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          Look I'm a scientist - DK Books
I've looked at a few young science experiment books over the last few years and I think this is one that will get used again and again. It's packed full of great experiments and activities to do with children aged three to six years - although I've earmarked a few for my two year old, the freezing of polar animals in a big tub of water and then finding out what works best to get them out seems right up his street! And I've no doubt my eight year old will get involved so the age reach is definitely going to be stretched.

From making playdough, slime and snow (using baking soda and shaving foam - genius!) it's full of lots of gooey, messy fun which is always going to be a hit with this age group. There's also some lovely activities to do with senses, including making windchimes and a rainbow wind catcher. The bubbles using a hula hoop and a paddling pool is definitely down for a summer activity later this year, too.

I actually got the ebook version out from the library via the Overdrive app on my ipad. I haven't got kids books out this way before and for something like this it works really well.

I love the design and the clear instructions too. All in all a big hit, with lots of fun planned from this!

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