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EJ Leroy and Buddy for Genesis 8 Male


EJ Leroy And Buddy For Genesis 8 Male is a character that includes 2 alternative shapes for head and body: EJ Leroy is a muscled ideal model, and EJ Buddy is a more stocky shape. The textures that you can use with Buddy or Leroy include many possibilities from casual to tribal or deities of the dead like the Loas, top models or common people. You also have 5 skin tones to get different looks as African-American, darker skin, African Ebony, Brazilian or Caribbean.

CHARACTER MORPHS: Includes lacrimal JCMs to get a natural look when looking to the sides. The head morphs are custom, so they don't need anything else to work. The bodies use Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs for maximum compatibility with all your clothing. This pack also includes a custom male anatomical elements morph.

MAKEUP OPTIONS: Five makeups, that can be mixed with any skin tone: 3 different tribal makeups, and 2 Loa makeups: Baron Samedi and Two Faces.

BODY DECORATIONS OPTIONS: Sports tattoos on arms that can be applied to left, right, or both arms. Tribal body painting for ams, legs, chest, or the full body.

SKIN TONES: You have 5 skin tones that can be mixed with any tattoo, makeup or body painting: the default tone, a darker one, a very dark African tone, a more reddish Brazilian tone, and a Caribbean smoother tone. There are icons to load these skin tones on the anatomical elements too.

Price: $21.95 Special Price: $10.98


EJ Nina and Ella for Genesis 8 Female


EJ Nina and Ella for Genesis 8 Female is a character that includes 2 alternative shapes for head and body: EJ Nina is a beautiful dark skinned model, and EJ Ella is a more curvy shape. The textures that you can use with Ella or Nina include many possibilities from casual to Ancient Egyptian, fantasy warrioress, pinups, top models or common people. You also have 5 skin tones to get different looks as African-American, darker skin, African ebony, Brazilian or Egyptian.

CHARACTER MORPHS: Includes lacrimal JCMs to get a natural look when looking to the sides. The head morphs are custom, so they don't need anything else to work. The bodies use Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs for maximum compatibility with all your clothing. This pack also includes a custom morph that simulates the external Anatomical Elements over Genesis 8 Female base mesh.

MAKEUP OPTIONS: 7 nail options, 9 lipsticks and 11 makeups, that can be mixed with any skin tone: 7 casual makeups and 4 fantasy makeups (Lapis lazuli, Rainbow, Egyptian, and Egyptian Pharaoh).

BODY DECORATIONS OPTIONS: You can apply Egyptian themed tattoos on left or right arm, or in both arms, or in the chest only, abdomen only, full torso, or full body. All of them can be mixed with all the skin tones.

SKIN TONES: You have 5 skin tones that can be mixed with any tattoo, makeup or lipstick: the default tone, a darker one, a very dark African tone, a more reddish Brazilian tone, and a more golden Egyptian tone.

Price: $21.95 Special Price: $10.98


Smith wowed by Wesley as Brazilian bags brace in big Villa win at Norwich

Dean Smith hailed Wesley as a “terrific player” after he struck with two early goals as Aston Villa stormed to a 5-1 Premier League win at Norwich.

Sports Tips 2019-10-07 20:20

basketball Argentinian Torneo Super 20 2019-10-07 20:30:00 San Martín de Corrientes – Comunicaciones Mercedes – Win: 2 (3.95) soccer Brazilian Serie A 2019-10-09 18:15:00 CS Alagoano – Internacional RS – Win: 2 (1.89)

Ponte Preta vs Londrina, Oct 08, 2019 – Preview, Where to Watch, Score

Brazilian Serie B, Ponte Preta – Londrina, Tuesday, 8:30 pm ET Score, Highlights Probability of winning Ponte Preta 53.04% Draw 27.79% Londrina 19.16% Short Preview Teams from a mid-table will play this time (ranked 10 and 15). Ponte Preta is in unsatisfactory shape (in the last 5 games wins – 1). Recent matches Londrina is…

Qubit with Matthew Tamsett and Ravi Upreti


Our guests Matthew Tamsett and Ravi Upreti join Gabi Ferrara and Aja Hammerly to talk about data science and their project, Qubit. Qubit helps web companies by measuring different user experiences, analyzing that information, and using it to improve the website. They also use the collected data along with ML to predict things, such as which products users will prefer, in order to provide a customized website experience.

Matthew talks a little about his time at CERN and his transition from working in academia to industry. It’s actually fairly common for physicists to branch out into data science and high performance computing, Matthew explains. Later, Ravi and Matthew talk GCP shop with us, explaining how they moved Qubit to GCP and why. Using PubSub, BigQuery, and BigQuery ML, they can provide their customers with real-time solutions, which allows for more reactive personalization. Data can be analyzed and updates can be created and pushed much faster with GCP. Autoscaling and cloud management services provided by GCP have given the data scientists at Qubit back their sleep!

Matthew Tamsett

Matthew was trained in experimental particle physics at Royal Holloway University of London, and did his Ph.D. on the use of leptonic triggers for the detection of super symmetric signals at the ATLAS detector at CERN. Following this, he completed three post doctoral positions at CERN and on the neutrino experiment NOvA at Louisiana Tech University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, and the University of Sussex UK, culminating in a EU Marie Curie fellowship. During this time, Matt co-authored many papers including playing a minor part in the discovery of the Higgs Boson. Since leaving academia in 2016, he’s worked at Qubit as a data scientist and later as lead data scientist where he lead a team working to improve the online shopping experience via the use of personalization, statistics and predictive modeling.

Ravi Upreti

Ravi has been working with Qubit for almost 4 years now and leads the platform engineering team there. He learned distributed computing, parallel algorithms and extreme computing at Edinburgh University. His four year stint at Ocado helped developed a strong domain knowledge for e-commerce, along with deep technical knowledge. Now it has all come together, as he gets to apply all these learnings to Qubit, at scale.

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How do you deploy a Windows container on GKE?

Where can you find us next?

Gabi will be at the Google Cloud Summit in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Aja will be at Cloud Next London.

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موقع إحصاء عالمي: إيطاليا تتربع على عرش الدول الأكثر "تأثيرا ثقافيا" في العالم


قال موقع "World Index"، المتخصص في الاحصائيات واستطلاعات الرأي وعمليات المسح المرتبطة بالاقتصاد، الفن والثقافات، والعلوم، والتكنولوجيا، الرياضة والأسفار والسياسات والشؤون العسكرية،  بأن الدول التي تتمتع بنفوذ وتأثير ثقافي تكون غالبا مرادفة مع الأكل الجيد، الأزياء والعيش اليسير. إنها دول تلتزم باتباع الموضة والابداع فيها في جميع المجالات.
وهي الدول التي تجد منتجاتها تستهلك بكثرة وتترك الرفوف التي كانت معروضة فيها في المحلات التجارية بوتيرة أسرع. والتي موسيقاها وتلفزيوناتها وأفلامها تكون مستوعبة من قبل الثقافات الأخرى، لتصبح جزء ا من محادثات عالمية على نطاق أوسع، مثل "بيتزا"، و "دولتشي غابانا"، و"فيات"، و"غوتشي"، و"تشاو"...
تستند تصنيفات 2019 لأفضل البلدان، التي تم تشكيلها بالشراكة مع مجموعة BAV، وهي وحدة تابعة لشركة الاتصالات التسويقية العالمية VMLY & R، ومدرسة وارتون بجامعة بنسلفانيا، على استطلاع طلب أكثر من 20000 شخص من أربع مناطق لربط 80 دولة مع خصائص محددة.
هوية الدولة مبنية على مدى الحياة، وربما ليس من المستغرب أن يكون هناك تغيير طفيف في نتائج هذه العملية الفرعية. عندما يتعلق الأمر بالتأثير الثقافي، لا تزال أوروبا هي القائد الواضح. احتلت إيطاليا مرة أخرى المرتبة الأولى، حيث احتلت إيطاليا بتقاليد الطهي والفن الكلاسيكي وملابس المصممين، حيث احتلت المراكز الخمسة الأولى، كما فعلت في العام الماضي. بقيت البلدان العشرة الأولى على حالها، مع سويسرا، رقم 9 ، أستراليا، رقم 8 ، والبرازيل، رقم 7، تغيير ترتيب العام الماضي.
إيطاليا التي يعيش فيها قانونيا أكثر من 60،6 مليون نسمة، بلد يقع جنوب وسط أوروبا، وتمتد حدوده على شكل التمهيد إلى البحر الأبيض المتوسط. تجعل المدن التاريخية في البلاد والمأكولات ذات الشهرة العالمية والجمال الجغرافي وجهة شهيرة لأكثر من 40 مليون سائح كل عام. الأمة هي موطن لجبل إتنا، أطول بركان في أوروبا وأكثرها نشاطًا، وتضم دولتين داخل حدودها ء الفاتيكان وسان مارينو.

في حين أن الولايات المتحدة قد لا تكون مرتبطة دائمًا بالحياة المتطورة، فإن صناعة الوسائط والترفيه التي تبلغ تكلفتها 735 مليار دولار هي الأكبر في العالم، حيث تمثل ثلث الصناعة العالمية.
البرازيل، وهي مركز قوي لكرة القدم، تتمتع بأكبر اقتصاد في أمريكا اللاتينية، البلد الوحيد في أمريكا الجنوبية الذي يحتل المرتبة العشرة الأولى. 
بينما المكسيك هي ثاني أعلى دولة في أمريكا اللاتينية، حيث تحتل المرتبة 26. 
وتعد اليابان وسنغافورة من جديد من الدول الآسيوية الوحيدين اللتين لديهما مكان في أعلى 15.
البلدان التي كانت تتمتع بإمبراطورية أو سلطة عظيمة ذات مرة على أرض كبيرة لم يكن لها بالضرورة تأثير قوي. وجاءت البرتغال، التي كانت ذات يوم تحكم الأراضي من أمريكا الجنوبية إلى إفريقيا، في المرتبة 24، بينما جاءت روسيا في المرتبة 20.
لم يجد المجيبون على الاستطلاع سوى تأثير ضئيل من الأنظمة ذات الميول الاستبدادي. تعرضت كل من كازاخستان وباكستان، وهما الدولتان الأخيران في القائمة، لانتقادات من قبل جماعات حقوق الإنسان مثل "منظمة العفو الدولية" و"هيومن رايتس ووتش" لقمعهما حرية التعبير والمعارضة السياسية. وأخيرا، بلغاريا في المركز الثالث من أسفل الترتيب.


Marcelo Suffers Hamstring Injury Ahead of Real Madrid’s Clash With Granada

?Real Madrid have confirmed that left-back Marcelo has suffered a hamstring injury, which will likely sideline him for Saturday’s meeting with Granada. The Brazilian has endured an injury-hit start to the campaign and only recently made his return from a neck injury, which had restricted him to just four appearances this season. He managed 45 … Continue reading Marcelo Suffers Hamstring Injury Ahead of Real Madrid’s Clash With Granada

Arsenal enjoying benefits of Luiz experience, says Chambers.

The Brazilian scored the winner in the win over Bournemouth.

In Brazil, Amazon fires threaten millenary rock paintings

Fires burning in Brazil's Monte Alegre park threaten ancient rock paintings.

Don’t fear what is new, Cardinal Hummes says, introducing synod topics

IMAGE: CNS photo/Paul Haring By Barbara J. Fraser VATICAN CITY (CNS) — With its mandate to seek "new pathways for the church and for an integral ecology," the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon follows Pope Francis’ call for the church to move forward without fear, Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes

Skomentuj Kto to jest Gog?, którego autorem jest arex

Tekst napisany przez sfrustrowanego bylego pastora KCHWE. Obrazil sie na Pana Boga .Skonczyl CHAT faryzesjka szkole .Znowu mu nie wyszlo w zyciu.Glosil ewangelie sukcesu.Dlaczego powielasz sfrustrowanego czlowieka? Czlowiek ten glosi herezje, odstepstwo od Boga.Pastor , ktory neguje istnienie Boga.Na nim sie opierasz?Chetnie kupie cos Chazarskiego obojetnie z jakiej epoki.Nigdy nie natrafilem na pozostalosci po chazarach.

Italy hope to persuade Arsenal prospect Gabriel Martinelli to represent them instead of Brazil 

Italy are eager to convince Arsenal prospect Gabriel Martinelli to represent them instead of Brazil. Martinelli was born in Brazil and was called up to a training camp ahead of the Copa America.

England Women's boss Phil Neville says team's form is 'not acceptable' after four losses in five

Since losing the World Cup semi-final against the United States in July, the Lionesses have lost to Sweden, Norway and Brazil and drawn against Belgium.

England's women take EASYJET flight for Portugal clash as travel plans come under more scrutiny

England, who played Brazil on Saturday, turned heads at Manchester Airport on Sunday when the squad of 23 plus the entire coaching staff checked in for the flight to Lisbon.

England's World Cup hangover does not worry me

JILL SCOTT: I get it: five games without a win doesn't look good on paper. But I'm not worried about England, despite our 2-1 defeat by Brazil on Saturday. I've been involved in many like it.

England 1-2 Brazil: Lionesses still without a win since World Cup quarter final win over Norway

CLAIRE BLOOMFIELD AT THE RIVERSIDE STADIUM: England were watched by the biggest crowed for women's football ever recorded outside Wembley on Saturday.

Philippe Coutinho puts Hoffenheim loss behind him as Bayern Munich star joins family at Oktoberfest

Philippe Coutinho has been embracing Oktoberfest with his family after Bayern Munich's 2-1 home defeat by Hoffenheim. The Brazilian was pictured with his wife Aine and two daughters.

Poland v Brazil


Watch Pro-Shot Footage of Iron Maiden’s Entire Rock in Rio Performance


The band headlined the legendary festival in Brazil this past Friday night.

The post Watch Pro-Shot Footage of Iron Maiden’s Entire Rock in Rio Performance appeared first on MetalSucks.


Arsenal enjoying benefits of Luiz experience, says Chambers.

The Brazilian scored the winner in the win over Bournemouth.

Calcio - Brazil 2-0 Argentina Copa America 2019 (Issaoui)

Issaoui scrive nella categoria Calcio che: Il Brasile è il favorito qui nonostante abbia bisogno di calci di rigore per avanzare in semifinale. Parte di questo ha a che fare con il loro status di nazione ospitante, ma ciò non li ha aiutati contro il Paraguay. Hanno lanciato 26 colpi a solo cinque per il Paraguay, e hanno posseduto il 71% della partita, ma non hanno segnato un goal per la seconda partita, e quella paralisi offensiva è un p
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TSA Catches Man with Huge Samurai Sword Trying to Board Plane

TSA Samurai Sword
The TSA caught a man trying to board his flight to Brazil with a samurai sword as a carry-on as if that's something anyone is allowed to do.

CIPL Co-Hosts Workshop on Brazil’s New Data Protection Law

On September 25, 2019, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership at Hunton Andrews Kurth (“CIPL”) and the Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público (“IDP”) had the first of a series of workshops for their joint project on “Brazilian Data Protection Implementation and Effective Regulation.” This is an exclusive project that aims to contribute to the debates around the Brazilian Data Protection Law (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (“LGPD”)), including the development of good practices for data governance and the implementation and enforcement of this law. As part of this project, CIPL will organize additional multi-stakeholder workshops, webinars and training sessions, and prepare white papers on key topics for data protection in Brazil. The first workshop gathered a variety of stakeholders including leading global and Brazilian companies, Brazilian and international policymakers, academics and civil…

Nickelback's label forced Twitter to delete a video tweeted by Trump


In 2005, Canadian grunge rockers Nickelback released a hit single called "Photograph." In the video, lead singer Chad Kroeger holds up a framed picture of himself and Nickelback's producer Joey Moi as the lyric "Look at this photograph" is heard in the background.

In 2008, the image of Kroeger holding up the picture frame became a popular meme. According to Know Your Meme, it started on a page called "Nickelback is racist" and the meme depicted Kroeger holding up a photo of a man in blackface.

Since, people replaced the image of Kroger and Moi with anything form Trump to Harambe. The memes are also used to mock Nickelback, because even though they've sold over 50 million albums, they are the most despised musical acts on the planet.

RELATED: Ivanka claimed the 'force is strong' in her family and Luke Skywalker wasn't having it

On Tuesday, October 2nd, President Trump got in on the act, sharing a video that uses the "Photograph" frame, but this time the photograph is of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and Devon Archer, identified only as a "Ukrainian gas exec."

The photo had recently been shown on Fox News.

Here's video of the tweet.

The tweet was Trump's attempt at a "gotcha" moment because Joe Biden claims he never talked with his son about his foreign business dealings. However, just because they were playing golf doesn't mean business was discussed.

RELATED: Hillary Clinton discusses Trump's impeachment to a crowd chanting 'Lock him up!'

Trump is currently under the threat of impeachment because he attempted to extort the president of Ukraine to get damaging information about the Biden family.

Warner Music Group, the company that owns Roadrunner Records, which produced the 2005 Nickelback album "All the Right Reasons" filed a copyright claim with Twitter over the use of the song, "Photograph" in the Tweet.

On Wednesday, Twitter deleted the video.

"Per our copyright policy, we respond to valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives,"a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

It's strange that twitter can get a video tweeted out by Trump deleted because of a copyright violation. But Trump sent out a tweet that other day that basically threatened a civil war, but Twitter wouldn't take it down.

Nickelback hasn't said anything about the controversy. The band is currently on tour in Brazil.

Nickelback's label's victory over Trump has some on social media reassessing their feelings about the band.


Luiz tregon arsyen e largimit nga Chelsea

David Luiz ka zbuluar detaje interesante rreth kalimit të tij nga Chelsea tek Arsenal. Luiz ishte një nga transferimet që bëri bujë të madhe gjatë verës, pasi lojtari u transferua tek rivali lokal i skuadrës ku luante. Mbrojtësi brazilian ka bërë të ditur se vendimi i tij për largimin nga Chel

OFFICIEEL: Denayer zit zonder trainer, Lyon werkt Sylvinho buiten

Silvio Mendes Campos Júnior – kortweg Sylvinho kan op zoek naar een andere baan. Olympique Lyonnais heeft de Braziliaanse trainer immers niet meer nodig.

Softbank leads financing round in Brazil bus: marketplace Buser

Japan's SoftBank Group Corp is leading a new financing round for Buser, a Brazilian intercity bus charter marketplace, for an undisclosed amount, according to a statement on Monday.


Abraham, Mount fire Chelsea to victory at Southampton


Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham (right) rises above Southampton's Jan Bednarek for the header.

Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount celebrated their England call-ups by firing Chelsea to a 4-1 rout of struggling Southampton on Sunday. Abraham, Mount and their Blues team-mate Fikayo Tomori were all named by England manager Gareth Southgate in the squad for the forthcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The promising young trio hogged the spotlight once again at St Mary's as Abraham and Mount netted to maintain their superb starts to the season. Abraham has nine goals in all competitions for Chelsea this term, underlining why Southgate is keen to get him action in a competitive match to ensure he commits to England. The 22-year-old striker has won two caps for England in friendlies against Brazil and Germany in 2017, but he had flirted with switching his international allegiance to Nigeria, who he qualifies for through his father. Tomori, 21, is also eligible to represent Nigeria, but the centre-back showed his England credentials with another composed display to keep Southampton largely at bay. Mount, 20, bagged Chelsea's second goal to once again showcase the predatory instincts that have helped the midfielder make a smooth transition to the Premier...

Bolsonaro rubber-stamps new Brazilian telecoms law

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro signed a new telecoms law modernising the country’s regulatory regime on Friday 4 October, Reuters reports, in a move that is expected to pave the way for new investment opportunities and help to salvage bankrupt operator Oi. The directive, Law No. 13.879/2019 – which took five years to clear Congress – will lift restrictions on sales of formerly state-owned assets. It will also allow for a ‘secondary spectrum market’ for the trading of cellular frequencies. Further, fixed line concession holders will be allowed to migrate their licences to a private regime in which they can more freely allocate investments to expand broadband services.

Mancini will wait on Martinelli as Italy try to secure Arsenal forward´s international future


Roberto Mancini is prepared to wait on Gabriel Martinelli as Italy try to secure the Arsenal forward’s international future. Martinelli, 18, was born in Guarulhos in Brazil but is said to be eligible to represent Italy through his father. It was reported on Monday the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) contacted Martinelli to try to convince […]

The post Mancini will wait on Martinelli as Italy try to secure Arsenal forward´s international future appeared first on Soccer News.


Keppel, Sembcorp Marine Reach Rig Settlement with Sete Brazil

offshore drillshipSINGAPORE, Oct 7 (Reuters) – Singapore firms Keppel Corp and Sembcorp Marine said on Monday they had reached settlements with indebted Brazilian firm Sete Brasil over long-standing contracts to build drillships and rigs. Sete, which leased oil rigs to Brazil’s state oil firm Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras), filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016 after being […]

Nova terapia para câncer de pulmão se mostra mais eficaz que quimioterapia


Durante o Congresso da Sociedade Europeia de Medicina Oncológica (ESMO, na sigla em inglês), que aconteceu este final de semana em Barcelona, na Espanha, pesquisadores apresentaram uma importante descoberta para o tratamento de câncer de pulmão avançado. O novo estudo indica que a imunoterapia composta por nivolumabe e ipilinumabe promove 7% maior taxa de sobrevida em um período […]

O post Nova terapia para câncer de pulmão se mostra mais eficaz que quimioterapia apareceu primeiro em PaginaBrazil.Com.


Phil Neville says he would leave Lionesses ‘if it was the right thing to do’

• England Women face Portugal on Tuesday
• Neville: ‘We are in a downward trough at the moment’

Phil Neville has said he does not “feel vulnerable” in his position as manager despite England’s defeat to Brazil on Saturday meaning that his side have now gone five games without a win. This is the same number that led to being Hope Powell sacked in 2013, albeit with the bulk of those games coming at the European Championship finals, when the team were eliminated in the group stage.

Related: Portugal game a reminder how close England came to losing Lucy Bronze

Continue reading...

Crochet Bikini , Burnt Orange Two Piece Swimsuits Womens Swimwear Crochet Brazilian Bikini Bathingsuit Beachwear / For Her // senoaccessory by senoAccessory


60.00 USD

Crochet Swimwear Crochet Bikini Set Swimsuits 2019 Beach Fashion by senoaccessory
Swimwear Crochet Bikini - Burnt Orange Crochet Bikini Set // Handmade Bikinis
Crochet bikinis are a summertime tradition!
sexy to fun and fabulous ;)
perfect for beach and the summer fashion accessories !
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Private sector seeks to profit by detaining migrant kids

Immigration_Privatizing_Child_Detention_20292On a recent day in a remodeled brick church in the Rio Grande Valley, a caregiver tried to soothe a toddler, offering him a sippy cup. The adult knew next to nothing about the little 3-year-old whose few baby words appeared to be Portuguese. Shelter staff had tried desperately to find his family, calling the Brazilian consulate and searching Facebook.

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Fred misses out as Brazil fail to impress in Swiss draw

Future Red Devil Fred had to watch from the sidelines as Brazil kicked-off their World Cup in Russia with a 1-1 draw against Switzerland.

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Hacker is auctioning a database containing details of 92 million Brazilians


A database containing details of 92 million Brazilians was auctioned by a threat actor on underground forums along with a search service focused on Brazilians. Someone is auctioning on several restricted underground forums a database containing personal information of 92 million Brazilian citizens. The threat actor, registered as X4Crow, is also advertising a search service that […]

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A Lone Hacker Defaces The Google Brazil Domain, Unavailable To Brazilians

 Cache was hacked by a lone hacker on Tuesday afternoon. The hacker left a deface page along with a message on the targeted Google Domain greetings his friends for the successful attack on such a highly reputed domain. This is the 2nd time in a week, when has hacked after the Google Bangladesh website […]

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A Dark Bloom in the South Atlantic



Hum Bhi Pagal Tum Bhi Pagal (Brazillian Remix) Dj Dalal London von DJ Dalal London


10/8/2019: SERIOUSLY FOOTBALL: Salah’s eyeing United clash


(inset) CALUM CHAMBERS says serial winner David Luiz is already becoming a leader at Arsenal. The Brazilian scored his first goal for the club after an £8m summer move from Chelsea to help his side go third with a win over Bournemouth. Luiz, 32, was...

Bolsonaro critica matéria de má fé


O presidente Jair Bolsonaro disse nesta segunda que “nunca falou” em dar fim à estabilidade do servidor público, durante as discussões do governo sobre a reforma administrativa ainda em elaboração. A afirmação, feita na saída do Palácio do Alvorada, foi em resposta a uma matéria publicada pelo jornal Correio Braziliense.

De acordo com o jornal, a proposta de reforma administrativa a ser enviada ao Congresso previa tal medida. Bolsonaro criticou também outra reportagem, da Folha de S. Paulo, envolvendo o presidente em um suposto caso de Caixa 2 durante as campanhas eleitorais.

O presidente classificou as reportagens como “covardia e patifaria”. Ao deixar o Alvorada, Bolsonaro conversou com alguns simpatizantes. “De novo, hoje, capa do Correio Braziliense dizendo que vou acabar com a estabilidade do servidor. Não dá para continuar com tanta patifaria por parte de vocês".

"Isso é covardia e patifaria. Nunca falei nesse assunto. Querem jogar o servidor contra mim. Como ontem a Folha der S.Paulo queria me ligar ao problema em Minas Gerais. Um esgoto a Folha de S.Paulo”, disse o presidente a jornalistas.

“Lamento a imprensa brasileira agir dessa maneira. O tempo todo mentindo, distorcendo e me difamando. Vocês querem me derrubar? Eu tenho o couro duro. Vai ser difícil”, acrescentou.


EMERGING MARKETS-Brazil real leads Latam FX lower as trade concerns weigh

Oct 7- Latin American currencies slid on Monday after a three-day run of increases as the dollar gained favor amid skepticism over the outcome of U.S.- China trade talks this week. Over the weekend, a Bloomberg report said Chinese officials were reluctant to agree to Trump's demand for a broad trade deal. "The highlight of the week will be the release of inflation...

10/04 Links Pt1: The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel; Meet the Palestinian Villagers Living Out the American Dream; Arab citizens of Israel undergo quiet revolution

From Ian:

Seth Frantzman: Israel appears strong, but there are risks ahead
BUT ISRAEL has some issues on the horizon that, if they would come together at the wrong time, would be a perfect storm. Among these is the increasing hostility of Turkey. Ankara has become more nationalist and religious-nationalist, a toxic mix. It is flexing its muscles, taking over swaths of northern Syria and seeking to keep on track to totally remove the Americans from the region. That would be a setback for the US – and setbacks for the US also impact Israel. Turkey is buying the S-400, not in itself a problem for Israel. Ostensibly, both Ankara and Jerusalem have an interesting relationship with Moscow today, borne of Russia’s increased role in the region, particularly in Syria.

Russia’s role in Turkey is strategic and also related to energy and Syria. This can impact Israel in a complex way. Turkey’s current government is seeking to take up the mantle of being the main opposition to Israel in the region. It bashes Israel over Jerusalem, and its media run hyperbolic stories about Israeli abuses. Turkey is close to the Muslim Brotherhood today and wants to see Hamas have a more prominent role in Ramallah. Yet Israel can deal with Turkey’s anger. The question is whether it can deal with the emerging Turkey-Iran relationship.

Iran has been a challenge for Israel due to a variety of reasons, but lately it is capitalizing on the weakness of its adversaries. That means it is increasingly playing a role in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. That means it is transferring precision missile technology to Hezbollah.

Iran’s IRGC says that it can destroy Israel. It launched an attack on Saudi Arabia on September 14 that has ramifications for Israel. That Riyadh did not respond shows that Israel’s supposed common interests with the Gulf are more problematic than in reality. Saudi Arabia won’t confront Iran. So who will confront Iran? The US? No. The US has signaled it will not. And the next US administration may be more pro-Iran than this one. That could give Tehran what it wants in Syria, which means a kind of “land bridge” that ends near the Golan and threatens Israel.

What Israel faces today is potentially two strong adversaries in Turkey and Iran, although they are quite different in how they confront Israel. Turkey uses soft power; Iran uses hard power. But Israel, appearing strong, now faces these challenges in some ways alone. It is not like the 1950s, when Israel was truly alone. Israel has made major inroads in India, China and elsewhere. But the immediate challenges are still there. It is dangerous to be too confident and arrogant today, and it is essential that Jerusalem seek to analyze and deal with these challenges in the long-term because short term planning won’t work. Iran thinks in the long term – and its role in the region is a long-term role.
Jpost Editorial: No Third Election
Against that backdrop, the 22nd Knesset was sworn in on Thursday in Jerusalem. Many are wondering if, like the 21st Knesset, it will also last for less than two months and perhaps become the shortest-lived legislature in Israel’s history.

As the Post’s Lahav Harkov pointed out on Wednesday, there are only eight new members of this Knesset, as well as another nine who are returning from past stints as legislators, which means that 103 members of the 22nd Knesset will be sworn in for the second time this year.

A proud institution, the Knesset is in danger of becoming a laughing stock. But it’s no joke. Israel needs a stable government and a stable Knesset. Every attempt must be made to prevent the newly sworn-in Knesset from becoming the shortest Knesset in Israeli history.

All parties should take the responsibility upon themselves as if they alone are charged with insuring that a third election is not called for. The country has survived some nine months of paralysis, but it’s only a matter of time before the string starts to unravel out of control and the situation begins to do irreparable damage to Israel and its population.

At Thursday’s ceremony, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein led the MKs with “I pledge allegiance to the State of Israel and to faithfully fulfill my mission in the Knesset.” And the newly sworn-in lawmakers responded: “I pledge.”

Let’s hope they take that allegiance and mission seriously and prevent a third election.

Amb. Alan Baker: The EU Demonstrates a Distinct Political Bias Against Israel
European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process Susanna Terstal, writing in the Jerusalem Post on Sep. 21, evidently believes that incessant repetition of the phrase "two-state solution" adds some element of legitimacy and feasibility to the idea. But the two-state solution has never been agreed-upon between Israel and the Palestinians, and does not figure in any of the agreements between them. It is nothing more than an expression of wishful thinking within the UN and the EU.

To the contrary, the Oslo Accords, to which the EU itself is a signatory, clearly leaves the issue of the permanent status of the territories to be decided in negotiations. Thus, whether the outcome will be one, two or three states, or a federation or confederation, remains on the negotiating table. By incessantly plying a two-state solution, the EU is in fact prejudging an agreed negotiating issue.

Suggestions by Israeli leaders to "apply sovereignty" led EU representatives to complain that unilateral modification of the Oslo Accords "undermines the entire agreement" and "dismantles Oslo." One wonders why the EU did not view the recent declarations by the Palestinian leadership canceling the territorial division between areas A, B and C in a similar light. Did this not undermine the accords?

The EU representative also expressed support for a "Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines." Yet the issue of borders is an agreed-upon permanent-status negotiating issue, and her presumption of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 lines clearly contradicts and prejudges both the Oslo Accords and UN Security Council Resolution 242 of 1967.

The EU cannot in good faith claim that it does not take sides in the conflict. The EU has not only taken sides, but clearly demonstrates a distinct political bias against Israel in virtually all its positions, policies, statements and dealings regarding the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process.

Iran displays ancient clay tablets, returned by US, from empire that freed Jews
The National Museum of Iran opened on Wednesday an exhibition of around 300 cuneiform clay tablets returned from the United States after a drawn-out legal saga.

The tablets were found at the ruins of Persepolis, capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire (6th – 4th c. BC) in the south of Iran. Cyrus the Great, who ruled during the Achaemenid Empire, is said to have liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity in 539 BCE, allowing them to return home and build the Second Temple.

The works on display belonged to a group of 1,783 clay tablets or tablet fragments returned to Iran by the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

In the 1930s, the university had received on loan around 30,000 tablets or tablet fragments found at Persepolis for research purposes, Iranian media reported.

A large portion of the tablets were returned in three batches between 1948 and 2004 before their restitution was blocked by legal action initiated by American survivors of an attack in Israel in 1997 carried out by the Palestinian Hamas terror group.

Blaming Tehran for supporting the armed group, the plaintiffs demanded the seizure of the tablets and their sale put toward the $71.5 million that Iran was ordered to pay in the case.

The proceedings only ended in February 2018 when a US Supreme Court decision banned the seizure of the works.
Yossi Cohen: The Mossad Spy Chief Who Stole Iran's Secret Nuclear Archives
In March 2018, Mossad Director Yossi Cohen, 58, updated then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo on what the Mossad had found inside Iran's secret nuclear archives that it had stolen from the heart of Tehran in January 2018. Sources close to Cohen told the Jerusalem Post that the information the Mossad seized is "still being used right now" to glean high-quality and valuable intelligence. A map of nuclear sites captured in the operation has yet to be made public. These revelations "even go beyond Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's revelation of the Abadeh nuclear site" earlier this month. Cohen says Pompeo praised the Mossad for redefining "daring and boldness."

Dozens of agents were involved in surveillance missions and the heist itself. Neutralizing any electronic surveillance that could expose them, they spent six hours and 29 minutes nabbing Iran's secret nuclear files, which were kept in 32 safes. They used special torches to slice into these safes. They loaded the vast files onto trucks and used Iranian smugglers to get across the border.

Cohen's view is that relations with Sunni countries in the Gulf are "not as much about personal trust, but about overlapping national interests" - especially when it comes to Iran. For example, while Cohen would be against sharing sensitive Israeli technologies with the Saudis to combat the drone threat from Iran, he would seek to help states in the Gulf combat Iran together in other ways.

Regarding the Palestinians, sources close to Cohen indicate that he does not believe anything will move on the peace process until PA President Mahmoud Abbas leaves office.
FDD: The Israeli–Palestinian Struggle, Continued.
There is no chance of a “peace party” returning to Jerusalem unless Israelis see that Palestinians have unequivocally denounced the past, that the celebrations of those who’ve died killing Israelis are rejected. That is impossible to envision in the near-term: neither Fatah, nor Hamas, nor the Israelis, nor Washington want the Palestinian people voting. All fear the worst—the wrong side winning. Perhaps most perversely, the Israelis are invested in a security status quo with Fatah that likely negates the chance of any Palestinian change, and surely makes Hamas more popular on the West Bank than its tyranny in Gaza has earned. But it’s possible that if there were a free vote among Palestinians the hostility towards Israelis—the fundamental rejection of the legitimacy of a Jewish state—could be the common denominator among Palestinians who otherwise loathe Fatah’s and Hamas’ dictatorships. Palestinians again voting could lead to intense violence, among Palestinians and against Israelis. Nonetheless, Palestinian popular sovereignty is likely the only way out of this cul-de-sac. We have two peoples wanting the same land with national and especially religious narratives that negate the other’s. For even non-practicing Muslims, Moses is a great prophet, trying to lead his people toward the one, true calling—Islam. A Jewish homeland wasn’t in Allah’s message. Yet the unrelenting secularism of Westerners reduces the most compelling stories we have to differences about water rights, East Jerusalem, and security checkpoints.

The basic character of a people and faith can change, but that usually happens after a truly devastating military defeat or a long evolution. The Palestinians haven’t actually seen a society-crushing catastrophe; they have endured foreign, non-Muslim overlords, with all of the indignities, and incompetent, avaricious, ambitious, insouciant, deluded and sometimes brutal native rulers (they, however, get a middling score in hideousness in the modern Middle East).

Since 2002, the Israelis appear to have a consensus: Palestinians cannot be trusted. On the other side, Palestinians seem more conflicted about the Jews, more divided religiously and culturally, more prone to internecine violence today than they were when the Israelis directly ruled all of the West Bank and Gaza.

The continuing decline of America in the Middle East will unavoidably remove certain delusions about what might be possible between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The torpor of the peace process under Obama and Trump is likely the new American standard. If they haven’t already, Palestinians will give up on the idea of Washington’s intercession, of American democracy coercing Israeli democracy into making concessions to unelected Palestinian officials. For the Palestinian people that will, at least, change the rhetoric and excuses of the ruling elite.

America’s retreat may tempt the Israelis to act more hubristically towards the Palestinians, to take land in the West Bank that has no plausible security value. But the most effective check on ugly Israeli actions has always been the internal debate, the tension between the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities in Israel’s messy democracy.

For decades out, it’s hard to see anything better than an unpleasant modus vivendi between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Given that it is the Middle East, however, that isn’t an awful state. Americans always want to believe that honesty is the best policy, that without honesty solutions aren’t possible. We are certainly tardy in applying that principle to the Israeli–Palestinian clash.
The Missile War in Southern Arabia: Lessons for Israel
UAV Warfare
Another hint of the effectiveness of Patriot defense are Houthi/Iranian alliance efforts both to suppress it and evade it. To elucidate this point, we need to refer to another aspect of the Houthi/Iranian war machine in Yemen: UAV warfare. UAVs are one of the main pillars of Iranian military doctrine. Together with other weapon shipments, Iran has been providing the Houthis with numerous types of UAVs, both of the larger types used for armed reconnaissance such as the Shahad 129 (roughly equivalent to Israel’s Hermes 450) and smaller “suicide” UAVs (such as the Ababil, used by Hezbollah in 2006 for attacks deep within Israel, which for the sake of Iranian deniability has been renamed Kasef 2). The Houthi arsenal is augmented by the acquisition of mail order UAVs such as the Chinese “Skywalker” available online from Ali Baba. More remarkable, the Iranians have provided the Houthis with knowhow, production machinery and expertise to set up a UAV industry of their own in their stronghold of Sad’ha in northern Yemen. The Houthi UAV industry is now producing unique designs of long-range machines, some equipped with jet engines, obviously designed in Iran. Beyond the classic UAV roles of reconnaissance and light bombardment, the Houthi/Iranian alliance is using them for direct “suicide” attacks on Patriot batteries. Three incidents of direct attacks on Patriot batteries have been claimed: Two attacks were within Yemen, probably targeting UAE batteries in Mocha and Marib, and one attack on a Patriot battery defending the Saudi border city of Najran, with unknown results.

Even more significantly, the Houthi/Iranian alliance exploits the Patriot’s system limitations in engaging low and slow threats in order to penetrate beneath the Saudi air/missile defense shield. In fact, UAVs are now being used by the Houthi’s as ersatz land attack cruise missiles. With immunity against air and missile defense, and with much better accuracy than ordinary ballistic missiles, UAVs now seem to be the preferred weapons for imaginative and audacious strikes deep within Saudi territory. For example, the civilian airport of the Saudi town of Abha, about 120 km. from the Yemeni border, was attacked by Houthi suicide UAVs no less than three times during the month of June 2019, wounding 28 passengers and airport workers. In August 2019, the Houthis managed to strike the Shaybah oilfield deep within Saudi Arabia, almost 1200 Km from the Houthi stronghold in Sad’ha. The attack was carried out by no less than 10 UAVs and sparked a fire in gas storage tanks. Such a complex attack needs precise coordination and excellent navigation, which demonstrates the proficiency achieved by Iran’s UAV operators. While those strikes did not cause excessive damage – perhaps intentionally so – they were propaganda coups for the Houthis, providing them with solid achievements in the cognitive battlefield.

The fourth lesson for Israel is the growing military role of UAVs both for missile defense suppression and for evasion. UAVs were first used by Hezbollah for reconnaissance over Israel even prior to the 2006 Lebanon war. At the closing stage of that war, four suicide UAVs were launched by Hezbollah against Israeli targets (One suffered a failure and fell near the border, two were intercepted by Israeli jet fighters, and the fourth vanished). In the 2014 Gaza war Hamas tried to attack Tel Aviv with its own UAVs (Two, perhaps three UAVs were shot down by Patriot air defense batteries). This experience is not indicative of the future. The Yemen war demonstrates how UAVs will be employed in future wars in significant numbers to erode Israel’s missile defense capabilities by attacking the Iron Dome, David Sling and Arrow batteries. Hostile UAVs, in conjunction with precision rockets, may well be tasked to damage Israel’s critical infrastructures such as desalination plants. Consequently, Israel needs to integrate air defense capabilities into its missile defense systems, and to provide its critical infrastructures with their own point defenses.

The current civil wars in the Middle East – especially in Syria and in Yemen – resemble the Spanish civil war of the 1930s inasmuch as they are exploited by outside powers to test new doctrines, weapons and tactics in realistic battle conditions. What the Axis powers (and to a lesser extent the USSR) did in Spain during the 1930s is being done today by Iran in Yemen.

It would be advisable for Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the IDF to closely study the civil war in Yemen, particularly its rocket and drone warfare aspects. The weapons and tactics in use in Yemen today will be employed against Israel tomorrow.
Israeli President Tells Papal Diplomat Israel Wants to Share Land with Palestinians
Israel wants to “share the land and find a way to live together” with the Palestinians, President Reuven Rivlin told Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, one of the highest-ranking Vatican diplomats, when they met at the President’s Residence on Thursday night.

Sandri, who is the Prefect of the Congregations for the Oriental Catholic Churches, came with a delegation that included several Franciscan priests, as well as the Papal Nuncio and the Custos of the Holy Land.

He is in the region to mark the 800th anniversary of the Pilgrimage of Peace to the Middle East by St. Francis of Assisi and his dialogue with the Sultan of Egypt.

Rivlin, who has met with Pope Francis and is aware of the efforts being made by the Vatican to bring about a cessation of hostilities in the Middle East in general and between Israel and the Palestinians in particular, told Sandri that he knows how hard the Vatican is working to find a solution to this century-old tragedy.

Knowing that Sandri is also going to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Rivlin asked him to convey his regards, and noted that Abbas had sent New Year greetings to the people of Israel.

Emphasizing the need to build understanding between Israelis and Palestinians, Rivlin was of the opinion that a valuable asset in this regard was the restoration of the baptismal site at Qasr el-Yahud on the Jordan River near Jericho, where Jesus first met John the Baptist.

The restoration project was approved by Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian leadership, said Rivlin, who was personally involved in the process.
Dr. Martin Sherman: Alternative Jordans?
Although the details of the “Deal” are as yet obscure, it would appear the Jordan is slated to play a major role in it—grudgingly or otherwise. Accordingly, the feasibility of the “Deal”—indeed its acceptability—will be dramatically impacted by the nature of the regime east of the Jordan River and its prospective stability (or lack thereof).

After all, although some may hope otherwise, there seems little prospect that any successor regime in Amman will be more favorably disposed toward Israel than the current one.

This takes us back to the crucial strategic importance for Israel of the highlands of Judea-Samaria and the Jordan Valley. As I have been at pains to point out on numerous occasions, not only are these highlands the only topographical barrier between Jordan and the heavily populated coast plain, but any forces—regular or renegade—deployed on them will have complete topographical command and control of virtually all Israel’s airfields (military and civilian, including Ben Gurion, the only international airport), its major ports and naval bases, is principal traffic axes (rail and road), vital infrastructure installations/systems (electrical power, desalination plants and water conveyance), centers of civilian government and military command and 80% of the civilian population and commercial activity.

All of these will be in range of cheap, readily available weapons that have already been used against Israel from areas evacuated by it and transferred to Arab control.

Thus, the rationale of any plan that entails Israeli evacuation of this vital territory will hinge critically on the nature of the regime-type in Jordan, which abuts it from the East.

For whatever other grave detriments their might be in such a plan, it will matter greatly if Jordan is ruled by a government that strives to reign in forces hostile to Israel, or one that is indifferent to their aggressive intent—or worse, is complicit with it.

After all, should the Trump plan entail significant territorial concessions, Israel may well find itself in a situation in which it will have to contend with a huge expanse of hostile territory, stretching from the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv to the border of Iraq—and perhaps beyond.

Accordingly, Israel’s security establishment should indeed draw up plans to deal with prospective alternatives in Jordan—not only how to cope with them once they arise, but to prevent them from arising at all.
Why Israelis should support the Iraqi protesters
Another Arab Spring-like protest movement now seems to be arising, seeking to topple the present Iraqi government. As Israelis, we should support the Iraqi people in their quest for true freedom and democracy.

Mendi Safadi, heads of the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, has noted that if we want to prevent the creation of another Syria, we should call upon the community of nations to intervene as soon as possible to uphold the rights of the protesters, prevent additional bloodshed, and stop the radical Islamists, Iran, and the former Baathists from overtaking the protest movement.

“Today, this Arab Spring has begun to take over Iraq against a government that is corrupt and loyal to Iran,” Safadi said. “These protesters are against the Iranians taking over Iraq. Talks with activists on the ground and the leaders of the protest movement reveal that the people are repulsed by the government, who betrayed their nation by becoming a proxy of Iran. The Iranian takeover of Iraq has gotten the people to revolt, to take to the streets and to demand that Iraq be returned to its rightful owners. They seek freedom and basic human rights that every citizen of this world deserves.”

According to a report from the Internal Commission of Iraq, “The Iraqi government takes instructions from Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qassem Soleimani. Over 700 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot live fire at Iraqi demonstrators. There were demonstrators who were killed including men, women and children. The Iranians even went as far as burning a 2-year-old child in a car with her father. The Iraqi people are calling upon the international community to intervene urgently in order to save the Iraqi people, who have suffered under Iran and political Islam. We demand that all pro-Iranian parties be banished from Iraq and to take away all of Iran’s influence in the country. We seek to hold the regime accountable and to change from a parliamentary system to a republican form of government. We seek that the rights of women be respected, as the number of women in the country is very high. The Iraqi people will stop protesting only once our demands are met.”
Iraq crisis: Protests say anger could boil over Friday after 44 deaths
Protesters in Iraq prepared Friday for bloody clashes with security forces in Iraq after three days of protests that saw the government order live fire against the demonstrators. The protesters are angry. They have tried to block roads to the airport in Baghdad and break into the “Green Zone” where foreign embassies are located. They are shocked that officials have ordered live fire used against them.

The protests began on October 1 in the wake of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi sidelining a popular Counter-Terrorism service commander named Abdul Wahab Al-Saadi. But the real reason for the protests are much larger. They are angry over corruption and wage stagnation and lack of opportunities.

The Prime Minister has closed down internet and sought to isolate cities in Iraq. He gave a speech on Thursday evening and has indicated he could meet the protesters. But there are no clear leaders of the protests. The demonstrators gained some solace when the Shi’ite religious leader Ayatollah Ali Sistani appeared to express sympathy on Friday. Many believed that after prayers on Friday there would be bloody clashes unless the government retrains its tactics. It is not entirely clear which police have been ordered to fire on the protesters, because protesters say they cannot identify them by uniform. Some said it was not the Federal Police but other interior ministry forces. Others claims it was members of Shi’ite militias loyal to Iran, including the Saraya Khorosani unit. But much of this is rumors and has not been confirmed. What is clear is that security forces can be heard in dozens of videos using gunfire. Up to fifty demonstrators may have been killed and thousands injured, including members of the police.

The UN has called on Iraq to have a transparent investigation about the shooting of the demonstrators. “We call on the Iraqi government to allow people to freely exercise their rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.”
Iran tries to blame Israel and US for Iraqi protests
Iranian media and local sources in Iraq have reported on the protests sweeping the country with increasing concern that the protesters oppose Iranian influence. This concern has now reached the highest levels of Iran’s regime where the narrative that has been concocted is to blame “foreign” hands for the unrest. Under this logic tens of thousands of young men, leaderless and braving the gunfire of security forces, have been sacrificing themselves by the dozens all because of some complex conspiracy.

Iraq’s government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has shut down internet, social media and even made phone calls difficult in areas across Iraq, all to stop the protests. Yet the protests continue. To discredit them an Iranian cleric on Friday claimed the US and Israel are behind the protests. Supposedly it was to “disrupt a major annual Shi’ite Muslim pilgrimage planned to be held in Iraq later this month,” Reuters reported. “The enemy is now determined against the Islamic nation, America and Zionism are targeting the Arabaeen pilgrimage in Iraq, causing trouble,” claimed Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani.

His full Friday sermon, published at Tasnim News in Farsi claims that “America and Zionism are the enemies of God.” He mentions the Houthi rebels in Yemen who “have shown themselves against the miserable Saudi rulers,” and notes that Saudi Arabia’s reputation has been weakened. This is a reference to the September 14 drone and missile attack on Saudi Arabia. He also mentions the US “maximum pressure” sanctions on Iran and says that it has not been successful. “Endurance is the way of the martyrs.” It is in this context he says that the “enemies” are targeting the religious pilgrimages to the holy sites in Karbala, where Shi’ites make pilgrimage. He calls on people to take refuge in the shrine of Imam Hussein.

In Iraq the senior Shi’ite religious leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, lamented the deaths of dozens of protesters and called for an end to the deaths, casualties and destruction. He called on the government to listen to the people’s demands about corruption and other issues.
Russian journalist arrested in Tehran on suspicion of spying for Israel
A Russian journalist has been arrested in Iran on suspicion of spying on the Islamic Republic on behalf of Israel, according to family members and Russian media reports.

Yulia Yuzik was first declared missing earlier this week by family members who said she was arrested in Tehran days ago. Her ex-husband Boris Voytsekhovskiy posted on Facebook that Yuzik was facing charges of cooperating with Israeli intelligence services, and that her trial is scheduled for Saturday.

According to Voytsekhovskiy, Yuzik’s charges carry a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

It wasn’t clear when Yuzik was arrested; her last post on social media was a series of Instagram pictures taken in Kashan, a city in northern part of Isfahan province.

Voytsekhovskiy told Russian media outlets that Yuzik used to work as a correspondent in Tehran several years ago, and she returned to the Iranian capital last week at the invitation of an unknown party.
Engel bows to Arab lobbyists, pro-Israel friends are silent
An anti-Hamas bill has been severely watered down by Congressman Eliot Engel. It’s a turn of events that should trouble every supporter of Israel.

The New York Post revealed this week that Engel (D-NY), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, agreed to change the bill after heavy pressure from Qatar and the Palestinian Authority (PA)

The Post quoted “a personal acquaintance of Engel’s” as saying, “Eliot told me directly that he was getting a lot of pressure from the Qataris” about the bill. At the same time, Engel or his representatives held seven meetings this past spring with lobbyists for the PA, apparently to discuss the bill.

The Qataris didn’t like the fact that the bill mentioned Qatar’s massive financial support for Hamas. The PA didn’t like the fact that it would have penalized regimes—like the PA—that assist Hamas in various ways.

So the bill, which was authored by Rep. Brian Mast (R-Florida), was changed. The language about Qatar was removed, and loopholes were added so that aid to Hamas which is considered “humanitarian” would not be blocked.

We put “humanitarian” in quotation marks because we all remember how “humanitarian” concrete, which supposedly would be used to build homes, instead was used to build tunnels to kidnap and murder Israelis.

At this point in the story, you would imagine that those Jewish leaders who claim to be Engel’s buddies would have intervened to restore the original language of the Mast bill.
Behind the Lines: Pakistan and Israel: Much ado about nothing?
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan last week dismissed speculation that his country was moving toward the establishing of open diplomatic relations with Israel. Speaking at the Asian Society in New York City last Thursday, as reported by the Middle East Eye website, Khan reiterated Pakistan’s traditional stance on the issue:

“Pakistan has a very straightforward position,” the Pakistani prime minister and former cricket star said. “It was our founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was very clear that there has to be just settlement, a homeland for Palestinians, before Pakistan can recognize Israel.”

His remarks, according to Middle East Eye, were met with enthusiastic applause. They came amid widespread recent speculation at a possible diplomatic breakthrough between Jerusalem and Islamabad. Prominent Pakistani journalist Kamran Khan launched the rumors with a tweet on August 25, asking “Why can’t we openly debate pros cons of opening direct and overt channels of communication with the State of Israel?”

What is the background to the recent speculation, and is there a realistic chance of a breakthrough, or do Imran Khan’s remarks settle the matter in the negative?

THERE IS a school of thought in Pakistan that favors the abandonment, or at least the questioning, of Islamabad’s long rejection of formal ties with the Jewish state. Why now?
'Recent convert' to Islam stabs 4 to death at Paris police headquarters
A 45-year-old technology administrator at the police headquarters in central Paris went on a knife rampage inside the building on Thursday, killing three police officers and an administrative worker before he was shot dead by an officer, French officials said.

French broadcaster BFM TV said the attacker had converted to Islam 18 months ago.

Officials did not say anything about the motive for the attack and said they were still trying to discover if there was a terrorism link.

The man launched the attack in his office then moved to other parts of the large 19th-century building across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral.

An officer stopped the attack when he shot the assailant in the compound's courtyard, said a police official. The official was not authorized to talk publicly about the case and requested anonymity.
IDF thwarts weapons smuggling attempt from Lebanon to Israel
The IDF and Israel Police thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons from Lebanon into Israel in September, according to an IDF spokesperson.

An IDF field observer from the 869th battalion spotted two suspects acting suspiciously on the Lebanese side of the border with Israel near the border fence. IDF soldiers went to the scene to check the issue.

Bags found in the area contained about 40 pistols and magazines which were meant to be smuggled from Lebanon into Israel. The background of the incident is being looked into.

One suspect was arrested on the Israeli side of the border and was transferred for questioning by security forces.

"I saw a suspect approaching the fence and immediately realized that this was an unusual incident," said Pvt. Adi ben Naim, the field observer who identified the suspects. "I alerted the troops and directed them to the location. It was only after the incident that I realized that a very large weapon-smuggling attempt was thwarted. My job as a field observer is to identify what takes place in the field and alert my commanders; which is exactly what I did in this incident.

Israeli military marks ‘Mean Girls Day’ by trolling Iran on Twitter
The Israel Defense Forces marked “Mean Girls Day” this week by tweeting a meme of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

The meme, posted on Thursday, October 3, was an altered version of a “never before seen” photo published by the Iranian government showing the supreme leader, Nasrallah and Qassem Soleimani — the commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force.

The IDF photoshopped the Iranians into a “Mean Girls” scene alongside Lindsay Lohan, with the caption: “There’s no one meaner than the mean girls of the Middle East…”

The IDF added #DontSitWithThem and #MeanGirlsDay to their post.

October 3 was a date that was mentioned in passing by Lohan’s character to her crush in Mean Girls, and has since become a pop cultural phenomenon marked annually by movie fans.

The “Don’t sit with them” refers to a line in the movie when Rachel McAdams’s character Regina George is turned away from popular clique’s table at lunch because she’s wearing sweatpants.

Arab citizens of Israel undergo quiet revolution
The Arab citizens of Israel need rapid development of their areas. They dream of having high-tech zones and industrial centers; they seek enhanced police work to battle the crime that is raging in the streets of Arab cities; and they resent the vicious incitement against them that was led for years by the prime minister and the ruling party. Will the future government, which for now is still nowhere to be seen, be able to fulfill all of these demands and build bridges between the establishment and one-fifth of Israel’s population?

During the recent political campaign, the Likud party accused Gantz numerous times of “planning to create a government with [Joint List MKs] Ahmad Tibi and Ayman Odeh,” but the leaders of the bloc had ruled it out many times. When Blue and White MK Ram Ben-Barak, ex-deputy director of the Mossad, turned to the Arabs this summer, he said that Blue and White needed them “to change the government.” But what will happen the day after such a change is accomplished?

Amjad Iraqi, a contributing editor at +972 magazine, said to The Media Line that what is missing from the tactical decision of the Joint List is thought about the day after. “This decision is quite some gamble that could also backfire, especially if a unity government will be formed eventually between Likud and the Blue and White bloc. I do understand the logic —Ayman Odeh decided to prioritize getting rid of Netanyahu, and most of the public endorsed him because they want to change at least some part of the equation. But how do we know that the Blue and White bloc, whose leaders had their share of critical and negative remarks about Arabs, will be able to live up to its promises?” said Iraqi.

El-Sana believes that if the Joint List is unable to maximize its gains this time around, the alternative for the next time will be voting for existing Jewish parties or for a joint Arab-Jewish party, a project that el-Sana tried to run this time together with the former Knesset speaker, Avrum Burg. There are also many question marks about the participation of the Balad party, which is increasingly seen by many in the Arab public as a destabilizing element that fails to serve its people. “If they were to participate in the elections today by themselves, they would go down. They have three seats in the Joint List, but they are worth only 1.5 seats, or even less” says Darawshe. On the opposite side, Iraqi believes that Balad gives legitimacy to the Joint List, serving as a link between them and the wider Palestinian cause. “Balad still represents a significant portion of voters. They need the Joint List, and the Joint List needs them,” he concludes.

For now, Arab voters seem to be quite satisfied with the result. They proved to be resilient against incitement and intimidation, increased their representation at the Knesset, and now will wait just like everyone else to see how the current political reality TV unfolds.

The leaders of the Joint List will now have to prove to their voters that they can make some real gains with the increased power that they received this time. Considering the shaky structure of the bloc, which includes four different parties with contradicting ideologies, this will not be easy. If no government is formed and Israel goes to a third round of elections, the bloc will have to campaign extremely hard to maintain its success. For now, it is unlikely that the Joint List will top its current result—13 seats. The quiet revolution in the Arab sector, however, will continue, sweeping Arab Israeli citizens away from segregation and isolation, toward integration and equality.
Thousands of Arab Israelis march, block roads to protest deadly crime wave
Thousands of Arab Israelis held protests Friday at the conclusion of prayers, a day after a general strike over a wave of deadly violence within the minority community.

Protesters blocked roads, including sections of the major highways in the north of the country. Demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as “our children’s blood is not cheap” and chanted slogans about what they say is police inaction on the issue.

Ayman Odeh, the head of the Knesset’s predominantly Arab Joint List faction, called on the Jewish community to join the protests, saying that a society without weapons should be the ideal for everyone.

“I also urge the Jewish public to join the protests. A society without firearms is a civil and social aim for us all,” Odeh tweeted.
Some Israelis to Celebrate Sukkot with 4 Species Holders Made in Gaza
Some Israelis — many, in fact — will celebrate the holiday of Sukkot this year holding their four species bound with holders produced in the Gaza Strip.

Ahead of the Jewish holiday, the IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) has approved the import of tens of thousands of four species holders, used for the traditional customs of the holiday.

The four species – the etrog, a citron fruit; the lulav, a frond of a date palm; the hadas, a myrtle bough; and the aravah, a willow branch – are the species the Jewish people are commanded to bind together during the holiday.

The holders are made out of dried palm leaves, woven into a shape that allows the four species to be held together comfortably during the holiday prayers. The abundance of palm trees in Gaza, as well as cheap labor, makes the enclave a prime location for the production of the holders.

Despite the growing tension between Hamas, the terror group that controls Gaza and Israel, COGAT was able to facilitate the import successfully, passing it through the Kerem Shalom Crossing under heavy security inspection.
Ha'aretz: Meet the Palestinian Villagers Living Out the American Dream
Halfway between the West Bank cities of Ramallah and Nablus, the road gives way to an exit unlike any other along Israel’s Highway 60. At first glance, this route — lined with palm trees and polished sidewalks that lead up to lavish stone villas — looks like a well-funded Jewish settlement. But a closer look reveals that unlike other typical settlements, there is no security gate at the entrance to the community and its houses are not lined up in rows along the hilltops.

The expensive homes scattered on slopes among olive trees, reminiscent of the famous Hollywood Boulevard, are actually a window into the Palestinian diaspora. The majority of their dwellers are dual American-Palestinian nationals who live in the United States for most of the year and treat the village of Turmus Ayya as their summer home.

Turmus Ayyans are not only based in the United States. These Palestinian villagers are spread throughout the world, with members of the community living in Spain, Panama, Cuba and Brazil. According to the village’s municipal office, there are some 11,000 Turmus Ayyans in total; 4,000 are permanent residents, while 7,000 made their home abroad.

Unlike the majority of Palestinians living in the diaspora, Turmus Ayyans are not refugees of the 1948 war. Rather, they are economic immigrants who chose to leave this West Bank village in pursuit of better financial opportunities. Residents told Haaretz that the first villager to immigrate was Odeh Abdel Qader, who left for the United States in 1909 and worked in Manhattan's Little Syria (where the Financial District is situated today). Local Wadi Abu Awad recalls Qader’s return to the village: "He was the guy who came from America," he says. Throughout the 20th century, Qader’s legacy became an inspiration for other Turmus Ayyans who wished to chase the American Dream.

Hamas Facing Growing Criticism in Gaza
A picture making the rounds on social media shows the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, with his six sons, standing healthy in tailored suits, and beneath it, a picture of Gaza youths who have had a leg amputated after rioting at the Gaza fence.

Another example is a recording by a Gazan father whose son was wounded at the border confrontations.

"I was told I needed to provide his medicine out of my own pocket. If he were the son of one of the Hamas higher-ups, the whole world would have given aid."

"Where am I supposed to get money for medicine? They told my boy to get on the bus and protest, and then they threw him out to die."

Iran not 'drawing back' militarily after Saudi attack-US admiral
Iran has not drawn back to a less threatening military posture in the region following the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi Arabia, the top U.S. admiral in the Middle East told Reuters, suggesting persistent concern despite a lull in violence.

"I don't believe that they're drawing back at all," Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, said in an interview.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and Germany have publicly blamed the attack on Iran, which denies involvement in the strike on the world's biggest crude oil-processing facility. The Iran-aligned Houthi militant group in Yemen has claimed responsibility.

Malloy did not comment on any U.S. intelligence guiding his assessment. But he acknowledged that he monitored Iranian activities closely, when asked if he had seen any concerning movements of Iranian missiles in recent weeks.

Malloy said he regularly tracks Iranian cruise and ballistic missile movements -- "whether they're moving to storage, away from storage." He also monitors whether Iran's minelaying capabilities head to distribution sites or away from them.

"I get a briefing of movements on a daily basis and then assessments as to what that could mean," he said.

Relations between the United States and Iran have deteriorated sharply since President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear accord last year and reimposed sanctions on its oil exports.

For months, Iranian officials issued veiled threats, saying that if Tehran were blocked from exporting oil, other countries would not be able to do so either.

However, Iran has denied any role in a series of attacks that have followed, including against tankers in the Gulf using limpet mines earlier this year.
UN nuclear watchdog says Iran taking ‘step in right direction’
The UN’s nuclear watchdog said Friday Iran had taken “a step in the right direction” towards dealing with questions on its nuclear program but cautioned that the issues have not been “completely addressed.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) did not detail what the questions related to but said it was “discussing substance” with the Iranians.

There has been “engagement” from Tehran in recent weeks on questions relating to its nuclear safeguards declarations to the agency, IAEA acting head Cornel Feruta told journalists in Vienna.

“[That] engagement doesn’t mean that the issues are completely addressed but it’s a step in the right direction,” he added.

Feruta said the queries did not touch directly on the faltering 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers but rather on Iran’s separate safeguards agreement with the agency.

Diplomatic sources in Vienna say the agency has been waiting for information from the Iranians relating to samples taken earlier this year from a warehouse near the capital Tehran.
France: Iran, US have one month to come to negotiating table
Iran and the United States have one month to get to the negotiating table, France's foreign minister warned, suggesting Tehran's plan to increase its nuclear activities in November would spark renewed tension in the region.

French President Emmanuel Macron attempted but failed to broker talks between US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in New York last week.

"We consider that these initiatives, which didn't succeed, are still on the table and it is up to Iran and the United States to seize [them] in a relatively short amount of time because Iran has announced new measures to reduce its commitments to the Vienna accord in November," Jean-Yves Le Drian told parliament's foreign affairs committee.

Iran is breaching the restrictions of its 2015 nuclear deal with major powers in response to US sanctions imposed since Washington pulled out of the agreement in May of last year.

It has said its next roll-back would be at the start of November, and diplomats fear that this next breach could force European powers, which are trying to salvage the accord, to respond.
Iran rejects French call for release of dual national scholar
Iran said on Friday that France's call for it to release a detained French-Iranian scholar was an interference in its internal affairs and would not help resolve the issue, the official news agency IRNA reported.

France's Foreign Ministry on Thursday demanded Iran release dual national Fariba Adelkhah, a senior research fellow at Sciences Po university in Paris, who was detained on unspecified charges earlier this year.

"(Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas) Mousavi said the French Foreign Ministry's interference in the case of an Iranian citizen was irrelevant..., and added: 'This will not only fail to help resolve the issue, but rather make the legal process more complicated'," IRNA reported.

Rights activists have accused Iran of arresting a number of dual nationals to try to win concessions from other countries - a charge that the Islamic republic has regularly dismissed.

Adelkhah's arrest came at a time when France and other European powers were caught up in an international standoff over Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal, which the United States abandoned last year.
U.S. Sanctions Paralyze Imports via Iranian Ports
More than 20 ships carrying around one million tonnes of grain are stuck outside Iranian ports as US sanctions create payment problems and hamper the country’s efforts to import vital commodities, sources directly involved in the trade said.

Trading companies such as Bunge (BG.N) and China’s COFCO International have been hit by payment delays and additional costs of up to $15,000 a day as the renewed US restrictions stifle the processing of transactions, trade sources said.

According to Reuters, food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are exempt from sanctions Washington re-imposed after US President Donald Trump said he was walking away from a 2015 international deal over Iran’s nuclear program.

But the US measures targeting everything from oil sales to shipping and financial activities have deterred several foreign banks from doing any Iranian business, including humanitarian deals such as food shipments.

The few remaining lenders still processing Iranian business face multiple hurdles to facilitate payments as financing channels freeze up.
U.S. Sanctions Squeezing Iran-Backed Hizbullah in Lebanon
The conflict between Iran and the U.S. that has created tensions throughout much of the Middle East is now also being felt in Lebanon, where Washington has slapped sanctions on the Iran-backed Hezbollah and warned they could soon expand to its allies, further deepening the tiny Arab country’s economic crisis.

The Trump administration has intensified sanctions on the Lebanese militant group and institutions linked to it to unprecedented levels, targeting lawmakers for the first time as well as a local bank that Washington claims has ties to the group.

Two U.S. officials visited Beirut in September and warned the sanctions will increase to deprive Hezbollah of its sources of income. The push is further adding to Lebanon’s severe financial and economic crisis, with Lebanese officials warning the country’s economy and banking sector can’t take the pressure.

“We have taken more actions recently against Hezbollah than in the history of our counterterrorism program,” Sigal P. Mandelker, undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the U.S. Treasury, said in the United Arab Emirates last month.

Mandelker said Washington is confident the Lebanese government and the central bank will “do the right thing here in making sure that Hezbollah can no longer have access to funds at the bank.”
Iran’s regime lashes out at German antisemitism commissioner in response to 'Post' article
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign ministry blasted a prominent German official on Wednesday after the commissioner tasked with combating antisemitism told The Jerusalem Post that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration should withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions on Tehran for its nefarious conduct.

The Iranian regime-controlled PressTV wrote that "in an online statement on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi condemned the remarks by Uwe Becker, commissioner of the Hessian federal state government for Jewish life and the fight against anti-Semitism.”

PressTV added that “Becker on Monday called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel to put Israel's security above ‘possible economic interests’ that comes with the deal – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).”

Becker, the commissioner of the Hessian federal state government for Jewish life and the fight against antisemitism, told the Post on Monday that “the current escalation with Israel should be reason enough for Germany to advocate the.... Iran nuclear agreement, which has been undermined by Iran... [as] dead, and for the necessary sanctions against Tehran to become effective again in their entirety.”

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

Zó leuk is Rio Grande do Norte in Brazilië!


#0163 -’19. What Countries Are Most Responsible For Global Warming?


What Countries Are Most Responsible For Global Warming? どこの国が地球温暖化の責任を負うべきか?として表示されていますが、正しくはどの国が地球温暖化の一つの原因となる二酸化炭素(炭酸ガス)を排出した国かとして表示すべです。地球を温暖化するガスである二酸化炭素やメタンガスなどを温室効果ガスとよんでいます。

I 単純でない地球温暖化

地球温暖化の原理は基本的には単純です。家庭の家計簿の如くです。地球で造られる熱と(地球自体が持つ地熱、燃焼で起きる熱、人工的に造られた原子力の利用や化石燃料の燃焼etc)、地球外から地球に届く熱(太陽光)の和と地球から宇宙に放出される熱量のバランスです。その収支がプラス、マイナス 零であれば収支が一致する事になります。所が、二酸化炭素が増えると宇宙に放出されるべき熱が二酸化炭素に遮られえて熱が地球に籠り(温室効果)ます。冬の寒い晴天の夜間の日に放射冷却現象で地上が冷える事を沢山の方が体感しているはずです。曇天の日の夜間には人が気が付くほどの冷却はおこりません。水蒸気が布団の役目をします。二酸化炭素の布団を地球が着ているとこれと同じ事がいつも起こっているのです。二酸化炭素よりメタンガスの方が何倍(二けた弱)も地球温暖化に関係するガスだと言われています。牛が草を食べて反芻する四つの胃袋からでるメタンガスが地球を温暖化するという学者もおります。しかし、物事は二面性があり単純ではありません。雨の日や曇天で太陽が顔を出さない日は寒くなります。即ち水蒸気である雲も二酸化炭素などの温室効果ガスも太陽光たる赤外線も地球に届くのを妨げているのかもしれません。一概に温室効果ガスが悪者とは限らないのです。(自説)それでも、全くの無罪と言う事はできません。総てに於いて急激な地球環境をもたらす事は良くない事は明らかです。

II 個体の一部として固定されていた二酸化炭素の放出、即ち気体にする行為


III 自然のサイクルを壊し、神の領域に足を踏み込む二酸化炭素の排出


IV 人間の英知も届かない急激な自然環境の変化かも




ユーチューブを見ての自分の感想です。1880年以降のCO2 排出量の合計で、出典元は Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC)です。


その20年後の20世紀の初めの年の1901年の第1位のイギリス~第8位のオランダまで変化がありません。ゆったりした時のながれの20世紀初頭でした。9位はカナダ ↑ 。10位はイタリア  ↑  。11位はスペイン  ↓  。12位は日本  ↑  (明治維新から30年強過ぎて富国強兵も盛んになりました。)13位はハンガリー  ↓  。14位はスウェーデン  ↓  。15位はインド  ↑  。16位はオーストラリア ↑  。17位はデンマーク  ↓  。18位はスイス  ↓  。19位はノールウェー  ↓  。20位はポルトガル  →  でした。















1位は断トツのアメリカ。2位は中国。3位はロシア。4位はドイツ。5位はイギリス。6位は日本。7位はインド。8位はフランス。9位はカナダ。10位はポーランド。11位はウクライナ。12位はイタリア。13位は南アフリカ。14位はメキシコ。15位はオーストラリア。16位はイラン。17位は韓国。18位はブラジル。19位はスペイン。20位はサウジアラビア。以上がCO2の累積排出量です。良い悪いは別にして工業国の証のような感じもしないでもありません。特筆すべきは、BRICs(ブリックス、英語 Brazil, Russia, India, China )として持て囃された新興諸国が全てもうらしています。韓国やイランはある意味納得ですが、石油の産出量多いとしてもサウジアラビア進出してくるとは思っていませんでした。単年度ではなく過去からの累積ですからある意味、一定の期間に於いて多く無ければこちらのトップ20位内には登場しません。


What Countries Are Most Responsible For Global Warming?





Rio de Janeiro Deploys Fleet Of BYD Electric Waste Trucks

Brazil surprised us again with a noticeable electrification project of refuse trucks in Rio de Janeiro

Football Bet of the Day: Parana to bite Operario

Tobias Gourlay's hoping some boys from Brazil can help him to an odds-against winner tonight

Weaker demand and Argentine situation hit hard Brazilian auto industry


In January production growth was expected to surpass 2018’s 6.7%, but it will now significantly lag. Domestic auto sales growth was cut to 8.1% from 9% previously Brazil’s auto industry trade group Anfavea has slashed its forecast for 2019 vehicle production growth to a modest 2.1% from 9% previously, it said on Monday. Anfavea had big plans this year for Brazil’s auto industry, which has been slowly recovering from a significant slump.


Falklands/Sao Paulo air-link will be serviced with a Boeing 767, Argentine sources


LATAM Brazil must present details of the flight, such as official fares, to the Argentine Civil Aviation Administration. (Image: David Alvarez) The Argentine media has revealed some additional details about the coming weekly airlink between the Falkland Islands and the South American continent, scheduled to begin “sometime in the second half of November”.


La vie de misère des premiers pionniers de l’Amazonie brésilienne


Maria Helena Locatelli was promised land and a better future in the Amazon rainforest, but all she got was misery when she arrived in northern Brazil in 1972 to start a new life. 

Cet article La vie de misère des premiers pionniers de l’Amazonie brésilienne est apparu en premier sur Epoch Times.


#الكرة كوم - للعام الثاني توالي .. السعودية تستضيف السوبر كلاسيكو اللاتيني

كلاكيت ثاني مرة .. البرازيل تواجه الأرجنتين وديًا في السعودية ......

Seriously... What more does QPR's Eze need to do to get a Nigeria call up?

Nigeria's latest squad call-up once again brought disappointment for admirers of QPR's Ebere Eze. On Thursday, the Super Eagles named their 23-man squad to face Brazil in a prestigious friendly game scheduled for mid-October, with just one new addiction to the list in Slavia Prague's Peter Olayinka. It meant that, once again, there was no space for the 21-year old, who has shown such good form that there has been reports he could be an English Premier League player sooner rather than later, with...

Which Materials are Easiest to Recycle?


The construction industry is responsible for 75% of the consumption of earth's natural resources. Stone, sand, iron, and many other finite resources are extracted in huge quantities to supply the markets. Additionally, construction sites themselves generate enormous quantities of waste, whether through construction, demolition, or remodeling. In Brazil, for example, construction waste can represent between 50% and 70% of the total mass of municipal solid waste [1]. This waste often ends up in landfills and dumps rather than being properly disposed of, overwhelming municipal sanitation systems and creating informal disposal sites.


Menesztették az Olympique Lyon vezetőedzőjét

A 45 éves brazil szakembernek azt követően köszönték meg a munkát, hogy együttese vasárnap 1-0-ra kikapott a Saint-Etienne csapatától, így kilenc fordulót követően mindössze kilenc ponttal csak a 14. helyen áll a Ligue 1-ben.

AEG and SMG combine to become ASM Global, now run Barclays Center and other venues

The Barclays Center has a new corporate operator (which is contracted by the operating company Brooklyn Events Center, now controlled by Joe Tsai).

A 10/1/19 press release, AEG Facilities and SMG Complete Transaction to Create ASM Global:
AEG Facilities, LLC (“AEG Facilities”), the venue management affiliate of Anschutz Entertainment Group, Inc. (“AEG”), and SMG, a portfolio company of Onex (TSX: ONEX) and its affiliated funds, today announced they completed their business combination to create a new, standalone global facility management and venue services company, ASM Global (“ASM”).
ASM is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with key operations based in West Conshohocken, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. The company also has corporate offices in London, England; Manchester, England; Brisbane, Australia; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. ASM operates a diversified portfolio of arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, performing arts centers, theaters and other venues with more than 300 facilities across five continents.
Bob Newman, former President of AEG Facilities, has been named President and CEO of ASM, effective immediately. Prior to joining AEG Facilities, Mr. Newman spent more than 20 years at SMG, last serving as a regional Vice President for the company. Wes Westley, former CEO and President of SMG, will focus his efforts on key strategic growth initiatives and ensuring a seamless integration.
Bob Newman, President and CEO of ASM, said, “This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our industry and one that will establish a new standard of excellence in managing live experiences. Bringing together the combined global expertise of each company with the best content and cutting-edge technologies, we will be able to realize the full potential of the world’s greatest spaces, places and events, create amazing experiences for guests, offer exciting new opportunities to employees and deliver the highest value for all stakeholders. Equally important, our deep bench of talent and shared resources will enable ASM to accelerate innovation and capitalize on the growing market opportunities.”
Wes Westley added, "I am very proud to have had the opportunity to lead such an incredible organization as SMG. We have a long history of working closely with our public and private partners and are confident in our ability to continue to meet and exceed their expectations. ASM’s focus moving forward will be on providing added value and best-in-class services to its customers. We are well-prepared for a seamless integration process.”
Onex, AEG and their respective affiliates are contributing their entire equity investments in SMG and AEG Facilities, respectively, into the combined business and are now equal co-owners of ASM.
Sports Business reported 10/1/19:
ASM will operate a portfolio of arenas, stadiums and other venues spanning more than 300 facilities across five continents. These include Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Manchester Arena and Dubai’s recently-opened Coca-Cola Arena.


Bolsonaro sai do sério e detona Correio Braziliense e volta a chamar Folha de São Paulo de ESGOTO

Folha do Brasil

O presidente Jair Bolsonaro falou bastante irritado com jornalistas hoje de manhã, segunda-feira, 7 de outubro, no Alvorada, comentando sobre a matéria de capa do correio braziliense que diz que o projeto da regra de ouro e reforma administrativa prevê acabar com a estabilidade do servidor.

O presidente também voltou a chamar a folha de são paulo de Esgoto classificando a matéria publicada no domingo como mais uma habitual fake news.


Voom To Offer Per-Seat Helo Service in San Francisco Area

Airbus unit Voom said it would begin on-demand, per-seat helicopter service in the San Francisco Bay Area.
September 26, 2019, 3:34 PM

Airbus unit Voom will expand its per-seat, on-demand helicopter service to the U.S. beginning at the San Francisco Bay Area airports—Napa, Oakland, Palo Alto, Hayward, San Francisco, and San Jose—the company said on Thursday. Voom said it will also offer full-helicopter charters to additional area airports, including Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Livermore, and Sacramento. Customers can book flights via the Voom app or online up to one hour before departure and check-in at the departure helipad 15 minutes before boarding time. 

Based on Airbus’s aviation expertise and our proven success offering our helicopter service in Brazil and Mexico, Voom is uniquely positioned to lead the transformation of air travel in the world’s most congested cities,” said Voom CEO Clément Monnet.

Voom connects passengers with certified and vetted helicopter operators in the Voom network and is not an operator. Voom said it is also launching “Voom for Business,” which features a specialized dashboard that is designed to simplify billing and booking under one account for employees and by other team members.

Voom launched its helicopter service in 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil, and operates a network of six helipads in the area, including Alphaville, Campo de Marte, Berrini, Paulista, Itaim Bibi, and Guarulhos Airports. In Mexico City, Voom operates a network of six helipads in Montes Urales, Santa Fe, Interlomas, Zona Esmeralda, Toluca Airport and the Mexico City Airport. The company grew out of a 2016 initiative launched by A3, Airbus’ Silicon Valley innovation center and is headquartered in San Francisco.



Leonardo Displays First VIP Trekker for Europe

The first Leonardo VIP Trekker light twin helicopter is on display this week at the Monaco Yacht Show
September 25, 2019, 2:39 PM

Leonardo is displaying the first European customer Leonardo AW109 VIP Trekker this week at the Monaco Yacht Show. The helicopter was sold to longtime Leonardo distributor Sloane Helicopters in the UK. It will be operated by Apollo Air Services and available for VIP charter.

Almost 100 VIP-configured Leonardo helicopters operate in the UK and Ireland, accounting for 90 percent of the VIP charter light-twin market there, a market share second only to Brazil's, where 130 Leonardo VIP helicopters operate. Worldwide, Leonardo claims 44 percent of the twin-engine VIP market. Of the 2,300 Leonardo helicopters in service worldwide, more than 830 currently serve the private, charter, scheduled, corporate transport, air-taxi, tourism, and VVIP transport markets. More than 60 AW109 Trekkers already have been sold to customers worldwide and are employed for missions that include VIP transport, offshore, utilities, EMS/SAR, and law enforcement.

The six- to seven-passenger Trekker is a lower-cost variant of its retractable gear AW109 GrandNew. It is equipped with skid landing gear, sliding rear doors, and the Genesys Aerosystems glass-cockpit avionics system that can be configured for IFR operations.

AW109 Trekker in flight


Alessandra Ambrosio showcases her sensational physique while on her way to Pilates class

The Brazilian beauty, 38, looked nothing short of radiant as she went to Pilates class in Santa Monica recently.

The 5 key moments that have defined Jurgen Klopp’s four years at Liverpool

It's been four years since Jurgen Klopp walked out on the Anfield pitch to be presented to assembled media, replacing Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool’s 19th permanent manager.The current and former Reds managers embraced pre-match when Rodgers’ Leicester were at Anfield this weekend, four years and a day after the Northern Irishman was sacked following a run of one win in nine games. Writing in his pre-match programme notes, Klopp acknowledged the work of his predecessor, saying he was “very fortunate to inherit the team I did from Brendan”. He addedthat Rodgers “built a team with a clear identity and purpose”.Such a claim is highly debatable:Rodgers massively lost his way in his final year on Merseyside, signing players at odds with his own ethos and whose styles did not suit Liverpool – primarily Christian Benteke. The Belgian was signed by Rodgers but only once Liverpool’s so-called transfer committee had also acquired the Brazilian attacker Roberto Firmino – a player Klopp's predecessor misused and seemingly didn’t trust, and who has gone on to become the focal point of Liverpool’s attack under Klopp.Firmino was one of seven players in the Liverpool squad on Saturday who remain from Rodgers’ time at Anfield, and there were handshakes from Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana on the touchline as the substitutes warmed up during the game.It’s unlikely that there was such a warm greeting for Rodgers from Liverpool’s now-sporting director Michael Edwards, with whom he had a fractious relationship. A hack fromone British newspaper once wrote how Liverpool’s transfer committee, of which Edwards was a leading part, “have yet to explain how they came up with the figure of £29 million” for Firmino. Those words look frankly laughable now.Klopp’s attitude and acceptance of Edwards’ role and methods make up one of the five key moments in his management at Anfield so far...1. Losing the 2016 Europa League Final“Two hours ago you all felt shit,” said Klopp after defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League final at the end of his first part-season in charge, before rousing: “This is just the start for us. We will play in many more finals.”Liverpool have reached a final in every European season under Klopp.Defeat in Baselproved to Reds players that the bigger picture was more important, and instilled a belief among them that Klopp would ensure they will go on to better things. "At that moment I sensed that he could see that, he was confident about getting to another final,” assessed Henderson later.Defeat to the Spanish side was tough to take at the time, but perhaps also proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Merseysiders, who were then able to focus on domestic matters the following season – they finishedfourth and qualifiedfor the Champions League for just the second time in seven years.Victory would have meant a return to the Champions League in Klopp’s first full season in charge, when ideas and coaching methodologies had not yet been implemented. It would have been running too soon. Instead, Klopp had more time to get his methods across at Melwood. His squad was not yet ready for Europe’s elite competition.A year later, it was.Subscribe to the FourFourTwo Podcast on iTunes and Spotify2. Signing Virgil van DijkLiverpool have hardly made a bad signing under Klopp’s management. Each arrival has been a perfect fit for the playing style and filled a key role.Much of this has been an insistence on getting the right man, and – crucially – being prepared to wait for them if needs be. There have been no second-best options or signings for the sake of it.Never has this been more accurate than waiting an extra six months to sign Virgil van Dijk for a then-world record fee for a defender in January 2018. This was a playerwho, according compatriot Gini Wijnaldum, Klopp was speaking about with players two years earlier.When he did finally arrive, the Dutch defender was exactly what Liverpool needed, and it’s unlikely they would be the side they are today without him. He has been transformative signing for the club, the fansand the team-mates who knew this was a signal of intent.3. Losing to Real Madrid in 2018Defeat to Real Madrid in 2018 was Klopp’s third final loss as Liverpool manager, and sixth final defeat in a row as a manager. Not that you’d have noticed from a video which went viral shortly after, with Klopp singing: “We saw the European Cup, Madrid had all the f***ing luck. We swear we'll keep on being cool. And bring it back to Liverpool.”And that they did at the very next attempt, beating Tottenham a year later in Madrid to lift Liverpool’s sixth European Cup.Again, Klopp instilled a mentality into his players – and the fans – that defeat does not mean the end of the road for this squad. The manager has spoken many times about how this group can grow and ‘write their own stories’ in Liverpool’s history. And that they are now doing.4. Embracing a sporting directorRodgers, who refused to work under a director of football when owners FSG had lined up Louis van Gaal for the role, had a fraught relationship with Liverpool’s transfer gurus. He initially shunnedtheir recommendation of Daniel Sturridge, and attempted to offload Henderson in a bid to sign 29-year-old American forward Clint Dempsey, among other transfer failures.Conversely, Klopp has embraced the sporting director model –one which he was comfortable with from his time in Germany –and frequently spoken highly of the team of analysts in the background. Klopp has revealed the role Liverpool’s scouts played in persuading him to sign Mohamed Salah, and for their identification of Firmino prior to Klopp arriving at the club.He regularly praises his goalkeeper coach, John Achterburg, for his analysis, and in 2017 even credited the club’s backroom analysts for a free-kick routine which saw Philippe Coutinho score by firing underBrighton’s defensive wall.Klopp has no ego and knows he cannot do it all, which is very far from Rodgers’ “I’m better when I have control” mantra.The arrivals of nutritionist Mona Nemmer and fitness coach Andreas Kornmayer have hugely benefited Liverpool, with Klopp keen to ensure he has experts around him. He knows the benefit of a collegiate approach. This has been the foundations of his transformation on Merseyside.5. Beating Barcelona 4-0‘Never give up’ said Salah’s t-shirt as Liverpool’s squad and staff assembled on the Anfield pitch after one of the most dramatic nights in the club’s European history.Salah was injured that night. So too was Firmino. Andy Robertson went off injured at half-time with Liverpool still two behind on aggregate.But it was Klopp who had instilled such belief in his tight-knit squad that they could overcome any obstacle, even after a 3-0 defeat in the first leg. Midfielder Fabinho told how in the ice pool with Sadio Mané at the Camp Nou after the game, Klopp approached him and asked: "Gini said we'll get through next week. What do you think?” "I'm sure of it,” said the Brazilian. "Good. There's three of us already!” said the boss.Divock Origi's first ever Champions League goal and they don't come much bigger than this.Against BarcelonaAt AnfieldIn a— BT Sport (@btsport) May 7, 2019That incredible victory hasn’t been the only memorable occasion Anfield has enjoyed under Klopp. There's been a 5-4 aggregate win over Borussia Dortmund after needing three goals to progress with 25 minutes remaining; a 3-0 win overManchester Cityin the Champions League; then blitzing to a 5-0 lead against Roma in the semi-final. These nights showcased Klopp’s Liverpool around Europe and put the club back on the world stage.Four years after Klopp declared at his unveiling that “If I sit here in four years, I am pretty confident we will have one title [trophy],” the German has delivered theChampions League trophy, Liverpool’s highest ever points total, three consecutive top-four finishes for the first time in a decade, and restored his club to the pinnacle of European football.Now buy the magazine and get it delivered to your doorWhile you're here, why not take advantage of our brilliant subscribers' offer? Get 5 issues of the world's greatest football magazine for £5 – the game's greatest stories and finest journalism direct to your door for less than a pint in London. Cheers!NOW TRY…FIFA 20 The best young strikers on FIFA 20 by career mode potentialQUIZ Can you name the 52 players to have played every minute of the 2019/20 Premier League season so far?GUIDE Premier League live stream best VPN: how to watch every game from anywhere in the worldNew features you’ll love on

10/7/2019: Sport: Match-winner Luiz receives a glowing report from Chambers


DAVID LUIZ made his mark on the pitch yesterday but Calum Chambers has revealed how his team-mate has been helping behind the scenes since his arrival at the club. The Brazilian, who joined Arsenal in the August transfer window for £8million from...

Ponte Preta do 20 - Atletiko Paranaense do 20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Poland (W) - Brazil (W)

Football. Women. Friendly Match

Botafogo SP - Figueirense

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Coritiba - Guarani

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Operario Ferroviario EC - Parana

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Atletico Goianiense - Cuiaba

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Criciuma - Gremio Brasil

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Vitoria - Oeste

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Ponte Preta - Londrina

Football. Brazil. Serie B

America Mineiro - Bragantino

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Argentina - Brazil

Volleyball. World Cup / Men.

Sao Paulo U20 - Gremio do 20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Fluminense do 20 - Shapekoense do 20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Botafogo RZh do 20 - Santos U20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Vitoria U20 - Palmeiras U20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Koritiba do 20 - Internacional U20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Bahia U-20 - Korintians-SP do 20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Ituano U20 - Mirasol do 20

Football. Brazil. Campeonato Paulista U20

Botafogo - Goias

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Alagoano - Internacional-RS

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Fortaleza - Chapecoense

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Gremio - Ceara

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Bahia - Sao Paolo

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Cruzeiro - Fluminense

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Santos - Palmeiras

Football. Brazil. Serie A

USA - Brazil

Volleyball. World Cup / Men.

Brazil - Senegal

Football. Friendly Match

Corinthians - Atletico-PR

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Avai - Vasco de Gama

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Flamengo - Atletico-MG

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Tunisia - Brazil

Volleyball. World Cup / Men.

Brazil (W) - Cape Verde (W)

Beach Soccer. Women. World Beach Games

Morocco - Brazil

Beach Soccer. World Beach Games

Vila Nova - Atletico Goianiense

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Gremio Brasil - Botafogo SP

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Sport Recife - Sao Bento

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Guarani - Regatas

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Oeste - Ponte Preta

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Cuiaba - Vitoria

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Vasko da Gama-RZh do 20 - Atletico-MG U20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Sport Recife U20 - Kruzeyro do 20

Football. Brazil. Brasileiro U20

Bragantino - Parana

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Coritiba - Criciuma

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Londrina - Operario Ferroviario EC

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Goias - Alagoano

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Fluminense - Bahia

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Figueirense - America Mineiro

Football. Brazil. Serie B

Palmeiras - Botafogo

Football. Brazil. Serie A

Poland - Brazil

Volleyball. World Cup / Men.

América Mineiro vs Bragantino, Oct 08, 2019 – Preview, Where to Watch, Score

Brazilian Serie B, América MG – Bragantino, Tuesday, 8:30 pm ET Score, Highlights Probability of winning América MG 31.44% Draw 30.07% Bragantino 38.49% Short Preview One of the most interesting matches of the day’s play. In the match war can see two teams from the top of the table (ranked 6 and 1 in the…

Analysis of Surface Finishing and Pressing Time in Wooden Pieces for the Use of Wood Waste in the Furniture Industry.


In order to reduce the exploitation of wood from native forests, Brazil has been increasing forest plantations in recent years, with species such as pine and especially eucalyptus (Brazilian Tree Industry 2015). The Brazilian tree industry (Brazilian Tree Industry 2017) claimed that 7.84 million hectares of trees are planted, of which 5.7 million hectares are eucalyptus plantations.


Mechanical Behavior of CrossLaminated Timber Panels Made of Low-Added-Value Timber.


Plantation pine and eucalyptus sawn wood is often underutilized for civil construction in Brazil. In general, short-length pieces (up to 1.20 m) are undervalued and intended for use as charcoal and firewood. In the case of eucalyptus, low density, low-quality mechanical properties, and high shrinkage characteristic of the heartwood make this lumber mainly suitable for firewood.


Topbot: Эди Сэджвик - трагическая муза Энди Уорхола и Боба Дилана


Знаменитая ”it girl” 60-ых умерла от передоза в 28 лет после того, как ее предали двое самых важных мужчин в ее жизни. Она была одним из символов молодежного взрыва 60-ых и самой яркой из всех эфемерных супер-звезд, созданных на фабрике коммерческого поп-арта Энди Уорхола. Ей посвятил одни из лучших своих стихов Боб Дилан.

Edith Minturn Sedgwick (1943 - 1971) родилась в очень известной и состоятельной семье со множеством скелетов в шкафу.

После того как погибли два ее брата, в 1963 она бросила колледж, переехала в Нью-Йорк и погрузилась в водоворот светской жизни, тратя сумасшедшие деньги на одежду, косметику, украшения и лимузины.

Там она встретила Энди Уорхола, стала его музой, моделью и актрисой в его фильмах на пике расцвета поп-арта.

Остригла и покрасила свои волосы, скопировав его прическу.

Она была очень увлечена джаз-балетом, занималась по два раза в день. И между занятиями не снимала черное трико, которое в сочетании с укороченным топом или свободной туникой стало ее фирменным луком и образцом для подражания.

В 1965 Эди была признана девушкой года.
Диана Вриланд заметила ее в 22 года и представила символом молодежного движения.

LIFE Magazine, 1965

Vogue 1966

Однако после пары разворотов в глянце Эди больше не приглашали из-за ее пристратия к наркотикам.

"Мода - это всего лишь фарс. Люди, которые за этим стоят - извращенцы. Стиль создают неадекватные люди, настоящие фрики."

"Я делала маску из своего лица, потому что не понимала, что я и так достаточно красива. Я приклеивала накладные ресницы, огромные как крылья летучей мыши, и обводила черным карандашом глаза. Я отрезала мои прекрасные длинные каштановые волосы и красила их серебряным спреем. Все это я делала, потому что не могла физически справиться с потрясениями, происходившими в моей жизни. А люди восприняли это как модный тренд."

Приметы стиля Эди Сэджвик:
В макияже акцент на глаза - густая черная подводка и натурального цвета губы.

Простые базовые вещи в сочетании с экстравагантными аксессуарами.

Черное трико, плотные черные колготки.

Не смотря на то, что ее короткая жизнь - 28 лет - быстро скатилась из гламура в отчаяние, образы ее лучшей поры, пришедшейся на середину 60-ых, до сих пор продолжают впечатлять и вдохновлять.

Peter Lindbergh for American Vogue, September 1989. Dress by Isaac Mizrahi....................................Vogue March 1990

Dolce & Gabbana, circa mid 90s Model : Farrah Summerford

American Harper's Bazaar 1995 by Peter Lindberg with Jaime Rishar as Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick Style Photoshoot Harper's Bazaar ca. 1999

Amber Valetta par Mario Testino, Vogue Paris novembre 2001

Elle (US) February 2002 World Beat Photography by Ruven Afanador Fanni Bostrum

john galliano for christian dior 2005 spring

Я соблазнила Энди Уорхола/Factory Girl(2006) Сиенна Миллер в роли Эди

Kate Moss Vogue UK, March 2008

The Vanessa Paradis 'Factory Story' Editorial by Karl Lagerfeld for Madame Figaro 2010

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Channels Edie Sedgwick 2010

Andrej Pejic 2012

NARS Andy Warhol Collection Edie Set 2012

Prada Spring 2013

Paz de la Huerta in LEGACY By Lola Schnabel designer Zac Posen 2012

Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark 2013


ABBY WILLIAMSON/Wallflower Management as Edie Sedgwick | produced and styled by TAMMY THEIS 2013

Cara Delevingne - Photo Patrick Demarchelier - for vogue china june 2013

Marc Jacobs' spring 2013 collection for Louis Vuitton

Michelle Cameron Ruby Jean Wilson by Derek Henderson for Vogue Australia’s February 2013

Beyonce Channels Andy Warhol Muse Edie Sedgwick for Pepsi Ads 2013

Anna Sui for fall 2013

Harper’s Bazaar Mexico's Factory Girl Story 2014

Alexa Chung – Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (March 2015)

Dior Haute Couture 2015

Miley Cyrus Channels Edie Sedgwick Marie Claire 2015

Giambattista Valli Spring 2016

L’Officiel Russia February 2016 Celebrity | Rita Ora

Betsey Johnson Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue Great Edie Sedgwick-inspired look


Factory Girl for Design SCENE Magazine by Tanya Gaidarzhy 2016


Edie Campbell Channels Edie Sedgwick on Vogue Poland 2018

Shrimps Fall 2018...............................................Shrimps Fall Winter 2019

Julia Cummings in Anna Sui’s Fall 2019

Paco Rabanne FALL 2019 READY-TO-WEAR

TOM FORD Spring Summer 2020 Collection

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The IPCC’s Report: act now against land degradation and climate change

Ending deforestation in Brazil
8 August 2019

The IPCC’s Report: act now against land degradation and climate change

On 8 August 2019, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a new report on types of land use and their role in climate change and world food security. An occasion to recall the measures taken by the Government against climate change and its impacts on the planet.
Following publication of a report on climate change last October, the IPPC has now focused on analysing the already observed effects that climate change is having on natural land ecosystems, and on the risks likely to impact food security across the world.

The Panel stresses that climate change is continuing to aggravate degradation of vegetation and biodiversity, as well as of land (soil erosion, water shortages, etc.).

The IPPC highlights the need to review the ways in which land is used, in order to ensure food security.

The report states that we possess sufficient knowledge to act accordingly without further delay.

What the French Government is doing against climate change and land degradation

France has adopted a series of plans and measures designed to reduce climate change and foster better exploitation of natural resources:
  • The second National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (PNACC), which implements the actions required to protect the population and adapt all sectors of the economy to future climatic conditions.
  • The Energy-Climate Bill, which asserts France’s aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and institutes a five-year Programming Act that will set action priorities and point the way forward.
  • Last July, the Assises de l'Eau (Water Conference) concluded a new pact containing 23 measures against climate change.
  • The National Strategy against Imported Deforestation (SNDI), which aims to put an end to deforestation caused by importation of non-sustainable forest and agricultural products by 2030.
France is also providing assistance to agricultural sectors in order to ensure their successful transition to agroecology.

Finally, at international level, France will be supporting the adoption of an ambitious international framework for protection of biodiversity during the Conference of Parties on Biodiversity (COP15) set to be held in China in 2020.


Comment on ‘The Edge of Democracy’ tiptoes line of memoir and documentary by Review Coach Ariana Lippi

While trapezing through her own personal history and the modern history of Brazil during her lifetime, I think that the line Costa is walking frames the years of increasing fragility within the Brazilian democratic system and the brittle state that it currently exists in. In order for a large and once very successful state to end up “at the edge of democracy,” it takes much more than a few dodgy politicians. What I think Castro demonstrates through the links she draws from her personal narrative and state history is that the corruption scandals that the public sees are a symptom of the larger problem at hand (as you said, "democracy rotting from the inside). Although Lula and Rousseff were social activists and fought for the middle and lower class, the dealings of their administrations reveal a deeper issue that stems from a multitude of sources -- which I don't think were covered very well. Castro says “If Jesus came to Brazil, he would have to make an alliance even with Judas.” So while I think she meant to portray them as having better intentions and the political will to implement programs that uplifted the working and peasant classes, they still could not escape or destroy the larger institutional pressures (as you mentioned, Rousseff did not have enough high-level political support or power to continue or fulfill Lula’s vision). The seed of division was planted long before Castro was born and has gemmated and sprouted causing a greater plurality in Brazil than has ever been seen before. So, yes, Lula and Rousseff’s shady political business was overly exaggerated by the right who offered little concrete evidence to inculpate them, but, even Castro herself says that Lula’s track-record was confusing and left her with doubts. Lastly, I think that the brief ad-hoc interviews she conducted on the street were useful in understanding the emotion and political zeitgeist during the peaks of unrest. However, I don’t think that they are a faithful representation of public opinion or of the population of Brazil overall. In fact, I deeply wish that she had traveled outside the capital and spoken with people from civil society groups or rural communities both during and not during these political proceedings. Talking to people on the street in the city during protests came across as unintentional to me. The only substantive interview she had with a civilian was with her mother. I did, however, appreciate this and the fact that most of the memorable interviews were with women (her mother, Dilma, and some people on the street). I think that this would have not only rounded out the story but also would have provided her with an opportunity to offer a counter-argument to the narrative she was presenting: a glimpse of hope, an area where democracy is strong, or simply to portray a fuller story to her English speaking audience (who presumably don't know a lot about Brazil). After viewing this memoir/documentary I’m reminded of a quote from Heart of Darkness: "I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That's my dream. That's my nightmare: crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor and surviving,” Castro seems to be living in this surreal dream and watching her life’s inextricable entanglement with the brief successes and terrifying shortcomings of democracy in her homeland, which has tremendous implications on a larger and international scale presently and in the future.

May be opportunity of body

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Brazil highways drive Amazon development — and destruction

Trucker Erik Fransuer spends months at a time driving back and forth on highways that cut through the Amazon in northern Brazil, delivering soy or corn to river ports.

“30 versus 3”: The Unequal Battle Between Vale and the People Affected by its Dams

Rafael Tatemoto A building destroyed by a Vale dam disaster; the miner hires high-profile law firms and consultants, including former Supreme Court justices / José Eduardo Bernardes The communities impacted by the collapse of Vale dams are fighting an unequal battle in negotiations and lawsuits filed after the Mariana and Brumadinho episodes, in the Brazilian...

João Pedro Stedile: With No Bedrock Support or Project, Bolsonaro Becomes More Isolated

Emilly Dulce Brazilian landless workers’ leader argues that the Brazilian government’s contradictions are becoming increasingly clear Jair Bolsonaro’s approval ratings, recent polls show, have been on the slide since he took office, in January, and should continue to drop and make him increasingly isolated, as the president of Brazil has not clearly presented a project...
   | African players in Europe: Mane faces Brazil after starring for Reds

Sadio Mane goes into Senegal's friendly against Brazil after playing a pivotal role for Liverpool in a dramatic Premier League win over Leicester.

A Whopping 82% of Americans Believe Social Media Companies Favor Certain News Organization Over Others


A woman checks the Facebook Inc. site on her smartphone whilst standing against an illuminated wall bearing the Facebook Inc. logo in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015. Facebook Inc.s WhatsApp messaging service, with more than 100 million local users, is the most-used app in Brazil, according to an Ibope poll published on Dec. 15. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images


Riachuelo Empowers Teams to Achieve Greater Collaboration with Centric...


Top Brazilian fashion retailer to drive greater agility, speed and innovation with Centric Software PLM partnership

(PRWeb October 08, 2019)

Read the full story at



Politically incorrect anthropology

I have been reading about Napoleon Chagnon for many years now.  I wrote about his findings as early as 2003. So I was pleased to see a recent comprehensive summary of his work in Quillette

As I learned myself by working in two academic departments that covered anthropology, anthropologists are the most Lefist discipline in the social sciences -- and that is saying something.  Chagnon, however, was simply interested in reality and was one of the most committed anthropologists ever.  He spent years living among the people he described -- under conditions that few modern men could endure. So he knew what he was talking about.  Below is a brief excerpt from the Quillette article.  As you can see, his findings went right against the old Leftist claim that man was naturally good and kind but had been corrupted by modern civilization:

In 1966, Chagnon began working with the geneticist James Neel. Neel had had managed to convince the Atomic Energy Commission to fund a genetic study of an isolated population and was able to pay Chagnon a salary to assist his research there. Neel’s team took blood samples from the Yanomamö, and began administering the Edmonston B vaccine when they discovered that the Yanomamö had no antibodies to the measles. In some ways, the Yanomamö sounded like something out of any anthropology textbook—they were patrilineal and polygamous (polygyny); like other cultures around the world, they carved a position for the levirate—a man who married his dead brother’s wife; they had ceremonial roles and practised ritual confinement with taboos on food and sex. But sometimes this exotic veneer would be punctured by their shared humanity, particularly their mischievous sense of humour.

But for all their jocularity, Chagnon found that up to 30 percent of all Yanomamö males died a violent death. Warfare and violence were common, and duelling was a ritual practice, in which two men would take turns flogging each other over the head with a club, until one of the combatants succumbed. Chagnon was adamant that the primary causes of violence among the Yanomamö were revenge killings and women. The latter may not seem surprising to anyone aware of the ubiquity of ruthless male sexual competition in the animal kingdom, but anthropologists generally believed that human violence found its genesis in more immediate matters, such as disputes over resources. When Chagnon asked the Yanomamö shaman Dedeheiwa t0 explain the cause of violence, he replied, “Don’t ask such stupid questions! Women! Women! Women! Women! Women!” Such fights erupted over sexual jealousy, sexual impropriety, rape, and attempts at seduction, kidnap and failure to deliver a promised girl.

Internecine raids and attacks often involved attempts by a man or group to abduct another’s women. “The victim is grabbed by her abductors by one arm, and her protectors grab the other arm. Then both groups pull in opposite directions,” Chagnon learned. In one instance, a woman’s arms were reportedly pulled out of their sockets: “The victim invariably screams in agony, and the struggle can last several long minutes until one group takes control of her.” Although one in five Yanomamö women Chagnon interviewed had been kidnapped from another village, some of these women were grateful to find that their new husbands were less cruel than their former ones. The treatment of Yanomamö women could be particularly gruesome, and Chagnon had to wrestle with the ethical dilemmas that confront anthropologists under such circumstances—should he intervene or remain an observer? Men frequently beat their wives, mainly out of sexual jealousy, shot arrows into them, or even held burning sticks between their legs to discourage the possibility of infidelity. On one occasion, a man bludgeoned his wife in the head with firewood and in front of an impassive audience. “Her head bounced off the ground with each ruthless blow, as if he were pounding a soccer ball with a baseball bat. The head-man and I intervened at that point—he was killing her.” Chagnon stitched her head back up. The woman recovered but she subsequently dropped her infant into a fire as she slept, and was later killed by a venomous snake. Life in the Amazon could be nasty, brutish, and short.

Chagnon would make more than 20 fieldwork visits to the Amazon, and in 1968 he published Yanomamö: The Fierce People, which became an instant international bestseller. The book immediately ignited controversy within the field of anthropology. Although it commanded immense respect and became the most commonly taught book in introductory anthropology courses, the very subtitle of the book annoyed those anthropologists, who preferred to give their monographs titles like The Gentle Tasaday, The Gentle People, The Harmless People, The Peaceful People, Never in Anger, and The Semai: A Nonviolent People of Malaya.

The stubborn tendency within the discipline was to paint an unrealistic façade over such cultures—although 61 percent of Waorani men met a violent death, an anthropologist nevertheless described this Amazonian people as a “tribe where harmony rules,” on account of an “ethos that emphasized peacefulness.”  Anthropologists who considered such a society harmonious were unlikely to be impressed by Chagnon’s description of the Yanomamö as “The Fierce People,” where “only” 30 percent of males died by violence. The same anthropologist who had ascribed a prevailing ethos of peace to the Waoroni later accused Chagnon, in the gobbledygook of anthropological jargon, of the “projection of traditional preconceptions of the Western construction of Otherness.”


Britain looks to Australia on immigration as it seeks to 'end the free movement of people'

Britain's government says it is moving ahead with plans to adopt an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

Addressing supporters at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government is working hard to make it happen. "I have a particular responsibility when it comes to taking back control: It is to end the free movement of people once and for all," she said to rounds of applause.

"Instead we will introduce an Australian-style points-based immigration system."

Immigration officials in Australia assess skilled worker visa applications awarding points for proficiency in English, work experience and age. The screening system was first rolled out in 1979 and has in the years since been adjusted to better consider the preferences of employers.

Last month, Ms Patel wrote to the Migration Advisory Committee asking it to review if Australia’s points-based migration system could work in Britain. The committee has been asked to report back by January.

Ms Patel said she believes leaving the EU will provide Britain with a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to change the country's immigration system for the better.

"One that works in the best interest of Britain. One that attracts and welcomes the brightest and the best. One that supports the brilliant scientists, the finest academics and the leading people in their fields. And one that is under the control of the British government."

Canada and New Zealand have also adopted a points-style system for skilled migration.


Adults 'fail by giving in to trans teenagers'

Adults fail in their duty to children if they just give in to the "instant gratification" demands of transgender teenagers who protest they cannot wait until 18 for irreversible sex-reassignment surgery, clinical psychologist Paul Stevenson says.

Mr Stevenson, well known for helping trauma victims after the Bali and Jakarta terror bombings of the 2000s, said psychologists should not "disenfranchise" parents of trans teens, nor "drive a wedge" between child and family. He was commenting on a submission by the Australian Psychological Society that doctors should be able to go ahead with under-16 trans surgery, with both parents opposed and no mandatory counselling for the adolescent, as long as the clinicians were "competent" in assessing the teen's capacity to make the decision.

The APS claims 24,000 members but Mr Stevenson said his breakaway body, the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc, had picked up 2000 new members in the past year, taking the total to 8000, partly because of discontent with the APS.

The AAPi appears to be the first health or medical pro-fessional body in Australia to go public with scepticism about the "child-led" affirmation approach to trans, which critics say discourages thorough investigation of a young patient's history and too readily puts them on a path to risky medical treatment, including puberty-blocker drugs, cross-sex hormones and surgery, such as mastectomy for trans boys.

Gender clinicians claim children are experts in their identity and going along with their transition is best for mental health. Mr Stevenson said the sudden decision of a teen to come out as trans brought grief and stress not just to parents but to the extended family, and for everyone's long-term interests the crucial relationship between teen and parent had to be supported.

 "Psycholo-gists are not in the business of splitting up families," he said. He said the teenage years brought rapid and confusing development, and conflict with parents. Some neuroscience studies suggested the decision-making brain might not fully mature until a person reached their 30s, making it unwise to allow teens under 18 to consent to irreversible medical treatment.

"We've got to help parents get their children through this period of time when the (teenager's) frontal lobe is 'out for renovations'," he said. "Parents are the best-placed people to get their kids through this, we shouldn't be driving wedges between them."

Some parents have reported a pattern of teenagers, typically girls, suddenly declaring trans status with scripted lines from social media about the immediate need for hormones to stop them committing suicide.

Mr Stevenson said suicidal ideas — like any other mental health issues —should be treated directly. Flinders University's Damien Riggs, co-author of the APS submission, claims it is "scientifically, incorrect" to suggest social media or peer pressure might influence a trans teenager's stated identity. He has argued that Medicare should fund a trans mastectomy just as it does for a healthy woman with a genetic risk of breast cancer.

Online forums suggest trans mastectomy costs about $10,000. Dr Riggs, who won a $694,514 federal grant to study "family diversity", is cited as an authority in the 2018 treatment standards for children and adolescents issued by the gender clinic at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne (which does no trans surgery).

Yesterday, the APS said the courts already allowed trans surgery for patients under 18. Where parents opposed it, "minors should have the right to access the opinion and guidance of suitably qualified medical professionals, including psychologists".

From "The Australian" of 4 Oct., 2019

What ‘The Times’ Got Wrong About Slavery in America

The New York Times recently drew a lot of attention for its “1619 Project” initiative, which has been criticized for misrepresenting the role of the slave trade as the central core to the development of the United States. The Times “aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.

The project name purportedly refers to the date the first African slaves were brought to the English colonies that later became the United States. Like much else in the Times’ version of the role of slavery in American history, even the project name is rooted in distortion. Although the institution of slavery is a stain on national history, the true story is much more complex than the Times represents, and the United States plays a role both as a country that exploited the slave trade as well as a leader in the movement to end the African slave trade, and was not the primary instigator or beneficiary of the brutal trade.

1619 was not, in fact, the date of the first African slaves in the English colonies — those Africans were brought in under indenturement contracts, not bought as slaves. They were contracted to a fixed period of labor (typically five years) to pay for the cost charged by the Dutch slavers, at which point they were freed with a payment of a start-up endowment.

Indenturement Contracts, Not Slaves

This was not unusual or limited to Africans – approximately half of the 500,000 European immigrants to the thirteen colonies prior to 1775 paid for their passage with indenturement contracts. Anthony Johnson, a black Angolan, was typical – he entered Virginia as an indentured servant in 1621, became a free man after the term of his contract, acquired land, and became among the first actual slaveholders in the colonies.

The first actual African slave in the colonies was John Punch, an indentured servant sentenced to slavery in 1640 in Virginia by the General Court of the Governor’s Council for having violated his indenturement contract by fleeing to Maryland. In 1641, the Massachusetts Assembly passed the first statutory law allowing slavery of those who were prisoners of war, sold themselves into slavery, or were sentenced to slavery by the courts, but banning it under other circumstances.

Early slavery, like indenturement contracts, was not specifically targeted at those of African descent. The Massachusetts law was primarily intended to allow slavery of captured Indians in the aftermath of King Phillip’s War. The 1705 Virginia Slave Codes, for example, declared as slaves those purchased from abroad who were not Christian. A Christian African entering the colony, for example, would not be a slave — but a captured American Indian who was not a Christian would be.

Black vs. Black

Ironically, a freed black man initiated the court case that moved slavery to a race-based institution. The Angolan immigrant Anthony Johnson was the plaintiff is a key civil case, where the Northampton Court in 1654 declared after the expiration of the indenturement contract of his African servant John Casor that Johnson owned Casor “for life,” nullifying the protections of the contract for the servant and essentially establishing the civil precedent for the enslavement of all African indentured servants by declaring that a contract for such servants extended for life, rather than the fixed term in the contract.

It was not until 1662 that the children of such slaves became legally slaves rather than free men, in a law passed in Virginia. The African slave trade itself was minor until King Charles II established the Royal African Company with a monopoly on the slave trade to the colonies. As late as 1735, the Colony of Georgia passed a law outlawing slavery, which was repealed due to a labor shortage in 1750. The boom in the import of slaves actually began around 1725, with half of all imported slaves arriving between then and the onset of the American Revolution in 1775.

Relatively speaking, the United States was a minor player in the African Slave Trade — only about 5% of the Africans imported to the New World came to the United States. Of the 10.7 million Africans who survived the ocean voyage, a mere 388,000 were shipped directly to North America. The largest recipients of imported African slaves were Brazil, Cuba. Jamaica, and the other Caribbean colonies. The lifespan of those brought into what is now the United States vastly exceeded those of the other 95%, and the United States was the only purchaser of African slaves where population grew naturally in slavery – the death rate among the rest was higher than the birth rate.

While the institution, even in the United States was a brutal violation of basic human rights, it tended on average to be far more humane than in the rest of the New World.

The World Slave Trade

The Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean African slave trade, which began by Arabs as early as the 8th Century AD, dwarfed the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and continued up to the 20th Century. Between the start of the Atlantic Slave Trade and 1900, it is estimated that the eastern-bound Arab slave traders sold over 17 million Africans into slavery in the Middle East and India, compared to about 12 million to the new world – and the Eastern-bound slave trade had been ongoing for at least 600 years at the START of that period.

The Western-bound Atlantic slave trade, contrary to the misrepresentation in “Roots,” did not involve the capture of free Africans by Europeans or Arabs, but by the trading of slaves (already a basis for the economy of the local animist or Muslim kingdoms) captured in local wars to Western merchants in exchange for Western goods. The first such slaves brought to the Western Hemisphere were brought by the Spanish to their colonies in Cuba and Hispaniola in 1501, almost a century and a half before the first slave in the English colonies that became the United States.

The last African state to outlaw slavery, Mauritania, did not do so until 2007, and if the institution is illegal on the continent de jure, it still is widespread de facto in Mauritania, Chad, Mali, Niger, and Sudan, as well as parts of Ghana, Benin, Togo Gabon, Angola, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Libya, and Nigeria.

The contradictions slavery posed on the rebel colonies during the Revolution sparked a backlash against slavery and the slave trade. Colonel John Laurens, son of a large South Carolina slaveholder, noted the contradictions in 1776, stating that “I think we Americans at least in the Southern Colonies, cannot contend with a good Grace, for Liberty, until we shall have enfranchised our Slaves. How can we whose Jealousy has been alarm’d more at the Name of Oppression sometimes than at the Reality, reconcile to our spirited Assertions of the Rights of Mankind, the galling abject Slavery of our negroes. . . . If as some pretend, but I am persuaded more thro’ interest, than from Conviction, the Culture of the Ground with us cannot be carried on without African Slaves, Let us fly it as a hateful Country, and say ubi Libertas ibi Patria.”

The US Constitution Banned the Slave Trade in 1808

More shared that sentiment and the first law in the European world to outlaw the slave trade was, in fact, the US Constitution, which in 1787 banned the slave trade as of 1808. In Massachusetts, a 1783 court decision ended slavery, and all of the Northern States had passed emancipations laws by 1803. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 outlawed slavery in territories north of the Ohio River. Other countries followed suit. Denmark-Norway banned the slave trade in 1803, but not slavery until 1848. Britain passed a law abolishing the slave trade in 1807, and enforced it with the Royal Navy, and abolished slavery itself in 1833.

In 1807, Congress passed legislation making the import of slaves to the United States a federal crime, and in 1820, Congress passed the Law on Slave Trade, which went beyond the British law in declaring slavers as pirates, punishable by death instead of mere fines – and the US Navy joined the Royal Navy in active interdiction of slave ships.

Economically, the institution of slavery, rather than develop the economy of the new nation, stunted its development. Although bonded labor, whether slave or indentured servant, clearly played an important role in developing a labor force in the early colonial days, its role in the advancement of the economy in the newly established country is questionable. Gavin Wright, in his classic book The Political Economy of the Cotton South, shows in fact that slavery hindered the development of the economy in those states where it remained legal. The artisans, tradesmen, and unskilled labor pool necessary for developing a thriving, diverse economy was discouraged by competition from bonded labor, and the slave-owning class showed little interest in such an economy.

How Slavery Stalled the Economy of the New Country

Increasingly, the economy came to be dominated by cotton monoculture, boosted by the invention of the cotton gin, and the value of the capital invested in slaves. In order to maintain the value of this capital investment, demand for slave labor needed to be maintained, which led to the slaveholding states demanding the opening of new lands for slave cultivation. Wright shows that, contrary to the assertions of many modern critics who try to claim that slavery was responsible for the development of the US economy and to the mistaken belief of secessionists prior to the Civil War, cotton was not King, but rather the greatest return from slaveholding was the capital increase from the reproduction of slaves.

Without new lands to be worked by the expanding slave population, the price of slaves would fall, and the wealth of the ruling classes in the Southern states would have plummeted. Thus, issues like the Wilmot Proviso or Kansas-Nebraska Act, which threatened to close off the expansion of lands to be worked by slaves, posed an existential threat to the wealth of the slaveholders. Meanwhile, unencumbered by the institution of slavery, those states that abolished the institution and emancipated existing slaves embraced other forms of generating wealth, including a manufacturing economy that rapidly outpaced that of the slave states. The Civil War was, in large part, won because the economy of free labor produced at rates that the economy of slave labor could not imagine. In fact, it was not until the abolishment of the Jim Crow laws preserving vestiges of the slave system that the economy of the New South truly began to take off.

While undoubtedly the issue of slavery and conflicts over its contradiction with the ideals of the new Republic shaped the political debates of the new country through the Civil War, it is going too far to assert that the slave trade and slavery were the central core of the development of the United States. Rather, it is more true to state that the ideals of the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment and political beliefs shaped by the English Civil War and Glorious Revolution created an environment that exposed the immorality of slavery and established the political grounds for ending the slave trade, and eventually the institution of slavery in areas of Western European influence.

It was not a simple process, and required painful conflict to negotiate the conflicts and contradictions between the liberal ideal and the self-interest of those who owned human chattel, but ultimately rather than allow slavery to drive the growth of the nation, the new United States became a leader, along with their cousins in the Anglosphere, in the efforts to end the brutal and illiberal practice of slavery.

The New York Times does a disservice to its readers with the 1619 Project by presenting a simplistic and misleading story of the complex role that the institution of slavery played in the history of the United States, and it largely ignores the role that the underlying values of the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment that undergird the new nation played in ending slavery and the slave trade.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

For more postings from me, see TONGUE-TIED, GREENIE WATCH,   EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL, AUSTRALIAN POLITICS and  DISSECTING LEFTISM.   My Home Pages are here or   here or   here.  Email me (John Ray) here.  Email me (John Ray) here



"In Search of New Pathways" – On Day One, A Synodal Splash... or Several

(Updated with summary of opening talks.)
For those just waking up, what a morning you've missed.

Though today brought the working start of Francis' fourth Synod in six years, none of the others began like this – at 8.30, the Confessio of St Peter's in front of the first Apostle's tomb was ringed with several hundred representatives of the Amazonian peoples and their songs, joined by a healthy number of the 185 voting prelates....

And then, the Pope appeared, taking the group with him in procession to the Aula:

In a way, the striking moment – whose optics, intentionally or not, palpably evoked a boxer heading to the ring – heightened the sense that something quite different was at hand. But in reality, it's all going according to script.

More to come... but for those who can't wait, the page's real-time feed had the major developments as they whizzed by.

Here, two among others:
*  *  *
Having yet again highlighted their enduring "tag team" dynamic at yesterday's Opening Mass, while the Pope's first intervention this morning in the Aula largely stuck to the broader concept of synodality and its optimal means of fulfillment, Francis left the bulk of this gathering's programmatic details to his "beloved" Cardinal Claudio Hummes – for whom, at 85, this Synod represents the culmination of a long journey on several fronts.

Accordingly, 13 years after the Brazilian Franciscan arrived in Rome to a Curial slapdown after comments he gave on priestly celibacy as the new prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, in his extensive first report, the Relator-General (in rough terms, the "showrunner") of the three-week event upended the usual moderation expected of the role, laying out the intended aims in stark, if not hair-raising terms:
The subject of the Synod we are inaugurating is, “Amazonia: New Pathways for the Church and for an integral ecology.” The theme addressed follows the broad pastoral guidelines characteristic of Pope Francis for creating new pathways. From the very beginning of his papal ministry, Pope Francis has emphasised the Church’s need to move forward. The Church cannot remain inactive within her own closed circle, focused on herself, surrounded by protective walls and even less can she look nostalgically to the past. The Church needs to throw open her doors, knock down the walls surrounding her and build bridges, going out into the world and setting out on the path of history. In these times of momentous changes, the Church must always walk next to everyone and especially those living on the margins of humankind; an “outgoing” Church. Why outgoing? So as to turn on the lights and warm the hearts of those who help people, communities, countries and all humankind to discover the meaning of life and of history. These lights are above all the announcement of the person of Jesus Christ, dead and risen, and of His Kingdom, as is the practice of mercy as well as charity and solidarity above all towards the poor, those who suffer, the forgotten and the marginalised in today’s world such as migrants and indigenous peoples.

It is moving forwards that makes the Church loyal to its true tradition. Traditionalism, which remains linked to the past, is one thing, but true tradition, which is the Church’s living history, is something else through which every generation, accepting what has been handed down by previous generations, such as understanding and experiencing faith in Jesus Christ, enriches this tradition in current times with their own experience and understanding of faith in Jesus Christ.

The light means announcing Jesus Christ and untiringly practising mercy in the Church’s living tradition. It means showing the path to be followed in moving forwards inclusively in a way that invites, welcomes and encourages everyone, with no exceptions, as friends and siblings, respecting the differences between us.

“New pathways.” One must not fear what is new. In his 2013 Pentecost homily, Pope Francis already expressed the idea that, “Newness always makes us a bit fearful, because we feel more secure if we have everything under control, if we are the ones who build, programme and plan our lives in accordance with our own ideas, our own comfort, our own preferences... (...) We fear that God may force us to strike out on new paths and leave behind our all too narrow, closed and selfish horizons in order to become open to his own. Yet throughout the history of salvation, whenever God reveals himself, he brings newness - God always brings newness -, and demands our complete trust.” In the Evangelii Gaudium (no. 11), the Pope portrays Jesus Christ as “eternal newness”. He is always new, He is always the same newness, “yesterday, today and forever” (Heb 13, 8) He is what is new. That is why the Church prays using the words, “Send forth your spirit and they shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth.” So we must not fear newness, we must not fear Christ, the new. This Synod is in search of new pathways....

The Church’s mission today in Amazonia is the Synod’s central issue. This is a Synod of the Church for the Church. Not an inward looking Church, but one integrated in the history and the reality of the territory – in this case Amazonia –, attentive to calls for help and the populations’ aspirations and the “common home” [the creation]. A Church open to dialogue, especially interreligious and intercultural dialogue. A Church that is welcoming and wanting to share a synodal path with other churches, religions, sciences, governments, institutions, peoples, communities and persons. A Church respecting differences, with the intention of defending and promoting life for the populations in the area, above all those who originated there, while preserving biodiversity in the Amazon region. An updated Church, “simper reformanda”, according to the Evangelii Gaudium; an outgoing missionary Church, explicitly announcing Jesus Christ, welcoming and communicative, merciful, poor, for the poor and with the poor. Therefore a Church with a preferential, encultured, inter-cultural and increasingly more synodal attention paid to the poor. A Marian Church, fuelled by devotion for the Most Holy Virgin Mary, according to many local titles, especially that of Maria de Nazaré, whose festivity brings together millions of pilgrims and faithful every year in Belém do Pará.

Inculturation of the Christian faith in the various different cultures is necessary. As St. John Paul II says about the missionary mandate of the Christian faith in the various different cultures, “The need for such involvement has marked the Church's pilgrimage throughout her history, but today it is particularly urgent.” (Redemptoris Missio, 52). Together with inculturation, the evangelisation of the peoples of the Amazon also requires paying particular attention to inter-culturality, because it is there that cultures are many and diversified, although they continue to share a number of common roots. The task of inculturation and inter-culturality lies above all in the liturgy, in interreligious and ecumenical dialogue, in popular piety, in catechesis, in daily coexistence in a dialogue with autochthon peoples in social and charitable works, in consecrated life and urban pastoral care....

The Son of God too became a man and his human body comes from the earth. In this body, Jesus died for us on the Cross to overcome evil and death, he rose again among the dead and now sits to the right of God the Father in eternal and immortal glory. The Apostle Paul writes, “For in him all the fullness was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile all things for him (...) whether those on earth or those in heaven.”(Col. 1,19-20). In Laudato si’ we read that, “This leads us to direct our gaze to the end of time, when the Son will deliver all things to the Father, so that “God may be everything to everyone” (1 Cor.15:28). Thus, “the creatures of this world no longer appear to us under merely natural guise because the risen One is mysteriously holding them to himself and directing them towards fullness as their end” (LS, 100). It is thus that God has definitively connected Himself to His entire creation. This mystery is accomplished in the sacrament of the Eucharist. This Synod is held within the context of a serious and urgent climatic and ecological crisis, which involves our entire planet. The planet’s global warming caused by the greenhouse effect has resulted in an unprecedented, serious and pressing climatic imbalance as stated in the Laudato si’ and the Paris COP21, where practically all the countries in the world signed the Agreement on climate that for the moment has remained almost unimplemented in spite of its urgency. At the same time, the planet is experiencing galloping devastation, depredation and degradation of the earth’s resources, all fostered by a globalised, predatory and devastating technocratic paradigm reported by Laudato si’. The earth cannot take this anymore....

Another issue consists in the lack of priests at the service of local communities in the area, with a consequent lack of the Eucharist, at least on Sundays, as well as other sacraments. There is a lack of appointed priests and this means pastoral care consisting of occasional instead of adequate daily pastoral care. The Church lives on the Eucharist and the Eucharist is the foundation of the Church (St. John Paul II). Participation in the celebration of the Eucharist, at least on Sundays, is essential for the full and progressive development of Christian communities and a true experience of the Word of God in people’s lives. It will be necessary to define new paths for the future. During the consultation stages, indigenous communities, faced with the urgent need experienced by most of the Catholic communities in Amazonia, requested that the path be opened for the ordination of married men resident in their communities, albeit confirming the great importance of the charisma of celibacy in the Church. At the same time, faced with a great number of women who nowadays lead communities in Amazonia, there is a request that this service be acknowledged and there be an attempt to consolidate it with a suitable ministry for them.
(Notably, the conclusion of the above paragraph brought a pronounced round of applause in the room.)
In conclusion, to comply with the working dynamics of this synodal assembly, I wish to suggest a number of core issues: a) The outgoing Church and its new pathways in Amazonia; b) The Church’s Amazonian face: inculturation and inter-culturality in a missionary-ecclesial context; c) Ministries in the Church in Amazonia: presbyterate, diaconate, ministries and the role played by women; d) The work done by the Church in looking after our “shared home”; listening to the earth and to the poor; integral environmental, economic, social and cultural ecology; e) The Amazonian Church in the urban reality; f) The issues concerning water; g) others.

I would like to conclude by inviting everyone to allow themselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit during these days of the Synod. Allow yourselves to be enveloped by the cloak of the Mother of God, Queen of Amazonia. We must not allow ourselves to be overcome by self-referentiality, but by mercy when faced with the pain expressed by the poor and the earth. We will need to pray a great deal, to meditate and discern a real practice of ecclesial communion and a synodal spirit. This Synod is like a table that God has prepared for His poor and He is asking us to serve at that table.

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From Hostility to Warmness: Why has Brazilian President Changed his Aggressive Anti-China Actions?

By Paul Antonopoulos | October 8, 2019 In an interview with DW Brasil, former Brazilian ambassador to Beijing, Marcos Caramuru, revealed the great interest Chinese companies have in potential infrastructure work in Brazil. Even with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro showing initial hostility towards China during his 2018 election campaign, his opinion appears to have changed given the huge […]

MARPA Participates at CMT Meeting of Authorities

Last week MARPA participated at the annual quadrilateral Certification Management Team meeting industry day.  The CMT brings together the certification heads of the FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and ANAC Brazil and gives the regulators time to work face-to-face on bilateral and multilateral agreements between their respective jurisdictions. Industry day provides an opportunity for representatives of … Continue reading


Netflix's '3%' gets its own voice game on Alexa and Google Assistant

Following the success of its Stranger Things and Dark Crystal games, Netflix is adding another title to its gaming catalog: The 3% Challenge, based on hit Brazilian series 3%. The free-to-play episodic game, coming to Amazon Alexa today and Google As...

America Movil denies involvement in Oi carve-up

Mexican telecoms giant America Movil (AM) is not in negotiations with Telefonica and Telecom Italia regarding a joint bid for the mobile assets of cash-strapped Brazilian operator Oi, Reuters reports, citing a spokesman for the Carlos Slim-backed firm. AM communications director Arturo Elias Ayub told the news agency: ‘Absolutely nothing has been negotiated.’ However, he did not rule out the possibility of a joint bid for Oi, stressing that the ‘assets, locations and prices’ would have to be analysed before AM would seek to participate in any type of operational carve-up. As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, last month Telefonica enlisted New York-based investment bank JP Morgan to advise it on the potential acquisition of Oi and could be willing to pay as much as USD4.8 billion for the company’s mobile assets. In terms of bidders not currently active in Brazil, China Mobile has also been named as an interested party.

Short Pick Of The Day: ‘In My Heart’ by Pedro Conti and Fernando Peque


A music video from Brazilian studio Flooul.

The post Short Pick Of The Day: ‘In My Heart’ by Pedro Conti and Fernando Peque appeared first on Cartoon Brew.


Special Guest: Jerry Neuman, Missionary to Brazil


Lenovo Data Center upgrades University of Oeste Paulista data centre

(Telecompaper) Lenovo Data Center has partnered with Microsoft and Veeam and integrator Pro IT Cloud Solutions to upgrade the data centre structure of the University of Oeste Paulista (Unoeste) in Brazil...

Inmarsat and OnixSat provide satellite connectivity for Cemig

(Telecompaper) Brazilian utilities company Cemig is working with Inmarsat and OnixSat to improve the performance of its electric grid in Minas Gerais...

Yahsat coverage reaches 1,300 Brazilian cities

(Telecompaper) Satellite broadband operator Yahsat now reaches 1,300 Brazilian cities with its services, a 30 percent growth since July...

Arsenal enjoying benefits of Luiz experience, says Chambers.

The Brazilian scored the winner in the win over Bournemouth.

Death and resurrection in the rainforest as bishops meet for Amazon summit


Indigenous tribes see the Catholic church as a key ally in the ecological fight – and an unprecedented synod is focused on how to stop the destruction

A hundred years ago the Harakmbut people were nearly wiped out.

Inhabitants of a vast jungle region where Peru intersects with Brazil and Bolivia, the tribespeople were enslaved by rubber barons and murdered en masse, only surviving thanks to the help of Dominican missionaries.

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How can we save our forests?

In the afternoon of August 20th this year, the sky over Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo turned dark. The cause of this premature night was the smoke from fires burning thousands of kilometres away in the Amazon rainforest. The scale of the fires caught the attention of the world, but the Amazon is one story among many. The global community has long worried about deforestation, five years ago nations agreed to work to halve global tree loss by 2020 and end it by 2030. This month, those targets were acknowledged to be missed. This week we investigate what tactics are being used to preserve forests around the world, and ask if any of them are effective. image: View of a burnt area of forest in Para state, Brazil, in the Amazon basin. Credit Joao Laet/Getty Images.

Coutinho brutális tartozást halmozott fel a Barcának


Barcelona — 94,6 millió euróval (31,6 milliárd forinttal) tartozik a Barcelona labdarúgócsapata a Liverpoolnak a brazil támadó, Philippe Coutinho másfél évvel ezelőtti átigazolása miatt [...]


"I was the first exchange student at Bezalel, and that year in Jerusalem changed my life"


Being an olah chadasha (new immigrant) gave me opportunities that I would never have had in Brazil.


Mastering the Twister: Jiu Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts Competition

Название: Mastering the Twister: Jiu Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts Competition
Автор: Eddie Bravo, Erich Krauss, Glen Cordoza, Joe Rogan
Издательство: Victory Belt Publishing
Год: 2007
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 250
Для сайта:
Размер: 80.46 MB
Язык: английский

"The Twister" is a neck-jarring, spine-torturing submission hold refined and mastered by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu superstar Eddie Bravo.
Early in his jiu-jitsu career, Eddie Bravo dominated dozens of jiu-jitsu competitions with this unorthodox move. When the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation banned his trademark move, he proved the effectiveness of his entire grappling style by defeating the legendary Royler Gracie without "The Twister".
In Mastering the Twister: Jiu-Jitsu for Mixed Martial Arts Competition, Bravo uses over 1,200 color photos and descriptive narrative to illustrate snaring an opponent in the infamous Twister from virtually every control position. Also revealed is the entire Twister Side Control game, dozens of submissions from the mount, numerous routes to take your opponent's back, highly effective ways to pass your opponent's guard, and the secrets of "The Truck", Bravo's patented control position.

Bladder health, Arthritis aand Hair loss on Healthline

Dr. Marshall's Monologue:
What is 21st century nutrition? In the 1900's we had isolated vitamins and minerals - we still
make them and many poeple still take them. Most of those products are completely dead; meaning
they don't come from a once living source. If it's a mineral, then that makes it very hard to
absorb and use. If it is some other nutrient, it will be missing the DNA. If you use these type
of products long term, it has been found, by quantum physicist Fritz Popp, that it will damage
your DNA.
So, 21st Century nutrition must be
 1) a once live source
 2) free of toxic tag-a-longs
 3) it must match the healhty ideal resonance of the organ or gland it is targeting.

The other half of the equation for 21st centry nutriton is that you must be able to manipulate
the all controlling plasma energy field so that you can erase the energy blockages associated
with scars and traumas. You can then unleash the greatest health for that organ or gland.

Special for the Day:
UT Formula One:
This represents a quantum breakthrough. A couple of doctors who had been working with many of the
colored fruits figured out a way to concentrate cranberry in a way that had never been done
before. Many people know that cranberry juice can help maintain healty structure and function of
the urinary tract. This new method can concentrate cranberry to 35%. In a study in Colordao using
this new prepartation they found that at the 35% level they could maintain healthy bladder and
urinary tract function for 100% of the subjects. That's 'Nutrition That Really Works!'

First Caller:
female, 43yrs old, 118lbs, heartburn and arthritis in fingers

To provide better circulation to the hands, she could use Circumzyme, 3 per meal at her body
weight. For the healthiest bladder, UT Formula One at 1 per meal can help. If this isn't enough
support, she can use Bladder Complex, Allicidin and Hyssop, 2 or 3 capsules each per meal.

However, most people will be happy with just the UTFormula 1. Caller has had an injury to nose.
she will need to be medi body packed on her hands and because she was vaccinated on the arm, she
will need to do a special 'packing' on her hand. From there, she can medi body pack the nose and
the top of her head at governor vessel 20 with 2 tablespoons of mud each, simultaneously, for 2
sets. To be able to use HCL and be clear of heartburn, she will need Stomach Complex as a tea, 2
capsules worth before meals. At the start of meals, she will take 1 quantum digest. At the end of
meal will be the HCL detox kit, 2 HCL and 1 activator.

Next Caller:
female, 54yrs old, 140lbs, wants healthy musculature and connective tissue

In a small study of subjects with a similar issue, 100%  of the people were helped by the
elimination of MSG. Caller says she tries to eat well with lots of raw food and no MSG. In the
study they also found low salt to be a problem. She should be getting 1 teaspoon of air dried sea
salt or  pink salt a day. Caller's digestion is not good. She should take 2 Quantum Digest at the
start of each main meal, whether she's eating raw food or not. At the end of the meal, 4 HCL and
2 activator which is a bit more than would usually be called for but should do wonders for her

 If this has been going on all her life, she may need to start working with some good
bacteria. She could try to find Kefir at a Russian deli. She can use whole or low fat milk, both
test really good. This is a food for good bacteria and can be helpful in resetting the gut
ecology. An even stronger solution is Quantum Probiotic Complex which is the actual bacteria
itself, live source not freeze dried. She could chew 3 at breakfast and swallow 3. Many people say
they can tell the difference when they do this. This may accelerate the ability to shift the
bacterial ecology and start sending good stuff to the muscles. Caller has ordered the Gall
Bladder Nano Detox which is a good idea. Doing the coffee enemas will help as well.

Next Caller:
male, 49yrs old, 138lbs, joint pains

Bones and joints often bring to mind digestion and minerals. Dr. Marshall wanted to know if
caller felt bloated or had intestinal gas at the end of meals. Caller did not have any symptoms
like that so we would move on to the minerals. Dr. Marshall wants him to start on the Ph Trio to
target his minerals. He should check his morning urine Ph and try to get it to the 6.4-7.0 range.
Once he gets his Ph in the right range, he will not have chapped lips anymore and his bones will
feel strong. Every 3 days he will need to up the amount of coral until he gets it into the proper
range. If it ends up taking 2 to 3 teaspoons to get to the proper range, that indicates he is
having some other problem and may need QRA to find it.

Caller is also having swelling on the ankle. This is usually pertaining to the kidney. He could
take 2 Kidney Complexes per meal. He needs to determine why this is happening - is he drinking
enought water, is there a bug in the kidneys? He should see the QRA practitioner to find out what
is going on.

Next Caller:
female, 54yrs old, 118lbs, menopausal, losing hair at the temple first but now all over her head

Dr. Marshall wanted to know if caller is sleeping well. Caller is taking the Digest but she still
is not sleeping well. She can go off to sleep easily but she wakes up at 2am or 4am for no
reason. Dr. Marshall says this is because of digestion problems. Caller would need only 1 digest
at her weight at the start of meals unless she eats meat in which case she can take 2. The HCL
Detox will be a key player for her. She takes it already, 1 activator and 2 betaine. However, At
one time about 20 years ago, she had her stomach removed because of an ulcer. She will now need
to take 2 activator and 4 betaine .It is possible that because of the stomach surgery, she could
have problems taking the increased dosages of HCL.She would then need to take Stomach Complex for
a while until she can mud pack the trauma site after which she could stop the Stomach Complex.

The caller says she was recently tested and was shown to be low in Vitamin C, Selenium, Oleic Acid
 and Lipoic Acid. To get the vitamin C, Dr. Marshall recommends some fresh fruit like oranges,
tangerines, papaya or something like that for breakfast. She can use Vitamin C Complex, but Dr.
Marshall prefers real food when you can get it. For Selenium, he like Brazil nuts. What
Dr. Marshall does in the morning is:
takes 3 or 4 pieces of fruit, grinds up some nuts like, brazil nuts, pecans, hazel nuts,
sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, 1 tablespoon each, soaks them in pomegranate concentrate so
it tastes like a candy bar, and he eats this with fruits. This gives him the Selenium and the
good fats without having to eat any oils.

For lipoic Acid, you need the fully reduced form, dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA). You can make a
coctail of the 'Nanos',  made with  DHLA and Max Stress B. For her size, she would start with 1/2
teaspoon of the Max Stress B and after 3 days or so go to 1 teaspoon. With the DHLA she would
start with 1 teaspoon. Now she will have the antioxidants they say she is low in. She will need
to really work on the digestion which is probably why she is low in so much.

Hair loss in the front is usually a male pattern, meaning she is making the bad type called
Dihydrotestosterone(DHT). If she makes the ground up nuts mixture she could throw in some Greens
Mix, 1 tablespoon. That should help with the front of the hair. To help the hair in back or the
whole head, then that requires targeting the adrenals. Vitamin C and Max Stress B help the
adrenals. To make sure she is getting enought C, she could take Vitamin C Complex, 2 at breakfast
and 2 at dinner. The overall hair loss should stop because you are promoting increased adrenal

The problems with waking at night is not just about the 'waking up'. If you wake up and do NOT
lift your head up above your chest, you will still make adrenalin. If you DO lift you head above
your chest, you will stop making adrenilin and you will need 5 straight hours of sleep to get
back to the point where you are going to make  10-30 % of adrenilin. You can sleep with a pillow
but don't put your head above your body when you wake up. The increase of adrenaline should help
the hair all over the head. The hair loss on the front of her head is DHT which the greens mix
will help.

Caller wanted to know if she should take Adrenal Complex. Dr. Marshall says she can if
she is feeling very distressed but most of the times the Vitamin C and Max Stress B can do the
job. If these don't help, then she should look for a scar/trauma that is sedating the adrenals
like an episiotomy or low back injury - some type of injury on the back.  Caller has had 4
children with an episiotomy which is probably what's sedating the adrenals. She can call the help
line for instructions on how to medi body pack this scar.    

Listen to the show:
Bladder health, Arthritis aand Hair loss on Healthline


Koffieprijzen naar laagste niveau in jaren


De prijs voor koffie is in Londen naar het laagste niveau sinds 2010 gezakt. Robusta-koffiebonen, die veel worden gebruikt voor instantkoffie, werden dit jaar al 17 procent minder waard. Dat komt doordat er een goede koffieoogst was, maar ook omdat de Braziliaanse real minder waard is geworden.


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Studio: tgirls_xxx - shemale_xxx

This thursday, we are going to brazil once again! gorgeous gaby ink makes her debut! gaby is a beautiful young girl from são paulo with a perfect body, nice boobs and sexy tattoos! horny as hell, gaby can't wait to show you what she got! watch her as she strips, shows off her amazing body and strokes her cock until she cums in this hot solo scene brought to you by louis damazo!

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:58
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7799kbps
Audio: 311kbps

File size: 1.0 GB


Bolsonaro diz que não pretende acabar com estabilidade de servidor

Presidente destaca que "nunca falou" sobre o tema.
O presidente Jair Bolsonaro disse hoje (7) que “nunca falou” em dar fim à estabilidade do servidor público, durante as discussões do governo sobre a reforma administrativa ainda em elaboração. A afirmação, feita nesta segunda-feira na saída do Palácio do Alvorada, foi em resposta a uma matéria publicada pelo jornal Correio Braziliense. De acordo com o jornal, a proposta de reforma administrativa a ser enviada ao Congresso Nacional previa tal medida.

Bolsonaro criticou também uma outra reportagem – da Folha de S. Paulo – envolvendo o presidente em um suposto caso de Caixa 2 durante as campanhas eleitorais. O presidente classificou as reportagens como “covardia e patifaria”. Ao deixar o Alvorada, Bolsonaro conversou com alguns simpatizantes.

“De novo, hoje, capa do Correio Braziliense dizendo que vou acabar com a estabilidade do servidor. Não dá para continuar com tanta patifaria por parte de vocês. Isso é covardia e patifaria. Nunca falei nesse assunto. Querem jogar o servidor contra mim. Como ontem a Folha de S.Paulo queria me ligar ao problema em Minas Gerais. Um esgoto a Folha de S.Paulo”, disse o presidente.

“Lamento a imprensa brasileira agir dessa maneira. O tempo todo mentindo, distorcendo e me difamando. Vocês querem me derrubar? Eu tenho o couro duro. Vai ser difícil”, acrescentou.



Brazilya millisinin sabiq üzvü karyerasını bitirdi


A Slice of Iowa in Brazil



Man Utd flop Fred labels critics 'pointless' - but admits liking reading comments

Manchester United spent £52m on the Brazilian - but he's not delivered the goods and has now fired back

Olympius - コンサート (Concert) (2019) / downbeat, experimental, dark jazz, vaporjazz, vaporwave, Brazil

Olympius - コンサート (Concert) (2019) / downbeat, experimental, dark jazz, vaporjazz, vaporwave, BrazilОб этом, или этих музыкантах из Рио мне, к сожалению не удалось ничего найти, кроме того, что он достаточно плодовитый (с ноября 17-го выпустил 11 релизов, из них 6 только за сентябрь!). Что еще примечательно, названия альбомов и треков на них есть и на беларуском, и на русском, и на японском, и на английском, но почему то нет на португальском... А в остальном это вполне внятный тип, делающий очень интересный экспериментальный саунд в вапор-джазовом ключе с тяжелым басом, качающийся то в сторону чиллаута, то в сторону дарк-джаза, а то и вовсе шмыганет в хопчик. И при этом своим творчеством Олимпиус делится абсолютно бесплатно.

FS Walnut RB-4 style neck / Flying Eagle w/ Brazilian fretboard


Listed a nice walnut RB-4 style neck. Check it out & let me know if you have any questions
Thanks for taking a look,


White Topaz solitaire engagement ring made from white gold, platinum, birthstone, unique, diamond ring, round cut, classic, custom, narrow by TorkkeliJewellery


1,650.00 USD

This gorgeous solitaire engagement ring has a stunning White Topaz in crown setting. The ring has gorgeous Diamonds on the shoulders in micro pavé setting that add extra sparkle to this ring. This ring has total of 12 pieces of 0.01ct H-Vs Diamonds. The diameter of the center stone is approximately 7.00mm. The ring's band is 2.30mm wide and the ring is available made from 14k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and 950 Platinum.

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Topaz is a gorgeous option for engagement rings as the gemstones are eye clean and available in different sizes and shapes. All our Solitaire engagement rings and wedding bands are available with this gemstone.

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Obama Send Jobs to Brazil while Unemployment Soars

America has clearly been in an economic downturn for a while now. We obviously need more jobs at home, and we have spent TRILLIONS bailing out our own industries at home. So why would we send jobs building planes for our military to Brazil?

During a recent visit to Brazil in March, President Obama expressed his desire to become a “major customer” of Brazilian oil, and still remains opposed to drilling here, in America, to supply American needs. He categorically denies permits to Americans to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, but will give foreign permits to Brazil to drill. Is our own soil not good enough to drill on? Is gas not expensive enough? Where will the madness end?

Additionally, Obama seems to forget that our unemployment rate is hovering at about 10%. That’s right, folks, 1 in 10 Americans doesn’t have a job. So of course, it makes perfect sense for our President, who is supposed to be stimulating our economy, to send our jobs overseas. Is every American job expendable? Why is Obama sending our jobs overseas, to foreign nations?

We are now in a ‘green energy contract’ with Brazil, known as Memorandum of Understanding to Advance the Cooperation on Biofuels (MoU). They also expanded this to include aviation fuels, which is also another tie to Brazil, which can be problematic because of the issues regarding our aviation defense contracts, outlined below.

The U.S. Air Force is considering bids for aircraft to serve as counterinsurgency fighters and trainers for foreign partners. The plane in question is the Hawker Beechcraft AT-6, a light attack plane used widely by the American Military, VS the Embraer Super Tucano. Both planes are comparable, in cost and performance. It’s important that we look at the risk associated with a relationship of a country like Brazil that if awarded this contact, could possibly start supplying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

To put this whole matter in laymen’s terms, it basically comes down to a national security issue. If we buy planes from Embraer, we're putting the military in a situation where the government of Brazil can literally ground part of our air force by cutting off the parts if they so choose. That's especially relevant given that Brazil is not supporting us in Libya. They called for cease-fire just hours after Obama left the country. If Embraer were to get the contract, the government Brazil could more than tut-tut us, they could actually cut off parts we'd need for an American military aircraft in order to pressure us to accede to their will.

Then there's the jobs issue. Giving Hawker Beechcraft the contract would create 1400 jobs in America, while giving Embraer the contract would create 50 jobs in America and the rest in Brazil. I believe in free trade and not a protectionist, so I don't think that's a decisive factor. However, when we're talking about two comparatively priced planes that are going to be used for military purposes that should make us reluctant to get the plane outside of the US anyway, I don't think those jobs are completely irrelevant.

There’s also a secondary issue. The Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 would allow for roughly 95% of both the male and female potential pilot population with weights as low as 103 pounds and as high as 245 pounds to safely fly the aircraft. The old standards to which the Brazilian aircraft complies will prohibit 18% of military males and 81% of military females from safely ejecting from the aircraft in an emergency. This is both a national safety and security issue. Our military is voluntarily serving and protecting us is at risk. We are voluntarily placing jobs in a country with a track record of anti-American sentiment. We are entrusting these people with our defense.

Please take this issue to your proper representatives and let’s keep jobs in AMERICA!

PINKINI Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax


A precise balance between LYCON’s legendary traditional hot wax and LYCOtec modern film wax. PINKINI Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax offers the same shrink-wrapping performance of LYCON traditional hot wax, removing hair as short as 1mm, plus the extra pliability and ease of use of LYCOtec modern film wax. PINKINI is a low temperature and undeniably […]

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Kopi Luwak ( Luwak Coffee / Civet Coffee )


Kopi Luwak ( Luwak Coffee / Civet Coffee )

Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus

An Indonesian Island Treasure
Excerpts taken from a special article in Cafe Olé Magazine
by Chris Rubin

Some coffee varieties have earned a special reputation, often based on a combination of rarity, unusual circumstances and particularly good flavor. These coffees, from Jamaican Blue Mountain to Kona to Tanzanian Peaberry, command a premium price.

But the rarity, unique flavors and interesting background of Kopi Luwak are unlikely to be matched by an other. Its price is unmatched as well: Kopi Luwak wholesales for about $110 per pound, unroasted.

Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee. Kopi Luwak comes from the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), which are part of the Indonesian Archipelago's 13,677 islands. (Only 6,000 of these islands are inhabited.)

But it's not strictly the exotic location that makes these beans worth their weight in silver. It's how they're "processed."

On these Indonesian islands, there's a small marsupial called the paradoxurus, a tree-dwelling animal that is a kind of civet. These catlike animals were long regarded as pests because they would climb in the coffee trees and eat only the ripest, reddest coffee cherries.

What these animals eat, they also digest and eventually excrete. Some brazen or desperate locals gathered the beans, which come through the digestion process fairly intact, still wrapped in layers of the coffee cherry mucilage. Apparently the enzymes in the stomach of the animal add something unique to the coffee's flavor through fermentation.

This "harvesting" practice has grown to the point that the beans are now available for sale, and they are now the world's priciest specialty coffee. Japan buys the bulk of Kopi Luwak, but M.P. Mountanos Inc., the first importer in the United States to bring in this rare bean, just imported 70 kilos after a seven-year search for a reliable and stable supplier.

Half Pound Unprocessed Kopi Luwak

One Pound Unprocessed Kopi Luwak

Quarter Pound Kopi Luwak Robusta Pouch

``It's the rarest beverage in the world", according to M.P. Mountanos President Mark Mountanos.

Richard Karno, owner of The Novel Café in Santa Monica, California, got a flyer from Mountanos' about Kopi Luwak and "thought it was a joke." But Richard was intrigued, found it was for real, and ordered a pound for a tasting.

He sent out releases to the local press and invited them to a cupping. When no one responded, he roasted it and held a cupping for himself and his employees.

Richard is a very enthusiastic convert to Kopi Luwak. " It's the best coffee I've ever tasted. It's really good, heavy with

a caramel taste, heavy body. It smells musty and junglelike green, but it roasts up real nice. The Los Angeles Times didn't come to our cupping, but they ran a bit in their food section, which hit the AP wire service." Richard and the folks at M.P. Mountanos have been inundated with calls ever since.

Mark Mountanos calls Kopi Luwak "the most complex coffee I've ever tasted," attributing this complexity to the natural fermentation it undergoes in the paradoxurus' digestive system. The stomach acids and enzymes the beans ferment in have a very different affect than fermenting beans in water.

Mark says, "It has a little of everything pleasurable in all coffees: earthy, musty tone, the heaviest bodied I've ever tasted. It's almost syrupy, and the aroma is very unique." While it won't be turning up in every neighborhood café any day soon, Mark reports that Starbucks bought some for cuppings within the company.

Mini Arabica Gift Box

In fact, most of Mountanos' customers have bought it for special cuppings.

Owner of The Coffee Critic, Linda Nederman carries Kopi Luwak in her Ukiah, California, store. Linda says that most of the people who try it are longtime customers of The Critic, and they're "game to try something different and unusual. I've never had anybody complain; they all seem to feel it's worth the price."

Linda also carries Jamaica Blue Mountain, Burundi Superior AA and Brazil FVA Natural Dry, so her customers are used to fine and exotic coffees. Still, she reports, many are afraid to try Kopi Luwak.

Intrigued by the hype, I drove out to the Los Angeles warehouse of M.P. Mountanos to cup some Kopi with company broker Andrew Vournas.

The green beans, which range in size from tiny to elephant, have a faint smell that hints of a zoo or stables. He lightly roasted about 21 grams, enough for three cups, in a jabez Burns two-barrel sample roaster, a rare and beautiful machine dating from the 1930s.

Andrew gave the beans a light roast* — just after the second popping — to accentuate the specific flavors of this rare coffee; a darker roast would obliterate the subtler flavors and replace this coffee, like most Indonesians, has lots of moisture and roasts nicely.

Andrew mixed 7 grams of the coarsely ground beans with 4 ounces of water in each of three cups.

The aroma was rich and strong, and the coffee was incredibly full bodied, almost syrupy. It was thick, with a hint of chocolate, and lingered on the tongue with a long, clean aftertaste.

It was definitely one of the best cups I've every had; but at these prices, I'll invest in precious metals before I start buying by the pound.

~Chris Rubin~

Quarter Pound Arabica Gift Box

Coffee! highly caffeinated beverage ecstasy ranked second this world, one level below the white water in terms of consumption. No fewer than two million people every day drinker, coffee became the third largest primary commodity below, oil and gas.
Because of its popularity, it's no surprise that there are tens, even hundreds of new varieties found intentionally or not appear. Starting from the known to the Arabica coffee, Yamen Mocha, Java, Oxaca, etc.. All types of seed varieties, the race - a race to supply the coffee, meet the high demand from various countries around the world.

Brazil, known as the largest coffee producing country in the world. The country is supplying two thirds, or about 67.77% in terms of exporting coffee. Next is the country of Kenya. Country located in eastern Africa relies on coffee as its main commodity.
While Indonesia, according to FAO statistics, at number three, as a supplier of world coffee. Incidentally, there were three types of superior varieties of this country are very famous and desired by the kafeinisme world, the nickname given to people - people drink coffee fans.
Into three types of coffee are known as the coffee of Sumatra (Mandheling Lintong), Sulawesi, and Civet.

Sumatra coffee is of superior varieties from Indonesia. At planting in the uplands, making it a sharp aroma, strong and slightly acidic. Sumatra coffee is what is the type of material in the manufacture of goods or any Espresso Doppio (double espresso) that has a strong aroma of black, eliminating drowsiness.
As for the fans of Star Bucks. World famous coffee shops, which have no less 100 outlets spread across every country, certainly not foreign to the taste of coffee Sulawesi. Yup ..! Sulawesi coffee, better known abroad Village Coffee called by Star Buck is used as a raw material mix their drinks range. Starting from Latte Macchiato, Viennese roast, Hazelnut chereme, etc..
Because of high demand from Japan, Star Buck was even willing to spend them for the sake of patenting this Sulawesi coffee.

While the latter is Luwak Coffee.
Some of us may still feel unfamiliar with the name of this coffee, some may only know as the label coffee sold in supermarkets. Actually, such as whether this coffee? Perhaps, Luwak Coffee is the most peculiar types of coffee in Indonesia, even in the world.
Because the process of picking Luwak coffee beans is very different from coffee - another coffee.
Coffee is generally harvested first and then seeds harvested when ripe. Meanwhile, the plucking process Luwak coffee, in a way is a bit disgusting. Whereby when the beans are ripe, the farmers took off Civet (a type of civet or civet) to eat the seed - seed that fell. After that they are waiting for the Luwang remove dirt. Well! coffee beans that come out along with the dirt that's Civet taken for further processing.

Many people who doubted this crate for fermentation. However, researchers in Canada's research proves, that the protein content in the Luwak's stomach, making the beans ferment and mature more perfect. Thus, the resulting taste much better and solid than coffee - coffee the other.
There was once a researcher from the UK dating far - far down over the java just to prove the truth of myth Luwak coffee. However, up to one month old she went around Java, no one who can show the existence of such Luwak coffee. So he says that myth Luwak coffee is just a lie "it's a big Scam."

However, as the saying goes. Dogs barking khafilah passed, Luwak Coffee has entered into a list of the most enjoyable coffee and the most wanted. The price in the world market soared. 635 U.S. dollars must be spent to get one kg of coffee Luwak. In America alone, for Luwak coffee tasting, we had to spend 50 U.S. dollars, when in the rupiah exchange rate, prices range from approximately 400-500 thousand rupiah. ONLY FOR ONE CUP! is equivalent to the price of two ribs Toni Romas, who sepiringnya worth 200 thousand. Figures are fantastic just to sip a cup of coffee.
This phenomenal coffee had even become hot topic in America, and went on Oprah Winfrey Show. Events Realiti Americans who guided Oprah show was watched by no fewer than four million people every day.

It seemed, when talking about Luwak coffee, people are no longer talking about myth. Myth or not, Luwak coffee from Indonesia is already a go-international, and holds a degree as the most expensive coffee and weirdest in the world.

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24 famous airlines that have gone out of business


Pan Am Boeing 747

British airline and tour operator Thomas Cook ceased operations in late September.

The 178-year-old travel company shut down after failing to secure a £200 million rescue loan.

It joins a number of other low-cost and leisure-oriented airlines to collapse this year, including Wow Air and X, amid stiff competition along with political and economic instability. 

Over the past two decades, a number of well-known airline brands have disappeared from the aviation landscape. A large number of these brands have gone away due to mergers as airlines joined together in order to survive the brutally competitive market place.

Read more: Roughly 600,000 travelers are stranded around the world after the British travel provider Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy

Northwest and Delta merged to form the new Delta Air Lines. United and Continental merged to create the new United Airlines with planes painted in Continental livery. TWA was acquired by American Airlines. America West and US Air merged to become US Airways. American Airlines and US Airways then merged to form a new American Airlines under US Airways management. Virgin America was acquired by Alaska Airlines while AirTran Airways and Morris Air were acquired by Southwest Airlines. 

In Canada, Canadian Airlines was merged into Air Canada. While in Brazil, Varig was acquired by Gol. The UK's British Caledonian and British Midland were both acquired by British Airways, itself created by the 1974 merger of British Overseas Airways Corporation, British European Airways, and two smaller regional carriers. 

But with the sudden collapse of Thomas Cook in mind, we at Business Insider decided to compile a list of airlines that went out of business the old fashioned way, running out of money. 

Here's a closer look. 

This article was originally published by Benjamin Zhang in March 2019. It was updated by David Slotnick in October 2019.

SEE ALSO: The complete history of the 737 Max, Boeing’s promising yet problematic workhorse jet

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Lakers Airways Skytrain: defunct 1982.

Founded by Sir Freddie Laker in 1966, the airline and its fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 "Skytrains" promised low-cost travel across Atlantic for half the price of its competitors. Unfortunately, the airline could not sustain the business and collapsed under the weight of £270 million of debt in February 1982. 

Braniff international Airways: defunct 1982.

The Texas-based airline was one of the most interesting and colorful companies in the business from its unique multi-color livery to its Emilio Pucci designer flight attendant uniforms. Sadly, the airline went belly up in May 1982 after racking up $733 million in debt. Subsequent attempts to revive the brand have proven to be unsuccessful. 

Eastern Air Lines: defunct 1991.

Miami-based Eastern Air Lines was one of the biggest names in the US airline business. Unfortunately, Eastern was plagued by labor strife and an inability to compete effectively post-deregulation. Eastern filed for bankruptcy in 1989 before ending flight operations in January 1991. 

Midway Airlines: Defunct 1991.

Midway Airlines began flying in 1979 following the deregulation of the US airline industry. The Chicago-based airline was able to survive the surge in fuel prices and the drop in passenger traffic resulting from the Gulf War. The airline shut down in November 1991. 

Interflug: defunct 1991.

Founded in 1958, Interflug succeeded Deutsche Lufthansa (different from West Germany's Lufthansa) as the national airline of East Germany. The airline failed to find a buyer after the reunification of Germany. Interflug shut down in February 1991. 

Pan American World Airways: defunct 1991.

Founded in 1927, Pam Am is arguably the most iconic name in the airline industry.  Unfortunately, the airline ran into financial trouble during the 1970s and 80s before going out of business in 1991. 

Tower Air: defunct 2000.

Founded in 1983, New York-based Tower Air operated scheduled passengers flights as well as military and leisure charters using its fleet of Boeing 747 jumbo jet. The airline ran into financial and operational troubles in the mid-1990s before shutting down in May 2000. 

Ansett Australia: defunct 2001.

Founded in 1936, Ansett Australia was the second largest airline in Australia when it shut down in September 2001. The airline's owner, Air New Zealand had to be bailed out by the New Zealand government to avoid bankruptcy following Ansett's collapse. 

Sabena: defunct 2001.

Founded in 1923, Sabena was Belgium's national airline until its collapse in November 2001. 

Swissair: defunct 2002.

Founded in 1931, Swissair was at one time one of the most respected airlines in the world. Unfortunately, the Swissair's "Hunter Strategy" that saw it take equity stakes in a handful of other airlines during the 1980s and 90s stretched the company's finances too far. Swissair ceased operations in March 2002. Its assets were transferred to regional subsidiary Crossair which was then reorganized into the Swiss International Air Lines. 

Aloha Airlines: defunct 2008.

Founded in 1946, the Honolulu, Hawaii-based airline ceased passenger flight operations in March 2008. 

ATA Airlines: defunct 2008.

Founded in 1973, Indiana-based ATA Airlines filed for bankruptcy and ceased flight operations in April 2008. The airline cited the loss of its military charter business as a contributing factor to its demise. 

Mexicana: defunct 2010.

Founded in 1921, Mexicana was Mexico's largest airline when it ran into financial trouble and shut down in August 2010. 

Spanair: defunct 2012.

Founded in 1986, Spanair was for much of its existence a subsidiary of SAS Group, the owners of Scandinavian Airlines. In 2008, SAS Group sold off its controlling share in the Barcelona-based airline. The loss-making airline shut down in January 2012 after the local Catalan government failed to find new investors for Spanair. 

Malev: defunct 2012.

Founded in 1946, Malev was Hungary's national airline until it ceased operations in February 2012 after the Hungarian government declined to continue funding the loss marking carrier. 

Kingfisher: defunct 2012.

Kingfisher was founded in 2005 by flamboyant Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya as part of his UB Group business empire. The airline was known for its colorfully painted aircraft and top-notch service. Kingfisher ceased flights October 2012 after the Indian government pulled the heavily indebted airline's operating license. 

Transaero: defunct 2015.

Founded in 1990, Transaero was one of Russia's largest privately-owned airlines. Unfortunately, Transaero collapsed in October 2015 due to $4 billion in debt. Fun fact, two Boeing 747-8 airliners that were due to be delivered to Transaero before its shut down will be converted into the next generation US presidential planes, aka. Air Force One. 

Monarch Airlines: defunct 2017.

Founded in 1967, Monarch Airlines a major player in the British leisure charter business. The airline ceased operations in October 2017. According to the Economist, it was the largest airline to ever fail in the UK.

Air Berlin: defunct 2017.

Founded in 1978, Air Berlin was once Germany's second largest airline. The carrier ceased operations in October 2017 after major shareholder Etihad Airways declined to continue financial support of the money-losing airline. 

Primera Air: defunct 2018.

Primera Air was a subsidiary of Icelandic tourism company Primera Travel Group. The low-cost carrier ceased operations in October 2018. 

Germania: defunct 2019.

Founded in 1978, Berlin-based Germania offered by charter and scheduled passenger service. The airline ceased operations in early February 2019 citing financial insolvency. 

Flybmi/British Midland Regional: defunct 2019.

Founded in 1987, Flybmi was once the regional arms of British Midland International. The airline was sold off in 2012 following BMI's acquisition by British Airways. Flybmi shut down in February 2019. 

Wow Air: defunct 2019.

Founded in 2012, the Icelandic ultra-low-cost carriers collapsed in March 2019 after failing to secure new investment from Icelandair and private equity firm Indigo Partners. 

Thomas Cook: defunct 2019.

After 178 years and various forms, the British airline and travel company collapsed in September 2019 after failing to secure emergency funding demanded by its creditors.


Nigeria/Brazil friendly: Rohr hands Solomon-Otabor late call-up


Nigeria/Brazil friendly: Rohr hands Solomon-Otabor late call-up. CSKA Sofia of Bulgaria winger Viv Efosa Solomon-Otabor has been handed a late call-up by Super Eagles head coach, Gernot Rohr for the friendly against Brazil. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that three –time African champions Super Eagles will play five-times world champions Brazil at the […]

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Liverpool face battle to sign Brazilian forward as Tottenham enter fray

Tottenham are prepared to do battle with Liverpool in next year’s transfer window to try and land highly-rated Ajax forward David Neres. According to Calcio Mercato, Liverpool have identified Neres as a transfer target, having been impressed by David’s emergence as a key player for de Joden over the last couple of seasons. Transfermarkt states that… Read More »

Polícia prende 4, entre eles mulher e cunhado de acusado de matar Marielle


A Polícia Civil e o Ministério Público do Rio de Janeiro cumpriu nesta quinta-feira, 3, cinco mandados de prisão da Operação Submersus, um desdobramento das investigações dos assassinatos da vereadora Marielle Franco (PSOL) e do motorista Anderson Gomes, mortos em março do ano passado. Um dos mandados foi cumprido contra o policial reformado Ronnie Lessa, […]

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14 Great Sportswriting Reads for 2014

Back during the Quickish Era, my favorite thing was the year-end "best-of" sportswriting list -- the first one was in 2011 ("Quickish 11 for '11"), and it proved pretty popular...not to mention enjoyable to prepare.

You can't find that original list anymore, but the tradition lives on in '14. And the underlying sentiment extends into another year: Sportswriting has never been better.

To be sure: "14" is an absurd, artificial constraint; there are many more worthy entries*, as my overworked browser tabs and gut-busting Pocket account indicate.

Still, here are 14 of my favorite pieces of sportswriting this year -- listed alphabetically by author.

Katie Baker, Grantland: "The Cold Never Bothered Him Anyway" 

Chris Ballard, "Twilight the Saga" 

Jane Coaston, EDSBS: "On Women and Sports" 

Bryan Curtis, Grantland: "Travonte's Party" 

Steven Godfrey, SB Nation: "Meet the Bag Man" 

Spencer Hall, SB Nation: "The Istanbul Derby" 

Amanda Hess, "Just Cheer, Baby" 

Greg Howard, Deadspin: "The Big Book of Black Quarterbacks"

Sarah Marshall, The Believer: "Remote Control" 

Brian Phillips, Grantland: "Diamonds in the Rough" 

Paul Sonne and Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal: "Here's the Skinny on NBC's Olympic Latte Secret" 

Louisa Thomas, Grantland: "Together, We Make Football" 

Wright Thompson, Sketches from the World Cup 

Don Van Natta, "Jerry Football" 

* - Again, "14" is a dumb constraint and I lament the things I don't include as much as I enjoy the things I do. Here are a few under "Also Receiving Votes":

Chris Ballard, SI: "Haverford Oops"
Flinder Boyd, Newsweek: "The Birdman's Vengeful Ghost"
Flinder Boyd, "Run and Gun"
Jeremy Collins, SB Nation: "13 Ways of Looking at Greg Maddux"
Kathy Dobie, GQ: "The Undefeated Champions of Defeat City"
Jason Fagone, Grantland: "Dropped" 
David Fleming, "Nothing to See Here"
Eva Holland, SB Nation: "Wilderness Women"
Jesse Katz, LA Magazine: "Escape from Cuba" 
Michael Kruse, SB Nation: "The Right Thing To Do Vs. The State of Florida"
Erik Malinowski, "Pitchman"
JR Moehringer, "The Final Walk-Off"
Brian Phillips, Grantland: "Sea of Crises"
Alan Seigel, Sports On Earth: "Sabre Rattler"
Susan Shepard, SB Nation: "Double T's Last Ride"
Wright Thompson, "Portrait of a Serial Winner"
Wright Thompson, "Section O, Row 61"
Tommy Tomlinson, "You Can't Quit Cold Turkey"
Wells Tower, GQ: "Who Wants to Shoot an Elephant?"
Seth Wickersham, "30 Yards and Cloud of Dust"

And please feel free to tweet at me (@danshanoff) with any of your particular favorites. 

For other great year-end lists, check out these collections from Longreads, Longform, SB Nation,'s Erik Malinowski and ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg, and subscribe to Van Natta's weekly "reads" newsletter. Also, if you're curious, here is a link to last year's "13 for '13." Finally, sincere thanks for your support of this newsletter this year. Subscribe here.

Visszavonult a Roberto Carlos-utódnak kikiáltott brazil focista

Michel Bastosra főleg a Lyon játékosaként emlékezhetünk, félelmetesen nagy gólokat szerzett.

JSU Homecoming parade relocates downtown; rap concert is another premium highlight

Jackson State University’s Homecoming parade will weave through downtown this year, starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, with NFL Hall of Famer Robert Brazile as the grand marshal. Brazile, who was[...]

It’s been a year since Pastor Brunson’s release. What’s he doing now?

USA (MNN) -- Saturday will mark a year since Turkish officials freed Pastor Andrew Brunson from prison, allowing him and his family to fly back to the U.S. Brunson served two years in a prison cell under false charges. Months of tense negotiations between the U.S. and Turkey centered on his release. Review our coverage of Pastor Brunson’s ordeal here. Today, Brunson wants to use his experiences to help young believers. “We were in missions in Turkey for 25 years,” he says. “I think now's the time to help the next generation to ‘go’.”

What’s next for Andrew Brunson?

Helping the “go-ers” isn’t the only burden on Brunson’s heart. “For the first time in my life, I have an urgency for my own country -- for the United States,” he says.

(Photo courtesy of Josie Stephens via Pexels)

“Since I've come back to the States, [it] really hit me how quickly things are accelerating – the hostility towards Christians. We have kids who are 18, 21 [and] 23; I'm very concerned about them,” Brunson continues.

“Will they be able to stand unapologetically for Jesus Christ in a difficult environment? I think many of them are not ready for that.”

Search through MNN’s headlines and you’ll find a similar trend. Hate speech and hate crimes are on the rise while ministries report cultural shifts. According to Barna Research Group, U.S. believers are discarding Christian tenants like reading God’s Word and sharing one’s faith. Some Christian celebrities completely deny their faith on public platforms. Referring to his children, Brunson says, “I'm thinking about their spiritual survival. Are they ready to stand for Jesus Christ and to be loyal to Him?”

How to stand for Jesus

In Ephesians 6, the apostle Paul encouraged believers to “stand firm” in their faith despite opposition. Pastor Brunson issues a similar call to Christians today. “There are things we can do that change our perspective and make us willing to stand for the Lord. The main one is intimacy with God,” he says. “If I love somebody, then I'm more willing to suffer for them, to undergo hardship for them.”
Andrew Brunson

(Photo courtesy of Middle East Concern)

The second step is equally important, Brunson says, and builds upon the first.

“Live for the day when you stand before Jesus.”

Having a correct understanding of God and viewing each circumstance in light of His control provides eternal perspective. “If you think that hardship may come, then you prepare yourself for it and you're not blindsided when it comes. If you're not ready, then the natural reaction is to operate from fear, and then you run away,” he explains. “I'm an expert on fear because I was very afraid [during] the things I went through. If they'd opened the prison doors during my first year, I would have run out.” When Brunson surrendered his fear, he found obedience. “It took me about a year to get to the point where I said, ‘Okay, I'm willing to stay here. Even if I have the option to leave, I'm willing to stay if this is the assignment you have for me, God’,” Brunson recalls.

How to pray for the Brunson family

brazil praying for andrew brunson 2018

Thousands of Brazilian believers prayed for Pastor Andrew Brunson in 2018 and wrote to the Turkish embassy in Brazil on his behalf.
(Photo, information courtesy of Norine Brunson via Facebook)

Pray for Andrew and Norine Brunson as they prepare for God’s next assignment. Pray all believers – young and old – will be receptive to Andrew’s message. Pray the Brunson children will remain deeply rooted in their faith. “Pray that the Lord will specifically show what this [His plan] looks like,” Norine Brunson requests. As Andrew and Norine speak about their experiences in the coming months, pray “that the Lord will fill our mouths, anoint them, put a guard over them. [Pray] that we will be invisible and not touch any of God's glory, the glory that belongs to Him.” Follow Andrew and Norine on Facebook for updates.     Header image depicts Andrew and Norine Brunson before boarding a flight home to the U.S. in 2018. Photo obtained via Facebook.

INVISIBLE CITY Begins Production In Brazil

Invisible City, a new original series from Brazil marking the debut of Carlos Saldanha on Netflix, began production with Prodigo Films in Sao Paulo, Ubatuba and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil....

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Chambers - I'll learn so much from from David Luiz

Calum discusses our Brazilian centre back and the qualities he brings to the squad on and off the pitch

‘David Luiz messaged me out of the blue’

Rob Holding recalls how our Brazilian defender reached out to him before he had even joined the club

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Hey there LCB'ers, 

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Stad treedt op tegen racistische portiers na zoveelste incident met buitenlandse artiesten: “Dit doet pijn aan ons hart”


Burgemeester Mathias De Clercq (Open VLD) heeft zijn schepencollege gevraagd om initiatieven tegen discriminatie in de horeca. Dat deed hij na een klacht van een Braziliaanse dansgroep dat ze uit puur racisme door buitenwippers uit drie zaken is geweerd. Volgens het kunstencentrum Vooruit was dat lang geen alleenstaand geval.


Necrobiotic – Symphonies For The Mentally Deceased (2019)

Genre: Death Metal Format: mp3 | CBR320kbps Country: Brazil Size: 90 Mb Tracklist: 1. Endorphin 2. Paranoia 3. Sadism 4. Obsession 5. First Kill 6. Symphony for the Mentally Deceased 7. Post Traumatic Stress 8. The End (Instrumental) 9. Fuck You (Bonus Track) Download:mirror 1mirror 2mirror 3 if you like the album please buy it, […]


Mystery oil spills blot more than 130 Brazilian beaches


Mystery oil spills blot more than 130 Brazilian beachesThe source of large blots of oil staining more than 130 beaches in northeastern Brazil remained a mystery Tuesday despite President Jair Bolsonaro's assertions they came from outside the country and were possibly the work of criminals. Tamar, a group dedicated to the protection of sea turtles, said the oil spill was "the worst environmental tragedy" it has encountered since its formation in 1980. The patches of oil began appearing in early September and have now turned up along a 2,000 kilometer (1,200 mile) stretch of Atlantic coastline.



Hitler: Reply to an anonymous critic

It has become pretty well known now among conservative commentators that Hitler was a socialist. The old Soviet disinformation that Hitler was a Rightist is slowly losing its grip.  The plain fact is that the ideas Hitler is most famous for -- eugenics and antisemitism -- were mainstream Leftist ideas in the 1920s and 1930s.  Leftism is a many-headed beast so not all Leftists subscribed to such ideas but many did. August Bebel summarized it well when he said that antisemitism is der Sozialismus des bloeden Mannes.  Leftist intellectuals sometimes rejected it but it was popular among ordinary Leftists.  Antisemitism was even a common belief among the Russian Communists of Lenin's day.

I have set out the evidence for all that in my monograph on Hitler but others, such as Jonah Goldberg, have made the same point.  Even Louder with Crowder has had a swipe at it

And there is of course online now a large number of articles furiously denying that Hitler was a Leftist, none of which is of any scholarly worth that I can see.  A curious exception, however, is a temporary blog from 2011 which is genuinely well informed.  It is anonymous and almost entirely devoted to going through my article on Hitler and questioning it detail by detail.

I must say that I am fascinated by by its anonymity.  And how come that it is in such an obscure source?  I was unaware of it and came across it only by chance a couple of days ago.  And if I was unaware of it for 8 years, who else would be aware of it?  The author has obviously put a lot of work into it.  It took him several months to put it all up. What is the point of that if nobody knows of it?  The fact that it is a blogspot blog means that Google knew of it but nobody else seems to.  Google owns Blogspot and all Blogspot posts appear to be held on Google's main servers.

From the level of detailed historical knowledge displayed, it seems very likely that the writer is a historian of some standing so the best I can make of it is that he is aware that his opus is little more than a series of quibbles but wants to record his quibbles without anybody being able to hold him responsible for them.  His modus operandi is to admit that I am right about something but then to expand the point so as to weaken it in his view.  I suppose his admissions that I am right in various ways might be another reason why he wants to remain anonymous

To reply to each and every one of his quibbles would be a book-length enterprise and I have neither the time nor the energy to do that.  At age 76 my energies are low so I have to reserve them for what I see as important things.  So I will go straight to what I see as his central objection to my thesis.  It is in his post of 5 June, 2011

I won't quote any of it as the link leads you straight to it but his objection is to the Nazis being called "brown Bolsheviks", an expression that was commonly applied to them in Germany in the pre-war era. I explained that expression by saying that "Marxism was class-based and Nazism was nationally based but otherwise they were very similar".  That is of course the headline point of my article on Hitler: That the Nazis were socialists, nearly as Leftist as the Communists

How well our erudite author gets around that is surely central to his whole argument that Hitler was not a Leftist so he needs a very strong comeback to keep his argument afloat.  His comeback is pathetic. He says that the Nazi party had "wings" and Hitler did not belong to the most extreme wing. 

So what?  All political parties have wings to my knowledge but they also have important things in common or they would not be one party.  And the policies they fought elections on in the 1930s were very reminiscent of the U.S. Democratic party in the Soviet era:  Slogans such as: "With Hitler against the armaments madness of the world" and "The Marshall and the corporal fight alongside us for peace and equal rights".  Regardless of what Hitler personally believed, he campaigned as a strong socialist. The Nazi party won power as a Leftist party.  It also had other appeals, such as its nationalism, but its Leftist identity was unmistakeable.  How is equality not a Leftist shibboleth?

I can't resist quoting something further from our opinionated author:

First, a quote from what I wrote:

In German, not only the word "Socialism" (Sozialismus) but also the word "Victory" (Sieg) begins with an "S". So he said that the two letters "S" in the hooked-cross (swastika) also stood for the victory of Aryan man and the victory of the idea that the "worker" was a creative force: Nationalism plus socialism again, in other words.

Our erudite author's comment on that:

No evidence for this at all, The only SS one can find stood for "Schutzstaffel", Not "Sieg Sozialismus" or whatever.

Now that's a real lulu.  I was quoting Hitler himself -- in Mein Kampf -- as to what the Swastika stood for and our author says: "no evidence for this at all."  So Hitler himself didn't know what the swastika stood for???

I don't think I need to go on. That's the most egregious example but his accuracy of statement is at many points very poor.


Blumenthal's Bluster

A symphony of mindless hate
As the impeachment of President Trump begins, the battle lines are hardening. Sen. Lindsey Graham dismissed the allegations against the president as “a nothing burger.” Sen. Richard Blumenthal had a visceral reaction to Graham’s quip, saying:

Donald Trump is going to choke on this supposed nothing burger. He will go down with this supposed nothing burger in his throat because what it shows is repeated, concerted, premeditated criminal conduct.

I found Blumenthal’s statement very revealing. Like much of Hollywood’s “art” (here and here), it reveals the degree of hatred festering on the left toward Donald Trump.

My old friend Bill Bennett, commenting on this raw hatred, said it reminded him of the animosity Inspector Javert had for Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, which had tragic results.

Sadly, I suspect the left has given little thought as to how it might heal the wounds caused by impeachment or how it might begin to help reunite the country that has been so divided by its extreme policies and growing anti-Americanism.

But let me remind you, my friends, that the left’s hatred isn’t just about Donald Trump. It’s about you. It’s about me. It’s about all the 63 million “deplorable and irredeemable” people who voted for Donald Trump. They tell us that all the time.

The left’s rage didn’t begin with Donald Trump. It smeared Ronald Reagan, Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, George W. Bush, John McCain, and even Mitt Romney. The left viciously attacked Brett Kavanaugh and it is still attacking him.

Friday was the anniversary of Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate hearing. And Kamala Harris is still demanding Kavanaugh’s impeachment.

Where We Stand

It is hard for anyone to keep up with all the nuances of this dispute and the developments that have taken place at such a rapid pace. Of course, that’s the left’s goal — to confuse and demoralize conservatives. But let me just summarize where we are:

An anonymous CIA employee, with an identified anti-Trump bias, has filed a complaint about a presidential phone call to another head of state.

The employee was not on the call.

His identity, and those of anyone he worked with, is being hidden.

What he alleged has been shown from the transcript to be false, and there are numerous inconsistencies in the complaint.

On this basis, we’re being told by virtually every Democrat and reporter in America that the president must be removed from office.

That’s it.



With USMCA, Japan, Brazil and South Korea trade deals, President Trump is very bad at being an isolationist

President Donald Trump is very bad at being an isolationist, in fact, he is probably one of the worse isolationists in American history.

Think about it.  President Trump is pushing Congress to pass the USMCA, which tears up the 40 year old NAFTA agreement and replaces it with one which protects our national sovereignty while expanding trade between the three countries on a more favorable footing for U.S. workers.

President Trump has talked to India’s Prime Minister Modi about building a bi-lateral trade relationship between our two nations.  He is similarly working with the President of Brazil along the same lines.  He has already rewritten the South Korean trade deal to better accommodate U.S. interests, and has expanded trade relations with Japan creating a massive corn and technology purchase. He is also negotiating deals with the United Kingdom (post-Brexit), and the European Union.

And all the while, his trade team continues to hammer away at the China trade challenge.

Rather than being anti-trade, President Trump is probably the most trade focused U.S. leader in modern history.  But his goal is different than many in the past.

The current world trading system was based upon a need to win the Cold War with the Soviet Union by spreading capitalism across the globe.  At its core, it was a transfer of wealth from the United States to the rest of the world in the guise of allowing foreign products to be sold in the U.S. with relatively low tariffs, while leaving tariffs on U.S. exports to these developing countries high — the essence of non-reciprocity.  This had the effect of allowing those countries to not face U.S. competition in their markets so their domestic economies could thrive from the trade imbalance cash infusion that followed.

For America’s part, we received less expensive items in our stores as major parts of industries like our domestic electronics manufacturing got outsourced to Asia. When China entered the world market in a big way and was granted Permanent National Trade Relations status by the U.S. in 2000 and entered the World Trade Organization in 2001, the entire world shifted.

U.S. and other foreign multi-national businesses took the certainty that Chinese goods would have inexpensive access to the U.S. markets and invested heavily in the Chinese economy, building factories knowing that they would benefit from cheap Chinese labor while exporting the once U.S.-made toys and other goods to American consumers.

What was a giant sucking sound of U.S. jobs heading south to Mexico from the Bill Clinton negotiated North American Free Trade Agreement became a tsunami as manufacturers flocked to make products in China with the promise of not only having access to U.S. markets but also being able to sell to Chinese consumers.

With China targeting key industries like steel, aluminum, rare earth mining, electronics, autos and high tech chip manufacturing, more and more blue collar jobs were exported around the globe.

A system originally designed to help get the post-World War II world back on its feet was now sucking the life blood out of America, while still delivering low cost electronics for its trouble. The ugly truth is that, as a result, the U.S. Gross Domestic Product has not exceeded 4 percent since 2000, with what used to be the expected normal growth rate of 3 percent beyond reach since 2005.

This is why President Trump is realigning our trade relationships around the world.

By emphasizing intellectual property protections, the President is ensuring that America’s ingenuity and problem solving is not stolen by foreign countries like China and then sold back to U.S. consumers at ten cents on the dollar.

By emphasizing ending currency manipulation, the President is ensuring that deliberate, foreign government created inflationary tariffs are not imposed on U.S. products.  Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the trade war with China has NOT resulted in increased costs to U.S. consumers or producers, while generating more than $30 billion in new tax revenue from the Chinese.

How is this possible?  The Chinese have forced their wholesalers to eat some of the increased tariff costs while making the Yuan even less valuable than the dollar to keep the costs of Chinese products low.

But this only serves to emphasize the importance of the entirety of the Trump trade agenda.  Passing the USMCA, and continuing to create new agreements built upon the inviolability of intellectual property rights puts up an economic wall around China, either trapping them in their anti-property Marxist doctrine or forcing them to accept private property rights for their own economic survival.

The USMCA is the first shoe to drop in this paradigm shifting strategy, and it is why it needs to be voted through the House and Senate.  Yes, more, fantastic jobs are projected to be created in the United States, and quite frankly in Canada and Mexico as well. But the language of USMCA on private property and currency manipulation will serve as the models for the entirety of a series of bilateral trade deals.

Trade deals that will encompass the largest economies in the world, except China, and which will create a freedom economic noose around Beijing’s neck.

Isolationist?  No, President Trump is an American President looking out for American economic interests while putting together a new international trade regime to replace the broken one that was crippling our nation’s economic future.




WHISTLEBLOWER ARRANGEMENTS: "House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff announced Sunday that the whistleblower who filed a complaint regarding President Donald Trump's call with Ukraine's president has agreed to testify before the committee, adding that it will likely happen 'very soon,'" The Daily Caller reports. News of the arrangement came two days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was subpoenaed. Meanwhile, President Trump on Sunday fumed: "Like every American, I deserve to meet my accuser, especially when this accuser, the so-called 'Whistleblower,' represented a perfect conversation with a foreign leader in a totally inaccurate and fraudulent way." In the same vein as fraud, The Federalist's Sean Davis reveals, "Federal records show that the intelligence community secretly revised the formal whistleblower complaint form in August 2019 to eliminate the requirement of direct, first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing." No wonder Joe Biden's campaign is trying to coerce the Leftmedia into silencing Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, which sounds suspiciously like ... collusion.

CLINTON PROBE: "The Trump administration is investigating the email records of dozens of current and former senior State Department officials who sent messages to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email. ... Those targeted were notified that emails they sent years ago have been retroactively classified and now constitute potential security violations, according to letters reviewed by The Washington Post. In virtually all of the cases, potentially sensitive information, now recategorized as 'classified,' was sent to Clinton's unsecure inbox." (The Washington Post)

JUDICIAL OBSTRUCTION & ACTIVISM: "A federal judge in California ruled Friday against the Trump administration's plan to detain illegal immigrant families longer than 20 days, undercutting the president's attempt to close the chief 'loophole' that caused this year's border surge. Judge Dolly M. Gee, an Obama appointee, has long been a stumbling block for Homeland Security and its immigration plans, and the ruling was expected. The administration is likely to quickly appeal." (The Washington Times)

A 'MEDICARE FOR ALL' HARBINGER: "Federal authorities on Friday charged more than 30 individuals in connection with an alleged Medicare-fraud scheme that took as much as $2 billion out of the pockets of taxpayers before it was detected. The scheme revolved around tricking seniors into getting their cheeks swabbed for unnecessary DNA tests that would supposedly tell them whether they were genetically predisposed to serious diseases, including cancer. The defendants would then charge Medicare for the swabs. In total, they are alleged to have collected $2 billion in reimbursements, with the typical bill running between $7,000 and $12,000." (National Review)

NORTH CAROLINA GERRYMANDERING: "Democrats are headed back to court to challenge the validity of North Carolina's 13 congressional districts, just weeks after the state's highest court ruled that the Republican-controlled legislature unconstitutionally gerrymandered state-level maps. A new lawsuit filed Friday on behalf of 14 North Carolina voters challenges Republican-drawn maps that first went into effect ahead of the 2016 elections, after a court threw out a previous set of maps that were drawn after the 2010 census." (The Hill)

A TALE OF TWO SEASONS "One week after summer's end, a 'winter' storm began blasting parts of the West with up to 3 feet of snow, smashing records with low temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds and blizzard conditions forecast into Monday," USA Today reports. On the other hand, "Temperatures will soar to 10 to 25 degrees above average through much of this week across the Deep South and into the Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and Northeast," according to The Weather Channel. For those wondering about the implications of global warming, keep in mind that extreme weather — both of the hot and cold variety — has been and always will be Mother Nature's way of finding equilibrium.


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The August Garden

I'm still here, in case you've been wondering. Life's responsibilities and unexpected events (which always take priority over blogging) have left me with very little time or energy to compose a real post of any kind.

But, right now I find I have a minute or two to spare and a desire to share some photos of the beautiful flowers in our flowers have a way of making me smile, and I hope they'll do the same for you.

Esperanza 'Bells of Fire'

Giant Milkweed, also known as Crown Flower

Brazilian Buttonbush


Salvia 'Indigo Spires'
Are you smiling yet?

Headlines for October 4, 2019

Trump Publicly Calls on Ukraine and China to Investigate the Bidens, Trump Discussed Campaign Rivals in June Call with China's Xi Jinping, FEC Chair: Illegal for Candidates to Solicit Foreign Help in U.S. Elections, Messages Detail How U.S. Officials Pressured Ukraine on Trump's Behalf, IRS Whistleblower: Treasury Official Tried to Interfere with Trump or Pence Tax Audit, Trump Administration to Collect DNA of All Immigrants Jailed in U.S., Iraq Death Toll at 44 as Violent Repression of Protests Continues, Honduran President Denies Narcotrafficking Ties as His Brother Faces U.S. Trial, Protests Rock Ecuador as IMF-Imposed Austerity Measures Take Effect, Peruvian President Swears In New Cabinet After Leadership Challenge, Photo Shows Brazilian President with Suspect in Marielle Franco's Murder, MGM Reaches $800 Million Settlement with Las Vegas Massacre Survivors, Coast Guard Officer Pleads Guilty in Plot to Murder Liberals, Bernie Sanders Released from Hospital After Surgery, Will Join Next Debate, Iowa Activists Face Up to 110 Years in Prison for Dakota Access Pipeline Sabotage

Titans Waive Kicker Cairo Santos

The Tennessee Titans have released kicker Cairo Santos a day after he missed three field goals and had a fourth blocked.

The Titans announced the move Monday.

Santos missed field goals from 50, 36 and 53 yards with a 36-yarder blocked by Darryl Johnson in a 14-7 loss to Buffalo on Sunday. Santos apologized at his locker after the game with the native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, saying he'd never had a day like that anywhere.

Santos had been signed Sept. 4 when they put veteran Ryan Succop on injured reserve, a move designed to let Succop gain strength after having surgery this offseason on his kicking leg. Succop remains three weeks away from being eligible to be activated off injured reserve.

The Titans (2-3) also waived offensive lineman David Quessenberry.

This is the second straight year the Titans have released a player after a loss to Buffalo. Last year, receiver Nick Williams was released after dropping a would-be touchdown in a 13-12 loss in Buffalo.

Tennessee visits Denver (1-4) next.


Po begalės plastinių operacijų ėmė trupėti gyvojo Keno Rodrigo Alveso nosis: „Man darosi baisu“

36-erių brazilas, užsibrėžęs tikslą tapti panašus į lėlę Keną, įvairioms jo išvaizdą pakeitusioms plastinėms operacijoms išleido, kaip jis pats teigė, daugiau nei 600 tūkst. svarų sterlingų (maždaug 671 tūkst. eurų). Vien vyro nosis buvo operuota 11 kartų, bet, rodos, jos laukia dar viena procedūra. Pasirodo, po dar šiemet atliktos jos tobulinimo procedūros nosis ėmė trupėti.
Skaitykite daugiau...


EMERGING MARKETS-Latam FX mixed, stocks slip as trade concerns weigh

Oct 8- Latin American currencies were mixed on Tuesday with Brazil's real bouncing back from its steepest drop in more than two weeks, while stock markets in the region declined on fading hopes for progress in the upcoming U.S.- China trade talks. Reports that the Trump administration was moving ahead with discussions around possible curbs on capital flows...

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Brazilian Boxer Davi Eliasquevici Is Sexy As Hell


thumbHappy Tuesday guys! Well, isn’t this week exciting already. If you’re a news junkie like me you know what I mean, for everyone else, you might want to pay a little bit of attention to history in the making 😉 But, even with everything going on, we need a little distraction, and what better way to distract you for a...

The post Brazilian Boxer Davi Eliasquevici Is Sexy As Hell appeared first on Gay Body Blog - featuring photos of male models and beautiful men..


Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Brazil Of Games: How The Mega Driv


Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Brazil Of Games: How The Mega Drive Stayed Relevant For 30 Years 30+ Years Later Hellraiser Is Still Profoundly Disturbing TAY Retro: Famicom - Lode Runner [TV Commercial, JP]



Siganto Artists’ Books Seminar 2015: Session 3

Immerse yourself in Amir Brito Cadôr’s cultural performance of ‘Momento Vital’ by Brazilian artist Vera Chaves Barcellos.
Watch a performance of Robert Bringhurst’s artist’s book New world suite number three: a poem in four movements for three voices performed by QUT students Thomas Yaxley (cello), Emily Weir (violin) and Meghan Clarke (viola) and directed by Flloyd Kennedy.

Siganto Artists’ Books Seminar 2015: Session 1

Listen to Brazilian artist, performer and academic Amir Brito Cadôr’s keynote address, ‘The Book as Performance’.

Portugal 0-1 England: Phil Neville delighted with recent 'outstanding' performances

England boss Phil Neville praises two 'outstanding' performances as the Lionesses followed up a narrow defeat by Brazil with victory against Portugal.

Mysterious Oil Spill Becomes New Environmental Crisis for Brazil

Brazil’s president said the government had a theory of what led to the spill, adding that a foreign country was on “the radar.”

RBS Chooses Pebble Beach Systems for Automation Across all Stations

Weybridge, UK, October 7th, 2019– Pebble Beach Systems Ltd, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, today announced that Brazil-based Grupo RBS has chosen Pebble Beach Systems to provide playout automation and control all of its stations. As part of the second largest commercial network in the world, RBS TV is a TV ...

US holds on to measles elimination status


By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews After reporting the most measles cases since 1992, there was concern that the United States would lose it’s measles elimination status. Fortunately, with the recent announcement of the end of the outbreak in New York, that concern has passed. In the last year, the United Kingdom, Greece, Venezuela, and Brazil have lost their […]

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Brazilian girl slim and busty


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Chile's drought killing thousands of farm animals

Petorca, Chile (AFP) Oct 5, 2019
For Erick Hurtado, the worst thing about the drought that has devastated his family farm in Chile is the dead animals. "Going out and seeing the animals dead on the ground is so horrible," Hurtado says as he gazes across the dusty paddocks of his farm in Petorca, near the coastal city of Valparaiso. Farmers are counting the cost of one of the driest austral winters in six decades, which

Samuel Chukwueze makes big statement ahead of Nigeria vs Brazil clash

Super Eagles winger Samuel Chukwueze is upbeat Nigeria will hold their own against Brazil’s Selecao during their international friendly billed for Sunday, October 13, at the Singapore National Stadium.

Higher prices for vegetable oils and meat during September, FAO report


FAO raised its estimates for worldwide coarse grains production based on an improved outlook for barley production and better maize prospects in Brazil and the U.S. Global food prices were steady in September, as lower sugar prices were offset by increased quotations for vegetable oils and meat. The FAO Food Price Index, which tracks monthly changes in the international prices of commonly-traded food commodities, averaged 170 points in September, virtually unchanged from August and 3.3 per cent higher than in the same month in 2018.


Dry spell blamed for the slowest 2019/2020 soybean planting season in Brazil


At this time in 2018, Brazilian growers had sowed 9.5% of the fields, the consultancy said Brazilian farmers have planted 3.1% of the estimated soybean area for the 2019/2020 crop, agribusiness consultancy AgRural said on Monday, blaming a lack of rain for the slowest start to the season in six years.


Weaker demand and Argentine situation hit hard Brazilian auto industry


In January production growth was expected to surpass 2018’s 6.7%, but it will now significantly lag. Domestic auto sales growth was cut to 8.1% from 9% previously Brazil’s auto industry trade group Anfavea has slashed its forecast for 2019 vehicle production growth to a modest 2.1% from 9% previously, it said on Monday. Anfavea had big plans this year for Brazil’s auto industry, which has been slowly recovering from a significant slump.


UN chief says UN facing worst cash crisis in nearly 10 years


UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Tuesday that the United Nations is facing its "worst cash crisis" in nearly a decade because 64 of its 193 members have not paid their annual dues — including the United States, its largest contributor.

U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the secretary-general has written to all members saying "the organization runs the risk of depleting its liquidity reserves by the end of the month and defaulting on payments to staff and vendors."

By the end of September, Dujarric said, member states had paid only 70% of the total assessment for the regular budget, compared with 78% at the same time last year.

According to the U.N., 129 countries had paid $1.99 billion in dues for the U.N.'s 2019 operating budget by Tuesday. It said $1.386 billion is owed for this year.

In addition to the United States, other countries that haven't paid their dues are Brazil, Iran, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.

Because of the U.S. government's budget calendar, Washington usually pays its dues in October.

According to the U.N., the U.S. owes $674 million for the 2019 regular budget and $381 million for previous regular budgets.

The U.S. is also in arrears in payments for the separate budget for the U.N.'s far-flung peacekeeping operations. It owes $255 million for peacekeeping missions that have been closed and $2 billion for active peacekeeping missions, according to the U.N.

Dujarric said measures the U.N. Secretariat put in place early in the year to align expenditures with cash inflows have averted "major disruptions" but "are no longer enough."

Since the U.N. Secretariat could face a default in salaries and payments by the end of November, Dujarric said the secretary-general has requested immediate...


Giselli: Zoa and I are best of friends

She caught everybody's attention as the shy Punjaban Harleen Kaur in Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal. Brazilian model Giselli Monteiro is back with her...

Drones as Detectives: Surveying Crime Scenes for Evidence

Researchers in Brazil are developing a drone that scouts for evidence—and want to use its footage to reconstruct crime scenes

Telefonica in talks with TIM and Claro to buy Oi - report

(Telecompaper) Spanish operator Telefonica is negotiating an agreement with its two main rivals in the Brazilian market, America Movil and TIM, to jointly purchase...

Allcom Telecom and Sierra Wireless to provide IoT solutions for LatAm

(Telecompaper) Brazil's Allcom Telecom has just signed an agreement with Canada-based cloud device solutions provider Sierra Wireless to provide connected IoT services for Latin America, reports Computerworld...

Lenovo Data Center upgrades University of Oeste Paulista data centre

(Telecompaper) Lenovo Data Center has partnered with Microsoft and Veeam and integrator Pro IT Cloud Solutions to upgrade the data centre structure of the University of Oeste Paulista (Unoeste) in Brazil...

Jailed Uighur, Brazil chief among European rights prize nominees

A Uighur scholar imprisoned in China since 2014 and a trio of Brazilian activists were nominated Tuesday for a top European rights prize, along with Kenyans fighting female genital mutilation.

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