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And the exhibitors are.....


Well, thank you everyone!
Having received entries from all parts of the world with 365 pieces submitted from over 156 jewellers, 
the organisers would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted to the "suspended in pink” exhibition.

The jury has chosen a selection for the exhibition from the impressive quantity of objects- after a lot of very very hard work, here are the exhibitors....

Exhibitiors ' in Pink' 2013

Alexandra Hopp,  Andrea Coderch, Annette Dam, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Claire Lavendhomme, Claire McArdle, Corrado de Meo, Demitra Thomloudis, Drew Markou, Erica Voss, Farrah Al Dujaili, Galatée Pestre, Helena Johansson, Heng Lee, Isabel Dammermann, Jane Richie, Jo Pond, Jorge Manilla, Josephine Siwei Wang, Kate Rohde, Karen Bartlett, Karen Vanmol, Karin Roy Andersson, Katharina Moch, Kevin Hughes, Lauren Markley, Laurence Verdier,  Lital Mendel, Lynn Batchelder, Mallory Weston, Masako Hamaguchi, Michelle Kraemer, Minna Karhu, Patricia A Gallucci, Rachel McKnight, Réka Fekete, Rhona McCallum, Ria Lins, Sam Hamilton, Silke Fleischer, Sofia Björkman, Thea Clark, Vinit Koosolmanomai, Yeseul Seo, Zoe Robertson.

HOWEVER, thats not it yet!

Keep an eye out for further exciting announcements........

Claire McArdle 
Thea Clark

Sam Hamilton


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Articles of Punishment


Articles of Punishment is a six-piece set of smart-propped whips for Genesis in DAZ Studio. All pieces have Pose Control dials to facilitate movement of the entire strand at once. The three with multiple strands have controls for each individual strand and for moving all of the strands together. Bloody and clean presets and good tiling shaders make these suitable for realistic, historical and 3D fantasy scenes.

Articles of Punishment features these pieces:

The Captain's Daughter: Historically 30 inches long and made of rough braided rope, the cat oÕ nine tails or Captain's Daughter was a nine-stranded whip used as an instrument of corporal punishment on ships in Her Majesty's Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. The purpose was to inflict discomfort without crippling a sailor to the point of being unable to perform his duties, contrary to cinematic depiction.

The Scourge: More austere orders of monks once used a whip of rawhide thongs for harsh self-discipline. This was intended to turn the mind away from evil and impure thoughts as much as it was a punishment for sins. The five-stranded scourge is longer than the cat oÕ nine tails because it needs to be able to reach back over one's own shoulders.

The Iron Star Scourge: Only the very sternest members of an order of monks used this, a seven-stranded whip made of iron links and sharp stars.

The Bullwhip: Originally this tightly braided leather whip was used for herding cattle in Australia and the United States. The length and shape of this whip allows it to create a small sonic boom at the end of the throwing motion, releasing a distinctive sharp crack.

The Short Whip: Also called a yard whip or stock whip, this was used in cattle yards or other confined areas where the longer whip would be difficult to use properly.

The Great Knout: This long whip with an iron ring near the end was used for corporal punishment long ago in Russia. Twenty blows with this whip could be fatal because hard blows with the ring could break a person's back.

Price: $15.95 Special Price: $7.98


8 Advantages of Studying English

It is little wonder that so many students, both international and local, choose to study English courses. Proficient and skilled use of the English language can enhance career prospects, allow you to achieve success in business and can open up many opportunities when you choose to study with a credible English school.
While there are many good reasons to study English, here we provide an overview of eight of the most important advantages of studying English:
#1: Without question, English is one of the most widely spoken languages. English is used in many parts of the world and is often the language that is common to people who have a first language other than English.

#2: When it comes to business and matters of trade, the English language tends to be the common currency. By studying English through a respected English school, you can expect to be able to conduct business transactions, write and respond to documents such as: emails, memos, contracts, agreements and reports and possibly pursue a career in business.
#3: Arguably the greatest advantage of studying English is that your career prospects and employment opportunities can vastly increase. People who can speak English fluently (possibly together with a first language) are highly sought after by companies of many types, including international companies. When seeking work, proficiency and confidence in speaking and understanding English can put you at a distinct advantage.
#4: With the world becoming so much closer and more connected, opportunities to travel and explore different parts of the world are more available and, as a result of having studied English, travellers are better able to communicate. In so many parts of the world, English is the common language that is spoken and when you have a command of the English language, travelling and interacting with people of different nationalities can become easier and more enjoyable.
#5: In terms of academia, English is the language most commonly spoken by academics worldwide. Of course, some important research and work occurs in all countries and in a variety of languages, but the vast majority tends to have been conducted, composed and published with the English language as its basis. Academics and scholars that have some knowledge of English frequently find that sharing their ideas and findings with their peers globally is more readily facilitated by their mastery of the English language.
#6: Technology is vital and significant in the day and age in which we live. English is very often the language used for many software programs and for those that are technologically minded and ambitious, the study of English can provide them with useful benefits and knowledge.
#7: Australia has many English schools that are renowned for their success in teaching students’ English and the quality and range of the English courses that they provide. Successful English schools and colleges tend to offer great value for money and support structures to assist students to learn effectively and grow in knowledge, skills and confidence. When you do choose to study English, your education is an investment and it is incredibly important that you derive exceptional value for your money.
#8: English courses are available and specifically tailored for people of varying levels of English proficiency and for those who wish to study English for different purposes. For example, some may want to undertake a very general English course, whereas others may wish to study English in relation to business or for academic purposes.
Through the study of English, a range of advantages are available. Quality courses offer candidates the opportunity to improve job prospects, the capacity to communicate with others and access to information right across the world.


Laser Printing for Rapid Fabrication of Waterproof E-Textiles


So-called “smart fabrics” that have sensing, wireless communication, or health-monitoring technology integrated within them are the wave of the future for textile design, which is why researchers have been working on new ways to improve their design and fabrication.

Now a team from RMIT University in Australia have done just that with new technology that can rapidly fabricate waterproof smart textiles with integrated energy-harvesting and storage technology that precludes the need for a battery, researchers said.

rapid fabrication, laser printing, smart fabrics, RMIT University in Australia, waterproof, flexible textile patch
Litty Thekkakara, a researcher from RMIT University in Australia, holds a textile embedded with energy-storage devices developed using a new laser-printing process she and her team invented. (Source: RMIT)

Indeed, this is one of the challenges to developing smart textiles—a power source that doesn’t burden the wearer or is user-friendly, said Litty Thekkakara, a researcher in RMIT’s School of Science who worked on the project.

“By solving the energy storage-related challenges of e-textiles, we hope to power the next generation of wearable technology and intelligent clothing,” she said in a press statement.

Printing the Power

Specifically, Thekkakara and her colleagues have developed a method for fabricating a 10-by-10 centimeter waterproof, flexible textile patch with graphene supercapacitors directly laser-printed onto the fabric.

The invention is an alternative method to current processes for developing smart textiles, which have which have some limitations, she said.

“Current approaches to smart textile energy storage, like stitching batteries into garments or using e-fibers, can be cumbersome and heavy, and can also have capacity issues,” Thekkakara said in a press statement.

The electronic components also can be in danger of short circuiting or failing when they come in contact with sweat or moisture from the environment if the textile isn’t waterproof, she added.

Washable and Durable

The team tested their invention by connecting the supercapacitor with a solar cell to create a self-powering, washable smart fabric. Tests analyzing the performance of the fabric showed it remained relatively stable and efficient at various temperatures and under mechanical stress, researchers said. Researchers reported these findings in an article in the journal Scientific Reports.

 The team envisions the e-textile being used in novel wearable technology, which is currently being developed not only for consumer-fitness applications, but also for specialized clothing in medical and defense sectors for health monitoring and safety tracking, respectively.

The laser-printing method also paves the way for new, more advanced fabrication of next-generation smart textiles that can integrate intelligence in the process itself, said Min Gu, RMIT honorary professor and distinguished professor at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

“It also opens the possibility for faster roll-to-roll fabrication, with the use of advanced laser printing based on multifocal fabrication and machine learning techniques,” he said in a press statement.

Elizabeth Montalbano is a freelance writer who has written about technology and culture for more than 20 years. She has lived and worked as a professional journalist in Phoenix, San Francisco and New York City. In her free time she enjoys surfing, traveling, music, yoga and cooking. She currently resides in a village on the southwest coast of Portugal.

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Kurds Have Been Preparing for Trump’s Syria Betrayal—With a Vengeance


Kurds Have Been Preparing for Trump’s Syria Betrayal—With a VengeanceDelil Souleiman/GettyLate Sunday night in Washington, the White House announced it was pulling U.S. troops out of northeast Syria to clear the way for a Turkish invasion. The Kurds there who led the fight on the ground that defeated the so-called Islamic State had seen President Donald Trump’s betrayal coming. But still they hoped it could be avoided. “Don’t let the Turks disrupt my wedding,” our translator texted in September prior to our arrival in the region. For more than a year, we have been visiting almost monthly to interview captured ISIS cadres held by the Kurdish and Arab troops of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as part of a project for the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism. Trump’s Crazy Syria Move Will Wipe Out America’s Allies and Set Up a Big ISIS ComebackIn September, we saw the Turkish threat to invade at any moment was held off by tense U.S. negotiations in which the SDF made considerable concessions, allowing Turkey to patrol jointly a large swath of territory while agreeing to remove checkpoints and military positions farther back from the Turkish border.“They should put their patrols inside Turkish territory, and not enter Syria,” SDF leaders told us at the time, as they reluctantly acquiesced to U.S. demands.* * *BITTER FRIENDS* * *Many current and former White House advisors counseled against the kind of announcement made Sunday night. Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned last year over Trump’s threat to remove the few thousand U.S. troops in Syria, who not only served as advisors in the fight against ISIS, but as deterrence against Turkish operations east of the Euphrates River. In a particularly bitter post on Twitter, Bret McGurk, who served as the special U.S. presidential envoy for the fight against ISIS from 2015 to 2018, wrote, “Donald Trump is not a Commander-in-Chief. He makes impulsive decisions with no knowledge or deliberation. He sends military personnel into harm’s way with no backing. He blusters and then leaves our allies exposed when adversaries call his bluff or he confronts a hard phone call.”The U.S. military learned about the withdrawal plan only after Trump decided on it following his Sunday phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It has pulled out of two small observation posts in the security-mechanism zone near the Syria-Turkey border so far. But no further withdrawals are imminent, according to a knowledgeable source. The military, remembering Trump’s December order out of Syria and subsequent reversal, is waiting to learn if Trump will follow through with withdrawal this time.A recently departed senior Pentagon official considered the pullout a “blatant betrayal” of the U.S.’ Kurdish partners that gives “carte blanche to Erdogan” for a widely forecast bloodletting. “It’s going to be a massacre, that’s clear,” the ex-official told The Daily Beast. “It’s fundamentally wrong. They destroyed the Caliphate.”But the Kurds are not entirely defenseless. Military leaders of the dominant group, known as the YPG or People’s Protection Units (and their female YPJ partners), already were in overdrive in September, preparing for what they had long anticipated—a possible betrayal by their closest ally, the United States.* * *DIGGING IN* * *Alongside every major highway and criss-crossing the entire Northern Syria area, in fields, cities and towns, we saw digging for an extensive system of tunnels. “We’re ready either way,” the Kurdish leaders told us when we asked if they trusted the Americans to keep the Turks at bay.Kurds don’t have much, but their spirit of freedom and their desire to protect their hard-won territory and what they see as their incipient democracy was evident everywhere in September as the YPG troops prepared for battle with a much better equipped foe—the Turkish armed forces, the second biggest military in NATO. But nobody who fought ISIS in Syria in one vicious battle after another has forgotten that the huge Turkish army stood by and did nothing against the Islamic State as its killers carried out genocidal campaigns against Yazidis and Shiites, while abducting, torturing, ransoming or beheading Americans, Europeans, and Japanese, among others. Through all that, NATO ally Turkey was not interested in intervention. Far from it.That was until the White House statement Sunday night, up to which the U.S. military denied Turkey the ability to operate in airspace over SDF controlled territory, effectively making it more difficult to enter Northern Syria to conduct the “terrorist cleansing operation” that Turks insist upon. They already carried out one such operation in Afrin, west of the Euphrates, in January 2018, displacing Kurds and effectively taking over the area, using what Kurds claim are former ISIS cadres to fight for them.Turks view the Northern Syria area of Rojava, and the YPG dominated SDF, as controlled by Kurdish PKK terrorists operating under another name—wolves in sheep’s clothing. Indeed, in times past—until 1998—PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, lived freely in Syria and the father of the current Assad allowed him to train and equip his highly disciplined terrorist group for attacks into Turkey. It’s also true that over time, the various governing parties of Syria, Iraq and Iran have made use of PKK assaults on Turks as a way to exert pressure on Turkish politics. Turkey has suffered greatly from PKK terrorist attacks both inside Turkey and globally, and the PKK is clearly designated on the U.S. and EU’s list of terrorist organizations. In recent concessions to Turkey’s alarm over the SDF, a group they view as being in the hands of the PKK, the U.S. recently added additional individuals involved in the PKK to the U.S. State Department’s specially designated terrorist list. Turkey has also developed drones that fly over the Qandil mountains, in northern Iraq, making it easier to spot PKK movements and routinely send fighter jets to bomb them.  In the case of northern Syria however, until President Trump’s announcement late Sunday night Washington time, the U.S. policy was to deny the Turks military incursions into territory where U.S. troops patrol and the U.S. military controls the airspace and claims by Turkey that the SDF is PKK have also been hotly disputed.While Turkey sees the SDF as dominated and led by a terrorist organization, the U.S. has a completely different perspective, viewing the YPG and SDF as valued allies in the fight against ISIS. Indeed, YPG and YPJ (Women’s People’s Protection Units) fighters lost over 1,000 lives fighting ISIS and it is common to see Kurdish men and women in Rojava on crutches, in wheelchairs and otherwise suffering from serious and lifelong injuries sustained in the battle to retake ISIS dominated areas, including Raqqa. While the rest of the world was silent, the YPG and YPJ can also take credit for going to the rescue of the Yazidis on Sinjar mountain in 2014, fighting to stop ISIS from carrying out a massive genocidal campaign in which ISIS cadres captured and enslaved countless Yazidi women, boys, and girls. The men were killed by ISIS, the boys killed or indoctrinated. The women and girls subsequently were raped and treated as chattel. But thousands were able to escape with YPG help.* * *THE PRISONERS* * *At present the SDF houses thousands of captured ISIS prisoners, holding the men in repurposed schools and prisons overflowing with former fighters and in camps similarly run at overcapacity for ISIS women and children. According to a March 2019 UN report, a total of 8,000 Islamic State fighters currently are held in SDF custody. In our recent visits to north and east Syria from May through August, relying on our primary intelligence sources, we were told that approximately 2,000 of these Islamic State prisoners were considered “foreign terrorist fighters” from North Africa, Europe, and the Americas.The same data was also corroborated in an August 2019 press release by the Office of the Spokesperson, Special Envoy of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Ambassador James Jeffrey. Just under a 1,000 of the prisoners are believed to be Europeans. ICSVE has interviewed approximately five percent of those detained. Most appear to have become totally disillusioned, are exhausted from battle and prison and say they want to lay down arms. While there is no specific deradicalization or rehabilitation program applied to them at present and we have been requested by the SDF and also agreed to build one, it’s safe to say the majority are spontaneously deradicalizing and simply want to return home to their former lives after facing a judicial process.The SDF prisons are overcrowded and the SDF leadership repeatedly has expressed a need to ICSVE researchers for technical assistance in dealing with terrorist prisoners and for financial assistance to build at least five prisons. Riots and attempted jail breaks have occurred in SDF prisons holding foreign fighters. Likewise, recent news reporting shows over-capacity has prisoners sleeping next to each other on their sides to be able to fit into small and overcrowded rooms. Three detention centers holding ISIS women and children also are administered by the SDF: Camps Hol, Ain Issa and Roj. According to a UN Report as of April 2019 an estimated 75,000 women and children were being held. Our data suggests that at least 60,000 are Syrians and Iraqis. At least 8,000 children and 4,000 wives of foreign fighters remain in the camp.Women and children live in tents in these camps which are hot in the summer, freezing cold during winter, and leak cold rainwater as well.  Dust blows around the camps causing breathing difficulties for some. Women and children have died of typhus, tent fires, and other dangers in the camps. Recently vaccinations have been offered, but many mothers don’t trust the program and refrain from having their children vaccinated. The women cook for themselves and complain that the food provided them lacks nutritious fruits and vegetables. Schools are lacking as well.All of the camps housing women have suffered from ISIS enforcers still dedicated to the group who require the other women to continue to cover themselves and punish those who speak out against them. These women have attacked other women, set their tents on fire, stolen their possessions, attacked, bitten, beaten and stabbed guards and have murdered other women creating a sense of chaos, constant danger and oppression in the camps. Recently a gun fight broke out in Camp Hol, with one woman killed and seven wounded.Foreign fighters from about 60 countries remain in SDF custody. We have interviewed foreign fighters who are nationals of the United States, Canada, Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Dagestan, Turkey, Denmark, Russia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, Indonesia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Libya, Switzerland, Egypt, and Germany. * * *A TRIBUNAL?* * *While the SDF has struggled to contain the overflow of captured ISIS fighters, they have been frustrated by Turkish politics and threats to their very existence. In recent years with the Syrian uprising and rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the Turks saw it to be to their advantage to fund, train and equip Islamist rebels that they believed could keep the Kurdish independence movements in Syria in a weakened state or altogether destroyed. The Kurds, meanwhile, fought back in 2015 when ISIS invaded the city of Kobani on the Turkish border and rose up as a valiant on-the-ground force to repel the terrorists. The U.S. led coalition began arming and supplying the YPG and YPJ, and providing air cover, infusing the Kurds with a powerful sense of valor and military might that ultimately led to the complete territorial defeat of an Islamic State “Caliphate” that had taken as its motto “remain and expand.”ISIS is hardly a defeated foe however, with weekly sleeper cell attacks occurring in both Syria and Iraq and the likes of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi still making video and audio appeals to supporters around the world to reinstate the Caliphate, starting with breaking the ISIS prisoners out of captivity.The subject of ISIS captives is one of great importance to President Trump who repeatedly has threatened to release the roughly 12,000 ISIS foreign men, women and children prisoners held by the SDF in prisons and camps.  Trump’s view is that each country has to take its citizens back, even countries like Sweden that lack a terrorism law under which to prosecute returnees, and countries like France, which already has a serious militant jihadi prison problem and fears any more potential ISIS cadres inside its penitentiaries. These countries have continued to tell the SDF that an international tribunal can be established in its territory to try ISIS prisoners in place. But the UN Counter Terrorism Directorate and U.S. State Department strongly disagree with this proposal and President Trump continues to tweet that he is simply going to release the prisoners to European countries refusing to repatriate them—even though it is the SDF, not Washington, that has them in custody.In a series of tweets on Monday, Trump claimed erroneously that most of the ISIS prisoners are foreigner terrorist fighters and seemed to ignore that ISIS, even when based far away in Syria, is a very real threat to U.S. citizens and interests. It is “time for us to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. WE WILL FIGHT WHERE IT IS TO OUR BENEFIT, AND ONLY FIGHT TO WIN. Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds will now have to … figure the situation out, and what they want to do with the captured ISIS fighters in their “neighborhood.” They all hate ISIS, have been enemies for years. We are 7000 miles away and will crush ISIS again if they come anywhere near us!”While arguments of who should be responsible to prosecute and hold ISIS prisoners can be made on both sides, in many ways Europe, Jordan and many other countries effectively did “flush the toilet” of their militant jihadi problem by allowing them to freely exit their countries to go fight in Syria, most of them ultimately joining ISIS. The U.S. at present repatriates all of its ISIS fighters bringing them to swift and sound justice at home.* * *ISIS AMBASSADOR TO TURKEY* * *Turkey also has a responsibility in the rise of ISIS, having allowed over 40,000 foreign fighters to cross over its border into Syria, many unabashedly on their way to join the Islamic State. Many prisoners tell us of Turkish complicity with their journey into ISIS-land and being wished well by border guards who winked as they crossed into Syria.Abu Mansour, a 36-year-old Moroccan ISIS emir interviewed by ICSVE in February 2019 in Iraqi prison, told us that he basically functioned as the ISIS ambassador to Turkey, negotiating border issues, the transfer of ISIS wounded into Turkey for treatment, the flow of foreign fighters across the Turkish border into ISIS territory, and other logistics. “The subject of Turkey is a very big one,” he said, “and the mutual interests include the obvious and the hidden.”“Their benefit was that it was a border area and we have a border strip with them,” Abu Mansour continued. “Security is one of them, and they wanted to control north of Syria.”  The Turks wanted to control the entire border region in Syria and even into Iraq as far as Mosul, according to Abu Mansour, but they wanted to do it through a proxy force. “So, they wanted to find organizations that would do this favor for them, including terminating the presence of the Kurdish Workers Party [the PKK], without a direct interference from Turkey. At the same time, especially since they were part of NATO, they don’t want to anger NATO, because they need NATO.”By the same token, Turkish President Erdogan’s background as a committed Islamist created a certain sympathy, as did his ambition to revive in modern form the old Ottoman empire, Abu Mansour claimed. “The pretext of [controlling the] Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK] is a strong pretext for Turkey, but they have ambitions, as they have entered regions that don’t have PKK in them.” Abu Mansour explained the Turkish and ISIS relationship through his own experiences. In 2013, he said, he was assigned to receive the ISIS volunteers arriving in Turkey, but later, “I supervised the country entry operations, registration as a whole.”  Then in 2015, he said, “I worked on external relations, relations with the Turkish intelligence. It started when I was at the borders.” First there was an agreement about passing the wounded from Syria into Turkey, about the border crossing and security arrangements. “Ambulances, especially in critical and serious situations, could go straight to the [border] gate,” said Abu Mansour. “Then a Turkish ambulance takes the case to the Turkish hospitals, and it is followed up inside Turkey. There was a hotline with intelligence who are located at the borders. Most places were available, [including] hospitals in Turkey [and] there was a technical staff of doctors who follow up the case in Turkey. The [Turkish] state was paying for certain operations performed in private hospitals, but most cases referred by the public hospitals were for free.”Abu Mansour said he had “face-to-face meetings with Turkish delegations. Sometimes they represented the intelligence services, sometimes the Turkish army, depending on the issue. “Most meetings were in Turkey on the border strip, but there were also meetings in Ankara and Gaziantep, depending on the issue,” said Abu Mansour. He would travel with a delegation of two or three ISIS people.”Referencing the easy relationship, as he saw it, between ISIS and the Turkish intelligence and military, Abu Mansour claimed, an ISIS emir could “go to Ankara without a problem.  They always sent a car, or a bodyguard. At one point, we met weekly, depending on the issue and its importance to Turkey and to us, according to the demand.”The situation described by Abu Mansour raises a question: did the ultimate defeat of ISIS in fact deprive the Turks of the proxy buffer zone they wanted—which they are now invading Syria to establish?Abu Mansour recalled, “Turkey asked on many occasions for a safe zone.” This would be a demilitarized zone where it would provide ISIS with whatever it wanted, but only inside Syrian territories. According to Abu Mansour, , ISIS refused to grant it, and relations started to fall apart. Eventually, Turkey grew sick of the back and forth, and there was also a split in ISIS leadership, with one faction deciding it would take the terror war into Turkey with a 2016 bombing at Istanbul airport. At the time, Abu Mansour was in Gaziantep, Turkey, and the Turkish authorities told him they thought this was an orchestrated act to pressure Ankara. But he says that was not the case. The external security services of ISIS had started setting their own agenda, “carrying out operations everywhere,” Abu Mansour told us. “We reached a state in which they couldn’t care less about politics, and they worked like gangs, [and would] strike anywhere.”While Turkey continues to claim that the SDF, our strongest ally in fighting ISIS, is a terrorist dominated group, many questions remain about Turkey’s own complicity with ISIS. Given that during a bitterly fought war with ISIS, in which many Kurdish lives were lost, that the SDF managed to take control of the area, institute a functioning political system that included granting an impressive array of minority rights and rights to women, the SDF deserves our respect and protection.But U.S. President Donald Trump has put a price on all this. “The Kurds fought with us,” he tweeted, “but were paid massive amounts of money and equipment to do so.” That they saved countless lives in the process, including American lives, does not seem to have been a factor.Spencer Ackerman also contributed reporting to this article.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.


Luca Marini es el más rápido de Moto2 en Tailandia con siete pilotos separados por solo una décima


Luca Marini es el más rápido de Moto2 en Tailandia con siete pilotos separados por solo una décima

Luca Marini ha sido el más rápido en una apretadísima sesión de entrenamientos en la categoría de Moto2. La igualdad ha sido máxima, hasta el punto de que tan solo nueve décimas han separado a los 24 primeros clasificados de la sesión. Se espera que la lucha por la pole position y por la victoria sea muy dura.

El héroe del día ha sido el piloto local Somkiat Chantra, que ha terminado segundo a tan solo ocho décimas de Marini. El tailandés está especialmente motivado en la carrera de casa y se ha repuesto incluso de una avería mecánica que le dejó tirado en los primeros compases de la sesión. Veremos cuánto dura el empuje de Chantra.

Álex Márquez fue cuarto y Augusto Fernández octavo

Luthi Tailandia Moto2 2019

En cuanto a la batalla por el título, actuación discreta de los dos aspirantes. Álex Márquez terminó cuarto, a menos de una décima de Marini, mientras que Augusto Fernández cayó hasta la octava posición, pero a una décima y poco. La igualdad es máxima y hasta la clasificación de mañana no podremos sacar mejores conclusiones.

También han tenido un buen día en el equipo Stop and Go. Tetsuta Nagashima fue el más rápido por la mañana, aunque no pudo mejorar en la segunda sesión. Aún así, el japonés parece uno de los pilotos más fuertes en Buriram. Su compañero, el australiano Remy Gardner, ha hecho el tercer mejor tiempo por la tarde, postulándose como candidato a la victoria.

Nagashima Tailandia Moto2 2019

Muy buenos entrenamientos para Iker Lecuona, sexto clasificado y mejor KTM en pista. El piloto español ha adelantado por apenas milésimas a Brad Binder, que se quedó con el séptimo mejor tiempo de la sesión. De todos modos parece que las KTM tienen aquí ritmo para estar al nivel de las Kalex.

Ha estado un poco más atrás, aunque pegado en los tiempos, Jorge Navarro, que se metió noveno. El piloto de Speed Up quiere conseguir por fin la primera victoria de la temporada y en Buriram va a tener otra buena ocasión. También está en zona de Q2 el español Jorge Martín, que ha aprovechado el ritmo de KTM para meterse duodécimo.

Chamtra Tailandia Moto2 2019

Un poco decepcionante ha sido la actuación de Thomas Luthi, quien cada vez está más lejos de poder ser un aspirante real al título. El suizo ha sido decimocuarto, ahora mismo sería el último piloto clasificado para la Q2, pero tendrá que mejorar mucho si no quiere que su candidatura se vaya apagando poco a poco.

Por último, Xavi Vierge fue el único español en quedarse fuera de los puestos que dan acceso directo para la Q2. El piloto catalán ha sido vigesimosegundo, a seis décimas del tiempo de Luca Marini. Vierge parece que está mentalmente distraído, quizá ya pensando en la siguiente temporada, en la que competirá con el Petronas.

Resultados FP2 Moto2 GP Tailandia 2019

Pos. Num. Piloto País Equipo Moto Km/h Tiempo Diferencia 1st/Prev.
1 10 Luca MARINI ITA SKY Racing Team VR46 Kalex 281.9 1'35.956
2 35 Somkiat CHANTRA THA IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia Kalex 281.2 1'35.964 0.008 / 0.008
3 87 Remy GARDNER AUS ONEXOX TKKR SAG Team Kalex 279.7 1'36.005 0.049 / 0.041
4 73 Alex MARQUEZ SPA EG 0,0 Marc VDS Kalex 279.0 1'36.033 0.077 / 0.028
5 33 Enea BASTIANINI ITA Italtrans Racing Team Kalex 278.3 1'36.050 0.094 / 0.017
6 27 Iker LECUONA SPA American Racing KTM KTM 279.0 1'36.060 0.104 / 0.010
7 41 Brad BINDER RSA Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 277.6 1'36.113 0.157 / 0.053
8 40 Augusto FERNANDEZ SPA FLEXBOX HP 40 Kalex 279.7 1'36.122 0.166 / 0.009
9 9 Jorge NAVARRO SPA Beta Tools Speed Up Speed Up 276.2 1'36.205 0.249 / 0.083
10 45 Tetsuta NAGASHIMA JPN ONEXOX TKKR SAG Team Kalex 281.2 1'36.234 0.278 / 0.029
11 5 Andrea LOCATELLI ITA Italtrans Racing Team Kalex 279.7 1'36.264 0.308 / 0.030
12 88 Jorge MARTIN SPA Red Bull KTM Ajo KTM 276.2 1'36.269 0.313 / 0.005
13 72 Marco BEZZECCHI ITA Red Bull KTM Tech 3 KTM 278.3 1'36.341 0.385 / 0.072
14 12 Thomas LUTHI SWI Dynavolt Intact GP Kalex 279.0 1'36.347 0.391 / 0.006
15 62 Stefano MANZI ITA MV Agusta Temporary Forward MV Agusta 277.6 1'36.368 0.412 / 0.021
16 11 Nicolo BULEGA ITA SKY Racing Team VR46 Kalex 278.3 1'36.517 0.561 / 0.149
17 7 Lorenzo BALDASSARRI ITA FLEXBOX HP 40 Kalex 275.5 1'36.532 0.576 / 0.015
18 22 Sam LOWES GBR Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 Kalex 277.6 1'36.545 0.589 / 0.013
19 23 Marcel SCHROTTER GER Dynavolt Intact GP Kalex 279.7 1'36.556 0.600 / 0.011
20 54 Mattia PASINI ITA Tasca Racing Scuderia Moto2 Kalex 277.6 1'36.569 0.613 / 0.013
21 97 Xavi VIERGE SPA EG 0,0 Marc VDS Kalex 279.7 1'36.578 0.622 / 0.009
22 77 Dominique AEGERTER SWI MV Agusta Temporary Forward MV Agusta 279.0 1'36.630 0.674 / 0.052
23 65 Philipp OETTL GER Red Bull KTM Tech 3 KTM 279.7 1'36.881 0.925 / 0.251
24 64 Bo BENDSNEYDER NED NTS RW Racing GP NTS 274.1 1'36.884 0.928 / 0.003
25 96 Jake DIXON GBR Gaviota Angel Nieto Team KTM 275.5 1'36.976 1.020 / 0.092
26 21 Fabio DI GIANNANTONIO ITA Beta Tools Speed Up Speed Up 276.2 1'37.088 1.132 / 0.112
27 16 Joe ROBERTS USA American Racing KTM KTM 274.8 1'37.099 1.143 / 0.011
28 2 Jesko RAFFIN SWI NTS RW Racing GP NTS 274.1 1'37.534 1.578 / 0.435
29 3 Lukas TULOVIC GER Kiefer Racing KTM 275.5 1'37.558 1.602 / 0.024
30 18 Xavi CARDELUS AND Gaviota Angel Nieto Team KTM 276.2 1'37.979 2.023 / 0.421
31 47 Adam NORRODIN MAL Petronas Sprinta Racing Kalex 276.9 1'38.284 2.328 / 0.305
32 20 Dimas EKKY PRATAMA INA IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia Kalex 274.8 1'38.627 2.671 / 0.343

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Luca Marini arrasa en una carrera de Buriram en la que Álex Márquez salva los muebles

MotoGP Tailandia 2019: Horarios y dónde ver las carreras en directo

Álex Márquez pone la directa al título de Moto2 con una gran pole position en Buriram

La noticia Luca Marini es el más rápido de Moto2 en Tailandia con siete pilotos separados por solo una décima fue publicada originalmente en Motorpasion Moto por Roberto Rodríguez .


Fabio Quartararo lidera el festival de Yamaha en Buriram pero Marc Márquez amenaza


Fabio Quartararo lidera el festival de Yamaha en Buriram pero Marc Márquez amenaza

Las Yamaha tienen una velocidad endiablada en Tailandia. Es una de las conclusiones que se pueden sacar de los primeros entrenamientos libres de Buriram, pero no la única. Fabio Quartararo ha marcado el mejor tiempo de la sesión en una vuelta fantástica con el reloj a cero. Lidera un triplete de Yamaha fantástico en lo alto de la tabla.

Sin embargo, no todo son alegrías. Y eso se debe a que Marc Márquez ha volado en los segundos entrenamientos libres. El piloto español no ha probado en ningún momento el neumático más blando, simplemente se ha limitado a ensayar su ritmo de carrera y éste ha sido demoledor. Márquez ha dado 25 vueltas perfectas a un ritmo casi inaccesible para el resto.

Márquez solo probó el ritmo de carrera y fue demoledor

Marquez Tailandia Motogp 2019

Lo que está claro es que Márquez no está demasiado dolorido por su caída de este mañana. Su mejor tiempo se ha quedado a seis décimas del que ha marcado Quartararo, pero hay que tener en cuenta que lo ha hecho con un neumático que llevaba prácticamente una carrera entera encima. Aún así, Márquez ha sido sexto y es el gran favorito para la pole y la victoria.

Pero las Yamaha van a estar fuertes. Ya el año pasado, cuando las cosas no iban tan bien, Maverick Viñales aguantó el ritmo de Márquez toda la carrera. Esta vez el piloto español ha terminado segundo, a tan solo una décima del tiempo de Quartararo. Veremos si ambos pueden aguantar el ritmo de la Honda.

Vinales Tailandia Motogp 2019

Para cerrar la fiesta de Yamaha, Franco Morbidelli ha terminado con el tercer mejor tiempo de la sesión. Parece que aquí el italiano sí que está al nivel de sus compañero. El único que no ha podido completar el pleno de Yamaha es Valentino Rossi, que aún así no se ha ido mucho más atrás. 'Il Dottore' ha sido quinto.

Quien se ha colado por medio de las Yamaha es el australiano Jack Miller, que ha sorprendido con un gran tiempo que le coloca cuarto y como primera Ducati. De hecho, en general las motos italianas no han destacado demasiado en toda la sesión. Andrea Dovizioso, el que debe evitar el título de Márquez, ha terminado octavo, mientras que Danilo Petrucci fue undécimo.

Oliveira Tailandia Motogp 2019

Otra de las sorpresas positivas del día ha sido Aleix Espargaró. El piloto de Aprilia se ha metido séptimo, justo por detrás de Márquez, en un circuito donde no era esperado. Espargaró fue muy rápido en Aragón hace quince días, pero era algo que se podía esperar en un circuito favorable. Sin embargo parece que la tónica se mantiene aquí en Chang.

Su hermano Pol Espargaró también ha tenido un buen día. Al menos ha podido participar en los entrenamientos libres y lo ha hecho sin demasiados dolores. El piloto de KTM ha terminado decimoquinto, incluso dentro de lo que serían las posiciones de puntos, aunque los problemas podrían venir en carrera.

Lorenzo Tailandia Motogp 2019

Problemas para su compañero de marca, Miguel Oliveira, que ha sufrido dos caídas bastante fuertes, una en cada sesión. Aún así el portugués parece que está bien y ha sido decimonoveno, por delante de sus otros dos compañeros de marca, Mika Kallio y Hafizh Syahrin, que han sido los dos más lentos del día.

Aunque también ha estado en esa deshonrosa batalla Jorge Lorenzo, que ha terminado antepenúltimo a 1,5 segundos de su compañero Márquez. En cuanto a las Suzuki, siguen en un momento complicado, y la poca potencia de su motor no ayuda. Joan Mir ha sido noveno y Álex Rins décimo. Por último, Tito Rabat terminó en la decimoctava posición.

Resultados FP2 MotoGP GP Tailandia 2019

Pos. Num. Piloto País Equipo Moto Km/h Tiempo Diferencia 1st/Prev.
1 20 Fabio QUARTARARO FRA Petronas Yamaha SRT Yamaha 324.3 1'30.404
2 12 Maverick VIÑALES SPA Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 324.3 1'30.597 0.193 / 0.193
3 21 Franco MORBIDELLI ITA Petronas Yamaha SRT Yamaha 324.3 1'30.625 0.221 / 0.028
4 43 Jack MILLER AUS Pramac Racing Ducati 330.2 1'30.698 0.294 / 0.073
5 46 Valentino ROSSI ITA Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 325.3 1'30.733 0.329 / 0.035
6 93 Marc MARQUEZ SPA Repsol Honda Team Honda 329.2 1'30.891 0.487 / 0.158
7 41 Aleix ESPARGARO SPA Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Aprilia 325.3 1'31.007 0.603 / 0.116
8 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO ITA Ducati Team Ducati 329.2 1'31.027 0.623 / 0.020
9 36 Joan MIR SPA Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Suzuki 326.2 1'31.086 0.682 / 0.059
10 42 Alex RINS SPA Team SUZUKI ECSTAR Suzuki 326.2 1'31.094 0.690 / 0.008
11 9 Danilo PETRUCCI ITA Ducati Team Ducati 327.2 1'31.115 0.711 / 0.021
12 63 Francesco BAGNAIA ITA Pramac Racing Ducati 326.2 1'31.154 0.750 / 0.039
13 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW GBR LCR Honda CASTROL Honda 328.2 1'31.344 0.940 / 0.190
14 30 Takaaki NAKAGAMI JPN LCR Honda IDEMITSU Honda 324.3 1'31.424 1.020 / 0.080
15 44 Pol ESPARGARO SPA Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 325.3 1'31.499 1.095 / 0.075
16 29 Andrea IANNONE ITA Aprilia Racing Team Gresini Aprilia 323.3 1'31.512 1.108 / 0.013
17 17 Karel ABRAHAM CZE Reale Avintia Racing Ducati 327.2 1'31.588 1.184 / 0.076
18 53 Tito RABAT SPA Reale Avintia Racing Ducati 323.3 1'31.932 1.528 / 0.344
19 88 Miguel OLIVEIRA POR Red Bull KTM Tech 3 KTM 320.4 1'31.936 1.532 / 0.004
20 99 Jorge LORENZO SPA Repsol Honda Team Honda 328.2 1'31.949 1.545 / 0.013
21 82 Mika KALLIO FIN Red Bull KTM Factory Racing KTM 320.4 1'31.991 1.587 / 0.042
22 55 Hafizh SYAHRIN MAL Red Bull KTM Tech 3 KTM 322.3 1'32.584 2.180 / 0.593

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Fabio Quartararo aprovecha una caída de Marc Márquez para quedarse con la pole position en Tailandia

KTM descarta que Dani Pedrosa sustituya a Pol Espargaró en Tailandia: "Le hemos preguntado pero dice que no"

MotoGP Tailandia 2019: Horarios y dónde ver las carreras en directo

La noticia Fabio Quartararo lidera el festival de Yamaha en Buriram pero Marc Márquez amenaza fue publicada originalmente en Motorpasion Moto por Roberto Rodríguez .


The Spare Paddock

“Whatever happened to the spare paddock?” asked William Olson in his nostalgic essay in the Sydney Morning Herald 1st August 1970.  “It has gone, suddenly. Buried under Progress. . . . The spare paddock was wholly Australian. A wonderful place where a generation of young Australians grew up”: In the outer suburbs the spare paddock […]

موقع إحصاء عالمي: إيطاليا تتربع على عرش الدول الأكثر "تأثيرا ثقافيا" في العالم


قال موقع "World Index"، المتخصص في الاحصائيات واستطلاعات الرأي وعمليات المسح المرتبطة بالاقتصاد، الفن والثقافات، والعلوم، والتكنولوجيا، الرياضة والأسفار والسياسات والشؤون العسكرية،  بأن الدول التي تتمتع بنفوذ وتأثير ثقافي تكون غالبا مرادفة مع الأكل الجيد، الأزياء والعيش اليسير. إنها دول تلتزم باتباع الموضة والابداع فيها في جميع المجالات.
وهي الدول التي تجد منتجاتها تستهلك بكثرة وتترك الرفوف التي كانت معروضة فيها في المحلات التجارية بوتيرة أسرع. والتي موسيقاها وتلفزيوناتها وأفلامها تكون مستوعبة من قبل الثقافات الأخرى، لتصبح جزء ا من محادثات عالمية على نطاق أوسع، مثل "بيتزا"، و "دولتشي غابانا"، و"فيات"، و"غوتشي"، و"تشاو"...
تستند تصنيفات 2019 لأفضل البلدان، التي تم تشكيلها بالشراكة مع مجموعة BAV، وهي وحدة تابعة لشركة الاتصالات التسويقية العالمية VMLY & R، ومدرسة وارتون بجامعة بنسلفانيا، على استطلاع طلب أكثر من 20000 شخص من أربع مناطق لربط 80 دولة مع خصائص محددة.
هوية الدولة مبنية على مدى الحياة، وربما ليس من المستغرب أن يكون هناك تغيير طفيف في نتائج هذه العملية الفرعية. عندما يتعلق الأمر بالتأثير الثقافي، لا تزال أوروبا هي القائد الواضح. احتلت إيطاليا مرة أخرى المرتبة الأولى، حيث احتلت إيطاليا بتقاليد الطهي والفن الكلاسيكي وملابس المصممين، حيث احتلت المراكز الخمسة الأولى، كما فعلت في العام الماضي. بقيت البلدان العشرة الأولى على حالها، مع سويسرا، رقم 9 ، أستراليا، رقم 8 ، والبرازيل، رقم 7، تغيير ترتيب العام الماضي.
إيطاليا التي يعيش فيها قانونيا أكثر من 60،6 مليون نسمة، بلد يقع جنوب وسط أوروبا، وتمتد حدوده على شكل التمهيد إلى البحر الأبيض المتوسط. تجعل المدن التاريخية في البلاد والمأكولات ذات الشهرة العالمية والجمال الجغرافي وجهة شهيرة لأكثر من 40 مليون سائح كل عام. الأمة هي موطن لجبل إتنا، أطول بركان في أوروبا وأكثرها نشاطًا، وتضم دولتين داخل حدودها ء الفاتيكان وسان مارينو.

في حين أن الولايات المتحدة قد لا تكون مرتبطة دائمًا بالحياة المتطورة، فإن صناعة الوسائط والترفيه التي تبلغ تكلفتها 735 مليار دولار هي الأكبر في العالم، حيث تمثل ثلث الصناعة العالمية.
البرازيل، وهي مركز قوي لكرة القدم، تتمتع بأكبر اقتصاد في أمريكا اللاتينية، البلد الوحيد في أمريكا الجنوبية الذي يحتل المرتبة العشرة الأولى. 
بينما المكسيك هي ثاني أعلى دولة في أمريكا اللاتينية، حيث تحتل المرتبة 26. 
وتعد اليابان وسنغافورة من جديد من الدول الآسيوية الوحيدين اللتين لديهما مكان في أعلى 15.
البلدان التي كانت تتمتع بإمبراطورية أو سلطة عظيمة ذات مرة على أرض كبيرة لم يكن لها بالضرورة تأثير قوي. وجاءت البرتغال، التي كانت ذات يوم تحكم الأراضي من أمريكا الجنوبية إلى إفريقيا، في المرتبة 24، بينما جاءت روسيا في المرتبة 20.
لم يجد المجيبون على الاستطلاع سوى تأثير ضئيل من الأنظمة ذات الميول الاستبدادي. تعرضت كل من كازاخستان وباكستان، وهما الدولتان الأخيران في القائمة، لانتقادات من قبل جماعات حقوق الإنسان مثل "منظمة العفو الدولية" و"هيومن رايتس ووتش" لقمعهما حرية التعبير والمعارضة السياسية. وأخيرا، بلغاريا في المركز الثالث من أسفل الترتيب.


Comentario en The 100 Best Australian Albums – AC/DC en segundo lugar? por Asier

Posiblemente el mejor disco sea Back in Black pero no se puede negar que en Australia los Oils son una referencia nacional. Quizás el hecho de considerarlos genuinamente Aussies (frente al componente británico de los ACDC, aunque nadie puede negar que la banda es australiana) pueda haber favorecido a los Oils. Para mi, ambas bandas son impresionantes. Incluso reconozco que pueda considerarse mejor el disco Back in Black como mejor disco de rock australiano (en cuanto sonido y estilo), pues los Oils (que habían comenzado con el surf-rock, una especie de punk australiano) se alejaban del hard rock con Diesel and Dust. Sin embargo, ese disco en cuanto a mensaje y letras es 100% Australia, con referencias directas al debate nacional que en los años 80 tuvo lugar allí en torno a los aborigenes, los australianos originales. Lo de los Oils es rock político y ahí ganan por goleada incluso a la mejor banda de rock de la historia.

Extinction Rebellion

Contributed by Fonts In Use Staff

Source: Getty. License: All Rights Reserved.

Climate protesters gathered around a boat at Oxford Circus during a coordinated protest by the Extinction Rebellion group in April.

Extinction Rebellion (abbreviated as XR) is a socio-political movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to compel government action on climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse. Extinction Rebellion was established in the United Kingdom in May 2018 with about one hundred academics signing a call to action in support. — Wikipedia

The movement uses a circled hourglass, known as the extinction symbol, to serve as a warning that time is rapidly running out for many species. From

The Extinction Symbol was designed in 2011 by street artist ESP, who loans XR usage on the same basis:

Since its launch, XR has quickly gained national and international following, taking it to the streets in mass demonstrations, demanding immediate action from their national parliaments and governments.

For their branding, the organization uses a custom, rounded version of Futura Condensed named Fucxed. Initially used in lowercase for the XR logo, a caps-only version is used across the globe on banners, websites and social media. In comparison to other recent peoples movements such as the (anti-)Brexit protests, or the Women’s Marches, there is a remarkably uniform and consistent branding in the messages from Extinction Rebellion in outlets from social media to worldwide demonstrations.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Website header.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Header for an article on Medium.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Announcement for a demonstration in Hong Kong on Oct 5, 2019: “ 地球上的生命正步向被徹底摧毀的命途之上. 為物種抗爭! 為未來反抗! / Life on Earth is being annihilated. Rebel For Life!” Slogan and logo use a yet unidentified typeface.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

In June 2019, XR published an activist handbook with Penguin Books: “This is a book of truth and action. It has facts to arm you, stories to empower you, pages to fill in and pages to rip out, alongside instructions on how to rebel – from organising a roadblock to facing arrest.” Note the clever use of the (suggestedly extinct) publisher’s logo penguin as a cover illustration.

Source: Thomas Katan | ActivateNow.US. License: All Rights Reserved.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Pop-up demonstration in Australia.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Protesters in Hong Kong.

Source: Nicholls/Reuters. License: All Rights Reserved.

September 2019. A show-goer walks past Extinction Rebellion protesters as they demonstrate against London Fashion Week.

Source: Extinction Rebellion. License: All Rights Reserved.

Members of Extinction Rebellion demonstrate at the La Rural exhibition centre in Buenos Aires.

Source: Extinction Rebellion. License: All Rights Reserved.

“Climate Change = Mass Murder” – protesters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.

Website. Crimson Text is used for body copy.


Australian Training Company

Contributed by Darden Studio

Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.


The Omnes family is the typographic voice of the Australian Training Company. The approachable sans serif with the selective roundedness is used throughout the visual identity, in multiple styles: Omnes Regular was chosen for rendering the full name in the logo. Caps from the Black weight add authority to the company’s slogan, “Real people, real future”. On the website, Omnes additionally appears in SemiBold and Medium, for headlines and leads. It is paired with Roboto for text.

Established as not-for-profit company in 1994, ATC is “a leading provider of business solutions through the creation of education, employment and training opportunities.”

Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.


Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.


Source: Australian Training Company. License: All Rights Reserved.



Annie Woollard posted a discussion

Annie Woollard posted a discussion

The A-Z of a Global Classroom

Your Name and Title: Annie Woollard - Educational Consultant School or Organization Name: Footprints on the Globe Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Melbourne, Australia Language in Which You Will Present: English Target Audience(s): Teachers, School Leaders, Pre service Teachers Short Session Description : The A-Z of a Global Classroom Full Session Description: Global Citizenship is about inspiring and educating students to: THINK, FEEL & ACT. What is Global Citizenship Education?The core idea behind Global Education is encouraging young people to be involved and engaged in shaping a better world. By thinking globally, children learn empathy and cultural diversity and they are encouraged to invent, innovate and campaign for change. The backbone behind Global Citizenship Education are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Is Global Citizenship part of your whole school approach for 2020?Would you like to learn how easy it is to embed Global Citizenship into your curriculum? This session is the A-Z of a Global Classroom jammed packed withResources, ideas, activities, tips, helpful hints, collaboration, examples (from A-Z) that can be taken away and used immediately in the classroom. Attendees will go away with two key outcomes;A clear insight on how to easily embed Global Citizenship into the classroom, andA packed virtual bag, full of practical and ready to use resources. Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:Footprints on the GlobeTwitterSee More


U.S.-Japan trade deal aims to put U.S. farmers on par with Trans-Pacific trade pact competitors


U.S.-Japan trade deal aims to put U.S. farmers on par with Trans-Pacific trade pact competitorsThe new U.S.-Japan trade deal will provide staged reduction of Japanese tariffs for more than $2 billion (1.63 billion pounds) worth of U.S. beef and pork, matching access now granted to the 11 Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact countries, a text of the agreement shows. U.S. President Donald Trump presided over a White House signing ceremony on Monday for the final text of the limited bilateral trade pact, more then 2-1/2 years after he pulled the United States out of the much broader TPP. The move left U.S. farmers and food producers at a disadvantage in the Japanese market to competitors from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and the U.S.-Japan deal aims to even that playing field by cutting Japanese tariffs on many of those products.


New Packaging Design for Select Aerial Industries Brand Products (Australia)

 Cache announces New Packaging Design for Aerial Industries Branded Products and ongoing roll-out over the next 12 months in Australia.

The Australian radical liberal Bruce Smith lays down some very strict rules which should govern the actions of any legislator (1887)


The Australian radical liberal Bruce Smith lays down some very strict rules which should govern the actions of any legislator (1887)


Rupert Murdoch Owner Of Fox News Behind Blackmail Vaccination Push In Australia.

Rupert Murdoch Owner Of Fox News Behind Blackmail Vaccination Push In Australia.

click here

Rupert Murdoch Owner Of Fox News Behind Blackmail Vaccination Push In Australia.

Rupert Murdoch Owner Of Fox News Behind Blackmail Vaccination Push In Australia.

Christie Swadling Has Alleged Ex Maurice Salib "Dumped" Her to Go on Love Island


We may only be one episode in to the second season of Love Island Australia, but the drama has already begun.

That's right, according to influencer Christie Swadling, she was "dumped" by current contestant Maurice Salib in order for him to appear on the show.

Taking to YouTube today to dish the dirt, Christie alleged she had been in a relationship with Maurice until he broke things off "out of the blue" just two weeks before he left for filming.

While she says he had told her he "couldn't prioritise" the relationship due to work commitments, she believes he concealed his true intentions from her.

Although Maurice filmed an ad for the series while still dating Christie, she says he told her he was simply appearing on it as an actor, rather than a contestant. It's unclear whether this was an outright lie on his part, or if he was not approached about going on the show until later down the track.

Adding insult to injury, Maurice's bio on Love Island's official website states he has been single for "six months". Although it's unclear exactly when he started seeing Christie or how long they were together for, her loved up Insta snaps featuring him date back to May. As Christie herself put it, "nice try buddy, but I document my whole life."

As much as Christie says she was shocked to discover Maurice was appearing on the show, she still admits that he "not a bad person."

"I know his intentions were never to hurt me. . . in the relationship, I knew that he put himself first and that he did want fame," she said.

"There definitely is a chance he was just thinking about himself and really wanted to go on the show."

Well, time will tell if Maurice's decision pays off!


All Hell Broke Loose When Eoghan the 'Irish Stallion' Burst Into Love Island


Up until the last five minutes of the Love Island Australia premiere, it would appear that the episode had been pretty run-of-the-mill. All the initial couples had been paired off, and although some contestants had expressed having a wandering eye, nothing had been done to truly rock the boat. That was until 'Irish stallion' Eoghan walked in, of course.

Before he'd even stepped foot into the villa, Eoghan had declared that the competition had "enough boys" and that a "man [was] here". Although it may have been easy to assume that this was all talk, it was clear from the moment the ladies set eyes on him that Eoghan is well and truly one to watch.

"He's the hunk I've been waiting for," declared Cartier, while several of the guys could be heard exclaiming that they were in trouble. It seems they were right to be concerned, as not only did Eoghan make an impression from his appearance alone, but he certainly upped the ante in a game of truth or dare. He kissed not one, but two coupled up women, including Vanessa, who had already shared a smooch with her current partner Matthew.

With Eoghan having seemingly caught the eye of half the women in the villa, it's safe to say night two went from zero to one hundred very quickly.

Now that we know Eoghan will have had to steal one of the already coupled up women by the end of the next episode, it's safe to say we can't wait to see how this one pans out.

Check out a snippet of Eoghan's memorable entrance below.


Sparks Are Already Well and Truly Flying Between Vanessa and Matthew on Love Island


We may only be one episode into the new season of Love Island Australia, but already sparks have been flying between several of the newly coupled up contestants. So much so, but us viewers were witness to not one, but two first kisses on tonight's premiere. The first between Maurice and Jessie, and the second shared by Matthew and Vanessa.

It was clear from the get-go that Matthew was more than a little interested in Vanessa. Since she had already coupled up with Sam by the time he arrived, it would have been easy for Matthew to pass up the opportunity to be with her in order not to rock the boat. But, it seems Matt is a man who goes after what he wants, as he instead chose to relegate Sam to the sit out bench in order to be with Vanessa himself.

Choosing to whisk Vanessa away from her original partner is not the only bold move he made on day one, however. Rather, he also decided he didn't want to be "stuck in the friend zone," and thus went in for a cheeky kiss.

As much as Vanessa had initially said that she hadn't wanted to kiss anyone so soon, it certainly appears their chemistry was undeniable. While it's still early days, it's safe to say Matt and Vanessa are one of the strongest couples in the villa. . . so far, at least!

Check out their first kiss below.


U.S., Australia to bolster police ties as they cooperate on 2016 election probe

The United States and Australia said on Monday they would work to bolster law-enforcement ties as the two countries are separately cooperating on a politically charged probe examining whether U.S. officials overstepped when they investigated Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.


England name Chris Silverwood as their new head coach

Former Yorkshire bowler takes over from Australian.

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Il viaggio di Giorgio Vanni - Bella e difficile, la Mongolia oltre Ulan Bator - Turismo - Varese News

Continua il viaggio overland di Giorgio Vanni da Sesto Calende all’Australia. La quinta puntata

Australian amateur Jack Trent, a UNLV junior, had a week to remember in his PGA Tour debut

Jack Trent of Australia, a junior at UNLV, played a practice round with Australian legend Adam Scott, then played a strong four rounds in the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open

Carter, David O. (2005) Forensic taphonomy: processes associated with cadaver decomposition in soil. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

A series of laboratory and field incubations were carried out where juvenile rat (Rattus rattus) cadavers were buried in three soils of contrasting texture from tropical savanna ecosystems in Queensland, Australia. This work was done in order to develop an understanding of the effect of environmental variables (temperature, moisture), the soil in which a cadaver is buried and the nature of the cadaver on the processes associated with cadaver decomposition in soil. A pattern of mass loss comprised of an “Early Phase” of slow mass loss, “Intermediate Phase” of rapid mass loss and a “Late Phase” of slow mass loss. Early Phase decomposition coincided with an initial increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) evolution, microbial biomass carbon (Cmic), phosphodiesterase activity, protease activity and soil pH. Microbial activity was triggered within 24 hours of cadaver burial and this initial flush of activity was likely due to both soil-borne and cadaveric microbes. Intermediate Phase decomposition was typically associated with peak levels of CO2 evolution, Cmic, phosphodiesterase activity and soil pH. Late Phase decomposition typically coincided with a slowing down of process rates. In some cases, however, peak levels of protease activity were observed during late phase decomposition. The rate of cadaver decomposition increased with an increase in temperature and moisture. However, the rate of cadaver decomposition was slowed at a matric potential of –0.3 megapascals (MPa) in coarse-textured soil and a matric potential of –0.01 MPa in fine-textured soil. Temperature and moisture also had similar effects on CO2 evolution, Cmic, protease activity, phosphodiesterase activity and soil pH. In addition, the soil matrix and the soil microbial biomass had a significant effect on cadaver decomposition. The rate of cadaver decomposition following burial in soil was greater than when a cadaver was exposed to a sterile, soil-free environment. Furthermore, cadaver decomposition was greatest in sandy soil. These phenomena were likely due to a greater rate of gas diffusion associated with sandy soil and the activity of aerobic microorganisms. The activity of aerobic decomposers was reflected as a significant relationship between CO2 evolution and cadaver mass loss. The structure of the soil microbial community determined by analysis of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs) was affected by the presence of a cadaver. However, soil type and seasonal variation in temperature and moisture had a much greater effect on the soil microbial community. In addition, the current study provided more evidence to show that the structure of the soil microbial community can be related to the function (protease, phosphodiesterase activity) of the soil microbial community. Furthermore, temporal changes in the microbial community of gravesoils were also observed. Te results from the laboratory incubations were used to interpret the results from the field incubations. However, some results differed between laboratory and field settings. The rate of cadaver mass loss was greater in a field setting. Also, cadaver decomposition was greatest in sandy soil in the laboratory while cadaver mass loss was greatest in clay soil in the field. Moreover, changes in soil pH and the concentration of ammonium were less in a field setting. The current thesis has demonstrated that the introduction of a cadaver into the soil can have a significant effect on the biological and chemical characteristics of soils. In turn, this phenomenon can be affected by environmental variables, the soil in which a cadaver is placed and the nature of the cadaver. Biological and chemical measurements conducted in the current study hold potential for forensic applications, including markers of clandestine graves and a basis for the estimation of postmortem and postburial intervals.

Australian Open bekræfter Wozniackis deltagelse i turneringen

Der har hersket usikkerhed om Wozniackis planer. Men nu bekræfter Australian Open, at hun stiller op i januar.

10/8/2019: LET’S GET TO WORK: Tradies move to mining positions

AN INFLUX of tradies wanting to snap up mining jobs is keeping Townsville recruitment agencies busy, as the most in-demand jobs are revealed. With latest figures released by the Australian Labour Market data showing unemployment in the Townsville...

10/8/2019: NEWS: Explosive ordnance building completed

A $5.4 MILLION explosive ordnance storage building has been completed as part of the $2.25 billion Singapore defence deal. The earth-covered building at Mount Stuart in Townsville was funded by Singapore under the Australia-singapore Military Training...

10/8/2019: OPINION: Vaccines best way to safeguard your family

RE: “Phenomenal” influenza season kills 10 people in Townsville. With the spread of anti-vax pseudoscience on social media, influenza vaccine coverage in Australia is still insufficient. In 2017, a total of 1268 children were hospitalised with...



Juan Peron, Argentine president (1895-1974) Sir Mark Oliphant, Australian physicist (19012000) Neil Harvey, Australian cricketer (1928-) Paul Hogan, Australian comedian and actor (1940-) pictured Jesse Jackson, American civil rights leader...

10/8/2019: SPORT: RUGBY UNION:

Rugby Australia will make a full-blown push to bring the 2027 Rugby World Cup Down Under. Rugby Australia president Tim Gavin said the magnitude of the World Cup’s power to ignite the code in the host country had hit him afresh in his first visit to...

10/8/2019: SPORT: RUGBY UNION:

Australia’s women’s rugby sevens team have launched their world series season promisingisingly with silver, er, beaten in the USA A Sevens final 26-7 by the hosts in Colorado. The Rio Olympic champions had romped into the he final, scoring 78...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Stratton jump a long way short


AUSTRALIA’S Brooke Stratton finished a disappointing 10th in the women’s longjump final at the world championships yesterday. Stratton, who holds the Australian record of 7.05m, had been concerned about her form leading into Doha and those problems...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Williams on Court mission

SERENA Williams’ quest to equal Margaret Court’s Grand Slam record will continue at the Australian Open in January, when the American will chase an eighth Melbourne Park crown. The former world No.1 is among the key entries for the January 20-February...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Two Rays players go into squad


TWO of the Northern Rays rising stars have taken a major step on their path to the top of Australian netball. Mackay product Zoe Mcintyre and Rays teammate Esther Ratalatala have been called up to the Queensland under-19 development squad after...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Rep spot for Jonty


CRICKETING young gun Jonty Furnell has proven his all-round potential with bat, ball and gloves to be named in the Australian All-stars indoor cricket line-up. He was joined in the representative ranks by teammates Riley Fryer and Elijah Smith, as the...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Coach names Test squad

AUSTRALIAN coach Mal Meninga will usher in a new generation of Kangaroos stars with the likes of Jack Wighton, Josh Addo-carr, Cameron Murray and Payne Haas named to play their first Tests. Meninga has included six debutants in his squad to play Tests...

10/8/2019: SPORT: Boyle gets dual chance


MILLIE Boyle ( pictured) is set to become a dual international after her selection in the Australian rugby league eague squad to face New ew Zealand in Wol- longong on October 26. The daughter of former Canberra Raider David Boyle, the 21-year-old has...

Stanford Solar Car shows potential of sun for automotive

Alta Devices solar tech expected to power Stanford’s car 3000km in trans-Australia rally.

England name Chris Silverwood as their new head coach

Former Yorkshire bowler takes over from Australian.

Late Night On Trump’s Spiraling Scandals

Late Night comics roasted President Donald Trump after a report released details of Trump asking the Australian prime minister to help discredit the Russia investigation.

Bauer looking at Pacific Magazines?

Rumour that Bauer could consider acquiring Pacific Magazines has been circulating for some time inside publishing and connected circles has been given oxygen today This from B&T: According to reports in today’s The Australian, Seven is negotiating with rival Bauer Magazines to offload its Pac Mag business. Pacific Magazines currently publish titles such as Better Home […]

U.S. signs limited deal with Japan on ag, digital trade


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is scheduled to sign a limited trade agreement Monday with Japan, a deal that would win back benefits American farmers lost when Trump pulled out of a broader Asia-Pacific pact his first week in office.

U.S. farmers have been operating at a disadvantage in Japan since Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which had been negotiated by the Obama administration. The other 11 Pacific Rim countries, including big farm producers such as New Zealand and Canada, went ahead without the United States and were enjoying preferential treatment in Japan.

The Washington wheat industry welcomed the agreement when it was first announced last month. Japan traditionally has been among the biggest importers of the region’s wheat.

“The main thing is it gets us to an equal footing with our competitors as far as a price standpoint. This is just great news,” Michelle Hennings, executive director of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers, said at the time.

Trump earlier had put Washington wheat markets in jeopardy when he decided in 2017 to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which put U.S. wheat farmers at a graduating trade disadvantage to both Canada and Australia.

While rewarding American farmers, the new U.S.-Japan mini-deal does not resolve differences over trade in autos. Trump has said the two countries continue to work on a more comprehensive agreement.

Trump has threatened to impose import taxes on foreign autos, claiming they pose a threat to U.S. national security. At the U.N. general assembly, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters that Trump had assured him that a previous agreement to spare Japan from new auto tariffs still stood.

But Japanese automakers were disappointed that the United States kept existing auto tariffs at 2.5%.

The limited trade pact also includes market-opening commitments on $40 billion worth of digital trade between the two countries.

Trump has long complained by America’s large trade deficit with Japan, which came to $58 billion last year. Japan is the world’s third-biggest economy behind the United States and China.

The president was set to sign the deal at the White House Monday afternoon.

The news might sound familiar. The deal was first announced at the August Group of 7 summit in Biarritz, France. At the UN gathering last month, the two countries signed an agreement-in-principle. On Monday, Trump was scheduled to sign the final text.


KBKG Tax Specialty Firm Hires Alex Martin to Lead New Transfer Pricing Practice for Cross-border Businesses

PASADENA, Calif., Oct. 7, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Nationwide tax specialty firm KBKG announced the hiring of Alex Martin as Principal and leader of the firm's new Transfer Pricing practice. Alex comes with over 22 years of full-time, international transfer pricing experience working in Washington, D.C.; Melbourne, Australia; and Detroit, Michigan where he resides currently.

Government sanctioned murder of Australia's natural habitat

Government sanctioned murder of Australia's natural habitat What will it take to save Australia’s environment, our forests, wildlife, rivers and the natural drivers of survival? read now...

BOOK REVIEW: Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton

BOOK REVIEW: Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton Boy Swallows Universe is a bird with many feathers and Dalton manages to pluck them without making too much of a mess. read now...

Video: UFC 243 Post-Fight Show - @MMAFighting


Video: UFC 243 Post-Fight Show - MMA Fighting

"With UFC 243 in the books, MMA Fighting's Petesy Carroll and Submission Radio's Kacper and Denis break down the top storylines from a historic night in Australia."


UFC 243: Dan Hooker - "There's No Doubts Now"


UFC 243: Dan Hooker - "There's No Doubts Now"

"Check out what Dan Hooker had to say after the biggest win to date in the co-main event of Australia's UFC 243!"


UFC 243 Open Workout Video for Robert Whittaker


UFC 243 Open Workout Video for Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker worked out for fans and media ahead of UFC 243 in Melbourne, Australia. For more MMA news:




Walkers are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide in various sizes, depending on a person’s height, weight, mobility requirement and environment. A simple but strong walking

The post 7 BEST WALKERS BELOW $500 AT INDEPENDENT LIVING SPECIALISTS appeared first on Independent Living Specialists - ILS.


Is Australia a Nanny State? - Le rigide regole australiane: il troppo stroppia?


The countless rules enforced in Australia make us safer, improve our social well-being and protect vulnerable people ... or do they interfere with our fundamental individual freedoms? That's the question we asked our listeners this morning. Here's what they answered.


Le innumerevoli regole vigenti in Australia ci rendono più sicuri, migliorano il nostro benessere sociale e proteggono le persone vulnerabili… oppure interferiscono con le nostre fondamentali libertà individuali? Lo abbiamo chiesto questa mattina ai nostri ascoltatori. Ecco che cosa ci hanno risposto.


Blistering heat as records tumble

Temperature records have been smashed as blistering heat blankets large swathes of eastern Australia. That looks set to continue today with three capital cities forecast to break the 30C barrier.

Open Discussion: Week of October 7th

I have brought the Key Dates section up to date after finding almost all upcoming important dates.  It includes the openers for the Australian Baseball League,and the major Latin American Winter Leagues – Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.  Venezuela hasn’t announced, yet.  Probably doesn’t matter.  I heard that players on rosters of Major … Continue reading Open Discussion: Week of October 7th

Do you run on a cloud Down Under, where data's shared and governments plunder... Oz joins US, UK in info search-warrant law


Australia says it will exchange personal deets via CLOUD Act

Add Australia to the ranks of countries agreeing to honor US search warrants under America's CLOUD Act.…



I have two photos of your Alfred Ernest which have been from my Nan. I also have a copy of his death notice....I have wedding cert, death & birth certs for his mother and father and also their great gran Elizabeth Jory nee Whitford. I am not sure how to contact you personally. If you go to the Australian war photograhic archives, you will see i am a sponsor for Freds war memorial page. As soon as i hear back from the man who is finishing it off, i will let you know. Is there a way i can contact you via e mail ?

Mental health spotlight after Bran Nue Day writer's death

The death of a celebrated West Australian playwright has prompted a coroner to recommend the government consider creating a long-term supported accommodation facility for mental health patients in the Kimberley region.

Toomua takes reins at No.10 as Wallabies switch things up for Georgia

David Pocock will captain Australia and selectors try out their third starting halves combination this tournament.

Wolf & Bagaric on Character in Sentencing

Gabrielle Wolf and Mirko Bagaric (Deakin University, Geelong, Australia - Deakin Law School and Director of the Evidence-Based Sentencing and Criminal Justice Project, Swinburne University Law School) have posted Nice or Nasty? Reasons to Abolish Character as a Consideration in...

Bogut dives into NBA, Hong Kong, South Park firestorm

Star Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut has waded into the storm sparked by the Houston Rockets' GM after his public support for protests in Hong Kong.

Labor urges safe passage for Islamic State children trapped in Syria

Australian jihadi bride Zehra Duman has had her citizenship cancelled, heightening concern for more than 60 Australian women and children in Syria's al-Hawl refugee camp.

Writer was an ambassador for Australian literature

Australian Ambassador Brendan Berne paid tribute to Jean-Paul’s work for Australian culture.

Generations collide as Australia chases cricketing history

Stars past and present have a vested interest as the Australian women's cricket side takes aim at a record-breaking victory against Sri Lanka in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Why not Nazanin? London's dismay after Iran frees Australians but holds Briton

British MPs contrasted the case of the two Australian travellers with that of British mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, jailed for over three years.

McMahon & Kirley on Emoji, Threats, and Online Grooming

Marilyn McMahon and Elizabeth A Kirley (Deakin University, Geelong, Australia - Deakin Law School and Deakin School of Business and Law) have posted When Cute Becomes Criminal: Emoji, Threats, and Online Grooming (Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology Fall...

Thematic Focus: Education

Opportunities:CFP: Journal on Education in Emergencies [info]- Submit manuscripts by 15 October 2019.Webinar: Language Solutions for Education in Emergencies [info]- Sign up for a time slot on 16 October 2019 or 18 October 2019.Blog posts:Education in Emergencies (Unicef Blog, Sept. 2019) [text]Trauma, Racism and Unrealistic Expectations Mean African Refugees are Less Likely to Get into Australian Unis (The Conversation, Aug. 2019) [text]New book:Unlocking the Potential of Migrants: Cross-country Analysis (OECD, Sept. 2019) [text]- "Among the millions of asylum seekers who recently arrived in OECD countries, the majority are young people who may be able to take advantage of vocational education and training (VET) opportunities to help them enter skilled employment. This report provides advice to governments and other stakeholders who are seeking to use VET to promote integration, in particular for young humanitarian migrants. While the study draws particularly on policy…

Miss Fury

I was going to write about music but an e-mail from Rassa was about Miss Fury and I had no idea who Miss Fury was.

MISS FURY was a comic book about the superhero Miss Fury.  June Tarpe Mills created the character and the comic book.   Who?  From TARPEMILLS.COM:

June Tarpe Mills, known professionally as Tarpe Mills, rose from obscurity to become the creator of the world's first female comic heroine with the publication of Miss Fury six months before the creation of Wonder Woman. Tarpe Mills’ tremendous artistic talent poured onto the print page with action, glamour and fashion, and sexiness that was unheard of until Miss Fury. Tarpe Mills and her work has been memorialized by her July 19, 2019, induction into the Eisner Comic Hall of Fame at ComicCon SanDiego.

From AMAZON, a look at Miss Fury:

From the visuals alone, you have to wonder why, in the '00s, someone didn't cast Annette Benning or Catharine Zeta Jones or Halle Berry or Michelle Pfeiffer as Miss Fury in a film of the same name?  Today, you could add Keira Knightly, Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman, Isabela Moner and Anne Hathaway to the list.  Some might argue that you'd have to set the film in the forties.  You wouldn't 'have to,' but even if you did, are you forgetting that both the Captain America film (2011) and the Wonder Woman film (2017) were set in that period and both were huge hits?

This is from WIKIPEDIA:

Miss Fury[edit]

The Bell Syndicate first published the Miss Fury comic strip (then titled The Black Fury) on April 6, 1941, predating the first appearance of Wonder Woman by six months.[9] The strip "ran in full color in the Sunday comics pages for 351 consecutive weeks from 1942 through 1949, and was also collected in comic book form by Timely Comics."[10] Circulation included over 100 newspapers at its most popular stage.[11] As the Miss Fury strip became more popular, it eventually became public knowledge its creator was a woman.[12]
Miss Fury, the alter ego of socialite Marla Drake, was a character based loosely on Mills' own appearance.[12]
During World War II, "Miss Fury" was painted on the nose of three American warplanes in Europe and the South Pacific. Two of the recurring villains were the Nazi agents Erica Von Kampf and General Bruno. Mills' own white Persian cat Perri-Purr was introduced in the strip, and during World War II Perri-Purr became an unofficial mascot of the American troops.[6][13]


The artwork was created in a glamorous style with considerable attention placed on the heroine's outfits.[1][14] These outfits varied from lacy evening gowns and lingerie to bathing suits and athletic costumes.[15] Mills' attention to fashion in Miss Fury was mirrored in the work of her contemporary Dalia Messick's "Brenda Starr," and in this sense the women were ahead of their male counterparts who typically "dressed [their] heroines in plain red dresses."[16]
Cut-out paper fashion dolls were included for the first time in the comic-book reprints of Miss Fury, leading Trina Robbins to guess that these books were intended for a female audience.[15] Mills sent paper dolls to young women who had written fan mail requesting art.[9]


Miss Fury was notoriously full of "kinkiness," including “whips, spike heels, female-on-female violence, and lingerie scenes.”[2] One character's costume in a 1947 publication "was so daring that 37 newspapers cancelled the strip” that day.[15] A bathing scene from the tenth Miss Fury Sunday page on June 8, 1941 ran in newspapers at the time but was later excluded from the 1942 Timely Comics reprint.[17]
Trina Robbins said on Miss Fury:
“The only outrage I have seen were those newspapers that censored Mills’s strip in which she dressed her nightclub entertainer character, Era, in an outfit that would not bother us in the least today. But it obviously shocked the pants – yes, verbal joke intended – off some people."[9]


Mills' art in Miss Fury was modeled on the work of Milton Caniff.[18] Her portrayal of action across multiple panels, as well as the natural poses and facial expressions of her characters, has been described as "cinematic,"[19] echoing the film-noire style.[18][20] Mills' characters also possessed a "pinup quality."[19]
Dean Mullaney, editor and publisher behind Eclipse Enterprises, wrote that “[Mills’] art is drawn very traditionally—no surprises, no ah-ha moments.”[21]
Evie Nagy for The Los Angeles Review of Books remarked that “the flow of Mills’s sequential art feels completely organic."[19]


June Mills' legacy as the first woman to create a female action hero in comics was contextualized by Victoria Ingalls for the American Psychological Association. Out of a list of hundreds of female “superheroes” surveyed in her abstract, Ingalls identified only eleven as being created by a woman not working in a team with a male writer. Mills' Marla Drake is the chronological first of these eleven heroes.
According to Mike Madrid in his book The Supergirls, Marla Drake belongs to the “Debutante” caste of early comics female heroines, who include Sandra Knight (Phantom Lady), Dianne Grayton(Spider Widow), Diana Adams (Miss Masque), and Brenda Banks (Lady Luck). These characters form a ‘sorority’ of heiresses and socialites who had been forced into lives of propriety, submission, and “tedious leisure.” “Putting on a cape and mask liberated these women” to embrace their own identities, fight crime, and trade their “entitled boredom” for thrills.[22]
Madrid wrote, “Mills’ approach to a secret identity seemed more realistic, injected with a feminine practicality.”[22]

This is from an article at Australia's ABC:

Comics then and now tend to feature weak-kneed female characters who seem to exist for the sole purpose of being saved by a male hero — or, worse still, are "fridged", a contemporary comic book colloquialism that refers to the gruesome slaying of an undeveloped female character to deepen the hero's motivation and propel him on his journey.
But Mills believed there was room in comics for a different kind of female character, one who was able, level-headed and capable, mingling tough-minded complexity with Mills' own taste for risqué behaviour and haute couture gowns.
Where Wonder Woman's powers are "marvellous" — that is, not real or attainable — Miss Fury and her alter ego Marla Drake use their collective brains, resourcefulness and the odd stiletto heel in the face to bring the villains to justice.
And for a time they were wildly successful.
Miss Fury ran a full decade from April 1941 to December 1951, was syndicated in 100 different newspapers at the height of her wartime fame, and sold a million copies an issue in reprints released by Timely (now Marvel) comics.
Fighter pilots painted Miss Fury on the fuselage of bomber planes. Young girls played with paper doll cut outs featuring her extensive high fashion wardrobe.

From Australia's ABC -- emphasize.  Point being, Miss Fury was not known just in the US.  She had wide appeal.  So why isn't Miss Fury on the big screen?

"Iraq snapshot" (THE COMMON ILLS):
Friday, October 4, 2019.  Protests continue in Iraq while, in the US, Joe Biden continues to tarnish the legacy of Barack Obama.

Last week, Sarah Chayes, "Hunter Biden’s Perfectly Legal, Socially Acceptable Corruption" was published by THE ATLANTIC.  Yesterday on MORNING EDITION (NPR), Sarah spoke with David Green:

The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is drawing attention to the questionable activities of more than one major political family. Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter are under scrutiny for Hunter's work in the Ukrainian energy industry.
The writer Sarah Chayes is the author of the book "Thieves Of The State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security" (ph). And she argues this scrutiny is a good thing.

SARAH CHAYES: You know, when the son of a vice president gets a job in a field he knows nothing about while his father is vice president in a country that just had a revolution that, you know, typically, in that part of the world, post-revolution, all the oligarchs steal all the crown jewels, and the industry is one of the crown jewels - that is to say, gas - since when is that doing nothing wrong?

GREENE: Now, wrong does not necessarily mean illegal, Sarah Chayes told me. But she said too often these days, people with political ties or prominent political names are getting involved where they shouldn't be.

CHAYES: Almost any senior name that I start researching, I run into practices like this. It is extraordinarily widespread. And that's my question. How did we all convince ourselves that this isn't corrupt? And it seems to me that we're not going to recover, you know, even an approximation of the ideals on which we were founded as a nation unless each of us, as citizens, begins to make it less comfortable for our political and economic leaders to behave this way.

GREENE: Well, let me ask you this, then. If it is not unusual, why focus on this case of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden specifically?

CHAYES: Because it's in the news and because of the word that I kept seeing apply in this context, which is, no wrongdoing, or, they didn't do anything wrong. And I'm looking at that, saying, what? And if we can say that now, in this context, then there's something awry.

From her article at THE ATLANTIC:

When allegations of ethical lapses or wrongdoing surface against people on one side of the aisle, they can always claim that someone on the other side has done far worse. But taken together, all of these examples have contributed to a toxic norm. Joe Biden is the man who, as a senator, walked out of a dinner with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Biden was one of the most vocal champions of anticorruption efforts in the Obama administration. So when this same Biden takes his son with him to China aboard Air Force Two, and within days Hunter joins the board of an investment advisory firm with stakes in China, it does not matter what father and son discussed. Joe Biden has enabled this brand of practice, made it bipartisan orthodoxy. And the ethical standard in these cases—people’s basic understanding of right and wrong—becomes whatever federal law allows. Which is a lot.

To quote THELMA & LOUISE, "You get what you settle for."  Is that what we're willing to settle for as a society?  Corruption and lack of ethics?  Or do we have standards that we apply across the board?  Basic expectations from our public servants?

Situational ethics will never root out corruption.

Replying to 
Or is it this maybe?? Because let’s face it: Joe Biden’s son Hunter failed rehab 5 times, got kicked out of the Navy, dated his sister in law, and left a crack pipe in a rental car. The idea Hunter got a job getting paid $50,000 a month should strike everyone as suspicious.

The crack pipe?

That gets back to the Biden pass.  His niece Caroline physically attacks a police officer and is arrested.  She gets a pass, no time.  A few years later, the niece steals over $100,000 and, again, no time sentenced, no time served.  Hunter and his crack pipe?

Yea, because smoking crack isint a crime. "Prescott Police Department officials were unable to reach Hunter Biden and, after an investigation, declined to prosecute"

And, again, campaign staff insists Hunter is the father of the child that he's denying is hit, the one the mother is suing him for.  These are the values of the Biden family.  These are the values we want in the White House?

Two kinds of justice -- the ones for everyone else and the ones for the Bidens?

America deserves much better than that.


And what the media and the Joe-bots don't get, the American people do.  MEDIAITE notes:

Joe Biden’s third quarter fundraising numbers are out. And they are an ominous sign for the former vice president’s 2020 candidacy.
According to Bloomberg, Biden told donors at a fundraiser in Palo Alto, CA that his campaign raised $15 million in the period from July-September. That number is down markedly from the $21.5 million he brought in during the second quarter.
Biden’s third quarter haul also, notably, lags behind that of two of his rivals. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) brought in $25 million over the past three months, while South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg raised $19.1 million. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has emerged as the main threat to Biden’s long-held frontrunner status, has not yet reported her third quarter numbers.
The vice president also came in way behind President Donald Trump — whose coffers grew by a whopping $125 million in the third quarter.

It's time for Joe to go.

It's no longer just about him.

Corrupt Joe makes it that much harder to call Donald Trump out for any corruption.

Corrupt Joe is tainting Barack Obama's legacy with every day.

What Joe allowed his family to get away with while he was Vice President?

That reflects poorly on Joe.  It also reflects on Barack.  And there's a lot more to come on that issue.  Joe is harming Barack's legacy.

It's time for Joe to go.

He offers nothing that is needed and seems to believe it's 1996.  He's out of touch, he's out of date and he's corrupt.  He needs to go.

Turning to Iraq . . .

REUTERS notes:

The death toll from days of violent demonstrations across Iraq has risen to 44 as unrest rapidly spread across the country despite a plea for calm from the prime minister.
In an overnight TV address, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said he understood the frustration of the public but there was no “magic solution” to Iraq’s problems. He pledged to make reforms, but this drew a scornful response from demonstrators.

REUTERS plays 'even handed' and head up the ass.  Why?  Maybe so they can continue to cover Iraq.  It's not like the western press isn't intimidated and bullied by the Iraqi government.

That's been going on openly since 2006.


Mahdi is so inept as a prime minister that the president of Iraq has dominated the news for over six months.  The presidency is a symbolic office in Iraq.  It has no real power, pure ceremony.  But that's how weak Mahdi is and how desperate the western press has been to ignore reality in Iraq.

A non-functioning prime minister?  Well, hey, just report on the doings of the president and pretend like he's the leader of the country.

Journalist Mustafa Habib reports the following:


Robert Whittaker gets punched in the head

Robert Whittaker of Australia is hit by Israel Adesanya of New Zealand as they compete during UFC 243 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Sunday, October 6, 2019.

Israel Adesanya stuns Robert Whittaker at UFC 243, knocking out world welterweight champion in round two

Australia's first UFC world champion, Robert Whittaker, is dethroned by New Zealand fighter Israel Adesanya in front of a huge crowd in Melbourne.

Melbourne prohíbe fumar en una de sus principales zonas comerciales

Las autoridades de Australia han prohibido este viernes fumar en una de sus principales zonas comerciales, lo que convierte al país en uno de los principales impulsores de las zonas exteriores libres de humo.

Big News! Airbnb Experiences Bar Elephant Rides, Tiger Cub Petting, Dolphin Captivity and More!


Airbnb will not offer experiences where guests have direct contact with wild animals.

The post Big News! Airbnb Experiences Bar Elephant Rides, Tiger Cub Petting, Dolphin Captivity and More! appeared first on PETA Australia.


Police Officer Who Stoned Wombat Is Investigated


A police officer who smiles as he pelts a living, feeling being to death should not only be struck off the force but also be locked up.

The post Police Officer Who Stoned Wombat Is Investigated appeared first on PETA Australia.


Historic: TripAdvisor Denounces Sea World!


The world's largest travel site locks out captive dolphin displays.

The post Historic: TripAdvisor Denounces Sea World! appeared first on PETA Australia.


VICTORY: Bardot Plucks Feathers From Its Collections!


After hearing from PETA about the cruelty involved in using ostrich feathers for fashion, Bardot has pledged not to use them in future collections.

The post VICTORY: Bardot Plucks Feathers From Its Collections! appeared first on PETA Australia.


This Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Animal Testing


PETA's new video says: mice are smart and adorable, and there's no valid reason to use and kill them in laboratory experiments.

The post This Tiny Mouse Needs Your Help to Stop Animal Testing appeared first on PETA Australia.


Engenheiro leva 4 anos para construir um incrível Extermiador T-800 em tamanho real

Já vimos filmes de ficção científica suficientes para saber que construir um robô em tamanho real não é uma coisa fácil, muito menos se for uma réplica do imponente T-800 da franquia Exterminador do Futuro. Felizmente, este é apenas o esqueleto de um dos personagens interpretados por Arnold Schwarzenegger, para que possamos admirá-lo com calma. Foi criado pelo engenheiro Jamie Staff e é totalmente impressionante. Esse homem, que trabalha na empresa australiana Jaz Creations, é um grande fã dos filmes Exterminador e criações feitas por artistas de estúdio de Stanley Winston, responsáveis ​​pela criação dos robôs e modelos dos dois



Comenzaba a desesperarse, los caminos podían abrirse súbitamente y no dejar tiempo a reflexión, llovía como solo puede ocurrir en Santiago en primavera, estaba oscuro y el limpia parabrisa no contribuía mucho a despejar la visión.

Las cosas estaban revueltas, no sabía donde le llevaría el destino, España, Australia, Antofagasta o Chiloe, aunque creía que esta sería la última alternativa, todo seguía más confuso.

Los faros y el agua poco mostraron el letrero del camino, solo se vieron las flechas y no sabe donde le llevara el final de la ruta que tomo hace dos minutos, si es fuera, tendrá que comprar vino y pisco en la última frontera.


La paradoja animalista


El maltrato animal no tiene cabida en ninguna sociedad que se precie de ser humana. Es un comportamiento lesivo hacia el resto de las especies animales que no se ajusta con lo que se espera de un ser humano. Dicho esto, el fundamento discursivo de algunas de las tesis animalistas parece comportar paradojas de difícil resolución. Por ejemplo, cuando se hace referencia a la noción de 'derechos'.

Seguir leyendo....


The Spice Girls' 'Australian reunion tour and Las Vegas residency have been SCRAPPED over feud' - Daily Mail

  1. The Spice Girls' 'Australian reunion tour and Las Vegas residency have been SCRAPPED over feud'  Daily Mail
  2. The Spice Girls Australian tour and Las Vegas residency have been axed over ‘feud’ between Geri and Mel B  The Sun
  3. View full coverage on Google News


Hockey India announce squad for 9th Sultan of Johor Cup


The team will be captained by Mandeep Mor and vice-captained by Sanjay, and will face-off against Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Great Britain in the round-robin league stage.

Dinachandra Singh Moirangthem and Sharda Nand Tiwari are the new additions to the team's defense unit since the 8-Nations tournament in June, while the experienced Dilpreet Singh joins the forward line.

The team will be certainly hoping to improve their performance in the 9th Sultan of Johor Cup after finishing sixth at the eight-nations tournament.

"The 9th Sultan of Johor Cup will be a fantastic experience for the Indian junior men's hockey team since top sides such as Australia and Great Britain will be taking part in the competition," Coach B J Kariappa said.

"The 9th Sultan of Johor Cup is an excellent tournament for the players to gauge their talent and find out on which aspects they should improve on," he added.

The squad:

Goalkeepers: Prashant Kumar Chauhan, Pawan

Defenders: Sanjay (vice-captain), Dinachandra Singh Moirangthem, Pratap Lakra, Suman Beck, Mandeep Mor (captain), Yashdeep Siwach, Sharda Nand Tiwari

Midfielders: Vishnu Kant Singh, Rabichandra Singh Moirangthem, Maninder Singh

Forwards: Dilpreet Singh, Sudeep Chirmako, Gursahibjit Singh, Uttam Singh, Rahul Kumar Rajbhar, Shilanand Lakra.


Hockey India announces squad for Sultan of Johor Cup

Hockey India logo

New Delhi [India], Oct 1 (ANI): Hockey India on Monday announced an 18-member Junior Men's squad for the upcoming 9th Sultan of Johor Cup.
The tournament will commence from October 12 in Malaysia.
Team India will face Malaysia, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Great Britain in the round-robin league stage.
The 18 players include goalkeepers Prashant Kumar Chauhan and Pawan.
Defenders include Sanjay (Vice-Captain), Dinachandra Singh Moirangthem, Pratap Lakra, Suman Beck, Mandeep Mor (Captain), Yashdeep Siwach and Sharda Nand Tiwari
The Midfielders called-up for the showpiece event are Vishnu Kant Singh, Rabichandra Singh Moirangthem and Maninder Singh.
Forwards Dilpreet Singh, Sudeep Chirmako, Gursahibjit Singh Uttam Singh, Rahul Kumar Rajbhar and Shilanand Lakra. (ANI)


Planting the digital seeds of success in China

A partnership between Austrade and Hort Innovation Australia is supporting horticulture growers and exporters to build reputation and market share in China.

US negotiates sharing electronic evidence internationally - CNET

It's discussing a new pact with Australia after signing one last week with the UK.

No Government Doors – DTNS 3631

US Attorney General William Barr, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, and Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton, requesting Facebook delay building end-to-end encryption across all its messaging apps to […]

iPhone SE 2 Reportedly Coming in Q1 2020 – DTH

Ming-Chi Kuo reports that an iPhone SE 2 is coming in Q1 2020, officials from the US, UK, and Australia send an open letter to Facebook requesting they delay implementing […]

MVNO Monday: a guide to the week’s virtual operator developments

Peru has a new MVNO in the form of *Cuy Movil*, which launched on 1 October over the *Claro Peru* network. The youth-orientated virtual operator received a licence from the *Ministry of Transport and Communications (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones, MTC)* back in January 2018, and went on to secure a wholesale deal with Claro in April that year. CEO Mariano de Osma told that he expects the newcomer to sign up 40,000 customers within its first year of operation. Sticking with Peru, *Tuenti Movil*, the *Movistar Peru* sub-brand that launched back in October 2014, will be discontinued as of 13 October. As a result, all 150,000 Tuenti customers will be migrated onto Movistar’s ‘value proposition’ tariff. Luis Villalobos, director of the cellco’s pre-paid segment, commented: ‘Customers and their experience with our services are at the centre of our priorities. In that line, thinking of simplifying the value offer focused on the satisfaction of our users, it has been decided that Movistar is the brand that serves Tuenti customers in Peru.’ *Soy Movil* (legally known as *Telenort Soluciones Integrales*) is the latest virtual operator to enter the increasingly crowded Spanish MVNO market. The Cantabria-based company is offering a dual 4G/fibre proposition, with both services offered over the *Grupo MASMOVIL* network. *edpnet*, a Belgian full-service B2B provider which also has a presence in the Netherlands, has reportedly relaunched its MVNO business over the *Orange Belgium* network, replacing its existing arrangement with *Telenet*. The network switch has been made possible as a result of edpnet’s February 2019 takeover of *Galaxy Group*, a Dutch firm active within the corporate segment. Galaxy Group operates a pair of MVNOs – *Galaxy Mobile Solutions* in Belgium and *Galaxy Business Networks* in the Netherlands – and edpnet has inherited what COO Joachim Slabbaert describes as ‘a very good MVNO contract with Orange’. Over in Hungary, local news portal HWSW reports that *UPC Hungary* stopped selling new mobile products on 1 October, following the telco’s 31 July takeover by *Vodafone Group* – owner of local player *Vodafone Hungary*. Since September 2019 UPC and Vodafone have been offering discounts on fixed/mobile bundles instead, ahead of a planned swap-over from UPC to Vodafone branding, which is expected to take place in April 2020. TeleGeography notes that UPC Mobil launched in November 2014 and claimed around 120,000 subscribers as of 30 June 2019. Meanwhile, the shutdown of *Cyta Mobile* in Greece has been postponed from 30 September 2019 until 31 October 2019 ‘in order to better serve former Cyta customers’, new owner *Vodafone Greece* has announced. The move follows the EUR117 million (USD152 million) takeover of Cypriot-owned alternative fixed line and broadband operator *Cyta Hellas* by Vodafone in July 2018. Cyta Hellas, which launched its Cyta Mobile MVNO service in July 2014, using the network of its now-parent Vodafone Greece network, represented one of the country’s few notable MVNOs. In an article published by the News Corp Australia Network last month, a pair of the country’s newer MVNO entrants have issued updates regarding their respective subscriber uptake. *Pennytel*, which targets regional Australia, with a particular focus on the over-50s market, has notched up 10,000 customers since its February 2018 relaunch over the *Telstra* network. Meanwhile, *Moose Mobile*, which targets the youth segment with refurbished handsets, has signed up 35,000 users since it launched over the *Optus* network in May 2017. Moose Mobile chief executive officer Dean Lwin commented: ‘Consumers haven’t heard of these smaller brands, so they don’t trust them, but if you look for deals with no contract term there’s really nothing to lose, except the chance to save some big money.’ US mobile giant *Sprint* has informed Fierce Wireless that by mid-September its 5G network was made available for MVNO use in Chicago. Going forward, by end-October the cellco expects to have 5G activated for MVNOs in all nine of its operational 5G markets, which also include Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. Kosovo’s telecoms watchdog the *Regulatory Authority for Post and Electronic Communications (Autoriteti Rregullator i Komunikimeve Elektronike dhe Postare, ARKEP)* has ruled that subscribers to services provided by MVNO *Dardafon*, which operates under the *Z Mobile* brand, will be transferred to network host *Telecom Kosovo (TK)*, along with the numbering resources currently assigned to the reseller. The handover is due to take place at the end of a 120-day transition period following TK’s decision in July this year not to renew its MVNO agreement with Z Mobile, with which the state-owned telco is embroiled in a prolonged legal dispute. ARKEP explained its decision, stating that it sought to ensure that customers would not have their service interrupted. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, Z Mobile claimed 234,480 subscribers at the end of June 2019, equivalent to around 12.5% of the total mobile market at that date. Finally, the *Danish Energy Agency (DEA, or Energistyrelsen)* has approved a request by *Lebara Denmark* to apply a roaming surcharge to its customers in order to cover any potential losses when its customers roam in the EU. The watchdog cites ‘special and exceptional circumstances’, namely the fact that the MVNO has documented a ‘negative retail roaming profit of more than 3%’ since the rule change. Since 15 June 2017 telecoms companies have not been able to legally charge for roaming in the EU, and consumers therefore pay the same price for using their mobile phone in other EU countries as they do at home. We welcome your feedback about *MVNO Monday*. If you have any questions, topic suggestions, or corrections, please email ** TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database is now home to the telecoms industry’s fastest-growing collection of MVNO data, covering more than 90 countries and 1,000 virtual operators. If you would like to find out more, please email **

Kiss Makes Big Splash By Performing Concert For Sharks - HuffPost

Kiss Makes Big Splash By Performing Concert For Sharks  HuffPost

True or false? We fact check the federal leaders’ debate


OTTAWA—Six party leaders squared off in a sometimes frenzied, sometimes humorous, sometimes confusing debate in Gatineau, Que. Monday night.

While there was plenty of substantial (and relatively honest) disagreements on policy and politics over the course of the two-hour debate, the Star catalogued a few questionable claims from all six party leaders taking part in Monday’s debate.

Here they are, in the order the leaders’ fielded questions Monday night.

Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader

The claim: Trudeau said the Liberals have brought Canada “three quarters” of the way to its emissions reduction target under the Paris Agreement, which is 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

The facts: The latest national tally of emissions is from 2017. It says Canada emitted 716 million tonnes of greenhouse gas that year — just two per cent lower than in 2005. Moreover, the federal government projects that measures in the Liberal climate plan — including the carbon price, methane regulations and more — will reduce emissions to about 592 million tonnes by 2030. That’s only about 20 per cent below 2005 levels, or two thirds of the way to the target. The Liberals claim, however, that future technological improvement and impacts of incoming public transit expansions and more will ensure Canada closes the gap and exceeds the 2030 target.

Verdict: Misleading.

Jagmeet Singh, NDP leader

The claim: Singh accused Trudeau’s Liberals of giving away $14 billion to big corporations so they could buy jets and limousines.

The facts: Last November, the Liberals announced in their fall economic update that they would spend $14 billion on a slew of tax measures for Canadian businesses. These measures allowed companies that invest in “clean energy” to immediately write off spending on new equipment and machinery, while other businesses could now write off capital spending more quickly. These changes were explicitly designed, the Liberals said, to boost manufacturing and clean energy production. The NDP has attacked the measures as irresponsible corporate giveaways ever since, claiming it would help big businesses buy more jets and limos.

Verdict: Misleading.

Andrew Scheer, Conservative leader

The claim: “We’re going to pay for those (tax cuts and credits) by cutting corporate welfare and reducing Canada foreign aid budget by 25 per cent.”

The facts: Scheer has proposed cutting foreign aid and reviewing “corporate welfare” to find $3 billion in savings per year. But Conservatives have already announced spending that exceeds those savings, according to independent costing of their promises by the Parliamentary Budget Office.

Verdict: Misleading. The two cuts Scheer mentions, if fully implemented, would go some of the way to paying for their spending — but wouldn’t cover the whole bill.

Elizabeth May, Green leader

The claim: May defended her party’s “fully costed” election platform, and said it was approved as responsible by former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page.

The facts: Initially, Page and his team at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Fiscal Studies and Democracy gave the Greens a failing grade in all three categories of assessment: transparency, “realistic economic and fiscal assumption,” and “responsible fiscal management.” Days later, after receiving more information about their assumptions from the party, Page revised his assessment to give the party a passing grade. However, the institute still found the party failed on fiscal responsibility, because of the uncertainty surrounding the dramatic changes the party is proposing in the short term.

Verdict: Misleading without context.

Yves-François Blanchet, Bloc Québécois leader

The claim: Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet accused the Conservatives of speaking against Quebec’s secularism law, Bill 21, in English Canada but saying they would “protect” the law in Quebec.

The facts: For his part, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has consistently said — in English and French — that a Conservative government would not intervene in court challenges against the law. Scheer’s Quebec lieutenant, Alain Reyes, told reporters Sunday that electing a Conservative government would “impede Justin Trudeau from contesting Bill 21.”

Verdict: Misleading. The Conservatives’ position has been relatively clear on Bill 21 — they would not intervene.

Maxime Bernier, People’s Party of Canada leader

The claim: “Canada receives more immigrants per capita than any other Western country.”

The facts: According to 2015 figures from the World Economic Forum, Canada does have a higher percentage of immigrants compared to other Western countries — but not the most. Australia (28.2 per cent) had a higher percentage than Canada (21 per cent). But in terms of absolute numbers, Canada ranks below a number of countries in the number of immigrants.

Verdict: Misleading.

Alex Boutilier is an Ottawa-based reporter covering national politics. Follow him on Twitter: @alexboutilier

Alex Ballingall is an Ottawa-based reporter covering national politics. Follow him on Twitter: @aballinga


Comment on The violent protests that aren’t making the front page by David Thompson

You needn't pull up at Iraq, Paddy and John, to find utterly shameful participation by Australia. When FUKUS (France, UK, US) bombed Raqqa to smithereens, Amnesty Int conducted an investigation, and found the coalition's 'tweaking' of their rules of engagement for populated areas had led them to 'relax' their 'acceptable risks to civilians. Amnesty concluded their was prima facie evidence of war crimes having been committed by the coalition. Bishop, the FM Minister at the time, unaware of the Amnesty investigation, publicly spat the dummy because Australia had flown missions out of the UAE, as an 'active contributor' to the FUKUS coalition that destroyed Raqqa. Bishop demanded due credit be given. Then, Amnesty Australia noticed Bishop's dummy spit, and very publicly posed the question, as to whether Bishop would also like to 'put her hand up' for Australia to be investigated for the prima facie war crimes committed in Raqqa. Amnesty did not get a response. You can find all that on the Amnesty websites, and very few other places. Further, nigh on 2 years ago, a French law firm lodged a request for investigation with the ICC Prosecutor's Office, alleging war crimes had been committed in Yemen, particularly by foreign mercenaries at the helm of the UAE military. The first nation listed as having provided those mercenaries was Australia. The pinnacle of the UAE military is the Presidential Guard, which reports directly to MBZ. The Presidential Guard is headed up by the former head of the SAS in Australia. His name is Mike Hindmarsh, and he has been working for MBZ in the UAE for around a decade, and has 'recruited' (by reports, in fragments, incl from the ABC - and Murdoch's Australian!, but only ever in fragments) around 100 other former ADF, and just as concerningly, AFP, operatives to assist in the commission of the 'alleged' genocide in Yemen. But, in this country, the delusions continue to reign supreme.

Comment on A consumer guide to Australian monopolies by mark e smith

Is half of this report missing ? Not a word about about the great utilities functional monopolies. Telcos, water, gas and electricity. Along with the mentioned airports the common feature is that they’re all privatised entities of former publicly owned assets. Uncompetitive with rules written by the assets’ buyers. As for banks and supermarkets there’s a difference between lack of competition and consumer reluctance to access it. I’ve long included a visit to a large supermarket in most countries I visit. It gives a good overview of costs of living, what people actually buy and value and provides a basis for comparison with here. The duopoly here are remarkably good for price and especially quality and range which surprised me. There’s plenty of competition for expensive financial services like mortgages but you have to do the work yourself. Never use a broker.

Comment on The violent protests that aren’t making the front page by paddy

Why not more about Iraq? It's brutally simple. There aren't 100,000 Australians living and working in Iraq. (Plus there's undoubtedly a fair degree of shame at what the result of Oz's role has been in Iraq.)

Comment on A stagnant government has created a stagnant Australia by Fairmind

The prosecutions of witness K and Collaery, together with the steadfast refusal to assist or defend Assange, are the major hallmarks of our horrifying slide into a police state. My disappointment in the ALP for failing to take a principled stand on these issues is profound, and they would lose me as a member if I had any better choices. Morrison deciding to mimic Trump shows the absolute contempt he has for truth, decency, and voters.

Comment on Spotify gains Siri support on iOS 13, arrives on Apple TV by Wayne Kav

I just tried this while sitting here in Melbourne Australia and it didn’t work. I have iOS 13.1.2

How extreme sea level events are going to increase in Australia


Even with immediate cuts to carbon emissions, scientists expect sea level rise of 30cm-60cm by 2100, exposing millions of people to flooding

Continue reading...

Are England or France happy to lose Pool C decider to avoid the All Blacks? | Robert Kitson


Whoever wins Pool C know they are likely to have to beat Australia and then the All Blacks to reach the World Cup final

Rarely, if ever, have England been involved in a World Cup fixture which their opponents would secretly prefer to lose. France’s players and coaches will not shout it from the Imperial Palace rooftops but they know an English win in the Pool C contest on Saturday will offer Les Bleus a slightly enhanced chance of success in the knockout stages.

Related: Enduring allure of all-conquering All Blacks makes them big in Japan | Andy Bull

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A Land Of Gems – Australian Gemstone Inspiration For Your Bridal Jewellery

A Land Of Gems – Australian Gemstone Inspiration For Your Bridal Jewellery

Australia is known for many things, as we’re discovering all throughout this month on The Australia Issue. From the mystical beauty of the opal to the elusive and stunning pink dimaond- have you ever considered that these Australian specialities might just be the ticket for your wedding day jewels?  Today, we’ve got all the tips and tricks from choosing Australian gemstones for your wedding day jewels from two of our favourite Aussie jewellers Zoe Pook & Larissa Landinez.

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Introducing The ‘Made To Order’ Range By Carl Nave

Introducing The ‘Made To Order’ Range By Carl Nave

We are so excited that Melbourne based tailor and Polka Dot Bride favourite Carl Nave has just released his exciting and affordable new project “The Made To Order” range, now available online. The best part is this stylish range is affordable and comes with free shipping Australia wide. Just in time for the Spring/Summer wedding season, Carl has made dressing your bridal party easy and quick with this stunning new line, featuring three of his favourite cuts and styles, the Fiorentino, The Milano and The Milanese.

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Luna Willow Bridal 2019 Collection

Luna Willow Bridal 2019 Collection

I’ve always been a little lost for breath when I see the Sydney Harbour Bridge in real life, and we could think of no better way to honour The Australia Issue than to share a wedding gown collection that features that very icon.

Sydney wedding gown designers Luna Willow Bridal could think of no better way to celebrate the launch of new 2019 collection, than with a campaign that celebrated the very city that supported the brand’s Australian made and designed mission.

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Quintessential Australian Honeymoon Experiences

Quintessential Australian Honeymoon Experiences

Image: Dreamtime 2013, Melbourne via Tourism Australia

This month we are celebrating all things Australia. And what better way to celebrate this country than by ticking off some of the most quintessential Australian experiences from your bucket list, while on your honeymoon. Here are some of our top picks for exclusively Australian experiences!

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is a classic experience that locals and tourists have been participating in since 1998.

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Offer - Technical Support for CCTV Installations in South Australia - AUSTRALIA

Online SupportFacing any sort of issues while using Hikvision or Dahua products? Please call our dedicated technical line on (03) 9028 7074 where one of our trained technical staff will be more than happy to hear from you.Trading Hours Monday – Friday 9am – 9.00pmSaturday, Sunday & Public Holidays Closed

Fish-hunting ‘iron dragon’ soared over Australia in age of dinosaurs

A winged beast dubbed the “iron dragon” soared above Australia during the age of dinosaurs, hunting fish in rivers and lakes, said scientists who found that continent’s most complete fossil represe...

Ruby's Café debuts on 11th Street


Ruby's, the popular all-day café with two NYC outposts, debuted over the weekend at 198 E. 11th St. at Third Avenue.

The East Village outpost was open for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Now, moving forward, the restaurant is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The Australian-influenced bistro fare includes a variety of salads, pastas and burgers as well as breakfast items all day.

Ruby's first opened in 2003 on Mulberry Street between Prince and Spring (they expanded next door in 2014) ... with an additional cafe on Third Avenue between 30th Street and 31st Street arriving in 2016.

The space was previously Martina, which opened in August 2017 in 55 Third Ave., aka Eleventh and Third, the 12-floor residential building on the corner. The pizzeria, from Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group, never caught on, closing this past March.

Previously on EV Grieve:
Ruby’s Cafe bringing its Australian vibes to the former Martina space on 11th Street

Welsh Rugby Union Podcast 40, 2019.


A good start for Wales in the Rugby World Cup, we hear from forwards coach Robin McBryde, sports scientist Ryan Chambers about the special challenges of Japan, locks Adam Beard and Bradley Davies, while Rhys Patchell looks back at the victory over Australia. Back in Wales we find out more about touch rugby for over […]

The post Welsh Rugby Union Podcast 40, 2019. appeared first on Welsh Rugby Union | Wales & Regions.


Captain’s Run: Wales v Australia


“I think both teams have been preparing for this since the draw was made,” says coach Shaun Edwards following today’s captain’s run at Tokyo Stadium.  

The post Captain’s Run: Wales v Australia appeared first on Welsh Rugby Union | Wales & Regions.


Gatland and AWJ preview Australia clash


Hear what Warren Gatland and the record-breaking Alun Wyn Jones had to say to the media following Wales’ team announcement for Sunday’s important RWC clash with Australia in Tokyo. 

The post Gatland and AWJ preview Australia clash appeared first on Welsh Rugby Union | Wales & Regions.


“NASA considers this 80-year-old radio buff part of the astronaut family”

(Source: ABC News via Michael Bird) To NASA personnel, he is VK5ZAI. To his neighbours at Pinks Beach, a small coastal town in South Australia, he goes by Tony. In his 30-year association with the US space agency, Tony Hutchison has been called upon to help in times of crisis, moderate calls between astronauts and […]

Women Infinity Scarf / Cotton Scarf / Unisex / Bicycle Scarf / Womens Fashion Accessories /Gift For Her ,Mothers Day Gifts ,Mom Gifts by senoAccessory


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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Slippers & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Crochet Bikini , Burnt Orange Two Piece Swimsuits Womens Swimwear Crochet Brazilian Bikini Bathingsuit Beachwear / For Her // senoaccessory by senoAccessory


60.00 USD

Crochet Swimwear Crochet Bikini Set Swimsuits 2019 Beach Fashion by senoaccessory
Swimwear Crochet Bikini - Burnt Orange Crochet Bikini Set // Handmade Bikinis
Crochet bikinis are a summertime tradition!
sexy to fun and fabulous ;)
perfect for beach and the summer fashion accessories !
– they all look fabulous! Flirty and feminine!

Perfect with shorts & jeans & skirt
%100 COTTON YARN !!!!!!! High quality Alize yarn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hypoallergenic yarn !!!!!

we made all sizes !!!! ( TAKES TO MAKE 2 or 4 days )
Sizes available: XXS ,XS, S, M, L ,XL

*You can order different sizes top & bottom - you need to write a note on your order page which sizes you need !!!!

* if you need LINNING ( linned ) Please order with this listing ; ( +4$ )

Please dont forget list your sizes !!!!
US or European


Bikini Sets // Coverups // Shorts

Bikini Top // Bikini Bottom


***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.

We start to post all order(s) EXPRESS SHIPPING !!!
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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Slippers & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Crochet Top ,White Halter top ,Crochet Festival Top , Womens Swimwear Swimsuits Crochet Bikini Top Summer Beach / senoaccessory by senoAccessory


45.00 USD

white halter top crochet halter top halter tank top hippie women halter bikini crop top summer wear senoAccessory
Perfect with shorts & jeans & skirt and night out on the town.
a summertime tradition!
sexy to fun and fabulous ;)
Adjustable ties on the neck and back.

%100 COTTON YARN !!!!!!! High quality Alize yarn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hypoallergenic yarn !!!!!

we made all sizes !!!! ( TAKES TO MAKE 2 or 4 days )
Sizes available: XXS ,XS, S, M, L ,XL

*You can order different sizes top & bottom - you need to write a note on your order page which sizes you need !!!!

Please dont forget list your sizes !!!!
US or European


Bikini Top // Bikini Bottom

Bikini Sets // Coverups // Shorts


***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.

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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Slippers & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Convertible Mittens Fingerless Gloves Hand-Knitted Gloves Winter Fashion Women Accessories Women Gloves Winter Gloves /For Her / Gift Women by senoAccessory


35.00 USD

READY TO SHIP !!!!! convertible fingerless mittens / colorful fingerless gloves / crochet knit gloves ,batik design senoAccessory
These gloves can be worn fingerless or as mittens.

-The finger cover flap is held back by a button when it is not in use.They keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers free for texting, typing, driving or carrying your coffee.

matching Scarf

%100 Acrylic yarn - Alize yarn -
Machine Wash and Dry

medium size!
make these in different colors & sizes! Just convo me on Etsy mail!



also you can find same color scarf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.
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Canada = 3 - 5 days to CANADA - working days -
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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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valentine’s day gift for him Heart Gloves Fingerless Gloves Knit Gloves Winter Accessories /Mom Gifts / Gifts For Women / Bestfriend gifts by senoAccessory


30.00 USD

Red Knit Fingerless Gloves Heart Gloves Mittens Arm Warmer Hand Warmer Womens Fashion Accessories Winter Gift For Her Valentines Day Gifts

They keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers free for texting, typing, driving or carrying your coffee.
Warm and cozy fingerless gloves are handknitted with high quality soft yarn

one size - medium - The pattern are stretchable , so it will comfortably fit most women and teenage girls.

Wash gently by hand in water max. 30C .Do not bleach.After extraction of excess water, dry the article on a suitable flat surface.Iron with steam without press.Dry- clean.



***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.
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Canada = 3 - 5 days to CANADA - working days -
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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Gift For Her Knit Infinity Scarf Scarves For Women Winter Accessories Chunky Knit Scarf Winter Scarf Gift For Her For Best Friend by senoAccessory


38.00 USD

Chunky white infinity scarf ,knitted scarves , unisex ,men scarf , women ,eternity scarf cowl neck ,neckwarmer ,Mohair scarf , senoAccessory winter fashion,winter accessories, knitted scarves, holiday gifts, clothing, infinity scarf, knitted scarf, eternity scarf,women scarves, men scarves, winter scarf, cowl,winter scarf trends

knitted by
80% Acrylic 20% Mohair yarn!
gift ideas
* stylish
* amount of very hot
* use, such as hood
* A great accessory for the ladies & MEN

** FOR WOMEN'S MEN'S ELEGANT gift IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarves // Knit &Crochet


SHAWL Crochet / Knitted



***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.
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United States = 3 - 5 days to USA - working days -
Canada = 3 - 5 days to CANADA - working days -
Europe = 2 - 3 days to EUROPE - working days -
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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Knit Scarf, infinity Scarf, Scarves Women , Winter Accessories, Winter Scarves, Chunky Knit Gifts For Scarf Her Christmas Gifts by senoAccessory


38.00 USD

Winter Trends // infinity scarf // knit scarf / handmade scarves / women accessories / men scarves - Winter Fashion - Chunky infinity scarf Knitted Cowl Scarf Scarf Winter Fashion Accessories ,knitted colorful scarves Christmas Gifts senoAccessory
infinity scarf knit scarf women scarf unisex . winter fashion accessories ,knitted colorful scarves , scarf scarf,scarf trends,women scarf,men scarf,knitted scarf,knitting,crochet,loop scarf,scarf scarfs,trendy scarf,gift scarf,winter scarf
knitted infinity scarf Block Infinity Scarf. Block Infinity Scarf. Loop Scarf, Circle Scarf, Neck Warmer handmade accessory @seno( use ALİZE Yarn !!!! )

matching Gloves // Mittens

%100 SOFT Acrylic yarn ( use ALİZE Yarn !!!! )
gift ideas
very soft
* stylish
* amount of very hot
* use, such as hood
* A great accessory for the ladies & MEN

** FOR WOMEN'S MEN'S ELEGANT gift IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarves // Knit &Crochet


SHAWL Crochet / Knitted



***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.
We start to post all order(s) EXPRESS SHIPPING !!!
United States = 3 - 5 days to USA - working days -
Canada = 3 - 5 days to CANADA - working days -
Europe = 2 - 3 days to EUROPE - working days -
Australia = 3 - 7 days to AUSTRALIA - working days -

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always adding new designs.
Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Scarf, Winter Scarf, Women Men Winter Accessories , Women Knit infinity Scarf , Christmas Gifts , For Her by senoAccessory


38.00 USD

women scarves Men Scarves 2018 Winter Fashion - Holiday Fashion Chunky Cowl infinity scarf ,knit scarf,women scarf ,men scarf ,winter scarf ,crochet scarf cowl ,gray pink purple senoAccessory
Infinity SCARF
Knit scarf SCARF COWL

knitted infinity scarf Block Infinity Scarf. Block Infinity Scarf. Loop Scarf, Circle Scarf, Neck Warmer handmade accessory @seno( use ALİZE Yarn !!!! )

%100 SOFT Acrylic yarn ( use ALİZE Yarn !!!! )
gift ideas
very soft
* stylish
* amount of very hot
* use, such as hood
* A great accessory for the ladies & MEN

** FOR WOMEN'S MEN'S ELEGANT gift IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarves // Knit &Crochet


SHAWL Crochet / Knitted



***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.
We start to post all order(s) EXPRESS SHIPPING !!!
United States = 3 - 5 days to USA - working days -
Canada = 3 - 5 days to CANADA - working days -
Europe = 2 - 3 days to EUROPE - working days -
Australia = 3 - 7 days to AUSTRALIA - working days -

!!! dont forget made to order products needs to add processing times !!! 2 or 8 days to take ! Please convo me about processing time.
Please visit my other items. I hope you'll mark me as a favorite and stop in from time to time as I am
always adding new designs.
Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
* Please feel free to contact me for a custom order.

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ABC - 1986


Knit Scarf, İnfinity Scarf, Chunky Knit Scarf, Winter Scarf, Women accessories Knit Mens Scarves , Circle Scarf, Knit scarf / For Her , Gift by senoAccessory


38.00 USD

Winter Accessories For Women Men Scarves Knitted Scarf - Scarf Trends - Winter Fashion - Winter Trends Scarf Trends - knit scarf trends - knit infinity scarf , unisex - eternity scarves, neckwarmer , fashion accessory men scarf - loop scarf - scarves - Knitting circle scarf -fashion-accessory,scarf trends,knitted scarf, knitting, crochet, scarf scarfs, trendy scarf, gift scarf, winter scarf

Limited Edition and copyrighted. Lots of copies out there unfortunately, but this is THE original.

Matching Gloves // Mittens

knitted infinity scarf Block Infinity Scarf. Block Infinity Scarf. Loop Scarf, Circle Scarf, Neck Warmer handmade accessory @seno( use ALİZE Yarn !!!! )

%100 SOFT Acrylic yarn ( use ALİZE Yarn !!!! )
gift ideas
very soft
* stylish
* amount of very hot
* use, such as hood
* A great accessory for the ladies & MEN

** FOR WOMEN'S MEN'S ELEGANT gift IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knit-Crochet İnfinity


***Please note that light effect, monitor's brightness, contrast etc. may cause a slight color difference, on.
We start to post all order(s) EXPRESS SHIPPING !!!
United States = 3 - 5 days to USA - working days -
Canada = 3 - 5 days to CANADA - working days -
Europe = 2 - 3 days to EUROPE - working days -
Australia = 3 - 7 days to AUSTRALIA - working days -

!!! dont forget made to order products needs to add processing times !!! 2 or 8 days to take ! Please convo me about processing time.
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always adding new designs.
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Scarf & Shawl & Cowl & Gloves & Jewelry & Bag and Purse ...........
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Excitement, Agitation and Grief


This week On Stage At Curtis features two compositions by composer Elizabeth Younan from Sydney, Australia. Elizabeth has a Bachelor and Master degree in Composition from The Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney. She is currently pursuing an Artist Diploma at the Curtis Institute of Music.

Elizabeth Younan: Piano Trio
Tsutomu William Copeland, violin; Francis Carr, cello; Jenny Chen, piano

Elizabeth communicates her excitement of studying at the Curtis Institute of Music with her composition Piano Trio. You can feel her excitement in her piece.

Elizabeth Younan: Litany
Kathryn Epperson, viola; William Karns, double bass

Litany was commissioned by the Curtis Institute of Music for the Free Library of Philadelphia’s “One Book, One Philadelphia” kick off event featuring Jesmyn Ward’s novel, Sing Unburied, Sing. Elizabeth describes the novel as a deeply moving. The story follows three generations of a family living in a fictional town in Mississippi. Their relationship is filled with pain, lost and racial tension.



Lemberg is in Ukraine. I gave a talk on it and was told we should not say The Ukraine. It's just Ukraine, like America or Australia.Kiev is Ukraine's capital. I used to muddle up Ukraine and Lithuania

WATCH: Rising Antisemitism in Australia

With a number of very worrying antisemitic incidents in Australia gaining widespread exposure in the international press, Sky News Outsiders sat down with Dr. David Adler of the Australian Jewish Association to discuss rising antisemitism in Australia

ANZ Australia to take a financial hit due to customer refunds

The Australian parent of ANZ bank will take a big financial hit after increasing the amount it has to refund to customers.

Comment on iOS 13 Autocorrect Is Drunk by Derek

The bug that annoys me most – and this one is likely specific to Australian English – is that place names routinely get turned into all caps. For example, “Willoughby” turns into “WILLOUGHBY.” It’s like they’ve downloaded a list of Australian postcode place names that are supposed to be all caps on physical envelopes. Lazy. Still present in v13. (Same laziness with Siri and Australian place names. You can buy phonetic dictionaries of Australian place names, FFS. Cf. “Woolloomooloo”)

The House of Brides

A young woman tries to learn the truth about her mother's family in Cockram's spooky homage to Daphne du Maurier's classic Rebecca. After her career as a social media influencer comes to a humiliating end, Miranda Courtenay decamps Australia for Barnsley House, an English country estate owned by the Summers family where her mother was raised. Curious about this legendary family she has never met, Miranda arrives at Barnsley posing as a prospective nanny. But Barnsley is not what Miranda expected. Her Uncle Max's wife, Daphne, is nowhere to be found. One of the children is in a wheelchair after a mysterious accident. What happened in this house? Where is Daphne? What darkness lies hidden in Barnsley?

Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Getting Fired From ‘The Masked Singer Australia’ Over Diva Behavior, Feuds, & More! Unmask The Deets HERE!


Is Lindsay Lohan’s allegedly unprofessional behavior getting her kicked off The Masked Singer Australia? It is according to a report by New Idea, which claims Channel 10 is “replacing” The Parent Trap star as one of the celebrity judges on the show due to her “tricky demands” while filming the hit […]

The post Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Getting Fired From ‘The Masked Singer Australia’ Over Diva Behavior, Feuds, & More! Unmask The Deets HERE! appeared first on Perez Hilton.


10/7/2019: SPORTS: Osaka keeps up win streak with China Open title

Japan’s Naomi Osaka fought back from a set down to beat Australian world No. 1 Ash Barty 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the final of the China Open in Beijing on Sunday. It was world No. 4 Osaka’s second title in the Asian swing after clinching the Pan Pacific Open...

Buraco negro explodiu na Via Láctea há 3,5 milhões de anos, diz estudo

Buraco negro supermassivo explodiu no meio da Via Láctea há 3,5 milhões de anos (Foto: NASA)


Há 3,5 milhões de anos, um buraco negro supermassivo explodiu no meio da Via Láctea — explosão tão grande que o impacto foi sentido a 200 mil anos-luz de distância, na Corrente de Magalhães. A explosão foi desencadeada por um disparo de radiação ionizante no buraco negro Sagittarius A*, que tem a massa cerca de 4 milhões de vezes maior à do Sol. A descoberta foi realizada por cientistas estadunidenses e australianos e será publicada em breve no The Astrophysical Journal.

Chamado de "bengala de Seyfert", o fenômeno emitiu uma onda de radiação tão poderosa que saiu ao espaço profundo em forma de dois "cones de ionização" radioativos 

Usando dados coletados pelo Telescópio Espacial Hubble, os pesquisadores calcularam que a explosão maciça ocorreu há pouco mais de 3 milhões de anos (um evento considerado surpreendentemente recente em termos galácticos). Para se ter uma ideia da escala de tempo, quando ocorreu a explosão do buraco negro, o asteroide que provocou a extinção dos dinossauros já tinha acontecido há 63 milhões de anos, e os ancestrais da humanidade, os australopitecinos, estavam povoando a África.

"Isso mostra que o centro da Via Láctea é um lugar muito mais dinâmico do que havíamos pensado anteriormente. É uma sorte que não estamos morando por lá", disse a professora Lisa Kewley, diretora do centro de astronomia ASTRO 3D. Os pesquisadores estimam que a explosão durou provavelmente 300 mil anos — um período que também é bastante curto em termos galácticos.



"Esses resultados mudam dramaticamente nossa compreensão da Via Láctea", afirmou a coautora Magda Guglielmo, da Universidade de Sydney. "Sempre pensamos em nossa galáxia como uma galáxia inativa, com um centro não tão brilhante. Esses novos resultados abrem a possibilidade de uma reinterpretação completa de sua evolução e natureza.


Online business datafeed management

We are Reseller of IT, Electronics in Australia and are going to enter into after markets car parts business We currently running a few eBay stores, amazon stores, trademe stores, will sell on other marketplaces... (Budget: $8 - $15 AUD, Jobs: Data Entry, eBay, eCommerce, MySQL, PHP)

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»


Участие в конкурсах для многих фотографов является своеобразным трамплином в карьере. К счастью, в мире существуют сотни различных престижных фотопроектов на любой вкус для начинающих любителей и профессионалов своего дела. Свадебная и подводная, пейзажная и спортивная — в бесчисленных видах съемок фотографы соревнуются за звание лучших в своей категории. А в Австралии при поддержке журнала Australian Geographic проходит ежегодный конкурс «Австралийский фотограф природы года». В этот раз победители проявили необыкновенную художественность и техничность, им удалось запечатлеть красоту природного мира уникального континента по полной.

Геофотограф в возрасте 17 лет получил премию за фото с узорами молний в небе над Новым Южном Уэльсом.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Завораживающая и пугающая красота водопада Бэррон, который находится в Квинсленде. Ширина водного потока в сезон осадков составляет более 250 метров.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Еще один любитель водной стихии стал фаворитом конкурса, представив фото горбатых китов, проплывающих мимо дельфинов.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Необычный ночной хищник прибрежных вод Тихого океана, местный эндемик, ведущий одинокий образ жизни — калифорнийская бычья акула.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Маленькие морские обитатели тоже заслуживают премии, решили судьи, и отдали приз снимку с причудливым крабом. Эти существа прикрепляют к себе беспозвоночных подводных жителей, тем самым защищаясь от хищников.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Погибший от засухи кенгуру и пересохший источник.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Гигантские сумчатые кенгуру во время снегопада. Эти создания считаются рекордсменами по скорости и размерам среди своих сородичей.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Не менее интересными животными являются вомбаты, внешне напоминающие больших хомячков или мини-медведей. Их прогулку по снегу успел запечатлеть участник конкурса.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Еще один примечательный житель Австралии варан Мертенса. Яркий представитель животного мира из семейства варанов, достигающий в длину более 150 сантиметров.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»

Безусловный победитель — снимок погибшего кита, вокруг которого плавают акулы.

Самые зрелищные чудеса природы Австралии на снимках фаворитов конкурса «Фотограф года»



Comment on R&R in Sydney by Jacqueline Smith

hello, im looking for my mother, Kim Marie Hawkes was the name she went by .. She went to a bar called the Texas Tavern in Kings Cross, Kim Lailoli .. Does anybody remember a blonde kiwi girl, fresh from new Zealand, looking for love x?.. She had a baby in Sydney November 1970, given up for adoption at royal hospital for women, (B.E.Hawkes) .. can anyone help me find my mum.. im 53 now with a enlarged heart and lupus, I don't know my family medical history.. I so want to find her, she had twins with Paul Griffiths CPO Australian navy in Sydney, micheal and Janelle will be around 30ish now, somewhere in Australia, born 4 sept 1980,..My fathers lies have kept us apart, now divorce records opened Im tracing back the past of my me if u have answers to my prayers anyone out there in this big world.. =) email me.. glad ya all made it home..

Session: Eldritch Horror:: The Eldritch Adventures – Chapter 2: Something Stirs in the Deep Places


by HereticPriest

Hello again everybody! Welcome back to our Eldritch Legacy!

If you don't know what I'm on about, the Prologue and Chapter 1 are here:

Last time, Shub-Niggurath broke through and destroyed Earth-6, including its prisoner Great Old One, Manam'qua. All investigators but Father Mateo and Carolyn Fern were killed, with Carolyn becoming the arbiter of the last bastion of humanity and Mateo being imprisoned in a strange court in the Dreamlands belonging to the King of Dusk. But the repercussions of this disaster are not isolated to Earth-6...

Note: Once again, I am a bit protective of this story and will likely reuse many elements in my professional work, so if you want to borrow or base something off this material, please ask first! I'll most likely say yes.

And as always, I hope you enjoy!


Chapter 2: Something Stirs in the Deep Places

In Earth-1, the original version of the planet, a young musician named Jim Culver senses the massive death toll in Earth-6 and is troubled. He is not aware of the Dreamlands or of the other Earths, and as such cannot find factual support for the suffering he feels. Uniquely able to communicate with the dead, a practice facilitated by his beautiful music, he searches for understanding. Meanwhile, massive storms begin to rage across the planet, wrecking ships and disrupting trade routes. Aquatic humanoids calling themselves Deep Ones begin to assault shore-dwelling humans. Jim has a number of disturbing encounters with monstrous corpses, giving him recurring nightmares.

Jim’s search brings him in touch with a number of similarly-concerned individuals, people with some understanding of occult matters and the nature of the dangers threatening their world. They are: Ursula, an explorer and archeologist who suffered a traumatic experience in the Pyramids of Egypt and has been a tortured amnesiac ever since; Gloria, a failed author who discovered a massive cult conspiracy while searching for inspiration; and Bob, a well-to-do salesman who has lost an incredible amount of business due to the storms and attacks and who funds the groups’ research.

The team determines that the disturbances are being caused by an array of current events, each designed to cause damage to the stability of reality. Ursula departs for the Arctic Circle, which she scours via airplane until she locates an emplacement of alien machines that have mysteriously been reactivated and are punching holes throughout reality. Though she deactivates and destroys it, the damage is done, and many portals have been opened across all six Earths and the Dreamlands. Gloria traces another source of disturbance to the ocean near Australia, where she finds entire swaths of the ocean overlaid with the Dreamlands. She meets the crew of the White Ship, learning about the Dreamlands and the existence of other Earths. She convinces the crew them not to tear open any Gates and to remain on Earth-1 until reality has been stabilized.

Jim and Bob rally military and police forces across the globe, pushing back the Deep Ones and protecting coastal cities. Bob comes to retrieve Ursula from the Arctic Circle and is bonded to by an ancient Hyperborean spirit, who grants him extensive magical powers. Unfortunately, none of this is enough. Gloria and Ursula map the disturbances and locate a focal point, a seemingly empty spot in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The team travels there and discover an island not recorded on any map and entirely covered with a half-submerged city.

After exploring the island, which appears to operate on different laws of physics and principles of perspective and geometry than the rest of the world, the team realizes it has been converted into a massive prison for twisted monstrosities. Gloria identifies the city as R’lyeh, former capital city of the Great Old One Cthulhu on earth. Now it is a prison for him and his children, the Star Spawn…but he appears to be sensitive to the disturbances in reality, and waking up. Ursula discovers a weapon capable of slaying Star Spawn, the Sword of Y’ha-Talla, and bonds to the weapon. The team attempts to reinforce the wards around R’lyeh, but the excess magical energy opens a Gate above the city, and several Star Spawn tear free of their cells and magical sleep and fly through it.

Ursula, having developed something of a savior complex after repeatedly protecting her teammates from monsters, follows the Star Spawn through the portal and into Sydney, Australia. There she fights in the Battle of Sydney, singlehandedly slaying many cultists and monsters but nearly going insane in the process. Severely injured, she leaves the ruins of Sydney behind and flees through the only avenue available to her: back through the portal to R’lyeh.

In her absence, Jim, Gloria, Bob, and Jim and Bob’s dead friends have assembled a map of the world’s leylines. They believe that reinforcing them with magical rituals will counteract the crumbling structures of reality and re-seal the locks of R’lyeh. Bob has agreed to teleport to one major confluence and perform the rites there, while Jim and Gloria head to the former location of Atlantis to do the same. As they are prepared to board a boat and flee R’lyeh, Ursula returns through the portal.

Jim immediately takes the broken Ursula under his wing and nurses her body and mind back to health as Gloria handles the necessary magic. As they are preparing to complete the seal, a Star Spawn attacks the boat. The sick Ursula severs its arm and drives it off with the Sword. She finally recovers from her amnesia and remembers a harrowing chase through an ancient underground tomb, pursued by a dark figure whispering terrible prophecies. Her injuries and trauma combined are too much for her, and she dies in Jim’s arms.

As Gloria and Bob are concurrently finishing their rituals, the Star Spawn returns. Jim attempts to dissuade it from killing them, and it offers him a deal, essentially for his soul. Furious over Ursula’s death, he refuses and wields her sword against it, and the creature is so surprised that it buys his allies enough time to finish the rites. The creature and its brethren are sent back to R’lyeh and Cthulhu’s stirrings cease, bringing and end to the storms and twisted nightmares plaguing the populace.

The team begins to investigate the fragments of other worlds they witnessed and the information they received from the crew of the White Ship, trying to understand what caused the stirrings of Cthulhu and the near-miss apocalypse.


Well! That went quite a bit better than last time. What do you think of our new heroes? Why are multiple Great Old Ones stirring simultaneously? What exactly happened to Ursula under the Pyramids? Only time will tell...

Current Survivors
Jim (Earth-I), assisting Gloria and Bob
Gloria (Earth-I), leading an investigation into other worlds
Bob (Earth-I), bonded with the ghost of a Hyperborean sorcerer
Mateo (Earth-VI), lost in the Dreamlands
Carolyn (Earth-VI), Grand Arbiter of the Australian Bastion

Changes to Planetary Status
Earth-I: City of R'lyeh re-sealed. Great Old One prisoner, Cthulhu, returned to sleep with his children. Human society largely unaware or dismissive of the supernatural.
Earth-VI: Overrun by the Thousand Young. Great Old One prisoner, Manam'qua, destroyed. Human survivors located in the Australian Bastion, the only safe continent remaining.

Deceased Investigators
Ursula (Earth-I), slain protecting her allies from a Star Spawn
Preston (Earth-VI), betrayed by a pact and slain by the Thousand Young
Hank (Earth-VI), slain fighting Nug
Kate (Earth-VI), murdered by Nug
Jacqueline (Earth-VI), crushed by a Flying Polyp


The late Danny Frawley’s final mental health campaign revealed after his death


Danny Frawley’s final media campaign to change the stigma surrounding mental health in Australia will be screened on Australian TV sets following his death last month.


Three Brayshaws in WA? Forget about it Dockers fans


Two Brayshaws might currently be on AFL playing lists in Western Australia.


An evening of Chamber Music at Montalto


Presented in partnership with Musica Viva. The Mitchell family are elated to announce, for one night only during Spring Carnival weekend, a quartet of Australia’s most acclaimed chamber musicians, who will perform at Montalto Restaurant in Red Hill. Be in the audience for chamber musicians, Elizabeth Sellers, Simon Oswell, Svetlana Bogosavljevic and Wilma Smith as […]

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Vika and Linda Bull live at Peninsula Hot Springs


For 30 years, the glorious voices of Vika and Linda Bull have comprised one of the most distinctive, versatile and emotionally charged sounds on the Australian music landscape. Since their multiplatinum conquest of pop radio with the Black Sorrows in the late 1980s, the sisters have forged diverse pathways into soul, gospel, blues, country and the island music of their Tongan ancestry.

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Non stop Radio Club Mix Commercial Free as Broadcast Feb. 5, 2010

itunes pic
Photo Op with Peter Hook of "New Order" at WMC Miami. I will attend March 8-13, 2011. See You There! This was an actual broadcast edit without commercials from my studio Club Mix. Radio and club programmers please contact Club Chaos Feb. 5, 2K10 Mixed and produced by DJ Johnny D (all rights reserved) Club Chaos Set 1 1. Soulshaker feat. Katherine Ellis – 2Times Play (Audiofreaks UK) 2. Starchaser feat. Martha Wash – Keep Me….! (Ego Music, Italy) 3. David Jordon – Don’t Wanna) Hear You Say (Wideboys Stadium Club Mix) Flingdown Music, UK 4. Shena – Nasty Little Rumour (Bimbo Jones Rado Edit) No Prisoners, UK 5. Jordin Sparks – S.O.S., Let the Music Play (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit) Jive/RCA, UK Club Chaos Set 2 1. Clou – Don’t Regret (Billions Dollars Dog Radio Mix) Jolly Roger/Sound of Pirates. Italy 2. Whelan & DI Scala – Black Sensation (Dedication to CPJ Webmaster)AATW, UK 3. Vanessa Amorosi – This is Who I Am (Wideboys Remix) Universal Music, Australia 4. Space Cowboy feat. Kee &Vistoso Bosses – Party Like Animal (Cherry Tree/Interscope/Tiger Trax, UK) Club Chaos Set 3 1. Cosmic Gate feat.Aruna – Under Your Spell (Duderstadt Radio Edit) Black Hole, The Netherlands 2. R.I.O. – Seranade (Zooland/Tiger, Germany) 3. Alcazar – Burning (Cahill Radio Edit) 3 Beat, UK 4. Honey Ryder – Rising Up (Bimbo Jones Remix) Honey Ryder Music, UK Club Chaos Set 4 1. Kurd & Rud – Ring Ring Ring Rado edit) Opaque Music/Kontor, Germany 2. Pompero – Pompero (Ministry of Sound, Germany) 3. Bastian Bates feat. Nicco – Can’t Slow Down (Michael Mind Remix) Big Blind Music Company 4. Chaka Khan feat. Mary J. Blidge – Disrespectful (Riffs & Rays Radio Edit) Megafan Records, UK 5. Bounce & Shanel – Shakey Bone Disease (Radio Edit) Fraunfunk, Germany

Episode 11

itunes pic
Club Chaos September 19 – 22, 2008 Mixed and produced by DJ Johnny D (all rights reserved) Club Chaos Set 1 1. Moony – I Don’t Know (Jerome Disma-Ae Rado edit) (Italy) 2. Madonna – Give it 2 Me (Jody Den Broeder edit) (WB music USA) 3. Gadjo – It’s Alright (Radio edit) (German Artist - Vendetta Records Spain) 4. 1Plus1 – Off the Wall (Enjoy Yourself) (Dave Darell Club edit) (The Netherlands) Club Chaos Set 2 1. Private – My Secret Lover (Hampenberg remix) (Denmark) 2. Louis Botella – I Feel Love (Jerry Roperp & Michi Lange Radio edit) (Italy) 3. Swen Weber – The Pusher (Original Radio Mix) (Germany) 4. Oliver Kaan feat.Diana Joselle – Right Beside You (France) 5. Rachael Starr – To Forever (Moonbeam Radio edit) (Silent Machine Records USA) Club Chaos Set 3 1. Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis – When You Touch Me (Club Mix edit) (Legato R. UK) 2. Little Rascals – Essence (Original Radio Edit) (Essential Cutz/Vinyl Pusher – Australia) 3. Change – Angel in My Pocket (Soul Seekerz Radio edit) (UK) 4. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold (JW Radio edit) (UK) Club Chaos Set 4 1. Love Assassins – Teardrops (Beautiful radio edit) ( Big in Ibiza UK) 2. Skye ’N’ Sugarstarr presents CECE Rogers – No Love Lost (Germany) 3. Phunk Investigation –Your Love (Italy) 4. Jan Wayne feat.Scarlet – Wish You Were Here (Frahm & Becks Remix) (DeutscheDance Records) 5. Buzz Junkies vs. Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (All Around the World Universal Music UK)

Pacific Beat: Tuesday

On the program: Australian authorities are looking to deport a convicted killer to PNG - but he's also gravely ill and his doctor warns his patient could start experiencing acute malnutrition within weeks, and a damning report reveals a litany of failures that contributed to a ferry disaster in Kiribati last year which killed 95 people.

Pacific kava industry waiting for Australia's decision on import restrictions


Youth Global Newsletter OWOS

Número 144 - 06 de octubre de 2019
Nota inspiradora...
En 2017, un Satsang mantuvo en la presencia divina en México un devoto preguntó cómo lograr la unidad?

Esto es lo que dijo Swami

La unidad viene de entender la verdad. Sus manos son diferentes de sus pies, que son diferentes de su cara, que es diferente de su estómago, que es diferente de sus ojos. Aún así, ninguna de estas partes lastimó a los demás. En cambio, todos trabajan en unidad porque creen que pertenecen al mismo cuerpo. Del mismo modo, sólo cuando te des cuenta de que eres parte de un ser más grande, una cosa más grande, que es la sociedad – tu país – seguirá la unidad. Mientras vivas en tu manera estrecha y egoísta, sólo preocupándote por ti mismo y por tus propias cosas, la unidad seguirá eludendote. Por lo tanto, la solución está en una perspectiva espiritual y moral, donde consideras a todos como tus propios parientes. Entonces no habría razón para que lastimes o lastimes a nadie más, entonces crees en la unidad de todos, para ayudar al país a cambiar más rápido. Por lo tanto, las perspectivas deben cambiar de una de diversidad y multiplicidad a una de unidad. Ese cambio en el panorama llegará sólo cuando la gente quiera cosas buenas. Para ello, necesitarán orientación; por lo tanto, estos Centros y estos mensajes son extremadamente importantes para un futuro mejor para los mexicanos.
Actualizaciones de servicio
Salud sobre ruedas
Campamento médico súper exitoso en Waidalice, Tailevu
28 de septiembre de 2019
Un equipo de más de 50 médicos, profesionales de la salud, voluntarios de One Fiji y miembros de la Fundación Sai Prema pasaron su sábado sirviendo a 180 personas en Waidalice, Tailevu.

En un lapso de cinco horas, los aldeanos de la región recibieron consultas médicas y dentales gratuitas y medicamentos gratuitos.

Tres miembros de "Salud en Kind Australia" también se unieron al equipo cuando comenzaron oficialmente su asociación con la Fundación Sai Prema para servir a la población rural de Fiji.
Actualizaciones de Australia Healthcare
En la Reunión de la Juventud de Asia y el Pacífico de 2019 celebrada en Kuching en agosto, Swami alentó enérgicamente a la región a unirse y trabajar unidamente por el bien común del mundo. El equipo de Salud en Kind de Australia, que es el brazo médico de la Fundación Heart of Love, ya lo ha puesto en acción, forzando una asociación internacional con la Fundación Sai Prema en Fiji para ayudar a prestar servicios médicos en su país .
Un mundo un saiOWOS,OWOS, CA 99999

Issue 144 - October 06, 2019
Inspirational Note...
In 2017 a Satsang held in the divine presence in Mexico one devotee asked how to achieve unity?

Here is what Swami said

Unity comes from understanding the truth. Your hands are different from your feet, which are different from your face, which is different from your stomach, which is different from your eyes. Still, none of these parts hurt the others. Instead, they all work in unity because they believe they belong to the same body. Similarly, only when you realize that you are part of a larger being, a larger thing, which is the society – your country – will unity follow. As long as you live in your narrow, selfish way, only worrying about yourself and your own things, unity will keep eluding you. Therefore, the solution lies in a spiritual and moral outlook, where you consider everyone as your own kin. Then there would be no reason for you to harm or hurt anyone else, then you believe in the unity of all, in order to help the country change faster. Thus the outlook should change from one of diversity and multiplicity to one of unity. That change in outlook will come only when people want good things. For that, they will need guidance; hence, these Centers and these messages are extremely important for a better future for Mexicans.
 Service Updates
Health On Wheels
Super Successful Medical Camp In Waidalice, Tailevu
September 28, 2019
A team of over 50 Doctors, Health Professionals, One Fiji Volunteers and members of Sai Prema Foundation spent their Saturday serving 180 people in Waidalice, Tailevu.

In a span of five hours, villagers of the region were given free medical and dental consultations and free medications.

Three members from "Health in Kind Australia" also joined in the team as they officially commenced their partnership with Sai Prema Foundation to serve the rural population of Fiji.
Australia Healthcare Up

Divine Will Foundation - October 2019 Newsletter


Divine Will Foundation


October 2019

Library Books for Swami's Campuses
in Karnataka, India

Providing Education for Life
It has come to light that there is a great need for books to fill all the libraries in all the new Educational Campuses that have been built in the State of Karnataka over the pastfew years by the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust. As part of the Each One Educate One, School Library System, a 'Library Books Seva' is being set up.  Please view helpful suggestions here:  Guidelines for Book Donations 

If you wish to donate books and/or have space in your luggage to take books to India during the Birthday events:  Please sign up here.
Even bringing one book would be wonderful.

Library at Sri Sathya Sai Niketanam in Gulbarga, Karnataka

Divine Visit to Singapore and Malaysia

August 24 - 31, 2019


Swami embarked upon His annual visit to Singapore and Malaysia and arrived at Sai Anandam in Singapore on August 24th. The Brass Band of the Muddenahalli Campus comprising of forty students and their teacher, Dimitris Lambrianos preceded Him by a day. On the 25th, the students toured the City in the morning while Swami attended to business. A Public Satsang was held in the evening. 
Sai's Angels Touring the City of Singapore
Departing the Public Satsang after filling the hearts of His devotees!
The Brass Band, Sai's Angels performed their Gratitude Program at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall in front of 500 attendees on August 26th. There were many dignitaries from Singapore, Turkey and the European Union who attended the performance. The young boys from ages 12 to 17, made Swami proud as they played perfectly, several pieces of music from around the world! 
Gratitude Programme at the Singapore Chinese Orchestra Hall
On the morning of August 27th, Swami visited SWAMI (Sunshine Welfare Action Mission) Home in Singapore. He opened the Training and Resource Center and advised the team to train healthcare staff from around the region and provide them with certification in elder care. At the end of the tour, everyone gathered at the auditorium and welcomed Swami with bhajans. The staff of SWAMI Home presented their gratitude through colorful dances and songs. During His Divine Discourse, Swami said that it was important to pray for the happiness of the entire world and not just one's kith and kin. He was very happy with SWAMI Home for providing a good example and announced a similar home to be established in Japan. "Taking the ideals from SWAMI Home in Singapore, we will have to replicate it in every country. We are all born crying, without a choice, at least we should leave the world smiling and help others smile." 
 Living in the Home with much Joy and Happiness
Expressing Love and Gratitude to their Divine Benefactor!
Swami visited devotees in their homes on the 27th evening and the 28th morning before departing Singapore for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He arrived late afternoon at Sai Amrutham and attended a Satsang in the evening where He spoke on the value of true devotion. He then gifted T-shirts to the men and Saris to the women before retiring for the night. On the 29th morning, the students left early on a tour of the City. Swami attended a Bhoomi Pooja for a new residence for Brother Ayavoo and Dr. Vimala, sponsors of several projects in Malaysia. This was followed by a visit to Sri Sathya Sai Sevashram where he was greeted ceremoniously. After Bhajans He gave a discourse and blessed all the devotees.
Gifts and Blessings for All!
A Public Satsang was held on the 29th evening at Sai Anandam. Swami toured Ananda Cares for single mothers and the Dialysis Center and the Dental Clinic before attending the evening program. Bal Vikas students began the evening with Vedic Chants followed by a music program by the youth. B.N. Narasimha Murthy addressed the devotees followed by Swami's Divine Discourse. Swami blessed all the children after they presented a musical drama called 'Dasha Avatar".
With Bal Vikas Students
And All the Children who Participated in 'Dasha Avatar'
On the morning of August 31st which happened to be Malaysia's Independence Day, the Asia Pacific Youth Meet was held in Kuching and was attended by youth from several Asia Pacific Countries along with youth from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. A valedictory meeting was held in the evening at Vishwa Niketanam Ashram. Swami arrived with His guests, including a State Official and was regaled by Sai's Angels and their Brass Band. They infused the proceedings with high energy as they performed! It was well appreciated by everyone there, including the Minister who praised, congratulated and invited them back! Swami then delivered His benediction and asked everyone to inspire all by leading a life of unity, purity and divinity and thereby creating an ideal society. The program concluded with the singing of the Malaysian National Anthem! 
A Standing Ovation for Sai's Angels 
<td valign="top" style="padding-top:0;padding-right:18px;padding-bottom:9px;padding-left:18px;word-break:break-word;color:#202020;font-family:Helve


Fundación Divina Voluntad

Boletin informativo

de octubre de 2019

Los libros de la biblioteca para los Campus de Swami
en Karnataka, India

Proporcionar educación para la vida
Ha salido a la luz que hay una gran necesidad de libros para llenar todas las bibliotecas en todos los nuevos campus educativos que se han construido en el estado de Karnataka en los últimos años por el pastfew Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust. Como parte de la Cada Uno Educar Uno, School Library System, una 'biblioteca de libros Seva' se está creando. Por favor, ver sugerencias útiles aquí: Directrices para la donación de libros

Si usted desea donar libros y / o tienen espacio en su equipaje a llevar libros a la India durante los eventos de cumpleaños:   Por favor regístrese aquí.
Incluso llevando un libro sería maravilloso.

Biblioteca en Sri Sathya Sai Niketanam en Gulbarga, Karnataka

Visita divina a Singapur y Malasia

24 de Agosto - 31, 2019


10/7/2019: NEWS | WORLD: Bucket still on kangaroo’s head


A kangaroo that was first seen almost five months ago with a bucket stuck on its head, re-emerged on Thursday in Lake Macdonald, Australia, the country’s 7 News reports. And the bucket, which is believed to be a storm water pit box, is still stuck on...

10/7/2019: SPORTS: Djokovic sweeps to Japan Open title

Top-seeded Serbian Novak Djokovic capped a stellar week in Tokyo with a 6-3, 6-2 win over Australian John Millman in the final of the Japan Open on Sunday. Djokovic, who didn’t drop a set all week, was playing in the event for the first time. It’s the...

10/7/2019: SPORTS: Osaka claims crown at China Open

Japan’s Naomi Osaka fought back from a set down to beat Australian world No. 1 Ash Barty 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the final of the China Open in Beijing on Sunday. It was world No. 4 Osaka’s second title in the Asian swing after clinching the Pan Pacific Open...

MPR: Oenpelli Pythons, Rough Scaled Pythons and More with Jake Meney

Jake Meney from the Australian Reptile Park is on this episode of Morelia Python Radio. He will talk about the work that he is doing with the Oenpelli...

Tutorial del broker ICMarkets – Guía en español del broker ICMarkets


ICMarkets es un broker de Forex y CFD (Contratos Por Diferencia) de Australia que ofrece acceso a una variedad de mercados, incluyendo pares de divisas, acciones, índices, commodities y materias primas. Además. cuenta con varios tipos de plataformas de trading, incluyendo Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 y cTrader (una plataforma especializada para brokers ECN). Es un [...]

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Temor por posible guerra de flujos de capital afecta el sentimiento del mercado


Estados Unidos no confirmó los planes de prohibir el listado de compañías chinas en sus mercados de valores. Inversores en espera de informe de Nóminas No Agrícolas para evaluar el próximo movimiento de la Fed. Se espera que el Banco de la Reserva de Australia baje las tasas de interés La volatilidad de la libra [...]

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Boris Johnson and the Australian drought: democracy is not idiot proof | Martin McKenzie Murray


It’s almost like governance is a game played by callow tacticians

The McDonald’s kitchen is designed by geniuses to be mastered by children. It’s meant to be idiot proof.

Comprised of bright and imperishable parts, you assemble burgers like simple Lego sets. But two months into the job, I disproved its invulnerability to fools. The day’s lunch rush complete, two of the four grills were turned off just before I clocked on. Unsupervised, I threw two frozen meat-cakes on a decommissioned press, shut the lid, and prepared the buns. Only recently hibernated, the press had sufficient latent heat to give the patties the impression of being cooked.

Related: Jennifer Arcuri came late to the party. But the Johnson franchise is unthinkable without her now | Marina Hyde

Related: The Coalition says it is spending $7bn on drought – but does the figure stack up?

Martin McKenzie-Murray is a Melbourne writer and the author of A Murder Without Motive.

Continue reading...

It takes 21 litres of water to produce a small chocolate bar. How water-wise is your diet? | Brad Ridoutt


There is a big focus on food that produces the most emissions, but the water-scarcity footprint also has a huge environmental impact

Our diets can have a big environmental impact. The greenhouse gas emissions involved in producing and transporting various foods has been well researched, but have you ever thought about the water-scarcity impacts of producing your favourite foods? The answers may surprise you.

In research recently published in the journal Nutrients, we looked at the water scarcity footprints of the diets of 9,341 adult Australians, involving more than 5,000 foods. We measured both the amount of water used to produce a food, and whether water was scarce or abundant at the location it was drawn from.

Related: Can recycled water be the 'next frontier' for towns running out of drinking water?

Brad Ridoutt is a principal research scientist for CSIRO Agriculture at CSIRO

This piece was originally published on the Conversation

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Steven Smith Returns To T20Is After Three Years As Australia Name Squad For Sri Lanka, Pakistan Series

Steven Smith, David Warner, ICC World Cup 2019Steven Smith is set to end his hiatus from T20I cricket after being named in the squad for the upcoming...

Comment on Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part I) by Hameed Al-Arabi

Ahlan Aron, Speaking the same language, religion, color, and culture doesn't make you one country. Americans, Britons, Canadians, and Australians have the same language, religion, color, and culture; however, they are not one country. Kenyans, Nigerians, Ugandans, and South-Africa speak English, but they are not British or Americans. Morroco, Algiers, Chad, Tunisia, and Senegal speak French, but they are not French. Brother, your evidence that you speak the same language and have the same religion, culture, and color make you one nation with Tigrai is a barren notion. I am sure, when you thought about your imagined nation, you have in your mind the Eritrean Muslims - you are fear-stricken from the Eritrean Muslims. I am afraid you will be an example of እትፈርሆ ይወርሰካ:: Here, I would like to remind you and your elks that Oromos, Somalis, Afaris, Amaras, Guragus, the entire region, and the international community will not allow Tigrians, and the remnants of Alula to form a nation in the region. These extremists will create unrest in the region. If you are a Tigraian, we could not make you an Eritrean by force. If your are eye is on the Red Sea and you wish to make Kebessa Eritreans your Trojan-Horse you will not succeed, because your excuse is a rotten game. Al-Arab

Oonops Drops - From City To City von Brooklyn Radio

Oonops connects DJs and producers from around the globe and from city to city with their exclusive guest mixtapes for his show on Brooklyn Radio. This time he invited Calamity Jade from Milan (Italy) with her fiery soul'n'funky (brass) vinyl selection plus DJ Bacon from Brisbane (Australia) and his explosive hip hop vinyl megamix! But before Oonops opens this episode with fresh and classic tracks from hip hop and instrumentals by Large Pro, Jeru The Damaja, Shin-Ski, The Vibe Drop to soulful tunes by Michael Kiwanuka, Kejam to jazzy vibes by Koma Saxo, Black Bear Basement and many more. Visit your host Oonops ( ) here: Calamity Jade ( ): and DJ Bacon ( ) here:

ANZ Senior Economist Discusses Property Sentiment at RCP Luncheon


RCP welcomed ANZ’s Senior Economist, Felicity Emmett and a number of senior property representatives to a luncheon in Sydney hosted by RCP Managing Director, Russell Martoo and Director, Mark Dibben.

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Iglesia católica australiana pide mayor flexibilidad sobre leyes antidiscriminación



La iglesia católica, la denominación religiosa más grande de Australia, ha manifestado su desacuerdo con el fiscal general Christian Porter por la redacción de una iniciativa de ley en materia de libertad religiosa que el gobierno pretende pasar antes de que acabe el año.


10/8/2019: FRONT PAGE: Smith & groans


LITTLE Mix’s ★ Leigh-Anne Pinnock is counting down the days until their LM5 tour hits sunny Australia. In a couple of months the singer will be able to forget about the miserable UK weather and pack her In A Seashell bikinis off to the Gold Coast....

Batalla del mar de coral (10 min)

En este vídeo se ofrece una síntesis de las operaciones llevadas a cabo entre el 7 y el 8 de mayo de 1942 en las aguas del mar del Coral, situado al noreste de Australia. Ha pasado a la historia por ser la primera batalla entre portaaviones de la historia y para muchos historiadores el resultado fue un virtual empate; no obstante, es indiscutible que estratégicamente los favorecidos fueron los norteamericanos. 


Dominique Raccah on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Publishing

Dominique Raccah, awarding-winning Publisher and CEO of Sourcebooks, presented the 2019 Jim Douglas Lecturer on September 25, 2019 @ SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC. I had the good fortune of attending her talk and interviewing her the following day. This is my recap. Dominique founded Sourcebooks from her home in 1987. Originally a source of financial information for bankers, Dominique has lead a continuously growing, pioneering general book publishing house that happily produces everything from adult and teen fiction, to top titles in children’s books, to baby names and college guides. Sourcebooks' mandate is to publish authors, not books. Where most publishers buy 1-2 books then drop and author or the author moves publishers, Sourcebooks rarely buys only 1 book from an author. They want to work with authors who are building a career over time. Sourcebooks' strategy is to focus on midlist and to take time to find and build an audience, which is why buying multiple books is better strategy for them.   Sourcebooks has created scores of New York Times bestsellers, hundreds of national bestsellers, and #1 selling titles in perennial categories. Sourcebooks today has over 140 employees, publishes more than 350 new titles each year, and is proud to be one of the top book publishers in America.  Sourcebooks makes a strong marketing investment. Marketing is not simply exposing the book to the consumer. Everyone is "in marketing." Every aspect of bringing the book to market is about the marketing of it; the strategic choices made throughout the process. Dominique's background is in statistics so Sourcebooks has a data-centric approach about A/B testing covers, titles, copy, etc. These choices are decisions that are made from the point of view of whether it serves the audience. If a book has a 20-30% probability of success, then all the small data-driven decisions can increase the probability of success. The Amy Knapp family organizer is a prime example of how Sourcebooks' publishes. They started with exploratory research to determine how busy moms were using family organizers and calendars. This audience wanted a wall calendar. They needed a version for on the go. They wanted big boxes to write in all the activities. They were prone to adding bible verses and inspirational quotes to lift their spirits. Each of these elements were incorporated into the design. The title signals the functionality with the words "BIG grid".  Dominique says, "data is a creative weapon." It should not be seen as limiting creativity but rather as a tool to understand the customer, to form questions and hypothesis with. Surveying people is not the approach. Ethnography is. Don't depend on what people say they will do; watch what they actually do.  Book publishing is a red ocean. It's highly competitive.  A Blue Ocean Strategy is about creating an uncontested market.  That's what Sourcebooks did with Chris Ferrie, Quantum Physics for Babies (2017). He now has published 27 books and is the #1 science author for kids in world. Sidenote, he's Canadian, living in Australia. Dominique has been widely recognized as a leader in innovation in book publishing – Sourcebooks has won every innovation award that the industry gives – as well as in the field itself, being named Publishers Weekly Person of the Year in 2016.   In a world where all publishers are equivalent in the eyes of the consumer, how do you distinguish yourself? Author is the key differentiator. It is not the product. We don't care about the format: ebook, book, app, whatever is next. Apple is more than the product, it's the innovation in all the moments. Dominique is always on the lookout for authors and points to innovate. For example, Put me in the Story came about when the author showed Dominique that people were creating scrapbooks and stapling and writing elements into some of her books. It led to an exploration of how that could be captured in an app. Sourcebooks was the 2nd book publisher to get an Apple developer license. But Put Me in the Story is not an app; in the end, print ended up being much, much better. And these books continue to sell. But at the time Put Me in the Story was discussed at Tools of Change and that led to a connection between Sourcebooks and Sesame Street Workshop who were willing to give rights to Elmo so that a Put Me in the Story / Elmo book was available. The book launched on Elmo's birthday.  Another eg. Poetry Speaks. The average poetry book in the US sells about 800 copies. Poetry Speaks was an epic project costing $250,000 to make. It was a book + CD that allowed readers to hear the poets reading their works. Dominique worked hard to get the rights and make the book work. Here's an example where the historical sales data in a category can't predict future sales. Poetry Speaks sold 150K copies. It was a big investment but also a big pay off for readers. Poetry can touch people in meaningful ways and hearing a poety was a game changer.  Positioning is really the role of the publisher, expanding the audience. You must create a product the market wants. The entertainment products people love today have all transformed. Physical tv, movies, songs are all streaming services now. The book is the holdout.  Dominique is deeply interested in expanding readership, creating a world of readers, and connecting authors and readers in new ways. She is an inspiring and passionate presenter. Durring the Jim Douglas lecture, she spoke about innovation in publishing, the future of book publishing and entrepreneurship, and women in the publishing industry. Dominique works with a personal coach and a business coach. One day discussing a series of woes, her coach said, "you know what Dominique, your problems are not big enough." She gave the same advice to me, which was an echo of what she said at the end of her talk.   Sourcebooks celebrated their 32nd Anniversary this week. As the Sourcebooks' team said, "Congratulations to @Dominique Raccah for leading such a unique, forward-thinking family of innovative thinkers and industry experts! #bookschangelives" Dominique Raccah is the Founder & CEO of Sourcebooks. You can find her on Twitter @draccah

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Why I continue to laugh at the outrage over Russian interference in US elections;

FOREX-Dollar steady, yuan firms as U.S.-China trade talks spur caution

SINGAPORE/ TOKYO, Oct 8- The dollar found support on Tuesday while investors awaited the outcome from crucial Sino-U.S. trade talks in Washington, with many staying cautious as neither side has shown signs of giving ground at the negotiations. The Australian and New Zealand dollars, whose fortunes are often linked with global trade, edged higher as some...

FOREX-Dollar breaks 4-day losing streak on trade tensions

LONDON, Oct 7- The dollar firmed on Monday, breaking a four-day losing streak, as fresh concerns over the trade war between the United States and China kept risk appetite subdued and trade-oriented currencies such as the Australian dollar under pressure. A Bloomberg report that Chinese officials were reluctant to agree to U.S. "The trade news has boosted...

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The Australia-based mining company OceanaGold has been given approval to buy land in Waihi to expand its gold mine.

Flight attendants on an air tanker

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KISS will play a show for an audience of great white sharks


The shark-enticing show will take place this November off the coast of Australia.

KISS will play a show for an audience of great white sharks
Spencer Kaufman


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BBC World News: Murray to make Grand Slam singles return at Australian Open

Britain's Andy Murray will make his Grand Slam singles return at the Australian Open in January following his career-saving hip surgery.

Almost Family (FOX)

Only child Julia Bechley (Brittany Snow) life is changed forever after it is revealed her fertility doctor father (Timothy Hutton) had used his own sperm on his patients, resulting in potential numbers of half-siblings, including Edie (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and Roxy (Emily Osment) in this drama originally titled Not Just Me and based on the Australian series called Sisters.

Premieres Oct 02, 2019


FSCast Episode 144 - Software News, Michael Arbitman - a ZoomText user who hunts software vulnerabilities


Eric Damery brings us plenty of software news, including what’s new and improved in public beta 2 of our JAWS® 2018 screen reading software. We learn about a forthcoming update to ZoomText and Fusion, Microsoft’s new Windows Fall Creators Update, and Firefox version 57. Plus news of a 5 city tour in Australia coming up in November, with Quantum Technologies.

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Michael Arbitman, an IT professional who lost his sight suddenly. Now, he’s a ZoomText user who hunts down software vulnerabilities. He’s also beginning a second career as an author of children’s books.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

Software News, Michael Arbitman - a ZoomText user who hunts software vulnerabilities


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Jonathan Mosen speaks with Matt Ater about the collaboration between Freedom Scientific and IBM to provide enterprise accessibility training.

And we meet Maribel Steel from Melbourne, Australia, who uses JAWS® in her work as a writer, blogger, and mentor.

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Episode 112 - Freedom Scientific and IBM make the world a more accessible place. Jonathan speaks with Maribel Steel


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Jonathan Mosen then speaks with Joe Stephen, a talented software developer from Australia whose mastery of the JAWS scripting language led him to becoming a valued member of the JAWS development team.

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Episode 106 - Latest news, listener comments, JAWS for Windows anniversary video, interview with Joe Stephen


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Larry and John Gassman then join us to share the difference JAWS has made in their working lives, and what they've learned from being long-time beta testers of JAWS.

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Episode 103 - CSUN Summary, JAWS® for Windows 20th anniversary, Nas Campanella, Larry and John Gassman


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Nick Murphy (Sala Apolo) Barcelona 05/10/19


 Nick Murphy es el ejemplo perfecto de la reinvención, el australiano ha dado un giro fruto de su evolución artística

La entrada Nick Murphy (Sala Apolo) Barcelona 05/10/19 aparece primero en Muzikalia.


The Cat Empire girarán en marzo por cinco ciudades


The Cat Empire girarán el próximo mes de marzo por cinco ciudades de nuestra geografía. El combo australiano formado en 1999.

La entrada The Cat Empire girarán en marzo por cinco ciudades aparece primero en Muzikalia.


Perusahaan Induk Siap Melangkah di Lantai Bursa

PropertyGuru Limited, salah satu perusahaan teknologi properti di Asia Tenggara baru saja mendaftarkan prospectus di Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Ben Callery Off-The-Grid House in Australia

Situated in Australia on an off-grid retreat on an exposed ridge line at a place called High Camp just outside of Melbourne, Australia, this compact house is an off-the-grid retreat with all the creature comforts…

1978: World Water Speed Record Set


The world speed record for watercraft was set on this day in 1978. It was achieved by the Australian speed boat Spirit of Australia, which was piloted by Ken Warby. The boat achieved a speed of 511.11 km/h. It is interesting that the Spirit of Australia was made mostly of wood, and propelled by a ...

Climate activists block roads, protest in Australian cities

PERTH, Australia (AP) " Activists blocked major roads and demonstrated in Australian cities Tuesday in a second day of global protests by the Extinction Rebellion movement demanding more urgent actions to counter climate change.In Brisbane, protesters chained themselves to intersections in the city center and three people locked themselves onto barrels filled with concrete. A protester hanging from a harness beneath Brisbane's Story Bridge and brandishing "climate emergency" flags was [...]

Today's sport news: what you need to know

In today's sports news - New Zealand women's sevens team third in US, Andrew Hore takes over at the Blues and Australian league teams named.

Australian Bars in NYC


In our continuous efforts to “connect the fun to the fun people”, we present our list of the Australian bars & restaurants in NYC, where Aussie ex-pats will feel at home. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, oi, oi…   Directory of Australian Bars in NYC Sponsoring venue: The Australian The Australian 20 W. 38th St. (between […]

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10/06 Links: PMW: PA capitulates to Israel's anti-"Pay-for-Slay" law; It’s time to put an end to labeling Trump an anti-Semite; Elizabeth Warren Fundraises for Anti-Semite; Caving to BDS

From Ian:

PMW: PA capitulates to Israel's anti-"Pay-for-Slay" law
After initially refusing to accept any tax revenues Israel collected and transfered to the Palestinian Authority because Israel implemented its anti-"Pay-for-Slay" law, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has now capitulated and agreed to accept the vast majority of the funds.

In February 2019, Israel's cabinet decided to implement one part of the 2018 anti-"Pay-for-Slay" law and started to deduct the sum the PA spent in 2018 paying salaries to terrorist prisoners and released prisoners from the 2019 tax revenues Israel collects and transfers to the PA.

Initially, rejecting Israel's implementation of the anti-"Pay-for-Slay" law, because he argued that paying financial rewards to Palestinian terrorists is legitimate, Abbas refused to accept the money Israel tranfered and plunged the PA into a self-made financial crisis.

"[PA] Minister of Civil Affairs [and Fatah Central Committee member] Hussein Al-Sheikh said yesterday [Feb. 10, 2019] that he has conveyed an official message at the request of [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas that emphasizes that 'He will refuse to receive the collected [tax] money if Israel deducts even one penny from it.'" [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 11, 2019]

When he made that decision, Palestinian Media Watch speculated that Abbas was probably planning to use the ensuing impoverishment of the Palestinian population as a tactic to put pressure on Israel to transfer to him the money he uses to reward terror. PMW also suggested that he was using the decision as a means to leverage the international community to put pressure on Israel to ignore its own laws. Abbas was also hoping that the international community would again side with the PA against Israel and further subsidize the PA.

As a show of his resolve to plunge the PA economy into the abyss, Abbas decided to cut the salaries of the PA's law abiding employees by 40-50% while guaranteeing the payment, in full, of the salaries to the terrorists. The PA also stopped allowing Palestinians to receive medical treatment in Israel, under the false claim that Israel was deducting $100 dollars a year for this service. This ban did not apply to senior Fatah figures like Jibril Rajoub who continued to receive medical treatment in an Israeli hospital.

Abbas' decision to accept the tax revenues, even though Israel continues to implement its anti-"Pay-for-Slay" law, reflects an understanding that all these goals have failed.
Pay for Slay with funds from UK?
The Department for International Development (DFID) must now release documents to UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI), having abandoned part of its appeal from the decision of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The ICO ordered DFID to disclose to UKLFI audits of accounts into which British grant aid was transferred and then used to pay salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists. British Ministers relied on these audits when concerns were expressed that British money was being used to pay terrorists.

Various countries, including the UK, paid large sums of money into the World Bank’s Palestinian Recovery and Development Program Multi donor trust fund (PRDP-MDTF), which were then transferred to the Palestinian Authority’s Central Treasury Account.

Funds from this account were used to pay convicted terrorists, rewarding them for their crimes.

On 26 July 2019, the ICO ordered DFID to disclose the audit reports of the PRDP-MDTF and the terms on which the auditors were engaged. The ICO concluded that there was a significant public interest in the disclosure of the information, which outweighed any harm that may be done to diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority.

DFID had filed a Notice of Appeal on 19 August 2019, saying that it intended to appeal the release of the documents, on the grounds that the ICO’s assessment of the public interest was wrong, and that it also disputed the ICO’s conclusion that the Palestinian Authority was not a State, for the purposes of section 27 of the Freedom of Information Act.
David Singer: Netanyahu and Liberman must stop Israel’s third election in a year
Israel is surrounded by enemies – especially Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and Hamas in Gaza that could be tempted to exploit the fractured nature of Israel’s current political circumstances.

There are pressing political issues awaiting Israel’s next Government – most notably negotiations on President Trump’s deal of the century and Netanyahu’s election promise to annex large parts of the "West Bank."

Ending this state of suspended uncertainty has now been thrust on the shoulders of Netanyahu and Liberman – following the failure of Netanyahu and Blue and White leader Benny Gantz to achieve a deal they could both live with.

Netanyahu and Liberman would do well to heed the sage advice contained in the Ethics of the Fathers:

“Do not seek greatness for yourself, and do not lust for honor”

Achieving greatness and honor together by compromising their political expectations will secure Netanyahu and Liberman a special place in the annals of Israel.

Jonathan S. Tobin: It’s time to put an end to labeling Trump an anti-Semite
It’s that at a time when a rising tide of anti-Semitism is spreading over the globe – and Jews are facing the twin threats of white-supremacist hate from the far-Right, as well as leftist anti-Zionists seeking to delegitimize both Israel and American Jews – using it as a partisan political weapon is dangerously irresponsible.

Trump’s actions and statements are fair game for criticism and, like any other leader, can be held accountable by Congress and the courts.

But labeling him an anti-Semite is a blatant falsehood. That’s not merely because he’s clearly the most pro-Israel president America has had, in addition to someone with Jewish family, and with a staff and cabinet filled with many Jews.

It’s also true that his administration has in some respects taken anti-Semitism more seriously than his predecessors. He has ordered civil-rights investigations into attacks on Jewish students and others on US college campuses that were ignored by Obama, and Trump’s Justice Department convened a summit on the subject that addressed issues not treated seriously before this.

If anti-Semitism is just one more brickbat to be tossed around with impunity in the course of bitter and all-too-savage debate on impeachment, then those who are using it in that way are effectively saying that it’s not as important as their partisan goals.

It’s time for both Democrats and Republicans of goodwill to recognize that whatever the outcome of the impeachment battle, injecting false charges of anti-Semitism into the discussion will not advance their cause. It will, however, materially damage the fight against hate.
Elizabeth Warren Fundraises for Anti-Semite
Senator Elizabeth Warren, well-known for cultural appropriation, sent a fundraising email on behalf of Leslie Cockburn late yesterday afternoon.

Warren’s support comes well after the Republican Party of Virginia revealed that Leslie Cockburn was a “virulent anti-Semite” for espousing bizarre conspiracy theories regarding the Jewish people and Israel. It was also recently discovered that Cockburn’s work has been used as source material for a number of white nationalist organizations. Notably, at least one of those websites was responsible for promoting and organizing the deadly Charlottesville rally of last August. Cockburn’s history of anti-Semitism has been well-documented since she wrote Dangerous Liaison in the early 1990s.

It is also worth noting that Cockburn’s co-author, at a debate at Oxford in 2007, said “the Israel lobby in the United States dictates American policy.” Andrew Cockburn also had this to say about the so-called Israel Lobby: “I mean, you know, we’ve had comparisons of the National Rifle Association lobby, very powerful, supremely powerful in Congress, but you can get up and run for office against the National Rifle Association for gun control and no-one tries to demonise you or drive you out of public life. That’s different with the Israel lobby. It’s across, it’s the Congress, it’s the executive branch and it’s in the culture, in the media.”

“Either Elizabeth Warren didn’t do her homework, or she supports what Cockburn stands for; anti-Semitism.” said RPV Executive Director John Findlay. “Elizabeth Warren should answer whether she agrees with Leslie’s co-author when he said that “the Israel lobby in the United States dictates American policy.” This endorsement by a Massachusetts Democrat exemplifies the truth about Leslie Cockburn – she is an out-of-touch, out-of-state liberal who only wants to go to Congress to push a far-left agenda.”
The UN's Insane Israel Bias: Ben Shapiro on UN Watch Statistics
Ben Shapiro calls out the UN's extreme bias against Israel, reading out UN Watch's data:
The U.N. and Israel: Key Statistics from UN Watch

Seth J Frantzman: Turkey re-writes international law with “safe zone” invasion doctrine
Turkey has re-written the rules of international law in Syria, declaring that when there is a presence of what it views as a “terrorist organization,” it has a right to invade and create a “safe zone” or “peace corridor” along the border. Other countries including India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Egypt may take note and begin to study Ankara’s doctrine that has wide implications for international affairs.

In international relations, countries generally enjoy a right to self-defense. This is enshrined in various international laws, precedent and treaty law. The UN Charter, for instance, argues in Article 2 that “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” Article 51 notes that nothing in the charter “shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense.”

Ankara re-written these norms, arguing that when a country has designated an organization a “terrorist group” that it will have a right to invade the neighboring country and set up a “safe zone” along the border. This doesn’t require Ankara to present any evidence that there was a threat or attacks from northern Syria. Turkey simply took over Jarabulus and Afrin in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Now Turkey says it has a right to take over eastern Syria, redraw property lines and international borders, and settle one million Syrian refugees there, creating hundreds of towns regardless of the local population’s views.

This is a new step in international law, one which has broad implications. Israel’s conquest in 1967 of the West Bank and Golan Heights have generally been seen as illegal under international law. But Israel may now argue it is setting up a “safe zone.” This could also be Israel’s argument for distancing Hezbollah from the Lebanese border.

Wider ramifications mean that India can now argue that it needs a safe zone in Pakistan to keep extremists away from parts of the border of Kashmir. Pakistan may need to take over parts of Afghanistan to create Turkey-style safe zones. Russia can say that its role in eastern Ukraine is a “safe zone” or peace corridor. Saudi Arabia now likely needs a safe zone in Yemen. The number of safe zones that can be created on the Turkish model may be endless. Many porous borders across the Sahel in Africa mean that various countries may need to set up safe zones in the territory of their neighbor.

In English, Haaretz Whitewashes Temple Mount Killings
In an article last week on the occasion of IDF's Brig. Gen. Eran Niv wrapping up his post as commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, Haaretz's English edition whitewashes the July 2017 killing of two Druze police officers shot dead by three Israeli Arab assailants just outside the Temple Mount.

Haaretz's English edition, both in print (page 4, Sept. 29) and online refer to the "deaths of two Border Police officers" in the summer of 2017:
The perceived violation of religious symbols is a particularly potent accelerant for violence, Niv says, recalling the violence that erupted after Israel installed metal detectors at the Temple Mount in the summer of 2017, following the deaths of two Border Police officers, as well as the brief outburst that followed visits by Jews to the Temple Mount in August on Tisha B'Av, which coincided with the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Why does the English edition fail to note that the border police officers were killed by Israeli Arab assailants leaving the Temple Mount? Indeed, violence didn't erupt only after the officers' "deaths" -- their deaths themselves, ie murders, were violent.

The Hebrew version of the same article more precisely reported that the officers were killed
China pulls out of $5B deal to develop Iranian offshore gas field
China's state oil company has pulled out of a $5 billion deal to develop a portion of Iran's massive offshore natural gas field, the Islamic republic's oil minister said Sunday, an agreement from which France's Total SA earlier withdrew over US sanctions.

The South Pars field deal, struck in the wake of Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, appears to be just the latest business casualty of America's pressure campaign on Tehran following US President Donald Trump's unilateral withdrawal of the US from the deal.

It also comes as China and the US engage in their own trade war, as Beijing and Washington levy billions of dollars of tariffs on each other's goods.

Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh, quoted by the ministry's Petroenergy Information Network (SHANA), said Sunday that the China National Petroleum Corp. was "no longer in the project." He did not elaborate or give any reason for the withdrawal, though SHANA said the company "had pulled out of a contract" to develop the field.

Officials in Beijing didn't immediately acknowledge their decision. Phone calls to the CNPC rang unanswered on Sunday and its website bore no mention of the withdrawal.
Australia Denies Extradition of Iranian Academic to US
Australia will not extradite an Iranian academic to the United States, Australia’s attorney-general said over the weekend, following a 13-month detention of the researcher for allegedly exporting American-made military equipment to Iran.

Attorney-General Christian Porter said in a statement that “in all the circumstances of this particular case” the academic, Reza Dehbashi Kivi, should not be extradited.

“My decision was made in accordance with the requirements of Australian domestic legal processes and is completely consistent with the powers provided to the commonwealth attorney-general under our law,” Porter said.

The statement came hours after Iran had agreed to free an Australian couple from a Tehran prison who were held on spying charges. Later on Saturday, Iranian media reported that Dehbashi Kivi had already returned to Iran.

Porter would not say whether the two cases were related.

“The Australian Government does not comment on the details behind its consideration of particular cases,” Porter said in his e-mailed statement.

“And while it is likely that because of Mr Kivi’s nationality some will speculate regarding this matter, consistent with prior practice I do not intend to comment further on the particular details of this case, particularly when any such response from me may diminish our government’s capacity to deal with future matters of this type in Australia’s best interests.”
Iranian media calls on Iraqis to takeover U.S. embassy amid protests
An Iranian newspaper linked to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called on Iraqis to seize the US embassy in Baghdad, in a move similar to the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran during the Iranian revolution of 1979, according to Radio Farda.

"Historical evidence has shown that US embassies in all countries, even in friendly and allied countries, are the focus of conspiracy. The US Embassy in Iran is a clear and exemplary example of this bitter reality," wrote Hossein Shariatmadari, the editor of the Kayhan newspaper, in reference to the former US embassy that was taken over and held hostage during the revolution in 1979.

Documents found in the embassy in 1979 "revealed the betrayal of some Iranian political figures and exposed the countless US crimes in Iran and some other countries in the region," according to Kayhan.

The author of the Kayhan article asked "young Iraqi revolutionary believers" why they don't "end the presence of the US Embassy in Baghdad, the same espionage and conspiracy center against the oppressed Iraqi people."

Shariatmadari claimed that "There are many documents about the presence of U.S., Israeli and Saudi Wahabi agents, as well as Ba'thist elements behind the Iraqi protests."
Iranian health workers infect hundreds, including kids, with HIV - report
More than 300 people are accusing local Iranian medical officials of infecting them with the HIV virus, according to Iranian media sources.

The residents, located in the village of Chenar Mahmoud and the towns of Lordegan, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, say adults and children contracted HIV from local medical centers and health clinics due to unsanitary medical practices, including from contaminated syringes used by the local health organizations during a widespread test for diabetes two months prior.

There are similar unconfirmed reports by individuals in neighboring villages.

On Saturday, large groups of the affected townspeople, along with their loved ones and supporters, stormed the office of the Friday Prayer Imam and set it ablaze. Another group protested in front of the governor's building in the province, demanding that the courts investigate the case.

Radio Farda and the Mehr-news agency (MNA) both reported on the incidents.

"A limited number of 'opportunists' attempted to create disruption and sedition outside the Governor's building, but failed," MNA reported about the incident in front of the governor's office.
Merkel’s gov’t says Iran’s call to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ not antisemitic
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government declared the Iranian regime’s call to obliterate the Jewish state is not an expression of antisemitism in an eye-popping statement to The Jerusalem Post on Friday.

On October 1, Merkel’s Foreign Ministry merely labeled the call to destroy Israel by commander-in-chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Gen. Hossein Salami “anti-Israel rhetoric.”

When the Post asked the Merkel administration if it agrees with the statement of its foreign ministry, a spokesman told the Post: “We have nothing to add to the reply of the foreign office.”

The Post specifically asked if Salami’s statements are antisemitic.

In late September, Salami delivered his call to exterminate the Jewish state before an audience of IRGC leaders that was publicized by the state-funded IRNA agency, as well as other Iranian regime-controlled outlets.

Salami said that “This sinister regime must be wiped off the map and this is no longer… a dream [but] it is an achievable goal.”

He added that his country has “managed to obtain the capacity to destroy the impostor Zionist regime” 40 years after the 1979 Islamic revolution.

JPost Editorial: Caving to BDS
We don’t believe that Lovato is an antisemite but she does need to understand that by backtracking on her praise for Israel, she is playing into the hands of antisemites and forces that seek Israel’s destruction.

By caving to BDS pressure, Lovato let herself be used as a political tool. She backtracked on her praise for Israel out of some distorted sense of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

It is true that Israel has an unsettled conflict with the Palestinians and this paper is not alone within Israel of calling – repeatedly – on the government to find ways to reengage with the Palestinian Authority and to work toward a solution.

The BDS movement, Lovato should know, does not want peace and is not interested in a two-state solution. It openly seeks the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, a right afforded to Israel by the United Nations.

Like Lorde, Lovato has joined the forces that believe the Jewish people do not deserve that right. They hold Israel to a double standard and believe that song line out the Jews is okay and not hypocritical or wrong.

She may have distanced herself from Israel and apologized for visiting here, but she needn’t be “Sorry, not Sorry,” as her famous hit song goes. Israelis might not get to hear her perform anytime soon in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv but they will get to hear Celine Dion next summer. Our hearts, as Dion famously sings, will go on.
A beginner’s guide to the SJP national conference
In a surprise to nobody, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) announced that its upcoming national conference, set to commence on November 1, will be held on the University of Minnesota Campus in Minneapolis (UMN). Why is this not a surprise? Because Minneapolis happens to be the district of antisemitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a prominent figure in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

This is not a coincidence. In fact, the very first goal stated on the conference website is to capitalize on shifts in the political climate, represented by the elections of BDS supporters Rep. Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. However, the real shift in the political climate – one that SJP itself has played a substantial role in – is the resurgence of the world’s “oldest hatred” in the US under the guise of BDS.

Countless articles and in-depth studies have delineated the various calls for violence by the SJP leadership, as well as their intimate connection with Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), all of which thrive off an ideology of Jew-hatred. It’s not just the leadership that is guilty of promoting antisemitism, but many student members of SJP as well.

How many times must an SJP chapter host convicted terrorists like Rasmea Odeh at its events before they are called out for their antisemitism? How many social media posts fawning over convicted terrorist Marwan Barghouti and PFLP founder George Habash must be shared by official SJP accounts until the tech overlords ban SJP from their platforms? How many T-shirts glorifying PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled must be sold at their events before the world opens its eyes?
HonestReporting's Daniel Pomerantz Exposes BDS Co-founder Omar Barghouti
HonestReporting's Executive Director Daniel Pomerantz goes head to head with on live television with Omar Barghouti, one of the founders of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. This is a 3 minute highlight reel. For the full 20 minute segment click here:
This was originally aired on CGTN's The Heat news talk program. CGTN is China's English language international channel, with an estimated global viewership of 4 million.

Financial Times misleads on Muslim antisemitism
A Sept. 27th Financial Times book review written by David Feldman, director of the UK based Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, gave a mostly positive account of “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” by NY Times editor Barri Weiss.

However, on the topic of Muslim antisemitism, Feldman is critical.

Weiss is strong on how rightwing anti-Semitism functions, and she scores some hits in her attacks on the left and radical Islam. But sometimes she misses the target. Her writing about anti-Semitism among Muslims is a case in point. It is because of the growing Muslim presence, Weiss claims, that “it is dangerous to be a Jew in Europe.” In fact, so far as we can tell, most anti-Semitism in Britain stems from white men who are nominally Christian.

This is extremely misleading.

Whilst it’s narrowly true that most antisemitic incidents in the UK are committed by “white men”, this is not a terribly significant fact given the overwhelming majority of British citizens are white. When taking into account antisemitic incidents by perpetrator, based on the size of racial and religious groups, CST’s 2018 report demonstrates that Muslims commit acts of antisemitism at a rate disproportionate to their numbers. (page 8 of the report)

Further, according to a major 2017 study of antisemitic attitudes in the UK, by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research and CST, levels of antisemitism in the UK are “2 to 4 times higher among Muslims compared to the general population“.
The BBC’s take on ‘Zionism’
On its website, the BBC has an animated series entitled An A-Z of -isms – including one episode titled “Zionism: A Very Brief History” – and gives this strapline: “Writers, academics and thinkers share their takes on some of the world’s most important ideas (plus a few fun ones).”

The corporation declares that it is “the world’s leading public service broadcaster,” and creates “distinctive, world-class programmes and content which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the UK and around the world.” Therefore, although, so far, only 79,300 or so of those millions have clicked the Zionism animation, it must be remembered that it is on the BBC’s website and not on some obscure ranter’s internet outlet.

As it is, for now, one of the most viewed -isms, it cannot be ignored and remains relevant. Also, Israel is a subject close to the BBC’s keyboards.

In setting itself up as educator, and because it is here dealing with “some of the world’s most important ideas,” the BBC is duty-bound to ensure editorial rigor of its content. Yet, the corporation shirks this duty when it complacently defers it to the author of the “potted history” of Zionism. Using drab and noisy illustrative cartoons that are in some cases inaccurate and inappropriate, with the voice-over veering high and low, further underlines the utter slovenliness of this BBC product.

Clearly, the Zionism -ism was also a “fun one” of the -isms. Theodor Herzl gets tomatoes thrown at him, Jews are swivel-eyed and other such – it adds up to a bit of a list in this 3.08-minute agitated animation.

Who or what was editing Colin Shindler’s “take” on Zionism? You won’t find out who Herzl was, a Jew, because you’re not told.

You are also not told about how Europe, with its fanatical crusades, was long ago set on its path to Hitler’s “Final Solution.” Nor is there any mention of the horrifically violent history of antisemitism across Europe, in which entire villages of Jews were regularly burned to the ground – and this was before the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, the latter of which was a wedding gift of sorts. Alfred Dreyfus was dispensable and so Shindler dispensed with him, and with this swipe, a major defining point in modern Jewish history is elided.

Russian antisemitism – the only mention of “antisemitism” – is quickly and quaintly dismissed as a “heavy hand.” Also not mentioned is the specially coined Russian term, “pogrom,” with all the wanton and brutal destruction of whole Jewish communities that it entailed. It is interesting, though, how the word “Diaspora” is used, without any irony about the way in which it has become a common term, far beyond the Jewish context – a bit like pogrom (but then again, it was not mentioned). Whereas Herzl got tomatoes thrown at him, “Arab nationalism” is treated reverentially. Not even one falafel flies (but then again, falafels are Pharaonic).
CAMERA Arabic prompts correction of three inaccuracies in one BBC report
A BBC article published on September 24th on the network’s Arabic website was corrected last week (no earlier than October 1st, based on the date attributed to a cached copy of the inaccurate version) following a complaint made by CAMERA Arabic on the day of publication.

The article – which aimed to provide a detailed, informed introduction to Israel’s major Arab parties – contained three factual errors, one memorable typo and one major omission – all in one subsection.

Under the headline “What are the components of the Joint Arab List in the Israeli Knesset and [what are] their orientations?”, the article discussed the Joint List – a union of four Israeli parties, three of which self-identify as “Arab” while the fourth, Hadash, describes itself as “Arab-Jewish” (although the vast majority of its voters are estimated to be Arab).

The inaccuracies appeared in the part of the article portraying one of the Joint List’s components: the nationalist Arab party of the National Democratic Alliance (Balad). The correction addressed all the issues raised by CAMERA Arabic. (all translations, emphasis and in-bracket remarks are by CAMERA Arabic unless otherwise specified)
Anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC have risen significantly in 2019
The number of hate crimes against Jews in New York City has risen significantly over the first nine months of this year, part of a citywide rise in such offenses.

The New York Police Department has reported 311 total hate crimes through September, as opposed to 250 reported through the same period in 2018, according to Deputy Inspector Mark Molinari, who heads the department’s Hate Crimes Task Force.

Molinari said 52 percent of the reported hate crimes, or 163, have targeted Jews. Over the same period last year, the NYPD reported 108 anti-Semitic hate crimes.

At a meeting Thursday with Jewish philanthropists, Molinari discussed the numbers and how to prevent anti-Semitic crimes in the city. He recounted a list of anti-Jewish hate crimes that had made the news just this week:
- Two Jewish men had their hats knocked off by a group of teens.
- A separate group of children broke the windows of a Brooklyn synagogue during the Rosh Hashanah holiday.
- Also during the holiday, a third group of kids harassed a Jewish woman, pulling off her scarf and wig.
Robert Kraft names new exec. director of Foundation To Combat Anti-Semitism
Robert Kraft, chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group, announced today the hiring of Dr. Rachel Fish as the founding executive director of the Foundation to Combat Anti-Semitism. Fish will begin her new role on Monday, October 7.

Kraft established this new foundation in response to the growing rise in antisemitism in the U.S. and abroad, particularly in light of the spread of hateful rhetoric online and the initiation of hate crimes against the Jewish people through social media. He announced the foundation when he was awarded the Genesis Prize in June in Jerusalem, along with his own $20 million founding investment and the generous donations of others.

“I am thrilled to have Rachel lead this new and important effort,” Kraft said. “Rachel’s education, experience and, most importantly, her commitment make her the right person for this role. She is equipped to face the growing epidemic of antisemitism with tenacity and a proven track record of progress through a lifetime of work in this arena. Our family is honored and privileged to have Rachel lead this new foundation, which is so close to our hearts.”

Fish brings with her a thorough background and history in the fight against antisemitism, including a strong academic understanding of the issues and varied experience in advocacy work. Most recently, Rachel was Senior Advisor and Resident Scholar of Jewish/Israel Philanthropy at The Paul E. Singer Foundation in New York City where she aided in developing the strategic approach for the foundation’s giving and worked directly with practitioners to implement their missions and initiatives.
Turkey’s Kanter Says He Was Harassed by Erdogan Supporters
Boston Celtics and Turkey center Enes Kanter said he had been harassed outside a Massachusetts mosque on Friday by two men he described as supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Kanter, who filmed the incident and posted it on Twitter, is an outspoken critic of the Turkish regime and its human rights record.

He was indicted by a Turkish court last year on charges of belonging to an armed terrorist group, which he denies.

“Erdogan thugs attacked and threatened me today after Friday prayers in Boston at a mosque,” he wrote.

“Turkish Government don’t even let me practice my religion freely in America let alone my freedom of speech is under attack.”

The video does not show any physical violence, but Kanter is clearly agitated as a crowd gathers around him on the sidewalk, and he seems particularly annoyed by one man who is not speaking English.

“I told you America, this is crazy,” Kanter said in the video.
Israeli defense firm Elbit secures $153 million drone deal with Asian country
Israel defense firm Elbit has secured a drone deal with an Asian country worth approximately $153 million, the company said on Sunday.

The contract will comprise a networked, multi-layer drone system, with aerial vehicles of varying sizes and capabilities, and will be delivered to the unnamed southeast Asia country over a 22-month period.

The materiel will include over 1,000 of Elbit’s THOR mini-drones, which look like consumer rotor drones and are meant to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance operations. The unmanned aircraft can fly at altitudes of 2,000 feet and at 65 kilometers per hour (40 mph).

It will also include dozens of Skylark drones, small aircraft launched and operated by a team of two that are widely used by the Israel Defense Forces. The Sky Rider, as it is known in Hebrew, is a tactical surveillance drone operated by the Artillery Corps that provides a live video feed to soldiers on the ground.
Israeli innovation is about to disrupt the fruit industry
“Disruption” is a common superlative applied to technology startups. Craigslist disrupted the classified advertising business. Uber and Lyft have disrupted the taxi industry.

Now, a new Israeli company aims to disrupt the fruit market, encompassing some 116 million acres of fruit orchards globally.

Markets in general are ripe for disruption when inefficiencies eat away at their core. The issue with fruit is knowing how much the trees on a farm will produce in a given year.

In industrial farming, this is known as “yield estimation” and it’s accomplished today in a remarkably low-tech way: Farm crews do a manual, visual “count” from the sampling of a few randomly selected trees in the field or in photographic images. From there, they extrapolate to the entire orchard.

But because it’s very difficult to distinguish unripe green fruit from green leaves, inaccuracies ranging from 30% to 40% are common. And wrong yield estimation results in less (or even no) profitability.
Pre-Mossad: How one man used espionage to bring Poland's Jews to Israel
Miri Nahari’s father, Tzvi Netzer, was the point-man for pre-Mossad clandestine efforts bringing 250,000 out of 300,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors from Poland to Israel.

Despite that near-miraculous accomplishment, strangely, Netzer is not as much of an international household name as his boss, Shaul Avigur.

Avigur helped found the Haganah’s intelligence wing, and at points headed all of Mossad Aliyah Bet and Nativ – which, respectively, brought massive numbers of European and Russian Jews to Israel.

Still, Netzer was the operational leader on the ground for “the Bricha” (the Jewish Escape) in Poland.

That meant getting Jews out of Poland post-World War II and essentially made him the pre-Mossad Israeli intelligence station chief in one of the key countries in Europe for Jewish survivors.

But before he got to that point, he, in typical Mossad-level spellbinding style, survived quite a few precarious situations, Nehari tells The Jerusalem Post Magazine with a flicker in her eye.

At this point, Nehari herself is a grandmother, and spent aspects of her career carrying out important activities for the state.
Her dynamic and bubbly personality is on full display as we make small talk and she offers a hot drink in the living room of her Ramat Hasharon home.
'A great privilege to see Ari rejoice in Trump's J'lem decision'
US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman eulogized Ari Fuld in Gush Etzion Sunday evening, lauding the murdered father of four as an ‘outstanding American, an outstanding Israeli, and an outstanding Jew’.

Speaking during a ceremony marking the first yahrzeit (anniversary of his death) of Fuld in Gush Etzion south of Jerusalem, Friedman recalled Fuld’s pro-Israel activism, and his jubilation over the White House’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“The voice of your brother cries out to me from this ground…and it reminds us, as only Ari can, that we must always stand for the truth. I remember how excited Ari was on the day that we opened the United States Embassy in Jerusalem, some 17 months ago,” said Friedman.

“He issued several moving videos. Through all his excitement and all his commentary, the point that reverberated over and over again was not that the opening of the embassy was good, not that it was the right policy, not that it was appropriate or that it was just. Rather what Ari said was that the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem was an act in solidarity with the truth.

“The United States did not discover something new when it opened our embassy there. Rather, the United States was the first among nations to take a stand for the truth, in recognizing Jerusalem’s undeniable eternal status as the capital of Israel, and Ari implicitly recognized this.”

“It was a great privilege to see Ari rejoice at President Trump’s decision. While we had no doubt that we had taken the right path, positive reinforcement from an American and an Israeli and a Jew of Ari’s stature was most welcome.”

Friedman went on to call Fuld, who was murdered in a stabbing attack by a Palestinian Arab terrorist near the Gush Etzion bloc last year, a ‘proud American, Israeli, and Jew’.
Yahya, a Muslim Arab Israeli Combat Soldier

5,000-year-old NYC-style metropolis uncovered in northern Israel
The ruins of a 5,000-year-old megalopolis were uncovered in northern Israel, the Antiquities Authority announced on Sunday, in one of the most significant archaeological findings in recent history.

The ruins were discovered in a major excavation project in the Ein Assur site near Harish. According to the IAA, the city was the largest and most central one in the area during the Bronze Age. According to the archaeologists, about 6,000 people lived there, a huge number at the time.

“About the same time that the first pharaoh established his rule over Egypt, this city was founded,” IAA official Yitzhak Paz, explained in a video, calling the city “the New York of that era.”

Paz explained that the location offered exceptionally good conditions to settle, such as sources of water and strategic proximity to ancient commercial routes.

The city was fortified and its urban design is clearly visible, he added.

The ruins clearly show a web of roads and alleys, as well as the design of the buildings. Among the most unique structures uncovered, was a temple where religious rituals were performed. A seal imprint featuring the figure of a stylized man raising his hands in prayer and a head figurine were found at the site.

An even earlier settlement, dating to the Chalcolithic period from 7,000 years ago, was uncovered in deeper excavations made beneath this city's houses. It seems that two abundant springs originating in the area in antiquity were a site of attraction throughout the period.

According to the authority, the finding will change everything scholars know about the urbanization process in the Land of Israel in ancient times.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

10/05 Links: Bari Weiss' revolutionary anti-antisemitism action plan; Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to headline J Street conference; Phyllis Chesler: Gilead Resembles an Islamic Theocracy, not Trump’s America

From Ian:

Bari Weiss' revolutionary anti-antisemitism action plan
I am intellectually curious about Weiss’s thoughts on the fourth pillar of antisemitism that contaminates Western Europe: Guilt-defensiveness antisemitism.

The Israeli psychoanalyst Zvi Rex famously remarked, with biting sarcasm, that “The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.”

Based on my nearly 20 years of writing and analyzing contemporary antisemitism in Continental Europe, I posit that Rex’s formulation about German society punishing Jews because of the memory of the Shoah, which infuses pathological guilt into many Germans, needs to be updated.

In a modernized version of Rex, one might say that Western Europeans will never forgive Israel for the Holocaust. In short, that Western European countries such as France, Sweden, Austrian, Italy and others that were complicit in the Shoah are intensely focused on imposing discipline and punishment on Israel because of their guilt associated with Holocaust. What other plausible explanation exists for Western Europe’s relentless attacks on Israel and its singling out of Israel, only Israel, for a punitive demarcation of its products from the disputed territories in the West Bank and the Golan?

There has been progress recently in Germany in the fight against contemporary antisemitism, Weiss notes, for example the Bundestag decision to classify the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign targeting Israel as anti-Semitic.

However, there is still the problem that John le Carré described so forcefully in his novel The Little Drummer Girl (1983), when the Palestinain terrorist Khalil says, “We have many friends in Germany. But not because they love Palestinians. Only because they hate Jews.”

A 2017 German government study revealed that nearly 33 million Germans, out of a total population of 82 million, are infected with contemporary antisemitism–that is hatred of the Jewish state.

The report said, in a section titled “Agreement with Israel-related antisemitism,” that 40% of Germans who were polled approved of the following statement: “Based on Israel’s policies, I can understand people having something against the Jews.”
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to headline J Street conference
The two most powerful Democratic politicians in America, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, will headline the annual conference of J Street, the liberal Israel lobby.

The conference, which drew 3,000 people last year, is among the most prominent liberal Jewish gatherings of the year. It will take place in late October, and Pelosi and Schumer will speak on the night of Oct. 28. Pelosi recently launched an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Schumer’s presence at the conference is especially notable because he has established a reputation as a traditional pro-Israel voice in the Senate. He is a perennial speaker at the annual conference of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, which is to the right of J Street. He also voted against President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement in 2015, a deal that J Street strongly supported.

J Street advocates for an end to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, and has been a frequent Trump critic. Its affiliated political action committee, JStreetPac, raised $5 million for more than 100 Democratic candidates in the 2018 midterm elections.

“At a time when many of our core values are under threat both in Israel and here at home, J Street is proud to stand with so many allies who are defending democracy and working towards a better future,” J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami said in a statement.

Swastikas in NJ Schools Symptom of Deeper Challenge of Antisemitism, Bigotry, Democratic Congressman Says
New Jersey is experiencing a “huge increase” in antisemitic activity and “every tool” needs to be used to combat the trend, the congressman representing the state’s 5th electoral district declared on Friday.

Democratic Rep. Josh Gottheimer was speaking on a conference call arranged to address a spate of swastika daubings and other antisemitic offenses in New Jersey public schools in recent weeks.

Highlighting the growing threat posed by white supremacist groups across the state, Gottheimer emphasized that his office was actively assisting security enhancement at religious institutions.

“We’re working together with our communities and our religious institutions by providing them with non-profit security grants,” Gottheimer said.

Grants of over $1 million this year have assisted synagogues, mosques, temples and other religious buildings with extra lighting, better locks and other safety measures.

Phyllis Chesler: Gilead Resembles an Islamic Theocracy, not Trump’s America
Misogynist thinking and actions exist in America today but not only among right-wing conservatives. It is also flourishing among our media and academic elites. Such thinking is flying high under the banner of “free speech,” “multi-cultural relativism,” “anti-racism,” and “political correctness.” Dare to question this elite’s right to silence and shame those who challenge their views—i.e., that the West is always to blame, that jihadists are freedom-fighters, that the Islamic face veil is a free choice or a religious commandment, that polygamy encourages sisterhood, that Islam is a race, not a religious and political ideology—and, as I’ve noted many times, one is attacked as a racist, an Islamophobe, and a conservative, and swiftly demonized and de-platformed.

While MGM/Hulu’s TV series is dramatically compelling, part soap opera, part horror movie, part Warrior Queen fantasy, the series is radically different from Atwood’s 1985 novel. For example, Atwood’s narrator, Ofglen, is not an increasingly daring, crazed, female assassin, as Elizabeth Moss brilliantly plays her. She is hardly heroic at all; under totalitarianism, heroism, collective or individual, is quickly ferreted out and destroyed. It exists but is rare.

Contemporary viewers are hungry for multi-racial characters, interracial and same-sex couples, “badass” women. Hulu gives them to us. Hulu’s Canada is a multi-racial, politically correct refuge for Gilead’s escapees; same-sex couples and feminists are government leaders. This is not true in the novel. On the contrary, in her 1985 Epilogue, Atwood has Canada rounding up and returning all Gilead escapees.

Atwood the divine novelist is absolutely entitled to depict whatever she wishes. But the current crop of reviewers as well as the filmmakers are playing partisan politics with her original vision and are refusing to see other and larger global dangers contained in her work.

Women’s freedom and women’s lives worldwide are under the most profound siege. To focus solely on the United States or on the Caucasian, Judeo-Christian West is diversionary. It scapegoats one country, one culture, for the far greater crimes of other countries and cultures.
Most Wars Don't Get Named Until Years After the Fighting Is Done. Others, Like the Yom Kippur War, Are Different.
The confidence of 1967 had turned out to be arrogant pride in 1973; its optimism, the folly of wishful thinking. Although there had been ample indications of the impending Egyptian and Syrian attack, Israel’s leadership had refused to believe it would happen and had not taken the necessary precautions. Menachem Begin, then the leader of the opposition, was speaking for all Israelis when, shortly after the war’s end, he declared in the Knesset:
Grief over the terrible mistake [of not calling up the reserves in advance and/or undertaking a preventive strike] . . . will never cease to haunt us. All would have been different, militarily and politically, were it not for the New Moon to the Tenth’s blindness.

Begin, a master rhetorician, had chosen his words carefully. “The New Moon to the Tenth,” beyn keseh l’asor, is a traditional rabbinic phrase for the ten “days of awe” from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur; the literal meaning of keseh (based on Psalms 81:4) is “covering up,” that is, the disappearance of the old moon at the month’s end before the new moon is sighted. Furthermore, the literary term used by Begin for “blindness,” likuy m’orot, which in Hebrew signifies more a judgmental or moral loss of vision than a physical one, also means “eclipse.” The intended parallelism was painfully apparent: as the light of the moon is eclipsed at the beginning of the ten days preceding Yom Kippur, so was the judgment of Israel’s leaders.

Ever since 1973, Yom Kippur has had a significance in Israel that it does not have in the rest of the Jewish world. Besides being a day of judgment for the sins of the individual, it has been seared into Israeli consciousness as a day of judgment for the nation—one on which a whole country was found guilty of the sin of hubris and made to pay a terrible price for it.

In colloquial Israeli speech, the words yom kippur have come to denote any shocking comeuppance, so that saying that something was someone’s “Yom Kippur” is like saying in English “It was his Waterloo.” There will never again be a Yom Kippur in Israel without this double sense of it, and the day’s heavy somberness is felt even by those who do not relate to it religiously. It will indeed always continue to haunt.
The War of Attrition: The “War Between The Wars”
Israel is the only country in the world that lives in a status called “the war between the wars.” Since it is surrounded by enemies who seek its destruction, even when not in official wartime, it is constantly dealing with small scale attacks from those enemies. The greatest example of this status is the three-year period from 1967 to 1970, a period which is now referred to as the “War of Attrition.”

One would have thought that Israel’s resounding victory over all the neighboring Arab countries in the June 1967 Six Day War would have given the Jewish state a few years of peace and quiet.

But this wasn’t the case.

Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser was determined to do whatever possible to win back the Sinai Peninsula which Israel captured during the war that ended on June 9, 1967. While the Six Day War was over, it wasn’t long until the War of Attrition began.

As early as July 1, Egyptian commandos moved to within 10 miles of the Israeli position on the eastern side of the Suez Canal. Israel, working under a plan to prevent Egyptian forces gathering in the area, attacked the commandos and lost one soldier with 13 wounded. The next day, the Israeli air force bombed the Egyptian artillery that was providing cover for its commandos. That led to an Egyptian air force strike against Israeli forces in the Sinai and, for all intents and purposes, the June 9 ceasefire was no longer relevant. Skirmishes between the two sides continued throughout July with numerous Egyptian fighter jets shot down by Israel and Israel sinking two Egyptian torpedo boats.

There was relative quiet during August, September and most of October but then on October 21, 1967, the Egyptian Navy sunk the Eilat, an Israeli naval destroyer, in international waters off the coast of Port Said, killing 47 Israeli sailors. Israel retaliated with extensive bombing of Egyptian oil refineries and depots in the region, resulting in significant artillery battles between the two sides, with the Egyptians suffering civilian casualties.
Iranian hackers reportedly targeted Trump 2020 presidential campaign
Microsoft said Friday that it believed that hackers linked to the Iranian government have recently targeted a US presidential campaign, as well as government officials, media targets and prominent expatriate Iranians.

Overall, the hackers attempted to penetrate 241 accounts — four successfully — though none of those penetrated was associated with presidential campaigns or current or past US officials, Microsoft said. A company spokeswoman declined to identify those targeted, citing customer privacy.

Reuters and The New York Times reported that the attacks targeted US President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, but this could not be independently confirmed.

A review of publicly available internet records by AP showed that the Trump campaign’s official website is linked to Microsoft’s email service.

The campaign website is the only major candidate’s site connected to Microsoft’s cloud email service, and his campaign has spent tens of thousands of dollars on the company’s products, Reuters said.

The New York Times report saying Trump was targeted cited two people with knowledge of the attacks who were not allowed to discuss them publicly, and said it wasn’t clear if the campaign had been compromised in any way.
Israel and Gulf states said working on ‘non-aggression pact’ as they face Iran
Israel is reportedly negotiating with several Gulf states on a “non-aggression pact” between them as they face off against an increasingly emboldened Iran. The deal, which Channel 12 news described as potentially “historic,” aims to put an end to the state of conflict between these states and Israel.

Advancing the Israeli initiative, Foreign Minister Israel Katz met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly last month with several foreign ministers from Arab Gulf states, Channel 12 news reported Saturday night.

There was no immediate comment from the Foreign Ministry, but Katz himself on September 23 tweeted that he had held talks with an unnamed counterpart from an Arab country with which Israel does not have formal relations, and said they discussed “ways to deal with the Iranian threat” and a process for boosting “civilian cooperation.”

Katz, who is leading the effort with the backing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, agreed with his Gulf Arab interlocutors to set up working teams to take the non-aggression pact forward, the TV report said.
Foreign Minister Israel Katz and his Bahraini counterpart Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa (R) pose for a photograph at the State Department in Washington on July 17, 2019. (Courtesy)

Katz presented his Gulf counterparts with a draft text of the intended pact, which was drawn up by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the TV report said. It reportedly highlights the opportunity to advance common interests in the context of the threat posed by Iran, and is drafted in accordance with principles of international law. Among other elements, the TV report said, the draft text specifies cooperation in the fields of war, the fight against terror, and economic interests.
Saudis said moving toward detente with Iran amid US reluctance to act militarily
Sensing US reluctance to respond forcefully to Iranian aggression in the region, and following the devastating September attack on its oil facilities blamed on Tehran, Saudi Arabia is quietly moving toward possible rapprochement with the Islamic Republic, according to multiple media reports.

The New York Times reported Friday that the Trump administration’s failure to react militarily to the September 14 missile and drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, which jolted global oil prices and temporarily knocked out nearly 6 percent of the world’s daily crude production, had led Riyadh to recalculate.

“The worst outcome for the Saudis is to move to a confrontation with Iran expecting the US to support them and find out they won’t,” Philip Gordon, a former White House Middle East coordinator told the Times. “This administration has shown it’s not really ready to take on Iran.”

The strikes were claimed by Houthi rebels in Yemen, but Saudi Arabia, the US and other Western powers have said the attack was sponsored by Tehran. In its aftermath, US President Donald Trump was presented with a range of military options, including potential airstrikes on targets inside Iran. But he was also warned that military action against the Islamic Republic could escalate into war, according to US officials familiar with the discussions.

Trump during a White House meeting last Friday put off, at least for now, any immediate military strike on Iran, but approved a broader effort to beef up security in Saudi Arabia and the region. He told reporters that showing restraint “shows far more strength” than launching retaliatory strikes now.
2 rockets fired from Gaza set off sirens, fall short of border fence, IDF says
Two projectiles fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Friday fell short of the border fence, landing inside the Hamas-held territory, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

The launches triggered incoming rocket sirens in the Gaza border community of Kissufim in southern Israel shortly before midnight.

The incident came hours after a Palestinian man was killed during riots along the Gaza-Israel border fence on Friday, according to the Hamas-run health ministry, as thousands took part in weekly protests.

Alaa Hamdan, 28, was shot in the chest by IDF soldiers in a clash near Jabalia in northern Gaza, the ministry’s spokesman said. The IDF had no immediate comment on the death.

Israel’s Channel 12 said the death may have been caused by a Palestinian grenade.

Five other demonstrators were wounded by gunfire, the Hamas-run ministry said.

Around 6,000 Palestinians took part in the day’s protests with some rioters throwing rocks and explosives at the security fence and troops along the border.
Ramallah Youths’ Discovery of IDF Camouflaged Surveillance Camera May Hurt Microsoft Startup
Youths from the village of Kober, northwest of Ramallah, posted a video and photos showing a camouflaged video camera that was hidden inside a concrete block by Israeli security forces in the village cemetery, Ma’an reported Friday.

According to Arab social network sites, the young men who found the spy device set it on fire after confirming it was a broadcast camera that transmits their movements.

In a video posted on the website of the journalist Tamer Barghouti from Kober, the young men appear to dismantle the device, which included a camera, a transmitter, and a battery, and celebrate their discovery with great joy.

On Tuesday, the IDF arrested three young men from Kober, out of whom it released two brothers and kept suspect Nassim Barghouti in detention.

According to Ma’an, the surveillance device was made by the Holon-based Israeli company AnyVision (“We build the future, Pixel by Pixel”), which specializes in facial recognition technology.

In June, Microsoft’s M12 venture fund announced its investment in AnyVision, just as soon as it is determined whether its products adhered to Microsoft’s tough AI ethics standards. Eventually, AnyVision reported that all its investors, including Microsoft, were satisfied it was a “tool for good.” But by mid-July, Haaretz reported that the IDF is using AnyVision’s face recognition technology at Judea and Samaria checkpoints as well as inside Arab communities, leading to a wave of criticism of Microsoft’s investment in AnyVision.
PA agrees to accept tax funds from Israel, ending stand-off over terror salaries
The Palestinian Authority has agreed to accept hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues collected by Israel, after months of declining them in protest over Jerusalem withholding money over payments to terrorists, Palestinian officials said Friday.

The transfers amount to some 600 million Israeli shekels (about $170 million) a month and are a key source of financing for the PA.

The PA had refused to accept the funds because Israel was withholding an amount equal to what the Palestinians pay to terrorists and their families, but the cash-strapped PA appears to be retreating in the face of an economic crisis.

Israel says the so-called Martyrs’ Fund rewards and encourages violence, while the Palestinians say it is a way to provide for needy families affected by the decades-old conflict.

Hussein al-Sheikh, an aide to Abbas, tweeted Friday that he had met with Israel’s Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon the day before to discuss “all outstanding issues” and that committees would continue the negotiations on Sunday.

“The agreement was also on transferring a payment from the #PA’s financial dues. The dispute (remains) over the salaries of the families of #prisoners and #martyrs. We are determined to pay their dues at all costs.”
Egypt parliament speaker praises Hitler to defend government spending
The speaker of Egypt’s parliament on Wednesday clarified his praise of Adolf Hitler a day earlier to justify spending on government construction projects.

At the opening session of parliament Tuesday, Ali Abdel Aal implored lawmakers to back Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi amid anti-government protests. According to the Middle East Eye news site, Aal asked lawmakers to observe a minute of silence as a sign of support for Sissi’s “project to build the modern Egyptian state.”

“Hitler had his mistakes, but what allowed him to expand eastward and westward was that he created a strong infrastructure for the German state that remains the source of its leading position in the First World,” Aal was quoted saying.

After the remarks were reported on, Aal said Wednesday that Hitler “has committed a lot of crimes” and that his praise was of German civilization and development, not the Nazi leader.

“Everybody is aware of what Adolf Hitler has done to humanity; hence no one with the minimum level of knowledge can praise him for his actions,” Aal said during a parliamentary session, Egypt Today reported.
MEMRI: Warm Encounter Between Arab League Secretary-General, Syrian Regime Representatives On Margins Of UNGA Reignites Speculation About Syria's Reinstatement In Arab League
Unexpectedly, on the margins of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, Arab League secretary-general Ahmad Abu Al-Gheit approached the Syrian delegation, greeted Syrian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Walid Al-Mu'allem and called him "brother," shook his hand and the hand of his deputy Faisal Al-Miqdad, kissed them both, and said he was happy to see them.

Apparently, this friendliness towards the Syrian leadership on the part of the secretary-general of the Arab League – which suspended Syria's membership on November 12, 2011 because of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad's harsh repression of the Arab Spring protests in the country[1] – is further evidence of an uptick in Syria's status in the Arab world and of the erosion of Arab opposition to the Syrian regime.[2]

For some three years, a number of Arab states – including Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Lebanon, Algeria, and the Palestinian Authority – have been calling to allow Syria back in to the Arab League.[3] UAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash even stated, in a June 7, 2018 interview, that "expelling Syria from the Arab League was a mistake."[4] In addition, the Arab Youth and Environment Union, which belongs to the Arab League, announced on October 2 that it would reinstate Syria as a member in the next few days.[5]
Seth J. Frantzman: Why did Iraqi forces shoot protesters?
A variety of videos coming out of Baghdad show security forces shooting at protesters. Over the last twenty-four hours, as Friday turned to Saturday, the number of reports of snipers gunning down activists has grown. The elephant in the room cannot be ignored: Someone in Iraq’s government told a section of the security forces to use live-fire to kill protesters. It wasn’t a mistake, it wasn’t because police were outnumbered, and it wasn’t isolated incidents.

Why would Iraqi forces shoot the protesters from the same cities and southern provinces that many of the security forces or Popular Mobilization Units are drawn from? The question may is worth asking because there have been various rumors and claims about the protests in Iraq that have posited that those doing the killing and using the most heavy-handed measures are Iranian-linked groups. This creates an easy narrative of “Iran suppressing protests in Iraq,” as part of the larger Iranian goal to control Iraq for its own purposes.

To support the narrative of Iran’s role there have been stories about “Farsi speakers among the security forces” and “units changing uniforms” before attacking protesters. There are stories about plain-clothes officers among the security forces which leads to claims those in plain clothes are outsiders. In this narrative, spread in Arabic on social media, an “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Brigade” was permitted to enter Iraq by Fatah Alliance leader Hadi al-Amiri. Evidence? Some people tweeting about it.

The claim of foreign interference goes both ways. Others have pointed out that a concerted social media effort has been made to fuel protests and some of the accounts are located abroad. Lastly voices in pro-Iranian media have portrayed the protests as directed by foreign powers.

None of these stories present a full picture of what happened. Like the proverbial elephant, they all only capture one part of what happened. From the first moments of the protest the security forces that were sent used heavy-handed tactics. Video showed men in camouflage uniforms, heavily armed, involved in clashes, as well as other police-style units in darker uniforms.
Iraqi protesters claim Iranian forces firing on demonstrations
Farsi-speaking Iranians, not Iraqi forces, have been firing on protests in Iraq in which 65 people have died, said one protester interviewed by Reuters, according to Al Arabiya.

"There is no work, you come to protest, they fire at you. Live gunfire,"said the unnamed protester."They are all Iranian-speaking in Farsi. You want to speak to them, they answer in Farsi. The Iraqis would not fire at you."

The Shi'ite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) milita in Iraq is backed by Iran.

Witnesses at the protests in Baghdad said that pro-Iranian security forces opened fire on protesters.

Protests broke out throughout Iraq against the deterioration of living conditions and health services, government corruption, unemployment and Iranian interference in the country.

The protests have no clear leader and seem to consist of gatherings of angry protesters.
In apparent swap, Iran frees Australian travel bloggers charged with spying
In a possible swap, an Australian-British blogger and her fiancé returned home Saturday after being freed from a three-month detention in Iran.

The couple, Jolie King and Mark Firkin, returned to Australia after all charges against them were dropped.

At the same time, Iran’s state TV reported that an Iranian scientist, Reza Dehbashi, who was detained for 13 months in Australia over purchasing a defense system for his country from the United States, had returned home.

“We are extremely happy and relieved to be safely back in Australia with those we love,” the Australian couple said in a statement. “While the past few months have been very difficult, we know it has also been tough for those back home who have been worried for us.”

They thanked the Australian government for helping secure their release.

There was no immediate acknowledgment Saturday by Iranian officials or in the country’s state media of the couple’s release. However, that has happened in previous cases.

Iranian TV said that the Australian judiciary had planned to send Dehbashi to the US but that he was released through Tehran’s diplomatic efforts.
Man crying ‘Allahu Akbar’ tries to run into Berlin synagogue with knife
A man armed with a knife attempted to run into a synagogue in central Berlin Friday evening, German media reported Saturday.

The man, apparently a Syrian refugee, was tackled by security personnel at the entrance to the Neue Synagogue. According to the Bild website, he was heard calling out “Allahu Akbar” (“God is Great” in Arabic) and “F##k Israel.”

German police said the man, identified as Murad M., was hit with pepper spray by guards and then subdued and disarmed.

Officials said he carried documentation identifying him as 23 years old, originating from Damascus and with a residency permit, which ends in December 2020.

The incident occurred at around 5:30 p.m. according to Bild, likely shortly before the start of Friday’s evening prayer service.

Police said the assailant had no prior record and was not known to authorities.

The investigation was ongoing, but German media said that the man was released from police custody on Saturday morning.
John Mann warns against risk of understating problem of antisemitism
The Government’s new antisemitism adviser has warned that between overstatement and understatement of antisemitism, “the biggest danger is that we will understate the problem.”

Speaking after his first public engagement in his new job, John Mann MP, who has resigned from the Labour Party and will become a crossbench peer in the House of Lords, explained that he accepted his new advisory role to prevent “good people, young people” from deciding to emigrate from the UK because of rising antisemitism.

Campaign Against Antisemitism’s Antisemitism Barometer has shown that 40% of British Jews have considered leaving the country due to antisemitism.

If action were not taken against antisemitism, he warned, “the reality will be that good people will leave. Not necessarily quickly — but good people will not see their future on the continent of Europe or on the UK because they are Jewish, and they wish for their identity to be proudly held at all times. We are not going to accept – and government is not going to accept — that impingement on civil liberties in this country.”

Observing the rise of antisemitism on university campuses, Mr Mann noted too the “pernicious, silent, isolating disdain” shown towards Jewish students “from hostile elements in their universities,” adding that he would be pushing for the adoption and application of the International Definition of Antisemitism by “our major institutions, football clubs, universities — this is achievable.”
CAA condemns University of Nottingham for inviting suspended MP Chris Williamson to speak
The University of Nottingham has defended a decision to invite Chris Williamson MP to speak on its campus.

Mr Williamson was suspended from Labour and then readmitted, only to be resuspended following a public outcry after claiming that Labour has been “too apologetic” over antisemitism.

The disgraced MP is scheduled to speak on 11th October as part of a series on “British Politics in Crisis” at the Centre for British Politics.

Jewish students at the university have reportedly called for the invitation to be withdrawn, citing Mr Williamson’s “history of Jew baiting.”

Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “It is a damning reflection on the University of Nottingham that it chooses to invite a politician suspended from the Labour Party over his attempts to minimise the Party’s antisemitism crisis and who has a record of praising antisemites to give a lecture. If the university wishes to teach its students why British politics is in crisis, it might start by exploring why leading institutions are so ready to legitimise Labour antisemitism by inviting one of its chief defenders to speak.”

On 28th May, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched a full statutory investigation following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.
Labour MP Emma Dent Coad likes Facebook comment claiming Israel “disgraces all of us Jews worldwide”, then apologises
Emma Dent Coad, who was elected as a Labour MP in 2017 for Kensington, ‘liked’ a comment on Facebook by another user that read: “I’ve always been a Bevanite — my ultimate political hero…and as a Jew, the current Israeli apartheid regime disgraces all of us Jews worldwide.”

The comment was posted in response to a post by another user that criticised “Blairite” MPs and “members of the Netanyahu fan club”.

Following media attention, Ms Dent Coad apologised and ‘unliked’ the comment.

On 28th May, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched a full statutory investigation following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.

In recent months, twelve MPs and three peers have resigned from the Labour Party over antisemitism, along with a large number of MEPs, councillors and members.

Over 55,000 people have now signed our petition denouncing Jeremy Corbyn as an antisemite and declaring him “unfit to hold any public office.”
Conservative MP Crispin Blunt suggests British Jews “demand special status” and reportedly says grants for Jewish security are a waste of money
The Conservative MP Crispin Blunt made a reference to “the demand for special status” on the part of British Jews in an interview on the sidelines of the Conservative Party Conference this week.

Mr Blunt made the comment following a fringe event at the Party Conference in his capacity as patron of the Conservative Humanists group. At the event, which was held in conjunction with Humanists UK, the chair of Conservative Humanists protested previous comments by the Chief Rabbi, who had apparently suggested that some humanists were becoming intolerant of religion.

Asked for his reaction to the chair’s comments, Mr Blunt suggested: “I think what he was saying was regarding the demand for special status…what’s required is for everyone to have tolerance of other people’s position and not to impose unfair views.”

The notion, however casually expressed, that Jews demand or receive special status in British society is baseless and offensive. Any dispensations that Jews do receive, for example in the workplace, are also shared by other faith groups and protected classes.
Alison Chabloz and the Criminalization of Holocaust Denial
Late last month, a musician named Alison Chabloz was sent to prison in the United Kingdom for violating the terms of an earlier court decision prohibiting her from using social media — a decision stemming from her dissemination of videos featuring songs she wrote that mocked the Holocaust. In the UK, this story made many of the major papers, but it has hardly registered at all in the United States.

But here’s why it should:
This case was a watershed decision in the battle against antisemitism. The UK has laws expressly forbidding hate speech that tries to incite hatred of other groups or is grossly offensive in nature. As such, and in light of her social-media malfeasance, Chabloz — who has posted content on her website with headlines such as “In Defence of a Myth–‘Holocaust’ lobby shifts into top gear” and “Hear the Jew cry out in pain as the White lady sings” was incarcerated for a couple of days before being released pending her appeal hearing. That is scheduled for late October.

Chabloz, who has remained unrepentant despite her losing cause, has become something of a symbol of resistance to anti-hate speech legislation. Her supporters argue that Chabloz shouldn’t have been put in jail just for singing songs. They claim that regardless of the fact that Chabloz perpetuated an utterly repellent ideology through her music, the idea of instituting such a harsh punishment for posting content on social media is extreme in light of a person’s right to self-expression.
Why did UK’s Holocaust memorial events remove references to Jews?
The University College Union in the United Kingdom sent an email to branches that excluded mention of Jews among the groups persecuted during the Holocaust. According to The Jewish Chronicle, the UCU has since apologized. However, in a review of several websites connected to upcoming commemorations of Holocaust Memorial Day 2020, which will be held on January 27, references to Jews appear to be too often missing.

In the case of the UCU, a long list of those persecuted were mentioned, just not Jews. This included members of “trade unions” and “Roma” and “black people,” as well as gays and lesbians and “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” In addition, “non-Jewish Poles,” were mentioned – but not Jews. The UK’s special envoy for post-Holocaust issues, Eric Pickles, said the incident sends a “chilling message.”

But the problem is much larger than just the UCU. Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 is already being wrapped into the easier to pronounce acronym “HMD 2020,” which in itself removes the word “Holocaust.” On some websites, such as the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s page devoted to “75 memorial flames,” it is clearly noted that the Holocaust was “the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis against the Jews of Europe.” However, a press release from April about the “HMD 2020” theme, called “Standing Together,” doesn’t mention the word Jew. The press release, also at the Trust’s website, notes that “HMD 2020 will also include marking the 25th anniversary of the Genocide in Bosnia.” It is interesting that while Bosnia is mentioned, the place that the Shoah began in Germany is conveniently left out, lest anyone recall it was Germany that began the Holocaust and was largely responsible for it.

The April press release of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust notes that it is “calling people to Stand Together in memory of the millions of people affected by the Holocaust, Nazi persecution and more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.” The UCU seems to have used similar language as part of the Stand Together campaign.
Antisemitism in Victorian schools is a monumental and hidden crisis
I well up with emotion when I hear of Jewish kids being subjected to physical assaults, bigoted stereotypes and insults, exclusion, degrading text messages and social media lynching. The day is not too far off when young people will have to hide their Jewish faith so as not to be singled out and vilified by their classmates. The victims are traumatised, filled with feelings of despair and abandonment, convinced that the system has failed them. And they are right.

Not infrequently, distraught parents are concerned that the anti-Semitic abuse will escalate if they notify the school since their child will become an even-bigger target. Some remain silent believing that the school leadership will not be sympathetic to their complaint. In fact, some administrators trivialise the attacks as a childish aberrations, as "kids being kids", or blame the victims ("it's your child's fault since they provocatively choose to exhibit their Judaism" or "we are a non-Jewish school so if you don't like it, leave"), are very slow to respond, and do not impose the appropriate punishment. In effect, they are enabling the wrongdoers by sending a crystal-clear message that Jewish pupils are fair game.

The elephant in the room is that very few of our elected representatives are actually speaking out about the darkening clouds that are gathering. And so, this cancer of intolerance, which is spreading like wildfire, must end. All of it. Because we literally have no choice and because that is not who we are as a nation. Good intentions and words are not enough. We now need bold action by the state and federal governments that matches the scale of the runaway problem we face, and which effectively tackles this menace at every single step. One solution is to institute mandatory reporting so schools are obliged to notify the Education Department when such incidents occur. Such reporting will then necessitate the investigation of each individual case and if warranted, appropriate penalties for the perpetrators.

Countering religious bigotry in the long run also hinges on making anti-bias and Holocaust education compulsory in every class. One example is the Anti-Defamation Commission's Click Against Hate program, a free, groundbreaking educational program, which equips students with the skills to respond to the hate they encounter in schools, urging them to action when it happens to them or when they see it happening to others. Further training for teachers and headmasters is also urgently needed so they understand that antisemitism is a threat to our way of life and that inaction is not an option. It's time for the adults in the room to stand up and protect the defenceless and vulnerable - our children.
Minister orders review into schools at centre of anti-Semitic bullying
Victoria’s Education Minister James Merlino has ordered an immediate review into the way two Melbourne schools dealt with separate "appalling and shocking" cases of sustained anti-Semitic bullying earlier this year.

Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg also weighed into the "completely unacceptable" incidents, calling for lessons on the Holocaust, in which about 6 million Jews were killed in Europe, to be included in the Australian curriculum.

Mr Merlino said he would also meet with the parents of the two Jewish boys; a 12-year-old year 7 student who was at Cheltenham Secondary College, and a prep student at Hawthorn West Primary School. The meetings are scheduled to take place on Monday.
James Merlino has ordered a review into how two schools handled separate cases of anti-Semitic bullying.

James Merlino has ordered a review into how two schools handled separate cases of anti-Semitic bullying. Credit:AAP

Both boys have since left the schools where they were bullied, after their parents lost confidence in the schools' handling of the matter.

The year 7 boy was made to kneel and kiss the shoes of a Muslim boy in a public park, under threat of being bashed by several other boys who were watching on.

The humiliating act was filmed and published on social media.

The boys who were watching on were not Muslim, the victim’s mother said. She sought out the offender’s parents, who were horrified.

Israeli hospital donates equipment and knowhow to Nepal
Five physicians from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center recently brought medical equipment to Kathmandu and shared their expertise on women’s and children’s health with the medical staffs of two local hospitals.

Sponsored by the Embassy of Israel in Nepal, the Israeli team led a week of workshops and continuing medical education courses in neonatology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. They taught the Nepali medical professionals how to use the new lifesaving technologies they donated.

Senior gynecologist Dr. Ronit Almog said this was the fifth such foreign delegation sent out by Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in the past year.

“Our aim is to reduce fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality in developing nations,” she said. “We met warm and welcoming medical teams and had a great cooperation. We saw a very good health level and system in Nepal and look forward to future mutual cooperation.”

Dr. Shyam Sundar Dhaubhadel, founder and president of Siddhi Memorial Foundation – which provides accessible healthcare services for women and children through Siddhi Memorial Hospital– compared the two nations to siblings. “Nepal is a toddler; Israel is a grown-up sister that has to share her expertise.”
Eric Pleskow, Holocaust refugee and producer of Oscar-winning films, dies
Eric Pleskow, who escaped the Nazis to become a film executive whose movies won the Academy Award for best picture seven times, has died. He was 95.

Pleskow was the president of the United Artists studio when it took home the best picture Oscars for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Rocky” and “Annie Hall” in 1975, 1976 and 1977, respectively — an unprecedented three-peat for a movie studio.

Later, as the co-founder of Orion Pictures, he oversaw four more winners for top film: “Amadeus” (1984), “Platoon” (1986), “Dances With Wolves” (1990) and “Silence of the Lambs” (1991).

Pleskow was born Erich Pleskoff in Vienna in 1924. He escaped the city with his family in 1939 after the SS had seized their home, which was blocks away from Sigmund Freud’s office, according to The Washington Post.

After arriving in New York City, he briefly worked at a film company, and was later drafted into the U.S. Army, where he was tasked after the war with reviving a film studio in Bavaria. From there he was hired as an executive at United Artists’ foreign department.

Pleskow rose to become president of the studio in 1973, and raised its profile by working with directors such as Woody Allen and Jonathan Demme. He broke off to co-found Orion in 1978.
Demi Lovato's mom defends trip to Israel: 'I will undoubtedly, unapologetically go again'
While Demi Lovato apologized for her trip to Israel — after receiving backlash — her mother won’t be following suit.

Dianna De La Garza, who accompanied Lovato on the free trip this week, said their visit was one of “only love” and that she will “unapologetically go again.”

Along with a photo of their two hands touching the Western Wall, De La Garza wrote that stop in the Old City of Jerusalem “was the highlight of my trip.” She said she will “never forget that day... or that trip as we celebrated life and Christianity as we learned about the Jewish faith while listening to the Muslim call to prayer. There was no fighting, no judgement, no cruel love.”

De La Garza made it clear that there will be no apology coming from her, adding, “And I will undoubtedly, unapologetically go again one day.”

On Wednesday, Lovato found herself apologizing for the free trip — during which she was baptized in the Jordan River and had a spiritual awakening — amid criticism that she was taking a side in the country’s longstanding conflict with Palestine. Lovato apologized to those she offended in a message on social media, saying the trip was not mean to be “a political statement.”
What it was like growing up as a hidden Jew in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq
When Ceen Gabbai argued with her first-grade teacher about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, she didn’t realize how big of a risk she was taking.

The year was 2000 and students across the world held strong opinions about the Second Intifada, an outbreak of violence that claimed thousands of lives and began in September of that year. But Gabbai’s situation was different: She was one of the few Jewish students in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Standing up for Israel in a Baghdad elementary school was not an advisable move.

“Saddam was all crazy about Palestine,” she told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “I go to school and they’re talking about what a horrible thing that is and how Israel was horrible. And I go and I’m like, ‘I think that’s a lie.’”

Gabbai was called to the school office, took a letter home to her mother and her parents had a meeting with the principal. Soon after they moved homes and she switched schools. Following the episode, her parents did not talk with her about Israel or Judaism.

Gabbai has had a dangerous life. Born a Jew under an Iraqi dictatorship, she endured constant anti-Semitism from a young age, then survived the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the years of war that followed.

In 2015, Gabbai received asylum in the United States. She is now living in an Orthodox neighborhood in Brooklyn, raising a child, teaching elementary school and writing children’s literature. She does not look back fondly on the hardships she endured, but feels they taught her to persevere no matter the situation.
Tombs, palaces, poverty and plague: Follow Montefiore’s early Holy Land travels
You may have heard that Sir Moses (Moshe) Montefiore was the force behind Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the first Jewish neighborhood outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls. But were you aware that the wealthy English knight visited pre-state Israel seven times, most often with his wife, Lady Judith?

Dr. Louis Loewe, a linguist and author who was not only intimately acquainted with the couple but had even accompanied them on journeys around the world, greatly admired Sir Moses and Lady Judith. In a book, the “Diaries of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore,” which he published in 1890, he depicts them as a compassionate, caring, and observant Jewish couple that lived life to the full. They were also quite the wine connoisseurs. In fact, wine is mentioned in the diaries 24 different times.

One of their most interesting trips to the Holy Land, described in detail in Loewe’s book, took place in 1839. The volume abounds with descriptions of their overnights in tents, palaces and elegant homes. They rode horses atop mountains, along easy roads and atop barely discernible paths. The Plague was rampant that year, and they were careful to stay away from infected towns and villages.

Wherever the Montefiores went they distributed money and gifts, all the while taking the time to find out what their fellow Jews needed in order to improve what was very often a miserable existence. Quite possibly it was this trip that planted the seed for the eventual establishment of Mishkenot Sha’ananim in 1860.

That pioneering neighborhood came equipped with a windmill produced in Canterbury, a copy of one that stood near the Montefiore estate. With its help, the residents were meant to grind wheat into flour and become self- sufficient. In 1892, more buildings were added and the new neighborhood was called Yemin Moshe.

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10/03 Links Pt2: BDS is face of old antisemitism: What will we do to stop it?; Neo-Nazi protestors in Germany call for Palestinian help against Israel; Eleanor Roosevelt: Palestine, Israel and Human Rights

From Ian:

If Jews Don’t Speak Up for Themselves, No One Will Speak Up for Them
In his sermon for Rosh Hashanah, Ammiel Hirsch, the rabbi of a prominent Reform synagogue in Manhattan, urged his congregants not to lose sight of “the central Jewish principle [that] all Jews are responsible one for the other.” It is impossible, he argued, to “live a full Jewish life” without feeling that “the pain of a Belgian Jew is our pain; the fear of an Israeli child terrorized by rockets is our fear; the insecurity of Orthodox Jews attacked repeatedly on the streets of Brooklyn is our insecurity.” Yet, in the face of the anti-Semitic threats that come from so many different directions—which Hirsch went on to analyze—Jews must not lose their sense of pride, or begin to see Judaism as a burden rather than a privilege.

Progress on Antisemitism and BDS at the UN and Women’s March
In the war against BDS, the most recent development in academia was the Department of Education censure of Duke University and the University of North Carolina for the misuse of Federal Title VI funds, prompted by complaints over a BDS related event in the spring. Title VI of the Higher Education Act is intended to support foreign language instruction and US national security needs, but has become a slush fund for tendentious Middle East Studies education and programming aimed at college students and K-12.

The Education Department’s letter to the Duke-UNC Center for Middle East Studies complained that fewer than 1,000 students were taking Middle East language courses, while almost 7,000 were enrolled in Middle East Studies courses with “little or no relevance to Title VI.” The complaint also criticized the lack of focus on religious minorities in the Middle East and the near exclusive emphasis on Islam, particularly for K-12 teachers.

The schools were instructed to respond with a compliance plan. In the interim, however, predictable complaints were voiced by academics regarding the alleged “chilling effect on academic freedom” and by BDS advocates, who characterized the move as “anti-Palestinian.”

The investigation comes after a recent study demonstrated that Arab and Muslim countries had donated billions of dollars to American colleges and universities in the past decade, with over $1.5 billion from Qatar alone. The impact of these donations is difficult to measure, but the deference and obsequiousness shown by universities and academics to donors generally is well known.

Underscoring the impact of BDS and biased pedagogy on campus, another report also indicated that Israel-related antisemitism on campuses increased dramatically between 2017 and 2018. Strong increases were seen in accusations of “genocide” against Israel, along with justifications for terrorism. Most important were dramatic increases in faculty-led BDS activities including sponsored events and individual boycotts of Israel and supporters.

Finally, it was announced that the National Students for Justice in Palestine conference would be taking place at the University of Minnesota at the beginning of November. The announcement also touted the election of Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). The conference is designed to train BDS activists, many of them already on record espousing violence, as well as expand “intersectional” alliances of those “who struggle against state violence, settler-colonialism, and imperialism — from Palestine to Turtle Island, from the Philippines to Mexico and beyond.”
Adam Milstein: BDS is face of old antisemitism: What will we do to stop it?
The majority of recent reports on the connection of the BDS movement to both terrorism and antisemitism make many different recommendations on how to stop the growing antisemitism of our era. One recommendation of particular note is that countries should accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism, uphold its principles and outlaw the BDS movement.

The IHRA’s working definition is a concise description of a complex hatred that takes many forms. It reads: “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The people who lead the BDS movement bring many different kinds of antisemitic hatred into our public conversation, and the IHRA definition helps identify the sort of bigotry they spread. It defines antisemitism as accusing Jews or Israel of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust; accusing Jews of dual loyalty; using blood libel to criticize Israel; comparing Israel to the Nazis; and holding the Jewish state to a double standard – or, in one of its purest forms of hate, denying the Jewish people the right to self-determination.
Now that many in the world are finally acknowledging just how evil BDS is, our Jewish community and fellow Americans must follow suit. Governments and NGOs must adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Our local, state and federal governments must pass laws and resolutions that condemn and delegitimize the vile hatred of BDS. Politicians and bureaucrats should stop funding educational programs that include BDS bigotry. Financial platforms should not be allowed to provide services to BDS organizations that publish antisemitic content or have links to terrorism. And we shall all demand that social media platforms remove antisemitic BDS content.

After a decade of excuses and inaction about BDS, it seems that some people are finally waking up to the danger this movement poses – not only to the Jewish people, but also to the basic values of the liberal societies in which we live.

It is the responsibility of our leaders to build on the recent momentum to inform the public about the BDS movement’s antisemitic agenda, its shadowy funding sources, its true aim of denying Jewish self-determination, its lopsided and underhanded tactics, and its connection to terrorism.

BDS is the new face of the old antisemitism, and when it comes to fighting antisemitism, the old adage “better late than never” is particularly apt for our moment. It’s time for us all to get to work.
Chief Rabbi of UK Speaks of BDS and the Rise of Antisemitism
Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of the United Kingdom spoke with Jordana Miller on the rise of antisemitism and the effects of the BDS movement in the UK.

Neo-Nazi protestors in Germany call for Palestinian help against Israel
Dozens of neo-Nazis marched through the German city of Dortmund on Monday, calling for Palestinian support to eradicate Israel.

The demonstration, which came on the heels of an anti-fascist protest in the western German city, involved approximately seventy neo-Nazi activists marching through the streets, holding flags of the Third Reich flag and chanting, "Palestine help us, Israel still exists" and "Israel no more."

Israel's Ambassador to Germany Jeremy Issacharoff posted condemned the neo-Nazi rally, writing on Twitter: "Disgraceful to see neo-Nazis openly on the streets of Dortmund just as we celebrate the Jewish New Year, my wife’s great grand parents were from Dortmund and were murdered by the Nazis, where there is no remorse there can be no forgiveness."

Dortmund is considered to have the biggest neo-Nazi presence of any city in western Germany, with the majority of them living in the Dorstfeld quarter.

Dorstfeld is littered with graffiti of Third Reich's flag, symbols and writings.In September, anti-fascist activists arrived with police backup in Dorstfeld, where they covered the hateful graffiti with colors and messages calling for unity and tolerance.

When the neo-Nazis pledged retaliation for the clean-up, the anti-fascist activists vowed to march against them every Monday for the next 13 weeks.

Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs: Eleanor Roosevelt: Palestine, Israel and Human Rights
The creation of the State of Israel was an act of racism, imperialism, and colonialism. Eleanor Roosevelt supported it, which means she was not the humanitarian everyone believes her to be, but rather a racist, imperialist, and colonialist. That is the central thesis of Geraldine Kidd’s dissertation-turned-prosecutorial brief against the most influential first lady in American history.

Readers will have no trouble surmising where Kidd (who teaches at University College in Cork, Ireland) stands on the Arab–Jewish conflict, and why she is so disappointed in Mrs. Roosevelt’s sympathy for Zionism. Arab violence in Mandatory Palestine was merely a response to “incursions by the land-hungry Zionists” (p. 90) and “the insidious and ever-growing [Jewish] colonization” (p. 91), Kidd asserts. Arab leaders who violently opposed the creation of a Jewish state of any size were merely “vigorously defending Palestinian rights in the face of Jewish imposition” (p. 80). As for Mrs. Roosevelt, she “aspired for a Jewish-occupied Palestine” (p. 240) and her “growing interest in Palestine as a Jewish state bade ill for the indigenous people, whose land the Zionists coveted” (p. 54).

“Indigenous,” incidentally, is a term invoked by Kidd with almost comic frequency. She applies it to the Arab residents of Mandatory Palestine no less than eleven times in the first 100 pages of her book, yet never feels it necessary to explain the basis for that assertion. For Kidd, it is self-evident that the Arabs have been the rightful owners of every inch of the country since time immemorial, while “the foreign, migrating Jewish minority” should be regarded as usurpers and criminals (p. 31).

As she chronicles Mrs. Roosevelt’s views and record on Palestine, Kidd has trouble letting her have the last word. Again and again, she cites some remark by the first lady, then quickly follows with a rebuttal of her own. The book at times resembles a meeting of a debate club. Mrs. Roosevelt states that Palestine did not belong to Britain; Kidd interjects, “She was ignoring the fact that the Mandate granted them legal authority to govern it” (p. 123). Mrs. Roosevelt alludes to illegal Arab immigration into Palestine; Kidd retorts, “This statement is an extraordinary reversal of the facts, for it was not the Arabs who had moved into the Jewish orbit but instead it was the Jews who had steadily encroached on the Arabs” (p. 123). The former first lady finds fault with the Palestinian Arabs who fled in 1948; an incensed Kidd responds, “This argument is weak, as obviously the Palestinians, in their panic, had no way of knowing what the future might hold for them.” Kidd adds, for good measure, that Mrs. Roosevelt’s point “neatly coincided with contemporaneous Zionist thinking” (p. 174).
Prime Minister condemns “antisemitic Marxists” at Labour Party Conference last week
In his Conservative Party Conference speech, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lambasted “the fratricidal antisemitic Marxists who were in Brighton [at the Labour Party Conference] last week.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism reported multiple instances of antisemitism or concern over anti-Jewish abuse at the Labour Party Conference, and has warned that the Labour Party is now institutionally antisemitic.

On 28th May, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched a full statutory investigation following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.

In recent months, twelve MPs and three peers have resigned from the Labour Party over antisemitism, along with a large number of MEPs, councillors and members.
Top UK Cabinet Minister: Everyone ‘Has a Duty to Stop’ Antisemitism
British Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid reiterated his support for the Jewish state at a Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) event on Tuesday.

Addressing the gathering, which was attended by six cabinet ministers as well as a slew of other prominent figures, Javid said, “When I look at Israel… it is a country that aligns with all of our values… it’s great to see how strongly this party supports the values of Israel at every level.”

Javid also condemned antisemitism in the UK, declaring, “Everyone in this room has a duty to stop it.”

“Anyone with a sense of history knows full well why the Jewish community feels uneasy now, and nowadays we don’t have to look to the past to learn, sadly you just have to look around you,” he continued.

Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev told Javid, “You can be proud… that under this Conservative government, the Israel-UK partnership is stronger than ever before. Our trade is growing beyond the £8.6 million we had last year, we have just signed a trade agreement so that trade will continue to grow in the years to come. That’s prosperity and that’s jobs.”
Corbyn Sparks Controversy for Rosh Hashanah Video Featuring Hamas Supporter
Jeremy Corbyn sparked outrage for releasing a Rosh Hashanah video that features an activist who last year led a public Jewish mourning prayer for dead members of Hamas.

In the clip posted on Twitter ahead of the Jewish holiday, Corbyn visits a grocery store with Jewish Labour Party members to discuss the symbolism of honey and apples for the Jewish new year and promote Labour’s “Green Industrial Revolution” program.

Alongside him is Rob Abrams, a Jewish anti-Zionist activist who in May 2018 led the Kaddish prayer in Parliament Square for 62 Palestinians killed on the Israel-Gaza border, at least 50 of whom were Hamas operatives, according to the Jewish Chronicle.

Israel activist David Collier wrote in response to the clip, “There is no way you are not aware much of the Jewish community were outraged when this person explicitly led a prayer service for dead Hamas terrorists. Which makes your actions here deliberate. Your spiteful nature highlights you are a real danger.”

Also in the video is Labour counselor Sue Lukes, who tweeted an article titled the “Jewish ‘War against Corbyn’ risks bringing real antisemitism to Britain” and wrote a piece to “honor” Malia Bouattia, the former National Union of Students president who was accused of antisemitism.
Local UK Labour Party Branch Planning No-Confidence Vote Against Jewish MP on Eve of Yom Kippur
A local UK Labour party branch is planning a no-confidence vote against a Jewish MP on the eve of Yom Kippur.

Dame Louise Ellman, the Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, who is Jewish, has been active in Jewish Labour groups and critical of antisemitism in her party.

Labour has been beset by series of antisemitism scandals since Jeremy Corbyn became its leader in 2015.

Ellman has held leadership positions in the Labour Friends of Israel and the Jewish Labour Movement, and is currently vice president of the Jewish Leadership Council.

The proposed motion by the St. Michael’s Labour branch states, “This Branch is fully behind Jeremy Corbyn,” and cites a statement by Ellman in which she said that she understood “why Jews would seriously consider leaving Britain if Corbyn became PM.”

As a result of her statement, says the motion, “We have no confidence that our MP Louise Ellman will carry out the wishes of our [Constituency Labour Party] and the Riverside constituency, or that she will follow Labour Party policy.”

“This Branch therefore calls on our Riverside MP, Louise Ellman, to resign,” the motion concludes.

The motion will be taken up at a meeting to be held at 8 p.m. next Tuesday, which is the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year.
Jewish Voice for Labour member Stephen Marks, who defended Jackie Walker, is re-elected to Labour’s disciplinary body
Stephen Marks, a member of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour, has been re-elected to Labour’s National Constitutional Committee, the Party’s disciplinary body.

Mr Marks signed a 2017 petition in support of Jackie Walker, a former vice-chair of Momentum and one of those exemplifying the institutionalisation of antisemitism in the Labour Party. Mr Walker was repeatedly suspended by Labour and finally expelled earlier this year. She has persistently claimed that complaints of antisemitism are part of a plot to destabilise the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and has rejected the International Definition of Antisemitism.

Last year Mr Marks also reportedly shared a petition in support of David Watson, who was suspended from Labour in 2016 for allegedly sharing claims on social media comparing the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad with the Nazis and accusing Israel of genocide. Mr Marks is reported to have written in respect of Mr Watson: “It is cases like this which ‘bring the party into disrepute’. Those responsible are the ones who should be suspended!”

Earlier this month Mr Watson reportedly called for the abolition of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which launched a full statutory investigation into Labour antisemitism on 28th May following a formal referral and detailed legal representations from Campaign Against Antisemitism, which is the complainant.
Jewish Voice for Labour co-chair to speak at “Stand up to racism” church event on Yom Kippur
Jenny Manson, the co-chair of the antisemitism-denial group and sham Jewish representative organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), is scheduled for a speaking engagement on Kol Nidrei, the night of Yom Kippur.

The event, titled “Resisting the rise of the racists and fascists”, will feature Ms Manson on a panel with Weyman Bennett, a member of the Socialist Workers Party’s central committee. The panel is part of a larger “West London stand up to racism” event at St Mary’s Church Hall in South Ealing on 8th October. It is anticipated that there will be debate on far-right extremism and antisemitism.

Although Ms Manson has previously admitted that JVL was founded in order “to tackle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party”, she has reportedly been “hurt” by suggestions that question her Jewishness and the organisation has also stressed its Jewish credentials (including in its name). Some have suggested that this stance is somewhat undermined by undermined by Ms Manson’s decision to participate in a speaking engagement at a church on Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and is marked by most Jews with fasting and synagogue attendance. Communal organisations are shut and work or public engagements are generally discouraged.
Labour MP sorry for liking Facebook comment claiming Israel disgraces Jews
Labour’s MP for Kensington has apologised for liking a Facebook comment claiming Israel “disgraces all of us Jews worldwide.”

Emma Dent Coad, who was elected in 2017, ‘unliked’ the comment within hours of Jewish News reaching out for comment.

A spokesperson for the MP said: “Emma liked this in error and apologises.”

A comment posted by online user Earl Okin on Monday evening read: “I’ve always been a Bevanite – my ultimate political hero… as a Jew, the current Israeli apartheid regime disgraces all of us Jews worldwide.”

It was reported to Jewish News by the anti-racism Twitter account GnasherJew.

The post was a response to another post by online user Bob Pandy critical of “Blairite” MPs and “members of the Netanyahu fan club”.
Grotesque: Al Sharpton Gives Rosh Hashanah Sermon at East Side Synagogue
On Monday, former pogrom leader and current Democrat kingmaker Al Sharpton boasted on his Facebook page the fact that he was “being presented to speak at the Rosh Hashanah Services of the East Side Synagogue by Rabbi Perry Berkowitz and Rabbi Leah Berkowitz.”

For the record, the ESS informed its members that “this year our worship space of many years, the All Souls Sanctuary, is undergoing extensive renovation and is not available for our use. We are blessed that services will be held instead at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church at corner of 73rd Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan. This is a beautiful and awe-inspiring space that will deepen our High Holyday (sic) experience.”

Like the old joke says, “The synagogue is closed for the holidays.”

By now practically every Jewish newspaper in New York has condemned the notion that Sharpton, who is identified more than anyone else with the August 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom, should be preaching to Jews on the “High Holyday.” Sharpton marched through Crown Heights and in front of the 770 Eastern Parkway headquarters of Chabad-Lubavitch shortly after the riot, leading some 400 rioters who were chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “No justice, no peace!” Sharpton himself notoriously called Jews “diamond merchants,” which was his personal contribution to the anti-Semitic vernacular.
Twtichy: ‘Disgusting’: Socialist N.Y. State Senator (and AOC pal) Julia Salazar channels Ilhan Omar in response to Brooklyn synagogue being vandalized on Rosh Hashanah
Remember New York State Senator Julia Salazar? She’s the Democratic socialist who lied about being an immigrant and a Jew. This will probably come as a major shock to you, but it seems that the kind of person who would lie about being Jewish doesn’t actually have a whole lot of respect for Jews.

On September 30, teenage thugs threw large objects (reportedly milk crates) through the window of the Rivnitz synagogue in Brooklyn during a Rosh Hashanah service:

She might as well have written “Some people apparently threw something through some building.”
Conservative Group Severs Ties With ‘Brand Ambassador’ for Controversial Photo
Pro-Trump youth group Turning Point USA (TPUSA) announced this week that it has severed ties with one of its brand ambassadors following a picture of her at a dinner over the weekend with accused antisemites and white nationalists.

A spokesperson confirmed on Monday to Right Wing Watch, a project of People for the American Way, which monitors far-right activities and content, that Ashley St. Clair is no longer part of TPUSA.

“TPUSA is a large national organization that touches hundreds of thousands of people all across the nation,” said the spokesperson. “Ashley is no longer one of our thousands of volunteer activists and ambassadors. [Founder and executive director] Charlie [Kirk] and TPUSA have repeatedly and publicly denounced white nationalism as abhorrent and un-American and will continue to do so.”

The spokesperson also noted that St. Clair wasn’t representing the organization while she was photographed.

St. Clair, who is Jewish, attended a dinner held after a debate between antisemitic and white-nationalist podcaster Nicholas Fuentes, who attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., and conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl.

St. Clair, who wasn’t at the debate, attended what she told Right Wing Watch was a “diverse dinner.”
Demi Lovato 'sorry not sorry' for Israel visit
Grammy-nominated American singer and actress Demi Lovato’s love affair with Israel on her recent visit here seems to have come to an abrupt halt.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday that was then deleted, Lovato apologized if her trip offended anyone.

Lovato’s visit initially appeared to have gone well, so the controversy that followed came as a surprise. The pop singer, who has more than 74 million Instagram followers, posted photos of herself at the Western Wall, being baptized in the Jordan River, touring Yad Vashem, and visiting the Shalva National Center for people with disabilities.

“There is something absolutely magical about Israel,” she gushed. “I’ve never felt such a sense of spirituality or connection to God… something I’ve been missing for a few years now... I’m grateful for the memories made and the opportunity to be able to fill the God-sized hole in my heart. Thank you for having me, Israel.”

But on Wednesday, she wrote in an Instagram story: “I’m extremely frustrated. I accepted a free trip to Israel in exchange for a few posts. No one told me there would be anything wrong with going or that I could possibly be offending anyone. With that being said, I’m sorry if I hurt or offended anyone, that was not my intention. Sometimes people present you with opportunities and no one tells you the potential backlash you could face in return. This was meant to be a spiritual experience for me, NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT, and now I realize it hurt people and for that I’m sorry. Sorry I’m not more educated, and sorry for thinking this trip was just a spiritual experience. Going against all advice right now and apologizing because it feels right to me and I’d rather get in trouble for being authentic to myself, than staying quiet to please other people. I love my fans, all of them, from all over.”

The BDS backlash began as soon as Lovato posted photos of her Israel visit on Instagram. Angry fans responded with scathing comments that she was ignoring the plight of the Palestinians and that she should boycott Israel.

Lovato then deleted the comments on a photo showing her Jordan River baptism where she praised Israel as “magical.”
Her detractors took to Twitter to criticize the singer. Among the comments, Nouran Ahmed wrote: “Hey, Demi... actually, you need to read more about the history of this land because it’s called Palestine, not Israel, and the magical feeling that you felt, it’s back to the history of the land (Palestine) not Israel.”

While BDS supporters have long campaigned to persuade celebrities to cancel planned trips to Israel, the controversy over Lovato’s visit is unusual in that the pressure came following her visit. Apparently, the singer was taken by surprise by the criticism. But why she then removed her apology – which lives on in screen grabs – is unclear.

Meanwhile, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin took credit for inviting her as an initiative of his ministry. (h/t Esty)

German Museum to Give Walid Raad Art Prize Despite City Government’s Objection: Report
On Monday, the German city of Aachen announced that it had withdrawn a decision to give a prestigious art prize worth €10,000 (roughly $10,900) to artist Walid Raad, citing his alleged support for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, a pro-Palestine movement. But, according to a new report, that move is not the end of the story.

The German news network WDR reports that Raad will receive the award after all, via the Ludwig Forum for International Art, a museum in the city that facilitates the award, the Aachen Art Prize. The museum’s board reportedly made the decision on Tuesday night.

Marcel Philipp, the mayor of Aachen, previously said in a statement, “According to research, we have to assume that the designated prizewinner is a supporter of the BDS movement and has been involved in various measures for the cultural boycott of Israel.” He added that, when the city of Aachen had inquired with him about his alleged support for BDS, Raad had been “evasive.” The city alleged that Raad “could not distance himself from BDS,” which it referred to as an “anti-Semitic” movement.

The Ludwig Forum’s board reportedly disagreed with the city’s of Aachen’s decision, however, and WDR said that its members could not find any evidence that Raad was an anti-Semite.

The Ludwig Forum and Raad did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In an interview with the German publication Deutschlandfunk, the Ludwig Forum’s CEO, Michael Müller-Vorbrüggen, said that the museum had obtained the funds to give out the award, and it was therefore it did not need to the city’s permission to offer Raad the prize.
University and College Union apologises after failing to include Jews on list of groups of Holocaust victims
The University College Union (UCU) has apologised after it left out Jews from a description of the different groups murdered in the Holocaust, an omission the chief executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust called “completely unacceptable”.

The UCU had sent out an e-mail to branch and local association secretaries, in which chapters of the union were encouraged to observe HMD 2020, which takes place on January 27.

It described how the Nazis had persecuted groups such as “trade unions, including social democrats and Communists”, “Europe’s Roma and Sinti people”, “Black people”, “disabled people”, “freemasons”, “gay and lesbian people”, “Jehovah’s witnesses” and “'asocials’, which included beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts prostitutes and pacifists” were persecuted by the Nazi regime.

It also specifically mentioned “non-Jewish Poles and Slavic POWs”. However, it made no mention of Jews, the primary targets of the Holocaust.

When the e-mail was publicised, Jews on social media attacked the “shocking” and “sickening” omission, with others suggesting that the mention of “non-Jewish Poles” showed the Union had clearly been thinking about who to include – and who to leave out.

A link in the e-mail led to a specific page on the UCU about HMD, which also neglected to mention Jews as victims of the Holocaust, while mentioning other significant groups.

In a subsequent e-mail from the union’s “equality support official”, the organisation apologised for what it called “drafting errors” in its initial message.
Columbia celebrates anti-Semitism
I want to give Mohamad credit on one score: He’s honest about his Jew-hatred. He doesn’t pretend he’s only attempting to champion Palestinian rights. He doesn’t pretend to be supporting boycotts just to encourage Israelis to withdraw from “occupied territories.” He doesn’t claim that he’s not anti-Semitic but merely anti-Zionist.

That last claim I find particularly misleading and annoying. Because, given a choice, I’ll take anti-Semites over anti-Zionists any day. Garden-variety anti-Semites – I’m not talking about neo-Nazis or Stalinists or Khomeinists or Salafi/jihadis – disparage Jews. They don’t want them working in their businesses, living in their neighborhoods, or joining their clubs. That’s nasty but disparagement is survivable, and alternative businesses, neighborhoods and clubs can generally be found.

Anti-Zionists, by contrast, seek a more consequential goal. They want to deprive Israel of its fundamental right to exist. They want to end Jewish self-determination in any part of the ancient Jewish homeland, a unique refuge for Jews who fled not only from Europe but also – and in larger numbers – from Arab and Muslim countries.

Were anti-Zionists to achieve their goal, were they to succeed in eradicating the Jewish state, what would happen to the more than 6 million Jewish Israelis who live there? I think you know. I think Mohamad knows too. Perhaps he’d be “very sympathetic to them.” If he’s still around, of course.
When anti-Semites take advantage of liberal institutions
Last week, during a forum of world leaders held in my school, Columbia University, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad spoke.

The 94-year-old leader is probably the most anti-Semitic head of state. He doesn’t try to hide his anti-Semitism, he doesn’t just criticize Israel, he practices classic anti-Semitism, the kind that has been associated with various slurs against the Jewish people (they have long noses; they rule the world; they cause others to fight and die for them, and so forth).

Letting the Malaysian leader speak is only the latest example of the institution's problematic choice of speakers, having already let former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak at the university about a decade ago.

The organization that I head, Students Supporting Israel (SSI), has refused to stay silent. Although we could not get Mahathir's speech canceled, we decided to generate a critical conversation so that the university won’t even consider inviting someone like the Malaysian prime minister ever again.

We were told that we would lose, that he would be welcomed with great honor at the university and that his anti-Semitic agenda would not be condemned.

But we did not relent. We created a petition that got more than 3,000 signatures, we sent a letter to the university president and to the professor who was to introduce the prime minister at the event, and we demanded that both university officials condemn Mahathir.
Seth J Frantzman: Khashoggi's abused to whitewash dictatorships' treatment of journalists
Websites that support the Iranian regime, state media in Turkey, and voices from authoritarian regimes and human rights abusers sought to cynically exploit the anniversary of the murder of former Saudi insider Jamal Khashoggi. Since last year, the genuine grief over the death of Khashoggi has been hijacked in some countries and media to use it for ulterior motives, talking about press freedom while journalists are jailed, expelled and harassed.

“Even as Turkish leaders call for an international inquiry into Saudi Arabian journalist Khashoggi’s murder, the Committee to Protect Journalists found the Turkish government to be the world’s biggest jailer of journalists for the third consecutive year,” ABC news noted last year.

Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders were on hand in Istanbul this year to commemorate the murder of Khashoggi. Amnesty published a special call to honor his legacy.

While Amnesty was commemorating Khashoggi, the human rights organization also pointed out the long list of abuses of freedom in Turkey. Yet Ankara’s state media outlets have sought to highlight Khashoggi’s death as an example of press freedom.

A scientist was sentenced to 15 months in prison just days before the Khashoggi commemoration for the apparent crime of publishing environmental findings. Amnesty has called for charges to be dropped against the academic, whom it describes as a whistle-blower.

Amnesty noted in August that Turkey carries out mass blocking of websites, a “full-frontal attack on freedom of expression.” According to the human rights organization, the Reporters Without Borders representative that attended the Khashoggi event was himself detained in 2016 “after symbolically guest editing a publication for a day as part of a solidarity campaign.”
Guardian smears Israel with false claim of 50 ‘racist laws’
A Sept. 25th op-ed at the Guardian (“Ousting Netanyahu isn’t enough for Israel’s Palestinians. They want equality”) by former +972 contributor Amjad Iraqi included the claim that Israel has “dozens of discriminatory laws”.

Iraqi’s claim that Israeli Arabs are afforded less rights than Jews links to a report by the radical-left NGO Adalah (where he works as its advocacy director) alleging the existence of at least “50 racist laws” in Israel. However, CAMERA and other watchdog groups have refuted Adalah’s claims of racism – a term used so carelessly by the NGO that even an Israeli public health law requiring that parents vaccinate their children is included on their list of “racist laws”.

Among the most comprehensive analyses of the “50 racist laws” claim was conducted by the Institute for Zionist Strategies (IZS), a policy and research organization dedicated to preserving Israel as a democratic Jewish state.

Here are the highlights from their detailed July 2016 report:

- The overwhelming majority of the laws featured in the list (53 out of 57) do not even relate to the citizens’ ethnic origins and those that do, are designed to prevent and avoid discrimination. For example, the Law and Administration Ordinance (1948) that defines the country’s official rest days, and the Law for Using the Hebrew Date, both explicitly exclude institutions and authorities that serve non-Jewish populations for whom the law provides for definitions and procedures appropriate for their specific needs.

- In 21 cases, Adalah’s claims of discrimination stem from the organization’s extremist stance that rejects the nature of Israel as a nation-state in general and as the nation-state of of the Jewish people in particular. For example, the Yad BenZvi Law is defined as a discriminatory law because of the institution’s objective of promoting Zionist ideals.

- 18 of the laws reflect customs in other Western democracies whose democratic character no one would disparage. For example, according to Adalah, the flag constitutes a discriminatory law. Needless to say, this unfounded reasoning would mean that any country, the flag of which bears a cross or crescent discriminates against its non-Christian or non-Muslim minorities. A more in-depth comparison between the laws frequently found that Israeli legislation is actually characterized by a higher degree of tolerance for its national minorities.
The Washington Post’s Skewed Worldview on Jews and Israel
The overwhelming majority of American Jewry has a positive view of Israel. Yet, the overwhelming majority of opinion pieces and reporting from major U.S. news outlets doesn’t reflect this reality. Instead, the media promotes a small and unrepresentative minority. The Washington Post offers a case in point.

Ninety-five percent of American Jews have a “strongly positive” view of Israel, according to an August 2019 Gallup poll. The pollster noted that this was “significantly more pro-Israel than the overall national averages of 71% favorable views of Israel and 21% favorable views of the Palestinian Authority.”

Similarly, a 2013 Pew survey observed: “76% of Jews (identified by religion) said they were at least somewhat emotionally attached to Israel. In addition, almost half said that caring about Israel is an essential part of being Jewish (with most of the rest saying it is important although not essential) and nearly half reported that they had personally traveled to Israel.”

In short: American Jewry is, except for a miniscule minority, pro-Israel. Yet, the American media often chooses to give a megaphone to Jews that actively oppose, or are hypercritical of, the Jewish state.

The Washington Post, for example, gives inordinate column space to the tiny fraction of Jews, American and otherwise, who are against the right of Jewish self-determination. In a Sept. 20, 2019 tweet, Mairav Zonszein of +972 magazine cheered that her publication was “all up in The Washington Post opinion pages today,” with two pieces from the same organization appearing on the same day. Zonszein proudly noted that editors of “mainstream outlets” were no longer editing out or tweaking her use of the term “apartheid.”

In Pittsburgh a year later, the shofar-blower is dead and the shul is shuttered
As this city’s Jewish community celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week, the Tree of Life synagogue stood closed, its doors blocked by a chain-link fence.

A brown, wilted wreath hung on a tree near the synagogue, where a gunman killed 11 worshipers last year in the worst anti-Semitic attack in American history. Jewish stars bearing the names of the victims are taped to a glass door at the front entrance, behind a fence and under an Israeli flag and a sign thanking first responders. A makeshift wooden sign on a barricade next to the building reads “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”

The synagogue is built to welcome hundreds of Jews. But the only person to enter regularly now is a custodian who maintains the building while the three congregations that meet there decide what to do. Tree of Life has been shuttered since the attack.

“I hope it’s torn down,” said Ellen Surloff, who was president of one of the congregations, the Reconstructionist Dor Hadash, at the time of the shooting. “I don’t think that I could ever go back in that building and not be continually reminded of what took place there.”

Signs of the attack remain everywhere in Squirrel Hill, the quiet, warm, tree-lined community that has been the home to Pittsburgh’s Jews for more than a century, and which otherwise feels idyllic as summer turns into fall.

Local businesses display a sign created shortly after the attack that reads “Stronger than Hate” alongside a yellow Star of David and blue and red diamonds — the city’s traditional colors. The kosher supermarket hangs a banner with the names of the 11 victims. The local Starbucks has three large hearts painted on its windows with the words “love,” “kindness” and “hope” painted in Hebrew and English on each one.
‘A rapidly spreading crisis’
A FIVE-YEAR-OLD student began wetting himself in class after he was subjected to antisemitic bullying over the course of four months, while a 12-year-old student was forced to kiss the feet of a Muslim child and was physically assaulted.

Both Jewish students, who have asked to remain anonymous, had to leave their public schools because their families felt the principals did not provide them adequate support.

The first child, a prep student at Hawthorn West Primary School, started wetting himself in bed at night, and in class. He also became agitated, began using derogatory language and looked for an excuse each morning to avoid going to school. His parents knew something was wrong, but were unsure if it was all a part of the adjustment process from kindergarten.

Then, after spilling his cereal one morning, the five-year-old broke down. “He literally fell down on the floor,” his mother shared with The AJN, “and said, ‘Mummy, you shouldn’t love me. I’m a worthless, Jewish rodent. I’m vermin.'”

Mortified, his mother crumbled on the floor with him.

It was later revealed that the young boy was being bullied on a daily basis by five classmates in the school bathrooms. It started when he was questioned about being circumcised. Then came the barrage of antisemitic insults, including “Jewish vermin”, “the dirty Jew” and a “Jewish cockroach”.

But when raised with the school, the mother says they were “dismissive” of the antisemitic element. The school’s solution was to keep the student from using the regular bathroom, offering the facilities of another bathroom instead.

“But we felt uncomfortable because obviously you’re not addressing the issue,” remarked the student’s mother.

The parents called for an education policy about antisemitism to be rolled out. But the school declined.

According to the student’s mother, “they refused to accept there was an antisemitic issue. ‘It’s not antisemitism, it’s just bullying.’ The principal said, I don’t want to make other students feel uncomfortable”.
Daphne Anson: In the Lucky Country, Jewish Schoolkid Forced to Kiss a Muslim Schoolkid's Feet
Back in 2012, I drew attention on this blog to a disturbing trend identified at schools in north-west England.

The repellent state of affairs had been revealed by the noted Anglo-Jewish historian Professor Geoffrey Alderman:

'Last November, in my capacity as a visiting professor at York St John University, I had the privilege of hearing a presentation by doctoral student Joy Schmack. Mrs Schmack, an extremely experienced teacher and inspector of secondary-school religious education, is researching the use of the word "Jew" in teenage classrooms in the north-west of England. She presented chilling evidence of the unmistakeable revival of the word "Jew" as a common term of abuse amongst teenagers, who apparently habitually use it as a synonym for "cheat" or "swindler", or "snitch". "Don't you dare Jew me", one Merseyside youngster might say to another - perhaps hardly realising the significance of these words.

Scarcely four months after hearing this presentation I received a communication from a retired gentleman whose family escaped from Nazi Germany in 1934 and who now devotes his retirement to talking about antisemitism to youngsters in schools in Cheshire, Merseyside and Lancashire. He had been moved to write to me because of his experience at one such school, where his presentation was discourteously received and where a teacher confessed to him that the word "Jew" had now replaced the word "gay" as a playground term of abuse. The teacher said: "If kids wish to insult each other, they now use (the word) Jew" [Emphasis added]....'

Now, the Australian Jewish News, in a scoop, reveals the antisemitic targeting that Jewish schoolkids at non-Jewish day schools in Melbourne have been enduring, causing them extreme anxiety and distress, and of the craven, odious response of the school authorities when the abused kids' parents (having tardily learned of the abuse from their persecuted offspring). That response was basically: "It's not antisemitism, it's bullying, and your kids should learn to toughen up".

They refused one set of parents' request to teach the school body about the realities and consequences of antisemitism.
Hitler-loving neo-Nazi who said it was his “dream” to create a bloodbath arrested at Luton airport and sentenced to four years in prison
Jacek Tchorzewski, an 18-year-old neo-Nazi Polish national staying in Buckinghamshire, has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Mr Tchorzewski was arrested at Luton Airport in February on suspicion of terrorism offences as he tried to board a flight to Poland, with police recovering an “enormous amount” of digital documents, including manuals on making explosives and weapons. In one voice recording, Mr Tchorzewski said it was his “dream” to “plan some terrorism” and carry out an attack, and he wrote in a notebook found while he was remanded: “Let’s fill our hearts with terror and London’s streets with blood.”

Other documents included extreme right-wing material which praised Hitler, neo-Nazism and Satanism and also featured antisemitic sentiments and even called for genocide. He was also said to be connected to convicted terrorist Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, who was jailed in June.

Mr Tchorzewski pleaded guilty on 21st June at the Old Bailey to ten counts of possession of information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, contrary to section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. He was sentenced on 20th September at the Old Bailey.
Trial begins for German neo-Nazi group accused of plotting attacks
The trial of an alleged neo-Nazi terrorist cell accused of plotting violent political upheaval in Germany opened Monday amid reports the country’s far-right scene is growing more armed and radical.

Eight members of the so-called Revolution Chemnitz group aged between 21 and 32 will answer to charges of forming a right-wing terrorist organization, according to federal prosecutors.

Almost a year to the day after most of the suspects’ arrest in coordinated raids, the proceedings took place under tight security in Dresden, the capital of Saxony state, a stronghold of the extreme right.

Resentment runs deep in the region over Merkel’s liberal refugee policy that led to the arrival of more than a million asylum seekers to Germany since 2015.

The anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim Alternative for Germany (AfD) party scored 27.5 percent in a state election earlier this month, just shy of the 32 percent garnered by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives.

The suspects are accused of “coming together to achieve their political goals — to shake the foundations of the state — with serious violent acts,” a spokeswoman for the superior regional court said.

They allegedly sought to carry out “violent attacks and armed assaults” against immigrants, political “opponents,” reporters and members of the economic establishment.
Argentina Holocaust museum takes custody of secret stash of Nazi artifacts
The Museum of the Holocaust in Argentina’s capital on Wednesday took custody of the largest collection of Nazi artifacts discovered in the country’s history.

Federal police and Interpol agents found the more than 70 Nazi objects hidden behind a bookcase in a collector’s home north of Buenos Aires in 2017 as part of an investigation into artworks of illicit origins. The Nazi items include busts of Adolf Hitler, an instrument to measure people’s heads to supposedly determine their racial purity and statues of the Nazi eagle with a swastika under its talons.

Owning Nazi objects in Argentina can be illegal if it is determined that the items incite racial or religious hate in public, although they can be allowed in private. It has not been determined if the collector violated the anti-discrimination law, although he has been charged with owning pieces of illegal origin.

Agents with Interpol began following the collector and with a judicial order raided the house on June 8, 2017. A large bookshelf caught their attention and behind it agents found a hidden passageway to a room filled with Nazi imagery.
Teen allegedly attacks Jewish woman in Brooklyn, pulling off her wig
Police said Thursday a Jewish woman reported being harassed in Brooklyn on Rosh Hashanah.

The 22-year-old said that she was approached on Sunday evening by a female teenager who “pulled her scarf and wig from her head,” a New York Police detective, Annette Shelton, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in an email.

The incident occurred in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and the perpetrator, who was described as being 16 years old, was accompanied by another teenager, the woman told police.

Shelton said that the police’s Hate Crimes Task Force was investigating the incident.

The incident is the second alleged attack that occurred on Rosh Hashanah in the borough. On Monday, the windows of a synagogue were broken in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

That incident drew condemnations from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Hate fliers circulated in Montana town on Rosh Hashanah
Fliers bearing white nationalist language and hate speech were circulated to businesses in Whitefish, Montana.

The fliers were circulated on Monday, the first day of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

“The hate literature was not only offensive in relation to the Jewish holiday, but it is concerning as there is a recorded rise and mainstreaming of antisemitism in the United States, including the troll storm perpetrated from outside the community onto the Jewish people of Whitefish just two and a half years ago,” Rachel Carroll Rivas of the Montana Human Rights Network said in a statement.

The fliers included code words like the number “88,” which stands for “Heil Hitler” (because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet) and “14 Words” which represents a 14-word statement asserting white supremacy that was created by white nationalist David Lane, who is specifically named on the flier, according to the network.

Similar fliers appeared in Helena, Montana, over the weekend.

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin launched a campaign in December 2016 against Jews in Whitefish in which he published personal details and photos of Jewish residents, including a child. The campaign stemmed from a real estate dispute in Whitefish between Tanya Gersh, who is Jewish, and Sherry Spencer, the mother of white supremacist leader Richard Spencer.

Gersh said that anonymous internet users harassed her family after Anglin revealed her home address and phone number, her husband’s business contact information and her son’s Twitter handle.

Other Jewish families in Whitefish were also targeted. The Jewish population of the city is about 60.

Uber Expands Partnership With Israel’s Moovit
Ride-sharing company Uber is set to expand its collaboration — first announced in February — with Israel-based public transit app developer Moovit App Global, the latter said Wednesday. The original partnership saw Uber leverage Moovit’s application programming interface to provide users in London and four other cities with public transportation information, so that riders can access real-time transit data and route planning in the Uber app. As part of the expanded partnership, Uber is set to expand its service to 15 additional cities globally, including Paris and San Francisco.

Moovit also announced that ride-sharing company Lyft is set to implement a similar service in New York.

Founded in 2012 and based in central Israel, Moovit develops and offers a free mobile navigation app providing real-time public transit information in 3,000 cities and 92 countries. Its app has over 500 million users, adding to the company’s database of over 7,000 public transportation operators, according to the company’s statement.
CVC to Pay $450 Million for a 25 Percent Stake in Israeli Web and Mobile Monetization Company IronSource
Private equity firm CVC Capital Partners is negotiating a deal to acquire a 25 percent stake in web and mobile monetization company IronSource for $450 million, according to two people familiar with the matter who spoke to Calcalist on condition of anonymity. The deal, which values IronSource at $1.55 billion, is expected to be signed in the upcoming 24 hours, the people said, adding that the company is expected to hand out $100 million-worth of dividends to shareholders before the deal is complete.

The negotiations almost came to an unsuccessful end two months ago due to disagreements over IronSource’s valuation, which has since been resolved, the people familiar with the matter said. If completed, the deal is expected to be the biggest secondary deal of an Israeli company. CVC will become IronSource’s largest shareholder, but its founders will keep a controlling share with a 45-50 percent stake held between them, down from the 60 percent they currently hold, according to the people. The company’s employees, which hold options worth $25 million, will also take part in the sale.

The CVC sale is expected to be the last funding IronSource raises before its initial public offering, scheduled for the second half of 2020. The company, which is expected to see revenues of around $1 billion for 2019 with an EBITDA of $150 million, expected to see its revenues and profit grow by its IPO. Its net profit for 2019 is estimated at $120 million to $130 million for 2019, according to the people familiar with the matter, and the company has no debt.

Founded in 2009, IronSource was originally a download optimization software developer, which shifted its focus to rewarded ads following a series of acquisi

The Skagit, according to a former crew member

I have contacted a former crew member of the Skagit. I quote his reply: "Skagit had a fully equipped and staffed sick bay. Treatment for NSU (Non-specific urethritis) and the Clap ( Gonorrhea) only required Penicillin and restriction to the ship (no liberty)." In order to diagnose these conditions, pathology facilities would have been available. In fact, even Australian ships during WWII could perform pathology work. Other Installations Afloat. The Whang Pu, a river steamer, ...


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Weak Economy Smashes Property Confidence

Confidence throughout the property sector in Australia has plummeted thanks to uncertain economic outlook, a survey involving more than 1,000 property developers, real-estate managers and agents has f ... - Source:

UFC 243 Payout Perspective

Welcome to another episode of Payout Perspective.  This time we take a look at UFC 243 from Melbourne, Australia where the company drew another attendance record and saw Israel Adesanya claim the UFC middleweight title. Adesanya is King of the Middleweights The matchup that sold this event, Robert Whittaker versus Israel Adesanya was determined a […]

Western Australia Utility Removing Poles & Wires In Renewable Energy Transition

stand-alone solar Western AustraliaUtility companies and grid operators in Western Australia are taking down poles and wires and replacing them with standalone systems that use solar panels, inverters, and batteries to create local microgrids.

Figuring out Where Do I Get Absinthe In Australia?

Absinthe grew to become legal within Australia absinthe supreme at the end of 2000. It could be traded in Australia so long as it complies with government legislation. Regulations in Australia says that bitters can [...]

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Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open


MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct 8 – Andy Murray will make his Grand Slam return at the Australian Open in January, a year after career-saving hip surgery, tournament organisers announced Tuesday. The British three-time major winner has been slowly working his way back to fitness and is now ranked 289th, up from 503rd just a week ago. […]

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Climate activists block roads, protest in Australian cities


Climate activists block roads, protest in Australian citiesActivists blocked major roads and demonstrated in Australian cities Tuesday in a second day of global protests by the Extinction Rebellion movement demanding more urgent actions to counter climate change. In Brisbane, protesters chained themselves to intersections in the city center and three people locked themselves onto barrels filled with concrete.


Asian shares rise despite worries on US-China talks


TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares rose Tuesday despite continuing worries about the health of the global economy ahead of trade talks between the U.S. and China. Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 gained 1.0% to 21,587.78 and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 added 0.5% to 6,593.40. South Korea’s Kospi gained 1.2% to 2,045.90. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng climbed 0.7% […]

Australian Hiker Survives A Fall Crawling For 2 Days

Oceania and Pacific Islands
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U.S. and Australia begin talks on data-sharing agreement

The agreement would boost law enforcement cooperation under a 2018 U.S. law meant to facilitate cross-border data access for investigators.

Rachael Haynes Steers Australia to 110-run Win

A maiden One-Day International century to Rachael Haynes has steered Australia to a 110-run win against Sri Lanka in the second Commonwealth Bank ODI at Allan Border Field, equalling the all-time women's record of 17 consecutive victories in the format.

Direct-to-consumer wine sales grow 9 per cent to reach $1 billion


Direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine sales reached an estimated $1 billion in 2018–19, driven by year-on-year value growth of 9 per cent – the strongest among domestic wine sales channels. DTC accounted for an estimated 17 per cent of total Australian wine sales value, significantly over-indexing in value compared with its volume share of 3 per cent, […]

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Pam Dunsford wins South Australia Wine Communicators of Australia Legend of the Vine 2019


Pam Dunsford grew up in an era where young women did not hold winemaking positions. Having studied a degree in bio-chemistry and horticulture from the University of Adelaide, it was during this time she became interested in wine. In 1972, Pam became the first female to be accepted to Roseworthy College to study Oenolgy. Pam […]

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Best Wines recognised at Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2019


Wines from the Barossa, McLaren Vale and Margaret River regions have dominated this year’s Royal Adelaide Wine Show, winning two-thirds of the trophies on offer. Barossa stalwart Peter Lehmann Wines won the Outstanding Wine of Provenance trophy for its 2014 Wigan Riesling, while Grant Burge Wines took out the Best South Australian White Wine in […]

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