' at 7 AM, SUV crashes into shed, bursts into flame, in Uniondale on coastal Long Island (New York), 1 injured:

Quote: "Police say the female driver suffered a medical condition behind the wheel, causing her to crash into a shed on Nostrand Avenue. The SUV then caught fire. The 29-year-old was taken to the hospital."

2019-10-06 - Small plane crashes in Ambrosetown (Ireland), 2 killed:

2019-10-06 - Small plane makes emergency landing in field in Nchalo (Malawi):

2019-10-06 - Two passenger buses collide head-on near Kwekwe (Zimbabwe), 10 killed, dozens injured:

2019-10-06 - SUV crashes into canal in Middletown (Delaware), 3 killed, 1 missing:

2019-10-06 - SUV veers off road shortly before midnight, crashes into pole, in Arlington (Texas), 1 killed:

2019-10-06 - Two cars collide head-on, on Highway 70 in Ascension Parish (Louisiana), 1 killed, 3 injured:

2019-10-06 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, in Salado (Texas), 1 injured:

2019-10-06 - Unemployment rate drops from 3.7 percent to 3.5 percent:

2019-10-06 - Bear attacks and kills 2 people in Yeruu (Mongolia):

2019-10-06 - Home partially collapses in Greater Noida (India), 1 killed:

2019-10-06 - Man, 30, found unconscious in swimming pool in coastal Clearwater (Florida):

Quote: "Lawn maintenance workers found Darian Welch-Weaver, 30, unresponsive in a pool on Yulee Drive around 5:30 p.m., Clearwater police spokesman Rob Shaw said in a news release."

2019-10-06 - Runner has 'medical emergency' during 10-mile run near Minneapolis (Minnesota):

Quote: "A runner had a medical emergency while running the Twin Cities Marathon Sunday morning."

2019-10-06 - Trump’s border wall endangers Arizona’s wildlife amid drought:

2019-10-06 - Trump administration rejects new protections for iconic Alaska tree:

2019-10-06 - Lightning strike kills 4 family members in Chandpur (Bangladesh):

2019-10-06 - Britain braces for 'coldest winter for 30 years':

Note: There was just an article the other day about how cold fresh water from the ice in Greenland melting is causing the Atlantic Ocean's circulation system to slow down. One sign that that is happening would be colder weather in Europe, since it is that circulation system that transports heat from the Gulf of Mexico across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Much of Europe is at the same latitude as Siberia and it is only that 'conveyor belt' transporting oceanic heat to the area that keeps the climate in Europe as mild as it has been. So the more that circulation system slows down, the colder it will get in Europe, offset to some degree by the overall warming that the planet is experiencing...

2019-10-06 - Meteor seen from Indiana to Pennsylvania:

2019-10-06 - UFO? Lantern? Mysterious light seen on the coast in Lincolnshire (Britain):

2019-10-06 - A full Hunter’s Moon is coming on October 13, here's how to see it:

Note: Here's how to watch a full moon, the short version. Step 1: Look up.

2019-10-06 - Dengue fever cases surge 200% in 2019 in Mexico:

2019-10-06 - Two-headed calf with five legs born in Malaysia:

2019-10-06 - Brain-shrinking fungus that can kill if touched found in Australia:

2019-10-06 - 2,000 atoms exist in two places at once in unprecedented quantum experiment:

Mayor: Manfred warned city of A's to Vegas move

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told Oakland officials that Las Vegas could be a possible relocation site for the A's if the city didn't drop its lawsuit blocking the sale of the Coliseum to the team.

Gareth Davies: Wales scrum-half gives up Las Vegas trip for World Cup fitness

Wales scrum-half Gareth Davies says he gave up a regular post-season trip to Las Vegas to ensure he was fully fit for the World Cup in Japan.

MLB commissioner says Oakland may lose A's franchise over stadium

Commissioner Manfred reportedly mentioned San Jose and Las Vegas as cities where the A's may end up

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