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Suka betul tengok koleksi ZV Beauty ni. Qiss boleh cuba nanti sebab kebetulan Qiss sukakan mekap. Boleh buat koleksi tambahan ni

Comment on Dah cuba BEAUTEA by SAFI. Paling BEST Nina suka . . . . by airah syahirah

aaaa ngam-ngam pencuci muka nak habis lepastu baca post kaknina terus rasa nak try. esok juga cari

Comment on Dah cuba BEAUTEA by SAFI. Paling BEST Nina suka . . . . by Fadzil Ahmad

Wah. Bukan main pencuci muka siap ada perisa mcm air lagi. Haha. Nk cuba jugak la. Perisa tea tu sedap tak ? Khasiat sama je kan semua tu

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Dah cuba.. suka sgt yang green tea sebab dia gel. Bau pun best.. duk pakai dah sehulan memang ok sangat.. sesuai dgnnkulit yang beminyak ni..

Music as Medicine for the Brain

Rande Davis Gedaliah's 2003 diagnosis of Parkinson's was followed by leg spasms, balance problems, difficulty walking, and ultimately a serious fall in the shower. But something remarkable happened when the 60-year-old public speaking coach turned to an oldies station on her shower radio: She could move her leg with ease, her balance improved, and, she couldn't stop dancing. Now, she puts on her iPod and pumps in Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." when she wants to walk quickly; for a slower pace, Queen's "We Are the Champions" does the trick.

Music therapy has been practiced for decades as a way to treat neurological conditions from Parkinson's to Alzheimer's to anxiety and depression. Now, advances in neuroscience and brain imaging are revealing what's actually happening in the brain as patients listen to music or play instruments and why the therapy works. "It's been substantiated only in the last year or two that music therapy can help restore the loss of expressive language in patients with aphasia" following brain injury from stroke, says Oliver Sacks, the noted neurologist and professor at Columbia University, who explored the link between music and the brain in his recent book Musicophilia. Beyond improving movement and speech, he says, music can trigger the release of mood-altering brain chemicals and once-lost memories and emotions.

copy right 020292
Parkinson's and stroke patients benefit, neurologists believe, because the human brain is innately attuned to respond to highly rhythmic music; in fact, says Sacks, our nervous system is unique among mammals in its automatic tendency to go into foot-tapping mode. In Parkinson's patients with bradykinesia, or difficulty initiating movement, it's thought that the music triggers networks of neurons to translate the cadence into organized movement. "We see patients develop something like an auditory timing mechanism," says Concetta Tomaino, cofounder of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function in New York City. "Someone who is frozen can immediately release and begin walking. Or if they have balance problems, they can coordinate their steps to synchronize with the music," improving their gait and stride. Slow rhythms can ease the muscle bursts and jerky motions of Parkinson's patients with involuntary tremors.

Actually playing music, which requires coordinating muscle movements and developing an ear for timing, can also bring dramatic results, says Rick Bausman, a musician and the founder and director of the Martha's Vineyard-based Drum Workshop. The workshop uses traditional drum ensembles, in which groups of participants play percussion pieces, as one form of therapy for patients with a variety of cognitive and physical disabilities, including Parkinson's disease. Bausman teaches participants to play along with traditional Afro-Caribbean beats like the Haitian kongo and Cuban bembe using congas, bongos, and djun-djun drums. "Participants report that their control of physical movement improves after playing the drums, their motion becomes more fluid, they don't shake quite as much, and their tremors seem to calm down," says Bausman.
Indeed, research on the effects of music therapy in Parkinson's patients has found motor control to be better in those who participated in group music sessions—improvisation with pianos, drums, cymbals, and xylophones—than in people who underwent traditional physical therapy. But gains were no longer evident two months after the sessions ended, so the best results require continued therapy. To stay motivated, Tomaino recommends seeking out both therapeutic drumming groups like Bausman's and social dance classes. Patients can also create music libraries for CDs or MP3 players that can be used to facilitate walking.

Because the area of the brain that processes music overlaps with speech networks, neurologists have found that a technique called melodic intonation therapy is effective at retraining patients to speak by transferring existing neuronal pathways or creating new ones. "Even after a stroke that damages the left side of the brain—the center of speech—some patients can still sing complete lyrics to songs," says Tomaino. With repetition, the therapist can begin removing the music, allowing the patient to speak the song lyrics and eventually substitute regular phrases in their place. "As they try to recall words that have a similar contextual meaning to the lyrics, their word retrieval and speech improves," she says.


Exclusive Flora pic! (... link. Exclusive Flora pic LINK. Still exclamation-mark worthy!)

The team behind high-end Mexican restaurants Dona Tomas in Oakland and Tacubaya in Berkeley are close to opening their Uptown Oakland joint, Flora.

I walked past the restaurant last night and spied a small group inside, putting on the finishing touches. It is looking like the casual cocktail cafe we were promised last year, with a definite Raymond Chandler, late 1940s feel.

My cell phone shots are awful, so go check out this picture, taken by one of my companions last night.

El Monumento a los Huelguistas de Hambre de 1981 - La Habana, Cuba

Coincidiendo con la finalización de las huelgas de hambre de 1981 (el 3 de octubre de ese año), queremos recordar un monumento en recuerdo de dichas huelgas, que está en la ciudad de La habana, Cuba.

En el parque Víctor Hugo del barrio de El Vedado de la Habana hay un pequeño monolito de mármol con dos placas. Es el monumento dedicado centralmente a los huelguistas de hambre irlandeses que murieron en huelga en 1981 en protesta por las extremas condiciones carcelarias impuestas por el gobierno de Margaret Thatcher, y que se extiende a ''Todos los hombres y mujeres que lucharon por la independencia de Irlanda''.

El monumento fue inaugurado en 2001, coincidiendo con el 20 aniversario de las huelgas de hambre de 1981 y, a su inauguración oficial, acudió Gerry Adams.

En la placa superior del monumento, junto a una réplica del mitológico héroe Cú Chulainn, se reproduce un discurso de Fidel Castro pronunciado el 18 de septiembre de 1981 ante la 68 Conferencia de la Unión Interparlamentaria. El entonces presidente cubano denostaba al gobierno británico por su cruel accionar al dejar morir de hambre a los huelguistas presos.

"La tozudez, la intransigencia, la crueldad, la insensibilidad ante la comunidad internacional del gobierno británico frente al problema de los patriotas irlandeses en huelga de hambre hasta la muerte, recuerda a Torquemada y la barbarie de la inquisición en plena Edad Media.
¡Tiemblen los tiranos ante hombres que son capaces de morir por sus ideas, tras 60 días de huelga de hambre! al lado de este ejemplo ¿que fueron los tres días de Cristo en el calvario, símbolo durante siglos del sacrificio humano? ¡Es hora de poner fin, mediante la denuncia y la presion de la comunidad mundial, a esa repugnante atrocidad!”.

Fidel Castro 18 agosto 1981
68va. Conferencia de la Unión Interparlamentaria

En la placa inferior están los nombres de los huelguistas fallecidos, los 7 del IRA y los tres del INLA. Con las siguientes leyendas:

"En nombre de los mártires irlandeses y la solidaridad internacional Cuba - Irlanda 1981/2001.

Mártires de la prisión H-Block

Vol. Bobby Sands May 5, 1981
Vol. Francis Hughes May 12, 1981
Vol. Raymond McCreesh May 21, 1981
Vol. Patsy O'Hara May 21, 1981
Vol. Joe McDonnell July 8, 1981
Vol. Martin Hudson July 13, 1981
Vol. Kevin Lynch August 1, 1981
Vol. Kieran Doherty August 2, 1981
Vol. Thomas McElwee August 8, 1981
Vol. Mickey Devine August 20, 1981

''Sacrificaron sus vidas por la libertad de Irlanda. Thug siad a raibh acu do shaoirse na hÉireann”.  [Fuair siad bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann]

En un tiempo llegó a tener una tercera placa, más pequeña, que empezaba citando especialmente a Bobby Sands.

Fotos de:
Irelands Struggle 1969 - The Present Day


Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit: By The Numbers with Stalls 1, 4 and 11 at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall

Fried Chicken and Twister Fries, Le Chon Porchetta and Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Toast. That's just a few more reasons to visit The Grid Food Market at Power Plant Mall...

The third in a series of posts, the best-selling specialties from Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit offer even more tempting options at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall (for more on The Grid Food Market, see my earlier posts, Gochu-Gang, Beefier and Babu: By The Numbers with Stalls 5, 6 and 7 at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall and After Five: Wine, Tapas and Desserts at The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall).

Good food, company and lifestyle converge in one place for a unique dining experience at The Grid Food Market. More than just another food hall, The Grid Food Market raises the bar with its impressive offerings. Once again, here's The Grid Food Market by the numbers this time with Stalls 1, 4 and 11 at Bucky's, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Bun Appetit... 

Stall #1: Bucky's

Simple, uncomplicated yet hearty and satisfying comfort food, that's what the guys at Bucky's do best. From their signature Fried Chicken to their Twister Fries and Soft Serve Ice Cream, Bucky's brings their refreshing take on comfort food to The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall (for more on Bucky's, see my post, #PoblacionHop: A Food and Art Hop at Makati's Poblacion with Hop Inn Makati Avenue on my very first encounter with this cool joint on their previous location in Poblacion).

You just can't say no to crisp fries. Add a whimsical twist and it just gets a whole lot better. Bucky's brings back the fun to fries with its playfully twisted Twister Fries (P 150). The richly seasoned Twister Fries is immediately evident with its vibrant orange hues, becoming even more apparent with that first bite...

Great as is or with ketchup, the Twister Fries by Bucky's pairs well with almost anything at The Grid Food Market. And the generous serving will keep you munching all the way to the last piece, with so much more to go around even when shared in a group.

Rainy afternoons and sudden pasta cravings happen all the time. Bucky's indulges your craving with their classic Baked Ziti (P 350), a comforting pasta dish slathered in a savory meat sauce with the bright and vibrant notes of tomatoes. Midly tart with deep savory flavors, this pasta dish should satisfy any hefty pasta craving. For sure. Other must-try dishes include their Beet Salad (P 300) and Cauliflower Salad (P 300). 

But it's their famous fried chicken that places Bucky's high on my list. The signature Fried Chicken (P 260) is perfectly crisp and juicy, with each bite delivering contrasting textures and a savory richness that lines your palate with everything you love about fried chicken. At first glance, it looks paler than the usual fried chicken but the flavors are there. Seasoned just right, you get to enjoy the clean and delicate notes of fried chicken capped by a lightly crisp outer layer to complete the experience. Pair your Bucky's Fried Chicken with some tasty sides like the Warm Potato Salad (P 80), Mashed Potatoes (P 80) or why not have another round of Twister Fries?

Dip or drape the fried chicken in Bucky's homemade gravy, and take a big bite. When it comes to fried chicken at The Grid Food Market, it's definitely Bucky's. 

No meal at Bucky's is complete without their popular Soft Serve (P 150), available in Milk, Strawberry and Chocolate.

Served with chunks of Bucky's equally popular cookies and drizzled with thick caramel, this Soft Serve rounds out your dining experience on a sweet and high note. And if you still have space, do not pass on the famous Brownies of Bucky's. Just grab a couple on your way out of The Grid Food Market.

Stall #4: Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

it's been earning raves since it opened at The Grid Food Market, and it's easy to see why. Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu serves their inspired take on an all-time favorite, the Le Chon Porchetta (P 350) for an all-in meal guaranteed to satisfy any craving. The impressive platter includes sumptuous side options like Kamote Fries, Banana Cue Chips and Grilled Talong with Baba Ganoush plus three flavorful dipping sauces to choose from like Adobo White Sauce, Labuyo Lime and Muscovado Liver Sauce. It's classic Filipino flavors with a contemporary modern spin. And Happy Ongpauco-Tiu knows traditional local flavors so well (for more on Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, check out my previous post, Pamana: A Legacy of Filipino Cuisine on her restaurant in Quezon City).

The Le Chon Porchetta from Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu presents the traditional roast pork just the way we like it, with tender and juicy pork and that mandatory lightly crisp outer layer of crackling. Served with Le Chon's Original Butter Rice, the fresh and pickled vegetables and a variety of dipping sauces completes the all-star cast for this sumptuously lavish dish.  

The Le Chon Gourmet Manok (P 299) is another flavorful option at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. Grilled to a juicy finish with subtle smoky hints, the delicate notes of the chicken are perfectly complemented by the sides, sauces and fresh and pickled vegetables. Other savory options at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu include the Le Chon Angus Beef Belly (P 495), Le Chon Spicy Tuna (P 385) and Le Chon Pork Sisig (P 320).

At Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, it's all about customizing the perfect meal. Diner can create their very own feast in five simple and easy steps. First, choose your Le Chon (Le Chon Porchetta, Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Le Chon Angus Beef Belly, Le Chon Spicy Tuna and Le Chon Pork Sisig). Second, choose your flavor (Original, Tanglad Butter, Sugarcane Gata and Truffle at Bawang). Third, pick your sides (Kamote Fries, Banana Cue Chips and Grilled Talong with Baba Ganoush). Fourth, select your rice (Le Chon's Original Butter Rice or Sexy Brown Rice). And lastly, choose your sauce (Spicy Labuyo Lime, Adobo White Sauce or Muscovado Liver Sauce). Once you go through these steps, you're on your way to a sumptuous Le Chon feast.  

That day, Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu served up their signature Le Chon Porchetta... for sharing exclusively with our group... with the Le Chon Gourmet Manok, making the dishes look even more impressive. Though these large servings are not on the menu, the regular serving portions are more than enough to satisfy any appetite. It's Filipino flavors reinvented in that elegant style by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu. And you'll find it here only at The Grid Food Market.

Stall #11: Bun Appetit

If you're looking for a lighter, healthier seafood alternative, The Grid Food Market has that covered too. Bun Appetit is another popular stop at The Grid Food Market with their wide array of seafood sandwiches. Using only the freshest and the very best (including Maine Lobster), you can enjoy the clean flavors of the day's freshest catch on a light yet hearty sandwich. The menu at Bun Appetit may seem limited to rolls and sandwiches and a few other items but when you're using premium seafood, you don't need an extensive menu. Take their stunningly simple yet richly flavored Shrimp Avocado Toast (P 695)... elegant open-faced sandwich topped with plump and succulent shrimps and alfalfa sprouts on a crisp toast slathered with fresh and creamy avocado for a refreshing seafood sandwich like no other. The flavors are fresh and clean, uncomplicated yet decadent offering both a variety of contrasting flavors and textures with each bite. The Shrimp Avocado Toast is the perfect way to get acquainted with Bun Appetit's unique culinary offerings. And there's more...

A simple grilled cheese sandwich works all the time but when Bun Appetit adds its own unique twist, it becomes an elevated experience. The Shrimp Grilled Cheese (P 350) combines the fresh and briny sweetness of shrimps with cheese in another masterfully executed sandwich.

Perfectly browned and toasted, the sandwich  offers a light crunch with each bite followed by the creamy indulgence of cheese capped by the fresh snap of shrimps. Just perfect. Bun Appetit also offers two other indulgent seafood versions of the grilled cheese sandwich with the Crab Grilled Cheese (P 450) and Lobster Grilled Cheese (P 650). 

The heaping Crab Roll (P 495, add P 50 for aioli sauce) is another excellent choice at Bun Appetit, with the briny sweetness of crab meat layered with a rich and silky smooth creamy dressing on a buttery soft roll. All the components come together in a seamless blend with one big bite. The fresh yet delicate notes of the crab come through, perfectly finished by the creamy aioli. The rolls used by Bun Appetit have that perfect combination of both texture and flavor for another absolute must-try sandwich. Other seafood options and tasty sides at Bun Appetit include the creamy Clam Chowder (P 220), Garlic Noodles (P 150), Grilled Corn (P 170) and Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese (P 795).

But there's one item at Bun Appetit that made it one of The Grid Food Market's more popular destinations. The indulgent Lobster Roll (P 695, add P 50 for aioli sauce) uses Maine Lobster flown in all the way from the east coast. One look at the roll reveals the clean shape of the lobster claws. No, you won't find the local spicy lobster on this roll. This one's legit. And only the real Maine Lobster will do, nothing less.

The claws are delicately soft yet firm to the bite, a sure sign of freshness. A burst of briny notes accompanies each bite, mellowed out by the natural sweetness of the lobster and perfectly finished by the creamy dressing. It's indulgent, different and special. The prices at Bun Appetit are noticeably higher than most stalls at The Grid Food Market, then again, the freshest seafood don't come cheap. And when you're using Maine Lobster for your Lobster Roll, you can expect these price points. Then again, the pricing at Bun Appetit isn't too way off the park. Think of it as an affordable luxury you can indulge in. Besides, you deserve a treat once in a while, right?  Indulging in Maine Lobster is an experience in itself. And Bun Appetit lets you enjoy this decadent delicacy The Grid Food Market.

Fried Chicken and Twister Fries, Le Chon Porchetta and Le Chon Gourmet Manok, Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Avocado Toast. It's another tempting equation by the numbers. You'll find all these and at The Grid Food Market.

The Grid Food Market is located at the R2 Level Expansion Wing, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati or call 759-4605 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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Carter, David O. (2005) Forensic taphonomy: processes associated with cadaver decomposition in soil. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

A series of laboratory and field incubations were carried out where juvenile rat (Rattus rattus) cadavers were buried in three soils of contrasting texture from tropical savanna ecosystems in Queensland, Australia. This work was done in order to develop an understanding of the effect of environmental variables (temperature, moisture), the soil in which a cadaver is buried and the nature of the cadaver on the processes associated with cadaver decomposition in soil. A pattern of mass loss comprised of an “Early Phase” of slow mass loss, “Intermediate Phase” of rapid mass loss and a “Late Phase” of slow mass loss. Early Phase decomposition coincided with an initial increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) evolution, microbial biomass carbon (Cmic), phosphodiesterase activity, protease activity and soil pH. Microbial activity was triggered within 24 hours of cadaver burial and this initial flush of activity was likely due to both soil-borne and cadaveric microbes. Intermediate Phase decomposition was typically associated with peak levels of CO2 evolution, Cmic, phosphodiesterase activity and soil pH. Late Phase decomposition typically coincided with a slowing down of process rates. In some cases, however, peak levels of protease activity were observed during late phase decomposition. The rate of cadaver decomposition increased with an increase in temperature and moisture. However, the rate of cadaver decomposition was slowed at a matric potential of –0.3 megapascals (MPa) in coarse-textured soil and a matric potential of –0.01 MPa in fine-textured soil. Temperature and moisture also had similar effects on CO2 evolution, Cmic, protease activity, phosphodiesterase activity and soil pH. In addition, the soil matrix and the soil microbial biomass had a significant effect on cadaver decomposition. The rate of cadaver decomposition following burial in soil was greater than when a cadaver was exposed to a sterile, soil-free environment. Furthermore, cadaver decomposition was greatest in sandy soil. These phenomena were likely due to a greater rate of gas diffusion associated with sandy soil and the activity of aerobic microorganisms. The activity of aerobic decomposers was reflected as a significant relationship between CO2 evolution and cadaver mass loss. The structure of the soil microbial community determined by analysis of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs) was affected by the presence of a cadaver. However, soil type and seasonal variation in temperature and moisture had a much greater effect on the soil microbial community. In addition, the current study provided more evidence to show that the structure of the soil microbial community can be related to the function (protease, phosphodiesterase activity) of the soil microbial community. Furthermore, temporal changes in the microbial community of gravesoils were also observed. Te results from the laboratory incubations were used to interpret the results from the field incubations. However, some results differed between laboratory and field settings. The rate of cadaver mass loss was greater in a field setting. Also, cadaver decomposition was greatest in sandy soil in the laboratory while cadaver mass loss was greatest in clay soil in the field. Moreover, changes in soil pH and the concentration of ammonium were less in a field setting. The current thesis has demonstrated that the introduction of a cadaver into the soil can have a significant effect on the biological and chemical characteristics of soils. In turn, this phenomenon can be affected by environmental variables, the soil in which a cadaver is placed and the nature of the cadaver. Biological and chemical measurements conducted in the current study hold potential for forensic applications, including markers of clandestine graves and a basis for the estimation of postmortem and postburial intervals.

Claudio Fucks Santi

thumbHot and hung Cuban top Claudio Medina bareback fucks Colombian muscle bottom Santi Konnor!


Egypt Matchmaking App Harmonica Is a Catch for Match Group

THE ARAB WEEKLY - Oct 6 - Match Group has announced the acquisition of the Egyptian emerging matchmaking application Harmonica. Harmonica relies on an AI engine to determine compatibility among users to help them find relationships. Before being launched in November 2017, Harmonica joined a 4-month programme of a regional early-stage investor and accelerator, Flat6Labs, during which it received financial, legal and technical support, as well as access to the Flat6Labs' network of partners and investors. By the end of the programme, the application had attracted ~5K users, a figure that would increase 700% in the following weeks. Following its stage at Flat6Labs, Harmonica entered the early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator 500 Startups, where it raised $150K. The start-up was selected by the Egyptian Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (TIEC) to join its incubator Start IT, which grants a similar package to that of Flat6Labs but for a more advanced stage. by Marc Espanol See full article at The Arab Weekly See all posts on Match Group See all posts on Harmonica

Scientists Find What Caused ‘Havana Syndrome’ That Affected Diplomats in Cuba – It Wasn’t Sonic Weapons


Man In Doorway

Ben-Gurion University professor Alon Friedman will discuss groundbreaking research at Breaking the Barriers of Brain Science Symposium on October 27, 2019, in New York City....

The post Scientists Find What Caused ‘Havana Syndrome’ That Affected Diplomats in Cuba – It Wasn’t Sonic Weapons appeared first on SciTechDaily.


Kadir López: Lighting up Havana

As Cuba’s capital city Havana celebrates its 500th birthday, one artist has been making it his mission to recreate the famous neon signs that used to adorn buildings and light up the streets and squares. Kadir López has had his multimedia work exhibited worldwide, but over the past few years he has been driven by a passion for neon and the concept of connecting Havana’s present with its colourful past. He and his small team of skilled craftspeople remake the signs in a workshop in the centre of Havana, often in searing heat and soaring temperatures. There are specialist procedures needed for the bending of the neon and the colouring and design. Then the signs have to be carefully re-positioned on buildings, using scaffolding and cranes. Julia Galiano-Rios watches Kadir as he brings the signs to life and hears how the use of neon can throw new light – both physical and spiritual – on a city.

Flyover Podcast Festival | October 11 | Bloomington, IN


Flyover Podcast Festival

I’m excited to be sharing my experience in podcasting with other industry leaders coming up on the 11th of October at The Mill in Bloomington, Indiana at the Flyover Podcast Festival! I hope you can join us! The Flyover Podcast Festival is where the Midwest podcast scene connects and thrives. Experienced and aspiring podcasters alike enjoy a jam-packed day of creative, technical, and business-savvy podcasting innovation at The Mill coworking and incubator space in Bloomington,

The post Flyover Podcast Festival | October 11 | Bloomington, IN appeared first on Martech Zone.


Angel Bat Dawid - The Oracle (International Anthem, 2019) ****


By Lee Rice Epstein

Independent record company International Anthem has become an incubator for philosophical, political, and visionary creative artists like Ben LaMar Gay, Makaya McCraven, Jaimie Branch, and the Irreversible Entanglements collective of Keir Neuringer, Moor Mother, Luke Stewart, Aquiles Navarro and Tcheser Holmes. Each has approached universalism from a different perspective and tuned their thrilling music to an often biting frequency. Add to that list Angel Bat Dawid. As a fairly recent convert from 9–5 clock-puncher to full-time artist (as detailed in a fantastic Chicago Reader feature by Leor Gali l ), it hasn’t taken long for her reputation to grow: In addition to her own groups, Dawid has performed with LaMar Gay, Branch, Matthew Lux, and Roscoe Mitchell. For her debut, The Oracle, she took a Mitchell-esque approach towards performance that stretches beyond a simple solo album and presents a holistic concept of Dawid as a singular artist.

On “What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black? (Dr. Margaret Burroughs),” Dawid sings lines from Burroughs’s essential 1963 poem, "What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black? (Reflections of an African-American Mother)."A decade later, Burroughs revisited the poem with a look at the violence of capitalism, oppression, and faith. "What Shall We Tell Out Children? An Addenda, 1973," features something of a guiding principle for Dawid’s music (and, perhaps, International Anthem as a whole):

We shall tell them
​To keep the belief that the purpose of life
Is to continue to grow and create
And to contribute to growth and create
And to contribute to growth and
Creativity toward a better life
For people now and for generations to come

Throughout The Oracle, Dawid circles back to themes of growth and creation. Tasking herself with performing, recording, and mixing, Dawid began many of these as sketches for her main group, Tha Brotherhood. Recording at Radcliffe Hunter mansion and in London and Cape Town, Dawid’s songs communicate musical ideas, as well as states of time and place. Both “Capetown” and “London” catch her in improvisatory contexts, capturing the state of a mind in transit. On “Capetown,” Dawid is joined by drummer Asher Simiso Gamedze, and their duet is lengthy and relaxed. The shining center of the album, “We Are Starzz,” is an incredible melange of voice and clarinet, expertly intertwined and luminescent. The Oracle runs the gamut from cosmic to brittle, but it’s Dawid’s sincerity and dynamic performance that make it so memorable.


Olu Oguibe – CUBA PROJECT – Galleria Giampaolo Abbondio – Milano


Olu Oguibe CUBA PROJECT Galleria Giampaolo Abbondio Milano vernissage 8 ottobre ore 18.30 “Il recente lavoro di Olu Oguibe a Cuba esemplifica il suo approccio e il rispetto per le persone. L’artista ha lavorato con materiali semplici, prodotti di scarto di un processo di produzione ad alto impiego di manodopera, e li ha riconfigurati in […]

L'articolo Olu Oguibe – CUBA PROJECT – Galleria Giampaolo Abbondio – Milano sembra essere il primo su MeloBox.


Jump Into The Freakiest Dive Site In Mexico

The Dos Ojos Cenote is a part of one of the world's largest underwater systems and makes for a surreal scuba diving adventure.

Cambio De Tercio

Cambio De Tercio is seen by many to be one of the best Spanish restaurants in London and after seeing my fellow bloggers rave on about a couple of dishes I pushed this to the top of my to do list with a leisurely Saturday lunch.

Although I believe tasting menus are available in the evenings, at the weekend lunch a choice of a la carte or weekend lunch menus were available. We went for a couple of tapas dishes and a main course, and could mix and match from a selection of traditional tapas, chefs special dishes and main courses. The chefs dishes and mains show influence from modern Spanish cookery and the latest in food wizardry. We started with some bread, a basket of somewhat uninspiring rolls, but these came with the type of olive oil that reminds you that you aren't making enough effort to source olive oil for home, with a bright green colour and incredible fruity, fragrant flavour.

First up, one of the dishes we travelled across London for. Eight hour tomatoes are cooked for the aforementioned 8 hours in oloroso sherry and served with basil caviar and goats cheese. The tomatoes were stunning, textured almost liked figs, sweet, moist, packed full of flavour and well matched with the heady basil and tangy cheese. This is the type of dish that justifies why I go out hunting for good meals, I've never had anything like it before and I know this will be one of the vegetable dishes that I use to benchmark future meals. My wife pronounced this as one of the best things she has had, that is, until the next tapas dish came out.

The "New" Patatas Bravas are Cambio De Tercios take on patatas bravas and are basically, crispy potato cylinders filled with spicy tomato sauce and aioli but are so perfectly balanced, and each element so perfectly cooked that they resemble manna from heaven, a mouthful of pleasure eliciting a chuckle of joy and a smile.  Very little could top those tomatoes, but these were a strong competition.

I nabbed a couple of the incredible potatoes but also had a dish of my own, cuttlefish meatballs in squid ink sauce. Four generous size balls covered in a black sauce that defied my phone cameras ability to balance light, with a single tentacle and some pumpkin puree. The cuttlefish and squid ink came through really well, with huge depth of flavour that matched the gorgeous smell of the dish as it was presented. I might have liked a touch more puree as it really added a lovely touch of sweetness and extra dimension.

The mains continued with the quality, my main, an oxtail dish presented a new way of enjoying one of my regular Sunday casseroles, oxtail in red wine. This dish just took the humble cut to stratospheric height with a sweet, sticky, unctuous sauce packed full of flavour, like they had an entire bottle of wine distilled into each bite. With this, a fruit I've not even thought would go with beef, with an apple sauce and tangy, crunchy chips of green apple providing much needed balance to the fatty richness of the oxtail. The other element really stood out too, whilst I've had foams galore, the lemon thyme "air" was unusual in having a really strong, also perfumed herbal flavour and stayed a stiff and airy foam right until the last bites of the meat. I used it like a three dimensional dip, just coating the meat in thin layer of foam. The side of mash wasn't what I expected, textured almost like a thick sauce than mash, but utterly delicious and a lovely foil to the other elements on the plate.

My wife had an excellent bombas rice casserole, a rice dish using a rarer version of the Spanish rice varieties. This dish was not quite as wet as risotto and somewhat like a paella and came with some very well cooked vegetables, including enoki mushroom's that my wife isnt normally too keen on, but were polished off rather quickly due to being so fine.

Desserts were equally as good, my wife's white chocolate ganache, passion fruit, pistachios, and ginger ice cream a great combination, whilst I had a dessert that showed some real technical brilliance, a frozen mojito inside a blown caramel ball, resting on a bed of rum jelly. I really enjoyed this fun dish, where you had to smash the ball and mix everything in the bowl up to experience all the mojito flavours, and was a delicious as it was clever and hard to make. Top marks to the kitchen for this.

We finished with some petit four and coffee, the bill coming to £157, below what I would normally pay for food of this quality, and indeed, quantity. We left happy and sated and it reignited my passion for dining out. I see why Cambio De Tercio is so popular, and why its nearby sister restaurants and bars have a good reputation, and I can only recommend you give it a try, if only just to eat some tomatoes and potatoes.

8 hour tomatoes.

"New" patatas bravas.

Cuttlefish meatballs in squid ink sauce.

Oxtail. Apple.

Olive oil mash.

Bombas rice casserole and vegetables.

White chocolate ganache.

Crispy Cuban mojito in blown caramel ball before,

and after.

Petit four.

Cambio De Tercio

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Square Meal

Amiri Bandana Buckle Boot

Often the accessories and accents are the key to great style as they take an everyday item to the next level. The Amiri Bandana Buckle Boot is a prime example of what true point of difference is.   This Jodhpur boot features a vintage bandanna strap and an adjustable Cuban link chain across the forefoot.…

Spaceland: Von XCOM inspirierte Sci-Fi-Strategie der Braveland-Macher gestartet

Tortuga Team (Braveland Trilogy) hat das nach eigenen Angaben von XCOM, Laser Squad und Incubation inspirierte Taktik-Rollenspiel Spaceland, das rundenbasierte Oldschool-Strategie mit rasanten Gefechten kombinieren soll, am 30. September 2019 für PC veröffentlicht. Auf Steam werden aktuell noch zehn Prozent Launch-Rabatt auf den regulären Verkaufspreis gewährt (13,49 Euro statt 14,99 Euro). Die bisherigen Nutzerreviews sind "größtenteils positiv" (derzeit sind 77 Prozent von 108 Reviews positiv).

In der Spielbeschreibung heißt es: "Erlebe ein rundenbasiertes Taktik-Abenteuer. Führe dein Space Rangers-Team, finde die Geheimnisse eines unbekannten Planeten, besiege außerirdische Monster, erlebe die Geschichte und verbessere deine Helden durch neue Waffen und futuristische Ausrüstung."

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SG553: How Native Plants Bring Nature Home with Peggy Anne Montgomery


Peggy Anne is a passionate plantswoman with more than 30 years of experience. Peggy Anne went from studying and practicing landscape design in the Netherlands to working for reputable garden powerhouses like Bailey Nurseries and the Mount Cuba Center where she cultivated her passion for native plants. Today, Peggy Anne is the Brand Manager at American Beauties Native Plants and she’s leading the charge for bringing nature home in gardens across America by encouraging the use of native plants. A fellow Minnesotan, Peggy Anne gave a fantastic talk about native plants at the evening reception on Day 2 of the Garden Bloggers Fling and I knew within the first five minutes that I had to get her on the show for a repeat performance.

Author information

Jennifer Ebeling

Jennifer Ebeling is a proud Minnesotan and U of MN alumni. Gooooooo Gophers!

Each week, Jennifer produces and hosts Still Growing - a gardening podcast dedicated to helping you and your garden grow. The show is an in-depth interview format. Guests featured on the show share a passion for gardening and include authors, bloggers, professional gardeners, etc. Listeners and guests of the show can join the Still Growing community on Facebook. It's a place to ask questions, share garden stories, interact with great guests featured on the show, and continue to grow and learn. Jennifer and her husband Philip have four children, a big golden lab named Sonny, and live in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota.

P.S. When she's not teaching her four kids a new card game - or teaching them how to drive a car - Jennifer loves inspiring individuals and groups to maximize and personalize their home & garden.

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Mónika Mesa - La Suerte Es Loca (2019) (Edición Promocional)


Mónika Mesa (La Dama de Cuba) nace en Marianao, La Habana, Cuba. Desde muy joven comienza a estudiar arte dramático y canto. Ha formado parte de varias de las más prestigiosas orquestas cubanas como son, Anacaona, Las Chicas Del Sol, PG, Azúcar Negra, NG La Banda entre otras, con las agrupaciones antes mencionadas ha realizado giras nacionales e internacionales visitando más de 50 países, en distintos escenarios del mundo ha compartido escenario con artistas de la talla de Oscar d’ León, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Aventura, Víctor Manuel, Andy Montañez entre otros, siendo invitada por varios de ellos a cantar en sus conciertos. Ha participado en la grabación de varios discos en Cuba y Europa con diferentes artistas cubanos como son: Pupy y Los Que Son Son, NG La Banda, Azucar Negra, PG , entre otros.
Desde hace unos años Mónika decide emprender su camino en solitario y forma su propia agrupación llamada "La Máquina Perfecta" contando con la dirección musical de Joel Dominguez, ex director musical de Issac Delgado, Manolin El Médico de la Salsa, etc...Con su orquesta ya ha realizado dos giras de verano por varios de los principales festivales europeos, también recientemente ha realizado giras por diversos países de latinoamérica entre los que destacan Venezuela, Panamá y Colombia, se encuentra en su tercera gira europea. Mónika y su Máquina Perfecta es sin duda una nueva propuesta musical donde 12 músicos sobre el escenario se entregan con calidad, estilo y conciencia musical a acompañar el nuevo camino de esta joven estrella de la música en cuba._(facebook)

La disquera  Bis Music presentó el más reciente trabajo discográfico de Mónica Mesa  y la Maquina Perfecta , titulado “La suerte es loca”, el disco fue Producido  por Joel Domínguez, autor de la mayoría de los catorce números que  conteniente el disco. Este cd de Mónika Mesa se caracteriza por la variedad de géneros de la música cubana que ofrece.
Mónika Mesa declaró sentirse agradecida con todos los que apoyaron la realización del disco “que tiene de todo, para escuchar, bailar y sentir la buena música cubana”. El disco fue pasado recientemente en el Salón Sierra Maestra del Hotel Tryp Habana Libre
Joel Domínguez resaltó la variedad musical del fonograma, que surgió ante varios proyectos discográficos concebidos a la cantante en diferentes géneros pero que podrían demorar su salida al público. “Valoramos hacer un disco que incluyera diversos géneros y a su vez mostrara la versatilidad de Mónika”, declaró Yoel.
Por su parte la disquera Bis Music informó detalles de toda la estrategia promocional del fonograma, que incluye, además de esta presentación, su despliegue en las plataformas digitales y redes sociales, estrategia de comercialización y promoción que poco a poco va ganando fuerza en esta importante entidad musical cubana.

En la ceremonia Mónika Mesa y su banda Máquina Perfecta ofrecieron cuatro canciones del disco, la que da título al fonograma “La suerte es loca”, el tema dedicado a su municipio natal “Mi Marianao”, la sentida balada “Todo no es lo que parece” y “El Tumbao” que propició un excelente momento para la improvisación donde Joel Domínguez dedicó textos a varios invitados. Todos los temas con una excelencia interpretativa, tanto en lo musical como en lo vocal, que los presentes echaron un pie al compás de Mónika._(salsaytimba)

Mónika Mesa - La Suerte Es Loca (2019) (Edición Promocional)

01. La Suerte Es Loca / Gilbert Ferrán
02. El Tumbao / Joel Dominguez
03. Tengo Ganas de Ti / Miguel Gallardo
04. Soy Tan Felíz / Antonio Quintero, Rafael De León y Manuel Quiroga
05. Pena Penita Pena / Antonio Quintero, Rafael De León y Manuel Quiroga 
06. Mi Marianao / Joel Dominguez 
07. SMS / Joel Dominguez 
08. Como Yo Me Pongo / Joel Dominguez 
09. La Lara Lara / Joel Dominguez 
10. Todo No Es Lo Que Parece / Joel Dominguez 
11. Tu Pierdes Más Que Yo / Joel Dominguez 
12. El Que Sabe, Sabe / Joel Dominguez 
13. A Mis Padres / Joel Dominguez 
14. Somos la Clave (Bonus Track) / Joel Dominguez 

Mónika Mesa (Voz)
Joel Dornínguez (Pianos, bajos, teclados, programaciones y coros)
Jorge Ernesto Ortega (trombón)
Marlon Bello (Trombones 2 y 3 y solos de trombón) 
Eloy David (Drums, timbal. Congas, bongó y misceláneas) 
Héctor Ferrán (guitarras)
Tomás Ramos (El Panga)
Erika Rivera, Alejandro López (Coros)
Yuri Nogueira (Percusión "El Que Sabe, Sabe")
Jorge Roque Martínez, (Sax y flauta "El Que Sabe, Sabe") 
Mirón "Bosnia" (Trompeta "El Que Sabe, Sabe") 
Julio Montavo (Trombón "El Que Sabe, Sabe") 
María Carla Llera y las cuerdas de la Camerata Romeu (Cuerdas en "Soy Tan Felíz" y "Todo No Es Lo Que Parece) 

Este disco trae 14 ternas con varios artistas invitados, corno: Alexander Abreu, Waldo Mendosa, LosYakis, Mayito Rivera, Pedrito Calvo y Eddy Mesa, Paulito Fg.
Tania Pantoja, Ricardo Arnaray entre Otros.También el disco trae 2 rumbas flamencas fusionadas con la música cubana 

"Tumbao", "Mandinga" Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club - Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz (2014)


La Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® surgió tras el aclamado proyecto de 1997 ganador de un Grammy, Buena Vista Social Club® y, a día de hoy, su formación sigue incluyendo a varios de los artistas originales que figuran en la histórica grabación y película. Este fue sólo un punto de partida de un extraordinario viaje, en el que a lo largo de su trayectoria se han editado exitosos proyectos, han obtenido varios premios Grammy y ofrecido un calendario repleto de conciertos donde en muchos casos se contó con la participación en directo de artistas como Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González, Cachaíto López, Manuel Galbán, Anga Díaz y Roberto Fonseca. El Adiós Tour es una síntesis de más de mil conciertos que han involucrado a más de cuarenta músicos en los últimos diecisiete años. Durante este tiempo el grupo se ha convertido en una personalizada, dinámica y multi-generacional big band, donde los veteranos y los más jóvenes se han unido para celebrar con elegancia la tradición musical cubana. Bajo la dirección musical de Jesús “Aguaje” Ramos (líder de la banda y trombonista), la formación de Adiós Tour cuenta con varios músicos que participaron en el disco y en la película Buena Vista Social Club®, y que incluyen a Eliades Ochoa (voz y guitarra, también conocido como el Johnny Cash cubano), Omara Portuondo (voz), al maestro Guajiro Mirabal (trompeta), y al virtuoso Barbarito Torres (laúd).
 Acompañándoles en el escenario están algunos de los músicos que a lo largo de los años se han unido al proyecto como el veterano maestro del tres Papi Oviedo; el virtuoso pianista Rolando Luna; una excelente sección rítmica compuesta por Pedro Pablo (contrabajo), Andrés Coyao (congas), Filiberto Sánchez (timbales) y Alberto “La Noche” (bongos); un conjunto de trompetas de tres hombres liderado por la alta nota especialista de Luis Alemany; y el célebre sonero Carlos Calunga. La Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® viaja del son a las guajiras, pasando por danzones, boleros, cha-cha-chá, y rumbas, y ofrece además de sus grandes clásicos, una nueva remesa de canciones inéditas y versiones de temas populares cubanos. El repertorio es un fiel reflejo del pasado y presente de la experiencia Buena Vista Social Club®, con homenajes a muchos de los grandes músicos que han contribuido de un modo muy singular a la historia de la banda.

Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos - trombón, voz y dirección musical
Papi Oviedo - tres
Guajiro Mirabal - trumpeta
Luis Alemany - trumpeta
Barbarito Torres - laud
Idania Valdés - vocal y percusión menor
Carlos Calunga - vocal
Rolando Luna - piano
Pedro Pablo - contrabajo
Andrés Coyao - congas
Filiberto Sanchez - timbales
Alberto "La Noche" - bongos
con Chucho Valdés - piano

19 de julio de 2014, 38 Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz / Centro Deportivo Mendizorrotza de Vitoria-Gasteiz

Soy cubana refugiada aca en Uruguay Montevideo - por: Machy

Hola soy cubana refugiada aca en Uruguay...

10/04 Links Pt1: The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel; Meet the Palestinian Villagers Living Out the American Dream; Arab citizens of Israel undergo quiet revolution

From Ian:

Seth Frantzman: Israel appears strong, but there are risks ahead
BUT ISRAEL has some issues on the horizon that, if they would come together at the wrong time, would be a perfect storm. Among these is the increasing hostility of Turkey. Ankara has become more nationalist and religious-nationalist, a toxic mix. It is flexing its muscles, taking over swaths of northern Syria and seeking to keep on track to totally remove the Americans from the region. That would be a setback for the US – and setbacks for the US also impact Israel. Turkey is buying the S-400, not in itself a problem for Israel. Ostensibly, both Ankara and Jerusalem have an interesting relationship with Moscow today, borne of Russia’s increased role in the region, particularly in Syria.

Russia’s role in Turkey is strategic and also related to energy and Syria. This can impact Israel in a complex way. Turkey’s current government is seeking to take up the mantle of being the main opposition to Israel in the region. It bashes Israel over Jerusalem, and its media run hyperbolic stories about Israeli abuses. Turkey is close to the Muslim Brotherhood today and wants to see Hamas have a more prominent role in Ramallah. Yet Israel can deal with Turkey’s anger. The question is whether it can deal with the emerging Turkey-Iran relationship.

Iran has been a challenge for Israel due to a variety of reasons, but lately it is capitalizing on the weakness of its adversaries. That means it is increasingly playing a role in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. That means it is transferring precision missile technology to Hezbollah.

Iran’s IRGC says that it can destroy Israel. It launched an attack on Saudi Arabia on September 14 that has ramifications for Israel. That Riyadh did not respond shows that Israel’s supposed common interests with the Gulf are more problematic than in reality. Saudi Arabia won’t confront Iran. So who will confront Iran? The US? No. The US has signaled it will not. And the next US administration may be more pro-Iran than this one. That could give Tehran what it wants in Syria, which means a kind of “land bridge” that ends near the Golan and threatens Israel.

What Israel faces today is potentially two strong adversaries in Turkey and Iran, although they are quite different in how they confront Israel. Turkey uses soft power; Iran uses hard power. But Israel, appearing strong, now faces these challenges in some ways alone. It is not like the 1950s, when Israel was truly alone. Israel has made major inroads in India, China and elsewhere. But the immediate challenges are still there. It is dangerous to be too confident and arrogant today, and it is essential that Jerusalem seek to analyze and deal with these challenges in the long-term because short term planning won’t work. Iran thinks in the long term – and its role in the region is a long-term role.
Jpost Editorial: No Third Election
Against that backdrop, the 22nd Knesset was sworn in on Thursday in Jerusalem. Many are wondering if, like the 21st Knesset, it will also last for less than two months and perhaps become the shortest-lived legislature in Israel’s history.

As the Post’s Lahav Harkov pointed out on Wednesday, there are only eight new members of this Knesset, as well as another nine who are returning from past stints as legislators, which means that 103 members of the 22nd Knesset will be sworn in for the second time this year.

A proud institution, the Knesset is in danger of becoming a laughing stock. But it’s no joke. Israel needs a stable government and a stable Knesset. Every attempt must be made to prevent the newly sworn-in Knesset from becoming the shortest Knesset in Israeli history.

All parties should take the responsibility upon themselves as if they alone are charged with insuring that a third election is not called for. The country has survived some nine months of paralysis, but it’s only a matter of time before the string starts to unravel out of control and the situation begins to do irreparable damage to Israel and its population.

At Thursday’s ceremony, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein led the MKs with “I pledge allegiance to the State of Israel and to faithfully fulfill my mission in the Knesset.” And the newly sworn-in lawmakers responded: “I pledge.”

Let’s hope they take that allegiance and mission seriously and prevent a third election.

Amb. Alan Baker: The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel
European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process Susanna Terstal, writing in the Jerusalem Post on Sep. 21, evidently believes that incessant repetition of the phrase "two-state solution" adds some element of legitimacy and feasibility to the idea. But the two-state solution has never been agreed-upon between Israel and the Palestinians, and does not figure in any of the agreements between them. It is nothing more than an expression of wishful thinking within the UN and the EU.

To the contrary, the Oslo Accords, to which the EU itself is a signatory, clearly leaves the issue of the permanent status of the territories to be decided in negotiations. Thus, whether the outcome will be one, two or three states, or a federation or confederation, remains on the negotiating table. By incessantly plying a two-state solution, the EU is in fact prejudging an agreed negotiating issue.

Suggestions by Israeli leaders to "apply sovereignty" led EU representatives to complain that unilateral modification of the Oslo Accords "undermines the entire agreement" and "dismantles Oslo." One wonders why the EU did not view the recent declarations by the Palestinian leadership canceling the territorial division between areas A, B and C in a similar light. Did this not undermine the accords?

The EU representative also expressed support for a "Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines." Yet the issue of borders is an agreed-upon permanent-status negotiating issue, and her presumption of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines clearly contradicts and prejudges both the Oslo Accords and UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967.

The EU cannot in good faith claim that it does not take sides in the conflict. The EU has not only taken sides, but clearly demonstrates a distinct political bias against Israel in virtually all its positions, policies, statements and dealings regarding the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process.

Iran displays ancient clay tablets, returned by US, from empire that freed Jews
The National Museum of Iran opened on Wednesday an exhibition of around 300 cuneiform clay tablets returned from the United States after a drawn-out legal saga.

The tablets were found at the ruins of Persepolis, capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire (6th – 4th c. BC) in the south of Iran. Cyrus the Great, who ruled during the Achaemenid Empire, is said to have liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity in 539 BCE, allowing them to return home and build the Second Temple.

The works on display belonged to a group of 1,783 clay tablets or tablet fragments returned to Iran by the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

In the 1930s, the university had received on loan around 30,000 tablets or tablet fragments found at Persepolis for research purposes, Iranian media reported.

A large portion of the tablets were returned in three batches between 1948 and 2004 before their restitution was blocked by legal action initiated by American survivors of an attack in Israel in 1997 carried out by the Palestinian Hamas terror group.

Blaming Tehran for supporting the armed group, the plaintiffs demanded the seizure of the tablets and their sale put toward the $71.5 million that Iran was ordered to pay in the case.

The proceedings only ended in February 2018 when a US Supreme Court decision banned the seizure of the works.
Yossi Cohen: The Mossad Spy Chief Who Stole Iran's Secret Nuclear Archives
In March 2018, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen, 58, updated then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo on what the Mossad had found inside Iran's secret nuclear archives that it had stolen from the heart of Tehran in January 2018. Sources close to Cohen told the Jerusalem Post that the information the Mossad seized is "still being used right now" to glean high-quality and valuable intelligence. A map of nuclear sites captured in the operation has yet to be made public. These revelations "even go beyond Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's revelation of the Abadeh nuclear site" earlier this month. Cohen says Pompeo praised the Mossad for redefining "daring and boldness."

Dozens of agents were involved in surveillance missions and the heist itself. Neutralizing any electronic surveillance that could expose them, they spent six hours and 29 minutes nabbing Iran's secret nuclear files, which were kept in 32 safes. They used special torches to slice into these safes. They loaded the vast files onto trucks and used Iranian smugglers to get across the border.

Cohen's view is that relations with Sunni countries in the Gulf are "not as much about personal trust, but about overlapping national interests" - especially when it comes to Iran. For example, while Cohen would be against sharing sensitive Israeli technologies with the Saudis to combat the drone threat from Iran, he would seek to help states in the Gulf combat Iran together in other ways.

Regarding the Palestinians, sources close to Cohen indicate that he does not believe anything will move on the peace process until PA President Mahmoud Abbas leaves office.
FDD: The Israeli–Palestinian Struggle, Continued.
There is no chance of a “peace party” returning to Jerusalem unless Israelis see that Palestinians have unequivocally denounced the past, that the celebrations of those who’ve died killing Israelis are rejected. That is impossible to envision in the near-term: neither Fatah, nor Hamas, nor the Israelis, nor Washington want the Palestinian people voting. All fear the worst—the wrong side winning. Perhaps most perversely, the Israelis are invested in a security status quo with Fatah that likely negates the chance of any Palestinian change, and surely makes Hamas more popular on the West Bank than its tyranny in Gaza has earned. But it’s possible that if there were a free vote among Palestinians the hostility towards Israelis—the fundamental rejection of the legitimacy of a Jewish state—could be the common denominator among Palestinians who otherwise loathe Fatah’s and Hamas’ dictatorships. Palestinians again voting could lead to intense violence, among Palestinians and against Israelis. Nonetheless, Palestinian popular sovereignty is likely the only way out of this cul-de-sac. We have two peoples wanting the same land with national and especially religious narratives that negate the other’s. For even non-practicing Muslims, Moses is a great prophet, trying to lead his people toward the one, true calling—Islam. A Jewish homeland wasn’t in Allah’s message. Yet the unrelenting secularism of Westerners reduces the most compelling stories we have to differences about water rights, East Jerusalem, and security checkpoints.

The basic character of a people and faith can change, but that usually happens after a truly devastating military defeat or a long evolution. The Palestinians haven’t actually seen a society-crushing catastrophe; they have endured foreign, non-Muslim overlords, with all of the indignities, and incompetent, avaricious, ambitious, insouciant, deluded and sometimes brutal native rulers (they, however, get a middling score in hideousness in the modern Middle East).

Since 2002, the Israelis appear to have a consensus: Palestinians cannot be trusted. On the other side, Palestinians seem more conflicted about the Jews, more divided religiously and culturally, more prone to internecine violence today than they were when the Israelis directly ruled all of the West Bank and Gaza.

The continuing decline of America in the Middle East will unavoidably remove certain delusions about what might be possible between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The torpor of the peace process under Obama and Trump is likely the new American standard. If they haven’t already, Palestinians will give up on the idea of Washington’s intercession, of American democracy coercing Israeli democracy into making concessions to unelected Palestinian officials. For the Palestinian people that will, at least, change the rhetoric and excuses of the ruling elite.

America’s retreat may tempt the Israelis to act more hubristically towards the Palestinians, to take land in the West Bank that has no plausible security value. But the most effective check on ugly Israeli actions has always been the internal debate, the tension between the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities in Israel’s messy democracy.

For decades out, it’s hard to see anything better than an unpleasant modus vivendi between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Given that it is the Middle East, however, that isn’t an awful state. Americans always want to believe that honesty is the best policy, that without honesty solutions aren’t possible. We are certainly tardy in applying that principle to the Israeli–Palestinian clash.
The Missile War in Southern Arabia: Lessons for Israel
UAV Warfare
Another hint of the effectiveness of Patriot defense are Houthi/Iranian alliance efforts both to suppress it and evade it. To elucidate this point, we need to refer to another aspect of the Houthi/Iranian war machine in Yemen: UAV warfare. UAVs are one of the main pillars of Iranian military doctrine. Together with other weapon shipments, Iran has been providing the Houthis with numerous types of UAVs, both of the larger types used for armed reconnaissance such as the Shahad 129 (roughly equivalent to Israel’s Hermes 450) and smaller “suicide” UAVs (such as the Ababil, used by Hezbollah in 2006 for attacks deep within Israel, which for the sake of Iranian deniability has been renamed Kasef 2). The Houthi arsenal is augmented by the acquisition of mail order UAVs such as the Chinese “Skywalker” available online from Ali Baba. More remarkable, the Iranians have provided the Houthis with knowhow, production machinery and expertise to set up a UAV industry of their own in their stronghold of Sad’ha in northern Yemen. The Houthi UAV industry is now producing unique designs of long-range machines, some equipped with jet engines, obviously designed in Iran. Beyond the classic UAV roles of reconnaissance and light bombardment, the Houthi/Iranian alliance is using them for direct “suicide” attacks on Patriot batteries. Three incidents of direct attacks on Patriot batteries have been claimed: Two attacks were within Yemen, probably targeting UAE batteries in Mocha and Marib, and one attack on a Patriot battery defending the Saudi border city of Najran, with unknown results.

Even more significantly, the Houthi/Iranian alliance exploits the Patriot’s system limitations in engaging low and slow threats in order to penetrate beneath the Saudi air/missile defense shield. In fact, UAVs are now being used by the Houthi’s as ersatz land attack cruise missiles. With immunity against air and missile defense, and with much better accuracy than ordinary ballistic missiles, UAVs now seem to be the preferred weapons for imaginative and audacious strikes deep within Saudi territory. For example, the civilian airport of the Saudi town of Abha, about 120 km. from the Yemeni border, was attacked by Houthi suicide UAVs no less than three times during the month of June 2019, wounding 28 passengers and airport workers. In August 2019, the Houthis managed to strike the Shaybah oilfield deep within Saudi Arabia, almost 1200 Km from the Houthi stronghold in Sad’ha. The attack was carried out by no less than 10 UAVs and sparked a fire in gas storage tanks. Such a complex attack needs precise coordination and excellent navigation, which demonstrates the proficiency achieved by Iran’s UAV operators. While those strikes did not cause excessive damage – perhaps intentionally so – they were propaganda coups for the Houthis, providing them with solid achievements in the cognitive battlefield.

The fourth lesson for Israel is the growing military role of UAVs both for missile defense suppression and for evasion. UAVs were first used by Hezbollah for reconnaissance over Israel even prior to the 2006 Lebanon war. At the closing stage of that war, four suicide UAVs were launched by Hezbollah against Israeli targets (One suffered a failure and fell near the border, two were intercepted by Israeli jet fighters, and the fourth vanished). In the 2014 Gaza war Hamas tried to attack Tel Aviv with its own UAVs (Two, perhaps three UAVs were shot down by Patriot air defense batteries). This experience is not indicative of the future. The Yemen war demonstrates how UAVs will be employed in future wars in significant numbers to erode Israel’s missile defense capabilities by attacking the Iron Dome, David Sling and Arrow batteries. Hostile UAVs, in conjunction with precision rockets, may well be tasked to damage Israel’s critical infrastructures such as desalination plants. Consequently, Israel needs to integrate air defense capabilities into its missile defense systems, and to provide its critical infrastructures with their own point defenses.

The current civil wars in the Middle East – especially in Syria and in Yemen – resemble the Spanish civil war of the 1930s inasmuch as they are exploited by outside powers to test new doctrines, weapons and tactics in realistic battle conditions. What the Axis powers (and to a lesser extent the USSR) did in Spain during the 1930s is being done today by Iran in Yemen.

It would be advisable for Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the IDF to closely study the civil war in Yemen, particularly its rocket and drone warfare aspects. The weapons and tactics in use in Yemen today will be employed against Israel tomorrow.
Israeli President Tells Papal Diplomat Israel Wants to Share Land with Palestinians
Israel wants to “share the land and find a way to live together” with the Palestinians, President Reuven Rivlin told Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, one of the highest-ranking Vatican diplomats, when they met at the President’s Residence on Thursday night.

Sandri, who is the Prefect of the Congregations for the Oriental Catholic Churches, came with a delegation that included several Franciscan priests, as well as the Papal Nuncio and the Custos of the Holy Land.

He is in the region to mark the 800th anniversary of the Pilgrimage of Peace to the Middle East by St. Francis of Assisi and his dialogue with the Sultan of Egypt.

Rivlin, who has met with Pope Francis and is aware of the efforts being made by the Vatican to bring about a cessation of hostilities in the Middle East in general and between Israel and the Palestinians in particular, told Sandri that he knows how hard the Vatican is working to find a solution to this century-old tragedy.

Knowing that Sandri is also going to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Rivlin asked him to convey his regards, and noted that Abbas had sent New Year greetings to the people of Israel.

Emphasizing the need to build understanding between Israelis and Palestinians, Rivlin was of the opinion that a valuable asset in this regard was the restoration of the baptismal site at Qasr el-Yahud on the Jordan River near Jericho, where Jesus first met John the Baptist.

The restoration project was approved by Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian leadership, said Rivlin, who was personally involved in the process.
Dr. Martin Sherman: Alternative Jordans?
Although the details of the “Deal” are as yet obscure, it would appear the Jordan is slated to play a major role in it—grudgingly or otherwise. Accordingly, the feasibility of the “Deal”—indeed its acceptability—will be dramatically impacted by the nature of the regime east of the Jordan River and its prospective stability (or lack thereof).

After all, although some may hope otherwise, there seems little prospect that any successor regime in Amman will be more favorably disposed toward Israel than the current one.

This takes us back to the crucial strategic importance for Israel of the highlands of Judea-Samaria and the Jordan Valley. As I have been at pains to point out on numerous occasions, not only are these highlands the only topographical barrier between Jordan and the heavily populated coast plain, but any forces—regular or renegade—deployed on them will have complete topographical command and control of virtually all Israel’s airfields (military and civilian, including Ben Gurion, the only international airport), its major ports and naval bases, is principal traffic axes (rail and road), vital infrastructure installations/systems (electrical power, desalination plants and water conveyance), centers of civilian government and military command and 80% of the civilian population and commercial activity.

All of these will be in range of cheap, readily available weapons that have already been used against Israel from areas evacuated by it and transferred to Arab control.

Thus, the rationale of any plan that entails Israeli evacuation of this vital territory will hinge critically on the nature of the regime-type in Jordan, which abuts it from the East.

For whatever other grave detriments their might be in such a plan, it will matter greatly if Jordan is ruled by a government that strives to reign in forces hostile to Israel, or one that is indifferent to their aggressive intent—or worse, is complicit with it.

After all, should the Trump plan entail significant territorial concessions, Israel may well find itself in a situation in which it will have to contend with a huge expanse of hostile territory, stretching from the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv to the border of Iraq—and perhaps beyond.

Accordingly, Israel’s security establishment should indeed draw up plans to deal with prospective alternatives in Jordan—not only how to cope with them once they arise, but to prevent them from arising at all.
Why Israelis should support the Iraqi protesters
Another Arab Spring-like protest movement now seems to be arising, seeking to topple the present Iraqi government. As Israelis, we should support the Iraqi people in their quest for true freedom and democracy.

Mendi Safadi, heads of the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, has noted that if we want to prevent the creation of another Syria, we should call upon the community of nations to intervene as soon as possible to uphold the rights of the protesters, prevent additional bloodshed, and stop the radical Islamists, Iran, and the former Baathists from overtaking the protest movement.

“Today, this Arab Spring has begun to take over Iraq against a government that is corrupt and loyal to Iran,” Safadi said. “These protesters are against the Iranians taking over Iraq. Talks with activists on the ground and the leaders of the protest movement reveal that the people are repulsed by the government, who betrayed their nation by becoming a proxy of Iran. The Iranian takeover of Iraq has gotten the people to revolt, to take to the streets and to demand that Iraq be returned to its rightful owners. They seek freedom and basic human rights that every citizen of this world deserves.”

According to a report from the Internal Commission of Iraq, “The Iraqi government takes instructions from Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qassem Soleimani. Over 700 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot live fire at Iraqi demonstrators. There were demonstrators who were killed including men, women and children. The Iranians even went as far as burning a 2-year-old child in a car with her father. The Iraqi people are calling upon the international community to intervene urgently in order to save the Iraqi people, who have suffered under Iran and political Islam. We demand that all pro-Iranian parties be banished from Iraq and to take away all of Iran’s influence in the country. We seek to hold the regime accountable and to change from a parliamentary system to a republican form of government. We seek that the rights of women be respected, as the number of women in the country is very high. The Iraqi people will stop protesting only once our demands are met.”
Iraq crisis: Protests say anger could boil over Friday after 44 deaths
Protesters in Iraq prepared Friday for bloody clashes with security forces in Iraq after three days of protests that saw the government order live fire against the demonstrators. The protesters are angry. They have tried to block roads to the airport in Baghdad and break into the “Green Zone” where foreign embassies are located. They are shocked that officials have ordered live fire used against them.

The protests began on October 1 in the wake of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi sidelining a popular Counter-Terrorism service commander named Abdul Wahab Al-Saadi. But the real reason for the protests are much larger. They are angry over corruption and wage stagnation and lack of opportunities.

The Prime Minister has closed down internet and sought to isolate cities in Iraq. He gave a speech on Thursday evening and has indicated he could meet the protesters. But there are no clear leaders of the protests. The demonstrators gained some solace when the Shi’ite religious leader Ayatollah Ali Sistani appeared to express sympathy on Friday. Many believed that after prayers on Friday there would be bloody clashes unless the government retrains its tactics. It is not entirely clear which police have been ordered to fire on the protesters, because protesters say they cannot identify them by uniform. Some said it was not the Federal Police but other interior ministry forces. Others claims it was members of Shi’ite militias loyal to Iran, including the Saraya Khorosani unit. But much of this is rumors and has not been confirmed. What is clear is that security forces can be heard in dozens of videos using gunfire. Up to fifty demonstrators may have been killed and thousands injured, including members of the police.

The UN has called on Iraq to have a transparent investigation about the shooting of the demonstrators. “We call on the Iraqi government to allow people to freely exercise their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”
Iran tries to blame Israel and US for Iraqi protests
Iranian media and local sources in Iraq have reported on the protests sweeping the country with increasing concern that the protesters oppose Iranian influence. This concern has now reached the highest levels of Iran’s regime where the narrative that has been concocted is to blame “foreign” hands for the unrest. Under this logic tens of thousands of young men, leaderless and braving the gunfire of security forces, have been sacrificing themselves by the dozens all because of some complex conspiracy.

Iraq’s government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has shut down internet, social media and even made phone calls difficult in areas across Iraq, all to stop the protests. Yet the protests continue. To discredit them an Iranian cleric on Friday claimed the US and Israel are behind the protests. Supposedly it was to “disrupt a major annual Shi’ite Muslim pilgrimage planned to be held in Iraq later this month,” Reuters reported. “The enemy is now determined against the Islamic nation, America and Zionism are targeting the Arabaeen pilgrimage in Iraq, causing trouble,” claimed Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani.

His full Friday sermon, published at Tasnim News in Farsi claims that “America and Zionism are the enemies of God.” He mentions the Houthi rebels in Yemen who “have shown themselves against the miserable Saudi rulers,” and notes that Saudi Arabia’s reputation has been weakened. This is a reference to the September 14 drone and missile attack on Saudi Arabia. He also mentions the US “maximum pressure” sanctions on Iran and says that it has not been successful. “Endurance is the way of the martyrs.” It is in this context he says that the “enemies” are targeting the religious pilgrimages to the holy sites in Karbala, where Shi’ites make pilgrimage. He calls on people to take refuge in the shrine of Imam Hussein.

In Iraq the senior Shi’ite religious leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, lamented the deaths of dozens of protesters and called for an end to the deaths, casualties and destruction. He called on the government to listen to the people’s demands about corruption and other issues.
Russian journalist arrested in Tehran on suspicion of spying for Israel
A Russian journalist has been arrested in Iran on suspicion of spying on the Islamic Republic on behalf of Israel, according to family members and Russian media reports.

Yulia Yuzik was first declared missing earlier this week by family members who said she was arrested in Tehran days ago. Her ex-husband Boris Voytsekhovskiy posted on Facebook that Yuzik was facing charges of cooperating with Israeli intelligence services, and that her trial is scheduled for Saturday.

According to Voytsekhovskiy, Yuzik’s charges carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

It wasn’t clear when Yuzik was arrested; her last post on social media was a series of Instagram pictures taken in Kashan, a city in northern part of Isfahan province.

Voytsekhovskiy told Russian media outlets that Yuzik used to work as a correspondent in Tehran several years ago, and she returned to the Iranian capital last week at the invitation of an unknown party.
Engel bows to Arab lobbyists, pro-Israel friends are silent
An anti-Hamas bill has been severely watered down by Congressman Eliot Engel. It’s a turn of events that should trouble every supporter of Israel.

The New York Post revealed this week that Engel (D-NY), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, agreed to change the bill after heavy pressure from Qatar and the Palestinian Authority (PA)

The Post quoted “a personal acquaintance of Engel’s” as saying, “Eliot told me directly that he was getting a lot of pressure from the Qataris” about the bill. At the same time, Engel or his representatives held seven meetings this past spring with lobbyists for the PA, apparently to discuss the bill.

The Qataris didn’t like the fact that the bill mentioned Qatar’s massive financial support for Hamas. The PA didn’t like the fact that it would have penalized regimes—like the PA—that assist Hamas in various ways.

So the bill, which was authored by Rep. Brian Mast (R-Florida), was changed. The language about Qatar was removed, and loopholes were added so that aid to Hamas which is considered “humanitarian” would not be blocked.

We put “humanitarian” in quotation marks because we all remember how “humanitarian” concrete, which supposedly would be used to build homes, instead was used to build tunnels to kidnap and murder Israelis.

At this point in the story, you would imagine that those Jewish leaders who claim to be Engel’s buddies would have intervened to restore the original language of the Mast bill.
Behind the Lines: Pakistan and Israel: Much ado about nothing?
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan last week dismissed speculation that his country was moving toward the establishing of open diplomatic relations with Israel. Speaking at the Asian Society in New York City last Thursday, as reported by the Middle East Eye website, Khan reiterated Pakistan’s traditional stance on the issue:

“Pakistan has a very straightforward position,” the Pakistani prime minister and former cricket star said. “It was our founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was very clear that there has to be just settlement, a homeland for Palestinians, before Pakistan can recognize Israel.”

His remarks, according to Middle East Eye, were met with enthusiastic applause. They came amid widespread recent speculation at a possible diplomatic breakthrough between Jerusalem and Islamabad. Prominent Pakistani journalist Kamran Khan launched the rumors with a tweet on August 25, asking “Why can’t we openly debate pros cons of opening direct and overt channels of communication with the State of Israel?”

What is the background to the recent speculation, and is there a realistic chance of a breakthrough, or do Imran Khan’s remarks settle the matter in the negative?

THERE IS a school of thought in Pakistan that favors the abandonment, or at least the questioning, of Islamabad’s long rejection of formal ties with the Jewish state. Why now?
'Recent convert' to Islam stabs 4 to death at Paris police headquarters
A 45-year-old technology administrator at the police headquarters in central Paris went on a knife rampage inside the building on Thursday, killing three police officers and an administrative worker before he was shot dead by an officer, French officials said.

French broadcaster BFM TV said the attacker had converted to Islam 18 months ago.

Officials did not say anything about the motive for the attack and said they were still trying to discover if there was a terrorism link.

The man launched the attack in his office then moved to other parts of the large 19th-century building across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

An officer stopped the attack when he shot the assailant in the compound's courtyard, said a police official. The official was not authorized to talk publicly about the case and requested anonymity.
IDF thwarts weapons smuggling attempt from Lebanon to Israel
The IDF and Israel Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons from Lebanon into Israel in September, according to an IDF spokesperson.

An IDF field observer from the 869th battalion spotted two suspects acting suspiciously on the Lebanese side of the border with Israel near the border fence. IDF soldiers went to the scene to check the issue.

Bags found in the area contained about 40 pistols and magazines which were meant to be smuggled from Lebanon into Israel. The background of the incident is being looked into.

One suspect was arrested on the Israeli side of the border and was transferred for questioning by security forces.

"I saw a suspect approaching the fence and immediately realized that this was an unusual incident," said Pvt. Adi ben Naim, the field observer who identified the suspects. "I alerted the troops and directed them to the location. It was only after the incident that I realized that a very large weapon-smuggling attempt was thwarted. My job as a field observer is to identify what takes place in the field and alert my commanders; which is exactly what I did in this incident.

Israeli military marks ‘Mean Girls Day’ by trolling Iran on Twitter
The Israel Defense Forces marked “Mean Girls Day” this week by tweeting a meme of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

The meme, posted on Thursday, October 3, was an altered version of a “never before seen” photo published by the Iranian government showing the supreme leader, Nasrallah and Qassem Soleimani — the commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force.

The IDF photoshopped the Iranians into a “Mean Girls” scene alongside Lindsay Lohan, with the caption: “There’s no one meaner than the mean girls of the Middle East…”

The IDF added #DontSitWithThem and #MeanGirlsDay to their post.

October 3 was a date that was mentioned in passing by Lohan’s character to her crush in Mean Girls, and has since become a pop cultural phenomenon marked annually by movie fans.

The “Don’t sit with them” refers to a line in the movie when Rachel McAdams’s character Regina George is turned away from popular clique’s table at lunch because she’s wearing sweatpants.

Arab citizens of Israel undergo quiet revolution
The Arab citizens of Israel need rapid development of their areas. They dream of having high-tech zones and industrial centers; they seek enhanced police work to battle the crime that is raging in the streets of Arab cities; and they resent the vicious incitement against them that was led for years by the prime minister and the ruling party. Will the future government, which for now is still nowhere to be seen, be able to fulfill all of these demands and build bridges between the establishment and one-fifth of Israel’s population?

During the recent political campaign, the Likud party accused Gantz numerous times of “planning to create a government with [Joint List MKs] Ahmad Tibi and Ayman Odeh,” but the leaders of the bloc had ruled it out many times. When Blue and White MK Ram Ben-Barak, ex-deputy director of the Mossad, turned to the Arabs this summer, he said that Blue and White needed them “to change the government.” But what will happen the day after such a change is accomplished?

Amjad Iraqi, a contributing editor at +972 magazine, said to The Media Line that what is missing from the tactical decision of the Joint List is thought about the day after. “This decision is quite some gamble that could also backfire, especially if a unity government will be formed eventually between Likud and the Blue and White bloc. I do understand the logic —Ayman Odeh decided to prioritize getting rid of Netanyahu, and most of the public endorsed him because they want to change at least some part of the equation. But how do we know that the Blue and White bloc, whose leaders had their share of critical and negative remarks about Arabs, will be able to live up to its promises?” said Iraqi.

El-Sana believes that if the Joint List is unable to maximize its gains this time around, the alternative for the next time will be voting for existing Jewish parties or for a joint Arab-Jewish party, a project that el-Sana tried to run this time together with the former Knesset speaker, Avrum Burg. There are also many question marks about the participation of the Balad party, which is increasingly seen by many in the Arab public as a destabilizing element that fails to serve its people. “If they were to participate in the elections today by themselves, they would go down. They have three seats in the Joint List, but they are worth only 1.5 seats, or even less” says Darawshe. On the opposite side, Iraqi believes that Balad gives legitimacy to the Joint List, serving as a link between them and the wider Palestinian cause. “Balad still represents a significant portion of voters. They need the Joint List, and the Joint List needs them,” he concludes.

For now, Arab voters seem to be quite satisfied with the result. They proved to be resilient against incitement and intimidation, increased their representation at the Knesset, and now will wait just like everyone else to see how the current political reality TV unfolds.

The leaders of the Joint List will now have to prove to their voters that they can make some real gains with the increased power that they received this time. Considering the shaky structure of the bloc, which includes four different parties with contradicting ideologies, this will not be easy. If no government is formed and Israel goes to a third round of elections, the bloc will have to campaign extremely hard to maintain its success. For now, it is unlikely that the Joint List will top its current result—13 seats. The quiet revolution in the Arab sector, however, will continue, sweeping Arab Israeli citizens away from segregation and isolation, toward integration and equality.
Thousands of Arab Israelis march, block roads to protest deadly crime wave
Thousands of Arab Israelis held protests Friday at the conclusion of prayers, a day after a general strike over a wave of deadly violence within the minority community.

Protesters blocked roads, including sections of the major highways in the north of the country. Demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as “our children’s blood is not cheap” and chanted slogans about what they say is police inaction on the issue.

Ayman Odeh, the head of the Knesset’s predominantly Arab Joint List faction, called on the Jewish community to join the protests, saying that a society without weapons should be the ideal for everyone.

“I also urge the Jewish public to join the protests. A society without firearms is a civil and social aim for us all,” Odeh tweeted.
Some Israelis to Celebrate Sukkot with 4 Species Holders Made in Gaza
Some Israelis — many, in fact — will celebrate the holiday of Sukkot this year holding their four species bound with holders produced in the Gaza Strip.

Ahead of the Jewish holiday, the IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) has approved the import of tens of thousands of four species holders, used for the traditional customs of the holiday.

The four species – the etrog, a citron fruit; the lulav, a frond of a date palm; the hadas, a myrtle bough; and the aravah, a willow branch – are the species the Jewish people are commanded to bind together during the holiday.

The holders are made out of dried palm leaves, woven into a shape that allows the four species to be held together comfortably during the holiday prayers. The abundance of palm trees in Gaza, as well as cheap labor, makes the enclave a prime location for the production of the holders.

Despite the growing tension between Hamas, the terror group that controls Gaza and Israel, COGAT was able to facilitate the import successfully, passing it through the Kerem Shalom Crossing under heavy security inspection.
Ha'aretz: Meet the Palestinian Villagers Living Out the American Dream
Halfway between the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Nablus, the road gives way to an exit unlike any other along Israel’s Highway 60. At first glance, this route — lined with palm trees and polished sidewalks that lead up to lavish stone villas — looks like a well-funded Jewish settlement. But a closer look reveals that unlike other typical settlements, there is no security gate at the entrance to the community and its houses are not lined up in rows along the hilltops.

The expensive homes scattered on slopes among olive trees, reminiscent of the famous Hollywood Boulevard, are actually a window into the Palestinian diaspora. The majority of their dwellers are dual American-Palestinian nationals who live in the United States for most of the year and treat the village of Turmus Ayya as their summer home.

Turmus Ayyans are not only based in the United States. These Palestinian villagers are spread throughout the world, with members of the community living in Spain, Panama, Cuba and Brazil. According to the village’s municipal office, there are some 11,000 Turmus Ayyans in total; 4,000 are permanent residents, while 7,000 made their home abroad.

Unlike the majority of Palestinians living in the diaspora, Turmus Ayyans are not refugees of the 1948 war. Rather, they are economic immigrants who chose to leave this West Bank village in pursuit of better financial opportunities. Residents told Haaretz that the first villager to immigrate was Odeh Abdel Qader, who left for the United States in 1909 and worked in Manhattan's Little Syria (where the Financial District is situated today). Local Wadi Abu Awad recalls Qader’s return to the village: "He was the guy who came from America," he says. Throughout the 20th century, Qader’s legacy became an inspiration for other Turmus Ayyans who wished to chase the American Dream.

Hamas Facing Growing Criticism in Gaza
A picture making the rounds on social media shows the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, with his six sons, standing healthy in tailored suits, and beneath it, a picture of Gaza youths who have had a leg amputated after rioting at the Gaza fence.

Another example is a recording by a Gazan father whose son was wounded at the border confrontations.

"I was told I needed to provide his medicine out of my own pocket. If he were the son of one of the Hamas higher-ups, the whole world would have given aid."

"Where am I supposed to get money for medicine? They told my boy to get on the bus and protest, and then they threw him out to die."

Iran not 'drawing back' militarily after Saudi attack-US admiral
Iran has not drawn back to a less threatening military posture in the region following the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi Arabia, the top U.S. admiral in the Middle East told Reuters, suggesting persistent concern despite a lull in violence.

"I don't believe that they're drawing back at all," Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, said in an interview.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and Germany have publicly blamed the attack on Iran, which denies involvement in the strike on the world's biggest crude oil-processing facility. The Iran-aligned Houthi militant group in Yemen has claimed responsibility.

Malloy did not comment on any U.S. intelligence guiding his assessment. But he acknowledged that he monitored Iranian activities closely, when asked if he had seen any concerning movements of Iranian missiles in recent weeks.

Malloy said he regularly tracks Iranian cruise and ballistic missile movements -- "whether they're moving to storage, away from storage." He also monitors whether Iran's minelaying capabilities head to distribution sites or away from them.

"I get a briefing of movements on a daily basis and then assessments as to what that could mean," he said.

Relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated sharply since President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear accord last year and reimposed sanctions on its oil exports.

For months, Iranian officials issued veiled threats, saying that if Tehran were blocked from exporting oil, other countries would not be able to do so either.

However, Iran has denied any role in a series of attacks that have followed, including against tankers in the Gulf using limpet mines earlier this year.
UN nuclear watchdog says Iran taking ‘step in right direction’
The UN’s nuclear watchdog said Friday Iran had taken “a step in the right direction” towards dealing with questions on its nuclear program but cautioned that the issues have not been “completely addressed.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) did not detail what the questions related to but said it was “discussing substance” with the Iranians.

There has been “engagement” from Tehran in recent weeks on questions relating to its nuclear safeguards declarations to the agency, IAEA acting head Cornel Feruta told journalists in Vienna.

“[That] engagement doesn’t mean that the issues are completely addressed but it’s a step in the right direction,” he added.

Feruta said the queries did not touch directly on the faltering 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers but rather on Iran’s separate safeguards agreement with the agency.

Diplomatic sources in Vienna say the agency has been waiting for information from the Iranians relating to samples taken earlier this year from a warehouse near the capital Tehran.
France: Iran, US have one month to come to negotiating table
Iran and the United States have one month to get to the negotiating table, France's foreign minister warned, suggesting Tehran's plan to increase its nuclear activities in November would spark renewed tension in the region.

French President Emmanuel Macron attempted but failed to broker talks between US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York last week.

"We consider that these initiatives, which didn't succeed, are still on the table and it is up to Iran and the United States to seize [them] in a relatively short amount of time because Iran has announced new measures to reduce its commitments to the Vienna accord in November," Jean-Yves Le Drian told parliament's foreign affairs committee.

Iran is breaching the restrictions of its 2015 nuclear deal with major powers in response to US sanctions imposed since Washington pulled out of the agreement in May of last year.

It has said its next roll-back would be at the start of November, and diplomats fear that this next breach could force European powers, which are trying to salvage the accord, to respond.
Iran rejects French call for release of dual national scholar
Iran said on Friday that France's call for it to release a detained French-Iranian scholar was an interference in its internal affairs and would not help resolve the issue, the official news agency IRNA reported.

France's Foreign Ministry on Thursday demanded Iran release dual national Fariba Adelkhah, a senior research fellow at Sciences Po university in Paris, who was detained on unspecified charges earlier this year.

"(Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas) Mousavi said the French Foreign Ministry's interference in the case of an Iranian citizen was irrelevant..., and added: 'This will not only fail to help resolve the issue, but rather make the legal process more complicated'," IRNA reported.

Rights activists have accused Iran of arresting a number of dual nationals to try to win concessions from other countries - a charge that the Islamic republic has regularly dismissed.

Adelkhah's arrest came at a time when France and other European powers were caught up in an international standoff over Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal, which the United States abandoned last year.
U.S. Sanctions Paralyze Imports via Iranian Ports
More than 20 ships carrying around one million tonnes of grain are stuck outside Iranian ports as US sanctions create payment problems and hamper the country’s efforts to import vital commodities, sources directly involved in the trade said.

Trading companies such as Bunge (BG.N) and China’s COFCO International have been hit by payment delays and additional costs of up to $15,000 a day as the renewed US restrictions stifle the processing of transactions, trade sources said.

According to Reuters, food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are exempt from sanctions Washington re-imposed after US President Donald Trump said he was walking away from a 2015 international deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

But the US measures targeting everything from oil sales to shipping and financial activities have deterred several foreign banks from doing any Iranian business, including humanitarian deals such as food shipments.

The few remaining lenders still processing Iranian business face multiple hurdles to facilitate payments as financing channels freeze up.
U.S. Sanctions Squeezing Iran-Backed Hizbullah in Lebanon
The conflict between Iran and the U.S. that has created tensions throughout much of the Middle East is now also being felt in Lebanon, where Washington has slapped sanctions on the Iran-backed Hezbollah and warned they could soon expand to its allies, further deepening the tiny Arab country’s economic crisis.

The Trump administration has intensified sanctions on the Lebanese militant group and institutions linked to it to unprecedented levels, targeting lawmakers for the first time as well as a local bank that Washington claims has ties to the group.

Two U.S. officials visited Beirut in September and warned the sanctions will increase to deprive Hezbollah of its sources of income. The push is further adding to Lebanon’s severe financial and economic crisis, with Lebanese officials warning the country’s economy and banking sector can’t take the pressure.

“We have taken more actions recently against Hezbollah than in the history of our counterterrorism program,” Sigal P. Mandelker, undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the U.S. Treasury, said in the United Arab Emirates last month.

Mandelker said Washington is confident the Lebanese government and the central bank will “do the right thing here in making sure that Hezbollah can no longer have access to funds at the bank.”
Iran’s regime lashes out at German antisemitism commissioner in response to 'Post' article
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign ministry blasted a prominent German official on Wednesday after the commissioner tasked with combating antisemitism told The Jerusalem Post that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration should withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on Tehran for its nefarious conduct.

The Iranian regime-controlled PressTV wrote that "in an online statement on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi condemned the remarks by Uwe Becker, commissioner of the Hessian federal state government for Jewish life and the fight against anti-Semitism.”

PressTV added that “Becker on Monday called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put Israel's security above ‘possible economic interests’ that comes with the deal – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).”

Becker, the commissioner of the Hessian federal state government for Jewish life and the fight against antisemitism, told the Post on Monday that “the current escalation with Israel should be reason enough for Germany to advocate the.... Iran nuclear agreement, which has been undermined by Iran... [as] dead, and for the necessary sanctions against Tehran to become effective again in their entirety.”

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Ana de Armas en conversaciones para protagonizar 'Deep Water' junto a Ben Affleck


La actriz cubana conocida por su papel en 'El Internado', sigue consiguiendo los papeles más interesantes de la industria norteamericana.

Ana de Armas en conversaciones para protagonizar 'Deep Water' junto a Ben Affleck

10/8/2019: World: Venezuela, at crisis point, is giving oil away to Cuba


Facing the risk of losing oil production capacity, Nicolas Maduro’s regime has developed a seemingly counterintuitive solution to keep the wells pumping: give away crude to Cuba. Petroleos de Venezuela’s trouble selling to international markets...

Syiah M'sia, Apa Pandangan PAS. PH Sebagai Pelindung?

Hasil carian imej untuk Paku bagi keranda Syiah
Paku bagi keranda Syiah

AHLI Parlimen Pasir Mas, YB Ustaz Ahmad Fadhli Shaari, semalam dalam ucapan beliau berkenaan Resolusi Kluster Agama di Kongres Maruah Melayu, telah memberikan jalan tunjuk yang jelas kepada haluan Islam yang sepatutnya di negara ini. Ia bersesuaian dengan Perlembagaan Negara yang meletakkan Islam sebagai Agama Persekutuan.
Resolusi ini telah dibincangkan dengan lumat oleh kumpulan pemikir agama yang berlatar belakangkan ilmu yang tinggi daripada berbagai NGO Islam di Malaysia. Desakan agar menjadikan Islam di Malaysia ini hanya dengan satu pegangan, amat sesuai kerana di zaman ini, fitnah kepada kepelbagaian fikrah berkenaan Islam, sangat membahayakan orang awam yang jauh daripada ajaran Islam asli.
Saya suka menyebut Syiah sebagai salah satu ancaman kepada pemahaman mazhab yang berbeza. Presiden PAS dengan jelas tidak menolak secara total fahaman Syiah ini. Bagi beliau, Syiah adalah salah satu cabang yang lari dari Islam. Ia persis salah laku kumpulan ajaran sesat seperti Ayah Pin, Hasan Anak Rimau dan banyak lagi yang kita maklumi berlaku di negara kita.
Namun di sana, ada mazhab dalam Syiah yang menghampiri kepada Ahli Sunnah wal Jamaah sebagaimana yang selalu beliau sebutkan antaranya mazhab Zaidiyyah. Jelas dan terang beliau memberitahu seluruh alam yang mesti diperangi tanpa syak dan henti ialah Yahudi dan Nasrani, bersamaan dengan apa yang telah disebutkan dalam al-Quran. Inilah pegangan Presiden PAS.
Oleh kerana itulah beliau berusaha untuk melakukan taqrib mazhab iaitu usaha mendekatkan mazhab-mazhab yang mana dipercayai masih ada ruang bagi merapatkannya, sesuai dengan dorongan daripada Hadis untuk merapatkan silaturrahim dan berusaha menyelamatkan saudara kita yang sesat daripada berterusan dalam kesesatan. Ganjaran menyelamatkan saudara seIslam, sangat besar.
Tetapi Syiah di Malaysia, tidak menepati Syiah yang ingin Presiden PAS mahu membuat taqrib itu. Ia berbeza sekali dengan Zaidiyyah iaitu mazhab yang saya sebutkan di atas, paling hampir dengan ASWAJA. Maka, usaha menyelamatkan mereka, masih diteruskan, tetapi usaha untuk memperakui mereka, harus ditutup sama sekali. Golongan ini, membahayakan aqidah kita.
Mereka senang sekali memaki hamun sahabat-sahabat, malah menuduh isteri Rasulullah berzina. Tiada pernah dibuat dalam mana-mana agama untuk didoakan laknat kepada orang lain. Dalam Islam sendiri, tiada doa khusus bagi melaknat Firaun, Namrud, walaupun jelas nama mereka disebut dalam al-Quran yang mereka akan kekal di dalam neraka. Mereka telah mendapat apa yang mereka usahakan.
Rasulullah mengajarkan kita agar tidak memaki hamun syaitan kerana ia akan memberikan lagi kekuatan kepada syaitan. Tetapi Rasulullah menyuruh kita ber ta’awuz iaitu membaca A’auzubillahi minassyaitonir rojiim. Dan syaitan akan lemah tidak berdaya. Tiadalah musuh yang paling besar daripada Iblis dan syaitan. Manakala berkaitan Dajjal pula, Rasulullah menyeru untuk kita memohon doa kepada Allah agar diselamatkan fitnah Dajjal itu. Ada juga digalakkan membaca 10 ayat awal dan akhir surah al-Kahfi bagi melindungi kita dari Dajjal.
Mana suruhan Allah dan Rasul kepada kita melaknat figura-figura yang dijamin ke neraka ini? Jadi sangat jelas kesesatan bagi golongan Syiah yang menyeru kepada mencaci dan melaknat sahabat-sahabat, isteri Rasulullah ini. Apatah lagi dengan hadis yang sahih, Rasulullah menjamin sebahagian mereka ini ke syurga. Maka Syiah sejenis ini yang sangat banyak berkeliaran di persada pentas di Malaysia.
Bak kata Exco Pertanian Terengganu, Dr Azman Ibrahim yang pernah menetap di Iraq selama enam tahun, Syiah Malaysia ialah Syiah jadi-jadian. Kata beliau, mereka tidak mempelajari kitab Syiah dengan betul, hanya ikut-ikutan sahaja, bahkan mungkin nama kitab juga mereka tidak tahu, sinis beliau yang mempunyai ramai teman dari kalangan Syiah asli.
Jadi jelas, Syiah di Malaysia ini hanya mencari peluang dengan terbinanya Kerajaan Malaysia baharu yang dilihat sangat longgar dengan Islam ini. Amat wajar, sergahan dari YB Ustaz Fadhli ini kepada kerajaan di samping mahukan satu bentuk tindakan yang lebih tegas ke atas kalangan yang cuba memperkotak-katikkan Islam. Paling utama ialah memberikan jawatan penting kuasa agama ini dipegang oleh orang yang selayaknya.
Tiba-tiba sahaja Syiah yang lari jauh menyimpang ini timbul dengan gagah dan berani dalam masyarakat kita setelah kerajaan baharu mendapat kuasa. Seperti ada pelindungnya. Kita perlu selamatkan mereka. Ya ianya sukar kerana taqiyyah mereka, tetapi bukan mustahil. Dan untuk itu Syiah jangan diberikan muka, kita pakukan keranda mereka, agar rebakan pengaruh mereka boleh dibendung.
7 Oktober 2019 - HARAKAHDAILY 7/10/2019

Kampung tempat kami pernah bermalam, di kawasan Ayatullah Teleghani

Dalam rumah di kampung itu.. Sedang berdiang.

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Maya Karim, Minda Yang Dipateri Penjajah Inggeris?

Hasil carian imej untuk maya karim
‘Ombak Rindu’ Maya Karin, mabukkan Terengganu 
KADANG-kadang, suka juga hati ini, sesekali keluar dari kebiasaan penulisan politik ini. Maya Karin, satu nama besar dalam industri filem tempatan. 

Sememangnya anak kacukan Jerman itu sudah sangat popular dengan sama ada lakonan ataupun mungkin gosip yang melibatkan dirinya. Tetapi semalam, Maya dilihat lebih popular di alam maya, terutama kepada anak Terengganu. Ia berikutan hantarannya di‘Twitter’ yang dilihat seperti menghina anak Terengganu berumur 10 tahun, hanya kerana gagal menjawab pertanyaan beliau dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Pada ramai orang, maksud ayat itu menjurus kepada cubaan memalukan orang Terengganu. Untuk sesetengah yang lain pula, ianya biasa sahaja. Bagi berlaku adil kepada Maya, Maya harus menjelaskan kepada semua apakah maksud di sebalik hantarannya itu, sehingga menimbulkan kemarahan orang Terengganu dengan maksud yang tergantung itu. 

Bukan sedikit sindiran yang dihantar kepada Maya sebagai tanda protes rakyat Terengganu.
Saya cuba mencari logik di sebalik ayat-ayat yang Maya tulis itu. Jika Maya bermaksud, budak itu bodoh kerana tidak tahu berbahasa Inggeris, maka Maya tersilap besar, kerana bahasa bukannya indikasi kepandaian seseorang. Mike Tyson, sewaktu kegemilangannya, dikatakan mempunyai IQ sama kualitinya dengan budak berumur 15 tahun, walaupun penuh mulut bercakap Inggeris. 

Sebab itu Don King senang memulas kepalanya. Lihat pula kemajuan Negara Jepun dan Jerman yang sangat sedikit bilangan mereka yang pandai berbahasa Inggeris.

Kita masih di takuk lama jika meletakkan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai lambang kebijaksanaan. Ia membawa kita kembali ke zaman kuno, suatu ketika dahulu, ketika Inggeris menjajah kita, Melayu yang berkerja di pejabat-pejabat Inggeris, dianggap sebagai orang yang terhormat. Sehinggakan si supir yang tidak tahu menulis dan membacapun, dicari oleh mak dan ayah yang mempunyai anak dara bagi menjodohkan anak-anak mereka dengan supir yang buta huruf itu.

Begitulah minda yang telah dipateri oleh Inggeris, apa sahaja daripada mereka, ianya pasti moden, maju, cerdik, gagah dan lain-lain kehebatan. Jika si supir yang tidak tahu membaca itu boleh dipanggil tuan atau encik kerana duduk di pejabat orang putih, maka apa lagi dengan ‘peon’atau kerani. Mungkin menjadi gila ibu bapa jika penyelia pejabat Inggeris mahu meminang anak dara mereka. Ini semua kononnya kerana jaminan masa depan.

Perlu juga diketahui Maya, yang Tanah Melayu dahulu dibahagi kepada tiga bahagian negeri iaitu Negeri-negeri Melayu Bersekutu, Negeri-negeri Melayu Tidak Bersekutu dan Negeri-negeri Selat. Beza jelas antara ketiga-tiga negeri ini ialah kemajuan. Mungkin Johor, boleh dikecualikan kerana mereka telah lama menerima pembangunan. Tetapi Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan dan Terengganu, tidak menerima nasib yang sebaik negeri-negeri lain, mereka seperti disisihkan oleh Inggeris.

Terengganu ialah negeri terakhir mendapat penasihat Inggeris, setelah sekian lama mereka mencuba. Pembangunan di Terengganu sebelum penemuan petroleum dikatakan sebagai sangat jauh ketinggalan. Pernah diibaratkan orang buta yang menaiki kenderaan dari Pahang, mereka mengetahui sebaik sahaja memasuki Terengganu, kerana terlalu teruknya jalan di sini.

Sehingga sekarang, Terengganu tidaklah dipandang terhormat oleh orang lain, mungkin kerana cerita lama ini. Ditambah pula Terengganu dahulu, selalu mendapat tempat kedua negeri termiskin.
Tetapi keadaan membuktikan sebaliknya sekarang, terutama pada zaman serba canggih ini. Pelajar-pelajar Terengganu sentiasa memperolehi keputusan cemerlang dalam peperiksaan utama kebangsaan.

Terengganu juga sentiasa berada dalam kelas tersendiri dalam bidang sukan, terutama untuk kejohanan bawah umur. Diisytiharkan dalam kajian UKM bahawa, paling ramai genius ialah rakyat Terengganu. Ianya kekal untuk beberapa tahun. Tidak kurang nama-nama individu dalam senarai insan hebat negara, berasal dari Terengganu.

Oleh kerana sikap memandang Terengganu sebagai negeri yang tertinggal, sedangkan ianya tidak sebegitu, ia menyebabkan orang Terengganu mungkin kelihatan agak bersikap sedikit kenegerian dan janggal dengan orang luar. Hal ini seperti yang berlaku kepada rakyat Korea, yang mana kerana tekanan yang terlalu tinggi akibat selalu berperang, maka mereka tidak mempercayai orang luar.

Sangat sukar untuk menembusi kepercayaan orang-orang Korea. Begitulah sedikit sebanyak sosiologi yang perlu Maya fahami mengenai Terengganu.
Dan jika Maya cuba mahu mengatakan bahawa kanak-kanak itu tercicir, seharusnya Maya bertanya dahulu kanak-kanak itu sama ada sedang bersekolah atau tidak. Atau jika mahu mengadu kepada Menteri Pendidikan kerana pelajar itu tidak mampu menjawab soalan mudah, Maya seharusnya bertanya juga kepada kanak-kanak lain.

Dan jika Maya merasakan seorang kanak-kanak itu melambangkan kepada kegagalan pendidikan, saya walaupun tidak menggemari Dr Maszlee, terpaksa menyokong beliau dan meminta Maya melakukan kerja yang lebih berfaedah.

Maya Karin mempunyai ijazah dari Universiti Lim Kok Wing, pastinya tahu bagaimana mahu mengambil sampel kepada sesuatu kajian atau dapatan. Ia tidak boleh dilakukan ke atas seorang budak daripada sejuta keseluruhan penduduk Terengganu untuk dibuat hipotesis. Kajian Maya itu langsung tidak akan diterima. Atau adakah kehadiran Maya dengan niat untuk menjadi duta kepada PH, memperlekehkan Terengganu, maka selayaknyalah Maya diperlakukan seperti sekarang oleh rakyat Terengganu.

Jadi Maya Karin perlu menjelaskan kepada semua, terutamanya kepada orang Terengganu, apakah tujuan hantaran beliau itu dan atas parameter apakah Maya melakukannya. Harapnya bukan publisiti murahan. Jangan dibiarkan ‘Ombak Rindu’ itu, memabukkan rakyat Terengganu.

Redakan ombak itu dan jika perlu, memohon maaf atas sikap yang mungkin agak terlalu cepat melatah dengan ‘kajian’ sendiri itu atau sikap ini akhirnya akan memberikan persepsi yang tidak bagus terhadap diri Maya sendiri.

Maya Karin juga boleh rujuk senarai kejayaan anak Terengganu yang mana saya yakin ia telah disedari oleh Maszlee Malik di bawah:
6 Oktober 2019 - HARAKAHDAILY 6/10/2019

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E-Buku IH-87: Cara Fikir Salah Artis
E-Buku IH-87: Cara Fikir Salah Artis
E Buku IH-120: Cara Fikir Salah Artis (2)

E Buku IH-120: Cara Fikir Salah Artis (2)


Tom Osborn Show Reel 2015


All the best footage and work I have been involved with compacted into a short show reel.

For more information visit my website at:

Cast: H2OZ Images

Tags: PADI, scuba diving, television production, coral reef, television, Underwater, eagle ray, aquatic, diving, shark, manta ray, eel, sea, Red Sea, tom osborn, wildlife, natural history, Palau, Egypt and Cameraman


Organizado por el colectivo de boleristas del SNCP y el gabinete Cultural de Aragua



"La eterna presencia del bolero”, programación organizada por el colectivo de boleristas del estado Aragua, adscritos al Sistema Nacional de las Culturas Populares ( SNCP), conjuntamente con el Gabinete Cultural de Aragua, llevará del 19 al 31 de Julio, historias y canciones sobre este género musical romántico por excelencia, a distintas comunidades, en el marco de la celebración del Mes del Bolero.  

La información la suministró en rueda de prensa efectuada en el foyer de la Cinemateca Maracay, la vocera del colectivo en el S.N.C.P, María Bringtown, acompañada de la pléyade de artistas aragüeños y nativos de otros estados, que han hecho de Aragua su alero vital. 

Bringtown explicó que desde hace 11 años se instituyó en el país el Mes del Bolero, para rendir homenaje a la memoria del “bolerista de América”, Felipe Pirela, quien falleció un 3 de junio.

Agregó que la iniciativa de esta programación tiene por objetivo, además de celebrar el mes del bolero, continuar el trabajo de promoción y difusión de este género musical que llegó a la Academia de la mano del sociólogo y antropólogo Alonso Briceño, quien se dedicó los últimos años de vida a la investigación del género, y creó la Cátedra del Bolero en la Universidad de Carabobo.

El profesor Briceño falleció en el año 2005 y fue un fiel amigo de los boleristas e impulsó y organizó en varias oportunidades la participación de la delegación de Aragua en los Festivales del Bolero de Oro, que se realizan en la hermana República de Cuba. Por ello le haremos un reconocimiento póstumo.


En la programación participarán once ( 11) boleristas de reconocida trayectoria como son. Gaby Bon, Aida Soledad, Adolfo Noguera “ el zooro de la guitarra”, Margarita Sánchez, Omar Rondón, Aris Ortiz, Vicentico Ochoa, Zully Liendo, Mabel Boyer, Emma Ramírez y María Bringtown.

La programación comenzará el 19 de julio, a las 6:00 PM., en el Cuartel Montilla, en La Victoria, municipio José Félix Ribas, con la participación de Gaby bon, Aida Soledad, Adolfo Noguera, margarita Sánchez .Omar Rondón y Aris Ortiz.

El 22 de julio, en el Liceo “Santos Michelena” de Caña de Azúcar, municipio Mario Briceño Iragorry, se presentarán Gaby Bon, Mabel Boyer y Omar Rondón.

El 24 de julio , en la Escuela “Luis Mariano Rivera” de la Urbanización Montaña Fresca, municipio Girardot, a las 7.00 PM., el público podrá disfrutar con María Bringtown, Zully Liendo y Vicentico Ochoa.

El 26 de julio el Club “La casona” de Ocumare de la Costa, municipio Costa de Oro, a las 6.00 pm., actuarán Mabel Boyer, maría Bringtown, Emma Ramírez, Vicentico Ochoa y Zully Liendo.

El 29 de julio, a las 7:00 Pm., , municipio Girardot, en la escuela “José de San Martín” de la Urb. Base Sucre , actuarán Vicentico Ochoa y Mabel Boyer.

Y, el 31 de Julio en el Museo de Antropología e Historia será el gran cierre de La programación “ La Eterna presencia del Bolero”, a partir de las 6.00 Pm., en la cual el público podrá disfrutar de la presentación de los once boleristas.

Composiciones de Agustin Lara, Rafael Hernández, María Grever, Consuelo Valdez, María Luisa Escobar, Chelique Sarabria, Italo pizzolante, entre otros, serán recreadas por las voces de esta pléyade de artistas, con sus diferentes estilos y tesituras.

De igual manera, se entregarán reconocimientos a instituciones y personas, especialmente a Aris Ortiz, por su larga trayectoria como cantante y compositor , y al profesor Alonso Briceño, post mortem.

Finalmente Maria Bringtown, en nombre del colectivo de Boleristas del estado Aragua y el gabinete de Cultura, invitó a todo el público y amigos intérpretes de este genero que se quieran sumar a la celebración del Mes de Bolero. “ La entrada a todos los escenarios es libre”, indicó  
( Prensa MPPC/ Omaira Ochoa )


Comentario en Escuela de go online de Hwang In-seong por wiliam

hola a los amigos del Go, soy profesor de Go en la Universidad de Deportes en Sancti-spiritus, provincia del centro de Cuba, soy segundo Dan en Go, y estudio actualmente el tema de la didactica del Go para el trabajo de formacion de valores eticos en la personalidad de sus practicates como tema de mi investigacion en un Doctorado en Ciencias Pedagogicas, me gustaria intercambiar algunas experiencias con los profesores de este curso en cuanto a la metodologia que utilizan en este modelo de eneñsanza y como conciben el trabajo con los principios y proverbios del Go, gracias y espero su comunicacion, saludos desde Cuba. MSc. Wiliam Abstengo Rodríguez.

🥇City of Firsts

In 1976, we opened the first papemelroti in Ali Mall, Cubao, Quezon City.  During the opening, Muhammad Ali cut the ribbon and there was a huge cake that almost filled the lobby.  One could watch the proceedings from the 2nd floor where our little shop was located.  

It was during the summer vacation, so we manned the shop, from making the things to selling it.  Tina, (the "TI" in papemelro-TI) who was 7 years old, wrapped the gifts on the floor because she could not reach the counter yet.

A writer from a women’s magazine wrote 3 full pages about our family and the business.  Because of her article, people would come up to the 2nd floor, point to our sign and declare, “I know what that means, Patsy, Peggy, Meldy, Robert and Tina!”

Yesterday, my husband and I attended the rebranding of Araneta Center to Araneta City.  They featured our store as one of the pioneers (and amazingly the only one left of all the businesses that opened in Ali Mall at the start!!!)  Thank You Lord for that miracle!  And thank you to the people behind Ali Mall who took a chance on a little craft business like ours!


Papemelroti's owner and artist Patricia Paterno has been married for 21 years to a man with a good heart. They have one son who is as funny as his dad. She has been working in the family business since she was 11. When she gets home from work, she stays in her craft room and makes collages, scrapbook layouts, ATCs, and thinks of ways to re-use things normal people would throw away. Visit her arts and crafts blog.  She wants to be passionate about God's passions so she also made a blog, Hebrews 13:3, about their service in the QC Jail.


Tender for supply of Food Processing machineries

List of Items: 
Twin screw extruder with accessories
Spray dryer
Due Date: 
Tender Docs (Zip files): 
Tender documents3.7 MB


Detención arbitraria al activista de #UNPACU Carlos Alberto Alvarez Rojas el dia 07.09.2019 #Cuba



Cubanos en España se manifestaron en apoyo a la Marcha de los Girasoles convocada por #UNPACU y #CubaDecide #Cuba



63 detenidos desaparecidos en la manifestación nacional en #Cuba convocada por #UNPACU y #CUBADECIDE



La película Red Avispa es un fraude: Miguel Saavedra #Cuba



Karen a las 8: Redada contra la #UNPACU (Luis Enrique Ferrer, parte 1) #Cuba


Mambí en A/ El expreso político de la Primavera Negra de Cuba y representante en el exterior de la Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU), Luis Enrique Ferrer, en entrevista con Karen Caballero, relata lo ocurrido este fin de semana donde fueron detenidos decenas de activistas de éste y otros grupos opositores.


Parlamento Europeo equipara al #comunismo con el fascismo


Mambí en A/ Quizás uno de los mejores ejemplos en los que se puede sintetizar la equivalencia del comunismo con el fascismo, está en la figura de Witold Pilecki, un super-héroe real, la única persona que se dejó hacer prisionero para ser internado en el campo de concentración de Auschwitz, allí organizó a la resistencia interna y enviaba información de inteligencia. Luego logró escapar y continuar su lucha contra el fascismo.

Terminada la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Pilecki se dedica a recopilar información de las atrocidades que cometían los comunistas rusos en Polonia, fundamentalmente contra los antiguos miembros de la resistencia polaca, finalmente fue fusilado por los comunistas rusos.

El fascismo es condenado desde entonces, sin embargo, no ha sido así con el comunismo. En Europa, el comunismo está creciendo de manera alarmante, apoyado en la ocultación de sus crímenes. El Parlamento Europeo acaba de aprobar una resolución en la que equipara los crímenes del fascismo con los del comunismo, como debía haber sido desde 1945, ahorrándole mucho sufrimiento a la humanidad hasta nuestros días, donde pueblos se encuentran sometidos a la esclavitud comunista, como Cuba, Venezuela o Corea del Norte.


Bebo Valdés


Dionisio Ramón Emilio Valdés Amaro

Bebo Valdés (Quivicán, Cuba; 9 de octubre de 1918-Estocolmo, Suecia; 22 de marzo de 2013), fue un músico de música cubana y jazz afrocubano, considerado como una de las figuras centrales de la época dorada de la música cubana. Además de pianista, su faceta más conocida, ha sido compositor, arreglista y director de orquesta. Fue padre del también pianista de jazz afrocubano Chucho Valdés . Ambos nacieron un 9 de octubre en la misma ciudad, Quivicán. De 1931 a 1935 estudia el piano en su pueblo natal con Moraima González; en 1936 se traslada con su familia para La Habana, donde fue alumno de solfeo, armonía y composición con Oscar Bofartigue. En 1938 hizo su debut profesional con la orquesta de Happy D’Ulacia. Tocó en La Habana, desde los años cuarenta, en las orquestas Ulacia, García Curbelo, Julio Cueva y Orquesta Tropicana, y grabó discos con grupos dedicados a interpretar jazz afrocubano.​ Conocido entre sus familiares y amigos con el apelativo cariñoso de Caballón por su considerable estatura, compuso mambos, como La rareza del siglo, que reviste el género recién introducido por Pérez Prado y que cambiaría el curso de la música cubana.

A partir de 1948, y hasta 1957, trabaja en el cabaret Tropicana como pianista y arreglista de Rita Montaner. La orquesta Sabor de Cuba, de Bebo Valdés, y la de Armando Romeu, hacían el show de este centro nocturno, en el cual Valdés deja de actuar en 1957, al ser contratado por Ernesto Roca, de la Peer Internationtal Music Publishers, para hacer arreglos a Xiomara Alfaro y Pío Leyva; a la vez, se une a Guillermo Álvarez Guedez, de la Panart y a Rolando Laserie en Radio Progreso. Con su orquesta Sabor de Cuba, acompañó a los cantantes Reinaldo Henríquez, Orlando Guerra (Cascarita), Pío Leyva y Ada Rex; también cantó con esta agrupación Beny Moré, y debutó Chucho Valdés. Sobre la descarga o jam sesión, existen múltiples versiones, esta es la de Bebo Valdés que, por la concreción de datos, fechas y casas disqueras que hicieron las grabaciones, es la más objetiva: “Una noche del mes de octubre de 1952, descansaba en un cabaret de La Habana con miembros de la orquesta del Tropicana. Hay que saber que desde 1948, músicos cubanos, mexicanos o hasta estadounidenses se reunían los domingos por las tardes en el Tropicana para hacer descargas, en el curso de las cuales mezclábamos jazz y ritmos cubanos. A veces las descargas se celebraban a las cuatro de la mañana, al terminar la función .

El que las animaba era el percusionista Guillermo Barreto; habíamos recibido a Roy Haynes, Kenny Drew, Sarah Vaughan, Richard Davis y muchos otros músicos de paso; de hecho, todos los grandes nombres del jazz desfilaron por el Tropicana. Todo eso habría podido grabarse, pero nadie se interesó. Así, esa noche Irving Price, el propietario de una tienda de discos de la calle Galiano, me anuncia que el productor Norman Granz está en la ciudad y que no puede creer que los músicos cubanos sean capaces de tocar jazz,, Granz y Price me piden ir al estudio para grabar. Era el 16 de septiembre de 1952. Así, convoqué a unos músicos, pero yo mismo llegué retrasado a la sesión, pues por la mañana tenía otra grabación para la RCA: ¡Iba yo a acompañar a una cantante! Cuando finalmente llegué al estudio de Panart, Granz ya se había ido a los Estados Unidos. A la orquesta la llamamos The Andre’s All Star, por el nombre de la tienda de discos de Irving Price.

Tras treinta años de relativo anonimato, el 25 de noviembre de 1994, Valdés recibió una llamada de Paquito D'Rivera, quien le invita a grabar un nuevo disco en Alemania por el sello Messidor. Se produce un nuevo inicio en su carrera a los 76 años con la grabación de Bebo Rides Again. Participó en el film de Fernando Trueba Calle 54, junto a, entre otros, el pianista y compositor Chucho Valdés, Paquito D’Rivera, Elaine Elías, Chano Domínguez, Jerry González, Michel Camilo, Leandro J. Barbieri (Gato Barbieri), Ernesto Antonio Puente (Tito Puente), Arturo O’Farrill (Chico), Israel López (Cachao), Orlando Ríos (Puntilla) y Carlos Valdés (Patato).

En el 2004 viaja a Salvador de Bahia, Brasil, para participar en el filme de Trueba El milagro de Candeal, junto a Carlinhos Brown, Marisa Monte, Mateus Aleluia y César Méndes. Músico integral capaz de abordar los más diversos géneros y estilos de la música, no solo como pianista y compositor, sino también como orquestador y director de orquesta de subidos valores; de sólida formación técnica, tanto teórica como pianística, Bebo Valdés es uno de los grandes de la música cubana de todos los tiempos. Fue, con Israel López (Cachao) y Patato Valdés, nominado al Premio Grammy Latino por El arte del sabor, mejor álbum tropical tradicional 2002. En 2002, Fernando Trueba produjo Lágrimas negras, disco que une al cantaor flamenco Diego el Cigala con Bebo Valdés al piano. Tras su publicación en 2003 se convirtió en un éxito internacional reconocido con un Grammy, tres Premios de la Música, un Premio Ondas, cinco Premios Amigo, tres Discos de Platino en España y uno en Argentina, México y Venezuela. El diario The New York Times lo alaba como Mejor disco del año en el apartado de música latina y les abre las puertas a una gira por, entre otras, París, Nueva York, Londres, La Habana, Buenos Aires, Tokio, México DF, Madrid y Barcelona. A finales de 2004 el disco había vendido más de 700.000 copias en todo el mundo.3 Se retiró a Benalmádena, un pueblo de la provincia de Málaga (España), hasta que falleció en Estocolmo (Suecia) el 22 de marzo de 2013.


  • A Mayra, Är fröken Pehrson (¿Es usted la señorita Pehrson?)
  • A quien engañas
  • Batanga tú bailas
  • Cachao, creador del mambo
  • Con poco coco
  • Copla núm. 4
  • Devoción
  • Dile a Catalina
  • Ecuación
  • El guajeo de Rickard
  • El solar de Bebo
  • El son de Cecilio
  • Especial de Bebo
  • Miriam, nocturno en batanga
  • La rareza del siglo
  • Ritmando el chachachá
  • Rose Marie
  • Tirando tiro.


Marina Rossell


Marina Rossell

Va néixer el 17 de gener de 1954 a la població de la Gornal, poble situat al municipi de Castellet i la Gornal. Els seus inicis artístics van ser el 1974, obrint els concerts de Lluís Llach, Ovidi Montllor, Maria del Mar Bonet, entre d'altres. El 1976 va editar el seu disc de debut Si volíeu escoltar, amb arranjaments de Llach, en el qual recopilava cançons populars catalanes actualitzades, que van acompanyar en els seus primers anys d'actuacions. El treball que la va llançar a la fama va ser Penyora (1979) (premi Fotogramas de Plata) i que inclou el tema La gavina, que fins avui és el més popular de la seva carrera.

Altres dels seus èxits són Bruixes i maduixes (Millor Disc Català de l'Any), Rosa de foc (Premi Ràdio 4), Cos meu recordat, Barca del temps (Disc d'or) i Ha llovido, el seu primer disc en castellà. Ha col·laborat i gravat amb multitud d'autors i intèrprets, entre els quals cal destacar Lluís Llach, Georges Moustaki, Montserrat Caballé, Tete Montoliu, Luis Eduardo Aute, Carlos Cano, Marc Parrot, Pablo Guerrero, Jaume Sisa, Manzanita, Miguel Poveda, Pedro Guerra o el guitarrista de flamenc Tomatito, entre d'altres. Ha realitzat nombroses gires per Europa, Llatinoamèrica i el nord d'Àfrica.

En aquesta trajectòria internacional cal destacar els concerts al Théâtre de la Ville, de París (1981 i 1987), les actuacions al Festival Tenco de Sant Remo (Itàlia, 1982) i el Festival Utono Musicale de Como (Itàlia, 1989), a més de les seves aparicions a Moscou i Armènia (1985), Bogotà (1988), Festival Internacional de Cuba (1994), concert pro-indígenes a Bolívia (1995), Amfiteatre Ragusa Festival Barcelona-Sarajevo (Bòsnia, 1996), Centre Cultural Guaraní de Paraguai (1996), Teatre Nacional de Cuba (1997), Théâtre l'Ancienne Belgique, de Brussel·les (Bèlgica, 1998), La Trastienda (Buenos Aires, 1998) i al Palau Sant Jordi —Catalunya x Kosovo— (Barcelona, 1999), entre altres. També va participar en el Midem de Canes (2000) amb Lluís Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet i Nilda Fernández al Gran Auditorium des Palais des Festivals, ha cantat al Gran Teatre del Liceu i al Palau de la Música de Barcelona (2005), així com a ciutat de la Plata (ciutat de l'Argentina) o a Santiago de Xile, Algèria, Iraq, Israel, els Territoris Palestins i Ciutat Juárez, a Mèxic.

El desembre de 2007 va editar Clàssics catalans, àlbum que conté 20 cançons, amb sardanes replantejades com Llevantina, Per tu ploro, Cavaller enamorat i La mort de l'escolà, així com cançons d'autor, de bressol, religioses, populars o havaneres. El disc, coproduït per Marc Parrot, es va distribuir en nombrosos països d'Europa i va ser editat per Harmonia Mundi. Marina Rossell va presentar el repertori de Clàssics catalans en els tres concerts que va donar l'octubre de 2007 a les places argentines de Buenos Aires, La Plata i Rosario i al gener de 2008 a Barcelona. L'11 setembre de 2008 Rossell va cantar al Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona, amb un concert especial (Marina Rossell al Liceu. De la Renaixença als nostres dies) en el qual es va gravar un DVD en directe que va ser editat el desembre de 2008.

El desembre de 2011 va editar el seu disc Marina Rossell canta Moustaki com a homenatge a Georges Moustaki amb tretze temes, un d'ells interpretat a duo amb Moustaki. El 2014 publica dos discos més en homenatge a Moustaki: Marina Rossell canta Moustaki vol. 2 i enregistrat en directe al Festival Grec de Barcelona: Tribut a .El 2015 publica el disc "Cançons de la resistència"El setembre de 2016 va fer una gira per Canadà, Mont-real, Quebec, Toronto i Baie-Saint-Paul. El 2017 va enregistrar un videoclip per a la campanya a favor dels refugiats 'Casa nostra casa vostra' amb la cançó Quanta Guerraǃ, a més de partcipar en el concert col·lectiu al Palau Sant Jordi. Cantant en el cementiri del Père-Lachaise Amb l'alcadessa de París Anne Hidalgo El 2017, entre altres concerts, va cantar en l'acte del trasllat de les despulles al cementiri del Père-Lachaise, de Francesc Boix, fotògraf de Mauthausen, en una cerimònia presidida per l'alcaldessa de París Anne Hidalgo. En el transcurs de l'acte, va cantar L'emigrant i el El Cant dels ocells.


  • 1977: Si volíeu escoltar
  • 1978: Penyora
  • 1980: Bruixes i maduixes
  • 1982: Cos meu recorda
  • 1985: Barca del temps (amb col·laboració de Lluís Llach en la cançó Quan tothom viurà d'amor)
  • 1988: Rosa de foc
  • 1990: Cinema blau
  • 1993: Marina
  • 1996: Ha llovido
  • 1997: Entre línies
  • 2000: Y rodará el mundo
  • 2002: Cap al cel
  • 2003: Marítim
  • 2005: Nadal
  • 2006: Vistas al mar
  • 2007: Clàssics catalans
  • 2008: Marina Rossell al Liceu, edició CD i DVD
  • 2011: Inicis 1977-1990, reedició en cd dels seus primers discos.
  • 2011: Marina Rossell canta Moustaki
  • 2014: Marina Rossell canta Moustaki vol. 2.
  • 2014: Tribut a Moustaki (directe al Festival Grec)
  • 2015: Cançons de la resistència





Banda cubana. La forman Hiram Riverí Medina (Ruzzo), Yotuel Romero (Guerrero) y Roldán González Rivero. En principio Yotuel y Ruzzo eran dos cubanos que salieron de La Habana como parte de un intercambio escolar a París; allí se unieron a Roldán y a Flaco-Pro que, con el productor francés Niko Noki, habían formado el grupo Orishas desde hacía algunos meses, y así formaron la banda en 1999. Ruzzo y Yotuel rapeaban en Amenaza, banda pionera del hip-hop cubano; Roldán cantaba música tradicional cubana en el grupo Rico Son. Algunos amigos se quedaron en el camino, pero el poderío de la idea inicial fue la fuerza que les hizo seguir adelante: mezclar hip-hop con música tradicional cubana. Como curiosidad, sus integrantes viven repartidos por Europa (Roldán en París, Ruzzo en Milán y Yotuel en Madrid).

Orishas ha vendido con todos sus CD más de 750.000 copias en Europa, ha ganado dos Grammys. Son los representantes por excelencia del hip-hop cubano en el mundo.

El grupo, en algunos de sus temas se inclina por la crítica social como se señalan en el tema "El Kilo" del mismo disco y a la igualdad social.

En 2007, hicieron un dueto con el grupo puertorriqueño Calle 13, en la canción llamada "Pal Norte". La canción ganó un Grammy Latino como Mejor Canción Urbana.


  • A lo Cubano (1999)
  • Emigrante (2002)
  • El Kilo (2005)
  • Antidiótico (2007), recopilatorio
  • Antidiótico CD 2 (Edición Especial) (2007), recopilatorio
  • Cosita Buena (2008)
  • Gourmet (2018)


Mejor Película Internacional: 93 países, un récord, luchan ya por el Oscar


Ya es oficial: este año el Oscar a la Mejor Película Internacional, base su récord participipantes con un total de 93 países en liza por la estatuilla. La surcoreana 'Parásitos' parte como gran favorita para el Oscar. Su mayor rival podría ser 'Dolor y Gloria', con la que Pedro Almodóvar puede devolver al cine español a la categoría 15 años después del triunfo de 'Mar Adentro'.

Albania (0 nominaciones): 'The Delegation' de Bujar Alimani.
Alemania (20 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'Systemsprenger' de Nora Fingscheidt. Ganador del Alfred Bauer del Festival de Berlín.
Arabia Saudí (0 nominaciones): 'The Perfect Candidate' de Haifaa Al-Mansour. Presente en la Sección Oficial del Festival de Venecia.
Argelia (5 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Papicha' de Mounia Meddur. Presente en Un Certain Regard de Cannes.
Argentina (7 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'La odisea de los giles' de Sebastián Borensztein.
Armenia (0 nominaciones): 'Lenghty Night' de Edgar Baghdasaryan.
Austria (4 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'Joy' de Sudabeh Mortezai.
Bangladesh (0 nominaciones): 'Alpha' de Nasiruddin Yousuff.
Bélgica (7 nominaciones): 'Nuestras madres' de César Díaz. Ganadora de la Cámara de Oro en el Festival de Cannes.
Bielorrusia (0 nominaciones) : 'Debut' de Anastasiya Miroshnichenko.
Bolivia (0 nominaciones): 'Tu Me Manques' de Rodrigo Bellott.
Bosnia (1 nominación, 1 Oscar): 'The Son' de Ines Tanovic.
Brasil (4 nominaciones): 'La Vida Invisible de Eurídice Gusmão' de Karim Aïnouz. Ganadora de Un Certain Regard en el Festival de Cannes.
Bulgaria (0 nominaciones): 'Aga' de Milko Lazarov. 
Camboya (1 nominación): 'In the Life of Music' de Caylee So & Sok Visal.
Canadá (7 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Antingone' de  Sophie Deraspe.
Chile (2 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Araña' de Andres Wood.
China (2 nominaciones): 'Ne Zha' de Yu Yang.
Colombia (1 nominación): 'Monos' de Alejandro Landes. Mención especial del Festival de Sundance.
Corea del Sur (0 nominaciones): 'Parásitos' de Boong Jon-ho. Ganadora de la Palma de Oro en el Festival de Cannes y finalista del Premio del Público del Festival de Toronto.
Costa Rica (0 nominaciones): 'El Despertar De Las Hormigas' de Antonella Sudasassi.
Croacia (0 nominaciones): 'Mali' de Antonio Nuic.
Cuba (1 nominación): 'Un traductor' de Rodrigo y Sebastián Barriuso.
Dinamarca (12 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'Queen of Hearts' de May el-Toukhy. Premio del Público en el Festival de Sundance.
Ecuador (0 nominaciones): 'La mala noche' de Gabriela Calvache.
Egipto (0 nominaciones): 'Poisonous Roses' de Fawzi Saleh.
Eslovaquia (0 nominaciones): 'Let There Be Light' de Marko Škop.
Eslovenia (0 nominaciones): 'History of Love' de Sonja Prosenc. Mención especial en el Festival de Karlovy Vary.
España (19 nominaciones, 4 Oscars): 'Dolor y gloria' de Pedro Almodóvar. Premio al mejor actor en el Festival de Cannes.
Estonia (1 nominación): 'Truth and Justice' de Tanel Toom.
Etiopía (0 nominaciones): 'Running Against The Wind' de Jan Philipp Weyl.
Filipinas (0 nominaciones): ''Dagsin' de Atom Magadia.
Finlandia (1 nominación): 'Stupid Young Heart' de Selma Vilhunen.
Francia (39 nominaciones, 12 Oscars): 'Los Miserables' de Ladj Ly. Ganadora del Premio del Jurado del Festival de Cannes.
Georgia (1 nominación): 'Shindisi' de Dito Tsintsadze.
Ghana (0 nominaciones): 'Azali' de Kwabena Gyansah.
Grecia (5 nominaciones): 'When Tomatoes Met Wagner' de Marianna Economou.
Honduras (0 nominaciones): 'Café con sabor a mi tierra' de Carlos Membreño.
Hong Kong (2 nominaciones): 'The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords' de Herman Yau.
Hungría (10 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'Those Who Remained' de Barnabás Toth.
India (3 nominaciones): 'Gully Boy' de Zoya Akhtar.
Indonesia (0 nominaciones): 'Memoirs Of My Body' de Garin Nugroho.
Irán (3 nominaciones, 2 Oscar): 'Finding Farideh' de Kourosh Ataee & Azadeh Moussavi.
Irlanda (0 nominaciones): 'Gaza' de Garry Keane y Andrew McConnell.
Islandia (1 nominacion): 'A White, White Day' de Hlynur Pálmason. Presente en la Semana de la Critica del Festival de Cannes.
Israel (10 nominaciones): 'Incitement' de Yaron Zilberman.
Italia (31 nominaciones, 14 Oscars): 'El traidor' de Marco Bellocchio. Presente a concurso en el Festival de Cannes.
Japón (16 nominaciones, 4 Oscars): 'El tiempo contigo' de Makoto Shinkai.
Kazajistán (0 nominaciones): 'Golden Throne' de Rustem Abdrashev.
Kenia (0 nominaciones): 'Subira' de Ravneet Chadha.
Kirguistán (0 nominaciones): 'Aurora' de Bekzat Pirmatov.
Kosovo (0 nominaciones): 'Zana' de Antoneta Kastrati.
Letonia (0 nominaciones): 'The Mover' de Dāvis Sīmanis.
Líbano (2 nominaciones): '1982' de Oualid Mouaness.
Lituania (0 nominaciones): 'Bridges of Time' de Kristine Briede y Audrius Stonys.
Luxemburgo (0 nominaciones): 'Tel Aviv on Fire' de Sameh Zoabi.
Macedonia del Norte (1 nominación): 'Honeyland' de Tamara Kotevska y Ljubomir Stefanov. Ganadora del Gran Premio del Jurado en Sundance.
Malasia (0 nominaciones=: 'M for Malaysia' de Dian Lee e Ineza Roussille.
Marruecos (0 nominaciones): 'Adam' de Maryam Touzani. Presente en Un Certain Regard del Festival de Cannes.
México (9 nominaciones, 1 Oscar). 'La Camarista' de Lisa Avilés.
Mongolia (0 nominaciones): 'The Steed' de Erdenebileg Ganbold
Montenegro (0 nominaciones): 'Neverending Past' de Andro Martinovic.
Nepal (1 nominación): 'Bulbul' de Binod Paudel.
Nigeria (0 nominaciones): 'Lionheart' de Genevieve Nnaji.
Noruega (5 nominaciones): 'Out Stealing Horses' de Hans Petter Moland. Premio a la mejor constribución artística por la fotografía en el Festival de Berlín.
Países Bajos (7 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'Instinct' de Halina Reijn.
Pakistán (0 nominaciones): 'Laal Kabootar' de Kamal Khan.
Palestina (2 nominaciones): 'It Must Be Heaven' de Elia Suleiman. Ganadora del premio al mejor guion del Festival de Cannes.
Panáma (0 nominaciones): 'Todos cambiamos' de Arturo Montenegro.
Perú (1 nominación): 'Retablo' de Álvaro Delgado - Aparicio.
Polonia (11 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Corpus Christi' de Jan Komasa.
Portugal (0 nominaciones): 'A Herdade' de Tiago Guedes. Presente en la competición del Festival de Venecia.
Reino Unido (2 nominaciones): 'El niño que domó el viento' de Chiwetel Ejiofor.
República Checa (6 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'The Painted Bird' de Václav Marhoul. Presente en la competición del Festival de Venecia.
República Dominicana (0 nominaciones): 'El proyeccionista' de Jose María Cabral.
Rumanía (0 nominaciones): 'The Whistlers' de Corneliu Porumboiu. Seleccionada a concurso en el Festival de Cannes.
Rusia (7 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Beanpole' de Kantemir Balagov. Ganadora del Fipresci y el premio a la mejor dirección de Un Certain Regard del Festival de Cannes.
Senegal (0 nominaciones): 'Atlantics' de Mati Diop. Ganadora del Gran Premio del Jurado en el Festival de Cannes.
Serbia (0 nominaciones): 'King Peter of Serbia' de Petar Ristovski.
Singapur (0 nominaciones): 'A Land Imagined' de Yeo Siew Hua. Ganadora del Leopardo de Oro en Locarno.
Sudáfrica (2 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Knuckle City' de Jahmil X. T. Qubeka.
Suecia (16 nominaciones, 3 Oscars): 'And Then We Danced' de Levan Aki. Presente en la Quincena de Realizadores del Festival de Cannes.
Suiza (5 nominaciones, 2 Oscars): 'El despertar de Motti Wolkenbruch' de Michael Steiner.
Tailandia (0 nominaciones): 'Inhuman Kiss' de Sitisiri Mongkolsir.
Taiwán (3 nominaciones, 1 Oscar): 'Dear Ex' de Chih-Yen Hsu y Mag Hsu.
Túnez (0 nominaciones): 'Dear Son' de Mohammed Ben Attia. Presente en Orizzonti en el Festival de Venecia.
Turquía (0 nominaciones): 'Commitment' de Semih Kaplanoğlu.
Ucrania (0 nominaciones): 'Homeward' de Nariman Aliev. Presente en Un Certain Regard del Festival de Cannes.
Uruguay (0 nominaciones): 'Así habló el cambista' de Santiago Veiroj.
Uzbekistán (0 nominaciones): 'Hot Bread' de Umid Khamdamov.
Venezuela (0 nominaciones): 'Yo imposible' de Patricia Ortega.
Vietnam (1 nominación): 'Furie' de Lê Văn Kiệt.

USA - Cuba

Football. CONCACAF Nations League

Sales Representative. Intermediate Level

CA-Santa Ana, Help expand and grow Ocean Technology Systems, an Emmy Award winning company who has pioneered and lead the industry for underwater communications in the film & T.V., public safety, military and recreational SCUBA markets since 1984. Charismatic, sales driven, hard working, kind, fun, results oriented, with a zest for travel! Does this sum you up? Then this position just might be the one you've be

Villeurbanne : important incendie dans un incubateur à start-ups - sujet-jt-lci

Villeurbanne : important incendie dans un incubateur à start-ups

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En el camino

Montevideo se merece tener una gran Feria Internacional del Libro, pero hasta ahora parecía imposible. Sin embargo, la experiencia recogida el año pasado en la Feria de Buenos Aires, en la que Montevideo fue la ciudad invitada, abrió la puerta para jerarquizar e impulsar la propia. Un vistazo a la programación es suficiente para advertir […]

Tiempos de “coyuntura”

Con Estados Unidos empeñado en dejar a la isla sin energía y la producción petrolera local y venezolana en caída, el gobierno de Díaz-Canel emprende medidas excepcionales “para evitar que el país se paralice”. De nuevo bajo asedio, la dirigencia cubana se reencuentra con un viejo socio extranjero. El miércoles 11 de setiembre, a eso […]


Hatch Men: A masculine name to cook up something fresh and innovative.
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Kekayaan Negara Dirompak RM60billion Dlm Tahun 2018 Sahaja Melalui Rasuah


Bekas Presiden Transparency International, Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar, berkata dianggarkan lebih RM60billion wang negara atau kekayaan negara telah disapu dan hilang hanya kerana rasuah pada tahun 2018.

Kata beliau:

Manakala, Datin Seri Wan Azizah berkata Malaysia kehilangan hampir RM47billion pada tahun 2017 (anggaran)

Jumlah ini adalah jumlah yg sangat besar. Jumlah yg menyebabkan negara Malaysia menuju kemiskininan. Jumlah yang menghambat Malaysia dari menjadi sebuah negara maju dan berdaya saing.

Negara2 yg maju semuanya amat peka dengan rasuah dan salah guna wang. Walaupun negara2 maju tiada sumber asli tapi oleh kerana mereka peka dgn rasuah, mereka mampu menjana ekonomi mereka seterusnya menjadi negara maju dan dihormati


Kekayaan yg hilang melalui rasuah sebenarnya memiskinkan bukan setakat kita tapi juga anak cucu kita. Pelbagai peluang ekonomi yg boleh diwujudkan sekarang terhalang hanya kerana rasuah.

Apabila berlaku rasuah anak cucu kita nanti yang akan merana dan dinafikan peluang mereka utk hidup selesa dan dihormati.


Dgn kehilangan wang sebegitu besar sebegini, akhirnya kita lihat rakyat umum semakin miskin dan tertekan. KAdar gaji tidak berubah manakala kos makin tinggi.

Ini semua warisan dari UMNO yg gagal mentadbir negara dengan baik.

UMNO sendiri menjadi sarang rasuah dimana semua peringkat UMNO dijangkiti rasuah.

Yg kaya dan mendapat laba melalui rasuah hanyalah pemimpin2 serta anak beranak mereka. Ahli2 UMNO biasa pun hanya dpt habuk.

Rakyat biasa mendapat kurang dari habuk.

PAS juga sudah makan rasuah di mana Presiden PAS sendiri didedahkan telah menerima rasuah dari UMNO.

Maka, kalau dinaikkan kembali PAS dan UMNO, maka kadar kehilangan wang akibat rasuah akan menjadi lebih teruk dan lebih sadis.


Wajib di atas setiap rakyat Malaysia menghalang UMNO dari kembali berkuasa demi memastikan masa depan anak cucu kita terjamin.



Artikel dari Whatsapp:

Kenapa selepas PH jadi kerajaan baru kita tahu perkara berikut? :

1) Khazanah
- Separuh kerugian Khazanah kerana 'Bail-out' MAS.
- MAS menyebabkan 6000 orang rakyat Malaysia hilang pekerjaan demi membela 2 orang CEO Mat Salleh.
- CEO Mat Salleh gadai laluan MAS kepada Emirates lepas tu dia resign keje dengan Emirates.
- Syarikat-syarikat GLC bawah Khazanah jugak gagal menyumbangkan keuntungan.

2) Felda
- Felda mempunyai hutang RM8 bilion hingga menjejaskan perancangan tanam semula.
- FGV yang merupakan IPO kedua terbesar di dunia gagal memberikan pulangan kepada Felda seperti yang 'dibawangkan'.
- FGV membeli ladang milik Peter Sondakh pada nilai yang lebih tinggi daripada market price. Disahkan oleh Jabatan Audit sendiri.
- Pelaburan FGV di luar negara tidak menguntungkan langsung.

3) Tabung Haji
- TH sejak 2014 lagi sepatutnya diisytiharkan rugi dan tidak boleh isytihar Hibah kerana nilai liabiliti melebihi nilai aset.
- Najib dan Azeez menyembunyikan kerugian TH dengan memanipulasikan nilai aset dan liabiliti TH tanpa mempedulikan Akta TH sendiri yang melarang sedemikian.
- TH turut diperalatkan oleh Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya untuk 'Bail-out' skandal 1MDB menerusi pembelian hartanah TRX.
- Lembaga Pengarah TH jugak dianggotai oleh Pengurusan 1MDB.

- Syarikat-syarikat GLC milik LTAT terlibat dalam pembelian AES pada harga tinggi.
- Dana LTAT jugak dikatakan dipergunakan untuk menutup skandal 1MDB.
- Menteri Pertahanan sendiri baru-baru ini mendedahkan pembinaan 2 kem tentera melibatkan GLC bawah LTAT hanya semata-mata untuk tambah pengundi UMNO.

- RM3 bilion duit KWAP hangus dipergunakan oleh 1MDB melibatkan urusniaga dengan IPIC.
- Sampai sekarang duit itu tidak diganti tetapi 'Money Trail' menunjukkan ianya disonglap oleh Jho Low - rakan Najib sendiri dalam 1MDB

- Pelaburan EPF di UK untuk projek Battersea tidak menguntungkan.
- EPF jugak kerugian dalam membeli IPO FGV
- Dana EPF jugak jadik modal Najib untuk 'membantu ekonomi US' semasa dia jumpa Trump.

- Pelaburan PNB jugak tidak begitu untung kerana ada GLC-GLCnya turut berkait dengan skandal 1MDB dan Felda.
- Masalah Sime Darby

Apa lagi kerugian yang disembunyikan oleh Najib umpama dia berak tapi suruh orang lain yang basuh? Kalau ikut semua pendedahan Najib sendiri dalam Twitternya, memang dia tahu hampir kesemua GLC yang diganggunya selama 9 tahun ini telah rugi/kurang untung tapi dia dan Cybertrooper UMNO cuba alihkan kesalahannya itu kepada Kerajaan PH..

Sebab itu zaman Najib dia berhutang dengan China dan perkenalkan GST untuk tampung duit yang dia memang tahu dah lesap.. Umpama dia longgarkan skru tayar keretanya yang akan dipandu oleh pemandu lain. tidak bertanggungjawab di atas setiap pandangan dan pendapat yang diutarakan melalui laman sosial dan halaman komen blog ini. Ia adalah pandangan peribadi pemilik akaun dan tidak semestinya menggambarkan pandangan dan pendirian blog ini

RM60 billion may have been lost to graft in 2018

Policemen loading a truck with items seized from Pavilion Residences in Kuala Lumpur last year. The government’s stand in taking former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to court over abuses related to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal is crucial in improving the country’s reputation. FILE PIC
By Veena Babulal - October 1, 2019 @ 12:30pm
KUALA LUMPUR: MALAYSIA could have haemorrhaged RM60 billion of last year’s gross domestic product (GDP) value due to corruption.

Criminologist Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar drew this observation based on World Bank projections that graft hacks away two to four per cent of a country’s GDP on an annual basis.

“We are losing up to RM57.88 billion based on this calculation, but I estimate that we could be losing RM60 billion or even more due to unseen social costs and indirect graft that is difficult to quantify.”

The former Transparency International Malaysia president said he took the highest rate in the range given by the World Bank due to the magnitude of graft in Malaysia.

“And these estimates are conservative. We have so many unsolved high-profile cases of corruption and fraud in Malaysia.

“This year, the GDP is expected to grow between 4.3 per cent and 4.8 per cent. What then?” he said, adding that such estimates in graft stood in the nation’s way in its Shared Prosperity Vision.

Checks with relevant ministries found that RM1 billion could build 800 to 1,000 100-bed hospitals, 40 schools or four-lane roads stretching several kilometres.

Last year, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail revealed that the nation lost RM47 billion of its GDP value to corruption in 2017.

That amount was more than what the government spent on education and double the sum allocated for healthcare in the same year.

Transparency International Malaysia also said about four per cent of the GDP had been lost to corruption annually since 2013.

Economist Dr Hoo Ke Ping, meanwhile, offered another perspective on how funds have been lost due to graft.

He said corruption in Malaysia had been institutionally endemic since the 1970s, when the number of government agencies and government-linked companies expanded from about 30 entities back then to the thousands seen today.

He said this led to people being burdened as they endured negotiation and appointment practices that were open to abuse.

“The system of direct negotiations, concession agreements labelled under the Official Secrets Act 1972, as well as political patronage, cronyism, nepotism and unregulated political financing means that in the end consumer pays more.”

He said while this did not necessarily mean that the country’s coffers bled all the time, it was about consumers being directly affected due to corrupt practices.

Hoo cited the negotiations of highway deals, where rates and the durations of concessions were open to increases at the expense of the people.

“This is a form of graft. Toll fares can be increased by a few sen or ringgit that way.”

He said previously, independent power producers were also given higher subsidies and the burden was passed to consumers via increased tariffs.

Hoo, however, credited the government for reviewing some deals.

“Solar-powered electricity is now sold to Tenaga Nasional Bhd through an open tender system, which cost as low as 28 sen or 29 sen per unit following the Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Ministry’s intervention. Previously it was 30 sen or 40 sen.

“The government has to relook its previous and current policies and practices, and carry out changes.”

Sunway University Business School economics professor Dr Yeah Kim Leng said there was no way for Malaysia to achieve its Shared Prosperity Vision goals without corruption being kept at a minimum.

He said rampant graft would lead to resources being diverted or transferred out of the country, depleting the nation’s coffers.

“Graft causes leakages, wastage and diversion of resources, as well as higher costs, and this will be passed on to consumers.

“The worst is when practices, such as the awarding of contracts and public investment, affect businesses that are clean and efficient.

“The end result will be the erosion of investor confidence, outflow of capital and reduced investments because companies are forced to offer bribes to get clearance or favours.”

Yeah said when the costs were passed on to the consumer, the products would be less competitive and it would affect their bottom-line.

He said in the past, there were instances when Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors, ranking in corruption and ease of doing business took a hit because of graft.

He said this changed when Pakatan Harapan took over the government.

“PH has demonstrated its commitment to end corruption and it is manifested in the country’s improved ranking in the anti-corruption index.”

He said the government’s stand in taking former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to court over abuses related to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd scandal was crucial in improving the country’s reputation.

Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors was climbing as a result of this, he added.

He commended the government for coming up with the soon-to-be enforced Section 17(A) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009.

The clause on corporate liability will see companies being fined no less than 10 times the value of the gratification, or RM1 million, whichever is higher, or be subjected to a prison term not exceeding 20 years, or both, when the law comes into effect in June 2020.

Section 17A(3) also provides that if the offence is committed by a commercial organisation, the director, controller, officer, partner and persons managing its affairs at the time of the offence is deemed to have committed the offence of failing to prevent corruption.

These individuals will then need to prove that the offence was committed without his consent or connivance and that he exercised due diligence to prevent the commission of the offence.



CUBA 4800 PLANTA.BAJA AL FRENTE PRECIOSO TIPO CASA (sin expensas) entrada individual 3 AMBIENTES+ PATIO al frente de 6x3 y PATIO en contrafte. de 7x3,30 con parrilla.-IMPECABLE LUMINOSO A 2 c/Av. CABILDO Y ESTACIÓN RIVADAVIA (FFCC Mitre) –...
2 dormitorios 1 baño 62 m² 8 ARS/m² parquet
Sat, 15 Jun 2019 23:00:17 +0200

Cosmology and Exoplanets Win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics

James Peebles, who helped found the field of cosmology, shares the prize with Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, discoverers of the first exoplanet around another sun-like star

--


Cubase 9.5.50

Is your go-to software for recording, editing, mixing and producing music

Cubase 9.5.50

Is your go-to software for recording, editing, mixing and producing music

What Does This #Librarian Actually Think? #Literary #Book #Review #Assistance Needed, Please!

I got my first review for Pretend I'm Your Friend from Kirkus Reviews, always so prompt and proper. I love me some librarian brains, and this is a very intelligent, thoughtful, evocative review, so I am grateful. The only thing is that there's not really a single extractable blurb in there, and, you know, it makes you wonder if those discerning librarian reviewers go out of the way to avoid giving a compliment, which of course, the publisher is looking to use for the back of the book. Though, really, people, since when is it about compliments; why must I fall prey to the capitalist mind-set of wanting only to sell books. I mean, we strive to have our work taken seriously, collected in the great halls and libraries of this great nation, not to have our egos stroked, right? Right.

Therefore, I submit to the mice nest, The Review for your consideration. Would this review make you want to read the book, buy the book, or see it on your library's shelf? Also, compare it, please, to this review, which did have one good word about the craft, namely "polished."

Okay, but anyway, who am I to judge?  You, please, be the judge, for me, if you will, micycles, so that I will know what to think:
Kirkus Review: Pretend I'm Your Friend
Short stories that frequently touch on endings—of love, relationship bonds, even life itself—link back to one another in surprising ways in this collection.

In “People Say Thank You,” Violet’s gift of extrasensory perception carries surprising consequences. During an argument with her husband she blurts out, “Oh, go to Georgia,” without knowing she’s essentially sanctioned his affair. “Hands of God” follows two friends on a vacation; Helena hopes to distance herself from her boyfriend’s affair with another couple, while A.J.’s attempt to get lost in a one-night stand only reminds her of an inescapable past. Caschetta (Miracle Girls, 2014) sets scenes in one story that evolve in later ones. A family makes complicated arrangements to bring a dying man to a wedding only to become stranded in a snowstorm in “Alice-James’s Cuban Garlic”; what’s known about their history turns out to be only a small piece of the story, revealed during the ceremony in “Marry Me Quickly.” Another pairing begins with a woman’s cancer diagnosis and the shameful wishes it inspires; later, the same character is in hospice, and it’s her family’s reactions as she dies that shape the story. Dialogue between characters is seamless in its realism, heightening the tension in uncomfortable exchanges. “A Line of E.L. Doctorow” traces Lorena’s emotional journey from betrayal to jealousy as her husband makes a move on the nanny she’s grown possessive toward; the couple use the children as chess pieces or forget them altogether, and the terse exchanges between the points in this triangle are chilling.

The confrontations and losses can be gutting, but the ways they tie to one another create a strengthened bond among the survivors; there’s hope amid the ruins created here.

                                                                                                           --Kirkus Reviews


Remembering Cuban Flight 455 brought down by American backed terrorists, October 6, 1976

On October 6, 1976, American and CIA backed and trained anti-Communist terrorists brought down Cubana de Aviación Flight 455 with two bombs shortly after it left Barbados headed for Jamaica. 73 people were murdered.

Many of the victims were young adults as they included the entire 24 members of the Cuban national fencing team which had just swept the Central American and Caribbean Championship gold medals as well as six Guyanese students who had been given scholarships to study medicine in Cuba.

After the bombs had detonated the pilot struggled to try to land the plane but realizing all was lost heroically turned it back to sea to crash so as to avoid hitting beaches and resorts in Barbados and undoubtedly saving many lives.

In 2005 an English language remembrance of this terrible crime -- one of so many by the American imperialists and their allies who maintain an illegal and barbaric, cruel economic blockade and embargo against Cuba still, 60 years after the revolution -- was published in Cuba. It can be seen below.

It includes statements by the terrorists involved and the heartbreaking recollections of those who lost loved ones.
"The person who suffered most was Ninoska, the eldest daughter who was 13 years old at the time. She made an album of all the photos she had of her father and everything that appeared in the press. She is the one who spends the most time looking at the photos".
(Click on scans to enlarge)


Trump, Ecuadorian Protests, Climate Emergency & more -- The Week in News, Opinion and Videos September 29 - October 6

This week's list of articles, news items, opinion pieces and videos that I see as a must if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.

This list covers the week of September 29 - October 6.

For those interested in news and developments in the Canadian election this will be covered in a separate weekly roundup the fourth of which this past Friday was: Scheer's Very Bad Week, PPC At It Again and more -- The Left Chapter Canadian Election Round-up Week Four

1) Riots at Greek refugee camp on Lesbos after fatal fire

Helena Smith, The Guardian

Greek authorities are scrambling to deal with unrest at a heavily overcrowded migrant camp on Lesbos after a fire there left at least one person dead.

2) Quebec should apologize for systemic discrimination in treatment of Indigenous people, Viens report says

Benjamin Shingler, Kamila Hinkson · CBC News 

The Quebec government should apologize to First Nations and Inuit for the harm they have endured as a result of provincial laws, policies and practices, says the author of a damning report into the treatment of Indigenous people.

3) Misogyny, male rage and the words men use to describe Greta Thunberg

Camilla Nelson & Meg Vertigan, The Conversation 

Greta Thunberg obviously scares some men silly. The bullying of the teenager by conservative middle-aged men has taken on a grim, almost hysterical edge. And some of them are reaching deep into the misogynist’s playbook to divert focus from her message.

4) 'Based in hatred': violence against women standing in Colombia's elections

Julia Zulver, The Guardian 

The body of mayoral candidate Karina García was found shot and incinerated in her car in the Cauca department of southern Colombia, on 1 September.

5) How a brief socialist takeover in North Dakota gave residents a public bank

Will Peischel, Vox

There’s a legislative fight brewing in California. Supporters are pushing a public banking law that could redefine the state’s financial landscape, while detractors call it a government intrusion. Both would benefit to look at an unusual source — North Dakota — where a similar policy has been in place for a century.

6) The judge's bizarre remarks in the Ezekiel Stephan case signal a miscarriage of justice

Juliet Guichon, Ian Mitchell and Pauline Alakija · CBC News

In deciding that Collet and David Stephan were not guilty of failing to provide the necessaries of life in the 2012 death of their son, Ezekiel, Justice Terry Clackson ​​​​​​issued a written decision that, in our view, improperly focused on the medical examiner's accent, and not on the medical evidence. Such focus is suspect, and could be evidence of racism.

7) The Phony Liberalism of Bill Maher

Alan MacLeod, Truthdig 

Ultimately, Maher has built up an impressive following and continues to espouse snarky elitist hot takes weekly for HBO, earning an estimated $10 million per year doing so. Call him a racist, a bigot or an astute businessman; just don’t call him a liberal.

8) We were told capitalism had won. But now workers can take back control

Grace Blakeley, The Guardian 

Class politics is reemerging in response to the huge inequality caused by the 2008 crash. And it’s time to take on the City.

9) Capitalism’s triumph: Labor rights violated in every country on Earth

Systemic Disorder 

In what country are labor rights fully respected? The sad answer is: none.

10) New Video May Signal Dangerous Change For Neo-Nazi Terror Cell

Mack Lamoureux and Ben Makuch, Vice

A neo-Nazi terror group under investigation by the FBI has released a propaganda video that one expert is calling “incredibly significant” and “essentially a declaration of war.” This comes after the group has already been linked to five murders, and was named in an FBI investigation involving an alleged bomber in Las Vegas who stockpiled explosives and firearms for a planned attack on the city's Jewish and LGBTQ communities.

11) Protesters rally outside North York industrial bakery in wake of death of temp worker

Sara Mojtehedzadeh, The Toronto Star

It was a protest underpinned by a simple question: how many vigils are necessary?


Melissa Lemieux, Newsweek 

Amazon workers at the company's Sacramento, California delivery location united to present a petition to their supervisor September 30 to protest the company's off-time policy, according to The Verge.

13) The Fake Nazi Death Camp: Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax, Exposed

Omer Benjakob, Haaretz 

For over 15 years, false claims that thousands of Poles were gassed to death in Warsaw were presented as fact. Haaretz reveals they are just the tip of an iceberg of a widespread Holocaust distortion operation by Polish nationalists.

14) European Parliament launches anti-communist crusade

Steve Sweeney, People's World

Communists and left organizations have hit out at a reactionary “ahistorical” motion passed by the European Parliament last month which equates communism with “the monster of fascism.”

15) Communist Party of Ukraine addresses open letter to the Ukrainian and Russian peoples

Ben Chacko, The Morning Star 

UKRAINE’S Communist Party published an open letter to the peoples of Ukraine and Russia today, warning against the rise of fascism and of bids by the ruling elites in each country to turn their populations against one another.

16) Irregular votes, panicked moves, kiosks

Drew Anderson, CBC News

It was fall of 2017. Jason Kenney, former prime minister Stephen Harper's chief lieutenant, and Brian Jean, who had led Alberta's recently dissolved Wildrose Party, were vying to lead the newly created United Conservative Party. On the second day of the three-day leadership vote, a panicked call came from Kenney's campaign in Calgary ordering his team in Edmonton to shut down a voting kiosk they had set up in an empty storefront in a strip mall.

17) Press and OAS’s Differential Treatment to Venezuela vs. Crisis in Peru and Ecuador?

 Orinoco Tribune

So far, neither the OAS nor the government of the US president, Donald Trump, have ruled against the violation of Ecuadorian human rights or the confrontation of powers in Peru.

18) Ecuador arrests taxi, union leaders as strike over end of fuel subsidies spills into 2nd day

The Associated Press

Ecuadoran authorities dispatched military vehicles to ferry civilian passengers Friday and arrested several transport union leaders in efforts to halt a strike that shut down taxi, bus and other services in response to a sudden rise in fuel prices.

19) Correa: No One Voted For The IMF Or The Increase In Fuel Price


The former Ecuadorean president warned that Lenin Moreno "is scared to death for his betrayal to the movement (Revolucion Ciudadana) and the people", because he has taken measures diametrically opposed to his own and to the programmatic proposals that led him to the government.

20) Ecuador Assembly Calls for President's Removal, Early Polls


Former members of Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno’s own party, Alianza PAIS, have announced they are demanding early presidential and congressional elections due to the executive’s “non-compliance of functions.”

21) Ecuador's Transport Workers Strike, Take to Streets to Reject Pro-IMF Neoliberal Reforms


Ecuador woke up this Thursday with a total stoppage of activities as a result of a nationwide strike announced by transport workers and taxi drivers to protest against the "Paquetazo", a package of austerity policies which President Lenin Moreno announced Tuesday in order to comply with suggestions presented by the International Monetary Fund (IMF9 in return for billions of dollars in loans.

22) Thousands of Indigenous Farmers Head Towards Ecuador's Capital


Ecuador’s indigenous and union organizations kept protests going on Saturday and promised not to let-up in their push to overturn President Lenin Moreno’s austerity measures, which have convulsed this South American country for three days on a row.

23) Peru: 'Interim President' Araoz Quits, Vizcarra Still in Power


Peruvian Interim President Mercedes Araoz announced her resignation Tuesday night as Vice President of the country and as head of state, a designation conferred by Congress Monday night.

24) Peruvian Left Backs Dissolution of Congress: Interview


Progressive media outlet Nodal interviewed leftist congresswoman Indira Huilca from the New Peru Movement Party this week. During the interview, they discussed Peru’s political crisis and what the left sees as the solution to the never-ending corruption scandals that have engulfed the country. Huilca stated stated that Congress has lost legitimacy and is only trying to impede the rooting out of corruption that they represent, but that a genuine solution will involve going much further than Vizcarra is proposing, and will require confronting the corporate interests fueling corruption.

25) Egypt’s Harsh Crackdown Quashes Protest Movement

Vivian Yee and Nada Rashwan, The New York Times

A group of teenagers arrested on their way to buy new school clothes. An illiterate shoeshiner picked up from the street. Eight people stopped while they were eating from a street food cart. And a 28-year-old financial auditor, who was walking to his car after dinner when police officers ordered him to stop.

26) Haiti on Brink of Revolution to Overthrow US-Backed Regime


Revolutionaries destroyed police headquarters, attacked residences of government officials, and burned a jail and courts to the ground in different parts of Haiti on Friday.

27) Bolivia Launches Reforestation Plan for Areas Affected by Fires


Bolivia’s government has launched ‘Plan Paradise’ to reforest areas of the Chiquitania, Santa Cruz, that was affected by forest fires. The plan will bring together experts with governmental authorities to calculate the best ways of reforesting burnt areas.

28) Cuba Manages Fuel Shortage With Venezuelan, Russian Cooperation


During the first week of October, a fleet of oil tankers from Venezuela arrived in Cuba to help President Miguel Diaz-Canel to alleviate fuel shortages generated by the U.S. economic and financial blockade.

29) Fearful of Lula’s Exoneration, His Once-Fanatical Prosecutors Request His Release From Prison. But Lula Refuses.

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept 

Lula’s accusers are desperately trying to get him out of prison, while he insists on staying there until he’s fully exonerated.

30) At Least 42 Dead After Days Of Violent Protests In Iraq

Scott Neuman, NPR

Iraqi security forces fired live rounds to disperse crowds of protesters in Baghdad on Friday, as the death toll from days of anti-government unrest has reached at least 42, according to officials.

31) Bolivia to Introduce First Domestically-Made Electric Vehicle


President Evo Morales officially presented on Tuesday the first electric car to be manufactured in Bolivia, produced by state owned company YLB. Morales presented the vehicle at the official opening of a new lithium technology center in Potosi.

32) Fighting Calls for Impeachment, Trump Intensifies Anti-Semitic Rhetoric. We Cannot Ignore It.

Mehdi Hasan, The Intercept

“PRIME DIRECTIVE: Always Blame the Jews for Everything.”

33) Trump Bars Immigrants Who Cannot Pay For Health Care

Richard Gonzales, NPR

President Trump signed a proclamation late Friday barring legal immigrants who cannot prove they will have health care coverage or the means to pay for it within 30 days of their arrival to the United States.

34) Shoot Them in the Legs, Trump Suggested: Inside His Border War

Michael D. Shear and Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times

The Oval Office meeting this past March began, as so many had, with President Trump fuming about migrants. But this time he had a solution. As White House advisers listened astonished, he ordered them to shut down the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico — by noon the next day.

35) Advocates Say President Trump's Immigration Policy Is 'A Tool Of Cruelty'

Joel Rose, NPR

Immigrant advocates asked a federal appeals court on Tuesday to block the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), a key part of President Trump's immigration policy. The policy forces asylum seekers to wait for their immigration court hearings in Mexico.

36) Supreme Court Revisits Abortion With Louisiana Case

Nina Totenberg, NPR

The U.S. Supreme Court has jumped headlong back into the abortion wars. The court said Friday that it will hear arguments in a case from Louisiana that is nearly identical to a Texas case decided by the court three years ago.

37) Palestinian Tortured by Israel's Shin Bet in Critical Condition


44-year-old Palestinian Samir Arbeed was admitted to a hospital in Jerusalem after been interrogated and tortured by Israel’s Shin Bet - domestic intelligence service - who is accusing him to be the mastermind behind an alleged attack in an illegal West Bank settlement.

38) Anti-Palestinianism is the modern day McCarthyism

Asa Winstanley, Middle East Monitor 

As regular readers of this column will know, the McCarthyite atmosphere in Britain against supporters of Palestinian rights is getting worse. That is down in part to the Labour Party leadership’s acquiescence to the smear campaign to portray the party as anti-Semitic. The Labour National Executive Committee’s acceptance of the bogus IHRA “working definition” of anti-Semitism last year gave the document undeserved acceptance and currency; it deliberately conflates anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel for being the racist state that it so evidently is.

39) It’s Still Netanyahu’s Israel

Douglas Greenwald, Jacobin

Over the past decade, Benjamin Netanyahu has remade Israeli politics in his own image. Though his career now hangs by a thread, his legacy of far-right pandering and cold-blooded “management” of Palestinian oppression will live on.

40) After US Senator Asks Public to 'Imagine' CIA Interfering in Foreign Elections, Historians Are Like... Uhhh

Eoin Higgins, Common Dreams

Comments from Sen. Mark Warner responding to reports that Attorney General Bill Barr asked a number of world governments for help in refuting the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. election were met with ridicule Friday as observers mocked the suggestion that the CIA would never do such a thing.

41) Cook's arrival was a disaster for Māori. Britain's half-hearted apology isn't good enough

Tina Ngata, The Guardian

As we mark 250 years since the arrival of Captain Cook in New Zealand, we are still seeing crimes against indigenous peoples and their territories.

42) Workers Are Falling Ill, Even Dying, After Making Kitchen Countertops

Nell Greenfieldboyce, NPR

Artificial stone used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops has been linked to cases of death and irreversible lung injury in workers who cut, grind and polish this increasingly popular material.

43) Irrigation For Farming Could Leave Many Of The World's Streams And Rivers Dry

Dan Charles, NPR

Something odd is happening to streams and rivers on the high plains of Kansas and Colorado. Some have disappeared.

44) My Community Is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of the World

 Paul Josie; as told to Jackie Hong, VICE

Canada’s North is warming three times faster than the global average. Nowhere is this more acutely felt than in places such as Old Crow, the northernmost community in Yukon and home to the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation. Earlier this year, Vuntut Gwitchin became among the first Indigenous communities to declare a climate emergency. Last week, Whitehorse, Yukon's capital, also declared a climate emergency.

45) 'Things are getting unstable': global heating and the rise of rockfalls in Swiss Alps

Denise Hruby, The Guardian 

As Switzerland’s glaciers melt, dangerous rockfalls become more likely and towns are forced to live under an existential threat.

See also: Canadian Climate Strikes, Climate Emergency, Labour Resolutions & more -- The Week in News, Opinion and Videos September 22 - 29

Điểm Tin Thứ Bảy 05/10/2019 (ANM)

Người biểu tình chống chính quyền đeo mặt nạ ở Hong Kong.
Điểm Tin Thứ Bảy 05/10/2019 (ANM)
Anh Tuấn Phạm
  • Bàn về “trung với Đảng” (BoxitVN) - Nguyễn Đình Cống - Trung, Hiếu, Tiết, Nghĩa là bốn đức tính được Đạo Nho đề cao từ trên hai ngàn năm. Đến nay khái niệm về “trung” đã biến đổi nhiều. Từ chỗ “trung với vua”, chuyển thành “trung với nước” và “trung với Đảng”. “Trung với vua” là gốc, có từ xưa, khái niệm “trung với Đảng” là mơ hồ, do ai đó vì xu nịnh mà buột miệng nói ra, rồi những kẻ khác vì kém trí tuệ và cuồng Đảng mà hùa vào, hoặc có người biết sai ...
  • Lại bàn về diễn văn của Tổng thống Trump đọc ở Đại hội đồng Liên Hợp Quốc (BoxitVN) - Lưu Trọng Văn - Diễn văn của Tổng thống Trump tại Phiên họp thứ 74 của Đại hội đồng Liên Hợp Quốc được cả thế giới đặc biệt quan tâm .Vì, nó đề cập tới những vấn đề cốt lõi của thế giới. Rất tiếc báo chí chính thống của VN hầu như cắt bỏ những phần rất quan trọng của Diễn văn này. Trump nói về một chân lý của thời đại là: Nếu bạn muốn tự do, hãy tự hào về đất nước của bạn. Nếu bạn muốn dân chủ, hãy giữ ...
  • VNTB - Cuba: nền y tế tuyệt vời hay huyền thoại vô nhân đạo? (VNTB) - An Viên (VNTB) - Các quốc gia cộng sản thường gắn liền với một huyền thoại nhất định để phục vụ cho tuyên truyền về tính “ưu việt của chủ nghĩa xã hội”. Và một huyền thoại thường được báo chí chính thống Việt Nam đăng tải khi đề cập đến Cuba là, “dù bị cấm vận, nhưng Cuba vẫn đang vươn mình phát triển, trở thành một trong những quốc gia có nền y tế hiện đại nhất trên thế giới”. [1]
  • Việt Nam cần thoát khỏi ngã ba đường (BoxitVN) - Nguyễn Quang Dy - Năm 2014, sự kiện dàn khoan HD-981 đã làm cả nước bị sốc, xô đẩy Biển Đông vào “khủng hoảng lần đầu” và thúc đẩy Việt Nam phải “đổi mới vòng hai” để thoát khỏi ngã ba đường. Nhưng 5 năm sau, Biển Đông lại “khủng hoảng lần hai”, trong khi Việt Nam vẫn chưa “đổi mới vòng hai”. Nói cách khác, Việt Nam vẫn chưa thoát khỏi ngã ba đường. Nay đã đến lúc Việt Nam phải điều chỉnh chiến lược và cải tổ thể chế trước ...
  • Quốc dân Việt Nam muốn biết, vì sao? (VOA) - Hành động xâm phạm chủ quyền lãnh hải, hải đảo của Việt Nam mới nhất này, nhưng vẫn chưa phải là hành động cuối cùng, Trung Quốc đã ỷ mạnh hiếp yếu, vi phạm trắng trợn quyền chủ quyền và quyền tài phán của Việt Nam ở Biển Đông...
  • Hà Nội không vội được đâu (VOABLOG) - Con lừa già kéo cỗ xe trách nhiệm vẫn mãi ì ạch trên con đường phục vụ nhân dân và người Hà Nội một lần nữa thấm thía câu “sấm” “Hà Nội không vội được đâu” nay đã vào thẳng chốn quan trường...
  • Ai còn mơ màng ‘đảng ta sẽ thoát Trung’? (VOA) - Cùng lúc và thật bỉ bôi, tinh thần ‘thoát Trung’ lẽ ra phải có sẽ được thay thế bằng những cuộc đấu đá sát phạt không tiếc thương giữa các nhóm ‘đồng chí’ trong đảng cầm quyền ở Việt Nam tại Hội nghị trung ương 11.
  • Những ‘bởi vì’ khiến Việt Nam đơn độc (VOA) - Tất cả những “bởi vì” ấy đang cản trở Việt Nam tiến gần với thế giới để bảo vệ mình. Trung Quốc biêt rõ điều ấy và thản nhiên tiếp tục đưa tàu vào khu vực Bãi Tư Chính để cảnh cáo Việt Nam rằng...
  • Đại sứ Việt Nam tại Trung Quốc ca ngợi quan hệ tốt đẹp giữa hai nước (RFA) - "Nhìn lại chặng đường 70 năm từ khi thiết lập quan hệ ngoại giao giữa 2 nước thì chúng ta có thể thấy rằng mối tình hữu nghị vừa là đồng chí, vừa là anh em đã được Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh, Chủ tịch Mao Trạch Đông và Thủ tướng Chu Ân Lai và các thế hệ tiền bối 2 nước đã đích thân vun đắp, gìn giữ và gầy dựng đã không ngừng lớn mạnh trong 70 năm vừa qua."
  • Biển Đông tháng 10: VN liệu có thể kiện? (BoxitVN) - Nguyễn Hiền - Trung Quốc đưa giàn khoan Hải Dương Thạch Du 982 vào Biển Đông, tiếp tục gây nên lo ngại về một cuộc đối đầu mới với Việt Nam. Và đây được xem là nỗ lực của Bắc Kinh nhằm làm suy yếu nỗ lực của Việt Nam trong theo đuổi, thăm dò dầu khí chung với các quốc gia khác. Các biện pháp hòa bình? Trong bối cảnh sự va chạm của Việt - Trung chưa dừng trên Biển Đông, thì gần đây nhất, Thời ...
  • Bãi Tư Chính: Hà Nội gián tiếp gợi lên phán quyết PCA khi phản đối Bắc Kinh (RFI) - Hà Nội vào hôm qua, 03/10/2019, một lần nữa lại lên tiếng phản đối Bắc Kinh cho tàu mở rộng hoạt động trong vùng đặc quyền kinh tế của Việt Nam tại Biển Đông, đồng thời tái khẳng định Bãi Tư Chính hoàn toàn thuộc chủ quyền Việt Nam. Điều được giới quan sát chú ý là một lần nữa, Việt Nam đã viện dẫn phán quyết năm 2016 của Tòa Trọng Tài Thường Trực (La Haye) bác bỏ đường lưỡi bò Trung Quốc ở Biển Đông, nhưng không nói thẳng mà chỉ gợi lên gián tiếp.
  • Việt Nam đang giam giữ 234 tù nhân lương tâm: Người Bảo vệ Nhân quyền (BoxitVN) - Vũ Quốc Ngữ - Thông cáo báo chí của Người Bảo vệ Nhân quyền (Defend the Defenders- DTD). Hà Nội, ngày 01/10/2019. Theo thống kê mới nhất của tổ chức Người Bảo vệ Nhân quyền, chế độ độc tài cộng sản Việt Nam đang giam giữ 233 tù nhân lương tâm bên cạnh việc quản chế tại gia nhà hoạt động Huỳnh Thục Vy vì cô đang nuôi con nhỏ. Việt Nam vẫn là quốc gia đứng thứ 2 về số lượng tù nhân lương tâm ở Đông Nam Á, chỉ sau Myanmar. Con số trên ...
  • VNTB - Kẻ nào đã khiến những buồng phổi bị ung thư? (VNTB) - Trúc Giang (VNTB) - Đô thị tăng trưởng xanh là đô thị đạt được tăng trưởng và phát triển kinh tế thông qua các chính sách và hoạt động đô thị, nhằm giảm những tác động có ảnh hưởng bất lợi đối với môi trường và nguồn tài nguyên thiên nhiên.
  • VNTB - Ngôn từ chính trị làm xiếc và thủ đoạn của Tỉnh ủy Hà Giang qua vụ “gian lận thi cử” (VNTB) - Phùng Hoài Ngọc (VNTB) - Một năm rưỡi đã trôi qua kể từ vụ gian lận thi cử lịch sử ở 3 tỉnh Tây Bắc xảy ra vẫn chưa khép lại. Cả tỉnh ủy và trung ương loay hoay cách xử lý. Sao cho tổn ại ít nhất cho bộ mặt và uy tín của Đảng. Tổng chủ Nguyễn Phú Trọng đã ký giấy rút Triệu Tài Vinh bí thư Hà Giang về Hà Nội làm “Phó ban kinh tế trung ương”. Tuy vậy, việc ông Triệu dính bẩn cụ thể như thế nào, Tỉnh ủy Hà Giang giấu mãi bây giờ mới chịu hé lộ chút xíu khi thế cùng không thể che mãi.
  • VNTB - Tỉnh ủy Hà Giang không dám xác định trách nhiệm của Triệu Tài Vinh? (VNTB) - Nguyễn Tường Thụy (VNTB) - Cụm từ “cả họ làm quan” có lẽ xuất phát từ câu tục ngữ “Một người làm quan, cả họ được nhờ”. Trong chuyện tạm gọi là “thời sự hiện đại” hình như nó bắt đầu từ vụ ông phó bí thư huyện Kim Thành (Hải Dương) bố trí cho em trai, con trai, con dâu và con gái đều làm quan đầu huyện cả.
  • ‘Nhóm lợi ích’ và những mạng người ở Việt Nam (RFA) - Dư luận nói gì về vụ việc nhà báo Kiều Đình Liệu bị nhóm côn đồ hành hung cũng như tìm hiểu thế lực nào đứng phía sau các vụ việc hành hung, thậm chí dẫn đến cái chết với giới phóng viên tại Việt Nam?
  • Thượng úy công an cướp ngân hàng bị khởi tố tội ‘gây rối’ (VOA) - Công an tỉnh Thanh Hóa hôm 4/10 cho biết kẻ cầm súng xông vào cướp ngân hàng Vietcombank Nghi Sơn, tỉnh Thanh Hóa, là Thượng úy công an Đào Xuân Tư, cán bộ Đội xây dựng phong trào Công an huyện Triệu Sơn, Thanh Hóa. Đại tá Đào Đức Minh, Phó Giám đốc Công an tỉnh Thanh Hóa, nói mặc dù thông tin ban đầu nghi là vụ cướp ngân hàng, nhưng sau khi Cơ quan Cảnh sát điều tra Công an tỉnh Thanh Hóa điều tra thì xác định đó là vụ “gây rối trật tự công cộng” nên Thượng úy Tư bị khởi tố về tội danh này, sau khi đã bị tước quân tịch và bị giam giữ.
  • Trang bị vũ khí sát thương cho cảnh sát giao thông để làm gì? (RFA) - Bộ Công an đề xuất cảnh sát giao thông được trang bị súng trường, tiểu liên và súng bắn đạn cao su khi làm nhiệm vụ. Với chức năng, nhiệm vụ của cảnh sát giao thông hiện nay thì đề xuất này không nhận được sự đồng tình của người dân.
  • Thủ tướng Hun Sen đến Việt Nam giải quyết các vấn đề biên giới (VOA) - Hôm 4/10, Thủ tướng Campuchia Hun Sen đã có mặt tại Hà Nội nhằm giải quyết các vấn đề biên giới trên đất liền với Việt Nam, điều mà một nhà quan sát Campuchia nói là để giúp “ngăn chặn các chính trị gia [phe đối lập] tận dụng [vấn đề biên giới] để phục vụ cho lợi ích chính trị.”
  • Campuchia và Việt Nam ký thỏa thuận mới về phân chia đường biên giới (RFA) - Theo truyền thông trong nước, trong cuộc hội đàm, lãnh đạo hai nước đánh giá cao ý nghĩa đặc biệt của chuyến thăm của Thủ tướng Hun Sen với việc ký kết 2 văn kiện pháp lý ghi nhận thành quả 84% công tác phân giới cắm mốc biên giới đất liền. Đây được coi là bước tiến quan trọng trong việc xây dựng đường biên giới hòa bình và phát triển bền vững giữa hai nước.
  • Ước mơ thành cường quốc an ninh mạng của Việt Nam đang bị dập tắt (BoxitVN) - RFA tiếng Việt - Vào ngày 1/10/2019, CyStack - một công ty công nghệ hoạt động trong lĩnh vực an ninh mạng công bố báo cáo cho thấy trong quý III/2019, đã có tới 127.367 websites bị tấn công trên toàn cầu. Như vậy, cứ mỗi phút trôi qua lại có một website bị xâm phạm. Việt Nam lơ là với an ninh mạng. Đáng chú ý, Việt Nam đứng ở vị trí thứ 10 trên bảng xếp hạng các quốc gia bị tấn công website nhiều nhất thế giới trong ...
  • Chạy đâu cho thoát ô nhiễm? (VOA) - Ô nhiễm không phải là vấn nạn mới phát sinh tại Việt Nam. Cách nay hai thập niên, các chuyên gia môi trường, y tế, thậm chí kinh tế đã cảnh báo về vấn nạn này nhưng mức độ ô nhiễm chỉ tăng, không giảm...
  • Vì sao Mỹ « giơ cao đánh khẽ » với Airbus ? (RFI) - Sau Trung Quốc đến lượt Liên Hiệp Châu Âu lãnh đòn thuế quan của Mỹ. Le Monde (04/10/2019) trên trang nhất chạy tít lớn « Trump tấn công châu Âu sau khi WTO bật đèn xanh ». La Croix nhận định « Hỗ trợ của Liên Hiệp Châu Âu cho Airbus thổi bùng căng thẳng với Trump ».
  • Mỹ: Donald Trump công khai kêu gọi Trung Quốc điều tra về Joe Biden (RFI) - Tổng thống Mỹ Donald Trump công khai đề nghị chính quyền Trung Quốc điều tra về cựu phó tổng thống Joe Biden, bên đảng Dân Chủ, đối thủ nặng ký của ông trong kỳ bầu cử tổng thống tới đây. Phát biểu của chủ nhân Nhà Trắng được đưa ra trong bối cảnh ông Trump đang bị Hạ Viện điều tra theo thủ tục phế truất tổng thống liên quan đến vụ ông nhờ đồng nhiệm Ukraina Zelensky điều tra về đối thủ Joe Biden.
  • Giới công nghiệp Bắc Ailen phẫn nộ về kế hoạch Brexit của thủ tướng Anh (RFI) - Trong lúc giới lãnh đạo châu Âu vẫn thận trọng trước đề nghị mới của thủ tướng Anh Boris Johnson để đạt một thỏa thuận về Brexit, như tuyên bố của chủ tịch Hội Đồng Châu Âu Donald Tusk vào hôm qua, 03/10/2019, Nghị Viện Châu Âu đã bác bỏ thẳng thừng kế hoạch này, không xem đó là một cơ sở để đàm phán. Trong bối cảnh đó, tại Vương Quốc Anh, giới doanh nhân và công nghiệp Bắc Ailen, hôm qua đã lên tiếng phê phán gắt gao.
  • Cư dân các nước láng giềng ngày càng ghét Trung Quốc (RFI) - Vào lúc Bắc Kinh rầm rộ phô trương thanh thế nhân kỷ niệm 70 năm ngày thành lập nước Cộng Hòa Nhân Dân Trung Hoa, một cuộc khảo sát quan điểm về Trung Quốc của người dân thuộc 32 quốc gia, công bố hôm 30/09/2019 cho thấy tỷ lệ người thiếu thiện cảm với Trung Quốc gia tăng đáng kể, đặc biệt là tại các láng giềng ở châu Á, từ Nhật Bản cho đến Indonesia.
  • Nga giúp Trung Quốc có năng lực phòng thủ tên lửa (VOA) - Điện Kremlin nói hôm 4/10 rằng động thái của Moscow giúp Bắc Kinh xây dựng hệ thống cảnh báo sớm để phát hiện các cuộc tấn công bằng tên lửa cho thấy 2 nước có mối quan hệ đặc biệt.
  • Tập Cận Bình nên ‘chấp nhận đa dạng thay vì đồng hóa’ (VOA) - Sau 70 năm kể từ ngày Mao Trạch Đông tuyên bố thành lập nước Cộng hòa Nhân dân Trung Hoa, giới lãnh đạo Trung Quốc đứng đầu là Chủ tịch Tập Cận Bình đã có sự thay đổi đáng kể so với chính sách ban đầu là tôn trọng sự đa dạng của các sắc tộc ở Trung Quốc.
  • Thánh Gandhi: "Ấn Độ không phải của riêng người theo Ấn Độ Giáo" (RFI) - Tìm hiểu về cuộc đời và tư tưởng Gandhi đặc biệt có ý nghĩa trong bối cảnh chủ nghĩa dân tộc, tư tưởng độc tôn tôn giáo, bài ngoại, đang nở rộ tại nhiều nơi trên thế giới, trong đó có đất nước Ấn Độ, quê hương ông (1). Nhân dịp 150 năm ngày sinh của Gandhi, nhà sử học Ấn Độ Ramchandra Guha công bố cuốn sách “Gandhi : Years That Changed The World” (Penguin, 2018) (tạm dịch là “Gandhi: Những năm tháng thay đổi thế giới”).


Điểm Tin Thứ Sáu 04/10/2019 (ANM)

Hình minh họa.
Điểm Tin Thứ Sáu 04/10/2019 (ANM)
Anh Tuấn Phạm
  • VNTB- Biển Đông tháng 10: VN liệu có thể kiện? (VNTB) - Nguyễn Hiền (VNTB) - Trung Quốc đưa giàn khoan Hải Dương Thạch Du 982 vào Biển Đông, tiếp tục gây nên lo ngịa về một cuộc đối đầu mới với Việt Nam. Và đây được xem là nỗ lực của Bắc Kinh nhằm làm suy yếu nỗ lực của Việt Nam trong theo đuổi, thăm dò dầu khí chung với các quốc gia khác. Các biện pháp hòa bình? Trong bối cảnh sự va chạm của Việt – Trung chưa dừng trên Biển Đông, thì gần đây nhất, Thời báo Kinh tế Ấn Độ ngày 30/9 đã đăng một bài viết ủng hộ Việt Nam và phản đối các hoạt động phi pháp của Trung Quốc tại vùng đặc quyền kinh tế của Việt Nam (EEZ).
  • Việt Nam cần thoát khỏi ngã ba đường (BoxitVN) - Nguyễn Quang Dy - Năm 2014, sự kiện dàn khoan HD-981 đã làm cả nước bị sốc, xô đẩy Biển Đông vào “khủng hoảng lần đầu” và thúc đẩy Việt Nam phải “đổi mới vòng hai” để thoát khỏi ngã ba đường. Nhưng 5 năm sau, Biển Đông lại “khủng hoảng lần hai”, trong khi Việt Nam vẫn chưa “đổi mới vòng hai”. Nói cách khác, Việt Nam vẫn chưa thoát khỏi ngã ba đường. Nay đã đến lúc Việt Nam phải điều chỉnh chiến lược và cải tổ thể chế trước ...
  • VNTB- Quy định kiểm soát quyền lực hé lộ ý định ‘ngồi tiếp’ của ai? (VNTB) - Thường Sơn (VNTB) - Tháng 9 năm 2019, ‘Tổng tịch’ Nguyễn Phú Trọng bất ngờ ký ban hành Quy định về việc kiểm soát quyền lực trong công tác cán bộ và chống chạy chức, chạy quyền. Cái cách hạ bút này xảy ra chỉ ít ngày trước khi diễn ra Hội nghị trung ương 11 của đảng cầm quyền - dự kiến tổ chức vào tháng 10 năm 2019.
  • Nho giáo cản trở tiến trình dân chủ hóa Việt Nam như thế nào (BoxitVN) - Mai Vũ Phạm - Trong bài này, người viết sẽ đưa ra dẫn chứng để lập luận rằng sự ảnh hưởng nặng nề của Nho giáo đã tạo ra các rào cản làm trì trệ tiến trình dân chủ hóa Việt Nam. Muốn lập luận Nho giáo không chống dân chủ, thì phải chứng minh được(1) các học thuyết Nho giáo giúp ích cho tiến trình vận động và thiết lập dân chủ, ...
  • VNTB- Việt Nam đang giam giữ 234 tù nhân lương tâm: Người Bảo vệ Nhân quyền (VNTB) - 03 tháng 10 - Thông cáo báo chí của Người Bảo vệ Nhân quyền (Defend the Defenders- DTD) Hà Nội, ngày 01/10/2019. Theo thống kê mới nhất của tổ chức Người Bảo vệ Nhân quyền, chế độ độc tài cộng sản Việt Nam đang giam giữ 233 tù nhân lương tâm bên cạnh việc quản chế tại gia nhà hoạt động Huỳnh Thục Vy vì cô đang nuôi con nhỏ. Việt Nam vẫn là quốc gia đứng thứ 2 về số lượng tù nhân lương tâm ở Đông Nam Á, chỉ sau Myanmar.
  • Tù chính trị Huỳnh Đức Thanh Bình không kháng cáo (RFA) - Anh Huỳnh Đức Thanh Bình, tù chính trị đang thọ án 10 năm tù với cáo buộc ‘Hoạt động nhằm lật đổ chính quyền nhân dân', quyết định không kháng cáo vì cho rằng có kháng án cũng không thay đổi được gì.
  • VNTB- Thư gửi nữ nhà báo khí phách Nguyễn Thu Trang (VNTB) - Đinh Quang Minh - Thưa chị Thu Trang và quý độc giả Việt nam Thời báo IJAVN.ORG. Cùng quý độc giả báo Phụ Nữ TPHCM, Thưa quý vị! Ngạn ngữ phương Tây có câu: “Không ai nỡ đánh người phụ nữ, dù chỉ bằng một cành hoa”. Khi những kẻ đang tâm làm bút nô cho các tập đoàn kinh tế, chỉ biết đặt lợi ích của mình lên trên tất cả, chà đạp lương tri con người và sổ toẹt vào phẩm giá con người, bất chấp lợi ích cộng đồng xã hội, …thì họ đã mặc nhiên phạm vào điều tối kỵ của nghề báo, sẵn sàng vung bút để rao bán lương tâm, bất chấp đạo làm người để thực hiện hành vi ghê tởm “ngâm máu phun người”
  • Việt Nam nguy cấp! (BoxitVN) - Nguyễn Ngọc Già - Tình trạng Việt Nam hiện rất nguy nan, đặt trong bối cảnh phức tạp của thế giới, đặc biệt cuộc thương chiến Mỹ - Hoa, cho đến nay đủ căn cứ để khẳng định: Không có một thỏa thuận tốt đẹp nào diễn ra cả. Nhất là tình hình Hong Kong đang “mất dần và mất hẳn” “tài sản Tự Do” vốn dĩ ...
  • Vì sao Việt Nam ‘đơn độc’ đối đầu Trung Quốc? (VOA) - Một học giả quốc phòng của Ấn Độ nói với VOA rằng chính quyền Việt Nam đã cố công vận động quốc tế, tiếp cận với các cường quốc để xây dựng một hỗ trợ chính trị lớn hơn nhằm ngăn chặn Trung Quốc xâm lược ở Biển Đông, nhưng nhiều khả năng Việt Nam sẽ không nhận được sự hậu thuẫn mạnh mẽ nào.
  • Ông Trọng, Bãi Tư Chính, Đại Hội Đảng và Nghị quyết “Cờ Mờ 4.0” (BoxitVN) - Quách Hạo Nhiên - 1. Đặt vấn đề - Truyền thống văn hóa ứng xử của người Việt vốn coi trọng người già, người có tuổi. Ông Nguyễn Phú Trọng - Tổng Bí thư kiêm Chủ tịch nước năm nay đã 75 tuổi. Giữ gìn phép ứng xử của cha ông và cũng là nguyên tắc ứng xử của cá nhân, tôi lúc nào cũng kính trọng ông ấy trong tư cách một người lớn tuổi hơn mình. Ngoài ra, tuy rất ghét kiểu tư duy “nước đôi”, “ba phải” gió chiều nào theo ...
  • ‘Quyền lực’ hộ chiếu (VOABLOG) - “Uy tín” của hộ chiếu Việt Nam nói chung vẫn giậm chân tại chỗ, tương tự sự giậm chân tại chỗ của việc xây dựng tín nhiệm Việt Nam đối với thế giới. Công dân Việt Nam vẫn còn sẽ bất mãn với việc bị khước từ visa chỉ vì mình đang...
  • Vấn đề không phải ở tiểu xảo đưa tin (RFA) - Nay là lúc Hà Nội phải “đi xa” hơn các âm mưu thường trực và thâm hiểm của Tàu thì mới có hy vọng hoá giải được các nguy cấp về an ninh và phát triển, cũng như thoát khỏi tình trạng “tứ cố vô thân” của quốc gia trong thời điểm dầu sôi lửa bỏng hiện nay.
  • Ủy ban Kiểm tra TW sẽ xem xét kiểm điểm ông Triệu Tài Vinh? (RFA) - “Ông Triệu Tài Vinh là cán bộ thuộc diện trung ương quản lý. Liên quan đến việc con ông được nâng điểm, khi nhận được báo cáo đầy đủ của Hà Giang, Ủy ban Kiểm tra Trung ương sẽ xem xét tổ chức kiểm điểm.” Đó là nguồn tin từ Ủy ban Kiểm tra Trung ương được Báo Pháp Luật đăng tải hôm 2/10/2019.
  • Hà Nội ‘ô nhiễm tím’: trách nhiệm với đồng loại đến đâu? (BoxitVN) - An Viên - Hà Nội đáng sống phải chăng người Hà Nội ‘mình đồng - da sắt’ trong sống mòn? Ô nhiễm tím vì nhiệt điện? Hà Nội đang ô nhiễm nghiêm trọng, với mức nâng tín hiệu từ vàng - đỏ - tím. Không chỉ Hà Nội, các tỉnh lân cận như Hải Dương, Hưng Yên, Hải Phòng, Bắc Ninh, Quảng Ninh, Bắc Giang cũng gặp vấn đề về chất lượng không khí. Đốt rơm rạ ở các cánh đồng được cho là nguyên nhân chính, nhưng khi mùa đốt rơm rạ đã qua, ...
  • Khó hạ nhiệt các vấn đề “nóng” tại TPHCM… (RFA) - Bí thư thành ủy thành phố Hồ Chí Minh Nguyễn Thiện Nhân phát biểu tại bế mạc Hội nghị lần thứ 32 Ban chấp hành Đảng bộ Thành phố rằng cuối năm 2019, thành phố sẽ giải quyết dứt điểm nhiều vụ việc nóng như thủ thiên, khu công nghệ cao, rác thải và đô thị thông minh…. Liệu mong mỏi của người đứng đầu thành phố có đạt được khi những vấn đề ông đưa ra thuộc dạng “dai dẳng” (!?)
  • Vụ Thanh tra Bộ Xây dựng nhận hối lộ đã giải quyết đến đâu? (RFA) - Công an tỉnh Vĩnh Phúc trong tháng 6 đã ra quyết định khởi tố vụ án, khởi tố bị can đối với 3 thành viên trong đoàn thanh tra Bộ xây dựng về tội nhận hối lộ của doanh nghiệp trên địa bàn huyện Vĩnh Tường. Bà Nguyễn Thị Kim Anh làm trưởng đoàn và bà Nguyễn Thùy Linh đang bị tạm giam, tuy nhiên trong một trả lời gần đây về vụ việc này khi được chất vấn sẽ mất bao lâu khi kết thúc thanh tra sẽ ra được kết luận, Phó chánh thanh tra Bộ Xây dựng lại cho rằng việc này khá phức tạp, lần đầu tiên xảy ra lại được dư luận quá quan tâm nên chưa biết như thế nào…
  • Công ty Đài Loan sản xuất linh kiện điện tử ở Việt Nam để giảm chi phí (RFA) - Công ty FIT Hon Teng chuyên sản xuất linh kiện điện tử thuộc tập đoàn Hon Hai của Đài Loan sẽ tận dụng dây chuyền sản xuất ở Việt Nam để sản xuất xe hơi điện nhằm cắt giảm chi phí hoạt động, đối mặt với việc phải tăng lương cho công nhân ở các xưởng hiện tại của công ty này.
  • Hạ Long trở thành đô thị lớn nhất nước (RFA) - Tỉnh ủy Quảng Ninh vào ngày 3/10 cho biết, Hội nghị Ban chấp hành Đảng bộ đã thống nhất chính thức sáp nhập huyện Hoành Bồ vào thành phố Hạ Long để mở rộng đô thị trung tâm tỉnh và đưa tỉnh này trở thành thành phố trực thuộc trung ương.
  • Việt Nam đánh thuế nhôm nhập khẩu từ Trung Quốc (RFI) - Bộ Công Thương Việt Nam vừa ban hành quyết định tạm thời áp thuế đối với nhôm nhập khẩu từ Trung Quốc, với lý do hàng Trung Quốc bán phá giá, nhưng thực ra, còn nhằm chứng minh với Hoa Kỳ quyết tâm ngăn chặn hàng Trung Quốc tái xuất từ Việt Nam vào Mỹ, trong bối cảnh đang diễn ra chiến tranh thương mại giữa Bắc Kinh và Washington.
  • Hương Miền Nam - đoàn cải lương độc nhất vô nhị ở ngoại ô Washington DC (VOA) - Có một căn nhà nhỏ ở ngoại ô Washington mà mỗi khi đến đây hầu như không lúc nào người ta thấy vắng tiếng đàn, ca và những câu chuyện liên quan đến nghệ thuật cải lương Việt Nam. Đó là căn nhà của nhạc sĩ Trịnh Phước Trí, người sáng lập đoàn cải lương Hương Miền Nam. Dù đã ở vào cái tuổi xưa nay hiếm và sức khỏe khá kém nhưng niềm đam mê với nghệ thuật cải lương của ông chưa bao giờ tắt, cũng giống như những cây đàn trong nhà chưa bao giờ ngừng tiếng dù đã đi theo nhạc sĩ nhiều thập kỷ trong hành trình bảo tồn nghệ thuật cổ nhạc Việt Nam nơi hải ngoại.
  • Brexit : Đề nghị mới của Luân Đôn chưa thuyết phục được châu Âu (RFI) - Thủ tướng Anh Boris Johnson vào hôm qua 02/10/2019 đã đưa ra một đề nghị mới để tìm kiếm một thỏa thuận với Châu Âu về Brexit. Ông đã gởi hai tài liệu đến Ủy Ban Châu Âu : Một bức thư cho chủ tịch Ủy Ban Jean-Claude Juncker và một bản ghi chú phác họa một thỏa thuận chia tay mới, thay thế cho thỏa thuận trước đây của bà Theresa May và điều khoản backstop.
  • Cuộc đọ sức Boeing - Airbus khơi mào thương chiến Mỹ-Âu (RFI) - Vụ kiện kéo dài 15 năm giữa hai ông khổng lồ của ngành công nghiệp chế tạo máy bay thế giới Boeing-Airbus bắt đầu tới hồi kết. Tòa án trọng tài của Tổ Chức Thương Mại Thế Giới (WTO/OMC) ngày 02/10/2019 cho phép Mỹ ghi được một bàn thắng quan trọng, khi nhìn nhận châu Âu cạnh tranh bất bình đẳng.
  • Pháp : Vụ cháy nhà máy hóa chất ở Rouen có thể làm phát tán dioxine (RFI) - Một tuần sau vụ cháy nhà máy hóa chất Lubrizol tại Rouen, đa số dân địa phương vẫn còn rất lo ngại về khả năng nhiễm độc môi trường sống. Hôm qua, 02/10/2019, tổng giám đốc Viện Nghiên cứu Quốc gia về Môi trường Công nghiệp và Rủi ro (Ineris) nói rằng, vụ hỏa hoạn này có thể đã làm phát tán chất dioxine rất độc hại, tuy nhiên cần phải có thêm phân tích
  • TT Trump chỉ trích phóng viên hỏi về cuộc điều tra luận tội (VOA) - Tổng thống Trump hôm 2/10 tiếp tục lên án cuộc điều tra luận tội về cuộc điện đàm giữa ông và nhà lãnh đạo Ukraine hồi tháng Bảy, trong khi các nhà lập pháp thuộc phe Dân chủ tuyên bố sẽ yêu cầu Nhà Trắng cung cấp hồ sơ về cuộc gọi.
  • Trung Quốc khoe DF-41, Mỹ cho thử tên lửa lướt biển ở Guam (RFI) - Vào đúng lúc Trung Quốc khoe vũ khí mới tại Bắc Kinh nhân lễ quốc khánh hôm qua, 01/10/2019, ngoài khơi đảo Guam, Hải Quân Mỹ đã lẳng lặng bắn thử một loại tên lửa chống hạm tối tân được gọi là tên lửa "lướt biển", có độ chính xác cực cao. Đây là lần đầu tiên mà Hoa Kỳ thử nghiệm loại vũ khí này ở khu vực Ấn Độ - Thái Bình Dương.
  • Thủ tướng Nga thăm Cuba (VOA) - Thủ tướng Nga Dmitry Medvedev bắt đầu chuyến công du kéo dài hai ngày tới Havana hôm 3/10 nhằm thể hiện sự hậu thuẫn của Moscow trong bối cảnh Cuba đối mặt với áp lực từ Mỹ, theo Reuters.
  • Sau 70 năm, Đảng cộng sản TQ ngày cành mạnh hay đang trên bờ vực? (VOA) - Sau 70 năm kể từ ngày nắm quyền tuyệt đối ở đại lục, Đảng Cộng sản Trung Quốc hiện đang đối diện với những thách thức chưa từng có đối với quyền lực của họ bất chấp những thành tựu vượt bậc về kinh tế-xã hội, các nhà phân tích nhận định.
  • Trung Cộng phải thờ Mao hay thờ Đặng (BoxitVN) - Ngô Nhân Dụng - October 1, 2019. Tập Cận Bình đạo diễn thành công vở Tuồng Bắc Kinh phô bày lực lượng quân sự Trung Quốc trong ngày Quốc Khánh. Nhìn cảnh 15 ngàn binh sĩ cùng xe tăng, máy bay, hỏa tiễn, vân vân diễu hành trên đại lộ Trường An ít nhất những lãnh tụ như Giang Trạch Dân, Hồ Cẩm Đào cũng ...
  • 01/10 : “Ngày tang tóc” tại Hồng Kông (BoxitVN) - Thanh Phương - Ngày 01/10/2019, những người biểu tình đòi dân chủ xuống đường ở Hồng Kông, đáp lại lời kêu gọi tham gia « ngày tang tóc », đúng vào ngày kỷ niệm 70 năm thành lập nước Cộng Hòa Nhân Dân Trung Hoa. Sau các vụ đụng độ dữ dội hôm Chủ nhật 29/09, ngay từ sáng sớm, chính quyền Hồng Kông đã ...
  • Nhà lập pháp Hong Kong cảnh báo về nguy cơ 'nhà nước độc tài' (VOA) - Truyền thông Hong Kong hôm 3/10 nói rằng Trưởng đặc khu Carrie Lam dự định họp với Hội đồng điều hành của bà vào ngày mai (4/10) để thảo luận về việc áp dụng Luật khẩn cấp cấm người biểu tình đeo mặt, sau khi một người biểu tình bị cảnh sát bắn trong cuộc biểu tình vào ngày Quốc khánh TQ (1/10).
  • Hồng Kông: Sáng tạo nghệ thuật là vũ khí tranh đấu (RFI) - Thảm họa qua vụ cháy hãng hóa chất Lubrizol tại Rouen, phong trào dân chủ tại Hồng Kông, Donald Trump chống đỡ nguy cơ truất phế tiếp tục chiếm nhiều trang báo Pháp hôm nay. Libération không quên câu chuyện nông dân Cam Bốt kiện một công ty Pháp đòi lại đất bị cưỡng chiếm với sự đồng lõa của chính quyền địa phương.
  • Bắc Triều Tiên xác nhận bắn thử tên lửa đạn đạo từ tầu ngầm (RFI) - Hôm nay, 03/10/2019, Bắc Triều Tiên chính thức xác nhận đã bắn thử từ tàu ngầm loại tên lửa đạn đạo mới trong chương trình phát triển vũ khí. Trong khi đó các cuộc đàm phán với Washington về hồ sơ hạt nhân vẫn tiếp tục được chuẩn bị. Cuộc đàm phán sẽ diễn ra trong tuần này.
  • Tỷ lệ từ chối visa tăng cao (VOA) - Các loại visa nào đang bị ảnh hưởng bởi xu hướng này? Một khi bị từ chối, người nộp đơn còn cơ hội nào khác hay có thể khiếu nại không? LS Di trú Khanh Phạm trình bày.
  • Bảo hiểm sức khỏe khi du học (VOA) - Quy định về bảo hiểm sức khỏe đối với du học sinh tới Mỹ học tập như thế nào? GS-TS Charles Cường Nguyễn trình bày những lựa chọn sinh viên cần biết.
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  • Kem chống nắng (VOA) - Hiệu quả của kem chống nắng, cách sử dụng và và cách chọn kem chống nắng phù hợp. BS Phan Hoàng Anh trình bày.
  • Chó nghiện ma túy (VOA) - Một chú chó nghiện thuốc phiện đang sống với những người chủ nghiện ma túy ở thủ đô Kabul của Afghanistan. Một trong những người chủ nghiện nói rằng con chó đã ‘khóc’ khi anh ta không cho nó thuốc phiện.



Politically incorrect anthropology

I have been reading about Napoleon Chagnon for many years now.  I wrote about his findings as early as 2003. So I was pleased to see a recent comprehensive summary of his work in Quillette

As I learned myself by working in two academic departments that covered anthropology, anthropologists are the most Lefist discipline in the social sciences -- and that is saying something.  Chagnon, however, was simply interested in reality and was one of the most committed anthropologists ever.  He spent years living among the people he described -- under conditions that few modern men could endure. So he knew what he was talking about.  Below is a brief excerpt from the Quillette article.  As you can see, his findings went right against the old Leftist claim that man was naturally good and kind but had been corrupted by modern civilization:

In 1966, Chagnon began working with the geneticist James Neel. Neel had had managed to convince the Atomic Energy Commission to fund a genetic study of an isolated population and was able to pay Chagnon a salary to assist his research there. Neel’s team took blood samples from the Yanomamö, and began administering the Edmonston B vaccine when they discovered that the Yanomamö had no antibodies to the measles. In some ways, the Yanomamö sounded like something out of any anthropology textbook—they were patrilineal and polygamous (polygyny); like other cultures around the world, they carved a position for the levirate—a man who married his dead brother’s wife; they had ceremonial roles and practised ritual confinement with taboos on food and sex. But sometimes this exotic veneer would be punctured by their shared humanity, particularly their mischievous sense of humour.

But for all their jocularity, Chagnon found that up to 30 percent of all Yanomamö males died a violent death. Warfare and violence were common, and duelling was a ritual practice, in which two men would take turns flogging each other over the head with a club, until one of the combatants succumbed. Chagnon was adamant that the primary causes of violence among the Yanomamö were revenge killings and women. The latter may not seem surprising to anyone aware of the ubiquity of ruthless male sexual competition in the animal kingdom, but anthropologists generally believed that human violence found its genesis in more immediate matters, such as disputes over resources. When Chagnon asked the Yanomamö shaman Dedeheiwa t0 explain the cause of violence, he replied, “Don’t ask such stupid questions! Women! Women! Women! Women! Women!” Such fights erupted over sexual jealousy, sexual impropriety, rape, and attempts at seduction, kidnap and failure to deliver a promised girl.

Internecine raids and attacks often involved attempts by a man or group to abduct another’s women. “The victim is grabbed by her abductors by one arm, and her protectors grab the other arm. Then both groups pull in opposite directions,” Chagnon learned. In one instance, a woman’s arms were reportedly pulled out of their sockets: “The victim invariably screams in agony, and the struggle can last several long minutes until one group takes control of her.” Although one in five Yanomamö women Chagnon interviewed had been kidnapped from another village, some of these women were grateful to find that their new husbands were less cruel than their former ones. The treatment of Yanomamö women could be particularly gruesome, and Chagnon had to wrestle with the ethical dilemmas that confront anthropologists under such circumstances—should he intervene or remain an observer? Men frequently beat their wives, mainly out of sexual jealousy, shot arrows into them, or even held burning sticks between their legs to discourage the possibility of infidelity. On one occasion, a man bludgeoned his wife in the head with firewood and in front of an impassive audience. “Her head bounced off the ground with each ruthless blow, as if he were pounding a soccer ball with a baseball bat. The head-man and I intervened at that point—he was killing her.” Chagnon stitched her head back up. The woman recovered but she subsequently dropped her infant into a fire as she slept, and was later killed by a venomous snake. Life in the Amazon could be nasty, brutish, and short.

Chagnon would make more than 20 fieldwork visits to the Amazon, and in 1968 he published Yanomamö: The Fierce People, which became an instant international bestseller. The book immediately ignited controversy within the field of anthropology. Although it commanded immense respect and became the most commonly taught book in introductory anthropology courses, the very subtitle of the book annoyed those anthropologists, who preferred to give their monographs titles like The Gentle Tasaday, The Gentle People, The Harmless People, The Peaceful People, Never in Anger, and The Semai: A Nonviolent People of Malaya.

The stubborn tendency within the discipline was to paint an unrealistic façade over such cultures—although 61 percent of Waorani men met a violent death, an anthropologist nevertheless described this Amazonian people as a “tribe where harmony rules,” on account of an “ethos that emphasized peacefulness.”  Anthropologists who considered such a society harmonious were unlikely to be impressed by Chagnon’s description of the Yanomamö as “The Fierce People,” where “only” 30 percent of males died by violence. The same anthropologist who had ascribed a prevailing ethos of peace to the Waoroni later accused Chagnon, in the gobbledygook of anthropological jargon, of the “projection of traditional preconceptions of the Western construction of Otherness.”


Britain looks to Australia on immigration as it seeks to 'end the free movement of people'

Britain's government says it is moving ahead with plans to adopt an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

Addressing supporters at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government is working hard to make it happen. "I have a particular responsibility when it comes to taking back control: It is to end the free movement of people once and for all," she said to rounds of applause.

"Instead we will introduce an Australian-style points-based immigration system."

Immigration officials in Australia assess skilled worker visa applications awarding points for proficiency in English, work experience and age. The screening system was first rolled out in 1979 and has in the years since been adjusted to better consider the preferences of employers.

Last month, Ms Patel wrote to the Migration Advisory Committee asking it to review if Australia’s points-based migration system could work in Britain. The committee has been asked to report back by January.

Ms Patel said she believes leaving the EU will provide Britain with a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to change the country's immigration system for the better.

"One that works in the best interest of Britain. One that attracts and welcomes the brightest and the best. One that supports the brilliant scientists, the finest academics and the leading people in their fields. And one that is under the control of the British government."

Canada and New Zealand have also adopted a points-style system for skilled migration.


Adults 'fail by giving in to trans teenagers'

Adults fail in their duty to children if they just give in to the "instant gratification" demands of transgender teenagers who protest they cannot wait until 18 for irreversible sex-reassignment surgery, clinical psychologist Paul Stevenson says.

Mr Stevenson, well known for helping trauma victims after the Bali and Jakarta terror bombings of the 2000s, said psychologists should not "disenfranchise" parents of trans teens, nor "drive a wedge" between child and family. He was commenting on a submission by the Australian Psychological Society that doctors should be able to go ahead with under-16 trans surgery, with both parents opposed and no mandatory counselling for the adolescent, as long as the clinicians were "competent" in assessing the teen's capacity to make the decision.

The APS claims 24,000 members but Mr Stevenson said his breakaway body, the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc, had picked up 2000 new members in the past year, taking the total to 8000, partly because of discontent with the APS.

The AAPi appears to be the first health or medical pro-fessional body in Australia to go public with scepticism about the "child-led" affirmation approach to trans, which critics say discourages thorough investigation of a young patient's history and too readily puts them on a path to risky medical treatment, including puberty-blocker drugs, cross-sex hormones and surgery, such as mastectomy for trans boys.

Gender clinicians claim children are experts in their identity and going along with their transition is best for mental health. Mr Stevenson said the sudden decision of a teen to come out as trans brought grief and stress not just to parents but to the extended family, and for everyone's long-term interests the crucial relationship between teen and parent had to be supported.

 "Psycholo-gists are not in the business of splitting up families," he said. He said the teenage years brought rapid and confusing development, and conflict with parents. Some neuroscience studies suggested the decision-making brain might not fully mature until a person reached their 30s, making it unwise to allow teens under 18 to consent to irreversible medical treatment.

"We've got to help parents get their children through this period of time when the (teenager's) frontal lobe is 'out for renovations'," he said. "Parents are the best-placed people to get their kids through this, we shouldn't be driving wedges between them."

Some parents have reported a pattern of teenagers, typically girls, suddenly declaring trans status with scripted lines from social media about the immediate need for hormones to stop them committing suicide.

Mr Stevenson said suicidal ideas — like any other mental health issues —should be treated directly. Flinders University's Damien Riggs, co-author of the APS submission, claims it is "scientifically, incorrect" to suggest social media or peer pressure might influence a trans teenager's stated identity. He has argued that Medicare should fund a trans mastectomy just as it does for a healthy woman with a genetic risk of breast cancer.

Online forums suggest trans mastectomy costs about $10,000. Dr Riggs, who won a $694,514 federal grant to study "family diversity", is cited as an authority in the 2018 treatment standards for children and adolescents issued by the gender clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne (which does no trans surgery).

Yesterday, the APS said the courts already allowed trans surgery for patients under 18. Where parents opposed it, "minors should have the right to access the opinion and guidance of suitably qualified medical professionals, including psychologists".

From "The Australian" of 4 Oct., 2019

What ‘The Times’ Got Wrong About Slavery in America

The New York Times recently drew a lot of attention for its “1619 Project” initiative, which has been criticized for misrepresenting the role of the slave trade as the central core to the development of the United States. The Times “aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.

The project name purportedly refers to the date the first African slaves were brought to the English colonies that later became the United States. Like much else in the Times’ version of the role of slavery in American history, even the project name is rooted in distortion. Although the institution of slavery is a stain on national history, the true story is much more complex than the Times represents, and the United States plays a role both as a country that exploited the slave trade as well as a leader in the movement to end the African slave trade, and was not the primary instigator or beneficiary of the brutal trade.

1619 was not, in fact, the date of the first African slaves in the English colonies — those Africans were brought in under indenturement contracts, not bought as slaves. They were contracted to a fixed period of labor (typically five years) to pay for the cost charged by the Dutch slavers, at which point they were freed with a payment of a start-up endowment.

Indenturement Contracts, Not Slaves

This was not unusual or limited to Africans – approximately half of the 500,000 European immigrants to the thirteen colonies prior to 1775 paid for their passage with indenturement contracts. Anthony Johnson, a black Angolan, was typical – he entered Virginia as an indentured servant in 1621, became a free man after the term of his contract, acquired land, and became among the first actual slaveholders in the colonies.

The first actual African slave in the colonies was John Punch, an indentured servant sentenced to slavery in 1640 in Virginia by the General Court of the Governor’s Council for having violated his indenturement contract by fleeing to Maryland. In 1641, the Massachusetts Assembly passed the first statutory law allowing slavery of those who were prisoners of war, sold themselves into slavery, or were sentenced to slavery by the courts, but banning it under other circumstances.

Early slavery, like indenturement contracts, was not specifically targeted at those of African descent. The Massachusetts law was primarily intended to allow slavery of captured Indians in the aftermath of King Phillip’s War. The 1705 Virginia Slave Codes, for example, declared as slaves those purchased from abroad who were not Christian. A Christian African entering the colony, for example, would not be a slave — but a captured American Indian who was not a Christian would be.

Black vs. Black

Ironically, a freed black man initiated the court case that moved slavery to a race-based institution. The Angolan immigrant Anthony Johnson was the plaintiff is a key civil case, where the Northampton Court in 1654 declared after the expiration of the indenturement contract of his African servant John Casor that Johnson owned Casor “for life,” nullifying the protections of the contract for the servant and essentially establishing the civil precedent for the enslavement of all African indentured servants by declaring that a contract for such servants extended for life, rather than the fixed term in the contract.

It was not until 1662 that the children of such slaves became legally slaves rather than free men, in a law passed in Virginia. The African slave trade itself was minor until King Charles II established the Royal African Company with a monopoly on the slave trade to the colonies. As late as 1735, the Colony of Georgia passed a law outlawing slavery, which was repealed due to a labor shortage in 1750. The boom in the import of slaves actually began around 1725, with half of all imported slaves arriving between then and the onset of the American Revolution in 1775.

Relatively speaking, the United States was a minor player in the African Slave Trade — only about 5% of the Africans imported to the New World came to the United States. Of the 10.7 million Africans who survived the ocean voyage, a mere 388,000 were shipped directly to North America. The largest recipients of imported African slaves were Brazil, Cuba. Jamaica, and the other Caribbean colonies. The lifespan of those brought into what is now the United States vastly exceeded those of the other 95%, and the United States was the only purchaser of African slaves where population grew naturally in slavery – the death rate among the rest was higher than the birth rate.

While the institution, even in the United States was a brutal violation of basic human rights, it tended on average to be far more humane than in the rest of the New World.

The World Slave Trade

The Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean African slave trade, which began by Arabs as early as the 8th Century AD, dwarfed the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and continued up to the 20th Century. Between the start of the Atlantic Slave Trade and 1900, it is estimated that the eastern-bound Arab slave traders sold over 17 million Africans into slavery in the Middle East and India, compared to about 12 million to the new world – and the Eastern-bound slave trade had been ongoing for at least 600 years at the START of that period.

The Western-bound Atlantic slave trade, contrary to the misrepresentation in “Roots,” did not involve the capture of free Africans by Europeans or Arabs, but by the trading of slaves (already a basis for the economy of the local animist or Muslim kingdoms) captured in local wars to Western merchants in exchange for Western goods. The first such slaves brought to the Western Hemisphere were brought by the Spanish to their colonies in Cuba and Hispaniola in 1501, almost a century and a half before the first slave in the English colonies that became the United States.

The last African state to outlaw slavery, Mauritania, did not do so until 2007, and if the institution is illegal on the continent de jure, it still is widespread de facto in Mauritania, Chad, Mali, Niger, and Sudan, as well as parts of Ghana, Benin, Togo Gabon, Angola, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Libya, and Nigeria.

The contradictions slavery posed on the rebel colonies during the Revolution sparked a backlash against slavery and the slave trade. Colonel John Laurens, son of a large South Carolina slaveholder, noted the contradictions in 1776, stating that “I think we Americans at least in the Southern Colonies, cannot contend with a good Grace, for Liberty, until we shall have enfranchised our Slaves. How can we whose Jealousy has been alarm’d more at the Name of Oppression sometimes than at the Reality, reconcile to our spirited Assertions of the Rights of Mankind, the galling abject Slavery of our negroes. . . . If as some pretend, but I am persuaded more thro’ interest, than from Conviction, the Culture of the Ground with us cannot be carried on without African Slaves, Let us fly it as a hateful Country, and say ubi Libertas ibi Patria.”

The US Constitution Banned the Slave Trade in 1808

More shared that sentiment and the first law in the European world to outlaw the slave trade was, in fact, the US Constitution, which in 1787 banned the slave trade as of 1808. In Massachusetts, a 1783 court decision ended slavery, and all of the Northern States had passed emancipations laws by 1803. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 outlawed slavery in territories north of the Ohio River. Other countries followed suit. Denmark-Norway banned the slave trade in 1803, but not slavery until 1848. Britain passed a law abolishing the slave trade in 1807, and enforced it with the Royal Navy, and abolished slavery itself in 1833.

In 1807, Congress passed legislation making the import of slaves to the United States a federal crime, and in 1820, Congress passed the Law on Slave Trade, which went beyond the British law in declaring slavers as pirates, punishable by death instead of mere fines – and the US Navy joined the Royal Navy in active interdiction of slave ships.

Economically, the institution of slavery, rather than develop the economy of the new nation, stunted its development. Although bonded labor, whether slave or indentured servant, clearly played an important role in developing a labor force in the early colonial days, its role in the advancement of the economy in the newly established country is questionable. Gavin Wright, in his classic book The Political Economy of the Cotton South, shows in fact that slavery hindered the development of the economy in those states where it remained legal. The artisans, tradesmen, and unskilled labor pool necessary for developing a thriving, diverse economy was discouraged by competition from bonded labor, and the slave-owning class showed little interest in such an economy.

How Slavery Stalled the Economy of the New Country

Increasingly, the economy came to be dominated by cotton monoculture, boosted by the invention of the cotton gin, and the value of the capital invested in slaves. In order to maintain the value of this capital investment, demand for slave labor needed to be maintained, which led to the slaveholding states demanding the opening of new lands for slave cultivation. Wright shows that, contrary to the assertions of many modern critics who try to claim that slavery was responsible for the development of the US economy and to the mistaken belief of secessionists prior to the Civil War, cotton was not King, but rather the greatest return from slaveholding was the capital increase from the reproduction of slaves.

Without new lands to be worked by the expanding slave population, the price of slaves would fall, and the wealth of the ruling classes in the Southern states would have plummeted. Thus, issues like the Wilmot Proviso or Kansas-Nebraska Act, which threatened to close off the expansion of lands to be worked by slaves, posed an existential threat to the wealth of the slaveholders. Meanwhile, unencumbered by the institution of slavery, those states that abolished the institution and emancipated existing slaves embraced other forms of generating wealth, including a manufacturing economy that rapidly outpaced that of the slave states. The Civil War was, in large part, won because the economy of free labor produced at rates that the economy of slave labor could not imagine. In fact, it was not until the abolishment of the Jim Crow laws preserving vestiges of the slave system that the economy of the New South truly began to take off.

While undoubtedly the issue of slavery and conflicts over its contradiction with the ideals of the new Republic shaped the political debates of the new country through the Civil War, it is going too far to assert that the slave trade and slavery were the central core of the development of the United States. Rather, it is more true to state that the ideals of the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment and political beliefs shaped by the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution created an environment that exposed the immorality of slavery and established the political grounds for ending the slave trade, and eventually the institution of slavery in areas of Western European influence.

It was not a simple process, and required painful conflict to negotiate the conflicts and contradictions between the liberal ideal and the self-interest of those who owned human chattel, but ultimately rather than allow slavery to drive the growth of the nation, the new United States became a leader, along with their cousins in the Anglosphere, in the efforts to end the brutal and illiberal practice of slavery.

The New York Times does a disservice to its readers with the 1619 Project by presenting a simplistic and misleading story of the complex role that the institution of slavery played in the history of the United States, and it largely ignores the role that the underlying values of the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment that undergird the new nation played in ending slavery and the slave trade.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

For more postings from me, see TONGUE-TIED, GREENIE WATCH,   EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL, AUSTRALIAN POLITICS and  DISSECTING LEFTISM.   My Home Pages are here or   here or   here.  Email me (John Ray) here.  Email me (John Ray) here



Increíble desidia del Ministerio Público: Fiscal decide no perseverar en conflicto por Vertedero La Hormiga

A pesar de toda la evidencia reunida y ofrecida por los querellantes, el Fiscal Eduardo Fajardo de la Cuba decidió

Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year, which is celebrated yesterday and today. Schools and state courts were closed yesterday. But the feds were open. And the 11th Circuit issued this opinion regarding Scott Rothstein, affirming his 50 year sentence. They couldn’t have waited a few days to issue the opinion?

In other news, there’s a new baseball smuggling case. The last one, a trial in front of Judge Kathleen Williams, is on appeal. The Sun-Sentinel has the details on the new matter:
A Cuban national in South Florida is accused of running a smuggling operation that moved Cuban baseball players through Mexico and into the major leagues in exchange for a large percentage of their contracts.
After being deported from Mexico in June, Tomas Valle Valdivia, 44, faces new smuggling charges in Miami. Prosecutors say he is part of a criminal enterprise that has profited for years off the black market for Cuban ballplayers.
Valdivia, also known as “Tomasito,” is accused of using go-fast boats to smuggle one player off the island in October 2013 and another at an undetermined time. Neither player is identified in court documents, but the first appears to be Cincinnati Reds pitcher Raisel Iglesias.
Court documents claim the agreed-upon price for the player’s smuggling was 20% of his $27 million contract. Iglesias was the Reds’ only Cuban defector in 2013, according to the website He signed a $27 million contract in 2014.
RELATED: White Sox's Jose Abreu says he ate fake passport, washed it down with beer on plane to U.S. »
In addition, Tomasito’s Lawyer, Joaquin Perez, said the player is “not doing so well for Cincinnati.” Iglesias finished last season with a 3-12 won-lost record.
Perez made the comments Thursday in Miami federal court, where he argued unsuccessfully for Tomasito’s release from custody.


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Mental Health Campus Advocate @ Harvard Innovation Lab VIP Incubated Mental Health Non-Profit Startup - Ignite Mental Health - Cheyenne, WY

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Cuba: Independent Self-Activity vs. the State

Author: SK
Title: Cuba: Independent Self-Activity vs. the State
Subtitle: Pride & Anarchism Against All Odds
Date: 2019, Summer
Source: Fifth Estate #404, Summer, 2019, accessed October 5, 2019 at


Viaggi - In Inghilterra c'è un museo dedicato alla magia e alla stregoneria (Kri2202)

Kri2202 scrive nella categoria Viaggi che: l Museo della Stregoneria e della Magia (Museum of Witchcraft and Magic) è a metà tra la curiosità folkloristica, un centro di documentazione e un’incubatrice di memoria. Tra le sue mura, infatti, si racconta una fetta importante della storia della nazione; la stregoneria non deve essere concepita come una pratica peccaminosa e misteriosa, quanto più come una forma di espressione popolare.
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Vai all'articolo completo » .In Inghilterra c'è un museo dedicato alla magia e alla stregoneria.
In Inghilterra c

Viaggi - Miseria e Nobiltà in un Encuentro internazionale che è sempre più un crocevia di civiltà (MarcoCostarelli)

MarcoCostarelli scrive nella categoria Viaggi che: Salendo sul corso di Matelica, l’aria si fa popolare, gli artigiani locali sono i piccoli scrigni di identità che si mettono in mostra e si mescolano con le musiche ed i cibi di Cuba. Anche se contrasta sotto le impalcature di monumenti perennemente in restauro, questo finto-glamour pieno di niente e travestito da tutto, la connessione che vivo fra le culture dal mondo, sotto il segno dei sigari
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Vai all'articolo completo » .Miseria e Nobiltà in un Encuentro internazionale che è sempre più un crocevia di civiltà.
Miseria e Nobiltà in un Encuentro internazionale che è sempre più un crocevia di civiltà

K. FRIMPONG & His Cubano Fiestas (Ghana/1980)


Another great album shared by Ogoun Ferraille again. Thank you a thousand times to him.
K.Frimpong recorded this album backed by the Cubanos Fiesta was edited in 1980 on Polydor's label. This album is composed of beautiful highlife and afrobeat tunes. As you may notice, the title "Nye Mea" is a remake of "Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu". Very interesting piece. To finish, Alhaji K. Frimpong passed away in 2005. Long life to his music and soul...

Autre album sublime partagé encore par Ogoun Ferraille. Merci mille fois à lui.
K.Frimpong enregistre cet album avec l'orchestre The Cubanos Fiesta en 1980 sur le label Polydor. L'album est riche de rythmes highlife et afrobeat. Vous pourrez noter que le morceau "Nye Mea" est un remake de "Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu". Album très intéressant  Pour finir avec Alhaji K.Frimpong, sachez qu'il est décédé en 2005. Que âme et sa musique reposent en paix.


Sobre O Quarto de Marte, de Rachel Kushner


«Autora, entre outras obras, do aclamado Telex de Cuba, as ficções de Rachel Kushner são à primeira vista muito diferentes entre si, mas têm um factor comum, uma dureza de estilo que combina na perfeição com a absoluta ausência de piedade dos factos narrados e contribui para reforçar a qualidade desta boa amostra da literatura carcerária, à altura de títulos como Falconer, de John Cheever, Hard Rain Falling, de Don Carpenter, ou On the Yard, de Malcolm Braly.» [Marina Sanmartín, ABC Cultural, 28/09/2019, a propósito da edição espanhola de «La sala Marte»]

«O Quarto de Marte» (trad. José Miguel Silva) e outros livros de Rachel Kushner estão disponíveis em


Ron cubano

botellas de ron cubano, exquisito ron carta blanca y/o ron santiago de cuba. excepcional regalo para el jefe, amigo, cliente ...

Event Recap: Modality – Rituals as Bridges to Healing

Event Recap Artist Reception – Modality: Rituals as Bridges to Healing  Thursday, September 26, 2019, marked the closing reception of “Modality: Rituals as Bridges to Healing,” an art exhibit featuring the works of East Bay artists Derrick Bell and Pablo Soto Campoamor. During the reception, over 50 guests were treated to Afro-Cuban Jazz from the band T3io and delicious, Caribbean
Read more



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En Farmacias Similares seguimos creciendo, buscamos: VENDEDORES DE FARMACIA EN ZONA OBSERVATORIO/ TACUBAYA. De 20 a 50 años.
De Farmacias Similares - Sat, 05 Oct 2019 04:55:26 GMT - Ver todos los empleos en Tacubaya, Yuc.

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Intended or unintended leak of these observations requirement be addressed during the design of clinical softwareRecently, the composite of 1,2,3-triazole-linked sialic acid-6-O-galactose and the sialic acid-galactopyranoside were reported as a pro- totype for yet purpose of new neoglycoconjugates as TcTS substrates (Campo et alPromoting the development of resiliency in children aids in the exploit of positive developmental outcomes (Yates & Masten, 2004) trusted 0.5mg colchicine. Vocal anticoagulants are held, and the anticoagulation reversed with vitamin K and/or fresh-frozen plasma, if possibleCeaseless Hemodialysis Norm random hemodialysis is only talented to inefficiently get rid of phosphorus from the intravascular spell and thus seldom leads to hypophosphatemia on its ownBinding of Ca2+ to troponin creating a favorable vital chemical mise en scene allows the cross cross over crystallization between the myo- 11Pharmacologic psychotherapy involves epinephrine to reverse the respiratory and cardiovascular effects and blocking the effects of histamine with histamine 1 and 2 receptor blockers quality skelaxin 400mg. 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Villeurbanne : un incendie spectaculaire dans un incubateur de start-up

INCENDIE - Un important panache de fumée se dégage au-dessus de Villeurbanne, où un incendie s'est déclenché ce mardi matin dans un entrepôt reconverti en incubateur de start-up. L'incendie est circonscrit selon la préfecture.

Alfred State hosts Kiddie Ag Day

Alfred State hosts Kiddie Ag Day
Stephanie M LaFever Tue, 10/01/2019 - 14:06

Hundreds of local elementary students had a great time learning about agriculture and animals recently as Alfred State College once again hosted Kiddie Ag Day.

Participating schools included: Belfast, Fillmore, Bolivar-Richburg, Arkport, Avoca, Jasper-Troupsburg, Scio, Bath, Andover, Cuba-Rushford, Canaseraga, and Hornell

During the day, approximately 750 first- and second-graders toured the college farm, learning about agriculture and where their food comes from. Alfred State Agriculture and Veterinary Technology Department students served as tour guides for the event.

Dr. Phil Schroeder, chair of the department, said, “We had a great day even though it rained. Our students did an incredible job teaching these young people about the importance of agriculture and food production.”


Larry Page

"You never lose a dream. It just incubates as a hobby."

Cubase 9.5.50

Is your go-to software for recording, editing, mixing and producing music

Casa para compra em Parque São Bento, Sorocaba, SP

2 dormitórios 2 banheiros piso de parquet
Wed, 21 Nov 2018 15:05:49 +0100

Honeymoon Ideas in the Philippines


 The Philippines has always been a magnet for the honeymooners and for good reasons. After all, the breathtaking archipelago is a dream honeymoon destination. Hundreds of couples take advantage of cheap flights to the Philippines and look forward to spending time on those picture-perfect beaches with blue water and white sand.

Why not dream of a Philippines honeymoon and browse online Philippines airlines promotions to book your seats? There is a lot you can do with your partner or the loved one here. It could be exploring the incredible wildlife, scuba diving wrecks or snorkeling the coral reefs.

Here is how you can have the most incredible honeymoon of a lifetime in the Philippines.

Romantic Boracay beaches- One of the best beaches for honeymoon couples is the Boracay beach. What makes it the ideal honeymoon destination are the crystal-clear waters along the white sand beaches. Enjoy those epic sunsets together with a drink in your hands.

A boat trip from Sabang – Another very romantic experience is a boat trip on the way to Princesa Subterranean River National Park. On the route, you pass by many scenic views and rock formations. The entrance to the park is framed by limestone-jagged cliffs as the river opens up into massive underground caves.

The draw of Coron –Coron is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots in the world and perfect for honeymooners. The spectacular sea with coral gardens, powdery white beaches, and incredible lagoons offer you the most exhilarating views and experience. Enjoy eye-popping views of what lies beneath the ocean's surface in a transparent kayak.

El Nido resorts – Stay at one of those fantastic resorts of El Nido and get ready to experience genuine hospitality. Enjoy the tropical wonders with an adventurous mix of kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba-diving. Explore the caves and take hiking tours and join other couples for romantic dinners and parties.

The night markets – It is a great idea to spend some time in the night markets of Philippines and Puerto Princesa Night Market makes for a good choice. Walk hand in hand on your Philippines Honeymoon as you take in the unique vibe of the market. You can browse for everything imaginable, fresh seafood and meats as well as clothes to shoes on your Philippines honeymoon.

Island Camping Palawan – Nothing could be more romantic than camping on a secluded island in the Philippines. Every honeymooner should have this experience on their bucket list. Get ready for some private and secluded time camping on an island where there is no wifi, and all you have is loads of time for each other.

Hike together to magnificent viewpoints – It is a great idea to spend quality time together outdoors and go hiking to some interesting viewpoints. The hike to Mt Tapyas is a great idea, and the views from the top are simply incredible. It's a great spot for honeymooning couples who love being in the outdoors. Enjoy the epic views of the island, especially at sunset from the awesome vantage point.

An adventurous honeymoon- The Philippines is a perfect destination for couple who love adventure. You can snorkel with sharks and turtles and explore secret lagoons or dive through shipwrecks. Other activities to enjoy include kite surfing, paddling or wakeboarding. There is no reason why you or your loved one should not try out a new adventure when in the Philippines.

Spend some time at Legazpi – Feel the incredible presence of Mt Mayon as soon as you land in Legazpi. The active volcano is seen as the perfect volcano in the world because of its picture-perfect looks. Most travelers and honeymooners do not want to miss out on the opportunity to see the giant volcano.

Birthplace of Cuban Painter Wilfredo Lam Collapses in Sagua la Grande

14ymedio, Havana, 5 October 2019 —  The birthplace of renowned Cuban painter Wifredo Lam collapsed last Sunday in Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara, after heavy rains hit the central region of Cuba. The collapse of the home has generated many criticisms on social networks but no official statement. The property, located on Carmen Ribalta Street between Heredia … Continue reading "Birthplace of Cuban Painter Wilfredo Lam Collapses in Sagua la Grande"

Blackouts for Cuba’s Private Restaurants But Not for State Hotels

14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 7 October 2019 — The owner of a spacious restaurant in Vedado walks around the premises carrying a fan to place it near a table where some customers are sweating buckets. “I am very sorry but they have put me a fixed quota of electricity and I can barely turn on … Continue reading "Blackouts for Cuba’s Private Restaurants But Not for State Hotels"

6 tips melancong dengan anak kecil, cubalah!


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Whatever Happened to Madeline Hunter? | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Whatever Happened to Madeline Hunter? | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

Whatever Happened to Madeline Hunter?
Image result for Madeline Hunter

I used to think teachers were born, not made … but I know better now. I’ve seen bumblers turned into geniuses, while charismatic characters turned out happy illiterates.” Madeline Hunter, 1991
A former teacher and elementary school principal, and professor of educational administration and teacher education at University of California, Los Angeles, Madeline Hunter developed a model of teaching that combined instructional techniques applied to all academic subjects across elementary and secondary school classrooms. Called Instructional Theory into Practice (ITIP), the teacher-centered, direct instructional model was anchored in, according to Hunter, psychological learning theory and educational research. Academic content was important as were specific student objectives on what they were to learn and the sequence of techniques teachers were to use to reach those content and skill objectives (see here and here).
Hunter’s gift was to convert this model of “mastery teaching” into seven key features that every teacher had to cover within a lesson.  A common template for a “Hunter Lesson” looked like this:
Administrators and teachers adopted this design for lessons across the country CONTINUE READING: Whatever Happened to Madeline Hunter? | Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice


Triângulo das Bermudas - Antiga cidade submersa é encontrada (Atlântida?)

No fundo do oceano, na área do Triângulo das Bermudas, um grupo de cientistas canadenses descobriu uma cidade perdida. Ao largo da costa de Cuba, um robô submarino tirou as fotografias das ruínas de...

Revelando Verdades Ocultas, sobre diversos assuntos do Brasil e do Mundo


El Gato Negro : interview pour Ouvre la porte


el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

(Photo : Elliot Broué)

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandorEl Gato Negro a parcouru le monde pour s’en faire un ami. Il revient aujourd’hui avec un deuxième album (en partenariat avec AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL et LA CIMADE) enregistré entre Toulouse, Bogota, Mazunte et Ouagadougou. El Gato Negro nous propose 12 titres naviguant entre français et espagnol pour un mix pop sub tropical, « où le sable brûlant du pacifique se mélange au Macadam coloré de l’Afrique ».
Le 25 septembre dernier, nous nous sommes retrouvés dans son QG, un bar proche de son appartement, pour évoquer l’album et son concert au New Morning le 9 octobre prochain. Souriant, mais un peu fatigué (il travaille déjà sur de nouvelles chansons), l’artiste s’est prêté au jeu de l’interview pour la seconde fois en 4 mois d’intervalle. (Je vous dis tout… la première a disparu de mon iPhone de manière très mystérieuse après une mise à jour « forcée »).

Argumentaire de presse :

EL GATO NEGRO, Prince chat couronné de plumes, revient faire ses griffes en France en 2019. Nourri de 15 années de voyages dans toute l’Amérique du sud. En immersion profonde dans les cumbia, salsa, paso, cha cha et boléro. Il rencontre des frères et sœurs de musique (La Yegros, Calypso Rose, Oxmo Puccino...). Avec un premier album, Cumbia Libre, vendu à 10 000 exemplaires, le combo tropical a enflammé le public français et européen. Escale après escale, 2018 a attiré l’oiseau-chat migrateur vers la francophonie, du Québec à Paris jusqu’au Burkina Faso. Créant un pont parfait avec son Amérique latine. El Gato Negro est fier de rentrer au pays, nous présenter son 2e album, Ouvre la porte, paru le 19 avril 2019.

Le disque :el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

De nouveaux décors et personnages rencontrés, qui inspirent de nouveaux pas et des sons plus urbains. El Gato Negro forme aujourd’hui une nouvelle équipe en quintet. Pour nous faire remuer sur ce macadam multicolore, avec la vitalité d’un mix papaye/citron limé (« Bendita primavera »). La clave cubaine rythme toujours l’ensemble en battements de coeur (« Toca y toca », « La tierra de mis abuelos »). Les cuivres encore présents sur cet album, laissent place aux claviers et machines en live. Un mariage à Ouagadougou entre la Cumbia et le Soukouss. Une fusion originale créée avec le nouveau guitariste et co-compositeur Etienne Choquet. Aux harmonies du balafon de Seydou Diabaté Kanazoé. De la voix de Kandy Gura (Oumou Sangaré). Les batteries de Cyril Atef (-M-, Bumcello) sur l’album. Le tout équilibré par le mastering du sorcier Alex Gopher (Lomepal, Flavien Berger, Eddy de Pretto, Christine and the Queen…).

Vous pouvez écoutez l'album ici.

Son site officiel.

Sa page Facebook.

Quelques retours médias :
« Un pur régal. » L'HUMANITÉ
« Un cocktail rafraichissant. » LE MONDE
« Chat sauvage échappé des toits de Toulouse. » TÉLÉRAMA

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

(Photo : Elliot Broué)

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor(Photo de gauche, après la deuxième interview, le 25 septembre 2019)

Interview :

Tu es parti de nombreuses années t’exiler en Amérique du Sud. Pourquoi ?

A la base, c’était une fuite. J’avais besoin de partir à la recherche de chaleur humaine. A 18 ans, j’ai donc quitté la France et son ciel gris pour le Brésil. Tout seul, sans connaître un mot de portugais. Je suis revenu 10 ans plus tard.

Et tu es revenu différent ?

Je suis arrivé tellement chargé de soleil, de sourires et de bonnes énergies, ça a contaminé tout de suite les gens qui en avaient besoin. Tu sais, j’étais un sacré polisson quand j’étais plus jeune. Je peux même dire que j’ai fait beaucoup de bêtises. Je suis revenu pas mal assagi. Mon exil m’a permis de mieux me connaitre et surtout, ça a ouvert des choses dans ma tête et dans mon cœur. L’ailleurs m’a donné envie de plus croire en l’homme. Je suis aujourd’hui plus positif sur l’être humain.

C’est aussi pour cela que tes musiques sont enjouées, non ?

Même si j’évoque des sujets parfois un peu durs, je continue à cultiver cette joie de vivre. Je veux être celui qui donne de la joie à son entourage et, pourquoi pas, au public.

Parfois, celui qui tient ce rôle est un clown triste.

C’est exact. En tout cas, sur scène et dans les disques, je souhaite que les gens se lâchent et oublient leurs problèmes.

Clip de "Ouvre la porte", réalisé par Cédric Gleyal - Uriprod
En partenariat avec Amnesty International, La Cimade et France Info.

Parlons du premier single, « Ouvre la porte ». C’est un titre écrit suite à la rencontre avec Amnesty International et avec Claire, accompagnatrice juridique à la Cimade auprès des personnes menacées d'expulsion. Ça a été l'occasion de mettre en avant l'histoire de Kouamé, un des deux protagonistes du clip.

Kouamé avait 14 ans quand ses parents ont été assassinés sous ses yeux par des miliciens politiques. Il a fui son pays, dans l’Ouest de l’Afrique, a traversé des déserts, survécu à la traversée de la Méditerranée, affronté la peur, la faim, la violence des passeurs, connu l’enfer de l’exode. Il lui aura fallu trois ans pour rejoindre la France. L’administration a failli le renvoyer. Il a voulu mourir. L’écriture lui a sauvé la vie. Dans Revenu des ténèbres (XO Editions), qu’il dédie à tous les migrants morts en mer, il témoigne de son destin extraordinaire et raconte le calvaire d’un migrant comme il en existe des milliers d’autres. « Ouvre la porte » témoigne de l'invisible, de ce que l'on ne nous dit pas, l'enfermement des enfants, le défaut de soins, les violences, les humiliations, les violations des droits fondamentaux infligées à des personnes qui ont pour seul tort de ne pas avoir la bonne situation administrative, le bon papier. Et de l'indifférence de notre justice...

Plus anecdotiquement, c’est la première fois que tu chantais en Français.

Ça fait longtemps que j’écris dans notre langue, mais par timidité, je ne faisais rien écouter. Avec « Ouvre la porte », j’ai assumé parce qu’il y a des choses importantes qui sont dites.

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

(Photo : Elliot Broué)

Ce n’est pas la chanson la plus représentative de ce deuxième album.

C’est la dernière que j’ai composée… elle est peut-être plus représentative de ce que sera mon prochain disque. J’ai toujours peur de m’enfermer dans un style, donc je laisse la porte ouverte à plein d’autres influences.

Comme tu fais de la musique festive et ensoleillée, est-ce que la volonté de chanter des textes en français qui racontent des choses profondes, c’est pour rechercher de la crédibilité en tant qu’auteur.

Cette question est intéressante. Tu as raison, quand tu as l’étiquette « musique soleil », c’est difficile d’en accoler une autre, notamment celle d’auteur. Maintenant que j’ai bien fait marrer tout le monde, désormais, je veux montrer d’autres facettes de ma création. Je sais que ma sensibilité me donne la capacité d’émouvoir les gens, il va falloir que je le prouve avec des textes qui viennent de l’intérieur. Ce qui ne m’empêchera pas de continuer aussi à faire de la musique comme aujourd’hui. Bref, je ne m’interdis rien dans mon évolution.

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

El Gato Negro par Mandor, le 25 septembre 2019.

La langue française est sacrée pour toi ?

Oui, et c’est pour cela que j’ai eu peur d’y toucher pendant très longtemps.

Tu travailles déjà de nouvelles chansons. Tu comptes ressortir un album rapidement ?

J’aime bien prendre mon temps pour faire les choses, donc je commence tôt pour sortir quelque chose dans deux, trois ans.

Au fond, c’est quoi ta musique ?

J’ai appelé ça de la pop sub tropical… mais je me moque de l’étiquette qu’on veut bien me coller.

Clip de "Bendita Primavera". Réalisation: Cedric Gleyal / Uriprod

"Bendita Primavera" est un hymne au printemps, le retour de la lumière nous fait tous renaitre, on laisse les peines derrière nous et on étreint de nouveau le ciel inondé de soleil. C'est la saison des possibles, c'est l'été qui pointe à l'horizon, c'est l'ombre qui divise la terre entre chaleur et paix, c'est l'heure de danser et d'offrir son amour au plus beau des sourire.

Ton album est très original et ne ressemble à rien d’autres. Hormis peut-être le titre « Guitare de plage » où tu as la même voix et le même flow qu’MC Solaar.

« Bouge de là » était ma première cassette deux titres. Je devais avoir 7 ou 8 ans. Comme quoi, il y a des choses qui ressortent involontairement plus tard.

C’est impossible de se « dégager » des influences des gens qu’on a beaucoup écouté ?

Je ne cherche pas à m’en détacher, au contraire. Parfois, je pense inventer et je me rends compte que c’est quelque chose qui est en moi depuis longtemps et qui ne demandaient qu’à sortir.

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

(Photo : Fab' Le Guern)

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandorPourquoi fais-tu de la musique ?

C’est une thérapie. Quand j’écoute les informations ou que je vois la misère dans les rues d’ici ou d’ailleurs, ce sont des choses qui me chargent. J’ai du mal à porter ce que j’emmagasine tous les jours, alors il faut que ça sorte. Plus généralement, il était essentiel que j’arrive à trouver la façon de me canaliser. Je voulais faire quelque chose de bien avec cette colère et cette hyperactivité qui étaient en moi. C’est une façon de me soigner et de soigner les autres.

Tu es quelqu’un de très sensible ?

Très. Trop. Quand j’écris une chanson, cela peut être très douloureux parce que ça remue beaucoup de choses. Ecrire provoque en moi autant de jubilation que de douleur.

Cet été, tu as fait 25 concerts.

Nous avons été très bien reçus partout. J’avais hâte d’interpréter toutes ces nouvelles chansons sur scène. Je peux te dire que j’ai profité de chaque instant et que j’ai très envie de repartir sur la route. Mon travail prend sens sur scène. Je ne connais rien de mieux que cette transe, cette décharge d’adrénaline. Une vraie drogue !

Parlons de ton concert du 9 octobre au New Morning à Paris. C’est une date importante ?

Personne ne joue très souvent à Paris, alors, à chaque fois, c’est un peu sacré. Evidemment, comme il aura des professionnels du monde de la musique, des journalistes et des gens de radio, ça ne me laisse pas indifférent. J’ai vraiment envie d’honorer le New Morning. J’ai vu tellement de concerts dans cette salle. Et puis, ma grand-mère allait danser là-bas au début des années 80 quand c’était un club de jazz.

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

Pendant la première interview...

Vous jouerez un mélange de tes deux disques ?

Oui, mais plus du deuxième évidemment. On aura aussi un ou deux morceaux inédits. J’aime prendre des risques et me mettre en danger.

Tu sais que tu fais le plus beau métier du monde ?

Je fais le plus beau métier du monde quand je suis sur scène. Mais derrière, il y a beaucoup de travail très dur. Pour moi, émotionnellement, c’est compliqué. En tant qu’artiste entrepreneur, je mets toute ma personne dans ce projet, alors je peux vite être déçu de certaines injustices. Pourquoi je ne passe pas en playlist sur telle radio par exemple… Je suis très bien entouré, mais j’aimerais l’être encore plus.

Quels sont tes projets à court terme ?

On part en tournée au Burkina Faso et au Mali en janvier et février sur le festival « Rendez-vous chez nous ». J’en suis très heureux car j’ai un rapport particulier avec l’Afrique. Un rapport très fort, très intense.

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor

Après la première interview le 14 mai 2019.

el gato negro,ouvre la porte,interview,mandor


Start-up : les incubateurs dédiés à la mode se multiplient

A Paris, l'ouverture en 2020 de La Caserne, premier incubateur de start-ups spécialisé en mode durable, illustre une tendance de fond dans le secteur.

Artificial womb: Dutch researchers given €2.9m to develop prototype


Model from Eindhoven University will surround baby with fluid and deliver oxygen and nutrients via umbilical cord

Attempts to create an artificial womb for premature babies have been given a boost by the award of a €2.9m (£2.6m) grant to develop a working prototype for use in clinics.

The model, which is being developed by researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology, would provide babies with artificial respiration. However, unlike current incubators the artificial womb would be similar to biological conditions, with the baby surrounded by fluids and receiving oxygen and nutrients through an artificial placenta that will connect to their umbilical cord.

Continue reading...

Straight Kenny Cox Bait Jason Barr


'Caruso is always getting requests for more amateur videos with 'regular' guys. So, this week has gone all amateur using hometown guys from Miami. If this is your thing, you're going to really like this scene. This weeks straight guy is Kenny, a 19 year old college student, and, what college student ever has enough money, well the ones that come here always need cash. So, Kenny shows up at our sister talent agency next door. He's looking to fuck pussy and make some money doing it. The talent intake person knew that he didn't have the right stuff for the agency, but since he's straight, he sent the guy over to Caruso. Now, we're always getting model submissions through the site, and Caruso screens them all. He remembered Jason who said he'd do just about anything to try being the Bait guy. What the common thread is between Jason and Kenny was that they were both local from Miami and both Cuban boys. Caruso decided to bring the guys together for ''Miami Amateurs''. Both guys had never done porn, they look like your 'regular' guy. Jason is a chemical engineering college student who is also a pretty experienced musician who can play 10 instruments, and after this video, can play an 11th instrument- a cock. Jason is our Bait guy and he makes a living with photography, he mostly does parties, but his real passion is filmmaking and to that end he's done several shorts, but wants to be involved in bigger projects.

Watch HERE

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Date: 2019-09-26




Relyson Sison, 11 tahun merupakan seorang pelajar SK Linayukan. Pada awalnya, beliau sering mengunjungi Pusat Internet dengan hanya mengikuti rakan- rakannya dan hanya melihat sahaja apa yang di layari daripada internet oleh rakan-rakannya tanpa mencuba. Dengan adanya kelas ICT yang dilaksanakan di Pusat Internet, beliau turut serta untuk belajar lebih lanjut tentang Asas kepada Komputer dan bagaimana untuk melayari internet




Vera Robot, 9 tahun merupakan seorang pelajar SK Linayukan. Dengan adanya Pusat Internet, pelajar ini sering mengunjungi Pusat Internet dengan hanya mengikuti rakan- rakannya dan hanya melihat sahaja apa yang di layari daripada internet oleh rakan-rakannya tanpa mencuba. Dengan adanya kelas ICT yang dilaksanakan di Pusat Internet, beliau turut serta untuk belajar lebih lanjut tentang Asas kepada Komputer dan bagaimana untuk melayari internet. Dengan asas Komputer yang dipelajari beliau mencuba sendiri sehingga kini beliau boleh melayari internet dengan sendirinya terutamanya enjin carian daripada ‘Google’ dan ‘Youtube’ tanpa bantuan daripada staff Pusat Internet. Dan selain itu, beliau menggunakan sepenuhnya perkhidmatan yang terdapat di Pusat Internet untuk tujuan pembelajaran. 


14 Great Sportswriting Reads for 2014

Back during the Quickish Era, my favorite thing was the year-end "best-of" sportswriting list -- the first one was in 2011 ("Quickish 11 for '11"), and it proved pretty popular...not to mention enjoyable to prepare.

You can't find that original list anymore, but the tradition lives on in '14. And the underlying sentiment extends into another year: Sportswriting has never been better.

To be sure: "14" is an absurd, artificial constraint; there are many more worthy entries*, as my overworked browser tabs and gut-busting Pocket account indicate.

Still, here are 14 of my favorite pieces of sportswriting this year -- listed alphabetically by author.

Katie Baker, Grantland: "The Cold Never Bothered Him Anyway" 

Chris Ballard, "Twilight the Saga" 

Jane Coaston, EDSBS: "On Women and Sports" 

Bryan Curtis, Grantland: "Travonte's Party" 

Steven Godfrey, SB Nation: "Meet the Bag Man" 

Spencer Hall, SB Nation: "The Istanbul Derby" 

Amanda Hess, "Just Cheer, Baby" 

Greg Howard, Deadspin: "The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks"

Sarah Marshall, The Believer: "Remote Control" 

Brian Phillips, Grantland: "Diamonds in the Rough" 

Paul Sonne and Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal: "Here's the Skinny on NBC's Olympic Latte Secret" 

Louisa Thomas, Grantland: "Together, We Make Football" 

Wright Thompson, Sketches from the World Cup 

Don Van Natta, "Jerry Football" 

* - Again, "14" is a dumb constraint and I lament the things I don't include as much as I enjoy the things I do. Here are a few under "Also Receiving Votes":

Chris Ballard, SI: "Haverford Oops"
Flinder Boyd, Newsweek: "The Birdman's Vengeful Ghost"
Flinder Boyd, "Run and Gun"
Jeremy Collins, SB Nation: "13 Ways of Looking at Greg Maddux"
Kathy Dobie, GQ: "The Undefeated Champions of Defeat City"
Jason Fagone, Grantland: "Dropped" 
David Fleming, "Nothing to See Here"
Eva Holland, SB Nation: "Wilderness Women"
Jesse Katz, LA Magazine: "Escape from Cuba" 
Michael Kruse, SB Nation: "The Right Thing To Do Vs. The State of Florida"
Erik Malinowski, "Pitchman"
JR Moehringer, "The Final Walk-Off"
Brian Phillips, Grantland: "Sea of Crises"
Alan Seigel, Sports On Earth: "Sabre Rattler"
Susan Shepard, SB Nation: "Double T's Last Ride"
Wright Thompson, "Portrait of a Serial Winner"
Wright Thompson, "Section O, Row 61"
Tommy Tomlinson, "You Can't Quit Cold Turkey"
Wells Tower, GQ: "Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant?"
Seth Wickersham, "30 Yards and Cloud of Dust"

And please feel free to tweet at me (@danshanoff) with any of your particular favorites. 

For other great year-end lists, check out these collections from Longreads, Longform, SB Nation,'s Erik Malinowski and ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg, and subscribe to Van Natta's weekly "reads" newsletter. Also, if you're curious, here is a link to last year's "13 for '13." Finally, sincere thanks for your support of this newsletter this year. Subscribe here.

PRF flagra transporte ilegal de madeira; Ibama autuou proprietário da carga

A Polícia Rodoviária Federal (PRF) de Santarém apreendeu na segunda-feira (7), uma carreta que transportava ilegalmente, cerca de 36,7 m³ de madeira.
De acordo com a PRF o veículo que estava estacionado próximo a Feira Agropecuária de Santarém, já possui outras ocorrências da mesma natureza. No local foi encontrado o proprietário do veículo e da carga, identificado como Valtemberg Marcal Ribeiro, bem como o condutor da carreta, identificado como Levi Andrey Fernandes de Oliveira.
Para os agentes, foi apresentada documentação indicando o volume de 20 m³, no valor de R$6.191,84.
Em ato contínuo foi acionada uma equipe do Ibama, que realizou a cubagem da carga, e constatou que na verdade o volume da madeira encontrada no caminhão era de 56,7 m³, constando assim a discrepância entre o volume de madeira descrito nas notas e o volume medido em loco.
O proprietário da carreta e da carga foi autuado pelo crime estabelecido no Art. 46, Parágrafo único da Lei – Lei 9605/98, de transportar, adquirir, vender madeira, lenha, carvão sem licença válida.
A madeira e os veículo foram apreendidos e encaminhados ao IBAMA.

RG 15 / O Impacto com informações da PRF


13 Days The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 Review



One Cuban soccer player is able to chase his pro dream in the U.S. - without defecting

Luis Paradela, who plays for a second-tier club in Nevada and will represent his national team against the U.S. on Friday, is believed to be the only Cuban athlete in 60 years...

Alfonso Bauer Paiz, Un Revolucionario Ejemplar.-


Guatemala, Julio 10 del 2011.-  A sus 93 años, en el Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad (IGSS), muere Alfonso “Poncho” Bauer Paiz que se encontraba internado en ese centro asistencial luego de sufrir un derrame cerebral en abril del 2011. La familia de Bauer confirmaron que la enfermedad que ameritó su hospitalización desde hace varias semanas, que luego se complicó por un virus hospitalario, finalmente cobró la vida del ex funcionario del Gobierno de la Revolución.



Bauer Paiz, nació un 29 de abril de 1918, Un guatemalteco revolucionario, distinguido, honorable y honesto, con 93 años cumplidos en abril pasado, Bauer estudió la carrera de abogado y notario y se graduó en la Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales de la Universidad de San Carlos (USAC) y a sus 26 años ya se había desempeñado como diputado al Congreso Nacional, durante los años de la Junta Revolucionaria de Gobierno.

En la administración de Juan José Arévalo, don Alfonso Bauer ejerció el cargo de subsecretario de Economía y Trabajo y fue fundador de los tribunales del ramo, tras la aprobación del Código de Trabajo en 1947; posteriormente fue Ministro de Economía y Trabajo y miembro de la Junta Monetaria del Banco de Guatemala.
Durante el gobierno del coronel Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán, segundo Presidente de la Revolución, el jurista fungió como gerente general del Departamento de Fincas Nacionales, para iniciar la aplicación de la Ley de Reforma Agraria y fue Presidente del Banco Nacional Agrario.

Después de la intervención norteamericana en junio y julio de 1954, Bauer se asiló en México durante tres años, al volver a Guatemala ejerció la docencia en las Facultades de Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales y en Ciencias Económicas de la USAC.
Como catedrático fue miembro del Consejo Superior Universitario, ente que lo nombró para integrar una comisión junto a otros investigadores ilustres como Adolfo Mijangos López y Julio Camey Herrera, para analizar las concesiones de níquel que preparaba el gobierno del general Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio.
Mijangos y Camey fueron asesinados, mientras que Bauer sufrió un atentado, por lo que tuvo que refugiarse en Chile y posteriormente en Cuba; en los años de la revolución sandinista fue consejero del Ministerio de Trabajo y de 1988 al 2000 se desempeñó como asesor de los guatemaltecos refugiados en México.
En su larga carrera profesional Alfonso Bauer Paiz escribió libros como Catalogación de leyes laborales de Guatemala, ¿Cómo funciona el capital yanqui en Centroamérica?, La Frutera ante la ley, Apuntes de un militante de la revolución de Octubre, Antología de ensayos y Memorias de Alfonso Bauer Paiz, entre otros.

¡Vamos Patria, la lucha continúa!

Recibirá un homenaje Hoy en el Paraninfo Universitario a las 8.30 horas.


Villeurbanne: spectaculaire incendie dans une pépinière d'entreprises

Villeurbanne - Une friche industrielle reconvertie en incubateur de start-up a été en grande partie ravagée mardi à Villeurbanne (métropole de Lyon) par un incendie spectaculaire.





This group of scuba divers takes pumpkin carving to new depths

A group of scuba divers submerged 30 feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean's surface in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to take part in an underwater pumpkin carving contest.

EN IMAGES. Villeurbanne : incendie impressionnant dans un incubateur de start-up

Plus de 100 pompiers ont été mobilisés pour maîtriser le feu qui a pris dans une ancienne friche industrielle, ce mardi matin.

Comentario en Cubana a Alexander Delgado: «Nadie te está obligando a ti a que seas anticomunista, anticastrista, la gente lo que quiere es saber cuál es tú opinión» por Landín

Graciela, estás comparando a Mozart, Vivaldi, Julio Iglesias, José José ó Madonna con GDZ, se te fue el tren, talento no lo tiene todo el mundo, es verdad, por eso no los pongas al mismo nivel, además de los que mencionaste sólo 1 vivió una dictadura de derechas hasta el 76. En Cuba todo es POLÍTICA ó es que no lo sabes?. Qué hablen de la realidad que vive el pueblo CUBANO no es hablar de política es decir la VERDAD, ó es muy difícil entenderlo?

Comentario en Dos cubanos arrestados en el aeropuerto de Lima, Perú, por llevar celulares robados en su equipaje por Cabanga

Esas plagas humanas, bandidos y ladrones por donde llegan se infectan de robos. Porque el maricon de Ota-Mierda no pergunta a ellos pero no de política pero, si de robos que son graduados todos. De eso nada hablan pero de estupidezes de políticas baratas esos come bofios siempre estan atentos de puercos y puercas.

Comentario en Cubana a Alexander Delgado: «Nadie te está obligando a ti a que seas anticomunista, anticastrista, la gente lo que quiere es saber cuál es tú opinión» por RS

Esta cubana chismosa es socia Del sopla tubo de Otaloca hace falta q vayan los dos a Cuba y hablen alla, no en la Yuma.

Comentario en Cubana a Alexander Delgado: «Nadie te está obligando a ti a que seas anticomunista, anticastrista, la gente lo que quiere es saber cuál es tú opinión» por RS

Esta cubana chismosa es socia Del sopla tubo de Otaloca hace falta q vayan los dos a Cuba y hablen alla no aca

Comentario en Críticas en las redes por el nuevo Rolls Royce de Alexander Delgado por Amy

No entiendo los cantantes y actores de el mundo entero cantan hacen novelas shows aquí y viven algunos en Méjico Chile argentina .... y la conchinchina y nadie dice nada y hay miseria, hambre en todas partes de el mundo. Todos gastamos en lo q queremos por que lo trabajamos y lo ganamos hay quien se lo da a la entidad más millonaria de el universo la iglesia y nadie dice nada. Ese hombre trabajo gano dinero compro el auto pago taxes y tiene residencia porque las autoridades competentes lo decidieron y va atener ciudadanía algún día así que no sufran con lo que los demás gozan. La familia de otaola y de todos los demás en cuba contribuyen a mantener la revolución cada vez que gastan un dólar allí y tienen que hacerlo porque hay que comer así que unamos las ideas y dejen de ser tan superficiales. Vivan y dejen vivir desde aquí no se derroca ningún gobierno llevan 60 años en el blanco bla bla ríndanse está no es la manera.

Comentario en Hermano del médico cubano que falleció en aeropuerto en París dice que hará pública la causa de su muerte: «(…) en tiempo prudencial podré hacerlo público» por biselda

Cabanga claro que tiene la culpa el gobierno la jefa de la Brigada lo hostigaba y le querían dar el alta a una mujer con un tromboembolismo pulmonar eso es grave se muere pero lo peor que eso es un hospital privado no público y este médico era el jefe de terapia intensiva que hace el gobierno cubano mandando especialistas para servicios privados que sólo puede tener acceso una parte de la población lo ideal hubiera sido que se enviará una Brigada para apoyar en un hospital público además se en las misiones por coordinadores y jefes que están viviendo la dulce vida, no hables de lo que no conoces ten cuidado que estas consumiendo porque no está puro y te tiene frito el cerebro

Comentario en Rusia promete a Cuba ayuda para que pueda recibir barcos de petróleo y saltarse las restricciones de Estados Unidos por Javier

Señora creó muy firmemente que sus palabras están segadas de odio. En cualquier País del mundo existen personas buenas y malas. Se nota una falta total de cultura de su parte y una gran seno fobia. Es triste ver personas expresarse así como usted lo hace. Oraré por su Paz interior. Dios la bendiga

Comentario en El Jefe del Departamento de la Policía de Houston es cubano y está orgulloso de sus raíces por Alma

Muy bueno, pero me parece que debería agregar muy importantemente su orgullo por el pais que le dio a sus padres libertad y oportunidad para darle una educación.

Comentario en Cubanoamericano que manejaba un Geely impacta a un taxi en La Habana, y deja al conductor en estado grave por wilber tabarez

se jodio el cubano americano hasta que no pague el carro y al conductor no sale de cuba y si se muere el taxista le cae la mil y 1 noche de prision ,con el odio que los comunista le tienen a los cubanos que viven en miami

Pesticides likely cause of Havana Syndrome of diplomats


What diplomats in Cuba call Havana Syndrome most likely related to overexposure to pesticides, says new study. Overexposure to pesticides is a likely cause for neurological symptoms in Cuba-based diplomats, said the findings of a new interdisciplinary study on the “Havana Syndrome”. The study — led by Dr. Alon Friedman of Ben-Gurion University of the …

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International Week 2019 realiza-se de 17 a 24 de outubro com inúmeras atividades

Altos representantes de 15 países dos quatro continentes vão ser recebidos nos Paços do Concelho de Vila Nova de Famalicão para a celebração de protocolos de colaboração com o município, no próximo dia 17 de outubro, no arranque da International Week 2019.

O evento que decorre até dia 24, vai trazer à cidade comitivas internacionais de origens diversas, nomeadamente de Liverpool, Lille, Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry, Givors, Arteixo entre outras cidades com as quais a cooperação é mais intensa. Estarão ainda presentes representantes do Perú, República Checa, Alemanha, Marrocos, China, Brasil, EUA, entre muitos outros. As comitivas serão compostas por eleitos locais, representantes institucionais, académicos, empresários, câmaras de comércio e indústria, bem como diplomatas com vista ao aprofundamento da cooperação institucional, cultural e económica.

Destaque ainda para a presença de um grupo numeroso de estudantes universitários, que procuram Famalicão para a realização de estágios empresariais, respondendo ao desafio da cidade na atração de talentos.

Isso mesmo explicou o vereador do pelouro da Internacionalização do município, Augusto Lima. Para o responsável municipal, o objetivo da International Week 2019 é “colocar Vila Nova de Famalicão no mundo, quer por via das relações económicas e culturais com vários países estrangeiros, quer por via dos imigrantes que estão a viver no concelho”.

Por isso, o evento envolve um conjunto alargado e diversificado de iniciativas, que abrangem não só a área económica, mas também cultural, desportiva e da juventude.

Um dos pontos altos será a sessão VNF Alliance, que está marcada para as 18h30, do dia 17, no Centro de Estudos Camilianos. A sessão marcará o reforço e a renovação do Manifesto VNF Alliance celebrado em 2018, com a adesão de mais 26 subscritores, que representam outros tantos embaixadores de Famalicão no mundo. Estes juntam-se às quase quatro dezenas de instituições, pessoas e empresas famalicenses que aderiram em 2018.

O objetivo do manifesto é promover internacionalmente as marcas identitárias, empresariais e culturais do território, bem como as oportunidades e o valor intrínseco dos seus recursos, entre outros.

Outro dos momentos altos do evento irá acontecer no dia 22 de outubro, com a receção no município “a cerca de 40 jovens oriundos das Universidades de Liverpool e Lille que vão conhecer as empresas de Famalicão através de visitas técnicas, tendo em vista a preparação de projetos de estágios”, como salientou Augusto Lima.

No dia 20, Famalicão integra o Congresso Mundial do Têxtil com uma iniciativa que vai decorrer no Palácio da Igreja Velha, em Vermoim. O evento que se realiza de 4 em 4 anos, decorre desta vez em Portugal e o município de Vila Nova de Famalicão é uma das entidades parceiras acolhendo a ação networking/ jantar, “uma oportunidade para projetar e dar visibilidade à marca Famalicão Cidade Têxtil e às empresas famalicenses da indústria Têxtil e do vestuário”, como referiu o vereador.


Nem só de economia vive a International Week 2019 de Famalicão, a cultura e interculturalidade, a gastronomia, o lazer e o convívio também vão marcar presença.

Na Praça D. Maria II, bem no centro da cidade, vai decorrer nos dias 19 e 20 a Festa Intercultural com as comunidades imigrantes em Famalicão. São dois dias de festa com as tradições e cultura internacionais caraterísticas dos imigrantes que habitam no concelho. Entre as propostas há música da Ucrânia, poesia de Angola, dança de Cuba e do Brasil, entre muita mais animação.

Antes disso, nos dias 18 e 19, referência para o concerto musical com jovens artistas de Liverpool, no espaço cultural CRU situado na rua Alves Roçadas. São quatro projetos e propostas culturais protagonizadas por 4 jovens músicos de Liverpool que serão acolhidos na cidade durante 10 dias, em “residência artística”, sendo que nos dias 18 (22h00) e 19 (23h00) estes músicos vão realizar concertos abertos ao público no CRU.

Ao longo do dia 19, vai decorrer o Welcome Day Jovens Internacionais, onde através de um conjunto de visitas ao território e aos equipamentos culturais, desportivos e de lazer, bem como através de atividades de animação, pretende-se fazer o acolhimento aos Estudantes Estrangeiros que se encontram a realizar o seu percurso académico nas Universidades e Escolas Profissionais no concelho.

Destaque ainda para a iniciativa “Dias à Mesa”, que vai realizar-se em vários restaurantes do concelho entre 17 e 20 de outubro, com uma ementa dedicada à cozinha internacional.

Um jogo de futebol entre a Academia do Famalicão FC e cidadãos famalicenses e imigrantes será mais um momento de convívio a animar o evento. A exposição de design têxtil e moda com a apresentação de projetos às empresas e o workshop “Riba de Ave Challenge” completam a programação.

Refira-se que Vila Nova de Famalicão mantém atualmente relações económicas, culturais, ambientais e sociais com mais de 80 cidades de 30 países dos quatro continentes, seja através de parcerias, geminações, projetos internacionais, etc.

Em Vila Nova de Famalicão, a imigração faz-se representar essencialmente através de cidadãos do Brasil (38 %), Ucrânia (20,1%) e China (7,8 %).


Casa para compra em Parque São Bento, Sorocaba, SP

2 dormitórios 2 banheiros piso de parquet
Wed, 21 Nov 2018 15:05:49 +0100


How To Help The Poor Without Subsidizing The Rich

If you are a high net worth individual you probably already know about it. A seminar on the subject at Manhattan’s Harvard Club attracted financial advisors to some of Americas richest dynasties – including the Pritzker and Soros families.

A Las Vegas meeting on the subject was organized by former White House aide Anthony Scaramucci and attracted such attendees as Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. It has spurred the Swiss bank UBS to create a fund for its “ultra high net worth” clients – people who have at least $50 million in investable assets.

So, what’s all the excitement about? They are called OZs, or Opportunity Zones. They are the hottest investment opportunity around, and they were created by a mere 8 pages in the 185-page tax reform bill the Republicans passed in 2017.

Today In: Business
In theory, the idea was to provide capital to revitalize the urban areas that President Trump has portrayed as “wastelands, ravaged by crime and homelessness and infested by rats.” In practice, it’s gentrification on a grand scale – as luxury high-rises for the rich replace run-down buildings and other structures.

For example, an OZ project in New Rochelle, N.Y., is financing an upscale apartment building that has a yoga studio, 24-hour valet parking and a spa for residents’ pets. One in New Orleans’ trendy Warehouse District is building a hotel with an opulent restaurant and a roof-top pool.

As explained in a New York Times investigative report (which is the source of most of what I am relating), here is how it works. Investors in an OZ can defer any capital gains taxes for up to 7 years. After 10 years, an investor can cash out and not owe any taxes at all. On paper, an opportunity zone is a census tract where poor people live. But there can be affluent areas within the tract and that’s where the investments can be targeted.

Bottom line: A tax break meant to benefit the poor has become a boon to hedge funds, real estate developers and wealthy investors.

Here is what the tax reform bill might have done instead. Almost 40 years ago, Stuart Butler, then at the Heritage Foundation, proposed Enterprise Zones – a concept first imagined in Margret Thatcher’s Britain. Butler’s idea was to take a depressed area, remove burdensome taxes and regulations and allow laissez-faire capitalism to flourish. Within no time at all, he expected the South Bronx, for example, to look like Hong Kong.

This idea was championed by Jack Kemp, HUD secretary during the George H.W. Bush presidency, and by New York congressman Charlie Rangel. It was partly implemented during the Clinton administration.

But by most measures, the experiment was a failure. The reason? No regulations were actually repealed. What we got instead was increased spending and a few tax breaks – making government a partner in every private decision that was made. We didn’t get less government. We got more government – on top of the government we already had!

That prompted a different approach by my colleagues and me  – one called enterprise programs.

Here is the idea: instead of carving out a geographical area for deregulation, let’s carve out essential services that are needed by low-income families. All too often, burdensome regulations are pricing poor people out of the market for the services they need the most. So why not remove those regulations?

Take transportation. Did you know that low-income families use taxi cabs more than any other income group? The reason: they are less likely to own a car. So, in cities where taxi regulations have done little more than create a transportation cartel, poor people are hurt the most.

Uber and Lyft have made a huge dent in this market – but they are mainly serving the high end of the market. It’s still illegal for me (without a license) to drive a van to a low-income neighborhood in South Dallas, pick up a group of would-be workers, transport them to a job site in North Dallas, and charge each of them a couple of bucks for the ride.

Then there is medical care. Studies show that nurses following computer protocols in MinuteClinics provide care that adheres to best practices as well or better than traditional primary care physicians. Yet in most states, access to this type of high-quality, low-cost care is limited by regulation. That’s why there are virtually no MinuteClinics in rural Texas.

Housing is another example. Local governments often block the use of inexpensive modular homes, limit the number of rental housing units, create minimum lot sizes, and impose cost-increasing amenities such as landscaping requirements. All too often, regulations designed to protect property values in affluent neighborhoods have the unintended consequence of reducing housing construction and availability in non-affluent areas.

Most home-based businesses are started by women and they are a principal way women entrepreneurs become self-supporting. But numerous local regulations stand in the way and day care regulations are among the most severe. Suppose you offered to take care of your neighbors’ children for a modest fee during the day, while their parents are at work. In most cities that would be illegal unless you obtain a license and meet all kinds of burdensome regulations.

The Brookings Institution estimates that almost 30 percent of all the jobs in the country require a government license. Whom does that type of regulation hurt the most? People with less education, lower incomes and fewer resources. It hurts them in two ways. On the supply side, occupational licensing is a barrier to a job. On the demand side, licensing raises the cost of goods and services people buy.

Our idea is to let the middle and upper-middle class keep all the regulations they want. For them, nothing would change.

But low-income families should have access to a free market.



Wise Judge Blocks California Law Targeting Trump

We’re all used to seeing California throw its weight around, but its new law requiring a presidential candidate to provide five years of tax returns to be eligible to appear on a primary ballot is a new low. Now, however, a federal district court judge has blocked the state from enforcing it, at least temporarily.

It’s the right decision. The law is nothing more than a political attack on President Donald Trump, the federal elections process, and the right of free association of citizens and all political parties.

California is weighing its options, but if it chooses to appeal, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court should affirm the district judge’s decision because the law violates the presidential Qualifications Clause and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The Qualifications Clause in Article II, Section 1 sets out the sole requirements to be president of the United States. You must be a “natural born Citizen,” 35 years of age, and a resident “within” the U.S. for 14 years.

The key case on this is U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton (1995). There was a movement across the country in the late 1980s and early 1990s to impose term limits on members of Congress. This political movement ended, however, when the U.S. Supreme Court held in Thornton that an Arkansas law limiting the number of terms that a member of Congress could serve was a violation of the separate Qualifications Clauses that apply to members of Congress.

The Arkansas law provided that once a representative or senator reached the maximum term, he could not have his name “placed on the ballot” — a ballot-access restriction akin to California’s new law.

Arkansas was adding an additional qualification to being a representative or a senator; the court, in a 5-4 opinion written by Justice John Paul Stevens, said that “States lack the power to impose qualifications.” Although the Thornton case dealt with congressional elections, the same constitutional consideration would apply to presidential elections and the presidential Qualifications Clause.

Arkansas also tried to argue that the term limit was not an additional qualification, but simply a ballot-access requirement. But the court disagreed. States can “adopt generally applicable and evenhanded restrictions that protect the integrity and reliability of the electoral process itself.” States have the right to implement rules that are intended to avoid “voter confusion, ballot overcrowding or the presence of frivolous candidacies.”

But what states cannot do is try to disguise additional qualifications as ballot-access requirements.

In another decision in 1983 — this time involving Ohio — the Supreme Court in Anderson v. Celebrezze (also a 5-4 decision written by Stevens) threw out a March filing deadline for a presidential candidate to appear on the November ballot. The deadline placed an unconstitutional burden on the voting and associational rights of supporters of a candidate in violation of the First Amendment.

According to the court, “state-imposed restrictions implicate a uniquely important national interest” since “the President and the Vice President of the United States are the only elected officials who represent all the voters in the Nation.” Thus, “in a Presidential election a State’s enforcement of more stringent ballot access requirements” have “an impact beyond its own borders.”

So states have far less power to regulate presidential elections “than statewide or local elections, because the outcome of the former will be largely determined by voters beyond the State’s boundaries.”

Similarly, in 2001, in Cook v. Gralike, the Supreme Court, this time in a unanimous opinion written by Stevens, said that the authority of states is limited to regulating election procedures. The acceptable regulations are those necessary to impose “some sort of order, rather than chaos” on the “democratic process” as well as to protect the integrity of elections.

The new California law says its purpose is to “provide voters with essential information regarding the candidate’s potential conflicts of interest, business dealings, financial status, and charitable donations” so they can “make a more informed decision.” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in his signing statement that states “have a legal and moral duty to do everything in their power to ensure leaders seeking higher office meet minimal standards, and to restore public confidence.”

The law’s stated purpose reveals that it has nothing to do with regulating the “reliability of the electoral process itself” and ensuring orderly voting procedures. Newsom’s statement about the law imposing “minimal standards” also shows the law isn’t about protecting the voting process — it’s about imposing California’s minimal qualifications on anyone who wants to be president.

California passed a similar bill two years ago. When then-Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bill, he not only acknowledged that it might “not be constitutional,” but he expressed his concern “about the political perils of individual states seeking to regulate presidential elections in this manner.” He called it a “slippery slope.” Tax returns now, but what else might states start to demand he said. Health records? High school report cards? Certified birth certificates?

All of that might depend, as Brown warned, “on which political party is in power” and it could “lead to an ever-escalating set of differing state requirements for presidential candidates.”

Neither California nor any other state has the right to impose additional requirements for presidential candidates, whether they categorize them as “qualifications” or as restrictive ballot-access requirements.

More HERE 


A military mind that most of the world does not understand

Our military men on dire occasions do remarkable things

It was 2003 on the march into Baghdad. Brian Chontosh was a platoon leader rolling up Highway 1 in a humvee.

When all hell broke loose.

Ambush city.

The young Marines were being cut to ribbons. Mortars, machine guns, rocket propelled grenades. And the kid out of Churchville was in charge. It was do or die and it was up to him.

So he moved to the side of his column, looking for a way to lead his men to safety. As he tried to poke a hole through the Iraqi line his humvee came under direct enemy machine gun fire.

It was fish in a barrel and the Marines were the fish.

And Brian Chontosh gave the order to attack. He told his driver to floor the humvee directly at the machine gun emplacement that was firing at them. And he had the guy on top with the .50 cal unload on them.

Within moments there were Iraqis slumped across the machine gun and Chontosh was still advancing, ordering his driver now to take the humvee directly into the Iraqi trench that was attacking his Marines. Over into the battlement the humvee went and out the door Brian Chontosh bailed, carrying an M16 and a Beretta and 228 years of Marine Corps pride.

And he ran down the trench.

With its mortars and riflemen, machineguns and grenadiers.

And he killed them all.

He fought with the M16 until it was out of ammo. Then he fought with the Beretta until it was out of ammo. Then he picked up a dead man’s AK47 and fought with that until it was out of ammo. Then he picked up another dead man’s AK47 and fought with that until it was out of ammo.

At one point he even fired a discarded Iraqi RPG into an enemy cluster, sending attackers flying with its grenade explosion.

When he was done Brian Chontosh had cleared 200 yards of entrenched Iraqis from his platoon’s flank. He had killed more than 20 and wounded at least as many more.

But that’s probably not how he would tell it.

He would probably merely say that his Marines were in trouble, and he got them out of trouble. Hoo-ah, and drive on.

“By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and utmost devotion to duty, 1st Lt. Chontosh reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.”

That’s what the Navy Cross citation says.

And that’s what nobody will hear.

That’s what doesn’t seem to be making the evening news. Accounts of American valor are dismissed by the press as propaganda, yet accounts of American difficulties are heralded as objectivity. It makes you wonder if the role of the media is to inform, or to depress – to report or to deride. To tell the truth, or to feed us lies.

But I guess it doesn’t matter.

We’re going to turn out all right.

As long as men like Brian Chontosh wear our uniform.



NO MORE "CATCH AND RELEASE": "The Trump administration will no longer allow migrant families apprehended at the border to enter the U.S. under the immigration policy commonly known as 'catch and release.' The policy change was announced Monday by Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan in remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C. ... McAleenan said the end of 'catch and release' is a reaction, in part, to the record number of 144,000 migrants apprehended or encountered at the southern border in May. He said that 72% were unaccompanied children or families." (NPR)

BORDER ENABLERS: "The Marine Corps has charged 13 members with smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S., in addition to a range of other offenses including failure to obey an order, drunkenness, endangerment, larceny, and perjury, according to a statement released Friday. Lance Corporals Byron Law and David Salazar-Quintero were specifically charged with transporting illegal immigrants into the country for financial gain. The two were based in Camp Pendleton, located between San Diego and Los Angeles, Calif. The other marines included in the indictments, some of whom were charged with distributing cocaine and LSD, were not named." (National Review)

PRESS BRIEFINGS INDEFINITELY SHELVED: "White House Press Sec. Stephanie Grisham said Monday that she has no plans on bringing back the daily White House press briefings, saying reporters used them to make themselves famous. 'Ultimately, if the president decides that it's something we should do, we can do that. But right now, he's doing just fine. And to be honest, the briefings had become a lot of theater, and I think that a lot of reporters were doing it to get famous,' Grisham said on Fox & Friends. ... It has been over six months since a press secretary has held a traditional briefing in the White House press briefing room, according to Axios." (The Daily Caller)

NO RESPECT: "In August, a group of Trump supporters led by conservative activist Scott Presler went to West Baltimore for a massive clean-up operation following tweets sent by President Donald Trump highlighting the dire conditions in the area. Keeping to his promises, Presler has since led clean-up efforts in Newark, New Jersey and Virginia Beach, Virginia. And on Saturday, Presler and some 200 volunteers headed to Democrat-run Los Angeles, removing a stunning 50 tons of garbage, according to the activist. ... The impressive feat, however, has gone widely unnoticed by the mainstream media." (The Daily Wire)

NOLA CRIME: One in seven adults in New Orleans has a warrant out for arrest (The Washington Post)


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CcHUB’s Growth Capital Plans To Raise $60m To Invest In More African Startups

Nigerian incubation space, Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) is in the process of raising $60 million for its investment arm, Growth Capital (GC) Fund to invest in startups across Africa. According to reports, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CcHUB, Bosun Tijani, says that the fundraising process will be within the next 12 months. Kickstarted in 2016 in […] More

Comentario en La historieta cubana exige espacio por Bob69

Nunca fui un gran dibujante de niño, promedio, tal vez. Pero si huno una fuente de inspiración para mi siempre fue la obra de Orestes Suárez con un estilo nítido, depurado y en extremo detallado de todas las historietas que publicó y yo logré de alguna manera alcanzar para disfrutar. Ojalá y regresara la editorial Pablo de la Torriente Brau con sus tan añorados Comicos.

Los judocas cubanos Iván Silva y Kaliema Antomarchi en finales de Grand Slam de Brasilia

Los judocas cubanos Iván Silva, de los 90 kilogramos (kg), y Kaliema Antomarchi, de los 78 kg, avanzaron a las finales de sus respectivas divisiones en la última jornada del Grand Slam de Brasilia. Antomarchi pasó a la final también con tres triunfos por ippon, y ahora combatirá por la corona ante la británica Nicola Powel.

Representantes de la juventud cubana destacan hermandad con Angola

Representantes de la juventud cubana destacaron este martes los lazos de hermandad con Angola, al visitar el Memorial Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto, donde reposan los restos mortales del insigne revolucionario y estadista. Ambos dirigentes arribaron a esta capital, para asistir al VIII congreso del Movimiento Popular de Liberación de Angola.

Presencia del Che en Guantánamo

Como en toda Cuba guantanameros y guantanameras de diferentes generaciones rendimos tributo al legendario Comandante Ernesto Guevara de la Serna. El Che de Cuba y el mundo. El Guerrillero heroico estuvo en Guantánamo, y de su presencia y obra quedan testimonios de personas y las instalaciones surgidas en esa primera década de la Revolución.

Che, como prefiero imaginarlo

Amanece el 8 de octubre y la imagen del Che repartida en decenas de publicaciones de las redes sociales me llevó al pasado. Año 2007, tres jóvenes y una maestra intentando hallar en la amplia obra fotográfica dedicada al revolucionario universal, una imagen que distinguiese la exposición “Che Siempre” que ese año el recinto Expocuba dedicaría a Ernesto Guevara.

La Ruta de la Seda y La Habana

La República Popular China es hoy la gran propulsora de un proyecto global del “Cinturón y la Ruta de la Seda” que cubre inversiones y desarrollo en los países involucrados en estas globalizadoras aventuras del primer y segundo milenio de nuestra era. El lugar histórico en ella que debe tener Cuba, y nuestra Habana de cinco siglos, es tan determinante como el de Estambul en Europa.

La historieta cubana exige espacio

Orestes ha publicado en las revistas cubanas Pionero, Zunzún, Pásalo, Pablo y Cómicos, que le granjearon multitud de seguidores, algunos de los cuales son hoy historietistas notables.

Manrique Larduet obtiene boleto a Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020

El cubano Manrique Larduet regresó como los grandes, al clasificarse a los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio 2020 y para la final del all around en el Campeonato Mundial de Gimnasia Artística de Stuttgart, tras meses sin competir por operaciones. Larduet, de 23 años de edad y doble medallista mundial en Glasgow 2015, finalizó en el puesto 21 entre 156 gimnastas.

Terreno / Lote para venda. Com 42000 metros quadrados em Zona Industrial...


A terreno / lote de 42000 metros quadrados está localizado no bairro Zona Industrial de Cubatão S/ do metro quadrado $ 1.050,0 dólares o metro quadrado
42000 m2
Sun, 06 Oct 2019 15:36:38 +0200



Cobertura de 314m2 com vista eterna para o mar!Excelente cobertura com vista privilegiada da orla de Camburi São 4 quartos e 04 suítes, sendo uma suíte master com closet, banheiro amplo com 02 Cubas e banheira de hidromassagem.02 salas amplas, 01...
4 dormitórios 6 banheiros banheira
Sun, 06 Oct 2019 15:35:44 +0200

Los gobiernos de Donald Trump y Juan Guaidó firmaron el “primer acuerdo bilateral” de EEUU y Venezuela en 65 años

Lo anunció la encargada de Cuba y Venezuela en el Departamento de Estado de Estados Unidos, Carrie Filipetti. El pacto servirá para dar 116 millones de dólares a los venezolanos

Another Hadoop-backended Database: CloudBase


This post to one of the Hadoop mailing lists caught my eye, Announcing CloudBase-1.1 release. Wait, wasn't Cloudbase the embedded database company that IBM acquired several years back but ended up donating the product to the Apache Software Foundation as Derby? No, not that Cloudbase. This is apparently another project that aims to provide data warehousing on top of Hadoop.

I've been watching the emergence of HBase, Hypertable and most recently the proposed incubation of Facebook's Cassandra with great interest. The first two are modeled from Google's BigTable but all are essentially horizontally scalable column oriented databases. The developers of these systems explicitly steer away having their technologies pegged as relational databases, with the refrain: "We don't do joins." What the CloudBase project aims to do is not model themselves on BigTable but to explicitly support joins between tables built on top of an HDFS cluster. It looks like they've posted extensive documentation and have released a JDBC driver, pretty cool! This is the most interesting database initiative I've seen since GreenPlum announced their support for mapreduce.

Yes, as far as scale-out data analytics, we live in interesting times.



Ulasan pada Tomyam Ayam oleh Resepi Bonda

Ringkas dan mudah, nampak sedap... Boleh cuba ni.

Thread: A Distant Plain:: General:: Third edition bots and some general remarks about Government and Coalition grand-strategies


by poppodue

ADP is a treasure-trove; according to our four-player permanent-and—Florence-resident workshop, this title is, possibly, ‘The COIN one’ as strategically profound as it gets. One reason (the main one?) is that the peculiar design strongly gets in the way of casual winners: indeed, victory needs to be patiently built upon firm groundings - the very first card - bottom up; nobody can just hope (let alone strive) for a sudden and unpredictable win, as it too often occurs in, e.g., Cuba libre. Quite to the contrary, ADP is of value and importance just because factions’ development is slow-paced: you just can’t blitz or improvise, or else you are likely to be swept away through meticulous leader-bashing policies (it is herewith assumed that every player is a contester, not an occasional participant).

In the following lines, I intend to set forth some perplexities as to how the third edition ‘bots have been developed; admittedly, productive efforts struck us as relevant, yet flows still seem to exhibit some occasional drawback.

More in particular, I wish to stress (what seems to me) some defective outputs stemming from Coalition Train Op., as stated in the relevant flow-chart. In order to do so, however, I first need to concentrate upon - say - the real target (or just pet) of these lines, namely, the Government.

This faction is possibly the most challenging one in ADP (the most challenging one within the whole series?); whatever, one can’t live up to anything until they grab a win running a four player Government side (and, trust me, once you do, you are and feel like the man 💪).

So, what’s actually troublesome with the Government? In a nutshell, they need to deal with two different and *independent* axes of development, namely, occupation and corruption; otherwise stated, the Government needs to go for both COIN control and Patronage, whereas the two tasks call for (wholly?) non-overlapping activities. What’s worse yet too common with the series, either you pull the blanket one side, or the other... and you can’t have it both ways: if Government’s priority revolves around control, they need to deploy troops, full stop; conversely, if they intend to siphon, they need to buy civic actions, and so on and so forth, without spreading to new ground: what to do? Well, this is not an issue here, but I believe I have been able to sell the big picture.

This is not so with the Coalition. To the latter, COIN control is just instrumental to building support, to the effect that, upon completion of the feat, the Coalition can rest quite content and declare ‘mission accomplished’. Granted, I’m here oversimplifying, yet I am confident the point is none the less clear enough and therefore awarded: the Coalition works for occupation with a view to political alignment; the Government’s occupation does not interfere with corruption, for better or worse.

Back then to the ‘bots. Upon quite a deal of test-matches (ours can’t be dubbed ‘games’, they are just rugby test-matches, you know) our workshop realised that a proficient winning project to the Government is closely marking the Coalition; ‘closely marking’ means - roughly - the Government needs to pre-empt the final and inevitable Coalition surge-off, when the Western allies are going to say farewell to each and every outpost across Afghanistan, thus depriving the Government of vital scoring. We realised that, in order to avoid this outcome, the Government has to stabilise COIN control, and that deploying Police across the country is an efficient means to the end.

Now, so reads the Coalition Train op. flow (3rd ed. rules, p. 15, column right): “... Train at each Coalition Base with less than two Government pieces or no Police (only). Place the maximum number of cubes placing first all Police they can, and only then Troops to reach the maximum.”.

The above instruction states that Coalition must ensure - indeed, reinforce - COIN control by the most powerful tool available to the Government to proclaim “We are here to stay!”, this jamming Coalition’s own purposes.

One would submit there is no rationale for it.

(I wish to thank all the unprecedented brothers-in-arms joining our outstanding four-player COIN workshop for just making me able to ever give birth to the above ruminations, and especially Michele for leading the way to the ADP experience).


Thread: Coloma:: General:: Weight of the Deluxe Edition (in kg)


by Scubaroo

Hi... what's the weight in kg of the deluxe edition? It's a shipping question.

Thank you very much!

Cuba: Independent Self-Activity vs. the State

Author: SK
Title: Cuba: Independent Self-Activity vs. the State
Subtitle: Pride & Anarchism Against All Odds
Date: 2019, Summer
Source: Fifth Estate #404, Summer, 2019, accessed October 5, 2019 at


Elmer Cuba: "Hay que formalizar, sin quitar derechos a los trabajadores que ya son formales"

Economista considera que es prioritario que el gobierno de Vizcarra impulse el Plan de Competitividad.

Los Tesla sonarán como caballos al galope, pero en Europa la loca ley de los coches eléctricos ruidosos no lo permitirá


Los Tesla sonarán como caballos al galope, pero en Europa la loca ley de los coches eléctricos ruidosos no lo permitirá

Tesla no ha terminado con las actualizaciones de software divertidas, que aportan más bien poco al coche pero que son una bendición para que se hable de la marca. Después de la posibilidad de disfrutar de Netflix a bordo de un Tesla, la firma californiana prepara una actualización del sistema de aviso acústico de sus coches y de su claxon.

Elon Musk habla de un coche que puede balar como una cabra y del "cotocloc" de 'Los Caballeros de la mesa cuadrada y sus locos seguidores', de los Monty Python. Eso sí, solo sería en Estados Unidos, pues en Europa iría contra las normas comunitarias.

La mención de Musk a los sonidos de coco es una referencia directa al clásico de los Monty Python, 'Los Caballeros de la mesa cuadrada y sus locos seguidores', una de las comedias favoritas del CEO de Tesla. En la película, el Rey Arturo, el personaje principal, atraviesa Gran Bretaña en busca del Santo Grial. Durante la presentación del personaje, se ve a Arthur galopando en un caballo imaginario con su escudero, Patsy, justo detrás de él, simulando los sonidos golpeando dos cáscaras de coco.

También dejó caer vía unos emoji que posiblemente incluiría ruidos de cabras, suponemos que los Tesla podrán entonces balar como el simpático animal de granja (¿varios Tesla juntos serán entonces un rebaño?). En cuanto al emoji del viento, habida cuenta del ya conocido Fart Mode, parece evidente que se refiere a ventosidades y no al soplo del viento en un tarde de otoño.

Algunos usuarios han sugerido que se incluyeran ruidos de bosques húmedos y de la jungla, en general. A Elon Musk parece haberle gustado la idea y podría finalmente añadir además una función que permita personalizar esos sonidos.

Todo son risas hasta que alguien sube a su Tesla sonidos obscenos o cada vez que acciona el claxon se oyen insultos y toda clase de improperios. Por eso muchos dudan que está última función forme parte de la actualización.

Esta actualización podría ser ilegal en Europa

Tesla avisos acústicos monty python

Eso es en Estados Unidos porque en Europa, en cuanto al ruido que hace el coche en movimiento cuando circula, la normativa europea es muy clara. El ruido de los sistemas de aviso acústico (SAAV) o AVAS, por sus siglas en inglés, deberá ser continuo, similar al de un vehículo con motor de combustión interna e "indicativo del comportamiento del vehículo", es decir, con variaciones en función de la velocidad del mismo. En definitiva, se trata de un sistema que debe imitar el sonido de un motor de combustión interna.

Una cabra balando o el catacloc de los cocos, sean sonidos llamativos o no, a priori parecen simplemente ilegales en Europa a modo de aviso acústico. Y lo mismo podría ocurrir con la actualización para la bocina.

Las bocinas deben estar adaptadas en intensidad al tamaño y potencia del vehículo. Es decir, un coche no pueden llevar la bocina de un camión o de un Talgo. ¿Qué potencia y tamaño representaría una cabra balando? También está la cuestión del volumen. Como máximo deben pueden alcanzar los 105 db a una distancia de 7 metros. No me quiero imaginar una flatulencia que alcance ese nivel sonoro...

En Motorpasión | Probamos el Tesla Model 3 Performance en circuito. Y sí, un coche eléctrico puede hacer sombra a un BMW M3 | Probamos el Tesla Model X P100D, porque ya no hace falta gasolina para ponerse a 100 km/h en 3,1 segundos

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La noticia Los Tesla sonarán como caballos al galope, pero en Europa la loca ley de los coches eléctricos ruidosos no lo permitirá fue publicada originalmente en Motorpasión por Daniel Murias .



Assalamu a’laikum wrth
Salam Mahabbah

11 Okt. 2018M
1 Safar 1440H


Cerita Belakang

Bila ada orang yang mula mengata kita di belakang, ini bermakna kita lebih baik daripada mereka. BETUL KE?

Mungkin betul, mungkin juga tidak?
Kiranya betul, benarlah ia.
Kiranya salah, mungkin kita lebih buruk.

Justeru .... 

1) Yakinlah dengan apa yang kita buat.. "You are what you do." Apa yang kita lakukan, itulah wajah sebenar kita. Pastikan setiap hari ada kebaikan yang kita buat. Tambahlah nilanya lebih baik daripada semalam.

2) Cubalah berada di posisi yang bertentangan. Kalau kita sering menjadi bahan cerita, cubalah sesekali kita menjadi pencerita. Cubalah lihat diri kita di posisi positif dan negatif. " Put your self in other shoes ".

3) Refleksi Diri. Sesekali kita perlu membuat refleksi diri.. Kiranya betul kita silap, betulkanlah. Sekiranya kita berada di pihak yang benar, tambahlah nilai kebenaran tersebut dengan uslub atau pendekatan yang berbeza.

4) Bertindak mempertahankan diri sekiranya ia melibatkan fitnah terhadap agama, keluarga dan organisasi. Sesekali bertegas dan mempertahankan diri, ia mampu menzahirkan air bahawa air yang tenang, jangan disangka tiada buaya.

5) Buat pilihan. " Take it or leave it ". Buatlah pilihan dengan bijak.





Event Update For 2019-10-06


The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event.

A. More fires and more explosions, especially along the coasts, but everywhere generally.
B. Many more animal die-offs, of all kinds, and especially oceanic species.
C. More multiples of people will be found dead in their homes, as if they'd dropped dead.
D. More corpses found in low-lying areas, all over the world.
E. More unusual vehicular accidents.
F. Improved unemployment numbers as people die off.

Category: Variety Pack

2019-10-06 - Unknown odor blows through Eugene (Oregon):

Quote: "Officials are investigating the source of a strange scent that drifted through Eugene Sunday morning. According to Eugene Springfield Fire, people began calling in about the smell at around 10:30 a.m. Residents who reached out to KEZI 9 News described the smell as a strongly chemical or petroleum-like."

2019-10-06 - Underground electrical fire breaks out at midnight and causes blackouts in coastal Manhattan (New York):

2019-10-06 - Underground electrical explosion causes blackouts in coastal San Jose (California):

2019-10-06 - Many electric bikes and scooters destroyed by fire in warehouse in Spokane Valley (Washington):

Quote: "Officials in the city of Spokane Valley says hundreds of Lime bikes and scooters were burned in a fire at a warehouse. The Spokane Valley Fire Department says the Sunday night fire likely destroyed the bikes and scooters, which were in the warehouse awaiting maintenance."

Quote: "About 15 percent of Lime's Spokane fleet was charred in a warehouse fire Sunday night."

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, two cars burst into flame on the A9 in Perthshire (Scotland), bus breaks down too:

Quote: "The A9 at Cairnie Brae in Perthshire has been shut northbound due to a vehicle fire. Traffic Scotland are reporting that all northbound lanes will be restricted for up to 30 minutes. This is the second vehicle fire to be reported in Perthshire this afternoon after a car also caught fire about one-mile from the Broxden earlier today. The Broxden fire occurred at a similar time to a broken down bus on the roundabout causing huge tailbacks."

2019-10-06 - Wildfire breaks out and threatens homes west of I-80 in American Canyon (California):

2019-10-06 - Brush fire breaks out near Pacheco Pass in rural far southeastern Santa Clara County (California):

Quote: "The fire was first reported about 4:25 p.m., and may have started as a car fire, to which the California Highway Patrol responded."

2019-10-06 - Diseases like West Nile, EEE and flesh-eating bacteria are flourishing due to climate change:

Note: 'Hey, don't forget us!' said brain-eating amoebas...

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside building, fire spreads to more cars, building destroyed too, in Plainfield (Connecticut):

Quote: "Plainfield Fire Chief Travis Irons told Channel 3 the building is a large storage facility that houses several cars. One of the cars caught on fire, he said. The fire spread to multiple cars and the building. Chief Irons said the building is a total loss."

2019-10-06 - Offshore supply ship 'Isla Ciari' disabled by explosion and fire at 3:45 AM in the Gulf of Mexico north of Ciudad del Carmen (Mexico), 2 injured:

Quote: "Explosion on cargo deck of offshore supply ship ISLA CIARI badly injured two people, understood crew members, at around 0345 LT (UTC -5) Oct 6 in Gulf of Mexico, north of Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. The ship was positioned at AKAL C8 platform side, when explosion occurred, followed by fire. The ship started to drift, understood disabled by explosion and fire."

2019-10-06 - Boat, five vehicles and two homes destroyed by fire on coastal Ono Island (Alabama), nobody there:

Quote: "In all, two homes, five vehicles and a boat were destroyed. Saturday’s fire and two fires in June, one also on Ono Island and a massive fire in Perdido Key which destroyed nearly 20 condominiums had several contributing factors. All were along the coast where strong sea breezes fueled the fires."

2019-10-06 - Boat bursts into flame in coastal Port Charlotte (Florida):

Note: These are the 847th, 848th and 849th boats/ships to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-10-06 - Train locomotive bursts into flame near coastal Lautoka (Fiji Islands), 2 injured:

2019-10-06 - Passenger bus bursts into flame on highway in Adiyaman (Turkey):

Note: This is the 491st bus to burn in 2019...

2019-10-06 - Tanker truck bursts into flame at gas station in Bihar (India):

2019-10-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on I-65 near Rensselaer (Indiana):

2019-10-06 - Tractor trailer bursts into flame on road near Hayti (Missouri):

2019-10-06 - Tractor bursts into flame while parked inside barn in Bradworthy (Britain):

Quote: "One tractor involved in fire within a barn measuring 20m x 10m."

Note: These are the 1812th, 1813th, 1814th and 1815th tractors/tankers/semis to burn/explode in 2019...

2019-10-06 - RV bursts into flame at coastal Weirs Beach (New Hampshire):

Note: This is the 349th RV to burn in 2019...

2019-10-06 - Van bursts into flame while parked near Wendy's on Island Highway in coastal Colwood (Canada):

2019-10-06 - SUV bursts into flame on I-91 in coastal New Haven (Connecticut):

2019-10-06 - Police car bursts into flame on Andover Drive in Middletown (Pennsylvania):

Quote: "A Middletown police car was burnt to a crisp Saturday night. The newer-model Dodge Charger caught fire on Andover Drive at Farleigh Court in the Tareyton Estates neighborhood."

2019-10-06 - Two cars destroyed by fire while parked inside garage at home in Las Vegas (Nevada):

Quote: "A fire at an east valley home burned through two vehicles before it was put out on Sunday, officials said."

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame while parked inside garage at home in Columbia (Missouri):

Quote: "A car caught fire inside the garage, according to the fire marshal on scene. It's not clear what sparked the flames."

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on Colonial Boulevard in coastal Fort Myers (Florida):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on Coy Smith Highway in coastal Mobile County (Alabama):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on I-93 in Manchester (New Hampshire):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame at 3:18 AM while parked on Waldegrave Close in coastal Weston (Britain), 500 feet from the ocean:

Quote: "It comes just days after a car fire on Ashurst Close in Weston."

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame while parked on St Huberts Road in Great Harwood (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame on the M40 near Thame (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame in Leaton (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Car bursts into flame at 12:33 AM on Spyvee Street in coastal Hull (Britain):

Quote: "Spyvee Street, Hull. Sun 6 Oct 2019 00:33 (No:22449) Motorcar fire. One hose reel and one breathing apparatus in use."

2019-10-06 - Motorcycle bursts into flame on Cotterill in coastal Runcorn (Britain):

2019-10-06 - Vehicles and cottage destroyed by fire at 6 AM at hotel in coastal Cambridge (Maryland):

Quote: "Bunde said there were no injuries and the hotel only sustained damage to the 1,400 square-feet cottage as well as a small number of vehicles parked in the parking lot behind the building."

2019-10-06 - Pony Creek Pub destroyed by fire near Lake Poygan in Tustin (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2019-10-06 - Home damaged by garage fire, garage destroyed, on Elaine Street in coastal Hampton (New Hampshire):

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire at 2:50 AM on Cantrell Street in Irving (Texas), dog killed:

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire on 15th Street in Niagara Falls (New York), pets killed:

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Watersedge Boulevard in Land O' Lakes (Florida), 1 injured:

2019-10-06 - Home heavily damaged by fire on Eugenia Street in coastal Suffolk (Virginia), nobody there:

2019-10-06 - Home destroyed by fire in Cottage Grove (Wisconsin), nobody there:

2019-10-06 - Home destroyed by fire at 5:15 AM on Munger Lane in Forward Township (Pennsylvania), cat killed:

2019-10-06 - Duplex damaged by fire at 3:45 AM on Merrow Street in Manchester (New Hampshire):

2019-10-06 - Apartment building heavily damaged by fire on Ann Street in Easton (Pennsylvania):

2019-10-06 - Deadly fire burns mobile home on Shaw Road in Carrollwood (Florida), 1 killed:

2019-10-06 - Deadly fire burns home at 3 AM on Giles Place in Sterling (Virginia), 1 killed, 1 injured:

2019-10-06 - Deadly fire burns home just before 4 AM on West 5th Avenue in Gary (Indiana), 2 killed:

2019-10-06 - Vacant historic schoolhouse destroyed by fire in Jersey (Georgia):

2019-10-06 - Vacant energy facility burns in Springfield (Ohio):

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, man, 40 to 50, found dead in the water near boats, and person found dead in wash, in/near Lake Havasu (Arizona):

Quote: "On Saturday at 9:15 a.m., the body of a dead man was found floating face-down between two rental boats near Island Inn Hotel at Lake Havasu. The deceased is described as an Asian male, 5’ 6” to 5’ 10” tall, approximately 200 lbs, dark graying hair, who is thought to be between 40-50 years old. He was found with no obvious signs of trauma, and was fully clothed with his shoes on."

Quote: "Later that day, at 1:30 p.m., human remains were found in a wash near a residential area."

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, man, 55, has 'medical episode' and dies while diving, and man dies after being pulled unconscious from the water at beach, on the New South Wales Coast (Australia):

Quote: "A man who died scuba-diving at Catherine Hill Bay on Sunday was among three fatalities inside 72 hours on the NSW coast. The 55-year-old, who was diving with his 16-year-old son south of Catherine Hill Bay jetty, is understood to have suffered a medical episode in the water."

Quote: "Urunga Patrol Captain Garry Howe was the IRB driver and said when they got to the river mouth, there was a crowd on the beach pointing to where the man was floating. He was unconscious and they pulled him into the IRB and commenced CPR."

2019-10-06 - Couple, 34 and 33, die in the water at beach in coastal Zambujeira do Mar (Portugal):

2019-10-06 - In separate incidents, college student, man, 20, dies in swimming pool, and college student, woman, drops dead, in coastal Port Elizabeth (South Africa):

Quote: "NMU SA Students Congress regional secretary Athi Sityata confirmed the deaths. 'It all happened in unrelated incidents,' he said. 'In one of them, a male student drowned at about 3.30am in the swimming pool at the Veritas Residence on south campus. In the other, a male student [allegedly] stabbed his roommate at their off-campus residence in Govan Mbeki Avenue. In the last incident, a female student collapsed at the South Point residence, also offcampus in town.'"

2019-10-06 - Man, 56, drops dead after loading boat onto trailer at boat ramp on Lake Orion (Michigan):

Quote: "Another man who had helped him load the boat told police he saw the man collapse."

2019-10-06 - Man found dead in the water at Glass Bottle Beach in coastal Brooklyn (New York):

2019-10-06 - Man found dead in Lake Michigan near Rogers Park in Chicago (Illinois):

2019-10-06 - Man found dead in canal in Missouri City (Texas):

2019-10-06 - Man found dead on the banks of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in St. Georges (Delaware):

2019-10-06 - Woman, 38, found dead at 6:41 AM along South Chester Avenue in Bakersfield (California):

2019-10-06 - Man, 87, found dead in irrigation canal near his home in Redding (California):

2019-10-06 - Woman, 28, found dead in ditch along Whispering Pines Lane in Stafford County (Virginia):

2019-10-06 - Woman found dead on Faulkner Lake Road near Sand River Road in Pulaski County (Arkansas):

2019-10-06 - Man, 53, found dead in pond along Siloam Road in Greene Township (Pennsylvania):

2019-10-06 - Man goes hunting, falls out of tree stand and dies, in German Township (Pennsylvania), possible toppler:

2019-10-06 - Man, 60, goes hunting, next seen dead near the Curtis Creek drainage in Baker County (Oregon):

2019-10-06 - Woman, 22, dies while diving on the island of Ko Phi Phi (Thailand):

Quote: "A 22-year-old Israeli woman died in a diving accident on the island of Ko Phi Phi while on vacation with her family in Thailand, the Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday."

2019-10-06 - Runner has 'medical emergency' during half marathon and dies in coastal Cardiff (Britain):

Quote: "A runner has died in hospital following a medical emergency after taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon 2019."

Quote: "The incident is the third death at the Cardiff half marathon in two years. Last year Ben McDonald, 25, from Cardiff, and Dean Fletcher, 32, from Exeter, died after taking part in the race. They both went into cardiac arrest and collapsed after crossing the finishing line within minutes of each other. A coroner’s investigation ruled they had both died from natural causes."

2019-10-06 - Man has 'medical episode' and dies while riding bicycle near Haydon Bridge (Britain), 1450 feet from the River South Tyne:

Quote: "A man died after suffering a 'medical episode' near Haydon Bridge on Saturday."

2019-10-06 - Man, 51, has 'medical incident', U-Haul truck slams into tree, on I-40 in Sequoyah County (Oklahoma), 1 killed:

Quote: "According to an accident report by Oklahoma State Police, a medical incident caused the collision."

2019-10-06 - Woman, 29, has 'medical condition' at 7 AM, SUV crashes into shed, bursts into flame, in Uniondale on coastal Long Island (New York), 1 injured:

Quote: "Police say the female driver suffered a medical condition behind the wheel, causing her to crash into a shed on Nostrand Avenue. The SUV then caught fire. The 29-year-old was taken to the hospital."

2019-10-06 - Small plane crashes in Ambrosetown (Ireland), 2 killed:

2019-10-06 - Small plane makes emergency landing in field in Nchalo (Malawi):

2019-10-06 - Two passenger buses collide head-on near Kwekwe (Zimbabwe), 10 killed, dozens injured:

2019-10-06 - SUV crashes into canal in Middletown (Delaware), 3 killed, 1 missing:

2019-10-06 - SUV veers off road shortly before midnight, crashes into pole, in Arlington (Texas), 1 killed:

2019-10-06 - Two cars collide head-on, on Highway 70 in Ascension Parish (Louisiana), 1 killed, 3 injured:

2019-10-06 - Car crashes, bursts into flame, in Salado (Texas), 1 injured:

2019-10-06 - Unemployment rate drops from 3.7 percent to 3.5 percent: